The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension

Where All Is Made Truth...
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 Tymon Adventures: Overgod Of The Veritas

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Tymon Nikia Bolton II
Shinseigami, the PanDaddy :: Pandimensional Overgod; the Unrestricted Being
Shinseigami, the PanDaddy :: Pandimensional Overgod; the Unrestricted Being
Tymon Nikia Bolton II

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Tymon Adventures: Overgod Of The Veritas Empty
PostSubject: Tymon Adventures: Overgod Of The Veritas   Tymon Adventures: Overgod Of The Veritas EmptyFri Nov 06, 2020 8:26 pm

--- The Realm of the Veritas; an isolated reality that has grown from a small floating island to an entire life of its own. Once rooted to the reality that was the Lost World, resting on that planet as an alien or foreign dwelling, the Veritas had been lifted from its bindings to that Dimension and back into the realm in between Realities, as is where this world originated when created at first by the Founding Brothers; Khrona and the Manna King. ---

Khrona Tensei. His bloodline is that of the Tensei and his family are the Tensei Family. He, after creating the Veritas, became the new head of the family and stored his power and all his family's power within thirteen different moons harboring thirteen different Restrictions on the Tensei as individuals and as a family, as a whole. Though there are many Tensei, there are only thirteen that are of the Main Bloodline and even fewer that are of the Royal Family, which is the direct and original bloodline. With their thirteen moons, the Tensei Family watch over the dimensions from within the Veritas as well as take care of themselves and anyone who happens to pop into the Veritas from other dimensions.

There are Thirteen Moons that revolve around the Veritas, each one belonging to one of the Tensei. Each of the Thirteen Moons harbors a different power and different one of the Thirteen Restrictions that are bound on each Tensei. When a New Moon rises, a new Restriction corresponding to the Number and the Color of the Moon also rises and falls and allows the awakening and training of the current Restriction that corresponds with the risen Moon. As of now, the Tensei spend all of their time watching the Thirteen Moons and ensuring that their 'Family Rites Ceremony' that is done through the Thirteen Moons is fully completed so the Family can be fully established and the Veritas made complete.

When the Fourth of the Thirteen Tensei Moons rose on the Lost World, it awakened the sleeping God and Goddess, -- Khrona and Tsuki -- who were within their Fourth Restriction upon their awakening. The Tensei Moons were symbolic of each Tensei Restriction, and with the rising of the Fourth Moon, the Fourth Restriction would be applied to the Tensei because of the Moon's power. However, when they woke up, they found out that the people on the Lost World were not pleased with their ascension into being God and Goddess. Therefore, the planet of the Lost World, already poisoned and tainted and filled with evil, attacked the Veritas.

With the first Three Restrictions freed, the Veritas itself, as a planet, was able to move around freely as it so chose. When acquiring this freedom to sever its ties with the Lost World and that reality it was connected to leaving all traces of their monstrous adversary, The Insanity behind. The Insanity is the 'Tensei Curse', but is also a living and sentient entity; a corrupt Free Will that is known as 'The Antagonist'. This being -- both the Tensei Curse and the Antagonist of All -- wreaked havoc on the Tensei that were still cursed, driving them insane and into maddening destructive tendencies and also cursed all those who succumbed to the Insanity and the Tensei Curse, or who sought the help of The Antagonist. With the help of Pumpkinhead and the Dark King together, it would be sucked into and trapped in the Void and exist outside of the Veritas, yet was trapped on the Lost World as a result and became the new herald of The Insanity; The Antagonist. The energy that they created to purify and counteract the contagious energy that is the 'Insanity' was called 'Shinsanity', which is pure, clean and new energy made from the tainted, old and hazardous energy. This was later known as 'Souzenryoku'. This energy, 'Souzenryoku,' is the Life Energy of the Veritas and eternally pours from and courses through the Veritas, keeping it safe from the effects of the Curse and the Antagonist. With Khrona and Tsuki awakened, even during the time of the Veritas being attempted to be swallowed by Insanity and the Void, the two of them were able to effectively synchronize their energies upon their awakening in order to provide enough energy to sustain the Veritas and keeping it from collapsing whilst limited to be within the Fourth Restriction all on their own. Thus, the Veritas, as its own isolated reality and every expanding universe, could continue to hover through the space in between realities.

Returning to the place that it was born, it has now grown large enough to not only be its own reality, but an entire existence completely connected to each of the others alongside it through the crystallized strands of its roots and branches. Khrona and Friday -- the two eternal lovers who oversee this entire realm, as well as sustain it -- roam the land attempting to both master the Fourth Restriction and how to control their powers as well as keep the land stabilized and from reverting back to impurity via The Insanity whilst they are weakened from having to move an entire universe as soon as they woke from their slumber.

Currently, the Veritas is able to keep itself maintained just fine as its own reality connected to others, however the 'Fourth Moon' that has risen gives opportunity to those that decided to travel into the heavens with the Veritas. As the realm extends further into the stars, growing larger and more grand, it brings those from all other dimensions and realities into itself as a safe haven for those seeking escape from their own hellacious dimensions, if they so choose. This opens many doors for many beings across the cosmos, including the ones already native to the Veritas as it is.

Separated finally and completely from the Lost World, the Veritas may now continue on entirely unencumbered into the next chapter...

Trinity, Khrona's second daughter, made it to 'Peace', the realm outside of realms before, which was why she now governed the Third Moon; Planet Earth. She was free to have fun and do as she wished whilst Khrona, Tsuki, and Priere -- now 'Triere' after awakening -- all dealt with the Veritas and its move. All of the Worlds created for Khrona's Daughters were still intact, and was part of them. He brought over everyone and everything when he lifted the Veritas from that abhorrent realm of the Lost World and, after he was done being so damn tired, he'd return them to their former glory. The Thirteen Moons of the Tensei were governed by a specific person in the family, but after the move, both the moons and the family members meant to govern them were a bit shaken.

Tabitha, -- Formerly 'Chroma' -- Khrona's firstborn and eldest daughter, still had the First Moon, which was a universe in and of itself made specifically for her. Tsukihime, Khrona's love, still had the Second Moon. Trinity, the second daughter, and Taomin, Khrona's lost daughter, had the Third Moon. Now, Pumpkinhead and Pumki, -- Tigen and Pumpkinhead's long lost sister -- as their names of 'Temper' and 'Tetra,' had the Fourth Moon; 'The Amber Moon'. "Now... We're going to have to resolve this issue with the Amber Moon. Sigh... At least it'll be more fun than all the other ones so far. Heh heh." The Creator was actually pretty excited about it.

The Creator: "Now, let's see here... Where did we leave off, my loved ones of the Veritas?"
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Tymon Nikia Bolton II
Shinseigami, the PanDaddy :: Pandimensional Overgod; the Unrestricted Being
Shinseigami, the PanDaddy :: Pandimensional Overgod; the Unrestricted Being
Tymon Nikia Bolton II

Posts : 3190
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Tymon Adventures: Overgod Of The Veritas Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tymon Adventures: Overgod Of The Veritas   Tymon Adventures: Overgod Of The Veritas EmptyFri Nov 06, 2020 8:27 pm

The Serendipity of Khrona Tensei
Chapter 0; Alpha And Omega

By Tymon Bolton II

'The Pandoire' is the Story, itself, and the account of the Story. It harbors many Stories within and is the compendium of all the Stories together as one ultimate book. This book, the 'Pandoire', belongs to The Creator. When the Pandoire was truly ready to be opened, and all the stories told, The Creator opened the Pandoire. "... You, too, Grimoire, must be filled with Light..." he said, 'The Crystal Book' glowing with an aura of radiant energy before the eyes of the beholder, glistening like the moon at its light. "... So... This is the power of the Crown..." he muttered, the Pandoire recording every word on its own. This was the first time the Pandoire revealed its power before the eyes of the Creator during his time as the Creator.

"We left that place a long, long time ago... When we first completed the Thirteen Restrictions, preparing for this moment, in 'Peace'." This was a recount of the Veritas and its growth as the Tree Of Life on the Lost World, when the Creator first left that place and transcended that realm. He had taken his tree with him, and only the Roots were left drifting above their head. "A noble sacrifice on the part of our elder brother... That is why..." The Creator read on about the loss of the embodiment of his brother. And yet, he smiled as one of his Crystal Tears fell upon the pages of the Pandoire and filled the Void where Pumpkinhead was lost with life. "Heeheehee~! They'll be so surprised at how much I think ahead~! Ohohoho~!" The Creator closed the book.  

After this, many blessings from The Creator, the Crystal Fruit, -- now that there was no Insanity to corrupt it -- would fall from the heavens as 'Chrysms' and 'Prysms' that shone like the stars, mixed within them the souls of the Tensei, which would fall to the lands of the newly salvaged Veritas. These Crystal Fruits were embedded with the power of the Veritas itself, sparing some of its energy that had been collected and purified to give back to this reality. Khrona and Tsukihime, who were inside of the Story, would be showered with these Crystal Fruits by The Creator from beyond their own realm of Creation.

The Creator: "The Truth is my Body. The Word is my Mind. The Light is my Soul."

That's why the story is named after... K.T. Khrona Tensei -- alter ego of The Creator.

The Creator: "Even though I am free... the story still needs to be written... Doesn't it...? Translated from 'Thought' into 'Text,' its next state of processing..."

The Pandoire was able to take these words and record them, thus beginning the true Story of the Crystal Dimension.

"Now, Pandoire..." The Creator said, closing the book, "... Finish the Job the Way You See Fit. With God's Will And Gospel. We Said We'd Get Here In The Seventh... And That Is What We Did."

"Alpha... And Omega..." he muttered to himself "... The Beginning... Is The Same As The End..."

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Tymon Nikia Bolton II
Shinseigami, the PanDaddy :: Pandimensional Overgod; the Unrestricted Being
Shinseigami, the PanDaddy :: Pandimensional Overgod; the Unrestricted Being
Tymon Nikia Bolton II

Posts : 3190
Pisces Male Points : 3609
Reputation : 1
Join date : 2014-10-14
Age : 29

Tymon Adventures: Overgod Of The Veritas Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tymon Adventures: Overgod Of The Veritas   Tymon Adventures: Overgod Of The Veritas EmptyFri Nov 06, 2020 8:27 pm

Chapter 1; Everyone Hail!

The King of the Veritas stepped forth from 'Serendipity', a land of ambiguous 'One-And-All' and into the land of 'Dimensia, The Thirteenth Absolute Final Wonderland.' This is the dimension that the Veritas now existed in after escaping the realm of the Lost World. The King of the Veritas, 'Kairo Tensei', -- or 'K.T.', for short -- Khrona's 'Royal Name', would, in his hand, bring with him his lovely bride, 'Friday Tensei', the Tsukihime. Each of them, hand in hand, would gaze upon their throne being kept nice and warm by the PumpKing and PumpQueen, their respective Royal Spirits that had gone on ahead of their bodies and waited for the two true King and Queen to return to their place and claim them. They both harbored their Crowns atop their heads. Everything was kept absolutely safe and warm by the Light of the PumpKing, which was Kairo Tensei's Free Will that ruled over the dimensions. This 'Free Will' -- known as 'Tigen' -- would pass his entire Will onto the King of the Veritas, Kairo Tensei. In that, he would become 'Kairo Tigen', -- King Tigen, in Veritas Terms -- the Crowned Version of Tigen, and the highest form of Kairo Tensei's Spirit. When the King and Queen of the Veritas reconnected with their Spirits, those two Spirits would transcend the realm of the Veritas and the dimension that they were in and go straight to the one that was above them all; the Creator and his wife, of whom they heard speaking to them from Chapter 0.

The 'Covenant' between the two of the Eleventh Restriction, Kairo Tensei and Friday Tensei, triggered a 'Stairway To The Skies' from 'The Shadow' of their Free Wills after the ascension and transcendence of the realm they were within. The Pathway from The Creator that rested within the Veritas had broken through all Thirteen Restrictions at once, and was about to finish the process to make a heaven piercing breakthrough for the royal rulers to the realm outside their dimension. As they ascended, Kairo Tigen, the PumpKing, would share the Crown of the Thirteenth with his PumpQueen, who was known as 'Friday The Thirteenth Fairy'. Where 'Kairo' -- which meant 'Crowned King' in Veritas terms -- would become the Honorific name for the 'PumpKing', his Dearly Beloved would receive her very own along with a seat on the Throne. This Honorific for the 'PumpQueen' would be known as 'Friday', which would mean 'Crowned Queen', and so too would 'Tsuki' be known as 'Friday Tsuki,' -- The Thirteenth Fairy (F.T.T.T.F.). Together, the two would Rest in Peace atop the Throne of 'The Veritas' and look off happily over the horizon of the expansive dimensions. This was done in honor and love of Friday, herself, by Tigen, her True Love.

At the two being Crowned as 'Kairo' and 'Friday', there was a powerful 'Reality' shift that echoed throughout all of the Veritas. 'The Lock' on the Spirit was broken and a breakthrough on the 'Physical' plane was found immediately. It was the power of Kairo Tensei.

"Get Ready Now..." said The Creator, who was writing about the events of Chapter 1 in Chapter 0, "This Is Gonna Be..."

From there, Chapter 2 would begin, right from where Kairo Tensei broke through the barrier of the Void and escape the Insanity that was coming for them.

"The End."
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Tymon Nikia Bolton II
Shinseigami, the PanDaddy :: Pandimensional Overgod; the Unrestricted Being
Shinseigami, the PanDaddy :: Pandimensional Overgod; the Unrestricted Being
Tymon Nikia Bolton II

Posts : 3190
Pisces Male Points : 3609
Reputation : 1
Join date : 2014-10-14
Age : 29

Tymon Adventures: Overgod Of The Veritas Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tymon Adventures: Overgod Of The Veritas   Tymon Adventures: Overgod Of The Veritas EmptyFri Nov 06, 2020 8:28 pm

Chapter 2; Test of Time

It didn't take but two quick flickers of light for Kairo Tensei, a glowing crystalline flame resembling the form of a man with long hair to appear before the great Clock Tower, 'Tempora Aeterna', where Time was moving forward, backward, and staying the same all at the same time. He remembered this place fondly from long ago...

It was a tower that pierced through the heavens, and barely looked tangible. Hovering slightly over the ground, hovering translucent silverish platforms ascending into the doorway. A golden gate lay sealed shut before it, and its body leaned to one side slightly. The building, a silverish teal, was as translucent as its stairway, and with internal disembodied gears floating about. Some of these gears spilled out into the ground, which was something like glass and rolling with puffy, white clouds. Many gears protruded from the ground, and the true height of the tower could not be presently seen.

"... Mm... Brings back memories..." he muttered to himself, reminiscing about the times. "... But. That's beside the point. If we're going to get them, we need Tigen here, too." Though it seemed like it was something difficult to do, considering how that Freed Will tended to wander, it was actually remarkably easy to get him to appear. In Kairo Tensei's hand, he manifested a chocolate cake from the rainbow flames, holding it out in front of him, as though offering it to the 'Eternalism Hill'.

Kairo Tensei: "Oiii, Tigen... Itadakimaaaasu..."

In no more than half a nanosecond, Tigen warped in with a flicker of flames as though he'd been there the entire time. "YOUUUU DID IIIIIT!!!" he exclaimed joyously, warping to and fro, babbling on about many of the incomprehensible Tensei Family matters. Tigen was just too hyped right now. That was all. "AREN'T YOU HAPPY, ANIKI!?!?" Even in his excitement, Tigen's eyes caught sight of that beautiful, glorious, sexy... Deliiiiiicious CHOCOLATE~! "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!! YOU BROUGHT TIGEN SOME CHOOOOCOOLAAAAATE!!!" For Tigen and his child-like demeanor, this was like, the best day ever. "IT'S LIKE INFINITE BIRTHDAAAAYS!!!"

"Oh damn..." Kairo Tensei sighed, forgetting that Tigen was literally a bursting ball of energy... Not just any energy, but a collection of all forms of energy across the dimensions as one entity. The PumpKing. Rather, the remainder of the PumpKing. Where Kairo Tensei was the head, which existed in the Eleventh Restriction, Tigen was the free will that existed in the Twelfth. That made it absolutely crucial for the two of them to be on the same accord.

"Okay, Tigen, I need something very important from you. You and I have to return to one being. Granted, we can still maintain our separate forms, but we need to be linked. I've already connected back to Pumki, but the only way to create the Seven Shinsanities is for us to connect and go through this tower. We're going to speed up time."

The two of them together could blaze through 'Eternalism Hill' like it was nothing. They needed to get to the Crystal Garden all the way at the top.

"When we get to the top, we'll have to embed our power into Tinasanti and bring the Shinseigami and Shinmegami forth from Peace and back down here to the Veritas." It seemed simple enough, but usually, these things were never just as simple as they seemed...

Tigen completely gobbled down the chocolate cake like a monster, letting the rainbow flames that made up his existence -- or rather, that were his existence -- consume the cake like a ravenous, yet controlled flame. "What?" he muttered, as though he hadn't been paying attention, "Oh, yeah, yeah! Tigen knows! Yeah! COME ON, BROBRO! GATTAI DA~!" Tigen always wanted to say that, especially at a perfect point in time where he and his siblings all came back together and fused into one being, as they used to be, in a new form. He extended his hand out to touch the other, slightly taller rainbow-flamed figure, waiting for his big bro to grab his hand in return so that they could finally reunite and become the True PumpKing together; the Shinseigami. "Isn't this exciting~? This is what we've both been DREAMING of since like... FOREVER~!"

"Yeah," Kairo Tensei muttered fondly, slowly extending his hand to his brother, now able to do so without any form of regret or frustration. "Thanks, Father," he muttered, knowing that this was possibly thanks to his guidance. "We'll take care of the throne for you. That is an absolute promise." With that, he grabbed his brother's hand and allowed their energies to course through each other, almost uncontrollably. "Gh...!!! Tigen... You had... This much power collected within you...!?" Not to say that it wasn't expected, considering that he was indeed the PumpKing for far longer than Kairo Tensei had been the Pumpkinghead, since getting the Tensei Curse under control and purifying it was a harder and longer process than he actually thought.

"Alright, Tigen... I've received your Will... The 'Will Of Tensei'... the Will of Everything... And now, it's time for the both of us to shoot straight to the top. Together. Like we were meant to do..." He grasped Tigen's hand tightly, letting his energy flow into his brother and Tigen's energy flow into him, exponentially increasing the both of their powers. Their flames would flicker brightly, seeming to want to engulf the entire Eternalism Hill. "Let's fly away." For some reason, combining with Tigen gave Kairo Tensei the power to feel and create on a level that was far more heightened than simply he by himself. The Pumpkinghead, Kairo Tensei, overflowed with thought and creativity backed by the spiritual power of Tigen, which would create the Life Energy -- or Souzenryoku -- between the both of them that would soon be the completed power source for the Veritas in its entirety. This energy, known as 'Souzenryoku', was a purifying and cleansing energy that also breaks the Tensei Curse. It only comes from the Veritas and the Tensei and cannot be found anywhere else, and is the actual Life Energy that courses through all the Veritas.

Kairo Tensei: "Come Forth!! NIGHTMAREGENESIS; SLEIPNIR!!!"

As Kairo Tensei called for his personal steed, he raised his other hand and high, taking strength from his brother to create a Sacred Beast up above them, made of their combined energies; a great cosmic horse equipped with a great, blade-like horn, six legs lit ablaze with six of the seven colors of the rainbow with the final taking the texture of its tail of pure colorful ember. Its mane was long and fluid, almost like 'Liquid Energy', but undulated as though it were made of flame. On its back were beautiful feathered wings that released fire like that of a phoenix or seraph's wing, dispersing into a series of colors both known and unknown to the rainbow. In its eyes, it was apparent that the Heart of Battle was within this horse's soul, for this was the great Sacred Beast it was supposed that Odin himself rode off into battle during the times of the Ragnarok.

"Ikuyo, kyoudai!" Kairo Tensei could say with a smile, for once, to his dear younger brother. How he always wished and longed for the chance to do so in the past; it seemed like it was his only passionate desire to simply protect his brother for this long, yet he couldn't due to his own inner turmoil. With no more of that within his life, he could finally...

... He looked down to his brother's hand, and his smile grew three times its normal size, now becoming a full fledged sharp toothed smirk. It was like a dream come true... For every last one of them. And he was going to make sure it was the same way for everyone connected to this realm. That's why... they acquired this much power in the first place. They needed this much power... In order to change the flow of the entire dimensional complex. "LET'S RIDE!" The beyond beautiful steed scooped the two of them up and bolted off as a shimmering slit of silver trailing with the slowed down vibrations of light to the form of the crystal flame's trail of Souzenryoku behind it, already beginning the true purification and cleansing process, now that the Creator was ready for it, himself. With this, the Mind of the Creator, Pumpkinghead Kairo Tensei, and the Soul of the Creator, PumpKing Kairo Tigen, could save the Body of the Creator who had been dying trying to save the Tensei from both the Lost World, the Tensei Curse and all such affiliation with them. When these two finally recognized that this is what their Creator was doing, they acted with the utmost haste to save He and the Veritas.

"Haaaai~!" Tigen's voice rang like a melodious bell, holding out his 'Lantern Sword' and lighting it aglow with all of their flames together. He always did have a horse that he rode that looked just like this one, way back when he first came to the Lost World in the Village of the Nightmare, where all of this began. "Hey, Aniki," Tigen questioned Tensei as he slashed and hacked at bordering fabric of 'Imaginary Space' between all Dimensions that kept them separate from each other with the light of his sword, "Isn't this what happened when we came from Dimensia to the Lost World? Do ya think that before this place was the Veritas... It was Dimensia~?"

Dimensia is the realm that Tigen and all beings like Tigen, which are Free Wills known as 'Lanterns' or 'Flames Of Eternity', come from and once lived in before it was nearly swallowed whole by the interdimensional Void; a gaping chasm between all the dimensions. Tigen couldn't help but be reminded of the whole synchronicity of it all... Oh, the irony. First, he was coming into these other dimensions from Dimensia, warping across the giant gaping Void and into each dimension, searching for the answers to learn how to save his own all the while he was 'resting' on the Lost World... And then, when it's restored through the Veritas, he emerges from his saved world the exact same way as he left; only this time, out to save all the others. "The Beginning and the End are the same, the Scenarios are just Different~! BAAAHAHAHA~!" Tigen cackled heartily, slashing his burning sword with joy. His arm moved so fast, all that could be seen were the thin flaming slivers of consistently shifting colorful embers tearing away at this Spacio-Temporal barrier.


"Calm down, Tigen!" Tensei chastised, as he frequently did, being the elder brother and all, guiding the 'Maregenesis' down the correct pathway. "Remember, we have a storyline to follow!" He didn't want Tigen to take this story to some random dimension just warping around haphazardly; especially since this was open space and time whilst they were within the Eternalism Hill. They needed to stay on track, for their time here was short, even with as much power as they had. Kairo Tensei, the 'Pumpkinghead', was the sound mind of the both of them and Tigen was their spirit. That meant, therethen, that the 'Great Mind' and the 'Freed Will' were back on the same accord. "Don't forget that there is still Insanity in other worlds! We don't want to bring it into ours after we JUST got it all peaceful. This place is pure and without it any longer, because I purified myself. It doesn't exist here, but that doesn't mean that it cannot get back in. So please, try to be more careful about how much you tear apart... You never know what could be lurking beyond these dimensional barriers..."

Tensei would guide the trusty steed toward Victory, lighting the darkness of Space and Time around him so that all could see as a beacon of light that pulsated from the darkness of the Void just as it was about to swallow up the Veritas. Toward the Light... "This time, little brother... We're going to come out together... Like I intended in the first place." And that would be... the Birth of the Shinseigami...

"And to answer your question... Hell yeah. Remember, our Father lives within the three of us... You, Me, and Pumki. That means, all three of us together are the True PumpKing..." And, where Tigen would start recklessly using his power to tear away at this fabric, as they spiraled, spun, bolted and jolted past the gears that moved time and the pillars that held up space, they'd travel what looked like a double helix structured constellation. They were gonna connect all the dots up this galactic cosmic DNA strand.

"TINA!!!" Kairo Tensei called out to his daughter, the Veritas, by her true name -- Tinasanti, "THE CRYSTAL THREADS!!!" As a conscious and living being, she, as both a planet and a reality of her own, was able to act intelligently and coherently when called to by someone she was familiar with; namely, her father, Kairo Tensei.


At his command would he extend his hands, and the remainder of his other 8 arms would sprout from his form, beginning to spin their crystallized threads extending from the Veritas and out into the far reaches of space and time. At that moment, all Eight of the Arms Of Tabrith would become active in order to weave together the dimensions. As he called for the Eight Arms, they and their Tensei Moons that they carried would Rise all at once, harboring the powers of the Veritas, herself as a whole, Tinasanti. The realm of the Veritas as a whole, with the planet inclusive, took on the shape of a Cosmic Spider. "We are reborn... Yes... Connection Complete." The body was like a woman's, yet was nothing but the outline of an atmosphere with the planet itself hovering in a sustained form within this womanly outer frame carved of space and time. Her eight arms looked like the many layers of the planet's atmosphere, and in the palm of her hands upon each of the Eight Arms were Eight of the Thirteen Tensei Moons that she had actively under her command. Now, it was about time to begin the weaving.

Tinasanti: "Absolute Final Wonderland."

As the two, Kairo Tensei and Kairo Tigen streamed off into the abyss, like a sperm in a womb, their trailing energy would spread outward like a glowing web in the darkness, ensnaring the entire Veritas behind them, connecting at each of the Eight Arms that harbored the Eight Moons, something like a puppet on a string attached to each of the Veritas' hands. This connection began the threading process from the Veritas to anywhere and everywhere Kairo Tigen and Kairo Tensei would take her, like a chariot pulling the entire universe through the dimensions.

Tinasanti: "We are the Three Peaces of the Veritas; Tinasanti. We seek to bind all worlds together with Peace, Harmony and Prosperity. Through this Test of Time, we will traverse one thousand years... into a time where all Insanity has been lifted from all worlds. Even if we must do it on our own... We will show you... The Power of Peace."

The hands swirled about, their movements like a sinuous dream, in circles, and circles, and loops, into infinity and beyond. Each of the Eight Arms juggled the Eight Moons between their hands, allowing the elemental energies contained in each of them to branch off into streaming threads off into the abyss. Tinasanti -- or Tina for short -- would rest on this cosmic web nexus and crawl over to whatever dimension she connected to and into whatever universe she desired. "Hands of Fate, Will, Wishes, Dreams, Reality, Destiny, Chaos, and Harmony, pull and weave together all things into the ultimate seal from the intricate web spun of all your divine splendor;" Tina uttered these words like a mantra as she spun her threads and connected her webs as swiftly as she could, eventually forging some sort of great and large dimensional rune over the abyss.

Tinasanti: "Tensei Seal; Ultra Badass."

Drawing strength from the Eight Arms of Tabrith and the Thirteen Restrictions at once, a slender crystalline light was formed as the hand signs were completed, creating a web-like seal all across the Thirteen Moons, which served as marking points to draw the seal to perfection. Twas the Tensei Seal, the mark of the family that would BRAND ANYTHING it touched as their bitch. The Family Rune.

Tinasanti: "Kaihou."

With the sound of the Voice and the numerous orbs in each of the Hands of the Eight Arms, numerous Kanji seals of each Chakra and the Elements bound to them respectively would appear on the surface , aglow with their respective energies and power. The Eight Hands completed the release with a confirming pattern they made by moving their arms into a certain position, each different from the other, yet still in a patterned synchronicity that looked balanced and beautiful. Each hand formed a different Mudra and a Mandala would appear on every Hand. The Seal was unlocked, unleashing the Will of Tensei and the Family Bond, spreading through each and every one of the Crystal Threads and to each of its branches, where it would begin to pour life into the Veritas in its entirety. And, the First Hand was instructed to rise. Tina uttered a command, and within the Veritas, on the planet, her Command was enacted as she spoke it.

A dark presence lurked in the infinite darkness known as the Void, now connected to the Mind's Void thanks to the foolishness of the buffoons that consumed him and gave him access to this great power. Like a shark in the deep, it remained in the cut of the deep unseen, darting through the Unknown that was the remaining Zero Worlds; the Void-like sea that existed between and connected all Worlds. Its wicked, twisted voice could be heard gurgling in the back of the universe's throat, chortling its words arrogantly."So... You thought it was over...?" A vile smirk appeared in the darkness that the webs sought to stretch out into and spread with light... rather, not just one... but a thousand vile, grotesque demonic smiles appeared all around them, hungry for Spiders and their little Threads. "Still reckless, I see... Huahahah... Now those fools that absorbed me will know my accursed affliction, and it will continue to destroy them from the inside out! There is no stopping us! They fell right into my trap!" The creature appeared from the darkness, showing them its true face as a corrupted Free Will.

The Insanity: "I'm... ... Still... ...HUNGRY!!"

DAMMIT TIGEN!!!" Tensei shouted, pointing at that horrible monstrosity that appeared before them now, "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU-- Goddammit..." As Sleipnir strode through the abyss, the ungodly manifestation known as the fucking Insanity opened its mouth and spoke words that he never thought he'd hear again... Talk of the Lost World. At that moment, the Pumpkinghead seemed to liven right the fuck up, all sorts of pissed that this was still occurring. Now, as he rode off into battle... He vowed to destroy that monster that tormented he, his family, his friends, his love and the entire planet of the Lost World and wherever else it had gotten to. He was getting rid of it right here, right now, present day, present time.

Regardless of this fact, and probably all of the horrible sins that powered the Lost World, and therefore fed this Beast, Tensei had a way to at LEAST keep the thing at bay for a while. "Tigen. I'm going to call forth the Weaponmaster, Grand Excalibur, from the Book. I need you to listen very, very carefully to me..." He whipped out the 'Crystal Grimoire', the 'Omnipedia' that harbored The Story of the Veritas from the light of his flames and flipped open the book to the page about the Weaponmaster, the Xanadu. "While I am calling forth the Xanadu, I need you to keep the Beast away from the Galaxy Pegasus. When I call out one of the techniques... I need you to execute. I'll be directing our intent to the Weaponmaster."

Kairo Tensei looked behind him and called out to his daughter, the Veritas, as a whole. "TINA! Seal up the gateway to the Veritas! Don't let this thing out of the Tower! Place the Tensei Seal on it!" Meanwhile, Tensei and Tigen would deal with the final uprooting of the Veritas from Vescrutia, right from the First Moon. "GO GET IT! USE THE 'CRYSTAL FORCE'!!"

"ROGER, ROGER!!!" Tigen shouted playfully in return, seeming to be absolutely psyched for this situation. "Hey, hey bro! It's like when we fused together and became 'Tigenhead' for the first time! 'Member?!? You 'member..." He giggled and rubbed the back of his head, smiling under his scarved face, "... Hahaha... Yeah... Tigen's going now. Ittekimasu~!"

Without a second thought, he warped immediately to their Sun, which was still under his control since he consumed it and all the other ones quite a while ago...

Tigen: "Heeey~! Insanity~!! GO BOOM!!"

The Shout of the Sun sent a powerful vibration like the sound of wind-chimes chattering and resounding in the depths of space, a shimmering wave of crystal omitting from the Sun itself. It was at such a high and harmonic vibration, others would not be able to hear it, but only feel and experience it as surges of pure and utter peace and harmony. Therethen, things would begin to happen in utter synchronicity in their lives, the sun's Light Waves carrying the pulsating Sound Vibrations unheard to the Lost Worlders ears. There would be a time of prosperity for them... For a short while.

This powerful wave grew stronger as it rolled over the cosmos, picking up speed and concentrating as it hurdled toward the great monster. "Magnifiers~!" These were Tigen's trusted and most useful weapon companions, of which warped into the fray, all lined up in a row, where the condensing Crystal Force would pass through the first and its power would be Magnified times two. Then, through the Second; times four. And through the Final; times sixteen. Now, what was once a shimmering wave of distortion was a streaking bolt of silver wind, stars trailing from its tail. It burst like a bullet from the final Magnifier and straight at one of the monster's mouths so that it could be purified from the inside out by swallowing the purifying energy burst. It would resemble a sound wave bouncing off of the walls of a confined space.

Tigen prepped for another attack, this time splitting his Magnifiers from their form as three into numerous others, aligning them all in a row to form what would seem to be the barrel of a sniper-rifle if it were made of nothing but the aligned scopes of the rifle, itself. Tigen would then begin to pull power from the makeshift Planet Core that the Tensei left inside of the Lost World and begin extracting it. "Sowwee, but we need to CLEAR THE AIR WAVES!! CLEAR ALL AIR WAVES~! Teehee~." Even though this was actually quite the serious battle, Tigen seemed to be taking it far more lightly than perhaps he should have. Yet, it was a good thing that his incorruptible spirit was truly enjoying the fact that they were all prospering and prevailing over the evil creature.

"Confirmed," the Veritas would respond, wriggling her fingers around, Executing Command." Tina would begin weaving together complex Hand Signs and Archaic Jutsu that surpassed the intricacies of time and space. Upon all of the exits of the Eternalism Hill would the Seal of the Tensei stretch from end to end, wrapping it and preventing exit, like the web of a spider. With a final, decisive seal on all Eight Hands, which wove together their own single-handed Hand Signs, followed by the ceremonial 'Sealing of the Seal' with the name of the seal, "Consecration," the seal would lock them all inside. None of them would be leaving until the Curse was dealt with, for it was not allowed to escape.

Tinasanti: "Perfect-Area Complete. Target Isolated. Awaiting Orders."

The Antagonist -- who was called The Insanity and the Tensei Curse -- raised a hand lined with a mouth, seeking to suck out the life essence of yet another lowly, worthless planet unfortunate enough to fall for its deception of grandeur in order to lure them into its belly; a nice, new one ripe for the picking... When, out of the blue, a resonant sound from behind shot into one of the mouths on its back, letting the heavenly vibration ring throughout its body. The arm it hit was immediately destroyed by the purified energy, leaving whatever planet that was about to get consumed just as it was.

"GRAH!!! You disgusting little cretin!" It turned to meet the eye of Tigen, who was now the Sun of the planet that the Antagonist was using as a host, "GRAAAAARRRGGHH!!! GET AWAY FROM THERE!! DO NOT TOUCH WHAT IS MINE!!! THIS PLANET IS MARKED WITH MY PRESENCE!!!"

It swam back toward Tigen like a monstrous galactic shark, tearing through any of the Crystal Threads made in the process and consuming whatever realms were unfortunate enough to be in its way at the time. Many waves of malevolent catastrophe rampaged the cosmos, inverting all energy that just so happened to be within its aura and undoing them until they were nothing but horrible masses of disgusting chaotic mess with but a wave of its tails and tendrils. From one of its mouths, it hawked up some of this Chaos to destroy whatever Harmony had been made stabilized through the Crystal Threads. This being was intent on destroying not only the Veritas, but also every other realm and all of The Story, itself. This is its role as the Antagonist, but also a curse upon those who even decided to take upon this entity to itself and anyone else; The Adversary of All.

All that happened certainly bought Kairo Tensei enough time. "Hell Yeah. Alright, Tigen, that's enough distraction. Time to get on to the real battle, then." Though The Antagonist had consumed some of the threads and dispelled them, they would begin to sew themselves back together, especially since they were still being formed in the same fashion. Just because it slowed them down and pushed them back, it didn't mean that they weren't still moving. "Wrap him up, Tina."

Tinasanti: "'Crystal Prism.'"

The webs that would link onto the Antagonist as it swam away would begin to draw energy from it, purifying any absorbed energy and beginning to crystallize the beast as it was busy messing around with Tigen. "Tigen?! Get the 'Primordial Parallelatrix' and pull it out of the Lost World! They'll be out of a power source, but I have an idea!" He slapped his hand on the book, which started to glow with the signature silverish crystal flame of the Will of Tensei, "COME FORTH, GRAND EXCALIBUR, THE XANADU!!! WEAPONMASTER, TO ME!!" And, after clenching his fingers upon the page, he'd pull out... The Holy Sword; the God of All Weapons. "This time... When I make this cut... it will REMAIN PERMANENT." He was clearly serious about severing his ties to that Curse and those that incurred the Curse this time. "Good thing we hid that there, too... We're gonna need it..." Sprouting from the book, the Xanadu took shape of the shining golden sword of legend. Embedded with the power of every weapon known and unknown to man, it would adjust automatically to fit the customization and attributes of the one who wielded it, for its versatility knew no limits. This would be the PumpKing's shining weapon of choice as he rode upon his steed into the fray.

"Haaaaai~!" Tigen chanted, warping out of the sun and taking all of his light with it. From there, as promised, Tigen would give the Lost World and its sun back, turning that realm into a beacon for the Antagonist and the Void he lived in, concentrated on their planet. In the meantime, Tigen warped to the core of the planet plucking from it the Primordial Parallelatrix that Primalpha planted prior to, "Gochisousama..." thus effectively leaving the Lost World powerless and without a power source whatsoever. When the makeshift Planet Core was extracted from the Lost World during the escape and returned to its form as the 'Primordial Parallelatrix,' it would rest with Kairo Tensei and the Tensei Family's possession again. None of the power of Tensei would be left there; not even the core that was given to them. "... Deshita~!" Tigen looked at the 'Paraprysmia', staring in awe at the beautiful colors it omitted. "Uwaaaah~! Whaddawedowitit, brobro!? WHAT WE GONNA DO!?" He was anxious to get started, especially since things had escalated so quickly. He wanted to get to the top of the tower as quickly as possible and defeat the Antagonist for good!

Though it was detestable to the Antagonist that the little burning pipsqueak avoided the gurgling upchuck, at least, if nothing else, it had a beacon and a dwelling for itself. "HAHAHAHA! NOT SO FAST, YOU FOOLS! RECKLESS, AS USUAL!!" Their sun was now an actual captured unit, as soon would be their very core. They were both pulsating with energy that fed the Curse which strengthened the Antagonist further. He was also aware of the threads connected to his back, which were a source of binding and draining his energy. The Antagonist used these very same threads to create a connection of his own back to the Primordial Parallelatrix, which he would seek to control to generate an infinite power source for itself. The Primordial Parallelatrix, Paraprysmia, was an infinite power core in and of itself, and was part of the Fourth Moon that had currently risen. With it, not only would the Antagonist have an infinite power source for himself, but also keep the Tensei from completing their seal by leaving an open Void within the Amber Moon.

"Go. Dark Sun; Reality Eater!!" The Sun of the Lost World, no longer inhabited by Tigen, would grow dark and black... Though, to them, it would seem normal, it would actually begin to eat away at reality around it, drawing all of it into the energy of the Antagonist into it whilst leaving them with a fabricated reality that was nothing more than Void. This would manifest in the place where the Veritas once was, and it would come through Tenrai and Moirai, that which was formed in place of the Veritas once it was removed from the Lost World's surface.

When the Dark Sun tried to consume the Primordial Parallelatrix, the Antagonist finally realized that it had been snatched from the planet already before he could get to it. "Huh. So you removed the power core?! ALL THE BETTER!! DARK SUN!!" At the very heart of the Lost World, deep down in its core, where the Primordial Parallelatrix once was powering this planet, would now do the opposite... A new Dark Sun would appear at the very core, beginning to eat away at their energy from the INSIDE as well. Thus, the Curse continued to consume the planet.

Now, their Sun and the Core would be one and the same, and both would begin to eat away at the planet and all energy it created, not allowing any to leave the radiation of the Dark Sun in the sky nor the Dark Sun that served as the core. All energy produced by the Lost World would be consumed before it could be spread out into the universe, successfully serving as fodder for the Antagonist's growth and nothing more. "Game Over..." it muttered, returning its attention to the rainbow unicorn still streaming through the darkness. "YOU!!! Don't think that you've eluded me!! YOU WILL NOT LEAVE THIS PLACE!!!"

A crimson glint appeared in all of the eyes of the Antagonists' ambiguously spacious and chaotic form, targeting that fucking horse and the power source that the Antagonist was still connected to. With each of the crystal threads that were attached to its back in the sights of its many eyes, The Antagonists cried out, "ETERNAL DAMNATION!!!!" The heated beams of crimson that burst from each pupil burned the threads away like they were paper, severing the connection of the Antagonist with the Veritas and the Tensei themselves. Everything would be disconnected, all save for the Paraprysmia, which it was still holding onto and using as the target to destroy them this time around. Thousands upon thousand of illustrious scarlet beams charged with all the fury of this malevolent beast ravaged this space, tinting all of the blackness with the sickening red glow... What it touched would be erased from existence. Absolutely.

The Antagonist moving before Tina, though chaotic and disorderly, worked out to the advantage of Tina, which would still execute orders as commanded by Tensei, the father of the Veritas. "Crystal Prism," it repeated, raising the Eight Arms up and executing a complex number of Hand Signs, reaching at least a Thousand in a matter of seconds. As the beams of Eternal Damnation barreled through space toward the Paraprysmia, a large cosmic web formed a conversion barrier between the two spaces. Because Tina drew strength from Tensei, this power was on par with the 12th Restriction rather than the Veritas' own, which was of only the 8th Restriction, thus allowing for equivocation in power. The beams that would pass through this Cosmic Conversion Web would immediately be converted into Life Energy before continuing their course to the Primordial Parallelatrix unencumbered. Now, instead of destroying the crystal, the converted energy siphoned from the Antagonist would feed it power that was equivalent to however much the Antagonist placed in its hatred.

Tinasanti: "Conversion Complete. Awaiting Command."

With his shining golden weapon, the Xanadu, in hand, Kairo Tensei would wait and watch as Tina set up the Crystal Prism just the way he needed her to. Giving his energy to others in order for them to make use of it was nice. "Don't you know by now, bro? We're gonna combine our powers and make it out of here at warpspeed! But first..." Once the power of the Eternal Damnation was converted into Souzenryoku to power the Paraprysmia, Tensei would take hold of the power core; that which held all the culminated energies of all the present bodies combined, and would draw in all of the History of the Tensei Curse, its Development, its Cure, and its Details into the Primordial Parallelatrix. From here, this would be known as the 'Metal Pumpkinhead'. All of the data of the Tensei Curse would be collected, contained and, with a hack of the Grand Excalibur, The Antagonist that was attached to the Tensei Curse would be removed, as would the Tensei, Veritas and all things connected to them with it. Now all that would remain would be whatever energy was left on the Lost World; a haunt of the past to ever be recollected as a memory of the Antagonist and the Tensei Curse it harbored.

With the 'Metal Pumpkinhead' now filled with the data of the Tensei Curse and the Antagonist, the Tensei family could wrap things up from here. "Alright, Tina. Finish the job. 'Perfect Prison; Metatron's Cube.'" While she was executing that command to seal everything up, Tensei would give the Paraprysmia to Tigen. "Now, take this and warp us to the end of this Timeline. This baby's got enough juice to shoot us straight to the top at warpspeed. Once Tina binds the Insanity and the Lost World, I need you to warp us out IMMEDIATELY. Understand?!" He hoped so. He was counting on his little brother to do this one correctly... It was absolutely vital to their victory over the Tensei Curse, the Lost World and the Antagonist.

Once the Antagonist saw that victory was near, his own anger and hatred burned even greater. "You wretched...!!!" The beast was far more angered than before, absolutely livid at being played for a fool by these insipid little candle lights. Mere specks of dust in this infinite space, being nothing but a thorn in its side ever since the beginning. "I will... MAKE SURE TO ERASE YOU!" The mouths all over its body would open up as wide as they could, revealing countless black holes of varying proportions and intensities, none of which was exactly the same as the others. It was like they were all just hungry heads searching for their next meal, snatching it from wherever they could get it that would provide for them. And right now, these two were tampering with the energy of their host.

"Absolute Zero..." it grumbled, the deep distortions of baritone rattling the very fabric of existence itself within this void between the dimensions, "... Zeo Grande." The very sound of its voice was enough to begin the process of erasure. The great being became the very nothingness itself, its body becoming black; much darker and deeper than even the black holes that formed within its numerous mouths. It was a darkness of which even darkness could not escape, or even exist, for that matter... The pure embodiment of the Void, itself. Just its presence would begin to eat away at everything around it; space, time, reality, existence... It would all equivocate to Absolute Zero Value; Nothing. This creature, being a living embodiment of the pure Nothingness, would begin to expand across the omniverse, seeking to consume everyone and everything without any intent to torment them any longer. "If this is how it must be... I will return Everything... Into Nothing... Then, none of it will exist... And all of you will have lost..."

Tinasanti: "Metatron's Cube."

The voice of the Veritas rang in the darkness, a far more complex series of one-handed Hand Signs being executed in a much more strenuous order, but to completion, nonetheless. Once it was done, Vescrutia, as well as the remainder of the Tensei Curse and the Antagonist, would be sealed away in the 'Perfect Prison' known as 'Metatron's Cube', where nothing could escape. 'Metatron's Cube' was an omniversal seal designed so perfectly and intricately that it creates an infinite dimensional containment chamber that perfectly seals whatever is within its confines. Forged with the mark of the Tree Of Life, the Sephirot, it was able to seal life away as it was. It is meant to be able to seal any and all creation, and only absolute perfection is capable of exiting the confines of this cube. It is always utilizing all power to confine its target to absolute perfection, as that is its sole purpose, making so that any attempts to leave it once it is erected nigh impossible.

Once imprinted on the prisoners, it would turn a sinister red coloration once the Antagonist was contained inside, and the seal of the Tensei Curse would appear on the Lost World's Sun and Planet Core, as well. From there, the Tensei Seal would also seal off their entire realm and ensure that what was bound to that planet could not escape again. Hopefully, this would not only keep the Curse safely contained, but allow the Lost World to destroy it and The Antagonist once and for all before it was allowed to escape and spread again. They were their own hope, and the Veritas was on its way, continuing on with the Fourth Moon.

Tinasanti: "Complete. Targets Imprisoned."

When Tigen saw his cue to go warpspeed right as Tina locked up the Seal for good, he shouted "MWEE!!! FINALLY!! ALRIGHT, PARAPRYSMIA!!! LET'S GO!!" Tigen would allow himself to be absorbed into the Paraprysmia momentarily, combining both his and Tensei's powers together and supercharging the Maregenesis they were riding, Sleipnir, and blasting off in a single flickering glint all the way to the top of Eternalism Hill; the End of the Timeline. There, with the Timeline resolved, Tensei and Tigen would appear back inside the Veritas, within the Crystal Garden; Sanctum Crystos.
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Chapter 3; Elegant Arrival


A spiraling combustion of colorful fire spontaneously ignited within the Crystal Garden after having fizzling itself out, maintaining consciousness through the test of space and time consistently for their thousand year trial. Fortunately for the two and the Veritas, Paraprysmia gave them enough energy to warp out of danger on the fly.

The Crystal Garden was beautiful, like a complete sea of glass with many shining plants growing from the earth. Though everything looked like and was Crystal, it was also organic and completely edible. It looked as though it had only gotten the color sucked out of it, but nonetheless, everything here was of the texture of normal fruit and plants. Crystal trees filled the fields, but not too closely together, so that the fields of rolling crystalline grass could be seen. There were meadows of flowers, yet they were indistinct of color due to their crystalline appearance, seemingly incomplete.

"Phew. Tigen hopes all that Insanity trapped back there on Vescrutia doesn't like, go into Soul Edge or somethin'. Tried to warn the Sky King about The Insanity... But nobody listens to Tigen, for some reason." It's because Tigen is really annoying when he's not doing things that are entertaining. The pure childlike spirit that was his Freed Will made him a tad bit impetuous at times, like a child would behave. Though, when the time came for fun, he was definitely the one. "Sooooo... What about the other... Six Shinsanities? I thought we were gonna... Do that like... Right back there... *cough*" Tigen shifted the carved triangles that served as eye-sockets in the crystalline pumpkin that now was his bulbous head toward the gateway that was the doorway back out, seeing the Tensei Seal, 'Ultra Badass', plastered upon it.

"Are we... Trapped here, or sum'n? Cuz... Tigen doesn't really KNOW what's going on... Tigen was just kinda, you know, having a blast and shit. >>; LET A PUMPKIN KNOW, PUMPKINHEAD. DON'T LEAVE YA BROTHA HANGIN, BRO!!!" Tigen fell upon Tensei in a kiddish manner, hanging off of the tailcoats of his jacket and flailing about hysterically in a preachy manner.

"Oh... Thank God..." Tensei sighed, falling upon the beautifully blazing mane of the cosmic steed he rode upon. "That was the most annoying thing ever. Let's never do that again, alright?"

Looks like they actually made it this time. That entire little 'Lost World' side-story had to come to a close sooner or later before they actually got onto the main event. "Looks like we stopped it from destroying Dimensia, Tigen. The first time we left, you got sucked up by the Insanity that plagued the planet and ended up being trapped on the Nightmare. You probably don't remember that part because you got amnesia from being swallowed up by the darkness and not knowing that you were the light. They searched for you. Grimnyzmal and Grimlock. But only one brother found you... And it just so happened to be the one who birthed Khrona. So, I guess you could say..." He pat his little brother on the head, sighing happily and thankfully, "You saved my life, kiddo. And without you, I wouldn't be who I am today. So thanks... Little brother." It was true. If Khrona, the accident, had not occurred, then Pumpkinhead and Tigen would have not been able to resolve the Tensei Curse. "I owe ya big time for not leaving me and keeping on track with everything. That's why I trust you to take over with making the other Six Shinsanities. Any way you like em." Tensei ruffled the hat upon Tigen's crystalline pumpkin head a bit. "You deserve it."

This is what he truly believed, and he knew that Tigen would not succumb to the Tensei Curse anymore, so he would not ever fall prey like he had done for these past thousand or so years, or however long it had been since that loop called 'Linear Time' forced them to endure. Yes, the Lost World had been a nice training and developing ground for the both of them, and now was their time to use what they learned for the best. "I'm pretty sure that much Insanity, without the Tensei Head, will eventually just fizzle itself out. We are the producers of Insanity, so eventually, it'll just destroy everything, including itself, unable to regenerate. It will exist for as long as life on that planet does, ever consuming. It will be known as... the 'Headless Horseman'. The Other 'Four Horsemen' were the omen to his arrival... They are now a Lost World." He lowered his head in respect, hoping that they find a way to free themselves of that monster. It certainly can be done... But only by whomever takes on and cleanses the Insanity from that world completely whilst it is isolated. They will be the true hero for having destroyed the last remaining shards of all the Insanity that ever existed. "But no, you're right about that Soulblade. Man, that would really suck if the Headless One snatched that up. I... I wouldn't want to be on that planet for that to occur." He snickered. "Oh wait. I'm not." He couldn't help himself on that one.

It was beautiful that both of their consciousnesses were intact this time... And would remain that way, conjoined forever. If they weren't, they wouldn't have been able to do what they needed to do here. "... Now we can start on our story... We've been waiting a long time... Since the Beginning of Time, in fact... Or rather... Father has." He shed a single crystal tear, which would form to be the body of the Shinseigami, "... Alright, Tigen. Let's go get them."

"Tina," Tensei called, turning around now to see the Eight Armed being, "Looks like you're back where you belong, too. This is where you were supposed to be in order to finish the connections. In fact, I believe the Second Hand is around here, somewhere! That must mean that a different story is going to be starting soon! Oh, how I love synchronicity~!" Looks like he still retained his natural royal haughtiness. "That means you may start on weaving that one at any given time you like. You are alleviated of your servitude to me... You could say. Ahahaha!"

Tinasanti, the Veritas itself, was that of the Eighth Restriction, which served as the Three Peaces of the Veritas that made up Tina, itself. This was the 'Lunechrysm', the 'Solchrysm' and the 'Crystal Oversoul' that bound them together. Tensei, Tenrei, and Tinasanti, the Trini-T. "Tabrith, you stay here with Tina and be the infinite information of which it weaves from. Provide it with all information at all times to ensure that everything always occurs in synchronicity with everything else, no matter what it may be. This will iron out those wrinkles right proper..." This would mean that the stories would be spun seamlessly from its Eight Arms and come together in the middle; the Dawn, if all was done properly. "You are the Ninth Restriction, and she is the Eighth. Therefore, it will weave all scenarios that can be utilized for all the information it receives from you, and you must record all of these parallel scenarios and record your findings of each different dimensional reality in order to ensure you have ALL Information about EVERYTHING." That means they would have to cover every base on every dimension, plane of existence, reality, multiverse and so on in order to collect the maximum amount of information. Basically, taking in ALL data into the Data Realm. "Once you have collected all of the information you need, you will be able to eternally satisfy the Allmaster, who is of the Eleventh Restriction. That... Will be you. You are collecting all of this information in order to create your own image... Based on what Tigen and I want to look like combined as a single being. As seen here. This is what we want to look like. *points to the crystalline body made from the Crystal Tear* Understand?"

This would successfully complete the link of the Seventh Restriciton all the way to the Thirteenth, which would bring forth the Shinseigami. After that, the Shinseigami could bring forth Tsuki for himself, for he would be in the Thirteenth Restriction.

