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 The Insangel

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Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels
Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels

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The Insangel Empty
PostSubject: The Insangel   The Insangel EmptyWed Jun 09, 2021 5:25 pm

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Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels
Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels

Posts : 201
Pisces Points : 249
Reputation : 0
Join date : 2014-11-02
Age : 28

The Insangel Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Insangel   The Insangel EmptyWed Jun 09, 2021 5:50 pm

Insangel 1: A Man At His Forge

{Ozgood would be at his forge experimenting with runes and enchants to help him in battle. In his mind Ozgood can only think}

"I am still very weak my repitoire is not yet consistent enough neither is my prowess in magic."

{From outside Ozgood's cabin only the repetitious sounds of a hammer hitting metal can be heard.}

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Priere would float into the area. The noise was making her sick "... What the HELL is going on over here...?"

"Oi no yellin." Ozgood would say as he was crafting his weapon

"Weapon crafting is very serious work and requires lotsa focus. Ah but don't mind me.

So what brings ya to this neck of the woods?" {Ozgood would say with a soft smile.}

Priere scoffed "No yelling? Huh. I'll do whatever I--" Suddenly, she would be drawn into the depths of her own mind. It seems like Signis and Blue want to talk.

Signis: Priere, wait. Before you get all.. bitchy with him, allow me or Blue to take over. You're rather... Loud and demanding. Perhaps we can exploit him. He is a weapon crafter, it seems...

Priere: I don't give a damn WHAT he is! Why the hell would I want a weapon when I've got perfectly good magic right HERE?

Signis: There is never a time when you shouldn't have backup, dear. Now please, allow me to take over...

With that, Signis now had control. There was a flash for less than a millisecond, which would then show Signis is Priere's place; floating in the same spot. "Ah, please excuse me.." Signis would say "... But we were just wandering around and just happened to... Hear some noise. We stumbled upon this place by accident. It seems as though you are a weapon crafter, hm...?"

"Yes I am. " Ozgood would still be focused on crafting his blade as to not make a

mistake any mistakes*

"Why doe's that interest you? Do you wish to commission a weapon?" Ozgood would

would say to Priere.

Signis quirked a brow "Hm... If I were to be asking for a commission, might I ask what your limits are...?" Signis needed to know this thing if she wanted to get maximum... Potential from this. It was absolutely necessary.

"Generally I can put an enchant of choosing on your weapon giving it an edge on others.

(As long as it is reasonable.) These enchants give the weapon special properties. As for

quality that is limited to the certain material you wish to have your weapon made of.

Higher quality materials will cost more in that regard." Ozgood would say still focused on

the weapon. "This weapon here will have the ability to transform into other weapons when

I am done with it. Heck I might even finish it up tonight."

Signis was taking all of this in, pondering deeply "... I see... And how much does that cost, exactly? And besides all of that... Your name?"

"M'names Ozgood before we continue on would you grace me with yours?" Ozgood would say finally completing the physical weapon and moving onto the enchanting.

"Signis" she would say quickly, before Priere or Blue could gain control of the body. "I am Signis." She would wrap herself in her cape and smirk maliciously. "And your talents seem to have no bounds, hm?"

"Don't get me wrong I am merely human. No single being is all powerfull The power of your

weapon is determined by your own ability. Be wise to remember that a weapon is only as

good as the one who wields it." {Ozgood would start the enchanting process and begin

pouring magic into the weapon.}

Signis was intrigued... Perhaps when he was done, she could kill him and steal his belongings... It would be quite a good thing for her to do... Seems like he needed to die, anyway. "... Only human, you say..." Signis was not a human... Neither were the other 2 residing in this body. Not anymore. They were the first, and so far, only Insangel.

Signis then had another thought... Perhaps she could, instead of killing him, persuade him into making weapons for her... It seems like it wouldn't cost much... And if it did, there was always... Force.

"Yeah I'm human and damn proud of it! {Ozgood would say quite loudly}

"Even if someone gave me the choice of being immortal I would say no. Even immortals

have limits." {Ozgood would be getting impatient with this girl and say grimly.}

"Everything has a price in life. The price that I paid for trying to step into the realm of the

gods was a one way ticket here to this world never to see my friends or family again."

Signis smiled "But it's not what limits you have... It's what you can do with them... Right? And what you can do with yours is quite useful... Perhaps, useful more to me than anyone else, hm?" Signis giggled a bit.

{Ozgood would sigh}

"That isn't the case. I am going to have a big order soon and when that

time comes that will take all of my time. It will be the most important order I will ever

have to make." {The weapon would glow marking the end of the enchantment. Ozgood

would begin to manipulate the katana into a War-hammer. Then look at Priere."

"You can be truthfull about who you are to me. I know you are hiding your abilities from

me. I am mortal not naive." {Ozgood would say this putting the hammer on the

weapons rack.}

Signis frowned "My abilities are none of your concern.. Especially--" Suddenly, there was another flash that lasted a millisecond. It was Priere taking control of the body again.

"You wanna see some spectacular power, or some crap like that, I'm assuming, huh? That can easily be arranged, you know! Nothing is impossible to the awesome Priere!! Kneel before me!"

"Multiple identities eh? Intresting. By the way I would advise you not to try anything

drastic in my home.... You see those who roughhouse here will be ejected out. This very

house has been enchanted thus you are in my territory now." {Ozgood would pause}

"I would rather continue this discussion civilly if possible perhaps over some food?"

{Ozgood would say getting out a couple of bowls}

Priere scoffed "Multiple personalities!? HARDLY. We're 3 different people, thank you very much! We're part of one being that is now an Insangel. We are 3 different people with 3 different minds, but the same body and soul! Don't get it twisted!!"

Suddenly, Signis would pop out, as it seems that Priere was getting a bit... Loud. As usualy. "... Please excuse Priere. She's... a little hot headed... For an ice witch, that is..." Signis was the manipulative one... Moreso than Priere, that is. Perhaps they could get their goals across with Signis still in control. She would kindly take a bowl, giving a dark glance and smile to Ozgood. "Yes... Let's chat. I do not wish to... kil-- I mean... Fight. We are peaceful, you see. No harm at all." She was lying through her teeth, but that didn't matter. Plus, it seems as though Priere was getting hungry... So Signis had to eat. Troublesome...

{Ozgood is not the type of person who likes to be lied to at all. With that outburst his

trust of this stranger is dangerously low.}

{Ozgood would begin laughing while pouring Signis some soup and some tea.}

"Well it looks like learned a bunch that I wasn't supposed to. Now that I know you have

been lying to me I will have to be more careful. Still this is meant to be a place that is

a sanctuary of sorts. {Would then turn to Signis with a very cold grin} "That said If

you cross me here in my own home and your chances of survival will become slim to


(Ozgood would then revert back to his normal self}

"So what is it that you want?"

Signis narrowed her eyes, gritting her teeth "Bring me..."


"Pasta, is what I want." Signis tapped her foot a bit impatiently. It seems like he doesn't like her. Maybe he'll like Priere or Blue better? She just noticed that she was getting on his bad side.. Hmph. Not the best idea. "... Blue...?"

"Hmmm picky are we? Very well what type of pasta?" Ozgood would ask inquisitively.

"Angel hair." Priere would mutter.

"Angel Hai-- ... Wait a minute, what?" Signis was an angel. Signis had hair. Signis didn't have to eat, thus, she didn't know about this 'angel hair pasta.' She moved her cloak over her head and cleared her throat "... Angel.. hair... please..."

"Ok." Ozgood would then start cooking the pasta.

--------Time skip --------

"Alright it is ready." {Ozgood would give Signis a fresh bowl of pasta in a light marinara


By this time, Priere had been the one in control now. "Sweet! Pasta! Nice!" She would dig in quite voraciously, as if she hadn't eaten in a while. Due to her demon and angel, she didn't need to eat much or for a long period of time, but she surely did still need to eat.

"Mrrmmmph... Yu no... mrmrmph... Yu rn't so bad uftrall mrrmphmrph"

In the back of Priere's mind;

Signis: What are you saying? Are you siding with him? We must ELIMINATE him... Don't become friends with the target!

Priere: Look, Signis, he's giving me some freakin pasta. This is some GOOD PASTA, SIGNIS. If you had an appetite, maybe you'd like it, too.

Signis scoffed "Hmph. Never. It is made from... Angel Hair. Where on EARTH would they even FIND Angel Hair, anyway?"

Priere slapped her hand on her own forehead "That's just what they call the pasta! It's not REALLY angel hair... Ugh, sometimes I wonder, Signis...

Signis: Well. Don't get too buddy-buddy with the target. We must learn his secrets and then get rid of him. Blue seems to be hungry for souls. Each of us craves a different thing, Priere.

Blue would nod, licking her lips.

Priere sighed "FINE. Whatever. I'll let Blue go hunting or something... Not like we have that much power, anyway."

Signis: Because you've deprived us of our feedings. I need bloodshed. Blue needs souls. And your magic isn't even that adept yet...

Priere gritted her teeth "Ya know what, Signis? I'm done talking with you. Catch ya later, bitch!"

Priere would then return to normality, staring at Oz "Err... This is some good pasta. Heh. I might be back for some more when I get hungry."

"Heh thanks seems like your back to being loud. Puts me more at ease to see someone

lively. Feel free to come back for more! This is a sanctuary built for those in need of a

place to stay so feel free to rest up." {Ozgood would say this with a genuine smile.}

Priere looked up, pouting slightly "A sanctuary, you say? Huh..." Priere thought about what Signis was saying... Then thought about what Ozgood could do with weapons. "Hey, uh. Ozgood. I might be in need of a weapon... You think we can go outside and duke it out a bit so that I can see first hand what your weapons can do? I need to practice with my magic, anyway."

Inside the depths of Priere's mind;

Signis: You're going to fight him? I wouldn't underestimate those weapons, if I were you...

Priere: I know what I'm doing, Signis! Just make sure you're ready to pop out whenever I need you to, got it? And you, too, Blue! I was thinking about what you said, Signis.. And if we assess the power of his weapons, maybe if we got one...

Signis smiled "... Then we could harness that power for ourselves. Oh, my, Priere... You're almost as devious as myself. I like it."

Blue gave a slight smirk, showing bright, gleaming, pointed teeth.

Priere laughed a bit, before returning to the normal world. "So, Ozzy... What do you say?"

"Surely but now is not the time for it is now midnight. If you would like I can fix up your

weapon while you get some rest.No charge."

Priere was shocked to see that it indeed was midnight. Time had surely flown since she had been there... "Eh... Weapon?" She was confused. She didn't have a weapon. Neither did Signis. Neither did Blue. The 3 of them were their own weapons... They didn't wield anything!

Priere was suddenly taken back into her own mind forcefully by Signis and Blue;

Signis: We've hit a problem, but don't fret, dear... We have a solution.

Priere: And is that solution pulling a weapon out of your ass?

Signis chuckled "No, out of your ass."

Priere: !!!!?!!?

Signis smiled "Unless this man is offering to MAKE us a weapon... Then we'll just have to bullshit a weapon together and ask him to enchant it... It would combine 3 of our powers into one weapon. But if he offers to make us a weapon... We can ask him to make us whatever we want. It's a win-win situation for us, you see. I've made sure of it..."

Priere smirked "Aaaah, I see where you're going... Heh. Aren't you glad we didn't kill him~?"

Blue closed her eyes, snickering to herself.

Priere then came back into normality

"Can you... Make me a weapon? I don't exactly have one... If you can't, I can give you something I would kinda like to be er... 'Enchanted.'"

"I can lend you a spare one here.You can pick one albeit they are not perfect. What type

of enchant would you like on it? Be wary though as there can only be ONE enchant per


Priere pondered looong and hard... "... Can you forge me a chainsaw? Heh. That would be quite badass. And... The enchant, I guess would be... It can shoot and suck in forces, I guess? Howzat sound?"

"Perhaps the blade but I am not so sure about the motor. As I said though we should not

get ahead of ourselves. You should test a basic weapon before talking business."

"... How about... A Chainsaw Sword? The blade of a chainsaw, but the hilt of a sword? I'm sure... I can find a motor..." She snickered, for she was thinking about Signis. Signis would be the power provided for the motor.

"Basic weapons are such a drag. Can't you fashion this Chainsaw Sword for me, huuuuh~? Wit the enchant of sucking in and dishing out forces, huuuuh~?"

"Taunting me will not get you any closer to the acquisition of a weapon. Now knowing

that you are three people in one how can I not help but feel that is a trap?" {Ozgood

would say this very earnestly.}

Priere scoffed "Look, just because us 3 are different minds doesn't mean we all don't want the same thing, sometimes! Look at me, I'm a defenseless girl! You've seen Signis, right? Not much of a difference other than a badass cape.

Signis: Thank you.

Priere continued "And didn't you already say that this place was Enchanted so that we couldn't DO anything, anyway? Hmph. What sort of trap do you think this is, huh? It would be a pretty shitty trap on my standards."

"Point A you want to go outside the enchant only effects the inside of the cabin as well

as a small radius outside. Point B I would be very damn stupid to think you are

defenseless. Very few people here are. Point C I will not make a weapon until money is

put down or there is a damn good reason to need it." {Ozgood would eye the girl very

closely} "That is why I will let you try an enchanted BASIC weapon."

Besides anyone who is in possession of a chainsaw sword is dangerous in my book."

{Ozgood would say this as a joke.}

Priere snarled back at him "Okay FINE, how much do you want for it? I'm dead SET on getting this thing now! Screw basic stuff! That's no fun at all! You can't trust me or something? Bleh. Just name your pric--"

Priere was suddenly brought back into her head by Signis;

Signis: PRIERE! What are you doing? You will destroy this perfectly mapped out plan! How can we kill him if we don't leave his home?

Priere: Look, SIGNIS, I don't give a shit about your thirst for bloodshed. What I want right now is a weapon. A Chainsaw Sword? That shit is QUITE badass, you know. And I'll be damned if I let YOU and your thirst for blood fuck this up!

Signis: We can just take it without charge if you do it my way!

Priere: But what if we want more? Hell, I'd rather be his friend than worry about trying to kill him!

Signis: You're showing weakness, girl! Just let me take over!

Priere: LIKE HELL! This is my body, bitch! Don't tell me what to do!

Signis: Correction, you speck, this is OUR body now.


Signis: You wanna take me on, Priere!?

Priere:... FUCK YES, WHORE!!

In the midst of all of the fighting, Blue took control of the body. Blue would walk towards Ozgood and shake his hand "We're friends now. I'll pay the price. This weapon is essential to us. We want it badly. Can you comply?"

"Very well but if you wouldn't mind telling me the meaning of "Sucking in and dishing out

forces" as it is very vague to me." {Ozgood would start mapping out the weapon properly

in his head.}

Blue would swiftly make a slashing motion with her hand in the air. From the resulting wind, she would point at it. "... The force. Like wind. Which would be used to power it. Sucks in forces so that it can shoot them back out. Make sense now? I can elaborate further if need be..."

Priere and Signis were so shocked by Blue's display that they actually stopped bickering and... Sat there for the ride. It was rare that Blue took over without being asked to... Unless it was in a battle... Blue wasn't social... But whatever. She seemed to get the job done.

I think I get the jist of what your trying to tell me. Be wary though an enchanted weapon

that possesses active powers will have certain limits. Especially depending on your level of

power. If you are of a lower rank you will not be able to use that ability nearly as much in

battle. So remember to use it when you NEED it {Ozgood would take out his rune

katana} "This blade is the polar opposite. It possesses a passive enchant that makes it

indestructible. It has a drawback of not being able to pierce armor very well though.

The plus of this one is that no matter your level of ability the effect is the same. Got

it?" {Ozgood would pretend like he was reading an instruction manual.}

*what seemed to be miles walked to the forge carrying nothing yet whos eemed to be miles's voice sounded emotionless*

"master miles says you require titanium? then may i be so bold and ask for a sample first?"

Blue would grab the blade, eying it up and down. "... Nice." She would say nothing else, however. She merely waited for Ozzy.

"Very well"

{Ozgood would stand up and grab one of the last remaining ingots he had left and would hand to the clone}

"Here you are i am going to need about 100 or so of them."

{Ozgood would turn to Blue} That is how an enchant works is that what you wish?"

*the now easily identified clone because of his voice tone would grab that last ignot and ooze would cover it as his eyes would appear pure white while he studied it then the clone would drop a ton of ooze in one large clearing and it would begin to shape ingots then form titanium ingots 99 in numbers then the clone would casually walk over to the ingots he made, snap as the ingots would pulse slightly then place the sample ingot on the pile that was neatly arranged all before ozgood even finished his question to blue*


*the clone would liquify and ooze back to miles*

Blue nodded, showing sharp, pointed, white teeth, which seemed to gleam due to her black skin and clothing "... Yep."

"Very well how much money are you willing to put down?"

Blue glanced at him from the corner of her eye "... Between $1-$500. That's all we have."

Priere: BLUE! You're gonna put up ALL of our money!?

Signis: Cosign!

Blue ignored them, giving them the ultimate mental finger. She awaited Ozzy...

"Alright give me one moment!" Ozgood would go fetch a couple extra ingots that were

stashed away.

"Your my first customer so I will give you a free upgrade from steel to titanium."

"Sounds good to you?"

Blue smirked "Sounds like a plan." She crossed her arms, feeling quite good about herself.

Priere and Signis were... Well... Feeling like dumbasses. Their petty attitudes and plotting ways got them nowhere compared to Blue's straight forward and to the point personality. Maybe that was the best way sometimes... Oh well. That's why there was 3 of them rather than just one.

"I am afraid it will take some time though It will take a few days to craft." {Ozgood would

then point to the pile of ingots}

"Feel free to rest up or come back later and I will try to have it ready for you."

Blue made a few quick motions of her hand, making a sort of card appear. Twas a calling card, one could say. Upon touching it with Ozzy's energy, it would let the 3 of them know it was time without Ozzy having to go look for them.

"Thanks. Excuse my 2 others. We'll be off now." Blue would then put 2 fingers on her head in a saluting fashion, but in a non-formal way, as to say goodbye, before jumping up into the air and fazing out.

*a clone of miles would return to ozgood delivering a message to ozgood in which the clone would leave the letter on ozgood's desk or a table*

*the message read*

"ozgood i have come up with the idea of an experiment bane weapon. i require them to disperse heat through the body of whom is slashed. to a normal person this will merely non lethally warm the body but to the experiments it will burn their surgery stitches away opening inside or exterior wounds. for materials please supply the clone with a sample of the material and say how much is needed"

"Ozgood would look up at the clone handing him an ingot from the pile. Give me 100 more


*the clone would replicate 100 more ingots then leave covenant bound*

"Ozgood would yet again be back at work halfway through the first batch as well as being

a good way through making a chainsaw sword.
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Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels
Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels

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PostSubject: Re: The Insangel   The Insangel EmptyThu Jun 10, 2021 3:19 pm

Insangel 2: Priere Wanders Around. Let's Fight~!

Blue suddenly appeared from the darkness here, leaning against a tree. She had used the body the least of the 3, and so, she wanted to get used to it before she went back into it... And what better way than a battle?

the General would walk into the plateau. He had none of his 6th, 5th or 4th level technologies on so he could duel someone of a lower level. This girl was of a lower level according to the General scanners. He would turn to her and greet her.

"Greetings. I am the General, Sentinel of the Shrewish nation of Kiez and Representative of an ampire long from this galaxy" he would say.

Blue would open her eyes, looking at the General. It would seem as though she wasn't really there, because her entire body was black, except for her demonic, burning blue eyes and pearly white, pointy teeth. It was like she was only floating eyes and a smile "... Blue." she said, introducing herself. She was best suited for this land of eternal night, since darkness was her specialty, and all...

the General would look around and finally track where the voice had come from.

"Nice to meet you. What brings you out here?" the Genera would ask.

Blue squinted her eyes, her white smile gleaming brightly due to the reflection of the moon " ... Looking for a fight. And you?" She would tap her foot on the ground nonchalantly.

"Sometime I come out here to gaze into the night sky. It brings a feeling of warmth to me. It's like I was made to feel as one with the celestial heavens. The cosmos is a place so unimaginably huge it's just inviting people like me in" he would say.

Blue licked her lips "The moon looks like one big soul. I wanna eat it. Souls are my favorite delicacy. Darkness is my friend. Wanna see why?" Blue had no time for sappy conversations. Only battle. She pointed a finger out to the General, as if she were calling him out, then just waited for him...

"Unfortunately for you I have not a soul" the General would say holding his hand out.

as he did he would summon an artificial soul in front of him. This soul had not yet been infused with artificial memories and wasn't much good for anything but consumption.

"If you wish to consume then here" the General would say tossing the glowing blue orb of artificial soul out to her.

It wasn't harmful in anyway. It was more or less because the General was a kind person.

Blue had a confused look on her face, but couldn't pass up a chance to eat some good ol' fashion food. Her finger-claws extended, then wrapped around the soul, bringing it close to her, as then she would totally swallow it whole. She felt a slight boost in power. "... Hm. My work here is done."

Just then, Blue would enter the depths of Priere's mind, giving control of the body to someone else... This time, Signis came out... Her white cloak shone radiantly off of the moon, as did the rest of her white attire. Her black and red eyes did prove to be quite menacing, however. "Hmph. You've made Blue happy, but what makes me happen is spilled blood. Death makes me happy." Electricity would crackle around Signis, as she seemed to be preparing to do something destructive... Just like this angel to do something like that...

"If it is blood you want I can replicate that too. But death I can not. For that is not my realm to control" He said brining his hand back to his side.

As he did a wooden claymore coated in rubber would appear in his hand. This was so he did not end up hurting this girl if his attacks did strike her.

Signis was about to unleash a load of electricity at the General, when she noticed that his weapon was coated in rubber... Her only means of attacking were nullified, so quickly. No matter. Signis had other means of attacking. "I'll be sure to spill your blood... It will soothe me so. Replication of that isn't as satisfying as the real deal.."

Signis would float into the air, continuously generating electricity within herself. She would wave a hand, sending a psychic force at the General.

the General would toss the same sword towards Signis and burst upwards with his jumpjets. As the wave blasted for him his Mind Jammer would activate as soon as the blasts got within the jammers field of coverage. The mind jammer would send waves of equal psychic patters to the ones Signis had sent at him. They would Oscillate at intervals unimaginable to modern day computers. These signals would scramble the physic waves throwing them off and effectively render the ones Signis had sent void. the Greneral himself would fire two stun missile at Signis then burst his jets again in case he had to avoid any direct attacks.

Signis would catch the sword, then immediately throw it off somewhere out of the area. As the missiles came close, Signis would point a hand at them, using her Terminal Lightning to shoot 2 bolts of lightning from her hand to explode the two missiles. Signis would then fly higher into the air and pull in stray electrical currents to absorb into herself for power...

As Signis flew higer into the air the General would fire two more missiles these ones were splitter missiles (6th rank attack). These missiles were faster than the ones before and looked tougher. They would made a wide arc around as they traveled for Signis. the General himself would summon a wooden sword tipped with a diamond blade. After this her would pulse his jets again and head for Signis on the little amounts of bursting power he had left.

}>A bolt of Anti-Matter Lightning would tear through the sky, hitting the ground between the two people fighting leaving a crater. Gig would rise from the crater smoking and rather happy. As he stood straight up a barrier would form around the field preventing exit in anyway. How? It was made of Dark Matter and Anti-Matter, the most basic parts of the universe and existence. With a twisted smile Gig would speak.<{ "Well hello there general, I do believe you recently fought one of my people...might I ask..." }>Gig's voice grew angrier as he continued speaking<{ "...WHY THE FUCK YOU FEEL THE NEED TO IMPEDE ON MY PLANS!?" }>His seldom shown anger was evident in his behavior. as he awaited a response from his most hated prey.<{

*A voice would suddenly echo around the field* Because, thats what he should have realized that by now, Mr. Gig.... *Suddenly, out of no where, a large flash of purely white light would envelope the entire field. The Dark Matter and Anti Matter field that Gig had placed up would be struck by Angelic energy, and would suddenly melt into the area, now completely lost from Gig's control because of the nulifying factor. There would be a small puff, as an Astral Body of mine appeared on the ground, its eyes glowing slightly, as Astral energy flowed around it* Sorry to intrude, but your not welcome here...please, for you own safety, leave.... *The voice would echo all around again, as the Astral body continued to stand there staring at Gig. It made no threatening movements, or gesters, it was just there, waiting for Gig to leave*

As soon as a single break in the anti matter field was made from Ezekiel entering the General would lace onto the Ion trail of teleportation or intense speed. This lacing would allow him to get away in the blink of en eye. It was then that he would summon forth his Wing's of Light. With all the angelic white energies around the Wing's would instantly begin to hum. It was as if the very energy Ezekiel emitted was powering the General's Wing's up. With that done his shields would ignite not being made from energy any attempts to nullify the shields with energy or another way would be useless. And even so his upgraded Mind Nullifier was active to stop anything from penetrating his body or mind or soul.

The first thing the General would do was envelope Pierre in a casing of data and send her out of the area as a safety precaution.

"Just as he said, I do this because it is who I am. If we humans did not strive to be different we would still be climbing in trees or living in the gardens of Eden" the General said.

-|Unfortunately for the General and Pierre that was impossible as Shen suddenly came into play. His natural magnetic field wiped any possible attempt to escape with technology and as his natural magnetic field washed over the area his passive trait of Dormant Magnet was activated. With everyone in the area's natural polarities increased dramatically Shen had no problem of instantly destroying any type of technological aspect by wiping them out shortly, excluding Gig since he has already been exposed to Shen's particular magnetic field for quite some time.

Now with all of them magnetized several times over pulling the General, simply by attracting him back towards his magnetic field, away from his little escape path of his Ion trail since it existed no more, temporarily at least. As an extra effect Shen created a repulsive field around the entire group, replicating a mini ecosystem bubble, and because his magnetism was absolute any type of escape would instantly repel them back into the field no matter which direction they run.|-

"Looks like the fun is about to get started if you ask me."

*As Shen appeared on the field, the Astral Body looked at him as well, giving him a small sort of smile, as the voice echoed around again* Looks like another is here....Mr. Shen.... *The voice trailed off, as the Astral Body turned his body to face Gig again* Failure to comply with this is a rude course of action.... *At once there would be about 100 slits in reality or so appeared all around Shen, as there would be a sudden sphere of Astral Energy all around him, enclosing him in. The Astral energy was in huge quantities, and the moment that the sphere appeared, Astral energy would flood into Shen himself, causing such damage that would be no apparent on the outside. If even a single bit touched Shen, he would be braindead within milliseconds, the Astral energy would have totally anniliated his mind. As this happened, the Astral Boy continued to stand facing Gig, and waiting for his reply*

}>Gig would allow his Anti-Matter and Dark Matter dome to be erased, for the simple fact that that would create a paradox , seeing as Anti-Barrer makes up Dark Matter which holds together the fabric of existence. Gig would ignore the astral projection of Ezekiel as he walked towards the General.<{ "What makes you think that an Astral Projection is worth my time...begone." }>Gig would snap his fingers, and point at Ezekiel and a pillar of Anti-Matter would envelope the astral phony erasing it from existence and potential damaging Ezekiel's mind, wherever he was hiding. Gig's previously "melted" Anti-Matter and Dark Matter would reform once again, sending the remaining traces of his Astral Energy would be broken down and sent to the countless Nanobots to be broken down and studied at a later date. He continued his path to the General with his satellite calibrated to his location, ready to fire at any time. Ultra-Cold Plasma would begin swirling around Gig as his nanobots formed a dense Nanotechnical. Shen was suffering temporary effects from the Astral Energy, for the simple fact that he had the uncanny ability to adapt to anything that enters his body, even Astral Energy, but then again, if he saw it as a threat, Shen could avoid and protect himself somehow, he's no bitch after all.<{ "Well General, would you like to fight me fair and square, no holograms no interruptions, just me, you, and your imminent death."

-|Shen fell to the floor as the Astral Energy decided to rape his body from the projection. He laid there unconscious, but only briefly as Shen once again stood back up after twitching several times. He struggled momentarily as he stabilized himself once again. His BPDS did work rapidly after all and it only took seconds for it to kick in to analyze and halt the Astral Energy from affecting another damn part of his body before he perished. Now it was in the process of creating an immunity for any further attacks onto his body, making him completely unaffected by any type of Astral Energy.

Shen shook his head as his MRI eyes activated just in time to see the projection get destroyed by the Anti-Matter beam. Shen of course chuckled at the little attempt the hidden man tried to use to end his life. He couldn't die till after his mission was accomplished.|-

"Well that tickled, almost died but it felt like getting shot by the radiation beams.. Not like that killed me either."

Signis sighed, seeing all of these people "... Alright, Blue. Take us out of here." The body would then switch to Blue, seeing as Blue could traverse through darkness and shadows (which this entire place was covered in due to the... environment..) And Blue would then use the shadow like a portal and get the fuck out of there. I hope you all are happy. God, I hate you all.
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Insangel 3: Meditation... To Hone The Mind Of Three, They Become One...

Blue, who had just exited out of an ANNOYING battle, came across a place far away from there... Twas the Stony Waterfall.. This massive waterfall came crashing down in front of her, making a loud, rumbling sound all around. Blue looked up, and Blue looked down... Then Blue closed her eyes and smirked "... We're meditating."

Priere would take over the body quite swiftly, knowing that she would be able to endure the waterfall the best because... Well.. Water magic, hellooo? She agreed with Blue quite wholesomely, as did Signis. They needed to meditate. Hone their abilities a bit. The next time they got into a battle, they planned to be devastating.

"Alright, you two.. Let us see which of us is the strongest, huh? We'll go into our minds and fight each other. Hell, you never know... We might learn something new, ya know?"

Signis and Blue were all for it... 2 out of 3 of them were arrogant, and the other, Blue, was just badass in general. This would be quite the... Thing to see. Too bad no one could see, for this was a battle inside of their minds.

Priere would go under the waterfall, seeming unaffected by its terrific pressure. She would sit down, then get drawn into her mind... Where she'd greet Signis and Blue, who were waiting patiently for her arrival.

Priere scoffed "We should have gone to the frozen mountains..."

Signis: Bullshit! You'd have the main advantage!

Priere shakes her head "Pff, whatever, girl. I'm still at an advantage..."

Signis snickered "Right. Try using water. I dare you." Electricity would crackle throughout Signis' hands.

Priere sneered "Alright, fine... Whatever. So, how do we start this worthless battle? You all already know you'll lose..."

Signis: HA. You must be out of your digits, girl. You cannot win against an archangel of my caliber!

Priere: Oh, so you can remember all of that, but you can't remember what you used to do, can you?

Signis fell silent...

Blue smirked, finally speaking "... Let's just do the damn thing..." With that, Blue would disappear in a blur of blackness.

Priere and Signis were confused, for Blue was the first to attack. Where was she? Where would she come from? She was indeed the fastest and most cunning of the 3, and being like that would make her... Difficult to decipher. The best thing they could do would be to protect themselves until she showed herself.

Priere snapped her fingers, covering herself in the Ice Shield. The dome of ice was thick and durable, so hopefully Blue would not be able to penetrate from any angle. Priere took note of her surroundings... Knowing that Blue could show up anywhere..

Signis also thought of taking the defensive, as well. Blue was no one to play with, from experience. However, Signis did not have any sort of defensive moves... Which was problematic. She was a sole attacker. That would mean Blue would be after her, first... Signis expanded her mind a bit around the area, so that if Blue came near, her psychic abilities would allow her to sense her presence and hopefully react in time... Otherwise, there was nothing else for her to do, unless she wished to attack blindly. Not smart.

Blue suddenly appeared between the two of them, who were still foolishly floating next to each other. Her Blue Blades were covering her arms, the condensed blue energy sword slicing through the Ice Shield of Priere with little difficulty and the other heading for Signis at a high speed.

Priere was caught off guard, but because the Ice Shield was thick enough to give fair warning before the beam sliced completely through, Priere would to a back-bend in the air to avoid being slashed. "Damn, Blue! Let me get right the fuck out of here..." Priere would hover high into the air, taking aim at Signis and blue... Icy magic flowed in the hand pointing to Signis and Watery magic flowed in the one pointing to Blue. In a heartbeat, Priere launched the Ice Slice, creating a large, thin, but sharp disc of ice at Signis and used the Evil Wave to make all of the water molecules in the air near Blue spontaneously accumulate and explode without warning.

Signis was in a bind, but not so much that she couldn't manage. As the beam came toward her, she noticed with her psychic abilities, able to push herself upward before it made contact with an explosive psychic force. She would quickly retaliate by shooting the Terminal Bolt at Blue, and being at such a close range, it should hit... But knowing Blue's cunning, finesse and speed, she might be able to get out of it... But if it did hit, the lightning would absorb some of Blue's energy and convert it into energy for Signis. That's when Signis noticed the ice coming at her from the corner of her eye. She did not want to take her eyes off of Blue, so she had to use her free hand to launch another Terminal Bolt at it, to drain its energy and most likely have it shatter from the force and because of how fragile it would become if its energy was drained.

Blue fired Big Blue from her eyes, which was eye beams made out of that condensed energy, right at the bolt... However, due to how little reaction time there was and the natural ability of Signis' electricity, Blue didn't stand a chance in this standoff... So after the Big Blue beam slightly slowed down the lightning, Blue would jump back and let it collide with the ground as it continued. Blue didn't lose momentum from her jump, but instead continued to fly backwards, since she could smell the high accumulation of water in the air. She knew this was Priere's doing, and thus, once the explosion happened, Blue was nowhere near. Blue took her sight off of Signis and, instead, looked at Priere, firing a Big Blue at her, instead. Blue disappeared, once more, but reappeared swiftly behind Priere before the Big Blue came to her. Blue tried to stab Priere in the back with a scythe blade that would protrude from her stomach. How would Priere deal with a frontal attack and a surprise attack from behind...?

Priere noticed that now, Signis was wide open.. She had no defenses and had just finished destroying two attacks. She'd be overwhelmed if Priere gave Signis her full attention... Ah, but that wasn't an option right now. There was a massive, condensed beam coming at her that her ice was susceptible to because of the high energy focused through it... Priere was the most balanced of the 3 in all aspects, but being not exceptional in anything meant that her defenses, even if they were alright, could not block strong attacks such as highly condensed energy. The ice would be broken in an instant. As such, Priere would dodge it by flying upward, letting the beam pass her... But not without flinging some Ice Needles at Signis, who was still wide open for attack. Couldn't miss that chance in the world.

Signis noticed Blue behind Priere the second she got there, then smirked. Both of them were busy handling each other, thus Signis had fair chance to attack. She would fire a Terminal Bolt at Blue, who probably was only focused on Priere at the moment, and thus, could allow her to drain some of her power and zap her and Priere at the same time.. But Priere had moved. No matter, getting Blue was more important... At least, that's what she thought before Signis was bombarded with icy needles continuously. The ice needles stabbed into Signis all over, but were quickly zapped and drained because of the electricity flowing through Signis. She fell to the ground, slightly injured, and grabbed a large cluster of her wounds. Naturally, Signis didn't bleed, but she certainly did feel the pain "... Blasted... Priere's the only one who won't be hit, then...? Hmph. Repulsive girl... She's NOT going to show up this archangel..." Signis winced, now eying Priere, since she felt that Blue was taken care of, for the moment... It was difficult to decide which one to watch...

Blue, to her dismay, was hit with her own Big Blue attack due to Priere's sudden thought to fly into the air... Minor miscalculations. Luckily the condensed energy wasn't that affective on Blue... Eventually, she'd learn how to make sure that they didn't hurt her, but right now, they got her pretty badly... And then, in the midst of her recovery from the attack, the Terminal Bolt came from the side which Blue was not looking and zapped her, as well. Blue fell from the sky, stumbling a bit before falling to a knee. She panted once or twice, feeling the energy drained from her. "... Damn..." was all she said, as she stood to her feet. Signis was concentrating on Priere, now... And Blue was on the ground along with Signis... Thus, if Blue did an attack from behind, Signis would not have the power to counter attack. She had no defensive abilities, making it that much better. Blue would dash to the back of Signis, firing another Big Blue from her eyes, however she shot rapidly instead of one long, lingering beam... She was aiming to take Signis DOWN. Multiple shots of the Big Blue from behind would hopefully be enough...

Priere had a bird's eye view of the entire landscape... Priere could take them both out right now... Or, at least, Signis... Blue might take a little more to take out... Unless... Priere now had a plan. This would take out her angel and demon while they were busy with each other. Priere snapped her fingers, making large spikes of ice jut up in front of Signis, making her escape near impossible from Blue's terrible attack. Afterward, numerous smaller spikes would appear around and behind Blue while she was busy... And using the ice spikes as mediums, Priere could easily change the temperature around the both of them easily and swiftly with no problems, gradually making it lower and lower... Which should slowly freeze them over and make all of their molecules unable to move because of the fact that the cold air should stop them completely, eventually.

Signis was about to launch an attack on Priere, when suddenly... Ice spikes shot up in front of her, blocking her vision and her frontal escape route. Not only that, Blue's attack would blast and pound at Signis' back viciously, finally taking Signis out of the battle. "Gh-- ..." Signis fell, falling silent. Double teaming was a bitch. She soon started to feel the freezing of the atmosphere around her...

Blue smirked, watching Signis fall... This is a sight she always enjoyed to see. Angels falling to the might of a demon. Blue licked her lips, finding her tongue stuck to her mouth. Her arms were stiff. Her legs were stiff. Her body started to become stiff, as well. "... !!!" Blue's molecules were starting to freeze, as well. Even if she started to vibrate intensely, she couldn't overwhelm the freezing process enough that she could move as freely as she wanted. She'd be able to move, but she'd only be able to move enough to escape, and not to evade anymore of Priere's attacks... Blue stood there... Accepting her defeat, as well.

Priere cackled maniacally, floating to the ground "AAAAHAHAHAAHAHA! Looks like I am the strongest out of us all!" The ice would shatter, dissipating into nothing. The atmosphere would return to normal. Priere looked to Blue, then looked to Signis. "... So. Seems like we've all got some downsides to us, huh? I noticed from Blue's attack that I may be well rounded but... I don't have enough durability or power behind it."

Signis weakly rose, dusting herself off "... Ugh... I have so much power... And yet, I lost..." Signis had already evaluated the situation... ".. What I have in power... I lack in defensive measures, it seems..."

Blue shook her head, turning her back to Signis and Priere "... Speed, cunning and power... But no focus or long range attacks..."

The 3 of them all agreed that they had weaknesses that they had to work on... But had no idea how to remedy these weaknesses. It was a tough... situation, it seemed.

Priere tapped her foot "Alright, then. We know what we must do.. So, let's try to make it right, then, huh? I need more durability and power, Signis needs defense, and Blue needs long range attacks and focus. Or, rather than focus, multiple-targeting attacks. Let's go."

Priere would walk over to a corner far away from them... She planned on learning 4 moves. 2 Shiels and 2 Attacks; A water and ice for each. "Maybe if I decide to concentrate more on how much I'm using...?" Priere would condense a crapload of ice into a single ball in front of her, flinging it up and down. She pondered, wondering how she could test its durability. "Hmmmm... YO, SIGNIS. BLUE. TRY TO DESTROY THESE ICE BALLS." Priere would create another extremely condensed ice ball in her hand and fling it at Signis, while the other was flung at Blue.

