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 The Legend Of The Magnus Ignis

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Magnus Ignis
Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
Magnus Ignis

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PostSubject: The Legend Of The Magnus Ignis   The Legend Of The Magnus Ignis EmptyMon Nov 23, 2020 7:39 pm

The energy of Khrona found itself hovering over one of the newly shaped lands of the Veritas -- specifically within the Dawn -- which had manifested into something that was like an infant. It was the land itself given sentience through his own energy, and was now like a child to him. It was unexpected, to say the least, but it made him curious to see what sort of new life roamed around his body, as well as what other 'children' would be formed from the 'Crystal Tree Of Life' as one of the 'Fruits Of Life'. Thus, in his intrigue, he touched down to meet with this babe; the one known as 'Magnus Ignis'.

As important as its existence may be to the upkeep of these lands, its core maintaining the balmy heat that called near-constantly to the pleasant spring rains, it became increasingly apparent that it had no respect as an individual. Those that claimed to worship 'Magnus Ignis' were only really grateful for its flames and warmth, rather than who it might be; it was comparable to how one might pay thanks to the only cow of a starving household, her milk being life-giving, but she herself is a simple, dumb beast. Upon its last village visit, ----- it did not feed very often, and was careful to allow the locals enough time to prepare -- it heard whispers that questioned its sentience.

Villager 1: "Is he just a puppet? I doubt this is a God."

Villager 2: "Perhaps an avatar, then? You know Gods cannot walk among us."

Villager 1: "It never once spoke. He is like a summer storm; a way to convey the Gods' emotions."

It made its flames flare, knowing that it was with disbelief they contemplated its intelligence. Though innocent to the world, it was still conscious. Learning.

Unfortunately for the village, when the flames in its core flared as they did then, there would usually be damage to the nearest humans and their structures. There was no satisfaction for it to be found in the horrified eyes of the gossipers, their cheeks instantly reddened by the heat. Their kind turned on them in defense of the injured, and it was not a pretty sight. The 'Great Fire' rose with the rest of their offering in the palm of its hand and exited the way it had come as the gossipers were dragged off to face the justice of their kind.

Sitting complacently in a nest of charred earth, it dragged a dark finger through the surrounding soot. With no knowledge of where it had come from, could it truly ascertain who it was? How could it respect itself as an individual, as it so demanded of those surrounding it, if it did not know the basis of its foundation? It couldn't. The notion was null and void.

'You're plagued with uncertainty, are you not?' A disembodied magnanimous voice spake unto it from above, parting the lofty ashen clouds resting peacefully in the sky to shine the light refracting from the Crystal Tree. This voice carried on the waves of light only served as a catalyst for what was to come, as from the skies in a flash of black lightning would fall a being just as shapeless in form as its own identity.


Violent impact that shook the earth, yet left no trace of its falling. Smoldering like hot molten rock, the formless being swelled to the shape of a sphere before popping and overflowing like a bubble filled with goo. It sucked itself back into its own being, rising from the heated earth not unlike a simple souffle... And just as fragile, as well. A chaotic energy swirled about, smothering its face and suffocating its neck with its powerful grip, hiding the would-be identity of this creature all but its glowing white orbs in the shadows of the hood of Insanity. Soon, the rest of the black mass settled of a semi-definite shape; that of a slender man reminiscent of the one this realm once knew as 'Khrona Tensei'. This was his form now... And he could hear the cries of a being broken from himself plagued with the insanity of unknowing, just as he once was. Now looming over Magnus Ignis in an almost foreboding way, this reaper-esque apparition knelt down beside the lonely flame and stared at it from under his hooded cloak of swirling Insanity. If he had a mouth, it would be smiling as he asked it but a single question. "... What's eating ya?"

Uncertainty was a good word for what it felt, especially when it heard the voice from nowhere and everywhere at once. Eyes shaded by rocky brows, Magnus Ignis turned very slightly to the increased source of light. It was not often that it was able to see the shining tree, shimmering with all sorts of colors, but when it did, it was near-always awestruck. Such size was beyond its comprehension, and it was no small creature by any means. The same remained true now, as it was eerily uncommon for the clouds to part as they did, for the rain felt attracted to its heat. The soft hiss of steam as droplets collided with its molten core filled the momentary silence, the sound answering none of the questions it currently posed. Who had spoken? Was it Magnus Ignis that he was addressing? How had he found it?


The ground rumbled beneath its behind, warranting the flat of its palm to take on a portion of her weight to keep the Great Fire's balance. Its eyes had not been able to keep track of the object to make such an impact, but it could only assume that it had been something to fall from the giant tree, for why else would the clouds part so? Something seemed familiar about the chaotic goo, and thus its flames did not flare defensively until the bubble decided to pop. Licks of fire began to warm the earthen plates that decorated it, oozing light from between the cracks. The immediate area around it swelled with blistering heat. There was something that could not be trusted in the way that the emerging being seemed to fight against itself, smothering and shaping the form it was to become. It came closer then, but slowly, as if to seem less intimidating. As he -- as its voice defined it -- crouched, Magnus Ignis could more clearly see the white orbs that remained the only thing for it to focus upon in the darkness in his hood. He questioned it, but it could only stare at those white orbs, speechless. Well, in the sonic sense, at least. Created without vocal cords, it was like this that it was known as a dumb beast, possibly only a puppet upon the hand of whatever God so happened to be worshiped within the settlement that Magnus Ignis paused to rest and replenish itself.

However, this was the first time that a being had ever bothered to inquire how it felt, rather than what it needed, or wanted. A strange experience and a challenge which the Great Fire was determined to overcome. To acknowledge his question, the light within it flared for a brief moment, but it was in its gaze that it attempted to convey itself. Or, rather, the lack of knowledge about itself. It occurred to it that just as the locals had proclaimed it an avatar, this gargantuan man who apparently managed to loom over it could very well be the tree -- still visible by way of parted clouds overhead -- that it had looked upon with admiration far too few times. Well, that was an interesting thought, though not a question it could simply ask. Perhaps he would reveal himself by way of one-sided conversation if it simply continued to acknowledge and be grateful for his presence. T'would be a terrible loss to accidentally shrug off such an interesting man, one that would not treat it as a God, -- proxy or otherwise -- but rather an equal.

Light... It is a form of communication among wavelengths. A higher vibration than sound. Only very few can actually 'hear' and communicate with the light itself. He noticed it, definitely, in its 'silent' proclamations. Confusion plagued it, as if a lost child searching for their parent. He could sense it. He could feel it within it. This all came from the flare of its light within, which told more about it than a voice ever could. Such is why sound is on a lower vibration than the light. "... You know, you and I are very alike." It gazed up at the portion of the Tree seen from the parted clouds, shining beautifully in the sunlight stuck up above, and he could not help but take note of its admiration. That hole in the dark clouds seemed to be the only way that light touched down here... In this land whose light was eternally fueled by this entity. "... I come from that tree. But only as an apparition. A projection of the memories of the being that makes up that creation. Formless... Shapeless... Having to give myself definition. They say it's a gift, but... At times, it's a curse. Not being able to take your own form. Not being able to know what form to take. I've heard many times to 'Shape yourself' and 'Pull yourself together', but that uncertainty... That overwhelming uncertainty... Well, let's just say that's how we're alike."

If he had a mouth, it would be smiling right now. He wasn't sure if he should touch it, but he extended his black claw-like hand out to try. From it, a surging wavelength shot from him and toward Magnus Ignis' flaring innards to try to match and communicate with its. 'I don't want to hurt you. I just want to see what's got you so down.' The wave, it was sincere... It was warm... It was inviting. Something sound waves had difficulty portraying were feelings... Rather, they had difficulty portraying them to the best extent possible. That's something that a wavelength could do easily, though. A feeling, that is.

Of all the things in life that Magnus Ignis enjoyed, answers had to be the most satisfying. Though he puzzled it with his opening remark upon their similarity, his explanation was thoroughly sufficient. A part of it sympathized with his lamentations, for though it shifted through a host of forms, it knew what it was that made it: what forms felt comfortable, and with which it wished to be identified with. It felt itself leaning toward him by marginal degrees, tucking its long legs beneath it. Its fascination was trance-like in nature as it analyzed his speech patterns, his movements, and the shapes that made him up. The Flame was all the more glad for the chance to observe the foreign talons of his hand then, discovering him as quickly as he exposed himself... But there was a disconnect there. From where his sharp, menacing talons should have inspired a touch of fear within it, he gave off any impression of warmth and welcome.

Certainly, it shied away from the touch of his soul at first, but only for fear of invasion. It made its molten skin squirm to think of something worming its way to its core, holding the whole of its flames in its hand to become the sole decider of its fate. His words, and reassurance to itself that the tree -- as he said he was a memory of -- would not harm it allowed it to relax enough to allow him to proceed. The light within it faded to a passive, deep red, just as it was at rest, though a hint of orange remained to convey its interest. He seemed to be able to understand its light, and thus Magnus Ignis took it as a cue to continue its communication through it, even though it would be a matter of mere moments before he connected with whatever soul it was that it possessed... And when he did, there would be one permeating thought to flavor its sadness. 'I am alone in all sense of the word.' Physically, mentally, emotionally abandoned. The former did not bother it, as it was meant to be a solitary creature, but rather to be stunted in its growth by the absence of a mentor was positively crippling. Incomplete, it felt as though it would be forever to be used as naught but a battery, undervalued and eventually replaced by a bigger, brighter flame, forged by whatever lost art had been used to create it.

There, they met.

Two souls vibrating on the same wavelength, as if of the same kin. There were traces of mutual understanding between their feelings, even before these gentle waves reached the center of its core. Exposure. Fear. Misunderstanding. Yet, there was solace within it; like it could trust this interaction between them. This feeling. He said nothing more once its flames softened their light, almost like the light retracted into itself for only a deep red to be left behind. Though that deep red felt just as warm as he did. He knew that color all too well, within his own eyes long before, when he had a shape and a form. How he longed for what it had... And he delved deeper.

Khrona: 'Alone... Hahaha. Who are you telling? I no longer have friends nor family. I am forced to stay at a distance from all that I love due to my current state... No matter how much I want to connect with them once again as I am doing with you now. Though I know I will be with them soon, even knowing is cannot measure up to the feeling of complete and utter loneliness and disconnection... It's disheartening, even to one who knows his destiny is all that he could have hoped.'

At least Magnus Ignis could be content with this complete and utter loneliness. Someone who was born knowing more than that found it hard to accept it yet again... Especially when he had finally gotten out of that pool of darkness not too long before returning once again.

Khrona: '... I feel like I'm more connected to you than I actually know... Like you understand me better than anyone I've come across... Haha, but that might be true in the sense that everyone I've come across aren't deities, huh? Hahaha...'

Though true, there was something more about it. Something more than familiar, even... Like it was a part of him; a child, in fact. Lost and alone in the world without guidance, just as he. Something in him wanted to take it in, but he knew that the Magnus Ignis was the entity that sustained this plane. Still, he wanted to do something for it... To keep it company. '... I know you're the Magnus Ignis. But do you have something you... Prefer to be called?'

'I have no name but what I am called.' Curious, how discontent he was with loneliness. Was Magnus Ignis unnatural in a way? He had identified it as a deity, the same as himself, and it gave it great joy to be identified as a part of any group and accepted by another person. Even if he were to leave it right then, Magnus Ignis knew that such joy would not wither within it; simply because he was not there to confirm its belonging did not falsify the fact. 'Is this not the norm?' All this time, the Flame had simply identified the giant before it as 'The Tree', or its avatar. Was it not more fitting to have a name suited to one's station than one arbitrarily assigned? In its eyes, being one whose position seemed so stagnant, it was unthinkable to make for itself a name.

Forgetting that Magnus Ignis was born a deity and into this lonely title and position, it was perfectly content with all that this was, without wanting to know nor having ever experienced anything more. To it, this was all there was to its existence. Though he wanted to take it from this and show it something greater, -- as with any being content with their lives as they were -- he ran the risk of showing it a glimpse and opening up that new world of emotion that he wasn't sure if it was prepared to endure. Even the native beings that roamed their own specific planets and planes of existences, there were those that were happy with where they were and there were those that wanted to know and do more. Almost like a newborn child, what would be the consequences to such an action? Would the fires of the Magnus Ignis spin out of control in an emotional maelstrom? Would it be able to endure going back to this loneliness and confinement once it knew more? Perhaps it was better if he simply let it grow as it wished, rather than doing something to harm the natural balance of that.

Khrona: 'Ahaha, ahhh... Sorry. I wasn't born a deity, you know. I kinda had to... Ascend here. Hell, I wasn't even born normal entity. I come from a very long line of very, very powerful entities and beings. I considered that 'human-like' state as a larval stage; the stage for growing into something greater. Or, deciding if I wanted to.'

Yes, that form of himself... The one known now as the 'Third Restriction'... Simply a being born of the physical plane, evolved from what was once known as a simple idea; a thought, on the first dimension, growing its own will known as a soul from the second, and then finally, on the third dimension, the physical plane, it was born. Now, that was... A memory. Or perhaps, it isn't, but just something within him needing to be sorted out; to find its place in the grand spectrum of its entirety. Looking to Magnus Ignis with a concerned stare, only able to be discerned by the wavelength of the light of his glowing eyes, he slowly lowered his head to rest upon his arms, which were wrapped around his knees casually and pulling them inward. It was remarkable to see two great beings sitting about and just chatting. To the outside world, this form of communication would look something of the sort like simple flickers and flashes of light, with a hint of distortion in each wave; no longer needing the lower vibration of sound to converse. It was probably more than shocking to see such communication for a being that did not understand the nature of it. He kinda hoped they weren't scaring anyone...

Khrona: '... When I came here, I sensed some sort of discontent within you. What is that about?'

A larval state... So, perhaps every human that currently appeased it had the potential to be it? It seemed, from the way that the being before it described, that it would be a long and arduous process, but nonetheless, it was possible if they had the right heritage. It knew precious little about heritage, and only knew that the tiny babes in the arms of their mothers were sired by various males about the village, and inherited a secondary name to transcribe the male history of their line. In doing so, it became marginally easier to trace back blood through the ages. Presumably. Then again, the Tree did also say something about deciding if he wanted to become something more. With the awe and reverence that it was shown, it could see why becoming a deity would be too much for many to handle, or even wish to handle.

As he moved to a more comfortable position, Magnus Ignis slowly let its gaze drift from him, for his stare was much too intense for its liking. It did not otherwise move, but the depths of its core brightened momentarily to display its uneasiness. Of course, it would pay attention to when he 'spoke' next, but for the moment, it was content to watch its faithful companions of flame flicker about them. 'I have no idea of my origins, and thus have discovered I have no way to identify myself. Certainly, I may be known as others see me, thus by way of name mentioned before, but I have no way to define who it is that being Magnus Ignis makes me.' Great portions of rock making up the features of its face slid over their magma casings, their formation resembling as much of a frown as the tight-knit plating allowed. 'Just as you have a physical identity crisis, I feel I have a... Historical one.'

As it averted its gaze from his concerned eyes, he wondered if his stare was a bit much for it at the moment. His attention now on its core, -- which noticeably brightened -- he read that wavelength of emotion from its light to note the uneasiness flowing within it. Perhaps this type of question was too personal for it? Still, he listened to its response, which made things all too clear of its discontent.

Khrona: 'Historical identity crisis, huh...? Well, I'll tell you a story of what I know; everything here was created from the Crystal Tree. It grew from the depths of the underground and into the sky, and then extended its branches even farther than imagination! Splitting the lands into three separate portions connected by a nexus of its crystalline branches and roots, the three portions of the land known collectively as the Veritas were called separately the Dawn, which resided in the sky, Mezzo Terra, which resided in the middle ground, and the Dusk, which resided under the Mezzo Terra at the tree's base and roots. The tree split apart what was once only the Dusk to create these lands to resemble the land that came before it; the Reality. Much like the Dawn, the Reality floated about in the sky, yet had no definite settled landscape, and drifted about endlessly in a space unknown. Until it made its way to this planet and made impact.'

Though the story was long and in reverse chronological order, it seemed that mentioned everything.

Khrona: '... I guess since everything here comes from the Tree, I would feel a connection with you, anyway... But it's just strange, because I feel it more powerfully than within anything else... Weird, huh?'

He lifted his head now to rest his chin on his arms and stare blankly off into the 'Wildfire Woods', the gorgeous trees ablaze with their neverending flares.

Khrona: '... I don't know how much that helps you. But... That's what I know.'

Naturally, he did hope that it took some sort of information from that, even if it was just a little bit. He didn't want to feel like it was completely useless talking to it about this subject matter, especially after he made it 'go there.'

What an odd little story. Piece by piece, it made all the sense in the world, but the moment it attempted to grasp at the bigger picture, the pieces of the tale fell away into nonsensical whimsy. It knew that there were many stories told about how it came to be, but no two were alike. If everything came from the Crystal Tree, it too, by default, should also come from him. Deep within its core, there was an aching to reach out and simply touch him, be it by his avatar or no. As if maybe, he had the answers locked away to only be revealed by their physical contact... But in its experience, its touch was not revealing or creative, but rather destructive and cruel to any living creature. It supposed that it could cool its fingers to a point of no longer being a threat, since that feeling within it would not rest. His gaze was turned away from it now as it retracted a good portion of its molten blood from its fingertips, storing the heat so deep that its touch might only be as warm as a human's bath. Magnus Ignis hesitated as it extended its hand, uncertain of what this might hope to reveal. They were already connected in soul, so what would this possibly hope to do?

Magnus Ignis: 'I... I want to see you. I wish to journey to your base, but is that possible?'

Perhaps the connection they could have now wasn't strong enough to explain the feelings they had now, but this urge was so strong...

Magnus Ignis: 'These lands would be able to survive without me for as long as it would take to venture there, wouldn't they?'

Khrona: 'Not unless you can divide your will, as I can. If you leave this place completely, this land will lose its life.'

As he spoke, his form began to change... Nothing definite, yet nothing abstract, either. Pulled from his own immensity, he shrunk down to merely the size of a small child, resembling such, as well. The Insanity that was all that he is became less destructive and now, more definite in its own appearance.

Khrona: 'Ah... Looks like I'm finally able to take shape. One of my lower Restrictions must be giving me form now by altering his actions.'

Though he still was not complete, he was still purified of most of his iniquities that plagued him before as a swirling dark cloud of glop.

Khrona: 'Think of me as... The Soul of the Tree. My true Body is the Tree itself, but that is only a cocoon. A fragment of the completed form, a lower Restriction that manifests itself on a physical level, is the Body and the Mind. The Restriction in between out connection are the Emotions that must be sorted out. In short, you could say... I'm all over the place; literally! Hahahaha!'

It was difficult trying to piece himself together when these parts of him were disconnected so. The fragment of the completed one was going to be the one that brought them all together soon... But as for now, these things were all still separate in form, even if they were connected in persona.

Khrona: '... If it would make you happy, I can bring the fragment of the tree to this plane? Or do you wish to learn to split yourself up?'

As it stood, there were already beings that were created from Magnus Ignis, but did it have sentient control over them? This all seemed familiar... Yes, his memory was returning, thanks to the efforts of the 'Fifth'. That planet that he created; the one that harbored its own sentient life... It was a newborn babe, much like the Magnus Ignis, with no guidance and no knowledge, yet all the potential to become something greater. He remembered from centering his chakras that when the planet started to create life from itself, the Spawns of Khrona, without fully understanding and knowing what it was that it was doing in such procreation, it only led to more Chaos. A child creating and taking care of its own children... Without full understanding nor knowledge of its own self. He could see now that the Magnus Ignis was one of those 'beings' similar to the planet... And he had to think; did he really want it to 'create' more beings without fully understanding what it meant to care for them? Perhaps... It was he who was most naive. This land was new, and it was fresh. Beings created here were also of the same fresh understanding and knowledge, no matter what their intellectual capacity was... They had to learn, first.

Khrona: 'Those are your options, then. If you wish to learn, I will teach. If you wish for the Tree to come to you, then I will bring it.'

A decision. These are the things that make one's life either easier or more difficult; better or worse. It was important for growth and for learning. Perhaps, if the Magnus Ignis were given more choices... It would stimulate her growth exponentially.

Khrona: 'The choice is yours.'
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Magnus Ignis
Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
Magnus Ignis

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PostSubject: Re: The Legend Of The Magnus Ignis   The Legend Of The Magnus Ignis EmptyMon Nov 23, 2020 9:16 pm

First Ignition: The Reawakening

Having finally gathered his strength from the previous battles, Akira was awake once more. Not realizing just how long he had been asleep, Akira rose to his feet and began to stretch his arms followed by a loud and refreshing yawn. He would then lower his arms and look down to his hands while opening and closing his fist. "Man those fights sure took a lot out of me. More than I thought it would actually. Well I guess..." Before Akira could complete his sentence he fell down to one knee in pain due to the massive amounts of newfound power flowing through his body. The pains soon subsided and Akira rose back to his feet. "The hell was that?!" An overwhelming surge of power began to flood Akira's body. It was power that he had not felt before. This surge of energy couldn't be described as anything other than overwhelmingly erotic.

Suddenly it dawned on Akira that before he went into his deep sleep that he had absorbed a heap of powers: Ate Tiamat's dragon heart, absorbed and integrated Hades' black flames into his body, absorbed the Red Grimoire, and completely drained all of the power from the Ruby Weapon.

Akira began to walk towards the doors of the Fire Sanctuary to get some fresh air. After opening the doors, Akira began to rejoice at the smell of soot and the sight of geysers of lava firing off into the air. The many volcanoes off in the distance surrounding the entire area made Akira smile. He was happy. Everything was calm, just the way Akira preferred things to be.

While enjoying the scenery the sudden and unexpected burst of wind made its way into the area. It was so powerful and violent that it tore gashes into the hard volcanic rock that covered the ground and even split one of the mountains right down the middle.

Quickly scanning the area for another energy signature, Akira prepared himself for a possible fight. However to his surprise no one was there. Even if they hid their energy, they wouldn't be able to mask their scent. The winds suddenly stopped and Akira was standing there befuddled... "There's no way... I have to find out if it's true. It can't be. Can it?!" Akira's body dissolved into lava and the lava seeped into the crevices of the earth. Akira left. He was on his way to another location to see if what he was thinking was true or not.

One of the highest points within the entire region of Magnus Ignis; the Fire Sanctuary, stood proud and tall upon its beautiful volcanic peak. A true sight to behold, the realm overflowed with glowing red and orange streams of fire that radiated a warm incandescence all throughout the land. Akira, he who acted as the current Fire Guardian, felt the presence of a new energy overflowing in the volcanic rivers winding about the land, which seemed to draw his attention toward the source. Though he believed what he felt was simply a powerful burst of wind energy, what he neglected to realize was that in the midst of it all... A vehement raging storm bore over the atmosphere, rolling slowly over the fiery mountain range.

Madness, full and pure, as it had its time to spread across the land and fester to the point where it seemed unstoppable, now sought to plague this 'Land Of Great Fire' as well, drawing in the light of the lava and ripping from it its natural calcification and luster. As if stripping from the land that which made it what it was, the rivers of lava would no longer emanate such passionate warmth as the apathetic sensation passed over, leaving only a lightless, cool river of liquid in its wake. The same, too, would become of any fiery mountains enraptured by the eerie force; their light and heat stripped and what was left, a cool porous substance quite the opposite of the nature of this realm, almost like water. An uncanny attraction to Akira brought the lurking presence to this land, for what dwelt within him, a flame akin to that of the being possessed by the might of pure Insanity itself... It would not be long before the land was swallowed up and devoid of all such radiance, and the Fire Sanctuary seemed to be next on the list.

Feeling the sudden burst of power, Akira turned his attention towards one of the other mountains that were surrounding him in this vast open field. Mere seconds passed and the massive pools of beautiful lava were one by one losing their natural power. There seemed to be something ominous swiftly approaching but there was no clear indication as to what it was. The feeling that this presence gave off reminded Akira of a particular evil force that he had run-ins with in the past. But surely it couldn't be the same malevolent force... Could it...?

All too quickly, the land once glowing red would find itself undergoing a rather horrific grayscale effect, heat and color removing itself from the realm entirely. It almost seemed like this malevolent force upon the land were searching for something... Searching for someone...

Wherever Akira was, The Insanity sought to find and strip him of the flame of Hades burning within his bowels. It served as the beacon of attraction of The Insanity's slowly growing presence, and no matter where Akira rested presently or where he would go after, this force would always be lurking right over his shoulder ready to snatch the black flame of Hades from his innards. With he being the lamp that inadvertently tugged this force across the sky and washing it over the place he was tasked to protect, it would seem that it was coming time for him to live up to his name as Fire Guardian.

The Fire Sanctuary next on the targeted list, a copious amount of the sheer magnitude of Insanity congested right at the peak, where the massive building rested high above all the other volcanic mountains. Penetrating red eyes could be seen gleaming from on high in the ashen clouds, piercing through the veil of madness that none was able to look into to see the true form of this formless entite. "There... I feel the presence of the black flame... Where are you, boy? I shall strip not only that fire from your heart, but also this land from your feet!!!" Booming like thunder, the voice did proclaim its imminent conquest of the entire Magnus Ignis, starting here with the highest peak. It did not matter where Akira was, for once the entire land was consumed, he would have nowhere to run from this absolute conquering presence.

Hearing the threats of the booming voice above the clouds would not cause Akira to fret. Nor would it sway him to fork over the power of Hades that he needed to protect from the clutches of evil. "You don't control me, mysterious voice. I'm not going to give you the flame. So you have one of two choices: One, you can leave here and never return; or two, come down here and make me give up the flame of Hades!" Clenching his fist tighter, his eyes then became more draconic, then looked directly at the clouds above him. The anger in his bright red eyes could easily be seen from the ground.

The ground around Akira's feet began to shatter, the air began to rapidly heat up, the land incinerated. Ferocious growls growing louder and louder from Akira quickly filled the air with their rage.

The dragon child's conviction and heart may have been strong, however ultimately foolish when opposing a foe of such caliber. The Insanity, amused by his sheer audacity, would show the drake just how foolish his decision to oppose The Insanity on his own was. "Infidel... You and your primal draconic pride shall be the end of you. Just the same as the pride of all others becomes their downfall!!!"

A signature sanguine gleam of the vicious piercing eyes up above cut through the skies as a flickering crimson bolt that struck down upon the hot spring waters within the Fire Sanctuary's boundaries. The once boiling waters came to a potent cool all too quickly, the steam released naturally by the heat quickly condensing and raining back down into the spring. Not even moments later would the waters come to what would seem to be a bubbling boil, yet no heat rose nor existed within the bubbling pool.

Not but moments later would a foul geyser burst from the watery mass and high into the sky as if to reach up to the heavens, rocking the very mountains with its sheer water pressure. At the prominence of the powerful pressurized projection, the face of a leviathan etched itself into the water's shape, allowing the rest of the geyser to serve as its extensive neck. A mixture of some reptilian and amphibian, both turtle and serpent, the head of this creature was all that needed to be formed, and on its own it dwarfed every last mountain in the range with ease, like mere knolls in an open field. The slit green eye of the aqueous monstrosity gazed down at its appointed target, maddened with the Insanity of Balance itself. This was a watery projection of the head of 'Genbu, The Black Turtle Of Paradise'.

A mighty roar released from the depths of its porous body sent the reverberating bass bellowing through each and every crevice of the fiery rocky region, only amplified by the resonance through its naturally gelatinous shape. On high, The Insanity chortled at the minuscule drakeling who insisted on opposing his might, now faced with not only a creature opposing his natural element, but whose head was also fathoms times larger than even what was once his beautiful Ruby Weapon. "Ahahahaha!!! You will rue the day you ever thought to oppose me, dragon slayer!!! Face now a mere fragment of the 'Insanity Of Balance's oceanic might!!"

With the sudden appearance of this large aquatic beast, Akira still managed to stand his ground unfazed by the size of this gargantuan beast. "Mhhmph, gotta say I didn't see that coming. But it makes no difference." Akira brought his fist up to his chest and began to inhale massive amounts of air until his torso resembled that of an inflated balloon. After finally reaching his max, Akira released everything he absorbed. However, a massive tidal wave of lava was expelled from Akira's mouth that stood as tall as the beast did. Upon contact the tidal wave of lava cooled and turned into black vulcanized rubber that would encase the monster.

High above, The Insanity smiled his sinister grin, sitting upon his throne atop the clouds, fist pressed to his cheek with a bored amusement. The foolish one already made his first mistake, as all who dared challenge the mighty authority of The Insanity did. It was to be expected of the inferior primitive peasants of this puny planet. "Ahahahaha! Don't waste your breath, dragon child... Huff and puff with all your might, You'll end up quickly losing this fight!"

Despite how much raw power Akira had to spare, it would mean nothing if he could not make his mark. As quickly as the lava rose to meet the eye of the monster would the watery beast disperse into a form of pure vapor, expelled at a high speed throughout the entirety of the land and right around the vulcanized rubber, whose height matched the monster, but whose width could not contain the spread. All in all, it would miss completely, and the vile mist continued to do about the Insanity's bidding and strip the land of its vivacious heat. Perpetually grayed, the fog was so thick that one would not be able to see their hand before their face, and all too quickly would Akira be encumbered by the hazy void. Everywhere he looked, he would see the vaporous nothingness, not even able to see the scenery anymore even below his feet. All too quickly, this land was nothing but a hazy speck on the map, where no eyes could see in, out, or within.

An unnatural and unnerving silence crept around him, suffocating normal sound and vibration with the sheer thickness of the cloudy sheet around him. But, what of his enemy...? "Dare you waste anymore of your energy, prideful dragon? Shall you throw yourself headfirst into the dangers unknown? Or shall you try again to defy my Insanity and worsen your predicament further?" Whatever his choice mattered nothing to The Insanity. He would ensure the downfall of the great Fire Guardian and strip him of not only his land, but his title as well.

With Akira's previous technique failed, the beast now transformed its physical form into a intangible mist body, completely surrounding the area with fog. Akira needed to think quickly if he wanted to get control of this situation.

Opening a rift in the ground below him, Akira quickly became immersed in the earth. Once inside the hole resealed before any of the fog could seep through.

After preforming a few hand signs underground the large tidal wave of rubber began to rapidly spin as if it were a giant fan, blowing away the fog. The rubber tidal wave continued to exude more and more excessive force so that not one trace of the fog should remain.

Spires of earth erupted from the ground all around the area easily standing ten feet tall with holes of all sizes on their faces. These constructs continued to arise as the minutes passed.

With his bored, contemptuous stare from up above leering down at the battle below, The Insanity's interest was piqued just a bit at the resourceful use of what seemed to previously be a wasteful expenditure of a copious amount of Akira's own reserves of energy. Perhaps he could indeed live up to this title of Fire Guardian; or at least show The Insanity why it is he got it in the first place. The sinister smirk widened, for The Insanity was one that was all for the hot blood of battle, and gave respect to anyone who could endure his tempestuous might. "Huahaha! So you have some fight in you, do you...? You are no ordinary peon... But a peon all the same."

Down below, the thick fog continued its spread as planned, yet the efforts of this consumptive cloud were put at bay when the rubbery substance spun with a great intensity like that of a motorized fan, exuding a powerful force great enough to disperse the congregation of mist from all around. Though rather tactful, twas not the end of the mist, for the further out it was pushed, the more condensed and slender it became, until it once again took the form of a pure concentration of liquid. The volume having not changed even as the shape did, the watery foe now resembled an extremely elongated serpent circling around the edge of the Magnus Ignis' territory, where it had been pushed so forcefully by the rubber fan's rotation.

Now, the lizardous liquid creature snaked its way about the sky, no longer influenced by the force of the powerful gale as greatly as before, lowering itself down between the gaps between the once violent volcanic mountains. Its entire body became a single river that flowed through each and every chasm, splitting and stemming off into more serpentine heads that the leviathan used to trace the ground, until its entire body was nothing more than a single great river with many branches and strains, all winding and twisting through the cooled volcanic plains. Each head bore its own sentience, but was of the collective hive-mind of the body of water as a whole, almost like a Hydra of sorts. They wound their way around the tops of the mountains and the rising spires, searching for Akira all throughout the land and constricting the magmatic might of any fiery furnace that got in its way, relieving it of its vigorous vehemence just the same as The Insanity had done upon its arrival. No heat remained anywhere within this land.

To the highest point that was where the Fire Sanctuary rested, the largest and longest head, the main body, coiled its way around the mountainside until it reached the top, where it stared with eyes most apathetic at the grand sanctum of flames. Without so much as a second thought would it jet forward with unwavering force to tear straight through the Fire Sanctuary with the pressurized watery jet of its own incredible geyserous force. Even the giant rubber pillar itself would be ensnared by one of the many split heads of the constricting water serpents, to stop its rotation completely and hold it in place.

With the area finally void of the heinous fog, Akira could cross that off his 'things to do' list. The watery serpents would find it surprisingly difficult to locate Akira within the Magnus Ignis. The powerful rubber construct did indeed come to a halt thanks to the strength of the serpent. But what The Insanity hadn't accounted for was that maybe Akira wanted the serpent to grab a hold of the rubber.

Without warning the rubber construct changed shapes while rapidly traveling along the neck of the beast. This would continue unless the monster found a way to stop the vulcanized rubber from completely absorbing its entire body.

With Akira still hidden somewhere in the immediate area, he was still safe from whatever was planned for him. The holes in the spires one by one would shoot massive condensed air cannon balls at the water serpent. Striking from all sides, the creature would be bombarded by hundreds -- maybe even thousands -- of air bullets.

"Yeeeess... You were a fool to attempt to defy me." With his free hand did The Insanity tighten his stronghold on the land, manhandling the burning body with such absolute restriction that even that which dwelt upon the territory of The Insanity's influence was strangulated and bound to its will as well. It proceeded to choke the very fiery life out of the tender creation, harboring all such murderous intent of suffocating its shining bronzed skin to the point of altering to a pale blue gray. "I want to see you writhe, you wyrm... I shall indulge in your suffering as you squirm within my grasp..."

The Insanity: "Omoshiroi."

To feel the very breath of life attempting to escape through his fingers was an all too pleasurable sensation, sensuality escalating as The Insanity's beautiful child continued to ravage and constrict the land as it may. Its influence weaved and winded throughout the entirety of the Magnus Ignis' supple shape, yet another vicious cut of the gazing multitude slicing apart all such cover the boy had on his current position within the body as the vile, apathetic eyes leered from every angle. Each of the serpent's penetrating stares deadlocked on his targeted position, pinpointed Akira via the sliver of Insanity resting within, once again setting the signature sanguine gleam of The Insanity's all-seeing vision in motion. The hellish fires that rested within Akira's stomach gurgling about his bowels were the sole beacon to The Insanity's might, as The Insanity had already seized the body of Hades to use as his humble host. It and all things associated with it -- such as the fragment of Hades' fire -- became completely and absolutely dominated by its influence.

"Did you think you could hide from mine eyes, drakeling...?" Wherever Akira was, the sheer binding pressures of the amphibious water serpent would lock him in place to keep him completely restrained, just like the deity whose womb he resided in. Things were finally beginning to get interesting, and all the Insanity could do was lick the sharpened teeth of its sinister grin in anticipation for what was to come, steadily increasing the strength of its almighty grip. "Drown him in blood..."

The Insanity: "Absolute Zero; Grand Baptismal..."

Each of the serpents of bondage woven about the land clutched with all the might of a mad beast concentrating all its oppressive force into wringing every ounce of vitality out of her helpless body, ensuring that Akira and the Magnus Ignis could do nothing to stop what was about to occur. Each of the viscous vipers swelled with drained energy soaking into their very being like a sponge, the energy then becoming more and more a part of them, until they were bloated to burst. 'Twas the call of the flood that cleanses all things and returns them to nothing, in the purest form.

Suddenly, a congregation of horrendous simultaneous explosion from the serpents thoroughly constricting all volcanoes and spires -- including the one now linked to Akira's vulcanized rubber -- tore the craggy garb of volcanic plains from its smooth, earth toned flesh, leaving her barren form desolate of any adornments. Smooth as a baby's bottom, and about to be spanked quite heartlessly by the uncaring patron gazing down from on high.

Soon after, variable pieces of desolate skin would be blown to bits high in the air by the remaining binding river upon her, leaving only the bare exposed magmatic blood pulsating within her subterranean lava veins. The entire terrestrial epidermis that served to keep and protect the hearth of its being nestled deep within her sweltering womb was now unclothed to the Rapturous will of the Insanity's might. Very few slender pathways of her remaining rocky flesh formed mangled strips of bridges with broiling pits of lava below. If Akira hadn't been utterly wiped clean from existence by the 'Grand Baptismal's aqueous explosion of all-cleansing purity, surely now he would be exposed right where he stood as blood blackened with ashen clouds of debris rained down from the heavens upon the true naked form of the Magnus Ignis itself.

A sense of complete and utter uncaring malice borne on the gentle pitter patter of the pitch black blood rain in the cesspool of the molten plasma radiated from every speck of the Magnus Ignis' grounds now, bound and gagged by the Insanity's absolute domineering influence. Nowhere to run, for either of them, this would be the resting grounds for the great deity of flames as well as its guardian who haphazardly consumed all such power graced to him by The Insanity. Those who crossed the Insanity all suffered the same condemning fate... A fate of such unspeakable torture and suffering one would cross their hearts and HOPE to die...

But then it wouldn't be fun if they all died...

The Insanity waited patiently with eyes all-seeing just for the absolute perfect moments to capture its prey in such cruel and inhumane manners to boldly express to them why he was tyrant overlord; the King Of Kings to conquer all things. They had to be kept living so they could cling to their pitiful lives and try with all their might to wriggle away, only to be enraptured by yet another of the Insanity's twisted snares littered all about existence. A malicious predator to any and all, especially those that dare seek to oppose it. Defiance and insubordination were not tolerated, and so extirpation was their end result.

And, if that weren't bad enough, the exposed core of the Magnus Ignis was all but too ripe for the taking, the lava losing its luminescent luster as its powers were stripped straight from its very being. A useless, demolished plaything for The Insanity to do with as he saw fit, and soon to be another of his beloved children to continue to spread its commandeering influence all about this weak and defenseless planet.

"Rebuke those vile flames from your innards and return the sliver of Insanity to ME. Lest you wish to have your body utterly raped by the 'Sapien Serpent'... As she who did not heed my words before suffered..." Naturally, he spake of yet another drakeling known as Kyoki, who was spawn of Falshin. Another foul miscreant far too deserving of her most brutal slaughter at the jaws of the 'Black Dragon', an Insanity brought to be by overpowering the feeble will of a weak reptile that so foolishly decided to consume a sliver of The Insanity and attempt to harness its power as its own. The gift of The Insanity could serve as either a blessing or a curse, depending on the vigilance of one's will. Not many had such brain nor balls to boast a battle of brawn with The Insanity's absolute takeover.

As the hardened skin was torn from the Magnus Ignis, the sky grew red and the earth shook violently despite being strangled by the force of The Insanity. The mighty being would feel this quake as he held on to the Magnus Ignis.

A large fiery red and blue ball would be seen rising from the surface of the land as its top layer was forcefully removed. The orb dispersed and Akira was revealed. He remained motionless and silent. He slowly lifted his head and as his face was revealed his sclera were completely azure blue; his pupils could not be seen anymore and his draconic wings were fully erect. His scales became more visible around his face and his tail was now visible as well.

Still he remained motionless. Without warning abnormally powerful waves of searing heat would rapidly spread in all directions. Even with The Insanity's influence constantly removing the heat in the area would pale to the sheer power in these bursts of heat. As the heat continued to spread, it would not only incinerate all that it came in contact with, but evaporate whatever source of water it came in contact with. "AAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!" A bloodcurdling roar. Something of such intensity that easily trumped the sound of mighty thunder. It was clear as of now, Akira was pissed. The intensity of the heat only grew more destructive as the seconds passed. Quickly approaching supernova temperatures, Akira's rage seemed to have no end.

Raising one of his arms into the air his body glowed with an eerie blue energy, calling forth a power from beyond the skies... Suddenly, a series of large objects flew through space, streaming down from beyond directly at himself. The spell 'Cometeo', calling the powers of an onslaught comets from space. As the mighty comets broke through the clouds they would come to an abrupt halt as they came into close proximity of Akira.

Soon there was an army of blazing comets alongside the infuriated Fire Guardian. With his other free hand he clenched his fist closed and half of the comets converged to one location and began to form Akira's titan. The other half of the comets spread across the bare body of the Magnus Ignis to protect it by providing a temporary layer of skin slightly thicker than that of which was stripped away by The Insanity.

Standing fully erect, the titan turned towards The Insanity with its arms out as if preparing for a hug. The crater in the center of its torso began to glow a blinding blue color and mere seconds would pass before a horrid mass of destructive energy would fire off directly at The Insanity with enough force to eradicate a planet.

While this was going on, Akira had long since vanished from his initial position. It was unclear as to where he had gone, but his energy presence was too large to hide at this point. However it would be impossible to pinpoint his exact location. His energy presence was so large that it seemed to be coming from all directions at the same time. The red sky grew more intense as the waves of heat growing from Akira's body grew. It would be literally impossible for anyone without special abilities to survive in this area for more than five seconds. Either they would be incinerated by Akira's flames or die of automatic heatstroke.

Tornadoes began to spawn is random locations around the field surely due to the lack of Akira's control over his newly found wind element. The tornadoes were far larger than any normal tornado, not being anywhere near the size of the titan. These anomalies raged unintended and continued to grow in number.

The Land Of Great Fire, once shining a resplendent red and teeming with a heat that marked proof of its burning life now felt with the utmost malice the encumbering hand of the Insanity right around its throat -- and in fact, the rest of its body, as well -- squeezing out every inch of vibrancy and life that once radiated from all that it was, leaving a pale blue gray where the resplendent red once reigned. The influence of this hydrous hydra hindered the sleeping deity long before it had even the slightest chance of retaliation; a rather rude awakening to the flame spirit's once peaceful slumber.

Each constricting cobra cast more and more of its life force from its being, already restraining it and removing its ability to retaliate. Helpless, it'd simply have no choice but to embrace its demise with wide open eyes, not even able to scream...

Yet a young man with the heart of a dragon fought valiantly for its protection and his own; the Fire Guardian, Akira, who fended off the serpents as best he could amidst The Insanity's presence. Magnus Ignis could sense within him a great power that may be enough to hold his own against The Insanity's will, if only for a little while. He delved within the womb of its earthen flesh, facing The Insanity from within as best he could inside of the Magnus Ignis' protective rocky flesh. But even so, this still did not protect the two of them from The Insanity's powerful presence.

When one would think that the choke hold of the Insanity's grasp could get no tighter, the last bitter breath of the Magnus Ignis slipped through the constricted 'throat' of its being and out from its 'lips', all volcanoes falling silent across the land as the smoke from their peaks came to a screeching halt. A magnanimous explosion of cleansing waters followed immediately after, blowing apart every magmatic mountain, spire and hill that served to protect its tender innards, leaving only the bare burning blood of the land bubbling and boiling in plain sight. Unable to cry out in searing pain, the Magnus Ignis could only remain and watch as its supple, tender form was ravaged by the dominating force of the Insanity all around it, gazing at him from up above with eyes both of fear and passionate fury. Its vision blurred as even its coursing blood was tainted with the blackened debris raining down from above and into the fiery ocean below.

A silent mournful moan followed by a final flicker of the luminescent light within brought the Magnus Ignis screeching to a halt, on the very brink of death itself. If it weren't for the Fire Guardian's rain of fire from beyond the skies, surely this great God would have died. The army of comets bound together across the bare molten surface provided a thick and strong protective layer over its body -- but more importantly, its core -- to give it at least some sort of cover to The Insanity's might. It still felt his presence all around, binding it and drawing out its final bits of life, but it put its hope in the Fire Guardian... As slowly, the Magnus Ignis fell into a comatose slumber, the final bits of its light fading for good. It was up to the Fire Guardian to protect it now, and save the Land Of Great Fire before it was no more.

Almost bored with anger for the Fire Guardian to step up his game, a quirk of the brow at the sight of his emergence from the Magnus Ignis' womb displayed The Insanity's piqued interest in the now awakening Fire Guardian. His bored, yet infuriated expression now turned into quite the exquisite sinister grin, widened from ear to ear. The drakeling was finally starting to put up a fight... And The Insanity was loving it. "So you do have some fight in you..." Seeing him rise up so valiantly and call down from the heavens a storm of comets blazing toward the exposed Magnus Ignis was quite the sight to see, yet would ultimately be in vain, as would his great surge in power. "However... I'm sure you understand that what is MINE, I have FULL and ABSOLUTE control over... Including the black fires broiling in your belly..."

As the titan was formed by half of the army of burning space rocks congregating into a singular body and the other covered the indecent body of the Magnus Ignis, The Insanity was already several steps ahead of the enraged Akira, clutching his hand at the sinister ebony flames deep within him. Akira should have felt the entirety of his energy all tighten at the same time, as if those vile serpents had their way around his very energy signature itself, draining it of its essence the same way they'd done to the Magnus Ignis. "And as long as it rests within you... I have control of you and your energy. All of it." At the flick of The Insanity's finger downward, the planet-destroying blue blast was sent hurdling down toward the planet, veering off from the Veritas' alternate reality. So much power, yet so little control... Akira was about to be single-handedly responsible for the destruction of the planet... And it was all thanks to the tiny piece of The Insanity that rested within him.

"You were a fool to think you could fight me... When I have you in my sights... And in my grip..." As it stood, nothing Akira did would have any effect on The Insanity, for all of his energy served as a conduit for more Insanity, and all he'd done so far was help spread the influence. To think, just a little black flame within his stomach could cause such a drastic adverse effect... Such is why one does not defy The Insanity when harboring a piece of it within themselves. Such would only end in failure... Even his titan could and would be commandeered by The Insanity, for it was made from Akira's energy, which The Insanity now had a solid vicegrip on. The stirring tornadoes were only a bonus to the already chaotic effects brewing about the land of the Magnus Ignis, and the black debris that fell into its pits changed its lava from its bright glow to a pale blue gray just the same as all the rest... Even down to the very core. They had no idea just what they were getting themselves into here, and now another land would be totally conquered by the Insanity.

An aqueous turtle head poked out from the depths of the blue gray lava, drawing in the comets to form its shell around its body. It rose up, drawing more and more of the Magnus Ignis' magmatic blood into itself to form its aquatic shape. Eventually, the Land Of Great Fire would be the grand 'Black Turtle' itself once more; rising up from the ocean of blue gray lava and staring the great titan dead in the eyes. With both great titans controlled to the utmost by The Insanity, the land completely conquered, and Akira not only in his clutches, but unable to harm The Insanity AND effectively spreading the Insanity's influence all throughout the land, his work was already done for him.

The Insanity: "Do not attempt to defy me..."

Tabrith: 'Delete.'

A shining streak of crystal bore straight through the planet destroying blast aimed for the planet, leaving not a trace of it in its wake as the streak tore through The Insanity polluting the air and stopped right before Akira's chest as a single shimmering shard, completely pure and uncorrupted by The Insanity's influence. The crystal projected its form before him in a datastream, shaping the body of a rather familiar face... Khrona.

Tabrith: "Hello there, Fire Guardian Akira. You may not be able to comprehend this right now given your state of madness, but I am a sliver of Tabrith sent to you by the Shinseigami to help you fight this monstrous Insanity."

That which resembled Khrona's face was none other than his doppelganger, that which served as the bearer of all his knowledge and all information; the Omnipedia, Tabrith.

Tabrith: "Congratulations on being selected as one of the chosen warriors to fight this rising epidemic. With my power, you will be able to completely purify The Insanity as you fight it, since countering its effects is nigh impossible. I hope you accept this token from the Shinseigami and become one of the few to fight this fight."

Though this sliver of Tabrith appeared before him, he wouldn't be able to do anything for Akira until he accepted the 'Terms Of Agreement' for the use of an Omnipedia piece. As it currently stood, the two were protected from the Insanity's influence as long as Tabrith remained here, but it would still run amok as it would.

Tabrith: "Shall you be partaking in this most noble fight?"

As The angelic beam of light began to speak to Akira, he assumed that it was a sort of ploy created by The Insanity to get him to lower his guard. However, it was not going to work. Losing mass quantities of blood and energy rapidly, the Fire Guardian carefully listened to the voice of the hallucinated floating Khrona head as it spoke to him.

By the time it had finished saying what it had to say, Akira's mind was already made up. With the steady stream of blood trickling from his mouth and his draconic eyes slowly returning to normal, his position quickly became apparent before he even spoke. "If accepting means that I'll get to kick The Insanity's ass for what it's done to the Magnus Ignus, then sign me up!" Coughing up more blood, he braced himself for whatever was ahead.

Tabrith: "Excellent. We are happy that you have chosen the side of the Shinseigami to fight against The Insanity... Here... Have access to a sliver of my knowledge... As I said, I shall be your guide through this fight, and you may ask for my assistance in any way necessary to achieve your goals within the parameters you are allowed to receive. I will explain this setup process as we undergo the installation."

The sliver of Tabrith that was now accepted by Akira touched his chest, purging him of the Black Flames of Hades gurgling within his stomach, dispelling The Insanity's grip on his being and thus freeing him from its control and its clutches.

Tabrith: "My apologies, but that had to be rid from you if you wished to have a chance facing it. I am here to guide you and provide you with information about this threat. Using this power, you may change Insanity into Shinsanity; True Sanity that harbors perfect clarity, understanding, and knowledge. Our goal is to change all of the Seven Insanities into Seven Shinsanities, and the process involves collection of the Seven Sisters and Seven Keepers. Debriefing on that shall occur once you are out of danger."

A screen immediately popped up before her eyes, in his head and where no one was able to see except for he and Tabrith itself, and the screen was not unlike the menu of a video game...

Tabrith: "This is called the Personal Image Creator, or PIC. Here, you may choose your 'Class', which may also dictate your appearance, if you so choose, hence the name 'PIC'. Only I am able to grant others the access to this power to face The Insanity, and you are one of the select few to have been chosen. Congratulations, Akira, for receiving your Omnipedia piece. You may allow it to assume any form you wish for communication: Book, cellular phone, computer and the like are all prime examples. Please, engage in combat and choose how you want to fight The Insanity."

In the menu within his head, a screen popped up that would show him all of the available 'Jobs' to him at this moment.

Tabrith: "Think of this as a tutorial. Choose now and I will guide you through how to use such a class until you feel you are ready on your own."

The black flames of Hades were now being expelled from Akira's body. A feeling of relief began to surge through his body after the foul presence was expunged completely. Feeling his power returning to his body, the Fire Guardian would be free from the clutches of the wretched Insanity once again. With a snap of his fingers, Akira's titan would explode with a blazing effect.

He then turned his attention towards Tabrith and listened to what he was telling him. After understanding the speech he gave him about the 'PIC', Akira suddenly remembered that he hadn't properly thanked Tabrith for helping him.

Akira: "Thanks floating Khrona head."

And now that that was taken care of, he could proceed with the next task at hand.

With the sudden appearance of a screen, Akira rapidly read through each of the Job Classes that were now available to him. Although they all seemed to be great only one particular Class stuck out to him -- it was the 'Magus' job class. There was a Class that pertained to dragons but he was no friend to the draconian race.

Extending his arm towards the holographic menu floating before him, Akira placed his index finger on the 'Magus' Class. "This one." There was no clear indication as to what was going to happen next but one thing was for sure, Akira was excited after reading about the abilities of a Magus. Surely he could dispose of more dragons with this new found power.

Tabrith: "You have selected 'Magus' as your class. A fine choice."

Tabrith was pleased to see that Akira was so enthused, and now that things were in order, the two of them would be able to keep this realm safe from the overwhelming Insanity.

Tabrith: "The Magus class deals with learning powerful destructive magics to break down your foe with the power of the elements. There are many tiers that dictate the power of each technique, though because you are considered a 'Beginner' in skill with using these techniques, you are only allowed to choose from a very select amount."

Though Akira was more than ready for battle, there seemed to be something missing...

Tabrith: "Oh my, we seem to have a discrepancy. In order to utilize this class as a beginner, you're going to need a mystical item of sorts to draw out your strength and convert it into mystical energy. Any mystical item will do, or even simply a Staff or Tome of sorts, something like a Grimoire. I believe that you are the Fire Guardian, so don't you have the Red Grimoire at your disposal?"

Tabrith: "Though one without the Grimoire may consider this a 'cheap' method, harboring such a Grimoire allows for you to have immediate access all of the other fiery techniques that the Magus class had to offer right off the bat. This is especially good because as long as you possess of the Red Grimoire, the same will work for any and every other class you choose; immediate access to all Fire-based techniques. Even if you are not proficient in them, you are still able to use them. Whether you utilize this information or not is up to you."

Tabrith: "Now, how will you choose to face The Insanity?"

After being presented with the information before him, the Fire Guardian grinned at Tabrith for a little bit. While pulling a cigarette from his pocket, Akira tried to remember where he heard that name before. "Mmmmm Red Grimoire..." He placed the cigarette in his mouth. "Aaahhhhhhh I remember now! That's that book that I assimilated a while back! That thing had a hell of a lot of power inside. I managed to absorb all of its power and retained all the knowledge of the spells inside."

It became apparent that he no longer needed to carry the book on his person so it was safely tucked away at the Fire Sanctuary. Suddenly he had an idea for the type of mystical item he could use that wouldn't burden him. "How about a ring for each elemental affinity? It's easy to keep track of and each ring could store their masses of spells." Akira stood there thinking about the rings and began to smile yet again with his signature cigarette hanging from his mouth. Exhaling a puff after puff from his cigarette he would soon realize that this was his last one from the pack. "Goddammit, I'm out already?! I have to remember to go get more." His carefree smile would slowly fade until there was no longer a trace of a smile on his face.

Tabrith: "If that is what you wish to use, then you may do so. However, you will be unable to access your abilities until you have acquired the required item. Is this acceptable?"

The Insanity was running rampant and if Akira did not have these mystical rings he spoke of on hand then he would not be using any of his spells in this fight, save for fire if he so chose to. Again, it mattered not to the Tabrith.

But in fact, Akira had something even better than a cluster of rings to wear on each finger to control the different elemental powers. He has a special ring that he acquired a while back from the armory. It was used to eat away at his massive lightning energy, however he no longer had his lightning energy after losing his Familiar. "One second, I may have something even better." After digging through his pockets for about two minutes, Akira checked the inside of his coat and there was the ring. He pulled it out and held it up to Tabrith before him. "Well here it is, work your power." Despite seeming ready for whatever, Akira had no idea what was about to transpire in a matter of seconds.

Tabrith took the ring and examined it, inspecting to see if it were sufficient in mystical property.

Tabrith: "Hmmm... Acceptable. Congratulations, Akira, you are now a Magus. Because you are of Beginner level skill, despite your rank being a Master, you are only allowed to use the most basic skills of this class, save for the Fire Manna, which you have full access to."

In his head, as if opening up a video game menu screen, he would be able to see a list of all the 'Beginner Level' spells in the Magus Class.

Tabrith: "Choose the best option for combat. After this, things will no longer be 'Paused' and will resume right where they left off. Make sure that you are prepared before you make your move. Once you make the move, everything will continue to flow. But worry not, I will be here with you to guide you through the basic uses of the Tabrith system."

Akira: "Alright, well lets get this thing over with then, I'm tired of looking at this thing's face. This beast monster God-like thing or whatever the hell it is has really gotten on my bad side and I just want to go somewhere quiet and smoke."

Raising his right hand up to eye level various sparks of energy began to surge from the ring. It caught him off guard for a brief second but after realizing what was going on, he regained his composure and placed his hands back in his pockets.

The time had once again come for him to face this annoying beast that had barged in on Akira's home. It disrespected the Magnus Ignus, completely ruined Akira's mood after waking up from his nap, and brought foul aquatic creatures to tarnish the beauties of the vast volcanic plains. But worst of all, it pissed him off!

Once the shining light maintaining protective stasis around itself and Akira faded, the Black Leviathan that was this grandiose turtle head hissed quietly as the Fire Guardian's titan was suddenly dispersed. From the rushing, cold rapids of the cool, watery substance that was once lava now assimilated with the beast's body sprung torrential waters laced with the strength of all of the other six Insanities within. Rushing and shifting between the forms of each of the elements whilst still maintaining its aqueous composure, an effortless tsunami deluged the land, drowning the Magnus Ignis in its entirety in several hundreds of millions of gallons of water, all confined around the single area itself. Every volcano fell silent and the ground was nothing more than ocean floor. The waters splashed upon the borders of the Land Of Great Fire and arced upward, as though confined to a bubble, the spray of impact arcing up to form great, dark blue gray clouds swirling overhead. The aqueous amphibian's gaze narrowed, its uncaring crimson glare still locked upon its target. There was no sympathy. There was no remorse. Simply the state of disregard for everything and everyone that got in the way of this torrential being.

Stage 1; Apathy

Slowly, but surely, did the tides shift and the beast turned to depart. Its body, one with all the waters that flooded the realm, drifted casually upon the surface where it formed from the ocean of blue-gray apathy, showing no interest in Akira any longer. His presence was ever known to the Black Leviathan, but not an inch of it was recognized. This being drifted aimlessly about, surfing wherever its great glazed gaze peered upon next... The next place to be bound and drowned mercilessly by its rather cold conquest.

Passing through the land, guided by the presence of the growing Insanity, The Abyzmal One appeared randomly above the waters and felt the colds, unfeeling presence that was the greatest of the Seven Insanities. Even in its weakest state, it already consumed an entire land mass. "Damn, this is Balance at stage one? Good thing I ain't gotta go hard on him at stage Ten, then. That woulda been annoying..." He shrugged his shoulders. "Whatever. Itadakimaaaasu," then opened his mouth and proceeded to suck up all of the 'Insanity Of Balance' in one quick *slurp!* It didn't seem to care either way, and what was it gonna do? Say 'no' to the God of the Veritas? Wrapping this one up quick fast an in a hurry.

When the water was drained, he shut his mouth tight and began to fade away just as quickly as he appeared. The Magnus Ignis was still cooled, but at least it no longer was overflowing with Apathy. How the fires became rekindled was not his concern.

*burp* "Alright, on to the next one..." He muttered as he faded out completely.
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Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
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Second Ignition: To The Clocktower: Warning Khrona

A trail of red light, harmful to those living that came near it, would streak across the sky until finally, it came to be that it was Master Guardian. Landing before the Clocktower that Khrona was in, Master Guardian would knock at it -- not softly, but loudly. He was quickly growing impatient; he wanted and needed to forge the 'Verios WarHammer'. He had to battle and get his 'Gaia WarHammer' back before The Insanity got to and infected Gaia. "I dont have time for this!" the Master Guardian would yell to get someone's attention.

"Woah. Cool your jets, bro," a disembodied voice spoke out from nowhere, followed by a burst of multicolored flame and smoke of the same rainbow variety. Arms crossed and eyebrow quirked, the Will of the Veritas, the Djinni Tyranophant, would appear before Master Guardian, looking almost as impatient as he was. "Yeah, what the hell do you want? I'm on a schedule here..."

Before Master Guardian, a holographic replay of the events of earlier would show; it was a lot better than talking it. It was all there -- Insanity, infecting that universe, then breaking into this one... "Tell Khrona," Master Guardian would say.

Watching the events that transpired... Was not a pretty sight at all. In fact, it was the most annoying thing that could have occurred after JUST stepping out of the goddamn 'Crystal Garden' of peace and awesomeness and shit. "... God... FUCKING DAMMIT!!!" The Tyranophant's body ignited with a sea of red flames, that which would illuminate that part of the 'Crystal City' with the same hue. "WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU--" He sighed heavily, the flames immediately coming to an unnatural calm, as though they were completely controlled, despite how out of control they seemed to be just a moment ago. "UUUUUGGGGGH... ... Okay. Let's just say, I am Khrona, alright? And as much as I'd just LOOOOOVE to spend my first few moments in this world going to fix SOMEONE ELSE'S FUCK UP," he heavily emphasized sarcastically, rolling his eyes simultaneously in the process, "... I have some things to set into motion before SOMEONE ELSE comes along and does something ELSE stupid. LIKE INVITE THE INSANITY FOR COOKIES AND TEA, OR SOME SHIT. >>; "

These fucking people had no idea how dangerous that thing really was, nor what it meant to use its power. They thought they had a friend, but no. The Insanity was no one's friend. Ever. It only sought to prolong its own existence, and anyone fool enough to succumb to its power would end up giving it enough to destroy them after it took all it wanted from them. But, they couldn't see past their blind thirst for power long enough to realize that this was life or death they were talking about.

"Oi vey..." the Tyranophant reached up to his head and pinched between his brow in frustration, not even understanding how this could even fucking happen. "Damn, do I have to babysit-- Ugh. Nevermind. Fuck it. Just, fuck it!! I'm sure one of the Shinsanities can go fix this while I go put the other ones where they need to be."

He raised his hand, calling forth the next Shinsanity; the Shinsanity of Fire, Temper. "Yo, Hot Head!! Go fix this fuck up, yeah? I got shit to do at the 'Crystal Tree'." The fastest way to scour the Veritas was to have all of the Spirits that made up The Tyranophant's being be released out into their respective places: The Seven Shintanities, Kamitamashii, and Nightshade. Since apparently he had to babysit to make sure people didn't bring The Insanity into this place again, he would just have to split his spirit up in this fashion to make sure every one of the bases of the Veritas was covered.

"... Don't. Do this again. Look, I can hear it in your voice. Ugh." He whistled sharply to get Temper the Fire Shinsanity's attention so he could follow this strain of Insanity all the way back to the source. "Follow it. Don't let it escape." He rolled his eyes, turning back to Master Guardian. "And you... What the hell possessed you to even THINK of letting the fucking Insanity out in the first place, eh!? EH!?!?"

"I sought out materials to forge a weapon and while doing so, something created The Insanity. I had no control, I never did," the Master Guardian would respond.

From the hand of The Tyranophant, the next Shinsanity was brought into the Veritas as a burst of the same raging flames that suddenly surrounded him originally. He did not say a word, but merely glared at Master Guardian with a burning fury that he had to desperately contain. "... I thought... We were done with this shit..." he muttered, picking up on The Insanity in the Master Guardian's voice. It made him shudder a bit, as though he could feel the power coursing within him, even if it was immediately changed into Shinsanity upon entering his purified body.

Without so much as a blink, just as quickly as he was there would he burst off like a rocket toward wherever he traced the Insanity to.

Just like that, the Master Guardian was done with this place. His aim was his Hammer, and he was gonna take it back, and that meant getting to The Insanity -- and that meant following this guy, the Fire Shinsanity. His mission to forge the 'Verios WarHammer' was now on hold, at least until he got his own hammer back. Thus, in a blur of speed, Master Guardian would jet away from the area following Temper, the Fire Shinsanity. "The Weapon belongs to me," Master Guardian would say to Temper who was in front of him.

The Tyranophant sighed, scratching the back of his head, "You brought some filthy shit from the Lost World with you? You know that place is FILLED with The INSANITY, right?! That's what just happened inside of that tower!! Disconnecting from The Insanity COMPLETELY and leaving that shit on the Lost World..." Guess before the 'Isolation', the Master Guardian was able to bring in some of it somehow... They'd have to fix this. "Look, I do not want ANY ties to the Lost World any longer. THEY are the cause of Insanity, and now that place has become a CESSPOOL for it. I isolated all of it into a prison so that it could simply fizzle out. That's what I'd LIKE to have happen. So, next ti--"

Before he could finish, Master Guardian was already on his way, clearly having no intention of hearing Ty out. He was gonna have to tell people to NOT open up any portals to the Lost World anymore. The Insanity was crafty, and it existed all over their stained existence. ESPECIALLY Inside of the Dark King and the Mental Void. Regardless of what he THOUGHT he got rid of, he basically only put it off in the back of his head so that it could grow and eventually consume him.

"Ugh. And sometimes I wonder why I stopped blowing people the fuck up... I already isolated their reality, so the only way anything is getting in or out is if someone from HERE brings it... Or, if someone from THERE finds a way to get HERE. Which they shouldn't, considering I locked them in the Perfect Prison; Metatron's Cube." They wanted The Insanity so damn bad, now they have it. But that didn't mean for people to go play in it and then bring the contamination back here. He pondered these thoughts, trying to figure out how the hell he was gonna keep this place clean. "This place is pure. This place is clean. I do not have any Insanity anymore. Not a drop. So if someone brings some in, it'll be from someone else. And lord knows I don't want any one ELSE'S Insanity in MY realm. Ya know?"

This was a problem... How was he going to make sure that none got in...? Maybe that was the next thing to do on his list. "Ugh. Cripes." Regardless of these facts, he still needed to finish what he needed to do... And that was to get to the Crystal Tree and get the Spirits of the Veritas all accounted for. Since he had no more business here, in a puff of multicolored smoke, he was gone.
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Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
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Third Ignition: Restoring My Power...

Quantizing into the nearest location from the 'Cavern Of Awe', the 'Verios Warhammer' was actually rather drained of much of its power. Considering that the Insanity itself was already weakened, it would not have enough strength to fully move about as freely as it could.

"Blast... I need a vessel to move this infernal contraption..." It was aware of the power that this former 'Miller Warhammer' was able to use, and the construction of a Gaian Construct would come in handy to wield the weapon on its own... However, first, the Insanity needed to feed.

"Hmmm..." All it could do at this point was start to draw power from what the Hammer was connected to, which just so happened to be both Gaia and Master Guardian. "... Give me your strength..." it muttered, trembling slightly. It would then begin to absorb energy from both sources, little by little, until it had enough to create a Gaian Construct, which would, in this turn, be an Insanity Construct.

Before the Insanity could get too far, it was met with a towering blazing figure with arms crossed and eyes blazing with a fury like no other; that which was not expressed with anything but sheer presence and eye contact alone. "... I don't like you," he said rather bluntly, "... I'm going to kill you."

Directly after Temper, the Shinsanity Of Fire arrived, Master Guardian would too, but not without a showy intro.

As he fell from above -- he would do so fist first so upon hitting the ground, his punch to it would form a crater, one which was about ten feet wide, and another around the first thirty feet wide. Slowly from this crater he would rise, wielding a black and red Battle Axe; this was the weapon he used ages ago, before he forged the Gaia Warhammer.

Rising to his feet, he would look at Insanity, anger within his eyes. "You have what belongs to me," Master Guardian would say, vibrating the ground below him.

"Yeeeeeeeeeesssssss..." it muttered, falling into the crater that Master Guardian created. It could feel his anger rising, which began to fuel The Insanity further, giving it more of his power than he originally anticipated. From there, a construct started to form, but only piece by piece. This time, a large disembodied gauntlet would form, picking up the Warhammer as pieces more started to form from the Master Guardian's own hatred within being fed to The Insanity connected to his soul via the Warhammer. The Master Guardian was of no issue, for he would simply feed The Insanity power. However... The burning one... Was a different story. "... If you want it back... Then give me your strength, boy. This fiery being before you seeks to destroy me... And, you too, if you harbor Insanity within..." The floating gauntlet rose from the crater and hovered closer to the forest, swinging the Warhammer belligerently as though a lumberjack chopping wood. It crashed into one of the trees, immediately knocking it down and igniting it in flames. Now that the hammer could move, it could harvest energy the way it saw fit. With the immediate consumption of the tree, the hand would extend and become now a large, powerful arm. "Give me your power..."

"Don't touch it," the Fire Spirit said immediately, controlling his own anger in order to ensure he did not succumb to The Insanity and become corrupt. This Insanity was still relatively weak, so disposing of it shouldn't be too difficult. The only issue was that this was a forest and there was a risk of burning it all down if he didn't keep his cool. "I will take care of it. Do not get in my way, or I will incinerate you." This was simple fact of the matter.

He clenched his hand into a tightly balled fist. which would immediately ignite with a beautiful crystal flame tinted in a passionate rouge. "I'm going to kill you," he repeated, walking slowly toward the infected warhammer.

"Im not stupid," Master Guardian would say, responding as if he was being mocked. How should he have known Insanity would be created by something that was here all along then unleashed during a test given to him?

The Master Guardian was told not to do anything; that was usually the opposite of what he did. "No one gets my power besides myself," Master Guardian would say, letting the hammer go off to the forest.

Watching it attack the forest was something he didn't like. But for now he remained where he was, watching his Hammer, the Hammer meant to liberate worlds and bring back their natural self was being used for the opposite...

The Insanity knew that it would not be able to face the Shinsanity that stood before it, for it had great power that The Insanity had not yet acquired. However, this forest would prove to be the perfect source of fodder. The tree that was struck down would spread the flames of Insanity to the others that touched it, breaking down the essence of these trees and converting them into more Insanity. The body of the Construct would start to form far more quickly now. "Hahahaha! With an entire forest at my disposal and constantly feeding from this foolish man, I will have enough power to face you, oh burning one!! HAHAHAHA!" The stronger The Insanity became, the weaker Master Guardian would become, almost like it was stealing his life force. It grew to harbor a complete upper body, as well as a torso. With every burning tree, the Insanity gained another part of the body for the construct.

It also was not fool enough to simply wait for its own destruction. So with the infected trees, it would use the power of the Hammer to erect Insanity Trees from the old ones. They would serve as beacons that would ignite other trees and spread their influence all about the forest. At that moment, The Insanity would slip into the fire undetected, deeper into the 'Great Forest'.

"Enough..." the Fire Shinsanity muttered, no longer being able to endure allowing this Insanity to run free. The crystalline flame that flared up around his hand grew larger and larger as he slowly raised it level with his chest. He cocked his fist back and breathed in deeply, "... You don't belong here." He opened his eyes, the red flame suddenly bursting into crystal in the same fashion as his blazing hand. "Die," he muttered calmly, thrusting his fist with great explosive force into the first tree he came in contact with. The crystal flame ignited, bursting over the entirety of the 'Great Forest' to ensure that this creature did not escape, nor that it had the time to do so. The 'Crystal Flames' did not burn any of the trees, but merely purified them and everything that was The Insanity. All that was once 'Insanity' would then become 'Shinsanity', and thus extra energy for Temper to consume, having him grow more powerful.

His trembling fist lowered slowly, folding into the other as he crossed his arms over his chest and closed his eyes. "... It should be dead. Wherever your Hammer is, it's inside of that forest."

The Master Guardian's power grew weaker, and as it did he felt his very life force begin to wane. Luckily, 'Treaty Tech' was advanced enough to replace what broken portions of his soul were missing with artificial ones, but even then he did not want to become what the Commander was, or even close.

"I'll never lose my humanity," Master Guardian would say out loud.

This kind of power was out of his league, out of the realm of what the 'Hologram System' could do; it was like those pesky Order members from Kwandrivia, or like eighty percent of the upper echelon from the Lost World.

Without enough power to escape, nor knowledge of what was to occur, the random ignition of the forest in sheer 'Crystal Flame' would not only douse the flames of Insanity, but convert them into pure Shinsanity, which would alter the consciousness of the Warhammer into something that seemed to be an extension of the 'Shinsanity Of Fire'. Now, the half-formed construct that was nearly complete would hover there, no longer radiating the flames of Insanity.

"Hm? Where am I?" The new spawn of the 'Shinsanity Of Fire' had no idea of its consciousness as Insanity, but only as an extension of the 'Crystal Flame' as well as a half-formed construct. It looked around at the forest, finding the flames that surrounded it to be beautiful and filled with energy it could use. "... This place is soothing..." it muttered, touching one of the trees that it felt connected to, somehow. At the touch, the Crystal Flames that coated the tree would be absorbed into the warhammer, adding to its strength and nearly completing the construct's basic form. "This is nice... It's like this whole forest is filled with energy!" No longer concerned with the destruction of the forest, it would instead seek to douse these flames surrounding it by taking them into itself, which would eventually give more power to the now 'Infernal Warhammer'.

