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 The Legend Of The Magnus Ignis

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Magnus Ignis
Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
Magnus Ignis

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The Legend Of The Magnus Ignis - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: The Legend Of The Magnus Ignis   The Legend Of The Magnus Ignis - Page 2 EmptyMon Nov 23, 2020 7:39 pm

First topic message reminder :

The energy of Khrona found itself hovering over one of the newly shaped lands of the Veritas -- specifically within the Dawn -- which had manifested into something that was like an infant. It was the land itself given sentience through his own energy, and was now like a child to him. It was unexpected, to say the least, but it made him curious to see what sort of new life roamed around his body, as well as what other 'children' would be formed from the 'Crystal Tree Of Life' as one of the 'Fruits Of Life'. Thus, in his intrigue, he touched down to meet with this babe; the one known as 'Magnus Ignis'.

As important as its existence may be to the upkeep of these lands, its core maintaining the balmy heat that called near-constantly to the pleasant spring rains, it became increasingly apparent that it had no respect as an individual. Those that claimed to worship 'Magnus Ignis' were only really grateful for its flames and warmth, rather than who it might be; it was comparable to how one might pay thanks to the only cow of a starving household, her milk being life-giving, but she herself is a simple, dumb beast. Upon its last village visit, ----- it did not feed very often, and was careful to allow the locals enough time to prepare -- it heard whispers that questioned its sentience.

Villager 1: "Is he just a puppet? I doubt this is a God."

Villager 2: "Perhaps an avatar, then? You know Gods cannot walk among us."

Villager 1: "It never once spoke. He is like a summer storm; a way to convey the Gods' emotions."

It made its flames flare, knowing that it was with disbelief they contemplated its intelligence. Though innocent to the world, it was still conscious. Learning.

Unfortunately for the village, when the flames in its core flared as they did then, there would usually be damage to the nearest humans and their structures. There was no satisfaction for it to be found in the horrified eyes of the gossipers, their cheeks instantly reddened by the heat. Their kind turned on them in defense of the injured, and it was not a pretty sight. The 'Great Fire' rose with the rest of their offering in the palm of its hand and exited the way it had come as the gossipers were dragged off to face the justice of their kind.

Sitting complacently in a nest of charred earth, it dragged a dark finger through the surrounding soot. With no knowledge of where it had come from, could it truly ascertain who it was? How could it respect itself as an individual, as it so demanded of those surrounding it, if it did not know the basis of its foundation? It couldn't. The notion was null and void.

'You're plagued with uncertainty, are you not?' A disembodied magnanimous voice spake unto it from above, parting the lofty ashen clouds resting peacefully in the sky to shine the light refracting from the Crystal Tree. This voice carried on the waves of light only served as a catalyst for what was to come, as from the skies in a flash of black lightning would fall a being just as shapeless in form as its own identity.


Violent impact that shook the earth, yet left no trace of its falling. Smoldering like hot molten rock, the formless being swelled to the shape of a sphere before popping and overflowing like a bubble filled with goo. It sucked itself back into its own being, rising from the heated earth not unlike a simple souffle... And just as fragile, as well. A chaotic energy swirled about, smothering its face and suffocating its neck with its powerful grip, hiding the would-be identity of this creature all but its glowing white orbs in the shadows of the hood of Insanity. Soon, the rest of the black mass settled of a semi-definite shape; that of a slender man reminiscent of the one this realm once knew as 'Khrona Tensei'. This was his form now... And he could hear the cries of a being broken from himself plagued with the insanity of unknowing, just as he once was. Now looming over Magnus Ignis in an almost foreboding way, this reaper-esque apparition knelt down beside the lonely flame and stared at it from under his hooded cloak of swirling Insanity. If he had a mouth, it would be smiling as he asked it but a single question. "... What's eating ya?"

Uncertainty was a good word for what it felt, especially when it heard the voice from nowhere and everywhere at once. Eyes shaded by rocky brows, Magnus Ignis turned very slightly to the increased source of light. It was not often that it was able to see the shining tree, shimmering with all sorts of colors, but when it did, it was near-always awestruck. Such size was beyond its comprehension, and it was no small creature by any means. The same remained true now, as it was eerily uncommon for the clouds to part as they did, for the rain felt attracted to its heat. The soft hiss of steam as droplets collided with its molten core filled the momentary silence, the sound answering none of the questions it currently posed. Who had spoken? Was it Magnus Ignis that he was addressing? How had he found it?


The ground rumbled beneath its behind, warranting the flat of its palm to take on a portion of her weight to keep the Great Fire's balance. Its eyes had not been able to keep track of the object to make such an impact, but it could only assume that it had been something to fall from the giant tree, for why else would the clouds part so? Something seemed familiar about the chaotic goo, and thus its flames did not flare defensively until the bubble decided to pop. Licks of fire began to warm the earthen plates that decorated it, oozing light from between the cracks. The immediate area around it swelled with blistering heat. There was something that could not be trusted in the way that the emerging being seemed to fight against itself, smothering and shaping the form it was to become. It came closer then, but slowly, as if to seem less intimidating. As he -- as its voice defined it -- crouched, Magnus Ignis could more clearly see the white orbs that remained the only thing for it to focus upon in the darkness in his hood. He questioned it, but it could only stare at those white orbs, speechless. Well, in the sonic sense, at least. Created without vocal cords, it was like this that it was known as a dumb beast, possibly only a puppet upon the hand of whatever God so happened to be worshiped within the settlement that Magnus Ignis paused to rest and replenish itself.

However, this was the first time that a being had ever bothered to inquire how it felt, rather than what it needed, or wanted. A strange experience and a challenge which the Great Fire was determined to overcome. To acknowledge his question, the light within it flared for a brief moment, but it was in its gaze that it attempted to convey itself. Or, rather, the lack of knowledge about itself. It occurred to it that just as the locals had proclaimed it an avatar, this gargantuan man who apparently managed to loom over it could very well be the tree -- still visible by way of parted clouds overhead -- that it had looked upon with admiration far too few times. Well, that was an interesting thought, though not a question it could simply ask. Perhaps he would reveal himself by way of one-sided conversation if it simply continued to acknowledge and be grateful for his presence. T'would be a terrible loss to accidentally shrug off such an interesting man, one that would not treat it as a God, -- proxy or otherwise -- but rather an equal.

Light... It is a form of communication among wavelengths. A higher vibration than sound. Only very few can actually 'hear' and communicate with the light itself. He noticed it, definitely, in its 'silent' proclamations. Confusion plagued it, as if a lost child searching for their parent. He could sense it. He could feel it within it. This all came from the flare of its light within, which told more about it than a voice ever could. Such is why sound is on a lower vibration than the light. "... You know, you and I are very alike." It gazed up at the portion of the Tree seen from the parted clouds, shining beautifully in the sunlight stuck up above, and he could not help but take note of its admiration. That hole in the dark clouds seemed to be the only way that light touched down here... In this land whose light was eternally fueled by this entity. "... I come from that tree. But only as an apparition. A projection of the memories of the being that makes up that creation. Formless... Shapeless... Having to give myself definition. They say it's a gift, but... At times, it's a curse. Not being able to take your own form. Not being able to know what form to take. I've heard many times to 'Shape yourself' and 'Pull yourself together', but that uncertainty... That overwhelming uncertainty... Well, let's just say that's how we're alike."

If he had a mouth, it would be smiling right now. He wasn't sure if he should touch it, but he extended his black claw-like hand out to try. From it, a surging wavelength shot from him and toward Magnus Ignis' flaring innards to try to match and communicate with its. 'I don't want to hurt you. I just want to see what's got you so down.' The wave, it was sincere... It was warm... It was inviting. Something sound waves had difficulty portraying were feelings... Rather, they had difficulty portraying them to the best extent possible. That's something that a wavelength could do easily, though. A feeling, that is.

Of all the things in life that Magnus Ignis enjoyed, answers had to be the most satisfying. Though he puzzled it with his opening remark upon their similarity, his explanation was thoroughly sufficient. A part of it sympathized with his lamentations, for though it shifted through a host of forms, it knew what it was that made it: what forms felt comfortable, and with which it wished to be identified with. It felt itself leaning toward him by marginal degrees, tucking its long legs beneath it. Its fascination was trance-like in nature as it analyzed his speech patterns, his movements, and the shapes that made him up. The Flame was all the more glad for the chance to observe the foreign talons of his hand then, discovering him as quickly as he exposed himself... But there was a disconnect there. From where his sharp, menacing talons should have inspired a touch of fear within it, he gave off any impression of warmth and welcome.

Certainly, it shied away from the touch of his soul at first, but only for fear of invasion. It made its molten skin squirm to think of something worming its way to its core, holding the whole of its flames in its hand to become the sole decider of its fate. His words, and reassurance to itself that the tree -- as he said he was a memory of -- would not harm it allowed it to relax enough to allow him to proceed. The light within it faded to a passive, deep red, just as it was at rest, though a hint of orange remained to convey its interest. He seemed to be able to understand its light, and thus Magnus Ignis took it as a cue to continue its communication through it, even though it would be a matter of mere moments before he connected with whatever soul it was that it possessed... And when he did, there would be one permeating thought to flavor its sadness. 'I am alone in all sense of the word.' Physically, mentally, emotionally abandoned. The former did not bother it, as it was meant to be a solitary creature, but rather to be stunted in its growth by the absence of a mentor was positively crippling. Incomplete, it felt as though it would be forever to be used as naught but a battery, undervalued and eventually replaced by a bigger, brighter flame, forged by whatever lost art had been used to create it.

There, they met.

Two souls vibrating on the same wavelength, as if of the same kin. There were traces of mutual understanding between their feelings, even before these gentle waves reached the center of its core. Exposure. Fear. Misunderstanding. Yet, there was solace within it; like it could trust this interaction between them. This feeling. He said nothing more once its flames softened their light, almost like the light retracted into itself for only a deep red to be left behind. Though that deep red felt just as warm as he did. He knew that color all too well, within his own eyes long before, when he had a shape and a form. How he longed for what it had... And he delved deeper.

Khrona: 'Alone... Hahaha. Who are you telling? I no longer have friends nor family. I am forced to stay at a distance from all that I love due to my current state... No matter how much I want to connect with them once again as I am doing with you now. Though I know I will be with them soon, even knowing is cannot measure up to the feeling of complete and utter loneliness and disconnection... It's disheartening, even to one who knows his destiny is all that he could have hoped.'

At least Magnus Ignis could be content with this complete and utter loneliness. Someone who was born knowing more than that found it hard to accept it yet again... Especially when he had finally gotten out of that pool of darkness not too long before returning once again.

Khrona: '... I feel like I'm more connected to you than I actually know... Like you understand me better than anyone I've come across... Haha, but that might be true in the sense that everyone I've come across aren't deities, huh? Hahaha...'

Though true, there was something more about it. Something more than familiar, even... Like it was a part of him; a child, in fact. Lost and alone in the world without guidance, just as he. Something in him wanted to take it in, but he knew that the Magnus Ignis was the entity that sustained this plane. Still, he wanted to do something for it... To keep it company. '... I know you're the Magnus Ignis. But do you have something you... Prefer to be called?'

'I have no name but what I am called.' Curious, how discontent he was with loneliness. Was Magnus Ignis unnatural in a way? He had identified it as a deity, the same as himself, and it gave it great joy to be identified as a part of any group and accepted by another person. Even if he were to leave it right then, Magnus Ignis knew that such joy would not wither within it; simply because he was not there to confirm its belonging did not falsify the fact. 'Is this not the norm?' All this time, the Flame had simply identified the giant before it as 'The Tree', or its avatar. Was it not more fitting to have a name suited to one's station than one arbitrarily assigned? In its eyes, being one whose position seemed so stagnant, it was unthinkable to make for itself a name.

Forgetting that Magnus Ignis was born a deity and into this lonely title and position, it was perfectly content with all that this was, without wanting to know nor having ever experienced anything more. To it, this was all there was to its existence. Though he wanted to take it from this and show it something greater, -- as with any being content with their lives as they were -- he ran the risk of showing it a glimpse and opening up that new world of emotion that he wasn't sure if it was prepared to endure. Even the native beings that roamed their own specific planets and planes of existences, there were those that were happy with where they were and there were those that wanted to know and do more. Almost like a newborn child, what would be the consequences to such an action? Would the fires of the Magnus Ignis spin out of control in an emotional maelstrom? Would it be able to endure going back to this loneliness and confinement once it knew more? Perhaps it was better if he simply let it grow as it wished, rather than doing something to harm the natural balance of that.

Khrona: 'Ahaha, ahhh... Sorry. I wasn't born a deity, you know. I kinda had to... Ascend here. Hell, I wasn't even born normal entity. I come from a very long line of very, very powerful entities and beings. I considered that 'human-like' state as a larval stage; the stage for growing into something greater. Or, deciding if I wanted to.'

Yes, that form of himself... The one known now as the 'Third Restriction'... Simply a being born of the physical plane, evolved from what was once known as a simple idea; a thought, on the first dimension, growing its own will known as a soul from the second, and then finally, on the third dimension, the physical plane, it was born. Now, that was... A memory. Or perhaps, it isn't, but just something within him needing to be sorted out; to find its place in the grand spectrum of its entirety. Looking to Magnus Ignis with a concerned stare, only able to be discerned by the wavelength of the light of his glowing eyes, he slowly lowered his head to rest upon his arms, which were wrapped around his knees casually and pulling them inward. It was remarkable to see two great beings sitting about and just chatting. To the outside world, this form of communication would look something of the sort like simple flickers and flashes of light, with a hint of distortion in each wave; no longer needing the lower vibration of sound to converse. It was probably more than shocking to see such communication for a being that did not understand the nature of it. He kinda hoped they weren't scaring anyone...

Khrona: '... When I came here, I sensed some sort of discontent within you. What is that about?'

A larval state... So, perhaps every human that currently appeased it had the potential to be it? It seemed, from the way that the being before it described, that it would be a long and arduous process, but nonetheless, it was possible if they had the right heritage. It knew precious little about heritage, and only knew that the tiny babes in the arms of their mothers were sired by various males about the village, and inherited a secondary name to transcribe the male history of their line. In doing so, it became marginally easier to trace back blood through the ages. Presumably. Then again, the Tree did also say something about deciding if he wanted to become something more. With the awe and reverence that it was shown, it could see why becoming a deity would be too much for many to handle, or even wish to handle.

As he moved to a more comfortable position, Magnus Ignis slowly let its gaze drift from him, for his stare was much too intense for its liking. It did not otherwise move, but the depths of its core brightened momentarily to display its uneasiness. Of course, it would pay attention to when he 'spoke' next, but for the moment, it was content to watch its faithful companions of flame flicker about them. 'I have no idea of my origins, and thus have discovered I have no way to identify myself. Certainly, I may be known as others see me, thus by way of name mentioned before, but I have no way to define who it is that being Magnus Ignis makes me.' Great portions of rock making up the features of its face slid over their magma casings, their formation resembling as much of a frown as the tight-knit plating allowed. 'Just as you have a physical identity crisis, I feel I have a... Historical one.'

As it averted its gaze from his concerned eyes, he wondered if his stare was a bit much for it at the moment. His attention now on its core, -- which noticeably brightened -- he read that wavelength of emotion from its light to note the uneasiness flowing within it. Perhaps this type of question was too personal for it? Still, he listened to its response, which made things all too clear of its discontent.

Khrona: 'Historical identity crisis, huh...? Well, I'll tell you a story of what I know; everything here was created from the Crystal Tree. It grew from the depths of the underground and into the sky, and then extended its branches even farther than imagination! Splitting the lands into three separate portions connected by a nexus of its crystalline branches and roots, the three portions of the land known collectively as the Veritas were called separately the Dawn, which resided in the sky, Mezzo Terra, which resided in the middle ground, and the Dusk, which resided under the Mezzo Terra at the tree's base and roots. The tree split apart what was once only the Dusk to create these lands to resemble the land that came before it; the Reality. Much like the Dawn, the Reality floated about in the sky, yet had no definite settled landscape, and drifted about endlessly in a space unknown. Until it made its way to this planet and made impact.'

Though the story was long and in reverse chronological order, it seemed that mentioned everything.

Khrona: '... I guess since everything here comes from the Tree, I would feel a connection with you, anyway... But it's just strange, because I feel it more powerfully than within anything else... Weird, huh?'

He lifted his head now to rest his chin on his arms and stare blankly off into the 'Wildfire Woods', the gorgeous trees ablaze with their neverending flares.

Khrona: '... I don't know how much that helps you. But... That's what I know.'

Naturally, he did hope that it took some sort of information from that, even if it was just a little bit. He didn't want to feel like it was completely useless talking to it about this subject matter, especially after he made it 'go there.'