Signis needed to work on defense... But she wasn't exactly sure how to do that with her electrical abilities ".. Maybe if I compact a lot of electricity, I can make a shield--" But right now, she had something else to see for Priere. She would launch a Terminal Bolt at the ice ball, trying to easily blast through by absorbing its energy and weakening it severely, but to her surprise... The ice ball did not get blasted through easily. It continued to come for some moments, then finally exploded. "Hm... Priere, it seems like that ice ball had some good defensive property. You should learn to hone that so you can use it for yourself..." Now it was Signis' turn to try to attempt to do her shield... "... If I can accumulate a lot of electricity on one spot... Instead of attacking..." Signis would hold out a hand, letting a crapload of electricity accumulate in front of her. Instead of launching a massive electrical attack, she instead had the lightning condense into a sort of shield. It was quite large and was quite thick, signifying its worth as a shield. Signis obviously didn't have much trouble with creating the shield... But It wasn't safe just to have one. She'd need another one, too...

Blue would focus on the ice ball and shoot the Big Blue at it, trying to easily pierce through.. But, just like Signis, she realized that it was more durable than expected, and almost hit her in the face. "Hm. Condensed energy doesn't go through easily. It's good." Blue now had to listen to what Priere said... Multiple targeting attacks... But how can she do that? Multiple-targeting, Long Range, Lock On attacks... How would she lock on to people? If she learned to lock on to people and launch attacks simultaneously, she could easily figure this out... There were two people... One in the sky, one on the ground. She looked up and down, up and down... Trying to figure out a way to focus on them both... But that's when she noticed something. She could feel their power. Both of them were omitting power. Blue never felt that before, but when she sat and concentrated, she noticed it. That's how she'd target multiple things... By locking on to their power rather than looking at them. Now... To figure out something that is long range and multiple-targeting...Hm. Maybe... Balls of condensed energy? Fired rapidly? Yes. That would be sufficient. She threw numerous balls of condensed energy at Signis and Priere, which she would make implode with anything they touched on impact and suck out their energy. It would be a very useful attack, she assumed.

Dodging Blue's previous attack, Priere figured something out for the condensed balls of ice... She could use them for something even better than durability... She created another one, however this one was larger... There was a strange sort of distortion around it, as well. "Hey. Signis. Try to destroy this one." Priere would fling the sphere of ice at Signis, which seemed to grow larger as it neared her, growing harder, thicker and stronger as well. It was literally pulling in molecules from the atmosphere as well as lingering energies to make itself grow stronger, larger and more durable. This was the purpose of the attack... A self enhancing bomb of ice... Ice Bomb.

Signis... didn't exactly trust Priere's attack.. It seemed to be quite devastating... So Signis quickly thought of a new ability and attempted to use it... "If I hone a bit of my psychic ability within my electrical potency..." An energy started to flow around Signis... And a seal with a 5 foot radius from Signis grew under her feet. Her cape flared up as this attack came near, and finally, when it passed over the seal, Signis opened her eyes dramatically, a massive psychic and electrical coating taking the shape around the large orb, letting it explode within, sucking out all of the energy it had taken in, but also imploding on itself whilst the bomb exploded, thus canceling them both out into nothingness. Signis smirked as the seal stayed. "... This is it. My perfect defense." She looked behind her, then in front, then all around... The seal covered all areas. Perfect. It also would take out Blue's barrage of balls, as well. It was a good combination of offensive and defensive, it seems.

Multiple targets... Multiple targets... How would that go? How can Blue achieve something like that...? Hmmm... Maybe.. SPORES. Best idea ever. Blue would unleash a quick pulse of invisible energy... It seemed to do nothing, but what it actually was doing was attaching itself to any particles or molecules in the air, thus creating these extremely tiny... spores, of some kind. They seemed to spread, contaminating all molecules and particles they came in contact with. But that wasn't enough... What else could Blue do with this...? AHA. She altered their ability, slightly, giving this energy the ability to drain the energy of whatever was within it, making it that much more deadly... But... Blue needed more... AHA. Blue would also make it corrosive... But that wasn't it, either! Each and every particle/molecule would have the potential to... EXPLODE. YES~! THE PERFECT ABILITY FOR BLUE. Muuuuaahahahahahahaa! It gave the places infected an abnormal blue hue, as if it were glowing... This would be called... "Agent Blue..."

Revil would be hovering across the area in his A.S.H. Unit when his sensors picked up a life form. At the time his sensors picked it up Priere would be using her ice based attacks with blue and signis. Revil would turn the machine towards her direction and fly over there aiming to land the thing. As he landed it he would exit the machine and watch what she was doing from afar. With his spatial awareness always active he didn't need to be close to see what she was doing from afar.

Priere would be conjuring up a new Watery ability, when suddenly she felt a presence. "Eh? Is someone outside? Fuck, let me get back to the body..." Priere would exit the depths of her mind and regain control of her body, opening her eyes. She would exit the waterfall and stare off into the distance "The hell is that...?"

Revil would walk in her direction or it would appear as walking from how far she was away from him. What he was really doing was floating on the water with his Arial flight pack. As he moved close her he would speak up and say hello.

Priere tapped her foot on the river, standing there awaiting this guy to hurry up. "Hi. What do you want, huh?" She was a bit impatient and pissed for this guy interrupting her meditation training... Stuff. But he could be her test dummy...

As Revil closed in he would hear her speak. Taking in her words he would talk back.

"I am an explorer searching the unknown. It is my desire to find new and strange things." he would say before he stopped the pack and let it remain stationary.

Priere squinted her eyes "... Well. I don't care what you want, just get out. You're rather disrupting..." Priere tapped her foot even more, making ripples ontop of the water.

"If I may have the last words. I say we have a spar to test out what ever it is you are practicing" Revil would say.

Priere scoffed "Last words? Whatever. Like I care. Spar? Fine. You'll be my new test dummy. I've got 2 new attacks that I haven't used yet that should be tested." Water began to swirl and distort around Priere, as her water magic was taking effect "So. You want the last words, then you take the first attack. Hurry up."

As Revil's last words had been him asking to spar he would have nothing more to say. As Revil's thrusters heated up he would cause a rippling effect under him. In a swift burst of his flight pack he would take to the air weary of the stirring waters under him. As he moved into the air he would draw forth Holocaust and swing it once creating a wave of photogess light behind the blade's edgeless side. His Radion cannons would immediately take aim at Priere.

Priere squinted "Light, eh...? She would wave her hand, freezing the air in front of her in an attempt to refract the light in another direction, as she calmly slid across the water to another location. "Better try out this new ice move I was thinking of really quick..."

She would point her finger at Revil, magic stirring in the tip. In a quick shot, a slim beam of condensed freezing energy that has a temperature that is always below absolute zero. Thus, whatever it touches should freeze upon contact. "Haaaaa... I'mma use that a lot. What should I call it...?" She pondered for a moment, not taking her eye off of Revil. ".... The ZERO BEAM! Yaaay~! Heh. Well, this is gonna be fun... For me."

As the slim beam of ice shot towards Revil he would wave the sword in a cone shape creating a sheild. After this he would burst to the left while flipping his sword around to form the Photogess whip. As soon as the whip shot out the ice beam attack would shatter onto the thin barrier and both attacks would be nullified with a small puff of steam. Revil would flick the whip downwards aiming to strike at her with the searing hot photogess tether as she talked to herself. His Radion cannons would take aim and fire off two shots as well.

Priere laughed, firing numerous Zero Beams from the fingers on her hand at the beam... Naturally, something like what happened before should happen now... But the special thing about this time was, Priere was going to use her special temperature changing ability so that when the Photogess hits the Zero Beams, the heat will be stolen and it will be frozen.

"Aaaahahahaha~! I can change the temperature of anything that I or my attacks touch. Isn't that nifty?" As she was talking, she didn't notice the cannon shots at her, so in a quick escape, she would pressurize the water under her and blast off to the side once more at a high speed thanks to the water. She didn't stop, however... The water split as she continued to travel across it, staying in the air once it rose from the riverbed.

Revil would retract the Photogess whip and swing the sword in another cone shaped pattern. As he did this he would also pulse his body creating a flash of photogess that would purge the area around him of energy. This wasn't long nor was it strong but it would give Revil enough time to escape.

Upon escaping to the left he would fire off two shots of Radion ahead of the path where Priere was going in hopes he would hit her.

As Priere kept moving, she noticed some shots coming at her... SO, she would raise her hand quickly, making a large, thick wall of water shoot up in front of her. It was extremely pressurized, flowing at a massive current in the other direction of which she was going. This was to make sure she didn't go straight through it completely. Instead, she flew into it, did and underwater kick flip to turn around and was shot out in the opposite direction like a cannon, just as fast as she was launched before, if not faster.

All of the water that was in the air would then disperse, converging with the water molecules in the air. As such, technically, a river was in the air now. Priere smiled, moving slower and slower through the air... She was planning something.

As Revil saw the water rise and form into a river like shape in the air he would fall back some more. Knowing bullets could pierce water but slow down. He would have to rely on the Radion cannons which would have more effect than the bullets. Revil would draw forth his Close Range Shield. This sheild unlike the Long Range Sheild was more heavily defended and had only two small weapons unlike the big ones the Long Range sheild had.

He would hold his position and wait for any signs of movement from Priere

Priere snickered, spreading the water molecules throughout the entirety of the area, thus making the air extremely wet. It was on the borderline of being a gas and a liquid... It was now spread so much that it was water vapor that consumed the air. Each particle of air was now wet with water... Heh heh heh.

"And now... Signis, it's your turn... You think we can go through with this 'new plan' without using too much energy?"

Priere would switch and Signis would take control of the body, smirking devilishly as her features started to make up the body "... Hmmm... It doesn't take any energy at all for us to do that, you know." Signis smiled "And now..." She would hold her hand up in the air, releasing a tiny spark of her electricity. Because water conducts electricity, the electricity should travel through the water vapor at an incredible rate and shock anything and everything in the air...

Revil would burst straight for Priere as he did his spatial awareness would do what it does best. That is detect hostile actions coming in Revil's direction. As he looked forwards he would see tiny sparks of light indicating to him where the attacks were. With this in mind her would fire his machine gun in that direction as to attract the lighting sparks towards the bullets rather than towards Revil. Any of the lighting that managed to get through the bullet traps would hit the Close Range Shield and be absorbed into the shield laminated armour substance. With the shield at 50% damage it wouldn't be long before it was not useful anymore.

Still pushing in her direction he would fire off two shots of Radion to other side of Priere and then flick his Holocaust Whip as to make her dodge into either of the two shots. Even if the shot missed and grazed her their infectious extra potent radiation would soon make quick work of Priere.

Signis would lead the bullets elsewhere, since they were charged with her electricity and thus, were magnetized, in a sense. So, she had the power to move them to her will. So, they wouldn't hit her. Now, as for Revil's shield... Since it absorbed the lightning, it would suffer from the draining properties of the electricity. Signis' electricity weakens things continuously and drains the power/energy of whatever it touches or is within its presence, and taking some of the electricity into itself would not only quicken the process, but give Signis' electrical abilities more power.

Signis would then deal with the other threats... The whip and the radiation.. things. Signis would use the newly learned ability, which she called the 'Electric Wall,' however she would make 3 of them appear right before her. One was in front of her, and two were beside it, as to block the paths of the light thingy and radiation thingies respectively. Because Signis' electricity had that draining/weakening property, as the stuff came close, it should already become weaker and weaker, and upon hitting they should get absorbed and converted into electricity for the walls to make them bigger, stronger and more powerful. These walls also shot out lightning bolts arbitrarily, so getting close to them was like walking into a lightning storm.

Lastly, what Signis would do was use the electrified air behind Revil and make numerous shots of lightning shoot from all around, since the air was just charged with electricity that was ready to be launched at any given second from any given direction. It was a lot to do, but Signis could handle it... But just in case, she would move slightly backward a bit...

As Revil cam closer to the lighting wall he would fire 4 shots from each radion cannon one after another burning the barrles to a crisp rendering them useless. As the shots impacted with the lighting wall he would slam the sheild into it and simultaneously pulse his Purge to force the energy around him outwards in order to open a hole in the lighting wall.

the radion shots being condensed would act as the can opener making a tiny hole. The shield would push at the radion shots using it's laminated surface to keep the actual metal from melting. This would force them through just enough for the Purge that would nullify the energy to be created. This would all allow Revil to pass through flick the broken sheild away and with a full power swing launch the whip at her.

if this didnt work he would have a trip to the hospital to make.

Signis smirked and said softly "... Blue..." letting Blue take over the body. Once Blue had taken over, Revil had basically broken through right about now... But it was all for the better. As Revil finally came, Blue would salute with two fingers, flicking her wrist a bit so that the 2 fingers now pointed at Revil, as if saying See Ya~! Because Signis had already started to move backward, when she switched to Blue, she was moving backwards, as well... Thus she had gained a tiny bit of distance... Just enough so that she could faze out and faze back in behind Revil, landing on the ground slyly without making a sound. She would closely watch him, however...

As Revil passed through the barrier of lighting he would inevitable miss. After burning out his cannons he would come to a grinding halt and look back as his awareness notified him she was there. Revil would sheath his Holocaust and float down towards the ground to where she was.

"I Guess this is where it ends" he said.

Blue stood up straight, dusting herself off and crossing her arms. "You're done? Hmph. I didn't even get to try my Agent Blue..."

Suddenly, Blue would be pulled back and the arrogant Priere would come forth to control the body. "AAAAHAHAHAHAHA~! Sooo! How do you like the awesome display of my power, hmmm? And I, the superior Priere, haven't even gotten started yet~! HAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA~!" It seemed like vicious gloating was another one of her talents... Oh boy..

"If you can't beat an old man like me what makes you think you'll stand even a hair of a chance against an elite" he said fixing his uniform.

After he would use his E.A.S.T. computer to make the shield and the broken cannons bits form back to where they were before the duel had began.

Priere was too lost in her gloating to really notice or care about what Revil was saying. All she heard from him was "I have been defeated! I am ever so sorry for challenging your authority, Priere-sama~!" or something of the like. She laughed and cackled, conversing with Signis and Blue about the battle and the abilities they had learned, seeming to be lost in their own conversation, excluding Revil completely.

"Let's drown him!"

Signis: Let's electrocute him!

Blue:... Let's eat his soul...

The 3 of them would laugh in their own ways, happily fantasizing about this sort of situation... When Priere suddenly had an idea. "Oh! Since we have won ever so famously, let's go to... The library. I have a feeling that there might be some more stuff to... 'Learn.' Teeheeheeee~!" Priere would start to slowly float off in some arbitrary direction~!
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Insangel 4: Let's Play With The Ice...

Again, Priere was looking to do some solo training. This time, she meant to do it only for her Ice and Water abilities... Unfortunately, Blue and Signis would have to sit this one out, it seemed.

"Alright, alright... I'm going to train myself, guys. I need to get as adept with my magic as possible... Next time I fight, I plan for it NOT to melt so easily..."

Signis: And don't you think fighting in an extremely HEATED area would be better than training in an extremely COLD area?

Priere was silent for a few moments... "... SHUT UP. I'm also trying to learn new abilities. I can better the power of my Ice Magic later. I just want new abilities."

Signis sighed "Whatever you say, Priere... Blue and I shall just sit back in the back of your mind and watch, then... Hm. Maybe when you're done, we can go wreak some havoc...?"

Priere smirked "Oh, yes. Most definitely, Signis~!"

*Havoc would appear in front of the girl smiling* "So you need some one to train with ?"

Priere quirked a brow for a moment, turning to the girl "... Eh? Who in the hell...?" She floated there for a moment, pondering the situation. The wind blew a few chunks of ice at Priere, and then Priere smirked "... Actually. Yes. You'll do quite nicely. Yeah, train with me. I'm gonna try a few new things... Alright?"

*Havoc would jump back and take a stance* "come on you have the first move"

Priere smirked "If you insist..." She would create a multitude of Ice Needles, which would float in the air... However, the ones closer to Priere would fire off like bullets at Havoc whilst the other ones that were higher up merely stayed stationary in the air. Just waiting. Now to see what this girl would do... The stationary Ice Needles would tremble slightly, however.

*as the ice needles came with in a inch of havoc she would pull out her twin swords and cut them in to she would then fire a energy ball at the needles in the sky*

Priere snickered a bit, the Ice Needles in the sky shattering into thousands of tiny pieces instantly, letting the energy ball pass them. These pieces of ice were so incredibly tiny that they could not be seen by the naked eye. "So, it is time for you to witness the first of my new attacks... I like to call this, Frost Arrow." Priere would wave her hand swiftly, pointing at Havoc. The insanely tiny ice shards, which were extremely sharp, would start flying out at Havoc in a large cluster of freezing wind in the shape of hook-like arrows aimed to freeze and shred Havoc. Priere hoped to eventually be able to crystallize air particles and use those to make the Frost Arrows... But until then, massively tiny shards of ice would have to do.

*havoc would lough as she would turn on her energy eye but she would not use its power havoc would use another one "Fire ball attack" havoc would open her mouth and spit out a huge fire ball that would melt the ice and leave a huge scar in the ground*

Priere sneered, making a few more Frost Arrows appear near Havoc, trying to surround her in a type of slicing, freezing tornado, since this also had a sort of wind element to it as well as ice. The art of this wasn't to really attack, but to practice handling it. Making a tornado out of them would make it easier to handle in the air, like with turns and such.

*Havoc would look at the arrows around her she would then use her energy eye to take over the energy that was used to make the attack and send the arrows back at The girl*

Priere scoffed "Puh-lease. This is no ordinary ice, girl. This is MY magic. MY magic is mine alone. Don't go messing with it, lest you get obliterated. You got it?" Priere snapped her fingers and the Frost Arrows would dissipate. Even if redirected, anything involving her own Magic was always under her own control.

"What if I use something a little more watery..?" Priere would snap her fingers, altering the temperature around her. By absorbing copious amounts of coldness, she created a bit of heat around her despite the cold area. In the heat, there were water particles. She would clump them together to make a certain sort of mist... "Alright then... I'm gonna try to use this..." In a matter of seconds, a mist shrouded Priere, making her totally unseen. The Mist tried to spread around the area, sucking out the coldness of the air so that it could spread without freezing into ice shards. "I think I'll call this... Sexy Mist..." Naturally, the problem would only come if someone were within the Sexy Mist... However, it works for a good cloak, it seems. And maybe if Priere got better with her magic, she could use it to totally disrupt the ability to track her...

"you think you can hide ha" *Havoc would close her eyes and try to feel priere rather then see her havoc would wait and see what priere would do*

Priere could only cackle insanely "Me? Hide? HA. If I weren't trying to learn new abilities, I would mop the floor with you..." The Sexy Mist would spread further, now launching itself at Havoc in the form of a large hand. It would try to grasp her and slicer her up from every angle with sharpened and highly pressurized water molecules. Priere, while this was going on, would try to think of at least 2 more new abilities before she wanted to fight seriously...

"you beat me ha your a joke" *as the mist would come at havoc she would jump back keeping away from the mist dodging the attack she would then fire a wave of energy ball at threw the mist at hopeing it would hit her*

Priere sighed, dissipating the mist. As the energy balls came to her, she would quickly shoot herself up into the air with a forceful jet of water. She would hover in the air and then sigh again, trying to think of something else to use. "I guess I should get something that's close range, eh...? Hm..." She looked at her hands. "... Mmmm.." She concentrated ice onto one of her fists and then freezing magical energy on the other one. Naturally, she'd call this... "Absolute Zero Punch." The overly large ice that was her fist and the overly large amount of energy that was her other fist would surge with coldness that was Absolute Zero--

But at that very moment, the energy and ice shattered. "The fuck!?" Seems like it was too much energy and power to contain at this moment... Hmph. Fine. Whatever. Priere had it saved for later. "Next time, I'll use it on you... Nevermind that. I guess it's time for me to get serious now..."

Priere would snap her fingers, making random ice surfaces appear in the air. Because this place was constantly cold and there was ice and snow everywhere, Priere was CLEARLY at a great advantage when it came to this. The icy surfaces floated in the air, all seeming to be randomly placed... Priere would extend her fingers, pointing each of them at a seemingly intricately placed ice surface and say "Zero Beam." From each of her fingers shot a beam of super condensed freezing energy at each of the different surfaces in different directions. They would reflect along each surface, bouncing all around constantly and creating a sort of oddly shaped prison of these beams around Havoc, which was constantly changing shape and constantly getting smaller, as to prevent escape so that she could be frozen on touch.

*as hovoc looked around she thought as an idea came to her havoc would use her energy shiled to cover her self and then expand the shield so that it would keep her from being frozen by the ice havoc would then ball up her fist as a bright flame would cover her whole hand "fire sword" havoce would then hit the ground makeing a hole in it she would then drop into the hole and hide under ground*

Priere hovered a bit lower, but was still high in the air, allowing the beams to dissipate, and the ice surfaces to shatter. "You do know that the ground is frozen, right? There are ice particles EVERYWHERE."

Priere would point to the ground, releasing a beam of energy. Every single icy molecule that was underground would come together as a dome around the ground, and thus, encasing Havoc within, as well. "I told you that I had an advantage... Now you can't escape." Priere would then use a certain magic that allowed her to constantly control the temperature of her ice, revert heat into coldness and to absorb energy from the atmosphere to become more durable and larger and stuff.

Finally, in the dome of ice, Priere would make it generate a coldness that constantly made the temperature within go down, sloooowly freezing everything within... Soon Havoc would be frozen completely, unable to move or do anything.
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Insangel 5: Amongst A Pile Of Ingots And Weaponry.

"Halfway there" {Ozgood would say as he finished the first set of weaponry that miles asked for. Then turned to the chainsaw sword getting the card to call Priere.}

" Heh Someone will be weeping with joy."

Out of nowhere, Blue would faze in from what seemed to be out of the card. "... It's done?" She asked quite bluntly.

"Yes miss the weapon is ready as for the {Don't know if I collected the money yet} As

for the fee it will be $500."

Blue would fling a wad of cash at Ozzy, despite the thoughts of both Signis and Priere, who were saying to steal the weapon and/or kill Ozgood. For a demon, Blue seemed to have some sort of sense of justice and fairness... Odd...

"If you want I set up a couple of target dummies outside if you wanna test it."

{Ozgood would then pause}

"Want me to cook some pasta while you test it?"

Blue would take the weapon, getting adjusted to the weight. "... Targets, yes. As for the pasta--"

Immediately, Priere forced Blue out of control and took over "GIMME ALL THE PASTA YOU'VE GOT. I'll destroy them targets so long as I can get some pasta with it!!" The glee on her face was unmatched. Pasta and a Chainsaw Sword. What could be better?

"Alright kid you got it! Remember though that your rank will limit the use of the

enchant. Anyways go have some fun."

{Ozgood would start cooking}

Priere smirked. She knew about it, but it didn't matter. She just got to fuck shit up with a chainsaw that was also a sword. "BANZAIIIIII!!!" She leapt out of the door, starting up the chainsaw with some magic, making it rip and roar. It was oddly light because of her magic, which was nice for her. She ran at some random targets and began to slash and hack at them. "VRRRRRRRRR!!!" She imitated the Chainsaw's grinding...

Ozgood would be focused on fixing up some pasta the water finally being at a boil he

throws the pasta in.

Priere erratically swung her Chainsaw Sword, slicing down everything that came in her way "I DON'T EVEN CARE ABOUT THE ENCHANT RIGHT NOW. JUST LOOK AT THIS MOTHERFUCKER GO!!!"

Suddenly, Signis would take over, holding the Chainsaw Sword with one hand, letting it rev viciously. "... Priere, you dolt. You're just swinging wildly at things. If you wish to kill something, you must do it in an artistic fashion.." Signis jumped into the air, falling down with a great force and stomping on the chest of one of the targets, bringing it down to the ground. She would then chainsaw the neck of it, then finish up the insides through the neckhole. She would throw the chainsaw blade at a target off in the distance, letting it slice through everything else in its way and ravage everything up in the target. "Aaaah.. The sweet smell of death..."

{While all this noise was going outside Ozgood did not even take notice while he was

straining the now perfectly cooked pasta.}

After Signis was done, Blue took over, swiftly gripping the Chainsaw Sword from the target that it was thrown at. It didn't make any noise whatsoever once Blue touched it, as if all of the sound had been silenced from it. Blue would speed off in a blur of blackness, slicing clean through the rest of the targets, letting them fall apart in half. Before the halves of the targets hit the ground, however, it was revealed that they had been also shredded to ribbons in the process, tiny torn pieces falling and scattering in the wind. Twas an epic sight, indeed...

{The pasta was now done put into a bowl and had a light but very tasty marinara

sauce. as the final touches were made Ozgood would shout.}

"Hey lass food is ready. wouldn't want it to get cold would ya?"

Priere took control of the body, turning the Chainsaw Sword off. Seems like the only thing she liked more than the sword at the moment was the Pasta. "PASTAAA~!!!"

She flew into the house and sat down, chowing down on the pasta. Within the depths of her mind, Signis was prodding her to interrogate Ozgood.

Signis: Ask him about learning about magic. You know we need to learn about magic.

Blue suddenly jumped in "... Ask him if he wants to spar."

Signis nodded "Ah, yes. Excellent, Blue. Ask him if he wishes to spar. We'll get a chance to ask him if he knows any sort of electricity users, Ice Users and the like... Plus, we'll get the feel of our new weapon..."

Priere heard them, but was too busy eating pasta to really take it in... Well, except for the first part of what Signis said. "Hey, uh. Ozzy. You know any people who can train me in Ice, Water or Electricity, or something?" She slurped up the pasta.

"Well I am farily new to this world so unfortunately I do not know whom may teach

you. You are a member of the Acadamy are you not? Iam sure you can find a teacher


Somehow, this seemed like Deja Vu... As if she had asked him that before... Or as if this situation happened before...? Maybe it had... Oh well. Doesn't matter right now. Next was to ask him if he wanted to spar.

She slurped up a good portion of her pasta and asked "Hey, I wanna get the new feel of my weapon to harmonize it with the usage of my own powers. You wanna spar, or something? Besides, I think Signis and Blue could use some more abilities... They wanna make up some stuff."

"Sure that sounds like a good plan if you wan I can help you learn how to use the enchant

on your weapon. So it is a bit of a lesson as well as spar. Sound like a plan?"

Priere smirked, finishing her pasta. "Hell yeah! Let's go, then, bud!" I guess Priere could consider this guy her first real official friend, eh? Heh heh. Good shit, then. "And how are we gonna do this, eh? Lead the way!"

"I know of a nice open area right here in the forest it should work as a sparring ground

well follow me then ^^."

Priere would follow Ozzy to wherever he was going. As she followed, Signis suddenly took over. She needed to test some new powers she was thinking of...
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Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels

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Insangel 6: Ozzy And Priere In The Forest...

A little whiles after walking some into the forest, Priere would abruptly stop, hovering across the ground. "Here." She would say sternly, waiting for Ozzy to stop as well.

"You got a good knack for where our sparring ground is. So where do you wanna start?"

Priere refused to move from this set spot. "We do whatever we're doing here. Don't you think this is a great spot?" The trees were thick enough to block out most of the sun. Priere liked it.

"Aye as I said THIS is the area for our Sparring grounds. It is a great place to spar."

Priere obviously wasn't listening. "Battle. NOW. I'm not moving."

Suddenly, Signis took over the body, since Priere was suddenly being difficult for no real reason. "Oi... What a troublesome girl she is sometimes..." Signis gripped the Chainsaw Sword in her hand and glared at Ozzy, landing on the ground, since Priere was always floating and Signis didn't prefer to float all the time like she did. "What was MEANT to be said was... Let's just go at it the best we can. And don't slip up... Bad things could happen to those who don't pay attention..." Signis smirked, licking her lips and starting up the Chainsaw Sword. As always, she was out for blood.

"Hehe same to you lass you remember the blade I was workin on? well watch."

{The shifter Ozgood's new weapon turned into a chainsaw sword very similar to priere's}


Signis sneered "Hmph. Fancy. I doubt you can do this, though..." She hoped that it would work. She sent electrical currents and sparks throughout her weapon constantly, dashing straight at Ozzy. She swung with incredible and precise force, trying to take him out quickly.

"Electricity eh? Alright."

{Ozgood would attempt to parry Prieres strike. Ozgoods blade would glow with electricity

discharging a rune in order to equalize the electricity that was incoming.}

Signis smirked, for her electricity was not like normal electricity. Her electricity had draining and weakening properties, weakening whatever it touches and draining the energy from whatever it strikes into itself to grow stronger. Ergo, it should suck out the energy from the rune and become stronger, and perhaps even zap Ozzy in the process... And, if Signis was lucky, she could absorb some of the stray electricity from his rune for more power within herself.

{Ozgood would feel a zap thus backing off for a moment.}

"Interesting ability you have there."

{Ozgood would say this while unsheathing his rune katana dual wielding swords.}

Signis snickered once more "Ah, yes... Quite a great property for my lightning, indeed... Your runes are quite nice. I would enjoy learning more about them... Runes like those... Look familiar to me..."

Signis noticed that he had dual Katanas.. Yet, she only had one sword. Problematic. Perhaps... If he focused her electrical currents... She could create an electrical sword! It would serve as a new ability for her, as well! Wonderful. Let's try it.

She condensed a massive amount of electricity into one single sword-like object, which ALMOST took a physical form, it seemed... She pointed them both at Ozgood, letting the electricity from the electric sword shoot back and forth between the space in between the two weapons, growing ever stronger as if it were being charged. Without warning, the bolt suddenly launched itself at Ozgood, aiming to shock him and knock him for a loop, as well as give Signis some of his energy, still.

Ozgood would tuck and roll dodging the lightning barely but unlike his fight with Miles did not get broadsided with earth pillars.

"Pretty nasty move ya got there."

{Ozgood would contemplate how he would get closer to Priere. Awaiting her next move.}

Signis nodded "Yes... Devastating indeed. But I think I have just thought of another ability that would be useful for such a battle... I just need to figure out how to execute it." Signis dashed at Ozzy once more, electricity crackling around her weapons, and she would begin to spin in a tornado-like fashion, aiming to shock and shred Ozzy who was in her way at the moment.

{Ozgod would yet again roll out of the way but would be zapped by a small bit of

electricity.Not sure if it it easy to move out of a straight line with that attack.}

"Damn that electricity is annoying."

{Ozgood would sheathe the shifter for now and grab a 15 pound boulder and send it flying

at Priere using an energy blast rune from one of his gloves.}
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Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels

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Insangel 7: Um, Helloooo... Can I Get Some Assistance Around Here?

Priere hovered along the icy woodlands, gazing at their beauty with her demonic eyes. She would smirk, twirling around flagrantly, as if she had no care in the world "Ah, what a nice place this is~!... WHERE THE HELL AM I?"

†While looking for a place to meditate, Adonis would notice the girl all alone out in the icy this icy forest. Ever the honorable man, he approached her.†

"Hello little miss, are you alright out here all alone?"

Priere turned, scoffing "Alright? Me? Of course! Why wouldn't I be with such beautiful weather. Still, I don't know where the hell I am, yet this place seems awfully familiar..."

Priere flipped her hair, staring at the guy, eying him up and down "... And just what brings you here, anyway?"

"The weather is nice... I suppose..."

†Elohim had never been fond of the cold, but he chose to play along with the irl out of kindness.†

"This place is known as the Woodlands of Ice, in Escellsia. I was out looking for a new place to meditate after recently having an attempt on my life in my, more desirable meditation area... You should be careful of things like that, there're a lot of people out for blood around here as of late... talks of war and the like run rampant in the streets."

†Elohim rubbed his hands together as he spoke, looking around the forest, beautiful... cold... but beautiful.†

"Oh how could I have forgotten, my name is Adonis Ares Elohim, Elohim is fine... And uhh, why exactly are you out here, if I might ask, miss...uh...?"

"Priere." She quickly said. "And don't forget my name. What, you cold? Hmph. Don't see how." She crossed her legs in the air and began to lean back a bit, closing her eyes "Yeah, so. Woodlands of ice, eh? That's all fine and dandy... Escellsia? Never heard of it. But hell, I guess I'm here, now, huh? Hmph. If the rest of this place is like this, then I'll be cool as ice."

She would wave her finger around, trying to absorb the cold from the air so that Adonis would be warmer... Yeah, she was being nice. Sure, for her own personal gain, but that didn't really matter, did it~? "You know any place I can study up on my magic?"

"Priere, got it."

†Elohim listened while steadily feeling warmer, the thought that the girl had something to do with it crossed his mind.†

"Magic huh, well if that's your 'poison' then want the Academy, that happens to be where I study at, I suppose I could take you there if you'd like?"

Priere quirked a brow "Academy? It'll help me with my magic? Huh. I guess I'll go with you, then."

Priere would suddenly be lurched back into the depths of her mind, where the 2 other consciences resides... Signis and Blue.

Signis: I don't trust him. I say we kill him now. Blue needs more souls, don't you?

Blue would nod in agreement, for she thirsted for souls right now.

Priere: You two shut up! I need to learn more magic! Keep your homicidal thoughts OUT of this until I can muster up enough magical abilities, GOT IT? If I don't gain power, you two don't have power either!

Signis fell silent. "... Fine. But we should assess his... power. Don't you think?

Priere shook her head "Um, NO. I don't care about what he can do!!"

Signis stared Priere directly in the eyes, concentrating deeply "... I'm sure that you do. Think about it, Priere. It is essential..."

Priere scoffed, pushing Signis away "I'm gonna do this MY way. You two just sit back and watch until it's time for you to take over! Got it!?"

With that, Priere would snap back into reality, nodding at Adonis "... Take me there. And while you're at it, let me see how... Good I am with my magics, huh?"

"Hmm, so you'd like a"

†Elohim looked about, if the girl was really the reason that he started feeling warmer in this weather then he'd possibly be at a disadvantage fighting her here...but would that be a problem? One way to find out.†

"...I suppose I don't see a problem with it."

Priere gave a devilish smirk, floating higher into the air "Then let's GO!" She would already be making the cold air in the area focus on Adonis, trying to not only slow him down, but possibly freeze him in the process. He seemed not to like this cold weather than Priere loved so much. Priere would then make numerous, large spikes of ice jut from the ground, trying to impale Adonis.

In the back of Priere's head, she could hear Signis trying to tell her something. She ignored Signis, however.

†Once he felt the area around him grow colder, Elohim got an idea of the magic that Priere was interested in. He activated his Cut Chemist, Baron, and Weapon Mastery Territories just before the first spike began shooting toward him. he would dodge back avoiding spike after spike, using his PSYchic Stream to attach strands of Psychic energy to all of the spikes after successfully dodging them. As he dodged an Astral projection of himself would burst from his body, with several knives orbiting around it, it was headed straight for Priere and it fired off numerous PSYchic Arrows at her.†

Priere would quickly retaliate by creating her Ice Shield, a large wall of ice in front of her. The arrows should hit the shield and be stopped by it, and when the last arrow would hit, Priere would shatter the shield and change it into Ice Needles, which would fly at Adonis, trying to impale him.

"He uses psychic abilities." Said Signis. "I doubt that your Ice and Water magics will be enough for him."

Priere gritted her teeth, thinking back to Signis "Shut UP and let me do this on my own!" The ice spikes jutting from the ground would also shatter, changing into Ice needles aimed at Adonis, as well.

†Elohim would activate his PSY Barrier stopping the ice shards in their tracks, then as a bit of a joke, he would shatter his own barrier, sending it at Priere in the form of a few PSY Blasts.†

"Not bad, but not enough."

†Elohim would pull his spear from his back, pointing the tip at Priere a small cross would form as holy energy began concentrating in front of it.†

Priere scoffed "Fine, Signis, if you wanna do it so bad..." Priere and Signis switched, giving Signis control of the body. This is because Signis had some psychic abilities of her own, and because of that, perhaps she'd be able to parry these attacks easier than Priere would.

Signis unleashed a few mental blasts, trying to match each of the PSY blasts... Naturally, she couldn't get them all, but managed to evade the rest with expertise flying skills. She would then notice the holy energy being stored in the spear "... Ah... Holy energy... It looks so familiar to me..." Signis couldn't remember her former angelic abilities. She used to see energy like that all the time, but with the insanity of being an Insangel... It was only a nostalgic familiarity...

Regardless, Signis acted quickly, shooting two large Terminal Bolts from her hand. One was aimed for the spear, the other at Adonis. Signis also began to slooooooowly and slightly decline from the air... She was taking note of something.

†Elohim decided to practice some of his Holy abilities, something he hadn't done in a while. The lightning would hit the spear and knock it free from his hand, as the other one clashed with his light armor, scorching the surface a bit, but not damaging him too much directly.†

"Well, lightning too... what else do you have?"

†As he spoke the Astral Elo (which i forgot about...) would once again target Priere, flying straight for her, with the knives still orbiting quickly around it. This happened as Elohim recouped from the shock of the lightning, he telekinetically recalled his spear to his hand and stared at Priere as she descended to the ground, curious as to why her assault stopped, he released psychic energy around his body in preparation for whatever was to come.†

Signis smirked, knowing that Adonis grabbing his spear was a mistake, as well as getting hit by that bolt of electricity. Signis' electricity had the special ability to weaken whatever was within its presence and drain the power of something to go within itself... So when the electricity hit Adonis' light armor, it should have become weakened and have been drained quite a bit, making it that much more weak.

As for the spear, Signis used her potent ability to charge anything with electricity to silently surge the electricity within the spear... But not enough to harm Adonis or be noticed by him. The electricity would slowly weaken him and drain his energy. Also, from directly touching the electrified spear, his body was subject to be charged with this electricity at any time by Signis... Which was a bad thing. Now her electrical currents were surging through him undetected...

But, at the moment, it was time for Signis to save her own life. She tried to do a backbend out of the way of the knives, but was grazed, getting a slight wound about her stomach. "Gh... Rrr..." However, with the knife touching her, it would become contaminated with her electricity as well, harboring the electrical currents which could surge through each of the other knives through a chain effect and hopefully weaken the Astral Elo enough to destroy it... And this was all from one knife cutting her a bit. This just proves that it's bad to touch Signis. She would float to the ground know, slightly wobbling, trying to regain composure from her wound. Shouldn't take that long.

†The electricity would surge through Elohim, and for the time being it went unnoticed, as for the knives and the Astral Elo, the knives were immune to energies other than Elohim's own, and as such, the electrical current would take no effect on it, with contact made she would be 'marked' as Elohim's Spot and Mark Territory activated in place of his Weapon Mastery Territory, with this the knives would snap free from orbiting the Astral Elo, and target Signis. As this happened Elohim would toss his spear like a javelin, it flew at an astonishing rate straight for Signis, with holy energy spilling off it and 5 crosses circling around it. Some of the Psychic energy released around Elohim would clasp onto his forearm.†

Signis noticed that the electricity had no effect on the knives... So, noting how she was injured, there was only 2 things she could really do at this point... Switch to Priere or Blue, or continue to fight and release the electrical currents within Adonis' body, which were slowly draining his power... Ah, but then, there was a spear coming at her as well... Maybe this would work.

She dashed straight at the spear, however ducked slightly just in case this didn't work and she had to go under the spear. She would charge herself with the same electrical charge as the one in the spear, thus causing it to instantly fly away from her instead of hitting her, and allowing her a free path to Adonis, dodging the knives. She was a bit slower now, however, due to her wound... But that didn't matter. "With the accumulation of electricity throughout your entire body... I want you to explode."

