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 Daddy's Precious Gem

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Jade Moon, Daddy's Precious Gem :: Third Tenseingel; Peace of the Dawn

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PostSubject: Daddy's Precious Gem   Daddy's Precious Gem EmptyFri Oct 23, 2020 10:00 am

The story of Shinity, daughter of Shinrona.

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Jade Moon, Daddy's Precious Gem :: Third Tenseingel; Peace of the Dawn

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PostSubject: Re: Daddy's Precious Gem   Daddy's Precious Gem EmptyFri Oct 23, 2020 10:07 am

First Precious Gem: Number 21; The World

After his engagement with Tifa in his chambers, Tear fixed himself up nice and proper to enter the World Gate, which belonged to Trinity, the Young Mistress. She had been experiencing life in The World so far, lost and confused about all such energies she was experiencing. Her sudden split into her 'Yin' and 'Yang' forms not only split her power, but her consciousness in half, and she was probably in need of some guidance after her long rest.

"Ojou-chan?" Tear called out, knocking on the door, creaking it open to check on the sleeping princess, "I have come to see if you are well. It's almost time for you to see your Father." She knew her Father of the Fourth, energetically speaking, however had not yet met her Father of the Fifth, of whom she was SUPPOSED to be with. The time for such was coming soon, but only once she, too, acquired the Fifth and could be allowed to see her True Family. Tear, too, was technically 'her father,' but not in the same Restriction, and thus, not in 'Truth.' "I am coming in," he'd say as he stepped inside and closed the World Door behind him.

Having been asleep for what seemed like an eternity, upon the gates of the World Door opening, a flood of energy seeped into her enclosed chambers and immediately awoke the young mistress from her deep slumber. "Mmm... Mmm...?" She rubbed her eyes sleepily, remembering only faintly what happened when she split into 'Yinity' and 'Yangity,' as well as bits and pieces of what they were getting right at that very moment. "... Ohhh... Is it time for Trinity to be... Awake now...?" She wasn't sure exactly what was going on, but she'd been depleted of most of her energy after the stunt she pulled and only rest for an extended period of time had restored her, and not completely, at that. She rose from her pink little princess bed, looking around, trying to figure out just what was going on and what she was supposed to be doing.

Tear approached the bedside and smiled at her with his signature deadly nonchalant smile, nodding his head slightly to her in acknowledgement of her words, "Ah, yes, Ojou-chan... It is almost time for you to reach your fully power. You are still weak from the jump, as were your Mother and Father, who had been working tirelessly for the arrangements of the worlds." He had in his hand a juice box hidden behind his back, waiting to give to her as a surprise, "... Your Father of the Fourth, Magnus Ignis, will be summoned shortly, as will Magna Signis, in order to bestow upon your their combined energies to restore your own. They will be giving you a great deal of proper love and affection for you to absorb into yourself and utilize to ascend into the form you were meant to be in; the Fifth Restriction." He didn't expect her to get everything right away, especially being so young AND having just woken up, but that is what he and Tifa were for. "The arrangements are already being made. I'm here to watch you and keep you company until that time comes. What would you like to do...?" His lips parted slightly, the gleam of his pearly whites twinkling in the light for a hot second, as was customary for this dashing debonair bishounen.

"Waaaai~!" she cried out as she received her juice box, "Thank you~!" She put the straw in her mouth and began to drink it, looking up to him and blinking, "... Can Trinity watch cartoons, too?!"

"Yes, you may..." he said with a chuckle, finding her to be just so very cute. He would stand and turn on the TV in her room, changing it to some sort of children's show that she may enjoy, and that would keep her entertained. Tear sensed that it was about time for him to get a move on, especially with the ring of the doorbell at the Gates. "Ahh, excuse me, ojou-chan... I will be getting the door now. Magnus and Magna should be here to tend to you soon... I must take care of business within the school for right now..." He would begin the use of his 'Soul Transmission,' turning his body into pure wavelength, "Excuse me." And would, in a flash, make his way to the Gates.

Fifth Stop

The Unbound Influence surged through The World, letting Friday's Will be done all across the planet. At one point in particular, with Trinity, she would open up a portal and bring the lazy asses of Magnus Ignis and Magna Signis from whatever bullshit they were doing at the time, taking their sweet ass time getting their shit together, and dropping them from wherever they were and whatever they were doing in Trinity's room so that they could get the part of what they needed to do done, since the Fifth Moon had arisen and its energy was actively pouring into the Veritas. With this, they would be able to connect to it and transfer its power through themselves into Shinity, allowing her to awaken in her 5th Restriction Form and visit her True Father, of which needed to happen.

In that, the portal would remain open until the two fell through, but the Unbound Influence was already on its way to the Sixth and Last Stop.

As would have it, Magnus suddenly fell from the portal, with whatever the hell he was doing before being put completely on hold, being brought here by some unknown force.

"... The hell?" he said, trying to figure out what was going on. He only realized what he was supposed to do when he saw Trinity. "... Ohhh... Riiight... Yeah, that's still gotta happen..." He would walk over to her, smiling wide, "AHEM!! Fear not, little girl! Magnus is here to help you with your ascension!"

Following right behind would be Magna Signis, who would gently touch down beside her partner and shake her head. "Honestly, must you be so uncouth?" she'd ask playfully as she went over to Trinity's bed, "Hello, dear... We're here to help you in your ascension process! Isn't that just grand~?"

Trinity was busy watching cartoons and drinking her juice box, as though she were hypnotized by them. At first, she didn't say or do anything, but eventually, when the commercial break came on, she would turn to them and smile big and wide, "YAAAAAY! YOU'RE HERE!!! Now we can do... That thing!!!" Because of Yinity and Yangity harvesting the information for her, she knew what was going on now, and knew what Magnus and Magna's purposes were in all of this. "Trinity is ready whenever you are~!"

Magnus grumbled a bit before heading over to the bed, "Well then! Let's get started, shall we?!" He cracked his fingers and grabbed Trinity's hand, then grabbed Signis' hand, "Let us draw strength from the risen 5th Moon and call it down to Trinity!"