What an odd little story. Piece by piece, it made all the sense in the world, but the moment it attempted to grasp at the bigger picture, the pieces of the tale fell away into nonsensical whimsy. It knew that there were many stories told about how it came to be, but no two were alike. If everything came from the Crystal Tree, it too, by default, should also come from him. Deep within its core, there was an aching to reach out and simply touch him, be it by his avatar or no. As if maybe, he had the answers locked away to only be revealed by their physical contact... But in its experience, its touch was not revealing or creative, but rather destructive and cruel to any living creature. It supposed that it could cool its fingers to a point of no longer being a threat, since that feeling within it would not rest. His gaze was turned away from it now as it retracted a good portion of its molten blood from its fingertips, storing the heat so deep that its touch might only be as warm as a human's bath. Magnus Ignis hesitated as it extended its hand, uncertain of what this might hope to reveal. They were already connected in soul, so what would this possibly hope to do?

Magnus Ignis: 'I... I want to see you. I wish to journey to your base, but is that possible?'

Perhaps the connection they could have now wasn't strong enough to explain the feelings they had now, but this urge was so strong...

Magnus Ignis: 'These lands would be able to survive without me for as long as it would take to venture there, wouldn't they?'

Khrona: 'Not unless you can divide your will, as I can. If you leave this place completely, this land will lose its life.'

As he spoke, his form began to change... Nothing definite, yet nothing abstract, either. Pulled from his own immensity, he shrunk down to merely the size of a small child, resembling such, as well. The Insanity that was all that he is became less destructive and now, more definite in its own appearance.

Khrona: 'Ah... Looks like I'm finally able to take shape. One of my lower Restrictions must be giving me form now by altering his actions.'

Though he still was not complete, he was still purified of most of his iniquities that plagued him before as a swirling dark cloud of glop.

Khrona: 'Think of me as... The Soul of the Tree. My true Body is the Tree itself, but that is only a cocoon. A fragment of the completed form, a lower Restriction that manifests itself on a physical level, is the Body and the Mind. The Restriction in between out connection are the Emotions that must be sorted out. In short, you could say... I'm all over the place; literally! Hahahaha!'

It was difficult trying to piece himself together when these parts of him were disconnected so. The fragment of the completed one was going to be the one that brought them all together soon... But as for now, these things were all still separate in form, even if they were connected in persona.

Khrona: '... If it would make you happy, I can bring the fragment of the tree to this plane? Or do you wish to learn to split yourself up?'

As it stood, there were already beings that were created from Magnus Ignis, but did it have sentient control over them? This all seemed familiar... Yes, his memory was returning, thanks to the efforts of the 'Fifth'. That planet that he created; the one that harbored its own sentient life... It was a newborn babe, much like the Magnus Ignis, with no guidance and no knowledge, yet all the potential to become something greater. He remembered from centering his chakras that when the planet started to create life from itself, the Spawns of Khrona, without fully understanding and knowing what it was that it was doing in such procreation, it only led to more Chaos. A child creating and taking care of its own children... Without full understanding nor knowledge of its own self. He could see now that the Magnus Ignis was one of those 'beings' similar to the planet... And he had to think; did he really want it to 'create' more beings without fully understanding what it meant to care for them? Perhaps... It was he who was most naive. This land was new, and it was fresh. Beings created here were also of the same fresh understanding and knowledge, no matter what their intellectual capacity was... They had to learn, first.

Khrona: 'Those are your options, then. If you wish to learn, I will teach. If you wish for the Tree to come to you, then I will bring it.'

A decision. These are the things that make one's life either easier or more difficult; better or worse. It was important for growth and for learning. Perhaps, if the Magnus Ignis were given more choices... It would stimulate her growth exponentially.

Khrona: 'The choice is yours.'
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Magnus Ignis
Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands

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The Legend Of The Magnus Ignis - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Legend Of The Magnus Ignis   The Legend Of The Magnus Ignis - Page 2 EmptyMon Nov 30, 2020 12:50 pm

Twenty First Ignition: Fire Legend 4; Wildfire Woods




The Magnus Ignis shone down on the 'Wildfire Woods', the eternally flaming forest. He sought to take a stroll through the flames and be in his element for a while rather than in meditation within the sun. The forest's bark was dry, but thick, and the treetops were made of fire instead of leaves. This 'Wildfire Woods' extended just as far as any woodland did, and many creatures that had an affinity to fire existed here, like the 'Bumpkins' and the 'Flaming Warhares'.

Magnus Ignis couldn't help but think about what he was and how he came to be. He was not the original Pumpkinhead, and he was but one of many Pumpkin Heads -- the Red Pumpkinhead. For some reason the flame of the forest made him think of the original Pumpkinhead that he ascended from. "... Pumpkinhead..."

As if summoned from a lamp, Pumpkinhead appeared behind Magnus Ignis as he thought, his form like that of a shadow and his head glowing a bright orange despite his scarred pumpkin head being black. No words were exchanged between the two for the moment, as most Pumpkinheads -- save for the Gold Pumpkinhead -- were very taciturn individuals.

Pumpkinhead: "..."

The flames flickered and crackled upon the trees and left the silence between them only broken by the sound of the fire. The Pumpkinheads also should have known what each one was thinking, as they were beings of thought -- of consciousness. Pumpkinhead was the keeper of Consciousness, but each Pumpkinhead had a different purpose. Only the original, however, knew the story behind all of the others and also why they existed whereas Pumpkinhead could have just been a single being, as he was in the olden days.

Pumpkinhead: "... Do You Want To Know Why You Exist...?"

Magnus Ignis turned to see the face of his predecessor and lower Restriction, Pumpkinhead. Magnus Ignis was conscious, but he was unaware of some things that only the original Pumpkinhead knew. As the flames wavered up above, Magnus Ignis bowed his head to his originator, though he was the same being as he. All of the Pumpkinheads were just different versions and Restrictions of the one original Pumpkinhead. Still, there were many questions left to be answered... Many 'Whys' that needed to be understood.

"... I Am Your Ascendant," Magnus Ignis, the Red Pumpkinhead said, "But You Are My Originator. You Exist On A Lower Existence Than I Do, Yet Your Being Is Greater Than Mine. You Are Powerful On Your Own And Have The Same Abilities As Each Of The Other Pumpkinheads." Magnus Ignis Raised his head, gazing Pumpkinhead in his carved eyes. "Why Do You Need Us? What Is Our True Purpose?"

Pumpkinhead was silent for a while, thinking deeply on the answer to these questions. They were difficult to explain, but not impossible. He needed to word this explanation correctly so that it made sense to the Magnus Ignis, who was very wise and understanding when not enraged -- one of the most understanding of all, in fact. Pumpkinhead knew this because that is what he was like when he ascended... And Magnus Ignis is WHAT Pumpkinhead ascended into.

"I Experience All Pumpkinheads Simultaneously," Pumpkinhead said, "But The Other Pumpkinheads Experience Only Themselves. There Are Things Unknowable To The Rest Of You That You Can Only Acquire Through Me." That was the beginning of this rather tricky explanation. The Pumpkin Head that rested on its Nightshade -- Pumpkinhead's Living Shadow and body -- shifted closer to Magnus Ignis, continuing to speak. "When I Ascend, I Become A Different Pumpkinhead... But I Am Always The Same Pumpkinhead. There Are Things That All Of You Know That Only I Know And You All Will Never Know Between Each Other Unless You Share Wisdom." Pumpkinhead hoped that he was making sense, for this is one of the reasons why he had the Pumpkinheads -- to get the garbled mess that was his mind in order.

"Each Pumpkinhead Is A Part Of My Mind. I Am The Consciousness Of All Pumpkinheads, But The Others Are My Subconscious And Unconscious Mind. They Store And Sort Out Information For Me. They Keep Records." Pumpkinhead looked Magnus Ignis in the eye. "But You And The Gold Pumpkinhead Are Different. The Gold Pumpkinhead Is Meant To Release My Consciousness And You... The Red Pumpkinhead... Are Meant To Keep Me In Check." Pumpkinhead was technically supposed to be of the Twelfth Restriction like his brother, Tigen, was. But Pumpkinhead was instead only the Fourth Restriction. Even Magnus Ignis was of the Sixth Restriction, two Restrictions higher than the original Pumpkinhead. "I Chose To Split My Mind Up. I Chose To Give Myself Higher Forms... And I Chose To Fall In Like With The Creator. I Was Crowned With A Special Responsibility During The Fourth Moon By My Own Father... And I Succeeded." Pumpkinhead narrowed his eyeholes. "Without Me, The Entire Veritas Would Not Have Made It During The Destruction Of The Lost World. I Remember This, And That Was My Task..." He looked down. "... To Destroy."

It all made sense in its own way. It was complex and complicated, but not unintelligible. Everything and everyone had purpose, and it was made clear before the Magnus Ignis. "I See..." he said solemnly, "... I Know What You Know About Many Things. You And I Are The Same Being, Essentially. You Grow Into Me, But I Come From You. You Made Me Higher Than You That You Might Become Me, But You Will Always Be You No Matter What Form You Take..." Magnus Ignis looked down, too. "And I... I Will ONLY Be Me." Pumpkinhead had the privilege of being any Restriction he chose, or any Pumpkinhead he chose. That meant that his position in line was not fixed, as the other Pumpkinheads were.

"But Why Are There Only So Many Of Us? You Did Not Create A Great Multitude Of Pumpkinheads, But Only A Select Few. Why Not Make Us As Numerous As You Please?" Magnus Ignis asked genuinely.

"I Did What Was Necessary," Pumpkinhead quickly said. "I Needed A Place Separate From My Inner Thoughts. I Only Made As Many Pumpkinheads As Necessary For Me. I Can Easily Multiply Myself And Create Another Pumpkin Head, But I Cannot Reproduce You All, Who I Made With Specific Intent And Purpose And Sentience And Will." Every Pumpkin Head that was created by Pumpkinhead shared the mind of the original Pumpkinhead and was no different than the original, unlike the other Pumpkinheads, who differed from him. As an example, Pumpkinhead multiplied his one Pumpkin Head that rested atop the Nightshade and had the grim looking jack o' lanterns hover around Magnus Ignis, moving as a hive mind, then dispersing into flame.

"... That Is All I Feel Like Explaining," Pumpkinhead said, turning away from Magnus Ignis. "You Can Figure Out The Rest. You Can Understand What You Need To. And You Know All That You Have To For Now." Truthfully, Pumpkinhead was tired of talking, as he wasn't one to speak very often or very much and when he did, it was always about something critical. "I Do Not Speak When I Do Not Have To. You Are The Same." Magnus Ignis definitely was the same way, keeping silent until absolutely necessary to speak. However, he differed because he was only of the Sixth Restriction, and that is all he would ever be. He would remain Pumpkinhead's ascendant form, but Pumpkinhead would always be the greatest of all Pumpkinheads.

"I Will Go Now," Pumpkinhead said, raising a shadowy hand up and slamming it to the side, creating a rupture in the fabric of spacetime and shattering the dimensional structure that held up that specific location he hit. There was nothingness on the other side -- darkness blacker than black -- and it was void. "Goodbye," Pumpkinhead said, slipping silently into the darkness, the light of his Pumpkin Head being the only visible thing in the void, not even illuminating it, but simply being seen. Soon, the dimensional structure of the realm recovered through its dimensional energy and it reformed the break in its dimensional makeup back to the way it was before Pumpkinhead traversed it.

Still a mystery, as he would ever be.

Magnus Ignis was humble to the Pumpkinhead, bowing before him and bidding him "Farewell." He was no longer confused, but he had much to meditate on now... Things he knew, things he didn't know, things he wanted to know, and things he didn't need to know. All of these things now filled his own head, and he began to walk through the Wildfire Woods alone in thought.

"... That Cannot Be All There Is To It," he muttered to himself, but he did not pursue. He knew that he would know when the time was right. "Still... What Is It That I Do Not Know? And Why... Why Do I Even Care?" Why should he? He was not of the higher Restrictions, which were all omniscient in their own way. All beings of the Sixth Restriction had the capacity for omniscience, but only through their elements. Taomin could see and be anything in the wind. Kairo could see or be any frequency or wavelength. And Magnus Ignis... Could see through fire and the stars. "... It Is Best To Mind My Business, For I Still Have Much That Is Unfinished." Magnus Ignis shifted into flame form, rising up into the fires of the Wildfire Woods and traversing the entire forest at a high speed. He could see everything within the forest and also anything around the forest. It was just the same as when he was the sun, only limited to the area he was in.

A hot bitch was walking through the flames of the Wildfire Forest. She was in all black, wearing a tube top and some skintight shorts that revealed most of her thighs. She stepped -- one boot longer than the other, but still the same height at the sole -- through the fiery wood seeming to be searching for someone or something. Her long, black hair with a red stripe running down one of her locks bounced with her step, her stride expeditious and with intent.

This was Misery, the longtime partner of the progenitor now paired up with one of his forms more suitable for her, The Beast. She was looking for him, raising a hand to her forehead to peer through the smoldering trees. "... Come out, you bastard!" Misery shouted, "I can sense you! I know you're here!" Misery had been waiting a long time for him to return from his excursions in other realms and whatnot. "You've been gone from home WAY too long." It almost sounded like she cared, but she was really just missing some sex. "Be quick about it, too. I've been waiting a looooong time."

The Wildfire Woods responded to Misery's call with a quick crackle of fire like the crack of a whip on her nearly exposed ass from one of the treetops, the scorching heat stimulating the sting rather effectively.

"YIPE!" Misery yelped, officially caught off guard by the snap of the flames. "Oho, that's it, YOU'RE GONNA GET IT!!" Misery extended her sword of Burning Condemnation from the palm of her hand, the dark fire shaping the edge of the sword with a red stripe running down the midst of it. "COME OUT OR I'LL MAKE YOU COME OUT!!" Immediately, Misery started felling trees, one by one, tearing up the Wildfire Woods in all its fiery beauty.

"Wait!" the flames of the trees cried, "Do Not Harm The Forest!" The brazen and reckless Misery Des Gloomi was in her regularly uncaring attitude for what she did to things around her, unlike her husband, Magnus Ignis, who cared for all such things nowadays.

In her path, one of the felled trees would extend into a fiery figure that stood several feet above Misery, hulking and burning as some vicious giant with smoldering eyes. "Why Must You Be So Destructive...?" the fiery Man-God asked, extending his arm of flame outward to merge with the flames of the trees and pick them back up, then melt them back to their stumps. That was about as good as it was gonna get for a Fire God. "I Have Returned," he said assertively, "State Your Business." It sounded like he was talking to her as if she were a stranger or something...

Misery smirked, having gotten her way. "That's better..." she said in a condescending tone, withdrawing her sword blade into her hand. "As for my BUSINESS," Misery would say with a hint of irritation in her voice, "Hell, you KNOW da business 'round here, chump!" Misery swiped at the fiery body with her claw-like hand and tried to grab the hand of the fire entity, only for her hand to continually pass through because he was completely made of fire right now. "... You have been out traveling the otherworlds -- WITHOUT ME, mind you -- and haven't come back to spend ANY time at all with me, and basically, you go off and do shit WITHOUT ME as if I don't exist, or something!" Misery was bored stiff waiting around for this lug to bring his ass back home.

"While you're busy playing around in the sun all day, you didn't even THINK to come see ME first." Misery stomped her foot hard on the ground, which made a small crater and shook the trees of the forest. "WHEN ARE YOU GONNA THINK ABOUT ME, DAMMIT?! Don't make me kill you..."

Magnus Ignis condensed himself into flesh, gazing down at Misery with sharp eyes as she threw her tantrum, wondering if he was like that when he was upset. He could never tell, but he and Misery were very alike in a few ways, which was why they were paired up together after the rebirth. Stubborn, strong-willed, destructive, and fiery.

But, as both a monk and a husband, he listened to the nagging of his wife and closed his eyes, waiting for her to finish before he spoke. "We May Spend Time Together Now," he'd say rather blandly, "I Was Clearing My Head. You Know That I'm No Good When My Head Is Not In The Right Place." He shook his head, opening his sharp eyes to gaze at Misery standing before him.

"Chyeah, you can say that again!" Misery said, going for the low blow when she had the chance, though she knew he didn't mean it that way. "I don't care. Whatever your reasons are, you should have come to me FIRST." Misery growled at him, making an angry but cute face that one could barely take seriously because of how adorable it was. "I missed you!" Finally, what this was all about... Other than sex. "You know how lonely it is in the Veritas when you live in the place where basically everything is ON FIRE and nobody wants to come here because it's ON FIRE?!" Tourism in the Veritas was crap these days. "Even then, I don't wanna be around anyone but you, anyway. Everyone else can go to hell, and I'll see them there." Misery, unlike most of the Goddesses of the Veritas was a Demon. A Succubus, at that. She was Fire Goddess by association, not because she actually was a Goddess. One could call her a Demon Goddess, and they'd be right, but she was WAY more Demon than Goddess. "So let's hurry up and go home already. I found my inner child, or whatever it is you said for me to do while you were off basically having fun without me."