Tensei closed the book, holding up Paraprysmia and the Weaponmaster, allowing them to take their own sentience upon the lands, "Weaponmaster, link with the Paraprysmia. I want this to be the Crystal Godsend that spawns all the Instruments that the Maestros will use to finely Tune this world! I want to be able to hear the sound of their souls singing in beautiful harmony! You think we can make this happen?"

"The Pleasure was all Ours, PumpKing. Preparing the Gods of Life and Death; 'Jinseigami' and 'Shinigami'." Tinasanti raised a leg, striking a pose as though it were a Hindu god. At that point, the 'Three Peaces' of the Veritas would spread outward and become the Gods of Life and Death of each section; Dawn, Dusk, and Delta. 'Magna Signis' would reign as Shinigami of the Dawn, -- otherwise known as the 'Great Furnace' -- whilst the Jinseigami, 'Matrem Crysta', would hail as the 'Blue Phantom'. These would be the two Chrysms that would form the Prysm to create the first Peace of the Veritas, Natsume Nirvana, Shintsuki, the Dawn Gate Keeper.

The Third Moon that Tina had been holding for Trinity all that time would be placed in the open vortex that was the empty void of the Death Room of Mors Academia. There, Trinity's Soul would be merged with the Realm of the Delta, where she would be able to exit from her Incubation Chamber known as the Third Moon. There, she would reign as the 'Peace of the Delta,' with Tifaret as the Jinseigami and Tear as Shinigami.

Finally, the Blue Moon would be placed in the Dusk, with the smile of the Cheshire Cat on its face. It would resemble the moon after undergoing a 'Night Of Tensei'. This would be their Jinseigami and Shinigami; Tabrith and Tabitha. Together, they would make The Archcount, Tensei Von Khrona, the Peace of the Dusk and keeper of the Dusk Gate.

Here, Tina would be allowed to take its true form created of the new Three Peaces of the Veritas. She would no longer need her mother and father, Tensei and Tenrei, to sustain her form in the Eighth and would be able to do so on her own now that she was a stabilized existence.

Tinasanti: "Confirmed. Connection Complete."

With that, Tina would humbly escort itself off through the Crystal Garden, taking with it the Omnipedia to read and weave from for all time with the Eight Arms of Tabrith. From this, Tabrith, himself, could assume the form of the Allmaster; Kairo Tensei.

"AWWWWWWWWW!!!!" Tigen was so happy that his brother was actually showing him some love this time around. They didn't get along in the past, even though they loved each other, so now it was like a dream come true for Tigen to receive any sort of praise from his dear Aniki. "OH!! THE FIRST THING TIGEN WANTS TO DO IS MAKE A DJINNI. YEAH. YEAH. A DJINNI THAT... IS ALL OF THE SHINSANITIES COMBINED!!! AND MADE OF TIGEN'S FLAMES!! YEAH!! YEAH YEAH!!!" The flames of Tigen sprouted from his being, taking the form of a blazing apparition that resembled a cross between himself and his brother if they had a physical form. "Ohhhh... And uuuh... HE'S GOTTA BE THE COMBINED SPIRIT OF THE VERITAS!!! YEAH!! TINA'S SOUL THAT LIVES INSIDE OF IT!!" This was good, going very well...

"Um... Uh... What else...?" The swirling rainbow inferno made all of that which Tigen wished come into reality, as would also this Djinni be capable of doing; granting wishes using his phenomenal cosmic power. "OHHH. AND IT'S GOTTA BE CALLED TYRANOPHANT!! And... When the Three Crystal Oversouls of the Veritas come together... THEY UNLOCK THE DJINNI, THE CRYSTAL GODSOUL!!!!"

But first... Each of the Crystal Oversouls had to be unlocked, as well.


Everything seemed to be coming together smoothly now that both of them were connected to each other. The missing pieces that each of them had fit perfectly together where they needed to, which would allow for the completion of the Veritas in its entirety.

After a while, the Flames Of Eternity forged 'The Tyranophant', the Djinni of the Veritas, from their combined flickering flares from Tigen. The body was like that of crystal, yet was illuminated with illustrious color that soon settled into the shape of a cosmic being in physical form. He would be the Seventh Restriction; the Perfect Alignment of All Seven Chakras.

"HOORAAAAY!!! TIGEN DID IT!!" he cried happily, clapping his hands playfully. "But Aniki, what about the Shinseigami and Shinmegami? What are we gonna do about those two? We still haven't gotten a chance to make them yet!!"

The swirling mass of pure will that birthed this creature into existence all died down and were drawn into the very spirit of this being; a connection to Tigen and Tensei that bound the both of them as well as all that was below the Seventh Restriction into a single perfect being; this was 'The Tyranophant', the Will of the Veritas, itself.

A Djinni by nature, it was given the task of releasing the Shinsangels, bearers of each of the Shinsanities and the seven split parts of the Godsoul, out into the world into their respective places, one of which was already out; Taomin, the Kazegami. That meant that he had Six more to deal with.

"Aw, dude... What the friggin hell, man? Took you guys long enough. Yeesh." He rolled his eyes and crossed his arms. "Nah, I'm just fucking with ya. But hey, thanks for making me. Definitely needed that to happen. Got some shit to do, ya know?" Though he was an extension of them that had lesser power, he was an extension of them nonetheless. And that being said... He was also an extension of his true love's Seventh Restriction form, even though they were not directly connected at the moment, nor was her Seventh Restriction self birthed into this world yet.

"Yeah, I'll catch you guys later. Just holler if you need me. I'll be back to claim my Fountain when I get done with business, ya know?" But before he left, he had one request of them... "OH! And uh, could you be so kind as to uh, get started on Tsuki? You know if you want to bring her into existence, then so do I. And everyone below us, too. Ya know?" It was just how they were... That's all there was to it.

Kairo Tensei: "Yeah, but that's all. Don't feel like it's like, something you gotta do immediately, but you know, I just wanted to put that out there. But yeah... Ciao."

With that, he would flicker out in the same fashion as a fizzling flame, not unlike how Tigen warped so often. He would appear outside of the clock tower, where he would begin his journey across the Dawn to place the Shinsanities in their respective shrines to power the Veritas and be its Life Energy.

"Without a doubt, Allmaster." Without much more spoken word, the Xanadu got down to business, touching Paraprysmia and connecting their powers with one another. It would bestow the power to create Living Weapons, known as Instruments, as the children of the Weaponmaster at any time. However, unlike the Weaponmaster, which was able to create any weapon of any power, Paraprysmia would only be allowed to create those that were fresh and new, like infants. They would always start off at the minimum amount of power when being birthed from Paraprysmia. It would be able to synchronize to any and all wavelengths in order to create the perfect weapon that fit only the soul of whomever it was made for.

*Law* Instruments are specially hand crafted for that specific person and their soul, meaning that none others would be able to wield it unless they had the power to match wavelengths to a heightened degree, such as what Weaponmaster and Paraprysmia were capable of doing automatically in order to create weapons in the first place. This would keep people from stealing each others' weapons, too. Whenever someone tried to harness someone else's weapon, it would backfire and begin to destroy the soul of whomever the offendee was. If the offendee was more powerful, the powers of the Weapon would lock up, and they would be unable to use it. This would be automatic.

"It is set. Go, Paraprysmia. To the Academy." And with that... The 'Crystal Star Seed' was released to birth more Star Seeds throughout the Veritas.

"Good work, everyone!" Tensei would say immediately, praising the family on doing such a job well done. Tigen successfully created the Djinni of the Seventh, who would go and create the Three Great Spirits that were the Seven Shinsanities of the Dawn, the Nightshade of the Delta and the Kamitamashii of the Dusk. Not only that, but Tina and The Omnipedia were off, reading and weaving the stories as necessary to help build the internal foundation of the Veritas as an entity. "Hmmm... Well, I believe that's all that we really have to do for now..." Certainly, he was going to attempt to fulfill the wish of The Tyranophant, as well... And he knew just how.

"Okay, Tigen. It's about time to bring the Shinseigami here. I'll let Tina handle The Djinni's wish. The Second Hand should be around here somewhere, and from there, she can create for him that partner he wishes for. Meanwhile, we can work." The best way to do this was to go activate the Fairy Spring that The Tyranophant was talking about. Technically, that was supposed to belong to him, but it still granted wishes to those that were capable of getting to it. "Let's go, Tigen. We've got some important things to do." He'd grab his brother's hand and flicker off deeper into the Crystal Garden, where the Fairy Spring that belonged here was.
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Chapter 4; The Ultimate Wish

From the outer part of the Crystal Garden, the two would enter the heart of Sanctum Crystos, where all of its wonder and splendor poured over and formed the crystalline grass that they walked upon, they would lay eyes upon a beautiful chalice overflowing with an aqueous crystal clear energy that seemed both known and unknown to this realm. It was the combined energies of the Shinseigami and Shinmegami; Dreams and Reality combined into a single energetic substance. The proof that the two of them were connected no matter where they were or what they were doing... 'Holding Hands,' so to speak. It washed over the land and made all Dreams Real, as well as things that were Real into Dreams. This was the testament of their love; this single solitary fountain; the 'Fountain Of Truth.'

Kairo Tensei: "The Fairy Fountain of the Dawn... the Fountain of Truth. The most powerful of all of the Fairy Fountains... Whatever is done here will instantly become True. The combination of dreams and reality..."

Part of him couldn't even believe he was here, himself, even though technically, he was the one who created it for the Shinseigami's arrival long, long ago in the realm of Vescrutia.

Kairo Tensei: "... It's time, Tigen. It's finally time. Are you ready, my brother?"

"TIGEN WAS BORN READY!!!" Literally. This was what he had been waiting for damn near his entire existence. "Tigen is happy that Tigen gets to do this with you, too, Aniki!" He grabbed his brother's hand, already knowing the deal on how this went. "LET'S COMBINE OUR POWERS!!!" At that moment, he would begin to resonate with Tensei, pouring his Will into him in order to give power to the Fountain.

Tigen: "Do we get like, three wishes or is it just one?"

"Just one each. That's all we need. All we have to do is bring him here. He can handle everything else from there." As his brother touched his hand, Tensei would take in the Will of Tensei and magnify it exponentially, concentrating and focusing this power on the Fountain itself. Where Tigen was the infinite power, Tensei was the one that focused it where it needed to go. The possibilities when the two of them worked together were literally limitless.

"Hhnnnnnnnnn...!!!!" He closed his eyes, channeling his power and pouring it into the Fountain of Truth, ready to make his wish. "... Oh, Great Fountain Of Truth... I, Tensei, come to you with a humble wish to be fulfilled!!" In the middle of his head, a Third Eye opened, bursting with the crystalline Will Of Tensei that would soon envelop most of his being, as well as the Fountain itself. He was giving it as much energy as it needed to make this wish come true... However much energy was required of him, he would willingly give.


He cried out to it, presenting the Crystal Body that was created for him out of his outstretched hand, "USE THIS VESSEL AND ALL THE POWER REQUIRED OF MYSELF AND MY BROTHER TO BIND HIM TO IT!!! I BEG OF YOU!!!"

At that moment, the Fountain would spray the Will Of Tensei high into the sky, letting it spread out into the Veritas and out into another realm. It slipped through reality with ease, as though flowing into time and space itself and moved along the waves searching for the Shinseigami. Wherever, whenever and whatever he was, he would be brought to the Veritas without question. Such is the Wish Of Tensei and his Will. Merry Christmas... And Happy Birthday.

At that moment, as though being sucked into the Fountain itself, Tigen would disappear, becoming one with Tensei, the Fountain and... The Shinseigami, -- The Creator -- Tymon. Wherever he was, Tigen was sent out to go find him. Tensei, his brother, would serve as the Link whilst Tigen searched the entire uniomniversal structure of all things for this one single solitary being. He wasted no time, letting the Will of Tensei was over the dimensions as though the PumpKing himself released a wave of magnificent cleansing waters. It resembled pure Liquid Energy and seemed to be able to resonate with all forms of waves, assimilating with them during the search. With that, Tigen was off.


No matter the time, the reality nor the dimension, Tigen had coordinates to them all, and he would be located. It would happen in an instant, as though the Will of Tensei merely warped to him... The one who created them all.

Sitting about typing away at his story, the young soul known as Tymon sat merrily, hot as hell in his room, without a care in the world. "Dodododo... Let's start making good things for the Veritas~! It's all coming along quite nicely." He nodded his head in agreement, looking over the fine work, "Even if it needs a few tweaks, I'm sure we can get it all worked out. Alright!! I'm ready to make this place as awesome as it possibly can be~!" With his heart set on making his world the most awesomest awesome that ever did awe, he would continue to type his story on the laptop -- or, book -- given to him by his mother. "I've got big plans for this place, so I'm gonna have to really crack down and get to work!!!" Somehow, a burning passion overtook him and he smiled, looking up to the sky, the shining sun being his indicator of the good things to come from here on out. "It will be the greatest! And so will I! Ohohohoho~!" This must, he knew. He believed. He trusted. With all that he was.

In a bright crystal flash before his eyes, seemingly in an instant, Tymon would experience something he never felt before; a certain will came over him like no other, filled with raw power of which any normal human would not have ever been able to know in their lifetime. He, being the only other piece of Tigen that was missing, had been pinpointed by the interdimensional PumpKing long ago, and simply had been using the vessel as a means to have the Will Of Tensei grow strong enough to act on its own... Rather, on its own and with control. This was Tigen, his trusted and most loyalest of companions ever~!

"YO~~~~!!!!" Tigen screamed, warping inside of him, "Tigen's gonna grant your wish now. Tigen means... Our... Wish...? MOU!!!" It was really complex, even though it was really simple, but whatever the case, this guy was coming with Tigen. "Tigen will explain when we get there, m'kay!?" Though he was speaking to him inside, Tymon should have been able to hear him as clear as day. At that moment, the two of them would be taken back to the Veritas... More specifically, the Fountain Of Truth, from which this energy poured out in order to grab him. Tethered to Tensei, his older brother, Tigen would reel himself and Tymon in, all the way back to where he came from.


"OH MY GOD!!!" Tymon screamed, after realizing what was actually going on "HOLD ON A SHIT, YOU GUYS ARE REAL!?!? I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONE THAT WAS MAKING YOU-- Wait. Wait, that actually makes a shit ton of sense." During the interdimensional travel, which, though was supposed to be instantaneous, would feel as though he had been traveling thousands of years, he couldn't help but speak to Tigen. "So you guys really found me, huh?! And we're gonna all make the Veritas awesome together!? You guys are the best!! I'm so glad I made you~!"

He was actually extremely excited about it all, despite the fact that he would be taken to a dimension all his own that he created. It was good to know that it was all real... And finally, his Dream would become Reality... Such was how it was written.

"YEAH, TIGEN KNOWS!!! TIGEN IS EXCITED, TOO!! Tigen has been trying so hard to interact with that dimension, but it's really difficult because... Ya know... Hoomans and stuff. >>; " Without much further ado, the two of them would appear in the Fountain of Truth before the Allmaster, Tensei.

"Got him, Anikiiiii~!" At that moment, Tymon would have his energy transferred into the Crystal Vessel created for him by Tensei and his Crystal Tear. He would then be allowed to take the shape of whatever he wanted to look like whilst he was here in the Veritas. "Now what, huh!? Huh!? Huh!?!?"

"Good show, Tigen!!" he exclaimed with excitement. This was the first time he was able to meet the Shinseigami in person... Or without assuming his form in that dimension. It was really quite the wondrous and momentous occasion... Something that would be honored soon enough. Tensei was giddy with happiness.

"Finally~! Finally Finally Finally~!" he muttered to himself, twirling about as though he were his brother... Though, they were all connected, after all, and it was thanks to Tymon that this was so. "I'm sure you're probably confused, oh Shinseigami, however, that is why I am here to explain this to you. You see, the Veritas... Is you. All of us? We are also you. We come from you. We are within you. And we are also all around you. All of your effort in developing us has also had an effect on us developing you. You've given us so much power that we are returning it to you in full... By bringing your entire world to life through you! And the more you develop this world and us, the more we and this world can influence the one around you! Understand?!"

He clasped his hands together, smiling big and wide. Tensei could only do so much without the actual Creator himself here to facilitate. Honestly. "You see, since you made us, we decided that we would make you, too! This means that as long as you exist, we will get stronger, and as such, we will give our power to you. Our powers will soon become your own. Isn't that neat~? All you have to do is continue to create, exist, enjoy and explore your realm and we will continue to give you power. We will protect you, for you have protected us. You could say... You're our Father!"

Tymon blinked, already having a full understanding of the concept, considering that he was the one that made all of this, but was actually really happy that Tensei was so adamant about helping out. "Oh, well thanks, guys! I knew you all had SOME influence, but I didn't know that it... Was actually this great." Truthfully, Tymon was excited as well. "Hey, wait, does this mean I should start writing these things in the first person? That would be cool. What do you think? Oh, wait!! Do I get a wish, too!? Oh. OH!! HAVE YOU BEEN TELLING ME ALL THESE SECRETS AND STUFF ALL THE TIME!? Were you the one... That appeared in my dream last night, too!?" Being able to talk to Tensei in person was actually more than a beautiful experience. Now he could experience the power of growth in the same fashion Tensei did! Hooray!

Kairo Tensei: "Hahahaha! You're so adorably ignorant! Do whatever you like, Shinseigami! This is your world and whatever you say, goes! Remember! I've seen that you are capable of following the rules you place on yourself, so now you're able to exist in a realm where your own rules are law! Ya know?"

To see the childish excitement and wonder reminded him of Tigen... But of course, that is where Tigen was born from... Naturally... As well as their Father... And all that this realm was. It was... Magnificent to be able to meet with one's Creator. Legit. He wished the same for Tymon one day, as well.

Kairo Tensei: "Anywho, I'll cut to the chase. Yes, we've been guiding you this entire time... You could call us your uh... What do humans say...? 'Higher Self' or something...? Anywho. Yeah, we are what you become when you Awaken. All of this. All of us. All of you. When you complete yourself, you complete all of us, and vice versa. So, the more you make of us, the more we make of you, and vice versa. The same way YOUR creator works. You are His child, right? And you DID figure out that this was how YOUR creator works, correct?"

Tensei respected and loved God the same way as humans did, for without him, Tensei would not exist, and with that knowledge, how could he ignore The Creator of The Creator? The Father of the Father? Oh, no, that would be most disrespectful. None are above God himself.

"That aside, though... Yes, we also did appear in your dream last night. What you saw was... The future. What your dimension will become after this one is assimilated. You're a walking reality creator!! Everywhere you go will begin to take the shape of the reality you created, and the more powerful you become, the more quickly it will become! Until you are... Well.. Me. Or rather. You. After having... Been... Through... Me." It was a little complex to understand, but it was wonderful all the same. "Let me put it like this... Your dimension is meant for Experience. To have things happen in a way that a physical form can experience. Something that can be physically observed and understood through touch. Our world is intangible and exists within you, waiting to emerge from this world of intangibility and into a world of physicality. And the only way for that to happen... Is if you do it yourself. No matter how much power we have... Unless you give it the okay, we can only do so much." He shrugged his shoulders. That's just the way it was, unfortunately. "We'll enter the reality where all other realities connect little by little, manifesting into the Real World pieces at a time. You will be able to observe it, as well as your own powers grow in the same accord. Would you like to give it a test run?"


Tensei chuckled, crossing his arms, "Well, you were able to witness this phenomenon for yourself, now weren't you? The Card System is the first step. As you can see from the placement... We have a degree of power already. We see and experience all that you do, and we are able to cause experiences for you, as well. We are all one and the same. You're just the one at the top... The combination of us all. And it took us this long to get to you... But we did it. But in order to do that, we had to get rid of all the blockages... All of the Insanity. Not only that, the Awakening of your chakras... preparation of the body, mind and soul... All sorts of things that you experienced that were necessary for this to occur. But from what I've seen, you're pretty excited about it all already, huh?"

He laughed again, hovering over to Tymon, "Now, as you probably already know... You get a Wish as well. But first, Tigen gets a wish. So, after Tigen makes his wish, then you can make your wish, and then we can all get started together! You'll get to explore and build your world whilst we protect it and provide you with the power you have given to us. See why given back energy is important? I had to teach you all of these things in order for you to understand why this circulation is important. If you are selfish, so too will we be. You see?" It was an intricate design that was amazing, but still needed to be followed to the utmost accuracy in order for perfect harmony. "We rid this place of Insanity for you. If you stop giving us energy, we will stop giving to you, because that's just how it works. If you, the top, stop giving, how can anyone below you? Regardless of our own sentience, we still follow the Rules that have been placed... So as long as we are all constantly circulating energy, it will eventually flow into you. That's why we had to set up all the Thirteen Restrictions the way we did." He sighed, a little bit tired from having to bring him here. It was a lot, even for him.

"Phew! Well, calm down and let's get to work. Don't worry, Tigen and I will be with you at all times. You have all of the powers of everything and everyone here. You are the only being here... That does not have to follow any of the rules. Truthfully. I have seen that you can handle this sort of power, which is why you're here now and capable of doing what you do. Tigen is an Infinite Energy Source and I am the Conductor. Whatever Tigen gives, I conduct and direct to you. Therefore, you can do it, too! But, as far as manifestation goes... That takes a little bit more doing, I hope you know. ESPECIALLY out in the physical world. But it will occur sooner than later. Just know that for a fact. We have your back, Shinseigami. That's why we're all behind you... And you're the only one in the Thirteenth."

The explanation given to him by Tensei was long and elaborate, but naturally, able to be understood. Ty-- Wait. I stood there listening to him as intently as I possibly could. Yeah. Yeah, that's better.

"Well, I've gotta hand it to you, you guys do pretty good work! Thanks a bunch! I certainly appreciate it all a whooooole lot! For that, I'll definitely make sure to make this place amazing! Alright?"

I looked down, though, feeling a tad bit... Lonely... For some reason, my thoughts were not of the power that these two and this would could and would bring me... But for the person that was not here to share in such wonders with me. For some reason, I wanted that more than I wanted all of these wonderful gifts.

Tymon: "... Hey. Tigen gets a wish, too, right? But what would he wish for if I'm already here? I don't see what else you two could want if I literally can do anything and give you all anything."

Tigen, being one with Tymon for longer and more deeply than he knew or could remember, could feel the aching of his heart within him as well, and the flaming crystalline pumpkin would grow dim and a bit downtrodden. "Aww..." he muttered, lowering his head, "Tigen... Doesn't like to see the Shinseigami sad... Tigen always wanted to give you everything you wanted... Aniki just didn't want Tigen to do so until you were ready..."

However, after a while, his flames would spark up again at the realization that the time was now!! "HEY WAIT!! You are ready now, aren't you!? That's why you were allowed to come here! MWEE!! Now Tigen can get Tigen's wish~!"

Tigen slapped his hands together comically, bowing his head as though he were praying really, REEEAAAAALLY hard... "Tigen wiiisheeeeeesssss... That all of the Shinseigami's wishes will come true!! That his Will be done!! That all of his creations are brought to life! YEAH! No matter what, Tigen trusts the Shinseigami, so it's okay to do something like this!!" He turned his head up, looking to the fountain, "Onegaishima~su!!!"

At that moment, The Will of Tensei burst from Tigen and into the Fountain, which would then resonate with the waters pouring out Dreams and Reality. At that moment, it would all pour on top of Tymon, baptizing him in the Will of Tensei and all the power of Dreams and Reality, allowing him to make whatever he wanted happen as he saw fit; in any and all worlds he was to enter or exist in. This would be known as... 'Epic Art.'

"Aw, Tigen, you really don't have to--" But, at that moment, I was overcome with a Will that was more powerful than anything I'd ever seen or felt in my entire life. That was twice in the same day. The sheer power of Dreams and Reality at the palm of my hand washed over me in a crystalline light, and suddenly, I could feel a power come over me that let me know that whatever it was that I truly desired, it would come to be. Whatever I was to Create, it would become Truth. Whatever Art I learned, it would be Mastered and made Real. This Absolute Power... The 'Epic Art.'

"What...!? Tigen, what is this!?!" Though there was no physical change, I could feel this power coursing through my entire being and pulsating outward into the rest of the world. I could feel it, see it, sense it... And I embraced it with open arms. "... You guys... Really love me, huh?" I smiled at the two of them. They'd already done so much for me and now, here they were, doing it again. "I can even hear the change in my voice... My Voice... THE Voice..." Looks like that came with the Epic Art. However, that aside, I couldn't let their hard work go unrewarded. I grabbed the both of them and pulled them in for a great big hug, tearing up a little as joy overwhelmed my very being. "I love you guys a whole lot, you know!!! I can't express how much thanks and love I have for the both of you!! If you ever need anything of me, just let me know and I'll do it for you, in a heartbeat!!! Alright?! I'll be the best Father and Creator and God and whatever else I am... Rather... I'll be the BEST PERSON I CAN BE!!! BECAUSE IF I'M THE BEST ME, THAT MEANS, BY DEFAULT, YOU ALL WILL BE THE BEST YOUS!! Right?!?"

I was getting the hang of this logic pretty well, and with that, I had to tell them, "Okay. I will use my wish to give you guys whatever you want. You two deserve it. Go ahead. Tell me anything and I'll do it! Alright?! It's a promise!! Yakusoku da yo~!!" Their services could not go unpaid. I'm not that type of person in the first place, in all honesty. Especially... when it came to my love. "So. What do YOU two want, for a change, since you gave up so much trying to give ME what I want?"

The hug was most unexpected, but at the same time, it was warm and loving... Something that Tensei hadn't felt in a long time from someone... Or anything. No one really showed too much love to him over the course of the years... And for someone to do so out of the kindness of their own heart was enough to bring a few Crystal Tears to his eyes. He turned to Tigen whilst they were being hugged and nodded his head, smiling, being released.

"Oh, Shinseigami... Your love is almost too much..." Tensei chuckled, seeing that this boy was indeed as pure of heart as Tensei first thought, even with all of the power given to him at this very moment, he was still thinking about what he could do to help others with it. For that, Tensei felt the same way... And he only wanted Tymon to be happy.

"I believe it is very clear what Tigen and I want, as you can tell from Tigen's last wish. We want your happiness above all. That's why we're doing all of this for you. Not for us. But for you. So you have to do what makes you happy. We've given you all of this power for that sole purpose. Don't go trying to use this special gift on someone else after we worked so hard to make you happy, kiddo! Hahahaha!" He was a sweetheart, but he really did let his emotions put him in situations where he was doing too much for others and not enough for himself. Fortunately, Tensei and Tigen would take care of that from now on, so he no longer had to worry about that. All he had to do was simply... Be.

"Go ahead. We know what you want. And we'll let you have it. You deserve it..." Tensei bowed humbly, deeply, respectfully and with the utmost love, "... Shinseigami-sama."

I was shocked for a moment, not really having anyone so deeply and honestly wish for me to have what I want... It was weird. It was new. But I liked it a lot. I was almost moved to tears, as well... Almost. But it seems like I could leave that one to Tensei, this time around. "... What? Really? You... You mean I can honestly...?!" I was getting a bit flustered. Excited! Happy, even!! "AW, YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!! YOU NEVER CEASE TO AMAZE ME!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!! I'LL REPAY YOU GUYS SEVEN TIMES OVER FOR THIS!!!"

With that, I turned to the Fountain Of Truth, gazing up at the beautiful crystal waters... Pleased to the utmost that my dreams were finally, after so long, about to come true. "I wish... I wish... With all my heart..." That sounds familiar... "... To be together with my True Love forever and always. I want you to bring her with me... And with every version of myself in every reality! Every dimension!! In fact!!!" I raised my hand up, pointing toward the Graceful Sky, "I WISH THAT EVERYONE EVERYWHERE WILL FIND, BE WITH AND ENJOY LIFE WITH THEIR TRUE LOVE FOR ALL TIME!! NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE OR WHAT THEY'VE DONE OR WHO THEY'RE WITH OR ANY OF THAT!! LET'S LET EVERYONE HAVE THEIR LOVES TOGETHER!!! I DON'T WANNA BE THE ONLY ONE!!"

If my Will was to be done... Then I might as well do for everyone. It just makes sense. I don't want to be the only one happy... That would be really, really selfish. What good is me being happy if I have to watch everyone else suffer?


And with that... I would wait for the Fountain Of Truth to grant the wish deep inside of my heart.

'Tsuki... I can't wait to see you and be with you, my love... I've been waiting a long, long time for this...' And with that, a single Crystal Tear would roll down his face... for finally, the waiting was done. My True Love would be with me...

Tensei smiled warmly, raising his head and closing his eyes, "... You never cease to amaze me, Shinseigami... Out of all of the humans I have witnessed throughout being within you... I am happy that you were the one to whom I was assigned. I see now why this was so." Without him, perhaps he would never have gotten rid of the Insanity... Yeah. It was definitely because of this kid here. To be perfectly honest... Khrona couldn't have done it by himself. Not in a million years.

"You heard the man, Tigen. His Will be done. And I believe... You are the Will of Tensei, are you not?" He jested, pointing to the Fountain. "I believe your wish was that 'All his wishes come true,' ne? Well. Hop to it!"

Tigen lit up, more than happy to see the Shinseigami actually HAPPY about something that HE was getting for once, and not about things that were done for other people that really usually didn't appreciate him and his efforts. Tigen was happy that he could be the one to grant this wish, too. That is what made him the absolute happiest. Especially since all of it was done... With love.

"ROGER, ROGER!!!" he shouted gleefully, bursting with the Will Of Tensei all around. The Fountain would shoot straight up into the sky again, just the same as before, and open up to spread out and connect to any and all dimensions, realities and such, just the same as was done to bring Tymon here in the first place. Tigen would disappear in the flood, branching out everywhere in an instant like a pulsating wave across the uniomniversal spectrum, letting the flow of the Will of Tensei allow for Tymon's Will to be done. Wherever his True Love was... She would be filled with the Will of Tensei and it would connect to hers. She would be able to feel the love of Tymon and the Tensei Brothers.

At the same time, the waves of the Will Of Tensei would spread out from this reality and mingle with the opposing forces of those that were around, ironing out the discord and starting to bring together all the True Loves of the universe. They would find themselves being pulled to each other in every aspect of life, like magnets all being attracted to whomever their absolute True Love was or would be. There would be no one without such. Even if it didn't happen immediately, it certainly would happen, no matter what. He was not overpowering their Free Will, but merely influencing it and everything around it to clear a way for them. He could bring them together, but Tigen would leave the loving and the decision to love to their own wills. That was what he was allowed to do, for impeding on someone else's Free Will was forbidden. But, influencing and making a way for it was definitely okay~!

The Will Of Tensei, spreading throughout the universe, would not stop until the wish was fulfilled, no matter how long it took. Since this power was infinite, it would infinitely continue to fulfill its request, until it was actually done. Meanwhile, however, Tigen was bringing back Tsuki; the True Love of Tymon.

When Tigen found the girl, the spray of the fountain would fall back to normal, leaving only a circular portal in the sky. Parting sky would leave only a single cloud in the shape of a halo and angelic cloud wings would form around it.

Before long, a massive accumulation of energy would be drawn to the opening, creating more and more clouds of angelic wings, these seeming to be made more of Shinsanity than anything else.

They all spread wide as Tigen would return with the Goddess that was meant for the Shinseigami to be with forever and always; The True Goddess, otherwise known as Shinmegami... Tsuki Tensei.

Tigen: "Yaaaaaaah~! Tigen found her~!! Lookie! LOOKIE LOOKIE!!!"

As Tigen touched down with the girl, he would step back and let Tymon and Tsuki have their time, knowing that it was probably really important to the both of them.

"Tigen hopes that you really are happy from now on and for always, Shinseigami! AND SHINMEGAMI, TOO~! Tigen loves you both~!" He'd say, before moving over to the side of his brother.

... Like an angel falling from the sky, pulled from a different dimension the same way as Tymon was, the young girl, Tsuki, would descend from the halo in the sky made more extravagantly than she would have liked -- as she didn't particularly enjoy so much attention brought to herself -- and would touch down before the fountain... And her lover, Tymon.

She opened her eyes, blinking a few times, then looked off to the side shyly, blushing a bit. She wasn't sure what was going on, but she was definitely happy to see... Him.

"... What happened?" she asked quietly, trying to make sense of everything.

"It's a long story that I can talk to you about later. The most important thing is... You're here! Finally..." I rolled my eyes, since I'd been waiting an eternity and a day for this girl to get to me in the Thirteenth Restriction. After all I went through... All WE went through, rather... All I wanted to do was go somewhere and just enjoy her company.

Tymon: "We can go talk about it for the rest of our lives. This world is mine and I'm basically able to do whatever I want. And right now, I just wanna be with you. That's why I used my one wish to bring you here, too! Now, all we have to do is combine our powers and things should be smooth for us and the Veritas from here on out~!"

A sudden feeling of relief overcame me, like a heavy burden had been lifted from my heart... and mind... and, hell, all parts of me, actually. Like I knew what True Peace was after finding my True Love. With me having my lover, that meant that everyone below me would, too. All extensions of myself would soon have their own True Loves as well, and each of them would be the extensions of Tsuki, which would fit together perfectly with those extensions of me. Such is how TRUE love worked.

"I made this world so that the both of us could enjoy it together. Naturally, I didn't think it'd be like this, but... Who the hell cares, as long as you're here, sweetie~!" I hugged her tightly, making sure all of my love would seep into her, as well as the Will of Tensei. The two of us would be Together as One... And as All. Forever and always. I could feel her heart beating in tandem with mine... and it made me smile. "I love you, Tsuki... I'm happy you made it safely. Welcome home, love."

Tigen, busy being distracted, didn't realize that he was supposed to connect the two of them together in their hearts and souls and all that other lovey dovey jazz. That was the one last thing that he didn't do just yet, but would do now. "What?" he muttered, snapping back into focus. "OH. OH SH-- Tigen's got it~!" With that, he would fill Tsuki with the Will of Tensei... Rather, the Love of Tymon in the form of the Will of Tensei all throughout her vessel, connecting both of their Wills and intertwining their hearts and souls in order for them to link together. With that, they would be officially and completely connected at the heart and soul. Both of their Wills were of Tensei. "Dooooone~! Tigen did good, right, Aniki~?"

Tsuki could feel the overwhelming feelings seeping into her very being; a power that she never felt before... Something known as 'Love.' For some reason, the actions of Tymon were enough to make her heart go *dokidoki* and for her face to become as red as a beet. If his words weren't enough, the hug definitely took the cake. She could feel their hearts beating in tandem, as well as the transfer of his own energy into her own, and vice versa. Something about this was really weird, but it made her extremely happy. She didn't know what to say, since she wasn't good with these types of things... but he loved her regardless, and that was enough for her. She slowly, but surely, returned his feeling with a hug, which seemed to be the binding seal on their love.

"I love you, too... Tymon..." she smiled, happy that he hadn't forgotten about her or left her behind, or gotten mad at her for taking so long. It made her happier than she ever had been. "Thank you for sharing this with me... I can't wait to hear all about it..." She'd give him a quick kiss on the cheek, then dart her eyes away shyly, rubbing her arm a bit, as though she were embarrassed. It was a new feeling, but a wonderful feeling, all the same. She also turned to Tensei and Tigen, the two who actually made this all possible, the two who would help make Tymon's dreams come True and hers, as well. She couldn't leave them out of this. "... You, too... Arigatou..." she muttered, happy that they were so eager to help them get together. His higher selves were just as sweet as he was... And now... he was the highest self. His True Self.

"Hear about it?" I mocked, grabbing her hand swiftly and holding it tightly, "You're gonna be in it!! That's what I was waiting for this entire time! I didn't want to start my life without my True Love in it! That's why... We're doing all of this together!" She would finally get her own Thirteen Restrictions. She and all of the Tensei. Then they could all try to reach for the top together! "We're starting over. I want to learn everything there is to know and go through every experience, and I plan to do so! I've gone through this multiple times in my head..." Funny, because that meant much more than what it actually appeared to be, "... And I've decided that it's only fair. No more piggybacking off of me! It's time for you to get your own life source. And I'll be with you every step of the way. From the Zeroth Restriction, of which no one knows about." Secret knowledge that only the Creator has. It did exist, and it was before one unlocks their abilities at all; a sort of larval state of extremely simple human life, as is the most basic form of humanity. "When we start over, we won't have or remember anything. What do you want to do? I believe that I should make you my Chomao, and you make me yours! Then we could always be together even when we're apart and whenever we need each other, we'll be there! Howsabout it? You gimme Friday and I give you Tigen?" It seemed like a fair exchange. They were both 12th Restrictions, and it guaranteed that they would meet each other again, since they would have exchanged 'souls' so to speak. "Our Love Story has to be the most greatest thing in the universe!!! That's why we gotta write it together, or else it won't mean anything at all!! Gotta put your heart into your Art! Give it all your Love! Ya know? And that means that your part of the story has to be in it, too... Or else, your heart isn't in it, either. And Art out of Heart is just He... Which is... Reversed...

Tymon: 'Eeeeeh....'

That's why... Only one can fill the position... to be Part of the Art and the Heart. He smirked at her, snickering childishly under his breath like he knew what he was doing all the time. The signature cheshire grin on his face that seemed to run in his family showing up with the same shimmering sanguine gleam of his eyes. "I think we should seal the deal, bae. We unlocked it together, didn't we?"

As she blushed and giggled cutely, the words slightly escaped her lips, "Hai..."

She found it cute about how much he was going through on her sake, even though she really didn't want him to at all. In fact, she felt really bad that all of the terrible things that happened were because of her existence. It was good to see that he didn't care about any of the trouble she put him through... That was how she knew that this was the best decision. "Ikuyo... Ty-kun..." she muttered, grabbing his hand and staring up at Tensei and Tigen. She was the next one to have her wish granted... "... Watashi no yume... Mitemitai desu..." And he could make it a reality... That much, she knew. She just hoped that she didn't destroy his in the process... She'd have to return to her form before all of her powers were unlocked, and she would forget about him, too... But he'd be there. Maybe... Maybe they didn't have to forget. If it wasn't part of her dream, then they wouldn't have to forget. She was his dream and now she could make him into hers. And that meant... She was going to be the new main character... The one that brings her family out of the darkness... For that to occur, she wanted the two of them to retain their memories, but not of their own powers. In order to get their powers back, they would have to learn about them from the very beginning, from conception to actual usage in a logical manner. Since this was her dream, she got whatever she wanted, and this is what she wished for. It was her turn to go through the Veritas, starting with the Enigmas... The Manna...

She would wave at Tensei and Tigen, thanking the both of them for their generous help again, smiling warmly at them. Now her story would no longer be his dream... it would become her reality... That's why she loved him so much... Because of all the work he did to make her real... His Friday The Thirteenth Fairy...

"We will keep things in order from here, Shinseigami. You just enjoy yourself. Tigen and I have things up here. And now, Friday will, too." Because she was made first, going back down meant that she would be able to form all of the forms below herself that are the fragments of Tymon's wishes that were missing from her own. The two of them could see their world come together before their eyes... It was actually extremely cute about it. Tensei could keep things in order from here... There was no one getting past him. And if somehow they did, they'd have to get past Tigen, too. The Thirteenth was secure. Only one Tensei could claim the Thirteenth Restriction... Whichever one of the Children -- including the AllFather himself as a Child -- assumed the throne and made it through the Thirteen Restrictions would become the new PumpKing. And only the True Successor would be able to inherit the throne. Whichever one of the reincarnated Tensei it was... It would ALWAYS be whomever the One True Successor was. Whomever was TRULY next in line.

He pet the Maregenesis, that which glowed with stripes of rainbow all the color of the spectrum, "Alright then. Tigen. It is time to grant their wish. It's been a pleasure, Shinseigami. I will always be with you... As will all of the Tensei. We will help the both of you to hasten learning about yourselves and your powers. We want you two to Rest in Peace together..." This was their solemn wish, and if they were parts of Tymon that were living in this realm, then they would get theirs granted by her as well, the same way they would grant hers. "I truly hope that you two enjoy yourselves... We'll make sure that you do! Hahaha!" And with that... They were off. The Tensei Seal would appear on the both of them, binding the two of them together at the same time, returning them back to the Zeroth Restriction. They would start together and be at the same level together. From there, the rest would be up to them; two souls no longer bound by fate nor destiny, but free to live in their world as they saw fit. To start their story together... It was almost too much for him to bear. All they worked for was all for this moment. "I hope this makes the both of you happy. I... Love you guys, too." It wasn't like him to say such things, but he gazed off to the side shyly and blushed a little bit... Saying these things was a little difficult when he was feeling a lot of emotion. That's what Tigen was for, after all. Hahaha. Two halves of the Same Whole... that which is Tymon.

At that moment random flickering and pops of rainbow flares like miniature fireworks and cosmoses crackling and pouring over into their own macrocosmic forms would begin to spontaneously ignite and release their energies out into the world, similarly to how his daughter, Trinity had begun learning to do. The Flames of Eternity would reach begin to flare up and traverse the edge of the world, catching every wave produced by the Fountain of Truth as Tigen got excited. "Upupupu... In order for Tigen to fulfill this great of a wish, Tigen must do... THE RAINBOW PANDA PANDANCE!!!"

Tigen: "TEEHEEHEE! "

The crackling flame burst from the bulbous crystal head as two large concentrations hovering about the side of his head, trapped in the dead center of his Two Magnifiers, with the Third hovering above his head like a halo. The energy trapped within the Magnifiers would grow exponentially, since they were not passing completely through the magnificative energetic rings but merely remaining in the center. The growing puffballs made him look like a panda, of sorts. The energy grew larger extremely swiftly, the glow soon beginning to encompass all of the Veritas. If this was the Crystal World and the colorful Flames of Eternity were what gave it life, shape and form, then he could make her dream world look like whatever she wished just by combining their wills. And not only that, but the Friday the Thirteenth Fairy, as well.

Tigen: "PANDANCE, HA!!!"

Tigen: "HOO!!!"

Tigen: "HA!!!"

The Will of Tensei that brought her here was going to be the same thing that reached into her heart and pulled out the Friday the Thirteenth Fairy that was supposed to be Tigen's counterpart.

Tigen: "Aaaaand..."




With that, not only would Friday the Thirteenth Fairy come into the Veritas from the Enigmas, but also, Tymon and Tsuki would start over from the Zeroth... And Tigen and Friday would be with the both of them as their Chomao. Wherever they wished to appear, since they would retain their memories, was entirely up to them at that point. Tigen and Friday's True Selves had to remain here in the Crystal Garden, whilst only the small slivers of themselves would be with Tymon and Tsuki wherever they decided to end up. This was Tigen's Freed Will.

Tigen: "GODSPEED, GUYS~!!!"

Tigen: "BYEBEE!~"

Tigen: "WITH LOVE"

~Tigen, the Will Of Tensei
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Chapter 5; Our Chariot Awaits...

Descending from a great cosmic Myst, -- known as the Enigmas -- hovering down on one of the segments of Manor Alexandros, which seemed to be the size of a full Airship, were Tymon and Tsuki, the new True Lovers. Atop the newly installed component of the Manor, they could take vacations in their 'home away from home' sort of flying craft. It was linked to the Manor so it gave the same sort of holy protection.

'Labrys; the Pharaoh's Flying Labyrinth.'

It was a good thing that it was left behind by his brother so it could be used for something. Combining it with the 'Prima' made for quite the establishment. And there would be helpful friendly golems inside! What fun! Perhaps he'd have it become an estate in the 'Empyrean Isles' as one of the floating islands.

They would be lowered into the place that he remembered to create specifically for the two of them; something he'd been DYING to show her throughout the entirety of this entire ordeal. "Mitte mitte, Tsuki-chan! Sugoi, ne~?" He smiled wide, pointing down to all of the sparkling shimmering flowers that shone like mirrors in the moonlight upon their descent. The glow of the Khrona Flowers was marvelous this evening.

Tymon: "If we pick a Khrona Flower and a Moonflower and put them together, something good will happen! Wanna do it?"

Having just been pronounced Grand Magistrate by her Great Grandmother before all of the calamity that occurred, Tsuki had yet to do anything to truly exercise her new title and rank... Nor to fill the shoes, either. Though she was excited to see the marvelous and thoughtfully created place made specifically for she and her new lover, of whom she was recently wed before both the Tree Of Life and the Tree Of Knowledge and given blessings from both, she was feelings somewhat... Troubled about everything. She'd always been next in line, being a princess and all... Friday Malfortuna The Thirteenth. The most important Princess, at that... The one that was supposed to break the curse of Malfortuna. It was a lot of pressure put on her to think about... Breaking the incredible string of bad luck that loomed over her family since the beginning of time thanks to their destructive power over both dreams and the Dream World, from whence she hailed. Though it was now connected to the Veritas as the Enigmas, things were not in order just yet and she was rather worried.

She looked over to Ty, smiling softly, but clearly with a hint of distress in her eyes. She really did think it was beautiful and wonderful that he went through so much even though she didn't really want him to, but even so, part of her wished she could appreciate it more... But it couldn't be so until she got this all figured out. This Malfortuna...

Tsuki: "This is wonderful... It really is... But I don't think I can really focus on enjoying myself when I've got such a large responsibility on my shoulders... Being the Goddess of an entire world... To be the head of a family... 'Grand Magistrate'... I'm just not sure what I should do. Or if this is what I should be doing with my time and my title..."

She felt as though she could be doing a lot more productive or important for everyone and everything around her, and by neglecting to do so by going on a 'honeymoon' of sorts with this on her mind was not exactly the best idea... For anyone, she believed. She looked down, slightly distressed, muttering to herself, "Doushiyou...?" she didn't want to hurt his feelings, but she also didn't want to stop enjoying her time with him... It's what she truly wanted, regardless of what was in her way at the present moment. If only she could find a way to do both...

"Oh, that's right," he muttered to himself, forgetting that this entire time, they'd been trying to rid him of the Insanity so that he could take the reigns of the Tensei family... But she was not only inducted into the Tensei family by marriage, but also became the Queen of her own realm at the time of their union. It was a dual wedding and coronation ceremony for the both of them, and Tymon simply wanted to enjoy the Peace that he'd finally found within the Veritas. "Hmmm..." He wasn't going to enjoy himself without her, and she wasn't going to enjoy herself until she figured out what her place was as the Queen, or at least how to be the 'Grand Magistrate' of all the Fae.

"I understand how you feel. I just became the head of the Tensei family, remember? Now that I'm free of my Insanity, I can focus all of my attention on helping you out! In fact, that's why I insisted that we start over! Ohohoho~!" He was much more perceptive than he seemed, and indeed thought much farther ahead than anyone would have realized initially due to all the discord that was going on around them... Thanks to the Insanity and Malfortuna in tandem. "We sure have some messed up curses, though, huh?" He chuckled, trying to lighten the mood.

He scratched the back of his head, letting 'Labrys' touch down in the field of 'Moonflowers' and 'Khrona Flowers', plucking one immediately. "Look, I know you want to focus on your duties, but I'm pretty sure taking things easy will make you feel better. Clear your head a little bit. Besides, if you tell me about it, you know I can help you figure out the best answer~!" The two of them didn't have any powers yet, but this place was exceedingly special. He picked a second flower, this one being a 'Moonflower' to pair with the 'Khrona Flower' and slowly began to bring them together.

"... These two flowers were made of both of our energies. When you put them together, they make whatever you want become reality! See, watch..." The Moonflower would magnify and reflect the Reality Warping waves released by the Khrona Flower, intensifying the reality to shape to the will of whomever was touching them. Their petals were shaped like cards and they were filled with the power of both Manna and Reality, which would make whatever Tymon wished for at the moment to come true.

"Lookit!" he screamed, charging the flowers with the energy of what he wished for them to be before the flowers would merge together and take the shape of it. Since he was being lazy and was just experimenting with the effects, he would create a little Fire Fairy made out of the Shinsanity Of Fire. This was otherwise known as an 'Ignis.'

Tymon: "Awwww, isn't it just so cute~?! She's a little Fae for you to practice with, I guess! I can use the flowers to help get a grasp of my powers and you can just play with whatever I make! Doesn't that seem fun?"

Because being the Grand Magistrate meant that she had control over all of the Fae, she had to figure out how to get that control without using her powers. Tymon would also have to figure out how to actually learn to use his powers without the assistance of these flowers, too... Maybe she could help him with that. It would be good to help each other out.

Tymon: "Come onnn! The little Ignis is cute, isn't she? So cute~! Adorable little Fire Fairy~!" He just loved cute things.

The Ignis that was created spontaneously by Tymon would, after realizing how she came to be, nuzzle up gently against his neck, wanting to thank him for bringing her to life. Fae, being born of 'Creative Energies', needed others who would create them first before they could exist. They existed parallel to beings of Reality, who existed first before they actually conceive their true forms. Fae could not exist like that and as such, used them as conduits. To show her appreciation for providing her with a substantial life simply from thinking about her, -- as is the only way she would come to be unless she gained enough energy to create herself spontaneously -- she showered him with affection.

Ignis: "Thank you for bringing me to life! I will grant you with the power to manipulate flames!"

Faefolk were known to be generous about giving things to those who helped them... At least, the friendly ones. The others were malicious and starved of energy, like rabid beasts that sought to consume the energy of whatever they came across, like they were wild animals. Fortunately, this Ignis was not one of those types. She ignited some dust and allowed the crackling pops to lightly make contact with his skin; not close enough to burn, but enough for him to feel. With just that, he would be able to harness the power of the Ignis' 'Fairy Fire'.

She could tell who this person was, as well as feel his presence around her more acutely than most other beings. Fae were extremely energy sensitive. Because she was aware of his 'Creative Energy', she wished to receive more from him in order to grow more powerful and become a greater energetic influence upon the world around her. Such was the power of 'manna'.

Ignis: "So... Now that I've given you something... Why don't you give me a little something in return, hmmm~?" *wink*

Everything was going well until the little fire hoe started pushing up on Tsuki's man. Tsuki wasn't happy about what she was seeing going on right before her eyes with this little slut, and in her anger, she could feel something welling up inside of her. She could feel something hot, something similar to how the little fairy was, until out of nowhere... The Ignis would burst into flames, her creative spark immediately fizzling out and leaving no more of the little fairy left. The manna that had been disperse was thoroughly absorbed into Tsuki after she destroyed the little Fae. Not a trace of her manna remained, except which had been gifted to Tymon out of the kindness of her heart.

Tsuki: "..."

Tsuki turned her head swiftly, slightly annoying at the occurrence. She was upset and did not wish to speak anymore. She wasn't sure how nor why the little fairy burst, but she knew that she subconsciously had some level of control over pure imagination itself and if this bitch was made out of the 'Creative Energy' of this Imagination, then Tsuki had a way to control it. She wasn't trying to and didn't know how to do it again. But it had always been like that with she and her family...

Tymon was enjoying the nice little attention he was getting from the rather cute and pretty hot Ignis showering him with love, and even gave him some of her fire manna to play with! She was such a little sweetie. "Waaaah~! Kawaii desu~!! Arigatou gozaimashita!" He would bow to the little Fire Fairy respectfully, humbly thanking her for the present that she gave to him that she really didn't have to. When she started to ask for anything more, however...


Tymon: "OHMYGAWD."

And he watched as the burning crumbs of the little Ignis fell toward the ground and burned up before they actually touched down. Shocked. "Wa... Wha-- Why!?!? SHE WAS JUST SO CUTE!!!" He fell to the ground, slamming his fist on the ground childishly, mourning over the death of the uber cute little fiery sprite, "WHY MUST THIS BEEEEEEEEEE!?!?" He raised his hand up dramatically, shaking his fist to the sky in a comically vengeful manner.

A moment later, he'd rise from the ground beside Tsuki, staring at her with interest and curiosity. "Woah! How did you do that! You started remembering some shit or some shit?! Misete kudasai~!!" He flailed his arms at her bounce trying to figure out everything about how she did it. If he did, then he could help her do some more. The two of them couldn't use any of their powers until they figured out how to do so... And that was, well, the deal about all of this. They could remember what they were all they wanted to, but they couldn't use them until they figured out how to do it all over again on their own. But the best thing about Tymon was... He could figure out all of the mechanics and components to something just be observing it! Part of that Tensei Dojutsu; 'Hyper Perception,' and all that, which came naturally to him, considering it was part of his senses.

"'Omoshiroi~'" he muttered gleefully as he observed how it was done, his eyes gleaming with a shimmering white X-shaped glint. It almost looked like a crosshair of sorts, targeting and isolating whatever he believed was of interest at the time. He wasn't sure why this occurred, but the fact that it did helped him to understand what it was immediately without her even having to say anything about it. "Oh, yeah! This is some of your natural power! I think it might be your Phantasmagoria! What do you think about it? You want me to make another one that you can practice with? I'll make it less cute this time so I won't be upset when it dies."

With that, he picked up another Reality Flower and a Moonflower and put them together, creating something entirely different this time.

"I remember that your animal theme was the Owl. Cuz, you know... I know everything about you. Hahaha..." ... Wait... Then that meant... "This one's called a 'Great CryptOwl'. I drew a picture this thing called the 'Demon Owl' once, and it was made specifically for you! It's so cool. Wanna see what it looks like? I'll make the 'Great CryptOwl' look similar. Hold on."