With that, she did something terrible and uncalled for... The used an attack of hers WITHIN the body of Adonis... the Charge Bolt. This was an ability that accumulated a lot of electricity within one point (Signis tried to make this Adonis' heart), and then without warning, releases all of it in a massive shocking sort of way, which should make electricity spew from every corner of Adonis' body and leave him draining of all energy and weakened of all power, and hopefully unable to continue... If not... Signis MIGHT be in some trouble...
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Insangel 8: Priere's Looking For Something... Flower Garden? Eh.

(After Portal From Escellsia)

"... Sheesh. Isn't there any place cold around here? We keep getting these places that are useless to me..."

Priere, the sorceress-in-training, was alone. She rubbed her head and flared up here dress a bit, staring blankly off into the field of snow-covered flowers... Yet she asked for some place colder.

"Sure, the Winter is my kinda time period, but... *yawn*, it feels like the summer time out here. I mean, crap, what is it like, -2 out here? I'm burning up! You guys can't seriously be fine with this...?"

Priere started to fan herself as if she were actually hot... She was more used to colder temperatures anyway. Luckily she was skilled in using magic that dealt with ice, water and temperature, or else she'd die at room temp. Though, she was definitely alone... So who was she talking to? Imaginary friends? Invisible people? Was she just crazy? Well, actually, the last one is true. BUT, she was talking... To the two other beings that were forced to share her body and mind... Signis, the Angel and Blue the Demon. 3 different souls in one body...

Going into Priere's head, one can see the full conversation that ensues only within her own mind...

Priere: God, Signis, you're such so damn obsessed with spilling blood, can we at LEAST go find somewhere to rest first? I mean, you ARE the analytical and reasonable one, you should be the one getting ME out of some stupid mess, ya know?

Signis: Quiet down! I insist that we spill blood because the faster we do so, the stronger we get! And it is the winter time here, so your powers are at their absolute peak! There should be no way you could lose to anyone here!

Priere: Yeah, but I mean... I'm still kinda new to them.

Signis: Which is why we must practice! Blue and I are heavily limited because you have not increased the potential of your entire being as a whole! The two of us cannot grow until you do, and we... MUST grow! I was a high ranking archangel and Blue was a demon lord! To think, how I could be reduced to... this... I am so limited while bound to you... I want blood! I want death! I want my old power! Bring it to me, Priere! Allow me the joy of slaughter that I once knew!

Priere:... Weren't you an angel, though?

Signis: Silence!

The two of them quarreled, as usual, about a very simple matter that had an extremely simple solution, no doubt. Signis used her smarts and Priere used her cold fury. It was a heated match... somehow. Though, in all of this, there was a lone shadow... Or, what seemed to be a shadow. It was a creature, pitch black, looking exactly like a shadow... The creature opened its eyes and peered toward the other two, the eyes being a deep, soul-piercing blue. This was Blue. She wasn't much of a talker.

Once Blue looked at the two of them, they felt the chilling gaze send tingles up their spine, looking over to Blue, who usually resolved the conflicts with rational solutions.

Priere and Signis: Blue!!

Blue closed her eyes again, arms crossed and back leaning against some sort of odd... beam of sorts. In one's mind? What could this beam be... Whatever. Logic doesn't have to make sense here!

Blue: ... Observe.

Not another word was uttered from Blue, yet the other two immediately figured out what she said as if she had given and entire biography about it.

Priere and Signis: Aha! That's it!

Priere: We've gotta go look at the pansies around this place!

Signis: Once we assess the competition, we can see if we should focus on where to live first or if we should senselessly kill things! And what better way to assess someone than with... A battle?!

The two seemed overjoyed now... And peace was restored to Priere's body.

Once that matter was solved, the three of them then thought about another large problem that would occur between them... Who was going to fight first, if at all?

Blue: ... We can take turns?

Signis: Impossible. You know that Priere's body is too weak to sustain too many changes between the 3 of us at this moment. We would need to increase her power to enable that ability, you see, as the strain of us switching abruptly is merely too much for a very swift and heated battle that I assume we would have.

Priere: Yeah, we could switch no problem if we had time and preparation for it during battle like we do all the time out here, but right now none of us have the capacity to switch in and out so fast, ya know?

Blue: ... True...

Signis: ... Then I assume we shall only switch if necessary or if there is a period of time where we can prepare for such a switch without any interruptions?

Priere: Yeah, I guess. I mean, I can manage to decently quickly switch between the 3 of us once, but not really much after that.

Signis: ... Yes, quite. Well, nevertheless, we must go assess our own power as well as the power of anyone else here to see what we're dealing with.

Priere: Alright, that's all settled... Break!

Suddenly, Priere would be back in reality. Somehow, no more than about 3 seconds had passed by.. Even though that entire conversation was rather long within itself. But 3 seconds max to be out of focus is pretty good, she thought. Ah well.

Priere: Guess I'm goingta fight, huh...? Heh heh.
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Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels

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Insangel 9: Alright, Alright, Bring It On!

After the talk in the Flower Garden, Priere made her way here, to a nice, clean sheet of snow. She hovered over it, as she never liked walking and only enjoyed hovering everywhere she went. It consumed less energy to float, surprisingly. She gazed at the whiteness of the snow, feeling slightly at ease here, yet didn't like the peace because she was pretty damn rambunctious.

"... Hmph. Dammit, where the hell is everyone? I wanna kick someone's ass really quick and enslave them."

She looked around the area a bit... Yet, no avail. Wonder where these people could be... She needed a fight soon!

-Alice comes waltzing in, her jacket blowing in the wind and her hair following the same. Alice wasn't one for letting her guard down, so her hand was resting on her rapier and her eyes were locked on her future parenting-

"Hmp first women I seen out here. Thats just what this place needs, a little feminine touch...wouldn't you say?"

-Alice said hoping to make small chit-chat before getting down to business of wrapping up a quick win-

Priere gave a slight smirk, her eyes narrowing and her demonic red eyes gleaming in the snow. She flipped her hair and fluffed out her dress a bit, eying this woman up and down.

"Heh. You know it. I wouldn't feel right letting a guy take over, ya know?"

She seemed to have a conventional weapon on her... Oh, how fun. This was going to be quick since Priere had such an advantage... Slave number one was all that rushed through her head.

Inside the depths of Priere's mind...

Priere: So, who wants first crack at her?

Signis: ... I say we see what she can do first. If need be, we'll summon our own weapon for that rapier of hers...

Priere: Huh! I should just handle this real quick! There's snow and coldness all around! It's a SURE win for me!

Signis: But we do not know what she can do... Perhaps I should take over--

Priere: NO, BITCH, you just want to have all the fun for yourself!!

Signis: ... I need bloodshed.

Priere: You're a reaaaally crappy angel, ya know that!?

During all of the commotion, it would seem as though Blue would take over the body since Priere and Signis were fighting. In a moment's notice, right before Alice's eyes, Priere would become completely black with almost no distinction from a shadow, save for her depth and her soul piercing blue eyes. Blue. She said not a work now as she eyed her prey... a delicious soul, indeed.

-Alice placed her hand on hips and heaved a sigh.- "Crazy broad" -Alice thought inside her head while drawing her Rapier- "Well, lets get this show on the road"

-Alice began walking towards the women whose name she didnt catch. Alice's sword was surging with electricity and releasing a wave of the same power-

Blue stood at her position, not saying a word. Blue wasn't much of a talker like Signis or Priere were. Blue loved to stay silent... She did used to be an assassin, after all. If only she had her full power. Blue's eyes weren't taken off of Alice for even a moment. She could see a fluctuation in power being omitted from Alice... Something like that of Signis'.


She uttered nothing more. Being around Signis for so long, Blue already knew how to deal with electrical attacks and the like, however hers seemed to be different. Blue wasn't the analytical one, so she wasn't able to process as much as Signis could in such a short time, but she was definitely the most keen. She got a tad lower to the ground, as if she were about to start running.

"... Code Blue..."

Blue energy suddenly compressed around her hands and feet, and with that, she was off, leaving only streaks of blue behind her. She had great speed to begin with, being the fastest of the 3, and the blue energy around her legs only enhanced that speed further. She immediately circled the area, her hand trailing the ground and leaving a huge, glowing blue gash in it. She was trying to make a huge circle around their fighting area.

-Alice stopped as everything she wanted was all ready happening. She needed the women to start moving so she didnt have to go on the offense. From there alice made a few thrust and slashes, releasing long streams and arks of electricity. The power was too low to call lightning but the damage would steal serve its purpose-

With a glint of Blue's eyes, she immediately seemed to faze out completely and utterly from the area, evading the attack altogether. The streaming lines of blueness had stopped as well when she fazed out. She was completely gone. However, no sooner had she left, she would appear again, awaiting the next attack while still running. At this point, all she would do was faze out when necessary, then faze back in and continue to run with her hand along the ground. Eventually, she made a complete blue circle around the entire area.

Once the area was encircled, the blue energy embedded within the ground started to shine brightly. Blue did a series of backflips away from this area and away from Alice's general range of attack. Blue was ready, for on her command, the blue energy would activate. Or, alternatively, if Alice tried to move out of the circle by passing over the blue line, the blue energy would activate as well. Blue closed her eyes for a moment as her shadow got darker, an evil aura starting to form around her... her hands and legs still glowing with condensed blue energy, though what its purpose was for was not clear at this point in time.

-Alice sheathed her Rapier and took of running. She knew it would take her 24 seconds to reach the whited haired girl's location and at that speed Alice would only be in the area of blue by herself for 5 seconds. Alice didnt know what the women was doing but she knew what ever it was the girl could stay in the area for it-

Once Alice got close to the line of blue energy, it glowed brighter for a moment before exploding. Naturally, the explosion was blue as well. Her activating the blue energy would consequentially cause the entire circle to explode, most likely sending Alice back into the other parts of the explosion, causing a sort of wall-bounce effect for a few seconds.

If Alice were to get out of the explosive wave and continue to run, however, Blue had something for that, as well. Her hands and feet started to glow even brighter as her shadow grew darker... Her body started to flicker a bit. Blue was ready.

-Alice did her best not to die. Magnetizing the earth that flew up in the midst of the explosion and causing it to stick to her body. This would only allow her not to die and such-


-Alice thought as she fell from the sky landing on the ground hard. She used up most of her power just trying to magnetize the earth before the explosion reach full force, she could continue on but if that girl can do that much in one move she was surely bested-


-It was alice's first defeat and a crushing one at that. She simply laid on the ground and asked the woman her name-

Blue said nothing, as it seemed the battle was already won. She only fazed out of the area, completely and utterly leaving the woman there to fend for herself...

But. She came back.

Blue fazed back in closer to Alice's area, piercing blue eyes locked onto her as her entirely black body looked as nothing more than a shadow.

Delving into Priere's mind...

Signis: Strange. She fights similarly to me... With pure power and electricity. Does this mean that when going against pure power, Blue's tactfulness bests the strength of others? Does this mean... That my strength can be bested by good tactics? Hm... This is a learning experience, everyone. Take note.

Priere: Bleh, I could've fought just was well... Only with ice instead of that unknown blue energy that Blue generates. Tch. Well, I guess I'd better take hold of my body again.

Blue stayed silent.

Exiting out of Priere's mind....

"... Blue..."

She simply uttered her name... The one who defeated Alice. Almost immediately after, the black being started to regain a bit of color to her skin, becoming that of a normal human (to an extent) and her hair became white once more, her eyes turning from blue to red. Her dress returned instead of the skin-tight crap Blue wears, and her voice changed to Priere. Yeah, Priere had the body now.

"Yeah, well, next time I'll be the one to defeat you, not Blue, alright? Heh. Catch ya later, hun~! Look me up, the name's Priere! Blue may have defeated you, but this is MY body, dammit!"

With that, Priere started to float off with the power of MAGIC. Signis' assessment was completed all too quickly.
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Insangel 10: Solitary Training In The Desert

It was hot. A definite change of pace from that of the other places in the planet... The sun was still beaming, the air was still dry and the heat was blazing... Priere wasn't enjoying herself here.

Inside the depths of her mind...

Priere: .. GodDAMMIT, Signis! Tell me again why we're in the desert!?

Signis: To build up a resistance to heat, dryness and the light, among other things.

Priere: ... Woah, all of that!? I mean, my god, I'm DYING OUT HERE.

Signis: Such training shall ultimately help you in the future, dear. You already know how to change the temperature and absorb heat in a limited way, but that is only when in low concentrations. I feel it is best to learn how to control your entire area. Besides that, you need to strengthen your ice and water abilities in such conditions, anyway.

Priere: ... Damn you for making sense...

Signis: I am always right, child. In addition to that, you'll be able to hold your own against pesky Light and Heat users if you practice correctly... And lastly, you'll be able to use your ice and water even in arid conditions without a single water molecule in the air after this training. All of these are useful, yes?

Priere: ... Yes...

Signis: Most definitely.

Priere: ... How come you and Blue don't have to train...?

Signis: Because technically, we have a majority of our abilities already. We just need to fight every now and then to keep ourselves sharp. YOUR capacity is what restricts us. I shall say this again; once your body becomes more powerful, our powers shall gradually return to us. And then you will attain your goal as greatest sorceress of all time, I shall be able to kill freely and bathe in blood once more, and Blue will be able to consume souls and assassinate to her hearts content, just as she used to. So, until you are strong enough for this to happen, you must TRAIN!

Priere: ... Dammit. I wish I weren't born a human...

Signis: Well, luckily, you aren't one now. So move. Your parameters now FAR exceed that of any human, demon or even angel, since we are here as well. We just need to unlock said potential...

Priere sighed and waved her hand at Signis in an uncaring fashion. Guess it was time for her to train in the wretched desert... which had everything she hated in it... Oh well.

Now exiting Priere's mind...

"Alright... If anything happens, Blue will get me out of here, so I'm fine on that account... I guess I'd better get to it then before Signis starts bitching about how I need to 'unlock my potential' and all that crap some more..."

She started to conjure up a little bit of magic... she noted that it was exponentially weaker in these conditions. Hm. Signis was definitely right...

It took Priere more effort to conjure up her magic in these conditions, but she knew that eventually, if she did it more and more, it wouldn't be a problem.

"... Crap, I forgot to bring some sort of water just in case I get low on magical power..."

She continued to fluctuate her magic, as if it were a stress ball. Water would be in the left hand, ice would be in the right. Both were formless and couldn't really be differentiated until Priere actually caused them to take shape, as they were basically the same form of magic. She could definitely already feel the strain of doing this, yet at the same time, she could already feel herself getting gradually better with conjuring the magic in these conditions.

"Well, this is a desert after all... I could easily locate an oasis... Or just drain the water from a cactus or something. Hell, there's more water in the desert than most people realize..."

She started to snap her fingers, attempting to transfer each of them to the opposite hand and then back. Basic warm up routines, ya know? It was still pretty stressful, even though she was progressing fast.

"Heehee... But there won't be after I'm done here!"

After a while, Priere began to walk, continuing her routines until it felt like nothing to her, as she did at normal temperatures. She was already over the strain of conjuring her magic up in dryness as well as in head. Using her magic in humidity and heat was easy, but dryness and heat was something else. But now, it felt natural again.

"Ah, that's what I'm talkin about... But man, the drain of being here is kinda getting to me... Eh. What else did Signis say for me to train with...?"

She remembered that Signis said something about light and heat users... Perhaps that meant to learn how to counteract those abilities using only her ice and water? She could already counteract the heat with her ice and water by changing the temperature, easy... But maybe there was something more? Perhaps to increase the durability of her ice in heat and the ability to control evaporated and/or heated waters... Yeah. That's it.

"Alright, alright... That's next on the agenda... But before that, I'm gonna have to make sure there's an extra water reserve nearby, just in case this drains me all the way..."

Lucky for her, there were a few cacti nearby... Sweet.

Once the cacti were located just in case she would be in need of a recharge, Priere looked up at the beaming, blazing sun.

"You son of a bitch..."

She sneered at it with squinted eyes before conjuring up some water.

"Okay, let's try increasing the durability of my ice..."

She generated a small icicle above her head, which would drip downward and cool her off a bit. The ice melted rather swiftly.

"Gotta start small... I guess this heat is more intense than I imagined. Alright, let's put a little more magical prowess behind it this time..."

She created an icicle of the same property as before, however this time it seemed to melt a slight bit slower. The more magical influence she put behind her ice, the more resistant and durable it became, she now realized. This icicle melted completely as well.

"Hm... More magical influence, more resistance... How about we try to make it a bit larger now, too?"

She created a large rectangular block of ice above her head, the light of the sun still shining through it. It started to drip on her head, yet she pushed herself to have it stop melting as fast. She was stressing herself so much, she had to actually stop floating.. she floated, it alway did. Whenever she floated, it always drainedd her power a bit, but also increased her overall 'chakra pool.' Thus, she was always getting better the more she floated. Her feet touched the sand and caused it to cool a bit, almost turning it into frozen sand right then and there. This really showed how much she was straining.

"Nnngghh... I think it's working.. I don't think this thing's gonna... Ngh... Melt anytime soon.."

And she was right. The droplets became slower as the ice started to melt less and less.

"Gh... I wonder how long I can hold it before I get totally drained..."

The wait was on.

Several tens of minutes passed and the ice didn't seem to be melting as fast anymore. It was halfway melted by the time the thirty minute marker hit, but Priere was ever so tired from doing this.

"God... dammit... This... is... tough..."

She tried to hold out a little longer, but she felt like she couldn't. Even though she probably had another half hour before the rest of the ice melted, Priere was pooped. The ice dissipated into thin air now and Priere fell to one knee.

"... Ugh... I'd better use... what little strength I have... To pull out that water from those cacti over there..."

Weakly, her hand was raised and a little pulse of magic was sent toward the cacti. Three of them would suddenly shrivel up as every last inch of water that was within them was forced out and brought over to Priere. She would drink half of it, already feeling a might bit replenished... At least, enough to start floating again.

"Oh, yes! Cactus water is friggin SWEET!"

The remainder of the water was enough to create a tiny kiddie pool, which Priere would form in the air out of the water, then float into it. She increased the temperature of the water to that of what would be a hot spring, rejuvenating her body and magic gradually. Any escaping water vapor/steam would be taken in and absorbed by her. She soaked in it for the next... oh, hour or so, until all of the water was gone.

Once done replenishing herself, she felt like she was almost back at her original power.

"Man, that cactus water does WONDERS for me~! Hahahahaha~!"

She looked up at the sun, smirking condescendingly.

"And you thought you had me... You son of a bitch."

Priere was already very much... contented with the resistance of her ice to heat so far, so next was... light? That one was a bit odd. She wasn't exactly... Sure how she could make her ice and water more resistant to light... But, then it hit her.


She generated another rectangular block of ice above her head, the light from the sun becoming not only tinted, but refracted just a bit.

"Aaah! So that's what you meant, huh? Well, I know how to get rid of light with my water abilities... But that Ice is what strikes me as difficult to do. How do I...?"

She started to play with the icy block, turning it at different angles and whatnot. It worked to an extent, but not the extent that Priere was satisfied with.


Priere had tried several different ways to make this work, but it still wasn't up to expectation. She wanted no light to shine through this shield... and even if some did, she wanted to ensure she could control the direction of it as it passed through the ice...

"... Well, if the positioning isn't the problem, what about the structure...?"

She started to alter the interior structure of the ice, which, as she predicted, started to change the direction in which the light was refracting through it.


She was rather excited about her new discovery! She'd abuse this to its fullest advantage... but now was the time to get better with it, now that she found out how to do it.

"... So... I want the light to shine left, so I have to do...?"

She started to wave her hands about, meddling with the interior of the ice. The light coming through shone upward this time around.

"... Hmph! Alright, I want it to go LEFT..."

She waved her hands around again, still meddling with the interior of the ice. This time, she was a bit closer... for the light shone through the right side this time.

"... GRR. Alright, ONE more time... I think I know what I'm doing wrong..."

She waved her hands around yet again, meddling intricately this time with the interior of the ice. Finally, to her amazement, the light would shine out of the left, as she wished for it to do the first two times.

".. Yes! Now, I want it to shine right!"

She waved her hands, the ice shining through the right side, just like before.

"Now... Down!"

She waved her hands again, this time the ice shining upward again instead of downward.

"... Eh. I'll... get the hand of that in time. What's important right now is... I know how to control light through my ice! Haaaahahaahaha! Maybe this training isn't so bad after all!"

What Priere wasn't taking note of was that the longer she was in the desert, the less strain she would feel on herself when using her ice or water techniques, unlike when she first came in. It had been quite a few hours that she'd been in here already... about 3 or 4... so the training was paying off rather rapidly. Perhaps because of the fact that she wasn't a human anymore, so her general potential and parameters were way above that of a human, making this easier for her.

Whatever the case was, Priere was almost done with her training, she thought, as Signis had only instructed a final thing... Which was what? To learn how to control the temperature in the area rather than just in one concentration. Area temp control. Maybe the hardest one to learn of them all.

So, the final portion of her training here in the desert... But how exactly did Priere want to do this one?

"... Changing the temperature of a whole area...? I mean, it's already pretty intense to change the temp in one spot if it's this hot out..."

Priere could naturally sense the temperature... it was around 63 degrees Celsius in the desert, so it was damn sure hot out... Ugh, changing this heat to coldness that Priere liked? Oh, that was a huge task within itself.

"... Well, this is gonna take a lot of my power, but... Here we go."

Priere started to wave her hands about slowly... controlled... elegantly. Naturally, it was easier to lower the temp nearest to her, so that's what would start to lower first.... The temp around her would drop drastically from 63 degrees down to 33 Celsius... A rather major drop, of course, but that wasn't taxing to Priere that much. She started to make larger motions with her hands, letting her temp control have a wider range. This is where it started to get tricky. The wider it got, the slower her arms moved, the wider her radius got of control, but the more pained of a look was on her face. The temperature was dropping... 61... 58... 50... 39... 21... 10... Priere was somehow doing it. Though, even so, there was a fluctuation in the temp because of how difficult this was... 10... 15... 36... 21... 44... 25.. 33... 9... 57... 45... 44... 33... 32... 10...

It was definitely more difficult to control than it seemed.

Priere continued to wave her hands around, lowering the temperature as much as she could... No matter how straining it was on her. She continued to wave her hands around, becoming more and more stressed... The temperature seemed to be at a constant of 15 Degrees Celsius... Pretty damn good, actually. She had lowered it about 50 degrees.

"Gh... I think I'm doing... pretty damn well..."

However, after a few more minutes of trying to maintain the temperature, or even make it lower, the temp started to rise once again...

"... Wh.. What?! 20 degrees...? No... no... 41 degrees...?! Eh... Eh.. 46 Degrees..."

She was trying her very hardest to at least keep the temperature at least maintained... But.. Sadly... it rose right back up to the original, Priere almost completely drained ever so quickly. She fell to a knee once more, panting hard.

"Gah... Ugh... Shit... No good... Aaaah... Maybe that's a little bit out of my power right now..."

She was a bit disappointed, but was sure that she was going to get it again eventually... After another test of her skill, that is.

"... Signis... That's all the training I'm doing right now... I'm... gonna go rest for a while... Then test myself to see how I've grown..."

Priere was still talking between pants, taking the water from the remainder of the cacti and drinking it, replenishing herself enough for her to float.

"Ah... And I'm taking this good ass cactus water back with me, too. It replenishes me much better than normal water ever could, for some reason! Ha! In fact, drinking this water makes me feel a little more... resistant to this atmosphere."

Perhaps cactus water effected her magic and general ability positively... She'd be drinking a lot of that.

Well, with her training completed, she started off toward the exit of the desert and back to the inside of the village, where she could rest before she found some sap to fight...
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Insangel 11: Let's Train, Someone!

After Priere's assessment of this place, it was noted that she was powerful, but at this time, not powerful enough. She wished to train in her arts of magic.. Since Signis and Blue claim that she wasn't that good with it yet... Or rather, not up to the full potential. Thus, that limited the other two until Priere was better at this... Oh, how difficult it was being an Insangel...

Inside of Priere's mind...

Priere: ... Training? I don't NEED training! I can beat anyone with my ice!

Signis: And yet, our powers are still limited. Accursed limitations... I cannot bear them anymore! You must train yourself to become better, or else the two of US will never get back to our original power! Do you think that a powerful demon and archangel would fight on par with a WEAK genin? I think not.

Priere:... Yeah, you have a point there.. Alright, alright, alright! We'll just wait for someone to come and each of us will do some training! I mean, the two of you can't afford to be rusty, right? Besides, the more the two of YOU train, the easier it is for my body to reach higher potential, right?

Signis: Ah, I see you are starting to realize now... Not only that, I crave bloodshed...

Priere: ... Are you sure you used to be an angel?

Signis: Silence!!

Blue stood silently off to the side, eyes closed. She seemed to be taking in everything that the two of them were talking about.

Blue: ... Well, go train, Priere...

And no more words were spoken. Priere nodded.

Exiting Priere's mind, where that whole conversation lasted only about a few seconds...

"Somebody, ANYBODY, come TRAIN WITH MEEE!"

Someone was bound to hear her loud ass.

^_ Atton appeared in the area grinning like a cat. He had heard the cries of and lady and it was his duty to show himself. Atton noticed the young women and his eyes turned to heart. _^

"Whoo~ Baby-chan!"

^_ Atton strolled over to the young women and bowed to her. _^

"I heard your cry. What can I do for you Baby-chan?"

Priere immediately sneered at him and turned her back to him.

"Ew, a guy. Ugh, MUST I train with you? Is there no one else?"

Priere sighed, but then realized that this would be a chance to beat the crap out of some random peon while also bettering herself. That made everything better. She smiled devilishly, hovering back to face him while still floating slightly off the ground, as she usually does.

"... Whatever. Heard my call? Fine, but I don't want to talk to you. Sit down and take this abuse quietly, will ya?"

She floated backward a bit, wondering what she should do to him first... so many ideas came to mind. Heh heh... Maybe those ideas were Signis' doing.

"Oh-ho! Forceful aren't you? I like that in a women.."

^_ Atton sat himself on the ground smile and giggling crossing his legs like a pretzel just as happy as he could be. _^

"What do you by a abuse Baby-chan?"

Somehow, his flirtatious personality was pissing her off a whole damn lot.

"I thought I said shut up! And quit calling me 'baby-chan' before I give you a baby-hole!"

She grit her teeth a bit, the general temperature becoming colder with her anger. It was coldest nearest to her because of this, of course.

"Guh, I didn't want to have to talk to you... I only want you to feel pain. Hmph. From this moment on, I'm not listening to you. Your voice is stupid."

Priere started to conjure up a little bit of icy magic in her hand, wondering what to do with it... Perhaps the Ice Spikes? Let's play around with them for a little while and not only assess her little training bitch, but also how much she can do with the Ice Spikes alone. Once she was ready, her eyes gleamed for a brief moment and there was another devilish smirk on her face. She pointed at the ground where the guy was sitting and soon after, a large spike of ice would jut straight up from the ground, trying to jab itself right up his asshole and manly parts as an attempt to give him a 'baby-hole,' as Priere threatened to do previously.

"Heh heh heeeeeh...!"

^_ Threw his smlieing and playing around Atton could still sense the girl and the flow of her energy. Atton would noticed the energy being placed under him. He would spring himself into the with leg strength alone before the ice spike could rip him a new one. _^

"Why so cold Baby-chan?!"

^_ Atton stayed in the air hopped the air yet staying inplace. His eyes were still of hearts and he was still acting goofy hugging himself and sending flying kisses toward the girl. _^

Seemed as though her Ice Spike wasn't working out well... But she planned to stick with using it to see how much it could be used. She could only make it appear on the surface of solid things... Hm. But this gave her an idea.

"... I'm so cold because I use ICE magic. Are you dumb, or just stupid?"

He was suspended in the air, now hugging himself and blowing kisses at her. She actually wanted to rip his arms right off of his body and just massacre him... Well, she was now going to have to figure out a way to get those ice spikes up in the air. Hm. She could generate ice at will... So, might as well try this out. She waved her hand around in Atton's general direction and paper thin sheets of ice would start to appear around him in the sky (similar to how Hakku's Crystal Ice Mirrors worked). As they appeared, Priere started to use her other hand for something else, ice magic surging through it...

"Ohhhh~!! I see you waving at me Baby-chan!!!!"

^_ Atton's nose started to bleed a little and he shivered in excitement. He sighed heavily and started to skip in the air toward the girl making hand sighs as he slowly descended toward her. He would look and act like he was completely oblivious to the sheet of ice when in fact........he was. _^

Priere needed complete focus to do this, because she had never done it before, so she was now completely ignoring Atton's asinine comments. She wiggled her fingers a bit and the sheets of ice started to follow Atton, now back in their original positions. there was one above him, one below, one behind, one on either side of him, and finally, Priere created one more in front of him. She snapped her fingers this time, the gigantic Ice Spikes from before jutting out of each of the thin sheets of ice, trying to impale him from every angle.

"Ha! Sweet! It worked! I've gotten over the problem of fighting airborne foes with my Ice Spikes... Now let's play with it some more for more control..."

Of course, since she just figured out she could use them, she was trying to figure out how she could make more at once and also tried to figure out how to create them faster.

^_ Atton would finish his hand sighs and with it he would kick his leg upward in the 180 degree. From it's force air blades shot out from Atton's kick lashing out at the ice spikes around him menacing them till they posed no more threat Atton's person thou this wasn't the intention. The air blade would continue to fly on till they crashed against the ground. The blades had formed a giant kanji in the which read. _^


^_ Atton started to giggle his nose still bleeding. _^

"I think I've found SOULMATE haha!"

She sighed, narrowing her eyes.

"Are all guys like this...?"

She figured that was enough with the spikes, and now it was time for the Ice Needles... They were surely much faster and could be created much faster... What would this guy do about smaller targets? Not that she cared, this was just part of her training.

"Okay... Ice Needles..."

She waved her hands about, generating extremely slender ice needles in the atmosphere near Atton. They would shoot at him from above, below and from the sides at a high speed, trying to pierce his body everywhere.
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Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels

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Insangel 12: Heh. I Guess I Can Play For A Little While

Koudo cracked his knuckles and rotated his shoulder. He wanted a good battle. As whoever came by could see, Koudo's Soul partners, Maina and Naina, were standing off to the side. After closer inspection of Koudo and his partners, you could see that he was without his mafia ring and box weapon, one was being held by both his partners. Koudo commenced to cracking his neck before jumping from side to side.

Maina: " Whoever comes you better not lose too!!! "

Koudo peeked over his shoulder with a smirk before looking back forward nodding.

" There's no way I'd lose. "

Naina was vibrating in her seat with excitement, eager to see the true display of Koudo's power with him using them or his ring and box weapon. She was excited to see him at least attempting to show that he was still powerful without using them. Maina was the same way, but was a little more chill about it. She tried not to show that she was gonna cheer every time Koudo did something interesting, but once it came down to it, she knew she would anyway.

With all this said, Koudo was ready for some old-fashion one on, whatever fucking number came his way, sparring.


After a good, long rest and a shitload of cactus juice, Priere was back in top form, just like before. She was ready to test out the power of her new... Well... powers. She had been nonchalantly floating through the Dusk Village when she came across...

"What? Some random guy?"

She was not fond of... guys in general, and from the look on this one's face, he was waiting for something. She was a bit curious... for whatever reason.

"... Hey. Guy. What are you standing around for?"

Koudo looked up at the voice that broke his concentration. he had been thinking of attack patterns all the time he was waiting to counter anything that was thrown at him. The voice that broke through this belong to a girl, Koudo immediately shifted into passive mode, he leaned back and slipped his hands behind his head before kicking the ground with the tip of his shoe.

" Looking for an opponent. What are you floating around for? "

Koudo responded before slouching and shaking his head. Koudo was one to immediately underestimate his opponent if they even looked remotely weaker than him. Sure there were stronger people that could look weaker, but Koudo's sensing abilities were never wrong and he always knew if someone was packing powers that could easily decimate him without a second though. He could sort of see this girl was special, he just wouldn't feel right if he was being on a girl this whole time.

Priere scoffed, flipping her hair slightly.

"Heh. You want to fight, huh? I can dig that. I am weeell in need of someone to test my new power on.."

She licked her lips cutely, yet devilishly and put a finger up to her mouth.

"Mmm... You'd better not disappoint me, guy. All of the guys around here have been... child's play."

She started to laugh, swirling her finger about.

So she did wanna fight. Koudo stretched and adjusted himself before cracking all his bones and looking at her with his same, slightly overconfident, smirk.

" Believe me... I'll be too much for you to handle. "

Koudo stepped back into a basic fighting stance, signing before he fired a large bullet of water in her general direction just to assess her abilities and develop a strategy around that. This would probably be the only actual non-supportive Ninjutsu that he would use. All the others would be supportive.

Maina grumbled on the sidelines to herself, holding Koudo's mafia ring tightly in her hand.

Maina: " He better not be over there flirting. Right Naina? "

Naina looked to her sister before looking back to the fight that was ensuing. She continued her excited vibrating, it would seem that she was wayyyy too interested in seeing Koudo battle without using anything than worrying about her sister.

Priere started to snicker, trying to contain her laughter, yet failed horribly as she burst into hysterical, nonsensical laughter.


She narrowed her eyes and pointed her finger at the water, causing it to instantly freeze once it came close, stopping it in its tracks.

"Oh, if that's all you've got, then I've already got you beat, boy."

She snapped her fingers, the ice clod reverting back into water, however now under the control of Priere. She pointed at Koudo now, and the water bullet would shoot back much faster than before, the temperature of the water at freezing temps.

"... I mean, really, I don't wanna destroy you that badly..."

She reclined backward and kicked her legs up into the air, floating in a very relaxed position. She just waggled her finger to and fro, taunting Koudo.

"Oh, wait, yes I do. HAHAHAHAHA!"

" Heh. So you will be fun to play with. "

Koudo sidestepped a little and leaned to the side so that the water bullet flew right past his shoulder without touching him, though he did feel the colder temperature of the water and assessed that she was an ice user. Cool. Koudo lowered himself to the ground.

" Leaf Dancing Shadow. "

Though he couldn't use the initial kick that was involved in the attack, he still vanished from his current location and appeared laying underneath her as she reclined herself in the air.

" So. I'm not going to use any jutsu against you. Have fun handling me and this. "

From underneath her he swung his leg around at full speed for a kick at her torso. As much as he didn't want to bruise a girl's side, or any part of her body, she wanted to spar and well he wasn't going to hold anything back for her sake.

Maina: " Whoa. He's fast! I didn't even see him move! Has he been holding back against everyone he's fought up until now? What do you think, Naina? "

Naina: " Hit her... hit her... hit her... "

Her vibrating hadn't ceased, only intensified at the speed that Koudo had moved and the speed at which he had thrown the kick. It was safe to say that she was getting more than excited.

Naturally, Priere wasn't one for speed, so fighting speedy people wasn't exactly her forte. Before she had chance to retaliate, she was kicked in her side, laughing her higher into the air.

"Ow!! Dammit, what is it with these fast ass people! I'm gonna gonna have to learn to cast my magic faster... Already pissing me off."

Priere gripped her side and winced a bit, but it wasn't anything too bad. She started to conjure up more magic in her hand, then pointed her hand at the ground. Just then, Ice Spikes would jut straight up from the ground trying to both trap Koudo in the spot he was in as well as stab him and impale him to smithereens. She then started to conjure up a little more magic while watching Koudo carefully.

His kick connected good... but he was free falling now and she was drifting out of his reach. Definitely not good, though the chill that he felt underneath him was. Her ice spike jutted out of the ground, but Koudo rolled himself around and used the tip of the ice spike as a spring board to get back in the air. His shoes touched the spike, before he pushed off of it with his pure leg strength and flew towards her again.

" No Jutsu. "

He repeated before leaning forward and and starting to twirl in the air, spinning around and around vertically as he ascended. Once he was close enough he released the spinning and tried to drive his kick home, right to her back.

Priere was prepared this time around, as when he flew through the air up toward her, she was going to use the new strain of her Ice Spike technique on him.. The new guinea pig.

"Wanna see what the pain I suffered was? A hundred times worse?"

She deliberately waited until Koudo was right above her, and then with a snap of her fingers, the tiny amount of ice magic she conjured would generate as a thin, yet very sturdy sheet of ice in the path of Koudo's foot.

"See, your big mistake was deciding not you use your 'jutsu' on me."

Just then, a gigantic spike would shoot through Koudo's foot where he tried to drop it down on Priere's back. The ice spike would then retract as Priere flew out of potential danger's way, hoping that Koudo would fall back down to the ground at a high speed in intense pain.

" What?!?! "

Surprised that his kick was stopped so easily by the thin sheet of ice, even he couldn't have predicted was coming, he had still analyzed the situation quickly and and used the first of his supportive jutsu, Water Replacement. He turned into water right before the spike hit his foot and he started his he falling as water, hitting the ground and splashing against it. He reformed as a human and stretched. She was pretty good.

" Well... guess I might have to not hold back with you. "

That meant it was experimenting time. He was about to start inventing moves on the fly that would mix his taijutsu prowess with his Infestation. He stayed on the ground and awaited her next move.

Priere observed his actions.. he seemed to be rather quick witted and had good reflexes to match... Even catching him off guard like that, he was still able to react to it so quickly... Nice, indeed. Perhaps now Priere could actually have a GOOD battle...

"Changing into water in the face of danger...? Ha... Bet you won't do THAT again..."

Naturally, she mumbled this under her breath, as she didn't want him to hear this. But next time he changed and he was touching her ice, she would be SURE to freeze him. But that wasn't what was going on right now.

"Heh, to think that you even had the THOUGHT of holding back against me makes me laugh. But because I so love to be entertained... Things are about to get REAL fun! Hahaha!"

He was definitely waiting for her to attack, and Priere could already tell this, so she tried her very best to catch him off guard again... Maybe she could make him slip up... Literally. She pointed both of her hands at him, waving one gently while twirling her fingers with the other one. Just then, very slender, sharp, pointy ice needles would form around Koudo's position as Priere started to float a little closer to the ground now, but still remained up in the sky. The needles would fly at Koudo from every direction, but Priere would also coat a large portion of the ground Koudo was standing on and the area around it with ice, as to make him 'slip up' and hopefully by stabbed with these ice needles, due to the lack of traction he would have to move. Right after this, she brought her hands close together and closed her eyes, a tiny bit of magic sparking between her palms..

Ice needles, that was all? Koudo assumed there would be more, anyway, he was ready to move, but when he was about to, his feet started to slip due to the absence of traction under him. This created complications but not anything he couldn't get around to avoid her attack, as the needles rained down, instead of running and slide across the icy surface like he was skating and dove onto the grass next to the icy surface, as to evade her attack fully. He scrambled to his feet rather quickly and set himself up for another attack as she set herself up. He started to run forward, sort of in a zig zag pattern, not running to approach top speed, just to see what she had planned for a head on assault if she allowed him to get close.

It was very obvious that Priere was concentrating a lot more than before on her ice magic. Thus, it was apparent that she was going to use something slightly larger scale than before... And this time, indeed, no matter how zigzagged Koudo ran, being on the ground wouldn't help him at all.

The blades of grass started to stiffen as all of the frost on it made it the perfect subject for Priere's magical influence over ice. The ice thinly coated each of the blades of grass within a set area, thus allowing Priere not to use up TOO much magic while doing this while still allowing her to do something pretty wide scale. The blades of grass would be forcefully uprooted one by one, shooting straight up from the ground like bullets trying to pierce and cut up Koudo. Though, it wasn't done there once that was done.

Once up in the air, Priere opened her eyes and focused on Koudo, pointing at him and letting all of the icy grass blades rain down upon him, following him wherever he went as to pierce and cut him again if they didn't the first time.

