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  The Falshin

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Void Sun

Void Sun

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PostSubject: The Falshin    The Falshin EmptyThu Nov 05, 2020 9:19 am

The Remnant Record Of The Creature Known As 'Falshin', Harbinger Of 'The Insanity'.


Eruka made her way to the temple of the Kishin Asura

She could feel the intense insanity just by walking near the back confining the Kishin. She was scared. Very scared. She saw the 3 eyes everywhere, and she knew that they were hallucinations that would probably make her go insane, but she pressed forward. She released the snake and it leaped into the bag, piercing it. The bag rumbled a bit, the chains rattling wildly. Eruka could feel the insanity getting larger and larger.... The room became distorted with this insane soul wavelength. Eruka screamed, making a run for the door with Tadpole Jackson. The bag bursted, releasing the Kishin from the bag, who slid out in a pool of black blood. He was an extremely skinny figure who looked like a zombie... a skeleton with flesh on him... Eruka escaped without getting harmed mentally or physically by the Kishin or his insane soul wavelength. She went back to Medusa's lair.

A powerful and evil soul wavelength shot straight up from inside of the temple into the sky, making the entire sky black and blood red, almost crimson, due to the Kishin's insane soul wavelength. The figure began flailing around wildly like some sort of common fish, sucking in the black blood around him. He stood up in a fashion similar to Khrona; awkward and oddly positioned for a body, then he stretched his skin around himself, making him look like he had endless scarf hands surrounding his body. He resembled a mummy now. He smiled "Madness... Will consume the planet..." The black and red sky coming from the Kishin's tower began to engulf the sky around it veeeeeeerry veeeery slowly... This Kishin himself... Tried to find a change of clothes. He bursted from the top of the temple "It has begun..."

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Void Sun

Void Sun

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 The Falshin Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Falshin    The Falshin EmptyThu Nov 05, 2020 9:20 am

Falshin 1: Disturbance

A short time after the Lone Wolf was settled into the Reality, Khrona got word from his brother -- now known as 'Mage' -- that there was some trouble somewhere and quickly made his way to his partner's office.

Mage waited for Khrona in his office, arms crossed and sweat going down his face with a worried look; something was wrong -- an evil presents had been felt.

Khrona swiftly appears with Misery and Despair. All of their faces were a bit more... Crazy than normal. It was odd. Khrona began to speak, but when he spoke, he spoke a bit softly and spaced out "What... what is it, Mage...?" his head twitched and his eyes couldn't focus.

Mage: "K... Khrona a very powerful evil energy has been detected. It's beyond words, the darkness of this... This thing. We have to take care of it or I feel everything we know will be lost."

Khrona's body twitched violently. "I... I know... So many evils... Sprouting up at once... What will we do...? Somehow... This new one makes me more uncomfortable than the rest... It seems like this one actually makes me feel even more insane... Deep in my soul..."

Misery touched her chest, her eyes twitching violently. "Yeah... I feel the same way... Insane... More insane than normal..."

Despair's eyes began to glow and her dress flared up and about. "Maybe... Maybe it's because all three of us are so unstable... But, you don't seem affected... Hopefully you can help us out... While this dreadful thing is going on..."

Mage looked and analyzed Khrona and noticed that there was something different with him. "Khrona has anything happened or changed about you lately?"

Khrona was sweating quite a bit. He stood, his body leaning over to the left, still shaking as he did. His head rotated almost fully upside down and his teeth chattered. "Well... I..." He stopped. His whole entire body just stopped moving, almost as if he were frozen in time. Misery and Despair were the same. Even Despair's dress had stopped moving.

His brother raised from his desk and walked over to Khrona quickly. "Khrona! What happened? What's wrong?"

A large and powerful red and black blast explodes the roof of the office, and from the hole in the ceiling descends a man with many hands coming from his back... He had several eyes on his face, and his hands wrapped around his body completely. He floated next to Khrona, Misery, and Despair. His smile was the only thing that could be seen from under his hand wrapping.

Khrona fell to the floor, Despair fell to her knees, and Misery hunched over. Khrona began muttering, "This insane power... So similar to my own... It makes me... Unable to think... Can't think... Mind clouded... Noise... Buzz... Kzzztt... Falshin... The Insanity... INSANITY... Me... My soul... In him..." Khrona's eyes darted all over the place, not focusing on a specific target as he curled into a ball. Misery and Despair mumbled things incoherently.

Khrona's brother put his arms on Khrona's shoulders, "Khrona... Khrona!! Look at me Khrona, what's wrong?" He turned to the hand man enraged. "Who the hell are you?"

The strange man's smile faded and a sense of fear comes over him. His soul became unstable, effecting Khrona, Misery, and Despair negatively.

All three of them began screaming loudly and stand near this 'Falshin', Khrona called it.

"I am... I am the Demon God, Falshin. I have been awakened from this boy here's Insane Soul... And it seems as though my Insane Soul is rupturing his mind... As it has already done mine." Falshin smiled again, laughing. "Might I ask... Who are you, and why isn't my insanity affecting you?"

"I am Khrona's brother, Mage. I don't know what you want or why I'm not affected by you, but you're going to have to leave." He stood in front of Khrona, shielding him from Falshin and took a defensive stance.

Falshin's smile grew wider. "Well... That boy is essential to my spread of insanity throughout the planet... And if you interfere..." He quickly opened up his mouth and fired an extremely large and extremely powerful blast at point blank range at Khrona and his brother. From the explosion, only glowing, red eyes could be seen ascending back into the sky "... I will have to... Kill you.. And take your soul..." He began to laugh a little bit, and shakily. Suddenly, the smoke cleared and he was gone.

Khrona's brother absorbed the blast and released the energy into the sky out of the hole in his office's roof using his enchanted armor. He then turned back to Khrona and walked over to help him. "Are you okay now?"

Khrona's vision came back to normal, as well as Misery's and Despair's. "... B... Brother...? I'm fine now... I don't know what happened..." He was still twitching violently, but he was sane enough for him to speak consciously. He stood and looked at his two weapons, who also stood up.

Mage sighed. "Great, another power crazed person to deal with." He smiled, trying to lighten up the mood. "We'll have to inform our other villagers about this disturbing new development." He snapped his fingers to fix the hole in his office's roof. "Khrona this new power is stronger than the other two... We're going to have to train our people hard for the dark time ahead."

Khrona nodded his head slowly. It would be difficult for Khrona to fight this new power... Since it seemed that he could easily make Khrona go completely and utterly insane with no regard for anyone... That could be bad on the village... 'Sigh...'

"Brother... I'm going to... Leave now..." Khrona outstretched his wings and flapped, flying straight up into the air with Misery and Despair.
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Void Sun

Void Sun

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PostSubject: Re: The Falshin    The Falshin EmptyThu Nov 05, 2020 9:23 am

Falshin 2: Insanity finding Insanity; Kishin's gaining power.

Asura flew about the area looking for some souls to feast on, when... What was this? A large pit... and intense Insanity was spewing from it... Insanity stronger than his. Of course, it was only natural that he goes down and drains the energy... the power of it. He floated in the middle of the pit above the surface and screamed, the insane soul wavelength spewing from the pit being absorbed into him "This infinite insanity... This is what will give me the power... Heheheheheh! PRRRRRRRGYAAAAAAAH!!!!"

Mage warp on the ground by the pit. With a snap of my finger the pit is closed with a diamond coating and looks up to Asura "Aren't you crazy enough already!!!?"

Asura could not feel the power of the soul wavelength anymore. He looked downward, seeing a coat of diamond. He looked to his side, seeing someone... Oh, the Kage. "Come to stop me from gaining power? I could never have too much insanity... The world needs some insanity, wouldn't you say?" From Asura's mouth came his Vajra weapon which began to spin like a drill. "Maybe I'll just drill a hole in this diamond and continue gaining power...?"

I smirk. "You could try."

The drill slows down "Hm... Better yet..." A huge beam of red energy shoots from the Kishin's mouth in a split second at Maze out of nowhere.

In a flash my Erebea armor activates and I absorb the blast and then send the energy back at Asura. I then warp Una to my hands in her weapon form I take a defensive stances and from my body starts to crackle soul energy. I was charging something.

As Asura is hit with his own blast, a light cackle in heard in the breeze. All around Maze, there were distorted looking mouth things spewing from the ground randomly. Asura had changed himself into pure insanity so soon. The mouths slowly began to close in on Maze's position...

I slice threw the mouths with Una and runs toward Asura. As I run to him about 20 Elemental clones spit from my body and they flash step around Asura. all parallel from each other in a sphere formation Each clone points all of their fingers at Asura and from each finger they fire Prison Ray at Asura.

Asura clasps his hands together and he encases himself in a cube of 6 flat, circular barriers that repel the rays as much as they can. Asura opens his mouth at the Maze clones and he fires his lazer several times at all of them.

The clones try to dodge the lazer headed at them but most of them get hit and are turn to stone or destroyed be Asura's lazers. The few lazers that got threw Asura's barrier turned parts of his body to stone and slow starts to spread threw the rest of his body trying to turn him completely into stone. Meanwhile I point Una to the sky "Now..Give me strength" The wind around me begins to swirl. A mirror like barrier is made around me and my body starts to glow. I surge of light shots out from my body and it breaks the barrier around me. I levitate above the ground in Wisdom Mode and Una had changed into Sinis floats around me. "Asura!!". Una points her self to Asura and sends a blast of dark magic at Asura as I begin to chant "Vexadus Rimeos Lexas..."

Asura looks at the parts of his body that are turning to stone "Hm..." He then looks at Maze's blast "Hm..." Asura leaps directly at the attack, however the parts of his body that are changing to stone take the hits first, weakening the blast severely before Asura himself fires his laser once again at the now weakened blast, penetrating straight through it. Asura looks at his broken body "It seems as if I am in need of some body parts... No matter. A small problem that can be fixed." Asura spurted these new bodyparts from himself, they looked just like the original ones "And now if you don't mind..." Asura clasped his hands together again and began to scream. Huge, glowing red soul energy eyes manifested themselves in the air, a whole lot of them, similar to Asura's third horizontal eye in the middle of his forehead. There were about 30 in total pointing directly at the area. From each of them came a huge beam of about the same power as the one he shot from his mouth, all of them simultaneously aimed at this area and blasting nonstop. The horrific destruction of this power was enough to take out more than a few miles of this area, with a horrendous explosion to accompany it. With the chaos going on and all of this destruction, the Kishin was nowhere to be seen in the debris. He had fled off somewhere... somewhere to find more... insanity. The sky around her started to turn red and black, as well... It seems as though the insanity of the Kishin was spreading across the world faster than expected.

"Minimus Renigin Mageca" I reached out my hand and countless magic circles surround the blasts head at me. Each circle was able manipulate the gravity around the blasts redirecting them into space. I transform back into my normal self and I wave Una in the air "Ya you better run!!!"

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Void Sun

Void Sun

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 The Falshin Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Falshin    The Falshin EmptyThu Nov 05, 2020 9:25 am

Falshin 3: Solitary Confinement

The recent encounter with the shady 'Rising' shinobi put Khrona, Misery and Despair on edge. There was something about them that was really off, but they couldn't put their fingers on it at all. In this time, Khrona decided to, instead of going out in the open and undergoing 'Deep Thought,' to simply lock himself up in his own personal chambers inside of the Pit of Havoc, where he was sure all of these intruders wouldn't be able to get to. He was fine with the Reality villagers being there, but didn't trust all these new people coming in randomly... Especially not with how the Insanity was getting recently. He would seal himself in 'Deep Thought,' which he would call his 'Solitary Alone Time.'

At the very moment, Khrona's immediate pit had been sealed shut completely by the Rejection, Insanity, Despair, Condemnation and Fear souls that reside within him and his two weapons partners. Even getting near to the entrance is certain death. Khrona locked himself down in the darkness of his abode for special purposes. There he sat, in the darkness... Misery and Despair being nowhere to be found. Just Khrona and an endless abyss of darkness, insanity... And fear. Khrona's head was down and he was curled up in a ball on what was assumed to be the ground, motionless. For what reason? It was unclear... Soon, three huge vertical eyes opened up, gleaming in the darkness. They were green and merely outlines, but they provided a faint glow. The darkness was too thick for even them to glow correctly. Khrona raised his head, staring directly at all of them. The eyes spoke to him.

Three Eyes: "What is it you think that you are doing here, young one...?"

Khrona: "I'm hiding... In my house..."

Three Eyes: "From what are you hiding...?"

Khrona: "Everyone... Everything... They're all bad for me... I don't know how to deal with it..."

Three Eyes: "Aren't you supposed to be running this village...?"

Khrona: "How can I run it when I can't seem to stay stable...?"

Three Eyes: "Stable? What do you mean...? Could you mean..."

In unison: "Insanity...? Yes... Insanity..."

Khrona: "I can't help it... All that happens is insanity, insanity, insanity... I can't control it... It won't stay out of me..."

Three Eyes: "Then embrace insanity... Insanity is contagious, you know, and it spreads quite fast... Perhaps you could spread the insanity...?"

Khrona: "No, no... That would be bad... I can't bear to spread the insanity about the village... The Falshin--

Three Eyes: "The Falshin."

Khrona: "Yes... He is insanity... He's insane... I think..."

Three Eyes: "Well, it isn't hard... You're already far gone."

Upon Khrona's face now were the 3 eyes, seeming to be imprinted into his skin as his actual eyes, now. Three vertical eyes embedded into his very head, and what else? A demented, crazed smile...

Khrona: "Eheheheh... Yes... Lost within the insanity... Within the darkness..."

A blast of energy from around Khrona returned him to normal. "Eh.. Wait... Wait... Wait... Waitwaitwaitwaitwaiwaiwaiwaiwaiiit... I felt something not of me... I didn't like it... But at the same time, I did... What was--"

Three Eyes: The Falshin. Your body has been infected by the soul of the Falshin. Nay, I shan't say infected... I should say... 'Influenced.' Your insanity grows ever more like that of the Falshin's... Soon yours and his motives will become one, combined, conjoined... You and he shall work together to spread this insanity throughout the land... And you will like it."

Khrona smiled, his mouth drooling... No, melting off of his face. "Yes... I will like it... Serving the Falshin... No, BECOMING the Falshin..."

Everything was silent. Khrona. The Eyes. The Darkness. Silence befell them. Khrona suddenly started to scream. A blood curdling, resonating scream that echoed throughout the endless depths of his darkened pit of a home. It would carry out through the entire village... You wonder why? Khrona's home is connected to every single place under the village... Great for spreading insanity. Khrona continued to scream.


Khrona's screams... His voice... It had become black, just like his blood. There was little he could do to escape now... But something about him just allowed him to break free of the grasp of total insanity time and time again. There was a loud breaking of glass heard, and it was Khrona returning... Or losing the border between... Sanity and insanity. Khrona stared blankly at the three eyes, mouth twitching.

Three Eyes: "It seems as though you are unwillingly resisting... What is this?"

Khrona: "I'm not... I don't... Perhaps... It could be... Weapons?"

Three Eyes: "Ah. I see. Tell me... Why do you have these weapons?"

Khrona: "To... Misery... Despair... Two... To defend myself... My fragile body... Of course?"

Three Eyes: "I see a different reason. You keep them out of... Fear."

Khrona twitched a bit. "Fear..." His Fear soul became apparent... But what was wrong? He could not see it bordering himself... What was wrong with it...? No, wait, it was clear... His fear soul... His fear itself... It had covered every single crevice and crack of his home, a partial bit of the surface and then some. Khrona's fear... And his insanity... Both of them were an astronomically large soul now.

The three Eyes focused on Khrona. "You keep those weapons out of fear of your own death, right? But... Can you die, now? Or... Are you already dead? Your blood is blackened. Tainted. Tainted with my insanity. You are a part of me... Ironic, really, since your soul is what revived me... You are part of me physically... And I am part of you spiritually. How very... Very funny. Enjoy a laugh with me. A slight chuckle. Ahahahahaha..."

Khrona began to laugh. "Ha... Hahaha.. Ahahaha...Ha...ha..ha... AAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAHAHAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" Khrona bent backwards, writhing about with his pelvis thrusted high into the air. He continued this crazed laughed, many needles protruding from his body in the process... His dragon blood was reacting. It pushed him up off of the floor, into the ceiling, into the walls and then back down to the floor. All Khrona could do was laugh.

Three Eyes: "How deep you have fallen into the pit of insanity... Moreso, of fear... This is how I became the Falshin... It would be wonderful if you could do the same..."

The three Eyes then slowly closed, staring intensely at Khrona, becoming three vertical lines before finally disappearing. Khrona had his hands to his face, peering out through the openings of his fingers... Looking through one, no both... No, all three of his eyes. Khrona finally fell silent, lying completely on the ground, shuddering from the insanity and fear that he felt. Shuddering from the darkness... This abyss of his house... Shuddering from the coldness that he felt... The coldness of death, but at the same time, the brisk chill of life... Khrona lay flat in his own pool of insanity and fear.

In another part of Khrona's house, there stood Misery on a wall. She, of course, heard the screams of Khrona, yet she did nothing to help him... Mostly because it was almost a normal thing for him to scream, though his scream was a bit... Off this time around. She paid it no mind.

Misery: "Gaaaah... What's this Khrona is doing? I can't be trapped here for a long period of time. I need BLOODSHED! I need DESTRUCTION! I need to satisfying CONDEMNATION and INSANITY of my SOUL to ELIMINATE ALL WHO STAND IN MY WAY!"

Misery fell silent. It was true that she was malicious and malevolent, but... Not to this extent. She was panting a bit hard, smiling in a fashion that revealed most of her teeth in a wide and insane smile. She ran her fingers through her hair "Aaaah, shit... What the hell is going on with me? I feel so... Violent... And I'm not even sure why... Like I have to spill the blood and eat the flesh of all who oppose me..."

Just then, thousands of glowing, vertical eyes appeared everywhere around her, with a small bit of what looked like electricity coming from them, but it was actually insanity. Misery stared at all of them, her arms changing into their sword and scythe forms. "Oho... Someone's here... And I don't plan on letting them get away..."

Eyes: "Really? If someone is here, would you care to elaborate on who?"

Misery frowned. "Shut up, smartass! Zero Sanity!" She slashed the air, releasing a large wave of her Insanity Soul to shatter these eyes. The eyes in the area closed, disappearing completely and having the attack miss. Then they opened back up, larger than before.

Eyes: "You have no clue what we are... We are insanity. Insanity does not effect insanity. Insanity only makes us grow. Attack us however much you wish, but we will not disappear, for we are just the infected insanity that resides within yourself. Hehehe... Fun, isn't it?"

Misery snarled, her eyes narrowing. "SHUT UP!" She tried to slash at them even more, this time with Condemnation Soul so that she could either rip out the souls of these things or kill them instantly with the instant death of her weapon.

The eyes closed once again, then opened when she was done, bigger than before "You don't get it... You cannot destroy us. We are the Falshin. We are part of you now. Your insanity is within us. We are... Insane. Together."

Misery shrieked out a cry of bloodlust and war. She continued to slash at them. This time, the eyes did not close, though they still continued to grow. And grow. And grow.

Eyes: "More insanity... More insanity... The more rage you have, the more insane you become... You'll become like him soon enough... Soon enough..."
The Eyes disappear.

Misery was starting to freak out. Everywhere, she saw nothing but eyes... And soon she began to see mouths... She tried to slash at them, but nothing worked. She continued her slashing assault, but again, nothing worked on them. Her movements became sloppy and destructive, also indiscriminate of what was around her. The eyes had long disappeared, though Misery still saw them... She had to keep slashing or else they would get her and destroy her... And she had to get off her bloodlust and war filled urges... Though eventually she came to a conclusion. They were inside of her. If she were to open herself up, she could get them quickly... Yes... Open herself up... She took her sword blade and stuck it straight into her chest, slashing down ward slowly to make a type of large incision going from the tip of her neck down to her vagina. From the hanging flesh shot out her scythe blades, which curled around her intestines and organs and muscle and tore them out, ripping each of them to millions of pieces. She shoved her sword into her bones, shattering them in their entirety "Where is the soul..? Where is the soul..? Where is the SOUL...?" She shoved her sword into the place of what used to be her ribcage and shoved it straight up her neck and into her skull, the sword coming up from the top of her head. She pulled it through her front, shredding her face and neck into nothingness as she did so, and her body fell down... Dead... "The soul... I can't find the soul... My soul... Its soul... It's inside of me... But where?" Everything that had just happened... A hallucination. Misery did indeed fall to the ground, and she lay flat on her back, her eyes darting about crazily, both of them looking in the opposite direction as the other at all times. "WHERE IS THE SOUL!? WHERE DID MY SOUL GO!?!? WHERE IS IT!? MY SOUL!!! I WANT IT BACK! GIVE IT TO ME!!!! I WANT MY SOUL BACK, FALSHIN! GIVE ME MY SOUUUUUUUULLLLLL!! AAAAAUUUUAAAAAAAAGH!!!" She then fell to silence, giggling a bit to herself. "It's already gone... I'm already lost... Heehee..."

In another part of Khrona's pit, in a corner that was, believe it or not, darker than the rest of the pit sat Despair, staring out into the abyss with a depressingly cute smile on her face. She heard the screams of Khrona and Misery, but after all, living with those two, screams such as those sounded normal to her. She didn't seem to do much, or want to do much, for that matter. She just sat and closed her eyes... Eventually, a ring of vertical eyes opened up around her, and she opened her woeful eyes slowly, gazing at the few in front of her. "Oh, why hello there... I am dreadfully happy to see you here!"

Eyes: "Yes.. My presence here is your doom..."

Despair: "Lovely. Oh, but where are my manners...? I am Despair A La Discord, weary to meet you, ... Um..."

Eyes: "Insanity. Call me... Insanity."

Despair: "Ah, Insanity... I know of that well... Mostly from my colleagues. So, Insanity... How are you?"

Eyes: "I am quite fine, thanks... But I'll be better if I can feast on your soul..."

Despair: "Mournfully sorry, but I cannot allow this to happen... My soul is full of Rejection and Despair... On literal terms, no one has the ability to eat it."

Eyes: "I'll make a way... I will control your mind and devour it from the inside."

Despair: "Is that a fact? I am quite devastated that I cannot participate more in this..."

Eyes: "... You participate enough by letting me... Feast on your soul..."

Despair paused "Wait, I just realized, you're hungry, aren't you? Would you care for some tea and some rice balls? I must warn you, the rice balls are filled with blood, so if you don't like blood, I can make something else..."

Eyes: "No, that's quite alright... Seriously though, what is it with you, lady? Why aren't you being corrupted?"

Despair: "I wouldn't have the slightest idea. Did you try Khrona? Or Misery? Maybe they'll play along!"

Eyes: "... Maybe it was a mistake to come to you... I mean, really..."

Despair: "Hm... Are you tired of my talking? Perhaps I'll stop, then..."

The Eyes did not hear Despair, for now they are speaking to themselves. "Ugh... stupid little... Always gotta... Marf, marf marf."

Despair was silent.

Eyes: "I can't do anything with you... Oh, your soul... I see now... It is filled with Rejection, so I cannot enter unless you put it down..."

Despair was silent.

Eyes: "Was it... Something I did or said?"

Despair was silent.

Eyes: "... Are you still down to earth?"

Despair was silent.

Eyes: "Or perhaps the insanity is taking place..."

Despair was silent.

The eyes were silent.

Despair was silent.

The eyes were silent.

Despair was silent.

The eyes were silent.

Despair was silent.

Eyes: "... Okay, why aren't you talking? It's creepy."

Despair: "Oh, I am most dreadfully sorry... I thought you didn't like my voice bothering you, so I made myself silent. Again, I apologize..."

Eyes: "Girl... You are... Gah... I see how it is... You shall become one with the Falshin... One with me... Soon enough..."

Despair: "Oh, so you're Falshin? I've heard so much about you... What a woeful honor it is..."

Eyes: "Gah... You just make me want to leave you... Why did I even come here in the first place... No, wait, I see... Your soul... That of Rejection... You were meant only to reject anything and everything around you, including insanity. No wonder it's not working... Hahaha, to live a life being rejected by all things... Must be a painful burden, hm? No wonder your soul of Despair is so strong... Filled with pain, suffering and solitude... No one can like you. Not with that rejection. You put everyone down into a pit of hopeless despair. This is why only Khrona and Misery are right for you, for they do this to everyone around them, as well... Hopeless. You're hopeless..."

Despair froze. Her eyes shrunk as she remembered the thoughts of how everyone cursed her and hated her because she brought nothing but sadness to the ones she cared for most. Her Rejection soul had now become weak, filling with Despair...

Eyes: "Ah, good... The rejection is weak, and insanity may enter... Insanity will provide you with what you need... Falshin will not reject you... Or your two friends. I will make you one with me so you will have someone who won't reject you... Forever. Don't you want to be accepted? I accept you... Now you must accept insanity..."

Despair: "Yes... Falshin... Falshin wants me... Insanity, you know my pain... You can help me... Right?"

Eyes: "Yes... I can help you. Insanity will fill you completely and you will not be alone... Rejected... In despair... Any longer..."

All of the eyes close slowly, leaving Despair to herself.

Despair gives a weak, yet still depressing smile, her eyes lost and filled also with a melancholy insanity. Her fingers changed into razors "This pain... This pain... Only pain can cleanse me of pain..." With her index finger lined with a razor, she rolled up the sleeve to the opposite arm and made a tiny cut "Pain... Sorrow... Suffering... Misery... Despair..." As she continued to cut, she moved further and further up her arm and she became more violent with her cuts. She rolled up the sleeve to the other arm and proceeded with the same thing, violently slashing at her arm with her razor fingers. Next she raised her fingers to her forehead, gripping it tightly as to make wounds all over her face, most noticeable in the cheek area. She giggled a bit to herself, then began to carve three large vertical eyes into her forehead, the blood streaming down looking like tears. From this, she felt she needed to go farther... She took off her cloak-dress, completely naked now, and began to swiftly and maliciously slash at her entire body, making several wounds and cuts all over herself. On her stomach, she carved again three vertical eyes spread horizontally across -- the eyes of insanity -- the eyes of the Falshin. On the back of her hands, she carved the same three eyes as on her forehead and her stomach, getting both hands. She finally fell to her knees, staring blankly at the darkness, blood trickling all down her body and suddenly, she began to shed tears. Her body did not move, yet she shed tears. Her tears were black. They streamed down her face, mixing with her blood, and her cloak finally took it upon itself to cloth her once again. If she were to lose too much blood, the cloak would take her to Khrona to get healed. Despair sat there, motionless, bleeding and crying black tears where no one could see her.

Eventually, all three of them congregated somewhere in this place. They all walked in a disorderly function, something mixed like a drunkard and a drug addict... And a cripple... and a zombie at the same time. Let's just call it the walk of insanity. They all met with each other... Khrona began to scream. Misery began to laugh. Despair was silent. They all looked at each other and then they all looked down a certain pathway. "Falshin Insanity..." they said in unison, "... This way..." A huge eye opened up in that certain path and started to float in the direction they needed to go. They followed. The eye spoke to them, "I will take you to Falshin through this network of underground pits... Falshin should be directly under one of them." The three of them followed the eye without a doubt for it, Khrona's head twitching, Misery's eyes twitching and Despair virtually motionless, floating by means of her cloak. The eye soon came to a stop. "He is here. The Falshin is above this pit... He will take you down the path of insanity.. And freedom." Khrona mumbled under his breath, "... Insanity..." Misery mumbled, as well, "... Freedom..." Despair was still silent. Khrona took hold of both of them and took one great flap, which would send him straight to the top of this incredibly and unnaturally deep pit... Leading him to the Falshin's Dwelling.

Khrona, Misery and Despair burst through the ground, landing gracefully in front of the Falshin. Khrona puts the two down and stares at Falshin intensely and insanely "Insanity... Khrona is... Here..."

Falshin stares at the three and smiles. "Ah... You three... You've been infected deep with my insanity..." He looks to Khrona. "You... The one who is most like me, both of your souls are Fear and Insanity, the same as me... You are very similar to me. No wonder it was your soul that revived me from my slumber." Falshin walks toward all three of them. "The four of us... We're all the same... No one else is like us... Which is why we must stick together... The rest of them... They are scary... What we need are their souls. If we harvest their souls, we won't be scared of them any longer... What do you say to this?" Falshin stared at all three of them at the same time with his three eyes.

Khrona nodded slowly. "Yes... Insanity... We are alike... You are right..." Khrona stepped forward. Misery stared at Falshin smiling. "Yes... Harvest their souls... And it will be over..." Despair did not look up. Instead, she floated towards Falshin and wrapped her arms around his neck, her eyes darting about insanely. They were all willing to be with the the Falshin.

Falshin smiled. "Well. How about we go out and do some business, hm? Just the four of us... But who will be our target...? Perhaps the one infected with the black dragon blood... Your brother's girlfriend, was it? Or perhaps we should eliminate the largest threats to us... Your brother? The Lone Wolf? The Sky King? Maruze? Any of them being taken care of would do us serious good... Oh, hell. Why not destroy the entire village? Heheh heh... We have the manpower... We have the insanity... No, something big like that could be for the grand finale... Let's just go out and see what we can find..." Falshin began to float. "Shall we depart, Khrona, Misery and Despair?"

