The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension

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 Feature Length: Rise Of The Veritas; The End Of The Lost World

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Feature Length: Rise Of The Veritas; The End Of The Lost World Empty
PostSubject: Feature Length: Rise Of The Veritas; The End Of The Lost World   Feature Length: Rise Of The Veritas; The End Of The Lost World EmptyMon Aug 17, 2020 2:35 pm

Khrona, after watching how much destruction The Insanity had caused, was cleaning up his mess from Above and Below, seeking to remedy the poisoned land of the Lost World and the crumbling land of the Veritas, of which he abandoned previously and returned to in order to stabilize. He realized that everyone's lives were meaningful, too, even if no one was strong enough to care about his -- including those who were thought to be 'Gods and Goddesses'. Everyone was weak, including him... But this time, he would be strong. He would be the one to clean up his mess, and hopefully show everyone the importance of why it was wrong to contribute to such terrible causes in the first place. He could see the end now... The End Of The Lost World, and the Rise Of The Veritas.

Khrona: 'It is time.'

This has been the day he was waiting for; a year's time had past since it first begun and the first wish was sparked into the ether, and now it was time to return. For he was well aware that the celebration of one's birth into creation bore more power than one could ever understand. Be it consciously or subconsciously, you would be given back to in order for all things to show appreciation to you for being brought into the existence; whether you noticed it or not, whether all the accordances that happened in utter serendipity truly realized its interconnectedness in showing the intricately woven patterns and designs only a spider of such grace and divinity could muster... Khrona knew it for a fact, for he was that spider weaving this grand design. And for once in his life, it was his time.

Khrona: 'I finally get my fucking wish. Your time has run out.'

The only thing he could ever ask for... Even beyond his own selfish pained pleas for his beloved and his family, he wanted something even greater than that... He could only get one shot at this, and he had to do it absolutely correctly. Because as he always said, this was never just about him, as so many people may have seemed to believe... No, when one works in the grand scheme for a grander, finer design... The greater masterpiece becomes all that are woven in the tapestry. The mark of a true dreamweaver... And all that were in his web down below...

Khrona: 'Absolute Final Wonderland.'

And as the Crystal Tears streamed still from his eyes and rolled from his cheeks off into the open windows of the world below, would they all string together as though a beautiful silky thread so fine and and sublime that even velvet did not compare to its sheer sleek serenity, the final connections would be made in a single go... And frozen over to bring it all home. His Absolute Final Wonderland...

Khrona: 'My love... I have received your wishes from on high... And I'm so sorry that you are suffering so much...'

Crystal Tears rained down from the heavens upon her glistening Fairy Spring of truth... The proof of her dearly beloved's sadness and pain. Even though they both knew this had to be since the exchange between Kaerei and the Earth King, it was hurting him far too much for her not to feel. It reached even down to her level, these crystal showers... Even his sadness was beautiful.

Titania: 'And if there is one thing I can do for you... It's to grant your one true wish... To make ALL your wishes come true...'

She knew that this was the only day he'd have, and the only one he needed. So for him, because she truly did love him, she'd not only grant his wish, but grant all of his wishes forever more. She would do so without exchange, without payment, without wait and without need of 'the proper time' to do so. No, she would do so simply because she loved him. She wanted him to be happy...

Titania: 'If it hurts you that much... To shower me with your painful love... Alright. I'll return it to you infinitesimally. I shall return.'

It was then at that point that all the crystal tears banded together in a fine silken thread that flash-froze over her realm, crystallizing it in stasis as though frozen in time. The shimmering webs spun into her shining eyes as well, and she would be able to see his as well, windows straight into each of their souls. They would see each other, feel each other, through the solidified wavelengths of their love, wishes, dreams and feelings all crystallized into that beautiful spider's web.

Titania: "... Misery... Your time is up. Go to her, my love... Despair... Accompany him. He loves me this much to give me up, then I love him this much to give him everything. Such is true love."

She turned her head to the side gently, eyes lowering to but a half-opened, tired glare... Not unlike her love above. With a crystal gleam, would the binding webs shoot straight from her eyes as well as a velvet strand of Crystal Tears to douse the rampant flames of the wild Sister Of Insanity. He just wanted everyone to be happy... Including himself... For once... The least she could do... Was give him her soul... And bring the Second Moon into completion.

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Pandimensional God :: Void Bo$$
Pandimensional God :: Void Bo$$

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Feature Length: Rise Of The Veritas; The End Of The Lost World Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: Rise Of The Veritas; The End Of The Lost World   Feature Length: Rise Of The Veritas; The End Of The Lost World EmptyThu Aug 20, 2020 5:02 pm

--- Back on the Lost World, with Misery and Khrona's Mind---

The Insanity: 'Perfect...'

The Insanity licked its sharp, shiny teeth in a fierce anticipation for the newborn Goddess down below to fall directly into its trap. Even if being led by that nuisance of a purification system known as Tabrith, the Insanity was still very much in control of the entire situation. For, with just a wave of his hand, the Bloody Pumpkin would be drawn from this place and into yet another astronomically high concentration of the Insanity Of Hatred, just as he had been before. Surely, that would not only DRASTICALLY increase his own hatred, but also give the already infuriated bull-headed Sister no one to focus her unquenchable rage upon except for the lone Gi'Asa, making her fury all the more intense...

The Insanity: 'Huahahaha, this is almost too easy...'

His influence had been subtle, yes, but even the most subtle of The Insanity's influence could cause a trickling effect that grew so large and lasted so long, one would be bamboozled about how it could have evolved so greatly in such a short period of time from such a small flicker... And the best part was, there was so much of it overflowing from everywhere, The Insanity could just as easily manipulate it all in any way he deemed fit. Watching these primitive peons scour the land in a panicked frenzy or with a delusional sense of hope and resolve made The Insanity all the more able to relish in their pitiful endeavors. Everything they attempted ended up in failure, and it was all too rich! He almost ACHED for SOMEONE to succeed...

Though, those Tabriths and Shin'Khrona were his true enemy here and now, and they needed to be stopped before such power was leaked to everyone on this planet... That was something actually quite pressing.

Regardless, Gi'Asa should have her hands full with the Sister Of Hatred, Misery, still pouring out the influx of Hate from within her and extending the fires ignited once by the Insanity itself and kept to grow across the land by the Bloody Pumpkin himself. Now she was the one feeding the flames, and by now, perhaps half the planet should have been engulfed in pure, glorious, all-consuming purifying flames of undying, unyielding HATE!!!!

The Insanity: 'Most magnificent...'

And he summoned the power...

Quote :
The Insanity had been waiting for this moment, smiling sinisterly at the psion for falling right into place in the palm of The Insanity's hand... Or, in this case, what would all too quickly be the Bloody Pumpkin's. The sheer and utter bloodthirsty rage painted the entire Silver Earth region -- Terra Gris -- a deep 'Nightmare Rouge', the light glistening off of every reflective alloy, crystal and shining surface scattered about the region's entirety. The boy's own foolish display of fiery emotion and ambitious conviction to oppose the Insanity's domineering presence proved most efficacious in completely subduing the entire land with binding Insanity, regardless. A massive conflagration of hellacious fury burst from the sizzling sliver IMMEDIATELY as The Insanity's will was opposed, as to be expected when facing such an unparalleled temperament. Those who defied its power would be met with all such unrelenting force of its destructive grandeur; all the explosive might that spawned with its mere faintest hint of irritation.

A horrible, nightmarish fiend born of the deepest burning embers of The Insanity's rage and borne of the most vehement flames of utter hatred INSTANTANEOUSLY ignited the form of the voracious behemoth that lie in wait within the shattered realm in between the dimensions, ripping its way through anything that crossed its path. A time most perfect, for it had already been pissed off and poked at prior to, only adding more animosity to its exponentially evolving enmity.

The Bloody Pumpkin was going to be skewered by her flaming swords of Burning Condemnation. She would rain down such fiery judgment on him here and now for his fucking insolence by pissing her off and getting in her way. She couldn't wait to watch this fucking thing burn and die... Yet, in a flash of light she could almost barely keep up with, not only were her swords no longer there, but neither was her original target. The only person that remained was Gi'Asa, the one whom she was supposed to be working with to get rid of the goddamn Pumpkin in the first place... But she'd... Turned AGAINST her?!

Misery: "What the fuck, girl?! Turning your fucking blades against ME, huh!? Well I may not have been expecting that type of speed, but that doesn't mean I can't match!!"

A blazing slit through the air clashed with the two swords pointed at the Sister Of Hatred, knocking them away from her just as fast as they had cleaved through her rain of fiery swords. Skidding backward to gain some distance, the blazing beauty now focused her fury on whom she realized as the TRUE enemy -- Gi'Asa herself.

Misery: "I shoulda known you were on his fucking side in the first place!! UGH!! Khrona sent me down here to fucking KILL YOU, DIDN'T HE!?!?"

Even through all of her inferno of fury, she couldn't help but feel like her flames of hatred were being drawn predominantly elsewhere... Despite how she herself was generating quite a bit of hatred in and of herself. She didn't feel like she was at full power; like she was being siphoned. She shook it off, though, paying it no mind, for her target was standing before her right now, and that was all that mattered.


Khrona: 'Good work Earth King... Gaia...'

After watching the two of them through the eyes of the Tabrith, and how the two valiantly fought for what was right rather than what was believed to be 'evil' in its entirely, it was clear that the right choice had been made. But of course, when one entrusts power to yet another God... Rather, Goddess, at this point... It was to be expected.

A spiraling helix of 'Midnight Bleue', an ultraviolet stripe of velvet aurora as deep a blue-violet as the midnight sky, shot down from the sky, unraveled in a final drill-spin of crystalline vapor and silk as it made contact with the blazing earth, clearing the flames of the Insanity Of Hatred away from its absolute area.

Khrona: 'Or, shall I say... Gi'Asa?'

In his Hand of Despair was the dark mistress herself, Despair, still held tightly after he made his appearance. The 'Twisted Twin' was here for him, and he was here to fight by Gi'Asa's side. It had been quite a long time since he was able to fight Misery when she was like this... And he'd never been able to fight on the same side as the Earth King, even if this really wasn't him anymore.

Khrona: "... And there she is... Just as red hot as she always is..."

He couldn't help but shake his head. He turned his attention to Gi'Asa now, who insisted on turning a blade against Misery when she had her heart set out on destroying something. Both a good and a bad idea, but nevertheless, something absolutely necessary.

Khrona: "Care to finish this off together? She's clearly hysterical. And there isn't much that can calm her down when she's like that."

Where Despair was his shield, Misery was his sword, and for good, clear reason. But it was time to rejoin the two together, because he couldn't be without her any longer. And this woman here, Gi'Asa, had been holding off both of the Hatred incarnates for all this time, which he had to commend, even if the Hatred continued to spread. All he could do now was hope that the they all could bring Misery to her senses before it was too late. She was as hard to calm down as Despair was to bring out of the darkness of her own fear...

Khrona: "The Bloody Pumpkin has been stripped from the area by the Insanity into another area of high concentration of the Insanity of Hatred. It seems to also be that the girl Misery's hatred is also being siphoned to that location, which has weakened her, but she is still very much capable of generating her own energy enough to fight on her own. She is no spawn, but a natural generator of the Insanity of Hatred itself, as its Sister. Be careful."

A rather unexpected turn of events caused by the Insanity, to turn the tables like that. Such is to be expected from a being of unpredictability; just when you think you have it set, it does something else totally unforeseen. Such was the twisted majesty of the Insanity Of Everything. Yet, even its unpredictability and instability proved no match for a sound mind of complete, fine and intricate calculation. Shared with the skill of the graceful goddess Gi'Asa, Misery's attack was subdued by the quick thinking and resonant voice of the rhythmic Rhapsodist.

Tabrith: "Excellent usage of Cantata, Gi'Asa. You're a natural at this. For a Rhapsodist, being able to swiftly change from assault to support and vice versa is key; it is a role more based on timing. Match the tempo with your song, and the wavelengths should begin to sync up naturally, opening up your opportunity for a precise attack."

Now, the Shinseigami himself was here to fight alongside her; something that Tabrith inevitably predicted would occur from the beginning, due to his direct connection to the vessel Shin'Khrona.

Tabrith: "Ah. There he is. Now, remember the choices that are available to you; the 'Anthem', 'Cantata', and the 'Chant', and again select which would be most useful in this current situation. Whether you wish to take the offensive lead or hang back as support is up to you, as usual, and what your decision is, your usage of your technique should also support that. Surely, the Shinseigami will catch on your vibes and work with you in synchronicity; whether you choose to take the lead or allow him to. You have been doing well so far."

The difference between the Eighth pillar and the Ninth pillar is that one smoothed things over while the other sanded down the resistances. Gi'Asa was thrown out of her element from the beginning playing family mediator, forced to don a new power while brushing up on her old ones. And yet the real enemy just sat back and benefited from it all. It was really annoying to feel and know that you were being used and couldn't do anything about it whatsoever.

Sure, the pumpkin was stopped from blowing this dimension to holy hell but their focus had been drawn to another location. The Insanity was never distracted but she was elated that she could at least wallop on a foe. Yet once again she was faced with another crucial choice. A wavelength of relief had washed over her when Khrona had rejoined the battle, to be left alone to another conduit of hatred bursting at the seams would surely leave her exhausted. Gi'Asa had known that Misery was the other piece to Khrona's threesome. Perhaps taming her was the objective...

Her swords were irrelevant at the moment, they floated around in the infinite space of the Spelunkers Cavern left to be filled by the fiery reds of Gi'Asa and Misery both. She supposed Khrona knew best and he certainly looked liberated from The Insanity there was only one thing to do at this point.

Gi'Asa: "We are still allies. But you were too blinded by hatred to see that the Pumpkin was holding all the cards. I will help you, too."

Gi'Asa -- or, Chaos -- nodded at Khrona and let her vocal chords once again serenade this place with their countenance. A stark contrast from all the yelling and screaming going on from the Tensei sources. She activated the spell 'Chant' she could feel the rhythm of Khrona's soul, one fighting for clarity and peace like she was. It appeared that the fires washing over the planet were gone, Gi'Asa was feeding off of these fires residually through Misery prior as she was shielding her from the brunt of the Insanity wavelength. Now that all of this hatred was directed at her, she refused to rise in tandem with it and instead chose to increase the peace that Khrona had brought with him and bring their power up proportionately and infinitely to match this hatred with their own truth.


She linked her song with the rhythm of their souls, deep inside every Tensei was the ability to transcend feeding off the insanity and achieve Godhood. It was this force that she tapped into and let it rise perhaps she could even strengthen Misery's resolve to not give into this hate? But her primary result was to bring Khrona's and her power up to snuff to stand alone against the remaining fires that lie before them. She set the stage as the all too familiar cadence fell on the souls of deaf of ears, and the open of souls. Instantly she could feel her spirits lift as she retained the strength to fight this until the bitter end. The stage was set and the opening act had received its standing ovation -- it was time to see if she had made he right choice again.

Misery: "Allies, my fucking ass!!! Probably an agent of The Insanity yourself, you double-crosser!!!"

A vicious black flare coated in a deep crimson ignited from her presence around her body, allowing the Hatred to rise up once again. Even if being siphoned, if she had more output than what was being drained, then it didn't matter in the slightest who or what was drawing in her power; she could just make more the angrier she got. Though the once rampant flames released by the Pumpkin were gone now, leaving a minute amount left by Misery, it wouldn't take too much time nor effort to bring this place back to a boil again.

The cave was already half-melted, the ceiling having dripped down the walls and to the floor, barely leaving anything of the 'Spelunkers Cavern' left, and only a 'Melted Mine' teeming with lingering Insanity just waiting to be used to its full potential. The bull-horned Misery's eyes were set upon one target and one target only; the red dot right before her eyes, Gi'Asa. Even the appearance of her lover wasn't enough to simply snap her out of her frenzied state, because nothing else could be seen nor heard by her at this point. It was all just bloody red in her eyes.

Misery: "BULLSHIT!!!"

A fearsome swipe of her burning blade 'cross the ground sparked a ferocious ignition of the flames of Burning Condemnation, a stream of crimson-ebony fires streaking across the surface in a maddened explosion of power. Everything in front of her would be engulfed by the violent dark embers of her still growing fiery fury, leaving not a single ounce of the surface unscathed by her scorching scorn. As the inflamed beauty's flames of black and red intertwined, burning brightly and with the great destructive power of her fire's utter ire, not even moments after the area was consumed would the flames condense into the same physical form as the blade in her hand; black blades with burning crimson edges, reminiscent of the blaze itself as black flames with crimson flares lined about. An innumerable amount of these gargantuan searing blades formed in nigh but a moment to pierce and incinerate her target from all around.

A moment later, a blazing blur burned straight into the fray beside Gi'Asa, where the nearest penetrating sword was formed. More than large enough for Misery to stand on, -- as this was not only a Greatsword, but a GIANT one, at that -- she'd immediately gain her footing on the flat surface of the blade and deliver another swift, sweltering swipe of her sword again; a searing slender, slicing slit being all that was seen tracing her arm's high speed movement.

To lay eyes on his crazed black and red mistress brought so many fond memories back to his head... Part of him couldn't wait to bring her back to his bed. Oh, the Pit Of Havoc, so rightly named... For the events that transpired there were nothing short of absolutely Insane. But for now, he'd have to digress, as it was time to save his darling mistress.

The soothing Chant of Gi'Asa filled the air, bringing about a certain rise in the power of the spirit to all whom could hear. It was a good thing that Misery wasn't listening, or perhaps that might have been a frame for her... Maybe it was nevertheless. Regardless, Shin'Khrona could feel Gi'Asa's will to resonate through the serene chords of her choral chant and did nothing more but fully accept.

Khrona: "Ahh... Music to my ears; Misery's screams as Gi'Asa sings. Most delightful."

Though Shin'Khrona was not capable of utilizing the power of his Soul until he reached the Second Restriction, he was still very much able to resonate and draw power from it. All of it would just be drawn into his mind and through the link between he and Despair. Already, the rise in power sparked an idea in his constantly stirring mind.

Khrona: 'Gi'Asa, can you hear me? I'm using my mind to resonate on the wavelength of your song and our souls. I believe I may have a solution to this issue. But it will involve us resonating with Misery.'

With a signature sanguine gleam of his eyes did the Tensei Dojutsu mark with its most basic Hyper Perception his next pinpointed target; Misery's sword. With the Hand of Despair did he clench her side in a certain spot, sending a sensual sensation through her body that immediately inspired transformation into her weapon form; the 'Crystal Cannon'.

Khrona: 'If you use the rhythm of my wavelength and sync up with hers, we should be able to convert the waves of Insanity into Shinsanity. But be careful; the same thing can happen vice versa, and the Insanity could just as easily take over the both of us if it proves to be too powerful. You focus on maintaining the resonance and I'll focus on cooling her off.'

Teamwork was a very big part of the resonance of souls, for even the slightest disconnect on either of their parts could prove devastating, and could quite possibly break the connection since so much Insanity was running rampant. Their souls would be open and receptive to powerful wavelengths such as that during such a resonance, so it wasn't like they were really safe, even if they had the power of Peace on their side.

With his eyes locked on his target, he raised his cannon arm up to his prey and waiting for just the right time to take the shot. Making any sudden movements to draw her hatred over to him was not the smartest idea, so he wasn't trying to move from his location; Gi'Asa was the bull's eye and that was how he believed it should stay at the moment, but if anything changed, the two of them would have to have enough flexibility and adaptability as a team unity to alter their flow on the dime. Such was Shin'Khrona's specialty, and it seemed like Gi'Asa could hold her own in that department, too. As Misery made her move and took quite the deadly swipe at her head, Shin'Khrona fired a shell of Rejection right on the dime with the slash of the blade, which exploded into a wall of Despair's Rejection soul energy momentarily before dispersing. Such would hopefully give Gi'Asa the opening she needed.

Khrona: 'I highly doubt there's anything you can do currently to lessen her fury. So if you see her stagger as I attempt to calm her down, give the song all that you've got!'

Now, his issue was going to be... How to calm this girl down...? He could feel a connection between Gi'Asa and Misery already... Perhaps that could be of some use in this... Despite how dangerous of a situation it really was to be connected to Misery right now in this state. He hoped Gi'Asa would be okay.

Tabrith wasted no time in assessing and updating the situation, gathering the info necessary and processing it to give the most efficient solution based on everything that was in occurrence; from the looks of it, their rate of success was steadily on the rise, though there was still some instability in matter of maneuver. They weren't out of the danger zone just yet.

Tabrith: "Another fine choice, Gi'Asa, for I understood the methodology behind your course of action, however I urge to warn you that you are still connected to Misery. The Chant may indeed boost her own spiritual power in the same fashion as it has your own and the Shinseigami's... Be sure to keep things such as that in mind when using your techniques, for if the circumstances are correct, you can end up losing your supportive enhancements to your opposition. Granted, I have indeed found a way to use this to our advantage based off of what the Shinseigami has suggested."

She was doing fine, and perhaps even that type of slight in her usage would not only prove and remind her that her nature as a Goddess did not make her immune to the effects of being at a Beginner Skill level in usage of her techniques, but also be quite the learning experience as how to use it more effectively in the future. All was part of the tutorial, and within Tabrith's calculations.

Tabrith: "If you use the rhythm of the Shinseigami's wavelength and sync up with hers, the two of you should be able to convert the waves of Insanity into Shinsanity. But be careful; the same thing can happen vice versa, and the Insanity could just as easily take over the both of you if it proves to be too powerful. You focus on maintaining the resonance and he will focus on cooling her off."

A stabilization that required the two of them. But the hardest part was going to be Gi'Asa keeping Misery from getting more angry whilst Shin'Khrona attempted to calm her down. How could that happen if it seemed all Gi'Asa could do was make this girl angry? Some crucial critical thinking was going to have to happen here...

It was a relief to know that Gi'Asa didn't have to cast another spell this turn and that her job was just to concentrate. But how would she? Could Khrona be a sufficient enough distraction for Misery so Chaos could penetrate her soul and link it with the Shinsanity effectively? She often humored her potential with questions; every right move was a move preventing the fires of insanity from consuming the planet. Misery knew she couldn't bring this area to a searing boil again, but that didn't mean she would be thwarted.

A sigh of relief washed over her when Khrona Tensei fired his Rejection at the massive blade, giving her the frame to back step along the infinite molten multitudes of the Spelunkers Cavern and retreat into the depths of her spell once more -- which was still active. She heard both Tabrith and Khrona loud and clear; if she could bridge the gap between the two of them, then this wouldn't come to blows... Much.

Her Chant, had linked her soul to Khrona's and brought his and her powers to a rise. Luckily she wasn't as detached from Misery; even if it left her prone to The Insanity, she wouldn't let that happen.

He previous course of action had poked the beast within Misery, as droll as this job was dealing with insane people was not her forte. It was best to let those who knew them attend to their needs. So she decided to start small, diving into the rhythm of Khrona's soul and figuring out how he understood Misery.

Like the name implies.

Misery spoke condemnation for all. Did she like it? Could she not help it? Being as insane as Khrona perhaps the answer was the latter. But she wouldn't dare prod any further, she instead marinated on her relationship with Shinrona, only trying to understand how he understood her... The wavelengths of their soul, the rhythm of their hearts.. it all unfolded before the amateur rhapsodist.


The reverberant sound of the two solidified wavelengths colliding echoed in the air as her blade-wielding arm jerked back from the unexpected impact. Jarred for but a moment in confusion about what blocked her, she noticed the rather familiar wavelength of Rejection dispersing before her, which piqued her interest and turned her attention from Gi'Asa for only a split second.

Misery: "The fuck...?"

In that split second, though, the Goddess fled from the fray and away from the numerous blades of Burning Condemnation. Furious at the thwarted attempt to slay her nuisance of a target, Misery sought out the woman's wavelength through the field of swords, letting the resonant vibrations released naturally bounce off of each of her blades and quickly locate Gi'Asa's general location again. Almost like echolocation for a bat out of hell. For some reason, it felt unnaturally easy to find her in all of the chaos going about... But at the same time, it also felt like they were connected in some way. She could not only sense her wavelength, but feel it within hers.

Misery: "... You can't run away!!! You fight like a BITCH!!!"

After regaining her focus on her REAL target, without skipping a beat Misery darted off of the blade surface she stood on and took off into a blazing trail of crimson-ebony once again, bouncing from every erect blade surface like a fiery pinball, leaving only a string of dispersing embers behind her. Still, she didn't notice Shin'Khrona's presence at all, despite how she definitely passed him during her flickering transition; the only one of any importance was Gi'Asa.

Many more swords randomly formed from the flames around Gi'Asa, yet held no intention of stabbing her... More so, caging her. Misery bounded off of each of them at high speed, creating a tempestuous inferno of her Burning Condemnation spiraling around Gi'Asa within the fence of greatswords. It was only when the flames were thick and heavy that she halted, returning to a physical form. The thickness of the fires should have been enough for Gi'Asa to be unable to see through them, and quite possibly even burning away her resonant connection between she and Shin'Khrona -- as long as she was within the swirling blaze, that is.

With that done, Misery raised her blade again, "Fucking wench--" she began, the malicious intent of thrusting through the flarestorm and piercing Gi'Asa without her even being able to see it coming quite impending... Yet... Something in her soul was stricken without warning, stopping her in her tracks completely for yet another moment. "... The... Fuck...?"

She lowered her blade immediately and grabbed her chest, the familiarity far more overwhelming than the first time. This time, it felt like her lover's soul resonating with her... Granted, only slightly, but she still felt and KNEW it nonetheless; she'd know it anywhere, no matter how small.

"K... Khrona!?"

Why did she feel him here? It was soothing... Calming... Warm.... She already missed him. But what infuriated her more was... WHY WAS SHE FEELING THIS WAY RIGHT NOW!? Her love usually could never distract her from how pissed off she was... So... Why... Did she miss him so much right now...?

Though the window of time seemed short with how swiftly Misery was moving, Gi'Asa managed to make it out of the pinch and continued to strengthen the resonance with her Chant. Misery remained hot on her tail and barely gave her any room to do too much of anything without sending a sword to her face or trying to incinerate her... Misery was always the rushdown type, which worked in her favor given her personality and her techniques. Though she could be very chilled, grim and laid back, when the fire started, it just burned down everything and followed you to the ends of the earth. Something he couldn't help but love about her~!

Khrona: "Ah, she's so hot, isn't she, Despair~?"

But no time for sentiments, as this situation remained pretty dire. Once Misery was on the move again, Shin'Khrona simply stayed his position and continued to aim, keeping his focus on his target, which was now Misery herself rather than her sword. Somehow, concentrating on her directly intensified the connection of their wavelengths, as though it were being focused through his eyes. He could feel it... Through Gi'Asa and within himself, he could feel the connection to Misery growing stronger and stronger. He just had to maintain it, now... And catch a frame when she wasn't so pissed.

Luckily, she was apparently able to feel the connection between the two of them through Gi'Asa as well, which opened up the very window that Shin'Khrona needed at just the right time in order to talk to her in a state of calm. She seemed a little dumbfounded as to where or why she was feeling Shin'Khrona from, but if she could feel him for even a second, that was enough for him to try to get through... and hopefully succeed.

Khrona: 'Misery... Misery! Can you hear me? It's Khrona. If you can hear me, then try listening to my voice... Feel me in your soul!'

Even now, he wasn't sure if that was going to be enough to make it through to her or not, but she halted everything that she was doing for just that period of time, and that was a prime opportunity in and of itself.

Khrona: 'Please, stop fighting us, Misery... Despair and I came back for you! Just calm down so we can all talk... We have missed you!'

As a simple spectator to how the battle was playing out now, less giving Gi'Asa advice on how to use her techniques now and more so just analyzing the situation itself, even Tabrith's role changed midway through this tutorial. Now it was time to show her how much more useful he could and would be in accordance to Gi'Asa herself.

Tabrith: "You and the Shinseigami seem to be working fine so far, but you aren't out of the kitchen just yet, so to speak. Looks like someone is cooking up some trouble."

Even if stunned for a bit, the Sister Of Insanity was already back in a blaze and firing herself off toward Gi'Asa. There wasn't much time to do anything but to fend her off, and the Shinseigami didn't seem to be doing much about this situation now since he was attempting to fortify his own bond with the Sister through Gi'Asa's Chant.

Tabrith: "Try your hardest to keep the connection strong. If it breaks, the Shinseigami will not be able to resonate with her, for his power is restrained by the Thirteen Restrictions, and he only gains the power to use his wavelength freely in the Second Restriction. Be careful of the Burning Condemnation, for this volatile wavelength can easily burn through and sever the connection of wavelengths in the air if it is strong enough to do so. It seems as though the Shinseigami has become capable of getting through to her, but without you, the connection will fail."

The spiraling flarestorm would prove much more troublesome in means of the connection itself if not equally as much in the physical aspect of violent destruction among Gi'Asa.

Tabrith: "Here is a helpful suggestion from myself; cool down the fires and try to use her own wavelength against her as a medium for your own. She was able to pinpoint your location by bouncing wavelengths off of her erected blades and tracing them back to the source, so you should be able to do the same, and if not, you can open up a way for the Shinseigami to do so. That would provide a direct hit on her soul and most likely stagger her."

Naturally, only a suggested course of action and nothing concrete, such was Tabrith's usefulness in the matter; pure and utter information. If Gi'Asa had a better plan in mind or wished to take another course of action, Tabrith would not object to it, for it was her will to do what she may in the situation. Whether people take hints or not was always up to them, for in the end, their own way of doing things may work better than his suggestions in the long run, anyway. Whatever got the mission cleared.

Gi'Asa: 'No distractions...'

Her role in this matter was horridly important. It wasn't enough that very few individuals could withstand the heat of The Insanity AND have the battle tact-like knowhow to navigate through its searing, smoldering wavelength to cling to hope and push it through as their altruistic agenda. Gi'Asa and the Earth King thought they were here to fight The Insanity to the ends of the earth, -- seeing as how patiently waiting for whoever to ascend Khrona through these restrictions was taking far too long -- until Tabrith had enlightened them to some information that this was perhaps the only feasible way. The Destroyer had better things to do so Gi'Asa was stuck managing all this Chaos. The 'Link' between Khrona and Misery had been established, it was not up to Gi'Asa to maintain its connection before Misery's condemnation burned it all asunder.

It had been revealed that Misery and Khrona enjoyed one another's ability to lose it so to speak. It was Misery's mellow air, until ignition that Khrona liked, but Khrona only fed these flames when a true foe was on the other side.

Quote :
"Here is a helpful suggestion from myself; cool down the fires and try to use her own wavelength against her as a medium for your own. She was able to pinpoint your location by bouncing wavelengths off of her erected blades and tracing them back to the source, so you should be able to do the same, and if not, you can open up a way for the Shinseigami to do so. That would provide a direct hit on her soul and most likely stagger her."

A hint from Tabrith? It briefly diverted Gi'Asa's attention elsewhere from the metaphysical realm of souls and wavelengths. She was caged in a blazing inferno of condemnation, with Misery intent on burning away everything that she had established. But she had not even perceived its presence without Tabrith saying something? Was it because it posed no 'real danger'? All this soul energy mumbo jumbo was all foreign to her, but not to The Great Destroyer. And with their shared knowledge on the matter, with Tabrith's and Khrona's help, she could preform some great feats.