Maina: " ooh He is totally in trouble now. She's powerful. "

Maina watched closely to see how her partner would get out of this situation without using his beloved water fang bullet or any of his other jutsu, but the main one that he used was water fang bullet. She could see that he was preparing something though, something that would probably shock the girl that he was fighting. Can't find edge of your seat entertainment like this can you?

" I figured you'd do something like this... I'm just surprised that you didn't use the water from my first attack. "

Koudo noted before he stopped moving, and only jumped in place, avoiding the grass that flew upward from where ever he was, he noted that they were coming down as well, but took the hits in places that wouldn't harm him vitally or hinder his movements, taking one for the team essentially.

" Let's try this new move out then... Swaying Leaf Dance... "

Using his intense speed, and using chakra to enhance his already speedy movements, it appeared that he had vanished just like with Leaf Dancing Shadow, but he knew her ice grass wouldn't be fooled even if she couldn't see him so when he reappeared, behind her as so like Leaf Dancing Shadow , he swung a kick at full speed to connect with her torso once more. This time however his foot, it was glazed over with the blue and silver that covered his hand when he used Infestation.

" Infestation... Kick! "

"Ha... bad move, guy... Now you're gonna lose! But it's been fun!"

Though, again, he moved at a speed much faster than she could comprehend, and before she could attack, the kick was already about to connect... Though this time, it was much less difficult to fight off because of the fact that she already knew where he was going to be by using her ice spikes as a sort of... tracking device on him. So, she was a bit better prepared to block than she was the first time, where he totally caught her off guard. She naturally blocked with the large cuffs on her arms, which were extremely durable... Enough to take a lot of the damage from the kick without harming herself too much.

She was forced back a bit, but was overall okay thanks to her cuffs. But now she could conjure her magic to her will and end this.

"Chill out, guy, you look a little steamed!"

She waved her hands about slightly, then snapped her fingers... Koudo should be feeling his blood temperature drop gradually at this point in time... almost as if it were freezing. Priere only smiled, her devilish eyes gleaming once again as she licked her lips.

" Again... "

He felt her cuff against his leg, and since the cuff was no machine, just metal, his infestation had no effect on it and so his kick was in effective at doing the brunt of the damage he had planned to do to her side. He retracted his leg and fell to the ground feeling the chilliness of the blood flowing through his veins, it was indeed freezing and then were nothing he could do to stop that. It was his lose. He stood tall however, and never let his legs or the rest of his body flatter. Though it was clear she had the upper hand, and this was probably her victory, Koudo wouldn't give up. He took his battle stance once more.

" I'm not done yet. "

Since he would use no jutsu in this battle, and using his speed to get behind her and attack like that would be pushing it since she knew of this attack pattern, Koudo got an idea.

" Swaying.. Leaf Dance. "

Again using his immense speed and using chakra to enhance the his movements, it seemed like he had vanished, he reappeared in front of her this time, and didn't bring his kick in for a kick or throw a punch, yet. He smirked a little before placing a hand to the top of her head.

" This turned out better than I thought it would. Hmpf... guess I shouldn't have underestimated you... but... "

He brought his leg back and swung it at her torso, at the highest speed he could and enhanced that speed with his chakra bringing his leg around at the speed he had been moving when he used Swaying Leaf Dance. Just the sheer force of this kick would be enough to send her flying, and even if she used her cuffs to block like how she'd down the first time, Koudo was sure the force of the impact would be enough to shock through her whole body allowing her to still feel power behind it, just a little less since her cuffs were taking the brunt of the kick. His temperature was dropping quicker than quick, but he, at least, wanted to give one final attack to end this in his victory instead of defeat.

Priere was definitely ready to finish the job and slow his movements to the point where he would almost be completely frozen, but she didn't when he said he wasn't done...

"Oh? Hahaha, you've got some balls to come back for more, guy. Since you're not done, let me help you to completion..."

She expected him to come fast and she had the finishing blow all ready and stuff, yet.. He patted her head when he came near, which confused her.

".. Wha..?"

She was stunned... Stunned enough to let her guard down for just a moment. He just admitted his defeat to her and patted her on the head... What was this trickery? Again, before she had time to comprehend, the kick was delivered to her side, but this time more powerful than the other two... Which sent her flying farther than before. That snapped her back into reality. She grabbed her side and screamed from the pain, still flying through the air. Once she started to slow down, she regained her composure and grabbed her side, hunching over in pain. There was a cold fury in her eye, yet a smirk of respect on her face for that last attack...

"... Gh... You're pretty good even without your... 'Jutsu...'"

She raised her hand up, a large amount of magic surging through it...

"... But now, I'm going to make you suffer... A hundred times worse than I have..."

Instead of just freezing his blood now, she elongated the Ice Spikes already in his body very slowly... most likely causing excruciating pain throughout his body... And not only that, she froze droplets of his blood, changing them into miniature Ice Spikes as well to stab at his veins and whatnot, wondering if she should puncture them. Before she could continue any further, the pain from the kick got to her and she would lower her hand.

"Gh... Screw this. You've suffered enough."

The pain was starting to fade, but she had no more will to torture him... Somehow. She figured that her win was certain at this point anyway... So she started to float closer to him from wherever she was right now, wanting to see the results.

Koudo dropped to the ground, but remained standing strong. The pain surging through his body was enough to make anyone scream in excruciating pain, but Koudo did nothing, only stood there and took the pain without letting out a single scream, sob, tear, breath, anything of pain. He didn't care about that, he only cared that he had actually lose. That was enough to make him feel sorry for himself and it told him that he needed to train more.

" I guess I did lose... not too bad, that last kick was something brutal. Maybe I should apologize to her. Heh... whatever. "

Finally the pain was a little too much and he dipped, but then the ice inside his body stopped and he went back to normal, of course more tired than he normally was. He looked up at her as she drifted closer and he smirked just as she had. His partners both stood and walked over to where the two combatants were, but stayed a distance away as not to walk into anything that could still be going on between the two combatants.

" You did pretty good... freezing my blood. That's the first time that's happened to me. This was your victory. "

Maina: " Damn, he ended up losing in the end. Did we get a weak ass partner or what? "

Maina huffed, slouching, before looking over to her sister who seemed to be still be infatuated with the speed at which Koudo could move, the power he had, and his ability to calculate the results of an attack so quickly. Naina couldn't contain herself any longer and ran to hug to wounded man. Maina only followed, not too closely, but she followed.

Koudo, surprised by the sudden hug, only stood up straight and put his hand out to his opponent. Ignoring Naina, who was latched to him, and Maina who seemed to not want to get too close to him.

" Name's Koudo. It was a pleasure fighting you... "

He left it open ended so she could fill in her own name.

Once Priere was close enough, she tried to inspect the damage... Hmm. He didn't seem to be faltering that much. She at least wanted a scream. That only meant she needed to try harder next time... Though, she was rather impressed by his durability.

"Heh. You did pretty well there... Koudo."

She slowly, yet reluctantly extended her hand to him, as if about to shake his hand... but after a bit of hesitance, her hand went up to the top of his head and she started to pat him just as he did her, almost mockingly... yet at the same time, there was something else to it.

"... Priere. The name's Priere. Don't expect me to repeat myself again."

She closed her eyes, kept the smirk on her face and turned, ignoring the pain she still had from the kick and started to float away.

"Yeah, you were pretty decent... But uh, next time... You don't hold back. Cuz that... was child's play."

Her smirk grew slightly wider as she turned to look back at him out of the corner off her eye. She continued to float off into the distance. If he had anything to say to her, it was best he said it, or else she'd float off to... elsewhere.

" Right and you make sure not to hold back either. Seemed like you were playing with me more than anything. I know you're stronger than that. "

Didn't matter either way to Koudo to be completely honest. He didn't care if she was stronger or not because before long, he'd be stronger. There was only a matter of time before knew who he was and what he stood for. Shrugging, Koudo waved her a farewell before turning on his heels and walking with the latched on Naina and the distant Maina.

" Next up is definitely a ranking exam... I'm sure we'll do exceptionally well. "

Maina: " Well if you weren't going around losing to everyone then we could have done one sooner. "

Koudo yawned and waved his hand dismissively at her and the idea that she had brought to the table.

" Please, I'm having my cool walk away moment, don't ruin it with your talking. "



Maina: " Please, I'm having my cool walking away moment, don't ruin it.... blah blah blah. You're not even all that cool. "

Priere, who was on her way out of the general area, turned around to look at him once more and somehow overheard the little exchange between Koudo and his weapons.

"... Huh. Ranking exam, huh? Aaah, if he's going for one, then I should definitely go for one. I'll beat the hell out of that exam!"

She cackled a bit to herself, now starting to pick up speed as she floated away, releasing a cool mist from herself.

"Heh heh. You're cool enough for me, Koudo."

Though she didn't like males in general, this one was okay. She held a pretty positive disposition toward him.. somehow. Just because she didn't like males didn't mean that she couldn't like some of them, right? This one was okay. She was sure there were plenty more on the planet, as well. Finally, Priere disappeared in a cloud of icy mist, going for her Ranking Exam.
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Insangel 13: Well, Let's Get This Show On The Road... Ranking Exam, S'il Vous Plait!

Priere felt rather psyched, blatantly said. She was definitely sure that she had increased in power and was a bit better at using her magic now that she had been through all that training and all of those battles... Thus, this was the ultimate test of her ability at this point in time... a Ranking Exam.

"... With this, I'll grow a little bit stronger and becoming that much closer to attaining my true potential and bringing Signis and Blue back to their original power level... Heh. Let's go."

^From the distance someone could be seen entering the area being noticed by something shining in the distance once the figure was close enough it could be seen clearly that it was Takai using Fuirko's dowsing ability to locate to young Dusk Ninja. Takai would stop walking as Furiko's crystal would be reeled back into her holster as Takai would begin to speak.^

Takai- Do you seek a rank Ninja of the Dusk?

"... Oh, great.. a guy... Hmph."

All of these guys she kept running into... She kind of wanted a female to talk to... Like that Alice girl, wherever she was right now. But he seemed to be her proctor, so she didn't really mind all that much.

"Hm? Wha..? Oh, yeah, sure sure. A Ranking Exam is what I came for. You gonna give me one or something? What do I have to do?"

She wasn't all that fond of being a 'ninja,' or used to it, in fact, but was definitely ready to see how others assessed her abilities... She needed to live up to the ungodly potential she had fast...

Takai- Well we'll make this simply for your ranking exam I will test your power with a full out battle please do not hold back. My name is Takai Kugutsu and this is my soul weapon Furiko.

^Takai would hold out his arm and from the holder connected to it would appear a crystal and from its reflection the young dusk ninja would be able to see a girl within the crystal waving at her.^

Takai- Now state you name and then begin.

Priere flipped her hair and smirked slightly, getting ready for battle.

"The name's Priere. Haha... Don't hold back? I hope you heard that, Signis... Blue..."

Priere stood battle ready, backing up slightly and conjuring up a bit of magic at the same time...

^Takai would simply create a few hand sings before he would touch the ground causing the area around Takai to turn pure black. Suddenly from around Takai would appear a large amount of red tendrils which would lash out toward Priere trying to grab and badly poison her. If Priere where to even touch the poison Priere would begin to suffer from powerful fevers which would cause Priere's body to over heat until she would pass out.^

Well, it was starting. She didn't know what the hell this guy could do, but when she saw the blackness around him, she figured it must have been something dangerous... Black stuff always meant danger.

"Huh... Okay... I guess I don't want to touch any of that blackness..."

She started to ascend to the skies a bit, keeping her magic stable in her hands. Then red tendrils shot from out of the ground at her, seeming to want to impale and grab her and stuff. Red stuff always meant something bad, too.

"Wooow, you just scream "Don't touch me," don't you?"

Well, nothing left to do but defend... Priere held her hands out, creating rather compact, yet incredibly durable ice shields in front of her. Their lack of size would be very much made up for in durability. The Ice Shields coated her hands, and since she didn't know the effects of this attack, Priere would not try to block, but parry the tendrils away to keep them from making head-on collisions as well as not hitting her at the same time.

"Ehhh... Okay, I'll try to make attacks..."

Priere pointed her hands at Takai when she was sure that she had deflected the tendrils away and then the Ice Shields on her hands would shatter into 100 tiny ice needles, launching at him at a high speed trying to impale him and inflict some sort of damage. Priere started to conjure up a little more magic right afterward to prepare herself... She was remembering her battles before... Maybe they would help her out here.

Takai- I hate ice.

^Takai would mumble this to himself as he saw the ice shield and ice spikes from Priere. As the spikes moved closer Takai decided to see if he could freak out Priere and see how she would react and adapt. As the ice spikes where about to hit Takai would sign and his body would then expand creating a large hole in his chest for all the ice spikes to go though. Takai would then turn into liquid poison and fall to the ground as a large puddle before begin absorbed into the ground. The area would remain silent for a moment until from under Priere would erupt a large amount of black poison which would try to completely engulf Priere. If Priere touched this poison she would become blind unable see until Takai removed the poison from her body.^

Luckily, Priere was in the air by now and had a general bird's eye view of the arena right now. She was conjuring up some magic when she noticed that something... was happening.

"... More black stuff? I'm not touchin it!"

Priere waved her hands now in a wide arc, releasing her Chill Wave from her hands... Which was a wave of coldness that could freeze things it came in contact with. With this coldness, Priere wished to freeze or at least slow down the poison coming from the ground, even though she was in the air... She didn't know how fast it could spread. She did, however, notice that Takai changed into a liquid state when he disappeared... Maybe she could freeze him for a little bit if he were to turn into a liquid around her... Or... Maybe...

"... I can try that again..."

But during this ranking exam, she figured she wouldn't have the time or the privacy to do that... nor the skill... But that's what trying was for! She started to conjure up more magic in her hand and she would start to rise a little higher in the air, moving her arms slowly and in wide arcs...

"... Signis... Blue... If you sense anything, that I can't handle, I want one of you two to switch me out and take over..."

^As as the wave of coldness moved toward the poison shooting up toward Priere the poison would bubble at the top until Takai would appear in half poison form looking at the wave of coldness. Takai would create a set of hand sign as the inside of his liquid poison chest would begin to glow brightly for some strange reason.^

Takai- I said I hate ice.

^Takai would then open his mouth and would release a large torrent of fire which would also have a large amount of blinding poison mixed in which would make the fire look like a lava. The heat from the fire would completely break though the Chill Wave and would continue toward Priere at a very fast pace now. The poison would then form into a large Dragon which would open its mouth wide open trying to swallow Priere whole to badly poison her as well cause some massive burn damage.^

The Chill Wave hadn't been too effective, it seemed, as the poison continued toward Priere, which was a bad thing since she needed a lot of concentration for what she was doing. Takai must have really hated ice...


Though Priere knew that she was not nearly fast enough to avoid this as well as continue what she was doing, she felt as if this ranking exam were going to end here... That is, until she thought of Blue.


In a flash, Priere became completely blackened and her clothes were rather tight and dynamic. Her eyes changed from red to a deep blue, and in that very split second, Blue had appeared. In the very nick of time, Blue used her speed far superior to Priere's to jet out of the way in the air. Blue's 3 wings were extended now, keeping her airborne, even though Blue was never fond of flight in general. Their escape was very very lucky, but Blue's reaction was just enough to get them out of the situation... Though the strain of changing so quickly without preparation was felt on the body, as shown by Blue wincing just a little bit before landing in a nearby tree.

"... Lucky..."

Looks like she would be taking over this fight from this point... until another change was necessary.

"... You hate ice... I don't use it."

^Takai would be impressed that Priere was able to avoid his poison dragon at such close range but that only meant Takai had to step it up a little. Takai would sign causing the poison dragon to return toward Takai and begin to float around him for a moment before The Poison Dragon, Gyser of Poison, and Takai himself would rocket down toward the ground slamming into it with a large amount of force. This would create a sea of poison which would flow around the whole area making the ground itself poisonous by simply touch. However that was just the beginning because as the poison began to touch the trees they would begin to met away into the sea of poison which would begin to happen to the tree Priere was in trying to catch her of guard and badly poison her. Takai at the moment was unable to be seen completely hidden within the sea of poison.^

Blue's eyes narrowed upon viewing what was going on now... Poison all around. This wasn't going to end well. She was going to have to take to the skies...

"... I hate flying..."

To ensure maximum safety, Blue fazed out for a moment and reappeared in the sky, wings spread and flapping slightly. Her hands were glowing with a blue energy and Blue's eyes gleamed for just a bit. Just then, her shadow became pitch black, started to move on its own... moving toward the shadows of whatever was in the area, trying to consume them to grow stronger. Once it did that, it would seep into the sea of poison... Naturally, you can't melt away a shadow.

Now, Blue just had to wait for Takai to make himself noticeable... Blue had keen eyes and she felt they were good enough to be able to see him...

^From the sea would appear multiple Takai's in a poison like form and just as quickly as they appeared the would all launch toward Priere like rockets trying to grab her and pull her down into the sea. Although some would rocket way past Priere high into the air before exploding with a large amount of force sending a rain fall of poison down toward Priere leaving her stuck between an army of poison Takai clones and a deadly rain fall.^

He was really trying to go hard on her, it seemed... Even though Blue was quick, she did not have the speed alone to outrun all of these attacks, nor did she want to waste energy continuously fazing in and out, because doing that would drain her quite rapidly. She needed to escape and take out some of the threats at the same time.. And currently, she only had one move for that... The Blue Blur.

The concentrated energy within Blue's hands suddenly outlined her body for a moment, tinting her a cool shade of blue for just a moment before forcefully shooting itself out of her back, legs and feet all at once, propelling her at speeds much, much greater than she had been going before. She was so fast that she left afterimages... Or, it appeared that way. The afterimages she was leaving behind were actually manifestations of the said blue energy she was being propelled by taking her own shape and form... And naturally, they afterimages left behind by the speeding Blue were explosive by nature.

So, Blue was trying her hardest to outrun the Takais and the rain coming down, trying to off some of them with the explosions of the afterimages or something... But she couldn't keep that up for long for if she went on too long with it, her energy would be depleted rather fast. She just needed to stall until he stopped or until she found a place of shelter..

^The clones would be quickly destroyed from the explosions since they where not really that smart of clones. Although the sea would release more clones which would explode in the sky causing the area to begin to become a rainfall full of poison. Takai was every interesting in seeing if this girl could find some possible way to avoid this poison. As this was done the poison sea would begin to slowly disappear as it did actually take some energy to maintain it for a long period of time.^

Clearly, Blue was using up a good deal of energy just by using this ability for such an extended amount of time... Not too much where she couldn't function, but she was going to have to be conservative for a while... Yet, this rain and these clones didn't seem to let up. Perhaps she should try a different-- ... Wait. The sea was shrinking... Her stalling was working to her advantage to an extent... She had an idea now.

"... Chance..."

Blue went straight for the sea of poison now, stopping with the Blue Blur propulsion as if to her own death... Yet, at the same time, she knew what she was doing. Something else was happening... Her shadow, which was now mirroring her own actions was moving in the same way, only upward. So, when Blue was just about to hit the sea of poison, her shadow appeared on the surface and she would slip into that like a portal, escaping the onslaught of attacks. She instantly popped out of a different shadow in the area, hopefully with the clones now not on her tail anymore...

"... I hope it is not part of the test to beat him..."

She knew that as she was now, that was impossible. Blue's wings were spread and she would hover above the sea, ascending at a constant rate to ensure that nothing else... happened.

^As Priere was able to avoid his Poison Rainfall the sea would completely disappear and Takai would be standing in the center of where the sea use to be dripping with poison. Takai would sign and the poison rain would stop and would converge back to Takai simply disappearing where it would touch his body. Takai would then look toward Priere for a moment thinking to himself for a moment about how Priere had been doing so far. Takai would then simply lift his poison covered arm and would motion for Priere to attack him dead on that is if she could.^

With eyes carefully peeled on the entire area, Blue noticed that the poison was converging back to the origins... Takai. The true one, this time. He was motioning to her... For her to attack him? Head on? Blasphemy.

"... Only a fool would run right into battle knowing what their enemy is best at..."

Blue wished to keep her distance, for she didn't want to run the risk of getting poisoned in any way... Luckily, a majority of her attacks worked both close and long range, so she was fine. Blue energy suddenly engulfed her eyes entirely as well as her hands, as she looked at Takai. When she did, moderately large, blue beams of condensed and concentrated energy shot from them and down at his position trying to hit him and make him explode with their explosiveness... the Big Blue's what they call it. At the same time, she had figured out that Takai's body must have been special... able to become poison at will... Which is why touching him would be a bad idea at this point in time. He seemed to want to test her offensive capabilities... which Blue had, but the best offensive one of the Insangel was...

"... Signis...?"

Preparation time.

^As the beams moved toward Takai he would look at them for a moment until Takai would take his poison form making himself flexible enough for Takai to slide though the multiple beams and would move toward Priere. Although right when Takai was about to be on top of Priere Takai would actually split into multiple blobs of poison which would constantly change position trying to greatly confuse Priere. The blobs would then move in at the some time trying to completely engulf Priere.^

Blue kept a watchful eye even still, preparing for a switch with Signis... The blue energy surrounding her hands would be what she would use to block these blobs... hopefully...

"... Code Blue..."

Blue's legs were suddenly coated with the blue energy as well and she would begin to spin, releasing the energy as a type of sphere around her... The sphere, naturally would explode with an explosion much larger than the ones before, trying to blow away the poison blobs or something of that sort.. Keep them away from her or something before they got a chance to engulf her.

Once the explosion cleared, there would be someone floating there in the sky... It wasn't Blue... It wasn't Priere... No, this one was in all white... a tight suit similar to Blue's, however adorned with a beautiful white cape and corona as well... Her eyes were as red as Priere's and seemed to lust for blood. This was the Archangel Signis.

"Mmm... Poison, I see? Dear me, you are quite powerful..."

Signis was a little upset that her true potential was not unlocked yet... thanks to Priere... So making do with what she had was the best course of action. Her body surged with electricity as she floated higher into the air... Oh, how ready she was.

^The explosion would cause the blobs to scatter into multiple directions around the area. Although after a moment the would pile back together forming back into Takai who would be looking up toward Priere noticing she had gone under another transformation. Takai would pull down his gas mask and would release a large fireball which would be pure black, The fireball would be completely draining all air out of its general area and if it touched Priere the air around her would be burned away and she would be unable to breath.^

Signis gazed upon the fireball for only a brief moment, then began to fly away from the general area for some reason... as if she knew what the fireball was going to do.

".. I see... That is what it does...? I would not want that to happen to me..."

Signis darted off elsewhere before holding a hand out in front of her pointing at Takai. It was charged with some electricity, it would seem, and with it aimed at Takai, she would utter something under her breath...

"... Terminal Bolt..."

Out of her hand, a moderately large and swift bolt of electricity shot toward Takai. If it hit, one of its special properties would activate.. The ability to slightly weaken as well as siphon a small amount of power from what it touched. If she could hit him a whooooole lot, maybe he would become weak enough for her to handle completely...? It was highly doubtful, however.

^As the bolt moved toward him Takai would place his hand which Furiko was connected to on the ground and suddenly in front of Takai would appear a large amount of crystal which would block the lighting causing it to conduct though the crystal into the ground. The crystal would then disappear and Takai would then look up toward Priere and would then create a set of hand signs causing the fire ball to stop mid air and then appear above Takai as it would begin to shrink. Takai had mostly seen everything her wanted from Priere and wanted to test one last thing. Takai would space his hands out after sign causing the fire ball to expand into a large disk and it would begin to spin. Suddenly a barrage of fire balls would erupt from the disk toward Priere at decent speeds trying not only to hit her but slowly reduce her movements until she would be completely bombarded by fire balls. Although a large scale attack it would only last a minute or two releasing a good 200 fireballs until the disk shrunk and disappeared.^

Signis examined the entire situation thoroughly... There wasn't an attack she could do that would take care of all of the fireballs... She definitely was not fast enough to avoid all of them, even though she used lightning which should increase her speed. The only thing to do was defend and parry.

"... I see..."

Signis held her hand out creating an electrical wall in front of her of moderately large size. It was rather wide and tall and seemed pretty sturdy. It crackled and surged with nothing but her electricity. It shot out bolts of lightning from itself at the fireballs, Signis knowing that if she weakened the fireballs first, absorbed small amounts of their energy to power up the Electric Wall and let the fireballs hit the wall, then perhaps she could block and reflect them all, for the Electric Wall also reflected things that it hit after electrically charging them. Since the fireballs didn't seem to be all that powerful thankfully, Signis' plan seemed to work. Any oncoming fireballs would be hit with the electricity, thus weakening them slightly and increasing the power of the wall slightly and when the fireballs hit, they would be electrically charged and reflected back at a high speed. Signis aimed some for Takai and some for the other fireballs because... well, she wanted to destroy these fireballs more than reflect them. So, only a good 20 of them actually went down to try to hit Takai while the rest would most likely be destroyed by the Electric Wall, hopefully.

Though it didn't seem like much, reflecting all of those fireballs was pretty taxing on Signis. Using the Electric Wall for a long time in general did that because of what it was used for, since it was different from most of Signis' attacks. She only hoped that this worked because if it didn't, she might have to switch back to Priere... and clearly, Takai hates ice.

Takai- Very nice I have seen everything I need to see.

^Takai would say this as he would take off his gas mask as the fireballs moved toward him. After the mask came off Takai would simply blow at the fireballs releasing a thin black mist that would cause all the fireballs to fizzle away into black smoke. Takai would then take one deep breath which would cause Takai to cough strongly until he put her gas mask back on. Takai would the wave toward Priere.^

Takai- Okay exam over come down and hear what rank you have earned.

Finally, it was over. Signis sighed, changing back into Priere rather abruptly. Priere seemed to be a bit nervous for some reason about this... She was kinda hoping that she did pretty well.

"Yeah... Here I come!"

She floated over to Takai hesitantly, yet said to him rather impatiently "So how did I do? How did I do?" She was gleaming with anticipation for some reason.

Takai- You did well in keeping your distance after getting and understanding of my power and you also showed much skill in avoiding all other attacks. Although you should expand your attacks because while they have very nice abilities behind them they could have more power and range to them.. But you power is very rewarding to the title of Chuunin of the Dusk.

Priere smiled wide, trying to hold in her excitement.

"Sweetness~!! Hahaha! One step closer to achieving our goal! Heh heh heh!"

She listened, for once, to what someone else said about her and started to wonder...

"Expand my attacks? Range? Power? Hm. It can be done! This just means I'm gonna have to go train a little bit more... Heh heh!"

Oh, how ready she was to go demolish someone and expand her powers. She was so excited that she flew off... Well, she stopped a little before and looked back at Takai.

"Eh, you're not so bad after all. Thanks, guy. I appreciate it."

And right after, Priere flew away, ecstatic.
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Insangel 14: Back To Training~! Playing With Fire.

Well, looks like Priere was back to training in the intense heat again.. The Volcanic Plains. It wasn't as hot as the desert was, granted, but the lava would be something to train her ice with. Naturally, if she could learn to freeze lava, then she could damn well freeze anything, in her mind.

Speaking of which, into the depths of Priere's mind...

Signis: Priere! Good news! Because of your recent endeavors, Blue and I have gotten a bit of our powers back!

Priere: Sweetness! That means you guys are just a little more powerful than you were before, right?

Signis: Not even a little, we have grown quite a lot. Remember, Priere, we are supernatural beings. A little growth to us would be a large amount to you.

Priere: Ah, dammit, I guess you're right. So, this means I've got to step it up, right?

Signis: I would say yes, but you may take your time and develop your own power if you like. Live up to your newfound rank.

Priere: Sweet. I think training here would be great, don't you?

Signis: Most definitely. I assume you wish for more abilities you should... increase?

Priere: It would be much appreciated, Signis~~!

Signis: Ha. Alright. Given the are we are in... It is hot, yet not as hot as the desert. You might want to try temp changing once more. Also, try to drop your ice in some of the volcanoes to see how long you can maintain its form before it melts. You had practice in the sun, however lava will melt it instantaneously whilst the sun will not. If you can hold your ice's form in the lava, it shall be magnificent in battle. Not only this, but try... Thermal Vision. I know it is within your magical blood to know Thermal Vision, but you have not tapped into it yet. So, try that as well. And finally, you should probably learn how to freeze the lava, as you mentioned before, since the hotter things you can freeze, the more potent your ice becomes.

Priere nodded, taking all of this in. "... Alright, soo... Area Temp Control, Maintaining Ice in Lava, Thermal Vision and Advanced Freezing? Okay, okay... I think I can do that!"

Signis: And after this training, we can go create more abilities for you in battle.

Priere: Sweetness. I'll go fight, afterward, then.

With that, Priere exited her mind and looked toward the volcano in front of her with sheer determination.

"... Tch. Don't think you're too hot for me to handle, you little bitch..."

She started to float up to the top.

So.. The first thing on Priere's list of things to do was... Temp Control in the area. Well, that seemed simple enough. It was harder because she was in the desert, but now everything was pretty decent. It was at most... 45 degrees Celsius out here. Not nearly as hot as the desert. Well, whatever, time to start messing with the temp.

"... Sooo... What did I do again...?"

She started to wave her arms around slowly, tightening her focus on the temperature of the atmosphere. She pointed her hands upward, then spread them wide, gripped her fists, then pushed her fists outward slowly. The temperature began to fall again. 44... 40... 38... It was going down pretty stably.

"... Hm... The problem before was maintaining the temp, not decreasing it... I should see how low it can go first..."

Priere motioned her hands slowly and collectedly, the temperature dropping even further. 35... 25... 22... 18... She was doing pretty well. She even had to do less movements than before... If she continued to practice, then soon she'd be able to bring the temp down with the flick of the wrist. The temp continued to drop... 11.. 7... 4... 2 degrees celsius. That's pretty damn cold to be around a volcano.

"... Alright, good... I'll see if I can make it lower later. Right now is the time to maintain it..."

She concentrated as deeply as she could, somehow not feeling as strained as she did before when she used this ability... The temperature seemed to stabilize... It was steady.

"... Ha... Good... Now let's see how long I can do it..."

She waited.

After a good 10 or 15 minutes, Priere started to feel the strain of keeping the atmosphere like this.

"Gh... Alright, alright. That's my limit for right now... I guess I can't keep the temp this low for that long... But... I wonder if I can gradually do it...?"

She shook her head, the temperature slowly rising back to the point it once was.

"Eh... I'll figure that out later. Well, that's one thing down. What was next... uh... Maintaining my ice in the lava. Alright then."

She looked down into the volcano she floated above, quickly generating a rather large sphere of ice and dropping it down there.

"Okay, let's see how long I can--"

It melted instantaneously.

"... ..... ...."

Priere created another sphere of ice, dropping it down into the volcano's lava. This time, she didn't say a word, she only pointed her hand down and concentrated as hard as she could. At least this time, when the ice hit, it didn't melt instantaneously. It stood strong for a good 10 seconds before it melted completely.

"... Ha. Good progress, but... I want it to last at least a minute. I mean, with such hot temperatures, lasting a minute would make my ice SUPER resistant to fire and heat and all that crap... Okay, let's try again."

She dropped another sphere of ice into the lava... This time, it lasted for about 10 seconds again. How frustrating. So she tried again... Dropping another sphere down in there. this one lasted... 11 seconds.

"Dammit, what am I doing wrong...? Hm... Maybe if I..."

She dropped the sphere down into the lava again, but this time changed the way her hand was pointing at it. It lasted for about 30 seconds.

"... Ha. Yes. So now, if I use both hands, then...."

She created another sphere and dropped it, this time maintaining it with both hands... And finally, it lasted a minute and a half. Much better than she expected.

"HA. YES! I'm so awesome. This training is gonna make me GREAT! Take THAT lava!"

No one could understand how proud she felt at that moment.

"Huh... Next was... Thermal Vision? The hell? How do I do that?"

She had never even tried to use something like that before... How does she train something like that... Thermal Vision? Does she just... look at something hot? Concentrate on heat? Maybe she--

"Oh, whup, wait, there it is, there it is."

It wasn't as hard as she thought... She just had to concentrate on finding heat and she seemed to be able to activate it.

"Now... Deactivation would be...?"

She simply blinked her eyes and found that it turned off when she blinked.

"... Oh. Well, that's pretty simple. Hm. Better get on to this Advanced Freezing Technique, then."

She was almost done with her training already and it had been under an hour. Hm. She wondered how long the Advanced Freezing would take, however.

"Freezing lava...? Huh... If I could barely keep my ice sustained in the lava for a minute... How the hell am I supposed to FREEZE this shit...?"

That was the question of the day, kids.

Well, this was the toughest one of all... Priere wasn't feeling that drained by all of this.. The training seemed to be less intense now, in fact. But this one would be the coup de grace, it seems. So, without further ado, it's time now for freezing lava.

"Sigh... Okay. Let's do this."

She went off strong, sending a wave of freezing magic downward into the lava pit... It seemed to do absolutely nothing.

"Wow. That's disheartening... And I used up a lot of power doing it, too... Shit. I might have to find another conventional way of doing it..."

She tried freezing it directly again, just to make sure. Nothing.

"... Eh... Nope. Okay, fine."

She thought about her powers... She could steal/remove heat from hot objects... Yeah, there was that... She could keep her ice sustained inside of the lava for about a minute... Okay, there's that... And... Thermal Vision to check her progress! Yes! That's the ticket!

"Okay, Lava, I'm ready for ya!"

Priere started up by conjuring a larger than normal ice sphere in her hands, then sending it down to the lava pit while activating her Thermal Vision. She could see that the lava around the ice sphere was cooler than the lava farther away. Okay, well, that meant her plan might work. She started to wave both her hands slowly before that minute was up, removing the remaining heat from the cooler lava and turning turning it to coldness which made the lava a bit colder... Almost enough to be frozen. But now the strain of doing all this at once was getting to her...

"Shit... Cactus water, Cactus water!"

She didn't want to lose her progress, so she had to use a bit of magic to get the Cactus water she had on her to float over to her and down her throat. She felt slightly rejuvenated.

"More water! MORE WATER!"

More cactus water came up this time, going into her mouth. It was delicious and she felt power restored to her. It was enough to continue. Priere wished to freeze the entire top of the volcano for about 6 inches deep. If she could do that, she would be set with her freezing abilities... Since she knew there was no way for her to freeze the entire volcano at this point.

She continued to take heat from the top of the lava, the lava which was closest to and touching the ice, slowly making it colder and colder. Gradually, the lava started to freeze.

"Yes... It's... working..."

Priere started to sweat a bit, as a lot of stuff was going on. She could see the heat depleting from the lava on top. So she continued to remove heat and keep freezing... removing the heat and freezing... until finally.. finally, the entire top was frozen. But it wasn't 6 inches deep. She wasn't going to stop until it was.

"Just... a little bit more..."

She gritted her teeth, the strain getting to her by the second. She was focused too much on her goal to trifle with more Cactus water, so instead she surged a large amount of power into the frozen lava and caused it to freeze deeper... only slightly, but still deeper...

"... Wha... what is that.... is it... 2 inches?... More.. More.. More!!!"

Her eyes burned with intensity, gleaming viciously as she surged more and more power into her freezing technique. She started to descend from the sky, as she was using up so much as to actually cause her to stop floating. It was at 4 inches now.

"Only... a little more... Come on... Come ooooon...!!"

She felt her foot hit a ledge on the side of the volcano, the freezing becoming a biiit deeper... 5 inches...

"... One more.. Just... give... me... oooneeee...."

She winced, giving it all her might.. and just then, she had done it. 6 and a half inches. New record! Once she realized this, she pulled up the large amount of ice and caused it to hover up to the top of the volcano. She'd fall on top of it, rather tired, yet somehow keeping the massive ice block afloat with sheer will and love for her reward.

"... Oohhh... Yessss... It feels soooooo goooood... This is my baby right here... Mmm... Who loves mama? You love mama! Hahahaha! I've done it! The entire top layer of a volcano several tens of feet wide! And 6 inches deep! I feel--"

Suddenly, the ice block became a bit shaky. Yeah, she had expended too much energy in making it.

"Water water water water water water!!!"

A lot of cactus water flew from somewhere on Priere and she would drink it, causing her to feel a bit replenished... Atleast enough to keep the ice block afloat.

"... Phew. I want to cherish my baby for a while..."

It was then that she noticed she was low on Cactus water. She was gonna need plenty of refills very soon.

"Crap... Okay, let's get back to the desert real quick... I'mma need more Cactus water. Then I'll go learn new abilities in battle, like Signis suggested..."

She petted her large ice block lovingly.

"Come along, blocky~! Mama's gonna go get some more sexy water~!"

The ice block rose slowly and hovered off toward the Eternal Desert in the Dusk village.
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Insangel 15: Digimon For Me?

Priere had heard about the stuff in the villages and wished for only one of them... a Digimon. She liked having minions/companions and wished to have one at this given moment. She needed no Zampaktou, no Soul Weapon, no Job, no Rings or Flames, no Geass... no... She only WANTED a Digimon.

"Scuse me, I was informed I'm supposed to come here for a digimon or somethin...?"

She waited for a response...

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Cleff would digitize into the area.

"... You seek a Digimon? Which one would you like... And what color Digivice...?"

He hovered over to his computer, awaiting the answers.

Priere was already set with this one. She knew exactly what she wanted.

"Yeah, lemme get that young DemiDevimon. Ya know? And with an Ice Blue Digivice~!"

Cleff quickly typed the things into the computer, having both DemiDevimon and the Digivice realized.

"... Here. Your Digimon."

"And the Digivice to contain it..."

Priere was overjoyed, quickly taking the digivice and patting her digimon.

"Sweetness! Thanks, guy! Yo, DemiDevimon! You're gonna be named... Babus. Alright? You got that? You are Babus until further notice."

She floated off, Babus right behind her.

Babus: ... Eh, whatever.

They were off.
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Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels
Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels

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Insangel 16: Yo, One Of You Guys Wanna Take Me On~?

Priere made her way to the next location, which was still covered completely in snow. She started to absorb the natural feel of the coldness in the area, causing her to feel oh, so good.

"Hahaha, yeah... This is great! Snow, ice... Coldness! I'm doing just find like this. Heh."

She closed her eyes and reclined in the air, floating slightly above the ground.

"... This time around, I'm fighting, Blue~."

(-Abari would be just walking about in the cold as the bath of snow he was walking in would be melted to the point where the ground is showing. He looked towards Blue and noticed her appearance. Never has he seen a creature like that so it intrigued him. He then walked up towards her.-)

"Hello there, aren't you cold out here?"

Priere turned to him, scoffing and flipping her hair.

"Huh. You must not know who I am, fool. I am Priere, master of Ice and Water sorcery. Hmph. My magic is top notch!"

Naturally, she wasn't lying, but she also was building herself up more than she should... She didn't know how to use her sorcery that well, actually.

"Hm. Well, anyway, I'm damn sure not cold, boy. This is beautiful weather... Actually, a little warm for me, as well."

She looked over to him, noticing his... lack of clothing on.

"Shit, aren't you cold?"


(-Abari breathed in and exhaled stem through his nose to cause the snow around him to melt. He looked over at Priere taking in what she said, about how she's the master of Ice and Water. And Since he's a Fire and Earth user he should have the advantage. But giving that this is this world, anything's possible.-)

"In fact it's not warm enough for me....but may I suggest a spar between the two?"

Priere noticed that there was a steam coming from his nose when he spoke, meaning that his power had something to do with a heated object like fire or something if it melted the snow... That, or he just had really hot breath. Regardless of what it was, Priere was ready for anything.