Khrona nodded. "Yes... Let's go..." Khrona grabbed Misery and Despair and put them on his back, his gigantic dragon wings opening up, and Khrona took flight alongside Falshin off to... Somewhere.

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Falshin 4: Khrona sinks into utter insanity... Joining forces with Asura.

Asura stares at the 3 and smiles "Ah... You three... You've been infected deep with my insanity..." He looks to Khrona "You... The one who is most like me, both of your souls are Fear and Insanity, the same as me.. You are very similar to me. No wonder it was your soul that revived me from my slumber." Asura walks toward all 3 of them "The 4 of us... We're all the same... No one else is like us... Which is why we must stick together... The rest of them... They are scary... What we need are their souls. If we harvest their souls, we won't be scared of them any longer... What do you say to this?" Asura stared at all 3 of them at the same time with his 3 eyes.

Khrona nodded slowly "Yes... Asura... We are alike... you are right..." Khrona stepped forward. Misery stared at Asura smiling "Yes... Harvest their souls... And it will be over..." Despair did not look up. Instead, she floated towards Asura and wrapped her arms around his neck, her eyes darting about insanely. They were all willing to be with the Kishin.

Asura smiled "Well. How about we go out and do some business, hm? Just the four of us... But who will be our target...? Perhaps the one infected with the black blood... Sadako, was it? Or perhaps we should eliminate the largest threats to us... Maze? Fenri? ZK? Maruze? Any of them being taken care of would do us serious good.. Oh, hell. Why not destroy the entire village? Heheh heh... We have the manpower... We have the insanity... No, something big like that could be for the grand finale... Let's just go out and see what we can find..." Asura began to float "Shall we depart, Khrona, Misery and Despair?"

Khrona nodded "Yes... Let's go..." Khrona grabbed Misery and Despair and put them on his back, and his gigantic dragon wings opened up, and Khrona took flight alongside Asura off to... somewhere.
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Falshin 5: Bountiful Harvest

After collecting one thousand souls and thoroughly destroying -- as well as conquering -- several different alternate dimensions with merely an insane fit of destruction, Khrona returned to his master with all such souls that he collected from each of the other worlds he ravaged.

Khrona makes his grand entrance back into Falshin's... Dwelling. He opens his Rejection bag of souls "There we go... One thousand souls for Falshiiin...!"

Falshin looks at Khrona, then at all of the souls and he smiles. "Khrona... You have done well... Souls... Souls... So many for me. Hmhm... So delicious." He opened his mouth wide, wider than any normal being should be able to open its mouth and sucked them all in as if his mouth were a black hole. His three eyes began to twitch insanely and he started to laugh "Ooooh... So much POWER!!!"

Khrona laughs a bit, too... His power seemed to increase as the Falshin's did, for some reason... Perhaps because their souls were linked now? Perhaps because they shared the same blood? Perhaps because they're both insane? Maybe because Khrona's soul was a part of Falshin's, since it was used to revive him. Khrona stood there, awaiting Falsin's feast to be done.

As Falshin devoured the souls, he looked at Khrona. "... Hm... His soul is powerful... Very powerful... It looks delicious... But..." Falshin fell to his knees, staring at Khrona with fearful eyes. "I'm... Scared of him..."

Khrona was wondering what was wrong with Falshin by now. "... Falshin...? What is it, Falshin...?" Khrona took a step closer to him.

Falshin's eyes dilated and he shot a blast of energy right out at Khrona's feet, backing up at an insanely fast pace. His teeth chattered wildly, his eyes darting about the area crazily.

Khrona avoided the blast by flapping his wings to send him backwards, but now he was confused as to why Falshin attacked him... "... F... Falshin...? Attack... Khrona... Me? Why?... Falshin... He's gonna protect Khrona... I thought... I brought... Souls... Why would Falshin attack me...?" Khrona bent his body backwards, lost in thought... Insane thought.

From Falshin's mouth, he coughed up a drill halfway and pointed it at Khrona. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? STOP DOING THINGS! I'LL DESTROY YOU! I MUST GET YOUR SOUL. YOUR SOUL... So you won't harm me..." Falshin fired a series of ball-like energy blasts instead of a beam from his mouth at Khrona.

Khrona spun around, wings lined with Rejection Energy so that when he spun, the energy balls would be reflected away from him. "Ah... I see now... You are the enemy... I was doing wrong all along... Misery, Despair... We may be still locked in this pit of insanity... But at least we know now who... THE REAL ENEMY IS... KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! KYYYAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!" Khrona drew Misery and swung her all about, releasing waves of Insanity Soul in every which direction. "KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" He drew Despair, in which he slashed and released missiles from where he was slashing at. "KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!" He did not stop. He flapping his wings crazily, making heavy winds and random air vacuums all throughout the area.

Falshin was no match for such insanity... Not now, at least. Even with the one thousand soul power boost, it seems as though since he lacked abilities, unlike Khrona, he would be killed if he stayed here for a while. Falshin screamed "AAAAAAAH!!! I CAN'T STAY HERE! I MUST GOOOO!" He blasted a beam straight above him, creating a hole, then escaped there before Khrona's attacks could hit him. Again, Falshin had escaped unscathed... First from Khrona's brother, now from Khrona...

Khrona calmed down a bit, sighing... He was still deep within insanity, though he knew one thing now; Falshin was the enemy. Khrona flew out through the same hole that Falshin did...

Khrona flew back down into his pit, which was now unsealed since he was out of that solitary confinement state. Khrona came back with a lot more insanity, but also a lot more knowledge... Knowledge that the Falshin is a power hungry beast and that he is the enemy.

Misery and Despair jumped off of his back as he got down to the deepest, darker than dark part of his pit. "Falshin... Khrona... Are we the same? Could it be that I am turning into that...? The Falshin...? A new one..? Will I thirst for souls just as he has? Will I become scared of all that are around me...? No, wait, I already am..." Khrona encased himself in his wings, going now into Deep Thought.

Misery panted heavily, smiling. It did not look like she was in her right mind... In fact, she was looking just about as insane as Khrona. "Heh heh heh... I have all of this power and no one to use it on... How shitty..." She looked to Khrona and Despair. "Those two... I can always make scraps out of them... Hahaha... That should be interesting... To test their power..." A blade jutted out of her hand, it being one of the sword. "I wonder... I wonder what they'll do. What power will they show me?"

Despair sat there, completely silent. She stared deeply at nothing... Or perhaps blankly. Not much to see here... Except for tears rolling down her face... Black tears...

Inside of his wings, Khrona thought deeply on the matters at hand... His own insanity, the growing madness of the world, the Falshin's insanity... The Falshin himself, The village, his weapons... and Khrona himself as a whole. "Insane...? Yes. I am. The world does not make it much better... Falshin has spread his insanity throughout this village... Or, at least it is starting to spread throughout this village. It started with me... But we all know why. I'm not stable... I can't hold my very, very slim thread of sanity... Though my insanity surpasses that of Falshin's. I can tell. I saw it. He has a large soul indeed, a large and insane one, but mine surpasses his completely... That could be bad. What if I become a Falshin? What if I thirst for souls? I do not want to become that... Never have I wanted to become such a disgusting creature such as him... His cowardice surpasses mine, even if I am a cowardly person... Fear... Insanity... That's what makes up my body... My wretched, wretched body... My disgusting body that has been tested on so many years ago... Just the thoughts, they drive me insane... Insane... I must get revenge... Falshin wants to hurt me, too... But what can I do without sanity...? Nothing. Scream. No, it won't work, either..." Khrona fell into silence... "... But. I must protect this village. All who are in it. Me. I must protect me. I must protect my weapons. I cannot let those similar to that disgusting scientist run rampant... I. Must. Destroy. Falshin." Khrona's eyes were filled with conviction... And his soul seemed to glow with a bright light. Innocence. Khrona figured that this Innocence would not last long, nor would Khrona be able to summon it often, but it was what he needed to destroy Falshin. The Innocence wavelength. How compatible is that with Khrona while insane? Not very. Which is why... It seems as though his sanity has returned for this temporary amount of time. "I must protect my two weapons... And I must go it alone." Khrona expanded his wings. "But first, I must help my weapons... By getting them out of this insanity. With my temporary Innocence wavelength... I will cure them."

Misery looked at this newfound Khrona. "Eh? What's that? You standing up, huh...? You must think you can beat me, huh bastard? Well, think again! You won't get the best of Misery Des Gloomi!" She dashed at Khrona, sword out. She made a slash at him, sword glowing with Insanity Soul Energy and with a glowing hand, Khrona grasped it, and all of the insanity soul surrounding it shattered like glass and dissipated. Khrona stared Misery in the eyes... A stare of strength and conviction. He then punched her in the head lightly, sending his Innocence wavelength through her to clear her thoughts. "Now that you're clean... Let's get Despair up and running." Misery sat there, staring at this... Sexy new attitude that Khrona flaunted. He turned to Despair and lifted her head. "Despair... No matter who or what rejects you or hates you, Misery and I... Will always love you." Khrona gave Despair a quick kiss, then sharply stared at Misery "Isn't that right, Misery?" Misery straightened up, kinda confused a bit. "EH... Huh? OH. YEAH. We totally love you, Despair! We love having you around! Only you can even interact with us! What's it say that you can be in our little threesome we have here, huh? Must say you're a damn good person!" Khrona nodded, looking back to Despair. She was still crying, but her tears were clear "... Really? Oh, you two... make me so woefully happy..." She pulled Misery close with her dress and hugged them both "I love you two, too... Sigh... Isn't this just so grotesquely grand~?"

Khrona nodded. "Now, you two... I want you two to stay away for a while. I need to fight this battle alone, I'm sorry to say. You all feel free to do whatever you all want to do, just do not fight alongside me for a little while. Got it?" They both nodded at Khrona. "Good. I'll be off, now." In a blur of blackness and a sudden explosion of wind a few seconds afterward, Khrona was at the top of the pit.
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Falshin 6: Ruin Awakening

Medusa stood tall deep within the ruins, in the middle of a stonehenge looking part of the ruins that seemed to be omitting a strange and ominous power. "Nake... Snake... Cobra Cobubura... Naaake... Snaaaake... Cobra Cobubura..." Medusa smiled "The Kishin Asura, I beg for your return... For you are needed to change this world into one anew and ruled by your power..." Medusa raised her hands, then noticing from the high powered magic assisting her magical perception that... someone was coming... And coming fast. Or, perhaps, there were people already here. She frowned "Hm. Free. Eruka. Mizune sisters. Unwanted guests are approaching of limited power... Take them out. This energy of these ruins will increase our magic by tenfold. You all alone can easily eliminate anyone who comes within. Do not let them enter here..." Medusa turned, letting her lackeys go do her bidding.

They all said in unison "Yes, Lady Medusa!" And went on their way to intercept and destroy the enemies.

-Time Skip--

Some time later, Maruze would shoot into Medusa's immediate area, however he stared at her in secret hiiigh atop a broken pillar. He would wait for Tera, since Maruze did not think he could handle this witch alone, seeing as what she was doing right now... He then heard her start to speak.

"...Hm? Is she referring to... Tera...? What could be going on with him right now...?"

Medusa begins to giggle a bit "Hmhmhm... It is almost ready for the Kishin to return... Once I am done here, he will come and be under my control... Hmhmhmhm..." Medusa looked up to the border of the barrier "And so long as I'm here, might as well make my power boost permanent..." Some arrows extended into the border of the magic barrier and began to suck in the magic. Finally, when enough magic was sucked out, 4 small orbs appeared in Medusa's hands. These orbs would allow her and her colleagues' powers to be amplified tenfold even when not within the borders of the magic barrier... Which would be quite useful. "Ah, what use these will be in the futu-- ... Wait... Something is amiss.. One of them is here and I know it..." Her snake-like eyes darted up and locked onto Maruze's position. She stared up at him, though said and did nothing as magic surged throughout the concentrated area that looked like Stonehenge. She knew Maruze saw her, and he would know that she saw him. She merely giggled and turned back around "With this pool of magic, the souls from the past will build and the Kishin will draw near... And when the time comes... The snake will strike..."

~@Tera zoomed in above Maruze, jumping off the board, landing next to Maruze. He hand two Kuro-Maitsu Sycthes in hand, both pulsating with his rupturing chakra.@~

So...this is Medusa? The one Khrona talked about?

~@He stood on guard, feeling an emense power coming from her.@~

Maruze jumped a bit after being seen by Medusa "So... She knows I'm here...? And yet she does nothing...?... ... Wait, then that must mean... Shit. I need Tera here now... We have to take her out now..." As Tera came up next to him, Maruze immediately began to speak "Yes, that's her. She's almost done with whatever she is doing... We must act NOW!"

~@Tera would slash both of his sycthes in Medusa's direction, sending thousands of condensed sound strands and dark energy threads at her in the wavelength fashion. Dark energy began to engulf his arms from his sycthes, spreading to the rest of his body.@~

Yeah, lets!

~@ He dashed off to the side some away from Maruze after the attack. This way if she pulled something, they both wouldn't be caught at once.@~

Maruze dashed off to the side opposite of Tera, hoping that she would only be able to get one of them instead of both. "Infinite Blades!" 99 blades then appeared above Medusa and proceeded to crash down on her at a high speed.

A large arrow came from Medusa's body, easily as large as a plane and without any effort slapped away all of the swords. As for the strands, easily dodge... "Vector Plate." Suddenly, the ground under her collapsed and she fell into a large hole. The Vector Plate was made under the surface of the ground pointing downward, so the ground would be compressed drastically and Medusa would have a quick access underground escape. Suddenly, above Maruze and Tera were 2 large Vector Plates that floated, pointing in the opposite direction the they were running, which would forcefully push them back into their initial positions, which Medusa was now directly under, however still underground. Finally, she finished her action, though Maruze and Tera would not be able to hear her "Vector Storm." From that position, a maelstrom of huge, cutting arrows instantly shot up and ripped through everything above Medusa, about the size of an F5 tornado, which just as much power, to boot. Each of the arrows moved in different directions, which made them even more.. slicey.

~@The threads and strands that missed would worm into the ground in once again a wavelength fashion. As Tera is forced back, as well as Maruze, He stabbed one of his sycthes into the ground, causing a rip along the way back.@~


~@As they flew backward Tera would hear the ground beneath them rumble and rupture, meaning something was coming. He leaped into the air, spinning a sycthe in each hand like a cyclone, and as they spun they began to brim with dark energy. The vectors came up, and while some would be forced slightly to the side to avoid hitting Tera, others, or most in this case, that didn't get moved by the cyclones would be chopped by the rotating Sycthes. He wasn't sure of how Maruze would handle the situation, so Tera would have Maruze shadow rise up around him, then solidifying like dark energy, to be a decent defense to the vectors, unless he already took care of himself.@~

Maruze had his 99 blades fly back to him "Magic Division!" He would have all 99 swords surround him so that he could divide the magic of Medusa's attack, however even with divided power, Medusa's vectors were still strong enough to push him away. He landed some feet away from them "Thank you, Tera... But make sure to be wary of your surroundings.. It seems as though she can make those 'Vector Plate' things anywhere and they will instantly force us in the direction that they point... and they may point to our doom..." Maruze began to glow after he finished talking "Sword Magic; Blade-Man combo!" All 99 of his swords then merged with his body, the Magic Division still in effect so that when Medusa attacked, it would be reduced power, or at least to him. Unfortunately, since he was using his Blade-Man combo, he wouldn't be able to help Tera without physically getting near him to cut the magic... But he figured he would be fine. Maruze did not want to jump straight down into that hole, for he knew nothing of what would happen. He would have to wait until Medusa came up..

Medusa laughed loudly at the two "Hahahaha!! I think I am done toying with you all now... Completion of summoning the Kishin Asura is just about complete.. Might as well get rid of you... Vector Boost." Arrows appeared all over Medusa's body being embedded into her skin. She figured she would tell them what she was about to do to them, since she was evil like that "Hmhmhm... I would suggest that you all brace yourselves, since I have just done my Vector Boost power up... What it does is increases all of my attacked x3 until all of the arrows are odff of my body... And with this magical barrier, my Vector Boost's power is increased tenfold, making it increase all of my magic by x30, and with all of my magic already increased tenfold by the barrier, that would mean that all of my magic is increased by... hm... What's that number? 300 times? Haha~ I believe that is correct~!" Her eyes could be seen gleaming from the darkness of the large pit that had been made from her vectors. To show off, she proceeded in making one Vector Arrow come from her body, which was about 2 or 3 times larger than a whale. It shot straight up, practically destroying the entire area completely where those two stood. And that was just one when she normally made usually 100 come out. She began to laugh "Why don't you just go home, little boys~?"

~@Tera would hold his hands up as they began to make a buzzing noise. The sound created from the destroyed building would condense together, forming a ball of compacted sound in the air.@~

That would be nice, especially considering this powerful energy I'm sensing, but alas, this was our mission.

~@ As Tera spoke, the area would be destroyed completely, but as boulders massive ceiling fragments and what not fell down, The ones heading toward Maruze and Tera would split in half, falling around them, not on them. Tera was now a few feet of the ground, the atmosphere around him looked warped.@~

Hmp, Looks like...theres no avoiding using this, for this fight.

~@ He clapped his hands together, sending a wave of air at Medusa. The clap itself was also a shockwave of sound, and sound travels quickly through air, and with the air already moving at a high speed towards Medusa, the sound shockwave would be 3 times as quick as any regular sound wave he produced, moving at her with speed equal to mach 3. Sound can be heard, but not seen, as for the air moving this quick, it would catch other air molecules along the way to Medusa, becoming bigger with each passing second. Not even a second later, it was about 10 meters away from Medusa the width and length of a sidewalk {length being an entire block}. Tera whipped around his other hand, and a sphere of air would appear beneath Maruze, keeping him afloat.@~

Maruze tried to assist Tera by putting some freezing winds along with his attack "Sword Magic: Ice Blades!" He leapt into the air and began to spin and released a huge amount of icy mist, which would get caught up in Tera's attack and fly at Medusa in an attempt to freeze her as well, and hopefully stop her from completing this summoning.

Medusa's plan was just about complete. She could feel the presence of the Kishin coming closer, the insanity that filled the air. There was no stopping it now. The only thing to do was to quickly rid herself of these children... "Vector... Storm." Again, she released gargantuan arrows from her body that took the shape of a tornado instantly, however they were so incredibly large and powerful as of now that they basically completely decimated the area into nothingness, ridding her of the attack from Tera and Maruze altogether. The arrows would almost instantly shred them to bits if they were not to block them, since escape from them was just about impossible. Medusa laughed wickedly "It doesn't even matter! I have stalled you all long enough... The Kishin Asura is here... And perhaps he will harvest your souls for the hell of it? HmhmhmhmHAHAHAH!"

A horrible aura of insanity was let loose about the area as Asura made his way in. The skies turned red and black as far as the eye could see, seemingly going into the Reality village itself as of right now. Asura's mouth was gaping, drooling for the souls that he had seen in the Stonehenge looking summoning place. "The one who has left me these souls... the one who has brought me back.." He sniffed about for the presence "... Hmmm... Who are you, witch? I am grateful for these souls... What is it you seek of me...?" Asura inhaled, sucking in all of the souls with one large gulp. There seemed to be just about 1,000, making Asura now have a total of 2,000 souls, meaning he was just surging with a extreme and unbeknownst power.

~@Thinking quickly, Tera grabbed the ring of condensed sound from his fight with the other two witches, and pulled it off. He dashed in front of Maruze, and held the ring of sound forward.@~

Cover your ears Maruze.

~@ The condensed sound relieved its pressure instantly, and the sound would burst about through the area, rupturing everything in site, leaving the area but a clean to the bone barren land. This massive burst would quickly send off the incoming vector arrows into other directions, if not ridding of them completely due to the rupturing of molecules by the high sound burst. With the arrows taken care of, Tera would turn his attention to the creature that came before Medusa.@~

Is that...what she was talking about? A Kinshin?

~@Wind would spiral around Tera's hands before mixing with some dark energy. He clapped his hands, sending a massive vortex infused with dark energy and rupturing chakra at Medusa and the Kinshin. His hands would quickly form another layer of dark energy and wind.@~

Maruze stared at the Kishin "... Tera... I don't think you should mess with him... If my memory serves me correctly, then he can--" It was too late, Tera had already acted. All Maruze could do now was... wait and try to defend.

Asura looked at the threat that was attacking... He saw the witch as an ally, seemingly, and the sword one as not an immediate threat... Just another soul to eat later. The other one... The one using sound... That was the one he would have to take out. Asura clasped his hands together and a huge rune/seal thing appeared around him and Medusa, easily brushing off the souls as if it were nothing, mostly because thesis was made of soul energy and was a force rather than anything that worked on a molecular level and lastly because... well... Sheer power difference. Once everything was done, The rune seal things dissipated. "Witch... Prove your worth to me by ridding me of those two... I do not seek souls of such low power... They will fall soon enough to my insanity..." Asura wrapped his skin around his mouth automatically, making it look like a scarf of 3 fingered hands though the skin only wrapped around his neck and mouth, leaving his 3 eyes and his hair able to be seen clearly.

Medusa smiled "Why yes, Asura..." She raised a finger "Vector Plate." A gigantic arrow appeared under Maruze and Tera, forcefully shooting them both out of the magical barrier. Now, the force of this Vector Plate was strong enough to pierce the exceedingly strong barrier, and not only that, force Tera and Maruze aaaaaaaaaaaaalll the way back to the Reailty village. That is one fucking strong plate. "Now... Asura... I am Medusa, the snake witch... I wish to serve you so you may douse this world with your insanity... To rid you of that Shinigami and all of those who wish to kill you for your soul... My goal is your goal; to take them out and collect some souls and experiment along the way. If you would care to come, I would very much.. Appreciate it...." Some of Medusa's soul energy snakes that were invisible flew throughout teh area and into Asura, however because of the incredible magical boost from the barrier, they were more powerful and elusive, making them even powerful enough to pollute and feed Asura's mind. She smiled, for her planwas coming together. She laughed as she could see through Asura now because of the snakes in his body that he didn't even know would penetrate him and latch to his mind and soul. If he thought of turning on her, she would alter his judgment. No matter what, Asura would join her... He absolutely WOULD.

Asura did not know why, but he was compelled to join up with this witch... No matter. It could not be for the worst. He did not fear her and she wanted to be rid of Shinigami, and that was a plus and therefore he would not take her soul "... Alright. I will join you. Just show my passage to where reside... and we may pursue with the effort of destroying Shinigami... while insanity contaminates this world..." Asura released a huge wave of insanity into the sky once again, and many black and red balls fell from the sky. They were incarnates of insanity. Asura's minions that he had no care for. They would roam this place and spread insanity through the ground and retrieve souls from him, made from him and of his insanity and his soul. "Let us depart." He wrapped a scarf around Medusa and flew off back to his original home, where he was awakened the first time so long ago by the same person.
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Falshin 7: Storing the power...

Asura appeared at the Graveyard, staring at all of the lingering souls in the area. "Perfect place... To devour souls... Snake witch, where are you? Come to me now..." Asura landed, his skin scarves flying about to collect souls... 10... 20....

Medusa walked into the graveyard, her little chibi feet walking through the gates and staring at Asura with a wicked smile on her face "Oh, Asura... Collecting souls to store more power, hm? Hmhmhmhm... How cute." Medusa walked closer to him, yet still kept her distance "I have a plan on an easier way to spread your insanity... Care to hear it?"

Asura nodded to Medusa "Go on, snake witch... Insanity must overcome this horrific place... Before my revenge on Shinigami and Shibusen is to ensue..." He continued to suck out souls from the ground, quickly making his way to another 1,000.
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Falshin 8: Picking up Asura

<-A long black limo would pull up to the front of Medusa's hideout. As the car made a screeching halt in front of the main entrance to the hideout. The door to the limo would open and Mosquito would hop out of his car and walked up the stairs to knock on the door.-> Honestly my lady I'm getting to old for this type of thing..

(-The door opens as free can be seen trying to nail something on the floor as the hammer hits him in the head as he yelps-) "GOD DAMMIT SHIT!!!!!!!!!!! (-the room would begin to get chilly as free turned around at the old man-) "Oi what the hell are you doing here short stuff?"

<-Mosquito sighed before clearing his throat to speak.-> I am here on business for my lady. Now tell me where this Asura person is so I can go about my marry way boy.

(-Free's head turned sideways as he began to laugh hysterically-) "Boy!! I haven't been called a boy then over a hundreds years you better show me some respect there shrimpy"

Such disrespect.....I have no time for such juvenile individuals. I am for Asura only. So once again where is Asura?

Asura's skin arms would break open the doors, flailing around violently. Asura would then fly out of the doors past Free and Mosquito. Then he would stare at them both, floating down to the ground and curling up quite quickly.

(-free would look at asura with disgusted like-) "Oi I didn't tell your ugly ass to leave from your room get back in there or else!" (-free said as an icy chill flows throughout the area-)

<-Mosquito looked at the odd man who came floating out of Medusa's place examining his features. "Hmm you there....are you Ausra?"->

Asura would nod, saying in a raspy voice "I... am the Kishin... Asura..." His skin scarves would wrap around his entire body in a ball, the signature 3 vertical eyes on them.

(-Free could feel the insanity within the area arise just by simply removing showing his eyes as free feels a cold chill run through his spine-) "Exactly what are you doing out here aren't you supposed to be resting?"
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Falshin 9: Searching for Asura, the Demon God

~@Fuuma traveled deep into the Enigmatic ruins, searching for Asura. He had to be battle ready since he was hunting a Demon God after all, so his bracelets were already loaded with sound waves and frequencies.@~

In a whist of the wind, an eerie, yet familiar laugh filled the air, as a magical power unfolded. Many spirits gathered in one area, taking the form of Mederei, the ghastly snake.

"My, Fuuma Tera... It has been a while... Gekogekogeko... But not long enough, it seems. This would make the... Second time we have met inside of the ruins~? Geeekogekogeko..."

Mederei's snake around her waste hissed and flared about, having no real single shape... Just fluctuation.

"I knew you were coming here... Looking for the Kishin, I presume~? Hahaha. No matter. You remember what happened the last time we met in this place, do you not~?"

~@Fuuma stopped in his tracks and closed his eyes. A slight chuckle escaped his lips as he reopened his yellow, now glowing eyes.@~
"Medusa, no; Mederei. What happened when me and Maruze fought against you here is history. I cannot allow myself to let you stop me for a third time, so if you get in my way, "
~@With a quick snap of his finger, a sonicboom was created leaving quite the crater between him and Mederei. His demeanor became more vicious and the whites of his eyes turned red while his pupils remained yellow. His smile extend to his cheeks as he covered half of his face with his hand.@~
"I will remove you."

Mederei smirked "You think so~? Do not forget that this particular area is my domain... The entire field enhances my magic so greatly... Not to mention the little extraction of this place that I have around my neck, as well."

Mederei began to wave her hands around "Nake, snake... Cobra cobubura... Naake snake... cobra cobubura..."

She held her hands out with her fingers pointed in all directions, staring grimly at Tera "Spiritual Vector Storm." This is how she started off the battle with Maruze and Fuuma Tera before... But now, she had Kaerei's spiritual abilities on her side; not to mention still the x10 x10 power boost due to the natural magical enhancing field around the Enigmatic Ruins and the extraction of that power in the orb around her neck. As such, there was a magnificent blast of sheer spiritual vectors that exploded outward in a dome-like fashion from Mederei; ripping through all spirits and forces that came in the way. This blast was so very massive that it covered almost the entire area of the ruins, passing through all solid objects and ravaging the non-solids.

"Don't get caught in this, dear~! You won't like the consequences... Geko geko... Compress."

In case he or any of his attacks did get caught in this dome, they would instantly be compressed into a tiny ball of spiritual vectors, then shattered once it could be compressed no more.

~@Tera quickly waved his hand and formed hundreds of spherical dark energy clusters in front of him. One of them then expanded, acting as a portal in which Tera would enter to avoid the assault of spiritual vector arrows.@~
"Trying to keep Arachne from acquiring the Kishin are we?"
~@Echoed throughout the field as Tera spoke from a different dimension.@~

The clusters of darkness, being a non-physical energy, would be forcefully sucked into the compressing spiritual arrows and confined within the tiny tiny orb, shattering and being erased along with the used-to-be dome.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are!... It isn't that hard to track your presence, you know... Geko geko... Not so long as..."

She didn't finish her sentence, but she knew what she was doing. She pointed her fingers up into the sky.

"Arachne doesn't need to have the Kishin... She will only abuse his power. I need him for my experiments, where his power can be put to good use!! Violet Clowns; Assemble!" She quickly brought her hands down, bringing a great amount of Violet Clowns, just like before when Tera fought her in her own base. Only this time, instead of just one, there were about 21. They spread around the area, ready for Tera's arrival. His insanity would be ruptured by the Violet Clowns' insanity, and thus he would be put in a state of mental paralysis.