The song of her chant still rung in great time with the rhythm of Misery's and Khrona's souls. It strengthened them against the fires and brought her influence to where it was now. Through this, she had gained an understanding of Misery's and Khrona's relationship. With some meticulous direction of her rhapsodic inclinations, she began to sing once more and matched the wavelengths of her and Misery's connection to the fires.

Gi'Asa: 'So this is the power of the Soul Energy, and the power of connections.'

As she matched her voice to the flames, bridging and connecting the fires through the bond her and Misery already established she could already feel the dryness that the Pumpkin had on her throat begin to resurface. Misery was out for blood indeed, but this time would be different. While Khrona was out of his full wavelength power due to him not having access to the Second Restriction, Misery and her Rhapsodist class could open up various channels for wavelengths to flow, and so, like a network of pipes, she irrigated the necessary influences to cool her vocal chords and sing the fires to a cool, tolerable waft of heat. She still wished to give off the illusion that she was trapped, and only she and Khrona were speaking...

Already the flames began to decrease and not threaten the connection she had established, with a bit more pushing she could focus on maintaining the connection she had created. Perhaps she had made a larger opening for Khrona than she had anticipated. Her musical talent and understanding of the power of music and harmony aided her greatly.

Though only a little, Misery was able to hear Khrona's voice in her momentary calmness, speaking to her in her mind and resonating within her soul.

Khrona: 'Mis--... --isery! Ca-- hear me? -- Khrona. If --, -- listening to my voice... --in your soul!'

Misery: "K-Khrona!? KHRONA!?"

Barely making out the garbled mess, she quirked a brow and turned her head upward, looking around for where he may be. Why the connection was so scrambled was a mystery, but she was certainly going to find out.

Whilst searching for the source of it all, it was only natural that she was able to see that Gi'Asa was slowly, but surely, calming the flames of hatred whilst Misery was docile; quite possibly the best time to do so. Though they were intended to burn her both within her soul and on her skin, she seemed to be impervious to the outer heat.

Misery: "Oh HELL no!!!"

Once again stricken by the heat of the moment, the dulled flames around Gi'Asa quickly started to rise again, putting strain on the wavelength of her voice. She should have felt the stress of the burn on her throat rising back up again as her voice battled the black and red fires, as though the burning chokehold was starting all over again. Granted, far less intense, but still quite devastating to her vocal chords.

Still, for even a brief moment more, Misery was able to hear Khrona's voice speaking to her, this time just a bit more clearly than the first time;

Khrona: 'Please, stop fighting us--... Despair and I-- --back for you! ---calm down so-- --talk... We-- --missed you!'

She still couldn't understand him fully, but she was really trying to hear him out this time. She knew him anywhere and had to know what he was saying about all of this, especially since he sent her here in the first goddamn place. And did he say... Despair?

Misery: "Dammit, Khrona!! Where the hell are you!?!?"

Finally, the flames around Gi'Asa began to subside, lowering even further. With Misery at a loss of both concentration and anger whilst in search of Khrona, there was nothing more giving her a reason to be as angry as she was nor to continue to burn up everything. She was now in a state of searching rather than charging after a target. But this didn't mean that they were all out of the heat just yet... Anything could still happen at this point. Just Khrona not revealing himself to her was enough to get her riled up again... This was a delicate state that could still go either way. They weren't done with her just yet.

Khrona: "She heard me."

That was all he needed from her. Now that his voice was in her head, she would be searching for him forever, slowly calming herself to a tender cool like she was when she wasn't upset. She was no longer focused on destruction, and was easily approachable because she had no hatred nor intent of anger within her. The Insanity Of Hatred was slowly coming to a fade, and all it took now was to continue talking her down from the situation. Not a single blow was thrown against her, yet the godly trio quite capable handled the situation and defused the bomb. Or rather, they were about to. She'd be back in Shin'Khrona's arms in no time.

Khrona: "I am where I always have been, my sweet. Right beside you."

She hadn't seen nor specified where she landed, and it just so happened that she landed right before her beloved, unable to lay eyes upon him with her eyes cast in the hellfires of her own hatred for Gi'Asa. As she looked around, Shin'Khrona should have suddenly appeared before her, as though he'd been there the entire time waiting for her to see him.

Khrona: "Simmer down, love. It is about that time."

As he relaxed his grip on the 'Crystal Cannon' would its shape contort in a violet tinted light back to that of Despair, who rested gently in his arm. But, on the other hand... Twas missing a member of the fabled triad. Extending the vacant hand toward her earnestly, he gazed upon her with eyes of compassion, as if welcoming her home; to complete the set that the three of them were.

Khrona: "After so long... You can't tell me you can stay mad after having seen me and Despair, hm~?"

He believed that their bond was that strong, which was why he showed her no hostility. The same as Gi'Asa.

Khrona: "You see she has not raised her blades against you anymore. She means us no harm, lovely. Trust me, if she did, I'd be the first to tell you."

He hoped that such a resonant bond he had with her was enough to fully extinguish the flames... She was already almost done... Almost there...

What seemed to be a secured victory could very well have easily taken a turn for the worst, as one does not truly know the outcome of an engagement until you reach the outcome itself. Tabrith felt it necessary to warn Gi'Asa of this, in case she insisted on severing the connection prematurely. Such was a possibility and Tabrith did not know the single outcome of the future, but was able to base the knowledge of the future off of the events of the present and the past. Thus, he did want to cover a rather crucial possibility that he believed may have ended in turmoil for them all. Such was his usefulness, and he would give all information necessary to cover whatever bases needed.

Tabrith: "Careful, Gi'Asa. Guard is not to be let down simply because it seems like things are going smoothly. Insanity is as insanity does, and is still quite unpredictable. For even the most random reason, it can simply flare up again within Misery. You are doing fine right now at maintaining the connection."

It all depended on Misery now. If she recognized and accepted the Shinseigami's benevolence, their mission would be a success and no blows would have to be exchanged between the lot of them.

Tabrith: "If something is to take a turn for the worst, however, be ready to strike. The Shinseigami is in a rather dangerous situation. Even though his powers are great, he is still only in the First Restriction, and as Misery is now, she counts in equivalence to the Sixth Restriction, as all the rampaging Insanities are. His vulnerability to her could prove fatal."

Tabrith also noticed the strain on Gi'Asa's throat from the injury previously, and of course had to inquire on if she wished to 'remedy' that situation or not.

Tabrith: "Let me also inform you that if you are feeling ailed from battle, you may pay offering in equivalence to what it is you request for; changing one material into another of equivalent value. Therefore, if you are to give something that is of equal value to one remedial elixir, then it shall be immediately granted to you at the cost of what you pay tribute. Using this method, you can bring useful things to you immediately as you need them. But be careful; what you pay as tribute is lost forever, so choose wisely. Perhaps something useless and easily replaced, such as gold or other some sort of currency? As long as value is equivalent, it matters not what you offer."

Hopefully something very useful to her to be remembered in the future, as the process was instantaneous; almost like ordering something on the internet, but without the shipping. Cutting out the middle man, it was more akin to an instantaneous download.

Tabrith: "Would you care to utilize these services at this time?"

She shook her head 'no' at Tabrith's request. The smoldering heat around her vocal chords were slowly being reduced to mere cinders, capable of doing nothing more than lighting a smoke signal. Gaia had to grow accustomed to this immolating potential if she were to understand Misery's and Khrona's relationship. What she figured her next steps would be, was to strengthen the connection from Misery, to Khrona, and to Despair as well.

That way they all could be connected as they once were. And so she rested, sitting among the fire under her symbolizing the ever present potential for this whole situation to combust. Or it could fill the area with warmth once again. Now, to find the right song encompassing a transition from Khrona and Misery's unique relation ship, to a cadence about the epic trio that can only be defined as an 'Prabbhava Overture'. Misery and Despair accompanied Khrona whenever he meant, one who condemned all things and the other who rejected all things what would befall Khrona but loneliness?

It was Gi'Asa's following song that sought to understand this, and ride out the wavelength of their souls into forging a nostalgic connection that could never be truly severed...

As to not disturb the fated meeting, she let her voice fall to a soft hum; as soft as the flames around her.

Well, it had appeared that Khrona was the hope. One could easily use this power to plunge the world into the blackness it so truly desired and yet he chose to bring it to glory and achieve the ideal that so many saw for it. While he wasn't without his imperfections, Misery and Despair liked that about him... She was the missing piece to the puzzle. Tabrith was right, however; forging the connection was like walking through some minefield. Such an intricate bond needed to be threaded perfectly. And the way music worked, was either you played it right... Or wrong.

After searching for a while in what seemed to be a flood of red, finally Misery started to see a sort of deep violet-blue with the fading of the scarlet hue. A crystalline shine and a wavelength of a more somber flow, this light was like a cool dark fire that flickered in time with the beating of her heart naturally, allowing a certain familiarity to envelop her crimson sea. A figure barely be made out within the light that emanated from all around it, and of course when she heard the voice that came from it, she knew without a doubt that those were his and Despair's souls radiating such an exquisite aura. But she could only see their silhouette; a rather minor, but still equally as dangerous irritation for her.

Misery: "Khrona!? Despair!? Ugh, you say you're right beside me, but there's this fucking light keeping me from seeing anything but your silhouettes..."

The shining light was really, really annoying. She couldn't just get to where she was going, covering up her eye with her arms as her head shied away from the light's glistening glimmer.

Misery: "Hmph! Fuck it! I'm gonna get to you if it's the LAST fucking things I do!!!"

She snorted, eyes blistering at the sight of the opposition that stood from her end goal, letting her horns show. Knowing those that heralded the power of The Beast had the signature snort of flames when they got enraged. Gi'Asa was no longer of any concern, for now her target became Khrona himself. This was not out of malevolent anger nor intent to destroy him, but a certain special anger that only came with the love of those near and dear. She was using the flames of Hatred for her own purposes now, because all that she cared about at this point was getting back to where she fucking belonged. She was just as excited about it as Khrona was, so there was no point in pretending like she wasn't gonna make this mad dash, tearing through and burning down anything in her way to get there.

A gentle, soothing hum drifted through her ears, something she wasn't able to hear before beyond the roar of the flames, but the music was actually pretty nice to hear. Something about it focused her drive and gave her the motivation to inspire a rise in her blazing wavelength itself. She took the runner's position, eyes deadlocked and fingers touching the ground still hot with embers and charged straight into it at top speed, headfirst. She ran straight through the shining light with no hesitation, for the wavelengths of everyone and everything within this little area were in perfect harmony, leaving none able to get in the way or hinder those of any other. Thus Misery shot straight into Khrona from a close proximity, wrapping her arms around he and Despair the moment they touched. She'd never been so fucking happy and pissed off to see someone in all her life.

Misery: "Fucking Khrona... Do you know how fucking PISSED I am at you right now!?

Though the hug was out of love, he would be able to feel her malicious intent behind it as well, for there definitely was some of that in there. But she couldn't help but be so pissed at him for not giving any time to her all this damn time and she having been sent into the fray as soon as they both woke up. It really sucked that the two of them for just a SECOND couldn't have any time to themselves...

But to make the situation better, both he and Despair were there, which made her feel right at home in Khrona's arm again. Their triad of wavelengths all contorted into one constant, flowing wave shared between the three of them; the three souls back on the same wavelength again. What a feeling of utter ecstasy like no other, to fit into the place where you belong with utter perfection, no hassle and no resistance, not even a doubt in one's mind that this was the place that they were supposed to be at that point in time.

Misery: "If it's about that time, then get on with it. Not like we've got any time to waste, right?"

Her voice still had a hint of spice to it, but was ultimately calmed to a cool that she found herself, letting her hatred fizzle out all on its own. Something about the atmosphere at the moment... She just couldn't find it in her to be upset anymore. A warm smile came over her face as she rested her head on Shin'Khrona's shoulder, relinquishing control over to him just the same as Despair. Misery touched Despair's hand as her other arm wrapped around Shin'Khrona's waist. With that, the final flames in the Spelunkers mine were extinguished completely.

It was over.

Finally, after a long and grueling journey, it was coming to a close. He watched Misery get all hot and bothered about his appearance, which she usually did when he was around, and snorted all angry-like at him. It was cute, really, to see her like that. He always loved it when she was mad, even though sometimes the result of that was something more than catastrophic, the same way it was in relation to him. They both shared that wild and passionate fury of the flames, which always ended up meshing together as the same flare or clashing in an attempt to burn the other one out. Such is as fire does.

He wasn't expecting this type of response from her, to be completely honest... A tackling hug like this from such a close range was just totally unforeseen with how pissed she said she was; he figured she would have tried to kill him, at this point. She had a way of making herself so... 'Cute,' he could say. Maybe he was the only one who saw that cute and adorable side at the core of that hot and sexy tough as nails attitude she portrayed, which was why when she leapt at him with such vigor all he could do was return the favor to her and embrace her with the violent constricting love of his arm around her torso, matching her death-squeeze hug just the same with his one arm. He felt their wavelengths meshing together... Becoming one whole again, just like the first time they became the Black Dragon when facing the Sky King in battle so very long ago. That was the first time the three of them formed an Insanity of the Sixth Restriction together.

Khrona: "Welcome home, my love. We're all finally back together again..."

Looks like things were starting to finally look up for Shin'Khrona for once. Perhaps this was the start of a new era of happiness for him. As long as he had Misery and Despair by his side, he knew that he had his Tsukihime and could bring her to him at any given time.

Khrona: "... However, before I get all sentimental, -- since we can do that when we have a little more privacy -- let me purge you of your deep scars of hatred etched deep into your being... Allow me to return you to your other half; to complete the Twisted Twins and restore the Piscean Chrysms..."

With a stroke and a squeeze of his hand in just the right place on Misery and Despair's forms would the two of them be enveloped in his crystalline aura, as though the both of them were being drawn into the cradle of a single 'Crystal Lotus' that flowed with the nature of all the elements combined. The two of them blossomed from the center of the lotus as twin mermaids of pure crystal hovering up above the plant, swirling around each other like two fish, forming a halo over the lotus' top. He was about to blossom; Spring was here. Layer upon layer of crystalline feathers making up the blooming bud widened to reveal the new Shin'Khrona; he who harbored the wings of the crystal angel. The two mistresses of his slowly closed in on each other, until the two of them shared an swirling embrace with each other as though of synchronized swimming through the waves of the cosmos. Their legs opened wide as the 'Crystal Lotus' blossomed completely, wherein one leg of either maiden flowed into the same wavelength of his Crystal Cloud wrapped around his body, whilst the other wrapped around his neck casually. A rested smile slipped across his face as he nuzzled the soft legs of the Twisted Twins, finally feeling complete... As though he fit right where he was right now. Where he was supposed to be, without a doubt in his mind. It was though the three of them were part of the Crystal Cloud themselves... No, but they were part of Shin'Khrona himself, and the three of them existed as three parts of the same whole, perfectly content with the way the three of them rested with each other. Though they each had their own separate existences, they flowed together in such a harmonious way that they functioned as a unit, even if they maintained their respective individualities.

Khrona: "Mmmm~! Now let's go unlock my soul and restore your own, shall we?"

As his hands slid up their thighs and to quite the sensitive erogenous zone, the two of them quite blissfully assumed the form of crystal angel wings radiating a multitude of colors; an aurora so wondrous it matched the shades of the rising sun of the Dawn to the setting sun of the Dusk, letting the hues of Nightmare Rouge and Midnight Bleue have their way about the land. A beautiful spectrum of light far more glorious than the likes of which most had ever seen, but dimmed to a point where it would not be too hard on the eyes.

The rainbow aurora that so elegantly painted the sky in his Spectral Wavelength cast by the amplified powers of his two wings cast an overwhelming calm over the land... A mere taste of the realm that was Peace, letting the energies of its Shinsanity bathe the land in such awesome light. The soothing wavelengths would begin to mend the land, returning it to how it once was gradually.

Khrona: "Thank you for everything, Gi'Asa. It has been wonderful purging this section of the planet with you. This is my way of mending this planet's wounds... I'm fairly certain that Gaia cannot be too happy about this destruction, and from one god to another, I just want to take responsibility for my own mistakes and help restore this place with her together."

Even though the plague of Insanity was still running rampant, at least places were being restored one bit at a time.

Khrona: "I really do wish I could stay and thank you more for your efforts, but I'm actually on quite the time limit right now. I have to go free my soul from the Second Restriction. We'll meet again. So don't think I'm being rude or anything!"

But he'd feel bad if he didn't give her something to show his gratitude... Perhaps, a Crystal Tear would suffice?

Khrona: "Here you go, take this, to show that I appreciate your efforts."

A gentle flap of his gorgeous gossamer wings of the finest crystal unleashed but a single droplet of pure Lucicrystal flowing toward Gi'asa, solidifying into a teardrop shape the moment it halted before her eyes.

Khrona: "It harbors special properties, like the power to do miracles and revive people... Or... Grant wishes or something... I don't really feel like getting into it, but one of my Crystal Tears is really potent. It's got a lot of uses. If you don't want it, you could always hawk it off to Tabrith and just give it back to me. Might be worth something in the values of equivalent exchange, you know?"

But that was more than enough talking for now. He did hate it when he started to ramble. It was simply time to blast off.

Khrona: "Next time we meet, I hope we can have more time to get acquainted!"

And as Shin'Khrona flapped his great glistening wings, he was thrown high into the air at what one would believe to be the speed of light, leaving his aurora of a 'Spectral Wavelength' lighting up the sky like the northern lights. He was heading off to the Veritas, back to the Crystal Tree. Unlike with his great draconic wings of olde, even though he flapped with great might, only a gentle soothing force of life was left in his wake, the brisk breeze blowing over the area to further ease the pain of the scorched land. Looks like there was a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow...

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PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: Rise Of The Veritas; The End Of The Lost World   Feature Length: Rise Of The Veritas; The End Of The Lost World EmptySat Aug 22, 2020 9:14 am

--- By the time the Real Khrona got to Tabitha, who harbored the Blue Moon inside of her mind, -- which Tabrith was protecting -- she was already going insane trying to process all of her father's mind within the Blue Moon. It was too much for her to handle by herself, and she needed him there to help her. So, he reached the Hugo Manor with Tabitha already on the brink of destruction and insanity. ---

... Like an ethereal trail leading right where it needed to flow, a shining rainbow light glowed upon the scared Tasha Hugo, knowing nothing about what was going on yet suddenly thrown into the pit of Insanity with only but a whim of her true father's words to guide her. Shinrona -- rather, Shin'Khrona -- seemed to have come for her at the right time, for the way things looked, it seemed to be the end for all of them. His eyes from beyond kept close watch over the situation in his absence, keeping everything in order and drawing out the Insanity of Fear from within his daughter's mind. He was quite pleased about this, and very soon, all of the Phantoms would be able to take off their masks.

Khrona: 'Three specters of the land of the Dusk to be its watchful eyes in the night;
Those who protect the Midnight Bleue,
The dimming skies of the Tenebrous Dusk,
Through darkest hour of the Abysmal Twilight,
And all the way to brink of the Resplendent Dawn,
The Phantoms shall patrol this city as the ghosts of its the Sunset's Shadow,
And be that Shadow's Silent Light.
Dusk Security Force; Phantom Renegade.'

Khrona: 'Swear this oath as Phantoms to the Dusk and walk among the twin Crystal City as its Night Patrol, protecting its peace and its people. Have faith and trust me. There is little time to explain. Shall you take my offer?'

He spoke these words into all of their minds at once, though for some reason, he spoke to Tasha -- as well as the other two Phantoms -- rather than he who donned the name of the original Phantom, as though insisting that she become the new 'Phantom' rather than the one who was there now. Probably because he was nothing but a spirit and did not have a 'Mind' to hear this with, and thus would be left in the dark about everything.

They were all of the same level; Beginners -- despite how they held Elite titles, two of three Phantoms still had Beginner power even though their position was high in rank. This did not change their overall power, simply their title. They would be trained to be top assassins in order to match the rank in which they were entrusted. Shinrona wanted to help them, as this situation looked grim in all aspects... They were about to get taken by the 'Absolute Law' of the 'Judgemaster'. Oh man, Shinrona couldn't wait to get him under control again... But right now, even he was susceptible to the influence of The Insanity, and he CERTAINLY did not want the Insanity Of Fear possessing the JUDGEMASTER. That would just have all hell break loose. So there was no time to lose.

Khrona: 'While you think that over, I'm just gonna go ahead and set everyone's things straight, alright? Two of you are quite the mismatch right now, aren't you?'

He donned Linomaru Hugo's body still, and had the missing fragments of Tabitha's memories all sprinkled up in some stardust in his hand, convulsing about gently within the confines of the palm of his hand, like a white hot sun spewing stardust everywhere. The Phantom literally was a phantom at this point, being nothing but a mass of wavelength projected from Tabitha's head and would go back once she took off the mask. Hm. What a predicament.

But he knew just the cure for that.

Khrona: 'Chroma, is your memory with you now? This is the fragment of my mind within yours, speaking to you yet again. This time it should be more clear. Even though your mind is lost to the Insanity, because of the sliver that is in your mind, you should be able to hear me clearly. I am going to give you your memories back, but only in the form of the Phantom's Mask.'

He clenched his hand of the white hot microstar and concentrated its energy and shape into that of a beautifully crafted cosmic mask. The mask in and of itself were her memories given shape, and she would be able to access them at any time as long as she put on the mask.

Khrona: 'I was speaking to you in your head earlier about this matter, but now it's about time to get it done, since I can speak to you more easily. I want you to wear this mask I have crafted from your lost memories and give me the one that you have on. That mask you are wearing now is the mask of the Second Restriction, not the First, and when I put it on, it will extract my soul from this body whilst simultaneously sucking in that other masked person back into this body, which belongs to him.'

Khrona: 'But heed my warning about this mask, your memories will fade every time you take the mask off, and you will not remember anything from when you were wearing the mask; it will all seem like one big dream due to you missing such a crucial part of your mind. Think of it like being in a wonderland of sorts... Absolute Final Wonderland, to be exact...'

Even in the Oath he was naming off some of his most fun techniques because he thought they'd sound cool in the 'Phantom's Oath'. Absolute Final Wonderland was no different. Shinrona really had a way of rooting himself into your life... But, as the Tree Of Life, what else can you do but be rooted so heavily in all life? Whatever.

Khrona: 'Hand me the mask and everything will be restored to balance. Trust me, it's your father. The only thing that will be left in your mind from the events past will be the Phantom's Oath, that will resound in your head whenever the feeling overcomes your soul. The Phantom's Oath will summon the mask upon your face upon completion, though you can place it on your face physically as well. Just remember the Oath if you choose to accept my assistance...'

Now that she knew it was her REAL father talking to her, the bond between their minds and souls should have kicked in and let her know that he wasn't lying and that everything he said was to the utmost truth. Hopefully she did not succumb to the Insanity Of Fear as it was... She needed to be cut off from it. That is where Tasha came in.

Khrona: 'Also, as for you, young Hugo, use that tempered blade and cut at the center of those eyes down there. Do not be afraid of me nor my presence in your head. Just trust me; I am good friends with your father. I just want to help. Here, let me lend you some of my strength... a sliver of my mind that generates the energy of Shinsanity, that which will purify The Insanity. It is called a Omnidex. If you are capable of facing this Fear down below for the sake of your real father's safety, then don't ask questions about how, what or why right now; just trust me and do it. The Omnidex will be your reward if you choose to accept my offer.'

Khrona: 'Some things in life you just do. Alright? I will shed some light on the situation later. On my mark.'

Khrona: 'Omoshiroi.'

With a signature sanguine gleam from his eyes would a bright X-shaped crosshair mark the central Point Of Interest on the target, straight down the middle where the gunk was deepest. The Phantom would see the spotlight of the Shinseigami's bright crystalline eyes shining down on him, the X marking the spot in the center of the Insanity Of Fear for Tasha to strike if she so chose to do so. He only hoped Fear did not grip her and make her choke; hesitating due to the waves of such a repulsive wavelength bursting from all about. Indeed, the creature was fearsome, but a true warrior be able to overcome that fear. Hopefully she was like her father Linomaru, who had that unwavering courage and loyalty to his home, family and friends. It was something that Shinrona admired a lot about him and a trait that was shared between he and Momo... And speak of the devil...

Lastly, to speak to the Phantom he sent down to watch over his dear daughter, which also just so happened to be his sister -- by blood now, too -- was Momo, the Bloody Phantom. He was doing everything he needed to quite well, and as usual, Shinrona was pleased with the progress of his little Momo.

Khrona: 'Momo... Good work. Keep it up. Looks like the old Swamp Hag taught you well in the art of the assassin. I knew sending you to her was a great idea, despite the bumps in the road. I'm glad you stuck it through, because now you get to see all the rewards I have for you at the end for dealing with all that you have.'

Khrona: 'But that aside, I need you to do just one more favor for me, if it isn't asking too much. Please make sure to relay this message to Linomaru, who is in the guise of The Phantom right now. He cannot hear me because he has no mind and I am speaking to the three of you using psychic power. Granted, I could resonate my mind with his soul energy, but I'm not quite sure if he'd get the message as clearly, or if he would accept or reject my wavelength and... Well some other complications I don't feel like getting into right now. So can you just... Let him know, please? And just you know... Subdue him if he gets possessed by the Insanity or something, yeah? That is all I ask from you in addition to the pledge of the Phantom's Oath.'

Now it was all said and done, and they only had one shot at this. If the Judgemaster brought down the gavel, judgment would be swift and absolute; one of the many GREAT DANGERS about he who was the 'Tenth Restriction'... That was why it would be TERRIBLE if the Insanity Of Fear got into HIM... Shinrona just had to hope everything would go well from here...

The impact from The Phantom's attack would shake the ground below. Lucky for Tasha she was near the wall when this happened. She would look down to see what was going on, she saw nothing but the red glow of the eyes that held Tabitha up. Tasha looked to the sky as the rainbow like light came and shined upon her. She was indeed thrown into this situation without knowing anything that's going on. All she had was her father's words... Things that would mean nothing to the next person, or someone who didn't understand her father fully. She who held the power in her hand to purify those who have been lost in the darkness of their own personal vendettas; things that hold them back from accomplishing their dreams....

The girl was face to face with a monster, but also a friend in the haul of things. She was told that 'The Heaven's Blade' was an attack that acts as a filtration system; it acts as a cleanser of the soul. But the risk is this coming in to contact with the target means your soul energy could possibly be infected by the wavelength of said target.

Tasha was afraid this could happen but her father has done this jutsu so many times so many have been purified by this attack. By this power giving to them...

Quote :
... Like an ethereal trail leading right where it needed to flow, a shining rainbow light glowed upon the scared Tasha Hugo, knowing nothing about what was going on yet suddenly thrown into the pit of Insanity with only but a whim of her true father's words to guide her. Shinrona seemed to have come for her at the right time, for the way things looked, it seemed to be the end for all of them. His eyes from beyond kept close watch over the situation in his absence, keeping everything in order and drawing out the Insanity Of Fear from within his daughter's mind. He was quite pleased about this, and very soon, all of the Phantoms would be able to take off their masks.

Khrona: 'Three specters of the land of the Dusk to be its watchful eyes in the night;
Those who protect the Midnight Bleue,
The dimming skies of the Tenebrous Dusk,
Through darkest hour of the Abysmal Twilight,
And all the way to brink of the Resplendent Dawn,
The Phantoms shall patrol this city as the ghosts of its the Sunset's Shadow,
And be that Shadow's Silent Light.
Dusk Security Force; Phantom Renegade.'

Khrona: 'Swear this oath as Phantoms to the Dusk and walk among the twin Crystal City as its Night Patrol, protecting its peace and its people. Have faith and trust me. There is little time to explain. Shall you take my offer?'

Tasha would listen to Shinrona. She would nod her head, accepting Shinchrona's offer -- her target was clear... It shined dead center on The Phantom... The man who held her father's soul weapon. Why him...? But now wasn't the time to question why, she had to only act...

Tasha: "Daddy... What am I to do...? The voice in my head says to attack.."

Linomaru: 'Tasha... I need you to do this so your father can come home... Let the Light guide you, my child...'

A woman she hadn't seen before, but somehow she knew appeared -- it was her mother. It was Kira. She was indeed as beautiful her father said; her long blonde hair that draped over her shoulders, her bright brown eyes gleamed in the light that surrounded her... At the end of this paranormal message Shinrona gave Tasha, an overwhelming amount of power surged. Her arms would bulk up from the power flowing throughout her body. She then focused it to her palm... The voice once again would tell her to "GO!!" and she did so. The young Hugo girl would jump into the air in a spiral motion, from there she would fully extend her right hand. The girl had a look in her eye, that of her father's... Hope shone deeply from her soul. A light that could never be taken away, this was the trait of all that bared the name Hugo, the warriors of light... The girl's eyes shined with a bright lavender, a Gentai shaped from bravery. It gave another burst of power; she felt it serge through her body once again -- it was too much to try and hold altogether.

Linomaru: 'Tasha, The Heaven's Blade is an extension of our powers; we can control the very direction it flows -- it is a Light that shines in the darkest of places, and it can be seen as far as you allow it to... This is why I came up with...'


The girl would release a single wave of the power she had gathered from around the manor, from Shinrona, and her burst of power from the maturing of her Gentai. A bright ray of light shot from the small hand of the girl; it started of as a small orb, but once launched, the small ball of light would expand and widen. Tasha had hit The Phantom and Tabitha, submerging them both in the everlasting light know as 'The Heaven's Blade'. The manor shook and rumbled, the attack Tasha emitted came from above; it would burst through the rest of the manor and the ground below it... From the manor shined a light that would be seen by all of the Lost World. Dead center from the Veritas, it spread to the grounds of the Dusk to the skies of the Dawn. It was a symbol that all would be protected... Tasha's true nindo... To protect all. This is what she and her fathered shared with each other -- the love for their home...

Hopefully this was enough... The purification had begun... Tasha would faint; the attack had drained her completely. The Hugo girl would be falling to Tabitha. She slowly closed her eyes and drifted away into her dreams...

The Phantom, still airborne, looked downward at the monstrosity that had become Tabitha... She had fully been infected by The Insanity. Her screams and wails shook the Hugo Manor; the walls had begun to crack -- the ceiling above rumble at any given time it all could come down crashing. The eyes of a demon peered into his soul; he couldn't help but think... 'Who AM I...?' He felt as if he wasn't a man... The Phantom was a soul without a body, nor mind to act upon -- he was a being without fear... But this isn't what he was feeling at all. Fear was the exact thing he felt, but he embraced it... Fear... It was his drive... But there was another someone who he felt this from... Those around him were in such an emotion.

The Hugo girl feared the situation she was in, she didn't know how to deal with it but her inner ambition for the taste of life drove her to complete her most powerful attack. The fear of the situation finally taking a turn for the worse drove their eerie watcher to reveal himself, only to be another Phantom... Another brother... He clashed with the crazed Phantom now know as the one and only original... The Phantoms were the sole protectors of the nights. Their sole purpose in their creation... Yet this Phantom was a bit different from the original; he wanted what they had... A mind of his own... He was trapped in the mind of a child for eons... But it only seemed like moments in actual time... The 'Pharaoh's Labyrinth' was a maze that had no end nor beginning. He didn't want to go back there...