"Whatever, I'll fight you I guess, guy. You'd better not be a waste of my time, though. It's not like I have that much to give to people."

She smirked, eyes narrowing and hands brimming with a blue, frosty magic now. She pointed her hands at Abari and would have large, slanted ice spikes jut up from the ground all around him, trying to impale and freeze him at the same time. She smiled, raising another hand and conjuring up something via her index finger, waiting only for Abari to come find out what it was. Heh heh.

(-Abari looked over to the sides of him as the ice spikes jutted from the ground, he felt the vibrations of the ice from the ground and knew they were coming. So in response he claped his hand and expelled them outward causeing several large pillars of flame to jet out from his hands to combatt the ice spikes in an attempt to burn them to nothing but water.-)


(-While that was happening abari jumped into the air about 7 or so feet away from Priere as he pointed his two inde3x fingers towards her as it glowed with both flame and reiatsu.-)


(-Skyrocketing from his fingers would be a mid sized concussive force palm of flame towards Priere in attempt to both crush and set her ablaze simultaneously coming towards her at hypersonic speeds.-)

Priere smiled as he melted her ice for a number of reasons, quickly using the melted ice water to use a different attack in her arsenal of magic. The melted water suddenly exploded very violently, hopefully causing a terrific jarring of Abari's body due to the force of said explosions. The water was still cold. That was the Evil Wave ability. Though, after that he jumped away. Ho, hum.

"Ha, is that what this is? A fire versus water battle? Hmph. Booooriiiing."

Priere then pointed her finger at the oncoming attack and very quickly a thick shield of ice would appear and keep the attack at bay without being burned through for some reason. The ice black has special powers... But whatever.

(-Thanks to the sho the force from it it pushed abari high up into the air avoiding any explosions caused by the water from below as he formed a hand sign-)

"I can change that you know..."

(-The ground underneath her would rupture as suddenly from underneath her would be a large dragon head would be directly underneath her and attempt to engulf her and crush her under its tremendous weight. This would be his earth dragon jutsu, simple but effective. That is if she didn't dodge. By this time he would be floating on air using the reishi particles in the air to keep him afloat. it was if he was standing on air. -)

Priere shook her head, sighing a bit. She released a powerful wave of what seemed to be cold air from her hands at the dragon, propelling herself into the air even further. She would then float there, as she always loved to float. The dragon's head would be frozen due to the insanely cold air Priere released that was amplified by the winter weather. She turned her head to Abari with an unimpressed look on her face.

"So you decide to pull out a dragon? You though that was any better?"

Just then, the dragon head would shatter because of how brittle it would become so very fast because of the ice, and not to mention the fact that Priere's the one who was controlling the ice about here. Priere pointed her hand at Abari now, who was looking her right in the eyes since they were both in the air now, and Priere would have a large amount of slender ice needles. She gripped her own hand, all of the ice needles converging on that one point where Abari was, trying to impale him to death and steal his body heat.

(-Unfortunately for Priere, it wouldn't be that easy. For the moment the ice touched the dragon steam could be show exiting from it as the Earth dragon turned into a lava thus melting all the ice around it in a matter of seconds aiming to both crush, and set her ablaze in a matter of seconds.-)

"This coming from the person who thought just freezing it would do the trick."

(-As the ice came towards him it would soon stop and melt into nothing by an unknown force that Priere knew nothing about and he wanted it to stay that way. He just watched as the lava dragon would hopefully do away with her, while in the meanwhile he began chanting something underneath his breathe in the meantime.-)

Yet again, the dragon was ineffective and in turn WAS frozen because of Priere's special ability that she had activated once she realized that Abari was just going to melt her ice, like he did with her ice spikes. Priere could convert heat into coldness via her own magical abilities, and this was the exact reason why she had such an ability. Therefore, the lava dragon would cool the moment the ice touched it and then become frozen, as stated before, and shatter, like before.

"That's because when I do it, it DOES do the trick, boy!"

Naturally, if Abari used the same means of heat to try to 'melt' her ice needles as they came toward him, then he would be in a jam because of her ability to convert/absorb heat and create coldness. So, naturally, using heated objects wasn't going to work, and again, he was at the risk of being impaled by the ice needles yet again.

But, since I was just restating something that happened in the last post, allow me to continue on with something new. Priere created now a disc of very slender ice in her hand. It was thin and looked extremely fragile, but it was incredibly strong, sharp and durable and shouldn't be taken lightly by appearances. She threw it and it would cut through the air at a high speed, having no wind resistance whatsoever for maximum speed, aiming to slice up Abari in any way possible. In the meantime, Priere started to float backward, waving her hands about...

(-While still chanting the needles coming towards him would yet again melt into water. If she would try to use her ability to change the heat from things into cold she would notice that it wouldn't work. This of course being the same unknown means as from earlier, what it is she would have to find out. By this time his chanting would be complete as he looked towards Priere now and drew a triangle in the air with his finger tips.-)

"Shitotsu Sansen..."

(-The tips of the triangle grew claws as it skyrocketed towards priere at hypersonic speeds combating against the slender yet durable piece of ice and split it in two causing it to go elsewhere as it aimed to forcefully grab her and pin her down to the point where she cant move. -)

"You're really starting to piss me off... Hmph. I know what I'm gonna do."

Priere created a highly pressurized water jet from herself which shot her into the sky, high into the sky, avoiding the attack. Instead of stealing the heat from things now, she was going to use her influence over the actual temperature itself to just cause everything to be at a set temperature. She had special training that allowed her to do this as well as manipulate coldness itself, ensuring that no sorts of heat would be able to alter this. Such is the power of MAGIC.

So, with a wave of her hands in various ways, the area's temperature started to drop down.. Slowly, but surely. She was mustering up a lot trying to control the temperature, but she was well aware of her limits. She only wondered if this guy was aware of HIS limits, though...

(-Abari was well aware of his limits, and as she aimed to lower the temperature through her magic powers, he was raising the heat in the area with his own power. This of course being the unknown substance that he had been using earlier and it was now time to exert this power fully.-)

"Like wise...."

(-The area boomed with immense gravity like weight around the entire battlefield, since he had been exerting it little by little as the battle had commenced. This of course being his spiritual pressure. Also unless Priere had encountered soul reapers before then she would in fact feel the full force of his pressure which at its current state can crush a mid sized building. The area started shifting from both hot to cold as the two powers started there struggle, abari just stood there forming hand signs waiting for his pressure to take full effect. -)

Inside of Priere's mind...

Priere: This guy's making me angry.

Signis: Would you care for a switch? Or would you rather use the chainsaw sword?

Priere: I wanna do this myself, but... I dunnooooo... He seems kinda overpowered to be a genin, even though that's clearly what he's supposed to be.

Signis: Oh yes, I noticed this, too. Perhaps he's been overlooked because of unimportance?

Priere: Hahaha, maybe. Well uh, I'm kinda using up energy as we speak out there and uh... His 'unknown power' seems to be able to get around whatever I do without really any rhyme or reason. Hm.

Signis: Hm. The 'Spiritual Pressure,' as they call it. Naturally, something like that should be rather taxing and whatnot on someone, especially the way it's being used, but according to the laws of this place, as long as you have something used of an equal or stronger power, it can be easily dealt with.

Priere: Really? So I don't need one of my own? I can just start up the old Chainsaw Sword and let him have it... Heh heh.

Signis: Precisely.

Priere: Alright then. I'll be counting on you and Blue to keep watch and give me pointers or switch out if I need to switch, alright? Now, lemme get this young chainsaw real quick...

Signis and Blue would nod slowly as now Priere returned from out of her mind, the thought process lasting only a few seconds in real time.

Of course, without knowing what this ability was, Priere was initially overwhelmed by it, but because of the conversation with Signis in her head, she knew how to counter it now. A large collection of ice would appear in her hand and shatter, in its place being a gigantic Chainsaw Sword. It immediately started to rev up, the pressures leaving from Priere's body. The Chainsaw Sword had the ability to absorb forces and store them at will, and if she weren't mistaken, this was a force. Thus the Chainsaw Sword was gaining power while Priere got her movement back. She glared at Abari below, waiting for this chainsaw to be filled to Priere's current cap for holding forces in it, still dropping the temperature. Even if he WAS overpowered, power means nothing when rational intellect is used against it~!

((... I was being overpowered?))

(-Abari's brow raised when he noticed the chain saw blade and she was able to withstand his pressure when he was expanding it towards her, seems that these shinobi were stronger then he assumed. He looked down at his blade while starring at Priere he went inside his spirit world and went to have a conversation with his zan. His pressure still remained but not as strong as before.-)

Any thoughts on what to do now?

Kenkasai- I have some ideas, but it involves the use of shikai to do so.

Why dont you just tell me the command already so I can beat her

Kenkasai- Sorry Abari, not yet.... (-she let out a small chuckle returning back to the real world again. He looked back at Priere as he slowly unsheathed his zanpakuto-)

"Although I dont have that form yet I'll use your natural abilities for the time being..."

(-With his blade fully drawn he placed his finger on the blade igniting it with reiatsu as it almost looked like white flames was running down his blade.-)

"If you want a close quarters fight, then so be it."

(-he got into a swordsman stance and waited for her to strike.-)

The Chainsaw Sword was still absorbing force, that is, until it reached its limit. It reached the limit rather quickly, but then again, Priere herself didn't have the capacity to increase the capacity of the Chainsaw Sword, so, it was rather limited.

"Eh? Close quarters? Who in the hell said anything about that?"

She sneered, the chainsaw stopping. What wasn't noticed before was that the Chainsaw was spinning in reverse than a normal one. Reverse Rotation. It was absorbing forces. But now, when she started it up, it was in normal rotation, working like a normal chainsaw. The power of it starting up caused not only Priere to be forced out of the sky from the sheer power, but would also launch a condensed, yet still extremely large blast of the consumed force from Abari back at him, this time better than before and not a spiritual pressure anymore, but actually a pure force.

Before hitting the ground, Priere regained her composure in the air and started to float normally, wobbling a bit because she was still slightly shaken up.

"Damn, I'mma have to watch this thing..."

Naturally, she was closer to the ground... But she didn't mind.

"Huh, so I guess since you suggested this 'close-quarters' thing, I guess I should comply, huh? Eh. Whatever."

She twirled her chainsaw sword in her hand nonchalantly, as if it weighed nothing... waiting.

(-As the pure force came towards Abari He quickly held his zan in a defensive stance as it pulsated once as something formed in front of him.-)


(-A large arc shield formed in front of Abari as it collided with the pure force pushing back abari 5 or so feet back before stopping. With the extra power it has thanks to his zan natural ability he was able to deflect it else where as he started floating towards the ground. looking at his right arm it seemed to have been dislocated from the sheer force of the attack. he would grab it and pop it back into place grunting from the pain of what happened. He wouldn't be able to use that arm for a while but no mater he only used one hand for swordplay anyway.-)


(-He breathed in and exhaled and flash step towards the side of Priere aiming to slice her directly in her midsection in a matter of moments.-)


Priere wasn't exactly prepared for his speed. She saw him initiate the flash step, yet couldn't see it through enough to tell what was about to happen. The only thing she could do was try to move out of the way, but Priere wasn't exactly adept in speed. Thus, she was cut, the wound being pretty bad. It only got her in her side, though.

"AUGH... goddammit..."

Blood started to drip down her pure white dress, the blood being discolored from normal blood... It was tinted slightly blue in color, and was transparent, like water. She wasn't exactly too fond of this...

"Alright, now you've made me angry! I'm gonna kick the SHIT out of you!"

Priere flew back up in the air, leaving a trail of sheer coldness behind her, colder than the area already was. It was so cold, it was actually visible to Abari's naked eye. She stopped high in the air, having a bird's eye view of the entire area. Her deep wound seemed to heal itself up rather quickly... She had absorbed the heat from the area and converted it into more cold energy for herself. Coldness allowed her slight regenerative properties, given she used a certain degree of her magic...

"And now, Compression!"

She pointed her hand at Abari, then squeezed it tightly into a fist. Stray water molecules started to condense highly around him gradually, trying to compress themselves tightly around his hands and feet to keep him from using those by breaking his bones with the intensity of the compression. More and more water would start to form around him and try to compress around his body, no matter where he ran. She figured that if he ran, he'd have to get hit by it eventually. She revved her chainsaw sword violently in the air, and it would expel a shitload of cold air, which could be seen as mist.


(-When Priere headed up to the air and he could see the sheer coldness at her disposal, Abari would have to act quickly and so he started doing fire bending movements as purple flame started forming around his fist. This being the kido known as Haien.(peep the jutsu list under Hado) He continued his fire bending movements until he created a dome of Haien around his person. By now the water molecules would now try and do its job to abari but thanks to Haiens ability to burn anything it comes in contact with Abari would be safe. Unless she has other means at her disposal. Oh, and as for her ability to control heat and convert it into cold. It wouldn't happen since kido id the jutsu for soul reapers and only soul reapers or people with zanpakutos have knowledge and understanding of this energy she wouldn't be able to manipulate it. Now all Abari had to do was to hold it together in the form of a hand sign-)

Well, either way, it was still cold out, so Priere could still use that to heal her flesh wound. So, it would seem as though he had some kind of fiery counterpart to the water she had.. She couldn't use this water because of his... Whatever power. She still had other abilities... But more importantly, her chainsaw which seemed to be the most effective in this situation. Perhaps she could blow away those flames with it...

Her chainsaw sword, already revved up, would be swung violently through the air, releasing super cold, extremely forceful blasts of pure force that were left over from the suction of his own force... thing. She would continue to swing at him until the force was emptied out, but the damage that these forceful blasts would cause to the area would be immense. Not only that, they were still very much cold at the same time.

Inside of Priere's Mind...

Priere: Signis, that weird ability he's got is REALLY irking me. I want to get rid of it RIGHT NOW.

Signis: Patience, my dear. The way he is using it is not conservative, it is only in counterbalance to your own power. You are not using a lot of power, yet he seems to be when he uses his abilities. When one tries to overpower another, they use up more energy, right? Try to be conservative...

Priere: Conservative? I'd rather not. Look, Signis, I'm gonna let you take care of this one... I want to see him in pain, and I know you're the best one for that! And even if those damn 'whatever' powers can overcome you, we've still got Blue. So this is no longer a test of my power, girls. This is just who can KICK HIS ASS BEST.

Signis began to laugh maniacally, electricity surging in her hand. "This means no more restrictions?"

Priere nodded. She was going to let Signis and Blue fight this battle as well, instead of just her, thus letting Abari catch wind of the TRUE power of an Insangel.

"Alright, Signis! Take over!"

Signis continued to laugh maniacally, stepping up in front of Priere.

Now exiting the mind of Priere...

There was a sudden change of flow in Priere's power... It was no longer cold and violent, but now it was shocking and destructive. Priere's entire outfit changed, no longer being a dress, but a skin tight, full body suit with gloves and boots and a large, flowing cape. Her hair became short and upon her head, the crown of a celestial being... This was now Signis, the Archangel of Death.

Her hand crackled with electricity as she peered down at her prey. She sneered at him, her eyes a deep red, just as Priere's are.

"Mmm... I sense a little bit of divine punishment about to go to work here... How I crave to see the death of another foolish being..."

She shrouded herself in her cloak, which now did not expose her hands nor feet.

"... How I lust for the smell and taste of blood again..."

(-As the waves of pure force came towards his barrier of Haien the majority of the blows would be taken care of through his Haien but he did take some damage from it leaving a mid sized crater underneath him. he looked up and noticed that Priere had disappeared and replace with some one else. -)

".....What the hell did I get myself into?"

(-Abari said out loud as this new person came into play. It seem that Priere can switch between herself and this person at will. And not only that she changed her element which he noted from the crackling of electricity in her hand. But unlike how the thought Abari was using kido, he wouldn't be expelling that much energy since he using his zan as a medium for the majority of his spells. But he wasn't sure how they would work on her. But he needed to know exactly what he was going up against so he got into a fighting stance as he started getting feeling in his arm but not enough to hold a sword yet. So he was still going one handed style-)

Signis' eyes darted to Abari right then and there, assessing and analyzing the situation quickly and precisely.

"So, feeling is returning to your arm, is it? Allow me to cease that process right now."

She pointed her hand at Abari and right from her hand, a large bolt of electricity shot out seemingly laced with some sort of unknown energy behind it. The Terminal Bolt, as it was called. It was explosive and destructive in nature, and was far more powerful than the attacks that Priere had been previously doing. Signis was the most offensively powerful of the bunch, so none of her attacks were going to be nearly as weak as Priere's... thus, Abari would have to try quite a bit harder to combat her. Her eyes were like knives slicing through his soul like butter.

"I hope you didn't think for a second that you had won, boy. Your speed, your Shinigami Arts and your heat and lava shall be most ineffective against me. Come. I dare you to try. Your blood shall taste delicious if taken by my own hands..."

Her body started to crackle with electricity this time around, as she seemed very much prepared for anything and everything.

(-As the bolt came towards him he quickly flash step away from it and watched the power and destructive nature that blast possessed taking note of her power. Not only that she some how knew that he was getting feeling back into his arm and new all of his abilities. While fighting Priere she got an assessment of all his abilities.... But despite all that he wasn't going to go down easily. For despite what the think he still had more chakra then they had assumed and it looks as if he's going to need every bit of it.-)

"Look's like I have to take you up on that offer then."

(-Abari twirled his sword in his hand and got into a track stance. He then took off in a flurry of flash steps firing concussive blast (Sho) through his sword increasing its power towards...whoever this is now. Each slash being strong enough to smash a mid sized house.-)

"... Useless..."

She seemed to know how powerful this ability was already even before it fired, and when it was fired, she was already charging up her own ability to counter it and break through it. The Generated Product. When it came near, Signis expelled an extremely large bolt of lightning directly from her chest. The lightning bolt she shot before paled in comparison to the one fired from her chest, for this one was much, much larger and more powerful, even more powerful than the blasts shot out. As it traveled and hit the other blasts, though, it seemed to grow stronger... the secondary effect of Signis' electricity coming into play.

"... Heh. I shouldn't say such a thing out loud, but... My electricity has special power to siphon small bits of energy of things that it hits to make itself stronger. Thus, with every blast it hit, instead of diminishing its strength, it powers up the electricity... Hmhmhmhm..."

By the time it was through all of the blasts, it was gigantic, and the bolt would try to hit Abari's area and totally disintegrate everything caught in the electrical destruction that was far worse than before.

"... You thought this was a game, did you not? With the ability my lightning has, I can expend much less 'chakra,' as you call it, and make my attacks more powerful by using up yours! Hmhmhm... It is most devious, no?"

Signis gripped her fist, the electricity sparkling through violently.

(-Abari quickly made some hand signs while in mid air and created a large pillar of earth come in front of him. He used this as leverage to jump himself higher in the air barely avoiding the lightning attack that was on a much larger scale then before as he landed on the ground. This would be when she told him about her electric ability of hers and what it did. This gave him some ideas as to get around that ability but he'll test them later on.-)

"Um thanks, But I'm going to go on a limb here and say that chainsaw of yours is different then it was Priere I think had it before?"

(-If she would answer his question he was looking around at his environment thinking of ways to strike her without the hitting the lightning as well. But he remained in a defensive stance. His other arm was almost read.y to be used...hopefully-)

Signis didn't see why the secondary effect of her chainsaw mattered, since the real problem of it was that it absorbed and expelled force at will, but, when he asked she surely answered...

".. To an extent. The only difference now is that instead of freezing things, the chainsaw now shoots out electricity and is constantly surging with my own electricity. Its first ability still remains, however."

Signis didn't think too much of it. Instead, she smiled and waited, pointing her hand out at Abari.. As if she were doing nothing. It did not seem that anything was happening, either... She just... had a hand pointed at Abari.

"Thanks for the info."

(-He balled his fist up as he was able to regain feeling back into his arm. if only he could use that ability Priere had, but needless to say he got into a different type of swords stance, Now placing both hands on his weapon he began to speak to her.-)

"It seems from observing me through Priere you know of majority of my abilities. which is why you been so nice and explained to me what you can do. But theirs one thing that you may not of known from viewing through her eyes."

(-His grip tightened his grip and got to an almost ken-do stance.-)

"If you notice within your self, your chakra is being burned...literally burning it dry to the point where you wont be able to form any jutsu. But sadly it takes a while, but thanks to your attack you took off a nice chunk of chakra from you. Soon it will be completely gone. Just thought i let you know that..."

(-He took a step appearing about a couple of meters away from her and attempted o cleave her in two. But not like last time his strength was in slashes had increased x2. Whether hit or miss the force behind should do some type of damage to her. )

Signis still continued to laugh, as she knew that the electricity within her had a different ability as well that she hadn't informed him of. In addition to its siphoning abilities, there was the ability to weaken other things that it came in contact with. Since Signis was in control, the ability that Abari had would soon become ineffective because it would become weaker and weaker and weaker, since electricity had been surging through her this entire time, if he hadn't noticed.

".. You think I know this because of observation? No, dear child, it is because of my mind. Your ability is useless on me... And when I make quick work of it, it shall be useless on the others as well..."

Trying to drain Signis wasn't going to help here... She was too well prepared for such things. It was just a matter of if he were prepared for her...

"Foolish, foolish child... I may do the same thing, if I like..."

Naturally, she meant something similar and not particularly exactly the same, but... yeah. You know.

(-What Abari was doing was actually not an ability of his. It was just a sword style and therefor it wouldn't be able to become weaker since this was wasn't any type of ability. So therefore the slash would still be coming towards her at full force. -)

It didn't matter if it was an ability or not if it was still hit by the lightning, for the lightning drained and siphoned the power of what it touched. Thus, the attack would become either nonexistent or really weak by the time it got to Signis.

"... Foolish. I have no time for this."

She turned her back on Abari, realizing that there were more important things to do.

"If Priere isn't fighting the majority of this battle, then I realize that my ultimate goal is not being accomplished. Our business is done, creature of filth."

Her cape changed into large, heavenly wings and flapped once, sending Signis flying off into the distance.

(-Abari shrugged at the fact that she just up and left like that. Despite fighting two different people he just left like she did-)
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Insangel 17: Priere's Back For A Battle.

After her training, she flew out to the battlefield with high anticipation.

"Alright, gonna make up some moves on the spot... Gotta battle, gotta battle... Heh heh."

She floated down close to the ground, looking for someone to battle...

Vessel walking around in the snow enjoying his new fresh bake cookies he just bought. As he munched he noticed a girl in the distance. [Oh dear. She looks cold...] Being the nice person he is he walked up to her.

"Excuse me Miss. You seem cold. Would you like some cookies to warm you up. Or this cloak I have?"

Priere scoffed, rolling her eyes.

"Great. ANOTHER guy... Shit, not a lot of girls to talk to around here, huh?"

She sighed heavily as he started to speak to her, not really wanting to hear what he had to say... Yet, when he said it, she smirked and laughed at him. Hysterically.

"HA. HAHAHAAHAHA. Me? Cold? Not likely. It's physically impossible for me to FEEL cold. In fact, it's too hot out here for me..."

The temp was too high for Priere. The snow felt like a warm plate to her, even though she floated above it. And then he offered the cloak to her.

"Ew, keep that dirty crap away from me. I don't want to be WARM. That feels so... disgusting."

Naturally, it wasn't bad for her to be in heat... she just... REALLY did not enjoy it. It made her feel uncomfortable.

"... Hmph. Why are you even in my presence, anyway? Don't you have something to do?"

Vessel felt hurt that she was treating him like crap. He was taught to treat people with respect and look what happens. And what was so back, even his swords treat him dirty. Vessel was getting tired of this

"Look, I was trying to help. You dont have to treat people like dirt. If you can't do that then you can shove yourself up your own ass, because thats excaclty what your acting like."

As he said those words, Vessel felt bad about saying it. He couldn't hide the pain it took to say that. It wasn't like him. To try to ease his mind of guilt, Vessel took out a cookie and flipped it to her.......

Mmm. She was waiting for him to give her a reason. And now, she was mad. As he flipped the cookie to her, it would immediately freeze in midair, shattering into nothing but tiny ice particles, Priere's violent anger very apparent.

"I treat people like what they look like to me, BOY. Now, if you want me to treat you any better, you'd better PROVE to me you deserve it! You're messin with the wrong one... Hm. And you're out in my element, too? Mmmm. Get fucking ready."

Priere immediately started to manipulate the snow around the area with a wave of her hands, the snow condensing and stacking up around Vessel, immediately trying to imprison him. Priere flew backward a bit to get a better view of everything and started to wave her hands again, conjuring something...

"Heh... I'll use this pansy as my test subject... For my new moves. He doesn't even look like a challenge."

Then again, that's what she thought about Koudo, and she had respect for him... Despite that he was a guy. Oh well, this guy didn't seem like him at all.

Vessel sighed. Great. He pissed off a possible freind. Weaving out signs he activated,

"Acceleration Justu!"

Vessel was ok with people not excepting cookies from him because of his name. But to destroy cookies in front of him was taboo. Pulling out his sword he whispered her name.

"Bloody Mary."

At once, Mary glowed red. {What is it now dammit. I was sleeping till yu-....} [Mary, I'm pissed right now. She blew up my cookie in front of me. We gotta kick her ass now...] Vessel looked at the girls body. Because of his recent upgrade, training with Slade, Vessel was now able to see the heart and the artries in her. His senses was hieghted more then usaul too. Using his Accel speed, he dogded the ice barrier and then he rush at the ice-girl hitting the speed of Rock Lee at thrid gate release....

Priere could see that he was mad. That cookie must have meant a lot to him. Ha. Tough. Priere was prepared for anything he was about to do...

"Aw, did that hit a soft spot? Tch. Quit being a pansy."

The moment he rushed at her, she realized he was too fast at this point for her to actually see him... a lot of people were fast these days. But, that didn't matter because she was going to use a trick she picked up from Koudo...

When he rushed in, she rushed at him, which was a bit odd, colliding with him, yet exploding into water. She had already figured out how to change herself into water via her own magic. Priere was, in actuality, above Vessel's general area, conjuring up even more magic.

"Time to play around with some stuff... Hmmm... Signis..? What do you think...?"

Naturally, she was talking to her innermost mind... Where Signis resided. She nodded slowly, grinning at whatever was happening. She started to move her hands differently now.

Vessel collied with......water. Somehow the girl turned into water. [Great. Missile Justu's not gonna work.] Vessel then noticed she was above him.

"I hope you don't think I can see or hear you. Because I can.."

Weaving out handsigns he made an exact copy of himself. Both of the Vessel put there wrist upon the tip of thier blade. Mary began to drink from them living up to her name. Once she was done, Vesse lifted the blade downward. Mary was leaking with blood.

"Great. Now I'm fighting a girl with split-personialty. How can this get anymore worse......"

"Split personality? HAHAHA. Oh, no no no no... Not at ALL. There are literally 2 other people within me. You wanna see who they are--"

Before she finished, she paused for a moment, then frowned.

"... Tch. Signis wants me to do this battle majorly on my own so I can increase my potential... Ugh."

It was always easier to talk to Signis when within her own mind, but I don't feel like typing that out right now. With a very displeased expression because of WHATEVER Signis just said, Priere pointed at Artery. He was stationary, so this might work out fine. Around him, he should feel the temp become much colder much quicker than normal, and possibly a severe drop in his speed and movement. If he stayed in this, Priere was sure to numb his limbs one by one...

At the same time, Priere's other hand was active, using the water he collided with to do some very... adverse things to him. On her command, the water droplets would freeze onto his skin and change into Ice Needles, stabbing into Artery's blood and hopefully bones, trying to slooowly freeze them with her super chilly ice... Something she used on Koudo previously, which seemed rather effective in making him say 'mercy.'

Vessel felt the change in the cold tempature. *sigh* [Great. This chick uses ice ninjustu, and I have no type of fire power. This fight just offically got worse.] Using his full speed he rushed out of the cold air rushing on four gates release. Thats when he noticed the ice crystals forming on his skin. *sigh*

"You know. This isn't fair what your doing. You might give hypotherema. Or something like like."

Vessel weaved out handsigns, owned by his clan only. Vessel placed his palm where his heart was to make the justu work faster.

"Rapid Boil Justu!"

Vessel raised the tempature of his own blood at least to 130 degrees. That will keep him nice and warm. Going on the offensive he scremed out,

"Blood Spray Justu!"

As Vessel sliced the air, blood came rushing out at Priere. He sliced three times. One vericatal, second horizontal, and the third diagonal......

Priere smiled, licking her lips at his futile attempt at raising his blood temperature. Not only did Priere's training increase her ability to control the temperature of what her ice touched, but also made her ice much more durable to temperatures much higher than that, plus it had the ability to steal and remove heat from things, anyway. He was screwed either way.

"You say that like I care. Weren't you the one just bitching about me being an ass or something like that? I mean, you were soooo pissed just a second ago, talking big. Now you'd just better hope I don't freeze you to death.."

Priere quit trying to do her new move that she would call 'Frostbite' and quickly started to move her hand pointing at Vessel in a different motion while the other one still moved the same. In front of her, a large, wide, tall wall of thick ice appeared in front of her, defending against the blood attacks and threatening to freeze then on contact with the colder-than-normal ice wall.

At the same time, the ice needles jabbing deeper into Vessel's bloodstream/bones would start to absorb his heat and remove it at the cost of extra energy from Priere, thus making his body temp drop again and his blood and bones to freeze again, like Priere originally intended. The Ice Spikes were getting close to stabbing at his nerves, muscles and tendons and stuff, and again were threatening to make his entire body numb. Priere looked as if she were concentrating rather hard on this, for she wasn't talking her shit anymore. She didn't take her eyes off of him, though she floated higher in the air gradually.

In fact, he Rapid boiling Justu was working. Because of the heat the ice was melting, therefore he wasn't frezzing to death. Anyway just to be sure, Vessel raised the temperture another 30 degrees.

"Who the hell was talking big....?"

{If I could remeber, you did tell her she was an ass.....} [Well, the way she's acting...]

It was time to bring the fight the fight to her. Using his full speed once again, he rushed towards Priere's body. Taking a detour, he went around the defendidng wall fast. Vessel brought his sword up aiming for the arteries in her left hand........

Priere's ice wouldn't melt that fast because of her training she went through, which was maintaining her ice in the desert as well as in lava, therefore some boiling blood wasn't gonna mess with her ice too much, if at all. Thus, as stated before... the process continued.

He seemed to raise his blood temperature 30 more degrees... Thus making Priere have to concentrate even harder to maintain her ice, but she also figured that, by common sense, eventually he would raise his body temperature too high and thus, kill himself in the process of trying to counteract her ice.

Even though he was moving at full speed, which would normally be enough to throw Priere off, now that her ice was in him, she was using it like a tracking device to keep track of his location. She would be able to react better to this attack thanks to knowing where he was going and his exact position. Thus, she moved the Ice Shield when she was sure he was going to attack her from the side and let the blow hit it, trying to freeze what it touched gradually.

"Yaaawwwn.... How boring. You're nothing like Koudo. He put up a much better fight than you are. In fact..."

Priere floated away from Vessel rather swiftly, higher into the air and further away from him. The Ice Shield would cause a minor explosion before dissipating, and Priere would start to conjure up some magic into her finger... The temperature around her hand grew very cold very fast, as she was trying out a new ability that Signis had told her to. According to her, she would only need her index finger and a highly concentrated amount of pure magic unchanged into ice... Hm.

Vessel body tempature once again started to drop. Guess there was only one thing to do. The real Vessel came up behind the clone. That's right. From the beginning it was a clone. Vessel's started doing this so he can decided whether he wanted to fight or not. The real Vessel threw the clone at Priere at 124 miles per around.

"Yea, your right. I'm nothing like Koudo. But you shouldn't judge a book by its cover."

Once the clone was in range, Vessel exploded the clone hoping he showered her in blood. Vessel felt his body. Good. She froze the clone not him. {I have to say....good move, cookie loving freak.....} *sigh* Vessel could've been Kage and Mary would still treat him like crap.....

Priere was a bit angered that this was a clone, but VERY quickly realized that this could be used to her advantage, since the freezing effects were already in play.

"Again, Yaaawn~!"

Her hand that was controlling the Ice Needles, she'd wave it when the clone came close, and when it exploded, the blood almost instantly froze into ice, stopping in midair, becoming under Priere's control momentarily.

"Hmph. Doubt your blood would hurt you, huh? Hmph. Whatever. It's a good thing I can do this..."

Priere had control over water magic, as well, which she rarely used so far because ice was enough at this point. So, with such an ability, her magic allowed her to convert other liquids into water, and with these droplets of blood exploded all outward and all frozen and whatnot, it was going to be much easier to change each droplet into water than it would an entire clump of blood. Again, with a wave of the hand, the blood in the middle became water, which quickly froze to ice.

"Now, now, now... If you piss me off any more, I might just start to be for real with you."

The condensation of pure ice magic in her finger was done. As she had been condensing this magic, she had been thinking of a name for it, and she thought of the perfect one...

"... Zero Beam."

She pointed at Vessel, the beam speeding out faster than his clone had been thrown at her, the pure icy magic that the beam was comprised off seeming to chill the very air around it to much colder temperatures than there already were... Well into the negatives. The beam was a sort of 'freeze on contact' sort of attack that would either freeze what it touched or turn it into pure ice... The Zero Beam.

Again, Priere started to conjure up magic with her free hand immediately during the fire of the Zero Beam. The more she conjured, the better she would get with the magic and the less time it would take for her to conjure up magic. She knew this and was exploiting this a lot. She only wondered what futile thing he would attempt next...

Koudo whistled from where he had been watching for a short amount of time. He didn't see everything only the stuff right before she used her new attack, the extra cool ass beam of pure ice and stuff like that. That was something that she had never used on him and he was glad since he wouldn't be able to block some shit like that. Knowing him, he would have ran like a little bitch, readjusted himself and came back for an all out assault on her hoping that she would need to recharge, but clearly she didn't need that sort of time since she was already conjuring again. Man was she powerful now or what? Koudo started to clap, allowing the sound of his clap to travel along the sound waves that he was slowly emitting from his mouth so that the two combatants could hear that he was there.

" Priere really is a handful. "

Koudo was throughly entertained with the display of sure dominance that she was showing.

[So it seems she can turn blood into water. Dude, this is totally turning into a unfair fight] Vessel was just about to say screw it, I give up, when he thought about her disrespectful tone. And how she destroy his cookie. Vessel had to move quick to avoid any contact with the ice

"All you gotta do it is unlock the Bloodlust seal. Think about it. She destroyed your cookie andyou can finish her off quick..."

"Dammit it! She might have destroy my cookie, BUT I won't unlock that damn seal..."

Vessel heard that voice in his head, but thinking it was being spoken aloud. Finally the effect's of the bloodlust was starting to take a toll on him. Vessel decided to once again, take the fight to Priere. Using full speed,(four gates) he rushed at her. He jumped high in the air aiming for the artery connecting to her heart.....

For only a moment, Priere got distracted. Koudo entered the scene and was observing the battle. She smiled, snickering to herself. Though, before she could make any sort of smug greeting, Vessel was already after her again. She couldn't see his movements, but because of the distance she made between them, she had a better time to react to whatever was going on. Without her ice being used as tracking devices, she wasn't able to tell where he was coming from... Therefore, she had to prematurely use her magic she was conjuring and make it into a different attack on the fly...

She snapped her fingers, random explosions starting to occur through the air made out of purely water. The explosions originated from her position and extended out ward just a bit, so no matter where Vessel was aiming at on Priere's body, he was going to get hit by the explosive water, and the very moment he was, she would freeze him in a second, if he were caught in it. Given the speed he was moving toward her and the fact that he was blindly aiming for her heart, escape wasn't that likely and thus Priere should have a bloodsicle in front of her, if that were the case. Though if not, she was always conjuring with her free hand... Until she had to use both her hands, she would always be conjuring with her free hand...

Vessel stopped in his tracks as he noticed a different person walking in the scene.

"Aww dude, why are you always around when I'm fighting. It makes me feel self-consceince..WHOA!"

Vessel narrowly evaded exploding ice explosion that was next to his ear. All of a sudden he had to start dancing. For 30 seconds straight he was avoiding ice at all cost. Then he forgot about his Accel state. Using his nose, he was starting to smell extra moisture in the air, telling him where to not go. [Sweet..] He also noticed Bloody Mary hasn't said much during battle. [Musta ran out of ideas..] Anyway, on the fly, Vessel maded to clones. the clone would stay in his palce. The other two continued their charged, dodging the icey explosion

His abilities seemed to be very versatile... Even being able to avoid such instantaneous explosions on the dot like that. Though, he was using clones yet again to fight for him... Priere smiled, figuring he must use more energy than he was keeping track of making clones while being in such a state. His energy consumption surely had to be greater than hers, she presumed. Regardless, this was no time to slack off. He was starting to put up a fight now, and Koudo was watching. She didn't wish to appear weak in his eyes, definitely not. This only meant.. more powerful attacks. She waved both of her hands with more force and command, this time.

"Aqua Tower..."

Priere was rather perceptive this time around, as when the clones finished dodging the explosions, from under them large geysers of pure water shot up, encapsulating them before condensing to an insane pressure and density, most definitely crushing the clones and probably converting them into more water, if they were made of blood, like the last ones. The pillars of water were soon frozen, towering several tens of feet above the ground. Pillars of water randomly started to explode upward from the ground, a lot of them shooting up around what she assumed was the true Vessel (HAHAHA, that's a play on words XD) and tried to do the exact same thing. Naturally, she wasn't conjuring anything new as she did this, only continuously making geysers anywhere she felt she needed to so that she could freeze him in his tracks. Now she could speak.

"As I was gonna say, Koudo, I try to be a handful when I can. Heh."

She continued.

Ravage came in and spotted the two fighting. "this is fucking epic..."

I saw koudo. (huh. This guy...)


I yelled trying to get thru to vessel. He could take her on. Or at least give her a run for her money...

Vessel had to pause once again. She seems to controll very apect of the battle. And not only is Koudo watching, but Ravage decided to pop in the picture. Vessel did a facepalm.

"This is so not fair. I got people wacthing us fight, and you with your little water conversion thingy. Is there anything you can't convert into water-icey thingy?

Now he had to worry about this geysers popping up and trying to freeze him. Seroiusly, what's the point of all this. Vessel only got pissed because of the cookies....

But the cookies...Remeber the seal and the cookies....

"Shut UP!!!"

Vessel was still working on his assualt, kept dogding the whole water towers. She had to run out of chakra soon right.....?

Koudo laughed from where he was, which was pretty far but close enough for Priere and Vessel to see, so he didn't see the other spectator... yet. That aside, his laugh was carried on sound waves as he took a seat and watched Priere handle Vessel and it seemed as if Vessel was at a huge disadvantage for the simple fact that Priere was a little more experience with her ice than Vessel was realizing. Koudo's attention stayed on the match and he tried not to talk too much, as to not disrupt Priere's concentration and possibly lose her the match.

" Well, you're just too cold to handle aren't ya? Well... too cold for Vessel but you see that I handled you fairly well. Maybe I'll battle you after.... maybe. "

Koudo carried this on sound waves as well, this little bit of training with his sound chakra was great. He was completely focused... that was until a voice that he swore that he didn't want to hear again, announced itself into the area. Ravage Uchiha, the one and only Uchiha that Koudo had fought and actually swore to completely destroy. With the last battle, Koudo was a high leveled genin and now he was a Chuunin so that battle against that loser would have a pretty different outcome. Koudo remembered this and would battle Ravage again soon... just not right now. Koudo wasn't cheering for anyone, but if Ravage was cheering for Vessel, then it was safe to assume that Koudo was cheering for Priere silently.