"Oh, my... I'm not done there... Insanity Fusion!" The 21st Violet Clown then fused with Mederei, making her also have these terrible properties, as well as boost her own abilities by double. Finally, from her entire body, she would make numerous syringes jut out and look... menacing. Once that was done, she would float slightly above the ground and lie in wait... The Violet Clowns would tell if Tera appeared, and Mederei was in a very peculiar state at this moment...

~@A menacing chuckle could be heard throughout the field as Tera remained hidden.@~

"Anyone who possesses a Demon God won't have good intentions one way or the other. So Arachne may as well have it!"

~@The field began to grow dark, and as it did, two of the Violet Clowns would vanish into the darkness. A chuckle was heard once more and this time 4 were lost to the darkness. Where they went, was a mystery at the moment. Shortly after, a power burst of silver energy encompassed the field for several seconds before a black dome trapped everyone inside. Tera then descended from the top of the dome, holding a two long jet black pistols in hand.

"Now, uungh..."

~@Suddenly, it seems as though the his insanity was being ruptured in some way. He fought Medusa numerous times, so it couldn't be her, meaning it was these clowns. He winced in pain as the field began to quickly turn dark to the point that the only thing Mederei could see was Tera and herself.

Mederei wasn't fond of being secluded in this darkness... But she'd escape at any time if things got bad.

"... Oh? Are my cute little clowns getting to you, boy~? Can you not handle their insanity~?"

Mederei smiled grimly, knowing that if the power of the clowns continued to toy with his insanity, not only would he become totally useless, but also, his mind would fall to that of Medusa rather than Arachne...

"... If you want, I can bring Asura here to you right now..."

She also knew that Asura's insanity was directly linked to the Clowns, even if these clowns were artificial, they were still made from his own insanity. And as such, being near Asura could cause some... Devastating results.

Mederei was on the hyper defensive, however, being alert to anything and everything, because now it seemed to be his territory... And we couldn't have anything unexpected happen. The syringes were ready and steady, and the rest of the violet clowns only laughed insanely.

~@The laughing would slowly fatler bit by bit as more clowns were voided into the darkness, granting Tera with enough stability to stand and act now.@~

"So it was the clowns.."

~@Tera looked around with disgust. How he hated being mindfucked, and by clowns? Good Lord. However, in his moment of thought he managed to hear something rather informative by Medusa.@~

"Like you would. If you did,-"

~@He pointed one of the pistols at Medusa and pulled the trigger twice. Nothing came out of the gun, but an explode would seem to instantly distort its way into existence at point blank range at Medusa's face and torso. The explosion was black, and in the given area at the moment, it would seem to be invisible.@~

"I'd capture him, and send him to Arachne immediately!"

~@A large red eye opened up in the dark field right above Tera and without a moment's notice it set its sights on Medusa. He may be caught in insanity, but Fuuma was still able to keep his intellect to some degree. Being around a calm soul so much, he was always accustomed to thinking rather rationally.@~

Just then, a powerful burst of insanity spread through the entire area. It was so devastatingly crippling and horrific that it started to warp the area, so it seemed. This was the wavelength of insanity.. That of the Kishin Asura. It seemed to becoming more and more powerful as he lie dormant, the madness aiming to take in everything.

With the insanity flowing absolutely everywhere, thousands of eyes would appear on Fuuma's darkness, all of the eyes staring at him. Naturally, this wavelength would be the most effective on him. Even Mederei's face seemed to have 3 vertical eyes on it and a disgusting smile. There was twisted laughing all around once again, and everything seemed to start to melt.

Even images of the Kishin started to appear. One appeared behind Tera, swiftly wrapping its scarves around his throat and arms, aiming to crack his bones and break his neck. His mouth would open to gigantic proportions, as if he were ready to consume Fuuma right then and there...

When Tera pointed his gun at her, Medusa started to feel some sort of powerful... wavelength seeping in. This wavelength... This insanity... Medusa could feel her mind slipping, thanks to Kaerei's blatant insanity, but because she was a witch, insanity increased her magical power... Which was good.

With the increase in power, she decided to pull out her secret weapon... She had to get back to her lair as quickly as possible because of the report from Eruka... She had no time to continue here for the moment.

"Hmhmhmhm... This blade should look familiar to you, Fuuma Tera..."

Her secret weapon was... Waru. The demon blade of the fallen Maruze, who fought Medusa alongside Tera before. His soul had been consumed by his weapon, thus giving Waru his power. And so, Mederei could use the sword to use his Division Wavelength.

As he shot, in one swift motion, she would slash at the darkness, dividing it in two separate parts behind her and quickly disappear, leaving the area in a spiritual form.

"Until next time... Geko~."

And with that, Mederei was gone, leaving Tera to deal with the insanity.

~@The sudden insanity caused Tera to wince in the pain. However, once Medusa left and Asura showed up, he knew he had to get him to Arachne. As he was being choked by Asura's scarf, Fuuma's body began to turn as dark as the field of darkness around him.@~

"..Ugnh, I won't let this..go to waste.."

~@Fuuma predicted something like this would happen, which was why he covered the entire area with darkness. Every bit of the darkness would act as a wormhole, connecting the dimension Asura was in right now to Arachne's lair. Hopefully, better yet, more than likely Arachne would now be free to forcefully take Asura. She could use Fuuma's darkness as a conductor to strengthen her own insanity if needed. She would just have to use this moment to secure Asura, since Fuuma's insanity was in the fritz. Hopefully, she would also rid him of this tainted violent clown insanity..then he would stand a better chance.@~

Asura was unaffected by this wormhole. Even the suction didn't seem to be pulling him in at all... There was no indication of suction whatsoever, not even from his clothes... His grip on Fuuma just became tighter... So tight, that it shattered his bones.

The wormhole didn't go to waste in purpose, however... No, it served the purpose of pissing off Asura. He breathed out a distorted sigh, now wrapping multiple scarves around Fuuma's body. Where each and every one of Tera's joints were, Asura would squeeze them, snapping his joints in a grotesque and painfully slow manner... And to the rest of Tera's bones, he would dig his scarves into his skin and crumple up his bones from the inside except his skull, making his body into mush. Asura would then bite down on Tera's skin and rip it off with his teeth, sucking it all into his mouth and devouring it like a bird. With Tera as a pile of muscle and a skull, Asura would grip the skull with his scarves, biting into one of Tera's eyes and ripping that one out. As for the other one, he'd pluck that one out delicately with a scarf, making sure to keep the optical nerve connecting it to his brain intact. He would slowly place the skull in his mouth, crushing it with his teeth and digging into the meats of his brain basted in brain juices, and slowly slurp up the eye like a noodle with a meatball attached. Asura then fell into the pile of muscle, licking up the blood and rolling around violently in it, laughing maniacally...

With the maniacal laughter still in the breeze, it would be revealed that it was all just a hallucination brought on by insanity... And Tera was fine. But he was all alone in the area, and from enduring that, his mind, body and soul would be fatigued in an incredible way. Asura had never been there in the first place.

~@Fuuma laid on the ground, exhausted and helpless. He never felt such excruciating pain, but at the same time he didn't feel anything. It was a messed up situation to be in but the only thing that stood out was that he didn't catch Asura, like he was supposed. He drove his fist into the ground and began to breathe heavily.@~

"Damn you Medusa...You WILL meet your end.."

~@He staggered to his feet and closed the wormhole, looking around the area in search of a near by source of insanity with hopes that Asura would be there. Though, he began to flicker between sanity and insanity. He became sane and acknowledged that he wouldn't be able to beat Asura alone, but his insanity was forcing him to continue the search, and he did just that. A black board of shadows formed beneath his feet and he flew of in search of either Asura or Medusa.@~
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Falshin 10: Aftermath...

-Orca slowly starts to come to consciousness after being dealt a number twice in one day. A shot that would soon lead to a lot of peoples deaths but that was neither here nor there-

"Lucy...where are you"

-Orca says as he tries to stand to his feet, meeting with a terrible realization that his legs were broken along with various other parts of his body. Thank god he couldn't really feel pain-

Lucy: Do not be so loud. Its unbecoming

Orca: Giving me orders is the fastest way to death woman

Lucy:Hmp, like it did for those shinigami?


Lucy:Exactly. You aren't invincible Orca I know that and all those who have bested you know it. You try to run your life on fear and brute force/

Orca: *Orca scuffs and stands to his feet. Ignoring his bodies condition and lack of chakra. He reaches for his Zanpaktou but its gone, his dying will flame ring is also missing.* I dont need them anyways *Orca says taking a step towards Lucy. Bones sticking out of his body and blood gushing from every possible part in his body* I'll kill you with my bare hands

Lucy: SIT! *Lucy says grabbing hold of Orca's body and slamming him into a way about 7 meters from where he was standing.* There you go again. You'll be dead by years end and neither I nor Bagga can have that. You need to face it. You need us and we need you

Orca: SH..SHUT IT *Orca says in his russian accent. He stands to his feet again/ his body only holding itself together through rage and hatred. I'm going to kill EVERYONE and I need NO ONE to do this! Orca runs towards lucy with his sad excuss of a fist, only one of his fingers would curl the rest were twisted in ways unimaginable

Lucy: *Lucy shakes her head. She knew she was going to have to kill him once or twice before some common sense set into his head. So she tossed his ring into a body of water within the cathedral* Fetch *Lucy said as she tossed Orca into the same body of water.*

-Time elapsed and Orca hadn't surfaced with the ring. Lucy new he was immortal and couldn't die by such simple means. She thought maybe she was being a little to hard on him but that thought quickly diminished -

Lucy: Anytime now...

-Orca still sinking into the depths of this body of water that Lucy threw him in.-

"I cant move...I've already.. *Gargles* dammit that makes three times I've died. When I get out of here, Lucy will *Gargles*"

-Orca knows that he doesnt have much time. He cant release his Kikai bugs for some reason and honestly he doesnt have any option other then to ask for help but that is something he simply can not do-

"What do you seek...?

A voice bellowed from all over, instantly filling the very brim of Orca's mind out of seemingly nowhere. There was no one around. There was no presence. No power. Nothing felt... It was only a voice in the head.

"Tell me... What is it that you seek...? Is it power...?"

This voice was unknown... It belonged to no one Orca knew... The waters started to fluctuate and distort violently, starting to change from that dark, dark blue to an even darker crimson.

-Orca's made raced, he had been here before. In times were he felt powerless to save himself a voice. A sound of reassurance would echo through his mind. Always telling him what he wanted to hear, always showing him down the right path and just like last time, Orca would heed the call-


-Orca yelled in his mind. he was still sinking but at a much slower rate. The sudden darkening of the water only led orca to believe he was growing in power and that the freedom he sought out was about to be before him. His rage for lucy was subsiding as she had helped him grow and that would allow him to let her Orca wasn't a fan of killing women. He took no joy in there screaming, he only wanted to see the fear in a mans eye before there passing-

"Power... they all seek Power..."

The water's changed into a whirlpool of madness, a mouth opening up below Orca as he descended farther. The mouth consumed him, and he would be in a realm of complete blackness. 3 vertical eyes appeared before him... the symbol of the Kishin. Insanity, itself. The eyes of insanity. The mouth appeared before Orca again, black liquid dripping from its deformed lower jaw. The mouth cackled wildly and insanely before continuing with its speech.

"You seek power, then come with me... Into insanity... Follow me... Follow the Kishin... The Kishin Asura will provide... All that you need.. All the power you seek... Consume... Consume consume consume consume consume... Consume all for the Kishin Asura, and your power shall be limitless..."

Orca would then start to feel the power.. the power of Insanity flowing through his very mind, body and soul. His being. Insanity started to slowly take him over...

-The dark liquid would envelop Orca. His eyes glowing, pulsing with pure insanity his mind twisting and contorting at the power he was receiving. He yelled out and the ring he was searching for merely floated onto his finger.-


-Orca released his new power with his cloud flame, an explosion. The force pushed the millions of gallons of water into the sky like old faithful's great release. The explosion continued to grow as it absorbed more and more energy. taking the soul, energy, life force of anything that was unlucky enough to be in the range of this dazzling display of power-

*Meanwhile Lucy was still above not knowing what was going on below. Orca's mind seemed to be beyond her reach and that wasn't good. The only think keeping Orca in control was lucy and if she didnt have reigns over him...god only knows what sins he would commit*

Lucy:..What is this? what is going on here? *Lucy could feel the massive amount of power bellowing from the body of water. She knew the origin to be Orca but what she was confused on was where it was coming from and why she could "Touch" Orca's mind

"Yes... Consume all... For Kishin Asura... For power... Nothing stands in the way of insanity... That which does not submit to insanity..."

An insane wavelength finally fully enveloped Orca as it had been doing since the voice of insanity popped into his head. The 3 eyes staring him in the face opened up now as mouths, thirsty for souls.

"You consume them... Consume, my child... Eliminate... Devour... Bring them into eternity with me!!"

Then, thousands upon thousands of eyes of insanity appeared, they opening like mouths just the same as the first set of 3.

"... Lest I consume your soul as compensation..."

The eyes would devour this form of Orca, bringing him back into the reality that was the ocean he was still in. The voice of insanity had momentarily departed... Only leaving the pure power of insanity at Orca's own disposal. Consume.

-Orca step out of the now gash in the earth from his sudden display of power, his eyes closed and his hands resting in his pocket. Orca gazes over at Lucy and smiles-


Lucy:...Orca...what happened do-

-Orca's strike was fast and it was fatal. His fist piercing Lucy's heart and crushing it without a second thought. Lucy had no time to scream nor time to escape all she could do was say "W..why" The fear in her eyes only made Orca want more, so he sent a surge of power through her that he had never used before (Soul menace), as her screams ranged through out the Lost cathedral, Orca felt his first emotion...Joy and lust. The joy from hearing Lucy scream and the lust for needing more.-

Orca" -Scream for me!"

-Orca yells as he rips wht little is left Of Lucy's soul and gazes, as it rest in his hand. He wasn't quite sure what to do with that soul, he was about to crush it but something told him to Devour it, to consume the soul-

Kuja-kun traced the last known bit of Insanity to be in this area, where the young and ignorant Orca Aburame had been infected and come under its subjugation. He did play quite the useful part in the future, along with the Cursed One of the Tensei; Taomin. It was because of this event where he swallowed the Insanity that all such events involving the Trunade came to be, and how Taomin was able to swallow up the Chaos in the Insanity, with Orca and his insects' help, as well as with Val's own awakening. Every time they woke, it seemed that they would cause unspeakable ruin on this land.

"They're so cute... Aren't they...? Playing with powers they don't understand..." He muttered, hovering over the oceanic expanse atop the Silver Dragon famously used as his mode of transporation and dipping his hand into the water where it had been contaminated. Here lies the pure essence of Insanity left by the first Seed, Asura. In his hand, it would swirl into a solidified shape. "Have fun dealing with your madness in the future... Insect-kun~!" He chuckled, then snapped his fingers and called for his ride to fly back off into the sky, back toward the Dusk. No one would know of what happened here... Save for Kuja-kun.
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Falshin 11:Checking Out The Ruins - Family Secrets

After having discovered their History dating back to the Beginning, the 'New Gen Trinity' as they were called and their children would have witnessed what is known as 'The Story' that their ancestors not only discovered, but wrote for the rest of all creations. In exchange for this, they became the 'Primordial Trinity' of which the 'New Gen Trinity' were descendants of. However, in accessing that ancient information, they also unlocked the Ancient Curse that was set on those who did not finish nor correctly create 'The Story'... And that was 'The Insanity.' Not as an entity that was carried by a host, but as a living, breathing, conscious force that possessed and used those hosts like a parasite to spread it. Now, the Dusk Village had delved deep into the archaic archives of ancient history, and now that they knew... The Price of Knowing was to Continue the Story or Suffer the Curse of The Insanity. Their Ancestors really set them up, didn't they?

"K-Khrona!?" Khrona's maul-mannered words shocked the Android, making her stop what she was doing. As she turned around, she could feel a very malevolent breeze pass them by, and through her binary eyes, she could see that Khrona had become consumed by whatever it was. "I-Is this insanity? I... Never felt it before until today... How terrifying..." Despite how she felt at that moment, she knew what she had to do, which was quell Khrona at all costs. Khrona was her good friend's brother, so Hakku wouldn't do anything that could result in Khrona's death, unless his brother or her creator's lives were in immediate danger. She held out her hands, and half a dozen cubes of 'Ultimanna' manifested around her. Inside each of these cubes were a sphere, which was a different manna entirely. She didn't know what to expect from an insane Khrona, so she made sure to be prepared. "Khrona, snap out of it! I... I don't want to have to fight you!"

An ominous presence strolled on by in the middle of Zita and Aura's little episode, and created another problem; Khrona. The former Deep leader had spent some time in the Reality before she left to Escellsia, so she remembers the feeling of insanity all to well. Not only that, but she knew how susceptible Khrona was to it. This just became a real pain in the ass. "Ugh... Haven't been back in this world for more than a day, and already I have to deal with damn Khrona... Do you all ever have a regular day?" she inquired while scratching her head to hide how annoyed she was by this. Out the corner of her eye, she noticed Chroma fleeing off somewhere, and without trying to figure where she went, the former leader came up with a rather simple idea. "Clone, go with that Chroma kid while we handle this nuisance of a man. She must know of a way to stop her wild ass father." She was happy to see that her Android inherited a smidgen of her 'fight now, ask questions later' attitude, and as such it made the former leader want to do the same. She took a couple of steps forward after being blown back a bit by Khrona's wings, and each step along the way, roses began growing at her feet.

The winds from Khrona's wings bent right around the clone, all thanks to her vector prowess. She didn't know much about Khrona, but she already started not to like him. Not only because of how easily swayed he was by insanity, but because he gave her the damn evil eye. It annoyed the hell out of her, because she wasn't strong enough to show him some manners. But then, her mother gave her an order. "Chroma...?" By the time she looked over to see where Chroma was, she was already leaving! So now, she didn't have time to decide if she actually wanted to go or not, and with that, she ran after Chroma. What an annoying, first day. "Khrona! You idiot!"

Alone high in the sky, Khrona's head twitched and jerked about every moment or so, eventually allowing him to look up at the clouds. "It's all..." The vision of the clouds became distorted in his eyes, everything turning a bright red. He was seeing the insanity in its purest form; everything it had contaminated throughout the Dusk village. He could see it all. It stretched out literally everywhere, even to the outskirts, however it was most potently coming from... Even beyond there. In an unexplored terrain far beyond. "My... My Queen..." Khrona was going to burst off in that direction, however he seemed to be ordered not to, at the risk of leading them to her still ever-so-hidden location. Instead, Khrona looked down at his brother, the former leader, and the Android girl, -- the only ones that were left to deal with him -- and he began to laugh. It started off as a maniac giggle, which grew into a malicious chortle, which then grew finally into a full out insane cackle, the very wavelength of Khrona's voice causing massive distortions in reality and spreading an insanity of the highest caliber everywhere that could hear it... And to anyone that could hear it.

"So many spiders! Spiders spiders spidersspiderspiderspiderSPIDERSPIDERSPIDERSPIDERSPIDERSPIDERSPIDERSPIDERSPIIIDEEEERRRRSSSS!!!!" Spiders were crawling through his brain... through his soul.. And he could see the three below him turn into morphed, spider-like versions of themselves. "These... Spiders... Are bad... Your spiders... Are good, my Queen..." Khrona continued to ramble on, basking in the sheer insanity that was in the area. "More...? More...! More!! It feels so good!! I need... More." That said, his soul expanded out continuously, seeming to attract a huge amount of insanity into his general area, allowing him to resonate with it in a way that only he could... The 'Insanity Resonance'. It would cause both his insanity and his power to grow exponentially higher every instant he was allowed to do so. And he cackled on. And on. And on. And on.

His brother took a moment to look back over his shoulders toward his friends, trying to see if they were alright. Aura and Zita were gone, and he was happy to see the clone leaving here as well... This was not a place for children right now. Dragging Khrona's brother's attention back on him with his loud shouts, Khrona's brother calmly began to raise into the sky. Casting aside his jacket, revealing his sleeveless kung-fu like Gi, Khrona's brother's own soul -- the 'Manna Soul', expelling out from his body in a similar fashion to that of Khrona's combating his growing insanity almost instantly, pushing it back... Trying to keep it at bay. All his screams about spiders gave her cover away... The Spider Queen. "Android, I need you to get a barrier around this whole area and stay back!! Former Deep leader, I need you to stay back with the Android...!" To be honest, Khrona's brother needed them away from this... The insanity was strong... And he wasn't sure how it might end up affecting them, their best interest in his heart. His hands were set ablaze in the white light of Omnimanna. His sword Masamune appeared and floated at his side; it circled Khrona's brother and waited... Like a trained dog waiting for the command to attack... "I don't suppose we can do this the easy way, huh, brother?"

Khrona's brother had seen this and lived through this more so than anyone... He had seen his brother Khrona fall to this trick, be overwhelmed by this madness... And each time... He had freed him. This time it would be no different. He wouldn't let these monsters toy with his family anymore... "Don't worry I'll free you... Khrona."

As Khrona's brother went off for Khrona and left the Android and her creator behind, a huge barrier of sheer insanity surrounded both Khrona and his brother, only intensifying Khrona's power and keeping out all other forces entirely. It seemed to have infused itself with the Spider Queen's and Khrona's insanities and made some sort of super insanity field that none who weren't already within could enter by any means... It was as if the Falshin, himsel,f were here doing this; his godly power keeping every other thing at bay. Khrona was his subject, as was the Spider Queen... And he intended for insanity to win this battle.

The power of the Falshin flowed through Khrona's body just as easily as the Spider Queen's influence, though it muddled his mind even more in thought. He couldn't decipher whether this was his insanity... the Spider Queen's insanity... Or something else. It almost seemed as if Khrona were going haywire. "Wha...? What is... This...?" Khrona grasped his head, the barrier thickening as he curled backwards, his spine bending in a way unnatural to most living beings as he let out yet another insanity filled wail of great power. "TOO MANY SPIDERS!!!!!" Three huge eyes appeared in different places around the barrier, all staring at Khrona's brother. They were the eyes of insanity... The eyes of the Falshin. They could see all that was going on. As Khrona lifted his head and body back to a relatively normal position, a large third eye was atop his forehead as well. "... The itsy bitsy spider... Came up the route of insanity... Down came my Queen and..." Khrona paused... "... Devoured his head and consumed his organs."

Without any warning at all, Khrona's wings outstretched, but no wind came from it. Instead, the flesh on his wings began to melt away, seeming to bathe the area in their blackness. Though the inside of this space of insanity was infinite, Khrona's skin melting from his wings seemed to cover the entire top, slowly seeping downward. What was left was Khrona's bare bone. His hair grew long, over his eyes and the rest of his face, making them unable to be seen, and his skin became so loose and elastic that it wrapped itself around his body, restricting his arms and legs, making him look rather thin. He had assumed one of his darkest forms... The one that let him down the path of the Falshin, once again... the 'Dark Insanity Form'.

He couldn't speak in this form, but he didn't need to. It only took a look of the eye to kill his foes. The aura of death constantly flowing around him fluctuated violently, as if reacting in a bad way to the high amounts of insanity. Khrona started to slowly float closer to his brother, the aura of death ready to strip his soul right from his body and destroy his will completely. His hair flared randomly, giving the threat of his eyes being revealed to his brother at any given time, and as stated before, contact with them meant death. The darkness that fell from every inch of the top of the barrier down then changed into... Spiders. Spiders coming from everywhere.

One of the various cubes of 'Ultimanna' transported itself to Hakku's hands and once there, it began to expand to outrageous heights. As it expanded, the cube began to glow and radiate a purity manna. It may not be able to subside the insanity inside of Khrona, but it would continue to expand until this entire area was sealed off. Now with Chroma and the clone gone, no one would be able to enter this cubic zone or leave, and any insanity that tried to spread to the rest of the village would be purified by the field. "Okay, this area is now sealed off...!" There was a weird, but familiar feeling encompassing Khrona and his brother. It was a barrier that held even more insanity, but it felt like a stronger version of the insanity Khrona was experiencing... Could it have been, the Falshin? Either way, she didn't see it, but since it seemed like she couldn't interfere with Khrona's brother's match with Khrona, she would prioritize luring out the Falshin and killing it. Her Innocence gloves manifested onto her hands and her axe, Marvelous, digitized into her hands.

"Creator, I think the Falshin is also involved in this! If you have an Innocence weapon, please use it, or the insanity will..." Things were just going from worse to worse with every passing second. Khrona was becoming more and more like the Falshin with every second, and now his brother was trapped in a battle with him. The Android girl seemed to have become a rather good leader, seeing how she safeguarded the area for the time being.

"I don't have an Innocence weapon anymore... I left it with my pupil in Escellsia... But..." With the press of a button on her wrist, her outfit began to manifest itself as some sort of battle suit. The suit seemed rather tight, but comfortable. There were large generators on each of her thighs, hands, and back of both feet. "DeusX," is what it was called. "In my spare time, I did create this. Not only does it amplify everything I do, but it can produce volatile energies from its generators, including Innocence. Think of it as my 'Critical' point." Battle ready, the former leader eagerly looked up at the battle, only to realize she would have to try to work her way through that damn barrier of insanity. "Although me pulling this out is rather pointless... It's not like the Falshin actually fights. It perches somewhere and spams insanity like a camper in a shooting game spams the sniper rifle. I guess we have no choice but to break that sphere of insanity then...!" As she cocked back her hand, it began to glow with a pure white light, which then solidified into actual energy known as 'Innocence'. When she quickly jutted her hand forward at the barrier of insanity, a large beam of pure Innocence fired itself straight at it. The barrier may be strong, but Innocence specialized in exorcising and dispelling such phenomenons.

The clashing powers of the souls, -- of Khrona and his brother -- pulsed across the area from the sphere. The ground faulting, forging mountains that rose from the ground like sprouting planets, the area in a entirety was becoming distorted; the skies becoming red and clouds dark. The Falshin's influence doing nothing be aggravating these two's powers, causing them to go wild. The Android's barrier was literally saving the Dusk as an entirety, for if this carnage grew... The Dusk would surly be... Remodeled. Khrona's brother watched as the insanity tried to sway him, the spider being nothing more than a illusion of madness, and his brother -- having a trained eye -- saw through it, not fooled for a second, for there was only he and Khrona here now; nothing else anywhere mattered. Khrona's transformation was so gruesome; so drastic... He wasn't himself anymore. The amount of power coming from him, the madness, the insanity... Khrona's brother fought with his determined resolve, their two powers causing the reality around them to melt, twisting, changing... Warping. And almost within a flash, the sphere containing both Khrona and his brother was gone -- lost within the distortion of this reality -- leaving the Android and her creator alone, within the Falshin's madness.

The former leader's power shone through the murky depths of the madness like a brilliant light in the dark, as if she were the key factor to freeing both Khrona and his brother from this abysmal field of wretchedness. Beyond her knowledge, she fired a beam of the purest Innocence to pierce through and loose the two powerful beings from their prison, having it greeted by a massive slit, bursting open to the form of a vertical eye. The beam made contact with this eye as if ready to pierce through it with no problem, though the forces of insanity were far greater than she anticipated originally. The two forces clashed, reeking of distortion and destruction, before finally the eye took in the beam completely and twisted inside out, imploding into nothingness and taking the Innocence with it.

At the exact same moment, the sphere behind the eye was warping and distorting just as violently as the two clashing forces before it, the sphere twisting and contorting into all variants of shapes and sizes. It, too, seemed as if it were going to implode in upon itself, and the moment the eye did, so did the sphere. Though the sphere was not destroyed, just transported... Transported in a manner transcendent to even that of the Android's power... To the very surface of one of the planet's moons.

When all was clear and done, it would seem as though the insanity of the area was cleared... The skies were visible, cloudless and shining brightly. It would seems as though nothing happened in the first place.... Until the very sun itself started to transmogrify into a horrid, wretched, burning red creature sporting a sinister, twisted face equal to that of the presence of the atmosphere. Turning the blue sky black, the insanity muddled-- no, beclouded the area to the point of utter blackness of which the Innocence as it was could not purify. And there, right before both the Android and her creator stood a being unseen to the eyes of man in much too long of a time... This was Insanity. This was Darkness. This... Is... Falshin.