Momo asked him one simple task and that was to take care of their sister... Such a task was all to simple for him... The only way to stop her in his mind was to allow for Tasha to hit her with her jutsu.

The Phantom: "Yes, I shall try my best... She is almost ready.."

He would then stand directly above the crazed girl lost in the darkness of her mind, then a light would shine on Tasha, her eyes then glowed a bright purple -- she had fully tapped into her powers as a Hugo; her path was just beginning now that she had done so. A light then shined right through him and to Tabitha. He was stuck -- he couldn't move; it paralyzed him. He would be submerged in this purification process; he would feel himself being pulled back into the mind of Tabitha, but not before hearing all what was needed to be said. He would accept Shinrona's offer. He would bond with the girl whom he'd spoken to before. She was truly worthy of the title...

The frantic Tabitha continued to look around with the utmost anxiety, eyes darting in every which direction in an attempt to focus the intent upon one single target, yet continuing to see multiple at once. She was so unsure of what was real and what wasn't, and all the garbled noise, hissing and vicious static buzzing about through her head did not help any in settling her unrest. Gazing into the face of The Phantom, an overwhelming sensation of despair took her...

Tabitha: 'What is this... Terrible chill...?'

The same chill she felt before crept up her spine like a sinister spider, causing her to shiver. It was the sense of both Fear and coldness combined into one, as though she anticipated the coming doom within her. She could sense her death approaching, almost like a sixth sense. Something she was not fond of, and only intensified this Insanity that sprouted from the depths of her mind...


Yet, within the confines of her mind, the meek, terrified little girl lay in the pit of darkness, where the numerous 'Evil Eyes' gazed at her from all around, striking terrible Fear into her very soul. She was trapped -- isolated, even -- from control of her body and her mind. The Insanity Of Fear had completely taken over, and was about to consume her completely...

But, a shining light appeared in her mind, very faint at first... Bringing with it on its waves of light a serene sound that seemed all too familiar to her...

Khrona: 'Chroma, is your memory with you now?'

Tabitha: 'Chroma...? Chroma... Is that... Is that me?'

Khrona: 'This is the fragment of my mind within yours, speaking to you yet again. This time it should be more clear.'

Tabitha: 'Wait... So the words spoken to me before that were all garbled... That was you? And you weren't saying 'Cheshire Phantom...' you were trying to say 'Chroma!' That's my real name, isn't it?'

The girl realized then that whomever this was, they were the one that spoke to her before, and with the remembrance of her original name came with it a few forgotten memories from the chain of events recently passed. She remembered now the face of the Cheshire Phantom... It was not her, but a rather ghastly apparition that had an eerie mental link with her. Perhaps that Cheshire Phantom before... was the same person talking to her now. The very thought made her want to reject this light and all it way saying, as the Fear that was struck into her heart by that sinister Cheshire Phantom before was too great to be something that she could trust... And the words became less and less audible in her head the more she Feared and rejected them.

Khrona: 'Even though your mind is lost to The Insanity, because of the sliver that is in your mind, you should be able to hear me clearly. I am going to give you your memories back, but only in the form of the Phantom's Mask.'

After he spoke, a beautifully crafted cosmic mask appeared in the 'Evil Eyes' that showed her everything that was going on. It became the sole source of her concentration for some reason, and all of the other images that appeared in the eyes were gone. Her mind was attracted to this mask for some reason, as though it were connected to it. Though she felt as though she couldn't trust the words of the shining apparition, something about this mask's aura drew her in, regardless...

Khrona: 'I was speaking to you in your head earlier about this matter, but now it's about time to get it done, since I can speak to you more easily. I want you to wear this mask I have crafted from your lost memories and give me the one that you have on. That mask you are wearing now is the mask of the Second Restriction, not the First, and when I put it on, it will extract my soul from this body whilst simultaneously sucking in that other masked person back into this body, which belongs to him.'

Tabitha: 'My lost memories... The things that I can't remember... The pieces that will connect what I remember about that Cheshire Phantom... Myself... My father... And all that's happening right now...'

Her skepticism slowly began to fade, yet she still remained wary. Having a mind just as great as her father, she was able to quickly piece together the information she was given and how beneficial it all could be, even if she was still rather hesitant about accepting this mask from him.

Tabitha: 'Though, if I do take this mask... I'll remember everything perfectly. So perhaps...'

Khrona: 'But heed my warning about this mask, your memories will fade every time you take the mask off, and you will not remember anything from when you were wearing the mask; it will all seem like one big dream due to you missing such a crucial part of your mind. Think of it like being in a wonderland of sorts... Absolute Final Wonderland, to be exact...'

The memories that were within the mask would only be able to be accessed if she were to put on the mask, but would not stay with her if she took it off. That was more than troubling, but at the same time, she couldn't help but want to know the truth...

Khrona: 'Hand me the mask and everything will be restored to balance. Trust me, it's your father. The only thing that will be left in your mind from the events past will be the Phantom's Oath, that will resound in your head whenever the feeling overcomes your soul. The Phantom's Oath will summon the mask upon your face upon completion, though you can place it on your face physically as well. Just remember the Oath if you choose to accept my assistance...'

Tabitha: 'The Oath... Those words that you said before...'

This was the final decision she had to make. The sense of impending death crept closer and closer, causing her to shiver ever more violently the longer she took to make her decision. Though she had a minute amount of information, it was still enough for her. Her need to know the truth of everything that was going on is what guided her will, and she was going to have to accept this risk and take on the mask.

Tabitha: '... I'll do it. I'll exchange masks and take on the title of The Phantom. Not just any Phantom... But the Cheshire Phantom. If what you're saying is true, then I'll see it for myself when I put this mask on...'

And with that, she opened up her mind to the light once again and accepted its words as true.


... A shining blade from above pierced through the abysmal darkness that was the Insanity Of Fear, immediately severing what had already escaped from pouring from Tabitha's mind. Not even a moment after would the mask upon her face slip from the girl's face, no longer latched on to her like a leech, and the web of eyes immediately dissipated.


The foul beast hissed as it lunged from the pit of darkness, allowing both Tabitha, the Phantom and Tasha to fall deeper into the basement of the Hugo Manor. The mask that was once donned on her face was sucked in the vacuum of the mad beast's wake of movement, caught in an updraft that would allow it to rise to the top behind the Insanity Of Fear just released. Meanwhile, Tabitha remembered the words spoken to her in her mind and immediately began to speak them once she realized that she was fallen.

Tabitha: "Those who protect the Midnight Bleue,
The dimming skies of the Tenebrous Dusk,
Through darkest hour of the Abysmal Twilight,
And all the way to brink of the Resplendent Dawn,
The Phantoms shall patrol this city as the ghosts of its the Sunset's Shadow,
And be that Shadow's Silent Light."

Just as was said by that light, the cosmic mask materialized upon her face, integrating itself with her memories before The Phantom could be sucked back into her head, thus closing off his return into the Pharaoh's Labyrinth from before. A glorious shine overcame her body just before they all hit the ground, causing she and the others to land safely upon the ground of the Hugo Manor basement. This glow brought with it the memories of the past and everything that was true, granting Chroma the memories that were lost upon her exit from the First Moon.

Chroma: 'I see... I remember everything now... ... You were telling the truth, Father... And I thank you...'

Her appearance had changed significantly, as her dress was no longer a dress but a tattered black cape and skin-tight suit reminiscent of the original Phantom's garb. Covered completely head to toe in an eerie black leotard, she could now truly be... The Cheshire Phantom.

Chroma: '... But I have taken a shine to the name 'Tabitha...' so I think I want that to be my new, true name. I know how our family works now that I've got my memories back, daddy~!'

She was both happy and relieved to remember all of the things from before, as for such a long time, even after her rebirth, she was an amnesiac. Even if she would return to such a state when the mask was off, the Phantom's Oath would always allow the phantasmal memories to return to their rightful place in her head. As long as she had this mask... She was fine. And her father would always be with her.

... Still, she did not forget the actually very dire situation at hand, and staring up at the gaping hole in the rather high ceiling, she could see that mass of blackness that was the Insanity Of Fear still pulsating about. Tasha severed the connection and weakened it, but it was in no way finished off just yet. That, she would leave to...

Tabitha: 'Momo! That was YOU I was seeing this entire time!! Hm... I don't think I can make it up there in time to get that thing before it gets away... I hope that he does something about that... If not him, then...'

What also caught her eye was the glimpse of the iridescent light that was her father, in a form she'd never before seen him before. He was beautiful; and not the same beauty that came from his natural Grim regalia, but a different sort of beauty that stemmed from the Tensei's heavenly serenity; what she could become if she were to work hard and endure the Insanity's trials. Almost like an angel of sorts... And looking at him, all she could hope was that one day she would be as beautiful and majestic as he, when she reached the stages of maturity... Seeing him as he was now brought her to make a solemn vow within her heart never to succumb to the Insanity completely. That light she saw today right here and now was a light that she would hold dear in her heart and remember for always, and purify the Insanity if it were to ever try to overtake her again. She remembered this wavelength pulsating deep within her soul... His gift to her upon her conception.

Tabitha: '... I've always wanted to make you happy, Father... I've always wanted to be by your side... ... This time, I will, no matter what. Because I love you...'

Under her mask, a single shimmering tear rolled down her face and to her chin, dropping to the ground and solidifying the pact and conviction made to both she and her father. A promise made by the love of her family.

Tabitha: 'Just you wait. We'll be together again soon... The whole family. I'll make absolutely sure of it!!'

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Feature Length: Rise Of The Veritas; The End Of The Lost World Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: Rise Of The Veritas; The End Of The Lost World   Feature Length: Rise Of The Veritas; The End Of The Lost World EmptySat Aug 22, 2020 9:36 am

--- Meanwhile back in Peace, the True Khrona had seen enough of the Lost World, and was ready to uproot the Veritas from it. The planet would not grow and was destined to die, so he would take his Life and the Lives of anyone attached to the Veritas with him, and let the rest of the Lost World stop siphoning his life.---

Khrona was absolutely abysmal. Even as he tried to help them, all of them turned out to be nothing more than lost causes. How sad. "I had so much faith in them... I really thought they could do it... I even came back to help, but... It seems like the Lost World's time has finally run out." He held his head low in solemn disappointment, unable to even look at that place anymore. Looking at it and seeing them as they were... Would only bring him more pain and more tears. "Well... Let's let them die as they see fit. Some worlds just don't want to survive." And so, now that nothing mattered, Khrona could simply use all of his powers from the great beyond to bring everything about himself to Peace as he saw fit. Since there was no reason for him to attempt to live in harmony nor save the poisoned plane from dying anymore, he had no reason to hold back for them. The Khrona that lived in Peace was indeed the one that had full and total control over all parts of himself, and that included the Veritas, which was his body. Tigen alone could handle The Insanity. "Come home to daddy, my little children... It's time to stop wasting time on the hopeless lost causes..."

"... Their time is short, and it seems like they will never learn, at this rate... They are moving far too slow..." Khrona raised his hand to the uniomniverse that was the Veritas orb he looked at from the oververse that was Peace, greatly saddened to see that things were going to have to come to a close. "Looks like we'll be leaving the Lost World at this rate... There is no hope for their survival. The venom has sunk too deeply into their veins... At this rate, they'll end up like all the other dead planets that failed at evolution..." He shook his head, as he really thought there was hope for them. He tried his absolute best, but you can only do so much for those that are unwilling to change. Such is what evolution is about; he would know, he was the master of it, able to induce it spontaneously within himself. "Guess I'd better start wrapping things up then... I just wish... Wish they weren't so damn hopeless..." Crystal Tears streamed down his face at the thought of taking up his universe and moving, as he wanted to integrate it with the Lost World, but that planet was so defiant; so young and rebellious, as most new planets were. Khrona remembered when he made his own planet, it was just as defiant, before he caused it to exponentially mature in the Fourth Restriction. That was a fun way to master the use of all energy. "... Maybe I'll come visit them to see their progress. Maybe. I just hope they don't die... I've given them all I can..."

'This is the end...' as he so loves to say before the end of another deadline. How sad his job was at times, as he has so much hope when they start out. Well, not everyone reaches their potential... '... The saddest part of their story. Closing the book.' He turned a blind eye to the happenings of this realm now, allowing them to fall to the full darkness of Absolute Zero Value...

Khrona: "Game Over."

Khrona put down his controller, closed his eyes and began to spin from the threads of time yet another new world, holding together each fine fabric of space in tightly woven knits. The Eight Arms Of Tabrith wove together from each of their Hands Of God a new realm, built with creatures that would be much better than the ones who hadn't the will to evolve. Now that world would belong to...

Khrona: 'The Insanity.'

The Insanity: "GAME OVER, YEAHHH!!!!"

This is what he'd been waiting for the entire time. Khrona finally decided to sever the connection! He no longer sustained the Veritas, and closed his window on the world. Anything and everything of him were completely left for dead, and all that was connected to the Veritas would be eliminated.

The Insanity: 'If only you'd tried harder... HAHAHA!!!'

It was all his now; no more fighting, no more struggling... Everything was completely given up to the Insanity. The Shinseigami stopped fighting the good fight, erasing all such traces of his light in a flash. The only thing that remained now were twelve of the thirteen moons all waiting to fall.

The Insanity: 'Hm... I knew they wouldn't make it. I could just SMELL it!! AHAHAHA!!!'

???: "Took you long enough. Kept me waiting a loooong time off playing in that world."

She tapped her foot impatiently as if anticipating all of this the entire time. She didn't know why he continued to try with them, or what the hell he was trying to do with Titania below. Bunnybee was her final form after all; Titania was her equivalent of Tigen to Khrona, and Khrona should have known that by now. Those things couldn't exist in Peace unless they were in the Thirteenth, and right now, those two were only in the Twelfth. They still had Insanities to face. If she wasn't in the Thirteenth then she wasn't gonna be able to stay as she was... Just like Trinity, even though Trinity was taken along to see the road of the Thirteen Restrictions herself so she'd know how to get past them with ease. Khrona was a pretty good daddy, giving his daughter cheat codes.

Bunnybee: "Three times. Three strikes. You should have just left them alone to begin with and focused on me, ya know."

The ORIGINAL creation... The person who he ORIGINALLY gave power to grant all his wishes and make his dreams come true...

Bunnybee: "And now since you're done playing around, it's about time to get down to business with me, like you promised? You've been putting me off for a REEAAAAAL long time..."

The True Friday The Thirteenth Fairy that could not leave Peace; Khrona's beloved's final and TRUE form. As with everything else that was cut off at the shins, she was all that was left of what once was an incomplete Titania, but was now all that there is, just like him. And all she is... Is Bunnybee, the Friday The Thirteenth Fairy.

Bunnybee: "No more distractions!! We're hittin' it big this time, just you and me! Can't get more perfect than we already are, ya know. We already completed the Thirteen Restrictions already. We've BEEN free. You just wanted to go trying to be a hero and shit. Like we have ANY time to waste. Hmph!"

She simply watched him work as he spun himself an entirely new world that they could play in, where hopefully things would not be so... Disappointing this time around.

Bunnybee: "Name my world after me! Please please please please please!!!"

Khrona rolled his eyes.

Khrona: "Well I just thought they could do it. Yeesh. Don't blame me for having hope in the hopeless. I saw a lot of potential in a lot of people in that place, and I just thought, you know... Having fun going through the Thirteen Restrictions together would have been nice. You know, you would have looked a little more fairy-like if I could have finished Titania..."

Continuing to stitch up this entire alternate realm as though it were simply another of his delightful little Scarecrow children, he finished creating the world and immediately hooked up his controller.

Khrona: "There. Bunnybee Universe. We rule it together, but I made it ESPECIALLY for you. Happy now? And the best part is, we don't have to go through all that bullshit like in that last world. You know how traveling in other realities is sometimes... ESPECIALLY the incomplete or underdeveloped ones. Gotta follow their flawed rules and customs and such, to a certain degree. Yeck."

But... This was nice, at least. Finally cutting off the toxic leeches.

Khrona: "And you know what? I really missed you a lot, too."

He slipped a smooch to her forehead and smiled at her, gazing down at their glorious new creation...

Khrona: "... Now, let's continue the story from here. Together, as one. Come, my love, surely this creation will prove more entertaining for us than the last one... Much more fun, so we don't get so bored..."

Finally, the end...
And a new beginning
All in one!
It was just about that time, is all.

--- By this time, Khrona had descended from on high TRULY and made his way all the way back down to his lover in the Zeroth, preparing for the Rise of the Second Moon; The Red Moon. ---

The Absolute Final Wonderland thread connected by the 'Web Of Life' cast from her eyes tugged at the life of the two weapons that were connected directly to her being, and he who was connected to them, all at the same time. Most literally yanked from their location by the threats of fate itself, Shinrona, Misery, and Despair would find themselves in the wake of Shinnia, who had been waiting quite a long time to grant their wishes. A finely woven, tightly seamed stream that intertwined as though they were two halves of the same single lifeline; that is what Shinnia was to Shinrona, as was Khrona to Titania. He may have gotten his wish up above in the Thirteenth... But she simultaneously was going to get her wish down here in the forsaken world below. Her wish was just the same as his; for the opposing party to return to the other. As long as she remained here, there was a piece of him that always would, too.

Her Shinrona.

Shinnia: "My love... You managed to save the broken pieces of my heart... Let's put them back together again so I may be complete..."

The two shards of the Second Moon, the Red Moon of Love; Twisted Twin Piscean Chrysms Misery and Despair, held in either hand of her champion. The Thirteen Moons were about to come into full completion in one fell swoop... Almost as if planned out perfectly to do so. Her lover was quite the intricate web-spinner...

Shinnia: "Let's get you to where you need to be right now, hm?"

Pulled from the Judgemaster's presence and into the 'Fairy Spring Of Truth' by sheer interconnected bondage to Shinnia's being, her twin heart pieces tied upon the Absolute Final Wonderland threads were the strings that were necessary to pull him out of such a jam in the nick of time.

Khrona: "As usual, you're most punctual with your timing, Tsukihime. Much like myself. I see you've become rather well versed in the use of my power? That's fine, I've done the same thing with yours."

He winked at her, standing in all her magnificence. She was just so beautiful, even without her heart bound to his within her chest.

Khrona: "I swore to you that I would put you back together again, didn't I? On the Seven Sisters... And all I needed was the two Mistresses."

The two Piscean Chrysms had already formed a halo above his head beforehand, which was a symbol of his imminent ascension yet again. In the wake of the Insanity of Fear, the body of Linomaru Hugo had been completely discarded by Shinrona, allowing him to freely occupy the mask as a spirit, and for the man once of physical form to become a spirit once again; The True Phantom.

Khrona: "Now fill the missing moon. Your heart and soul, though the same, are different from what they once were before. This is your true heart, made much better than before. It is a heart shared by the two of us... Beating as one always."

All he had to do now was make the wish...

Khrona: "I wish for us to reach our True Forms and complete the Thirteen Restrictions together as family. You, me, and Trinity."

The wish was cast and now all that needed to be done was for it to be put into effect by the great wish-maker herself. Shinrona did have infinite wishes, just like she did. A Fairy and a Djinni in holy matrimony...

Shinnia: "Your wish is my command, my love..."

She smiled clearly overjoyed, but not nearly expressing it as much as she felt. She was getting her new heart and soul eternally bonded with Khrona and Trinity... Raising her hand over Shnrona's hand and drawing the two mermaids into her palm, the two would swirl and sensually merge together as though initiating a sort of sexual encounter with each other, before the two took the form of an enormous crimson moon.

Shinnia: "Shin Akatsukiyomi..."

Placing the moon in the palm of her hand as though this omniversal marvel were nothing more than a marble, she took aim at the vacated space that was where the original Red Moon was supposed to be placed. With a decisive and rather well-aimed *Flick!* of her fingers, that she was now becoming proficient in thanks to her hubby's training, the Red Moon would be shot into place.

Shinnia: "... The Rise of the Second Moon."

With the Red Moon in place, all of the other aspects of Khrona, Titania, and Trinity should have come into alignment as well, including the Veritas itself...

"Nice sharpshootin there, slick!" Shinrona joked, snickering to himself. "Nah, but seriously, you're getting pretty good at the whole 'Flick' thing. It's one of my favorites."

All he could do was watch as the beautiful moon streamed as a red stripe through the black sky and up to its rightful spot in the empty void... Yes, right where the Zero World believed it was alright to simply take over. No, but see, that wasn't happening today, not at all. No, the Red Moon, being an entire omniverse in and of itself had the power to infinitely sustain itself, and being now the bonded energy between Shinrona, Shinnia, and now Shinity, the infinitely generated power of the 'Trini-T' would be more than enough to fill the Zero World completely, causing the Veritas to be reborn anew...


Throwing his hands up in the air with passion that could only be shown by Khrona himself did he express his DEEP feelings of love for his Tsukihime. That crafty Shinseigami was cooking up another world that would IMMEDIATELY take the place of the old Veritas, born anew from the newly crafted, much improved soul of the Tsukihime, his gorgeous Moon Goddess. As it was intended, this realm was made for her by him, and they shared rule over it in equivocation.

Khrona: "I hope you like your new world, my love... I made it just for you... Well, just for us, I should say."

Now Shinnia and Shinity would be just as much of the Tree Of Life as he, and somehow, all would fall into balance.

Khrona: "Trap The Insanity inside. We will be the ones that will seal The Insanity henceforth. The Three Peaces that will maintain Balance throughout the land; the Trini-T, 'Tinasanti' -- the Veritas. Come on, we don't have much time... Before it moves."

Now that Shinrona was in the Second Restriction, he could FINALLY have access to his wavelength powers... And thanks to Tabrith, he knew how to use them, too. Speaking of which...

Khrona: "Tabrith. Ready on my command. Release the Blue Moon to complete the Thirteen Moons orbiting the tree. I want this motherfucker locked up so tight, the Judgemaster can't even get him."

Khrona was the Keeper Of All Insanity before, but now he would not be alone in keeping 'Pandora's Box' sealed. Now, he had his two beloved girls by his side again, and they would be the ones that would help him as he would help them to maintain the Trini-T Seal.

Khrona: "Let's go, my sweet girls!"

And with that, he would bolt off toward the Crystal Tree consumed by the Insanity, allowing his lustrous Crystal Cloud that was now his entire form to sprout from their shape majestic shimmering angel wings, wherein with a single flap would send him hurdling as a magnificent aurora that speckled the once black skies.

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Feature Length: Rise Of The Veritas; The End Of The Lost World Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: Rise Of The Veritas; The End Of The Lost World   Feature Length: Rise Of The Veritas; The End Of The Lost World EmptySat Aug 22, 2020 6:22 pm

--- With the rise of the Red Moon and the fall of Khrona Tensei from Peace, The Insanity was allowed to completely take over, since Khrona no longer had the strength to maintain his own Peace. With that done, the entire Crystal Tree would be overtaken by The Insanity once again in one swoop.---

The Insanity: 'Now then... BACK TO WORK!!'

With no Shinseigami around to maintain any stability, the ENTIRE Veritas and all that it was belonged to The Insanity. And that being the case, it was time for them to see...

The Beast...

The Insanity: "Absolute Zero; Abyss Of The Beast."

The same beast that killed one of their kin... Pestilence...


The same nightmare that destroyed dimensions to relieve its stress...


... Were now the combined unstoppable flames that would wipe the Lost World right off the face of this side of the universe. Such a puny establishment... The Insanity's anticipation was FAR too great for these primitive apes to make a move... Every step they took from her was absolutely wrong.


The entire Veritas burst into flames, a single entite the cause of this ungodly conflagration of pure sinful hatred for all things. It was the true Bloody Pumpkin, no longer a Pumpkishin, but a 'Bloodred Pumpkinhead', the 'Shinkishinji' now under the complete and utter jurisdiction of The Insanity ABSOLUTELY!

The Insanity: "And you... Go bask in your brother's light. Then show them the TRUE meaning of Ungodlinovae!!! UAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Yes, the two brothers battled it out already at every turn, erasing all of the other little mice that got in their way; the two Scarecrows would finally face in combat once again... Only this time, the 'Bloodred Pumpkinhead' couldn't lose...

The Insanity: "All of it... Mine... Mine... MINE!!!!"

The Insanity was far too elated; there was no stopping him now! Nothing holding him back from showing them what true doom looked like! Time for some hellraising... And where was the other one...?

The Insanity: "Aha, and you there... Give the Dark King a very special present... Hmhmhm... Tell him it's a gift... For taking care of the 'PESTilence' for me... Vermin always seem to find a way to scurry about beneath my rocks... Roaches and rats and other feeble pests that buzz around my fragrant power, and it's nice to have gotten rid of a few bugs with him."

That was two Insanities already instructed... Now for the others...

The Insanity: "Mmm... And 'Monkey King'..."

Primalpha was already thoroughly affixed to and deeply rooted DEEP into the Lost World's veins already, creating quite the perfect bridge to keep them bound together... All that was left was to secure the bridge absolutely.

The Insanity: "Let's give that place the 'stamp'."

Betwixt his index finger and thumb as they compressed together would be a slender, but very long cross shaped lightning bolt made of of pure Absolution; "Consecration." Hurling the 'Crimson Crucifix' at such a high vibration that it barely maintained its color, as the bolt crashed, the bloody red splashed, painting the entire jungle a deep Nightmare Rouge... In one stroke of the bolt, it was the Insanity's land, completely and absolutely.

The Insanity: "Now, we wait for for the REAL fun..."

Now that the entire realm was back under the control of the Shinsei thanks to the rise of the once missing Second Moon right in the nick of time, it was time for the first order of business; reclaiming the Tree in the name of the Trini-T.

The Insanity: "I hope you enjoyed your final kicks. Because this time, we are going to get rid of you. Pest. As we are, I know we cannot fully erase you... But we can certainly seal you here in this tree and never let you out. And return to being the Keeper Of All Insanity."

As fluid as water, the Eight Hands Of God all raised int the air simultaneously and fluxed through a series of rather archaic single-handed Mudra -- or, hand signs and seals -- the likes of which this realm had never seen before, only once ever done by Khrona himself in conjunction with the Demon Princes in order to bring Trinity from the realm of Consciousness. A sacred nameless Tensei-Demon technique that was able to bind or unbind any force that harbored equivalent power with an unbreakable seal forged by the blood of their clans, much like the 'Wings Of Freedom' forged between the pact between the Gaia-Tensei bond.

Khrona: "Tabrith, ready on my command."

The grand conductor completed what one would believe thousands of ancient hand seals in a matter of moments, gazing down at the all too thirsty Insanity who had fallen into the great Octogod's web. He was a masterful maestro, as all of the stories woven by this great spider came together as beautiful masterpieces in the end, no matter how they looked. The Blue Moon, which still remained safely kept within Tabrith, -- thanks to Titania -- was the final moon that needed to be put into place so that the Last Supper could be called.

Khrona: "Naturally. Things are certainly coming full swing now, aren't they?"

He chuckled to himself, digitizing out of thin air in the orbital pattern of the other thirteen moons. With his presence, the Lunar Cycle of the 'Thirteen Tsukiyomi' were complete, and as such, Tinasanti would be able to create the seal of the Trini-T to subdue The Insanity.

Khrona: "I'm in position. Anytime you're ready... You know that even if we lock up The Insanity... We still have to clean up all the messes that it made."

A simple sigh, shake of the head and shrug of the shoulder, as it wasn't really TOO bad...

Khrona: "That is why I have already found some warriors who will bring Peace to this land and quash the remnant Insanities. At least there won't be anymore popping up randomly; only as extensions from the ones that are already currently active."

That was one issue solved; the random spawning of Insanity, which seemed to be the biggest issue. One could not stop something that randomly generated with no rhyme nor reason, as there was no true pattern to follow, nor any real way to keep it at bay. Thus, the randomness would be stabilized once the Insanity was back inside of its new keeper, which should be... Thanytoz. His inner void of insatiable hunger would finally be quenched, and he would become the new Keeper Of All Insanity. A title he, along with his twin counterpart and sharer of all his power, should be able to maintain between the two of them within the Void.

Khrona: "What a nice close to this chapter of the book... I'll be sure to save your game as soon as The Insanity is sealed. That's the real seal right there. Hmhmhm."

--- Back at the Crystal Tree---

Once Tabrith was in place and the Thirteen Moons were in their completed lunar orbit around the Tree Of Life, each of them would begin to glow with the power of each and every one of the Thirteen Restrictions, ready to place upon The Insanity the horrible restraint that ALL Tensei were to undergo when they were forced to start over from the very beginning.

Tinasanti: 'Hands of Fate, Will, Wishes, Dreams, Reality, Destiny, Chaos, and Harmony, pull and weave together the ultimate seal from the intricate web spun of all your divine splendor; Ultra Badass.'

Drawing strength from the Eight Arms Of Tabrith and the Thirteen Restrictions at once, a slender crystalline light was formed as the hand signs were completed, creating a web-like seal all across the entire Crystal Tree through the connection of the Thirteen Moons, which served as marking points to draw the seal to perfection. Twas the 'Tensei Seal', the mark of the family The Insanity liked to use to brand his territory, now being used to BRAND him as their bitch. The 'Family Rune'.

It turned out that as each of the hands flashed through their respective Mudra, they were silently weaving together strands of each of their respective hands into one single web-like seal; all that was Fate, Destiny, Will, Wishes, Dreams, Reality, Chaos, and Harmony, each opposing yet intertwining and working together with each other. Where Fate and Destiny opposed each other like Light and Dark, like Yin and Yang would they work in tandem to spin and control so finely these energies, the hands mirroring each other on Tinasanti's body. This would occur the same way with the other 'sets': Will and Wishes, Dreams and Reality, and Chaos and Harmony. All such hands were necessary in creating the seal of such perfect, unrequited 'Absolute Balance'.

Tinasanti: "Set."

A simple turning of each of the hands simultaneously placed the binding web spun from the Absolute Final Wonderland upon the Insanity and the entire Tree Of Life itself, holding the Insanity and all that it was in place.

Tinasanti: "Confinement."

A snap of the fingers from each of the hands locked the 'Ultra Badass' seal in place, and with it, The Insanity. The trap was all too perfect; leaving the tree shy of a vessel so The Insanity would think immediately to go infiltrate that in order to take over the entire Veritas. Though the tree was the swiftest way to get to the heart of the Veritas, it was also the most dangerous place to be, as it took all that you were to fill up the Tree completely. Therefore, because the Insanity was equal to the Twelfth Restriction and so was Tigen, The Insanity had the same amount of power as Tigen by default and thus could fully fill the tree entirely without collapsing upon its own power. The old 'bait and wait' technique.

Tinasanti: "And We shall remain as The Insanity's Keeper for all days. Until it has fully been purified and changed into Shinsanity. This is an absolute of our land."

Thus, the power of keeping the The Insanity was bestowed to...

... Khrona. The only one who can actually TRULY sustain this much Insanity and stabilize it, even though he was only in his Second Restriction still. It was about time for him to get to work on that, actually...