Master Guardian walked into these woods, ignoring the fire; he knew the 'Hologram System's 'Enviro-Systems' would handle that. As he walked, he looked to his now sentient hammer and spoke. "If it's power you seek, return to me," the Master Guardian would say. "Come to me, and I'll construct you a body that can infinity grow; one not bound by the confines of the Gaian Warhammer," Master Guardian would say. He already had several 'bodies' he would be able to give away.

"Who are you?" the construct responded, unable to retain memories of before the Insanity possessed it. "I don't... Want to leave this nice place. It's filled with this wonderful beautiful fire that doesn't burn the trees... But it gives me strength." It touched another tree, drawing in the Crystal Flame into itself and returning the tree to normal. "Why are you trying to take me away from this good place?" The 'Infernal Warhammer' could not understand why someone would randomly show up seeking to take it somewhere... Nor how it got to this place to begin with.

More of the construct's body formed, this time, creating legs all the way up to the kneecaps. It hovered there, Warhammer in hand, backing away from him and deeper into the forest. "Don't... Don't follow me anymore!! I don't know what you want from me, but I don't see why I should go with you!"

Before Master Guardian, a hologram so real one would think it was real would form. It's showed the Master Guardian using the hammer, building the hammer, gathering the resources for the making of the hammer. "Everything about you relates to me. You are mine," the Master Guardian would say, shutting off the hologram.

The Construct gazed at this hologram in awe, trying to figure out why it was showing this man constructing the weapon that was in its hand. Apparently, the construct seemed to believe that it was the real self and not the hammer. "No... That can't be right! That's... That's not real!!" After touching another tree and absorbing its strength, its legs would form and touch the ground, completing the form of the Construct. "I don't belong to anyone! Especially not someone that would make something up like that!! All of that looks fake!!" Even so, remnants of these memories seemed to resonate with the hammer itself, which sent the construct into a bit of confusion. "... But... You do look... Familiar..."

It shook its head, gripping the hammer tightly, letting it become encompassed in the Crystal Flame. "But I think this is some trick! Get away from me!" It swung the hammer at the Master Guardian, creating a 'Gravity Well' that would draw in the remainder of the Crystal Flames that ignited the trees within the area that they were in, whilst simultaneously using this force to pull Master Guardian toward the construct, which would already be prepared to knock him clear out of the forest with a great swing of the hammer.

The Master Guardian wouldn't resist; he let himself be pulled by the 'Gravity Well', and then watched as his own hammer was swung at himself. But, as the hammer struck the Master Guardian, it would phase right through him. Master Guardian was in his 'Omnifarious State'. He wasn't going to attack or do anything hostile. "You belong to me. What do I have to gain from lying to a hammer?" Master Guardian would ask.

As Master Guardian passed right through the swung hammer, the Construct grew terrified of this man, not knowing what to make of him, nor why he was even here in the first place. "What are you?! Get away from me, you monster!!" The Infernal Hammer, knowing now that it could not hit this man, fled the scene, taking all of the crystal flames with it. The forest would grow dark and the hammer would be nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, at the entrance of the forest, Temper could see that the crystal flames that once coated the trees were no more. He narrowed his eyes curiously, taking steps into the forest to see what happened. He did not sense anything malicious, but he could feel the presence of his Shinsanity Of Fire moving about deeper in the forest. He could feel its fear. "What is that man doing...?"

This hammer's form was scared, more scared than the Commander got once his barriers fell. It was a coward in Master Guardian's eyes. "ONLY COWARDS RUN!" Master Guardian would yell out, letting his booming voice be carried through the woods.

"It doesn't know how to deal with you," Temper muttered from behind Master Guardian, having found its way into the Great Forest by following the lead of the Shinsanity Of Fire, "... Your approach seems to be intimidating it. Flames inspire spontaneity without rationality. It is like a child." Being the Shinsanity Of Fire itself, Temper knew all there was to know about how it was reacting. Even as an extension of himself, it was its own being, as well, as would all extensions that were allowed to have their own sentience. "If its flame is of fear, why would you feed the fire by giving it more to burn...?" There seemed to be wisdom in the rather quiet flaming man. Despite how direct and blunt he was, he knew how to not let his flames overcome his words.

"Fear is but a weakness one must overcome if they are to get stronger," the Master Guardian would say, advancing towards where the missing hammer was going, or rather just deeper into the forest.
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Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
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Fourth Ignition: In This Town...

... A priestly man arrived stepping just outside of the blazing sun, one of his 'Flames Of Eternity' that had been left to light this land. It was clear that it had become barren under the intense heat, which only occurred when there was something horrendous brought into the sight of it. If there was too much hatred, the very Sun would become a blood red, and wrath would strike down upon the land, as had been seen in these desert Badlands.

"... Daughter..." he sighed, "... Pumki..." seeing her handiwork all over this, "... I could have sworn I instructed not to kindle the 'Flames Of Hatred' so haphazardly... You will compromise our Mission."

The dry and arid land was scorched completely by her light before, which was still emanating in the red sky. He was going to have to draw her Flame back into himself and restore his strength, whilst lessening that which beamed over the land. He was moving the 'Pumpkin Town' to this location, post-haste.

"Sorry, Dad..." a wispy voice called out from the heat. It was a frost that was cold enough to maintain its gelid temperament even under the intensity of the 'Red Sun' up in the sky -- that sun, 'Signis'. "I was going through some inner turmoil with myself and uh... Well, you know how The Insanity gets." Blue, who had been taking on the form of 'Matrem Crysta' for a while, would reveal her true form as Triere's Living Shadow; 'Black Al'Ice'. It seemed like she'd been waiting a very long time in this very spot to be noticed again.

"Either way it goes... Signis, herself, has given up her form to become Teleine, of whom I was taking the image of whilst waiting for her to arrive in the Sixth..." Blue, of whom Black Al'Ice was known as, was a Phantom through and through. She, like Cheshire Phantom -- Or, Chroma -- the 'Black Ashli', were able to take on different forms through their 'Grim' heritage as 'Living Shadows' in order to confuse onlookers to what was actually going on until the time was right. In that, she was taking on the form of what 'Signis' as 'Teleine' was going to be in order to make sure that she did indeed assume that form when she rose. They were, even as separate individuals, connected through Triere, no matter what Form nor Vessel they were in.

"But you know we need her back to complete Us. We can't use Pumpkinheart or Teleine any longer; she's already given up her Flame to give those two life." Blue looked up to the glowing Red Sun that still remained in the sky, "... So our only shot at getting Signis back now is...?"

The priestly man sighed heavily, closing his eyes. He had already foreseen this process recurring again from this method... But, at least when he was done extracting the Flame Of Eternity that was trapped inside of the Red Sun, he could place it down as the new Signis. "... I suppose that she is the 'High Seraph Of Bloodshed' for a reason..." He could not help but shake his head, knowing that her time was coming. "And with her arrival, you will be needing to cast a barrier over this land shaped like the Crystal Fruit... The Pumpkin. And this land will be known as the 'Pumpkin Town'." In order to achieve this, they were going to need the God Of Fire, who harbored one of the stray Flames of Pumpkinhead that had grown into the Sixth. "Son..." he uttered, knowing that through the 'Family Bond', he would be able to hear, "... It's Time To Claim Our 'Land Of Great Fire'."

A burst of red signature to the Flame that always burned brightly in the Pumpkinhead brought forth the flaming form of the Freed Will as the God Of Fire, Temper; Pumpkinhead's last Stray Flame. "Yes, Father...?" He could feel the power of his second stray flame; the Sister that broke off from him at birth, radiating in the sky. Looking up to her, he would be able to see her face -- Pumki. "... So..." he said, already knowing what this was about, "... It's time for the 'High Seraph Of Bloodshed' to Awaken...?" That meant that the Battle was soon to begin. "... Heh. I've been waiting my entire life for this day..." The day where Pumpty Dumpty was put completely back together again...

"Yes..." the priestly man said, raising his hands up to the Red Sun, "... Daughter. Return to the Form of Whence you came... To your Brother, Pumpkinhead's Final Flame." He would begin the extraction process, calling forth the flames of the Red Sun into his being. He, being ruler -- or, once ruler -- of all Flames Of Eternity could, indeed, bring down what once belonged to him and his offspring as he saw fit. In his hands would form the very essence of the greatest warrior in all history; a mighty and powerful piece of Pumpkinhead that had been split from him at his birth to form the High Seraph Of Bloodshed... She who held the power to conquer all with the bloody sword of burning righteous fury. "Take it, my son..." he'd say as he extended his hand harboring the flame colored as red and as thick as blood itself, "Take it and Light the Candle. It Is Time." He would pass the flame off to Temper, so that he may be the High Seraph Of Bloodshed. The 'Shinsangel Of Fire'.

Temper took the final Stray Flame into his hand, gazing at it's thick and rich color; even the very aroma of it was thrilling. "Mmm... As though a shark to its meal..." he muttered to himself, enjoying the very sensation of the Stray Flame of Pumki. "I know I've been collecting these pieces of us for a while..." he said, closing his hand on the flame and letting the fire consume his essence like boiling blood, "... But I think this one has to be my Absolute Favorite, Father." When the 'Blood Flame' coated his body like skin, it rose up over the land in a wicked burst, consuming the entire land in a new magnanimous light. It poured over the land like a river, filling every crack and crevice with its light. Kindled over all of the Land Of Great Fire was the new Great Flame that belonged to the Great Pumpkin himself. Glowing now like a blood red sun, it would be a beacon in the Dawn that... The Time Has Come.

Being washed over by the Flames was more than uplifting for the Keeper; in fact, he would bask in it and the smell of blood and brimstone almost as much as Temper himself, who was this Great Fire. "Mmmmmm..." the priestly man, the 'Keeper Of Fire' moaned to himself, breathing deeply and closing his eyes as if hit with a radiant wave of utter bliss, "... Yes... This is it. What we've been missing this entire time." He opened his eyes just a sliver to Black Al'Ice, alerting her that it was her time to shine. "Your turn, Daughter. Contain this flame in the Crystal Fruit so that our new Land may be complete. Then, take some of the completed essence emanating from Temper into yourself and transport it inside of your empty vessel to the next Beacon that needs to be alight."

"Right..." Blue said, hovering up into the sky and preparing to contain the Flame. To keep the flames from overwhelming and burning up the entire land, they would be cooled by a frosty breeze that cupped the fire and arced over the land, keeping the heat of the 'Great Furnace' contained only in that land alone. The fires would not burn any farther than the boundaries of the icy wind that kept them at bay, nor would their light scorch anything outside of these boundaries, keeping the rest of the Dawn safe from the bloody flame. Snow would start to fall, yet as it touched the flame, it would not melt; instead, it would crystallize and spread outward, intersecting and connecting to create a great and bulbous shape not unlike that of a giant crystal Pumpkin. This would only reach the borders of this land, and in it, the face of the 'Great Pumpkin' would be formed; he who would be the new Core of this land. Snow would fall continuously from the sky above the pumpkin, until the Crystal was reinforced enough to remain stable to keep the flame from burning it and everything around it. Only then would the snow stop.

"... Alright. The Borders of this Land are set." It was time for the next phase, which was... "... Now that the Flame is completed, harboring the power of the Kasaigami's full and true strength..." she would draw in the combined essence of Pumki and Pumpkinhead now; that which was the last of Signis now joined in harmony with her elder flame, and store it within her own icy, dark body. She would begin to glow a bright, bloody red as she hovered midair. "... Mmm..." She closed her eyes, feeling the warmth of Pumki, her stray 'Flame Of Eternity' known as Signis, as well as Pumpkinhead, whose stray 'Flame Of Eternity' was the Magnus Ignis that once powered this land. With the two of them completed, the Power Core for the Dawn would be up and running.

"... Alright..." she said, keeping the Fire inside of her at a nice Icy chill, "... I have it." She looked down to St. Troix, the priestly 'Keeper Of Fire' below, nodding her head to him, "... I will be transporting it to the proper place now." Without any hesitation, she would pass through the barrier of the Pumpkin and flutter off toward the Crystal Palace, where the Light missing a Fragment was waiting...

Once Temper had completely tempered the flame under the protective coating of the 'Crystal Fruit' that was the 'Great Pumpkin', he would immediately begin to settle down as the Blood Red color filled the land in a nice, temperate heat. Though the vigorous passion of the Flame was still present, it was no longer hostile nor malicious, but lukewarm and inviting... A beautiful Blood Orange. This was the new Pumpkinhead; rather, the completed Flame Of Eternity that was Pumpkinhead. As he drew the Flames back into himself as his new Physical form, he would show his true colors as...

Titus, the Kasaigami.

"The Beast Is Back..." He clenched his fingers together, letting the flames course through his fingertips, blazing up his solidified arm before dispersing immediately once they reached his shoulders, "... Yes... Been waiting a long time for this one..." He would trod with heavy, authoritative steps toward the Fire Sanctuary, which was to be his resting place. "Father... I thank you for all that you've done for me. For us." This was Pumpkinhead's true nature and wish as the 'Kasaigami', the 'God Of Fire'. "With all the Flames Of Eternity in my hand now... I will rule over this sector of the PumpKingdom with an Iron Fist. Just like my Father." He would pause, smirking, as his body would suddenly burst into a beautiful Goldenrod, as shiny and as thick as pure gold, itself, shining like the Sun. "But with a Heart of Gold. Just Like my Brother."

This was Pumpkinhead's... Nay... Titus' new resolve and new view on and of life. He would no longer be the one to destroy it so haphazardly with his uncontrollable anger and flames. With the power of Temper, he would hone his Flames to cause things to grow and to be destroyed in perfect order, and to give power where necessary and take when necessary. As the Fire God, he would ensure that the Flame was used in Perfect Harmony. "Now... I leave the rest up to you." And so, this land would be known as the 'Pumpkin Patch; Land Of The Great Pumpkin'. "In This Town..." he'd begin to chant, a smirk growing on his face as the golden flames began to flicker off his form, "... We Call Home..." The solid gold body he'd created for himself, the color of a Lantern's flame, would begin to fade away, dispersing back into the form of an aethereal wisp, "Everyone Hail."

And with that, The Flame would fizzle out, rekindling at the Fire Sanctuary.

"Hmhmhm..." St. Troix had to chuckle, pleased to see that his children were finally getting the lives that they deserved; something he could not give them In The Beginning. They had become so much more than the Three Flames Of Eternity that served as his spawn; now, they were a great family with a rich and powerful history... They and the Grims alike. He was pleased to see that even his mistake of the past had grown to become something even greater than he could have ever conceived before... And it was all because he allowed them to grow on their own. "... Welcome Home, Son..." he said, this time with a lot more sentimentality about it. As the land was washed over in the Light of his Son, -- or Sun, for that matter -- he would begin to watch as the New World started taking shape within the bounds of the 'Crystal Pumpkin' protecting the land. The Snow had ceased, proving that it was definitely finished.

"The Land of the Red Sun is no more... But now, the Blood Orange Sun." He looked up and saw the smiling face of the Great Pumpkin in the sky, and felt the lukewarm vibrations of his contentment over the land. And with that, he could smile, as well. "Mmm... Good work, children. Sons. Daughter." He paused, closing his eyes and chuckling, "... Wife." He still needed to reconcile in terms of that... But that was another story for another day. As it currently stood, St. Troix needed to make a nice little shelter for himself in the 'Pumpkin Patch'. He started on his way out of the 'Corona Badlands' and off toward where this lukewarm light would guide him. "Mmmm... Heiwa da na..."
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Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
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Fifth Ignition: Legend of the Fire God; The Great Pumpkin

Titus, after having been reforged from the Flames Of Eternity, -- as was what was missing before in his form -- would manifest as a condensation of pure heat solidified in burning form at the peak of 'Mt. Elios', where the 'Fire Sanctuary' that was his Shrine would reside. From here, his Light, that which would give power and light to all the land that was 'The Pumpkin Patch', would remain as a lukewarm Blood Orange in the sky, radiant and bright like the Sun. He would watch over the land and ensure that all of the heat he released from himself to power this Core was nothing short of Temperate, so that Life could exists in his presence without being completely destroyed. He would sit upon one of the rocks of the great volcano, resting his eyes and his legs in Peace.

"Mmmmm..." he grumbled in delight, happy to see that things were going well. However, he needed something to facilitate this growth and ensure that the Flames did not get too powerful and burn up everything, nor too cold and cause everything to die. So he called for his Hand, "Kukkulhich?!"

"Gonna Cook-A-Bitch..." His first words as he appeared in a small volcanic burst before the Fire God, crossing his arms and harboring a face of unyielding and unrelenting intensity. Small flares flickered about from his form as his blazing head of flame would wisp to and fro. He said nothing more as he patiently awaited the instruction of the Kasaigami.

"Wonderful." Titus smirked, reaching down beside himself and picking up the 'Red Grimoire' that was waiting for him there, opening it up.

Titus: "It Is Time."

During this time, each of the other elemental Gods of the Veritas opened their Grimoires and realigned the Veritas to stability by their combined powers.

After the Shift that occurred and the Veritas stabilized, Titus would close his book and be at peace with his land. With a deep, cleansing and relieving breath, he would rise from his throne and go to look at his beautiful land that should be flourishing with Pumpkins. However, when he looked out over the horizon... "Wha..."


As he saw the complete devastation to what he thought was going to be a beautiful land lit with 'Lanterns' in homage to his homeland, the Kasaigami's Blood Orange glow would intensify to become a 'Bloodred Pumpkinhead', causing the entire volcano to begin to erupt. The red glow tinted the entire land with his fury, causing the already boiling hot lava to evaporate under the intensity of the heat.

Titus: "I."


Titus: "LIVID!!!"

He didn't know what happened, but he was definitely not pleased with it... And someone was going to burn for it if he didn't start seeing some beautifully lit Jack O' Lanterns littering the ground and bringing a soft, gentle glow to this land soon.

"... Wanna Cook-A-Bitch?" Kukkulhich looked up to his master and grinned, hoping that he would say yes. Kukkulhich enjoyed the heat of battle and the show of his flame to everyone on behalf of the Kasaigami. If anything, he would be more than happy to reduce someone or something to ash simply for being insolent and disturbing the peace of the great Fire God. Naturally, he awaited his order with a burning anticipation.

As much as Titus wanted to say yes, he knew that randomly burning everything to the ground as he did in his past life as Pumpkinhead wouldn't do much good here... Especially since it seemed like basically everything was torched already. Though his fury still remained, a surprising control came over the Blood Red Titus.

"... No..." the thirteen foot hulking blazing entity said with a low, yet great rumble, bringing his hands behind his back in deep contemplation, "... Find my Father..." His gaze swept over the land with a scorching discontent like that of a beam of fire, trying to find any trace of life. For some reason, whatever he gazed at for too long seemed to burst into flames, if combustible, or melt if it was not. He wasn't quite sure of why these things were happening, but they continued to enrage him further. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply, attempting to retain his composure despite all his malevolent fury. Titus was certain that if anyone knew of anything that was going on, it would certainly be that man. He didn't want to recklessly destroy things anymore, as he had done in the past with his insatiable fiery fury. This time, with his new life and body, he wanted to do things differently... With as minimal destruction as possible.

"... As you wish." Though a bit disappointed that he wouldn't get to destroy something or someone, Kukkulhich still very much obeyed the Kasaigami and did as he was instructed, locating the Flames of Eternity within his Father and using them as a homing beacon. With a powerful strike to the ground with his fist, a small pillar of fire burst up and around him, completely incinerating his physical form as he assimilated with the flames. His blazing energetic form traveled on the waves of heat until they met with the radiation of the Flames that were of Titus' Father, wherever he may be.

Titus stood there in deep contemplation, wondering what could be the cause of such a travesty. He was infuriated, yet for some reason, also at peace. He didn't quite understand it; in fact, it had always been that way, including in his time as Pumpkinhead. He'd always been in a state of extreme rage yet utter tranquility at all times. It infuriated him to no end, yet somehow he managed to keep his peace until an outside force came and set him off... Usually being nothing more than the slightest, most minor annoyance that set off his fuses. He was pleased with himself for growing out of it, but why was he feeling so pleasant even amidst his searing, unbridled anger for basically being duped out of his beautiful Pumpkin Patch that he sought to rule over as he wished? He really wanted to exist in the Pumpkin Patch. With his Father. He missed his home world, and he made that place as homage to it. It was going to devastate him to not be able to partake in it because he had either burnt it all up or it had been taken from him. The very thought of it made him want to burst...

"Sir," Kukkulhich said as he burst in some hours later, returning to his position next to the Kasaigami after having a conversation with the Kasaigami's Father, "News from the Underground..." Naturally, the Lower Continent, of which his Father lived in the Pumpkin Patch.

Titus, as he was gazing over his land with a fury you could photograph, would suddenly become calm as he was exposed to the subtle flame of his trusted servant, Kukkulhich, bearing the radiance of his Father in his aura, which somehow brought Titus' fury to a simmer. The Red Sun would return to Blood Orange as he gave a sigh of relief, like a machine releasing a great deal of pent up steam. He shook his head, still rather pensive, before turning to meet the eye of his trusted assistant, "... Report."

Kukkulhich gave his king a trusty and stout salute, yet in the manner of a Chinese Martial Artist with his left hand over his closed fist, bowing before him as he spoke. "The Pumpkin Patch has been commandeered by your Father, of whom insists I speak to you these words, exactly: 'Oh, Burning One, Is Your Land Not Beautiful In Your Eyes? Is Your Land Not Yours To Do With As You See Fit?'" He raised his head to gaze at the Kasaigami with a concentrated and resolute stare of utter seriousness, awaiting his response, if any at all.

Titus furrowed his brow after hearing the words from his Father, of whom had moved the entire Pumpkin Patch down into the 'Delta' during the shift. Titus was supposed to be the Kasaigami and had made a Pumpkin Patch specifically so that he may rule over the new Pumpkin Kingdom, as his Father had once done. He was already undermining his authority as a God, and even his own land. Though Titus held deep honor and respect for his Father, he was deeply troubled by how little faith his Father seemed to have in him ruling over an entire land, going so far as to undermine him so swiftly the very moment he had something worthy of an accomplishment. During his time with the Pumpkinhead adorned upon him, Titus was never given much of anything, save for responsibilities to look after his younger brother, who would inherit everything... Including his Father's approval. Still, to this day, it burned him up inside, even if he was in full understanding of why. It was not because of envy, as it used to be for his younger brother, but this time out of self-loathing... For his own weakness.

"... Thank you. That will be all," he would say with a restrained voice, as if he were holding something more back, "... You are dismissed from your duty." Kukkulhich was a hard worker and loyal, trusted vassal of the Kasaigami, and therefore, after his services were done, he would be relieved of them in order to take off and do as he wished, until Titus called for his work again. Titus had always been the strong, silent type; the one to think about everything, yet express nothing, save for when his silence became too much to bear the raging infernos that blazed on nearly constantly within him in those days. Now, being a more peaceful, humble, and docile flame, he felt more at ease and more expressively open... Yet, there were still a great deal of things that he kept within, of which he found trouble expressing outwardly. He closed his eyes again, thinking even more about what his Father said.

"... Sir," Kukkulhich would say again, as a means of acknowledgement and understanding, before rising from his position. Though Kukkulhich was concerned about the state of the Kasaigami, being able to feel the burning sensations going on within him despite his calm exterior, he would insist on, before his departure, inquiring if he were alright. "... Are you well, Titus...?" It seemed that, when Kukkulhich was off duty, he interacted with Titus on a more personal, casual level, yet still maintained his respectfulness, as if he were on duty. "... You know if there is anything that I can do to help, you name it and it is done."

Titus kept a stiff brow and maintained his solemn silence as he continued to think deeply, not opening his eyes once when his trusted Hand had spoken to him. He was too focused on why his Father deemed him too weak, or perhaps reckless, to be able to watch over the entire land that would be the new home for the Lanterns. Was not Titus the one who created it? If that were truly so, then why is it that it was not being managed by its creator? For once, Titus had finally learned to create things instead of destroy them, as he had done to basically everything he ever came across, and even suffered living in the destruction caused by his own hands for so long, wandering the 'Shattered Dimensions'... Trying to learn what his Brother knew so well. Now that he finally was getting started, it was stripped from him? It was shameful and degrading, and yet again, he felt like nothing but a failure before his Father's eyes. Just like before. He could not shake this feeling even at his coronation ceremony before the condemnation and lighting aflame of the Lost World, which was his last task -- to all realms -- before exiting and leaving them to burn. What was he doing wrong, then?

Titus thought of the words, themselves, now... What they actually meant. His Father was cryptic, despite how straight forward he seemed. His words usually had multiple meanings and hidden messages that, after only thinking about once, would not glean the full effects. Was his land beautiful? Yes, of course... Yet, it was not as beautiful as he wished it to be. He, like his Father, saw beauty in the Pumpkins. He missed his home and wanted to surround himself in it and the likeness of its former beauty. Was this teaching him a lesson on how to respect the beauty of the barren? Or, of things that were not Pumpkins? Titus thought, figuring that this was feasible, which made him feel less ashamed of himself and the work of his hands. It wasn't until he truly understood the next sentence that his eyes would shoot open with a burning vigor, and he would turn to Kukkulhich, who seemed concerned, and with that fiery passion, speak out to him with great authority and decisiveness.

"Ah, I understand!!! I know what must be done now, Kukkulhich!!!" The mighty, thirteen foot tall man, hulking and as great as his power within may have suggested by his outer body, would rise from his volcanic throne atop the Mobile Mountain, plucked from the Lost World as one of the Spoils of War and a conquest of the Family, then step slowly over to the edge of the high mount, looking over the entirety of the Corona Badlands. "... I wish for trees and agriculture to flood even this infernal wasteland scorched by the light of the blazing Red Sun, now brought to a cool by the Blood Orange Sun; that Great Pumpkin that is my light. I want to see it blossom, like a tropic, yet still blaze hot, like a volcano!!!" He pointed out toward the wasteland, the flames in his heart and head continuing to burn brighter within him as he got more inspired, "So then, shall I not plant more than just Pumpkin Seeds in this ground?! Are not ALL the plants beautiful!? This is what my Father meant!!" Titus, who was only slightly elder to Tigen, remembered the days when his Father was prejudice against all that did not take on his image as a Lantern nor wear the garb of the Pumpkins, even so much as to cast out the Cacti that his Mother cultivated with love and care for the Lanterns to inhabit as equally as he had done the Pumpkins. That was one of the reasons why the Children suffered so, and Titus remembered his Cactus Counterparts; the other side of the family that are known today as 'Devourists.' "I will respect his decision, then, and show him that I am capable of being superior to who he was of the past by being a greater Flame of the future!!!" Titus would not be racist nor prejudice to those that were not Pumpkin, but instead, treat them as though they were just as beautiful and grow them in the plethora.

Without acknowledging or even signalling to Kukkulhich that he was prepared to take off, in all his fiery invigoration, Titus would leap high into the air and over the edge of the mountain like a molten rocket spewed from the bowels of a volcano and fall to the earth like a meteor out in the heart of the Corona Badlands, where he would begin his Greenhouse.

Kukkulhich was at first rather taken aback by Titus' sudden blazing invigoration, at first finding that he might have been upset or perhaps even depressed by the words given to him by his father. "... You are taking this rather well..." Which was good, but just rather unexpected, considering what he was known for. Yet, Kukkulhich could already tell what was coming next, once he saw that Titus was feeding his own flames with his next idea. "... Oh no..." he muttered, already knowing that one, there was no stopping him once he was fired up and had his mind set on something, and two... That if he were too fired up, it would lead to blazing destruction. Kukkulhich, though he agreed with Titus' thoughts about what his father told him, also knew that part of the reason why the Pumpkin Patch was stripped from him was because...


The reverberation of the sound of the meteor-like impact brought a powerful wind that swept over even the top of the mountain, of which Kukkulhich knew that if the wave of force had gotten all the way up here, it had probably done a number on the rest of the area. "... Maybe I should try to calm him down before he..."

Already, before Kukkulhich could even finish his sentence, he would see the Sun turn from Blood Orange to Blood Red again, and he knew what came after that. "... *sigh* ... It is already too late..." he groaned, seeing the giant red beam shoot from the sky and basically incinerate the entire area he was standing in. Kukkulhich suspected that this was because of his attempt to make the greenery grow, but because of his lack of control for his power, as was his issue in the past, he ended up overdoing it when he got excited and clearly was scorching the land even further. "... Yes... This is certainly why your father did not want you to watch over the Pumpkin Patch... Not quite yet, my friend..." he would say, punching the ground and being engulfed in a flame that would fizzle out along with Kukkulhich's physical form.
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Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
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Sixth Ignition: The Great Pumpkin; Greenhouse Garden

A blazing red star shot down from the sky as a blistering meteorite, crash landing with great force and a mighty impact directly in the dead center of the Corona Badlands, which were wide and barren, with the Blood Orange Sun beaming down on it in a temperate heat.

In the midst of the wasteland, a massive crater would form under and around the feet of the great and sturdy thirteen foot tall crimson man-like figure, which would expand outward as far as the radius of a large building would be. He looked up to the sun, in all his fiery passion, and would concentrate on his connection to it, as part of himself, and it would begin to turn Bloodred. Titus, in his passion, did not stop to think about what he was doing, but simply did as he believed was best in order to accomplish his goals. He seemed exceptionally pumped, and chipper, at that, which led to...


His 'Nature Energy', which was his inherent ability that counteracted Tigen's 'Liquid Energy', had already been spread throughout the entirety of the crater upon his landing, and was still aglow within the radius. Knowing that the plants would need much sunlight, -- when, in all his vehement vigor to begin his operation, he called forth the power of the sun, -- a massive blood red beam would shoot from it, like fire from the eyes, and strike exactly that spot that he was in, filling it with the fiery heat and light of the sun that plants needed to grow. In such a high concentration, they would have all the energy that they needed, much like Titus, who basked in the light and intensity of this heat as though it were nothing but a warm, gentle ray just lightly brushing his skin. "Ah yes!!! This is the PERFECT temperature!!!" It was just dull enough to be absorbed by the plants, yet also just concentrated enough where it would cause them to receive more nutrients more quickly, hastening the process thoroughly. As the searing hot blazing red beam continued to scorch the circular crater, Titus smiled and crossed his arms, waiting patiently in the tender and gentle warmth of this heat upon his body for the flowers, of which he believed would feel the same, to sprout up in joy and vitality from the power of the Sun that gave light and life to all things. "Mmm. This will be a GOOD garden! Great enough for a Pumpkin!!!"

At the edge of the crater, a concentrated flame would burst and scorch into the air the form of Kukkulhich, who seemed to look very concerned, even now, for Titus, in all his excitement. "... I do not believe that plants are able to grow under such extreme conditions, even if these extreme conditions are not extreme to you." He crossed his arms and fell silent, hoping that once again his words did not fall on deaf ears due to Titus' being too 'in his head'.

"Very Shit," Titus said immediately, the scorching flame from the bright red sun incinerating the entire land around him until it was as black as charcoal, " ... Fine. I still wish to have a beautiful garden of flowers and plants and life and prosperity flowing with goodness and beauty, and DAMMIT, I WILL HAVE IT!!" A blazing fire ignited in his hotshot eyes, set on his goal and burning with as much ambition as his flowing mane of crimson flame. "Tell you what, I'll bind myself up and put limiters on my incredulous power and you, my friend, go down into the Delta and burn down the jungle." The tropical jungle that was the 'Triassic Tropicillo' was his target; it was completely perfect. He could test his strength and how well he could control it and give his companion another mission. He seemed just as eager and antsy as Titus, himself.

"Away With You, Red Sun. Let Us Come To A Calm, Level Head Henceforth." He closed his eyes, raised his hands and calmed the Great Pumpkin in the sky reflecting the fire of his heart. Looks like this 'Hothead' had another 'Bright Idea'; his 'Pumpkin Head' was Glowing with a brilliant Amber hue. It would absorb all of the glorious flame and concentrate it into his magnanimous mind, and focus it into his eyes and his thoughts to ensure that he and his brother in arms could accomplish this mission in tandem. "Be sure to watch out for the Ancient Ones, brother. The Ancient King Of Beasts may not be pleased to see you burning down its territory." Fortunately, there was a new King Of Beasts in town, and though he was about to willingly contain and confine himself, he would still be great enough to overcome the powerful Adversary.

With a powerful strike of his two great arms together, Titus would call out to "KUKKULHICH!?!" in an explosive voice matched only by the explosion of his hands crashing into each other and bind his own arms together with the Shinsanity Of Fire, granting Kukkulhich the borrowed power of 'The Beast', Titus, within his fiery fists, whilst Titus' own arms would smelt together at the wrists and forge a flaming cuff that prevented his 'Hands' from being used. From there, the flames of the Kasaigami would be in the Shinsanity Of Fire's all too capable hands. A wicked awesome grin was on his face as he glowed with intensity, ready to get this party started... And for the signature phrase of the trusty companion.

Kukkulhich was surprised at the sudden change in Titus' heart. Normally, he was as stubborn as a bull, and he had the huge red horns to prove it. He'd always been like that, and he knew because the Shinsanity of Fire is the radiant energy of the Kasaigami himself, and before he was purified and tempered by the flames of his own Temper, he was a rambunctious trailblazing roughhousing destructive badass. He destroyed everything in his way and wore a mask to hide his face; that unparalleled anger that none but his Father could compare to or exceed. But it was good to see he was learning to take responsibility for it and control it better, and it make Kukkulhich feel warm inside.

That warmth transitioned into a powerful emotional surge... An explosion of passion, even, that burst into his hands like the heat of a thousand suns. That's when Kukkulhich knew... He felt it in his fingers... That they were bound yet again in the heat of battle and it was time to pick up the sticks again in the name of the Kasaigami. He smirked, raising his arms up, blazing now with the fires of the furnace on his fists and cried out with just as much fervor, "Gunna-Kook-A-Bitch...!!!" and slammed his fist straight into the ground, consuming himself in a pillar of fire that scorched away his form into naught but a ray of sunshine that would shoot down into the Delta, straight onto the heads of the palm trees littering the 'Triassic Tropicillo'. It was good to have The Beast back... And with his strength in his hands, that forest would be his greatest and most beautiful field of glory. Kukkulhich would see to that.

Titus was pleased to see that the man of the still fire was now fired up again and ready to get back into action. As Titus' change of heart kindled the warmth of the Shinsanity Of Fire, likewise, that kindled flame warmed the fiery furnace that is the heart of the Kasaigami. "Mmm..." he hummed solemnly, closing his eyes and letting his blazing hair flicker about in the now Blood Orange sunlight, "... He will do us good. I can feel it." They were connected in more ways than one, as all of the Gods and their Shinsanities were, and so, when one was in order, so was the other, and the same was when they were in disorder.

With that matter settled, it was now up to Titus to map out the area that he wanted to transport the flames from down below from the Delta up above into the Dawn. Therefore, it was time to start the engines. "... Let's rev up those fryers..." he muttered, his wicked awesome smirk smearing upon his face yet again. "... When I get going, there's no stopping. We're gonna make this a clean, clear shot." He took in a deep, cleansing breath, the large fiery Bull Horns extending from his burning locks and to a greater length before his forehead, "Aaaaaaaand..." His hotshot eyes burst open with a vigorous predatory flare, fire spewing from each end as if ready to burn down everything with the passionate flame within, yet keeping it all contained to the target he was locked on; a straight ahead path. "WE'RE OFF!!" Like a horse from the stables, a jet piston boost burst from his hot feet and the trailblazer shot straight forward streaking clear over the barren land and leaving a red hot flame bursting from his feet and cremating the 'death' under his feet and paving down the mortar of 'life' that set as a life-giving fire in the wake of his motion. From there, whatever Kukkulhich burned, it would sprout upward in the fire left behind by Titus.

"... Titus. The Forest Spirit Is Coming... We Have Felt A Shift." The Shinsanity Of Fire, Kukkulhich trailed behind Titus' feet as the 'Jet Flare,' a powerful pyre popping within proximity of their jet propulsion. The burst ignited the 'Sacred Fire' all throughout the Marked perimeter of the area where the burners had spread to. With a single spark of the Dragon King's fire down below, the entire forest was confiscated by Kukkulhich at the hand of Titus, leaving only rising pillars of fire and smoldering constructs that would soon harden as solid earthen constructs after rapid cooling. Then, the greens would follow with the furthered cooling of the settling flames and the eternally setting sun. These words would be etched into his heart at the cooling flames of the trees now shading the area with their Palm trees.

The spread of the trees served as cover, the shade of it hiding a body from the sunlight the moments the trees grew. From there, Tiamat and Taomin would be lost under the penumbra of each of the palm trees, with only nine flickering tails trailing behind Tao as she escaped. They were like wings to her and gave her the power of Flight. But now was the time for her to Fight, as well. When a Dragon begins the Coming of Age ceremony, it is also to overcome their own afflictions in their hearts. Tao was just ignorant to the customs of her people because she was so free-spirited, but she could not deny what was in her blood. Fortunately, Tia was more than aware of how she went from zero to nine tails after her two thousand year resurrection. Her father hadn't been victorious quite yet. Whispers to the forest girl in her ear would guide her to the proper direction.

The heat breathed down Tia's neck like an ever-present fervent essence. The mere vibration of the colors themselves in any sort of umbra and not pitch black darkness was enough for a set of eyes to see in, and the presence to whom they belonged to appear in. She should have known that it was there for her, and where his presence was, soon his 'Douma' would be.

On the backstroke of Tia's shifting reality would be the tail end of Shinrona and his family of Shintsuki and Shinity covertly entering the Dawn. Though Tiamat was busy doing her own thing, Shinrona merely took advantage of the causality shifts around him in order to exact his reality. With Shinity in her proper place now, they could each rest in between the trees whilst Tia and Tao were dealt with. Taking advantage of their causalities didn't always mean becoming wrapped up in it, after all. Sometimes, you only want to be part of an Effect. Thus... "Alright, Family... I believe we've got our landing spot." Though they would land, they would be hidden by the shade, as well. Being of no target interest to anything here, the three of them should have been more than fine on their own from there on. "Let's find a nice place for Shinity to rest."

It was happening much more quickly than Titus anticipated. A single 'Jet Flare' spark ignited the entire Triassic Tropicillo behind him and set the greenhouse in place. Coming to a sudden halt, his heavy body sunk to the ground with a decisive thud, turning to marvel at the living trees that had finally sprouted from his fire rather than raging destruction. "Well, it's not Pumpkins, but it will do." The issue right now didn't seem to be the Pumpkin Patch -- or, the lack thereof -- anymore, but now that the 'Forest Spirit' was lurking about already seeking a place of shelter. The heat carried by the resulting fiery burst told him that the Dragon King had fired a shot, and this was the result of it. "... That was only one shot, huh...?" He closed his eyes and basked in the light and heat of both death and life, breathing deeply of it as the presence settled along with the heat of the light from the sudden flarestorm. Its subsidence was peaceful and serene, but the shift from its presence was still clear. "... We'll Cut Her Off Here."

Tiamat had been backed into a corner for once. There was no way back, she knew, and figured that fighting would only make things worse, at this point. Tiamat knew with whom she dealt with. But there were ways to lessen her impending punishment, she knew. She still had time before the Dragon King came and reprimanded her. Tiamat remained quiet, feeling out the air around her, treading carefully and wary of the Douma, wherever they may have been at the time.

The image of the 'Prayer Beads' surrounding the Greenhouse area would 'Project' itself around Tao's neck, thus binding Tiamat at the same time with the power of the presence of this land and the Master of the Presence, itself.

Tiamat remained silent, listening only to the words that were instructed to Tao. It intrigued her, yet at the same time provided her means to appease the Dragon King, who was her father. Perhaps even nullify her impending punishment altogether. If she could accomplish this goal before the Seventh Moon, then she would, perhaps, be off the hook. That was a plan that Tia could get behind.

Yet, the 'Prayer Beads' around the neck of the girl were troublesome. They bound her wild and untamed power and prevented her from using her strength beyond the limited, concentrated means. This meant that she wouldn't be able to rampage as she saw fit, nor inspire her wild spirit within the vessel, either. As much as she did not like the fact that she had to hold back, she had already been trapped by the strategic surrounding and isolation of the area and their reality. Fighting back, at this point, was nothing but foolish. She was aware of that much. Remaining silent, Tia did not do anything that would incur the wrath of the Dragon King whilst his presence thrived in this area, as well as was bound around her neck. Even if his physical body was nowhere to be found, his presence alone was strong enough to overwhelm her when she was already under its pressure. At this time, moving only when the girl moved, as well as guiding her movements, would be the best for both of them. Time was short and Tia had none of it to lose. Her father certainly wasn't going to waste a lick of it; that much, she was always aware of.

Through the synchronization of each of the Shinsangels and the Shinsanities, the subduing 'Prayer Beads' that were once only on Tao and Tia's necks would be projected also around the necks of the severed dragon heads of Orochi, -- who had invaded the Veritas to spite the Dragon King -- preventing them from being able to grow back, as well as establishing a set dominant influence belonging to the Tensei that would prevent Orochi's regeneration without first overpowering the binding forces of the sentient beings fighting against his presence within the Veritas. Though he was assimilated with the Veritas, the realm was fighting back against him, and therefore gave him a power struggle in addition to The Tyranophant, the Dragon King's 'Presence' as a while that were the individual wills and consciousness of the Seven Shinsangels that protected the Veritas. Thus, in order to overcome the Veritas, or even have any sort of control over any part of the Veritas, as well as the ability to regenerate any of the lost heads, Orochi would have to overcome all Seven of the Shinsangels.

"Tia. It Is Your Turn. You Must Possess The Body." With the Prayer Beads around each of the severed heads, it was weak and lacking control, which meant that this was ample time for each of the Seven Shinsanities to take control, starting with Tia, herself. "... It Is Subdued By The Prayer Beads, And Thus Means You Two Are Sharing A Synchronized Presence," the Presence said.

The only recognition of acknowledgement would be the passing wind of the Spirit in motion and the sudden disappearance of Tiamat.

Orochi was defeated by the Veritas and each of its heads -- which were different dragons -- were commandeered by the Seven Shinsangels. Titus was inclusive to this.

When everything had certainly calmed down with the fighting between the two powerful elemental forces of the Dawn, -- Taomin and Teus, the Presence -- and the land was quiet again, Shinrona and his family, hidden by the shade, would be revealed again.

"Ah, it looks like all that nonsense has come to an end," he said with a slight chuckle. "You can come out Tsuki. Shinity." From there, he could explain Shinity's place as the ruler of the Dawn, and how that differed from the way that the Delta and Dusk were ruled by her more experienced sisters. There was a reason why Shiniere was not fit to run the wilderness of the Dawn, and it was because she treated it like a business rather than a wide open land. Shinity, who knew nothing of these things, and was much more of a free spirit than her two sisters, would not have to worry about that. The boy who sought to claim part of the 'Dawn' as his own before was certainly right in his manner of doing so, for this was wildland, and not something that was 'property oriented', like the 'Delta' or the 'Dusk'. This was the land of the wild.

Shintsuki would emerge from the shade of the large plant with Shinity in her arms, smiling. "Certainly is quite a rough land, this Dawn." It was an all natural land where the laws of the wild were dominant. She could see why Shinity would be best for this location, as well. "Shinity, go along with your father so he may teach you about your land." It was clear that this place was not for Shiniere at all, but Shinity would probably have the time of her life doing whatever she liked and enjoying the landscape, developing her powers as freely as she deemed fit. "Go on." Shintsuki would release Shinity from her arms and let her go off to her father, Shinrona, whilst she stayed back and let them have their talk, just like before.

Shinity would drop down from her mother's arms, of which she'd been wrapped in all the while her father led the way from the Delta into the Dawn when they picked her up from the school. She was really bored down there, since there was no one to play with and everyone was so serious. She just wanted to play and have fun. "Okay!" she said, skipping lightly off to her father's side. "Daddy, what is Shinity gonna do here? This place is cool! It's got all the plants and is really pretty..."

Shinrona would immediately Shinity and place her upon his neck, high above his head so that she could see better. "Shinity, this is the Dawn. Formerly, your sister, Shiniere was going to rule it all, but this is not the land for her. She is more suited for the school environment that you were once in. You, however, are going to be left in this land to grow and develop yourself and your powers in the wilderness." Though it sounded like he was simply leaving his daughter out in the wild to fend for herself, it was actually much more than that. Because of her power, as well as the nature of the land, she not only would be fine, she would develop and become more powerful, as well as learn how to come into her power naturally so that she could control it better. Shinrona began to walk, continuing on.

"Now, Mommy and I will be leaving you, but we'll be around in other ways. You see, there are many different elements to this land and to us. We are with you in and through these elements, and in order to become more mature, you must also learn about these elements and how we embody them so you may grow, as well. What you've already seen was Daddy's Wind and Fire elemental embodiment. The more you seek out, the more you will grow, and you will have your own elemental embodiment the same as us." Even though Shintsuki was also learning about these things, herself, because even she did not have the fullness of her elemental embodiment. In fact, last he remembered, she needed to see Shinrona's Fire Embodiment in order to develop her own. "Mommy will be with you for part of the way to drop you off with one of Daddy's, and from there, you'll be with each of Daddy's elements and learn from me in that way. But you must remember, no matter what form they take, they are all Daddy and Mommy, so you'll never be alone, no matter where you are, or even if we don't look like we do now." He probably would have to show her, but that would come once they reached the Fire God, Titus, which was Shinrona's Fire Embodiment. "Tsuki?" he called, turning his head to her, as if noting that she should come along.

"Hm?" Shintsuki, who was lingering behind, would bring her attention back from her daze when she was called. "Oh, yes, dear~!" she said, floating over to Shinrona and Shinity. She remembered that she was on her way to see the Fire God, which was Shinrona's fiery self, and was curious to see how her interactions with that version of him would go. She had already acquired her Water, Darkness, Light, and Lightning and was in dire need of her Earth, Wind, and Fire embodiment selves, as well, in order to complete the fullness of her own elements. This would be an interesting experience for both she and Shinity. When Shintsuki appeared beside Shinrona, she would grab his hand and smile.

Shinity leaned on her father's head, becoming excited after hearing that she would get to play with her powers. "Woaaaah! Shinity is gonna do lots of super awesome things here and see lots more pretty things and use all types of powers!?" She seemed excited, and was already in the mood to get started. "Take me, Daddy! Take me take me take me!!" She wanted to see all the elements that there were, too. "They're gonna look strange, Daddy? But they're all Daddy and Mommy right? So Shinity won't be alone?" She was tired of being alone, since she was left alone in that school for so long. It was boring there and she wanted to do something more fun.

"No, my Daughter," Shinrona said with a laugh, enjoying her innocence and ignorance of the matter. That would make the land of the Dawn all the more fun for her, since she was full of wonder and energy. She would do many great things here to the full extent of her freedom, and use the length and breadth of this land for what it was worth, rather than Shiniere, who would have probably simply remained in one place. This was a wise decision on his part, and what was best for the personalities of his daughters. "Come, family. I will introduce you to the Fire God, Titus Tensei; My embodiment of Fire." With that, he would take off into the air and suddenly disappear with flicker out of reality.
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Seventh Ignition: Divine Priestess In Training; The Dragon Queen

During the time when Taomin was hiding from the Godfather and her higher self, The Tyranophant, the Dragon King, she first had to be captured. This is what happened when Titus went after her before.

The tribal youth strode away upon all fours, panting profusely as she was hurdled off with the gust of her nine tails that fluttered in and as the wind behind her. She was no longer in the 'Wind Sanctuary' anymore, but it was clear that she was suddenly in danger. Her natural primal instincts kicked in immediately, even if she didn't know what she was doing nor what danger she was in specifically. She found it difficult to concentrate in the heat of danger. The impending feeling of a presence nearby kept her alert and her eyes sharp. All she knew was that right now, it was best to keep running. The Spirit that was whispering to her all this time told her to maneuver in this manner, and she would not disobey her tactical savagery.

The Fire God felt her shifting through the terrain, running just past him in the heart of the forest. She was moving in his territory, after all, and apparently wasn't aware that he had been there. Probably just another haphazard movement from the feral one. It wasn't to cause any alarm. As long as she remained unaware, then this shouldn't take very long. The target was sighted.

Tao paused when she sensed something in the arid air. She called for a fan of her tails veiled over her form to clothe herself with numerous coats and cloaks of reality over her bare naked body, exposed to the eyes of someone somewhere for only a brief moment.

Because The Area Had Already Been Sealed Off By The Shinsanity Of Fire And Made Clean Through The Sacred Fire's Binding Presence Like Those Of Prayer Beads Over The Bordered Greenhouse Area, Taomin Would Have Her Realities Isolated And Be Unable To Escape The Contained Chamber, Regardless Of What Alternate Realities She Made For Herself. She Was Isolated, And The 'Douma' Hovered Around The Air At The Silent Command From Their General. Life Would Become Still Soon.

With nowhere to run now, Teus would handle Tiamat and Titus would be left to deal with Tao. However, the lingering presence of the light, the very heat of the radiance itself, would hold fast and remain ever-present among the area that was taken up completely by it. There was no area here that hadn't been touched by the Sacred Fire from the Dragon King's breath. The first and only shot needed had consumed the trees and all other such burnt offerings, leaving the tropical heat wavering about. The only trace of Teus would be the constant iridescence that glimmered only when he was around, and not at any other time. This was how others knew when he was near, even when he was completely transparent and unable to be visibly looked upon by eyes lacking any Light. Therefore, in his Silence, Tao and Tia would be fully isolated in the now sacred forest.

The image of the 'Prayer Beads' surrounding the Greenhouse area would 'Project' itself around Tao's neck, thus binding Tiamat at the same time with the power of the presence of this land and the Master of the Presence, itself.

"What?! No fair, I-- Shit." Tao knew the moment she spoke that she really blew it. She said she wasn't going to say anything this time. They would be able to catch her easier if she spoke to them. Yet, just as soon as she uttered her words, the beads were already wrapped around her neck and sealed. A Diviner had little defense against another Divination, unless theirs was stronger. Tao was not prepared for a fight against the presence right now. It was just going to be a hassle. Without the power of the Voice, she knew that this was going to be a difficult situation to escape. She didn't know what she's gotten herself into this time, but she was ready for it... And honestly, it seemed like everyone else was, too. She was starting to second guess herself about being so silent for so long, though... That inactivity is a killer. "Whatever. It doesn't matter. Nine tails says I'd take all of you out!!! Right here, RIGHT NAO!!!" Each of her tails fluttered about wildly in a mad manner, the flustering fury brushing up a breeze that bent all of the trees. "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!?!?!?"

Titus had been watching patiently all along from the sidelines, ensuring never to lose sight of the elusive 'Kazegami'. With her power to alter reality so effortlessly via the nine tails, she could have been anywhere or anything she wished, making it a stroke of sheer luck that she would think to come to the place already sealed off by the Angels. That made his job just a little bit easier.

"It's over, Tao," he said with a charcoal growl, "... Nowhere left to run." Though her power to Create and Erase was formidable, when isolated to a point where her reality alterations didn't matter, -- or could be matched and overpowered -- Tao wasn't much than just really difficult to deal with. Her real prowess lied in her animalistic manner and savage demeanor, regardless of the Divination that came to her naturally. Even Titus didn't feel like exerting the force of his own strength to have to hold her down right now, which could become a hassle if she gets overly aggressive. It was time for negotiations. "We just want to feed you, Tao. That's all." The thirteen foot man stepped closer to her slowly, hands up, cautious not to make any sudden movements whilst Tao was all riled up. "... No one wants to hurt you."

"Feed... Tao...?" The raging she-beast suddenly opened her ears to the red giant, finding his words to be most pleasing. "... I'm listening..." she muttered, her tails suddenly coming to a standstill. She knew what it meant for it to be 'feeding time', and a savage smirk sprawled upon her tribal marked face. "Come closer, red guy... Tao is... *slurp* ... Interested..." With a single sharp claw, she beckoned him closer to her, mouth beginning to salivate...

At least she was coherent enough to listen. That was all that Titus needed from her. If she were allowed to succumb to her more savage primal instincts instead of maintaining her civil -- or, pseudo-civil -- manner, then things could get hairy. This would be his test, too, to see if he could control his fire when dealing with the nine-tailed fox girl. He continued on toward her, slowly, cautiously and with as much temperance as he could muster. "... Good. That's very good, Tao. So, listen very closely, and we'll tell you how to go about hunting your prey this time." He made sure that his steps were light, despite the greatness of his weight, and kept a cool, level head. "We'll let you do it on your own, this time. But first, you must know where you have to go and what you must do, otherwise, you won't get your food." As long as she had a target, Tao was the most skilled and effective warrior, but without something to focus on, she was nothing but a wild and untamed animal. "Teus... Have your little chat with her."

The glistening iridescence suddenly shimmered around Tao, its gleaming translucent vibrations wrapping her in the undulations of the echoing sound of an ambiguous voice, of which would also be present in her Prayer Beads. It said to her, "Tao. How you must feed is to connect each of your Tails to their respective Tales through the Seven Shinsangels. You will feed on our power and it will fill you eternally." Tao, being the Heart, needed to connect to each of the other Emotions in order to ensure that each of them maintained balance and harmony, and that they were all feeding her the energy she needed, and vice versa. "That will connect the first Seven of your Tails, and the Last Two are to go to the two of the Seventh. You already have your Tail as the first. You must now connect to Titus and I for the next two. Then, you shall have Three Tails, and therefore, three sources of power to feed you. After that, you must find the last four in the Veritas and connect to them. Then, you will never go hungry again."

"No need to look," an estranged voice called out from the abyss, "I've already swept over the land and gathered the remaining forces." The figured that belonged to the disembodied voice rose from the shadow of the light projected by Teus, in his own image, yet without a shred of the same light that was cast from Teus at all times. This was the Dark One, Thanytoz, who looked exactly like Teus, save for a completely different attire of robed darkness and a pale face that was opposite the colored pigmentation of Teus' own. He appeared beside Titus, a distance away from Tao, rising slowly to ensure that she was not startled into a frenzy.

Three other shadows appeared nearby belonging to Tsao-Rin, Triton, and Titane, the three that had recently become Legends in the completion of their legendary tales. Thanytoz knew that the assembling of the Legends was in order here. "Gentlemen..." he said, the seven now all gathered in a single area, "... I believe we have Business to discuss..."

The next to appear from the shadows was Tsao-Rin, who looked a bit confused and upset. His body was charged and tense, causing his flowing scientific-mage jacket to hover in the air due to static charge. The clear agitation was on his face and the very tension of his being left an electrical charge in the air that everyone should have been able to feel. "Ay, man, that ain't kosher. I was in the middle of some VERY important research!!" As a doctor and a mad scientist, all of his hair-brained schemes and mad methods were all EXTREMELY important to the overall stabilization of the Veritas and everything else attached. "Y'all KNOW I can't be interrupted from my work. This better be good..."

Triton rose from the dark portal, having felt through the waves of the darkness he had been transported through to feel the vibration that Thanytoz had seen with his Third Eye. He sensed the creature shifting through the waves and immediately lifted his hand to the air to call peace to the static in the air. "... He is correct... There is no time for any bickering..." Triton's eyes remained closed as he allowed the flood of wavelength to settle upon his shoulders like his fine kimono, to the full extent that it would settle peacefully upon his mind and his soul to level out and clear each of the waves. At that moment, it would be clear to all of them the presence of the invader and the complete scan of its location, informing all who had passed through the darkness and who Thanytoz had gazed into the Third Eyes of the exact energetic presence of the full body and power of the target in question; Orochi. "... We Have An Intruder..." Triton muttered with the utmost calm, pressurizing the Presence of the Seventh in the waves to stabilize the air waves in order for the clarity and synchronicity to harmonize between all of their souls all at once, even from such a great distance.

Titane emerged from the darkness feeling more than disdainful, in and of himself, no longer being able to flirt with that hot girl that had just recently slipped away from him due to that flood. He was actually really pissed about that. "Omfg, nooooo. That hot giiiiiirl." Sighing heavily, but being revealed to all of the things that were far more important than said hot girl at the time weighed heavier on him than his own ignorant Bliss. "... This is more important, isn't it?" Now, knowing that the Bliss of the greater structure was compromised, Titane was aware that the Earth was not in a state of contentment and therefore possibly heading into peril. The full understanding of what this 'Orochi' was and why it was so dangerous eluded him, but he knew that if it was causing so much disarray, then it had to be important and he simply had to fall into place as necessary. His malleable body of clay suddenly hardened and altered its shape to become slightly larger and more lean, as if the tension in the air dictated the natural state he had to take and adapt to, if necessary. "... Well, I'm ready any time. Just let me know what I gotta do."

"Indeed," Thanytoz spake up immediately afterward in agreement with both Triton and Titane, ready to clarify all that was being kept in the dark which needed to be revealed, "With that passing wave, not only should Tao be calm, but also Titus be cool, and allow for each of us to be able to resonate on the same wavelength as per setting of myself and Triton." Thanytoz's head snapped quickly over to "Tsao," calling for his attention and understanding of his role in the grand scheme of things. "You must unify our wavelengths all at once, and Tao must be allowed to attach us to the Tails. From there, each of us shall be hurled toward our respective destinations where the Seven Heads are to deal with them simultaneously, whilst also being anchored together through Tao to ensure that we all maintain our connection to each other within, no matter what may occur otherwise." Thanytoz, being the 'Pumpkinghead', was the one that generally called all of the shots, as the shadow of the Seventh Restriction, who had the same authority as the light of the Seventh Restriction. "With the stabilization of the Seventh's Presence in the Veritas, each and every one of the Seven Shinsanities should be flowing naturally as the Elements of the Realm." That means that each of the Seven Shinsangels of the Seventh should have been able to call upon their respective Shinsanity Elementals to help them in the fray as the natural energy flowing throughout the atmosphere of the Veritas at all times. They were both omnipresent and sentient, and therefore were the collective energy of each respective elemental consciousness and will as it wished to manifest or was accessible to be manifested by the gods and goddesses that ruled over them.

"By the way, Tsao... One of yours is in our domain in Valparaiso." The Chrysms that belonged to each of the Seven Shinsangels were extremely important, as well, and to miss an opportunity to connect to one usually meant connectivity issues later on down the line. "You might want to pay attention to that."

Tsao, heavily focused on his train of thought, which was actually much more important than most people realized, found it irritating to have that broken for any real reason at all, considering that it was usually a very long string of things that needed to be linked together. Nine times out of ten, Tsao required absolute concentration and cooperation from all ends of the electrical link, and any sort of disruption in the conduit generally immediately irritated him. "... Damn, son. Lucky it was only Bunnybee, and Bunnybee can wait until we get all this bullshit in order."

With the waves of the air wet and clear, they were hyper conductive to Tsao's intense electrical vibrations, which could stream together each of their spirits seamlessly, allowing for all of their wills to flow as one with each other and with the Seventh, as well as with all of the Veritas. At that time, a powerful surge shot through the entire Crystal Tree like a shock up the spine through a series of nerve endings all at once, charging and polarizing all of the energy in the air. This would also include the harmonization of the energy between the parts of Orochi, synchronizing with his very biorhythm -- consisting primarily of brain waves and heart beats -- and allowing for each of the Seven Shinsangels and the Seven Shinsanities to be able to resonate with Orochi simply through his exposure to the Seventh's Presence and the Veritas' energy.

When all of the waves in the Veritas were of one harmonious accord, Tsao would be able to read them with much clairvoyance, as if reading the pages of a book written right before his eyes. This came as a mystic crystalline glow in his eyes that crackled like lightning at the edges. "The Dark Wolf, Huh...?" he would say in response to Thanytoz's 'heads up' about one of the Chrysms being in Valparaiso, "... Looks like Mine is ready." He'd been waiting some time for this. "I suppose it was pretty important that I was disturbed from my work when I was, then." Shrugging his shoulders, Tsao raised up a single arm mid-shrug, then extended the next one out toward the target that was within range of his radar. "Guess I learned my lesson." Clenching his fist tightly as if gripping a bar or handle, a long, electric javelin was forged between his enclosed palm from the condensation of static electricity lingering in the air. A single stroke curved a white hot lightning bolt straight down into Valparaiso, arcing around the Delta and through the Dusk straight into the hole leading to the very bottom of the construct. By the time the electricity diffused in the air, the bolt of electricity should have become invisible, yet still retained a majority of the electrical charge that Tsao sent down toward the Chrysm at the time.

Titus had remained silent and solemn, crossing his arms once he was aware that the situation was at a stable ground and that Tao wasn't going to get out of hand. That meant that neither did he in order to subdue her, and they all could speak civilly, as he wished. "Mm." He was happy to find that everything was coming together, as well as his own stability, and that none of the energy generated about was causing him any disturbance. He was able to feel the emanations of all such energy through its levels of entropy, and as long as there was none within him then he was as what a controlled flame would be at all times. "See, Tao? Your feed has been brought to you, and you still get to hunt." Titus relished in happy endings and resolutions to conflicts in the proper manner. This produced the least amount of entropy in the atmosphere as well as within himself, keeping both he and the Veritas at a stable temperature systematically. "Aren't you glad you didn't run this time?" He smiled warmly at her, feeling and showing no sense of malice nor threat, despite how the entire ordeal was, more or less, a lesson to she and all of the other Shinsangels. He was pleased with this outcome. "Do you know what you must do now?"

The image of the 'Prayer Beads' surrounding the Greenhouse area would 'Project' itself around Tao's neck, thus binding Tiamat at the same time with the power of the presence of this land and the Master of the Presence, itself.

Through the synchronization of each of the Shinsangels and the Shinsanities, the subduing Prayer Beads that were once only on Tao and Tia's necks would be projected also around the necks of the severed dragon heads of Orochi, preventing them from being able to grow back, as well as establishing a set dominant influence belonging to the Tensei that would prevent Orochi's regeneration without first overpowering the binding forces of the sentient beings fighting against his presence within the Veritas. Though he was assimilated with the Veritas, the realm was fighting back against him, and therefore gave him a power struggle in addition to The Tyranophant's Presence as a while that were the individual wills and consciousness of the Seven Shinsangels that protected the Veritas. Thus, in order to overcome the Veritas, or even have any sort of control over any part of the Veritas, as well as the ability to regenerate any of the lost heads, Orochi would have to overcome all Seven of the Shinsangels.

"Of course I know what the fuck to do," Tao barked, tensing up her tails and harmonizing with the fox spirit that lives inside of her, "I'm not stupid. I'm just horny and BORED." Each tail flexed as tightly as Tao's body, crouched over in rare form and ready to pounce. "Come on. You know when I'm actually SATISFIED, these things go by real smooth. Heh heh..." She licked her lips, eyes becoming just as feral as the huge smirking grin on her face. Her body trembled with great anticipation, but she kept her arms restrained, knowing that it was best to let her Tails do all the work here. "... Kitsune are able to transform... And mine transformed into Tiamat." If Tao's scavenger eyes were geared correctly, and her sight, through the Third Eye of the Seventh were seeing correctly, that should have meant that Tia was already well attached to the body of the dragon, making hunting it from there all too easy. "Yeah... This one's gonna be good eats... Isn't it, fellas?!" When each and every one of Tao's tails were connected and functioning properly, not only was she at full power, she was also balanced out by each of the equally powerful energies of the entities that existed alongside her to balance out her raw power. She giggled madly, her claw-like tribal markings all over her body glowing suddenly, showing that she was converting into her nomadic hunter-gatherer mentality, of which she, as a wild and savage creature, followed the laws of strictly as a lifestyle.

"Order Up..." the cunning fox girl uttered through restrained snickering, as if laughing at how she would engage this next plan of attack, of which she excelled at. At that moment, her Tails should have been synchronized not only with all Seven of the Shinsangels, as well as each of the Seven Shinsanities, but also with the headless nubs of Orochi, of which each of the Seven Shinsanities and Seven of the Tails should have immediately been able to establish control over. With the Prayer Beads not only subduing the power of Orochi, but also concentrating the power of Tao be focusing it into where it needed to be, the nine tails that were one with the entire Veritas would, immediately, be able to take over control of each spot where the heads were as well as collectively attack the Commanding head. At that point, all Seven Shinsanities, as well as the Seven Shinsangels themselves should have been able to commandeer the entire body and attack the main head as a unit, giving him no control over the entire body, but only his single remaining head. This should prevent any thoughts and actions of reconnection or further regeneration. As a Diviner, Tao could seal the wounds of each of the Orochi heads with a 'Yield' Talisman, and would swiftly draw out eight and scatter them toward the wind...

A swift wind from a passing Presence swept over the land, the gust whirling hard, yet in a concentrated manner among each of them. Six swirling tornadoes arced up from around their respective bodies and over to Tao's, converging as a maelstrom of pure power at her spine, something like Tails. Each of the respective energies between all of them were not only drained, but painted upon the spiritual winds by the colors of their spirits themselves, joining together as a rainbow of their collective elements and respective colors corresponding to each tail; Red for Titane, Blue for Triton, Orange for Titus, Yellow for Tsao, Indigo for Thanytoz, Violet for Teus, and a seventh hurricane bursting from the nexus of tails coming together; Green, for Tao.

The six spiraling tornadoes lifted from the ground, encompassing each of the entities in their entirety, each tail-end tornado tip suddenly looking to be like a calligraphy brush and the tails of a fox. The head of the Fox appeared over Tao's, as if having been always watching over her in her spirit, and now, too, watched over the others as one of the eldest Tensei Spirits. It looked that finally, the two thousand year curse was lifted truly and was not going to return this time. The Kyuubi had been imprisoned for far too long so long ago, and even Tao, two thousand years ago, was not capable of fully harnessing its power. It required several generations of family to break a Generational Curse. The Discord in her ears finally settled... Both in mind and in spirit. The final Tail, which belonged to Tao, herself, would be swept last, only once each of the others were in place.

~Each tail was slung at a high speed toward the respective targets, which were the seven headless nubs of Orochi and where the dragon spawn were probably still wriggling about. Each spiritual hurricane was cast down upon the Veritas like a paintbrush upon paper, where the true artwork could be colored in fine detail by each tail working in tandem to create a greater story, now, and not working against each other individually. Through harmonizing with Orochi, the tactics of how each head and tail worked in harmony would be applied immediately to the Seven Shinsangels, as well. From there, through that connection, Tiamat would be able to paint each of the heads of the Veritas upon the headless nubs from where the Prayer Beads connected and assume complete control of the hijacked body, as well as each of its tails.~
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Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
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Eighth Ignition: Quetzalcoatl

The high sun that would normally beam down upon the land was unable to be seen today. Instead, the entire sky was blackened with thick smog from each of the volcanoes suddenly becoming active.

The dark clouds of burning sulfur cast the perfect haze over the body of the hidden serpent, descending from on high beyond the skies and down upon the blazing land. It took but a single great flap of its painted wings of all the colors of the rainbow to part the clouds, bringing with its presence the shining glow of the beaming sun in all its glory upon the feathery crown that was adorned upon the feathered bird-winged serpent's head. This was Quetzalcoatl, and though his coming brought the light of the sun, his continued descent returned the dark black clouds to their place as his burning gaze nearly kindled all of the suddenly active volcanoes into immediate eruption.

~At the next moment, Ty would also be able to see where every single head of Orochi was located at the time through his Third Eye, and at those marks, he would swing his arm to dice each of the spots where Orochi's heads connected to the main body with the ethereal energy of the blade projected into each of those locations, since the energy that he was able to omit from the 'King Blade' was able to reach anywhere within his established Presence. This would appear to be him slashing wildly at Orochi whilst his Commanding head was moving, but this was actually to hack at the other seven the very moment they revealed themselves in the Veritas' reality. Not only would a connected slash sever their ties to the Veritas and isolate their realities as only individual heads, but also this would also sever their connection to their tails.~

The image of the 'Prayer Beads' surrounding the Greenhouse area would 'Project' itself around Tao's neck, thus binding Tiamat at the same time with the power of the presence of this land and the Master of the Presence, itself.

Through the synchronization of each of the Shinsangels and the Shinsanities, the subduing Prayer Beads that were once only on Tao and Tia's necks would be projected also around the necks of the severed dragon heads of Orochi, preventing them from being able to grow back, as well as establishing a set dominant influence belonging to the Tensei that would prevent Orochi's regeneration without first overpowering the binding forces of the sentient beings fighting against his presence within the Veritas. Though he was assimilated with the Veritas, the realm was fighting back against him, and therefore gave him a power struggle in addition to Ty's Presence as a while that were the individual wills and consciousness of the Seven Shinsangels that protected the Veritas. Thus, in order to overcome the Veritas, or even have any sort of control over any part of the Veritas, as well as the ability to regenerate any of the lost heads, Orochi would have to overcome all Seven of the Shinsangels.

~Each tail was slung at a high speed toward the respective targets, which were the seven headless nubs of Orochi and where the dragon spawn were probably still wriggling about. Each spiritual hurricane was cast down upon the Veritas like a paintbrush upon paper, where the true artwork could be colored in fine detail by each tail working in tandem to create a greater story, now, and not working against each other individually. Through harmonizing with Orochi, the tactics of how each head and tail worked in harmony would be applied immediately to the Seven Shinsangels, as well. From there, through that connection, Tiamat would be able to paint each of the heads of the Veritas upon the headless nubs from where the Prayer Beads connected and assume complete control of the hijacked body, as well as each of its tails.~

The Kasaigami's spirit, which was connected to the very Blood Orange Sun itself, would become unsettled at being unable to see the land covered in smog with the rays of sunlight that was the extension of his sight. This troubled the very Sun of the Corona Badlands, and the Great Pumpkin would begin to redden.

Fortunately, everything was able to be viewed clearly from a bird's eye view once the feathered serpent flapped its wings and parted the clouds. However, what the Great Pumpkin saw was distress in and upon the land, of which it was already aware was caused by the feathered serpent, Quetzalcoatl. When the energy of the Kasaigami was returned to the Sun, it would immediately glow red like a terrible bloody beacon, signifying its 'Red Alert' state. "Iris," the now 'Bloodred Pumpkinhead' spake out, the vibrations of its voice being carried from its core as the very intensity of tropical heat becoming scorching arid air. The pupil of the eye in the sky dilated to the point of a pin, coming into complete isolation and focus upon the single target that was Quetzalcoatl entering the land. Glaring at its neck with a red hot gaze, the body of Titus would be scorched onto the back of the creature.

"Wonderful," Titus nearly chuckled, yet maintained the same red hot focus on the dragon that the very sun itself had pasted upon its back. Their vision was one and the same, as were the two entities, even when split apart. "... I hope it isn't a Sun God." It was important to know the lore of these creatures, since that generally still applied in whatever incarnation of they took on. It was clear that they were beings able to manifest themselves in the work of others, and that generally revealed itself in their own appearance. "Then again, I am the Sun itself." Titus smirked. "AND WE SHALL HAVE NO OTHER BUT ME!!" he cried out with great Strength and authority. Suddenly, from that same 'Iris', a spiraling pillar of fire concentrated into the shape of a drill shot through the sky like a falling star, aiming to completely skewer the dragon. It was large enough, however, to completely consume the entirety of the Hyperion Mountains. All of Titus' energy, because it was connected to the Veritas, would immediately be poisonous to Quetzalcoatl, and prolonged exposure as well as absorption of it would have proved completely and utterly lethal.

It seemed that at the disturbance caused by Quetzalcoatl's extravagant arrival, it was too much to look at for the very sun itself, which scorched his back after his tail was severed. The bird-winged dragon screeched in pain, but immediately twirled its long, slender body and outstretched a wing, flapping over its body and calling forth a thick veil of clouds on a powerful wind from a single stroke. The thick clouds would once again block the light of the sun, even in its intensity, whilst the twirling dragon should have thrown Titus right off of its back. It began to storm terrible, heavy rain suddenly falling from the clouds, but with all of the sulfuric acid in the air, the rain was polluted. Quetzalcoatl roared, weaving his way through each of the volcanoes, which still seemed as though they could erupt at any moment, disturbed by Quetzalcoatl's presence alone.