Priere kept her cool (haha) and continued to stay focused, even responding to Koudo's words, which pretty much made her feel good about this battle.

"... Ha, just let me at some Cactus Juice and a little time to rest and I'll be ready to go again in a flash."

And yes, Artery was underestimating the ENTIRE situation at hand. Priere uses less chakra when in colder environments because it is more natural and easier to use her ice and water magics in such environments, making even large attacks consume less than normal or in a hot area. Not only that, Priere also trained in maintaining her ice for extended periods of time in HOT conditions, thus, she had a lot of chakra to spare this time around. And magic could just keep rolling. She wasn't wasteful, like Artery was. Everything she did was with purpose.

"Come on, at least get near me..."

She noticed that there were now several tens of her frozen geysers here, making a sort of forest of ice pillars. They were slowly causing the temperature around them to drop lower and lower gradually. When Priere was concealed by the labyrinth of geysers, Ice Needles started to shoot out of the ice geysers from EVERY direction. If Vessel was within, or even NEAR, the ice geysers, then he'd be skewered by the hundreds upon hundreds of tiny needles shooting out of them rapidly and constantly from every direction imaginable. His clones would be quickly reduced to nothing but a cold breeze in a moment's notice through all of this... And Priere, using both hands to control all of this, was waiting to see what would happen...

This was not good. He had no fire chakra nature. He was in her terriorty. The only good thing about this battle was he never fought in conditions like this. He may have lost this battle, but dammit, he wasn't going without a fight.

"You could end it by releasing me...."


At that moment, Priere blew up her mountains of ice pillars, with thousands of needles coming towards him in all directions. Well, time to go old school.

"Substitution Justu"

Vessel swicthed places with a random log. And at least, he was within 10 feet of Priere. He was geeting closer by the minute, continung his assault towards Priere.....

Priere smiled, shaking her head slowly. He was still within the labyrinth of ice geysers, which were still shooting needles from every which way. Eventually, he had to be stabbed by them... Or, Priere could make that process much swifter and give herself another new ability... Something she'd call the Ice Needle Skewers.

With a decisive wave from her hands, all of the ice needles flying around would stop momentarily and all converge on Vessel's position after he substituted, most likely impaling him beyond belief and freezing his blood. He must have been using up a lot of chakra, making clones, substituting... Doing the most, one could say. So, with her new ability in mind, Priere initiated the Ice Needle Skewers by pointing her finger at Vessel and letting hundreds upon hundreds of thin, sturdy, penetrating needles extend from the ice geysers trying to impale the hell out of him if the normal Ice Needles didn't work, making a gridlock formation around Priere that would chill and hopefully freeze all that it touched. If Artery tried to substitute near her again, he'd find it impossible, as the gridlock of needles was so near to Priere that there was only space for her where they weren't jutting around. Naturally, Priere, in the middle of the gridlock of jutting needles, was ready for a very large, very powerful attack if need be... It might consume a lot of her power, but at the same time, it might make the ending to this battle quicker and a lot sweeter. So, again, she waits.

The Substitution only takes up a small amount of chakra, while the clone do take up quite a bit. Althought Vessel still had a good amount left. Unforunatly there was no way to get close to her with thoses deformed missile needles. Now he had a couple of choices left. He could

A) Forfeit the match. He wasn't gonna do that though because of the cookie.
B) Use the ring. Unforunalty he didn't know how to use it still.
C)Bloodlust. It'll make him quicker and stronger, but his sanity is at stake
D) Use his gun, Vein. Although thats a crappy option.

Vessel took out Vein and shot the whole clip at Priere. The bullet looked normal, but Vessel filled them with infected blood. Though he had no chance of hitting her because of all those damn ice sheilds

Priere wasn't expecting a gun.. He wanted to pull out a weapon, she could do that, too. But she didn't want to. She had a sort of arrogance to her that made her not want to do it. She'd stick with the ice. He shot the bullets, which would break through some of the ice through just force alone, but they would be stopped by the more durable ice around Priere... naturally becoming frozen because of the impact with all of the ice beforehand.

So, with the frozen ice bullets near Priere, she sent them aback with a wave of the hand. He still seemed able to keep going.

"Alright. The temperature is low enough... Hahaha. It's over~!"

Or, so she liked to think. Priere started to condense high amounts of ice magic into her palm, making a sphere of sorts. The sphere started to get larger and larger, the temperature becoming lower and lower... It was so cold that it should be harder to move for those who were not used to the cold. The ice pillars started to quake... Priere floated high into the air now, the sphere getting larger and larger by the minute... She had her other hand ready. For. Everything.

Vessel weaved out handsigns causing the bullets to explode, because of the blood inside. [Ugh. That didn't work work] Then Vessel saw his chance. Trying to make this count, he made four copys of himself. One of them would speed of in the bushes, too fat for Priere to see, around where Ravage again Koudo were at. Still on Accel state. He toss two clones to where Priere was floating. The clones would slash at Priere, trying to shower her with blood....

Priere's sphere stopped growing for just a moment as she released a wave of chilling air at the clones. The Chill Wave. Because of the given temp, they should freeze almost instantly due to the coldness of the Chill Wave. Blood and all. And naturally, they'd shatter as well. Once she was done attacking, the sphere grew larger, once more. Priere wasn't concerned with the other clones at all... As long as they weren't attacking Priere. She still kept her hand ready, the sphere already twice the size of Priere's body so soon...

One of the clones used Substitution, avoiding the icey breeze. The other one wasn't so lucky. Meanwhile, the clone hiding was waiting for the right moment. The clone that almost got frostbite, was still charging towards Preire with the sword aimed high.

"This is for destroying the cookie!!!!!"

"I don't think so..."

The ice geysers that were shaking before were put into use now. Priere raised her hand up causing the ice towers to fly upward at a high speed, creating a compacted cage of sorts around Priere to cease the attacking from the clone before releasing huge Ice Spikes from its body to have them jut out and stab at the clone and probably destroy it this time. The sphere stopped growing. If the clone wasn't destroyed and decided to substitute again by some means, Priere had the ice geysers explode and cause a massive wave of freezing cold air and sharp ice shard chunks to fly about everywhere, definitely giving it nowhere to go. That was when Priere held both her hands up to the ice sphere, as it started to grow even larger. She was feeling a bit drained because of how much it took to condense so much magic in one spot, but this... was going to be the end all. Holding it up with both hands meant that it was definitely that powerful... Priere wished to feed it as much as she could. The temperature of the area was colder than what a human could survive for too long. She knew that much. And that was good...

"... Just a little more..."

Vessel had one more clone left. It was all or nothing. He have to risk it. He decised to use two Justu. One he's been devolping. The clone hiding around the bushes made a handsign and whispered.

"Blood Style: Blood Domination!"

The clone had complete control of the orginal's movements by blood. Forcing him to make the handsign, he took the handsigns,

"Bloodlust Justu: Release!"

Sudden explosive of power came upon Vessel. The chakra increase was so massive it shook and destroyed some of the geysters He senses was heighted once agan. He was able to see all muscle, organs, and now the nervous system. His eyes glowed red from releasing the Justu. But the cost was his saninty. He loses his mind....

"Now, ice bitch, lets see if you'll accepted my cookie NOW!"

The clone forced Vessel speeding towards Preire, hitting the speed of seven gates release....

Koudo reclined slowly on the tree branch he was sitting on and watched as the show was coming to an end. It liked like Priere was just too much for Vessel and that was that. No matter how much Koudo didn't want to admit it, but Priere would be a little much for him as well at this point for the simple fact Koudo hadn't been experimenting with him, only training his body to withstand certain things and assuming that the knowledge about his Kekkai Genkai would come when the time was right, that wouldn't be the case, but Koudo was sure that it would be. Priere was a powerful rival for him, which was something that he needed at this point. Vessel on the other hand... not so much. Koudo closed his eyes and the ever apparent smirk spread across his lips.

" He's a joke... "

Koudo wasn't assumed with Vessel's speed, because Koudo was training his body to move at around the same speed without the need of some kind of release or seal or whatever.

"hmmm.. If anyone can take this girl out, its vessel.. In this form hes almost god... Hehe."

Ravage remembered this form all too well... Wasnt anything to mess with... But it gets outta hand sometimes... Ill step in and stop him when it does... Besides we're best friends... Thats what friends r for...

This speed was great... The only person who she knew that was this fast was Koudo... But then again, she learned from that battle with Koudo... And since he was in the area, he was inadvertently giving Priere a bit more support in the face of a disadvantage of speed. So, Priere had already deduced that anything involving his releasing of the Blood techniques increased his capabilities. That was a given. However, what she also realized was... Vessel wasn't as tactful as Koudo. He seemed to LOVE to rush in head on at Priere, which was about to be his downfall. Priere finally stopped focusing magic into the sphere, which was a little larger than three times her own size. It was, in short, massive. When he started to move, Priere's eye gleamed, anticipating that, once again, he would rush straight at her. Her hands 'slipped.' With a devious glaze in her eye, she muttered something cutely.


The sphere fell in front of her, and though it would normally just fall straight downward, with the speed that Vessel was traveling at her and how close he was, he should have shot straight into the gigantic sphere. The Ice Bomb. If he did, he would definitely be frozen instantly, ending the match. If not... The Ice Bomb still fell, hitting the ground. All sound seemed to momentarily stop at that moment, the explosion going off. The explosion was so large that it took up the entire area just about, and with Vessel controlling the clone and not fighting, himself, he would be wide open for such a swift and consumptive explosion. With the given conditions of the temperature, the fact that it was winter and how much magic Priere put into this, everything caught within the explosion would be frozen damn near instantly. She wished for it to be over with that, because if it wasn't... It didn't matter. The field would be completely frozen. The air would be too cold to fight in for him and for everyone else.

"Don't give me your trash. I'm not garbage like you."

She didn't seem tired, but she was good at playing it off. That actually took a lot out of her. She waited to see the outcome.

" Seems she wanted to end it.... what a joke. "

Koudo said to himself glancing at the final act of the battle and wondering if Vessel would make it out of this attack. Of course if he did then Koudo would have a new found respect for him and even if he didn't Koudo would commend him on trying, which was all he could do against an opponent that he knew nothing about. Koudo had figure out, from his own fight with Priere, that she used magic. He deduced this from the motion of her hands, which never stopped moving unless she wasn't doing anything all. Koudo was taken by surprise by her magic, but he came out alright. Vessel seemed as if he hadn't figured that out and thus was at a very large disadvantage. This last attack wouldn't go well for him.

The clone Vessel saw the huge ice ball thingy coming in for impact. So he had to work fast. Making the orginal Vessel sealed the Bloodlust Justu.

"Bloodlust Justu: Seal!"

Vessel eyes bleeded out. Then the clone switched places with the original one, taking the damage for him. The original decided to leave. It was only one thing he had to do. Meet up with his mentor. Then speak to Mahk-X about his ring....

Priere could tell that her attack didn't hit the true Vessel... The clone wasn't durable and it just fell apart easier than the real one would have. Priere was definitely tired, but could have still kept going for a while if need be.

"Hmph. Well, that was annoying. Whatever. Seems like he couldn't stand up to me either. Hmhmhmhm."

Priere started to laugh to herself, flipping her hair.

"That'll teach him to give me some piece of shit cookie. The hell was it, coconut or something?"

Priere floated slowly down to the ground, pulling out her bottle of Cactus Juice. She drank a little bit of it and sighed contentedly. She looked at the frozen tundra around her and simply.. Smiled at her creation.
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Insangel 18: Round Two: Koudo Vs. Priere

The trip didn't take as long as he had expected it too because they were talking most of the way... about random things. As they neared the graveyard, he was greeted by a very familiar voice.


Koudo looked up to see Maina and naina standing close to the graveyard, both waving to him, though Maina ceased when she saw the ice girl from the last fight with him. Her and her sister walked over to the two people.

" Sorry, I was working..."

Maina: " I bet you were... what is she doing here? "

Maina asked pointing to Priere, not looking in her direction just pointing. There was a clear look of disdain in her face, as if she was insinuating something just from seeing them together and she didn't approve of what her own mind was coming up with. Maina was the jealous type it seemed, even though she'd swear up and down that she cared nothing for Koudo.

Naina only smiled and greeted Priere with a bow, before moving to her Meister's side. clearly not as taken aback by her partner being with another person. The more the merry it seemed to her, her partner needed to be around more flesh and blood people instead of those machines. Less he turn into a shut in and never want to encounter flesh and blood again. That would leave Naina and her sister in a little bit of a bind, since they sort of needed him at this point.

" Oh, we're about to have our rematch... right Priere? "

Priere had been right behind Koudo the entire way to the graveyard. She had been rather expecting this fight for a while now, ever since her training, that is. This time she didn't have the home field advantage... There was no snow and it was a moderately decent temperature out. She looked over to Maina, who seemed to be irked by her presence, then she smirked and started to laugh a little bit, seeing the aura of jealousy all around her.

"Heh heh heh. You'd better get your weapons ready, Koudo~!"

Naina bowed to her and Priere looked a little bit confused, actually. She simply waved at her and did nothing else.

"Yeah. We've gotta get this thing under way, so, let's get on with it!"

Inside of Priere's Mind...

Signis: Priere! I have figured it out!

Priere: What? Signis?! Where have you been? Figured what out?

Signis: I have been in deep meditation for quite a while trying to figure out your family tome.

Priere: My family tome...? I don't remember...

Signis: Because I didn't LET you remember! You would obsess over it and probably attempt to destroy it if you didn't open it up, and back then you were too weak to open it and use its power. Now I have found out that with your power as it currently is, you may not only open the book, but possibly learn of a few of its secrets as well.

Priere: Sooooo... The fam's got a familial grimoire that has been passed down to me? Hmph. Wish you didn't keep that from me, Signis.

Signis: Silence! We shall observe its content later, but for right now, engage in your silly little battle with this silly little boy while I continue to observe the grimoire...

Priere sighs "Whatever, Signis. If I win, I'm gonna go read it and become more powerful. But... I guess if I lose, I won't read its secrets just yet and hone my current power even more by seeing that Head Witch Zita."

Signis was rather shocked.. amazed at what Priere just said "Oh? Someone has learned the meaning of 'humble?' Why, I never thought I'd see the day. Perhaps this Koudo fellow is an uncertain factor in your life? Changing you?"

Priere immediately scoffed and turned away "Don't be stupid, Signis. As an Insangel, there is no way I can deviate from this GLORIOUS path I have chosen for myself. Remember, I've got to become more powerful not only to uphold my familial name, become the GREATEST sorceress, master of Ice and Water magics, and become the ruler of supernatural beings. Becoming 'humbled' is not part of those goals, but it can help achieve those goals if I learn to be humble at some points in time."

Signis thought on those words, nodding in agreement. "So in this time I have been gone, you have become more mature, not more humble. I respect that. I shall view your memories as you fight to see what I have missed. In the mean time... Go on. Destroy him."

Priere smiled, licking her lips cutely, yet deviously, "I doubt I'd have any fun if I didn't!" and with that, she exits her mind.

Now exiting Priere's mind.

That whole occurrence probably took between 1 and 2 seconds at most, but regardless of that, Priere seemed to be ready for the fight already, conjuring up magic in either hand, flexing and fluctuating it like stress balls.

"Come on, Koudo. Can't wait all day, dammit!"

" No need. All I need are these... "

Koudo held his hands up, before balling them into fist and throwing a couple of quick punches before pointing down at his legs and swinging a couple of kicks. Of course with all his training, his speed had increased a considerable amount. He wasn't the fastest in the world or anything like that, but he was fast enough for the kick to sort of look like a blur to people whose eyes weren't adept at seeing people move quickly. Koudo was aware that in his last fight with Priere, he had overwhelmed her with his speedy taijutsu, but in watching her fight with Vessel it seemed like she had come up with a few ways to counter it. This was good, it put him at a slight disadvantage which he liked having in battle.

" Maina... Naina... wait over there. "

Maina: " But "

" Do it... this is my fight, I'll use you two in the next one. Then we can go soul hunting afterwards. "

Maina: " .... Fine, but you better keep that promise and don't fucking lose to her either! "

Koudo smirked before giving her a thumbs up and shooing them both away. He walked out a couple of feet and stopped, turning around to face Priere and getting into his ready stance.

Maina and Naina walked off to the side and found a good place to watch the fight that was about to ensue. They both noticed that Koudo hadn't handed over his mafia ring and box weapon, and from where they sat, they could make out the shape of a box on his belt loop. This wasn't to say that he planned to use them, he probably just forgot to give them up.

" Alright Priere, let's get this started. "

Koudo took off running in the same zigzag pattern as usual, not as fast as he could because he had improved on his speed by a substantial amount and wanted to keep that a secret. he signed as he ran and fired off three water fang bullets, aiming to pelt Priere with them. he hadn't forgotten that she could use water as well.

Priere was still flexing her magic in her hand, compressing it rather tightly to increase her own flexibility with it just a tad bit more before the fight. It was like how athletes stretch before running, only Priere did it to make her magic optimal. She was most concerned about Koudo's speed from the get go, because she knew that fighting speedy people wasn't her best attribute, but...

"... Heh. This time I'm ready for ya, Koudo. You won't get the best of me... Ha."

Priere was confused as to why he used water against her since he knew for a fact that she used water... But, it didn't matter. He might have been planning something, but he only helped her out with this. Priere quickly used her magic to take control of the water and stopped it in midair, then launched it straight toward the ground, causing the water to dissipate.

"Tch. Better not wake the dead or any of that crap."

Priere pointed her hand at Koudo, creating many thin sheets of ice around him, about 5 of them which would surround his general area and each would have a large spike of ice jut out of it. She was getting better at generating the Ice Spikes without them coming from the ground. She wanted to impale Koudo just like before so she could get to his insides and beat him from the inside out... Watching him suffer before was incredibly.. pleasing.

Koudo laughed, if he could raise the dead then they would already be up and roaming around. That wasn't one of his powers, so she was good on that note. She easily countered his water, as he knew she would and on top of this she used her ice spikes to try and impale him as he was running. Koudo wasn't fooled by this, since when they fought before she had used this but they came faster than he had anticipated.

He didn't take the hit though, he placed his hand to one of the spikes and pushed off of it before jumping from one spike to the other, effectively evading them all. This wasn't speed, but his ranking exam with Maruze had increased his reflexes a little bit. Being in the air was something that he liked, because he could test something out as well.

" Machine Release.... Shotgun. "

he held out his hand, and from the middle of his forearm down to his hand turned the color of his infestation energy before that part of his arm transformed to resemble that of a mini cannon or something along those lines. This machine release was a combination of his infestation and the ability to summon weapons with just saying the word. The infestation breaks apart the machine and fuses it to whatever part of his body that he wants and with just a mere thought, he can fire the weapon off.

Koudo aimed at Priere, and fired two chakra bullets at Priere, they were fairly larger than regular bullets and could easily be seen by the naked eye. Before they reached her, they split apart into smaller chakra bullets and some converged on Priere's direction, while others continued their original trajectory and hit random places around the graveyard.

" How was that? Good enough for ya? You told me not to hold back this time. "

Koudo yelled to Priere, as he continued to drift down towards the ground on a calm wind.

Priere wasn't expecting him to do this, but it was all good regardless. He evaded that attack and made a weapon out of his arm.

"Ooooh. Niiiice. Wanna see what I can do with my neeeeew powers?"

Priere conjured up something fairly large with both hands. What would appear on her left arm would be a cannon barrel of sorts made purely of condensed/compressed water. When Koudo aimed his weapon arm at her, she immediately mirrored him and fired off several large bullets of pure water, same as his made of chakra. When his split apart, hers kept going intact, as she wasn't expecting them to split.

"Tch. Dammit... Okay..."

She snapped her fingers and hers would split just as well, though she wasn't sure about how many bullets there were, she only knew that she made quite a lot. The ones that tried to converge on Priere would be stopped as her cannon arm would block them. But the ones bouncing around the graveyard would have to be stopped.

"Okay, GO!"

The bullets of Priere's would be launched at the bullets bouncing around, for eventually they would either have to hit each other or hit Koudo. But the one thing about her bullets that she figured his could not do was... explode. The tiny bullets many many moderately large explosions around the graveyard, hoping to take out the bullets and hit Koudo at the same time. She knew that if Koudo were hit with one of the explosions... it would be bad for him.

"Heh. Heh heh."

It was nice that her bullets could explode, however none of them were able to reach Koudo as he drifted down to the ground, finally touching it and digging his feet into the ground. her bullets that had exploded, exploded because they had encountered the bullets that he had bouncing around the graveyard as well. he liked that she could mirror his attack to some extent, but that wouldn't win her this battle.

" I see... Machine Release, Vulcan. "

Koudo's arm transformed to resemble a mini Gatling Gun with only three barrels. He aimed at her and the gun started to rotate, before shots started to fire from his arm rapidly and fire at her. He shot around 15 shots before his arm morphed back to normal and he placed his other hand to his wrist. The Machine Release took a toll on whatever part of his body that he had morphed to fit what he wanted. This was of no concern however, since he still have his high speed kicking to fall back on.

While she was busy with his Vulcan shots, Koudo started to run, using a very quick, precise, and short burst, of his actual speed to move towards her quicker than he would with just running towards her. He enhanced the speed by using chakra to move his body along faster. Once he was in range of her, this being some time after she dealt with his vulcan bullets, he opened his mouth and started to emit a high pitched scream, his Scream of Despair, which lets out a scream that can be used to deflect projectiles or send the opponent flying, he was using it for the latter. He wanted to send Priere flying.

Naturally, Priere's attack was an attack of her own and not an ACTUAL mirror of Koudo's own attack... It was her Backwater ability and it would always stay in that set form. The fact that Koudo had something similar was just a coincidence, to say the least. But, Koudo changing his arm made things a bit more difficult for Priere. She wasn't all that knowledgeable about weaponry and the like, so she merely thought that this was just a new and more fancy gun.


She fired off 3 more large bazooka-esque shots out of her arm at Koudo and waited to see the results, thinking that her large shots would plow throw the simple bullets of a gun, however she realized that this gun shot out a lot of bullets in a very short amount of time. Therefore, when the shots were shot, they would only collide and cause the water shots to explode, just like before, neither side going anywhere.

"... Woah, that thing shoots fast. Gotta watch out for--"

She realized that Koudo was moving now... But differently than the norm. Regardless, she had to make sure that he didn't move close to her. With a quick wave from her hands, a geyser of water shoot straight up from under her, engulfing her and condensing the outermost layer of water to ensure that nothing got in easily, leaving Priere protected in the center of it. She thought that Koudo would be coming in from a random angle and planned to stop him like this... But instead, he didn't. He unleashed a sound wave at her via a scream. Well, naturally, it wasn't what was expected, but the Aqua Tower that Priere made would get the job done, as sound waves had difficulty in the water. Not only that, but the geyser was already rather strong and forcefully shooting upward. Priere was fine.

"Now... What about this...?"

To do this, she would have to stop using the Backwater technique, thus, the cannon arm dissipated within the Aqua Tower. Priere started to conjure more magic in her hands, pointing a hand at Koudo. The Aqua Tower started to shoot out a barrage of Ice Needles straight from itself and at Koudo in the form of first water, which would then instantly freeze to become ice and try to impale Koudo just like they had done in the past.

There was a girl, off in the distance, attracted to the area by the chill in the air. she didn't move close enough to be seen, but she was close enough to see everything that was going on. Perura was intrigued by the way the girl had stopped to boy's attack and on top of it, she had quickly changed from being on the defense to going strictly offensive with what she used to defend herself. Perura didn't sit down, but she would stay and continue to watch how the battle unfolded.

just in the nick of time, right when he was about to use the confusion from his scream of despair to strike her, Priere encased herself in ice. Koudo readjusted himself, backflipping a good ways off and putting a good distance between them, but still remaining close enough to be able to strike her if she chose to release the large geyser of water. Koudo felt the ground rumbling and looked at the water tower, knowing that something bad was about to happen.

What now?

Ice spikes? Ice Spikes! Koudo remained light on his feet and stood there, waiting for the water to shoot out and become ice spikes like he knew she planned to do. The ice spikes thing was starting to get old, and Koudo as getting used to it. But he had to admit that the water tower was a nice remix on an old favorite. Koudo started to jump, remaining nimble before starting to dodge her ice spikes. They were all relatively the same size, which was big enough for him to plant his hand on one and use it to push him in the air. From that, he started to jump from one to the other, moving towards the large tower. Since he had no fire techniques, he would have to find another way to chip her ice away.

" Machine Release... Vulcan. "

Koudo gripped his wrist tightly, before releasing it as it transformed into the three barreled gatling gun. He aimed at the tower and started to fire repeated burst at the tower, continuing to move and make sure that he didn't stop. He was aiming directly at Priere's forehead, or somewhere around there so that if the bullets broke through, she would have to deal with being pelted by chakra bullet after chakra bullet.

Priere could see that he remembered her old tactics of the Ice Spikes and Ice Needles, and was doing quite well to get around them... But she was sure that Koudo had no clue about her newer techniques at all, which she was trying to save as surprises... But when she saw Koudo's hand change again, she realized she wished to use another one. She didn't want to risk being shot at again.

"Behold... The Sexy Mist."

Unknown if Koudo heard or not since she was encased in water, the Aqua Tower would vaporize itself and explode into a mist, regardless. The extremely thick mist covered all of Priere's area and a very large range around her very quickly, and was virtually impossible to see through. Why? Magical inclination made it better than any normal mist, as it blocked and destroyed any signals, waves, or anything else used to locate, see, hear, smell or generally detect Priere while she was in it. While within it, she could be doing anything. Naturally, she could clearly see through the mist, as it was directly made not to affect her at all. Something was going on inside of the mist...

Koudo continued his headstrong motion towards her, hoping to pelt her with the bullets of his Vulcan, but he quickly stopped when the mist made itself apparent very quickly and covered her, and the immediate area around her as well as a large radius away from that. Koudo was one of the things that was caught inside it... not good. He stopped moving, his arm going back to normal, but he felt the pain of the transforming. He grabbed his wrist and held it this time, looking around for anything that would resemble her.

" This is new... "

Now Priere had the upper hand. The mist slowly started to encroach on the area, being controlled by one of Priere's hands while she conjured something else with the other. It was rather ominous and fitting for the graveyard type of atmosphere. Suddenly, from numerous different locations out of the mist, arms made of water shot out of them and tried to grab at Koudo. If they were to grab at him, they would compress around him and try to break his bones with sheer water pressure alone. She hoped that these limbs would distract Koudo enough so he wouldn't notice that the mist was encroaching on him... Slowly, but surely... She wished for it to cover the entire area. How would Koudo get to Priere now...?

Koudo's arm was hurting, he hadn't completely mastered the Machine Release and it took a toll on his arm after a couple times of using it. That was something that he wanted to get around, but he would have to keep practicing with it. For right now though, he was at a disadvantage since he couldn't use his arm and he was using his other hand to hold on to his arm. His hands weren't free right now, and the best he could do in the situation with the hands of water was dodge, using the new found speed that he had. He wasn't someone that could teleport or anything like that, but he was fast enough to safely elude the hands of water the continued to lunge out at him and try to grab him.

Shit... if i could use the Machine Release one more time.... I could slice these arms in half with my sword. And I still have to deal with this... mist....

Koudo hadn't actually noticed that the mist was starting to move around him and only him, shoot even his weapons hadn't notice that the mist was moving around him because they couldn't see him. All he needed was to see her, if he could see her, hear her, or feel her, anything that would alert him to her location then he would be fine.... wait... location. Koudo wasn't sure if the mist told her where he was, he assumed that the only reason she knew where to attack was because he had said something when he entered and mist. He had an idea, around the barrage of water hands coming at him, Koudo started to move, rapidly. He signed as quickly as he could with being injured for the most part and used his Ventriloquism Skill, which allowed him to throw his voice or move any sounds he can make with his mouth to any location without the sound fading.

" Hey, Priere. You have pretty bad aim if you can't touch me with those water arms. "

He threw his voice back where he was standing and avoiding her water arms before, while he just stayed moving, he would throw his voice again if it worked to throw her off her game a little in this mist.

The mist continued to encroach, almost covering the entire area by now, but the water arms didn't seem to let up. In fact, they formed fists now showing Priere's anger at what Koudo said, no longer trying to grab hold of him, but now trying to punch him. All the while, Priere started to speak again.

"Fool! You may not be able to detect ME, but I can still surely SEE you! It's like a two-way mirror... Well, at least for me and only me. I can see everything you do as if this mist isn't here, but to YOU, the mist is definitely hindering you."

Priere wondered if her speaking gave away her position in the mist... But it wasn't like he could see her or anything. She definitely could be moving around as she pleased, so that wouldn't be any help to him at all.

"... Sigh. Besides, I wasn't gonna say anything, but I set up something else which you helped me out with, buddy. It's fool-proof."

Priere was slowly taking advantage of the field, even without the home-field advantage, she could still make it hers rather quickly. Oh, how fun this would be... Eventually, the hands stopped going for Koudo and retracted back inside of the mist, as Priere was done with it. Now nothing seemed to be going on... But again, how would Koudo get around the mist...?

They were fist now, Koudo noticed that as he dodged them. She must have been a little angered by what he had said to her, but it was technically true since none of her hands had struck him. On top of this, when she was talking to him, he was pinpointing her location by the sound of her voice. She could be moving around, but Koudo didn't think she was smart enough to actually figure out that he was using her voice to find out where she was. He didn't want to insult her intelligence out loud just yet... he needed a little more time. Since the mist was like a two-way mirror, he had to continue moving, being able to be seen, but not being able to see. He was hopelessly lost in this battle.

" Is it this mist? it's really starting to piss me off. "

Koudo stopped moving now, since the hands had retracted and he was free to move without having to dodge ever fucking second. he released his arm, feeling that he could use it a little more than he had realized, but just couldn't keep changing the weapon or machine that it turned into rapidly like he had been doing earlier. he put his arm out.

" Does this mist blow away when wind is put in the equation? "

Koudo asked clapping his hands before putting his hand up in the air.

" Machine Release... Vacuum! "

Koudo's arm turned into a large fan and it started to spin, rapidly sucking everything through it and out the other end. he hoped that it would just suck up the mist, or make it less dense so that he could get a slight glimpse of Priere. With just a tiny glimpse of her, he could rush in and try to deliver a devastating hit before the mist started to reform and hide her presence again. He was starting to aim to end it quickly... his arm couldn't take much more of the Machine Release since this was the first time he had actually used it.

Now Priere should have been in trouble since Koudo figured out the simplest way around her mist... It was still a vapor, of course. But Priere had already set up the field in her advantage long before she even told Koudo, as to give it time to spread. She was becoming a lot more clever with her attacks rather than just using direct assault, like she usually did, and maybe that was why Koudo wasn't prepared. She was learning to fight in a different way than what he was used to before when they fought, thus making him at a larger disadvantage, yet again. Sometimes the disadvantage doesn't come from what your powers are, but how you use them.

Anyway, that aside, Priere saw the fan and knew he was either going to blow it away... or suck it up. Either one would be bad, but when the fan started up... A rather large Ice Spike would shoot straight up from the ground right from under it almost instantly, trying to impale it and make it malfunction, or just stop the use of Koudo's arm. Besides that, if his arm were impaled by the Ice Spike, then he would be anchored to the ground by it, which would be just beautiful for Priere~! But if that didn't work as planned, Priere would use her other hand to make the ground under Koudo freeze rather quickly, turning it into ice and making it wiggle slightly to try to have him lose his footing. Even though Priere wasn't in a cold or icy environment, she could still somehow freeze the ground rather swiftly... Hmmm! Wonder why that could be~?

So, with that done, if Koudo were still not incapacitated... The mist would converge. All of it. It would just fly over to him and try to surround him, leaving him unable to see, detect or anything of the sort while within the mist. And it would stay flowing around him as long as it needed to...

" haha, this was fun but I'm going in for the. WHAT!... THE FAN... IT'S JAMMED!! "

Koudo said when he noticed that the fan wasn't doing it's job and that was because there was a large ICE SPIKE ( Got it right this time ) stuck in it, making it malfunction and stop spinning. He looked towards the now encroaching mist, his arm shedding everything that was the fan but being stuck, because of the ice spike catching a hold of part of his arm and stopping him from moving it. Even if he wanted to move it, he couldn't since he was too hurt from forcing the fan. On top of this, There was ice being created at his feet, so the slightest movement would make him slip and fall... he was defenseless and powerless. All he could do was stand there and await Priere's malice...

" Fuck. "

"Oh my fucking god, SWEET!!!"

Priere was definitely overjoyed by this. A plan had worked! Follow through and everything! Hell, she was pretty damn happy about this. The mist flew around Koudo and without further ado, would start to slice and cut up his body, as the water particles were sharpened thanks to Priere's magic. This was how she used her mist offensively if people just wished to run right into it thinking they could attack Priere like that. They'd get their bodies cut up and some of Priere's water/ice into their systems for her to take control of as she pleased. But as for this time... She had something better in mind. She raised both her hands and pointed them at Koudo.

"Hahaha, Koudo, if you hadn't let me use my Silent Water at the beginning of the fight, none of this would have been possible~!"

Naturally, she referred to the Water Fang Bullets shot at her at the beginning. When she launched them down, she actually did not have them dissipate as easily as they seemed, but instead made an incredibly thin layer of water that was virtually silent and invisible, making it seem like the ground was normal. And it wouldn't splash either thanks to Priere's control over it. She just let it sit until the time was right. She was using that to track Koudo's movements as well, since he was too fast for her to see, so the Silent Water would also keep him from being out of her range. Ingenious! She was glad she thought of it. But now was time for what he hoped was the finale...


The mist quickly became very cold very fast, the water vapor quickly condensing and solidifying into pure ice. She hoped Koudo would be stopped completely by this ice, and if he tried to resist, she could have a hell of a lot of Ice Spikes and Ice Needles jab at him. In fact... Tips of Ice Needles formed on the inside of the ice that Koudo would be frozen in, threatening to puncture his skin upon the slightest movements. Priere kept her hands out to ensure that her magic made this ice as powerful as it could be, feeding magic into it, and waited...

Koudo was going to take his defeat like a man. He was a sucker for punishment, so her cutting of his body and all that jazz did nothing to his facial expressions. He remained monotonous, looking the same as always and always looking her in the eyes, even when the mist froze around him and the ice needles aimed to impale him if he moved, which he didn't see the point of doing. She had defeated him twice... it wouldn't happen a third time and Koudo would make sure of that.

Priere really did like the way that Koudo took her attacks so... well. Even when in danger, his face was the same and he seemed to be looking her right in the eyes, as if challenging her. A part of her wanted to just jab the needles into him, and the other part was just really freakin impressed. Regardless, Priere laughed and laughed, feeling rather confident about her abilities now.

"HAAAHAHAAHA! Yes! I've won again! That's 2-0, Koudo! You'd better step up your game, cuz next time it's gonna be nothing like this! I'm constantly learning, ya know!"

She smiled, her voice becoming more condescending now.

"But then again, you are just a silly boy, you know~! And such a silly boy cannot defeat me~!"

Though boastful, she gave hints that she was joking and poking fun... Which was a bit odd, because usually she said words that were always true and meant to cut deep. Oh well.

"Huh. Guess this means I don't go see Zita, hm... Ha! Well this also means I get to go see that grimoire! Hahahaha!"

She was even more excited now, as she got to see the secrets of her entire familial heritage... All of the spells recorded... All of the people... All of the secrets and special abilities... And not only that, but she could record her own! It was simply great.

"Hohohoho! I'm really freakin happy!"

She had a thought about something, though. She was still in need of... 'servants.' And she wished to collect only people she knew that she could trust... or that she generally liked. Koudo was one of them. So, naturally, a proposal was made on the table. She defrosted her ice and flipped her hair, staring right at Koudo.

"SO, I was thinking... We've got these little... mechanical devices... Er.. The PETs? Yeah. Those. And we're allies and stuff, right? So, why not make a little rebellious gang of our own, huh? You and me, our own little gang of rebels... It'll be a sweet deal, right?"

This was similar proposal to what Koudo asked of her before in his lab. Though she was kinda sweetening the deal a little bit. However, she also felt the presence of someone rather cold... Priere was so very fond of coldness and couldn't help but notice her, so she pointed off in the direction of Perura, whether she thought she'd been noticed or not, and continued.

"And her. Whoever that is. I want her, too."

She turned her head to Perura, this time screaming.


She was kind of jumping the gun a little bit, as Koudo hadn't even replied for himself... But at this point, he didn't need to... Priere was going to do this whether he wished to or not.

Koudo faltered slightly when she defrosted her ice but quickly regained his composure and stood as if he hadn't been effected at all. A gang huh? Boy was she a weird one, but he guessed that he couldn't say no to her since she had defeated him him battle twice now and being close to her would always give him some indication of how strong she was getting and how strong he needed to get to defeat her. Koudo shrugged his shoulders and slipped his hands in his pockets, his eyes closed and his, starting to become signature, smirk spreading across his lips.

" Sure... why not. A gang would be fun. "

Koudo had noticed the presence of someone else on the battlefield as well, just as Priere had, but he didn't sense any chakra from her. He could feel the eerieness of her cold from where he was, and it made him shiver because it felt like she might have been looking directly at him when Priere was the one that addressed her. Koudo was quite sure that Priere and the girl would be something like friends, since they both seemed to like the cold. Koudo could do without it, personally.

" I guess we have three... Five members. "

So her presence had been scoped out, much like how she scopes people out with her laser, which she had been using when Priere used the mist on Koudo. She had focused it so thin that they wouldn't be able to see the laser beam placed to their foreheads so she could continue to see what they were doing when they were out of sight. She walked, slowly, with her umbrella on her shoulder towards them before finally making it in front of Priere, the victor of the battle.

" Perura, desu.... "

she bowed, stating her name and that was all, before she turned to Koudo and did the exact same thing. She stood up straight afterwards and said nothing more. her facial expression didn't change at all, her golden eyes peircing whoever they were looking at before they switched to the other person. It seemed like she was awaiting Priere's approval.

Priere smiled, liking this idea already. The three... er... Five of them were gonna be rather close, it seemed. Priere usually wouldn't be for that, but Koudo shared the same views as her on other people more or less and this new girl.. Perura... Was cold and silent. Seemed to be the type that would do as she was told without saying a word. And even if not, she'd be predominantly silent, she could tell. And her atmosphere was awesome.

"So. Perura. You're giving off this really cool vibe... And I like it. I give off a very similar vibe, ya know? All chilling, almost able to freeze what's within... Yeah. This makes me feel real good. If you wanna join, come on. I want you in this gang we're throwin together."

Priere waited to see what her reaction was about all this.

".. Of course, I'm the leader and we'll be using that base Koudo has as our place. Right, Koudo?"

He didn't have a say in this, yet again.

Koudo avoided the gaze of the new girl that approached them, every time her cold, golden eyes looked his way. He felt very uneasy about her, but if Priere wanted her, then what the fuck ever, he couldn't complain. Koudo liked the idea actually, him, Maina, Naina, Priere and er... Perura, as a unit... a gang. This was bound to yield good results, all the odds were with them and against any other teams that oppose them. Koudo was sure of this and was lost in thought about it, that was until Priere mentioned something about his base... he looked at her, dismayed.

" Why my base? Give me a break... Leader. "

Koudo stated sarcastically.

