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 Born Of Snakes

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Magna Signis the 'Jack O' Lantern' :: Great Furnace; Shinigami of the Delta
Magna Signis the 'Jack O' Lantern' :: Great Furnace; Shinigami of the Delta

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Born Of Snakes Empty
PostSubject: Born Of Snakes   Born Of Snakes EmptySat Dec 05, 2020 9:58 pm

Born of Medusa, the stone-magic wielding Lamia/Gorgon, and Materias, a sentient being made of matter in its purest form, Medina is a bit of a twist between the two. Her torso and head are made of flesh, yet her arms, legs, hair and part of her back are made out of matter in its purest form. Her skin is hard and durable like a snakes, and her eyes are slim and menacing, and her appearance as well as heritage makes her feared by those she comes in contact with.

Her mother, Medusa, being turned to stone so long ago, was greeted by the sentient being of matter, Materias, who is from a distant dimension where the beings are all made of pure matter. He was kicked out of said dimension because of his cruel nature, trying to kill everyone and absorb their matter into himself so that he may become the ruler of that entire dimension. Though, with an epic battle with his arch nemesis, Matella, he was stripped of the matter he had absorbed and banished to another dimension, where he saw the Lamia whom was turned to stone. He figured that he could use her. After reverting her to normalization, he made a deal with her. If she and he could create a herald of both of their powers to overthrow Matella in the future, then he would give her eternal life. Medusa agreed, and thus, Medina was born.

Medina has unique abilities passed down by her mother and father. Her mother's abilities of Stone Magic (i.e., turning things to stone with her eyes and such), the ability to change into a full Lamia, grow snakes from her hair and more powers of that sort... And her father's abilities to control and morph her Pure Matter that is her hands, back, hair and legs, and the ability to slooooooowly break down and absorb or convert other matter. However, her powers aren't as simplified as theirs, for she is a complex being. She has no need for weapons, nor does she have the ability to learn powers other than her own. Her personality is a bit grim, yet sadistic, only showing emotions of pleasure and joy when she is doing something... well... Sadistic and cruel. Being born from such evil parents.. But she does not enjoy being so cruel so much. It makes her sad, but it is the only way she can express herself.

She was originally born on Escellsia, but was brought to the Lost World by her father, Materias, who pinpointed the essence of Medusa, Medina's mother, and sent her to go locate and consume it. And so, a portal from Escellsia would open up...
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Magna Signis the 'Jack O' Lantern' :: Great Furnace; Shinigami of the Delta
Magna Signis the 'Jack O' Lantern' :: Great Furnace; Shinigami of the Delta

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Born Of Snakes Empty
PostSubject: Re: Born Of Snakes   Born Of Snakes EmptySat Dec 05, 2020 10:20 pm

First Serpent: Just A Little Gamble Before Parole Officer Shows Up.

Before his parole officer arrives, Hawk was seen scrambling suckers out of their own money though a game of Blackjack on one of the tables near the port docks. The money kept accumulating each time as many participants rage-quit for losing their saved up cash. Lady Luck was always on his side as he chuckled deeply. He took one of the cards and drew it on the table. Once again, he has gotten another 21 Blackjack. "The house always wins."

A black mass fell from the sky from a black portal that randomly appeared right then and there, straight into the waters like a falling meteor from space. The resulting impact caused a terrific explosion of water that could not be ignored for anyone within many miles radius. The waters did not flood the port, however, for it was too far into the deep... But something had happened, indeed. The spray of water bathed the area like mist. Whatever this creature was and wherever it came from, it was now lurking through the land cautiously. It slithered to the beach and made its way off to find some prey.
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Magna Signis the 'Jack O' Lantern' :: Great Furnace; Shinigami of the Delta
Magna Signis the 'Jack O' Lantern' :: Great Furnace; Shinigami of the Delta

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Born Of Snakes Empty
PostSubject: Re: Born Of Snakes   Born Of Snakes EmptyThu Dec 10, 2020 5:07 pm

Second Serpent: What's This?

Like a meteor from the sky, a large black mass shot down to the earth where the forest had been coated with ice. Impacting the ground caused a heavy quake of the earth, as well as the shattering of the ice in that particular area, leaving a crater where this black mass would reside. It stayed there, motionless, as a large sphere staying perfectly still in the ground.

After Phena's escape, Suzume found herself alone again. Her attempts failed, making Suzume disappointed for many reasons. She raised her right hand, within seconds, a wrath aura made of dark energy took its place upon Suzume's hand. The wrath aura reverted itself into a long object glowing in dark flames. Finally it took the shape of a weapon, the spear: 'Night-Slayer'.

Smirking and hoping that she could kill Phena in just less than two days, giving the man who revived her a very special gift -- Phena's head -- she'd show him that Suzume was perfect for being a high class assassin. No more time to be fascinated by thoughts and such, Suzume quickly entered the building. Just as she entered, a loud boom could be heard. It seemed like there was something going on. Staring above the building from the door, Suzume saw a huge ice bird shaped sculpture. She thought, "Ice Phoenix...? What...?"

Concentrating on her dark energies, the cloak made of darkness transformed into wings of a raven. Taking a strong leap and flapping her wings, Suzume flew away from the building, but then she stopped a not very far distance. Floating with her weapon in hand, Suzume watched the building in danger.

As Uneak was about to get out of her room, some man took her away as if it was some sort of kidnapping. Rushes of images appeared as the man and Uneak went off someplace she never had a clue of. She was so confused and now she panicked. "Where are we even...?"

Uneak watched as the man throw an object far away. Suddenly a burst of 'something' appeared from its ground creating a very visible image of a bird known as Phoenix in the skies. Amazed of how it looked and happened, Uneak speaks, "So is cousin?"

A loud roar or screaming sounded like a bird moaning burst just as the sprouting of the Phoenix. Uneak's ears hurt as she heard her cousin screaming. In response, she giggled. "Well look what we have here, a sudden rebirth of my dear o' cousin it is! And here she goes screaming as if she fell off from heaven! What a coincidence! Welcome back my dear, I am Phena... However you must call me Uneak for now because we got a problem... Our grandma Suzume has came back to kill me... Would you like to help me?"

