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 The Insangel

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Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels
Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels

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PostSubject: The Insangel   The Insangel - Page 2 EmptyWed Jun 09, 2021 5:25 pm

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Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels
Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels

Posts : 202
Join date : 2014-11-02

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PostSubject: Re: The Insangel   The Insangel - Page 2 EmptyWed Jun 16, 2021 6:40 pm

Insangel 24: Training. Anything Can Happen.

(Shin Hanabi And Shadow Uchiha Are 'I')

"HHRRAAH!!!" \\I let out a breath after slicing through a line of pretty big rocks laying on the ground. I shake my hand as the Chakra from the Chakra Dissection Blade dispurses.\\ "Medical Ninjutsu seriously can't make me that special.." \\I stand looking at my hand for a little while before shaking my head and focusing again on training. I place my hands together before hand signing and calling out\\ "Clone Jutsu!" \\A poof of smoke arises in front of me before a clone is seen from the smoke. We both jump back and look at each other as we prepare to clash\\

Though Priere didn't intend to go see him, she had found herself already on her way following Shin. She had no clue why, but she figured she should still tell Koudo. It was a good thing that she conveniently was able to let her water touch his weapons so that she could track him. Anyway, she whipped out her PET and sent Koudo a little e-mail about where she was, cuz she did promise to bring Koudo next time she encountered Shin.

As she was floating through the air, she spotted him in the distance. She wasn't sure if he would try to run or attack her or something, but she really wasn't feeling too hostile at all right now. She said nothing, but floated up to a nearby tree and watched to see what he was doing...

"... Huh. He's training. Something I should be doing.."

She already had an idea for her next stretch of training. Taking a bath in lava. But that would require someone to spot her just in case she ran out of magic while within the lava pool...

"... And I have to find someone to do that for me... And I must find that grimoire... And I have to take a ranking exam... And I need my final member of my team--"

She looked over at Shin.

"... Oh yeah. Eh... So much stuff to do..."

Since Koudo had already been nearby when Priere messaged him, he traveled to the training area and spotted her in a tree but hadn't spotted Shin over a few distances training. He stopped at the bottom of the tree and looked up, hands in his pockets and glasses framing his face perfectly.

" Yo... what's up? "

\\The hands of the clone and I are covered in Chakra as we both activate the Chakra Dissection Jutsu. We start off running toward each other, the clone places a hand in front of him, signing. from there he reaches into his pouch grabbing a few shuriken and tosses them at me. As I'm running toward him I notice the shadows of the shuriken aren't entirely on the ground. Transformation of the shuriken to look like shadows. The Shadow Creep Jutsu. Using my Chakra at the soles of my feets I jump insanely high over them and over the clone. I clasp my hands together and the Chakra from the Chakra Dissection blade combine. Yelling out the Chakra increases in size and changes shape. It now resembles a large Buster Sword like object. What would now be know as Medical Basher Jutsu. This attack would not slash anything, but be able to bypass the flesh to "bash" the organs and innards. The clone would jump back dodging the attack, making my attack to cause rocks to fly up. The clone then rushes in on me as I take apart the Medical Basher and return to Chakra Dissection. The both of us now engauge in thrusting, slicing and dodging.\\

shadow walked in on the intensity of battle...he saw everything that he did. he. didn't see priere or koudo at all..

"hey shin...instead of fighting yourself...would you like to train with me?" I ask with a little shyness in my voice..

\\After trading blows with the clone it would seem the two of us are at a stalemate. The Chakra in my right hand changes from a blade into a small ball in my palm. I thrust my palm into the clone hitting him in the chest. He slowly starts to back of and starts heavy breath. He starts to claw at his neck trying to breath before going up in a poof of smoke. Gasping Palm Jutsu. A medical Ninjutsu that restricts the lungs from drawing as much air. After the clone leaves I turn to see Shadow. I almost didn't notice him\\
"....Would I? Well I planned on some alone time to reflect, but since you are here...might as well." \\I reach behind me with both hand and then pull out two Kunai and hold them tight\\

"'s do this.." shadow takes his sword out and grips it tightly and puts one foot forward and activated his rhino's rage jutsu which increases my speed and strength x4, shadow waits for some movement to get the session going..

"Oooooh, big sword" \\I start off running fairly quickly toward Shadow. The Kunai glow with a greenish Chakra as it sharpens and resembles a sword. Kunai Dissection Blade. As I near Shadow I spin the Kunai and then thrust forward in a Cross Slash!\\

"Hm? Seems like he's found a partner to train with."

Even though Priere would like to have seen more of his powers in action, she might have to interrupt the battle to talk to Shin... Or, perhaps just talk to him as he fought. Finally, she was ready to make her presence known.

"... Hey! Shin! Shin! It's me, Priere along with my bud, Koudo!"

She waved, giving away the location of the two of them.

"I wanted to say..."

She winced a little

"... Sorry about before. And I'd like to talk to you again when you're done with your fight?"

Koudo looked over towards Shin to see that someone had come and challenged him. It was someone that Koudo was starting to see a lot around and it was starting to irk him, he hated uchiha. Period. He grumbled something inaudible before looking back up to Priere.

" Hopefully we can recruit him this time since the tournament is so close at hand. "

"get out of here koudo...and hey Priere! xD I say with a childish tone

"Pay attention." \\As Shadow is busy talking I would continue with training, while near him I would spin and launch a kick to the abdomin.\\ "So you're sorry huh?" \\While still training I would speak out loud to Priere\\ "Seems hard to believe...." \\Over there with Priere would be Koudo I remember him from the tavern a while back, the guy who seemed agitated by company\\

"woah there!" I say while lift my arm to block the kick, "Priere is pretty cool...give her a chance..." I say while electrifyng my hands and throwing punches like I was in a boxing match...

\\With the electrifyed hands punching me I feel the shock go through my body. I toss one of the Kunai in my hand and jump back creating some distance between Shadow and I. I reach back to grab another Kunai and feel the tingle of electricity that makes me grit my teeth due to the pain. Making a handsign my hands glow briefly as I grab scroll and toss it toward Shadow. My right hand once again glows, but this time it's some of my Medical Ninjutsu. The glowing scroll starts to blink very rapidly as it explodes and releases a bunch of shuriken in all sorts of directions toward Shadow. The Exploding Scroll Jutsu. Behind the spray of Shuriken I make my way back toward Shadow, hand still glowing\\

"what the!?" I say in shock while activating my Stonehenge jutsu which creates a stone barrier around me, "that was almost too close...." I say while I also blink a few times and my sharingan is activated..

\\As the shuriken hit the stone wall they fall to the floor. Unable to reach Shadow through that stone barrier, instead of running straight I jump above the him and the barrier replace the kunai in my hand with 3 exploding tags. I toss the 3 exploding tags at the top of the dome. with my hand now free I reach back and grap the scroll, as I whip it out infront of me the scroll unwraps. A simple handsign activates the scroll and my Hammer floats in the air as I put the scroll back and grab it with both hands. The hands that was charged with chakra now sends that glow across the whole hammer. While in the air I spin with the Hammer and then come down. At my height the explosion would be finished by the time my Hammer and I would strike.\\

as the light of the explosion masks my teleportation jutsu making it invisable..((this technique makes a burst of light in my place and I teleport..)) above shin I take my sword and electrify it and then throw it at the falling shin...

\\I would realize that Shadow had moves as soon as my hammer hadn't touched anything. But when it hits the ground the smoke would be pushes aside by the force. The force of the attack sort of has me in a 'cooldown' period. I can't react as fast. Hearing the sword whistle through the air I glance at it and cringe. Before I know it a bright shiny gray Chakra rushes to my body. The Chakra feels cold, almost like a metal. The blade would come down and strike at my body, however it really strikes the chakra, a sharp metal snap is heard as I go rolling far around the ground due to the clash and the shiny grey Chakra subsides\\

as shadow hits the ground he throws a few hand signs down and changes the ground into lava (exept for the ground he is standing on) with his planetary inferno jutsu and hopefully gets shin with this trick, shadow takes his sword and launches it at shin with incredible speed and strength...

"What...was that??" \\Out of habit I would break out the roll and kick back on the ground into the air before it turns to lava. While in the air, I breath heavy as I stare at my hand and clench as if grasping for that cold Chakra. It feels close, but I can't completely get it.\\

"looks like your full of supprises arnt you shin?" shadow says while activating his lightning fist jutsu((focuses an immense amount of lightning to my hand)) wating for the lightning to be completely ready shadow releases the lava jutsu..."I'm just messin with the lava shin!" shadow says with a childish tone...

" Shiny Gray... interesting indeed... "

While Koudo had been standing there, watching them fight, his Mind's Eye could see their chakra. The colors, the nature they had, and that was pretty much it since Koudo hadn't really used it enough to make it better. When Shin's shing gray chakra made itself apparent, even if only for a moment, Koudo had taken it in and was intrigued by it. To the extent that he wanted to stopped the match, but figured that they should continue so he could get a better read on it and Shin.

" He's full of surprises... a true marvel.. "

\\I land on the ground and make a T with my hands, calling a timeout to this training bout. I think back as to what any of this could possibly mean. Shining Gray Chakra? Doesn't even seems like something I've come across. Is it genetic? No can't possibly be, Dad or Mom aren't from any clans. Maybe if I try to get it back.\\

"Here goes...." \\I clasp my hands together before making a handsign to focus my Chakra. I close my eyes feeling my Chakra. The Chakra starts to visibly form at my feet in it's normal blue color. I continue to bring forth more Chakra focusing it in my body to either replicate or find this cold, metal like Chakra\\
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Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels
Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels

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PostSubject: Re: The Insangel   The Insangel - Page 2 EmptyWed Jun 16, 2021 6:49 pm

Insangel 25: The Next Level... For Priere.

Well, before this tournament started, Priere was going to need to level up, ya know... It was always imperative to be at the best you could be, even if she was convinced that beating the other team would be easy pickins... It just scratched something off of her to-do list.

"Take ranking exam, check. Now to see who comes and whether I pass or fail..."

In her eyes, failure was absolutely not an option.

^Takai would appear appear in the area release a rather strong amount of black smoke from his hands for some reason. Takai for some reason was feeling very into fighting right now and felt ranking someone was just what he wanted to do. Although Takai would raise an eye brow when he noticed Priere.^

Takai- Really you again?

Priere was ready for this ranking exam. She drank some Cactus Water just to get pumped up, playing with some magic in her hand.

"This is it... Heh heh! Signis, Blue... Whenever I need you, come forth--

She was cut off by the sight of Takai. She sighed heavily. narrowing her eyes, saying the exact same thing that he said.

"Really? You again?"

This was kinda ironic... Oh well, she wasn't going to complain... Too much.

"Well, as you know, I'm Priere and I'm here for an exam. I assume you'll be my proctor again... So, what do I have to do, Mr. Proctor?"

*With in a instant Maze himself would appear in the ranking area between the young girl and Taki. He turned toward the girl smiling. Maze heard that this was her second exam...and he hadn't done one in a while.*

"Why don't you let me take this one Taki."

^Takai was about to release a very powerful attack to start things off but before he could Maze would appear. Takai would instantly stop and the smoke coming from his body would disappear as he would stand with his hands in his pockets.^

Takai- Ahhh Maze-san its been a while well if you want go ahead as long as I can watch from a distance. Have fun.

^Takai would sign and would disappear in a cloud of poison and would reappear a good distance away creating a throne of poison and would sit to watch the ranking exam.^

Priere gasped, sensing a very strong magical presence from this guy... It dwarfed hers so much that it was... Stupid. She tried not to show how amazed she was at his power...

"... Heh Heh... So, we're gonna switch it up, are we...? Haha, Nice to meet you, Magic Man. I hope I do well."

"Huh! So you use magic too. Hmmm....and it looks strong to."

*Maze took a fighting pose much like the guys who do karate. He flared up his magical energy around him causing a type of aura to appear around him. The ground shook as Maze showed off his power.*

"This is gonna be fun. Come on then show Ol'Magic Man what you got."

Priere smirked, ready to give it her all. But to ensure that, she drank an entire bottle of Cactus Water before hand, her eyes gleaming brightly afterward.

"Okay! Let's go..."

She started to wave her hands around, which would create a fluctuation of magic. Around Maze some thin sheets of ice would appear rather swiftly and Ice Spikes would try to shoot out of them to impale him from all sides. In addition, ice seemed to form unnaturally on the ground as if water were right there, making a few larger ice spikes jut up from underneath him. Priere continued to wave her hands around and watch to see what would happen...

.- In a quick yet powerful burst the aura around Maze would flare out in a wave of magical energy that would completely blow away all of Priere's ice spikes. She had made sheets of ice in the air so that she could use her attack even off the ground. Maze was impress but no it was his turn. Maze would appear behind Priere his fist cocked back and ready to chop at Priere's neck with great force and would knock her out.-.

Fighting speedy foes was not Priere's strong suit at all. But at least she could see now that he was a speedy adversary...

"Damn... Strong--"

Before she knew it, he was gone. Where the hell did he-- She felt a burst of wind behind her from his speed of movement. She had to dodge immediately, or suffer the price. She stopped everything was doing and immediately snapped her fingers, changing her magic and using a different attack, the Dark Flux. Just then, right behind her, as Maze's hand was about to make contact, there was a watery explosion between the two of them that shot Priere down. She didn't know what happened to Maze, but as she fell, she continued to wave her hands around as if she hadn't even stopped in the first place, spreading her arms wide before catching herself in the air.

"Ghhh... I'll have to really learn to preserve my power..."


.-Maze would shirk in fear. Thou he was left unaffected by the explosion due to the strong aura around him he was scarred for Priere. Maze thought he had blown her up in some freak clash of their two magical powers. Maze would catch Priere in his arms holding her tightly crying a bit.-.


Before Priere knew it, she was caught by Maze and he seemed to be in fear. She was pretty... Confused.

"... Eh? I passed...?"

She was rather confused, but happy to hear about it. She was actually too confused to even tell him what happened.

"Eh...? ... Eh...?"

She looked around, then up to him.

"... EH!?!?"

"Oh no....she must of hit her head!!!!!"

.- Maze figured that since she couldn't talk and all she was saying was 'eh'-.

"Oh my god do you....DO YOU NEED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL?!!"

.-Maze shouted in the thought that she might of damaged her hear as well. -.

Priere winced at his screaming, feeling absolutely fine.

"Err... I'm fine. I'm just a bit... Uuuuh... Confused. But you say I ranked up?"

Priere didn't seem to be at a bad disposition at all. She kinda seemed a little happy, even though she was still confused.

"Yes yes anything to make you better. Speical Jounin ok!?"

.- Maze was worried about the girl and he wanted to do anything to help. However she was strong...and her fight style was unique..she deserved a rank up. -.

Priere smiled, laughing a bit. This guy was a spazz, but he was cool.

"Haha, I'm fine, I'm fine I tell ya. Hey, you're the first person to be unaffected by my magic at all... You must be really good, huh? Think you could give me some pointers some time?"

She really admired the magical power that this guy gave off and wished to surpass him one day.
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Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels
Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels

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PostSubject: Re: The Insangel   The Insangel - Page 2 EmptyWed Jun 16, 2021 6:55 pm

Insangel 26: Tournament Battle 1: Priere Vs. Azuma

The first of the Tournament matches.

Rules: No leaving the Colosseum premises for any reason and no destroying the Colosseum or harming the patrons.

Setting: Colosseum fighting grounds; about a mile radius around (yeah, that's big, ain't it~?). The floor is completely flat pavement and there is no wind about. There are no obstructions or obstacles located anywhere, no weapons or anything.

Weather Conditions: Normal. No wind or abnormalities.

Fighters take positions.


*Azuma would appear looking around for the person he was suppose to fight.*

"Oh boy I'm so scared right now what to do ????"

Once everyone vacated the fighting area, Priere hovered toward Azuma, smirking slightly out of contempt.

"Huh. Man up."

Her feet were barely off of the ground, but were still hovering above it nonetheless. She started to conjure up some magic in her hands, her smirk becoming wider into a menacing grin. She wanted to enjoy herself any way she could.

"Yeah easy for you to say your not the weak one here now are you."

*azuma take a stance as he waited for the girl to make the first move.*

Priere snickered a bit, eying him up and down.

"So you really don't know, huh...? Haha. Whatever. Better for me this way~."

She snapped her fingers, 5 rather large spheres of water accumulating next to her as one of her hands stopped glowing with magic. The other was still conjuring. She pointed at Azuma and allowed one sphere to shoot forward at a very high speed. It was rather dense and compacted for being so large.

"Ok then here comes the fun part, I hope you didn't buy that Bs I was throwing out I'm quite happy to be fighting someone strong like you."

*As the huge sphere came at azuma he would simply jump up into the sky letting the thing fly under him, and azusa was in the sky he would take his lift hand, and point it at priere. As he did azuma would fire a huge lighting ball at her seeing what she would do.*

"Come on show me what you got girl !"

Priere anticipated Azuma's movements, yet the sphere didn't follow him. It would hit the ground and seem to dissipate without a trace. Priere had 4 more left and she looked up to Azuma in the sky, smiling.

"So, you've got some fight in you? Good. I didn't want you to be a little pussy about it."

He was firing some sort of attack at her... Electricity, it seemed? Into a sphere? A lightning ball. Choice. She pointed this time at the lightning ball being launched at her and three of the four spheres would launch at it, one leading the other two in the front. The first sphere would collide with the lightning ball and seem to contain all of the electricity from it, totally absorbing it with sparks flying about to show that the water sphere was electrified now. The other two spheres would fly around violently and swiftly in numerous different directions in Azuma's area, threatening to hit him if he tried to move away from the electrical water sphere, which was closing in fast on him. If he were to try to move, there was a likely chance he was going to get hit by one of these three spheres.

"... You know that water conducts electricity, riiiight?"

"No I did not know that WTF"

*As azuma looked on he would not be scared he would only smile, as the attack was coming azuma would teleport out of the way of the attack dodging it but he would not hit the ground. He would now be on top of the Colosseum wall holding onto a rock hanging from the wall, azuma would not be as dumb as to stept foot on the ground knowing something was up or not right with it.*

"Nice try but I'm not that dumb hehe.•

*While on the wall azuma would create a lighting clone sending it onto the ground, as the clone hit the ground it would charge at priere with a small object in it's hand. The clone would then drop the object onto the ground leaving it there, and it would kee going right for priere this time with a lighting blade on hand.*

"Ooooh, impressive for a genin! You're smarter than you seem. That's commendable."

The spheres of water would quickly converge into one large sphere of water, naturally charged with electricity just like before, however started to take on a different shape than just a sphere. It began to stretch out rather wide, creating a huge sheet of the electrified water in the air above the two of them. It was then that the lightning clone stepped foot on the ground. Originally, Priere was going to attack it, but as it was a lightning clone and presumably made of lightning, what should happen when it touched the ground would be that it would lose all shape and form and the ground would become completely electrified.

"Mmm... The Silent Water works well here..."

Priere started to float a little bit higher into the air, the last sphere of water rotating around her. She waved her hands about elegantly, her hands doing two different motions at two different speeds. The sheet of water above them would continue to elongate itself across the air.

"Thanks I do try when needed."

*Azuma looked up seeing why he thought was very cool, and while he looked up azuma would have took note on what happened to his clone there. Azuma smiled as he had an idea azuma would reach into his bag pulling out a small brown object, much like the one thy was lift on the ground by his clone azuma would then place the object on his head, as he would do some hand sines.*

"Lightig style lighting beast's"

*In a bright light five lighting dog's would be floting in the air rather then appear on the ground, azuma would then point at priere sending two of the dog's at her but before they lift azuma would have put that little brown object into one of them*

"Oh yeah it's about to be show now."

"Is that a fact? Someone has learned not to trifle with the ground once the Silent Water's been activated... Perceptive. Maaayyybe I didn't give your team as much credit as you all deserve~!"

If there was gonna be a show, Priere was gonna give a show. She pointed one hand upward while the other one pointed down, to each of the electrified sheets of water above and below her.

"Aqua Tower!"

She brought her raised hand down and her lower hand up, meeting at one point where she would be pointing her fingers on both hands at Azuma. Suddenly the ground looked as if it were mimicking the sheet of water in the sky, starting to wave and fluctuate slightly. It could be seen now that a thin sheet of water had been cast over the ground and was almost completely invisible and unnoticeable until it started moving, hence why the lightning clone was absorbed when it touched the ground. When the lightning dogs came close, Priere narrowed her eyes and allowed several large pillars of water to shoot upward or downward right under/above them all, most likely taking them in and absorbing them as they moved before the pillars would connect with the top/bottom of the sheets of water. They would continue to do this and try to shoot up at Azuma to both drown and electrocute him at the same time.

".. And all this time, electricity has been portrayed as 'super effective' against water... Well, it doesn't do anything if the water doesn't touch you~."

Which is why she was gonna make it touch him. Heh heh heh heh..

"Wow I can't believe that you just did that hehe."

*When priere absorbed the lighting dog's with in on of them would be a bomb but a flash bomb, and due to the fact that the bomb could not be affected by water, it would go off with just a snap of azumas finger.*

"Now take this my new move white light."

*Azuma would snap his finger causing the bomb to explode creating a huge blinding light, and due to the fact that priere had her eyes open she would be blinded by the light. This giving azuma a opening, but azuma would not forgot the attack she made he would simply teleport dodging the attack's azuma would appear on the other side of the Colosseum laughing out loud.*

"Did you think I was not ready for that I'm not going to lose to you hahahahahaha."

*Azuma would now do ten hand sines creating a black like energy around him, azuma would then close his eye's as he would then place his hand in front of him, dropping a small lighting ball onto the ground he would then wait for the girls next move.*

The explosions caused by the bomb wouldn't be too bright, as it was muffled by the pillars of water, but the water pillar it was absorbed by did get destroyed because of it. Priere sighed at his failed attempt, turning her head to look at him all the way on the other side of the Colosseum.

"... Ooooh boy... This is gonna be annoying. Well, I have more magical power to spare than you have energy in your whole body.. What's that stuff called... 'Chakra,' is it? Yeah, I've got tons. And I know how to conserve it well. So keep on teleporting... See if I care."

Her lax look of frustration quickly changed into a manic smirk as the thin sheets of water both on the ground and in the air thickened. The Colosseum was much too large for Priere to fill up with her water, but was definitely not large enough for her to outline with thin layers of water. The thickened waters would then compress, becoming thin once more and back to being virtually unseeable, swiftly coating the entirety of the fighting area; the walls, the ground, the exits... But the thin one in the air didn't expand. Priere floated above that one, waiting to see where Azuma would go... If he teleported into the skies, she'd be ready to strike him down. The ground, she had that covered. The walls, laced. Exits, blocked. She doesn't play the waiting game... She only adds on to her devastating attacks the longer they're active. But he'd find out if he didn't do anything soon.

"Yawwwn... Boooring..."

"Hmm well it seems that your not taking me for real, so I'll just say you are a piece of shit you know that. I only say that to make you fight me with your best, so show me you best."

*Azuma would stop and gather up his thoughts on what to do, seeing that the whole area was blocked and he could not leave as he planed to. Azuma would then us his lighting energy to fly into the sky but, not to high azuma would be about 10 feet away from priere azuma would then take his right hand and snap his finger. As the sound of azumas finger snapping would awaken the, lighting energy on the ground would and it would take the form on black panther.*

"Now you flat chested girl I wont you to fight for real got it good."

"You dare!?"

Though originally she was going to get angry, she felt herself become a little... Cooler. She wasn't going to succumb to his folly words.

"... If you wanted me to fight you for real, you should have come here at a higher level."

She yawned lazily, making a shooing motion at Azuma, the large thin sheet of water floating in the sky hovering after him.

"I only go hard when I need to. I clearly don't when it comes to you. You're wasting so much power just... Doing foolish things. Teleporting... Flying with lightning... Making your 'Black Panthers' and other civic thoughts... So boring. You haven't even done anything SLIGHTLY entertaining..."

She started to recline in the sky, eyes on him and his panther, wondering what they'd do. She'd rather lazily conjure up more magic in her hand.

"The people don't want to see... Huffness. They want to see action. Something exciting. So quit being a little BITCH and HIT ME ALREADY!!"

"Sigh...I don't see the point in this but whatever."

*As the water came at azuma he would snap his finger turning the panther into nothing but lighting energy, Azuma would then call that energy back into his hand and fire it at the water, the lighting would be so hot that it would turn the water into steam.*

"Told you I would do that."

*After that azuma would then teleport behind priere, he would then create a lighting sword and try to slash her from behind.*

"I really don't like hitting girl's, but since your not a girl because you don't have *cough* know so yeah that to."

Well, Priere's water floating in the sky would have been hit by the lightning... And as it seemed to be hot enough to evaporate the water, it was assumed that he used a lot of power to do it.

"... So naive..."

He would warp behind her it seemed, and she was kinda hoping that was the last of his energy... But no, he still could fly and create a lightning sword at the same time right after teleporting. Well, that's no problem. Since he made the lightning sword after teleportation, that gave Priere the chance to block while he was busy being foolish. She raised a hand upward, generating a small but rather durable sphere of ice in her hand to take the blow of the lightning sword without actually being broken and also keeping Azuma in his place. It was not touching her hand, just floating slightly away from it, just in case he planned to electrocute her.

"... And just in case you try to teleport again..."

Priere pointed at the ground and the water on the ground started to rise... Priere winced just a bit, yet persevered and had the water that lined the innermost area of the Colosseum float upward and encapsulate both Priere and Azuma at the same time. The sphere opened up a hole to allow Priere to exit then immediately closed right afterward. Priere pointed both open palmed hands at the sphere, also pointed at Azuma inside.

"Try to teleport... Try to faze out... Go on. I dare ya."

The moment she said that, she smiled sinisterly and clenched both of her palms together into fists at the exact same moment.

"Be crushed."

The colossal electrified sphere of water immediately compressed, shrinking to about the size of Azuma, but smaller, as to electrocute, drown and crush him all at the same time. And just in case, Priere braced herself for this next one... It was gonna take quite a bit out of her. Only a few moments after she compressed the sphere, she snapped her fingers and initiated the Dark Flux, causing all of the water that had just compressed around Azuma to explode violently. The explosion was great enough to cover a large portion of the fighting area, easily blowing Priere herself away and shooting her off in some arbitrary direction. She didn't seem to hit anything, but was harmed a bit from her own explosion...

"Goddamn... I really need to learn to get by that explosion... Huh. And using it so fast kinda made me tired... I only hope to god that annoying guy is gone. If he isn't..."

Her smile widened once more as she popped out some Cactus Water and she would mutter grimly...

"... I'll kill him~. <3"

Azuma: "fine I quit please don't kill me etc...."

Once the explosion and such cleared away, there seemed to be... Azuma, most likely barely able to do anything because of his low chakra and the fact that he took a big ass explosion dead on and SOMEHOW didn't die in the process.

"... Oh. You're still alive?"

Priere dusted herself off and raised her hand upward to him, his body would be forcefully lifted from the ground by means that didn't seem to be his own doing.

"So... What to do, what to do...? Let me see... You don't want me to kill you, hm? Well, perhaps I wouldn't... If you weren't a goddamn asshole. Shitty bastard, shooting your lip off at ME. You and your filthy, insolent mouth... If you knew how to watch it, then maybe I would spare you..."

Azuma's insides would start to feel rather... cold. Freezing, even. His blood would slow, his organs would stiffen, his bones would become brittle. Priere's Water Magic had gotten within and was very swiftly making quick work of his insides. Though, just before she was going to deliver the finishing blow...

"... Ugh. Begone, Azuma."

She awayed him with a flick of the wrist, sending his slowly glaciating body out of the exit.

"If you don't want that guy to die... Then I'd suggest tending to him before his organs stop working and his blood stops flowing... Haha. But you'd better hurry. He only has a few minutes left~."

Her eyes glistened --sleek and cold as ice itself-- as she gave a contemptuous smile of the highest caliber, laughing haughtily all the way back up to the stands... and her laugh echoed. It echoed through the corridors, through the pillars, around the corner and throughout the ENTIRE Colosseum...

...For a good 10 minutes straight.

"Ah you only because of your rank, you flat boobless girl. I'd smack you but were I come from, we don't hit little boys oh sorry, I mean little girls its hard to tell, since you have no uh you know."

*With that said azuma would teleport, leaving the battle filed laughing.*

"Man I love doing that."
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Insangel 27: Tournament Battle 2: Koudo vs. Kammy

Rules: No leaving the Colosseum premises for any reason and no destroying the Colosseum or harming the patrons.

Setting: Colosseum fighting grounds; about a mile radius around. This time, there are rocks and random protrusions of earth jutting from the ground to make the terrain a little more interesting.

Weather Conditions: Rainy. It has begun to rain this match. There's some lightning and thunder and stuff, too.

Fighters take positions.


Kammy would step onto the field... This setting was fucking great... Earth, rain, and lightning??? How good could it get?

Kammy unstrapped her weights and she took off her jacket that Lin gave her. Once she took them all off she felt like she was walking on clouds... She loaded her guns...

"time to put these babies to use once more...haha." she looked over to koudo giving him the ready look.

Koudo appeared on the field hastily, his katana held tightly in his hand by the rope he had tied around it and the robotic cat that he had with him earlier rested on his shoulder, seeming to be sleeping. He placed a hand to the cat's head and stroked it before moving that same hand to the hilt of his katana.

" ...the rain.... "

this was perfect, before she had time to say she was ready, he was already moving, seemingly flashing from spot to spot, moving at an intense speed towards her in a zig zag pattern, his footprints echoing in the splashing of the water. As he came close to her, he swung his leg around for a devastating kick to her abdomen, the power increased by the channeled chakra he forced to it and the solidification factor of his infestation energy. His leg was glowing a silverish blue color because of all these factors. he was excellent at controlling his chakra so this was nothing.