Perura saw no problem with joining this gang since she was gaining four friends without doing much of anything. She wasn't the type to talk to people, or refuse to do something someone asked her, though she could be on the mean side when needed. She nodded her head to Priere, then to Koudo, this meaning that she saw nothing wrong with joining them. she put her pale white hand out to Priere for a handshake, to seal the deal. The problem about a base didn't have anything to do with her, since she didn't know where this base was anyway.

Priere sneered at Koudo before poking out her lip and narrowing her eyes just a bit.

"What do you mean 'why does it have to be my base?' Where the hell else would we go, hm? Besides, I can make an extension to your base made of sheer ice, as long as YOU can make me something that will keep my ice up without me having to use my magic. Besides, you live in the lab, don't you? If that place is our living space and base of operations, things will go a lot smoother, riiight?"

Again, Koudo didn't have a say either way, for Priere was gonna do it no matter what.

"... I'm assuming that Perura enjoys the cold and could live with me inside the icy extension, anyway."

That was when Priere noticed Perura extending her hand for a handshake. Probably to show that they were cool and everything. Priere's sneer became a little grin as she extended her hand and shook it... Then decided to abuse Perura's silence to help make her point.

"See, Koudo? Perura likes the idea. She thinks it would be best. Heh heh. I think you've been overruled~."

Koudo started to laugh, hard. Priere seemed to forget that there were five members to the team and having only one other person on her side wouldn't make it so that the base would be used. He whistled, calling out to Maina and Naina, who stood from where they were and walked down to meet the gang. They both had heard everything that was going on, they just weren't sure if they had a say in any of the decisions.

" So, two to three. I win. "

Koudo stated proudly, but was interrupted quickly with Naina moving to the new girl and starting to shake her hand, feeling the coldness from just being in the same presence as her. Naina already knew about Priere, so there was no need to shake her hand as well. It looked like Koudo was down one more vote, butt hen Maina moved to Priere's side as well.

" You too? "

Maina: " What... she kinda makes a good argument. Without your base as a base of operations then where the hell would we meet to determine what we want to do? Sorry, you're on your own with this one. "

Koudo sighed, turning around, to face the opposite direction.

" Fine... my base it is. "

Perura didn't care either way. She liked to cold, but if Koudo didn't want his base to be used then it couldn't be helped. If Priere wanteed too, Perura saw nothing wrong with ransacking someone else's base and taking it over, Perura was one for brute force, though she didn't look it. It looked like she moved her lips to speak, but Priere had already spoken for her... odd, and on top of that Koudo's own weapons had turned against him and joined Priere's side. Perura noticed that most arguments would be one sided, since it was a team full of girls and only one boy. Sorry Koudo, but he should be prepared to lose each time.

After all of that, Priere started to laugh, hard. She outstretched her hands, referring to everyone on this side of her as a whole as she said, "Ha! This is four to one! Looks like everyone's on my side, Koudo! We're using your base~!"

Priere continued to laugh, now placing both her hands on her hips, haughty laughter bellowing throughout the graveyard.

"Ooooh... Yeah. That's good. Okay, well, I guess we should get this show on the road. Let me go start to make this ice place... You think you can make something to sustain my ice without my magic?"

Priere also noticed that there were... 5 members. She kind of wanted 6 for some reason. No more, no less. She'd probably have to go recruiting later.

" I SUPPOSE it's possible, I AM a genius.... a giant refrigerator should work just fine. "

Koudo mumbled the last part to himself before starting to get serious about what he could use to keep her ice sustained without her using her magic to keep it up. This was actually going to be a challenge for him, but he was going to take it head on... he was a genius.

Perura stood them right there. She could do it, her wavelength could keep the ice in place without the use of Priere's magic, she was sure of it.

" ...My Wavelength.... "

Having the Cold wavelength, she could freeze things in place, and since they needed someone that could keep the ice frozen in place, her wavelength would definitely aid them in this. Look at that, she was helping already.

Priere cocked her head to the side, confused about this... 'wavelength' that she was talking about.

"Eh? Wavelength?"

Time to take a dip into Priere's mind...

Signis was standing there beside Priere, naturally ready to inform her about the wavelength. "Priere. You know nothing of the village you live in, do you? She refers to her own 'Soul Wavelength' which is the power from one's own soul. Hers would be similar to yours, but naturally since you cannot control yours or use yours at all at this point, hers is much stronger... Though... If we were to create this ice place, I do not know how... she would sustain it all."

Priere: Perhaps an amplification device? If it's a wavelength, it can be amplified, right~?

Signis: Haha, precisely. Wow, Priere, you truly are getting smarter. Though, I must say... What happens when she leaves the icy abode? Will it collapse?

Priere: Hell if I know... But. I guess I should get to know about this damn 'wavelength' or something. Seems like something I'd need to know about to fight against it in the future...

Signis: Then we should go to Shibusen.

Priere: Eh, not right now, but it's on the 'to-do' list. The most important thing is this icy abode..

Signis: Well, share with them your idea.

Priere: Most definitely~!

Now exiting Priere's mind.

Though Priere seemed to space out for only a second, it looked as if she just randomly got an idea.

"Hey, you two, that 'wavelength' thing can be amplified, right? So Koudo you should make not only an amplifier... But also something that can generate something similar to her wavelength to keep it sustained when she's not in, right?"

It was interesting that Perura mentioned her wavelength, it made him remember that he needed to find out what his wavelength actually did. All he knew was that it was Dominant or something along those lines, and what about the girls with their Sisterly Love soul. He was a little behind the curve, but whatever, he was a genius. When Priere mentioned an amplifier and something to sustain the place when Perura wasn't around, Koudo smirked.

" You talk as if I hadn't realized that already, believe it or not.. I might need my mentor's guidance on this one. Yeah.... I got it covered, I can already see the ending. "

Koudo said, blocking out all things now, except for thoughts about the machine he was going to produce for the ice abode of Priere's.

With everything set, Perura went back to being semi-silent. She looked from the other two girl weapons, to Priere, then to Koudo before looking back to Priere.

" Name.... "

She reminded her quickly before falling silent again.

Priere turned back to Perura, a little confused.

"Eh? Name? The hell are you-- OH. Hahaha. Sorry. The name's Priere!"

Speaking of a name, Priere didn't have one for this gang of theirs... She was gonna need a name if she were to have this gang truly up and running correctly. A name and a final member, then it would be great.

"So, uh, on another note, since it seems Koudo has our living issue covered... What about a name for this gang? Naturally, I'd think of one myself, but... Heh.. Names are hard~!"

Koudo was off to the side, seemingly doing absolutely nothing but standing there rambling to himself. He was actually coming up with what the machine would look like and how it would work, Maina and Naina had seen him like this before.

Maina: " I suggest we not disturb him, my might lose his train of thought. Now, naming the gang right? Hmm.... Of and the name's Maina and this is my sister Naina. "

Maina was going to take the dominate role in team Koudo now, doing most of the speaking while Naina said nothing and Koudo was over there rambling to himself.

" Well, what are we trying to accomplish exactly? I'm not one to go around and doing random ass shit without a reason, no matter how fun it might be. "

Priere... odd, both their names started with a P and they both liked the cold, Perura found this a funny coincidence and if she ever actually laughed then she would be giggling right now. But, instead , she cleared her throat quickly and passed that off as a laugh as Priere and the other two girls were starting to discuss a name for their group, this was something else that Perura found odd, she didn't see why they NEEDED a name right now when they hadn't actually DONE anything to get them noticed by others. She stayed quiet though, as usual, and awaited the results of the discussion.

Priere wasn't exactly TRULY sure about what they would do... But she was very sure about what SHE wanted to do.

"We'd be... Hahaha. Rebelling. And showing how rebellious we are, ya know? I mean, honestly, I may be part of this... whaddayacallit... 'Dusk' Village, but I'm not really too fond of serving a higher power. So, I'd rather rebel. Have my own little gang. Get shit done my way and get it done RIGHT! I mean hell, I've been training myself well already, right?"

Priere sighed, flipping her hair.

"... Thouuugh... Input and addition to the 'dream' would be nice, if you've got any... Ya know? I kinda wanna see everyone's view on what they wanna do in the gang, ya know?"

" Well, I know that Koudo wants to be able to defeat each and every ninja out there that uses machines as their main means of attack.Aeon, Cleff, Cross, and the lot.... though I'm not sure how successful he'll be if he continues to lose to you. As for me and Naina, we just wanna have fun is all, and being in a gang can bring that fun. Becoming Death Scythes in the process would be pretty good too. "

Maina explained and Naina seconded with a quick and well placed nod before looking back at Koudo, who had started to pace now, really getting into the train of thought that he was having. He had a basic idea for the amplification machine, but he wasn't quite sure how it would work. That was the problem that he was having, since he wasn't actually sure how wavelength worked entirely. he'd have to do more research, talk to people that only used wavelength for everything they did, once he did that then the machine would be a simple construction project.

" What about you Perura, what do you want from this? "

Maina asked, turning her attention to Perura.

That was a good question, what did Perura want from this? Perura wasn't actually sure what she wanted from this, what she wanted from life in general. All she knew was that she wanted friends that would accept her and this people, these girls and that guy, seemed like they would be able to do that even if she never spoke a word to them. She was cold, she liked the cold, and on top of that she could be mean beyond all compare, but they didn't care about that. Perura was moved, this was what she wanted, a group of friends. She said nothing, but her eyes, no matter how emotionless they looked, would tell it all. She was content.

Priere smiled, thinking that these group of people being recruited would be rather... Good for her, in general. They were all loners together, you could say, in that sort of oxymoron way. Maina and Naina were fun-lovers, which Priere was also, and Perura was mean and liked the cold, which Priere also enjoyed... plus, she had a P that started her name and it was pretty damn cool to her~. And Koudo was Priere's first rival, first ally, first guy, first recruit, first battle... Hell, a lot of stuff. He was... Her first friend? As much as she hated to think like that, she knew that the two of them were... friends. She looked over to Perura and smiled, seeing everything within her eyes, somehow.

"Yeah, well, we'll be a great little group. We all seem to work well together, ya know? And anyone who gets in our way will suffer!"

Priere snickered slightly.

"... But seriously, we need a name. And a final member."

Maina could see the look in Perura's emotionless eyes, sure she was an emotionless... machine it seemed, but she did have feelings and showed them through her emotionless eyes somehow. Maina was starting to like the way this group was turning out, but she really hoped that the new member would be a girl, and not another weapon. There were three of those already.

" Damn, who knew coming up with a name was so hard? "

Naina: " Don't hurt yourself thinking... "

Naina said quietly with a hum of pure friendliness in her voice before she fell silent once more. She was very friendly, but wasn't like Perura who didn't talk out a choice. Naina didn't talk because she was terribly shy and never actually opened up until she knew someone for a while. She would be silent until she got to know Priere and Perura a little more.

" We got machines, cold, silence, fun.... what kinda name can we make out of that? "

Maina asked herself, noting what seemed to be everything that the members of the gang so far liked. Koudo and his machines, Priere with her ice, Perura with her silence, Maina and Naina with their fun. What the fuck kinda name would they have that could incorporate all of that.

Cold, Silence, Fun, and Machine. The CSFM, the MFCS, the FCMS... Perura was only thinking initials and not actual names. She wanted something practically, something that noted what everyone wanted and liked, what everyone hoped to accomplish within the group. She didn't actually like the idea of coming up with the name right now since they didn't have their last member yet. That last member could be the deciding factor to the name, and important decisions within the group in general. But Perura stayed silent, she wasn't the leader, the final word came from the leader.

Priere went into deep thought... She'd ask Signis or Blue, as both of them were infinitely smarter than Priere, she knew this, but... She wanted to do this on her own, as she was doing a lot of her stuff recently.

"Hm... Wild Ice Machines? Silent Frost? Cold Steel? The Frozen Wire? Quiet Machines? Frozen Night? Chill Club? White Ice? Black Ice? Gray Ice? Frozen Lips? Silent Night? Dead Snow? Black Steel Winter? Haa... I dunno. I can't think of anymore..."

So hard...

"Errr... What do you all think? I think some of those sound pretty lame, actually..."

Priere sighed, finally coming to a conclusion.

"... I think we should wait for this last member. In fact, we should go LOOK for a last member..."

" Black Steel Winter??? Yeah, lets find that last member and force them to name the group. That's gonna be their fucking job. "

Maina said folding her arms and nodding before she thought about how they were going to go around and recruit a new member. Would they go around and fight a whole bunch of random ass people and then find out which one they disliked the least? Or were they going to strategy what exactly they needed for the group and find someone that fight the bill, that they disliked the least of course. They had three trackers as of now... probably four if Perura had learned Soul Perception and Priere herself could track people by her ice, Maina and Naina had realized that first hand when she was fighting Koudo and had told him. Koudo was an excellent tracker of chakra, even though he never actually paid attention to that trait of his. His mother was one of the best trackers around, he had told Maina and Naina so. She had a very famous name... Karin or something like that.

" What do we need the new member to do... exactly? Koudo can make all our machines and weapons, you'll have the position to deal out orders. Perura will be silent operations, dealing with people swiftly and quietly. I can be the muscle if needed, and Naina can be intel since everyone seems to trust her cute face. What will the last person's job be? "

Maina asked, using hand gestures and pointing to emphasize her point.

Silent Operations... Silent Ops... Perura wouldn't actually refuse this position since she was the most quiet person of the group and could move swiftly. The only problem was that her weapon form wasn't actually quiet... a Gatling Gun is loud as fuck! But, her lasers were silent and could wipe something out pretty quickly if she focused on it long enough. It also allowed her to home in on her targets, that was the purpose of her laser pointer. Perura remained silent, but nodded as to agree with Maina's point. Look at them deliberating like a real gang, wasn't it grand?

We'll just put a silencer on Perura. Haha.

But yeah, Priere wans't sure about what she wanted the last person to be... I mean, if need be, Priere, herself could be Silent Ops if she let Blue have control over the body, as Blue was the best demonic assassin there was... And Signis was definitely the most intelligent, so much so that she exhibited some signs of psychic ability. But the last person...? What could they do...?

"Hm... I wouldn't know what to tell ya. What do you think we need?"

So it came down to Maina's decision on the matter, Naina shook her head and looked off to the aside, already knowing what her sister was about to say and not approving of it at all. Maina smirked and closed her eyes before pointing to Priere.

" Battle Royale! Time to scout out potential applicants, watch battles that they do, fight them, and if we dislike them enough to accept them then they're in! You're our best fighter as of now, so get out there and whoop some ass. Koudo will always be there behind you, and Perura will watch from the rear. Even if they refuse, we'll tie them up, beat them up as a gang and force them into the group... whether they like it or not. "

Perura looked from the decisive Maina, to Priere, then to Koudo and shrugged. if that was what they had to do then so be it. Perura was itching to have a good fight anyway, but she was more so itching to become a death scythe... or get closer to becoming one that was. The sooner she did that, the stronger she would be and the better asset she would be to the team. Which reminded her that she needed to go to Shibusen and find out about Soul Perception soon, and if she could learn it as well as the other techniques that would make her more powerful as an autonomous weapon.

Priere laughed, as she liked the waiy Maina was thinking... In fact, it was something similar to what she was going to say.

"HAHAHAHA! Of course! I wouldn't have it any other way!"

Now, all that was left was to... Spread out and initiate the plan.

"Okay, so, our first order of business would be to find our last member. Then I'll get that Ice place in order and in the process of that, Koudo can work on that machine thing to keep it sustained."

Maina grinned and nodded happily.

" I get it from my role model. She's so bad ass! "

Naina rolled her eyes and sighed, leaving the group of large-headed girls and walking to her meister, tapping his shoulder to alert him that they were about to start mobilizing. Koudo acknowledged her, but didn't stop thinking about the machine. He would need a hand in making it work, but building it would be completely easy.

Koudo: " That's it... I'll go straight to the base and work on it... the base has plenty of things that Cleff doesn't use... he won't mind... he won't mind... "

Koudo started to say to himself as he rejoined and group, being lead by Naina.

" Alright! Let's get out there and kick some ass then! "

Koudo: " Mana-chan... she uses magic... she could be our first scouted party.... "

Koudo offered the suggestion, remembering the little girl that he had met in the Library those two times. He considered her a friend and well, if he offered her a place in the gang, then he was sure that she wouldn't refuse, she'd have to think, but she probably wouldn't refuse. She technically fit the bill as a human, even though she was a witch. Or was there a difference between the two? Koudo hadn't researched witches enough.

" What the fuck is he spewing?!?! Ignore his rambles. "

Maina said, shaking her head.

Perura liked the way that Maina thought as well, in fact she quite enjoyed the idea of ganging up on someone and forcing them to do something that they didn't want to do. Just the sheer though of it felt like ecstasy to her, she was starting to get wet, in more ways than one, and it sent shivers down her spine. The people around would be able to feel the sudden swelling of her wavelength, almost like it was breathing heavily.

" .... Gatling.... kun.... "

Perura said something after a long silence, her arm turning into a three barrel Gatling Gun. She looked down at it, looking it over with her golden eyes, before he turned it back to normal and looked at her friends. She just wanted them to know what kind of weapon she was before they went to do anything, since no one had asked her.

" Laser.... chan.... "

She stated, a part of her hair turning into one barrel and firing a highly condensed laser at a tree that was nearby and cutting right through it, making it fall.


Her hair went back to normal before he crossed her arms in front of her and bowed to her new friends respectively. It seemed like she would be the maid type in the little gang they were putting together, she didn't mind since she wore maid outfits as normal clothing anyway.
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Insangel 19: Time For Some Tinkering

Having access to most, if not all, of Cleff’s labs was a great thing. Not only did it give Koudo some place to do all his tinkering, but it made it so that he never had to go back to the same lab to do all his work in. Going to the Kingdom of Chaos once was enough for him and he wanted to make one of the other labs his home base. It wasn’t like he would take over the place completely, but he did want to go somewhere that was rarely used by Cleff so that all his experiments would be kept moderately secret, even though he knew Cleff had eyes and ears all over all his labs. The lucky lab that Koudo was using today was the lab on the Main Street of Ves, aptly named Cleff’s Base. It used to be the base of some other guy, that Koudo knew nothing about and so he figured that he would do all his research on the origins of the place, after he was done for today.

Koudo entered the lab, nothing jumping out at him since Cleff had made it so that Koudo, and whatever was with him, was free to enter and exit as they pleased. This was the case for all the other bases as well. Carrying a couple pieces of what looked to be scrap metal, the little robot, and having the female android lagging behind him with all the heavier equipment, Koudo roamed the inside of the Base before finding the perfect place that he could use for his own little lab within the largeness of the Base as a whole.

( Visual Aid To Be Added Eventually. )

“ This will do nicely. Alright Sai put everything over there by the computer and take this guy and place him on the table. I’ll fix him up later. First I have to make me some kind of communication system. Oh… and I have to set this up as well. “

Koudo told Sai as he tossed her the little robot, she didn’t talk since Koudo hadn’t installed a speech program into her and didn’t plan on installing one anytime soon since she was a machine of war at this point. He pointed to the computer before pointing to the table right after. Sai did as she was told, quickly, before walking to the computer as well and eying it. Koudo eyed it as well, but was unimpressed by the size, since he wanted and would eventually need something bigger. Sai smiled though, she liked the size it was perfect for someone that was just starting out with this technology type stuff, someone like Koudo. It was a good thing that she couldn’t talk.

Koudo walked to the computer and blew on the massiveness of the keyboard, cleaning the dust from it before having a seat, in a fairly new seat, and running his hands along the keyboard. There was a moment of pure bliss, and his face showed this since he was smiling like a child on Christmas getting exactly what they wanted. This reminded him that he had received a robot from Epic Santa when he visited Ves. Koudo just wasn’t sure what he, himself, had done with the nice piece of machinery, it was no Sai, but it looked pretty capable. Koudo would have to look for it later, cause for right now he needed a moment alone in the place that he was going to call home for a very long time.

Priere had been back from the Dusk Village, just getting a nice, fresh supply of Cactus Water and Cactus Juice for her supply. She really liked cacti now. She was feeling rather good about herself and decided to wander around, her wandering bringing her to this... place.

"... Ew. What a dump. I wanna blow it up."

Though she instinctively thought to blow it up, she paused... realizing that she could just as easily LOOT first, then destroy the evidence later.

"Heh heh heeeeeh!"

She immediately floated inside. It seemed to be abandoned for some time, actually... Or... Previously abandoned. She noticed someone on a large computer in the distance.

"... Who in the hell? Had the same idea of looting, huh?! Well, sorry, but you're gonna have to give me everything. Don't resist, it'll just make things harder for you."

That voice... it was familiar. Before Koudo could even get comfortable, Sai had lock-on to someone being in the general vicinity of her new owner and alerted him with none other than, a louder than need, alarm. Koudo looked up and quieted her down before turning around in the chair. Surprised by the person there.

" You... "

It was Priere, the girl that he had battled before he had taken his exam and then the same girl he watched fight Vessel before Koudo had gone to Cleff and gained access to the lab that he was sitting in and relaxing in right now. Koudo sighed and rubbed his eyes with his index finger and thumb.

" Seems we're going to keep running into one another. So... what brings you to my new lab? "

Koudo asked, signaling for Sai to calm down, though she ignored the command. She was a defensive type of android. Koudo had modified her to be so, that was the only hardware modification that he had made to Cleff's otherwise perfect work. Sai never attacked unless she felt threatened and well Priere was threatening to her, even though Koudo spoke in such a friendly tone. Friendly for him anyway.

Priere immediately sneered at the robot's noise, conjuring up some magic in case she needed to.... Silence it.

"UGH! Can you turn that insidious thing off? I'm gonna break it to pieces if it doesn't stop NOW!"

Of course, Priere was the 'I say what I mean' types and definitely would have at that robot if the noise did not stop. However, she did MANAGE to talk over the noise.

"... Shit, I was here to loot... This place looked abandoned and stuff so I came to... Get my fair share, ya know? What about YOU? You already take this place up as your own?"

Koudo looked to Sai, before snapping his fingers and placing one to her back, her back shining blue and silver before the aura faded back into Koudo's finger and she quieted down... severely. Koudo looked back to Priere, waving his hand to Sai and then leaning back in the chair.

" Better for you? And I'm here because I plan to use this place as a base for my tinkering. Building, altering, and enhancing robotics and other kinds of Machines. "

Koudo explained before crossing one leg over the other and placing his hand back to Sai's back and reworking her insides a little without opening her up. In the short time he had been with her, he had researched her insides and outsides and made it so that he could rework her without opening her with only his Infestation and that was what he was doing now. Her alarm had stopped and she was calm, almost happy again.

" You want in? I was just about to start building a communications system between me, my computer, Sai when I give her speech capabilities, the little robot on the table, and whatever the hell else I finally build once I.... dust this place off. "

Priere considered herself a loner and definitely wasn't all fond of the idea of any type of communication between anyone except for Signis and Blue... But, then again, they hadn't given her any opinions on anything in quite a while. Maybe they were trying to let her make decisions for herself? Hm. Maybe. Signis was being too quiet these days. But.. It was better to have connections, she figured.

"... Hmph. Yeah, I guess. Why the hell not? Hook me up, then."

She wondered if this was the best decision. She didn't even LIKE males in general, so why was she not trashing his place? Maybe because he was also a loner. He didn't seem to.. conform like all the rest. Plus, he was interesting... And perhaps he would provide her with better spars than most others. Heh.

Koudo's ever apparent smirk showed itself before he turned around quickly in the chair and faced the computer.

" Excellent... "

he stated before cracking his knuckles and allowing his silver and blue aura to flood from his hands and cover the keyboard in front of him. The computer whirled to life quickly and Koudo looked up at the screen before starting to go to work as he had planned. The computer activated most, if not all, of the other machinery inside the base and well it seemed like the base was completely and utterly under Koudo's control for the time being. Though he was only a chuunin, he was gifted with his kekkai genkai and could stretch it to its very limits before he tired himself out completely, this wasn't the limit of his power.

" So, I've done research and what I plan to create isn't original... Aeon has one as well. A PET, that stands for PErsonal Terminal. The PET is a multipurpose device that is capable of acting in numerous functions, such as sending and receiving e-mail, acting as an alarm clock and calendar, and acting as a cell phone. I plan to make you one.... but I'll also have to make NetNavis for them. Herein lies the problem, you see a NetNavi is a sentient, or semi-sentient, computer program with artificial intelligence designed to be an assistant for the operator and resides in his or her PET. Each of the functions I listed earlier is controlled by the NetNavi that resides within the PET under normal circumstances. But I haven't researched the topic enough to create these sentient beings. So... "

Koudo whipped around in the chair to see if he still had her attention before whipping back around and continuing to work on the keyboard, hoping to bring up a schematic of what the P.E.T. would look like in it's earliest stages of development.

" I'll be only making Sub-PET's for us since those can function without a NetNavi. We can still do all the same things, but without the little person on the inside keeping you company when you're lonely. You following me Priere? "

Koudo asked looking over his shoulder.

Priere nodded her head, understanding what he said of course... But she kinda started to tune him out because she didn't like too much chatter.

"Yeah, yeah, uh huh... But uh, couldn't that Aeon guy or the original owner of this place give you a NetNavi or whatever?"

" That is a theory.. that I pondered but... "

Koudo turned in the chair quickly and looked her in the eyes, with a very serious look to his.

" Would you make your own jutsu, even though they might suck, and train so that they get better with little to no help from others that are better than you? Or would you rather have power handed to you, and you never figure things out on your own? I'm one for the first option, I will take input from the people that are above me and do the same as me... but I will not be spoon fed by them and given their handmedowns. Sai doesn't count. She's all mine. "

Koudo said before whipping back around and going back to work on the PETs.

" If you want... you could wait until I develop the NetNavis and then come back for your PET. By then, I should have a very interesting new friend for you. If this goes well... I might introduce the idea to the Kage of my village, something to replace the Chao that no one ever cared to figure out because everyone wants a Soul partner. If it doesn't go over well, then we'll be the only ones with PET and that'll make us so much more bad ass once I develop something I like to call "Battle chips" and "Synchro Chips". "

Koudo leaned back and stretched, ready for the long haul since this was something that he was passionate about creating for himself. When he had something that he wanted to do, then that was it. He would do it, without getting distracted and focusing on something else. It was a bless and a curse really. He looked up at the computer screen before looking around at all the machinery moving about, this was his element and he felt so at home here. Maybe this was why Cross was always in his lab, and Cleff never actually left his lab in the Kingdom of Chaos. Being amongst your element felt the very best, he was sure Priere felt the same way when she was around ice. Koudo would have to make the place resemble him a little more, other than Cleff, and once that was done then he could finally call it his.

" So... how'd you make your ice so strong and resistant to fire? Train at a volcano or something? "

Priere definitely agreed that it was better to train your crappy abilities to become great rather than have power handed down to you. She was in the process of doing that right now... She needed to live up to 3 goals... To become the master of Insangels, to live up to the sorcerer lineage she came from to reach her MAX potential, and to allow Signis and Blue to become as powerful as they were before.

"Yeah... That's true. I like the way you think."

Somehow, she felt like the NetNavi's had been done before... Where did she see it...? Oh well. Whatever. Didn't matter.

"Oh, my ice? Hahaha. Yeah, threw some in a volcano and upheld it in lava. I did the same thing in the desert. I need to figure out what to do next for my training to make it even better... One day, I'm going to freeze that ENTIRE volcano and keep it as a trophy. Heh heh heh..."

She wanted that day to come soon.. She reaaally wanted that volcano.

Koudo started putting the finishing touches on the schematics of the early PETs and brought it up on screen for her to see.

" There it is. This will be something like what ours will look like. Of course the color scheme situation is gonna be a little off but after a little bit of practice, you can come back and I'll have a completely new one for you that will probably look a little like this one here. "

Of course Koudo had prepared a schematic for the next generation PETs that he planned to make. Of course only him and Priere would have them for now and maybe one of the higher ups if they wanted one, like his Kage, but other than that no one would have on. As for the NetNavi situation, he would have to try and request an audience with Aeon, or Cleff to see if they could give him a little bit of help, just a little bit. He brought up and design of the newer models, but had already put the production of the earlier models into place and they were starting to be cranked out.

" With you... it seems possible with the right motivation. Guess that means that my water jutsu won't do anything against you at all... fine, I have a new style of fighting in production as we speak now.... I can already see the ending. "

Koudo's smirk was even more apparent now as he stood from his chair and placed his hands to the keyboard one last time and pressed a couple of keys before looking at her.

" Tell me... what are you exactly? A witch? "

Priere gave a look over the PET... Odd... It really did seem familiar... She never had met Aeon, but she knew she'd seen this PET and some other junk Koudo was talking about before... Yet, she couldn't put her finger on it just yet. She should probably just not worry about it.

"... Yeah, the newer one looks way better."

She flipped her hair, scoffing at the model Koudo just made. Though, with all of the functions he said it had, it was pretty impressive, she guessed. She wasn't too fond of all of this boring computer stuff, but Koudo seemed... Interested in her. This was apparent as he asked her questions and confirmed when he asked what she was. She only started to chuckle just slightly, shaking her head slowly.

"... What am I? Hmhmhm... I'm a whole new type of supernatural being, guy. Three entities combined into one. I used to be merely a human sorceress that came from a line of GREAT mages and sorceresses before me... My mother and father were one of the greatest... And from a very young age, I was forced to embrace my magical power and learn the art of the family's prized elements; Water and Ice magic. Which, of course, I am pretty proficient in."

She conjured up some water in one hand, then ice in the other, juggling them between hands before finally snapping her fingers and dissipating them both.

"But uh, yeah, at the same time, these two bastards inside of me... Signis and Blue... Came along trying to kill me, from what I remember. Blue possessed my body because she wanted my soul, and she succeeded... But soon Signis was sent down to purge her from my body. Instead, she tried to force possess me while Blue was already within, and somehow the combination of our bodies, minds and souls fused together and created one entity.... The Insangel."

She paused.

"... But... Because of all this excess energy and emotion and shit shared between the three of us, we're all kinda... twisted now. We're all fucking insane, but Signis has technically 'fallen from grace' and is now on conquest to do nothing but cause bloodshed... Blue has become more calm and less ruthless... And I have deviated from the sweet little innocent soul I was once supposed to be... HAAAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Priere sighed. She didn't know why she told him all of this.. Normally, she'd say something like 'Mind your damn business' or something along those lines. Hm. Whatever. But seriously, why weren't Signis and Blu-- .. Okay, Signis saying anything about anything? Priere didn't like it when they-- she was so silent... It was creepy.

Koudo turned on his heels and looked at the computer before typing a few things down fairly quickly, and by a few things he meant everything that she had just told him and then a little side notes that he had realized about her from the fight he had watched with her and Vessel. This was perfect, all so very perfect. He opened a new file and started to put down a whole bunch of things about the other people he had researched and watched in battle, the other people that he was interested in knowing more about, before giving every single last file a good final stamp by encrypting them with around 50 encryption codes, a novice level encryption if you asked him but whatever.

" I see... I see. Welp, you're PET is ready, try not to gloat about this old model too much to people. When you get the new one, then you can gloat since me and you will probably have the only ones. I planned to share this with my Kage one day... but I decided against it. This is gonna be my lab fully one day, and my secrets should remain my secrets, right? "

Koudo asked, inputting a few more codes, before a robotic arm lowered itself from the ceiling with the PET in its hand to give to her. Sai, who hadn't moved since Koudo had tampered with inner workings the second time, sprung to life and walked over to the table with the little robot guy and opened him up before she started to do her own little experimenting on him, at Koudo's request of course though it was a silent request. The robotic arm moved, after Priere took her PET and stopped in front of Koudo, handing him the second of the two older models of the device. Koudo looked it over, inspecting the craftsmanship and everything. It could look a little slicker and cooler, but all that would come with practice. All and all, it was pretty good for his first try, very polished indeed. The only difference between his and hers was the little emblem on the lower right corner of the device, it was missing on hers.

" Before you can turn it on, you'll need an emblem symbol. I wanted to make one for you, but that should be left to you. Just think about it and it should show up in the lower right corner. Then, when the new ones are finished I can just update this one and your emblem will be transferred over. "

Koudo explained.

"Eh? Fine, fine, whatever."

She was a gloater no matter what. She already knew he was typing shit about her in his computer, but she wasn't too worried. If worse came to worst, Signis could always send these electronics for a loop with her holy lightning... Or mental waves or something. Heh heh. Or, even better. Priere's water could short circuit them, making them useless. Hahaha. But let's not think of that.

She grabbed her PET and naturally, as Koudo said, thought about the emblem. One appeared. Sweet. Lack of creativity!

"Alright, now what?"

" Now we test them... They're touch screen so... "

Koudo's speech trailed off for a little bit before he started to press the screen, going through everything and finding out everything before looking up at her and nodding his head.

" You should receive an e-mail from me about... "

Before he said now, her device would make a generic ass ring before it appeared that she had a message from Koudo. All she had to do what press the notification and the message would pop up. He wasn't a very good explainer, his mind was always in the right place, but when it came to explaining things to others, he lacked fully in that department. Rather than leave her in the dark though, he sent her a fully detailed description of ever function and how to work them in the mail. It was like an instruction manual.

" Yeah, explaining ain't my thing, besides their just like cell phones right now without the NetNavi. Once I develop those, we won't have to do anything since the NetNavi will handle it all. All we'll have to do is tell them what to do, now one thing that I will have to explain to you when I develop them are the battle chips... "

he waved his hand, telling her to forget about all of that for now. The one thing that he was thinking about was the fact that she was the first to be getting one from him. Did that make them allies or something like that? Koudo didn't need a team, and wasn't looking for one, but having an ally or two wouldn't hurt.

" So... allies? Not like we have to be everywhere at the same time or anything... in fact i plan to spend a lot of time here for the time being. But if you happen to be in a tight spot... I'll come and help you out. "

Priere started playing with the little PET, when suddenly it started ringing. She opened up the e-mail from Koudo, then sighed.

"... An instruction manual? Shit, what is this, a tutorial to a cybernetic handheld game or something...?"

Though the instruction manual was pretty appreciated. She wouldn't get anywhere without it. But by then Koudo was rambling on about battle chips and whatnot... And she KNEW she'd seen them somewhere before... But where? Crap. Whatever.

"Huh. Allies? I'd prefer servants, but.. Until I can get power to have servants, allies will do. I'll come for you in a jam, too, guy. Oh, but speaking of gaining power... What the hell should I do next for my training...? Usually Signis tells me, but her ass is being... Bleh."

She really wanted to expand her power. She kinda... Needed to increase her power ASAP.

Koudo walked to the computer and placed the PET down and started to type once more, noting down certain things about Priere's personality now and also things about the PET before he opened something else up... it looked like a map.

" Well... it all depends on how you want your power to develop. I talked earlier about making up your own crappy attacks and improving them with little to no help from someone higher than you... but this is one of those times that you could go to them for help. I say try to find someone else that can use... magic, and ask them if they can point you in the direction of this woman here. "

Koudo brought up a picture. These were from Cleff's old files no less, he knew everything and he hadn't wiped the hard drives of the computers in this place, it looked like all he did was encrypt them with hella levels of encryption, Koudo had another project to work on while he was here. That aside, he brought up a picture of the head witch... Zita was it? That was all he knew about her, nothing on her personality or anything.. yet, but when the files were cracked he would know and contact Priere about it.

" Zita... the head witch. She should be able to help you with the expansion of your power. I know nothing about her except that her house seems to always be empty nowadays, save for her, I'm sure she'll be willing to help you, even though you aren't a witch technically. "

Priere sighed heavily, as she didn't want to receive any sort of help from anyone, except for Signis and Blue, for she figured that was all she needed. Yeah, she was stubborn.

"I don't WANT to ask anyone higher than me. I am perfectly capable by myself. Hmph. I just want to know what some flaws I have are and how to make them better! I'm pretty proficient with magic as-is. It's in my lineage, you know!"

With or without help, Priere knew that she was going to be very skilled with magic, as she came from two prodigies. She crossed her arms and huffed, poking out her lip, thinking.

" Hold it, hold it. Asking her can't be a bad thing. At least think about it, I mean she could tell you a few things about yourself that you didn't even now. She might even be able to help you with figuring out why Signis hasn't been talking to you as much as you would like. Think of her as a Therapist, instead of the Head Witch. "

Koudo said before closing the file and turning to face her. Sai, stopped working on the little robot and looked up at Koudo and Priere, before going back to working on the little robot.

" I could go with you, I need to do a little more research on magic users anyway and what better way to do that than to see two in the same place. "

He was only offering this suggestion so that he could get his research done and input everything into his newfound glory, the computer. Of course, he would come back immediately after that and start to work on the files and the PETs and Sai and the little robot and and and... he was going to run himself ragged before he learned that he wasn't as good as he thought he was. he noticed that since he had been doing all of this, he had been practicing less and less with his Taijutsu and his soul partners. He actually had no idea where they were, it was fine. He would get back to training very soon.

" After we go see her, we can have a rematch battle. I might be a little much for you to handle now. Sure your ice is fire resistant, but my taijutsu is topnotch as always. "

Priere thought long and hard on the matter, coming to a conclusion after some time of deep thought. She smiled.

"How about this; We have our rematch first, and if I win, I don't see the witch, but if I lose, we do?"

Koudo cracked his knuckles and pounded his fist into the palm of his hand.

" Sounds like a plan then. It won't end like last time... I've been meaning to try some things that I've been working on out.... Machine Release. "

That was the only clue that he was giving her, other than that she would have to just deal with his Taijutsu and this... mysterious Machine Release. Koudo quite liked the name actually, he was pretty sure that it was completely original to him, something that he would only be able to do once he mastered it. Here's hoping anyway.

Priere knew he'd be up for it, and that's precisely why she asked. She smirked devilishly, giggling just a tiny bit to herself.

"Well, I know Signis and Blue won't be coming out during our battle. It'll just be you and me, guy!"

She folded her arms and began to laugh hautily.

"So... Where you wanna go? It's getting warmer outside, so I guess I won't have the home-field advantage anymore."

" True... the temperature outside is increasing by a substantial amount, but that doesn't actually effect you at all since it's about to be the rainy season and the ground will be flooded with water. "

Koudo explained in a very scientific voice, before he shrugged and looked around. It wouldn't be very good for them to fight here because he technically had the home field advantage. having his infestation running through out the place would help him bend the battle in his favor, by doing little things to distract her. Koudo wanted a nice, clean fight believe it or not. As for outside, just because it was getting hotter didn't mean fucking anything since she had trained at a volcano and in the desert. Her ice wouldn't be affected by the sun at all. Koudo wasn't a fool, he knew this.

" We need a place where neither one of us will have an advantage... some place where we can really test each others strength. After a fight like this, we both should be ready to move to the next level of progress. "

Priere nodded, thinking about the situation.

"Yeah, but I don't know any places we can fight...?"

She really, truly didn't.

" I'm feeling a graveyard type of vibe myself. "

Koudo told her honestly before looking to Sai and pulsing his Infestation Energy through the floor and too her, he changed her programming a little so that she was on security alert. He released the hold he had on Sai, but the reprogramming stayed the same as she went back to went back to working on the little robot on the table. By the time his battle with Priere was finished, the robot would be completely modded and Koudo could do what he planned to do with it.

" Graveyard sound good to you? "

Priere: "Of course. Lead the way."

" Can do. "

Koudo walked to the desk and picked up his PET, before slipping it in his pockets, along with his hands and walking towards the exit with Priere.
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Insangel 20: Hold Up. Yo Koudo, Perura. First Order Of Business.