The phoenix became aware of two others, -- one with a vaguely familiar aura -- but she didn't acknowledge their presence. Her focus was directed almost entirely at the necromancer and Phena. "YOU WOULD DARE ALLY YOURSELF WITH HIM?!?!" She cared nothing for the reason she had been resurrected. It had been her wish to die, and she wanted to return to her eternal slumber in death. There she could finally be at peace and forget about the pain.

From the black mass, the head of a young woman peered from, with an emotionless gaze skimming across the entire area. Slithering forth from the darkness, her arms and legs formed around her body from the same blackness she appeared from, having been a part of her body the entire time.

Medina: "..."

Unaware of the goings on, and rather unfazed, she stepped forward and continued on toward the group of people. She was interested to see just who they were and what the commotion was with this 'Phoenix of Ice.'

Smiling as though nothing had happened, Uneak responded back in a calm way, "I'm glad you're aware of our view here; without this man standing near me, you wouldn't be alive again. Aren't you happy that you're alive... Again?'' Another presence at an unknown area bothered Uneak just a bit. However, she ignored the feeling to continue on with her so called mission. She spoke again, "In such important matters that we must take care of quickly... I believe its time we shall move on... Come my Cousin.'' She walked away but the unknown energy was ticking her off. Thus, her eyes wander around for any person or creature. Confused and unable to see the presence, Uneak stopped and turned around, in which she questions, "My what a surprise... Who is there? Come out from hiding as you please quickly~!"

Unable to locate the whereabouts of Phena, Suzume flew to the opposite direction of the building. Here she saw a small group of people with the same Phoenix energy flowing. Seeing none of the people looking like Phena gave her a very suspicious thought. Quickly she took a soft landing and with her weapon she pointed out to the people then asked, "Have you seen a girl named Phena, who seems to be quite a rude person running around here?"

Glaring at the women and a man, Suzume expected one of them to be Phena. Had she gone THIS obsessed? Rather less, her straightforward mind was taking over her everything -- Suzume was in the kill for Phena; no regrets.

A sudden burst of pain that cannot be felt from the inside of herself, the soul that was attached to Uneak began to shift to a whole new experience. Falling on her knees, Phena tried to control herself, but it seemed impossible as of now. Her body trembled as if she has gone insane entirely. Massive energy was released, yet its lights began to flow or spread around the area. Phena's eyes were completely swallowed by flames, yet the miniature sized wings on her back began to bust to create a pair of much larger wings. As her black hair grew all the way to her waist, strange but beautiful patterns of symbol tattoos covered around Phena's arms, body, and legs. Out of control, Phena flew away faster than any type of cheetah or animal. She headed straight to Suzume with her weapon: 'Suishou Hikaru' a.k.a the 'Crystalizing Blade Sword'. Had Phena lost her mind... Again? Or has a new power taken its place?

Phena's spirit back in her little world was surrounded and blinded by light. She turned away as if she was not showing any focus of going back to where she had come from; Phena continued to walk. She spoke, "I don't know... I don't know what to do... I don't know... All this and that... What does this mean...? Who? ...Ahh my head is tossing me around like a merry go round? ...Images?"

The light was so powerful that it was pressuring Phena's spirit and pushing her to the limits of her presence. She slowly placed both of her hands towards the blinding light, reaching to the exit as she thought. The light called out for Phena's spirit. "My dear little lost spirit, it must be lucky for you to come this far. However, it may be just too early for you to seek me..." Continuing on cutting Phena's words, the Light responds, "A new power of yours at the moment must be observed to understand its behavior for me to help you control it. It is quite... Powerful. This power once belonged to a Goddess of Phoenix who gave birth to a daughter, but... After the daughter's birth... The Goddess' powers had mysteriously gotten absorbed by her daughter, causing death upon the Goddess. Yet, her daughter fell upon the earth, switching her soul with a human baby's. Is it possible that you are her?"

Phena who is so confused, asked, "What... New power? I'm the daughter of a Goddess?"

Without words, the Light continues to shine with the will of brilliance, and continued to show its results. "... You are the new Goddess then..."

So many things happening at once. First Odette appears in her phoenix state, then Phena experienced some strange power surge. And now two more people had joined in, one with an aura similar to Odette and Phena -- it was very likely coming from Suzume.

Right now, Odette took priority over everyone else. Shade raised his hand and pointed his index finger at her. A single black tendril shot out from the tip and sped towards the phoenix to impale it right through the center. Alien looking glyphs spread out from the point of contact until they covered Odette completely, then he yanked his hand back like he was reeling in a fish.

The phoenix threw a nice little hissy fit and she was pulled back to the ground by Shade, screaming and beating her wings to summon a summon a snow storm that blanketed the nearby forest and part of Dusk in snow and ice. But none of her tantrums would help her break Shade's hold on her in the slightest. Her body condensed back into its human for as she descended, falling into his arms as a naked blonde female. The glyphs on her creamy skin receded from view, and she was left unconscious.

With Odette still in his arms, he turned to face Phena as she completed her ascension to Godhood. He felt a stirring within himself as the essence of Phena that he had absorbed resonated with her body. He shared her power, too...

What an interesting bunch had he run into. On second thought, perhaps he would take these phoenixes for himself after all.

Prey... Birds... Pretty birds. When a snake gets hungry, she eats pretty birds... They taste the best. But wait, another predator here to steal the prey...? Something dark and mysterious... Something that needed to be eaten by the snake as well.

Medina, the young girl who appeared from the darkness earlier, slithered over to Shade in the depths of the snow's cloak, the ice seeming to melt into the black parts of her body like some sort of malformed energy. She silently stared Shade in the face, licking her lips, never blinking. Not. Even. Once. He looked delicious.