Appearing as a bolt of wavelength in the home base known as the Tree Of Life, he stared up in awe at the once again formed Tinasanti, now with a greater power than when the three first combined their powers to create it the first time.

Khrona: "... The Second Moon, the Red Moon of Love has risen. Shinnia, my beloved... Or, shall I say, Misery and Despair...? Looks like you two are up..."

Shinrona looked up to the great deity looming overhead; a being that would rest within the Crystal Tree in his place as the combined power of he, Shinnia, and Shinity as one so that the three of them could do as they pleased without being confined to the tree. Yes, a perfect plan, indeed. Tinasanti, the combination of their three respective powers, could hold The Insanity in check for a while. In the meantime, he was going to have to work on a way to actually purify this land before the Insanity grew strong enough to escape... The Judgemaster was already on its side, and the Judgemaster existed in the Tenth Restriction, which outmatched Tinasanti in the Eighth. He had to HOPE that this place wasn't going to get caught. But, by will of he, Shinnia, and Shinity, none of that should have happened.

Khrona: "Tinasanti. Call them. The other 'Grand Masters' to protect this tree. The Judgemaster absolutely CANNOT come here, or else it'll all be over. All four 'Grand Masters' are equivalent in power, so if you outnumber the Judgemaster, his 'Absolute Law' will not be able to take effect or overrule any of what you do."

The fact that the Judgemaster technically was given the power to set into play all of the rules that would make the Veritas what it was made losing him to the Insanity all too unfortunate. Even Shinrona was... A little bit scared at what might happen at this point.

Khrona: "In the meantime, let me go deal with the Red Moon so I can free myself of the Second Restriction the same way I freed myself of the First. And Tabrith... Remember to put that Blue Moon back where it belongs. You know where it goes. We'll be needing the full extent of that knowledge later..."

Even though he just appeared, he wasn't meant to stay there long. Tasked with keeping the Insanity inside of him YET AGAIN, this time Shinrona intended to ensure that it REMAINED there this time. He'd gone through all the necessary protocols to do so.

In another shimmering flash of wavelength, the apparition that was Shinrona burst off into the Second Moon, where he was going to be in dire need of a new body soon...

Tinasanti: "Of course, Shinseigami. Without question."

And yet again, Tinasanti completed a set of ancient hand signs with each individual hand, all stopping simultaneously after a few were complete.

Tinasanti: "Assemble, Grand Masters untouched by The Insanity's embrace. It is time to defend this realm in the name of Peace."

A decisive clasp of all eight hands with each of their opposites would immediately bring them together... Those that were able, that is.

--- Meanwhile At The Red Moon ---

A stream of light flashed into the pure red omniverse that was the soul of Shinrona Tensei now, as red and plump as the hearts beating in unison that created it. Shinrona and Shinnia together as one, finally and perfectly in tune. Their wavelengths were in perfect harmony, and he could feel this in Misery and Despair; they who created the new Red Moon from the once destroyed Moon upon Titania's first descent from Peace on high.

Khrona: "Ugh. I told you I'd fucking do it, didn't I? Now you've got your heart and soul back, and it's completely one with my own."

He had someone special to thank for this, for if it were not for him, this would not have been possible. But that was to be put on hold for the moment, as Shinrona had a lot of work ahead of him.

Khrona: "So, what does 'Spectre' do again? It suppresses my godly soul to the point where it-- Aw dammit. This is gonna suck..."

The Second Restriction, 'Poltergeist', was the Restriction of the Soul, and the mask that harbored Poltergeist's intent, 'Spectre', was already working as it should... A little too well for Shinrona's liking. Apparently, its specialty was to use the power of Khrona's opposing poles of his soul to suppress one side in order to strengthen the other with oppressive force and channel that power straight through him. It was an effective method, yes, but... It looked like the oppressive force here was The Insanity that had recently taken over the Veritas.

Khrona: "... Heavy siiigh. I just can't seem to catch a break... As it is done, so it shall be... From the very fucking moment I put on this Goddamn mask..."

It was almost too unreal right now, but he knew better than to think things like that. Nothing was unreal to THIS being. But now, the only question was...

Khrona: "... How long is THIS gonna take...? Better not be an ETERNITY like that LAST Moon..."

Shinnia: "Well, it shouldn't be, if everything goes smoothly..."

The tender voice of his darling whisked gingerly through his ears from all around, as she was the keeper of the Second Moon, and no such Insanity plagued her heart. Two gentle glows appeared beside Shinrona as he was now, taking the respective shapes of both Misery and Despair beside him.

Shinnia: "Weapons of choice, sweetie?"

She giggled to herself, a sound which reverberated across the entirety of the free-space, which was now beginning to form once the reality stabilized. Both Misery and Despair simultaneously gave him a kiss on either cheek as control over them was relinquished back to his most capable hands. They were his weapons, true and true.

Shinnia: "... Now you should know what comes next... That is all I can do for you... From here on, I will be with you within them... I will help save you from yourself... Because you helped save me from the Black Swamp..."

If it weren't for Shinrona's efforts, she would have remained as the Zero World's envoy forever and the Tensei curse would have continued in another cycle. But no, he is THE one that is to save this family; the last and the final who harbors the curse, and the only who would FULLY break it. She believed in him with all her heart, and it was apparent in Misery and Despair, who had been saved from their respective Insanities by him in order to complete this Red Moon.

Shinnia: "After this, you and I will be together forever, nothing able to tear us apart like that fluke before. Keep that in mind, love~!"

Some incentive was always nice... Especially when he was using the power of his Soul this time rather than his Mind. The Soul needed the strength of will, after all... But she had all faith in him. Unquestionable faith, in fact.

Shinnia: *Muah~!!*

With Poltergeist in effect as the mask Spectre was equipped, Shinrona's apparitious form finally began to take more of a stabilized form; like a ghost of sorts beginning to realize its own incorporeal form and able to stabilize it as a semi-solid object. With that, hands formed, as did white gloves amidst the black of his shape, the white gloves seeming to be the only truly physical portion of the man save for the white mask itself shining brightly under his dark hood. Everything else was pitch black, even though it was beginning to stabilize into a man's shape. This was the form he took of the Second Restriction, and a well known wraith of the original Dusk Village; The Phantom.

The Phantom: "I love you so much, babe. I can't wait until THIS moon passes... Cuz everything's gonna be so much fun for us from here on."

With his Mind free of Insanity, he moved on to the Insanity that plagued his soul, and simultaneously, her own. Even though it did not originate from her, because it was within him, if it weren't dealt with, it would spread to her, as well. He wasn't having that.

Wrapping either arm around both Misery and Despair, only to have his arms pass right through them, Shinrona sighed and slapped his masked face with his gloved hand.

The Phantom: "Dammit... I guess I still need a little practice stabilizing my body as a complete wavelength... I'm like a ghost..."

Misery: "Yeah, well, you'll get it. Just shut up and work on it and it'll be fine, you know that."

Despair: "Mhm... I concur... You've always proved to us that you can do anything you put your mind to... And isn't your mind free from the Insanity?"

"Mmm..." he nodded his head, patting the two of them on the shoulders, "Yeah, you guys are right. Man, I missed you two. I just wanted to give you two a hug, since we haven't had any time to actually really BE together in a long, looong time..." But it looks like as with everything, he was still going to have to wait on some things. As they say, good things come to those who wait.

The Phantom: "A simple pat on the shoulders will do for now, since only my gloves seem to be actually physical. That means I can wield the both of you whenever we find this Insanity..."

He looked up and all around, finding that this realm hadn't fully taken shape yet. He wondered why that was...

The Phantom: "... Well. Let's just start walking. I'm sure it'll pop up soon... It ALWAYS does..."

Shinrona, however, did not walk, and instead lightly hovered over the ground, slipping his hands into what would be pockets... But was instead just the inside of his incorporeal form, hiding his white gloves. Now he REALLY looked like a Phantom; a floating mask teeming with a black energy that was his soul wavelength. Misery and Despair simply walked beside the floating apparition.

The Red Moon hovered gently in orbit around the Crystal Tree, the omniversal reality within slowly, but surely, ascertaining its form from the memories of Shinrona. Much like the Blue Moon prior, which drew forth the earliest memories of the original Reality Village, the Red Moon drew from his soul the memories of the original Dusk Village. After the Reality finally revealed itself from the isolated realm once sustained by both the Manna King and Khrona, it landed and assimilated with the Lost World by merging with the half destroyed Deep, thus creating a larger, more industrial village known as the 'Dusk'.

As the trio walked, they would find this ambiguous reality beginning to take shape around them from the darkness, starting with pipes and factorial machinery stretching out from the abyss, -- like those old windows screen savers -- tall and rather modern buildings taking shape as well. Eventually, the pitch black ground became solid pavement, and the glow of the city's night sky and natural urban lights set the mood of the dusk of the 'Dusk', and the memory of the village was complete.

The three of them would find themselves walking in the slums and shanties of the Dusk, where the dilapidation from the old Deep was most prominent and hadn't been fully tended to as of yet, as this seemed to be the time period when the Dusk was still fresh. In the cloak of the night, a masked figure silently watched the triad from afar, though widely out of sight and out of presence... Simply observing them.

Shinrona, Misery, and Despair pressed on through the darkness, the world forming around them the deeper they went into its center. Shinrona nodded his head, as if already having anticipated this outcome, "Yep. Right on queue." He knew himself too well to not know that something ambiguous would soon take shape into something as long as he pressed forward, and if he stayed still, it would remain as an enigmatic darkness forever. This world that was forming around him, it was just as familiar as the first...

The Phantom: "... Hm. The Dusk..."

It was weird. In the First Moon, he was within his memory of the Reality, and when he exited it, the Dawn became something similar to how the original Reality was with a new twist. Mayhaps the same would occur with the Dusk?

The Phantom: "Seems to be taking me through my history. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this."

Misery: "Does it really matter...? You know we're just gonna have to go through it and fix the issues with it anyway."

The eye sockets of his mask lowered as though they were his actual eyes, which they were serving as right now since he did not harbor a physical shape. He was partially pissed, but also partially relieved that he could comprehend what was going to come next. It was a real blessing that he got his Mind back, because without that, he would probably still be the same mentally unstable kid he was before. Almost like he was understanding his development over the years more in depth... Watching, re-experiencing and understanding fully his growth and maturity. This must have been the final stretch in order for him to fully mature, though... The last step; the Thirteen Restrictions.

The Phantom: "... Yeaaaah. I know. You know I know. But just because I know everything doesn't mean we can't talk about it like I don't. I don't particularly feel like thinking, and, in all honesty, I think that this Restriction is suppressing my brainwaves a bit..."

Then again, he didn't really have a brain right now. Such was the purpose of his Restrictions; to help him master the individual aspects of himself with a Mask before integrating them into his actual form. First was his mind, next is his soul. Meaning his mind was off limits here.

The Phantom: "... Oh well. Let's just keep moving."

He hovered up the empty stairway, hovering up as Misery and Despair walked. Yet, there was a strange uneasiness he felt all throughout his form, causing his ethereal state to flicker and slightly destabilize.

"Huh? What?" he looked around, trying to figure out just what that tingling was within him before slowly turning his head back to Misery and Despair. "Do you guys... Feel something weird about this place?"

Misery, with a bored stare, "No. There's no one and nothing here, and if it is, it's probably some street punk or alley rat. This doesn't look like the best part of town, ya know?"

Despair remained silent. She felt as though she felt something, but it was almost as negligible as her own wraith-like presence was. She indeed knew this uneasiness, but was going to simply trust Misery and write it off as nothing.

"... Alright. Whatever," Shinrona said.

And so they pressed on.

The careful eyes of the nearly negligible presence closed as the apparition faded away once it was noticed, as though it had never been there in the first place. Not a soul was to be found in the darker part of the slum area, but as Misery suggested, a large rat scurried almost too conveniently through the alleyway, making it seem as though what she said was correct. If she hadn't mentioned it, perhaps it would not have appeared...

Two deep black slits appeared in the wall of a building at the top of the staircase, so fine and barely visible one would believe them to be part of the shadows cast by the illumination of the lights in this rather dark area. At the top of the staircase, a pathway leading closer into the inner city could be found and taken to the more prosperous portion of the Dusk, away from the drab and depressing atmosphere of the still not quite fixed up portion of it.

The masked Shinrona, still just a little bit wary of his surroundings, felt now the presence of the large alley rat scurrying about, where the attention of his wavelength would be drawn to. Because he was, at this point, completely made of Soul Energy, whatever was within his presence would be picked up on by him. His sockets narrowed as he inspected the rat, and though it had the same minor presence as what he felt, he knew for a fact that it was not the same one.

The Phantom: "Hmm..."

There was no proof of whatever he felt before, so, even with his suspicions, he had to write off that it was simply this rat. Though he was aware that something or someone somewhere was watching them... If only he had access to the psychic powers of Psychodynatheos, then perhaps he could pinpoint what it was with ease. Then again, what would be the point of restricting himself to only his Soul Energy if he was just going to use his psychic powers, right?

As they made their way up the stairs, his entire body flickered with a sudden instability again, as though he were picking up the same presence as before nearby yet again. At least he knew now that whatever it was, when it was around, his wavelength would become unstable like that. Maybe it was the Insanity that he was looking for around here... Staring deeply at the wall that he felt this presence coming from, he could see nothing currently, but insisted on checking it out before making his way through the walkway toward the hustle and bustle of the Dusk.

The Phantom: "... You two... go on ahead. This is a big city and we've got to find whatever Insanity is plaguing my heart as fast as possible. I'll catch up with you two later..."

His eyes narrowed at the wall, and as he hovered a bit closer, he could feel his phantom form increasingly destabilize.

The Phantom: "I've got something I wanna check out here first..."

He wanted to maintain, or at least create, a physical shape for himself, but he couldn't seem to stabilize himself to maintain a solid structure here, and his body became more wraith-like from the lower torso on down, legs becoming the wisping tail of a ghost.

Misery looked to Shinrona with a bit of skepticism, but agreed with him all the same. With a nonchalant shrug of her shoulders, she replied, "Yeah, whatever. Makes sense, I guess. Come on, Despair." and snatched Despair's hand, dragging her off toward the more lively part of the village.

Despair, on the other hand, continued to look back at Shinrona in silence, feeling the same thing that he did... but trusting his judgment the same way that Misery did, she silently complied and walked along with Misery into the city.

Staring into the eyes of the suspicious counterpart, the slit eyes upon the wall closed once more as the presence faded once again, leaving Shinrona without a hint nor a trace of where it could have gone. He was a little more perceptive than what this faint presence anticipated. No less, he would not be catching up to it anytime soon. Now that he was away from his weapons, the real fun could begin...

As the two girls made their way through the city, they would find a crowd of common looking people all minding their business throughout the city; some casually strolling by with no clear cut destination, others hurriedly making their way to where they needed to go as they saw fit. Every so often, a masked figure blended deep into the crowd wisped by, lurking back and forth hidden carefully amongst the people. No one seemed to notice this masked figure, and in fact, at times, some would literally pass through as though it weren't even there. The masked presence silently watched Misery and Despair as they walked, appearing from street corners and crossing streets until out of vision, then appearing on the exact opposite side of the entire block and doing the same thing on the opposite end until out of sight. This was repeated numerous times; down alleyways, down sidewalks, even through the street. With his presence barely noticeable and being blended in with the crowd, the phantom could keep a close eye on these two without them noticing a thing...

The stares between the two slit eyes were exchanged for quite the bit of time as the suspicious Shinrona gazed deeply at what was attempting to blend with the shadows. Though he could not see anything but the slanted shadows, they were much darker than the actual shadows it attempted to hide in, making the eyes visible to the perceptive eyes of Shinrona. It wasn't until the two slits vanished that he knew something really was watching him, especially when his body stabilized again.

The Phantom: "... I knew it. Whatever it is that makes my wavelength get all haywire, that's The Insanity within this moon."

With the source of all Insanity locked up tight within the Tree Of Life, Shinrona didn't have to worry about this creeping presence growing all powerful in a short period of time like the other Insanities rampaging about. He could find it, subdue it and cleanse himself of it before it even had a chance to spread in his soul or into the soul of his beloved. Getting rid of this lurking Insanity would bring an end to the newly risen Second Moon and he could move on to the Third.

The Phantom: "Mou... I really hoped I could have some assistance here, but better to do it by myself and get it done than to drag people unnecessarily into my craziness, as I was prone to do..."

That was why he locked himself away in his Pit Of Havoc and rarely associated with the outside world. For the sole reason of what his prolonged interaction meant. But he had to come out of his cave sometime, right?

The Phantom: "Anyway. Gotta go catch up to that sly bastard trying to infect my soul. I didn't do all of this work so I could just fall to The Insanity for a THIRD time..."

As things were with Khrona, they worked in threes; 'third time's the charm', they say. The masked apparition wisped off to the top of the building in an attempt to pursue the phantom presence attempting to evade his sight, returning to his ghastly man-like shape atop one of the ledges of the dilapidated building. He could clearly see across the way and into the central area of the city and scanned the area for whatever sort of suspicious presences he could find from up above.

The Phantom: "Hmmmm..."

He wondered if Misery and Despair had any luck...

Misery and Despair trekked cautiously through the path toward the central part of the city, or 'village' as it was called, both on high alert for what they suspected would be something that was out of the ordinary... Not like Shinrona gave them any information that they needed to watch out for. Then again, he probably didn't know, himself, considering his mental powers were shut off thanks to the Second Restriction's Geist.

Misery: "... This is gonna suck."

Despair remained silent, but attentive to her surroundings as the two of them reached the clearing.

Misery turned to Despair after such a prolonged silence, narrowing her eyes suspiciously at her partner in crime, "Hey, what's with you? You haven't said a single word since we got here. I know you're the quiet one of the group now that Khrona started opening his mouth some years ago, but you're TOO quiet... Don't act like I don't know you, Despair." Misery's bored expression turned into a slightly agitated one, not enjoying being left out of whatever loop it was that Despair was keeping from her. Once they reached the entrance to the main street, she stopped abruptly and turned to Despair, awaiting an answer. "Spill it."

Despair remained silent for a little while longer, observing the clearing once they got there and immediately hushed Misery by placing her dainty fingertips gently upon Misery's juicy lips. Misery had more physical prowess than Despair did, but Despair had more spiritual prowess and could feel more subtle things in her wavelength because of how she was barely a physical entity in and of herself. Despair caught on to the fluctuations the same way that Shinrona did, scanning the area with her drearily serious and elegantly perceptive stare. She was looking for something, and the more silent she was, the less extraneous wavelengths there were in the air.

Eventually, she spotted something odd within the crowd; a masked man that looked similar to Shinrona, but was a little bit... Off, somehow. Raising her hand almost lifelessly toward the target of her suspicion, a forlorn point of her barely moving finger pointed out the masked phantom attempting to blend in with the crowd.

Misery was a little surprised by the sudden will to do anything that Despair portrayed, but she was well aware that when DESPAIR was on to something that Misery should probably just wait and listen. It was part of the powerful and unbreakable bond of trust and respect shared between the trio, for if ANYONE else did this, she would have bitten their fingers off.

Misery's eyes followed the barely pointing finger of Despair to the masked figure, causing her eyes to widen once she caught sight of just what it was. "Hey, that's--!" She grabbed Despair's hand and dragged her toward the crowd, shoving people and knocking them over without any care of who or what got in her way. When she tried to pursue, however, the masked man was gone without a trace.

Misery: "... Ooooh, you must be fucking--"

Despair tapped her upon her shoulder this time, pointing more decisively in another direction down the way completely opposite of where they were, and the two would turn to see the same masked figure walking casually down the block between the crowd, staring at them.

Misery: "... This bastard is trying to make us look stupid..."

Slightly enraged, Misery forced her way through the crowd again and to the other side where she saw him head, but just as with the first time, when she got there, he was gone... and sure enough, Despair tapped her on her shoulder again.

Misery: "... Don't tell me..."

Pointing in the complete opposite direction yet AGAIN, the two would witness this wraith walking down an alleyway clear across the main street, then again down a block that wasn't even connected to the alleyway on the other side. It was apparent that they weren't going to get anywhere being led in circles like this.

Despair: "I believe we need a new plan..."

Misery: "Yeah... I know. Tch."

The girls couldn't seem to keep up with the apparitious trails that the masked wraith left behind for them. Everywhere, but nowhere all at once, it would be impossible for even those two to catch him as they were. He only wished for them to use their power to try to stop him...

The only concern that this ghastly masked man had... Was for the looming essence on high, staring him down from the shadows. Only the luminescent bright of the white from his mask could be seen in the Dusk's night. If he were to catch sight, then this might become a blight. A narrow of his eyes and he was out of the light, leaving no traces of where he once was.

Shinrona remained perched upon the ledge, barely touching it with his ghostly feet. Waiting and watching from a bird's eye view, he sat hunched over like a crow spying upon with sharpened eyes out its prey from up above.

The Phantom: "Hmmmm..."

All of the people here didn't look very suspicious, but anything and everything could have been this Insanity in disguise. His hawk eyes did not falter in the slightest, continuing to scan the immediate area. Eventually, he caught on to Misery and Despair, who were walking really awkwardly back and forth, like they were in a trance or something.

The Phantom: "Huh... Weird..."

But then, Shinrona noticed something really weird... They were all walking back and forth like that. Everywhere up to a certain point, that is... In a certain segmented area between the main streets of the Dusk, he noticed that there was a break in the movement of the crowd, which seemed to be caused by a single silhouette cast in a mask of pure white, which also occasionally appeared within the crowd, as well.

He was able to see that this phantom was able to pass through the people at will, meaning that either he was not real or they were not real. By watching the movements of Misery and Despair, he was able to decipher just what was going on. The people here were physical, as Misery was able to shove right through them with her brash impetuousness -- how he loved that about her -- and this masked figure passed right through them. This meant that he was the one that was an illusion-- or just not a physical presence, much like Shinrona himself-- and saw that every time they seemed to be lured into walking in the direction he believed he was in, he would immediately appear in another area, still blocking off the area as he walked and keeping everyone within there eternally locked in his gaze. There was a sinister glare in his eyes, and for what he believed was a brief moment, he found his mirror image staring at him from below, their eyes syncing up in utter synchronicity before his presence faded all too quickly in a ghastly haze. That was it.

The Phantom: "Gotcha. Omoshiroi."

The Hyper Perception of the Tensei Dojutsu caught the gaze of his counterpart, causing his own to adjust to the lensing of that level of his Insanity immediately. What was once only at Level 1 of the Hyper Inception would now evolve to the second level fitting of the Second Restriction; Hyper Reflection. This synchronized the effects of the most primary Hyper Perception and the Level 1 'Hyper Inception' as one combined sight, allowing for the 'Hyper Reflection' to perceive all wavelengths and forms of waves as long as it was active; to analyze and break down their schematics to the utmost and also to reflect these wavelengths -- no matter what they may be -- in his own.

The Phantom: "Now that I have you in my sights, I will deduce the deuce out of you! Second Restriction Hyper Perception; 'Hyper Reflection'!"

Now that was granted the power to see any wavelength in the way he wished for it to be perceived, he focused on every soul wavelength in the area, leaving no wavelength unseen to these eyes. Whilst active, it also disallows wavelengths to affect his mentality nor his body, neutralizing their effects and making them ineffective the very moment he even sees them coming, as if an automatic deactivation process to Genjutsu and things of that ilk. If this were an illusion, it would fade from his eyes and his eyes only. This and this alone is what makes this specific upgrade to the Tensei Dojutsu so immensely potent.

The Phantom: "Dammit, they're caught in a-- Oh shit, wait!!"

If they had been following him and been looking into the eyes of the mask this entire time, then there was no way that they weren't already under his influence, unless someone caught on beforehand. But even then, he knew that this entity was no ordinary conscious wavelength... it was an intelligent and conscious concentration of a sliver of Shinrona's pure spiritual presence manifested as a shadow of an Insanity, and that meant...


Shinrona vanished in a blur, streaking down to their area in order to snap them out of it... He hoped. It seemed that by this time, the phantom realized just who was glaring down from up above in the night sky and quickly departed. Since Shinrona took his focus off of him in order to focus on Misery and Despair, the masked man was lost. Out of Shinrona's sight.

The Phantom: 'Tch...'

The dynamic duo stood confounded by the masked figure's pattern of movement. It didn't make much sense except for the fact that he could probably warp and because his presence was so negligible to begin with, if he disappeared, then they would have to be constantly aware of where he was going to go.

Misery, taking initiative, as she always did when it came to critically thinking, -- since she was so damn impatient -- had to assess the situation at hand, with or without Despair's input. "Ugh. Okay, let's see, every time we go one way, he just goes another way, right? So if he's gonna appear on the opposite sides of us, we'll just have to both be on both sides at once. Clearly, we're being taken for a fucking ride here..." Misery tapped her foot a little angrily, clearly displeased about being taken in circles like this and to come up empty. She needed some results and she needed them NOW. "This fucker must think I'm just fucking stupid, huh...?" She sneered, crossing her arms and clenching her fingers tightly in her arm, "We'll show you, you bastard... Despair. You stay here. I'll handle the chase... For making me look stupid, it's personal now."

From Misery's wrist, a slender, pitch black, but rather ornate decorative butcher knife with a crimson edge sliced through her skin and slid into her hand, the woman slashing through pedestrians without the slightest hesitation in her being. "These people need to clear the way. I can't be having these dead weights in my way keeping me from reaching top speed." In moments, she would be on the other side, waiting for the masked figure to appear.

Despair simply waited in her position, as well, feeling a little uneasy about the entire ordeal, for some reason, however... As she did, Shinrona appeared before her in a blur -- since she was the one that remained in their original position, which he decided to make his appearance -- and Despair stood there pretty shocked to see him. "Ah!!!" she cried, unprepared for such an arbitrary appearance, calling out instinctively to Misery, "Here he is...!!" But, even amongst how startled she was, she didn't feel the same way about this apparition as she did about the one she saw before. She felt like this one was the Shinrona she knew and not that other one that looked like him... So she waited to see what he was going to do, but remained on guard, as always, completely prepared to counter any and everything that was thrown at her. She did not move.

Just as Misery reached the other side of the street, she was called back over by Despair. "Heh. I knew it..." Skidding to a pivotal halt, in a splash of red did she skid right back down the clear path at top speed as a streak of red and black, prepared to cleave that fucker in two with the searing hot edge of her Burning Condemnation blade in hand. A streak of hellacious crimson-ebony flame leaving trails of blood spattering in her wake. Yep. That was Misery, alright.

As was predicted by the roaming phantasm, the sight of the one up above was nothing short of terrible. Now his sight had evolved, which would, as he predicted, become a blight. They were on even grounds now all too quickly, and all it took was a stare into his eyes. No matter, the girls were still in his ghostly web. They had already looked into his eyes as well, believing that they were in control of themselves at this moment, but actually moving exactly the way the phantom manipulated them to go. Only a little more, and...

The Phantom: 'There...'

Their predictability brought out a sliver of that wavelength he was looking for, and though it wasn't the one he was looking to commandeer first, it certainly was better than nothing. As soon as he caught the faintest feel of a wavelength flared within his little 'Perceptual Reality Chamber', he would resonate with it and acquire its power for himself. Being Shinrona's wavelength also meant that he was capable of using all of his soul's abilities the same way he could; 'Realization', 'Willflow', and even the use of his 'Soul Angels', if they would flare their wavelengths as Misery had just so kindly done. Within the 'Perceptual Reality Chamber', whatever one perceived became real, and the phantom made those illusions of himself become real. Perhaps his only flaw was allowing Shinrona to catch him in the act.

Without much hesitation, he forcefully resonated with Misery -- considering she exposed her wavelength and only Shinrona was capable of resonating with her without being killed, therefore, this apparition also had the same luxury -- and she would be infected by his Insanity. In a blistering blaze in the very center of the street would he appear once again, at the exact same time that Misery would streak past his presence. He snatched her from the air in almost perfect accord to her movements as well as the movements of the world, in tune with the wavelengths of all things around him. He managed to get a grip on her ankle, forcing her into her weapon form by overpowering her wavelength with the intrusive overwhelming power that his held over hers, instead of sharing it equally with her as what Shinrona would probably do. She had no choice in the matter and his will was forced over her own; she would become his blade, the same butcher knife that appeared from her skin.

The trail of spattering scarlet splashed in the background, before igniting and melting away into nothingness, the dead souls rising up from their bodies -- as these people became real as well once recognized when one was within the Perceptual Reality Chamber -- and being drawn into the ever expanding wavelength of the appeared Phantom. The bodies that were dead rose like puppets attached to strings, whilst those that were alive lost the glossy signs of sanity in their eyes, leaving only a burning fury on their now abysmal faces. The league of zombies shuffled themselves thoroughly throughout the streets, leaving the The Phantom joker to be lost within the deck; out of the sight of Shinrona once again when his influence cast itself all throughout their isolated area. There was not a trace left behind, yet again... but the 'genjutsu' entranced zombies would move to his will, igniting with the infernal fires of Burning Condemnation. An accurate simulation of what Hell was... and this battle was going to be their worst nightmare, now that he had Misery under wraps... A done deal.

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"Shit..." Shinrona cursed under his breath, watching Misery take matters into her own hands... He did love her hurried attitude sometimes, but in this case, it was just her getting pissed and making the situation worse. But it wasn't her fault, she didn't try to.

"Very shit..." he had to say again, witnessing the Phantom himself appear before him using her wavelength as his own. As Shinrona had deduced in the first place, once one of them used their wavelengths without him around, the Phantom was just going to commandeer it and use it against them, since he had the same power to resonate with any wavelength the same way Shinrona did. Fighting yourself is very difficult sometimes. Looks like they were up for a 'Game Of Shadows'... As was expected of two Phantoms of the same exact capability.

The Phantom: "Fine. If she's gone down... Then we're all going down together!!"

Into The Insanity, without hesitation, just to get her back from its clutches. There was no question about this, there was only action, for he would not allow his lover to be tainted in the slightest. Being on equal terms with this entity now that they had linked eyes, Shinrona was capable of not only resonating with this wavelength, but matching it without being taken over. The innate capabilities of the Hyper Reflection would disallow the effects of any other wavelength to effect him, much like the Phantom should have the capability of doing. However, the only trump card that Shinrona had over him was his ultimate shield to deal with the 'shield and sword' motif that Misery and Despair portrayed. He had the protection from corruption of his Tensei dojutsu combined with the Rejection that was part of Despair's wavelength of Isolated Rejection.

"Come on, Despair. Looks like we're gonna have to go save her AGAIN." These two weren't getting afflicted by any kind of Insanity today, but they'd certainly hop right into it without any fear. "Just like old times, huh? We were always saving each other... But you never let the Insanity get to you, huh? You always had that impervious Rejection..."

He still had her hand in his, even as an apparition, meaning that he had a piece of her constantly resonating with him at all times. The Hand Of Despair... or, better known now as his Crystal Cannon. He looked at all of these putrid faces lit ablaze, their tormented souls having to suffer the horrible fate of the hellacious flames of Burning Condemnation; a blazing inferno of Misery's 'Crystal Deathsoul' that condemned the spirits of others to a horrible fate akin to that of the punishment of hell itself. These were no longer humans, they were hellbound beings corrupted by her wavelength. Now, they were all just targets afflicted by the Insanity. And so...