The former leader's blast of Innocence hit square on, but for some reason, the Android knew it wasn't as effective as it seemed. Khrona and his brother's binary signature left the area completely, and with that so did the sphere in which they resided. At this rate, it looked as if the Dusk was becoming a bit brighter. "T-They're gone...but to where?" Her question was rhetorical, just like her state of mind. She was trying to persuade herself that they were okay, but it was then the sky darkened, and the heavy set of insanity once again began to brew inside of her barrier. Even the sun outside of her barrier was being transmogrified by the level of insanity... It was terrifying, but this wasn't a time to acknowledge fear. Before she and her creator stood the cause of it all; The Falshin. "Fa-... Falshin... You won't hurt my friends anymore!" the Android girl announced as her anticipation for battle grew. It was now the time, the time to pay back the Falshin for all the damage he caused not only to her friends, but to the village itself. The tip of her axe was pointed at the Falshin, and with a mere utterance of a chant from the Android girl, the clock on the axe's blade stood still, and it would begin to influence the time of what was happening inside the barrier. This influence would burden itself all on the Falshin as the Android girl tried her best to freeze him -- or at least stagger him -- in time. One of her cube's of Ultimanna followed up on this action, darting toward the hopefully slowed Falshin, expanding itself and manifesting barriers, like a prison.

The demonic eye that appeared prior to the blast connecting almost instantly tipped the former leader off that the Falshin was in fact here, no longer in the sidelines, like she previously stated. When she fought her ex-partner, she was fighting a being of pure negativity, and now she gets the honor of fighting the manifestation of pure insanity. Wasn't she lucky? "Wha... It took that blast like it was nothing...!" The sphere with Khrona and his brother vanished before she could finish her sentence, and it was replaced with what appeared to be normal skies. However, it was all short lived. This fairytale setting shifted into a rather horrific scene; the sky was darker than her onyx roses, and the sun looked more demonic than the actual demons she associated with. Things were looking grim -- both metaphorically and literally -- and they were only going to get worse... For the Falshin had finally arrived. "So... This is the Falshin...! Android!"

While her creator was trying to take everything in, the Android girl had cast the first stone. From the looks of it, she was trying to make sure that the Falshin was incapacitated quickly, but the ex-leader was more concerned about whether the Android analyzed the situation thoroughly. At any rate, there was no going back now. They were locked in combat with the essence of insanity. Once again, she cocked her hand back, loading it with ample amounts of Innocence. 'Tch, my Android needs to calm down... If it isn't Innocence or Soul Resonance -- even if it's Ultimanna -- it won't be enough to stop him!' was all that went through her mind as she fired a significantly larger beam of Innocence at the Falshin, however, unlike before, this beam burst into a scatter shot technique. By attacking with numbers, she aimed to leave him with little to no room to dodge, let alone counter-strike.

The two seemed excited about Falshin's arrival, even so much that one of them seemed to have lost their head about whom they were up against. Falshin took but a single step forward, appearing somehow standing between the two of them as if he'd been there the entire time. He spoke to the minds of the two women with all of the insanity about, though the words spoken to them were incoherent and unable to be distinguished, even by someone like the Android girl. On either side of the Android and her creator, two large vertical eyes appeared, brimming with energy within their pupils. The entire iris released a huge beam of insanity concentrated to the highest degree at the two of them trying to consume them before they had a chance to react, Falshin still standing between them.

The presence of such a god-like being could no longer escape Khrona's brother's wife's notice. It was utterly absurd to believe that her husband and his allies continued to have the situation under control. She thought it impossible that such a huge collection of power could have been overwhelmed so completely in such a short amount of time... But, supposedly, that went to show just how powerful the enemy of the Dusk and quite possibly all of the planet was. These thoughts were what caused her to set down her baby boy of only five months, leaving him in the care of the wind sprites she could summon. An eerie calm settled over the legend as she hardened her resolve. This time... This time, she would fight. It wasn't as if she had let herself get by any means out of shape. As soon as she'd recovered from the birth of her only son, she had gotten right back to training, honing what skills she had already possessed. She hadn't needed to notify her soul partner of her plans; he, along with her, possessed a curious soul energy that rendered them both immune to the insanity that permeated all of the Dusk. She felt a pang of worry for her husband, and an even greater one for her daughters. She shouldn't have been so free with them...

Wordlessly, the two departed. The journey took less than a second, but it was enough. The Falshin had already started to warp the minds of the two women with poisoned whispers. He could see into their very souls; what they feared... And he could make them come alive. She'd have to work fast, or she'd be in danger of losing the two for the remainder of the battle. However, as she thought about it, they could be more of a hindrance than an aid... But who was she kidding? She'd need the help if she wanted to avoid allowing this battle to exact from her a price she wasn't willing to pay. Not again... She wasn't showy in her entrance, but her presence was sure to be known nonetheless. He soul partner slid into his katana form with an easy grace, the two of them a pocket of isolated calm within the panicked insanity. She was behind the Falshin as her Soul rapidly began to expand outwards, within it the power of her Innocence soul energy. It grew to encompass both the Android and her creator, forcibly removing Falshin from their minds. It was a small victory, but nonetheless...

With Falshin within the vicinity of her soul, she was hard pressed to keep a firm hold upon her soul energy. The very air seemed to thrum with power as weapon and wielder began to resonate, bringing forth the only thing the wife knew could counteract such awful insanity. This... THING would not harm her children, her husband, her family, her friends, or her ninja. She did not speak, and seemed serene as ever as she prepared what she believed would be a blow that would weaken the Falshin to a point that a few simple blows would take him out... But she didn't allow herself to be fooled. This god-like being was in no way trapped within her soul... In fact, it would likely repel him like nothing else. But that was alright. This woman was no longer young, and with age came experienced. Her weapon was held as a guard, though she appeared relaxed. Tension in the body did not allow one to move as swiftly as she'd need to. Tapping into another set of techniques within her came as naturally as breathing. Electricity sparked over her body, its purpose not yet known... All of this transpired in a matter of a second or two. 'Your move, Falshin.'

The Android's attacks seemed to be in vain, as Falshin was gone before he was even in danger of being captured or frozen in time. He appeared right in between the two, but what the Android girl wanted to know was if it was really him or not. Despite being directly targeted by her Clockwork Innocence weapon, he seemed to be able to move freely and easily, which lead her to notice he was moving -- or making actions -- through insanity. A troublesome opponent indeed. A large eye appeared in front of her, filling itself to the brim with insanity. She knew that before she could do anything else, she had to deal with this absurd amount of insanity around them. Luckily, they were already inside of her barrier, which would make it easier to utilize her data adaption field.

"Data field; constructed. Data Override..." As she continued to speak, the beams of pure insanity were let loose upon she and her creator, but shortly after leaving the eyes manifested by Falshin, the beams dissipated into nothingness. "Initiated. Data Adaption; in process.." Bit by bit, the Android girl was unleashing one of her most devastating string of abilities; 'Data Control'. Already being within a field she specifically created, it was an effortless endeavor for her to accomplish. Her chakra was already everywhere within this barrier, and everywhere her chakra touched, her 'Data Override' technique would begin to give her control over everything in the area, with the technique spreading out from the walls of the barrier and her body itself. Due to this ability coming from her body, as the insanity approached her, it moved into her field of control -- which is still expanding -- and under her control, it was vanquished. Even the insanity near the walls and inside of her -- if any -- was being 'Overridden' and falling under her control, and so with insanity gradually, but moderately, being converted at the Android's whim, Falshin would run out of places to hide or be in within insanity -- and eventually the Android girl would override him, too, making him cease to exist. To make matters better for her, she felt an ominous, yet comforting aura come about her; and if she wasn't mistaken, it was one of an Innocence soul energy. It was from Khrona's brother's wife, who was on the other end of the barrier, but it was no time to stop and give her a proper greeting. She would do that after taking out the Falshin...

Right before her eyes, the Falshin moved himself from his previous location to in between the ex-leader and her Android, resulting in the scatter shots of Innocence to miss him completely. He began speaking in some weird fashion, but she didn't have the time to try to decipher it. At her sides, large eyes appeared from nowhere, brimming with pure insanity. At first it seemed as though her reaction time wouldn't be fast enough to catch the frames, but thanks to her battle suit's function of amplifying her traits, her arms moved on a split second's notice and her hands met both of the pupils dead on. With very little charge time, balls of Innocence materialized into her hands, so as the beams of insanity were about to fire, she released these balls directly into the iris's of the eyes. The balls then began to shine brighter and brighter as the filaments inside of them began to increase the power of the Innocence, exorcising the supernatural energy that was the insanity to the point where the eyes would implode on themselves -- however, instead of that happening, the eyes were vanquished due to her Android's 'Data Override'.

"The Data Override... As expected, she caught on quick..." Before the ex-leader could reassure herself of her Android's skill, her body started to feel unnecessarily pure, and light. It was almost sickening to her, but what was it? It wasn't hard for her to see that Khrona's brother's wife had entered the fray, but when? Maybe she had something to do with this feeling she had, and because she wasn't the Falshin, it was safe to say she was on their side... Only thing left to do was to wait for the Falshin to strike...

Just as all seemed fine and well for Falshin, the Android girl began to override his insanity with her ability, causing it to become useless. A pointless win to a useless battle, the Falshin thought. By the time the Android and her creator had done their part by taking care of the insanity within the barrier, another made herself known and her rather annoying Innocence soul energy along with her. This led Falshin to become less erratic, though not because of the Innocence... Because of the situation as a whole. He was not a mindless being at all. Before anyone could realize what had transpired, Falshin was already outside of the barrier, even though it was supposedly sealed tight by the Android girl. "... A feeble barrier such as that cannot contain me. Even for one thousand years, I stayed within a barrier made completely of my own insanity... Yet, I could free myself from that. What use is it to try to imprison me anymore?"

Falshin joined his several palms together as he hovered into the air and surveyed the area, much like Khrona had done a little while before his departure. He sniffed the air, head twisting and churning backward as if caught on to another smell, then sniffed about again, head returning to normal position. "Ah, much insanity comes from this village... This planet, actually. It reeks of it. And I am not the only one that can and does generate it to this intensity... To my left, a deity that has become a servant of mine, slave to pure insanity in and of itself. An incarnate. And to my right... Senseless chaos and destruction from those of another world. Even in front of me and above me, I feel the presence of many conspiring supernatural beings and the sheer scale of insanity coming from the moon. With so much insanity around this planet... What hope do you three women have?" Falshin smiled, laughing at the three of them and their foolish efforts. They didn't see that this was a battle that they were simply unable to win.

"You all have been hunting me for quite some time, yes, I know. The insane one has been my pawn every now and then, yet he has disconnected his services to me... Yet all too late. All of you here in this village lack the power to defeat me, the Falshin. Even Shinigami is trapped inside of this village made specifically for hunting me." Though the girls might try to attack him as he spoke, they would find their efforts quite... Useless as they tried, and they could find out why for themselves. "You, the one with the Innocence soul energy. It does hold power to harm me, yet, not the power to kill me. You simply brush off whatever insanity you can until it is overwhelmed... And forcefully shut off by insanity itself. And you, the one of data. Though mighty and complex your powers are, it falls prey to the easiest and simplest of solutions to evade and ignore completely. And finally, the scientist... Your 'Innocence' brings nothing but ripened souls for my consumption. The more you and your entourage use this power, the less powerful it becomes... And when they hold no power to fight me, they will fall to insanity and leave behind nothing but a powerful soul that nourishes my body... Each one of you has confidence in your abilities that should never even have existed, and so, it won't, because neither will you all. Witness just how much insanity lies hidden in your lives, growing stronger every passing instant."

Falshin's head slowly drifted up toward the sky, staring deeply at the clouds above. From the focal point where he looked and then spreading to every last cloud in the sky, they became red and black, filled to the brim with nothing but insanity that lingered already within them, however brought to notice by Falshin. All of the clouds converged into one astronomical super cloud that seemed to stretch over every inch of sky visible and then some. The focal point where the Falshin stared started to swirl, a storm generated simply from his vengeful leer. As the middle of this cloud swirled and spun, an eye matching the size of the Enigmatic Ruins formed dead center as the Eye of the Storm. As the eye became visible, the swirling cloud around it moved faster and faster at a steady rate. "It is... Everywhere."

Khrona's brother's wife's mind was racing as she absorbed the Falshin's words. She made no move to attack, rather continued to improve her connection to her weapon. Condensing the energy and limiting the area that her soul encompassed, she was attempting to preserve the reliability of her techniques. Their foe was a madly brilliant one. His entire power was based on lies and illusions... But the legend had no doubts that what he said about their techniques becoming more and more useless was true. The more time one had to study one's opponent and their techniques, the more effective one's counter. A soft breath of wind carried her words to the ears of the leader-ranked women. "I would not doubt his words on the reliability of our techniques. Should we have any hope of stopping him, we'd best attack all at once. Now is not the time to hold back; we'd best pull out all the stops."

Her whisper cut off abruptly as the winds began to howl, attacking the clouds to the best of their ability. If said clouds still had material mass to them, the winds should dash them to bits -- at least along the ends. But, nevertheless, that was not its intended purpose. The air thickened around the Falshin, moisture thick within it all. It formed as a sort of fog that blanketed the area, reaching as high as the Falshin had risen. It seemed so innocent. I mean, really. What harm would come from fog? From an elementalist? Quite a bit. In an act that seemed to mirror the movement of the swirling clouds, the fog started to churn, condensing upon Falshin's location. It followed him as he rose, however, seeming to circulate around his entire being. Again, blinding him as it was... That was not its intended purpose. She was well aware that the Falshin was bound to have other ways of navigating the world around him. The fog lasted mere few seconds, the condensed moisture sneakily worming its way into the multiple layers of Falshin's clothes before the gusts of wind suddenly turned glacial, instantly freezing the water as it permeated the cloth. Eventually a sort of chain reaction would occur, freezing whatever water lay within the body of Falshin, immobilizing his being physically for the time being. The air remained freezing, buffeting the frozen Falshin to and fro with a predictable pattern and halting his ascent.

Khrona's brother's wife didn't dare launch what she desired to next for fear of catching her allies in the attack. Fighting with allies was something new to her, and it made her cautious. The stage set, she readied her weapon, both of them thinking over what they had rehearsed in secret should the day arise that the skill their leader had taught them was needed. They'd modified the once solid beam-like attack... Which would be known in the next few moments, should the conditions be favorable -- and possibly even if they weren't. She hoped the two with her would be able to damage the Falshin enough for her plan to work. It would be in their favor to strike hard and fast instead of allowing the battle to drag on... But it seemed easy. Too easy. Her eyes followed the frozen-solid Falshin, hoping that whatever organs he possessed would start to fail from the ice blocks they'd become.

"There's no need to play God, Asura." As his words echoed in the depths of the ex-leader's mind, her fist clenched with not only a new found resolve, but an idea that'll shake the battle. As for the wife, the ex-leader grew tired of people stating the obvious to her. With a heavy sigh, she scratched the back of her head while taking the lectures from she and Falshin to heart, but at the same time, with a grain of salt. She hated being told what to do, even if the cause was dire. However, that did not mean she lacked the ability to cooperate with others for a common cause. "And no need for you to state the obvious, girl. I already know that over time, he'll find ways around our abilities to make them less effective, and I know that this means we all have to attack at once so that we can hit him before he can learn more about us, but... Do you?" She noticed the mist building up around them, and since she wasn't the one to make it, and she knew her Android wouldn't have done it, it would have to be the wife who was making it. Through one of the various functions of her battle suit, she was able to sense the energies and chakra in the atmosphere over a certain radius, which filled her in on what she was cooking. However, she didn't do anything yet...

"I'm not going to lie. It seems like you're underestimating my Android and I, both mentally and physically. We aren't stupid. And we aren't weak either, so you don't have to hold back thinking you might hurt us, because when the time comes for us all to strike.. I'm sure we won't hold even an inch back for each other, and especially not you. We all just have to trust one another. We have to trust that we will be strong enough to survive this. Even a sliver of doubt can cause you hold back a bit, and we need everything to win this..." With her sentiment said and done, her body began to radiate with Innocence and the purest of energies; Ether. Something she barely used due to her inexperience with it, but thanks to her time on Escellsia, she managed to get better with it, even if it was only by a little bit. Not to mention, this suit of hers amplified not only her energy and chakra output, it increased her skills with her own abilities, including the ability to use plasma. The ground beneath her caved a couple feet as her energy output was just that dense. "... So are you all ready?"

Out the corner of her eye, she peered back at the two women, giving them a reassuring smile. She knew her Android could handle herself, but the wife was another story. However, the former leader knew she wouldn't have obtained the pristine title she has now if she was weak. For the first time in a long while, she was looking at the brighter side. She may have been putting on a cold front, but she believed in both of them. If they believed in her like she believed in them, then Falshin was going to be a non-factor.

The insanity outside of her barrier was spreading quickly, and at the same time, any insanity that entered the barrier continued to get erased near instantly. Even though Falshin escaped her clutches so easily, it revealed one thing about him; that he was capable of being defeated, which is why he had to retreat from her barrier or else he wouldn't still be here. Over the fact that Falshin got out of her barrier with such ease, she lent him the ear to listen to what he had to say. While what he said was true, the Android girl wasn't going to let it diminish her will to win in the slightest.

Much like her creator, the Android, too, sensed that the fog came from Khrona's brother's wife, but unlike her assertive creator, she didn't have the cords of steel to speak out against it. What her creator said spoke not only to the Android's heart, but her mind as well. She had to let go of any worries and any doubt that she had and put her all into stopping Falshin. She mustn't be afraid that she'll hurt those she cares about. She has to be confident that those she cares about will be strong enough to endure what she was going to do. The remaining four cubes of Ultimanna around her broke down into bits of energy, which would then cluster together in her hands in the form of a grimoire. She opened the book and the pages continuously flipped toward the end, which seemed to have never arrived. The 'Grimoire Of Infinity' it was called, and it would grant the Android infinite possibilities. "Okay, Ready. How about you?"

Their resolve certainly matched their power, that was apparent, but the foolish shinobi did not realize that their power did not match that of Falshin's. They made their statements, they cast their beliefs, yet it would all be for nothing whether they were allowed to live or to die. "... I find it amusing that you creatures can delude yourself so much that even your conviction is a falsehood. You think my power comes from lies and illusions... But what is that you're clouding your minds with? The same clouds that have plagued this field..."

To the elementalist's demise, Falshin's only 'clothing' was made of solely his skin, able to be controlled to his fullest extent. As the moisture wormed its way through, his skin began to fall off the moment it came in contact before it regenerated. Pulling one over on Falshin like that would prove worthless. His skin, touched by the liquid, would freeze as it fell toward the ground, his main body completely fine. His Demon Blood seemed to keep the temperatures from freezing his body, as did an intense barrier of sheer insane force. He continued upward, his mouth opening wide. "... Face it. You all have fallen into insanity already. This foolish display, your eternal conviction, continuous trying to do the same thing even though you end in failure... Those are the actions of those who are insane. So, you all are already mine... Wrapped around my finger like my skin around my body. Now, insolent pawns of my will... Erase yourselves from my presence... Before I stop being lenient and do so myself."

His next move involved him opening his mouth, regurgitating a large amount of solidified energy that was now jutting out of his throat, stationary. It immediately began to rotate at incredible rotary speeds, the force so much that it started to take in the produced fog and concentrated it in one place. The rotary winds coming from the violently swirling solid energy were black and red, clearly having more than a hint of Insanity contaminated in the mix of destructive wind. The fog was quickly taken care of -- now in one place -- and Falshin took it to the next level; releasing an incredibly powerful blast of bright red, concentrated energy from the tip of his tongue, totally disintegrating the fog and would do the same to anything in the way of the attack; namely the elementalist. The beam was so consumptive and powerful that if it were allowed to hit the ground, it would damn near pierce through the other side of the planet, whilst it was also fired so swiftly, it seemed to only be a large flash of light in the eyes of the unskilled, and would seem as much to the reflexes of the unskilled.

Silently paying attention to the power of the other two being built up, though not showing it, Falshin turned his attention upward, back to the gigantic eye in the sky. He smiled, trying to muffle his insane laughter, trying to keep his composure. "Hmhmmhmhmhahahaa...! Behold. The threat at hand right now." The eye expanded outward instantly, the cloud spreading out in a circular fashion just as swiftly, giving the all of them a clear view of the monstrosity that threatened to impact the area they all inhabited... The moon. It plummeted down fast, passing the 'sound barrier' limit far long ago. "My heralds have planted the seed of insanity even within the moon, as the face of insanity plagues it so. With this, insanity will completely engulf the entirety of this planet, leaving no one to stop me. That's right... Your beloved, elementalist, has fallen to the will of insanity, and the incarnate up there have joined forces to bring down total destruction. What say you now? What will you do?" Falshin spread his arms outward, the moon finally reaching orbit. There was so little time before impact, probably less than two minutes. With total and utter despair at hand, what was there to be confident of now? Only total annihilation.

Khrona's brother's wife was much too shocked by the effects of her freezing fog on Falshin to pay much attention to the Android girl's words. The strips of flesh falling to the ground only served to make Falshin that much more grotesque. His Demon Blood revealed through the severing of patches of the Falshin's skin made it seem as if he had some horrible disease... Ha, but wasn't the touch of insanity like a disease? If it was... It could be cured, and normalcy could be restored. Or so the legend hoped. The wife reassessed her allies now, though her main attention was on Falshin. She didn't really know the two well, and she couldn't quite grasp the extent of their abilities. The ex-leader -- the more assertive of the two -- was swathed in sort of man-made suit, relying on the artificial to boost her natural abilities. This seemed wrong to the elementalist, but she hadn't time to think any more on it.

Falshin seemed to be regurgitating something or other... But wait. A wavelength...? Falshin was a Soul Weapon! She couldn't bring herself to feel fear in her current state of being, but more, she was curious. She felt as the Soul Weapon was activated, and it was that mere instant she needed to transfer herself into the surrounding air, moving more than fast enough to clear the beam's effective range. She didn't have anything to counter it, really, and was not willing to chance it. She felt Falshin's power, and knew that she alone could not match it. She was a creature of the elements, after all. "I, myself, am ready. If you feel uncomfortable listening to my advice, I am more than willing to let you make decisions, ex-leader. You have always been my superior." Her voice echoed from all around, assuring the two that while it looked like she had been obliterated from the blast, she was certainly fine. The air seemed to crackle with electricity, though it was static and naught but annoying at the current moment. Still... It was there.

It was then that she caught the red form of the moon growing steadily brighter. She didn't technically have eyes in this form, so she saw with her entire being. She worried for her husband... Falshin said he had succumbed to insanity? She'd been witness to him in the form of insanity only once before. Emotion welled up inside her, a sort of pressure settling over her entire being. She worried, but forced herself not to panic. She couldn't effect anything out in space! It was far beyond her. The moon was obviously hurtling toward the planet, even though the elementalist's influence didn't spread far enough for her feel it as she normally would. She had to trust that though she couldn't do anything about it, someone would. Still, it ate away at her that she was so helpless toward the doom hurtling toward her home. With such force, she wouldn't be able to stop it even once it entered the planet's atmosphere; it would likely kill her to try. Something of that size, with that much force behind it...

It was a shocker to see Falshin -- someone the ex-leader previously thought only dealt with insanit -- do something as drastic as drop the moon. He seemed to have greater power than she thought, but he was far from unbeatable. Her resolve didn't waver in the slightest. After he fired his laser, she took the initiative and advanced rather quickly toward Falshin, leaving a trail of roses with every step she took. That beam's energy output was intense, but she believed that Khrona's brother's wife could handle it, and that's all there was to it. "It is at hand, now; the threat's right here, Falshin!" With a quick wave motion of her hand, the former leader caused several dozen roses to burst from the ground and spread their petals among the wind. Each of these petals began spinning like little buzz saws, and they were moving so fast toward Falshin that they combusted with large quantities of 'Tenrai Flames'. It looked almost as if the former leader commanded a meteor shower, and she made Falshin the focus of the attack and attacked him from all sides.

When the ex-leader took off for Falshin, the Android girl could only think of one thing; finally, it was time to take the fight to Falshin. They had been playing on the defensive side the whole time, trying not to make any slip ups and plot a good plan for taking down this demon. The Android had an idea of what her creator aimed to do with the power she started storing up, so she prepared herself to capitalize on it. As she followed behind her creator, she quickly began chanting some incantations while systematically flipping through her grimoire to cast the next spell. "04592, 28485, 1029, 10001, 29456..." She began calling spell after spell, flipping through her 'Grimoire Of Infinity' so fast that the pages didn't even seem visible anymore. There was even a lag in reality due to the high quantity of spells all being cast back to back, which caused some things happening in time on this plane to happen faster and slower than they appeared; namely her creator's meteor shower. Falshin would now have a difficult time trying to not only defend himself from such a large scale attack, but also to advance away from them. It looked like the meteors were skipping through time, spontaneously and instantly advancing closer to him with no sense of continuity. All the while, he himself, felt sluggish and no matter how fast he moved; the action seemed delayed and useless.

"22579, 66626, E85k1..." With the conflicting forces below, the moon came ever closer to their battleground, looking as if there were no ways of stopping. The two who were fighting the moon with all their might were none other than Khrona and his brother. The efforts of the brothers seemed to be futile for a while -- the moon forcing the two of them downward with its incredible force -- but even the power of the moon and its insanity being pulled by Falshin was not enough to push through the 'Protectima'. They were so close to impact point that the moon insisted on persevering.

"I must... Consume..." The moon's power was waning, getting sapped dry at a phenomenal rate by the new 'Keeper of Insanity.' The moon had little to nothing left in those few crucial moments before impact, the moon finally slowing to a halt right before it touched the Falshin's head. The moon crisis was resolved. Just as the three women got all the nerve up to fight the Falshin, what would be coming from the very center of the eye but the moon itself, now falling with less and less force due to the four powers stopping it above. He looked up to it, chuckling to himself as the atmosphere reddened again in the wake of the moon. "Ah, and here my two heralds are now, harnessing the incarnation of insanity I have created... Come to my aid." By then, the former leader's meteors had begun to take shape, focusing themselves in the area of Falshin. He only smiled, flinching not once as they all came to him, yet his palms clasped together in the same style as earlier, insanity welling up in his eyes. There was a burst of power, however it was snuffed out almost instantaneously by the meteor rain, as well as the enhancements done to it by the Android girl. "Though I cannot comprehend the movement of these flames... There are two who surely can at my disposal. And they will not survive." When the meteors ceased their fire, there would be nothing to see but smoke... And within the smoke would be two bodies, yet neither of them were Asura. One was Khrona, the other, his brother. They would take the hit for Falshin.

In the midst of the dust, there was Khrona, tired and out of energy from trying to stop the moon. He was too weak to even block the meteors with his wings. When the dust cleared, his battered body would remain, bleeding out blackness and leaking insanity. He fell straight to the ground crashing with a huge explosion. His eyes were barely open. "Android girl... ... He planned this... All along..." What better way to get rid of some of his threats than to have them kill themselves, correct? With Khrona's body the way it was an his extremely low amount of chakra... It didn't look as if he'd survive.

As the dust began to settle did it reveal the drained brother face down in the dirt, laying in a pool of blood. The back of his shirt was completely blown off, revealing his back of torn and burnt flesh, the blood of his wounds trickling down his sides, adding to the very expanding pool of blood that was forming from up under him. "H-he's... Used us... Again..." Khrona's brother tried to continue to speak, only to get choked up on his word, his lungs too damaged to continue. He started coughing up blood, the color of his eyes fading away. Falshin had again used them as pawns in his game. Khrona's brother was too injured -- too drained -- to do anything... But lay there... Lay there and die. "A-Android... W... Wi... Wife..."

Flames of blue wrapped themselves around the elementalist's form. The earth trembled, groaning as she prepared something... Something that would never be seen. She whispered then, it sounding something along the lines of: "Honoowoagetemoeru soreyueni musaborikurau, daishizen... Dozo yoroshiku, kaen. Achira wa Asura desu. Falshin no karada, no hifu... Yaburu." The roar of flames was near-deafening as a form sprang to life within the flickering light. It didn't have any definitive shape, this elemental; like the fire that coursed through it -- the beast was ever-changing. The blue swirled, before attacking the Falshin directly, wrapping him within its embrace. Because of the nature of the words used to summon it, the Elemental had designs to harm only Falshin. To others, it would have nothing but a comforting warmth and glow, even if the flames were to somehow lick their skin. The elementalist, herself, knew this, but even still, it was a shock when in the midst of the flames, there appeared one Khrona and his brother. It was so sudden, with the time distortion upon the Tenrai Flame-Petals... She barely had time to process it all before a shocked cry escaped her lips, all pretense of serenity vanishing. "HUSBAND! K-Khrona!!"

The color drained from her face as she materialized out of thin air. She staggered forward, the sight of all that gore making her stomach churn. She clapped a hand over her mouth as her eyes teared, rushing forward as the earth ceased its groaning. Above and around her, the elemental of fire increased the temperature on the Falshin to astronomical values, seeking to make even that wretched demonic blood burn, lashing out with yet more tendrils of flame, seeking to punch through that wretched skin of his and burn out his innards. Desperately, Khrona's brother's wife activated something she hadn't used in the longest of times. Later, she wouldn't remember how she managed to use her special ability, but at this moment, it was managed because of her desire to heal and protect her husband. She cast her thoughts to Khrona as she did so, linking her chakra reserves with his, hopefully giving him just enough... A brilliant white glow surrounded her form and as she hovered her hands over her husband's back, it transferring to him. Silent tears rolled down her cheeks as she prayed it would work.