While Suzume appeared to be confused, curious, and cannot feel any sort of danger, she decided to move on. Another presence of a young female appeared in her phoenix form, yet her form was changed back to human by a stranger. A strange place and time Suzume is really in because... Could all these people be related to her somehow? Suddenly another powerful energy force was speeding up towards where Suzume was standing. That girl must be Phena... So fast and so powerful, but Suzume knew that she herself was so much better. Quickly, with her weapon of choice, -- the spear -- spinning it in many circles so that when Phena comes right at it, her weapon would be flipped off, possibly, Suzume spoke, "One, two, three... Let this heroic actress be accepted by the hands of death!"

Suzume's wings sprouted once again, but they didn't look so feather-like; instead they looked like bat wings. Putting her spear upwards, a charging energy orb made of massive condensed darkness and energy from galaxies or stars started to burst into little smaller versions of balls that were sent following at the target -- Phena. The peaceful land that everyone was standing on started to explode as clouds made of dust and rocks flowed with electricity, in it creating a smokey lightshow. Suzume threw her spear, piercing the skies quickly as she clapped her hands, dark clouds formed in the skies where the spear was. That was when the clouds sent down pillars made of red lighting rotating in a huge circle to the grounds where it was attacked by Suzume's energy orbs. She mumbled with her eyes darkened, "Die..."

Back to her senses in reality of where her real body was, Phena found herself thrown back to the ground. However, as this happened, Phena did not feel any sort of pain because of a new power she heard about. Phena saw the man holding a blonde girl who seems to be Odette. Looking at her own hands and observing the mysterious tattoo marks that shone and glowed was a complete waste of time when there was a dangerous situation going on. Phena appeared next to the mysterious man in seconds that shocked herself a little since this was part of her new powers. "Take her to somewhere safe, I do not approve that this is the perfect place and time when she is unconscious. Please do be safe though~!"

Taking a deep breath, Phena prepared herself by using her new powers. She absorbed the energy from the attacks that Suzume made right to the palm of her hands. Within seconds, Phena flew and appeared behind Suzume with her hands on the wings of Suzume, then bursting the same attack that Suzume made at the wings. As Suzume's blood splashed onto Phena's body, she kicked the wingless Suzume by the back sending her to the ground in seconds, creating a crater. In a zap, Phena appeared back to the ground to retrieve her 'Suishou Hikaru' a.k.a the 'Crystalizing Blade Sword'. She walked to where Suzume landed, and with her weapon, poked the body for responses.

Shade locked eyes with the girl with staring problems, never blinking, himself -- or breathing, for that matter. She had the hungry look of a killer; he was going to have to watch this one. But for for now, he had more pressing concerns. After spitting something into the snow between the two, he turned around to witness the spectacle going on behind him.

Phena engaged Suzume and made quick work of her grandmother, reducing her to a bloody ragdoll on the ground. With her new abilities, it seemed that the young sorceress no long required his aide. Her rather spontaneous ascendancy appeared to have rendered the resurrection of Odette irrelevant for the point of helping Phena fight Suzume. No matter, he had obtained one phoenix so far, going on two.

"Leave her be," he said as he stepped down into the crater. "She's mine."

He wanted the birds just as much as Medina did... She was hungry. Why did he want these birds?

Medina: "..."

His motions became her motions instantly, and following right behind Shade and mimicking his exact movements, she strived to become Shade's shadow... Where she would consume him and everything else slowly, but surely.

When the time came, she would follow Phena wherever she was going.
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Magna Signis the 'Jack O' Lantern' :: Great Furnace; Shinigami of the Delta

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PostSubject: Re: Born Of Snakes   Born Of Snakes EmptyThu Dec 10, 2020 5:23 pm

Third Serpent: Calling Of The Serpent...

Medina, in her quest to consume Shade, slithered upon a most awkward, yet oddly familiar presence emanating from the 'Fire Shrine'. It seemed to call out to her in a way that she could not ignore, and was moving toward it without much knowledge why. It was instinct.

Medina: "..."

She could feel the power of someone of her own heritage... Calling her... Speaking her own language... Mesmerizing...

Another place in another time where Phena is wandering; a place so fiery, which also contains a certain energy that takes Phena's grasp, making her step closer towards it. Just around the corner, another flowing energy could be felt, this place giving off a strange dreaming-like atmosphere to Phena. So dizzy and images so hazy, could she be drunk? Whatever it was, Phena poked the girl that was in front of her. Gladly seeing someone similar to herself made Phena feel more safe, somehow. As of now, her voice stayed silent, unable to speak because of the bizarre place she is in. Could there be insanity? Places are uncertain, things cannot be determined by how they would seem -- this place was not what it seemed by how it looked.

The snake girl, lost in thought about the homely feeling of this place, immediately spun around after being prodded by the incessant phoenix girl from before.

Medina: "...!"

Her face, though it was difficult to tell the change of expression, the aura around her began to flare up in surprise to her appearance. Though, soon, that surprise changed to a hunger... Yet, her facial expression did not change. She cutely licked her lips, her stale, eyes widening a bit as her pupils narrowed to slits.

This bird looked delicious, for some reason... Perhaps... A cosmic phoenix...? The only thing that could fill the stomach of a cosmic serpent...?

The place became more normal, yet everything was back in place. Phena looked at the expression from the girl's face; she was full of hunger for something. That was when curiosity strikes again. "Hey... What are you doing?" For many reasons, Phena wanted to either get out of this place since it's getting more eerie than usual or she could stay to investigate this place some more. There was something suspicious about this place, many surges of active energy were involved. Perhaps, it was better to get along with this girl, but then again, Phena preferred to go solo instead. And so she took a long walk into the place, digging for the mysterious and finding something incredible -- or not.

Phena turned around, forgetting that she had left the strange girl all alone. She extended a hand to the strange girl, a similar impression to that of a person helping a lost child finding her or his way to safety. "A tag-along, perhaps?"

The expressionless face did not alter even at the offer of the hand of the girl, and she would be in serious contemplation as to whether she would bite it off or not. Staying her voracious appetite, Medina'd wait until the moment the two of them went inside to consume this delicacy, so that she would have no way to escape her presence... So her hand of pure blackness would grasp Phena's dainty digits, immediately taking control of the situation when she did.