"Fire in the hole..." he cried, conjuring up a grenade from a slit that appeared in his hand. Despair was capable of transforming into an assortment of explosive firearms, a grenade-launcher being one of them. Thus, the spontaneous generation of grenades made of her Isolated Rejection wavelength was a common capability he would share with her having her right arm. He lobbed the pulsating condensation of pure Isolated Rejection right into the middle of the zombie field, blowing them to bits and scattering the horde to the edges of the buildings, unable to enter the area that was now charged with the deep purple of the Rejection. "He won't be able to get us with those zombies if we keep the Rejection up. But that doesn't mean that he can't cut holes in our defenses... His wavelength is just as strong as mine, meaning that he can resonate with the Rejection, even if we push him away. Be aware of your surroundings and don't let him let the zombies in... I'll handle calculating his moves. He is my Shadow after all..." Shinrona narrowed his eyes, already in pursuit. Next time he caught a glimpse of him, he was not going to lose focus. Not in the slightest. "... So I know every move he's going to make, and I've gotta be ready to stop him as soon as it is done. Just watch my back, Despair, and I'll handle the frontal assault. Alright?"

This was how the team worked anyway, only usually Misery was there in the front lines alongside him. Not having her here and knowing that she was gripped by the clutches of the Insanity really got him irritated... He needed to get her back. That was a piece of his Tsukihime's soul right there afflicted by the Insanity that he promised he wouldn't allow for her to feel... It wasn't coming from her, it was coming from him, and if he didn't fix it, he couldn't bear to think about her being lost to the Insanity like he was... No. That wasn't happening. His mask's eyes narrowed again, his arm shifting into a large bazooka-esque cannon shining like crystal, "Now let's go get our lovey back." He aimed his cannon straight and true, letting loose on the block of burning hellspawn. It sucks that they didn't even do anything wrong... Their souls were just too weak to keep The Insanity out of their system.

The Phantom: "Outta my way!!!!"

As Despair anticipated, the masked figure who appeared before her was none other than the Shinrona she knew so very well, as it was apparent not only in his speech, but the fact that he carried her arm, still, which she could feel resonating with him as his arm continued to resonate with hers. The same way he had access to her powers, she had access to his. This made her feel quite comfortable being in his presence, especially amongst all of what occurred afterward.

Despair: "Oh my... Misery has been captured..."

It saddened her to see someone she considered a sister and a lover to succumb to such a fate, especially when she was trying her best, as usual, to do what was good for the group. Though Misery and Despair balanced each other out, without their Maestro, Shinrona, they were like a set with a missing piece; all three of them HAD to be together, or else they were not complete. Something would be missing.

Despair: "Right... I missed you so much, Khrona... It seems like no matter how hard we try, something keeps getting in the way of us being together again..."

Despair humbly nodded her head, phantasmally drifting behind Shinrona to watch his back as he insisted on doing, keeping the Rejection that he erected through the explosives active and keeping her ever perceptive, dreary, tired eyes keen to any and everything that entered her area. If there was anything that entered the area, she would know, and she would take care of it.

Despair: "... But that should end for good once we conquer this moon, right? And it will be set in stone for all eternity... And we won't ever have to go through this terrible pain of separation ever again..."

Yes... Despair could not wait for that day to come. That was what she fought for; to be with her lovers again... They were a trio, and she and Misery loved Khrona in a way no one else could, and loved each other for being able to love him in that way. Such is how the three of them function. Razor blades spurt silently from her skin, lining her fingertips and creating a bladed metal fan of sorts in one hand whilst in the other, razor blade claws. Raising the razor blade fan up to her face, hiding only her lips and nose, she extended her other hand outward, as though initiating her fighting stance. She was prepared for anything, even still.

How clever of them. Certainly nothing less to be expected of one of this caliber, to already have been ahead of the game before it even started. He would be a tricky one to overcome, but nonetheless, would he fall back into the shadows as he was so prone to doing. With the blade of Burning Condemnation in hand, cleaving through their Rejection would be no problem. With Shinrona's wavelength attached to the Rejection now, attempting to take it would prove too hasty for the Phantom to do at the moment. Let's just whittle away at the defenses, then...

The soulless corpses that were shunned to either side of the street began acting erratically, each of their faces sprouting unholy, misshapen white masks matching what was once their horrible melted mugs prior to the covering of their all too putrid to look at mangled faces. The masks that hid their ugliness attached to their faces at the creases, candlewax skin searing shut once the mask made contact, now posing as their true faces. Though their appearances were cleaned up by the masks, their inner ugliness still shined bright in each and every flawed human soul. From their tapered, smoldering nubs that served as hands and arms now, black butcher knives of the same embroidery sprouted from their melted skin. Each of them wildly pounded, hacked, slashed, stabbed, and sliced at the barrier of Rejection, each of them pressing against the edges in a mindless clamor. They thought of nothing but killing their enemy, like bloodthirsty demons. Like the nightmare warriors that they were.

The soulless legion marched ever onward into the impassible wall that grew ever more expansive as the Shinseigami blasted. He was establishing his own little area to give them some room to move around... Smart. But still not good enough.

Among the white masked figures, every so often, the Phantom's mask could be seen appearing randomly amid their own, as though an apparition in the crowd of cards and pawns. Within the sea of moans, wails and cries of pain, torture and infuriated agony, the gentle chuckle of the Phantom, "Heh heh..." whispered in through the waves in the air, and a terribly large gash slashed through the Rejection in a crimson flash. The hellspawn flooded the area once there was a clear-cut way to get it, their masked faces all cluttering about aimlessly within to scramble to the target. Seems like one of them was able to get through, his blade charged with the Burning Condemnation the others lacked.

Moments later, however, on the opposite side, the sinister gaze of a perfect white mask cast yet another all too similar crimson flash that slashed clean through the barrier of Rejection as well, just like the one that happened only moments prior way on the other end. His own hands could not be seen amongst the flailing flesh of the other masked figures' hands and limbs. As with the side previously, the flood of miscreants made their way in, pouring into the defenses from the opposite end to encroach upon their stronghold from both sides rather swiftly. The flames of Burning Condemnation that they brought with them scorched the slashed edges of the barrier, keeping the hole from closing up once it was breached. Having the same capabilities as Shinrona also meant being able to resonate with the Rejection, allowing for the flames to burn away at it once their influence was made upon it.

The Phantom: "Isn't that what I always say? And that's why we have to finish this moon as soon as possible."

He pressed his back to Despair's, raising his Crystal Cannon arm nonchalantly up toward the borders, ready to fire. It wasn't until he heard the chuckle that he immediately tuned in on the wavelength of the sound and searched for where it could have come from. Before he turned, he saw a pale white face slightly different from the others appear in the crowd; perfectly shaped and completely symmetrical, unlike the other hideous and misshapen white masks that poured in only moments later. He tried to lock onto this mask, but he was already gone before Shinrona was able. "Dammit," he cursed, searching carefully through the crowd at the border's edges for that same perfectly white face, "Despair, I saw him. The real one's mask is perfectly shaped; no flaws and no imperfections in the slightest. That is how you can tell the real one from the fakes. If you see it, let me know." Just as he suspected, the barrier was being torn away at by the wavelength of Misery, making way for the zombified peons to do as they pleased. On high alert, it was only a matter of time before the Phantom struck again.

The Phantom: "Where are ya, you friggin..."

With eyes set for perfection, he weeded out the masks of flaw and placed them in the edges of his focused, barely able to see the malformed faces in his sight searching for the perfect mask. Fading from his natural telescopic sight, when he caught even the slightest glint of perfect white, his eyes locked onto his target without hesitation.

"There..." he mimicked, pinpointing his target. He wasn't ever going to get away from Shinrona's sights now. Yet, as he traced the body of the being up and down, he found no signs of the glowing wavelength of Burning Condemnation upon him. Misery wasn't in his hand anymore... That, or she was being very well hidden to the point where Shinrona was not able to decipher at the moment just where she was. Ugh. That was the worst. And he had no choice but to focus on his primary target, so searching for Misery's true location was a no go. He'd have to leave that one up to her.

The Phantom: "Keep your eyes peeled for Misery. I've got my sights set on the masked one, and he's not getting away. You already know that once something is locked in my sights, I see it with perfect clarity."

All the better to aim with... And Shinrona was not letting him get away. He hurdled without hesitation toward the slit in the barrier walls, hackslashing through the putrid peons and severing their souls from the connection of the Phantom. All such spiritual energy that Shinrona passed by that was hacked away in his wake would be absorbed into him, detracting from the Phantom's power and strengthening his own through the absorptions of said souls. Now he had some little zombie peons of his own...

Silently slipping through the gash within the barrier, he found himself out once again in the brimming pit of fire all around him, really feeling the heat from Misery's flames. His eyes remained unwavering from their target, now staring the Phantom's way everywhere he went; no escape.

The Phantom: "I'm going to end you, you know. You're fucking with my lover and it's really making some fucked up effects in the world beyond. I am not having that."

Shinrona just could not understand why... Why everything just had to get in his way. He could not WAIT to be rid of The Insanity for GOOD and have that bitch just bound and subdued for the rest of its days under his absolute control. UGH. One day... one day soon.

He stood atop the barrier with his Crystal Cannon set, shawping into the form of a normal hand with a single crystal straight razor blade betwixt his fingers. Ohhh, was he pissed... And it didn't help that he was in the midst of the Burning Condemnation, either. All he was concerned with was decapitating that fucking phantom, and energy poured into the edge of the 'Crystal Edge'...

Eyes peeled, Despair kept close watch of the breached borders of the Rejection, slowly but surely repairing the walls to seal them back up with her wavelength. Though some of the malformed lost souls managed to find their way in, it was nothing a mere flick of her wrist and a wave of her hand with the razor blade fan to send a gust of high speed slits and slashes rolling down the line before her, clearing the path of the weak. She was instructed to search for Misery, and given the crucial information that the perfectly shaped white mask was the Phantom himself. She was not sure what they were going to do about facing him, but at least at this point, they were getting close to a conclusion... or so it seemed. How much could that specter really run from Shinrona, and how long could he hide Misery from the two of them?

It wasn't even a matter of moments before Shinrona took off toward the Phantom outside the safety of the barrier and directly into the fray; so typical of him, but she knew that he knew what he was doing at all times. It wasn't like when the three of them were just getting started...

But this was no time for reminiscing. She handled those that poured in from the front whilst Shinrona watched her back, but sealing up the tear in their defense was going to be hard with the Burning Condemnation fighting against them and not with them. Though it was true that the two of them could weather and subdue the effects of Misery's wavelength, that did not make it any less dangerous to be on the receiving end of. Despair twirled into a graceful step forward, letting her other razor-blade laced hand be carried along elegantly as she did. With a single clawing swipe, more slits projected themselves from the shining gleam of her edged fingertips and over the gaping hole. Five threaded lines of Rejection extended from one side of the hole to the other, resembling a slender hand of slits grabbing and pulling together each side of the hole. It was a quick makeshift seal, and would be enough to keep large bodies from entering the area whilst she continued to lace it back up.

What caught her eye in the midst of her resealing of the wavelength was that one particular fiend had a blade that glowed with the light of Misery's wavelength, whilst the others did not. Could that mean that the Phantom was not currently using her, but had shuffled Misery within the crowd to throw the two of them off the scent? An expected cunning of an Insanity... considering whose visage it mimicked. As instructed, she cried out to her partner, "I think I found her..." once she caught a glimpse of the shimmering red edge on the black blade. "One of the zombies has her... What shall I do?" It was on the outside of the perimeter and if brought inside, the others would simply seep back in as well. She patiently awaited Shinrona's instruction as she continued to seal up the breached wall. With another elegant twirlspin did she slash with the same hand on the other side, closing up the second tear in the same fashion as the first.

More perceptive than they seemed, perhaps the Phantom has been underestimating them before. But the chase was not over so easily, not for one who held the power of the Shinseigami's 'Reality Release', the 'Realization'. They were still within his Perceptual Reality Chamber, after all...

The loss of the hellspawn was a mere trifle compared to being captured here and now. The Phantom was not going to let a few mindless peons get in the way of the ultimate goal. Capture was not an option.


The joyous laughter of happy murderers...


From the shadows of a nearby alleyway, a murder of crows soared between the vision of Shinchrona and the Phantom, their hyenous laughs echoing from the darkness as they flew. The flattering and flapping of their wings shed deep ebony feathers in the air and skewed the perception of those staring into their raven wings.

*Caw... aw... ...HAHAHAH!*

Once the last crow fled down the street, the phantom's image was whisked away, as though carried off within the scintilla off sight askew. Ethereal shadows of black trailed from each of their individual feathers as though possessed by the presence of a dark spirit, painting streaks of black in the sky behind them only for a brief moment before dissipating in the waves of the world. Each of the crows fluttered and flitted about over, under and around each other, shuffling amongst themselves to and fro in the flying murderous deck. After shifting about flapping furiously down the street, once they reached the corner would they all disperse in different directions on the dime, each crow leaving a minor painted shadow where they led, spreading throughout the city limits. Some flew atop buildings and perched there out of sight. Others took to the skies and patrolled up above. Some even fled to the trees. Stairways, railings and even light posts and hanging wires served as stoops for the mass, and even then, others remained airborne even still, swooping between the collection of architecture that was this city.

The Phantom: "Scramble..."

Meanwhile, the corpses still under his control did as were commanded and shuffled between themselves once again, the glow from the single blade now vanishing from its edge and leaving the holder with a normalized knife. The cretins still persisted even through the confining borders as much as they could, slipping through the threads swiftly before they could be woven too tightly for their bodies to slip through. Only about ten of them from either opening, no more than twenty on either side, all lunging for Despair.

Shinrona narrowed his eyes and tensed his fingers harboring his 'Crystal Edge', prepared to strike with cat-like reflexivity. One false move and he was going to slash this apparition to bits.

Ready to strike, just as he was about to lunge at his target would an unexpected murder of crows burst from the shadows of the alleyway, slightly taking Shinrona by surprise, but not taking his vision off of his target in the slightest. Staring through their feathers seemed to slightly alter the perception of the Phantom's image around him, and Shinrona immediately knew that this was either some of the Realization being used to alter reality, or it was the use of his wavelength. Either way, he couldn't allow him to use either one as a method of escape.

The Phantom: "You're not going anywhere..."

As certain as he was about this fact, the moment he leapt from the top of the barrier and darted toward his prey with all intent of decapitation would the Phantom just ever so slightly escape by the tail feather of his ebony entourage. Only a single black feather slashed in two would remain floating gently down to the pavement. Shinrona narrowed his eyes, following the trail left behind by the birds with his eyes. He couldn't tell where the Phantom was, but he knew that the birds had something to do with it. Their daunting, obnoxiously ominous laughs irritated him... as though they were laughing at him for missing his target. Looks like it was time to go hunting.

"Tch. Two can play at that game..." and almost like clockwork, a black cat hopped down from the silent abyss of a nearby window and onto Shinrona's shoulder. The two glared at their dispersing prey simultaneously, each with a hypnotic cat eye stare that silently craved the taste of avian flesh. Cats eat birds, after all. A moment or two later, the cat leapt from his shoulder and down toward the ground. As it did, it would seem that the essence of Shinrona was pulled along with its moving body and the dark shadow that he was would then be sucked into the essence of the black cat, almost as if possessing it. The shadowy masked man that once stood was now nothing more than a pitch black cat born of the shadows. The straight razor became its claws and coated around its paws, a shimmering black cloud seemingly made of a deep gaseous obsidian.

The Phantom: "He dispersed into many crows... Where did they even come from...?"

Within the Perceptual Reality Chamber, whatever one sees becomes real, meaning that those are all real crows, whether they were once illusions or not. Shinrona could sense that they were originally not real presences, but somehow became real only after he saw them... a trick of the Phantom to have them fly directly in his line of sight. He deduced now that these were originally illusory images that only gained their reality once being perceived, and Shinrona knew that this ability came from his Realization technique, the Perceptual Reality Chamber. That meant that...

The Phantom: "... Ugh. Now I've gotta pick them apart one by one..."

Because he was locked on to the Phantom still, even if he were to try to hide his crows, Shinrona would be able to pinpoint each and every one of their locations hidden about the city. The Crystal Cloud that was now part of Shinrona's essence had been dormant among his spiritual form as a pure wavelength, but now that he harbored a physical presence, it once again revealed itself through the paws of the black cat. This meant that not only could this black cat tread through the skies at ease, but also, like a cloud, could disperse into multiple forms and strike them all like lightning.

He licked his paw cutely and, for the fun of it, released an adorable "Nyaaan~!" before bolting off down the street as silently as a cat's paws moved across the ground. Before too long, his rather planar run down the sidewalk became a diagonal scaling of the sheer surface of a building, hopping right off the edge once the end of the block came and off into the sky. Wraith-like afterimages of the original all wisped from the cloudy black cat and off into random directions about the city as the original soared through the sky and over buildings in a single bound. For every crow that had flown through the city, there was a black cat coming to take it out, with the stealth of the predator and the silent presence of a cloud.

The Phantom: "Nyan... But even if I take down all of these crows, until I destroy the Perceptual Reality Chamber, he could just make me or Despair look at something else and make it real again... Meaning..."

That's when he heard Despair speaking through their resonant link, informing him of the situation on Misery. As his 'Black Cat' syndicate all went on the prowl for their prey, the original gently brushed his paws against the air for leverage, grazing upon the wavelengths of the atmosphere, claws aglow. "When you find out where Misery is, I want you to isolate it. Do not let it escape by any means necessary. Don't worry about the cannon fodder unless they get too close. Your Rejection should be strong enough to keep her contained if you concentrate it enough, but that may mean you'll have to redirect that wavelength being used to maintain the barrier. Here, I'll have some of my zombies help you out."

Tracing his wavelength back to those now purified by his own, he sent the legion out to deal with those that managed to enter the barrier. They hacked and slashed at the unsuspecting mindless drones, a cut to them immediately dispelling the Phantom' influence and replacing it with Shinrona's own, if successful.

The Phantom: "You have control over the zombies as well. Don't forget that you still have my arm for the time being."

He hoped she would be okay, because he really couldn't afford to take his focus off of these crows. But he had an idea about how to end this once and for all... And his cats were the key.

"Right..." Despair said drearily, making a single elegant rotation. The hem of her dress suddenly sprouted many razor blades, and as she spun would they slice through any zombified beings that were in her immediate area in a three hundred sixty degree radius, before the wave of her hand wielding the razor blade fan would blow away the pieces whilst simultaneously hacking them to bits. Those zombies that were still coming could be handled by Khrona's own, but what would become of the one that held Misery? She couldn't see her wavelength anymore on any of the blades...

Despair: "I've lost her... No signal is coming up..."

The thought that she might have to go into the field of zombies and cut them all down one by one crossed her mind... But then she would possibly lose Misery again. Though, an even better idea was to use those zombie slaves that Khrona left behind for her... They could purify the other zombies and save their souls, and whichever one had Misery would then be under their control again. That seemed like the best course of action here.

Despair: "... But I think I can handle this... Don't worry about me... These dreadfully wonderful little helpers you have left me with shall be exceptionally useful..."

Khrona always had a certain resourcefulness about him that seemed to stem far beyond his own conscious knowing and even that of anyone else, for that matter. Always having something perfect for a certain situation to get the job accomplished, even if it was not intentional. Now the two of them could work on their jobs separately to accomplish the same goal; to finish the Second Moon as quickly as possible.

"Alright, my beautifully disgusting little minions..." she spun elegantly once more, having all the corpses rise from where they had fallen as though she were orchestrating some sort of undead waltz. "... Shall we dance?" Despair was partially a spirit, after all, and that made this quite fitting... Since zombies were the lowest of the hierarchy of the undead. With the director's Right Hand to be used as her own, she could choreograph a most wonderful dance of the dead. The zombies all circled around her, as though intoxicated by her swirl and began to run around in circles in the same direction as she swirled just before she lowered her hands and dropped the barrier of Rejection. This allowed not only the zombies to pour in, but Misery's wavelength as well.

Despair: "Here we go..."

The heat of the Burning Condemnation was intense, but the dulled intensity of Despair could keep it at bay. As an opposing force in this situation, resonance was going to be difficult, but as long as she had her zombie army protecting her, then...

Despair: "Symphony Of Souls..."

Another feeble annoyance in the master plan of the Phantom. As long as they remained in the Perceptual Reality Chamber, there was nothing that they would be able to do. He could generate illusions without having to waste the time of actually altering their reality to make them real things; those that were within the Chambers would do it for him, and expend some of their own energy every time they did it. By even bearing witness to any of the illusions would draw from them the necessary energy in order to maintain reality, and thus, from having not only realized the people, but also the multiple Phantoms as well as the Crows, they should have been starting to notice the significant drain it was having on them. This means that they are weak and vulnerable prey...

The Phantom: "Unspirited... And Weak-Minded..."

As soon as the barrier was relinquished, a scarlet gleam in the midst of the shadows would ignite the unprotected zombies with the overbearing forces of Burning Condemnation, returning them to their original control by the Phantom via Misery. In one fell swoop, the girl who believed she had friends in high places would soon find her worst enemy lurching upon its stoop from up above. Even if the girl was too strong to take control of, the zombies would prove to be easy pickings... Once under the influence of the Burning Condemnation would they all commence their assault on the prancing girl. He knew that with her Rejection, she would not be difficult to defeat even with numbers, so, each of the encroaching minions would harness the power of the Burning Condemnation at the tips of their blades. If Despair were to use a barrier of Rejection, the sheer number of zombies utilizing Misery's powerful wavelength along with a match in Shinrona's by the Phantom would overpower her Rejection with relative ease, and they could slice right through.

Meanwhile, the cats were in hot pursuit of the crows, who caught on to the black silhouette cast off by the moon as the black cat hurtled into the sky. So hastily making one's presence known in a moonlit night by jumping straight into the source of light was not the most intelligent move, but that is to be expected with Shinrona's brain turned off. He moved on only his spirit alone, and using things to mess with his mind was the best way to throw him off. Something that the effects of the Perceptual Reality Chamber should be well capable of doing... It was all a matter of not being caught by a stray cat, at this point.

The Phantom: "Here, kitty, kitty..."

The daunting, sinister beckon echoing along the ocean of wavelength ever present among them was no less vile as the caw of each crow before, calling out to each other. A chorus of cacophonic cackles careened through the air, so loud and obnoxiously wicked it would drown out the wavelengths of anything else, giving Shinrona a sea of discord to swim through, almost like swimming through static. Every sound ruptured the invisible sea that was the wavelengths constantly drifting through the air, never allowing the stability of silence to flow. Shinrona should not have been able to trace the Phantom's true presence... and neither should Despair be able to resonate with Misery.


Though as he was, Shinrona really wished to stay in the background, being the center of attention was sometimes the best method, like in this scenario, even as a spirit assassin. Cast by the light of the backdrop moon, Shinrona's black cat silhouettes crossed the land with ease, which seemed to gain the attention of the crows that saw them. Because they were within the Perceptual Reality Chamber and whatever one perceives becomes real, the cats that were cast by Shinrona were cats of pure Living Shadows, which were utilizing the energy of the Crows now in order to remain real. Some were cast into the broad daylight and others, into the shadows themselves. They were merged with the shadows, as the crows should have been, as both were born of the same source. This meant now that both the Black Cats and the Black Birds were in the same playing field.

The Phantom: "... Eat a crow..."

At his call, all such crows should have been sliced apart at the same time by the silent assassins of the night. The shadow's shadow, such is the true Phantom's nature... as an Ex-Ruler, expressly indicated by the all too swift strike of each cat at its prey. Their razor blade claws would tear each crow to shreds from the inside out, the cats bursting from the innards of the shadows and arranging them in a new form; their own. What was once only a moment ago a looming wicked laughter was now now the mystical harmonic 'nyans' in a blissful night resonance with the wavelengths all around. An all too swift and easy way to capture an entire realm; light and sound.

Though he was able to rid the air of the resonance, he was too late in saving Despair from being spied upon by a crow hanging overhead in the shadows. Though it had been taken out by a Shadow Cat, this was done AFTER it had initiated the ignition of the zombies, and Shinrona's wavelength was dispelled. Since they were no longer within the Rejection, the Phantom had the power to overwhelm Shinrona's wavelength if he so chose. Things appeared to be grim... But, that was when he felt Despair's wavelength begin to open up, as though she were calling out for a resonance. Chance. "Perfect timing, Despair. As usual for our little team. All meeting up at the same point at the same time..." Though, maybe Shinrona was the only one who saw it that way... Ah well. They would be together soon.

He did not seem worried in the slightest for Despair's safety. Not simply because she could handle herself in this situation, but more so because of how absolutely flawless the entire situation was wrapped up from here. Still hovering within the full moon's light, he directed his chorus with the sound of his own 'nyan.'

The Phantom: "Symphony Of The Dusk... Night Opera."

A new strain of Soul Resonance that was to be used between Shinchrona and Despair. It uses the lunar waves of the moon and the wavelength of the shadows it matches resonance in tandem with the wavelengths of Shinrona and Despair. He was going for it, because this was the only chance he was gonna have before the Phantom just countered and did something better. "Ready on my command." He was going to have to set her up and she was gonna have to execute, this time. With both of them eternally resonating with each other through their 'eternally held hands,' the moment Shinrona expanded his wavelength to take over the area would be the same instant Despair would have to use the Rejection in order to seal it up. That would isolate the Phantom, Misery and fill the entirety of the Perceptual Reality Chamber so that he would not be able to escape. Let's go.

The Phantom: "Black Panthera; Nightmare Catwalk..."

Each of the 'Shadow Cats' whose resonance spread throughout the land painted it in the shadows that trailed behind them, like little black nebulous clouds aglitter with the light of stars sparkling in the moonlight. It wouldn't take but a moment for each of the cats to fully enrapture the Perceptual Reality Chamber, or at least this confined section of it, if nothing else. The more of the realm they consumed, the larger and more powerful they became, until this section of the Perceptual Reality Chamber was swallowed whole by the darkness. A giant black box appeared around them, each of the slit eyes of hungry jungle cats glaring down at the bonfire blazing within their darkness. Lions, Jaguars, Tigers, Cougars... Each and every one of the Panthera genus, all merged in darkness, their forms unable to be discerned within the shadow... save for their slit predator eyes.

The Phantom: "All wrapped up nice and tight... Give him his present, Despair. For being such a good sport."

Perched upon her shoulder and whispering into her ear was the original phantom feline that cast this reality into the darkness of his inner sanctum, save for the hellacious flames still incessantly burning in defiance. But right now, it didn't matter. It was about to be snuffed out. Around the most central and largest pair of cat eyes lurking in the abyss of the now 'Black Panthera' was none other than a perfectly white, finely shaped feline mask with the signature, prized cheshire grin that spelled doom for those who saw him. The mask of the true Phantom.

The Phantom: "You're in my world now, not your world... And I perceive you... As my prey..."

Dancing her beautiful rondo with hands raised in the air and her fan of razor blades fluttering and jingling in the air, Despair continued to attempt her resonance, having full belief in her little zombie minions. It wasn't until she heard the cruel cries of the crows that she lost her focus, as though a flood of discord washed over her where resonant harmony should have been.

"Nnn..!" she winced, the noise throwing off her balance and disrupting her connection. These were no ordinary crow caws, and the way they disrupted her flow was unnatural. The earsplitting discord also proved strong enough to relinquish the purified zombies of their state of control with relative ease, which immediately put Despair in quite the tizzy. The heat of the Burning Condemnation quickly pressed upon her, and before her eyes, she saw those who she believed were her friends so easily turn against her literally ready to knife her in the back. Zombies; easily manipulated and quick to change sides. Go figure.

"This is quite displeasing..." she muttered under her breath and partially through her teeth. Resonating with such sharp and unruly wavelengths was extremely difficult without Khrona. But, that's when she heard his voice.

Quote :
"Perfect timing, Despair. As usual for our little team. All meeting up at the same point at the same time..."

Despair felt his power surging through her right arm, the resonance between them beginning to grow stronger. Her wavelength stabilized after only a few moments and the discordant noise was no more. Everything 'on point', one could say.

Silently praising the assistance from her beloved, Despair wasted no time in releasing more of her Rejection through the resonance with Khrona, causing the abyssal Black Panthera that surrounded the area to gleam with a deep violet glow. Setting the Rejection all around, the two would be trapped in the resonating powers of Khrona and Despair together, keeping the zombies and the Phantom in place. She knew what to do from here.

Quote :
Ready on my command.

Raising Khrona's arm, she would use his 'Reality Break' Style and destroy this foul nightmare world once and for all. "Cut!" she proclaimed, a clean cut through this reality with her razor's edge cleaving the Perceptual Reality Chamber in half whilst the rest remains ripped to shreds afterward. The same fate would befall each of the zombies who should have been halted in place; sliced clean through and purified of the Phantom's wicked influence all at once. Now, Misery should have been freed, and if she wasn't, then... Khrona could handle the rest. The Perceptual Reality Chamber was no more and they were all freed.

Despair: "Morosely beautiful..."

"So..." a grumbling discord buzzed through the air as the crows all ripped to shreds, "The tables have turned, huh...?" The effects of the Perceptual Reality Chamber backfired on the Phantom... Rather, was used against him in order to turn the tables. Shinrona was even so skilled in this restriction that his thoughts did not even have to guide him, and he simply moved around naturally until the perfect chance to strike. It was almost like a set up to bring the Phantom to his own demise.

Staring up into the dark abyss that lay beyond the protective light of the Burning Condemnation. With the wavelengths solidified in place as though fire frozen in suspended animation, the evil spirit could only gaze up in defeat into the penetrating slits in the dark that were these jungle cat eyes and hungry cheshire grins. The game of cat and mouse was over, and he was the prey caught in the mouse trap of Rejection. "Beat me at the 'better' game... Even if the Phantom were outside of the Perceptual Reality Chamber, because the ones within were also 'real' Phantoms, if one is captured then it is connected to all of them. Meaning...

The Phantom: "The jig is up... Not bad, kid."

The final parting words of the evil that once lay dormant within the Second Restriction, now completely purified from Shinrona and Shinnia's beings. The trial of the Red Moon was over and both of their souls were cleansed of Insanity, the way their minds were already clean. The mask upon Shinrona's face would snap in two, almost like a lock breaking open to free a prisoner. The mask reformed before him as the sinister mask faded, allowing the True Phantom's mask to take its place, no longer plagued by insanity, either. This was Khrona's Soul Wavelength in its purest form... The Phantom.

He stared at Shinrona, giving him only a smirk in return for freeing him of that evil. The realm around them began to fall to pieces, fading out to white. The True Phantom held in his hand the butcher knife that was Misery, tossing her into the air in front of him and unbinding her Wavelength so that she could transform back into her normal form. She would not remember anything due to her wavelength being subdued by the Phantom. The Red Moon was restored and the Second Restriction was complete, meaning that Shinnia had her heart back and could once again exist alongside Shinrona in all aspects; including in Peace. The shadows of the cats would all be drawn into the hooded cape he wore upon his neck and with a signature casual two finger salute, he muttered, "Catch ya later..." before fading out of reality waiting for the next moment to appear.

