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 The Crystal Heart

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Magna Teleine the Ivory Lovechrysm :: Crystal Moon; The Eye of Truth
Magna Teleine the Ivory Lovechrysm :: Crystal Moon; The Eye of Truth

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PostSubject: The Crystal Heart   The Crystal Heart EmptySun Dec 06, 2020 4:03 pm

The most cautious of the emotions, using silence and smooth talk to lure in prey and judge whether they can handle the Black Dragon's Crystal Heart or not. Known for her series of experiments, she tests to see those who are worthy, and if they are indeed, then they have the heart of the great Black Dragon in their hands for all eternity, and the connection of Love is permanent.
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Magna Teleine the Ivory Lovechrysm :: Crystal Moon; The Eye of Truth
Magna Teleine the Ivory Lovechrysm :: Crystal Moon; The Eye of Truth

Posts : 66
Pisces Female Points : 88
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Join date : 2015-02-25
Location : VOID
Job/hobbies : Tymon's Female Spirit

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PostSubject: Re: The Crystal Heart   The Crystal Heart EmptyWed Dec 09, 2020 2:11 am

First Heart: The Spawn Of A Falshin...

"I... I have to get away... He'll... He'll eat me!" the panicked child would mutter as she ran from The Insanity's inevitable coming. This is what she feared all this time since she had awoken and learned the truth of her origins. A fear deep within her soul that even her superb 'Soul Protection' could not mask for her. And so, in a futile attempt to flee the madness both from within and that was coming for her, she fled into the reaches of the 'Dark Factory'. Ever since the madness around the Lost World began growing she had been on edge, hiding herself in the darkest of places to avoid begin seen by her father's trio of eyes. Even as she hid, his voice still called out to her. He told her he would be coming. That through her madness would live again. She didn't want to be the epitome of madness. She didn't want to become a Falshin! She just wanted to live! To enjoy the way that pleased her! Not live at the beck and call of her psycho father.

Sure the sociopathic apple didn't fall to far from the psychotic apple tree, -- especially since she murdered and entire forest of creature and used their souls and bodies to create a spear -- but that was because there were so many different influences that she hadn't ever experienced before. The Grand Magistrate had kept her hidden away from the universe for eight hundred years. Many things and basic needs went unmet and many things untold. She never knew hunger, and when she awoken she had an eight hundred year old appetite.

???: "I'll be a good girl, Daddy! I swear! Just... Just don't eat me!"

She ran tripping over a deformed piece of metal and scraping her leg, causing her to fall. The madness bubbling within her. Her madness wavelength began pouring from her like a bloody stream of crimson gore. She stayed there distraught in her own juices scared shitless by the possibility of being devoured. This coupled with her already unstable consciousness began to create a manifestation of her father's visage before her...

Falshin: "Aww my sweet, sweet pet. Whats the matter? You look like you've seen a ghost..."

The vile grim smile he was known for would begin to widen. The frightened spawn of his quivered at the sound of his force. His presence foreboding and fear impinging, despite the fact that his presence was in fact her own. Like her power, her soul was staring back at her, but she was so scared at this point in time that she didn't even perceive this to be a truth. Her mind, was it playing tricks on her? Had to be, he had gotten her so fast. Her mouth quivered like a child who was about to receive punishment. The power of the 'Fragment Of Falshin's Soul' was emerging from her body and taking on an ethereal form of it's own.

"P-please, father, don't eat me. I swear I'll be good! Whatever you want, I'll do. Just let me live!" She groveled before him; this was the influence of madness at its peak. Preying on the pains, fears, pride, and insecurities of the weak and strong alike. We all have something to fear, the one and only thing Kyoki feared was becoming a Falshin by the hands of her father.The self-created machination of the Falshin moved closer to her, the pounding cataclysmic might that her soul carried in this form of her father consistently pounded away at her mind, her soul, and her body. Such a growing flare of crimson intensity began to attract the dark, misshapen souls of the Factory drawing the demonic and vile creations of horror closer to her. She looked around, grabbing her head, trying to sate the pain. She turned around, her eyes flashing in and out of a crimson glow. She could feel them coming; see the twisted creations coming near her. They all wanted her -- desired to sink their depraved canines into her flesh. The madness around her grew; time and space began to distort and twist the very fabrics of this realm around her. Her manna had begun spiraling around her, but at the same time... Kyoki was evolving...

Falshin: "My child, you have already been devoured... But not by my will... You are no longer worthy of becoming my meal!"

The maddened smile grew even more intense, riled up by the now coming force of the shadows that leapt out at the child. The dark jaws belonging to the dragon known as 'Shadowfyre' attempted to devour the girl in one fell swoop, but it was sadly mistaken. Kyoki was not destined to become its next meal. For the remaining facet of the already coagulated and congregated fragment of Falshin that was within leapt out at the chance to devour this dragon in hopes that it would take on its form. The pull from this forced extraction from Kyoki's bodice caused her to be pushed back. The energies that had begun to swarm around her frame began to condense around her instead of flailing about wildly. With the madness out of her frame her body had to cease the metamorphosis and then calibrate the change that was to ensure from this point on. The fragment of Falshin carried the power of her vibrations and a fraction of her soul. Her body now needed time to calculate this loss and begin the process of evolving beyond this issue. The dragon... Yes, the 'Dragon Soul' that Kyoki had devoured before this excursion commenced that would be the key, but her body needed a boost. One she just did not posses at the time.

Soul-crushing jaws closed on the bubbling, fleshy mass, snapping its half-formed goo into pieces and sapping what little life it thought it had. Down into her belly it dripped to be cleansed in the fires of the dragon's belly. Thankfully for Kyoki, it worked almost as vaccine against The Insanity, her supple black form taking in and become immune to The Insanity in such a concentrated form. Slowly, the giant burnt orange orbs turned toward the small witchling, blown back by the power of her transformation. She had hit the wall rather hard, but it was hard to tell if she was still conscious.

As if a fog had lifted from the ancient creature, Kyoki could behold her massive length rather easily, to study the great bulges of muscle beneath those matte black scales. Twin wings were tucked into her sides, but unfolded would be nearly twice Shadowfyre's entire length. She was a creature built for stealth and power, and it was easy to see just how it might have been Kyoki snapped in two by those powerful jaws.

Easing back from her previously hostile stance, the dragon carefully sniffed at the tiny girl, her warm breath smelling something between a mix of meat and smoke. In the back of her mind, she knew that she had been about to eat the tiny witch-child, but she could have no regrets for her nature; the only way to obtain sustenance was killing in Shadowfyre's world.

The Insanity: 'Oh. Falshin's child... Hyahahaha... Long gone.'

Drawn to the madness of its own little tiny fragment roaming about, not active by the overwhelming force plagued in the atmosphere, The Insanity stared from the rolling black clouds above at the child of the slightly larger fragment of itself, yet still rather minuscule 'Falshin.' He was now nothing more than a weapon for him to use to cut down the Gods and slay those that stood in his way, the blade 'L'ashuraht'. How fun it would be to smite this girl and inform her that her father was no more, and that he who existed by her father now was... Pure Insanity.

The Insanity: "Time to come back to daddy... For the last supper..."

The last piece to the 'Omega Weapon'...

Her transformation was nothing short of simply feeding the Insanity something new at the cost of her old existence. She was going to be consumed, as she was never supposed to 'be' in the first place. The Insanity was all Insanity, and all Insanity would fall into order under his reign. Including this little speck to be wiped from the face of the earth... She would be no rebel.

The clouds would follow her, taunting her, looming overhead to strike fear into her heart... Just waiting to rob her of her existence as an independent at any given moment... He would have none of this 'rebellious' business under his influence, not at all. Perhaps the fear of the threat of being consumed at any given moment... Would do the trick.

There was only a glint of gleaming red... A sanguine gleam signature to only one. That which held the power to see all things shot forth a red bolt of energy that burned with the force of the spirit of Insanity smoldering in her soul. Yes, that was the target; this girl's juicy little heart. Beckoning the spear of purity and sanctity straight through her being.

The Insanity: "Found You..."

And from on high, a heavenly bolt of the divine light of crimson pierced through her being, casting upon her the blessed force that the 'Rapture' of her body, mind and soul through the penetration of the 'Sapien Serpent' striking her very embodiment -- that being simply her body, mind, and soul, I guess, haha... -- would she meet the eye of the 'Black Dragon' shining its piercing, blistering red gaze into the heart of the poor, sad, confused, and utterly distressed little girl, knowing not what to do up against daddy's might. The utter pleasure that the light of 'Eternal Salvation' was to behold would the force of the spirit of Insanity to completely overwhelm her presence. The glorious sensation this light saturated every pore of her with was something to behold, -- as was its force -- casting over the young, disoriented child knowing nothing of this higher existence above; the gaze of her father through the dark clouds that omnipresently overshadowed -- that was the only light of magnificence that she be ever able to behold.

The fragment of her father ripped itself away from within her was being devoured by the black beast before her. Her eyes bucked as the raging beast's fearsome might knocked her into one of the wall an damn near unconscious. Luckily for her, her manna was still very much so active and condensed around her body, forming a shield of sort that cushioned the blow against the wall. It was then the fearsome bolt of heavenly splendor came about and devoured everything that remained of Kyoki...

... At least, that's was would have happened had not the fearsome might of the Dragon knocked Kyoki back and caused the bolt to miss its mark by a single hair. She was half-conscious and the might of her manna was beginning to take over. Instinctively, it began to create a spacial distortion around the girl, her manna interfering with the normality of or a portion of the 'Dark Factory's dimensional fabrics. A shift and change that would drain her of her energy respectively. And whilst that occurred she'd hear a voice, though this one was much different than the one she had heard as a babe and well into her youth.

???: "To think That I was slain by such a pathetic creature...  Fortunately for you, the might of my soul still lives on, and without the demon to suppress it, I can finally flex a bit..."

The voice rang within her being as she was engulfed by her manna. The girl would vanish into a rift within time and space that would seal shut almost as quickly as it was formed, swallowing her whole and allowing her to barely escape with her life. But not before a change was seen in her eyes...

The Insanity: 'It's almost like... She set it up for me. Good girl.'

To purge herself of the ugliness that besmirched her now beautiful soul was of absolute dire necessity for her to live on as her own, no longer hideous in the eyes of her father... Or, perhaps now not even a father figure. She was something reminiscent of one he loved...

The Insanity: 'Ah, the Sword Of Truth, Misery... This girl reminds me so of my love...'

And that was why...

The fragment serving as the target for the blistering red bolt of divine punishment known as the 'Crimson Crucifixion' saved especially for the heart of this creature raped in utter entirety that which consumed the rather negligible sliver of The Insanity's overall overpowering force of its spirit. It would grow instantaneously to meet the power of its father once being smitten by the red cross at the exact same moment that the 'Shadowfyre' dragon consumed the completely discarded piece of Kyoki... The only piece that really mattered. With absolute control over all parts of his being, the tiniest sliver would now become one with his great power, saturating the cleansing fires with a Light that only belonged to the 'Black Dragon' itself... And the beast would grow to overshadow all the land.

The 'Shadowfyre' was no more, and only in its place, the 'Black Dragon' did roar, casting the destructive throbbing wave of Insanity through its appearance across the entirety of Valparaiso, the Lawless Land in a heartbeat. The intense pulsations of 'Rapture' seizing all that Shadowfyre was through the slender fraction of the Insanity even barely seeping into her being took hold of every last bit of her. Was this beast strong enough to overpower the accumulative strength of Insanity itself? No, instead, it would fall to the undefinable orgasmic pleasures that awoke when the 'Sapien Serpent' violated its target. Burning away and creating anew all in the same instant, the vile distortion rippled outward just as the spacial manna stirred, distorting the distortion as the girl disappeared into the rift.

The Insanity: 'Ah, the girl who gave me her heart... The embodiment of all of her love... And left only an empty hole in her chest devoid of emotion and whirring with machinery and an evil spirit cursed upon that abyss where her heart goes... Disheart, the Sister of Insanity Of Love.'

One of the girls that suffered the curse of Khrona's Insanity... And of his love. But it was a love that worked, no doubt.

When Kyoki's manna unleashed her from her spacial distortion, she would find her coordinates led her... To the exact same spot she was in before, as if she had simply warped to an identical location. Still, she would stare this horrendous monster in the eyes, burning with the purifying light within that was all of his Love... And atop the beast, at the reigns, did the heartless mechanical girl Despair stand in utter mastery, yet harmonic peace of this creature. Disheart.

It was as if the two were content with their placement; the Black Dragon respecting the strength of the cybernetic girl and the beautiful mistress of machines willfully giving all her love to this beast she shared such a close bond with, even to the point where she would feed it her heart, even she could not bear the light of his. A natural Dragoon, -- Holy Dragoon, at that -- this emotionless girl was no longer capable of expressing this love that she knew existed, and only could it be shown through the Black Dragon itself. Her eyes easily just as piercing as the beast she stood at the head of, she would stare deep into the eyes of Kyoki, hungry for her heart. There was no escaping Valparaiso, a lawless land where anything goes... Would 'Dusk City' be next to end up like this? Or perhaps, the Veritas entirely?

The Insanity: 'Now it no longer is a disgusting filth upon this land... But a beautiful, majestic creature not sickening to behold... Go, my valkyrie, my daughter, my sister, my love... Take this land in my name, as your brothers and sisters have in the other regions...'

With the Nightmare, the Chaos, the Dusk, the Hyperion Mountains, Arcadia, and the Desert Palace also in check, -- and now the Dark Factory of Valparaiso -- the Seven were in place... The only place that seemed unharmed; the Dawn? Nay, it had its own matters to trifle with...

While details had been so haphazardly overlooked, it was only natural for events to transpire in a route that presented itself jumbled, at best. While Shadowfyre's lunge had indeed packed a rather satisfactory punch, she had restrained herself to only her meal. Precision is half of all power, after all. Kyoki's transformation had blown herself back, as she had forcibly ripped away a portion of her soul... This was then consumed by the seemingly late dragon. In the depths of her inner fires, -- which it would be preposterous to assume her fires could be quenched by anything short of death -- the tiny fragment of Insanity writhed, lashing onto her insides with tiny hooks of the most painful nature.

It was from these that she drew back from the girl, who then attempted to vanish. Her pupils dilating, the mighty being balked from its unknown assailant. In the next few moments, the tar-like manifestation of Kyoki's insane soul coated her insides, racing throughout every fiber of her being to accelerate her growth; while it should have taken her thousands of years for the young dragon to reach the monstrous heights that were achieved within seconds, the transformation was not without its shortcomings. For now, she was as brittle as a hatchling, malleable, confused, and entirely hostile.

Outraged with this trickery, she reared up, roaring fiercely against this invasion. While fire spewed forth from her maw, it was also accompanied by a sickening black tar, spewed over everything in front of her in a sizzling, stinking manner. Sure, waves of The Insanity's personal brand of might used this as an excuse to spread its aura, but the source of it was most certainly agony.

Not yet was this a powerful animal; this was a dreadfully sick one.

Veins of putrid black wormed into her eyes, casting a strange, monochromatic bloodshot effect to those once-magnificent orbs. They were glazing over with a primal hunger as she shifted to her instincts to survive this onslaught of pain, but her body still trembled -- the new weight of her spreading this quaking to the ground. Her transformation had utterly destroyed the roof of the Dark Factory, rubble and dust dotting her scales to produce a dull, matte texture. Debris continued to fall from crumbling walls, also jeopardizing Kyoki's safety. Her nostrils flared, allowing more of this black, stinking goo to escape her, dribbling over bared fangs with the sizzling hiss of burnt tar.

Her scales bristled under the feet of this Disheartening Maiden, but the assumption that she could easily tell her equal was true. Even by just the scent of her, the Dragon could tell that this tiny bundle would be her Alpha. In her weakened state, her first instinct was to shrink away from this entire scene, but she also recognized that her hunger was not yet sated. The Dragon, now without a name, raised one gigantic claw with the aching slowness of agony, reaching out in attempts to grab the girl and silence her fluttering heart. Perhaps this wasn't the intent of her new Alpha, but the dragon crying tears of sticky, sizzling black tar, had her mind shrouded by naught but primal desire.

A maddening agony. A sickening pain. The shadows cast over her pure crystal heart still blackened the exterior with a fine film. Disheart, the Sister of the Insanity of Love, which was represented by this hulking black creature, could easily see straight past all of the horrific black glop oozing from the orifices of her once proud and majestic beauty. Deep within, the Light that emanated from the 'Crystal Heart' desperately attempted to push their way through the thick expanse of pure dark matter, and Disheart could tell without question from the suffering of her draconic partner.

Disheart: "Shhh... It will be okay, Blackheart... Calm down."

The monotony of her mechanical voice resonated throughout her hollowed chest cavity in the shape of a heart, with little to no feeling with the plagued Black Dragon, yet somehow, the sound of the voice of her partner should have still been able to reach through. She rarely spoke, so when she did, it was not uncommon for Blackheart to listen intently on her words, but there was no guarantee that in such a state of affliction that she would be able to. The worried Disheart -- not that one could tell with her cold, expressionless face -- managed to stay completely grounded on the ebon scales of the serpentine wonder, and she immediately rushed to the snout of the great being and stroked the bridge of it as smoothly, yet expeditiously as she could. The sleek metal of her hand touching the charcoal plates armoring the body should have been relaxing to the touch of her beloved... Or, so she would hope as Blackheart remained in such a state of primal frenzy. No different from the Shadowfyre's situation, now the only thing that kept the reptilian wonder from falling to The Insanity was the girl who was assigned to balance it out. Where 'Seven Keepers' and 'Seven Sisters' balanced 'Seven Insanities', the 'Lucky Number Seven' could maintain a leveled harmony between all three. If Disheart wasn't able to get through to her dear friend, however, she and Kyoki may have been in a world of trouble.

But of course, Disheart was just as hungry as her bestial companion, and perhaps the affliction of Insanity could even reach this heartless girl as well...

Kyoki's heart, whether she knew it was on the menu or not, is what Disheart craved unknowingly. The hearts of others; beautiful roses as red as gleaming apples to bite right into. To fill that emptiness within her hollowed chest cavity, she could not help but want to eat the hearts of others and dishearten them, leaving them just as heartless, callous and unfeeling as she. The Black Dragon would portray all of her feelings... For that was how strong their bond was. Though she could not express it, she felt just as sick as the creature blacked with gruesome tar enrapturing her body.

Disheart: 'Her heart... Red... Like roses...'

It was only natural for those of the Sixth Restriction, the Emotions, to want to consume hearts, was it not? Kyoki was in grave danger here and there was no one here to save her from this terrible fate in a lawless land.

It seemed that her efforts were for naught, for through the influence of the madness her destination had been altered and she was back at square one. The black drake would find herself starring in the face of the True Black Dragon. Its sight a horrid visage of sheer maddened power. The woman who stood upon it, her face clasped in the most glorious of silvers. And an expressionless expression of raw beauty. Her chest, hollowed. Kyoki was still knocked out. This had all been far too stressful for the girl too contented within such a weakened state. Her body had not been able to recover from the loss and its gain and thus she slept. But the draconic beast within her still lived, but it could not access her body willingly. Seemed like she was doomed... To become a meal for the True Black Dragon...

A shuddering groan rattled her scales, the gargantuan beast frozen and slowly soothed by the touch of Disheart's metallic fingers. The tar-like Insanity oozed from her, but she was slowly residing to her fate, an everlasting agony as long as she continued to reject being consumed. Closing her eyes, she exhaled slowly, trying painfully to bring forth a gentle thrum of agreement from deep within her chest. Her joints protesting every movement, 'Blackheart' reached forward again toward the unconscious girl, only opening her tar-blurred eyes to perform delicate surgery with the very tip of a claw that was easily as tall as a man. While the tip wasn't particularly sharp, the inner curve was serrated and quite deadly.

Slowly, carefully, she carved away the flesh surrounding the girl's still-beating heart. Kyoki's mystical blood spilled onto the dusty concrete, seeping into the cracks to spider-web away from her central body. It was rather beautiful, really. The dying girl began to spasm from blood loss, and it was at this time that Shadowfyre lowered her head to offer the exposed heart to Disheart as tribute. Assuming the robotic woman had hopped off to better inspect the dragon's handiwork, -- and even if she hadn't, really -- the dragon slowly began to carefully close her jaws around the girl's legs. So hungry... Her stinking breath washed over the little witchling, but she could only hope that the revolting stench wouldn't disturb Disheart.

Unable to muster a smile of pleasure, the girl whose face was trapped in monotony stared with empty eyes down at the bare, beating heart. Mercilessly, her spear of light appeared in her hand, thrust into the chest of the young girl and plucked from the arteries the snipped red rose still drenched in a paint-like red.

Disheart: 'Paint the Roses Red...'

Unblinking, she turned her head to Blackheart, to whom her heart had been given willfully, deeply saddened by the state of her greatest companion. It was one of the most benign acts of love she seemed to muster for this dear friend, to rejuvenate her heart. She bit into it without hesitation, face unchanging as red juices spattered from the plump 'apple' in her hand. This heart, it would become hers... She would save the Black Dragon from this madness, even if she had to give her another heart.

Pieces of the metallic material gradually regenerated around her chest, forming a blood red armor plating where her heart once was. It was an offering, which was why it was worn so haphazardly on her chest. To give to the Black Dragon, she'd let her eat as many hearts as she needed to not be destroyed by the plague within her.

Disheart: "Open your Heart, Blackheart..."

The light of this magnificent creature could not shine as long as that ruinous blackness protected the fragile epicenter. She wanted that light to pour from this creature... Not this darkness. The darkness was not the element of this dragon... Nor of this Sister Of Insanity. This was the only way for her to express these feelings; offering another heart.

And most literally, out of nowhere -- because with being able to travel through the Void, she was sooo capable of doing that. She'd been practicing -- came Chita Lombardi, standing atop the Black Dragon. This one was the most prominent and closest that she felt, and was in a nice, wholesome place such as Valparaiso, where there were no rules and there was no law. A haven for her, if you will. A place created without the Law of the Land.

The beating heart of her sister had already assimilated into the chest of the sleek maiden of metal, but wouldn't be anything short of easy to get back. Before they were going to slay this dragon, she was going to have to get this girl out of its jaws.

Chita: "Don't listen to her, dragon. Spit the girl out. Now."

An ethereal hand was already manifested over the snout of the sickening beast, pinching it from either side with index and thumb to keep the teeth from pressing into or deeply puncturing the girl's body. Wouldn't be too much that the 'Sealing Energy' couldn't put back together.