As if slithering inside, she'd drag Phena into the depths of the Fire Shrine, where she plotted to consume her within... Phena may foolishly follow the serpent girl deep inside... Though, even with her cunning plan to trap and consume her prey, there was something else of interest that she could feel welling up inside of her as they would go deeper and deeper... Some sort of connection to this place that she could feel boiling in her blood.

Medina: "...?"

It was... Odd, yet intriguing. It started to take her mind off of that consumption, in fact. Eventually, Medina let go of Phena's hand, being too much focused on where this feeling was coming from and why... Another Lamia, perhaps?

Phena shook her head as she read what was wanted in the mind of the young lady near her. "Hmm... I could feel your desire from reading thoughts that echo in your mind." She was disappointed and decided to do something selfish maybe. As the girl held Phena's hand, she took a gasp. Her mind was flown elsewhere; couldn't control whatever was going on.

The surge of light appeared within Phena's sight while her spirit was flowing. Aside her body was a weak presence of the girl that was with her in reality. The light suddenly spoke, "Away... Snake. Away from the guardia-!"

Another spark of light appeared next to the glimmering light. It shot a pillar of light towards to the presence of the girl. The girl suddenly took the hit and slowly shattered while drifting backwards throughout the thin air. Phena suddenly lost herself again. She could see herself and the light slowly blurring away... "What...?" As she regained consciousness, Phena looked at the young girl, confused. She pondered, not knowing what really happened. "Hey... What's going on?"

In her travels in the depths, Medina could slowly feel the power of this Lamia start to fade away, all before she even reached the innards of the Fire Shrine. She was more than confused, and actually rather disappointed, despite not being able to express such emotions.

Medina: "..."

But a light shone bright back toward the entrance, where she had previously left the little Phoenix. Yes... The delicacy was still there, and would serve as a nice consolation meal for this disappointment.

Medina licked her lips slightly.

Medina: *...slurp.*

Not so long after, she'd slither back toward the light, letting the dark matter that was her snake-like body revert back to her normal, completely blackened, slender legs.

Medina: "..."

She didn't answer her question, merely stared at Phena, who seemed to be completely unaware of what was going on. That only meant much better prey...

Medina: *...slurp.*

In one quick motion, she'd slip past Phena and toward the entrance, blocking it off by standing before it, casting her long shadow over the poor girl's body. The only light that could be seen from her silhouette were the light of her glowing snake eyes, casting their power of hypnotic suggestion to the clearly mentally weak Phena...

I beckon thee...
Little bird, little canary...
Come to me...
You're just so pretty...

... ... *...slurp.*

A little in time, Phena's thoughts came back in place along with the existence of her consciousness. Immediately, she caught the very sight of the snake's eyes that were within the girl's eyes. During that moment, she could also sense the immense energy similar to that back then. "You... Are that?" Phena felt shocked and angered, that was then she summoned herself a weapon, the 'Desert Eagle Gun'. Upon the summoning, she started shaking; it seemed that the girl had cast a shadow below Phena's feet. However, the shadow was rather weak against her. On the endpoint of the gun, Phena's energies started to charge a surge of mystical looking type of bullets. In exchange, the center of the charging was absorbing the bits of energy from the shadow below, strangely.

Phena suddenly heard the calling of the girl.

"So you take the form of a snake? Interesting..." She could feel the existence of the girl's mind, thus, reading her mind. The girl was trying to devour Phena all this time. The loading was done, she pulled the trigger on the gun and quickly aimed at the girl. "Listen, I do not want to hurt you if you don't hurt me. However, if this is what you wanted, then alright... I will do the same."

Her gun suddenly released a bullet that is charged with electric manna. The bullet's size increased as it move towards to the girl.

At the flash of the lightning, the snake-woman hissed and scurried away, startled slightly by the sudden rise in mystical presence and flashes of electricity all about. When the power of suggestion over the little one's mind failed, the pitch black serpent decided to find herself a different, lest feisty prey.

Medina: "..." *slurp.*

The Dark Matter that formed her hair would sprout two large, pitch black wings that would carry her off into the sky, slipping silently out of sight and off to an unknown land.
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Magna Signis the 'Jack O' Lantern' :: Great Furnace; Shinigami of the Delta
Magna Signis the 'Jack O' Lantern' :: Great Furnace; Shinigami of the Delta

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PostSubject: Re: Born Of Snakes   Born Of Snakes EmptySun Feb 07, 2021 12:14 pm

Fourth Serpent: Team Building; Join The Squad

A faint hooded visage stood in the midst of the ruins, its image blurred further by the ominous downpour from the darken clouds. There had been a telepathic message sent out to a few warriors... A calling. Those who wished to see an end to these stark days, willing to fight tooth and nail to bring forth a neo-genesis were beckoned here. Who would show?

From the edges of the horizon, a cloaked figure could be seen traveling in the distance. A shield almost larger than his body was upon his person as was a blade slightly smaller than himself in length. From the 'Midpoint' he had come after entering a portal that only landed him on the other side of this place. Perhaps that portal was merely a means to and end and destiny was beckoning him from this place. A mental calling was sent out to him from a being he had no knowledge about, but after that stern talking to from the Goddess within him, he made sure to heed her words and decided to answer the call.

???: "Maa, I've been walking for hours, is this the place or not?"

Goddess: "Oh hush your whining, I am just as uneducated about this realm as you! But I feel that presence here."

???: "Easy for you to say! You're not the one trucking it across a world you've never been to."

He sucked his teeth in disappointment as he kept walking. He really didn't enjoy having this bitch on his back the way she was but she was his best hope at understanding his power and what was lying in wait for him when he confronted Methuseal. She was the only one who knew anything of the 'War Force' and how essential it was to crushing that bastard and his empire, and because of this he had to do as she said.

Goddess: "Alright, you may stop now. I believe this is where that message came from."