" .... "

His blazer floated, lonely, at the spot where he had been at first, his approach towards her was swift and took last than five seconds or so. the robotic cat was also left over there in the same spot his was standing, sleeping calmly.

Kammy would see his movements with no problem at all. His speed had in fact increased from the last time but that's another story for another time. Studying his movements closely Kammy she quickly reacted using the speed and power he used for the kick she simply moved slightly to the side, grabbed his foot and exerted force aiming to drive him into the ground...

This wasnt all... She sinced some of her lightning chakra into her arms injuring herself and him. But mostly him due to Kammy's healing factor. Her flesh wound would just heal right up...His back would be slammed right through the ground due to the power of the swing plus his efforts...

Koudo was no fool and that kick was just to test her, she failed. As she reached for his leg, his speed easily outclassed hers and as such, he vanished from where he had been and appeared on the other side of her, the same kick being applied to her other side instead. Of course since she was probably still paying attention to the side he had been on before, she probably wouldn't be able to react in time to counter this kick, if she did have the speed to do so, which he highly doubted, then he would only seem to vanish once more and appear back where he had started before attacking her. This wasn't teleporting or anything like that, he was just that fucking fast.

The robotic cat stirred a little, but went back to sleep after it stood and walked around in a circle to get more comfortable on the ground. Seemed the rain was starting to pick up as well.

Kammy would smile as he vanished she knew that she would take some damage from this attack but no pain no game... Once he vanished she had the feeling he was going to attack because that was just his style.... He liked to do that a little bit too often. She would transfer a little chakra through her whole body so when be did kick her, it would go through his body sending about 200volts of electricity through his body... Potentially frying him due to the rain that was coming down. Yeah Kammy would be kicked but it wouldnt hurt as much as it seemed. Kammy was some sort of a masochist...

Seeing as she hadn't move out the way of his kick, Koudo proceeded to put so much force behind it that it would send her towards the other side of the Colosseum, on top of this he still had his weights on which each weighed a ton each and he made sure to hit her side with the weight and not just his leg, which would probably increase the pain that she felt.

As for her lightning, it wouldn't do very much to him, yes it was raining and the lightning mixed with the water should have done some damage but the training he had been through this whole time through the week they had, his body had been completely crushed and he had to rebuild it from scratch, all his limbs and organs and everything else. Her little lightning did nothing but made him smirk, besides he had struck her so hard and fast that he was sure that she was sent flying wayyyyy before her lightning could have any adverse effects on him.

If she had indeed been sent flying, which he was sure she had been, he signed at an unbelievable rate of speed, before using the water around him to make water start to spiral like a sort of drill, he created about five of these which he sent all flying towards her to pound away at her torso one by one, forcing her to fly through the air even faster and hit the other wall of the Colosseum, but not damage it, just her.

" This is laughable at best... "

He whistled loudly, the robotic cat waking from it's slumber and trotting over to him, jumping to his shoulder and laying back down to fall asleep once more. Koudo was more than sure that this was the end, if she got around his water fang bullets, and got around hitting the wall of the Colosseum then she was a bigger fool, and challenge, than he had originally thought.

If that kick was the best that koudo had then this would be a long battle indeed.. His kick was hard indeed but it only sent her a few feet away enabling her to do an aerial flip in the air gaining her leverage. As for the water drills, those were going to be a breeze. Kammy excelled in concealing some of her chakra with her attacks. She used her earthbending skills to lift large boulders from the ground,blocking them all... Even the one behind her. When they clashed, the water was sent crashing down to the ground. With the rocks still elevated she sent 2 of them at koudo at lightning fast speeds and left the three behind for 1 particular reason...These were going at such a speed that they would crush his body on contact. Meaning for him to block this, he would have to have some time to build power to break them. In this case he didn't have anywhere near any time to do that. If he did that was good for him.

Koudo wasn't worried about blocking anything she did, in fact he started to walk towards her, seeming to flash step out of the way of her boulders. It was clear that the weights on his legs had been removed since they were sent flying towards her at a speed faster than her rocks were moving. Since they were flying faster than bullets and a ton each, they could easily demolish a few of her rock walls. As for his water fang bullets, they were powerful enough to break through rock, but he'd let her blunder go since it seemed that she had effectively dodged them.

he vanished now, appearing behind her, inside her rock walls, and started to slash at her body at extremely fast speeds with his katana, he had no room for mistakes and made she that every slash would end her life if they connected, and he swung the katana with so much force that stopping it with a simple block of a rock or anything like that wouldn't be effective, not even her bones that she had yet to use for some reason. he didn't let up, he continued and continued to slash, and endless amount of slashed that wouldn't give her any time to do anything but play defense. He was moving so fast now that his foot steps couldn't even be heard in the water underneath them. If she could see his eyes, then she would see that he was seriously trying to end her existence.

Kammy knew he would use speed to get out of this. That was a natural thing with him that would be his downfall soon to come.

Kammy's body would get slashed and turned into a log. Not even a second after, Kammy was behind koudo exerting her bones out of her upper body. It seemed like thousands from all over, but it was only 500.... They came from all different directions aiming for every bone to go directly through his body since he was getting aggressive... All of them moving at a fast pace...

"that's quite remarkable speed... But if that's all you have then I believe I am much, much faster..."

" Your not, don't get ahead of yourself. "

Was all Koudo said as the bones passed through him, seemingly not touching him at all. How was this possible you might ask? The Koudo standing here was nothing more than an afterimage. It vanished and Koudo appeared behind her, the sword aimed to come down right on her head. he moved his body around her bones easily to get through to that skull that was so close to his blade that he could already taste her blood, though he was sure she would find away out of this.

" Get serious! I will kill you. "

Kammy already knew he would find his way out of this, as the sword would touch the back of her head, she turned to Mudd.

"you can try koudo..."

As tbe sword went through she turned back into herself but the Mudd still covered her body...Just then she multiplied. Due to Kammy running at an intense speed surrounding him... They wouldn't be clones, just afterimages... Aiming to scare him into either direction.

The real Kammy, which was behind him would back up and shoot her bullets into every corner of the colosseum, covering it in poison. She would also shoot them into the middle of the field. After that she would put on her gas mask.

"I'm waiting, u gonna use your little pets over there or what? I know you don't need them. Just don't want them catching a charliehorse over there hah."

She wasn't as fast as she thought she was, but whatever. Through Koudo's training with all of the people that believed in him, saw greatness in him, and wanted him to succeed, he couldn't lose to her here and would never lose to her. His training had prepared him for the absolute worst that this tournament could offer. As she started to move, she hadn't actually created Afterimages, well not to Koudo but probably to everyone else, and so Koudo didn't move and was not spooked into doing so. As the poison started to fill the collosseum, Koudo looked to Khrona.

" I thought we couldn't harm the audience. Poison will do that, but whatever. "

he shouted to Khrona, before looking behind him at Kammy. He stood and sheathed his sword, the cat stirring once more before falling back asleep, and started to walk towards her, releasing a ear splitting scream that a wayed her poison cloud as he walked. He held his arm out, water starting to swirl around it and create a huge ass drill, a really huge ass drill. he pushed off the ground, and started to come down at her with the drill pointed to drill through her very existence. He was really done playing around.

Kammy would feel the scream reaching her hears but Kammy learned when fighting koudo to just get the fuck outta dodge... Yes the pain was unbearable but she couldn't just stand there thinking about it. As she moved she would just miss being hit by the water drill...

(so the cat is the culprit... Maybe that's what it was waiting on... No matter it may yell all it wants, smoke travels...) Kammy thought as she shot more bullets. She wasn't thinking about her ears. She wasn't about to let it break her focus. She shot at the ground where koudo was and more around the field... All of the bullet she was shooting emitted a poison around the field which made a mistlike substance around the field... He would have to breath sometime...

Koudo had just missed her, but the water drill didn't disperse, in fact it started to grow even bigger and because of the rain water that was around and still falling, it didn't take a lot of chakra to keep the drill formed and growing. He jumped high into the air, his scream still being emitted from his mouth making sure to try and make her numb as she continued to move. He came down faster now with the drill, aiming to drill through her existence once more. Infestation Energy swirled around his mouth and nose, before solidifying to create a pretty solid gas mask. She'd get tired eventually.

Kammy would see that the drill was still coming down... It was time to stop avoiding this... She exerted bones out of her body, curving them up in a drill like form over her head.... These bones were for sure stronger than his water.. Just incase she activated her strength enhance jutsu, which boosted her strength times 4...

She synced some of her chakra into her feet and launched off of the ground spinning at an impressive rate breaking through the water drill... It wouldnt be as strong as her bones, Cus her bones were harder than steel... But with the force that she pushed off she would go through all of the water and hopefully drilling through koudo's stomach.

" And now you lose. "

This was the end, because she pretty much had walked right into his trap. As she drilled through his water and aimed to drill through him, the water that she drilled through was still floating around her and hadn't fallen to the ground. Why was this? Because as her drill aimed to pass through him, he turned into water as well and the other pieces of water that were floating around were being manipulated by his chakra, and were following her around where ever she went. As he reformed behind her, he stuck his hand out and the water around her, including the falling rain water, enveloped her in a water prison that shut her off from the outside. To add insult to injure, Koudo opened his mouth and released his Shriek to travel through the water towards her, if she felt queasy before from this shriek then she would feel absolutely horrible with it traveling through the water towards her, she might even pass out.

That wasn't all however, just as quickly as he encompassed her in the water prison and they landed to the ground, he closed his hand, slowly increasing the water pressure inside the prison to crush her very existence. He forgot about killing her, he just wanted to torture her now, he even smirked his usual smirk.

" Do you accept your defeat? or should I crush you? "

He asked, though if she had been knocked out by the sound waves that he emitted earlier, then there would be no way that she could answer and he just might crush her anyway.

Kammy was stuck inside the water... And while the sound was doing it's thing along with the water... This still would not be enough to break Kammy's will... As she was in the water, she closed her eyes and synced her chakra with the water around her activating her ice release which froze the water making it turn to complete ice... Kammy was getting pissed... Koudo would see a red aura around Kammy signaling that her Kaguya's rage was now active. Increasing her speed, strength, and agility times 4... She would burst out of the ice sending a shockwave of energy out from herself. It's force was strong enough to roll over a boulder that weighed 5 tons... Since he wasin the air he would feel this pressure...

Koudo's chakra was already synced with the water that he had used to seal her within the water prison, as such when she tried to use her own chakra to sync with and freeze the water, Koudo poured a little more of his chakra into the water to keep it from freezing. Seeing as his chakra levels were higher than her own, she would run out of chakra before she would be able to get even a small proportion of the water that was under Koudo's control to freeze. Koudo's smirk disappeared because of this failed attempt and he closed his hand completely, increasing the water pressure to fatal levels and crushing her existence within seconds.

He turned his head towards Khrona quickly, before turning his back on whatever was left of her and walking back to where his blazer was. He picked it up and draped it over his shoulders before jumping back into the stands and propping his feet up on the edge of the wall in front of him.

" I win. Next match. "

As Kammy found out she couldn't freeze the water, she would exert bone drills out of her ankles... They would drill into the ground taking Kammy with them. From there she would travel under ground at a decent pace...she went several feet back. She came out of the ground, breathing heavily... She waved her twofingers signaling where she was.

"well that was pleasant..." she said with a smile...

Koudo looked up to see Kammy was still alive, this angered him because he was more than sure that his final crushing attack would decimate her. Since it didn't, he sighed and stood on his seat, before pushing off it with all his leg strength and flying towards her, at a blurring speed meaning that he was probably moving so fast that he was invisible to her eyes or even if she could see him she wouldn't be able to simply stop him with all the momentum he was building while flying through the air. He unsheathed his katana and aimed to slice right through her before she could even turn around or say anything else. If he should miss by her moving to either side and trying to dodge, he would only push off another wall and come back around aiming to do that same thing, and he wouldn't let up cause he believed her time on this earth should have ended when he crushed the water prison. His boss wouldn't like the fact that he didn't completely destroy her. Seems as if Koudo's Killing Intent has been slightly awakened.

Kammy never had her back to koudo... He didn't move that fast for her to not see him coming directly at her either... As she saw him coming she would activate her solar flare jutsu... Which for sure would blind him temporarily. This would give her enough Time to dive off to the side. She was strong enough to take his attack head on. She just didnt want to. She wanted to try something else. Just as he would pass she got up and sped towards him. As she was running she transferred lightning chakra onto her blade by running her finger over it. Right after she did that, and she was in range, she sent 15 thrust attacks at his torso. Her arm movements were all a blur, showing how fast and how deadly her attacks were. These were not easy to block either, she put all of her strength into these thrusts.

And this is where her life ends, because she stood there and used her little solar flare jutsu. Koudo's Mind's Eye of the Kagura allows him to see someone chakra and it is always activated, as such even with her solar flare jutsu blinding him from seeing HER, he could still she HER CHAKRA because of the Mind's Eye. With that said he wasn't blinded and his speed didn't slow down, it wouldn't have even if he had been blinded, so when she attempted to dive out of the way she would still be slashed, only slash to the side of her torso but still a slash.

As such, since she got out of the way of his initial intense slash to end her life, he would continue moving and push off the wall that he flew too just to rear back around towards her with another slash prepared for her. So as she ran towards him with her little lighting sword, Koudo smirked to himself and with a swift little 'poof' he was out of the way of her thrust, only his blazer was left there floating and being tattered because of the thrust and slashes that she was little out. Koudo reappeared behind her, and because she was focusing all her energy and attention on her thrust towards his blazer, he took this time to use a portion his own strength to slash through her torso, not cut it but slash clean through it with his Katana.

Kammy knows for damn sure that koudo would more than likely get out of that so, as he slashed she turned into a log once again.... This time she came from the sky with a downward thrust. This packed a lightning current throughout the sword still. Thus impaling him if it connected.

The slice that happened before would heal right back up due to it being a flesh wound... Only leaving a scar now...

" Bitch. "

Koudo stopped moving and easily blocked her sword with his own sword. Before she tried to say that he should be shocked by her little lightning shit, he charged his infestation energy through the blade of his sword stopping her lightning for doing anything to him. With that Koudo pushed her off with his own strength that out matched hers cause clearly this bitch couldn't lift a fucking ton let alone more than that so he was stronger, period. As such once he pushed her off towards the wall, he sheathed his sword and started towards the stands, seemingly not paying attention to her, but he was paying more attention to her than she knew.

" You're chakra is gonna run out soon. Just quit already. "

Kammy let herself be pushed off, she was in the air afterall, so what the hell... This was new, she never saw koudo give up before... As long as Kammy was breathing giving up was now an option.

"So..... Ur saying.... You cant finish me off? You can walk off of the field but giving up is the last thing on my mind. So I think that today would be a pretty good day to die dontcha think? Ya see, I know you have people looking over you... Now wouldn't that be a disappointment, huh? Bitch."

As she said this she put her sword back and awaited his reaction...

-*Kham was always sitting in the stands, he was the only hooded figure just sitting. Motionless, could this by why Koudo was so cutting with his words and his actions? Even still... crushing the foe was the only way to go about things. Kham took off his hood slowly and peered at Koudo with a smirk on his face. He said nothing but his body language said it all.*-

End her...

Koudo ignored her comments, he wasn't leaving to go into the stands, he was going back to where he had started from when their battle first started. As she talked he gripped the handle of his sword tightly, before five to six crescent slashes of Infestation Energy fired off in her direction at extreme speeds.

" Stop wasting my time, you can't and won't win. "

He turned now quickly before pushing off the ground and jumping into the air, he signed and the water around them started to swirl and surround his arm, creating a huge ass drill like thing, whatever. He aimed it down at her before coming down just as fast as his crescent slashes were moving. If she should dodge the extremely speeding crescent slashes then she would be struck with the drill, if she dodged the drill then the crescent slashes would do the deed. Koudo had energy to spare and she was really starting to piss him off. The power was overwhelming, Koudo knew his boss had been here the entire time and with her lasting this long, he was blatantly disrespecting his boss for not ending her sooner.

" This'll end it.... "

As Kammy knew she would do something from his remark she already prepared herself... As he did his chakra infestation jizz or whatever, she would already be moving towards the place she put her jacket. She picked it up and put it on...

"now I'm gonna give you everything I've got you twisted son of a bitch!!! Come on!!! I know you have better attacks than that!!!" she would yell. She wanted to make his boss see that he wasn't shit so special afterall. And this jacket was one piece of the puzzle.

Seeing as she got around his infestation crescents and had not even mentioned his LARGE ASS DRILL OF FUCKING WATER!!!! he came down upon her, jacket or not she would be drilled through by the rotating water and crushed by the sure pressure of all the water coming down upon her. Think the Second Hokage's ultimate jutsu from Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3, that's a huge ass fucking drill right? Once he was absolutely, positively sure that she was ended, he came down to the ground and turned towards where his boss was.

" Sorry... seems I still need more training. "

he turned back around to see if she had stopped moving, if not then he would end her, his katana was already in his hand and the blade was already extended by the the solid infestation energy. She would meet her end by his hands whether she wanted too or not.

As Kammy was not retarded and she saw the damn attack coming she simplydashed to the side with a decent speed. Now, she would wait for him to come to her since he was simply following orders now.

The water drill would collide with the ground a few feet away from her. She tapped the ground and spoke to the jacket.

"Ok ravage... I'm gonna need ur help for a little while ok?" Kammy's jacket would give a loud roar, loud enough for people in other villages to hear. She looked at koudo...

"Let's give em a show, shall we?"

" Too slow. "

Koudo stated, seeing as she dodged the drill, A-FUCKING-GAIN, Koudo was already prepared seeing as he knew she was going to bull shit her way out of it. As such as soon as she was tapping the ground or whatever the hell she was doing, he was behind her with the extended as katana preparing the slash right through her torso and cut her in half.

this was not all, seeing as he was beyond pissed, the silvery blue color of his fucking infestation turned a purplish black color, the effects of which would be revealed if she should be hit or dodged it. Once he was done with the slash behind her, he was in front of her already with another slash prepared, then to her side with a slash prepared and then to her other side, having her boxed in and unlikely to be able to dodge every single last slash that he was making towards her.

-*Kham smirked, he was enjoying himself... he NEVER seen Koudo mad. He was always chill and smug but I guess everyone had their breaking point. Even if the girl was bullshitting and hacking. getting reckless would just give her and excuse to bullshit. Kham changed his way of sitting the likes of which told Koudo everything.*-

I've never seen you thrown off your rocker Koudo... calm down and finish the foe

Koudo's speed wasn't fast at all, well not to her eyes. It was time to start using her Kekkei genkai instead of the little chakra she had left... She exerted an extremely thick bone out of her neck, which was expanded and rolled down creating a thick barrier. His infestation crap was not at all stronger than that bone so as he was slashing bone tips came out of the sides and curved in aiming to impale koudo.

"this coming behind me shit, is getting pretty old. Ur kinda predictable..."

That wasn't all the sheet would then move fast around her body creating a barrier around her protecting her from those feeble attacks. She would then exert bone spikes out of the barrier and spin the barrier aiming to gash at his flesh.

Priere was finished with her worthless battle, but this thing between Kammy and Koudo was far more than it appeared to be. Maybe it was a good thing that they were matched up against each other instead of her and Kammy... She was enjoying this a lot. Time for her to show her support to her FUCKING TEAMMATE!


Kammy was only stalling from this point on. Priere had faith in Koudo... Because he was the only person so far that had been on her level to give her a challenge. Her hopes were high, as shown by the arrogant smile on her face. Her contemptuous glare leered past Koudo and at Kammy, sending her this message:

'You're gonna lose.'

Koudo let out a calming breath, the purplish black energy chilling back to silverish blue. It still had the solidification factor to it, so it would still be able to get through because it was making the sword harder and sharper. To make things better, his mafia ring ignited quickly and the crackling lightning flame covered the sword, causing the solidification of the sword to grow to a level that would be able to pierce through her shield of bone no problem. He was calm now and as her bones came out to attack him, he pushed off the ground and landed on one of her extended bones before slashing down through her shield of bone and hoping to slash right through her easily. If any bones came to try and impale him, he would simply dodge them with well placed leans and jumps. Seemed with him calming down, his brain wasn't focused on just killing her, but overwhelming her with extreme power and skill.

He let out another chilled breath, his smirk returning. There were a lot of people on his side after all.

As she sword would come through the bone barrier it would slice Kammy's torso, putting her into shock... She fell to the ground and her bone barrier broke down. Her bones were working fast on the gash. At least she kept her work to her team and didn't quit. And that, was what she was aiming for.. She wasn't afraid of dying. She was satisfied in making him use the damn dying will flame for the first time (hehe) she couldn't help but laugh as she was down, fir this has been a nice feud...

" Water Clone Jutsu. "

Koudo simply stated as two more versions of himself appeared and they all landed on the ground. They all kept the same smirk and landed in a triangle pattern around her body. Koudo, the real one, kneeled and grabbed her chin before lifting her head so that their gaze met.

" You forced me to lose control, forced me to use my ring, and seemed to get around EVERYTHING that I used to kill you. I won't say that i respect you, but I know that without you I wouldn't have awakened something that I'll need for the rest of my life. "

He released her chin and stood up with his sword prepared. All the clones raised their swords above their heads before bringing them down upon her and effectively ending her life quickly and efficiently. With that, the clones vanished and Koudo swung the katana to the side to clear it of her fresh blood before he sheath it and pushed off the ground, landing in a section of the stands... alone. He'd need a little time to himself.

-*With the crowd astonished... Kham rose up, he didn't clap. He just gazed upon Koudo... the darkness swelling within. His first kill.*-

"Feels great doesn't it?"

-*He said as koudo stood amidst the kill. He pointed to the girls body as she sunk into a dark portal. He needed her for future use for one of his other apprentices... Kagami.*-

" I'm not sure... how it feels yet... but I know whose next on my list. "

Koudo said to no one in particular, though he was more than sure that his boss would hear him speak. He propped his legs upon the chair in front of him and turned his head to the side with his arms folded. He didn't really need to watch the last battle because whether Perura won or not would not change the outcome of the tournament. They had won and others had lost, in more ways than one. He hesitated to grab the katana from where it was sitting, feeling that at the very instance where he ended Kammy's life it had gotten sharper. He shook his head, when this was over he needed to be alone for a while to think.

"Well, embrace the feeling... I've seen enough."

-*Kham backed into a dark corridor.*-

"Victory was expected, but you killing the girl was not. On that note, congratulations"

Koudo huffed in slight amusement at Kham's words. Embrace the feeling he says, it easier said than done, but it was something Koudo had to do and he would. In little to no time at all he remembered that... he had killed her, which meant that. Yes! Yes! He turned around and faced the battlefield, seeing her lonely soul floating idly there. He moved to his soul partners and all three of them jumped and to the field.

" Take it. "

Maina: " At least we get something, she was useful for more than just laughs. "

Maina said with a huff before both her and her sister devoured the soul of the deceased shinobi and moved back to their seating with Koudo, who had seemed to recover quickly from his slump with the words that his boss shared with him. He sat, chilled and reserved in the seat between his soul partners, arms draped around the two girls, feet kicked up on the chair in front of him, and katana resting in his lap. He was a killer, finally....

"Enjoyment in taking a life." -=Aeon shrugs my shoulders before turning around and looking down at Shin still behind a pillar.-= "Don't stay too long." -=As I turn around I warp out to play around on the planet.=-

Priere smiled halfway, exceedingly happy about Koudo taking Kammy's life.

"Huh... At least she died honorably..."

Priere flipped her hair, her smile growing wider as she realized what she knew all along.

"Guess that means my gang reins supreme over their crappy little team~. Good work, Koudo."

Priere did feel a little ashamed about herself for not killing that Azuma guy when she had the chance... Since he was a little bitch anyway, his life didn't mean anything. Eh. Maybe next time she saw him. Regardless, she was ready for Perura's match. She noticed Shin in the stands, but said nothing.

"... Hmph. Time for Perura's match, anyway."

Luxe gaped at the end of the battle. She didn't like death and had never seen anyone die. Luxe looked down at the ground.
"Kammy.." Lu whispered
Such a young ninja had to die in such a dumb way.
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Insangel 28: Koudo! Gimme A Hand Here...

Priere had been lazing around since the tournament... Since her ranking exam. But now that she was actually back in action, she needed help with something before she continued anything else... To train her Digimon.

"Gh. I hope Koudo gets his ass here... I wanna get you to Champion level as soon as possible..."

She looked to her DemiDevimon, crossing her arms.

Koudo strolled on in, yawning with a PSP in his hands. He essentially walked right past Priere and continued on deeper into the lab himself.

" What is it? I'm busy with this game, 2D women are so confusing. "

he said out loud, hoping Priere would assume that he was speaking to her.

Priere, thinking that he was talking about her, looked down at her chest, then back up at Koudo with an immense fury. The entire room became cold as frost collected on most everything. There was an arctic smoke rising from her body in her fit of anger, and even her own digimon, Babus, wouldn't fly near her.


An Ice Spike shot from one of the frosted places on the ground up at Koudo's neck, threatening to pierce it in a quick motion.


Koudo sensed the chill in the air, when it started to get colder and colder. Just before the ice spike pierced his neck, he leaned back and made sure that his game was protected even though it was frozen solid because of the chill that she caused. he showed her the game system in his hands.

" Two-Dimensional, as in game women. Like I care about how you look. "

He stated bluntly before sighing and placing the game in his pocket and turning around to face her.

" What can I do for you, flatty? "

Priere got even angrier after that... So angry that the ice spike fell to pieces. Priere turned around in a huff and looked over to her Digimon.

"DAMMIT KOUDO! Alright, FINE! Babus!!! Show him what happens when you insult me..."

Just then, Babus the DemiDevimon flew forward, shivering a bit from the cold air. He flew before Koudo flapping his wings violently.


Several syringes shot from out of the wings just about as violently as he flapped them trying to stab at Koudo.

" So that's all huh? I guess you don't like... "

Koudo used the sheath of his katana to block all the syringes that came his way. He wasn't scoffing at the strength of her digimon, it was just that at in rookie form, her digimon wasn't all that powerful. He channeled his chakra through the sheath of his katana to made it harder and more resistant to attacks.

" Flatty, huh? "

he teased, moving the hair from his face and pushing his glasses up on his eyes.

" What was it that you wanted? "

Priere pointed at Koudo with a stiff arm, icicles forming on her fingertip. Her teeth would grind slowly and angrily as it would seem she could get no angrier at him. Oh, how she wanted to lay waste to him herself.


The little DemiDevimon's eyes gleamed as he flapped his wings rather fast once more. He took off at a blinding speed with sharp, stiffened wings trying to not only avoid Koudo's blade, but slash him to pieces in the process, as Priere ordered. At the same time, however, its eyes began to glow rather brightly, staring at Koudo with a devious smile on his face.

"Cut out his tongue, Babus! Make sure he knows what we're here for!!"

Koudo sighed, seemed he had angered his cool "leader". He really didn't care, but with her trying to get her digimon to decimate him, he needed to make sure that he could defend himself against the new type of foe. He found this as a good learning experience, and a way to increase his own control over his abilities on his home turf. He unsheathed his blade, nearly as fast as her digimon came towards him, and only used the blade and sheath to redirect her digimon and avoid it's wings cutting him to pieces like she had ordered.

" Come on... why are you so angry? It's the truth that I'm speaking. "

Koudo commented quickly before placing his hand to the ground and pulsing his aura through the floor, lighting it up quickly in the silvery blue light of his Infestation Energy. That was step one of the process he was starting. He resheathed his katana and the sword, along with the sheath, started to morph and form into his gun.. 'Lucky'. He tapped his shoulder with the barrel.

" Alright. Come this way Babus. "

Koudo taunted, avoiding the things gaze by closing his eyes. His ears twitched quickly. He waited, without motion.

Babus continued to fly around at a high speed, however now he was not aiming to slice Koudo up, but was instead whispering something to him. The words were incoherent but would seem to be right in his ear. At the same time, Babus released several Demi Darts at Koudo once more, but from a closer range and from multiple angles to see if any could get past and leech his energy.

Simultaneously, Priere found herself shaking from the anger... Koudo seemed to be toying with Babus... And Babus was in a Rookie state, so it wasn't like he was going to put up too much of a challenge. But what could she do...? She grabbed her Digivice and pointed it at him.

"Come on, Digivice-thing! Can't you do shit to help him? Make him kick Koudo's ass! Power level! Use cheat codes or something!"

She started to tamper with it, pressing random buttons.

"... Grrr... Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right..."

Koudo's focus was complete now and his hell Ears technique had just been activated. Essentially, his hearing had increased to the point that nothing would surprise him, even if the sound was super tiny and quiet. With this, he could hear Priere freaking out and her Digimon whizzing through the air and whispering something to himself.

Koudo's hand twitched before moving, and as it moved with the gun in his hand, Koudo started to pull the trigger hitting most, if not all of the Darts that were flying his way. On top of this, the gun morphed into that of an over sized claymore, glowing with the same glow of the floor that he was standing on. The machines around where they were located started to react violently... shaking and whatnot. The claymore was enough to block any other attempts of hitting him with the darts since he could swing the thing around easily. he swung the large claymore towards the location that her digimon would probably fly too next, if it was following a set pattern, in an attempt to smack the little fucker halfway across the lab.

" Flatty, your digimon is disappointing me. What's your cup size anyway? Like an A or something? "

Koudo teased, opening his eyes now, his Hell Ears technique staying quite active because he had achieved a false Nirvana.