Surprised by the appearance of the second woman, the huge reptilian beast tensed, a rumbling growl -- punctuated by the gurgling sounds of the good trapped in her throat and lungs -- echoing forth from her cavernous throat. Immediately, she gathered that her kill was worth something to this magical being, and seeing as her lower jaw was still free, she pressed her deadly and technically poisonous -- dragons mouths are horribly dirty places -- teeth deeper into the flesh of the girl, dead blood oozing from the carcass. She had already devoured her legs, and it was into her torso that her teeth sunk into.

What reason had she to trust a new, haughty woman over one that had been imprinted in her mind? In fact... Fingers of doubt began to worm their way into her mind about the validity of her alpha. Something had happened, something she couldn't quite place, that shook her faith in the mechanical woman, but nothing could make her any less wary of whomever it was that had the audacity to stand atop her gargantuan back.

With her strength nothing short of massive, she turned her head to gaze at the intruder, the ghostly hand trying in vain to force her to do otherwise. The body was limp in her jaws, the peaceful-looking face of the deceased Kyoki blood-streaked and swinging from its semi-mangled housing.

Blackheart: 'Why?'

Her voice was conveyed telepathically, as her jaws held not the proper structure for human speech, but the strength of her broadcast very clearly matched her size. It betrayed intelligence, pain, and perhaps the beginnings of suspicion. For now, the metallic girl's heart had been put to the side, though the massive beast could still feel the draw to extend a forked tongue and lap the delicious morsel from her heart cavity.

The same tension within the great beast felt within the seasoned Witch upon her back, Chita could feel The Insanity rising due to her appearance. A goldmine of power for her manna, as Insanity was quite the source for such an illogical method of energetic use, the creature gripped by the black sludge of madness all about only gave Chita more strength the more it struggled against her Gauntlet laced with 'Sealing Force'. It was time to tame this dragon real quick...

"... Sit, girl," was all the cool and collected Witch had to say in order for the dragon to feel the full and unbridled effects of the 'Sealing Force' throughout its entire being, causing multiple thin green veins to stream from the face and weave their way over the surface and into the heart, all in one go. If it weren't for all The Insanity, this process probably would have taken much longer, but given the circumstances, the whole of this being was pretty much pure Insanity. Meaning... It was thoroughly subdued, forced to the ground by Chita's will, even to the point where the jaws would lock in place, unable to harm the body further.

Chita shook her head and cocked her fist back, wasting no time from there...

Chita: "... Your time is up."

The Sealing Force, connected now completely to the Void itself, held the power to draw whatever was subdued directly inside and trap it there for good, to be moved only be Chita's will and whim. In but a moment, the dragon disappeared, drawn into the Void that was Chita. She scoffed, looking at the mess that was made by all of that... And then at the metallic girl standing blankly beside her.

Chita: "You are relieved of your duties. I got this."

As to what she was talking about... Most should not have known, but she seemed able to comprehend something beyond what her knowledge should have understood... And that was because of her ties to her uncle... Whom she figured should be speaking to her aaaaany minute now.

And right, she was! Of course, that was because she had some Tensei inside of her, specially planted at her birth by Khrona himself. And, like all Tensei genes, when it was awakened... It would take over as dominant. All too quickly, the 'niece' would become a 'daughter,' but more specifically a 'Keeper Of Insanity.' She was the one keeping the Black Dragon within her now. And the perfect person to do it, too...

Khrona: 'Happy Valentine's Day, love.'

These words spoke to her very being as she was released of her turmoil... Disheart, the mechanical girl would disperse into a blinding light, shooting straight into the soul of Chita, integrating both of them together.

Khrona: 'Do you want to be reborn now, or wait until later? You're a special breed... So you won't forget or lose your skill after rebirth... It's like a gift for your initiative. But you will have to find the Sister in order to fully purify that Insanity within you, you know that, right?

As one of Shin'Khrona's very HIDDEN pieces of himself, as all Keepers were, this girl was a part of him that no one knew he had; one of unspeakable and infinite love. That was the only reason why she was here now, and he knew it. He also knew she'd be able to erase the darkness around his 'Crystal Heart' and return the Black Dragon to being the 'Crystal Dragon'... In due time. At least she had it under control for the moment.

Khrona: 'However, because of The Insanity, your manna will be powered infinitely. Just don't delve too deep into The Insanity or you'll become like your mother... She dove too deep into her power and got corrupt. Use this power wisely...'

Yup. Right on time. It was always some of his shit that everyone was getting caught up in... But, ah well. She didn't mind as long as everything was getting back in order, and she'd see to that this time around. She wasn't going, as usual.

"I'll hold off for a bit, thanks," she'd start, putting her index fingers and thumbs together, "There's some stuff that's gotta be done first..."

Between her fingers, she was able to see the 'Witch Province' through a gap in space created via the Void. She looked over the rest of the Veritas and what was going on... Something she couldn't turn a blind eye to, like her selfish bitch of a mother could. Even if she didn't particularly LIKE everyone, she still knew this place belonged to more than just she... And for them, she'd care.

"One more time," she said with a reluctant conviction, "... I'll only do this one more time..."

Picking up the slack of all these half-assed halfwits... She wasn't too much unlike Khrona in the long run. Perhaps that's why all of these events of her life ended up going the way they were, because she was actually just another piece of him. As depressing as that was, it was also pretty cool. This world wasn't just for her, but for her Sisters... For the shinobi... And anyone else that got on her nerves with their foolishness.

Chita: "But please don't tell anyone that I'm you. Please. And I wanna keep the alias 'Chita Lombardi' cuz that sounds pretty badass."

Not that she was ashamed of being a Tensei or anything, but swear, if word got out, she'd have hell to pay for it... ESPECIALLY from Zita. But that might be inevitable no matter what.

Chita: "*Scoff* You really think I'd abuse this type of power? Come on. I had the Void, for fuck's sake. If I didn't abuse that, even as a reckless brat, why would I abuse ANY power given to me? I've got a heart of crystal in me, remember?"

She smirked, snickering under her breath. Finally, she could get kicked into high gear about this sorta thing. Everything was getting pretty boring these days... And annoyingly destructive.

Chita: "You can count on me... Unlike everyone else around this joint."

Khrona: 'I know I can, my sweet. You are part of me, and all my little Keepers are able to get the job they need to done... Just find your Sister and you'll be fine. Heed my warning... and do not fall. My trust is with you to keep my heart protected... Even when it returns to crystal... Besides, you may be the strongest Witch to have ever existed. So my faith is full within you.'

Fragile, yet somehow unbreakable when it is pure, the Crystal Heart of Khrona was something that radiated magnificent light. Chita just had to get all the gunk out. All that black, tar-like Insanity that kept it black... And kept the light from reaching it... Or shining back out... But when it did, boy would it be magnificent.

Khrona: 'That is all. Be on your way.'

Chita shrugged her shoulders, slipping her hands into her tight-fitting daisy dukes, tapping her boot on the ground a little anxiously. Her glazed gaze drifted over to the mangled mess on the ground that was Kyoki... And even though she shouldn't have given a rat's ass, she couldn't help but ask...

Chita: "... And what's gonna happen to that one? Should I like... Leave her there?"

Khrona: 'I'll handle the girl. No need to worry... Where she was once possessed by Insanity, shall she see salvation... The power of Tabrith, my special gift made specifically to slay Insanity. Given new life, she will be one of my champions. Leave her to me and be on your way.'

Chita: "Whatever you say, unc..."

With a skip and a hop, Chita was off, back into nothing where she came from, traveling into the Void and out wherever the hell she needed to be.

Now guided by the will of Shin'Khrona, Chita Lombardi would be taken to where she needed to be next. A true Bounty Hunter of Insanity this girl would become. Shin'Khrona would guide her even through the Void -- as his power even held command over this -- and toward the next destination.
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Second Heart: Taming The Black Dragon

After completely subduing the Black Dragon in the Dark Factory and locking it up within the Void, -- which, in the Veritas is the Zero World -- the Black Dragon would find itself in a realm of pure and utter nothingness. There was no light nor was there dark, but an infinite emptiness beyond the darkest dark that had ever been experienced. Infinitely large as it was empty, the Zero World could easily harbor this vicious Insanity and all that it was worth. It wasn't like it had gotten too big or anything.

And of course, the proprietor of the extension to this world, the drifting Chita Lombardi, voided herself into this world, as she was capable of freely entering and exiting at her leisure due to her inherent control over 'The Void' itself, as it was called. Though she wasn't really too keen on its powers, she was still grateful for what she could do with it. Made sealing up this Insanity a hell of a lot easier.

"Yo..." she called out from the abyss, her form fading in from the nothingness, "... You ready to calm down and listen?"

Sealed by a force unknown before its grand and infinite power could grow and develop -- disgusting. To think, even by this worm of a whelp, Blackheart was caught off guard and subdued so easily. She could barely call herself a dragon at this point.

Her body remained restrained, the low grumbles of her discontent churning in the back of her throat, akin to a the growl of an automobile's idle running engine. The once grand beast that faced the one Sky King in mortal combat so long ago, now reduced to such a humiliating fate... Being talked down to by this puny peasant. Never. Whatever minor control she had over her great ebony body, dripping with the same viscous black tar that painted her form this putrid shade of black, she used to turn her head away from the girl in utter refusal of her offer. Absolutely not.

Chita: "Tch..."

Stubborn, as expected of a dragon. All of them were known to be the most prideful of all; more prideful than any creature known to man or beast, for whatever reason. Chita didn't get it and for sure didn't care. Not like this overgrown lizard was in any place to make any negotiations. Maybe that was why it refused her the most. Dragons probably hate to lose.

"Suit yourself," she said with an indifferent shrug, slipping her hands into the pockets of her cape-like robe, "Stay here as long as you want. Hit me up if you wanna get this worked out, or somethin. The seals will fade if you wanna talk, and I'll hear ya."

A short-lived trip that Chita wasn't gonna waste her time on. If the dragon wanted to be petty and childish about a loss, then hell, it could... Within the confines of this realm of nothingness. Didn't matter to her, because she was able to enter and exit at any time she saw fit.

"Catch ya later..." she said, saluting the Black Dragon loosely with two fingers atop her head, her body beginning to void itself back into existence outside of the Zero World, "... And have fun here by yourself. Heh."

With a smirk and a wink, Chita disappeared, leaving the Black Dragon to sulk on its own by itself. She had better things to do than to entertain it or try to coerce it, and quite frankly, she didn't really care to. If it wanted to come around, then certainly, it would. If not, it could rot.

From the Zero World, or the 'Void' as she so called it, Blackheart patiently observed she who faced her adversary in the world of value. The girl had a dormant power within her that struck Blackheart as interesting, and brought the light to the Black Dragon's eyes as to why she was so easily subdued. She hadn't the power to grow into a full powered Insanity and now all of her power was bound and restrained by the girl whom she previously believed was nothing more than an average whelp. The more she observed, the more she realized that this was not the case and that this puny little girl had far greater potential than Blackheart initially gave her credit for.

The black tar-like mass still stuck to her scales continued to ooze and bubble, but now seemed to be much less adhesive than once before, sliding from minor portions of her body and revealing what looked to be specks of shimmering crystal.

Once the girl traversed through the Zero World the first time, now ignited with a cosmic flare the likes of which Blackheart had only ever seen when her form was first assumed in the skirmish against the Sky King, she realized that this passionate light burning inside of the girl was that which Blackheart had been looking for... Her heart.

The great Black Dragon groaned and grumbled at the girl's brief appearance, as though attempting to gain her attention, but clearly to no avail. No matter; a dragon's persistence was just as great as their pride, and giving up and submitting to fate was nothing the likes of a dragon as grand and powerful as she was akin to. She knew nothing of the word, even in the face of adversity such as this. Blackheart had yet to receive her sacrificial heart to satiate her hunger, and Chita's... Was looking mighty tasty. She'd have to use her natural serpentine cunning to get the girl to unleash her... The next time she appeared, Blackheart would not go unnoticed. Her deep, almost mechanical gurgling growls roared in the vast emptiness of the world, as they would until she was noticed yet again.

After her rather tiresome encounter with an old friend, as well as some well needed clearing of her head, Chita was back and ready to face this dragon her uncle had given her to tame. She already had one 'Metal Dragon' that was given to her by her granny, but this one was something way different than he was... Chita could already tell.

"... I heard all that noise you were making..." The stifled roared of the beast were nothing short of annoying, but they certainly grabbed Chita's attention when she opened up the portal to this realm during her battle. "You ready to talk now?" She opened her hand, releasing the bindings of the Sealing Force from the dragon's muzzled maw to give it the freedom to speak.

"Intruder," proclaimed a bellowing voice that matched the emptiness of this voided realm, "You shall be ridden at once."

Appearing out of nowhere in the same fashion that Chita learned to do for herself was the Judgemaster, whose great arms and towering build loomed over the small girl with absolute authority. The Judgemaster could not help but focus with all his intent upon the girl hovering under him, not even at all noticing the Black Dragon. She was the one whose presence held weight in a realm where all was supposed to be equivocated to Absolute Zero, and those that entered this realm were noticed as the single value within the vast emptiness immediately. With arms crossed did he begin to pass judgement on her, the realm now creaking almost as though it were in pain...

"On what grounds?" Blackheart said promptly without hesitation once her maw was restrained, her head turned not to Chita, but to the Judgemaster that stood before her. It was like she didn't even notice that Chita was there, even though she felt and drew power from her presence. The speckled fragments of light that fought their way through the darkness were shining brighter, hardening the oozing liquid back to its crystalline form, something as sleek and as slender as metal. The grand Black Dragon that towered over both Chita and the Judgemaster by fathoms was shifting now, as though the reaction to the exposure of Chita had caused an extremely important shift in her...

Her wings folded over her legs, the bones within shifting to that of a malleable metallic substance whilst the three skeletal faces that made up the Black Dragon's vision drew themselves together as a single head harboring three different sides of her face, the other two hidden by her hair. One was that of a mechanical girl, smooth, stoic, elegant and beauteous; one was that of a monstrous dragon, long, slender, sleek, and intricately detailed, and the final, that of a very attractive man just as beautiful to look at as the woman, however currently still covered with the same black substance as before. It hadn't been revealed yet, nor freed from the bindings of the Insanity that clogged it so. The scales of the beast became far more sleek and dense, retaining its crystalline composition but resembling plates of metal that were now this beings body. This was Blackheart's 'human' form, who was once her Sister Of Insanity and now was she herself, the mechanical android girl known as Disheart.

Blackheart: "If I remember correctly, the Judgemaster needs a valid reason in order to make such a decree."

Though some of her light was able to shine through, she still dripped and oozed with parts of the black tar that hadn't been currently turned to crystal, and the droplets would fall into the darkness of the Zero World and merge with its form, as though Blackheart were part of the makeup of it.

Somehow, something within Blackheart was allowing her to fight off the Insanity far more potently than she was before, and she deemed this because of that girl. Because she was fighting the Insanity as a whole, she was also fighting the Insanity that was within the Judgemaster, and thus, turned her blade against him when he brought himself before the young girl. Her rational thought compelled her to protect her heart... Even if it was brought on by her Insanity to protect herself. Like a serpent, she was thinking about her own best interest above those of others, even if she was working with them.

In her cybernetic hand, a long, slender metallic lance forged itself from a super heated and super condensed light manifesting in her palm, forging her weapon of choice, 'Heavenly Swamp Spear, Shinrei'; the 'Sceptre Of Fire'. Blackheart pointed her spear with an accusatory vibe at the minuscule Judgemaster, knowing for certain the extent of not simply his law, but the law of the Tensei. In the Zero World, the 'Heavenly Swamp Spear' reigned supreme as a 'Godsend'; the ultimate weapon of creation and destruction. The towering, giant mechanical woman stared down with eyes lacking mercy nor passion nor emotion; heartless eyes as cold and unfeeling as her metallic mechanical exterior, harboring no sympathy for a target that was not righteous in her eyes and said but one thing before passing her own sort of judgement;

Disheart: "Explain yourself."

The sudden appearance of a presenceless presence looming over her in such an authoritative manner kinda rubbed Chita the wrong way... For once in her life, she wasn't sure if she should be afraid or pissed that this guy was here in front of her. She was already not at her full strength due to the little spar with Tamura just prior to, not to mention that this guy... Held a certain magnanimous decisiveness about him that made Chita feel like things could go south faster than she was prepared for if she made the wrong move. Still, she prepared herself for a fight nonetheless, ready to open her mouth and tell this joker off...

... When the Black Dragon, whom she had only just moments ago released from her bindings of the 'Sealing Voidforce' spoke up in her place with much more command and authority than Chita could have spoken about such a situation given her rather limited knowledge of who or what this guy standing before her truly was. The voice of this beast was beautiful and filled with burning passion, despite the lack of emotion that was expressed in her speech. Chita deemed it best to simply stay out of their conversation and observe the situation, but she couldn't figure out why the Black Dragon insisted upon trying to help her. Just in case, Chita began to void herself out of the Zero World and back into playing field... Cuz something didn't seem too safe about trusting either one of these two figures now... But what the old dragon said was pretty interesting. Judgemaster, did she call it?

Chita: 'The hell is a Judgemaster?'

Not too long after, she heard the melodious resonant voice vibrations once again bouncing off the metallic chasms of the hollowed cavity and ringing from her chest as though that were where her mouth was. It looked a little creepy, to see something talking without a mouth or without moving its mouth, but something about her mercilessly divine voice made Chita feel... somewhat at ease... Protected, to a degree. But she wouldn't let her guard down for a second.

Chita: 'Weird... I feel like that emptiness in her chest... is calling out to me with that soothing voice...'

Its allure was almost too much for even Chita to bear. It was the most admirable thing she'd ever seen, but she couldn't understand why she admired it so much... All she could do was stand there and wait. Maybe it was because she was... a little bit...
... Afraid of these two powerful beings...

... Before the Judgemaster could mark his decree, he was questioned on the integrity of his action, thereby halting in order to justify. The black knight's helm churned slowly toward the cluttering beast and decreed, "Intrusion. As I have stated." Though she was a being that held value in the realm of Zero, just as the Judgemaster, it was true that technically 'Voided' herself out of existence and also shared part of the Zero World in her heart, allowing her some partial joint control over its essentia. This fact irked the Judgemaster, who refused to deny his error in judgment. "However, I will allow a pass. Stay, then, if you insist." With a decisive swipe of his arms horizontally before him, the Law was set into place within the Zero World. What energy he was going to use to erase them was then converted into energy used to trap them there then, in order to ensure his error in judgement was not caught.

Judgemaster: "There. It is done. Your retribution. Now begone from my presence. You seethe with the disgusting plague of Insanity. Be lucky I did not cast judgement on you for simply existing before me, insipid underling."

???: "Mmm, I wonder who you're talking to like that so casually, Royal Knight...?"

A disembodied voice spoke out from the abyss, before a huge, vicious cheshire grin pierced through the darkness, a face forming around the saw-toothed smile and eventually dark clothing that blended in with the realm itself. The ruler of the Zero World... and the ruler of the Fae. Dread King Nytoz.

*sniff, sniff* "You know, I think I caught a whiff of some underlying Insanity around here in the Zero World..." he jeered rather lackadaisically, as though he honestly didn't give a shift, "Think it's about time I squeeze it out of ya, eh?"

Not only was the Judgemaster here and clearly corrupt with the 'Insanity Of Fear', but also the Insanity Of Love herself, the Black Dragon seemed to grace his presence... And... A girl whose aura was oddly familiar... Similar to the one that...

Nytoz: '... But who is that girl...?'

The towering mechanical woman was not in the slightest fazed by what the Judgemaster spoke to her. In fact, she was well aware that this was a falsehood, yet spoke nothing of the matter. With the 'Heavenly Sceptre of Fire, Shinrei', it didn't matter who entered the Zero World; she was the Queen, and she would obliterate the Judgemaster and all his Insanity right then and there.

That is, until a rather unfamiliar face stepped forth... The King; the only person who had power to overrule the Spear. Even to the expressionless, emotionless metal husk of a woman, there was a sense of tension and... Terror... She became silent, her Insanity immediately stirring with a sense of restlessness. She wanted to attack, yet could not follow through... For she feared for her own safety. Such is the nature of the cautious serpent...

She said nothing as the Allmaster spoke, but thought in a rather mechanical fashion of how to keep herself and the tasty morsel of a girl safe from harm... But that's when she had it.

"Girl," she spoke rather sternly, "We are free to leave by decree of the Judgemaster. Depart us immediately." With her power to freely void herself in and out of existence and appear within the Zero World, such a feat would be a trifle in this rather nasty predicament they were in...

Waiting and watching, critically assessing the situation, Chita still remained at a loss about what to do, for some reason. All of this talk went over her head, even for what she knew thanks to Khrona. She still hadn't decided to reincarnate yet and wasn't a full blood Tensei until she did... So her knowledge remained just a bit limited.

That aside, it seemed as though whatever it is that Blackheart was talking about backed the Judgemaster into a corner, allowing them their freedom. Why would what she said have any effect on whatever it is that was going on was beyond Chita, but it looked like the Judgemaster was letting them go. Part of her felt defeated by this ordeal, but another part of her was relieved. She never felt this feeling of fear, anxiety and overall powerlessness before... Especially not even before the battle began. The freshness of this feeling surprised her, leaving the girl still in a state of shock, regardless of how little she expressed it on her face. She could barely think.

Chita: 'What... The hell is going on...? What have I gotten myself into...?'

Though she wanted to immediately cast blame on her uncle, she knew that even though this and damn near everything else in the Veritas was connected to him, things still acted on their own. Besides, there was no time to dote on such useless things. She felt ashamed that she was being 'let go' and that she wasn't fighting, but the engagement with Tamura did teach her something important... Know your limit. Even though she could fight meaninglessly until she expires, but what for? Something she never had time to think about before, but really got to her now that she was actually unable to act. One life changing experience after another.

Chita: 'Maybe... Maybe I should just go. This isn't running away... Not like those pussies I hate... This is a tactical retreat.'

That's how it all went in her mind. And just as she was going to open her mouth to say something, again, something new occurred and a dark figure that held the same presenceless presence appeared behind the Judgemaster with no fear at all of this knightly figure. This man's appearance and attitude were... All the more interesting to Chita. Something about him teemed with a mystical allure that no other being had... Who is this, and why is he here? Better yet, why are all of these strange occurrences happening one right after another and all at once?

Chita: '... He's pretty hot. Never thought I'd think that about a guy. Girls are my deal. ESPECIALLY Redheads...'