Magnus Ignis furrowed his brow. "I Said Work Things Out WITH Our Child, If You Even Did That Much." It was appalling at how much Misery didn't listen. But he loved her anyway. "Where IS Our Child, Anyway?"

"Your guess is as good as mine," Misery said with a shrug. "Probably off destroying people, or something." She shrugged again. "EITHER WAY, we worked it out and she went off on her own to do whatever she was gonna do. So that means..." Misery's hand crept up Magnus Ignis' toned body as two fingers walking, getting as high as she could before she was just too short to reach the thirteen foot tall Fire God's chest, "... We have some alone time..." Misery had a LOT of alone time and did a LOT of alone things in that alone time, but she wanted to do those things with her husband now that he was back. "... So unlock your hands and start destroying me, you bad boy..."

It took an INCREDIBLE amount of patience for Titus -- the true name of Magnus Ignis -- not to be pissed off. Good thing he was 'Lord Patience', himself... Considering he got most of his frustrations out before, mind you, during a Super Oni rage that wasn't that long ago.

But that might have just been for storyline purposes.

Titus the Magnus Ignis would heed Misery's call, making a face that seemed distant and cold for someone to be so hot and fiery. He lifted his linked arms and wrapped them around Misery, beginning to ignite as he and she would burn away toward a new location.
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Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
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Twenty Second Ignition: Fire Legend 5; Scorn

-Fire Blast-

The 'Hyperion Mountains' -- a volcanic range in the 'Corona Badlands' that winds and splits all across the land, making up most of the badlands that isn't the 'Eternal Desert'. The volcanoes in the 'Volcanic Range' are all active, normally spilling over with lava on a regular basis. There are very few safe roads that lead through the 'Hyperion Mountains', and there is nothing but more volcanoes at its end.

However, there was one special volcano far larger than the rest that made itself paramount to the 'Volcanic Range' -- the 'Grand Vulcanus.' The most prominent volcano in the Hyperion Mountains, what is now known as the 'Grand Vulcanus' was once the home of the previous Fire Guardian, Akira. It was carved in the image he wished directly into a volcano, and upon his abandonment and the renaming of the lands, his house became the new honorary 'Grand Vulcanus'. It also just so happened to be the very mountain that the fire deity, Vulcanus, once resided in, furthering the choice of its name. Still having his own set up inside, it is a great volcanic castle that has the face of a dragon upon it. Lava oozes from many sides and creates a moat around it, and there seems to be a bridge over it that leads to the front door. Stylish.

This particular place is important because, well, sometimes, the Fire God -- Titus the Magnus Ignis -- resides here. He watches over all of the Corona Badlands in the Land Of Fire, but this is one of his 'estates' so to speak -- the Grand Vulcanus.


The sound of the active volcano exploding from its top with a massive amount of magma that shot straight up into the sky, splashing down upon the 'Craterous Crags' below the Volcanic Plains.


Another explosion, this violent volcano seemed to be more than active today -- it was damn near obliterating.


One could only wonder what was going on in the Land Of Fire that was making this specific volcano go off like that, making pools and pools of lava at its base and streaming down the sides like melting ice cream...

"OH YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT!!!" a woman's voice screamed with a vicious pleasure, "GIMME THAT HOT STUFF, YOU LITTLE BITCH!!!" Of course, one with such a foul mouth could only be Misery, but why was her voice so loud? What could she possibly be doing that was causing a volcano -- the largest volcano, mind you -- to erupt like this?

"IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?!" Misery said with an antagonistic euphoria, "YOU AIN'T SHIT. YOU AIN'T NOTHIN!!" Whomever she was talking to, she was getting quite roused by them to the point of degrading them... But, no, Misery did that to everyone and everything, really. "FUCKIN' DESTROY ME, ASSHOLE!!"

She was asking for it.

And 'it', she got.

What was going on behind the scenes that was 'Not Safe For Work' was a malicious lovemaking that seemed more like malicious abuse than actual sexual misconduct.

The loud roar of what sounded to be something like the mix of a dragon, a bull, and a demon screeched deeply from within the belly of the Grand Vulcanus, followed by another immense explosion.


Cracks appeared in the mountain as heat and tension rose up to the proportions of quaking the entire land, many other smaller volcanoes going off in the wake of the explosion of the Grand Vulcanus this final time. The hideous sound that came from what had to be a monster was followed by repetitious beating which one could only believe to be bludgeoning over a megaphone. Lava flew everywhere like hot rain as it spewed from the tip of the volcano, splashing upon the smaller ones and melting some of them away.

Equivalent to the sound of the monstrous beast that lurked somewhere in the depths of the Grand Vulcanus was a moan of pleasure that bellowed throughout the land like a wicked siren. "THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' ABOUT!!" Misery shrieked, screaming out afterward with ecstasy that also sounded like a crazed, insane laughter. "UNLEASH THE BEAST!!!" Less than quiet about their engagement, Misery practically demanded that she receive more pleasure from the one lover that gave it to her like a raging demon. However they were doing it, it was going well... At least, on her end. "MAMA'S BEEN WAITING A LOOONG TIME FOR THIS!!!" She couldn't get enough! But that was to be expected, being both a Succubus and a Goddess. There were certain standards that had to be met in order to satisfy those sorts of needs, and it sounded like Misery was being satisfied sufficiently, despite her defamation.

"ENOOOOOOOUUUUUGH!!!" the Fire God shouted explosively, EVERY volcano erupting in the land after a final few earth-shattering pounds. "The Land Will Be Covered In Lava If We Continue. I Must... Restrain Myself!!" The Magnus Ignis could see through all of the lava that covered the land and saw what it was doing to the pathways that went all throughout the Corona Badlands. "The Creatures That Live Here Will Die If I Continue Like This," he said. "No More."

Finally, the two of them were seen inside of the pit of the Grand Vulcanus, Titus the Magnus Ignis having been in half Beast mode, placing Misery down from being mounted upon him -- as, he was standing whilst they were fucking -- and withdrawing his fiery horns, letting his red skin become fair once again. "We Must Be More Gentle," Titus said, binding his fiery hands back together, "I Do Not Want To Destroy."

"Pffft, fuck THAT," Misery said as she raised her skintight shorts back up, "I was having a BLAST." She laughed, not really understanding how much destruction was caused by her insisted violent lovemaking. "'Sides, it's not like I get that side of you often. I like to savor it when I get it out of you." She giggled and stuck out her tongue playfully, winking at Titus. "Who cares if we destroy a few things in the process? As long as I get WRECKED, I'm okay with that." She waved her hand in a passive fashion. "We can just clean it up later." She paused. "... And by 'we' I mean 'you'." Misery grasped Titus' waist, "Just gimme a little more and we'll call it square for you leaving me alone for so long."

"NO!" Magnus Ignis bellowed, pulling himself away from Misery. "You're Clearly Drunk. You've Had Enough." She was intoxicated with the pleasure she received but was blind to the destruction it caused for her to receive it in that fashion. "I Have A Mess To Clean Up Now That Isn't Just Something On Your Face." He was a monk, for God's sake. He was supposed to be more chaste, anyway. "If We're Going To Do It, We Need To Do It Less Recklessly And More... Passionately." His words were tender at the end, and his sharp, hard eyes softened. "... It Is Passion That Drives Me. Not Destruction." He turned away from her. "It Would Do You Well To Learn This Before Our Next Session, As I Will Not Become 'The Beast' For You Every Time You Want To Have Sexual Relations!" Suddenly, Titus became more frustrated than usual. "The Beast Is Not A Toy. It Is A Dangerous Part Of Me Meant For A Specific Purpose. If You Will Only Treat It Like A Monster..." He winced, "... Treat ME Like A Monster..." He turned to face Misery again, "Then We Cannot Have Sex Until You Understand That My Internal Being Is Not A Sex Toy!" He was firm about this, and when he was done speaking, he said, "I Will Be Out Fixing The Mess We Have Made. I Pray That You Think About The Words I Have Spoken," before fizzling out in a large flicker of a flame.

Shocked and appalled, Misery's mouth hung open as Titus told her off after they just made love. She didn't even have words for him before he took off, but her rage told the whole story. She walked toward the entrance of the Grand Vulcanus, muttering profanities and other things about Magnus Ignis as he left her there to stew. "... Make it seem like it's MY fault..." she mumbled. "... Just because I wanted a little bit of a special type of love..." She grasped her genitals tightly, smiling after she did. She was sore. But soon after, she let go and her face soured. "How can he not have enjoyed ME? I enjoyed HIM..." Misery continued to have these thoughts as she walked across the bridge, then got a glimpse of the destruction that they caused with their sex.

"... Uh, whoops," Misery said, chuckling nervously. "Guess we did do a number on this place..." She looked off to the side. "... Even if he did most of the work..." Misery was mostly just along for the ride. "... But that's not how it's supposed to be, is it...?" Misery reflected on this for a moment before shaking her head and frustrating her face again. "What the hell am I saying?! I'm a Succubus, Goddammit! That's how we work!" Though, she knew she could do a little more work than just sit back and take the heat. She thought of what Titus said about 'Passion' and it made her wonder. "... Passion, huh...? I thought we... Had that already..." She remembered fondly of the times before he left when that 'passion' was there, but she also recalled him being angry about something, as well. "Damn, he's so sensitive for someone so huge and menacing!" Misery sucked her teeth and continued walking toward the roads, which were blocked off by lava. It didn't bother her any, though, since she was a Fire Goddess. She could easily walk atop lava.

But she knew that it wasn't about that. In the past, she knew she was selfish and she promised to change that... But that old selfish Misery is what he loved. Though perhaps it wasn't as balanced as it was back before she became a Goddess. "... We used to be a team..." she whispered, "... But that was because I put in work when it was time..." All she'd been doing since she'd seen him was bitching. And she was known for that, but normally her bitching was done a little differently. It wasn't as... Selfish. It had more... Scorn to it. Something like a rivalry... Or a competition. He hated both of those things when it came to a relationship, but Misery thought it spiced things up. "That fire..." Misery said with her brows furrowed, "... Is gone, isn't it...?"

Well, she was going to get it back. Her eyes sharpened and lit up with a fiery red glow. Misery was going to get that 'Passion' that they had back, and she was going to prove that she didn't just see Magnus Ignis as 'The Beast' and a sex toy. Though she wouldn't admit it, those words hurt her deeply, but they drove her to want to be more understanding. "Fuck it, I'm gonna make sure I fuck HIM up next time!" She smirked, eyes burning. "... I won't be able to live with this hatred inside me if I don't..."

All the while Misery reflected on her own actions and feelings, Titus had a different task to complete. He had to clear the pathways of the Corona Badlands so that people could get through without worrying about molten hot lava pouring on them or blocking their way. He appeared in the sky out of a spontaneous combustion, arms still locked in place where they usually were. He meditated deeply and envisioned the whole Volcanic Range in his mind, tracing the heat signatures of the lava where they were most prominent.

Soon enough, the lava covering all of the pathways would rise up into the air and hover just above the volcanoes, about the height where Titus the Magnus Ignis himself was. The lava would come together quickly to create a very large ball that floated ominously over the land. This ball of lava would be supercondensed into the form of a small sphere that glowed with the light of a thousand suns, so to speak.

When this ball of supercondensed lava was created, Magnus Ignis opened his mouth to consume the superheated lava and feed himself. With it, he was given a great deal of refreshment, as if drinking a glass of water or eating a fruit. He smiled warmly as his task was completed, turning to face Misery down on the ground. She was in deep though, he knew, and from her heat signature, he could tell that she was really concentrating on something. He crossed his legs and let her be, hovering off somewhere else in the Corona Badlands.

Misery looked up to watch how Titus resolved the problem with the lava, effectively removing it all from the passages that their sexual escapades brought it upon. However, when he looked at her, she could sense something coming from him that made her angry... And when he floated off, she became angrier.

"Oh, so you're just gonna LEAVE ME, huh?" Misery wasn't feeling very appreciated by her lover right now, and that brought deep rage to her. "I'll go fuck something else up if you feel that way! Watch!" Suddenly, bull horns extended from Misery's head, red and burning hot. It completed her demonic look, but she was still a Goddess. A destructive Goddess, but a Goddess nonetheless.

She tilted her head toward the nearest wall and charged straight for it, blowing a hole through it with her horns as she made impact, and continuing to break through the solid rock that made up the walls and cliffs and such of the Volcanic Range. "FIX THIS, BITCH!!!" Misery cried as she hurtled through rock and lava, causing the volcanoes to spill what they had into the pathways yet again, only this time from below instead of from above.

Hatred coursed through Misery's veins... And it showed.

Now, Magnus Ignis had already left the area, but his omniscience over the Land Of Fire was absolute. He could see everything that went on from several different perspectives -- lava inclusive -- and manifest himself from any of the things that were there. When Misery began her rampage, he could see through all of the lava spewing where she was going and what she was doing, and fused his essence with the magma for the time being.

When the magma spilled out, it would rise up and take on the form of a magmatic giant, similar to one of the creatures that roamed the Hyperion Mountains -- the Hyperion Colossus. As Misery ran, more and more lava was drained into the form of this creature and not upon the roadside as she intended. The gigantic being looked down at her and glared silently, white hot eyes narrowed. It said nothing, but the intensity of its burning discontent was expressed prominently.

Taking a step forward, it stomped in front of Misery's path and would force her to run headfirst into a wall of lava that was now condensed to the point of being solid, yet still retaining its porous nature as a liquid instead of becoming rock. This was to trap her in a glob of lava as she ran so that Magnus Ignis could withdraw her up to the head of the magma monster.

Even in spite of what Magnus Ignis did, Misery kept on trucking it. She saw the foot come down and instantly drew her blade from her palm, the edge sharp and hot. With a single slash, she cut through ALL of the lava in her way and made a path, wherein which she would blaze through in a flicker as a streak of flame before it closed in on itself, then continued to run uninterrupted.

"I CAN TURN INTO FIRE, YOU IDIOT!!!" Misery screamed, running toward a cliff. She hopped it, her stride reaching all the way to the next cliff, which she landed on with a hard thud. Misery was already blindingly fast back in the past, and was even more so now that she was more experienced and powerful. She ran up one of the volcanoes and shot herself up toward the face of Magnus Ignis, sword hand cocked back and ready to swipe clean through. The worst of it was her 'Burning Condemnation', which engulfed the blade in its flame of red and blackness. Whatever it touched was burned in the very essence of its being, usually the soul. That meant that one hit from her 'Burning Condemnation' blade would deal severe damage to Magnus Ignis, even in a form that wasn't his original or true form.

Alarmed, Magnus Ignis swerved his upper torso to the side to avoid Misery's gliding swipe of Burning Condemnation and let her soar through the sky. His anger intensified severely after seeing that she was taking things too far YET AGAIN and not understanding the ramifications of her own actions.

So, Titus would rise up from the top of the magma giant's head, sitting in a meditative position and sharp eyes glaring down the soaring Misery. He still said nothing, but inside, he was feeling quite a bit. Whilst Misery was unable to change her course in midair, Titus took it upon himself to fill in all of the gaps and holes she made with the lava, hardening it back to stone. Any excess lava was supercondensed much like before and made into a burning ball for him to consume.

Devouring the lava ball, Titus had no words for Misery as she continued her rampage, but he did have retaliation. The sun burning high above them would bring one of its rays into a singularity, shining a spotlight on Misery and following her like an eyeball. The ray eventually became a beam that was shot straight from the sun itself -- an 'Iris', as it was called -- and had the power to blow a huge chunk out of the ground should it make impact, which it intended to make with Misery to pin her down. The 'Iris' wasn't at maximum power, but it was at juuuust enough to counter Misery's power, since Titus knew how strong she was firsthand.

He himself floated in his meditative position over the Corona Badlands, watching Misery as closely as the Iris was targeting her, almost as if it were his own eye gazing at her.

Though Misery had her aerial assault figured out, she didn't have a plan for landing. Oh well, she could just crash into something or turn into fire or whatever and shoot herself to the ground. But that wasn't the point right now. The REAL issue was that there was a light shining on her that she KNEW was coming from Titus. He was attacking her.

Still, the ever skillful Misery twisted in the air and used her blade to deflect the shine, then swung it fully to knock the beam away. Misery was also super strong, though definitely clearly not as strong as Titus was. Her strength was one of her trademarks next to her speed, so deflecting a laser beam that could blow a chunk out of the ground was almost nothing to her. The impact did, however, send her hurdling to the ground from the clash, wherein which she would land on her feet with a powerful stomp. A HUGE crater was made upon impact, and several nearby volcanoes erupted simultaneously with her landing.