Babus' eyes glinted and his smile grew larger, for it would seem as though Koudo could hear the Evil Whisper that Babus was using... And upon hearing it, he would fall into a hypnotic trance, forcing him to fall asleep after he heard the Evil Whispers of Babus. Ergo, if Koudo were going to shoot him, it wouldn't work if he were going to fall asleep... It seems like increasing his hearing backfired on him. Hooray for Babus.

With Koudo most likely asleep, Babus would fly back over to Priere a little bit upset.

Babus: ... This guy... He's making a fool out of me! I wanna teach him a lesson for this...

When Priere heard this, her Digivice started to react upon Babus getting closer to her and expressing his feelings... It glowed a rather dark and menacing glow.

"... Oh? It's reacting?... Heh. Maybe now you'll get those cheat codes..."

The Digivice's light gave off hints of anger. It was anger from both Priere and Babus combined; their malice combining to the point where they were on the same link. Babus looked to Priere with maliciously devious eyes and Priere looked back with just the same, and they both gave wicked smiles to Koudo. It was at that moment that Babus started to glow. The Digivice's power seemed to go out of control and all of the electronics and machinery in the area began to go out of whack as well. Babus was undergoing a 'Digivolution.'

A light seemed to consume him, though it was no ordinary light... It seemed to hold hints of the same anger and malice that was omitted in the light from the digivice, and it was apparent because the tint of the light was blackish in color. Babus' body was covered entirely by the light, all except his eyes, which pierced through just to glare at Koudo. Babus started to utter some words once the light utterly engulfed him...

"... DemiDevimon dark digivolve to..."

The light started to take a new shape now, the little tattered strips on his head jutting out on either side and pointing upward to become large, satanic horns, as the spherical face that was his body started to take the shape of an actual skull itself. The wings protruding from it exploded outward, growing several times larger than they were before. The two tiny, bat-like legs jutting from the body grew longer and larger just as well, this time an entire upper torso being connected to them. From that torso, long, slender, arms with bony, skeletal, claw-like fingers shot out, which reached all the way down to the feet. The light began to fade from the body, only illuminating the numerous straps and bands scattered randomly across the arms and legs of the new being. Its tattoos also glowed with the light, the one on his chest and foot becoming a sort of insignia for this being while the one on his shoulders, kneecap and head became skulls. With his yellow eyes narrowing and becoming blood red in color and a devilish smile to reveal the huge fangs of a monster, the digivolution was complete.

"... IceDevimon."

Babus now stood about 10 feet tall or more, wings extended and an eternally cold aura emanating from around him. He looked back at Priere and smiled, then eyes Koudo with a sadistic, toothy grin. Now it was time to get serious.

In the meantime, Priere was fucking AMAZED at what just happened, for she had never seen a Digivolution in her life, nor did she know that her digimon was capable of doing this. Hell, he was even icy to her liking! She had just found a new appreciation for digimon.

"Babus... That was frickin amazing... Hahaha... Whatever it is that happened, it's gotta happen more."

She looked at the Digivice, which had stopped glowing now, and realized it had to do with it. She put it away and took note of that for later, then floated backwards slightly.

"Now, Babus... Use your new power... to KICK HIS ASS!"

Koudo's increased hearing had indeed backfired on him, his eyes started to get heavy and he had fallen asleep, so he missed all the digivolution stuff that was going on which he probably wouldn't have wanted to see anyway. A little time passed after the digivolution and since demidevimon was gone, the effects of his little sleep spell had worn off and Koudo awoke to the sight of something bigger and much more menacing. He sighed...

" Why is it always me.... "

he said, turning the gun in his hand back to his katana and taking that Psp out of his pocket and turning off the game and turning it back on to start the game anew, in the mist of battle? What the hell was he thinking?!?!?

" Are we done here? "

"Never. Babus~?"

The IceDevimon nodded, the wings opening as wide as they could go. With just a flap, he released several waves of large icicle spears in the same way he'd done before with the Demi Darts, only this time they seemed to be faster and stronger. The Icy Shower.

"Oh, Koudo... Haven't you realized? You're here to play with my dear old Digimon, and I don't think he's done playing with you yet... Right, Babus~?"

In response to her words, Babus flapped his wings harder, releasing more icicle spears at higher speeds than before at Koudo... Yeah, maybe he shouldn't have pissed the two of them off, hm?

" Hm. Interesting. the size of your breasts... "

Koudo said, releasing one side of the game system and swinging it as if slashing the air with a sword. As he did this, crescent slashes of chakra streamed from the edge of the game system and collided with her digimon's attack.

" Is a direct blow to your ego when someone speaks about them. Just get implants and get over it. "

Koudo simply stated, tossing the game high into the air and taking the handle of his katana in his hand. He had yet to train and develop true skills that could use his Infestation and that was because he was sucky with his kekkai genkai and had no idea where to go with it. He figured that the next person to train with HAD to be Cleff, he was sure that Cleff would have a few ideas about his abilities by now.

That aside, the game system disappeared into the ceiling and the floor around them shined even brighter with the infestation energy, that was because all the energy that was running the place was converging on this spot. He unsheathed his Katana and released more crescent slashes in her digimon's direction. The speed easily matched her digimon's icicles, one could even say that they moved faster than her digimon's attack.

Babus ceased his Icy Shower, now flapping his wings to propel him forward at speeds faster than he had gone before... Fast enough for him to shadow one of his icicles as it left his wings and before it was sliced by Koudo. His right claw started to surge with evil energy, becoming completely black in a moment, and when Koudo slashed through that last ice shard, Babus would grab the sword just as it cut through and grip its blade tightly to ensure that Koudo would not cut through and that the blade would not be able to be pulled away from his grasp. His strength was great, though it did not look it, and the Dark Claw he was using was slowly sapping the chakra and vitality of Koudo into Babus himself.

To try to ensure Koudo did not escape, Babus' wings would quickly surround them both and omit bone-chilling coldness from it to make sure Koudo didn't just jump through one of the many holes in his tattered wings (Yeah, I thought you'd think of that).

Once all that happened, Priere started to talk.

"I don't want implants! I like being natural, thank you! I hate fake shit, anyway! Besides... Big-chested girls are whores, anyway, and only use their tits to attract sleezy guys. So... That being said... LEAVE MY TITTIES ALONE!!!"

Koudo dare not channel chakra through his sword to increase the cutting force of the blade and probably effectively slice through the intense grip that Babus had no his sword. Oh wait, he did, and though Babus was using his dark claw to suck out chakra and just the pure essence of Koudo himself out and transfer it to himself, Koudo was making sure that Babus would get all that he wanted an more. You see, Koudo was also giving Babus a nice, delicious sample of his infestation Energy which would be effective at seizing control of the beast body, if not just his entire being as a whole since the body of anything was sort of like a machine, just an organic one. One top of this, Koudo wanted to test the effects of his Infestation on Digital beings, much like the digimon. This was a good learning experience.

As for the wings that started to close around him, Koudo pivoted on his heel and hoped to deliver an effective kick to Babus, to push him back, damage him, and give Koudo the needed distance that he so desired. To increase the power of this kick, Koudo channeled chakra to his foot as well. Showing that he could channel his chakra through different mediums, without wasting chakra and exhausting himself.

" So. You essential just came here to wale on me. Is that it? "

Koudo asked her, darting his eyes towards her quickly before paying back attention to the situation that he was in right now.

Babus was not aware of the Infestation within him, and could only sense it as Koudo's own chakra... Therefore, he did not let go of the blade. However, with the swift kick coming to him, his idle claw would grab it, a sort of arctic mist flowing from the impact point. To parallel the Dark Claw that his right hand had to take energy from the sword, the left claw used the Frozen Claw to quickly grab and freeze Koudo's leg on contact, thus causing the frozen power to slowly creep up his body from the leg used to kick with. This was when Babus let go of the sword and spread his wings once more, flinging Koudo across the room and at a wall on the other side with incredible force. The moment Koudo left Babus' grasp, frozen energy started to form in his palm and shot out at Koudo's body like a lightning bolt... This was the Freeze Bolt, and as the name states, it was icy energy in the form of a lightning bolt that would freeze what it hit more or less on impact.

Priere was impressed by Babus' new show of power and actually liked him better in this form. She snickered and giggled when Koudo asked the question and could only answer him with


She only hoped that Babus was strong enough to finish Koudo off to make sure he didn't act foolish around Priere again. Heh heh heh...

Koudo hit that wall, hard ass hell, and though he could have effectively dodged the ice lightning bolt coming his way because he had a high tolerance for pain, he took it head on. He allowed the lightning bolt to hit him and cover his entire body in the iciness and freeze everything that was him, except for an arm that he used to shatter himself. Shatter himself into a bunch of thing little pieces, save for the arm that flopped about with the sword still in it's hand. During Koudo's training, without Priere being around, he had his body completely and utterly crushed before and was able to reconstruct it with his Infestation Energy.

Since his arm remained, it was easier for him to do this. His body quickly started to reform, though it reformed invisibly, and this was for a reason. He was using the water replacement technique but used such little water that he appeared clear, save for the arm that continued to "flop" around when really it was Koudo reforming and making it move to confuse the poor girl and her digimon.

What the fuck. That really hurt like hell. Note to self, never try that shit again unless it's necessary.

Yeah a down side to this wonderful gift, that Kham had awakened him too, was that he could still feel the intense and unrivaled pain of his body being completely crushed. he sighed silently and continued the reconstruction as he looked to Priere for her reaction to her rival being "destroyed".

Though it would seem that Koudo was completely destroyed, Priere didn't seem to flinch at that. In fact, she kept on smiling at him, thinking that he had just turned himself into water again, as he was accustomed to doing.

"Don't be fooled, Babus. He's not done yet. Finish the job, he hasn't learned his lesson!"

Babus didn't seem hesitant, either, for as an IceDevimon, he was a sadistic murderer and wouldn't care even if Koudo WAS truly on the verge of death. Naturally, Priere would stop him, but it wasn't unlike him to feel that way. So, with the same speed as before and a flap of his wings, he was beside Koudo's gradually reforming body. He looked down, flexing his claws with anticipation. He took a rather large, powerful stomp onto the arm before quickly punching the ground with a freezing Ice Punch (no, not the pokemon move... XD), most likely freezing the reformation process that was going on at this time. At the feel of punching in to the puddle as he did, Babus was rather... Pleasured by it. So much, in fact, that he decided he wanted to do more to Koudo. He put more weight on his foot which was on the arm, then had his fist become the Dark Claw again, punching the ground to drain Koudo's power and shatter him, lifted his fist up and let it become embedded with frozen power again, then let loose with another Ice Punch. Then the Dark Claw. Then Ice Punch. And so on and so forth for a little while.... Just wailing on Koudo's body...

Priere laughed. Hard. She wasn't going to let Koudo die, but he was definitely going to suffer~!

"Hahahahaha~! How's that feel, Koudo~?"

Before Babus could get out of control, though, she called him off with a snap of her fingers, Babus rising slowly and crossing his arms before his wings wrapped around his neck to cloak his upper body and he would step back toward Priere, motionless. They were going to let him reform now. Priere whistled an upbeat tune as she waited for Koudo's reformation to be complete, then looked at Babus and petted his side to show affection toward him.

Koudo took the onslaught as it came, the pain not enough to matter to him for some reason. He had a resilient body and nature, there was no way that he was going to show her what she wanted to see. Once the onslaught was finished, Koudo reformed like he had tried to do previously and made himself visible. He looked tired, but oddly wasn't. He looked tired of the situation, and not exhausted because his energy was being continuously stolen. It was actually working to his favor, since his Infestation Energy was now sitting pretty in the belly of her beast. he left it alone.

" Are we done? "

he asked, remaining resistant to her, of course, and putting his hand towards the sky as his game fell from it. He sighed quietly to himself.

Priere laughed a little as he seemed pretty annoyed by this unnecessary conflict, but she naturally did not seem to care.

"Heh heh heh. You seem kinda upset, Koudo~. Now the next time you decide you want to piss me off, I'll let Signis and Blue get at you, and you've never fought those two before!!"

Speaking of which, she hadn't heard from Signis and Blue in a while... She might have to get some heart to heart time with them about Priere's whole advancement...

"... I mean, do you want to be done? Cuz if you do, then take your damn energy out of my Digimon, please. He may not know what it looks like, but I do. I can see it by now."

She had grown accustomed to the Infestation's presence and supernatural power so much that she could see it when it was in large quantities as if it were normal chakra. Babus turned to her with a bit of a worried, but calm expression on his face, scowling at Koudo.

Babus: What trickery is this?

Priere sighed, not even feeling like explaining to him... She only wanted to see if he could... 'Digivolve,' as he said, even further than this powerful behemoth... It would be sweet. But he didn't seem to be changing back to normal for some reason...

Koudo looked up from his game before looking back down at it and nodding it head. He snapped his fingers and released the large quantity of the Infestation Energy that he had inside her digimon, and brought it all back to himself. He didn't pull it back into his body, he trapped it in what looked like a cybernetic jar which traveled hastily through to the back of the lab, study material.

" You wouldn't mind if I took the PET I gave you off your hands for a little bit would you? "

He asked putting his hand out and looking up from the game system in his hands. There was something that he needed to do with her device, and it wasn't putting the sentient being called a NetNavi inside.

" There is something that i need to do with it, with both mine and yours. "

He told her, as he slipped the game system in his pocket and waited for her to offer the device.

One of Priere's eyebrows raised when he asked for the PET. He must have needed to do some work on it. Looks like all of her technological devices were getting better on her recently.

"Yeah, here. What, you giving it an upgrade or something?"

She looked at Babus and snapped her fingers, though he didn't seem to understand what to do. Priere hadn't told him to do anything and as such it wasn't like he was ready for anything. She waited only a few moments before she snapped her fingers again, this time more forcefully and with a power that left the sound reverberating throughout the whole lab. There was anger in that one and it was very apparent. Without a second thought, Babus acted on sheer instinct and reverted himself into pure arctic mist and wrapped around Priere, lessening her visibility to Koudo. She reclined in her normal position, still floating, the mist seeming to form some sort of cushion-like form around her, as if swaddling her. She sighed contentedly and laughed slightly to herself, for this was a rather nice use for her Digimon when he wasn't in battle.

"... Ah... That's good..."

She handed over her PET to Koudo finally.

"So yeah, what are you gonna do? And by the way, what of Shin Hanabi? He has an answer yet? And what about the Ice Sanctuary for me and Perura? You perfected that machine yet?"

Seemed to be a lot of questions that hadn't been answered because of their lack of communication lately. But hell, it was nice to do your own thing every now and then, right?

Koudo took her device and looked it over quickly before.. well... effectively crushing it with his hand. He did the same with the one that he carried around and let the pieces fall to the floor.

" Something like an upgrade I guess. "

He told her before yawning and shrugging his shoulders.

" I haven't talked to him, don't feel like it. I have the machine for the ice sanctuary completed, well the design anyway, just gotta fucking building it. All in all, I've been spending too much time outside the lab and not enough inside. Seclusion is what I shall give myself once you leave. "

He told her this for a couple reasons. One, to let her know not to call on him for anything. Two, to make sure that she informed everyone else not to come to this place. Three, well, because he just wanted to tell her.

Priere gave him the okay with a thumbs up, thinking about what she'd do in the meantime....

Suddenly, Priere was taken into the depths of her mind for the first time in quite a while. It actually shocked her a bit.

Inside, her mind seemed to be different... Much different than it was before, actually. Signis and Blue must have done some redecorating...? Or maybe her new attitude was what was changing it.... Who knows?

Priere: ... Yo, Signis, Blue. What is it? Where the hell have you all been for all this time?

Signis: We were merely watching you and letting you go off on your own for a while... A sort of development for yourself, you could say.

Blue: .... But we're back.

Signis: Yes, quite. We have noticed that in your developmental stage, you have.. Advanced rather quickly through all of this, as shown by the significant changes here. We noticed this and realized that it was your time to do as you wished without our help or guidance... And now your potential has risen yet again.

Blue: ... It's time.

Priere, with a bit of confusion, "Time for what?"

Signis: Hmhm... Silly girl. Time now for you to find the tome of your ancestors. It is part of your tradition, you know.

Priere: ... Oh. Crap, it is? Hell, I barely remember my old traditions...

Signis: Because once we stole you away from your parents, your traditions did not follow, you silly little Insangel girl.

Priere: Well, if that's the case, what's the point of starting them up again?

Signis: Fool! When we stole you away, we had our own selfish goals in mind... But now we realize that all of our goals can be attained via your traditions... And those traditions are all listed in that grimoire. Familial spells, abilities, traits, traditions... Secrets. And with your new potential...

Priere: ... I'll be able to master them!

Signis: And become one of the greats upon your family tree... You remember that, right? You wanted to become one of the greats of your family tree? Hm?

Priere: Most definitely...

Signis: Then now is the time, Priere! We must attain your family power! The thing only accessible to those of your lineage! The sacred grimoire...

Priere: Fucking YESS!!! That's what we'll do!

Blue: ... The Land of Eternal Rain...

Priere: That's where it's located? Huh. Wonder why it's there...? Wouldn't my family have hidden it someplace... Uh... Secret?

Signis: True, but the thing is, that grimoire is a priceless item of top notch sorcery... Therefore, people have tried to steal it. The only thing is, since they aren't of your familial line, the grimoire has killed them when they tried to use it. So after being moved so much... The last place it was dropped was in the Land of Eternal Rain. Probably by some witch. Maybe the one who cursed that land?

Priere: Whatever, I don't care. Let's just go get it.

Signis: Of course...

Blue: ...

And Priere exited her mind...

What seemed to be a whole huge conversation actually lasted only a second or two, giving the illusion that Priere had a sort of epiphany.

"Oh! Koudo, I'm going out to go get that damn Grimoire I was talking about. By the time I'm done, you should be finished with your shit as well."

She floated upright, the mist still shrouded around her.

"... See ya."

She made her exit, the lab becoming a normal temperature again and any frozen objects melting back to normal.

" .... "

Koudo walked deep into his lab. When he would be finished with whatever the hell he needed to do was unknown at the moment since he, himself, had no idea what he needed to do. He was confused, for the first time in a very long time, and had no idea what route to take to figure himself out. He was glad Priere had an idea on what she should do, and even Perura was out doing her power up thing, Maina and Naina were hunting souls so that they could start their training. Where did that leave Koudo?

Sai: " Koudo. "

Koudo stopped walking and looked up at the robotic girl that he had modified when he received her from Cleff. She extended her hand to him.

" ... Right.... I'll figure it out. I'll keep moving forward. "

Sai: " You do claim to be a genius, right? "

" It's not a claim. It's reality. I am a Genius. "

He smirked a little, and took Sai's hand before stepping deeper into the lab, the sealed off regions that he left under Cleff's control were about to be explored. He hoped there were ways for him to improve his power beyond those sealed off regions.
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Insangel 29: Just To Chat

Miyuki walks into the tavern in her normal navy blue blazer and yellow skirt. She looks around an sits down at a table in the corner so it would be hard to notice her. She orders a glass of water and she talks out some papers and a pen from her backpack and just quietly begins to fill out a couple forms that all new genin were suppose to fill out while she took sips from her water.

<_ Koudo wandered into the tavern, out of utter boredom and nothing more, and found a seat at the bar. Koudo wasn't a drinker, in fact, he found drinking to be one of the silliest things ever since it seemed to dull your senses when you were drunk.

He was no doctor, but he was a self-proclaimed genius and could notice that much in the drunkards that hung out in the taverns. He actually wanted to see if a fight would ensue between two drunks, so he could beat them both to a bloody pulp if they bumped into him.

He sighed quietly to himself and relaxed a little, he hadn't noticed the new face in the corner... yet. _>

Miyuki looks up from her paper work and see the man who just walked in. She takes another sip from her water and continues on working on her paper work.

<_ Leaned back to stretch, before turning around and looking at the pretty mild tavern that he had walked into today. There weren't many people after all and he would have noticed it before, if he really cared, but alas he did not. He scanned the people that were sitting around, with his eyes and a few other things that were related to his eyes before looking at a girl sitting in the corner. he took interest, almost immediately. _>

" Hey, you in the corner. Come here a sec. "

<_ He called, not bothering to move from his seat. Why should he? She was just a run of the mill girl, right? _>

Miyuki looks up from her paper work, stands up and walks over she bows politely "M-My name is Miyuki Momoye. I am a Genin of the N-Nightmare and am also a doctor. N-Nice to meet you" she said shyly.

<_ Koudo looked her over a little, leaning from side to side in his chair before centering himself in front of her. He hadn't asked her all that information, but it was good to know it before hand so that he didn't have to ask her. He nodded before turning around in the chair really quickly to face the bartender. _>

" Miyuki Momoye. Dr. Miyuki at that, your color is interesting. "

<_ He could be talking about a plethora of things, but he assumed, and hoped, that she thought he was talking about hair color. He hadn't met anyone with purple hair yet, or at least no one that he could remember. Koudo turned back around and pointed to the seat next to him. _>

" You might as well sit down and get comfortable, I'm gonna be annoying you for the rest of the time I'm in here. "

"Alright" Miyuki said. Just than her cell phone started to ring. She answered the phone. Miyuki: "Hello this is Miyuki... Oh hello mom."
Mom: "Miyuki when are you coming home."
Miyuki: "I don't know, I am having a better life here, Than I ever did living in the palace."
Mom: "Please Miyuki. Come back and visit."
Miyuki: "I will try, mom."

She turns back to Koudo. " I am sorry about that, sir. I ran away from home in search of a better life. You see I am the princess of my hometown."

<_ Koudo took a glance at her before smirking to himself and turning back around to face forward. It was nice that she knew where she came from, Koudo had no idea where he came from, no idea who he was, no idea how he was even still alive in this crazy world of shinobi. _>

" That's good for you. As long as you know who you are, no one can ever tell you who you are and who you aren't. I have no idea who I really am. "

<_ Koudo was a man of few words sometimes and this was one of those times, so he hoped she would excuse him if he was coming off as boring. To other, it just added to his appeal, made him seem cooler. He ordered a drink... of water. _>

" So, why the Nightmare? You ran away right? Why join the Nightmare? "

<_ He was interested in knowing. He knew the Kage of the place, one of them anyway, and sure Kham was nice to his subordinates, when they were useful to him, but what if this girl was just a hindrance in the grand scheme of the things there? Couldn't guarantee she would last long there could you? This was just a simple hypothesis that he had come up with in the short amount of time he had been sitting here talking with her. _>

"You're my lowly subject, remember, Koudo?"

A voice that hadn't been heard in a long time just happened to speak up from the door of the tavern, a familiar presence now filling the air, along with a brisk wind. The girl floated in with eyes filled with contempt and a smirk showing signs of reminiscence, as finally the girl made herself known once again; Priere.

"... Not to mention my trusted friend and strongest rival, might I add. Been a long month, eh?"

Priere seemed to be holding something in her hand... a book of sorts. She didn't seem to be paying attention to the girl at all, but hovered near Koudo, seeming to be pretty happy to see him.

"I think they saw something in my abilities that they wanted and they welcomed me when I walked into the village. I mean I have other skills other than just medical ninjutsu. It is just what i specialize in. Please don't judge me, I will show you my other abilities. You see that open door over there?"

She focuses on the door with her mind and telekinetically closes it. "I am telekinetic. I was born with this power and because of it, the entire village shunned me. I also use earth type ninjutsu. Than I have one power I am ashamed of because I was kidnapped to a lab and they fed me pills that were supposed to kill me, but instead it altered my genes and I gained the ability to shape-shift."

<_ Koudo nodded and listened to Miyuki's explanation about herself and the amazing gifts that she was gifted with. Koudo figured that he should probably show her his gift as well, but decided against it until he knew her a little better first. He was mysterious like that, what could you do?

By the time she was finished explaining and he was about to say something, a very familiar voice rang in his ears. He turned his head, slowly, to see Priere floating there with a book in her hands. He automatically knew what the book was and why she was so interested in it. He smirked and then looked back to Miyuki. _>

" You're interesting, and your color is interesting as well, it's a golden color. As for you, pal, where have you been... wait it was my fault i haven't seen you. "

<_ Koudo remembered that he had specifically asked Sai to make sure that no one be allowed to enter the base under all circumstances. That was when he was doing his building, modifying, and absorbing. He was more powerful now, but there was more that he needed to do for himself. _>

" Miyuki, mind showing me some of that medical ninjutsu of yours? "

<_ he asked, showing her his katana before he unsheath it and slashed it across his arm quickly to cut it. He sheathed and blade back and showed her the blood mess of his arm. _>

" I want to witness it. "

<_ Whether she could heal him or not was completely up to her, Koudo had a way of healing himself if she couldn't do it. _>

Priere could see that the two of them were engaged in conversation, but she didn't seem to care too much about what it was about. In fact, she was more so wondering about who her last recruit was going to be... Maybe this girl? Hm. Maybe not. She also wanted to test the abilities of the grimoire she now had in her possession... But for now, she was watching what was going on. She seemed to mumble something under her breath between her smirk.

"Heh, can't even introduce me, eh? Must have forgot how to show me some respect..."

A snide, but slightly joking comment. She overheard something about... Medical jutsu? She was interested as well, and when Koudo slashed his own arm, Priere did no type of reaction, but simply stared at the girl and waited to see if her medical jutsu was 'good' or not.

Miyuki goes into her backpack and removes some cotton pads and hydrogen proxiside to clean the wound and than her hand glows green has her hand hovers over the bleeding arm and than the wound closes very quickly. Than she cleans up the rest of the blood with a cotton pad and some water.

" I heard that. "

<_ Koudo mumbled to Priere quietly before watching as Miyuki got to work on his arm. She seemed to have a bit of skill in the medical ninjutsu, and handle his arm with extra special care before she used it and afterwards. He wasn't really one to smile, but a cracking a smirk was enough in this situation. _>

" Good... interesting. Do you have any of those pills you mentioned before with you? Or are they all at the lab that you came from? "

<_ Koudo asked taking his arm from her, after she was finished, and inspecting it. It was almost as if he hadn't cut it in the first place. _>

" As for you, flatty, I'll introduce you. Calm down, calm down. Dr. Miyuki, this is my partner, in crime and other things, Priere. Priere this is Miyuki Momoye of the Neo-Nightmare. "

"Ha, not bad."

She could tell that her power wasn't up to Priere's, but also could tell that she was skilled at what she did, even at her level. She also decided to hold her tongue about Koudo's comment for the moment... But she was planning on letting him have it later.

"... Hey, Koudo, we're gonna have a little talk after this is over..."

Regardless, she was being introduced. She nodded slightly and gave a slight wave of her hand.

"Yeah, I'm Priere. Nice to know you're keeping my flunky company here."

Priere didn't know much about the Neo-Nightmare, because she knew very little of the old Twilight and the even older Nightmare. Maybe she knew about some stuff...

"Nice to meet you too Priece. I take my work very seriously and will do whatever it takes to complete it."

<_ Koudo turned his head to look at Priere before giving her a playful smirk. of course he knew what she was planning, he wasn't a fool, she was planning to give him a good ole ass kicking after this was over. So, being the genius that he is, he figured that he would drag this encounter out for a little while. Once he decided that, he turned back around to face Miyuki, but whispered to Priere. _>

" Flat girls don't interest me.... you do know this right? "

<_ He then turned his voice to Miyuki. _>

" Very nice work on my arm Miyuki. Anyway, you can shape-shift right? Mind showing me that as well?"

"I am quite ashamed of that ability, but alright" Miyuki says as she shape shifts into Koudo.

Trying to hold back her anger even more, a little anime vein thingy appears on her head as she clenches her fist, coldness emanating from it.

"... You know you're going to die later, right...?"

Naturally, she whispered that to Koudo before watching Miyuki shapeshift real quick. It was pretty impressive, actually.

"Hm. That ability could be useful... Can you shapeshift into only people or what?"

" Try all you want babe, I haven't died yet and don't plan on it now or later. "

<_ Koudo whispered back to his... upset friend. He was quite impressed with Miyuki's abilities and could tell that priere was too, cause she asked the very next question that he was about to ask. _>

" Like my friend said, but more refined and intelligent, is shapeshifting into humans the only thing that you can do? "

<_ Another direct crack at Priere, Koudo was feeling cocky today and it showed. He was sure that by now, she was fuming and the coldness in the air was emitting from her, but he found it funny to make her angry. _>
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Insangel 30: Wanna Fight?

<_ Koudo was always looking for a fight else where, and was never in his own village, fighting his own allies or whatever. So, to remedy that, in his time of roaming around after he was finished doing whatever it was he was doing before this, he decided to come to the sparring range within his own village to see how he truly stacked up against the ninja amongst the Dusk ranks, already having a fairly good understanding of how he stacked up against the ninja of the other villages.

He wasn't looking for anything to serious, in fact he wasn't planning on fighting at full power, he just wanted a friendly spar and hoped someone would come along to offer him just that. Besides, he needed to test the thing that him and Cleff had worked on together, he figured he'd put some special safety rules in place before the fight as to not get carried away.

Sai happened to be with him, as she always was, it seemed, when he was lingering about. She wasn't a fighter, no, she was more like a cheerleader though she was very capable of fighting if the need arose. As for Delta, Koudo's work of "art", he was powered down and in the lab for maintenance so Koudo wouldn't be using him at all in this battle... Oh well.

With all this said, Koudo stood with his hands behind his head, katana tethered to his right hand with a rope. He tapped the ground with the tip of his shoe before beginning the process of waiting. _>

Though he didn't seem ready for who was about to make a special guest appearance, Koudo wouldn't have to wait too long for her to come and find him.

"Finally! I found you, asshole!"

This was the familiar angered voice of his biggest rival, leader and friend, Priere. She hadn't been around for quite a while and neither had he, but for a little while she had been looking for him around the planet so that she could tell him her new plan.