The blood instantly ceased to flow from the horrific open wound as the healing chakra began to rebuild the lost tissue. The chakra drainage was alarming, but once engaged, she simply could not end it. The elemental was no drain on her, but her defenses were costing her precious chakra that could save her husband. She would have to trust that the others had her back while she worked away, forcing her to let go of her hold on the earth beneath them all. It shuddered, settling back into place as the elementalist grew more and more pale. "I-I... I am here, my love..." she whispered, shaking from exhaustion. It wasn't taking long, but already, her vision was darkening. Constantly feeding chakra to Khrona was the best she could do to help him, unfortunately. She could only use this technique on one of them, and... Her husband came first. "I'm here..." With her husband's wounds healed completely, the legend's eyes glazed over and fluttered closed as she slumped to the side, losing consciousness. Her vast chakra pool was nearly drained from just that, but even still she was supplying Khrona with enough to hopefully keep him going, and allow himself to heal at the very least.

Before the ex-leader and her Android's strategy could be brought to fruition, the damaged bodies that were Khrona and his brother appeared in the vicinity. Falshin was a cunning, soulless individual, and used both Khrona and his brother as a shield from the former leader's attack. They managed to survive the attack, but just by them being here, they were at the risk of unintentionally dying by her hand as she prepared for her grand finale. It wasn't looking well, but then Khrona's brother's wife appeared. In the nick of time, she brought he and Khrona -- who were on the brink of death -- back to good standing. Thanks to her actions, the Android girl could be reassured that her -- dare she say -- friends would be safe, and luckily, Khrona, his brother, and his brother's wife's arrival to the area was something she predicted would happen. One way or another, she knew that they come to this battlefield, and as such she was prepared to deal with their presences. "Thank you for that, but for now, I bid you all farewell."

It was time. The spells that she casted earlier began to all take place at the same time, causing a large string of instantaneous occurrences. The best part was how Falshin would be thrown for a loop on this, seeing as how he thought the Android's spells were mere buffs for her creator's previous attack. In actuality, she never did anything to enhance the meteor storm intentionally. It was her large input of spells all at the same time that caused the space-time continuum to lag, and it just so happened to work in their favor. As the spells came into effect, Khrona would vanish first, and then his brother and his brother's wife would follow shortly after. They were transferred to a barrier of binary and Innocence that was created the same instant they vanished, which resided in between this plane of existence and purgatory. This way, Falshin couldn't get his mitts on them like he just recently did. She didn't want them to get caught in what was about to happen, for their lives would once again be in danger.

Whilst this happened, several hundred of thousands of her Innocence axe, Marvelous, manifested throughout the field for hundreds of miles. Being the Innocence weapons that they were, Falshin's insanity and his efforts to move them mentally would have absolutely no effect. God or not, these weapons were made to bring Falshin's like him down. Marvelous kept any fluctuation in the space-time continuum from happening, meaning in this vast arena, time had stopped. Space had, as well, making travel impossible by means of a rift, a dimensional hole, or any other metaphysical thing. At the same time, above the entire Dusk village appeared the Android's Kamishin, the Ultimate Defense Unit. It spiraled slowly over the village, and looking closely, it was modified in the center. With one of the other spells coming into effect, a transmutation circle manifested in the center of it, and it acted as a magnet for insanity through out not only the Dusk, but the entire planet. The reason for this level of attraction was due to the power and influence the Kamishin Unit already possessed.

The field was now set, in nothing short of an instant no less. This was the power the Android girl was capable of, and she wasn't even finished yet. "Creator, NOW!!" The strain from using so many powerful spells all at once would come to her soon, so they had to end the fight with this last attack. She did just about everything she needed to do, and so the rest was up to he creator. She doubted her creator would doubt herself after critically damaging Khrona and his brother, especially after his brother's wife saved their lives. Besides, as long as she believed they would live through these hard times, then they would. That's all there was to it.

The ex-leader was surprised that her efforts against Falshin were stopped; not by some large, jaw-dropping defensive mechanism, but by the bodies of the Android girl's friends, Khrona and his brother. Her assault was brought to a steady halt, but then Khrona's brother's wife appeared before them. The former leader saw this woman as sort of a hinderance. The way she pieced it together was that Falshin planned it so that they would drop their guards in sight of their injured allies. She didn't want to succumb to such an obvious plan, but it looked like the elementalist walked right into it. "Damn it... Move--" Before she could even finish her sentence, Khrona's brother's wife gave up all the chakra she could to save the lives that the ex-leader almost destroyed accidentally. While she wouldn't say it, this took a large load of guilt off of her conscious, but at the same time, it annoyed her. She now felt like she was indebted to this woman.

Right when she was feeling reassured, the bodies of the three unconscious ones all vanished into thin air. It was like some kind of strange phenomenon, but in that same instant, the entire landscape of the field was changed. Several hundred axes scattered through out the air, and the Kamishin Unit was released. It was then that it all clicked together. The vanishing of everyone else, the axes. The Android set this all up. She turned around and saw her creation breathing heavily, yelling for her to unleash her final attack. "Heh, you don't..." All of the energy that the ex-leader had been storing up to this point was causing her to glow as bright as the sun with flames more intense than a star. "... Have to tell me twice." The collection of energy was just absurd. The planet would begin to grow darker and darker as her suit absorbed a majority of the sun's energy. The buildup just seemed limitless, and to think; all of this energy was being converted to Innocence inside of her body. "Sorry for this, Falshin, but today you join the ranks of the dead..."

When the explosion first took place, nothing could be heard and it could even be seen from space. All one could see was a white light that filled every fiber of their retinas as they felt the decimating sensation of the explosion tear away at their physical being while the Innocence exorcised and destroyed everything else, including any futile attempts to cease this burst of sheer destruction. Of course, the only one to feel these effects would be Falshin, himself, and all insanity in the area -- including the insanity dragged into the area by the Kamishin Unit's transmutation circle. Speaking of which, all of the Android's prior set ups would come into play at this precise point. Each axe that the explosion touched would not only embed the ability of equal speed into that fraction of the explosion, it would also amplify the over all power of that area. There were several hundred thousand axes for hundreds of miles, and so ultimately the entire explosion was moving at equal speed and was amplified over a hundred thousand times, and as such couldn't be stopped by anything in its path, and any attempts to would be exorcised by the Innocence inside the explosion. Something of this magnitude could surely destroy the very planet they live on, but it was more of a controlled explosion. While its power could easily destroy several planets, its energy was focused on a single point or target -- which, in this case, is Falshin. Despite being the sole target for such an attack, its radius was too large for any escape to occur, and thanks to the Android girl sealing the space-time continuum, he couldn't even warp away. Any other means of travel would be supernatural, and exorcised on the spot. This was the end.

If only... Their efforts weren't for naught. Falshin had planned this all in perfect accord ever since the absolute beginning of this battle, and now it was time for his final trick.
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Falshin 12: Heaven or Hell - Dark Side of the Moon

Khrona's brother's words touched Khrona's heart and soul, even to the point where the calamity inside of him seemed to come to a rest. It seemed like the power of their resonance was stronger than anything that could be induced by insanity. Khrona's wings spread out, taking his brother out of their grasp of that insane reality that they were composed of. "... It isn't your fault. I don't know why you try to take the world's problems onto yourself. I have to take responsibility for my own actions, you know. If you keep trying to protect me and everyone else, how will we ever learn?" Khrona snickered, his hand dropping from the blade. But at that very moment, the ground started to shake, insanity riling up within the core of the moon. It seemed to be Khrona's insanity, but at the same time, it seemed as though the moon had adopted the insanity for itself and was now a generator of it... That's how it looked in Khrona's eyes. It was moving rather slowly at first, but quickly sped up, accelerating past the sound barrier in little but a second. "Woah! What... What the hell!? This insanity...!"

The moon was hurdling toward the ground as such a high speed that it wouldn't take more than a couple of minutes for it to touch down, even from so far away. Using his Hyper Perception, Khrona scoped out its target and analyzed trajectory and all of that fancy stuff, pinpointing the location for... The Enigmatic Ruins, where all of their friends were. "... Brother. This thing is headed for our friends. You know what we have to do, right...?"

Khrona's eyes shot over to his brother in a stern and serious -- yet insane -- glare, as if waiting for Maze's acceptance. Mateus would quickly release the Shogun from his spellbound prison, lowering his hand at the same time. He was looking at the Shogun the entire time.

Khrona's brother was with in the blackness of Khrona's wings only for a moment before they receded outward, freeing him from his cage of endless despair and misery as Khrona began speaking to him. He was right -- everything Khrona was saying was right -- and his brother knew it to be so. For all the power Khrona's brother had, he always made himself a slave to the world, giving everything everyday to protect it, -- to protect everyone -- Khrona's brother for the longest time figuring himself the lightning rod for all others' pain and suffering... But in the end, it was only crippling them...

... It was at that moment he remember what the poison ninja had said to him before he felt Khrona's brother's care; "I need to go out on my own..." and why they made so much sense to him now. Why his daughter Aura left home... It was to get away from him... He was smothering their lives -- their paths to grow -- keeping them from the pain that they needed in life to be strong, all the while being blind to the fact that it was similar pains that were what made Khrona's brother what he was today... No... It was because of that he wished others to be spared, but people need hardship in their life... Without it... It was no life at all.

He smiled at his brother lowering his blade, sheathing it once again at his side as the two shared a quick laugh before the great evil from below began to boil. It was as if an immense pressure had just come up from nowhere, the moon beginning to shake wildly on its own; an all but impossible feat... As the madness began to take form... Or, should we say, finally revealed itself... The very moon itself. "If this thing is a living being of that madness, then we already have obligations to take it out..." The Cryptic Shogun took the hand of Mateus and stood, finally back on its feet, and surely as Mateus did quickly make its way back to its Master's side, almost instantly putting the situation together, as the other Golems were reaching back down toward the planet, finally catching Pharaoh from his plummet to the planet... However now, too far to of be of any help whatsoever... "... But if this thing is now trying to threaten our friends or family, then it's just asking for it." Nodding toward Khrona, his brother appeared before the moon, arms hung down; the marking of the manna 'Erebea' glowing furiously, matching those of the far off stars in vast plane of space, he returning to his normal state, however changed... But what could it be? It was a feeling not of insanity, or sanity but a ew... A sort of complete control... "Khrona, let's end this. Here and now..."

Maze's words of confirmation brought joy to Khrona's crazy soul, the smile of insanity he was trying to hard to contain now revealing itself at the same time Mateus did behind Khrona. He looked off to the planet, now with just two minutes to stop this gigantic monstrosity from impacting. Looking at the Eye created by Falshin, Khrona knew that something was going on down there... Something big. "Huh, well if we're gonna do it, then stop talking and get moving!" Khrona snickered, flickering out of reality and reappearing in front of the moon some ways away, Mateus by his side, even still. He gave Mateus the signal to go with his head pointing at the moon. "Mateus..." And the Summon made his way off to the front of the line, arms aglow with the power of the 'Spellbind' he used before. Slamming both of his hands together first to get the juices of power flowing caused the dark flames engulfing his arms to burst outward, becoming much larger, now using the fullest extent of power. The moon came in contact with Mateus, whose hands made contact with the face just in time, and a huge seal that was the same as Mateus' crest seemed to be created betwixt the two beings, trying to seal the Insanity within the moon... Or at least stop the moon from moving. It didn't seem to work very well, as the Moon continued to push through with full force, though was slowed down significantly, thankfully. Now they all had more time.

Khrona licked his lips, spreading his wings for what he would hope to be the final time today, their size as grandiose as their immeasurable power. Khrona focused dead center on the moon, looking it dead in the eyes, his mind starting to work faster and harder. He crossed his arms across his chest, getting ready for the maximum impact, even though he seemed absolutely defenseless. Right as the moon was about to suck him up in its seemingly unstoppable path as well, Khrona's eyes gleamed brighter than they ever had. A force keeping the minuscule distance between Khrona and the moon was that of Khrona's immense psychic power pressing against the moon, making another impressive crater upon its face -- far larger than the rest. The moon stopped for a mere moment, but pressed on after being halted for not even a couple of seconds, now pushing Khrona along with it. Whatever was driving it was more powerful than Khrona anticipated, pushing it from behind and pulling it like a magnet... But at least it was much slower now. "Grrrrhhhhh!!! BROTHER! It isn't stopping... Come down here!!" Khrona had a plan now, but he had to have access to a very powerful ability of his that would strain his mind beyond belief, especially when he was busy with this moon... Khrona called upon his Answer-Seeker ability, which, as long as he asked the question of what he wanted to know, his mind would find the answer, delving into everything at its disposal in the omniverse to get it.

'This moon... What drives it forth so? Why has our resolve not stopped this creature?' Seemingly talking to no one, -- to oblivion, even -- Khrona's words did echo throughout space and time; past the dimensions and through every reality there was, the rippling effects unerring. Eventually, the rippling effect came back to him, the focal part of his mind, and something answered him back. Its voice seemed to be a variation of his own, so he could only think that it was his subconscious itself. 'The same curse that drove you to the moon drives the moon back to you...' Khrona's eyes lit up, finally understanding all that was going on here. "Ha... So that's it..." Even if the answer was given to him in that form, -- indirect and unclear -- Khrona had deciphered its meaning all too quickly. It was insanity itself, manipulated by the Falshin. He was the magnet that pulled the moon down. Falshin's insanity that was within Khrona had been on the moon the entire time, but needed Khrona as the catalyst to awaken it and make it grow, hence why Falshin sent them there in the first place. But that was the last time Falshin was going to use Khrona like that... That, he was most definitely sure of. So, there was only one thing to do, now as the 'Keeper Of Insanity...'

"Brother, for this to work, I'm going to have to drain the Insanity from the moon itself. That's what Falshin's using to pull it. So I need you to step up and hold it off with more power, to make up for me concentrating on absorbing this Insanity!! Alright, brother!?!?" Even as Khrona spoke, they were nearing the surface. In the back of his head, he could visibly see Falshin and the three women all the way at the ground. They looked like ants from up here, but with the moon pushing as it was... Soon they'd be as close as he was to this thing's face. They needed to absolutely work VERY quickly. "There is no time for mistakes!!"

It wasn't even a moment's time between Khrona's call to his brother and his arrival by his side. Calling upon the forces of manna, his brother began to pull on the empty void of space around him, reality itself shifting with his every motion, as more and more concentrated manna was focused between the space between they and moon. Empty space began to spark and ripple, the moon as it beginning to break through the planetary atmosphere, catching on fire and becoming a blazing inferno hurdling to collide with their dear planet. "Protectima!" Hundreds upon hundreds of large hexagonal sheets appeared within the gap of the moon and their dear planet and Khrona's brother, -- spreading as far and wide as they needed to cover the moon's complete collision course to the planet -- forming into one glorious form of protection held strong and tight, weaved by the pedestal of manna that was Ultimanna. He had reinforced the skill of 'Protect' with that of 'Ultimanna' on an astronomical scale, forming a guard that would rival that of even Alexandros' 'Perfect Defense', glimmering amongst the blackness of space.

The moon collided with the huge barrier, the two powers causing abnormal fluctuations of manna across nearby space, causing the beginning of several space storms around the point of collision, as the never ending sound of static and electricity echoed across all of the planet. The efforts of both Khrona and Mateus had slowed the moon's descent drastically, -- it having lost a lot of its momentum -- and Khrona's brother's shield was holding strong, for now... Yet... There was constant push; this constant fight coming from the core of the insanity that was the moon that kept it pushing -- it was as if it were forcing it to continue forward... "Khrona! Hurry I think we've made it mad! GYAHH!!!" The push of the moon was monstrous and getting worse; the Shogun moving itself to the front lines, stationing itself by that on the planet's side of Khrona's brother's shield, putting it's stone hands upon it, pushed back toward the falling moon on the other side, it flooding Khrona's brother's shield with it's own manna, making it even stronger -- the extra push they needed right now... It felt as if were a game of tug-of-war with that of a titan, and if something wasn't done soon, they weren't going to be on the winning team. "KHRONA, QUICKLY!!!"

The clock was ticking. There was absolutely no time left to be wary and Khrona knew of this. With his brother protecting everyone and slowing the moon enough, it was now Khrona's time. His brother was finally the perfect protector he wished to be, and Khrona now needed to be the keeper he sought to be as well. His mind sharp and focused completely on the moon's insanity, there was no way anything was escaping the full capacity of Khrona's mind. "That's right... I am the most powerful psychic in all the universe..." From the center of Khrona's head, a concentration of ALL of his insanity started to form, the same concentration forming within his pupils as well. Three pure singular beams shot out from khrona and into the eyes of the moon, insanity linking. "I am... The most insane person there is in existence..." A slit was created in the dead center of Khrona's head, vertical, and opened up to reveal a third eye -- an eye the same as his others -- burning the same insane red. The beams grew larger, siphoning out insanity trillions upon trillions of gallons at a time. "And I... My soul is more powerful than any other!! Fear me, Harbinger, for I AM THE KEEPER!!!"

The two were being pushed downward, now so close to Falshin and the three women, that they were damn near face to face with them. But the moon was slowing and Khrona was glowing. So much insanity being siphoned out and into Khrona caused the Moon to be less and less effected by the pull of Falshin, but was it enough? Was the moon going to stop? Or was this bomb going to detonate against their wishes...


When 'Maze and Khrona' were hit with this attack from the ex-leader, as seen previously, Khrona's brother's wife made the foolish mistake of trying to heal them whilst harming Falshin, himself, with those flames. The Falshin she captured... Was not the true Falshin at all. A mannequin, made solely of his blood and skin, filled with an insanely massive amount of insanity, taking the shape of his soul within. The perfect clone made at the perfect time. What of Khrona and his brother, you ask? ... They were not the true bodies the three made them out to be. One of those two was a figment... the other, Falshin.

Khrona's brother's form started to distort back to his original form; the shape of the Falshin, himself who had robbed his wife of most of -- if not all of -- her strength via her healing power, sucking out the rest of her power whilst she did so. When the Android girl so haphazardly warped 'Khrona and his brother' and Khrona's brother's wife to the barrier, Khrona would disappear and Falshin would take his true form completely now, watching as the magnificence of the explosion blocked out all sight from him to the others. With the elementalist in a dazed state, he grabbed hold of her, his skin beginning to wrap around her body... As if he were going to consume her whole. "Now, you insolent girl... Come into the pure depths of insanity... Where no one shall save you... And no one shall find you... You will never escape. And no one will come for your carcass..." It wouldn't take long at all, as he had assimilated his skin with hers. All it took now was... To fully absorb her body...

All the while, the real Khrona and his brother had been out of the equation long ago, for Falshin had absolutely no control over them at all. Khrona no longer succumbed to the insanity of the world and now was only plagued with his own, and his brother had control over the darkness within that allowed Falshin no control. Plus, Khrona seemed to be absorbing insanity about the area, keeping his brother away from his grasp as well. When the explosion of such intense proportions cleared, all that would be left of the site would be the ruins, which seemed intact throughout all of it, somehow, and this barrier, which protected Falshin from it all.

Falshin: "Heed my words, foolish Dusk officials; this girl is completely drained of all power thanks to her little stunt back there. She has given it all to me. Now, with her helpless body, I shall take hold of it, leaving her in my custody, attaining all of her powers and leaving her with absolute madness whilst within my grasp. Soon, the two of us will completely be one being. As of now, there is no way for you to attack me without killing her in the process. What shall you do...? Take down the barrier, or try your luck...?"

Khrona and his brother were originally on the moon when all of this happened, but where they were now was a mystery, or even if the moon was still intact, actually. Regardless of that, his brother's wife was in the most grave of dangers.

The scenario was a difficult one, as Falshin had duped both the Android and her creator rather easily. His plan was perfect; but in actuality, there were several holes in it. When the former leader made her explosion of Innocence, the Android's Kamishin Unit's transmutation circle acted to drag all insanity back into this area, as well as make Falshin the focus of this attack. Why would it seem like he was unaffected by the attraction affect and the burst of innocence? It was because the Android had constructed their barrier of Innocence and binary to be in between dimensions in the area of this blast. Falshin was already here, just on a different plane. However, with him being the focus of the attack, it would end up forcing its way to him.

Falshin may have thought it was a safe bet to drain the elementalist dry, thinking no one could stop him at this point, but he would be wrong. While the Android did not plan for him to be a clone -- or the dummy that was Khrona's brother -- she did take extra precautions just in case Falshin could get to that purgatory state. For this reason alone is why the barrier they resided in also had binary, which would allow the Android to keep track of everything that transpired in it -- and Innocence, so that should Falshin make it there, he would be severely weakened. The Falshin that was draining Khrona's brother's wife right now was weaker than usual for being inside this barrier, but then Falshin brought up his proposition. "..." The Android didn't have to think about what to do now. Only thing that went through her mind was what her mother -- her creator -- told her and the elementalist earlier. 'Don't hold yourself back at the expense of others, and just believe that they can make it through their hardships'. Khrona's brother's wife was in a horrible situation, but the Android girl wasn't going to risk the fate of the world over it. After all, she believed that the elementalist, someway and somehow, would be okay.

This explosion was immense, and as such, it was still going on, and so without any further ado, the barrier that housed Khrona's brother's wife and the Falshin was transported to the physical plane once more. That is at least, what the Android girl had planned to happen, however, things turned out differently. The power of the explosion was much greater than anticipated, and because it was locked on to Falshin's insanity -- which they all had recognized through combat -- it literally began to shatter the dimensional plane that was separating the lot of them, and the might of the explosion entered the limbo that they were in. Falshin, with no way out, had no choice but to take all of this explosion at once, and sad to say, the elementalist did, too.

As Asura consumed Khrona's brother's wife, he felt the weakness growing within him due to the barrier, but because she was still weaker than he was, her consumption was inevitable. He consumed her now, completely and utterly, taking in her soul into himself, giving him not only her power, but the incredible boost he needed to sustain himself. "... Hm... Hmhmhmhm!... HMHMHMHM!!!... I don't... Want to die... And I'm not going to. Hmhmhm... You all are foolish creatures... So ruthlessly killing off one of your own; an easy opening for insanity to thrive... The madness consumes the hearts of your loved ones... And now, let the peon of manna show his wrath..." Falshin only laughed, as if he had more knowledge about the situation than all of them. As if there was no way that he was going to die at all. In truth, if the explosion was truly locked on Falshin's insanity, it would have consumed all of the planet, considering that his influence had gone even that far, and the foolish Android would be condemned with not only the death of the elementalist, lose the relationship with Khrona's brother that she once had, AND be charged with basically destroying the planet, but also the deaths of many others on the planet as well, unsuspecting of what was going on. Trying to show off her power would leave her only drained and left with the dire consequences of her transgressions... To be hunted. "... You will be dismembered, you wretched creature... And you will be blamed, creator..."

Falshin's body was finally destroyed, disintegrating with nothing but a smile on his face, and the final parts of his body to be destroyed were his eyes... Those three eyes of insanity, gazing at the Android across the dimension... And her creator, for creating her. With his dark soul waiting there after the explosion finished, it dispersed into nothingness, no one allowed to consume it.

As she stood there with her Grimoire Of Infinity in hand, the Android shook her hair wavered in the winds created by the explosion. "Your words won't work on me, Falshin. You did this, and you will pay for it..." The explosion was in its final stages, and things were winding down now. The ex-leader lost more than half of her chakra with this one attack and even the Android girl was starting to feel exhausted from her barrage of spells earlier. Falshin's essence was being destroyed bit by bit and his soul was doomed to exorcism so that no one else could acquire such power.

As the explosion finally subsided, the Android girl was down to a knee, gripping her chest firmly. The strain on her body was too much, but it was a worthy sacrifice. She and her creator were in the depths of a massive crater that covered several miles and was deeper than the grand canyon itself. However, it was strange. With such a powerful explosion, the planet surely should have been destroyed, but not only was everything outside of this battle ground safe, but the planet was still a thriving planet. "Ever since this explosion first took effect, my Kamishin Unit has been attracting all of the insanity around the planet -- no, through the galaxy -- to this single point. The blast wasn't meant to encroach itself to devour all of the insanity, it was meant to exorcise all the insanity that my Kamishin modification dragged into it, including you." Something of this magnitude could surely destroy the very planet they lived on, but it was more of a controlled explosion. While its power could easily destroy several planets, its energy was focused on a single point or target, which in this case is Falshin. Despite being the sole target for such an attack, its radius was too large for any escape to occur. "However, I believe it's... Ugh, better this way..." She was panting heavily as beads of sweat rolled down her forehead.

"You spent your whole existence putting others in illusions using your wretched insanity... Ugh, and now you will perish under the illusion that everyone was destroyed..." She fell backward onto the ground, gripping her Grimoire Of Infinity in her arms. Even in the condition she was in, she couldn't be bothered thinking about herself. She wondered if Khrona's brother's wife found some way out.

Once the explosion of raw Innocence had subsided, the ex-leader stood in the center of the crater, steaming, with her clothes almost burned completely off. It was an intense attack, and even her battle suit couldn't survive its power. However, it was all worth it. After all, they had won this battle. "*Huff* Damn..." With that, she fell down to her knees, exhausted. She put more than half of her chakra into that attack, and if it wasn't for her combat suit, she may have perished with the sheer intensity of the explosion. She looked around staggeringly, seeing nothing but the walls of the crater that she and the Android were inside of. "Sorry... I couldn't stop the explosion... !!?" Just as she was about to give her condolences, something took place that was extremely awkward. There were hundreds-- no, thousands -- of souls drifting out of the cracks of this dimension. They had to be, all of the souls that Falshin consumed in his time as the Falshin. It was astounding... "How... wait, *cough* I see... My burst of Innocence exorcised the insanity, but the souls inside of Falshin weren't all evil. The ones that were pure, wouldn't be exorcised... Which means!" The former leader forced her body to its feet and activated her analytical eyes. If these really were souls of those who were pure, then that means, the elementalist's soul was among them.

After several minutes of scanning, she saw a soul that gave off the same energy as the elementalist, which means that it had to be her soul. With some of her remaining chakra, she summoned her coffin 'Reikyuu' to the field and kicked off the lid.

Reikyuu: "What's the meaning of this? You summon me after so long, and the first thing you do is kick me? Humans.."

"No time for that, Reikyuu. I have a favor to ask of you..." She explained the situation to him, and while he normally wouldn't give a rat's ass about what or how things were done, he respected the ex-leader as a contractor. From the depths of the coffin jutted forth about two thousand arms of dark matter; one for each soul that floated out of purgatory. As Reikyuu pulled these souls in, she waited for Khrona's brother's wife's soul to come on by, and once it did, she suspended it in midair with her soul.

Reikyuu: "Why have me gather all of these souls, if that was the only one that mattered?"

Ex-leader: "It isn't the only one that matters, it's the one that matters most."

Reikyuu: "..."

"Hakku, everything will be fine now..." The former leader chuckled a bit to herself, surprised by how well this all worked out. Falshin was defeated, and with the elementalist's soul in her possession, she may be able to create a new body for her. She trapped it in a sphere of dark matter and dropped it into Reikyuu before he sank back into the ground. Then, as she was on the verge of falling out on the ground, she stopped herself. Looking over at her Android, -- who seemed to be having a hard time dealing with the drawback from what she did earlier -- her creator went over to her and threw one of the Android's arms over her shoulder. "Let's go find Khrona and his brother..." And then the two were off, slowly advancing out of the crater.


The efforts of the brothers seemed to be futile for a while, the moon forcing the two of them downward with its incredible force, but even the power of the moon and its insanity being pulled by Falshin was not enough to push through the Protectima. They were so close to impact point that the moon insisted on persevering. "I must... Consume..." The moon's power was waning, getting sapped dry at a phenomenal rate by the new 'Keeper Of Insanity.' The moon had little to nothing left in those few crucial moments before impact, the moon finally slowing to a halt right before it touched the Falshin's head. The moon crisis was resolved.

Lying upon the lunar face of the out of orbit planet's moon laid the young magi, tired and out of breath. The glimmering power of the Protectima was still active within the sky, holding back the calamity of insanity that was the planet's moon, which had finally succumb to the efforts of both Khrona and his brother, coming to a halt and doing nothing now but resting upon the barrier of protection. Khrona's brother slowly began to sit upward, stumbling, just trying to get on his feet. He looked about, just trying to find the smallest trace of Khrona; he had to have been on the crater-faced rock somewhere, and if he was feeling even half of the way his brother was right now, he was gonna need a shoulder to lean on. And so his brother hobbled across the Moon's surface... just trying to find Khrona... "Khrona... Khrona! Where are you?!"