Without even so much as a second though, Misery shot herself back up into the sky with a powerful thrust from the ground, using every bit of the force from the impact to bounce back faster and higher than before. She streaked toward Magnus Ignis, sword blade still jutting from her hand and covered in Burning Condemnation flames, black and red fire fluttering from her body as she sped ever closer. She saw the look in his eyes and felt a deep hatred in the pit of her stomach rise up to her head and through her body, further igniting the already burning sword with a larger flame. "EAT THIS, BITCH!!" She grabbed her arm with her other hand and swung her blazing sword of Burning Condemnation as hard as she could, aiming at Titus' head.

It only took the raise of his fiery hands up toward the burning sword as it neared his head to halt it in its tracks, as if the flaming fists bound together by each other were solid and hard. Magnus Ignis stopped the blade with his fire hands, never unlocking them, and never changing his glare at Misery. Now, however, it had intensified into something of burning hatred. She understood nothing. Knew nothing. Learned nothing. And so, this was their fate; to fight based on each others' hatred for the other and not for the love that they both shared mutually. It made Titus sick.

"..." Still he was silent, rage intensifying. Whereas Misery allowed her fury to run rampant as soon as she felt it, Titus let it build gradually, having patience where patience was due. Though even as Lord Patience, his patience could run out. There was a time for everything, wrath inclusive...

But his wrath was not yet so.

Merely a gaze of scorn.

The Magnus Ignis did not simply leave Misery's blade betwixt his burning hands, however. No, he thrust them forth with great strength, enough where it should have been able to send Misery flying yet again clear across the Corona Badlands. Wherever she ended up, Magnus Ignis would appear there on the ground in a burst of flame, ready to deal with Misery close range. His hands remained locked in place.

Misery continued to look Titus in the eye, finding his scorn to be infuriating to her. She couldn't stand that look on his face... Like he was better than she was just because he could keep his anger inside of him. Like he was unhappy with her because she was being who she was. She couldn't take it.

"Those are the eyes..." she said, being flung away, "THAT INFURIATE MY SOUL!!!"

Speaking of souls, Misery's 'Oversoul' burst outward around her, encompassing her body fully in an orb that resembled a skull. She did hit the ground, but not physically; her soul cushioned the fall for her as she landed. She had fallen into the 'Craterous Crags', where the lava pools were natural and the ground held open holes to the magmatic underground that functioned something like geysers. When she touched down, her 'Oversoul' disappeared, but she was starting to use the power of her own soul to fight... She was putting her very being into this now, giving this her all.

Why did this mean so much to her when she was the one at fault?

It was because of how Titus handled situations between them. Instead of getting outwardly angry, he got silent... Until he exploded with anger and became The Beast again. She was able to push him there, but this time seemed different... He didn't seem like he was holding the thing back. Maybe he'd gotten better at it while he was away... Or maybe he just didn't feel like Misery was worth that effort. Whatever the answer was, Misery still felt nothing but scorn for Titus as he looked at her with those hateful eyes. Like he hated her. Something about her. Anything about her. She hated that.

There he appeared before her when she was on the ground and immediately, she started to swing her blade around violently and swiftly, making blurs of black and red in the multitudes as she raised her hands to slash at him. She wanted to cut his soul... Like he did hers.

Titus could see Misery was putting a great deal of effort into trying to strike him. She was serious. But so was he. He wanted her to realize for herself what she was doing was not the way instead of hearing another chastisement from him. He grew tired of telling her over and over not to do things in that fashion; the way that hurt herself and others. The way that hurt him. But it seemed like this time she was TRYING to hurt him. Had his stare of scorn really infuriated her very soul? If so, then that still meant that he was on the right track with her, for it meant she could see his own hatred for her actions. Though it may not have been the correct reaction, it was definitely a step in the correct direction -- recognition. Eventually she would see what it was he hated... Or maybe she already knew.

Was Misery trying to defend herself?

Did Titus cut into her being when he chastised her?

She was feeling attacked, and so she attacked. He knew that about her very finely. The issue was that she SHOULDN'T feel attacked when she was wrong, and that was something that she needed to work on. He couldn't keep cleaning up after her or letting her do as she pleased being reckless and destructive just because it was in her nature. The Veritas was their home, regardless of their origins. That, and no one felt like cleaning up messes all day that didn't have to be made. Accidents happen, but purposeful things could be avoided. Maybe she would understand that. That was all he wanted her to recognize without feeling like he was trying to change her or attack who she was, which she seemed to be confused about as of present.

Still saying nothing but holding in his anger, he dodged the sword attacks skillfully by partially changing into fire and flickering in different directions like a wavering flame when the wind was about to blow it out. The force of each strike would blow the flaming upper torso of the Magnus Ignis in a different direction, allowing evasion altogether without any sort of effort or movement from his place on his part.

Finally, to end the onslaught, a burst of lava shot up from one of the craters in the area like a geyser, knocking the sword away and likely giving distance between Titus and Misery. When that happened, his flickering body shifted fluidly back into flesh and he looked at Misery with eyes of compassion. They were still sharp and cutting, but this time, there was tenderness behind them as if he understood her own troubles going on within. If his eyes infuriated her, perhaps they could endear her, as well.

Missing every swipe and being blasted back, Misery's fury knew no bounds now. "You son of a--!!" She was about to attack him, but when the lava stopped spewing, she saw his eyes again. They were the same, but different somehow. She knew when she looked into them that he was repentant for how he'd hurt her, and so, she felt the same way about doing what she had done and being a little too careless and rowdy than was proper.

Misery withdrew her sword back into the palm of her hand. She looked down and said to Titus, "... I get it." That was about as close to an 'I'm Sorry' as he was going to get, but she knew that he would understand from her actions that she was sorry for what she did. "... I'll get myself together and keep it together," Misery said. "... Like you do." Part of her hated that he was like that because she wasn't like that when she needed to be, but she also admired it about him because he was able to control himself so well nowadays. As much as she loved the wild ride that The Beast was, she respected the Monk that the Fire God had become and the control he had over his flame.

"But don't think that you're off the hook for trying to leave me!" she said, getting fired up again. "What was that all about? We are lovers. We haven't seen each other in I don't know how long. Why would you even THINK leaving me alone after what happened was a good idea?" Misery wasn't the only one at fault here. As sensitive as the big guy was, he was quite insensitive at that moment. Usually it was Misery being insensitive, but when it came to love, she was actually rather tender. "Well? Explain yourself!" Misery tapped her foot on the ground, placing her hands on her hips in a saucy fashion.

Titus closed his eyes, smiling softly. "Mm..." he hummed gently, feeling the warmth of compassion in his chest. The hatred was fading with every word Misery said, and her understanding grew to a point where the Magnus Ignis could actually speak to her without her blowing things out of proportion or taking the matter to heart in a way that wasn't so. His chastisement was harsh in terms of action and wording at times, but he always meant to do and make good by it.

"I Was Leaving To Let You Reflect On What You Seemed To Have Come To The Conclusion Of Before," Titus answered Misery, "But It Seems As Though I Moved Too Soon And You Mistook My Actions For Negligence. I Wanted You To Come To Realize What You Know Now On Your Own Without My Help." And she did... To a certain degree. Sure, it took a fight to work it out, but she did it... Mostly on her own.

In regards to the fight, Magnus Ignis was actually rather impressed that Misery was still so sharp after being docile for so long. He opened his eyes and let them rest tenderly on her, feeling inside of him the passion that was the flame between the two of them flare up again, for he admired one who was skilled in combat. "If Our Issues Are Resolved," Titus would begin to say, "... Then Let Us Make Love Again." He felt like Misery earned it, and that she wouldn't treat him like a sex toy for her pleasure. He knew her growth was at least that great.

"Ohhhh, okay," Misery said, understanding now that she took his actions to leave the wrong way. "Yeah, my bad," she said as well, rubbing the back of her head as she looked away.

But then Titus said something to her that made her swoon. She knew after those words that she'd truly been forgiven, and also that she got a certain level of admiration from the fight that she knew he didn't have before. "Hell yeah!" Misery shouted, raising her fist up into the air, "Let's do it, baby!" She was actually not thinking about the external pleasure, but that fire inside that happened from the internal pleasure of lovemaking -- something she had, at first, thought was gone. "I'm gonna give it to you good!" Misery assured him, feeling like she was going to be the one to do some work in the bedroom now. "Let's get it ON!"

Chuckling softly, Titus would look to Misery with love in his eyes and in his heart, lifting his shackled hands up and over her head, pulling her close to his body. This time he was going to take her to the Fire Sanctuary so that there would be no need to worry about any type of casualty, since that was their home, anyway.

With a spontaneous ignition, he would change both of them into fire and flicker out, ready to see the love of Misery for himself... And to give her love in return.
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Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
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Twenty Third Ignition: Fire Legend 6; Hyperion Colossus


One of the deities of these Corona Badlands, the Hyperion Colossus; a great being whose head easily surpasses the height of the clouds when upright, its body ever maturing as it molds more and more volcanoes from the mountain range serving as its entire physical makeup. Where it was once just a lifeless strip of mountains, it is now a great burning volcanic deity treading about the Volcanic Range. It has aged and matured quite significantly since its conception. Now, the Hyperion Colossus is the guardian of the Mountains, and serves as an entire mountain range in and of itself in tandem to the Hyperion Mountains. It and its younger sibling, Mt. D'Stroi, are the rulers of this land, under the direct command of the Fire God, otherwise known as the Kasaigami.

After Magnus Ignis was done dealing with Misery, he would come to the mountain range that was the Hyperion Colossus, watching it rest upon the ground undisturbed. It was technically a Divine Pet, but it was also its own being, along with its younger sibling, Mt. D'Stroi. Those were two beings that The Insanity created from the Hyperion Mountains long ago in the Lost World, using them both to wreak havoc across the land. When the Hyperion Mountains were taken back from The Insanity by the Tensei, so too were the two deities of the Hyperion Mountains. Now, Mount D'Stroi no longer roamed the Hyperion Mountains, but the Hyperion Colossus slept soundly where it was until it was needed. However, the Magnus Ignis knew that leaving the Hyperion Colossus to sleep for however long it had been just to summon it later if things ever happened in the Veritas was not a good thing to do, and to actively interact with it was essential.

So, Titus the Kasaigami would manifest out of flame at the base of the Hyperion Mountains and seek to awaken the sleeping giant. It was under his direct command, so it shouldn't have been hostile upon awakening. The only thing about it was that Titus did not know what he was going to DO with the Hyperion Colossus, as he wasn't entirely certain about what the deity would consider engaging in terms of interaction. He'd just have to wait and see.

"Hyperion Colossus," the Kasaigami called out, "Awaken From Your Slumber And Rise To Meet Your Master." Titus waited with his legs crossed, hovering in midair, his bound hands of fire resting in his lap.

There was silence for a while.

Nothing stirred nor moved, and even the volcanoes seemed unusually quiet. It wasn't until the faint rumbling of the earth began that noise picked up, boulders scraping against one another as it seemed like the very mountains themselves were rising from their place lodged into the ground. The grinding of the rock upon rock filled the air as a very large portion of the Volcanic Range elevated into the air, suspended only by stone that was connected to particular edges of the entire construct. These stones fit into sockets that seemed to be those made for arms and legs, which pushed up from the ground and revealed the back of an enormous figure.

Stony fingers spread between the rocks and pressed upon the earth to further push the large mass that was in the air farther up, flat and mountainous feet raising it up high. What turned around to greet the Kasaigami, ruler of the Corona Badlands was an earthy being with a ridge of volcanoes running up the spine of its back, smaller ones scattered about around the edges. Its front held many boulders together with liquid hot magma that glowed brightly as the being breathed. Its chest was formed acutely by larger boulders that made out as pectorals, and smaller ones that created an abdomen. The face of the creature was a mixture of stone and lava, glowing like hot metal and with magma oozing from the top of the head like a volcano.

It was the Hyperion Colossus, freshly awakened and rather confused as to why it was disturbed.

Gazing at the very minuscule Fire God, the Hyperion Colossus gave a magmatic roar as a sign of greeting, almost like a fierce yawn. Molten baths splattered from its back, shooting out of the volcanoes that ran up and down it. Standing on its own two flat mountain feet, it stood leagues taller than its master, but seemed ready to obey whatever command it was given. The molten monster's hand reached for its head, scratching at it with a finger, a sense of confusion to it. For whatever reason the great being was summoned, it surely did not understand why. It sensed no danger or threat of any kind, and unlike when it was created, it bore its sanity within it to keep it docile and friendly instead of wild and ferocious.

Thus stood the Hyperion Colossus in all its glory, awaiting the word of the Kasaigami, Magnus Ignis.

There Titus the Kasaigami stood before the Hyperion Colossus, which gazed him in the face with blazing eyes of confusion. The Fire God could only stand amused and chuckle lightly at the bewilderment of the great giant, for it was like that of a child. He asked it, "You Are Wondering Why I Have Summoned You From Your Slumber, Correct?" The Magnus Ignis shook his head. "It Has Been A Very Long Time Since You And I Have Engaged With Each Other, Hyperion Colossus. I Am Simply Here To Check On You And Your Status." Certainly, a being born from The Insanity might return to The Insanity should it be provoked, but the Kasaigami here was here to prevent that with a healthy checkup. "I Apologize For Disturbing Your Deep Slumber," The Magnus Ignis said, bowing his head to the Hyperion Colossus deeply. "Forgive Me. I Am Simply Making Sure That You Are Well."

Titus raised his head and looked up to the Hyperion Colossus, smiling warmly. "I Do Not Want To Have Disturbed You For Only That Reason," he began to say, "So I Also Am Here To Engage In Merriment With You." In other words, "To Play." Now, Titus didn't know exactly what the Hyperion Colossus found 'fun' considering that the only time it had its way was when it was running rampant in an insane fit, destroying the land and making it its own. That is how this land became so widely barren... At least in this area. The rest of the land had its story, but the Hyperion Mountains had the Hyperion Colossus as a part of its story... The being made as a child of The Insanity.

Now neutral, the Magnus Ignis thought it good to make the Hyperion Colossus feel like it was beloved instead of just a weapon. As such, he said to it, "I Am Here To Show You Love. And, I May Not Know What You Like To Do For Fun, But I Do In Fact Have A Creature I Have Tamed That Might Serve As A Sufficient Playmate For You." Titus looked up to the sky, which had the smoke of the various volcanoes blotting out the sun in certain areas. However, as he looked up, the ashen smog cleared away and shone down the rays of the sun, which beamed brightly on the area that they were in. You see, Titus had another Divine Pet that was under his dominion that he tamed as one of the heads of the fabled Orochi -- a dragon.

"Quetzalcoatl," Magnus Ignis called out, his voice booming and resounding in the air. He was summoning his pet dragon, which was formerly one of the Eight World Serpents that belonged to the Eight Heads and Eight Tails of Orochi, The Eight-Headed, Eight-Tailed serpent. The creature bore every World Serpent as one of its eight heads, and Titus was the one who cut off and tamed the Quetzalcoatl.

He awaited his dragon companion to come from its lofty place in the Fire Sanctuary, where it normally lived.

The sky was clear. The sound of a serpentine roar could be heard coming from the distance as what looked like a very long string of feathers came into view from out of the blue. The nearer it got, the more of it could be made out -- twas a rainbow-feathered serpent of various wings, each aflutter in their own harmony as the snake soared. It twisted itself around when it drew near to the Hyperion Mountains, gliding down toward the Volcanic Range in a spiraling fashion. Each of its rainbow-feathered wings shined brightly in the light of the sun, magnifying their color and splendor as the beautiful bird-like snake slithered down through the air. It curled around the largest peak of the Hyperion Colossus and slipped back into the air in one fluid motion, shining feathers illuminated all the way through. This was the dragon Quetzalcoatl. It did not stop for a moment to greet its master, but circled the air around him as if showing sign of its readiness to be commanded.

The Hyperion Colossus understood what the Magnus Ignis was saying to it, but did not expect its playfulness to be satiated by someone so very... Small. The titan was used to dealing with things on a larger scale, like its own younger brother, Mt. D'Stroi, or The Insanity when it was large and foreboding. The entire range of volcanoes and even beyond into the rest of the Corona Badlands was like a playground to the Hyperion Colossus, and this small Fire God did not even reach the ankle of the beast by even a little bit. He was so small, the Hyperion Colossus had difficulty seeing him. He was like a speck to the ginormous giant. If it weren't for his immeasurable power that could be sensed in spite of his site, the Hyperion Colossus might have thought it a joke for him to command it. But it respected the Kasaigami's power, which radiated from his tiny form as a condensation of rawness. Its radiance also seemed fused with the land itself, which the Hyperion Colossus could tell by just observing the energy of the Corona Badlands. This was truly its master.