"Man, I've been looking all over for you. Can't you just like... Sit still or something?"

She heaved a heavy sigh, frosty breath exhaling from her mouth even in the warm weather. She started to fan herself, burning up. The mist around her was a little less dense than usual.

"Ugh, and the friggin weather is changing, too... Getting all hot and crap... It's hard to keep cool."

She snapped her fingers, generating a parasol of sorts made completely of ice, blocking out the sun as well as keeping her completely cool in the shadow of the parasol... Seemed to be repellent of heat.

"That's better. But anyway, I meant to tell you about this amazing new plan I've got for our gang. And now that I've finally got HOLD OF YOU, I'm gonna tell you and we're gonna do it RIGHT NOW, okay?"

She didn't seem to be in the mood for playing games at all.

<_ Koudo sighed heavily at the sound of an all too familiar angry voice, looking at the ground and shaking his head as the warm air around him slowly, but surely, caught a slight chill that continued to grow as she moved closer. It was Priere, someone he hadn't seen in a very, very long time. He looked up and turned to face her with a forced, friendly smile and a wave. _>

" Yo. "

<_ His eye twitched a little, scared about what she might do to him for all those flat chested comments he had made about her last time they were together, but it seemed like she had forgotten and was on to a new topic. He straightened his face and looked off to the side, hands moving back to behind his head as she spoke of a new amazing plan for the gang. The gang was kinda stretched out at the moment, with his soul partners gone.... where the hell were they anyway? And Perura swearing vengeance on the witch that made her look like a fool on her first witch hunt, the gang was only Priere and Koudo right now. _>

" Alright, alright, calm down. Geez, do you have to be soo loud? "

<_ He sighed once more, moving a hand to his forehead as he shook his head side to side. He looked back at her. _>

" So, what's this grand master scheme Ms. Leader? It better not be anything that'll get me killed. "

<_ Cause Koudo really didn't want to get into any situations that could be more than moderately dangerous. So, if she wasn't talkin' bout jackin', or jumpin', a fool, then Koudo wasn't listenin' to hard. _>

Priere would start to change her position hovering in the air, now in a more reclined sort of state rather than floating straight up so that she could get a little more comfortable. Once she was, she would clear her throat and start with her master plan.

"Ahem. So, listen up and listen up good. What I wanna do is explore every part of the planet. If we explore every part of the planet, there are loads of benefits that could happen for us. For one, we may just happen to run into someone that could be part of our team as the last member. Two, we could find some very useful things for ourselves, the team and/or the base as a whole. Three, we could get a hefty amount of experience and knowledge about this place altogether... And finally, I just wanna sightsee and crap."

Once she was done talking, she yawned a bit and scratched her hair some right before flipping it as she usually did. It seemed to sparkle when hit by light, even though not too much light was hitting it while under her ice parasol. It sparkled like ice crystals.

"Do you have anything to say about it? Any comments?"

<_ As Priere spoke, Koudo listened, and the longer she spoke about her plan, the straighter his face got until she finished. When asked if there were any questions or comments, Koudo raised his hand slowly and nodded. _>

" Yeah... just one. "

<_ He took a deep breath, closing his eyes and holding the air in before he exhaled slowly and opened his eyes. _>

" You're insane! Do you know how big this planet is? How are we suppose to explore it all? On foot? "

<_ he had to admit that he had been thinking the same thing prior to her arrival, but the fact of the matter was that this planet was monstrously huge and Priere, maybe Perura and his soul partners, had absolutely no way of getting around without dying along the way. Koudo had Delta, so he was fine. If he was thinking what Priere was thinking then... _>

" Don't tell me.... you expect me to build something don't you? "

Priere sneered at him, crossing her arms and allowing the parasol to float over her on its own. She didn't seem pleased with his answer.

"Uh, EXCUSE ME, don't you know that I can FLY? And don't you remember that I have 2 other people inside of me who have means of flight transportation via their own wings and angelic/demonic powers? Signis can use electricity to boost the speed of her flight and Blue can go on foot loads faster than she can fly, plus she can do all these tricks with shadows and crap. Me, I have magic. Nuff said. As for your weapons and Perura... I wouldn't know, you might have to build something for them."

She held a finger up to her lips, pondering on the subject rather deeply for just a few moments, then returned her arms back to their original crossed positions and stared at Koudo.

"Look, we're doing this. I don't care HOW we do it, but we're doing this, okay? As long as I drink a lot of my Cactus Water, I'll be fine. I have gotten better with my magic lately since I'm constantly using it."

Her eyes started to narrow at him as the parasol began to twirl. The mist around Priere's body thickened just a bit, but not too much that she couldn't be seen.

"... Now, if you have any types of complaints, feel free to take them up with me... Right now. We are in the sparring range, right?"

Always resorting to fighting... Well, that's just how Priere was. Rather forceful when it came to getting what she wanted...

<_ Koudo put his hands up defensively and nodded his head in reassurance, she would get what she wanted... this time around, without a fight. He slipped his hands in his pocket and thought about a few things that were in the base, unfinished, and was sure that he had something that he could finish up to help this operation run smoothly. He nodded. _>

" Alright, alright, chill out. I already have the perfect thing for Perura, Maina, and Naina to use. I could go on foot, but I'll be using the same thing as them... and I guess I can make you one too. Miss 'I Have Magic Nuff Said.' '

<_ Koudo snickered to himself, even smirked before punching his hand into his fist. Thanks to the kind kage of the Neo-Nightmare, Mahk-X, Koudo had already seen the giant rock called their planet and knew that the tri-village alliance was but a small part of something bigger. They'd be gone for a pretty long time, but he could use this time to get more info on his homeland as well as get all kinds of cool stuff in their travels and knowledge of the planet to report to anyone that wanted the knowledge. Good Job Priere. _>

" I guess smaller breasts does mean a bigger brain. "

<_ Koudo simply stated with a small snicker, slipping his hands in his pockets, before he looked up at her. _>

Priere rearranged her position yet again in the air, idly looking at her fingernails once Koudo agreed to do it.

"Wow, I thought you would be a little more defiant. Hahaha. All this time apart must have changed you.

She disregarded the fact that he was going to make her this 'object' that was going to help her to become more mobile, for she was fine with receiving anything new and useful. She smiled at Koudo's final remarks, yet it was still very apparent that there were signs of anger in said smile.

"Ahahaha... Guess you haven't changed THAT much, have you? Well, a smart mouth deserves a disciplinary response..."

She raised a hand up pointed at Koudo and he should start to feel the area around him become a little colder...


<_ Koudo wouldn't say that he was changed that much, but there were things that he had a better understanding of and it had slightly altered his view on the world, but not by much. He looked up at her, seeing that her smile was a little more angered than happy and could tell that she had heard his sly remark that he should have just kept in his head. Oh Well. He nodded to her statement. _>

" Yeah.. I hope you throughly enjoy... "

<_ Koudo carelessly started to swing his katana, in a circle, off to his side, by the rope that tethered it to his hand. He scratched behind his head before smirking and pulling his glasses off his face to toss them off to the side. _>

" your punishment. "

In Priere's hands, concentrated spheres of magic would fluctuate and mesh into several different forms and shapes before reverting back into spheres, radiating with power.

"Oh, so you've got the balls to say that to me, huh? Yeah, you really did forget what an asswhoopin feels like, huh?"

Several very slim, very sturdy and very sharp needles of ice would appear a few feet away from Koudo rather quickly thanks to Priere concentrating her magic around him.

"Let me REMIND you, hm? Skewer."

The ice needles would almost immediately elongate, jutting at Koudo from damn near every angle, trying to penetrate his body.

" Heh. You're not a one trick pony are ya? "

<_ Koudo asked, starting to move the arm that was spinning his sword in a circle to the side of him. He increased the speed in which he was turning the sword, while also channeling chakra to the sheath to increase the defensive strength of it. As he moved his arm around, it'd seem as if he blocked and crushed every elongated ice needle that she had to offer to skewer him. He looked at her with a yawn. _>

" That ain't all ya got is it? Learn some new tricks babe. "

<_ Koudo said to her, seemingly, disappearing and reappearing a good ways away from her. he hadn't truly disappeared, but he was fast enough to make it seem so. He made no attempt to counterattack, right now, but he continued to twirl his sword in a circular motion beside him. He was waiting for something, but what could that something be? _>

" How about this, if you win then I'll massage you really good. It'll probably grow those mosquito bites you call breasts. "

<_ He cracked a smile, and even offered her a chuckle for once. Sure it seemed like he was making a lot of breast size jokes today, but he was just trying to throw her off her game. He was trying to make her lose her cool. Hehehe. _>

"One trick pony, you say...?"

She started moving her arms about in a familiar fashion, then pointed her finger at Koudo again. She looked up at the sun for a moment and then back at Koudo, making thin sheets of ice appear around him... However this time there was something different about them. They seemed to act like mirrors.

"Why show you anything new when you show little capability of getting around my old moves, eh?"

The thin sheets of ice were arranged in a special way this time, as they were reflecting the sun's light from off of each of them surrounding Koudo and letting the rays of light shoot him right in the face, attempting to blind him. Priere was definitely weakened in the summer time and in the sun/heat, but definitely knew how to work around this and work with the sun if need be. She heard is words but didn't say anything, just grit her teeth as the ice sheets got a little bit larger. Blinded or not, Koudo would have huge Ice Spikes shooting from each one of the floating sheets in each direction, though the Ice Spikes were more durable and more powerful than the Ice Needles, just less numerous.

"I'm gonna impale you~."

There was definitely anger in her voice, but it was muffled by a sort of sadistic tone that was about her now. The punishment Koudo was about to receive in this battle was going to be brutal... More than usual, mind you.

<_ Koudo didn't wanna have to use the new addition to his weapons collection so soon, and by her tactics this time around it seemed like it wouldn't be required which was good. As the light of the sun shone off the sheets of ice in an attempt to blind him, he simply closed his eyes and allowed his senses to guide him.

He continued the spinning of his sword, not wanting to lose that momentum that he was gaining with it because, believe me, there was a reason behind the spinning. The ice spikes, her very dangerous and scary ice spikes, were indeed larger and more durable, but as they moved about Koudo could hear them with his Hell's Ears technique which enhanced his hearing ability to inhuman levels. He opened a portal, the simple mana drive he carried on his normal everyday clothes allowing him to do so, and stepped inside right before the ice spikes would impale and skewer him like old times. Though this portal creation and entering seemed to happen in slow motion to Koudo, in actuality it was moving a lot faster making it seem like he'd disappeared completely. _>

" Really now? With that? Come on, where's that fire that you showed when we first met? "

<_ His voice came from behind her, and if she turned around, and cared to notice, there were 10 crescent moon shock waves of chakra flying her way crossed over one another to form the image of a star. Koudo stood sword still spinning and if she cared to notice try was an eerie glow emitting from around it that seemed to get brighter and brighter as he continued to spin and the battle continued on. Maybe he was trying to end it in one move? Maybe he was bluffing? Only time could truly tell the tale. _>

" I guess I'll just have to.... ignite it again. "

<_ Signature smirk initiated, and eyes burning with passion as he looked into her eyes. He was into this. _>

With Priere thinking she had triumphed and letting Koudo have no way to escape, she was sure that he was going to get impaled... But right before her very eyes he was gone without a trace.

"Wha... What? The hell is this sorcery!?"

She would be able to sense his movements if he did move past the ice spikes, but he just seemed to disappear completely, leaving Priere confused and rather pissed off. Hearing Koudo's voice coming from behind her, she turned slightly, only enough to see him, before she saw the crescent blades moving toward her at a high speed. Without much time to do anything else, she gripped her ice parasol tightly and increased the size and durability greatly and almost instantaneously, the arc of the parasol growing large like a dome in front of her to block the attack. It pushed Priere back a bit in the air, but overall did not penetrate the thickness of the ice parasol... Though it did leave a nice and stylish 5 point star engraved into it. Priere smiled, liking the new addition.

"Oh, that's really pretty... But it ain't gonna work like that."

Priere's parasol would revert back to normal size, resting on her shoulders. She noticed that he was doing something odd with that sword of his, having it move and glow in that eerie fashion... She licked her lips, wanting to see what it did very badly.

"So, you wanna see my spark? You want the burning, cold fire within my heart to flare up again, huh? Is that what you want?"

Priere held both her hands out in front of her, concentrating a large amount of magic into the center of them, aiming at Koudo.

"Hmhmhmhm... Remember this move~?"

A large, swift beam of pure icy magic would shoot straight out of her hands at Koudo, seeming to freeze whatever came into its way rather swiftly... almost immediately. The Zero Beam.

<_ Koudo shook his head, seeing that his crescent blades where merely used to decorate her parasol. He didn't actually notice that he had pushed her back, if he had then he would have had some witty comment ready for her about it. Anyway, as her hands moved in front of her and she fired her chilly beam, Koudo sighed quietly to himself. _>

" Right.... The Zero Beam. "

<_ Just as before, he opened a portal and stepped inside, before exiting to the left of the beam, completely out of it's large range of fire, hopefully and with her focused on annihilating him with said beam, he took off towards her in a run, zigging and zagging from side to side before he got in close, off to her side as to avoid any adverse, close range, effects of the magic concentrated to her hands.

He was facing the opposite direction of her, and aimed to deliver a powerful elbow to the back of her head before spinning his body around to delivering a kick to her back that would send her flying towards the ground. If that succeeded then he'd descend to the ground swiftly and face her. Should it not completely work that way then he'd come up with something on the fly.

There was something different about him though.... his sword was missing? _>

Priere didn't think that he'd get hit by the beam and only used it to scare him into probably using that thing he used before o evade her first attack. Once he did, she affixed her eyes to him more diligently and more focused to ensure she caught just what he was doing. She saw a glimpse of it.

"Is he warping... via magic? Where the hell did he learn to warp from!?"

She was angered that he had learned to warp before she did, for in her magical tome she had been reading, she couldn't find how to 'warp.' The closest thing she saw in that book was to open up ice portals, which she hadn't learned as of yet, anyway. She was a little jealous. Though, that is not the point right now.

She kept her eyes affixed on him, thought didn't turn her head so that she could make it seem as though she wasn't watching... That is, until he was out of her peripheral vision. He was still faster than her. Her Zero beam was done and it was then that the elbow was delivered to the back of her head... Or, it would have been if her parasol weren't there. Maybe Koudo thought that he could break it or something? Heh. He wasn' that strong... yet.

"Heh. Gotcha."

When Koudo's elbow made impact with the ice parasol, Priere would shoot a large Ice Spike into his elbow from the impact site, then cause the spike to liquefy inside of his arm. Whether or not this threw him off or not, the kick was delivered to her back since she was caught up with his arm. Naturally, the parasol wasn't gonna be blocking a kick to her back, haha. She would be kicked to the ground, but held her hand outward and released a small, quick burst of magic to counteract the force of falling and keep her afloat in the air. Using the same method, she pushed herself away from the general area, leaving large waves of coldness in the wake of these bursts. She breathed a bit heavily now, groaning in pain from the kick.

"Gh... Crap. Always getting me where it hurts... Let me do the same for you, huh?"

She quit holding her side even though it was in pain and would start to slowly move her hands in a way that was different from in the past... Perhaps, a new move?

<_ Koudo landed on a knee, and slowly rose to his feet, his hand holding his elbow for a little bit, before the wound closed itself up. He was beginning the process of Infesting himself to heal his wounds, but the wound wasn't enough for him to want to do his whole body... not yet. _>

" What can I say? Seeing you in pain excites me. "

<_ He told her with a shrug of his shoulders, as he held his hands out to his sides. He was indirectly showing her that his sword was gone now, but she seemed to not have noticed. Rather than risk rushing in with his speed, or wrap to her location, he called his giant claymore to his hand and started to spin it above his head. _>

" I'm not going to let you defeat me babe, that just ain't in the game plan. "

<_ He slammed the blade of the claymore into the ground to kick up rocks, which he sent flying towards her with a simple huff of wind chakra. He used these to mask his warping forward, though he wasn't warping far enough forward for it to be of any consequence to her. He wasn't really expecting the rocks to do anything to her, he was just testing to see what that new form of hers was all about. _>

Priere noticed that the wound she made in his elbow would have been healed up for the most part... He must have been getting better with his abilities.

"So you healed up your little wound, huh? Hmhmhm. As charming as you are, I feel the same about you, kid. Which is why this is gonna be more painful than you could ever imagine..."

She noticed that he warped his sword back to his hand, which meant to Priere he had the ability to freely control the way that warped as well.. Or, that's what she was getting from all this. Regardless, she didn't seem to care too much. She was more focused on her attack.

"Wow, haven't I heard that line before? It's never in your plan, is it?"

Priere saw the rocks coming at her and stopped her movement for a moment. When she saw the rocks coming close enough, she would blow out a very cold breath of air from her mouth, the Chill Wave. The Chill Wave would blow through the rocks and freeze them on contact while also pushing them back at Koudo's direction with great force in addition to their frozenness.

"Which is why you never have!!"

She continued her arm movements, though now they seemed faster, or more rushed... Must have meant she was almost completed. The air in the general atmosphere became colder... Seemed like her magic had spread even that far with those bursts she used earlier. It's always best to take control of the field.

<_ Koudo turned to the side to avoided one of the rocks that was coming his way and continued this motion to dodge the rest of the frozen stones. He felt the chill in the air and it only alerted him that he needed to end this... and fast. The Koudo that was venturing towards Priere, with the large claymore, fell to the ground as a puddle of water, while the real Koudo stepped out a portal right in her field of vision, his eyes flashed a silvery blue color before he spread his arms outward and was engulfed with his own infestation energy. The energy formed into a new outfit, a hoodie and shorts set complete with shoes. The color scheme was Silver and Blue because of his infestation energy. This would be the first time Priere would meet Koudo's Grav-Con Unit. _>

" Alright, final moves. If I get within fifteen feet of you... I'll win. Think you can stop that from occurring? "

<_ he asked as he continued his controlled advance forward. Win or lose, he had to admit that she was a fun opponent. There was no weapons in his hands because the suit itself was his weapon this time around. _>

Priere laughed her haughty laugh as usual listening to Koudo's words. He really seemed to be more determined than usual. That would make the end of this battle that much sweeter.

"Oh? You want to end it already? Hahaha, I thought you had more fight in you. Oh well... I won't let that happen, you know."

Her hand movements had now finally stopped and she would take hold of her ice parasol once more instead of letting it sit on her shoulder. Once she grabbed hold of it, she twirled it a few times, looking Koudo right in the eye with contemptuous eyes and a smile to match. Her hair started to flair up a bit as the atmosphere only got colder and colder. The mist that was around Priere before got much thicker than it was before, making Priere almost completely cloaked by it. She continued to twirl her parasol, giggling to herself.

"Come on, little Koudo... Get close. I dare you. I have something very, very special for you..."
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" I got something very special for you too. I'm sure you'll like it... you seem like the submissive type. "

<_ Priere? Submissive? You should never use the word submissive to describe Priere, and yet Koudo had done just that. He slipped his hands in the pockets of the hoodie and lowered his head as he started to pick up his pace, jogging towards her before running at the speed of the average shinobi. _>

" A few more feet, then you'll be history... I'm telling you. You might wanna stop me. "

Priere's laugh echoed throughout the mist, which was now spreading throughout the area. She was now completely cloaked by the mist and so was the general area rather fast. Priere backed away into the mist from her original position, starting to move around hoping to throw Koudo off.

"Come closer... Come find me. Come close if you dare."

Several sounds were heard in the mist, and the ground would suddenly, yet softly rumble. Priere just laughed... Laughed... Laughed.

"If you're going to use your move, I'd advise you to do it now, Koudo... Now before I end this. I'm giving you only one chance. Don't fuck it up."

Her voice was starting to come from all around, indecipherable as to where specifically it was coming from. She didn't seem to be leaving a set radius, however... Maybe she wanted him to come close. Maybe she was being a... tease~?

<_ Koudo stopped his advance forward and stood in the middle of her teasing for him to come and find her. He wanted to use his Hell's Ears technique, but her voice was coming from everywhere and it would be impossible for him to pinpoint her that way and with his Grav-Con Unit activated, there was no way for him to use Ninjutsu because his chakra was being converted into mana by his mana drive. He had to rely on his natural abilities. His Mind's Eye of The Kagura. He smirked and looked around the mist for a few minutes or so, searching for her chakra signature while listening to her words. She was such a tease. _>

" I'll find you, and you'll bow to me. "

<_ Koudo stopped looking when he thought he saw her chakra signature in the dense mist. It was shaped like her and had an eerie icy blue color to it. He thought. He turned in that direction and ran for it hoping she was there when he brought his arms down and used the chakra that he had converted into mana to increase the gravity in a fifteen foot radius around him and force her to the ground... if she was there. This was the deciding move, he hoped he hadn't fucked up. _>

Priere was finally motionless, however upon closer inspection, was not in the original set radius she was in before.... Just sliiiightly outside of it, if Koudo would even notice that. Looks like he didn't. Looks like he went for it. When he tried to go for Priere, he should have noticed that there was a wall there... A giant, icy wall. It was her parasol, which she had used to close off the entire area and underground and encapsulate it in a sphere, which is what all the noise in the mist was. Koudo tried to go for Priere, who was now outside of the magical sphere and that was his downfall. She smiled at him from the outside, now ready to release all of the stored magic she had from before.

"You fucked up, Koudo. I told you what would happen if you tried to come close."

With a simple snap of the fingers, Priere condensed all of the mist in the area around one focal point; Koudo, keeping him most likely trapped and causing him to be crushed by the insane pressure being put on him by said condensed mist. She snapped her fingers again. This time the compressed mist froze over with that snap, most likely leaving Koudo too cold to do anything and completely frozen, so he wouldn't be able to in the first place... Yet there was still more.

She took her other hand this time and snapped her fingers, causing the ice to start sucking out Koudo's liquids... Blood, saliva, etc... Almost trying to dehydrate him beyond normal means, but not kill him. Those liquids would outline the prison of ice and turn it red (because of the blood), which led to Priere's final snapping of her fingers, which caused the freshly drained liquids and the ice Koudo was trapped in to explode in a grand fashion that filled the entire parasol sphere... And as an added bonus, the parasol sphere was slowly shrinking... therefore it was going to crush whatever was inside if they were to still STAY inside. All the while Priere laughed and laughed her haughty, contemptuous laugh outside of the sphere, watching as all of it happened.

" Bitch. "

<_ Koudo hadn't noticed that hidden within the mist was a huge dome of ice. However, he was a keener than she had realized and after jumping and hitting said wall of ice, he fell back into a rift that he had opened underneath him just in case she had some master scheme going on, which she did. Koudo had learned that he always needed to prepare himself for the worst when dealing with Priere. The rift closed right before her dome started it's process of liquid draining and exploding and imploding and freezing and what not, and Koudo stepped out of the rift a nice distance right next to Priere, or rather a nice distance right behind her. _>

" Well. That would have been bad. "

<_ He was quite sure that laughter filled Priere would be too preoccupied with laughing that haughty laugh he despised so much to realize the gun cocking and the trigger pulling behind her. Two bullets flew in her direction, one a big bang bullet with a blast radius so large it'd cover her as well as the entirety of her ice dome that she attempted to trap him in. The second, a regular bullet crafted of chakra to activate said first bullet. Koudo deactivated his Grav-Con Unit as soon as these two bullets connected with one another and turned to face the opposite direction as they exploded in an epic explosion of epicness. Koudo scratched behind his head and placed his hands in his pockets to search for another pair of glasses. _>

" Perhaps I used too much gunpowder for that one. "

<_ Whether she survived the explosion was completely up to her, but she wouldn't come out unscathed like how she normally did in their fights. It had taken a lot out of Koudo in opening that rift to fall into it as well as the activation of the Grav-Con Unit. If she wanted to continue fighting after this, Koudo would be fighting on fumes and there was no way he'd win against her that way. He hoped this was enough to show her he had grown in power and skill as well. _>

Thinking that she had gotten Koudo, Priere would still be laughing until she realized that when she tried to encapsulate something, nothing was there.

"What? Dammit, he warped agai--"

Before she could finish, she turned around to a huge explosion at her back, which would force her into her ice dome. Thinking quickly, she opened the ice dome up and flew into there, closing it back up once she hit the ground to allow the rest of the explosion to pass over her. Her dress was singed and so was the tip of her hair and a bit of her leg was charred. This did not go over well with Priere. Now she was angry.

"So, Koudo, you think you're slick with your warping, huh? You think you bad just cuz you got out of that ONE situation, huh? Well I'm gonna show you ONCE AGAIN, why I'M your damn leader, YOU GOT THAT?"

For the first time in a long time, Priere stepped on the ground to pull herself up... But it wasn't a step, per se, it was a stomp, and a rather violent one at that. From the stomp radiated a large amount of magic which shot through the whole ground, causing it to glow a bright blue color. Next the ice dome would change into purely water, mist rising from it to show how very extremely cold it was despite it not being ice anymore. Priere would hold both hands out and wave them to her sides, causing the now liquefied ice dome to explode outward to become at least 5 times larger in a matter of moments, trying to consume the entire area. It would seem that everything that was consumed by the water was very quickly frozen.

"Koudo... I've gotta tell ya, I've been holding back... But you just can't seem to give up, huh? Well now I'll have to show you a little bit of what I am capable of."

The frozen ground, the giant liquidated sphere and Priere started to glow with an insane amount of magic. Priere's eyes started to glow a bright blue as the power started to flow through her at insane levels.


Everything infected with Priere's magic at that point it time, in its vicinity or hit by it would explode in an icy, frozen explosion capable of freezing the entire area as a whole. There would be nothing spared, nothing left unfrozen or unscathed by said explosion... If it wasn't destroyed by the force of it, then it would be frozen by it. Naturally, once everything calmed down, Priere would be panting heavily at the center of the calamity, hands to the ground and on her knees, eyes reverting back to normal. She heaved and huffed, feeling more than drained by all of that which she had to do.

"... I hope... You've learned your lesson..."

She still had enough power to get herself out of here safely, for she never exerted that last little bit she needed. She always kept it in reserves.

"Be lucky that... The sun weakens me..."

<_ Koudo stopped searching his pockets around the time Priere was preparing for her super secret special move that'd indefinitely end the fight and defeat Koudo. When she stomped the ground and started her rant, Koudo was turned around to look at her. _>

" You mad? "

<_ He asked as he put the pair of glasses that he found in his pockets on and slipped his hands back in his pockets to take whatever she had head on. Koudo wasn't one to run away, this would be the only way to end this and allow Priere the satisfaction of continuing to be the dominate member of the team. Koudo didn't mind, he was more passive anyway. As she started to glow and what not, Koudo attempted to open another rift but he was too burn out to do so, he had reserved enough chakra to infest himself completely when this was over and to be able to walk and talk as if nothing happened. She said she'd been holding back, but Koudo had really been holding back. He gave her a smile as everything went off.... ending it with a simple statement. _>

" Fuck. "

<_ Explosion, freezing, BLAM!! BOOM!!!! POW!!! WHOOSH maybe? Either way, her shit went off and Koudo's body exploded in an epic display of frozen goodness along with her dome and everything else. Once everything calmed down and Priere was lowered to the ground panting, Koudo's bodily fluids and parts all converged together and remade him with a silver and blue aura surrounding it as he came back together. Once he was reassembled, the aura disappeared and he walked over to Priere, hands still in his pockets._>

" Yeah, I learned my lesson. You're the strongest. "

<_ It was funny though, she was heaving and what not and Koudo seemed as if nothing was wrong. In all actuality however, he was in so much pain it was unreal, his mind had just transcended pain at this point and it wasn't registering to him at the moment. It would shortly after this however. He kneeled and placed his hand to the top of her head, stroking it accordingly. _>

" Good job. I still can't pull one over on you. "

<_ Once done speaking, he stood and offered her his hand to help her to her feet. There was more that they needed to discuss about this journey that they were planning, like if they were going to defect from their home, the Village of The Dusk, and go on to drifting around until they returned home. _>

Priere wasn't exactly sure, but it seemed to her like Koudo had allowed that explosion to hit him... Perhaps he was throwing the battle to her, even though she still had more tricks up her sleeve. This only meant that the two of them had yet to fight to their fullest potential, but it definitely would happen sometime between these two.

As Koudo walked over to her, she pulled out some bottled Cactus Water, gulping it down rather swiftly, letting her body start to heal itself and her magic replenish itself slowly.

"Hmph. Good thing I always keep some Cactus Water on me at all times..."

Koudo reached his hand out to her and she would take it, getting pulled up and now starting to float. She'd give Koudo a look in the eye and would snatch her hand away from his, turning around in the air and crossing her arms.

"Well, at least you know who is boss. As usual. I don't expect you to forget again, and if you do, I'll just put you in your place every time."

She started to float off in a seemingly arbitrary direction, but was really heading back home to go get the tome.

"Come on, Koudo. And next time, I don't expect you to hold back, cuz I won't."

She was right, for next time Koudo should have perfected his mana drive and have his weapons while Priere would have her grimoire and possibly her chainsaw-sword. Priere was starting to think that it wasn't about who was stronger because both of them might have been at the same strength. That was only her incentive to train more; so that she could stay on top, as usual.