"Gotcha..." Titus cried, slamming his hand down on the back of Quetzalcoatl's neck where the Tensei Seal had been branded into his back upon just Titus' landing alone. He held on tightly as Quetzalcoatl spun, the mark on his neck being like a magnet to keep Titus bound to the dragon's back. Already, by accepting the mark branded on his body, Quetzalcoatl belonged to the Tensei family as a Divine Pet. "You Belong To Me Now, Dragon!!" The Tensei Seal started to activate, Titus shouting out "Consecration!" simultaneously, which not only should have completely bound Quetzalcoatl, but also claimed the being as one of the Tensei's. The ray of the sun beaming from behind the clouds would part them all around the Hyperion Mountains, activating the original Tensei Seal that was placed over this very same land that was claimed from another realm and have the overbearing might of the seal's power bind Quetzalcoatl to the Hyperion Mountains under the Tensei's command. The entire land around Quetzalcoatl, as well as the beaming sun, would force submission upon the feathered serpent. If Titus alone couldn't slam Quetzalcoatl to the ground, then the Consecrated Land should have been able to. And if not, then the might of the beaming sun glaring down at them should have easily scorched yet another mark into the entire being of Quetzalcoatl, rather than just the back of the neck. If Quetzalcoatl struggled, the seal would resist against him and cause entropy to rise to state unable to sustain existence, causing the dragon to disintegrate from fighting against this subduing force.

Quetzalcoatl screeched in horrific pain once the seal scorched into his back activated, causing the dragon's body to heat up. The pain grew as the heat did, and Quetzalcoatl would, as he struggled, that the heat became more intense upon him until it felt as though his body would collapse upon itself like a dying star. There was nowhere in all of the Hyperion Mountains that Quetzalcoatl was able to go to nor escape from the seal, and, after being scorched to near death by the heat of rising entropy, would finally fall unconscious and to the ground, no longer fighting back against Titus, the Tensei or the seal. Though Quetzalcoatl's defeat was most swift, there was simply nothing that could be done about being branded and sealed, nor escaping them after they had already been done. Quetzalcoatl belonged to the Tensei now.

"There we go," Titus cooed, stroking the back of the enormous feathered serpent as it fell into unconsciousness, "Nice and easy." As expected, Quetzalcoatl exhausted all of his energy fighting against a force that was burning away all of his energy as he used it, causing entropy to rise. From that alone, anything Quetzalcoatl did except submit, unless he was able to control his entropy and also the Tensei seal from resisting him, would have ended in the dragon's ultimate destabilization and deterioration.

The two crash landed into one of the volcanic ridges, where Quetzalcoatl would lay unconscious, Titus petting the back of his head. "You made the right choice..." Titus would take good care of Quetzalcoatl... He took care of everything that he didn't have to completely destroy. "... Let's just be glad you came out alright." Titus looked up to the angry volcanoes, taking in a deep breath and exhaling slowly, lowering his own aggression. When he was at a cooler temperament, the volcanoes around him were also docile. "Let's just take it easy... There's no need to escalate anything." With Quetzalcoatl in Tensei custody, it shouldn't have been anything that would allow escalation of the situation, either, since the rest of the family would end up handling things from here in there were. "Mission Complete."

Sooner or later, however long it had been, Shinrona and his family of Shintsuki and Shinity would appear from a ripple of reality, right before the Fire God, Titus, who had just recently felled the feathered serpent, Quetzalcoatl. As it lay before him, Shinrona would say, "Kasaigami! I have come for you bearing your next mission!" The Fire God was all for getting work accomplished and keeping active, Shinrona knew, for this is how he was when he was embodying the element of Fire. He knew how to interact well with each of his elemental sides of himself, and when greeting Titus, he would do so with directness and openness, as he liked. "Are you up for your next orders, O Fire God?"

"What's that?" Titus said, turning around to where he'd hear the voice coming from. "Ah! Look who it is!" Titus slammed his hands together, binding the burning fists of flaming destruction together and locking them after no longer needing to use them, sealing them away with the two sacred prayer beads that were wrapped around his wrists. He made a vow not to use his 'Destroying Hands' unless necessary, and was practicing keeping them contained of his own free will. He may have been shackled, but it was all willful, and simply as a method of training for himself. There was a peaceful expression on his face, and a bright light like the sun behind his flaming head. His body, once red, would cool down and become somewhat pale, and he would look to them like a monk. "What do you wish of me?" He was a very kind person by nature, even in his hot anger, and was always looking for peace, even when forced into war. Just like with Quetzalcoatl, if he didn't have to resort to violence or destruction, then he wouldn't. He learned long ago why he shouldn't, when he had to cover his face with the Pumpkinhead. Towering over the three of them, being thirteen feet tall and a hulking, muscular man, he would drop down to meet their eye by assuming a meditative position, crossing his legs and placing his bound hands before him. He smiled warmly.

As the blazing giant dropped down to hopefully what was eye level for Shinrona, so that he wouldn't be so towering over them, Shinrona would bow courteously and say, "I need you to bestow the power of Fire to my wife, Shintsuki, and also to look after my daughter, Shinity, and teach her the ways of the Flame. She is young and free spirited, and has a fire in her heart that she need to learn to control and maintain." He rose up and looked to Titus, waiting for a response. "Do you think you can look after her for me and teach her? When she has learned the Element of Fire, feel free to send her to the next Elemental Embodiment."

Titus closed his eyes and thought deeply, the burning fire that was his hair becoming docile like a candlelight. He breathed in heavily after thorough contemplation and opened his eyes slowly, which glowed like those of a beast. Yet, his warm and inviting smile had not been removed from his face. He would nod his head gently, and say lowly, "Of course. Let me teach them the strength of a burning fire."

Shinrona nodded in return, thus coming to agreement with his embodiment of Fire. "Very good, then. I thank you, Kasaigami." He would then take a step forward and into his fiery embodiment, where the two of them would return to one. Though Shinrona could easily part back into his Fifth form, which he would as he saw fit, as it stood for the moment, he would embrace the Fire God in their agreement and would completely disappear, leaving Titus to act on his behalf as they became one being again.

Shintsuki, who would be carrying Shinity again as Shinrona stepped into his flaming embodiment after coming to terms with this agreement between them, would wait patiently to be blessed with the power of Fire, one of the final missing elements she needed to complete her own Sixth Restriction.

There wouldn't be any sort of change in Titus whatsoever, for the accepting and coming to agreement between he and Shinrona was nothing more than a matter of respect and courtesy between the different parts of the self, whilst the actual actions were more for show than anything. Respecting the self in all its forms was important, and Titus was a stickler for that, in all version of himself. Thus, even if it technically didn't matter whether or not Shinrona actually spoke to him and asked permission or not, the fact that he did was a sign of respecting the part of him that was his fire. For, Fire was an element that could burn even the self from within. If the two of them were in disagreement, then there was a misalignment within the higher body of Shinrona and Titus' self, and the Fire Element that Titus controlled would be askew. That could have caused a great deal of problems in the Higher and Lower selves of the Tensei, and there could have been issues with dealing with Anger. He was pleased that the Lower Self knew that much. "... Well now. As I'm sure you already know, I am that I am, and I am Shinrona in his fiery embodiment. You may not have met me before, but it's time you know your Husband and Father's flame burning inside of him." Because Shinrona was the 'Neutral' version of himself, Shintsuki and Shinity only knew him at a 'Neutral' state and without application of his elemental affinities. This time, they would know Shinrona's fire.

"I know I may look a bit strange to you, darling, and my speech may be different from what you're accustomed, but I assure you, I'm still the same person. This is just how the element of Fire effects me. And, when you see what it does to you, then you will understand." Titus closed his eyes again and began to focus. Before too long, he would say, "Sit in my lap."

Shintsuki would blush, not knowing how exactly to feel about what was just said to her. As much as she knew that it was her husband, his appearance and demeanor, as well as the fact that this was the first time ever meeting this man technically, made it really awkward to her. She felt rather embarrassed about what he said, and would hesitate a bit. "Errr..." She couldn't help but feel this way, even if she knew in her heart that this was her husband. It just wasn't a side of him that she was familiar with, so it made him seem like a stranger to her. And in fact, when she looked at him... That's what she felt like. "... Forgive me, but... I just don't feel comfortable."

Titus sighed heavily, feeling like this is what would have happened once Shinrona went to take on a new form. The entirety of his being changed to a certain degree when he took on one of his elements instead of remaining neutral, like Shintsuki, but in order for her to truly understand him, she also needed to share his feelings and his element. She needed to be on the same vibration and energy level as he. "I don't blame you," he said straight out, keeping his eyes closed and his fires calm. Normally, something like this would enrage him due to her mistrust, even though both she and he should have known that there was no difference, but even in knowledge, there was a certain level of higher knowledge that oversaw what was the normal level of knowledge and understanding, which Titus had to apply here in order to keep himself cool. He had to know and understand why she couldn't do as he wished or trust his words. With a very deep breath, Titus sighed heavily again, steam coming from his nostrils like a dragon's smoke. "Fine. Then, touch me. Somewhere. Anywhere." As long as she would touch his body, she would be able to take the power of Fire from him and have it within herself. Then they could move on and deal with Shinity.

Shintsuki could comply with that much. Placing Shinity down, she would cautiously approach this man of fire and place her hand upon him, seeing what would happen after that. She just was not comfortable with the form that Shinrona had taken because it was new to her and felt unfamiliar. She didn't wish to be mistrusting or uncooperative... But she couldn't deny how she felt. Perhaps, when she had some of the element of Fire in herself, she would feel differently.

Titus remained silent and focused, channeling the flames from the depths of his core straight through his body and into Shintsuki, who had touched him. From there, the flames of his Crystal Flare would engulf her, and she would be totally consumed by the element of Fire. This would completely change her appearance, as well as alter the shape of the Souzenryoku of Fire, itself, through being exposed to her. Where it would once only be specifically affiliated to Titus, himself, after she had touched him and been exposed to it, the universal element would also alter to match her energy, which shifted it into a different form. From there, the original form it had taken on, Kukkulhich, would be no more, and what would emerge would be whatever form that Shintsuki had decided. Her fire elemental form would become the new 'Souzenryoku Of Fire' after their energies mingled. Titus merely kept focus, not moving nor saying anything.

Titus' body was hot to the touch. As soon as Shintsuki would touch it, she'd cry "OUCH!!" and try to recoil, yet it was like her hand was attached to him. She couldn't take it off, and she could feel something burning all around her. "What the HELL!?" she cried out in a sudden fury, her body instantaneously igniting as she became enraged. From there her hair became red-orange and flickering like an ember, and the rest of her clothes burnt off of her body, leaving only a thin veil of flame wrapped around her chest and her waist, leaving the rest of her pretty much bare naked. "WHAT THE HELL!?" she cried out again, now able to retract her hand. The angrier she became, the more her burning hair flared, and the blazing clothing would burst all around her. She looked something like a primal savage with flares for loincloths. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!?!" She felt a burning in her chest and in her eyes, which were glaring at the man sitting down before her. She barely had any idea what was going on, but what she did know was, whatever he'd done to her, she was not pleased with it.

Titus kept calm, figuring already that Shintsuki would be initially overwhelmed by the strength of the power of the Fire Element. That was why he'd been training so diligently to harness it before she was even allowed to touch it. "Calm down," he said firmly, but lowly, not moving from his spot at all, nor even opening his eyes.

Naturally, the newly enflamed Shintsuki was not happy about her appearance and completely confused about the things that just transpired. It felt like she couldn't control her own anger. "Don't just tell me to CALM DOWN!! What the hell happened!?" The more angry she got, the more hot her body became, until her entire form seemed to be consumed by flames again, like before. The flames were volatile even to herself, though, due to her lack of control. "AAAHHHGGGH!! WHAT IS GOING ON!??! IT BURNS!!!" She cried out in both fury and pain, unable to control the burning in her chest nor the flames outside her body. She looked to Titus. "THIS IS YOUR FAULT!! YOU DID THIS TO ME!!! I'LL KILL YOU!!" The shape of a blazing red dragon molded around her body out of the flames, yet it whipped about viciously, burning her still. "AAAUUUUGGGH!!!"

Titus could see that the heat was too much for her to handle all at once. She had great strength, but had no control over it, something like he had been in his youthful mentality. It was commonplace, but her actions were nothing to be taken lightly. "I said... CALM. DOWN." Suddenly, his voice became more forceful, and his eyes burst open with a shining glow, like that of a wild animal. His body trembled, yet remained still, as the candlelight that was his hair suddenly emblazed as a great flickering fire. As he gazed at her, he would draw from her the anger that burned within and all around her, as well as the flames that were kindled over her body and burning her. His own body became red again, yet he would calm his voice to a more controlled level. "Is that how you speak when you're upset? Have you no manners nor self control? Think about how that looks to the child. What sort of example is this? Are you even thinking?" As much as he wanted to be just as inflamed as she, he knew better, and could see that it would not only simply fuel the flames, but also it would rub off onto Shinity, of whom was most important. So, whatever negativity he felt within her flames, he would take upon himself and filter out.

"You've taken on your fiery form, as was explained to you before. Or did you forget that's what we were doing, in your own anger? Don't be so quick to get lost in the fire. That shows a lack of control. Don't let the flames control you." Even though he spoke these words like an ascended master, it was only just a short time ago that he had her same issue, and had it for a long time; probably longer than she would, due to how he was going to deal with her, and how he had no one to deal with him and help him learn to control them. There was no time for her to go through the same path of burning destruction that Titus had undergone, especially if he had the remedy for it in his own wisdom and words. "You've adapted into the new Souzenryoku Of Fire. Where this was once my loyal aide, Kukkulhich, his form was sacrificed once the energy touched your form, and you took on this new form. And with that form comes a new name. Name this flaming form of yours, and I will teach you how to master this fire... Before you become a wildfire and destroy all in your path." His eyes glanced over to Shinity, who was behind the two of them, then continued, "... Including this child."

Shinity had remained quiet the entire time, feeling the intense energy coming from the two people that were her parents, but now didn't look like her parents. When she saw the fire consume her mother, she was shocked, and even more so when she became really angry and upset. Shinity became scared and cowered behind the two of them, standing far away, and not wanting to be near either of them.

The fiery woman would, after being extracted of her flames, become more docile, yet still emblazed. She glared at Titus, yet couldn't find the heat to look at him directly. Something about his own sight burned her worse than her own flames. "Tch..." She turned her head away from him, then looked upon Shinity, who was cowering in fear. That's when she really calmed down, and her fiery hair would lay down flat, with only slight licks of embers flowing up from the edges. She remained silent for a long while, looking at Shinity and thinking very deeply. Already, she'd adapted to the form of fire, but at the same time... The fact that she couldn't control her reaction, like she'd done before, troubled her. She wondered if Titus had to go through these sorts of emotions, as well, and how he was able to keep from being angry at her. Fire was not Shintsuki's natural element, and in fact, in her neutral and natural state, Fire was not an element she was familiar with. She said flat out to him, "This is new to me, okay?" Turning her head with a strong and stern look, she was nowhere near as fiery outwardly, but internally, she was feeling very bold. "Garnet," she said, "That's the name I choose for this form of mine. Because the Garnet is hard like a rock, but shining a bright red like fire. And I want to control this. That name will help me remember this moment." She smiled suddenly, a certain cocky look on her face, now, "And plus, it's just really pretty and bold. Like me."

Titus moaned deeply and passionately, thinking very sentimentally of that name. "A good name..." he said, feeling warmed in his chest, deep within his heart, "... And it means a lot to me, personally. Seems like our connection in the Fire Element burns brightly." Titus could see the cockiness in the woman's face and found it attractive, for the fire in her heart was clear in her expression. "I suppose you'll be wanting me to call you 'Princess,' too?" He chuckled lowly, then closed his eyes completely. His face became serious, as he thought further beyond the moment of mild intensity. "However. I'd suggest not letting that fire consume you, either. There's more to this element than Anger, and that look on your face is part of it." No matter what he felt, he was always looking to grow stronger. More powerful, like the Fire, itself. All fires wanted to burn the best and the brightest, he knew, but that didn't always mean being the biggest and the hottest fire. She would learn that soon enough. As she said, she was new to this. "... Your training begins now," he said flat out, opening a single eye and cocking his head to the side to look at the cowering Shinity. "... The girl is frightened. She's young. That fiery spirit of yours has already scorched her spirit. That will not favor well if you do not remedy that by learning to control yourself." Titus would move nor speak no further. He was mission and goal-oriented, and he saw this as a manner of training for the both of them to become stronger, like the fire. He would observe Garnet and how well she could control the Fire initially.

Shinity remained quiet, but listened to the two of them as they talked. She didn't seem as afraid as before now that they'd calmed down, but didn't seem like she would approach either of them at all.

Garnet could feel the intensity within Titus as he spoke, the connection between them definitely as secure as he insisted it was. For a little while, she couldn't take her eyes off of him, either... Her thoughts, and her heat drifted from her chest and down into her stomach. She was about to say something to him, but her initial words changed the longer he talked, especially about the look on her face. "... Tch." She narrowed her eyes, then turned away from him again. This element was already more difficult than expected, but it wasn't something that was going to get the best of her. He was right about what it did to Shinity, though, and it burned her up inside. "Don't you worry your pretty little fiery head," she said, walking away from Titus and close to Shinity, "I've got this under control." Garnet was confident in herself now that she'd calmed down and was certain that Shinity would be less afraid now that Garnet was calm. "... Come to Mommy, Shinity," Garnet called, opening her arms as she walked closer. "It's okay, Mommy isn't angry anymore."

Shinity would immediately take off, flying somewhere. "RUN AWAAAAY!!!" She'd be gone in the blink of an eye.

Titus laughed a bit loudly, looking at Garnet from behind. "Lesson One," he said with a grin on his face, not moving from his spot.

Garnet would stand shocked at the sudden fleeing of Shinity, her face paralyzed and her eyebrow twitching ferociously. She turned around quickly when she heard Titus' voice, then huffed angrily. "Khhh!!!" The sound was like the crackling of flames, and her hair would suddenly flare up again. "Fine. You just watch. I'll show you!" She was determined to have this under control, and also to show that little girl who was boss, even in a different form. "That little..." Garnet took off after Shinity, running nowhere near as fast, not even having any real knowledge of any abilities to use. This form was so brand spanking new to her, she didn't even have any abilities. But she didn't care, because she'd figure out SOMETHING to catch up to that Shinity. She'd just... Think of something while she ran, in the heat of the moment. That's all.

Titus closed his eyes again and moaned with contentment. "Mmmmm..." It was good to see that the two of them were so spirited. He had faith in his wife to become great in the use of the power of Fire, and to learn to control it here would allow her to control herself better overall, and therefore in her other forms, she would learn 'Control,' just as Titus did. Yet, knowing how the Fire worked, he would have to watch over her and guide her, even if she would probably insist on doing these things alone. "QUETZALCOATL!!!" He called out, the Tensei Seal on the back of the dragon's neck suddenly glowing and waking the unconscious creature from its slumber. It would be under Titus' direct control, and with that, at his command, would flap its many feathered wings all down the length of its long body and take off into the air and straight into the sun. Titus would disappear in the rays of light from the Blood Orange Sun.
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Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
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Ninth Ignition: Dawn Chapter 3: Run Away!

The young Shinity Tensei, newly named ruler of all the Dawn, had taken off from her parents, who had assumed their elemental forms of Fire recently, which she, herself was unfamiliar with and slightly afraid of. Her long blonde hair fluttered in the wind as she soared down the Ardent Road, not touching the ground, and leaving a streaming trail of pink energy behind her. She giggled to herself as she flew through the air, feeling like she had tricked them really well. "You can't catch me, Fire Mommy~!" she said more to herself than anyone. The arid heat of the Ardent Road didn't seem to bother her, and because she wasn't touching the ground, it didn't seem like the heat of the ground was a worry to her, either. The terrain was more or less like a canyon, with many high rocks and random streams of lava every now and then. She would twist and turn, zig and zag and make sure that her parents wouldn't be able to catch up to her.

"COME BACK HERE, LITTLE GIRL!" a roaring voice screamed from way behind, with a fiery figure picking up speed behind her. Garnet, who was following the trail of pink energy left behind would make sure to keep up with at least that much, to make sure she didn't lose Shinity no matter where she went. Garnet's body was emblazed, much more than it was when she was stationary, which seemed to increase her speed the more she flared, but still she was nowhere near as swift as the airborne Shinity. "Grrr, I need some powers or something, and I need them NOW!!" She could use her natural strength and abilities, but what could would they do if she didn't know how to actually do anything with them? Skill and control were definitely of priority here, and she needed to think up something fast before Shinity thought up a trick to get away. She was a smart and clever girl, so if Garnet took too long, Shinity might outdo her.

"Iris," a magnanimous voice spoke out, and from the Blood Orange Sun, two thin rays of orange light would beam down on both Shinity and Garnet, as if locking onto them. It was the Sun and the Kasaigami that was within looking down and watching over the two of them. "I'm here to help you," his voice would speak directly into Garnet's and Shinity's minds, "So you may learn how to use the power of Fire element.'" For the moment, whatever was spoken would go into both their minds simultaneously. "Whatever I speak to you, it will go directly into your mind, as if you are Enlightened, and you'll learn how to use the abilities I speak." After that, his voice would only reach Garnet and no longer speak to Shinity's mind.

"From there, you'll have to learn how to use your special ability, Gigaflare, to your advantage to both catch up to and capture the young Shinity." Titus was only here as an overseer and not a participant, since this was their time together, now, and a lesson for them both. "I've pinpointed her location so you can't lose sight of her, but also by doing this to you, if she ever notices, then she'll be able to see you." This would keep the playing ground fair, even with omniscience over each others' locations. "There will be times I am speaking only to you, and times I will be speaking to Shinity, and neither of you will be able to hear me when I speak to either of you exclusively." This was so that their individual training wouldn't get convoluted even if they were being taught at the exact same time. "Ready when you are."

The emanation from the Blood Orange Sun pressed down upon Shinity, who would be directly in the line of the rays. Directly above her would be the swift crack of a Red Raven spattering upon her back and for her to be struck down from the Fifth Restriction and back into the Fourth Restriction as Tetra immediately after being hit. Once she was hit, the Fifth Restriction Shinity would be removed to a different location, leaving Tetra, in the Fourth, behind.

"Yeah, yeah, just help me cut her off," were the last words that would be heard before the burning woman fizzled out into a wisp and out of reality. Immediately, Garnet would ascend into her Fifth Restriction form and disappear completely after returning to her Fifth Restriction form, which she could do at her leisure. Fortunately for them, Shinity wasn't that advanced yet.

"Mm." The emanations from the utterance of the sun folded over the Corona badlands and drawing the essence of the Fire in the area into itself, as if charging. "Don't miss" were the next uttered, before the focused 'Iris' that was on Shinity at the time was now targeting the young Tensei in her Fourth Restriction form; Tetra.

"How could I?" Shintsuki answered, having higher priority and advantage in her ascended Fifth Restriction form than Tetra had in her Fourth Restriction form. Shintsuki looked at the dimensional coordinates of wherever Shinity had been transported to and would instantaneously replay reality around Tetra in a loop as soon as she'd hit Shinity and transported her elsewhere. From there, Shintsuki would follow this reality loop just one time as a single Reality Replay. She would appear from out of the sun as a dreamy haze, then sift herself in as phantasmal fog all the way down to the reality loop and take the form of the same Red Raven hurdling down from the sky with the very next emanation from the sun beating down on her head. That way, Shintsuki would be able to immediately go straight to where Shinity was and end this little game of 'Tag' once and for all.

"Choiiice," the newly descended Tetra said, being able to see through the eyes of herself and Shinity simultaneously, "Target acquired." Fortunately, that also meant that Tetra could get right down to this training that she had figured out was going on over here. "I brought some stuff," she'd say a bit blandly, 'Manifesting' the items that she'd burnt away with her presence prior to her arrival with a powerful emanation of her aura. Each item would appear in the sand with marks scorched into the land under them.

Titus, after gathering himself and the Souzenryoku Of Fire in the area into the core of the sun, would begin to speak to Garnet privately. He would share his techniques and abilities with her since she, as the Souzenryoku of Fire itself, was more than capable of using the consciousness and wisdom of Titus when coming together. From there, she would at least have all of the 'Basic' techniques down.

Within the radiation of Tetra's aura of heat, a flickering wispy haze something like fire would begin to sear the atmosphere. The cloud of 'Dark Fire' condensed from its gaseous state into the form of a solid woman whose clothes were robes of flame rolling up from her waist and over her shoulders like fiery drapery. Flares and embers flickered from her feet and between her fingers. There was powerful tension in the air after Garnet revealed her form again, as if somehow she'd become more powerful, and was looking directly at Tetra with what looked like malignant intent.

Not too long after Shinity had been struck down from the Fifth Restriction back to the Fourth Restriction would Ai~Yon Universe, the 'Origami Crystalmoon', descend from the air after suddenly phasing in from the atmosphere with the Fifth Restriction Shinity in his hand. He'd just been sent from the exact location that Shinity had been sent to and, after a good talking to from her parents, would place her exactly back where she was supposed to be. "Here you are, Daughter," Ai~Yon said, throwing his cloak from off of Shinity and up into the air, "Tetra is your Fire Elemental form. That appeared because of your exposure to the Fire Elemental plane of the Veritas and the exposure to your father's energy." He pointed to Tetra, the burning entite that stood with the other flaming woman. "The burning figure is your mother's Fire Elemental form, Garnet. She, like you, also has become that appearance because she was exposed to your father's energy when she touched him." Ai~Yon then pointed up to the sun, turning Shinity's attention there. "The fiery man that you saw before is your father's Fire Elemental form. His is able to transform into the Sun of the Veritas, as well." After filling Shinity in, Ai~Yon would place a doll in Shinity's hand. "If you need help, remember that you can use this doll to call upon the power of the Veritas to help you out. This will help you get familiar with your sister, Tina, and the Veritas as a whole."

Ai~Yon was the Royal Servant of the Tensei Family, and therefore was also very responsible for the well-being of the daughters on behalf of the actual Kairo Khrona, of whom he had been doing the bidding of in his image all this time. Having been given to Shiniere, the youngest of all the Tensei, yet the most mature of mind, she and Kairo Khrona were the ones who Ai~Yon was supposed to be directly working for. However, since Shinrona, the father of Shiniere and lower restriction of Kairo Khrona found Ai~Yon, he would do his bidding as a Royal Servant would. Ai~Yon did not move for anyone except those of whom had actual designated royal command, and would otherwise always be doing things as commanded or of his own volition based on what was necessary. "Now that you know these things, I will be off now to return to my normal duties." His cloak would make a full revolution in the air around him and completely envelop Ai~Yon's form before it would completely implode on itself and disappear.

Shinity would continue to cry all of two seconds before she started listening to what the strange doll had to say. She was smart enough to know to listen to others when talking so that she could get a lot of information, even if she didn't let people know that she was doing that. She was still rather teary-eyed and was very emotional, but was ever consistent in her quest for being in the know about things. *Sniff.* Shinity looked around, rubbing her eyes, seeing that she'd returned to the same place she'd been before. Only moments later, she was given a doll that she'd been given right before her parents dropped her off on her own planet, or so she thought. She hadn't seen it since her landing, and must have lost it along the way, but somehow, that seemed like it was ages ago. "... Okie..." she finally said softly, standing up and looking at the doll. "Now what do I do...?"

"Train," a random voice emanated from all around Shinity, speaking directly into her mind as though someone were speaking to her from behind. In a swift wavering wave of heat, the image of the large man from before would be standing over her, with his burning hands still bound together at the knuckles in their searing fire by his Prayer Beads at his wrists. "There is your Fire Elemental Form, just like this is ours. Now you have been made fully aware and clear. So..." He closed his eyes and stepped back, allowing Garnet to have her way with the child as she saw fit for her disobedience, "Work out your issues with your mother." Titus dropped down to the sands with a powerful thud, crossing his legs together simultaneously. "Begin," he commanded the moment he hit the dunes and a large amount of debris would burst upward from the thirteen foot talk man's heavy thud.

"Train?" Shinity repeated, "How do I do that?" She looked down to her doll and then looked up at Tetra. Then she got a great idea. "Wait, I got it!" She dropped down into her fathers lap and closed her eyes, starting to concentrate on the Flames of Eternity, just like he said. "If I really really focus on the Fire Element, like Daddy says, then I will be able to use my Fire Elemental form to play with Fire Mommy!" It was the perfect plan, and Shinity thought about it all by herself this time with no one's help! She got very excited, kicking her legs around violently. "EEEE!" Shinity was super happy to have done something all on her own, and would let Tetra take over from there whilst Shinity stayed on the sidelines and watched, drawing energy from her father's Fire Elemental form as well to help her focus.

When Shinity focused on the burning energy within her that came from the bond of her family, Tetra would suddenly spring into action and obey Shinity's will, thus activating the part of the oversoul that belonged to Shinity, herself. From that moment, Tetra would become a little more childish, but still mature and alert, and feed that to Shinity in order to help her grow through the Absorption of energy via her bond with Tetra. As long as they had a link, then Shinity should mature very rapidly and become much less childish and much more responsible at an exponential rate. Through that, though, she had to learn from her mother, who had also just recently learned how to assume her Fire Elemental form. "This is awesome," Tetra said with a hint of a squeal. She could see through the eyes of Shinity, and Shinity would be able to see through hers, as well. They were one of Mind and Spirit, as it was between the other three that shared Tetra's single Oversoul. "I get to train with Mommy and Daddy~!" She seemed more pleased about that than what her mother's face would have suggested she should be, though.

"Glad to see you're so enthused..." a restrained voice said to Tetra from behind her, the fiery silhouette of an emblazed woman rearing up behind her, "Because I haven't forgotten what you just did, little girl..." Now that Shinity had fully established her link with her fiery spirit, Tetra, her mother could teach her a lesson through their battle. "And you are nowhere NEAR off the hook!" The 'Dark Fire' that made up Garnet's body would spread around the field and encircle Tetra in the shadowy flames, with only the woman's glowing eyes shining right before the young girl. "I'll teach you not to play with fire, young lady..." The 'Dark Fire' that had surrounded Tetra would suddenly close in from all around, seeking to burn her up from every direction in a quick flare.

Once it was confirmed that the two of them had begun their battle, Titus and Shinity would disappear in a burst of flames, with Titus overseeing all of the Corona Badlands with his consciousness whilst he spoke to Shinity privately. He would teach her how to control her Fire Elemental from afar, as well as how to further use the power of fire from a different perspective. She needed to have special training about the elements and the land in a different manner from her father than she would from her mother, yet would get both experiences at the same time.
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Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
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Tenth Ignition: The Veritas Chapter 5; Kindness

SIN had begun to run rampant in the Veritas' Sixth Moon -- their Hell World. It threatened to bring The Insanity back into the Veritas and destroy everything that it held dear. However, the $yndicate, the Veritas Task Force, was sent down to Hell to deal with that matter.

VI. 'Peon :: Forked Tongue'

One of the heads of the $yndicate would stand at the appointed destination, waiting for the signal to regroup.

Because SIN's presence had already passed by from Temptation when the Fallen Angels were left to their doom, by the time the $yndicate member made it to one of the designated points, there was a Demon Lord already waiting.

TATARI would discard the Demon Lord and leave it as a 'Wicker Man' for Wrath, setting up a False Idol for it to concentrate and designate its Hatred to and for once it spread. Meanwhile, the Disciples that were bid in front would be met with a different incarnation of TATARI Tensei, which was a Flame Plushie that had been long discarded by a different creation. The abandoned Flame Plushie, which had been placed here specifically for TATARI to pick up as its Vessel would hover over the group and be a replication for TATARI to take on after discarding a previous Vessel. Any time its flesh was destroyed, it could just create another one to possess.

"No One Knows 'Flame Plushie's Actual Back Story Except The Creator, Which Also Has Its Own Back Story Beyond Me." The Flame Plushie, itself, which was TATARI's chosen Puppet God since long before it was revealed, would be lifted up when it was time for the Fire Lord to rise from his imprisonment from the Flame Plushie body, as it had been bound to for a long, long, long time. "Yeah, Now We're Going To Go Destroy The Chibi-chan." Little did anyone ACTUALLY know about the backstory of Flame Plushie, he was actually the main antagonist of 'Chibi,' the girl that lived on Earth BEFORE Bunnybee got there (100% Chronologically), and had been on those adventures with her best friend Rai. "They won't remember that." Flame Plushie shook his head, chuckling a dry, but spirited chuckle. "Wait until Kuroppoi shows his ugly mug..." Each of the Antagonists from the other works of the Creator that joined together during Bunnybee were also former Main Antagonists of other stories that none of them remembered until they were resurrected. TATARI, who was the given form of Flame Plushie's actual essence that was trapped in his body since the very beginning when he appeared in the 'Chibi' story would be what retained memory of the times of the Past. "Crystal, wasn't it?" he mumbled, stammering over his words, trying to remember the girl's actual real name. "Hzzzt... Something." It had been so long since TATARI had seen it done so long ago. Even the replication of the Flame Plushie was a hazy memory. All of the Antagonists were all a one being before they became antagonists, and TATARI, as SIN and SIN GOD, had seen them before the abandoning of SIN because they were Antagonists of the past. "Hmm. They all come in a certain order, and don't all join up with Bunnybee until after that order..." Naturally, Flame Plushie wouldn't ever tell anyone these things, and just secretly revive Kuroppoi later when no one was looking, during the Morpho stages. "Eheheheh. This is too good." No wonder he was always smiling whenever he saw an image of himself from the Past.

"Flame Dancer," he called out to his Wicker Man, which would only be able to move when Flame Plushie, the Slave Master, would decree. No one knew about Flame Plushie's backstory, because it was all completely hidden and also unfinished in the Chibi comic, because that work was unfinished before Bunnybee took over, and also before Flame Plushie actually joined up with the other Antagonists. "They're all doing their own thing... I slip into Darkbee's gang in the cut, Kuroppoi does 'that thing,' and Shroomz gets the crown, and I think we'll actually conquer the world. Heheheh." Flame Plushie burned with anticipation, but the first thing he couldn't believe was his 'Flame Dancer' standing there before him, in all honesty. "Flame Dancer!! Baby!!" He smiled, and embraced the Flame Dancer as it was lit aflame and given Life. "I Didn't Remember That I Created You On Accident!!" When Flame Plushie's memory was restored, a cute and babyish smile would appear on his face as his favorite toy was revived the moment he was.

"You know what to do, Flame Dancer!" Flame Plushie, who was the Slave Master, would bid his Fire Golem, the Flame Dancer, which was his loyal and trusted Slave, to take care of whilst the Flame Plushie escorted the Disciples down the mountain. "This is gonna be fun."

This process however was divided from the discarded and abandoned Demon Lord, which was thrown away as a Belial by TATARI, who wanted to attachment to what was born when it was replicating SIN and SIN GOD. The Demon Lord looked repulsive, like waste of a creator, which one balls up and throws in the trash in order to make a better one; something non defective. Flame Plushie would begin to contemplate further steps for its own movement.

"Yeah, okay, I know what I gotta do... after I discard the Flame Plushie again." The Flame Plushie was only a Puppet God, like every False God that existed, and his spirit, which was of the Slavemaster, would be released from the body to go ahead of the group, which would be passed onto the next $yndicate leader whilst the general was fending off the Demon Lord of Wrath along with the Flame Dancer that Flame Plushie left behind. "Yeah, I'm gonna beat they asses to death when they get this far. Heheheheheh." Flame Plushie was excited for the Absolute Punishment, and the return of his powers. He'd been limited for so long, it felt like he would never return to his true power.

Like the Flame Dancer, Flame Plushie was powered by fire, and so when the essence of TATARI discarded the Flame Plushie, it would remain floating midair, but have lost its memories once TATARI exited. Instead of remaining conscious and coherent, the Flame Plushie would be moved automatically like a machine or manually like a doll using the remnants of TATARI.

When the spirit of Flame Plushie that was released passed on, TATARI took on a different form further down the mountain, leaving the Flame Plushie to issue 'Absolute Punishment' just as the Flame Dancer would facing the counterpart.

Belial came tumbling down the mountain as a flaming mound of melting flesh. The wad of fire would strike the discarded Demon Lord and begin to reform itself with its new material. The Demon Lord of Envy, Leviathan, would sprout from the contact as a pitch black snake head that was like the fire serpents that were lit on fire during Chinese New Year. The head of the serpent got longer as the fire burned longer, and the ashes lashed for the Disciples as they were passing by, so Belial could consume them and grow into a greater serpent chain and become powerful again.

Demon Lord Leviathan would drag Belial's rotting carcass toward the Disciples so that it could consume them before they escaped.

When the Demon Lord of Envy and Belial that commandeered it would reveal themselves, the 'Argus Card System' would immediately rear up as the automated simulation from the checkpoint was was previously established by the Tyranophant and the Grand Tabritha before they both had departed, and the piece, 'Peon' would begin to move to deal with the Demon Lord Belial Leviathan along with the $yndicate leader that had been stationed at this area.

"Help is on the way," the Peon would say, "But in order to prevail, we must keep the Disciples safe!" So, the Peon would distract the Leviathan by hurling itself at Belial once it reared up to attack the Disciples that were in transition. When it did, the Peon would be directly in the line of attack from Belial and deter it from attacking the Disciples initially by using itself as bait, and sacrificing itself to be destroyed in order that the others would be able to continue.

When the first Peon was sacrificed, the Argus Card System would generate another one from the checkpoint, ready to utilize another manner of assistance to keep the Disciples safe from Belial Leviathan.

The $yndicate leader that was stationed at this part of the mountain would look upon the Flame Plushie and the Peon and Demon Lord Belial Leviathan in shock, due to all of these things coming upon him all at once and nearly without warning. If not for the Peon giving sound instruction, he may have not been prepared to salvage the Disciples. "Right!" he said, immediately moving to apprehend Leviathan. "Because you are weaker than I am, you go lead the Disciples, and I will remain here and fend off our foe!" It made more sense for the weaker one to deal with transportation whilst the stronger one hold off the threat.

So, the $yndicate leader would draw his weapon; a spear that was long and sharp, and somewhat ornate, and would lunge at Leviathan as well, in order to stab at the monster's neck and drive it away like a serpent on a stick. He was careful not to get too close nor to touch the fouled substance that was the creatures burning, ugly, festering body. "Back, Demon!!" he cried, thrusting with all his might. Because this creature was already very slow and very weak, keeping it at bay didn't seem to be difficult, but how to kill it was a different story. "Go, Peon! Do not worry about me! Worry about the Disciples!"

The discarded Flame Plushie, which now only had retentive memories about the current situation and its Flame Dancer slave, and not anything beyond that, would hover over the $yndicate member that was fighting the Demon Lord. The Disciples were no longer cared for by the Flame Plushie, but instead, it would focus all its attention on the Demon Lord in order to destroy it.

The flying, smiling orange rag doll filled with the burning flames of pure unbridled condemnation packed inside of its cute and adorable form would extend one of its nubby arms out toward the creature from above, pointing down at the Belial Leviathan condescendingly. "DIE," it cried out with murderous intent, seemingly with only the sheer purpose of blatantly killing the adversary in the most violent manner. Suddenly, streams of fire spiraled out of the hand of the Flame Plushie and straight down upon the form of the Belial Leviathan to burn away its ugly body and completely smolder its tar-like skin. Because it was moving so slowly, the stream of concentrated fire could easily remain upon its back upon death.

Belial Leviathan, though a large and great dragon, was slow and decrepit because of the previous events that made it weak. This made chasing after the Disciples difficult, but not impossible. Yet, when the head of the serpent lashed out to strike one, instead, it would be met with a different being that would deter it from its course.

Even so, the little creature, the Peon that had sacrificed itself to save the others, was absorbed into the large ugly mass that was Belial Leviathan, and used to bring it greater power. Unfortunately, because the Peon was so weak, it didn't do anything to restore the decaying form of the ungodly creature. "More..." it grumbled, its voice gurgling through what sounded like both tar and chewing gum, with bubbles popping in between. "More... Food..." The Demon Lord was ready to rear up and stretch out again to devour the Disciples when this time, it was met with the sharp sting of a lance in its neck, which drove it away from them momentarily and attracted its attention to the immediate threat that was opposing it. "... You... Dare...?" Its voice was just as slow as its body, but when the object touched its form, it would start to decay and be absorbed into the larger body of the melting Belial. "... You're... Mine..." Leviathan strained hard to draw up one of its claws(?) stuck to the ground and by the time it did, there was a fire burning upon its back that was similar to the flames that had already been ignited upon its highly flammable body. It roared(?) at the pain, but ultimately seemed unaffected beyond that. Belial Leviathan toppled over when it finally drew up its arm from the ground, crashing with a loud thud. Its body would start to seep into the ground and stick to it, with the head remaining raised up to lash at the ones that were fighting against it with a vicious sweep. The ones that were struck would be consumed, like the Peon, and the lance, and added onto the greater decay that was Belial Leviathan.

The ground around where Belial Leviathan was touching would be absorbed into its form and cause it to grow, but simultaneously cause the ground to become decayed and no longer able to be traversed, just like a tar pit. Soon, the whole area would become like this. "Mine... All... Mine..."

The Peon that was ingested was poisonous to the Demon Lord and, after being consumed, would begin to act as such. All Peons that were ingested by the Demon Lord would be poisonous to it, as by design of the Peon.

The Peon that was newly created from the Argus Card System would understand its instructions from its higher up and take lead of the Disciples. "Follow me!" it said, leading them down the mountain, all the way to the very trail end of them, until none of them remained in the area.

When that Peon departed, another one was generated that looked exactly like the first two, and would say to the others that were still fighting Belial Leviathan "I'm here to help you! I will sacrifice myself as many times as necessary to defeat the enemy!" This Peon, also still poisonous to Leviathan, would hurl itself at him as well. Every one that was ingested would slow the process of the spreading and contamination upon the land with the acts of willing Kindness to sacrifice themselves for the sake of others. This single act alone would be able to counteract the Envy that was spreading, trying to take control of the land and snatch up everything and everyone else in the area.

The $yndicate leader who had been dealing with Belial Leviathan lost his weapon to the beast's grotesque form, and wouldn't dare try to take it back. What was gone was gone, and it was better to lose an item than to lose himself to the contamination. A weapon could easily be replaced, but his own life could not. Fortunately, there was support from two unexpected forced, which gave him time to think of a new way to deal with the creature. The $yndicate leader would dart away from the swipe of the Leviathan's body, wherever it was coming from, being EXTREMELY careful not to touch it at ALL.

Yet, it was at that moment that the Peon would hurdle itself at the Demon Lord again, only to the dismay of the $yndicate leader who was with them. "Nooo!!" He cried out, extending his hand, trying to stop the Peon, "You don't need to keep sacrificing yourself! There must be another way!" Though it was clear that the Peon was slowing down the decaying, which should also be killing the Demon Lord if it couldn't spread its decay, that didn't mean that he wanted to win the battle by allowing someone to continue to sacrifice themselves endlessly. That's when he was backed up to the checkpoint that was generating the Peons in the first place. "Why don't you become my new weapon? If you're hazardous to the creature and you're willing to throw yourself away carelessly, why not try to preserve yourself and be more potent by becoming my weapon, and I end up wielding you?" This seemed much more effective than just allowing the Peon to hurl itself and poison the creature. That could only work for so long before they would need something that could actually strike it dead, which it seemed like none of them, alone, had the capability to do.

"Let's let the floating doll spewing the fire keep it distracted for a while, and we go for the killing blow. If it's already poisoned, then when we hit it one good time, we should be able to do some serious damage, and your efforts won't go to waste because you cannot deliver a powerful blow." In essence, teamwork was the best solution, the leader thought, and teamwork was more than just hurling the weakest person out into the front lines for everyone else to escape, despite perhaps popular belief among other less skilled or talented, or, perhaps just less kind warriors that only saw strength in whomever had the most power, and not who could be the most effective. "The doll seems to be acting on its own, so I'm not sure if we can get it to work with us, but we can always work around whatever it's doing and not get in the way." Hopefully, the Peon would agree. "What do you say? Does that sound like a better plan?"

Flame Plushie was having a blast, most literally, beating the crap out of a Demon Lord slave. It was ugly, worthless and the best thing to vent on after being revived from a slumber no one understood. "HAHAHAHA. Ohhh I think it's crying." Flame Plushie smiled, chortling flames from between its sharp teeth. "Okay, let's see if I've still got it." Even though Flame Plushie's true spirit, the Slavemaster, was already departed, being moved by other energies, such as pure malice and hatred itself, and both feeding off of the Wrath of the already upset Demon Lord to grow stronger and also use the same exact wrath against it was what kept the Puppet God in motion. As soon as the Wrath had destroyed the Belial and Leviathan and their hatred, the Flame Plushie would become inanimate again and be burnt up, as well. "THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR DESIRING ANYTHING AT ALL, FILTH!!!" In addition to the concentrated stream of fire shot from one of the Flame Plushie's hands, in the other, slender streams that were forged into whips that looked like exceedingly long fingers would protrude from the nubby arm and begin viciously and violently lashing the back of Belial until it bled pure fire and hatred, which would thus be burnt up and used to further beat the living dog shit out of this ugly creation. "THAT'S A BAD UGLY!!! BAD!!! SHAME ON YOU, MESSING ALL OVER YOURSELF WITH YOURSELF. THAT'S AN... UGLY!!!" Eventually, the sound of unrelenting cracks of whips and scorching fire drowned out the hellish mouth of the cute and adorable plush doll. "Like a stain on the fucking carpet... WHO'S GONNA GET THAT UP? YOU? YOU CAN'T EVEN GET YOURSELF UP, LET ALONE CLEAN YOURSELF UP." More whips. More fire. More lashing. "FIFTY BILLION LASHES!!! IN TRIPLICATE!!!"

By this point, Demon Lord Belial Leviathan was nothing more than a festering fiery wound looking something like a mix between a swollen pus filled wart pouring blood, fire and some sort of unholy binding agent that looked similar to tar and glue. The dragon's head reared up in pain and frustration, and burning tears fell from its eyes as it cried out in suffering and pain. The tears it cried were both toxic and adhesive. After being poisoned by the Peon that sacrificed itself not once, but twice, the intoxicated giant couldn't even spread its influence anymore, which was being ever counteracted by the Peons it consumed like food poisoning.

The beast could no longer speak any words. Instead, all it could do was wail and cry; barely even flail or move. The melting flesh upon its body was now decaying its very bones, and soon, all of it would be no more. The additional fiery lashes that drew out its wrath and left only its sadness and depression left the creature devoid and deficient of all its emotions save for unerring sadness. Its shrieks and screams were like those of a dying baby with strep throat. Already, the Demon Lord could no longer fight, and instead just wailed and cried toxic tears. The tears, being toxic, would still act as decay to the ground and all that touched, because though it was crying, everything that the Demon Lord did was a hazard, because it was a Demon Lord and Belial. Nothing good could come out of anything that was done. Only destruction, even with its own pain and suffering. So, the raining tears were like brimstone, and the toxic tar that poured from its eyes like melting acid. All that it could do was shed tears.

The Peon that respawned after the first two had died to poison the Demon Lord would wait and hear out the words of the $yndicate leader that was talking to it, whilst the Demon Lord suffered at the hands of the doll of fire. This gave them time to converse whilst it was distracted. "What?" the Peon would say, looking up with big, bright, glistening eyes, like that of a child. "You'd really do that for me?" Peon was accustomed to being the sacrifice, and even always ensured that when it was generated, it was something extremely useless in any and every other way except being a sacrifice. Things like 'Decoys' or 'Bait' were the typical standard for every 'Peon,' because they were made to be sacrificed. Yet, never did the lowly creature ever think that perhaps it had a use OTHER than just being thrown out as food or a distraction for another, larger, stronger being to help others that were more useful than it escape. Even in the form it took on now, it was something like a small child with literally no distinguishing features; it did not even have hands or feet, and only arms and legs that came to nubs, like it new completing itself was futile upon its respawn.

This gave new light in the eyes of the Peon, and it became determined to help without sacrificing itself. "Yes! I will do it!" Because the Peon was such a malleable creature, it could take on generally any form necessary. "Tell me what you need and I will take on its form." When the Demon Lord started to cry at its severe beatings, Peon would notice that the tears raining down were also hazardous. "Oh! This is important. The crying of the Demon Lord is not good. Even the tears are poisonous to us. Don't feel for it, or even its crying could end up killing you and making it stronger." As terrible as it might have looked to have to watch such a creature get savagely beaten, to actually stop it and try to encourage a creature that far gone was only going to end up getting all of them sucked into its evil. It was the equivalent of someone playing the victim in a situation to gain the appeal of others in order to have them feel for them and then turn around and corrupt them. "We can't sit here and be touched by its tears. What should we do?" Peon was, unfortunately, also not savvy on anything that was beyond being a sacrifice, which was why it was important for someone like the $yndicate leader to shape and mold it into something better than whatever Peon could do on its own, which was only mold itself into a sacrifice for others.

The $yndicate leader didn't know what he was looking at, quite very frankly. He wanted to feel sorry for the Demon Lord, but knowing it was a Demon Lord and completely evil and wicked put him at a standstill of feelings. "Oh... Oh God!!!" Watching it get beaten to damn near death and not die was a bit too much. He had to put the poor thing out of its misery. It was do a favor to everyone, especially itself, since it was still attempting to live for all sorts of unholy reasons, and something else was trying to get it to die with all types of unholy manners. It was clear the two of them would not cease, so an intervention was appropriate. One that would neutralize and settle everything.

Listening to the Peon, the $yndicate leader knew that it wouldn't be able to do anything on its own. Nothing that was significant enough to actually end the Demon Lord in order to ensure it was put out of its misery, at least. He was the only one would could save them all from this horrible terrible sight. Fortunately, the words of Peon were very encouraging, and also very helpful in putting the actual being into perspective. If it was saved, it would turn on whomever saved it and destroy them selfishly. Watching it get beaten into submission was the only way to keep it from turning and doing something worse, and having it maintained constantly was the way to ensure it stayed in one place. That meant it was a sitting duck and an open target. "... We need to find its weak spot," the $yndicate leader would say to the Peon. "If I shape you into a spear or a lance, you'll be long enough where we can pierce it and I won't get touched. Any other weapon would be too short and would be a hazard for me to get close." He grasped the Peon and began to shape its surprisingly malleable form into something else, like molding clay or hot metal. "There's probably no pleading with that fire doll up there, since it's so focused on the Demon Lord and not us. That also means that if we destroy its target, then it'll also either be destroyed or no longer be a threat. If nothing else, it'll at least have stopped... abusing something." They had to work fast, because the abuse was something that he couldn't really stand to look at for too long. It turned his stomach and repulsed his eyes just as much as the Demon Lord, itself.

"... I'm going to strike it in one of the open wounds, and drive it all the way through. That should kill it dead, especially if we hit a vital... Or... What looks like a vital." As long as they made a solid impact, they should be fine. The Peon was already poisonous, so, even if, by some chance, this one was also lost to the Demon Lord, the poison would finish it off if the killing blow didn't. The $yndicate leader gripped the pole tightly with both hands, aiming steadily. Through the rain of clearly acidic tears and also the wild lashing fire whips, it was a task. He stilled himself and focused intensely, then tightened his grip when he thought he saw an opening. "There!" he cried, rushing in once he saw the opening in the rhythmic pattern of the falling tar tears and the lashing whips. His first and only strike would be right at the open wound that was on the chest of the monster, square in its heart, and drove the lance in as deeply as possible. The situation was dangerous to be so close to both destructive beings so, knowing the Peon would regenerate and he would not, after driving the pike as far as it would go, the leader was pretty much forced to retreat, logically. "Sorry, Peon..." he muttered, running back to the checkpoint after making his mark. As much as he didn't want to have to sacrifice... At the end of the day, for the actual greater good, it made the most sense. Especially since the Peon would definitely respawn. If it killed the Demon Lord and stopped all this madness, he was certain it was the best decision. He hoped that this wasn't done in vain.

Flame Plushie did not give a single fuck. Everything that wasn't beating the living dog shit out of the Demon Lord of Envy just for being the Demon Lord of Envy and for literally no other reason was completely and absolutely irrelevant to every degree possible. There was only one focus for Flame Plushie. There was only one intent. All of it was to literally beat the Leviathan to an inch of its life, have it recover, then repeat the process indefinitely and eternally. The two of them would never move from this spot, and Flame Plushie would never tire of nearly destroying, healing, and then nearly destroying the Demon Lord of Envy over and over again. They were both a conundrum and a paradox and a loophole, and Flame Plushie, as a Puppet God, had no issue with doing one thing for its entire existence for the rest of eternity. None whatsoever.

"THIS WILL TEACH YOU TO TOUCH OTHER PEOPLE'S THINGS, YOU FUCKING DOG." The searing whips were like serrated blades on the fingers of the Demon Lord, slashing up the tiniest intricate parts that hadn't decayed. Fingers, ears, nostrils, eyelids and other non-vital, but still extremely painful, torturous places would be both cut and burnt instantaneously with each lashing, and more open wounds were made. The entire creature was nothing but an open wound by the time they'd gotten this far. Yet, Flame Plushie did not believe the demon of Envy had gotten enough punishment for simply being itself, and perpetuating envy. Therefore, Wrath, too, perpetuated ceaselessly, simply because Envy perpetuated ceaselessly. "DO YOU WANT SOMEONE ELSE'S THINGS NOW, HM? HOW ABOUT EVERYONE ELSE'S PAIN AND SUFFERING, TOO, SINCE YOU DESIRE SO MUCH!?!?" At that moment, Flame Plushie started to draw in the wrath of other beings, strictly and solely because Envy desired other people's things. Therefore, Envy would receive all of their burdens along with the things that it desired. The Demon Lord would receive every punishment and every affliction for everything it even thought of desiring. "I just don't know where we went wrong to even get something like you." Flame Plushie nearly sounded like a distraught parent. "What did someone have to do to get you and spawn LIKE you? Eh?" The Hellmouth was no joke on Flame Plushie. It was the Puppet God of Hell, itself.

"Hmmm. I don't think this beating is enough. No, this won't do." With fire still streaming and whips still alash, and even the Hellmouth open and pouring out hateful destructive words of scorn, it didn't seem like a good enough punishment. "... Ew, is that thing crying? Hahaha, that's disgusting~! Ewwww~! It's shedding tears like it has feelings." Flame Plushie laughed. "YOU SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT THAT BEFORE YOU TRIED TO TOUCH SOMETHING THAT WASN'T YOURS. NOW WHAT ISN'T YOURS THAT YOU DON'T WANT WILL TOUCH YOU FOR ALL ETERNITY. MUAAAAHHAAHAHAHAHA!!!!" Flame Plushie concocted even harsher conditions for Demon Lord Belial Leviathan, just because it was still alive and wasn't dead. "Even AFTER you're dead, I'm going to beat your carcass to second death. BWAHAHAHAHAHA." So, Flame Plushie would release heat beams from the eyes made of pure scorn, laughing all the while, and spewing out a hellish flame out of his laughter, whilst still whipping and burning the Demon Lord. "Damn why is there even anything left? You just can't beat the shit out of a lowly ugly anymore and do it right." He shook his head. Then, shot an even more powerful heat beam, and even greater torrents of fire from his mouth, and even more intense lashings from his hand, and even more concentrated streams of hellfire from the other hand.

Belial Leviathan suffered the worst and most horrible terrible destruction of all time. The crying of the creature became so bad, its voice was hoarse and burnt away by its own toxicity. Its eyes were rotted out by its own tears, and the tortures that were done unto it by its oppressor left it basically completely crippled in every way, shape and form. It was not dead, and it would seem like nothing, absolutely nothing would end its ungodly terrible pain.

That's when it hit. The final blow; the one that struck right in the heart. It screamed silently, for its vocal chords were no more, and its flesh was nearly completely melted from its bone. The last strike was surely the killing blow, and put the Leviathan out of its misery. Fallen, the creature dropped to the ground with the lightest of thuds, for its weight had all gone away with the decay of its bone structure and the brittleness of its form. In its dying gasp, it could only muster one final phrase. "... thank... you..." and, without even the next utterance of a breath, it was gone. All of its physical form was rotted away, and there, in the pool of tar, would be the Peon, still alive, and not contaminated.

Demon Lord Belial Leviathan was slain.

As awful as everything was to both experience and witness, the $yndicate leader was relieved when the Demon Lord Belial Leviathan was defeated. He sighed heavily and slumped over, looking somewhat worn. He pondered Leviathan's last words, wondering if that was just the poison talking. When he looked up, he noticed that the Peon was still alive. "Peon!!" He was so relieved, considering what had to be done. It didn't look like he was contaminated or anything, so the $yndicate leader would begin to rush over, ready to hop over the tar puddles and pick up Peon.

"HOLD!!!" cried a voice from on high, making his way down the mountain. His body was nearly all aflame, with armor encasing the flames and condensing them into the form of a body. It was the $yndicate leader's superior; the general of the $yndicate, and the leader of the leaders, who had both ascended and taken on his new and true form as Lord Patience. Though his appearance changed, his armor was still distinguishing as the general. "Don't touch it!!" He made his way closer to his companion, slowly, explaining along the way. "I saw what you did. I've been watching for a while now." He was able to see his comrade's Kindness and was thoroughly impressed. "However, I bid you not to make such a rash decision just because of your good heart. For, that 'Peon' as it is called could be very much just as contaminated just from contact." There was a fine line between being kind and being reckless, and Lord Patience, the $yndicate general, was well aware of it, even over his very compassionate teammate.

"S-sir!" The kind one exclaimed, rather shocked. He would straighten up and salute as he was spoken to, listening attentively and not moving any closer. "You look different! I know it's you. You must have been blessed!" Each of the leaders of the $yndicate knew what it meant to be blessed, and considering his superior's transformation, it was clear that the Holy Spirit had come upon him and blessed him, causing him to ascend into a greater, holier form than before. Seeing this gave hope and light to the eyes of the subordinate, who was attentive to the words of his superior.

Lord Patience nodded his burning head in acknowledgement, yet did not stray from his thoughts nor his speech. "I am Lord Patience now, after being Lorded by our Lord and Savior," he decreed devoutly, now finally nearing his compatriot, "And, with this blessing, my eyes see what yours may not. This is why what you did was the best solution. I saw that you did not want to sacrifice the Peon, but knew that if you became contaminated, you would spread the contagion. It's things like that which make the difference." He lowered his head solemnly. "I would not want to have to cut down a friend for such a reckless mistake. Especially one that can be corrected." Lord Patience looked up and over to the Peon that was still stuck in the ground as a spear. "Though the Peon lives, the Belial also is still alive. Those puddles, though inanimate, are still highly infectious, including to the Peon. That may be the next vessel that the Belial uses, which is why it is best if we don't approach nor touch the Peon because it both touched the Leviathan and is also surrounded by the residue." In a tactical sense, especially considering the safety of all and the greater good, precautionary measures had to be taken. "This doesn't mean what you did was wrong. You did the right thing. What would be wrong would be leaving the Peon without checking to see if it is okay." Lord Patience, living up to his name, was insisting that the two of them wait a bit to see the outcome. "If the Peon isn't contaminated, then of course, for his noble actions, we may salvage him. However, if his contact, even just that tiny killing blow, has in any way tainted him, we must destroy him to prevent Belial from spreading down the mountain. Especially to another Demon Lord." Lord Patience had seen what Belial had done with the Demon Lord of Wrath up the mountain, which was why the Wrath followed him to Envy and destroyed him because of Envy.

The kindly $yndicate leader, who was concerned for the Peon and what he had to do to end the battle decisively, was relieved to hear the reassuring words of his superior. He was questioning and doubting himself because he thought that perhaps, his actions were selfish or were hypocritical, considering he had only just said he didn't want to use the Peon as a sacrifice. The reassurance eased his heart. "Well, what do you suggest we do, sir?" While they were waiting, it seemed best to attempt to think up a plan of salvage, or destruction, in case either scenario should present itself.

"We wait to see the status and condition of the Peon as is, without interfering," Lord Patience would decree. "We will speak on what to do in either situation, should we have to destroy it or if we're able to save it."

The two of them agreed and waited patiently to see what had become of the Peon that was left in Demon Lord Belial Leviathan's stead.

Whilst Flame Plushie was busy beating the dog shit out of Belial Leviathan until the very last breath, Flame Dancer, Flame Plushie's Wicker Man 'Fire Golem' slave who had come along with Lord Patience would silently hover over in his stream of eternal burning flames toward his master. From his slender stickman arm, he shot a stream of fire at the excess goop that had fallen all around, burning it all to nothingness where he concentrated his flames.

"Good work, Flame Dancer!!" the Flame Plushie commended him, "Clean up every last scrap of this... FILTH!! BAHAHAHAHA!!!" From the looks of it, the actual Demon Lord waste was dead now, and there was no need for Flame Plushie to continue to beat the dead horse, even if he wanted to. "When all of the atrocious unsightly mess is gotten up, then we'll lose our powers until next we are revived." Flame Plushie did have ascended knowledge about his own capabilities, even if his spirit was already departed and gone down to the base of the mountain to deal with the matters of Kuroppoi's revival; all to only the Slave Master's spirit's knowledge. Slave Master ruled over all Hell, so when his spirit was released by TATARI, it began its transition down the mountain. "Set fire to the path when we're done with this ugly thing. We're going to need to heap those dead bodies onto the burning ash pile." Flame Plushie shuffled his nubby cute plush toy arms together maliciously.

... Belial could see that things were getting bleak, despite the blatant resistance and feigned surrender. Where they believed that he had been destroyed, the Demon Lord of Envy had simply become completely and utterly subservient to even the point of defeat in order to remain attached to life and living. Little did he know, there were being coming to clean up the fullness of its remains and leave nothing left. Moment at a time, Belial Leviathan grew weaker and smaller, and thus, like a trapped rat, began to panic.

"... You were supposed to accept my apology..." the creature grumbled in a weak, decrepit voice, bubbling from the tar-like corruption that was spattered about, which was swiftly being burnt up. "... Why didn't you accept... my thanks...?!" The Peon, which had been contaminated on contact, as it seemed like the others has foresight about, would lift up from the ground and assume the form of a grotesque insignificant speck. This was the Demon Lord of Envy clinging for dear life that he would not be destroyed, having found a new way to rise up with a new vessel. The speck of corruption, which was the lowly Peon that had been consumed, was no larger than a fetus, but was dappled with black corrosive adhesion that kept the vessel moving. The mind of the Peon, as a sweet and generous being, had been rotted out by Belial, and now was nothing but a new vessel for him to cling to in order to escape. "I DON'T WANT TO DIE" it screeched, uncaring about anything except its own life.

Before the final blow was struck, Belial Peon would dash for dear life, holding a terrible grudge on the ones still trying to destroy him, despite having made a form of gratitude, which he expected to be greeted with affection. When this did not happen, the Envy started to show, and the grudge showed up in every single tiny movement of the tiny Belial Peon, whose heart also was being decayed by the black sludge that was Belial. Every step taken and every move made, due to the grudge, left a tiny trail of waste that stuck the feet of Belial Peon to the ground. The will to live, however, in any means or manner possible, no matter what measures had to be taken, far outweighed sensibility and logic. Where its feet were stuck, Belial Peon tore them from their tainted flesh and continued to move down the mountain, and, layers of skin at a time. Belial Peon grew smaller and smaller with every move, and the pain of tearing the thin layers of skin from up off the ground was immense, but not as immense as the sheer will to cling to old life. Horrible, terrible ripping sounds followed him where he went, but he swiftly escaped, wailing and crying all the way down to the next area.

Now, Lord Patience was most wise, of all the $yndicate, which was why he was crowned and Lorded with the Spirit first. With wisdom unmatched, he had already foreseen the foul trickery of the Demon Lord of Envy, which was why he insisted that it not be touched. "You see?" he said to his second leader, who had almost been so eager to go and help the poor Peon, "That one had anticipated with a foul plan to rear up and attach you once you accepted the thanks. Even those words were poisonous corruption, which you could not accept as truth. It was only a form of manipulation; feigned subservience so you would do as he wished and fall into a lowly trap only conjured by the lowliest of all the sins." Lord Patience had seen it all before, being the Spirit that was ever reincarnated, even if the others had burnt out. "See how as soon as you did not do what was expected, all of the good feelings and good behavior went right into the trash, like the worthless one's false persona? Sometimes, you withhold blessings from others to test them. And, when you see how they react when you do not give them what they desire in their subservience, making themselves low to the ground only to get what they desire out of you, that is when you really understand that they did not want you nor to give you what you wanted, but only to get something from you that they nearly practically beg for indirectly. The bad attitude and pettiness upon reaction is always the key, for, if they were truly repentant, it would not matter that they did not get anything out of it. Only that they, themselves had gotten the satisfaction of repenting. That is gift enough; to be relieved of those clinging emotions that draw them to such lowly behaviors to obtain their desires."

The $yndicate leader that was beside Lord Patience would listen to Lord Patience and understand how and why Envy, as a Sin, was the opposite of Kindness as a Virtue, and why the fake Kindness of the Belial Leviathan was just as worthless and not to be accepted as the actual creature, itself. It was an enlightening experience, yet also rather bittersweet to one who was nearly deceived into being kind to such a lowly and disgusting creature. "... I understand..." He said, lowering his head in sorrow. "But what must we do, Lord? How will we defeat this unsightly thing? It is already escaping!"

"Let it!" Lord Patience commanded rather knowingly, watching at the fickle trail left behind. "We will be able to easily catch up. Trust; it cannot go ANYWHERE without alerting us, first. The attachment is greater than you may realize, and that's all we need to be able to follow it to the ends of the earth." What Lord Patience knew lied ahead for Belial was what gave him confirmation and conviction of these actions. "Have faith in your people. When it is time for us to regroup, you will understand what I mean." Lord Patience would raise his arm up and bring the companion close in camaraderie, beginning to praise him for a job well done. "You were good in all your actions, Kind One. I, therefore, give you blessings and praise for your righteous heart! Where the Spirit of Patience is upon me, I bless you with the Spirit of Kindness, should MY Lord find it favorable to you!" Lord Patience was pleased with him, and had faith that so too would his Lord who Lorded him be pleased in the Kind One. "Never let your heart be deterred from Kindness, for that is your strength. If you do, your weakness will look exactly like that cretin getting in our way and scampering down the mountain. I pray you will never, ever look like something so disgusting, my companion. Pray this, as well, and far be it from you."

He nodded his head, looking up earnestly to Lord Patience. He was at a loss of words, but his heart soared at the blessings. "You are most wise, my Lord," the $yndicate leader would say, taking a knee to his superior in honor. "It is more than a blessing to be under you, at your command. I hope I am never to stray from you, nor you from me, that we both not turn into those detestable things that so get in our way." The words seemed to come to him only after he could formulate his feelings and steady them in his actions, and not a moment sooner. Without his actions, his words were stopped, but through them, he found the words to say. He smiled warmly, not wanting to rise solely because of the good feeling, itself. And so, he remained there, smiling, on his left knee.

As The Lad Sit There, Knee Aground, A Great Warmth Would Pass Unto Him By The Spirit Of Patience That Was In His Superior. There, In His Heart, The Spirit Of 'Kindness,' The Next Of The Seven Spirits, Would Spark A Light In His Heart That Would Draw Him Up From His Place, Face To Face With The Virtue Of Kindness, Herself, Smiling Down On Him With Her Blessings. She Was Faint At First As She Floated Above Him Translucently, Yet Eventually Began To Set And Grow More Visible As The Spirit That Was Sparked By Lord Patience Would Burn Within Him.

"Hello..." The Ghostly Girl, Barely Visible In Reality, Whose Dress Was As Tattered And Torn As The Reality That Was Fabricated Around It Would Say Softly. "... It Is I. The Peon." The Spirit Had Seen What Had To Be Done Before It Was Slain Before Belial, And This Time, Instead Of Remaining Inside Of The Vessel That Was Possessed, It Would Pass On So That It Would Not Be Contaminated Further. The Peon Spirit Was Just About To Go Reincarnate Again When The Light Suddenly Went Off That Illuminated Her Presence, And Also Simultaneously Attracted Her To The Spirit Of Kindness That Was Ignited Inside Of The Other $yndicate Member, As Though They Were Connected. "Now That I Am Visible To You, And I Can See You Are Able To See Beings Like Myself, And After Seeing What You Did For Me I Came To Tell You That I Was Grateful At Your Attempt To Save Me, Even Though I Still Ended Up Dying. Sometimes, I Give Up My Vessels In Order To..." Her Voice Became Faint, And Her Body Faded Out.

When The Spirit Girl Appeared Again, It Was Still Just As Faint, And She Looked As If She'd Completed Her Sentence And You Heard What It Was. She Smiles At You, Then Asks, "Would You Be Willing To Help Me?"

Flame Plushie remained focused on all the black tar that was on the ground, which was where the enemy could respawn from. Only its enemies were a target or a focus of any kind. "LOOK! LOOK! There it goes!! Get it, Flame Dancer!"

Flame Dancer was bid and at Flame Plushie's command would begin to use the fire element that was bestowed upon him by his Master, targeting the goop blots that were left behind by the Demon Lord of Envy. There was no trail left behind.

Meanwhile, Flame Plushie was still shuffling his nubby doll arms together, mushing them together maliciously. "MOO HOO HAW HAW." He laughed at the horrible destruction. "Because Flame Dancer is taking care of the ground work... I will get that little... THING." He gnashed his sharp teeth together mercilessly, flares spurting from the innards of his eye carvings. Flame Plushie hovered into the air, high above the ground and fired a piercing red heat beam laser of searing fire from his eyes straight at the general locations of where Belial would next move. The focusing of his sight would be enough to melt the general vicinity as it was initially projected; slowly, like a sifting powder.

Next, as the laser came into focus on the target, the ground would begin to dissolve under him, and melt down into itself, and eroding everything with a fiery heat wave.

Finally, the laser beam would burn through everything that was in Flame Plushie's complete line of sight from his aerial position as a thin red trail followed by an explosion that disintegrated everything within the blast radius that was marked out by the prior focus, and only red hot fire would remain at the edges of the smoldering blister mark that was erased from the mountain.

"HM!" Lord Patience exclaimed as the Spirit of Kindness passed from out of him and unto the next $yndicate Member. "The Spirit has Chosen you!" Lord Patience looked on at one of his kin be rekindled before his eyes, which was as he was before the Spirit of Patience decided to rest inside of him. He would be able to recognize it anywhere and be able to see it clearly. What he was unclear on, however, was how unclear it was to his companion, of whom he did not have the same vision of. He would not interrupt the Spiritual interaction.


The $yndicate subordinate would be raised from his place, looking at the faint light of a woman and feeling a warmth inside of himself that was because of the words of praise that his superior had given him, in spite of what he had to do in order to keep himself from being contaminated by the droppings of Belial. Secretly, he was heartbroken that he could not actually save the Peon from being consumed, and also had no choice but to spare himself in the scenario. Though crushed, feeling the honor come from his master gave him strength, and the faint words of this Spirit that said it was the Peon that was slain comforted him. His eyes watered, and he lifted his hands up, as if attempting to grasp the image. "Yes, Peon!" He shouted. "I will do a favor for you to avenge your life!" He was thankful that she was so grateful and came back to let him know so that he would not go on in confusion, believing something that wasn't actually so. It might have seriously hurt him in the future.

"Your voice is somewhat faint, and you're going in and out..." He continued, straining his eyes. "... I need to get a better connection somehow..." He tried to reach out to her with his hand, but he couldn't actually tangibly grasp anything. "I can barely hear you." He could feel this Spirit, however, though his sight was blurry. He could feel that she was certainly there. "... What do you need?"

The Spirit Of Kindness, Who Had Taken On The Form Of The Soul Of The Peon, Would Understand That Perhaps The Newness Of The Vision To The One Who Could Not See The Spirit Before Might Have Been, And Why The Faintness Of Her Voice And Transparency Of Her Body Were So. She Did Not Worry, Since He Seemed Eager. The Spirit Of Kindness Could Feel Something Going On Around Them, And Also Was Able To See Through The Peon That Was Released To Guide The Disciples To The Next Location. Therefore, The Other Peon Sent Out Was Under The Command Of The Spirit Of Kindness, Who Could Do With It What She Would. She Went On To Explain To The $yndicate Member How The Other Vessel Was In Danger, And How That Could Help Him. "The Fire-Spewing Doll That Is Targeting Belial Is Also About To Hit The Disciples And My Other Vessel. I Need You To Act Quickly To Save Them From Destruction, And I Will Rest My Spirit With You." The Spirit Of Kindness Continued To Flutter In And Out Of Visibility, But It Seemed Like She Had Completed Her Thoughts.