He would focus on his connection between each of the Three Spirits of the Veritas, as well as all of the energy that flowed through the Veritas that was at his command, pulling from them a great deal up from the Dawn, where the Fifth Moon resided now. Closing his eyes, his hair would begin to flare up like fire before shifting between a myriad of different colors, exhibiting the passing of energy through himself and through the Veritas at the same time. He would channel the energy of the 5th, his hair turning golden for a moment, as was what occurred when one enters the 5th, showing that he'd established the connection and was now drawing out the power.

"Alright then... I have the energy... Beginning the transfer..." He would focus the energy he'd acquired on Trinity, pouring his energy of the 4th combined with that of the 5th into her so that she may absorb it and ascend to her 5th Restriction Form without hesitation.

When Ignis was coming around, Signis would smile cutely at him and grasp his hand before grasping Trinity's hand, "Now then, please be careful, little one..." she'd say before closing her eyes and channeling the energy of the Veritas into herself as well. The flowing energy of the 5th Moon was definitely there now; all Tensei could feel when a New Moon has risen, as well as its power and effect on the Veritas, as well as the outside. The Moon of Reality was by far one of the most powerful and revered, and with it, the energy that flowed within the Veritas could now start to make things into Reality as it may.

She would focus this power she was feeling flowing through herself into Trinity, who was low on power and needed to be filled. With both Magnus and Magna working together, they could fill her up fully at the cost about half of their own respectively. Her hair would become a bright gold, showing that she, too, had been connected to the 5th Restriction Energy and could pass it into Trinity along with her own. "Here you are, Trinity... The power of the Fifth Restriction..." with it, she would pass it through to the girl and allow her to ascend to her True form, which Shinity was supposed to be in, anyway. The Fifth Restriction.

"Ooohhh..." Shinity said as she marveled at them draw in their energy. It looked really cool to her! "Wow, you guys are awesome!" she'd say, feeling their powers flowing into her. "You guys somehow make Trinity feel really..." The girl would begin to glow, her hair shifting through many different colors as if drawing in the power of the very Veritas itself, "... Really...!!!" With all of the energy that was flowing through her, she, too, would be exposed to the Fifth Restriction energy that was supposed to be within her in the first place, and she'd burst from the bed in a fit of colorful flower petals charged with numerous elemental energies,


From all around her, a powerful wave of reality warping might sent all of these Elemental Petals shooting outward across the room, growing Elemental Flowers everywhere that her energy had just then burst from. It filled her room with beautiful flowers of each element, and would also be enough to send Ignis and Signis hurdling away from her as she hopped into the air.


She would spin around multiple times in the air before stretching herself out again, literally bursting with energy and sending another reality wave from out of herself that altered each flower to become its opposite element.


"HOLY SHIT!!!" he cried out at the great waves of power emanating from this child in her excitement, "DAMN!!! IS THIS HER TRUE POWER?!" Even Magnus was having trouble standing up to it, and he was the one who gave it to her. She was already generating more power than both he and Magna had given her combined, having taken theirs and doubled it in solely her joy alone.

"No wonder... She belongs in the 5th... Ghh!!" He was knocked back a bit, definitely out of his concentration of the 5th, returning him to his normal power, but stood his ground as the waves of goodness and happiness bent reality to make beautiful elemental flowers grow all throughout the room. "... Huh... This is pretty... Pretty beautiful, actually..." When the waves calmed down, he would kneel down to pick up one of the flowers and enjoy its energy... But as he was about to, another wave hit.

"DAMMIT!!!!" it smacked him right in the face, nearly knocking him on the ground, "SHINITY!!! CALM DOWN!!! YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN!!!" Naturally, one wouldn't expect her to know how to control that overwhelming power... But certainly, no one thought that far ahead... At least, no one here.

"Well then, I guess this should be--" she was cut off by the sudden explosive wave of reality knocking her over and tumbling onto her bum, the suddenness having got the better of her. "BWAH!!! That is... A lot of power!!!" She held a hand up to her face, trying to keep the wave from knocking her further as she braced herself.

When the first wave stopped, Signis sighed, picking herself up and dusting herself off. "Phew! Well, I suppose that means she is prepared for--" Again, before she could finish, she was cut off by another explosive wave of energy, that which would knock her back again due to her surprise. "EEE!!! Shinity!! You... You have to CONTROL yourself!!! Please!!!"

As the young Shinity, having newly awakened her 5th Restriction power released it uncontrollably from herself, a gateway would open up and released Crystal Threads that would bind and restrain she and her power to keep them from bursting out of control, as if timed to collect her when she had awakened. She would be taken to the 5th Moon, where she would learn to use her powers and control them so that something like this did not ever happen again. This would leave Magnus and Magna to the new garden of elemental flowers spread across 'The World.'

The radiant energy released from both Shinity as well as the 5th Moon on the other side of the portal was enough to seep into Magnus Ignis and Magna Signis, respectively, forcing the two of them to undergo, after having such contamination of their energies, purification and magnification into their 5th Restriction Forms. With that, they would rule the World and teach their Three Daughters the power of the 5th, the 6th and the 7th. And they would be known as...

'Shinjigami' and 'Shinigami.'

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PostSubject: Re: Daddy's Precious Gem   Daddy's Precious Gem EmptyFri Oct 23, 2020 10:24 am

Second Precious Gem: The Final Day; Friday the Thirteenth

After the successful Rise of the Fifth moon and acquisition of both the Halo and the Eyes, Shinrona and his family would arrive, with the Moon and the Earth, in the Fountain of Truth, back in the Veritas. Those transported would have no recollection nor goings on of the events, but that was of no real importance at this time. What mattered was... What happened here on the Final Day.

"Alright, dear Family," he began, watching the Fountain sprout its Truth and bathe the Risen Moon in it, "It's about time for the Grand Finale we've all been waiting for." Even he was excited for what was prepared on the Thirteenth and Final Day... Where he passed over inheritance of the Dusk and Dawn to his two daughters, and the ascension of the youngest; Trinity, into her 5th Restriction Form. "Is everybody ready?"

"Yes, dear..." his wife would say, already feeling the power of Magnus and Magna drawing strength from the Fifth Moon, "It seems as though the two of the 4th are already giving her power. We should get ready, as well..."