" Right, right. No holding back. "

<_ Koudo said with a wave of his hand before following her in this arbitrary direction that she was traveling in. Koudo didn't care right or left about who was stronger between them, though it was suppose to be a rivalry... go figure. All he really cared about was growing stronger through competition with her, he'd been through a lot of ice shit already so he figured that if he fought anyone else with ice, besides her, he'd be pretty set on defeating them with ease especially if they weren't as strong as Priere is currently. Her Ice Bomb was the bees knees, he wondered if he could create something similar to it with enough training and effort. He shrugged his shoulders and pushed the thought to the back of his mind, that was something that he'd have to work on later. He'd use his lightning chakra to create it, just to be a bastard. _>

" So, are we going to go to the head hancho, Khrona, to get papers permitting us to go on this journey? Or maybe we're going to go to Hakku to ask... "

<_ Koudo paused in his speech, thinking about the nice and polite lady Kage. He wouldn't mind going to see her again, but Khrona was always in his office when you needed him the same thing couldn't be said about the Lady Kage. Koudo couldn't blame her though, it was a lot of work being in charge. That's why he lets Priere push him around, she can deal with all the technical stuff, but knowing her she'd just force him to do it anyway. _>

" Or maybe we're taking this 'gang' thing to the extreme and are going to defect from the village for a while. I'm pretty sure The Dusk is gonna miss three of their finest Special Jounin if we do it that way. Wait, that reminds me, we have to go get Perura. "

<_ That was another person that he hadn't seen in a while. In fact, the last time he had seen her was at the tournament, then she had vanished talking about something named 'Prisa', Koudo figured it was something dear to her and that was why she was going through all this training stuff alone. But with the fire that burned in her cold eyes when she spoke of this 'Prisa' it showed him that whatever it was would be in a world of hurt when she was finished with her training. This journey could help her to get more souls from random monsters they were bound to encounter as they traveled across the planet. Koudo took his hand from his pocket and scratched his head. They had a lot of things to do. _>

Priere scowled, staring up at the sun, hating that it was draining her and weakening her much faster than normal, meaning she would have to take another drink from her Cactus Water reserves soon.

"Ugh, fucking sun..."

Part of her wished it was night time. The moon helped her heal faster, and so did the cold... But summer time just was not gonna sit right with her. Traveling all around while in the summer time would hinder Priere quite a lot, and she was just now thinking about that huge problem. It was then that she realized Koudo was talking, and he was talking about how they were going to go about going through this journey... That was something Priere had to think about as well, but the sun was not helping.

"Ugh. Okay, okay, uh... This is what we'll do; Since we don't know the actual threats that lie beyond the villages of the planet, I think that before we set out we get a little stronger. We go train, we get a ranking exam, we hone our powers, MAYBE get our final member, THEN we set out, eh? Once we get all of that done... Then we can be out. And yeah, Perura has to, too."

Priere was also very aware of what it meant for her to go explore the planet... According to Signis, her grimoire reacts in different spots as well as to Priere's increase in power... Ergo, the more powerful Priere becomes, the more stuff her book has to teach her, not to mention the more she travels, the more it teaches her, too. Thus, this would be benefiting her the most, she thought, which is why she suggested training and a rank up first.

"So we'll go back to the base, go over whatever you have and rest and crap, then go off and get our exams and train and crap like that. Sound like a good plan? Maybe by then your weapons will be back from wherever they are, too... You may need to train with them, you know."

" Training with them would be good.... I actually miss them. "

<_ Koudo said after Priere had finished with her explanation of how they were going to do things. It made sense that they train and rank up first that way they wouldn't have as much responsibility within the village. Koudo had noticed that a lot of the jounin around could do whatever the hell they wanted if they had the power to do so and Koudo wanted to be a part of that. Besides, during this journey he planned to get more information on his homeland and with that came the long lost trues about his past ... He was excited, but wanted to be strong enough mentally and physically to be able to handle whatever was thrown at him. Mahk-X had helped him this much, and so had so many others. Koudo needed to do the rest on his own, for now. _>

" Alright, since we have that all decided then let's get this underway. "

<_ Koudo pulled a hand from his pocket, waving it downward as a rift opened and Delta's friendly hand extended from the rift and offered it as a platform for Koudo and Priere to stand on. Delta would deliver them to the base faster as well as get Priere out of the sun that she obviously hated so very much. Koudo chuckled at Priere in and summer sun, it was definitely an anomaly within itself. He stepped onto Delta's hand. _>

" This will get us to the base faster .... I need to run some test on myself anyway .... I need to seek out Khrona ... I don't understand the purpose of my own wavelength yet. "

<_ Koudo looked down at the middle of Delta's hand, thinking about what his wavelength was. He understood what to call it and what it looked like from how the girls had described it to him. He just wasn't sure what kind of latent power it held. If he could unlock this then it'd increase his power so much more. Then there was the matter of Karasuhime, the fifteen foot tall wolf. He hadn't used her much, if at all, and he wanted to get in sync with battling with her. There were so many things Koudo needed to train himself on... and he had so little time. Priere was already ahead of him by so much, he needed to step his game up if he wanted to keep up. _>

Priere was not listening at first, continuing to float away from Koudo cursing the sun and all that it was, but after a while she did not feel Koudo's presence behind her anymore. She stopped abruptly, swiftly turning around to find that he was on Delta's hand, which was coming out of a portal. It was at that moment that Priere realized what Koudo was using to get around... He hadn't been warping in her fight, but using portals.

"Portals! ... Hmph. Just like in my magical tome... I guess I ought to learn about those when I get the chance..."

Now she was prepared for the future, for she could easily combat portals now that she knew that's what he was using. Oh well, that was for another time. She floated back over to Koudo, hovering onto Delta's hand right next to Koudo. She hadn't let Signis or Blue out in a while... Perhaps they needed to train? Maybe... But that was for later times. Right now Priere was the priority, since the other two were more experienced in battle, anyway. Though, a thought crossed Priere's mind through all of this.

"Huh... Koudo, you've never engaged Signis or Blue like you have fought me. Why is that?"

She didn't really want to have Signis or Blue fight since they were kinda... Uh. What one would call 'unfair' because of their battle experience and how they could use their powers, but it was always nice to switch it up every now and then.

<_ Placed a hand to Priere's shoulder and patted it a couple times before Delta's hand started to recede into the rift. _>

" Because I'm not interested in them. You're my rival, not them. "

<_ He wasn't trying to get all sappy or anything, but it sounded like it. He removed his hand from her shoulder and thought about it more in detail, going over the things that he was told about Signis and Blue. Now that he thought about it, maybe one of them would be a better rival than Priere. One was bound to be just as fast if not faster than him and the other had the use of electricity which would let him test and strengthen his lightning. _>

" Maybe I should rethink that though... you're not a very good rival for me, now that I think about it. "

<_ He was joking though, Priere was... better than good. He nudged her with a smile before laughing to himself. _>

" Let's get back to the base... from there we can do whatever. "

Priere sneered at him, as usual, turning her head with a slight 'hmph' being heard as she did so.

"Maybe the two of them can train you a little bit. Cuz you're right, I'm not a very good rival for you..."

She would open an eye and look at Koudo from the corner of her eye, her sneer turning into a smirk of sorts.

"... I'm far too superior to even be considered on par with the likes of you! Hahahahaha! That's why I'm the leader, got it? Heh heh. Maybe if you fight with Signis and Blue, you'll get stronger. That could be part of your training. Hahahaha!"

Priere snapped her fingers repeatedly at Koudo, insinuating that he hurry the hell up in taking them to the base.

"Come on, come on, come on, Koudo! I need to get my Grimoire and I need to train and crap. We'll wait there for your weapons and Perura to get done, and when they come back we can all take our exams."

" Why you little... "

<- Koudo looked down and smirked before Delta's hand was taking into the rift quickly and vanished as the rift closed and they were teleported to the base. Koudo didn't even grace Priere with a response, he learned that sometimes you just needed to stay quiet. She was right though and he figured fighting either one of these characters, Signis or Blue, would be very beneficial to him. He hadn't really been use his full speed that was granted to him by the boss, and the lightning that he had learned from Aeon was just sitting unused. He needed to get back into the training game... and quickly. The only person's teachings that he was using all the time was Maruze and that was because he helped him learned passive things that were always active. They'd arrive in the middle of the base momentarily. _>
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Insangel 31: Alright. Now We Play The Waiting Game.

<_ A rift opened in the middle of the base and out came Delta's hand with Koudo and Priere standing on it. Koudo was getting quite good at conserving chakra when opening rifts, which would help him in the long run. He stepped off Delta's hand, tapping one of the large fingers to thank Delta. _>

" Alright Priere... we're here. "

Sai: Welcome Back Koudo, Priere.

" Ah, Sai, it's been awhile. "

Sai: Yes... something came for you.

" Really? What is it?

Sai: A pot of sorts with something floating inside and a rune with demonic energy sealed within it.

" Oh? Well... just sit it over there with all the other things that I have to get to later. "

Sai: Alright.

<_ Koudo placed a hand Sai's hand and rubbed it before looking around the base for a little while. It'd been a long time since he'd been back inside the building. He needed to spruce it up a little. He was sure that Priere would agree with that, but she had her ice domicile already so she wouldn't really care about his half of the place. Then again, she was Priere and always had some kind of witty comment about everything he did. _>

Priere emerged from the rift, quickly floating off of Delta's hand. She would look at Koudo and yawn at his little quick convo with Sai, quickly turning her attention to wherever her book was.

"Well you go on and deal with this crapshack you call a 'home' while I go to my side and find my book."

Before Priere could even start moving, though, the Grimoire floated over to her from out of the Ice Sanctuary (which I need to post the pic of soon).

"Eh? The hell...?"

She grabbed the book and held onto it, somehow it was reacting to her power.

"So soon? Maybe that battle I just had with you made me a little stronger... And the book must know that. Hahaha. Sweet."

She opened it up and started to skim through it to see what it said...

<_ Koudo walked on over to Priere to get a glimpse of this book that she had with her, Sai following him like the puppy she usually acted like. They both stood behind Priere and looked over her shoulder to get a glimpse into the book before Koudo got bored of it and walked away from her, Sai staying and continuing to enjoy the wonders of what Priere could learn.

Koudo walked over to his computer, and started with his research and development. His fingers seemed to dance about the keys, before the computer started to glow an intense blue and silver color before evolving past what it used to be and the expansive keyboard becoming nothing more than a hologram that Koudo continued to type on before stopping and allowing the hologram to disappear as a bunch of screens popped up around him as he moved about the lab, pacing._>

" I haven't reached my full potential yet. I fought you Priere, but not using enough of myself to push me past the limit of my abilities. I want to set my own limits within myself, but it's impossible to do such a thing if I don't breakthrough the limits that this body has set for me.... I loath being a human. "

<_ he sighed contently however as the screens began to swirl around him, lasers coming from the screens and running along his body and what not. He was giving himself a check up. Once that was completed, a hologram of himself appeared in front of him and showed him about the amount of energy he used daily. It wasn't enough for him to think it awesome, it was sub-par at best. He wasn't pleased with this. _>

" Besides you, Priere, and some obvious exceptions, everyone that I've fought haven't been able to give me the rush I need to breakthrough my limits. They were all sub-par at best. "

<_ This was attempt to engage Priere in conversation and perhaps spark an idea within her for who he should fight next. Or maybe spark an idea within himself, or her, for how he should go about his training. Koudo wasn't completely sure that training would be necessary if he was only performing at full capacity with some people and less than half with everyone else. His screens vanished and so did the hologram. He fell back into a chair that rushed to his bottom. He rested his chin on his fist and watched Priere. _>

" Why can't I have a magically book that tells me about myself? "

Priere skimmed through the grimoire, looking at whatever pages were revealed to her, for some pages were forced to be blanked by the magical properties of the book. Priere was not ready to gaze upon those yet, so they were not revealed to her eyes. She noted when the book stopped showing things and all of the things that the book said and what its instructions were and all of that.

"So you just wanna fight someone that will test your limit? Why don't you fight someone who is STRONGER than you, Koudo? Someone of a higher rank? You already know that you and I are the strongest of the Special Jounin, and when we rank up, we just might be strongest of the Jounin, too. Why not go see what you're up against? Fight a Jounin, or even an Anbu or some shit like that, eh?"

Priere noted the most interesting things she saw and decided that she was going to learn how to use those things first. One of them had to do with the magical Ice Portals. She had been waiting a loooong time to learn about those and the Reverse Portals.

"Haha, this book is amazin-- Er. Well, Koudo, my book was passed down from generations and generations of great sorcerers. You just have... You. Key difference right there."

Priere didn't really know how harsh her words sounded even after she said them. She was too engrossed in her grimoire.

" You're right... I only have me... "

<_ Koudo said out loud for her to hear, but mainly to himself. He didn't sound his usual confident self, infact he sounded sadden by her words. Koudo stood quickly and snapped his fingers to have a portal open directly in front of himself. He stepped through quickly, and without a word, allowing it to close without a sound. Priere was so engrossed in her book, there was no way she'd notice he was gone until she notice that the sound of him breathing had disappeared. _>

" I have to test myself with someone that isn't of the same rank.... Maruze. "

<_ this would be the third time that he would meet this man, a mentor of the young shinobi. Koudo was looking for someone to test his abilities, and though he would be calling Maruze out, it wasn't for a test. It was to ask him a favor. _>

Looking at her book, Priere really didn't notice that Koudo was gone all that quickly, however she did notice the portal close and Koudo leave without a sound after hearing the sadness in his voice. Priere was more perceptive than given credit for. She would flip a page of her book again, looking off to his work station with the corner of her eye. He didn't return. She slammed her book shut and sighed heavily, holding it under her arm.

"... Crap. I guess I hit a nerve..."

Much like Koudo, she had said this out loud but wasn't talking to anyone in particular. Perhaps Sai heard it, but it was unknown if she really understood this sort of thing... She was still a machine and Priere knew for a fact she could understand simple emotions... But such emotions from complex people? It's doubtful.

"... Nothing to do but wait until he comes back, then..."

She sighed again, feeling a little bad about for what just happened.

-- Time Skip --

<_ Seemed like hours had passed since Koudo had first left the base to go on some epic soul searching. He hadn't come up with anything, but was able to get some money and set a proctor in stone for his upcoming exam, when he had the money for it. He walked into the base, through a rift he'd opened to transport him there, and took a seat in his usual chair. _>

" Anyone home? "

<_ He called at the top of his lungs, using his chakra to carry his voice throughout the entire base, including Priere's and Perura's section of the compound, just in case Priere had fallen asleep reading her book or something. Sai wasn't around either, probably with Priere or scouting out the other base that he and she had explored together. _>
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Insangel 32: Unleashing Ones Limits

{Hebi would be sitting on Kobura who at the moment was coiled up in a position that gave him the appearance of a chair. Hebi's soul partner Amuria would be sitting on Kobura as well but on a part of his long body that made her higher up then Hebi. The location of where Hebi wished to have his battle was a very unique one this time. It was a city that seemed to be completely rippled with nothing but utter chaos. The buildings that surrounded the city where vacant and on the verge of completely falling apart, the tallest buildings around the city where being struck constantly with lighting, and the city was surrounded by multiple destructive twisters. Hebi would be in the center of this Black City and would wait for and opponent to appear so they could do battle.}

It would just so happen that Priere was floating along idly in this place. Her magical grimoire informed her that this was an important place to increase her power and learn the ways of the tome itself. She couldn't pass up a moment like this and was determined to engage whoever was here in epic combat.

"Huh. This city looks nice... Actually, it looks like this battle would be better for Signis than for me with all the lightning about..."

She shrugged her shoulders, locating the only living power source here... Seemed to be some sort of snake guy. Oh, how fun.

"... So... I guess you're the one I have to battle, eh? Ugh, you don't even look all that entertaining..."

{Kobura was about to hiss allowing Hebi to translate what he was saying but Amuria would jump off of Kobura's head after hearing Priere's comment.}

Amuria- Well we could say the same about you.....Well at least I could since Hebi-chan over here is blind as a bat.

{Hebi would simply stand up from his sitting positions on Kobura and would in his style "shinigami chop" Amuria on the head. Hebi would then look over toward Priere fallowing the sound of her voice as Kobura would appear and wrap around Hebi's hip.}

Priere wasn't paying too much attention to Hebi at this point in time, mostly just looking around at this city.

"So he's blind, huh? That's cool. I hope he knows how to fight without being able to see me. Unless you are just gonna tell him or something."

Priere shrugged her shoulders, yawning.

"So why are you here again and why haven't we started yet? I'm kinda impatient you see."

{Amuria was about to say something back to the girl but Hebi would suddenly tap her shoulder causing her to turn around toward him. Amuria would look at Hebi for a moment and would nod the two having a whole silent conversation and she would grab his hand and begin to glow with energy. The energy would then form around in Hebi's hand and once her gripped it Amuria would be in her weapon form which was a segmented blade. Hebi would then turn directly toward Priere. Although Hebi would not take a fighting stance, charge toward Priere, or motion for her to come at him. Hebi would simply created a one hand hand sign. Although seeming like it did nothing suddenly from under Priere would erupt two large boas who would try to instantly wrap around Priere and hold her in place.}

Priere was busy looking at the city, not all that sure that she wanted to fight. She knew that she had to, but her heart probably wouldn't be put into it all that much. Well, at least not until some sort of... challenge was shown. She would start to play around with some magic in her hand, starting to yawn.

Before she could realize it, Hebi's little girlfriend had changed into a weapon and was now equipped to him, Hebi himself making a handsign. Mid-yawn, Priere would be attacked by violent boa constrictors from the ground, only to use the magic in her hands that she was playing with to completely freeze them with a powerful burst. She would complete her yawn, conjuring more magic in one hand as she scratched the back of her head, looking rather... displeased.

"Oh, so you like to play dirty, huh? Well now that I know you're not above it, I'll just have to watch every move you make. Hahahaha."

She started to float higher off of the ground, but not too high apparently, focusing a large amount of magic into the palm of her hand. Her other hand was moving rather erratically about at a very fast rate, almost as if she had no sort of control over it whatsoever. It would stop suddenly, pointed at Hebi, and from right under him a gigantic ice spike about double Hebi's height would appear right under him, aiming to impale him and freeze him at the same time. Priere did not seem to be holding back now.

{Hebi would seem to simply stand as the ice spike appeared under him trying to stab and freeze him. Although Hebi could sense the ice spike rising from the ground and had sent a mental message for Kobura to react instead of Hebi while he continued to keep his hand in the signed position. As the ice spike was about the stab Hebi in an instant Kobura would extend out and upward toward one of the large buildings of the black city and would bite down on the wall. Kobura would then pull Hebi over out of the way of the ice spike in the nick of time before he was stabbed and killed. While being pulled though the air Kobura would let go of the building causing him and Hebi to fly higher into the air and it is there Kobura opens his large hidden wings catching Hebi and floating high in the air. Hebi would then hold out his free hand which was glowing with red and black energy that would suddenly begin to move up his arm leaving behind purple snake scales that would have venom seeping from them. The energy would flow from his right arm to his chest and down to his left arm which was gripping his soul weapon at the moment which would begin to slowly glow with soul energy. Kobura would then suddenly hiss and Hebi would translate and while a distance away from Priere Hebi's voice would be heard as if he was right in front of her.}

"It is not dirty this is the way of ninja and of combat if you can not understand or except that fact then you are a fool to except this challenge!!! Says Kobura!!"

{Hebi would then hold his hand out forward and begin to make a circle in the air creating some type of seal in the air which would centered with a demonic skull with snakes coming from the head. Suddenly from the seal would release multiple black and red energy disks which would rocket toward Priere as high speeds. Although as the moved close the disks would become longer taking the appearance of long energy snakes that would scatter plowing though buildings before trying to appear around Priere in multiple directions trying to hit her infecting her with powerful venom that would cause he body to begin to turn to stone. Although these energy snakes plowing though buildings would cause large potions of the buildings to come crashing down on Priere trying to crush her while the snakes tried to poison her.}

She continued to concentrate magic into her hand, leaving her free hand to do whatever while Priere thought about what to do. After hearing Hebi's words, she could only laugh at it. It was insanely hilarious to her.

"Ha! The way of a shinobi, huh? Whatever, I don't care what you do. You're worth nothing to me in any case, so why should I even care~?"

Priere laughed haughtily, as usual, when she noticed that her magical grimoire was glowing again... Not only that, she actually forgot it was there because she wasn't holding it. It was floating beside her and she couldn't figure out why.

"What... The hell?"

Priere diverted her attention from Hebi to the book, which had now encapsulated her in a powerful blue light. The book opened up to a specific page and writing appeared in it glowing the same color. Priere's eyes started to glow the same color and as the energy snakes came toward her, Priere held her free hand up and pointed at them, 3 very large seals appearing around her. The seals would shatter, causing the portals to activate, causing the energy snakes and building debris to be sucked into the unknown by them with a powerful force. Priere was more than ecstatic about the sudden, yet useful advancement that she had received, for she had been waiting quite a while for the book to give her this power.

"Yes! Finally! I have the power to summon those cool ass Ice Portals and Reverse Ice Portals! I guess it WAS a good thing that I came out here to fight you... So that means I'll have to reward you with a good battle, huh? Hahahahaha!"

The light would stop glowing and the portals would close, as would the book on Priere's command. Her eyes stopped glowing and everything became normal again, the book starting to disappear. It was hiding itself in a place where Priere kept her weapon so that she could call upon it at anytime.

"Now I just gotta use these portals frequently in battle so I can get the hang of them..."

Since these were new magic, they might drain her more than expected, but from just using those 3, it didn't seem to cause all that much of a drain on her. Great chakra control, you know.

"So, snake boy, is that all you've got? You gonna fight me for real or what? I don't have all day!"

{As Priere quickly dealt with Hebi's attack with her strange portal he would simply stand on top of Kobura and would watch taking mental notes in the back of his head for the rest of the battle. As Priere began to taunt Hebi with her word he would grip his soul weapon but would simply place her on his back for now because those portals where a risk at the moment. Suddenly in his mind/soul Hebi would begin to hear Amuria speaking to hims in a very loud tone for a conversation within the soul.}

Amuria: Hebi-chan stop playing around and actually do something powerful.


{Hebi would create a very strange hand sign and his body would begin to glow with a gold colored chakra that would flow out of his body in into the sky. Once reaching the sky it would cause the black clouds surrounding the city to begin to move out of the way for some strange reason as if a door was being opened. Hebi would then suddenly hold both his hand outward and would hold his head up toward the sky as the gold chakra continued to flow into the heavens above. Suddenly from out of nowhere strange music would begin to echo though out the area as light entered the blackened city for a moment. Finally after a moment 4 large snake that where at least 40x bigger than Hebi would appear from the sky and would fly around the area of the city as the clouds would close back up darkening the battle field once again. These snakes where powerful creatures which Hebi called Inspireds. All 4 snakes would rest themselves around different parts of this large city and would all release large roars that would echo though out the city shattering multiple windows and even causing some buildings to crack and fall apart. This was not just a simply roar but a sound attack directed toward Priere who was in the center of all 4 Inspireds around the black city. Hebi would meanwhile slowly move back and float behind on of the Inspireds watching to see what would be done now.}

Priere didn't really seem into the battle yet, though she was still concentrating with her hand. She seemed rather uninterested, actually. When Hebi summoned the gigantic snake things, she seemed a little more interested in it, though.

"Oooooh! Hahahahaha! You mad bro?"

She said that mockingly, of course, but as the four monsters went off in their own ways and... roared, I guess, Priere could almost very quickly tell what he was trying to do. Using her free hand, she would wave it about rather swiftly before pointing directly upward, a large dome of very thick, very dense water that would encapsulate her completely. The roars would hit the dome, causing it to ripple and Priere to wince from the 4 powerful roars hitting all at once, but they didn't seem to have the force behind them to break it... At least, not when necessary. Once the roars were done, the bubble bursted with Priere panting a little.

"Dammit, I gotta stop doing stuff like that... I'm not supposed to be trying to train here, I've gotta win here. So let's do that."

She floated upward, locating and pinpointing each one of the 4 dragon things. She had a surprise for each and every one of them... Heh heh heh...

{Hebi would simply hold his hands outward as a small orb of energy would form in the middle of his hands. Suddenly all the Inspired would open their mouths once more and would suddenly release large and constant torrents of fire which would all center onto Priere trying to burn her into ash. Meanwhile the orb in between Hebi's hand would begin to grow more and more as time went by. Hebi was gathering energy for something but only time would tell what Hebi was planning.}

Priere shook her head, laughing haughtily at the flames threatening her, apparently. She found them to be a joke.

"Fool! Do you know where I've trained my ice? No mere flames can melt it with ANY kind of ease!"

Still concentrating, she would wave her hand around quickly, thus creating 4 huge funnels of ice that converged at one point aimed at Takai. Each of the flames from each of the Inspireds would shoot through the ice funnels and then all connect and become 4 times as powerful as only one of them, the ice not melting too much from the flames. The flames would spew out of the end of the funnel, which was aimed directly at Takai, threatening to burn him to nothingness with his own creations' attacks.

"Now, would you be so kind as to get this annoying CREATURES out of here? Before I do it MYSELF?"

Lord knows she had the power to do so...

{As the giant fire twister moved toward Hebi trying to burn him and possibly kill him keeping a dull face Hebi would simply toss the orb he was creating forward into the fire twister. Suddenly as the orb entered the twister there would be a large burst of light and as the light died down the twister would be completely turned into nothing but stone. This was because the orb contained Hebi's gorgon based energy which cause mostly anything that came in contact with this energy to turn to stone. Suddenly both of Hebi's arms would become completely covered in the gorgon energy as he would jump off of Kobura landing on a near by building motioning for Kobura to leave the area for a while. Suddenly with a simply motion of his eye brow all of the Inspireds would launch off their buildings and all move toward Priere at the same time trying to completely ravage her body or at least cause her to waste energy and time as Hebi continued to gather power in his arms.}

Priere sighed, floating toward the exact center of the Inspireds buildings so that they would all come at Priere at the same exact time, still concentrating. When they were close enough, Priere would snap her fingers, having the funnel turn into water like normal. She noticed that the fire had turned to stone, though.

"So you've got that power, too? I gotcha."

The water would split into 4 separate giant chunks and when the Inspireds tried to lunge at Priere, the water would latch onto their faces, stealing the oxygen they had in their bodies before freezing over right over their faces, hopefully causing them to suffocate. Water had also entered their bodies, and not through just their mouths. Priere used her control over her own magic to forcefully steer the Inspireds in another direction against their will, toward Hebi, in fact. Even if they could not devour him with their mouths, the immensity of their bodied being thrown at him should cause him to be harmed quite severely... As well as the building he was standing on, which would be destroyed.

"Are you even trying? I'd much rather be fighting Koudo right now..."

{As the Inspireds moved toward Hebi with his arms still glowing with Gorgon energy he would grip his soul weapon which would also become covered in the energy. As the Inspireds moved closer Hebi would then actually open his mouth and speak in a very low tone.}

"How dare you turn against your master."

{Hebi would then suddenly disappear from sight at surprising speeds. While Hebi never really showed it in combat he was faster then he appeared. Suddenly Hebi would appear on a building behind all the Inspireds with his soul weapon which was a long whip blade fully extended reaching around the whole area of Hebi and the Inspireds. While seeming like nothing happened after a second or two the Inspireds would then suddenly explode with multiple cuts done by Hebi at high speed. While the cuts appeared all the Inspireds would also begin to turn into stone before cracking into rubble. Hebi would then look toward Priere and would hear he comment about having "that power" and would decided to address it.}

"No I don't have that power....I am the source of it."

{Hebi would then suddenly slam his soul weapon on the ground like someone would do a normal whip causing have of the building he was standing on the shatter. Hebi would then swing his blade whip toward Priere and it would rocket toward her from the side trying not to slice her but to hit her and slam her into a near by building. Also Hebi's soul weapon was also covered in Gorgon energy meaning anything that came in contact with the energy to begin to slowly petrify.}

And here was the time where Priere was glad that she was an Insangel, for one of her special abilities was being able to sense supernatural energies/beings/etc. The Gorgon Energy was definitely supernatural, as it was from a supernatural creature, a gorgon. Hebi was also a Gorgon so Priere would be able to sense him wherever he went, even if he was that fast.

"Hahahaha! You're fast, but not as fast as Koudo! Never in a million years!!"

The blade came toward Priere, who was still concentrating, but without even a glance at the weapon coming toward her she held her hand outward, testing out those portals again. One would appear right where the blade was heading, the seal on it shattering and letting the blade pass into it. Another portal would open up behind Hebi aiming to stab it into him, even though the energy itself probably wouldn't do anything, but it was still a blade so it should hurt him. To top it all off, the portals would close with the weapon still in them, therefore wherever the blade was caught in the air, it would be stuck there, unable to move, be retracted, be extended... It was beautiful.

"Yeah, get THAT crap outta here. Seems like everything you try is just not working, huh? Hahahahahaha!"

That haughty laugh. Priere was still playing with him. She only wondered what he would do next. He was trying to display his power and trying so hard to turn her to stone... When really he just should be trying to hit her more than anything. It's not like she was that hard to hit, really... Heh.
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Insangel 33: Observing What Is Inside Of The Grimoire...

"Boy, I am beat. Being out all the time sure takes a lot outta me."

Priere had finally come home from doing god knows what, her book under her arms loosely. She floated over to her refrigerator (which is a little ironic considering she lives in a place made of completely ice) and pulled out some Cactus Water to drink. She gulped it down in no time at all.

"Ahhhh... Good ol' Cactus Water. Always making me feel so refreshed~! Hahaha."

Priere floated over to her couch and plopped down, turning on the TV, whose radio waves weren't affected at all by the coldness. Magic is AWESOME.

"Hmmmmmm... I don't really feel like watching this crap... So why did I turn it on...?"

She turned the TV off, falling over on the cushions of the couch.

"Hmmmm.... I'm bored..."

Suddenly, her grimoire started to glow. She looked over to it and stood straight up now.

".. Ha. I know what I'm doing today."