"I guess, but there no one around here," he said as he looked through the slim covering over his eyes.  He couldn't sense the source of that presence like she could, but he got a sudden chill up his spine. The young 'Bahavian' child then examined his surroundings looking for anything that might point him to the sender of his invitation.

He couldn't have been looking too hard if he missed Vanguard, or maybe he'd been looking in the wrong direction. It was an issue for many with great untapped potential; not truly knowing how to channel it effectively.

Then again, it was at the stark of night in the midst of a dreary storm, visual recognition was skewed forcing one to rely on more than the sense of sight. The hooded figure turned its head to see the Bahavian child, Aethos, solidifying its form from a shady mirage to more of a haunting apparition. The pressure of energy it released seemed to calm the downpour, but undoubtedly rose attention to his location. More specifically for the young man, directed at him as if he'd been the only entitled to pick up the spike in power. It hadn't moved from its position however. Should Aethos choose to ignore him, he wouldn't neglect any others who would respond.

Little by little Aethos' clothes started to get soaked. He could barely see with the water dripping from his head covering. He decided to take off his covering and revealed his short auburn hair. It glittered gently in the darkness that pervaded this area. As he walked a felt the sudden release of a pressure that covered the immediate area and as if by instinct alone, he turned his head in the direction of the powers release to find a shadowy figure somewhat reminiscent of a ghost. He could feel the power of this being, but something told him… This wasn't even a fraction.

Aethos: "Wow… Can you feel that Natal? Is it--"

Natal: "Yes indeed. This is the sender of you invitation. But be wary, the mannas of death swirl within his very being..."

Aethos: "Death manna? You think he knows anything about Methuseal?"

Natal: "Perhaps you should ask him and see..."

And so Aethos began to step forth, stopping only after he was about ten feet away from the figure. His eyes ran over him, sensitive to the feel of malevolent and benevolent energies alike.

Aethos: "Are you the one who called out to me?"

Aethos was closely watched as he approached, the wispy body shifting its posture until it seemed to be waiting strictly for Aethos. The closer he encroached, the stronger the visage of the figure grew; with only ten feet between them, the young Bahavian child could probably peer under Vanguard's usually abysmal hood... Which seemed to respond to Aethos' question with a brief silence that seemed to trail on forever. Honestly, Vanguard had been looking at the child in disbelief; he was young and looked skittish, unconditioned, fragile...

This was no daycare teacher's roll call. This man was on the verge of building an army of warriors willing to tear down the insurmountable, willing to lend their lives for another's tomorrow. He had worried if the number of those capable enough to fight were scarce and thinning, but...

Vanguard: "This is no place for a child..."

His voice was blunt -- not cold, per se, but straight to the point. It was his self-proclaimed mission to protect and save the planet from this Apocalypse, not to lead their young headstrong into demise. He would go to war with God and Satan alone before he drafted someone who couldn't meet his standards.

Finally... After what felt like an eternity of drowning within murky purple waters, one named Ahjha's body had been dropped from the raging thunderclouds above. The lucid drops of rain thumping against her bruised and battered skin gave her a meager, but significant reminder as to what a soothing sensation felt like... As she plummeted undeterred toward the planet's crust. Though she'd barely been conscious and in no position to speak on it, -- or anything for that matter -- this assaulted maiden had attained an appreciation for peaceful phenomena of all kind. But it was only through experiences traumatic enough to scar and burn her soul worse than hellfire that she'd been taught to loathe War, cursing her with a thirst of vengeance strong enough to corrupt a demon.

The rags and cloths ripped from her garments to bandage and conceal her facial cauterized wounds flapped audibly as she descended, until she crashed head first into mud, sludge, and ancient ruin. The dark portal responsible for her presence dissolved instantly within the blackened skies after divulging her, not truly having a preset destination or post designation aside from escorting Ahjha from what she imagined to be the belly of the beast. As to why she'd been dropped to this location was moot, and so was she... Her reentry occurred a short distance from Vanguard and Aethos, destroying columns and time-worn temple novelties with nothing but her body. And there she would remain, buried by rubble, rainfall, and miscellanea until her she could recover from this mental-spiritual-physical vicissitude.

Her entrance goaded a tilt of this mysterious figure's head, yet he refused to move from his position directly. Although, he recognized the source of energy belonging to the UFO, he could even place a face to it. 'You...' Vanguard whispered in his mind... Though he hadn't a mind to intercept or intervene with its course, he was more than curious enough to inspect the aftermath. Swiftly and silently, Vanguard's shadow detached from his legs and crawled toward the crash site at a menacing speed. It would take form as a 'Shadow Clone', but would have arrived at its location long before then. Once the clone established that the area was secure of booby traps or preemptive threats, it would inspect the fallen. The energy source could be sense faintly palpitating beneath a build up of stone ruin, rubble and upheaved bedrock created from touchdown. Carnage was expected... Bloody puddles of rain, bone and flesh buried at its base. The clone removed all of the smothering boulders and gravel with a casual wave of its hand, carrying everything away with a graceful psionic breeze.

Vanguard: "..."

Mental activity detected, as well as the body of a severely ravaged young woman. She'd been painted crimson with open scars and wounds, all of which were poorly bandaged and ill medicated. It was a miracle for her to be alive... Let alone conscious.

Meanwhile; "Are you lost, kid?" Vanguard asked Aethos, removing his hood and revealing his bronze skin and shoulder length hair. The clone could exist autonomously, telepathically relaying to the alpha all relevant and irrelevant details. In the meantime, he had what he believed to be a rising 'Amber Alert' on his hands.

Ahjha: "..."

She could only spare a few more moments awake before drifting into blissful comatose, but there was no doubt in her mind that she was safe. Her already loose bandages unraveled under the weight and pressure of crushed stone and heavy precipitation, but her body felt far too numb to experience any type of stimuli -- positive or negative. Even after Vanguard unearthed her from her tomb, the most he would get out of her would be a lone gasp of air before she completely blacked out.

There was a brief moment where Vanguard was honestly too conflicted to think straight. With a cold, dissecting stare, his mind wrestled with the idea of saving this child born of 'Uchian' sin or casually turning around and leaving her corpse to fertilize these decrepit ruins. The concept of the latter would have normally goaded a smirk out of his 'acquired' sense of humor, if he wasn't leaning toward her survival.