"Ah, yes," he'd say, using his Eyes to gaze into the realm in which she resided, "She has awakened." The soft 'White Rain' that sifted upon the land, as well as the card that appeared before him 'The Freeze' that signified a pause in time would trap the 'Friday the Thirteenth' and extend it to yet another day, which meant that until this day had come to an end, the Thirteenth Day was still going on into the 14th. "... Hm. We've been given an extension. Well then, that means an entire extra day of Friday the Thirteenth! And with that, it means..." He would open the Gateway into the Delta, right where Shinity was, observing her display her uncontrollable power, "... It's about time I teach my youngest daughter how to control her 5th Restriction Power."

Because of the time extension due to 'The Freeze,' this day would be the same as the day before, as though the two had become one and the same. If not for that, time may have passed them by and left them helpless to his daughter's uncontrollable power. "Thank you... Friday the Thirteenth Fairy..." he'd mutter to someone unseen, before hurling his Crystal Threads out to Shinity to restrain and pull her into the Fifth Moon.

Snatched up by the Crystal threads and brought to the Fifth Moon, which was no longer desolate, but was teeming with live and vivacity just like the Planet Earth, Shinity would smile and kick her legs up happily as she laid eyes on her True Father. "DADDYYYYYYYY!!!" she screamed with joy, wanting to be unraveled so she could see him. "AND MOMMYYYYYY!!!" she'd scream as well once she saw her mother standing beside him. "FAMILYYYYYYY!!!" she cried out once more, happy to be with them. "SHINITY IS NO LONGER ALONE WITHOUT DADDY OR MOMMY ANYMORE!!! YEEEESSSSSSSS!!! ALL OF SHINITY'S WISHES ARE COMING TRUUUUUEEEEEEEE!!! Teeheeheeeeee~!"

"Yes, yes, Daddy's Precious Gem! All according to your Father's ultimate plan." He would praise himself only slightly, nodding his head triumphantly. "As long as we are here on the Fifth Moon, it will remain 'Friday the Thirteenth' in a form of a temporal stasis, until, in fact, we all leave this Moon together."

He knew that the Next Moon would be rising soon; that which would mark the 6th. There wasn't much that needed to be done there, considering the Shinsangels and their Shinsanities were already in place... However, purification was probably in order of a few of them. That, however, could wait until Shinity was taken care of.

"Right then. We haven't much time, my dear, but Father will be unlocking your hidden Shinigami Potential. As you may or may not know, all of us that are in the 5th are 'Shinigami,' which is another reason why we are crowned with the 'Shin' in front of our names." It was an honorific that many Tensei were not able to achieve, however Shinrona had effectively ascertained this honorable title for his three daughters, his wife and himself, which was more than something to be proud of, considering how difficult it was for even a single entity to enter the 5th Restriction, let alone to get 4 there as well as receive the Eyes for he and his wife. He almost wanted to bask in it, but knew that this was nowhere near the time.

Unraveling Shinity from the Crystal Threads, he would stand her up and look to her, kneeling down and staring her directly in her eyes, "Shinity, dear... You're about to be responsible for an entire realm all on your own that Daddy has made SPECIFICALLY for you. Now, Daddy has worked hard to prepare the Earth for you, as well as the Delta, so what Daddy needs YOU to do is... To help prepare yourself!" He would pat her on her shoulder and give her a kiss on the top of her forehead, smiling warmly at her. "You and your sisters will be taking over the Veritas for Daddy and Mommy whilst we watch over you three; Tinasanti. Shinritha has inherited the Dusk. Shiniere shall inherit the Dawn. And you shall inherit the Delta. You three shall be the Three Goddesses of this world and shall watch over it as three separate entities and as one GREATER entity that is Tinasanti, the Trini-T. You three shall be a Tri-Force over the Veritas, and I need you to understand how to work with your sisters and control yourself." He nodded his head to her, a stern, yet compassionate look in his now filled Eyes.

"Do you Understand, my Daughter?"

Shinity, though she wanted to play and explore her powers as widely and openly as she could, would listen to her Father's words when he unraveled her and touched her shoulder, looking into his eyes. She could tell whenever he was being serious and would also become serious, too, because she knew what it meant whenever he was serious about something. She kinda shuffled her feet a little bit, holding her hands behind her back and looking up to him cutely and waited until he was finished, politely, like he taught her, and said, "Yes, Daddy..." She knew what everything meant and understood what he was saying, but she was just itching to go play around with her powers. Especially since they made flowers happen! She wanted to go play with the flowers.

"But Daddy, when do I get to plaaaay? Shinity wants to plaaaay!" She was antsy, rubbing her knees together like she had to go to the bathroom, but bouncing up and down slightly like she were about to burst. She had his playful spirit, which was why she had so much fun with Tigen when they played that one time.

He chuckled to himself, seeing the eagerness in her body language alone before hearing it in her voice. He, honestly, wanted to go and play, himself... In his own special way. And that is what these two were going to do, since the two of them enjoyed playing so very much. The entire family enjoyed games, some more than others, but none in quite a way like Shinrona and Shinity.

"Hahaha... Just a moment, Daddy's Precious!! First, I must teach you about your SPECIAL Absolution." He would stand up, grabbing her and putting her on his shoulders, walking off toward an arbitrary party of the moon. There were trees and life there now, so it was flourishing and no longer a desolate wasteland, and was beautiful to the eye. He pointed off to the sky, which was alight with the luminescence of the stars, before he began speaking, "You see, Shinity... You have directly inherited Daddy's SPECIAL Absolution; Absolute All! Wherein your sister, Shiniere has the Absolute Law, and Shinritha has Absolute Death, and even your mother has Absolute Love, you and I, we share a SPECIAL Absolution that is the Absolute All! It is the combination of ALL Absolution, and is t he power literally of All Creation itself!" Shinity was the 'special child,' so to speak, for having the 'Absolute All' was no small matter. She had the greatest creative potential of them all, just as Shinrona did.

"Only the Creators are able to harness the power of the Absolute All, and no other Tensei save for the two of us are able to use it. I PERSONALLY shared this power with you because you are Daddy's Precious Gem!" He continued walking off into the wilderness with his daughter upon his shoulder, chuckling to himself. "Now, this is not to say that your sisters, your mother or even the other Tensei are not all special nor that they have the power of Creation; all of us do, do not get me wrong. But none of them have the power of ALL Creation. That is only for me, personally, and I have personally chose to share it with you." He would smile, looking to her atop his shoulders before halting where he was.