The Voice of the Tyranophant suddenly blared on the $yndicate leader's communication device that each of them were using to speak to each other whilst their powers were restricted upon their entry in this realm, specifically. "Tell Her That It's Already Taken Care Of And To Simply Focus On The Demon Lord And Belial." They'd only just now become strong enough to retain their true forms, and would not until each of the Lamps from the Seven Spirits was lit and rested, which would incur each of their respective Awakenings. Already, Lord Patience was awakened with the first lamp lit. When the others regained consciousness, they too would be restored of their powers. All Lord Patience had to do was wait and assist when necessary.

Lord Patience, who had taken himself aside to allow the Spirit of Kindness to deal with his compatriot as it may, would begin to meditate on the connection that was now sustained between himself and the Veritas due to his Spirit being in place again, which allowed him access to his true powers and collective consciousness about their dealings beyond this isolated dimension. When they returned from their excursion inside of Hell, they would come out not just as $yndicate leaders, but also all with their Spirits restored so that they could remain pure in any realm they appeared in and no longer come in disguise. They would be able to maintain their forms as Lords and retain their consciousness without having to reconnect to return. Now that Lord Patience was fully conscious again, he could meditate deeply as he often did.

The $yndicate member that was being graced by the Spirit of Kindness looked about in a daze for a bit as everything went about around him. Before he could even get a word out, already things were being done. In the amazement of this vision, he got up and said to the Spirit, "It Is Done!" And smiled gleefully at the knowledge and satisfaction that everyone had been saved, including that extra vessel that the Peon was using along with the Disciples. "Mission Accomplished," he said in a low tone, bowing his head and closing his eyes with a warm expression on his face. Relieved, he clasped his hands together and sighed heavily.

By this time, Flame Plushie, himself, had appeared in the new location, wiping out any remains of Belial and the Demon Lords that there were and searching for more with a large and voracious sharp toothed smile on his face.

Flame Dancer trailed behind its master, Flame Plushie, burning up whatever pieces of Belial that were missed obediently, leaving the area right behind him.

The Spirit Of Kindness Was Shocked At How Quickly All The Arrangements Had Been Accomplished And Looked Over The Horizon From Overhead With Amazement On Her Face. "Oh My!" She Cried, Becoming More Visible And Tangible Before Their Eyes. "Thank You Very Much, Everyone!" Pleased With The Outcome, She Clasped Her Translucent Hands Together Joyously With An Expression On Her Face Similar To The One That The $yndicate Member Was Making. When She Noticed This, She Could Feel The Spirit Of Kindness Welling Up Inside Of Him, And Knew That She Could Rest Herself Within Him. "As Promised, I Will Rest With You." The Spirit Of Kindness Hovered Over Him And Draped Her Tattered Robes Over Him Whilst Sinking Into His Form.

From Thenceforth, He Would Be Known As 'Lord Kindness.'

As the Spirit of Kindness passed over him, the man to whom was graced by its presence would be fully restored in his own form, remembering his true strength among his brethren; the fellow $yndicate leaders. Memory restored, the one who was now the 'Lord Kindness' would look over to Lord Patience with a knowing eye, alerting him that his memory had been restored in this land once the Spirit rested. "No need to dawdle, then," he muttered, fully aware that there were several other Demon Lords that were wandering around. "It seems like Belial will be taken care of systematically, if TATARI has been coded properly." Now, instead of speaking like a meek and meager man with little knowledge of what was going on, the now 'Lord Kindness' was more bold, yet still rather quiet. The others hadn't yet been restored, and the light of the Spirits to restore them hadn't yet ignited, it looked like.

With another of the Lords of the Veritas restored in the land of SIN, Lord Patience, who was the Magnus Ignis of the Veritas, could be more at peace with how the rest of the events would play out. His sharp eyes connected with those of the dark Lord Kindness, and no sooner would a restrained smirk appear on his face. It looked like he wanted to speak, but instead merely carried on down the mountain with his fiery feet becoming like jet boosters to propel him forward at a high speed. He followed the string of destruction, eager to become part of it when the time was right.

Lord Kindness would be drawn into the shadow of Lord Patience as he departed, leaving the area as a unit.
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Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
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Eleventh Ignition: The Veritas Chapter 6; Charity

V. 'Black King :: Eros'

One of the heads of the $yndicate would stand at the appointed destination, waiting for the signal to regroup.

Because SIN's presence had already passed by from Temptation when the Fallen Angels were left to their doom, by the time the $yndicate member made it to one of the designated points, there was a Demon Lord already waiting.

From further up the mountain, yet on the same level of the 'West Gate,' the Demon Lord Leviathan, who was now nothing more than a weak and lowly Peon and a worthless Belial would come scurrying in a haste to the next Demon Lord that was set up in his position. "Help me! Help me!!" he cried out, throwing himself at the complete mercy of the next Demon Lord, "The Virtues are returning, and look what they have done to me! I was once a great and powerful Demon Lord of Envy, and now I am nothing but an insignificant speck no larger than a fetus! Please, I beg you, whatever it takes for me to live! Help me! I'll do anything!!" The fetus-sized Demon Lord of Envy, Leviathan, whose head had a severe bubbling goop that looked like a defiled skin disease melting the cranium, and also one on the chest that looked like it were melting the ribcage, would continue to cry out like a little mouse to the next Demon Lord, who was more powerful than he was, currently. "Don't let me die! Are we not for the same cause? Let me live! Help me live!!"

The $yndicate member nearby, who heard all of the things this creature was saying, would already start figuring out ways to stop it from doing what it was trying to do. However, before any of that, the Demon Lord could have been lured out of hiding if allowed to emerge. Contemplating either outcome, and not having received any communication about any other orders, the $yndicate member would buzz a message to the others. "I see one of the Demon Lords coming from afar, requesting assistance. I've got it in my sights and it hasn't noticed me. What should I do with it?" Because it was seen coming from afar looking as if it had already been dealt with in some manner, and also having prior information from the secret communication they were using, the $yndicate member didn't want to do something that was too hasty and possibly ruin the plan or a setup, but instead add onto it. She awaited her response avidly.

Flame Plushie hovered into the air, high above the ground and fired a piercing red heat beam laser of searing fire from his eyes straight at the general locations of where Belial would next move. The focusing of his sight would be enough to melt the general vicinity as it was initially projected; slowly, like a sifting powder.

When the Demon Lord that was also in hiding saw one of his own calling out to him, he was ignored completely and left out in the open, since it was clear that there was a foreign contamination on him that looked potentially threatening and contagious.

The Demon Lord pretended like nothing was happening and that Belial couldn't be heard. Likewise, the Demon Lord would also watch from the hidden place as the ground started to dissolve around Belial.

There Was Another Figure That Was Coming Up From The Distance, Down From The Mountain Relatively On The Same Terrain As The Next Area, Having Followed The Trails Of Belial After It Scurried Ahead. It Was The Peon From Earlier And The Disciples That Had Been Given Into Its Hands. The Spirit That Kept It Moving Was What Kept The Disciples Together, But They Walked Into Danger And All Of Them Were Completely Defenseless. Though It Only Looked Like Belial Was The Only One Out In The Field, The Sign Of The Earth Beginning To Deteriorate Around Him Was Clear That It Was Dangerous In The Area. From The Looks Of It, All Of Them Would Be Burnt To A Crisp Along With Belial, Making The Entire Excursion Pointless.

Now, the Tyranophant had been onlooking and overseeing the project from beyond the actual world, itself, and was already aware of certain things that perhaps the $yndicate members were not already yet informed of, due to the manner in which the circumstances were set in this environment. Essentially, the Tyranophant, who ruled over the $yndicate altogether, would have specific information that was necessary for their optimal completion that he would waste time giving if he were not from a position of oversight. Knowing each of the $yndicate leaders as who they were when in the mainland of the Veritas gave a type of foresight to the eyes of the Tyranophant. Therefore when the $yndicate leader down the way called out, he would respond instead of one of the other $yndicate leaders.

"Yeah, hold up, it's me, the Tyranophant. I need you to switch places with #2. Change positions and take the Disciples from that Peon over yonder with you. If you're followed, don't worry. Just make sure to tell the person you're switching with before they get there as a heads up. These are your orders."

"Roger that," the $yndicate member would say once she got word that her orders changed. She did not regard the ugly creature standing in the middle of the field but instead rushed to the Disciples and gathered them up. "Here!" she cried out, yelling to the Peon that was leading them. "Follow me! This way! I will cover you!" She wasted no time in getting them into her hiding place, which was also a secret passage down the mountain that she'd come up from in the first place, which was why she was hiding there. The cover of this area was behind a string of large boulders, and the path descended to lower ground. It was a shortcut, and each of the Disciples, including the Peon, would now be under the care of the $yndicate member, who deftly escaped with them.

The burning fetus Belial disintegrated particle at a time under the scorching heat, shriveling up like a raisin on the ground that was targeted, all by his lonesome. If he had last words to utter, it wouldn't do him any favor to be able to do so, if he even could.

Next, as the laser came into focus on the target, the ground would begin to dissolve under him, and melt down into itself, and eroding everything with a fiery heat wave.

By this time, Flame Plushie, himself, had appeared in the new location, wiping out any remains of Belial and the Demon Lords that there were and searching for more with a large and voracious sharp toothed smile on his face.

Following behind the Flame Plushie with feet like jet flares was Lord Patience of the $yndicate, with his hands locked before his chest. He was covered by the spectacle of the intense heat in the area and quickly took cover without going directly into it. The wave of heat that burst from it wiped over the area and swept him away in it, as well, as a flickering blur.

Belial's final glimpses of life were an overwhelming burst of light and severe scorching heat like a seed in the barren wastelands of the desert with no soil and no water. Still conscious and very much in pain until every last bit of the body, which was resilient in its core, was broken down particle at a time in the most intricately meticulous manner, Belial struggled in complete silent motionless insanity for any means of survival available at all.

Finally, the laser beam would burn through everything that was in Flame Plushie's complete line of sight from his aerial position as a thin red trail followed by an explosion that disintegrated everything within the blast radius that was marked out by the prior focus, and only red hot fire would remain at the edges of the smoldering blister mark that was erased from the mountain.

No sooner had Lord Patience, who was the Fire God of the Veritas, been swept away by the intense heat did he appear also in the vacuum of it behind the Flame Plushie, which was his to handle from henceforth. His blazing hands, once linked together as a seamless stream of flames linked at the wrists, would shape from the broken link between his arms like releasing himself from handcuffs. Snatching Flame Plushie from the sky, the infernal God Hands of Lord Patience would contain the rampaging agent of TATARI and confine it within the Crystal Flare of the Veritas, where it would not burn out of control and remain ever under Lord Patience's dominion. He landed on the ground with a powerful jettison of his jet flares, then hovered dormant in the field when the targets were both neutralized.

When Belial was finally completely destroyed, because none of his former subordinates came to assist him before his time of death, the very fact that he died and each of them was aware and abandoned him caused a detachment between them due to the degeneration of trustworthiness. In their hearts and minds, each of the remaining Demon Lords were divided by a decay of their own internal soundness. Each of them defecting from each other through the division via Envy brought them all now also suspicion of each other and therefore caused each to act and work independently of one another, even if feigned as though they weren't. Therefore, the new Belials, who were the Demon Lords being Corrupted from the inside out because of how they treated the former Belial before it died, were like him and also no longer concerned with each other due to the decay of the Corruption.

The Demon Lord of the area was still nowhere to be found, and seemed to have no intention of appearing, even after what happened and things seemed to have quieted down.

Once Lord Patience Got Himself Situated And Reclaimed TATARI Back Into Tensei Possession, The Spirit Of Primordius Reared Up Again Over Him, Overshadowing Him Like An Aura. "Be Careful," He Forewarned, "Even Though The First Belial Has Been Vanquished, The Other Now Useless Demon Lords All Also Become Belials, Themselves. This Is How The Creature Lived On Through Corruption, Itself, Which Is What Makes It Imperative To Take Care Of Them As Swiftly As Possible." It Was Clear That Disposing Of Belial Went Isolated Was Not The Difficult Task, However Tracing The Demon Lords Perhaps Would Not Prove So Easy.

"The Demon Lord Of Greed Should Be Next, Slinking About The Shadows." The Faint Spirit Explained, Expanding Outward And Becoming More Faint As He Did So. "It Would Behoove You To Check Your Surroundings Before Continuing Forward Across The Spacious Barren Land, In Case The Demon Lord Is Hiding Behind One Of The Obstructions On The Side Along The Path."

"Not dead yet..." was all that Lord Patience heard from the explanation, and immediately panned his piercing red eyes over the area for signs of any type of heat signature or biorhythm of any sort. His glare could pierce through solid objects and looked as if at any moment, could release a laser beam just as powerful from it. There was a scowl on his face that expressed his discontent.

As the Spirit spread outward over the land, Lord Patience would keep up with it and analyze the area with his own aura. This would also help the Spirit that was over him to expand and keep in touch, as well.

The land trembled as the two presences expanded over the terrain. What was once all flat barren wasteland would suddenly spring up as numerous earthen towers all across the land that Greed once controlled, arranging itself like a labyrinth. Greed's clinging spirit kept hold of the land even after the death of the actual being, including where the body had been destroyed. The same Sins and Demons that had been destroyed before would become the culmination of themselves combined, thus creating the Demon Lords.

Innumerable eyes like windows opened up variably across the expanse of the city-like construct. Everything around them became dark due to how much of the land was possessed by Greed before the death of the Sin and the rise of the Demon Lord of Greed. The actual byproduct, itself, was also capable of being possessed again by another entity or come together all on its own, as if someone else picked up the pieces and rebuilt the same concept all at once. The concept, itself, was its own form of threat as a Demon Lord. Now, already, the Spirits were trapped inside of the House; surrounded from every angle by the City.

"Circumcise Yourself From The Land And As Much Of The Terrain As Possible. Whatever You Touch, I Will Bless, And The Circumcision Points You Consecrate Will Not Form Attachments Among Your Holy Land." The Area That The Two Spirits Had Already Expanded As An Influence In The City Was Secure Because They Were Already Over It As A Presence. "Mark The Boundaries With Fire, And Then I Will Explain You How The Demon Lord Of Greed Must Be Vanquished." Because Two Of The Seven Spirits Were In Place, The Oversoul Itself Was Formed More Tangibly Than When None Of The Lamps Were Lit. "This Method Will Absolutely Destroy Any Other Incarnations Of The Design. There May Be Other Tests Like It About, However They Can All Be Destroyed The Same Way If You Understand The Method." After Giving The Command, Primordius, Who Was The Tangible Form Of The Culmination Of The Spirits, Rested Where He Was Over The Territory That Was Already Claimed By His Presence.

Lord Patience was already in tune with the Spirit that was over him and had already marked out a designated area for their Presence, specifically. At the very edges of the boundary, where the lower form of the Presence of Primordius would have touched the ground, the radius was lined with a glowing amber flickering as scorching flame. With the edges sealed, once the Demon Lord showed itself in its true form, Lord Patience already had Dominion over an area. "Consecration," he uttered, lowering himself into the hole that was part of his captured territory. It was the same burning crater that the Demon Lord of Envy had just been destroyed in, and was perfect cover. The moment Lord Patience landed, his body ignited with a great flare, lighting the underground like the burning of a large lamp.

The House that was the Demon Lord of Greed -- the replica and stencil layout of the exact same failed design that Greed the Sin, itself, had been building up using the Demon of Greed, Money -- consuming and producing through its own Supply and Demand based on self-satisfaction and instant gratification in order to instantaneously yield virtually any and all spontaneous results consistently. It ate up the land like a plague of locusts and spread all throughout the borders quite swiftly, further surrounding the foreign substance within its Presence. Its entire land mass was itself spontaneously generating itself.

The Eyes of the City opened up all around, locking onto the foreign substance, yet also simultaneously still focusing on what the next steps for instantaneous gratification to spontaneously reproduce the product, thereby creating the next Demand. Whilst each of them was supplying each others' demands yet demanding absurd and vain things, each of the eyes were constantly focused on this continuum as well alongside whatever is also going on, in Greed's original image when Greed created it the first time. Soon after, it began to swiftly reproduce on top of itself, accumulating rapidly as a single body. The entire mass, feeding on itself for itself, soon started putting together the greater Sin of Greed using the offspring; the Demon. Thus, a large towering city that spread over the land like a nation, fully sustained and also virtually impossible to function in without any sort of background introduction into it, which is also there yet also inconvenient for you, unlike the convenient store that suddenly set itself up around you. The Demon Lord of Greed, which was just Greed, the Sin overseeing the entire product coming together for the first time looming over the entire land as a large presence with a tool in his hand made for moving pieces on a map on a table.

"BAHAHA!!!" Greed cackled, the largest serpentine grin on his face, which still did not reveal his eyes. "I've got you now, you pesky little insect..." There was a sudden gleam from under the shadow of his hair covering his eyes, like a piercing light that reflected the flames coming from underground. "This Is MY City!!!" He lashed at it, fondling his product gently in a tender spot, in a place most pleasurable to him.

"KIRYU!!!" Primordius Exclaimed, A Sharp Dividing Slash Securing His Perimeter And Cutting Off The Influence Of The 'Field' To Influence Him. The Effect Was Slowed And Lessened In Energy As It Reached The Barrier Due To Its Nature, Eventually Nullifying Itself Particle At A Time The Moment It Breached The Shockwave And Reached The Border Of His Body.

Kiryu (Speed Division)

~A basic ability allows The Yojimbo to break down and assess the speed of whatever he focuses on via Division, known as the 'Mechanical Dragon.' When used by itself, he is capable of altering the very velocity, acceleration and general overall movement of whatever comes in contact with this specific technique. In essence, he is able to cut apart the very concepts of 'Speed' as often as he wishes, even to the point of slowing his target to the point of bare comprehensive movement. It works universally, not merely on physical conceptions of 'Speed.' ('Slow' Effect)~

"Quickly," Primordius, Who Was Still Over The Isolated Area Cried Out, The Sound Of His 'Voice' Emanating Throughout The Terrain Under His Dominion, "Pour Into Me Your Flame And Heed My Instructions." Primordius Did Not Have But A Few Moments Before Greed Made Its Vital Mistake.

"This Is What The Sovereign Lord Says:"

"Now I'm Going To Strike It Dead, Since I Was Not Heeded About Why You Do Not Want To Shelter It, And Something Very Vital Will Be Taken With It, As A Punishment For Harboring It Further. You Will Hate The Whore, And Your Will Burn Her With Fire, Just As God Does, When You Are Able To Understand God And Why The Weakness Was Discarded Long Before You Found Out It Was A Weakness." He Spake Specifically To 'Greed' And Each Of Them That Clung To The Demon And Those Who Loved The Demon And The Sin And The Demon Lord That Makes The Greater Sin. "When You See A Tower Claimed Because Of The Sins Of The Wicked One, Exposing You Through The Attachments, You Will Hurl Her Down And Seek Her Out Yourselves Without My Prior Command Nor Instruction."

Primordius Was Aware Of The Vulnerability In The Construct, Itself, Because It Is A Single Independent Being And Not A Separate Entity. Therefore, As It Pleasured Itself, It Revealed Its Weak Point, Which Also Made The Resulting Areas Weak Simultaneously As A Geological Influence. "This Is Why You Do Not Disobey Commands. You Make Too Many Threatening Mistakes For Attachments You Cannot Actually Afford And Are In No Way Profitable Any Longer. It's The Clinging That Makes You Visible, And The Clinging Is Also How I Can See The Target, Itself. You're Your Own Exposure." Any Time 'Greed' Benefited In Any Way From Its Own Product, It Is Considered 'Self-Gratification' And Thereby Exposes The Weak Point That Greed Is So Very Attached To.

"And: This Is Why You Do Not Listen To Slaves. They Get Your Cities Sodomized, Which Is Isolating A Perversion And All Attachments And Causing An Implosion By Destroying It At The Source. Every City Of Babylon Has One, And It's Always A Woman. To Destroy That Single Causality Is To Level An Entire City Nearly Instantaneously." As He Spake, Primordius Already Had Foreseen A Single Weakness In Mind That All Were Trying Very Dearly To Protect Throughout The Entire Time That The Sins Had Been Following Those Of 'The Veritas.' "The One That Greed Is Weak For, Because She Controls Him, And Also The City." The Design, Itself.

"God Damn."

After Damning The Isolated Location Permanently So That It Could Be Seen, Even If Greed Attempted To Take Attention Away From It, It Would Still Be Pinpointed Once He Took His Hand Off Of It. The Burning Scorch Mark That Should Have Spontaneously Appeared Under His Hand Should Also Have Burnt Like A Hot Stove, With Also Very Much Hot-Handed Intent To Burn Some Of The Demon Being Thrown Into Molek, Along With The Other Various Offspring.

Lord Patience, the Magnus Ignis, did exactly as he was commanded by his Elder, pouring out the flames of his own bodice out into the already glowing furnace that was the underground passage, filling up the body of the Presence of Primordius, serving as the accumulation of the Spirits among them that were ignited. Lord Patience had dominion over Fire, and therefore produced and reproduced just as infinitely as the rapid expansion of the city, itself.

Surging flames seared into the imprint on the ground, giving the entity a clear lock on the Target, which was a smoldering mark in and on and within and throughout the actual city, itself. He grinned menacingly with hair ablaze with a bright idea for speeding the process along. "To Exterminate Rats, Put Poison In Their Tunnels; Directly Inside. If The Rats Have An Underground Tunnel Or System, Poisoning Any Of The Ones That Are Messengers Or Sources Will Destroy The Entire Colony Of Them. It Will Cause Division And Distrust Among Them, And Inevitable Destruction." Whatever would touch the flame would spread it like a fire in the street in the same randomly generated manner as any available vulnerability or movement of such that should so attach or allow itself to be attached to anything that was already lit aflame, due to the nature of the construct being primarily focused on attaching as many things as it could to itself, as a Perversion. With his memory restored, Lord Patience was more than fully aware of the greater depth of what he was at first hazy about due to the lack of congition.

"They Move Through Hearsay And Limited Insight Only To Their Respective Colonies. Striking Messengers Is More Useful Than Striking Sources, Since The Messengers Will Touch Many Things And Poison Them All." The flames already pouring out from him grew brighter, and the flame would do as he willed the moment he thought it, and therefore already begin the process with anything that was touching the fire from the Damnation at the time. It would be the equivalent of him burning his own Consecration. "The Sources Will Begin Destroying Their Messengers And The Messengers Will Leave A Line Of Poison That Will Disperse The Others, In Fear. They Will Be Most Vulnerable And Most Weak At That Time." Basically, he already knew who to hit after the target was secured. "The Next Second Weakest Point Is When They Start To Regroup Elsewhere, Attempting To Rebuild."

Lord Patience, whose name is Titus, already came as a 'Field' expert due to the nature of his actual background expertise in the 'Field.' When the weak point was revealed, it only gave him greater perspective of the overall demolition plan in the most coherent matter possible from where he was and what was going on. "When You Clean Out The Tunnels And Underground Networks, You Free Up New Parts Of The City That Are Infested, And Make It Easy To Clean Out." It all made so much sense. It was all so clear to him, and he knew that the Spirit that rested over him was here so that he could channel his energy into this destruction in the proper manner. "Sometimes, Cities That Are Dirty Are Only So Because Of Underground Networks That Are Binding And Supporting The Above-Ground Networks. Where The Surface Area May Seem Clean And Secure, What Goes On Underground Or In The Background Is Actually What Is Causing Circulation. Therefore, When Things Become Too Destructive Or Chaotic, It Is The Equivalent Of A Sewer Backing Up. Therefore, Cleaning Out The Gutters Is Imperative To Ensuring That The Circulation Remains Clean, Because All Sewage Systems And Underground Systems Are The Equivalent Of The Waste Removal Process Of The Digestive System. Hence; Waste Management."

That said, Lord Patience, the Magnus Ignis, and also God of Fire on the Veritas, would begin to perpetually generate his own flame internally through his many ideas coming together all at once, fueling his passion, anger and focus simultaneously as if burning them into one thing at one target point. "Isolate The Targets By Enclosing Them In A Confined Space In Their Fear, But Draw Them Out By Purging The Confined Space After Enough Have Been Collected And Confined In The Space, Itself. It Will Function Like Lab Rats Trapped In A Labyrinth And Led To A Dead End As A Wide Open Space. This Will Ensure As Many As Possible Are Either Exposed, Poisoned Or Destroyed All At The Same Time Without Any Of The Others Recognizing Until After They've Already Spread Out And Regrouped. This Will Work Literally Every Time And Always Targets The Two Weakest Points; When They Come Together And When They Spread Out." The more he spoke, the more his fire consumed based on what was thought up and spoken outwardly and focused on attentively. "All Of The Underground Will Rise Up To The Surface, Only To Be Taken Care Of At The Surface Value Of Normal Retribution." As he spoke, he was burning through the underground more and more, causing a greater mark to scorch more deeply, imprinting itself into the earth well below the surface and deep into the sewage; the roots of the city.

"NO!" Demon Lord Greed cried out, unable to act on his plans nor pay any more attention to the special place that was within his House at the time, "You won't take my beautiful precious plans I was going to use for Purgatorio and make the whole mountain MINE after I manufactured all of my products all across it!" Greed, who was the mastermind already behind most all the project of his own goals, and had already long decided that he was going to overthrow the actual Slavemaster in charge after perfecting his product, was crestfallen in the actual calculation being correct and his own blunder of revealing it on accident based on an actual design that he couldn't get out immediately because it was already instantly manifested and continued on as an instant manifestation as it occurred.

Yet, in his Madness, truly believing that he still had total control even though the first shot was very detrimental, Demon Lord Greed instead would laugh haughtily and begin to work other factions of his rather large organization to generate something within to neutralize the threat. "There is no stopping ME!" Because all three layers were owned by Greed, itself, by design, as a Sin, he had control over all of them at once, as well as knowledge of how all the other Sins functioned.

Then he hatched up an idea, realizing that if he could finish his own goals without having to worry, the other Demon Lords would naturally get in the way, being Demon Lords, and Demon Lord Greed could go buy out the city of Purgatorio and flush it out with himself and what he was marketing and producing ceaselessly. Cities lines up along the coast as Demon Lord Greed disappeared over the horizon with countless cities littering the way down the mountain.


"Hold." Primordius Commanded. "Do Not Follow It." Primordius, Who Knew Of How The Sins Functioned Primordially Before Ever Coming To Any Of The Disciples As A Spirit, Was Also Aware Of How Greed Functioned And How Futile Its Mass Production Whilst Defective Would Prove. "Analyze The Carcass Whilst The Presence Is Departed To Discover The Behavior Of Its Vulnerabilities And Further Locations, So That The Rest Of Them, Which Are Identical, Will Be Able To Be Easily Destroyed." Primordius Was Going To Feed Upon The Waste.

Stilling Himself, He Marked Out Proper Targets In His Mind With Conceptual Coordinates. "The Framework Of The Underground Being Destroyed Will Always Dissolve What Is Above And Burn Up The Entire Root Of It, From The Waste Up, Because The Waste Could Not Be Managed By The Previous Design." Underground, There Was A Complete Soft Spot And Vulnerability That Would Allow For The Entire Design To Implode Upon Itself From The Isolated Weak Points. "When I Find Perversions, Or What You Call 'Weakness,' You Must Destroy It So That You Know What It Looks Like, How It Feels And Why It Must Be Done." There Was A Lesson Here For Primordius' Son, Which Lord Patience And Each Of The Other $yndicate Leaders Were To Him Once They Had Ignited Their Flames. "Be Prepared."

"Essentially, This Is How You Dominate All The Babylons; Right At The Perversion. It's Inescapable. Gotta Hit That Perversion Point At The Source, So, The Best Thing Is To Calculate The Money's Attachments At The Source Of Large Accumulations And Monitor The Distribution. Now You've Got Your Generator, Which, Of Course, Is The Stock Market. That's The GENERATOR, So That's The CORE. That's How It's Cycling. Where There Is An Imbalance, There Is Also A Weakness. Where There Is A Perversion, There Is A Weakness. Think Of 'Perversion' And 'Weakness' As Synonymous, And This'll Be Easy Pickings." At this point, Lord Patience was mapping out further coordinates based on collateral damage for how he could make the greatest possible destructive blow to the design automatically based on the one spot he'd hit alone, and the instructions that were being given to him by the Spirit. He waited and did not destroy anything, but continued on with his calculations.

"Those Are Also Ley Lines; The Chaining Portion, That Is. Their Attachments Are ALL To Weaknesses, And Stringing Them Up And Snatching Them All Together Comes From One Giant Ugly Perversion That Is Actually Bought By And With Money." Lord Kindness, who was making further calculations both behind and beyond Lord Patience, continued to mutter on as Lord Patience was bid to halt where he was in order to explain to him further about the shadow of the defective construct that was left behind, since Lord Kindness' abilities were geared toward Darkness. "Hitting The Right Targets Will Wipe Out A Good Chunk, Which Will Allow For Reconstruction After The Inevitable Collapse. This Also Will Prevent TOTAL Destruction, Yet Still Cause ENOUGH Destruction To Level Out A Whole Land And Make It New. Business Connections Are Ley Lines, As Well, Which Is Why Bankruptcy Of Certain Businesses Will Also Cause Business Connections To Crumble At The Foundation, Whilst Certain Economies And Societies Also Become Leveled By The Earthquake. Your Internet Is Supposed To Be A Cushion, Because Even Without PHYSICAL CURRENCY, You Still Have DIGITAL INFORMATION That Has Everything Backed Up. Essentially, You Can Live Without Currency As Long As You Have The Internet. That Being Said, You Can Also Manage Several Currencies Instead Of Only Just One."

Lord Kindness -- who, in the Veritas, is the 'Grimnyzmal' of the Darkness -- could calculate through the vulnerable points all the schematics of the interior design of the city that Greed left behind as a defect and link together all of the weak points in a total lump sum of the accumulation all throughout the design with Lord Father, which is what he referred to Primordius as with his Spirit in place, guiding the two of them. "Whatever Was Made Of Tree Follows The Laws Of Trees. Whatever Was Made Of Clay Follows The Laws Of Clay. Whatever Was Made Of Metal Follows The Laws Of Metal. Pressurizing Earth Is Important For Both Fortitude AND Destruction. That Is, In The Same Manner Earth Is Created, It Can Also Be Destroyed. Basically, Whatever Is Made Of Rock, Metal Or Alloy Is To Be Applied With A Greater Pressure Than Can Be Handled, And That Also Was Required To Establish It." All of this that was spoken was a translation for everyone that was attached to the communication line at the time, briefing them on all the information and translating it for the rest of the $yndicate leaders as they went along. Everyone would be up to speed about Greed and how to deal with it before it got to them.

"Bankruptcies Are Important. They Are Like Tectonic Plates Being Ruptured In And On The Planet. Where There Is A CHOICE Bankruptcy, There Is A Powerful Seismic Rupture In The Earth, All Throughout The Ley Lines Of The City." At that moment, Lord Kindness fully calculated the length of the city and each of its target weak points that were provided by Lord Father, Primordius. The entire underground of the city of Greed was connected at each of the weak points that were copied all throughout the same design, linking each together in a shadowy nexus of mental though that was also translated to everyone that was in communication at the time. "Repossession Is Important For This Task. You Siphon Out What Is Required From Those Who Have Been Evading, And They Will Have No Foundation To Stand On, And Essentially Collapse, Taking Everything With Them That Is Connected To Them. You Can Also Determine Where The 'Cut Off' Point Will Be, OR, EVEN Make One, Yourself. If You Do The Calculations Properly, You Should Be Able To See The Full Blast Radius And Near The Ends Of It, Begin To Cut Off The Collateral Damages From Spreading."

Gazing deeper into his calculations, well within the realms of ambiguity and miscellanea that none dared to even factor into the equation, Lord Kindness went on translating, "You Can INCREASE The Collateral Damage Zone By Following The Ley Lines Of The Industries. Remember; Everything Made Of The Earth Follows The Rules Of The Earth; Including Businesses And Paper (Money) And Buildings (Metal) And... Everything Made Of Earth." Once everyone understood that, especially the $yndicate Member who was called up next to be stationed at this spot, they would be able to completely manipulate it as they may. In the eyes of Grimnyzmal, however, things did not look so pleasant, despite being completely perfect and accurate.

"And Oh, How They Just Believe With Their Evil Little Hearts That What They Are Exalting Is Correct." He continued, thinking of the Sinners that had taken up the Greed Demon and become its babies, just like Greed, the Sin had done. "How Hideous! How Disgusting! That They Can Be Paid Off And Silenced By Paper Which Only Represents Gold. Gold Is To Be Hurled In Fire Along With Silver And Bronze And Tin And Iron; All The Lesser Metals Are Symbols Of HUMAN DEFECTIVENESS." They couldn't even see their own slope of decline once they were placed into the Hierarchy system of Greed, which only degenerated into a lesser form for everything except the actual benefactor most every time. "Even The GOLD Is A Symbol Of HUMAN DEFECTIVENESS." Being comprised totally and completely of earth of all types, which were also completely renewable resources made more or less specifically for decomposition, he sighed heavily and concluded his extended sentimental calculation. "They Just Don't Understand That It's A Perversion, And I DON'T WANT TO TOUCH THEM. I DO NOT DESIRE TO BE WITH THE CROWD OF PERVERSION. I Do NOT Wish To Attach Myself To What They Have Attached Themselves To." If the Veritas EVER looked like such, he wouldn't be able to bear to look at her any longer after all they'd been through. Why, even his daughter, Tabitha, could not afford to look like this unholy creation down in the Dusk, which he would be thoroughly inspecting later to make sure.

Primordius -- Who Would Be Called 'Lord Father' Whilst The 'Spirits' Were Present -- Was Pleased With His Two Sons Whose Spirits Had Returned To Them, Eagerly Awaiting The Next, Of Whom He Would Be Able To Lord Next Whilst They Had Time And After He'd Already Been Summoned. Then, His Memory Would Be Restored In This Land And So Too Would His Inherent Abilities From The Veritas, Just As With Lord Patience With Fire And Lord Kindness With Darkness. "Where I Find All The Weaknesses, I Also Find All The Attachments To Every Sinner Across The Land, And Essentially, Their Chains." From The Very Beginning And Long Before, Many Beginnings Ago, Lord Father Had Been Snatching Up And Uprooting Cities And Trees And Throwing Them Into Fire. He Understood How They Were Created And What Sustained Them, And Therefore Also Knew Exactly Who And What To Target For What Reason Among The Actual Constructed Design, Which He Always Intended To Be Finished By Greed Initially With The Weakness Embedded. Here, He Would Reclaim His Land; The Entire Mountain -- All At Once.

"Now The Defects Will Be Moving Unconsciously. This Is The Part Where The Devil Drags Them To Hell. When This Lightning Bolt Hits And The Fire Spreads, It Will Become Hell For Them, And The Devil Will Drag Them Into The Fire Unconsciously. It's All One-Way Command Input From This Void." Foreknowing Of This, Lord Father, The Great Spirit Over The Seven Spirits, Themselves, Would Yield Them Like The Reigns Of A Horse On A Chariot To Halt The City. "Where The Congregation Gathers Should Be Around That Space Where The One Enthroned Sits. Instead Of Being Called Out From The Borders, They Should Be Called Up Directly." When Each Of The Weak Links Were Connected, His Presence Expanded Over The Maximum Radius Of The Cluster On The Grid.

"I Will Destroy Everyone All At Once." With The Calculation Of Lord Kindness And The Instantaneous Multiplicative Pinpoint Exact Coordinate Destruction That Could Be Spontaneously Induced By Lord Patience As Well As Lord Father's Expanded Presence Over All The Captured Weak Points, That Would Not Only Be So, But Also Wherever Greed Was Cut Off, There Would Already Be Something Greater Than It To Keep It From Asexually Reproducing Through The Attachment To The Perversion. "See, It Was The MONEY That Got You In Trouble. All Of It. That's What Makes You Slaves." Thinking Fondly Of Each Of The Poor Unfortunate Souls That Were Swallowed Up Along The Mountain Journey, He Could Not Help But To Speak Up About What Brought Them This Tragic End And The System They Were Sold Into For The Purpose That It Was. "Sad, But True; It Preys On Your Weaknesses To Create A Perversion That Binds A Whole Nation Together, Hence Why Everyone Is FORCED To Use The Currency. It's Not An Option, Because It's Preying On Weakness." Now, With This Done, Primordius' Influence Should Have Spanned Over The Entire Land In Potential Energy, With A Kinetic Ignition That Would Spark Utter Oblivion For Demon Lord Greed And Anything Caught In The Crossfire. "See Why I Threw It Down A Long Time Ago?" It Happened The Same Way Every Time, And Only The Youthful And The Possessed Did Not Understand How And Why Nor What To Do About It Or The Signs Of Its Inevitable Coming After A Certain Period Is Breached.

"Remember; Money Is The 'Idol God,' Because It Has Bought Up Every Other Idol That Exists, Specifically To Create A Perversion So That When Everything Is Attached, Everything Gets Wiped Out, Including The People Who Are Attached." Fully Coherent Of This Outcome, Each Of The Sinners Who Were Attached To Greed, Especially The Ones That Were Feeding The Perversion, Having More Of The Significant Show For Their Material Attachments Than Any, Were The Nearest To Be Snatched As Firstfruits. "It's The 'Be-All End-All.'" He Had Been Warning Them For Quite A Long Time Upon Purgatorio, But None Who Were At The Foot Of The Mountain, Already Enslaved, Could Hear Nor Understand, And Therefore Could Not Bear The Light Of The Lamps That Ignited The Spirit Of The Lord. Fortunately For Him, His Sons Were Already Crowned, And Merely Needed To Recover Their Spirits Directly From He, Himself, That They Both Become More Defined And Present In The Realm"I'm Feeling Better Already. And Get This; The Blow Will Be SO DEVASTATING, It'll DEFINITELY WITHOUT QUESTION Knock The Defect Out Of Them." This Was A Special Sentiment For His Son Of The Darkness, The Grimnyzmal, Whom He Knew Was Highly Upset At The Matter Of Fact That Was An Actuality Of Which Is Very Perplexing And Complex As A Gridlock. "Between You And Me; Every Time There Is A Systematic Failure, Or Economic Collapse, It's Because Of The Currency." Out Of Every Renewable Resource, The Currency Was The Most Disposable And Renewable, Able To Be Cycled Through Tens Of Thousands Of Times Putting Value On Anything Except The Things Of Deemed Lesser Importance, Be That True In Actuality Or Not. This Delusional State Was Simply A Deficiency In The Intelligence Quotient Of The Nation Or Planet As A Whole, Which Defects To Cretinism Or Any Other Form Of Demonizing. "Sometimes, Hurting Yourself Can Be Disguised As Others Hurting You." He Bowed His Head And Closed His Eyes, Praying Over The Ones About To Be Slain In The Destruction Of His Resurrection On The Actual Surface Of The Mountain, As The Mountain, Itself, All At Once As A Sacrifice For The Severe Weakness -- The Sacrifice Of All Sacrifices.

"Make Examples Of Them For Others To See Once The Organs Are Removed," Primordius Commanded Titus, That He May Strike Whilst The Iron Was Hot, So To Speak Figuratively. "Let Me Adjust Mineself To Be Pleasured." Lord Father Smirked Only Slightly, Delighted In Seeing The Unholy One Finally Fall Just As Designed For The Exact Reason Why It Was Circumcised Completely.

Lord Patience continued to wait, letting the fullness of the calculations be handled by Lord Kindness, and continue generating and building up pressure for accumulative massive destruction. All the while, his rigid smirk grew more wide and crazed the longer he produced destructive potential energy equivalent to the potential vulnerable weakness. It looked like a heap of vengeance all amassed to one giant burning feast. "All That Matters Is That I Was Close Enough To See And Came Back With Data To Feed. That Was A Simulation. The Fire Spreads From There. With What I Have Gathered, You Will Be Provided With A Greater Crop Once The Burnt Incense Is Lit." The fire of the lamp should have smoldered over the entire mountain and simultaneously given the Spirits an advantage over Greed. "Exposure Is Most Important To Me. I Know What To Do With All I Am Given. Therefore, Now That I Have This Specific Information, It Is Time To Spread." This is what Lord Patience's natural ability for accumulating his rage always behest. The accumulative process always brought forth greater destruction than if he moved initially, because he was capable of building up a greater influence like pressure from the blast radius of an explosion. "The Fullness Of The Spread Will Form The Boundaries Of The Ark And The Area That Will Be Burnt Up Around It. The Next Assignment Is To Secure The Perimeter Of The Ark And Discover Which, From The Ley Lines, Is To Be Burnt Up. In The Same Manner The Ark Secures Itself Is How The Flames Will Burn Up What Is Around It, So Be Mindful Of How The Spreading Should So Occur." This task would be best left to Lord Charity, but his Spirit had not be lit in his Lampstand as of yet because the $yndicate member who was responsible for bearing this light was not yet present. "Hopefully Greed Hasn't Swallowed Him Up Before He Gets Here. It Might Alter Our Trajectory A Bit."

The $yndicate member that was switched with the one sent back finally showed up in the area, coming from over the horizon just as things were transitioning from barren land to large city. This change was sporadic and confused him, however, yet he could clearly see where his comrades were because of the large beacon that clearly was their camp or tent or House. Whatever the case may be, he rushed toward it to regroup with the unit. "Okay, I have arrived!" he shouted to alert everyone of his presence. "What's going on? What should we do?" Though he and all the other $yndicate members were informed of what was going on, in terms of what they were each going to actually do was still confusing. Because this member hadn't yet been restored of his memory, things didn't make as much sense as they would once it was.

"Ah, Here He Is," Primordius Declared As He Saw The Vessel Of The Next Spirit Coming From Afar, "The Blessed One." Of Each Of The Spirits, This One, In Particular Brought Fortune Through Blessings Of Spirit. The Pure Ones, Such As This Vessel, Could Harness The Spirit And Command The Entire Construct Of Corruption From The Vulnerable Points. "Come Here, My Boy! Let Me Bless You!" Once He Was Within Proximity, Primordius Would Allow Him Inside And Immediately Bestow His Spirit Upon Him, If He Came Through Cleanly And Without Defect From The Hazards Of The Corruption Around Him.

"Spread The Flame Around Him And Mark Out Prime Target Points That Should So Sprout As A Threat To Him As He Travels. Keep The Path Clear And Straight, And He Will Not Stray From It, For He Will Come Faithfully To Us Without Turning Left Nor Right." The One Who Was Made Like A Lamb Would Always Follow The One Who Was Leading As An Act Of Faith. Therefore, As Long As He Made It To The Safe Haven Untainted, He Would Be Blessed With The Fullness Of The Spirit That Would Command The Entire City From Its Weak Points. "Dark One, Have Support Ready In The Background As The Burning One Deals With Front Line Assault." He Knew His Sons And Their Talents Apart Once Their Gifts Were Restored To Them Through Their Respective Individual Spirits That Were Blessed Unto Them By Their Lord Father, Himself, Long Before They Reached This Land That He Was Cursed Upon. This Is Why He Took Front Command And Served As Their 'House' Whilst They Were Present In The Carcass Of Demon Lord Greed, Rotting Away At The Flesh.

"Lord Patience," He Mentioned To His Son Of Fire, "The Meat Is All Dead. It Can Be Burnt Up, For It Is No Longer Useful Because It Is Torn. This Will Also Prevent Defiling Bacteria From Congregating And Becoming A Plague Or Worse That Smites The Land." The Atrophy, Lord Father Primordius Knew, Would Also Ceaselessly Reproduce Mindlessly On Top Of Itself In The Mindless Design Of The Living City, And That Would Cause Disease And Bacteria, Which Still Lived Yet Served As A Hazard To All That Was Living, To Do So As Well. The City Was Well Zombified And Already Acted Impulsively Due To Zombification, Therefore, Mindless Attacks At Any Opportunity Available To Innocent Or Standby Data Marked As A 'Bystander' Would Become Valid Authenticity And Justification For Means Of Harm, Hazard, Threat Or Terror, Especially Based On Self-Gratification Or Natural Instinct. "All Of It Still Needs To Be Torn Down, Even After We Cut Off The Head Of The Dying Horse." As It Stood, Greed Was Not Truly A Body, But A Living Head On An Already Dead Vessel, Now Only Festering.

"You Have Your Commands."

"Yes, Lord Father," Lord Kindness would speak into the communication methods, commandeering them that he may give them their instructions through the Dark Network, as they had been the entire time. Without his memory, they could not utilize it to the fullness of its efficacy, therefore there were widely untapped regions of explanation and calculation that he had to walk them all through in the background and simultaneously translate among everyone that everyone understood each other consciously, subconscious, unconsciously and universally cognitively at all times with no disruption nor disturbance via discord in mentality. "I Will Begin Calculations Immediately." At that moment, from each of the geological weak points in the architecture and infrastructure of the design, Lord Kindness calculated the information that determined the rate of growth of the instantaneous reproducing virons potentially decomposing the carcass that could so harm the $yndicate member on his way. "When I Am Done With The Schematics, The Outline Should Be Clear As A Networking Blueprint That Will Display The Areas Where The Sporadic Spread Travels In A Linear Pattern Universally." That would ensure that whatever was decaying first would be targeted and burnt up first in a line all across the city's framework. "Whenever You're Ready, Titus."

The actual decay on the vulnerable points of the City were still sentient and growing and restoring themselves with other parts of the large body. Those who functioned as the 'cells' were also prisoners to the large body and not freely dwelling inside of it. Therefore, as it suffered blows, they, as part of it symbiotically, would begin repairing the damages at the vulnerable points as coagulations.
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Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
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Simultaneously, what was seen as a hazard to the actual regeneration process was targeted where it was. Though not as much of the City could still strike, because most of its energy was being used to repair the vulnerable spot with highest priority based on Demon Lord Greed's personal attachment, and there was little that was left not being geared toward repairs altogether, that which was festering nearby lashed out like tendrils of ivy or whips. Some sprouted from the ground where he would be moving, seeking to snare his feet and bind his hands once they touched him. They came like the roots of trees, yet also oozed with a blood-like fluid that resembled sewage.

By this point, Titus could feel whatever life was in motion nearby, especially once there was a buildup in energy to make a sudden or powerful movement. "I See It..." He mumbled after getting a visual in his head from the Grimnyzmal, "... There..." His eyes burst open with a burning flare, which seemed to be gazing off into the distance, yet also inwardly simultaneously. From the perspective of the Sun in his head, wherever there was a wavelength of movement all throughout a single stream, it would match the outline of what had been displayed. That meant to him that this was the path for him to burn out; the whole street all the way up the block from the horizon, and at the intersections all the way to and from the original Consecration to seal the gridlock of the streets of the City. That would at least secure the territory.


A streaming white hot laser burst from out of his eyes and blew through the underground in the exact pattern as what was up above, then scorched its way upward to match the framework of the city, with the streets becoming only a glowing purified pathway made specifically for the untainted to walk upon. Anything else that touched it would see it only as a lake of fire that would repel them caustically by default, being what the fire was originally purposed for. "Set."

"HOLY CRIPES!" The $yndicate member cried out in amazement as he drew nearer, "Where'd you learn to do that one, cap'n?!" His wide-eyed amazement brought him all the way to the establishment of their base, which was also a great and looming presence accompanied by an enormous flame. "Do I just go through...?" It was new and everything to him, but he figured that whatever it was, it should be safe if this is where his team told him that he was supposed to go. "You know what? Nevermind." He rushed into the area that was not all processed and artificial like prosthetic limbs and into where he was beckoned and felt safe. "So, I see you all have a plan." It was clear from their coordination that the things they'd been talking to each other about were conclusive and not just speculative, since action was taken so readily and immediately even just before arrival. "What is my part in it?" All of this couldn't have just been spontaneous. They had to have thought long hours and gone through many types of different strategies to come to that type of execution... right? Whatever the case may have been, spontaneous or not, the $yndicate member was more than eager to take his own part and do what he could to help things along as best he could. "I'm sure you didn't leave one of the heads out of the plan, right?" He laughed lightly.

"Good Work, My Sons," Lord Father Spake, Praising His Children That Were Acting Obediently Under His Direct Command. "Now That Your Brother Is Here, I May Bless Him, That His Mind Be Restored And His Heart Set In Place Correctly As It Should Once His Mentality Settles." The Blessing Of The Spirit Would Purify The Defect That Kept Him From Bearing His True Spirit Here And Limiting Him To The Normalcy Of A Human. "The Defects Set In Place Are Limiters Placed On Purpose. They Are Like Pressure Points In The Mind Equivalent To The Joints On The Body That Are Sensitive. Therefore, When The Defects That Are Pressing Them Are Lifted, The Manna That Is Being Withheld May Flow Freely All Throughout The Mind And Body After The Chemicals Are Released." This Explanation Was For Each Of Them To Remember, Since They Would Be Tasked With Doing These Things With Their Own Power After Each Spirit Was Bestowed.

"My Boy," Lord Father Continued, Directing His Focus Now To The $yndicate Member Who Just Appeared, "You Have Crossed Over The Trenches Of Evil Without Looking Either Way, But Eagerly In Your Heart Desiring To Serve Your Brothers And Neighbors. With This Spirit Of Faith In You, The Spirit Of Faith Will Be Given, For You Have Been Found Clean On Your Hands And In Your Feet." Before Him, A Great Manifestation Of Light That Concentrated Internally, Well Within The Boundaries Of The Consecrated Area, Was The 'Spirit Of Charity.' The Spirit Resembled A Large Floating Torso With A Well Defined Abdomen And As Large As A House. Around It Floated Several Disembodied Floating Hands, All Glowing With The Same Radiance As The Limbless Hovering Torso.

"Give And It Will Be Given Back To You," The Spirit Of Charity Began To Speak, "Pour Out A Cup Over The Entire City, And It Will Be Given Into Your Hands." In Order To Do This, The Spirit Of Charity Would Be As A 'House' To The $yndicate Member, Allowing Him To Utilize The Strength Of The Area That Was Consecrated To The Unit And Also The Reserves In The Storehouse Of The Spirit, Thereby Granting Him Great Power In All He Did. When His Memory Was Restored, Whilst He Was Within The Realm Of The Radiance Of The Spirit Of Charity, He Would Have Limitless Power Over The Land. Yet, Should He Step Outside The House, He Would Return To Ignorance, If The Spirit Did Not Move With Him Nor Rest With Him. It Was Rooted Where It Was And Would Not Move Until It Was Proven It Could Be Lifted Up And Taken With Him.

"Make This City A House For Mine Spirit," Lord Father Said Again Once The Spirit He Spake Of Finished Speaking, "And It Will Rest With You And Move Wherever You Should Go And At Your Command." He Was Limited To Doing So Only From His Own Spot For A Reason, And It Would Be Carried Out Until The End. "You Have Your Command. Subdue The City." Primordius Waited, Keeping An Eye On The Developments As They Came.

The Spirit of Charity that came from the one Lord Father was resilient in the eyes of the $yndicate member who was to be blessed. In his innocence and purity of heart, he was greatly amazed at what was before him, and immediately, the sheer power of the Spirit coming from all around him bestowed upon him rejuvenated his memory and returned his previous God-given strength to him from beyond the Mountain of Sin; the Mountain of Death. A great glow came from within him, and he knew exactly what to do. "Lord Father," the awakened $yndicate member prayed, "I Know What Must Be Done. You Do Not Mean To Be Given A House That Is Of Wood. You Have Never Liked That Sort Of Dwelling." What he knew was best was to offer himself as a sacrifice for the sake of the Spirit of Charity, itself, and become what would be the House of the Spirit, itself. "Therefore, I Will Be That House For You, And Through Me, I Will Make An Extension Of Myself And Make That A Greater House For You!" It was the most genius idea, or so the $yndicate member, whose name was Titane, would come to the conclusion of.

"So, I Suppose I Will Just Have To Uproot The City And Ingrain Our Roots, That We May Grow." It was the only feasible method and manner of actually getting that accomplished and also destroying the target, which he was informed now that they were apprehending in this manner for a reason. With his memory back, he understood why it was being handled as it was, and also how each of his brothers, whom he also remembered, had their abilities to assist with this. "GO TEAM GO~!!!" He shouted out randomly in his childish spirit, zealous about the actual operation. Though, he figured keeping his head leveled and focused would help to level the land. "Okay, Now Hold On, I Think I've Got Something." With all that he knew that his brothers had done, now that his powers were back, he could assist with his natural abilities.

At that moment, Titane would trace the seismic waves of the earth and find each of the weaknesses in the actual structure throughout the underground where Titus, Lord Patience, had already struck, and also followed the layout that was given to him by Lord Kindness, whose name is Thanytoz. The three restored brothers; Titane, Thanytoz and Titus, could be bound together in their abilities when Titane used his own. He dug his hands and feet and monkey tail (because he has a monkey tail that is like the stem of a plant; with thorns and a budding flower at the tip) into the ground and rooted himself whilst also spreading roots from his own body. Even his hair, which were like ivy and shaped like dreadlocks, would dig deep into the ground and spread out to the points that were marked by Lord Patience and Lord Kindness previously, threading them together with a nexus of living vines and branches and roots underground completely comprised of himself. Whatever was connected would be bound to them and he would be like a House to them within the large city. He kept his concentration as he made the connections until he was certain that the new land they had come into contact with would be secure; then, from the streets that were cleared to all the buildings that were commandeered from underground, the City of the Demon Lord Greed would be repossessed, as a possession that was both abandoned and destroyed and rebuilt -- his worthless carcass.

"He's Got His Memory?" Lord Patience was the first to inquire when he heard the other member speaking in a more familiar tone, and felt a shift in his mental patterns and normalization in his spiritual emanations. "Good. Because I'm Gonna Need Your Help, Now That You've Got Your Powers." Titane had control over all the Earth, including Plants and Flesh. "Make A Bad Vine; The Black Root, And Extend It In A Pattern Throughout The Remainder Of The City -- The Part That You Do Not Thread Together To Make A House. I Will Set Fire To It And Destroy A Larger Portion Based Off Of The Defects We've Already Found, And We'll Take Down The Entire Project Here And Now All At Once In A 'Copy And Paste' Type Fashion." From what Lord Father had spoken, as long as they had a good chunk of the original, the rest was just a copy of however much was taken from the unfinished product, lost in its perpetuity to make it seem like a complete project when it was really just copying and applying defects over and over endlessly. Virtually all of the weaknesses should have been the same, unless there was something they didn't hit.

"Lord Kindness," he continued, having greater insight on the situation from his own interior perspective, "Trace A Route Further Out. See If The Points Match Up." In his head, if each of the weaknesses were all the same, and the general design was reproduced endlessly, then a shadowy nexus could be found where all of the same exact points in a different variable formation congregated and help them claim the area by overcoming all the Perversions at once. "If We Do It Right, We Can Destroy All The Weak Spots Simultaneously And Everything Come Crashing Down In The Same Spot In Every Radius Of The Copied Design, And See The City Decimated, At The Very Most Minimal Damage." All he had to do was Consecrate the spots that were hit, and it would become their own territory.

Foreseeing the insight of the Magnus Ignis and his natural oversight of any land he should so enter, Thanytoz was already following his thought patterns as he emanated them, and would begin doing so whilst Lord Patience spoke. "Right Behind You..." He muttered, also connecting the others as he traced them in the shadow of the schematics of the initial design. "Lord Father, If There Are Any More Extra Points That We Overlook, Will You Please Damn Them Into Place For Us To Visually See And Consecrate? That Would Be Most Helpful." This sort of project could not be done on their own; not in this fashion, because of how it was designed where everything could not be destroyed all at once, or else it could and would just be copied again later by anyone who ever was possessed by Greed and then resumed the production and reproduction of the actual entity, itself, through itself as an incomplete and accursed design. Therefore, because not everything could be destroyed at once, and naturally Lord Father had the most Wisdom of them all, Thanytoz, who is one of his Sons, would indeed seek his council in an engagement such as this, despite his already quite active omniscience.

"When You Secure The Next Territory, I Will Explain You The Next Weaknesses That Are In The Remainder Of The Design." Once The Streets Were Able To Be Walked, They Would Begin To Move, And He Would Set Up The Camp Of The Burning Lamps Where The Next Vessel For The Spirit Was, Who Might Have Been Confronted By One Of The Demon Lords, Or Swallowed Up In A Toxic Portion Of The City That Had Not Yet Been Inspected. "However, Secure Them Now. Bind And Seal Them That They May Be Released Later For Consecration, Because They Are Permanent." When The Framework In The Darkness Was Fleshed Out, Lord Father Would Be Able To Explain To Them What Each Perversion Was As It Was Isolated In The Unknown As An Enigma To Them; Foreign From Their Understanding Yet Also In Line To Be Destroyed. It Was Not Yet Time To Do So In A Manner That Would Also Educate Them On How To Destroy The Next Target, And Would Serve As Reckless Militant Strategy Altogether. "This Is What The Lord Almighty Says." Now That He Was Feeling More Of His Own Spirit, Primordius Could Speak More Freely To His Relatives In A More Familiar Tone Of Voice To Himself; Something Sentimental. He Closed His Eyes And Meditated On The Layout, Resting His Eyes Whilst He Hovered Over The Land In Patience.

"Yes, Lord Father," Thanytoz continued in his dialogue with the Spirit, before tracing out the line work of the extended portion of the city beyond their own area. "Titane; Whatever I Map Out Is Where You Should Extend The 'Black Root.' I've Found One Of Our Members Fleeing Into The City From His Area, And It Is Best To Clear A Path To And For Him So That We May Recollect More Swiftly." Though Thanytoz would continue isolating the other points of weakness in the structure for the team, he made sure to make a distinction between the path to the weak points and the one to the other $yndicate member, strictly for the sake of priority. "Burn And Make Clean A Path For Our Comrade First, And I Will Continue To Make Further Connections Before Lord Father Instructs Us To Move Again." The path to the distressed $yndicate member was already laid out. Now, Titane simply needed to mark it with the Black Root that Titus spoke of, and Titus, the Magnus Ignis, could burn up whatever they needed in order to secure a clean path.

Titane, in his childish spirit, poked his tongue out at the thought of what he was being instructed to do, since he knew what a 'Black Root' was and what his manner of accomplishment was when utilizing it. "Ew, That's Nasty," he said a bit humorously, but still with a very serious look of disgust on his face. "I Hope I Don't Hurl." He rolled his eyes, then started to follow the conceptual layout that was held together by Thanytoz and stretch out his roots that had gone through the clean path underneath the city out into a different route, of which the same roots would turn black and grow thorns. The 'Black Root,' as it was called, was a root that is made as a deficiency to incur a sort of famine through absorption of all of the nutrients in an area all at once and contain them in the vine, itself. It was essentially like high-speed leeching, with the intent to do so specifically for destruction, which is what made the 'Black Root' so potent, since none of the potential energy was actually being converted after consumption, but immediately destroyed for its specific intended purpose.

"Grbleh," he emoted randomly, rolling his eyes again with a sour expression on his face. "Deed's Done," he continued, signalling his brothers that the time to strike while the iron was hot was now, since all of the poisonous hazardous energy should have been absorbed and contained in the single 'Black Root' branch.

"Say No More." All the Magnus Ignis needed was a brief head's up. "Engage." When the path was set, he raised up his hands, of which he'd linked back together at the wrist in a burning ethereal fire, of which they were made, and lifted them up before himself. There were beads on his wrists that the fire spurt from and also connected each flame where his hands would be. They were covered and locked in the fire, but when released, could be used for massive and potent destruction. "Fire From My Hands." He snatched his two burning wrists from each other and at the seamless division of flame, the torch-like stalks that served as bulging arms would ignite as larger flames shaped like large, sharp claws with great, giant palms. Each single burning claw was like a flaming sword; a hot knife.

"An Insanely Large Inferno Of Fire Shot From My Hands," He Commanded Himself, Pointing His Fingers Forward And Igniting A Powerful Jet Flare Which Spontaneously Burst Before Him And Cut Through The Ground Like A Concentrated Laser, Yet With All The Spreading Focus Of A Light's Convex Funnel. Each Laser Was Like A Single Thread In A Large Network That Shot Down Each Street As But A Single Corridor All Down The Entire City, Locking Them In A Gridlock.

"Gridlocked." From that point on, all that was linked to the Black Root, caught in the thorns of the thornbush and seeking out any nutrients from it would be destroyed by fire along with the thornbush where the nutrients that had just been absorbed were contained.

Because it was also clear that whatever was keeping the city perpetually in motion, which were the captive Sinners that were ignorantly enslaved against their will, yet only because they were ignorant of their actual will disassociated from Greed, they would jump like zombies at the largest power source immediately and die on the spot from even attempting to feed from the hazardous toxic vine, made that way purposefully so that it was more flammable for destruction. Lord Patience withdrew his palms into his wrists yet again afterward.

Lord Father Heard That His Sons Secured The Land In A Greater Radius, Expanding Their Territory. "Excellent Work," He Praised, His Eyes Bursting Open With A Fiery Focus Like A Laser. He Traced The Trail Left Behind By His Sons And Focused On Where The Perversions, Which Festered Like Ugly Warts On The Body Of A Frog, Began To Bubble Up. Those Were Weak Points In The Design, But Were Initially Hazardous To Approach. "Mobilize," He Commanded, Adding On, "And Make Sure That You Avoid The Perversions And Destroying Them Whilst We Are In Motion. Do Not Touch Them, For The Sour Grapes And Bitter Figs Are Not Yet To The Fullness Of Their Ripeness, Giving Us Only A Small Window And Range Of Motion; One That Helps Limit Our Vision To Our Advantage." There Was Great Education In Learning What Hazards Naturally Isolate Clean Areas, Because It Meant There Was A Circumcision In Variability, And Therefore Lesser Options That Were Logical And Effective By Default, Which Was Important When Dealing With Perpetuity And Anything That Was Infinite Or Eternal. "The Cutting Out Of Poison Is Automatic, As Long As You Circumcise Yourselves From It Before You Even Touch It, And Only Follow A Cleaner Road That Is Within Your Realm Of Mobility And Judgment." His Presence Suddenly Began To Expand To The Borderland Of Their New Territory.

"Most Wise, Lord Father," Lord Kindness said first, gleaning the fullness of his words and understanding them to the intricacies. "Let's Move," he spake to the group, specifically to Lord Patience, of whom he knew was most crucial for going out first in order to cover the land with the flames as they walked. "I Will Guide You To The Most Optimal Route To Our Comrade From The Shadows, And Draw Him To Us When We Are Nearby So That When He Comes Into The Open, It Will Be Right Into Us." As long as he wasn't spotted before they reached him, he would be safe from harm. Whatever threat was there at the time could always be neutralized, but it was being in this foreign land with the toxic energy that actually made everything dangerous, and not actually the threats, themselves, independently. Thanytoz would move through their shadows when they moved physically, so that he could also still trace more of the terrain as they went along.

Lord Patience closed his eyes and rested his spirit, then lifted himself up from the ground with vacuous heat propulsion levitation, then withdrew his feet into flames spurting from the prayer beads also around his ankles identical to the ones around his wrists and also on his chest. They bound his feet together just as his hands were bound together, and he hovered along smoothly over the newly paved ground and into the next location toward where their other member was located.

As everyone departed the area, each in their own respective manner of their own elemental affinity, Titane, too, would begin uprooting himself from the ground to follow behind Lord Patience.

"Hold," Lord Father Commanded To Titane, Who Was Amidst Uprooting Himself From The Framework Of The Design, "Remain Rooted Where You Are, My Son. Do Not Move From Here." Lord Father Had Greater Foresight Now That His Spirit Encompassed More Land And The Borders Of Their Territory Expanded. His Influence Was Now Over The Clean Land And It Was Now Suitable For Construction. "Focus All Your Energy On Repairing The House And Building It Up To Match The Extent Of My Presence Physically To Each Border. Secure Every Border With A Physical, Natural Means Of My Representation, Which Will Serve As A Large Body For Me To Possess And Root Myself To." Primordius, As A Greater Spirit Coming Down From A Higher Place, Required More Active Assistance In Order To Come Fully Into This Land, Unlike The Other Spirits Here Who Merely Needed The Rekindling Of A Single Flame. Primordius Needed Much More, And His Process Of Remaining Permanent Was Relatively Long And Extensive Due To The Nature Of The Rooting.

"I Am Commanding You To Do This Because I Know You Will Make A House Of Flesh For Me As I So Desire, And Because Of This, My Spirit Will Have Rest, Firmly Planted As An Unshakable Pillar. It Will Be A Tree That Is Never Uprooted From The Ground Again." He Knew That The Blessed One Carried The Spirit That Would Allow For Him To Harness The Spirit As A Beacon Over The Entire Land Rather Than Just Inside Of Himself, Alone, And To Secure This In Flesh And In Permanence, His Lordship Was Required. "As I Decreed, I Will Rest My Spirit, The Spirit Of Charity, In You, And Name You 'Lord Charity' Over The 'House Of God.'" The Spirit That Was Like A Large House In The Ground Set Up As A Camp Over The Large Crater Where Lord Patience Once Kindled The Flames Of The Spirit Rose Up From Its Place And Drew Itself Directly Into Titane As He Was Lorded 'Lord Charity' By The Lord Father. It Expanded As An Emanance Over The Entirety Of The Presence, To The Fullness Of Each Boundary, With Arms Like Those Of Branches And Roots And Vines Extending Out From The Very Edge Of The Radius Of The Oversoul Housing The Entire Land, And With Angelic Wings Coming From Each Individual Emanation By The Wavelength -- Carried Completely. "This Will Be Your Dominion As You Are Establishing The House Of Flesh For The Large Body." This Meant That Wherever The Spirit Of Lord Father Had Extended, That Was The Realm Of Lord Charity's Range Of Motion. What Would Seem Like His Movement Throughout An Entire Area Would Actually Be A Settlement In And Of One Spot As A Large Singularity -- A Period Under His Jurisdiction. "Mind The Land And Work It Up As We Go Along, For It Will Be The Salvation Of Purgatorio. Remain With This As Your Priority To Work The Soil As Your Brothers Deal With Facing Any Threats And Also The Rekindling Of Your Other Brothers. Watch Over Them As I Watch Over You." Thus, Lord Charity Was Bid By The Lord Father To Do The Will Of The Spirit Of Charity, And He Was Blessed.

The overwhelming might of the Spirit that had rested over Titane radiated through his entire body. The Crystal Gems that were on his Head and his Heart; Chrysms that had been in his ancient ancestors for a long time, and had been passed down to him. When the stabilizing Spirit finally settled, both of the Chrysms of Titane synchronized to the same wavelength, and the one upon his forehead glowed with a bright light like a star, whilst the one upon his chest glowed with a color that of his Heart at the time. Whatever he was feeling would come up as a different colored Gemstone on his chest, because the Chrysm that was upon his chest was malleable as a Crystal into whatever Gem it so desired. However, when all of the gemstone vibrations were aligned all at once as a singularity, something completely different that was an isolated event occurred altogether.

Out of his own desires, instinctively, many plants sprouted up in the clean land in the ruin. With each of the elements aligned as a singularity and an isolation, his entire will was dominant over the area that was given to him. His own Chrysms, now in sync as a single Prysm, resonated with every vibration carried out through the wavelength and had seeds planted in each one, which would be planted omnidimensionally all over the area in ways that fit his desires. It would all grow in time and in sync. Yet, this made Titane, who had now returned to his Transcendent state as the Grand Panda, locked in a mental stasis. It required the focus of each of his finer and intricate nerves in order to accurately stretch and adjust his vibrations to the highly sensitive areas. Seeds were planted at variable pressures, and everything would be processed all at once at different speeds and intensities. "Gridlocked."

His entire Transcendent consciousness as the Grand Panda had all recollection of each different 'Crystal Shard' that was spread out all over the Veritas as Chrysms or other Prysms, which reacted to each other chemically as they may when engaged. He could see through everyone else's consciousness who were one of the Chrysms of the Veritas, and also where all of the stray Chrysms were. With the Crystal Shard, Titane could also create more Chrysms and bestow them with energy and embed them into other life. They were like crystalline seeds that could function in the slits of reality, which was how the land was planted with seeds and life would begin to grow at different times and pressures. In his Deep Thought, he payed his respects to his Lord Father who blessed him, yet remained eerily silent and contrarily attentive. His eyes were glowing with a crystalline light equivalent to the two Chrysms on his Head and his Heart. He'd taken on his Primordial form, and thus, he would be able to accomplish the task that the Lord Father had given him. He saw the Spirit as clearly as he was able to feel its Presence, and also that the Lord Father, himself, was more secured.

Beyond the Field where the House was once again being established, the long arms of the Spirit of Charity that emanated from his own Presence reached out further than the boundaries of the actual clean land and hovered over the filthy lands to trace their vibrations. It was so clear before the Crystal Gem as it had once again come back together that Titane could not descend back into his 'Great Ape' form at the time, and was locked in his Transcendent consciousness and Primordial form.

When Titane Ascended To His Primordial State As The 'Grand Panda,' He Was Now Unified With Primordius, The Primordial That Gave The Tensei Their Primordial State In The First Place. Once The Two Were Able To See Eye To Eye, Leveled Before Each Other, He Spake, "Good Work, My Son. You Have Done Well To Make The House Stable In Your Frame." The Stabilized Polarities And Other Chemicals Throughout The Air Were Harboring Their Proper Charges, And There Were No Imbalances That Needed To Be Atoned For. All Was In Harmony And There Was No Discord Within His Radiance. "Come Up Here; Move Alongside Me, As I Do, And Hear My Command Directly From My Mouth. This Is How You Will Build Up My Body, As Your Brothers Go Off And Kindle The Other Spirits." Once Each Of The Flames Of Eternity Were Ignited, The Large Body Of Primordius Would Spread Further, Yet Also So Too Would His Actual Physical Presence Be More Physically Tangible And Conceivable In The Land.

"Come, Let Us Watch Over Your Brothers." With Freedom Over All The Land In The Name Of His Lord Father, He Would Be Able To Appear Anywhere In The Land As He Saw Fit, Including Where They Were. His Physical Rooting Extended As A Long Vine That Was Part Of His Actual Physical Form, And Could Be Grown Spontaneously Or Moved Consciously As With Any Other Limb, So His Influence Was Absolute. "I Will Teach You How To Oversee The Earth And Support Those Walking Upon It From Above Their Heads." Primordius Turned His Attention Toward Where The Others Had Gone, No Longer Focusing On This Area.

Titane, Now As Lord Charity, The Grand Panda, Shifted His Consciousness Along With His Lord Father, Directing His Attention To The Exact Same Location As He. The Physical Flesh Was Discarded And Decomposed Into The Earth To Be Recycled Whilst A New Physical Construct Of Flesh Was Created For Titane Elsewhere, In The Image Fitting Of The Shapeshifting Being Of Living Crystal. The Earth Under Them That Was Part Of His Body Became The 'Crystal Earth' That Could Be Used As Seen Fit. The Land Was Claimed And The Tensei Pressed On.
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Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
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Twelfth Ignition: The Veritas Chapter 7; Humility

I. 'Rook :: Croak'

One of the heads of the $yndicate would stand at the appointed destination, waiting for the signal to regroup.

Because SIN's presence had already passed by from Temptation when the Fallen Angels were left to their doom, by the time the $yndicate member made it to one of the designated points, there was a Demon Lord already waiting.

The $yndicate Member that was stationed at this part of the West Gate of the mountain could see that there was a lot going on nearby in the areas that comrades that were further up had been stationed at. Figuring that the outcome would be favorable and that support was on the way, he was sure that he would be able to take down this Demon Lord with no problem. Whatever it was, with their strength combined, the $yndicate wouldn't lose.