The very moment Chita opened her mouth to speak, the Black Dragon would speak up for her again, as though on the same accord as she. Though what she said was relatively along the same lines as what Chita was thinking, something about her seemed... Strange... And Chita still felt a connection to the dark cavity in her chest. Something was telling her to run, but something about the appearance of the man, though unnaturally terrifying even for her, was somewhat calming and soothing. She could tell that he meant her no harm. And with only that gut feeling to go on... She furrowed her brow and stared at the two adversaries before her and said, "I'm not going anywhere until I figure out why you approached me like that, rusty." She cracked her knuckles and cricked her neck, ready to see what was about to go down here. Apparently, the Black Dragon had her back, this new guy was here to collect the Insanity -- which she could also use to power her manna, by the way -- and the Judgemaster let her go. Reviewing the situation, things were still pretty in her favor, regardless of the striking difference of power. Not that power ever meant anything to Chita anyway; asswhoopings were for all.

Chita: 'Well, here goes nothin... Let's risk it all here, then...'

It was clear to the eyes of the Judgemaster that the two of them were powerless, even though the Black Dragon held in her hand the only weapon that could smite the Judgemaster here. He was not worried in the slightest, for his power was unparalleled to these two measly whelps. He waited to watch them cower and flee in terror...

... But found himself feeling the same terror he intended to inflict seething within himself. That terror was power, but for the presenceless presence he noticed sharing the Zero World with him was none other than the only one above his power... The Allmaster.

"... Looks like the jig is up," he said without even an attempt to hide what was already known to the all-knowing Allmaster, paying no heed to the foolish girl who made such a foolhardy choice, thinking that this was something to prove to those that didn't care. "... I know there is no escape for one who has more control over the Zero World than I do..." he admitted through a bellowing chuckle, "But you're already too late, even if you do stop me here..." To what the Judgemaster referenced was left unmentioned, yet he let out a bellowing laugh that echoed throughout the entirety of the Zero World. He didn't seem at all worried, even if he was afraid for his life. Rather, the Insanity within him was afraid for its life...

Nytoz: "Yeah, 'blah blah blah', shut up and die."

As blunt as his words were would be as blunt as his destruction would be. With just the rise and clench of his hand, the entire Zero World itself would flex tightly, pressurizing around both the Black Dragon and the Judgemaster. Pressed, most literally, from every which way, it was only a matter of a flick of the wrist that King Nytoz would wring the Insanity from their vessels and out into the Zero World. The process was quick, simple and clean.

"The Wrap-Up..." he mentioned, swirling his finger around in a motion as if spinning thread around his fingers, where the Insanity would be drawn to, "... Aaaaand 'Imprison'. Sealing the deal." With a rather decisive -- decidedly more so than the Judgemaster -- open and close of his mouth, the Insanity spun around his finger would be sucked in and shut. At that moment, the Black Dragon and Judgemaster would be stripped clean of all of their Insanity and return to a state of purity and sanctity, whilst the Count, Nytoz, belched and scratched the back of his head.

Nytoz: "Another one bites the dust... Hahahaha..."

He turned his head then to the only other presence here beside his own and eyed her up and down, finding her body more delicious than anything he'd tasted so far. He smirked, the predator hungry for something else in his line of sight...

Nytoz: "And what's your deal, eh? You don't look half bad, cutie..."

At the point that the Allmaster came, there was not much that Blackheart could do when existing within his world, even with Shinrei. It was just a matter of the entire realm of nothingness pressing against her metallic body that forced the Insanity from deep within her, as though a vampiric suction drained her completely. The mechanical maiden, sucked dry of her impurity, would fall to the ground -- or rather, solid nothingness below her feet -- and lie there, motionless. All of the black gunk that was once stuck to her slender body melted away, revealing the glorious metallic crystal that truly comprised her form. Her entire form was beauty compacted into crystalline form, and from her a magnificent light would radiate from her form and shine forth, beginning to fill up the Zero World with this mighty light.

The mechanical woman shrunk as the light was released, down to the size of a tiny crystal heart. This magnificent purity seemed to be the 'blood' that pumped from this Crystal Heart, and yet, the heart did not pump... It simply poured light outward, seeming as though it were shriveling and dying. This light was no ordinary light; it was the light of Love. It would continue to pour out infinitely from this Crystal Heart until it could no longer produce this light, this Love, and would shatter to dust and return to nothingness... Without the Insanity Of Love keeping this light contained, it would rush out uncontrollably, bathing all who were within in the shining light.

The laughter of the Judgemaster was quickly brought to silence by the binding vicegrip of the Allmaster's hand over the entire Zero World, clenching it as though it were a fragile little heart between his palms. The feeling of this powerful grasp would wring the Insanity clean from the Judgemaster's armored body, leaving the being purified and with the clarity of judgement and upstanding righteous order that he was known for naturally.

Feeling more than relieved by this, the light of the Crystal Heart poured over him and the Judgemaster felt renewed. Rejuvenated. Replenished. Revitalized by the energy of this heart... Somehow, filled with a power he hadn't known before. He was compelled, for some reason... Compelled to seek out the Willmaster...

But, before his departure, he turned to the Allmaster and nodded, "Thank you. I will go correct my mistakes in my error of Judgement. You needn't worry about the sanctity of this world any longer. I will help you to restore order and balance to this world, as its Lawmaker." The Judgemaster may have been dutiful and sometimes overly righteous, but absolutely not a bad guy at all, now that the Insanity was cleansed from him. He turned his head to Chita before he left and noticed how much spirit she had.

"Before I go, I have one decree I will make in my best judgment and clarity of sight and mind. Because I have seen that you have much more spirit and heart than most others, I deem to decree you, girl of such great heart, the new Black Dragon. Rather, Crystal Dragon, at this point." He pointed to the Crystal Heart pouring with and infinite amount of Light and Love, then spoke to her again, "You are to protect this fragile heart. It is the missing link to the Void within you. What it is missing most, the hole in your chest, is pure true Love and Light that this Crystal Heart pours out infinitely. It will be a lot to handle and understand at first, but as you learn to master this, the Light and Love will eventually fill your Void. This Crystal Heart is as much your heart as it is the Shinseigami's. Remember that as you become one with it... Crystal Heart."

With those final words, the newly reborn Judgemaster would take his leave of the Zero World, voiding himself back into existence.

Judgemaster: "This is my decree. This is absolute. My final parting words to you... Well done..."

In a matter of moments, this new dark man had completely subdued not only the Black Dragon, but the so called 'Judgemaster' as well, with only the clench of his hand. Chita's eyes widened slightly, but she still did not make any sudden movements, just in case things still were going to go south.

Once he was done, he noted that she was 'cute' and looked good... She wasn't happy about that, even though she found herself blushing -- for the first time in her life, mind you -- at that being said to her so blunt and directly. Now more flustered than before, she could feel herself slightly losing her cool.

Chita: "What was that? Got something to say to me? Speak a little louder."

Chita: 'Even though you're not bad lookin yourself, hottie...'

Not that she was going to say that. It was then that the great mechanical woman fell to the ground and shrunk down to become a Crystal Heart, which shone so brightly that Chita could barely lay eyes upon it. "The fuck...?" Blinded by the light, she heard the voice of the Judgemaster speak to her again, only this time there was no threatening tone in his voice, even though he retained the authoritative sternness that he seemed to always speak with. This time, she could sense a sort of compassionate righteousness... "What...? The heart...?" Chita did feel connected to it somehow, and this overflowing light was nothing short of soothing... It seemed to be drawn into hole in her soul sealed up by the Sealing Force and... rested there. She could feel it, like the pulsation of a new sort of spiritual heartbeat. Is this what her Void was asking for...? Love...?

"Ngh... Hey... Hey wait!!" she cried, though in vain as the Judgemaster departed. The light became less harsh to her, as the flood of light would simply be drawn into her, allowing her to see the Crystal Heart for herself. She stepped over to it and stroked it gently, a powerful resonant energy surging through her as she did. "Nn~!" This overwhelming wavelength was not volatile, but euphoric. A sensation of ecstasy and pleasure that was akin to...

"... What... The hell is this thing~?" she tried to speak through moans of pleasure. It was rather overbearing and difficult to control, just like the Judgemaster said, but she could not help but want to touch it... To be around it... To hold it. Not because of the pleasure it gave her, but because... It felt like the necessary component to fill her, and she, perhaps, was the same for it. She wanted to protect this beautiful crystal... Its beauty was unparalleled, unlike anything she had ever witnessed. This heart was pure, this heart was true, this heart was untainted and all it wanted to do was spread its love and light until it expired. She could see, she could feel, she could understand this just from the touch. It made her... Feel some type of way...

"... Poor little heart..." she'd say compassionately, something strangely out of the ordinary for the apathetic hardass that Chita was. She reached out to it and pulled the heart close to her chest, hugging it tightly. "I'll keep ya safe. Here, I'll show ya."

She looked up with a warm smile and closed her eyes, saying out to no one in particular, "... I'm ready to reincarnate now."

With a glazed and uninterested look in his eye, Nytoz did nothing but inspect the situation and watch as everything else happened. Since there was no Insanity here, he had no real reason to be here any longer, nor to attack anyone or anything. But, he had been engaged by this little girl here, so it was time to take some action about this impetuous girl.

Nytoz: "Hahaha, be quiet. You can't handle this."

He'd already thoroughly inspected her and she was, without a doubt, fathoms times weaker than he was and stood absolutely no chance as she was. No matter how fucking good nor sexy she was, it was just no hope for her.

Nytoz: "But I like your spunk. I can agree with the Judgemaster's decree, one hundred percent... But that doesn't mean go get yourself into things you can't handle. Don't be stupid."

He let out a sinister chuckle, then licked his lips.

Nytoz: "You look pretty tasty. And once you have that heart inside of you, I'm sure you'll definitely be quite the delicious treat..."

He was getting hungry... And he had an appetite for hearts.

Nytoz: "Hey. Girl. What's your name? Your badass attitude is pretty hot."

The heart continued to endlessly pour out its light, that which was immediately taken into the young girl once she was decreed as the Keeper of this heart's power. Once she drew near, the Heart itself could feel the resonant connection between them deepen. Yes, this was the girl that it was looking for... The Dragon that would protect the treasure... A bond was immediately created between she and the heart, and yet the heart's light was drawn straight into the depths of the void of the girl's chest.

When she pulled it close, the Crystal Heart would begin to glow brighter, feeling somehow revitalized, even in its weakened state. The resonant bond between the two of them was extremely powerful already, meaning that this was a connection that was supposed to occur. Until the Crystal Heart could fully recover, it would rest within the deep void that was Chita's darkness... And be protected by the Void. It slipped straight into her chest, as though it had accepted Chita's offer, and immediately initiated a 'Rebirthing Process' within her, to change her from who she was to who she wished to be. The two were conjoined as one, and the shining light would pour from Chita's chest and wrap around her entire body as the Crystal Heart assimilated with her. Passing through the lock placed on her soul and into the darkness, the 'Sealing Voidforce' now served as the forbidden chamber that the Crystal Heart would reside in henceforth; within this girl.

Chita, too involved with the goings on of the Crystal Heart's integration with her, paid no heed to the Allmaster that was still here for whatever reason. She continued to bask in the radiant euphoric energies that this heart gave to her and allowed herself to be swallowed up by the Light and the Love... And she smiled.

"My name..." she began to say, not only to the man, but to herself and to the Crystal Heart, "... is Tifaret. Tifaret L. Tensei." She closed her eyes then, allowing the complete rebirth process to finish, only to open her eyes and feel no different. "... What?" There was no magnificent transformation or anything of the like, even with all the magnanimous light...

Tifaret: Well, I guess he did say that nothing would change since I got to keep my memories and powers and stuff...

She pulled her hair a little, seeing that it was no longer that bright red color, but returned to its natural deep violet color from when she still needed her cuffs to restrain her power.

Tifaret: "Oh, sweet, my old hair color. Bitchin."

But that was about all there was to that. She could feel it inside of her now, the power pulsating inside of her where it was once empty... And yet, she could not help but to keep this power locked away. She was the Dragon that kept the Treasure, so to speak, and she'd protect it with her life.

"Don't worry, little heart... You're safe with me. There ain't nothin that can stop me," she said triumphantly with a smug grin, before cutting a glare over to the man in black, as though she were directing that statement indirectly to him. Her nose flared and her brows furrowed with intensity. She felt totally pumped and renewed thanks to this heart.

Tifaret: 'Yeah... Pump out more... More power... More!!!'

It was a glorious and delicious feeling, something that she could barely control. The pleasure, the power, the pure ecstasy... She had to have more of it. It made her feel so... good. For once in her life, she was feeling pretty fucking good about something.

Tifaret: 'With this power... I can beat even this guy's ass...'

Tifaret: "What's it to ya? You're pretty nice to look at yourself, ya know..."

"Tifaret, eh...?" He actually thought that was a rather pretty name, and the regal and proper side of him would show once again as he spoke up, "Ah, what an elegant and beautiful name... If I remember correctly, Tifaret means 'Beauty'. Fitting of a stunning beauty such as yourself..." Though, after those words were said, he quickly snapped his tongue back, turning away from her with a slightly embarrassed scowl. "Tch. Don't let it get to ya, though."

The compliment she gave him was unexpected, but there was a hint of something else there... Seemed to him like it was some sort of tinge of wanting to battle? Oh, she was so far ahead of herself, she couldn't catch up. It returned the smile to his face and he snickered under his breath.

Nytoz: "You might wanna ease up on the use of that power, girl. Before something unfortunate happens."

His cryptic speech and snickering let her know that he knew something about this entire ordeal that she still did not, especially about the Crystal Heart.

As the girl called for more power, the weakened Crystal Heart continued to pour out as much as she asked for without hesitation, for the love that this Heart had for all was infinite, unconditional and eternal. This girl just so happened to be the one that could utilize these effects. Granting her the healing light that it needed to restore its own crystalline form, it would continue to wither, until eventually...


A small crack appeared in the withering heart. It was giving its all to give Chita -- rather, Tifa -- the energy she was asking for. Being that this is her heart now, the crack that appeared would be harmful to her, as well.

"SHIT!!" Tifa cried out randomly, clenching her chest as swiftly as she could. She fell to a knee and nearly toppled over, feeling an incredible vulnerability and pain like no other surging through her... A pain that wouldn't go away, and felt nothing like physical pain. Whatever it was, she wanted it to stop.

Breathing heavily, she could hear the words of the strange man speaking out to her like he just knew fucking everything... Fucking bastard. Ugh!! How she just HATED it! And yet...

Tifa: "*Huff*... So... *Huff*... Looks like you got some smarts... *Huff*... To match that smartass mouth... *Huff*..."

"Yeah," he said immediately, rather impressed to see her not succumbing to that type of pain so easily, "... I know more about you and this situation than you know." He could see within her the void that existed... Her own personal extension of the Zero World... Inherent to her family.

Nytoz: 'So... That's how she got here. She's connected to it naturally... He pondered about it further... But she wasn't originally a Tensei before this reincarnation... So how did...?'

There was only ONE person he knew that could have had access to this place due to a black hole deep in their soul... And that was his EX-Mistress, Zita.

Nytoz: "... Your innate lust for power and pleasure reminds me much of a woman I once had to subdue... The legendary untameable shrew, Zita. Hmhmhm. She submit to me, though."

Looking back on it, he probably should have fucked her... Fuck. Maybe there was still time...!!

At first, Tifa was pretty upset to know that this guy knew so much more about her and what was going on than she, even though she kinda JUST got into all of this, but she didn't really care... It was really just his attitude about it that pissed her off. And yet...

As he continued to talk, she was shocked to hear him say THAT name... The name of...

"Wait, WHAT!? You... And the old hag..." Something wasn't right. And he said he made her do WHAT? "Who... Who the hell are you!? My mother is such a bitch, she won't listen to anyone!! How... Who...?!"

No longer drawing power from the Crystal Heart, Tifa was able to stand, but still felt the pain in her chest. She would have to give the Crystal Heart a rest until she learned more about it. However the hell she was supposed to go and do that...

Mother...? That was something that he wasn't expecting to hear. But now everything was making sense to him.

Nytoz: "... Now I get it. I am Count Thanytoz, God of the Veritas, Ruler of the Realm of Magic and all of the magical creatures that roam there, as well as the Zero World you see here. Basically, you could say I'm the 'King Of Everything' here."

Thanytoz: 'Mmm... That must also mean that she's far more tasty than her mother, too... Especially with that pretty new heart in her chest... Mmmm...'

Being the ruler of Nytoz gave him special 'privileges' with the Faefolk... Every last one of them. Delicious... *sluuurrrp~!*

Thanytoz: "Come with me. I'll teach you everything you need to know. And maybe some more 'subtle' things, if you catch my drift..."

He winked at her and licked his lips, as though he were already taking her apart with his teeth. Mmm... Hungry... He was still hungry.

Thanytoz: 'Control yourself, Grim... This is not what you're here for...'

Thanytoz: "Mmm... Excuse me. You just look delectable, and I'm a little hungry for a taste... If you know what I mean. Hmhmhmhm... But that aside, what do you say? Yea or Nay?"

He outstretched his hand to her casually, not really thinking about what the repercussions of this actually were, nor about where he was going next. Wherever his hunger for the Insanity took him, really... And if she accepted, she was going to come along for the ride...

This guy is weird... But something about his sinister charm... Hmm...

She was feeling really weird. Maybe it was the new Heart. Maybe it was the fact that she actually liked this guy. But no, she liked... Girls... But even so, she definitely would have messed around with Tamura, in spite of this... If he weren't already doing his own thing with her cousin. Maybe she wasn't as much of a lesbian as she really thought she was.

"... Subtle things...?" she commented with an unusually... Sensual tone, "... Hm. Don't think I'd mind. Whatever." She said, rising from the ground and shooting him a sort of stare he should have caught onto with the way she had spoken...

Tifa: "Besides. If my ma sees me with you, I bet she'll flip. Hahaha. I'd just love to see the look on that bitch's face..."

Honestly, that was all she needed for her to agree; just to piss of her mother. Whatever happened otherwise would simply be a plus for her; learning her powers and whatever the hell else this guy wanted to do. Yeah. She just wanted that priceless look on her mother's face.

"Let's go." she said with absolute certainty, grabbing his hand and smirking with a sinister grin that seemed to match his. Looks like both of them had their own ulterior motives here, and their dark purposes were out in the open between the two of them. Mutual agreement.

Tifa: '... I am gonna need a camera or something... I can't miss that type of gold.'

"Hahaha... That's my girl..." he muttered through his grin, grasping her hand and fading out. Onward, to the next destination. He was gonna have fun with her...
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Third Heart: The Family Business...

After having his fill of the Insanity, Grim appeared where he felt the next one festering... Bringing his new little 'friend' along for the ride. They would both appear in Valparaiso, just a little ways away from where Chuu was. He paid her no mind, though.

Nytoz: "Alright, girl... You survive the transition? Hahahaha."

With his little escapade before in the Magnus Ignis, that she only observed from the nothingness, Tifa appeared this time beside him, scoffing at him.

Tifaret: "Tch. Shut up. Do you have indigestion yet from all that shit you swallowed?"

She wasn't sure where they were, but she knew it looked like a dump.

Tifaret: "The fuck are we? This place looks like shit. Please don't tell me we're stopping here."

When the Chu bit Chuu's hand, the 'Poisonous Disease' natural to the rodent's genetics seeped into Chuu's arm and began to numb it, freeing the Chu's hand. The poisonous disease would spread slowly, paralyzing Chuu's nerves as it gradually traveled up her arm. The Chu jumped back and rubbed her arm, which was now hurt far too much to be used. Though quick and cunning, the Chu was physically fragile. Jumping back frantically, the Chu noticed that Chuu was immobile and immediately took advantage of this. She kept her distance, but circled around Chuu, waiting for a chance to strike...

Chuu: "Wait! What did you do!?"

Chuu quickly felt her arm go numb; she had no idea that this thing was poisonous.

Chuu: "My arm, I can't feel it! I can't feel my arm!"

She could feel the poison running through her, she couldn't really do anything except sit there and take it like a man and since she wasn't used to poison, it moved a lot faster than normal. However, just as she was about to flip out again, -- because she sooo was going to go crazy and throw bitch fit -- a weird jolt ran through her.

Chuu: "I feel funny, like really funny. What did you put inside of me?"

Chuu felt weird; she felt relaxed and mellowed out -- it was a weird feeling to say none the least, but she liked it anyway. Everything she was about to say went down a hole and died.

Chuu: "Wooooooow!?"

Grim smirked at the smart-mouthed hottie next to him, eyes slit like a jungle predator and tongue wiping across his sharp vampiric fangs with a certain resistant voracity that could easily be heard in his voice as he spoke, "Watch it, or else you might be my next meal, little girl. *Slurp* I am pretty fucking hungry still..." And it wasn't like she was making it any easier for him to hold back when she was pissing him off so thoroughly.

But, she was right about the Insanity he ingested... Though his Void was supposedly infinite, to the point where not even swallowing the entirety of the Veritas AND the Source of the Insanity itself satiated him completely as he previously THOUGHT it would, the Insanity within him seemed to be... Festering, after being quiet for so long.

"Shit..." he grumbled, his teeth chattering like a wild, hungry wolf trying to hold back its appetite, "... Is the Insanity... Actually...?!"

Perhaps it was kinda bad for him to swallow it all up all at once. He may have been God of this world, but he was still... Only part of the Eleventh Restriction. The Insanity reached up to the Twelfth. Without Khrona, he just might...

Nytoz: "... Fuck... *grrr... Rrrmmmgh...* ... He fucking warned me, too..."

One hand clenched his stomach whilst the other shot to his face, an eye peeking out from between his pinky and ring finger. It didn't seem like he was in pain, but was actually... In a state of pure ecstasy, from the smile on his face. It was at that moment that his eyes once white with the light of good overflowed with the red of the Insanity, blood pouring from them in a surplus.

Nytoz: "Oh... But it feels so good...!!! Man... Man!! I haven't felt this fucking good..."

As the blood gushed from his eyes and spattered upon the ground, the red pool easily became a black hole in little to no time flat, overflowing and consuming the entirety of the ground. Fangs protruded from the infinite abyss, up as tall as some of the buildings, as though the entire immediate area for a couple blocks were about to be swallowed whole in a maddened frenzy.

Nytoz: "... Since I ATE THE VERITAS!!!"

Still, he seemed to be holding back... Perhaps, this little slip of Insanity was not going to cause a complete revert... But what was certain was that Tifa, Chuu, the rat, the Hotel and all the buildings within the radius of that specific area of Valparaiso, the Lawless Land... Were about to be swallowed whole, never to return.