With every second that he wasted muddling over his decision, the further her soul slipped away from her body -- but he knew this. With his newly acquired necromancy, he considered trying his hand at resurrection if just to watch her die, but the Dark King would hold it agains him. She bore around her neck a 'Void Necklace', a sigil of the village he aligned himself, which was enough to trial the Psion with negligence or treason by leaving her to die.

Vanguard: 'Ugh, fuck it.'

With a hesitant flick of the wrist, the clone opened beneath Ahjha a corridor of darkness that would escort her to his headquarters. There, her wounds would be attended. After-which, the clone would fade away.

He saw this being -- a man much taller than Aethos, hair flowed in the passing winds, skin whose color mocked the fresh sand on a shore. His eyes, they pierced Aethos, sending through him a fear the likes of which he hadn't felt since the time he faced Methusael. Aethos could feel the energies of darkness within him, a manna so ancient and powerful that he felt this strange familiarity, that what kept him from speaking. But before the man could vanish completely, Aethos chased after him, grabbing onto his hand... "Wait!" he said, the Goddess within him silent, simply observing this conversation. He looked down, then back up to the man who was much taller than he. His eyes fierce; determined. "Was it you... That sent that message to come here?"

Vanguard: 'Heh...'

Vanguard couldn't keep himself from chuckling, not so much at Aethos as it were toward the irony. His telepathic call intended to seek out the powerful and experienced, wise and valiant was answered by a child. So much for trying to keep from enlisting minors...

Vanguard: "What's your name, kid?"

His gaze was a bloody vermillion, reflecting Aethos' leer of courage with an eerie dissecting stare of his own. His smirk was off-putting, yet his voice sounded genuine.

Aethos was pleased that the man stopped in his tracks, for reasons he didn't quite understand actually. This man reeked of the very same aura that killed and captured many of his people. Who was this being? Was he somehow tied to the God-King of Death? He knew they weren't the same; there was an eerie calm about him, one such calm that the antagonist of his life did not share. "It's Aethos... What's yours?" That crimson gaze carried so much behind it; Aethos wasn't a pro on emotions, but he was sensitive to the feel of them... And there was a lot of pain and anger behind this mans stare. Yet he seemed so composed; was even capable of smiling... Aethos wondered... Was he and this man alike in their emotions? This drew him to this person even more...

Vanguard: "Aethos, then..."

Vanguard purposefully interjected, hiding his hands away in his pockets as per usual. Oddly, the heavy downpour of rain alleviated their immediate position, as if they stood under an invisible barrier.

Vanguard: "What message did you hear?"

It may have came off a little coy, but that was authentic question. The psionic transmission was left to interpretation from person to person, but still retained core components to drive home to the listener. He wondered what exactly did Aethos hear that caused him to cast aside common sense and guide him face-to-face with a potentially sinister specter.

Casually perusing the skies with no real intent nor purpose, -- as this empty shell of a creation only sought what her next mean was -- the eerie creature partially wrapped in black darker than the night soared aimlessly about. Scanning the area below for potential prey, it was only when she noticed the battered carrion that had been taken custody by the dark hooded figure that gave her any real intent on doing anything here. Easy prey and a quick meal; something that would not struggle as she drew it into the portions of her body comprised of Dark Matter.

She swooped down without second thought nor hesitation, as if by sheer first instinct alone to snatch up and eliminate her prey as though a helpless target. It wasn't until reaching the radius of the barrier that the girl would fly headfirst into, smacking it with a powerful thud. Whether she was capable of permeating this invisible barrier or not was up to the pressure of whomever cast it, but she would be influenced by its presence nonetheless and fall to the ground regardless, whether inside or outside of the barrier.

She rose, her pitch black snake-like lower torso seamlessly shaping themselves into slender, tender legs of a matured adolescent. If not for their abysmal composition, they would look like skin-tight black stockings. Her hair, made of the same black substance, would draw the dark wings back into her head, which just as seamlessly took shape as her hair as the tail did her legs previously. The girl's face, seemingly the only part of her that held any color besides the clothes on her body, was pale and without any expression in the slightest, yet her eyes were attentive, slit and focused, as though scanning the surrounding area. She stood there motionless, gazing at all of them. She did not move, nor did it seem like she intended too. A forked tongue rather cutely slipped in and out of her mouth, before she began to blush. Her facial expression did not change, however.

Medina: "... *hiss* ..."

Aethos took note of the fact Vanguard did not give his name; his brow would lower. What sort of message did he hear? Were there different ones? Regardless, he knew what he heard... What he felt, and had no problem speaking on it. This kid held his tongue for very few. "It was one that promised vengeance... It promised the opportunity to make those who caused me to suffer to suffer ten times as worse, it... You promised revenge and the power and discipline to get that shit... And that's what I want... It's what I yearn for..." He saw damn near his entire clan wiped out or enslaved; he would have the blood of the God-King if it was the very last thing he ever did...

Vanguard: "H'oh yeah?"

Before Vanguard could expand on his response to Aethos' interesting interpretation, some maniac interrupted him by dive-bombing their private and protective zone. It wasn't as if he sensed Medina's sinister presence, he just preferred to not be rained on. Pretty lucky~.

He wouldn't do more than stare at the reptilian female, knowing the chances of her penetrating his mental barriers were less than minimal. He crossed his arms and smirked; perhaps Medina was another who caught wind of the call to arms...

Vanguard: "What makes you different than those who may oppose you?"

... Or maybe she was a predator taking advantage of herded prey.

Vanguard: 'Nah...'

"State your business," Vanguard barked fearlessly and assertively at Medina. Her primal entrance demanded attention; surely she held the cognitive power to form intelligent sentences. He didn't want to deal with a mindless, rabid dog.

Medina: "..."