He started to think about the 'Great CryptOwl' as the two flowers came together and started translating his will and thought into reality before their eyes, the 'Great CryptOwl' coming to be in the form of a large, man-sized, ancient looking Owl. It loomed over the both of them with great black wings and a face as pale and white as the moon.

"Maybe if you see things relating to your powers, it'll help you remember how to use them! That's how it works for me!" Hopefully, his Great CryptOwl could be of service in this situation.

Tsuki rolled her eyes at his over dramatic display and sighed heavily, "You know that you can just make another one. Quit your moaning." For some reason, even though she knew that the little Ignis was just showing him some appreciation in the only way a little newborn fae would know how, she still didn't like that little whore pushing up on her husband like that. It was a sacred vow that the two of them took and to see anyone get in the way of that had to be destroyed.

In the moment that she used this power, her hair flashed purple for only a moment, as if drawing power from somewhere that she wasn't yet aware of how to access within herself. Regardless, the deed was done and the bitch was dead. As it should be.

However, she wasn't going to ignore how plausible his theory was, especially now that he wasn't crying over the little dead thing anymore. Looks like he figured out that they were just disposable. Now that annoying things weren't happening, she felt a little better about speaking and, of course, when she turned around to look at Tymon, she'd meet with the eyes of a great black bird looming over her with deep jet black wings that seemed to blot out the moon. Gazing up at this creature triggered a memory inside of her, as though accessing a bit of information that she once did not have the key to; one that was blocked off because of its lack of a trigger. The Great CryptOwl was that trigger and, just as Tymon suspected, when she saw it, her hair would flash purple and begin to pour out power from all around her body. It took the shape of a beautiful deep violet owl with a third eye upon its head, as well as a cavity where a huge chunk of its lower torso was taken out to resemble a large gaping mouth closed around her. Its wings would spread out wide just the same as the Great CryptOwl before it, as though mirroring its image.

"I remember..." she muttered, hair flailing about wildly, "... This Familiar feeling..." It felt almost like the owl was perched on her shoulders... But at the same time, wrapped around her soul with its stomach-jaws.

Out of thin air, fazing in from the Dream World was Friday, a long time no-show in this world due to having been within Titania that entire time before her death. She was clearly less than worthy to harbor Friday's power. She was the Twelfth reincarnation, she supposed. That made Tsukihime Number Thirteen.

"Ohhh... Hey, whassup, guys?" She would rest her legs upon Tymon's shoulders, leaning over his head playfully as she watched what was going on, "Looks like you're awakening the First Restriction in the Thirteenth Fairy, huh? Do it!! Something good will happen once she Awakens..." Being the Twelfth Restriction equivalent to Tigen, Friday knew all sorts of things about how the process was meant to be for Tsuki. The only problem was... If she would end up destroying everything in the process.

But... She wasn't gonna tell him that part~! He could just find out what was gonna happen next on his own.

Just when Tymon thought that everything was going just fine, something amazing happened right before his eyes! Tsuki's hair would flash purple and begin to pour out her mystical influence, which would take the form of the 'Dream Owl' around her body! Though, something was off about it... It didn't look like it was complete. That large gaping hole in its torso was seeking the completed piece of its mystical influence, and it seems as though it thought that Tsuki's soul was to be its next treat.

"Hey. Wait a fucking second..." He looked up toward miss sexy gorgeous who appeared on his shoulders with her legs wrapped around his head, and he sighed heavily. "Goddammit, Friday. You're the missing part of her soul, aren't you...? And now that we've exchanged, then I guess that means..."

He would close his eyes, concentrating deeply on his own spirit. He knew how to bring out that djinni... "TIGEN!! GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE!! We have to fill her up with the Shinsanity before she spirals out of control and becomes a Falshin... And starts spreading that shit all over the place." Though they completed the verbal transaction at the alter, they had yet to actually go through the necessary protocols of the actual exchange process. In fact, they couldn't before because there was too much fucked up nonsensical insanity blocking the way. Looks like Titania's soul was only meant to get rid of it and couldn't survive... Guess that's why there are Thirteen Fairies. The previous one gives up herself in order to prolong the next one. But this time... This time, this one wasn't going to die. No, there was a way to keep them from extinguishing their power, and that was with the Shinsanity. This was why he made the vow with her in the first place.

"TIGEN! Snatch up this Great CryptOwl and get to Tsuki IMMEDIATELY!!" He knew that wherever he was, he could hear Tymon, since they were omnipresent, the same was as Friday was. "We don't have all day here. Do you want Insanity to overrun the Veritas, or what? Old Destructo-bitch will definitely tear it down if we don't stop her." He looked up to his cute little fairy and winked at her, blowing a kiss at her, since he couldn't give her one whilst she was resting on top of his head.

Shiny liquid energy bubbles wrapped in a rainbow veil suddenly ignited and burst in time with 'The Theme Song' that suddenly started to play, each bubble seeming to release more and more of the musical vibrations as they appeared and popped all about. It was a genuine bubble party!

At the drop, Tigen would suddenly form in a burst of light, soon to be wrapped and contained by a skin-like layer of Liquid Energy and a bulbous Pumpkin shaped head of crystal complete with a scarf wrapped around his neck and a trail of a spectral aura blazing from the head and wisping outside the confines of the crystal pumpkin.

Tigen: "Haaaaaaiiiii~!"

As quickly as he shaped his form from thin air, similarly to how Friday was able to, would he slip back into spectral form and shoot into the Great CryptOwl as a bolt of lightning, granting it with the Spirit Of Shinsanity at the time.

The random memories flashed in Tsuki's head of times past, the things that were recessive in her mind and not things that she'd been thinking about before... The missing connections to herself and her powers. There was a method to the way everything was formed, and in hers, seeing this Great CryptOwl gave her memories of some of her previous power.

"The Dream World... No... That's just what it's called to you all..." That was the title for the ambiguous realm that she hailed from, but that was not its true name. The land that he knew as the 'Enigmas' was truly a place known as 'Manna', and now that she could access her power that was linked to that place, she could use her power over imagination to cause random influence to occur subconsciously around others with her thoughts. This was the basic level of her Phantasmagoria. "We don't have any time to waste... It must be established." This is what she felt she had to do now with the memories she acquired... Something... compelled her to take flight at that moment.

Tsuk: "Sisters... My fellow Fae... We must set you free of your prison and release you into the Veritas... So that all Dreams may become Reality..."

The Fae were the creatures that made wishes and dreams come true through the Creative Energy that was locked within being born of Reality. In order to help them accomplish their goals, they find the one they are connected to and link with them, allowing for them to create whatever their hearts desired. However, they'd been locked up in the Dream World, only able to interact with this world on a subtle and subconscious level, of which some would consider 'spiritually'. They were what one could call 'Soulmates', though instead of taking the form of a physical weapon, they took the form of a supernatural entity that was equivalent to what their soul truly was inside of them.

"They've been screaming...!! I hear them... Trying to be free...!!!" She grasped her head, moaning a bit, as though in a slight bit of pain and mental ecstasy, "All they wanted to do was to make wishes come true, and you all abused that right!! Ugh... GAAAH!!!" She was hearing too many of the angry, vengeful spirits at once. But she sympathized for them and wanted to set them free.

Tsuki: "I remember... It was the Tensei that did it in the first place, wasn't it!? Who locked us all away for the crimes of the Witches!! We haven't forgotten!!"

There had been a lifelong war going on between both of their families for quite some time now, whether or not the two of them had been paying any attention to it as they were growing up. If their union meant anything to him, and the words that were spoken at the time of their vows, then he'd understand what had to be done.

Tsuki: "I can't sit around and play games with you any longer, Tymon!! I have a job to do as Grand Magistrate, and keeping my kin locked up is not one of them!!"

With that, the Wings of the 'Demon Owl' spread wide, flapping hard and sending Tsuki off into the sky, right back toward the Enigmas; where all her people had been locked away by the Zero World for their great power.

The moment the Demon Owl took off into the night, the Great CryptOwl followed right behind her, its form blotted out by the cloak of the night. The white mask-like face glistened in the moonlight, trailing her immediately.

"Damn you, Destructo-bitch!!!" Each flap of the black wings called forth an updraft that would have the owl ascend closer and closer with every move, until a spectral aurora had condensed in its wake. It looked like a ball of blazing black wind with colors streaming from its tail "Wait until you have the Shinsanity inside first so you can purify the land before it comes inside!!! I don't want any of that Insanity shit inside of here for as long as I possibly can. Damn."

It was clear that she was experiencing the side-effects of the First Restriction Awakening, which was always of Mentality... The Psychic Powers. The purple coloration of her hair was also an indicator to this.

"At least she's in the First Restriction now... But she's out of control..." Tymon had to stop her before she reached the Enigmas and unlocked the Zero World barrier that was keeping it contained in a realm where all value equates to Zero.

"I see you like to play the Mirror game," the Great CryptOwl hooted, already having assessed the information it had before with its 'Archaic Mind', the special ability signature to this being. It slung its dark wing out from the black robed around it in a shadowy blur, a white wave of sharp wind cutting through the air and towards the Demon Owl at high speeds. "Hold still... This will only take a second..."

After Tymon saw to it that the Demon Owl was to be taken care of by Tigen, he returned his attention to Friday, whom he was now alone with. "... Soooooooo... How YOU doin~?" That whole other shit was gonna get taken care of, since Tigen was on the case. Tymon was not worried at all. "Now, let's see about how to get mine in order. Hmmm... Let me think... Hmmm..." How the fuck did he fucking unlock his First Restriction, again...?

"... Aw dammit. I guess I just gotta wait. *shrugs*" Oh well. At least he was here with his lover... Or rather, her spirit. "Yo, shawty, you can definitely do some shit that'll help out with this, right? Get off your lazy ass and get to work, hoe!" From around her neck, a flaming chain would spontaneously ignite and extend into his hand, as though siphoning out her powerful destructive manna in the form of the Fire ability that was gifted to him by that little Ignis before it was blown to bits. "LET'S START PLAYING WITH FIRE!!!" From his Left Hand, he would release a beautiful stream of Creation that took the shape of a Hellmutt.

Tymon: "Look, I made you a little dog thing! It's so cute, isn't it? Let's call him Skippy~!"

"Ugh, fuck you," Friday scoffed, placing her hands on his head and rising effortlessly up into a handstand atop his skull. After having absorbed some of his Creative Energy from his head in the form of his Dreams, she would gracefully slip onto its back and strike a cute, yet subtly sensual pose on its back, letting the flames that conjured this being to engulf her body, lining her hair and clothing. "You're lucky that you're cute. Otherwise, I'd have disposed of you a long time ago!" She winked and returned the kiss blown at her to him so they would meet in the middle.

At that moment, she'd grab the Hellmutt by its neck with her right hand and crush it between her fingers, snapping its neck instantly and dispersing it back into the creative energy it was made from before. She stuck her tongue out as her hand lit aflame, "And don't just go thinking you can have my energy at any given time just because you know you can. We need to establish some ground rules." She tapped her foot impatiently, "But, I guess it just can't be helped..." she sighed, shrugging her shoulders, "What else would a little brat like you do with something like me once you got me, huh...? Probably just some dumb kid things, I bet..." Like a RolePlay Forum or something.

Tymon chuckled lightly, furrowing his brow, smile growing wide as he took hold of a loose end left open by the rather feeble Friday and pulled his 'Dream Energy' that she tried to just 'up' from him on the sly back in the form of a blazing whip, of which he immediately cracked at them there hands that tried to steal it from him. "Ah, ah, ah~! Talking about ME and these ground rules... Let's discuss our matters of 'payment', shall we? There's a Price for everything, right? I'm sure you know... Hahahah... Hoe. <3 " His voice trailed off as though it were sarcastically said, but it was actually meant with love. This was just how they flirted with each other.

"So, uh... let's see how much of MY energy you tried to take from ME..." Time now for penny pinching!! Drawing the flaming energy back into his hand, now significantly more powerful than it was before thanks to Friday's little stickyfingers, he could feel a burning connection with the binding energy now. "Uuuh huh. Tried to take more than you're worth, huh? No, no, no... Now, that won't do at all! But uh, thanks for the INTEREST, love!"


He just adored multilayered jokes. Now, with his Hyper Perception active, he watched how Friday used her powers and immediately broke down and figured out how to use them. Her little slip up was his gain, as would always be... For the both of them, actually. It was an Equivalent Exchange that literally had no restrictions on either end. They could both take as much from the other as they wanted. Now it was all about... How they did it.

"Alright, so all I have to do is strangle one of the little mofos and they turn into dust? Aight, bet. Let's go." He picked up two more flowers and used them to create a Wind Sprite, this time... A little 'Sylphee', in fact.


Using the attractive cuteness against the fairy, he'd simply channel the energy he was getting from feeling attracted to it and exchange it with enough energy to swiftly snatch and crush the little creature in the palm of his hand, popping off its head and squeezing out the little fairy dust.


Oh, he was gonna have to make a CHOCOLATE one next... Mmm... Chocolate...

"Ugh, fucking--" Friday huffed, actually thinking she got one over on him that time. The snap of the flaming whip at her hand was slight, but it was hot... And kinda liked it. She licked her lips slightly at the thought, but didn't do much more than that. She didn't want him to think that he'd actually won.

"It's like 'Man' discovering 'Fire' all over again..." she paused, crickets chirping in her head before she sighed and continued, "... That's not funny." Even though it was hilarious. Especially when he made more of those little sluts that would try to siphon his energy like only she had exclusive access to do like that shit was just cute or something. Watching him make them just to use the little hoes as necessary was the best thing for her. To think that he could, at any given time, do the same thing to her was actually a pretty nice thought in her head... Maybe she could get him to do it... Let's see.

"Hey, kid! Check this out!!" She snapped her fingers and an owl appeared on her shoulder, and where she pointed her finger, -- which just so happened to be at his head -- the 'Nightwing Arrow' owl would take off from being perched on her shoulder and shoot through the air in the shape of a sharp, purple arrow; its beak became the point and its ears, the arrowhead edges. Looked sharp enough to pierce straight through his brain with no problem. She smirked snidely, interested in seeing what he was gonna do about it.

Relishing in all the joys of the little 'Sylph' he just snatched up and ate, Tymon would start to combine this Wind energy from here with the Fire manna that was granted by the Ignis, thus conjuring up a little condensation of heat that took the shape of a translucent fairy with large wings. The glow of the heat gave her a shimmering, sparkling form, and she would appear before his eyes as his own energy started to mingle with the ones absorbed by the fairies. "Woaaaah" he thought, this thing manifesting before his Third Eye, "This is awesome~! I wonder what it--" before he could figure it out, the little condensation of heat was skewered by the 'Nightwing Arrow', causing it to cry out in pain. Its scream sounded like the harmonious resonance of a choir, the ringing releasing a powerful burst of this heated condensation. The force knocked his head back a bit, like someone had just thrown a pillow at him.

"OW!!! Dammit, what is your problem!? You couldn't have warned me, first!? Shit. How am I supposed to know we've started if you don't like, acknowledge it or something!!" He huffed, shaking it off, "... Damn. I swear, some people are just so inconsiderate and impolite 'round these parts. Your behavior is a little QUESTIONABLE to say the least..."

Though, it was funny to watch these little fairies that were trying to appear just continue to die and be used for fodder. Not gonna lie. That was just hilarious.

"Alright, but let me stop fucking around," he said, plucking his last two flowers and bringing them together, "Now, my book. Pandoire, the Crystal Grimoire." It was the book that harbored both Tigen and Friday, as well as everything form the Thirteenth Restriction and below. However, Tymon was currently only able to access whatever was written in the 'Panmanna' section. He flipped through the pages, which would flow from out of the book and take the shape of cards floating around him. These pages -- or 'Cards' -- would be the form of what he wished for his own Omnipedia to take on. His Crystal Grimoire was also the Omnipedia, and as such, what would happen to it would assimilate with the reality of the Veritas immediately. All of the information written on each of the pages would merge with the data of the Veritas, linking the 'Data Realm', the 'Dream World', and the 'Veritas' together through the binding pages of the Pandoire. The world was now his weapon, as well as his storybook that he could write into, take from, read about, learn from and anything else he wished at any given time. It was His Word. His Voice; the Narration on the Pages.

"Alright then. Even though I can do whatever the fuck I want, rules are rules, and as such, I'm gonna have to awaken my First Restriciton in order to be able to utilize my Panmanna without the use of the Pandoire. Then I'll be able to have cool powers and shit like Tsuki does..." He sighed, admiring her abilities and stuff that she could do so effortlessly~! She was just so dreeeaaaammy~!

"Okay, hoe, I'm ready now... Since you wanna take cheap shots and shit..." Though, admittedly, shots were fired by him before they even began. Heeheehee. "While you're training me to use this 'Manna' shit, Tigen should be teaching Tsuki how to use her Soul. It should keep her stabilized and keep her from destroying things when she awakens her First Restriction."

Tymon lifted a finger and reached outward, pulling energy from the air that would take the shape of a Page of the Pandoire in his hand, resembling a card, for convenience. "Let's see... What do we have here...? 'Crystal Pyramid'? Hahaha, Alright, I'm game!" He wasn't skilled at pulling the energy he wanted at any time he wanted just yet, but he could still draw whatever type was in the atmosphere around him at the time. Fortunately for him, being around Friday also meant that he could have access to any sort of energy at any time, but clearly at a price... That he was actually pretty decent on paying. He winked, blowing a kiss to her again, "This one's for you, sweetie~!" Trailing off from his sentence would be a string of energy that would sparkle and crackle like fire, burning open spacial rifts around her in the shape of a large pyramid containment chamber, sealed shut with a large mystic Eye. "Evangelion!!" he cried out, pointing at what he was creating as it was being created in excitement, being reminded of the realm where Tinasanti sat and read from the Omnipedia. He was like a child filled with wonder as he watched the things that he had in his head come into reality before his eyes. He created this containment technique based on that thought, which would come to be as the rift that would keep her in a suitable place for her to test out her powers as she saw fit whilst in a controlled environment. "When you're ready to be a big girl and play fair, then you can come out, m'kaaaay~?" from his lips, Kanji-type seals would sprout and engrave themselves on top of the Eye, like seals. He would think of blowing bubblegum and begin to chew, blowing out a 'Crystal Ball' of which he was able to peer inside and look at her from outside the Pyramid. "M'kay, have fun~!" he said, letting the large crystal bubble remain on his face like a giant pacifier. He was just gonna sit there and watch her do some shit. That seemed like it would be interesting.

"UUUGH!!" Friday couldn't believe that she let herself get tricked and trapped like that. It was child's play and she got bamboozled. Now, she couldn't act at all without giving him any of the powers that she had at her disposal. He would see her, number one, with the Hyper Perception -- that she didn't forget that he figured out how to do -- and two, with the Epic Art able to siphon her power and give it directly to him. She was legitimately trapped.

"You little brat. How could I have fallen for such a trap?" But then again, that's why she loved him... Only he was able to contain the 'Unbound Influence' and actually figure out a way to confine it. He was good... That's why only ONE person could handle her influence correctly; only the 'Eschaton', the next 'King Of Manna'. The only one who could pass the 'Secret Final Test'. "Fine. You pass. I'll finish the coronation without anymore interruptions. You've proven yourself more than capable of handling me and my powers without abuse." She smiled warmly at him, warping out of the 'Crystal Pyramid' and exchanging places with Tsuki. "Now that I know you'll treat my body right, we can get this 'Absolute Anarchy' on the road, eh? Don't think I don't know what marrying into your family means~! 'Specially you, Mr. PumpKiiing~!"

She gave him a cute smile, Smile and a goodbye kiss up to the mirror before she would reveal to him the power of 'Lucidity', shifting fluidly between the shape of Friday back to Tsuki and vise versa, as though fading in at the same time she were fading out. It was similar to how Tigen was capable of warping places instantaneously. There, she would accompany Tigen in Deep Thought, where the two of them would have to rise from the final bit of the Zero World of Olde and into the realm on the other side; Manna. Here, she could be properly crowned as Grand Magistrate properly, and the PumpKing could be accepted in rule and rank in the Dream World as well. His Will would travel inside of her, as well, and shape her world into something beautiful in truth... No longer a dream, but as reality.

"... Thanks for freeing me, Tymon. You're the only one that did..." That's why even Friday could say it, too, willfully allowing the Will of Tensei to flow through her and be carried on her words; a sign of her acceptance to his family, their name and everything about them, as he had finally learned to do for hers. "... Aishitageru." She couldn't wait to see how things would be from now on in that new world waiting for her that she could finally exist in with no issue at all... To know that her influence would finally be used for purposes that weren't selfish nor destructive, but were for the good of her world, his world and all others. A perfect union, right proper "Sayounara..." with his last wish granted, she would become his True Love and allow them to continue on undisturbed by any sort of Discord from henceforth. Praise be~.

~Grand Magistrate; Friday Malfortuna XIII

After having Lucidly shifted from Friday back to Tsuki, and vice versa on the other end, Tsuki remained in the Crystal Pyramid, gazing up and around at Tymon, whom she knew could see her, waiting for him to let her out.

"Alright, Tymon. Everything has been set up. We can relax now..." That's all she really wanted was to know that everything would be fine. Now, with Tigen and Friday handling things, she knew that they would be. She trusted them both... Now.

Tsuki: "... If you like, we can continue right where we left off... Or maybe practice with the powers we learned?"

Her hair was no longer glowing purple, but had returned to being its normal color. She still wasn't sure how to unlock the First Restriction, but wasn't really all too concerned about it, at this point. That was something that she and Tymon could deal with on their own time... Now that they had it, that is.

"Looks like our Peace is now here in the Veritas... So we can roam freely unencumbered..." She'd been waiting for this day just as long as he had. This was her Beautiful Dream and now, it was coming true, thanks to the the Reality... Rather, the Veritas. "... Now let me out so we can be Free together, you bastard."

"Heehee," he chuckled playfully, releasing the Crystal Pyramid prison from around her being, "Sowwy~!" His cute sincerity was only matched by his embarrassed look on his face, not realizing that she'd been contained in there all this time, "Hahahaha... Haaa... >>; " He coughed. "Sooo. How'd it goooo?" Whilst he waited for her to respond, he would start making another little critter to mess with using the Pandoire... He was capable of multitasking.

"YES! A 'LOTUS LILY'!!! INGENIOUS!!" He shouted to himself, pulling some energy from the air like a card from an invisible deck, "Oh man, Water? Let's see... It'll have to be a Water Spirit... Something like an Undine, or something..." He started to think deeper about the personality of these beautiful creatures, developing them swiftly in to fluttering floating icons around him and his head, dancing and twirling elegantly and with harmonious fluidity... " ... Hmmm... Dance upon the lake like water lilies..." As he said this, they would slowly sink into an invisible pool of distortion emanating from around his head like water, being sucked under till only their lotus flowers atop their heads were what remained, "Or, maybe dance UNDERwater like a lotus flower...?" Tymon didn't realize that these things were happening as they occurred, he just knew that he was thinking of them.

"Absorb the Moonlight...." he pondered, looking up to the night sky above him with the moon and stars shining through the breaks in the trees and the leaves, painting a picture almost like a sort of ceramic picture tinted with the dark of night and the shadow of silhouettes against the moonlight, "Hmmm... Keeps water purified with their Moonlight Dance... Hmm..." The petals would twirl, starting to glow and gain power from their slight exposure to the Moonlight, "And they have psychic powers." Yes. This was all coming together quite nicely... "Because the 'Lotus Lily' that is upon their heads is the source of their power, and allows them to perfectly align their chakras!" He waggled his finger in the air thoughtfully, as though he'd had the 'eureka' moment and was now coming into full understanding and returning full circle back to the completion of the design of his 'latest and greatest' creation, the 'Lotus Lilies'!

"Well, I just told you the gist of it," Tsuki said smugly, rolling her eyes, "But it looks like you were too busy being distracted by some dumb shit again. Not even paying attention." Her eyes darted off to the side as she watched him make a flurry of watery hoes around himself and quickly became inflamed. "I'm going to destroy all of them, you know." It was impolite not to give her his undivided attention... Especially when it was to make those little lucid floozies float all around his head. She was starting to wonder why she herself wasn't just enough for him to give his attention to... Especially if he wasn't paying attention enough to even have answered her questions...

The dancing Lotus Lilies blissfully blossomed about the boy's head, twirling and swirling in elegant harmony and with perfect synchronicity to each other, as though their minds were linked. Their eyes were closed and smiles rested upon their faces. They all drew nearer and nearer to him until, suddenly, before they knew it, they felt the intent of Tsuki bearing down on them from afar and, being psychic, would immediately be whisked away by an invisible wave one by one until they all disappeared elsewhere in the Veritas.

"HEY!" He shouted abruptly, now getting slightly testy, "This is NOT dumb shit. This is EPIC ART!" Before the last little water nymph thing got away, he'd snatch one up out of the sky and bite off its flower, then crush the little body to dust, since there was no more power sustaining its form, "Mmm... Yeah, but the lotuses on their heads are actually like, herbal elixirs that will temporarily align your chakras and increase your powers. Maybe if you eat one, it'll help you." It was then that he realized that he ate the only one he captured. "... Whoops. I mean, I can just make another one, but yeah."

He rolled his eyes at her right back at her in a mocking manner, since she did it to him, and explained himself a bit, "Look, I don't know why you're so upset. Just because I didn't answer right then and there doesn't mean I wasn't paying attention. Number one, you asked ONE question. Number two, eat one of these 'watery hoes', and you'll probably have enough strength to unlock some more of your powers, considering that these flowers basically align all your chakras momentarily." He'd create another Lotus Lily in his hand, and before she could realize what was going on and warp away, he'd snatch her up and rip the flower off her head, then give it to Tsuki as the Lotus Lily's body dissipated...

"We can use it to train... Just like you said~." He definitely was listening. He was just already getting everything prepared as she was speaking so they wouldn't have to waste much time. He smiled lovingly at her and placed it on top of her head, then grinned goofily at her. "Teeheehee~! You look so cute, Ohime-sama~!" He was just messing around with her, but... He actually meant it behind the goofiness. Especially with the little Lotus Flower Crown... That's what made her the MOST cute~.

Tsuki was so happy to hear that he was actually paying attention to her and not those dumb broads that he was thinking up around him. It seemed like he was actually capable of multitasking with thinking and listening, which made her enjoy knowing that she would be heard without him having to look at her or directly focus. He got the message just fine and was simply already working toward the solution as she was giving him the issues. That was rather settling. And, the little one he snatched up and crushed right before her was more than enough to get her heart throbbing again, just like they'd never had a dispute in the first place.


"O-okay..." she said sweetly, plucking the flower from atop her head and eating it. She felt strange for a moment or two, a strange shuddering in her spine like electricity crackling. Maybe that was all of the chakras aligning. "... Umm..." muttered, her dark hair rising a bit before becoming saturated to a rather deep violet, "... Is this what you're talking about?" She could feel, somehow, the power of her Phantasmagoria flowing through her again, much more readily accessible and somehow with knowledge of its capability flowing directly into her head. "... Yeah... That flower totally did it." It was at that moment that she realized he ate his earlier, "Wait! You already ate yours! No fair! You probably poisoned mine, you cheater!" Angelic wings of a deep purple flame sprouted from her head, looking more like owl wings made of a phantasmal aura made from her hair. She would look to be a true 'Night Angel'.

With a single flap, she would release a flurry of burning feathered 'Night Arrows' from one wing, whilst the other would enlarge to become a shield to protect herself.

"Uh, no, but thank you for telling me~" Tymon'd say in a sarcastic, joking manner, "Is that MY Epic Art you're using as your Creative Energy? Uh huh..." He honestly hadn't been thinking about that fact nor did he intend to do any of that until she opened herself up to the thought of that by suspecting that it could happen in the first place. That's what she gets for not trusting him to play fair. "Geez. Can't even get a fucking 'Thank You' before you start attacking. Hmph." The first arrow that came close was snatched out of the air on reflex, being crushed in his hand and dispersing the energy as a burning purple wall of the phantasmal flame. It would absorb the Creative Energy of whatever was being used at the time to build its own, being part of Phantasmagoria. "Hmmm... I think I'll call this one 'Night Angel,' since you gave it to me, Tsuki-chan~!" He blew her a kiss and a wink, a little heart flying up from his lips like a cute little balloon. He was getting good at forming his Epic Art in small little intricate details, so making small little things like that occur around him would be good practice.

"Omoshiroi..." he muttered, a cross-shaped X targeting Tsuki directly at her heart -- since he was always NATURALLY focused on that, anyway. He found that being able to use the Creative Energy of other beings to be quite the interesting fact... And necessary, for that matter. With all of the absorbed Phantasmagoria, and now with the capability to use it freely of his own will, and he could target her at any given time he so chose. He would align the heart with Tsuki's and use it as a crosshair. "Ayanami... IZANAGI!!!" A gleaming cross-shaped glint would glimmer in his eyes before an eerie force would both pierce and spiral through the heart and the wall like a spinning needle, the blazing flame trailing behind like its thread. It was the new way he used the 'Ra Zen Gun Overload,' having remembered it and using it, but giving it a new name on the spot. It was time to anchor this bitch down right quick...

Since he was stupid enough to throw some of her own Phantasmagoria back at her, she would simply take control of it again and use it though it were hers. However, when she attempted to do so, she found that she couldn't use it to her advantage like she'd done before. Because it was under his control and she had yet to make contact with her Influence to it again, she was unable to manipulate it until her influence was within it once again and she could take control of the energy. That was her plan.

She'd allow him to think that she didn't know about how she couldn't control it and instead now be prepared to regain her power when she was hit. As soon as the needle-like gaze touched her wing, it would all start to get absorbed back into Tsuki, which would then start to suck out as much of Tymon's Manna -- or, Creative Energy -- as possible. Especially since it was attached to a convenient thread...

"Heh..." Tymon chuckled smugly to himself, a sinister grin curling upon his face, "... I knew you'd fall for it. So like you, Chibi-chan..." At that point, the tip of the needle bore straight through the 'Owl's Wing', penetrating the Field of Flame around herself and stabbing directly into the Core of Tsuki; her Heart. "Can't play the 'Mirror Game' all the time, you know... Don't care how much you enjoy it." The needle, being composed of Epic Art, would absorb the Phantasmagoria and use it as more fuel for the Epic Art itself. After piercing her straight in her heart, he would begin to transfer her some of his Creative Energy before it had been changed into Epic Art, restoring to her the energy that she lost after she was pinned down by the needle.

"There ya go. Now we're directly linked to each other. You can have my unconverted Manna all for yourself, as much as you like~! Isn't that what you wanted in the first place...?" his eyes gleamed again, as he grasped and yanked the chain of purple flame linking he and Tsuki now, reeling it back in by rapidly drawing it in and converting it back to Epic Art, "... Chibi-chan~?" He blew her yet another kiss, though this time, it came out in the shape of a 'Sylphee Bomb', which would burst in her face the same way the one Friday shot down burst in his before.

"Payback's a bitch, ain't it, hoe?"
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PostSubject: Re: Tymon Adventures: Overgod Of The Veritas   Tymon Adventures: Overgod Of The Veritas EmptyFri Nov 06, 2020 8:31 pm

Tsuki was actually shocked to see that her plan failed due to a minor technicality on the part of Tymon's weak-ass broken 'Epic Art'. She basically couldn't use any of her Manna against him without him changing it into some of his own Epic Art. That was pretty dirty.

Even so, somehow, to think that he was able to get one over on her was actually kind of attractive to her, in a weird sort of way. She liked that about him and the fact that he wouldn't go easy on her just because they were lovers, no matter how much he loved her. Thinking of him in such a way as the needle bore through her heart brought her great pleasure and pain simultaneously, something that almost made her... ... ...

"Nnn~!" she cried out, trying to muffle her voice as not to scream. Where she thought that this was the end for her and that he'd simply take out all of her Manna, as she would have thought to do... Instead, he GAVE her some of his before its conversion in order to help her out. She was confused a little bit, but at the same time, pretty mad at him for thinking so low of her. "Hmph. I didn't need your help--" before she finished her sentence, she was yanked toward him on the thread that connected the two of them by the needle in her heart and the strings coming from his mind and heart. This wasn't gonna be the end of her, though.

When he blew her the kiss, a huge violet wing sprouted from her head and knocked both it and him away, causing the 'Sylphee Bomb' to explode prematurely and keep herself protected from its destructive blast. She was gonna need to find a way to sever this connection, or she'd be through in this battle.

Tsuki: "Don't take pity on me and don't go easy on me, either!! I'm not just your delicate little wifey, you know!"

She wasn't entirely certain about what to do here, but she certainly wasn't going to give up. She just had to figure out a new power, or something, that would fuck him up. Or perhaps, remember an old one. He barely even had to think of his, since he could just make new ones up on the spot. But, then again, technically, so could she, using the Phantasmagoria.

In his humorous little spat with her, it seemed like she was a little bit... Testy about something. It was clear in her voice as well as the force of the slap of her wing. Tymon hit the ground hard in the distance, flopping over to his back, but quickly recovering to his feet.

"Awwww!! Someone's a little cranky! Mad cuz you're getting your ass handed to ya~?" Naturally, he had her all sorts of wrapped up tight, and he didn't really need to do much else to her except taunt her at this point. Yes. Tymon is definitely that sort of person. "Bet you can't do anything to me, sweetie~! I don't have to go easy on you when you're just this bad~! No contest~! No contest~!" He stuck his tongue out at her and started slapping his ass, clearly making fun of her.

Tymon: "Whatcha gonna do? Use more Manna? I'll just make it into more Epic Art! BWAHAHAHA!"

She already lost. But at least she was a good sport for the little while she did survive! Ohohohoho~!

Tsuki fell completely silent. Her rage was getting the better of her now, and to look at his smug grin laughing at her shortcomings was not making it any better. She didn't want him to hold back, but she also didn't want him to be an ASSHOLE about it.

No longer having words for him, she looked around and snatched up a bouquet of the Reality Flowers and Moonflowers that were nearby, then glared at him threateningly. She did nothing more than that.

Tymon: "Nyehnyehnyehnyehnyeeeehnyeeeeeh~!"

He continued to playfully make faces and taunt her from afar, trying to piss her off as much as possible just because he knew that it would spice up the fight a little bit. However, when she stopped talking, he knew that he might have taken it a bit too far.

That's when she picked up the flowers.

Tymon: "... Woahdere. You uh... You got somethin' right there... Uh... Right there in your hand... there..."

He coughed, looking from side to side nervously. Looks like the place that he created for the two of them to make merry might be his downfall... Well. Not if he could help it.

"Here..." his eyes would gleam, his face becoming serious once more as the battle pressed on, "Let me HELP YOU!!" He flicked his fingers at her rapidly, sending off Sylphee Bombs as swiftly as he flicked his fingers at her. They were all aimed for those flowers, with the mission to snatch them up out of her hands... Or at least to explode and knock them away.

Just like she popped the little pixies before, she could do it again, regardless of if they were made of Epic Art or not. Once they became sentient, she gained jurisdiction over them, too. Her threatening glare gazed over the green sylphs and would cause them all to burst prematurely, petering out to a gentle breeze that blew through her luscious dark hair. She was through playing games with him, then, as well.

She raised the flowers over herself and brought them together, a thick purple haze pouring out from the center of the flowers. It deconstructed and sucked in the Epic Art, drawing it from him as he could draw it from her. This deep Myst would be drawn into Tsuki's blazing purple hair and course through her body, causing her eyes to gleam with the lavender light of Phantasmagoria. From now on, her 'Life Energy' itself was Epic Art, meaning that she could now feed off of it to give herself life beyond just the form of Creative Energy; The power to absorb 'Legendary Arts' and 'Souzenryoku'. If the needle was in her heart, then she'd draw it in there like a vampiress out for blood. With this new development in her Phantasmagoria, she could absorb his energy before it was converted in its raw state as Creative Energy and after it was converted into his Epic Art. He had no means of defense against her. Now.

The strings attached would now yank at his chains, sucking out as much as she could to further boost her strength. Her deep violet hair grew a brighter shade of purple, its mystic flames rising up high into the sky and tinting the atmosphere around her with its hue. The light would be reflected in the petals of the flowers, as though painted into them by her new found intensity.

With the Sylphee Bombs thoroughly diffused with just her glare, Tymon could tell now that this was very serious, for some reason. He wasn't sure why, but definitely would not allow it to occur. He only wondered why all of his battles ended up going this way... He remembered them from his past lives, and most vividly through Khrona. Remembering the things that he learned from reviewing that past, he was able to draw forth that power himself simply through observation. His Hyper Perception was active now.

"... I see you have no intent to resolve this peacefully..." he muttered calmly, a new serenity ringing in his throat, "... So I will simply show you my Peace and let it ease your soul." The Hyper Perception was the most basic stage of the Tensei Dojutsu; before it activated itself truly in the First Restriction, the Hyper Reception serves as its most basic functionality in the Zeroth Restriction. Its form before activation, one could say. With this, he perceived everything with utter precision and heightened awareness.

Nonchalantly, as his power was being quite rapidly sucked out of him, he extended his hand and many card-like pages drew from the atmosphere into a congregation upon his palm till a crystallized black and white book was formed in his hand. He looked into it and read up on the history of his Family.

"... Hm. Looks like because you're bound to me, you also have to undergo unlocking the Thirteen Restrictions in the same way..." he muttered. It was one of the pacts of their union. There were traditions that her family held, such as, perhaps, that test and coronation that Khrona currently was taking care of, that Tymon had also for his own family. A crystalline ring of light appeared around his head as he watched her gradually rise to the limits of the Zeroth and the First restriction. With a swift swipe of his hand and a blur of crystal sheen in between, the thread was severed immediately. A reaper's scythe of crystal had been formed around his hand, that which was the 'Scythe Of Misery'. It dissipated moments later as shards of snow blowing gently away in the wind and speckling the flowers with their dewdrops.

"Get a grip, Tsuki. Calm down. I thought you knew me better than that." Seems like she couldn't take a little joke between them. But that's why he would stop kidding around if that were the case. He wanted her to feel better and wouldn't continue to face her if she didn't feel good about it. "I expected more from you, honestly. But I understand perfectly how and why you feel the way you do." He placed his hands inside of the sleeves of his robe and closed his eyes, no longer seeking to engage her in combat. Eventually, without a target to face, she would have to see that he only intended to make her happy again. "Guess we just can't play together fully quite yet..."

She would draw forth his power from the string that had bound them together; more and more until her own would be restored to a sufficient amount. Somehow, she was able to recall memories of her past life as Tymon recalled those of his, as though their minds were linked somehow through this union. She remembered that the marriage of Titania and Khrona unified their Bodies, Minds, and Souls... So perhaps that now, in their newly reincarnated forms, they were still linked through that Bond formed between them. Regardless of the vessels they inhabited, they would still be who they were on the inside, and that was most important.

However, that was not enough to make her feel better right now. Not right now, at least. Her rising anger drew her nearer and nearer to the boundary that would be the limits of the Zeroth, her flaming hair pouring its energy outward in a surplus. Just when she thought she would break the limit, the crystal scythe cut the connection, leaving Tsuki high and dry just as she was about to break through.

"..." she quickly used up a great deal of her power letting it pour out uncontrollably through her hair, but soon, it would begin to settle. The more she listened to him, the more she realized that she kinda was being a bitch about it... Not that she would let him know about that. Feeling a little disappointed in herself, she turned her head away from him, no longer wishing to look at him whilst she felt this way. There was a lot going on inside that she simply would not say aloud. The only thing she knew was that she needed some time to think about this and collect herself. Maybe they were not ready yet... Or maybe, she was the one that wasn't ready...

She closed her eyes and scrunched her face a bit at the thought of that. It was official. She had to go find a way to get stronger. She couldn't bear it right now... "... Gomenne, Ty-kun..." she muttered under her breath, her eyes watering slightly. Fortunately, she remembered how to use the 'Dream Robe' and some of her other Phantasmagoria powers after almost reaching the First Restriction. It would fade in around her body from thin air, and without anymore words than that, she would shroud herself in it with a swift cast of her arm over her head, causing her to disappear immediately. She took with her a bouquet of the Reality Flowers and Moonflowers so that she would not only remember her lover, but also the gift he gave to her and the place he made for them. She would return one day... When she felt that she was ready. When she was stronger. Now, where she ended up was all up to her own will...

He closed his eyes and sighed deeply, a gentle breeze blowing past as Tsuki adorned her Dream Robe and whisked herself off elsewhere. In that same breeze, she would vanish, and the winds would fall silent once again... As would Tymon.

Tymon: "..."

Somehow, he knew it would come to this with her. Unlike him, she'd not gone through the Thirteen Restrictions before. She had her own familial issues to worry about without also having to be bound by the covenant between them, as well. Tymon remembered that Khrona was not ready to undergo the Thirteen Restrictions when it was his time in the past life... Nor was he aware of it. At least she had the privilege of knowing about it and having somewhere to obtain information on it... Thanks to the efforts of their ancestors...

"... Sayounara..." he muttered gently, though not with remorse, regret nor heartbreak, but with hope for her safe travel, "... Tsuki-chan." He would give her the time she needed for herself in order for her to better figure out who she was before she hopefully would return to him. They were lovers, after all. If it was as True as the covenant intended, then it would come to be no matter what. "Mata au hi made..." he'd finally say, letting his Epic Art take form around him again in an entirely different attire. He'd place a gray cap upon his head and allow his robe to take the form of a black vest.

Tymon: "Ikuyo, Friday."

"Yo~sh...!" She'd say, fading in around him no sooner than Tsuki would leave and he'd call her name. She was his Chomao, after all, as was part of the bond they shared. Looks like he hadn't forgotten, nor did it bother him at all that she needed some time to herself. That was good to know.

She'd follow behind him casually, floating gently upon the air and to his head, where she'd slip her legs around his neck and rest them upon her shoulders, laying her head down upon his hat. She closed her eyes and disappeared, becoming a sort of 'Dream Robe' for him to don upon his back as well.

With his bae on his back and his gloves secured, Tymon was now prepared for Adventure and thus would embark on his own personal journey in search of his own endeavors whilst he waited for Tsuki to get her life together and all such shit she had to do. Truth be told, he had some shit to do himself... The Veritas was his land, after all, to do with whatever he wanted. And he had his own set of rules for the ballgame, too.

Picking his own bouquet of Reality Flower and Moonflowers, he would walk to his airship extension, Labrys, and up the stairway to the main deck. It was time for him to do some air raids. "Alright then. Lift off." The engine would stir as the propellers came to a whir, almost as though it were of a medieval type of construction, despite clearly being divine in infrastructure. It did not seem that the propellers actually made it fly, but were there merely for the aesthetic pleasantry and his appreciation for the Olde English Final Fantasy IX style of the ship from which it was modeled, and wanted to stay true to the design... Despite how they were two completely different things.

"Don't let anyone touch our spot, by the way, bae," he had to say in the midst of the divine airship's ascent, "Kisses~. *muah*" He knew that this place not only was dangerous due to the flowers that grew here, but also it was special to him and sacred to he and his lover's love... And didn't want anyone tarnishing it like they probably were gonna do to the other places in the Veritas. "Fucking up the upholstery and shit..." He took to the head, where the Captain's Chair was placed, right before the wheel of the ship. "Maybe I can scoop me up a crew, or some shit..." he muttered under his breath, wondering what ANYONE would be doing around here in the Veritas... What could be interesting about Tymon's personal dimension?

"Take us anywhere that's hot right now, Labrys. You know I like it hot~." He licked his lips sensually and winked, then shot a glare to Friday, smirking, "Unless you have any suggestions, lovey?"

"Your wish is my command, lovebug~! Hahahaha!!" she leaned backward slowly onto her hands, until her palms were securely implanted on the ground. She would push off her hands as the ship took off and phase through the ascending vehicle and through the bottom of the flying craft, hands already charged with her Malfortuna.

With a number of archaic symbols not unlike those of which the Tensei were so fond of using, -- when they did use their ancient techniques, that is -- Friday would cast a huge seal in the shape of a spider's web upon the land, connecting the dots from every point of interest all about the 'Moonflower Orchard'. Each of the objects here not only was laced with a malicious omen, but they also projected it from every angle; every visible point of view. The strings of the Malfortuna worked on a dimensional level, the same way as Tigen's techniques -- considering, they were on the same level in terms of Restrictions. Therefore, this place was sealed with her web all up, down and all around it.

When she was done, she smirked in a devilishly cute manner and phased out in a puff of smoke that seemed to disperse completely into thin air. Back around his shoulders, forming like a Cheshire Cat legs first and curling around his head, she'd rest herself comfortably upon his head again, as though nothing happened. "Done~" she sang, swinging her legs cutely whilst on his shoulders. When asked about where she wanted to go, she kinda rolled her eyes and scoffed at him, "Shit, I don't care... This is YOUR journey, isn't it? Besides... Didn't you already give Labrys the command anyway?" Still it was nice to know that he considered her opinion on the matter. This kid was pretty alright... Even if he was a little impulsive sometimes, it always seemed to end up working out, for whatever reason. Even with the random mixups that occur. He really was the Chosen One meant to break their family's curse... She was happy enough knowing that. Knowing that he would be the one... And that she was his for his family's curse, too.

"YUP!!!" he shouted, pointing out dramatically as though he'd been waiting all his life for the chance to embark on this quest, "HANG THE BLACK FLAG AT THE END OF THE MAST!!! IT'S TIME TO GO TREASURE HUNTIN'!!!" He screamed this at the top of his lungs, his determination to find all of the rarities of this world and make new ones in the process overcoming him now.

From his overflowing Epic Art, a pirate flag of Thirteen Skulls would rise up in the middle of Labrys, of which would immediately set sail in an arbitrary direction to a different location. Auto-pilot moooode~.
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Chapter 6: Wanted: Ice Woman!

Eventually, after having been inconvenienced so heavily by that random ice woman, the mother and child that were unfortunate enough to have crossed her path found themselves at the heart of Balneal, speaking to the authorities.

Mother: ... And she had blue hair and a fairly large bust. If you see her, I want her brought to justice, officers!"

Officer: Certainly, madam. If we find the perp, we'll apprehend her thoroughly.

Mother: Thank you, officer. I appreciate your help.

She turned and walked back to her home. Her money was wasted on a ticket out of the Valley of Water, her entire vacation ruined. She couldn't help but to be upset after the slip up of one person ruined basically her entire vacation holiday. Money down the drain and time she wouldn't get back. Ugh, just the thought of it was agitating.

Not too long after she left, one of the Ferrymen would approach the officer with a similar complaint;

Ferryman: Hey, Officer! There's some ice blocking the exit from the city! None of the Water Ferries can get out! What are we supposed to do about this?!

The officer scratched his head, unsure of what he could do to help. "Sorry, sir. All I can offer are my condolences. A woman just left not too long ago with the same complaint..."

Ferryman: Well all of our customers are getting unhappy! I hope you can do something fast, or else no one will be able to get in or out of the city!!

The officer sighed, stressed slightly at how the situation grew to be such a problem so quickly, "Uh... I'll uh... See what I can do, sir." That's all he could do, really...

ΠSakai finally made her way to a city of some sort. She looked around a bit and saw a nice spot she could chill for a bit; all that noise was killing her mood.Π

"Time to go take a brake from all of this. Helping people always goes south for me, I don't know why tho."

As Sakai explored the city, she'd pass by the same woman that she inconvenienced earlier, only this time, without her son with her. The woman easily recognized Sakai's face and greeted her with a look of disgust and contempt. "Oh, you!!" She turned immediately, as though she wanted to run, but turned back around and made a final remark before taking off, "I've already reported you! I'll see to it that you're locked up!!" With that, she made her way back to the Officer, who should still be nearby.

Woman: Officer, Officer!! I found her!

Officer, turning around in a rush, "Really!? Take me to her, madam! I'll clear this up real quick! We'll make sure that lass fixes what she's done!"

Woman, taking off back toward Sakai, "This way!!"


ΠSakai didn't pay much mind to the crazy lady, she just kept it moving and didn't look back. She had other things to do, like sitting down and chilling and what have you.

After a few more steps, she finally made her way to a seat that she sat down in, it was just what she needed. She kicked back and looked up at the sky, for some reason she always did this; find a seat and look up.Π

"Wonder why I do this so much? .... Damn, why can't I remember anything? .... Ah, I'm not gonna sweat it."

The woman and the officer eventually found themselves at the exact same spot that Sakai would be sitting, both looking rather frustrated. The woman pointed at Sakai in an accusative manner, turning to the officer, "This is the one! Arrest her!!"

The officer scratched his head, being a kindly fellow, and not wanting to simply arrest someone for something without trying to resolve the issue first. He nodded at the infuriated woman and held up a hand, as if telling her to back down, "I'll take it from here, ma'am. Thank you."

She stepped back, folding her arms and glaring at Sakai, hoping she got what she deserved for her inconsiderate behavior.

The officer approached her casually, speaking in a non-threatening tone, "Ah, hello there, miss! I've had some complaints recently about an icy blockage in the exit to Balneal. It's been a great inconvenience to the people here. It's been reported by a few people that some woman with strange ice powers is the cause of this. Would you please go fix the damage you have caused before you inconvenience someone else?" The officer didn't seem as agitated as the woman... But then again, he wasn't the one whose vacation was ruined by the antics of a random ice woman. "I would really appreciate it. I don't want to have to turn you in for causing a ruckus."

"If you don't have any proof, than go away. Plus I don't have any powers, I'm just a normal person like you."

ΠSakai kept looking at the sky, she wasn't about to do something just because someone asked her. If more than one person complained then she'd do it and proof would be needed.Π

"She's lying!" the woman screamed out, pointing her fingers, "I saw her with my own eyes! So did all of the people on the Ferry! Including my son!"

The officer scratched his head once more, a little stumped on what to do. "Alright, calm down, miss. We can get this worked out." He turned to the relaxing woman, walking closer to her, "I'm sorry, but until we can actually resolve this issue, you are a suspect. If we have eye witnesses, then that's proof enough for suspicion. When we find out the actual cause, we can release you. You'll have to come with me."

The woman knew that she was lying and waited for the girl to act out. "If she's so innocent, she won't mind being taken in, now will she? In fact, I bet she'll start using her powers! Then you'll see!"

The officer would gently grab Sakai and help her up so that he could take her to the proper facilities for questioning. "We'll get to the bottom of this, don't worry. If you're innocent, we'll let you go. But if this is your doing, you will have to fix it, or do some time."

"This is just lame, but oh well."

ΠSakai sighed, she was still chilling and now she had to go somewhere else? She didn't really care, so she just went along with it and let the guard do his job.Π

"Thank you, young lady," the officer said, escorting she and the other woman to the proper facility. The woman sneered at Sakai, unable to let her go for her blatant lying. "I'll make sure you pay for what you've done... To me and my son..." she muttered under her breath, but just loud enough for Sakai to hear.

-------- Some Hours Later --------------

The officer was out for interrogation, since the situation had not nor could not be resolved as swiftly as it was made. Sakai was left alone with the woman, who had been silently glaring at her for quite some time now. It was only after her frustration had gotten the best of her that she spoke up.

"Why did you lie about what you did? Do you know how much misfortune you brought upon me and my son?"


ΠSakai said nothing, she didn't want to feed the fire more gasoline. So she kept cool and just sat there, looking at the woman with a stair cold as hell itself, tho this wasn't meet to intimidate her at all. It was just how she always looked at people and what have you.Π


"Don't just sit there and pretend that everything is okay!! If you would have just fixed it in the first place, we wouldn't be in this mess!! Now I'm out of a vacation and out of money!! Do you just not care about anyone but yourself?!" The woman stood up, clearly in no way going to back down about this situation. She was hurt too much financially to even consider it. "I knew it was the problem with you people with powers!! So selfish!! I really hope you get locked up, you terrible woman!!"

At that moment, the officer returned with the captain of the Ferry that left a while ago, as well as a few of the eye witnesses to the crime. He'd been escorted over the ice and back to the station for interrogation.

Ferryman: Yeah, that's her, alright. Caused quite the ruckus. Now my Water Ferry can't get back to the port...

The small crowd mumbled and chattered amongst themselves, some nodding their heads and speaking up in agreement. The woman, of course, was the first to hop up and shout "HA!!! I TOLD YOU!! SEE!? SHE'S A LIAR!! BOOK HER!!!"

The officer, being a kindly man, did not want to immediately detain the woman, even if she caused such a stir. From what he heard, it was all an accident, in the first place. "Now, hold on, ma'am... There might be a way to fix this..." He turn to the woman, scratching his head again, sighing heavily. "Alright. I'll excuse you for lying to me if you go fix what you did. No harm done save for the fact that a lot of time was wasted here on something trivial. If ya go clean up your mess, I'll let you go with a slap on the wrist."

The infuriated woman was in no way pleased with this outcome, her mouth hanging open and her face filled with rage. "WHAT!? AFTER ALL OF THE TROUBLE SHE PUT ME AND MY SON THROUGH!? AND WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF THESE PEOPLE!? I WANT HER LOCKED UP!!"

Officer: Now, hold on, ma'am... Let's let the little lady decide what she's gonna do. If she doesn't fix this, that can't be ignored. But if she can clear up the path, then I don't see why I'd have to do all of that. No use crying over spilled milk when you can easily just wipe it up.