"With that, I seek to teach you a few things and teach you how to control this power so that you know WHAT to create and HOW to create it. I will not teach you anything but what you can play around with on your own, as well as some of Daddy's secret Shinigami powers, since you are the Goddess of Death in the Delta. That is why we are here. So that you can have the space you need to create as you see fit, under my watchful eye, before you go crazy with your powers. You and I are going to Create All Things Together! Hmhmhm."

He'd seen that she was quite fond of creating flowers; that may have been her special theme, which they could work on refining later.

"Do you understand, my dear?"

"Heeheeheehee~!" she giggled as she was lifted upon her Father's back, upon his neck, where she would ride on him over to some nearby trees. As he spoke, even though she was listening, she would look off into the sky and over at all the beautiful things around her that were just awesome to look at. But she made sure to hear everything he said. "Haaaai~!" she cried cutely, covering his eyes with her hands when they stopped. "Heeheehee~! Guess who~?" She would uncover them and look down at him when he looked up at her, saying "Surprise~! It was me." She giggled again, swaying back and forth, careful not to fall. "We get to PLAY~?! HOORAY! Shinity wants to do that now! Let's do it now, Daddy! Now! Now now now!!" She kicked her legs to and fro excitedly, really wanted to get started with their play time and for him to stop talking. "Come oooooooon! C'moooooon~!!!"

Shinrona chuckled again, his daughter's spirit being quite refreshing to him. It was a little much at times, yes, like now that he was trying to get these points across to her and he wanted to make sure that she got them, but he definitely understood, since she was the youngest and most free. She was like a miniature Tigen, so to speak, and he actually quite liked that. However, there was a time and place for that, and that is what he had to teach her.

"You're so cute," he'd say as he plucked her from his neck and placed her on the ground before him, "but there is something very important I must tell you! You see, because you have the Absolute All, you also have the power to use ANY and EVERYTHING as means of your Creation! This means, like Daddy, you can absorb EVERYTHING and turn it into your own Creation the way you want to! That is a power that no one but you and I share, so in order to keep you from absorbing everything recklessly, you must learn how to control what you take in and what you create. Now, all who harbor 'Absolution' have jurisdiction over the 'Absolute Zero.' That is simply what comes with the power of Absolution itself. But each has their own personal Absolution that is different from the Absolute Zero. Even if we share the same techniques, they may be all done in a completely different manner that is personalized to our specific Absolution. You and I, however, can do anything they can do AS WELL AS anything WE wish to do. Meaning, we can make NEW powers for them AND ourselves and use their own as they make them. So you must be very careful, my love!"

He would leave her with that remark to work with before he turned to the tree that they stopped at, where he was going to demonstrate their first task.

"Now, when Daddy unlocks your Shinigami powers, you have to master that on your own. You will start off with the basics. But as for the Absolute All, I have a selection of a few items I believe it would be important for you to learn. Only Three. The first is the 'Grand Devaste,' which utilizes all the power of 'Yin' and 'Yang' in a singular energetic force. This will help you to learn how to control both 'Yinity' and 'Yangity,' as they are polarized with those two forces. Come. Let Daddy show you."

He would hold out both his hands and call out, "Grand Devaste!" before, in either hand would pure Negativity appear in one and pure Positivity in the other, forming the spheres of 'Yin' and 'Yang' respectively. "In one hand, you want to create your 'Negative' energy, and in the other, you want to create your 'Positive' energy. It does not matter which, as long as they are both balanced equally. If you do not balance them, there will be a disturbance in their energetic forces and instead of harmonizing when you bring them together, one will consume the other and you will have only one energy instead of two. The purpose of balancing them is so that both of them will remain with the same amount of energy; enough to keep each other at bay, but not to overwhelm each other. For them to work together." After his explanation, he would slowly bring his hands together and allow for them to come together as one, meshing the energies into a single spiraling black and white sphere of Yin and Yang. The two energies rippled in a monochromatic fashion, shifting from different sorts of patterns, yet always remaining equalized. They went from stripes to pulses to swirls to drops, but always remained equal in their energy form.

"You see? Now, you try."

Shinity would wait patiently for her Father to start, even though she was excited about getting to see something new. When he started gathering the energy, her eyes would widen with awe, and she would clap her hands together in excitement.

"EEHEHEEHEHE~!!! YAAAY!!! ME NOW ME ME ME!!!" She would hold her hands out just like her father and would start to attempt to draw in energy, just like she'd seen him do. She was aware of how to call the energy from herself; she was bursting with it, but when it reached her hands, she found so much more in the glob of Positive Energy than the one in Negative energy, which made one side huge and the other side small. She looked at them and didn't seem to care, smashing them together violently and causing a small burst of light in her hands. "HEEHEHE!!! That was AWESOME!!!" She looked up, though, and realized that it wasn't like what her Father made, and then realized she'd done something wrong. "... Mmm..." She got a little bit grumpy, so she tried again, this time, the Positive energy being slightly smaller and the Negative one slightly larger, but still not completely equal. She smashed them together again, causing the energy to burst again.

"MMmm!!!" Now she was getting angry. This time, she would try again, but when she created the Negative energy, it was large and the Positive energy was small in her hands. She tried to smash them together, but they ended up imploding and disappearing with a small *pop* in between her hands. Then she got really mad.

"EEEEEEEAAAAAA!!!" she screamed, flailing her hands around, "IT'S NOT WORKING!!! SHINITY WANTS TO DO SOMETHING ELSE!!!"

Quite honestly, Shinrona expected this to happen. He could see her imbalance before they began, which was why he chose this sort of technique to teach her about balancing herself out. Once she did, she would know of control a little better, which is why this one was perfect for her to practice with. It would not only help her gain control of herself, but also to bring her two energies into harmony. It was clear that they were completely out of sync, especially with how hyper she was.