When the feathered serpent named as the dragon Quetzalcoatl was seen by the Hyperion Colossus, it was roughly large enough to be considered a suitable being to interact with it. The dragon was certainly large and long, and its beauty knew no bounds. The Hyperion Colossus reached up for Quetzalcoatl in a childish fashion, trying to grab it out of the sky and have fun with it... In whatever fashion that might have been.

Quetzalcoatl stayed just out of reach of the Hyperion Colossus, almost as if out of mischievousness. The sly serpent wouldn't just allow itself to be snatched out of the sky by some lugging monster. It was far too wise and proud. However, it did tease the creature by dipping down every now and then, just within range, then rising back up just out of reach again. Quetzalcoatl saw this as entertaining, at least a little bit.

As the feathered serpent arrived on scene, the Magnus Ignis, Titus, would chuckle at the little playfulness the once vicious dragon had about it. "It Seems That You Two Are Getting Along Already," he said about Quetzalcoatl and the Hyperion Colossus. "Just Do Not Get Carried Away." He wondered what a serpent that controlled the weather and a volcanic deity would do together, but they were both already here, so that would soon be figured out. The Kasaigami might have been quite small in comparison to the both of them, but he could enlarge himself to basically any size he saw fit and take on a multitude of fire related forms that were not confined to a flesh. He could even cause his own flesh to become enlarged if he saw fit. He was a God, after all, and such menial things were no hassle to him.

As such, Magnus Ignis did not want to simply sit back and be a bystander of the play of the two deities. For now, however, until he could observe the two of them a little more, he would stand by and go into meditation, thinking deeply on what it was that he would do with the two of them. It was tough to be a God; so many options to do simple things and the necessity to make the correct choice with those options always looming overhead. "Hmmm..." the Magnus Ignis wondered, going into deep meditation. "... Mmmm..." His eyes closed and his mind expanded, going through a series of different methods of dealing with the situation at hand.

Whilst the dear boy went into meditation, a certain frequency pierced the ear of the great Hyperion Colossus; one that was known all too well throughout the Veritas. Twas a remnant of what once was, for, the Hyperion Colossus had not been awakened since the day it was put to sleep. That left it with just a tiny bit of what its old master left inside of it... Insanity.

"What...?" a deep, gurgling voice questioned from out of nowhere, "... What Have You Done To My Child...?" Born of The Insanity, as the Magnus Ignis feared, there was indeed a trace amount of insanity left within the Hyperion Colossus when it awoke, and that tiny little bit was all that was necessary to spark a grand ignition of incredible voracity. "... You... Do Not Command This Vessel... Kasaigami..." The Insanity said, causing the Hyperion Colossus to revert to its original destructive self with just a whisper, "... I Do."

Volcanic ash poured from the spouts upon the back of the Hyperion Colossus, spurting into the sky and causing a calamitous storm to brew filled with sulfur and fire and lightning. The sun was totally blocked out and the scornful eyes of the malignant adversary of the Tensei opened up in the cloudy smog, burning red. From the billowing ash clouds came arms that stretched around the Hyperion Colossus, easily dwarfing it and forming themselves as if to insinuate the Hyperion Colossus a toy betwixt the palms.

"All It Takes Is A Tiny Bit..." The Insanity said, "To Bring Forth The Entire Thing." Of course, it regarded itself, as the fullness of The Insanity was supposedly contained within Tatari Tensei, the one that was meant for all insanity to be absorbed into. However, whenever a Tensei had a fit of insanity, that was a gateway for The Insanity to emerge again, and also, whatever harbored The Insanity within it prior to purification -- such as this Hyperion Colossus -- served the same purpose. The Hyperion Colossus may have been tamed and put to sleep, but all of The Insanity had not been purged from it.

"Go, My Child," The Insanity commanded, "Destroy This Land And These Two Beings Along With It!" Hostilely, yet obediently, the Hyperion Colossus acted on the words of its original master and began to fight the Quetzalcoatl and Magnus Ignis, raising a leg to kick the Magnus Ignis as it also swatted its hand at the serpent in the air to knock it out of the sky.

The eyes of the Kasaigami burst open with a fiery passion as his meditation came to a premature end, the infamous Insanity that was thought to be completely purged of the land and of the Tensei now reared up again through a being that was born of it. He had no words for The Insanity, but had all such time for action.

When Titus was kicked, his body burst into flames and reappeared upon the neck of Quetzalcoatl, where the binding Tensei Seal was upon its neck. The Kasaigami knelt down and touched the seal, saying to Quetzalcoatl, "It Is Time For Us To Combine Our Powers." The Tensei Seal would activate, bestowing Quetzalcoatl with a great deal of power and linking its mind to Titus', keeping them both in sync and in resonance mentally as well as spiritually. "Distract The Monster And I Will Deal With The Insanity." Titus guided the dragon out of range of the Hyperion Colossus and closer to where the swirling smog of ashen clouds forged The Insanity's form. Though the volcanic ash was thick in the air, it was not impenetrable, and it seemed to be the form that The Insanity had taken on this time. A simple "Iris" would do the trick, and as it was called out, a beam from the sun shot down upon the top of the dark clouds, piercing through them with a great intensity. The object was to target the Hyperion Colossus and etch a Tensel Seal into the body of it the same way Magnus Ignis had done Quetzalcoatl so that The Insanity would no longer have any power over it and also it would be completely purged from the Hyperion Colossus for good.

Quetzalcoatl heeded the words of the Magnus Ignis and swooped down to the sight of the Hyperion Colossus. It weaved through the rocky fingers and boulder apparatuses skillfully, carrying Titus along with it. Quetzalcoatl's presence brought about powerful winds that blew away the ash in the air to make clearer a way for the sun to shine down. It hissed and a gale force wind blew with enough power to at least knock the volcanic creature off of its feet, despite how heavy and sturdy it was... Or, so the Quetzalcoatl hoped.

The initial face that The Insanity had taken on was blown away, arms and all, but its presence still lurked within the Hyperion Colossus, where it originated. It recognized what the Kasaigami was trying to do to purge it from the Hyperion Colossus and commanded it, "Avoid The Sunlight At All Costs. Do Not Let Yourself Into Its Light." For if the Hyperion Colossus did that, Titus would certainly brand it with the Tensei Seal and expel The Insanity completely.

The Hyperion Colossus obeyed its natural instincts to destroy, just as it had done in times of olde. It breathed in heavily, causing its molten bound body to glow brightly as it inhaled, then when it released its breath, magma came spewing out like a volcanic eruption, the force of the blast like a beam of energy and wiping out part of the Volcanic Range on the ground. The lava that was left from the melted rocks would be left oozing all over the ground like an oil spill, making the ground into one large lava bath rather swiftly. The Hyperion Colossus found joy in its lava bath and thought to bask in it and its destruction when... A gale force wind blew the lava away and caused the Hyperion Colossus to stumble a bit. It did not fall, for it was far too large and heavy for such a simple wind to knock it around, but it was thrown off balance, and its awkwardly shuffling mountain feet nearly tripped over themselves.

But, as the Hyperion Colossus took a powerful earth-quaking step upon the ground to regain its composure, it swiped its rocky hands at the now annoying serpent that fluttered all around it. Its hands may have been large and clunky, but a good grip on Quetzalcoatl would spell the end for it, as it would likely be instantly crushed by the very hand of the Hyperion Colossus.

To avoid the sun, as its master commanded, the Hyperion Colossus continually released volcanic smog from its back into the air, giving it a constant veil of thick ash in the sky that blotted out the sun wherever it stood. Even if the volcanic ash was blown away, it would still be pouring out of the Hyperion Colossus in such great volumes that it would return the air to contamination just as quickly as it was cleansed of it.

Titus flew upon the back of Quetzalcoatl for a time until it was recognized that the 'Iris' he'd come to use so often had failed. The light of the sun did not pass through the clouds of ash, and if it did, it was quickly snuffed out. This not only angered the Kasaigami, but increased the strength of his power and connection to the sun.

"Don't You Know Who I Am?" the Fire God asked, "I AM THE MAGNUS IGNIS!! THE SUN ITSELF!!" Where Quetzalcoatl was doing a fine job distracting the Hyperion Colossus, Magnus Ignis was using a concentrated ray from the sun to bear down upon the land with hyper intensity, burning with a passion the same as his fury. It was more than enough the angrier he got to pierce through even the thickest of the smog coming from the Hyperion Colossus' back.

The powerful ray of sunlight first trickled in as a simple speck, but not too long afterward, gradually spread into being an enormous beam of concentrated heat that focused itself right where the Hyperion Colossus stood. The damage that was done could be more or less restored later, but right now, the main objective was to keep the Hyperion Colossus in the sunlight. The sun's ray was so large and so powerful, it was blinding to the eye and brightened up the entire Corona Badlands with its shine -- blood red from the Bloodred Pumpkinhead. The Tensei Seal had no issue etching itself into the Hyperion Colossus and he ground around it, effectively binding it both in its will and in its mobility to keep it from exiting or blocking out the sun's ray.

Quetzalcoatl managed to evade the slow Hyperion Colossus for a majority of the time, but as it continued to circle around it, eventually Quetzalcoatl was caught in the mighty grasp of the Hyperion Colossus. The strength of the grip was incredible, and the strain it put on Quetzalcoatl made the dragon screech in pain. The Divine Pet was thoroughly incapacitated for the time being, unable to fly or move freely because of the Hyperion Colossus. It was now up to Magnus Ignis to take care of the rest.

"Huahahahaha!" The Insanity laughed, "I Have Captured Your Little Pet." The grip on the feathered serpent would intensify, trying to crush it to death. However, it was too late for the Insanity and the Hyperion Colossus -- the Tensei Seal was already being set. "No!" The Insanity cried, trying to spew more smog from the back of the Hyperion Colossus and up into the sky, but the rays of the sun being concentrated so heavily brought it no avail.

Before too much damage could be done to Quetzalcoatl, the Tensei Seal was binding the Hyperion Colossus and The Insanity to their place, halting them in the process. This included the powerful grip of the Hyperion Colossus. "Not Again!" The Insanity cried, its voice much weaker than before when it bellowed across the land. "You Can't Do That!!"

But it was already done.

The Tensei Seal was complete and etched into the very bedrock of the Hyperion Colossus itself, as well as the ground surrounding it. The same seal was on the back of the neck of Quetzalcoatl, which was how Titus gained dominion over such a creature way back when. The Tensei Seal purified The Insanity and either bound it to its vessel or cast it out completely, this time being the latter of the two. There would be a powerful shine that overtook the area -- a red glow that filled the air -- and The Insanity would be cleansed from the Hyperion Colossus.

Titus looked as the 'Iris' had done its job yet again, that technique becoming one of his favorites let alone a signature. He would bow his head and close his eyes, saying, "All Has Come To Peace." With that, he would dismiss both Quetzalcoatl and the Hyperion Colossus, as they were both probably needing their rest again. Titus had to clean up the Volcanic Range YET AGAIN for the second or third time in a single day, sighing heavily, as his work was never done. He would be pleased when he was able to rest.

Wasting no time, the Magnus Ignis descended from Quetzalcoatl -- who should have been warped away by the Tensei Seal and no longer within the grasp of the Hyperion Colossus -- and down to the ground, where the enormous lava bath was. Magnus Ignis was not capable of controlling the element of Earth, so reshaping the volcanoes manually was out of the question. He had to get creative.

First, he would take command of all of the lava that was about, letting it be forcefully drained underground through the Craterous Crags. This solved the issue about the lava spill, but did nothing about the mountain range that was completely erased from being melted away. The entire streak of what was once mountainous volcanoes was now laid bare, and it was a stream of lava. However, the Kasaigami had an idea that would resolve the issue completely.

He heightened his focus. The control he had over the lava was one thing, but he also had control over heat, as well. He did not need to use the Earth element to reshape the volcanoes -- he could cool the magma flowing as a stream into solid rock! Fortunately he was one for 'bright ideas', his hair flaring up when he thought of one. With his heightened focus, Titus molded the lava into the shape of mountains with his will alone, causing them to take form as volcanic piles. Finally, he removed the heat from the lava mountains and withdrew it into himself with a mighty inhale through his nose, causing the lava mountains to solidify into rock hard volcanoes again. With this done, the Hyperion Mountains were restored and there was no collateral damage from what the Hyperion Colossus had done.

"It Is Time For You To Go Back To Sleep," Titus said solemnly. "I Am Sorry That I Disturbed You." One of his 'bright ideas' almost cost him the loss of a Divine Pet and the Corona Badlands... Though he would have simply dismantled the Hyperion Colossus should things have gotten that bad, since it was made of both rock and magma. "Go In Peace," the Kasaigami commanded, hovering to a new location in the Corona Badlands and leaving the Hyperion Colossus to do as it pleased. Whether it went back to sleep or not was up to it, but Titus had given his suggestion -- not a command -- and left it at that. The Hyperion Colossus was able to move of its own free will now that The Insanity was purged from it... So long as it did not cause anymore damage to anything, that is.
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Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
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Twenty Fourth Ignition: Fire Legend 7; The Empyrean Isle of Fire - Venetia

-Burning Fist-

Where Titus the Magnus Ignis ended up next was back at his home base -- Venetia, the Empyrean Isle Of Fire. It was but one of the Empyrean Isles that resided in the Corona Badlands. The island that was primarily made up of an active volcano, the erupting lava overflowing and consuming most of the land. Not many dare to go to this searing island due to the terrible conditions. Below it, the lava pours off the edges and into the 'Ocean Of Purity', instantly cooling and creating new islands every now and then. Thus, 'Volcano Isle' is also sometimes known as the 'Island Maker'.

This was also where the Fire Sanctuary that Titus the Fire God resided in was. He'd hovered to Venetia from the mainland of the Corona Badlands, since this island both floated in the air and was also not connected directly to the Corona Badlands at all. It was still nearby and accessible when the isle rested on land, but otherwise it remained flying high in the sky with the tallest volcano in all the Corona Badlands on its mass, the Fire Sanctuary at the very top of this volcanic mountain.

"Ah..." Titus sighed with relief, seeming a bit worn, "It Is Good To Be Back Home." Though he wasn't at his Sanctuary yet, he was still very much at home on Venetia, since it was the place where he most frequented. He could see all of the Corona Badlands from this floating island, and he rested himself at the base where the lava flowed over and off of the edges.

Parting the lava to create a pathway within the overflowing lava was a man dressed in a fine white priestly robe with red trim on the sleeves and at the hem. His hair was brown, but it wavered like fire, and his eyes were a piercing red and sharper than a knife, seeming to be able to cut through the soul with just a glare. The man's face was distinguished -- handsome, even -- and the man's overall appearance seemed saintly. He chuckled as he saw the Magnus Ignis looking tired and worn, asking him, "Are You Tired, My Son?" The man -- a human looking man, at that -- referred to the very great and powerful Fire God as 'Son'? One would think he meant 'Sun', as all things knew of the Magnus Ignis up in the sky -- the name of their sun, the name of the land, and the name of the Fire God who ruled over such things.

But no, he said 'Son' and that is the word he meant. "I Have Seen Much During My Visit From The Pumpkin Patch To Your Sanctuary," the man said. "I Have Seen You Go Through Many Things And Understand That You Are Dealing With A Great Deal." The man gave a suave smile. "Haven't You The Time To Entertain Your Dear Old Father?" This man who referred to himself as the father of the Magnus Ignis was named St. Troix. "This Reincarnated Flesh I Was Given Is So Small And Compact. I Have Roamed For Quite A While In It And Still Am Not Quite Accustomed To Its Feel." Troix ran his fingers through his hair. "If You Aren't Too Tired, Give Your Old Man Some Sport, Won't You?"

Titus, the Magnus Ignis, hovered in place for a bit, turning his head to meet the eye of his father, St. Troix... Or rather, the flesh that he called himself these days. "Father..." Titus uttered, bowing his head, "I Did Not Expect To See You Away From The Home Given You In The Pumpkin Patch. Yet You Say You Have Been Out In The World." Titus floated over to the man, extending his legs to the ground. He stood several feet taller than his father, -- being thirteen feet tall, himself -- but let it bear no weight in the subject of honorability.

"Have You Been Searching For Me All This Time On Foot?" Titus asked Troix. "And In That Vessel, No Less? Are You Not Tired, Yourself? How Did You Even Get To Venetia, Anyway, When It Hovers High Above The Land? It Has Not Docked In Quite Some Time." Titus' father, St. Troix, seemed to be more than spirited... As was to be expected of one who was once merely a Spirit. Or, a Free Will, that is. "You Seek To Engage Me In Combat?" Titus had already fought his wife, his pets, and his land all in succession, and though he had infinite energy due to his nature, it did not stop him from feeling fatigue when using a great deal of it until it naturally recharged. "Is That Truly Why You Have Come All This Way?" Titus wouldn't doubt it, but he also wouldn't believe it, either. There was no way his father came all that way just to have a fight.