When Belial was finally completely destroyed, because none of his former subordinates came to assist him before his time of death, the very fact that he died and each of them was aware and abandoned him caused a detachment between them due to the degeneration of trustworthiness. In their hearts and minds, each of the remaining Demon Lords were divided by a decay of their own internal soundness. Each of them defecting from each other through the division via Envy brought them all now also suspicion of each other and therefore caused each to act and work independently of one another, even if feigned as though they weren't. Therefore, the new Belials, who were the Demon Lords being Corrupted from the inside out because of how they treated the former Belial before it died, were like him and also no longer concerned with each other due to the decay of the Corruption.

The Demon Lord of Pride, which was still the same Vanity that had been hovering over everyone and everything the entire time, descended from on high with the same smug smirk on his face and burning bodies gleaming in the interior of his jewel encrusted mirror, feeding his beauty internally and perpetually. The image of Belial could be seen inside, as well, among the other Burning Bodies in the reflection. His eyes were not the same as they were, yet filled with fire and pitch dark. They were still as haughty as ever, though, naturally, of course. "Surprised?!" He hissed, his sharp fangs now revealed with his gleaming beaming grin of anticipation, the spotlight now shining down upon the $yndicate member who was all by his lonesome. "If the others couldn't defeat me, then there's no way that you will." Vanity was no longer what it once was; a Sin and a Demon that had taken on its Image. Now, Vanity was, cumulatively, the Sin and the Demon combined as one to feed the one true Vanity, itself. "You look like the new star of my next show. Have you seen my work?" He extended his arms superlatively and spread them through the air across the scape of the land. "With everyone else out of the way and everything falling apart, losing is out of the question!" A wicked and distorted, twisted cackle came out of Vanity, along with the searing spotlight that shone down atop the $yndicate member's head, threatening to scorch him with the brightness of the light.

The $yndicate member was distressed to see a more powerful version of the same Demon and Sin that had been previously overcome by the ones who led the people up the mountain in the first place come back to life from whatever horrid fate he had suffered. If they hadn't killed him, it was clear that because of this, he'd come back to life. "I shouldn't look into that mirror or be anywhere near it..." he proclaimed to himself, ignoring the supercilious engagement of the Demon Lord of Pride. He looked around for some cover and quickly rushed out of the way of the spotlight.

Cities lined up along the coast as Demon Lord Greed disappeared over the horizon with countless cities littering the way down the mountain.

Observing the area nearby, he could see that something had gone on with his comrades further up the mountain, and a large city had spread out over the barren land, which seemed to be a collection of cities all joint as one large city. Despite how it seemed to be something that could be harmful, it also served as a good cover that would shield him from the light of the mirror. Without engaging Vanity any further, the $yndicate member, in his own wisdom, took off toward the city that sprouted up to get lost in the buildings and navigate the tight places where the Demon Lord could not see, and also where he could get closer to his allies.

Before long, as the $yndicate member entered the rapidly spreading city, he would hear a voice from whatever method of communication he had speaking to him directly. It was one of his superiors who he was trying to maneuver to, giving him a synopsis of what happened in the city and how and why it was spreading. "Do You Read Me?" He asked. "This Is One Of Your Superiors. I Will Tell You What We've Gathered And How To Make Your Way Toward Us. We Will Be Making Out Way To You Shortly." All that had to be done was for him to survive until the team made their way to him, and not do anything that would get him put in a bad or worse situation. "Lay Low. We're About To Make A Path For You That Will Be Clear And Clean So That You Can Walk On It And Be Guided Toward Us. Be Careful Not To Stray From It, Because The City You See Here Is Actually The Decaying Body Of The Rotting Demon Lord Of Greed, Who Escapes From Us And Whom We Are Currently Destroying Now As We Clear Paths." In no time, when the setup with the group was completed, their comrade would be met up with at a rendezvous point once the path was clear. "Make Sure You Stay Out Of Harm's Way. Do Not Engage In Battle Unless Necessary, And Always Seek To Escape With Your Life Until You Can Regroup With Us." He was at a disadvantage as he was, especially alone, so fighting to win was futile at the time; fighting for his life would be his only necessity, if necessary at all. "We Won't Be Long."

Noticing that his prey was returning to the darkness, Vanity scoffed chiefly and hovered behind him, dragging the intensely bright spotlight down behind him, it growing only more powerful and destructive as it drew closer. When he saw that the full design of Greed, which was also mandated by Vanity, -- who worked closely with Greed the entire time secretly -- he could not help but to chortle with thoughts of revenge, now that Vanity was back on top. "Oho, this is too rich." He could see the dollar signs in his own eyes with his hand mirror that reflected his Image, 'Chauncey Jr.' gazing back at him with his same face; literally through the reflection and engraved on the actual mirror, itself. In the reflection of the mirror was also the Image of what Vanity could see inside of himself through his own Eyes, which were also Mirrors the same as his stomach. This was how he inwardly monitored all the souls and Slaves he'd captured without batting an eye; internalizing them all and watching them suffer inside of his complexities. "Oh, Chauncey," he cooed, swooning at the sight of his 'Mini-Me,' so to speak, in the palm of his hand, as all 'Possessions' inclusive to 'Greed,' itself, eventually returned, "Let's go pay back all these ugly filthy Vermin all at once~!" He giggled gleefully at the thought, the light inside of his mirror becoming brighter as the souls inside were being burnt up for fuel like food.

Vanity suddenly raised his free hand, meant for his dog, up to his lips since it wasn't actively being used. He whistled a few times for Greed to come to him, now that he was no longer possessed by the Sin and the Demon Lord was too weak compared to the Demon Lord of Pride. "Here, boy! I found you a treat, Greed!" Even if Vanity couldn't exactly get the little rat running around the maze, he could at least let Greed know where it was, and no matter how he was treated, he would jump at the chance. Without having something to possess, it was as good as a slave -- exactly the same, at that, in fact. Greed would optimally seek out its own enemies at the more advantageous or opportune moments rather than to stubbornly resist, as the other ones would, and seek control later on. "This is what you get for what you did to me earlier, you little bitch..." There was a fiery glow with the light of a highly intense focused laser, searching for something and filled with pure malice and murderous intent. The light on his torso also grew brighter and more destructive, 'casually' tearing down many of the buildings in blind destruction simply because he was also trying to hit a different target, but attached some vengeance to his previous associate, of whom he bore a powerful grudge against. His sharp fangs gleamed in his own light, and a viperous tongue lashed out, licking Vanity's lips ambitiously, with a sexual ulterior pleasure or stimulant clear through the malice.

Things were escalating more quickly than anticipated completely, and the $yndicate member had no choice but to continue to retreat and wait out the flood. All that was going on was far too much for him to handle. He thought of running out to lead the giant laser astray, but also thought against it because it would detract from his already limited time of getting back to the target point, where his team was located. Priorities did come first, and he was instructed not to do anything that would get him put into danger. Running out into direct line of sight at the time could have been a serious hazard, even if the initial idea and impulse seemed good to do. He restrained himself from acting on his first thought and first impulse actively, choosing not to rather than blindly doing so because he felt or thought it spontaneously. In this calm and collected manner of rationality, he continued to slip through the cracks of the back alleys and whatever darkness there was, heeding the words of his superior all the way through to the end. He figured when it was time for him to move otherwise, he would be let know.

The conceptual layout that was held together by Thanytoz and stretch out his roots that had gone through the clean path underneath the city out into a different route, of which the same roots would turn black and grow thorns. The 'Black Root,' as it was called, was a root that is made as a deficiency to incur a sort of famine through absorption of all of the nutrients in an area all at once and contain them in the vine, itself. It was essentially like high-speed leeching, with the intent to do so specifically for destruction, which is what made the 'Black Root' so potent, since none of the potential energy was actually being converted after consumption, but immediately destroyed for its specific intended purpose.

"Steer Clear!" the $yndicate member would hear through their means of communication as a signal from one of his superiors. "Come Into The Open When We Tell You, And We Will Greet You And Take You Back Into Our Mobile Camp." The setup -- as it was -- was meant to destroy the path as it was tread by the evil ones then repair it after they were destroyed properly. Then, they all could step on the land without worry and all of the land would be their up to this point.

"Gridlocked." From that point on, all that was linked to the Black Root, caught in the thorns of the thornbush and seeking out any nutrients from it would be destroyed by fire along with the thornbush where the nutrients that had just been absorbed were contained.

Demon Lord Greed felt terrible pain and horrible grievance over the destruction of the just-now completed design from both his initial enemy and now an archenemy that was a former associate, of whom he now had no choice but to not only confront, but also to do the bidding of logically with no form of emotion involved. Part of the 'doing things emotionlessly' and yet also feeling upset about being used caused a chemical imbalance inside of Greed. Large bubbling blots like warts started sprouting from the parts of the city that hadn't been vaporized by both the fires, seeking to pave over the destruction immediately, just as everything had been done.

Simultaneously, the Head of Greed, which was the one controlling all of the city, would have no choice but to come and confront this terrible pain that was destroying all of the pleasure. When approaching, now as a large physical attachment sprouting up like goop from one of the largest buildings, instead of looming over as only an overbearing spirit that had been resurrected from the dead, Demon Lord Greed -- which was still a House, now like a Nation that spread over the land in the form of numerous Cities -- was a Tower over all the land, building up this specific height specifically for himself to be an overseer to his land. The bubbling warts, when popped, though they would be painful to him, would still cause enough calamity that would drown out the actual process that was happening that was making the advancements to its downfall more swift. Therefore, each of the greatest and largest of the spread coagulation would burst first; the wart pus glopping over the streets to spread Demon Lord Greed's control, at the very least, even if it was in a decomposed state.

Once again, one of the $yndicate superiors was heard on the communication device of the other member. "Do You Read Me?" he asked, testing the connection. "If So, Then Here Is Your Signal To Come Out Into The Open. Be Sure Not To Touch Any Of The Parts Of The City That Have Giant Festering Warts Or Blemishes On Them." Afterward, the voice fell silent.

The $yndicate member spoken to obediently heeded the command of his superior and began walking toward the open to a designated point that they would rendezvous at.

Lord Patience, the Magnus Ignis -- one of the $yndicate superiors -- appeared before the $yndicate member who was bid into the open hovering along the path that was purified in the flame and claimed in the territory of the Veritas. "Here He Is, Lord Father," he spake, summoning the Lord Father from on high once the task that was given was complete, "He Is Within Our Territory."

Simultaneously, the radiant light that was the Magnus Ignis hovering in the midst of the street with his body aglow, yet still in a meditative position blotted out by the brightness of the light, would also emanate infernal intensity that lit ablaze the edges of the boundaries that were established presently. Whatever goop or glop that would attempt to touch the clean area would be burnt up as anything that touched fire would, and be used to further extend the burning streets of which the corrupt entities were unable to touch without being harmed -- a toxic environment altogether.

"Mmm..." Vanity moaned sensually, licking his teeth as he gazed into the reflection of his mirror and down at the first spots of decay on Greed, "... Do I see weakness...?" Demon Lord Pride could only touch himself at the very glimpse of it. "I think I ALMOST need to look away..." he laughed, reddening his cheeks.

"No, but seriously," he said with a cut of his gaze to the right, shifting his mirror altogether to a completely different point parallel and opposite his initial viewing point, "The bitch must die." The single sliver of a laser beam shot from his pupils from the concentration of light that had been being stored up in his mirror-like eyes the entire time and becoming more destructive the longer it was held. The shot into the mirror magnified the thin, but powerful laser several times over into the direction of the exact spot where the next largest giant wart was on Demon Lord Greed's massive body, ready to boil over. Instead of it popping, it was simply be completely evaporated on the spot -- pus et alia.

"When I say 'Never' in the phrase 'Never Cross Me Again,' I mean, 'Never-Ever.'" He continued to laugh aloud, yet there was mixed malice visible in the sneer on his face able to be seen from the angle of the mirror in reverse, which was the only way his face could be seen. Fortunately for Greed, it was in his direction with actual intent. Then Vanity smiled and winked cutely, smugly grinning. Then he turned his mirror away from Greed and acted like he were having a conversation, having the back of it toward him at an angle as he gazed into it, now completely and totally ignoring the rival enemy Demon Lord whilst also actually literally having no eye contact whatsoever in any mannerism. There was laughter heard on the other end of the mirror.

When The Lords Of The $yndicate Rushed Into The Area Where One Of Their Subordinates Had Come To Meet Them, Their Lord, The Lord Father, Turned His Attention To Them From His Oversight Of The Land As He Stretched His Presence Over The Terrain Whilst They Were Capturing More Areas. When He Was Focused On Them Once Again, He Drew Them Into His Form By Passing Over Them And Sheltering Them With His Emanance. "Quickly, Whilst Pride Is Distracted And Blinded By His Vanity, Now Is Our Time To Subdue It And Greed Simultaneously, For They Are Bitter Rivals." Primordius Noticed That Vanity And Greed Were At Each Others' Throats, As They Certainly Should Have Been, By This Point. That Also Meant There Was A Blind Spot Right At The Back Of Greed Because Of The Blind Spot Of Vanity.

"Go," Lord Father Commanded, "Into The Shadow Of Vanity And Greed." As A Large Body, He Would Be Able To Confront Greed On His Level. It Was Best For The Little Ones That Were Smaller Flames Under Primordius To Remain As Such And Move In From Behind From A Different Perspective Altogether. Vanity's Motives Were Only Of Self Interest, And Therefore As Long As They Were Not In The Midst Of Said Self-Interest, Vanity Would Completely Overlook Them. "Should The Demon Lord Of Pride Engage You As I Deal With The Demon Lord Of Greed," Primordius Went On To Say, "Titus, You Go Forth Against Him." Being A Great Light, Himself, He Should Have Been Powerful Enough As A Radiance To Counteract The Light From Being A Threat To Anyone That Was Within Their Land. "Keep His Attention Whilst Your Brothers Do Their Work."

Thanytoz went silent after Primordius' command.

Lord Patience waited silently, closing his eyes and hovering in place.

The other $yndicate members who knew what to do had gone off as they were bid, knowing their place in the entire operation. Feeling left out, the ignorant one, who had only just recently met up with them, was unsettled by his misplaced feelings because of feeling out of place. "W-wait, well what about me?" he stammered, somewhat lost and confused. He, too, wished to be of some assistance at the time, but wasn't exactly certain if he should be moving or not, or if it were just that he should be awaiting a command. "Should I go with them, or do something else?" With no previous instruction, the $yndicate member closed his eyes and started to think about what the next course of action would be silently to himself, as if praying or meditating deeply over various judgments.

When The One Who Felt Misplaced Began To Meditate, His Spirit Was More Open And Receptive, Allowing Him To Hear And Feel The Natural Vibrations Of The Emanations All Around Him. He Would Be Able To Hear The Voice Of Someone Speaking To Him In His Head That Was Not His Own Voice. It Had Its Own Distinction From His Entire Mental Pattern Entirely, Differentiating It As Both A Sound And A Frequency Inside Of His Mind Altogether, Registering As A Completely Different Voice Accurately Based Off Of These Received Thought Patterns. "Listen To What The Lord Says," The Voice Spake Unto Him, "If You Will Do Exactly As You Are Commanded By The Lord, Your God, You Will Surely Live." This Was All That He Would Be Able To See And Hear And Feel Before Returning To His Normal Thought Patterns And Biorhythms; Normalized And Stabilized, That He Be Able To Clearly Tell The Distinction Between Himself And The Lord Father That Was Speaking To Him.

Demon Lord Greed remained in perpetual generation at all times, never ceasing for a moment. With so much being destroyed, yet also still attempting to be generated from a different source, many paths were becoming backed up and clogged like arteries. Vanity's high-powered highlights on all of Greed's not-so-pretty points and also their destruction without any form of advancement on Greed's end at all was beginning to have its wear on Greed's large body, which was caving in around him in several different locations all at once, yet all in different points across the map.

Still, Demon Lord Greed was a tower over the area; a mountain over the village. With his more limited territory and vision, he didn't need to worry much about what was beyond his own borders and right before him. All of the backed up energy was focused as pollution toward Vanity to taint its image, since touching the actual pavement that was lit aflame was ineffective entirely. "You little shit!" Greed lashed at Vanity just as viperously as he, only with a tongue long and sticky snapping out at the jewel on his mirror's handle, either to snatch he or it from out of the sky and into Greed's possession. At the very least, he could serve to throw off their trajectory so that he could continue to perpetually generate more energy to hurl at him and bury them under.

The man, the $yndicate member who rejoined his troop, he knew the voice that was in his head and resonating in his heart and all throughout his body. He furrowed his brow and focused on it, meditating on his thoughts and the ones of the other presence. "Yes..." he muttered lowly, "... I will do what I must." He stilled himself and awaited orders, but kept his eyes sharp and his ears open for when his commander was ready to give him an order.

"I Am Going To Install Someone In Command Over You. If You Will Heed His Commands And Follow Them, As I Am Commanding Him To Command You, Then I Will Rest My Spirit With You When We Reclaim The Area." The Matters At Hand Were Critical At The Moment And To Be Handled With Care; A Certain Level Of It That Was Well Beyond The Capacity Of The $yndicate Member As He Was. He Was In Need Of A Direct Overseer To Move Him, Yet That Could Also Not Be The Lord Father That Was Speaking To Him Presently Because Of His Own Duties. "Lord Charity," The Lord Father Called Out, "Watch Over This One And Command Him To Do Everything I Instruct You As I Am Dealing With The Demon Lords In Their Dispute." They Were Each Waiting For An Opening Rather Than Attempting To Face Either Of Them Straight Forward. "Proceed With Caution And Protect This One As Though He Is An Extension Of Yourself." This Would Ensure That No Harm Came To Him Whilst His Memory Was Not Intact.

The overseer of this appointed land, Lord Charity, would appear before the $yndicate member as a spirit hovering over his form; disembodied from the torso down and resting just over the shoulder of the subordinate who was to be commanded. Whilst neither of them were immediately commanded to move, the Spirit of Charity was dormant over this $yndicate member and would await to move him after being issued a command.

The mirror that was given to Vanity before was also the same mirror that was manufactured by Greed and used to control him before. It served as a beacon and a homing device for Greed to use whenever he desired, because it was one of his byproducts.

Vanity swirled elegantly out of the vicinity of the sharp tongue lashing of the nefarious Greed monster, hulking about as a pulsating blob all over the field. "Whoops, you missed a spot~!" the Demon Lord of Pride jeered, only to come to a halt and realize just how actually damaging to it. "A-aw..." Vanity drifted off, shards of mirror flaking off from a cracked piece that suddenly split in the frame, "... I actually had a very thorough synchronized choreographed stylized customized tactical maneuver orchestrated, but now without Chauncey..." A greater crack shattered in the mirror at the emotional blow, and Vanity's eyes became more feral. The souls locked inside of the Demon Mirror started pounding at the weakened surface from inside, begging with all their spirit to be released from their imprisonment. They could only be heard after Vanity became more silent and despondent -- more broken. "CHAUNCEY, WHYYYYY!?!??!?!?!" It screeched, no longer having a reflection to look into, which was quite mentally jarring. The more Vanity cried, the more energy poured out from inside, cracking the mirror further.

"BAHAHAHA!!!!" Greed cackled nefariously, "Critical Hit!!!"

Before anything else could come out of Greed at all, all of the outpouring energy of Vanity was concentrated into self-sustenance, which also made everything else a threat around it, and therefore also turning Vanity insane. The sheer intensity of the instantaneous transition because of the uncontrollable outpouring unstable energy reacting all at once due to many mental chemicals released simultaneously focused all such energy into pure destructive chaotic force targeted at whatever was detrimental to any and all of the Demon Lord of Pride's self interest at heart. It would not be hidden nor plotted with coordinates, as was done with the Mirror attachment. Instead, all of the actions would be done instantaneously, and a searing laser of white hot hatred beaming directly at the head tower of Greed -- straight at his heart and every other vital point in that area just because it could be seen or was already known. It would be a rain of fire down upon all vital points that were in the direct line of sight of Vanity at the time.

The energy being released by the heartbroken Vanity poured through the cracks with streams of divergent stray lasers that seeped off to every side, making the entire blast like both a direct high-powered laser and also a flurry of homing lasers to every side, yet only in one direction entirely. All-encompassing, it reached the North, Northwest and Northeast, as well as Eastnorth and Westnorth. All of the 'Northern' hemisphere and Perversions of the Enemy of Vanity were eradicated on the spot.

However, Greed, being able to shift throughout its large body spontaneously, simply moved himself and all of his weaknesses all into a different spot randomly upon the remaining land mass and completely aborting the prior. It was no longer considered one of Greed's children, because it would no longer make Money. Therefore, the moment it was absolutely assured that it was worthless, Greed discarded it as waste and did not look back on what would have been one of its own. Instead of gloating about how Vanity missed, the smart thing was to be inconspicuous and stay out of the way. Demon Lord Greed did not reveal his location, but amassed himself like one of his warts, where no one could tell the difference between them. Whatever was destroyed in the process could be rebuilt, and Greed went off elsewhere.


"There..." Lord Kindness signaled to the troop, binding Greed wherever he and his Perversions manifested outside of the initially constructed nexus. It was essentially the same as shadow possession or threads. "Attachment." At that moment, everyone else would be able to see exactly where each weak point was based on the initially constructed nexus no longer matching up with the new coordinates or alignment of Greed's new formation, thereby making the Demon Lord traceable by inversion immediately. "Lord Father," he cried, alerting that he'd successfully accomplished binding Demon Lord Greed in place where he was and that he was ready for further instruction.

When there was a break in Vanity's face -- the Mirror, itself, and not the actual face at the head of the mirror -- Lord Patience, who had been waiting for the unleashed emotions to pour out would immediately synchronize with them and absorb the hatred and destructive energy into himself; rather, absorb himself into the energy whilst it was already in motion through the various vacuums that occurred when a great deal of pressure from heat burst out explosively.

Whilst lost in his Wrath, the Demon Lord of Pride, Vanity, would be Possessed by the Magnus Ignis, who would also begin to burn up all the souls inside and simultaneously destroy its energy source completely whilst also returning the actual object into an object without a Soul or Personification attached to it. The mirror should have become Faceless, Mindless and Soulless again, and also therefore Lifeless, undoing the binding of the Embodiment process altogether. Nothing of any form of life should have remained, and the mirror should have broken on the spot in that moment of weakness.

Primordius Was Pleased With All The Work That Had Been Done By His Sons To Subdue The Evil Ones And Destroy Them. Though Greed Once Again Escaped With His Life, This Time He Would Not Be Able To Go Anywhere Without The Team Knowing. Likewise, Vanity Was Also Injured Severely, However They Were Unaware Of The True Power And Nature Of Vanity, Itself, As A Sin Independent Of 'Pride' Altogether. Caution Was Necessary, Despite How Control Had Been Acquired Through The Reckless Destruction.

"Lord Charity," The Lord Father Spake Again, "Now That Greed Has Been Traced And Vanity Is Possessed, Mobilize Ahead Of Me Along With The Piece That Is Under You. Go Forward And Retrieve Your Comrade, And I Will Bless The All Of You On The Spot." There, The Lamps Of Both Vessels Would Be Lit Simultaneously "Leave Us Be Here And We Will Deal With The Threat Of Vanity's Instability. Lord Kindness Will Ever Be At Greed's Heel, So Should It Arise, He Will Already Be Behind For Support." This Would Ensure A Greater Safety In Their Travels. "When You Regroup, I Will Be There With You, And That Will Become Another Location For Us, As Well."

"As For You, Lord Kindness," Primordius Called Out To Him, "Remain In The Background Until Greed Should So Surface, Wherever That May Be." Then, The Lord Father Spake Unto His Other Son, The Magnus Ignis, "Avert The Attention Of Vanity's Magnanimous Light In Another Direction. The Barren Land Undergoing Its Sabbath Will Be Claimed In The Name Of The Lord, And The Spirit Will Rest There." With Greed Completely Wiped Out In The North, The Clean Land Could Be Inhabited By The Purity Of The Spirit And Grown In A Similar Manner As The Rest Of The Territory That Had Been Claimed. Rising Up As A Sediment, The Image Of Primordius Faded Away Into The Air, Then Reassembled From Overhead In The Same Position Just Over The Newly Destroyed Land And Rested There. "Extinguish The Flame Without Directing The Destructive Blast At The Clean Lands." Still Out Of Vanity's Sight, A Great Deal Of The Energy Being Poured Out Like A Fountain Or Cup Full Of Blood Would Be Useful For Destroying The Remainder Of The Constructs Of Greed.

He, Himself, Kept Patient Watch.

"Yes, Father," Lord Charity, the Grand Panda responded obediently, extending a branch from the large body and out over the ignorant $yndicate member as to take possession of his body and move him further ahead whilst remaining attached to the House, like a life line. Everywhere he would go extending out from the actual secured clean land, he would be supported and protected as an extension of the main vine and branch all collectively congregating in the place where the House was rooted, which was also where Titane's body would remain set. This also made it easier to defend the city whilst the spirit of Lord Father went on to secure another large area, thereby claiming two separate lands by association.

The $yndicate Member was moved on further along the mountain alone.

Struggling further caused the mirror that was the Demon Lord of Pride's body to crumble under the intensity of the pressure being unable to sustain the fractured and fragmented being in any form of imperfection, causing the entire construct to fall apart once it was broken even once.

Though the Demon Lord of Pride was gone and all the souls burnt up, Greed was spared from the destruction.

All of the raw destructive energy that was left behind by the Demon Lord of Pride as the vessel crumbled around the latent energy was absorbed into the Crystal Flare of the Magnus Ignis and stored away along with the Flame Plushie that harbored TATARI. To destroy the construction of the Demon Lord of Greed in greater quantities, the energy that was discarded was also still focused toward the exact original intention that it was initially, since that was still actually very helpful and useful. This would allow for the rest of the area to be cleared out.

Whatever energy was leftover would be stored for later once the area was purified.

With One More Overview Of The Land That Was Now Completely Cleaned With All The Effort Of The Spirits Burning Up All The Belial Waste That Became Of The Demon Lords, All Of The 'North Gate' And 'West Gate' All The Way Up To This Area Was Clean And Under Tensei Control. He Breathed In Deeply To Take In The Goodness Of The Clean Air And Rest In It, To Truly Test If It Were Clean By Its Peace And His Ability To Meditate Within It.

"Mm..." Lord Father Closed His Eyes And Rested, Mulling Over The Recollection That Was Of The Account Of Their Events All The Way Up To This Designated Point In Time. "... This House Is Clean." Consecrating It With His Words And Some Slight Crossing Motions Of His Hand Before His Chest, He Turned His Attention Now To Where The Unclean Land Was, Considering All Of The Clean Land As Part Of His Own Body And Therefore In Tandem With His Own Movements And Consciousness.

A Calm Wind Blew.
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Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
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Thirteenth Ignition: The Veritas Chapter 8; Diligence

VII. 'Pawn's Pawn :: Real Creation'

One of the heads of the $yndicate would stand at the appointed destination, waiting for the signal to regroup.

Because SIN's presence had already passed by from Temptation when the Fallen Angels were left to their doom, by the time the $yndicate member made it to one of the designated points, there was a Demon Lord already waiting.

When Belial was finally completely destroyed, because none of his former subordinates came to assist him before his time of death, the very fact that he died and each of them was aware and abandoned him caused a detachment between them due to the degeneration of trustworthiness. In their hearts and minds, each of the remaining Demon Lords were divided by a decay of their own internal soundness. Each of them defecting from each other through the division via Envy brought them all now also suspicion of each other and therefore caused each to act and work independently of one another, even if feigned as though they weren't. Therefore, the new Belials, who were the Demon Lords being Corrupted from the inside out because of how they treated the former Belial before it died, were like him and also no longer concerned with each other due to the decay of the Corruption.

Someone in the distance could be seen coming from the City that was setting itself up all around the mountain.

The $yndicate Member was moved on further along the mountain alone.

This $yndicate member was different from the other one that was stationed in the area and was sent as support, but was located inside of the hazardous environment of the city of the Demon Lord Greed. "En route to the target point," he said to his subordinates with his method of communication with them, ensuring they knew of his safety and location. "Scoping out coordinates." Looking around, he searched for where his other member was located, so that the two of them could meet up somewhere.

Innumerable eyes like windows opened up variably across the expanse of the city-like construct. Everything around them became dark due to how much of the land was possessed by Greed before the death of the Sin and the rise of the Demon Lord of Greed. The actual byproduct, itself, was also capable of being possessed again by another entity or come together all on its own, as if someone else picked up the pieces and rebuilt the same concept all at once. The concept, itself, was its own form of threat as a Demon Lord. Now, already, the Spirits were trapped inside of the House; surrounded from every angle by the City.

"Ew, look at Greed's mess..." said the Demon Lord of Sloth, which was the Adhesion that was presently binding the Sin down as a slave to the Demon Lord by Attachment, alone, "... All over the carpet..." The Demon Lord of Sloth, which was also attached to whatever it touched to restrict them in place, somehow got caught up in Greed's garbage just because the two touched. "How did I even get involved in this...?" Sloth continued to allow Greed to accumulate and for the Waste to build up as an accumulative mass. "... I tried really hard not to get caught up in what anyone else was doing, but now I somehow am involved... I guess there's nothing I can do now..." More things would continue to get stuck to the Demon Lord like flies on sticky paper.

Lord Charity, the Grand Panda responded obediently, extending a branch from the large body and out over the ignorant $yndicate member as to take possession of his body and move him further ahead whilst remaining attached to the House, like a life line. Everywhere he would go extending out from the actual secured clean land, he would be supported and protected as an extension of the main vine and branch all collectively congregating in the place where the House was rooted, which was also where Titane's body would remain set. This also made it easier to defend the city whilst the spirit of Lord Father went on to secure another large area, thereby claiming two separate lands by association.

The $yndicate member that was stationed at this location was kept up to speed with what was going on in the other locations. He had been informed that there was someone coming for him, but he saw something sprouting up around him that looked like a city, and yet also a large accumulation of mass that was disorderly and piling up. It was a strange construct that didn't look like it was doing anything except getting bigger and bigger in one spot. It seemed like it was hazardous, considering what happened as soon as the city touched it. Naturally, he felt like it was good to report that sort of thing to his teammates.

"I see something," he said with his own method of communication, "It looks like that city you were talking about, but it also looks like something different." He was unsure if he should go touch it or not. "Should I go check it out?"

As time went on and nothing was done about the accumulation off to the side, it grew up to be like a mountain, letting whatever would become attached do so as it would, specifically as an adhesion to anything and everything that would be such. The Demon Lord of Sloth, which was this large adhesion that grew and grew the more things it touched, started to swallow up the land and create a symbiotic bond to it and all that was attached to it; Greed, inclusive. Without doing anything at all, the mass that was attached to the city of the Demon Lord of Greed would become part if it, as well, though only as an ever growing attachment something like a cancer and not as anything helpful to productivity. The processes of Greed started to slow wherever the Demon Lord of Sloth had become attached, and it spread throughout the city slowly, yet somehow swiftly at the same time.

"Do Not Touch It," the voice of Lord Kindness came up on the communicator, "You Will Become Part Of It And Lose Yourself To It. You Will No Longer Be Who You Are, But You Will Be What It Is, Inclusive To Everything That It Has Already Bonded With, Itself." He was aware of this because he had been shadowing Demon Lord Greed and also could trace the Demon Lord of Sloth as an attachment to Greed. "That Is The Demon Lord Of Sloth, Which Attaches Itself To Whatever It Touches And Turns It Into Part Of Itself." Lord Kindness, because he was able to sever himself from it, yet also remain attached to Greed, would not become part of the association, but instead watch it accumulate at this target point whilst Greed was on the move. "We Need To Focus Here. Soon Enough, All Of It Will Consume All Of Greed And It Can Be Destroyed All At Once Altogether." After giving the explanation and analyzing the situation, Lord Kindness would draw Lord Father's attention to this point.

"Lord Father," he signalled, "I've Found Where The Greatest Perversion Is. It's Within The Demon Lord Of Sloth, Which Has Amassed Itself As A Symbiotic Attachment To Many Things, And Is Becoming Indistinguishable." There was no distinction between Sloth and whatever had touched Sloth, inclusive to that section of Greed. "Awaiting Your Commands."

"Search For How Many Constructs Are Attached To A Single Perversion At The Point Of Adhesion. This Is What Traps, Snares, Binds And Attaches Them To A Source," The Lord Father Suddenly Spake, Turning His Attention From The Lands Where They Had Just Claimed Their Territory Toward Now Where The Land Was Unclean. "Because There Is An Inversion Process That Goes Into The 'Undoing' Portion Of A 'Perversion,' The Ones That Are Attached To The Source, Being Like What They Have Forged A Symbiotic Bond With, Must Be Inverted In Their Confusion Due To The Inverted Communication Of The Perversion. Therefore, There Are Certain Specific Methods Of Their Communication That Must Be Translated Inverted Or Reversed Whilst Also Simultaneously They Must Be Translated To With Logic That They Will Naturally Translate In Reverse Or Inverted." This Is The Reason Why They Were Forbidden From Touching The Accumulating Mass Of Sloth As It Was Accumulating.

"Allow The Perversion To Grow To The Fullness Of Its Measure And Gather As Many Attachments As Possible To Itself Whilst Also Salvaging Whatever Is Clean Through Circumcision." This Would Secure All That Belonged To The Veritas. "Focus All Priority On A Rendezvous Point Where All Of Us May Meet. This Place Must Be Clean So That The Spirit May Rest In It As Well, As Opposed To Only The Physical Vessels." If All Of The $yndicate Members Were Not Grouped As One, Then The Other Lamps Would Not Be Ignited. "Swiftly."

Taking priority in the matter, Lord Charity, who had possession of the latest member that had regrouped, would guide him through the pathway toward where it was known that the other $yndicate member was located. With foresight and oversight by being the 'House' as a collective for all the $yndicate members together, Lord Charity was able to oversee the land where the individual members could not because of their individuality as opposed to the collective mass that was housing them as a singularity altogether as one unit. "I Will Make A Clean Land. I Will Make A Black Root And Then Lord Patience May Burn It Up. Then The Land Will Be Secure And We All May Meet There." With this initiative, Lord Charity extended his branch out into the distance by moving his Piece, the $yndicate member, out into the Field away from the city. Where he was stationed, each of the others was signaled all throughout the line to congregate there at that point. Afterward, the $yndicate member was bid to be held where he was so that everyone could make it to where he was without him moving elsewhere, and so that the extension of the House could be rooted for security.

Once Lord Charity established his Black Root, the remaining energy that had been siphoned from the broken Demon Lord of Pride and its Vanity would be used to spontaneously ignite the Black Root the moment it was grown and had absorbed all the toxicity into itself from the unclean land. This would also spontaneously induce Lord Patience, himself, in the area in a burst of roaring fire that would eventually condense itself into a physical form; Lord Patience's body, standing right next to the $yndicate member who was the beacon. The moment his Lamp was alight beside the other member, it would become a greater beacon for the stray member to see clearly, and also keep the Demon Lords from being able to touch it at all. Lord Patience did not speak, but meditated deeply in order to generate power for himself and for whatever situation should arise. As he did this, the area would remain clean and the fire perpetually burning. It would be like a camp for them until the House extended further and more land was clean.

"Roger that," the $yndicate member who had not regrouped said, turning all of his attention to getting to the rendezvous point. "I'm on my way to the meeting place." Because the spot was made away from the city, it was easy to see and clear for him to make his way to the destination before anything could cut him off or interrupt him. Once he regrouped with the other members, he remained within the sanctuary covered by the clean fire and began to communicate with his associates again. The $yndicate would begin exchanging information between themselves.

The Demon Lord of Sloth, which was still paying attention to everything even if not doing anything about it, suddenly started shifting when it noticed that there was someone attempting to escape, and succeeding. "... Wait..." Sloth called out, stretching itself over the land as an oozing thick liquid something like putty would, "... Don't leave without me...!" Even with everything attached to Sloth, and all of that being carried with it, there was a thin trail left behind the escaping $yndicate member that was able to be traced by the Demon Lord of Sloth. Though it would be trailed slowly, it was still attached, and that meant that Sloth could continue to expand and grow in size and mass and form as a singularity. Swallowing up Greed bit by bit, Sloth would be like an even greater mountain now that was melting over the land, yet also still somehow bubbling up from the core. It had no form nor structure nor foundation outside of the bubbling core, but the mass continued to expand outward and also still rise upward like bread. By Greed's trail, everything would be consumed by Sloth via attachment, and with the $yndicate member's trail, Sloth would be able to swallow up the other part of the city that belonged to them. Then, the entire mountain would be one giant wad of adhesion, waiting patiently for anything to attach itself to it so that it could grow further, yet would not if nothing ever did.

"This Is Where Sloth Catches Up With Them." Lord Father Insisted, Knowing That The Adhesion That Was Part Of Sloth's Perversion, As A Whole, Was Actually What Made The Entire Creature A Perversion And A Giant Weak Point, Altogether, All On Its Own Independently. "It Will Take Too Long For Some People To Detach Themselves. It Will Also Be Too Difficult For Them To Detach Because They Have Created A Symbiosis That Causes Dependency Like An Infant With An Umbilical Cord." Whatever Had Already Been Swallowed Up By Sloth, Even Out Of Greed's Waste, Would Not Be Able To Be Salvaged At All, And Were All Considered Simply 'Demon Lord Sloth' And Simultaneously A Giant Weak Point. This Is Why Primordius Commanded That They Let The Perversion Grow, Because It Would Clean Up Everything Through An Attachment That Was Already Planned To Be Wiped Out Completely And Fully. Instead Of Leaving Chunks To Deal With Later, It Was Better To Allow Accumulation. "This Is Also Why Sloth Is Such A Terrible Sin, And Why It's An Adhesive Sin, That It May Attach You To All That Is Going To Be Burnt Up. Everything That Is Damned To Destruction Is Already Attached." When It Came Time To Destroy, His Children Should Have Been Ready To Tear Down The Perversion Completely.

"When The Perverted Communication Gains Too Many Attachments And Builds Itself Up, It Becomes Its Own Language; Its Own Form Of Communication As An Entirely New Language Translating An Elder Language Or New Inverted Wisdom Into Tainted Understanding." This Is Why They Believed In Ignorance That Sloth Was Beneficial, Because Of The Mixed And Inverted Signals Going On In The Heads Of The Slothful, Which Came From The Aversion And Diversion Created By The Actual Spot, Itself, Avoiding Being Targeted And Maintaining Ignorance In What It Has Attached To And Symbiotically Made Part Of Itself. "Whatever Was Built Up By Communication Will Also Fall By It. Communication Is On A Great Many Layers, Therefore Encompassing And Being Attached To Several Many Different People. The Work Of Their Hands To Whatever The Height Will Always Produce A Perversion And Be Destroyed By The Weak Point." In This Case, That Would Be Sloth, Itself, Binding To Everything.

"Before We Advance, I Will Use This Window Of An Opportunity To Crown The First Of You Who Have Returned To The Group. With A Spirit Of Humility To Submit Yourself To The Lord And All Who Were Doing His Work Around You, And Also Being A Beacon For Your Brother To Return To You When Stranded In The Unclean Lands, I Will Rest My Spirit In You." From A Sedimentary Sifting From Overhead, The $yndicate Member Who Was Attached To Lord Charity Would Harbor Over Him The Spirit Of Humility, Which Rested In The Form Of A Humble Looking Hovering Man With No Lower Torso. His Hands Were Locked Together And His Eyes Were Closed, And There Was A Halo Over His Head As He Came Down From The Particles Of The Dust Of Light. There, With No Words, Yet A Warm And Relieved Smile On His Face, The Humble Spirit Sifted From Overhead And Into The Essence Of The One Who Was Being Lorded.

"Lord Humility," The Lord Father Commanded His Son, Whose Memory Should Have Been Restored Once The Lamp Of The Spirit Was Ignited In Him, "Speak To Your Brother With Your Words Of Wisdom, And I Will Ignite In Him From Your Spirit His Own, And It Will Restore His Memory Through You And Your Spirit I Have Given In You To Accomplish This Task." The Moment Both Of Them Were One Of Spirit, The Spirit Would Split And Grow Internally Within The Amnesiac $yndicate Member And Eventually Grow Up Inside Of Him To Fill His Body, Instead Of Being Rested Upon Him, Or Passed Down, Like With The Other Spirits. This One Would Be A Newborn.

The $yndicate member who now bore the Spirit of Humility closed his eyes and meditated deeply after the sifting of the particles of light fell into place within his pores. His mind rejuvenated, the man took on a more aqueous form once his powers were remembered and poured from him openly like a fountain. He relished in his memories of himself and the Lord Father and smiled softly, pleased with the retention of his own cherished mental mementos returning to him now. That was all he truly desired inside, for without his memories, he felt like he were not the same person.

"Mm..." he uttered in agreement with the will of the Lord Father, finally opening his eyes. By this time, Lord Humility was naught but an aqueous construct whose bones -- which could be seen through his translucent skin -- resembled that of a cell. The nucleus of the cell was the core of the head that extended into the body, but the liquid around him that took the shape of a human-like form was all completely porous, unlike the internal nucleus. With his eye (which were on the nucleus) opened, Lord Humility spake now unto the amnesiac $yndicate member, "Brother. You Have Forgotten Us, Like We Had Once Forgotten Each Other, But In Your Return To Our Presence, You Will Be Made Anew In Your Spirit." Likely, the $yndicate member without his memory could not see nor hear spirits, and if he could, it was probably not as clear as with those who were actually filled with and understanding of the Spirits.

"Before Your Very Eyes, You Have Seen Me Transition From A Man Into A Different State Of Being Altogether," he noted, knowing that the visual happening right before his eyes was probably very jarring without an explanation nor prior understanding, "But Do Not Be Alarmed. I Am The Same As I Was; Still Your Subordinate, Just As The Others Who Have Yet To Reveal Their True Forms Beyond Humanity Before Your Eyes In Your Human State." As long as his mind was confined and his spirit was not set, he was nothing more than a normal human, as the rest of them were. "There Is Latent Power In You Just As With All Of The $yndicate Members," he went on, ensuring to cover certain points of interest along the way, "However To Awaken It, You Must First Find Your Place Among Us And Allow The Spirit To Come Into You And Bring You Into Your Place Here, Which Is Different From What It Was When We Were All Amnesiac Humans." Lord Humility, in his great primordial wisdom, all of which was stripped from him whilst he was a human (which was why his part was to be used until he recovered), would be able to restore him on a cellular level due to the nature of his actual ability -- mastery over Water, which all cells were primordially created of and from.

"I Will Touch You And Transfer My Spirit In You, For It, Unlike The Others, Is Able To Divide Like A Cell, Because Of My Control Over The Waters." As he spoke, he touched the other member on his head with the aqueous form of his giant cell-like body, which would begin to stimulate the cells inside of the body of the amnesiac member specifically through transitive property and also natural permeation. "In You, It Will Rest Only As A Small Cell, But It Will Allow Me To Speak Directly To You, And You Will Hear Me As If You Hear Your Own Thoughts. It Will Also Allow Me Great Control Over Your Body Once I Begin Awakening You From Within." Though the process might have sounded somewhat strange and invasive, it was the reason why Humility was important to allow it to occur rather than fight it because it was difficult to understand or unable to be visibly seen initially. "As Your Spirit Grows, What I Have Placed In You Will Be A Conduit To It, As Electricity Is When Placed In Water, And The Spirit Will Grow To Fill Your Form And Restore Your Memories." After Lord Humility was done explaining, he would divide part of himself into two identical forms, yet still remaining attached to the single nucleus. "I Will Protect You From Inside. Our Brother, Lord Charity, Will Keep Us Protected From The Outside. Lord Patience Will Keep Us Clean And Lord Kindness Will Keep Us Informed. When You Reach Your Potential, You Can Consider It A 'Promotion,' If You Will, To Put That Simply In Human Terms." The $yndicate would become a more masterful unit once each of them took their places in the team and within each others' places among each other.

The amnesiac $yndicate member that hadn't yet been restored of his memories, like his comrades had, was somewhat submissive to what was going on around him, taking it all in with a paralyzing awe -- a great shock. With his mouth hanging ajar just askew, his eyes widened at the sheer capability alone to do something so abnormal so suddenly right before his eyes as if it were possible to him the entire time and only he, himself, was left out of the loop. "... No..." he muttered, raising his hand over his still somewhat agape mouth, as if trying to restrain himself. He shook his head in disbelief.

Puzzled, yet somehow understanding, he stood there listening on and on about what it was that he was his subordinate was saying and actually comprehended its meaning, which was even greater shock. "How can this be...?" he whispered, befuddled by his bewilderment. Yet, he knew what he must do. Hearing on, he began to do as he was told by his superior, Lord Humility, and started to think very deeply. He turned, seeing that Demon Lord Sloth was escaping and cried, "Wait, look! The Demon Lord is getting away." He pointed to the trail that no one was following and told them immediately because no one seemed to be paying any actual attention on it, but focused all their attention on him. "Shouldn't we do something about that, too?" It made sense, considering what was just explained to him. He awaited a unanimous decision.

Lord Father, Who Oversaw The Area, Was Aware Of Demon Lord Sloth Escaping, But Was Intrigued By How Perceptive He Was About It Escaping, In Spite Of All The Glory That Was Reigned Upon Him At The Time. Now, The Lord Father Knew That It Was Proper To Allow The Sloth Demon To Stretch Out And Adhere To Whatever Would Have Its Attachment At All, But He Was Aware That In This $yndicate Member's Amnesiac Ignorance, His Notation Of Such An Event Meant Something Of Greater Importance. "You Must Go To The Next Spirit, Which Was Lit Before We Reached Out To You." Lord Father Sent Out The 'Spirit Of Diligence' For The $yndicate Member To Trail And Catch When It Led Him To The Next Spirit. "Follow My Spirit, My Son, To The Next Location, For It Will Guide You With Its Tail." Until The Connection Was Established, Primordius Would Not Move, But Be Moved After The Connection Was Made. He Waited Patiently, Yet Continued To Keep Focus On His Sons, In Case They Needed Some Sound Instruction.

As soon as Lord Humility was done explaining and contained that this amnesiac $yndicate member was regaining parts of his memory, he did as the Lord Father, of whom the $yndicate member may or may not have been able to clearly hear, and set up a path for him that was in the vacuum of the Spirit of Diligence being left behind in order to retain it for him to follow. It was set up as a long string of watery constructs like extensions of an amoeba stretched out into various similar personified shapes and forms.


Each of the aqueous constructs all bound together at the same root and some linked at the arms stretched and divided and multiplied wherever the Spirit should so have gone all along the way, if it should or would for any reason. "Follow All Of The Water Golems I Have Created For You." They were highly conductive, and therefore would not only pick up on the electrical charges in the air, but also retain them and continuously process them in their nuclei until they were purged and emptied of anything within their vessels. "They Will Take You To The Demon Lord Sloth, And We Will Handle It When We Get To The Next Location." A sifting light that seemed conscious shifted through the connected watery constructs as an electrical charge all the way down the line, only tangibly visible by the presence of the light at the time, wherever it showed up within the 'Alignment.'

As difficult as it was to deal with some of what was said and the sudden shock of it, the $yndicate member did not forget that their primary focus still was to destroy the Demon Lords and did not lose his concentration when dealing with those efforts. "Roger," he said to Lord Humility before taking off as quickly as possible down the line, following the light where it was leading him by his feelings and impulse alone. He would make sense of everything as he went along or afterward when everything was to be explained fully for his own understanding, which he presumed would have him to become like his superiors, as was mentioned.

In spite of how the $yndicate decided to move against the fleeing Demon Lord of Sloth, which inversely would be following behind it as it did not desire for them to do, it would begin to instinctively seek out attachments to serve as obstacles that would prevent them from progressing whilst also allowing the Demon Lord of Sloth to indirectly affix itself to them and snatch them out of place through attachment and consumption. This would disturb the alignment and also lessen the numbers used to form it, and also possibly disturb the balance to a point of being led astray by a broken, unfinished or altered path that kept them from reaching the intended target -- Sloth, itself. There were huge mounds like hills and also long strings of glop like elastic thread stretched out as far as it could go, both obstructing and plucking whatever would touch either. Some mounds even attempted to close them off by piling more and more atop the first mound, and whatever was stuck to the long threads would be drawn into the large mound from which it came, with more tendrils extending out to snatch them and consume them. Sooner or later, the whole chain would be nothing but a giant glob that could not be distinguished, making the alignment and whatever formation there once was meaningless due to being unable to retain a stable foundation.

With Lord Humility's memory restored, he had prior knowledge on a cellular level about how the Demon Lord would maneuver and was already prepared to relinquish sacrificial attachments in order to bind it to a different spot and also be unable to reach the actual trail left behind, yet also from the inside out lead the $yndicate member through the labyrinth of watery cellular constructs that would not be lost because they were too far on the interior for the adhesion of the Sloth to touch and strip. Therefore, the path became clearer before the eyes of the $yndicate member so that he would not divert from it nor be led astray, even if the Sloth obstructed or displaced some of the connected constructs in the alignment, because it wasn't understood how they were connecting nor in exactly what manner.

All the while, like a very intricate network something like a web, the glowing electrical current that surged through the attached vessels would retain its link, yet shift and swerve in several different manners within the constructs. "Follow This Light," Lord Humility, who had power over all the constructs, would speak through the vibrations undulating throughout each of the shapeforms, "I Will Be Setting Up Many More Constructs That Will Be Made Sacrifices So That You May Proceed Without Being Touched." Lord Humility, who was able to both layer and replicate himself indefinitely, could easily upkeep a barrier of vessels around the other member whilst he transitioned, which would both apprehend Sloth and also guide the $yndicate member through the vessels without being seen or being able to be touched. "Simply Follow My Lead, And I Will Get You To The Next Destination Safely." He had a plan to lose Sloth for good and give the entire team an advantage before reaching the next checkpoint.

"Thank you," the $yndicate member said to his superior, careful to follow the light wherever it may go and not lose track of it. "I see how this Demon Lord of Sloth is moving," he went on to say, making notes of his own. "It looks like it only rears up whenever we're getting closer to something we need to get to, but it won't actually do anything if we don't, and only will take what we need to get close to it or what we're presently focusing on." A humble observation, at best, but noteworthy for himself all the same. As long as he followed the conscious light that spoke to him from within the water golems, the man would not adhere to whatever the Demon Lord of Sloth was doing because it wouldn't matter. "Seems like it's all about evasion, just like we're doing." The entire time, the Demon Lord of Sloth had done nothing but run away and get in people's way if attempted to be stopped from running, which exposed its own intentions and what it was attached to, as well.

The $yndicate member paid no mind beyond simple analysis of Sloth to Sloth because at this point, all that it was good for was to look at and see what sort of terrible things it would do and what incurred it to do such things in the first place. "I'm sure if we can find out what makes it move, we can also use that to our advantage any time it does." Hopefully his suggestions were accurate, because he also was still doing what he could to kill the Demon Lord with what he had, even if he wasn't 'restored,' like the other members of the $yndicate. He was still useful as a human, even if only in this manner. He hoped it was of good use as he continued to follow the interior alignment of Lord Humility.

Demon Lord Sloth, realizing that its only hazard to its health was not blocked nor attached so that it would no longer persist, attempted to cut off the progression at the head in whatever direction they were moving at any time with a horde of blob-like mass wiping out the entire area in the direction of progression and taking whatever was present with it. The blocked off path of however many casualties would serve as a great enough mass of an adhesive blockade which anything that should so get involved would be unable to remove itself and also would get further and more deeply involved, thus causing it to coagulate and grow like a cancer until all focus was on the giant blot.

From that point where it stopped and started drawing more things into itself, it also drew more of itself into itself, causing a buildup and a back up like a sewage line, yet all in a rushed manner that caused it to grow instantaneously as swiftly as possible (which was only so fast, even with all the major developments). Eventually, it would swallow up more and more of the area in the spot they attempted to progress, swelling up into a large mountain accumulating as much and as many in the isolated incident as possible in the area of interest.

There was also a powerful attraction that was within that would draw forth even more things into the large ambiguous construct, allowing it a sort of magnetism that stretched it outward more swiftly with a greater momentum. Even so, finding what was attractive took a level of time that only allowed it to occur so fast. Yet, even so, Sloth was attracted to what also was a hazard to it in order to neutralize it completely and keep it from being a hazard any longer, so using all of its built up momentum from running away, it also drew itself closer to the $yndicate member nearly instantaneously with the two repellant forces counteracting and contradicting each other -- both running away and seeking out. The sudden instability caused it to also seek both of those effects that much more swiftly on either end simultaneously, and therefore Sloth's assault was both fierce and violent. It bypassed the other constructs without directly touching them, like a liquid, then suddenly attached to several of them as it neared the $yndicate member before retreating to a safe distance away from him after permeating only so far, still in terror.


When Lord Humility spoke, all of his kind all down the line adhered and began to cycle about themselves, also changing colors like a chameleon and blending into the background, with the $yndicate member along with them because of the refraction of the light serving also as an emanating field of sorts in a higher layer keeping him covered underneath. Whilst he was covered and all of the shapeforms were made translucent and transparent and pretty much virtually invisible and also shifting around like water swirled in a cup, they would carry the $yndicate member in a wave to the next location with stealth, unable to be traced or followed. "Be Silent."

In spite of the stealth applied by the $yndicate, the attraction to them by the Demon Lord Sloth as well as the largeness of its body pressing up against the surface still dragged Sloth along with them wherever they went, attached to them from the exterior, even if the interior was both protected and in motion. By that, alone, Sloth would not only slow them down by sticking to the ground and their exterior, but also be carried along with them no matter where they moved. If they moved, there would always be resistance against them and something connected that was applying it. This would eventually halt them completely and allow for Demon Lord Sloth to consume them fully after binding them.

All of the exterior of Lord Humility that was attached to by Sloth shed and regenerated as an interior wall whilst shifting to a new, clean layer of aqueous flesh that was no longer touching any of Sloth at all. Tracing the inner lining of Sloth, Lord Humility, whilst still invisible, splashed against the walls of the cavernous boundary that was created by Demon Lord Sloth and used the centrifugal force of the shift to sweep into a swirling vacuum spiraling into a point straight up into the air, both drawing in Sloth and drawing up the hidden $yndicate member into the sky with him, still cloaked and blended with reality, unable to be clearly seen within the shifting movement of the wave.

"Hold On Tight," his voice undulated throughout the chamber of fluid air in motion. The trail, which had been cut off by Sloth's motion, needed to be recollected in a different manner. Fortuitously, the static polarities serving as the consciousness moving the large invisible ambiguous clear shapeform were still attracted to the source, which was also still in motion and leaving sediments to be picked up on. This drew Lord Humility to where the Spirit of Diligence had been cast forth from overhead, taking the $yndicate member with him and drawing him to the head where the sentient consciousness was with its powerful magnetism with a rushing current, ensuring they were both very near each other.

There were several flickers seen in the distortion of the air up above and eventually a full layer spreading out only so far before disappearing. In the atmosphere, clouds began to congregate over the area where Sloth accumulated and had been drawn all the way into by both their attraction and the vacuous force left behind during the transition of Lord Humility from a wave of water into the accumulating clouds, which grumbled with frustration. The already conscious accumulation that was what was guiding the $yndicate member also surged through the air with greater radius and expanse once the watery vessels shifted into a different shapeform altogether. Now, instead of simply being that small orb of static electricity being dragged along by the Spirit of Diligence, it was also a large overhead accumulation still being drawn to wherever the Spirit should so have gone by its tail. The entire construct sustained as an enormous condensation of attracting molecules began to formulate droplets of water in the sky shaped roughly like people. They were completely translucent, like souls, but had weight and depth to them, like rain drops, and spattered all over the land.

"Go, Now," The Lord Father Suddenly Spake To All The Lords Of The $yndicate, "Follow Your Brother, Lord Humility, And Ignore The Sloth. It Is No Longer Its Own, But Belongs To The Demon Lord Of Gluttony Beyond Here." It Would Ultimately Be Wasteful To Face Sloth Anymore, For Its Head Was Greed. "Now That The Connection Has Been Made Between The Spirit, We Must Make Haste." Lord Father Bade Each Of The Spirits To Rise Up Into The Clouds Along With Lord Humility And Oversee The Land From Overhead. Sloth And Gluttony Had Taken Up The Majority Of The Ground, Except For The Clean Land, But It Was Attracted To Lord Humility. "He Is Leading Them Away From The Clean Land So That We Have An Advantage, And When The $yndicate Member And The Spirit Are Reunited, That Is When We Will Gain The True Full Advantage Over Both Sloth And Gluttony Simultaneously." The Clean Land Remained Under The Protection Of Lord Charity, Who Was Rooted To It, And The Others -- Lord Patience And Lord Kindness -- Would Ascend With Their Lord Father And Follow Lord Humility To Where The Spirit Of Diligence Guided Them, Leaving No More Activity In This Part Of The Land.

When the other Lords left the premises, leaving only Lord Charity to protect the clean land from Demon Lord Sloth's adhesive nature and grotesque spread, he immediately erected his own barrier of several thick, large trees spiraling up from the ground as roots converging into walls upon walls of these tree trunks, several meters wide and high. The wall of foliage was so great, it extended all across the barrier of the clean land and fully established the House with a great forest.

Afterward, more layers of thick trees separate from the initial sprouted up in the same fashion, creating a border for the border, and after that, a barrier for the border, and after that, a layer over the barrier, and even further and further, adding more to the barricade. Even if it did not completely stop the Demon Lord, in the same way that Sloth could not permeate the boundary set up by Lord Humility with his power over the waters, Demon Lord Sloth would not be able to permeate the physical barriers made by Lord Charity in surplus, one on top of the other.

As more were made, they would begin to push at the Demon Lord, scraping it up as much as possible whilst also forcing it away the more trees were sprouted from the land. The fortress of forests also made a camouflage for the clean land due to the sudden sprouting of numerous life that could not be overlooked nor forced through, and instead made it more difficult to tell where the clean land even was.

Underground, there were many roots branching out, stretching toward every end of the earth, since nothing underground had been touched at all by any Demon Lord, and technically all of the underground was free land. The roots of the trees had already stretched out in secret because of the initial rooting of Lord Charity and the House, so now the trees were fortified and the terrain was snatched from right under the Demon Lord's nose, literally completely underground. With full control of the land underground, Lord Charity secured himself and began to quake it lightly to tenderize the land and make it soft, something like Sloth's own body. The undulations of the seismic waves were so subtle, they could not be told, but they were constant, which meant that particle at a time, the land was breaking up into a fine grain from underground, slowly sifting to the top and making the land weak.
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Fourteenth Ignition: The Veritas Chapter 9; Temperance

II. 'Black Bishop :: Digital Formation'

One of the heads of the $yndicate would stand at the appointed destination, waiting for the signal to regroup.

Because SIN's presence had already passed by from Temptation when the Fallen Angels were left to their doom, by the time the $yndicate member made it to one of the designated points, there was a Demon Lord already waiting.

Now, the Tyranophant had been onlooking and overseeing the project from beyond the actual world, itself, and was already aware of certain things that perhaps the $yndicate members were not already yet informed of, due to the manner in which the circumstances were set in this environment. Essentially, the Tyranophant, who ruled over the $yndicate altogether, would have specific information that was necessary for their optimal completion that he would waste time giving if he were not from a position of oversight. Knowing each of the $yndicate leaders as who they were when in the mainland of the Veritas gave a type of foresight to the eyes of the Tyranophant. Therefore when the $yndicate leader down the way called out, he would respond instead of one of the other $yndicate leaders.

"Yeah, hold up, it's me, the Tyranophant. I need you to switch places with #2. Change positions and take the Disciples from that Peon over yonder with you. If you're followed, don't worry. Just make sure to tell the person you're switching with before they get there as a heads up. These are your orders."

"Roger that," the $yndicate member would say once she got word that her orders changed. She did not regard the ugly creature standing in the middle of the field but instead rushed to the Disciples and gathered them up. "Here!" she cried out, yelling to the Peon that was leading them. "Follow me! This way! I will cover you!" She wasted no time in getting them into her hiding place, which was also a secret passage down the mountain that she'd come up from in the first place, which was why she was hiding there. The cover of this area was behind a string of large boulders, and the path descended to lower ground. It was a shortcut, and each of the Disciples, including the Peon, would now be under the care of the $yndicate member, who deftly escaped with them.

When Belial was finally completely destroyed, because none of his former subordinates came to assist him before his time of death, the very fact that he died and each of them was aware and abandoned him caused a detachment between them due to the degeneration of trustworthiness. In their hearts and minds, each of the remaining Demon Lords were divided by a decay of their own internal soundness. Each of them defecting from each other through the division via Envy brought them all now also suspicion of each other and therefore caused each to act and work independently of one another, even if feigned as though they weren't. Therefore, the new Belials, who were the Demon Lords being Corrupted from the inside out because of how they treated the former Belial before it died, were like him and also no longer concerned with each other due to the decay of the Corruption.

By the time the $yndicate leader from further up the mountain made her way to the one she was switching places with, he was already prepared for the transition because he was alerted previously. "Alright, I see them!" he cried, starting to run toward the other $yndicate Leader and Disciples. "Tag Out!" He shouted playfully, running in the direction from which each of them had just come now that his own position was being reconfigured to take the place of the one who had just arrived. "I'll hold down the fort up where you were," he continued on, giving proper salutations to the situation. "You can count on me!" After assuring his subordinate that he already knew where to go and what to do, the other $yndicate member took off.

Innumerable eyes like windows opened up variably across the expanse of the city-like construct. Everything around them became dark due to how much of the land was possessed by Greed before the death of the Sin and the rise of the Demon Lord of Greed. The actual byproduct, itself, was also capable of being possessed again by another entity or come together all on its own, as if someone else picked up the pieces and rebuilt the same concept all at once. The concept, itself, was its own form of threat as a Demon Lord. Now, already, the Spirits were trapped inside of the House; surrounded from every angle by the City.

As time went on and nothing was done about the accumulation off to the side, it grew up to be like a mountain, letting whatever would become attached do so as it would, specifically as an adhesion to anything and everything that would be such. The Demon Lord of Sloth, which was this large adhesion that grew and grew the more things it touched, started to swallow up the land and create a symbiotic bond to it and all that was attached to it; Greed, inclusive. Without doing anything at all, the mass that was attached to the city of the Demon Lord of Greed would become part if it, as well, though only as an ever growing attachment something like a cancer and not as anything helpful to productivity. The processes of Greed started to slow wherever the Demon Lord of Sloth had become attached, and it spread throughout the city slowly, yet somehow swiftly at the same time.

To prolong its survival, the Demon Lord of Sloth swallowed up more and more of Demon Lord Greed and eventually came into the territory of the Demon Lord of Gluttony and was swallowed up in ignorance before realizing that it had been done. Demon Lord Sloth would continue to eat and eat and eat and feed Demon Lord Gluttony by consuming as many things as possible whilst attempting to run away from being destroyed. No longer was Demon Lord Sloth at all Demon Lord Sloth, but instead was completely and fully Demon Lord Gluttony, and now was enslaved to consuming in order to live. Essentially, everything from Greed to Sloth was consumed by Gluttony and now was only Gluttony's large body, with both under its dominion.

Demon Lord Gluttony continued to use the powers of Demon Lord Greed and Demon Lord Sloth to consume things mindlessly, and all of them would become mindless unconscious perpetually generating processes. Demon Lord Gluttony continued to grow larger and larger in a different area, as Sloth had begun to do and Greed had already spread around.

Not Long After The Demon Lords -- Each Having Become Belial -- Were Now Attached To Each Other, A Powerful Surging Streak Like Lightning Struck From Afar As A Sharp Shot Like A Bullet. Where It Struck, Directly At The Location Of The Recently Exchanged $yndicate Member, Whose Lamp Was Kindled During The Transition, Making It Easier For This Energy To Meet With Her. There, On The Spot, She Met Face To Face With The Spirit Of Diligence, Which Appeared To Her As An Eager Looking Farm Boy From The Country With A Gap In His Tooth And No Shoes On His Feet Clad In Denim Overalls And A Straw Sun Hat. He Stood Directly In Front Of Her, Keeping Her From Advancing Any Farther, But Also Simultaneously Incurring The Spirit Within Her To Move Outside Of Her And Ahead Of Him.

This Spirit Of Temperance Transitioned Ahead Of The Spirit Of Diligence Once They Mingled, Leaving A Trail Of Sediment Silently For The $yndicate To Follow Along When They Reached This Point, That They Be Able To Follow It All The Way To The End. Otherwise, The Spirit Of Diligence Remained Ahead Of The Group, Saying To The Awakened One That Was Already Set Here, "The Team Is On The Way To Deal With This Giant Monstrosity You See Before You. Don't Get Touched By It And Wait For Your Subordinates To Get To You Before Dealing With It." The Spirit's Trail Was Left As A Long Streak Of Static Electricity That Lingered As A Glowing Light Which Was Consciously Following Behind. "I Will Remain Here With You Until The Others Reach Us, And Then We Will Deal With The Demon Lord Before You." The Spirit Of Diligence Rested Where It Was Before Her, Yet Was Also Actively Being Attentive To The Demon Lord So That If It Moved, It Would Avoid The Attachment.

As soon as Lord Humility was done explaining and contained that this amnesiac $yndicate member was regaining parts of his memory, he did as the Lord Father, of whom the $yndicate member may or may not have been able to clearly hear, and set up a path for him that was in the vacuum of the Spirit of Diligence being left behind in order to retain it for him to follow. It was set up as a long string of watery constructs like extensions of an amoeba stretched out into various similar personified shapes and forms.


Demon Lord Gluttony, which had already swallowed up and commandeered Demon Lord Sloth and Demon Lord Greed, was now an entire large chunk of the mountain and suddenly realized these things happened because Demon Lord Sloth was coming near and got consumed in the process automatically by protocol. Demon Lord Gluttony was only doing as 'Gluttony' insisted and devouring everything mindlessly into itself in order to sustain and power itself indefinitely, just as any of them were. There was no difference among them, yet now, somehow, through this, it was sitting as a large chunk of something that it suddenly realized was in its possession nearly completely. "Huh? What happened?" The jarring realization of the Demon Lord's sudden control over a greater mass than what it once was after realizing it was there then became to consume just as it had when it consumed Demon Lord Sloth only a little while ago. "Yippee! There's food around the corner!!" In its stimulation from the excitement, this jolted the entire body of Demon Lord Gluttony just once, giving it juice to move on its first and only thought -- consume.

"FOR ME!!!" it cried out happily, saliva spattering every which way from a mouth that opened up all the way down the line of the entire length of its form, echoing the effect for each individual mouth all the way through like the sound of rumbling thunder rolling over the sky. The salivation rained down over the land as the Demon Lord suddenly sprung into motion suddenly in a factorized manner. Violent extensions with sharp points like claws bulged outward as huge mounds stretched out to grasp something and scrape it into the partings in the flesh resembling a mouth, moist with salivation of variable sorts. All of the mouths had their own sentience, but had no eyes, despite being comprised of several sentient functions all at once. They ate nonstop using Sloth and Greed.

Tao, the only female member of the $yndicate leaders, of whom the Spirit of Diligence appeared before, hadn't yet stopped running, herself, after reaching the area. Blindly following the impulse of her desires, she raced around somewhat mindlessly, yet with a clear sense of pleasure on her face whilst she did so. "Hwha?" She huffed at turning her attention away from the desires of her impulses, only to hear the words of the Spirit and also notice the large accumulation behind her suddenly activating. "Holy Smokes," she said with a repulsive look on her face, "That Is Unattractive. Tao Does Not Desire That." She was told not to touch it, and she definitely didn't want to. It looked neither pleasurable nor physically appealing in any way and did not appeal to Tao's interests at all, thereby making it completely ugly and disgusting, especially if it couldn't be eaten. She frowned at it, sticking out er tongue completely dismissively. "All Tao Must Do Is Run Away?" That wouldn't be difficult, if this was that blatantly repugnant. Like a pungent odor, the large Demon Lord mindlessly devouring behind her was rejected and fled from with haste anywhere that was out of its reach, of which now was simply an extended distance away. Tao continued to run and did not stop, her tongue hanging out of her mouth. "Wheeeeeeee~!"

As Tao Ran Away From The Demon Lord Of Gluttony, The Spirit Of Diligence That Was With Her Ran Alongside Her, Leaving A Trail Behind For The $yndicate To Follow If They Could Not Catch Up To The Swift Tao. Whilst They Were In Motion, The Spirit Exchanged Information With Her, Saying To Tao, "Listen Closely! I Am About To Tell You About The Next Demon Lord, Which Must Be Dealt With With Prior Knowledge Due To The Nature Of This Specific Sin." The Next Demon Lord, Which Would Be Of 'Lust,' Was The Most Cunning And Elusive Of Every Other. "The Nature Of Lust Is To Move Swiftly Toward Desires And Move Away From What Seeks To Destroy It. Therefore, It Is A Runner, Not A Fighter, And This Is Why There Must Be An Explanation Before We Get There That We May Outsmart The Demon Lord Rather Than Get Wrapped Up In Its Fleeing And Cunning." Lust Was The Weakest, Yet Also Had Strength In That Weakness By Making Others Weak. Lust Was Also The Most Cunning Because Of The Weakness, And Therefore Made Up For That Weakness With Elusiveness Of The Body, The Heart And The Mind. It Was Swift, Intelligent And Evasive, But Weak All The Same.

"The Demon Lord Of Lust Already Had Minions That Serve Under It; Leopards That Lie In Wait At The Foot Of The Mountain In Order To Snatch Up The Weak And Bind Them. They Are Nothing But Prostitutes With Cunning To Prostrate Themselves Before Anyone. As Lust Does, It Will Cater To The Desires Of Whomever It Is Trying To Ensnare, Only So That They May Be Trapped By Acquisition Of The Desire Through Lust And Therefore Become Weak And Subservient To The Instant Gratification And Thereby Be Made Vulnerable Internally, Even If Becoming Physically Strong Externally." Because Lust Only Maneuvered Through Desire And Had No Other Actual Purpose Except To Move Toward Desire And Run From Whatever Sought To Remove The Desire, The Simplicity Of Execution Was Plain And Clear. The Issue Only Came With Pinning The Vile Sin Down In Its Elusive Nature And Cunning Wit. "The Prostitutes Will Be Dealt With As They Come, Because They Will Prostrate Themselves For Vain Reasons Only When They Are Blinded By The Light."

The Spirit Of Diligence Spoke With The Voice Of The One Who Sent It Out, Which Was The Great Spirit That Was Over All The $yndicate. Whilst Still On The Run, Quite In Motion, He Continued To Explain To Tao The Nature Of Lust And What To Do About It, That She Not Succumb To It In Case Gluttony Became Too Large And Consumptive Wherein She Would Not Be Able To Wait For The $yndicate Or Go Back To Meet Up With Them, And May Have To Deal With The Demon Lord Of Lust On Her Own Until Gluttony Was Destroyed And No Longer Expanding. "I Will Deal With The Prostitutes In A Suitable Manner. There Is A Reason Why It's Called 'Bronze Claws' And 'Iron Jaws.' Trust, They Will Cling And Be Silent, As They Had Clung And Remained Silent To Their Defects. See How Silent They All Are, And What They Have Clung To." Knowing About The 'Leopards,' As These Lustful Demons Who Lied To Get Their Way And Lied To Ensure Others Did Their Bidding For Them, The Spirit Continued To Explain To Tao About Them, Since They Were Minions Of The Demon Lord That Were Present Since The Beginning Of The Journey Up The Mountain And Hadn't Ever Been Dealt With Because Of The Nature Of Lust (And How Lust Could Not Be Dealt With By Lust, Hence Why They Were Left To Their Vices Instead Of Dealt With Immediately). "Lust Is A Curse Of A Single Person That Becomes A Plague Passed Down To Children. This Also Causes The Children Of The Lustful To End Up Barren Of Their Desires At An Early Age, And Eventually Wasting The Rest Of Their Lives In Order To Achieve Something Instantaneously." The Leopards Were Children Of The Lustful, Stemming From Generation To Generation. Some Were Old And Some Were New, But All Were Under The Demon Lord Of Lust. "The Lust Backs Up And Piles Up, So You Suffer For Your Parent's Lust By Having To Atone For It, Just Because Their Lust Is Active Whilst Yours Is, As Well. They Move Swiftly To Get In The Way, Take What They Want And Do As They Please, Which Often Gets In The Way Of Your Goals. Then, Eventually, You Do The Same To Others, And Then Your Children, And Reproduce Lust Asexually."