"Oh, dear... Come now. You simply are able to naturally generate more 'Positive' energy than you are 'Negative' energy, which is not BAD, but it does make you hyperactive and sometimes too carefree. You have an overwhelming amount of 'Positive Energy' and nothing to bring you down, so when you do things that don't go your way, it ends up becoming detrimental and causing such a downward spiral that all of that Positive Energy you have instantaneously becomes Negative, and then you have an overwhelming amount of Negative energy that was once all of your Positive, as though what was 'Positive' and 'Negative' completely switched places." He dispersed his own sphere and then moved down to her hands, grasping her wrists, "You need to learn to calm yourself down, and the only way to do that is to draw in some of your 'Positive' energy into the 'Negative' side, but not too much where you are completely consuming it. Just enough to where you are calm and at peace, and not hyperactive and cannot sit still." He would help her by raising her hands and helping her draw in her energy this time, knowing that she learned by sight and feeling, like He and her sisters did. All they needed to do was see or feel it once and then they could replicate it on their own through just feeling what it's supposed to feel like and seeing what it was supposed to look like. She had seen it, but because she hadn't felt it, she was having trouble make it look the same.

"There, now try, and remember how it feels so that you can try it on your own without Daddy's help, hm?"

She was reluctant at first to try again because she wanted to get it right and it wasn't going right, so she was kinda pouty and frumpy, but she still was listening when her father talked, even though she would turn away from him in her own little huff. It wasn't until he grabbed her hands and started helping her balance out the energies that she could feel the difference, and when she tried to pull in the Positive and Negative again, because her father was filtering how much she was generating from herself, she could tell how much she was supposed to have in both hands and what it was supposed to feel like.

"Oooooohhhhh..." she said, now feeling a lot more relaxed and calm, for some reason, yet still sort of focused. "... Okay, Shinity sees now, Daddy. I understand." She would let go of his hands on her own, eager to try it for herself now without his help. She would start to draw the energy from herself, finding it to be slightly easier now that she knew what it felt like, but still seemed to be gravitating toward making more Positive energy than Negative energy. She was getting upset with it because she felt it and saw it, and as she did, the Negative energy got larger whilst the positive got smaller. They weren't completely balanced, but they were really close, kinda fluctuating from one being larger than the other and the other being smaller, making it seem like they were two balloons that were suddenly being inflated and then deflated whilst on the other side, the opposite of whatever was happening on the first side would happen. She tried to put them together and ended up making a sphere of energy that was constantly pulsing in and out, getting larger and smaller, and pretty unstable, but still maintained, to a certain degree, before it kinda fizzled itself out.

"Shinity did it!!" she cried, clapping her hands, "... But it didn't look like Daddy's..." she was kinda sad about that, poking her lip out. "How can Shinity get better, Daddy...? I want to make it look like yours!! I wanna do it like you!"

His eager little beaver was more than ready to try things on her own, which she would do as she pulled herself away once she thought she figured it all out for herself. He didn't mind, since she just enjoyed being completely independent whenever she felt like it. He watched her create the fluctuating energies, trying to find the balance in between, but not really able to get it. However, she was definitely close enough where a little bit of practice with either side and both sides at once would help her to do so.

"Hahaha, my sweet," he said, ruffling her hair, "Once I unlock your Shinigami powers, the natural Negativity will help you to balance out your power naturally, however even in that, practicing on your own to generate a controlled amount of negativity and to control how much positivity you unleash just like you did between both your hands with the 'Yin' and 'Yang' spheres will help you, as well. Just keep practicing with the Yin and Yang, and always be sure to practice your Shinigami Powers so that they can match your natural Positive output, which far exceeds your Negative output. The Shinigami powers will feed from it and make it slightly easier for you."

Because she'd gotten the basic concept of such a technique, she could practice with it on her own at her leisure. He needed to get her to something more important; something that was less difficult and more suited to her taste; an Absorption technique.

"Alright, Shinity. You must work on that on your own. Right now, Daddy must teach you about the technique of 'Omnicentricity.' I believe you'll enjoy this one much more, because it has to deal with 'Absorption,' and I know that's your favorite." Hell, it used to be his favorite, too. That's all he'd do when he was younger; touch things and absorb them, or absorb them with his sight and his soul. She was just as receptive as he, and thus her potency to absorb was high; that was also why she had the Absolute All, thanks to the Absorption rate.

"Omnicentricity is a technique that is the 'Core of All Things,' and with it, it can take in anything and everything inside of it that it may come across to your choosing and contain it into a singularity. This means that whatever it was before, no matter how many things you take in, they will become a single thing that is a single point wherever you make it that takes in everything else around it. Watch."

He would point and create a glimmering light in the distance, which was the 'Omnicentricity' point. It would then start to suck in the leaves from the trees nearby, not taking in too many, but just enough to get his point across.

"Because it can take in everything, if you do not control it, it can absorb ALL THINGS AROUND IT into that tiiiiiny little point, and leave everything blank where it once was. Now, you don't want to do that, so you have to CONTROL what you take in. You can release them back out at any given time, but they will only return to their original form if you REMEMBER what it was. Otherwise, they will remain a singularity because it will no longer have its own personal shape and form, but that of a single entity. All things come from One, and this is the power of All Things as One in a Single Point." He would release the leaves that were coming into the Omnicentricity point from the other side only moments after they would be drawn in, to make it look as though they were getting sucked in through one side and spat out on the other side of the shimmering light, having only disappeared for a single moment.

"In order to create this technique, you must concentrate your power of Absorption into that single space and begin trying to absorb things. Start off small and don't try to take in too much," he'd say as he dispersed his center point marker. "Focus all your Absorption on one single spot; don't do it anywhere else. Let everything come you you rather than you coming to it."

"Okee..." she said, kicking he ground a bit and shuffling her feet again, looking down. She really wanted to get better so she could do it right, and then she could play all she wanted! By the time she was ready to try again, her father had already moved on, saying to her that they could do another move that she was going to enjoy. "Ooo!!! Yeahyeahyeahyeah! Shinity want to see!!" She would wait, eyes agape, ready to take it all in as soon as she saw it, only to find a boring old shimmering light in the distance. It wasn't doing much of anything at first, but then it started pulling in leaves and spitting them out like a leaf blower! It was really cool!

"WAAAAAAH!!! OHHH, ME NOW, ME NOW!!!" She raised her hand and jumped up and down, getting ready to focus. Absorption just so happened to be her specialty; in fact, she got a lot of her power and knowledge and stuff through absorption, and with it, she felt like she could do this one well right off the bat. "M'kaaay... Here we gooooo!!!" She would focus her Absorption power into a single point between her hands, creating a sort of black hole type thing, which started to suck in everything around her. It started off small as a single point, but rather quickly spiraled out of control and became something larger than a point. It was a singularity still, but it had become a MASSIVE singularity that was taking in everything into its Oneness, whilst becoming larger by the second. It was a giant mass that was making itself more massive, yet still remaining as a singularity and causing everything else to become part of its oneness that was pitch black. She had no idea how to control it.