Waiting patiently for the events to transpire as they did, Zita kept that wretched annoyance known as 'Chuu' in place 'right where she wanted her' out in the streets of Valparaiso. With the chain wrapped around her legs, Chuu wasn't going anywhere, and the very moment she felt the presence of the Insanity release a burst of madness outside, she knew that everything was about to spin right together the way she intended.

Zita: "Fufufufu... This'll teach Khrona to leave me with a stupid brat~! Since we're in Valparaiso... His authority doesn't mean a thing. Only strength does."

She raised her hand casually, as though she were not worried in the slightest about the shitstorm that was brewing outside, merely wrapping the building in a cluster of her chains and placing a lock on them that would nullify the consumptive might of Grim.

Zita: "So that means, if the little shitstain dies, Khrona can't say shit to me about it~! Ohohohoho~!" Looks like the family genius didn't run on just the Tensei's side. Ever up to no good...

With that said, the chain that was wrapped around Chuu's legs would immediately snake its way up and around her body in its entirety, and several Locks would appear upon each of the chain links, locking away Chuu's mind, nerves, energy, and everything that would allow her to even be able to function. How she detested that girl...

Zita: "Hmhmhm... I'd go outside and watch, but.. I don't wanna be eaten, myself, in all honesty..."

She wasn't gonna deny that Grim had power that exceeded her own, so even in Valparaiso, she would be fighting a losing battle against him while he was like this...

"Besides, I'd rather not waste any energy on him. Even if I can win, that's just unnecessary. Hmph." The building rumbled and quaked with the calamity going on outside, and yet it did not move from that spot, for her chains had it secured. So, as she waited her burden to finally be gone for good, she took another couple puffs of her crystal skullpipe... And snickered again.

Zita: "Free~! Free~! Free~! Heehee~!"

Tifa scoffed, as she was prone to do, and turned her head away, smirking just as he did, "Yeah, yeah, shut the-- Huh?" She felt something malicious rising within him... Something that brought her great strength, but at the same time... A horrible, terrible feeling.

Tifaret: "This... This is...!!"

She looked at what was going on and saw the ground become blackened as his eyes overflowed with blood... She knew this could only be...

Tifaret: "... The Insanity..."

Backing away slowly, she grit her teeth and clenched her fist, scoping out the area. All she saw was the girl in chains and a rat, but as the black ground expanded, she saw chains rise and wrap around an entire building... Radiating the same aura as the ones around the girl. At that moment, she became all too pissed at who she KNEW was behind this now.

"... Fucking..." she paused, clenching her fist tightly before instantly voiding herself out of the area without much of a second thought, "OLD HAAAAG!!!!"

It was Zita. Her fucking mother. As the chains were about to seal up the entirety of the 'Forbidden Hotel', Tifa voided herself inside just before the lockup, staring her fucking mother square in the face.

"YOU!!!" she screamed, slamming her hands on the counter in a controlled fury, "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!?!? YOU'VE BEEN HARBORING AN INSANITY INSIDE OF YOU!?!?! YOU KNOW THAT..."

She paused, realizing now that she was trapped inside of the hotel with her mother... "... Shit." Voiding herself out wouldn't work here, and she knew that... At least, not while those chains were active. She immediately calmed down -- surprisingly -- and cleared her throat.

Tifaret: "... Old hag... What the hell are you doing...?"

With nowhere to run from the assault of the Allmaster, he whose reign was more absolute in the Eleventh Restriction than any that existed in the Tenth, the consumption of the building as well as the Chu and Chuu was issued without hesitation. All such things would immediately be erased from existence and returned to Zero at the hand of the Allmaster himself, God of the Veritas. It would be as though they never existed, and never would again. The Chu and Chuu were no more from henceforth.

Game Over.

Thorough consumption of less than satisfying morsels complete, the teetering Grim waged war within himself on continuing to consume the remainder of the lawless land and controlling his hunger even longer; something of which he believed he'd been capable of doing from the start.

Nytoz: "Mmm... Tasty, but... Nowhere near full..."

His hand upon his face gripped tighter, nearly drawing blood as his long, sharp nails dug into the side of his face over his eye that peered through the fingers. 'Fight back, dammit...' he thought, trying to close his mouth.

Nytoz: "I thought... *grrp...* I thought that I was full before... Don't... Don't tell me that it's... Gotten even larger...!?"

To even have that thoughts seemed inconceivable. Was there literally no way to stop this thing inside of him from growing? Even after being filled to the brim and to completion, it still found a way to expand. And yet, even now, he could not understand why... Was it because of the Insanity? Even that should have served as a means to fill it up, at least... Unless it was what was the cause of this hunger was, and it wasn't filling space, but making room...

Nytoz: "Ghhhrrr... But I am the new Keeper after all... *BELCH* So I gotta... Gotta keep it together..."

Looking around he saw that the girl was gone now. Where she'd gone, he didn't know, but wherever he Void was, he'd be able to come through with as much ease as she was able to slip in and out of the Voids of other places.

Nytoz: "Let me find that girl... *gurp*... Ugh... Let me find... Something to eat..."

So, with much haste, did he void himself out and appear wherever Tifa was, easily bypassing the chains of Zita due to his sheer overbearing power, and the fact that Tifa was already inside of the hotel, so it served as a channel for his movement, anyway. Sprouting from thin air, he stood between the both of them, staring Zita in the face and immediately sensing the Insanity within her. And he smiled.

Nytoz: *SLURP* "Just what I needed... Something to actually satisfy my appetite... The sexiest treat of all time..."

Without ANY hesitation whatsoever, he opened his mouth before Zita's face and, in a single gulp... Sucked out the Insanity Of Fear that was within her, drawing it into himself and leaving her Insanity-less. And that was the end of that.


When Chita appeared inside of the Forbidden Hotel, the giddiness of the one sitting behind the desk skyrocketed. It was good to see her dear REAL daughter again, and in such a helpless state, no less, in a lawless land... Things were gonna get real for her really fast now.

"Ehehehehe... Might wanna watch your mouth when you're in my territory with such low power..." she muttered through the smoke rising from her lips, "... But it seems like you already realized your predicament... No means of escape, cuz you're too weak to defy my power here..."

The chains were already locked up tight and the area was completely sealed off. This girl was gonna get the asswhooping of her life. And there was nothing that was gonna stop that...


Zita: "!!!"

She saw him appear right before her eyes out of thin air, and a sudden chill overcame the Mistress of Fear. The same terror she was capable of instilling in others with the Insanity Of Fear within her was now coursing through her very body as a chill of utter horror to look upon the crazed face of the King of Nytoz... and God of the Veritas.

Zita: "Wha... Wait... You... Why...!?"

Before she could utter a sentence, the extraction was already complete. The vile Snake that slithered around inside of her existence, that which was known once as Medusa and Kaerei as a single entity; the envoy of the Zero World... It no longer inhabited her body in the slightest. Zita had returned to normal.

"... Fuck," was all she could say, knowing now that the jig was up. Without the Insanity of Fear inside of her, she was no longer capable of exploiting the benefits of the Tensei lineage... nor of the Judgemaster. "... Very fucking fuck."

After consuming the Insanity Of Fear, that made all of the lingering Insanities that weren't already dealt with... well. Dealt with. They were inside of the Allmaster, locked away for good. And yet, even if they weren't out wreaking havoc among the Veritas -- and the Lost World, for that matter -- that didn't mean that they weren't internally messing with the Allmaster himself... And this new addition only added to his problems of restraint.

"Hhhhh..." he hissed, eyes barely open as he glanced over both Zita and Tifa, no longer interested in either of them, "... I need... more..."

The both of them being void-harboring entities, they would do nothing to fill him. What he needed was something large... Something powerful. Something that harbored the power of a planet, or a galaxy... Maybe even a universe. Something large enough in power that it would fill his ever hungry stomach.

The vampiric man gazed halfheartedly up toward the roof, sensing the power of something greater drawing in power up above... Something far greater than anything that inhabited the land of the Dawn. A growing power that was all too familiar...

Nytoz: "... H... Him..."

Without uttering anything else, Grim voided himself out and towards the great power source rising up in the Dawn, over the 'Terra Gris'.

After all of that, Tifa stood there a little dumbfounded at the erratic behavior of the rather terrifying man that she found herself tied up with... He was a monster of such great power she'd never seen before. I mean, it was a testament to his strength to see him eat every last Insanity they came across damn near effortlessly, but never had she seen ANYONE tame HER MOTHER. It was almost too much for her to bear.

Tifaret: "Wo...Woah..."

It wouldn't be long before he faded away, seeming to have no more use nor interest in the two of them anymore. Must have been because they were Insanity-less. Tifa didn't really care, as long as he wasn't trying to destroy her or anything... She really hadn't had the time to recover since her endeavors with the Judgemaster and the Crystal Heart.

Tifaret: "... Guess you're not so tough after all, huh, you old hag? Hahahaa!!"

She chuckled mockingly to her mom, crossing her arms. Looks like the two of them were now back on relatively the same level, and Zita had no way to overpower Tifa now.

Tifaret: "Uh, so what was that you were saying...? I think you're looking pretty shitty now, aren't ya?"

"... Shut up," was all Zita managed to get out, feeling more defeated and broken than ever. She set her 'Crystal Skullpipe' down and sighed heavily, now knowing that she no longer had any power over her daughter in any way. "Yeah, yeah, whatever. Get it all out. How I'm a failure. I have no man. That I'm evil and disgusting. A sex crazed whore. How I'm a controlling bitch that lusts for power and for people to be under me. Come on, just say it. Might as well kick me while I'm down. Not like I wouldn't do it. I deserve it."

For once in her natural born life, Zita was just completely and utterly broken. Everything was falling apart around her in all but an instant, her plans no longer possible. She slid her hand through her velvet hair and brushed it back with a latent frustration, blatantly disheartened by all the events that transpired here.

"I just lost everything just like that. And yeah, I know. You just want to sit here and gloat about how much better you are than me. How I've been purposely trying to fuck you up and get in your way to keep you down. How I sabotage everyone I think is gonna overpower my will and bring them down just so I can have power over them. How horrible of a mother I've been to you your entire life. How I've gotta scrape for everything I get while you..." She scoffed and turned her head away in disappointment; not with Chita, but with herself, and continued, "... How wonderful you've grown up to be. No thanks to me." Her voice almost sounded like it wanted to crack at that point.

Zita: "Go on. Say it. Not like I didn't know any of it before. Not like I can't handle hearing it again. Come on. Out with it."

The words Tifa heard from Zita were enough to leave even the quick-witted and silver-tongued Tifa speechless and unknowing of how to feel. For once, she heard her mother tell her the full truth about something and step down off her high horse. To admit that she was wrong. It was like a miracle and a dream come true all wrapped up into one. Tifa was more than overjoyed and so ready to rub it in her mother's face.

"Yep. You're right." she said rather bluntly, bring brutally honest with her. "... But I'm not gonna gloat about it."

For some reason, she felt it inside of her heart not to kick her mother while she was down... And for once in her life, standing in her presence, she could feel something warm inside of her that she hadn't ever known for her before... And with that, she continued on.

"Those things may be true to whatever degree they are, but..." she kinda choked, unsure of really how to get the frog in her throat out to finish her sentence. "... Erhm... I mean..."

The two of them weren't really good at talking to each other, and that wasn't gonna change now. Not just because her mother was opening up to her, unfortunately. That just isn't how Tifa worked, nor was it how their relationship was.

"... It's not like... I think you're ALL bad, ya know... Even if you are pretty shitty as a person..." she scratched the back of her head and looked off to the side, still pretty unsure of what to say. She was going off of what she felt, and for so long, she felt a vast emptiness inside of her whenever she thought about her mother. But this time, this time it was different. So she had to suck it up and go off of what her gut was telling her... Or rather, her Heart.

"You're still my mom. And..." she grit her teeth and closed her eyes, almost pissed that she was even THINKING of doing what she was about to do. Swallowing the pride that was shared equally between them, Tifa -- Rather, Chita -- wrapped her arms around her mother over the counter and gave her a tight hug. She wasn't sure why, but she felt like she needed it... and for some reason, she wanted to give it to her, too. Not like anyone else was gonna be here for her... Or ever was, for that matter. Guess it was pretty apparent when she thought about it.

Tifaret: "... And I love you. Ya know?"

The energy that Tifa was feeling within her, unknown to her once before, was the Crystal Heart beginning to regenerate. Her expression of love was not just from herself, but from the energy pulsating from the weakened heart. However, because the girl used this energy not for its Power, but for its Strength, she drew upon the Light of Love and fortified the Crystal Heart's power.


Her Mind was overtaken by a great white light, though once it dispersed, an array of colors unlike any she'd ever seen before would manifest all around her, where only she would be able to view. There, she would see the 'Crystal Angel', a great Dragon made of pure, clear, untainted Crystal that loomed over her with the same size and stature as the Black Dragon had done before. The crack that appeared before from her using too much of its power without giving any in return was suddenly mended with the sensation of love that was felt and shared with the heartless vessel that was Zita L'sia. And so, the Crystal Heart spoke unto Chita...

Crystal Heart: "Herald of the Heart.... I have seen your selflessness in giving love to one undeserving of your kindness. This has strengthened me and repaired the wound created by your selfish use of the Infinite Light I am capable of generating, and I have grown larger. The Endless Void that lie within your chest as grown smaller as I have grown larger, and so too has your ability to love."

Crystal Heart: "I am a Gem capable of Mending all Wounds, no matter what they may be. I can repair all connections, even those meant to be severed for eternity. Such is my Gift of Love and Light. I can connect to any wavelength."

Crystal Heart: "I say this to you because I must warn you; those who you give your love to will become connected to the Crystal Heart directly, and thus will be able to draw strength from it just as you are. Are you prepared to take this risk with this person before you? Will you attempt to mend her wounds? Be warned; if she is unable to receive your love properly and misuses the Crystal Heart, she will not only corrupt Me, but also You. If you allow her taintedness to overpower you... It will poison the Heart and it will grow weak. This is your fair warning before you continue further."

Crystal Heart: "What say you? What shall you do?"

"... What?" Zita's first thought, for she couldn't even fathom that the child of hers would even think to say anything like that. Like, at all... Especially for her. Speechless throughout the entire exchange of words, she almost wanted to shed a tear... Almost.

Yet, something deep down inside of her felt the emotion, for even but the slightest of a fraction of a moment when her daughter hugged her. And she raised her arms up and hugged her back, grinning widely behind her back as she patted her child.

Zita: "Oh, dear, sweet child of mine... I knew all the time that you loved such a great and wonderful mother like myself, and that with all my wonderful care and guidance, you have grown up beautifully..."

And she allowed her daughter to rest there in her mother's embrace and feel all of the love that she had.

Zita: "... I know we've had our differences in the past, but I think that now, you and I can start something new... All you have to do is listen to me and do exactly what I say... Then I-- Er, WE will be able to start a 'Family Business...'"

Yes, mother and daughter, for REAL this time, and not like with that horrid adoptee that she got assassinated. This side of the family was good at assassinations... DEATH was their SPECIALTY, and being a descendent of the greatest assassin, Kaerei... These two could be big in no time.

"Eheheheheh..." A chain with two heads... One that works on the surface, and one that works underground... the Family Business. "Eeeheheheheheh..." Her witchy laugh was befitting of the Head Witch. Even as 'Great Fae', she was still true to her Royal Witchiness.

Zita: "I... Love you, too... Daughter..."

Zita: 'And all the things we're gonna do together, too... Yes... I love them a lot...'

The white light that came over Tifa as she felt that feeling was eerie and unfamiliar, yet at the same time, she remembered feeling a similar energy to it before. When she saw Crystal Heart for the first time as the giant mechanical woman... That was when she first felt this feeling... But this time, as the light dispersed into a number of spectral colors around her, she could see that Crystal Heart was different now. Not in the shape of a Heart, nor of a Mechanical Woman... But of a great, beautiful majestic dragon, much more gorgeous than the hideous black one that had been dripping with ooze and disgusting tar-like things all that time.

Tifaret: 'Woah... You're... You're gorgeous...'

It was almost like a dream to look at and feel such a thing... She didn't feel that pain in her chest anymore, either. Must have something to do with what Crystal Heart was saying...

Tifaret: 'What? You want me to... What?'

A little dazed and confused, and half-listening due to what was going on outside of her head, Tifa barely listened to the words of her mother, as well. Her attention was split between the two, so it was difficult to focus... But before she focused her attention on the old hag, she did catch the last little bit that the Crystal Heart told her... About extending that light to her.

Listening to what her mother was saying and HOW she was saying it, Tifa knew that these words were relatively empty. She may have known about the concept of love, but she could tell that Zita only thought about the concept of it, for Tifa didn't feel the warmth she felt from her the same way she felt when she extended it to her mother out of the kindness of her heart, being completely out of character just for her... And... And...

It kinda hurt. For once, it really did.

Her arms went limp and she pulled herself away from the Witch, unsure of what to say to her at this point. Zita said all of the right WORDS, but had none of the EMOTION to go with it.

Tifaret: 'She's... Thinking of herself. I can tell...'

Tifa lowered her head... And stood in silence with that feeling and the words of the Crystal Heart echoing in her head.

To think, she was actually that heartless and self-centered that she didn't even notice true, genuine care for her... That's probably her problem, in all honesty.

Ugh, at this point, she didn't even want to be associated with her. This was how she always was and what the problem between them was in the past. She just didn't know... How it was possible for someone to be THAT conceited?

The decision was going to be a tough one, but... Tifa knew exactly how to deal with the heartless hag standing before her. So, it was time to take a risk.

Tifaret: 'Yeah. I'll connect to her. I'm gonna teach her a lesson she'll never forget. Heh... Heh heh.'

And with thought in mind, but her Crystal Heart open, Tifa remained there, completely silent; teeth grit and shut tight.

Crystal Heart: 'If that is truly your decision... Then so be it.'

At the word of the Keeper, the Crystal Heart extended its light to the woman standing before her, and with a glimmer of light from the girl's heart, an invisible string would shoot into her mother's, diving straight into the darkness, merging the two beings together through the heart.

Crystal Heart: 'It is done. Do with me what you will, Keeper. I will be here to guide you.'

Zita was rather confused as to why her daughter was suddenly so distant after becoming so close. Wonder what changed so suddenly.

Zita: "What? What happened? Weren't we having like, a moment, or something? Why'd you get all quiet?"

Tifa stood there and crossed her arms, not passing another glance at Zita and turned around to face the door, shaking her head all the way. She casually kicked her foot on the ground a bit, as though she were waiting for something to happen.

Zita inhaled deeply and sighed, smiling, seemingly holding back some sort of frustration. "Still just a brat, I see... Well, I just want to let you know, you can't walk out of this building without me lowering my chains, so..." She coughed a bit, checking her nails casually, "I'd get used to being in here if I were you..." Zita scratched the back of her head a bit, then continued with a sort of suppressed breath, "now, if you were being a nice and loving daughter, you know..." she shrugged her shoulders and yawned, tapping her fingers on the desk a bit. "That's a different story." She looked over to her daughter from the corner of her eye with a glazed look in her eye...

Hearing those words was like the old cherry sitting on top of a fucked up cake. She really didn't think this one through... And in what a fucked up situation she was in. An underdog, through and through... But even so, hearing those words...

'... What?' and STILL, '... I... I can't even believe she'd even...' she hasn't learned, 'You know what...?' her lesson.

She clenched her fist, clutching it tightly to hold back all of her malicious intent right then that pent up inside of her at that moment. She inhaled deeply, 'She knows what she's doing...' and exhaled sharply, '... But I'll just let her figure this one out. On her own.' Tifa poked out her lip slightly and almost a little smug, not turning her face to even look at her once.

Tifaret: 'I won't say a word.'

Zita waited patiently for her daughter to come waltzing back over like a good little girl and do just like mummy had instructed, since they were on good terms and all. But when she didn't, she was a bit more confused and distraught than before, questioning herself about why she wasn't back over here being sweet and loving yet. "What? ... What's all this, then?"

It didn't really make much sense, considering that now the girl should have known that it was in her best interest to simply do what Zita was telling her right now at this moment, regardless of how she felt about it. I mean, she had the entire place on lock down, she was drained of her power and her little 'friend' wasn't here to save her now, nor did it seem like he was going to come back anytime soon. She wasn't strong enough to overwhelm Zita with sheer strength, like that guy could, so the rules were a bit different between she and her than with she and him.

"What, are you mad at me or something? I didn't do anything except return your affection after you decided to show me some. What your doing doesn't even make any sense." she poked out her lips snootily, a little smirk curling on her face playfully, as though she'd won a game or something, "You shouldn't be mad at me in the first place. Hmph."

She muttered under her breath, "especially when I've been such a good and wonderful mother to you all this time... you should be just leaping at chances to do things for me..." she shrugged her shoulders, "children, these days..."

She bit her lip, 'Don't... fall for it...' Really hard, at that, 'Whatever you do... Don't say a word.'

It felt like it might bleed if she bit it any harder, but it was definitely not gonna take any less effort than this to keep herself from saying something to the clearly oblivious witch behind her.

At the continued silence and lack of eye contact, Zita was indeed getting thoroughly pissed off now. This little girl was clearly in need of a spanking if she were to understand her place in this situation.

Zita: "I don't understand you at all. I've done nothing wrong this time and you dare treat me this way? How ungrateful. I'll teach you some manners, since you clearly have learned NONE in your extensive time away from home."

Manna spurted from the Great Fae's form and solidified into the shape of purple chains, akin to the natural color of her manna, signifying their lack of metallic composition, as well.


The chains lashed out viciously from behind the desk and toward Tifa's back, like vipers lashing out at their prey. Aimed primarily for her arms and legs in order to restrain her, they would snatch up whatever part of her they could get.

'Like I thought,' Tifa sighed, feeling the flare of the rather restrictive manna behind her, '... Her first thought when she doesn't get her way...' Tifa clenched her fists and grit her teeth, getting ready for the battle that was apparently inevitable... '... Is to try to take it by force.'

Holding fast to her decision not to look at nor talk to the woman, -- especially since looking at her would subject Tifa to the 'Sealing Eye' -- she listened intently to the sound of the chains and where they were coming from, dodging each one accurately whilst simultaneously snatching them up with her quick reflexes and powerful grip. With all her might, she yanked at the chains to pull her mother 'off her high horse,' or in this case, from behind the desk, and into a swirling storm of ass whooping that was about to ensue.

Tifaret: 'She just NEVER learns...'