Priere entered the home base, which they also had yet to come up with a name for, as they couldn't just leave the name as 'Cleff's Base' because that sounds lame. She waited for the 5 other members of her gang, since they hadn't found the 6th member yet.

"Hmph. I think I'm gonna have to whoop some ass."

There was some russling in the corner of the room, under a large pile of robot parts and what not. Koudo emerged from this pile, yawning and stretching. It seemed like he had fallen asleep whiling trying to put something together that would make it so that Sai could sustain the ice that Priere would create and Perura would make permanent. The amplifier idea was going well.

" Yo *yawns* need something? "

Koudo asked, adjusting his glasses quickly and stepping out of the pile of parts.

Priere gave off a cold aura which seemed to chill the room. She was inadvertently absorbing the heat of the area because of her anger. She gritted her teeth and groaned slightly.

"Yeah, so, word on the street is that some other shitty Genin and Chuunin are trying to copy us about this gang thing by making little candy-ass "teams." The sad thing is, they have all of their members while WE still don't! But the biggest thing that pisses me off is that they're trying to copy us, and I kinda wanna show them why the fuck WE are a GANG and not a little pussy team. If you catch my drift."

She closed her eyes, calming down just a bit, thus the coldness of the room would start to fade.

"... Besides that, you haven't found anyone to fill our final position, have you?"

" ... Priere.... "

Perura said softly, coming in after her commander and standing by her side, like a loyal soldier. Koudo's soul weapons, Maina and Naina had been with her, and they were sniffing out souls to hunt for. The sooner they all became death scythes, the better and stronger the gang would be as a whole. Perura being the main one wanting to become a death scythe since she was finally being useful to someone other than herself. She said nothing more, when Koudo emerged from the pile of parts, and only wondered what Priere wanted.

Her question was answered soon enough, seemed as if her commander was upset about some other teams that were being formed and she wanted them gone... finished, quickly. Or, at least, she wanted their last member to be found and brought to her for inspection. Perura had been looking, but the only person that she could think about was Lance and he was a weapon, so there was no way that he could join. The person he had been fighting that one time couldn't either since she was some kinda battle cyborg or something along those lines. Perura sighed silently, and shrugged, looking to Koudo for the answers. He was the, self proclaimed, genius after all.

Maina: " Look, we've been looking. Everyone, except Koudo, has been trying to find that last member. "

Maina sighed and started to shake her head at the sorry excuses for the genin and chuunin that were running around nowadays, she herself, couldn't see anyone that would be good enough to be their last member.

" Everyone that we've seen is sorry ass, and really can't do much of any fucking thing. Those punk-ass other teams will get demolished if they step to us, so chill out Priere, we're on it. "

Maina had started talking differently of late for some reason, seemed as if she was really starting to take that "bitch" persona to heart. Koudo kinda liked the fire that she was showing, sorta hot in a way.

Koudo: " Maina's got a point, after I finished working on Sai, the person that's going to act as our amplifier, I searched almost every active genin and chuunin to see who would be good enough... there was no one. I suggest we look at Special Jounin as well, since I personally plan to skip that level altogether and I believe that you should do the same Priere. Kages only pay attention to Jounin, and that's the only way that we'll get recognized and given decent work. I've seen one Special Jounin that could be of some use to us. "

Koudo walked over to the computer's keyboard and pulled up Luxe Senkou's profile.

" She's fast, and can move us in a hurry if we're ever in trouble. What do you think Priere? "

Priere inspected this... Luxe chick. Swiftness was always smiled upon... But then again, Speed was one of Koudo's strengths? Not only that, Blue was also incredibly fast, probably moreso than Koudo... Perhaps speed wasn't what was absolutely necessary at this point in time.

"Hm... I was thinking the same thing, a Special Jounin. But this one might not be useful since you and Blue are fast by yourselves. We need someone to heal the group, since I don't think I have any healing abilities that would work on the 4 of you and vice versa. Guh... Are there any Special Jounin that focus on healing around here? One without a Soul Partner? Cuz I don't like the number 7."

" True... speed is my best strength, besides my obvious taijutsu prowess and brain power. Luxe is trashed, like that. "

Koudo said, closing the file and turning around to face Priere and the others.

" I'm not sure, but I'll get on it and seriously Priere, think about what I just said. Kages only pay attention to jounin, we'll never make any money or get our names out there unless we rise through the ranks of the society that calls us loners, and take it over from the inside out. We could be one of the strongest groups of Jounin out there, but we have to skip being Special Jounin.... it'll get us no where. "

Koudo explained to Priere. Before sighing and adjusting the glasses on his face.

" Oh, and you'll probably be able to meet Sai when we start the icing of this place... we need a name too. I like the idea of you putting factory after the gang name for the base. Something factory, ya know? "

Perura stayed silent and started to walk around the base that they would call theirs soon enough. Koudo indeed had a point, but that would mean that she would have to get out there and hunt for more souls. Perura liked killing, so that wasn't a problem, but she did get tired. She repeated the most important thing Koudo said.

" ....Jounin.... "

Priere nodded, getting what Koudo was saying, of course. Jounin rank... Sounded tough, but not impossible.

"Well. If I'm gonna get to that rank, I'm gonna need to train a little bit more. I just... Don't know how or what to do. Any ideas? Weaknesses you saw in my fighting style?"

As she realized she needed to train, she would conjure up two spheres of magic in her hand and flex them as well as interchange them between hands to increase both her magic control and her chakra pool. She knew that she would need to have a high amount of those if this were going to work.

"And as for a name of this place... That will be much easier than a name for our group, right? Let's see... Factory? Mmm... Maybe something with the meaning of 'Cold..' Cold Factory? Chill Factory? Ice Factory? Glacial Factory? Cool Factory? Blizzard Factory? Arctic Factory? Freeze Factory? Frozen Factory? Frost Factory? Frigid Factory? Rime Factory? Polar Factory? Subzero Factory? Winter Factory? Frostbite Factory? Sleet Factory? Hail Factory? Flash-Freeze Factory? Shit. That's all I've got."

" There in lies the fun "leader", I saw nothing wrong with your fighting style because you defeated me, but you always have Signis and Blue to fall back on, so becoming a jounin would be a small feat for you. All you need is a proctor that would really test you, same with me. Maruze, my first proctor, was great, but I doubt me going up against him for Jounin would be wise since he knows the way I fight. I'm gonna need someone that can really test me... someone that's just as good at taijutsu, someone with speed that matches my own. I want a new rival damn it. "

Koudo yelled, before slamming his fist down on the keyboard of the computer, breaking it on impact. He fed his infestation into it though and it started to repair itself, good as new.

" Flash-Freeze Factory is fine for now... until we can find something better. We can call it triple F, until we rename it. As for the special jounin that can help us... there aren't any to my knowledge that are active that use any healing type abilities. Are you impartial to Witches? They're technically human... I think. "

Priere sighed. She knew all about the witches... They weren't humans, they were an entirely separate race within themselves. In truth, Priere wanted to be the only one that used magic in the group, for she was petty like that. But, her pettiness might have to be short lived... Since she was running out of options.

"Grrr... Alright, alright, fine. We'll get a Witch. Is there one you had in mind that could heal us?"

Priere enjoyed the name Flash-Freeze Factory. Triple F was pretty badass, she thought.

" Witches can learn to do whatever the hell they want within the thing that they use the most right? We're running out of options for a last member because no one has been able to live up to our expectations. There is a shortage of fucking healers around, for reasons I don't understand, and I'm just starting to get pissed for no fucking reason. Why don't we just kidnap some punk ass genin, I'll rip his body apart and put it back together so that the only thing he can do is heal, and then we'll be fucking set. Damn, weak ass Genin and Chuunin, I'll destroy them all... I swear I will... "

This was odd, Koudo never usually lost his cool, even his infestation started to look different. Usually the base gave off shiny silvery blue color, but now it was a rich, dark red color. The blue being replaced by the red. Things that were running on the infestation started to go haywire, moving sporadically, like they were having seizures.

" Damn, damn, damn, this is really getting on my nerves. "

Priere started to laugh, finding Koudo loosing his cool to be extremely entertaining and amusing to her.

"Hahahaha! Chill out, Koudo. I like your idea, but I've decided that we can be even more unique now. I don't think any of the other 'teams' have witches in them anyway. I'm not a witch, I can use magic, so I'm an anomoly within myself. You have two weapons, which is rare. We'll have a witch, which no one has. And Perura is a weapon. We're totally fucking unique no matter what happens! Hahahaha!"

Priere's mood suddenly lightened severely. She noticed that his blue and silver energy thing was becoming red. That must not have been good.

"... Huh. Yo, Koudo. I've decided what we're gonna do now, so go finish updating Sai or something. Perura, I want you to go collect souls. Maina, Naina, you should probably do that as well, and if not, go work on your skills with fighting without a meister. That's absolutely necessary just in case Koudo is separated from you at any given time. And as for me..."

Priere turned, starting to float to the door now.

"... I'm gonna go get into one more battle, then I'm gonna go for another ranking up. Probably try to hit Jounin, if I can."

Priere just needed to constantly fluctuate these magical spheres when she did anything and she could probably increase her control and her pool a very, very high amount, since her constant floating also helped increase these things.

"Everybody got it?" She had to make sure before she left... And make sure Koudo was under control. Seems as though he needed to be left alone.

" No... I'm gonna go battle too... don't try and stop me... "

Koudo said, the red fading and the blue and silver coming back... but only faintly before the red flared up quickly when he slammed his hands down. I'm in control.... in control... don't lose it, don't lose it.... he kept saying to himself to calm down, but he stood up straight and walked passed Priere, slowly, his eyes covered by his hair. He passed Maina, Naina, and Perura as well and just left...

Maina and Naina looked to one another before turning around and watching the door. It was strange to see him so tensed like that, they had never seen that red energy either. Maina was intrigued, Naina was worried beyond compare.

Maina: " We'll work on that now... since Koudo is throwing a temper tantrum. I can wield Naina and she can wield me... and we were learn from Perura, how to partially transform. I wanna go see my idol though... I'm sure she can teach me a little more. "

Priere almost lost it when he refused to follow such an order. But then again, she realized that everyone needs their time to figure themselves out. She'd get on his ass when he got back. When he cooled down.

"Huh. Next time, I'll make him fight me again..."

She scoffed, looking at the 3 weapons out of the corner of her eye.

"Yeah. Do that. And if your idol can help you, then hell, go have that idol help you out. We can relax when our problems are finished."

Priere was about to exit, but stopped again.

"... Oh, and if you come back before I do and Koudo is still using that red shit... Don't hesitate to stop him. If you don't... Then I will."

With that, Priere exited, going to look for someone to beat up or something, still fluctuating those spheres.

Maina: " I kinda like that red stuff, but whatever. We're on it... come with us Perura. "

Maina said, turning around and walking towards the exit with Naina and Perura in tow, they exited the factory and it went back to having that cool silverly blue color to it. That meant that the red shit that Koudo was using had a large range of attack since he was long gone from the factory and it had stayed red until everyone left. If only he learned what it was and how to control it...
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Insangel 21: Somebody... Come To Battle With Me. Make It Entertaining, Will Ya?

Out in an open field. There was no snow on the ground, but it was still rather chilly out... About 13 degrees. Hm. Too warm for Priere, even still.

"Crap, it's getting hotter outside... I don't like that. Tch. Whatever. I hope someone entertaining comes for a battle. I need to test something..."

Priere created two spheres in her hands, larger than usual. They fluctuated back and forth between her hands as she waited.

shadow jumps down from the tree tops and lands down on one knee..

"hey...that looks pretty cool I'm not gonna do you wanna spar with me?" I say in a childish tone and start to strech my back..

Priere eyed him up and down... more down than up, actually, as she was feeling sort of condescending toward him.

"... Oh joy. A nice little victim. Yeah, whatever, I'll fight with ya... But you'd better not bore me or nothin. If I'm not entertained, then you don't leave with your life, guy. Just to let you know."

Priere didn't hesitate to start the battle. With one of the spheres in her hand, it bursted and suddenly a large amount of huge Ice Spikes shot up from the ground in Shadow's area, trying to impale and freeze him right off the bat. Priere just floated in the air, waiting to see what he'd do about it, fluctuating the other sphere in her hand.

*my sharingan saw what she was going to do from a mile away...shadow jumped back and hit the tree trunk and jumped of of that to get about 20 feet in air and I fly over her..I activate my white flame eagle jutsu and shoot 2 white flaming eagles that explode on contact (from opponent or the ground) and come landing down about 10 feet behind her and keep runing around her in a circle..wating for her move..*

Priere sighed, as she could already see that this battle wasn't going to be fulfilling to her. Oh well. She shook her head.

"Let me guess... You're going to start out by jumping high into the air, trying to get over my head.."

Naturally, as she said this, he was in the process of jumping over her, though only just slightly above her... Like, a few feet.

"... Then you're going to try to give me an attack from above..."

As she said this, her hand was already raised and creating a large dome of ice to surround her, the Ice Shield, which easily took the flaming eagles as if they were nothing, not even melting a bit.

"... Then you're going to wait for me to see what I do, am I right?"

She watched him land, then he began to circle her... Waiting.

"... Called it."

Priere shook her head again as she pointed back at the numerous Ice Spikes intended for Shadow, which would then melt to the ground, the water seemingly disappearing. She started to conjure up more magic in her hands, waiting for Shadow just as he was waiting for her.

"Now, let's try not to be so damn predictable, will ya? It's not cute."

"...ohh....why am I not supprised u made another testicle of ice...your the one that is being predictable...I'm not the one that is standing there using the same jutsu..." I yell angerly but keep in motion...

Priere yawned, barely listening to this guy. He clearly had no idea what he was talking about, which made her laugh.

"Same jutsu? Firstly, I don't use Jutsu, I use magic. I'm sure an experienced ninja... heh... Or at least someone better than you... Could tell the difference, am I right~?"

It didn't matter how many negative cool points she got, for facts would still be facts, even if he didn't like them, which is why she had to say them~.

"Secondly... It's not an attack. I'm just keeping my magic charged and ready for use when I need to . Think of it as you using your little hand signs and whatnot. That's not a jutsu, is it? No. I didn't think so. It's preparation. What I'm doing is preparation. However..."

The sphere in her other hand exploded, this time a freezing wave of magical force was launched from her body, trying to freeze what was near her to ensure immobility... Namely, Shadow.

"That is a technique I know. It's called the Chill Wave. Very different from the Ice Spikes, wouldn't you say~?"

first- those handsigns ARE jutsu (It coudnt be more obvious)

*shadow used his Stonehenge JUTSU to create a dome of stone to protect him somewhat from the wave, and started to heat his blood to prevent immobility..* " am I going to get out of this without her powerful ice..magic..analy raping me...? hehe" I say with seriousness and humor at the same time from wht he said..

Priere smiled, as it was already too late. The rocks would be covered in a thin layer of ice because of the Chill Wave, but because of Priere's ice's power, even if thin, it was still incredibly durable and strong. That was to keep him where he was and keep him from causing the rocks to fall. She could tell that he had somehow increased the temperature of his blood, which is what that one guy tried to do before, yet failed because it doesn't make a difference when fighting Priere.

"Oh, so foolish..."

Just then, from right under Shadow there would be a huge tower of water that would shoot up from the ground, covering the entirety of the inside of the Stonehenge, since he only made a dome, after all. That meant that everything was protected except the ground. Oh, fun. Two things were going to happen. Either he was going to drown or be frozen, and both were very highly possible at this point. But maybe she should play with him a little more... it was something she needed to debate on...

" Kill him so we can move on. "

Koudo's voice yelled from the distance before he himself walked to Priere's side, hands in his pockets and a smirk set on his face as it always was.

" Their team is weak, I think I might have met the leader and she's a push over. Kill him, so we can eliminate the others. "

Koudo stated, pushing up his glasses. As she could see, he was completely chilled now, and his energy had gonna back to the silvery blue color. Koudo was back to normal.

*shadow appeared next to the dome and knocked on the ice ever so slightly with his sword..*

"I bet your wondering how I got out of there right? I simply teleported my dear...yes it used some chakra but I didn't freeze nor dround......" I say with erragance!

Priere honestly didn't care at all. Teleportation was nothing these days, since like, eeeveryone had it and used it for eeeverything.

"Okay, so, you did something mildly impressive. Whoop-dee-doo."

She was a little jealous because she couldn't teleport, in actuality, but on the whole scale, she didn't need to. Those who used teleportation usually needed to. But yeah, she was surprised to see Koudo here, and from what he said, this was one of the guys from one of the other teams that was being made.

"Hahaha. I guess word got out about us and someone else thought it would be cool to make something similar to ours? Ah, it's cool though. It's just like business. Knock-offs are always made. But, what's more valuable, the originals, or the knock-offs?"

Priere laughed again, the icy rocks shattering at her will and the geyser coming to a stop.

"Oh, and uh, Koudo... I'd like it if you weren't on the ground. I kinda got something going here, ya know?"

He was smart. He should already know what was happening. She focused her attention back to Shadow... Even if it was only a little bit of attention being payed to him.

"I wonder if this fight is just gonna be you dodging and teleporting... That's not fun at all. Huh."

Priere was conjuring up more magic, however she started to move her hands in a rather odd fashion... Slowly, yet gracefully... The temperature in the area would ever so sloooowly grow colder...

Of course, of course, Priere was doing something. Koudo stepped back before leaving the general area quite quickly, almost like a blur really.

" This should be cake for you "leader". "

Koudo said with a yawn.

"...groups arnt trying to copy you guys...ur just rebels...'we', were on a mission...." I say

Priere wasn't listening. Her mind was made up. Besides, there were more than one team than just them, anyway, but Priere just wasn't worried about these guys too much. The temperature continued to grow colder, yet Shadow did nothing. She was wondering why he wasn't doing anything.

"... Not that I care, but..."

She continued to sway her arms, not letting up.

"... Why aren't you doing anything? You're kind of.. Hm. I dunno... In danger. I told you not to make this boring."

"I'm sorry I'm trying not to loose my life to an ice god..." I say with total seriousness..."I guess I'm just alittle nervous.."

Priere's hands stopped moving as her eyes narrowed.

"... If you're that worried..."

Priere turned around starting to float off.

"... Then I'll let you go. Apparently, I'm an Ice Goddess now."

She was definitely trying to hide the huge smirk on her face as she flew away. Flattery got you everywhere with this chick.

"... I won't be so lenient next time, though..."

She was too giddy right now. She immediately left the area.

" She's like the worst leader ever. "

Koudo said jumping from the tree and following her as she left, shaking his head as he walked with her.

"...damn...I didn't even get to use the jutsu..."

I say and dissolve in a flury of fire
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Insangel 22: I Might Have Found Someone. Priere, Come... We Have Things To Talk About.

Koudo rushed into the base and immediately started to type away on the computer. He was going over everything that he had in his head and he there was a person that he had over looked, someone that he saw as a part of their group. Sure the person was no witch, but they new medical jutsu and would probably be a great addition to the team. Koudo needed to tell Priere this as well as tell her about the tournament that was about to be held.

After getting done with her... um.. 'battle,' Priere immediately came over to the base. Everyone else seemed to still be out.

"Got your message on this PET... What is it?"

" Him! He's the guy we need for our last member. "

Koudo said excitedly, pointing to the screen as a picture of Shin Hanabi came up on the screen, and his profile quickly followed after that. Koudo had forgotten about him since they hadn't had anymore encounters since that time in the tavern when Slade pissed him off. But this was definitely the last member that they needed. He knew medical ninjutsu and was able to fight with weapons. Koudo was sure that Priere would agree with this decision once she saw all the data.

" oh... and we have a tournament coming up against that weak ass team. "

Koudo said that without a hint of importance in his voice, since it wasn't important to him at all. he was sure that they would have it in the bag if they recruit Shin. Of course if Priere went to get him then he wouldn't have a choice in the matter, no one ever had a choice when Priere was asking them to do something.

Priere, still a little giddy from being called an Ice Goddess, was thoroughly happy about everything that was just said.

"Haha... Shin Hanabi? I'll look him up. Tournament? We'll win. Ice Goddess?... Haha, yes I am~!"

Priere flipped her hair, laughing haughtily. Priere just gained +100 Arrogance Points. Though, she was starting to come down from the high of being called an Ice Goddess and started to become more serious and cold again, as it could be heard in her voice. She didn't seem too worried about the tournament or that Koudo agreed to it without permission. Man, a compliment like that must have really done it for her.

"... But yeah, where would I find this Shin Hanabi guy?"

" His last known location is Luxe's Rice Ball Shop, or something along those lines. Just drag him back here, we'll beat him in and there we go. "

Koudo said waving his hand now in a dismissive manner, he was still waiting for the list from the team leader of those other people. Once he had the list, he could search all their strengths and pair everyone accordingly.

" When you get back, we'll have to do the match-ups for the tourney.... once I get that list of the other team's members. "

Priere nodded sort of passively about it all, since she was ready to go train and rank up and stuff and wasn't really worried about such trivial things. Their member and Priere's rank were most important... But.. Mmm. Maybe she'd hold off on the ranking exam for a while...

"Well, lemme go get that Shin guy. Give me the details of the tournament when I get back. I mean it. I want a FULL report, Koudo."

With that, she was rather quickly off.

" Of course Priere. Would I really withhold information from you? "

Koudo stated before taking a seat in his chair and getting to work on something that was completely unrelated to the tournament and the new member in general. He was trying to see how he could get his summoning to work on things other than weapons.... he wanted to be able to summon Sai and he would figure it out before Priere return.


Priere returned to the base a little bit frustrated. She hated unnecessary work.

"Koudo? He's a bit more difficult than I thought. I was even gonna kill him and it didn't work. Well... I was gonna kill him before that note you sent me. Hell, I even tried asking nicely and having Perura shoot him up... Hmph. I don't know how to get him. Maybe he'll listen to you, since you've met him before?"

Suddenly, Priere was taken into the depths of her mind forecefully.

Priere: ... The hell?

Signis: ... Priere. Are you truly a leader?

Priere: What's that supposed to mean, Signis?

Signis: Throwing such a childish tantrum when you didn't get your way... That is not one of the qualifications of a leader. Granted, you are still young, but you must grow up soon.

Priere: So you think I'm acting childish!?

Signis: Precisely.

Priere: You bitch! I'll show you that I'm not acting childish!!!

Signis: Oh, and there you go again... You do know that words are always better than blatant and violent attacks, right?

Priere: NO!!

Signis: ... My, my... And I thought you were maturing...


Signis: Are you getting my point, then?

Priere thought about it for a little bit... She was the only one getting mad in this situation. Therefore, Signis had the upper hand... Thinking clearly, able to read me better... Able to conserve energy while she consumed it... It was actually starting to make sense.

Signis: ... Ah, I see it on your face. You are beginning to realize.

Priere: Hmmm... I guess there's a time for forceful violence and a time for sharp words...

Signis: Most definitely.

Priere: Alright, so.. What do I do about acquiring Shin Hanabi to my team, Signis? You weren't saying shit when I was trying to, you know.

Signis: ... Oh, that's because you are the leader, are you not~? You seemed to have it under control.

Priere: YOU BITCH!

Out of nowhere, Blue took a step forward, ready to say something, which, of course, she rarely did. She opened up her piercing blue eyes to stare at Priere and Signis and both of them fell silent. Blue opened her mouth ever so slightly and spoke something to Priere almost inaudibly. "You and Koudo... Talk to him later... Together..."

Priere realized that what Blue said was best. Koudo would be able to keep Priere under control temper wise and already had a previous affiliation with Shin. Perhaps Shin seeing a familiar face would sway him more. Not only that, Koudo might be better at... words than Priere was. Priere was more about insults and sheer force. "Good idea, Blue... I guess that's what'll happen, then."

Since everything was decided, Priere exited her mind, which was only a couple of seconds in realtime.

"... Next time, you're coming with me."

" Figured you might have said that when you returned without him. "

Koudo said leaning back in his chair, tossing his head slowly over the back of the chair and looking at Priere upside down. He stretched his arms out, yawning a big yawn, before sitting up right and standing. he had a hunch that collecting Shin wouldn't go as planned and he was already starting to formulate a new plan to get him. yeah, Koudo would have to be along for this new plan to work, but other than that it was a pretty open and shut thing. If he said yes then great, perfect, if he said no then they would make him promise not to join the other team... with force of course.

" Don't worry, We'll get him... he's thinking about it right now, I'm sure of it. "

Koudo said before yawning again and walking over to a pile of parts and laying down in them.

" Try getting some rest, it'll calm you down... ya know? Then we should train since we have a week to do so, in that time we should probably try and advance to being higher than Chuunin. "

Koudo waved his hand.

" It'll ensure our victory... trust me. And I might have found some information on you as well... did you ever find that book that you were talking about at the end of our battle? I have a hunch that it's in the Land of Eternal Rain. "

He stopped moving now, placing his hand down upon a female figure that was underneath the pile of parts as well. A new robot that he was starting to work on but hadn't quite finished her. he yawned one last time.

" .... Try finding that book.... wake me when you're ready to go.... "

Priere was already gonna go rank up anyway... Perhaps she should get the book first... Or perhaps get the rank first? Hm... She wasn't particularly sure about this one.

"... Yeah. I'll go look at the book later..."

She seemed to be less excited than she was at first. Wonder why? Perhaps she should train. But Koudo didn't see too much flaw in her technique... Perhaps Signis or Blue should train, then? But those two didn't need any training... They were supernatural beings. Priere was the only one that needed any sort of training.

"Bah... Oh well. I'll... Hm. Maybe I'll go see the leader of the other group..."

There didn't seem to be any anger or malice in her voice. Wonder why...? That was pretty unlike her. Something was getting at her now. Of course, Signis and Blue would be able to figure it out because they all shared their thoughts, but... No one else.

"Whatever. I'll see you later."

With that, she exited, seeming to be in deep thought.

Koudo nodded and waved his hand before cuddling up to a part that looked to be shaped like an arm.

" Alright... see ya later then... "

he needed sleep, it had been some time since he had gone to sleep and actually rested a good amount of time. All the other times they were quick one to two hour power naps before he would wake up and go train again or start working on Sai. More than likely, he would sleep through the whole week and only train a couple times himself. Then he would go for a ranking exam on the last day before the tournament and after that sleep until it was time for the tournament. he was starting to get his sleep in now, since he would have to spend some of his time to go with Priere to find Shin once more.
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Insangel 23: ... Let's Have A Match.

Though Priere said she was going to go see the leader of the rival team, go find that magical tome AND go see Shin, before she did all of that, she wished to have a battle. She didn't know why, she didn't really have time for it. But. For whatever reason, she was here, ready for another bout, yet again. Seems as though she's not even resting. She was taking a sip of her Cactus Water.

"... I feel a little less angry than usual..."

She looked at the melting snow and it made her cringe a little. She might have to do a little more training in hot areas or with burning hot lava again... Whatever, though. She started to fluctuate some magic in her hands idly, waiting for her opponent.

Kammy walks into the field, seeing priere. "you must be the leader of the group!" Kammy Said as she walked in with her arms folded." I've heard alot about u, although I dont want to fight u a couple days before the tournament but... I have to find something out about u." she knew her weakness from stories from other people, but she wanted to see for herself. Yeah she was powerful with this ice stuff but I happened to have a clue about the weakness. Just like what I found out about koudo Tamura. If I was to fight him in the tournament i was bound to win, now it's time to test this player. If this weakness is what it is then this tournament would be in the bag.

Priere looked over to Kammy, the leader of the team who Priere thought had copied hers. Though Priere wasn't angry, she did show slight signs of disdain for this girl.

"... Oh. So you're the leader of the gang-- Oh, excuse me... 'Team' that was made after us? Yeah... You want to test something out? I feel the same way..."

Her speech was a little more chilly in tone rather than fiery and spunky, so much that she actually let out little puffs of frost from her mouth as she spoke.

"... If that is the case... Then come get me, girl. You'd better live up to the title of leader..."

Priere immediately floated slightly higher in the air and began to conjure up some magic in both of her hands. Her facial expression didn't change... No happiness. No anger. No anticipation. There was something amiss...

Kammy wanted to be real understanding about what in the hell priere's power was, Cus as far as she heard, preire always stayed elevated in all of her battles. Let alone, she use so many unbearable chakra draining moves. You would thing that she would be running out.

"what exactly is your power... Girl???" Kammy said returning the mockery.

Holding out one of her hands in front of her, it would seem as though Priere was going to attack. The magical power surged violently from her hands, taking some sort of shape as she did. It was that of a bottle, a rather large one in fact. With a small burst of magical power, it finally took its shape... A water bottle.

"Mmm... Cactus juice..."

Barely listening to Kameko, Priere started to drink it, gulping it down with the utmost ease and pleasure, yet her eyes were staring dead at Kameko.

"... My power? Simple... It's nothing but Ice and Water. I find it surprising that many people with these complicated abilities insist that ice and water is so... Hard to defend against."

The bottle dissipated into nothingness as Priere floated there, the temperature steadily dropping now and magic surging through her hands... Her hand began to move around slowly.

"... Do you even have any powers? What's your point of imitating my team?"

"imitating ur team... I don't think so. We decided to make this team way before u guys. And we don't call it a team, we call it a family. So immitating is not the right work for it."

Immitating wasn't what we were doing. That's just how they took it as far as I'm concerned.

"oh and my power?"

Kammy used her earthbending to pick up an extremely large boulder and she brought it in front of her. With the hand outstretched she exerted 5 bones out of her wrist like tendrils. When they made impact with the boulder it shattered leaving rubble on the ground. She smiled and looked at priere.

"Yeah, that's ur answer."

Priere shook her head, yawning.

"... Thinking of something and doing something are two different things. For example... I'm thinking about what I want to do to you..."

The temperature continued to get lower and lower, water starting to appear on the ground in random places before disappearing.

"... But instead, I'm doing another. Bruu..."

She let out a little bit more frost from her mouth, as she thought it looked cool. She seemed rather relaxed... Nonchalant.

"... Wonder what it would look like to freeze your entire team over...?"

Priere's hand continued to store up more and more magic... So much...

Priere narrowed her eyes and sighed heavily, a large amount of frost flowing from her mouth as she did so.

"... There was no point in that... I hope her entire team of god knows how many doesn't waste my team of usefulness down..."

Priere's conjured magic in her hands became a sphere which she started to fluctuate between her hands as a stress ball continuously, as she normally did.

"... I have a few errands to run anyway."

She left the premises, the temperature returning to normal upon departure.
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Insangel 24: Training. Anything Can Happen.

(Shin Hanabi And Shadow Uchiha Are 'I')

"HHRRAAH!!!" \\I let out a breath after slicing through a line of pretty big rocks laying on the ground. I shake my hand as the Chakra from the Chakra Dissection Blade dispurses.\\ "Medical Ninjutsu seriously can't make me that special.." \\I stand looking at my hand for a little while before shaking my head and focusing again on training. I place my hands together before hand signing and calling out\\ "Clone Jutsu!" \\A poof of smoke arises in front of me before a clone is seen from the smoke. We both jump back and look at each other as we prepare to clash\\

Though Priere didn't intend to go see him, she had found herself already on her way following Shin. She had no clue why, but she figured she should still tell Koudo. It was a good thing that she conveniently was able to let her water touch his weapons so that she could track him. Anyway, she whipped out her PET and sent Koudo a little e-mail about where she was, cuz she did promise to bring Koudo next time she encountered Shin.

As she was floating through the air, she spotted him in the distance. She wasn't sure if he would try to run or attack her or something, but she really wasn't feeling too hostile at all right now. She said nothing, but floated up to a nearby tree and watched to see what he was doing...

"... Huh. He's training. Something I should be doing.."

She already had an idea for her next stretch of training. Taking a bath in lava. But that would require someone to spot her just in case she ran out of magic while within the lava pool...

"... And I have to find someone to do that for me... And I must find that grimoire... And I have to take a ranking exam... And I need my final member of my team--"

She looked over at Shin.

"... Oh yeah. Eh... So much stuff to do..."

Since Koudo had already been nearby when Priere messaged him, he traveled to the training area and spotted her in a tree but hadn't spotted Shin over a few distances training. He stopped at the bottom of the tree and looked up, hands in his pockets and glasses framing his face perfectly.

" Yo... what's up? "

\\The hands of the clone and I are covered in Chakra as we both activate the Chakra Dissection Jutsu. We start off running toward each other, the clone places a hand in front of him, signing. from there he reaches into his pouch grabbing a few shuriken and tosses them at me. As I'm running toward him I notice the shadows of the shuriken aren't entirely on the ground. Transformation of the shuriken to look like shadows. The Shadow Creep Jutsu. Using my Chakra at the soles of my feets I jump insanely high over them and over the clone. I clasp my hands together and the Chakra from the Chakra Dissection blade combine. Yelling out the Chakra increases in size and changes shape. It now resembles a large Buster Sword like object. What would now be know as Medical Basher Jutsu. This attack would not slash anything, but be able to bypass the flesh to "bash" the organs and innards. The clone would jump back dodging the attack, making my attack to cause rocks to fly up. The clone then rushes in on me as I take apart the Medical Basher and return to Chakra Dissection. The both of us now engauge in thrusting, slicing and dodging.\\

shadow walked in on the intensity of battle...he saw everything that he did. he. didn't see priere or koudo at all..

"hey shin...instead of fighting yourself...would you like to train with me?" I ask with a little shyness in my voice..

\\After trading blows with the clone it would seem the two of us are at a stalemate. The Chakra in my right hand changes from a blade into a small ball in my palm. I thrust my palm into the clone hitting him in the chest. He slowly starts to back of and starts heavy breath. He starts to claw at his neck trying to breath before going up in a poof of smoke. Gasping Palm Jutsu. A medical Ninjutsu that restricts the lungs from drawing as much air. After the clone leaves I turn to see Shadow. I almost didn't notice him\\
"....Would I? Well I planned on some alone time to reflect, but since you are here...might as well." \\I reach behind me with both hand and then pull out two Kunai and hold them tight\\

"'s do this.." shadow takes his sword out and grips it tightly and puts one foot forward and activated his rhino's rage jutsu which increases my speed and strength x4, shadow waits for some movement to get the session going..

"Oooooh, big sword" \\I start off running fairly quickly toward Shadow. The Kunai glow with a greenish Chakra as it sharpens and resembles a sword. Kunai Dissection Blade. As I near Shadow I spin the Kunai and then thrust forward in a Cross Slash!\\

"Hm? Seems like he's found a partner to train with."

Even though Priere would like to have seen more of his powers in action, she might have to interrupt the battle to talk to Shin... Or, perhaps just talk to him as he fought. Finally, she was ready to make her presence known.

"... Hey! Shin! Shin! It's me, Priere along with my bud, Koudo!"

She waved, giving away the location of the two of them.

"I wanted to say..."

She winced a little

"... Sorry about before. And I'd like to talk to you again when you're done with your fight?"

Koudo looked over towards Shin to see that someone had come and challenged him. It was someone that Koudo was starting to see a lot around and it was starting to irk him, he hated uchiha. Period. He grumbled something inaudible before looking back up to Priere.

" Hopefully we can recruit him this time since the tournament is so close at hand. "

"get out of here koudo...and hey Priere! xD I say with a childish tone

"Pay attention." \\As Shadow is busy talking I would continue with training, while near him I would spin and launch a kick to the abdomin.\\ "So you're sorry huh?" \\While still training I would speak out loud to Priere\\ "Seems hard to believe...." \\Over there with Priere would be Koudo I remember him from the tavern a while back, the guy who seemed agitated by company\\

"woah there!" I say while lift my arm to block the kick, "Priere is pretty cool...give her a chance..." I say while electrifyng my hands and throwing punches like I was in a boxing match...

\\With the electrifyed hands punching me I feel the shock go through my body. I toss one of the Kunai in my hand and jump back creating some distance between Shadow and I. I reach back to grab another Kunai and feel the tingle of electricity that makes me grit my teeth due to the pain. Making a handsign my hands glow briefly as I grab scroll and toss it toward Shadow. My right hand once again glows, but this time it's some of my Medical Ninjutsu. The glowing scroll starts to blink very rapidly as it explodes and releases a bunch of shuriken in all sorts of directions toward Shadow. The Exploding Scroll Jutsu. Behind the spray of Shuriken I make my way back toward Shadow, hand still glowing\\

"what the!?" I say in shock while activating my Stonehenge jutsu which creates a stone barrier around me, "that was almost too close...." I say while I also blink a few times and my sharingan is activated..

\\As the shuriken hit the stone wall they fall to the floor. Unable to reach Shadow through that stone barrier, instead of running straight I jump above the him and the barrier replace the kunai in my hand with 3 exploding tags. I toss the 3 exploding tags at the top of the dome. with my hand now free I reach back and grap the scroll, as I whip it out infront of me the scroll unwraps. A simple handsign activates the scroll and my Hammer floats in the air as I put the scroll back and grab it with both hands. The hands that was charged with chakra now sends that glow across the whole hammer. While in the air I spin with the Hammer and then come down. At my height the explosion would be finished by the time my Hammer and I would strike.\\

as the light of the explosion masks my teleportation jutsu making it invisable..((this technique makes a burst of light in my place and I teleport..)) above shin I take my sword and electrify it and then throw it at the falling shin...

\\I would realize that Shadow had moves as soon as my hammer hadn't touched anything. But when it hits the ground the smoke would be pushes aside by the force. The force of the attack sort of has me in a 'cooldown' period. I can't react as fast. Hearing the sword whistle through the air I glance at it and cringe. Before I know it a bright shiny gray Chakra rushes to my body. The Chakra feels cold, almost like a metal. The blade would come down and strike at my body, however it really strikes the chakra, a sharp metal snap is heard as I go rolling far around the ground due to the clash and the shiny grey Chakra subsides\\

as shadow hits the ground he throws a few hand signs down and changes the ground into lava (exept for the ground he is standing on) with his planetary inferno jutsu and hopefully gets shin with this trick, shadow takes his sword and launches it at shin with incredible speed and strength...

"What...was that??" \\Out of habit I would break out the roll and kick back on the ground into the air before it turns to lava. While in the air, I breath heavy as I stare at my hand and clench as if grasping for that cold Chakra. It feels close, but I can't completely get it.\\

"looks like your full of supprises arnt you shin?" shadow says while activating his lightning fist jutsu((focuses an immense amount of lightning to my hand)) wating for the lightning to be completely ready shadow releases the lava jutsu..."I'm just messin with the lava shin!" shadow says with a childish tone...

" Shiny Gray... interesting indeed... "

While Koudo had been standing there, watching them fight, his Mind's Eye could see their chakra. The colors, the nature they had, and that was pretty much it since Koudo hadn't really used it enough to make it better. When Shin's shing gray chakra made itself apparent, even if only for a moment, Koudo had taken it in and was intrigued by it. To the extent that he wanted to stopped the match, but figured that they should continue so he could get a better read on it and Shin.

" He's full of surprises... a true marvel.. "

\\I land on the ground and make a T with my hands, calling a timeout to this training bout. I think back as to what any of this could possibly mean. Shining Gray Chakra? Doesn't even seems like something I've come across. Is it genetic? No can't possibly be, Dad or Mom aren't from any clans. Maybe if I try to get it back.\\

"Here goes...." \\I clasp my hands together before making a handsign to focus my Chakra. I close my eyes feeling my Chakra. The Chakra starts to visibly form at my feet in it's normal blue color. I continue to bring forth more Chakra focusing it in my body to either replicate or find this cold, metal like Chakra\\
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