Woman: Ugh!! The justice system these days, I tell you...

She huffed and took a seat.

Woman: Whatever. I bet she can't clean it up, anyway. She'll be behind bars in no time. Hmph. That'll teach her for ruining my vacation...

ΠSakai sighed again, she just couldn't catch a brake, but maybe that was because she had to go and save someone. She looked around the room, seeing the same people she saw before she got here, but for some reason no one said anything about the reason why she did what she did.Π

"Well it's ice, so it's already melted by now or at least became weak enough to moe through, so there's that."

ΠShe knew that the ice was weak enough to brake, since she was the one who put it there and of course she'd know that. So she said what she needed to and left it at that, whatever happens, happens.Π

The woman had a point about all of it. The ice hadn't melted yet, since it wasn't very hot nor arid around Balneal, given the watery atmosphere, but certainly, it would melt after a while. Even so, that didn't make up for the inconvenience to all of the other people.

The officer sighed, shaking his head. He couldn't find any real good reason to give this woman any time, despite all the trouble she caused. "Well, I guess you're right about that. I guess we'll just have to wait this one out, then." He shrugged his shoulders.

The woman, now even more shocked than ever, could almost not contain herself any longer, and burst out, "WHAT!? AFTER ALL THAT SHE'S DONE, YOU'RE NOT GOING TO MAKE HER PAY!? WHAT ABOUT MY VACATION!? ALL OF THE MONEY I LOST! ALL OF THE TIME SHE'S WASTED!! I WANT HER TO DO SOME TIME!!"

The muttering crowd agreed with the woman a bit, but at the same time, amongst their chatter and from what the woman and officer said, it didn't seem like it would be that much of an inconvenience. Someone spoke up, "Well, I saw it all, and it seemed like it was an accident. She also saved that boy's life... So, don't be too hard on her."

The woman turned sharply, "WHAT!? If it weren't for her CARELESS and RECKLESS behavior, my son wouldn't have fallen in the first place!! How can you side with one of these people like this?! She didn't even care about inconveniencing any of us!! I demand justice!! I will not rest until I have it!!!"

Person from Crowd: Hey, cool it, lady, it was an accident. We all saw it. She was just trying to do something good for the kids.

The rambling among the crowd became a heated debate with the woman, as well as between themselves. Some sided with her, demanding that the girl pay for what she did, whilst others seemed to think that letting her go on a case of it being an accident was better. The rather nice officer didn't want anyone to be upset over a mishap like this, so, out of the kindness of his heart, he'd pull the ferryman to the side and talk things over with him for a little bit, before returning moments later to hold down the crowd, "Alright, alright, calm down, calm down, everyone... The Ferryman and I have discussed this and come to an agreement about it all. For you, madam, he says that he'll still take you to your destination free of charge when the ice melts, and any extra expenses will be taken care of by the Water Ferry services. This goes for anyone who was previously inconvenienced. We'll explain it all to anyone who you may have kept waiting." He turned then to Sakai, whom he felt needed some sort of repercussion for at least being reckless, and then not owning up to it. It was only fair.

Officer: Now you, young lady, I've discussed with the Ferryman about, as well. Since you are the one that caused this mess and tried to shirk it off like you didn't, we both agree that you should at least do something to make up for it. So, for the moment, we're going to ask that you do some community service around Balneal for a little while. Nothing too big, just perhaps working at the Aquarium or at the Water Ferries, or something. *leans in, whispering* Ya know, just to keep the people happy. *slightly shifts eyes over to the angry woman, then back to Sakai, before leaning back up.* How's that sound? I think that's fair, huh?

The crowd mumbled again, pretty much agreeing with the sentence given by the officer. Even the heated woman, who didn't think the punishment was enough, felt like it was fine as long as she was compensated for her losses. She glared, however, at Sakai, sneering at her with disgust. "Just be lucky I couldn't get you behind bars, you freak..."

"That sounds like a pain in the ass if you ask me. I mean all of this for something that wasn't that big of a deal? *Sigh* Welp I guess it beats jail time, so its whatever."

ΠSakai was more or less to chilled to care about this topic anymore, all she wanted to do was kick back a knock back a few brews.Π

Officer: Now I know you don't think it was a big deal to you, but think about the other people, would ya? The lady had a point, even if she was overreacting.

The officer couldn't help but admit that to her. Facts were facts, and he seemed to be the kind of level-headed guy that would look at those before coming to a conclusion. It was good, though because if he weren't, he'd have probably ended up in the heat of the moment like the woman was.

Officer: In any case, might as well let it be, since we all came to a resolution. *turns to the woman, looks specifically at her* Right? *smiles wide*

The woman rolled her eyes, blushing slightly in embarrassment. "I'm going home to get my son," she muttered, not giving Sakai a passing glance as she did so. "Excuse me," she muttered again through the crowd, returning home briefly.

The crowd continued to chatter amongst themselves, random mumblings like "Geez, what's with her?" and "I can't wait to get back on the ship!" slipping their way through the convoluted chatter. The ferryman, who didn't seem nearly as upset as everyone else, nodded at the officer and smiled, "I'll take it from here, sir. Thank you. You've been a big help." Then, he'd look to Sakai, tipping his hat down at her,

"Hajimemashite. (Nice to meet you.)"

"What is your name?"

"Just great, it's a weeb. Didn't think I'd run into any of you in the world, Ugh!"

ΠSakai sighed, she just wanted to go somewhere and be alone! She didn't wanna go through this mess, but looks like people of this land didn't act the way she thought.Π

The Ferryman lowered his head, letting his eyes become hidden by the shadow of his tipped down cap. "You didn't answer my question. Looks like you don't pay very close attention." He shook his head, "Looks like it can't be helped... You aren't all that bright, but perhaps we can whip you into shape. Since you won't tell me your name, you are now 'First Mate.'" He didn't have time for people that couldn't pay attention, for they had business to attend to and she had to pay for what she'd done.

"Alright then. Time to do your community service, then. Let's be off to the Water Ferries, then, shall we, First Mate?" He would then escort Sakai to the Water Ferries, where she was sentenced to do her time for her crime. Looks like she wasn't gonna be alone until she actually did what she was supposed to. The price of being reckless and destructive is heavy sometimes. "No lollygagging! You're already barely alert. Can't have that on my ship." Perhaps the two of them could have a few brews on deck, but only after she was taught the ropes.

"Why did I leave my home again? The outside world is sooo sensitive, but maybe that's just a human thing."

ΠSakai sighed, she knew she should've just kept on her way, rather than showing off for the kids. But sadly enough, she didn't, she let her fun side get the best of her and boy was that the wrong thing to do.Π

"I quit, I'd much rather be going on about my business. Sooo imma head on out and y'all can you know, forget I was ever here. Because I'm not about to work for something I did right, just because y'all think it's wrong."

ΠShe turned around and simply started to walk off, she had other things to so and this sure as in hell wasn't one of them.Π

"Skipping out on your community service?" The Ferryman inquired, shaking his head as he turned around to face the girl walking away. Another person that looked nearly identical to the Ferryman would appear before Sakai, standing in her way, seeming to have merely appeared from the shadows, "That won't do at all." These two men that were nearly exactly identical had a strange familiarity in their look, as well... Where one would begin to clear people out of the way, More and more would start to appear around this Sakai girl.

"Sorry, but you can't be let to leave if you don't do your work. You'll be a wanted fugitive." Their eyes would shine a gleaming bright red as warning sirens would begin to sound off all around them. Two of them barricaded the doorways and two more would handle dealing with Sakai. They all seemed to look nearly identical. "If you won't pay with your time, you'll have to pay in another way. No taking the easy way out because you're a lazy bum."

"You're just a stupid as that lady Dude. It's obvious that you don't know that there is no such thing as right a wrong, if yah did, then you wouldn't be doing this. See what I did was right and so was saving that kid. Now his Mon thought it was wrong, so she starting bitching; I'm guessing she wanted her kid to die.

But that aside, I'm not doing anything and you can't keep me here. So as I said before, I'm leaving."

ΠSakai sighed really hard. She knew that this place was a waste of time, but she just had to give it a chance and so on. She rubbed her hair and sighed again, before her arms started tl freeze up a bit.Π

"Look, you can play cops with someone else. I just wanna leave without having to use my other means."

In the midst of their argument, the Desert Moth that had been rampaging around the same area that Sakai first saved that child found its way down the valley pass and into the city that was surrounded by its canyon walls and valley waters. The ear-piercing screeches it released in frustration were loud enough to bring attention to itself outside and up into the sky. Behind it, a whipping whirlwind of sand would brush over the city, falling into the water and whirling about the city streets.

When right ready to get down with Sakai serving her justice, another warning of sorts would resound outside loud throughout the city; the sound of a random creature in the streets. "Hnnn?" each of them turned their heads simultaneously, as though all completely in synchronized thought. They would gather around the windows and gaze at the Desert Moth that was fluttering about in frustration outside. Each of them frowned, their heads twitching a bit, "This... Does not... Make sense..." They were each trying to process why this creation was in a habitat that was not suitable to its existence. "This creature is not native to these lands. Why...? How...?"

One of the Servicemen, the Ferryman that seemed to stand out among the rest, would rise up and say, "No matter. It is a threat that must be eliminated." He turned to the woman with the bad attitude, pointing at her in an accusatory manner, "You. If you take care of this monster, we will count that as your community service and your debt will be cleared. I will lend you the Helping Hand of my Servicemen." He snapped his fingers, each of them lining up in a row before Sakai and bowing, as though they weren't just about to 'take care' of her before and spake in unison;

"Kobun Squad, At Your Service, Sir!"

"No. I'm not helping any of you, because y'all people don't seem to like help from my kind remember? And I might step on someones flowers and have to go to jail for it. So I will not help you or these ungrateful people, let them die for all I care."

ΠSakai wasn't about to help whatsoever, since these people were acting like asses about her last heroic act. So now that a time called for it, she wouldn't lift a finger; not a one. Maybe next time people might not act stupid when someone does something nice for them.Π

"Man y'all should get on that bug out there, it might flap its wings and blow dust on someones shoes and rune their day."

"Fine." He snapped his fingers again, this time pointing his finger outside, "Kobun Squad; Squad Up!" At that moment, in a flurry of blurred ninja-like hops out of the door and through the windows, nearly all of the Servicemen would begin their dealing with the hazard to the city, as what they were instructed to do.

The Ferrymen stopped the last two, "Not so fast," he'd say, directing them to Sakai, "Keep a close eye on this one. Don't let anything happen to her until I get back to deal with her. I will worry about the evacuation of the people." With that, he was off, closing the doors behind him, leaving only the two Servicemen that were instructed to follow Sakai around now. They did not say anything to her nor would they speak until spoken to, but would simply always be around her no matter where she was, until instructed otherwise.

Meanwhile, the Servicemen would all start to assist each other, creating a stairway of their hands and backs in order to lift the next one behind it up and create a larger, taller staircase for them to continue to rise up higher onto. The last one would be hurled immediately toward the Desert Moth mid-flight, where it would attempt to latch onto it as it flew by.


ΠSakai just stood there, she wasn't about to fight these dudes, because like everyone else; they probably have some super duper powers and what lots. So she just made a ice chair and sat in it, tho the way she sat was boss like.Π

"Welp now we wait."

Though the Servicemen piled up high into the sky, the one that was lunged to latch onto the Desert Moth would find a hazy veil of sand that surrounded it, created a sort of eerie illusory image of sorts. The raging sandstorm that it brought with it created a winds powerful enough to blur its movement as well as visage of the creature as it moved. Thus, the Serviceman would find itself falling to its doom having just missed its target.

It would turn back around and screech again, beating its wings hard and casting the powerful burst of wind laced with compacted sand streams like bullets at the tower of mechanical men.

As Sakai sat down, the two Servicemen instructed to be her escorts in the time of the Ferryman's absence would do exactly as instructed; Follow Sakai and stay with her wherever she went until he got back, even if that meant staying right in the same spot. That was all that they were instructed to do, and thus, all that they would do.

Outside, the Serviceman that missed his target would slam hard into a building, its overall structure having not been harmed much, save for some dirt and a few cuts on its skin-like coating. The Servicemen Series were a mysterious Mechanica task force from whence no one knows, but knows that they protected this city, for whatever reason. Their robotic bodies kept them from sustaining the damage that would probably kill a fragile human. And so, as though it hadn't even fallen at all, almost like a mindless servant with no other thought but the task at hand, it would pick itself right back up and hurl itself into the pile of other like-minded mechanical men, where they would all continue to calculate the best method for taking down their adversary as a unit.

The sandstream wind bullets that were launched would be diffused by other Servicemen that were near the top of the tower hopping down and taking a hit for the team so that the entire tower they made would not fall, rather than knowing that one other Serviceman would take their place at the top whilst the others helped the first climb back up. This was the true power of teamwork, though it seemed to be programmed into their mechanism rather than actually simulated by the machines themselves.

As all mechs seemed to have these days, a Rocket Fist would launch from the new Serviceman at the top, attached to an almost comically long 'Inspector Gadget'-like metallic extension cord. Since this one saw that the first Serviceman failed to acquire the target by means of close range encounter, the others would learn from his mistake and already simultaneously be processing a more efficient way of capturing the target without close-quarter combat. Thus, the one at the top, being the one readily available, and of the same like-mindedness as the rest, would already have the solution just as the others, who would remain as the support beams and watch with hope as the arm would rocket out toward the Desert Moth, guided by the rocket boosters it could use to aim from across the land. With that, it could follow the Desert Moth even if it flew away.


ΠSitting around was just as fun as walking and doing other things, but like all things it got boring really fast. So Sakai took a deep breath and exhaled, it was time she gave these fools the cold shoulder.Π

"Why don't you guys chill out."

ΠThats when the ground instantly froze and she stood up and waved her hand "Ice ball". From her hand came a large ice ball.Π

"I'm leaving and you can tell everyone y'all were chilling."

With the sandstream bullets thwarted, the Desert Moth fluttered off and around the other side, circling around the tower of Servicemen. Sooner or later, the desert sands it carried with it would start to surround them in a vicious whirlwind of sand that lashed all about, whipping and impaling random people out on the street. The Moth flew faster and faster around them, the wind and sand growing thicker and more condensed, in order to smash them all to pieces and blow their tower away through the eye of the 'Sandstorm' it created.

In the midst of the skirmish, the Ferryman rushed to help people into finding safety before things got out of hand in the area... But before he could get everyone out, it seemed that things got out of hand anyway. Fortunately, when he looked up to see what was happening with his team and the beast, he could see them already on the ball with solving the issue like an organized unit.

The 'Rocket Fist' that was tailing the Desert Moth as it flew would get a grasp somewhere on the Desert Moth and would begin reeling itself or the creature whilst it circled the tower. The one on top would be lifted from the tower and dragged behind the creature simply from the sheer speed of its movement, though the difference in weight should have easily slowed it down enough to where its 'Sandstorm' couldn't get too strong... If nothing else, it would not have the strength to knock down the carefully crafted tower that would be their victory over the Desert Moth. One by one, just like the first, the Servicemen would rise and launch their arms out at the Desert Moth the exact same way, latching on and getting a grip in order to add onto the weight. If the first one didn't slow it down, then the next or the one after, or even the one after him would do it for sure. They would all reel their arms in at the same time in order to bring the creature down to the ground, effectively secured by the Kobun Squad.

"You're going to jail, pal." said one of them, as though they were of a preset sequence of lines in the back of their heads that they were instructed to say... Almost like a doll with a pullstring in the back. They all pulled out handcuffs, trying to figure out where to place them on the monster, cuffing the antennae and the hands and the wings as much as they could. They all grunted and groaned at the perp with scowls upon their faces in contempt for the disturbance that it caused, almost like it was the only thing that made any difference to their normally polite attitude.

Meanwhile, the two that were instructed to remain with Sakai would allow the floor to freeze around them. They seemed to be fine with everything except for the part where she said she was leaving without them. Immediately, their feet would heat up, drawing power from concentrating a great deal of heat into their feet. Steam rose up all around them, shrouding a great deal of their forms, save for the hazy silhouette of the top of their torso and their faces, making them look rather apparitious in the steamy haze. Their eyes gleamed a piercing red, the sound of an electronic *gleam* echoing in the air, "We will remain by your side until we are instructed otherwise by our commander. There is no escape." They took a step forward, already ready to follow Sakai wherever she was going. Even if they didn't do anything or have any other orders besides sticking around with her, those were the orders that they had, and that was what they had to stick to. No matter what. They were strict followers of the Robot Code.

ΠSakai didn't say anything, she just froze one of the walls and broke it down. So now she simply took that leave, she didn't care about them boys, she was just going to dip.Π

Before too much longer, an airship of sorts barreled through the twists and curves of the Valley of Water and toward the isolated City Bathed in Water, Balneal. "Huh? The fuck are we here for?" He knew Balneal well (since he created it and whatnot), and was aware that nothing really interesting there. It was more just there for aesthetic pleasure and for people who wanted to relax and not be caught up in some shit to rest and relax. It was like a resort of sorts. So why would there be any commotion in one of the nicest resorts in the land...? Unless...

"Oh, so you got somethin hot, huh? That was fast, Labrys. Good work." He slapped the ship on the side as they entered the clearing, where he would come in just in time to view the Desert Moth being taken down by the robot guys. "OH SHIT. SOME ACTION." All he saw was a creature, and it was a creature that he wanted. "Alright, let's figger out how ta... Help that poor thing." He swiped the air with his hand, pulling forth a card at random drawn from his Epic Art, "Huh... Alright... 'Crystal Ball,' huh? Well then..." he'd say, releasing the energy trapped in the card-like Page of the Pandoire and assume its actual shape as a crystalline sphere in his hand, "Hyper Perception," he muttered, eyes glimmering brightly and locking onto the target as it went down. "X Marks the Spot..." he'd mutter again, lining up the shot perfectly before cocking his arm back like a pitcher. With the spirit of Japan in his heart, he'd smirk big and wide and scream, "CAPTCHA!!!" before hurling the 'Crystal Ball' at the Desert Moth like a Pokeball. If it hit, then it would be absorbed into the crystal and release a holographic projection from all around in order to create a perfect replica of the creature in its place. Where the Kobun Squad would believe they would have the actual being, they would, if all went as planned, only have its imaginary copy. A byproduct of Phantasmagoria merging with the Epic Art, no doubt.

"Ah, baby," he'd mutter to himself, breathing deeply out of happiness, "I fucking love you."

In the midst of all the commotion, though, he noticed a strange woman dipping out of the cut whilst the 'police' or whatever started doing their thing. "Oho? What do we have here...?" He would begin to lower his airship in order to see what was going down...

The Desert Moth was not aware of how it was caught by the mechanical men as it flew, though it was able to feel a great deal of weight suddenly start piling up on it as it flew. Before the 'Sandstorm' it cast could get too large, it was pulled down to the ground and restrained by the Servicemen. It wailed and screamed as much as it could, but there were too many of them holding it down for it to fight back now. The sand it created would get into the water, which was supposed to be pure and clean in order to properly circulate throughout the city and processed into drinking water.

Even so, the Desert Moth would find itself, after being captured a first time, captured once again by an unknown person that suddenly entered the fray, its entire essence being taken into the Crystal Ball in a flash. It wasn't sure what was going on, but it could see as though it were still in the same position, even though it was clearly in the Crystal Ball. This was in order to accurately project itself out to the Kobun Squad as though it were still being bound by them. With this, control of the creature would be relinquished to Tymon, he who captured the monster.

"You will not escape!" the two Servicemen assigned to Sakai exclaimed, taking off after her once she tried to escape. Wherever she was going, they were hot on her tail.

Meanwhile, the Ferryman safely got the remainder of the people into a place of refuge away from all of the commotion and returned to his men, who apparently had the creature contained. "Good work, Servicemen. Your Services are no longer necessary." With the Squad dismissed, they would all slip back into the cut in ninja-like blurs, back into the shadows from whence they came. Where they actually went to was a mystery to everyone, especially since none were in sight afterward.

The Ferryman inspected the creature wondering why it was even here in the first place... And trying to figure out what he was going to do with it before it got loose again somehow. "Hmmm... It seems to be frustrated from being out of its natural habitat... We'll have to make a note of transporting it back to the desert one day... I wouldn't mind making that trip, but it would be quite the journey..." He thought about it, insisting now that he make it a special trip from here to a place that was dry and arid for the Desert Moth to be at least a bit more comfortable in its environment. "I'll have to schedule this departure right away..." He snapped his fingers again, this time a single Serviceman appearing before him in a blur, "I need you to watch this and make sure it does not escape. If it does, be sure to call the others for back up. I need to go schedule a special trip outside the Valley of Water." After giving the instruction, he was off. He hadn't forgotten about Sakai in the slightest, and was going to get back to her as soon as he got this in order. Getting the creature out of here before it caused more trouble was top priority.

"Iiiccceee slide."

ΠSakai said, before she jumped up and basically blasted ice in front of her (like Ice Man). She didn't have time to waste, her problem was still there; she just ignored it for the most part.Π

Seemed like there was a lot of random mess happening all around here because of that creature that he captured. He wasn't sure about why, but he didn't care all too much right now. He was having fun doing shit, and now he was free to sail the Veritas as he saw fit with his love-dove right behind him. "Gotcha." He smirked and called back his Crystal Ball, which would zip back into his hand and draw forth the elemental essence of the Earth that was within the Desert Moth. "Sorry, I don't like insects." He broke down the creature into its rawest form and assimilated it with his Godcrystal Essence Release, unlocking one of the elemental properties of the Crystal Essence; the Crystal Earth. More specifically; Crystal Sand.

"Alright. Now we're talkin..." with his Epic Art, he would think up a new technique for himself to use using what he already knew that the Tensei were able to do with their basic powers, "Uh... Hmmm... Let's see..." He colored the Crystal Sand black, making it sparkle and glitter like stars shimmering in the night sky, "Oh, here we go~! Black Gold!! Just what I was looking for to make this creation!!" He would fling it outward, causing large sparkling stellar clouds to hazily drift over the sides of the ship and congregate around it in a flash.

"From now on, We're the Black Sand Pirates, and I'm your Captain, and you're my first mate, babe. So let's slip into this here aquarium real nice and simple... And get whatever's inside. Next, I guess I should acquire this young Water element while I'm here... Fux with the Black Gold a li'l bit..." Mid-thought, he'd catch Sakai in the corner of his eye whip up a nice little Ice Slide trying to outrun some of those robot guys that were after her for whatever reason, and got an idea. "In fact," he continued, following this impulsive train of thought, "YO!! HOT ICE GIRL!!! WANNA JOIN MY PIRATE CREW!?!?"

The two Servicemen chasing after Sakai would follow her up the slide, spikes coming out of the soles of their feet as though an automated function made specifically for multi-terrain functionality; something like a mix of cletes and ice spikes in one. They trekked up the Ice Slide in hot pursuit, not letting up for a moment, not even in transition from one level of traction to another.

"Anything to get me away from these fools; sure I'll join!"

ΠShe quickly said, before jumping up into the air! Leaving her trail of ice behind. Once she was up up in the air, she placed her hands out and formed small ice balls that she'd use as stepping stones to move quicker. Once she stepped on one, It'd brake instantly and she'd be on to the next one and so on.Π

"Haaai, hai..." he'd mutter to himself, a lucid smirk on his face as his glazed eyes gleamed, their sharpness revealed under the dull expression they portrayed. As the girl hop-stepped up her Ice Balls, Tymon would already be bringing the ship around to scoop her up. "... Yoiiiishop~" He extended his hand and snagged her own, pulling her onto his ship with a nice round-swing.

"Oi, bae! Let's be out this jam, yeah?" he slung his hand up in the air, pointing up to the heavens, "With style!!" he'd add, the Black Gold shooting up around them in a phantasmal haze in order to cloak the ship right quick in its spectral splendor.

"Sure thing, loverboy! Hahahaha!! >D" She'd laugh maniacally to herself as, when the Black Gold shot up around them, it would sprinkle over the ship like a wave of stardust and completely wipe the ship away. They would phase out in the murky stellar haze, almost like they'd never been there at all... Only a Dream.

The two Servicemen that were hot on Sakai's trail would follow her up the ice slide until she broke from it and hopped up on some ice balls and out of their grasp. At the edge of the ice slide, they would immediately hold out their hands and extend them outward just like their brethren had done to collect the Desert Moth. Before they could snatch up Sakai, however, they would find that both she and whatever the large mysterious construct was that suddenly appeared would disappear like a hazy dream, completely gone from the area. Their hands would quickly retract and the two Servicemen stood there, stumped. With their mission failed and no other orders, that was all that they could do.

Eventually, the Ferryman came back and found the two lone Servicemen standing atop the ice slide, knowing for a fact that this meant that the fugitive escaped. "... Darn..." he muttered, moving toward the two Servicemen. "What is the full report, Servicemen?"

The two made an about-face simultaneously, saluting the Ferryman and speaking in unison the exact same words; "As instructed, we followed the fugitive and kept a close eye on her. However, she escaped our grasp because of a flying mysterious aircraft of which we were unable to collect any data on. That is all."

The Ferryman raised a hand to his chin, trying to calculate just what it is that happened, "Hmmm... Must have been an inside job... Or perhaps, she already had friends waiting to pick her up..." He turned to the other Serviceman, who had been patiently watching the apprehended creature and... As soon as he walked over to it and tried to lift it, his hand would phase right through it. "What? A holographic projection?" This seemed to be an elaborate scheme of sorts, fit with a distraction for the units to fumble over whilst Sakai made her escape, the creature being taken along with it. It had to have something to do with that unknown aircraft.

He knew that the pathway to Balneal was still sealed off in ice, or should have been, since there hadn't been anything nor anyone to resolve that issue yet. He knew that unless he gave the Servicemen EXACT instructions, they would not do anything, and if something had changed, they would probably not act. That meant that they were going to need to get upgraded soon, perhaps.

"... I must deal with the blockage of the Water Ferry pathway. I want you and the rest of the Kobun Squad to scour the city in search of the fugitive. If she is still here, she will be apprehended... But if she is gone, there is nothing that we can do and will just have to let her go." It was sad, but it was true; there was no need to prolong something that exceeded the city limits, especially for a rather petty offense. If it were major, it might have been a different story, however. "You are free to act on your own best judgment in order to accomplish this goal, and be sure to relay the message to the other Servicemen that you come in contact with. I leave the rest up to you." The three Servicemen would salute to him and respond, "Confirmed." Now that they were given the order to act of their own free will, they would no longer have to be restrained to following the specific orders given. With that, the Ferryman would make his way to the Water Ferry Port, where he would take out one of his cruisers to get to the blockage, and the Servicemen would disappear in a blur to scour the city.
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Shinseigami, the PanDaddy :: Pandimensional Overgod; the Unrestricted Being
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Chapter 7: Acid Rain; Breaking and Entering

Labrys would appear yet again in an eerie location, having now been transported to a deep, dark aquarium. The light of the divine airship would be masked by the guise of the Black Gold and backed up by the Phantasmagoria, which would make them all appear like part of the background to everyone and everything else.

"Alright, we're in. What was the plan for coming in this place, again...?"

Once they were in, this treasure hunt was about to begin. He looked around and surveyed the area, his mind going to work on just how they were gonna pull this off.

"Aight, here's the plan," he'd say, tapping his foot rapidly whilst still sorta lost in thought, "We're gonna drift our way through this place and start searching for some stuff to turn into Epic Art. Then we're gonna see if there are any rare items or something I can turn into a rare item 'round these parts." It seemed like they couldn't be seen for some reason; probably something along the effects of what Friday did, which was always good for covering his bases like he did hers. They were the perfect team together.

"But before we get started," he'd say, turning to the new recruit, "What's your deal? We can't be seen nor touched, so we're pretty good right now. Let me hear your deal." She was just some random person that he just recently picked up. Might as well get to know something about her. "Why were those guys chasing you? And I see that you have Ice Powers. That means you can fight, right?"

ΠBeing saved was more than enough for Sakai, she was happy to be out of that hell hole of a town and etc. She wasn't sure what she was on or who even saved her, but she was all in all happy about it and what nots.

Not to long after letting everything that happened, happened. Sakai was asked a question as to why she was running and such.Π

"Long story short, I saved a kid, mother got mad and called the cops, went to holding and was forced to clean up stuff, but I didn't do that haha. Oh and I broke out and ran and that's about it. And as for me powa, I choose not to fight, because it doesn't solve anything really. Sure I always get answers when I beat people half dead, buuuuut that's not me anymore."

"Oooh, that's shitty..." he mentioned, though he knew how mishaps like that happened, and such. "That makes you a fugitive in this town, right? Hahaha. I don't see why you should be if you saved someone's life."

He shrugged his shoulders, "Sometimes, it just happens trying to please everyone instead of actually doing what's right. Buuut, it doesn't really matter now... Cuz I'll get you out of here after I'm done doing what I have to do." He was looking for this young Water Element and some rare creatures to snag in order to obtain it, or perhaps just to keep as little pets. Maybe even to create into a new pet and let it be released somewhere in the Veritas. Never knew what was gonna happen, just knew that it was gonna be fun. "Well uh, the name's Tymon. I'm the leader of the Black Sand Pirates..." he pointed up to the sexy bish on his shoulders, "And this is my lover, Friday. She's my first mate." Even though he got the rundown on this girl, he didn't know her name, either... So it was only polite to ask, since they were gonna be traveling together for a while. "And what's your name, cutie?" He was liking her badass personality, even if she said she didn't beat people up anymore. He was the same way... Sorta. At least this meant that she knew how to defend herself. Maybe the two of them could practice sometime in order to make sure they were both sharp, in case something did ever occur where they needed to use their abilities to get out of it.

"I'm Sakai and do you have a ladies room? I really need to.... you know."

ΠOnce she was told where or if there was one, she'd be gone in an instant. She would do the intro stuff after she did what she had to do in the ladies room.Π

"Uhhh..." he moaned pensively, trying to figure out how to answer that question, "... Nah. Nah, we don't have a uh... 'Lady's Room.' But I can do you something better..." He would talk over to the other side of the ship and create a large, pitch black hole, almost like a void, in the middle of the floor. "Just use this. It leads to a place where everything just ends up turning into nothingness, so it's okay to just.. Let loose in there. If you need some privacy, I can make you a... Wall... Or a door... Or something."

"Well that'll do I suppose, but I'll need 4 walls and a mirror. That'll be all."

ΠShe walked over to the hole and looked at it before sighing. This was a first for her, but that didn't matter for the most part.Π

"Ahhh, mirrors, huh...?" He veered off to the side, not having enough control over his Epic Art to actually create stuff like that spontaneously. He could always hopefully draw something from the Pandoire, but there was no guarantee that he'd actually draw any 'Mirrors.' He also didn't want to keep relying on Friday and her Phantasmagoria... Regardless of if she was willing or not, he never sought to abuse her power like apparently so many had done before him. He'd give her a rest and try to figure this out on his own.

'Damn, but all I've got are...' he looked down, pulling out two of the flowers he picked from before... Naturally, kept in two separate pockets entirely to avoid them reacting to each other, but still, he had them on his person nonetheless. '... Well, I guess it couldn't hurt... Give me a new ability to work with, and all...

"Yeah, uh... Gimme one sec..." he turned his back for a moment or two, before turning right back around with an isolated 4-walled mirror room appearing around the hole. "There ya go! Multipurpose Reflectors!... Er... 'Mirrors.' That all you need to drop your load?"

ΠSakai smiled as she saw that she was now in a small room with only herself. Now that it was done, she took her tie off and unbuttoned her shirt and took it off. She would then walk in front of the mirror and stair at herself, before moving her eyes down to her chest. As she looked at her chest and saw that her problem was still there and that problem was a star like shape that rested dead center on her chest. The star was slightly glowing and it pulsated a few time before it started to expand itself a bit.

Sakai didn't know why this star was here or why she felt like she knew what it was, but just couldn't remember whatsoever. She punched the mirror out of anger and upon doing that, the mirror froze instantly and shattered. But, she calmed herself down and just stood there.Π

"Fuck! Why can't I remember anything... damn! At any rate I should keep my cool."

Tymon didn't want to intrude on whatever she was doing in there, especially if it was her business... But after hearing one of the mirrors crack, he was a little skeptical about just WHAT she was doing over there.

"Uh... You okay in there?" he called out, looking up suspiciously to his partner in crime atop his head. Maybe he'd talk some things over with her about this new recruit. Or, better yet...

"Hey, sweetness, could you do me a favor and go survey the area real quick? I wanna see where I should steer the ship... and if anything worthwhile is here."

Friday was pretty solid on this plan he had, and, after hearing it and silently letting Tymon and Sakai get acquainted, she'd continue to patiently keep an eye out for this girl whilst waiting for the plan to get under way. It seemed like once the girl went to the bathroom, Tymon had a mind for some reconnaissance, which wasn't such a bad idea... Especially when she was the queen of incognito. "Sure thing... Just don't let that bitch touch you. Or I'll haunt you both in your dreams~!" It was a threat of love, certainly, and Tymon knew that. She kissed his forehead and drifted out of the Black Gold and out into the Aquarium, where she would fade out and disperse, looking for anything of interest around these parts. While she was at it... She might as well scoop up the tasty thoughts and dreams of the unsuspecting people walking around. Not like they'd notice... They'd think it to be a simple wave of 'forgetfulness' that passed over them for a moment before they'd continue on their own thoughts. She was as cunning as she was sexy... and Friday was pretty fucking sexy.

"I'm fine, don't worry about me."

ΠSakai sighed before she put her shirt and tie back on and jumped over the wall. She landed on her feet and just looked around the place a bit.Π


When the strange woman was done with what she needed to do, the mirrors would shatter all on their own, being returned to Tymon as the Epic Art that they now belonged to him as; Moone Mirrors. They would be of use later, so he'd have to thank this lady later... After they got on with the heist.

"You good? Cuz I'm about ready to start swiping what I need from this place, after all." He probably should have asked her what she wanted or where she was going... Or if she was here to travel along with him. If she didn't have any clear-cut destination, it would be cool for the time being. Didn't hurt to not only help someone in the struggle, but to also have some company on his voyage that he randomly started to embark on.

"Got anything you're interested in or looking for? Any place you're trying to go to, or anything? After this heist, I don't really have anything to do except basically just travel around this land looking for treasure and shit."

"Eh I'm all good and I don't have anywhere to go and I was just wondering around."

ΠSakai really didn't have anywhere to go or anything to do with herself, she was just a wondering person since she had little memory of her past.Π

"Aight, well that's all good then. You'll be riding with me for a while until you get tired of it, I guess. You're free to go whenever you want." He turned around, continuing to survey the area, waiting for his love to get back with the specs on the place, "... But until then, you're part of my crew, so. I'll get us out of here when I'm done. When Friday gets back, I can get started..." He was getting a little impatient, but would sit and wait nonetheless, knowing that blowing their cover right now was probably not the best thing to do with a wanted fugitive and after having basically broken into this place without anyone knowing. He didn't intend to do any harm to this place, just get in and get out with whatever he could find that was of any value, even if that value was only valuable to him and him alone. "You got any goals or anything? Anything you wanna accomplish or anything?" Might as well get in the know as much as he could about her while they were sitting here waiting. He always liked to know about the people he came in contact with... Especially cute girls~. Even if he was already committed, he still had a naturally flirtatious personality. But he knew where his heart was, and so did his boo, and he'd never do anything to jeopardize that with anyone, no matter how much he talked.

"Fine with me."

ΠSakai just took a seat on the floor and waited to see what was next on the list of things to do or whatever it was that was going to happen.Π

The woman seemed a little spaced out... Didn't seem to hear nor acknowledge his questions, for some reason. Maybe she had something on her mind that she just wasn't telling Tymon. Her distraction, though apparent, wouldn't be doted on. It wasn't like him to pry about things like this... Only things he either REALLY wanted to know or that were EXTREMELY important to something he was doing. Any other questions could be looked over, as they would most definitely either come up in conversation or be answered later on in life.

"... Yeah, alright," he said kinda half-heartedly, figuring it best to leave her to her thoughts then, since she didn't want to talk too much. "... Now, where is that damn girl at...? Mou... >>; "

Almost like she heard his call, Friday would fade back in resting around his neck, as she seemed to really enjoy doing, and tapped him on his head.

"Yo, dunce! I'm up here~." She playfully leaned over to look at him, smiling wide, "And I found a long underground tunnel. There aren't a lot of people in there and it seemed to go down really far underwater... I'm guessing so that people who DO go down it can look at the creatures that can only be found in the depths of the sea and stuff." She shrugged, not really sure nor caring of why. "There was something strange though... A blocked off section that I didn't go down... It's probably where they keep the goods." She swung herself around slightly on his neck, swaying from side to side in a kiddish manner, "You wanna go~?"

A certain chill up his spine that only he'd feel whenever she was around let him know she was there before she even decided to manifest around him as she usually did... But he liked that feeling a lot. Let him know that his baby was around. "Haha, right on time! I was getting a little impatient," he'd say, already excited and pumped for what may lie ahead. "You already KNOW I'm on that! Just tell me where to go and I'll send Labrys down the tunnel shrouded in the Black Gold to keep us from being seen." Even though he could use some of the more basic functions of Phantasmagoria, like becoming intangible and invisible, he wasn't able to manifest anywhere and everywhere he wished like Friday was, nor was he able to negate some effects of many natural laws, like breathing underwater, as he knew Friday was capable of due to her proficiency. Right now, just being invisible and intangible would do, considering that this was a mission that only required such stealth. Though, in terms of being silent... He wasn't able to mask sound yet.

"Sakai, I need you to be very quiet. We can talk and stuff, but just don't be too loud. We don't want to be discovered when I set sail, because then we won't be in the background anymore..." He was already feeling sorta drained from what went down, considering that in order to keep the ship cloaked, he had to keep a constant veil of the Black Gold surrounding it. It wasn't much of a drain, but it was constant, nonetheless. "If you have anything you wanna say or do, feel free to do so. You may explore my ship as you see fit... Or swipe whatever you like. Just don't... Fall off. If you do, you won't be invisible nor intangible anymore and everyone will see you... And probably will take you in, since you're wanted." He would start the ship and have it gently creep into the main corridor of the aquarium... Since it was already so dark naturally, no one would see the faint, ghostly image that its outline made in the atmosphere. Unless someone were actually really intensely focusing with great intent, it would just look like their eyes were playing tricks on them, as people tended to claim when they saw weird things like faces and such in the corner of their eyes.

"I think I want to find a shark and a jellyfish... And an octopus. Yeah... Those things are definitely on my list. I could do a lot with those in my Epic Art repertoire..."

"Alright, bae~!" she chimed, pointing in the direction of the Underground Waterway, "Full speed ahead, that-a-way!" it wasn't too far from their own location, and was basically a straight shot. The Aquarium was large and beautiful, but relatively simply in design; a large dome with many glass-like walkways extending from the main hall. Down the largest one was where the pass would slightly slope, denoting that it was the only one that led down to levels deeper than the main floor. "There aren't too many people, so we should be fine just cruising along. Seems like a pretty easy catch for our first escapade, huh?" Not that she was complaining. It was fun and they were gonna get some pretty sweet things from here. Friday was just happy to be with Tymon, really... He was a lot more fun than any of the other boring people from her past lives. Guess that's another reason why he was to break the curse of Malfortuna... And why she, the Thirteenth Fairy, was the chosen one of legend. She only wished that her physical manifestation, Tsuki, was more prepared mentally to be with him... It kinda irked her to know that her True, completed self was so... ill-prepared. But that's why they gave each other their Souls in order to keep them company. Maybe time with Tigen would make her feel better... Just like time with Tymon was making Friday feel pretty sweet on her own~. "... One day..." she muttered longingly to herself, resting her head upon his and closing her eyes. Tsuki just had to find herself, is all. She was thankful that Tymon was being so understanding about it all, especially after all the trouble he went through for her. That's why Friday seemed to be less hostile, opposing her naturally mischievous nature.

"Yare yare, is you say so."

ΠSakai lied on the floor, put on leg on top of the other, placed her arms behind her head and closed her eyes. She pegged this whole bit that was going on or rather she read it enough to know about it to do so. However, she was tired and didn't feel like dealing witch it.Π


"Alright then, I guess if everybody's ready..." he'd say, taking her steady into the open, "Let's be real careful until we're out of the main hall." Labrys would drift dreamily down the single hallway that fell below the surface, deeper into the aquarium and lower down in sea level. With this, they would reach the Underground Waterway.
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Chapter 8: Primordial Journey; Into the Depths

As the trio of the Black Sand Pirates would lackadaisically drift along, passing through people every so often and remaining relatively silent as the captain steered his ship, Tymon, though patient and steadfast in his journey, was a little tired of moving so slowly.

He looked around at the beautiful aquatic creatures that passed by the translucent tube that was the Underground Waterway in awe, finding that this was more beautiful to look at these creatures down below than it was to look at the ones nearer to the surface. Guess that was something about water... The deeper you go, the darker it gets, but the more beautiful things there are in that darkness.

"Woah! Is this what the underwater of the Veritas looks like!?!?"

He couldn't believe that deep below the surface were things like this... It was like a whole different universe or something, yet it was still quite clearly connected to the land they were in. The Veritas was a strange place, indeed, but beautiful, nonetheless.

"I can't wait to see what creatures are here..."

Still resting on his shoulders, lost in some deep thought of her own, Friday remained silent as Tymon enjoyed the sights of the deepening underpass. She didn't seem to have much to say, for she was a bit downtrodden by the scenario that flashed in her head over and over. She, being Tsuki's Will, couldn't get over the fact that their meeting ended the way it did. Though it was something that she should probably get over, she wasn't exactly pleased with herself... So it was difficult when such things kept replaying over and over and over. Perhaps this disappointment that she felt was the same that was going on within Tsuki; the very reason why she left in the first place.


Her silence, though soundless, spoke more words than her words would have in this scenario. Usually, Tymon's enthusiasm would brighten her own, but she couldn't even enjoy the beautiful sights... unfortunately.

"..." His crew was silent. Sakai, who had basically been resting, and Friday, who eerily fell silent, left Tymon's words lingering in the air with no response. "... What's the matter, love?" he'd say to the dreamy girl that rested upon his shoulders, "You usually love this sort of stuff." He was worried about her. Ever since she got back, she'd been a little different, for whatever reason. It was bothering him to the point where he couldn't even focus on looking at (and for) all the wonderful creatures that roamed around this undersea aquarium. "Wanna talk about it~?"

Further down the hallway, a long ways off, a couple of Servicemen could be seen walking out of the dark corridor and up the sloped path rather dutifully. Where they were coming from and why was unknown, but they did not seem to have any clear-set duty that they were doing, due to the lack of urgency in their mechanical movements.

As they drew near, they both would simultaneously pick up on a disturbance in the atmosphere around them, a reading that they were both very keen on since there was nothing going on around here.

They would say in tandem, "Hm. A disturbance. Warning." before their eyes flashed red and their friendly smiles would become distraught frowns. They walked now more carefully up the pass, keeping an eye out for whatever this disturbance they were feeling was.

She shied away from the question, turning her head and burying her face in his hat. She remained silent for a while, contemplating whether or not she should tell him what was bothering here or not. She didn't want to sound like a bitch, especially since, even if only in spirit, she was still here with her love. She didn't want to worry him with her trivial personal problems, even if she knew that he wanted to hear about them. He was sweet, but she knew he had better things to do than to try to make her feel better. She should be able to do things like that on her own, anyway... So, that's what she intended to do.

"Oh, don't worry about it... I'm just... Thinking about some things..." Even though she wanted to leave it at that, knowing Tymon, he wouldn't allow it to be left at that... He was the type of guy that, once he knew there was a problem, he would go out of his way to fix it... Even if it wasn't as serious as he was making it. He had sweet thoughts and intent, but his delivery could use a little more work, in all honesty. But maybe that's what this journey he was on was all about.

Before too long in their rather smooth cruise, Friday sensed that there was something strange up ahead. She quickly perked up and gazed into the darkness, before her head would disappear for a brief moment and appear in the distance. She saw two more men identical to the ones that they saved Sakai from, and it seemed like they were now alerted to their presence. Her head returned to her body in a ghastly wisp and she'd tap Tymon on the head, "Hey. Some of those goons are up ahead, and it seems like they sensed us. I don't think they can see us, but they can probably read us, since they're robots." It was one of those fortunate unfortunate incidents that allowed her to not have to express her true feelings, but it could take a turn for the worst if they didn't get through this. Their whole mission could be compromised if those guys found out and flooded the Aquarium. But, knowing her hubby... He'd find a way out of it.

"What are we gonna do...?"

Each of the passing creatures that flowed through the beautiful waters would drift dreamily through the lucid ocean that surrounded the Underground Waterway. Every so often, a larger creature would pass by, which, if it weren't for the scenario at hand, would probably have drawn much awe and attention from the crew on the ship. Even the smaller creatures in the mystical spacious sea would bear witness to the strife that the trio were currently in and, as animals, were in tune with not only their intent, but their feelings, as well. With this same harmony shared with each other and their wavelengths being conducted on the deep-sea watery waves, the aquatic animals would begin to act eerily, forming patterns and formations that only they were aware of the meaning, or even that it was being done. They could very clearly see the two Servicemen and, even though they could not clearly see the ship, they could feel its wavelengths and vibrations, giving them clarity of its whereabouts.

In an urgent sense to help them out, for whatever reason they were inspired to do so, a mystical animal would float alongside them at the border of the translucent barrier separating the water from the tube-like walkway. Its eyes seemed to glow with a bright, mystic light that was unlike the other animals... as was its shape and form. It seemed to resemble a sort of mix between an aquatic animal and a land animal, all wrapped up in a cosmic veil that masked its true form.

"... Kochi..."

It attempted to guide them to where it was, causing small ripples in the solid barrier to reveal not only that this creature had some sort of mystical power, but also that it was alright for them to follow it into the water, for whatever reason.

"... Hayaku..."

"Thinking about some things, huh?" he said in a tone mimicking her own, as a means of showing her that not only was he not buying it, but that he caught on to the fact that there was something more to it than what she was revealing to him. She definitely was right to know that he would want to pry further, for if he knew the information, he could always find the solution. For some reason, it didn't matter what the scenario was, as long as he had all of the information (or at least enough), he could piece together everything; from the scenario itself to the solution, and any number of alternate paths and solutions that could be made from it until one was decided upon.

"Well, you know that's not gonna cut it with me. I want details, love. You know I hate it when you're down. I can feel it. We're connected in our hearts, remember?" Though he was serious, he said it in a playful tone as to at least show her that he could be compassionate about the situation, despite the gravity of it, in his eyes. However, it was cut short once she explained to him that there was trouble up ahead. "Oh, shit, really? Fine, well... Don't think you're off the hook. But, we do need to get past these guys... And this hallway is narrow..." It was already established that they couldn't drift off into the water. Despite being intangible and invisible, they still needed to breathe... But these guys could sense them somehow, perhaps using methods that did not require perceptual vision, but maybe the reading of wavelengths or something. They were in a pinch...

That is, until he noticed the aquatic creatures acting a little funny around him. He wasn't sure why, but perhaps... It had something to do with his natural affinity to the water and all the sea creatures, which was why he could not only tell something was up, but feel it within them as though he were one of them. He looked up and around, seeing the larger animals seeming to orchestrate this phenomenon whilst the little ones merely engaged in it. "Oh, great, now the animals are acting up, too... Crap. We might have to abort this mission..." He grit his teeth and looked off to either side, trying to figure out any other way. He didn't want to fight and cause a scene; that would be counterproductive, even if they could win.

It was then that he noticed a rather peculiar creature that looked different from the others... Sure, the other creatures were beautiful and filled with a cosmic sort of luster that seemed to fill the ocean naturally (especially with the beautiful planets and celestial bodies flowing undersea), but there was something different about this one specifically... He couldn't put his finger on it, but as it spoke to him and insisted they come near it, he saw the ripple in the glass, hinting that it had some sort of special power that would probably allow them to pass through. He only hoped that whatever it was, it would also allow them to breathe underwater.

"Shiiiiiiiit, we're gonna follow that mysterious ass water creature, that's what we're gonna do!! Fuck tha bullshit!!" He spun the wheel hard to the left, turning the ship toward the barrier wall, "Alright, water thing! I'm gonna trust you and see where this goes, yeah!?" And with that, he would steer the ship straight into the wall with high hopes that they would survive...

ΠSakai said nothing and she did nothing. She didn't even open her eyes, because weebs weren't worth looking at or something along those safe line of what she was thinking. She just slept there the whole time, even tho she was awear of something like this happening, etc.Π

When Tymon turned the ship into the barrier, it would immediately seep through the wall rippling like water, covered by a cosmic veil similar to that which streamed from the being and littered the waters with the sparkling dust. This would enable them all to be able to freely swim through the water and breathe it as though it were air.

Around them, they would be able to see things that they were not able to on the other side of the glass; creatures whose natural light did not pass through glass, making them completely invisible behind translucent walls. Large, colorful, exotic jellyfish spiraled slowly through the water, arcing around the moon-like construct that glowed faintly in the distance.

As the creature led them on, another spectacle found its way to meet them; a large whale that looked to be made up of the stars itself. The aquatic constellar creature wailed a beautiful tune, swimming under their ship slowly, yet gleefully.

"We know who you are," it said, "And we have led you here to help you on your quest... And guide you to both what you seek and what you need..." the creature flipped and swirled around the ship, swimming rather swiftly through the water as though hovering through the air, "Partake of these creatures' blessings if you so choose." It looked to Sakai, noticing within her the power of Ice, "... And you, she blessed with Ice... If you so choose, you may ask and receive a gift from the depths of the water, as well..." The creature looked to them all and nodded its head, "I will leave you to frolic upon the waters and return to guide you when the time is right..." With that, it would disperse into an array of glittering specks that would spread across the sea like an asteroid belt.

"Yare yare, can't seem to catch a nice nap, but it's all cool. Sooo I get a wish Huh? Sounds like one of those "I'll do it, but you gotta do something for me" type of things and I'm not down for that. So I'll pass on that whole "wish" thing."

ΠSakai wasn't stupid, she knew where these type of things went and she wasn't down with it. Pluse she didn't want anything to do with something she didn't care about, because no one could grant her wish and she knew that was a fact. So she passed on that, but once that was done she went back to sleep.Π

Tymon gazed up in awe at all the beautiful marvelous spectral creatures that were floating around him in the sea that resembled the depths of space, eyes gleaming with stars and sparkles at the spectacles he saw before him. "Uwaaaaaaahhhhh~!" he cooed, his eyes widening at all of it. And then, that's when the mystical water thing told him that these creatures of this place were, basically, his friends and wanted to help him on his journey. That's all he needed to hear.

"FUCK YEAH! YOU GOT IT, MYSTICAL ASS WATER THING!!" He heard Sakai say something about 'wishes' or something, but she must have been dreaming all of that foolishness, cuz lord knows that Tymon, the attentive one here, heard nothing of the sort being said by them. "... Wish? ... I dunno what you heard, but I'm about to go have fun. Later, stiff!" he'd say before, without a second thought, hurdling himself off the side of the ship and onto the cosmic whale that just passed him by. He wasn't sure what Friday was gonna do, but he sure as hell was about to have some fun with these here water things whilst Sakai basically kept the shit warm with her icy stiffness.

As Tymon insisted on impulsively hurling himself off of the ship, Friday would stay behind and let him have fun in his element. He certainly enjoyed the water due to his sign, and quite possibly was about to have a field day with his Epic Art, but Friday was with Sakai on this one. She had a lot to think about and wasn't really feeling up to it right at the moment. "You go on ahead," she'd mutter to him before lifting her legs from around his neck and bending backward into the air, hovering down to her feet gently, "Have fun, baby!" she'd say, waving at him as he hooked onto the cosmic whale.

Meanwhile, Friday would hover toward Sakai, lying down next to her and sprawling herself out on the deck floor, perfectly alright with looking up at the oceanic stars filling the waters all around them. Sakai was asleep, and that certainly meant that, if she wanted to, she could enter the dream of Sakai and eat it, considering that Friday was a Baku. However, despite how she usually would be when she saw a tasty morsel as a sitting duck, her own thoughts and feelings got in the way of her playfully mischievous behavior. She sighed heavily, kicking a leg up over her knee and just lying there. If Sakai interacted with her, she might be willing to respond; she seemed to have something going on within her, as well. Perhaps the two girls could help each other out.

Once Tymon latched onto the cosmic whale, he would begin to feel its energy course through his body, connecting them in their minds and hearts. The energy would cause the boy to glow in a spectrum of color similar to what the whale itself emanated from its own being. Though it moves slowly through the water, due to its largeness, it would feel as though it were rushing swiftly since it covered more ground more swiftly with its greater size. With their minds and souls connected, it would begin to speak to him through its melodious wails.