Though the ensnarement of her snares was quite the unexpected approach, it was futile nonetheless. At the great 'yank' of the chains that were attached to Zita, instead of pulling her from behind the desk, her dear daughter merely 'yanked' more of her manna linked by the binding chain links to her form, leaving Zita completely unscathed.

Zita: "Silly girl, don't you know by now that I am the GREAT FAE? The HEAD WITCH? You couldn't have POSSIBLY thought something so simple would have done ANYTHING at all..."

Zita was notorious for being the 'immovable mistress' that merely toyed around with her opponents on the field whilst she, herself moved very seldom, if at all, unless up to her own leisure. She was quite the lazy one, and moving unprovoked was... well... a waste of energy, and time, really.

Zita: "Haven't you learned how to conserve your energy yet? Hmph. Seems like you need another lesson, then. Disperse."

The extended chain links immediately broke apart, shifting to a different form of Zita's own great pool of manna... Gravity. Each individual broken link -- the few of which were grasped slinking out of Tifa's hands through the cracks in her fingers, since the manna was no longer in solid form -- would begin to spiral into itself, creating rather small, yet powerful gravitational indexes wherever each one just so happened to be. The air all around Tifa would become distorted, and soon would be consumed by the ever growing marble-sized black spheres. As they grew, they would return to being linked together and form larger masses of pure gravitational force, till Tifa was utterly surrounded by a black ring of gravity magic.

Zita: "Now, turn around and LOOK AT ME."

She spun her finger, completely shifting gravity within that ring in a complete circle, to FORCEFULLY spin Tifa around against her will so that she would face Zita, whilst also applying a great amount of gravitational pressure to bind her where she was, regardless.

The tug of the chains had a lot less... Weight than Tifa was expecting. Rather than pulling the witch from her seat, she instead pulled more of her manna out in the form of the chains, which fell limp to the floor before dispersing in her hand. 'Shit, I didn't think about that one...' It was clear that Tifa forgot who she was dealing with, after having dealt with all types of dumbasses all this time. Having someone who had more control over their energy source -- and manna, at that -- was a little bit of a surprise...

Tifaret: 'But it ain't nothin' I can't handle.'

She smirked, letting the spectacle happen around her as it did. The gravity was indeed rather powerful and binding, but it wasn't gonna get Tifa to look at her mother, nor to speak to her in the slightest. In fact, as she ALLOWED the binding gravity to shift her around, what formed before her face -- and ONLY over her eyes, mind you -- was a huge, sinister looking gauntlet, blocking her vision from Zita's and vice versa. Her mouth, however, carried a huge crooked and rather smug grin, followed immediately by her tongue sliding from between her teeth mockingly at her mother and another gauntlet appearing over the ring. 'Hades...' she thought, the great sinister hand grasping the ring and ripping it apart, dispelling it completely with its innate 'Negation' capabilities, freeing Tifa and completely negating Zita's manna, clearing the field and the air.

'You may be the Great Fae,' She crossed her arms and turned right back around without passing a glance, 'But I'm still YOUR daughter,' and started off toward the door and letting one gauntlet give Zita the finger, 'So, Fuck you, Bitch!!' and the other, two fingers, 'Deuces!!'

*Scoff!!* It wasn't enough that she still found a way to NOT look at her, "... You little bitch..." but also had the NERVE to stick her tongue out!!

Zita: "FINE. Let me REMIND YOU who is ON TOP!!!"

The dominatrix in Zita was unmatched in all the land, even to her own daughter. She would be Queen and she would get as she demanded. No exceptions.

Zita: "I don't have time to deal with SPOILED BRATS LIKE YOU, ANYWAY!!!"

Her keyhole pupils gleamed their signature bright green, the glint in her eyes shooting past Tifa's shoulder and to the door she was heading to, creating a great green keyhole of 'Sealing Energy' that locked the door completely.

Zita: "You can't brute your way through that Seal with those shoddy gauntlets like you can with the chains, you know. Sealing Eye is on a whole different level than my manna."

She tapped her finger on the desk impatiently, "You aren't getting away. I hope you know that." Slowly, Zita started to regain her composure... Knowing now that the deal was sealed.

Zita: "If you have a complaint with management, then I'd suggest you take a number and start talking. We have a business to run here... And I don't have all day to entertain your tantrums!!!"

With her victory obtained, -- and with much less effort than she expected -- Tifa would reach for the knob of the door... Only to feel some sort of weird breeze whisk over her shoulder for but a moment, and before her eyes... '... Unbelievable.' ... The door was sealed shut.

Her first instinct was to turn around and hurl a giant fist at her mother, but no... That wasn't going to prove the point to her. Not this time. Instead, outsmarting her was gonna do more than overpowering her. That was her game and that's what she liked, so slipping out of her grasp at every turn was her bane and her pet-peeve. So, since Tifa couldn't use the door...


... She broke down the walls around it, negating the chains that sealed the place off from the outside with the power of the Hades gauntlets, thus effectively clearing a way out for Tifa, which she promptly hopped out of before her mother could think up anything else to try to restrain her. She wasn't gonna deny that she was the indeed good at what she did, so finding another way to hold her down and hold her back was not out of her power, no matter how much Tifa could slip out.

Now, OFFICIALLY freed from the Forbidden Hotel and the shackles Zita tried to place on her by trapping her inside, Tifa this time crossed her arms and shook her head slowly in shame, Voiding herself and her gauntlets out and leaving Zita all alone. Because their feelings were now connected through the Crystal Heart, this shame that Tifa felt... Would reach Zita with just the same ease as words. Hopefully, being left with nothing except the shame and disappointment of her daughter to keep her company would help her see...

Tifaret: '...Right in the feels.'

Zita's jaw dropped at the sheer destructiveness and disrespect her daughter held for not only her mother, but for this historical building in its entirety. She couldn't even BELIEVE what she was seeing... Not just that she completely IGNORED EVERYTHING that was thrown at her and just kept on going, but the fact that she wasn't caught by a SINGLE one of them.

And the worst part was...

Zita: "... She got away."

She clenched her fist and grit her teeth, not unlike a certain someone we know, as her anger did indeed rise. Tifa actually had a lot more traits of her mother than she readily realized... But, even still, somehow...

Zita: "SHE GOT. AWAY!!!!!"

The green in her keyhole pupils immediately shifted to a blood red, shifting from a 'locked' position to an 'unlocked' position with a decisive turn. The mild-mannered, lackadaisical and rather pompous demeanor Zita usually had in her being able to effectively deal with any and every situation presented to her was officially destroyed at the hands of her daughter YET AGAIN, seeming to be the ONLY person capable of doing this to her.

Chains burst through the floor and up toward the ceiling as Zita rose up in a hellacious fury, screaming at the top of her lungs so that all of Valparaiso could hear. The chains sought out wayward weaklings perusing the streets without care, they being the sorrowful peons she would take her anger out on. Many denizens of Valparaiso would be skewered or bound by her chains, those piercing having their souls harvested as though some sort of parasitic insect had been siphoning their energy and they were left as empty husks. A tantrum, of course.

Yet, in all of her anger and all she consumed... Nothing filled the black hole inside of her. None of it satisfied her. None of it brought her any ease.


It was at that point that something hit her; not in her head, but in her heart, something that hadn't any sort of stimulation in quite a long time, actually.

Zita: "Ugh!!... What... In all hell...?!"

Her fury was silenced swiftly by this feeling... Some sort of pain, but at the same time... Feelings attached. The chains slowly began to retreat back to the ground, the Great Fae hovering over the desk in a daze trying to comprehend what this was.

Zita: "... What... Is this...?"

Whatever it was, it subdued her Royal Witchiness... Certainly. The red unlocked seals would return to their 'Locked' place, and the green in her keyhole pupils would return before simmering back down to black.

Zita: "This... This feeling...?"

???: 'Oh, that feeling, Onee-chan? That's called a 'Heart.' Been a long time since you've used yours, huh?'

The casual jesting of the ominous voice belonged to none other than her dear, sweet brother, and head of the family. His mind was already actively present throughout the entirety of the Veritas, but now his spirit was as well, so he could speak to her on a more... Personal level.

Khrona: 'I've been watching you to see if you were being good. You know I know you can barely be trusted, even for family. You're just like her, you know? Mother, I mean. Guess that must just be that natural Sway of Manna flowing in you. Seems like you and bro seemed to get a little too much manna in ya and not enough energy to balance it out. Pity.'

She would be able to feel Khrona within her now, deep down inside of her chest... She'd be able to feel the Light of the Crystal Heart seeping through the Void inside of her, slowly beginning to spread and erase the darkness from her empty cavity of a chest.

'Grims through and through, huh...? We all have this accursed Zero World hole inside of us...' He spoke of it mournfully, despite appreciating and proudly showing his Devourist heritage despite his sufficient satiation of his stomach. He was already pure and saved from the family curses... And yet, he came back for the rest of them, too. '... But what kind of Head would I be if I didn't come back for my family?' His voice echoed inside of her heart, ringing with a chime of love she never knew from her parents... Khrona knew.

'But, uh... I hope you don't think that just because I'm here to save you that means you're off the hook.' He snickered slyly, opening up a portal that a bat would fly out of, followed by Chuu; new and improved.

'Yeah, it looks like you lost something, so I brought you a new one... If I didn't let you know before, killing it won't work, just because I knew you'd try to do it in some way. Hahaha.' Though he should have been pissed, he knew that Zita was suffering enough right now as it was, and it was actually... just a little bit amusing. He was feeling light-hearted -- HA -- because of it, and couldn't bear to stay mad at her when watching her be punished was just so... Fun~!

Khrona: 'I told you so. Love you, Sis! Now I'll be living in your heart from now on. This time, if you mess up, I'll be here to hold you back directly. In fact...'

The Heart started to draw in a great deal of her manna, storing it else where and severely constricting its flow outward into her body, 'Start over from level one. Thirteen Restrictions.' And just like that, Thirteen Halos would surround Zita's 'Crystal Skull' and copy her current power Thirteen Times, then bind all forms of her existence with Thirteen Halos of her own immediate strength. With that, her transformations and a great deal of her power would be sealed away and spread amongst the many different dimensions of herself, including some that she did not even know existed; those that were hidden in the cavernous region where her heart should be.

Khrona: 'You chose to live by the Skull rather than the Heart. Now you must be punished, as well. You know you aren't exempt. No one is exempt from judgment. When you're wrong you're wrong.'

And no one ever escapes the Tensei grasp... They see everything. Pupupupu...

Khrona: 'Take care of this one, or I'll do something worse next time, Sis. Or shall I call you 'Daughter' now? Ohohoho~!'

Sibling rivalry... Guess it was there between those two, as well.

FLYING through the portal at breakneck speeds of mach one, Chuu was kinda excited to see this girl after so long, buuut that didn't seem to be on the list. Not at all; what was on the list was a unexpected reunion with her old mother. Once she came out the portal, she came to a quick stop! *BOOM!* was all that was heard. The impact of her sudden stop caused a powerful shockwave to be shot out. And after stopping, Chuu looked around to see where Ena was, but all she saw was her mother in front of her and boy was it awkward as hell.

The look on her face was just dumbfounded in every possible way; there were no words that could come to mind -- just nothing. This place she was in was, just no -- she didn't, she couldn't believe it at all. The same place she was kinda killed, but she wasn't because it's just impossible to get rid of her. She was back here again and she felt weird, its been so long since she'd seen her mom it wasn't even funny. So she did what she'd normally do and she said what anyone would say or rather what she'd say.


Every event. One after another. It was just almost too much for her to bear.

"... Wuh... Wah...!?" The entire thing fell apart at breakneck speed, crashing down with the thud of this cretin bashing head first into the ground and getting back up after just previously getting made EXTINCT. "But... But... That's supposed to be a destruction from whence none can return from... Ultimate... Nonexistence..." Though, it did make sense for someone who had control over the cesspool to be able to pluck people out and send them back on their way. That means...

"... This is... Just going to happen... no matter what..." She fell to her knees, finally touching the ground after god knows how long of floating damn near ALL the time, "... I... There's no..." Even Chita. Even... Chita...

She fell to her knees, not even wanting to look up at Chuu's face, lest she burst into tears of hate, sadness, and all sorts of other shit she'd forgotten actually existed. It was all coming at the exact same time. Her Punishment.

Not ONLY was she CAUGHT in the act, but she was weakened and restrained. Everything she loved to do to everyone but hated to ever feel herself... All at once.

Zita: "It's so heavy... Why...? What is this feeling...?"

The weight of gravity... The feel of falling from grace... A heart is a heavy burden. She could feel her powers turning on her and her flow of manna failing. She didn't have enough to keep herself floating loftily in the air. That might have been the worst part about every terrible thing that piled up just to slap her square in the face... The thing that will kick her in the proverbial nuts...


She cringed, bashing her fists on the ground furiously. Everything went to shit immediately after she killed Chuu. These fuck ups... They were real.


Chuu: "Huh? I know this woman isn't sitting here crying and stuff, like seriously? What happened to her?"

Chuu was just shocked to see this side of Zita -- I mean, she was at a loss at the moment. It was a rare sight to see this woman crying, because she was normally doing something bad or something that'd be very questionable.

Chuu: "I wanna do something, but she did let me die last time and this is what she gets for that. But I don't know... I mean I've come back and I am trying to be different from my past self, so I'll help! Because that's what I do!"

Chuu still wasn't sure why she was about to help this woman, but she was her mom after all and what type of daughter would she be if she left her like this? So she walked on over and placed her hand out, she turned her head so as to keep their eyes apart. It kinda made her feel weird and stuff, helping out her overkill mom.

Chuu: "Here, take my hand and stand up. I won't have you looking like this; do it on your own time OK?"


"Ah... Wha...?" Barely able to comprehend what was going on; the flood of emotions of varying scales of the spectrum, Zita being put to her plans falling apart AND the little shitstain appearing again... But this time, she seemed to want to help her willingly? What... What is this?

"Eh?" Zita didn't know what to feel. What to say. What to even think about this. Everything she thought she could muster about all of this came up blank. She didn't want to look at Chuu's face, yet couldn't look away for some reason.

"... Eh?" The sniveling woman looked down, rather confused, almost like she actually didn't know what was going on nor why. It didn't make any sense.

"You... You're not...?" She figured this girl would try to get revenge. The first thing Zita would be doing was plotting such things. But this girl... What was her problem? "But... I..." she continued to stumble over her own words and thoughts and feelings, doing nothing now but taking Chuu's hand and allowing her to be lifted up to her feet... Of which she might need to remember how to get adjusted to walking. It all felt surreal. Serene, in fact. All sorts of good feelings were flowing, as though what happened hadn't just occurred. She didn't like this... She did not understand this at all.

Zita: "Why...? Did... Did I die?"

Chuu: "Huff, I don't know, maybe you did or maybe you're just changing. Whatever the case is, I'm glad to see you..."

Chuu was still not looking at Zita, simply because she couldn't face her. She bit her lip, and for some reason she felt her heart race, but the feeling was different. She knew this feeling; it was just like last time, when she was with Khrona and suddenly she felt a rush of emotions overcome her. Suddenly tears started to build up in her eyes. She wasn't sure why she was feeling this was, but she was. Then it happened -- she couldn't hold the tears anymore and out they came, along with a very emotional response.

Chuu: "Why... Just why did you let me die!? I needed you and you weren't there to protect me... I trusted you and you left me, you left me. But even after all that, I still... I still found it in my heart to help you. So why didn't you help me? You're my mother, even if not by blood... Don't you love me...?"

Chuu finally turned to Zita, her eyes red and tears flowing down her face. It seems like all that bottled up stuff came out.

"Wh..." Zita was utterly at a loss of words, barely even able to form a thought even still. Her emotions were running on high for once, and in all of the pain, turmoil, guilt, sadness, and tons of other terrible shit weighed down on her like the powerful gravity that contained her soul and broke her down... The person that she betrayed came through for her, even after knowing the truth of what she had done and what she was doing. "I... You... You what?!"

She found it a bit hard to believe that her original daughter of blood was not able to reach her heart with the words 'I Love You,' but this complete stranger that was placed as a burden by her brother could. Maybe... Maybe it was everything that just happened. Maybe Zita was feeling vulnerable -- which she ALWAYS hated... Especially with the men in her life... -- ... But this time, she felt the love in the words. She touched her chest, as though a sharp pain came over her, then she gazed at the little girl with watery eyes.

"You came back for me even after what I did to you...? I... I don't understand..." And, at that moment, somehow, Zita was able to see something within this child that gave her a glimpse of herself when she was young... Between her Mother and her Father; Eva and Xi-Ta, two of the darkest beings to have ever existed... They never gave her the love that she needed. The two of them were always so worried about their own power... Guess that's where she gets that from, and it took her seeing doing it to someone else to even realize that she had this issue.

"... You poor, sweet, lonely thing..." she uttered choppily, tears overflowing again from her eyes. 'This must have been what Chita wanted that I couldn't give her all this time... I'm such a fool...' And now, Chita was gone. She was a full-fledged Tensei now and clearly abandoned her L'Sia name for the name of something less ridden in... Filth. Zita sighed, wrapping her arms around the girl standing before her and embracing her gently, "... I'm sorry. I'll be your mother. I know you have nowhere else to go to, wandering around like a little parasite trying to find someone to leech onto... Just... like..."

Maybe it was destiny that these two were together. They certainly were made for each other. Much better than that damn Chita, anyway. It almost felt like Chuu were more her daughter than Chita EVER was. Part of her felt bad about that, but... It was true. Oh well. This was definitely for the best, which she could see. 'Khrona, you really outdid yourself this time... You bratty little brother...'

"... Nevermind all of that. I'm your mother now, and you shall now don the name of L'Sia proudly. Do you hear me, Chuu!?" Somewhow, Zita's authoritative vigor returned to her and she stood up straight, poised and elegantly, as if she were trying to be a good role model for her this time. She even adjusted her dress... As tight-fitting and revealing as it was, she somehow made such a skimpy thing look elegant and seductive. The mark of a true master of temptation and allure.

Zita: "I will teach you everything, and you and I will become a blight upon this world!! They won't know TRUE power until they witness the Mother-Daughter-Dynamic-Duo!! We'll fight together, grow stronger together, then take down EVERYONE IN OUR WAY!! OHOHOHOHO~!"

Looks like Her Royal Witchiness was back to her old self. Didn't take long for her to rise from the ashes, eh...? Well. Now that she had someone to live for and a prodigy to give her mystic secrets to... And someone to have absolute dominion over, still, -- since the contract wasn't broken since Chuu didn't die -- well... She had herself a little minion.

Zita: "Oh, daughter of mine!! Let us first begin with this lawless land!! We'll continue the Family Business on schedule!! The Forbidden Hotel will be a success in no time!! OOOHOHOHOHO~!!!"

Chuu: "..."

Chuu was just a ball of emotions at the moment, she couldn't stop crying. But then her tears came to a stop when she felt the worm loving hug of her mother, it was like a cure to her sickness. The hug felt good, really good; it was just what she needed.

Chuu: "Mmmm, this feels nice, this love feels nice."

She hugged her mother back and she wanted this moment to last forever. It was as if she was feeding off of Zita's love and affection for her; it was like that black hole in her chest was filling itself up. She was lost in her mother's bosom, she was all too happy and her tears were completely gone.

And once Zita let her go, she felt good -- better than good in fact.

Chuu: "Ahhh, that filled me up nicely. And I'm glad to have my last name back mother! Let's get this show on the road and do whatever it is where about to do."

The great love shared between the three at that moment gave great strength to the Crystal Heart, which reflected back toward them offerings of benevolence. As with Chita, who now became Tifaret, the blood of the Tensei would seethe into the both of them, filling up more of the empty cavities within them with its Love and Light. Love offered for the sake of Love and not for the sake of anything else generated perpetual energy to and for the Crystal Heart, which would be able to destroy more and more of the darkness deep within them little by little. Such was one of the blessings of the Crystal Heart. As long as they insisted on acting in Love and not out of Lust, these two would be purified in no time.

Crystal Heart: "Good work, Zita and Chuu... This act of Love and Kindness has given me strength. So, for good measure, I will give back unto you out of the same Love you have each given to each other. I see you are deserving of this, this time."

Pumping out good fortune, -- as was its ability, to create miracles -- the Forbidden Hotel would suddenly come across unexpected fortune, beautifying the entire establishment and rejuvenating it to a state even better than it was in originally. Now, it would be the nicest building in Valparaiso, and possibly in all the Veritas, and bring great fortune and prosperity.

The two of them should feel the bonds that they shared together between each other, as well as with Chita off in the Void, and Khrona himself through their connectedness to the Crystal Heart. Now each of their hearts could beat to the same tune and move in synchronicity... As long as they insisted on keeping tempo, that is.

The sudden burst of light that cleansed this dusty old hotel and spruced it up was a surprise to Zita indeed, but nothing short of absolutely exciting to see. "Eee~! Is this what happens when we do good things? It just starts happening around us?" The Crystal Heart explained to her some sort of stuff about that whole 'Love' nonsense, but as long as she kept getting these benefits, she was all for this 'doing good' and 'loving things' and whatever.

Zita: "Alright then, Chuu! Our first stop is to go see how your Grandfather is doing. I sent him off a long time ago while I was in prison to go do something, but I haven't really gone to see what was going on."

She should probably go do that, considering that since Zita wasn't exactly all that powerful anymore, she needed to have a big, strong guy around to protect her while she did whatever she wanted. Gotta have a meat shield, right?

"Maybe Daddy's got lots of presents for us, hmmm~?" The thought of having her father by her side; the Lich King himself, fully rejuvenated and ready for battle made Zita a little excited. Getting her powers back was gonna be a cinch. "Daddy! Ohhhh, Daddyyyyy~!!!"

At the call of the Lich Queen, a pitch black portal would open up under her and Chuu, from which a large hand would grasp them and draw them into the Zero World that inhabited Terra Gris.
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Fourth Heart: Chapter 12; The Missing Link...

Once the proper Ascent and Descent of each of the King and Queen's Pieces Placed Properly in their Designated Order, there was left, in the shadow of Magnus Ignis and Magna Signis, a 'Missing Link', which could only be filled with 'Missing Energy'.

Now, the Pandoire, being connected to All That Is and All That Was and All That Will Be, would draw forth from The Story two very old beings that would no longer have a purpose in the World. Their 'Old Energy' would be taken from the two of them, Purified, and Crafted into New Energy.