She got up quickly and floated over to her table, opening the book and looking up a lot of random stuff. Seems like she was able to use some more stuff out of it now, as more had appeared in the book than before. She placed markers in each of the places she wanted to look at... There were new abilities in there... Monsters she could make... Creatures... And a way to increase her magical potency and her Ice's abilities. Sweetness. She made marks on every page so that she wouldn't lose them.

"Let's see... Living Ice... pg 33... Frost Salamander... pg 80... Crystal Dragon... pg 103... Frozen Fire... pg 42... Ice Swords... pg 43... Crystal Wings... pg 104... Jack Frost... pg 300... Living Ice; Form 2... pg 34... The Tundra... pg 303... Dead Pools... pg 3... Chilly... pg 4 ... and the transformation on pg 13."

After marking down all those pages, Priere reviewed it and realized that this was going to be a looooong and tedious process...

"... Sigh. Guess I'd better get down to business. I'll start with what I can do right here and now in my abode. Let's see, that would be... The Living Ices, The Tundra, the Crystal Wings, Chilly and the Dead Pools. Most of that other stuff I need to get special items and do battles and crap. I don't have time for that!"

In any case, it was time to begin.

Priere decided to start this off with the Living Ice. Now, apparently this creature was very easy to make for someone with as potent magic as she. She just needed to say a special incantation that made this ice unable to melt.

"... So the incantation is here in the book? Man, if I knew this before, my ice would have never melted in the past!"

She skimmed over the book, peering at the fine print.

"... This incantation only works for the Living Ice and not for other ice magic. For the page where the never-melt-ice incantation is, look in the table of contents..."

Priere knew that this ability was obviously not available to her yet since she hadn't seen it in the grimoire already. She would have to become more powerful... But in any case, let's get down to making this Living Ice.

"Alright, so... Step one; Sculp Living Ice out of special familial ice magic. Hmph. Easy."

Priere turned around and moved some of her furniture around with her magic, making a huge space in the middle of her home, which was already large enough to harness large objects. She started to conjure up magic with both of her hands, twisting and turning and moving and swaying ever so elegantly and gracefully. A large amount of icy magic formed into her hands which she would quickly release out in front of her. It took the form of a spider-like fortress of sorts... a gigantic icy monster. This was the base of the Living Ice.

"Ah, yep. That's just what I want it to look like."

She was already thoroughly impressed with her work, and now was going to continue on with finishing the Living Ice.

Now it was time for step two. Priere skimmed through the book to see how many steps there were... Only three of them, and they all didn't seem to be that complicated at all. This was going to be easy.

"Alright, Step 2. Apply more magic for more reinforcement, sturdiness and accessories. Be warned, the more magic applied, the slow it will move in this form. Hm."

Now it was time to think... Did Priere want more defense or more speed on this thing? Hm... Well, Priere was going to be the one moving, so this thing didn't need much speed. Besides, if she REALLY wanted speed, she could factor that in later... Heh heh heh.

"Heh. Time to soup this baby up! Hahahahahahaa!"

She started to release large streams of magic in rather intricate places, which came out to be even more surprisingly detailed.

"Yes... Yes! It's coming out beautifully! Hahahahaha!"

She was having way too much fun with this. In about no time at all, it would seem as though all accessories, reinforcement and details were completed.

It was coming together so well... So great! Soon Priere would have her own massive weapon to call her own! The excitement was almost unbearable!

"Just one more step! Step three... Read the life-giving, non-melting incantation printed below."

Priere looked below the words and saw nothing there.

"... Huh? Why can't I see it...?

Priere looked back up at the instructions, then back down to see if she misread... But apparently there was nothing there. She flipped pages into the book, even looked at the Incantation section, but alas, there was nothing else about it in the grimoire.

"... Son of a BITCH!!"

In a fit of rage, she slammed her fist onto the grimoire, which somehow caused it to glow with immense power. At first startled, Priere flinched and jumped back, though after a moment or two the magic from the book revealed the secret incantation. Priere gazed upon it in awe, reading from it and trying to memorize it.

"Gelo gelato pareo vivificus...

The magic from the book stopped, then magic was sucked from Priere forcefully and transferred into the Living Ice sculpture. Priere seemed to be rather pained by this incantation, and also seemed to be a tad bit dehydrated from the transfer, however after a few minutes, the transaction was complete. Priere fell to the ground, tired and dehydrated, quickly grabbing some Cactus Water and downing it almost instantly.

"Yes... It is... It is...!~!~!"

The masterpiece was before her. Standing at about 50 feet tall and 30 feet wide, clad in nothing but magical ice and protected and brought to life by a special incantation was... The Living Ice.


In Priere's eyes, it was one of the most beautiful things in the world. She couldn't believe it.

"Yes! Oh I can't WAIT to take this baby into the battlefield! Hell, I can't wait to use it on Koudo! That's gonna be a REAL fun thing, right there... Bet he won't get past this one..."

In all of her excitement, she kinda didn't realize or think about HOW she was gonna get it out... But then she remembered she had her Ice Portals and would just use one of those to transport it when necessary.

"I'm gonna have to build a garage or something for you... You're kinda... Too big to just leave in my living room... So in the mean time, outside. I'll build around you later."

Priere held out both her hands and created a massive seal the size of the Living Ice, which then shattered, opening the portal that it had sealed and pulled in the Living Ice, which would then exit a different portal outside right next to the Ice Sanctuary.

"Alright. One down. Maybe I should look at how to do the second form..."

Flipping some pages and skimming over them, Priere read that doing the second form of the Living Ice was nothing more than saying a simple command word. She's read about all of the stuff that it did later, since it was such a simple task.

"Well now, next on my list should beeeee... The Tundra. Oooo... Sounds powerful."

She just couldn't wait.

She looked up The Tundra now, seeing what it had in store for her. From the description of it, it seemed to be a sort of summon of sorts. There was a description of The Tundra and right under it, the incantation to summon it. There was also a large 'Warning' sign at the bottom of the page, yet Priere didn't pay too much attention to that. Instead, she quickly recited the incantation.

"From the very corners of the frozen abyss, I call upon the might of The Tundra..."

After the Incantation was done, there was a flash of white and Priere would be transported to a field of nothing but complete and utter snow and ice. There was nothing else there and a strong blizzard constantly blew. There was no sun. There was no sky. There was only ice and snow.

"... Uh... What is this place...?"

Priere didn't really mind that this place was so cold and snowy, but she was a bit concerned that she wasn't in her house anymore... And didn't know at all where she was. She started to float in an arbitrary direction, however when she made a little bit of progress, a large amount of energy appeared before her.

???: ... You are a descendant. I see the blood within you. You have summoned me for the first time, and now you must shape me into your own.

Confused, Priere didn't completely understand what this thing was or what she was supposed to do. In fact, she was a little stunned at the whole thing and was speechless for a while. The energy spoke to her again.

???: ... Child of the greats... Let your magic shape me and become what you want me to be in your eyes... My form alters to fit your magic's wish... Your wish... Just like your ancestors.

Still a little dazed, Priere nodded her head hypnotically and went about what the energy said to do. She raised her hands and allowed her magic to flow through, the large energy before her instantly siphoning it out with the utmost force. It felt just like it did before, however much more... stressful and painful than it did when Priere used it to make the Living Ice hers. It felt like... she was going to die...

The process lasted for a long time... Or what seemed to be a long time to Priere. She wasn't sure why this was taking so long... Why it was draining her so much... and if she was going to die. Maybe she should have read the warning on the book... Maybe this is what happened. She was drained completely of her magic all except a tiny smidgen of it. When the process was done, Priere fell face first into the snow, barely able to move.

???: ... Yes... You have passed... Your magic is sufficient for me... You are of age. Now, allow me to assume the form that I will stay in for all of eternity while with you. I grant you the power to call upon me at any moment and use my power as your own. The Tundra is now at your command...

The energy started to shake the entire snowfield, yet the snow did not move, nor did anything else. The energy started to take the shape of what seemed to be a mix of dragon and turtle, customized with damn near every class of weapon and a gigantic hub in the very middle of its back, like a Torterra. It had massive wings that it could use to fly and a hovering anti-gravity system built in. This was what Priere had envisioned... This... Behemoth.


It stood several thousands of feet high and wide, gazing down at Priere with piercing blue eyes.

The Tundra: You are drained, child. You must be refreshed in your home at once. I will take you back...

Before he did, Priere interjected with a 'WAIT!" and The Tundra would stop for just a moment to listen to what she had to say. She mustered up the power to lift herself from the ground and stared up at The Tundra.

"What... What is this place? I've never even been here before... Or knew it existed... Can you tell me what it is?"

The Tundra's mighty head lifted from looking at Priere and stared off into the abysmal unendings of this frozen wasteland. He began to speak.

The Tundra: ... This is... A prison created long ago by your ancestors. They expended a a great deal of their powerful magics combined to create this place... It is another world within itself. It was created to have no entrance and no exit besides that of the special portals that only those of your heritage can create. Not a soul can leave this place once they are here, no matter what their power may be. This place gradually freezes their bodies and erodes their life and chakra, causing them to become part of this place and part of your power... This is where your portals with no end lead to. This is part of me... This is The Tundra.

Listening to the explanation gave Priere a better understanding about herself and her heritage... She was starting to understand everything just a little bit better now.

"... The... Tundra... Huh...?"

She was rather tired from creating The Tundra and was in serious need of some cactus water. SHe was beyond dehydrated.

"Well... I guess I feel much better knowing that..."

Finally, Priere could take it no more and collapsed in the snow. The Tundra looked at her and nodded its head.

The Tundra: ... You are in need of rest. Go. Restore your magical power... For when you wake, you will be pleased with what you see...

The Tundra roared, causing everything around Priere to shatter, leaving her in darkness. Without warning, she would appear on the floor of her living room, now coming back into consciousness.

"... mm... Hm? What...?"

She came to very tired, almost unable to get up, just like before.

"The Tundra... It may be my answer..."

She was too tired to speak right now. She snapped her finger and with the little bit of magic left, summoned up a lot more Cactus Water. She would drink it slowly, rolling over to her back to do so, and would just sit there for hours, replenishing herself by drinking this water.

"I'll finish this... Another day..."

-- Hyper Time Skip --

Priere returned to her Ice Sanctuary in a bit of a rut. After the fight with Cross plus the upcoming mission, she felt like she needed to delve deeper into the secrets of the grimoire before she continued.

"I did say I would come back to this stuff after I was stronger... And I do feel much stronger."

Priere smirked, summoning the Grimoire with just the flick of her finger.

"Well let me see... I wanted to dooooo... Aha! The Crystal wings, the Ice Golems, the Frozen Ender and Frozen Fire. Those seem to be of use to me at this point in time."

Signis: Do not forget, Priere, that you must also learn to do the Half-Switch. It could have come in handy during our battle with Cross...

"Sigh. Fine, Signis."

Priere started to study the book though.

Priere first studied the power of the Crystal Wings. It seemed like they were only an enhancement, not anything that gave her any new powers. But, then again, she had only skimmed through.

"Hm... Let's see... Increases speed in air without more magical consumption... Hm... Automatically repels heat and excessive light... Increases power of Ice abilities without more magical consumption... Unable to be melted... Can contain other powers within themselves... Generates repulsive barriers... Shoots out icy beams... And does not allow weakening of icy magic in the sun or in hot areas. Ha! Seems pretty friggin cool to me!"

Priere skimmed down at the drawbacks of the Crystal Wings to see what she needed to be wary of.

"Mmm... Caution; When using Crystal Wings, cannot use any other type of power other than Ice power. The drain is larger than normal accessories and is constant, so will drain power at a steady rate the longer they are in use..."

Priere immediately knew that having them out for extended periods of time would not be favorable... At least not right now. She could fix that little flaw about it when she got stronger, for sure.

"Well, there's more good than bad to using these, so I might as well learn it! Now, what does it say...?"

The instructions for acquiring the Crystal Wings was simple. All Priere had to do was create them out of her magic in whatever form she wished, then she had to say an incantation that seemed similar to the one she used on the Living Ice, however instead of making the wings come to life, the incantation would make them invulnerable as well as embed her power into them so she wouldn't have to do so again. Priere quickly made what looked like six slender, crystal-like objects and had them hover behind her back. She then looked into the book and pointed at the floating crystals.

"Gelo gelato... contineo potentia...

By the power of the book, Priere's magic was forcefully stripped from her hand and embedded within the floating crystals... Permanently. It didn't seem to be much of a drain on her, but then she noticed that the behavior of the crystal wings was more wing-like than before. They spread out to resemble what seemed to be fairy-like wings... To an extent.


"Aw YEAH! These things are great!"

She could feel the power boost within her and barely noticed the drain it had. Naturally, she was at full power, so she wouldn't notice it right now. She started to fly around her abode at a high speed; much, much, MUCH faster than she had ever flown before. These things were amazing.


After taking the Crystal Wings for a spin, Priere deactivated them and caught her breath.

"Huh... Those were cool. Can't wait to use those in that damn mission. Alright, what did I say I wanted next...?"

She started to flip through the pages of the book again, abruptly stopping on some arbitrary page it seemed. It was just what she needed, though.

"Ha! Here we go! Ice Golems! It says that they're pretty easy to create and I can make as many as I need... They are to the same effect as the Living Ice, however not as versatile. Well, that's why I'll create a lot for different situations~!"

Priere thought long and hard and figured out how many she wanted.

"Let's see... I'll need a scout, I'll need one that can fly, I'll need a large and powerful one with energy blasts, I'll need a durable protective one, and I'll need a sleek and fast one... So what are the instructions on how to do that...?"

Priere looked thoroughly at the instructions, which were also fairly simple. Just create them in the image that she wanted and chant the incantation of life.

"Huh.. I wonder what will happen if I use the one that will make them invulnerable, like the Living Ice...?"

Suddenly a warning appeared in the book advising against that.

"Warning: Do not use the incantation of invulnerability and life. It will cause the golems to destroy themselves upon being summoned. Wow. That sucks. That pisses me off!"

Priere sighed.

"... Oh well. Better get to it."

She quickly formed the 5 types of golems to which attributes she wanted them to have. One looked spider-like, one looked like a flying gargoyle, one looked like a typical golem, one looked like a genie and the final looked like a smaller version of the 2nd form of the Living Ice. (pics later.)

"So now I just say this incantation... Gelato vivificus..."

The magic from Priere would be stripped from her body forcefully and painfully once more, a bit of it flying into each one of the golems, allowing them to be animated and for Priere and only Priere to control them as well as giving her the ability to summon and create more of them any time she wished for it. What a great thing.

"Alright, so these golems are ready... And that concludes the easy stuff that I had to do. Now it's time for... The Frozen Ender."

Priere looked at the Frozen Ender's information... It seemed like it was a type of Ice Dragon that was very similar to The Tundra.

"The Frozen Ender is an ancient and powerful spirit of the Ice Dragon befriended from the first founders of the clan... The Frozen Ender's spirit lives on strong and will only obey those of this specific clan, lending some of its power whenever summoned..."

She continued to read. Unlike The Tundra, who was a personal being, the Frozen Ender was a being that generally assisted Priere's clan and did not change form.

"It takes on the form of both a spirit, the pure essence of coldness and a physical form. It also has a containment armor that it keeps on most times to seal its power..."

Pictures were provided. Seemed like Priere didn't really need to do anything about the Frozen Ender except for call upon its power by reading the summoning spell. It read 'I call upon thee; power of cold in its purest form. End it all, Frozen Ender.' Priere would have to recall that later. Otherwise, she didn't really need to do much to get the Frozen Ender to come out.

"Huh. Easier than I expected. Oh well, let's move on to the Frozen Fire. That surely has to be the hardest one..."

She seemed like she WANTED it to be difficult...

After flipping through the book for the final time in this sitting, Priere laid eyes on one of the forbidden techniques of her clan... The Frozen Fire. This technique was forbidden because of how very potent it was and its destructive power. In truth, Priere had not ever even heard about this sort of thing before.

"The Frozen Fire... An eternally burning flame made of the essence of coldness itself... It is a flame that both burns and freezes. Whatever it touches is frozen, and the ice created burns through and erases the very sustaining power (chakra) of what it touches before assimilating the frozen object with itself... A dangerous flame, indeed."

Priere was shocked by what this flame could do, and this was only the tip of the iceberg when it came to it. Priere read up on what it could do, and it only got stronger as she would get stronger. She smiled devilishly and proceeded to learn how to use such a wonderful ability.

"So, to complete the Frozen Fire, I will be needing a burning flame... Some of my own ice and a full stock of magical power..."

Priere sighed. The only thing that she did not have was the burning flame, and flames weren't exactly her forte... Oh well. Maybe she could get one later and create it.

"Well, it says now that when I have all of the ingredients I just say the magical incantation here... 'Gelo flamma gelato iunctura omnipotens potentia... pareo infinitio eterna... Extermino.'"

Priere could see that nothing would happen without the necessary equipment, but that was a really long incantation... It really was very powerful, it seemed.

"Huh... Well I guess I'm ready. I ought to go get that flame so I can do this, but I'll have time later."

She closed her book and sighed heavily.

"... Next thing to do is to get that damn Half-Switch learned... But first..."

She looked devilishly at the Flash-Freeze Factory's main building. She was expecting to see Koudo and he was to have her weapons ready for her to go. She licked her lips with anticipation.

"Let's go..."

She quickly exited into the main room off to find Koudo.
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Insangel 34: Only You

<_ Koudo stood out back, behind the factory part of the FFF and looked upon Priere's rather expansive Ice Sanctuary. He shook his head, shivering from the chill in the air and almost hating to have to go inside to talk to her. It'd been awhile and he really didn't want to see her, but the two other people inside of her; Blue and Signis. She had only told him stories about them, but he wanted to meet them now and maybe, just maybe, ask for a little bit of training help. Oh and he had to talk to Priere about her plan to explore the planet and all. _>

" Hopefully she doesn't want to fight with me... I'm really not in the mood for that right now. "

<_ Holding firm to this statement, Koudo walked to the front door and, without bothering to knock, opened a portal upon it and used that to step inside her home. She wouldn't mind, they were best friends. He stopped in the doorway however and waited for her to make her grand appearance, since she was such an over the type kinda person. _>

Priere was found sitting in the middle of the floor, indulging in a load of Cactus Water. She didn't seem too up for anything right now, as she was more than tired. She was trying to relax. Without too much warning, however, Koudo stepped into her house and she noticed it the moment he set foot inside, turning her head to him.

"Oh Koudo. Whaddaya want? You'd better not be asking for a fight right now..."

She was too tired to fight anyway.

" Tired too huh? "

<_ Koudo stepped deeper into her home, entering the room she was laying in and taking a step right on the ground there. Seemed they both were doing stuff that tired them the hell out, her more so than him though. This made Koudo wanna train even harder now, knowing Priere was doing the same. _>

" What? I can't just wanna come by and see ya in your natural element? "

<_ He asked waving his hand around, indicating the ice around them as her natural element. He was only breaking balls though, there was a reason why he was here. _>

" Nah but seriously, I did want to come and talk to you though... about your plan of exploring the planet. "

Priere sighed, downing yet another bottle of Cactus Water. She was actually starting to feel a little better by now.

"Huh. Well, I guess it's only fair since I see you working all the time and never brought you in here. Someone like you would want to see how well his invention is holding up, eh?"

Priere snickered, turning around to face Koudo with a slide. She noticed that he was a little cold being here. She could easily change that, but decided against it for her own personal reasons.

"Oh, the trip? Well, again, I was hoping to get a ranking exam before we set out so that we'd have a better chance of survival, you know. The more powerful we become, the more likely we are to survive. But naturally, I can't really test how powerful I really am without that gold for the exam. I haven't really been... Out, ya know? And I don't feel like getting aaaall of it together right now. I was hoping for a quick fix."

In her time here alone, she was thinking of a few quick fixes, actually. She could go pillage and steal someone's gold... she could have a friend give her some gold... she could go do a big mission and get a lot of gold... or she could sell something, or something. SHe wasn't exactly sure how any of that would work out, though.

" Yeah... that could be a reason for why I'm here. "

<_ He said looking from her to the interior of her ice domicile. he had to say that he didn't think the machine would be able to keep such a substantial amount of ice up and froze, but he had accomplished it. He shrugged his shoulders, he figured it was because building just came naturally to him for one reason or another. _>

" About the trip... can we make a little stop while we're out? I want to visit my homela- "

??: That's a foolish thing to wish for. Stay far away... you won't like what they tell you there...

<_ Koudo quickly placed his hand to his head. It felt like his head was pounding for one reason or another, and there was a voice that he didn't recognize coursing through it at a dangerous volume. It was too loud, but then too quiet at the same time. The voice echoed around before vanishing. He cringed a little before shaking it off. _>

" Sorry... my homeland. I'll get more information on my homeland, while me and you can go see Khrona about a mission to get some some gold, or to the mission huts for gold as well. I have the money for myself... I'm just not ready yet. "

<_ he laid backwards and even though it was cold he remained cool, only shivering every once in a while. Seemed he just needed to get used to the temperature, his chakra would do the rest. _>

" Not until you're ready though. I'm in no rush. "

Priere nodded, barely paying any attention to what he was doing. She found it to be an odd request that he wanted to visit his homeland, but... Perhaps he was onto something there.

"Huh... Your homeland, huh? Fine, we'll go visit there... But we're going to visit my homeland, too. If... I can remember it..."

Her grimoire on her desk suddenly began to glow. She looked at it behind Koudo and quickly knew what it meant.

"... Yeah. Yeah we'll be going to my homeland, too. But in the mean time, I guess I should go get that gold... And wasn't there a soul requirement, too...? I don't wanna have to go get souls for no reason, you know..."

Priere sighed heavily. This was all too much work than she was really up for doing.

"Dammit, I wish we could just go on a mission and become Jounin for completing it... But how often do those types of missions even come up? Oh well... I guess we'll get to work on that soon enough..."

<_ Koudo rose to his feet and dusted himself off. _>

" I'm sure Khrona could cook something up for us to do, but I promised a friend that I would call on him for my exam and I can't go back on that promise. So if we do rank up with a mission then I'm still going to fight him to see if I really deserve this rank. "

<_ Koudo nodded to himself before looking towards the book that she was telling him about before. He was interested in it, but not enough to ask her questions about it. The book, to him, looked to be the staple of her growth and without it then she was basically at a stand still. He shoved his hands in his pockets. _>

" Hey... tell me about Signis and Blue. "

Such a drastic change in topics. Seems as though Koudo must have had something on his mind about Signis and Blue before... Though, now that Priere thought about it, those two hadn't been speaking up much recently and not only that, they hadn't been taking over recently... Then again, they did say that they'd lay low for a while until Priere received Jounin rank or until she really needed them... So it was fine.

"Uh... That's a real jump there, Koudo. I barely even know what to tell you. Signis is an angel, Blue is a demon. There ya go."

Priere puffed out her cheek and turned away from Koudo, not saying much more about them than that.

<_ Figured as much... Koudo thought as he rolled his eyes. He was told that by her before, he thought or maybe he just somehow knew she was going to say that. Either way, she was being as stubborn as usual. he didn't spare her a glance. _>

" Why do you HAVE to be so stubborn sometimes? "

<_ He asked before turning around and looking at her. It was clear, by the look on her face, that she didn't want to give up anymore information. Koudo decided to drop the topic altogether. _>

" Geez.. what am I gonna do with you? "

Priere's anger was apparent, as usual, but she was also thinking it over in her head that she was being too stubborn with Koudo. It was just how she was most times, especially when it came to info about herself. But, then again... Might as well feed him a little bit more.

"... You'd better change your tone before I decide against telling you. If you absolutely MUST know, I guess I'll tell you... For tactical purposes, of course."

She puffed one of her cheeks out and looked off to the side, frustrated and pouty.

"I'll start with Blue. I don't know too much about her, in actuality. She's more reserved and to herself, barely even letting us in. We're supposed to share the same body and soul but... Even now, sometimes our minds are distant. Especially Blue's. She keeps everything hidden, even to Signis' psychic power. Must be the power of a demon, ya know? Other than her odd abilities... I can't tell you much about her other than that she's the voice of reason, ironically. Signis and I wouldn't ever come to an agreement on some things without her."

Priere seemed to hold a high respect for Blue, even though she didn't know much about her.

"Oh, and she loves to ingest souls and consume the negativity of others. But that's kinda delving into her personal life... Now, Signis, I can tell you a lot about. Signis is a fallen angel. She used to be of Archangel status, almost becoming a High Seraph until falling from grace after her encounter with me. She was an angel of bloodshed... Some called her the Angel of Death and the Angel of Pain, but she really only brought about bloodshed when necessary. Truth be told, I think she's forgetting what her mission was and starting to enjoy being a fallen angel... She also gets along with Blue famously now, as opposed to when we first joined together. Yeah... I remember--"

Suddenly Priere was cut off by another voice that exited her mouth. It was not her own, but seemed to be the one of Signis.

Signis: That is QUITE enough!!

Without warning, Signis had taken over the body as she had not done in quite a while... And not nearly as forcefully, either. Priere was already tired and though they did share the same body, they didn't share the same chakra network. Priere was out of magic, but that meant nothing about Signis, for she didn't use magic. Bolts of lightning emitted from her body violently, electrocuting and electrifying the entire room, sparks flying everywhere. Signis' long, white cape flowed elegantly and violently through all of this.

"Hm.. I believe that girl has said TOO much already! A mere mortal such as yourself has NO business hearing about a being such as myself! It was foolish of you to even ask."

" Ah... and there she is now. "

<_ Koudo shook himself out, loosening up a little before cracking his neck and knuckles. One of them had made their self apparent as he wanted one too. As much as he liked having Priere as his only true rival, he couldn't accept only a third of her. He wanted to know everything. Showtime... He slipped his hands back in his pockets. _>

" A mere mortal huh? Well she's already told me... care to try and knock the knowledge out? "

<_ Koudo asked pulling his hand from his pocket, a kunai within it. He twirled the kunai around his finger before getting in a ready stance. Believe it or not, he wanted to meet Signis to learn a little more about lightning from her. She didn't look like she'd go peacefully, so he'd have to study the way she fought. _>

"Impetuous little..."

The electricity around the area would subside, retracting back into Signis' hand. She would wrap herself with her pure white cloak and stare down at Koudo with burning bright red eyes.

"I don't need to knock anything out of you, boy. If I will it so, I can just erase the information from your mind altogether. It is not outside of my power."

Signis' hand started to crackle with the same odd electricity from before, this time more controlled, however.

"Although, I do want to see how much a mortal body like yours can take... I remember spilling the blood of many strong warriors whose constitution far shadowed your own. Let me see if you are truly different..."

Signis pointed her hand at Koudo, the electricity concentrating, yet becoming more powerful. She released a Terminal Bolt from her hand down at Koudo, the explosion made easily electrocuting a vast amount of the area, surging through the walls. This wasn't exactly a large space to battle... But that worked well for Signis.

??: Take the hit... I'll show you something new.

" What?!? "

<_ Koudo's head began to throb yet again at the sudden intrusion of the voice from before. He didn't let this slow his reaction time though, placing a hand to his head and forming the right hand signs with his other hand, he thrusts his arm forward and attempted to formed a wind barrier to dissipate and disperse the lightning, but he had forgotten that he sealed his wind chakra right before he'd come to see Priere. he was in a pickle and was shocked endlessly. _>

??: Channel the electricity she hit you with... taint it with your own chakra and channel it elsewhere.

Don't tell me what to do... I can do this myself.

<_ Koudo attempted to push the voice from his head. And channeled his chakra through the kunai in his hand to force it to act as a lightning rod and take in the bulk of her electrical current that had hit his body. He twirled the Kunai around his finger before flinging the electrical charged kunai at her with quite the speed behind it because the electricity caused it to travel faster. Koudo still sizzled and sparked with electricity, but it wasn't anything too bad. He looked at Signis with a smirk. For now... the voice from before had subsided. _>

" That all you got... "

"A direct hit... How foolish."

Signis held a hand up at the Kunai traveling toward her, the kunai stopping in its tracks right before her hand.

"You've already lost, you fool. You do not know what my lightning does, do you?"

She would quickly drain the kunai of all electricity within it and fling it elsewhere in the room. Soon after, she would look at Koudo and wait, the electricity flowing through his body seeming to subside...

"... Since you are stupid, I might as well tell you what that electricity does. It drains and siphons your chakra and other energies within your body and filters them to me. As long as my electricity is in contact with you, you will constantly be drained."

Koudo should feel his chakra slowly start to deplete faster than the norm, even when he wasn't doing anything. This was the true and best effect of her lightning. Because Signis didn't need the extra power, she would store the power to rejuvenate Priere later.

In the meantime, Signis floated contemptuously over Koudo, staring at him with bored eyes.

"You are too used to fighting Priere. You are facing a different opponent now. Act like it before I spill your filthy mortal blood all over this place."

<_ Koudo folded his arms and closed his eyes to think for a bit as Signis began to speak. He didn't take too kindly to being called stupid, but he supposed that he had acted brashly since he knew nothing about her. There was absolutely no need for her to get snippy though. Women and their attitudes, he shrugged it off. She was like the third woman he'd met with some kind of attitude problem. That aside, he opened his mouth to speak around the time she was finished. _>

" Well, considering I knew nothing about you since Priere likes to withhold information because she's stubborn as a mule. I figured it'd be fine to get hit and get a feel for your power level so that I wasn't wasting my time while also figuring that you would tell me exactly what it was your attack actually did to me besides shock me. You did the latter just as I deduced, though I would have figured it out once the effects started. You sure are talkative for someone that isn't as bright as she thinks she is. "

<_ Koudo said as he stroked his chin with his hand. He wasn't talking to her, or even looking at her. He was in his own little world, replaying what she had done over and over in his head to get an idea about how to make it his own before shaking his head once the drain took effect. He stretched again. _>

" How about this then? "

<_ Koudo jumped up high, towards Signis and aimed to deliver quite the blow to her chin and send her barreling towards the ceiling with a considerable amount of might. He had already heard from Priere that Signis was presumably faster than herself, but was she faster than Koudo? This punch was testing that. _>

Signis' eyes narrowed, for she knew this kid was as arrogant as Priere was. She didn't like Priere's arrogance, nor did she like his. It was a foolish trait in the both of them. She knew that she was the type of person to explain the unnecessary... She did enjoy talking. But now wasn't the time for that. She was most angered by this boy's voice.