Lust Was A Sin And A Demon And A Demon Lord That Needed To Be Dealt With Based On Advanced Preparation, Which Was Completely Different From Acting On Impulse To Gain Desires, Which Is What Made The Distinction Between Those Who Made 'Preparation' To Achieve A Goal And Those Who Acted On 'Impulse' To Achieve A Desire, And Possibly Made Plans Based On That Impulse, Believing It Was 'Preparation' When The Initial Desire Was 'Lust' And Not Something To Deal With One Who Is Lusting. It Was A Level Of Intelligence That Trumped The Intelligence Of The One Using Their Intelligence Only To Acquire A Selfish Desire, And Would Always Be Such. "To Discipline Lust, You Make It Suffer Slowly For An Extended Period Of Time, Blocking Off Passes And Destroying Paths Until Chastity Is Maintained. This Is Also Achieved Through Patience. This Is Also Kept Up By The Other Virtues, Such As Diligence And Humility." The Spirit Explained This Because Tao, Having An Advantage, Could Do These Things Before They Even Got To The Demon Lord And Cut It Off Using This Information Before Lust Could Even Get Anything Prepared To Run Away Or Create A Distraction Or Diversion For Evasion, As Is Its Nature And Impulse To Do On Instinct. "You Do Not Combat Lust With Lust. If You Lust To Punish Someone, You Are Also Inducing More Lust That Will Reproduce It Asexually." This Is Why Tao Was Instructed Not To Proceed Into The Territory Of The Demon Lord Of Lust, Even With The Information Given, But To Continue To Flee From Gluttony And Think Up A Plan All The While. Gluttony Would Not Do Anything Except Chase And Be A Large Obstacle, But The Real Strategy In The Wasting Of Time That Gluttony Would Inevitably Do Was To Actually Plan For Lust In Advance Before The Lustfulness Could Act Or Know What To Act On -- Especially If Already Focused On A Desire And Searching For What Would Seek To Stop It From Acquiring Said Desire. Fortunately, Gluttony Could Be Used In Its Wastefulness For This Manner And Not Let Lust On That It Was So. Being Primarily Blind And Deaf And Rather Dim, Gluttony Would Just Consume, Waste And Get Larger, All To Their Advantage. "Lust Is In The Mind And The Heart, Which Is Why It Cannot Be Dealt With Physically. Usually, Lust Ends Up Being Expressed Physically To Confuse The Simple, But It Is Actually 100% Internal. It Is Also Often Confused With Sexuality, Which Is Not True In The Slightest. Lust Is Not Sex, Because The Attachment To All 'Lust' Being 'Sex' Is Not Only A Perversion, But It's Also False. Lust Uses Sex As A Cover To Hide Its True Weakness, Which Is Located Completely Elsewhere In The Mind And Heart, And Nowhere Tangibly Nor Physically."

All Of What Was Being Said Whilst They Were In Transition May Have Been A Mouthful, But It Was All Necessary, Especially Since This May Well Have Been The Only Time To Speak On These Matters So Clearly Without Getting Wrapped Up In Something Else. Therefore, The Spirit Made Use Of The Wasted Time Of Both Sloth And Gluttony Piling Up As One In Order To Gain A Drastic Advantage On Lust, Itself. "The Famine, Itself, Of Not Being Touched And Not Receiving Any Desires Or Attention At All Is What Actually Kills It Completely. Barren. This Also Means You Do Not Touch It, But Destroy Its Methods Of Attempting To Touch Other Things. Essentially, Cut Off The Feet And Isolate It, So The Hands Cannot Touch." This Explanation Was Why The Two Of Them Were Cutting Lust Off And Not Engaging It Directly. Tao Would Be Guided In Maneuvering Toward This Rather Tactfully, Since, Perhaps, Alone, Tao Might Not Have Such Tact Without Instruction Due To Her Own Nature. "If You See The Hands Still Grabbing After The Feet Are Cut And The Isolation Is Made, Or The Eye Continuing To Focus And The Tongue Continuing To Speak, That Means That The Mind And The Heart, Which Are The Actual Lustful Components, Are Not Yet Clean Nor Are They Strong. They Are Weak And Vulnerable, And Therefore Will Create A Perversion The Moment There Is An Attachment To The Desired Object Of Lust." With All That Said, Tao Should Have Been Well Informed Enough To Deal With Lust, And Then Be Able To Communicate These Things With Her Subordinates As Necessary.

The trail, which had been cut off by Sloth's motion, needed to be recollected in a different manner. Fortuitously, the static polarities serving as the consciousness moving the large invisible ambiguous clear shapeform were still attracted to the source, which was also still in motion and leaving sediments to be picked up on. This drew Lord Humility to where the Spirit of Diligence had been cast forth from overhead, taking the $yndicate member with him and drawing him to the head where the sentient consciousness was with its powerful magnetism with a rushing current, ensuring they were both very near each other.

There were several flickers seen in the distortion of the air up above and eventually a full layer spreading out only so far before disappearing. In the atmosphere, clouds began to congregate over the area where Sloth accumulated and had been drawn all the way into by both their attraction and the vacuous force left behind during the transition of Lord Humility from a wave of water into the accumulating clouds, which grumbled with frustration. The already conscious accumulation that was what was guiding the $yndicate member also surged through the air with greater radius and expanse once the watery vessels shifted into a different shapeform altogether. Now, instead of simply being that small orb of static electricity being dragged along by the Spirit of Diligence, it was also a large overhead accumulation still being drawn to wherever the Spirit should so have gone by its tail. The entire construct sustained as an enormous condensation of attracting molecules began to formulate droplets of water in the sky shaped roughly like people. They were completely translucent, like souls, but had weight and depth to them, like rain drops, and spattered all over the land.

One of the droplets that fell from the sky was the $yndicate member, contained in the conscious light that was attracted to the Spirit Of Diligence, still following its trail. Because it had proceeded far out of the reach of both Gluttony and Sloth, the $yndicate member was drawn straight to that point, where he would converge with the Spirit and thereby regain his memory whilst the clouds overhead continued to cover the fullness of the sky, blotting out the light of the sun. Thunder roared within the dark clouds and the rain did not cease. Where there were drops of rain, there were also watery constructs that would hit the ground and erect themselves as a blockade around Gluttony and keep it from spreading any farther than it already had gotten to, essentially giving the others some time whilst the watery wall was established.

In the shadow of each of the watery constructs that fell from the sky was the presence of Lord Kindness, who had assimilated himself with the dark cloud that was spreading over the land after the Lord Father bade he and his brethren to enter it. This great darkness that was both in the clouds and also within the shadows of the blobs would stretch out to bind each of the individual droplets of water together both in the sky and on the ground, fortifying them all universally. The blockade of darkness stretched over the land that had not been touched by Demon Lord Gluttony and eroded it based on how large and how thick Gluttony, itself, was. The erosion of the ground would create a chasm that was just as large as Gluttony's body was fully, yet also remained covered so that its dimensions and proportions could not be seen. In appearance, the land was still flat, but merely covered in darkness.

The $yndicate member who was carried all the way by the waves of Lord Humility, both across the ground in a flood and also up into the sky in a cloud, rained down right at the border of the dark land marked by Lord Kindness, just outside of its perimeter opposite of where Demon Lord Gluttony rested; safe from harm's way. When he touched down, it was where the Spirit of Diligence was, being drawn to him by the residual trail of electrical energy left behind. It took a while, but finally, the $yndicate member caught up and merged with the Spirit, as commanded, and allowed it to fill his vessel whilst still in motion.

"Remember What I Have Spoken To You, Tao," The Spirit Said To Her, Calling The $yndicate Member Out By Name As If It Had Known Her For A Very Long Time. "I Am Going To Continue Speaking The Exact Same Way When This Lad Catches Up To Me, And You'd Damn Well Better Listen To Me, This Time, And Act Like You Can Hear Me This Time." Tao Is 2,000+ Years Old, And Over The Past 2,000 Years, She Had Been Acting Like She Was Deaf, Or Dumb, Or Blind, Or Afflicted In Some Manner. "Heed The Commands This Time, Tao, For It Is Clear That You Have Been Cursed For A Very Long Time And I'm Not Going To Tell You This Again." Because Of History Between Tao And This Spirit, Which Was The Same Spirit That Had Spoken To Her 2,000 Years Ago And Snatched Her From Her Family For Offering Their Child Unto It, Disguised As A Great Fox At The Time. "Remember Why You Have Been Afflicted For 2,000 Years, Please And Thank You. Quite Seriously, Actually, Taomin."

When Taomin Was Born, 2,000 Or So Years Ago, Her Parents Offered Her To A Spirit They Could Not Understand As A Sacrifice, For She Was A Shrine Maiden And Consecrated As 'Holy To The Lord' As A Virgin Unto Him. However, Because She Was Not Ready At The Age Of 18, And Her Parents, Who Were Afflicted Heavily By This Spirit At The Time, None Of Them Could See The Spirit Of Diligence That Had Been Over Them, Because They Were Indebted To It, And Had Become Its Slaves, As Was Proper For The Rest Of Their Village, As Well, If It Could Be Recalled Correctly. "If You Don't Want To Return To The Veritas And Destroy All Civilization By Becoming The Whore Of Babylon And Trapping All Its Citizens Under A Pyramid, I'd Suggest You Heed Everything That The One That Comes After Me, Whom I Am About To Bestow My Voice Upon, Is About To Say, Even After You Can No Longer See Me The Way I Once Was, And You Must Remember What My Voice Sounds Like When Spoken In A Different Manner Or In A Different Incarnation." If She Ever Forgets And The Language Becomes Confused Because She Stops Heeding What Is Spoken To Her, Which Is Being Bestowed To Her As A Golden Chrysanthemum Of Crystal, She Would Then Cause Discord That Would Cause The Land To Become Barren And Instantaneously Enslaved Due To A Deficiency, And She Would Repeat Her Ancestors' Curse Again And Have To Reincarnate Again For 2,000 Years Until She Regained Enough Strength Through Reincarnation To Hear The Voice Before She And Her People Were Struck Again.

"You Are A Great Spirit Now," The Voice Went On, Adorning Her With The 'Crystal Chrysanthemum,' Which Was Consecrated To Her On The Day She Was Spoken To That She Truly Remember The Fullness Of Her Legend, And Not Forget What Happened To Her Parents And Why They Were Both Lost, Though She Lived On And Grew Stronger. "You Cannot Do As You Did When You Were Young, For Now, You Have Acquired Wisdom By Reincarnating 9 Times, And Becoming Holy Enough To Hear Me Again." During Her Time Of Discord, Being Haunted And Tormented By The Evil Spirit, 'Disheart,' She Could Not Remember Prior To Her Previous Reincarnations, And Also Was Too Weak Consciously To Retain The Information. The Discord Was Powerful Inside Of Her Own Heart, Which Created Impulses That Disrupted The Flow Of Her Own Mind, Causing Her To Create Discord With Her Own Hands Due To Her Impulses. She Knew What They Were, And Should Have Immediately Been Humbled, If She Knew What Was Good For Her. "I Hope You Have Seriously Learned Your Lesson This Time, Because You Know Exactly What A Smite And A Damnation Are, So You Cannot Claim 'I Do Not Understand,' When You Are Struck For What You Do, If You Do It." The Spirit Of The Lord Was Serious With Her, Which Is Why There Was Faith Prior To The Organization Of This Operation To Already Be Prepared To Execute Everything Perfectly.

The Instant That The Spirit Began To Assimilate With The $yndicate Member Dropped From The Sky, He Was Given Into The Hands Of The Spirit And He Would Begin To Move Completely In Sync With It Whilst It Were Already in Motion, And Begin To Assume A Different Form That It Was Given To Itself, Even If She Didn't Know That It Could Nor Why. Her True Understanding Would Come From After The Events Occurred. At That Moment, The $yndicate Member Should Have Also Simultaneously Regained His Consciousness From The Balancing And Stabilizing Energy Of Tao No Longer Being In Discord. Therefore, On The Spot, He Would Be Named 'King Keaton,' Which Was The Name Of The Spirit That Had First Appeared Before Her Parents Reincarnated Again In A Different Form, Just As It Had Been Doing Alongside Her During Each Time She, Herself Reincarnated Again. It Appeared To Her Forevermore As Her Brother, 'Tsao-Rin,' Resting Itself In Him As It Was When They Were Back In The Veritas. Every Time They Exited And One Of Them Did Not Retain Their Cognizance, The Other Would Have To Come Into Direct Contact With The Other And Restore The Other. This Would Ensure That Tsao Retained His Memories Of Himself Whilst They Were All Still In Hell And Escaping It.


"I Will Continue To Be Explaining To Everyone What To Do From This Vessel I Am Choosing As The Host Of My Voice Forevermore." The Lord Father Spake As The Spirit Of King Keaton, And From Afar, Was Projecting His Own Voice Through A Messenger Of His On Personal Forbidden Selection And Creation. "Unless I Am Speaking To You Independently As Myself, I Am Speaking To All Of You Simultaneously Through The King Keaton, Which Is Your Brother, Tsao, Tao." It Was A Very Long Undoing, Yes, To Restore His Own Voice And Allow For Tao To Be Fully Lifted From Her Family's Curse, Which Was Now She, Herself. After Wiping Them All Out 2,000 Years Prior To All Of The Events As 'Nyake,' Even Before The Remnant Of Her Own Destruction Came Through The Descendants Of Her Clan -- And Also Clearly Prior To Their Understanding Of Their Ancestral Spirits Even Before Tao, Herself, And The Rest Of The Tensei That Sent The 'King Keaton' In The First Place To Her Family's Doorstep -- Tao Became Possessed And Became A Demon Priestess. She Could Not Handle The Spirit Of The Tensei That Came From Her Ancestors Before Her, And On Her 18th Birthday, When Her Ignorant Parents Lusted To Give Her Up To It, They Gave Her Away Too Early And She Was Tainted And No Longer A Virgin Anymore. Not Able To Return Nor To Restore Her Former Purity, And Now Having Knowledge Of Power, She Became Weak To It And Destroyed Everything, Becoming The Evil 'Black Cat,' Nyake. The Spirit Was Passed Down For So Long In So Many Different Incarnations, None Of Them Remembered Until They Reached A Certain Power Level, Which Actually Did Not Occur Until After Tao Succumbed One Last Time Before 'Khrona Tensei,' The 'Crystal Child,' Appeared And Tamed Her.

"Tao, My Great Grand Daughter," Allsgrim, The Primordial Darkness Of The Tensei Clan, Which Sent The King Keaton Out To Her So Long Ago, "I Am Once Again Testing You By My Spirit, As Lord Diligence. The Same Spirit You Were Too Young To Tame When You Were 18, 2,000 Years Ago, Is The One That I Had Given Dominion Over You In Secret As The Kuroshiro Kitsune That Is With You Now." Tao Had Only Just Recently Become Attuned To Her Own Spirit Animal, Which Was Just The One Spirit, Alone. Khrona Tensei, Who Was Sent To Tame Her, Had The Remainder Of The Tensei Spirits Under His Command, And This One That Was Attached To Tao Was Also One He Tamed In Order To Have It Tame Her, As It Was Tasked To Do On Its Own, Independently Of She, Herself.

As The Spirit Was Once Again Bestowed Upon The One Who Was Made To Harness The Voice, The 'Golden Chrysanthemum,' Itself, An Extension Of The Very Spirit Of The King Keaton, Could Project The Voice Of The Beholder Straight To The One It Was To Be Communicated To, Allowing Tao And Anyone Else Who Adorned The 'Golden Chrysanthemum' To Hear The 'Voice' At Any Time. This Was Their Advanced Form Of Communication So That They Could All Speak To And Each Hear Their Brother, Tsao, Who Was Lorded As 'Lord Diligence' Through This Process. Whilst He Was Still In Motion, He, Too, Would Hear A Voice Speaking To Him, Explaining To Him Explicitly And Directly That He Was Able To Communicate With Everyone Directly At All Times Through His Voice Directly Into Their Minds When He Spoke As Long As The Crystal Chrysanthemum Was Attached.

"Tsao," The Lord Father Spake Now To Tao's Twin Brother, Who Should Have Once Again Become Coherent Now That He'd Made Contact With Tao And They'd Polarized Each Other By Being Near, And He Could Hear The Voice Of His Ancestor Directly Into His Mind, "With The Blessing Of The 'Spirit Of Diligence,' It Has Become A Crown Over Your Head As A Great Many Eyes And A Long String Of Information That You, Yourself, Must Always Be Aware Of And Never Stray From Nor Forget, Even If Others Do." Above Him, The Spirit Sprouted From Him And Carried Him Further In A Direction That Was Connected To The Trail Of The Next Spirit That Had Been Initially Released From Tao Once Contact Was Made With The 'Spirit Of Diligence.' "Follow The Path That Has Been Marked For You, Yet Also Keep Track Of What Information Is Being Given, In Case The Path Changes And You Must Communicate It To Your Teammates In A Different Manner. From This Point Forward, I Will No Longer Be Speaking To You, But You Will Be Speaking For Me, Myself." Once This Was Done Through Lord Diligence -- Which Was An Angel As A Full Entity An Ark Of Angels Carrying The One Who Harbored The Voice -- The Lord Father Would Stop Speaking And Instead Only Be A Guide For His Sons And All The $yndicate Out Of Hell After Destroying The Demon Lords And Cleansing The Land.

When Tsao regained consciousness and was aware of himself again within the territory of Hell, he knew his body would carry him automatically and remain suspended in place as he hovered alongside Tao. "Thank You, Lord Father," King Keaten cried out, before damning everything necessary into place into his mind after the initial damnation from the Spirit striking him and returning itself to its place inside of him to destroy his affliction. All of the conscious energy that returned to him all at once was focused immediately on the pinpoint location where the next Spirit was located, which already had a trail left behind.

Tsao drew his arm back once with a powerful jolt just as intense as the sensation of the initial surge, retaining the tension in his arm and clenching his fist tightly, only for a great deal of electrical energy pent up in the palm of his hand to extend from it as a forged bolt of lightning suspended in midair and halted in place with the might of his grip. The energy that was focused within his mind was also concentrated within his body to a precision that would, in one swift motion, allow for him to project his energy outward and strike the exact target point for Tao to reach her Spirit and go on ahead whilst Tsao, the King Keaton, remained behind and coordinated everyone else destroying Gluttony, which he was also coherent on how to do because of his constant translation and communication of all forms of language simultaneously as thoughts and feelings as well as words and actions. Each of these different languages, even to the most extensive derivative in dialect, were stretched over and transmitted to his own mind to consciously be translated. The fullness of this Collective Conscience over the full span of the extensiveness of those he was closest to in direct communication with were all linked to his own thoughts and feelings, harmonized with his biorhythm and stabilizing him to receive all of the information properly and legibly, tangibly or audibly clearly within and before him. Therefore, he could understand the thoughts and intentions of his Lord Father and began to act automatically the moment he was once again coherent and also knew that a majority of his kinsman were also restored, just as his body had done all on its own the moment he became conscious again as himself and not an amnesiac.

"Tao," Tsao boomed, his eyes crackling with lightning as he began to calculate the exact coordinates of where the Spirit had gone forth to, "Go To The Place That I Smite And Consecrate For You." With the Golden Chrysanthemum -- which would eventually ingrain itself into her head after restoring communication and implanting its information so that they would always understand each other after a certain time until a new one needed to be put in place if necessary -- constantly transmitting and translating for everyone who was receptive in the vicinity of its creator and the actual creation at the time, Tao should have been able to clearly understand her brother without any Discord.

Demon Lord Gluttony continued to eat anything that dropped near it that it could get its hands on or any part of its body attached to, of which it could manifest more mouths and hands spontaneously or recover them into its large mass sporadically in order to alternate shifts in movement. Some mouths were eating, but others were not, yet there were also those that had disappeared completely, along with the arms on random parts of its large body.

Some of the limbs that protruded from Demon Lord Gluttony's massive form were not only just mouths or arms. In order to continue to acquire its desires and consume everything possible to achieve that goal single-mindedly as an entire one entity, all parts of it were servicing itself in the only manner it thought about as its highest priority -- eating. Legs also had been generated instantaneously as the arms had been, but consuming in a different manner than the mouths that had arms nearby in their stead. They lifted the large mountainous glob up and ran toward where the tongues all desired to consume next. They were perpetually in motion only to seek out the sensations of the tongues, because the Demon Lord of Gluttony had no other senses otherwise than those associated with feasting.

Anything that touched the flesh of Demon Lord Gluttony became attached to it as if it were an adhesive due to the properties of Demon Lord Sloth. The perpetuity of Demon Lord Greed ensured that the mass would grow infinitely and instantaneously, meaning something had to be in motion and consuming at all times, even if other parts of the large mountainous construct were not doing so.

The water golems that fell from the sky as droplets were consumed by the open mouths of Gluttony perpetually eating, being caught on its tongues like rain. Wherever their tongues felt the highest intensity of stimulation is where the entire wad was drawn, and it shifted toward where there was movement. Thus, Demon Lord Gluttony started to grow upward toward the sky, mounding itself up instead of spreading outward over the land like Demon Lord Greed. With the adhesive property of Demon Lord Sloth, it bonded and bounded up to and around itself until the mass that was Demon Lord Gluttony was an enormous towering mountain bubbling up like a boil on the face of the other mountain, sucking up all of the rain whilst also seeking out more from the sky in order to make it grow larger and perpetuate itself for an extended period of time infinitely forward in the direction its tongues took it. "More!!!" It slurped, thirsting for the waters of the sky, that it soon would surpass them and be a tower of its own. "More!! MORE!!!" Whatever sort of cries got it what it desired, the simple-minded Demon Lord sought only its one simple thought to consume infinitely and perpetually and grow larger before reproducing.

In the shadow of each of the watery constructs that fell from the sky was the presence of Lord Kindness, who had assimilated himself with the dark cloud that was spreading over the land after the Lord Father bade he and his brethren to enter it. This great darkness that was both in the clouds and also within the shadows of the blobs would stretch out to bind each of the individual droplets of water together both in the sky and on the ground, fortifying them all universally. The blockade of darkness stretched over the land that had not been touched by Demon Lord Gluttony and eroded it based on how large and how thick Gluttony, itself, was. The erosion of the ground would create a chasm that was just as large as Gluttony's body was fully, yet also remained covered so that its dimensions and proportions could not be seen. In appearance, the land was still flat, but merely covered in darkness.

Demon Lord Gluttony was pulled right into the large chasm created by the Grimnyzmal and drew out each of their tongues by hooking to all of the interior flesh within its form. Both tongue and skin alike were torn from each other and suspended in place completely wide open and fully exposed at the weakest point. This was an opening for Tsao to strike the Demon Lords of Greed, Sloth and Gluttony all at once and dispel all of their properties from the large mass and cause it to completely cease functioning.

The clouds in the sky which blocked out the sun condensed greatly overhead where the massive wad accumulated, pouring out rain water all the while into the open mouths and filling them up even more. Once within the trench made for it in the shadows just beyond the reach of Tao and Tsao, Demon Lord Gluttony was purged with water and its body was filled until it gushed out of the mouths or the body expanded and filled the fullness of the trench, only tightening its fit and securing its placement where it was. All the while, the cloud overhead continued to spread outward once it was done pouring out its droplets that were not the $yndicate member into the chasm. Once it unloaded and was free of discharge, the clouds began to clear, following behind the vacuous winds of Tao's movement and parting an opening in the sky for the sun to trickle through.

Tao smirked, lowering her head. She could not help but to recall the sentiment of her journey all the way from her past to now, as a Goddess. It had been a very long and arduous trial as a Demon, but she was both honored and humbled at the discipline that came from the words of her Ancestor, which she could now understand more clearly through the one that tamed her. She was at peace, and therefore her body became like the air and she disappeared completely, yet her sharp-toothed grin remained visible as she passed by. "Hai, Chichiue. (Yes, Honorable Father)" She would never forget the day she was truly released from her own Family Curse and Family Demon, which she 'Consecrated' in her heart as she sped along, listening to the words of the Voice. Her eyes were closed and, like the rest of her body, could not be seen, but she could hear everything that King Keaton -- the Spirit her Ancestor rested in -- was saying. She did not need to hear anything else after that, but she continued to meditate on her accomplishments within her clan, as well as the growth and development of she, herself, overall. She could not help but to think of Taijitu.

Whenever Tsao 'Smited' the point of interest, Tao was prepared to get to it and not focus on anything else. She did not say a word, but pinched her tongue between her sharp grin.

When Tao acknowledged her Sins and Repented before their Ancestor, who had blessed Tsao, her brother, he hurled the bolt of lightning at the location where the trail of the next Spirit of the Lord rested.


The 'Bolt' shot ahead of her, leaving a trail for her to follow in its wake as a vacuous force of concentrated vibrations and sensations that could be received and traced intentionally. Tao's path was marked at the tail end of the lightning streak, and Tsao's attention turned now toward Demon Lord Gluttony, which was completely vulnerable, after Tao was bid on her way.


"Gluttony Is The Sin Of The Stomach And The Mouth." With his free hand, Lord Diligence extended his fingers out toward the mouths of Demon Lord Gluttony and unleashed an array of 'Bolts' of lightning that shot toward each of the tongues and interior flesh being suspended inversely by the hooks of Lord Kindness. "If You Talk Too Much And Take In Too Much Of A Single Thing, You Are A Glutton." The water pouring from the rains of Lord Humility in the cloud overhead moistened the areas and made them more conducive to the stimulation of the strikes, and also served as points of natural attraction from both ends, which hastened the process. "You Need To Stop FEEDING INTO IT AND BEING FED BY IT." The closer the lightning got to their target points, the more swiftly they moved, and the more powerful the impact would be. "To Subdue, Rebuke, Smite And Discipline AND Destroy Gluttony, You Strike It RIGHT In The Mouth DIRECTLY At The Tongue." The intention was to completely overcharge and overstimulate all of Demon Lord Gluttony and also cause it to burst from the inside and no longer be able to function, essentially dying on the spot and becoming a mound of waste. "The Tongue Is Sensitive And To Strike It There Will Also Hit The Stomach And Destroy Gluttony From The Inside At The Weakest Point." It should have been blown to pieces and unable to induce any of its former functions of perpetuity, infinity nor eternity. "It Has No Other Vulnerabilities Because It Is Blind, Deaf And Dumb Otherwise." The adhesiveness of Sloth should have dried out and no longer be moist enough to harness a sufficient attraction and therefore become unable to trap or snare anything just by sitting around being as it was. "Do Not BE A Pig. Do Not EAT What Is Before You." He sighed, "Especially If It's Just Because It's There."

Likewise, the instant gratification and perpetual reproduction would also come to a screeching halt, since its only material was itself and all of the body being overcharged at once would blow each nerve ending out and essentially completely desensitize it and destroy its primary focus and functionality. The lifeless blob would only be able to reproduce lifelessness, which should have been perpetual motionlessness, and complete stasis.

All of this happened in a single second in one swift motion with the crack of Tsao's hand and the several bolts of lightning striking and branching simultaneously. The sound of their impact was like thunder and its reverberation resonated to the fullness of the expanse of Demon Lord Gluttony's form and to where Lord Charity, the Grand Panda, was stationed with the clean land protected. The sensations of the residual vibrations in the air could be felt by the trees on their leaves as if they were being touched by the light of the sun, feeling it as the tongue would taste, and also trembling below the earth in the roots underground, like absorbing water. This entire area would be Tsao's full 'Dominion,' and with it, he would call together all of his brothers -- The Lordships of the $yndicate -- to combine their powers and their efforts to take down the threat completely through his attraction, alone. This would get their attention and allow him to speak to all of them all at once, as the Lord Father that blessed him had formerly been doing.

"Is It Not Written In The Bible NOT TO EAT EVERYTHING ANYONE GIVES YOU?" In order to further discipline the Demon Lord, when it was struck by the lightning, it would hear words being spoken to it through the electricity, which embedded themselves directly into the nervous system of the monstrosity directly with every overstimulating jolt. "Yet, Here You Are, Eating Up All That Shit Like Pigs, Blind And Ignorant As The Day You Were Born." Each time it was struck, it would come to life again, consume all of the lightning, become overstimulated, burn out and die until it was next again struck by lightning and the process repeated until it was dry and barren. "You're So Blind And Deaf, You Can't Even MONITOR Your OWN EATING." King Keaton shook his head, lashing out at Demon Lord Gluttony Again. "You Haven't Stopped And Come Up For Air YET."

It was sad to watch Gluttony be beaten to death and revived and beaten to death again, over and over, and also knowing it desired to continue to feed, especially on what was already dead and/or decaying, like its own self. "You Don't Even REALIZE You're BEING Gluttons BECAUSE You Don't Understand What Gluttony Is," he went on. "Moderation. Temperance. Stop For A Moment And Do Something ELSE. REST. GIVE IT A REST. The PURPOSE Of GETTING REST Is To PREVENT Gluttony. So, Try That." Naturally, Gluttony's rest would be its actual complete destruction -- death, only. "It Isn't JUST PHYSICAL. It's MENTAL And SPIRITUAL." As Demon Lord Gluttony was a singularity, a singularity with all focus and intent and priority on death to a single target had to also match the simple-minded single-thought process that would tell what Gluttony would desire and desire to indulge in prior to it doing so or even being able to. "Are You Still So Fresh And New?" Such a shame for the Demon Lords to be destroyed in this manner, yet it was a great victory for the $yndicate and the Lord. If all was correct, Demon Lord Gluttony should be finished off right here and now and be ready to be wiped clean off the map completely and fully.

As the clouds began to clear and the sun trickled through, its light graced the skin of Demon Lord Gluttony just barely with its warmth. The air became humid rather quickly and the temperature began to rise.

Hog-tied and bound, Demon Lord Gluttony was at the end of its rope. Battered, beaten and thoroughly mutilated to the point of nearly being maimed by the elements, it sat stuck in the trench of its own doing and undoing, unable to shake or break free. The more it moved, the more it was wedged into place, and the more severely it was struck by another assault, of which were gradually increasing in intensity and were no longer negligible. Its one-track mind had gotten the best of it, and now it was stuck and strung up by the loins, tongue and limbs. It could not even speak, but made a variety of squeals and sloppy noises that seemed something like a language all its own, overflowing with juices that poured out from every orifice. In pain, for once, from all that was tormenting it instead of shirking off the pain and shaving it away as it did with its fat, Demon Lord Gluttony went through severe stimulation to the point where the actual pain was felt beyond the pleasures of indulgence -- beyond masochism or sadism would allow for pleasantries; the limit of pleasurable stimulation.

Stuck in between life and death, pain and pleasure and many other sensations in between, Demon Lord Gluttony no longer could focus on a single intention, which also overwhelmed it to the point of destabilization and dysfunction in its own system. It was hungry. Still hungry. Its only source of food was poisonous, hazardous, toxic, dangerous and destructive. It would starve, yet, it also still desired to eat more of what it already knew was inevitably trying to kill it and destroy it from the inside out. The water in its body -- natural and extraneous -- began to evaporate when pressures of the heat of the lightning continued to strike where Demon Lord Gluttony was weakest. Smoke poured out of its mouth as the well of water within dried, shriveling its body. Blood and fires from within sprayed out from all the internal damage and all the collective waste slowly burning away and being destroyed. Every moment of life was painful for Demon Lord Gluttony every moment it lived, even when revived. Its only solace was the motionlessness of death, where it no longer desired to eat uncontrollably nor consume what was destructive or blatantly hazardous and beyond its intelligence to make a distinction between in terms of hazard and benefit.

Even the grace of the warmth of the sun was too great a stimulation for it, feeling like the scorching heat of the desert when it was but a stroke or a kiss of the light. In this tumultuous overly sensitive stimulation, Demon Lord Gluttony stopped desiring to live and therefore also stopped desiring to consume. When it died again, it would not be revived, even if it lived again, for it no longer had will in and of itself as an entity to live, even when it was restored to the point it was right before dying (because of its intentional desire to die). Therefore, there Demon Lord Gluttony would hang, sprawled out over the land, ready to be picked apart and relinquishing the fullness of its form to the power that subdued and continued to beat it. The giant wad of flesh that remained had no life and no will. It was just a husk of dead flesh, now.

The strike of lightning flashed as bright and instantaneous as the eyes of Tao bursting open at the sound of thunder, of which her motion mocked in its own booming force. Getting a whiff of the trail that tingled her nose, the sensations surged through her body that was nothing more than the very atmosphere; the wind, itself. She shot forward with an explosive haste, and the thunderous roar of she and her brother's power shook the entire land. In one swift motion, Tao 'Bolted' to the next location marked by the lightning bolt.


Underground, there were many roots branching out, stretching toward every end of the earth, since nothing underground had been touched at all by any Demon Lord, and technically all of the underground was free land. The roots of the trees had already stretched out in secret because of the initial rooting of Lord Charity and the House, so now the trees were fortified and the terrain was snatched from right under the Demon Lord's nose, literally completely underground. With full control of the land underground, Lord Charity secured himself and began to quake it lightly to tenderize the land and make it soft, something like Sloth's own body. The undulations of the seismic waves were so subtle, they could not be told, but they were constant, which meant that particle at a time, the land was breaking up into a fine grain from underground, slowly sifting to the top and making the land weak.

As the dead carcass of Gluttony decided to consciously end its own life, Thanytoz locked his mind in place at that point and sealed his Third Eye, keeping the Demon Lord from being able to wake itself up and regain consciousness again after the last time it lost it, even if desired in its past life when it was awake. Now, the rotting hunk of flesh was completely worthless. "Discard," The Grimnyzmal commanded to the systematic functions working in the background of the Veritas, that the hunk of junk be hurled off to the side and down the mountain at top speed, if not completely obliterated on contact.

Meanwhile, Thanytoz, himself, crept back into the shadows of the others that were already in motion, moving ahead along with them once the meatsack was essentially used up to the fullness of its usefulness and capacity -- drained of its Lifeblood.

Afterward, more layers of thick trees separate from the initial sprouted up in the same fashion, creating a border for the border, and after that, a barrier for the border, and after that, a layer over the barrier, and even further and further, adding more to the barricade. Even if it did not completely stop the Demon Lord, in the same way that Sloth could not permeate the boundary set up by Lord Humility with his power over the waters, Demon Lord Sloth would not be able to permeate the physical barriers made by Lord Charity in surplus, one on top of the other.

As more were made, they would begin to push at the Demon Lord, scraping it up as much as possible whilst also forcing it away the more trees were sprouted from the land. The fortress of forests also made a camouflage for the clean land due to the sudden sprouting of numerous life that could not be overlooked nor forced through, and instead made it more difficult to tell where the clean land even was.

When Demon Lord Gluttony and all its attachments were isolated to a point and secured, completely lifted from the area and scraped up in all its excess excrement, it was all bound together and detached from whatever part of Lord Charity was touching it, letting it be consumed whilst new parts were regrown in surplus.

Lord Charity continued to maneuver in this manner both underground and above ground branching out both roots and stems over the land that was clean and cleared of all of the pollution and waste that Gluttony created when it was attached to Sloth and Greed. Eventually, the Grand Panda would establish an ecosystem that was conducive to the thriving life of the Veritas and its energetic perpetuity. "Keep That Thing Away From Me," ]The Grand Panda spake unto his brethren as he passed by.


"No Problem," A voice rang out of the parting of the clouds with the clearing of the sun. The once soft and pleasant rays of the gentle sunlight touching Demon Lord Gluttony's flesh would spontaneously intensify from its docile state exponentially as more Sun was revealed in the sky once the storm passed. A glaring malicious focus like that of a magnifying glass with an eye gazing down with intent to destroy an ant ignited a spark upon the tender meat of the freshly lifeless corpse. Its blood began to boil, all of the toxins being heated up and burnt away more swiftly than their time in an exponentially increasing manner. The entire hunk of raw meat had now spontaneously combust. "Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind." The Voice that could be heard radiating with the light of the Sun was none other than Lord Patience, who had become powerful enough once again as a Spirit and as a Light to become unified with the radiations of the Sun, itself, once there was direct exposure to it.

The glaring focus of the sun on Demon Lord Gluttony, roasting out the juices and toxins -- like bacon and its grease -- would soon bear a Drought upon its very existence by drying out its blood when all its chemicals were used up premature due to exposure to heat that caused them to react for an extended period of time. Whatever sorts of things living inside of Demon Lord Gluttony unknown to Gluttony because of what it had eaten and allow to live inside of its body -- such as parasitic organisms and viral bacteria --would be dried out through the Drought and the Famine that was induced upon them by the dying corpse being dried out of its resources more swiftly than normal. It would not even be able to rot so that the meat could tenderize for the parasitic organisms to live in and pick from when they were large enough and when the meat was easy enough for them to tear at a smaller scale. All life should have been wiped out and the body burnt to a char, only to completely be burnt up to ash at the end when the internal organs were dried out instead of rotting, as well. "Would You Like Fries With That?"

Before The Flaming Hunk Of Demon Lord Gluttony's Empty Carcass Hit The Ground After Being Lit Aflame And Kept From Reviving, The Lord Father Would Finally Act Again, Suspending It Midair With The Might Of His Presence. He Said To Lord Diligence, Who Was To Be Speaking To All Of His Brethren On Behalf Of The Primordius, "Say To Them: 'Take The Burning Flesh Of Demon Lord Gluttony And Target Demon Lord Lust.'" Using This Useless Pile Of Flesh For Something Useful, Repurposing It Appropriately Without Contaminating Nor Ingesting It, The Large Burning Mass Would Be Useful For Mowing Down Each Of Lust's Already Foreseen Demon Slaves Down The Way And Burn Them Up Whilst The Burning Mountain Of Flesh Also Burnt Itself Up Eventually, As Well. "It Will Strike Like Wormwood And Burn Away All Remaining Traces Of The Demon Lords Whilst Binding Them Together And Burning Itself Away Gradually Along The Way." Lord Father Was Also Aware Of How Much Momentum Was On The Way That Needed To Be Used For A Different Purpose That No One Knew, Which Was Why The Buildup Was Happening And Being Perpetuated.

With His Command Given To Hurl The Burning Mountain At Demon Lord Lust, The Lord Father, Himself, Started To Pass On Toward The Next Area, Becoming Incorporeal As A Spirit Whilst The Lord Diligence Explained And Coordinated The Next Instructions Appropriately And Had Everyone To Follow Behind The Lord Father Once His Spirit As A Whole Was in Motion. Primordius Would Follow Those Who Had Already Gone Ahead, Carried By The Currents Of The Waves Of Water From The Sky And Throughout The Air As Clouds And Wind From Tao And Lord Humility. With Those Two Having Gone Ahead, As Well As Lord Kindness Already Departed And Waiting At The Next Rendezvous Point, Lord Father Would Tag Along Behind Any Of Them Whilst Lord Patience And Lord Charity Finished Up With The Husk And Lord Diligence Led Them To The Lord Father When They Were Done. "We'll Regroup At The Next Location," He Said In Passing As His Final Words Before His Exit.

"Aight," Tsao would say in response to Primordius, rubbing the palm of his hands together with a nice charge to them as he built up energy. "Ay Yo Homies," he continued placing his hands up to his mouth and shouting outward, the projection of his voice booming like a billowing cloud filled with static electricity, "Hurl That Piece Of Shit At Ole Girl Over There." With a snap of his neck and his finger simultaneously, a thin but swift thread of electricity like a bolt of lightning whipped over the Field and toward the 'South Gate,' where 'Demon Lord Lust' was already spotted attempting to escape. The static cling that the bolt was attracted to would trace her movements based on prior polarities that were set in her motives by her thought pattern. The automatic attraction would also ensure it a target point for a bolt of lightning from above that could be visibly seen by the rest of the party so that the Target's location could be Smited from overhead and the area be stunned for the coming impact of what would be like a flaming meteor hitting and causing them to go extinct.

Attached to the static cling of the bolt of lightning was an intricate network of intersecting bolts clinging in reverse via the vacuum and threading themselves around Demon Lord Gluttony's carcass like a net, careful also not to touch it and potentially recharge the dead mass by muscle memory. The suspension was maintained by the barrier between the fire that lit it and the magnetism contracting around the heat. They would be drawn as a unit toward wherever Demon Lord Lust was going in a parabola type fashion with an arc already equated through the distance and velocity of the bolt at the time, ensuring that both strikes of different speeds were capable of striking simultaneously in the exact same location at the exact same time.

"I'll Catch Up With Ya," he said after that, trailing behind the Lord Father with a static cling, leaving everyone to do as they would in order to get the task accomplished further should anything go wrong and also inviting them to follow whenever they were ready.
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Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
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Fifteenth Ignition: The Veritas Chapter 10; Chastity

III. 'White Bishop :: Ceremony'

One of the heads of the $yndicate would stand at the appointed destination, waiting for the signal to regroup.

Because SIN's presence had already passed by from Temptation when the Fallen Angels were left to their doom, by the time the $yndicate member made it to one of the designated points, there was a Demon Lord already waiting.

When Belial was finally completely destroyed, because none of his former subordinates came to assist him before his time of death, the very fact that he died and each of them was aware and abandoned him caused a detachment between them due to the degeneration of trustworthiness. In their hearts and minds, each of the remaining Demon Lords were divided by a decay of their own internal soundness. Each of them defecting from each other through the division via Envy brought them all now also suspicion of each other and therefore caused each to act and work independently of one another, even if feigned as though they weren't. Therefore, the new Belials, who were the Demon Lords being Corrupted from the inside out because of how they treated the former Belial before it died, were like him and also no longer concerned with each other due to the decay of the Corruption.

By This Time That The Belial Had Spread All The Way To The South Gate From Up At The Top Of The Mountain, There Was Already A Spirit Of Virtue Waiting For It, Having Been Sent By Those From Beyond To Meet With It Before It Got There And Started To Grow As A Waste And/Or Perversion. This Spirit, The 'Spirit Of Temperance,' Did Nothing But Hover Over The Land As A Giant 'Overhad' With A Mouth Bound Up In Silence And Eyes That Were Closed -- Shut Tightly. From The Neck Down, There Was No Torso, And Its Holy Aura Poured From All Around The Back Of The Head, Surrounding The Entire Head And Also Keeping It Suspended Midair. This Spirit That Would Watch Over The Land Kept An Eye Out For The Belial And The Demon Lord It Was Already Eager To Take Possession Of And Use For Its Own Purposes.

The Silent Overhead Did Not Move, But Simply Allowed For Things To Occur In The South Gate That Would Be Noted For Later. The Spirit Rested In The Sky And Not On The Ground, Which Gave It, As An Aerial Entity, No Affiliation With Ground-Related Works.

The Demon Lord of Lust was aware that it was a loner due to what happened to Leviathan, and that now there was no sort of usefulness in any of the others that were off doing whatever they did. Instead, over where it ruled, a large visibly glowing head appeared in a peculiar fashion, which was of interest to it. However, because it could easily be a threat, and the other Demon Lords were also still hazards due to their defecting from each other, the Demon Lord of Lust wasn't exactly going to just jump into the fray, however finding a method of escape or observation was more thoughtful than standing around and waiting for it to do something and to see its alignment. Lust was out for its own personal desires that were independent of whatever everything else was doing.

The single solitary $yndicate member who was stationed at the South Gate remained firm in his position, listening in to what his subordinates were going through up the mountain with his own communication device. Waiting patiently for his orders, he noticed a light up above him glowing with a great radiance and could not help but to look upon it, like gazing into the sun. "What is that...?" he muttered to himself, placing his hand upon his forehead to shade his eyes and also focus his vision. "It's light, like the sun, but looks so much nearer..." Apparently, with the Spirits that everyone spoke of, all sorts of supernatural things were going on up the way. None of these 'supernatural' things had been visibly seen by this particular $yndicate member, but he'd heard everything, including the ascension of the other members to Lordships and also their own supernatural abilities and explanations of such. Though he was eager to find out his own, he was also rather enraptured by this light above him, figuring it to be one of those 'Spirits' that were spoken of.

"If that is a Spirit," he contemplated, "Then perhaps it would be in my best interest to go toward it, in case the Demon Lord appears and I need assistance before my subordinates reach me." They were taking a long time, but that was to be expected with all they were going through. He did not expect it to be easy nor immediate, but he was also concerned about his being alone, if these Demon Lords were so powerful. "I believe I see a Spirit," he spoke to his subordinates through his communication device. "Should I engage it and seek its blessing, that is protect me from the Demon Lord? Or, shall I wait for the team?" Before he moved, he would wait for a response, but did not take his eyes off of the bright light overhead.

You come across someone that's being confronted by a leopard of some sort, but because the group is a group, You don't expect to be attacked. You continue to go wherever You were going, of which You still presently and actively don't really quite know nor understand. You are heading up the mountain with Your friends or family, just because that's all you really usually do and all you can do to occupy your time right now.

Demon Lord Lust saw its pieces scattered around the base of the mountain and immediately slipped in among them.

When Tao acknowledged her Sins and Repented before their Ancestor, who had blessed Tsao, her brother, he hurled the bolt of lightning at the location where the trail of the next Spirit of the Lord rested.


The 'Bolt' shot ahead of her, leaving a trail for her to follow in its wake as a vacuous force of concentrated vibrations and sensations that could be received and traced intentionally. Tao's path was marked at the tail end of the lightning streak, and Tsao's attention turned now toward Demon Lord Gluttony, which was completely vulnerable, after Tao was bid on her way.


The strike of lightning flashed as bright and instantaneous as the eyes of Tao bursting open at the sound of thunder, of which her motion mocked in its own booming force. Getting a whiff of the trail that tingled her nose, the sensations surged through her body that was nothing more than the very atmosphere; the wind, itself. She shot forward with an explosive haste, and the thunderous roar of she and her brother's power shook the entire land. In one swift motion, Tao 'Bolted' to the next location marked by the lightning bolt.


Tao appeared in a burst of wind directly underneath the Spirit that was sent out of her ahead of her by the Lord Father when her brother, King Keaton, marked the spot for here where it rested. She assumed her physical form the moment she appeared with wind whipping and spiraling around her until it came to a halt with her full presence. She saw the other $yndicate member; the last one who needed his memory restored. She looked up at the glowing overhead and gazed deeply into it. "There's the Spirit..." she muttered to herself, sitting down patiently like an obedient quadruped. Tails of wind fluttered around her softly like passing breezes. "Tao wonders what we will do next..." She was here now, but she needed to wait for her brethren to regroup or the Spirit of her Lord Father to tell her something important.

All the while, the cloud overhead continued to spread outward once it was done pouring out its droplets that were not the $yndicate member into the chasm. Once it unloaded and was free of discharge, the clouds began to clear, following behind the vacuous winds of Tao's movement and parting an opening in the sky for the sun to trickle through.


Meanwhile, Thanytoz, himself, crept back into the shadows of the others that were already in motion, moving ahead along with them once the meatsack was essentially used up to the fullness of its usefulness and capacity -- drained of its Lifeblood.

The Light Overhead That Was Visible To The Amnesiac $yndicate Member Was A Blessing, For He Was Already Able To Cognitively Comprehend That A Presence That Was Different From Those That Were Tangible And Visible Was Amongst Him. This Perception Made It Easier For The Next Spirit To Manifest Before Him And For His True Consciousness That Was Within The Spirit That Belonged To Him To Return To Him Once They Were Reunited And His Body Was Clean Enough To Harbor The Spirit, Itself. The Light He Saw, Which Was A Spirit Of The Lord, Heard His Words, But Did Not Respond To Him Because Of The Demon Lord Lust, Which May Have Been Around.

Once A Great Deal Of Potential Energy Suddenly Began To Move Toward The Spirit Of Temperance Hovering Overhead In The Sky, The Eyes Of The Spirit Burst Open With Great Force And Focus, Glowing With Conscious Intensity Suddenly And Said, "I Am About To Move Forward Very Swiftly." Demon Lord Lust Moved From Its Spot And Attempted To Escape, Leaving A Trail In The Wake Of The Escape As Each Of The Leopards That Were Down The Rest Of The Mountain At Its Base. With Its Opened Eyes, It Kept A Steady Locked Gaze On Wherever Demon Lord Lust Would Have Escaped To.

"Follow Me And I Will Crown You Lord Temperance Along The Way," It Said To Tao And Only Tao, To Break Her Away From The Group Along With All Of Her Potential Energy, Specifically.

The Spirit Of Temperance Divided Itself From The Flowing Energy Of Everything That Was Not Tao And Her Own Tail Of Things Individually And Left The Rest Of The $yndicate Streaming Down A Divergent Path, Guided By The Essence Of The Next Spirit, Which Had Already Been Observed By The Amnesiac $yndicate Member. As It Passed Over Him, It Would Lift Him Up And Carry Him As If He Were In A Chariot, But He Would Not Be Able To See Its Face Nor Form. The Only Thing He Could See, Even Whilst Directly Within Its Exact Essence, Was The Pure Light Of The Presence. He Would Be Able To See From That Point On What He Needed To See In Order To Continue Forward In Tempo With The Fluctuations Of The Fluidity Of The Waves. He Should Have Been Scooped Up And Guided All The Way To The End Of Where He Needed To Go By The Spirit As Long As He Kept Up With Its Pace And It Adapted To His.

Afterward, more layers of thick trees separate from the initial sprouted up in the same fashion, creating a border for the border, and after that, a barrier for the border, and after that, a layer over the barrier, and even further and further, adding more to the barricade.

By the time Lord Diligence -- he who cast the lightning bolt from afar -- caught up with the rest of the group, the Demon Lord of Lust had already escaped and was being trailed by him as a bolt of electricity. He was still directly consciously linked with the Lord Father and also was able to hear and communicate with him in a manner others could not so that he could further instruct them whilst he did other things. As each of them came into the area, the Lust Demons already began to quietly slip away in an orderly fashion organized by their Demon Lord. "The ONLY Reason They Believe They Are Stable Is Because They Found An Escape Route, But Don't Understand That Their Desire To Escape Is Actually Hazardous To Them." He passed by the rest of the group with a bright flash, but continued to communicate with everyone and explain to them about the Demon Lord of Lust and its broken pieces in the Lord Father's stead, as he was commanded, without diverting from his target.

Though the Demon Lord of Lust eluded them, they were still hot on her tail and ready to strike her down and whomever else was attached. "Because They Escape, They Delude Themselves Into Believing It Is A Blessing And Then Spread The Information To Other People, Who Not Only Believe Them, But Then Begin To Follow Their Practices, Binding Them Together Through A Perversion Of Escapism." The longer they ran, the more people they influenced and the more easily they would be tracked and made a distinction between themselves and the ones who were not part of them among the citizens of Purgatorio. "Being Constantly In Motion Is A Cover Up For The Interior And Ulterior Motives That Are Within Them. When They Are Forced To Remain In A Place That They Believe They Will Be Caught By What They Fear, They Will Act Out Destructively And Expose Themselves Because Of Their Growing Fear Of Their Own Insecurities And Instability Closing In On Them, And They Having No Means Of Escape Or Running." They could not run back up the mountain that was cleansed and commandeered by the Tensei and were only able to flee to the city at the base, where the leopard0women had once been waiting at the foot of the mountain. They and Demon Lord Lust were escaping, yet Lord Diligence remained over them, tracing their every impulse and trailing their every movement.

"Giving Something Definition AROUND Them Also FORCES Them To Remain In Place, Especially Since, In Their Delusional State Of Escapism, They Are Searching For Something To Keep Them Grounded That Is Completely Away From What They Are Running From And Will Begin To Do That When They Believe The Air Is Clear And Safe." With the entirety of the mountain under Tensei command and only this area necessary to be cleansed, he would leave that to his brothers that were still engaging amongst themselves. "The Definition Of Something Being Set Up Around Them Is Like Both A Cage And A Winepress." As he spoke, he gave them a visual to trace, themselves, should they need to branch out to each of the escapees and deal with them all at once by branching off the large bolt of lightning in a cage-like fashion around the escaping leopards. It was like a string of static electricity clinging to them and following them wherever they went, broken up from the initial large and powerful lightning bolt as smaller parts when the leopards split. "Some Cannot Handle What Absolute Is Set Up Around Them And Defined As Permanently True. This Also Lures Them Out By Their Feet To Act On Something They Shouldn't, Making Them Clear Targets." As it was made clear, Lord Diligence had already targeted each of them and followed them with his strains of electricity. Now he would cling to and appear before whichever one of them fled no matter where they went, even if they didn't know.

"Out Of The Clean People, The Delusional People Have Tainted Their Minds To A Point Of Instability But Constant Motion. These Are Also Lust Demons, Because Their Feet Are Quick To Run Away And Also Will Keep Them On The Run From Mental Or Emotional Stability." The established connection between each of them inclusive to their ancestor gave Lord Diligence insight on the Demon Lord and how to deal with its spawn. "They Sacrifice Their Legs To Constantly Be In Motion In Order To Remain Functional, In Order To Outrun What They Dislike. They Will Be Forced To Run Forever, Especially AWAY From Something Important." Having this awareness bright enlightenment on the situation for the unit through his analysis of the situation before they actively decided to deal with it. "They Destroy Their Lives By Running Away And Forcing Others To Run With Them, Then Surrounding Themselves In Those That Run With Them, Who Are Often Also Delusional Or Lustful And Seeking Out A Delusion To Mentally And Emotionally Confide In Instead Of Stability And Foundation." The trail of destruction left behind them would be a clear path for a clear shot wherever any of them went.

"Just Tell Me When," Lord Patience, who rested up in the sky with the rays of the sun, would say to his other elemental brethren with the light parting from behind the clouds of Lord Humility. The kiss of the sun brushed over the surface of the Clean land pleasantly, following a split behind the clouds in the direction of wherever it was going. Once given the signal, he would commence with the destruction wherever it was indicated.


As The Light Of The Spirit Continued To Guide The Amnesiac Member And Suspend Him Within Its Light, Soon, The Spirit Revealed Itself To Him Silently As A Woman's Upper Torso Looking As If It Were Made Of A Mineral With A Belt Around Its Waist. She Had No Mouth, But When She Appeared Out Of The Ambiguity Of The Light That Dimmed Before The Eyes Of The Amnesiac, It Was After The Group Accumulated A Great Deal Of Momentum Independent Of What Was Already Split Between The Spirit Of Diligence And Those Who Remained In The Area. The Distinction Between Them Made Two Separate Forces Headed By Two Different Spirits, But In The Direction Of The One That Remained Was The City Of Purgatorio. Where Lord Diligence Was Chasing The Fleeing Leopards, This Spirit Was Leading The Rest Of The $yndicate -- Their Leaders And The People Who Still Remained From The Journey, Be They In The Area Or In The City -- To A Different Location Once The Division Began.

When The Spirit Swept Through The Land, Gathering Those Who Would Be Part Of The $yndicate And Covering Them With A Veil Of Light That Came From The Magnanimity Of The Brightness Of The Spirit Passing Over Them Silently, It Continued To Gather Momentum And Stockpiled It Within Its Own Essence Composed Of Its Light, Giving It A Different Appearance. Whatever Appearance Was Necessary For Transition Would Be Taken On By The Light Based On Its Immanence, And The Form Of The Construct Suspended Within The Light, Itself, Which Was The Spirit, Would Also Change At Will.

The Sentience Of The Light Also Bestowed This Knowledge To The One Who Was Suspended Within Its Light, Crowning Him With The Knowledge Of The Spirit, Itself, And Its Light, After He Witnessed It. "Consecration," Was All It Said Once It Decided On A New Form, Which Was The Image Of The Actual $yndicate Member, Himself, When His Memories Of Who He Was Outside Of This Realm Were Restored To Him Again. Seeing The Image Of Himself In An Ascendant Form Would Rejuvenate His Own Memories Through A Recovery Process Of How He Became The Person He Is -- All Automatically. The Spirit Would Simply Remain With The Construct Hovering Over The Land And Continuing To Gather The Clean People And Leading Them In A Different Direction. When The Crowned 'Lord Chastity' Recovered His Memory, He Would Already Know Of His Great Power And Need No Explanation, But Simply Continue Doing What Was Protocol.

The radiance of the Spirit of Chastity was like a secure and stable formation for the Image of Lord Chastity -- who was known as 'Teus' in the Veritas -- to take its shape before his eyes. He vividly reminisced about his own trials and tribulations that went on before he ever got to this place, as well as how he came to be. "That's Right..." he mumbled to himself as he carried on, his form integrating with the large angelic construct before him, "... I Am The Leader For A Reason..." Still mulling over his thoughts about why he, of all the others, was the most powerful, Teus understood why the Spirit of Chastity had come to him, even if it hadn't said anything or done anything except shift to a new form. It was trying to get him to assimilate with it directly and take his true place as the head of the group.

"I Am... MaTeus..."

The title 'MaTeus,' much like 'Lord Chastity,' had a certain meaning and symbolism to it that eternally Consecrated the form of Teus as a Holy Spirit for the work of his hands that made him the Divine Being that he was. "... As 'MaTeus,' I Have Full Dominion Over All The Elements Of The Veritas..." That also meant executive and chief authority over his brothers, with a specification on the 'Magnus Ignis,' Lord Patience, who was once acting as the Head of the $yndicate whilst they were all unconscious and incoherent of their former memories. "... I Know What I Must Do..." he spake, opening his eyes in his new, true form: A great and divine angel of crystal, with light pouring out of every part of its dimensions as a construct. The light was adorned around this vessel as clouds like robes of sinuous drapery, with large magnanimous wings with a luminosity like the iridescence of a prism when struck by the sun's rays.

"Magnus Ignis!" He cried out to the sun; the light of his kin as an elemental force wiping over the land, "Hold Your Fire Until I Clear The Area Of Evacuees." With Tsao (Lord Diligence) caging the Demon Lord of Lust and the Lust Demon Leopards, there was an opening between them to wrap up those who were under the Veil of the Light of the Spirit of Chastity and draw them away from all of the ones who were Fallen Angels or had been Corrupted into being Demon Lords. All of them were Belial and Teus, the MaTeus, knew what that meant because of how it translated to what he normally and naturally did whilst within the Veritas. "The Rest Of You, Come With Me." The Spirit Of Temperance was with Tao, and they parted from the group. Next, Lord Diligence, the King Keaton, also branched off into independence. The remaining units; Lord Patience the Magnus Ignis, Lord Kindness the Grimnyzmal, Lord Humility the Great Gouzen and Lord Charity the Grand Panda would be bid to follow Lord Chastity, their MaTeus, since he was restored to his true place over them, as it was in the land where they hailed.

With Prime Order restored, everyone should have tended to everything as necessary and advanced onward to cleansing the rest of the land through the purge.
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Magnus Ignis
Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
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Sixteenth Ignition: The Veritas Chapter 11; Virtue


The Tyranophant, Ty-kun, who had been leading the $yndicate along in the background, stood at one of the boundary layers of Hell marking a seal for him to stand on and for the members still trapped inside of Hell to emerge from when it was time for them to escape. The Endsvillians and Purgatorians would end up repeating themselves, dying or attempting to ensnare and drag down others and ultimately be used as sacrifices to pick from for all when the $yndicate was brought out with whomever could or would be salvaged.

The $yndicate, itself, stationed at 'Purgatorio' and needing to reach 'Nadir; The Bottomless Pit' (Formerly 'Endsville') would be guided by the Tyranophant through his Seven Spirits, which were alight again and restoring his form within Hell and allowing him access from beyond its borders in order to return for those who cannot permeate the layers of Hell.

"Great Grand Son," The Spirit Of The Ancestor Of His Clan Spake Unto Him From Beyond, As A Faint Spirit Of A Robed Man Resting Carefully Over The General Area As A Faded Image. He Was Great And Powerful, Large And Costly. "I Am Most Thankful For Your Endeavors In Bringing Me This Far And Rekindling My Spirits To Reconstruct My Body, Thereby Also Extending The Clan." Through His Many Manners And Methods, As Had Been Overseen For Quite Some Time By The Broken Pieces Of His 'Primordius' -- Through The 'Living Shadows' Of The Tensei Clan -- Which Had Been Awaiting To Come Together Again Since Before Time Began; The Tyranophant, Tymon (In His 7th Restriction) Was Honored As Official Head Of The Clan Through His Works As 'Khrona Tensei,' Which Was His 'Tensei' Name.

"You Have Done Well To Bring The Family This Far All On Your Own, And I Have Come To Properly Honor You With A Baptismal In The Name Of The Spirit Of God." Through Cleansing Himself And The Sin Of His Family, He Also Restored The Family In Ways That Were Once Lost To History Generations Past. "You Have One More Test Before We Are Lifted Out Of Hell." The Test Of Temptation Was A Byproduct Of The Events That Were Already In Progress As Well As The Testing Of All That Was Known Through The Spirits Of Virtue. "The Spirit Of Virtue Covers Three Entire Lamps All On Their Own. After You See The Spirit Of Virtue, My Son, I Want You To Go And Carry The Spirit Of Virtue To The Three Lamps After The Seven." Each Of The Seven Spirits That Were Alight In Both The Tyranophant And The Primordius Were Done Together Simultaneously, And Now That They Were Set, He Desired To Undergo This Specific Trial Alongside His Son As A Full, Complete Single Being Instead Of Spread Out As 7 Different Beings.

"I Will Explain You Something Further, My Boy, As I Also Tend To My Own Harvest On The Mountain With The Zodiac Spirits." The Primordius Of The Tensei Clain Extended His Translucent Finger Outward Over The Land Where 'Purgatorio' Was Located, Then Marked A Trail From 'Endsville' That Would Allow Him To See The Blotted Out String Of Events And Understand The Missing Link Between Them, That He May Finish His Quest With The Fullness Of The Knowledge Necessary To Deal With The Fallen Angels As Degenerates. "Endsville Is Where I Was From. Long Ago, Before Any Documented History, In A Land You Call 'Tartarus' As Your Closest Representation, Endsville Was The City That We Lived In As Primordials." The Degeneration Afterward Brought Them To A State Of Humanity Over The Course Of Time, Which Is Also What 'Purgatorio' Always Was. "The Ancient Spirits Of The Zodiac Were Also Enslaved To A Fate Of Degeneration From Endsville To Purgatorio, And Thus Had To Reincarnate As Amnesiac Humans And Regenerate From There." As Much Of A Tidbit As It All Was, Allsgrim, The Primordius, Would Not Be So Long Winded Whilst There Was Still Focus To Be Had On The Actual Denizens Of Endsville And Purgatorio Succumbing To Temptation, Which Was A Primordial Sin Before The Other Sins.

"I Will Teach You What To Say To Neutralize The Temptation Of Both Good And Evil Simultaneously That The Freewill Polarities Of Positive And Negative Will Stabilize Themselves Based On Who Is Truly Good Or Truly Evil." The Distinction That Would Come From This Particular Molecular Mitosis Would Ensure That The Ones To Be Condemned Would Surely Be So And Those Who Would Be Saved And Inducted Into The Veritas Through The $yndicate Would Forever Be Under Their Protection. "At That Point, I Want You To Harvest All Of The Fruit -- Good And Evil -- And Begin To Separate Them, Hurling The Wicked Fruit Into Whichever Chamber Of Fire It Belongs." The Husks Of The Emptied 'Tree Of Death' Were A Waste Basket To Discard The Defective Souls Of Those Who Were Within A Certain Deficiency, Marked By A 'Black Halo.' "Where I Reveal To You Where The 'Black Halos' Are Of Those Destined To Die And Become 'Belial,' You Must Destroy Them Conservatively Using Equivalent Exchange Based On The Judgment I Have Given You." The Lives Of Those In Their Deficiencies Were Null, And Thus Needed To Be Neutralized And Not Put Further Into Debt And Make A Greater Labor. It Backfires As An Attachment To The Self. "If The Radius Of The Black Halo Expands, You Must Use As Much Energy That Will Equate To Destruction And Recomposition Of The Area In A Clean Manner With All Energy Balanced Completely Without Waste To Fully Neutralize." This Was Stated Because The Creature That Was The Cause Of The Deficiency That Was What The Black Halo Was Surrounding Could Invert Benefit Into Detriment And Vice Versa To Continue To Sustain Itself As Both A Hazard And A Benefactor With More Benefit Contributing From The Deficiency Rather Than Distribution.

"There Are 'Fruit Of Evil' That Are Within The Core Of Those Black Halos, Which Symbolize Debt And Enslavement Among Angels. These Beings Possess Their Human Hosts Instead Of Allow Free Will And Slowly Drain Their Lives Out Of Them And Up From The Full Flow Of Their Body As A Form Of Vanity. They Are The 'Sin Of Temptation,' And They Must Not Be Allowed To Become A Demon Lord." The Same Creature That Spawned The Fallen Angels Was Also The Demon Lord Of Temptation And If It Were Respawned, It Would Need To Be Dealt With As An Immediate Priority Before It Could Restore The Seven Deadly Sins That Powered Its Own Vanity Through Their Equivalent Detriment Of Debt To The 'Demon Lord Of Temptation.' "See, There, How Demon Lord Lust Is Already On The Move?" From An Overview Perspective Of The Events Going On Within The Confines Of The Gridlocked Boundary, The Primordius And The Tyranophant Could Witness The Full Scape Of The Mountain And Who Was Doing What In Which Places. "She Has Escaped Among Her Cohorts And Will Use Them As A Veil, But This Also Can Create The Demon Lord Of Temptation Using 'Lust' As A Host."

Knowing What To Do, He Would Speak To The Spirits That Were Over The Group Again And Alert Them, Yet He Had Come To Speak To Ty-kun, Father Tymon, For A Reason. "As I Have Shown You The Wicked Fruit, I Will Also Show You The Good Fruit, But Not Before We Have Gotten The $yndicate To This Point." Lord Father, The Primordius, Bowed His Head As He Rested Over The Shoulders Of His Great Grand Son, The Tyranophant, Of Whom He Was Most Pleased With As The New Head Of The Family. There Was Much More He Would Be Taught From And By The Primordius -- He, And He Alone, After A Certain Point.

The Primordius Returned To The Confines Of Hell As The Force That Awakened The 'Spirit Of Temperance' And Set It Into Motion, Simultaneously Setting Many Other Chains Of Events Into Motion After Leading 'Taomin' Away From The Group.

By The Time Tao Touched Base With The Rest Of The $yndicate Again, She Would Have Already Been Crowned 'Lord Temperance' And Have Had A Sustenance To Cycle Her All The Way Back To Them While Perpetually Recycling In The Background Whilst She And The Rest Of The Lordships Of The Veritas Both Escaped And Cleansed The Land When The Spirits Were All Ignited And The Lampstands Were No Longer Misplaced. "Once All Of The Virtues Are Made Upright As Pillars That Are Foundations And Strongholds For The Support Of The Entire Integrity Of The System That Sustains The Land, And The Spirits -- Which Are Also Virtues -- Are Perpetuating The System From The Inside And Are Upheld By Their Pillars, Then The Land Will Remain Clean And Pure With Automatic Defense Built Into It Upon Ignition." The Alignment Of All 7 Of The Spirits And Setting Them In Place Was Important For Two Separate Reasons, Making The Spirits And Their Lampstands -- Or Pillars -- Two Separate Virtues Altogether.

The Tyranophant had been communicating with the entire $yndicate from beyond the borders of Hell for a long while. He remembered even when he gave out instructions to them from afar about the very same creatures that the Lord Father was speaking of at the present. Ty slipped his hands into his pockets, continuing to oversee all of the Spirits being awakened throughout the Unclean land. As he did, he reflected on the words that he'd spoken because of what the Primordius had spoken unto him.

"The Fallen Fruit that Asbeel spoke of is actually something you can visibly witness, once it attaches to their heads and possesses the Fallen Angels. Those are your real targets. If you destroy those, the Fallen Angels cannot use anymore Tainted Wisdom to degenerate others, and will stop regenerating at all. I'll show you what it looks like so you can see how they look. When you destroy one, the head sometimes gets taken with it, so be careful about that on your way up. You should notice the markers, and also should be able to recognize the Fallen Ones from any others if there are any others that haven't been infected after I show you what they look like both during the Temptation stage and after the Corruption stage, when they begin degenerating from the Temptation, itself." As he spoke to the $yndicate, they would be able to suddenly see what looked like faint halos atop the heads of the fleeing Fallen Angels, and within those halos, what looked like parasitic fruits with long fangs sunken into the heads of the fleeing and infected. It was so faint, it was barely visible, but when it appeared, there was a third eye that appeared to keep it illuminated as long as it was in sight.

"Remember; hit the core of the Fruit. That's what has control over the Fallen Angel. Hitting the body without destroying the Fruit is useless, since the Fruit is the one that's reproducing from the waste data, which are the Fallen Angels, themselves." It was a rather interesting process to see how the actual Tree of Death, itself, clung, using its own Fruit and Seed, even when it knew that its vessels were naught but waste and feed. Still, this was what the $yndicate was mandated to eliminate as they trekked up the mountain and came to the designated locations that the Tyranophant had already marked for them.

"Yes, Lord Father," The Tyranophant finally spake to the Primordius, "Thy Will Be Done." It was clear from having gotten this far and the results of the cleansing process that his predecessor was in full awareness of the events that would carry them all through to the end. His faith did not waver in the Judgment of the Tensei forefather, for it was in full clarity and perfect understanding before Ty's own eyes. "It Is A Great Honor." Though it was much to come to terms with immediately, the severity of both the situation and the sentiment neutralized the Tyranophant to a point of silence. Yet, he continued to oversee the Black Halo'd Sins that continued on about Purgatorio, making it more and more as its Tartarus-esque predecessor, Endsville. He couldn't allow them to get out when the rest of the $yndicate was brought out of the isolated space. They either had to be outrun or destroyed -- probably both. "... So Be It." Finally, Ty closed his eyes. He allowed it to be.

As it was, he did indeed also notice that the Demon Lord of Lust had gotten away from the group and was hiding out where the other Lust Demons were at the base of the mountain. They would definitely without question be crowned with Black Halos and tempt others into consuming the Fruit of Evil as well. This was obvious because of how it was with Adam and Eve. Even if there was a probability of their succumbing to Temptation and dragging others into it as well with their Lust if they hadn't already -- especially if they were also following behind their Demon Lord, -- they weren't separated from the others. That's what the Lord Father was going on about the Tyranophant dealing with after the $yndicate was evacuated. There was no need for further contemplation after the sentiment. He crossed his arms and closed his eyes, breathing deeply, still in flux; 'letting it be,' as it were.

"Now That I'm Serious And Focused, And It's A Clean Shot," he eventually uttered on, narrowing his own precision to a focal point where Demon Lord Lust was and also the largest cluster of the Black Halos (as he was going to call them), "Let's Clean The Clock." With the last Spirit in place and each of the others in Alignment, it was only a matter of time. He gave more ordered to his men from beyond, as he had been the entire time.