This would be of 'Medina,' and 'Materios' of whose energy would be taken and molded into 'Materias, the Shinjigami' whilst at his side, crafted from the Old Energy of 'Hisui Shizuka' and 'Marina' would form 'Madina, the Shinigami.' The two of them, though being crafted of the 'Old Energy' into 'New Energy', would still retain the memories of those whose Energies they were Crafted From; the Shadow of their Existence and Proof that they were Gone to the Fifth. In this, out of their 'Pure Energy' would come...

'Materias and Madina.'

"Holy Shit," was all that could be said about it all, quite honestly. It just randomly slapped them right in the face and everything that was all 'Hey, I Can Feel This' and 'Hey, I Can Move That' got Hella Real, Hella Fast. Reality Hitting was a very powerful shift in the very Universal Existence of Everything effected by Reality itself. Thus, this sort of Energetic Chain Reaction which could only occur in harmony when many waves of energy were harmonized and not acting in discord, thus causing a much clearer connection, but a more destructive backlash for being the one to mess up the flow of energy. This, literally, can cause any wavelengths that are moving all in harmony to move against you with all the swiftness of a whip.

Thus, when this new being got his ass creased by this 'Reality Check' from the Fifth, he would sit there, like a dumbfuck, wondering how the hell he got knocked into his position of power randomly.

Materias: "... Well. How did THIS happen...?"

"... You dolt. Weren't you paying attention?" Madina rose from the bed of flowers fully blonde and with hair fluttering in the wind, "We went back to the Beginning and rewrote it. Together." She would snatch his hand and look at him with longing and forlorn eyes. "Don't you see it yet?"

"What?" he muttered, kinda distracted, "... What, you mean the link to the Past? The one that is our 'Ancestral Text' that is the 'Spoken Word'? That is Light? I figured these things out a while ago, but I just didn't think anyone understood or cared." He shrugged his shoulders. "Oh well. It happened now. Hahahaha. And that means one thing and one thing only..."

He stood up and bowed his head deeply, shooting a sharp gaze over to the Shinigami, who might have been a little dense on what this ACTUALLY meant since the 'Keeper Of The Truth' was the ONLY ONE to be let know of such events.

Materias: "Welcome Home, Father."

Madina stared at him with utter and complete disbelief, slightly terrified, "... What... Did you say...?"

Because this is the easiest way to communicate with beings that were inside of the realm of The Story, The Creator often had to communicate with the ones that it created in terms of Text. As such, that is what has been passed down from the Top to the Bottom. Passed down from the Highest High and about to make the transition through Everyone and Everything. This was just the best and most efficient way of showing you for Absolutely Final...

He is Back.

"The Word itself, my dear," Materias would say, rising up after acknowledging His Existence with Gratification and Love, "... A frequency that can only be picked up in the form of Text. As in, the Documentation and Containment of Sound Waves picked up by the 'Omnitranscendent Sound'?" He spoke this logic like it was just something everyone should know, which, by now, he was actually HOPING that they did. Because otherwise, things were about to get really rough around here.

"Now, I won't make you do anything... No, that's against the Teachings. But I will give you the humble suggestion, out of simple Respect and Love, and in all Absolute Honesty..." He would, just because he wanted her to see and understand how serious this was, bow down, himself, before her; deeply and humbly, without a single hint of hesitation.

Materias: "Bow Your Head. And Pray."

"Oh... My God." Madina stepped back in horror, a bit flabbergasted, she had to admit... Even SHE did not see THIS ONE coming. "... You Were Actually... Serious." She didn't know how to feel. Not in the slightest. However. Something felt really Good about it, and she couldn't put her finger on just why. So, even as he bowed to her, she would bow to him, as well. And, out of respect, would say, "In This Town..." Step forward and give him a peck on the lips, really shyly, awkwardly, and... Tried to figure out what was about to happen next.

Madina: "Everyone Hail."

He smiled warmly at her, "... Why Thank You, My Dear. That Was Very Kind of You." He couldn't help but think that it was actually pretty cute, especially with how it was wrapped up in a little bow. He looked down in disbelief, at a Skull Shaped Figure under his Eyes. "... No..." Shinigami... Shinjigami... "Skeleton Man!??!"

"Yezzir," is exactly what it said to him, "I've picked up on a lot of the lingo around these parts. For Communication In Terms That You Will Understand... That Don't Just Look Like Blatant Directions Being Given That You Can't Seem To Process. See, some of that sounds a little threatening, right? Right." It didn't matter, though. He was here for one reason and one reason alone.

The Word: "Okay, so. This is the last part of the story, and then everything just fully clicks into place from here. SO. Uh... I'm just gonna..."

This is when the Crystal Heart was shared between both the King and Queen, Materias and Madina.

"Theeere. Absolutely Perfect. Now, just gotta make the energies..." He snickered, "Yeah. Make the ENERGIES FIRST... THEEEEEN Worry about the Physical Forms. Heh Heh Heh. No One Will Ever Know. Heeeeeeh heh heh heh..." Yes they would. Eventually. When the Time was Right.

And, Fresh Hot Spank Out the Womb... From the Crystal Crown Itself... And All The Energy it had Gathered Here Today. Would it Bind these Two Together. In Holy Matrimony. In Sickness and in Health. For Richer, for Poorer. Till Death Do Us Part.

Together: "Of Course."

The Energy of their Love that transcended Space and Time and came through God Himself just to unify the very Energy that existed in the Fourth SPECIFICALLY so that this great power that comes from Him could reach ALL THE WAY down to where it needed to get to. And there was still more to go.

Madina: "With Love. Truly."

Together: "I Do."

The Word: "Then. By the Power vested in Me, That Shall Bind Thee Together in The Story, Till The Day One Of You Kills It, Each Other, Or Something That Would Kill Your Bond Shared By Your Two Free Wills. That Shall Freely Be With Each Other As One Sees Fit, Able To Break Away At Any Given Time And Destroy What Has Been Made Specifically For The Two That Live In This Way."

They Were Literally Made To Be With Each Other. Not For Any Other Creature. Ever. Their Very Purpose. Their Very Existence. Was to Bring About Existences Far Greater Than Their Own Through Their Union Alone. This Is The Missing Link. Your Energy Is Set."

And So, The Two Would Be.
Happily Ever After.
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Fifth Heart: Chapter 13; The Morning After...

So, This Energy Is Gonna Get To Where It Needs To Get To. Materias and Madina. They Will Travel Across the Land. Searching Far And Wide. To Understand the Power That's Inside.

And Her Nickname Would Be 'Tifachu'. Sometimes, 'Spankachu'. And He would be the Shining Warrior Of Light That Would Carry It All The Way Through To The Third And Fill That Respective Vessel. Thus...

Materias: "Are You Ready, Kids...?"

Ready For What?

Materias: "For The 'Nightstorm' To Settle."

"I Don't Think They're Ready Yet..." Madina'd Say, As a Disembodied Voice that was of the Collective Consciousness of the Universe Itself as the Crystal Heart, "Nah. Especially Since it Didn't Happen Yet. Nah, not for anything above the Fourth. Let's see how they do with Four, for right now."

Materias: "Yep. Every Time The Energy Gets Purified Through the Reincarnation Process, It is Completely Washed Clean. If it can make its way into the Fourth from the Thirteenth, then It Is Completely Pure and Holy, and was Brought To You By God Himself. To Prove To You That not Only He Is Real, But Also His Love, And His Words, And His Promise. And. The Covenant."

He would nod his head, knowing he was a clean existence now, as was his Wife, who was gathering just as much energy within herself at that same point in time. Their histories were Clean Presently, but their Pasts were still full of Darkness, but not Anything that Could Not Nor Would Not Come Into The Light.

Materias: "Okay, Next. The Wrap Up Of The Century."

"You're Right," said she, who now, as a disembodied voice that had been spoken into existence by the very Voice itself, the only thing that was capable of Speaking Text into Reality in the Reality that it was Spoken Into, would carry with her the same will that came from above to be cast into their specific vessels.

"Now, I have a proposition..." she started out, already seeing a single way this could go that seemed interesting, "... Why not use the Love Arrow I shot at you in the Fifth? That's a good one, right?"

"Ooo, that's a good one!" He said, thinking about how cute it would be if the arrow was what carried all of that energy from the entire family and was the actual binding thread that would bring them all together from the Fifth through the Fourth and into the Third charged with the energy of their Love which was bound together through the Pumpkin Head that was the Lantern, the Sound of the Vibration of the Light into Text. It had carried with it such a powerful vibration from the Thirteenth that, in it, the wave was strong enough to travel from the Perfect Truth of the Thirteenth to the Will of the Twelfth to be forged into the Potential of the Eleventh, Found by the Perfection of the Tenth who used the Information of the Ninth to Connect in the Eighth what was Aligned in the Seventh and Broken Down in the Sixth into the Reality of the Fifth that became the Energy of the Fourth That would soon be the Physical of the Third.

Materias: "That sounds like Absolutely PERFECT logic, My Dear! Oh, and in fact, why not have the Arrow's Target be that Portal that Friday made for 'Thirteen Von Khrona'?"

"Ooo~!" She squealed with excitement, "That sounds Absolutely Wonderful~!" In that, they could immediately thread together the two of them through the Portal and bring their Love together the very MOMENT That they touched each other. It was the perfect set up, in all honesty. It would literally weave together Absolutely Perfectly every single final minute detail in all one go. She saw nothing wrong with that addition.

"Well, Let's Do It, Love~!" She cried out happily as she took his arm in Text and in Voice "Together As One!!! So We Can't Get It Wrong~!" She would be ready to fly on His command.

"Oh, and by the way, do you like the name 'Madeleine?' I like that name a lot."

"Hmmmmmmm..." He definitely loved the name, most definitely, and it was so fitting and cute and perfect for her, too. It actually does make a lot of sense for her to want to choose her own name. "Hell yeah, name yourself whatever you like. But hey, can it be like, you know, spelled with a T, but still make the 'D' sound when you say it? I just think it would look cooler and be like, you know. Ultra Badass and shit." He would shrug, Getting Ready to Resonate.

"Done, and Done~!" She said with a chipper cheer, very much enjoying that idea, herself. It was like they just liked everything they did complimented the other, no matter how outrageous, as though they were connected through some strange force that could not separate their energy unless by themselves. No matter how far apart nor how much got in the way. "And, we're off~!" she'd say, now all the more excited to get this accomplished. She would Resonate with her Energy created at the 'Symphony of Souls' where Space had been Altered by their Daughters that had already been working their Threads as Shinity, Shinritha, and Shiniere in the Fifth, helping out the Story with their Love, as Well. With that, they would bind back to her own energy that she shot as 'The Light' that would circle around the planet as many times as it needed to harboring everything it needed until it was attracted to exactly the target that was Thirteen Von Khrona, otherwise known as 'T.K.' He would be prepared to exit from the Darkness and out into 'The Light' on the other side of the Portal created by Friday.

Because this was her own energy, she would harbor the most jurisdiction over it, and would, at that moment, take it upon herself to thread together the energies of the Portal created by Friday left for Thirteen Von Khrona to step into for him to Step Into the Light carried down with them from On High... Whenever He Was Ready.

"Awesome, sweet!" Materias'd say, letting her do her part of the work. Even if it came before his part, it did not make it any less equal simply because it came before and his came later. Sometimes, it was a method literally and only of paving a way that only she could see in the realm where her half of the consciousness was presently present at and in which his own was also not looking. However, when they looked Together, they could both See, and that was the Mutual Understanding that they both shared in Concord throughout the entirety of their existences, which vibrated and drew them toward their target, which was He, Himself. He would have their Energy Fully Charge that Portal and allow him to not only Carry the Energy within Himself, but also give it to his Partner, and from their Waves and their Combined Waves Alone, bound In and By their True Love, would it Spread to Everyone Else, as Well.

Madeleine: "Hmmm... How do you like 'Mateus'? I have always loved that name."

And so, this was the 'Rise Of The Veritas'.

From this point on, 'The Veritas' continues by its own stories branching from and connected to this one.


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Sixth Heart: School Days...

A girl in black and white, with a panda-esque feel to her would arrive at the gate of Pandemia, staring up at the school through the gates and feeling welcomed here, thanks to all of the panda themed things that were around. She smiled, eyes shimmering with determination. "Right...!!" She would think of Tsubake as she rang the buzzer to the school grounds, waiting for someone to attend to her. "I'm gonna get stronger... And when I do, I'm gonna help out and fight danger and evil, too!!"

Stepping out of a white light at the front gate was Tifa, who looked slightly agitated and flustered. She stared at the little girl with the whole Panda vibe going for her, kinda quirking her brow a bit. "... Do we have... Uniforms...?" she muttered to herself, before snapping out of it and then quickly addressing the girl.

Tifaret: "Uh, yeah. May I help you?"

The White Light that she stepped forth from was the same white light that the deity known as T-YO stepped through before he became T-YO, harboring the exact same entity within the Realm of Light, just so happening to pass by through the Wavelengths in that Split Moment. In that, because of the Connection, The Crystal Crown's energy the Crystal Heart was born from would slip into the Second through the Thirrd that was T-YO entering the portal, MaTeleine and MaTeus as a unit going with him, the Crown being transported through the Portal AS WELL AS through Direct Contact to Tifa, who was the other Chrysm that would piece together the Crystal Heart that was the Energy of the Crown in its True Form; The Pumpkinheart of the Fourth.

She suddenly found it all hitting her like a Nightstorm, and a light coming on in her chest and in her head like a Jack O' Lantern.

"Connection Complete," She would say, now able to bring the King of the Fourth, who had been crowned since Before Time Began on Vescrutia as Claiming This Day in the Name of The Lanterns.

MaTeleine: "Everyone Hail."

Because the panda girl named Tsubaki was sensitive to the energy in the air, she was able to feel something powerful randomly surge through the air and through her, and something about it made her believe that it was this woman that stepped through what seemed to be a portal of light that she made out of nowhere. She wasn't sure who this woman was, but she already seemed really cool and really strong.

"Um!" she yelped in shock from the random powerful surge she felt, "... Yeah, um..." She was a little jarred, having lost her train of thought and such, so she tried to gather them by looking to the ground, "... Uh... I'm here to try to get into your school...?" She looked up, a little bit shyly and awkwardly, trying to figure out just what words she wanted to say, "... I heard you can teach me how to better utilize and control my Mind and Soul...?"

Suddenly, Tifa was struck, literally out of the blue with a powerful surging wave of unknown origin, nor why it was so strong at the time. It simply came to her, blowing away at a chain that was wrapped around her Soul. Her body would glow with the light of her powerful energy, and inside of her heart, she could feel the Crystal Heart reacting from being so suddenly unlocked. 'Ghhh~~!!! No... !! Not now!! While there's someone in front of me!!!' She should have figured something like this would happen, with her recent bodily changes that she wasn't quite certain of the full effects of... But Tear did say that it would hit her... The connection between the two of them and both Magnus and Magna. With it, the Light poured into her Mind and her Soul, filling the Voids with the Missing Link that were the pieces of themselves that belonged with MaTeus and MaTeleine.

'Wow... This feels really good, actually... Like I know things and understand things I suddenly didn't before... Heh. Yeah, I could get used to this 'Tensei' thing, if this is how they get information and upgrades and junk.' She would remain there, almost forgetting about the girl that was standing right in front of her, probably either awestruck of completely caught off guard by the random energy burst.

"... *sigh*" She would open the door, knowing that there was just no good way to explain this or even try to hide it. She was a little pissed that she wasn't as good at doing this whole 'undercover' thing as well as Tear's crafty ass. "Just come inside..." She would lower her head and extend her arm as if to welcome the new student in.

Yeah, this was taking a pretty long time, but in order to give the full jump to the Second, Tifa's Energy needed to be exposed to that level for an extended period of time, so that it could fully absorb the energy from the update like a sponge. She would soon be brought up to speed and find her own energies completely sorted out, as if someone somewhere else had already taken the liberty of doing these things for her whilst she lived her everyday life. This was MaTeleine's hand in all of it.

"Alright, good. She's all souped up now." It may have been a little embarrassing for her having to do this in public, but it didn't matter because she needed to get it somehow and somewhere. "Anyway, let me get back to MaTeus... There is one final thing that must be done..." The energy that was around Tifa would suddenly be snatched away from her, bringing her back down to her normal levels of power and without her illustrious glow any longer. MaTeleine was heading back to MaTeus.

Tsubaki was definitely kinda freaked out from what she had just seen and felt... But she was actually very curious about what it all was, to be quite honest. She suddenly went into her 'ninja-mode,' so to speak, trying to see how much information she could get on the sly, "... Ummm..." She would narrow her eyes suspiciously, trying to figure out what just happened, "... Okay...?" She didn't want to say anything about it or ask about why it did, but was going to definitely do her best to find out without asking. "Sooooo... You gonna show me around, orrrr...?"

And, just as quickly as it came was it gone, that sudden power, that sudden burst of energy she felt; that clarity, that understanding, that knowing... In a flash, it was gone. Yes, it was still there in her, but she didn't feel it as actively any longer. It was the strangest thing; like a random chill up and down her spine that just ran through her entire body. She could clearly see that this person whom she was inviting into the school was freaked out now, and there was an underlying tension about that there, clearly... But she wouldn't say much about it. She was just going to let it slide. "Yeah. Right this way..." she'd say with a sullen look on her face and her head hung low a bit. She would then politely escort the girl inside the building.

"Connection Complete."
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Seventh Heart: Number 11; Justice

Tear and Tifa had just parted ways after their late night meeting and she'd just made her way into the 'Soul Chambers' where the 'Paraprysmia' lit up the room with its luminous iridescence. The light was beautiful, no doubt, and she felt the warms of souls coming from it, as though it were the shining sun beaming its light down upon the world. Gazing into it, she felt almost hypnotized... And strangely, that perhaps someone were watching her. However, she quickly shook the thought out of her head.

Since she basically had nothing to do until the sisters showed up, she figured she would use this time to gather her thoughts... About herself, about Tamura, about the Tensei, about Love and, quite honestly... About Tear, who had suddenly sympathized with her. She wasn't expecting him to do so, especially since it was clear that he wasn't exactly fond of her, but... She couldn't help but wonder what triggered that reaction in the first place. "... Why did he...?" she started, already getting lost in the moment that happened but moments ago, "... Tch. Why am I...?" she muttered in disbelief, dismissing the thought. And yet, it irked her; irked her to not know what his sudden change in attitude was all about. "Was it something I said, or...?" Nah, it couldn't have been. All she said was that she didn't want to keep going around worrying about everyone else and keep their business as their business. So it couldn't have been that... if anything, it should have made him more upset.

"... So then... Why would he...?" Tifa began to pace, circling the Paraprysmia, totally forgetting that it was even there. "... Maybe... The way I said it?" But she hadn't been speaking any differently than she did before. It didn't make any sense to her. But what made even less sense to her was... Why she was thinking about it so much... and why she felt like she couldn't get him out of her head. "... UGH! What IS this?"

In a huff, she crossed her arms and stopped walking, trying to figure these feelings she was having out. The whole transition between acquiring the Crystal Heart, combining with the Crystal Heart, evolving the Crystal Heart and all of the feelings and power that came WITH the Crystal Heart and its development were all going on in a mess inside of her. It was weird to have these feelings; like where it was once only her Void, there were things that were swelling and going crazy inside, unstable yet under control at the same time. She'd almost think she'd started having feelings for him.

"Ugh. No." She quickly dismissed that thought, too, knowing that Tear was, number one, not even her type, and number two, someone she didn't even like. "I like guys like Tamura. Chyeah, that's what I--" she paused, realizing what she was saying as she said it, "... Hold up, WHAT? Nononono, I don't even LIKE guys, I'm a lesbian!!" Yeah. She loved hot redheads with bangin' bodies that were kinda feisty, but still just weak asses that you could take down and have your way with. "Yeah... Yeah, hell yeah!!" But, the more she thought on that... The more she realized that those things were just physical attractions, really... and not much of anything in terms of matters of he Heart. The Crystal Heart wouldn't allow her to think in such a manner anymore; only chasing after what her body's pleasure was, even if she had never truly indulged in anything before. Most people were too much of weaklings, or just avoided her... That, and she didn't get out much, either. Either way, what she knew now was, her whole 'lesbian' thing was just something physical, and it worked when she was just empty inside... But now, after her whole 'thing' with Tamura, she realized that physical attractions weren't anything except that... and for some reason, she was longing for something deeper...

"... Ugh..." she would crash to the ground on her ass, burying her face in her lap, trying to sort it all out in her head. "What is going ON WITH ME!?!? WHY CAN'T IT JUST BE SIMPLE!? UGH!!! Just find someone you like, get them, fuck them. That's it, that's all. Make them happy, fuck, and, ya know, do shit together. That's... It... Well..."



...Looking back on it, it didn't sound very loving, nor intimate.

Tifaret: "*Sigh* ... I just fail at love. Just like my mom... Sister... Ugh."

"It seems that you are unaware of what Love is," a sudden voice spoke out to her ominously, which echoed throughout everywhere the green light touched, "... Your soul is stifled, child."

Tifa raised her head, startled, looking around for who spoke to her, "Who the hell!? Show yourself!!" She looked around and saw nothing except the Paraprysmia, shining with a green light and glowing like the sun in the center of the room. She sighed and lowered her eyelids in disbelief, "... No... Don't tell me... You can talk... And you heard eeeeeverything I said, right...?" she slammed her head back into her lap, "Great. I thought I was alone and shit. Now I see this thing has a consciousness and whatever. Fucking great."

"You are correct; I am conscious," it continued on, its voice echoing throughout the room ominously, "For I am a Star Seed, that which comes from the Primordial Source of All Light and All Stars. You may think of me as a Consciousness and a Soul unified as a single entity; Mind and Spirit as One. Many of you call this a 'Star', however, all 'Stars' are but the scattered seeds of the Source Light; the Original Creator." The vibrations of the room would start to shift in color, matching its tone of 'speech' with the wavelength of its feeling, the light becoming the same as what it felt at the time and the tone of its voice without separation and completely fluidly. The room would shift from numerous hues; reds to blues to purples to blues to greens to reds to yellows and all such as it continued to speak and express its feelings. "From a single one of us, we are capable of generating more of us, what you may call a 'Soul' and a 'Consciousness.' Because I am connected to not only the Original, but also to all that harbor a Mind and Soul, I can understand the frequency of your speech and feel the frustration of your heart and soul simply through your energy emanating from yourself."