"You are just like her... Hmph. That's how I know that talking to a simple-minded organism like you is a waste."

She closed her eyes and crossed her arms, waiting for Koudo to attack, which he did. She could hear him thinking that he thought he was faster than she was, and then foresaw an attack coming right for her chin. With swift reflexes, she released electricity from her body of the same charge that was of the electricity in Koudo's body from before, sending him flying down back to the ground at great speeds.

"I don't need to be faster than you, boy."

Though he didn't say it out loud, she seemed to have known already what he was thinking. If Koudo picked up on it or not, Signis did have a degree of psychic power. It wasn't as expansive as the psychic powers of most others who mastered it, but it got the job done and was pretty powerful at that. She continued to absorb Koudo's energy, converting it into raw power for herself.

<- Stunned, Koudo was stopped and sent flying to the ground, whether he left a dent in Priere's floor or not remained to be seen. He looked at the woman floating there. ->

" Ah... so you can read minds too. Tell me something... you're absorbing my energy yes? Are you converting it, or are you just draining and storing? "

<- Of course Koudo was thinking of just snapping his fingers and letting the infestation energy slowly take control of her body the longer she absorbed it, but she obviously was no slouch and it'd take a while. He pushed himself to his feet. This was all a part of the training, though Signis probably didn't know. In an attempt to dispel the electrical current she had flowing through his body, Koudo attempted to discharge an electrical current of an opposite charge from her electricity. It was a long shot, but it could work. ->

Signis laughed at Koudo arrogantly, almost in a mocking matter, in fact. Whenever Signis laughed like that, it was usually followed by some sort of drawn out lecture. She finally stopped herself from laughing and shook her head shamefully.

"You truly are a fool. I have seen the way you fight and the way your power works. Not only that, unlike Priere, I actually do my homework on my opponent. I studied you and your powers. I even took a little glimpse of it within your mind when I looked into it... I must admit, it is quite impressive, but it seems like you don't know the full potential of it yet..."

She stopped speaking when she noticed that he was attempting to dispel her electricity, which would probably work because the charge was faint now and wasn't as powerful as it was before. It was still siphoning at the same rate, but not as powerful to keep itself sustained if intercepted. She was a little infuriated, as her powers should have been stronger than that by now... But nothing that time wouldn't handle. She'd let it go, for now.

"... And to answer your question, my electricity converts your power into usable energy for either itself or myself. This either goes by reverting it into pure 'chakra' or changing it into electricity, removing the traces of your power from it with its holy might."

Her body was crackling with a large amount of electricity... Converted energy she had stolen from Koudo.

"Now if you would care for another demonstration..."

Though she said she was going to give the converted energy to Priere, she actually decided to use it for herself right here. She dropped closer to the ground, immense amounts of electricity channeling through her arm. In one swift motion, she slammed her open palm down on the icy floor, letting electricity swarm through it as if it were water. Haha. Surging through the floor, it would travel up anything touching the floor and shock them with great, paralyzing, explosive intensity. Namely, Koudo. This was the Genocide Current... A deadly ability indeed, if one did not survive the paralysis, the draining and the explosion it gave to offer.

<- I got all the info I need. Still cackling with his own electricity, he placed his hands to the ground as well and combated her electrical current with his own. Naturally, he knew that her electricity would most definitely overpower his, take it in, and convert it to even more power for itself to shock him even more so why was he doing it? Because he wanted to test the lengths of her absorption by combating her current with a current of a different charge, he wanted to see just how much power she could absorb and alter before it was too much for her to take. He poured more of his chakra into the current he had pulsating through the ground, pushing hers away from himself, as his current coated one half of the room and hers the other. Of course if his current should give out then he'd sustain pretty heavy damage, which was what the voice in his head wanted anyway. He'd just infest himself to keep him going. ->

Signis could see that he was trying his foolish trick again, but he would soon realize that it would not work.

"You are only delaying your demise, you know."

She stared Koudo right in the face and released a swift pulsating mental wave across the room at him, aiming to throw off his thought and cause him to become discombobulated, forcing him to stop his tricks and take the shock fully.

"It seems like you actually want to feed me. Hm. No matter. I will show you your fault, just as all humans make, and destroy your ignorant ego. Your smug expression is not fitting and if you weren't such an asset to Priere as a friend, I would spill your mortal blood and consume it for myself."

Signis' cloak started to crackle with electricity as she was still loosing it on the ground, since she had so much extra power to spare. The crackling electricity seemed more threatening than the lightning loosed through the floor...

<- Signis would soon come to find out that Koudo's mind was his most powerful asset, there was no way a wave of her power would shake him and he did not falter when she tried to get him to stop what he was doing. Koudo outright refused to take this shock head on, as such he poured more chakra into it making his current more powerful testing her power and the extent of her absorption. There had to be a limit and he would find it whether she wanted him too or not. Even if they had to bring Priere's house down in the process. ->

" Look, you're gonna stop calling me stupid. You're really starting to irk me. "

<- He said with a twitching brow as his hair whipped around violently form the wind and other things being produced by the dynamic powers colliding with one another. The electricity that he was letting out slowly traveled up his arms and spiraled around his body, reasoning unknown, perhaps he was infesting himself, perhaps it was something else entirely. ->

??: Stop this... take the shock and learn something new. Acquire a new power.

Fuck that, I'll do it later. She's not gonna learn until I teach her not to insult me.

<- The spiraling electricity centered towards his midsection and formed into a condensed orb of energy before taking on a really light baby blue color, mixing with his water chakra. Then, a beam of the condensed energy fired from the orb and directly at her. She'd soon come to find out, if she was hit, that this wasn't his lightning, it was Koudo's storm chakra and it'd explode upon impact with anything. It was either stop with this battling of electricity, or take an explosion. Koudo wasn't giving her many options right now. ->

When Signis saw that her mental wave didn't work, she knew that she'd have to up the power of that, for his mind was strong. She'd have to probably concentrate instead of just act haphazardly... Though it was now known for next time.

Signis was well prepared for anything Koudo had in store, for she was sure that at this point, her next attack would be stronger since he was feeding her with power. Though true that she would reach her limit eventually, if she continued to release power faster than she was being given it, she would not get full and therefore never reach her limit. She was smart enough to realize that long ago, as she trained herself to never get too greedy and always release high amounts of power when she neared said limit.

"I shall speak on what I see before me. What I see before me... is sheer stupidity."

The electricity violently crackling in Signis' cape suddenly stopped, as all of the stored electricity was now within her chest. She was ready for the attack...

"And this is the Generated Product."

She fired off an immense beam of pure electricity and holy energy from her chest, gripping the ground to keep herself from flying back at the immense force of it all. This beam was fired at about the same time that Koudo launched his attack, which would explode on impact with the attack, however due to the amount of absorbed energy that Signis released into said attack, it was unlikely that the explosive chakra would stop the massive beam from its course.

" ... Shit, I have to give in! "

<- Koudo could see that she wasn't gonna let up and neither was he, they were both stubborn. So he continued to fire off his beams that exploded to slow her beam and give him enough time to let his current go and jump off to the side. He still had time to touch the walls before her current took the whole room in a brilliant display of her electrical prowess. Koudo didn't regret this though, he wanted to meet her and so he had. ->

" Alright you can stop, I'm really not gonna take that hit. "

<- he yelled to her before standing and walking up the wall as her current slowly started to creep up it and to the ceiling. He dropped down upon her, maybe she'd catch him like they were newlyweds? Here's hoping. ->

It was clear that Signis' stubbornness bested the stubbornness of Koudo, in a similar fashion that Priere's stubbornness did, however in a different manner entirely. This was clearly why Signis and Priere didn't get along too well a lot of the time, because they were both so stubborn and so arrogant, and with the same stubbornness and arrogance from Koudo, the three of them clashing wasn't such a good idea. But that's why they had Blue.

"Hmph. Finally a WISE decision. You shall not regret submitting... This time."

Signis raised her hand from the ground, the current ceasing its ascension and letting faint sparks crackle about before fading completely. Koudo fell from the ceiling right above Signis, who would do nothing as he fell toward the ground except lecture him once he did hit it.

"Now do you see why you heed my words instead of doing as you please? Hmph. You are just like Priere in the head, I must say. I'd kill you and her if we didn't share a body and you weren't so important... There are some people who NEED to be executed... That's what I was for in the first place. Extermination of the ones who needed to die. Disrespectful souls such as you and her are not tolerated under normal conditions..."

" You're so uptight, loosen up babe. "

<- Koudo said flipping forward and sticking his landing right in front of her before turning around slightly and poking her nose playfully. He smirked before sliding his hands in his pockets and walking forward, towards something to sit down on since he was sure Priere had some over the top furniture in this place. ->

" You'll grow to like me. Give it time. "

<- He said with a shrug of his shoulders. It seemed like nothing that she was talking about had reached his thick noggin, or maybe he just didn't care for lectures. Whatever the case, he was glad he tested his lightning against her. It wasn't as powerful as hers, but that's because she basically grew up with the ability while he'd just acquired it. He was training. ->

Signis huffed at Koudo's brazen behavior, narrowing her eyes and crossing her arms in frustration.

"Uptight?! Hmph... JUST like her! Not even listening now, are you, boy?"

She could see by his expression and by his idle thoughts that he wasn't listening to her, and she could only see Priere's image in him.

"... Hmmm... Well if you are anything like her, then you will require THOROUGH training and instruction from me... Consider it an honor."

She didn't know why, but she was willing to train Koudo... Perhaps the similarities sparked something in Signis' uptight little heart. She knew how Priere was without instruction and couldn't let a carefree heart like his that was so similar to hers fall to those flaws, either... Even if they only took in a little of what she said.

"Well. For now, I am done here. The girl has been silence, as have you. Next we meet, I hope it is a more... Pleasurable experience."

She sneered at him, insinuating that she wished to talk and for him to listen. That's how it was around there. Either way, Signis left and let Priere take over again. Priere seemed a little better than before, floating above the ground now that her magic was restored more.

"... Huh. Wasn't expecting that."

" You can thank me later. "

<- Koudo said to Priere as she made her sudden reappearance. He had a witty comment to say about Signis as she was leaving, but he figured he'd keep it to himself since she'd probably shake him down and shock him until he apologize, which was something he would not do I might add. Anyway, he took a seat on a sofa that just magically happened to be there, crossing his leg over the other and spreading his arms across the back as he looked at Priere. He looked at home, perhaps she wouldn't mind him spending a couple of nights here. It could be like a sleep over. Yay sleepovers! ->

" I basically healed you and had to deal with like three lectures. I really hate lectures, always have.... "

<- He got really quiet, thinking about the one person that he could remember from his childhold; Old Man Shino. Naturally, he couldn't remember what the old man looked like, so Koudo's mind made him look like someone that Koudo was very familiar with, someone he had come to see as a father figure; Maruze. He could see the lectures that he was getting, but he seemed so carefree and happy back then, now he looked tired and overworked. Tis the life of a skilled Shinobi. He snapped back to with a huff. ->

" Do you deal with her often? She's kinda... "

<- He rolled his wrist around in an attempt to find the right word to describe her. ->

"Bitchy? Yeah, I know."

Priere laughed because she now had someone to talk about Signis with.

"I hate her damn lectures, too. She just goes on and on about nothing at all and expects me to do what she says! Like hell! I'll do what I want. Everything everyone else says is a suggestion."

Priere yawned and plopped on the couch, which felt squishy like water for some reason. She didn't even seem to mind Koudo making himself so comfortable. She was pretty tired.

"Well at least I got to see you get your ass handed to you by someone other than me. Hahahahahahaha!"

It was true, she hadn't seen Koudo lose against anyone but herself... But then again, when did she ever see him fight other than when fighting each other? Perhaps they should go out together more...

<- Koudo closed his eyes and cracked a smile before laughing along with her. She was definitely right about that, but he couldn't help but think that there was always something within Signis's lectures that Priere walked away with even if she didn't know it. Perhaps Signis should just write up the important points and give them to Koudo and Priere as notes. It'd make it a lot easier on her. He was partially laughing at that as well before regaining his cool persona and sighing while tilting his head back. ->

" Low blow Priere... low blow. It's not that I chose to lose, she just wouldn't let up. I'm new to this lightning thing, she's a vet. "

<- He shrugged and shook his head. It didn't matter, where it counted he pulled through and that was all that mattered. If he lost a few matches on the way, it'd only make him that much stronger. He learned that from his recent loss to Lance, which was just him giving up because he didn't really wanna deal with all the explosions. It was fun when he was into it though. He had to say though, that if Priere was there he would have tried harder to win. He didn't understand why, perhaps because she was his best friend. ->

" Whatever, doesn't matter. These are just stepping stones on our way to success. The more we learn and grow along the way... the easier the journey becomes. Right? "

<- He asked looking in her general direction... nah he was looking directly at her. ->

Priere nodded at Koudo, yawning again. She seemed a little sleepy right now, but she wasn't ready to fall asleep. She snapped her fingers and a popsicle would appear in her hand and she would lick it a little bit.

"Yeah... Guess you are right. Ha. For once."

Naturally she was joking around, but that's how these two showed their affection it seemed... Through harsh words and beatings. An odd way, yes, but an effective way... Most definitely.

"I don't lose often and I don't like the thought of losing, but... Sometimes I think I'd get stronger if I lost some more. Hahahaha, but I wouldn't let that happen."

She turned to Koudo who happened to be looking at her... She was confused, quirking a brow and licking her popsicle some more, but then she stopped caring about him looking at her... Which was odd, since she usually hated men and men looking at her. She started to think about Koudo and what they'd been through... How many times she's beaten him up... What he does... And suddenly, something popped into her head.

"HEY. KOUDO! You make machines, right?"

<- Koudo shrugged and looked off to the side, perhaps he was comfortable looking at her but not so comfortable with them looking at each other... at least not for an extended period of time as that would have been. he leaned back and kicked his feet up on a table that just happened to be where he wanted his feet kicked up. ->

" Yeah? I can practically build anything, given the right schematics and materials. Though I usually make my own blueprints and use the resources in the store rooms of the labs. "

<- He was about to give her a long drawn out speech about nothing, but then he'd sound like Signis right? He stopped himself before that happened and tilted his head slightly to look at her from the corner of his eyes. ->

" Why? You need something? "

Priere smiled devilishly, a very horrible plan concocting in her mind.

"Weeeeell... Let's just say you're gonna need a looooot of liquid nitrogen..."

Priere snickered, murmuring something under her breath before looking back up to Koudo. She was recalling Sai and what she looked like. She wanted something like her only... Better.

"What's Sai's model type? Make it something like her except... Better... Like, more my style, ya know? And just kinda use the build and... Well..."

Priere scooted closer to Koudo and started whispering things in his ear, just in case people wanted to read this post and wanted to have a little suspense like 'oh my god, I wonder what Priere's gonna do, ooooh woooow' and stuff like that. Heh heh heh... I mean. Whisper whisper whisper.

" Liquid... "

<- Koudo didn't even finish his statement before Priere had moved and began to whisper in his ear. He nodded, and nodded, and nodded more. Every word she said got him grinning happily. ->

" Oh.. Ohhhhh... oh.... that's good... that's so good. "

<- He nodded one last time before standing and calculating the time it'd take him to get the project done with the lab hands and the materials he was sure that he could get it done in almost a day if he got started now, with Sai's help, and didn't take any breaks during the process. Koudo never took breaks when he was serious about building something anyway, so this was gonna be fun. He showed her his index finger, signifying 1. ->

" I'll have them done in a day. "

Priere was beyond ecstatic. She was so wonderfully happy that she did something much out of the ordinary... Exclaimed with glee.

"Oh sweet! Thank you soooo much! I owe you!"

She did something else even more out of tthe ordinary... Gave Koudo a big hug. She didn't even realize what she was doing, actually. Before she knew it, she was done and filled with a sort of lingering bliss that made her rather oblivious. She could only think of her robot servant that would come about in the near future.

<- Koudo scratched his cheek with the same index finger he showed her as she moved to give him a hug. He laughed quite nervously, female contact not really one of his strong suits. Once she let go, he shook his head and got back focused. ->

" I'll go to work on it now. "

<- He said with a snap of his fingers. As the sound of his snap echoed through her icy domicile, a portal opened right next to Koudo and he moved towards it. He stopped and looked at her. ->

" I'm off then. "

<- He walked through the portal and it closed shortly afterwards. He was back in the base in no time at all. ->

Priere was too filled with glee to notice that he left. She yawned, feeling the effects of her tiredness now.

"Yaaaaawn! Bette get some rest then..."

As she started to drift off into slumber, she was taken into the depths of her mind by Signis and Blue for the first time in quite a while.

Inside of Priere's mind...

Priere: ... Eh...? What the hell? I'm tired! Let me go to sleep!

Signis: You are already asleep. Silence yourself.

Priere: Shut up, Signis! ... And why does it look all different in here? This isn't how it looked when I was here last...

Signis: ... You have grown, fool. Therefore, so has your mind and so have we.

Priere was confused, but didn't care. "Well now it looks like... A wasteland of ice..."

Signis: That is you, the most predominant.

Priere looked up to the sky. "... And a luminescent lightning continuously flowing through the skies..."

Signis: That is me, the overseer.

Priere looked now at the landscape. "... And the everlasting blackness that is the abysmal horizon..."

Signis: That is Blue; the binding factor. Before it was all just a horrible mess when you came however now it is... Starting to harmonize. We're becoming more synchronized.

Priere cocked her head to the side "What does that mean?"

Signis chuckled slightly, shaking her head. "Silly little Priere... It means that we are becoming more synchronized. Our switching time and cost should have decreased by a large amount by now."

Priere was shocked "But... We haven't even been talking... or practicing it... How is it possible?"

Signis sighed and shook her head more. "Fool. It has nothing to do with practice, but the stabilization of our bodies, minds and souls. Yes, they are technically one, but we do not work as a unit. Since we are an Insangel now... Our body is slowly starting to stabilize and synchronize the stronger you get."

Stunned, Priere was itching to test it out... Their sychro rate. "Oh... We'll... We'll have to test it right away, right!? let's go kick someone's ass!"

Signis laughed again "Youu silly little girl... You must rest. Now... GO!"

Signis forced Priere out of the depths of her mind and into slumber... She would be ready soon enough.
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Insangel 35: Let's Get This Started

After leaving Priere's home, Koudo appeared, out of a portal, in his lab, specifically in front of his computer. Sai was there, watching him as always, laying on the couch and kicking her feet tiredly. Koudo looked towards her. A model like Sai... only more like Priere's style... ? Sai is one of a kind though... everything I make is one of a kind. Koudo stroked his chin in thought before sitting down in his mad scientist chair and turning on the computer. As he did this, multiple screens appeared around him in a cylindrical formation. He began to type on all the screens, looking through his own many database of blueprints.

" Looks like I didn't save the blueprints for Sai... probably because I didn't actually make her. All I did was upgrade her, Cleff made her, but still... I should have something about her here. "

Koudo was speaking to himself, but Sai was nodding her head interested in what he was talking about. She stood and walked over to him, breaking the cylindrical formation so that the screens lined up in front of her and Koudo. She began typing as well. Searching along with him. Something inside her knew that this day would come, Koudo would need complete access to Cleff's database, not just minimal access.

" Sai, it's great that you want to help but... "

Koudo started to say, but he was quickly interrupted by Sai. She did not spar him a glance, only continued her typing on the computer, bypassing wall after wall of what looked like complex security that would have taken Koudo a while, perhaps hours, to get through. She moved screen after screen out of her way, her eyes moving over the screens swiftly, but never missing any details.

Sai: " I have the codes to access some of Cleff's most sensitive data... including his most prized designs. "

Koudo looked stunned for a brief while, just watching her as she worked. Boy if she was real then she'd be the perfect woman, to him anyway, but alas she was not. He closed his eyes and smirked to himself before beginning to type on the screens that were in front of him. He brought up a program to begin the designing process.

" Okay, take the front seat... I'll do the building. "

Sai smiled and nodded her head before she moved all of the screens of her way, towards Koudo, and more screens appeared in front of her, these were leisure screens with games on them. She was done with her part of the work. She was an android after all. Koudo had to admit that he did good work on upgrading her.

Sai: " Here... this looks like it could be something you're looking for. "

" Hmm... ? The Fem BioHume Collection? "

Koudo asked, looking up at Sai, who had walked off with the screens that had her games on them. Would you believe something as advanced as her was playing Angry Birds? Well, that's what she was occupying her mind with right now. She'd let him figure out the rest... he was a genius. Even if only according to himself. she giggled at the thought.

" The Living Weapon Series... mainly The Fem BioHume Collection, are a collection of living, breathing, feeling female androids that double as weapons. Much like Sai, who isn't battle oriented anymore. These were mainly developed in the base in my home village, The Dusk, but all the information is here. "

Koudo said to himself as he read over the file. It seemed as if, in the time that she was over here helping, Sai had linked most of the bases' computers together for him, besides the one in the Chaos. Koudo hadn't given his lazy little fembot the credit that she truly desired, he figured giving her the amount of free will that she had was a bad thing, but she was pretty useful on occasion. He tossed the screen in front of him to the ground and brought up a screen of one of the designs for the series. He immediately face palmed.

" A cat girl?... really now. "

He lowered that screen and brought up another of the designs. he immediately face palmed once more.

" A dog girl.... Cleff... you sure have weird fetishes. Ah well, doesn't mean I can't work with it. "

Koudo moved both the screens out of the way and brought up the design screen for the one that he was about to make Priere. Obviously she wouldn't like her robot looking like a cat girl, or a dog girl, but she would probably like some of the weaponry from the two girls... mainly the cat with her shield. In fact, Koudo was also interested in the shield that she had and he wanted to research it a little more before he added it to Priere's 'friend'.

" The Strongest Shield... absorbs the force of what hits it, causing it to instantaneously stop. To prevent energies from penetrating it, as well, it concentrates itself after it is generated, constantly growing more powerful and reacting in a way that will adapt and then repulse whatever is trying to penetrate it. Thus, that is why it is called the Strongest Shield.... there are flaws in this design though. If enough force or energy is put up against this then it'll snap like a tooth pick.... So much for 'The Strongest Shield'. I'll include it in Priere's bot and improve it for my own later. "

Koudo said to himself, laughing like a mad man, as he copied the base image of both of the girls in the collection since there were only two that he could see right now. He elongated his design however, making her a little larger and erasing everything underneath her knee, she had no need for feet. He looked over his shoulder and snapped his fingers to Sai, activating the dormant Infestation Energy within her and taking control of her, telling her turn on the machines in the back that would produce this sucker when he was finished with the designs.

" Check and made sure we have some liquid nitrogen too... Priere said something about liquid nitrogen. "

Koudo instructed as he turned back around to his project. It hadn't even been half a day yet and he was pretty much done with what she would look like. Now... he needed to add what she could do, an operating system, her artificial intelligence, her automatic learning program, her weaponry, and naturally make her web compatible. Who doesn't like to surf the internet in the middle of a fight?

Around this time, it was the middle of the day, Koudo was yawning from being tired, but his mind was in overdrive and was attempting to get this done and over with. Naturally, he was interested in how his creation, with Cleff's 'guidance' and Priere's ideas would turn out. From the looks of things, the design was basically completely and most of the weaponry and the operating system, and the AI, and the Automatic learning program were all in and ready to go. Obviously, the girl would start off stupid as hell about normal everyday stuff, but she would grow smarter over time. She was more battle oriented than Sai was, so she'd be up to date on all battling tactics and gun techniques... well most anyway since Koudo was beginning to cut little corners in an attempt to finish by the deadline he had set for himself. Priere would have the groom the girl until she could do it herself, but when it come to the battlefield she'd fight with the skill of Priere. Koudo made this a fact because he knew next to everything about Priere, and a little bit about Signis.

" the Liquid *yawn* Nitrogen... where to put it for her to use? "

Koudo asked himself as he looked to see Sai fast asleep. She was mocking him. He could tell. He would not let his will falter now, he would meet this damn deadline or he was Koudo Tamura, The Spoiler.... wait... where did that nickname come from again? Koudo shrugged it off and figured out that another way to cut a corner, and make the robot cooler, literally and metaphorically, was to to have the Liquid Nitro just flow through her so that she could use it when ever she needed to. Yes... perfect! He began to add that in and her design specs began to change accordingly.

Koudo slaved away with three screens around him, typing on all three screens and looking between the equally. One displayed the robot's main body, which was damn near ready for production, the other showed one of her armaments, and the last showed another of her armaments. His fingers danced across the screens marvelously, as if playing the piano beautifully.

" So a gun, naturally, that will spray, or shoot, or whatever out liquid nitrogen to freeze whatever needs to be frozen. Sure it's probably been done, but I'm sure Priere will like the design once everything is set and she can see the finished produce. The other is a sword, well the frame of a sword anyway, and the robot can just channel the liquid nitro through the frame and freeze it to create a sword of ice.... perhaps I should just have the sword of ice already made so that we can cut down prep time. Priere probably wants her in combat condition as soon as a threat is identified. Sai was the same when I got her, actually, so it shouldn't be a problem. "

He nodded his head and continued to working. The gun was a fairly large one, and it would weight alot so there was probably no way that someone normal could lift it. That aside, it would be cold to the touch because of the liquid nitro that flowed through it. Koudo pushed that screen away from him and sent it to one of the mechanical hands that worked in this joint. The hand and all the others around it began production of said gun immediately. Koudo moved to the sword. This was probably the easiest of all the armaments since it was just an ice sword that would never melt. The reasoning behind this was because within the melt frame of the sword, there was always a constant flow of liquid nitrogen that was constantly freezing the ice on the metal frame making sure it wouldn't melt. Should the robot be met with flames more powerful than she could handle then of course the ice would melt, but then she could just channel more liquid nitro to the frame and create another one. Koudo nodded to this idea and pushed that screen to another set of mechanical hands that began production as well. The beautiful music of the machinery doing what he wanted it to do... Koudo nodded pleasingly.

" Now... to the girl. Her frame is finished, but obviously she'll need clothing that can compliment this hue of blue from the liquid nitrogen. I say black, black and blue are always a good match.... but that's not all she needs. I'll outfit her with tendrils that had the nitrogen flowing through them and the two tendrils on her back will be able to fire condensed beams of said nitrogen whenever she wants. They won't have a mind of there own, but with her AI and automatic learning program, the tendrils could possibly begin to act automatically by instinct. I imagine that she'll see quite a few scraps of people plan to proceed to Priere's icy domain without her permission.

A headdress... outfitted with smaller tendrils that do the same thing as the larger ones coming from her back. Correction, the tendrils on her back will be claw like as well and able to spin to create a drilling effect.... good thing I caught that design flaw. "

Koudo typed, typed, typed away as he made his corrections and finalized the design down to the finest detail. He tapped the screen and pushed it off towards the final set of hands that were eager to get started on the production of said creation. The sun was beginning to set as well... he had just made the deadline. He stretched and yawned before walking to the couch and plopping down.

" Now... I can sleep, Priere will come and pick it up tomorrow, and then we can go see Khrona about a mission. Possibly. "

Leaning back, he closed his eyes and began to drift to sleep. he shot awake a few seconds after.

" Perhaps I should produce security drones for here... I'm not always here and anyone could be dumb enough to try and take the place from me. *yawn*... tomorrow... I'll do it tomorrow. "

He was just too tired now to do anything but sleep and so he did.

Some time after Koudo slept, Priere barged into the base without knocking or any form of notification. She looked around and saw a sleeping Koudo but not caring at all. She just wanted to find her new product.

"Where the hell is my machine, you sleeping bastard!?"

<- This was actually the first time in a very long time Koudo had gotten any sleep, but he could hear Priere being all loud and shit from where he sat. With a sigh, and a lazily raised hand, he snapped his fingers and out came Priere's product, completed and ready to be named. She had a certain glow about her, Koudo's Infestation Energy, which he severed... mostly, leaving a little bit of it inside if he should ever have to come up against her in battle. The machine shook awake and stared at Priere. ->

" All you gotta do is name her... she's pretty stoopid about normal people stuff, but battle is definitely her *yawn* forte. "

<- Koudo explained as he sat up and scratched behind his head. He looked from Priere and then to the robot. ->

" Oh, she can fly too. I added that in my sleep. "

<- Koudo stood, wobbled, and walked towards the two ladies. ->

" Everything else... you find out on your own. Unless you want an instruction manual. "

<- Koudo had to admit that he did pretty good work when he was focused on working and just working. But then again, he had built the machina, Delta, in a month and Delta was also a very good piece from him. Koudo was proud of this girl, just as much as he was of Sai and Delta. ->

Priere was definitely amazed at what he came up with. It looked EXACTLY like she wanted to, like no joke. A tear almost shed in her eye.

"Oh... my... god..."

She floated over to the wonderful machine, inspecting her up and down, noting every detail and thinking up everything she would use her for in the near future. She was so very, very happy. She turned to Koudo with the biggest smile on her face, yet noticed that he was still tired and sleepy. She took note of this and her smile became smaller and more humbled, yet it seemed like she was trying to hide it.