She remained silent and motionless for some moments after being noticed, raising her left hand up slowly and placing it lightly upon the barrier. She applied a bit of pressure, finding herself unable to push through nor eat away at its composition with her touch. Her arm grew limp and fell back to her side before she stared at Vanguard. Her eyes flashed a few times, the glint of the sharp gaze tapping at the barrier as though knocking on a door. She was trying to communicate, it seemed, through means that were not of audible speech. She flicked her tongue out a few more times, her eyes gleaming every now and then attempting to relay her message to the hooded figure as many times as necessary until it was received:

Medina: 'You have prey.'

Medina: 'I want to eat it.'

Medina: 'I want to kill it and eat it.'

Medina: 'I want to watch it die.'

She hissed cutely and gently, her face remaining expressionless, save for the blushing she did after the thought of murdering and consuming the prey.

"It isn't a matter of what makes me different from those who oppose me, it's a matter of choice, and I choose to cut down anything and everything that stands in the way of me and my family... Anything..." Aethos said as his hood fluttered in the gentle breezes that flowed by. He noticed the creepy serpent chick eyeing the barrier the hooded one had invoked. Aethos could feel her murderous intent but wasn't moved in the slightest. He had spoken his piece to the hooded being and now simply awaited his response.

"Seems she has taken an interest in you young Aethos," the Goddess Natal spoke within the confines of Aethos's soul.

"Tch. I'on give a damn about her. I didn't come all the way here for the minor leagues..." he said back to her as he placed his hands inside his pockets, hidden by his cloak.

Vanguard: 'Such resolve..'

The boy boasted a tough game, but any dog could howl. Vanguard kept his eyes on Medina trying to get a read on her, but casually looked back to Aethos.

Vanguard: "Can you show me?"

A simple question that could have decided the fate of this encounter. The malevolent woman was primal, but intellectual nonetheless. He wouldn't ignore her presence, but Aethos demanded an audience. Vanguard's arms remained crossed, poised, and stagnant, like a statue. He awaited the young man's response.

Medina remained motionless for a while, keeping a close eye on them. Unconcerned with their decidedly trivial issues, -- since all that mattered to her was killing or being killed -- she returned her focus to trying to obtain her prey. At that very moment, the ground under her started to erode, as if suddenly, her touch became caustic and consumptive at once. Below her, the ground would open wider and wider, being feasted upon with the utmost intricate delicacy; picked apart particle by particle. As her body gradually descended, she shifted her eyes to the side as though she were embarrassed and attempting not to make eye contact. Her expression did not change on her face, but her blushing and random gentle flicks of the tongue from her unmoving lips may have been some sort of slight indicators.

Aethos stood still as the woman began to descend into the earth beneath her, his eyes tracing as she eventually left his viewpoint. He'd sigh at the question that the hooded being presented before him. "If that's what you want, then yeah, I'll show you..." he would say as his cloak would vanish from his being, revealing his 'Blade Of Kings' and 'Bahavite Shield'. He was ready for what was needed.

"My name is Vanguard..." Vanguard would say solemnly, dropping the barrier and allowing the storm to continue its rain shower. He turned his back to him at this point, opening a dark corridor about a foot from his position -- his gateway to the first row spectator seats. There he would observe, both parties... "I would wish you good luck, but you don't need that, right?" he inquired, sliding his hands in his pockets, leaving.

Once Medina was completely underground, having traced the barrier down as far as it did before being released, she'd quickly return to her hunt for her prey, tunneling around underground silently. The ground under Aethos' feet shifted a bit...

Aethos stood exactly where he was, not moving a muscle; he already knew her tactic, as she had given that away with her descent. Aethos was an 'Aura' user and as such, had some means of detecting others. The ground shifting slightly under him had also given him the leverage he needed. The young child stayed put, closing his eyes as he folded his arms, calming himself and thinking back on the times of training with his father and the others of his people.

It wouldn't take but one swift motion for walls of black to shoot up over the small radius a good distance around Aethos' position, creating a chamber similar to the psionic one projected by the one who kept her presence at bay beforehand. Seemed as though she'd learned from tracing its shape as she dug along the ground how to create it with the black parts of her body, and took no chances in using whatever tactic and technique she was capable of learning from other beings in order to better and more effectively hunt for her prey. Aethos had a small window of time to escape the vicious snap of these black fangs that would seal him into that confined area.

Rising slowly from a pool of black gradually widening in the ground, slowly eating away at the surface upon her ascent, was the snake girl, Medina, flicking her tongue out and staring directly at Aethos; unblinking and unmoving. Her lower body remained attached to the ground, but her arms were free.

Medina: "..."

Aethos knew this was coming, though honestly, he hoped she herself would've appeared instead of this black shit. He could feel its coming from beneath him no matter how silently it trekked, and as it aimed to pierce the surface the boy would open his eyes, a slight glow twinkling within each one. He then backflipped over the substance with a quickness. He drew his sword and shield as he descended back down, his shield and blade enveloping in his essence...

Where the boy ran, the blackness followed, quickly retreating into the ground with haste once he flipped off into the air and rising up again in the destination that the boy intended to land before he hit the ground. This time, it would aim to cage him in before he actually touched the ground so that by the time he touched down, the blackness would have already surrounded him in his prison. It seemed as though large parts of the ground were hollowed out, as though something had been tunneling furiously through them not too long prior. This made passage for the blackness to be swift and unencumbered by something it would have to normally take its time to eat away at in order to seep through.

Since the boy couldn't have backflipped too far away, once the jaws were shut, two gleaming eyes could be seen shimmering and quivering in the darkness, bringing a vague, very dim glow into the once pitch black dome. Only the slight, faint sound of a hiss could be heard.

Medina: "... *hiss* ..."

As he descended now, Aethos' eyes ran over the black creation that sought to engulf him. It was able to move quite swiftly; perhaps it had something to do with the time she had spent under the ground. It also seemed to carry some form of corrosion; this must have been the cause of its swift movement -- perhaps it corroded several ways under the surface allowing for swifter passage. If that was the case, Aethos had to test a theory. Unfortunately her trap captured the young boy, engulfing him in the verbal black dome that might seal his demise. The eyes scared him naught; he allowed himself to be caged as he closed his eyes once more. His body was firm, his mind was clear, he was ready.