But he wouldn't put it past him. Whatever his reasons, Titus was silent about it until he had his questions answered.

St. Troix laughed at the towering Fire God, saying through his laughter, "Son! I Have Been Breaking In This Body Ever Since You And Your Wife Left My House In The Pumpkin Patch!" Though he wore priestly robes, he did not seem hot nor tired. "You Know My Spirit Is Greater Than This Physical Flesh," St. Troix said. "How Can I Be Tired When My Spirit Is Alive And Well?" Still, he would not underestimate the limitations of the flesh.

"Dimension Gate," Troix said in response to 'How Did You Even Get Here?' "I'm Sure Even You Know That The Veritas' Transportation System Can Take One Anywhere They Choose, Here Or Otherwise." Yes, the Dimension Gates were technologically and energetically advanced gateways that allowed one to open a portal to anywhere.

Troix laughed again. "What Is This, Interrogate Your Father Time? All Of These Questions From Someone So Wise! I Thought You Were A Monk, My Son!" A father who was a priest and a son who was a monk. Seemed legit. "My Reasons For Coming Here Were Strictly To Come See You In Your Prime, My Boy. I Haven't Seen You Work At All, Only The Results Of Your Work. Is It Not Alright For A Father To Want To See His Son's Handiwork?" St. Troix seemed to be a hearty spirit, but that was not the only nature of this man...

His sharp eyes became serious, piercing through with a glow that was like red hot fire. "Son, I Am Out Of Tune," he'd say. "I Need To Make Sure That I Am Still Strong In My Spirit, And What Better Way Than To Engage With My Son In His Form As A God?" Man versus God -- Father versus Son. It was strange how these things worked out. "Don't Let My Flame Flicker Out, My Son. Let Me See All That You Have Learned In Your Time As A God."

Titus sighed. "Father..." Being both a monk and having already just come from several fights really did bother Titus, but he would heed his father's request. With a heavy sigh, he said, "Very Well. But I Warn You, Just Because I Am Worn From Dealing With Several Matters Does Not Mean I Do Not Have The Energy To Fight You. It Simply Means I Do Not Wish To Fight." Truthfully, after absorbing so much energy, Titus had energy to spare, but he was tired of fighting people, especially when one of those people was his wife and another of them was The Insanity. Now it was his father. Why did everyone want to fight so badly...? Couldn't they just be peaceful...?

It was of no matter now. Titus, the Magnus Ignis, readied himself for battle. The sun shone brightly over the Volcano Isle and lava spilled over the edges. There was little footing on this island, as it was literally mostly lava overflowing from the top of the volcano... But Magnus Ignis not only didn't need footing, he didn't have a problem with the lava. Though his father was one of the Fire Chrysms, Titus was unsure of if his flesh was flame retardant. But it was best not to underestimate his father, even in the flesh.

"Are You Prepared?" the Magnus Ignis asked, stepping backward into some of the lava that his feet of fire would then blend into...

"Son..." St. Troix said with a serious expression and a glare that could cut through steel, "I Should Be Asking YOU That Question."

Without warning, the man was engulfed in a blue flame that seemed to burst out of literally nowhere, followed immediately by a swift motion unseeable to the naked eye that blurred through the air toward Titus and behind him, chilling the atmosphere to the point where the lava that his feet were merged with froze under him. "Watch Yourself..." St. Troix warned, turning to glare at his son through the corner of his soul-shattering eyes, "... Face Me Directly." It was clear from whatever Titus thought he was going to do that his intent was to use the lava, but all of that was frozen over now by the motion of Troix and his blue flame that covered his entire body, flickering about violently.

The Kasaigami was taken off guard by the swift work of his father, his feet frozen to the ground along with the ground itself. "Kh!" It was alarming, yes, but it wasn't devastating. His father was quite quick on the draw, as if he'd been waiting for an opportunity to strike since the moment they began speaking... Which, from his speech, seemed to be exactly that. "... Father..." Titus grumbled, his feet of frozen fire now burning hot, "... I Will Defeat You."

The ice was shattered by the sudden rapid heating of the entire area, melting before the crystals could even fly into the air, and evaporating as water into steam before they could drop to the ground. Already, Titus was angry, but his anger was channeled toward not his father... But himself. "I Will Not Lose," he assured his father, rising up into the air with a super-heated body, "Iris." At just the call, the sun twinkled. Yes, it twinkled like a little star. There was a flash of red and a slender beam zeroing in on the Volcano Isle, Venetia. It was a concentrated shot straight for St. Troix, aiming to heat up his cold flame and cause it to be nullified. "Do Not Underestimate ME, Father," Titus said, the volcano beginning to tremble...

"Dark Iris," is what Titus' 'Iris' was met with -- a technique signature to St. Troix, himself. From his eyes came a beam of concentrated black electricity shot with an incalculable amount of voltage to it. It only took a simple glare from the corner of his eyes to meet the beam from the sun with a beam from the iris of Troix. The explosion was grand to say the least, but it moved him not an inch from where he stood. Lava blew away and off of the island or into the air, clearing the way for the time being, but that cold, frosty flame that flickered about St. Troix's body did not waver.

As Titus spoke, Troix disappeared in a blur of blue yet again, shooting directly for him in the sky and passing by him, whispering, "You Talk Too Much," into his ear before a wave of blue fire and a cold front swept by, again freezing the atmosphere that was becoming super-heated. Troix landed on the ice structure made from the lava and glared at his son, his face unsmiling. It seemed that was a trait that they shared, but the father was still senior to the son. "The Flames Of The Soul," Troix said aloud, "Can Freeze Even The Spirit, And Sap Life Away From That Spirit." He spoke of talking too much, but perhaps he couldn't help but say something, himself. He was a complex man. He stood at the ready, flames shifting from blue to green around his body.

Titus shielded himself with a fiery burst of flame around himself -- reddened to the point of being like blood. He was tempted to say 'I Know This, Father,' to St. Troix, but found that his words of wisdom were well placed. This was no time for conversation, and his father wasn't treating it like one... But when he started to speak, Titus literally exploded toward him, the cold front tempering out and the ice melting once again. By the time he reached his father, who was done talking, Titus said only, "Shut. Your Damn. Mouth."

Titus was not one for hypocrisy.

A blazing ignition shot the Fire God's foot toward Troix's head like a jet flare, ready to kick him square in the mouth for speaking about one thing and then doing the exact thing he spoke of not doing.

The green flame kindled around St. Troix intensified as his eyes widened to the kick, only for his bare hand to come up and grab the fiery foot as he spoke, "Watch," before taking his other hand to Titus' leg and thrusting it upward, "Your Damn," before finally flipping over Titus and hurling him with great strength off into the distance, "Mouth."

Troix extended a hand. "Dark Iris." From the clear blue sunny sky came a random bolt of black lightning that was aimed for the spot where Titus would be thrown. "Dark Iris," the man repeated, calling forth a multitude of bolts, "Dark Iris." An onslaught of black lightning shot down toward Titus nonstop to smite him as punishment from his father.

Taken off guard yet again by his father, Titus was flipped and thrown off into the distance, humbling him to his father's prowess. However, when the bolts of lightning came down, Magnus Ignis was ready. "Burn Up," he spake as the dark bolts struck his hard body, only for them to seemingly literally burn up as they struck him. He was consuming the energy of each bolt at such a high rate that they all were being fizzled out before they could do any damage or make any significant impact.

Enraged, but not furious, Titus hovered upright, still using 'Burn Up' to dispel the bolts falling upon him. He was gaining power -- great power from these bolts endlessly falling on him and they being burnt up of all of their energy at his touch. Still, Magnus Ignis had not unlocked his flaming hands from their binding together, and he didn't plan to unless his father got really serious. He NEVER unlocked his hands unless he was about to destroy something, and that was an absolute. It was also a vow of his as a monk that he took when he accidentally destroyed his garden and created the Corona Badlands due to his intensity being too much for the land to handle. He swore that he wouldn't let his hands be used for destruction again unless absolutely necessary, and he saw no necessity to destroy his father in this... 'Friendly' spar.

Still gaining energy, the Kasaigami released several powerful 'Emanations' from himself that were powerful enough to quake the land and rupture the air with their heat. It should have easily knocked the man off of his feet, even if they were planted in the ground, and blown away all of the lava that was perpetually oozing out of the top of Venetia, the Volcano Isle. Hovering closer and closer to his father, Titus continued releasing 'Emanations' until his father was blown away by the power or he was close enough to scorch him with the ever rising heat.

"Oh?" Troix uttered, raising his brow. He said no other words, but eventually ceased his fire of 'Dark Irises' that were powering up Titus.

There was no room for words now.

As Titus floated closer, oozing with anger, the green flame that surrounded St. Troix became ever more brilliant. No longer just a wispy fire around his body, but a full out inferno, it grew stronger and stronger the closer Titus came to his body, until finally the two clashed powers.

"Your Negativity Fuels My Green Flames Of Hate," St. Troix finally said. "My Son... Negativity Will Not Win You This Battle As It Has Won You Your Previous Encounters." All forms of negativity were fuel for the green 'Flames Of Hate', which were now a roaring wildfire around Troix, eating up all that energy that just went into Titus and drawing it back into himself, only amplified.

Suddenly, the flames condensed into a green glow in the hand of St. Troix, smoldering light seeping through his fingers like a hot, green sun. Troix thrust his hand toward his impetuous son, threatening to steal all of his energy with the 'Flames Of Hate' and inflict terrible pain upon him with its pure negativity. The flames did not burn what they touched, but they inflicted severe pain and caused general negativity, which then fed them. Highly explosive, the 'Flames Of Hate' within Troix's hand would inevitably burst into an enormous blast that consumed one side of the island. Nothing would burn nor be destroyed... But a searing, endless pain like no other would be filled all around where the flames touched, leaving Titus no room for comfort nor respite from these fires of pure negativity.

Titus knew very well what the 'Flames Of Eternity' were, for each of their Free Will vessels known as the 'Lanterns' and later as 'Scarecrows' were moved by the Flames. However, each Lantern had a different Flame, and those Flames Of Eternity had different effects based on which Lantern was using them. Titus, though knowing of the Flames, was not aware of what his father's did. He only knew of his own when he was as Pumpkinhead.

Since the flame fed off of negativity, Titus' anger was indeed making it stronger... To his detriment, at the very least. The swift thrust of the hand of condensed green flame and explosion of pure negativity brought extreme pain to the Magnus Ignis, causing him to wail out loudly. "GRRRAAAAAAAHHH!!" he cried, trying to sustain himself from all of the pain he just received, which was the combined power of his own energy and his father's as one. The floating Fire God fell to the ground, hitting it with a knee, and now the same height as his father whilst in a knelt position. He was angry... Oh, so very angry... But he couldn't overlook what his father said. It was clear that he was trying to teach him a lesson yet again about controlling his anger, as he failed to do long ago in the past and now expressed as he pleased to get his will and way across, even if it was destructive. With all that the wise Magnus Ignis knew, his father still had things to teach him.

Pained, but not incapacitated, the thirteen foot tall flaming deity closed his eyes and began to use the 'Cleansing Fire' to purge himself of iniquity. His flaming hair, hands, and feet would glow white and orange, then engulf his entire body in a similar fashion to how the green flames engulfed St. Troix. A meditative hum could be heard echoing in the air coming from the very pit of Titus' being, which caused him to rise back up into the air and cross his legs. "Hmmm... MM!!!" His eyes burst open with a white hot flare, the 'Cleansing Fire' that now consumed him and purged him sweeping across the Volcano Isle, doing the same for the Flames Of Hate that were lingering everywhere. They would be sufficiently snuffed out with no negativity to feed off of, and the Magnus Ignis would direct a stern, unsmiling face toward his father, who bore a face similar to his own.

Still, no words were said.

Titus concentrated the 'Cleansing Fire' into his very 'Will', surging flame before him and manifesting it as an extension of his body. The flare of white-orange flames lashed out to dash Troix to pieces with a vicious whip to them that would penetrate and disable his Flames Of Hate and allow the Cleansing Fire to ignite upon him and cease his ability to utilize the Flames Of Hate any longer.

Finally, St. Troix smiled again, taking joy in his son's understanding of his lecture so quickly. He always was a bright boy, even when he seemed very dense. Yet the eyes of St. Troix were still focused and sharpened for battle, knowing that with this Cleansing Fire, this was not the end. No, he had to teach his son one more lesson before he felt it plausible to end the skirmish between them... Something that Titus tended to forget every now and then, apparently; how to maintain his peace.

As the Cleansing Fire did its work, St. Troix darted backward and away from the whipping flames, dispelling his Flames Of Hate on his own. By this time, he'd stopped smiling and returned his mind fully to the battle. His steely eyes flashed as the blue flame from before rose up around him, consuming his body just the same as prior. Instead of making a move physically, Troix started to move spiritually, as these blue flames were the Flames Of The Soul. Icy and unwelcoming, these flames, an extension of his will, -- as all the Flames Of Eternity were -- would lash about just the same as the Cleansing Fire emanating from the white-orange Fire God. The blue Flames Of The Soul had a special capability beyond just being able to freeze things and siphon power from the soul, and Troix intended to utilize that.

His body blurred again. This time, however, when it did, it was consumed by the flame and seemingly burnt up. However, the cold blue flame did not disappear, and instead, Troix seemed to appear directly above Titus, his body made of blue fire. He came down fast and hard, a frosty detonation following quickly behind that would drain the 'Will' and spirit from Titus' very soul, weakening his power to utilize his own 'Will' to his advantage and likely lessening the effects of the Cleansing Fire.

The blue flame that was once St. Troix stood burning ominously before him, and all around the immediate area, other blue flames randomly ignited and began to burn just the same. The faint image of Troix could be seen in each of them, but in none of them did he look solid.

Magnus Ignis kept his eyes close on his father, even when he seemingly disappeared. The cold flame that he was creating did affect his Will, causing it to falter a bit, but the Cleansing Fire kept the side effects of the blue flame at bay. He closed his eyes as the cold flame hit him, draining his spirit... But, as a monk, he was capable of keeping his spirit up even in times where it would be dead inside.

With the Cleansing Fire still working its power, the blue flame did not do as much as it intended. Titus' flame burned brighter and hotter the more deeply he concentrated, easily becoming hotter than the cold fire just by presence alone. But he wanted to snuff out that flame, not just counteract it. "Overdrive," he said, opening his eyes suddenly. A massive blaze exploded from his body, that which was white and orange together. The 'Overdrive' caused Magnus Ignis to multiply his power several times over continually, but at the cost of high amounts of energy. Fortunately the sun was out and there was still lava around, so his energy supply was not a concern to him. The 'Overdrive' of the Cleansing Fire should have wiped out those other flames being ignited around the island, leaving only the huge inferno of purified fire that the Magnus Ignis held.

"Father," Magnus Ignis finally said, "It Is About Time That We Cease This. I Have Understood Your Will." In his current state of purity, Titus was able to think more clearly and understand how to hold his peace, even when faced with something that was anger-inspiring, like his father's wishes to fight. "I Do Not Want To Have To Continue This Any Longer."

St. Troix was stunned by the sudden change in behavior that Titus had as well as his surge in power... Rather, his creativity with his own abilities. That Cleansing Fire... It held a power that could quell the saint's flames. The purified fire that refined the area and lingered in the atmosphere was somewhat blinding, but Troix's eyes remained sharp and unaffected. "You're Saying That You Concede To Me?" is all his father said. "You Must Be Afraid Of My Power." Now, Troix knew this was not the case, but he intended to coax his son into continuing the fight strictly to witness HIS power now that he'd seen a smidgen of it. Troix was not satisfied with just this.

"Son..." he said, the atmosphere darkening as clouds rolled in from seemingly out of nowhere, "... The Fight Is Never Over Until One Cannot Continue." That is how St. Troix saw it, and now, using his vampiric abilities to control the weather, he made the clear sky cloudy. "Kurame," he said, black rain immediately falling from the sky in the torrents with a dark power that was aimed to douse the flame that the ever so noble son of his used to erase his own fire. The rain was not ordinary rain and wouldn't yield to the properties of normal rain as much as they would to that of darkness, but the purifying flame that was spread all over the land could very well counteract it with ease. The goal was to force his son to use up all of his remaining power whilst his power source was cut off, and then defeat him when his Cleansing Fire was deluged by the black rain.

Troix knew better than to try anything further than what he was already doing, as that could be used for fuel for this Cleansing Fire that Titus sported now. The torrential black rain would definitely lessen its influence and its range, but he wasn't so certain that the Cleansing Fire would be put out completely... Whatever the case, he intended to make his son unable to continue rather than listen to him yield for the sake of peacefulness. Troix may have been a saint in this new life of his, but his old ways were still well embedded into his being -- his very soul. He was a fighter until the bitter end and wanted his son to recognize that, as well, and be the same, in his image. Not every opponent will yield to peace, even if they are outmatched. It seemed like Titus had more to learn... Or, perhaps, he had something to teach Troix? The thought of it all inspired him to continue the battle further, and the torrential rains poured down more heavily than before.