Tired as well, Khrona's power was just about tapped out, as was Mateus'. Mateus' crest appeared above his head as he would be taken back into it, leaving this place as a Summon until the next time. Khrona lay there somewhere nearby his brother, wrapped up in his wings. When his brother called out to him, Khrona woke up, finally feeling the effect of all of the insanity within his body... Yet not letting it poison his mind as it had done before. "... Brother...?" His body started to lift from the ground, using only mental thought to move since he was simply too tired and drained to do anything else. His body was shaky in the air, but Khrona was still able to move rather well, thanks to his proficiency. Eventually finding his brother, Khrona smiled knowing that both of them had done it. "We did it, brother... We stopped the moon... And... I'm the Keeper...! I really am..." Khrona's joy was masked by his tiredness, but it was still there all the same. "Now, I can take in all of the insanity of this planet and... Harness its power..." Though clear that all of the insanity would never be able to be taken in completely, it would be SEVERELY cut down as long as Khrona was on the job. That, he would make sure of. "We should... We should go, huh?" Khrona seemed to have a bit more power left in him to get them out of the situation, but someone would have to put the moon back where it was supposed to go...

Khrona: "... The Earth King will fix it."

Ah, so long has it been since that line has been used. And with the power of 'The Earth King will fix it', all the wrongs of the situation were made right, where the moon was back in its place and Khrona would warp both his brother and himself to their respective homes, where they would rest.
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Falshin 13: The End Of The Lost World; Fall

It had only been just recently since the destruction of the old 'Tree Of Life' that was within the Dusk, which turned out to have the 'Tree Of Death' growing under it for a long time.


In the remnants of the Lab of the Twins, which became the 'Leader Building' in the future of which there was an unknown broadcast from, a 'Time Displacement' would begin to occur, forming into 'The Phantom.' "Yikes. I had to go through all types of hell to get here..." Naturally, he spoke of the 'Ambiguous Chaos' that he had to fight Maruze within in the Past-Presently-In The Future in order to make sure he could get here in the past from the future, and simultaneously in his daughter's hellacious toybox, of which this place was scrapped. "So, let's see, if this Time Displacement is correct..."

-Working his ancient chakra techniques, Aeragon began to revert Tama back to her natural age and disappeared with her.-

"If she was about 22 during this time, and it's only been a few years in time lapse of the 'Reality' into the 'Veritas'..." Then somewhere during that time, The Phantom had time to enter into that Time Period and do what he pleased. "... With numerous years to spare, at that, mind you, to make the renovations." He chuckled, looking around, "Gotta make the Dusk look like what it is, not what it was, even if it is that way right now, yeah?!" Anomalous Time Travel was the shit, when you had the right connects.

K.T., on the other hand, had different plans in mind... When he altered his own coordinates, he utilized the link to The Phantom that had been transported to the past and altered his Time, as well, to meet up with him in the Dusk of the past...

"Our time is short..." said a rather familiar voice, similar to that of the leader of the Dusk at the time, yet with a flair of one from another dimension as he appeared in a spacio-temporal flux from within The Phantom, stepping out from the shadow of the darkness and into his own form independently of The Phantom's, as though shedding the shadow like molting skin. "... So let's make haste to the Tree Of Life, shall we...?" It was in its prime... And Kujata was more than happy to finish the job by beginning the chain of events that caused all of this to occur in the first place. "Hmhmhm~..."

"Chyeah. You look just like him, don'tcha?" It was clever of him to use the Anomalous Time Displacement to return to the Past along with The Phantom at the exact same time. They had some work to do. "They'll never know the difference. Trust me." Not that they did all the years in the future. Their success was already certain. "But that's why we can't be caught. No one can know who you are nor that I'm The Phantom from a different time period. So, you can't run into the REAL Kujata, you understand? And I can't run into my old self..." Fortunately, that wouldn't be difficult at all. 'The Seed' could be planted inside of the Tree Of Life and they could move out and be done with their mission and back to the Veritas in no time.

"... Should we deal with the Forbidden Girl, too, while we're here?"

"Yes. Let's deal with all these old hats in one fell swoop..." If this was the correct time period, then Taomin, Cleff and Luminon should still have existed, and those were the three necessary components here. "Also, we'll need to collect the Falshin; rather, the seed of the Insanity. Without him, it won't be possible to awaken the Horsemen, now will it...?" The 'Headless One' needed to be awake first before the other Four could return. And the first mark of their awakening came from 'Pestilence', if he knew his history. The only way Pestilence could have come about would have been if the 'Headless Horseman' released her to consume the Tree Of Life long before they knew that she was there. "We have a mission to accomplish. You deal with the Tensei and I will deal with the Insanity. Find them and meet me at the Tree. Luminon included."

Kujata started out of the Lab of the Twins rather casually, as if knowing that there was nothing and no one here that could stop this from occurring. They were so blind and conceited that, well, they wouldn't even notice something like this happening right under their noses. They didn't in this time period, which was how it was allowed to occur in the future. "We are geniuses..." he muttered to himself, flicking his hair in a playfully haughty manner. "Hmhmhm~!" He casually strolled through the Dusk and off toward his destination.

"You got it, Kujata~!" he said with a chuckle, hopping backward and flickering off in a blur. It was time to assemble the progenitors to this entire little scenario... The most useful.

It was a prime target for the Horsemen, Pestilence, known otherwise as 'Conquest,' yet through the efforts of both Khrona and a very unlikely partner, the Dark King, the 'Tree Of Life' revealed the Horseman, Death, and was taken down, along with the old life of Khrona Tensei.

Due to the nature of the Tensei, as well as the Tree Of Life, itself, when Khrona sacrificed himself to save the Village, he became the new 'Tree Of Life' and merged with the seed of the old one, and thus started on his path to growth into the Veritas he had seen in a vision before his passing and reincarnation. As the Crystal Tree grew, so did a new body within it, which was kept safe, along with the Dusk Village as it grew. From the branches of the new Tree Of Life that was Khrona came two other land masses: the 'Mezzo Terra' and the 'Dawn', both of which grew greater and stronger as Khrona's new body and the Crystal Tree did. Whilst Khrona tended to the new villages as one superterritory, the Veritas, and cultivated a new body for himself, he would watch over everyone from within the Crystal Tree as the Crystal Tree and bring new life to the Dusk along with the Dawn... Yet, this new air of purity brought calamity to the planet, which was already long lost to the tainted wickedness from the Horsemen... and much conflict arose from the new purified being that was known as 'Khrona Tensei.'


When the time was right, Kujata planted the seed of the Tree Of Death in the ground. The ground was very dry and barren, not able to support life, but the seed would begin to absorb the Life of the planet itself, allowing both of them to become symbiotic; the Insanity and the Seed. This would be where the Tree Of Life would sprout. However, once it grew large enough and became empty, the Tree Of Death would be left in its place; an empty shell that was devoid of life. This would occur after Khrona left, and would be when Death ruled over the planet of the planet.

"Headless One..." he called out, letting the Insanity spread through the barren soil of the Pale Forest, a mist rising up from it, "... It's time for you to be born..."

"Heh heh heh..." a faint chuckle from a dry, raspy voice crackled, drawing forth the power of the Tensei, "... Nice work, kid..." With the power of the Tensei as well as the Insanity in one seed, the Seed could sprout into Two Trees; one of Life, harboring the power of the Tensei, and one of Death, harboring the power of the Insanity. From there, the Tree Of Life would sprout in one part of the planet... and the Tree Of Death would spread to a different part. "Once the roots wrap around the planet... The Tree Of Life that sustains the planet will meld with and absorb all the Life Energy of this realm... And the Tree Of Death will..." That one, which is the Void... "... Release Insanity."

All of the energy on the planet, once the Veritas left, would be nothing but Insanity. All Chakra would belong to the Horsemen, with which the Headless One would be in control of. It would be naught but the Insanity. "... Eventually, the use of Chakra will kill them and this planet. I see you've thought farther ahead than we realized... Heh heh heh..." The seed would start to absorb its nutrients. "... When the Tree Of Life grows, the Tree Of Death will grow in another place... A place unknown... But it will be releasing Insanity as a Beacon... Heh heh..." The Falshin had ways of living eternally. And this was one of them. "The Dragons... Will be my nutrients... For they are the most susceptible... To my influence..." The ground suddenly grew a reddish tint, showing that it was active. "... Now... We must wait for the others..." This was the birth of Tatari Tensei; the Insanity and the Headless Horseman.

At every turn, it seemed that his original curse of Insanity had been getting worse and worse through his growth in power, no matter how much he tried to control it. He was maturing as a being, and the pollution of the air whilst he was in such a state was causing the Crystal Tree itself to become tainted, and pour out Insanity in the form of Khrona's projected images, himself. Try as he might, with the polluted air of the planet, he couldn't contain himself. Yet, this was but another sacrifice he had to make, serving as a filter for the Dusk and Dawn, in order to keep them protected from the Horsemen. For the sake of his villages and his people, he had to take in all of that wicked, filthy energy and drive himself to the brink of insanity just to save himself, his people... And his family, who tried desperately to keep him from collapsing and killing himself and everyone he tried to support. It all started with the end of the Thirteen Moons; The Final Nights Of Tensei.

Khrona could see what his own Insanity as well as the poisonous energy of the planet, afflicted by the Horsemen, was doing to him and his own land, despite how much he tried to fight it. The only option after that was to go inward, into himself, and deal with the Insanity and all that poisonous energy being Absorbed right at the root... And also, to take back his sanity from the being that kept trying to keep it from him... The Insanity, itself.

Insanity: 'So you've finally decided to accept it... I am proud of you. Face it with all that you are, and remake the name of Insanity. Young one, become a legend...'

Opening his eyes to see the beautiful crystal around him, the man of Complete Insanity set his sights on the glorious home around him; the land of the Tensei. Where all things were good, were of peace, were of utter clarity and happiness... He created this place, yet there were none who could enter. Not even himself.

Khrona: "... I made this place... And I can't even enjoy it."

He was the only black spot in this realm of utter serenity; the speck of dust that stained the stainless crystallized grass.

Khrona: "... It all bends to my will, but even I am not able to be here... I am the Shinseigami, aren't I? Even I have to follow my own rules..."

Under the cloak of Pure Insanity, he smirked, letting nothing but those glowing red eyes be revealed from the shadows....

Khrona: "To draw in all insanity within myself... Why would I burden myself with such a task...?"

Sometimes, he wondered this, but he always knew what the real answer was... It was so this would not happen again. He was lost to Insanity; beaten by it so many times in his life, yet he never stopped pursuing the path to completely force it to submit to his will.

Khrona: "Perhaps, if I am the one who kills it... This insanity won't be so chaotic anymore... And it can stop being viewed as such a bad thing... And finally be seen as something to help. I will use it as my weapon. My partner. Insanity..."

But before he could do that, he had to face that part of himself... The Falshin. Absorbing all the insanity to have ever existed... It was a large task, and that also meant harboring that Goddamn Falshin within himself.

Falshin was reborn.
Within Khrona's soul.

Khrona: "... Come out, Falshin; God of Insanity. It's time to be slain once and for all. The Android girl wiped you out of everyone and everything... Except for me. Only I am strong enough to do that; even she did not have the power. So..."

Just then, the violence of his silent soul began to quake the very fabric of all things, as if beckoning the destruction of all. He was going to put everything at stake for this one; Insanity was in everything. It needed to be tamed.

Khrona: "Show your face... And let me take your title... as GOD OF INSANITY!!!"

There was no more time to run away from it... He had to look himself in the mirror... And see what he could become, so he would never make the mistake of becoming it.

Khrona: "I'll do a much better job than you... I promise you that. You were too weak to handle it, and now the insanity is you... You do not control it. It controls you. Through Fear. So... Let me SHOW YOU HOW. IT'S. DONE!!!"

An evil wind blew through the holy Sanctum Crystos, the Crystal Garden falling to a crippling madness at the very breath of this creature. Sprouting from the cosmic egg that was the soul of the ignorant Khrona, the Falshin of old had returned to this world for the third and final time...

God of Insanity; Falshin.

Falshin: "Hahaha... Khrona, my old friend... We meet once more... For the last time, I surely hope."

The tattered appendages of skin stretched out toward one of the crystallized trees, surging impurity and darkness into the divine perfection that it was... Pulsating. Red and black. The shade of Khrona's soul.

Falshin: "Sigh... I did think I had more time, too... That your soul would develop to become a true 'Cosmic Egg'... And I could consume you just as the Insanity consumed me... Heh heh hah hah... Oh well. This will do just nicely, either way. As you currently are, God or not, you cannot defeat me... Lest you destroy yourself and all Insanity along with you... As its Keeper."

To Keep all Insanity within himself was a powerful task, and that only meant that Falshin had a safe haven within the strongest soul to have ever existed... This soul is the one that would consume all things; even a God, himself. That is what Falshin wished for; to consume everything and make everything his own.

Falshin: "This Universe... This Existence... This Reality... This... Absolute Oneness of all things... It will be within me. And I will use you, one who knows how to use the insanity to push yourself further, to do so..."

Falshin himself could not accomplish this, he would silently admit... But Insanity lived on. This was no true Falshin... This was Insanity itself fighting Khrona.

Insanity: "... You know the rules, Khrona... You have to start over one last time... But as you always say, third time's the charm, is it not?"

A wide, gruesome grin spread cross the Falshin's face... His horrible teeth seething with utter black insanity...

Insanity: "It will consume you, too. There is no escaping it. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, as they say."

He licked his lips, drawing that darkness back within him... He was taking over Khrona's soul bit by bit... And the longer he held on to this Insanity... The more it would consume him.

Insanity: "Finally... I've FINALLY gotten you, Khrona!!!"

That malicious wind passing through the clear trees and blowing over the shining grass, it was here to paint this world black and smear its darkness to a land that drew in all light; all wavelength. Of course, it had to be the Insanity of the Falshin rearing its ugly head, this time with nowhere to hide. "... I've figured you out finally, Falshin... Or shall I say, Insanity... You may think you've won, but I've survived this long with you within me, haven't I? If you couldn't consume me then... *snicker*... Then what in God's name makes you think you can have me now?" This was almost a joke to Khrona. He looked at Falshin and saw the shadow of what he once was as a young boy... Hopelessly lost to this overpowering and overwhelming insanity. Yet, somehow, he was able to stuff it all in his soul and never let it come out. It had been festering a long time... "You see, if I drew in all the insanity... And kept it for myself... You'd have nowhere to go... Nowhere to hide... Nowhere to reincarnate... That's right. I plan to make sure you absolutely cannot reincarnate. As Tree of Life and Rebirth, you know. That is my duty."

A warm, nostalgic smile spread to counter that maddening grin of the all too lost Falshin... And his eyes would close as he breathed in deeply the familiar air he once knew before. Utter Insanity... Mmm, it brought back memories. With a long, heavy, cleansing exhale, the black insanity he breathed in came out as a pure, clear wavelength... And with it, Khrona's piercing red eyes opened up only slightly, cutting through all the darkness lingering about and into the eyes of Falshin, himself. "Ahahaha... Haha... I've missed this scent... I've missed all of this... The very smell of insanity is enough to get me just a little bit excited for a bloodbath... Just like old times." Though, he felt a little empty here, without Misery and Despair... Without his brother, his brother's wife, and Zita... The Android girl and her Creator... The Demon King, Sky King, and Earth King... Even the Dark King and Vanguard, though their interactions were brief, but heavy. Somehow, he created bonds with every last one of them, be they family or friend... It wasn't like he could tell the difference with these guys. There wasn't one, really. Ahaha. Haha...

Khrona: "... So you wanna play by the rules, then? That means, you'll actually stay dead this time? It isn't like you'll be able to run from me after this... I am your Keeper, after all. I'm just trying to see if I have the power to Keep this promise... Because, as it stands... You'll consume everything. You are my soul, and I've been denying this for a long time, but... I've gotta get rid of you how you are. My soul is the God of Insanity... Heh. A shame... To have to see it go."

He crossed his arms, letting the blackness that was his own cloak flutter and converge with the Wavelength of Insanity locked in the air. flowing on the current of the universe, and back into this tree. With all the Insanity to have ever been trapped here... How would too beings that feed on it defeat each other? Easy. One was going to have to consume the other. Like the end of its own tail. 'Ouroboros... Absorption, or Consumption?'

Khrona: "Give me the word, Falshin, and I'll take you down to the beginning."

Twisted and maniacal was the laugh that gargled its way out of the mouth of the dastardly demon God before the great Crystal Tree. His resolve was so pure and so clear, but all that was so pure could be tainted by madness; by Insanity. Such was its nature.

Falshin: "Hahaha. You fool. You're willing to risk your power... Everything, even... Simply to defeat me? You must already be lost! Gripped by the madness! Ahahaha!!! To even have the RISK of me corrupting this tree, as Pestilence had done for you to take this position... Do you really not care about what happens to this place? Your branches and roots extend out to everything now... And you'll risk it all? Borderline stupidity."

Of course, that line was very thin, and difficult to see. Maybe it had gotten past Khrona's 'all-seeing' eyes, hm?

Falshin: "... Haha... And you'll do me the honor of letting me choose the stage? Not like it matters..."

He extended his arms, letting the world take shape as he saw fit; their arena now setting under the light of the luminous full moon, the blooming sakura trees welcoming the spring air to their tired branches from the long, harsh winter, as the river flowed quietly in the night's warm breeze.

Falshin: "Is this suitable enough for you, Mister Madman?"

All he could think about in this beautiful scene... Was how he was going to burn it to the ground. How beautiful could he create this world, so he could ultimately destroy it in the end? That was all he wished for... To destroy this beautiful world he created and plunge it into madness, just like him...

Khrona shook his head, his will nor his belief never leaving him for a second, despite the circumstances Falshin made ever so clear... Those that he was already so painfully aware of.

Khrona: "Well, you know... What's an epic battle without giving it all a chance, right? Hahaha..."

He hadn't said that in a long time. Perhaps he was back in his right mind... Rather, his right state of Insanity. Falshin was the only stupid one here. As if mirroring the madman on the other side of him, his arms would spread out wide, and he'd take another deep, long inhale of the insanity flowing about and breathe out perfect clarity. He watched as the world around him started to shift to this most beautiful and serene surrounding; something he never would have guessed Falshin to create.

Khrona: "Huh. Funny. I'd expect you to create some sort of twisted world of destruction and chaos for us to fight on. Heh heh. Guess the only thing you're thinking of is how you can destroy this place to make it look like how you want it, hm? Cuz there's no fun in breaking something that's already destroyed. Heh heh. Sick bastard~."

Truthfully, Khrona admired that much about him. He has a passionate art about his destruction, and Khrona could always appreciate the passion of another... Even if, in this universe, that passion was discordant to the natural flow.

Khrona: "... I just don't get it. Was it you who made me like this, or was it me who spawned you from myself? Either way, its weird... Having to fight an incarnate of Insanity made from my very own soul."

But, biting down on his bottom lip, he closed his eyes and tilted his head up to the cloudy skies.

Khrona: "First Restriction: Cognigeist; Restriction of Mentality."

With a snap of the fingers, he wiped his face downward, falling into a deep and almost comatose -- 'Khronatose' -- slumber; such was the placing of the first Geist upon his face... 'Cheshire', otherwise known as 'Copycat'. Though he was completely unconscious, he was also completely and utterly consciously aware of all his actions and goings on, focusing his psychic power with his own consciousness whilst he rested. His body took on a far more familiar form; one from many years of yore.

Khrona: 'Mmm... What a nice blast from the past... I remember when I used to walk around like this... When my psychic powers were most powerful... Ahahaha.'

Besides Khrona obtaining his original pale flesh rather than that blackness of Complete Insanity, there seemed to be little to no difference in his appearance... Save for his eyes, which were completely closed. He definitely was asleep... Or in pure meditation. Zen.

Khrona: "... Mmmrmhm..."

He was mumbling something in his sleep. His body was completely limp, yet standing up as if it were functioning with the utmost normality. His mind was sustaining him in this state... Completely and fully. Incredible.

With the First Restriction released, Falshin would begin the Path... How dreadful.

Falshin laughed at his 'mirror image' before him. It was almost like he was looking at himself in the past. It wasn't like these two weren't similar in almost every fashion; like he was made to be the next Falshin, or something.

Falshin: "Hmhm... Yes, it is past your bedtime, isn't it, little one...? You're about one thousand years too early to pull one over on me. You're like a carbon copy anyway, wouldn't you say? Haha... Have you ever even taken a look at yourself long enough to realize what you have become? What you are? What you have always been?"

That gruesome smile faded at the soft kiss of midnight's lonely breeze, the sakura trees rustling sweetly with the light brush of their tips. The two crazed deities' eyes met, locked in a terrifying combat that none could comprehend for just a moment before both would find their eyes closed; Khrona's by his lids, Falshin by his appendages. The mark of the Falshin glowed bright on his mummified face, and the sakura petals hovered gently down past his face.

Insanity: "... A fake..."

The very whisper of insanity kicked up a powerful, yet silent tailwind that blew past the Falshin and across the arena, carrying with it the beautiful falling petals in a swirling mass of bliss and serenity. Not even the slightest tint of darkness could be traced in this graceful display, but the beauty was all the more satisfying for Falshin to see... To see it rip through this poor boy's mind and break it with the false grandeur of peace and happiness; oh, how it would be glorious, indeed.

Soon after, he clasped his hands together, as if in some sort of divine prayer, and breathed in deeply, pulling from the heavens an eerily calming wind that caused those trees to sway yet again... gently... calmly...

Khrona: 'Mmmmoummaaantaaaiii...'

A guise of beauty was all that it was; a simple guise. Those words did not waver Khrona's mind in the least bit. He knew who he was, and being called a fake would not even be allowed into his tempered mind.

The Absolute Terrain expanded around him, and in total calm, the 'gentle' breeze that impacted would be shown for what it truly was on contact. Bashing, thrashing and utterly crashing at the seemingly impenetrable field, Khrona in his own state of Zen could not be penetrated in the slightest by something as weak as an untrue insult. He only stood there, eyes closed and body completely limp, yet unnaturally still. It was hard to even tell if this man was still breathing at this point, or was his mind also sustaining his own life?

Khrona: 'Mmmmm...Mmmmou...Maaan...Taiiii...'

His mantra for keeping himself in a state of calm in such a delicate situation. Surely, the insanity weighed heavy on him, as it always did, but it was definitely not enough. The pittering and pattering of the battering petals sounded to him like the cute drops of rain falling elegantly from the skies, and in his dreams, it was raining... Raining to bless his assured victory. So, a smile, a simple, slight smile grew on his unconsciously conscious maw, all before his mouth opened up just a bit and unleashed a resonating sound in perfect melodious harmony... Synchronous to his own mind's state of utter calm.

Khrona: "Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh..."

The sound of an angel singing but a single note, taking in and Converting the energy of the 'fake' calm to 'pure' serene energy, and concentrating it all into his open mouth. A crystal clear laser of finely focused energy burst from his gaping maw, so swift that light could not catch; so melodious that sound could not comprehend; so destructive that peace simply stayed as it was all around it. The trees did not even sway at the might of this great beam of energy.

Khrona: 'Had to see if I was still in tune... Looks like practice was A-OK. Hmhm... I wonder what Falshin is doing...'

With his Absolute Terrain still holding up strong to protect his body, it hovered slowly toward his target, whom he hoped to have completely obliterating with such utter true serenity...


Eyes peeled on the energy of pure 'clarity,' moving so very fast that it seemed nay impossible to avoid, a rather simple gleam of his three eyes of Insanity erected a burning red barrier before Falshin, diffusing all such serene energy back to insanity; bolts of red and black shooting from all around and up toward the skies. Behind it all, and even over the gnarling and horrific sound of discordant ugliness this 'harmonious' voice made on impact with it, Falshin's laugh could be heard piercing through.

Falshin: "AHAHAHAHA!!! Surely, you jest, Jester. You are still trying to play Heavenly Host over there? Laughable, at best!!! Look at yourself... Wrapped in darkness, swirling with insanity... No Godly being would even accept you as you are. You're a just a demon pretending... Especially with such a technique of Evangelical heritage."

His laugh overpowered even all the might that this greatly focused blast was, leaving nothing but the black and red static crackling about in the slowly twisting atmosphere.

Falshin: "You're not just copying me now... You even went so far as to take something as divine as that for yourself? Hahahaha!!! You need to wake up and look in a mirror, Dark One! Your fate is ME!"

More petals fell from the trees now, slowly becoming bare on their once proud and beautiful branches. The tickled Falshin lowered his barrier, conjuring pure black flames of Insanity within the 'hands' of his bandages behind his body. Flare after dark flare were lobbed relentlessly toward the 'divinely' covered deity, with all intentions of burning his barrier of peace to the ashes of insanity from whence they came.
Peace to pieces.

Falshin: "Come out of the dark, Dark One! Oh, mighty Lord Of Terror! Demon God of Insanity!! Quit pretending to be something you're not and SUBMIT to your DESTINY!!"

Now ceasing his merciless assault, he combined the black flames to a centered point above his head, pressing his still clasped hands together even harder, producing larger and more destructive black flames stained with the eyes of Insanity on them.

Falshin: "To the might of a real God!!!"

The fire was large enough to bring darkness even to the beautiful moonlit night, eclipsing the white light in pure blackness, and so too would all things become tinted and tainted in black, as the final petals fell from the leaves of the trees...

Insanity: "Submit."

His appendages reared back and threw this great fire down at the lowly Khrona, to burn he and this entire beautiful realm to nothing but ash; ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Back to the pit of insanity whence they were born. Into Falshin's stomach.

Khrona: 'Oh no... I should have known that this would have been ineffective...'

Maintaining some sort of calmness within himself, the Absolute Terrain held strong for the first few devastating blows of those flames, however after a great deal of them were volleyed and crashed into his protective chambers, it would begin to crack.


A thin black line slithered down the surface of the once completely clear barrier, like a twisted snake of lightning splitting off into the multiple heads of the fearsome Hydra. It was going to give soon.

Khrona: 'I'm not pretending... Why does he think I'm pretending...? Maybe he sees something I don't... He is part of my soul, after all...'

The once collected Khrona started to fail in his meditation, his body slowly lowering and dragging across the ground. All the while, more and more dark fires blasted away at the barrier, and the crack only grow bigger and wider; the noise of it growing louder and louder in Khrona's head.

Khrona: 'The sound of glass shattering... Vision going white... Or black...? Is this what it's like... To have your mind broken'

It wouldn't hold out much longer...

Khrona: '... Am I really just... A copy? A thief?'

At that very moment, the last shot of the seemingly endless barrage of fire shattered the barrier to bits, burning it all away to nothingness and exposing Khrona's lifeless body, halted in its own thought. There was no motion, no action... Only the somber and heady feeling of failure radiating from his head. This barrier was not of his own creation... He realized that now.

Khrona: '... It isn't... My own... Technique...'

To think that he had actually stolen something like that from somewhere else brought him shame... Sadness. Infinite darkness. His mind grew black in its normally completely conscious sight, and the last thing it would see was the huge ball of black fire consuming everything in utter darkness...

Insanity: "FWOOM!!!"

... All up in flames in an instant...

...Or, so it seemed.

Out Of The Dark of the all consuming evil black fires would there be two gleaming sanguine lights that pierced the darkness and brought what seemed to be a devilish light upon the land... Followed by a smile so wide it touched each eye from point to point. The flames parted around this malicious light, and the burning silhouette that was revealed only refracted the flames; not to be touched by them in the slightest.

Khrona: "... Oh, Falshin... You must have forgotten who I am..."

He woke up.

Khrona: "... Were you so careless as to look into these eyes? MY eyes?"

Before Khrona went to sleep, the two of them exchanged stares to each other, in which Falshin fell prey to the First Restriction's form of Hyper Perception; the 'Hyper Inception'.

Khrona: "You know the ONE thing that you never do when I'm in this form?"

He giggled, snickered... Holding back that Insanity as best he could through the only means he knew how; laughter. Laughter at how God-fucking-damn funny it was. How hilarious it was to think that something so weak would have even been attempted to use on Khrona.

There was only another bright red glint from his eyes, and he would be there, looming over Falshin with bright red eyes glaring dead center into his, and down into the very pit of his soul of Insanity, body barely stable... Shaking... Shaking violently. He was holding back all of it, focusing it all in a glare and a smile... Only letting those slight snickers and laughs out for what he just could not contain within him.

Khrona: "I didn't FORGET, FALSHIN. I just have MORE CONTROL NOW."

These eyes... These eyes were going to bury Falshin in the ground. To suffocate him and his flames with the terrifying glare of pure, utter, unbridled Insanity.

Khrona: "I just don't have a REASON to do this... Unless it's to look at your DISGUSTING face. So, are you AFRAID?!?! TERRIFIED!?!?"

Eyes appeared from all around, parting the skies and looming over Khrona himself; smothering the flames with just the weight of their unholy stare. Crush... Crush... Crush... CRUSH!!!

Falshin did not flinch after seeing those eyes come from the darkness. In fact, he was all but overjoyed at the fact, and he knew that his victory had been assured. He stayed silent, allowing this monstrous sin to stare him dead in the face; crushing him with the very weight of his stared. It almost broke his back, forcing him and the flames all the way to the ground, and even below... But nothing could wipe that smug smile off his face.

Falshin: "Of course I am afraid of you... You're terrifying. Don't you see? Everyone feels the same about you. Including your own self. Glad to see you haven't forgotten yourself, Lord Of Terror."