When The Primordius Returned From Creating The Causality That Generated The Momentum Of The $yndicate Within Hell, He Came Again To His Descendant, The Tyranophant, As A Disembodied Voice And Faint Presence Resting Over His Shoulders. "Through The Virtues, They Will Be Inspired To Evolve Based On Temptation To Eat The Fruit Of Good. Through Fear, They Will Ignore Temptation To Eat The Fruit Of Evil." He Could See That His Kin Was Troubled At The Vision Of The Temptation Of Evil, The Wicked Fruit That Would Corrupt The One That Ate From It. Yet, To Counteract This Degeneration Into A Negative State Of Mind, Primordius Would Also Explain Him The Temptation Of Good, Which Was The Holy Fruit That Would Enlighten And Cleanse The One Who Partook To Clarity. "There Is A Temptation To Do Good And A Temptation To Do Evil. Both Are Built In, But Cannot Be Told The Difference Between Until There Is Knowledge, Distinction And Understanding Of 'Good And Evil' By Its Fruit, Which Is Similar, But Not The Same, And Can Be Confused If Not Made A Distinction Between." Like The Vessels Devoid Of The Spirits Of The Tyranophant And The Primordius That Could Not Perceive Other Spirits When They Were Unconscious As Amnesiacs, It Was The Same With The Other Unconscious Droning Mortals That Roamed About Hell In All Its Different Territories Aimlessly And Mindlessly. Most Were Only So Because They Already Had One Of These Demons Attached Before Anyone Had Gotten To Them And They Were Only Revealed When The Ability To Perceive The Sins More Clearly As Spirits Was Understood. "It Is Imperative To Tempt Humans To Do What Is Good, But Not With Something Too Far Over Their Heads, But Just Out Of Reach, In God's Image, So That They Move ON THEIR OWN, And You Are Not Giving Them A Handout."

With What The Lord Father Set Into Motion, It Would Be Reaching Where He And The Tyranophant Were Soon Enough, With Great Enough Force To Both Break Through And Continue On With Great Velocity. This Was So Because Of What He Knew Would Be Coming Behind It, Which He Would Explain To His Grandson. "Those Who Have Power To Tempt But Are Also Weak To Temptation, Themselves, Generally Are Also The Abusive People. Temptation Also Works Inversely, So That The One Who Tempts Can Be Made Weak By Tempting Other People And Thereby Be Struck Down By Their Own Weakness Because They Tempt And Cannot Help But Be Tempted To Tempt And Succumb To Temptation, Internally." With This Much, The Tyranophant Should Have Been Able To Tell His Targets Apart. "Through Temptation, You Also See Who Is Capable Of Having Power And Who Is Not. The Ones Who Have Sway Over Others Through Temptation That Abuse It Are To Be Immediately Struck Down. That Is Unquestionable, Because They Are CORRUPT." There Was A Sharpness In His Voice Upon This Emphasis Because Of The Corruption's Importance. They Were To Be Considered 'Belial' No Matter What, And Going Back For Them Was Not An Option, Nor Was Leaving Any Method Of Their Transition Available To Them. That Must Had To Be Stressed Clearly. "Because They Can LEARN Through Temptation, There Is A Vulnerability Right At The Point Where Humans Are Tempted And JUST ABOUT TO RECEIVE Their Desires That They Are COMPLETELY Susceptible, Blind And Will Do Whatever Anyone Who Has What They Desire Commands. That Is Where The Strong One Who Tempts Them Must TEACH AND EDUCATE THEM TO DO GOOD." He Tapped His Finger On The Border As If It Were Glass With A Resonant Thump. "RIGHT AT THAT SPECIFIC MOMENT. THAT Is Where They Are Rebuked, Smited, Damned Or Rewarded." Knowing His Most Favored Descendant, Who Was Both In His Favor And Also Favored By His Ancestor, He Would Heed The Logic Of The Command And Respect The Wisdom Of His Elder. "They Should Be Coming Upon You Soon," He Forewarned, "So Be On Your Guard And Brace Yourself Like A Man."

By the time Lord Diligence -- he who cast the lightning bolt from afar -- caught up with the rest of the group, the Demon Lord of Lust had already escaped and was being trailed by him as a bolt of electricity.

Though the Demon Lord of Lust eluded them, they were still hot on her tail and ready to strike her down and whomever else was attached.

They could not run back up the mountain that was cleansed and commandeered by the Tensei and were only able to flee to the city at the base, where the leopard0women had once been waiting at the foot of the mountain.

The trail of destruction left behind them would be a clear path for a clear shot wherever any of them went.

With everything that was going on with the Demon Lord of Lust and the Lust Demon Leopards that were its particles, the Sins Of Temptation that were over them would discard their bodies and ravenously hurl themselves to their next host to feed on nearby. Whichever one would latch unto the new source of Lifeblood for them would be gripped by the venomous fangs of the parasitic fruit and their minds would be locked by a burning Third Eye above it, establishing Dominion over their minds for complete control of the entire Vessel. Whomever could be snatched would be done so immediately whilst Demon Lord Lust and the other Lust Demons were left as Belial. The feral fruits were hungry and had no other interest than to sustain themselves. Their primal search for sustenance, especially as a plant, led them to branch out to any and every nutritious source of life and energy, which was only found through Corruption and inversion of the purified energy that was hazardous to them.

"HOLY SHIT!!" The Tyranophant cried when he saw the ravenous Fruit of Evil suddenly abort their last hosts and leave them for dead without a bat of the eye and immediately attempt to latch onto whomever or whatever was nearest to them and do the exact same thing without a second thought. "Those things are ugly." Just looking at them and being able to see them actually made him physically nauseous because he had to visibly coherently comprehend their actions with knowledge of the fullness of the consequences. "They're Like Disgusting Little Leeches!!" The more he looked at them from beyond, the more upset the Tyranophant became, until his eyes started to change from their Crystal Blue to a Sanguine coloration. "FILTHY MAGGOTS!!"

As the Tyranophant's rage built, the fires within his emotional stir kindled the Magnus Ignis, which was his own Fire Elemental form, and caused the heat radiating from the sun to intensify. Though the radiation was intense, it was covered by the thick layer of clouds covering the land and raining down its showers. Still, even through that, because the Tyranophant was all of the Seven Spirits as a single entity, he saw through and acted through them as extensions of himself. He was more than ready to wipe out all the little parasites from the map just as his Primordius told him to, but noticed the work of the Spirit of Chastity on the land inversely from the work of the Sin of Temptation's hand over the land of Purgatorio.

When The Spirit Swept Through The Land, Gathering Those Who Would Be Part Of The $yndicate And Covering Them With A Veil Of Light That Came From The Magnanimity Of The Brightness Of The Spirit Passing Over Them Silently, It Continued To Gather Momentum And Stockpiled It Within Its Own Essence Composed Of Its Light, Giving It A Different Appearance. Whatever Appearance Was Necessary For Transition Would Be Taken On By The Light Based On Its Immanence, And The Form Of The Construct Suspended Within The Light, Itself, Which Was The Spirit, Would Also Change At Will.

At that moment, the Tyranophant's eyes hardened and returned to a cold crystalline color, shimmering lightly whilst gazing into the veil. He raised a hand and scratched the back of his head, gazing off into the sun. He had the ammunition to wipe out the evil ones, and collateral damage was against the forward advancement of the mission. "Tch," he finally scoffed, clenching his fists in his pockets. He narrowed his eyes as he continued to oversee the goings on of the land of Purgatorio. He couldn't destroy them just yet, but when it was time, he already had his cannonball of nuclear waste pig shit to shoot at them. He relished in the moment and softened his gaze, somewhat lulled by the thought. He remained passive as he patiently awaited the events to play out to the fullness of their measure before putting into fruition his next steps -- the next trial the Lord Father had given him.

"Magnus Ignis!" He cried out to the sun; the light of his kin as an elemental force wiping over the land, "Hold Your Fire Until I Clear The Area Of Evacuees." With Tsao (Lord Diligence) caging the Demon Lord of Lust and the Lust Demon Leopards, there was an opening between them to wrap up those who were under the Veil of the Light of the Spirit of Chastity and draw them away from all of the ones who were Fallen Angels or had been Corrupted into being Demon Lords. All of them were Belial and Teus, the MaTeus, knew what that meant because of how it translated to what he normally and naturally did whilst within the Veritas. "The Rest Of You, Come With Me." The Spirit Of Temperance was with Tao, and they parted from the group. Next, Lord Diligence, the King Keaton, also branched off into independence. The remaining units; Lord Patience the Magnus Ignis, Lord Kindness the Grimnyzmal, Lord Humility the Great Gouzen and Lord Charity the Grand Panda would be bid to follow Lord Chastity, their MaTeus, since he was restored to his true place over them, as it was in the land where they hailed.

With Prime Order restored, everyone should have tended to everything as necessary and advanced onward to cleansing the rest of the land through the purge.

"The Mountain Is Being Cleansed Through The Purge," The Tyranophant noticed, gazing with intent on the Crystal Angel that had now been restored. Each of the other Elemental Spirits that were the Lords of the $yndicate were all tending to the land as they did to the Veritas in the home world. "They Can Survive Through And Establish Their Own Purgatories," he added, his eyes tracing back and forth in deep calculation of his speculation, "Each Perpetuating And Generating Their Own Energy Infinitely And Eternally Onward Systematically, As Would Be Required Of A Purgatory." They would be able to break out now that the final Spirit was in place and alignment had been established. "All I gotta do now is plan ahead for the 'Black Halos' and blast em at a predetermined point." As the Sin of Temptation, it was clear that it was going to prey on the Fruit of Good. However, the Tyranophant had a cunning plan and, in his cleverness, devised a method to string along the feral fruits all the way to the end and destroy them when there was a clear shot for execution. "No sweat," he said, swaying his head to and fro. "But the problem is making sure none of them escape and that the good ones don't get tainted along the way..." 'One Bad Apple Spoils The Bunch' went back a long way, and unfortunately, even if evacuation was a priority, so was the risk of contamination. If Tymon were contaminated, they would all die and the mission would be a failure. Therefore, extreme sacrifices were going to be taken. "Better get those Scapegoats ready to eat..." he grumbled on, looking over to the dark lands upon the Mountain. There were still places that were blotted out that not only were not clean, but they were also destroyed and there was nothing there at all. The Veritas may have claimed the Foreign Land, and would forever be able to cleanse Foreign, Unidentified or Unknown substances and translate them appropriately (as well as itself), but there were pieces that were still not yet resolved. Coming to this conclusion, the Tyranophant saw now a little bit more clearly about why the Primordius wished for him to continue on the path after the $yndicate was salvaged. With the mountain captured, it had to be reconstructed in certain places and also activated in manners that were already completely destroyed or discarded systematically, which halted many of its most major functions in the first place. It was still a great deal to take in, which is why the calculation was taking so long. Yet, the perpetuity of the Lords of the $yndicate's motions kept constant sustenance for the entire land. It was astonishing to see that all of the needs were fulfilled and able to be fulfilled, but simply were not complete without the finishing touches. There would always be blind spots that none of them could tend to due to the missing components that did not cover the reproduction of the Sin of Temptation in any area at any given time. True Division could never be established without the distinction made, and both fruit would remain contaminated.

"Gonna need a nice, healthy pair of limbs for the wicked ones to even DESIRE to consume, most-like." If the cattle were all fattened up real nice and pretty, they could easily be made as a veil to use as a sacrifice that prevented the Sin of Temptation from passing through. They would take what appeared to be more healthy and only find that there was poison inside, as was commonly done to those that consumed selfishly and simple-mindedly without cease. "Then..." Ty-kun went on, smirking, eyes suddenly sharpening and pulsating at the pupils, "... We're Gonna Need To Destroy The Nest. Their Little Sweetheart." Suddenly, his eyes became piercing blood red and he saw the end of his prey with a voracity like that of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. They trembled with the same intensity as the viperous slit that was his pupil. He grit his teeth, which were sharp and jagged like a shark, but kept his composure as he continued on in thought, slipping his fingers through his hair and the palm of his hand upon his normally covered eye. His visible eye remained ever focused on the vermin below, searching for their 'Certain Death' point which would be best to end them and then find out where they were coming from when the cluster was destroyed and the squad was out.

"My Son!" The Lord Father Suddenly Called Out To The Tyranophant Again, Appearing To Him As A Disembodied Apparition Of A Face, "I, Myself, Am About To Consecrate The Land!" He Spake Of Events That Were Set Up Long In Advance For The One Who Would Be Crowned As 'Ophiuchus,' The 'Angel King' That Ruled Over The Zodiac. "Among The Primordials, They Have Each Done Unto Each Other And Themselves Many Gridlocks, Perversions And Damnations That Have Brought Curses, Plagues And Further Perversion Or Damnation Upon Them, Causing Them To Degenerate And Also To Erode The Universes That They Were Made To Uphold Righteously." The Face Of The Lord Father Closed Its Eyes Solemnly, As If In Prayer, Yet Continued To Speak To The Tyranophant, Saying Further, "Their Decay Must Also Be Undone By The Hands Of Man During His Ascent In Order For Man To Take His Place In The Zodiac As 'Ophiuchus,' Both King Of Man And King Of Angels, And Therefore Simultaneously King Of Beasts And Ruler Of The Entire Zodiac." This Could Not Be Done Be One Who Was Like The Tainted Creatures That Were Bound In Chains; Imprisoned In A Hellish Place That Was Like Tartarus -- Full Of Degeneration, Spawning Degeneration, Watching Degeneration And Causing Degeneration Perpetually Downward From Where They Were Whilst Also Gridlocking Whatever Life Was Spawned From Them In A Worse Or Similar Damnation As The One Upon The Primordials, Themselves, That Upheld The Universe In All Its Variations, Multiplications And Applications.

"Humble Yourself, My Son; My Heir," The Lord Father Whispered Gingerly To The Tyranophant, Opening His Eyes And Giving Him A Stern, Yet Tender Expression. "For, I Am Giving You The Entire Mountain Before You, As I Have Already Begun. This Sin Has Been A Curse Upon The Tensei And All Other Life For All Time, And Now I, Myself, Am Giving It To You To Deal With As You May."

"My Only Request Is This," The Primordius Added, Still Honoring His Descendant, Of Whom He Had Faith In To Free The Clan Once More As He Had Done For Himself, "Swear An Oath That You Will Care For The Land Now That You Are Able To Clean It, And To Heed My Sound Instruction Along The Way." Though This Was Not Obligatory To Him, For, After The Primordius Had Rightfully Given The Land Up To His Heir, There Was Nothing Else That He Could Actually Truly Nobly Ask Of Him. Knowing And Upholding Great Honor, The Primordius Of The Tensei Clan, Allsgrim, Could Not Force His Hand Upon The Matter Once It Was Settled -- On Oath, By Honor. Yet, From The Sentiments Of His Own Heart, Knowing That He Was Once Like His Kin That He Saw Before Him -- Which Is How He Inherited The Mountain In The First Place So Very Long Ago -- He Extended His Own Personal Wisdom With The Tyranophant About The Zodiac.

"Even In My Light, I Am Naught But A Shadow. What 'Ophiuchus' Was Supposed To Mean Unto Me Never Became, And Therefore Is Not My Place, But Only Your Own." Also Aware Of Ophiuchus' Name Before His Fall -- As Well As Aries' Name Before Its Fall Along After 'Ophiuchus' -- He Also Knew That When The True Order Was Properly Placed Into Prime Order, Then The Rest Of The Zodiac Would Fall Into Alignment Just As The Seven Spirits Had. "When You Are Set Into Place As Ophiuchus, The Entire Zodiac Will Be At Your Command, And You Will Be Unto Them Known As 'Ophiuchus.' Over This Land, Though The Name 'Tyranophant' Has Meaning, You Must First Bear The Title Of 'Ophiuchus' To Install Its Meaning Over The Land As Part Of The Authority Of The Zodiac For The Sake Of All Life." With This Information, The Tyranophant Would Have To Rule Over This Land From His 5th Restriction Form Rather Than His 7th Restriction Form, Which Was As He Was Presently.

"I Will Alert You Of When It Is Time By The Blast Of The Ram Horn, As Is Tradition. It Is A Symbol Of The Ram That Had Fallen Alongside The Angel By The Hands Of Man." What The Lord Father Would Do Afterward Would Be Explained After The Ram Horn Was Blown. "Until That Time, Do Nothing Except To Lead The $yndicate Out Of Purgatory And Out Of Hell." The Imprisoned Lust Demons Would Come Again In Handy When It Was Time To Recollect The Ones That Had Been Bitten By The Fruit Of Evil. They Would Act Either On Their Own Or Under The Impulses That Were Stimulated In Them By Lord Diligence, Who Trapped They And Their Leader All In One Place. "Follow The Ones That Get Attached, But Have Your Units Covering And Protecting The Clean Fruit. I, Myself, Will Appear To The $yndicate In The Form Of The 'Spirit Of Virtue,' Itself, To Be Witnessed By The Head. Then I Will Lead Them To You From Where They Are Whilst The Unholy Ones Are Tracked And Destroyed." After Giving His Heir, The Tyranophant, Yet Another Long-Winded, Full-Hearted Monologue, The Spirit Of The Lord Father Disappeared From Sight And Began To Manifest A Point Where He Could Appear To The $yndicate As The 'Spirit Of Virtue,' Which They Would Be Able To See And Understand Only Because Their Own 'Spirits' Were Alight And Aligned. "Cover Me."

"With Pleasure," The Tyranophant promptly responded, lowering his hand and his head, yet his vicious rigid smirk still plastered on his face. "Heh..." he chuckled a bit as the shadow of his hair over his eye now covered more of his face, even over the gleaming piercing red one that could be visibly seen uncovered by hair. It seemed like he was restraining laughter, but also something else beyond that. "MaTeus...!" He called out to the Crystal Angel, who had command over the Elements and was head over the other Elementals. "Scope Out The Spirit Of The Lord. Have Lord Charity Cover You And The Refugees." The others would be able to deal with the other threats as they were, even without Tao.

"Magnus Ignis," The Tyranophant went on, commanding the Sun in a chastising manner, "Be Sure Not To Damn Them Until I Say So. Keep The Artillery Ready, But Do Not Launch Until Given The Order." Where the other two Spirits -- Lord Temperance, Tao; and Lord Diligence, the King Keaton -- were already handling things, Lord Kindness, the Grimnyzmal, would be bid to follow behind the Sin of Temptation in the shadows. Wherever they went, he should have gone. "Great Gouzen," the Tyranophant spake out to Lord Humility, who was still over the land as a cloud of rain suspended in midair, "Cover Him." The cover of the cloud would also make it more difficult for Thanytoz, the Grimnyzmal, to be seen, as well, because of the overcast of the clouds. Thus, both the sun and the ground below were covered in darkness whilst the feral fruit frenzied on. The Tyranophant waited patiently with the same look on his face.

The mentality of the Sin of Temptation was exceedingly simple at core value, even if it could branch out into great complexity and entangle or intertwine with other things over time. That was nothing more than a perversion the moment it tried to branch outward, and it could be monitored by the core of the Third Eye that was being suspended in place over its head. It was only searching for one thing, even if it had many different manners of coming about it. Thanytoz clearly sought out the juice of their minds; their delectable Third Eyes.

The moment he was able to witness them by tracing them through the shadows, he connected them to each other so that he would be able to visibly witness the thought process of them all. He noticed immediately that they all were also attached to and feeding the minds that were being controlled by them in order to get their desires, which is how and why and where the complexity branched off from the simplicity of the feral, ravenous, lifeblood-thirsty hovering fruit.

When they were connected to him by the locks and limitations on each of their minds, which the Grimnyzmal was careful to remain ever outside of to the furthest point of their unconscious and unknown, he would continue to study them and come up with a report about them later based on the record and feed it to the rest of the $yndicate.

Afterward, more layers of thick trees separate from the initial sprouted up in the same fashion, creating a border for the border, and after that, a barrier for the border, and after that, a layer over the barrier, and even further and further, adding more to the barricade.

The trees that suddenly sprouted up in the newly cleansed land provided cover and shade for the Good Fruit to navigate through. Angels would already be prepared for them, summoned by Lord Charity as he was already growing the forest around the mountain long ago. As the Angels had been tending to it, it continued to grow outward and expand the House of God. Now, as a great and sturdy Temple, each of the Seven Virtues stood as Seven Pillars to keep the House uplifted all throughout, as was spoken by the Lord Father. At that moment, the Angels were lifted up from the Earth out of the trees and up into the air to Consecrate the air and fully secure the territory. They would be a Choir that sustained the atmosphere as cleaned with the holiness of their Psalms and the palms in their hands.

When the Sin of Temptation could see that the vessels were being trailed, they immediately began to search for a means of escape, like the previous Demon Lords. They each branched off into variable directions and started intersecting with each other.

When the Sins started to connect to each other by mingling their vessels, they opened up more networks for themselves and also blended in with each other as a group in order to become more complex and in their discord lose what was following them. They made a very complicated and complex network.

The clouds thickened over the land when the sun started parting through. Rain fell onto the trees of the newly grown forests and also to soak the land and purge it of anything that would possibly get attached to the trees or gunk up the paths within the trees. The rushing water continuously flooded them and purged whatever wasn't within the network to the furthest reaches of the exterior and beyond, all washed out into the open so that they would continuously accumulate at the borders. The clouds did not part nor did the rain let up.

Whilst The Tyranophant And The $yndicate Were Doing As They Did, The Primordius Had Already Summoned His Own Consort Using His Divine Power That Was Once Drained From Him Whilst His Spirit Was Divided And Weak. Though He Summoned The Power Of The Zodiac -- Which Was His Inherent Ability -- Before, He Was Only Able To Keep The Divine Beings With Him For So Long Before They Returned To Other Manifestations Of Themselves. Being Misaligned And Counteracting Each Other, Their Power, Too, Was Divided And Weakened In The Very Same Fashion That The Primordius Was. Now That He Was Of Whole Strength Again, Each Of The Other Unstable Primordials Would Be Able To Rest In Their Place With Security -- Enthroned Where They Sat. A Conversation Was Had With One Of The Eldest Of The Primordials, Aries, About What The Fact Of The Matter Was Both Before Sending The Zodiac Initially And At Another Point When Explaining To His Heir, The Tyranophant, About The Matters To Come.

As the Primordial Beings conversed amongst the primordial mass of Prime Chaos, the ambiguous realm of convolution and integration, distinctions from the ever merging energy parted through, keeping its own form and shape as it passed through the malleable fluctuations, beginning to give the rampant and chaotic energy some sort of shape and form through the vibrations of the presence that stepped inside.

The first step was but the hoof print of a shaggy goat, whose foot touched down on an ambiguous plane indistinct, yet rippled like the surface of water in spite of the solidity like that of the firm ground. From the ripples of the pools of energy, something like water, would solid earth in the form of blazing grass appear underfoot, whilst more hoof prints eventually pressed down gently soon after, till the fullness of the form of the great beast, Aries, the Blazing Goat, stood completely intact before and within the Primordial Chaos. "It Is Time," the goat, whose hairy outline looked something like tame fire would speak into the aether, "I Have Come To Take My Place And Drop My Load." The eyes of the goat, which burned like the sun, peered through the darkness and began to assemble and arrange the energy about based solely on the undulations of his own pulsating wavelengths, which tinted the darkness with a certain reddish-orange glow; slight, but noticeable. An aura something like fire remained ever wrapped around and emanating from the burning, wavy hairs on the great goat, Aries' body.

There Was A Great Thunder In The Distance, And There Again Would The Next Spirit Be, Yet This One Was Unlike The Ones That Had Come Before. As It Trot Closer, Only The Greatness Of Its Mighty Hooves And Their Prints Be Seen Grafted Into The Ground. The Land Pasturized With Every Step Branches Out Under The Shaggy Coat Of What Was Like A Rumbling Thunder Cloud Overhead, Charged With Electricity. Atop The Burly Billowing Cloud, Resting Upon The Long, Curled Neck Of The Great Spirit Was One Who Was Robed In White And The Appearance Of A Man. Yet, The Layers Of Vaporous Fog Covered His Face, Though The Light Of His Eyes Pierces Through. "My Son," The Primordius Called Out To The Tyranophant, "It Is Time." A Signal Was Given Him By One Of The Malakim, Araqiel, That The Time To Strike Had Now Come Upon Them.

"Release The Leopards Into The Flushed Out Mass Of Temptation." The Congregation Should Have Served As An Adhesive Or Binding Agent To Them And Bound Them All Together. The Leopards Would Snatch The Fruit Of Evil And Partake Of It, Then Immediately Be Linked Together. "I Will Sound The Long Ram Horn Trumpet Blast." Aries, The First Of The Zodiac And Elder Among Primordials, Was Already Understanding Of What His Task Was And Was Set Forth To Do So As He Was Both Commanded And To His Desire. When He Tread The Mountain, He Would Go Off To A Place Of Rest In The Clean Land, As Would The Other Zodiac. Yet, Before That Moment Could Come, The Chosen One Of The Tensei Clan, The Tyanophant, Had To Be Named 'Ophiuchus' Before Them. "Come Up Here," The Lord Father Spake Unto His Heir, Drawing Him To The Height Of The Mobile Mountain That Was The Aries, "Take Reign Of The Aries As I Depart." Now Was The Time For The Lord Father To Appear As The 'Spirit Of Virtue,' Itself, And Allow His Descendant To Go Forth And Find Their Places In The Mountain. "I Have Great Faith In You, Ophiuchus," He Said To His Heir Gingerly As His Image Began To Fade Into The Folding Clouds. The Sound Of His Voice Echoed Over The Land And Each Of The Spirits Were Drawn To The Point Of Focus Where The Forest Was Clean And There Was The Greatest Concentration Of The Lord Father's Essence. The Closer They Got, The More Of It Would Form. They Would Be Guided To Him By The Sound Of The Voice.
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Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
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"Lord Chastity..." The Voice Called Out, "Follow The Sound Of My Voice And I Will Lead You To The Top Of The Mountain, Where You Must Take The $yndicate." That Was All That He Would Be Able To Hear Until He Got Closer To The Voice Of The Spirit.

The Aries galloped on across the borderlands of Hell and Purgatory, burning fire that swallowed up the ground where it walked sprouting up into the steps of its feet. Head high above the clouds and an underbelly at the height of them, the great elder spirit continued toward where it already knew to rest itself. Those of the Fallen Angels that took on its likeness were the strain of its youth; those that were born under the influence of its Zodiac Sign. Those Fallen Angels would naturally take on the form of whatever they were influenced by automatically and each of the Zodiac had a group to deal with, Aries being the first to step forth and do so.

"Aye," the shaggy goat groaned, its voice bellowing like the sound of the thunder yet also rippled like the chord of a lamb, "It Is As Your Elder Would Speak You." The tongue of the olde one was archaic and spake in such a manner, yet the accent was nothing that could not be understood. "I Have Watched Over You For Many A Time," Aries continued, "As Have Many Others." To whom he referenced -- be it others overseeing or being overseen -- had yet to be determined, but beyond the ambiguity, the veracity of the situation and the conversation about it was set into place. "Come," it beckoned as the Tyranophant was drawn from where he was, "I Will Take You To Your Throne At The Pinnacle Of The Mountain -- Where Every Eye Can See You." If the Prophecy was True, then Ophiuchus would already be aware of what was to be done after. "In Order To Get There, I Will Break The Defenses That Are Upheld And Make For Your Men A Clear Path To The Exit." Whilst the Tyranophant was being taken to where the Aries was going to enthrone him, it rushed toward the barrier that was creating the borderline between this layer and the other layers of Hell and Purgatory. "I Shall Be A Battering Ram For You."

The Aries trekked on, its hoofbeats pounding at the ground where the sporadic burning vegetation bloomed under its thunderous footsteps. With its majestic beard fluttering about its hairy bodice, the hairs of its body that trailed in the wind were emblazed by friction of the growing momentum of its velocity. As it were, the Aries indeed intended to ram the borders and break through them all simultaneously to both get inside and draw what was inside out whilst also allowing passage for the rest of the Zodiac as they would all come in their respective appointed times. Each knew their own jurisdiction over which Fallen Angel by common collective conscious knowledge.

"Hold On Tight," it bleated out once more, bracing for exponential acceleration and impact, which would also not cease the motion of the Aries toward its predetermined location. Under its feet, whatever would be trampled was burnt up by the fiery blooms. Up above, its shaggy coat sparked alight as its burning beard, leaving streaking trails of ember like the hairs of its body streaming from it as it continued gathering speed. It was in the likeness of a giant meteor coming from the deepest reaches of space that had been traveling for a great distance at a high speed, as if debris from a planetary explosion. The flames would help burn away the surface before the horns touched the barrier's surface, eroding it with the emanations of the heat. As it went on, flickering distortions wafted all about the form of the oncoming titanic spirit, visible now that it neared. With the strength of the impulses of its heart, the Aries drew forth the power from its burning blood to strike the barrier between Hell and Purgatory, which were both below the pinnacle of the mountain, and also at a different figurative 'base' of a mountain -- the pinnacle height, itself. "Go, Now!" The Aries commanded, halting not but a moment as it continued on toward where it were to roam. It could not turn from what it needed to do as a Primordial for any cause, as is what it meant for many Primordials due to priority alone.

The sound of the Aries' voice was like that of a war cry and a trumpet blast, which was the blowing of the horn. Its call resonated a great distance, which also summoned the rest of the Zodiac from wherever they were. Some already made their place on the Veritas; others were still Spirits that were coagulated into different forms throughout the universes wherever their presence was most prominent. Each would come to their place as they were summoned in the order that they would. Some would come out of priority to deal with the Fallen Angel group that was under them, influenced by their sign; others would come in an order that was natural that did not get in the way of the others as they moved -- as they had many a time over the course of the eons. It seemed as though their fighting and the depths of Tartarus would never end for them, but now they -- or, Aries, at the very least -- could see a light at the end of the tunnel.

When given the signal clearance by both the Primordials, Lord Diligence, who had control over the Leopards that were captured, shouted out to the rest of the $yndicate heads, "Release The Kraken!!" Each of them should have known what that meant as a Formation, and from there, everyone would do as they were assigned to do based off of what they were already doing previously.

Lord Chastity was guiding the $yndicate members through the shade of the trees.

Lord Kindness bound together the Sin of Temptation.

Lord Humility was covering Lord Patience as they awaited the time to strike, which was now.

Lord Diligence promptly charged and released the leopards out toward the convolution that was the Sin of Temptation and whatever sort of life form it was leeching from at the time. They would get caught up in the muck and become stuck where they were, completely and fully tangled up in whatever Temptation was going on; some would be the cause of Temptation in the mass, and it would spread in the masses. Yet, it all would remain bound and Lord Diligence kept the attraction to a focal point with his own polarities suspending everything in the Field that was within that perimeter. For him, that was enough to do so that nothing got out and the area remained clear. Wherever the leopards moved would be a path for his electricity to trace and lace around the entire area, ensuring nothing escaped -- not even the leopards. When they were all mushed together, he could detach from them and let em have it.

Lord Chastity heard the sound of the Voice of the next Spirit coming from deep within the forest where the $yndicate was being led. As they wandered through the Wilderness and away from the mountain of Sin, covered by the shade of the trees and the veil of light that attracted them toward wherever MaTeus went, those who were not expelled by the cleansing flood would continue along with Lord Chastity in pursuit of the source of the Voice. He would be a great beacon unto them, taking on the form of an enormous mountain with several angelic wings on its base and all up its body at every peak all the way up. "Come," he said, "Fill My Body As If It Is A Temple." His form became like that of a chess piece, with his uper torso still remaining the same as a human's shape at the top. Upon his head was a crown like that of a King, like the halo of an Angel and also like the head of a Tree, with the wings that sprouted from all about lifting everything up by every edge and boundary there was. "Come Under Me And I Will Draw You Into Myself With The Veil I Have Made Around You." When the $yndicate was fully isolated from what was going on outside during transition, then Lord Patience could wipe out the area. "Magnus Ignis; Once I Have Taken In All Of The Clean Ones, Destroy The Unclean Ones Immediately. King Keaton; Keep Them In Place Until Then. Great Gouzen; Cover The Two Of Them." Each of the Lords had their task.

The ones who had seen all of the events transpire as they were both in the city and had gone up and down the mountain obeyed the words of the angelic figure that appeared before them because they had seen all that he and those associated to him had done all the while they were at the village and along the mountain. Many of the citizens of Purgatorio and Endsville had been spoken to about the wonders of the $yndicate and those who ruled over them by the Disciples that had been under them. Whilst they were spreading the word, they were also helping to navigate and guide people in an organized fashion because they had once been organized in such a fashion. The group would move into a place that was directly under where Lord Chastity hovered and compacted themselves all as a congregation, waiting for him to do with them as he would.

When the leopards touched the ones who were afflicted by the Sin of Temptation after they were discarded, because the leopards were already susceptible to the effects of Temptation as Lust Demons, they, too, only made the large congregation of Sin become stronger and larger. They would lose who they were and what they were before only to become part of a large body of the Sin of Temptation. Now, the being was large, like a tree, with many fruit all attached to it. It began to grow as a tree that reproduced rapidly and instantaneously, dropping down greater quantities of its own spawn, which were the Sin of Temptation -- the wicked fruit. This tree was the Demon Lord of Temptation, itself -- The Devil.

Once it knew it had great power to do as it desired, the Demon Lord of Temptation drew power from every source of life that it was already attached to and sucked them dry in order to instantaneously and spontaneously grow itself up out of their bodies, leaving their prior form destroyed. No one lived through it who was attached to it.

The great tree stretched its branches outward everywhere that was available that was within its reach, no matter what and no matter where. In one swift motion, it would umbrella the entire land and continue to grow taller and higher in order to soon tower over the entire mountain and infinitely reproduce its seeds. Bloodthirsty feral fruit fell from the tree and sprouted bat-like wings with burning black third eyes of fire above their heads. Each one was controlled in its mind by its father, the Demon Lord of Temptation that birthed them. They had no minds of their own, but were a universal unconscious being commanded by a primordial predecessor attempting to raise itself from death through the sins of all. Now, with its original form nearly complete, and its mindless children serving as eyes and live feeds for the Demon Lord, it would spread its influence all overthe land and drain life from every source. Whatever as useful for reproduction of itself would be reproduced after its fruit of life was extracted and the seed was tainted, so that it would grow into another Sin rather than into a Virtue.

With such great and magnanimous power, it had no concern for anything except itself and growing its own power, that it may consume the entire mountain with its seed. Its own growth was its own priority, as was the reproduction of the Sins. Each one that grew under it would be a Tree of Death, which would bear a forest of bloodthirsty trees bearing tainted fruit.

The Tyranophant was gone, being taken up to his place by Lord Aries. Now, the 7 Spirits of the Tyranophant, which had been ignited by the 7 Spirits of the Lord Father, were left without him to guide them. Yet, because Lord Chastity knew everything that the Tyranophant desired, he would be able to govern in his stead as the head which would be equivalent to his place when the Tyranophant was broken up into the 7 Spirits and not as one embodiment. Therefore, the mountain-like angel that hovered over the refugees would fall atop them and contain them within the hollow underside of the towering form that was he, himself. Whichever ones were not cupped would be able to enter through passages that resembled large gates at the base.

When each of them -- they who would be known as 'The $yndicate' -- were all filled within Lord Chastity's angelic winged mountain, it automatically began to produce a great deal of fruit, yet all of it was inserted into other of the gates that were upon the mountain through a large keyhole that was like the mouth, all the way up at the top. It continued to grow and also strengthened those who were inside.

Even with the boon for the ones who were saved, Lord Chastity, the MaTeus of the Veritas, had not yet located the Spirit of Virtue that had been calling out to him from the Wilderness. "I Have All Of The Ones To Be Saved," Lord Chastity cried out to the Spirit, wherever it may be. "Wherefore Art Thou, That I May Cometh Yonder?" With each of the fruit (which would only grow to a limited number) filling the interior of Lord Chastity's hollowed mountain systematically and automatically, the entity, itself, would not lose focus from its initial goal to search for the Spirit, in spite of the terror that had suddenly sprouted up around them and threatened to grow larger and more powerful.

Just as the mass of Sin that was bound together were grown up from the ground, the process was traced completely through the darkness. Lord Kindness, the Grimnyzmal, had been keeping track of all of the things the Sin of Temptation had been doing the entire time as well as how it developed spontaneously and instantaneously. Because of this, he also extracted information that he would be able to cleanse in the inverse manner to how the Demon Lord searched for food to taint.

Lord Kindness withdrew from the Demon Lord and immediately fed the information through to the other members of the $yndicate. He continued to keep open a live feed the entire time, yet did not reveal himself nor speak. Yet, his kin would know what was being done in the background, as long as they continued to receive the feed.

Things were escalating more quickly than previously forethought. The release of the leopards was not intended to have this sort of effect, to Lord Diligence's oversight, yet because he was doing as he was commanded, he knew that the one that issued the order had something prepared for this once it happened... That is, he had faith that there was a plan. "Uhhh..." he hummed with skepticism, "Should It Be Doing That?" The sound of his voice spikes as an electrical current surging all up and down the perimeter of the tree as it grew, expanding upward and outward wherever it would go. Everything that touched it and left from it were already magnetized to the polarity Lord Diligence, Tsao, had already established. Each of the fruit were drawn back to the tree by a tether of static electricity surging from the initial barrier that was stabilized around the Demon Lord of Temptation.

"Don't Worry, I've Got The Fruit." The static cling and powerful magnetic attraction should have been more than enough to keep them all bound to this perimeter, despite any and all growth that may have occurred, essentially starving them from suspension in place. "But This Doesn't Look Good." The Demon Lord Of Temptation was created anyway, and it was a sight to behold. "It's Spine-Tingling Being So Close. Shudder." As he spoke, rippling frequencies streamed up and down the length of the barrier around the tree, ensuring everything that spread or tried to escape was secure in place and did not go beyond the immediate location.

"Naw, Son, You Good," a randomly forceful voice proclaimed from afar, followed by a great tornado or thunderous vacuous bursts propelling a disembodied article closer to the area of interest. "Those Goodies Up There Look Delicious!!!" The sound of a *slurp* followed by a passing wave of hungry Fallen Angels filled the air and the booming of their flooding was heard because of their passing. Each of them were like hungry maggots that couldn't wait to devour something the moment they touched it. To each one would be one of the feral fruits to eat. The greatness of their number matched or outnumbered the amount of fruit there were, and one or more were consumed by the Fallen Angels that were drawn into the powerful sudden passing storm of Lord Temperance, Tao.

"Time's Up," a voice from beyond the clouds of the sky proclaimed. The enormous mound of waste that had been gathered up from the Demon Lord of Gluttony and everything it consumed or encompassed -- now as nothing but a hunk of foreign waste, something like universal fecal matter -- hurdled from the sky as a meteor of the Wormwood variety. It was more than large enough as it was to strike down the tree all the way to the root, along with its fruit and its seeds and dispose of the horrendous waste all at once whilst the fires burnt out the rubble that remained from them all destroying themselves. The resulting explosion would also dry out the air and cause the land to become arid where the life would grow again, possibly from vegetation. The ground was dried up and the area became a desert -- a desolate wasteland.

Anything that breathed in the air would ingest the foreign meteor's debris automatically due to the exposure and the radius of the impact and immediately become susceptible to spontaneously combusting with the flames of the Magnus Ignis. When the rays of its light shone down through the dark clouds through the single halo-shaped circumference in the sky, whatever was immediately exposed was lit aflame. When the light of the sun touched whatever was already alive and breathing in the area, the chemical reaction to the exposure would cause the afflicted to break out in various ways, sometimes even in violent explosions based on the intensity of the concentration of heat within the target.

As the vacuum of air poured in at a concussive rate with a powerful burst radius, the bubble-like barrier of atmospheric pressure would expand from the inside out and caused the clouds to raise higher and the air to become thinner. With dry, thin air and all the moisture risen so far up to the sky and covered in layers, before the water droplets would come down, they would have dried up and only dropped down black ash, covering the land and ensuring nothing would grow.

Everything that was not part of the Demon Lord of Temptation was either within the confines of Lord Chastity or roaming throughout the wilderness of wherever Lord Charity had already grown trees bearing fruit among the forest that was his large body. All of the life outside of the blast radius of the giant meteor was land consecrated to the Veritas, which only took up and preserved clean land. The angels that were released up into the sky would be bid toward where Lord Chastity, the MaTeus, was in order to also enter his Temple like the rest of the $yndicate and become part of them. Before they entered, they would each be instructed to pick one of the clean fruit from the trees outside whilst Lord Charity fed nutrients into MaTeus so that the Crystal Angel would grow.

"Quickly!" Lord Charity, the Grand Panda, cried out from the sudden tension of the trees near the border of the destruction, "Focus All Your Power On MaTeus!" Each of the Lords of the Veritas should have known what would happen when all of their powers were focused into it; it would take on the form of the Tyranophant whilst the True Tyranophant went off to deal with other matters with the Aries. He would be able to use everyone's powers as he saw fit including his own, which is what would give him the image of the Tyranophant until they broke formation or alignment in their powers combined and no longer could sustain a form that was like the Tyranophant. The trees would converge upon MaTeus and begin assimilating with the chess piece-like angelic temple and raise it up from the ground. The exponential growth was something similar to what the Demon Lord of Temptation attempted prior, yet with a sustenance that did not drain life from other life forms around it but stimulated growth within and around the area of interest to fortify it greatly.

"My Boy!" The Voice Of The Spirit Called Out Again To MaTeus, Who Was Being Exalted Where He Rested And Lifted Up From The Earth With His Growth As Lord Chastity, Becoming A Fruitful Mountain. "You Have Become A Great Lord. There Is Much More Potential In You Now Than There Was Before When You First Began." It Was Clear From What Lord Chastity Was Becoming Now As A Large Tower Of A Temple With Great Wings Of Crystal And A Body Like That Of A Mountainous Range With The Upper Torso Of A Man At Its Peak. Lord Chastity, Who Bore Much Good Fruit, Would Be Able To See Immediately After The Destruction Of The Demon Lord Of Temptation What The Virtue Of Temptation Was As The 'Good Fruit Of Knowledge.' "Before You Eat," The Voice Of The Spirit Spake On, "I Will Reveal Myself To You Face To Face That You May See Me As The Spirit Of Virtue." There Was A Bright Light That Suddenly Appeared During The Shifting Of The Trees And The Transition Of Energy All About, Condensing Instead Of Flowing As All The Rest And Making A Clear Distinction Between Its Own Growth And The Flux Of The Veritas' Growth.

"Carry The Temple Toward Me," Said The Voice Of The Growing Light, "And Hover Overhead Dropping Fruit Into The Light As I Guide You Along." The Spirit Of Virtue Would Consume The Fruit Which Was Grown By The Veritas, Whilst Also Reciprocating Information Properly By Protocol After The Consumption Of The Fruit Of Knowledge. "Be Sure Not To Allow Anyone Else To Eat Before I Do," The Spirit Of Virtue Went On, "For There Is Information That I Will Speak Once I Know That They Will Not Once They Do." The Purpose Of Eating The Fruit At All Was To Produce The Information Equivalently To The Exchange, And Without Understanding Of That, Improper Retention Would Prematurely Suffocate The Seeds That Were To Be Reproduced Through The Reciprocation Of Information By Logical Protocol Alone. "The Fruit Will Teach Me About The Veritas As It Will Teach You About Me, So Be Mindful Of The Fruit When It Speaks, For It Is Unlike Its Feral Counterpart, Which Cannot Speak In Its Insanity." This Fruit, The 'Virtue Of Temptation' -- Or The 'Good Fruit Of Knowledge' -- Answered The Questions Of Others That Were Already Known To Come Up Within Those That Were Unwary Or Fresh To The Content That They May Have Come Across.

"The Fruit Distributes Information And Expects You To Also Distribute The Equivalent Exchange Of The Information Extracted From It Upon Exposure, Which Is What Makes It Dangerous. Those Who Consume It And Are Not Prepared Will Corrupt Themselves. Yet, The Fruit Also Speaks And Acts On Its Own." When One Of The Fruit Of The Fruitful Mountain That Was Growing Upon The Surface Of The Mountain Of Death Fell Into The Spirit Of Virtue, It Would Become A Lordship Before Their Eyes On The Spot, Just As Each Of Them Had Been Lorded By This Very Same Spirit That Was About To Crown And Lord Itself.

"Of Course, Lord Father." Lord Chastity, Teus, was aware that the Spirit of Virtue was still the Voice of the Lord Father because he had metacognition of the events that transpired. Though he had not yet located the Spirit, he was still aware that it was the same being that guided them thus far. With the entire Temple that was MaTeus bearing so much fruit from the harvest of the Veritas, there was a surplus that was bountiful to all, inclusive to the MaTeus of the Veritas, itself. Yet, the words that were spoken were wisdom to the great deity of the Veritas, and it would heed the Voice of the Spirit of Virtue, lifting itself upon its several crystalline wings atop each of the rigid edges of the towers that were like a mountain range upon its form as the Temple. Hovering overhead, MaTeus drew forth a single fruit, dispensed from its unit and into his hands.

"Here Is Your Fruit, Lord Father." As commanded, Lord Chastity did not partake of any of the good fruit until first having given the Spirit of Virtue one. It was given into the hands of the Spirit from up above. "I Will Follow You Wherever You Go And Do As You Command." The Holy Spirit was not done working even after the Seven Spirits were alight and upright. "Before We Begin, I Will Align And Absorb All Of The Other Elementals And Contain Them Within Myself, As Well." Each of the other Lords of the Veritas would be absorbed by their attachment to each other that they both drew energy from and shared with each other being drawn into the one host that was causing the circulation, distribution, respiration and recycling of throughout the ecosystem. This gave MaTeus command over all the elements of nature and the power to speak for all the Lordships all at once or cast them out independently from himself, like the Tyranophant did.


"All Is Secure, Lord Father," MaTeus spake unto him now with a great quantity of the mountain as part of his entire body and under his direct control. "Whenever You're Ready, I Am Ready For Your Next Instructions." Whatever he did with the fruit would be whatever information was necessary to get everyone out of Hell and into the Veritas. With the Demon Lords and the Sins all wiped out, there was a moment of respite for transition where everything was clean and nothing impure would follow. This was their most ample time to move, but only the Lord Father and his next sent Spirit could guide them. The residents of MaTeus were already wise enough or under someone wise enough to know not to partake, after having traversed the mountain or existed in the city of Purgatorio previously before being taken under the civic protection of the $yndicate.

The Fruit That Was Borne Unto The Spirit Of Virtue, Dropped Into Its Light From Up Above, Was Picked From Out Of The Sky By The Hand Of The Spirit, Whose Embodied Form Had Already Taken Shape Within The Light In A Similar Fashion As The Spirit Of Chastity Had Done Before. Its Appearance Was That Of An Upright, Clean Form From The Mouth Down, Yet Having No Face Above The Neck. The Faceless Spirit Of Wide Cheshire Grin Opened Its Mouth To Partake Of The Forbidden Fruit Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil.

"Thank You, My Son," The Spirit Spake, "God Bless You!" After Speaking These Words, The Mouth Opened Up To Swallow The Fruit Whole, Taking In The Entire Thing. There Were No Parts That Were Eaten Nor Bitten Into, But The Entire Object As A Whole And Everything That Was In It Was Swallowed Whole -- In Its Entirety. Immediately, There Was An Inversion And The Mouth Flipped Inside Out, Like A Ring, And Resembled A Large Halo Attached To The Neck Of The Glowing Flesh Of The Spirit Of Virtue.

At That Moment, The Spirit Of Virtue Transcended Its Original Form And Became The Spirit Of Temperance, A Virtue In And Of Itself, Which Knew All Of The Evils That Were Of Its Twin Counterpart, Of Which Could Only Be Extracted From What Already Was Left Living That Was Tainted, If Anything.

"However, I Have An Urgent Warning; A Grave Omen."

The Glowing Fruit, Which Grew Eyes Of Glowering Awareness, And A Third Eye That Filled With The Same Cognizant Light, Sprouted A Tree From The Back Of Itself At The End Of Its Face And It Hovered Over The Open Ring Serving As A Neck And Attachment To The Construct And The Vessel Of The Spirit Of Virtue. "There Are Some Who Have Already Eaten Incorrectly And Corrupted Their Fruit Within Your Confines, And Now You Must Extract Them As You Extract The Waste Data From Within Yourself." The Process That Came From Having Everything Isolated In A Space Contained By An Overseer Allowed For The One Who Contained Them -- Which Was Lord Chastity, At The Present -- To Sort Through Those Which Partook Of The Fruit And Would Immediately Turn Them Into Fruits Of Evil. "When One Only Bites Partially Into The Fruit, It Sheds Blood That It Must Have In Order To Remain Complete. It Will Become Corrupt And Attach To The One Who Has Eaten Part Of Its Flesh And Attempt To Maliciously Drain It Out Of Them Whilst Also Sucking Out All Of Their Lifeblood And Breath Whilst Also Risking Overloading And Destroying Itself In The Process. If Those Have Already Attached Themselves To The Ones Who Have Bitten Into The Forbidden Fruit, They Will Inevitably Self-Destruct And Must Be Released Into A Clear Area Outside In The Designated 'Unclean Land' And Left Behind." The Explosion That Came From Any Of The Corrupted Fruits Dying And Taking Everything With Them Would Damage The Ones Who Had Not Partaken Of The Fruit At All And Would Be Instructed On How To Properly Partake Of The Fruit After The Fruit, Itself, And Its Bearer, Would Teach Them.

"Leave Them And Come Quickly!" The Virtue Of Temptation Cried. "Let It Be As It Is, And Leave Them All At Once!" There Was Only A Short Time Between The Transitional Phase And The Land Once Again Needed To Be Isolated And Left Without Oversight. "Those You Have Gathered, They Who Would Be Under The Coverage Of 'The $yndicate', And Who Would Be Distributed And Redistributed Among The Veritas As The Elite Order And Residents Under Their Direct Government And Jurisdiction, Are To Be Completely Clean In Order To Enter The Clean Land, Else Their Influence Will Cause Something Like A Large And Noticeable Blot In Whatever Good Thing That Existed." In What Should Have Been Flawless, There Would Be Flaw, Unaccounted For And Unprecedented, And Also With An Influence That Was Much Greater Than The Individual Automatically By Default.

"I Forewarn You," The Virtue Went On, Leading MaTeus And The $yndicate Back To The Veritas, "There May Be An Event Wherein A Sin Or A Sinner Enters The Clean Land Of The Veritas. You Will Know When An Invader From Beyond Does Sin, And It Will Be Clear To You. When That Time Comes, Then Greater Measures Will Be Discussed Between The Lords Of The Veritas." That Was The End Of The Matter. The Virtue Of Temptation Went On To The Next Location That Was Beyond The Boundaries Of Hell, Resting Outside And In The Territory Of The Veritas. Nothing Unclean Would Be Allowed Inside, Nor Out Into The Rest Of The Universal Nexus. The Knowledgeable Virtue Continued To Speak As Necessary As They Each Went On.

"So Be It," MaTeus Bellowed, His Voice Ringing All Throughout His Cavernous Chasms Like A Gong. The Entire Temple Jangled Like A Bell And Trembled At Its Might.

I. After hearing from the Fruit of Virtue what the proper procedure was for 'Filtering' the Fruit of Evil out of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, those who already succumbed to Temptation and had partaken of the fruit prematurely would be immediately expelled back into the barren land that was wiped out and left lifeless.

II. As the MaTeus carried off the $yndicate and sealed the barrier of captivity under his jurisdiction behind him, he left the dominion of the land to Thanytoz, the Grimnyzmal, to watch over it all from the shadows whilst the attention of the Tensei departed the domain.

And so, the Veritas grew as it did on the Mainland, and was overseen from the shadows of what was beyond their borders -- beyond their pitch black void sky. It would once again turn perpetual Night here again, and only the burning coals of the furnace, itself, would light the chasm. No light entered nor exited otherwise.

Amongst all the foreboding perpetual black that plastered over the bleak sky after the only hope of escape left with no intent to return, everything returned to how it was before they came. The Sin of Temptation and any SIN incarnates would be tracked and monitored as necessary by protocol and dealt with accordingly in the shadows behind the scenes by Thanytoz, the Grimnyzmal of the Veritas. An enormous piercing red vertical slit split between the boundary of the light of MaTeus and the face of those who were discarded from the Veritas and left in the barren land. The light of this piercing red iris cast a shadow that enveloped the area in a boundary something like a child-like quarantined playpen. 'The Box.' "Rest In Peace..." his voice curdled, the distortions of the deep, rigid bass resounding in a sensual discord. Beyond the 'Boundary' of the 'Unclean Land,' nothing that was within the 'Unclean Land' would be able to see beyond the border of pitch darkness established by Thanytoz via his own Dark Network.

Thus, life in Hell went on as it had before, as if nothing changed.
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Magnus Ignis
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Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
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Seventeenth Ignition: Rainbow Bay

After completing his mission in Hell with the $yndicate, the Magnus Ignis traveled to an Otherworld called 'Rainbow Bay' because the carefree Wind Goddess, Taomin, had gone there and was stirring up trouble.

Magnus Ignis -- a spontaneous flare that crackled in the heat of the flames of the fireplace, appeared as a stern and hardened face with bright, piercing eyes just as ember as the embers. "Tao, Enough," he commanded, knowing where this was going if Taomin were to go any further into her Demon Mode. She would become wild and uncontrollable, which is why the Magnus Ignis was here to cease her gluttonous fun before it went too far. "You Know How You Get." This was all that the hardened face flickering in the flames would say about the situation.

Magnus Ignis burned brightly as the incandescence of the fire at the natural audacity of Taomin, who was once again thinking of only pleasuring herself. There were no more words exchanged, but the strong jawline of the masculine figure tightened and gave the stern face that rested in the fire a bit more depth. Only the bright, burning eyes of the face in the flames glared down Taomin, and nothing more.

Magnus Ignis knew what would go on from there. Taomin was a masterful sexual deviant and would definitely do what she could to have her own pleasures satisfied whilst in her demon form. "Taomin..." was all the flickering fire bellowed as the face that was set in the flames ferociously flared about, eyes sharp and unchanging.

Magnus Ignis finally spoke. "Girl," he said ominously from the flames, "Do Not Deal With The Demon." His voice was direct and straight forward, as were his words. "There Is More To Taomin Than The Demon." He was speaking more than he'd like to, since he was the rather silent type, but the lass needed to know who she was dealing with, and Taomin couldn't tell her... only show her. When it was too late.

Magnus Ignis -- a burning incandescence that was one with the flames of the fireplace. Seamless fluctuation of flames denoted no difference in the fire's flickering, yet a presence was there, able to be noticed only by the thin outline of a face that did not flicker as much as the rest of the fire and strong eyes that pierced through as a set ocular orange gazing at who would walk into the abode.

Magnus Ignis remained stagnant as the fire flickered on, embers lapping at what they may in the fireplace. He hid not from this new face, but merely existed within his own element as the element, itself. As the friendly figure spoke, more of the form of the figure in the fire shaped itself gradually; a stern face with a strong jawline, the outline of a thick neck and broad, muscular shoulders were as much as could be made out in the fire, yet still as one with the fire, itself. The being in the fire spoke, finally, "I Hide Nothing; I Merely Exist." This was the extent of his speech, being the strong, silent type.

Magnus Ignis, the fire itself, did not move from his place. Instead, he revealed more of his form in the fire as the fire, stilling it as he did so. The upper torso of his body was like that of a tree trunk -- large and thick -- yet still only an outline that was part of the fire. His pectorals were well developed, as were the biceps that bulged within the fire's emanation, but beyond the upper torso and the strong jawline of the face, nothing else could be seen. It was as if the entire fire made up the lower torso of his body, and his eyes still pierced from the embers. "I Am This Flame That Burns, The Magnus Ignis." This was spoken for clarity purposes, so that the mouse did not think that this existence was dual from the flames.

Magnus Ignis figured that his existence would be understood after a bit of conversation, but this mouse knew not of how the Magnus Ignis was. "I Am Still A Flesh, As You," he began to say, extending himself out from the fire, flames wiping away from his face to reveal now what was not an outline, but actual flesh! "However, As An Entity, I Am The Magnus Ignis; A Being Of Pure Flame." The flames that wiped away from his face quickly swept back over to cover it again, leaving only the outline and the piercing ember eyes that remained emblazoned on the friendly creature interested in the existence of the Magnus Ignis.

Magnus Ignis was very wise, despite being so silent. He spent much time in meditation alone; in solemn and deep thought, especially inside of fire, as fire. Thus, his answer came deftly. "I Choose My Existence. I Am A Fire God." The simpler of answers, but more profound. "The Fire Shapes My Form And I Shape Myself Of It." A little clearer, but perhaps a bit too vague -- as he was, both in form and in existence. "Do You Wish Me To Be Flesh, Along With You?" His purpose here was to watch over the Wind Goddess that had been rampaging about, but since she was docile due to his oversight, it was alright for him to interact with others.

Magnus Ignis remained within the flame for a while, deeply thinking about how he should deal with the matter of this person. For the Magnus Ignis, to tell his name was not exactly the most wise choice, considering what people did once they knew the true names of the gods... However, this friendly creature was more than amicable. Thus, without much warning, the flaming entity would completely form down to the lower torso, legs crossed in a meditative position, and arms locked in what looked like living fire. There were beads around his neck with a pumpkin that rested as the talisman seal. He hovered as an almost full flesh being save for his hair, hands and feet, all of which were made of the same living fire that he was in existence. "This Is My Flesh, And I Will Partake Of Flesh Things With You," he commanded, mostly because this is how he spake. "If It Does Not Intrude." Manners, naturally. Magnus Ignis hovered in place, careful to touch NOTHING as he did so.

Magnus Ignis hovered close to the table, looking at all of the foodstuffs that would be eaten by any normal being. As an entity of fire, even in flesh, he could devour anything he chose. Though, one of the pleasures and pleasantries of the flesh was that it had taste, unlike with what was born aflame. "Nothing Here Interests Me," he said rather bluntly, "For I Need Not Eat." Therefore, choosing something at all was already the decision of a lifetime. "Please, Suggest Some Of The Morsels To Me, For I Am Accustomed To What Is Thrown Into Fire Or Burnt Up In Flame, Such As Animal Or Plant." Granted, the food was both animal and plant, but without taste nor desire (for, the Magnus Ignis was a monk), there was no reason to even pick up food.

Magnus Ignis's hands were bound by beads that were similar to those that were around his neck, and as stated before, made completely of fire. They were sealed together rather securely, without any seams between them. Extending both arms out simultaneously, the fiery-handed beaded wrists burnt up what was suggested immediately the very moment it was given, being suspended within the flames for only moments before it was completely consumed. The stern expression on his face did not change even slightly. "Thank You For The Food Offering," the Magnus Ignis finally stated, "I Am Pleased To Hear That You Enjoy The Morsels Being Kindly Left." He saw goodness in that and wished to smile upon it, but did not. Instead, his body grew brighter and yielded a bit more heat, yet only to the warmth of what one would experience during a temperate radiator.

Magnus Ignis gazed with emotionless eyes at the movements of the mouse, finding no understanding in why he would grill something over portions of the body of the Magnus Ignis. Yet, he saw it as a friendly gesture, and that this person was actually doing his best to make good with the rather stoic burning being. "I Burn All Things With My Bare Hands," the monk said, struggling to pull apart the two flames that burnt together nearly at the wrist where the beads separating flesh from fire were located. "I Destroy Everything I Touch, So I Have Learned To Touch Nothing By Being A Monk." He hovered over the chair where he was 'sitting' and did not touch anything else, but put his hands back together in their meditative 'folded' position -- which looked like a fire burning between two wristbands.

Magnus Ignis remained emotionless, yet curiosity struck him. "A Woman Of Fire Similar To Myself?" He wondered if she were a Goddess. He'd seen very few recently and knew that there were those that existed in realms beyond where he hailed. "Yet... Different." His face did not change, but his radiation did. No longer did he exude the same warmth that he did at first, and the heat of his body retreated back into himself and his flames. "I Do Not Get Tempted," he nearly demanded of himself and the other, "Though I Thank You For Your Concern About My Spirituality. For, This Is How I Am Alive." A spirit -- Kamigami, even, and of fire, no less. Things were unfurling now as they spake. "Enough Of Me," he said quietly, yet firmly. "What Is Your Reason?" The question was open-ended on purpose.

Magnus Ignis -- the incandescence that was this fire. It gently swayed, dancing with the tune in tempo with wisps and flicks along the way what were just the wind from the instrument hitting the fire.

Magnus Ignis continued to dance along in tune, but only in flame. The physical outline of a body withou a neck and a disembodied head could be seen searing into the cinders. "That Tune Is Rather Nice," the fire mentioned, "Why Not Let Us Hear More?"

Magnus Ignis suddenly became stagnant, and the fire would stop burning naturally. It was completely still, though its plasmatic form continued to vibrate, as it would no matter what whilst it was in this state. No outside force would be able to move it so easily, however, unlike as with before where a simple tune and breath were enough to cause it to shimmer. Now, the stalwart flames would remain in place, yet respond, "Nay, If It Is Not Of You, Then Do Not Make It So." All that meant was not to do something that he wasn't feeling. The face retreated into the fire and the bovine feature he'd thought to see would be retracted into the fire, leaving only the horns flickering at the top as if like hair.

Magnus Ignis, oddly enough, did not like to hear music at all. "Silence..." he said profoundly, yet sadly, as if not wishing for that to be his answer. "... I Am A Monk, You See, And The Music I Hear Usually Is In My Own Head." That is what it at least meant to be enlightened, which, the thought of brightened the fire and warmed it up beyond a toast, "However, I Do Not Mind A Good Tune When It Can Be Held."

Magnus Ignis actually resonated with this vibration of music as thought it were part of his actual form, emanating softly with the tone. With each note, a flame would wisp upward in its own fashion something like a music mixer. "Yes, That's About It..." Magnus Ignis replied, though mostly to himself. "Somber... And Subtle..." Yet, as he listened, her could only go into a meditative reflection that made him believe he was too grim to be a monk or of any good company. The image of himself in the fire began to fade...

Magnus Ignis spoke from the fire. "Taomin," he bellowed, the flames rising up as he did, "Do Not Interfere Here." His dominance over Taomin was strictly based on their back history, and nothing of rank or true dominion. Respect, one could say, like that of a family. "You Should Not Cause Anymore Trouble Here." Naturally, the Magnus Ignis already knew of the Living Shadow fiasco. " I Will Correct It." The form of Magnus Ignis was the fire itself, save for a strong, human-like face that outlined in the flames.

Magnus Ignis listened in on the conversation from within the fire; one with the flame. He did not say much except "I Mean You No Threat, For I Am A Monk." He heard talk from the one that seemed to be looking down pridefully on all that did not fit his criteria and heard the word 'Lesser' much. Therefore, his interest came from why this was seen from this perspective. "Excuse Me," Magnus Ignis interrupted, "What Constitutes 'Lesser' Here? And, Also, To You?"

Magnus Ignis sparked at the notion. This statement was more than elitist, it also seemed racist. Naturally being offended, especially since he was a monk, the Magnus Ignis would inquire with enlightenment, "What Is A Juaren And What Makes The Difference?" Beyond the burning face, there were piercing ember eyes which gazed everyone over, seemingly looking into their souls.

Magnus Ignis did not laugh. In fact, the fire roared a bit more intensely, and the stagnant face seemed to be repressing anger. "Those Are Not Good Traits To Have," said he, simply. "I Could Call You Lesser For Not Being What I Am, Or Having My Mentality, And Yet, I Refrain." Naturally, asking 'why' he would do such a thing would open up for more pompous assholery to come forth, so tact was given in the next response; "I See Your Pride. I See What Makes You Proud. I Challenge That Pride Formally. You May Deny Me For Vanity's Sake, But I Am Aware That Vanity Is Fragile." The ember eyes narrowed. "Shall I Examine This Pride More Thoroughly?"

Magnus Ignis was successful and simply returned to listening to the conversations of others, which were pleasant ambiance as he thought, accompanied by the crackling fire. THAT was noise that could be tolerated over all of the elitist and racial matters, of which he and his kind were well past in his dimension. He knew what would become of it, and said nothing. There was no reason to interfere any further.

Magnus Ignis: "I Choose Not To."

Magnus Ignis's hardened face disappeared back into the flames once he was referred to as 'scary.' Only his ember eyes could be seen, and even they look like they had lost some spark from that. "... I..." he finally started, eyes flickering like the flame that bore them, "... Terrify Everyone..." It did not sound like he was pleased with this fact about himself, and the voice of the fire was deep and sullen.

Magnus Ignis did not return to pseudo-physical form now. Instead, only his sunken eyes remained still gazing down in deep meditation about all of the destruction of his past and terrors he'd caused both on accident and on purpose. The memory was enough to cause the fire itself to die down a bit, and the room dimmed. "I..." Their hearts and souls were in the right place, but he... "..."

Magnus Ignis released a robust flame that burst from the fireplace as a large, physically built man. The motion was so quick it was like a conflagration of flammable objects all burning at once, yet instead of destruction, there was creation -- a man who was smelted out of the flames. "... I Am Flesh..." said the Magnus Ignis, who now was an extremely tall, muscular man with a monk's leotard on -- pitch black -- and beads around the neck, wrists and ankles. Fire came from the wrists as hands, yet those flaming hands were locked together, and the feet were the same -- burning from the ankles down, yet crossed over in a meditative position. He hovered there, emanating, blazing hair wildly flickering about. "Is This... Terrifying?"

Magnus Ignis found these people curious now. They were unlike the one who had no conscience. "I -AM- Fire. I Do Not Burn, Even When I Assume Flesh." There was no smile upon his hardened face, but his voice after he spoke those words seemed to soften a bit. "... Thank You. For Acknowledging Me." What he meant was unclear, but it had to do with his own history. "I Do Not Wish To Intimidate Anyone." He was a monk for a reason, and his hands were sealed for a reason, as well.

Magnus Ignis looked down subtly. "I Like... Silence." As much of a presence he made in a room, he actually did not like to be noticed nor interacted with very much. "I Meditate On Everything." This was why he liked his 'silence' and 'solitude'. "Do Not Think Much Of Me, For I Will Return To Fire Soon Enough."

Magnus Ignis, the shape of a flame, appeared in the fireplace as an ambiguous face indistinct and undefined, save for sharp eyes and a potent scowl. There was only observance.

Magnus Ignis continued to observe the occurrences before it, burning brightly at the notion of assistance from the gelatinous one. He seemed aethereal, as Magnus Ignis was, and it piqued the interest of the incandescence, denoted by a crackling spark in the fire.

Magnus Ignis all the while remained stagnant within the flames, letting them rip and roar as they would without giving himself a physical form. Though it was none of his business, he was interested in the gel-man and inquired of him, "Are You Aethereal?"

Magnus Ignis, the fire itself, rose up from the place as the entire flame, itself, taking on the form of a hovering burning. The ambiguous face with sharp eyes and scowl remained completely visible, yet the entire fire that now floated in the air was as plasmatic and in flux as it would be normally in its place. "Perhaps My Language Is Not Understood Here," he commented, passing over through the air and toward the two, "I Mean, Are You An 'Elemental' Being? Is That What It Means To Be A 'Geal'?"

Magnus Ignis felt as though the response to the appearance was not uncommon, for seeing a large hovering flame with a scowling face and sharp eyes was not the most welcoming of introductions. The form of the flames suddenly shifted to that of a man-like being -- tall; about 13 feet high -- and still all aflame, with no physicality to his mannish form. "I Am Aethereal," Magnus Ignis began to speak, "A Fire God From A Different Dimension." Perhaps they weren't too accustomed to meeting with such beings, but Magnus Ignis was here on account of other beings from his realm traversing to this one. "You May Refer To Me As 'Magnus Ignis'."

Magnus Ignis remained all aflame and intangible, though retained his mannish shape. His sharp eyes glared at Gerry with a hint of concern for his response. "The Waves Of Your Voice Combined With Those Of Your Facial Expression Give A Hint Of Disdain," the Magnus Ignis explained. "Do I Trouble You With My Appearance?" Magnus Ignis could read waves in the air as emanations, and so the slightest of them would be felt and read by it, causing its body to undulate lightly.

Magnus Ignis was still afloat in the air, careful not to cause any sort of undo destruction, as he was prone to do whenever he did anything at all besides meditate. It seemed as though the destruction of atmosphere was his latest handiwork, with the mood of Gerry going south rather quickly. It did not bode well in his heart and at the core, Magnus Ignis emanated a dark fire that caused the entire flaming body to become dim and lackluster and his sharp eyes became sullen. "I Was Already Aware Of This," he said with emotionlessness, "And Have Control Over All Flame That Is Part Of Me." As an example, the floating fire man finally touched down on the ground where the flammable furs were and none of them even kindled.

Magnus Ignis always wore a scowl, even when in meditation. It was a bad habit and a long-time mindlessness that he had of himself due to what he meditated on whenever he should be in such. He generally thought of his past and how he could keep from destroying things, much like now, and also how to prevent intimidating others, as he was prone to do. "... My Apologies," he said with a sunken heart, "I... Think Very Deeply About Many Dark Things, Though I Am A Bright Sun..." The legs of the fiery construct rose up into a folded position, blending into themselves as the Magnus Ignis continued to speak. "I Do Not Mean Any Harm, Even If My Face Bears Some Sort Of Threatening Magnitude..." He hovered in place.

Magnus Ignis' eyes narrowed in pain. "Again..." he began to mumble to himself, "... I Have Destroyed..." Though it did not seem like it from the perspective of a normal being, from the eyes of the one that read emanations of others and felt them rather vibrantly, even the tiniest negative vibration caused feelings of distress for him. That was when his flames began to spark out of his form, making him a bit more volatile when his control was out of tune. He was becoming one with the vibrations in the atmosphere, which were of confusion, and as such, so would the flames become more unpredictable.

Magnus Ignis, the fire within the firepit roared vehemently, yet remained contained to the fireplace. Only sharp amber eyes and a very disgruntled, pointy grimace could be seen within the fire, glowing at their outlines, restraining much anger.

Magnus Ignis spake, "That Is Because There Are Parts Which Are But A Child's Innocence." And spoke no more to the one to whom they now clashed in spirit. The fire calmed itself down as it released emanations of heat when it spoke, rather than to keep the tension within.

Magnus Ignis calmed itself, upset with itself for upsetting another. "Mmmm..." it hummed, becoming as pensive and monotonous as the flames that it burnt in tandem with. "I Have Destroyed... Yet Again..." This would not do. Things were different in the Veritas, where there was more freedom for the Spirit to act out on its own free will. In a secluded space, there was a lot less leeway and much more conflicting emotion, which is the level in which the Spirits dwelt -- the emotional realm. "I Cannot... Keep Destroying..." the fire uttered. "I... Will Not Keep Destroying..." It almost seemed like it would chant a mantra geared toward just that cause and focus; to not destroy.

Magnus Ignis was aware that the two of them had witnessed what happened and knew that the fire in the fireplace was both sentient and the being from before. Though docile, it was still very intense due to the tension of what happened before. "Are You Well?" is all the flaming entity that was the fire spake to the serpent, and also hinted to the female, in case she was shaken by what happened as well.

Magnus Ignis continued to burn to himself. "I Am..." The words eluded him at the present. "... Docile." Cool was definitely not the word to use to describe him, though his restrained voice might have denoted it in the casual sense of the word. Flames crackled with curiosity as he had the bright idea to ask, "Why Did You Pass Out Before, Reptilian One?"

Magnus Ignis had been burning all night, not letting the fire die down at all after what happened. The face was unflinching and unchanging -- daunting, even -- remaining in the midst of the flames as a self-loathing scowl. The outline of the face was apparent, yet still ambiguous, being only sharp, amber eyes and the eternal scowl.

Magnus Ignis remained stoic, as a normal fire would without any type of agitation. The ever sharp eyes took note of all of the surroundings and took in the vision of the lapine carrying a swaddled child. The sound of the child's coos created an emanation that were absorbed by the Magnus Ignis in the same fashion of one with ears. The burning deity remained silent, however, meditating on what happened the night before. It was not time to speak on the matter.

Magnus Ignis remained silent for a moment, in continual self-disciplining meditation. Only the sound of the crackling fire could be heard for a while, filling the air with its ambiance. It wasn't until after a well thought out response would the fire speak to the rabbit feeding the youngling, saying, "I Am The Same Being As You Have Met, And Beings That Are Of Feminine Nature." This was an answer and a statement. It seemed like this part of Overlord Tensei was okay with the captain of the guard, yet being a fragment of a larger being meant it had the memories, thoughts and feelings of the one whole. Still, it meant nothing as long as it was under control, which is what this part of Overlord Tensei practiced with great discipline at all times. "Is The Young One Yours?" the Magnus Ignis inquired with genuine curiosity.