With the resonant reverberation of the growls of the jungle cats, the end had come for the dark forces lurking within the flowing wavelengths of the Red Moon. That which resided within his and her soul swimming about and causing discord was no more by the hands of they and Despair, and Shinrona was freed from the bindings of the Second Restriction. As his mask was lifted, he assumed his normal human form and his material body formed now to the image of whom he was quite a long time ago as the Ruler of the original Dusk village.

Top hat, cane and all, his typical jewel encrested cane altered its shape into the form of his grand summoner's staff, he monk's Khakkara, which he had named 'Lemoria'ht'. One of his secret weapons, counterpart to Lashura't, the katana forged from The Insanity and Falshin itself. As it began to draw in spiritual energy, he began to chant these words;

Waving the thirteen ringed Khakkara around through the air, the world would fall to silence as the Insanity was completely cleansed once and for all from their hearts and souls. He bowed in humble respect for the spirit.

Khrona: "Peace be with you, evil spirit."

And for the evil spirit to forever remain at rest, his soul would be wiped of the unrest that it once held and no longer grip him. As such, they would both leave in Peace, for there would be unity between them now. So, as he helped Misery up to her feet and gave her a jolly good one armed hug, he would scoop up Despair with his other and squeeze them both with all the love he could muster.

Khrona: "We did it... We really did it! Now I leave the rest to the Second... As we move on to the Third..."

His favorite one of all, hence why it was marked with his lucky number 3. His most beloved, treasured beauty, dear, sweet Trinity. She who was the Keeper of number three. He freed his lover and his first daughter of their bindings through the unlocking of the first two Restrictions, but Trinity was the one that existed in the third. Their family wouldn't be complete without the Trini-T all back up in Peace together. For real this time.

Khrona: "Ready to save our other daughter, lovey?"

Now that Shinrona's wavelength was free to roam around without restriction, it could join his freed mind in flowing about on the wavelengths of the world. It felt so good to let his soul out and stretch for a little bit. Sometimes those restrictions get a little crampy when it came to holding back his power.

Khrona: "C'mon. Let's get out of here. Our work here isn't done, but I know a way it can go a hell of a lot faster. Let's go home for a little bit..."

He would begin to walk, waiting for the Red Moon to spit him out of its omniversal reality and back into the Veritas.

Despair stood with an elegant pride for her own accomplishment, though not haughty in the slighest. She smiled and curtsied to the dying zombies of evil as the land was completely restored at the departure of the Insanity of the Second Restriction. She giggled, a little embarrassed and shy about how she performed, but proud all the same. It was only moments later that Misery was returned to her side, and the both of them were hugged tightly by Khrona.

Misery still seemed to be in a daze about all that happened, not quite certain what actually did occur. She woozily rubbed her head as Khrona helped her up, looking around with a bit of uncertainty, "Wha...? What the hell did I...?" Looking around, she could see that this realm was disappearing, meaning that it had been cleared out. Whatever it was that happened, apparently they all did it. "How long was I out? What... What happened...?" Of course, she expected to be filled in along the way. Apparently, it was mission complete.

Misery and Despair joined Khrona as he walked into the fading reality ready to spit the three of them out. In the midst of their walk, Misery and Despair began to glow and shifted their lights into one form. They took on the shape of the Tsukihime, who would hover beside Khrona and smile, wrapping her arms around his neck with eyes filled with tears.

Shinnia: "Finally... Finally we're back together, my love... And never again will we have to suffer such hurt away from each other..."

She felt the two of their souls beating on the same accord, their wavelengths eternally matched. She resembled the form of 'Khrina', the female counterpart to Khrona of whom he learned existed after he spoke to the Earth King about 'calming his Insanity.' This was apparently Tsukihime's form in the Second, mirroring Khrona's growth due to their equally shared connection. It seemed as though at any given moment, Tsukihime could split herself into Misery and Despair, project Misery and Despair from herself, or exist as their single combined form as she so chose to do, as was just displayed.

"But for right now," she cooed, nuzzling his neck just a little bit simply because she missed him so much, "I think going home sounds like a pretty sweet idea... Then we can get Trinity and initiate the Third Moon."

Looks like things are looking up from here. The light of the Red Moon would shine, casting its scarlet gleam over the void of white. The same scarlet gleam would beam down upon Manor Alexandros, sending both of them there. Thus ends the Second Moon.

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Feature Length: Rise Of The Veritas; The End Of The Lost World Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: Rise Of The Veritas; The End Of The Lost World   Feature Length: Rise Of The Veritas; The End Of The Lost World EmptyMon Aug 24, 2020 10:27 am

The light of the Red Moon pierced deep down into the darkness of the abysmal pit, at the doorstep of heaven and hell where Khrona took residence under the protection of the divine Deus Ex Machina, Alexandros. It had been so long since he was able to feel this... Just the ambience and nostalgia of being back in his own house again... just in his room...

Khrona: "Ahhhhhh... Can you smell the Insanity, dear? Nice and ripe, isn't it...?"

As she made her way from the light of the moon, Tsukihime smiled and embraced the Insanity pouring from Sheol, as well. The Pit of Havoc was most chaotic due to the rampaging Insanities. All this looked like to them was more energy.

Tsuki: "Hahaha, yeah. Guess we've got a mess to clean up, since they can't do it themselves, huh? Hmhmhm~!"

She followed her love into his room, finally accompanying him for Deep Thought for the first time in quite a long time, even as Misery and Despair. Originally, she was not allowed in here, but now that they were on equal terms, it was simply time.

Tsuki: "We should call upon Trinity. Then we can move the 'Pandora' and swiftly overcome the 'Third Moon' and get us to the 'Third Restriction'. Tabrith, your mind, has been unlocked... So has Tigen, your soul... But your body, that which is part of the physical plane... has yet to reach its full potential until the 'Third Moon' has come and gone."

Khrona puffed out his cheeks and shrugged his shoulders cutely, "Mou! I know, lovey, but you know we three must all ascend together! And this is Trinity's moon... I have no idea what the Insanity is going to do about her..."

He remembered that in the First Restriction, his daughter was captured by the Insanity of the First Restriction which was once the Cheshire Phantom. When the Second Moon occurred, Misery -- one half of Tsukihime -- was taken over by the Insanity of the Second Restriction, posing as an imposter Phantom. Even Khrona didn't know what the Insanity of the Third Restriction was going to do... Or what it even was, in fact. "... But that is why we are going into Deep Thought," he continued, answering both what he said aloud to his darling and what he simply pondered in his head. Last time he went into Deep Thought, he got all the answers about the Thirteen Restrictions from Omnia herself. In fact...

Khrona: "Wait a minute, you were Omnia, right? Shouldn't you have all the answers on your own? I pulled you here from your world through Deep Thought, anyway. You should know something, right?"

She shrugged her shoulders casually, figuring he should be the one that knew how this worked.

Tsuki: "No, I know about as much as you do about it. Before, I only knew what I knew because of you being there. I was with you subconsciously, but you were with me subconsciously, too. While you are conscious, I am your subconscious, and while I am conscious, you are my subconscious. I don't think we can access it all unless we work together. Otherwise, I think we're missing something vital that the other one has."

That was the best way she could deduce it. She and her lover were parallels, twins, opposites and everything else. Two halves of the same whole, meaning that they kinda mirrored each other to a certain degree.

Tsuki: "I only ever appeared when you showed up in Deep Thought. I don' even know how I got there sometimes, I would just get there and know things. But you do that with me, too."

Now she could figure out some things about him, too...

Tsuki: "... Maybe we just need to go in there together again..."

She said this almost inaudibly, but she knew Khrona could hear her. She shyly grasped his hand and looked away cutely, a little uncertain about how to show her affection in this certain situation. Only because she was a little shy about saying it out in the open. She was smiling though... smiling as she turned away from him.

Khrona was a bit distraught once he received that answer from her. For some reason, even though he had his Mind and a direct link to Tabrith, he did not have all the information about this entire ordeal, as he should have. Or perhaps... There was still so much more that he did not actually know, and he was simply still learning, and maybe... Tabrith was, as well.

As he began to ponder, he noticed that his hand was gripped by his beloved rather shyly, he could feel, and he turned his head to her as she turned hers away. She was just so friggin adorable.

He said nothing, but he smiled gently and his eyes softened. That was what he needed to hear.

Khrona: "Of course, lovey. Ikimashou ka?"

As he began to drift off into the realm of Khrona's deepest, innermost thoughts, so did his beloved, and they traversed the pandimensional plane hand in hand. "Mou icchou..." he muttered softly to himself, "... the last jump..."

The Tsukihime closed her eyes and slowly turned her head back to Khrona, opening them up only once they began to traverse the pandimensional plane that was his own inner self together. As they soared through the darkness, she pulled herself a little closer...

"Hey..." she muttered softly, "... Do you know what it is we're looking for at all? Or when we'll get there?"

Khrona shrugged his shoulders, but started to swirl around with her still in his hand, "Nope. I have no idea how Deep Thought actually works. What I usually do is wander around through this darkness until I find something. I usually come across some fucked up shit, but that's probably just a thing to keep everyone else out. This place is sacred."

They would continue to go deeper and deeper and deeper into the darkness, crimson bolts of Insanity crashing down around them the further they went.

Khrona: "Oh yeah, the Insanity Static. Keeps intruders out, too. This place is like an infinite labyrinth. Sometimes, even I can't navigate... But it's almost like something inside guides me for me, so I don't have to actually go through the labyrinth, I just have to walk normally."

As long as she held on to his hand, she'd be fine.

Khrona: "I'd know I was at the end of my consciousness when I found that fine white line that divided your side from my side. But every time I came back, the line was farther and farther away. I don't even think it exists anymore; the boundaries and limitations placed on my mind are no more. As are with my soul."

The farther he went through his restrictions, the more complete he became.

Khrona: "... I hope we get to where we're going soon... Once I have complete control over my body, then we can really get this show on the road..."

And everything would just go uphill from there.

"I see..." she said more to herself than to him. Maybe that fine white line that divided them was no more because they were no longer two separate beings, but one with each other even if they maintained their own individuality. That was pretty cool and it made her feel closer to her lover than ever. "... Hmhm~..." she couldn't help but giggle to herself at the thought of it.

Tsuki: "Well, just lead the way..."

The two beings traversing the pandimensional plane that was Khrona's own Deep Thought would soon come to a dream-like aura the longer they drifted. As they drifted closer to it, its form would become more stable, and the aura would form the great Pandora itself; Tinasanti. With its eight arms flowing lucidly through the darkness in a fluid manner, the 'Octogod' opened its eyes to set its sight upon the two chosen ones.

"... So you have finally arrived," it said as though anticipating their arrival, "... There is much you must be aware of. Much that must be done. The Thirteen Restrictions... Must be revealed to you further."

It seemed like there would be no end to this endless void with random bolts of crimson lightning flashing about. Though he didn't mind with how peaceful it was drifting with his lover, he was beginning to want some concrete results.

Khrona: "Mmmm..."

As he became more impatient, a hazy light appeared in the distance, that which drew the two of them closer to the ultimate goal.

Khrona: "Oh, sweet. This must be it."

Drawing nearer and nearer, they would soon be able to see the face of this being that was 'Pandora The Octogod'. Apparently, it had been expecting them, and it knew something about the Thirteen Restrictions. Excellent.

Khrona:"... Well now, I am certainly game. If you have something important to tell, then by all means."

Tsuki: "The Pandora found us instead..."

It was to be expected, considering that it was the fusion of these two plus Trinity in perfect equivalent harmony. Even so, the question of where Trinity is still buzzed around in her head...

Tsuki: "... Can you also tell us where our daughter is, if you please?"

"All will be revealed," the great Octogod spake once again, "Though time is of the essence. The main source of all Insanity has been sealed within the Tree Of Life, but its presence still runs rampant in the Insanities of the Sixth Restriction. What must be done is that each of these Insanities must be apprehended as quickly as possible by you two and Trinity. As you go, you shall ascend up the ladder of the Restrictions until you have collected them all and returned them to your body, wherein you will once again ascend to the Seventh."

Tinasanti: "We are the Eighth Restriction. When the three of you all reach the Seventh Restriction, return to the Tree and you will ascend to the Ninth, wherein Tabrith will merge with us in order to allow your ascension. However, we warn you that those of the Tenth Restriction have fallen prey to the Insanity, and they are running wild just as those of the Sixth. Only half of them. The other half are holding them off as we speak, but if they reach the tree, they will inevitably overpower us."

Though things sounded grim, there were certain factors that held leverage over the darkness of the situation.

Tinasanti: "But do not fear, for you, Shinseigami, are a special case. Your mind, Tabrith, exists within the 9th, which you are directly connected to. It is unable to be corrupted by the touch of the Insanity because of you. The same goes for Tigen, which is your soul, which exists within the Twelfth. Because you have freed your mind and soul from the First and Second Restrictions respectively, they are completely purified. However, your body, which exists within the Eleventh, is still in danger of succumbing to the wiles of Insanity. Though he believes his appetite satiated, he is still not complete until the Body, Mind and Soul are joined back together in tandem. This means that you must complete the Third Moon's rise and fall before he is completely safe. At the end of the Third Moon, you will merge together and the Mind-Body-Soul Trinity will be complete, making you virtually impervious to the Insanity."

Khrona listened intently to the words of Tinasanti, taking all of the information in and storing it safely in his head. It was extremely useful and crucial information that was going to be needed for the next arc... and to stop those rampaging Insanities once and for all. But even as Tinasanti spoke, a few questions arose in his head.

Khrona: "... These things you say make sense, but I have some inquiries of my own... Number one, who and where is my 'Body?' Number two, like my lovey said, what about Trinity? Where is she and what is her part in this? And finally, if Tigen is the Twelfth Restriction, why can't he just fix everything, and conversely, if Tabrith is the Ninth, does that mean that these beings that are corrupted in the 10th can corrupt him, too?"

He turned to his lover, "You have anything you wanna add, hun?"

"Yes..." she muttered, thinking about the things that Tinasanti said to her, "Why are we all mixed up and out of order in the first place? How long will the True Insanity be contained within the Tree? How does this ascension of our respective Restrictions beyond the Third up to the Seventh work? Where are each of the Insanities of the Sixth and... Should we go talk to God before we leave?"

She believed that these were all rather key questions as well, as these would be important for the future. Hopefully this wasn't too much to ask.

"All shall be revealed," Tinasanti stated once more, "Heed our guidance very carefully. Because we exist in a higher Restriction than you do, we are able to see and experience things further than you are."

Tinasanti: "He who is your body is none other than the final 'Voidkeeper', Thanytoz. He has become 'Allmaster', and is known as 'Pandora's Box', and is technically the God of the Veritas, solely and only. We, Tinasanti, are the Veritas wherein he is our governor. This means that if he falls, all below him shall fall, as well, and the Veritas will sink into Insanity from the Eleventh Restriction down to the Third Restriction. Currently, he is satiated, but he will not be for long if he begins to grow hungry again. His location is currently unknown, as he has slipped into the Zero World."

Tinasanti: "Your daughter, Trinity, is currently guiding the 'Willmaster'. This means that her power is weakened severely due to her absorbing and projecting the consciousness of she who was once Titania in her final resting moments. Trinity has absorbed the power of who Tsukihime once was before her death and rebirth and is controlling her existence as the 'Willmaster', who is attempting to hold off the Judgemaster. Those two exist within the Tenth Restriction. Because Trinity is weakened, she is vulnerable, but her conscious control over what was once Titania's will -- which now exists as ONLY Trinity's Conscious Will -- is still being controlled at the expense of her power cut. This means that, even as the Shinigami, she is so weak that she can barely reap. She will need guidance and training, and must be sheltered within 'Mors Academia' until she is able to fight."

Tinasanti: "To help quickly restore her power, she may be taken to our Eight Arms are extended across the Dawn, holding it up as we speak within the Dawn via our Hands Of God. Visiting each of these Hands will unlock a new power within her that will bring her back to your power level so that the Trini-T may exist in equivocation. If she is not of the same power as you two, there will be no harmony and no balance, and we, Tinasanti, cannot maintain our shape nor form, nor can we allow you to ascend to the Ninth by merging with the Tabrith."

Tinasanti: "Trinity is also the guardian of the Third Moon, and her presence will cause it to Rise. The Insanity of the Third Restriction shall also rise along with the 'Jade Moon', which shall prove exceptionally dangerous for her considering that she is so weak. She must be watched over explicitly by the two of you. We are sure that you two will know what to do from there... Calling for your daughter shall bring her to you, even here in Deep Thought, for that is the strength of the bond between you three. Being the catalyst of the Third Moon, that must be done first before anything else; She must cause it to rise."

Tinasanti: "Lastly, for you, Shinseigami... Tigen may be the strongest being there is, not only as PumpKing, but simply as your soul, but there is one that rivals his power... His darkness, which is his elder twin brother, Bloodred Pumpkinhead. Pumpkinhead is overtaken by Insanity and unless Tigen is able to free his brother of this Insanity and merge together with him, Tigen will be preoccupied with that scenario. He will not be at full strength, and his brother shall rival his power. Also, yes. If Tabrith is overpowered and corrupted by the strength of any of the higher Restrictions tainted by Insanity, he shall fall, as well, and he shall be disconnected from your mind until he is purified again by you."

With all of Khrona's questions answered, Tinasanti turned its attention to Tsukihime to answer hers.

Tinasanti: "As for you, Grand Magistrate... The reason why we are all mixed up is because of the Insanity. It has brought about such catastrophic chaos and calamity that it has jumbled up our very essential being, and we are fighting hard to return to Peace; True Control. That is our ultimate goal, which shall thereby rid us of Insanity and change that being into Shinsanity completely and fully, which will wipe out all traces of Insanity for good. So, you must bear with us and simply 'put yourself back together,' so to speak. Then, this madness can finally, truly come to an end..."

Tinasanti: "The Insanity will be contained within the Tree until it regains enough strength to break free or until one of the tainted restrictions higher than we come to free him. This is why those of the Tenth are fighting to protect the Crystal Tree along with me, and why it is of dire importance not to let the Allmaster succumb to Insanity under any circumstances. Though the Insanity is drawing strength in order to free itself as we speak, it will take much longer since the Ultra Badass seal has been placed on him, giving us more than enough time as long as no higher power Insanities undo our seal."

Tinasanti: "The Ascension process works as follows; Once you unlock the Third Restriction, you use the power of your Mind, Body, and Soul to create the power necessary to generate all energy, which is the Fourth Restriction. After you master generating all forms of energy, you ascend to the Fifth Restriction, which allows you to control all Reality to your will due to the ability to control all energy as you see fit. Then, you draw in the rampant emotional energies that are the Sixth Restriction Insanities back into your form and tame them, thereby completing the Sixth Restriction and ascending immediately to the Seventh, wherein you three shall be in your 'Individually Perfect' forms."

Tinasanti: "Currently, the Insanities of the Sixth reside in these locations; Hatred was within Nautilus Serulenia,-- though has now been taken up to Dimensia with Tigen -- Balance is within Magnus Ignis, Fear is within Terra Gris, Melancholia and Fun are within the Testament Palace within the Chaos borders, --where Tabrith has them under control -- Bliss is within Vescrutia's amusement park, and Love is within the Zero World. As it stands, Tigen is handling Hatred, Akira Tsukishima is handling Balance, -- though backup may be necessary -- Fear is currently not being pursued, Melancholia and Fun have been subdued, so they needn't be worried about, Bliss is running wild and not being pursued, and Love is being handled by the second 'Voidkeeper', Chita."

Tinasanti: "Therefore, Bliss and Fear seem to be the two that are not being currently dealt with, Love and Hate are being dealt with, Balance may need some assistance, and Melancholia and Fun are completely under control."

Tinasanti: "Also... Yes. It is always best to seek out the guidance of the highest of the high if you are ever lost. God almighty will always light your path. If you cannot seek him out, he shall seek you when he needs to."

These were the final words of Tinasanti. Its image started to fade away, meaning that its presence within Deep Thought was no longer necessary to them. All necessary questions had been answered and it was about time for the Octogod to depart.

Tinasanti: "Remember what we said... This is all you truly need to know..."

And after that, it vanished back into the abyss, leaving the two of them stranded in the dark depths of Deep Thought once again.

Once again listening very carefully to the plethora of information granted by Tinasanti, Khrona took it all in and began to process it for himself, trying to make things connect as quickly as possible as he thought.

Khrona: "Hmmm..."

He let go of Tsukihime's hand and crossed his arms, furrowing his brow, trying to figure out what was the best course of action at this point in time. His eyes closed and the image of Tinasanti disappeared, more or less whether he wished it to or not. If that was all the information that was supposed to be given, then that was all that these two were going to have to work with. "... That's quite a lot," he muttered to himself, but still loud enough for his partner to hear, "... But of course the first thing we need to do is call Trinity here to Deep Thought. The three of us together can work out a plan from there..." He concentrated deeply on his connection to his daughter, sharpening his mind and focusing his spirit. He expected his partner to begin to do the same as he did, following his example -- or already knowing what to do on her own.

Khrona: "Trinity... Come to me..."

On the same accord as Khrona, once the information was all laid flat for her to take in, Tsuki did, and when Khrona released her hand, she placed it upon her hip and lowered her head, closing her eyes to think deeply on the information given. "Hmmm... I agree," she muttered to herself, but still in response to Khrona's muttering to himself, "Our resonance between the three of us is not only strong, but eternal, and nothing can break it... So the Pandora's words should hold true if we call her to us..." And so, just as he, she concentrated deeply on the bond that connected he, she and Trinity and focused their intent on wherever Trinity may be currently...

Tsuki: "Trinity... Come to me..."

What seemed like eons of deep sleep happening in mere moments as Trinity spontaneously appeared from the 'Fairy Spring', drifting dreamily through the darkness, the snoring little fluff ball could be heard mumbling incoherently as her shining self made her way to her parents at their call.

Trinity: "Mmmhmzmhmzmzm... Mommy... Mrmhmrmzm... Daddy..."

She kicked her feet, pushing herself unknowingly through the deep sea of Deep thought, toward those who called her here, still sleeping ever so soundly... Like a widdle biddy baybee~!

So she was called, so she would be, just like Tinasanti said she would. Of course the Trini-T would know, considering it was the harmonic connectedness of these three in a higher realm. No doubt about it.

Khrona: "Ah, here she is! Daddy's precious... Sleeping so soundly..."

He couldn't help but give his sleeping beauty a little kiss on her cheek, for he missed her soooo very much. It seemed like as he went through these Restrictions, he gained more and more people in his family. First was his first daughter, Tabitha, --- as well as Tabrith -- then came Tsukihime in the Second, now Trinity in the Third. He wondered who could come in the Fourth... But he couldn't help but notice something different about her. Trinity's hair, it was silverish-white, just like his and his beloved's. Seems like she had awakened her True Self as well. It was to be expected, though, but that also meant that her power was restricted.

Khrona: "Hm. Her hair has changed from Purple to White. Though White means that our powers are unlocked and flowing, rather than remaining dormant and innately harboring magic within us... Does this mean she is also within the Second Restriction, as we are?"

Khrona knew that a Tensei's hair was prone to change all types of colors through their growth and development, and usually had something to do with the extent of their power or the Restriction they were within. Though his hair remained predominantly white/silver, he knew for a fact that Purple, Red, Black, Blue, Green, and even Gold were other colors that their hair were capable of changing in order to display their current abundance of power.

Tsuki: "I'm relatively certain that it does..."

Tsuki smiled warmly and watched as her little princess consciously-unconsciously drifted toward them, giggling lightly under her breath as her father gave her a rather cute kiss on the cheek. It was a picture perfect moment, even amid all the darkness and random flashes of crimson lightning about.

Tsuki: "Well, aren't you two just precious? We're all back together again, as a family... I know you've been waiting for this for a long time, huh love?"

It made her happy to see Khrona so happy. She knew that she made his heart soar, but no one could make him happier than his dear, sweet Trinity, and she loved that. She let him have his little time... But noticed that he seemed concerned about something. Her hair.

Tsuki: "Yes, I'm also fairly certain that this means she is still moving in tandem with us. That means that she is within the Second Restriction as well, and her power is unleashed. So she should have more strength than she did before, but..."

She knew he could sense it, that she was weaker than ever before. Not because her capacity and potential were not still limitless, as a Goddess should be, but because she had, like the two of them, been reverted to a lower state of being due to the release of her energy. The three of them being confined to only the Second Restriction was a bit of a problem considering their power, even if they were still far stronger than most could fathom. Trinity still lacked the discipline and control that Khrona and Tsuki had, and so she was in danger because she didn't know how to use her power.

Tsuki: "... What do you propose we do? Send her to Mors, as the Pandora instructed? Though I do admit that place is a fortress and it is missing its Shinigami to run the institute, Trinity is still far too green to actually... Run that place effectively, even with Tear as a guide. She needs to train and at least focus herself so that she can stop playing around. She may be young, but she has a responsibility to this land... Just like we do..."

Tsuki lowered her head and pondered a bit more about the scenario, wondering just what to do about it all...

Tsuki: "... I think we should wake her up and discuss this with her, don't you agree?"

Trinity continued to sleep deeply, as though in her own form of 'Deep Thought' in and of herself. She fidgeted and mumbled cutely still, rubbing her legs together. It wasn't until she was kissed on her cheek by her father that she started to wake up from her conscious-unconscious and slowly back into consciousness, eyes and ears slightly blurred from vision and sound.

Trinity: "Mmmm... Wha...?"

She could faintly make out the sound of her parents' voices, but couldn't decipher what they were saying at first. It wasn't until they actually stopped talking that she woke up fully, rubbing her eyes with a smile on her face.

Trinity: "Ohhh... Mommy...! Daddy!! I missed you guys... Mmm..."

She looked around still rather groggily, as though waking up from one of her little baby naps -- as she was prone to do, still being nothing but an infant-toddler -- and noticed that this place was not the same place she was in before.

Trinity: "Mmm... Where are we...? Last time I checked... I was in the Fairy Spring..."

"Mors..." Khrona pondered, wondering if it was actually the best course of action, "... I agree that it is safe and that she needs to be there and to hone her skills, but I don't think she should go there until after the rise and fall of the Third Moon. We'll let the Third Moon be her training ground, and we can watch over her. I'll send my wavelength to protect her as the Phantom whilst wielding Misery and Despair to keep her safe, and she can train to her heart's content until she is ready to go to Mors and actually give and receive proper instruction from Tear. He is the best teacher I know, the 'every man' one could say."

Tear could do anything, honestly, and Khrona didn't deny that about him. He was like a secret agent, as well... So he knew that his daughter would be safe in his care once she was focused.

Khrona: "So I think that should be--"

He stopped abruptly when he heard the coos of his daughter's awakening, then immediately snapped his head toward her. "Looks like miss sleepy face is awake..." Khrona joked playfully, giving his daughter his cute, playful smile. "Mommy and Daddy called you here so that we could all be together again. Right now, we're in 'Deep Thought,' which is a very special place that nobody can get to, and it only exists within the deepest part of Daddy. Only we three are here and we're doing really important stuff. You wanna know what it is~?"

"That makes sense," Tsuki agreed without a doubt, nodding her head profusely as he continued to speak, "I believe that would be the best course of action. I'll separate into Misery and Despair so that the Phantom can wield them, since now your wavelength can manifest itself physically due to not being restricted by the Spectre. With us dwelling in her shadow, she should be safe from any harm. But we have to only act if she is actually in serious danger, otherwise, she isn't learning and that will defeat the purpose."

That much, they had agreed on, and that was going to be the next course of action when they sent Trinity to the Crystal Tree to cause the rise of the Third Moon. She knew that Tear, being a top notch assassin and all around 'every man' would be the best bodyguard for Trinity, the best guide and the best teacher for when she would be learning how to be a Shinigami after she exited the Third Moon and learned to control her powers a little better. When she learned to focus, then she could focus on bettering her skills. But focus came first.

"By the by," she also insisted on adding, "We can also simply remain here in Deep Thought and control Tinasanti, the same way we remained in Peace and governed things from there, since we have so many pieces of ourselves roaming around, right? Then Trinity can be within the Third moon, we can control Tinasanti and possibly send it to subdue the Insanities that are of the 6th, watch over Trinity with the Wavelengths and remain in Deep Thought until the Third Moon rises and falls, and we complete the Third Restriction. Right?"

Deep Thought was really amazing. Her hubby was an impressive being... And she was so fortunate to be connected to him as his other half.

Though, before she could receive confirmation, Khrona's attention was turned to the waking princess, whom Tsuki also turned her attention to and paused the conversation. From here, the three of them could discuss events further. She simply remained silent as Khrona spoke to Trinity.

At first, Trinity seemed to be a little confused, but that was probably because she was still a little sleepy and just woke up. Not to mention, how tired she felt naturally due to her conscious will being the Willmaster, which was getting most of her attention right now.

She yawned again, rubbed her eyes to get herself as awake as she felt she could be, then gave her father a wide grin from ear to ear, "Yeah! Yeah yeah! Trinity wants to know, Daddy!" Clasping her hands together playfully, she kicked her feet profusely in the air out of anticipation. She loved doing important things with Daddy. Spending him with him and mommy was her favorite thing ever!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: Rise Of The Veritas; The End Of The Lost World   Feature Length: Rise Of The Veritas; The End Of The Lost World EmptyMon Aug 24, 2020 10:45 am

With the agreement of his daughter, Khrona smiled and integrated her thought in with his and began to dissect her being. He learned everything about her instantly simply from being connected to her, but had to decipher all of the multitudinous energy that he was receiving from her properly, like some sort of mental decoder. He concentrated deeply on her, knowing that she could lose focus at any given time due to her lack of knowledge about how to control her power. This meant that he had to keep her from veering off whilst also processing everything about her as fast as he could. While she was powerful, she was still his daughter and he was still Shinseigami.

Khrona: 'She is speaking in the third person... Like Tigen, He could not help but notice, finding it relatively peculiar, Perhaps her existence equates to Tigen's, Tabitha's equates to Tabrith's and Priere... Equates to that which is my body?'

Khrona picked apart his daughter -- the same way he dissected and analyzed all things at all times -- and studied just what it was that made her tick. It was crucial in order to establish her own Thirteen Restrictions, which she did not seem to have her own set of, currently. For proper growth as a Tensei, her Thirteen Restrictions were going to need to be established fairly soon, or else her power would run wild without direction, like Khrona did in his youth... Though that was only less than three years ago, Tensei grow exponentially swiftly, and she would not remain on the same levels as others for too long. If he were not currently on top, she may even surpass him. Only if she completed her Thirteen and received her admittance to the throne. Speaking of completion...

'But last I remember,' he noted with a reminiscent peculiarity, 'Taomin was also--' Khrona paused abruptly at the thought, remembering now that Taomin was indeed also part of the Third Restriction just the same that Trinity was. 'That means that Taomin must be Trinity's 'Grim' and is therefore a Voidkeeper, just like Grimnyzmal was for me...' The Grim counterparts were very important in a Tensei life, for they could be considered the 'demons' of their heavenly beings, and unless connected to its other parts, it would go wild and use its power uncontrollably. Grimlock consumed Minds, Grimnyzmal consumed Matter, and Grimnis consumed Manna... Mind, Body, and Soul energies. Thus...