The words of Titus' father angered him. Deep inside, he knew that this would be his answer, for Titus as Pumpkinhead was the same way. He was like his father in many ways, and fighting to the point of not being able to continue was one of them. However, in this ascendant form, and as a monk, he was privy to more gentle resolutions... Titus learned much from trial and error and, in all honesty, just didn't want to destroy his father. "No, Father," the Magnus Ignis said as the rain poured down, "... I Just Don't Want To Destroy You." The rain certainly had its effect on the Fire God, making his 'Overdrive' Cleansing Fire become a piddly wisp that surrounded only himself, but... When it was surrounding the Magnus Ignis, it seemed to grow in power instead of wane.

Titus stood on his two feet now, no longer hovering above the ground with his legs crossed. Even now, he was still in deep meditation, keeping his fire alight through the rains that threatened to douse it and he himself under the torrents. The rain that would have put him out instead did not have the chance to even grace his flame, as the Cleansing Fire that burned around him released a white prana from around itself which dispelled the dark waters. The Cleansing Fire burned more brightly than ever, and the entirety of Titus' body seemed to be nothing but white-orange flame. "You've Asked For It..." Titus said solemnly, "... Father." At that very moment, he detached his burning hands from each other in their ever-bound state he kept them in, letting his arms fall to his side rather than rest before him. The flames took the shape of fists, clenched and rearing to go.

Titus took one step forward toward his father, saying, "When I Unleash My Fists... Something Gets Destroyed." That was more a fact than a threat, considering he used to keep his fiery hands separated all of the time. "This Time, It Will Be Your Ego, Father," Titus went on to say, taking another step into the rain, his flames never wavering nor giving in to the rain. "Maximum Output." With those words uttered, a bombastic combustion blew up from Titus and high into the sky. His body was no longer visible but faint outlines of bits and pieces of his form could still be made out in the white-orange flames. The only things that remained constant were his eyes, glaring down his father as if in the spitting image of those soul-piercing peepers he had locked in his head.

The fiery giant took another step closer, this time with a powerful stomp, cocking back his arm and screaming, "BURNING FIST!!!" All that could be made out after that was a white flash and a deafening explosion. The thrust of the fist was not even visible to the naked eye.

Troix's eyes widened. For a split second, there was nothing but white and soundlessness.

However, that was not the end of the saint.

"Fwahahaha! Good Show, Son!" was heard, a black flame sizzling in the wake of the light flame. A hand blazing with dark fire held the fist of pure light fire, struggling to keep it in place. "But The Power Of Your Fist Alone Is Not Enough To Best Me." Still, Troix did not deny that the astronomical power from the explosion weakened him greatly, as did the current fist of Cleansing Fire, however... "I Am Still Standing." Though his knees were ready to buckle, the sheer willpower of this man led him to stand strong on his own, but trembling intensely. He knew no technique of his could do any damage to Titus right now, but his flame would soon die out. When it did... That is when Troix would strike him down. All he could do for now was keep the powerful fist at bay and pray that the black 'Hellfire' of the Zero World was enough to consume his power with its insatiable appetite.

Titus should have felt his power draining quickly, for the 'Hellfire' that came from the Zero World literally burned until whatever it sought was satisfied or everything it touched was brought to the value of zero -- nothingness. The vampire saint sought to drain his son dry of all that 'Maximum Output' power and leave him with nothing, teaching his son a lesson about using all of his power before it was time. This lesson would live with him for the rest of his days.

The use of the 'Hellfire' was unexpected by Titus, but not something he wasn't prepared for. He did feel his power draining fast, but what he knew about the Zero World was that the power was being drawn to nothingness, meaning his father wasn't gaining any strength from draining the Magnus Ignis. He was still in a state of weakness, despite his unwillingness to proclaim it. So, with the remainder of his strength -- of which he put his all into -- he shouted, "THAT'S WHY I HAVE TWO!!!" And again, at a speed unable to be seen by the naked eye, a punch was lobbed at Troix's face and an explosion of deafening proportions occurred right where they stood.

The blinding light of the explosion left a lot to be expected, and in that, the father of the Magnus Ignis came out of the blast... On a knee.

"Hmhmhm..." he laughed, the fires around him dwindling to nothing, "... It Seems Even My Will Is Not Strong Enough Any Longer..." Troix looked up to his son, Titus, who had just defeated him in combat with a slick blow. "... Or Maybe... Yours Has Become That Much Stronger... My Son." St. Troix was very much pleased with Titus' growth all around. He just wanted to see it for himself. "You've Come A Long Way Since The Beginning... Since The Coronation As Well As The Unification Of Your Flames Of Eternity." Though it seemed like Troix had enough energy to speak, he was actually exceedingly worn because of how he defended himself from dying from that blow. "The Black Hellfire Of The Zero World Is What Kept Me From Suffering The Full Brunt Of That Blow," he said. "... That Is Why I Can Still Speak."

St. Troix did not even attempt to stand on his feet. He remained knelt, bowing his head to the victor of the battle. "You Have My Blessings, O Fire God." After that, he closed his eyes and fell into a recuperative slumber, still in a knelt position.

The Fire God stood motionless for a while, fists still flickering as the rain came to pass from the sapped man's strength. Titus felled his father for the first time in his life in honorable combat, and he did so without destroying anything. This was a very big win in his book -- one of the highest achievements he could think of. Retracting his arm and smelting his burning fists back together in their perpetual fiery lock, Titus bowed deeply to the kneeling man and said, "Rest In Peace." Titus took the liberty of transporting his father back to the Pumpkin Patch where he lived, letting him sleep off his defeat and rejuvenate himself.
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Kasaigami, Crystal Horns of the Crystal Flare :: Crystal Ifrit of the Corona Badlands
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Twenty Fifth Ignition: Fire Legend 8; Home Stretch


"Finally. Back Home," the Kasaigami would say, manifesting his thirteen foot hulking body from the rays of the Blood Orange Sun, "The Top Of Mt. Elios." This was where the Fire Sanctuary was, but he was at a higher point. The grand mountain that once stood strong and tall in its own magnificence was given life, will, and purpose of its own as one of the living landscapes of the Veritas, not unlike its cousins, the Great Alps, or its elder brother, The Hyperion Colossus. The living volcano is a turtle-esque creature harboring tusks of pure molten heat and a burning hearth within the grandiose volcanic structure piercing the heavens atop its back. Now that it is no longer under the influence of The Insanity and kept at bay by the Kasaigami, it became a moving, growing, evolving being that casually roams the Corona Badlands as the Kasaigami's mobile home. It is the younger sibling of the Guardian of the Fire Sanctuary, the Hyperion Colossus, just as Mt. D'Stroi is. Mt. Elios rests upon Venetia, the Volcano Isle when it is returned to its original space, and sits next to the natural volcano that Venetia harbors. The mobile volcano atop the floating island is set upon the ground when Venetia lands and allowed to walk off into the Corona Badlands when Titus seeks to watch over all the land. Occasionally, he will take Mt. Elios off of Venetia, the Volcano Isle and roam around.

Right now, however, Titus was just happy to be back home. He had yet to enter the Fire Sanctuary, but he enjoyed the heat of the hearth of Mt. Elios, where he first began his Legend a long time ago. "It Is Good To Be Back!" Titus said heartily, hovering over the volcano.

There to greet Titus in a burst of red and black flames was his daughter, Tetra, who had been waiting for him for some time. "Hey Dad," Tetra said as Titus got comfortable, "... Weren't We Supposed To Be Training, Or Something?" She gave her father a sly look as she said, "You Were The One That Said We Should." He was off doing other things for a very long time, and Tetra was waiting just as long as her mother Garnet -- now returned to Misery -- was. "What Have You Been Doing All This Time?"

"Daughter!" Titus said with a hint of surprise, chuckling nervously. "Ahahaha, Yes, Well, You See..." He'd been off doing a LOT of other things whilst Misery and Tetra were supposed to be training with each other... But he lost track of how long he'd been gone for real. "... Er, Well, I Have Been Training, As Well! I Did Say That I Would Train With You After You And Your Mother Worked Out Your Issues..." Somehow during that time Garnet returned to her form as Misery Des Gloomi, and it might have been because of how pissed she was. But Misery was still his wife all the same. She was the same Garnet that was the Souzenryoku Of Fire.

"But Yes, I Have Been Training All Of This Time. Haha." He laughed nervously again. "How Long Have I Actually Been Gone?" His consciousness was not with him as he was off somewhere else meditating, and even within the Blood Orange Sun. Wherever his consciousness was is where Titus himself was, but he was also present in other places simultaneously. He must have lost track of time.

Somehow, Tetra didn't buy it. "Training, You Say?" she'd inquire, "... Dad, It's Been Three Years." Tetra figured that he was off doing important things, but didn't expect him to be gone THAT long. "We Were Supposed To Be Done Training A Very Long Time Ago. Mom And I Finished And She Got So Pissed That She Turned Back Into Misery Waiting For You." That was the story they were going with. "But Yeah, I've Just Been Chillin'. I Haven't Really Been Bothered..." Tetra was a bit lazy sometimes. Her Will wasn't the same as her parents'. "... But I Did Really Miss You," she'd say tenderly, hugging his giant leg with her tiny, small body. "Glad You're Back, Hopefully To Stay."

"THREE YEA--" He stopped himself, composed himself. Deeply inhaled, heavily exhaled. "... Yes, Well. Time Certainly Does Move Differently In Other Realms And Such," Titus said a bit shakily. This was the first time he was actually wobbly in his speech rather than firm and assertive. "... Ah, But I Am Back Now, And We Can Make Up For Lost Time!" He laughed loudly, as if trying to drown out the guilt of being gone doing other things for three years straight.

When he was hugged, he wrapped his arms around his child and returned the warmth tenderly, bending over to match her height when he embraced her. "I Will Not Be Making Such A Journey Again, Nor Will Be I Be Stuck Elsewhere For That Long Anymore."

Tetra let go of her father after they hugged and she returned to being mellow. "Yeaaaah, Sooo..." In three whole years, Tetra had learned and trained a lot. "Dad. I Think I'm Really Adept With My Fire Element Now Since I've Been Training And Learning For Like, Three Years." She was confident in her abilities and had been off doing... 'Stuff'... Of her own. "So I Don't Think I Need Anymore Training. Did You Have Anything Else In Mind For Our Bonding Time?"

Titus narrowed his eyes at his daughter, but kept a smile on his face as she said she'd completed her training. "Oh, So You Think You're Hot, Huh?" Titus laughed, this time heartily. "Well, Daughter, It's Been Three Years Since I've Seen You. Why Don't You Give Daddy A Presentation Of Your Skills?" He was sounding like his father now. He wasn't particularly fond of it, but he understood where the spirit of 'testing the child' came from. "That Is, If You Think You're Bad." He grinned at her, eyes still sharp.

Tetra scoffed. "Pfff, What Do You Take Me For?" she asked, placing her hands on her hips, "What Do You Want Me To Do, Daddio? I'll Ace It, Whatever It Is." Tetra certainly had confidence in her skills, despite how somber she seemed before. Her will flared up when she was challenged, and she was willing to do whatever her father wanted to in order to exceed his expectations of her. "Lay It On Me."

"Hit Me," Titus said bluntly. "Just One Time." He looked at her with a serious yet playful expression, wanting to see if her so called 'Three Year Training' had paid off any. "You May Begin Whenever You Are Ready." He was prepared as he was, but took on a meditative position, lifting his legs into a crisscross in the air and hovering above the volcano.

Tetra knew that was going to be a challenge, but she played it off like it wasn't. "No Problem," she said with a mellow confidence, "Easy Pickings." She doubted herself secretly, since her father was the Fire God and everything... Not just some dude that had fire powers. The Fire GOD. So, being a child, she was actually pretty unsure.

But that wouldn't stop her. Tetra summoned her blades, Jealousy and Vengeance, from her fiery red angel wings. "Alright, Pop, Don't Get Had Too Quick, Now." Tetra raised her sword, Jealousy, which had the spirit of Divine Wind in it, and she would be consumed by a holy gale. "I'm Telling Ya, I've Really Improved." She was more telling herself that than anything. Without further ado, Tetra lunged at Titus with a bursting force behind her, her sword ready to stab at him as she was launched toward him.

"Mm." That was the only noise made as Titus closed his eyes and went into a deep meditation, awaiting his daughter's attack. Using the wind element as opposed to using fire was a smart first move, and he was pleased with her judgment. Wind also made her faster, which she would need in the long run.


As soon as Tetra burst at Titus, he transformed into pure fire with a quick combustion, immediately being blown away by the powerful wind that Tetra kicked up, something like a candle being blown out. After that, he was completely gone. 'You Will Have To Do Better Than That To Strike Me, Dear Daughter,' Tetra would hear in her head. The emanations of the land were part of Titus, the Magnus Ignis, and he could synchronize with the brainwaves of others using his own.

He did not appear again, but he was still around the land... Somewhere.

"I Knew It Wouldn't Be That Easy," Tetra said to herself, lowering her eyelids. Her father disappeared and was nowhere to be found in all the land... And she didn't want to go looking for him, either. However, the clever little girl did come to a different conclusion in her wish to not pursue her now not present father.

"... One Hit, Huh?" Tetra mumbled, smiling deviously, "I Think You Should Have Made It A Little Harder Than That, Pops!" Tetra raised her swords into the air and lunged toward the ground at a high speed, aiming to stab the swords straight into the ground and strike her father, who was ALL of the Magnus Ignis -- the entire Corona Badlands. With her stabbing into the ground, she would hit him no matter where or what he was, because he was everything in the land. Being omnipresent had its flaws, it seemed.

Titus was both impressed and scared for a moment, as his daughter figured out something he hadn't even thought of. He WAS indeed the entire land, and striking the ground or anything in the land would count as a technical hit.

He should have made this harder.

But he wasn't going to let his daughter slip by just like that. Titus was just going to have to pull some tricks that were a little out of bounds... And very creative.

The Magnus Ignis did not appear as Tetra soared toward the ground, but the ground did suddenly melt and erode, sending her plummeting down into a pit. Before long, a geyser of lava burst upward and shot Tetra back up into the air, sufficiently blocking her from her strike and also saving Titus from getting hit so easily.

'Clever, My Daughter,' Titus spoke in her head, 'But You Must Know That You Get That Creativity From Me.' As he spoke, he would appear up in the air beside her, still in his meditative position and still in a fiery form. "As Well As Your Willpower," he continued to say, meeting Tetra at the same height she would be launched into. Titus did nothing but hover there, burning.

"Tch... I Had You," Tetra said, swiping her sword of the wind element, Jealousy, in the direction of the burning figure, "There's Plenty More Room For Me To Hit Something Else, Ya Know." Tetra expanded her wings after swiping at her father with one of her swords, using the force of her swipe to give her a propulsion from her torque and sending her spiraling into the air. She suddenly disappeared, converging with the very wind itself using her 'Divine Wind' power.

'You're Not The Only One Who Can Combine With Elements, Dad!' Tetra said, knowing that there was no way he was going to be able to avoid the very wind itself. Though Tetra did have to technically be within the wind and not just part of the air to count it as a real strike, she knew, she could still expand her presence within the air to become a powerful wind that would blow across a large portion of the Land Of Great Fire.

And so, she did.

Still spinning even after becoming the wind, Tetra created a massive tornado out of herself that would threaten to touch down unto the Magnus Ignis and ravage the land, giving her the victory over her father's trial.

The sword blade passed through Titus as it did before, the wind flickering him out briefly as it passed over him. "... Why Didn't I Make This Harder For Her...?" Titus said to himself as Tetra became a tornado before his very eyes. "Burn Out," he said, using one of his techniques against the oncoming tornado. Before it could even touch the ground, the heat in the atmosphere would drain it dry of all of its built up energy, slowly uncoiling the spiraling wind into a gentle halt.

"I Am No Slouch, Myself," Titus said to his daughter, "But I Commend You On Your Efforts. You Are Doing Well To Make Me Have To Use A Technique On You." 'Burn Out' allowed for the Magnus Ignis to remove either by force or by nature whatever energy was subject to it, causing it to essentially cease at its core in whatever form it had taken. In this case, the wind itself would be brought to a calm, burning out its rotation and halting it completely, leaving Tetra without her cover.

Magnus Ignis appeared before his daughter again as a burning entity that sat in a meditative position with eyes closed. "There Is A Reason Why You Cannot Best Me, Despite How Easily You Believe You Should," Titus said wisely. "When You Understand Yourself And Myself Fully, Then You Will Know How To Pass My Trial." Titus flickered out, disappearing from the area again.