He was shaking... Quaking, even, in the pure and utter dreaded terror that pressed down on him from up above.

Falshin: "You're an oppressor. You say you have such control... But look at how you handle the things you hate. Is that The Beast talking? HahahahahaHAHAHAHA!!!"

Those words barely escaped his chattering teeth, but they managed, somehow. Even if he had fallen prey to the likes of the 'Hyper Inception', it was doing nothing now but draining Khrona of his own power... He was awake in a form where his practice was to be asleep. Such failure made Falshin cry out in a horrifyingly terrified splendor!!!

Insanity: "YOU CAN'T CONTROL YOURSELF, KHRONA!!! JUST LOOK AT YOU!!! We haven't even gotten that far in, and you're already letting it get to you! AHAHAHAHAHA!!! You'd let me win so easily!?"

With that, Falshin forced his slender, decrepit body up from the ground, slamming his head directly into the face of Khrona. His eyes could not focus, and Insanity seemed to run rampant coursing through his veins. He drew it out of Khrona and into himself, now growing in strength...

Insanity: "Don't you see...? You are still so blind..."

Now, their stares were on equal levels, and they were literally head to head; eye to eye.

Falshin: "Look at yourself... Go back to sleep. This is no place for children with a bed time... It'll haunt you even in your dreams."

Their smiles even matched; tooth for tooth, yet Khrona's seemed much more sharp and pointy in comparison to the gritty teeth of Falshin.

Insanity: "... Face it... You cannot defeat. Face reality... That is your forte, isn't it? You'll fall to your own Insanity... Just like me. Down the path of the Buddha, I fell... At the end of the Path you seek, there is no light... ONLY DARKNESS!!! INSANITY!!!"

One maniacal laugh, synchronized with one of Khrona's giggles of Insanity, unleashed Falshin's long, spiraling tongue and aimed directly at Khrona's head -- tensed up beyond the hardness of metal.

Insanity: "DIE!!!"

An attack directly at his brain in this form... Would kill him instantly.
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Falshin 14: The End Of The Lost World; Fall - Pt. II

It was true. Everything Falshin was saying was completely true. Khrona had heard these things before, actually... From a number of people, in fact. He heard it so much, he was starting to believe it himself.

Khrona: "... Wh... What?"

Darkness... Darkness... Khrona knew of it all too well. Was it so strong on him that he could no longer pull himself out of it and into the light? He was trapped here forever, destined to become a Falshin the same as Falshin... His eyes started to close now, and he would start to fall back into his deep, meditative slumber.

Khrona: 'I am not... Worthy of this...'

As his eyes shut, the he saw only the tongue extend from Falshin's mouth, pointed directly at Khrona's head. Maybe he had given up, or maybe Falshin's will was just more powerful, but at that moment, the blast shot directly into Khrona's face, and a loud cracking sound echoed throughout the burnt sakura garden. It was Khrona's face; rather, his mask, breaking at the final shot. Disheartened Khrona flew back with great force, skidding across the ground, pulling off the 'essence' of this reality with the crack of his mask. It would all return to crystal, as it once was before.

Khrona: "..."

He had nothing to say. Already, he was defeated, and his first mask was broken... Falshin literally destroyed the First Restriction.

Silently awakening from slumber, Khrona immediately manifested the second Geist into his hand; 'Spectre' the 'Poltergeist'. It was the Second Restriction, that of the Soul. Even if his mind was broken, his spirit was still hot to trot. He set the rather ghastly looking mask upon his morose face, and from it spewed a surplus of blackness that tightened itself around his skin, sprouting also a long and tattered black hooded cape. This was his form as the Essence of the Dusk itself; Kamitamashii, The Phantom.

Khrona: "You've got some nerve thinking it was over so soon. Heh. If you wanna beat the great and powerful Khrona, you've gotta do more than just crush his mind. Gotta crush his spirit, too."

Adjusting his gloves to a perfect fit, he clenched both his fists and smiled big and wide. Around him, the scenery changed to that of an old and abandoned Amusement Park, with the two of them in front of a giant Carousel.

Khrona: "I'm gonna take you for a ride, spunky. Hahaha!"

Seems like Khrona's soul had more flavor than his mind. Though... How would his soul fare fighting against his own soul? Only one way to find out.

Still, Falshin's gross smile did not falter. He could laugh silently at Khrona, who was all but pathetic at this point. Retracting his tongue back down into the bowels of himself, he simply stared at him off in the distance.

Falshin: "... Aw. That must have hurt. Did it hurt your head, or hurt your feelings? You must remember not to get caught in those distractions."

The scenery shifted around him, but it made no difference where they were or what the scenery was; it was all going to end the same.

Falshin: "Without the security of your already feeble mind, what good do you think your soul will do against one who is so far ahead of you? I'm on a wavelength that you cannot even comprehend. You cannot see the whole picture. You are limited in your sight. There is only clarity in my eyes. Don't you understand yet, you babe?"

Yes, it was true... Falshin's sight was beyond sight itself, something that no mere 'Spiritual Perception' could be on par with. He saw everything about Khrona's own 'soul', and despite how 'godly' his soul and wavelength were, they still paled in comparison to a true great one.

Falshin: "You would want to ride the only attraction that goes in circles..."

Khrona: "Oh Falshin..."

Echoing throughout the mass that was a being from above; something that spoke through the clouds and into the calamity below. His wavelength was resonating with everything that made up the length of his most powerful Kamitamashii, consuming the planet in its immensity.

Khrona: "You're gonna have to fight like I'm the Final Boss or something. Final Boss."

Khrona may be looking himself in the face, but Falshin was looking right back in the same mirror. He was going to keep fighting him and keep breaking him down, until the Insanity was simply no more.

Khrona: "I don't think you fully grasped the concept of you fighting me. It means one of us is going to give up their soul to another. And I'm not going to turn into an ugly crazy Falshin motherfucker."

It wasn't about trying to take Khrona's soul at this point... It was about trying to surpass his limit. If they both looked into the mirror and saw themselves; one of them was lying to the other. But, they were both the truth until one was defeated. So, the truth of the matter is that... Khrona was not going to lose to Insanity.

Khrona: "Do you still want to continue down this path? Demon God?"

Insanity: 'That's right. This is God's Demon Form.'

That voice echoed from all around; was it really Khrona talking to him, or just another one of his illusions of grandeur?

Falshin: "You're already lost. You hide behind the size and power only so the truth does not come out; you have no skill. None whatsoever. That 'echoing voice from up above...' You think I would be ignorant enough to not perceive that as your soul?"

It was already a failed attempt. He was deluded by his own massiveness, forgetting that Asura was, not only on the same level, but had already done this.

Falshin: "There is no sense talking to you. You're an idiot for even trying this."

In Falshin's eyes, it was high time to take the 'mighty and powerful' Khrona down a peg where he belongs, before he continued to make a huge ass of himself.

Falshin: "And to top it all off, you aren't even trying."

Khrona: 'Disappointing.'

Two black holes glared maliciously at Falshin, desperately holding back a devastating creature behind that ghost-like second face of his. The Phantom smirked, slightly enough to show that he was aware that Falshin was talking, but not large enough to a point of expressing actual care for the situation at hand. Creaking eerily in the distance behind the Falshin, the Carousel's only and rusted gears came to a turn, slowly starting up the ancient machine. Atop one of the horses, whose face was worn out from centuries of erosion, sat the good spectre himself, a nonchalant yet piercing stare shooting at the laughable Demon God before him.

Khrona: "Man, I really did think you wanted to have some fun for a little while. Looks like you've lost your fighting spirit, Falshin."

Didn't really matter to him. Again, Khrona was just trying to get the the Eighth as fast as he could, so that he and the other parts of the Three Peaces could be together as one, without Insanity trying to creep its way up.

Khrona: "Now I'm just gonna kill you. Soul Resonance."

Without so much as skipping a beat, the Carousel's tune weakly cried out in accord with Khrona's soul. In fact, all of the things in this theme park started to rise from their rusted grave sites and up into prosperity at Khrona's command. He was resonating with everything that was within realm of his wavelength all at once; and this covered the entire planet. He figured, this should be enough power to absolutely kill the Falshin for good, since he was so eager to die.

Khrona: "Soul Null."

Only a snap of the fingers forced the great power drawn in from the Resonance all into focus on one, tiny, minuscule being. A stormy eye broke the shadowy clouds in the sky, and shone down a light from the stars so pure and bright that it absolutely nulled out all that it gazed at in a simple flashblink of light... Like a laser, of sorts. Falshin was literally erased from the sight of Khrona's soul.

Khrona: "What's that they say...? Out of my sight? Out of my mind?"

It was a shame, really. Khrona wanted to have more fun with him, too.

Staring into the black holes that stared right back at him, Falshin hailed this moment Khrona so foolishly bestowed upon him. As he said before, this was a battle he could not win, especially not with that sort of effort.

Falshin: "Khrona... It almost saddens me to see you do this. I hope you know that sitting there in the dark, much like you, I had the chance to think about a lot of things, including the nature of the world itself."

Looking on at the eye up above with the audacity to stare in the face what it was coming down upon him, his great, large smile shortened to a perturbed frown. Wide eyes shrunken by the lowering of his lids, this did not seem to impress him. Not at all.

Falshin: "And after lengthy consideration, I realized something; when all is said and done this world is a unknowable place."

It was at that moment his wavelength expanded around him, forcing back that light with so much sheer and utter insanity, it resonated with the essence of the beam bearing down on him. On the same vibration, on the same wavelength, the Insanity only found a way to match the power of the great Kamitamashii.

Falshin: "On the surface, all appears rational, orderly. But what lies beyond that thin veneer of reason? Stability and reality?"

Eventually, that 'light' became just as red as Falshin's tainted soul, spreading out and over everything Khrona once commanded. It was at that moment that nothing was harmonic, and all things fell to utter vehemence.

Falshin: "Or chaos and madness?"

The Carousel swirled out of control, the Ferris Wheel wheel spun about in a maddening 'rage,' and the coasters nearby flew off their tracks and into the air like evil serpents protecting the skies.

Falshin: "What are we really made of in the end? Is there truly any meaning to the lives we lead? Or are we nothing more than hollow vessels?"

The beam still insisting upon wiping the Falshin from the earth completely reddened now, right back up to the star in the back of the eye's gaze, allowing blood to spill from the opening and close the hole. Red sea merging with the clouds, it converted to red rain passing its showers across the land and staining the ground with blood.

Falshin: "These are questions we can never answer, because we cannot hope to see beyond the world's fragile layer of skin. So we live our lives filled with uncertainty, never knowing who or what we truly are or what the future will bring, all we can do is imagine."

If he didn't realize it now, then he was never going to understand. There was no absolute here; there was only an infinite that one has no control over. Thus, that eye that cried tears of blood that brought unerring sadness and pain to the soil, it would split into three; three terrifying, horrifying eyes that gazed down at Khrona and showed him the fruits of his labor.

Falshin: "Life becomes an unsolvable mystery with any number of twists and turns awaiting us."

His smile returned, though much more composed than before. It seemed like the Falshin was happy to regain control over the situation, and now Khrona was the tiny, minuscule creature being looked down upon by the three great eyes of his own true soul.

Falshin: "And that's enough to fill any soul with terror!"

'In a simple flashblink of light', the eyes weighed heavy their gaze on Khrona, crushing his body with their overbearing presence. At the backs of each of their abysmal, pulsating pupils came an energy drawn from the wavelength of the cosmos, focused into three separate red beams harboring the intent to erase Khrona and all that he was, and return him to the insanity whence he came; to become with Falshin and the natural order once more.

Khrona: "... Oh. ... ... What?"

Perhaps Khrona spoke too soon in all of this. Falshin's speech... It spoke to him. As though he had endured that same pain, as well... The pain of having to wonder like that; about everything that went on, and what it was that would be the outcome. It was that which made Khrona look up to the sky, and see that divine eye looking down split into three. Three eyes harboring equal power to the one that just gazed down at Falshin.

Khrona: "... A... Amazing..."

He was terrified by that kind of power, that type of capability. In a moment, Falshin could take control of so much that took Khrona this long to even be able to understand?! What was this... This monster...?!

It wasn't long before those eyes stared back at him, and made his soul quiver. The radius of his control was gone. Everything except the space that the eyes did not invade had been instantaneously commandeered by this... This... Madness! His only hope was to hop off of the Carousel and onto the ground, as even the machinery lost control. Was this a testament to Khrona's own lack of control? Was the Falshin... The equivalent to that?

Khrona: "Fine, Falshin. I really didn't think there was a way for you to get out of that one... But I guess I underestimated you. But don't think you won't be doing the same for me. Heh heh..."

Khrona may have been terrified, but all he had to remember was that this was his own power. Falshin was nothing but Insanity itself, trying to take over Khrona like it did that physical remnant before him. He couldn't falter now... No matter what. He just needed to take back the power and control that was rightfully his own, and not the Insanity's.

Though it seemed all too late for him, as the flash of the three eyes bore a vaporizing red gleam made to wipe away Khrona thrice the power used to 'nullify' Falshin's being. There was only one thing he could do at this point and, though it was a long shot, it was what was necessary to get back on even terms with his oppressor.

Khrona: "Hyper Reflection."

In the back of those two black holes, there was a flash of red; a flash of red bright enough to match the power of the converging beams all in such close proximity. The resulting conflict between both powers neutralized them both, but not before a climactic and consumptive explosion spread dust and debris clear across the mad circus. The silhouette of The Phantom still remained in the cloud of smoke, but it had indeed taken quite the toll on his very being.

*Pant... Pant...*

Khrona: "There, Falshin..."

*Pant... Pant...*

Khrona: "Evened the playing field..."

*Pant... Pant...*

When the smoke cleared, the ripped and torn clothing that once covered the Phantom's essence showed through, revealing nothing but surging wavelength inside. The accumulation of all such wavelength created the physical form that was this being, and now the presence of his soul matched Falshin's. The sky on his side was filled with serenity, whilst on the other side, chaos continued to rage on in the dark clouds.

Khrona: "... I'm not just gonna... Give up. If you want this soul, you're working for it."

Yeah, sure, he was saying it through his tired teeth, but at least he wasn't lying. Both their overall presences here were nulled out by each other, yet at the same time, they were both in control of what went on around them. The two men that controlled everything except the other. Such is the effect of a fight between two like them.

Khrona cracked his knuckled and cricked his neck, bouncing around a bit. If they couldn't overpower each other, they had to fight on the same level, and on the same level, blow for blow, Falshin just wouldn't be able to keep up.

Khrona: "Catch a good look of me now, cuz you won't be seeing me again... I have to repay you for making me use up so much of my power so soon... With, ya know, death."

He snickered... Even in the heat of despair and infinite possibility, he was heated and ready to go. Perhaps, it was a matter of not understanding all the possibilities, but picking one and working toward it. In the end, it would become, as long as enough energy is given to it.

A balance of the universe...

So, they stood now, eye to eye and matched in power. Neither of them had more control than the other, and the two stood as equals. This meant that the only thing left to do was find out who was the most prepared. Khrona thought that Falshin was the one who lacked control, but in actuality, it was him. Falshin looked to this whelp with the same disgust he looked at him with, yet with a different intention and a different purpose. As Khrona saw this being as one of horror and evil, Falshin saw Khrona as one of no control, of ignorance and of fraudulence.

Falshin: "... At least you're starting to understand... That I am at the end of your path..."

He shook his head, letting their souls battle it out above as their bodies would fight below on this plane. The flying serpentine coasters fell to the ground as the rest of the attractions returned to silence. With a deep and exasperated sigh, he aligned his chakras and centered his soul, gazing at Khrona's eyes through the blackness of his mask.

Falshin: "Do you know why you hide your face, boy? It's because under it, you don't even know what you look like. You have no form. You are far more disgusting than I am; something definite. Something real. That is why you are the fake here. You will come to understand a lot about yourself in your endeavors with me... I only hope your weak and feeble existence is able to endure it. Once you find out the truth... You will cease to exist."

His hands took their positions in his most ancient Mudra, 'Anjali'; the 'Seal Of Benediction'.

Falshin: "You've already gone so far down... Without even knowing what you've gotten yourself into. You want to know the truth of your faith? It is right before you."

Eyes closing and head bowing, as if in prayer, two very large ancient runes drew themselves in the atmosphere around him, taking the form of vertical eyes drawing in the energy from around him just as before. From the pupils, those same piercing red beams burst out and toward Khrona, filled with such insanity it seemed as though the beams screamed in pain trying to keep it all focused into one single beam. It had all the strength to blast Khrona just as before, only this time, as they were in utter equivalence, if he were to take this hit, Hyper Reflection would be more than useless, save for draining himself.

Falshin: "Do you even know the Mudra? The Seals? How to regulate your chakras? How to center yourself? I am APPALLED at how you could even get this far! How can you be where you are with absolutely no training? You disgust me."

These eyes would follow Khrona wherever he may go, and also the beams, which would erase everything in their all powerful gaze.

Insanity: "Out of MY SIGHT!!!"

Things were intensifying rather quickly... Not only could it be seen that Falshin was no longer simply mocking Khrona in his effort, but he was starting to say something that was more than just blatant negativity. There was truth in his words, even if Khrona didn't see all of it. He could not decipher just what was true and what he could let go, but there was something... Better figure it out before it gets to him again. That Insanity.

Khrona: "You're Insane. That's something I've gotta get under control, and that's all I care about. Maybe you're the one that doesn't understand... You might have been right at the end of your path, yet you decided to turn away from its teachings in your own misunderstanding. Because of your own Fear. That's when the Insanity consumed you!"

Fear... And Insanity... Those two things made up Khrona's soul for a long time... Falshin was the other half, the product of it all and... This is what they became? At the end, were these things still eating away at him?

Khrona:"... Mudra...? I don't have any idea what those are... Those hand sign dealies?"

Sorta like those Hand Signs the shinobi used... Interesting. There were one hundred eight of them, he knew. How? How did this knowledge come to be within him? Was it being siphoned from Falshin himself, and all that he knew? Or were missing fragments of Khrona's memories piecing themselves together as he saw things that made sense? That triggered something within his soul...

Khrona: "One hundred eight... Falshin, haven't you realized that in your endeavors, you went down the WRONG path! One hundred eight is the Master Number of this reality!! As there are one hundred eight Mudra, there are also one hundred eight possible feelings that correspond with them, all of which require balance... One hundred eight Earthly Desires that need to be cleansed, lest you fall off the path!"

Falshin was right about one thing; Khrona was beginning to understand. It was about this time that the runes were drawn in the air, and the piercing red eyes. In a flickering blink, it seemed as though Khrona had been vaporized right on the spot, the remains of black matter whispering away with the scream of the twin gazes.

On the motionless Carousel, however, that black material flickered back to the form of The Phantom, who gathered that the eyes were following him and wiping out everything in the process.

Khrona: "Dammit, Falshin... Does everything have to be destroyed...?"

Maybe this is what Khrona would become if he fell off the path... If he failed, like Falshin did. It wasn't about who was going to win; it was about whose influence was greater. Who was more disciplined. Who believed more what they said to be true.

Khrona: "Tch... I just never needed to use those damn signs before, it came natura-- SHIT!!"

Looks like he was talking too much. The beams were coming his way, disintegrating everything as they led up to the Carousel. His wavelength crackled like lightning in his hand, surging through the great old machine as he touched it to power it up, turning those rusted gears just one more time. Standing atop one of the horses, he pushed off the platform with his foot and kicked the machine into high gear, letting his wavelength take full control. In a few moments it gained enough speed for him to take aim at Falshin and let the momentum shoot The Phantom toward him like a bolt of lightning, straight between the eyes and the beams that came from them... Right into the face of the Falshin.

His hand was extended, in the position of a finger ready to flick something. Atop his forehead, right at his Third Eye, The Phantom would let go to flick Falshin clear across the way with a powerful 'Soul Destruction' blast at the tip of his finger.

Khrona: "Think, Falshin. You must be forgetting some things! Your mind must be clouded by your own fear! I know there are many things you know that I don't, but there are lots of things you're forgetting that are very important for completion! Just think a little bit, wouldja!?"

Hopefully that would knock some sense into him so they could stop this fighting... And he could just submit to Khrona.

A black bolt shot straight between the two vicious beams that ravaged the amusement park, and before the eyes of Falshin was the apparition that made up this unholy energy... The face of The Phantom.

A single flick of the finger sent his head arcing back, slamming square into the ground maximum impact. Yet, with his arched spine and hands still clasped together firmly, another wicked smile grew on his face.

Falshin: "Keheheh... You are the one that misunderstands. I already know this. I already endured this. Only a fool would think that there is light at the end of the tunnel. There are only more paths open to fear for!! The more you understand, the more you know, the larger your FEAR becomes of how much you REALLY take effect on everything!!"

Creeping up from below, he slowly slithered back to an upright position to stare the Phantom in the face. His sleek, white, smooth second face. Deep into the pit of despair, those three vertical eyes did stare, and the mark of the Falshin imprinted itself in that darkness... That mask would be destroyed here.

Falshin: "You are not paying attention to detail!! To fight someone who has mastered wavelength with a wavelength... Why, that's the most absurd thing! I can match you in every way imaginable. If you were smart, you would have realized this by now... But I guess I did get a little bit in your head last time, and broke your brain!! Kahahaha!!"

He forced the pressures of insanity onto the soul again, revealing to Khrona the light that he so desperately searched for.

Falshin: "I am trying to warn you... For your own good! I know of the Master Number! I know of the one hundred eight! I know all of this up and down, studying for countless years along your ancestor when he was the Shinigami! Did you REALLY think I was as FRESH as you!? YOU must be insane here!!!"

With the Phantom trapped there by the weight of his own soul binding him in place, Falshin raised his clasped hands to the air and breathed in deeply once again. Crimson lightning flashed and struck down upon his fingertips, which would control the wavelength with such precision and mastery it would seem to be a bladed weapon in his grasp.

Falshin: "Face facts. I am the one who knows what I am talking about. You are the child. You are the one that misunderstands. You are the fool who blindly walks down the same road I once did. I look at you... And I see myself when I was as fresh as you are now!!! And in this time, I intend to stop myself from ever going down this road by eliminating the possibility here and now!"

He swung. With the sound of the painful thunderclap, he swung with the wrath of the gods; the power of all the combined Falshins that he was, simply to strike down Khrona here and now.

Falshin: "Accept your fate for once..."

Trapped, once again.

In a pool of Insanity not unlike ones he fell into before; vast and black, filled with a hopeless infinitum that held what seemed to be an eternity of pain and suffering. Another loop filled with the same old inequities that plagued him before... Again and again, he would fall into this loop.

*Crk... Crkkrk...*

Yet, again and again...


He would prevail.


Pieces of his white face fell to the loathsome ground below, fading back to nothing from whence they came and into the Insanity.


Somehow, the boy's crushed face and mirrored heart, hopes and dreams falling and fading away did not stop him from advancing; from leaving the bottomless hole of hopeless Insanity. The Darkness.

Khrona: "Gh... The only reason you're even where you are... Is because you gave up."

Smitten by the charge of pure crimson lightning coursing through him and shattering his Second Form, Khrona fell to the ground once again, which had taken its original crystalline form after his mask was blown away.

Khrona: "... For me, you are my end... The end to this nightmare... This constant battle... This eternal struggle... This neverending loop... You are the end of it. I can finally see the end of the YEARS of incredible Insanity I've endured... And even if I haven't harbored it for centuries like you have... I've been FIGHTING it for as LONG AS I CAN REMEMBER!!!"

His fist pounded into the ground, shooting himself up to his feet with the utmost vim and vigor, as if he hadn't just been struck down by Asura in all his might. Opening his fist, a swirling mass of energy took shape to his Third Restriction; 'Genogeist' the 'Doctor'.

Khrona: "The difference between you and I is that you got as far as you did and you GAVE. UP. That's what's driving ME insane... The fact that YOU GIVE UP SO DAMN EASILY!!!"

Screaming at the top of his lungs with the utmost conviction, a different sort of 'Insanity' brewed within Khrona now... Something he hadn't called for in a very, very, VERY long time... Not since the Reality, in fact... Innocence.

Khrona: "And it's driving me absolutely FUCKING INSANE to see you like this!!! You couldn't just get it through your thick little stubborn head!"

Yes, the Innocence... The silent wavelength that worked in the background to help Khrona keep himself stabilized from time to time. Khrona's brother and his wife were the ones to help him realize this one, and if it weren't for the good old 'Chill Pill' he got from his brother way back when, this energy would have died out a long time ago.


This mask was made to channel that Innocence and surge it through the veins of a Khrona known to very few; one of complete and utter soundness of mind. He remembered that, the 'Full Sanity'. It was a required stage of his life so that he could learn how to manipulate the Innocence with the same proficiency as Insanity, and now was the time to show what he learned.

He firmly affixed this mask to his face, allowing his body to take shape to a Khrona more familiar to the Late Reality and Early Dusk; something he called nowadays 'Dr. K', or 'Dr. Lightning'.

Khrona: "Hmhmhm... Much, MUCH better..."

The pieces of his broken mind and fractured soul joined together as one in sacred harmony with his body, allowing it to be the 'glue' that held them together along with the Innocence. A face like this, he hadn't taken on since... Well... That 'Modern Epic' between himself, his brother, and the Demon King when he discovered his many different transcendent forms.

Khrona: "I hope you haven't forgotten what this face looks like, Falshin... Because if you were around when I used it... You would have been destroyed by now. Hm... Wait... Weren't you, back then? Your first death, I mean?"

He laughed that loathsome laugh of the Tensei... Right in Falshin's dirty face.

Khrona: "Do me the honors of setting the stage for me, hm? Perhaps a throwback to fit the times, eh?"

It did seem to be that day. The Day of Memories.
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Falshin 15: The End Of The Lost World; Fall - Pt. III

After watching his face fall to the floor, a smile of the utmost happiness and splendor plastered itself on the slender, pale face of the Demon God, followed after by a familiar snicker of Insanity.

Falshin: "Keheheheh... You've finally fallen, Khrona? Even with a soul to match mine, the Insanity has finally pounded itself into your brain? This is something you CANNOT overcome. Something that CANNOT be changed. It is by order of Nature itself that-- ... Hmm!?!?"

... Still, he arose. After being crushed TWICE by not heeding the words of chaos, he STILL chose to get back up? And with what words of utter audacity?! That Falshin was the one who was in the wrong here? That he was the one that had given up?

Falshin: "You're just a boy who refuses to see the truth! Stop creating your own reality and accept what is!!"

Though, there was something protecting him. Something in his soul that kept him from being battered to pieces by the overwhelming power. Something that allowed him to stand back up even after drowning in the pit of despair. Innocence? In THIS being? No. Falshin would have easily sensed it. Not that it mattered, anyway...



But there was something...

Unsettling about it...

Falshin: "... I gave up?!"

Suddenly, his words were meek. Fleeting, even. Retreating back to his once loud and obnoxious mouth and deep into his stomach where his former partner resided.

Falshin: "... Well, I..."

Teeth chattering, knees shaking, this overwhelming will to go on terrified Falshin more than the Insanity did... This boy just wasn't going to give up.

But. Even Falshin's will to break him down was strong enough to survive, even amongst his own fears. In fact, his own fear of Khrona is what drove him further to want to destroy him... He always destroyed whatever scared him.

Falshin: "No, you're wrong... You just can't accept it, just like I said. If you won't save yourself the trouble by heeding my words, then I'll just break down that Innocence, too! And when I do, then you'll see what I said was absolutely correct!"

Throwing his hands out to the side, the atmosphere shifted yet again, though to a more subtle and ambient place. Under the twinkling stars of twilight, with the glittering lights of the cityscape matching the starlight up above down below and each skyscraper at a humble peace on a seldom heard quiet city night.

The two were atop one of the smaller buildings meant for the leisure of loitering and taking in the beauty that was this magnificent urban wonder.

A velvet wind blew through his black hair drooping over his lackluster gaze, almost as if his spirits were being trampled on by the very presence of Khrona's being there.

Falshin: "... You're just speaking madness now... You're crazy, Khrona..."

Such beauty... Such charisma... Such serenity... This place was created in perfect harmony and splendor... It was a wonder to Khrona how a being so foul could create something so magnificent. Maybe because all he saw was how ugly it was in his thirst to tear it down. Maybe all he wanted to do was destroy the most beautiful things. He hoped that wasn't it... It would be a sad thing, in actuality.

Khrona: "Falshin... Look at this world around you. The one you created of your own mind... This cannot possibly just be a battlefield to you. A place meant for only destruction... Is it?"

If it was true, he would have to feel sorry for Falshin and himself. To know that he was so far gone that he couldn't even tell what Peace was anymore.

Khrona: "The way I see it... You're nothing but a fallen angel. Once of high power and esteem, but fallen from grace, be it by choice or not. You may remember the power you obtained from your teachings and have all the knowledge, but did you really obtain the wisdom? The pure understanding of each lesson learned? Did you ever learn your lesson?"