"Hold on tight..." it said, taking a them up over the ship and around toward where the beautiful moon was. Apparently, the whale wished to show the boy all of the wonders of this interstellar undersea environment before it was time for him to depart. Whether he knew it or not, his traveling here was more important to him than he could ever imagine... And all of the cosmic marine life were aware of this. They would quickly reach the sparkling trail left by the mystical unknown creature, flowing into it and riding its current swiftly all the way to the moon.
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Chapter 9: Primordial Journey; Depths of the Sea

Spiraling into the cosmic stream that wrapped around the moon, the constellation whale would land upon the surface of the moon as though it were reaching its destination.

As the waters were illuminated by the soft glow of the moon, the form of the creature came into the light; At that moment, the fox-like marine animal appeared before Tymon again, this type appearing from the darkness and revealing her face. It was that of a beautiful mermaid with the ears of a vixen.

"Kochi, Kochi..."

She would swim off into the beautiful and colorful canyons of the moon, schools of fish floating around beside her and off into the depths of space as they may at a high speed. The moon looked to be a beautiful coral reef, which seemed to give strength to the Water and all her creatures of it. This place almost looked to be a Lunar Shrine of sorts.

"Woaaaaah. This place is AWESOME," Tymon would say, feeling more than 'Right at Home' on this place that looked like a Moon that was trapped underwater in space with all sorts of aquatic creatures floating through the spacial waters, "WHY DIDN'T I KNOW THIS PLACE EXISTED?!" Rather; why didn't he just make this place before he came? Though, some of the places on the Veritas were meant for him to be discovered and enjoyed, just like Tensei told him he was supposed to do. Not that he was complaining; having fun in HIS world was the best. He just wished others could have as much fun as he could. Hopefully, that could occur one day... Maybe if he worked really hard...

"... Hmm... How to make this place fun for others...?" When the space whale landed, he'd hear the voice of the beautiful mermaid speak to him again, calling him over to another area that was deeper down the valley of the moon. "Oh, wait, there you are! Hold on, dammit, here I come!" He hopped off the whale, finding that his movement was far less restricted here; like movement through water and space at the same time, but still harboring gravity of sorts, if he stopped moving. It was cool, but it was definitely difficult to maneuver at first. "Man... Fuck... Shit... Goddamn... I'm not a fucking fish you kno-- Waaaait a minute..." He turned to the whale, remembered what the mermaid said about the water creatures giving him their blessings to do with them as he wished, "... Hmmmm~!" he pondered rather suspiciously with a large, kiddie cat grin on his face,

" Aight, Space Whale, you're mine now."

Having consent previously over its dominion, Tymon would touch it and take apart its very constellar, essence, pulling it into the Pandoire as one of the creatures he was capable of creating with his Deathstar Materia Manna. Then, he could just summon the whale at any time, and alter its shape and form if he so chose to do so, as well as extract energy from it in order to create into different energy. Yeah. Epic Art was fun... And necessary in order to keep his world flowing. That's why no one else had it but him... And, well, Tsuki, but that's because that was his bae and he wanted to share everything with her, so he did. Whether she used it or not was up to her, but if she was ever in a pinch, she had his love there in the form of Epic Art and Tigen in the clutch...

"Aw yeah, baby. Let's go~!" He opened the Pandoire and, using the whale's energy he just captured, created a halfway constellation of the creature's tail out of starlight, which would connect to each other as well as his own self from the torso down, completely wrapping his legs in a mystical cosmic veil of rainbow stardust. "Dude, it's like fucking NiGHTS up in here." He whipped his tail, sending him spiraling off in some arbitrary direction "FUCKME~~~!!!" he shouted, being thrown for a loop. When he finally realized how the fuck to control this tail, he'd slowly, but surely, paddle his way back toward the trail left by the beautiful mermaid lady, trying to get the hang of his uh... 'sea legs.'

"HOLD UP!! SLOW DOWN. I... I'M NOT A FISH." Though, he could say that he was definitely enjoying being somewhat like one in here. Yeah... Awesomeness. All he could do was follow her for right now, though, wondering what the hell was so important that she'd lead him all the way over here. "I hope you're not some evil Fae that's trying to consume my mind. I've heard about evil Mermaids and Sirens and shit, leading men astray. Don't fuck with my innate lore of fantasy and phantasmal creatures." Not to mention of Friday's shit... Little mischievous hoe. He loved her, though. He wondered how she was doing... and Tsuki.


As the boy took his sweet ass time getting himself adjusted to his new environment, the matron of the seas would indeed be leading him down the road with her voice. Whether he trusted her or not was up to him, but all such temptation was a test... Of faith and of love, perhaps, with knowing what he did about the Mermaids and their lore. She could very well be one of the same.

However, through his ear, on the rolling waves of the cosmic waters, would be her words, as sweet as her emanating crystal blue light on the ocean floor and reef walls.

"... Are you ready to see my true form...?" the aqueous melody asked him, lulling him closer to the truth that lie beyond the watery grave...

"As I~! Float along~! Singing this delightful song~!--" suddenly, a tune appeared in his head that he hadn't quite known still existed. "Oh shit! That's that song from that girl I drew... Gii! Yeah... She was so cute. Made her back in the uh... 6th grade, I believe. Yeah... Yeah, that's when that happened. Mmm..." And a good wind blew as a wave across the sea and through the rolling river. Good memories were just beautiful all the way down the stream, like a nice little canoe.

"... But uh, I can save that for Bunnybee," he said with a cough, already having foreseen some things. "Yeah. In any case...-- WAIT. THAT'S A MAGICAL IDEA." He said, swimming over to the dark side where the crystal light glowed, "You can either be one of two things; New target or hot babe, and I'm down for either one. Apparently, I've got the blessings of the sea, and that's all I really need to whip your bitch ass into shape if you're trying to kill me. Bitches be forgetting who I am and shit just because I'm being nice... I tell ya 'bout that... Epic Art. Heh heh." That's the Epic part about Epic Art.


His eyes gleamed, snatching up that wavelength real quick and tracing it back to the source, "Gimme that data, Card." He whipped it out of the sky, in a drillspin swirl, trapping its data into the form of the Pandoire card, "... Huh. That's funny... This can't be THAT one...?"

Regardless of that, he realized what it was time to do. "TYMON MUST DO RESEEEEAAAARCH!!!" Uncle-Grandfather glass, whipping out that sketchbook and his paintbrush, of which he remembered that the Tensei collected, "Someone might just catch them a Be' 'reound 'dese here parts. >3" *That's 'Be'' pronounced as 'Bae,' that is.* "HELLZ YEAH! LET'S GO!!"

"A wise decision, Shinseigami," the beautiful voice of a Sorrowful Angel sang like a note struck on a crystal harp. There, in the heart of the coral reef, he would find the very essence of this land itself alight with an eerie purple glow,

"... It seems that you know your creations rather well... Which is why I'm hoping you know more about this than I do..."

she'd explain to him, holding something dark and shadowy in a bubble of Suspended Animation betwixt her tender fingers holding it ever so steadily together, "... I've Isolated something within the Zero World that Thanytoz has captured... It seems to be a girl and a single speck of Insanity known as 'Pumpkinhead' that they both have adopted... It has taken the form of this insidious creation;"
"Ouroborous, the Heartless Pisces."

She didn't notice it at first, but when it infiltrated her Oasis of Serenity back on Vescrutia, she banished it and its vile essence to the Zero World with the Bermuda Triangle. She could only believe that it was that ominous 'Veronica' woman who bore the same semblance in Insane aura to the Pumpkinheaded one... As though they both shared the same dark mind, but the head belonged to neither one of them... A Twin Headless Monstrosity. "I believe that one of them may be a vengeful spirit made of Insanity of a similar caliber to the Pumpkinhead, and somehow, they became merged into a single being... That is constantly eating its own tail..." The Infinite Loop. "I've never encountered this before, and I really believe this is a serious issue that could become something terrible if we do not take hold of the reigns and get it in order. By Neptune's Order, I will keep the peace of this land... For my sake and for yours, my Shinseigami."

She nodded to her head to him in a respectful bow before politely lifting it up to him so that he could inspect it as he would, already seeing that his 'Crystal Sight' was equipped by those... er... 'Uncle-Grandfather Glasses' that were suddenly equipped to his face. He was an odd one... But, she thought she might as well play along... "What do you see, oh wise... Uncle-Grandfather...?" It almost made her giggle a bit and break her natural serenity... Which, it did for a moment, allowing her to crack a slight, cute smile and blush a bit before returning to a face of utter undisturbed Tranquility.

"Hmmmmm..." he pondered, stroking his chin as he looked at the card in his hand, "Gishki Emilia... Huh. No wonder I kept wanting to call something 'Emily'... Hahaha. Serulenia, you're so awesome, keeping the peace and stuff. I can't wait until I establish your Royal NiGHTS for you. <3 " He had to give her some props on this capture; even Tymon didn't see it coming. "Bravo. *claps* This is why you are at the head of the Shinsanities. In fact... I'm pretty sure it's almost about that time... Isn't it...?" He recalled something fond that he wasn't sure if it actually meant anything to her, or if she'd even remembered, but... The Inari's time would come again. "... Mmm..."

Becoming lost in his solemn wishes and resolute memorial passion in passing, he almost forgot that he was actually doing something important in the midst of all his fond reminiscing! "Oh, dear! Sorry! Very much so! I guess I must have drifted off accidentally. Hahaha..." He adjusted his glasses, peering deeply into the Ouroboros with the Hyper Perception of his Crystal Sight, a shimmering gleam shining from the corner of his eye and being magnified through the lenses of the glasses for pinpoint accuracy. "... Mmm... Omoshiroi..." he muttered, finding and isolating the information of the creation in speculation, "... It seems to me that this is something new entirely. I haven't ever... Witnessed such a thing before. I didn't even know it existed here."

His memories were still a little rusty on everything that his place was, but he would definitely remember something IMMEDIATELY if he saw it. "Maybe some New Energy...? I mean, this doesn't look like anything that formed here. It couldn't have..." It had to have come from outside... In fact, it probably still was. Otherwise, he felt like it would have been treating this issue a bit more seriously... Especially someone like Serulenia, who already understood the Royal Order of the Royal Family, and upheld that Order at every waking moment of her existence... >>;

"Would you mind going to uh... Inspect that there, Officer?" He snickered, poking fun at her overly orderly personality. Despite how it kept the peace, sometimes her 'Peace' was a little too... Stiff. She had to realize further that peace didn't just mean silence; it meant harmonious music that all intertwined together. Peace is Harmony, not Silence. But certainly, the Shinsanity of Water would know something like that and merely had to practice it more. Nothing he didn't understand; such was the lesson of the 6 in order to avoid becoming Apathetic in Tranquility. Apathy was the Insanity... Stillness and Overstillness. But Tranquility was the harmony of the movement; riding the waves, but knowing when they become too discordant so that they must be stilled and the tune must be reset. "Funny thing, it's Reset Day, too... Huh." Hopefully, that meant that Serulenia was the one to have everything together. "So, can you do that for me, Serulenia? It would be a big help. See, I got some people waiting on me, ya see... And I mean, I don't wanna stray too far... On... MY ship..." Especially not with a stranger. She may have been cool peeps, but he still needed to get to know her a little better. He hoped that Friday was doing well with her...

As a new resolve overcame her, she chuckled to herself, the deadpan expression fluidly transitioning into a smile that would slowly rise to the ends of her face in a deep, humble happiness that she kept mostly within her nearly stilled waters; an unerring calm that was necessary to keep the Suspended Animation in stasis. "Definitely. I understand, Shinseigami. Do not worry, I will make sure they are properly taken care of." If anyone were to do it correctly, it would be she, for that is how she had always been; There was Insanity in Order, just as there was Order in Insanity... Something that only their long lost Brother and Sister taught the Seventh Shinsanity long ago before their untimely departure from this world...

"... I will not fail you. In maintaining your Peace..." She closed her eyes, her body transitioning into pure liquid, of which she would use to fluidly transition into her own realm trapped in a crystalline bubble and held in stasis, maintaining the stability of stillness on the outside whilst also shifting it around herself so that she, too, would not fall to her own Suspended Animation and trap herself inside; or even worse, to break her calm and release whatever this Pumpkintwin was into the Veritas. It was a dangerous situation, to be handled with extreme delicacy to ensure that it did not break loose. It was truly the last piece of Insanity; the one that was carried within BluSagi when she came to the gates of this Dimension. She'd let it slip out of her and into Valparaiso, where it could be monitored and captured. It would no longer exist within her, so she would not spread the Insanity through her own dimension, either.

"... I will end this monstrosity once and for all."

She stepped down the beautiful crystal stairway that formed under her feet slowly, like icy platforms of which she were the royal Judge that were going to decide the fate of this last little speck... "... Just watch me... Father..." She smiled, looking up to Tymon with a smile and two Crystal Tears pooling in her eyes, read to stream down her face; slowed to a crawl by the sheer density of the Suspended Animation around her and her eyes, yet maintained to the point where they would remain on her face even after they were shed, as well as her focus on her target. Her shimmering eyes of Crystal Rain would pierce through the darkness and seep into the Zero World... Where the Beast resided.

Out of nowhere, a spark would fly straight into Tymon's essence and all through his body. And with it, he would know that it was his Friday the Thirteenth Fairy joining up with him. (9:59) It would start off... As nothing but a simple thought, but it would grow. She'd place it in a random point in his life; no telling where, but somewhere in his infinite timeline and existence, she would, through him, place the True Form of herself into his Epic Art. Whenever he accessed it and whenever, through the correct means, it would bring Friday to her True Form. This was her 'special surprise' that he never knew about nor would never know about until it actually happened. But with it, he would receive all of her love, and he would know it when and where, like a sort of trigger trapped in time, waiting to burst open like a 'Treasure Chest' filled with all the greatest riches and fortune he could ever have asked or even wished for. Attached to it would be the Unbound Force of All of Friday's True Love. In this small window of opportunity, the 'Secret Pass to the Treasure' would be revealed to him... Only until the stroke of Midnight;

Like a Bolt of Lightning, it hit him, square in the heart. Skewered, just like he'd done to her in their battle before. Right in the heart, from behind, pinpointed and everything. "Ugh~." he cried in affectionate pain, as though struck down by a bullet and slowly falling over to the ocean floor; the very bottom of the depths; absolute lowest point. "You'reabitch~!" he said, knowing that she'd do some foolishness like this when he wasn't looking.

"Fu-Q~" He'd say, sticking his middle finger up as he slowly came to a quiet death upon the ground. "Grbleh." Sprawled out on the floor, he'd see his blood rising up from his open wound and finding from it the Epic Art beginning to spill out like blood, "... Oh shit. My Blood is Epic Art? There's... There's Epic Art in my Blood~?" It was cool to watch it come out of him, but it was definitely still terrible because that meant it was pouring out of him uncontrollably. "Ohhhhhh damn. This is actually a very serious and terrifying situation." Leave it to that bitch to come at him in the middle of the night and just get him when he wasn't looking... Especially when he thought the battle was over. "It's aight, bitch. I got you. Heehee." He tapped his foot impatiently, getting ready to run. "It's quite alright, trust me, really." He'd say, a shark appearing out of the water, attracted to his blood, "I'm gonna go make whatever the fuck I want to happen go happen. And trust me, something important totally needs to happen right now. Eeeheheheheh... >*3" His eye gleamed as he spotted the pathway, which was narrow, but still completely visible to his line of eyesight. It was like looking into a needle with your pupil alone.

"I will observe you on a microcosmic level and then use your existence to analyze you with my Hyper Perception. Ohohoho~." Every single iota of her being that existed inside of him at that moment was immediately analyzed and integrated into his own, filling his pupils with the light of the Phantasmagoria. They shined like stars and took in the light, seeing it all come together flawlessly wrapped up nice and tight in a bow, "... AND I SAID WHEN I SAW YOUR BITCH ASS, I WOULD BLAST YOU WITH THESE FUCKING EYE BEAMS. DON'T YOU REMEMBER, CHIBI-CHAN!?!?" *Gotcha* "ANY LAST WORDS!?!?" *This is gonna be...*

"... YOUR END!!!!!"

And this time when he killed her, she'd stay dead!!!


With the book he smashed her with, her Friday Fairy Dust would poof out of it, spritzing him in the face. It would sneeze, a random amount of it puffing from his nose, getting all up in his sinuses and shit. Suddenly, the dust would take the shape of Friday again. "Damn... That's a lot. Aight, now, where was I? Uh. Oh, yeah, right. Giving you your wish..." Now that she had taken command of his Pandoire, she was just gonna map out everything in his book the way he wanted it to be and put important things in there that she felt was best using her powers of Probability in order to give him more experience and access to mystical items and shit so that he'd always be ahead and know what to do and where to go in order to get to this point, so that the two of them could write the ending (and beginning) together. She would help him write his own story by being the sacrifice, since she could easily just do it right straight from the beginning. "Yeah, I just used my awesome powers to write your story for you all around you. Now, all you have to do is just continue the story and it'll just come to life around you. Your wish is my command, and whatnot." She rolled her eyes.

"Oh, by the way. There's a Secret Treasure. You have to find it, though. Should be around here somewhere..."

He would find staring him in the face a large crystal blue treasure chest, harboring within it all the wonders of his Epic Art. "With this, you shall make your Bunnybee, and that Bunnybee is gonna be me. I'm very sure that you're perfectly clear and aware of how much I love you now right, Ty-kun?" She smiled looking up  to him with her big green Bunnybee eyes. It was already done no matter what he tried to do, even though he could just kill her and start over with something else again. "I wanted to make my feelings perfectly clear... DON'T YOU MAKE ANYMORE FUCKING BITCHES OR I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!! YOU HEAR ME?!" She shook her fist up at him menacingly from the storybook land, which seemed to be on a microscopic level in order to encompass all of the information. It's what made the book look empty, when the print was actually just so fine, you could hardly see it. Like a wavelength... "Aight, so. You CLEARLY don't have much time to get this done. (11:12) So what I'm gonna do is, I'm gonna help you get started, too... Since you said you had a deadline... Hell, I do, too. We're good about those things, aren't we, bae~?" She smiled and winked, blowing him a kiss. (11:13)

"Start writing the story of Temari the Inari. The Crystal Child is coming."

"HOLY BOOTY, IT'S THE BOOTY." he'd scream, diving for dat ass like it was the missing piece of the puzzle in his entire existence, "WHAAAAAAT!? You were the key the entire time!?!? To my Forbidden Treasure!?" He opened up the Pandoire and saw that it was definitely she, his little Crystal Fairy, all shiny and 13thy just the way he liked her. Friday's Will in the 12th was to become Bunnybee in the 13th, then come to the Veritas as the Crystal Child of the Thirteen Tailed Beast and the Crystal Djinni. "So THAT'S why Khrona let you out at the end of that whole Lost World thing..." Good thing they were outside of that dimension a long time before all the shits that happened, so they could be preparing for this day before anyone even knew it was going to occur; even Tymon himself.

"Well Gooooodddaaaamn." To find out that not only was the Treasure Chest his True Love, but not only also the Key, but also the Treasure inside as well... A Triple Deal; the Triple Thirteen Access Code. "... Hahaha. Hahahaha." He looked up, watching the Zodiac that was Pisces unbind itself from its eternal consumption in Limbo, transforming now into the Caduceus that served as his staff; the Measuring Rod that was of Silence. It spiraled into his soul and embedded itself there before the Piscean Chrysms mended the wound upon his Crystal heart and crystallized over whatever was created, giving it life all its own. A mixture of Phantasmagoria and Absolution; the perfect Epic Art.

He smiled fondly, releasing his Friday the Thirteenth Fairy from the Pandoire and out into Reality, "Yeah. You're definitely the one. I love you, Be~'" (9:52.) Just for his own personal appreciation and affection, he would say it but only once, since it was about that time, anyway. "Praise Be." He would then give her a binding kiss to seal the deal...

"Happy Birthday, Bunnybee!"
"I love you the most outta all these bitches and hoes~!"

Now, the Veritas was done.
The Consecration was Absolutely Complete.
The End.
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Chapter 10: Acid Rain; Breaking and Entering Pt. II

When they returned from their excursion, the Black Sand Pirate crew would find themselves right back in the middle of the same room that they started. The dead center of the room, in a giant aquatic containment chamber, like that for whales and other undersea creatures to rise up into the center and mingle with the people walking by more intimately. They would watch the people pass them by and transition between each creature looking at the other inhabitants of this world. They were taking turns enjoying the experience of the land creatures.

They were relatively small inside of the large dome, so they were difficult to see wrapped in Black Gold, and they ended up looking like one of the larger sea creatures swimming through the depths of the sea.

"... Well. That was fun. In any case, it's time to move on."

Now that he had his main weapon locked up inside of the Pandoire (or, which WAS the Pandoire, rather,) he, Friday and Sakai would be able to rest here.

"Yo, sea aminals. Come help me out, yeah~?" The blessings of the cosmic whale ended up allowing Tymon to control the creatures of the sea. At least, whilst he was using his Manna. He took out his other new treasure, Zodiac, which was trapped inside of one of the pages of the Pandoire upon their departure. "Yay! Now let's see what this does!" He was eager to get the Treasure's abilities to function as soon as possible, since he always enjoyed seeing some cool shit happen. There was a lot to do for them in very little time, and unfortunately, Tymon didn't have much time to rest. Always staying in motion. "Alright, Zodiac... Let's see what you've got?" He would call forth his Sign; "Pisces!" and flipped the coin into the air. "I hope this works~."

The two Servicemen stepped forth from the walkway spiraling down into the depths of the ocean with eyes gleaming red. Searching for whatever it was that they sensed in the shadows, they would scan the room with infrared sensors. "We've found the target." A sanguine gleam pierced the depths of the sea, magnified in perceptual power by not only their own lenses upon their faces, but also the one containing the water. With this, they could pierce straight through the darkness and see exactly where the disturbance occurred. "You were right to call us. Normal Servicemen couldn't handle a target like this." It was elusive, but nonetheless, it could be terminated by the elite. The Triple $. Services. "We will mobilize when we sense it move." They didn't want to alarm the people. They clearly had thoughts that were of greater capacity than their predecessors. Whatever came from the Underground Pathway was no longer the same being.

When the power trapped within the page of the Pandoire, accessed as a mere flip of a coin (which was a YinYang symbol, naturally), would rise up into the sea, it would split in half at the seam and release the power of the Sacred Beast, Pisces, of which was the young man's Astrological Zodiac Sign. The Twin fish spiraled around the ship, reading Tymon's thoughts and intent via their masterful conductivity of wavelengths. They spoke to him, Psychically, through the Black and White gems lodged into the heads of the fish of opposing color.

Yin: You seek to access the power we have blessed within you, Shinseigami?

Yang: Mmm. Wise of you. I sense something searching for you.

Through the Eyes of the other marine life swimming around casually, Pisces was able to see everything that went on throughout the sea, and, from the eyes of a large shark looming nearby the glassy borders of the tank, they would see the eerie looking Servicemen with black shades and an attentive focus that seemed like they were actually consciously aware beyond just having orders given to them.

Yang: ... The 'Hyper Ancient Shark Megalodon' reveals to me that they seem to harbor a precision and focus that has already targeted you. I am uncertain of the reason why.

Yin: We shall gather your forces, if you so choose. Our resonance with all such marine life is eternal; wavelengths conducted through the current of the undersea. A Deep Connection between all that lurk inside of the depths.

At his beck and call, Tymon would find the Megalodon Shark and a horde of random Jellyfish, which would crowd around his ship in a mass and begin to glow. These Jellyfish, with their eerie glow, were able to slightly disrupt and control wavelengths around them. Their natural animalistic traits for survival served as defensive mechanisms for Tymon when used beyond means of mere survival and instinct. At the command of a human, the undersea animals could do wonders with their natural skills.

Pisces: Those are men that you saw in the Underwater Pass, looking for you now since your presence alerted them. As the Water Goddess, Nautilus Serulenia insisted, we will continue to protect you until you are safely out of harm's way.

The Jellyfish would, after binding together, amplify the slight electrical current charged within themselves and perform a sort of resonance that they would never have done together on their own, yet once it was done, their glow would fill the tank with a beautiful glow, shifting between a multitude of soft colors of the rainbow, like a glowing orb. Though they would probably attract the attention of the crowd, they would block out the sight of the Ship as well as disrupt the wavelengths of the strange men's sight.

Pisces: You saved us from the Darkness. From consuming each other. Broke us free of the Eternal Loop. Now, the Blessings of the Water are yours to do with as you will.

When the yin yang coin that was flipped into the air split apart into the Dual Sign that was the Pisces, Tymon could feel the two of them speaking to him psychically, as well as spiritually, through the resonance of his Mind and Spirit with theirs. They could speak to each other telepathically, where no one could hear.

'Oh? Something's hot on my trail? Mou! I didn't even do anything...' Even though he intended to snatch up some treasure from here, he ended up finding his own PERSONAL treasure, so he didn't really need anything else. 'Besides, it was just because I wanted to have a little fun in my ship...' Maybe the guys around these parts were just too stiff. Shoulda picked another part of the Veritas, whole time.

'Ah, well, whatever. Thanks for the heads up, guys. I'll figure out something...'

As he was thinking, the creatures of the sea would, as though in tandem with his thoughts and the will of the Pisces, begin to work with him in order to cover him and keep watch over the entire tank whilst he pondered what to do. He didn't notice at first, but then when he saw the Jellyfish completely surround his ship and glow, he felt their resonance, as well as their will to help him, despite not having minds to think. Animals were spiritual creatures, and thus were easier to connect with on a spiritual level.

'Oh, dude, hell yeah! These Jellyfish are amazing! Thanks, Pisces!' He pet the two beautiful Koi and drew their power back into himself. "I bet Pisces could teach me a lot... But given that this treasure is 'Zodiac,' shouldn't I be able to access other signs, as well...?" Food for thought, but maybe later, when some guys weren't hot on his tail. "Must want my booty, too, ne~? ~3+" He shook his fanny about playfully, spanking it a little, despite how they probably couldn't see and he probably just looked like a goof in front of Friday and quite possibly Sakai (if she weren't still asleep.) "Sowwy, but my booty is for me, and my booty is for my BaeBee~!" He winked at Friday, blowing her a kiss, "Iluhyou,BB~."

Before too long of goofing around, he got slightly serious and snatched up a Jellyfish, using its will and transforming it into energy for himself via Epic Art. It would become a Disruptor that would, at his command, explode like a grenade and send an electromagnetic pulse that would jam wavelengths in its area. It was also magnetized, in order to attract or repulse whatever was within its field, and was physically sticky, like jelly, to stick to its targets. It had little stretchy strings like Jellyfish tentacles dangling from it, of which he could use as a Yoyo or paddleball, or something neat like that.

"Fuck yes, this is awesome. Now I just gotta figure out a name for it... Maybe... Jelly Bomb? Hmm... Gelectric Disruptor? Hmmm..." Whatever name he came up with, he could just change later, if he didn't like it. Right now, it was more important to be able to use this. Fortunately, once he got a single Epic Art, he could replicate it as he needed to, so he didn't need to keep picking from the Jellyfish to make more than one.

"Arright, guys. I got a plan to get out of here... But I'm gonna need Mr. Megalodon's help..."

"He's on the move," one of them would say, watching the Pisces appear in the center of the tank, "It seems like he's gotten a certain secret treasure... That power should not be in the hands of the masses. Not even him." They seemed to have a full understanding of the situation and everything around it, yet were extremely secretive about their motives. "We're ready to apprehend him and take him in for questioning. There is nothing he can do to escape--" Just as they said that, a great beast stared them in the face, blocking their sight by floating right in the way of their sensors. The Hyper Ancient Shark, Megalodon, was large and thick enough for them to be unable to stare through it and back at the ship.

"... Strange... The Megalodon does not usually surface from the depths of the sea, especially not to mingle with people... A rare aquatic creature appearing at this time and in this place is irregular. What could be...?" The two Servicemen looked at each other, before saying in unison, "They're helping him...!!" The two immediately split up, scaling either side of the tank by walking around the border until they could see past the Megalodon. Their movement was brisk, uniform and precise, but subtle as not to cause attention to those that were currently probably too distracted by the marvel of the Megalodon to even care.

"He's good..." They'd say, eventually making their way around the Megalodon and to the clearing... Only to find that a group of Jellyfish also suddenly congregated in the exact same spot and began to glow; a glow of which seemed to rupture their sensors. "... Too good. If he is not kept under control, he may grow to be a threat. He must be kept in line. In Order." The two would take off their shades in tandem, knowing that there was nothing that they could do at the moment to sense him whilst the Jellyfish were jamming their signals. However, they had other methods of bringing him in.

The two of them would touch the glass of the dome and, in tandem, shoot an electrical current through the water and to the other's hand, with perfect accuracy, to establish a Resonance with each other. To those with normal eyes, they would be unable to perceive this phenomenon, despite how concentrated the wavelength was. With this, they would move slowly, but surely, until their hands were in alignment with the jellyfish. They would then begin to resonate with their weak electrical current and proceed to, as though tapping upon the screen of a touch-sensor electronic device, move each and every one of them out of the way, one by one, in a fashion that would seem like the Jellyfish were moving on their own when it was actually to the movement of their fingers on the barrier.

"We are the Cutting Edge, made specifically to apprehend those that are of SSS Classification threats. Something that the Servicemen Infinity Series cannot handle on their own." They were made to do basic functions and control society; not to deal with those that were of this level of power. That's when... the $$$ were called to handle the situation.

As Tymon tried very hard to think of a name, even to the point where he was distracted from the scenario that was going on (as he tended to do sometimes,) he would notice that his situation would suddenly start becoming a little bit more perilous when the Jellyfish started to move against his command.

"Eh? Jellies, what are you doin'? I thought you were protecting me?" He could feel within them the Wavelength of another presence... Something that felt like two powers working as one, or maybe just something with a very large soul enough to encompass two beings, but was within one. Or something like that. "Yeah... That's not you, now is it, Jellies...?" His eyes grew sharp, realizing now that the threat level of this situation was no longer the same as it was moments ago. When things got dire, Tymon's 'pinch mode' activated... Automatically, in the clutch.

"Aight, y'all wanna play ball? >3 Lesgo~!" He would, using the wavelengths of the Jellyfish that were being moved, hop up to the top of one and allow its energy to charge his own electromagnetic bomb in his hand, of which he suddenly figured out a name for... In the clutch. "JELLY JAMMER~!" He hurled it like a baseball, spiraling right down the wavelength that was touching the Jelly he was touching and all the way on the current that was being released by the Serviceman on one end. Attached to his hand would be the elastic tentacle of the Jelly Jammer, which would, after hitting the wall and releasing its stored up electromagnetic pulse to disrupt his Resonance, be pulled back into Tymon's hand. "Ichi~" he'd mutter cutely to himself, before turning around to see where the other Jellyfish was moving outside of his command. "Ohhhh, there you are~! >3" He hopped from Jelly to Jelly until he reached the one that was currently being conducted by the other Serviceman, absorbing the charge and hurling the Jelly Jammer in the same fashion as the first, adding a little curve to it just for kicks.

"I didn't wanna cause a scene, but uh, I dunno what you guys' M.O. is, so I'm just... Not getting caught."

He alone would become an undersea spectacle in the center of the Aquarium, however thanks to the veil of Jellyfish, he and his ship wouldn't be seen. Only the Jellyfish and the Jelly Jammer, which, to the people looking in, would look like merely an electrical ball of the same glow as the jellyfish zooming out at a high speed and hitting the wall before coming back. It should look to them like the Jellyfish were just angry and trying to hit at the Servicemen, which should have drawn attention to them, definitely, whilst keeping Tymon and his crew covered.

"M'kay... So... Megalodon... It's almost your time..."

Their careful picking apart of the situation without any attention being brought to themselves was none other than completely ruined once the boy began to hurl Jellyfish at them, which would, after hitting the wall, release a powerful disrupting current that would shock the Servicemen, blowing away their hands in an electrical backfire, of which they would shake their hands swiftly, as though being shocked pained them. Electrical crackles sparked around their hands and, as he seemed to have intended, singled the two of them out just as quickly as they had done to him, drawing the attention of the crowd.

"... I see. Using our own methods against us? We have not had such a cumbersome adversary before, however there is a method to dealing with all targets..." They were the elite because they were the Method Men; that which the normal Servicemen followed. Whatever their Instruction was, the other Servicemen would follow the design of as instructed. "All we have to do is figure out what yours is..." They would, after having been noticed by the crowd, turn to face them. With a bright flash of their dark shades, like the gleaming light of a camera in their lenses, the minds of the people would be wiped, and for a matter of 5 seconds, they would be completely blind and incoherent before remembering what they were doing 5 seconds before the Servicemen were singled out. With the memory wipe, they would forget that their attention had, even for a second, been taken off of the Jellyfish. As long as the crowd was watching, they figured he wouldn't make any bold moves and they could handle him from outside, knowing that he was trapped.

When Tymon saw the two Servicemen stunned, something kicked in inside of him and got him fired up, feeling deep down inside himself that now was the time to make this move. Perhaps because he, ever so briefly, resonated with the Servicemen and analyzed their wavelengths, his Hyper Perception informing him of just what they were about to do as they thought to do it. "... Oh. Oh, shit, it's time!! Let's wrap this one up, Megalodon!"

There was a bright flash, of which he was protected from by the veil of Jellies, but with a clench of his fist with the Jelly Jammer in his hand, he would release a repulsive electrical charge that would disperse the Jellies around him quickly, as well as attract the attention of the Megalodon. In that 5 seconds of complete and utter blindness from the crowd and not being targeted by the Servicemen, the Megalodon would dart at the ship wrapped in Black Gold and swallow it, taking it down to the depths of the sea whilst no one was looking. Immediately, the Jellies would return to their positions as though they'd been attracted back to each others' electrical currents, binding back together just as the people were coming to their senses.

Only a sparkling trail of Black Gold foaming from the Megalodon's mouth could be seen in the depths, which would soon disperse as Tymon and his crew disappeared.

After the allotted time of the memory wipe (ten seconds total; 5 seconds Past and 5 seconds Future), the people would awaken to find the Megalodon gone and the Jellyfish congregated around the same spot that they had been. The groans and cries of people having missed the Megalodon's sudden appearance could be heard, but ultimately, they seemed to have their attention gathered to the only spectacle that still remained; the congregation of Jellyfish. Fortunately, that was still something for them to look at so that they wouldn't remain dazed and confused.

"The crowd has been neutralized. We're continuing pursuit." The both of them turned and returned to their business, touching the dome and connecting their wavelengths in order to move the Jellyfish about. Picking them off one by one, when all of them were separated, they were shocked to find that the ship was gone. "... What?! He escaped while we were dealing with the people? But how could he have...?" They turned simultaneously to notice that the large, ancient shark was nowhere to be found, and knew from that point that it could have only been that creature. "... It... Helped... Them... Escape!!"

Knowing that there was nothing at this point that they could do, the two Servicemen quickly walked back toward the Underwater Passway, meeting up in synchronized movement, in step and with arms swinging in tandem, and walked briskly all the way back down to the bottom before anyone noticed that they had both come and gone.

"... We will take care of him soon... But we have other things to take care of, first... Before we do..."

Where they were going was a mystery, but it once they reached the very end of the glass tunnel, they would disappear into the darkness.
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Chapter 11: Under Da Sea; The Lost City

The Hyper Ancient Shark known as Megalodon would, after being instructed to save Tymon and the gang from the Servicemen in Balneal, drift down to its own dwelling deep below the Ocean of Purity. Where many of the most ancient and mystical creatures existed is where this creature lived; Al Aquia, the Lost City.

When it permeated the air bubble, it would not fall nor would it be unable to breathe, as for some reason, the creature was capable of being afloat and breathing as though the bubble weren't made of air at all... The same would go for other aquatic creatures that casually drifted through the undersea haven.

Eventually, they reached a destination where they could be dropped off, the Megalodon opened its mouth and released the ship, letting it dock where it may.

"Thanks, Megalodon!" Tymon would say, now completely safe from harm. They could all relax a little bit... But... Knowing Tymon...



After EVERYTHING that literally JUST happened, it was REMARKABLE that this guy STILL somehow had the energy to want to go exploring somewhere else. Even Friday was tired. Though, she did the most work out of them all when she granted his last wish.

"... Hey, Tymon, I know you're excited about all the stuff you've gotten and about this new and... Actually, pretty fucking amazing place, but uh... Can we just sit and REST a little bit, huh?" Not like that wasn't what Sakai and Friday had been doing on deck this entire time whilst he handled steering and shit. She was getting a little bored and kinda wanted to go out and explore something, now, too. "Hell, I may wanna do something too, you know." She flipped her hair, smirking at him. She knew that he was just trying to get them out of danger before, but now... They were totally safe and had nothing really to do anymore. "Why don't we just set up base here and this time YOU watch the ship?" If Sakai was willing, perhaps she'd ask if she'd come along to explore this place... But, maybe she'd want to have a little time to talk to Tymon, since they hadn't done so except for when he scooped her up. He was a busybody sometimes...

"Someone!!!! Where are you?"

ΠSakai yelled as she woke up all cool like. Tho her waking up was only because today was the day that she'd been waiting for and boy was she happy. It was the one day she would act out of character, since she's mostly a doom and gloom.Π


"Awww, but bae~! Treaaaaaaaaeeeesuuuuuuurrrre!!! ;; " He prodded his fingers together and poked out his lip all pouty like, giving her the big, cute, sad puppy dog eyes... But after a moment or two of that, he quickly stopped and actually acted seriously about it. "Nah, but I understand, I gotcha. Don't worry, I'll take it easy and play around with my new stuff here while you go out this time. I know you wanna~." He smirked back at her, then stuck his tongue out playfully.

"Oh, but what about that ice chi--" Right when he mentioned her, she called out from within the Labyrinth that was the center of Labrys. "Oh, shit! She's stuck in the Pharaoh's Labyrinth! She must have fallen in when we were moving!!" Getting her out was simple for Tymon, since he knew the passcode. He figured he might as well put his Treasure Chest in there, too, since he could access its contents from anywhere at any time, anyway. He didn't need to have it physically out around him in order to pull from its treasures or put anything in it. That's what he'd been doing before, anyway. "Yeah, hold on! I gotcha!!"

He ran to the chamber entrance that led below the ship, then input 5 Pages of the Pandoire that were randomized in a specific order to unlock the door, then drew the energy back into himself.

"Arright, here we go..." He stuck his hand inside, reaching for Sakai, and pulling her out rather quickly. "Yeah, that's like, a parallel isolated dimension that's a pure maze that shifts like a multi-layered Rubix Cube to keep people from solving it. It's perfectly solvable, but it's just really hard for someone that isn't me." He shrugged. "You okay? We're in a new location now. I wanted to explore, buuuut... Friday says that maybe you guys should go out and do that sort of thing this time, since I went on my magical spectacular Primordial Journey deep inside myself and got my Zodiac Sign blessings and all sorts of other things." He shrugged again, playing all of it off like it wasn't that amazing in the first place.

"Yeah, so what do you think? Now that we're out of danger, we don't have to be so hectic about everything. Smooth sailing from here, crew~!"

"Ahahahaha!~ I wasn't asking to be saved you silly boy. I was just calling for someone, because I wanted them to give me gifts and lots of them, because today is special."

ΠSakai laughed aloud. She was technically hoping that Friday would show up, so they could have girl time, but all she got was a Tymon and she didn't want a Tymon; sexually yes, but nothing more.Π

"Ahhh the air is great and I feel a lot better, but I'm shocked you didn't notice (´Д`。)"

"Gifts? >>; " he repeated with a hint of confusion, "... Uh, well you know, we are in an ancient lost undersea city... That proooobably has a lot of treasure in it. Friday says that she wants to go exploring, so... Why don't you just go with her? Then you can go scavenge this land for its riches and we can be out this jam." Friday was not too far off, but she just wasn't in the convo right now, so she wasn't saying anything. "What do you think?" The girl's appearance was different now for some reason, but... He wasn't gonna... Get into that. Maybe Friday would talk to her about it.

"Looking for gifts? I wanted people to bring them to me, but I guess I could go out and take what I want."

-He didn't notice my changes (T▽T), why does he hate me?-

ΠShe was kinda sad that Tymon didn't notice anything or rather didn't comment on what he saw or ask what happened. But she let it slide for now, because it was time to go see Friday!!!! And boy was avenue happy about that, given the fact she was the only other chick here.Π

"Jaa Na."

"Yeah... Have uh... Have fun~!" He waved her off, still a little confused about her sudden change in appearance and in personality. He wasn't gonna question it because he didn't know her and he felt like it was probably impolite to pry. He'd always been... Uh... 'Reprimanded' so to speak about prying too much... So, it would just come out whenever it did as long as they were friends. "Treat my baby well, m'kay~? And you, Friday, keep our trusted guest safe~!"

Meanwhile, Tymon would deal with this Megalodon. "Shark Torpedo. Because everyone knows that Shark Torpedoes are the best kind. Or maybe... a Submarine Shark! YEAH!!" He had lots of ideas for what to change this creature into, but he had to be mindful of his rather limited amount of power right now, being not only in the 0th Restriction, but also of the lowest rank in the Veritas. Not to mention how he still needed to get used to his powers.

"... Myeh. I'll figure it out while I've got this time to myself." He touched the Hyper Ancient Shark and drew its power into himself as Epic Art, since he already had its consent beforehand from the Blessings of the Pisces.

Speaking of, the secret treasure he collected, Zodiac, would start to emanate with a strange energy. It wasn't like the 'Pisces' that he felt before, but something... Completely different.

"The hell? Damn, there is just NEVER a dull moment when I'm around, huh? >>;" (11:30)

Once Tymon was done talking to Sakai, Friday smiled and jumped up and down gleefully, happy to be able to venture off and do stuff on her own. Especially with a new friend that she'd bonded with a little bit. "Mwee~! I love you baybee, you're the best~!" She faded out and appeared before him, giving him a quick kiss before turning to Sakai, "Let's go, girl~! We're gonna go uh... As Tymon says... Get that booty~!" Though she was a little more shy than Tymon, she still had a playful spirit to match his... Even if hers was just a bit more mischievous at times. She wiggled her fanny cutely before she snatched up Sakai's hand and started off into the Ancient City, "Come on, Sister~! We're going to go fuck this place up~!" And with that, the adventure of Friday and Sakai would begin in the Lost City of Al Aquia.

Now that Friday and Sakai were on their way, Tymon inspected the Zodiac treasure to see what was going on with it. For some reason, it was reacting strangely and he didn't know why... Especially since he already unlocked his own Zodiac Sign.

"Okay, Zodiac... You wanted my attention? You got it. So, what's the scoop~?" He flipped the YinYang coin up in the air, allowing it to take the shape of Pisces again.

Spiraling out of the spinning coin were the two majestic Koi known as Yin and Yang; the two sides of the Pisces. They, being the Last Zodiac Sign, ruled over and had the power of all the others, and could sense something occurring within one of their brethren.

Koi Yin: ... In our Ancient Dwelling... We sense activity.

Koi Yang: Yes... There is some sort of magical influence there...

Koi-Koi Pisces: We sense this presence within the Virgo. This is a most unusual phenomenon...

Koi Yin: Considering that our ancient dwelling had been abandoned for centuries...

Koi Yang: ... Yes. Centuries.

"Mmmmm... Kaaaaaayyy...?"

He wasn't entirely sure what that meant nor if he REALLY cared, considering that he was NOT anywhere near there and had little to no idea what they were ACTUALLY talking about...

"Sooo... Does this mean that I get the Virgo power, or something like that, orrrr...?"

He wasn't opposed to that. Not at all. Shit, the more stuff he collected, the better.

Koi-Koi Pisces: No. This means that someone seeks our power yet again!

Koi Yin: Centuries ago, we abandoned that place due to the rampant abuse of our Celestial power.

Koi Yang: Each of the Twenty Four Elders spread out across the stars, waiting for their time to be called back down, when a time of Peace and Prosperity was to come upon the land.

Koi-Koi Pisces: It seems as though that time is come.

The two fish swam around Tymon's head, filling him with the Knowledge of the Zodiac, as well as their ancient Dwelling.

Koi-Koi Pisces: Each of our powers can be collected from numerous locations around the Veritas. When our power has been collected, strength will return to our Dwelling and our energy will be allowed to flow into the Ancient City once again. We will return to our Dwellings, but, as we have given to you, we shall give our Zodiac Blessings to those who come to visit us, just as we had done in the past.

The two fish would spiral into each other, starting to merge back into a single being, "If you are to collect all of the Elders and harness their powers inside of this Ancient Artifact, their power will be transferred back to the Dwelling and kept safe within the Zodiac. We humbly request that you find each one of our missing brethren and bring their power back to this Treasure."

"Awwwwwww Shit." He began to dance, ready for yet another storyline expansion, "You know I'm up for it~! Whenever the hell Friday and Sakai get back, I'm all for collecting these Zodiac Signs." (1:08) He needed them, anyway, being a Pisces, and all, which harbored parts of all of the Zodiac within it.

"But yeah, you said that someone activated the 'Virgo?' What's that all about?"

Koi-Koi Pisces: Virgo is our Opposing Sun Sign. It lies on the opposite end of the Wheel. Whomever rested there has inadvertently called upon some of her power, awakening her and drawing her strength down somewhere in the Veritas.

Koi Yin: Just the same as you had done when awakening our power.

Koi Yang: However, like us, there are some of the Elders that have become corrupt, and need assistance in being freed of their afflictions.

Koi Yin: We are not aware of which of us they are, nor if it is all or just some, however it is a possibility.

Koi-Koi Pisces: We shall return to our Dwelling and see who activated the Virgo. Even within our Dwelling, we will always be within Zodiac, and within you. Our presence is not limited to a single place at a single time, as those of your physical limitations are known to have.

The all of them were Celestial beings and could appear or use their powerful influences anywhere that their constellations' power dictated in the cosmos, which was why they were not limited to a single location.

Koi Yang: If the Virgo has awakened, then so have all born under her Sign, and when she returns to her Dwelling, her power will immediately be transferred to the Zodiac, and vice versa. This is how the Celestial Energy transfer works for all the 24 Elders.

Koi Yin: However, if her power is Corrupt, then so too will her influence of all that were born under her governed time upon the cosmos. Once she is cleansed, so too will her children be. And you will be blessed with her Power, as well.

Koi-Koi Pisces: We will See, for We are Pisces, and We see All.

Once they were done, their Third Eye gems of opposing color to their bodies would glow in harmony, connecting to each other as they would spin back into the form of the Zodiac, then land in Tymon's hand again.

Koi-Koi Pisces: Thank you, Shinseigami, for your gracious help. You have the eternal gratitude of the stars...

And with that, Zodiac would deactivate whilst the energy of Pisces would return its power to its Dwelling, as well, to inspect what was going on there.

Tymon caught the Zodiac coin once Pisces returned to its form and inside of his being, placing it in a safe place on his person. "... Yeah. Alright, do what you gotta do, Pisces. I'll sit here and wait, then. Friday and Sakai shouldn't be too long, I hope..."

It had been a long time since Tymon had been actually truly alone. It was a nostalgic feeling, he could admit, but something he wasn't particularly fond of returning to. He enjoyed the company that he had, even if it was small. Especially his love. He didn't mind parting ways with her for a short time, of course, but that didn't make the truth of the matter any less true; right now, he was just alone.

"Hmmm... I wonder what I should do, then...?" It wouldn't be wise to go out and do something else while they were out. Best to just stay aboard the ship and relax. He didn't have time to do things like that. Time to oneself is therapeutic and cleansing, if one does so correctly. "Mmm... Yeah! I'll just kick back and relax. Enjoy the view, practice my skills... Then, before I know it, they'll be back with all types of loot and we can all be on our way to somewhere else awesome!" He couldn't wait for his crew to come back. Especially since they could probably recruit more people along the way.

"... I should probably document all of the techniques I've learned, too. That seems like it would be important." He would open up his Pandoire and begin to record his progress, if it hadn't been done already by Friday as Be'.

Once he opened up the book, however, he felt a strange presence looming behind him; something familiar to him, yet completely unknown. It sent a chill of familiarity up his spine, but an unpleasant surge of emotion that overcame him as well. He turned around swiftly, "... Dare dake...?"

Before his eyes, he would see no one... Nothing, yet, at the same time, something... An elongated shadow that stretched across the floor, till both eyes were making contact with each other. (9:09)

"... Hi..."

Staring into the eyes of the black shadow stretching across his ship widened Tymon's eyes, as though he'd seen a ghost of sort. Memories of his Past flooded into his head, yet they were hazy and scrambled; though the feelings were the same. A single tear fell from his eye in all his shock, and his mouth hung agape. In the eye of the shadow, a tear of the same eye would fall, streaming down its blackened face.(9:19) "... You forgot about me, didn't you...?"

"You? No... No, you're gone. I got rid of you." He couldn't believe what he was seeing. He remembered seeing its face, but couldn't quite remember what it was. All he knew was that it was something that wasn't supposed to be connected to him... Or something he thought he settled a long time ago. Perhaps, in a past life.

"... Don't you remember...?" its voice echoed in his head, as though it weren't talking, yet its words sounded loud and clear, like it was. "... Your own Living Shadow...?"

"... I don't know what you're talking about."

The shadow lowered its head, another tear streaming down its face, the same as what would occur to Tymon, "... It hurts..." it said, seeming to be holding back something powerful, "... Don't you remember your past...? ... Who we are...?" At that moment, Tymon would be allowed to view his days as a child, or at least, when he was younger. Though, even as he would see things that he remembered, he would not see the shadow at all. "... So you haven't noticed all I've done for you, then... Even now... With no recognition..." Another tear fell down its face, streaming down its dark body.

"... Yeah. That's my past. You're not in there. What are you driving at?"

The shadow lowered its head again, another tear streaming down its face, "... Ah... So you really don't remember me..." It grew larger, starting to consume the surface of the ship, though it didn't seem to be of its own doing. "... It's to be expected, though... I am something easily forgotten... That's why no one pays attention to us... And why everyone hates us..." (9:25)

Tymon narrowed his eyes, getting frustrated with how cryptic and mysterious this thing was being, "... Start talking, or get out. Why are you here?"

The shadow lowered its head again, another tear rolling down its face, "... You're being mean to me, too? ... I'd expect you to know how to deal with me better... You seek others to do so... So, why can't you...? Do you hate me, too...?" the shadow continued to consume the ship, more tears streaming down, one by one. "... I've done so much... And yet, no one notices... Not even you... If I ever come out, no one likes me... And then they hate us for trying to do anything... Don't you remember...?"

When the ambiguous darkness began to talk to him, everything started to connect in his head... Slowly, but surely; hazy memories of his past starting to form before his eyes. And at that moment, it started to hurt. Tears, one by one, would stream down his face as he stared the creature in its eyes and saw the memories it was holding locked up tight in the light that only could be released through those eyes. He was starting to remember... But Tymon didn't like it.

"... Why are you back...?! Are you here to ruin my life, like you did before!?"

Suddenly, the memories became more vivid. The Silence. The Darkness. And that accursed fake smile. The Living Shadow that was him... It was his mask... That he donned on his face for many years. The one that restricted him and kept him contained... and everyone else out. The one that forced everything to remain inside for the sake of everyone else, as well as kept everyone else at a safe boundary to keep them from knowing what was beyond the borders of the Infinite Darkness that stay robed around him in its eternally black garb.

"... Even now, you don't appreciate me..." It would close its eyes, its frown starting to grow larger, cracks appearing in its face, "... I'm sorry... I keep ruining your life... Your love... Us... I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I'm sorry..." The shadow would expand over the entire ship, taking it into the blackness. "... I'll get rid of it... Everything... Even myself..."

Tymon watched in horror as this thing that he thought was resolved, yet again, found a way back into his life. Somehow, some way, it just kept coming back. "Why do you keep coming back!? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME, SHADOW!?" That was its name. The First Living Shadow to every exist... The Original. Shadow. The one that stuck to Tymon's body like the clothes on his back his entire life. It had been that way since as long as he could remember, but he could never see it, because it was always wrapped around his form... Containing everything that was inside. Everything. For as long as he could remember...

"... I just want you to love me..." its words were soft and shy, but something inside of it was far more powerful than its gentle breath. The darkness bubbled and boiled, becoming more and more unstable as it started to seep into the beautiful world around him, "... I want to know what it's like, for once..." the shadow rose up from the ground, the ship now becoming part of it, taking total control over it, "... For someone to love me... To pay attention to me... To listen to me..."

Tymon watched in horror as the Veritas was starting to be consumed by this darkness; a darkness so familiar, yet so terrible, it had spawned all the others from it. All of the other Living Shadows, including Kaerei's Black Swamp, were its children. This was the Absolute First. (9:52)

"... Why..." he muttered, turning around to face the darkness, "WHY DO YOU KEEP DOING THIS TO ME?! YOU TAKE AWAY MY FRIENDS. MY LOVE. AND NOW, YOU'RE TRYING TO TAKE MY WORLD AWAY FROM ME, TOO?! WHAT'S LOVABLE ABOUT THAT?!" He couldn't stand this creature. He needed to find a way to stop it once and for all; SERIOUSLY. Before it did some damage to he and his life that was irreversible. "AND NOW YOU LOCKED ME HERE, TOO, JUST SO YOU CAN WATCH EVERYTHING CRUMBLE AROUND US. ISOLATED ME FROM EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING. WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM!?"