'Wait, does this mean that she is the daughter of the one who belongs to my Physical form? Meaning that Taomin and Grimnyzmal should be directly connected to each other. Those who consume all forms of matter...' He thought more on that. 'Grimnyzmal, though he was quite the gentleman, also thrived on all things that he could experience, for he literally consumed the Experience of all other things. He grew through Experience, and part of his cravings for these things brought about his insatiable appetite... Not just for food, mind you, but for anything and everything physical. Taomin must have inherited that in a more sexual desire, for it was also just as high in Grim -- even though hidden much more carefully. If I'm not careful then she could end up the same--'

But wait, a new element was brought into play. He previously believed Priere to be the physical form when in actuality she must be the container, just as Khrona was; the combination of all three. The True Trinity; a being forged of crystal, just as they were. 'No wonder I made her the Crystal Goddess and Guardian of the Crystal Tree... She is the container for all three of my respective daughters for each of my respective pieces of myself. She just didn't want to do it because she didn't understand her purpose and it was getting in the way of her living her own life currently. But as she walks down her path, she will be brought back to me, and she will see... Once she finds 'those two' again. Her own Angel and Demon, who had been scattered from her mind.' He hoped that she was doing well, for when he put her Mind, Body, and Soul together as one, she would see clearly with crystal vision, just the same as Khrona and Tsuki did, and Priere could finally be reborn, as well... The way she wants to be in this realm. She was the last daughter. 'That means I'll have to find her after I deal with Taomin...'

Taomin was the catalyst for this as well... For finding her would lead Khrona to Grimnyzmal, which was his Body, and Trinity would lead Khrona to Taomin. 'That would mean that once I combine all three of my pieces, I will immediately ascend into the Fourth Restriction... And simultaneously, if I am to find all of the partners that belong to them, I should be able to complete Tsuki, as well...'

A rather feasible reasoning, however... 'If that is the case,' he continued, 'then there should be four daughters of mine that I currently need to cultivate in order to Balance the three of us... One that is the Mind, Tabitha, one that is the soul, Trinity, and one that is the Body, Taomin, and one that is the all, like myself, Priere, who has not even touched her True form yet, nor her True Title. Otherwise she would be marked with a T and be given a Shin...' This led to some deeper thoughts about his other children... Any one of them, or any of the Tensei has a potential to reach the top just like Khrona had done... And he was actually quite curious to see which one of the next Tensei it would be, IF any at all. Khrona might just be the end of the line, and all would just be meant to be below him, for he would have created the perfect system. However, he delved even deeper within...

'Let me think... The Thirteen Restrictions guide a Tensei to their highest self in the most efficient way possible... It is the instruction on how to be a perfect God or Goddess.' That much was established, and such would also give them the power to control their sight with the Tensei Dojutsu to allow for them to be able to perceive on the same level as their existence. Crystal clear vision. 'The Hyper Perception of the Tensei Dojutsu, its most basic form, brings about the expansion and awakening of the Mind in the first by drawing in all perceived information and Conceptualizing it within mentality in the First Restriction, Hyper Conception, and then Reflecting it outward to show understanding in the Second Restriction, Hyper Reflection. This means that her eyes should be able to Perceive, Conceive and Reflect all the information they take in through the Mind and into her Spirit, just as it is with myself. Hmmmm...'

Her Thirteen Restrictions would come once she reached her Third Moon. And the Third Moon would rise the moment that Trinity left the confines of Deep Thought. But... How would he get Taomin to the Moon...?

Khrona: 'Omoshiroi.'


His eyes shimmered brightly with a crystalline glimmer, the sanguine gleam shooting from the corner of his eye to the eyes of his lover, passing the same thoughts onto her about Tinasanti. Through it, they would be able to keep Trinity safe from harm and protect the Third Moon upon its rise. The battle plan was set. He passed this information along to Trinity, but of course, she was going to have to decode this for herself... And pass it on to Taomin, and then they could find out where Grimnyzmal was... And who his partner was, in order for the three of them to be complete and move to the Third and Fourth Restrictions.

Khrona: "There you go. Now you know. The road map is set, everyone so... Let us go. Everybody ready?"

Tsuki, once again, was thoroughly impressed with Khrona's ability to put together all of his information, even from the little bit that she gave to him. It seemed like there was no stopping the two of them once they got together, and now together they two would pave a way for Trinity to follow through.

"Ready any time," she said to her partner, catching the gleam of his eyes and the rebound of the information so that she could get it in her head too without having to say it out loud, "Trinity, are you prepared for your next launch? You're going it alone this time, I hope you know..."

Tsuki and Khrona were on the same page with all the information because they were two that were one and the same, but Trinity was an extension of them, and therefore she had to be taught and wasn't already one of two halves that is supposed to fit together but a new seed entirely. This is why the two of them had to put her to the test whilst they facilitated from Deep Thought... And simultaneously iron out some other issues going around all in one go, thanks to her lover's road map. She just loved what he could do with his information, and only in the Second Restriction, too... Hmhmhm.

"Uah...?" Trinity was confused at first about what her father was doing, cuz he was silent for quite a while... But then, for some reason, when he looked at mommy and then looked at her directly in the eyes, there was a certain trigger that happened within her that allowed her to understand exactly what was going on. All of the information that was shared between them shot into her and immediately awakened the next part of her Tensei Dojutsu, the same way that it happened with her father.

"Oh..." she said, grasping where she was going and what she was doing. After a moment, the shock and surprise of the entire situation actually hit her, "Wait, what?" and the girl was overjoyed to the highest extent.

Trinity: "UAAAAH!!!"

She was actually gonna have her own moon and her own spin around the Veritas. She knew exactly how this was going to go, too. She was feeling much more energized than she was before.

"Let's go! Let's go, daddy!! Yeah!" she clapped her hands joyously in front of her and continued to kick her feet. This was gonna be a super fantastic adventure~!

Khrona: "Alright, everybody... Hold on tight..."

Khrona kissed the both of his loves on their foreheads, as he was prone to do as an expression of love -- kissing the third eye -- and closed his eyes. "Hyper Reflection." With a silvery sanguine gleam, he not only established the resonance between the three of them immediately, but also focused it to the point where he could project his wavelength wherever he wanted it to go and cast his wavelength along the waves of others. Not only that, but those who harnessed the Hyper Reflection could also do the same with theirs; as though letting waves of light fill a secluded room full of mirrors facing each other.

"Aaaand," he said, pulling back his finger and with it, a single strand of the resonating wavelengths in the air connected between the three of them until it reached a point of elastic tension just behind Trinity's back, "They're off!" The signature *Flick!* of his finger released the rubber-band like wavelength whilst simultaneously using the force of his own influence to cast Trinity up and out of the confines of Deep Thought, even though she would still be connected to Khrona and Tsuki, who would remain within it. Her destination after that point... was up to her. She was really going to have to go this one alone, as she was going to land in whatever arbitrary direction Khrona let her go in.

"Aaaaand there she goes..." he mumbled after the launch, snapping his head decisively back at Tsuki, "Now back to you..."

... And catching his pass without a single frame to waste did her eyes gleam the same silvery sanguine, the words "Hyper Reflection" lucidly escaping her dainty pouched lips, as though blowing him a kiss as she said it. She caught all such wavelengths being cast by Khrona as he sent Trinity off, watching the girl rather intensely as she made her liftoff. Once the three of them were connected, Tinasanti's physical body would once again begin to move... The entire Veritas itself as a whole.

"... I love you and I love our family, Khrona." That was all she could say about this; even now she was still just amazed at it all. But now, things would have to be passed off to...

--- The Crystal Tree; The Four Grand Masters Being Called---

The first to answer the call, and quite possibly she who wished for the Judgemaster's safe return to stability the most, the Willmaster, and the Judgemaster's appointed partner and opposing force. Literally manifesting from nothingness, -- as the mystical property of Will was able to do -- her entire mystical form came together right beside the eight armed Octogod, Tinasanti, already prepared to protect this tree with her all.

Willmaster: "We have been established. It seems as though the Judgemaster has not come yet... Surely if one of his Absolute Laws is to be placed on this seal, there will be nothing you can do to prevent it from happening, since you remain in the Eighth..."

Then the recently contained Insanity will be freed, after they just went through so much work to seal it away, too. Her Will would not allow for this, and she would fight him to the utmost until that Will of her expired. She and the Judgemaster could face off for as long as necessary and neither of them could ever falter, but as long as she was facing him, he was not undoing the seal on the Tree.

Willmaster: "But you know that our Will is always with you. It comes from you, in fact..."

Though that was a talk for another day.

Willmaster: "What of the other two Grand Masters?"

Tinasanti crossed two sets of its arms over its chest, folded its legs, then allowed for the other two pairs of arms to spread outward and hold their index fingers and thumbs together as though in a form of meditation, quickly tracing over the entirety of the Veritas with merely a thought to locate the remaining Grand Masters.

Tinasanti: "... 'Grand Tabritha' the 'Gamemaster' has been sealed by the Judgemaster's Absolute Law, and the 'Grand Excalibur' the 'Weaponmaster' has already been claimed by the Insanity. This means that there is only you, unless you undo the bindings of the Absolute Law by counteracting his force with your Absolute Will. If his Absolute Law was placed without justification, then it will be undone by your Absolute Will. However, as you know, if the Absolute Law is legitimate, then it will be much more of a hassle."

Tinasanti knew that to keep the Judgemaster from making such arbitrary laws and becoming an evil tyrant that the Willmaster had to agree or accept the terms of his laws, and if she did, then the law was permanently set in place. However, if the Judgemaster acted without her, then she would have the power to break his law as long as she saw a flaw in the reasoning it was used. Conversely, if the Willmaster simply did anything she wished without the Judgemaster's consent, then he could halt her by placing an Absolute Law. This was how the two of them worked in tandem to keep not only each other in check, but the Veritas as a whole. That was why the two had to be equal forces.

Tinasanti: "However, I am certain that due to his actions induced by the Insanity, your divine Will shall prevail. Go to the Dusk and free those bound in stasis by the Judgemaster. There, you will find the Grand Tabritha. Take with you Tabrith, who harbors the First Moon so that she may be awakened from her dormancy."

Even if the Insanity had two Grand Masters under its control, so would Tinasanti when the Willmaster was done.

Tinasanti: "Work quickly, for the tree will be vulnerable whilst you are gone... And I am unsure of where the Judgemaster will choose to show himself next..."

Harboring the Insanity Of Fear, he was quite the terror... Even for someone as grand and powerful as Tinasanti. The hierarchy of the Restrictions was what it was for a reason, after all...

Willmaster: "We see..."

There was no time to waste dillydallying, then. What she needed to do was probably not going to take too long, and to collect the 'Gamemaster' would be most fortunate for the side of Peace. Slowly, but surely, their forces were rising and the Insanity was dwindling. With no way to continue its reign, victory seemed to be just within their grasp...

Willmaster: "... Things are looking brighter. We will be back swiftly once we save those souls from the Judgemaster's bindings. We will save him..."

She lowered her head, narrowing her eyes a little bit, her expression growing a bit more intense. The Judgemaster was not just her counterpart, but her twin force. Those opposing in nature, they were a single force like Yin and Yang, and when one was out of whack, the other could feel it and was harmed by it. Willmaster harbored strong feelings for the Judgemaster, which only made her Will that must stronger to save him.

Willmaster: "... He is... Very special to us, as you know. That is why when the Insanity took him over, this became personal."

Turning her head up to Tinasanti with utter determination and a face lacking her normal compassionate glow, the Willmaster dissipated into thin air, allowing her mystical essence of Will to flare up in the Dusk.

Tabrith maintained a stagnant, seemingly expressionless smile upon his face as he awaited to be used yet again. His mission was simple right now, and that was to deliver the First Moon to she who was supposed to RIGHTFULLY harbor its power rather than he. She who would share all of the Shinseigami's Mind within her. Though she could not partake of the knowledge without the assistance from Tabrith, the potential of her mentality would simply soar.

Tabrith: "So things are finally beginning to stabilize, hm? That means that the moons should be moving in perfect order..."

Tabrith looked up to the sky, unable to feel the Shinseigami's presence coming from above anymore, and only felt his image projected within the new Shinrona.

Tabrith: "Looks like you've finally given up on us, hm...? A necessary development... We can take care of ourselves now, as I'm sure you already could see. What you've put into motion has gained momentum, and won't be stopping anytime soon..."

Dispersing into data and following behind the Willmaster, Tabrith departed with only these last parting words...

Tabrith: "... When you return, this world will be ready. We're going to make sure of that, this time. You are still here with us... That is why 'he' is still here..."

Only a phantom chuckle was left to wisp away in the wind...

... And just as quickly as that chuckle left the tree would the omnipresent silent laughter of the elegant seamstress that is the Grand Tabritha find her lack of presence taking its physical form from its leave of Hugo Manor, just as Tabrith was prone to do -- harboring no presence able to be detected in the first place. The passive trait left the counterpart combination everpresent yet without presence at all times, filling each others' presences as presented within the scenario. Eternal presents for infinite birthdays between the two of them.

'My turn...' Her implied communication needing no form of vibration nor vocalization insisted upon the land, instructing and inserting herself where Tabrith once was. Though the two of them were capable of communication this way, Grand Tabritha could not communicate with others around her, as she could only forge instruction where Tabrith could function between instruction and instructor. He was like an omnitranslation machine that could transfer information from Grand Tabritha straight into information for others to understand; language.

Gamemaster: 'Tabrith, can you hear me? Launch 'The Assault' at the 'Ultimetia Energia' blast conjured by 'Weaponmaster'. It is time for the Thirteen-Tails to be born to protect the Chaos.'

Her counterpart, 'Weaponmaster', was the Final and Ultimate weapon that could master and defeat all other weapons. This meant that it was the greatest weapon of all time, 'Grand Excalibu'r -- otherwise known as the 'Xanadu' -- and the one who wielded it had the 'strongest weapon to ever exist.'

This being is being harnessed by the Insanity. Being the combination of the Ultima and Omega Weapons, it becomes something known as the OmegAlpha Weapon, which is the only weapon that is made to defeat everything in its way, no matter how strong an opposition it may be. Its counterpart was the AlphOmega Weapon, which did not exist yet. No weapon can ever match nor cut down this weapon, the OmegAlpha Weapon and thus it may only be used by the Chosen One. If it rests in the hands of the Insanity, this means that at any given time the Insanity can escape from the tree and be virtually unstoppable.

Though the Judgemaster is supposed to decree righteousness and is capable of the use of the Grand Excalibur, due to the recent tainting of his once pure and divine absolute judgement, the use of this weapon could be abused as it was. The Game had to cease this clear abuse of this power within its territory, and such would be done through its divine messenger of its intent, -- as the Translator -- 'Mechanical Galaxy Angel', Tabrith Cleff.

Gamemaster: 'Call forth the Allmaster; the Chosen One.'

Tinasanti: "Ah... The time has come."

The wavelength of the Shinigami filled yet another of the voids in this universe, bringing light back to the once barren area. The beacon's waves of light radiated from Mors below all the way to the Crystal Tree, where the true Tinasanti sat in meditation, awaiting its awakening and movement through this realm. Each of the Eight Hands Of God holdings up the eight sections of the Dawn began to stir, as though energy from the heart was being pumped into the veins of this world; its roots. With each pulse, Tinasanti felt the combined intentions of Khrona, Tsuki, and Trinity all moving in tandem, allowing for the Third Moon to rise from one of the now opening palms.

Tinasanti: "Shin Hisutsukiyomi..."

The Jade Green Moon that marked the beginning of the Third Restriction had now officially risen.

Tinasanti: "Now for the finishing touches to this masterpiece..."

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--- Back in Deep Thought, during the Rise of the Third Moon---

"Yeah, baby, I know it," Khrona smirked, raising his eyebrows up and down insistingly before chuckling to himself in a jokingly cute, yet sinister fashion, "Heh heh heh!" His smile curled upward as he playfully threw his arm around his lovey, and threw his weight upon her. "Muahmuahmuahmuahmuahmuahmuahmuah~!" Khrona made kissies all over her face like a little kid, thoroughly enjoying the pleasant company of his sweetie back in his arms again. It had been quite a long time and he worked very hard to get her back, so of course when he had the time to give her even the slightest bit of affection, he was gonna do it.

Khrona: "I'm so happy that you're here~! Now we can do all of these fun things together and we can fix all the Insanities and all go to Peace together~! Yaaay~!"

We see where Trinity gets her happy-go-lucky wild and free spirit from. Khrona was pretty childlike himself at times. And speaking of...

"... Eh? Wait..." something popped up into his head... That baby-like planet he made a long time ago whilst mastering his restrictions that he skipped time to complete!! If the world was replaying as that scenario was happening, then...

Khrona: "... Oh my God, I think we're going to have to find that one little planet I made somewhere in Deep Thought."

Khrona's overexpressive cuteness made Tsuki smile and turn away from him, leaning to the side playfully as though she were trying to get away from him, but still stayed snug in his arms. She accepted his kisses for a while, then returned a few pecks of her own every now and them whenever she got the chance to. But then something hit Khrona and he stopped showering her with his once forlorn affections. That's when he said it.

Tsuki: "... A... Planet...?"

Understanding the words that were just spoken to her, she realized that however long ago this was that he created this in Deep Thought meant the more expansive this entity had gotten. What was... What was he thinking?

Tsuki: "... I see now the dire urgency of this situation. If we don't get to that thing soon, something larger than a planet is gonna pop out of your head. Or even worse, it already has grown large and it has already been released from your head."

"I'm feeling the latter, but we'll see what happens." This wasn't something to be talked about in too deep of a discussion right now, this was more of a time of action than anything else, in all honesty. "We can find it easily if it's anywhere within Deep Thought. I'll pinpoint it now. If it even is still here, I'll see it with my eyes." The omniscopic lenses of Khrona's eyes and the Tensei Dojutsu itself were able to adjust themselves between a telescopic and microscopic scale in order to view macrocosmic or microcosmic things at will, and therefore, he adjusted to view the entire radius of Deep Thought's ever expansiveness, whilst their still resonant wavelengths were made to pulsate outward as far as they could, as though scanning for another trace of life within this realm that was not themselves in this creation realm. But of course, his eyes did gleam.

Khrona: "Gotcha. Omoshiroi."

He viewed where this planet was located and just how far off it was before taking his mistress's hand, "... Let's go, babe~!" With a wink of his single eye in view out from under his hair did he zip through the vastness of the cosmos toward where his first planet was born.

Without much else she could really do in this situation, she was about to get herself wrapped up in one of Khrona's things that he just let roam free haphazardly... As she was sure was the custom around here, considering what was going on currently.

Tsuki: "... Oh lord. Wonder what's gonna happen this time...?"

She inquired as though she actually didn't know... Which, truthfully, she didn't. It was all up in the air with him, and anything could happen at any given moment. It made her all the less... Bored with this place, though. Someone who could match her power to do anything just the same way. A match made in heaven.

Tsuki: "... It better be beautiful, too."

Tag along on one of his previous adventures, she guessed...

In little to no time at all, the two soared clear across the abysmal expanse of seemingly emptiness, only to abruptly come to a stop once making it over a clearing. Khrona was shocked and amazed at what he saw... for just around the bend was an entire omniverse, swallowing up all of the darkness by filling it with itself. The area that he and Tsuki once were in was actually a lot smaller than they realized, and even that small space seemed like an infinite abyss, in and of itself.

Khrona: "Oooooooohhhhh dear lord. It's already... Gotten this large...?"

The realm itself was no longer just a planet, but an entire alternate realm filled with its own alternate realms and the like. A sentient evolving existence, which had simply been festering and growing exponentially all the time he left it. As he drifted by, he eventually came to see tiny little specks of light forming around him, like little fireflies...

Khrona: "Are these... Stars!? Or maybe... Lost souls...?"

Well, what did he expect when he made a planet of Khronas? Not only that, they had been stuck in a time loop all this time, too... All he could do was watch as whatever universe he stepped into formed itself around him.

Khrona: "... These little guys work fast, don't they?"

But still, there was something missing. Regardless, this was only an imaginary realm so far, a land unexplored by the young Khronalings yet. That meant that it had yet to be established by them, and thus were things they couldn't focus on if they were still of unconscious unity. However, this Khrona being a greater extension of them, could serve as he who established what they had not. It was like the creator of one's own world coming back to check on their progress.

As they drifted, they would pass through everything with ease, their forms altering to the sheer force of their fully conscious intent. This meant that changing their size and shape at any given moment just because they wanted it was capable, here. That being said, Khrona and Tsuki eventually reach the land that was created and realizes that it bore a striking semblance to the realm he created outside... The Veritas. But not just that place... It seemed like a mixture of a few more places, as well... That made him... Wonder about some things.

A world full of Khrona's spawns, all mindlessly walking around the surface of their planet, cultivating their minds, bodies and souls by simply interacting with each other and being allowed to evolve as they will. They were all like little cells, consciously working away. All of them were mere constructs harboring pieces of the larger consciousness and larger soul that was his seed growing within the planet. It was just waiting for the trigger...

Khrona: "Trigger? What trigger?"

Unbeknownst to him, as he thought, he immediately connected to the piece of his consciousness that rested in the planet, which sounded as nothing more than his thoughts telling him everything he needed to know. Like faint whispers of subtle narration in his ears...

???: 'Only you will know. I will guide you.'

And suddenly, he was given instant guidance as to where to go by utilizing the knowledge that was collected by this planet over the course of time it progressed. Being immediately accepted as an integral part of the entire system, he was greeted immediately by the unified unconscious that knew his presence despite the conscious that did not.

???: 'Welcome home... We missed you, father...'

Though they couldn't hear themselves thinking these things, Khrona knew. Because he was the consciousness of all of them, he could hear their collective unconscious speaking as well. The only conscious one in a realm of what one could call lifeless vessels. He knew what his mission was.

He was the one to make the change in his own planet. By returning to it and sharing everything with them.

Khrona: "Who is that talking...? Or... Narrating... at me...?"

Khrona: He who is the chosen one, who is you, as is me, as are we. By establishing a link with me, you share all you know not only with me... But also with them, and all connected to them, as well. This is why all of your questions are answered immediately in your head... Answer-Seeker.

The collective subconscious that was the planet remained dormant, only speaking when spoken to by Khrona, not yet ready to emerge from incubation just yet. Not until Khrona reached the Third Restriction. He continued to allow both he and his lover to be guided to their destination, surfing the wavelengths as they may without drawing any attention to themselves; to the unconscious that were the 'sleeping Khronas' so to speak, they would only sense these two as ghosts, when they were really just in wavelength form.

Passing over the land and watching the little Khronalings do as they did naturally, it would seem like they were just mindlessly doing whatever they wanted. "Seems like these guys are kinda... relatively unconscious." It kinda made him sad, and it made them seem lifeless and purposeless. "Like zombies walking around... Doing the bidding of a higher power" He couldn't bear the sight of it. He had to wake these beings up and give them some life; looking at them droning away as they were was simply too much for him. It was like watching himself be a slave to his unknowing, which thereby made it seem like he was enslaving part of himself just because they were unaware of the truth, and he simply could not have that, no, not at all. "Well, how do I establish said connection completely, then?"

Khrona: In order to establish this connection, you must first find the one that is rightfully supposed to harbor your intent; made specifically for the purpose of becoming one with you. Only one is completely receptive to you and all that you are, and he who is shall be your soul's new vessel. And he shall be known as Khrona Tensei. This vessel has been waiting for your arrival for many, many years... As has this planet.

Still traversing the wavelengths, guided by the planet's consciousness, Khrona and Tsuki would be taken to the young man that slept soundly in his dreamland, his mind completely open and ripe for Khrona to enter. This boy's mind was so open, he could literally see it pouring out from his head... Something that Khrona was known to do.

"So this is the me of this world... The True Me, rather, of the Third Restriction..." Looking at this kid was actually pretty awe inspiring, and just wondering what would happen once these two merged was all the more exciting. "... For so long, he has just been waiting for me to combine with him and share the strength of the First and Second, as well as master the Third as one. That's... pretty clever of me, honestly."

He will be the key to saving this planet... And then you will reach the Fifth Restriction. Control the planet in the Third. Master the planet in the Fourth. Exist in the Fifth and Third simultaneously. Does this make sense to you, Creator...?

Khrona: "Yeah. Well, I guess we've got nothing left to do but--"

Wait. There was one tiny little bitty issue... He turned his head to Tsuki...

... And she turned her head back to him, thinking the exact same thing. There was only one vessel, yet there were two of them. She wasn't entirely sure of what to do here.

"... Um..." she muttered, questioning whether to speak up, "... What about me?" She was able to hear everything that was going on, too, being connected to Khrona and all. Thus, she was also one with this consciousness and could also have it speak to her the same way it spoke to Khrona. Thus, the Answer-Seeker was initiated.

Khrona: You are to share a single form with him for the time being, existing only in this boy's dreams. When the time is right, you will be born in the physical realm by his sharing of thoughts with a vessel equally as receptive as his own... And you will be brought to the Third as well. Such is how you two came to realize you were connected in the first place, through the same exact method in the past. Unless you find the vessel soon, you will remain within his.

In all honesty, she almost forgot that she actually existed in her own realm completely separate from Khrona's own... She was literally no more than a girl that was the Princess of the Dream World, and technically only existed as a sentient dream living inside of Khrona's head for quite the extended period of time. As the Friday the Thirteenth Fairy.

Tsuki: "... Oh yeah. That actually makes a lot of sense..."

But if there was only one vessel that was the 'chosen one' to receive, that meant that there were no others fully as capable of reception. Meaning... She would be inside of this vessel as a dream, yet again. Shit.

Tsuki: "Is there any way for us to make other vessels more receptive?"

Khrona: Yes, but first the connection must be established with the Chosen vessel. All those who receive from the Chosen vessel shall be opened up through connection, and expanded to whatever they wish to limit themselves to. The second Chosen vessel to be crafted for you must be willingly as receptive as the original Chosen vessel. Otherwise, you will not be able to fully inhabit her form, and thus you will have to remain within the original Chosen vessel.

Somehow, she felt like that was going to be a little harder than it seemed... But it shouldn't take too long if they finessed everything correctly.

Tsuki: "... So, find the right girl, open up her mind, slip into it and inhabit her fully. Then Khrona and I do this thing together. Got it."

Still, that meant that first she was going to have to be harbored inside of the original Chosen vessel, first. Well, at least she'd be with her lover in Mind and Spirit, even if Body wouldn't be coming for just a liiiiiittle bit longer.

Tsuki: "And, as Goddess of Dreams and a Baku, once we get inside I can use my powers in tandem with yours and make the overflowing delicious alpha waves become real... And we can just project a physical form for me outside of his mind. Or use the Anatomia to alter yourself or one of these other 'yous' to fit the part, right? These are all valid options, right?"

Khrona: Yes, that is also correct... You two have the power to go about this in whatever way you wish. This is our world, and you two are those with the highest level of awareness, until you seep into the vessel and grant him all of the power of Mind and Spirit you have been cultivating. Then, together, you shall grow the power of the Body within the boy, known as Anatomia. Cultivate the Tree Of Life... This is the end and how this scenario ends is entirely up to the two of you as one.

"C'est la vie. We got this, don't we, baby?" she raised her hand up to Khrona in order to make their special hand sign...

... Of course, without hesitation, Khrona's hand raised to complete the hand sign initiated by his lover, which instantaneously strengthened their connection in every way to each other.

Khrona: "Without a doubt, my love~! Now come. Let us enter the Third Restriction... Together."

Sealing the deal with a kiss, Khrona and Tsuki -- who, whilst within his head would be known as either 'Khrina' or 'Omnia', even 'Shinnia' -- merged into the realm of this young boys dream's as well as established a link between his dreams and reality through the use of their powers in tandem, giving them leeway to freely enter and exit as they so choose. The connection is established.

Khrona: Present Day... Present Time.

The boy awoke from what seemed to be a wondrous dream in a panic, checking to see if everything he went through was actually real. Stunned at first to see that seemingly nothing had changed, it wasn't until he interacted with the outside world that he realized everything he ever dreamed, wished and wanted was starting to come true. And all he had to say was one thing... His first words after rebirth. His name.

Khrona: "KHRONA TENSEI!!!!!"

And with a signature sanguine gleam of his eyes, the connection was reestablished and all memories and shared conscious would return to him, as though it were a system simply waiting to be started up by him. His memories of his past, his dreams, and all that he did in the Veritas vividly flashed before his eyes, fresh in his head as though he'd just done it only moments ago. This sensation was so very nostalgic... To have a true physical form again that was all his own...

Khrona: "... Alright, the connection is established. Now what do we do?"

Khrona: Now you must awaken the other sleeping anarchies... They that are you, but do not yet know... You must wake us up from our sleep. You're still asleep until the entire planet is awake, you know.

Khrona: "... Crap. I seriously thought we could make this a smooth and easy transition. Crap."

Khrona: If it makes you feel any better, it will all just happen naturally as long as you're here, for your brain waves will extend and connect to everyone else's. It just takes a while for the ripple effect to make a complete rotation around the planet and for these waves to come into effect. You can go fuck around if you like.

Khrona: "Now that's much more like it! You sound so much less stiff now, what happened?"

Khrona: Well, when you came back... I woke up. And since I'm awake now, so will everyone else be, very soon. So basically, you can just do whatever you want while you're waiting. Maybe practice up on that Anatomia, while you're here? Brush up on the use of your Soul Energy, maybe? Psychodynatheos? You still have to break in your new body, even if you do have all of your powers from before.

Khrona: "That's a really good idea. This won't take too long, will it?"

Khrona: For as long as it takes for the Third Moon to fall. You will be in the realm of the physical until that time has come, existing as this chosen version of you that will bring this planet to harmony. The Fourth Restriction you is running around here somewhere and the Fifth Restriction you is overseeing ALL of this. So, even though you're in the Third, the you are still connected to those two, as well.

Khrona: "And what about the Insanity?"

Khrona: Technically, because you already purified the Insanity from them, -- considering that they technically exist as your past self -- they are no longer infected with Insanity. They are simply waiting to connect back with you.

Khrona: "Bitchin."

That was all the info Khrona was gonna need for this... Or at least, that was all he really felt like asking. He was all excited again and really wanted to get to experiencing this for himself! Though, he couldn't help but think he was missing something important...

"What about the vessel that exists in the Veritas?" Khrina insisted on asking, the two of them floating around this young one's head.

Khrona: Haven't you realized yet? He who you are inhabiting... Is one and the same with he who is hungry. Just as his connection with all that you two are is most prime. He simply is not aware of his connection... Not fully, yet. However, through your guidance, you two will show him the way.

Khrina: "... That's all fine and good, but if he's connected to Khrona's Body, then how do we establish a connection with that guy?"

Use the items this vessel is gifted with... And you will be able to move him as though he were extensions of you two. Just as you are able to with the one of the Eighth, correct?