It started pulling up trees, grass, even the atmosphere, like a black sphere that just ate everything it came in contact with. Shinity knew how to absorb things, but she wasn't aware of how to NOT absorb things, nor of how to really spit them back out...

Shinrona sighed and shook his head, having a feeling that this was going to happen. He wanted to see if she had at least enough control to keep her singularity small... But he figured it would go this way regardless, since she could barely even control her own energy, let alone her absorption rate. Before the giant singularity consuming all things got too large and destructive, he would glare at it and command with great authority for it to "Be Still." Such was one of the methods for calling forth his 'Null Transfer' technique, which caused the transfer of energy to completely come to a halt, as well as the energy's movement itself. At his command, the Singularity would halt, as if frozen in time, and so too would everything else around it, returning the Fifth Moon to peace.

He turned to his daughter, who was cowering at her own power, then sighed and chuckled. "Do you see what your own lack of control can do? You do not have control over your own power, and so, if it spirals out of control, it could destroy you and everything around you. This is why I insist that you learn to control yourself from now on. Let this be a lesson to you, my dear." Something she needed, hopefully so that she'd always remember what happens when her power goes out of control. He knew it was too advanced for her from the beginning, but he also knew that she would eventually learn to control it and use it correctly, and she would probably aspire to do so simply because she wanted to use it properly. That was how she was. She would keep trying again and again until she got it right, no matter how long it took, so showing her things beyond her skill level was important for her growth. Gave her something to strive for.

"... Now. I want you to promise that you won't use THIS power until you have learned to control it better, so that this does not happen again. Practice with the Grand Devaste first, as well as the next technique I am about to teach you... But do not use this one until you KNOW that you have control enough to use it." He would hold his hand up and start to clench it, causing the singularity to condense back down to a microscopic point, before crushing it completely with the complete clench of his hand. "Alright? I won't teach you your FAVORITE technique until you PROMISE Daddy. Okay?"

Shinity remained in fear of what was going to happen long after the threat of danger was over. She thought she and everything else was gonna get swallowed up, and she was terrified that she'd done something terrible. Even when she realized that it wasn't consuming things anymore due to her Father's hand being laid upon it, she was still a little shocked and afraid of her own power now and how her own lack of control actually could have been completely destructive. It was a sobering experience, nigh traumatic... But in the end, it definitely made her more conscious and more readily active to use her powers with more control and to watch her own self from now on. She didn't want something like that to happen again.

Lowering her head and quivering her lips, tears would fall from her eyes as she said with a cracking voice, "... Yes... Daddy... *sniff*..." she'd already started crying, realizing the damage that was, could have been and that she was capable of doing and not wanting to do it again. It practically scared her to the point where she didn't want to do anymore. She sniffled some more, tears hitting the ground like the pitter patter of rain. She'd even stopped fidgeting and stuff, standing completely still with her head down. She was really sad now.

It was clear that Shinity had learned her lesson... Though, it didn't look like she wanted to go any further in her practice. Perhaps he'd gone a little too far in trying to teach her how to control herself... She was pretty young after all and letting her explore her powers was actually best for her than trying to restrict her. But that was why he saved the best technique for her for last.

"... Oh, Daddy's girl..." he said, kneeling down and wiping her tears from her face. He hated to see her cry, even if he knew that in every life, a little rain must fall... But that didn't mean that he didn't have blue skies and sunshine waiting for her after the storm was over. "... Look, Daddy's going to show you the most spectacular and best power of all! The one that you can do anything you want with in all your wildest dreams!" He didn't want her to get too carried away with it, but he knew that she was a little girl and wasn't going to go creating something horrible and terrible and messed up that would probably destroy the universe, or something... So he'd let her have access to this power.

"This last technique Daddy wanted to teach you... Is EXTREMELY special... It's called 'Genesis.' And with it, you get to create AAAAAAAAAAANYTHING you want! It doesn't matter what it is, even if it doesn't exist, you can make it happen! And, its powered by your POSITIVE energy, so you can just use up as much as you want to make whatever you want to! And to show you how to do it, Daddy's gonna make you a special present to show you how..." He would stand up, raising his hand up to the sky and bringing it down quickly, causing a spectrum of astral color to pour down like a rainbow aurora. "Daddy's gonna mix the celestial energies of Heaven..." upon the aurora were glittering stars, which would swirl around the two of them like magic, "... the Light of the Stars and the Moon..." he'd say, swiping up a bright light from off the ground and throwing it into the swirling whirlwind of aurora, "... And aaaaaaaaall of Daddy's love..." he would touch his heart and pull out some energy from within there, letting Crystal Threads seep into the mix and begin to thread all of the energies he'd called upon together, "And bind them into a special friend just for you!!!" Before Shinity, a large equine would begin to take shape from the threads of crystal, with a mane made of the celestial aura and a body made of the light of the moon, with eyes that shined like the stars. And this being that was once his trusty steed would now be refashioned into an image fit for his daughter...

"Galaxy Pegasus, The Maregenesis; The Goddess of All Mares!"

He'd used the Maregenesis before as his own personal 'Galaxy Pegasus,' which, naturally, looked much different from the one he created for her. This was her own personal 'Galaxy Pegasus,' and he would keep his own personal one to himself.

"She's aaaaaaall yours, Daddy's Precious Gem! She's gonna help you use your power of Genesis and teach you all about it, as well as how to control it!"

Shinity was far too sad and disappointed to want to do anything else, even though her father insisted that they did. He looked to her and wiped away her tears, which made her feel a little better, but she was just far too blue. Even when he started describing what the next power was, she wasn't enthused until she saw him start to make something awesome with it. "Waaaahhh...?" She looked around in a daze as the colorful celestial energies of the stars, the moon, the heavens and his heart spiraled into a single sparkling crystalline pegasus of sorts, who looked just as beautiful as all the spectacular auroral colors that her father used to create her. Shinity sat there completely awestruck, mouth wide open and her eyes just as big and sparkly as they could be.