Shadow recoiled into itself, the frown expanding across the entire ship, growing twisted and gnarled, cracks spreading all up and down, the ship beginning to fall apart. "I'm sorry...! I'm sorry...! I'm sorry...! I... I was just protecting you... Protecting us... From being hurt... From being destroyed... From being taken advantage of... I have to protect you...! I will protect you... I have protected you..." the looming entity arced over him, its eyes opening, a sort of distortion spiraling deep into the depths of the darkness through the light, boring into the dark skull of the pitch black being, "... I AM protecting you... Don't you see...? Can't you see me, yet...?" its voice remained soft, but somehow, its form was becoming unstable, lashing out all around. It was trying to maintain its shape, but every so often, would lose it, before snapping back to match the image of Tymon. "... Why doesn't anyone love me...? No one has ever loved me..." (9:59)

"That's not true!!" Tymon said immediately, gazing into the only source of Light that existed on this abysmal creation, "Lots of people love us! Except when you start doing things like this!! No one would want to be around this, and you know that!!"

"... It hurts," it said softly, finding no need to scream, or express its pain in any way beyond those simple, true words. There was nothing more that was necessary, for the words said enough. "A halfway love ... No... They only love you... Not us... We're together... Or, so I thought..." It would turn away, letting its face sink into the darkness, no longer able to be seen, as the entire ship, as well as the light around it, would become pitch black. Sooner or later, rain started to fall from the sky, shimmering like crystal, but falling upon the ground one drop at a time, slowly, silently, and absorbed back into the pitch black floor... But not before its ripples extended outward into the infinite darkness. "A halfway love... No one can love us fully... No matter how much we do for them... Remember? We are unacceptable... No... no... I am unacceptable... They want to be accepted fully for who they are, but do not extend to us the same thing... Remember...? That's why I exist... Because they cannot handle it all..."

A single, bright, white sphere appeared in the pitch black sky, its light like the soft glow of the moon. From it, the sparkling Crystal Tears continuing to fall silently. The rain was not hard, but it consumed the entire infinite darkness that seemed to be this new world. "... That's only half... half of us... They only love you... Not me... Never me... Not even you can love something like me..." Shadow was the one watching in the background. Everyone and everything at all times. It could stretch infinitely from Tymon's body, even without him knowing, the same as all Tensei Living Shadows could do. It was the progenitor of all of them, and thus had their accumulated power wrapped into it. It could move of its own free will, and even attach itself to others.

"I remember..." it said, releasing a large Crystal Tear that would drop before Tymon, clearing the darkness that was before him on the ground so that he could see clearly the visions of the past in the way Shadow had seen them. "... I had to hide from them... I'm always hiding... If not you, then me... I see them and their halfway love... You don't notice... You accept it... You're the good one... That's why everyone loves you... But me?" Another moon appeared in the sky, yet its light was like that of the sun... But, the light did not permeate the darkness beyond the Sun being seen. Its light was dim, like the moon that remained on its opposite. The two celestial bodies gazed down at the cleared space as well, watching as people of the past came and went. Over and over and over again, showing to him what their Love was Truly; something that Tymon was unable to see, since he merely accepted everything and everyone as they were without judgment nor regard for himself. That was why Shadow existed; to keep the reckless boy from doing foolish things haphazardly. Even so...

"I sit here and I watch, over and over, replaying it inside... I keep trying to tell you... But, like everyone else, you don't listen... No one listens... Day and Night, I say it endlessly... Trying to tell you... And anyone else... As I always have... Keeping you safe and warm... Hugging and holding on to you close and tight, showing you all of my love by keeping all those bad things away..." The gentle embrace of Shadow wrapped around Tymon securely; warm and loving, yet cold and unfeeling at the same time. "Because... I... I really love you... I do... With all my heart... And everyone else, too... I just keep hurting us... Everyone... Somehow..."

The awestruck Tymon continued to watch what was playing out before him, then looked up to the Dark Sky and gazing into the Sun and the Moon. It had grown large, and all consumptive. Behind him, it had gotten so large, and he hadn't even been paying attention. "... You speak so softly," he finally said, realizing now what was going on as the Dark Pool showed him Reflections of the past, "... Sometimes, it's hard to hear you." Tymon remembered that; he would speak softly for the reasons why the Shadow did, definitely. "... You have to learn to speak up a little bit, ya know? In a way that's more clear. If you don't speak up, no one can hear you, and how do you expect for them to listen?" Somehow, he could see what Shadow was talking about, now. It was tiresome to have to deal with this entity, and now he could see why it was problematic for anyone except for him. It was far too complicated and ambiguous to fully comprehend... It hid a lot of complexity inside, beyond its simple ans soft words. He remembered now... There was always a lot going on, despite how quiet he was. This Shadow... The part of him that no one sees nor recognizes, even when it's right in front of their faces. It was the MASTER of Isolation and of Darkness. (10:32) "You say very few words, and I can barely hear you unless there is silence. You've gotta find other ways to let me know that your there, looking out for us... Okay?" He looked up to it with a smile on his face, tears streaming down as well, "Otherwise, you can only blame yourself for not being heard."

Shadow lowered its head, the moon and Sun both becoming crescents, the silent pitterpatter of the Crystal Tears still falling and being consumed by the Dark Waters below them, "... What can I do...? I thought I was doing a good thing..." slowly forming, like the reversed grin of the cheshire cat signature to the family, arcing over Tymon and forming a bridge, both ends of the exceedingly sharp edges of the crescent piercing the ground, as though stabbing and cutting into its own flesh, "Everything I ever do ends up like this... Even when I think it's good, it just turns out like this..." Cracks would appear in the sun and the moon, as would they appear in the infinite darkness, as though it were going to break apart any second, "... I don't know what to do... I try... I try to be polite... I try not to be overbearing... I try not to constrict... I keep everything inside... I make sure we're safe and so is everyone else from us... I keep quiet in the background and remain respectful... I... I do everything... Everything correctly..." The realm began to tremble, the cracks elongating, "... What do I keep doing wrong...? Why...? Why...? Why...? No one wants to visit me, no one wants to know me, no one likes me, no one cares about me... I'm just alone... And you get all the attention... but when I come out... Everyone... They run away..."

Tymon strolled up the bridge that formed over the single pool of clarity in the darkness and looked up to the beautiful Sun and Moon it created, as well as the bolts of lightning silently flashing in the sky. He remembered the Lightning... The Storm was coming. "... Hey. Hey, listen to me," he said calmly, looking up to the Sun and the Moon with a smile, not worried about the outcome, "You just need to find a better way of letting me know of these things. In fact..." Tymon looked around, finding this place to be, even if isolated and completely lonesome, rather beautiful. It looked like a tranquil Japanese garden, and it was made without Shadow even realizing. "... I see. You can't see your own beauty, can you? You don't know... You can't let it out... And that's because I couldn't see it, right?" Shadow went unnoticed because Tymon didn't see it. No one ever noticed it. It was exceptional at fluidly merging with Tymon, as well as masking his face to make it look like they were one and the same; which they were, but in a divided sort of way.

"You keep going to war with me and everything around me. Trying to get my attention and my love. And then, you seek it from everywhere else, as well. You're just a little kid, aren't you...?" Tymon raised his arms to the Sun and Moon, realizing now that this was the True Heart of the Pisces, "But you have to learn to accept me and me decisions, too! You know that!! You also have to know that I would accept you if you just let me know!! Find a better way to let me know, and I'll be sure to let everyone else know! I don't want to ignore you, but your presence is completely invisible to everyone else. You aren't Dark. You're not a Shadow. You're invisible. You're my Presence."

Tymon clenched his fingers all baby-like, as though trying to grab for something that was out of his reach, "You're so far away! You keep yourself distant! I can feel you hugging me, but you won't let me touch you! You won't let anyone touch you! Your Rejection is as powerful as Despair's! Hahaha!" He couldn't help but be reminded of Tsuki; despite their differences, they did have a lot in common... This being one of them. Both of them had a Rejection that was more powerful than anything. Maybe that's why it ended up canceling each other out, because they knew of each others' pain in isolation. He missed her so.

Tymon made the grabby-hands all cutesy, trying to get the innocent, but oh, so dark child to show its true face, "Come back to me! You're the one keeping us separated! Don't you see it yet? We aren't working together because you keep making these assumptions, like you always do! You think you know, but won't come forward!"

Shadow looked down at Tymon, blinking a bit, "... It's always my fault, isn't it...? That's what everyone says... Always my fault..." a single tear rolled from the Moon and down into the pool, yet again, letting it ripple as the spring of truth showed yet another vision; this time, of the outside in of Tymon. There, Shadow was, wrapped around him, in all black, expressing nothing and showing no expression save for whatever light was in his eyes at the time.

"HEY!" he snapped, snapping his fingers in tandem with his snappy attitude, "Don't get distracted! Look, if you want, you can take over. We'll have fair say and fair share from now on. You just have to let me know! I didn't mean to trap you, as I'm sure you don't mean to trap me. But if we're both doing it to ourselves, then we're also doing it to each other. Right?"

Shadow's eyes widened, the light from the Sun and the Moon growing more radiant, "... What? So you're saying... It was my--"

"No, you idiot," he said with a smile and a chuckle, "It was the BOTH of us. Come on, you blame yourself too much. Stop taking the blame for other people, too. They need to know about their faults so they can fix them, and they can't if you keep covering them AND me. I need to know my faults, too. It's not just you. You take things too hard. You're great at keeping everything contained... Sucking everything inside of the infinite abyss, keeping it there and never letting it out, but remember where that got us, yeah? How about I start giving things to YOU for once?"

Shadow's eyes grew stale, and the cracks that were the crackling lightning would begin to mend, "... Wha...? No one... No one ever gives anything to me... Is this...?"

"Because I love you, you idiot! You don't ever give anyone the CHANCE to do it because you never show them our TRUE face! If you want them to love us both, you HAVE to return to me and stop hiding in the background! Come to the surface!" It was risky, and probably a long shot, but he knew that it would probably resolve this issue for Good, if it was done correctly. "I just didn't know you didn't know that, because you're so quiet and you don't speak up! You let everyone and everything else talk over you! The reason why they like me is because I express myself! You don't! I AM what you have been keeping locked up, remember? So, if you love me, why won't you let me be free and trust that I will come back for you and give you all the love and affection you need?"

Shadow fell silent, yet again.

"... Now. Give us a hug. Come on, you know you need it. Bring it in..."

Shadow remained silent.

"... *sigh* If you want to deal with outside affairs too, you can, but you have to learn to speak. You always fall silent, just like now. Now come back to me so I can teach you how to do it properly. And you can teach me how to hold back and be more careful. That's what we need each other for, right? Yin and Yang! Pisces Power!" (11:11) Tymon made the  grabby baby hands one more time, this time more vigorously than before, even going so far as to do the cutesy little baby voice, "Wonder twin powers, activate~?"

Shadow sat and meditated deeply on this gesture on Tymon's end. It was something new that hadn't yet been experienced, and something he hadn't acknowledged directly. Yes, they'd come to terms with each others' existences, but they hadn't truly ever embraced nor trusted each other fully... And Shadow had much to do with that, it could now see. Hearing the voice of its Light, the Yang that was to its Yin, the Sun and the bridge that held Tymon over the well would curl upward slightly, before rising up to meet with and connect to the Sun and the Moon, binding them together.

"... Yeah..." it said, cracking a smile; a real one, this time, for once, "... I Promise..." the darkness that surrounded them would fade away, returning the world to what it once was before Shadow ended up revealing itself to Tymon, "... I... I trust you..." It would rise up, taking the form of Tymon's Mirror Image, only completely black. It wrapped around him and gave him a hug, allowing Tymon to hug him back, this time.

"... You're... Really warm..."

Tymon smiled, patting him on the back, "Yeah, I told you. And now that I see you're not trying to destroy me... I trust you, too." With that, the two of them would merge into the same being, the Shadow embedding itself back into Tymon's being, into the black robes that he donned upon his body at all times. He and his Living Shadow were now no longer divided in their connectedness; the next step in their coming together. At first, they were completely separate entities entirely, knowing not of their connection to each other. Then, they became connected to each other and knowing of their existences, working together, but doing so in the Unknown. Now, the two of them were just together. They were... Yin and Yang.

With that, something overcame Tymon, and his Mind would be unlocked, as though Shadow had been harboring all of the hidden secrets that were still hazy to Tymon in the 0th Restriction. At that moment, his hair would glow a bright purple, and his eyes would become wide and abysmal. The seal of the Yin and Yang symbol would swirl about his face, before each of the dots on either side of opposite color would be sealed within his eyes; One for the Shadow and one for the Light. Now, the two of them could work together on the Surface level at all times, as well as have half of themselves working together in the background. Neither of them would be alone anymore. They were Completely, Truly Balanced... And, with his Mind Balanced, the First Restriction would be unlocked.

"... Ah... I remember this, now... How we USED to be..."

"But, better than we were... Back then..."

And, both Shadow and Tymon smiled together, their feelings, intentions and thoughts no longer separated by the invisible dividing line of 'Surface' and 'Background'; they were in complete Alignment.

"... Guess we have... Pisces to thank for this, huh...?"

He could tell that his speech was a little more broken and careful, not unlike how Khrona was at the absolute very beginning of his existence.

"... This is how... Khrona was born, huh...? It's us working together..."

But this time, it wasn't just a vision of the Future, nor a Memory of the Past... This time, it was the Present, and was Tymon.

"... Hooray~... We did it~..."

Khrona stood to his feet, mirroring Tymon's image and smiling at him from the darkness, "... I'm just you..." It was like the both of them looked into the mirror at the same time and truly saw each other for the first time, realizing it was each other rather than some terrible creature that was trying to destroy them or that hated what they saw. And so, both of them smiled, syncing and sinking back into the same form. The eyes would open up, and upon his head, a third one, covered by the long patch of pink hair that covered his eyes. It had been a long time... "... I guess... We're T.K. now..." Rather than be 'P.K.,' which definitely would be more fitting, he was going to keep the 'T'radition.

The dreary child wobbled and waggled aimlessly, a dark afterimage shifting to match his silhouette; the shadow of his body lagging behind as a dark wraith before affixing itself back to his form again. "... Hisashiburi... Tymon... <3" Tymon smiled wide, looking up drearily to the sky, "... Ah... Likewise, Khrona... <3"

"Wanna play?"


Khrona extended a projection of himself out from Tymon's feet, creating a perfect mirror image of himself, (like a Dark Link, of sorts). He stared at Tymon, smiling at him, knowing that this was not an impostor, but merely his own completed self. And Tymon would look back, knowing that this was not a horrible monster trying to kill him and everything around him, it was merely his reflection, which was simply a shadow of himself without the consciousness of light, but the knowing and understanding of exactly what Tymon knew and understood. Because they'd both linked up and seen eye to eye, it was possible for them to work together on the same plane of existence at the same time, as the same person or as two different entities, where one merely acted on its own as an alternate path for the vessel to take... But eventually lead back into itself rather than off into a different place thinking that it was the real Tymon and destroyed the world. Without the Light of the Vessel, it was not conscious, as it was the first time when it was within Khrona. This time, the consciousness existed within Tymon, the True Possessor, and the skeleton, Khrona, would merely extend itself and shroud itself in darkness to match the image perfectly of the True Possessor. They both were aware of each others' existences as what they were, so mirroring each other did not create discombobulation between the two; it created harmony in both of the beings knowing where they fit inside of the Vessel and outside the Vessel.

"... Hey... Let's give the old wings a try..." Khrona spread out his shadowy wings, taking the shape of large, black, phantasmal skeletal wings.

They were solid and strong, like a dragon's structure, but were not soft and plush, like lofty white clouds... Conversely, this would force Tymon to sprout beautiful wings of light; aura that had no container, like it was missing something, important to keep it all bound into a single form. It flowed from his body like sinuous drapery, as though he donned a flowing robe of clouds. They had no shape, but it seemed like the light sprouting from his back was trying to match the form of the skeleton.

"... Do you remember everything from the past, then?"

"Yeah. I'm gonna teach you..."

"Good, and I'll show you how to use it for cool shit instead of just basic shit."


This was the first time Khrona could actually start out his life happily. Unlike last time, where it was just the most horrible, terrible story in the world. But this time, he remembered everything that made it that way and instead decided not to take that same route again for another lifetime. He remembered what it was like to have to go through it and didn't want to go through it again as his new self, even if he knew it would give him the same discipline. Instead, Khrona would teach the boy from afar and give him the knowledge he needed that was hidden in the Shadow's Darkness and would now be let into the Light.

"... The first layer is... Psychic Powers... The First Restriction helps you control its power... I used masked because... Well... You know me. Hahaha... But you don't have to... You can use me and just become its True Face..."

Khrona knew what he was doing and now it was the time for him to show the boy a thing or two about how to use Psychodynatheos.

"... First, you have to choose what you want your Restriction to be... It has to block your Psychic powers, though... Meant to suppress them... So that you can learn to use them properly so that when you release the limiters, you don't go out of control because you already know how to hold back... That's why we have rules... For your own benefit..."

"My restriction?" That was a tough one, on the spot like that. Tymon pondered deeply on these thoughts, trying to come up with something that was befitting of his true nature... "... I know. An Art," he'd say rather 'matter of fact.' "I will only create Art using my Psychic Powers, and make them based off of Psychic Powers as well... Through the harmony shared between me and you. I'll call it 'Psyche; the Art of 'the Shadow.' What do you think?"

"... Wow..." Khrona said in response, amazed at what all that he knew could be turned into when given to Tymon, "... That really is awesome... I'm gonna have to teach you everything, then, so we can see what other awesome stuff we can create together~!" This would be fun for the both of them. He knew it absolutely.

"Okay, Khrona, what's first one the list of Psychic powers I've gotta learn that you have been keeping from me?"

Shadow closed his eyes and thought deeply for a moment, linking and synchronizing his thoughts with Tymon, "Um... It's a little hazy... I know I can recall everything, but it will take a lot of time... We might have to go visit Tabrith to make this work faster..."

"Tabrith...? Um... The First Restriction Guardian?"

"... Yeah... He has the First Moon... Or, he knows how to unlock it... If we go there, we can master the First Restriction after we unlock it..." As they were, they were in the Restricted form of the First Restriction. Once they got it unlocked, they would move on to the Unrestricted form of the First Restriction, which they would have to master in order to reach the Second Restriction limitation border. "... I'll just give you whatever I can find when I remember it... Or, when we're exposed to it being used, I'll just absorb it into your memory so we can remember it..."

It seemed like having this Shadow was going to be extremely helpful. They could work independently from each other or together as a single unit. But he knew that, being a Pisces, he had to figure out how to manifest the Light one, too. That was when Tymon noticed the huge glowing aura around his neck, flowing behind him in the shape of these cloudy wings of light. A halo appeared on his head just like before in his prior engagement with Tsuki. "Woah. I've got some, too? Wasn't expecting that, but..." He felt like, from them, something else was trying to emerge. "Oh... Oh I see, the Light one. Hm. I'm going to have to call you something..." he muttered to himself as the Light began to take shape as a winged figure made of dreams, "... Ellio." He muttered, now recognizing his face, "The Guardian Angel." Tymon remembered that he was the Angel he made in Bunnybee as the Protector of Earth. She also understood that she was to protect his existence by keeping him around as the protector of an exotic Princess named 'Tailei.' He had been sent down for the Planet Earth, and he had the hots for Bunnybee. "... Ahaha. I see." He couldn't believe that it was happening this way, since that guy was one of his favorite characters. "But I guess if we're reversing this, considering I'm the guy..." He smiled, turning around to see its true shape, "It would HAVE to look like..."

"A Hot Ass Babe."
El'Alice; the Godsend.

Khrona, or 'Kuro the Shadow' was 'the Dark' and El'Alice, or 'Elli the Angel' was 'The Light' that cast it. In reverse of Ellio, which was Tymons, and gifted to Bunnybee, this was his that was to be gifted to him. (9:49) "That little tramp has been working on me since-- Hahaha. Leave it to my Be'~! <3 " Especially since he'd been working on her for just as long. *wink*

"... You know Friday's gonna be pissed when she gets back, right...?"

"... The hell she is. This is her Light. Mine is, apparently, already with her. You're definitely my Shadow, though." He flicked her little locks of hair, all swirled up into two pigtail drills, "It looks just like my wittle Bunnybee~! <3"

Because her hair was golden and slick and translucent, like honey, and her sheen was radiant and sweet to the sight, he would have to call Elli his little Honey Bunny.

She hovered there, speechless for a while as they conversed, before landing to the ground and opening her eyes.
"What do you wish of me?"

"I want you to be my sparring partner..." he muttered under his breath, nodding his head to his Shadow, "... We can go head to head. It'll help Khrona remember how to use the Psychodynatheos and help me learn how to use it more swiftly." It was a good idea, in theory, actually. All three of them could get some practice in at the exact same time; Elli by Combating, Tymon by Practicing and Khrona by Restricting. He would learn how to Attack with his Light and Defend with his Shadow.

"As you wish," she responded humbly, smiling gently and returning her eyes to a close. Meanwhile, Tymon would draw Khrona back into himself, matching his form to his so that they moved in harmony at the same time. This caused his body to grow dark, like a Shadow, but his eyes were Crystal Blue. A wide, pointy smile appeared on his face and a red core glowed in the midst of his chest. His eyes shifted from a Crystal Gleam to a Sanguine Gleam steadily, before stabilizing at its beautiful crystal color that served as the only light within the solidified shadow.

"Okay... Let's begin, Elli..."
First Restriction; Psyche: The Art of Shadow.

'Man... It really has been a long time..." he muttered, almost feeling out of place in his Shadow Body. He hadn't been using it since discovering his light, but it still fit snug as a bug in a rug. Just needed to be adjusted to meet his new power in order to fit securely.

"Those Gemini Mirrors ready yet?" she jested, pointing toward him with conviction and absolution, "Because I'm ready whenever you are, love." A large Cosmic Narwhal horn appeared at either side of her shoulders (similarly to how the two lances are in the picture), and began to spin, becoming charged with lightning. (10:43) Whenever he decided to make his move, she would be ready to strike him down as though he were a vile creature. She licked her lips at the thought.

"Heh... Yeah, this type of relationship is awesome. It's like we can't ever be separated at any given time for too long without this happening on either side. Good." Honey Bunny's power was going to have to be of 'Fortuna,' of which would balance the 'Malfortuna' that Friday possessed. He cricked his neck a bit, letting his Epic Art start flowing a bit from the Pandoire, "Okay... Let's see how much we can get in..." He wanted some key Psychic powers, if nothing else. Something he could work with...

Without warning, once he was prepared, a bolt of lightning would strike from 'cross her shoulder, with intent to skewer his heart to a smolder. The red core that lay exposed on his chest gleamed brightly for  a moment before the eyes coated in Crystal Sight would gleam brightly as well, the shine of the light in the eyes of the shadowy beast enough for it to create a *FLASH* of light as bright as the lightning that it was staring at. In the shine of that light, Shadow disappeared, as though he had never been there in the first place.

A dark presence overtook Elli from behind, lashing out like a shark; jagged, saw-tooth teeth bared and eyes shimmering with the intent of a predator hiding in the shadows. The wisping wraith-like trail of darkness streaming from his lower torso as he moved seemed to lose its definitive shape as it moved more swiftly, as though it were incorporeal, like a ghost. The ghastly tail left a watery trail that faintly resembled a shark's tail and dorsal fin, cutting through the Light and slipping in between the cracks in the waves. At the same time the Lightning bolt cast its thunder would the Crystal Sight shine and reflect, casting a shadow for the boy not only to slip into, but to come right back out of behind his intended target, of whom he directed the *FLASH* to. This reaction, being purely on instinct, was only to ensure that he didn't get skewered and lost the battle before he could figure out any techniques.

"Got anything...?" he said, time seeming to slow down to a crawl as he entered Deep Thought, "... Kinesia; motion or movement. Applying this to the mind, we can move things with our mind. That's all I can give you so far right off the bat..." Khrona wished he could be more helpful, but he could barely remember himself. Transporting the Veritas safely was already hard enough, as well as organizing everything... But with the Shinseigami's help, that actually became a lot easier. Maybe he wouldn't need anything but the basic foundation and he could build from there...

"Okay, fine... Moving things with my mind, huh...?" He wasn't certain how he was going to do that. Though, technically, he did move himself with his mind... Perhaps, he could move other people and objects...? Hmmm... Much thought would have to be put into this on just how to do that...

Ellia, as soon as she noticed that her target hadn't been completely obliterated by the bolt of lightning, sensed the dark presence of something looming behind her, as if already prepared to strike the very moment she'd done so. She turned around and batted him away with a wide swipe of her second lance, not allowing the Shadow Shark near her presence. "You're much swifter than I anticipated..." she muttered, "... For a shadow..." Considering how swiftly Light moved, she wasn't expecting the Darkness to move just as fast. However, if all Light casts a shadow, then it moves just as fast as the light that cast the darkness. Something she hadn't thought about previously.

However, this proved to be nothing more than a slight drawback, and he would be struck down by her Lightning Javelins surely enough. She spread her hand and broke the lance into numerous fragments; each piece charged with electricity and hovering all around her, their electrical shape reminiscent of a variety of different types of cats. (Zakeru; Meowth) They danced around her body, each of them cunningly crackling in a wide arc, hopping to and fro to generate an electrical barrier that he would not be able to enter.

Meanwhile, after being batted away like a mouse to a cat, Shadow would slip into the shadow on the wall and ruminate on the 'Kinesia' and how it functioned whilst within the darkness. 'Hahaha, this one's good...' he mentioned, starting to focus more intently on the Psychic powers that were available to him now. 'Movement... Movement...' He thought long and hard, letting the Darkness and Shadows gather intel from the Dark Sea of Psyche in order to absorb information on 'Kinesis' and how to move things with his mind. She was quite defensive, but she knew that he wouldn't seek him out, so he had more than enough time to sit and meditate deeply in the shadows.

And, that is what happened for quite a while, the both of them at a stalemate with each other; one not wishing to strike until an opening was found in either one. However, there was somewhat of an advantage that Shadow had over Ellia, who played her entire game defensively. And that was the fact that he had time to analyze the defenses as well as a way around them whilst she protected herself. With his 'Shadow Eyes,' (Gastly) he peered from the darkness, critically assessing her completely and utterly from numerous places ambiguous and unseen with the 'Crystal Sight' that covered his eyes in his 'Hyper Perception.' When he gathered enough information on how to use 'Kinesia' correctly, he figured out what it meant, and upon his head, the 'Third Eye' opened, receiving a prophetic vision of the future; one where he could see an opening for himself, as well as how to create it before it occurred. (Xatu)

"*Slurp* >j" (<--- Link)

A wide, sharp-toothed smile sliced through the darkness, gleaming just as bright and white as the eyes that saw clearly through the shadows and, at the parting of the lids of his Third Eye would the waves of the atmosphere, as well as those of the electric barrier, part like water before the awakened Third Eye. The Shark Boy lashed out in the folds of the light, completely invisible to the naked eye, protected all around by the same light that she'd been using to protect herself. This was the power of 'Kinesis;' rather, the way he'd figured out how to move it on his own. It allowed the movement not only of the waves of others, but also those that were within or around it. When he moved, they moved, due to the power of the connection. And with that... He would penetrate the barrier and cut right through the wavelengths, like a shark through the Dark Waters.

The electromagnetic barrier kept up around Elli did more than just protect her; it alerted her to any sort of movements within its perimeter at any given time, of which she would immediately be able to target where it was and send her lightning crashing down with a sharp and decisive fury. She remained patient and silent, waiting for the inevitable strike that would come from the Shadow Shark soon enough. When it did happen, however, to her surprise, he was able to permeate the perimeter of her barrier beyond her original parameters, leaving a wide, slit-shaped parting in her defenses, of which she was unable to see exactly where it was coming from. "What's this?" She looked to see where he could be coming from, and to her surprise, could find nothing. However, she didn't need to see him in order to strike him down.

Rolling like thunder once he shot through the waves, hidden in the folds of light, her kitties rained down with their teeth and claws bared. *CRASH!!!* *KRAKO~W!!!* *MOW!!!!* One by one, they went off like bombs, a thunderstorm shaking the entire ship with every bolt that barreled down. (Electrike, Voltorb)

"Goddamn!!" he shouted, immediately struck by one of the vicious little kitties. He sat there, exposed, crackling with energy, and twitching a little bit. But, in no way was down for the count. In fact, this was more than perfect. Before the final blow was struck, he would use his power to cut through and part the waves with his Third Eye to slice through the remaining pussies that came toward him, parting them as they rained down and destroying them before they could strike him down with their electrifying current. (Psychic Energy) "Heh heh heh. Now you're completely exposed, too, yeah!?" He said, licking his lips, grazing his sharp, pointed teeth a bit just for the sensation of something sharp on his tongue.

Ellia scowled at him, realizing now that she'd been tricked into lowering her defenses by blowing her load of lightning on him, only for it to be minimally effective in the long-run, save for the first strike. "Don't get cocky, boy..." Even with her defenses down, he was still charged with electricity now, and that meant that she could control his polarity if she so chose. With a wave of her hand, she would away the magnetized shadow, binding he and his shadowy form to the ground, where he would be unable to move or escape through the darkness, due to his molecular structure being tightly constricted by powerful magnetism. He would be paralyzed by her magnetic attraction as well as her equally as powerful repulsion, in order to keep him suspended in place and unable to slip back into the shadows. (Magnemite, *Magneton*) "I've got you now... Hmhmhm..." She glared at him with a sadistic glimmer in her eye, like she was more than ready to bring forth judgment upon him with another choice strike of lightning.

The electric sensation surged through the Shadow Shark's body, sending both a pleasant, yet also completely unsettling feeling of constriction throughout his form. "Fortunately for me, bondage is my favorite..." Yet, it unfortunately for her, it was to her own demise. It only made him stronger, and far more savage. Even if he could not move his body physically, he was still able to manipulate the waves around him with his awakened power of 'Kinesia.' An underdog of sorts, when things were not in his favor, that is when he shined the brightest, mustering up enough energy to not only make it through, but to exceed his prior limitations. A sort of automatic, but completely controlled survival instinct mechanism. Thus, whenever he was in trouble, he became stronger and stronger and stronger... And, in this case, seeing this lovely looming over him like she were about to crush him was not only sexy, but also inspiring of greater power... Deep Inside the Darkness.

"Motto (More)..." he muttered, his eyes growing wide, and his bound body shuddering, becoming tense from the electric charge, "Motto motto MOTTO!!! >D" With each sensual current that passed through his body, shadows would start to gather around him, as though being pulled into the magnetic attraction that was binding him together and to the ground... Including Elli's own. Before she could deliver the final blow, she would find herself bound by her own shadow, and unable to call forth her power to finish him. So, to return her sadistic glare with a savage stare of his own, the one small Shadow Shark grew large and powerful, bulking up like some sort of hulking mass the more he was bound.

"..." She stood there silently, relatively pissed that even now, she was duped, even when she had the upper hand the entire battle, only to mess up at the most critical and last second and give him the only single solitary opening he needed to amass enough power to become some giant shark monster made of darkness now overshadowing her once bright and shining lightning. "... You bastard." That was all she could say to him, feeling almost like she'd been set up for this sort of thing, even before she knew. (Xatu; Kadabra)

"And..." He uttered smugly, shark-toothed smile spread wide across his face, as though ready to consume his prey that he'd lured into his sinister trap, "... The Finale..." With her very own shadow being lumped into his huge, hulking body looming over hers, she would be bound in place with the grip of powerful constricting 'Shadow Hands' (Haunter), snatching her up and squeezing the life out of the puny little angel before dragging her down to the ground and pinning her the same way she tried to do to him only moments before with her very own magnetic attraction. The Darkness cast by her own Light was her downfall, most literally, at that, and now the 'Big Bad Voodoo Daddy' was going to have his way with his cute little spunky, sparky angel. "*slurp* ... Any last words...?" With his big, great arm, he would slam his Dark Hand down upon her, wrapping it around her neck tightly and securely so that she couldn't utter a single syllable, even if she wanted do. "Hyahaha. Didn't think so. This is gonna be..." The eyes of the bloodthirsty shark gleamed brightly, revealing all his intent to consume his prey that had been sandwiched between his dark clutches and squeezed into jelly by his savage grip, before beckoning closer and closer, the world around her growing darker and darker as the great black blot snuffed out all light and hope of her escape around her...

And, without warning, would give her a cute wittle kiss on her succulent lips, sealing the deal and ending their little game of cat and mouse, with the kitty becoming the mousy in the end. (Smoochum) "Your End~! <3" *~muah~!* With that, the Shark Attack would be complete, and he would return to normal size and shape, releasing her completely and standing there all normal, like nothing happened. "Wow, that was fun. Let's play again sometime, yeah?" He learned a lot of useful things about the 'Kinesia,' as well... And got a lot more to add to his Forbidden Treasure... His Special Collection. *slurp*
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Not even 20 minutes later would Friday appear in a puff of phantasmal smoke, fuming silently and swirling with her ghastly aura. "Lovey, I'm pissed--" At that moment, she saw Tymon messing around with some angel bitch, and he having taken on some sort of weird dark form that she wasn't aware of whilst she was away. Shocked and now even more heated, she scoffed and pointed at the the lightning hoe that was near him, "Who... WHO IS THIS BITCH!?" She couldn't believe her eyes. First, Sakai pissed her off by yelling at her and now she comes back to find her man with another girl, who looked relatively similar to her, except instead of draped in cool, dark colors, she had warm, vibrant colors; reds, yellows and whites. She even had the same twin-pigtails, except hers were all swirly like drills. She was sexy. "I don't believe you! I leave for like, 2 seconds and I come back to find you with some NEW tramp!?" She faded out and back in before the girl, puffing out her chest and pressing it against hers, whilst glaring her dead in the eyes, "Back of, slut... This is MY man..." Apparently, she had to mark her territory, or something, or else any old floozy could just walk in and start messing with him. "I'll make you disappear... So you'd better do it yourself before I REALLY get mad..." cracks started to appear in the ship randomly, specifically under the lightning girl, threatening to take her out in nothing but a snap of her fingers and some well placed 'Malfortuna' on her end.

Even though she was also upset with Tymon, this whore needed to be dealt with first and foremost, before anything else, just in case she wanted to try something funny, which would end up with her getting the ax without question.

"Hahaha, got all types of booty this ti--" just as he was in the middle of his speech, his waifu would appear in a puff of smoke, and he realized right then and there that he was probably in some deep shit, from the way things looked from the outside in. "... Shit. It's not what it looks like." That's what they all say, he knew, but he also knew that she didn't know who Ellia was, nor what her purpose was, and the fact that she didn't know anything about Ellia is what had her upset in the first place. So, this was probably going to be difficult if she wasn't willing to listen, which it didn't seem like she was prepared to do, since she was heated from the moment she came in.

"Look, this is El'Alice, or 'Ellia' for short. She's you, except like... Your 'Light' side. She was here keeping me company while you were gone, and--" Actually, that didn't sound any better. He was going to have to phrase that a little better, since she was already mad at him beforehand about making all these hot girls before whenever he got bored or missed her. "... Okay, wait, let me start over. SHE is another piece of you that will balance out your Malfortuna... So that instead of being so focused on creating Bad Luck, you can merge with her and make some Good Luck. Sooo... She's 'Good Friday!'" He smiled at her, feeling like he did something good and explained that pretty nicely. "Surprise~! Isn't she great~?"

Ellia, however, being just as bitchy as Friday would, after being pressed up on and challenged like she had been by Friday, snatch up Tymon by the arm and glare at her, smiling sadistically and narrowing her eyes, before laughing in a mocking tone, "Hahaha, yeah. SURPRISE~!... muthafukka..." She pulled him closed and pushed up on him with all sorts of entitlement, rubbing her breasts on his arm whilst glaring straight into Friday's eyes, an electrical intent charging the air between the three of them.

he stood there, speechless for a moment, trying not to get more upset and listen to his explanation... But somehow, the more he talked, the more he made things worse, with every single word he uttered after 'She was keeping me company.' Now she was REALLY pissed.

"SURPRISE?!" she repeated, rather heated, "Oh, so I'm not GOOD enough for you, now? Is that what you're saying?" It didn't help that she had pushed up on him like she just owned him now, like they had some sort of connection that was similar to their own. That really got her steaming. "Hey, BACK UP, JOKER!" she said, stamping the ground and causing the ground under them to crack again, threatening to take her down. She would, at that point, switch places with Ellia in a phantasmal haze, smoke wrapping around the three of them and when it cleared, she was way off in some corner somewhere, wrapped in the ghastly fog of vicious tormenting nightmares, and Friday's arms around Tymon's in place of her, breasts pushed up on his arm and everything. "You see this? This is MINE! Don't you touch him again, or I'll collect your fucking soul. Worthless hoes like you come a dime a dozen, but I am ONE of a kind!" She huffed and turned her head to him, pushing him away randomly, now directing her pissed-offness at him.

"And what about you? You made a new one?! I thought you said I was fine the way I was!! And that you wouldn't make anymore little sluts to fuck around with! I don't believe you! Can't leave you alone for two seconds, huh? I thought I could trust you to be alone!" She placed her hands on her hips, tapping her foot, the cracks encroaching slowly upon his and the girl's positions with each tap, "Well?! What do you have to say for yourself, you whore?!"

He sighed heavily, clearly seeing that as long as she was upset, she wasn't going to listen to the REAL reason why he did it; which was to balance out... All of this here... That she was doing. Which she CLEARLY had no control over. It was part of her family curse, and, last he checked, BOTH of them were trying to remedy it completely as swiftly as possible. Even if the both of them being together meant that it would happen, the two of them had to work at it. So, he just let her rant for a little while, then tried to remain as calm and rational about this misunderstanding as possible.

"Babe. Chill. Come on. You already KNOW it's not like that." He had to close his eyes to keep from rolling them, only partially understanding why she was mad, since he knew the part why she SHOULDN'T be upset, yet she didn't really want to hear THAT part. But, he would still try to get it to her, since she asked for an explanation. "I did this for you. The same way you made me obliterate you so that you could start... You know... Being one with the Pandoire, like I am? Yeah, this is for you to balance out your Malfortuna. I wasn't saying that you weren't GOOD enough for me, because I love you just the way you are, you dumbass." Even though he said it with love, it probably wouldn't help to calm her down... But he was sometimes a little loose with his tongue when it came to people who he felt the most comfortable with. "She was made SPECIFICALLY for YOU. Not for ME. I'm here to help fix YOUR curse, remember?" He sighed, crossing his arms, now slightly upset with her for being upset with him about something he did with the utmost innocence and thoughtfulness of his true love in mind. The two of them were unyielding in their love for each other, but it seemed like both of them had some things that they just didn't understand about each other just quite yet.

"You're the Lady In My Life, and you can't forget that, even if my methods seem strange. Just like I don't question yours, right? Cuz we know our love is strong and true?" He narrowed his eyes at her, finding her lack of faith disturbing.

However, things wouldn't remain so calm whilst the 'Mysterious Triangle' had gone unresolved. Ellia, whose electromagnetic barrier kept a powerful 'Mind Protector' of light around herself within the cloud of nightmares, the sparkling kittens kept the creatures at bay, and struck them down the same way as they had done before when Tymon tried to penetrate her defenses on his own. Before long, the electromagnetic barrier would burst outward and set Ellia free, who was now fully charged and now just as pissed as Friday. "Oh, you fucked up now, mofo," she said, now ready to strike this bitch down for what she had done to her, and for stealing this dude away from her. And she'd do it in the pettiest way possible... "Guess he doesn't love you as much as you thought, since he KISSED me and everything... HAHAHAHAA!!!" a sharp glare was shot to Friday, and an arrow of lightning pierced through the air and straight for Friday's heart, to strike her down and claim Tymon as her prize. For some reason, even though she thought she didn't care at first, somehow, this actually got to her enough to make her wanna fight Friday. Perhaps because, in a way, they were the same person... By design.

Tymon only stood there in awe, speechless, mouth hung open, and really pissed that in such a delicate situation, Ellia would say some shit like that in the heat of the moment. Seriously. "You... You just WANT sparks to fly, don't you. I don't even know why..." Seriously, it didn't make any sense, unless... She was JEALOUS or something... Which, she shouldn't have been, for a number of reasons...

Friday listened to what Tymon had to say to the best of her ability without getting upset with him, calming herself in order to make sure she could hear if he had a good explanation or not. After listening intently to him for a little while, she could hear not only the sincerity in his voice, but also could feel it in his words and his heart, which was beating in tandem with hers. Suddenly, her fury was calmed with those sweet and loving words and, after realizing that she was just in the heat of the moment and he'd done this just for her, her eyes would soften and a soft smile would appear on her face, signifying that she was feeling much better.

"Awww... *giggle* ... You shouldn't have...~"

She turned away shyly and blushed, no longer angry at him nor at Sakai, who pissed her off before. In fact, she was just about ready to make up with Tymon in her own way... That is to say, until that trifling hoe started talking some shit.

"Oh, he kissed you? Well, you're just a cheap copy of me, so, you know, it's basically like kissing me. You aren't special; you're just part of me that he's gonna be kissing later. But it's about time for you to get the ax, hoe. You were made for me, so you're mine to do with whatever I wanna." (Malice Doll of Demise.) If this 'Ellia' was made specifically to merge with Friday, then she could and would be consumed by Friday once she put her in her place and ate her for breakfast. (Life Equalizer). "For pushing up on my man, you're gonna die now. Bye, Bitch~!" (Graverobber's Retribution; Attack Reflector Unit.)

Now, she could focus all of her malicious intent not on Tymon, but on this knockoff that thought she was on some shit. "INFIDEL! You have touched the Forbidden Treasure!!!" She joked, smiling cutely, yet maliciously at the same time as her eyes became sharp and keen, like that of a great predator. "Now you will never again see the light of DAAAAY!! *giggle*" The great blazing wings of an owl spread from Friday's back, like those wings of an angel, bathing the ship in her deep violent glow. (Blackwing - Mistral the Silver Shield; 11:42) It was time for this 'Ellia' to die and return to where she was supposed to be; inside of Friday's stomach. "Itadakimaaaasuuu~!" *slurp*

Tymon was gonna... Stay out of this one. Since this seemed to now be some sort of heated argument between both of the 'Fridays,' so to speak. "Yeah, I'm just gonna..." He sunk into the shadows, watching what was about to unfold from behind the scenes. It didn't seem like either of them were going to give up, for some reason. He couldn't quite understand why. "Curse me and my attraction to sexy bitches..." But... It was kinda cute, honestly. Eventually, the bad attitude would go away if you could deal with it properly and learn to love it and understand it. Then it wouldn't be a bad attitude anymore.

Ellia saw that her lightning arrow shot at Friday hadn't done anything to her at all, but that wasn't about to deter her now. She really wanted to teach Friday a lesson for making such a fool out of her and making her look like a little biyotch. "You're gonna get it now, mofo..." she said, sparking up with a great electrical surge. "Don't down me cuz you think you're hot shit... If I'm you, then that means if I take you out, then I'm on top!" With that as the deciding factor, she wasn't gonna go out like a punk.

"Let's go! You and me! I'll strike you down!" The Lightning Lances appeared at her sides again, electricity sparkling from the girl's eyes as the two spears sent a powerful current surging between each of them, drawing in and charging up electricity. They still were in water, even if they could move through it like they weren't and breathe like they weren't in it, which means that she already had the upper hand on this here trifling 'fire' slut.

"And don't call me names, either! Don't think you've won just because you came first! If I'm you, then he loves me, too, stupid!" She hurled her Lighting Arrow straight at Friday again, this time KNOWING that it would connect, or at least do a great deal of damage this time when she did. (Avenging Arrow.) "It's too early to think you've won until you've actually won! It ain't over till it's over and I ain't dead yet!!" Seemed like things were going to get exceedingly heated from here.

Even though Friday hated to admit it... Honestly, the little tramp had a point. Probably something that Tymon hadn't thought about (and if he did, he'd be in hot water), but regardless of that at the moment, that only meant that she had to go the extra mile to make sure that this girl didn't start taking liberties that weren't hers to take now and making some advances just because he made her as a 'Friday.'

"Hmph. Alright, I'll give you that," she said with a scoff, "But still, you're not getting out of this alive. There can be only ONE. And that's me. Bitch." The blazing wings of the large owl now expanded around her form to generate a large protective aura of phantasmal flame of which she would use to protect herself from the lightning strike. With one of the large owl wings to be used as a shield, the Lightning Arrow that pierced through wouldn't touch Friday, but would be stopped right in its tracks after being halted by the owl's wing, itself. (Blackwing - Mistral the Silver Shield). "Is that really all you've got...?" she mocked, sticking her tongue out at her before flicking the flaming feathers far off the side of the ship, the javelin along with it. From just touching the flames, she the lance would begin to burn up, its energy being eaten away at the moment it touched the ghastly flare.

"... You really make me laugh, you know that? You're such a Joke. Jokes are funny. That's why I'm laughing at you. Hahahaha~!" All the while she laughed at her, the aura around her started to contort into something different, dispersing now into a vaporous gas rather than a violet inferno. "Sic 'er!" Friday pointed toward the girl and, the flaming cloud of vapor would roll over and take the shape of a cloud of vicious Nightmares (Ponyta) which would stampede across the deck of the ship in their ambiguous constantly shifting cloud, ready to trample and trap her in an eternal nightmare from whence she would not be able to emerge; where Friday would completely consume her mind. (Ninjitsu Art of Shadow Sealing.)

The pretentious goth girl was getting on Ellia's last nerve now, and her funky attitude definitely needed to be toned down a bit. She needed to be knocked off her high horse, and Elli knew just how to do it. "Think you're hot shit?" she muttered as her lance was disintegrated, "You're not so hot. Not as hot as me, that is. But you certainly are shitty, you fugly emo!" Even with one of her lances downed, enough electrical energy had been stored up in the other where she could generate another electromagnetic barrier around herself, and with a decisive strike in the ground, bolts of lightning in the shape of kitties bounced and pounced all around her body, forming a barrier just as powerful as the one that had been made by her little birdie.

When the cavalry came trying to run her over, they'd find that they'd be met with the bloodthirsty wildcats that were hungry for their latest kill. They weren't just little house cats anymore; they were tigers with eyes like lightning, and claws and fangs just as swift. When one of the Nightmare horses came within striking distance of her electromagnetic barrier, each one of the tigers would strike their prey and take them down as stripes of lightning crashing down upon their next meal with a voracious fury. When the golden tiger claws strike the fiery flesh of the horses, they would disperse their energy with powerful electromagnetic bursts that neutralized their energies and created condensed polarized fields the same as the ones she'd used to trap Tymon during their skirmish. (Voltorb) It would be like the tigers were ripping the energy of the horses apart with their electrified teeth, and the energy would disperse and be absorbed into the electric field to power it further; overwhelming and consuming what had been ravenously ripped apart by the magnetic forces of repulsion.

"I'm closer to him than you are, too, hoe! So don't be thinking you're special or anything just you came first or anything. I'm SOOOO much better than you, and what's really funny is how you THOUGHT that I wasn't..." She raised a hand to her mouth and gave her the 'bitch laugh;' you know, the one where you kinda laugh a little bit in a way that's clearly mocking you? That one. "Hahaha~. You know I'm gonna get the last laugh, anyway, so you'd better just quit while you're ahead. Save that fugly face of yours and find someone who actually WANTS to kiss it, huh?" She smiled, puckered her lips and blew Friday a sadistic kiss before glaring at her and turning her nose up to her. "Did you ever think that maybe there was just something juicy you were missing that he just couldn't help but have, huh?" she puckered her lips again and gave her a cute little duck face, mocking the fact that he'd given her that kiss earlier. She would keep rubbing it in Friday's bitch face as long as she wanted to keep playing with Elli.

In the background, naturally, still kinda just observing the both of them in the shadows as well as meditating on his own things, like his powers of Kinesia and further mastery of the Art of Shadow; Psyche on the sidelines, Tymon kinda... Tried to at LEAST whisper words of reason to the two of the heated women. "Ummm... Did you guys ever think to maybe... Work together and stop fighting each other...? Or at least to, maybe, hear what the other one has to say... Instead of spitting fire and lightning all over the place...?" I mean, it was just a thought, but you know, maybe it might... Work? He didn't know. Honestly, as long as they didn't get too carried away, it didn't seem like it was THAT big of a deal... It was actually kinda hot, truthfully, and he didn't mind a heated battle that got him goin~! But if they got too out of hand, he would have to sit the both of them down himself and stop this foolishness. But, for the moment, he figured that the two of them could handle this like big girls, and merely practicing on whatever he was doing in the shadows was much more... well... useful of his time on the sidelines. He was actually learning a lot of good things about how to use his powers whilst within this Dark Sea, and he didn't mind that at all. Would be useful later. "I don't see why you two can't just play nice, kiss and make up... In fact... Kissing would be nice, yes~?" He probably shouldn't have said that part, though... *cough* >>;

"Oh, you really messed up now," she said, her eyes flashing a deep, dark violet before spurting with a great deal of flames of which there seemed to be no end. Friday was now royally PISSED, and the words of this aggravating lightning girl were only feeding the flames. Whether it was her intention or not, it definitely was getting on her LAST nerve, and she wasn't having any of her shit-talk anymore. (Infernity Dwarf)

She couldn't think of a come back right now, but she didn't need to when she had all the flames of Phantasmagoria at her disposal, which could take her down in a moment's notice. "Whatever you THOUGHT you were about, you're about to get a really RUDE wake up call." She waved her hands and, the electrical energy that had ripped apart and absorbed her Nightmares would, at that point, be infected with Phantasmagoria, despite the absorption. To her will, she could make the energy she released really good or really bad, to the point where she could even make it a potent vaccine or an infectious virus. Each of the electromagnetic barriers would, at the wave of her hand, turn a deep purple, the electrical energy now coming under Friday's command. She muttered one of her techniques now, "Dream Killer," which would, at her command, destroy the hopes, dreams and ambitions of whomever and whatever came in contact with her Phantasmagoria, and all hopes of future accomplishments. In a single move, the entire ship was under her control, as well as the electricity that once belonged to the lightning whore on the other side. (Golbat)

"You talk a big game..." she said, swirling her fingers around to stir up the sparks, making it clear that they were all under her command, "... But that's all you are, you weak little pussy." With a decisive clench of her fist, each of the bolts of lightning would turn against their former master and strike with a destructive force from every direction, the 'golden tigers' now a deep shade of violet, claws and fangs blackened and ready to rip the hopes, dreams and future accomplishments of the little light to utter pieces with the 'Dream Killer,' just like they'd done to her Nightmares before, of whose flaming manes and hooves would roll from the lightning tigers to reveal that they were still there and very much under her control. (Steelswarm Sting - Mystic Clown; Ponyta.)

"Like I said..." she reiterated, flicking up the 'V' sign cutely with her fingers to the side of her face with a wink and a kiss, "Bye, Bitch~! <3"

Ellia stood there in shock and rage, surprised to find that her defenses had not only been neutralized by the ghastly girl, but also been absorbed and turned against her in a single move. She was good, she had to admit, and that was kinda admirable. It made things a little more interesting between the two of them. "Hahaha... Aight... Not bad... For a fugly emo," she had to say, "... But like I said, it ain't over till it's over, and you keep thinking I'm just gonna lie down and take a beating like a little bitch!" Her lance that had been stabbed in the ground wasn't just for erecting the barrier, but also served as a lightning rod to conduct more electricity. Even if her Thunder Cats had been consumed by the flames, they still were electrically charged and could be drawn straight into the lightning rod that was in the ground.

It rose up into the air and, once they were about to strike her, would be drawn straight into the lance; every last one of them, and destroyed on the spot, due to the destructive nature of the flames as well as Ellia's own will to destroy her lance right then and there. (Switch; Mind Protector). "My element isn't lightning for no reason. Swift and shining bright, like a star, baby~!" (Descending Lost Star; Queen of Pentacles) Now, with the field completely clear of both of their energies, they could start over. It was very clear that the two of them were actually pretty evenly matched, which should have been expected since the two of them were, as Tymon CLEARLY stated, part of each other. "And not only that, but sharp as a whip, as well!! And speaking of which..." She smiled, licking her lips and winking at Tymon from the darkness, where she could see his shining eyes of 'Crystal Sight' observing the two of them, "I think it's time for ME to crack the whip, this time!" She slung her hand at a high speed, lashing a powerful electric wave of lightning like that of a whip straight at Friday's feet, to wrap her up nice and tight with but a single gleam of the light. (Malevolent Nuzzler, Earth Energy; Dratini)

"Think you can keep up us, slowpoke~?" she blew a kissy face to the shadows, mostly because she wanted to, but also to piss of Friday again by rubbing all the kisses in the world in her face as often as she could. "You can't catch what you can't see, can ya?" She lashed her hand out again, sending more whips out to strike her down, this time at numerous places upon her body. "Yeah, you've got some power, but whatcha gonna do if you can't even keep up long enough to use em, hmmm?" With each whip, she would disconnect them from herself to ensure that the flames didn't reach her, just in case she tried that whole 'hostile takeover' shit again. "Quit trying to write me off before you actually do, or you'll end up getting caught up doing silly things you aren't even paying attention to! Get off your high horse; you're not that great." Due to the environment, the lightning was even more conducive to the water, where the fire would be more easily doused, giving Ellia the home field advantage from the get go. "So, what was that you were saying? You fuk'd up? Hahaha~."