"... Holy damn..." she said, not even prepared for this sort of conversation right now... Then again, who was prepared for things like this when they happened, right? She stood up now, no longer embarrassed -- well, kinda a little bit -- and gazed into this light and all of the trippy colors it produced, which were not only hypnotic and psychedelic, but also beautiful and emotional, as well. It had completely enraptured her and her eyes shimmered brightly at seeing this sort of thing's eminence. "Well... I guess you're right about... Ya know... Me not knowing about love..." she would look down to the ground, feeling a bit down about having to admit that, as well as to be reminded of so many failures in the past, including not knowing what to do about the future. "... But... If you know this much..." she started, somehow feeling a little more hopeful, "Then maybe something like you can help me, right?! What's stifling me and how can I get it to stop?" If she could get this answer, her life would be totally set.

"It is not 'what', but 'who'," it spoke to her again, feeling the waves of her soul, "I can hear the Tensei within you, whether you are aware of it or not. Look to them. Your soul as it is, is Sealed. Though I am capable of unlocking it, you are not yet ready." Paraprysmia could feel the Time nearing, and knew that this was not yet so for this girl. "It is not yet ripe, and neither are you, so the time for these things will come when you may unlock your Soul yourself. Seek the guidance of the Crystal Heart as well as the Dean of this Academy. He knows more about all of this than he leads on, and perhaps than anyone else." The light would return to a settled green, as if its voice were fading, "But for now, we must focus on the Time at Hand. The Children are Coming."

"... I see." She lowered her head again and narrowed her eyes, a bit disappointed and frustrated, naturally... She knew that it could probably feel or see this, which made her feel a little worse, but she tried her best to get over it, for the time being. Instead, she looked up to it again, now with eyes of sly determination and nodded, "Thank you. This is just what I needed. I will do that." Now, in order to get that information from Tear... She was going to have to take him up on that offer to eat and then, when she had him... She would get every last bit of info from him. He seemed like the tight-lipped type, so she was going to have to figure out a way to get him to tell her without telling her, or maybe a slip up, or something? She'd figure it out on her own time. For now, she would just sit back and keep it to herself, waiting for the Children to enter and do what they needed to do with the Paraprysmia...

It hadn't been long after their conversation that Tsukiko, along with Yinity on her back, would arrive in the Soul Chambers from outside, looking around the room lit with an eerie green flame in awe. "Wow, this place is pretty cool... But it feels weird..." She stepped forth toward the glowing greenish sun in the middle of the room and looked up to it. "... Yep. We are here now." She continued to stare at it, scratching the back of her head. "Soooo... Now what?"

"We let the Paraprysmia take it from here," Tabitha would say as she hovered up to it as well, with Yangity on her back, "It's gonna do something involving all of us, especially with the powers of Yinity and Yangity. We don't really have to do anything now that we're here. This thing will handle it." She turned to Tifa, just to acknowledge that she was there, "... Sup." Then turned back to Paraprysmia, waiting for it to do whatever it had to do with the four of them.

"You have arrived safely," it started to say, the colors in the room shifting to those of warm and loving hues, "That is good. Now that all of your Minds and Spirits are unified, I will create a unified body for both Yinity and Yangity, known as 'Trinity'. And from 'Trinity', I will unify you three sisters; Trinity, Tabitha, and Tsukimiko. That will be my pure embodiment, who shall harbor the power of Unified Consciousness and Unified Souls; your final sister, Taijitu." When Taijitu was created down below in the Zeroth Restriction, the connection could and would immediately be established through Paraprysmia to the Weaponmaster, which would thereby send the collected unification of the Three Sisters that was the Fourth Sister up to her Tenth Restriction form instantaneously.

Paraprysmia: "Let us begin."

Paraprysmia would, at that point, begin the Symphony of Souls, creating a resonant link between each and all of them -- save for Tifa -- and draw in their Wavelengths of Mind and Spirit into itself, where it would then glow with the respective colors of their souls. The room would become Black and White for a moment, before the two colors would spin together into the crystalline hue signature to only the Tensei and fill the room. Forged from the now crystalline flames and spawning from the center of the great crystal light that was Paraprysmia would be the bodies of, first, Trinity, of the Third Restriction, of whom Paraprysmia would immediately attach to Yinity and Yangity, and subsequently to Tabitha and Tsukimiko.

Paraprysmia: "There is the unification of Yinity and Yangity; Trinity, your Third Sister's Complete Form. And from the connection between the Three of you in Completion, you Sacred Sisters of the Trinity shall now see your Fourth Sister come to be..."

In the midst of the crystalline light, yet again, forged from the flames into physical form from the combination of the three Minds and Spirits in unification, as well as the very essence of Paraprysmia and the Weaponmaster embedded into her very being, the Final Sister, Taijitu would form and become physical before them.

Paraprysmia: "It is Done."

The crystalline light would remain for a bit, but eventually would return to the normal green light that filled the room normally, and allow the two newly formed being to awaken and interact with their sisters. In Taijitu's awakening, she would immediately connect to Weaponmaster simply from being active, which would trigger events up above where the Weaponmaster resided... And with that, Paraprysmia would fall silent, having done its task and completed its purpose for the moment. It need not say nor do more, but observe them all within its chambers.

From the light of the Paraprysmia shining down on the ground like a spotlight, Trinity would whirl down spinning like a graceful dancer; the star of the show. She opened her eyes, which were Black and White, opposite of Tabitha's, and filled with the sight and the power of Yinity and Yangity. They would flash for a moment, the Black one becoming crystal Blue and the White one becoming Red, before returning to normal. The girl danced and pranced her way around her two sisters with a smile on her face just as wide as she could be, "Trinity did it, seeeeeeeee~?" She would stick her tongue out at them playfully, then start to giggle uncontrollably, "Hehehehehehehe~!"

Not making quite as flashy an entrance as her younger sister, Tai would simply manifest and stretch out, feeling oh, so good to be born again. "Oiiiiii!!!" she cried, cracking her neck to loosen up, "Two thousand yeeeaaars... Will give ya such a crick in the neck, mate." She would swirl her arm around, trying to get adjusted to this body, then look to her younger sisters and smirk, "Looks like the gang's all here then, yeah? I was getting sick of waiting."

The Third Moon that belonged to both Trinity and Eris, who was the demon of the Tensei Clan harbored within the Devourist Priestess, Taomin, had manifested in her True Tensei form after two thousand years of slaughter, murder, bloodshed, sex and partying, overcoming her own Insanity and being able to be reborn pure with her new sisters in a new body. She chuckled to herself, happy that it had all come together like this.

Taijitu: "But as young as you guys are, you make me feel like a pretty old onee-san, huh? Bahahahahahaha!!"

Yep. With the arrival of Taijitu, the Tensei Demon was finally clear and the Forbidden Sister's curse was finally lifted. Good job, Tao. We didn't forget about you.

"Who are you tellin, Nee-san?" said Tabi quite monotonously, "... Sometimes it takes a while for the people on the other end of my strings to get the message..." She would cross her arms, cocking her head to the side as though she were rolling her eyes, if they were open, "But eventually they get the work done like I tell them to. It's just really annoying having to wait for it all to come together perfectly." She shrugged her shoulders, not really all that enthused about the whole family reunion. Not that she didn't love her sisters, she just knew that there were better places that the four of them could have the whole 'Omigee' time together.

Tabitha: "Yeah, so, since I have the Eyes and I've got some puppets on strings doing my dirty work for me, wanna go pick out a dorm and have a party or somethin' while we wait? Pops taught us pretty well, yeah?"

"AW YEAH, BOI~!!!" Tsukimiko cried at the top of her lungs, rushing over to the biggest sis, having been released from the Tensei Curse after so long just to be with them on this day as all four sisters together as one, "Welcome back to the other side, Big Sis~!" She would wrap her arms tightly around her and give her a big Sis Hug, sharing in the feeling of togetherness.

However, Tsukiko turned her head sharply to Tabitha when she said she was already pulling some strings elsewhere and dropped her jaw in awe at that statement, like it was hard to believe, or something.

"No way!! You've already got fans!?!? You little tramp, you've had those guys doing your dirty work all this time!!!" She groaned, releasing her sister, "Leave it to old 'Stickyfingers' here to get her grubby little spider-cat-paws all over everything. Just because you're good at it doesn't mean that you shouldn't tell us before you snatch up little victims into your net, you know." Scoffing, Tsukiko would flip her hair and step forward, "However. Since it's clear that we've already got things under control, I second that motion and propose we head out to find a nice little spot for us to hang." They were gonna have a party at pops' school.

"Come on, girls! I'm the head of you Powder Puffs around here!" She pointed outward toward the door dramatically with all the makings of a leader, with the light of Paraprysmia gleaming right on her face like the star of the show. "Let's make tracks, Sistahs!!!"

"WAI~!!! PAHHTEE~! PAHHHTEE~!!!" Trinity spun and swirled around, hopping onto Taijitu's back and wrapping herself around her back securely, whether she was holding on or not... Like a little spider monkey. "Heeheehee! Trinity's gonna sing at this pahtee~!! Teehee~!" She would go wherever Onee-san was going... All of them!

Tai felt the loving embrace of each of the sisters -- even if Tabitha's was a bit less obvious, as she was known for doing -- and would return Tsukiko's frontal assault and allow for the back assault from Trinity to go on as it may, chuckling heartily and playfully as she wrapped her arm around the two eldest, ruffling Tsukiko's hair-hat a bit. "Yeheah! Guess I ain't too old school for you guys after all, eh!?" Tao was the first to be born a long time ago and had been trying her damnedest to keep up with that damn Nyake in the Dark Dimension, 'Naraku'. There was a lot that she had to teach her little sisters about the past, in the Feudal Era, where the Tensei Curse first snatched her up. Where Tabi was the Past, Trinity was the Present, and Tsukiko was the Future, Tai was the Lost Child.

"Yehyehyeh, alright then, babes! Let's get it on!!" She was especially enthused about hitting up the party scene right now, actually. She and all her restrictions were pretty dead set about being wild and free... In fact, she spied one of them off in the distance pondering something she was going to understand when Tai came back up in her life. "Heh. Catch ya later, Number Two." She winked and smirked a wide, wild and crooked smirk. Her eyes were filled with a fighting spirit like that of a wild animal. "And don't sweat yer mum none, yeah? Heh heh." She wasn't gonna get that for a minute, but it was alright because of how it'd be when all of it came together.

In the meantime, she would begin to escort Tabitha, Tsukimiko, and Trinity to the Dorms, of which she, too, seemed to have knowledge of, as though she'd been here before. Being the eldest, she did know a few things that these guys just had no idea about... To a whole heaping helping of this history.

Tifa had been sitting back and being quiet the entire time whilst the Chosen Ones did their thing, or whatever, kinda sniffling a bit as she kept to herself and her thoughts. She witnessed all of the spectacular events in amazement, but still remained to herself on the sidelines. However, when the time came, she would catch the eye of the tallest and apparently the eldest winking at her and muttering something at her. She caught it all in text, but didn't really get what it all meant. "Number Two?!" she repeated in a bit of a huff, "The hell does that mean?!" But by the time she asked, they were already on their way out. She scoffed to herself and furrowed her brow, "Great. Now I have something ELSE to think about..."

Though she was kinda lost and pretty frustrated, somehow, she found her gaze loosening up the more she thought of that one girl she'd just seen. She was a tall drink of water, that one.

Tifaret: "Huh. She's pretty hot."

She found herself fawning over this sexy babe, smirking a bit, drooling just a little bit at the thought of her... She had pretty big tits and long, beautiful hair. There wasn't a lot going on in the ass department, but those tits just went on for days. "Mmm..." Something about that woman just made Tifa able to forget all of her troubles and not really worry too much about what was going on that she couldn't figure out. In fact, now she was kinda getting a little--


A surging electrical current zipped through her head and into her chest, like someone had been ringing a bell or something and it just cut off everything she was doing at that moment to let her know that something was going on. "... The hell was that!?!?"

"Twas a wave from the entrance of the school," spake the once completely idle green star, chiming in only when necessary and at the perfect time. "You, whilst within the radius of the school grounds, being connected to the overall barrier that keeps the school protected, receive instantaneous waves from the buzzer in the front to tell you exactly when someone rings it, alerting anyone at the time that someone is present." It said nothing more than that, merely answering a question when the time was right for one that not only would not get it in any other way, but also who knew little to nothing about the true scale of the interconnection of those that dwelt within the 'School Grounds'. Something Tear was keeping from her and everyone here about this here school, no doubt...

Tifa hopped up in surprise, "The Door?!" She had no idea that's how this system worked, nor how it even happened that way. "Well fuck! Nobody tells me ANYTHING!!" Though, she was pretty sure that no one told each other anything, either, which was kinda shitty, considering that there were some people that needed to be told about these types of things.

"TEAR, YOU MOTHER FUCKER!!" She knew it was his ass that had known since before time began and shit, hogging all the real juicy shit for himself. Whatever that man was hiding, she was definitely gonna get out of him... After she handled the whole doorbell situation. "Tch. Let me get this situation handled first." She would step off into a void of light leading to the doorway, which would disappear the moment after she stepped through.


It struck her like lightning and rolled through her like thunder. The Timer was Up. The Buzz of the High was like that of an Alarm Clock telling her to 'Wake Up!' rather immediately. It was MaTeus, who had used the very wavelength of the doorbell to make it immediately attracted to the other half; the Opal Lightchrysm that was the second half of the Pumpkinheart, so that not only could it form here in full sight of the Paraprysmia, but also, so that MaTeleine could be struck into the Crystal Heart whilst traveling with MaTeus, and "into a void of light", where 'It' would hit here, full force and full impact... Tear's Titanic Tsunami of the Weeping Willow, Pumpkinhead, searching desperately for his Pumpkinheart.

"Connection Complete..." he would say, now looking up to the Paraprysmia, "... Are you ready for the final showdown...?"

"I Was Born Ready," said a light that formed from the Paraprysmia's radiance, which had been intermingling with the energies of Magnus Teus and Magna Teleine through their resonant bond that was shared between the both of them eternally at all times. With the power of the two Chrysms, the Ivory Lovechrysm and the Opal Lightchrysm that belonged to the Hikarigami, the Pumpkinheart could form right before them out of the combined energies of Teus, Teleine, and Paraprysmia. "And Now, I Believe It Is Time To Finish The Job... Myself." He Looked to Paraprysmia, Which He Knew Would Become His New Form, And Allow the Two to be Split, yet Together Still. "It Is Time. For The Light To Awaken." With This, He Would Immediately Begin Transmitting the 'Pumpkinhead' into the 'Paraprysmia,' so that it could take His Image, whilst leaving behind the Image of 'MaTeleine's' energy within the Pumpkinheart, and the Imprint of 'MaTeus' in the Space where the Pumpkinhead Belonged Perfectly In The Pumpkinheart. With This, The Two Of Them Would Be The Two Keys to Each Other. The Sun and the Moon;

'Amaterasu' and 'Tsukiyomi'.

Like the Sound of a Bell or a Buzzer or a Clock Timer Ringing At The Perfect Time In Perfect Accord And Perfect Harmony Flowing Throughout The Universal, the Energetic Data within the Pumpkinheart Would Be Immediately Transferred to the Paraprysmia, Which Would Open Its Eyes As The 'Magical Orange', the Crystal Fruit That Had Been Asleep For God Knows How Long. He Yawned, Stretching His Wavelength Out In Sheer Grogginess, Before Laying His Eyes Upon His Beautiful True Love, Of Whom Had Successfully Completed the Transfer, Which He Could See Immediately In Her Beautiful Face. It Was Not A Reflection Of His Own, But A Compliment To It; The Mirror That Allowed Him To See Her Face As Well As Where His Face Went Inside of Her Own, As She Should Have Hopefully Been Able To See In Him.

"Ahhhh... We Are Finally Awake, My Dear..." said the Pumpkinhead, Who Had Tried For So Long To Get This Right, Not Realizing That He Needed His Dearly Beloved To Assist Him All This Time. There Was Only One Thing He Could Not Do By Himself; And That Was Be With Someone Else. Literally. So He Needed Her True Love; That Which Is All Of Her In Order To Rise Again. "Isn't This Delightful?" He Chuckled, His Waves Emanating Throughout The Room, Pulsating Into Her and Teus And Teleine, To Ascertain The Connection And Assume His Crystal Crown Of The Fourth, That Had Been Named To Him On The Lost World. And As The Crown Touched His Head And The Sun Shone Bright, He Would Cry Out, "Everyone Hail!!"

"Yes, Dear..." Pumpkinheart would say, bowing her head humbly and respectfully, as well as cutely, simply because it was polite and because she knew exactly why she was doing so. He definitely deserved it for getting everything together the way he did, and she would not deny him that, not in the slightest. "The Magical Orange Has Taken Its Shape..." The Magnus Ignis that is the Magical Orange, the Magnetic Attraction That Binds the Light into the Atmospheric Shape of the Crystal Skull That Protect the Brain That Harnesses The Light Would Now Be Made Crystal Clear, And The Reaper's Face That Was the Very Sky Itself Would Be Brought To The Light. Most Literally. And The First Thing It Would See Would Be Its Reflection, Just So It Would Recognize Itself; The Sky Recognizing the Water and Vice Versa. And Now That The Unison In The Duality Was Established, She Knew That There Was One Final Piece Of The Puzzle To Complete. And That Was Something That Only He Could Do, Being The Link To All Stars; The Very Mind, The Light Itself. Enlightenment Given Physical Form As The Sun's Radiant Waves All Condensed By the Invisible Pumpkin Shaped Cranium That Only Belonged To The Lanterns. Therefore...

"... I Will Be Setting Myself Up In My Quarters As The Moon Inside of Yomi, Where Tear Resides. I Will Always Be With You Through Him, Just As You Shall Remain Here With Me In The Soul Room... And The Light And the Mirror Will Always See Each Others Face In The Others, But Recognize Themselves For Who They Truly Are." She Would Begin To Fade Away, Letting Her Waves From The Crystal Heart Touch, Resonate With, Magnify And Stabilize The Eternal Bond They Shared Before Sinking Into The Darkness of Yomi, Awaiting The Arrival, Which Would Be When Tear and Tifa Returned To Their Respective Chambers. "Let's Do Our Best To Finish This One Up Right... Alright?" She'd Bassed The Crystal Crown To The Crystal Head, And The Crystal Heart Would Return To The Depths Of Yomi To Await Her Pumpkinhead's Returning of the Light To The Pumpkinheart So That They May Share In Each Others' Radiance Together Forever With Love.

Pumpkinheart: "Don't Keep Me Waiting Too Long, Okay...?"

"Of Course, My Dear," Pumpkinhead'd say, returning a bow to her out of courtesy, respect and happiness for even deciding of her own Free Will to bow to him in the first place, finding that worthy of the same level of respect that she had given to him, indeed. It took a lot for someone to bow, and when one did, another should do the same in return to show that same level of respectfulness, or at least acknowledge it in some way, shape or form in an equally respectful manner accustomed to yourself that they would be able to understand as an equal exchange of respect. And that is what they did, before he kissed her Goodnight.

"Sweet Dreams..." said he, as she sunk into the darkness of Yomi, where he would soon see her again, when the Time was Right. "And now..." He would call upon the power of the Crown, which would rest upon his Pumpkin Head, as was adorned to him by his father, Shinsei, who was the Sun before him, "... Thank You, Father. I Love You." And, unlocking the power of his own Magnifiers, of which he had always been so envious of his brother, Tigen having all that time, Pumpkinhead would start to amplify his own Thought Waves that were coming from his connection to All Stars and his own gathered Knowledge and spread pulsating waves across the entire Veritas, searching for someone in particular, of whom would pick up on the waves IMMEDIATELY, once he knew he was being targeted by someone or something...

"Is It Done?" Uttered Teus, who was beginning to manifest his energy into an energetically stable solidified state, "You know I don't have all day..." He was already enjoying his new body, though. It fit pretty well. "You know you two are the Chrysms, right?" he'd say rather nonchalantly, this time with a wicked smirk on his face, rolling up his sleeves, "So uh. There's a new 'Hikarigami' in town, kids." The remainder of his body was starting to form from the waist down, drawing his energetic pattern out completely in a three dimensional form he learned how to do in the Third Dimension in order to learn how to Make Whatever Body He Wanted For Himself as an Avatar in the Next Stage Of Life, "... Yeah, so. We've got a little bit of work to do."

"Yes," The Great Pumpkin uttered as it illuminated the blue sky, "The Consciousness Transfer Is Complete. The Crystal Crown Has Made A Full Rotation." The Sun would smile, resting his head gently in the blanket of blue that was the sky, full and complete, like an abyss. "But You Know About The Misses," he'd chortle a bit, letting the beaming light shift to a luminous yellow fire through the eyes of the crystallized Pumpkin's eyes and mouth through his radiant smile and glowing face, "Ahhh... I haven't felt this good in a long time, quite honestly..." The information that was carried inside of Pumpkinhead was all of the energy necessary to generate Life. And with it, he would project his own consciousness into his physical form, which was Teus, "... Yes. We'll have to thank the ones Above Us for the Gifts... Tigen knows I always wanted a Body, like Him." And the best part was, Pumpkinheart was going to get one, too. "Remember To Keep Your House Clean, So That Your Temple Will Be Clear." They were going to exist in the Sixth now as the new Hikarigami, where Pumpkinhead and Pumpkinheart would take their place as the Fourth, for they harbored all Energy of the Consciousness of Mind and Love of Heart.

"Riiight, riiight..." Teus would spruce up his jacket, brush off his still forming pants and, with all the Elements necessary to create Life that he gathered in the Third, would he finish forming his own Physical Form, save for with access to all of the Elements that were within it at his disposal. He would begin to button up his long, flowing black trench coat, filled with fluctuating energies of nature, rolling over his form like a dark cloud, rumbling with low thunder, "What's taking her so long? We've got to go. The Next Shot will take out all of the Shinsangels, I think." The two of them were a single Force of Nature split into Two for its own pleasure. They couldn't work unless they worked together, which is why the Man and the Woman were powered by Love; the Magnetic Connection that binds their Primordial Essence of Oneness in Unity whilst still maintaining Harmony in two Individuals. "Just like her ass to take all damn day to do a single task..." he smirked and chuckled.

"Hey, don't get impatient with me!" Teleine'd say jokingly as she zipped back in on a stray wave of energy in the atmosphere, "I got put into a very difficult situation! And you know how those things go." He already started his own manifestation, and from the light of the Pumpkinhead in the sky, she, too, would be able to take on her Physically Manifested form. All Higher Restrictions have mastered their Physical Manifestations and can, therefore, become Energetic or Physical at their leisure, because they can always reconstruct themselves or become a different elemental composition. Thus, it was easy for the two of them to switch between a Physical Entity in the Third to an Energetic Entity in the Fourth, as well as to maneuver on Waves of the Soul in the Second or the Mind in the First. "But I'm definitely ready now," she'd say as her physical body would continue to manifest from the waist down as her arm slipped into and around his arm. "I'm ready to go up to the Sixth."