Tetra found herself spinning to a halt against her will, feeling tired and drained of a great deal of energy though she hadn't used but a smidgen to conjure up the tornado. She took on her physical form again and sighed, listening to her father's words before he disappeared. "... Dammit," she cursed, wondering how she was going to hit someone that could cause her energy to run itself dry all on its own. "... Wait A Second," Tetra thought, smirking deviously again, "I've Got Control Over Light, Too!" And what her father COULDN'T do was stop the light from touching everything in the land. There was no way it was possible.

So, Tetra decided upon using her 'Holy Light' to hit her father, glowing and releasing a huge blast of lustrous light from herself that spread far and wide, basically over the entire area that she could be seen in. Her light shined brightly and strongly, leaving Tetra like a beacon of sorts to a light brighter than the sun.

Again nearly confounded by his daughter, Titus did the only thing that he could think of that would stop his daughter from overcoming his trial with a simple solution at her disposal. He really didn't want to make this easy for her, but she was proving to be making it so whether he wished it or not. He underestimated her.

But, he wasn't done yet.

"Burn Up," he said, commanding the very light itself to be burnt to cinders as it left Tetra's body, particle by particle being erased upon contact with an entropy of which kept it from leaving a certain vicinity of the area, essentially forcing the light to both halt and darken in that immediate area. Tetra herself would still be aglow, but the radiation coming from her would be all but erased the moment it left her body, causing her to seem as if she were in a bubble of heat that turned her invisible to the outside and darkened the inside.

Titus sighed heavily, flickering in from out of nowhere with a look on his face like he was really stunned at the fact that he had to do something like that to prevent his daughter's prevalence. "... She's Making Me Be Reeeaaally Cheap," he said, understanding that he was burning and stopping light itself from moving with his mastery over the flame alone. After sighing with relief, though, he returned to a state of humble meditation and said, "But I Haven't Even Used Any Of My Stronger Techniques..." He knew that this had nothing to do with how powerful he or she was and everything to do with how creative or adaptable one could be given their situation, but doing something like that on the fly was pushing it for him.

"Oh Well, I'm Not The Fire God For No Reason," he reasoned, smiling humbly to himself and awaiting what his daughter would do next. The moment she stopped radiating light, he would stop burning it up before it touched anything.

Tetra continued to pour out light for a little while until she noticed that the area around her was getting darker and not brighter the more she exuded. "... No Freakin' Way," she said to herself, underestimating the extent of her father's power. "Is He... Burning My Light Before It Touches The Ground?" It was literally unbelievable. Something like that wasn't even heard of in physics, but when one thinks about it, it is very possible for light to burn up. Just not in this fashion.

Whatever the case may be, he was doing it and she was losing energy as he burnt up her light. So Tetra stopped pouring out light for the moment, breathing heavily. "This Is... Unreal Right Now..." she said through heavy breaths. "... But I'm Not Going To Lose!" Her eyes lit aflame with a burning passion to succeed, and the will inside of her drove her to use the most maximum of her potential to deal with what was coming at her. "... I Think I'm Starting To Understand What You're Talking About..." Tetra said valiantly, raising her sword of fire, Vengeance, and igniting it with Sacred Fire, "Father." Instead of trying to work against him, she was going to try to assimilate WITH him. As long as she made a clear and decisive impact on him, it didn't matter if it was because of a physical strike or a harmonious resonance. It just had to touch him.

"Sacred Fire..." Tetra prayed, the outline of her golden soul surrounding her and shining intensely, "... Let My Flame And My Father's..." She furrowed her brow, angelic wings and a halo sprouting from the golden soul of the Goddess that was within her, "BECOME ONE!!" She opened her eyes with the burning passion and let her soul harmonize with the atmosphere around her. She was doing it -- a Soul Resonance.

"Symphony Of Souls!" Tetra cried, her soul matching the vibrations of the area in perfect harmony. The flames that came from her sword would sprout into plumes of flares that extended outward into every direction, riding each and every wavelength current that passed by and creating patterns in the sky that matched how the heat in the air was moving. "Soul Synchro!"

Her Will and her father's Will... Would become One. Even if he rejected the flames, she would connect with his power as he used it, causing it to trace back to him and successfully touch him. Or so she hoped.

The Fire God could control fire perfectly, but he knew that during a Soul Synchro, that control was a gateway to connection between one's energy and another's. His daughter just might have bested him in using that.

He gazed upon the Sacred Fire with happiness as the flames made all sorts of designs in the air to match the heat, which of course Titus was not using his influence to control at the time. He knew that he could simply escape from this by going off elsewhere, but that wouldn't stop the flames from coming. If he used his own soul to combat the Soul Resonance, their souls would clash and that would count as a solid hit. No matter how he looked at it, his daughter had accomplished the task. She passed his test.

"Well Done, Daughter," Titus said as he allowed the Sacred Fire to harmonize with him and his energy, "This Is Truly What It Means To Understand Us Both. Your Mastery Of The Fire Element And Your Soul Prove To Me That Your Training Has Been Sufficient." Embracing the flames and letting them engulf him, the Magnus Ignis performed a Soul Resonance with his daughter, Tetra. They would both feel each others' power coursing through them, and in that, their Family Bond would deepen. "Next Time, I'll Give You An Even More Difficult Task! Hahahaha!" Magnus Ignis appeared to his daughter in her own flames, his face smiling and his body fiery and ethereal. He'd wait for her to calm down to continue speaking with her.

After hearing her father's words, Tetra's soul withdrew back into her body and the flames of Sacred Fire burnt away into the air. "Heh, Score," Tetra said, floating back down to the ground. "See? I Told Ya I Was Legit." She dispersed her swords back into her wings from whence they came and withdrew her burning red wings back into her body. "So, What's Next On The Bonding Agenda? I Feel Like I Learned A Little Something Today." One thing was that her father was not the Fire God for no reason. Another was that she was not his daughter for no reason.

"Next..." Titus began to say, "... We Go Back Home. Training Is Finished." Titus would hover to where his daughter was and begin to flicker out like a flame, taking her with him as he disappeared from the place where they were and back to the Fire Sanctuary.
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Twenty Sixth Ignition: Fire Legend End; Training Complete

A ray of sunshine like a spotlight from the heavens shone down upon the point of interest under the sun; the apple of its eye. Where the sun set its face, its image would be cast down upon its throne at the very tip top of the Mountain of the Fire God; Mt. Elios. He stood at the gates to the Fire Sanctuary, not yet going inside nor even opening the door, but dropping straight into a state of deep meditation, allowing his consciousness to be retained within the very Great Pumpkin itself glowing in the sky.

The sun set its gaze across the land, watching over all of the Corona Badlands. In its somber state, it would merely be at a rest, looking on at those who were sent on their training course some time ago. With the presence and the sight of the Fire God all across the land, exacting his Will and igniting it as seen fit should not have been an issue, and also he could serve as a guide for Garnet up to the Fire Sanctuary, which is where she was supposed to remain. Until then, Fire God Titus would merely sharpen himself, burning away the fat of his lessons and honing the edges of his mind. Many random distortions occurred in the atmosphere around him as he even thought. Moving too much may have caused something to be destroyed unnecessarily. He thought intensely.

Titus' daughter, Shinity would be sitting upon his lap still, having been transported along with him during their ascent into the Sun and descent back down upon the land. She was finding all of these things cool because she'd never gotten to see them before and it was really cool. "How did we do that?! Can I do that, too?" She wanted to learn everything so that she could learn to do cool things, too, and then show everybody all the cool things that she could do after she learned from her parents. Plus, then she could show her sisters, too, and they would be so jealous. "Heeheehee, Shinity gets to be with Daddy~." She figured since none of her sisters were spending any time with him presently that she was special. Shinity giggled to herself.

"Daughter," Titus, who was the elemental spirit of Fire that Shinity's father had commanded to watch over her, "Our time is up. I must do other things now." Titus had broken his meditation only to say this, for he had foreseen many things during his time connected to the collective consciousness of the Veritas. By this time, the sun had been consumed by its container; Titus' lower Restriction form, 'Pumpkinhead.' By this, Titus was freed of his labors and was no longer bound to nor overseeing this land. "However, you have been blessed with the strength of Fire in your spirit from your mother and I, and with that, I want you to travel the land, but leave your Fire elemental form here." Titus rose up from the ground and grabbed Shinity with one of his large, oversized hands of fire, which would surround her in a warm embrace that was the grip of his fingers over her whole body. He dropped her on the ground beside him once he rose up to his feet, gazing over the mountain and at the horizon.

"Pumpkinhead, my lower Restriction form, will be with you. It is still me, but I will have contained my energy." He looked down to his daughter, patting her head and petting her fondly. "I want you, too, to learn how to control and contain your energy, so this is why you will continue your own training with my lower Restriction form." It was better for all of them that way. "By the time your mother realizes, she'll be ready to assume her Restricted form, as well. But don't tell her." Just the same way as Titus had to learn and how Shinity would learn from Titus was also how her mother would have to learn to control herself and take her Pumpkin. Where Titus harbored the Pumpkinhead to contain his thoughts, his beloved harbored the Pumpkinheart to control her emotions. A misalignment caused many tragedies, which was why this is how it had to be dealt with. "Now, when I start to take on my restricted form, I want you to remember that it is still me. I am just containing my energy." Hopefully his daughter understood. She was very bright, and seemed to catch on quickly.

Titus wasted no time after the 'Everything The Light Touches Is Our Kingdom' explanation to adorn the Pumpkinhead, which had already done its part in consuming the Magnus Ignis of the Corona Badlands and becoming the rightful sun over the entire land. To Titus, it felt like nightfall, and also like a candle being put under a cover. His body soon faded away, and all that would be left was night, and the Pumpkinhead that would be standing just before Shinity at Titus' new, restrained, controlled form.

Pumpkinhead was still the same height as he was when he was in his higher Restriction form as Titus, but his appearance was different in some manners. His body was nothing but a dark shadow, a remnant of what it was in a time long past. Still huge and hulking, the shadow that made up his body -- his Living Shadow called 'Nightshade' -- would carry upon it at its top the Pumpkin Head, which changed the user into a vessel for Pumpkinhead whenever they wore it. This, however, was just another apparition of the true Pumpkinhead, who had a physical form, because he was the Fourth Restriction of the Creator.

The darkness that befell the land quieted the Land Of Great Fire like the night and left a dim glow all around. Pumpkinhead -- whose pumpkin head was still aglow -- would stand before Shinity ready to take her into the wilderness and teach her about the many natural aspects of the Veritas so that she could properly rule over the Dawn as the Princess Goddess that she was, much like her sisters were Goddesses of their Realms. He said but one word to her before he took hold of her in his shadowy arms: "Come." At that moment, the two, Pumpkinhead and Shinity, would disperse into pure energy and arrive at a new location in the Dawn where it was most naturally abundant -- the Great Forest.

--- Three Year Timeskip ---

The training that Shinity went through under the guide of Pumpkinhead for the sake of Titus, the Magnus Ignis, had been completed long ago, and the Pumpkinhead had dissipated once it taught Shinity how to rule over the land. This was all during the time that Titus was consciously gone from the Veritas and the sun was dimmed by Pumpkinhead's Oversoul coating it. It still shone brightly during the day, but it was not as intense upon the land unless he became Bloodred Pumpkinhead.

All of that was to say, Shinity learned how to rule over the Dawn and Titus returned from his three year excursion with his daughter in power over the Dawn. He and Tetra -- Shinity's Fourth Restriction form -- would appear from the top of Mt. Elios back at the Fire Sanctuary where they lived, waiting for Garnet, now Misery, to appear. During the three years Titus was gone, she'd allegedly completed her training as well.

"Daughter," Titus called out to Tetra, "Your Mother Should Already Be Here. She Showed Me The Fruits Of Her Training As Well Before You Came To Me, And I Instructed Her To Come Back To The Sanctuary." Titus would stand before the enormous shrine dedicated to him and his family of fire gazing at the large doors that beheld the innards of the Fire Sanctuary, which were mostly molten and arduous due to its being on a volcano. Still, it was a palace, despite its interior being rather... Hot. "Let Us Proceed Inside To Greet Your Mother," Titus said, stepping forth up the wide stairway up toward the doors.

"Whatever You Say, Pops," Tetra said in a mellow fashion. She was more or less just happy that he was back home. Tetra walked up the stairs beside her father and up to the door. She pushed the Fire Sanctuary's door open and called out to her mother. "MA," she cried, "WE'RE HOME." Tetra walked inside of the Fire Sanctuary's pathway to the throne room.

There, sitting lackadaisically on the Fire God's throne, leg up on an armrest and cheek buried in a knuckle was Misery, who was also called 'Garnet' as the Souzenryoku Of Fire. Misery's long black hair with the red stripe going down it rested underneath her askew buttocks, her single leg swinging above the floor. She was being 'The Sun' as the throne was meant to be for the entire Corona Badlands. Sitting upon it, one could see the perspective of the sun itself and oversee the Land Of Great Fire from a seated position.

"Took you long enough," Misery said to Titus with her usual attitude, "It's not like I've been waiting for THREE YEARS for you to show up and then, when I find you, we have a fight." She showed off her skills enough during the battle, she figured, as well as during the aftermath. "But hey, who's counting? All that training surely took three fucking years." She was being saucily sarcastic. "Be lucky we already made up. I'm still fuming about how you were gone that long and just blatantly didn't realize it." For someone who was supposed to be the consciousness of the sun itself, he had a pretty big blind spot.

Misery adjusted herself on the throne, hoisting herself up and letting her black jacket flutter as she walked briskly up to the two. "So, how was YOUR training, or whatever you were doing for three whole motherfucking years, eh? Please, enlighten us, O Fire God." Misery lowered her eyelids sharply, wrapping her arms around her daughter, who was now nearly as tall as Misery was. Three years of growth, you know.

Titus came in to hear Misery's nagging, as usual, about some tiny thing, as usual. Though he knew this particular instance was special considering the length of time that he was gone, he was still trying to downplay it. Breathing heavily through his nose, he motioned toward his throne as he said, "Time Simply Functions Differently In Different Worlds." That was his explanation and he was sticking to it. "Consciousness Merely Got Away From Me As I Frequented Specific Otherworlds And, Sooner Or Later, That Time Turned Into Three Years." But with Pumpkinhead, the Veritas went on like there was no change at all, except that the sun was a bit dimmer. It wasn't like the Corona Badlands were that much to manage. It was practically a fiery wasteland.

"Besides, I Was Not The Only One Out On An Excursion," he mentioned, resting his read upon his throne, "The Kazegami, Taomin, Was The One That Insisted Upon Going To Other Worlds And I, Taking It Upon Myself To Keep Watch Over Her, Followed Her. It Was Because She Was Busy Playing In Other Worlds That I Was Busy For So Long. You Know How The Wind Goddess Gets." He recalled a time where the other Gods had to trap her just to get her to take her place in the Veritas correctly. "When We All Reconvene, We'll Realign The Veritas Again As We Did When It Was First Raw And Chaotic, Then Time Will Be Stabilized Throughout The Entire Land." As it stood, there may have been temporal displacements about that did not correctly align. "I'm Sure It Will All Be Sorted Out By The Time Of The Fall Of The Sixth Moon. We Have More Than Enough Time," Titus assured.

Tetra chilled out whilst her parents bickered, walking up to the throne and resting herself on the armrest near her father. "I Don't Wanna Be 'That Guy', But I Don't Think It Really Matters." Tetra might have been the child, but she was the voice of reason for both of them sometimes. Her father was a wise monk known also by the title of 'Lord Patience', but sometimes, even his patience wore thin. Tetra's rarely did, considering she basically didn't care about much. Not too much sparked her interest.

"We're All Back Together, We've All Done Some Training, We've All Done Some Growing. I Think That Was Dad's Point In The First Place, Mom." She knew that was all that he wanted, since they weren't as adept at the element of fire as he was at the time. Now, the two Goddesses should have rivaled him with all that time to themselves to hone their skills. "Dad Wanted Us To Get Better With The Fire Element, And We Did. Now The Only Thing We Have To Do Is Watch Over The Land." That's how Tetra saw things.

Misery rolled her eyes. "Yeah, yeah, it's whatever at this point." She agreed with her daughter. "Mission accomplished, then." Misery walked back over to Titus and sat in his lap seductively, sprawling herself out amongst his large, hard body. "Now we can just sit back and enjoy each other's company." Misery closed her eyes and let the warmth of Titus' body soothe her, nearly falling asleep rather quickly.

Titus smiled softly as his two girls came to him, realizing that he was loved by them. He knew this to be true before, but when the expression of love was given to another, it had a very pleasant feeling. "Yes," he said softly as Misery laid in his lap, "... Now, We Rest."

Thus came an end to the Fire Legend.
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The Legend Of The Magnus Ignis
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