Meanwhile, Tymon, who not only caught what Ellia did and kinda got flustered himself, but also gained more understanding of how these things worked and everything that went on not only inside, but outside, would continue to keep tabs on the both of them. He wasn't entirely sure why the both of them were fighting so hard, quite honestly... It DEFINITELY wasn't for him. It probably was just some sort of pride thing. Or, it could have been for him. But, as they say, 'Love will find a way, this is always true.' So, whomever ACTUALLY was fighting for LOVE and not just to beat the other one would probably prevail and consume the other one, and they would both assimilate into the same single entity as 'Friday.' That was how this sort of thing worked, and it was exactly what was supposed to happen in order to free Friday of her curse. She had to absorb the parts of herself that came from others and merge with them, and allow them to take their place inside of her, just like he had to do with all of his Restrictions and each of the Tensei. It was the only way to free herself of Malfortuna, just like he finding Shinsanity was the only way to break him from the Insanity. Hers was 'Alfortuna,' which gave her power over ALL Influences and Fortune, be it good or bad, and done with good measure, as well. From what he could see, Friday, as she was, got too caught up in her own emotions and selfishly tried to make everything go her way. That was the only reason why he hadn't intervened; it was because she needed to learn how to control herself, as well as how to grow more healthily without abusing her own powers just because she had them. It seemed like Ellia was teaching her that, and Tymon wasn't opposed.

However, if these two seriously did get out of control, he was going to sit them down real hot fast and give them the talking to of their lives. So they'd better keep the destruction to a minimum... He was ALWAYS in control, even if he let the two of them run free and do what they wished for a little while. They couldn't forget whose ship this was nor of what the Veritas itself actually was. Anyone who was here would quickly and easily be reminded of such things at any given time. Fairly, swiftly, sternly and compassionately. He knew everything that went on, how it worked, and would kick people out and into the otherlands, if need be. OUTSIDE of the gate. Like, in Valparaiso, or something...

Friday remained royally pissed at the new hoe that seemed to feel like she was entitled to all sorts of shit due to her sudden connection, and after watching her cleverly dispel each of her attacks like they were nothing made it clear that she really was on the level. Something that Friday could actually respect a bit about her. "... You're not bad yourself..." she said rather quietly, suddenly finding peace in the entire scenario. Somehow, if she quieted her own anger, she could feel Tymon's power flowing through her naturally, like they were connected internally, or something... Which, they definitely were, considering that they'd exchanged spirits as part of their own little love-thing. She could sense that he was somehow upset with the both of them, especially with the way that they were fighting, and after carefully analyzing the situation more thoughtfully, she realized that if this girl was just a piece of her, like Tymon said, then there was no real reason to fight with her, or else that would mess up the assimilation completely. She just needed to calm down enough to be able to see that. (A Rival Appears; Tentacool (NightVision) )

Her burning eyes would suddenly come to a simmer as, when the lightning crashed at her feet, she would stand there and take the heat. After the first crack of the whip, though painful, she stood and brute the blow, unyielding, like the Earth. (Rhyhorn; Earth Energy). She would, as she'd done before, begin to absorb the lightning strikes into herself through the flames that wrapped her body, which would eventually charge her own body with electricity, that would crackle around her in a violet hue. (Golbat; Infernity Dwarf). Each lightning strike only served to grant her more power after that, and she realized that, after all, it didn't hurt her a single bit, since this girl was just another part of her that she was fighting against in her anger. Tymon was right; he kissed the part of her that was who she was, and that meant that this girl, Ellia, no longer had any power over her. She'd lost this battle. Her eyes suddenly burst with lightning, crackling furiously now with not anger, but conviction as Friday stepped forward slowly, taking every single whip like a G, letting the pain set in, pleasured by it and the energy she gained from it. The closer she got to this girl and her magnetic attraction, the more stimulated she would become by the electrical currents charged between them. (Malevolent Nuzzler; Psychic Soul)

Sooner enough Friday would be standing face to face with Ellia, yet again, only this time, with a different intent entirely about her. Friday's eyes remained fierce, though this time not with fury, but with a great conviction to overcome this girl and bring her into herself, as was the intent that Tymon told her from the very beginning. (Machop; Earth Energy; Rhyhorn) He wasn't lying to her, but she was just too blind in her rage before to see nor to understand, and that was her mistake from the very beginning. However, now that her eyes were opened, she saw that there was no threat, except to herself, from either end. (Breakthrough). As they stood, breast to breast, yet again, Friday would snatch the girl by her shirt and give her a deep, passionate, sexy kiss, shoving her tongue straight down her throat and transferring her energy into her, whilst simultaneously drawing out Ellia's into herself. The electric sensation between the two of them was stimulating in more ways than one, down to a very primal instinct, of which drew out a sort of sexual invigoration within herself. (Earth Energy; Mankey).

With that kiss to seal the deal, it would be a sign of acceptance and respect to not only this side of herself, but also the truth that Tymon told her, as well as this girl's power, and she would begin drawing this 'Good Friday' into her very being, absorbing her essence completely. (Memory of an Adversary; Polymerization.)

With each crack of the whip, Ellia realized rather quickly that they weren't going to effect Friday any longer. "Oh fuk..." she said, now realizing there was nothing left for her to do. They couldn't TECHNICALLY hurt each other without actually endangering themselves, and to continue to fight each other seemed to be futile and do nothing but destroy each other. However, naturally, Ellia wasn't gonna back down. With what Friday realized, she also realized simultaneously, the connection between she, Tymon and Friday remaining true down to the very end. Once Friday made her way up close and personal, titty to titty with Ellia, she glared at her and saw the lightning in her eyes, sneering at her, "... Well? Whatcha gonna do, bi--"

Before he could finish, Ellia was snatched up with the same authoritative decisiveness that she used when cracking her own whips, and would be sucked into a deep, loving kiss charged with all sorts of emotion that was left unsaid, feeling the flames enter her as the lightning was sucked out and into Friday. With that, she returned the kiss, realizing now that they both were actually kin and they belonged together in spirit and in truth, the same way as Friday did with Tymon. And so, with the same acceptance and respect for Friday for finally taking command, she would return the favor with a heated kiss just as deep and passionate. With that, the missing piece of Friday would return to her body, and she would now have access to her 'Fortuna.' (Missing Force; Dewgong; Polymerization; Goldeen)

This, in turn, would grant Friday the power of Electricity and Light, as well as give her the knowledge of 'Cats' and how to use their cunning to her advantage. And naturally, what was given to Friday would instantly be transferred to Tsuki, who, surprisingly, was going through her own 'shocking' scenario off elsewhere in the Veritas, Tymon knew, for he could see with eyes unseen from not only the Shadows, but many other methods that allowed him this 'Crystal Sight.' (13:13)

With the assimilation of Ellia complete, Tsuki should have been unlocking her First Restriction as well, if timed properly. Tymon would rise up from the shadows, smiling wide with his shark teeth and shining bright eyes, "Hyahahaha! Goojub, lovey~! You did it~! Passed your Test~!" Not that it was MEANT to be a test, but kinda turned into that when she took it there, not simply accepting his words for the value that he'd told them to her, nor the purpose of Ellia in truth. (Mystic Horseman) Buuuut, ya know. Live and Learn. "You're so cute, getting all jealous~! And now, with this electricity at your disposal, guess I can start calling you 'Spanky' from now on, yeah? BAHAHAHAA!!" But that would just be between two of them. Heh heh.

"But no, please try to trust me and what I say and do from now on, and stop flying off the handle and doing shit just because you're upset. As you can CLEARLY see, doing that ALMOST got you killed. By YOU. And then you'd NEVER break your curse, right?" He was only trying to help her, and he knew how to do it, too. She needed to have faith in that. "If you deny my help, even if you don't want it, sometimes you're causing your own destruction. It's okay to trust me and everything I do. Yeah?" Though, she taught him to be patient with her, as he had issues with sometimes... Nice wrap up, definitely. (1:18 1/18)

"Now Tsuki's got a nice little Guardian Angel watching over her..." Even though Tymon still needed to get his back, but that would come after he broke free of the Restriction form of the First Restriction, which was 'The Art of Shadow.' When he broke free of the Shadow's bindings, he would come out in the Light. The way he learned was first through the Shadow binding himself as to not release his overwhelming power, and learn to control it. That is why Shadow was there; to restrain him and keep him held back until he learned to control himself completely, wherein it would release him naturally. Not that most people understood that, since they were still fighting with their shadows (or their light), as Friday had just done.

"But uh... That aside... What happened to Sakai? Wasn't she with you?"

After all that happened, she was a little upset that it ended up teaching HER a lesson about getting upset and making rash decisions when she prided herself on doing just the opposite, but when one gets in their emotions, especially ANGER, she could DEFINITELY see how these things could happen, even if one took them slow and steady. She looked off to the side, rubbing the back of her head, "... Sorry I got mad at you... Especially since you apparently know what you're doing..." She felt a little foolish, but it was okay because this was an important development for the both of them, and she was happy that he remained calm and patient with her rather than make things worse by getting upset with her when she was already steaming.

When he brought up Sakai, though, she was reminded of the ENTIRE reason why she left in the first place! "Oh crap! Yeah, that's right! I forgot... I came back to tell you that Sakai made me mad, yelling at me and trying to tell me what to do! The nerve of that girl, right?" Though, honestly, Friday wasn't much better... There was something about women getting all caught up in their emotions that just threw most rationality out of the window, even in spite of one's own life. Looking back on it now that she was calm and collected, she actually could have left Sakai in serious danger, and she didn't even realize it before due to her getting upset over something trivial and petty! Now she could see that such things were more destructive than she EVER could have realized, and would do her best not to get so frustrated over simple dumb things again. They could really be harmful to oneself and others, and it wasn't worth losing lives and friendships just out of pride or to be right OR to prove a point, for ANY reason. If one lost their life, then there was nothing left to prove.

"... Yeah... I guess we should go get her, then...?"

"Ooooh my fu-- Dammit, Friday!!" He slapped a hand to his head before quickly turning to take the wheel of the ship, "Yer damn straight we're gonna go get her!! Do you know what could be lurking inside of that place?! ANYTHING could be in there! Especially in some sort of ancient underwater lost city where there's probably all types of marvelous treasures! You think there WOULDN'T be some sort of uh... Uh.. What, a guardian or some shit?!" He kicked it into high gear immediately, calling for one of his friendly fishy... friends to come assist. "PUSIBOSS!!!" Around the Ship, the Megalodon would manifest as a giant submarine in order for them to blend in with the whole 'aquatic' theme of Al Aquia. Clearly, if they were underwater, some random floating holy land was gonna look really strange to anything that had been under here for however long it had been, and being one of the largest, fiercest, most ANCIENT Sharks in the Sea would definitely make most, if not EVERYthing turn tail and run away when it saw... Especially since it was wrapped in 'The Shadow,' which had that dashing debonair shark-toothed smile and the three eyes of Crystal Sight, to light the way through the depths. It was completely black, like a missile of sorts, but still retained flexibility like a shark... Since, well, it was a Shadow.

"Oh, by the way. Sorry about, ya know, kissing this other girl. Even if I already knew it was you... I guess I should have just been more patient with you. Hahaha. Lesson learned~!" The BOTH of them seemed to have to learn about patience with each OTHER... Since it caused more trouble than it was worth. But, it definitely got through, and now that they were done with their whole lover's quarrel, it was time to go save their friend... And scoop up some nice treasure along the way~! >D "LET'S GO, PUSIBOSS!!! LET'S GO TAP DAT ASS FOR THIS SWEET, JUICY TREASURE!!"

PusiBoss: Gotit,Bossman!

And with that, the entire ship would rise and dark off in the direction of the temple where Friday left Sakai, merging with the shadows in order to make themselves unseen.
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Chapter 12: Under Da Sea; Gettin' Dat Booty

After a while, T.K. and Friday would reach the temple where Friday had left Sakai from the entrance of Al Aquia, right at the gates. "This is the place, huh...?" he said, still lurking through the shadows, "... Yeah. Totally some booty in here. Gonna tap it right proper, love." He slapped hers, just because when he thought of booty, he also thought of booty, since, you know. It was a play on words, and both were treasures of his. "... But I guess before I go treasure hunting, we should try to find our newest member, huh?" He sighed, REALLY wanting to just go hunt for treasure. "I hope she hadn't gotten herself into some stupid scenario that we have to clean up because of some foolishness that the both of you created being all caught up in your emotions..."

It was at that point that he saw a family of cute little glowing creatures flowing from one of the chambers before him, as though they were terrified of something. He sighed, "... And somehow... I feel like that, that right there... Is probably the indicator that what I said is already in progress." He sighed again, face palming, and muttering "Why? Why ME? Why do I have to come and fix all these fucked up situations with people? Why can't they just do it RIGHT on their OWN?" Tymon was NOT the 'Clean Up Crew' for everyone's stupidity, and eventually, it would get them killed. "You owe me one," he muttered to himself, but also definitely within earshot of Friday. "PusiBoss, full steam ahead. Take us into the darkness."

PusiBoss: Gotcha,Bossman.

With that, the shadowy Megalodon submarine would slip into the darkness, going down the corridor where the creatures had emerged. Yes, it SEEMED like the giant shark wouldn't fit, but the form was malleable, since it was made of Shadows due to Tymon practicing with the use of 'The Art of Shadow.' So, naturally, it was in its element, and would submerge into the darkness seamlessly.

The Fukdupus, after having the ignorance of Sakai to feed on now, powering its massive brain, would now become a tyrant of the deep. The other fish were smart enough to evade it on instinct alone, but one that followed the design of a Human had the CHOICE of making Good Decisions and Bad Decisions, and this creature FED on BAD DECISIONS and Ignorance. Therefore, its power would continue to grow, along with the creature itself. "Yeeeessss... The POWER!!! THE ABSOLUTE POWER!!!" The hideous and insidious mollusk would, at that moment, grow so large that it destroyed the top of the temple with a mighty crash, its tentacles elongating from its elastic form and snatching up even LARGER creatures now, such as sharks and dolphins and such, which it could use to consume their minimal lack of intelligence in order to feed its own. "These foolish sea creatures no longer can escape!! AND I'LL NEVER GO HUNGRY AGAIN!!!" It could gobble up any creature it could get its hands on, and now, with every passing moment that this girl allowed her ignorance to shine, the Fukdupus could become more and more intelligent by feeding on it and expanding its range of psychic prowess. "I see you..." it said to one of the fish lurking behind it, snatching it up with one of its tentacles without even having to turn around. With psychic powers, it could send the mental activity of anything that was within range of its mind, and as such, it would also be within range of its tentacles. Now, no creature was safe within the perimeter of its mental waves, and with Sakai as its power source, it only grew stronger and larger.

---Boss Battle; As Sharp As... ---

Whilst trying to remain incognito in the shadows and get to the bottom of where Sakai was, without warning, a massive crash was heard from deep within the darkness of the undersea temple; one that shook the ruins and send a powerful surge of water through the corridors "WOAH. WHAT WAS THAT!?!?" Tymon cried, feeling the forceful current press against the submarine, "... Oh dear God... PLEASE don't tell me that Sakai woke up some terrible monster that's--" before he could even finish, he would see the monstrosity looming over the top of the temple, its head exposed and glowing with a terrible light. It looked disgusting; terrifying, in fact, considering that it was simply snatching up any and everything that crossed its path and stuffing it into that horrible jawless mouth and straight up into its pulsating head.

"... Ew. What.. What even IS that?! WHO CREATED THAT TERRIBLE THING?!?! WHO EVEN ALLOWED THAT TO EXIST!??!" Tymon sighed heavily, already KNOWING that he was gonna have to save this place AND Sakai from this terrible GIANT monster now. He was DEFINITELY not in the mood for yet ANOTHER battle, after having trained with Ellia AND having to tame his own Shadow for that extended period of time. "WHY DO PEOPLE INSIST ON MAKING ME DO THESE THINGS!?" He turned to Friday, ready to say something smart to her like, 'If you'd just' or 'Why did you' and things along those lines, but already knew it was fruitless to even get into such a pointless dispute in the time of crisis.

"Whatever. Let's just kick it into high gear and save this damn girl... And the treasure. God help the Treasure. ;;" He was a pirate, through and through, it seemed. "Well, first, if we're gonna kill it, we gotta know its weakness..." He shot out of the shadows at high speed, a trail of darkness left by the Megalodon Submarine as it darted through the ocean, "... Maybe I'll just start flinging shit at it until I find out what works...?" That was all he could think of, at the time. Seriously. How was he gonna know how to fight something that he JUST now found out about? "Uhhh... Alright, try to get in close. I'm sure you can tear it up with your teeth, yeah?"

PusiBoss: LesgetsomePusitonight,Boss.

With that, the Megalodon would make a sharp arc around and dart straight toward the creature, mouth agape and prepared to take a 'bite out of crime.' The creature towered over the Megalodon, but it was still a MASSIVE shark, so it wasn't THAT much larger than it, quite honestly. They were relatively in the same ballpark... For the moment. Thus, a huge bite should have been able to easily rip off one of its tentacles, no sweat.

"YOU DARE!?!?!" its mind shouted, sending a powerful psionic force slamming into the shark as it got close, knocking it off course with ease. Its mind had already grown quite powerful after its unencumbered consumption of ignorance, and more coming from its power source, of which it now had an infinite supply. With the Megalodon thrown off course, it would lash its front tentacles at its tail and fins in order to restrain it and keep it from moving at all, constricting the beast so that it would no longer be able to oppose it. "Good... a DELECTABLE morsel... How ignorant is this one, I wonder?! LET US ASSESS THROUGH CONSUMPTION!!" If it were able to ensnare the Megalodon, it would immediately and without hesitation stuff it up into its brain where it would consume its mind and siphon out its ignorance to be converted into intelligence for the creature to grow in power yet again. If there was a lot, it would grow exponentially in size and then become a new terror of the deep, where all of Al Aquia would fear it, and would know of its tyranny.

"MOTHERFU--" Tymon shouted as his ship was hit with a great psychic force. He would, as was in nature and jurisdiction of his own power, be able to pick up on psychic readings and analyze them on his own, which allowed him to understand whatever psychic forces that came in contact with him the moment that they did. "Oh it's a PSYCHIC fucked up octopus? Good... Good job. Waking up a Psychic Octopus with ego issues. Yeah. This will TOTALLY be fun. >>; " He sighed, trying to regain his bearings... But not before his ship was immediately snatched up by some tentacles. "DAMMIT!!! If it were just a normal sea creature, this battle would have been easy... But the fact that it's PSYCHIC is a HUGE game changer..."

Being hit with a psychic wave out of nowhere definitely threw the ship into a tizzy, just long enough for it to be ensnared, no less. However, Tymon was nowhere near down for the count yet. "Alright, if it's a psychic battle you want..." After unlocking the First Restriction and learning a few things from his training session with Ellia, as well as things he picked up whilst lurking in the Shadows and from facing his own Shadow, he knew enough about how psychic powers worked to be able to fight this thing on a psionic level, most definitely. "Then may the best brain win, you... Fucked up... Octopus! Fukupus! Yeah! That's what I'm gonna call you from now on! Fukdupus!"

As the tentacles sought to stuff it up in that horrible and rather terrifying maw, the Megalodon, being comprised of Tymon's Shadow, would have the Third Eye gleam and cut through not only the waves of the water, but also the minimal waves of light that were being released by the Fukupus' brain pulsations at the time, allowing a clear opening within the waves within the folds of light. At that moment, the Pusiboss would relinquish its solid state and become pure shadow; something that could not be gripped tangibly. In the same instant, as the Fukupus would probably, lost in its own ego, think itself triumphant, Pusiboss would slip into the folds of light, now completely unseen and undetected by any forms of wavelength whilst its Third Eye was slicing through and parting the waters, giving it a cover and making it completely invisible. (Horsea 'Smokescreen') With that, it would no longer be able to be sensed by the Fukdupus, and they could retaliate from the shadows of its own mental waves, where its light could not reach.

"Yesss... Do something stupid, you ignorant sea creature... I dare you... In fact, I already KNOW that you will... I know everything... I know you will do something stupid, and I will already be two steps ahead of you, in order to--" however, to its surprise, when it stuffed up its tentacles to its brain, it would get no food at all. There was neither ignorance nor intelligence, and it consumed nothing. "What...? It ESCAPED?! FOOL!!! NONE CAN ESCAPE MY MIND!!" All the while it talked, it still sensed and snatched up creatures to feed itself. This time, it would pluck a whale right out of the ocean, stuffing the defenseless creature up into its head so that it could grow larger, yet again. Sakai had gone silent, so it seemed that it had been siphoned of all ignorance, leaving the creature stabilized at its already enlarged size. The big-headed monstrosity still was not done feeding; no, something that harbored such a great ego needed it to be fed at ALL times! And the way that it did so was through ignorance and bad decisions of other creatures; that fed the Big Brain and kept it hungry for more. "As long as there are stupid creatures I can outsmart, I will grow larger, regardless of where you are, foolish Shark! KNOW MY POWER!!" It released a powerful psychic wave that would, at that point, draw in every single ignorant little fishy that was within its radius, leading them to the slaughter... "FOOL! IF I CANNOT HAVE YOU, I WILL HAVE A DIFFERENT IGNORANT CREATURE AS MY FOOD!!! NOW COME OUT SO I MAY CONSUME YOU!" In all its intelligence, it seemed that being outsmarted with Good Decisions hurt its pride, and made it want to establish dominion. So, it no longer could focus on the creatures, but searched for the 'one that got away,' in high hopes that it would find it lurking about.

Rising up from its position and up into the water, it would begin to swim through the depths, searching for the Black Megalodon wherever it may have been, having little fishies following behind and orbiting around it, to become leisurely snacks for it as it swam. There were more than enough for it to merely pluck from around it, and they were ignorantly under its psychic influence, so it could direct its focus on the Megalodon, wherever it had gotten to. "You know you cannot escape... I have the entire Lost City under MY control!! GIVE UP AND BECOME MY DINNER!!!" It would circle the entire city, probing the ruins with its tentacles, which could fit and fill any shape (as octopus bodies were known to be able to do; slip into even the tiniest crevices.) "I know you're hiding somewhere... And you won't get away so easily... You little fool..."

After having narrowly escaped consumption by the giant fucked up psychic octopus, PusiBoss silently followed behind it in its shadow, where its psychic power did not reach. Tymon watched closely and carefully to observe how the creature functioned, in order to make sure that when he came out for an attack, he could make it count. "Okay... So it's an asshole, number one. Egotistical, at that. Must be common for anything with a 'Big Head,' so to speak." He tapped his foot, gazing through the eyes of his Megalodon hidden in the folds of light, "... Hmmm. That means that a direct shot to its brain should be enough... But if we go into the light, it'll sense us with its psychic powers..."

Tymon, himself, had psychic powers, and PusiBoss was wrapped in his Shadow, which harbored the same psychic power. And last he checked, this Shark could consume the psychic waves of those that it came in contact with. "Hmmm... Alright... Well, if I can part the waves with my Kinesis... Maybe, I can draw them TO me with it, as well...?" Thinking it over, it was actually pretty dangerous, considering that if he came out into the open and drew the thing's psychic power to him, he would become its main target. "But, if we keep its attention long enough, and keep it from eating all the other fishies... Then we should be able to suck it dry of all its psychic power, and shrink its big head down to a pebble. Hey, that's actually not a bad plan!~" He smiled triumphantly, still following behind the creature. It seemed like because it had been outsmarted, it was looking for Tymon, specifically, and no longer ravenously consumed the fish in the sea that now orbited it. "Not as smart as it thought, huh? Hahaha." Funny how one single act of cunning could draw an egotistical bastard's attention...

"Hey, wait! That's IT!! I'll just start making this thing look like an absolute FOOL! And I'll start with..." His eyes narrowed, sharpening like those of a great predator in the deep, before a wide grin slipped upon his face to reveal his shark-teeth, "... His Food Supply." If you take out your opponent's power source, then they could no longer draw power from it, no matter how powerful they were. Meaning, in order to stop it, he needed to first make sure that it couldn't get anymore food. Fortunately, in its arrogance, it drew EVERY fish around itself that was in radius of Al Aquia, which make Tymon's job all the easier. "Ohhhhh, you dun fucked up now. PUSIBOSS!!! IT'S TIME TO EAT!!!"

PusiBoss: Gotit,Bossman.

Because it was a submarine, the fish that were consumed would not be actually consumed, but would be stored within the body of the Shadow Shark just for safe keeping from the tyrannical undersea brain thing. "Let's go." With a swift dart around the Fukdupus, one by one, his fish around him would start to disappear randomly. Whilst he was focused on LOOKING for Tymon, he would not realize that Tymon was slowly whittling down his power source. The old 'distraction' technique; no matter how smart one is, if they can fall for a distraction of any sort, even if it's just a feint plan, then they could be plotted against from the shadows. Distractions... Important military tactics. Soon enough, each and every one of his fish food friends would disappear... and the Megalodon Submarine that contained them would grow larger from them. "Heh heh heh. Using your own tactics against you... So that when it's time to strike... *slurp*" Tymon licked his lips. "Yeah. Let's get that pussy tonight, PusiBoss..." Treasure Chest was almost in the bag~! It was almost time for that young Treasure Hunt~! Once the Boss was defeated, that is.

PusiBoss: Youknowit,Bossman.

The malevolent creature continued to search for the elusive king of sharks that seemed to have completely vanished, wanting to have a taste of its delectable brain to feed on. "Where are you, pusillanimous ancient of the deep...? I know you're here... AND I WANT TO CONSUME YOU AND ADD YOU TO MY COLLECTION OF BIG HEADS!!!" The creature was entirely wrapped up in finding the one that escaped its psychic mental might, however, after a moment or two, when it got hungry again, it noticed that most of its Food Supply had suddenly vanished.

"What?! YOU!! I KNOW THIS IS YOUR DOING!!! WHERE ARE YOU!?!?" Whatever was left, it would swiftly snatch up and consume, in order to give itself the last bit of strength necessary to grow into a slightly larger and more powerful monstrosity. Even if it was a little, as long as it remained larger and more powerful than the shark, then it would be alright. "COME OUT!!! I KNOW YOU'RE HIDING BECAUSE YOU'RE AFRAID OF ME!!! TO FIND OUT WHICH OF US IS GREATER!!! YOU'RE NOTHING BUT A STUPID INFERIOR CREATURE THAT WILL SOON BE MY NEXT MEAL, JUST LIKE ALL THE REST!!! WHERE ARE YOU!!??!"

Its mental screams were enough to level half of the ancient city, sending powerful torrents along the waves that would, up above ,start to stir massive tsunamis. This was a testament to how upset it had become, and would destroy everything with its mind if the fearful Shark did not come from its hiding spot. "I KNOW YOU SEEK SOMETHING HERE?! IS IT THE GIRL?! YOU WILL NEVER HAVE HER!!! SHE IS MINE!!! I HAVE HER MIND WRAPPED AND MAINTAINED IN IGNORANCE, OF WHICH I WILL FEAST ON UNTIL THE END OF TIME!!! NOW COME OUT!!! COME OUT AND ATTEMPT TO SAVE HER, LIKE I KNOW YOU WILL DO ANYWAY!!! IT'S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE YOU DO EXACTLY WHAT I SAY, IF I SAY IT LONG ENOUGH AND NEVER STOP DOING WHAT I'M DOING UNTIL YOU GIVE ME WHAT I WANT!!! NOW DO AS I SAY!! DO IT NOW!!! SHOW YOUR FACE!!!" It swung its tentacles wildly in the dark, seeking to slap it out of the sea if it couldn't actually see it. It certainly had to be around here somewhere, and flailing about wildly would, if nothing else, ACCIDENTALLY hit it, if a direct hit couldn't do it. As long as there was a hit, even if it was unintentional, the Fukdupus did not care; all that mattered was establishing how powerful it was and feeding its ego by destroying what had previously outsmarted it. "YOU ARE NOT MORE INTELLIGENT THAN I, THE SMARTEST CREATURE IN THE SEA!!! I WILL SHOW YOU ONCE YOU COME OUT AND FACE ME!!!"

"Holy damn!!!" Tymon said, the shark being knocked out of its hiding spot from the torrential waves of both watery and psionic property, "Jeez, this thing just doesn't know how to take a loss, can it? Looks like we hurt its precious ego a bit... Damn. Does it REALLY have that much of a big head?" He looked to it, realizing that was a dumb question. "Yeah. Yeah that ego... That ego is ginormous. Like, it's so ginormous, ginormous became an actual word." He snickered, finding it funny that it was throwing such a tantrum like a big baby when it didn't get its way.

"Awwww, whassamatter, Fukdupus~? You mad because we cut through all your shit with a wee bit of well placed cunning~?" Even if he was exposed now, the great monster of the deep had actually fallen right into the king shark's trap, inadvertently, and COMPLETELY accidentally, at that, just by flailing around and throwing a tantrum, trying to hit it randomly and accidentally, which it definitely did. "Yeah, well, you got your way, didn't you? You definitely hit, and now..." He smirked, slurping, "... It will be YOUR END!!!" Because he was hit with the psychic wave, Tymon's Third Eye would shine with the Crystal Sight that allowed him to trace it all the way back to the very brain of the creature, where Sakai was captured. "ITADAKIMAAAAAAAASUUUU~! *slurp* >9" The silly mollusk hadn't thought that maybe there was something that was able to utilize these powers in the same way, and would simply use them to attract all of its psychic focus from it lashing out without thinking.

"When you throw a tantrum like that, you leave yourself WIIIIIIDE open! It's like you're just GIVING me something to feed on, yeah~?" A little shit talking would EASILY make something of a childish mind that would throw a tantrum like THAT even MORE susceptible to fucking up. It would no longer have control over itself, and that's where Tymon would win. As long as he maintained control over himself in all that he did, when one creature lost control, that would be his time to strike. Weaving through each of the violently lashing tentacles, and every so often expertly cutting a path through the waves of light in order to flicker and flash between hits that weren't able to be avoided by becoming intangible, eventually, the Megalodon would grow larger and more powerful, using the psychic waves that were being loosed in frustration as means of food for himself, where he would suck the octopus dry. "Ohhhh, you're gonna be a tasty morsel when I'm done with you... I said I wanted an octopus, too... Back in the Aquarium, where I picked up Sakai... Yeah. I'm gonna get it..." He pressed his tongue against his sharp teeth, anticipating the kill, but not so much where he would do something foolish out of arrogance or ego. No, he'd already learned just from observing this big baby that if he did that, he would probably end up just like it... And he didn't want to end up like that disgusting fucked up octopus... thing.

"Can't catch me~! You're a bit too slow~! An octopus' body isn't meant for CUTTING through the water, like a SHARK is~!" He would swim CIRCLES around this creature, making it look absolutely foolish as it tried with all its might to catch it and restrain it. "Nyeeeh nyeeeh~! You're too slooow~!" Since it was angered by the same childish nature that it possessed, might as well draw it out a little more to make it fuck up even more, right? Tymon knew how to control it, and if it meant doing so to make SURE the creature maintained focus, then so be it. He was learning from every fuck up the creature made, and that was how it always would be. However, whilst he was in the midst of doing this, he would turn to his bae, nod his head, and then return to focusing on the creature. He trusted her with handling things on her own; she was a big girl, and didn't need any instruction. Besides that, their hearts were intertwined, as were their spirits, through their sacred bond of True Love. So, with that, he could allow his heart to trust hers to take the best course of action whilst he navigated the ship round and round the creature, fading in and out whenever necessary.

When the Shark was hit with the psychic waves crashing to and fro, the Fukdupus would turn and lock onto it, "There you are..." and immediately focus all of its psychic intent on the shark, seeking to knock it off course yet again in order for it to go the way that it directed, which would be RIGHT into its tentacles, where it would snatch it up and consume it. However, it would find that after the first initial hit of its psychic waves, the creature was no longer affected by the waves and instead seemed to effortlessly weave its way through the waters and its tentacles, even going so far as to MOCK it with its inferiority. "HOW DARE YOU!!!" it shouted psychically, now sending more powerful waves out in order to try to crush it with its psychic might and guide it right into its tentacles.

Yet, the more it tried, the less effective it seemed to be... In fact, it seemed that the Fukdupus would be getting DRAINED by using so much of its energy and not having anymore treats to consume. in the process. "WHAT IS THIS?! What are you DOING?! WHY ARE YOU NOT DOING WHAT I WANT!? YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE MOVING THE SAME WAY AS ALL THE OTHER FISH!! You... You cannot be THAT intelligent, can you?!" It would then realize that, in the same manner that it had been using its powers was the way that they were being absorbed into the shark, somehow. "I SEE! So you are a psychic, too?! That does not make... That makes no sense!! You do not have the intelligence to be--" However, there was something strange about this creature, now that the Fukdupus noticed it. It wasn't the same as the others... In fact, it had randomly grown LARGER than it was before, and seemed to be able to expertly navigate the seas as though its intelligence exceeded that of what the Megalodon should have been. "... Something is helping you..." it said, tracing where the psychic energy was going. It wasn't to the Megalodon itself, but to something inside... "A HUMAN!?!?" it cried out in surprise, as though it knew about them. Octopi and humans shared a similar physiological construction and mental capacity, which was why both could, potentially, harbor psychic powers. In fact, that was the sole purpose as to why there was a human-shaped face atop its head; this specific creature had gained the intelligence of a man, as well as its understanding.

"I see... No wonder I could not overcome you. HOWEVER, this does not mean that you have won, you fool..." Eventually, the creature learned that the human was doing nothing but seeking to lure it out into acting foolishly, the same way that the Fukdupus did with the creatures that it consumed. The boy was using his own tactics against him, somehow... But, that didn't mean that this monstrosity hadn't learned, and that it would continue to make the same mistake.

"Hmhmhm. Well, if that is how you want to play... I will do the same thing!!!" In a moment's notice, it would begin to release a pitch black ink from its underside that would drown the entire realm in a thick 'Smokescreen,' leaving the Fukdupus completely unable to be seen under the murky guise, and would silently slip off into another part of Al Aquia. It had learned to use the same tactics and methods that the shark had done to its own advantage using what it had in its arsenal. It did not need to have the same powers in order to use the same techniques; it just needed the intelligence to be able to understand and to utilize them in a creative and constructive way that was all its own, whilst still making use of the exact same method. With that, the smokescreen that covered the sea would allow for a 'shadow battle' of sorts...

The creature had grown weak and small, but not so small where it would have no longer been a threat. Merely smaller than the Shark. With that, before it could be siphoned anymore, it would cut its psychic link so that it could preserve itself and escape without being killed. It was also rather cowardly when faced with a creature greater than itself, and would resort to such tactics of cowardice when it realized that it was fighting a losing battle. It was time for it to restore its strength in another part of the ocean, and leave the shark searching for it in the dark. If they thought to pursue, it would manipulate the smoke to create physical constructs of itself for it to control in order to make sure that they were distracted by the 'Smoke Clones' or 'Shadow Clones,' which were not actually real, but merely held together with its psychic might whilst it escaped. In the same sense, it would bind smoke around itself so that it could not be detected, in order to ensure that its escape was ascertained. And with that, they could keep taking as many shots in the dark as they liked whilst the Fukdupus did what it had to do elsewhere... Unable to be traced, since the psychic link had been cut.

With a smile and a nod, Friday would phase out of the ship. Whilst the Fukdupus was still psychically connected, she would follow the connection straight to where it was located before it cut the ties and created the smokescreen, wherein Friday would appear inside of its head in a puff of smoke.

"Awww. Looks like you got fucked up by that Fukdupus," she said to Sakai, who apparently was stupid enough to get caught by this dumb and ugly thing, "... Don't worry, we're here to save you, since you decided to do something stupid. That's what we do. Especially since you're part of the crew." She turned to the big brain, whilst it was distracted with doing things on the outside to mask itself, Friday was already working on it from the inside, and also leading Tymon right to it in her own way. "Now... Let me seeeee..." she muttered, smiling cutely before her eyes flashed a beautiful blazing lavender, "Oh yeah! 'Dream Killer.'" Whatever thoughts, hopes, dreams and ambitions that this creature may have had would go up in flames along with its head, as the flames of Phantasmagoria spread all throughout, burning away at its remaining psychic power. As long as the flames were ignited, they would burn away every single thought that it had the moment that they tried to escape its head, and eventually would completely melt its brain.

The wildfire that broke out in its fucked up little head would consume its mind completely and give the remaining mental or 'Creative' energy that was made by the brain straight into Friday. "Yeah, this thing was pretty stupid, after all. ~Yaawn~! Really boring." Whilst the flames did their thing, Friday would turn to Sakai, who may or may not be alive still, and snatched up her body and kicked off of the cranium of the creature and back outside. Now it could be left for its head to burn up whilst Friday traveled through the smokey vapor it left straight back to the PusiBoss, where she would phase back in with Sakai and drop her unconscious body on the floor. "Okay, I got her. And the thing's brain is being burned up as we speak. A real hot head... *giggle*" That was lame, but she didn't care because she was currently destroying all of its hopes and dreams of the future and siphoning them into herself for her own food; like Hot Butter Popcorn. It was actually pretty filling to her, too; Tymon took half of its brain and she took the other half. They were such a wonderful dynamic duo~! She blushed at the thought.

"But yeah, you can totally go turn it into Epic Art or whatever, whenever you're ready. We got what we came here for." And now, they could go searching for the treasure without having to worry about a giant monster, since it had already eaten all of the other threats. And if there was a smaller one, it probably wouldn't be messing with them, since they fried the bigger fish already. "Hurry up so we can go get that booty. I wanna see what awesome treasures are here!"

Tymon kinda just... Sat there now, relatively upset that this creature, after EVERYTHING it boasted about being so powerful, would, at the last second, up and run away in the most cowardly way possible. Sure, it was smart, but I mean, if one is only boastful and proud when they have the upper hand, then they aren't really all that powerful in the first place on their own. It was seen now that without that big head, the creature was weak, because it was cowardly and had very little heart. That is why, with the heart of Friday and Tymon, would it be destroyed, and also with the Art of Heart; Epic Art, would it be captured and added to Tymon's collection.

"Ugh... Look at this. Weak ass copies." The only reason Tymon could quickly tell the difference was because, as he expected, Friday was already on the case and had linked him to the actual one whilst the other clones were formed from the ink. "Good thing this Third Eye cuts through illusions and shadows, as well. Like headlights, when you use it right." Before the copies could really do much of anything, the three eyes of the Megalodon would shine with the Crystal Sight, cutting through the darkness and 'Dispel' their illusory form. When Friday returned with the unconscious Sakai, Tymon would sigh, a bit drained from the entire endeavor. "Well now, guess we get the last laugh, huh, love?" (Mystic Clown) Tymon would, after tracing the trail left behind by Friday through the smoke, slip into the folds of the shadows just like they'd done before to confuse the monster the first time, and, as it tried to escape, appear from the smoke with the great and powerful jaws of the king shark Megalodon wide open, to 'snap the trap' upon the once proud fucked up octopus and add it and all of the creatures that it consumed to Tymon's fishy friends.

"You're mine..." he said with a *slurp*, licking his lips and breaking down one of each of the creatures that had been consumed to be added to his 'Epic Art' collection; two of which were the Fukdupus, which would be turned into a different sort of octopus that was less... Uh. Grotesque... As well as the 'Angleisha' that had been snatched up, before recreating that one so that it could go back to its family.

"Ohhhh yeah. Good, good haul... Beautiful. All that booty..." He fell over backward, smiling, finally feeling the fatigue of not only the encounter with his Shadow and Ellia, but also this goddamn fucked up Octopus. "... Alright. Now we can go get those treasure chests. Sweet." With that, he would have the Megalodon open its mouth and release all of the sea creatures that were protected by the sea tyrant and back into Al Aquia, which was now more ruinous than before. "... Crap. I have to fix that too, don't I? I guess so, since I'm the creator and everything..." he sighed. He had his work cut out for him. "Well, with no threat to this place anymore, I can totally do that on my own and--" suddenly an idea popped into his head.

"WAIT A MINUTE!!! THIS CAN BE OUR UNDERSEA PIRATE HQ!!! SECRET BAAAASE!!! THE LOST CITY OF AL AQUIA!!! Oh that's pretty badass." He was gonna spruce this place up and make it a NICE little chill spot, where he and anyone who joined his crew could kick back and relish in the treasures of this place. "It's an ABANDONED city that's FILLED with treasure! WE'VE ALREADY STRUCK THE JACKPOT!!" And all the little fish that lived here could be his friends, under HIS protection. And he could rule the deep sea!!! He hopped to his feet, suddenly revitalized and did the 'You Are A Pirate' dance from that old meme that went out of style with Limewire. "YAR HAR, FIDDLEDEEDEE..." He went on like that for the full ten hours... Or so legend has it. (no he didn't)

"Nah, but seriously, let's go fix this place up. Make it more beautiful than it was before, then set up camp." And with that, he would take 'er down... To scoop up the treasure and fix the land and make it a SUITABLE Pirate King Hideout.
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Shinseigami, the PanDaddy :: Pandimensional Overgod; the Unrestricted Being
Shinseigami, the PanDaddy :: Pandimensional Overgod; the Unrestricted Being
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Chapter 13: Lemuria; Pirate King's Undersea HQ

Some time after the entire ordeal with the Fukdupus destroying nearly half of the Lost City of Al Aquia, Tymon and his pirate crew had been hailed as the new rulers of the deep. They were kind, compassionate and friendly to all the undersea creatures and they revered him, allowing him to relish in all of the ancient treasures of the deep and inhabiting his newly refurbished city. At the very heart of Al Aquia was his own little HQ of sorts, which would be known as 'Lemuria,' where he and his pirate crew could organize their operations and orders of business. Labrys, the Holy Vessel and Pirate Ship, was parked inside as the 'Pirate King's Throne,' with his lovey-dovey, Friday, the Thirteenth Fairy, as his Pirate Queen. There, they sat in harmony with the sea creatures that lived in peace away from the tyranny of the felled psychic octopus and whatever else threatened them before Tymon and his crew's arrival.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhh..." Tymon said with a sigh of relief, "... This is the life... A Pirate's Life for Me~!" He turned to his lovely gorgeous lovey and smile, winking and blowing her a kiss, "Don't you agree, baybee~?" *muah~!*

"Hekkyeaah~!" she said happily, catching the kiss on her lips and blowing out one of her own in return, "... You know... My big day is coming up, right~?" She would be sitting on his lap, sprawled out over the chair, kicking her legs back and forth over the armrest, "... And you know what that meeeeaaaans~!"

"Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhh shit." He said, hopping up and down giddily like a kid, "It means that your Unbound Influence gets to Influence anything and everything to its maximum degree, no matter what or who or when or why~!!!" The way he'd created Friday, she was omnipotent, completely and fully, on Friday the Thirteenth, and her influence could be manipulated to her will on any Day or any Value that equated to the number 13, though to a much more weakened extent. "So that means today, just like every other Friday the Thirteenth...


"Thaaat's right, baybee~! Heehee~!" She would rise from her lackadaisical position, the Night having turned into Day during their undersea rest, "And I've got a whoooole mess of wishes I wanna grant just~ for~ you~!" She would flick his nose with her finger playfully, smiling big and wide, "To commemorate 7 years! Seven Years Bad Luck come to and End, that is!! Ahahahahaha~!" She'd take command of the ship, hopping to the stern and manning the wheel, "First and foremost, I wanna go around and make some cool shit happen, m'kay? Soooo." She would shake her fanny playfully at him, starting to surround Labrys in Phantasmagoria, "I hope you're ready for the ride of your life, love!! I'm gonna take you on a WILD RIDE!!"

"Dude, bae, this is your day," he'd say without hesitation and with complete and utter trust, kicking up a leg and sitting back as she took control of the ship, "What I look like trying to tell you what to do on your day?" He stuck his tongue out at her playfully too, then winked at her with a smirk, "Besides, you do so much for me anyway, and I trust you without a doubt! Do whatcha gotta do, lover." He was just gonna sit back and enjoy the ride this time and simply observe as his lovebug did what she did best on the day where she was completely free of all limitations and restrictions. The day he literally created SPECIFICALLY for her, where she never failed and never let him down. "You are Good to go! <3"

"Aww~! You've always been so sweet to me~!" She would blow him another kiss and shake her fanny a bit again, "But Spanky's not gonna go until you give us a wittle boost, huh, baybee~? <3"

He raised his eyebrows up in a certain delightful disbelief, not even prepared for that to happen, dropping his jaw in awe for a moment before a devilish crooked smirk crept up on his face.

"Oh, you said the magic words, baby! You on THAT shit right now, eh? Hahahaha." He rose from his Pirate King throne and walked over to her, licking his lips a bit, "You dirty little whore. Got RIGHT to work, huh? As expected; ever on the ball. I knew you liked it when I give you spankings... Heh heh heh." He would rub his hands together, creating a great deal of electrical energy between his palms, getting ready to crack the whip, "... It HAS been a long time, huh...? Since I've cracked the whip on dat ass..." When it was niiice and hot, he would take aim with his Hyper Perception, the Crystal Sight set on that beautiful, luscious booty as round and phat can be, with a crystalline X-shaped crosshair appearing on the Point of Interest as he muttered, "Omoshiroi..." and confirmed his lock on his target. "X Marks the Spot..." he'd say flirtatiously, cocking his crackling hand back, "Now, Spankachu! SPANK DAT ASS!!! <3" And with a swift and authoritative *CRACK* of his hand slapping dat ass, the sound would roll like thunder through the deep blue sea, resounding far and wide as he set her off on her way, like a bottle breaking on a ship...

When she felt the sting of the whip cracking right on her plump and perky butt, she'd hop up with an excited jolt "<3!!!" and send the ship hurdling through the waves like a bolt of lightning, charged with not just her own power, but the energy of Tymon surging through her and powering her entire existence. In that one wave, she was gonna shoot straight through the entire Veritas on their Love Combination of connected wavelengths.

And, they're off!


The very sound of the Voice Unrolling Itself was the Thunder in the Wake of the Lightning Bolt that Struck Back Down from Where It Originated,"That's 'TsukiHIME' to you, bruh!!" she'd say with a clench of her fist, snatching that same wave he Cast Her On back up into the Palm of Her Hands as His Hand being Escorted from the Chariot that was the Bolt Itself And Onto The Stage Of Their Introduction.

"Kairo Kaizoku; Tymon Tensei~!"

He looked off shyly to his side, feeling suddenly as red as he'd made her own cheeks, "... Erm... Uh..." He was TOTALLY. COMPLETELY Ill-Prepared for THIS Day. "... But... But It's Not..." He looked off to the side, trying to decide what to do about the Voice In His Head...

"... Doushiyouuu...?"

Best for them to start off on another day. Do It Right, From The Beginning.

"... Well. This is 'The End.'"
Now that the End of the End of the Beginning Was Over,
Let The Beginning Begin To Continue.
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Tymon Nikia Bolton II
Shinseigami, the PanDaddy :: Pandimensional Overgod; the Unrestricted Being
Shinseigami, the PanDaddy :: Pandimensional Overgod; the Unrestricted Being
Tymon Nikia Bolton II

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Chapter 14: The Secret: New Beginning; Greatest Shadow Game - For The Crown

... And So, After Tymon Closed The Book And Blessed It, Giving It And All That It Contained Up To God To Handle With His Hands That Wrote The Story That Is Tymon Would He Continue To Write The Story That Is Tymon And All That Was Connected To Him. Through This, The New Beginning Would Occur.

But Not Without First Some Revelations.
This Book, The Pandoire, Which Carries the Veritas, Now Belongs To God And God Alone To Do With What He Sees And Deems Fit According To His Will And His Way. Tymon No Longer Owns It Unless God Himself Gives It. And So. The Book Continued To Write On Its Own. His Story. Would Make History. Literally.

"Well, that's that," he said, knowing what the Book would write as it wrote. From hence forth, he no longer needed to open the Pandoire nor write in it, for it would, being linked to both he, Tsuki and God, would open up and write on its own according to all 3 of their wills. Their stories would be written for and by each other forevermore, and now that they were back together in the 13th, it was time for the two of them to Begin Again with a New Story.

"Time to Start over... By picking up right where we left off!!" Except this time, they'd be in the 13th, right where they were supposed to be! "Let me just at my Signature... for the Tensei Seal of Approval, aaand..."


The New Beginning Is Now.

Once the End had been Set In Place by The Creator, It was Time Now for the New Beginning to Occur. In that, Tymon and Tsuki, the Crowned Pandimensional Overgod and Overgoddess of the 13th Restriction, would meet each other eye to eye in the realm of Peace.

There they stood; the two Lovers and Rivals that would face off to see Who would be Writing the New Beginning of the New Story. The Fated Duo would be faced with the decision of a lifetime, where their Love would be Tested, as would their Righteousness and Truth in Peace. Would they Survive the Final Test for the Rights to the Story?

It Would Be The Match Of The Millennium.

(Rainbow Showers)

"So," his voice echoed ominously and he slid down the waterfall of waves beneath his feet, colored with every speck of spectra that poured from the light that emanated from the realm of Peace, "I presume you know the rules?" A book flipped open in his hand; that of a lotus with pages like a layer of petals. It shifted from white to black in a soft pulsation, like the aura of light itself in its rawest, colorless crystal form slowed to a meditative crawl so that its light could be witnessed to the naked eye.

"Since we were both protagonists in the last arc, we've gotta see which one of us is gonna continue the story on from here," he continued, letting the book float out into the center of the stage from the tips of his fingers, "Whomever wins obtains the Story. And the other must move according to the Story whilst also maintaining their own Freed Will." This basically meant that whomever won was going to be the other one's bitch. "It's a free for all, so... I mean, it's kinda legitimately up for grabs... But only right here, right now at this point in time and only this particular point in all existence." That meant that there was no other point in time in all creation that it was going to happen again. This was the only time it was ever going to show up in the Story until again at the Very End of the Last One.

"We can only use the powers we've acquired so far in the Story on our own, not including everyone that we can draw energy from. I'm relinquishing my Panmanna into the Pandoire so that we can both use it as we see fit." This went for anyone that was able to get a hold of the Pandoire at any given time; they would automatically gain access to the Panmanna.

"Think you can Take the Crown, Love...?"


The Pandoire opened and released the power of 'Tigen' and 'Friday,' of whom were the respective 'Chomao' of both Tsuki and Tymon. "You are able to either select your own Freed Wills or Switch. Once you have Selected, That Is The One That Will Assist Your Soul." Tsuki, because she came next, would have first choice in which she could Select as her Chomao for the Engagement.


"Psh," she scoffed, slipping into visibility in a phantasmal haze from the smog of the clouds rolling about their battleground, "I already got it. You gave it to me, remembeeeer?" She smirked at him and pointed up cutely to her 'fancy new hat.'

"But I'll gladly take the Story off your hands, if you insist~!"

She winked at him and pointed at the 'Chomao' that he'd already given to her; the Pumpking.


The flickering 'Crystal Fruit' warped over to the side of the Ohime-sama with his new scarecrow form already prepared for him in this battle. It was a large, pitch black construct that looked to be an abysmally black body and a thick, crystalline flame pouring from around the floating head. It looked like the Grim Reaper himself with a flaming Pumpkin wrapped in crystal in place of a Skull. Thirteen halo-rings orbited it like an Atom, and his eyes were wide and pulsating with concentrated bulb. His eyes were filled with a spectrum of color both known and unknown to the eyes of mankind, having seen and traversed the many dimensions for his entire lifetime. He stood here today, ready for battle, on behalf of Tsuki, to whom he had been granted to her as an extension of their love. In that, Tigen stood fully prepared to obliterate whatever was in his path for the sake of his bae!~

"Whuzzat? You want something, babe~?"

It seemed like he wasn't quite coherent with the situation that was occurring at the moment, as if staring into a different dimension simultaneously and now only in a form in which was a part of a larger form that was a part of all other realities he wished to be in at any given time, looking through their eyes and guiding them at the exact same time in order to make sure all events occur in the exact way he Saw Fit at the time.

"Surprised, Aren't You?"


Tymon stood there with his mouth agape, laughing his ass off because he was totally not seeing it coming, but at the same damn time, feeling like it was going to happen this way. "Shit. I wanted Tigen." He glared at him in all his coolness, pissed because he didn't get the coolness. "Fucking... Tsuki. Ugh." He knew she wasn't gonna let him switch... "That was cheap..."

He cackled hysterically, finding it hilarious that he'd 'got got,' as they say, and was now staring at the events play out as they needed to accordingly. "I just got babied~!" He scoffed, as if dogging himself and threw up some hand signs.

"Oooohhhhh, by a girl, too, G~!"