The moment they called out to the energy of the Sixth, it would Rise Up To Its Masters, forming before them as a white light that took the shape of a little girl, resembling the form of one of their daughters. "... It's Time To Go, Then..." She spoke as if she already knew what was about to occur, spreading the Shinsanity of Light into both MaTeus and MaTeleine in order for them to absorb it into themselves and ascend immediately to the Sixth as the Twin Hikarigami. And who would be there to escort them up was none other than...

Magenta, she who harbored the 'Wheel Of Time'. She was the daughter of the great 'Hallowed Fortress', the very energy itself having taken on the form of a solidified being of Light that would be known, indeed, as Magenta. She appeared long before her time before, but now was back again in her True Form as the Shinsanity Of Light. "Come On, Mother... Father..."

Like clockwork, the Gear was back in place and Time was moving as it should be, accelerating the growth of Teus and Teleine to the point where they were SUPPOSED to be; as their Sixth Restriction forms of the Twin Hikarigami. The power of the Shinsanity of Light overwhelmed Teus, changing his shape and form to that of a beautiful bronze and his hair, a lush, lustrous silverish white. "... Mmm..." he muttered, the dark clouds around his form fading away as nothing more than the sinuous drapery of white that would sprout from his back as white, puffy wings of the Crystal Angel, "... Yes... This is what we are supposed to be..." The light would extent from the Fourth, as though a soul rising from the physical form in its True Shape, which was that of one of the two Twin Crystal Angels that kept the Light of the Crystal Heart within them at all times. "Now... Pumpkinhead..." He would say as he was about to take off, "... You may have the Vessel as your own to Dwell in, out and all about as you see fit, O' Oversoul of the Delta." The transition was complete, and each and every one of the Tensei were going to be accommodated to what they desired and what they needed to be. That was the blessing of being a Tensei; do everything right, you get everything you need and what you want when it comes time for rewards. "Take it. It's Time for us to head to the Dawn."

"Yes," MaTeleine agreed, shedding her own physical form as well as the Shinsanity of Light came with the Gear of Time that would propel they and the rest of Time into motion again, "... Bestow this form I am shedding to the Pumpkinheart. We will leave behind our Life Energy as Souzenryoku to power the two of your Physical Forms. Abandoning this form means abandoning those skills, however, to be filled, in replacement, with the Shinsanity Of Light." In that, they would not need their former Souzenryoku, because the Shinsanity Of Light would become their Life Energy from that point on. To keep the energy and the vessels from going to waste, they were being given to their former forms in the Fourth, who had been longing for physical manifestations since before time began. "Make sure you remember this; Implant the Light of the Mind from your Pumpkinhead and the Light of the Heart from her Pumpkinheart into BOTH Vessels, so that they may come together and remain inseparable as a potent force none can split apart under any circumstances." Her skin, too, would be crisped to a beautiful tanned bronze, after having been exposed to the radiant Light that was not too bright nor too hot, but was just enough to warm her face and bring color to her form. Her hair would become just as lustrous a white as she, too, began her ascent with Teus.

Teleine: "Hurry! Make sure to do this quickly!!! Someone is coming soon, and they are not allowed to see this process before Their Time! It is Too Much for their minds to comprehend. So let's make this quick, hm?"

After saying that, she'd wait for Magenta to take them to the 'Ice Sanctuary', which was where their True Home was.

"Do No Fear," Said the Great Pumpkin, "No One Will Near." They were all moving in order and on time, thus meaning that so, too, were they. He would waste no time in filling the Vessels before they collapsed, however, and would cause them to gain Intelligence; a perfect Light of the Mind that would be shared between the two of them. "Go Now," he said, sending off his Vessel and seeing off his Higher Self as they were about to ascend, "And thanks for the Body, Bro." He chuckled, allowing his Consciousness to be linked into and shared within himself and his Wife, both of whom would remain in the Fourth Restriction as the Oversoul of the Delta. Without any hesitation, he would send the two of them off into Yomi, where the Pumpkinheart resided, which would give them Souls and Will; the Light of the Heart that they were missing to their Light of the Mind that was Wisdom and Intelligence.

Pumpkinhead: "Take It From Here, Babe..."

Magenta's form finally finished as the Twin Hikarigami would emerge from their cocoons that were their Vessels, thus shaping Magenta completely through their resonant energies intermingling with each other. Now, all three of them were Light that had Physical Form, and they would immediately become connected through that Light. "... Connection Complete," she muttered dryly, the Wheels beginning to spin more swiftly around her body, as if Hastening time around herself and her area, "... Time to Return to the Crystal Palace." In a burst of light, they would shoot straight up to the Dawn, where they would have to unravel the next string of events that still needed to be dealt with in the Sixth.
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Eighth Heart: Protectors Of Light; The Time Has Come

In a flash of light that illuminated the entire Crystal Palace with the shine of the Shinsanity Of Light as well as the Hikarigami themselves returning to the Dawn, a great and radiant wave of color would burst from the once clear Ice Palace that would fill the entirety of the Dawn with vibrance and Life. The entire 'Crystal City' would no longer look like crystal, but would be filled with all the wonderful hues and colors of this spectrum of wavelengths and the next, creating colors both seen and unseen that were beautiful to all who could see; more so than just the outline of their form as mere crystal.

"We have arrived," Magenta'd say monotonously hovering in place. "I should return to my place inside of the Temple of Time soon... Otherwise, even if Time is flowing here... It will not be flowing in the rest of the world." In this, Time would be established for the Veritas; or, at least, the Dawn, presently. It would eventually spread to the rest of the World and they would then be all On Time; moving to the movement of a universal timer that stood at the very pinnacle of the Veritas itself. "Once time starts moving, then this World will Move as Well in Perfect Time; Every Last Person All The Time." This much was an Absolute that they All Knew.

"Indeed," Teus agreed, knowing very well that it would soon be time for Magenta to return to her place inside of the Temple of Time, "You've done very well thus far. However... The Time is not yet So. Before you go, you must achieve the final piece of the Puzzle that will allow the Gear to function properly without jamming..." Teus knew what was going on with the others within the Dawn... And when the time came, she would be struck like lightning with her Final Piece. "Right now, we must wait. So you can relax... Whilst we wait for your Vessel to show up..."

"That's right," Teleine chimed in as her physical shape manifested from the burst of light, "Now that my True Form has been relinquished to me by she who Held my Shape for me, it's almost time for you, too, my dear Magenta..." She was already in her True Form as it was, but she was missing a piece of her that would complete her. If she moved into the Clock Tower before receiving this Piece, she would be Lost in Time forever, unable to return to her shape and form, as Aethereal beings had a difficult time doing, when not completely established. They were made of pure energy, after all, and if they did not consciously set a True Form for themselves, they would, in their dispersing of themselves and ability to alter their shapes, end up losing and forgetting what their form was. It was honestly how the Flames of Eternity got into this mess in the first place, and why Souls and Consciousness were given Physical Forms so that they could actually define themselves and give themselves a definite shape for when they exited into their Aethereal forms. "Wait for the Signal... From the Jack O' Lantern..."

When the Light of the Lantern was Lit upon the Land Of Great Fire, the Envoy harboring the Final Flame would appear in a frosty gust of wind, her form crystallizing from black, shadowy ice with a dim, blue hue to it. This was she who harbored the last piece of the Gear that was Magenta, who would, once having absorbed the Flame of Pumki and Pumpkinhead, have her Memories and her Powers returned to her as Signis, the High Seraph. It was the Light that knew when the Time for Battle was; and the Time was coming Soon.

"I Have It," Blue said with a cold voice and an icy stare, "... The Time has Come and the Signal for Signis has been Confirmed." Blue stared at Magenta, who had only recollection of her previous self as 'Magenta,' but not as 'Pumki' or as 'Signis,' which were her previous forms. No, Blue had that knowledge... And it was why Blue was always so quiet around Triere and Signis. She had been holding on to a lot of knowledge and a lot of secrets the two of them were not prepared to know about... Until now.

Blue: "... But where is...?"

"I'm right here!!" cried a voice from above, opening up the top of the Crystal Palace and hovering down through it before patching it up as though it didn't happen. She'd been descending from the 'Tempora Aeternam', where she'd just previously been instructed to deal with the Shinsanities and the Shinsangels before the Sixth Moon was supposed to rise.

"Ugh..." she muttered, pinching the bridge of her nose and lowering her head, "This is gonna be such a headache..." The Sixth Moon was supposed to Rise soon and with it, the Shinsanities and the Shinsangels needed to be in the correct place. The Keepers and the Alices were doing their own things, naturally, but these Shinsangels and their Shinsanities were under the jurisdiction of Triere, the one who appeared. They each needed to be at their proper Sanctuaries and all of them needed to be purified. Their Energies in the Sixth needed to be aligned in perfect harmony, and the energy within them needed to be clear and without any filth inside. "... Making me sort out their dirty work..." she opened the Crystal Grimoire, preparing for the Transaction. "Okay, let's just get this over with..."

Teus chuckled, being thoroughly amused at his daughter's frustration for her duties. It was slightly adorable. "Hahaha... Well now. Seems like the Time has Come, has it?" He smiled warmly, closing his eyes, "... Good... That means that the Shinsangels and the Shinsanities can all come together." He turned to Magenta, who had yet to be complete in her Truth, "... Are you ready? It's time for you to make one last round... And Right what is Wrong in the Veritas in One Shot."

"... Yes, Father..." she said monotonously, hovering over to Triere, who harbored the Book that was a copy of the Legend of the Veritas of her very own. "... I am ready whenever you are."

"Alright, good," Triere said with a huff, kinda irritated. "Okay, so that means..." she skimmed through some pages, seeing where the story was fucked up at, "... Uhhh... You..." she would touch Blue, taking from her the power of the Pumpkintwins, "And You..." she would then touch Magenta, who harbored the power of the Gear Of Time, "... You two... Need to balance out these powers between each of the Shinsanities and Shinsangels... Through the very Book itself." She would start to absorb their powers into her Crystal Vessel, seeing how Signis and Blue were born right then and there and she, in the past, as the First Shinsangel. "Tch... Damn Tensei logic... Always gotta rewrite history and shit..." Technically, though, it wasn't being REwritten, but being filled in... In all of the blank spots.

Triere would transfer the power of the Pumpkintwins into the Shinsanity of Light, where it would be kept along with all of the other Flames Of Eternity, to be shared between the Shinsanities of Fire and Light, as well as between the Shinsangels of their respective elemental properties. In that, Magenta would be complete. However... The same needed to be done for each of the other Shinsanities and Shinsangels.

"*Phew* ... Alright, done." She closed her eyes and huffed, holding in her hands the Fire and the Ice; the power of the Lanterns and of the Devourists. The Flames Of Eternity and the Living Shadows. "Each of these needs to be distributed evenly, too... UGH!!" She was so PISSED that she had to do this... "Well, the easiest way to do it is to just insert them into the story where they fit... And, this is how we're gonna do that..." She would flip a few pages, lowering her head and sighing, "... Is to do this as the stories are being written..." She was going to have to insert the Flames Of Eternity and Living Shadows into each of the Shinsanities and Shinsangels AS they were being reformed DURING their own ALREADY IN PROGRESS stories. Knowing this, she would turn her head up to her Father and Mother -- in their Sixth restriction form -- and glare at them.

Triere: "... I hate you."

Teleine couldn't help but to laugh, herself, at what was going on, as well. Now the two of them didn't have to finish this part of the book AND their daughter would have the necessary training that she needed in order to complete it. It was a win-win.

"Hmhmhm... Very good figuring it out, dear..." she giggled again, pressing the tips of her fingers to her lips playfully, "... But we did say this was a PUNISHMENT for you, did we not~?" She had to make SURE that Triere remembered that. They, who were connected in all thirteen of their forms, could share their memories and abilities from each of them because they had already completed the Thirteen Restrictions, thus... Could interact as though they were all the same person -- which, no matter what Restriction they were in, they all technically were. A luxury that those who had separated themselves... Or, who had yet to connect to ALL of their Higher Selves... Did not have.

"And I'm sure you know the 'T' rule~? It doesn't apply to the Shinsanities, but only to the Shinsangels, if you will." Had to make sure that she didn't mess things up. "You have free reign over rewriting them as you see fit, but you must rewrite them properly and completely. You may even erase their previous back history, if you so choose, and replace it with your own; rearrange or arrange as you see fit. Just remember to leave the most important parts that we have already established; The Keepers, the Alices, the Abilities and the Elements. Give them each a Flame Of Eternity and a Living Shadow, and allow for All Seven of them to be able to partake in them. You shall be inheriting all seven inside of you once this is complete, and then you, too, shall return to the Seventh, where we will be waiting in our Seventh Form."

She giggled to herself, kicking up and relaxing in the nice Ice Sanctuary that was the Shrine for the Crystal Grimoire and the Hikarigami, "... So. Have fun, my dear~! It's getting rather late, so you'd better get to work~! That Sixth Moon will be here aaaaany day now~! Ooohohohoo~!" All Seven Shinsanities and Shinsangels had to be complete for the Rise so that all of the Keepers and the Alices could complete it before the Seventh Moon came about.

"Yeahyeahyeah, whatever." Triere was already irritated enough without them rubbing it in her face whilst they kicked their feet up in HER house that she originally made for HERSELF. Though, technically, being the Shinsangels of Light, it means also that they were, indeed, supposed to be here, too. "... Damn Tensei logic..." Without any further hesitation, she would take both her hands and place them atop of the book, which floated before her, embedding the power in the Story. The Book would begin to write, adjusting itself accordingly to where each of the Flames and the Shadows were supposed to go in accordance to the Shinsanities and Shinsangels. Now, all Triere had to do was wait until each of them were done... And they would write themselves into the stories in progress naturally from each of their own Grimoires, which held a piece of the story that belonged to they and only they who possessed it.

"Alright, now we just gotta sit back and watch... Or... Read... Or... Whatever. And make sure the story doesn't go out of control." It seemed like an easy task, but the hard part was making sure all of the Seven Shinsangels and their Shinsanities awakened properly... And were purified, at that. "Alright... Let's... Begin..." She rolled her eyes.

---Significant Time Skip---

After what seemed like Eons in Energetic Time, but was Probably Not So in Real Time, Triere would sigh and close the Book, "*Phew.* Done," she said triumphantly and with a tired huff. "They are All Awakened, Purified and Connected ... Now. The Rest of the Stories should all play out well on their own Naturally as they Keep Being Written Out. I don't have to Facilitate nor 'Edit' or Write or anything anymore... It'll just Keep on Being." She crossed her arms and closed her eyes, poking out her lip and turning her nose up, before looking at the two of them with a single red eye, "So I Suppose the Time Has Come to put the Gear of Time back in the Clock Tower...?"

Teus smiled warmly, looking to his arm, harboring absolutely NO watch whatsoever because He, as Shinsangel of Light, along with Teleine, his Other Half, would have All Record of All Time at All Times.

"You have Supposed Correctly, Dear Child." He tapped his wrist, chuckling a bit, "... And Right On Time for the B-Day, too. Not bad for your first Big Wrap Up." He began to clap slowly, but sincerely, "Bravo, Dear Child. I Believe that You Are Ready, Don't You Agree?" He turned his head to Teleine, to see what her thoughts on the matter were about their Daughter's Readiness...

"For the 'Twin Dragons'...?" Teleine picked up, with a chuckle of her own, "L'sia? The Dragons of Fire and Ice?" She smiled, rolling her eyes to the corner of her head thoughtfully and cutely, "Weeeell, I dunnooooo... The Twin Dragons ARE EXCEEDINGLY POWERFUL... ESPECIALLY when they Come Together in Perfect Balance in Harmony and Discord..." She was feeling a little bit 'Skeptical' about her child's Readiness for the Twins yet.

"Do you Believe she can RESPECT Them and DIRECT Them with Love and Trust?" She turned her head to Triere, as if directing that question to her suggestively, "... Rather, do YOU Believe that You Can?"

Triere scoffed.

"Tch. Can I Do It...?" she mocked with a snickering smirk, "Do Youse Guys Know Who My Father Is? Who My Mother Is?" The smirk quickly turned into a smug grin, "Don't Insult Me Like That Again. Do You Know Who My Team Is? Do You Know Where My Alignment Is? Heh." She pointed to them, snickering in disbelief for their lack of faith, "Tch. These Guys. Still Blind, I Tell Ya. Be Forgettin Who I Am And Where I Come From!"

She shook her head and shrugged her shoulders.

Triere: "Well, I Guess It Can't Be Helped."

Triere: "You Guys Are Just Hopeless..."

Triere: "If You Can't Figure Out Who I Am..."

Triere: "And What I Do..."

That's Right. She And Her Sisters... The Eyes. They Already Knew What It Was. They Just Needed Some Help Unscrambling The Info.

Triere: "Start The Clock."

She pointed to Clock Tower, "Signi--" She paused, realizing that wasn't who this was anymore. No, that was her old, Imperfect Form. Now, One Was... "... Magenta," the Carnage. The Other Was, "... Blue," the Frostbite. She extended her hands out toward the Top of the Tower.

Triere: "Go Get It, Girls."

Triere: "Bring This Time To An Absolute End."

Magenta: "Open The Gate."

The Gear Inside Of Her Spun Around, Like a Safe Combination Lock, or Perhaps Like a Steering Wheel, Calling Forth the Opening of the Gate of The Dawn from the Other Side. With That Alone, She Would Be Sucked Into Her Own Spiraling Gear As Though A Galaxy Sustaining Its Energy and Shoot Into Chest Of The 'Black Al'Ice', Unlocking Her And Providing Her With All The Energy Necessary To Power Her Vessel. The Machination of Perpetual Energy; That Which Makes One An Official Timeless Being.

Magenta: "Ready Any Time."

Blue Remained Silent, as she was Accustomed to Doing in matters concerning Triere and Signis... And, even if Signis wasn't the same as who she Was Before, That Signis was still within her True Form as Magenta; She Knew It To Be True.

In the Depth of her Thought about the Nebulae and All The Cosmos, She tended to Tune Out the Petty Squabbling of the World Around Her anyway. Perhaps, one day, she wouldn't have to. She Hoped that Day would Come with the Sound of the Bell from the Clock Tower. It had already done so much... To Think that She, Too, Would have been like Them Once... With that Petty Squabbling between the Family and the Children. Between... Themselves and Each Other. Between... Her Own Self, Divided. Lumiel and Nebulel... The Light and Dark of Time and Space.

"Hmph." Her Eyes opened now, burning with a fiery passion and fervor unlike any she'd ever had before, "... The Time Is Now." She leapt forward in a blazing blue streak streaming from Triere's Fingertips and off into the Abyss...

The Unknown of Time and Space.

Teus was alerted immediately once All of The Shinsangels were Connected to the Flames of Eternity and their Living Shadows, as well as to their respective Shinsanities that had become Purified, just as They had. Only moments after Triere cast off her partners, the Twin Dragons, Teus would open up the Crystal Grimoire and begin to read.

"Connection Complete," Teus said, linking All of them to the Main Story, giving them All Power to Influence It as well as It to Influence Them, "Synchronizing Time and Space with Reality. Maintain for Stasis." He turned it over to Triere, "... Whenever you're Ready. We're All Connected Now."

Just in Time for the Rebirth!
The Greatest Infinite Birthday Present!

Teus: "Tanjoubi Omedetou..."


And just as Teus finished uttering his sentence would the Gear of Time return Right Back to the Place It started, having traversed Time and Space in an Extended Space in order to return to This Time and Space from the Future, AFTER All that it had done was Completed, which would thereby result in the Future Being Brought To The Past and the Past Being Brought To The Future Simultaneously.

Basically, an Instantaneous Overnight Timeskip of Several Thousands of Years.

With the Fall of the Fifth Moon and the Rise of the Sixth would Misplaced Time and Displaced Space be brought into Equivocation with the Gear of Time being Placed in the Absolute Correct Time and Space. This would cause all Time and Space to be Rooted and Flowing In Tandem with True Time, as if a Clock had started.

This Resulted in Two Days Blending into a Single One, which was the Birthday of Tymon and the Friday the Thirteenth at the Same Time, as well as extending over an extensive instantaneous Timeskip.

In that, a great time leap seemed to have occurred in a single day and night, and Magenta would appear before the two of them as a Burst of Light that was placed specifically by Tinasanti.

"Mission Complete," Magenta said with a sigh, "All Systems are Synchronized, Stabilized and are Go. The Veritas as well as the Kairo have been Reinitialized to their True Spacio-Temporal Values." To Everyone it would seem like all of it happened Overnight, which, technically, it did, despite all of it being a surprise of Energy from Different Points in Time and Space coming into a Singularity that was Magenta, the Gear of Time being Placed Perfectly, Precisely and Properly inside of Tymon.

Impressed yet~?" Triere haughtily laughed with a hand raised and pinky toward her mouth, "OOOHOHOHO~!" She had already foreseen this day coming and turned his ass into a book a long, long time ago in a dimension where Time was So Zetta Fast that it left Information from the Future in the Past so it could Stabilize in the Present, like 3-D Glasses but in Physical Three Dimensional Planar Rifts. "Past, Present, and Future, baby~! Already got them on lock with these Eyes~!" She snickered and crossed her arms, closing the Book and letting things marinate, "So... How's THAT for a wrap up, Father...?"

He chuckled, looking at her with a face of both jest and sincerity, "... I couldn't have done it better myself, my girl." He lifted his hand and with the shifting of light would it slip into the fold of a light wave, refracting off of the photons in the air and appear again in the physical plane as a radiant glow ruffling Triere's hair lovingly before zipping back on a line back to where the displaced time and space had been misplaced. "Looks like they're learning well, Aren't they, my dear?"

"Most Definitely," Teleine said, viewing the events that played out through the Crystal Grimoire that they all shared in their Eyesight, "... Now that the Main Storyline is Connected and All Stories that are Connected To It have been Established, they, too, will create more through their Legends..." In essence, the 'Seven Shinsangels' would make themselves Legends among the Veritas in order to Mark Their Names in History by Being Part of It. This, in turn Preserves One's Data for All Time in order for it to Continue To Grow.

"I believe that they have collected enough Data on... Ways to deal with Modern Day People. They should have, considering we've been watching them since Before Time Began and shit." They were getting better in terms of speech, as she could tell from her casual swearing and comfortable tone in speaking informally.
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