Aethos: 'Natal, I'm going to need your guidance...'

Natal: 'With what child?'

Aethos: 'Dammit you already know with what! I'm not the best at controlling all my power, so I need you to help me channel the shit!'

Natal: 'Hmph... How about a please and thank you!?'

Aethos: '*Sigh* Please?'

"That's more like it," she said as she began to integrate the power of his soul and hers in unison allowing him the use of his 'War Force'. It was a power of devilish strength that seared and sundered everything it touched. His body would glow a faint golden hue before erupting in a blistering torrent of sheer blazing aura eviscerating the very darkness around him along with the black shit that created this storm. If it could not withstand the chaotic nature and strength of his power, it would be destroyed, and if Medina was anywhere near him, she too would be caught in this small scale maelstrom of sheer will and fury... And this was only the release of his power.

Aethos: "Thanks..."

The release of the 'War Force' would subside after a while and coat his body, weapon, and shield. He looked to be of fire as the veil of his power a surrounded him.

As the boy unleashed the strength of his devilish 'War Force', Medina instinctively recoiled as a startled snake would at the rather abrupt burst of light and powerful heat. Though, what should have actually not only incinerated her and quite possibly harmed her barrier would not reach such a level of potency... For, as the light shone as brightly as it could, just slightly less intense to cause any serious damage to Medina... It would illuminate the entire barrier far better than her mystic gaze had done before, revealing the new structure of the ground. It was no longer muddy and shifty, but completely solid and hard, like some sort of eerie rock; completely blackened. Aethos should have found his War Force becoming weaker gradually, but rather slowly, as though the energy necessary to sustain and create it were being sucked right out of him. The light would dim and bring Medina's face just out of sight of the light, where her eyes glimmered brightly again in the shadows.

With the light kept relatively at bay within this confined space, the patient predator lowered herself down to the ground, almost on her belly, unleashing a black smog from her mouth that would fill up the dome. Once it was filled, the barrier would fall, and the black mist would be allowed to spread about the field... Medina lost somewhere in its obscurity. The faint sound of hissing could be heard coming from numerous directions... Though, some of those sounds might have been simply the black haze spreading in the heavy pattering of the rain.

His outburst of strength appeared to have not been enough, though in truth, the integrity of the dome had in fact been compromised. He could feel the suction of a force slowly draining him of his power. He looked around. With the dome now lit, he could see the girl's slithering conniving face. Just watching her slither about staying in one spot while she feasted on his energy made him sick and disgusted. The anger from these feelings began to fuel the War Force, increasing it's potency despite the drain, though even as it increased it would also decrease becuase of the suction.

Aethos: "Tell me everything you know about her now Natal!"

Natal: "The girl's physiology is very much so likened to that of a snake, her forked tongue and the way she retreat when the light of the War Force activated are proof of this; this substance, she is it's creator, and it is able to suck energy from those near it."

Aethos: "Tch Well if ethereal attacks won't work... Guess i'll just have to bust my way out of here!"

Aethos took into account that this being was like a snake and thus sensed not only with her eyes but with her tongue. The eyes were very sensitive to light, and so in order to buy him some time, he was going to have to fuck with her senses. No problem, for he simply needed to turn up the lighting in this joint. He took his blade, infusing it with his power. As he launched towards her, he would also take his shield and do the same. Instead, he threw that towards the 'ceiling' of the dome. When both were in position, he would cause the light of the War Force to become painfully bright, illuminating this entire dome with a severe level of light and heat. Whilst this happened, he turned to the wall. Aethos might not have looked like it, but he was incredibly strong, and his strength lied in the power of his legs.

"Let's see it survive another hit from my strength!" he said as the might of the War Force fluctuated within him. He allowed his anger to fuel his determination and vigor to break through this insidious trap. His foot would glow a bright red and white before he hiked it up, cocked it back, and struck the wall with a fierce bombardment of kicks, each blow carrying about three hundred fifty pounds of force. With the War Force boosting that power times two, he'd hopefully break through the wall and in the moment it did, he would escape through his opening and reach the other side, where his side of the onslaught would begin.

While he was busy looking for the border to the pitch black barrier, it seemed the black mist obscured his vision enough where he could not see that the dome had been taken down the moment Medina slithered away. The advantageous snake woman was lost in the fog, her location unknown, until Aethos flung his sword blindly trying to strike what he thought might have been her. Must have heard one of the hisses, or maybe it was the residual noise of the streaming black gas.

Regardless, the force of the throw was enough to clear the fog after a while, at least in the direction thrown, revealing the area and that the dome was already relinquished.

As he was about to throw the shield, he would find his body stop moving; not because it wasn't functioning, but because his shadow was bound in place, almost as though it had been petrified where it was. The radius of the ground made of the energy-draining 'Black Stone' was the same area as the once erect dome was, and Aethos was dead center of it. With his shadow bound due to the effects of being washed over by the black mist, even when it was cleared, his shadow was already in the process of being petrified before against his knowledge.

Behind Aethos, sparkling slits shimmered in the remainder of the black mist as it cleared, revealing the snake woman standing quite outside the petrified ground's border, shown by where the petrified earth returned to being muddy. The rain seemed to have no effect on the 'Black Stone', however, because Aethos used up some of his energy engaging the War Force, using a technique and keeping it active, Medina was feeding on him from afar, using his own energy to further power the sustenance of her own, not harboring any within herself. She was not wasting any of her manna; she was further wasting his energy, since he was using so much of it at once. This powered up the 'Black Stone' she was concentrating on.

Medina: "... *hiss* ..."

She shyly raised her arm and rubbed the other, moving only slightly, as though she were unsure or embarrassed, then looked to the side and blushed before returning her attention to Aethos, of whom she'd flick her tongue out at gently. When all of his energy was drained, she would consume him while he was weak, so he couldn't put up a fight. She anticipated it, though her expressionless face did not show it.
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