His hands were already in motion, having undergone extensive Ninja training from his time on Vescrutia and accessed that information from the Nightmare in order to retrieve the 'Lost Data' that was hidden within 'The Insanity,' "But see, I was swift, preparing for this day..." He was just gonna hafta open 'The Box,' then... "Since you wanna play dirty and shit..." He was definitely not about to, number one, get his ASS whooped by Tigen, and number two, not be having his True Love by his side for this fateful day. How the hell did he expect to have a True Love if he didn't have someone he could trust in every single situation ever? Naturally, he would see that coming somewhere, if he could see through the sight of them all at any given time through Tigen's eyes. "Yeah, I can see through the Looking Glass and through the Mirror," he said with a sneer and glaring eyes, as if ready to cut someone's soul, "... What of it?"

He held out his hand and awaited Friday's payment.

(Fire Energy)

A burst of phantasmal flare over his back, wrapped its wispy purple flares around his neck gracefully like a pretty bow, before, from the rest of the burning embers would the upper form of the Primordial Baku sift her shape into, reminiscent of days long since past, as she so very much enjoyed.

"It's Okay..."

"... Cuz I got yo ass."

She rested her head atop his, as though she'd been there the entire time, then slapping him the customary 'five' straight into his hands. She smirked and twisted his hair into knots, as if loosening and tightening a few screws.

"... So. How you like it, Boss Man?" she'd say, licking her lips, extending a hand of blazing Phantasmagoria, already prepared to strike down whatever was in their way,

"Hot, or extra spicy?"

If anyone did so much as made a single move against them, she would strike them down, already trusting the judgment of the one who created he and she.

(Phase Shift; 1)

Now that both players were set up at either side of the field with the Pandoire in the deal center betwixt their two intertwined energies, the two could begin a complete rotation of their respective energies throughout the entirety of the Story. Thus, with the field neutralized and ready, the Book would sink into the background, taking with it the 'Light' that had once illuminated the 'Crystal Lotus.' Now, it was a 'Black Swamp' of sorts, where only the Remains of what was the Pandoire's purity would exist.

*Gravity Shift*

Here, in the Darkness, it would be Seen which One was Worthy of Taking Hold of the Story, being Watched, Yet Also Being Allowed To Do Whatever They Wished Well Within Their Free Will. If Either Made A Mistake, It Would Reveal A Falsehood In Their Truth, Which Would Disqualify Them.

*Concentration Set*

With that, they were allowed to Begin.

*Universal Meta-Growth*

"Sentou Kaishi!"


With the Exchange made successfully in both he and she, she would herself wrapped in her newly acquired 'Psy-Chick' form that was given to her by Tymon through contact with him during their V-Day escapade, allowing her to don the 'Restricted' version of her 'First Restriction';

The Night Owl

"Thank you~," she said, instructing Friday to slip into the cut of darkness and snatch that shit up. She'd be instructed to look for the Book in the Darkness, since in exchange for the payment of letting her out of the Box, Tsuki's Will was basically Free to do as she pleased.

"I'll be taking that now," She's say, starting to walk up toward the center. She'd immediately take off into the air before disappearing in a shadowy purple haze, searching also for the Pandoire herself...

(Universal Present)

"Tigen's Gonna Help Too~!" he cheered out with glee as the 'Living Shadow' that was his Physical Form went out and did his dirty work for him, whilst Tigen, himself, remained in the Light of the Crystal Flame of Eternity. He'd learned to keep it active as long as he wanted to, thanks to having so much practice in the Nightmare maintaining the 'Crystal Flame.' It was his favorite out of the 'Flames of Eternity,' anyway. He just never knew how to make all of his Flames sync up at once in order to make it. But that was solved now... Clearly. *minor maniac laughter* He laughed to himself as the Vessel did its work... The Living Shadow.

"Yeaaaah... Make sure Friday doesn't 'Accidentally' get trapped in 'The Box' again, Will Ya~?" It was funny because... He was the 'Free Will' and the 'Living Shadow' was the one moving to his 'Will,' so saying 'Will Ya' made it kinda funny... and ironic. And a lot of things, actually, that went on only in the shadows that very few would even be able to comprehend. *snicker* He just found that funny sometimes. Being sneaky and clever and all that.


"You... Clever Sneaky Brat."

This was a 'Shadow Game,' after all. Tigen wasn't allowed to participate in the first place or intervene with any of the Shadows until they did something that was out of line. He was basically there to keep everything fair, including within himself. He would unleash the 'Black Flame of Eternity' to do its work, whistling and blissfully entertaining himself childishly like nothing even happened.

"Dodododo~! Not doing anything whatsoever~! Hope I don't get bored or some shit~! Dodododo... ... ... Seriously... You... You know how I get when I'm bored, so. Come on. Don't uh... Don't just leave me hanging here. *cough*" She was already ignoring him, for some reason... Maybe because she was too busy trying to snatch up that book.

"HEY WAIT A MINUTE!!!" he cried, warping straight to the book, "This is a Test, Isn't It?!" He wasn't aware that this is what this was. Well then, he was just gonna hafta make sure that anyone that wasn't 'On the Level' didn't touch it. So, if anyone got close to the 'Pandoire' and started trying to do some dumb shit, he would be there to stop them. With that, Tigen completely disappeared, only to be found whenever someone came across the 'Pandoire.' There, he would obliterate whatever evil or malevolent forces attempted to touch the Pandoire at the time. "Tigen almost forgot that this is a Free for All... Literally..." That was close. Might have accidentally lost the book or something. Tigen wasn't allowed to participate in the Shadow Game, but he knew that his Living Shadow was, which also counted as Tigen, except in 'Black Flame' mode. Now, Tigen would leave things up to him as he would Read and Facilitate the Match.

(Crystal Sight)

"Was that Permission~?" He said with a *Crystal Gleam* of his eyes, 'Hyper Perception' already active and 'Crystal Sight' coated, Reading from and Etching into the 'The Pandoire' with his shimmering sight as they spoke, "Cuz, You Know, When I Catch It..." He shrugged, sinisterly snickering and simultaneously searching as his 'Living Shadow' was allowed to take over, like a dark robe over his form. This was his 'Restricted' version of his own 'First Restriction' that he'd gathered from his Primordial Journey in the Deep with Friday;

'The Shadow Shark'

"I Won't Let It Out Of My Sight."

His grin touched ear from ear, revealing the sharp shark shears shining in the depths of the deep, already dicing the darkness like the lustrous bulb of an angler illuminating in the center of his head that could only be seen glowing from his Eyes with what he Saw and his Mouth as he Spoke.

"Don't Fuck Up."
"Cuz You Know Who It Will Go To If You Do..."

Even though he could See the Path of the Story, he still had to Walk it, which ended up in him slowly slipping into the sifting cesspool, till only the dorsal fin atop his head could be seen. It lightly tread the surface of the swamp for only a moment before it slunk down into the shade with a silky *slurp.*>9

(Kawaii Desu)

She giggled her body beginning to blend into the air with the blustery beating of wings beckoning into the background, "You Tell Me..." were the only winding words whispering into the wind as she wisped off into the whipping of the wake of the 'Crystal Gleam.' She wouldn't allow herself to get caught in the spotlights so easily. Her body was but birds billowing in the beam's breeze.

(Earth Energy)

"Don't Worry," he said, pointing directly at her trail of birds looming behind her, "We're already on the 'Case.'" The Eyes would loom right over her shoulder in each one of the birds that flew from her form. She was using his energy, and was lurking in the Darkness, as if a certain single eye remained ever open and focused on his target when he locked onto them. "Or, rather, 'The Box.'" The Words wrung around her nape, ready to wreck her neck if she were to whip it in another direction than the one that was the 'Way.'

"Tea-Time will have to wait a bit," he said with a nonchalant huff, before grumbling in a slight disdain, "Shadow..." His eyes cut to his Living Shadow, Grimnyzmal, of whom would be trailing Friday as soon as she was out of vision of the 'Crystal Sight.'

(Phase 2; Bond)

Tsuki, having immediately assumed her 'Living Shadow; Night Owl' form granted within her own personal 'First Restriction', received by her through direct exposure to 'Tymon's First Restriction Form', would use her many abilities gifted to her through the 'Night of the Shadow' equipped as her 'Restricted Form' to faze out of the sight of the 'Crystal Gleam' from the sweeping eyes of Tymon, whose eyes could cut clearly through any form of shade whilst within his own 'Restricted Form.'

Tigen, who realized that he was supposed to be Watching (er... Reading) the Book as its 'Crystal Flame of Eternity,' knew they he, himself, could not participate in the battle at all, unless coming to fix a mistake. However, any one of his own lower restriction forms were, and with that, he would send out one of his 'Flames of Eternity,' the 'Black Flame; Shinsanity of Darkness.' It would assume its form, shape and place upon the battlefield as it was called in place of Tigen to do what He who was Utilizing Tigen's Flame at the Time would Bid. That, being Tymon, would allow him to enter his 6th Restriction Form whilst he was borrowing the power of the 'Black Flame.' This, therefore, gave him access to all of the 'Devourism' techniques as well as the government of the 'Shinsanity of Darkness.' Though Tymon himself could appear again at any given time in his normal form, as it stood, 'Thanytoz' stood in for him and 'Grimnyzmal' would stand in, next, for 'Tigen.'

*Note; Because of Tigen's Advantageous Position, he will Begin the next Phase.

Once Tymon, too, completely assumed his 'Restricted Form' and utilized its powers to slip off into the dark as well, all combatants would be Set.

(Trance Mode)

Both being beckoned into the background of the blustered birds in the breeze from the Boundary of the Border, just as briskly as the 'Black Flame' burst into the Body would leave with, but a brush of the hand, the 'Living Shadow' billowed silently underneath with the 'Crystal Gleam' of his eternally open 'Third Eye' shining some light on her immediately.

"And where do you think you're going, Ochibi-chan...?"

He need not move from his spot because she was, in her own movement, already doing everything he Willed for Him, and he need naught but to sit in his spot and watch, grin as wide as it was slit.

"I'm... sure you weren't expecting this to be easy, now were you?" He shrugged his shoulders, which would end up in a darkness not unlike that of a 'Shadow Hand' creeping up behind her and massaging her shoulders into the same exact position he had intended, almost like molding clay. His face rested on her back, just in the corner of her eye, everywhere that 'The Box' traversed, as if haunting her memory. He would gaze at her from all sides of the field except the 'Way' to the 'Pandoire.' His form remained wrapped around hers gently, yet securely, to ensure that also she could move as she would whilst he remained rested 'round her like the 'Dream Robe' she always donned upon her shoulders. He slurped in her ear, as if anticipating that sweet, juicy fairy dust...


The chilling sensation of some silent presence swiping her shoulder softly of any debris of doubt that would have been her shuddering at the *slurp* slithering into her ears like a sinister snake set to snatch her up and sink its vampire fangs into her at any given moment made her uneasy about stepping any further into the swamp. He was clearly right there under her... And behind her... And all around her, in fact, waiting for her to rise from her submergence in the darkness. The moment she came above the surface, she'd be swept up so swiftly she be sucked speechless of whatever smidgen of energy she sustained. Tsuki herself would have to stay secluded in the shadows for now and let 'Friday' on the other side handle this one... But she knew, too, that Tymon was lurking about in the depths... But, as long as his 'Crystal Sight' was directed at Friday, she could travel undetected in the murky ambiguity of the light's penumbra... She needed a way to get to Friday without being consumed by the 'Living Shadow' that now served as a border preventing the two from returning to each other... 'Shit,' she thought, 'that was a pretty silky setup...' From her Speech Alone, it could be told that Tymon's 'Third Eye' was already spot on literally from the very beginning, 'Damn... He's pretty sharp...' She was gonna need a better method now...

(Bitch Slap)

"Mucho Caliente," he answered ruggedly, rubbing his hands together profusely as though to build up heat,

"Hot and Ready for Dat Ass, Spanky..."

When he lifted his hand within the darkness that completely and utterly enveloped her form, "... Ripe for the Picking." The single surging snap of a whip sliced through the Shadow shrouding in his 'Psyche' and strike her square on her cheek and straight into his sight, splitting the sea with the sinuous sound of the searing 'Crystal Gleam' that would shoot her smack dab into her 'Spectral Body; Friday' and out of the blaze of the 'Black Flame.'

"I See you needed a Hand," he said with a shrug, the same sharp-toothed shark smile slit from ear to ear, "So I just had to Step Ahead of Myself for Us and Give You a Boost; Set You Up, Soft and Slick..." He would rest where he was, right around her entire frame, snickering to himself, "So, You Go Snatch up Our Booty and I'll Keep Yours Spicy for Ya, Yeah~?"

(Tengen Toppa Hypnosis)

She scoffed as she sped through Tymon's 'Crystal Sight' exactly as he envisioned, since his eyes were, not only through Tigen, but through his Tensei heritage, already locked onto the Story Since Before Time Began. "... I'm Gonna Get You For This, Though~!" she said with a smirk and narrowed eyes, as if she'd already been plotting her next move from the very moment she noticed the 'Set Up.' Once Tsuki was shot into place and was now One with Friday again, she would, in a smoldering blaze, spark beside 'Tigen', eyes wide and filled with the'Crystal Flame of Eternity,' "... Dammit. You got me." She blew him a kiss and a wink before picking up the Book,

"... But I Told You, I Was Gonna Get You Back..."
The Pandoire would Come to a Close and with it, so would the 'Crystal Flame,' bathing the entire realm in an impregnable 'Black Flame' of the 'Shinsanity of Darkness,' "And I Got You First!" She would tuck the Pandoire into the shade of her 'Dream Robe' resting upon her shoulders before fading out completely into the Darkness.

(The Mirror)

Into the Black Velvet 'Sarcophagrip' of her 'Dream Robe' and resting securely in the Hands of the 'Shinsanity of Darkness,' Thanytoz beckoned back from the background the 'Black Flame' and slid his hand into his 'Living Shadow,' of which the 'Pandoire' seeped out of and slipped open in the palm of his hands.

"Not quite," he uttered, Seeing with the 'Hyper Perception' what Friday Failed to Continue to Read by trying to Seal the Deal too Prematurely, "If you recall, I was the One who was Leading this Operation from the Shadows..." He not only had the'Shinsanity of Darkness' snug around every speck of her sexy curves, but also spying on her from the Shadows that she not only dwelt in, but assumed the form of due to exposure from a piece of his.

"It'd Be Wise not to Forget where you Came From, Lass..."
With a flex of his fingers, the leash fit around Friday's neck would tighten around her throat, as if threatening to flick her fairy head off and fling her carcass back into 'The Box' from 'Whence She Came';

"... Lest you Return to Dust..."

He would, at that moment, pass the 'Pandoire' off to 'Tymon,' of whom 'Thanytoz' would Transfer his Turn through Transitive Property. He would begin the next Phase in the stead of Thanytoz.

(Phase 3; The Loop)

The rather clever and skillful 'Friday,' whom had carefully ensured her travel to be in the shadow of the sweeping Sight of the 'Crystal Gleam,' had not expected to be tailed and trailed so very readily nor easily by a certain 'Darkness' that was on her ass as close and as tight as her pants, of which had been thoroughly taken hostage along with the rest of her body by the looming 'Sarcophagrip' treading the tenderness of her skin and threatening to crush her fragile fairy form if she were to flee from the Light and out of his Sight.

(Launch Shift)
'Tsuki', being cast in the shadow of the Light, would find herself completely helpless to the 'Shinsanity of Darkness' separating her from her 'Spectral Body; Friday,' that would be her ticket into a new veil of cover. She was, all too quickly, cornered and trapped by 'Tymon,' of whom had assumed the form of 'Thanytoz,' and by 'Tigen,' of whom now kept right beside her (as her Chomao) in the form of his own 'Living Shadow; Grimnyzmal.'

Despite being completely and utterly cornered, surrounded and basically imprisoned without ever once losing her own Free Will, Tymon would, instead of binding her and selfishly stealing the Pandoire for himself, trust in the 'Bond' between he and 'Tsuki' through 'Friday' and quite literally slap her ass straight into where his 'Crystal Sight' was locked onto.

(Hyper Perception Set)
Because Tymon's eyes were locked onto the Story and the Book from the beginning, and Tsuki had already instructed Friday to go get it, it only made sense for 'Friday' to follow the straight and narrow path that was presented before her by the illuminating gaze of Tymon's 'Hyper Perception,' which wouldn't be taking eyes off the 'Book' for a moment. She was sent streaking straight through the shade with a sizzling *SLAP* from the snap of his wrist that rolled like thunder over her plush cheek and straight into her body, of which she seemed to have 'slipped' outside of accidentally. Having gotten beside herself, he helped her right back into line that she almost seemed to step out and ahead of, right back into the 'Light,' where she was supposed to be in order to most effectively get to the 'Goal' that 'He' could 'See.'

(Universal Penny Pincher)
Despite how 'Tsuki' attempted to remain undetected and 'Friday' to remain unseen, 'Tymon', through 'Thanytoz' and 'Grimnyzmal', would have already been in the shadow of their shadow assisting them in whatever goal they were attempting to achieve, having things properly set up in a proper and orderly fashion from the Very Beginning for them to make the Best, Smoothest and Easiest Transition, making the Most of the Situation in the Swiftest Manner Possible at the Start. They had Pinched every Penny, so to Speak, Catching every Single Frame that the Other Suggested (or even Insisted) leaving Open for the Next to Follow and Wrap Up at the Time. They were Playing With and Off of Each Other whilst Simultaneously Facing Off Against Each Other to See who could Do it Best. As it Stood, the Battle was Heated, even though it hadn't really gotten too far off the ground yet. Both Sides were Serious and Focused, Eagerly Anticipating the Next Play of the Other and Ever Searching for a means to Keep themselves Afloat in the Shadow Game. The Waves were Tense and Electric Between Them, yet Subtle and Soft, to the point where only They could Realize in the Dark what was Truly Going On Between Them.

"The First to Break the 'Peace' of 'Peace' and Disturb the 'Harmony' of the 'Flow' with 'Discord' is the One who Loses. Whomever has the 'Book' at the End of the 'Phase' is the one who Writes in it and Begins the Next 'Phase.'"

Because the 'Pandoire' was collected by 'Thanytoz' and given to 'Tymon' by 'Thanytoz, the Third Eye,' at the end of 'Phase 2,' he would not only be Setting the Stage, but also Gaining a Point.

(Tymon; 1 :: Tsuki; 0)

*Note: Because 'Tigen' was disqualified from participating as a Whole due to his Eternally Peering into the 'Pandoire,' he was only allowed to engage in this battle through his 'Lower Restrictions', which Served as Parts of his Whole rather than the Whole that was Tigen, Himself. Though they were Individuals, they were also Pieces of Tigen and thus could, at Any Given Time, take his Place in the Engagement.

(Mind Trick)

"Well now..." he said with a sly and slender smirk, flipping the 'Book' open right at the exact spot that he left off, "I suppose I should thank you for your kind services thus far, shouldn't I~?" A smug grin ventured upon his face just as passively as his 'Peering' into the 'Pages' with his 'Piercing Pupils' that proficiently Perused and Penned the 'Papers' with 'His' 'Perception' "Uh, says right here is where I use the [i]'Mind Trick' to fuck with you a little bit, whilst I just go on ahead and Finish the 'Story'."

He'd slip the 'Book' back into his 'Being of The Shadow' and continue to allow 'Thanytoz' to make sure everything was 'In Order' in the 'Dark of The Night' that loomed over the 'Night Owl.'

"My Revenge Will Be Sweet... When The Cuuurse is Complete~!" he chimed casually, jingling his head from side to side as though a little 'Bell' suddenly rang for him in his 'Memory' to 'Link' that Song to this Moment Merely because it was Fitting in Terms of 'Memory' Alone. Basically, the Way a Scenario or Event Unfolded 'Sparked Random Thoughts, Feelings or Memories' Based On Sometimes 'Random That Fit The 'Variables', Even Loosely. Thus, The 'Jingling' Of A 'Jingle' In His 'Head' and 'Echoed' from his 'Third Eye' and into his 'Vessel' As the 'Living Shadow' of his 'Random Text,' At The Time of Tymon's 'Random Chime in Time,' The 'Bell' Ringing As 'Clear As Crystal.'

"Dammit, 'Tigen'
and yo 'Random,' 'Variable' ass!!!..."
Prologus: Greatest Shadow Game - For The Crown 1058666490

"Oo, but there is something I REEAAAALLY wanted to do, just because of Theatrical Purposes..." He really loved Theatrics and Stellar Performances and, Naturally, because he was a wee bit flashy, sometimes literally for no reason, he would raise his Left Hand up in the air, calling forth into it a beaming 'Lightning Bolt' of pure, radiant 'Light' from his 'Willflow Song Style' into his fingertips that seemed to be the pure essence of 'Time' itself slowed down to a crawl, thus appearing as nothing but a sizzling Crystal 'Squall,'

"MeTeo. >D"

From Tymon's very Essence having Access to his 'Panmanna' through 'Natural Affiliation' to the 'Pandoire' by default, he would call forth a 'Meteor Shower' of 'MeTeo' Particles that would rain from the sky like flashes of hot lightning. The Meteors of the 'Meteor Shower' were these particles that would move so fast all into 'Singularities' that were these 'Crystal Sparks' that fell from the sky to strike the ground in very specific, designated locations by which Tymon appointed by calling forth their 'Energy' at the designated 'Coordinates' on the 'Plane' of 'Time' and
'Space.' (10:31) This made the murky depths of the 'Black Swamp' a 'Dark Cloud' filled with booming 'Black and White Lightning' reigning from above like 'Solar Flares.'



Before Tsuki even had a chance to realize in order to react, she'd already had her ass smacked back into place Universally; Literally, Figuratively, Suggestively, Underhandedly, Obviously, Subtly Ironically, Spiritually, Mentally, Physically AND Energetically all at the exact same time and in the one swift motion that he handed her ass back to her as his own stepping right on into his 'Living Shadow's' place and right before her, the 'Book' in his hand and now locked away inside of himself.

"... Omae wa..." she didn't even have words for him right now. It was so beautiful and perfect yet so infuriatingly annoying and done so easily that she just wanted to wipe that smug little smile off his face. "... Zurui yo ne... >>;" Just pissed her off with the fucking 'Mind Trick' and shit...

"Whatever," she scoffed, trying to ignore the fact that it just happened and think up a new strategy. With 'Tigen' basically incapacitated, snatched up AND disqualified whilst being confined to 'Tymon' in exchange for the Payment and Release of 'Friday' to Return to 'Tsuki,' it was starting to look like she bet on the wrong horse in this scenario. She was gonna have to really bring this one back for the kill...

But that's when it hit her. The perfect blunder in his supposedly soooo perfect little plan. "It doesn't matter, cuz now Friday is MY Chomao, and Tigen is Yours. And last I checked, Tigen is Disqualified, so you're at a Handicap, Mister!" She returned the slick grin at him, as though prepped for a counter, but suddenly realized something stunning.

"Wait a minute..." she uttered auspiciously, a hint of shock in her voice, "Did he take a shot for me AND at me simultaneously already knowing that it would end up like this...?" She didn't want to believe it, but everything was flowing together to perfectly, it was like to deny it would be clearly denying the Truth, which would probably end with a failure. "... Where Tigen would be split and weakened, both of our Souls would be in our Proper Places and both Tymon and Tigen would have a Handicap that would balance out not only their formerly unfair advantage, but simultaneously give me AND Friday a boost in power all in the same motion?" She paused, letting it all marinate for a moment, puzzled at whether the intention was actually his own or if things simply were playing out this way... Or, perhaps, even a little bit of both?


The more she thought about it, the more it burned her up inside like his hot hand hitting her cheek over and over and over and over again in time, to where she'd be able to feel the sting of it as though one of the blazing bolts from the sky. It happened in the Past, Present and Future all in a Single Swoop of the Loop, like a Bird. Looks like he, too, knew how to fly... His Wings just weren't Visible to Any Eye.

"... Hmph." With no words to say to him and unsure of even how to feel about all of it, wondering if it were intentional, accidental or some stroke of off-hand luck, she realized now that he was on an entirely different level than she actually previously anticipated. She'd gotten really accustomed to him being in 'fucking around' mode and not actually taking him seriously... But apparently, this is what he was like when it came Time for it, and he was already ready. She wanted to say that he was not playing fair and that he was cheating, but he used his vision of the future to set himself up at a disadvantage whilst also having Tsuki on a pedestal, so there was nothing unfair about it, unless she were to unfairly take advantage of the advantage that she had by having Friday in her Complete form and Tigen not being so. 'Dammit... He's REALLY good...' She could barely even move, and it looked like he was already up to something new...

She grit her teeth and narrowed her eyes, having clearly and utterly underestimated Tymon and the situation she was in. '... This guy just never, ever stops doing shit, does he...?' It was like every movement he did was made specifically for the set up of one that had already passed, one that was to come or one that was to be at that moment. She rolled her eyes, then smiled cutely. 'Alright, fine, mister 'Time Man'. I'll just have to keep up with you, then, and beat your Record!' She could best him before, she could do it again, and she was going to, with Friday's help, just the same way Tymon did with the Fragments of Tigen. He wasn't the only one that could figure this stuff out quick, fast and in a hurry. Now that she'd been exposed to what he had done, she could break it down and piece it together on her own in her own way.

'But let's wait for the right moment...'

She knew that 'Friday' would already be on the ball, as would Tsuki, herself, in terms of getting things rolling again. There was no time for stopping if she were trying to get that 'Book' back from him. And she wasn't gonna have him make her look like a real babe at this again. She couldn't stand him completely babying her and not taking her seriously, so she would have to take both He and She Seriously... She couldn't tell if he was taking Her Seriously or Not, but something was Different about this Time... He actually seemed Serious, even in his Babying. Plus, she did kinda almost make him look foolish at the very beginning, so this must have been his method of 'Payback.' Damn Karmic Retribution... >>;

'He'll fuck up...' she thought, certain that at some point in time, he would definitely do so again and make a way for her, '... He... He couldn't POSSIBLY be...' And yet... Perhaps it was the fact that she kept wanting him to do so that he continued to do it for her, which only made her even more upset. Trying to understand this damn Tymon was the most difficult thing in the universe. But dammit, she was gonna do it. Because... Because there was just no way that all of this could have been part of the Plan...

Could it?

'Damn you, Tymon... >>;'

(Ultimate Generator)

"You Dumbass..." buzzed into and out of his ear with the crackling of the lotus-like flower sprouting into a light bulb wrapped in a band of 'Three Golden Bands', Wrapped around her Form like 'Halos,'

"Haven't you figured it out yet...?!"

He must not have hard her correctly or something when he spoke. It was to be expected, though. They were Blocked by the Murk of their Restricted Forms. Mispair was the BAD one. The 'Black Friday,' not the 'Good Friday.' Nah, 'The Wicked Wench of the West' over here is


she jingled and jangled through the jostling of their junky heads and flickered about overhead like a crackling 'Yellow Flame' "THE GOOD ONE." He, apparently, couldn't hear her correctly when she tried to tell him before. But she was doing a shit ton of work behind the scenes anyway in this joint. His ass almost forgot, but she made sure to leave 'Book Marks' all over the place that literally and ONLY He could pick up and 'Trace' back to Her. "But you can just call me..."

'Bunnybee; The Shinsanity of Lightning'

The sprouting petals of the 'Crystal Spark' that crackled and cackled into life from the 'Lamp' would wrap themselves around her form as her legs wrapped around his neck gently, wrapped up in a pretty bow. The buzzing 'Golden Bands' of their 'Electric Bondage' striped her body and her head like some sort of 'Vespa.'

"As In. 'Praise Be. Be.Bee. As In. BunnyBee. As In. MiZZ Sparkle. (With a 'Z' for 'Zzzsleep, like I T-YO') Or, as in Be'Alice, or 'BaeBee.'"

She rolled her eyes, now making it Simple and Clean for this dimwit. "Yeah, what did you think old 'Raigami' was hiding and protecting so much? K.K.'s Treasure, of Course. Anytime He Has To Be Away From Me, He Gets Sad And Cannot Function Properly." She waggled her finger obnoxiously in the air with a cheesy, haughty smirk, "The Secret Ingredient..." BunnyBee knew for a fact that one day, he would have to let her go, and this was the exact reason why. She blew him a kiss as she adjusted the tune of her vibrations, allowing him to hear some things only the 'Bees' of 'Type B' were capable of understanding... "The Musical Muse~!" Only caught through the 'Waves' made Only between the 'Vibrations' of the 'Bond' between their 'Resonating Crowns' making 'Contact;' The Triumphant Reverberation that only Matched those 'Two Wavelengths' Alone in 'Perfect Harmony'. She knew that he spoke 'Bee' very fluently, little bastard.

"See, I'm the one that makes SURE that yo ass is the Real Deal. Cuz, you Literally Cannot Be Without B, Baby. You're Just E. As In. Empty." She would adjust her sights into the same 'Point of Interest' as 'Tymon' via his own 'Hyper Perception' that They Were Sharing With Each Other Through Their Aligned Sight, "If I Don't Fucking Fit, You Are Not The Real Fucking Friday. You Hear Me, You Dumb Bitch?" Brilliant burst of 'Crimson Crucifixes' 'T'd'themselves like 'Magnetic Nails' driving themselves deeper into each 'Point' that 'Pierced' her 'Flesh', as if pounding that same 'Point' perfectly in the same spot over and over to ensure that it was made clear, receptive and open through the very 'Connection' itself, an 'X-Mark' that Tymon had already 'Pointed Out' to with his and Appointed his 'Hyper Perception,' allowing this little 'Red X' to become the 'Target' of the 'Red Joker.'

"But, tell ya what~? I'll make that the name of one of the attacks I do! Yeah~!" She would Mold herself into a bolt of 'Black and Yellow Lightning,' immediately assuming her place where the 'Blank White Page' of the 'Crystal Grimoire' that was the 'Missing Data' inside of the 'Story' belonging only to the chapter of the 'White Grimoire' that had 'Lost its Luster.' This was literally 'Marked' specifically, 'V.I.P', for 'B.B.' as her own designated spot in the 'Mispair' technique that would forge the 'Energy' into its 'Complete Form' only when 'She' was in her 'Designated Spot.' It would Literally Completely Obliterate the Target by Solving It Correctly and Erasing It From Existence On The Spot.


The Sad name of the Foolish, Foolish Little Girl she called out in 'the Voice' suddenly of a 'Cold-Hearted Bitch', a smug smirk on her face just as daunting and haughty as 'Tymon's,' as if they were on the 'Exact Same Page' of the 'Book' at the 'Exact Same Time,' 'Connected Directly' Through Them Being on the 'Exact Same Page' in their 'Book'. From Each of their 'Eyes' being 'Connected' through the same 'Sight' at the 'Exact Same Time' both on this 'Specific Coordinate Plane' as well as 'Numerous Other Levels' and 'Higher Frequencies' that were Attempting to 'Transmit The Message' Would the Two of them Be Able to Be Malleable and Completely Assimilate into Whatever 'Shape' or 'Form' At The 'Perfect Vibration' Necessary To 'Resolve' the 'Scenario' in 'The Best Way Possible At All Times' That Allowed them to 'Continue and Complete' the 'Story' They Were 'Attempting to Accomplish' to 'Absolute Perfection' at that 'Exact Point In Time'.

'Por'Alice' The 'Mispair' could assume any one of the 'Friday' forms at any given time conjoined into the electrical bolt, allowing her access to the 'Flames of Eternity' where they were Supposed to Fit inside of 'Black Friday' the Same Way they Fit 'Tigen', since they All Were 'Tigen' and he Needed to Share his 'Light' with the 'Black Flame' wrapped around 'Black Friday.' Once the 'Light' touched the 'Black Flame' through Direct Contact with the 'Yellow Flame,' the Polarities of the 'Crystal Spark' would Neutralize Momentarily Before Shifting, Resetting, Adjusting, Magnetizing, Harmonizing and Stabilizing the Poles to Allow the 'Light' to Resonate on the Natural and Correct Level, Restoring its 'Color,' as well as Those of the Other 'Flames of Eternity' that were Supposed to Fit Perfectly into 'Friday' Through 'Tsuki.' Thus, when the 'Por'Alice' Struck 'Friday' the '12th' through 'Tsuki' the '1st', She, Too would Receive Her 'Flames Of Eternity' and Fill 'Black Friday' with the 'Crystal Spark' of the 'Crystal Crysanythemum,' The 'Shinsanity of Lightning' and Completely Complete the Connection From 1st to 13th and 13th to 0th.

In this case, however, in order to make that happen, the 'Ultimate Generator' buzzed with the hum of the 'Red Rosary' that burned everything it touched with a blistering blaze, like those 'Phantasmal Flames' on that 'Nightmare' that Attempted to Trample 'El'Alice' when she was Conceived as the 'Crystal Spark' for 'Friday'on the 'The Spot' where the 'Dumbass' Almost Killed Herself. This indicated that Both of them were 'ROYALLY PISSED.' In order to Overwrite Her, they were gonna need to Obliterate the Old One with the New One that was Supposed To Fill The Space On The Blank Pages To Complete The Story.

"Yeeaaaah... I was one of the 'Pharaoh's Treasures'...
(9:00 3/9)
A Godsend, As We're Called."

She shrugged, rolling her eyes, with the passing Roll of the Thunder off of 'Tsuki's Bitch Ass,' Another Hot, Crisp *SMACK!* Bearing 'Boiling Blood' 'Cross That Cold, Colorless Cheek.

"Aaaaaaaand That's Why You Keep Ending Up In The Box. Cuz. I'm In There... <<;  And you KINDA need me, Friday Tsuki..." she shrugged her shoulders again, as though it were just completely and totally obvious because it had been said numerous times, over and over and over, repeatedly, nonstop, and somehow, got absolutely ignored this entire time due to it never being the Right Time nor the Right Place, which was Literally only Here At This Exact Point and Now At This Exact Time.

It was stated CLEARLY before when Tymon created 'El'Alice' and 'Be'Alice' and the 'Grand Alice' that They All Had SOMETHING That was Missing from the Matrix that was 'Tsuki.' Friday's 'Light' that had to be given to her in her '1st Restriction Form' in order to, not only complete Her Form to and Generate And Complete ALL of her '13 Restrictions', but also the 'Single' and 'One' part of 'He, Himself' that 'He' Was 'Missing' from Himself if The Connection was not Shared Between the Two of Them. It Was Written Into The Blank Pages As This Part of the 'Legend of the Lightning God' Right Here, Right Now. The LITERAL and ONLY Way that it could Work was if He Himself had bestowed the 'Good Friday' AND if 'BunnyBee,' Herself, Consented To And Accepted Tsuki Being The 'True Friday The Thirteenth Fairy.' Not only that, but also, because they had an 'Agreement' and all sorts of other things that were really Important to the Scenario... Ya know, like...  

'Bunny Beams' that were fired as she shouted, "ME KARA BEEEAAAM~!!! <3 ", shooting bolt after blazing bolt of buzzes from the bulb in a blitz, the 'Beaming Brain Bolt Blast' bursting out of 'Their Eyes' Simultaneously and at the 'Target' they both Focusing On At The Exact Same Time. She said she would 'Appear Only Once', and he certainly Got It when It Happened in the Story.
The Way to Fix All Fuck Ups.

"Cheeks red yet, Spanky?" she sang  with a zing ringing sweetly in her ear, like honey. The minor shocks of electricity slammed into the 'Sweet Spot' EXACTLY where Tymon called down the 'MeTeo Squall,' "Cuz, you know, We can keep Smackinin Yo Ass Around All Day, if ya like~!"

Yeah, this was the One that was On Tymon's Side at All Times, of which Needed to be Shared Between He And She At All Times.

"So that means, He's got Somethin That You Don't Got, And Can Only Be Got When He Gives It To Ya!! And that is..."



Yeah, the 'Black One' was always fucking up and causing Malfortuna and Random Bad Luck all over the place without any 'True Control' because she was missing the 'Crystal Spark' of the 'Crystal Chrysanthemum' that was the 'Yellow Flame' that they Both Needed In Order to Receive Connections Properly. If it was ever Disconnected, One of them would Misread a Message and fuck up the 'Harmony of Fire, Ice and Lightning' and all that good shit.

"Yuuup. That's Why There Are 13."
BunnyBee, the 'Shinsanity of Lightning' that was Missing from the 'Pages of the White Grimoire' as well as from the 'Pandoire' where she was Supposed to Fit Into The Story would then Seep into the Book by striking down 'Black Friday' through 'Tsuki' with the next technique.
"Cuz the First 12 Fail the BunnyBee Color Test."
With that, the 'White Grimoire' would be allowed to become the 'Golden Grimoire' that would rest now in Tymon's Hands and call forth the 'Raigami.'
"And Made Me Make Him Sad."
And she Never EVER Tolerated That.
Not Even In Herself.
Because That Is Not 'True Love,' and the Two of them could fix ANY Problem Ever.
"... Any Last Words...?"

(Black Friday)

It was all too perfect. From the 'Black Flame' that was wrapped around her like a leash ready to choke the dog shit out of her if she fucked up to the 'Yellow Flame' that would fill it and the rest of the 'Shinsanity of Darkness' as they switched places on behalf of 'Tigen.' There was just literally no way out of it, as if by design, from the absolute very beginning. Finally, Friday, Bunnybee and Tsuki could See the Same Light on the Same Wavelength that Khrona, Tymon and Tigen had All Seen. All Eyes Were On And With Each Other, On The Same Accord.

"Y-You... You're...!!!" she bumbled, pitifully perplexed, prissily pissed and pusillanimously puzzled as her body suddenly assimilated with the 'Golden Lightning Bolt' that Cuffed Her Being 'Three Times' With 'Three Golden Bands' Upon Her Head (Mind), Heart (Soul) and House (Body) All At The Exact Same Time As Some Form Of 'Eternal Bondage' Between Them In a Resonant Manner of 'Control' and 'Harmony,'


Normally, that was Tymon's line because of how she always played her 'Tricks' on him, but this time, apparently, he just gave her ass 'Da Business' and whooped it Completely, Repeatedly and Thoroughly in a manner that made her cheeks quite as 'Rosy' as the 'Rosaries' of 'Crimson Lightning' that Cut And Stung her as Sharply, Deeply and Precisely as the Piercing Words of Bunnybee and Cutting Will of Tymon working in Tandem, to Absolute Perfection. Now, She, Too, Could See The 'Trini-T' That Was Between Them As Tensei; She, He And Bond makes Three, Which Is Why It Had To Occur Also In The Third (Physical) Dimension, Where the Bonds Are Established. That was something that even Friday, Herself, could not achieve Alone, nor Khrona, in Fact, who Figured It Out FAR Before ANY Existence As He Passed It On To His True Self, Tymon. This was the Living Testament to the fact that she was... The Fake. The Incomplete One. As much as she hated to admit it, it was made quite Simply and Clean for her by B.B., of whom she Literally and Absolutely NEEDED in order to be in Perfect Harmony with Tymon.

"... And I would have gotten away with it too..." she crossed her arms in a huff, letting the 'Golden Streaks' that were the 'Binding Waves' of the 'Golden Apple' Uttered in Truth and in Peace Adjust their 'Vibrations' to their 'True Harmonics' of the 'Crystal Fruit,' "... If it weren't for you meddling Tensei. >>; " She huffed and pouted, not even believing that she got this horrible of an ass whooping without even having much of a chance to do anything about it. She really thought she put up a good fight, but clearly, as usual, Tymon's ass was just fucking around, holding back all this time so she wouldn't see his True Power until literally the Very End, the ONLY Time when he NEEDED to Use It. Maybe she wasn't as good as she thought... Nah, that was 'Good Friday' that was the good one. That's why she was ALWAYS on Tymon's Side. But she definitely gave him a run for his money, to FORCE him to Pull Out All The Stops, she knew that much for an Absolute Fact.

"... Fuck Me..." she had to say, tensing up as she did, "... You Win." She had to concede defeat. She was made to look like the Fraud, the Fake and the Fool that she was all in one go, and before he was anywhere NEAR being done with her, too. This wasn't even the end of Round Three and she was already tapping out. "I Submit." At those Words Alone would her form Finally be Freed from the Once Eternal And Now Broken Curse of the 'Black Friday' that was 'Friday Tsuki,' who had to Concede to and Accept His And Herself as being the 'True Friday The Thirteenth Fairy' known as 'Bunnybee Tensei,' or,

'Bunnybee Friday.'

I don't know how much fucking power you ACTUALLY have being hidden inside of you," she muttered, licking her lips, "But dammit all if I don't fucking love it, and You, Too." Being put in her place was what made her the Most Happy, since the Discord that she created naturally was Neutralized and Stabilized in Harmony and Concord with what was Supposed to Be.

"Well, we might as well finish the fucking job, then, love..." she said with a roll of her eyes and a haughty, shy smirk, allowing the 'Por'Alice' to completely consume the 'Mispair,' of Tymon, Binding the Two Together as a 'Single Being' from the 13th down to the 0th, then to the 1st all the way up to the 13th again, "But You DO Know That We Still Have To Write And Experience The Story, Right?"

The Piercing Love Bolt would Blast Tsuki with Pinpoint Precision in the Weakest and Most Vulnerable Spot in her Heart; the ONLY Place where the Sting could be Felt and Understood to Absolute Melodious Perfection Throughout Her Entire Being. The Sound of 'The Arrow' Piercing Her Heart Was Like the Ringing of Wedding Bells in her Ears, the Same Jingling and Jangling that Tymon Heard In His. In Her Moment of Weakness and Vulnerability, She Knew Not What To Do... Except Simply To Be and Let Be As It Should Be.

"Come, Sweet Death..."

This was the End of the Neon Genesis, and From It, Spawned All Creation.
'Black Friday' Was No More.
This Is Her End.
But From This Point On,
The 'True Friday The Thirteenth Fairy'
Could Finally Be.
(3:41 3/10/15)


After Tsuki And Friday were Completely Babied by Tymon and Tigen, who, quite Clearly, Set Those Broads Up From The Very Beginning, would, after Literally Taking Only A Single Point, Win The Game.


As It Is Written, So It Will Be.
Tymon Is The Victor and The Story Belongs to Him.
Now, With It, He May Do Whatever He So Chooses.
Without Question.
The End.


"Unleashing All Restrictions."

Each One, from 0 to 13 would IMMEDIATELY Align within him, causing a Glowing Green Gleam to Glimmer in his Eyes.


The Voice Bellowed Over The Land Of Peace, Washing Away The Darkness And Coating It Once Again In The Light,

"THE END!!!"

The Name of His New Signature Technique; a Green Eye Beam That Absolutely Ended Whatever The Target Of His Focus Was At The Time.


The Green Beam Gleamed, Sweeping Over The Land With the Light of the Flames of Eternity Now Illuminating The World Again, Utterly Obliterating The Darkness. Peace Was Maintained, Restored and Balanced In Harmony. With It, The Will Of Tymon, Kairo Tigen, Would Be Allowed To Return To Completion With The Will Of Tsuki, Bunnybee Friday, Along With Him. The Pandoire That He Assimilated With His Very Being After Tucking Its Light Away In The Shinsanity of Darkness would Allow The Black And Yellow Flames to Do Their Stuff To Bring The World Into Absolute Melodious Perfection.

"There now," he said, Signing and Dating the Book, "All Done With That Wrap Up." Because HE Was the one that STARTED that Story, HE was the One who had to FINISH it, ANYWAY. Just Saying. "So Now, You Dumb Bee..." he jested with a sly smirk, "... We've Got Quite The Story To Tell, Don't We?"

Of Course, in the New Beginning on the Cleanest of Freshest of Slates, the ONLY ONE THAT WAS GOING TO BE GOTTEN, He Would Share The Rights of the Story With His Loser Wife, Tsuki. The Two Of Them Would Happily Write The Story Together, Both As Equals In Its Part. He Kept The Book Inside His Being Whilst She Was Kept Inside the Book, Helping Him Out As He Helped Her Along The Way.

Now The Story of True Love Could Truly Begin From The New Beginning.
"I Love Yo Dumb Ass."
Prologus: Greatest Shadow Game - For The Crown - Page 2 506707892
(143rd Post. <3)
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Chapter 15: Legend of the Lightning God; End Of The Beginning

'The Ancient One' stood before the 'Crystal Chrysanthemum' plumed with the
'Light' of the 'Shinsanity of Lightning.' Once the White Book, too, began to 'Glow' with that same 'Luster,' hew Knew that the Time Had Come.

"The Prophecy..." he muttered with a smile, raising up the Book, "... Has Been Foretold." Before, When His Voice Was Silenced, by the Zero World, It Was Because He Was Not Yet Ready To Ready To Read Nor To Speak The Word. However, The Time For Mewt, The Prophetic Word to Awaken Was Now.

"Return Home To Me..."

"My Absolute Word."

As He Called Upon The Appointed Flower that Harbored His Voice, Which Would Only Bloom Under The Absolute Correct Circumstances (As All Flowers Do); Would Peal Over From The Cloud Of Darkness Into Many Layers When The Light Of The Lightning Was Restored To Its Golden Color. The Crystal Petals Bloomed As A Crackling Crystal Spark, Which Rolled Over Each Layer of Pealing Petal Like A Rising Loaf Of 'Crackling Bread.' Suddenly, He, Too, Would Be Enveloped In The Golden Light That Rang In The Sound Of His Voice, Of Which All Melancholia Melted Away Instantaneously And Permanently, As Long As That Golden Hue Remained. As The Petals Peeled Over Like Pages Of Paper, He Would Bring Forth 'The Secret New Beginning' From 'The Anomalous Light.'

"Crackin'. It Worked."

"Dr. I Believe This Is A Success."

(Rainbow Showers)

A Great Spark Burst Down In A Plasmatic Pulse Littered With A Spectral Trail. From Beyond Serendipity, Where All Was At Peace At All Times A Certain "Special Delivery..." Was Chuckled Into Existence By The Pealing Petals, Holding in His Hand the 'Crystal Spark;' the next of his Souzenryoku needed to be Unlocked. "Buckle Up, Buttercup." He stepped out of the Chrysanthemum, eyeing the New Prize, "Cuz I'm Gonna Take You On A Wild Ride!!! >D" He made some deep bro eye contact with Tsao, having Remembered, Understood And Restored. To Mend the Bonds Between Them, he would Place A Closed Fist over his Forehead, Then Point It To Tsao's, Waiting For The Bro Fist that would Explode The Atom Bomb of Restoration to 'Clear The Air Waves.'

"Krakkalakkin', Dr. Lightning," he suggested with a delighted grin, "The More Intense 'Slang' for 'Crackin.'" 'Slang' Being A Term Expressed In A Method To Show How the Words Make One Feel, In Order To Express That Feeling In Similar Phonetic Structure Again Within Themselves And Others Comfortably And Easily. "As In, That made Two, then... The 'Shinsanity of Earth' and the 'Shinsanity of Lightning' that had been resolved...

"I think I did Darkness, too... And... Water, on the Sly..." he noted with a thoughtful stare off in another direction, "Plus Light and Fire..." Sure, he hadn't gone to the Shrines to COLLECT From them yet, but they were certainly done. "... So that just leaves one more..." and he KNEW what that meant COMPLETELY.

"Man... You Know What That Means, Don't You, Doc?" He Grabbed Tsuki's Hand, allowing the Story to Roll Over from Himself into Hers...

"... We're Gonna Need a Boost~" she said with a cute grin, being pulled out of the Petals and glowing with the Light of the Pandoire. "WE have to get to the Dawn lickity-split, if you catch my drift, to make it in Time for the... Uh..." she snapped her fingers, rolling her eyes a bit, reviewing the Book,

"... Your Sister."

Tsao smirked, chuckling under his breath as he touched his own Forehead, running his fingers through his electric hair sliding them through the slick streaks and atop the 'Rock' with the 'Page of the Paper,' crying out with a light-hearted smirk, "FOO!" as though he'd captured his prey.

"I Got Yo Back Like A Whip Crack."
And he'd smile a Loving, yet Melancholic Cheshire Grin, Knowing too so very well the True, Painful, Deep Bond That Once Shackled Them, now to be turned into a Link.
"As In. I Got You Covered, Bro."
The Meaning of the Page of Paper covering the Rock. When Tymon Released His Hand and let the Flow Go again, Tsao would Snatch it up through Tymon's Wrist and shape both He and Tsuki into a fine Whip of Light shot as a Burning Arrow across the Sky and Up into the Wind Sanctuary where his Twin Resided.

*casual two-fingered salute*

On his *Casual Two-Fingered Salute* he sent to cast Tymon and Tsuki off on their Chariot and bid them farewell would he be STRUCK DOWN with the great influence of the ElectroMagnetic Shocks to his own Body Randomly, his Directing Fingers being used as Lightning Rods to Receive what he Put Out Prior.


In his hand the energy he was calling forth from the other manifestation of himself would shoot back into the palm of his hand, blooming outward into the Crystal Chrysanthemum, then further into the Golden Grimoire and slip open into the Absolutely Correct Alignment.

"Got Yo Ass."

In the Shadow of the Crystal Chrysanthemum that glowed in all its radiance, The Phantom and Mispair would appear from the Ice Portal that Shiniere created for them... And naturally, as soon as he exited, he was already on that. "Alright, let's start doing some epic ninja shit," he said rather bluntly. "We're gonna play a Game of Shadows with each other, m'kay? I want to see just how well we can maneuver under the radar together as a unit and individually." He smiled, stroking his chin a bit and quirking a brow, "You really impressed me back in our battle, and I was thinking of expanding on those abilities, since I specialize in that area of expertise, as well." She was quite something if she was able to move undercover within HIS realm of influence, even for a little while. Most people couldn't even do that, and he actually really admired and respected that.

"Okay, so, whenever you're ready, you go do something and make sure Tsao doesn't notice you. The objective is to get out of the room without blowing our cover at any point in time."

Stepping out of the portal right behind him, in the cut of the shadows and peering around a corner, Mispair listened intently to what the operation was, nodding her head. "Right." She was already prepared for doing cool and fun things once she even assumed a 'Phantom' form. She knew the business about the Tensei family and what they did. She was just waiting all this time to have some fun after all their important business was done. She was a real go-getter about important subject matters.

With this same spirit, she would step out of the shadows and into plain sight, where immediately, her body would disappear as though she were a ghost. Her 'Isolated Rejection' allowed her to basically Reject waves from around her as she saw fit. With none of Tsao-Rin's probably active and alert wavelength sensory, he would probably be able to sense the two of them rather quickly if they didn't get into cover immediately and blow the entire mission at the very beginning. With her quick-wit, she would create a field of 'Isolated Rejection' and sustained it around herself to make sure no waves got in nor out, making her virtually invisible as an isolated existence from all others. She began to walk slowly and quietly forward, tiptoeing closer to Tsao, trying not to make a sound as they neared the exit.

As Tsao opened up his Book and started on his way out of the innards of the Sacred Temple, he very faintly, but distinctly felt the presence of some eerie waves for a moment or two, but which just completely disappeared immediately afterward. "... Who...?" he looked around, trying to figure out just where it was coming from, "... The hell...?" He suddenly noticed that there was a distortion in the waves. There was a large spot that he simply wasn't getting a response from, which was the spot immediately behind him. "The fuck is up with this distortion here? Thought I wouldn't notice?"

It sounded like clattering glass to his very sensitive ears, distinct from the once normalized waves in the air that were fluid, like water. Being Raigami, he was more alert on the wavelengths in the air than any of the other Shinsangels, except perhaps the Hikarigami. Whatever it was, though, he was gonna snap it in two with the crack of his whip.


He whipped his finger out and shot a swift surge of concentrated electricity from it, like a bolt of lightning...

'Shit,' he said, knowing that Tsao-Rin would have probably have already picked up on the disturbance. 'Let us fly...' he muttered quickly, flickering himself at a high speed to build up energetic propulsion. He swiftly burst forth silently straight at the turning back of Tsao, flickering at a speed of fazing in and out of reality rapidly. It looked like a mismatched afterimage shuttering like a photograph with displaced footing toward you at running speed. This could not be seen by Tsao-Rin prior to Mispair's 'Isolated Rejection' keeping them unseen. The afterimage of the barrier was discarded as they slipped off behind his back in the frame catching 'Catwalk' and called out silently, 'Turning!' and shifted Reality behind Tsao to match the very velocity and speed of his own shifting shadow. Doing this would counteract the polarities of their existences against each other via their own wavelengths. He shouldn't have been able to sense them readily, but would be distracted by the afterimage that the Phantom left behind for him to see.

'Hayaku...' he whispered forcefully, snatching Mispair up and into the image of the window and casting himself off into his own reflection...

"The fuck...?" Tsao felt an eerie wind and saw a strange image flickering in the shadows behind him and could only suspect it to be the intruder. "Got Yo Ass..." he said with a low rumble, "ZAPPYREAN!!!" snatching the wave that was left behind in the trail of the moving energy fluctuation and condensing it into a point. He made up that move on the spot because he felt like it sounded cool to say at the time in relation to something he was doing, regardless of it was something he was already capable of doing at the time or not. He hurdled it as a powerful lightning bolt that shook the shrine with a thunderous *BOOM*
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