"Uuuuwaaa..." she started, her melancholies all going away in a heartbeat, "UWWAAAAAAAAAAIIIII~!!!! <3 <3 <3!!!" She hopped up around its neck and hugged it, giggling hysterically, "HEEHEEEHEEHEEHEEHEEEEE~!!!!! THANKYOUDADDYOMIGEEILOVEYOUSOMUCH!!!!" She squeezed it really tightly, hugging it with all her might. "DADDYDADDYDADDYDADDY CAN I MAKE SOME STUFF WITH THE GENESIS!!??!? IS THE GALAXY PEGASUS GONNA HELP SHINITY DO IT??!?!? OOOO, CAN WE GO PONY RIDING TOGETHER DADDY, PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE?!?!?! SHINITY WANTS TO GO MAKE EEEEEVERYTHING WITH GALAXY PEGASUS!!!" she was so happy and excited to get started creating things, she didn't know what to do with herself. She almost wanted to burst with excitement.

The Galaxy Pegasus lifted Shinity upon her back and would, at that point, would have her secured tightly so that she wouldn't fall off. When she spoke, her voice sounded like an angel's, telling Shinity, "Be careful, Ojou-sama... I will help guide your creative hand for your Father. I will remain by your side forevermore to ensure your safety, even in his absence." She would outstretch her wings, as if ready for the 'Flight of Creation.'

Shinrona laughed heartily after seeing his daughter's heart fill with joy upon seeing her new partner. Though she was made in the image of his own personal Maregenesis, which there was originally only one of, now she could have her own Galaxy Pegasus to ride through the stars with. With the power of 'Genesis,' he could create anything and everything, including things that did not, could not or were not supposed to exist. That made it a very dangerous power, but he felt like he could trust Shinity not to get TOO carried away... Especially with the Galaxy Pegasus watching over her from now on. That would kill two birds with one stone, since the Galaxy Pegasus could help instruct her and keep her from using her powers uncontrollably. That put his heart at ease, knowing that the Maregenesis could act as a sort of filter and an overseer as well as a playmate to his daughter. Now she could create to her heart's content without going overboard and serve as eyes over Shinity in the Delta that her Father could look through at any time.

"Ahahaha!!! There, see!? Daddy knew it would make you happy, precious!" She was so happy, she hopped on the horse right away and wanted to take off. He couldn't blame her; he honestly expected that much, as well. "Alright, alright," he'd say, calling forth his own 'Maregenesis,' who was actually the complete opposite of the one he made for her. It wasn't that his wasn't heavenly and beautiful and made with love, he just used a different color palette. It was basically the same material, just with different colors to fit his own personal taste.

"Come to me, Galaxy Pegasus; Maregenesis!!!"

His own horse whinnied with a booming voice that crashed like thunder, and a mane that rippled like the very night sky itself. Its colors were cool and deep, reflecting his own soul, like the moon; blue, purple, green and black. All such colors of the Night that he felt, oh, so fond of.

He mounted his Maregenesis swiftly and turned to Shinity's, nodding his head. "Alright, Daughter! Saddle up! You want a pony ride with Daddy?" He would get himself situated on his trusty steed, who was already clear for take off,

"Then LET'S RIDE!!!"

He would immediately take to the skies, shooting off in a wisp of night air as if condensed space hurdling off back into the cosmos from whence it came, trusting Shinity to either do the same or her own Maregenesis to help by following closely behind. Together, they were going to ride through the stars and create what they would in a free and open canvas left by their Father who Art in Heaven; wide open space for free-form creation however they saw fit. How lucky they were to be able to enjoy it, too.

"HOLY SMOKES, PAPA~!!!" she'd scream, kicking her feet, "YEAH! LET'S RIDE!" She slammed herself down flat on the horse's back and wrapped her arms around tightly around her neck so that she had a secure grip. They would take off immediately behind Shinrona, following his trail of starlight right behind him to the pathway into the heavens. She and he were going to have so much fun!!!


Meanwhile, whilst Shinrona and Shinity were off bonding and having their 'Lesson Time,' Shinnia would address the remaining two children on what was next to do about the Moons.

"Kids..." she said softly, opening her arms, "Gather 'round. Mother dear has something important to say..."

Shinritha, who was having more than sufficient fun with her fumbling dollies poppeting around on her pulled strings would cackle haughtily as she watched them, finding their folly funny. "AAHAHAHAHA!!!! LOOK AT MY PUPPETS!!! LOOK AT MY SLAVES!!! DANCE, SLAVES!!! DANCE!! AAAHAAHHAA!!!!" The best part was, they thought everything that they were doing was their own doing, which was what Tabitha was best at doing. She was the best when it came to the Psychodynatheos, after all, and dealt with the Cerebral Types right proper. This was her method of 'fun.' To watch them literally do this all day and then end up right back in the palm of her hand when she saw something she liked or needed or wanted or thought was 'Interesting.'

However, once she was called to her mother, she would calm herself unnaturally quickly and nearly immediately, humbling herself and bowing before her mother; "Yes, Mother Dear~? What ever do you have to tell Tabi~?"

Shiniere kept to her studies, reviewing the Book as much as she could as well as the events that were supposed to play out, were playing out and that may have diverged out of or could converge back with the main timeline. She wanted to see how many different branches she could get to and then bring back... If Tabi wouldn't stop wasting time to keep some of them fumbling around for her own amusement. "Damn psycho..." she muttered, flipping a page and sipping some tea.

When her mother called for her, though, she would immediately turn her attention to her and hover over to her on her Ice Seal seat, placing the tea cup on the Ice Seal saucer that was before her, as well. "Yes, Mother Dear? You are in need of our services, I presume~?" Shiniere assumed that this was the case because of how awesome they had been so far, and naturally, she knew that their powers combined could be used for a great deal of things to help out Mother and Father. That's what she really wanted to do, in all honesty; to be of great use to them and to others with her futuristic power.

"Yes, and we haven't much time to discuss it," she mentioned, raising a single finger up as if to make a point of it. "That's because the Sixth Moon's rise is coming soon... After the White Rain comes the Black Rain is right behind, where things will soon be getting a little more hectic for some." She would raise her hand and reveal the portal to 'Serendipity,' where anything and everything had a chance to Begin as an accident; a random occurrence. It was like Limbo. This was for anything and everything that needed a chance to get into the mainstream as they saw fit, but only when an opening occurred.