Somehow, Khrona felt that it was no use talking to Falshin here anymore. Gazing up at the glorious constellations and all their spectacular light, he closed his eyes and breathed in deep the air of the silent ether, as if drinking from the cosmos itself, and he smiled slightly. His eyes calmly opened to about a half point simply to stare at Falshin with their piercing red gleam, letting the summer wind blow through his black tattered jacket. This form... Was one of his favorites, he had to admit. It was the most familiar to him.

Khrona: "Come now, Falshin. Let's work this out like gentlemen, hm?"

This was how he got through this Insanity before... With utter serenity amongst the turmoil...

Khrona: "You know what they say; A sound soul resides in a sound body with a sound mind. Hahahaha."

Khrona's mind, body ,and soul all working as one... This was his favorite form because this is the only time all three were in perfect accord amongst their formerly chaotic imbalance between each other. Now... He could think clearly and enjoy the eerie calm... Or the utter calamity around him. 'Heed the Chaos, and then drown it out...' Water is his element for a reason...

There was nothing left to listen to, for Khrona's words were nothing but madness now. Nothing left to heed or to recognize. Only to absolutely ignore.

Falshin: "... You're a fool. These material structures are nothing of pure beauty. Listen to yourself, speaking this madness. How could an ignorant child know anything of true beauty? It does not exist on this filthy plane. Why do you not understand this by now? How many times must we go through this?"

Sullen eyes lain on the picture perfect beauty surrounding him, all he wanted to do was bring it to ruin.

Falshin: "... My Insanity is inexhaustible, you know. Infinite. Godly. There is no way for you to even hope to defeat me. I am undefeatable. I cannot fathom why you would still try, but I will eliminate anything that wishes to get rid of me. It's... Scary. If everyone and everything wishes to disrupt my presence, then erase them. You don't understand. You can never hope to contain the Insanity... It exists within all things. To place that burden upon yourself... Is pure madness."

The fact that Falshin was even still trying to reason with a madman... Pure madness. There is no reason to reason with an insane person; only to kill them.

Falshin: "I will show you how scary this Death we know is..."

Yet, he didn't move. He looked at Khrona and almost felt like he couldn't, or shouldn't move. Fear? Insanity? Likely.

So he'd stay right where he was and fall silent.


Khrona: "Now I get it. You're just afraid. Of Death."

That was all the information Khrona needed here from Falshin's ramblings. It was made all too clear here. Death was something he did not know, and he was afraid of what he didn't know. Afraid of anything that could kill him. So he thirsted for power; the power to become immortal. To never be defeated by any being. To never die. This overwhelming, eternal fear of anything and everything that would lead to his death was his own driving force, as opposed to Khrona, whose driving force was to constantly better himself for himself and those he cared about. Khrona wasn't afraid to die. Maybe that's something else that made him so insane..

Absolutely No Fear.

Khrona: "If you're already scared now, you're not gonna like my forms after this... Remember this; for you, this is the final Fear you have to overcome. Me. I'm your Final Boss. So treat me like one. Oh, and guess what? I have Thirteen Forms you have to defeat. You're only at Level Three."

Something he yearned to do with all his very being was to unleash those monstrous, massive, menacing black wings from their confines once more, letting their very presence bring about terror to his adversaries. It felt sooo gooood to give them a stretch after so long of them being contained... Confined... Hidden. They hadn't turned to Crystal yet, but he always enjoyed their foreboding allure in this form.

Khrona: "Yes~!... Ooohohooo YES~!!"

Though grim and intimidating, these were the black wings of an angel unfallen. Towering over every building and over the entire city, their void-like darkness encompassed all that this was. As they spread, the powerful galeforce winds normally able to level this entire city simply with their awakening only caused the winds to navigate to and fro through each crevice of the city's limits. He seemed to have enough control not to let his wings destroy everything in their wake again just by opening and moving slightly, as they used to before. Having this type of control was... Just fucking great.

Khrona: "Finally realized that trying to talk to me is useless, I see. Good. Many people have to find it out the hard way... When my mind's set on something, there is no talking to me. No convincing me. Only I can do that, and even I have trouble getting that task accomplished. Hmhmhm..."

Hell, he was just like his old self now. Boy, did he miss these marvelous wings of his... Something that made a Tensei who they were beyond their powers were their wings.

Either way, Falshin was prepared for a fight, yet unwilling to make the first move. Naturally, Khrona didn't mind at all. In fact, he was ecstatic to simply have the chance of wailing away at Falshin, as he thought it was just so much fun to do to Khrona in his last two forms.

All he had to do was stiffen his wings, and the very tension of these draconic spectacles unleashed a force so mighty, tornados stilled their movement to make way for such a great power... And all such intensity of this wind was focused only on Falshin, with all the intention of crush him to literal dust, pulverizing him on the spot. And yet, not harming the building in the slightest. It was all on Falshin.

Falshin: "Afr-r-aid...? Of... D-Death...?!"

Death was scary, indeed. Something unknown beyond the world of the physical; where one does not know for certain what happens to their own soul. To the souls of the one that they love. If memories continue on. If all that has been done here even means anything in the world beyond. Yes, it was a very scary though, this Death... And with the God of Death always looking him in the face for one thousand years, it was a fight he had to endure in solitude. Fighting Death tooth and nail.

Falshin: "... Madness... Only... Madness..."

A smile, not unlike the ones before. Wide, gross and ugly. He gulped. Was this smile simply a defensive mechanism to hide his fear? To tell himself to get over it? No, not at all. There was no way that he could die! Never! Never ever! He was the most powerful being there ever was! Insanity lives on in everyone and everything; it is eternal and inexaustible! He could spawn from any and every creature again and again at the blink of an eye, and consume them easily. Such was the nature of Insanity. It was consumptive and unable to be controlled.

But if that was the case...

Then why was he so worried about Khrona?

Falshin: "Th-Th-Those... Wings..."

All eyes laid on those huge black wings that blotted out all source of light from the heavens... Like a roadblock between the world beyond and this one. Why? Why was he so afraid of someone he knew the Insanity would consume and control, especially if he took on the burden of drawing in ALL insanity into himself?! He surely could not control all of the insanity within everyone and everything, right? Was it all just thirst for power simply to allow himself to be the new undefeated God that none would ever hope to surpass?

... No. That wasn't it.

Falshin could see it plainly in his soul.

It was to make sure that Falshin never returned.

Falshin: "Wretched-- GUHHHHRRRGHHHKKKK-K-K..."

The weight... The sheer weight of it all, forced down upon his head as if holding the universe atop his shoulders... Why didn't the Insanity feel this heavy before?! Was it because Falshin really wasn't in control of it... The Insanity controlled him?! He was nothing more than a... A pawn...?

Khrona: "For every Sura, there is an Asura. You are a natural force of Chaos in constant battle with Devas. The one before you is a Deva on the verge of becoming even greater. A being from the life force itself, you are the culmination of all Asuras. As such, what do you think the being before you is...?"

It couldn't be. He wouldn't allow it. What was that voice? Was that the voice of the beyond...? Was he truly killing the Falshin once and for all?

Insanity: "NO!!!"

Under all that crushing force, a powerful rune formed between Falshin and this weight right before it crushed him to dust, forcing it back with all his might and ensuring his victory among death. He survived.


This conviction within him drove his Insanity further, allowing his rune to fend off the impressive force just enough for Falshin to bolt out of the way and off of the building's top and on to the next. There he stood, teeth grit and eyes so tense, they were starting to shake.

Falshin: "If it has to be that I must destroy you to get rid of this... Insatiable fear within me, then SO BE IT!!!"

His mouth opened unnaturally wide, and from the back, released a powerful and large beam of pure red energy... Still screaming with the concentration of Insanity within. In it lied the fears, anxiety, unending questions and power thirst that dwelled within Falshin... This... This... Everlasting pain of his, all directed at Khrona in this powerful blast.


The beam grew in size, in focus and in power, its blood red tint staining the darkened city with its crimson glow. It was almost like the city had been bathed in blood, this deep red was so luminous... Perhaps this was the extent of Falshin's pain. As one continues to ascend, the turmoil of repeating the same process in greater intensity only served to make or break those who endured. Falshin was, in common terms of this world...


Beyond repair.

Khrona: "Seems like you're falling behind now, Falshin. I've returned to the point I was at before I started this... 'Journey,' as people call it. And now I'm back to my old self again. Hmhmhm..."

A little sad to see his little rodent get away, Khrona's eyes followed him all the way to the next rooftop, where those 'questions' Khrona knew all too well were plaguing the rupturing mind of the mighty Falshin. All he could do at the matter was sit and chuckle to himself. It was funny, really... To watch him go through such...


Khrona: "Feels gooood, don't it, Falshin? The questions? The unknowing? The uncertainty? The sheer feeling that you could die at any moment? It's... Revitalizing, to say the least~."

It was clear; his shaking, that is. Rattled by it all, it shook every bone in his messed up body... And Khrona could see every last tooth vibrating under the pressure. He didn't move, though. He'd let Falshin have his own little... Time to himself. It was like the point in the anime where the main character had to figure out how to defeat the last and most powerful boss. For Falshin, that is. For Khrona, it was more like the main character waiting to destroy one of the free-roaming monsters in a video game or something.

Khrona: "But, I guess you simply can't handle it. We're on the physical plane and you've already cracked... Think about what you'd have to endure on the next plane of existence! Hmhmhm... The pressures of insanity are far beyond just here, and you're already broken beyond repair? At least I know how to fix myself. Though, I guess only one who really knows how to control the Insanity would know how to do something like that, hm?"

With wings still looming over the city, he decided it was time to stop being so cocky and bring his wings back down. He was simply having a little fun because he missed them oh, so much. A Tensei losing their wings is... Is... Well, unheard of!!

Khrona: "Oh well. I always tell everyone the same thing... No matter how far I go, I always know how to bring myself back. Hmhmhm~."

It was then that the huge red beam pierced through the night sky, and directly at Khrona's chest. Yet, he seemed to do absolutely nothing to avoid it, or even attempt to block it. The blast was simply neutralized as it touched his body; as if being dissected and broken down by an odd distortion around Khrona's body. It was almost like...

Khrona: 'Absorption~~!'

Khrona: "Oh, boy~! It's been TOO too long since I've been able to feel Absorption again~! Oh, happy daaaay~!"

His voice was as joyous and melodious as an angel's, chirping in the calamity as if it weren't even happening. Maybe Khrona was relishing in it... Falshin's instability. Khrona was finally starting to remember his true self, not the one that was forced on him by Falshin's insanity.

Khrona: "Remember my first form, when I was singing all perfect and stuff, and you kinda... Ya know... Threw my voice into discord and turned it into pure insanity? Yeah, this is what we call payback. Divine Retribution, I say. Hmhmhm."

Even as the beam grew larger and more powerful, all that happened was that the distortion around Khrona formed into electrical looking currents surging all through his body. He was instantaneously converting the Insanity into serenity via Innocence. The anxiety... Restlessness... It was all amounting to nothing but energy for Khrona. Yet, in the midst of all of Falshin's Insanity, Khrona's next words seemed to pierce through the screaming he enjoyed hearing so much... And those words were;

Khrona: "I just want to be complete."

Split right down the middle, the red beam was put out of its misery and was no more. The instantaneous surge of Anti-Insanity nulled every last bit of it, and shot that weapon of Falshin's straight back down his throat. Khrona smiled.

Khrona: "To be complete, so I can stop focusing on myself and use all that I am to help and protect those that I love. Those that I care for. The only reason I ever focus on myself is for my own stability, so that I may do for others in a sound and harmonious environment. So, when I am complete..."

His foot touched down on the surface of the rooftop and his wings shrunk down to a more suitable size for movement. Walking to the very edge, he stood atop the railing without fear of falling, nor of concern about Falshin and his next attack.

Khrona: "... I will be free. Free of these restrictions I've placed on myself. In utter control of myself. Without that control... I'm no good to anyone. And I'll just end up looking like you! AHAHAHA!!"

It was true. His final and Thirteenth Restriction was that of Control. And he'd do whatever it took to get there, within realm of reason for his own goals and accomplishments. So, with that, he took a step off the edge, fearing not for his life and letting his black dragon wings spread. For the first time since the Reality, he was going to use his wings to fly. That's what they were there for, and they needed a good stretch. He just had to remember that.

With his hands in his pockets and a rather uncaring disposition, he flew straight at Falshin with the intention to ram him with those wings... And by now, everyone should know the deadly strength of Khrona's wings. Hmhmhm...

Khrona: 'It's good to be back to my old self... Now I can actually do this process correctly. Thank you for making me do it over... The correct way. With love, Khrona T.'

Falshin: "W...Why...?"

Insanity: 'Because you're too weak.'

It was unbelievable how this being could resist the Insanity to even this point. On the physical plane, it was supposed to be nary impossible for one to resist the temptation of Insanity to this degree, especially with this much power. To be able to not only harness it, but convert it through the use of wavelength? There was more to him than Falshin realized.

Falshin: "H...How...?"

Insanity: 'Because you're a pawn.'

These answers in his head; all the answers to his questions were being answered, but... They couldn't be the truth, could they? Were they really what was happening, or were these delusions created by Khrona in his arrogance? Though perhaps... They were not delusions at all.

Falshin: "Is... It possible?"

Insanity: 'It is inevitable.'

His powerful beam split in twain as if it were nothing by the power of this wavelength caused even Falshin to choke on his own beam, which was forced back down his throat against his will. The impact of his wavelength shot him clear over the next couple of buildings, skidding along the tops of those to come, till he finally crashed into one clear across the city's limits.

Falshin: "But... Why is this happening...?"

Insanity: 'Because you are the weakest. Demon Gods come and go, figuring themselves to be the strongest. Every last one. And they may be, among the weak men they torment. But among the deities up above... You are below. Another here was one who became a Demon God. Anyone plagued with Insanity may become a Demon God. You are not unique. You are not special. You're a failure in the eyes of Insanity. Destined to be a roadblock. For those who wish to ascend higher.'

The truth of Falshin... In the eyes of Insanity itself. All that he was... All that he thought... The answers came to him now, from his own head. But were they lies, or were they truth? Well, the truth was that he was getting thrown around by Khrona. And, if the shoe fits...

Falshin: "No... No... It can't be..."

Insanity: 'But it is. There is no question. There is no doubt. That is what you are. The falsehood. The lie. And he has overcome it. So now, your usefulness in the chain of Insanity... Is over. And that is the Truth.

Falshin: "No... I won't accept it..."

Insanity: 'You have no choice in the matter. You're going to die. And he will be the one to kill you. So that a new Insanity may sprout from you. To test this entity further. Farewell, Falshin.'

And the voice left him, not to answer another of his questions ever again.


There was no answer.

Falshin:"HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME!?!??!"

There was no answer.

Falshin: "... Fine... If that is the way this must go... THEN I'LL USE ALL THE INSANITY I HAVE TO KILL YOU, SO I DO NOT HAVE TO DIE!!!! GIVE ME MOOOORE POWERRRR!!!!!"

From there, a rather ugly transmogrification ensued. His body paled even more, now a bluish hue, and his normal, slender, frail frame burst outward and hunched over like a gruesome great ape. Black blood spurted from his skin and around his body, as if attempting to retrain it, but instead took shape as a sort of tribal armor, the same as his appendages wrapped around his face like a helmet, where only his three eyes could be seen peeking out from the slits within. His mouth expanded to its horrific size, unhinging as he let out a terrible, blood curdling scream. His body having undergone that terrible, painful transformation from taking in even more from the pool of Insanity from up above, as if granting his wish to become more powerful. Though the voice spoke the truth about Falshin and his purpose, it did not mean that Falshin could not still attain more power to make that truth into a falsehood.

Falshin: "If I couldn't destroy you by breaking your mind and hampering your soul... Then I will DEFINITELY do so by BREAKING YOUR BODY!!!"

Khrona swooped in now on those huge wings, and as he did, Falshin lifted his big, great arms up to meet the lessened wingspan of Khrona, prepared for him to head straight into him. At the point of impact, Falshin grabbed hold of the wings as tightly as he could, and even still, he was taken off his feet, but sustained as minimal damage as he could. Now, they both were off in the skies.

Falshin: "Huahahehehahahha!!! You see! I told you I was most powerful!!! I will continue to gain more power and become even greater than ANY Demon God!! Than ALL Insanity!! Than YOU!!! THAN GOD HIMSELF!!! HUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

With his new strength, he pulled downward with all his might to steer Khrona into one of the buildings they flew above, and as he did, he'd let go and kick off of his body onto the side of the one nearest to, just to give him the extra push into the building. He attached to the wall like a spider... A big, ugly, gargantuan spider... And crawled along the surface and around the corner.

Insanity: '... He is the most persistent of them. Perhaps, that was the truth he needed to hear. To kick him into gear.'

The voice of Insanity worked wonders; able to get the truth to one who only believed what he wanted to hear. Now he ascended, solely for the purpose of stopping Khrona.

Insanity: '... I'll tell you no lies; that is for you to do. I'll tell you only the truth when you need me to. Repeatedly, as that is Insanity. The answer will always be the same. That is the Truth. When you want some answers, yet are not ready to hear, let those lies guide you to the Truth of my words, when you're ready to listen. Though you may change the outcome, you do not change what is inevitable. Not as a pawn, that is, with no control over his own destiny. I control you, as long as you let me. With Love, Insanity.'

Soaring toward Falshin on his great black wings of terror, Khrona felt in his soul the sifting thoughts of Insanity through Falshin's head, driving him mad with questions of truth and lies.

Khrona: "Sigh... It's always the hardest for the negative to accept what they are. Maybe he'll get it when I 'destroy' him."

Chuckling to himself flying past the last few buildings and into the clearing where Falshin resided, Khrona could see the horrific transformation he was undergoing after pulling in so much more Insanity. Disgusting, really, but it actually made Khrona wonder if that was all there was to him.

Khrona: "So he can pull even more power from the Insanity... Forcing his own ascension and evolution just to prove he is not weak. Just because he is not ready to die. If only he could see that he is doing everything for the wrong reasons..."

Insanity was blinding, Khrona knew all too well, but this transformation might make things a little more interesting again. If Falshin could force his ascension like that by drawing in more Insanity, he wondered what other types of forced ascension he could do just to spite Khrona's own. Maybe he could keep up on the planes past the physical Third... He had a stronger will than Khrona gave him credit for. Such is why he is the culmination of them all, he guessed. Perhaps he'd take on a greater form of deity, since he thirsted for power so much.

Khrona: "... You look like a monkey. Did you evolve or devolve, simian?"

He pulled a hand out of his pocket and touched his lips gently, laughing to himself before crashing into Falshin. To his surprise, however, Falshin had a strength that was capable of withstanding a direct hit, more or less, without taking much damage. Of course, this was nothing that would stop Khrona's powerful wings.

Khrona: "Get offa me."

Of course, before Khrona could react, Falshin already granted his wish, pulling him down and forcing him to fly directly into one oft he buildings, where Khrona only encased himself in his wings and crashed straight into it, causing the building to tilt on its side. Opening his wings cleared all the dust in an instant, revealing Khrona sitting on a black protrusion from his wings that resembled a chair facing Falshin. He saw the vermin skulking away, crawling across that building and out of plain sight, and at that, Khrona could only sigh as the top of his wings domed around him took the shape of a rather massive, demonic looking cannon.

Khrona: "If you really want to devolve, then I'll turn you back into paramecium with my 'Degeneration Cannon'. As they say... Ashes to ashes..."

The barrel of the cannon drew in great energy from Khrona's now glowing body, harnessing he pure power of the degeneration of cells to the point where this energy would become a beam fired from the tip. Khrona loved beams. He extended his hand out nonchalantly, whilst the other lazily supported his bored head donning that ever so slight smirk and piercing sanguine gaze. His glowing eyes locked onto Falshin even through the building, and at the point of his finger, the 'Degeneration Cannon' fired away.

Khrona: "... Dust to dust."

The sheer force of it blew the building already tilted by Khrona's impact back even further, as the great beam struck the building harboring the filthy Falshin and almost instantly degenerated it down to the point of its most primordial form. If Falshin were still attached to this building at the time, he'd suffer the same fate, and his body would be nothing but a single-celled organism waiting to be erased from this existence.

Khrona: "Hmhmhm~!"

Hooked onto the side of the wall and slinking around to the other side, he heard his adversary crash into the building adjacent. A garbled, distorted laugh croaked from his gaping maw, neck forcefully twisting his head the incorrect was like he were the product of a four year old's broken toy. Staring at Khrona even through the solid walls of the building, his three vertical eyes set on the huge cannon formed from the top of his wings, now aware that it was time to move.

At the exact moment of fire, Falshin hopped from the wall he was attached to and off into the sky, letting the appendages extend to the nearest buildings and allow him leverage, as if he were a spider. All four settling themselves on four different rooftops, Falshin's body surely did look like an arachnid's crawling along the tops of the buildings casually. Cleverly moving just enough to center himself above Khrona's head, twisting his tongue, this time spinning profusely as if it were a drill. Not too long after, the rest of his body joined in, beginning to spin just as fast, until even his bandages were spinning in a spiraling formation.

Falshin: "I'm sure you know... About Spiral Power, don't you? HuahahahHAhAHhhaAH!"

Without warning, his wavelength burst from the conical backside of his body that shot him down at Khrona at a high speed, drilling through the building with enough power to leave nothing in its wake. It was being broken down by the sheer force of his spin, which continued to rotate faster and faster and faster to ensure he completely pierced through Khrona and break him down to nothingness as well.

All the while, more and more appendages swirled around his body, causing the drill to grow larger and more powerful as it spun. Appendages extended from there to attach to more rooftops, as well, and it seemed that before long, Falshin's reach touched about half of the city, and this huge, oppressive drill was going to grow large enough to drill it all down into the ground... With Khrona as the focus of it all.

The building degenerated by Khrona's rather vile cannon held no prospect of the Falshin as a single cell. With him seeming to have narrowly escaped the beam, Khrona's wings reverted to normalcy, and he'd watch Falshin extend his appendages across the city's scape.

Khrona: 'He's absolutely lost it. He's taking in far too much Insanity all at once... Perhaps, that was his problem the first time.'

Lost in thought, before he knew it, the Falshin had become some sort of large arachnoid drill by encasing himself in his swirling appendages. The Insanity spiraling around him and bursting from his end propelled him down upon Khrona like a high powered rocket, leaving him only able to take the hit with his huge wings.

Extending them both up to meet the point of the drill, even with all its might, it did not penetrate the great sturdy wings of Khrona. Though... The oppressive force did manage to push him down, even if it could not penetrate.

Khrona: "... Falshin... Listen to me. If you take in too much Insanity, you won't be able to control what happens to yourself. As of now, I'm just trying to help you out. My methods are a little unorthodox, I admit, but... Now I am trying a new one. Trying to talk. Trying to... Reason."

It was new to him, this 'talking' and 'reasoning', for he was a private and secretive person that normally only worked in the mystery of his own darkness. Though in the past it always got things done, he wasn't aware of the bigger picture, surprisingly.

Khrona: "If you lose control, you no longer will be yourself... You will just be another pawn of Insanity. Never your own person. Listen to me... I know you because I endured what you have. You aren't the original Falshin... You're MY Insanity. MY Fear. MY Hatred. MY Pain... The culmination of those emotions I so wrongly imprisoned and released without control in the Fifth Restriction... I let them run wild as the Sixth Restriction, and now, those Seven Insanities... Are you."

Yes, Khrona was becoming more and more aware of the situation, finally. Whatever he wasn't dealing with within himself, he was being forced to deal with now FACING himself. Falshin was the form of the lump sum of all Khrona's Negativity for a reason. It was because... He was afraid of becoming those things that he hated so much about Falshin. Resentful. Overbearing. Power-hungry. Delusional. Taken advantage of.

Khrona: "... But. No more."

The building around him broke down being drawn into the powerful drill of Falshin, which even forced Khrona all the way to the rubble of this debris, but even then, he was not going to falter.

Khrona: "I am no longer afraid of becoming that because... That isn't me in the slightest. Even if it is, it is my choice not to become that. It is part of me, but it isn't me as a whole. So I can say that though I am afraid of becoming it... Hate that I would... And am sad because I have been there... That doesn't mean that I'm not going to face it and make sure I know that it will NOT control me! It will NOT consume me! And I will be MORE than happy to PUT YOU RIGHT BACK IN YOUR PLACE IF YOU EVER TRY TO TAKE CONTROL OF ME AGAIN!!!"

Looks like 'Falshin' got him started. Khrona took a deep, cleansing breath to keep himself at bay, but it didn't stop the overwhelming passion and sincerity of his words. That side of himself was not him as a whole and could not nor would it function on its own, lest it wanted to simply destroy itself and Khrona altogether. So, with all his might, he spread his astronomical wings and let loose all the power of the Third in one powerful burst and shouted, "EXTINCTION!!!!"

Everything within the great force of his wings would find its DNA split, atoms and molecules ripped apart, cells erased, and voiding all existence of that world created on the spot. There was surely nothing that could survive this; not even Falshin. And the world would revert back to crystalline form, and he could only hope that this was the end of the Falshin for good.

*Pant... Pant...*

Khrona: "Come on..."

*Pant... Pant...*

Khrona: "I'm not letting a virus..."

*Pant... Pant...*

Khrona: "Rise up in my body..."

*Pant... Pant...*

Khrona: "Especially not if..."

*Heave... Sigh...*

Khrona: "I have full and total control of everything about my physical self!"

Spinning out of control in a desperate attempt to drill Khrona into the ground, Falshin got that hateful self of his down all the way to the very bottom, trying to tune out that madness he was speaking.

But he was failing at it.
Even over his own noise...
He could still hear the passionate cry of Khrona...
The sound of the Truth.
And surely enough...
It hurt.

Falshin: "No... No!! I will not be consumed! I can feel it trying, but it isn't... I won't... Not unless... You are the Insani--"


The sound of being erased in all physicality in an instant. At Falshin's acceptance of what was and what is, his body was no more. Completely and utterly wiped from existence... Yet, not Khrona's, for some odd reason. All that he was, it was nothing but a lie. The illusion of himself was wiped clean as the world returned to crystal.

Though, with the illusion wiped away...

The true face of Insanity could finally reveal itself.

Insanity: "Hahaha... Well done, Khrona. Or, shall I say, Doctor? You've fixed the Insanity of your own physical form, but now, you are faced with reeaaal Insanity... Falshin was only a pawn, as I said, to fuel the true birth of Insanity; something you cannot control. You were correct in knowing that this Insanity still lies within you as something greater than this tangible realm, but even more than that... It is Nature, itself. Something you know nothing of how to control within yourself nor the outside. Look around."

The crystalline atmosphere, once beautiful and flawless in its creation, was now tainted with a darkness unlike any other known before. Even the 'Falshin's presence did not distort the very harmony of the crystal world as it was now. What was released from Falshin's body was pent up madness, swirling into the form of a black sphere contained by a very ominous red energy. And even if Khrona could 'erase' his body; he could not 'erase' the Insanity that had already claimed him long ago. Such was the Insanity that is Falshin's pure soul; True Insanity.

Insanity: "This is the Insanity that still resides within you. Impure. Unclean. Uncontrollably consuming you from the inside out. You took a small victory over the Falshin, for a far greater task has now set upon you. With me released, even the Forces of Nature are against you..."

Culminating and broiling over this huge tree was now a huge, devilish cloud of black and red, crackling with crimson lightning similar to that before. The once beautiful tree was now becoming just as black as Death itself, omitting a demonic red glow.

Insanity: "There is nothing you can do to stop this as you are. So, Doctor... Shall you take on the next step in your advancement? Become the Witch Doctor of the Void? Hahahahaha! Your 'Sage Mode,' as you call it? Hahahaha! The Fourth Restriction, I believe..."

The cloud continued to grow in size, aiming to cover all of the Dawn in its grandeur. Its spread seemed unfathomable, as if all the Insanity attempted to be contained within the treetop had suddenly seeped out like a gas leak. It was vile and dark, and pulled itself toward the unsuspecting villagers, who seemed calmed at the knowledge that 'Insanity' had departed long ago.

Now, no longer contained within Khrona, it spread back into Nature itself, readily poisoning the atmosphere's natural energy like a virus. It aimed to threaten all that was 'natural' and associated with nature and bring out its Insanity, thus plunging the world into Chaos. This was Khrona's Insanity in its prime, oozing from the roots of the Tree Of Life as if it were oxygen into the air; as if it were life essence itself.

Insanity: "With the Insanity free to roam, it will repopulate in the world again, bringing forth new seeds... new incarnates. New creatures teeming with power that is born of you... Even if you are able to control yourself, you cannot stop nor control that which is natural. As it consumes you... It will consume everything you are connected to... Until this entire planet is plunged into the Chaos of Insanity!!!"

Khrona was far too reckless and hasty in the destruction of the Falshin, for now he had something even greater to maintain. Unless he could hold it all together, there was no way for him to prevail.

Insanity: "You will submit to the Insanity... I will make certain of this."
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