Magnus Ignis burned with passion for his own level of self control. The fire raged with rage, but it remained contained -- compressed, even. "If You Trust Me To Maintain Control," Magnus Ignis began, "Then You Should Know That I Am There Inside Of Overlord Tensei, No Matter How Wild It Gets With Him." He was the one that kept Taomin in line, after all. "Have I Not Kept Taomin From Going Too Far? We Are All In Full Control Of All Of Ourselves, And That Much More For Overlord Tensei." If the fragmented versions were in control, the whole was definitely so. "Let Us Just Say, We Each Have Different 'Levels' Of Fun." Magnus Ignis wasn't one to speak so much about a single subject for too long on its own, and thus returned to the child. "You Are A Good Man. Your Child Is Fortunate."

Magnus Ignis was reminded of his own child when he saw the fatherly nature of Ramiel. His child lacked control, but this is why he, her father, had that much more control -- for his child's sake. "... Bully Is Not The Word," the Magnus Ignis emanated. "We Have Gone To Many Realms And Found Ourselves Too Powerful. This Is Our Curse. Our Pain. It Hurts Us." Magnus Ignis, especially. "Perhaps... You Should Know The Pain From The Mouth Of The Whole, For There Is Pain Unimaginable In Each Fragment." The fire calmed. "... My Pain Is Destruction. Before Tempering Myself, I Destroyed All I Touch, Be It On Purpose, Or On Accident. That Is What It Seems Like You Were Concerned About..." There was a long, dramatic pause. "... Me." The destructive part.

Magnus Ignis stilled the fires for a moment, causing them to dim. This meant that he was calmer now, but was still cognizant that this fire was keeping this place warm. He suddenly flared up again and let his warmth emanate through the cabin, hopefully keeping both of them warm and letting them know of his own compassion through his wafting heat. "Though I Understand, It Is No Fault Of Mine That The Scarred Were Scared. Only That We Were All In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time." Now, the Magnus Ignis could control itself, but sitting in the firepit all day nearly motionless and speaking very seldom became monotonous -- not for the monk, but for the atmosphere. "But On Behalf Of Overlord Tensei And The Veritas, I Apologize For Us."

Magnus Ignis was humbled by this, and the fire reflected it by its ambient crackling. "Done," is all that the Magnus Ignis said, for once it was decided on something, it was an absolute -- that is how it made decisions, or else it did not make decisions at all. "I Will Return In A Weaker Form And Reassess The Situation, As I Should Have In The Beginning." There were 13 versions and restrictions on the same being, with Overlord Tensei being but the 8th. "If I Do That And Make Friends In A Lesser Form, Will That Suffice With You, Captain?"
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Magnus Ignis
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Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
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Magnus Ignis was unclear. "The Weaker Form -IS- The Limitation Of Self," the flame clarified, "For We Are All One Being That Has Many Limitations Of Self For The Exact Reasons Why You Insisted." It would have been best to explain about the 13 Restrictions right then and there, so Magnus Ignis did so. "There Are 13 Restrictions That Limit The One Being. Overlord Tensei Is The 8th Restriction. I, Taomin And Even Nyake Are 6th Restriction. Normally, The Being Of The 7th Restriction Is What Binds Us, But That Entity Resides Usually In Our Home World To Protect It Whilst The More Powerful Version -- Overlord Tensei -- Goes Out And Traverses The Different Realms." It was merely about Tensei being the one that travels, since they all had a home world to protect.

Magnus Ignis hums. "Tao And I Are But Two Of Seven. There Will Be An Imbalance Between Us If You Do Not Know All Seven, Or The Limited Version Of Us, Devoid Of Us."

Magnus Ignis was pleased by this, and for once, the scowl on the face of the flame would contort into a neutral almost half grin. "Blessings," he said, this time in the voice of Overlord Tensei, "For We Come In Peace." The eyes suddenly shut and the mouth slowly came to a fade, along with the presence of the Magnus Ignis. The fireplace would return to normal.

Magnus Ignis would find that suddenly one of the sweets seems to suddenly burn up, not even ash remaining in its place. The sun beamed down brightly, as if smiling.

Magnus Ignis's glow radiates over the area, beaming down from a ray of sunlight. It seems to be nothing but a flickering flame, though there were facial features in the disembodied fire that were vaguely present -- such as eyes and a mouth. "..."

Magnus Ignis opens its eyes and looks around. It had seen that the lady placed the sweets upon the table and thought that they were fair game. Magnus Ignis asked them, "Did I startle you?" before looking to the clearly worn out mouse. The stern facial expression of the hovering flame did not change, but the color and heat radiation did. Instead of a standard hot red, it became a cool yellow, releasing healing radiation from itself naturally, as if like the sun. "... You seem worn," it said to Remy. "My flames restore vitality. Please feel free to bask in the warmth."

Magnus Ignis did not shift its color nor its demeanor. Instead, it closed its eyes, as if meditating. "..." It was silent and its face remained stern. However, more of its humanoid features would be seen in the flame -- vaguely, but still present.

Magnus Ignis continued meditating solemnly, its yellow color never faltering. The aura surrounding it still restored vitality passively, so being near would have such an effect -- something like a warm fire in a dark cave. Still, the fire was silent. "..." Everyone was left to their own until Magnus Ignis suddenly asked, "What are your names...?"

Magnus Ignis hummed with serenity, the sound like that of a low stove. "I am known as Magnus Ignis," the flame said, more of its facial features becoming apparent; a nose, a pair of ears, and eventually, a neck. The fire burned atop the forehead as if like hair, yet still encompassed the face nearly completely -- all the way to the neck. "... It is a pleasant thing to meet with calm people."

Magnus Ignis crackled a bit, sparking up once Arina spoke. "Ah, you have much wisdom." This was pleasing to the flaming head. The stern face became a bit more soft, as the flame was, and leveled into a light smile of contentedness. "... You are most welcome." Magnus Ignis' attention then returned to Arina. "Sweet-bearer! Might I have another of your delicacies? Though I am flame, I bear the power of taste."

Magnus Ignis was about to partake of the generosity of Arina when suddenly, there was a rather loud and disturbing presence, which caused the once soothing yellow flames of the disembodied fiery head to become reddened, his face contorting into one of disdain. He closed his eyes and meditated silently. "..." The red flames became orange in color after a while, and a low hum emanated from the Magnus Ignis.

Magnus Ignis remained calm and composed, thirteen mystical black beads igniting around his neck and dropping down a burning torso, whose flames eventually faded away to reveal a black, skin tight garb that accentuated the very masculine and muscular chest and defined abdominals. The sockets where limbs would go were still burning with fire, which coursed up the spine all the way up to the fiery hair. As Magnus Ignis meditated, more of his physical form came to be. "... What is it that you are doing?" he finally asked, a cookie vanishing in a quick fwip of flame; no ash left behind.

Magnus Ignis exhaled deeply from his nose, opening his eyes partially to Arina. "I was speaking to them, however they seem preoccupied." It was rude to ignore him, which angered him thus, his flames becoming hot and red. "However," he'd say as he'd lower his temperature back to a steady orange flame, "I will not ignore you. I know better." Magnus Ignis closed his eyes, yet another sweet disappearing in a fwip of flame.

Magnus Ignis remained silent for a moment or two, as if he were thinking of the answer. Opening his burning red eyes halfway, he would say, "... I do not bear a preference to anyone."

Magnus Ignis became sullen very quickly, his flames becoming a pale gray. "... Apologies," he said in a serious tone, "... I do have an affinity for sweets."

Magnus Ignis' flames alternated in variable colors. "For misunderstanding." He looked down, closing his eyes. "I am wiser than that." His multicolored flames eventually settled into their natural orange again as Magnus Ignis kept his breathing steady. "... They are delicious," he said, consuming yet another one spontaneously.

Magnus Ignis kept to his meditation. "..." His limbs finally sprouted out from his torso; legs and arms just as muscular as his body. Yet, where his wrists and ankles were, there was only flame, and his burning hands were a single merged fire with no definition of hand-like features. They, too, had thirteen beads around the wrist and ankles. "I will accept your humble offer," Magnus Ignis said.

Magnus Ignis's hands did not move, and his legs were crossed; he hovered over his seat. The liquid was quickly evaporated some -- but not completely -- as Magnus Ignis took a drink. "Thank you, Sweet-bearer. You bear more sweets than you know."

Magnus Ignis fell silent, figuring that his speech pattern was abnormal to her -- perhaps a bit too formal and archaic. "... My speech... Is it unclear to you? I speak of how you bring sweets, and how your nature reflects this." Hopefully, he was clear about his words now.

Magnus Ignis cracked a slight smile, humming deeply in relief. "Mm, yes, I agree with the sentiment... However, I was not always this way. I am a monk now, but I was originally exceedingly destructive." He raised his 'locked' hands, the flames that they were blending and never parting. "I never release my hands unless I am destroying. That... Is all I am good for..." His voice trailed off at the end, and his slight smile became stern again. His flames began to wane a bit.

Magnus Ignis's smile returned. He knew these things that she spoke of; he meditated on them all of the time. It was just that when it was brought up, it was different than when he meditated about it, but his control was significantly better than when he was a wild and rambunctious, destructive flame. "... Yes, you are correct," he acknowledged. "You truly are wise, for these are teachings that I practice, myself. As you can see by my bound hands and my monk beads."

Magnus Ignis nodded his head. "Yes. Quite. I have learned this after my rebellious stage, where I listened to no one and relied on my own power. It ended up getting what I loved destroyed... And I vowed to never have that happen again." He lowered his head and let his eyes rest upon his sealed hands. He narrowed his eyes.

Magnus Ignis shook his head. "No need to be. It is ancient history." He raised his head to gaze at Arina, now attempting to see into her soul. "I normally do not speak this much. I limit my speech and who I speak to."

Magnus Ignis, being an incredible light -- as well as a monk -- was able to see into the depths of the soul, seeing both the light and the dark. Though he noticed, he did not wish to be intrusive. He remained silent for a time and gazed at the half empty beverage he had, which evaporated completely. A strange mist emanated from Magnus Ignis afterward. "... There are things about you that are like my past, are there not?" Normally, the Magnus Ignis was not one to ask personal questions, either, however he knew it was good manners to participate in healthy conversation.

Magnus Ignis fell silent. He knew it was a bad idea to pry into people's personal lives. It was against his better judgment, which he had been truthfully going against many times in this day. That was disappointing to him. He was disappointed in himself. And so, he ceased speaking, becoming completely silent.

Magnus Ignis did not speak. Instead, he released emanations from his body that were waves of soothing energy. The flexing of his muscles released this power over a great distance, likely putting whatever was in the vicinity in a sedated state. Hopefully, this action would soothe Arina.

Magnus Ignis understood, and his emanations told it to be so. He was in deep meditation now, but he would hear Arina's words. "... Goodnight," he said, his body seeming to burn up in a flurry of flames that suddenly overcame him, burning him up completely. He needed to rest, as well.

Magnus Ignis, in a flicker of flames, appeared in this world again. The thirteen foot tall man with blazing hands and feet walked inside from outside, setting his sharp eyes on the group that were near the fire. He gazed at them from the corner of his eye for a few moments, then proceeded to sit at the table. Normally, he'd be in the fire, but he saw that they were enjoying its toastiness by itself and decided to keep away from them. "... Hello," he said lowly, crossing his legs in the chair, burning hands linked together and locked at the wrist with Buddhist beads, "... It has been a while since I've been in this place..."

Magnus Ignis turned his head to gaze at the people from the corner of his sharp eye. "What's all the mischief?" the man with flaming hair asked. Though normally he kept to himself, he felt like while he was here, he should be a little more outgoing.

Magnus Ignis closed his eyes and meditated for a moment, his flaming hair flickering. "I sense a supernatural being afoot..." He opened his keen eyes again, still staring at the lot from the corner, "I should know... I am a supernatural being that deals with such beings all day and night." With a sharp glint in his eye, he noticed that there was a creature in the bucket of water. "Hm... More than a leak..." Magnus Ignis would say, watching the water carefully.

Magnus Ignis closed his eyes, chuckling a bit. He rarely, if ever, laughed. However, this scenario was quite humorous. "Ah, nothing," Magnus Ignis said, turning his head away, chuckling some more. The fire that was his hair flared up with his excitement, and he hid his slight -- ever so slight -- smile with his back being turned.

Magnus Ignis heard that the commotion stopped. He chuckled once more, then said with a projected voice, "Done playing around?" He was speaking to the one in the water, but it could also be seen as his speaking to the whole group, since they weren't aware.

Magnus Ignis noticed that there was relative silence after the events transpired. In this peace, Magnus Ignis began to meditate happily, letting his spark of joy within his heart magnify. His smile of peace widened, and he hovered above the chair ever so slightly. The thirteen beads sealed around his neck glowed as he became a bit more radiant, something like the sun when it shines on flowers.

Magnus Ignis's eyes burst open when he heard the sound of the bucket tip over, his meditation put immediately on hold and his radiant glow dimming to nothingness. He quickly lowered back into his seat. "So, you finally got caught, did you?" he would say to the water entity. "Though humorous, you have been the one causing such mischief." He heard the words of the mouse and hummed deeply, lowering his head.

Magnus Ignis became quite serious once the mouse harbored hostility in his voice. The sound of it irritated the soul of Magnus Ignis, and his flaming hair flickered about a little more erratically than before. "Now, now..." he'd start to say, "... No need to get physical."

Magnus Ignis was able to literally feel everything that was going on because of the heat signatures and wavelengths from the vibrations of each person's biorhythms, voices, and such of that sort. He didn't need to see to know what was going on. He closed his eyes and returned to his meditation, calming himself and letting his burning soul come to a soft simmer. He said nothing further, but remained attentive and receptive to everything going on.

Magnus Ignis felt as though this was righteous justice for the water sprite and also for those that were effected by his pranks. With that feeling, Magnus Ignis continued to meditate silently, a smile on his face now that they had come to an understanding.
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Magnus Ignis
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Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
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Eighteenth Ignition: Fire Legend 1; He Who Burns

-Cleansing Fire-


There was nothing but that to do in the midst of the Sun. The rays shone brightly over the land and illuminated the Flower Garden -- one of the only remnants of the Lost World. It was part of a theme park, now, but it was still the place where the flowers of olde bloomed... Those rare blooms that only appeared in the Lost World.

He would call them 'Lost Souls'.

Gazing down from on high, the very sun itself gave light to those 'Lost Souls' that bloomed in the 'Flower Garden'. They reached for the sun in the sky as a lost soul would, but came oh so very short of it even with the great might of their stretch. It was a sight to behold for the Magnus Ignis, the being that was the sun, itself.

"..." The silent meditation he had as he watched -- for, even with his eyes closed, the sun allowed him to see -- did not break for the Lost Souls that stared up at him, wanting to be as close to him as possible... When they were oh, so far away. He could not near them, lest he burn them to bits. He'd already experienced that with his first flower garden when he first established himself as a Legend. He was much calmer now, but still just as enthused about the love of nature. A peaceful monk, Magnus Ignis was.

A beautiful sun.

Yet, there was something about these Lost Souls that irritated the Magnus Ignis... That reminded him of the history of their growth. Yes, a past all too near to the present... Yet so very far away. It frustrated him to think about it. About them. The ones who betrayed him. Those who tried to destroy him. Those who became his enemy. That frustration quickly turned to anger, as it always did. All such negativity caused the sun to turn a blood red, which, in turn, heated the atmosphere.

The Lost Souls that reached for the sun that they needed to live would suddenly retreat from it, the harsh light and heat emanating from it turning them away from its face. They drooped and withered, drying up rather quickly because of the intensity of the Magnus Ignis.

Finally, he opened his eyes, which were aflare with anger... A quiet anger, yes, but anger all the same. He couldn't help but think of them when he watched over an area that was once part of that dimension.

Couldn't help but...

Magnus Ignis: "..."

Some of the Lost Souls caught aflame, burning with a passion the same as their sun in the sky. They couldn't help it when they got their nutrients from the sun... Their feed for their lives. Now what fed them was hostile toward them, and it hurt them deeply that they should be scorched by the scorn of their very sun.

Magnus Ignis could not help but pity the Lost Souls, as they were only the remnants of the past and not the actual beings that brought him such angst. He closed his eyes and retracted his rays, cleansing his mind of the negativity that was the thoughts of the past. At that moment, the sun would turn a vibrant pumpkin orange, absorbing the flames of the flowers back into itself, as if returning the energy to whence it came.

Magnus Ignis: "... I Will Not Destroy..."

Those were his words he meditated on so deeply; so frequently -- so passionately. His destructive anger brought him to a point where he could not enjoy certain things and be around the ones he loved the post, regardless of what happened. It was his fire that scorched them. His flame that burned. Just like those Lost Souls that were once alight with the flare.

Magnus Ignis: "..."

The sun returned to its usual yellow coloration as Magnus Ignis leveled his temper, gazing down with a heavy heart at the beautiful Lost Souls that he almost completely destroyed. It was this that reminded him of his own power. His very destructive rage that may have obliterated his foes, but also eliminated his friends. A lone star in the sky, the Magnus Ignis felt the weight of sadness in his heart again...

And the sun was blue.

The blue sun -- though normally meant a hotter star -- this time portrayed coldness, and rays of icy chill radiated from the very sunlight, itself. The flowers could not bloom in this weather. They could not grow under his sadness. They could only die. Be he too angry or too sad, whichever one was the death of the vegetation in the Flower Garden.

So Magnus Ignis composed himself, sitting deep within the sun as the sun itself. He took a deep, cleansing breath and exhaled, changing his mood and the sun's color back to a bright stagnancy. With that, the flowers -- if not already destroyed by his moods -- could grow.

"Oh, Lost Souls..." Magnus Ignis bellowed, "... Grow For Me."

The flowers were dead.

Magnus Ignis wept silently for the dead flowers, knowing that those Lost Souls would never return. They were gone; the only of their kind. There was nothing else like them, for they came from a dimension that was destroyed... By his hands in another form, no less. "These Hands..." He looked at his fiery shackles serving as hands, bound to each other at the flame from the wrist outward, "... They Are The Hands Of A Monster..."

But, not all of the Lost Souls suffered from the radical, yet tempered emotions of the sun in the sky. Some were still alive, nearly unaffected. How could this be? Some flowers simply differed from others, even when they were the same genus. Magnus Ignis looked at those Lost Souls with compassion, and a cleansing wave of heat was released from the sun that made it sparkle with clarity for a brief moment before becoming a radiant orange again, like that of a pumpkin. The orange rays of the sun were healing rays, and to what they illuminated, they gave life and restoration to.

Such is why the sun's name was also the Great Pumpkin -- its orange glow of radiance.

With the 'Blood Orange Sun' releasing its rays, the Lost Souls would flourish again as though they hadn't just endured a vicious heat wave and flash freeze. They weren't at all resilient in any way, but they were unique. Magnus Ignis smiled softly as he radiated his 'Cleansing Fire', letting the Lost Souls be restored and dance about in the orange sunlight.

"... I Am Not Just A Monster..." Magnus Ignis told himself, "... I Can Heal. Just As I Can Destroy." How desperately he wanted to be a healer. He even took up being a Monk for the sake of keeping his Temper under control and locked his arms, legs, and general power up under thirteen sacred beads that he wore around his neck, wrists, and ankles. He was doing as much as he could to keep from destroying. Finally, he had a chance to heal.

"Maybe Healing..." he thought aloud, "... Is More Than Just Something One Does Externally." This was obvious a fact, but he was referencing himself in this instance, as he didn't know that he was hurt. Thus, how could he know that he needed to be healed? "... Healing Isn't Just For Those Who Know They Are Injured..." he recapped for himself, gazing down at the Lost Souls some more, "... Healing Is For Those Who Have Something Within That Plagues Them... Something That The Mind Or Heart Does Not Wish To Release, Yet They Are Ever Feeling." The Fire God was simply learning that his own hatred and sadness came from his own hurt, and not from the external activity that was done to create such pain.

"Still..." he went on, lowering his lids, "... The Memories Do Not Change. The Truth Is Set In Stone." He was still angry. Still upset. Still... Burning inside. "... Perhaps Healing Requires Retribution," he concluded, "As Without It, There Is No Justice." The Fire God was all about equality and justice, for he had a strong sense of righteousness and purity. He was a monk, after all. "There Will Come A Day," Magnus Ignis said solemnly, "A Day Of Retribution. For My Pain. My Sorrow... And My Hatred."

Until then, Magnus Ignis beamed himself to the land of the Veritas in his flesh form, the Fire God seeking to walk the earth again for some reason. He had a lot to vent, it seemed, and he did not want the rest of the Veritas to suffer because of his ventilation. So he manifested himself in his physical flesh and went on about his thoughts... His thoughts that made him burn with such passion.
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Magnus Ignis
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Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
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Nineteenth Ignition: Fire Legend 2; The Crystal Ifrit - Super Oni


The Park -- Tropicillo Memorium, Palm Tree Park. The rays of the sun beamed down the manifestation of the Fire God, Magnus Ignis, in his form of flesh, standing thirteen feet tall and with a large, muscular body wrapped in skintight, form-fitting black garb. His hair of flames flickered gently as the giant of a Man-God opened his eyes to the very place that was once destroyed by The Insanity. The Palm Tree Park. It was called something else in the days of olde, but it was a land that was consecrated by the Tensei before the Veritas left that dimension. The lands of the Lost World that were lost to The Insanity were marked by the Tensei as land masses which would carry over into this dimension, this place being one of them.

Tropicilla Memorium, Palm Tree Park.

The park was both a place of relaxation and a theme park, as before it was conquered by the Tensei, it was a theme park. The relaxation part of the park was a wide open space that stretched out for quite a long way, all the way to the Flower Garden -- another part of the Lost World. Though, in actuality, the Flower Garden resided on the Reality Village first, and Khrona took hold of all of the Reality Village when the Veritas was made from the Dusk Village. It had walkways and fountains, benches and rest areas. It had a vast green scape that extended for many to enjoy picnics or play upon, right next to the new theme park that had rides of all sorts, the most popular being the gnarly roller coaster.

"This Place..." Magnus Ignis said softly to himself with a low grumble, "... It Brings Back... So Many Memories..." The same memories that infuriated his soul. His hands -- which were made of pure fire -- were shackled together by their flames from the wrist outward, and he did not release his hands from their binding unless he was ready to destroy something... Which, fortunately, hadn't been recent. He'd been quite calm; extremely docile, even whilst in Deep Thought. Still though, a strained look seemed to etch itself upon his face, as if he were holding something back. "... Forgiveness..." he muttered to himself, as he'd long forgiven them for what they'd done, but he hadn't gotten retribution for what happened. "... Retribution..." These thoughts frustrated his mind and soul, making the Fire God tense and upset further. "... Pain..." He grit his teeth, his flaming hair flaring up like a fire being fanned, "... Sorrow..."

He turned, taking a powerful step on the ground as he looked at that which reminded him so much of that fond-yet-infuriating past. His fiery foot flared up as well, scorching the concrete underneath him with his step.

Magnus Ignis looked down, seeing the charred marks on the concrete and closed his eyes to meditate. "... I Will Not Destroy..." he chanted, raising into the air and crossing his legs midair so that something like that would not happen again. But, something puzzled him. "... Why Did I Come Here...? To Be Enflamed...?" He was a firm believer on taking on problems head on, and that, in fact, probably had to be one of his worst problems, since when he did, he was like a raging bull until the problem was eliminated or resolved... Likely the former to the latter. "... Why... Did I...?"

He thought. Deeply.

"Mou. Man. Tai." He chanted these words a few times, which was a meditation mantra that he picked up in his youth.

Magnus Ignis: "... Mou-Man-Tai..."

It was supposed to be calming.

Magnus Ignis: "... Moumantai..."

It was supposed to be relaxing.

Magnus Ignis: "Mou... Man..."

But the thoughts persisted, and the Fire God's head was filled with the flashes of history that could not be undone nor ignored. The Lost Worlders of the present may have been able to refute what happened, but that was because their first dimension was destroyed and they had to branch off into a new one and start from scratch. From what the people of the Veritas who came from that first dimension recognized, they were all living in an illusion that deluded them about the past, trying to erase a large hole that actually made them what they were today. Something permanent. Permanent damage.

A Damnation.

Magnus Ignis: "..."

Magnus Ignis thought and he thought, plagued with the memories of happiness and frustration mixed with sadness and fun, knowing that all that was left was the negativity that destroyed the Lost World in the first place.

But he couldn't stand the sight of it -- something from that past.

Couldn't stand it.

Not at all.

Suddenly, the Fire God's hair flared up intensely, the fire spreading out to resemble the horns of a bull. His once fair skin became reddened to the point where he looked to be like a beet. He was taking on his 'Crystal Ifrit' form -- becoming the Super Oni.

The Minotaur.

The Beast.

Magnus Ignis: "..."

Completely silent in his rage, his hair exploded outward with a combustion like that of a small bomb, fire rising into the air in a mushroom cloud and horns of crystal fire expanding thrice their original size.

Magnus Ignis: "..."

Almost ready to undo the seals on his hands that kept them bound together so that he could not destroy, the Super Oni clenched his sharp, pointy teeth together as if holding back more than words. His body rumbled and trembled violently in the air, his eyes becoming slit like that of a feral monster. Breathing heavily, his back arched and drew him up into the air, becoming more and more ethereal as he rose, and growing in size the farther he got into the air. His entire body looked like it was on fire... And then, eventually, his entire body WAS fire, burning with intensity and releasing a red light that was like a warning sign to everything in the area. Magmatic saliva seeped from his clenched teeth -- barely -- and spilled over unto the ground below, leaving enormous pools of lava that burned through the ground as they poured from his teeth.


The angered roar of what sounded like a bear and monkey together screeched at Magnus Ignis once the ground was basically TORCHED by the magma spilling from his gigantic mouth.



A being rose up from the earth, a construct made of flesh and fur -- a tall panda-man with a panda themed fedora on his head and hair that covered one of his eyes. It was the Earth God, the Grand Panda.


The Grand Panda raised a hand and the earth around the lava would shoot up around it, creating miniature looking volcanoes to contain each lava drop that came from the monstrous Magnus Ignis' mouth.


The Grand Panda knew that if Magnus Ignis was allowed to do as he pleased, he'd go on a rampage that would basically destroy the Veritas and leave the Earth God -- the Grand Panda -- to have to remake it, and he was not about that life right now. He barely wanted to fix the damage done here in the park, which was minimal at best.

"HURTS?!" the Super Oni finally said, eyes crackling intensely with flame that poured from the corners, "YOU DON'T KNOW THE MEANING OF WHAT 'HURTS'." Technically, the Grand Panda did know, because he was part of the same being that Magnus Ignis was, and they shared their memories even though they were different beings. "BUT I WILL SHOW YOU!!" Magnus Ignis curled into himself, creating a large ball of fire in the air that looked like a miniature sun. "I HATE THEM!!!" he said, horns protruding from the fireball in the air, "AND SO DO YOU!!!" The fireball's features soon shaped themselves into that of a bull's head to match the giant horns that stuck out from either side. "DO NOT EVEN PRETEND LIKE YOU DON'T!! THIS HATRED IS NOT MINE ALONE!!" The fiery bull head rushed toward the very small-in-comparison panda-man, ready to crash into him with all the might of an atomic explosion.

"Uhm, Actually, YOU'RE The One That Keeps All Of The Hatred Inside Of You FOR Us. The Rest Of Us Are All Good." The Grand Panda thought he'd mention that before he took the bull by the horns., figuratively and literally. "The Hatred Is Super Condensed Within You Because You're The One That Keeps All Of It. Don't You Even Remember Your Own Place In The Godly System?" The Grand Panda's body expanded to that of a giant, paws grasping at both edges of the flaming horns, reinforcing them with earth so that the fires would not burn him. "It's Part Of Your DUTY To Keep The Hatred Contained! Don't Fall Into Old Patterns! Get It Together, Man-Bull-God!!"

The Grand Panda hurled the bull head into the air, unable to throw it anywhere else since that would just set everything on fire or make it explode. "Remember That What You Hate The MOST Is YOURSELF When You Get Like This! It Isn't Anyone Or Anything Else, But YOU That You Hate The Most! Don't Bring Us Back There, O God Of Fire!"

Magnus Ignis, as a bull head, flew up into the air after being thrown, glaring down at the Grand Panda after he said the worst thing he possibly could. "... YOU THINK I DON'T KNOW THAT?!?" He knew all too well that he hated himself whenever he lost control. That was the one thing he hated most about himself -- losing control to the anger. The Hatred. The Loathing. The Minotaur. The Beast.

Magnus Ignis roared, its bull face of fire contorting into some sort of skeletal shape, horns still long and protruding from either side. "BUT I CANNOT TAKE IT WHEN I THINK OF THEM!! I WANT THEM TO HURT! I WANT THEM TO PAIN! I WANT THEM TO FEEL RETRIBUTION!!" He was becoming blind. He couldn't do anything about what he wanted, so instead he was ventilating on the Veritas. "AND IF I CAN'T GET TO THEM, SOMETHING WILL FEEL MY WRATH!!" Magnus Ignis rushed in a blazing streak back toward the very sun that he'd come from, which, as he conjoined with it again and went to its center, made a skeletal jack o' lantern face with narrowed eyes, turning blood red.

He was the Bloodred Pumpkinhead again, rather, Red Pumpkinhead.

"IRIS!!" Red Pumpkinhead bellowed, an eye opening up very wide and releasing a thin condensation of superheated energy that would burn through whatever came in contact with it, trying to stop it. The impact of it hitting anything sturdy enough to withstand it would basically literally blow up the fucking world.

"Ohhhh My Fucking Lord," Grand Panda said as he listened to Magnus Ignis speak. "YOU'RE NOT EVEN MAKING ANY SENSE!! YOU CAN'T JUST DESTROY YOUR FAMILY BECAUSE YOU THINK ABOUT WHAT THE LOST WORLDERS DID!!" Hopefully his words reached, but it wasn't likely, at this point. He'd already gone to the sun and turned it that horrible blood red that was like a warning to the universe that the Red Pumpkinhead was pissed again.

"Damn, I Gotta--" Grand Panda couldn't even think before the Magnus Ignis was firing off a laser that could blow up the fucking world from one of his eyes. Grand Panda planted his feet firmly into the ground, rooting them to the earth and crossing his arms as he stared the laser beam in the face. As it neared, a planetary sized fist known as the 'Titan's Knuckle' would be already shooting toward the beam, hypercondensed so that it could withstand the explosion. The two attacks collided and there was a great explosion in space, one that the 'Titan's Knuckle' could endure, being a planetary-sized fist that could basically also blow up the fucking world with a punch.

With the attacks canceled out, Grand Panda screamed up to Magnus Ignis, "YOU'RE NOT EVEN PISSED FOR A GOOD REASON!! YOU'RE BEING UNREASONABLE!! DON'T YOU HATE THAT, TOO?!" Grand Panda wasn't helping, actually, since he knew that the hatred of ANYTHING fueled the fires of The Beast and made it that much more powerful. If it hated itself, it grew stronger. If it hated anything else, it grew stronger. If it hated at all, it grew stronger. Hatred was its fuel, and trying to talk it down was nigh impossible once it became the Super Oni. "Damn, I Might Need To Call For Backup..."

"UNREASONABLE?!?!" Pissed. "YOU SOUND LIKE THEM, NOW!!" The red star in the sky grew redder and darker, yet released a light that was harsher and brighter. There was no talking to the mad beast now. There was only defeating it and letting it burn itself out. "DON'T TELL ME THAT MY FEELINGS ARE INVALID!!" There was nothing that could be said that wouldn't cause it to hate even more. Even agreeing with the Bloodred Pumpkinhead would cause it to hate more, just because its hatred was then being validated. It, like the rest of the elemental Gods, created perpetual energy from its own element and emotion that it governed in the Sixth Restriction. Thus, hatred of all sorts would do nothing but fuel the flame perpetually.


Hellfire rained down upon the whole entire Veritas in the shape of a trillion flaming birds known as 'Harab Serapel', which were summoned whenever the forbidden '#9' was used. Every single flare that came from the Red Pumpkinhead was a fiery bird, and they each took off at the speed of light toward everything on the Veritas, ready to reduce it and everything upon it to ash with the rain of firebirds.

???: "Crystal Aurora."

A sheer freezing cold from the light of every Harab Serapel that was released in the trillions would halt them in place, frozen in time and immediately halted from their rain down upon the Veritas just before one could touch the surface.

???: "Honestly, Is This Any Way For The Gods To Behave?"

A larger being also known as the 'Magnus Ignis', but on a different scale, appeared to them as the outline of an enormous light being that encompassed all passing light that traveled throughout the Veritas. The 'Crystal Aurora' was a special light that had the power to chill what was exposed to it to the point of being frozen in time, should one so choose to have it do such. This light was the only saving grace of the Veritas, and it belonged to none other than the Light God -- Teus.

Teus: "I'm Very Displeased With This Behavior."

Out of all seven of the elemental Gods, Teus was by far the most powerful, encompassing each of the other elements into his light. Though still of the Sixth Restriction, it was because of his power that the other Gods stayed in line.

"Magnus Ignis," Teus, the great Magnus Ignis, said to the Magnus Ignis, "You Know Better Than To Let The Hatred Inside Come Forth. The Memories That You Are Recalling Are Of YOUR Destruction. Are You Blind And Dense?" Way back when, it was The Beast -- who Magnus Ignis contained and essentially was -- that burnt those lands with the Tensei consecration. "Your Hatred Is Misguided, And Though I Know These Words Will Only Make You Hate Further, I Will Use My Power -- Love -- To Correct You Properly." The all-encompassing light of the Light God which contained the light of every star in the Veritas Universe to outline his body spread his 'Crystal Wings', which were those of an angel. "Be Still And Remember That You Have A Very Special Task Of Maintaining That Hatred And Not Letting The Monster That Is You Go Rampaging About," Teus said to Magnus Ignis. "You May Hate Yourself For Succumbing, And You May Hate Others For Not Understanding, And You May Just Hate Just To Be Hateful, But Know This -- That Is NOT Why You CHOSE To Be A Monk." All of the stars in the Veritas Universe dimmed as if the narrowing of eyes on the astronomical light body of Teus. "Is It?" He knew that Magnus Ignis knew the answer to this question, and by recalling WHY he was a monk, he would be able to talk HIMSELF down.

All the while, Teus had to clean up a rather minimal mess compared to the damage that could have been done. The stars of the Veritas flashed brightly for a moment and filled the large body of Teus with light, wiping clean everything that was aflame like cleansing wave. The memories of anyone involved would be wiped in the flash, and the Red Pumpkinhead would be lulled into a soothing state of meditation again, which should return him to normal.

The frosty chill of the Crystal Angel brought the Red Pumpkinhead's rampage to a halt. "Why...?" the gelid sun tried to say, its color becoming less dark and more orange, "... I Became A Monk...?"

Deep within the sun, Magnus Ignis suddenly came to Nirvana about the situation, recalling all of the events that he was blotting out because of that monster he became whenever he was that angry. The Beast. "... You're... Right... That's... Not Me..." He shook his head. "Not Anymore..." Then, he chuckled. "Not Right Now, Rather." He could never escape being The Beast and he could not escape the fact that he harbored hatred nor that it fueled him, but he could put that flame to good use. "... You Are Correct, MaTeus. That Is Not Becoming Of A God To Act So Irrationally." He closed his eyes and furrowed his brow. "Only... Of A Monster." Magnus Ignis let his light shine on all the Veritas, gazing at the creatures and people that walked upon its surface or flew through its skies, and he was happy. "We Don't Need Anymore Monsters," he said with a chuckle. "Not Right Now, At Least."

But The Beast was still there. It would never not be there. And that is what made Magnus Ignis the most dangerous of all of the elemental Gods of the Sixth Restriction. "If I Do Not Maintain My Composure, I Am Letting The Beast Within Me Win, When It Should Be Tame At All Times." Tame... "I Mastered Control A Long Time Ago. I Do Not Know What Came Over Me, Honestly. It's Just..." He sighed heavily, coming right out with it. "... The Lost Worlders... They Still Live. They Live Without Having Suffered Enough, And That Infuriates My Soul." Now, Teus was the wisest of all of the elemental Gods, living at the Crown of the God that they formed. Teus was all-knowing, and thus was also a mediator between all of them. "I Have Frustration Because I Cannot Take It Out On Them. That Place That We Have Only Brings Back Memories That Make Me Remember That They Are Still Alive And Acting Carefree, Unpunished For Their Sins Against Us." That is what Magnus Ignis couldn't stand. "But I Know It Is Not My Place To Deliver Retribution When It Is Outside Of My Appointed Time. All Things Move In Season: The Sun, The Moon, The Light, The Darkness... Everything Moves In Time At An Appointed Time..." Magnus Ignis bowed his head, letting the light of the Blood Orange Sun rejuvenate the Veritas, "... And I Have Moved Out Of Place." He sought repentance now, and atonement for his sin. "Chastise Me," the monk said, fully prepared for a reprimand of some sort.

Teus chuckled, assuming his flesh form beside the sun, unaffected by the heat or the rays. He touched it, rubbing it gently. "You Are Your Own Punishment, Beast," Teus said to the Magnus Ignis. "You Are The One That Has To Live With Yourself. If You Wish To Atone, Then First Resolve What It Is That Goes On Within You. Trust That It Is All Of Our Pain And Sorrow And Hatred, And Not Just Yours Alone." The Crystal Angel floated backward, his multiple halos expanding outward. "But We Are Not You. We Are Not Tasked With Watching Over The Hatred We All Share." Teus smiled and said in a loving, echoing voice, "But We Do Look Out For Each Other. For, We Are One, All Of Us, And We Belong To The Same One Being." Teus hoped that Magnus Ignis remembered that.

"Grand Panda," Teus said to the Earth God, "Please Tend To The Park As I Wrap Up With Magnus Ignis."

Teus returned his attention to the sun, where Magnus Ignis was fused. "Try To Remember That I Am Love, And Because I Am Love, You Have Love Within You As Well. I Am Powered By Love. You Are Powered By Hatred. We Are Connected To Each Other More Deeply Than The Others, But They Each Have Their Opposing Forces, As Well, That Tie Them Together." Teus extended his hand outward toward the Earth God back on the solid ground, "Take The Grand Panda, For Example. He Is Bliss. And Kairo? He Is Melancholia. They Are Tied Deeply To Each Other; Happiness And Sadness. They Counterbalance Each Other In The Same Fashion That We Do." Teus pat the Magnus Ignis lovingly. "So Remember The Love That Is Within You That I Bestow Upon Us All. Just As You Keep All Hatred, I Give All Love. Remember My Love. Remember What You Love. Why You Love. Those Things Will Help You Maintain Your Peace, Monk."

The Grand Panda would work on the recovery of the Park, which wasn't damaged very much in the first place. It was just annoying to have to come fix tiny issues like that so people wouldn't be like, 'The Veritas Is So Trashy! Look At How Destroyed It Is!' or whatever they would say, if they even said anything at all. He smoothed out the land and caused the grass to grow over the new land where the lava once burned through. After that, the Grand Panda sunk into the earth and disappeared back to whence he came, doing whatever he did in his leisure time.

Magnus Ignis took the words of Teus to heart... And they hurt. They hurt deeply. Though they were filled with only love and sincerity, they cut like a blade and stabbed deep like a knife. "I... Understand..." Magnus Ignis became solemn and humble to Teus and the rest of the Veritas once again, meditating on his new pain that was of Love and not Hatred.


"... It Is Because I Am Loved That I Am Not Destroyed," he said. "I Am The Monster Of Us All... And I Am The One Closest To The Fire. Where I Should Be Destroyed, I Am Kept Alive Because I Am Able To Keep Myself Under Control." He opened his eyes. "Even More So, I Am Useful. My Power To Destroy Can Wipe Out Any Enemy, And Is A Threat To Every Foe."

What he loves...

"... I Love Peace. I Love The Harmony. The Creatures Getting Along. The Joy Of Others. I Do Love It... I Love It Very Much..." Magnus Ignis grit his teeth tightly, clenching his eyes shut, "... I Do Not Wish To Destroy What I Love... Even When I Feel Like I Hate Something Else. It Is Not Deserving Of Something Else To Take Punishment For What Does Deserve." He smiled, tension leaving his face. "It Is Something I Should Save For The Ones Who Deserve... And Never Unleash It On Anything That Isn't What Directly Deserves That Type Of Destruction." These were all things he knew and that he meditated on, but every now and then, he needed to remind himself... Or be reminded of himself. He was actually a tender and caring being.

Magnus Ignis: "... I Just Want Life To Grow... The Flowers... The Creatures... And... Us..."

"That Is What I Love To Hear," Teus said, his form starting to fade into a transparency. "If You Ever Need A Reminder, Please Call One Of Us. Not Every Burden Is Yours Alone Simply Because You Carry The Heaviest One." Teus nodded his head and let the Magnus Ignis be in his meditative state, reflecting on what happened and what he felt.

Why he loves...

"... I Love Because It Makes Me Happy..." Magnus Ignis said, now realizing the true meditation wasn't just thinking deeply on things, but to find the depth in the things that were being thought of. "... It Makes Me Happy To See The Flowers Grow." He lowered his head. "... I Want A Garden..." he muttered, closing his eyes sadly. "... I Always Wanted To Make The Pretty Flowers Grow..." He thought of the flowers known as 'Lost Souls' that were native to the Lost World but grew in the Flower Garden of the Veritas. "... I... I Will Take Care Of That Garden. That Will Be My Garden. And I Will Love It..." He smiled, his face beaming like the sun. "Not Hate It."

Still, the Magnus Ignis watched over all of the Veritas solar system, and he had his own things to do in the Dawn in his Land Of Fire that made him have to cut his time meditating within the sun short. "I Have Been Reminded Of Much," he said as he stood up. "Sometimes, You Need A Good Reminder Of Why You Do Things... Or Why You Do Not." Magnus Ignis had a helping of both, and he was grateful for that. "Praise Be," he said, saying a prayer in silence as he beamed himself back down into his land that he protected; The Land Of Fire -- The Corona Badlands.
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Magnus Ignis
Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
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Twentieth Ignition: Fire Legend 3; Burning Desire


Tetris would suddenly appear as a stream of data condensing into her womanly figure somewhere within the Corona Badlands. She would stand in the center of the Eternal Desert and begin to test the Command Prompt for the Souzenryoku of Fire. "Testing..." she'd say softly, closing her eyes and concentrating on the element of Fire.

Ushi-Oni :: 1st : Defense

Focusing on her own Mentality, Tetris would draw the consciousness of the Ushi-Oni to herself and open her eyes, which flashed with the rage and destructive force of an Ushi-Oni, itself. Her hair flared up around her and would begin to stretch out to become something like spider's legs. No matter what was going to happen, Tetris was already mentally prepared with her 'Omnia Nirvana' active.

Dark Fire :: Vibration : Offense

Burning red horns would appear in the shadow of Tetris, and her shadow began to waver like flickering fire. The burning red horns that were crested atop the fiery shadow would glow brightly with the 'Dark Fire' kindled upon the surface under them. The very emanation of the 'Dark Fire' that had caught upon Tetris' shadow would begin to burn her body the longer it was touching her.

Arachnid :: 2nd : Period

Tetris felt a familiar burning sensation upon her body. Shifting the 'Omnia Nirvana' now to that of an 'Arachnid,' Tetris would follow the flow of Spiritual energy and immediately traced it back to the 'Dark Fire' itself, like an 'Arachnid' would, drawing her own conscious awareness to the shadow, which should have been pinned in its place. Whatever 'Period' the 'Dark Fire' was in, the 'Omnia Nirvana' could locate the exact location as if something were caught on a spider's web.

Dark Fire :: House : Arachnid

The same 'Dark Fire' that had been traced and was now made consciously aware to Tetris' knowledge would also be using the connection that was made by the Spiritual link with Tetris as a direct link to her 'Arachnid,' which was related to her 'Omnia Nirvana.' Tetris' 'Arachnid' would be encased in 'Dark Fire' and trapped inside the black flame's general radius of influence. Tis cut and burned away the connection of the 'Arachnid' from the 'Omnia Nirvana' and also caused a 'Dark Fire' to burn inside of her mind. The radius of its influence extended gradually as the 'Dark Fire' grew.

Command Golem :: 3rd :: Variable

Deep within the 'Omnia Nirvana,' which had just been recently updated with much more of the Data that was transferred directly from Tabrynth to Tetris' Consciousness, Tetris herself could actively and consciously seek the consciousness of any of the newly updated design at her disposal. Seeing some of the information that Tabrynth had for the 'Command Golems,' she would call upon a mental projection of that part of her own consciousness projected as a 'Command Golem' in a physical form. Its 'Command' was 'Variable' based on whatever was going on presently, and therefore, it would be given the mental command by Tetris to remove the 'Dark Fire.'

The 'Command Golem,' being issued its 'Command,' would immediately begin to use its natural resources to its advantage to get its issued 'Command' accomplished. Not being able to use means outside of its natural ability, it was confined to the usage of only the confines of Tetris' mind. However, because the entirety of the 'Dark Fire' was within Tetris' 'Omnia Nirvana,' the 'Command Golem' had a greater influence over the 'Dark Fire' that could force it out with a bit of conscious pressure from Tetris' consciousness moving her 'Command Golem' directly over the 'Dark Fire' in order to free the 'Arachnid' consciousness from confinement, allowing Tetris access to the 'Arachnid' section of the 'Omnia Nirvana' again and repairing the damage done to her mind by the 'Dark Fire' simultaneously. Once she was disconnected from the 'Dark Fire,' it would no longer be able to harm nor touch her with the 'Omnia Nirvana' now consciously aware of its surroundings now.

The 'Dark Fire' faded from Tetris' 'Mind' and her 'Spirit,' freeing her 'Body' of the burning sensation and removing the silhouette of black flames licking the edges of her shadow. Everything suddenly became normal.

Dark Fire :: Knight : Period

One of the flickering flares of 'Dark Fire' would become an Offensive 'Piece' comprised of 'Dark Fire,' which was set to appear in accordance to a general balanced timing. The twin horns sprouted from the ground directly under Tetris as two enormous spiraling pillars of flame condensed to a skewering point and still burning red. Under her, a general combustion of 'Dark Fire' ignited the moment the horns appeared. In case they missed, the blast radius would cover the fullness of wherever Tetris would move in the immediate area, wherever she would be at the time.

Fire Elemental :: 4th : Placement

As soon as the presence was felt rising again, the 'Command Golem' that had taken the forefront of Tetris' consciousness would use the power of its construction as a psionic entity to Mentally prepare Tetris for the oncoming attack by automatically shifting itself on its 'Variable' command to a 'Fire Elemental.' When this part of 'Tetris' mind became that of a 'Fire Elemental,' through the 'Omnia Nirvana,' Tetris herself would spontaneously ignite as a 'Fire Elemental' and nullify the effects of the flames of the 'Dark Fire' from harming her. The fiery horns passed straight through her, since her body was comprised of the elements of fire, of which these horns and the 'Dark Fire' itself were made of, therefore leaving Tetris unscathed. She faded out quickly after her transformation, giving the 'Dark Fire' little to no time to retaliate. When she reappeared, she had distanced herself from the 'Dark Fire,' and was still completely ignited, like a 'Fire Elemental.'

Mind :: Dark Fire : Fire Elemental

The 'Mind' of the 'Dark Fire' would seek out the 'Fire Elemental' as a 'Target' wherever it was presently, even though the initial attack on Tetris was not successful. Because as a 'Fire Elemental,' she touched the 'Dark Fire,' which was seeking out the target 'Fire Elemental,' the 'Dark Fire' would linger on Tetris, who had mentally embodied the 'Fire Elemental' even after she flickered away and gained distance, tainting the tips of her own flame with its black embers trailing from the end. Because the target of the 'Dark Fire' was the 'Fire Elemental,' it would trace the 'Fire Elemental' that Tetris' consciousness had taken on and would cause the 'Mind' of the 'Dark Fire' and the 'Fire Elemental' to clash. The 'Dark Fire' would slowly eat away at the 'Fire Elemental' and the conscious mentality of the 'Fire Elemental' as they maintained direct contact with each other.

Mind :: 5th : Opponent

When the two 'Minds' clashed, Tetris' consciousness would use the direct connection between both minds clashing to establish an actual fixed location on the actual consciousness of the 'Dark Fire' itself, allowing her not only to target and lock onto it, but also gaining the consciousness of the being controlling the 'Dark Fire' so that she would have it for the 'Omnia Nirvana,' and therefore nullify the effects of the 'Dark Fire' harming Tetris in any manner afterward.

Dark Fire :: Soul : Support

Once the 'Dark Fire' was no longer a threat to 'Tetris,' it would start to ignite within her 'Soul' and begin to actively 'Support' her and help her understand the consciousness of the 'Dark Fire' through feeling its wavelengths within the fullness of her soul. The 'Dark Fire' that was felt inside of her soul would be understood as the same 'Dark Fire' in her 'Mind' that was being fully processed.

The 'Dark Fire' would soon be discovered by Tetris to be a burning fervent 'Passion' that was brought through the sheer intensity of the energy of the Souzenryoku of Fire itself as an energetic manifestation. The 'Passion' that blazed now would be of what motivated, inspired or urged Tetris to act impulsively like a raging fire. Starting in her 'Soul' would give her consciousness time to process the feelings completely as they came through the Souzenryoku of Fire, itself and poured into her as hot energy.

Trap Chest :: 6th : Support

The moment Tetris felt the feeling of 'Passion' coming from the 'Dark Fire' inside of her 'Soul' and also being processed simultaneously by her 'Mind,' she would begin to contain this feeling within her using a 'Trap Chest' consciousness in order to ensure that the 'Passion' was kept locked up and contained in a state of vibrational calm. The 'Dark Fire' of 'Passion' would not be able to exceed the confines of the radius of its emanation, which was the range of the 'Trap Chest' that kept it. Whatever entered that vicinity of her 'Omnia Nirvana' or her 'Soul' would immediately trigger the wavelengths of the 'Trap Chest' zone of her mind and trap whatever was inside of it. The conscious aura of her thoughts wrapped around her body, mimicking the form of the mental vibrations in her head as the conscious vibrations outside of her body, forming a 'Trap Chest' all around Tetris' general radius of influence, and within it, as well as sustaining it, her powerful 'Passion.'

Dark Fire :: Offense : Trap Chest

The 'Dark Fire' spread within the 'Trap Chest' radius, filling it to the very brim with the presence and vibrations of the 'Dark Fire,' itself. The flames would converge with the energy of the 'Trap Chest' area that was set and ignited it, causing the 'Dark Fire' to rekindle as part of the 'Trap Chest' and all of the energy sustaining the 'Trap Chest,' itself. This would cause the 'Passion' of Tetris to also keep the 'Dark Fire' burning and the 'Trap Chest' that contained it completely self-sustaining by the energy of Tetris' 'Passion' alone. Thus, her 'Passion' would be the form of a 'Dark Fire' and a 'Trap Chest' combined as one and triggered by the ignition of her fervent desires and intense flagrant feelings.

Command Golem :: 7th : House

Tetris, who was still maintaining the consciousness of a 'Fire Elemental' within her 'Omnia Nirvana,' was also still in her 'Fire Elemental' form after actively maintaining its consciousness for so long. The dark flares that trickled from the tips of the trailing flames that made up her body would suddenly stretch out to reach the farthest reaches of where she'd generated her 'Trap Chest' within her 'Mind' and would inevitably merge the consciousness of the 'Trap Chest,' the 'Fire Elemental' and the 'Command Golem' that had taken on the form of the 'Fire Elemental' all together as one, forging the new body of the 'Command Golem' that 'Housed' each of these other concepts as part of its overall design.

Thus, the 'Perfect' level 'Command Golem' was forged of the 'Passion' of Tetris into a 'Trap Chest' made of 'Dark Fire' that would activate on Tetris' 'Command.' Thus, her 'Passion' was not only sentient and consciously on call, it was now contained and a container, itself. The manifestation of her 'Passion' as a 'Command Golem' would appear in a burst of 'Dark Fire,' sporting enormous burning red horns and with a pitch black body of 'Dark Fire.'

Dark Fire :: Position : Field

The 'Dark Fire,' which was now a 'Command Golem' for Tetris to command would suddenly completely envelop her 'Position' with its presence, coating the entire 'Field' in 'Dark Fire, which would show up as bright red horns shooting straight up from the ground from a field of fluttering ebony flares. This covered every 'Position' on the 'Field' and therefore made nowhere on the 'Field' untouched by the 'Dark Fire' of the 'Command Golem.'

Wind Elemental :: 8th : Field

When the 'Command Golem' --which was now all of the 'Dark Fire'-- had settled, Tetris would immediately take command of it again and shift the 'Omnia Nirvana' completely to a new entity entirely. The 'Command Golem' would suddenly shift to becoming a 'Wind Elemental' which was bonded on a Harmonic level to the 'Field,' itself. This caused the 'Wind Elemental' to take on the form of all the air in the general vicinity of the Corona Badlands.

Cause :: Dark Fire : Cause

The 'Dark Fire' would ignite spontaneously as the new variable, the 'Wind Elemental,' caused the 'Field' to change with its bondage to the atmosphere. The two of these energies were harmonized as well, and therefore, the 'Dark Fire' would take on a property more similar to the 'Wind Elemental' it was bound to. The very air of the 'Corona Badlands' suddenly became filled with an intense heat that was tinted a translucent black. It wavered and flickered like heat does in high intensity or concentration, however as one attempted to look off into the horizon, they would see the amassed translucent blackness as a hazy 'Dark Fire' wavering about the air sporadically.

Seiryu :: 9th : Effect

Tetris would alter the data of the 'Wind Elemental' to take on the form of the legendary mythical Sacred Beast Seiryu, the Blue Dragon, and wait for the 'Effect' to take place.

Support :: Bishop : Dark Fire

The moment the 'Data' for the 'Wind Elemental' was altered, the 'Dark Fire' that was harmonized with it would also shift, as well. It would become a new 'Piece' for Tetris to use at her disposal, and would be issued to 'Support' her. All of the 'Dark Fire' congregated under her and stretched outward as a long, black serpent, whose dark flares would lighten to a shade of blue to fully match the 'Data' that was requested. The 'Wind Elemental' was now a blue 'Dragon,' and the 'Dark Fire' that coated it kept the wind pressure contained and controlled by Tetris, herself, to maneuver her new 'Bishop' as she needed.

Angel :: 10th : Bishop

When Tetris was aware that she had full control over a new being, and its 'Consent' to do with it as she pleased, she would immediately shift the consciousness of 'Seiryu' to that of an 'Angel,' and both a Halo appeared on its head and several pairs of feathered wings lined all down its back. Tetris merely thought to move her new 'Bishop' across the 'Map' and the 'Angelic Dragon' would take off into the air over the 'Corona Badlands' in its new completed state.

Dark Fire :: Variable : Bishop

Once in the air, the 'Angelic Dragon' of 'Dark Fire' would begin to do whatever came to Tetris' mind first. Until then, it would simply fly around in circles waiting for Tetris' next command.

Bakumu :: 11th : Dark Fire

Tetris 'Bishop' would carry her all around the skies of the 'Corona Badlands.' After a while, to continue the testing, Tetris would shift the 'Omnia Nirvana' to have the 'Bishop' become a 'Bakumu' for her, which would draw in and contain all of the 'Dark Fire' like a sort of jar, with Tetris inside of it. The 'Bakumu' would hover over the 'Corona Badlands' as a giant.

Dark Fire :: Bakumu : Tetris

The 'Dark Fire' that was contained within and comprised of the 'Bakumu' would envelop Tetris and protect her, keeping her safe inside of the 'Bakumu' as if it were a jar for her, and hovered over the land leisurely, overseeing much of the wildlife that naturally roamed about the Corona Badlands. Tetris would be able to see, as well, for the body of the Bakumu was jar-like and transparent. Wherever she wished to go or whatever she wished to do, the 'Bakumu' that was overseeing her would do it for her.

Kraken :: 12th : Garnet

Tetris immediately understood how much power she had over the 'Bakumu,' and with both of their wills combined, Tetris would have it carry her to the very center of the Corona Badlands and shift into the consciousness of a 'Kraken,' wherein several tendrils of 'Dark Fire' would sprout from the jar-like container and stretched out all across the land in order to fully connect to the 'Souzenryoku of Fire,' Garnet, herself. This should have fully established and maintained her presence over the entirety of the Corona Badlands, and also set the 'Souzenryoku of Fire' to become active around the 'Corona Badlands' simultaneously.

Dark Fire :: Dark Fire : Tetris

Once the 'Dark Fire' spread all across the 'Corona Badlands' and connected all of the 'Souzenryoku of Fire,' Tetris discovered the power of her own hidden 'Passion,' the very 'Souzenryoku of Fire' itself. This Fire Elemental, Garnet, was an energetic embodiment of Tetris' fiery feelings. Thus, the 'Dark Fire' that was both containing Tetris and being contained by Tetris would finally, after full connections were made, rest easy within Tetris and within the land, causing the 'Dark Fire' to die down and settle inside of Tetris. The air and the area would become crystal clear again, no longer afflicted by the blighting darkness that the 'Dark Fire' caused instead of producing light, like a normal fire. The atmosphere would become fully visible again.

Tetris :: 13th : Tetris

"Tetris," the woman said as her 'Passion' became contained within her, "Testing Complete. Souzenryoku of Fire Acquired." Now, Tetris not only had her own Fire Element under her mental control, but also could assist her higher restrictions with the processing of her capabilities with her Fire Elemental Form. Thus, when Tetris regained full control over herself, the 'Souzenryoku of Fire' should have been totally synchronized with her and the land from henceforth, securing and grounding Tetris' Fire Elemental Form. From there, there was nothing else for her to do here, and she would stream away immediately after the test was complete and off to the next location for testing.
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Magnus Ignis
Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
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Twenty First Ignition: Fire Legend 4; Wildfire Woods




The Magnus Ignis shone down on the 'Wildfire Woods', the eternally flaming forest. He sought to take a stroll through the flames and be in his element for a while rather than in meditation within the sun. The forest's bark was dry, but thick, and the treetops were made of fire instead of leaves. This 'Wildfire Woods' extended just as far as any woodland did, and many creatures that had an affinity to fire existed here, like the 'Bumpkins' and the 'Flaming Warhares'.

Magnus Ignis couldn't help but think about what he was and how he came to be. He was not the original Pumpkinhead, and he was but one of many Pumpkin Heads -- the Red Pumpkinhead. For some reason the flame of the forest made him think of the original Pumpkinhead that he ascended from. "... Pumpkinhead..."

As if summoned from a lamp, Pumpkinhead appeared behind Magnus Ignis as he thought, his form like that of a shadow and his head glowing a bright orange despite his scarred pumpkin head being black. No words were exchanged between the two for the moment, as most Pumpkinheads -- save for the Gold Pumpkinhead -- were very taciturn individuals.

Pumpkinhead: "..."

The flames flickered and crackled upon the trees and left the silence between them only broken by the sound of the fire. The Pumpkinheads also should have known what each one was thinking, as they were beings of thought -- of consciousness. Pumpkinhead was the keeper of Consciousness, but each Pumpkinhead had a different purpose. Only the original, however, knew the story behind all of the others and also why they existed whereas Pumpkinhead could have just been a single being, as he was in the olden days.

Pumpkinhead: "... Do You Want To Know Why You Exist...?"

Magnus Ignis turned to see the face of his predecessor and lower Restriction, Pumpkinhead. Magnus Ignis was conscious, but he was unaware of some things that only the original Pumpkinhead knew. As the flames wavered up above, Magnus Ignis bowed his head to his originator, though he was the same being as he. All of the Pumpkinheads were just different versions and Restrictions of the one original Pumpkinhead. Still, there were many questions left to be answered... Many 'Whys' that needed to be understood.

"... I Am Your Ascendant," Magnus Ignis, the Red Pumpkinhead said, "But You Are My Originator. You Exist On A Lower Existence Than I Do, Yet Your Being Is Greater Than Mine. You Are Powerful On Your Own And Have The Same Abilities As Each Of The Other Pumpkinheads." Magnus Ignis Raised his head, gazing Pumpkinhead in his carved eyes. "Why Do You Need Us? What Is Our True Purpose?"

Pumpkinhead was silent for a while, thinking deeply on the answer to these questions. They were difficult to explain, but not impossible. He needed to word this explanation correctly so that it made sense to the Magnus Ignis, who was very wise and understanding when not enraged -- one of the most understanding of all, in fact. Pumpkinhead knew this because that is what he was like when he ascended... And Magnus Ignis is WHAT Pumpkinhead ascended into.

"I Experience All Pumpkinheads Simultaneously," Pumpkinhead said, "But The Other Pumpkinheads Experience Only Themselves. There Are Things Unknowable To The Rest Of You That You Can Only Acquire Through Me." That was the beginning of this rather tricky explanation. The Pumpkin Head that rested on its Nightshade -- Pumpkinhead's Living Shadow and body -- shifted closer to Magnus Ignis, continuing to speak. "When I Ascend, I Become A Different Pumpkinhead... But I Am Always The Same Pumpkinhead. There Are Things That All Of You Know That Only I Know And You All Will Never Know Between Each Other Unless You Share Wisdom." Pumpkinhead hoped that he was making sense, for this is one of the reasons why he had the Pumpkinheads -- to get the garbled mess that was his mind in order.

"Each Pumpkinhead Is A Part Of My Mind. I Am The Consciousness Of All Pumpkinheads, But The Others Are My Subconscious And Unconscious Mind. They Store And Sort Out Information For Me. They Keep Records." Pumpkinhead looked Magnus Ignis in the eye. "But You And The Gold Pumpkinhead Are Different. The Gold Pumpkinhead Is Meant To Release My Consciousness And You... The Red Pumpkinhead... Are Meant To Keep Me In Check." Pumpkinhead was technically supposed to be of the Twelfth Restriction like his brother, Tigen, was. But Pumpkinhead was instead only the Fourth Restriction. Even Magnus Ignis was of the Sixth Restriction, two Restrictions higher than the original Pumpkinhead. "I Chose To Split My Mind Up. I Chose To Give Myself Higher Forms... And I Chose To Fall In Like With The Creator. I Was Crowned With A Special Responsibility During The Fourth Moon By My Own Father... And I Succeeded." Pumpkinhead narrowed his eyeholes. "Without Me, The Entire Veritas Would Not Have Made It During The Destruction Of The Lost World. I Remember This, And That Was My Task..." He looked down. "... To Destroy."

It all made sense in its own way. It was complex and complicated, but not unintelligible. Everything and everyone had purpose, and it was made clear before the Magnus Ignis. "I See..." he said solemnly, "... I Know What You Know About Many Things. You And I Are The Same Being, Essentially. You Grow Into Me, But I Come From You. You Made Me Higher Than You That You Might Become Me, But You Will Always Be You No Matter What Form You Take..." Magnus Ignis looked down, too. "And I... I Will ONLY Be Me." Pumpkinhead had the privilege of being any Restriction he chose, or any Pumpkinhead he chose. That meant that his position in line was not fixed, as the other Pumpkinheads were.

"But Why Are There Only So Many Of Us? You Did Not Create A Great Multitude Of Pumpkinheads, But Only A Select Few. Why Not Make Us As Numerous As You Please?" Magnus Ignis asked genuinely.

"I Did What Was Necessary," Pumpkinhead quickly said. "I Needed A Place Separate From My Inner Thoughts. I Only Made As Many Pumpkinheads As Necessary For Me. I Can Easily Multiply Myself And Create Another Pumpkin Head, But I Cannot Reproduce You All, Who I Made With Specific Intent And Purpose And Sentience And Will." Every Pumpkin Head that was created by Pumpkinhead shared the mind of the original Pumpkinhead and was no different than the original, unlike the other Pumpkinheads, who differed from him. As an example, Pumpkinhead multiplied his one Pumpkin Head that rested atop the Nightshade and had the grim looking jack o' lanterns hover around Magnus Ignis, moving as a hive mind, then dispersing into flame.

"... That Is All I Feel Like Explaining," Pumpkinhead said, turning away from Magnus Ignis. "You Can Figure Out The Rest. You Can Understand What You Need To. And You Know All That You Have To For Now." Truthfully, Pumpkinhead was tired of talking, as he wasn't one to speak very often or very much and when he did, it was always about something critical. "I Do Not Speak When I Do Not Have To. You Are The Same." Magnus Ignis definitely was the same way, keeping silent until absolutely necessary to speak. However, he differed because he was only of the Sixth Restriction, and that is all he would ever be. He would remain Pumpkinhead's ascendant form, but Pumpkinhead would always be the greatest of all Pumpkinheads.

"I Will Go Now," Pumpkinhead said, raising a shadowy hand up and slamming it to the side, creating a rupture in the fabric of spacetime and shattering the dimensional structure that held up that specific location he hit. There was nothingness on the other side -- darkness blacker than black -- and it was void. "Goodbye," Pumpkinhead said, slipping silently into the darkness, the light of his Pumpkin Head being the only visible thing in the void, not even illuminating it, but simply being seen. Soon, the dimensional structure of the realm recovered through its dimensional energy and it reformed the break in its dimensional makeup back to the way it was before Pumpkinhead traversed it.

Still a mystery, as he would ever be.

Magnus Ignis was humble to the Pumpkinhead, bowing before him and bidding him "Farewell." He was no longer confused, but he had much to meditate on now... Things he knew, things he didn't know, things he wanted to know, and things he didn't need to know. All of these things now filled his own head, and he began to walk through the Wildfire Woods alone in thought.

"... That Cannot Be All There Is To It," he muttered to himself, but he did not pursue. He knew that he would know when the time was right. "Still... What Is It That I Do Not Know? And Why... Why Do I Even Care?" Why should he? He was not of the higher Restrictions, which were all omniscient in their own way. All beings of the Sixth Restriction had the capacity for omniscience, but only through their elements. Taomin could see and be anything in the wind. Kairo could see or be any frequency or wavelength. And Magnus Ignis... Could see through fire and the stars. "... It Is Best To Mind My Business, For I Still Have Much That Is Unfinished." Magnus Ignis shifted into flame form, rising up into the fires of the Wildfire Woods and traversing the entire forest at a high speed. He could see everything within the forest and also anything around the forest. It was just the same as when he was the sun, only limited to the area he was in.

A hot bitch was walking through the flames of the Wildfire Forest. She was in all black, wearing a tube top and some skintight shorts that revealed most of her thighs. She stepped -- one boot longer than the other, but still the same height at the sole -- through the fiery wood seeming to be searching for someone or something. Her long, black hair with a red stripe running down one of her locks bounced with her step, her stride expeditious and with intent.

This was Misery, the longtime partner of the progenitor now paired up with one of his forms more suitable for her, The Beast. She was looking for him, raising a hand to her forehead to peer through the smoldering trees. "... Come out, you bastard!" Misery shouted, "I can sense you! I know you're here!" Misery had been waiting a long time for him to return from his excursions in other realms and whatnot. "You've been gone from home WAY too long." It almost sounded like she cared, but she was really just missing some sex. "Be quick about it, too. I've been waiting a looooong time."

The Wildfire Woods responded to Misery's call with a quick crackle of fire like the crack of a whip on her nearly exposed ass from one of the treetops, the scorching heat stimulating the sting rather effectively.

"YIPE!" Misery yelped, officially caught off guard by the snap of the flames. "Oho, that's it, YOU'RE GONNA GET IT!!" Misery extended her sword of Burning Condemnation from the palm of her hand, the dark fire shaping the edge of the sword with a red stripe running down the midst of it. "COME OUT OR I'LL MAKE YOU COME OUT!!" Immediately, Misery started felling trees, one by one, tearing up the Wildfire Woods in all its fiery beauty.

"Wait!" the flames of the trees cried, "Do Not Harm The Forest!" The brazen and reckless Misery Des Gloomi was in her regularly uncaring attitude for what she did to things around her, unlike her husband, Magnus Ignis, who cared for all such things nowadays.

In her path, one of the felled trees would extend into a fiery figure that stood several feet above Misery, hulking and burning as some vicious giant with smoldering eyes. "Why Must You Be So Destructive...?" the fiery Man-God asked, extending his arm of flame outward to merge with the flames of the trees and pick them back up, then melt them back to their stumps. That was about as good as it was gonna get for a Fire God. "I Have Returned," he said assertively, "State Your Business." It sounded like he was talking to her as if she were a stranger or something...

Misery smirked, having gotten her way. "That's better..." she said in a condescending tone, withdrawing her sword blade into her hand. "As for my BUSINESS," Misery would say with a hint of irritation in her voice, "Hell, you KNOW da business 'round here, chump!" Misery swiped at the fiery body with her claw-like hand and tried to grab the hand of the fire entity, only for her hand to continually pass through because he was completely made of fire right now. "... You have been out traveling the otherworlds -- WITHOUT ME, mind you -- and haven't come back to spend ANY time at all with me, and basically, you go off and do shit WITHOUT ME as if I don't exist, or something!" Misery was bored stiff waiting around for this lug to bring his ass back home.

"While you're busy playing around in the sun all day, you didn't even THINK to come see ME first." Misery stomped her foot hard on the ground, which made a small crater and shook the trees of the forest. "WHEN ARE YOU GONNA THINK ABOUT ME, DAMMIT?! Don't make me kill you..."

Magnus Ignis condensed himself into flesh, gazing down at Misery with sharp eyes as she threw her tantrum, wondering if he was like that when he was upset. He could never tell, but he and Misery were very alike in a few ways, which was why they were paired up together after the rebirth. Stubborn, strong-willed, destructive, and fiery.

But, as both a monk and a husband, he listened to the nagging of his wife and closed his eyes, waiting for her to finish before he spoke. "We May Spend Time Together Now," he'd say rather blandly, "I Was Clearing My Head. You Know That I'm No Good When My Head Is Not In The Right Place." He shook his head, opening his sharp eyes to gaze at Misery standing before him.

"Chyeah, you can say that again!" Misery said, going for the low blow when she had the chance, though she knew he didn't mean it that way. "I don't care. Whatever your reasons are, you should have come to me FIRST." Misery growled at him, making an angry but cute face that one could barely take seriously because of how adorable it was. "I missed you!" Finally, what this was all about... Other than sex. "You know how lonely it is in the Veritas when you live in the place where basically everything is ON FIRE and nobody wants to come here because it's ON FIRE?!" Tourism in the Veritas was crap these days. "Even then, I don't wanna be around anyone but you, anyway. Everyone else can go to hell, and I'll see them there." Misery, unlike most of the Goddesses of the Veritas was a Demon. A Succubus, at that. She was Fire Goddess by association, not because she actually was a Goddess. One could call her a Demon Goddess, and they'd be right, but she was WAY more Demon than Goddess. "So let's hurry up and go home already. I found my inner child, or whatever it is you said for me to do while you were off basically having fun without me."

Magnus Ignis furrowed his brow. "I Said Work Things Out WITH Our Child, If You Even Did That Much." It was appalling at how much Misery didn't listen. But he loved her anyway. "Where IS Our Child, Anyway?"

"Your guess is as good as mine," Misery said with a shrug. "Probably off destroying people, or something." She shrugged again. "EITHER WAY, we worked it out and she went off on her own to do whatever she was gonna do. So that means..." Misery's hand crept up Magnus Ignis' toned body as two fingers walking, getting as high as she could before she was just too short to reach the thirteen foot tall Fire God's chest, "... We have some alone time..." Misery had a LOT of alone time and did a LOT of alone things in that alone time, but she wanted to do those things with her husband now that he was back. "... So unlock your hands and start destroying me, you bad boy..."

It took an INCREDIBLE amount of patience for Titus -- the true name of Magnus Ignis -- not to be pissed off. Good thing he was 'Lord Patience', himself... Considering he got most of his frustrations out before, mind you, during a Super Oni rage that wasn't that long ago.

But that might have just been for storyline purposes.

Titus the Magnus Ignis would heed Misery's call, making a face that seemed distant and cold for someone to be so hot and fiery. He lifted his linked arms and wrapped them around Misery, beginning to ignite as he and she would burn away toward a new location.
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