Khrina: "... So you've been eavesdropping on us? How much do you REALLY know, huh...?"

Khrona: As much as you two do, remember? Our consciousness is connected and I'm filtering knowledge from you two in order to wake up the planet of sleeping Khronas.

Khrina: "... That makes sense."

There wasn't much left to say after that. Really, all they needed to do was establish the connection between this boy and the Body itself. Then they could move him around freely. But, how could they...?

"Wait!!" he abruptly interrupted, seeming to come to a most useful conclusion, "Tsuki, baby, we can just use a laptop or something, right? I feel like we've done that before..."

Khrona: Yes, this is correct. Your true form, that which exists beyond original creation itself, utilized this in order to take control of events in the Veritas. Technically, you should be able to do the same here on this planet.

Khrona: "Oh sweet, so that just means that we can maneuver him until Trinity finishes that moon and we merge with him."

But there was a final issue that was actually pretty crucial to all of this... Exceedingly crucial, in fact.

Khrona: "Hey, it won't take long for us to awaken this planet, right? Now, you said I could also connect with the Fourth and Fifth restrictions, even though I will remain in the Third. Will this hinder my own processes of entering the Fourth since I'll be talking to me past, or will we just combine and become the new Fourth?"

Khrona: The latter. It matters not which one of yourself you find. If they are you, then you are capable of taking them back into you. Now, where you may not be in the Fourth Restriction yourself, you may utilize the power of your Fourth Restriction Past Self in order to train you and guide you, granting you all of the secrets you need to know in order to control this power. The same goes with the Fifth. Ergo, there shall be Three Khronas present.

Khrona: "Awesome sauce. But wait, one moooore thing... If this planet is filled with my spawn, can't I just make them different parts of me, too?"

Khrona: Essentially, yes, if you want to. Certainly it doesn't matter as long as there is a single trace of you left. In all honesty, you could just merge with them as you see fit and share energy whilst also generating more simultaneously. You do understand that if you are to have them work in proper order once their consciousness is awakened, they will basically just be further extensions of your being, and thus will move to whatever way you deem necessary. They will draw in power, ascend just as you have, and then enter the cosmos that you were just within. Then, they will continue the process.

Khrona: "That sounds amazing. Can you say, 'experience everything all at the same time~?'"

Khrona: Of course I can say that. The question is, can you really DO that?

Khrona: "... Smartass. Look here, just let me and my sweetie handle it. But first, let's find this kid a computerized device. Shouldn't be too hard."

Khrona: And of course, by guidance of Khrona, who gave this vessel the guidance of the planet's will itself, the boy would walk up to the nearest computer and tap away at it.

Khrona: "... Alright. Let's see what that old Grim is up to... Establishing conscious connection link... Now."

And with the press of the 'Submit' button, it was passed off to the Count... In the meantime, Khrona would simply wait for the world to receive the means of all that he knew. Which shouldn't be too long of a period of time.

Of course, as Khrona did his thing, Khrina was not simply sitting by, sleeping on this opportunity. It just so happened that the day that they came back was the day where she was allowed to have full access to all of her powers; her unrestricted day. Friday the Thirteenth had rolled around, and with that, she and Khrona were going to have full control over this world connecting to them, now.

"Khrona. It's time. Black Friday..." she smiled warmly, prodding her fingers together, "... My Birthday." She rolled her eyes cutely to the side as though she were a little embarrassed... Which, she kinda was, but that was beside the point right now. The real point was to guide the vessel. Khrona knew what her birthday wish was... And he was gonna grant it, as she granted his.

Khrina: "Come on. The connection will be complete at any minute. And when it is, I'm going to need to have my vessel prepared. She will be the one that is meant for me, who is meant for you. And we two will be complete!"

She was so excited, she could almost not contain herself... But she did anyway.

Khrina: "I'll manifest the 'Phantasmagoria' necessary to complete this... I'll make a Dream Body for the girl of your dreams... Then, you make the Dream into Reality... and I will move into that vessel and become real."

She started to conjure up her great power of 'Malfortuna' inherent in her race and the Black Friday that she was born from, stirring them into one energetic form.

Khrina: "When I'm done, the merging between worlds will be complete and your connection will be established, as well... This will finally be it. We'll finally be..."

She trailed off happily, mustering up all of the omnipotent energy she could for such an occurrence. Praise be to the Friday the Thirteenth Fairy... Tsuki.

Khrina: "I give my blessing to this vessel and allow all our power to be shared with him to use as he deems fit, forever and always. The Chosen one..."

And now, all Khrona had to do was complete the connection between himself and the Allmaster, and then this would be put to a close.

"Baby, I love you so much." He couldn't help but say it after all they'd done together. Ever since she was pulled from her world of dreams and into his world, he hadn't the chance to fully integrate her into this reality. Her ties were with her world, not his, and the only way to bring her fully was to take her entire world and merge it with his. That was nothing difficult to do... Especially not on this day. Anything for her, otherwise the two of them would never truly be together again.

Khrona: "Let's go. Activate connection link."

At that very moment at that point in time, as that boy typed away at the computerized device, -- whatever it may be at whatever time that is -- he would establish a hyperlink connection to it, to the planet and to both Khrona and Khrina within him. The portal is open.

Khrona: "Yes!! Dimensional Gate is open!!! Clear the air waves, clear all air waves!!! It's time to BLAST AWAY!!"

Friday's world, the 'Dream World', was going to be pulled down and merged with the Real World that was the Veritas, thus combining the land of Dreams and Reality as one thing for eternity. This was the extent of his love for her.



Suddenly, an enormous black hole opened up in the sky, as if something had penetrated the reality barrier it was encased in and a mirror version of the world that they were in would appear before them. This was it; the Dream World that Friday hailed from. And now...


The two worlds were coming together. As Khrona called for the 'Impact,' the Vessel would feel the power of he himself, Khrona, Khrina, and Thanytoz all connecting in tandem. All the boy could think was 'This is my complete true self...?' Before it happened. He would return to being one; Khrona, the vessel and Thanytoz. This connection triggered the combination of all of them at one, thus connecting all of their powers at once. And having that sort of power, he remembered immediately what the first thing to do is.

Khrona: "Connection established. Calling forth the Fourth."

Holding a single hand up in the air, he snatched the wavelength message shot on the connected wavelengths of the planet and began to go to work. The inner answering ability he had was working to perfection. In his hand were a series of ancient Grimoires and other lost lore from around the planet, as though they'd been swiped from wherever they were presently and all brought to his location all at once. It would be then that all was explained to him.

Khrona: Welcome, Chosen One, to your world. You are now directly connected to the planet, all of the wavelengths and vibrations coursing about the planet, all of the inhabitants on the planet as well as the energies of the planet in all their forms. The Fourth has provided for you a special 'Card System' that will function as the controls for this planet. This is a system that will give you answers straight from the Fourth, the Fifth, control events going on in the Planet, create your own, destroy them or learn about them. You are the ruler. Mastering this 'Card System' is key, and you must lead your people to salvation before their time of reckoning is at hand. The more you use the cards, the more the Fourth Restriction AUTOMATICALLY integrates into your body. By the end of this, you will ascend to the Fourth Restriction and no longer need the cards. Then, you must go about learning to master your powers in the Fourth before ascent into the Fifth. Remember, all is for you.

Khrona: "Excellent, just what I like to hear. Now... In order for everyone to get their consciousness back, they're all gonna have to... Wake up. And waking up will mean destroying their dreams... But, even so, it will also bring their dreams down here, for their consciousness will become uplinked to the one of this world, and thus allow everyone to become connected. Thus, everyone will, in turn, get exactly what they want... Instead of roaming around like mindless idiots all day."

Khrona shrugged his shoulders. The connection wouldn't take too long at this point. Now all he needed for her was a vessel of her own... Shaping her body from the Phantasmagoria into a shape most pleasurable to both Khrona and Khrina, the vessel was set. All it took now was the Final Impact... The worlds colliding. Heaven falling upon the Earth. Yes... This Planet would know ascent into Heaven. It was all up to Friday... Rather the Friday the Thirteenth Fairy, to seal the deal with the wrapup.

Khrona: "FINISH THE JOB, BABY!!! *MUAH!* <3"

"Got it," she said as the caught the frame. The portal appearing above was the Dream World itself, the realm that one could call the place where the consciousness of the Earth and all the people on this planet here go to. By calling forth a connection, this would mean that the entire world that was made by the consciousness of these Dream Worlders were going to return to their vessels and become a reality. With a mental connection established, everyone's masks would come off and each person would become who they truly are, and all would begin to come into order, balance, peace and harmony all on its own. The Dream would become Reality, and there would be no more boundary within the barriers. No longer would the people run around like mindless idiots, but they would all become attentive and aware, more thoughtful and selfless, having nothing more to look for internally within themselves. Nothing lost. Nothing dark that they needed to figure out. Humans were quite the creatures, always discovering new things. However, if they did not know themselves, they would always continue to look for more things. Most do not get the opportunity to do this and end up dying before they can even find out who they are, thus never ever being able to begin life truly. They simply are alive, but have not started life until they know who they are. Thus, this impact would give everyone knowing of their PROPER place in the world at all times. It is time for this place to run as a super unit toward a common goal. Time to become larger than the planet...

Friday: "Shifting gears. Triple Thirteen... Awaken."

The Forbidden Triple Thirteen; that which was only capable of being used by she on the day of Friday the Thirteenth. God Mode. And at that moment, with a goodbye kiss to her lover inside of his vessel, would the Friday the Thirteenth Fairy slip out of his mind and into the vessel she was meant to be in immediately. She would retain all of her memories and feelings, as well as be gifted with the shared use and powers of the Chosen One, as well.

Friday: "Thank you... You've done so much for me already... You really love me a lot, huh...?"

Khrona: More than you know.

Friday: "I know... And I love you just the same."

Khrona: I know.

She giggled to herself, then kissed him deeply once more before shooting out of the vessel and into the Phantasmagoria, granting her power to it. She would awaken with a surge of energy that one would think to be a simple shiver up the spine, before the information would simply pour into her... All of the experience from Tsuki... Her time with Khrona... Her life previously as Titania... About everything. She and Khrona were one now in Mind, Spirit and Body. The Dream World and the Real World were now one and the same thing.

All she could do as she stood there before Khrona in the flesh, staring at him through the perfect vessel she cooked up in her Dream World and she in his perfect vessel he cooked up and made into reality for her, and they simply stared at him deeply in the eyes with so much pent up passion and joy that she couldn't even speak. She was speechless... But so much was going on inside.

Friday: "... I love you. *muah* "

Khrona: "Happy Birthday, my lovely Friday The Thirteenth Fairy. I love you with all my heart. Praise be~!"

... A remarkable feat indeed, to see this entire thing come together so seamlessly and fluidly; to watch her form in his arms before him and know that for once, she was here to stay forever and always. She looked into his eyes and he looked into hers, feeling the same speechless passion that he could barely contain himself.

Khrona: "Trinity made it to her moon okay. That means that the Third Impact has started. The one of the Body. Now our Minds and Spirits are one with our bodies. And the best thing is... It'll happen the same way for everyone else, too!"

He smiled, kissing her forehead cutely, "All we have to do is sit back and watch. Together. Forever~! Double Chillaxin Mode for the both of us, huh lovey~?" He squeezed her tight, not wanting to let her go. Now there was no way that the two of them weren't going to be connected ever again. Now that they established the foundation, they would only continue to grow up together, holding each others hands just the same as they had been the entire time. She was guiding him in his dreams and he was guiding her in reality. How cute their love is... And how lovely that it can finally be in the same realm.

"Alright... Now it's the Allmaster's turn. We can relax and he'll handle the rest from here." And with that, Khrona would walk off with his lover in his arms, out of the room and into the world, so they could shape it to their liking... Together.

---Meanwhile, The Phantom would watch over Trinity's travels to the Third Moon---

In what one would think a split second, the flickering Phantom appeared overhead the realm cast in darkness, Terra Gris, and just above the glowing green moon hovering above the black dome. This was Trinity's moon... This was the beginning of the merge between this world and the other. The Third Restriction. The Third Moon.

Without her realizing what occurred, The Phantom flickered out and down toward the ground after dropping the girl off right where she needed to be at the time. He wouldn't even allow her to notice his presence, and she would likely be confused about what happened. Slipping in and slipping out in the scintilla of the blindness that was within the normal perception of living beings. Since Trinity wasn't paying attention, it would probably all look like her just warping randomly on her own, as she was prone to doing, anyway. Had to take that into account.

The Phantom: 'Phew. Alright, the EASY part is done... Now let's go see what the hell I called to go face the duo...'

Not a moment to lose, just as quickly and silently as the Phantom manifested would he slip once again into the shadows of the unnoticed and stride upon the universal wavelengths back to the location of Matsuo and the Master Guardian...

The last thing Trinity felt was the connection between she and her two bodyguards severing before she ended up somewhere entirely new. Looking around a little bit lost and still a little upset that things were not going well for her and her mission, Trinity *sniffed* a few more times before looking down to see where she was.

"... Mmm...? How did Trinity..." she muttered, starting to get the gist of where she was now, "... Get here?"

Though initially dazed and confused, as she hadn't seen anything happen under the watering of her eyes previously, she just figured she probably warped there on her own and wrote it off for nothing. "Oh well~! Trinity is here now!! And that means..." Her sadness was wiped clean immediately and the girl's joyous spirits were renewed. With an explosive burst of energy behind her, she cried out with glee, "THAT TRINITY MADE IT TO THE DESTINATION!!! YAY! SHIN HISUTSUKIYOMI~~~!!!"

She took no hesitation in hopping straight into the Jade Moon, wondering what would occur once she entered...

The Phantom's trail led here, and then the girl's trail led to the Jade Moon. Now Master Guardian was curious, he hadn't seen something like this before -- in fact, this whole darn tree was just something he'd never seen before. Thus without further waiting, Master Guardian sped towards the Moon, following the energy signature left behind by Trinity.

Once Trinity jumped into the Jade Moon, she would fall through a white void for a while, drifting about.

Trinity, a voice called out to her, "This is your world given to you by your father. This world will become whatever you want it to be. Just wish for it, and it will be granted..."

Wherever they ended up now was all up to Trinity...


She clapped her hands together and smiled, unknowing that the Master Guardian was following behind her.

When Master Guardian entered the Moon, he saw Trinity, the Void and well nothing else. After falling into the Void, the Master Guardian would dispel his Tactical Arms, that way it's harmful particles didn't hurt the girl. Was Master Guardian being nice because he had a soft spot for children or was he being nice to get information out of her, or could it be he wanted to see what this sphere was and stuff> He stayed his distance, if distance meant anything in here and waited.

"If that is your wish," Tina said to her from beyond, "Then that is where I will connect you. Travel my webs and connect to their world, as it is pulled and merged in with yours. Enjoy."

And so, the realm within Deep Thought that Trinity's parents were in currently would be connected to through one of Tinasanti's cosmic connecting spider webs signature to the Octogod, traveling along the wavelengths and ensnaring the land in the crystalline thread. The planet would undergo a cocooning process, turning into some sort of chrysalis, before it was yanked from the abysmal creation realm of Deep Thought and pulled straight into the Veritas; that world became the Jade Moon, and so was Trinity's land to govern.

Before her very eyes, she would see the entire planet... Rather, the entire unexplored omniverse that was created by her Father for her. Now what was once merely a Dream would become Real and merge with the Real World... The Jade Moon.

Tinasanti: "This planet is still undergoing maturation, but it seems as though it is ready to hatch. What would you like to name your world?"

"Ooo~!" she squealed as she watched the connection process go under way. It was all pretty and cosmic and cool. "Heeheehee~! Can't wait~! Can't wait~! Miss mommy... Miss daddy..." It was only up to the point where the planet wrapped up tight in a transparent crystal one would think to be one of its many layers appeared before her and she was asked to give her realm a name that she promptly decreed "Earth!! That's what that place is already, isn't it!?" True as she may be, that wasn't its official name until given by she. Thus, that was what she deemed it to be. Her own planet that she could rule over!

"YAAAY!!! This is where Mommy and Daddy are, right!? Trinity wants to see them both~! Both of them together~! YAY YAY YAY!!!"

She continued to hover in space, waiting for Tina to do what its stuff~~!

As Earth appeared, the Master Guardian's HUD would instantly light up telling him, everything, everyone, all there was to know about what was the far past in the universe he was from. Was this a dream, an illusion, something created by...? No, how would someone from the Lost World know about Planet Terra, The Blue Marble, Home, Humanities Birthplace...? EARTH. How could this be? Was this the true power of the Tensei at work...?

"My body, long thought to be ruined, consumed, swallowed by humanity's greed and lust for resources." Master Guardian's WarHammer would say as it began to glow a spiritual blue color.

"Then this is, it can be no other!" Master Guardian would say looking down at the sphere, now ignoring anything but what was racing through his head.

"Earth!" they would both say, pretty much stunned at it being there.

From the outside of this world, Tina would guide both Trinity and Master Guardian down to the planet Earth where Trinity's parents reside, as well as guide her parents to them. Afterwards, Tina spoke out to Trinity, "Young Tensei. Take this doll woven of the very fabrics of the dimension itself. This is your link to us whenever you need us." A small little plush toy would appear in her hands, strung together by many crystalline threads. "Two more shall be made for your Mother and your Father. Give these to them when you meet and may all three of you remain connected to us wherever you may be." Just then, two more similar, yet extremely different dolls would be sewn together by the Octogod and given to Trinity upon her departure.

Tinasanti: "Now, go... Engage with this planet and cleanse it of its inequities...
That is the mission of the Third Moon..."

And with that, Master Guardian and Trinity would be placed with Khrona and Khrina.

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Trinity was excited to get herself a nice and cute little doll to play with. She squeezed it and threw it up and down, before getting two more that were for her mother and father.

Trinity: "YAAAAY! Thank you Tina~! Trinity is very grateful!"

She bowed deeply, "OKAY BUH-BYE NOW!!" And with that, she was shot straight down to Earth, where her parents were currently roaming about, along with Master Guardian, whom she still hadn't noticed behind her.

"Good! Excellent work, Trinity!!!" a familiar voice called out to her as she finally touched down to the Earth, right before her parents, who had been waiting for her for a while now.

Khrona: "I presume that if you're here, then all is complete?"

Khrona, with Khrina in his arm, would look to Trinity... And then to the man that was behind her. He looked familiar.

Khrona: "... Master Guardian...? What are you doing here?"

As Master Guardian descended to earth, in particular, Chicago, Illinois, he came to a stop where Trinity was only to find Khrona there. Once there he set his hammer upon the ground letting it's Gaia, return to the Earth, it's body. Once Gaia was back, Master Guardian would turn to Khrona.

"Making sure the kid wasn't in danger," Master Guardian would say feeling the strength of Earth flow through his entire body as Gaia flowed through the planet.

Trinity, relatively clueless about everything that was going on, did nothing but jump into the arms of her mother and nuzzle her gently.

"Mommy~! Daddy~! Trinity has some gifts for you!" She immediately pulled out the two dolls that were given to her by Tina and then gave those to each of her parents.

She turned around awkwardly, not even realizing that she had been followed by Erik at all, but at least he was there.

Trinity: "Yeah! Yeah! This guy is one of Trinity's bodyguards! The other guy... Trinity doesn't know what happened to him... Mmmm..."

Maybe he died...

Trinity: "But Trinity is here now and now Trinity doesn't know what we're doing!"

"Precisely why I'm here, darling," Khrona said as he grabbed his doll and released Khrina from his grasp, "To get you to the next step. Oh, and by the way, I wouldn't worry too much about the other guy. I'm sure he'll get here at the right time..." Khrona had his 'eyes' watching this sort of scenario, so he wasn't really too worried about everyone coming back together. He immediately placed the doll in his right pocket, then cleared his throat as he spoke to both Trinity and the Master Guardian.

Khrona: "Alright. This world and everything extending from it... Is mine. It was made by me, it is controlled by me, it has grown because of me. Currently, it has merged with the Third Moon, which has brought this realm to the realm of the Veritas. As I have been tending to my planet and cultivating it, waiting for these children to sprout and grow, I have given this place to you, Trinity, as your own personal world, as I have done for everyone in the family. However, the Insanity of the Third Restriction is loose, and for some reason I have not been able to properly pinpoint what or where it is... Since it travels through bodies of others."

Naturally, he knew this was because it was an extension of himself, giving it powers that could allow for such a thing, even against Khrona. He noticed that the Master Guardian released the Gaia into the Earth, as apparently it was part of this planet. 'Hm... Could this mean...?' But before he finished his thought, he completely dismissed it and continued on.

"Ahemhem. Anyway, that is your mission from henceforth, Trinity and Master Guardian. Find this Insanity and let me know when you do. Me and lovey here will handle it from there." He turned and smiled at his lover, then down to Trinity, then moved to Master Guardian, "Now Master Guardian, I want you to protect my little girl with your life, you understand me? Fighting any level of my Insanity is no easy task nor laughing matter. Things could get pretty serious. Do you think you're ready to handle such a task?"

Khrona knew that if the Insanity of the Third Restriction got to Trinity, then she would probably become corrupt and end up going Insane. As it currently stood, Trinity did not have any Insanity nor had she ever been afflicted by it before, meaning this would be an entirely new experience if she did... Something Khrona was not looking forward to seeing happening at all.

After Gaia would soon return to the Gaian WarHammer, just as he thought, the Billiam and Master Guardian from the 'Ages Universe' where they came from where no where to be found on this one. EVERYTHING else was exactly how it was, even the material originally used to forge the Gaian Hammer was where it was when Master Guardian and a team of geologists uncovered it. It was interesting... "I can do so," Master Guardian would say. Normally he put himself above others, showed his hate for sentient life, but there was something about Khrona that just reminded him about his former master, and that was a person highly respected by the Master Guardian. "I know of someone who has a fragment of the Insanity you seek, maybe that could be of some use," he would say.

"Ooooooh," Trinity replied as though she were only half-certain of what it was that she was just told, "Oh-Okay Daddy. We're gonna go fight Insanity!! Yay!" Trinity clapped her hands happily, then immediately realized that she didn't know what the Insanity was like nor where it was.

"Annooo..." she prodded her index fingers together, looking from side to side, "... Daddy, where is the Insanity we're looking for...? What is it like...?"

"A very good question, my daughter!! As expected of one of my children!!" He applauded her thoroughly, before clearing his throat and continuing, "Quite. Yes, well then. The Insanity that you're looking for goes by the name of... Grimnyzmal." This was the most important part of the information, so he had to make sure that Trinity got everything.

"Pay very, veeery close attention, Trinity... Alright? Grimnyzmal looks like this." Khrona projected the image straight into Trinity's mind, which should have immediately projected outside of her mind since she's got a little lack of control over her powers right now... But, it would allow for Erik to be able to see his face, too. Killing two birds with one stone.

"Okay, so when you see him, I want you to put this mask on him. Make sure you do this as swiftly as possible. If this is not timed to ABSOLUTE PERFECTION, you may miss your chance to put the Third Restriction mask on him." At that moment, Khrona materialized a mask out of thin air and gave it to Trinity.

Khrona: "Remember, find him and make him touch the mask. The mask will do the rest of the work from there."

Then, once Restricted, Khrona could finish the synchronization completely... And then the next battle could begin...

Khrona: "So. Got all of that?"

Master Guardian knew of Grimzynmal through the Commander and knew that he wasn't the kind of person to piss off. But that's exactly what the Master Guardian was going to do. "Interesting," is all the Master Guardian would say further.

Trinity waited patiently with an open mind and observant eyes for her father to give her the answer to her question. The image was projected on the link between she and her father into her head, where she would see and then nearly immediately project the picture as a hologram of sorts outside of her mind.

Trinity: "Ohhh! This is what he looks like, Daddy?! He looks kinda like you... but with black hair..."

Trinity wasn't sure why the resemblance between this guy and her father was so... Similar, but whatever the case may be, she knew what he mission was and she was gonna do it!

"YAY! Alright, Trinity is running the show now!" she'd exclaim with enthusiasm, pointing out and up to the sky whilst taking the mask with her other hand, "LET'S GO FIND GRIMNYZMAAAAL~!!!"

Trinity wasn't entirely sure of how to locate him or where he could even be, but those types of things didn't really matter to her. All she heard was 'Mission' and 'Target', and that's all the little girl really needed, at this point.

Trinity: "Come on, big hammer guy! Let's go!"

Pointing in some arbitrary direction, she whooshed off down the street of the Chicago area, just about as happy as a clam and with no clear-cut knowledge of what she was going to do next.

Trinity: "WHEEEEE~!"

Master Guardian observed the image of this guy and noted that he changed from the time the Commander collected data on him. As Trinity whooshed away, Master Guardian, too would follow, and with that he aimed his hammer towards her, allowing Gaia within it to control the winds and air to surround him and shoot him in her direction. He didn't even bother to use his wings like he did before. The entire time he would think about how much this world, this time period, was a disgust. Humanity changed since then and now in the universe Master Guardian was from, but not by much in his eyes...

Khrona smiled, waving lovingly at his little precious gem as she flew away, accompanied by her personal bodyguard. "Have fun~!" He cried out to the both of them before they went on their merry way.

Once they were gone, Khrona smirked and cracked his fingers, turning to his rather silent companion and smiling, "Alright. It's about time for the next part of this sequence... Seems like all of them are now connected to me and the planet. All we have to do is guide them and officially dominate this planet completely."

Honestly, that was easier said than done, considering that all of these connected 'Khrona spawns' still had their own free wills and minute access to powers they had yet to truly understand. But as long as he had the card system that would eventually lead him to the Fourth Restriction, which these Khrona Spawns were forbidden from reaching, as well as a direct connection to the planet AND the Fifth, it should not take too long, and he wouldn't have to do much of anything. They would all begin to move around naturally at just his thought. He was the silent mastermind, even if no one else knew yet.

Khrona: "Alright. World Domination. How do we do that on this planet 'Earth?'"

Honestly, money and social status are what thrive in this corrupt realm. To conquer, essentially you must be rich and popular. Or, you could easily just use your powers. None have any defense against you, the original. They are all your humble servants that move to your command... Think you can manage the movement of an entire planet in your favor?

Khrona: "PSH. Easy. There may be some resistance, but if I set off the right chain of events... Eventually, the chain reaction of causation will come full circle and we won't have to do much except for look for those key points of causality."

Yet, there was also another concern of his... About his lover. She and he would speak on that later, though.

Khrona: "Anyway, how do we acquire this... 'Money?'

"That has already been set into motion," Tsuki would say, having been viewing the events of that world for quite some time from the guise of the moon. "The Harvest Moon served as a connection point between our world and that, and whilst you were making your moves talking to Trinity and Erik, I was handling my own business silently by distributing my power to that realm through the Vessel. Money is already on the way."

She sighed, feeling actually very drained from it all. She grew weak and tired, for it took a lot out of her to make such events occur as they should whilst Khrona took care of monitoring and guiding things along. They were a powerhouse couple that couldn't be stopped.

"Phew... I'm really tired..." she had to admit with an exasperated sigh. She fell over toward her lover, knowing that she would be caught by him without any hesitation. Such was the strength of their bond in all its forms. "All of the key points of connection and causality have been hit by my energy, so all that needs to happen now is for their linear time to play it out... I've already set up the points using both of our energy. There is no stopping it from happening now..."

She closed her eyes, knowing that time was moving differently in the parallel world.

Tsuki: "Soon, our timelines will synchronize and we'll become the same world... Our times will flow in tandem and we will no longer be separate beings from our physical vessels on Earth... And we'll be together again... All three of us... in all ways, shapes and forms..."

She'd given up quite a bit in order to make this happen, but there was no regret about it.

Tsuki: "... Wealth... Status... Love... Happiness... And super powers... All are going to be given to them on Earth... And we made it possible, baby...! Isn't this... Wonderful?"

She really was quite tired. With all the power she and he had together, after providing a direct link and expending so much for so long in that world, regardless of how instant the effects were here, in that world, it had been many months. It was like how time moved differently in a dream, not matching the time of movement in the world of 'Reality' so to speak.

"I can't wait... For the Worlds to come together as one..." she muttered as she nodded off, nuzzling his chest as she drifted into a tired slumber. "Mmm... I love you..."

Awaiting the answers to his questions, it didn't take long for him to get the response he was looking for, and from his lover, no less! After hearing what she said and catching her in his arms, Khrona was... Well... Absolutely ECSTATIC about EVERYTHING that was about to occur!

Khrona: "Wha... You were... All this time you... AHA!!! To be expected of my match! Already on the ball, just like me! Oh, baby, I love you so MUCH~! *muahmuahmuahmuah~!!!*"

He kissed her many times as she drifted off to sleep, and he allowed her to do so as he cradled her in his arms. She'd done so much for him in this time... And he was very happy to have someone by his side doing things on one end whilst he worked on the other. The two of them were unstoppable.

"Sleep well, my darling..." And with a final kiss to her forehead, he encapsulated the both of them in a crystalline sphere of which could be considered a 'bed' or 'cocoon' of sorts that would transform the two of them from the Third Restriction into the Fourth Restriction when the time was right. All things were necessary, and now he just needed the power of the Mind, Body, and Soul to come together and be harnessed as one... And then, that power would immediately be brought to him, allowing for the two of them to become the Fourth Restriction.

Khrona: "Mmm... Now all we have to do is wait... Even though I'm pissed about how long it took for things to start moving in the other world... The closer we get to there, the faster things start moving there, too... So I'm not worried. We're at the point of no return. No going back now. Hmhmhm."

But, things still weren't so simple, for he had to start putting things in divine order, as was his part to play in all of this. They weren't there until they were there, and this was the TRUE home stretch.

Khrona: "You made a way for me, lover, and now that I can see the path, I'm gonna crystallize it and take us forward... So we can be together in the Third Dimension as well... and everyone else can enter the Third, too..."

He thought of the love he felt for all his companions... His brothers of the Twelve... His trusted friends of the Veritas... And most of all, the love of his darling Tsuki and his precious Trinity... And a light would shine from the crystal cocoon, which was the power of the Crystal Heart radiating from within and without.

Khrona: "We're all gonna make this jump together. The Sister who harbors the Crystal Heart... It's time for her to make her move. And not only that... But I see through the eyes of Trinity... That the Dark One has finally emerged... And filled with all of the Seven Insanities, no less. Hmhmhm..."

Though he was concerned for the safety of his darling precious gem, that wasn't too much of an issue since he had the Card System in play. He could protect AND teach Trinity how to use her powers all at once. It was about time to begin this battle with the Insanity of the Third Restriction. When it was bound and masked, it would immediately start the Rise of the Fourth Moon, and open up the way for the Fourth Restriction.

"There he is... Alright, Trinity... Daddy's gonna send some Cards your way. Your bodyguards should be there soon. I'll help the three of you fight this monster..."

Khrona could barely believe what kind of evil lurked inside of his body... But he knew that this was the Insanity that was left uncontrolled. He knew what lurked deep inside of him, even if he didn't like it sometimes. That was why... He was going to stop it.

"Time to draw... Summon the Power."

And so, he took hold of the Cards in hand... And sent them through his Daughter as a conduit. The events would play out there as he and Tsuki regained their strength.

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