"Before the 6th Moon is to rise properly, the 13 Children, the 7 Shinsanities and the 7 Shinsangels, Gods of the Shinsanities, must all be in play, with their energy within the Veritas. With all of their energy aligning with the stars and being drawn to the 6th Moon, each and every one of them will pull the 6th moon out from its stasis and into the Veritas, where it will rest where it rises."

This required all Thirteen of the Chosen Children to congregate in the Veritas; it didn't matter where, as long as they were somewhere within the realms of the boundary line. This also included the Shinsanities and the Shinsangels to be active. She wasn't worried about the 7; she was more concerned about the Children getting out safely.

"That means that we're going to need to move this along as a family. Your father is dealing with Shinity right now, which only he can do, so that means that we three must assist by moving the others into place." She turned to Tabitha, "Tabi, that means no more making them mess up because you think it's funny." She then turned to Shiniere, "And this also means that you cannot be so pompous about dealing with them just because you know everything. Some things need to be handled in a certain way. You two, learn from each other. Tabi, teach Triere about better handling and Triere, teach Tabi about better organization. I'll deal with things in the front." As long as all 13 were safe, the 6th Moon would rise without a problem.

Tabi puffed out her cheeks and narrowed her eyes childishly, not wanting to give up her fun time. It's no wonder the people she had under her control were also like this at times; it was naturally under her influence that they acted and reacted, which led to all such events occurring (even in the discord) in an accord that would eventually get back to her through the webs and knots she'd made purposefully for them. She was having much fun watching them try to run the maze and fail, but she supposed it was probably about time to straighten it up, clean this mess up and start getting things running smoothly, since they were on the clock, after all.

"Oooohhhh... Alright, then. I'll start helping them figure it out, then... I suppose it's about that time, too..." It was a shame because they all had such cool things she liked to snatch, and they snatched up cool things that she liked to snatch as well~! It was like a highly advanced system of her own fingers, handed off from one to the other to the other until it was finally filched by the Sweetheart. She ran the Game because it was her life, and she made sure to make it that way. Thus...

"Well then, Triere~! I'll teach you how to handle yourself a little better~!"

The entire scenario sounded simple enough. With a little bit of guidance at the hands of Shiniere, they would have that 6th Moon docking smoother than a baby wrapped in silk into its proper place in the Veritas. She placed her teacup down, letting the Ice Seal break and draw it into the Tundra before disappearing altogether.

"Yes, well, alright then. I'll work with Tabi to keep myself under--" then she realized just what she was about to say, and furrowed her brow at both of them; Tabitha, especially. "Um, excuse ME, miss supergenius sociopathic psychotic sado-masochist of a sister, but shouldn't you be worried more about YOU and your malevolent and maleficent malicious misconduct!?" She crossed her arms and pouted slightly. Tabitha was always the one going crazy (literally) whenever things either didn't go her way (which was also reflected in her puppets) and also getting out of hand with her psychotic murderous tendencies sometimes. She thought that would probably be the more difficult situation to keep under control, right? But she was able to snap back so easily, which kinda made her jealous. "Hmph." She would roll her eye. "Fine. And I will teach you how to be more orderly so you don't mess yourself and everyone else up so often and then have to fix it in ways that are inconvenient and sometimes completely chaotic. Though, those skills will be useful in the future when we need to create a disturbance to ensure no one catches on to anything." She knew exactly what that sort of destructive nature could be for... She had already done the research, especially since their Father was the exact same way... Or, was, at a point.

"Now, now, mind your manners, the both of you!" She would make sure to scold them properly when they were misbehaving, even if it was only slightly, since promoting that sort of conduct in general was never a good thing. "Play Time is over, and that means that we can have no discord or disruption between us if we're going to do this properly." Shinnia was now confident in her skills after having been instructed and taking her lesson from Shinrona, as well as being brought to the same wave that she would also do her best to keep steady between the family, even when distant. That means taking her time in the spotlight and conducting without him here with her... Because he was always here. With all three of them. That much, she would never make the mistake of forgetting again.

"Ready on my Mark..." she said softly, but with confidence, "... Let's make some music."

"Symphony of Souls."

At that very moment, having established a connection between All Three Children, Shinnia would be pulled immediately from where she was, leaving the two Daughters to watch over and continue on from the Fifth Moon. From there, they would have to use their best judgment to make certain moves that would get everything where it needed to be in Time and Space in order to make it Reality, which would finalize their ascent into the 5th Restriction and allow them to Ascend.

"Altering Space"

The Resonance between Each And Every Tensei Soul on the Same Accord Reverberated inside of even These Two that were still contained on a Suspended Friday The Thirteenth, Waiting for the Time to Return To Time.

With Shinnia-- Rather, Shintsuki... No. Shinsei Khrina, now, in the Proper Place as She was Supposed to Be, it was time for Shiniere and Shinritha to Return To Their Posts at the Ends of the Timeline.

"The Fates Have Seen..." she said, sipping down a bit of Iced Tea, "... What The Eyes Have Gleaned..." The Crystal Seal that she Sat Upon would Shatter, and Shiniere would slip through the Hole and Into Her Position at the Clock Tower of the Dawn.

"Good Luck, Tabi. Trinity. Tao." Past, Present, Future and All the Timeline Bound Together As One. That Was How Far The Eyes Could See. She left it at that, letting it all Resound through the Cords that Bound Them in their Blood, before the Ice Portal would Close.

"Hehehe~!!" she cackled, stimulated now by all the excitement that was stirred up by the Concoction, "Energies Abundant~!! Tabi Is Happy!! You Have Pleased The Eyes!!" She enjoyed being Crafty and Witchy, especially since it was in her Bloodline in Addition To Vampire. Blood Witch, After All. She just enjoyed being playfully fiendish, even if she wasn't a bad person.

"NOW FLY, MY PRETTIES~!!!" She threw her hand out and into a black void that was the Dusk Gateway, through a series of Flapping Crows that not only pulled her body apart particle by particle, but also spread out and maintained their respective energetic properties in order to carry her charges and Information Consciously and Properly to the Designated Time and Space Located in the Dusk, the Portal Closing Behind Her.

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