"... Huh. Well... For such great work, I'll let you rest for a little while so I can test out my machine... SO, I hope you use the very little personal time you have wisely and... rest up."

She smiled and grabbed the freezing cold robot, whose coldness didn't affect her.

"Come along, Frio... the Frozen Mist. Hahahahaha!"

Priere nodded to Koudo and started out with Frio.

"That name's cool, isn't it, Koudo? Hahaha!"

She made her way outside giving him only a slight wave to show she was leaving. She'd be back later, of course.

" Alright... "

Koudo said sleepily, waving his hand to her as she escorted herself out. He clapped his hands together before forming hand signs and creating a shadow clone which didn't look quite sleepy at all. The clone looked at Koudo, and Koudo nodded towards the computer with a yawn.

" Get started on my drones would you.... don't hold back on the power of them either. "

The clone nodded and saluted Koudo, while Koudo walked off towards the couch and plopped right down.... sleeping like a baby.

- Time Skip -

Koudo sat up some odd days later after he'd fallen asleep. This was indeed the first time he'd gotten any sleep in a long time and for some reason he was getting progressively tireder and tireder. He had already figured out that there was something wrong with his body, the internal workings of it, but he couldn't quite pinpoint to problem. He looked around the lab, it was quiet except for the sounds of machines going off in the forbidden section of the lab, the section he had closed off since he didn't feel like exploring it just yet. It meant his clone was still working. Koudo sighed.

Perhaps me being tired is effecting my clone's building. Preposterous, he should have been done whether I'm tired or not.

Koudo though to himself as he stood and walked towards the sounds of the machines in the back. He was planning to release the clone and do the building of the drones himself, but as he entered the darkness he was met with the figure of a girl. She didn't look very old, and was seated on the ground... weeping. Koudo folded his arms.

" Get out. "

He ordered, seemingly unaffected by her tears. She looked up at him, wiping her eyes.

??: I can't... the creator won't let me.

" the creator? "

??: The creator needs me... I can't leave... I must protect...

Koudo sighed. This girl was obviously delusional, and was making little to no sense at all. Koudo took a calmly breath and pointed off in some arbitrary direction. He was giving the girl the way out.

" Go that way, and get out. You're really starting to piss me off... how did you get in here anyway? "

??: I was born here... this is my-

She stopped talking abruptly and doubled over in intense pain. Then, something came flying from behind her and towards Koudo. Koudo hadn't realized it, but he had the reflexes necessary to smack whatever it was out of the air and to the ground.... it was his clone.

" What?!? "

The sounds of a snarling beast could be heard from behind the girl that had resorted to hugging herself. She smiled, and looked up at Koudo before pointing.

??: This is my home... you are not welcome! "

A metallic beast lunged at Koudo from the darkness, aiming to wrap it's teeth around him and rip him to shreds. Koudo, taken by surprise, used his claymore, that appeared from no where in particular, to intercept the beasts snarling mouth. He waited for his clone to come too... seemed it had a little bit of explaining to do.

Geez... this is the last time I let me do something without my supervision. Whatever this thing is... they don't like that I'm here. I thought my infestation had hit everything the first time I came here? Guess not.

Koudo leaned backwards and kicked the beast over his head before he turned around and faced it as it scrambled to it's feet and rocked back and forth, snarling... but not attacking. Koudo was vexed as to why.

The girl smiled, seeing Koudo's back facing her. Little did Koudo know that this was the worst thing he could have possibly done. The girl sunk into a pool of blackness and so did the monster, before they instantaneously transported to the spot that the other was in, too fast for Koudo to see in fact. The girl appeared as if she was always in front of Koudo, the Beast behind him and lunging for an open attack as Koudo stood there between him and his master, the girl.

The beast was stopped however as it came close, the clone from before jumping into the fray and blocking the beast the same Koudo had before, with a clone of Koudo's Claymore. The clone tossed the beast over himself and Koudo before turning around and standing beside Koudo.

Clone: " Don't allow those two to separate... it'll be the end of you. "

" Really? I hadn't noticed that they can instantaneously transport between one another's position. "

Clone: " What can I say... we're a genius. "

??: NO... you should not be alive! The Creator doesn't like unwelcomed guest!

The girl yelled horribly loud, as if initiating a sound ninjutsu. Koudo's ears began to ring, and he moved his hands to cover his ears. The clone did the same. The beast, it had no eyes, no ears, no nose, only a mouth, lunged at the stunned Koudo's and aimed to rip them to shreds with it's claws.

It succeeded, but Koudo, and only Koudo, formed back together with a blue and silver aura radiating around him. The clone was dispersed and everything it knew about the girl and the beast flooded into Koudo's brain.

The beast lunged again, just as the girl's scream was coming down. It aimed to, yet again, take Koudo in his snarling mouth and devour him. To end its master's suffering and calm her uneasiness.

??: My duty... it's not fulfilled if you are here. Just leave... leave... leave...

She began to repeat the word over and over again.

Koudo hadn't the time to search through the information that his clone had provided for him, and so he used the claymore in his hands to block the beast's mouth yet again, but the beast was smart and clamped it's teeth down on the claymore. Koudo smirked.

" Bad move. "

Koudo could see that the beast was a robot, and as such the infestation energy flowing through the claymore engulfed the beast and took it over quite easily. Koudo removed his claymore from the things mouth and it laid beside him like an obedient pet. Koudo pet it like one as well.

The girl stopped and looked up at Koudo, before really getting a look at him.

??: Creator... ? Only the creator can do such things.

Koudo scratched his head and cycled through the information from his clone. It seemed as if this two, the girl and the beast, were created by his clone. They were the drones he'd asked for... and apparently there were more on their way; the sounds of machines in the back. Koudo sighed.

" I take it you two are Alpha. This beast can't see, you are his eyes, ears, and senses will he acts on pure instinct and your orders. Not a bad design actually. You're pretty cute too. "

Koudo complimented, the blue and silver aura around him calming down as his body finished repairing itself. Alpha called the beast back to her and the marching of machines in the back calmed down and eventually quieted. This Alpha was the leader of all of them. She looked at the floor and blushed.

Alpha: Then you are... the creator. I acted this way because I could not recognize you... it's dark and I could not see quite well.

" Understandable... but listen for my voice next time and I should probably add night vision so that you can see a little better, yeah. Still... not a bad design at all. So, first order of business, you, and your army of drones, will find all the old drones that roam this place and devour them. They are nothing compared to you all. Leave one alive and bring him to me. After... just protect the place. I'll add the night vision soon. "

Alpha: Understood... come beast.

Koudo saluted her before walking back to the front of the lab and allow Alpha and her army to patrol like he asked. He was still very impressed with what he'd come up with in his sleep. Just imagine if he had been awake. Koudo chuckled at the thought.

" I really am a genius. "
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Insangel 36: Playing With My New Invention!

Priere had just gotten out of Koudo's lab with her new invention, ready to test it out and see how her fighting capabilities were... and to probably make her a little more social, hopefully.

"Alright, Frio, let's see who shows up."

She and Frio waited. Priere wished to test her new friend out on a... Live subject. Those are the best ones. Hahaha.
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Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels
Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels

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Insangel 37: Tournament; Priere Vs. Alaude

The Match is held On a large baseball field sized structure that is suspended a 1,000 feet in the air on the top of a tower. There is nothing here but air and stone.-

-=Alaude would appear on the high up battle arena out of a large stream of darkness having somewhat of a very dull expression on his face. This was because with Shuichi having to pull out because of the new baby, Alaude was left as the only one to fight for the name of the Darkness Manor. Alaude would simply stand on one side of this battle field and would wait for his opponent to arrive.=-

An icy seal would appear above the area and shatter, having Priere float elegantly down from the portal that the seal protected. She had become accustomed to traveling by ice portal by now, which was good for her. She floated all the way down just above the floor, juggling several magical spheres in one of her hands. She'd become quite good at it ever since she started out long ago. She looked around, then spotted her opponent. She scoffed and turned her nose up to him.

"Tch, another fucking guy? I bet this will be a stupid fight."

Just in case, she checked to see if she had any cactus water on her, cuz she heard that this guy was a jounin. She had three of them. That was more than enough. She took a swig of one really quicky before putting it back. The moment she did, she was taken into the depths of her mind.

Inside Priere's head...

Signis: Priere! This is a Jounin-level opponent we are going up against.

Priere: Yeah, and? I can kick most of these Jounin's asses, you know.

Signis: As true as that may be, you are prone to slip up.

Priere: Well you and Blue are here to tag out if need be, right?

Signis: Well, yes, but I would still suggest you be careful. Though we have three separate 'chakras', we all still share the same body. Keep your defenses up and prepare yourself right now.

Priere: Fine, fine, whatever. God. You got any intel on him?

Signis: The only thing I know for sure is that he has trained in the art of darkness.

Priere: Darkness, huh? Ha. That's all I need to know. Blue, stay sharp for if I need you.

Blue: ... You know it.

As Priere finished her conversation with the two others within her, she exited the depths of her mind. All in all, that entire conversation only lasted about 3 seconds in real-time. Priere held her hand to her shoulder, generating her Ice Parasol right from the start and letting it rest on her shoulder. It seemed larger than normal. She continued to juggle the magical spheres in her hand as preparation for a magical attack.

"So, you ready or what? I kinda have other things to do rather than waste my time with you. And this landscape is so ugly..."

Oh, Priere. Never a nice word to say.

"Well if you have better things to do why don't you hall your lazy butt out of hear and save me the trouble and save yourself the humiliation and leave."

-=Alaude would say this as he would create a large throne like chair out of darkness energy and would sit down on it. Also around Alaude would appear a few spheres of darkness that would float around Alaude as he would wait to see if this girl would simply leave.=-

Priere scowled at Alaude for his ill-gotten arrogance and started to grind her teeth. She already lost her patience with him and Jounin or not, she aimed to make him suffer badly.

"Oh so you think you're hot shit, huh dark boy? That's all fine and good, but hot and cold just don't mix, so you're gonna have to chill the hell out with all your foolishness."

Priere manipulated 3 of the 5 spheres of ice she was juggling in her hand and had them enter the ground at different areas of the arena. The floor would become ice in just a matter of seconds, and the magical ice threatened to freeze Alaude's chair of darkness as well as him in it if he didn't move. Then again, Priere wouldn't have minded an easy target. All the easier to harm them. The other 2 spheres, she would let float around her body rather than juggle them some more.

-=As the ice energy moved toward Alaude with the intent to freeze him solid he would lift his hand up and motion downward causing two spheres of darkness the slam into the ground and create a medium sized circle of darkness around Alaude's general area. The darkness would act as a barrier keeping away the girls ice energy as the property of Alaude's darkness was to corrupt and consume which is what was keeping the ice energy back. Although because this energy was actually pretty strong Alaude could not simply overwhelm the energy just keep it back for now. So at the moment the stage was mostly divided in half with a little more of the arena having ice because the girl released her attack fist. Alaude would then stand from hit throne and would look toward the girl as he would begin to speak."

"You tell me to cool down when you are obviously the hot headed one between the two of us but very well I will face you in battle. My name is Alaude Nightwing."

-=Alaude would clap his hands together and they would then suddenly begin to release large bolts of completely black lighting. Alaude would then place his hands on his throne made completely of dark chakra. The throne would begin to bend and change shape taking a more human like appearance. After a minute standing in front of Alaude would be a large suit of armory whose eye would be glowing as if it was alive.=-

"And this is Black Ashcroft can you deal with him and me at the same time."

-=Just as a test of the girls abilities Alaude would sign causing his arm to turn pitch black as his arms when being coated in dark chakra. Alaude's arm would then surge with black lighting once more and his arm would turn into a machine gun. Without hesitation Alaude would release a wave of bullets that would rocket toward the girl at high speeds. Meanwhile the spheres of darkness would begin to multiple around Alaude for possible protection if the girl could survive the wave of bullets.=-

Priere knew she was a hot head, but her coolness atoned for that in the long run. She saw that his power was blocking hers from completely taking over the ground with her ice. That meant that his darkness was very powerful, since Priere's ice had been trained intensively. But, that also meant that she was just about on par with him in power it looked like, so she was going to take that into effect.

"Huh, a two on one? Lucky for you I came prepared."

Priere's ice portal would appear above her, seal still intact. Before it opened however, it would shrink back into nothingness.

"... No.. You know what? Ha. No. I'm not gonna even bring her out yet. I bet I can deal with you and your little armored suit by myself."

By this time, his arms would have changed into machine guns and would be firing at Priere. Thinking quickly, she used her Ice Parasol and swung it in front of her, spinning it violently and having it grow a bit larger to cover a wider and higher area to ensure that nothing came through. The bullets would bounce off of the parasol and Priere would let it float in front of her on its own. Since her hands were free, she would snap her fingers and one of the other orbs of magic would fly outward and circle the field. It started to get a little colder as Priere moved one of her hands gracefully back and forth. From all around Alaude on the ground, several large ice spikes would shoot up trying to impale him and his... thing.

In the meantime, Signis was talking to Priere from the sidelines in her mind, giving Priere little tidbits while not disturbing her overall concentration.

Signis: Priere, I have analyzed a property of that darkness he has there... It can corrupt other things it touches, so you might have to increase your magical output when you attack him. It will drain you more, but it is a small price to pay. Blue is here on standby if you need to switch and I am here analyzing for you.

Priere nodded her head to show that she could hear Signis loud and clear while not breaking her focus and concentrating on all of the aspects she had to in this battle so far.

-=Since Alaude's half of the ring was covered with dark chakra while the ice spikes would still appear under him the dark chakra would greatly slowly the ice spikes down enough for Alaude to jump back out of harms way. Although while Alaude jumped back Black Ashcroft would stay behind and take the ice spikes head on. As the spikes tried to stab him Black Ashcroft would swing his mighty lance shattering a few and the ones that came in contact with his body would shatter because of his very dense armory plus the fact the dark chakra had weakened the ice spikes.=-

"Hmmm direct doesn't seem to work..."

-=Alaude would say this while placing his hand on his machine gun arm causing black lighting as well as dark chakra to surge from the gun. Alaude would begin to fire once more although this time instead of bullets long black needles would erupt from the gun at once again a fast speed moving right toward Priere once more. Although as the needles where about to come in contact with the parasol the needles would suddenly dart in different directions moving around the parasol and then moving right back on to Priere's location aiming for her back sides which where not protected by the parasol. Meanwhile after dealing with all of the ice spikes Black Ashcroft's lance would suddenly begin to surge with dark chakra and it would stab the lance into the ground at an angle pointed toward Priere. Suddenly in front of Priere would erupt a large wave of darkness that would slam into the parasol not only trying to corrupt and destroy it but also make it that Priere could not simply turn the parasol around to deal with the large black needles moving toward he back and sides.=-

Priere wasn't expecting this sort of attack, but was expecting an attack altogether. He seemed kinda easy to read. When the needles were about to hit Priere, the final orb floating around her activated and became a massive curved wall of ice similar to the parasol's shape. It was the Ice Shield that deflected the needles in the same fashion as the bullets.

"Boy, I'm not impressed at all. Is this really the power of a Jounin in this joint? I thought I'd be overwhelmed or something. Hahahaha!"

Priere seemed more amused than challenged, really. The shockwave would hit Priere's parasol, but I mean... It didn't really matter, it was a disposable object. It was serving its purpose, to block the attack, just fine. The area became colder as Priere created an Ice Portal between herself and the parasol, having the seal open and Priere would go through it, the portal closing immediately behind her. Soon after, the Ice Shield and Ice Parasol would shatter.

After a moment or two, Priere could be seen waaaay on the other side of the field with another ice parasol in hand, an exact replica of the first. It wasn't like she forgot how to make them or anything. She was hoping that Alaude wouldn't notice so that she could taunt him more, but on the up side, she was far away from him and ready for whatever else he and his little armored friend could do. She started to wave her hands slightly about as Signis began to speak to her again.

Signis: Shouldn't you be worrying about attacking? His darkness has a weakening property much like my lightning does, however it does not have the draining effects like mine. Your attacks will be weakened, but if you increase your output like I said before, it won't matter. Are you even listening?

Priere nodded and rolled her eyes. She knew what she was doing and she could plainly see what this guy could do. She was only playing around until she felt a need to be serious. She'd attack when she felt like it.

Signis: ... Sigh. I already know what you're thinking you foolish little girl... Just don't mess up and get hit. And deal some damage, whydon'tcha?

Priere was already getting annoyed by Signis' nagging... As usual. If only there was an off button or something in her mind, then she wouldn't have to listen to this. Or maybe Signis could just come out and do it herself. Haha. Nah.

"So she can freely create those ice shields."

-=Alaude would suddenly create a hand sign causing a large stream of darkness to begin to cover his body for some reason. Alaude would then snap his fingers causing the eyes of Black Ashcroft to stop glowing with and turn dark red for some reason as it would quickly look around and locate Priere's location. Black Ashcroft would then lift his lance from the ground and would take a thrusting stance as the lance would surge with darkness. Black Ashcroft would then thrust forward releasing a very powerful burst of dark chakra that would rockets toward Priere like a rocket. However Black Ashcroft would not stop there as it would suddenly thrust again and then again and again until it was release a barrage of these powerful burst of these burst of dark chakra toward Priere. Although this attack where not just moving forward as a few would also begin erupting from under her trying to reduce the chance of escape. Although all this was happening Alaude would not really be paying mind to what Black Ashcroft was doing for some reason and would continue to charge as he looked over toward Priere's location.=-

Priere sniffed, rubbing her nose with a glazed look in her eyes. Her eyebrow position denoted that she was annoyed by the big thing, especially with Signis yapping on and on about Alaude himself and his power. I mean, if it's just an energy that weakens other stuff, why not just get rid of it? So that's what she decided to do. She stopped moving her hand and pointed it at the blasts, creating a larger Ice Portal than before that would shatter and take in the dark blasts to the unknown that was within the Ice Portal. Well they were being taken to The Tundra, so there would be no reason to worry about them anymore. She also slowly began to advance toward the monster.

As she started advancing, she noticed that some blasts were coming from below. Naturally she could tell when and where they were coming thanks to her own ice on the ground. The area became even colder as she created another ice portal below her to take in the blasts from below. All the while she floated closer to the big armored guy and when she was close enough, she would let the portal in front of her try to consume him and trap him in The Tundra where he'd never be seen or heard from again. It's not like anything could get in there... Or out. Haha. Save for one of Priere's portals, that is. Priere waited to see where the large creature was going to move so that she could move the portal below her to that position and force the beast inside and trap him. Regardless of where he moved, Priere was ready to react the moment he did so that he couldn't help but fall into the portal.

It was getting easier and easier for Priere to use her icy abilities for some reason, as normally creating those portals took a little bit longer to do, especially more than one. But oh well, that didn't matter at all right now.

Signis: The boy is charging up his power, you know... he must be plotting something big for you.

Priere didn't seem to care. In fact, she thought something to Signis while still concentrating as to make sure she knew what was going on with Priere. Once Signis realized what was going on, she backed off a bit.

Signis: Ahhh... I see. Well, carry on then. But I will be keeping a sharp eye on the boy... Just in case you can't... And once again, Blue is on standby.

With that, the short conversation in Priere's head was over. She looked out to the outer area of the field for just a moment, then looked back at her target.

-=Alaude's eye would open wide noticing the ice portal's absorb the attack of Black Ashcroft and Alaude would finally understand this girls power a little better. Alaude would make a few hand signs sending messages to his Black Ashcroft as the portal moved to consume it. Black Ashcroft would not try to move or anything but would once again take a thrusting position as energy would flow from the lance. Black Ashcroft would then thrust forward but this time a burst of dark chakra would not be released from the lance. No this time from the lance would erupt a large claw of dark chakra over 3x larger then the ice portal that was trying to consume. The claw would open and close down on the outside edges of the portal and begin to close. With the corrupting properties affecting the ice portal from the outside in it should only take a few seconds for the large claw of dark chakra to just completely engulf the ice portal into nothingness. At the same time the ice portal was begin dealt with Black Ashcroft would appear right above Priere his body surging with with dark chakra. Although he would not release a simply beam of thrust of energy he would explode creating a very large explosion of dark chakra that would for the most part take up Priere's side of the battle arena. Not only did this explosion have enough power to destroy a small city but the corrupting properties of Alaude's dark chakra would make putting up a simple shield very difficult. This was not only and attempt to badly damage Priere but also a good chance for the on look Alaude to see how far these ice portals of Priere could expand or maybe allow Alaude to see a different power from her he had not seen yet. Either wave while remaining on guard Alaude would continue to gather more energy around his body for some reason still unknown.=-

Priere wasn't exactly ready for that to happen, but oh well. It was nothing. One of the portals was destroyed. Like the parasol, it was replaceable. However, when it closed, the big armored guy wasn't there anymore and was now above Priere. Well that just made him an easier target. As he was about to be consumed by the portal, Signis made a quick mental note to Priere.

Signis: An explosion!


Signis' precognitive abilities were able to tell that the monster was about to explode trying to take up everything in the area generally, however she told Priere right when she was about to have the portal consume it.

"Awwww, CRAP!!"

She wasn't complaining about the explosion, but more about the large amount of energy she was gonna have to use to make this portal that big THAT fast. Oh well. It was better than having the whole place filled with dark energy and crap. Priere took both hands and pointed them at the portal and as the monster exploded, she increased the size of the portal GREATLY and close the portal before the explosion got too large. Then there was no trace of any of that happening at all. Priere, however, wobbled in the air and almost touched the ground, readjusting to the large energy loss. It was HUGE huge, but ya know. It was just a really fast decrement. Nothing bad at all, really.

"Well, that's one down..."

And now that Priere had gotten rid of that horrible monstrosity... It was time for her to bring down her own little 'companion' into battle. The area got much colder as another Ice Portal appeared, though this time above Priere. She was snickering to herself and glaring at Alaude with malicious eyes.

"Though it really isn't necessary for me to bring her out, I haven't gotten a chance to properly test her out... Might as well test her out on a test dummy, right? Hahahaha!"

The Ice Portal above her would shatter, and a tall, icy, metallic figure would slowly descend from it.

"Come on out, Frio the Frozen Mist!"

"Caution: Do not touch~!"

Frio would fall right beside Priere, slightly hovering above the ground, though not as high as Priere did. She immediately locked onto Alaude without question. With her out, the already cold atmosphere became even colder in a matter of moments.

Frio: Target sighted. Initiate termination?

Priere sighed and put a hand to her face, shaking her head slowly.

"The phrase you want is 'Can I kill him?' Try that one out for size. But to answer question, no, don't kill. Just incapacitate."

Frio's eyes gleamed a bright, frosty color as she was given the command to incapacitate her target. This battle just got real. Priere floated there, laughing that haughty laugh of hers, itching to see the power Alaude had stored up and see it fall to Frio's might.

-=Alaude would not really care about his creation be destroyed as it was took a simply clap of the hand to make more of them. Alaude's body would begin to surge with a large amount of dark chakra so strong that it would cause the ground under him to become pitch black and begin to melt down into nothing but pure dark energy. Suddenly, the dark energy coming from Alaude’s body would gather above him and would begin to take form until suddenly a small skull like object would appear above Alaude and would appear to begin to glow lightly with dark energy. This was Alaude unique artifact Á Bao A Qu's which Alaude obtained from deep within the Darkness Manor. Although Alaude was not going to take the time to let the little skull charge up a little because the amount of energy Alaude was releasing had already given Á Bao A Qu's all the power it needed.=-

“Awaken Á Bao A Qu's."

-=Suddenly the energy around the skull figure above Alaude would explode with power and suddenly the skull would seem to open its mouth and a large amount of darkness would flow from it. Suddenly standing behind Alaude would be floating a large demonic looking figure which had on single large eye. The creature would release a wave of dark energy which would flow though the area.=-

-=Alaude would sign causing Á Bao A Qu to glow and completely engulf Alaude creating a large twister of darkness. Suddenly the sound of a guitar being struck could be heard coming from the twister and Alaude would appear from the twister surrounded by a very potent aura of darkness. Although Alaude was not himself as his cloths had become darker, his hair pure black, a strange skull mask on the side of his face, and finally a large guitar scythe in his hand. This was a fusion between Á Bao A Qu and Alaude. Although Alaude would not simply attack but would wait for the new summon to do something.=-

"Ah, so that's what you were doing, huh? That's pretty cool, but it won't help you here. I don't have any fancy shmancy transformations and I certainly don't need them."

She snickered and whispered to Frio, still standing beside her.

"Apparently he does need one to beat me, though! Heheheheheh!"

Frio didn't laugh.

"... Sigh. Just... Go. Mist."

Frio's eyes gleamed again as she generated her Nitro Sword, slashing across the air and creating a huge, thick mist. Priere and Frio were covered by the cloak of the mist. They were up to something...

Just then the ice on the ground melted, as Priere didn't want the ground to be icy anymore. It retained its normal form, save for the fact that it was still wet. Otherwise, there was no trace of Priere inside of the mist... She was using magic to block any readings of the mist other than sight. It was the perfect cover. Her Sexy Mist without the generation of it herself, only embedding it with the same magic. Beautiful! Frio would ensure Priere didn't have to waste a lot of energy anymore, and that was perfect.

-=Alaude would not simply run blindly toward the mist but would create more orbs of darkness that would dig into the ground causing his side to grow much darker keeping the mist and water from entering his side of the arena. Alaude would look at the mist for a moment and would lift his hand and strike the cord on his guitar scythe. This would release a powerful sound wave that would move toward the mist trying to enter and then expand outward within the mist trying to cause some hearing damage to Priere and the girl she summoned.=-

The sound wave shot into the mist would do nothing but assist Priere, as the mist had now spread more from its original area all across the atmosphere, causing everything to grow even colder than it already was from Priere's influence over the course of the match. The coldness was intense; worse than a harsh winter cold in Alaska and getting even colder. The mist was now surrounding the entire field and not just atop the ground part. It was even out in the sky. Priere and Frio were nowhere to be found.

Though the two were not around anywhere on the ground, the mist was thick enough to cause everything but Alaude's minuscule (in comparison) area to be completely blocked. They could be anywhere. The mist reformed quickly back where Alaude had pushed it away. Suddenly, from above Alaude's head were several grenades of sorts, the Flash-Freeze Grenades which, as the name suggests, will explode and flash-freeze whatever is caught in the explosive radius. It was a carpet-bombing effect, ensuring that the whole entire area was covered and trying to not only overwhelm Alaude, but freeze him and drop the temperature even more so that if the bombs didn't do it, the natural temperature would eventually cause him to stop moving. Giggling could be heard in the mist... It sounded like up above, but it could have been from anywhere. They were playing the waiting game... and for good reason.

-=As the Flash-Freeze Grenades appeared over head from Alaude's jacket would erupt a wave of large tendrils of darkness which would move at high speeds reaching and wrapping around the Flash-Freeze Grenades as the exploded causing the tendrils the freeze solid and Alaude would sever them before the ice would reach Alaude's body. As the climate started to become colder and colder Alaude would only slightly feel it as the darkness covering his body was acting as a good jacket against the cold. Alaude would then take a meditation stance slightly floating in that air and would begin lightly playing his guitar scythe not in and attacking way but as if he was simply playing. Although it appeared that Alaude was doing nothing suddenly the strings on the guitar scythe would turn red for unknown reasons Alaude must be planning something to deal with this girl and her summon.=-

There would be a horrific rumbling of the arena for a moment right after the Flash-Freeze Grenades went off. From up above in the shroud of the mist, Frio would descend from the air with her LN Rifle pointed directly at Alaude. It was sucking in a large amount of air.

Frio: Your darkness is worthless to my rifle.

Without another thought, she shot a huge, pressurized beam of pure liquid nitrogen in energy form, the air pressure had pressurized it enough to power it up so that even if weakened by the darkness, it would still deal an immense amount of damage and freeze what it hit on contact. In addition, the air pressure made sure that it moved several times faster than normal to give Alaude little to no time to react before it hit him. At the same time, she threw more Flash-Freeze Grenades off to the front, sides and above him to try to freeze his entire area. Their blast radius was about thirty feet, so the combined explosion would definitely cover all of the spots. The temperature dropped even further, now at Lambda point. Priere was still nowhere to be found, though the mist was undulating slightly...

-=As the beam moved toward Alaude he would smile as a transmutation circle would appeared a few feet between Alaude and the beam of liquid nitrogen. As the beam passed through the transmutation circle the beam would transform into nothing but super fast mist. This wave because Alaude had simply transformed the liquid nitrogen from a liquid form to a gas a very simply task for an alchemist of Alaude's level. Although the mist could still cause some damage so Alaude would push away this a swing of his guitar scythe which would release a large stream of darkness that would not only push away the the transformed liquid nitrogen mist but block the explosion from the Flash-Freeze Grenades as well leaving Alaude completely unharmed and his side of the arena in good condition.=-

When the Flash-Freeze Grenades exploded, they created a large dome of ice around Alaude. In reality, they weren't trying to freeze him, but create this dome as well as spread some more coldness around. With Alaude completely and utterly set up, Priere had something special ready for him that she had been preparing for quite a while now. Frio darted backward and looked up to the mist.

Frio: Everything has been completed.

When Frio gave the signal, the mist surrounding the area disappeared rather swiftly, revealing 2 more layers of ice domes around the area in addition to the one around Alaude. Not only that, there were absolutely no clouds in the sky anymore... Everything was crystal clear and the sun was shining brightly, yet nothing but the light of the sun was felt, for the heat from the sun was utterly and completely blocked. There were several mirror-like sheets of ice floating outside of the 3 domes and in a set position, mind you. It didn't take Priere long to make all of these sheets of ice, as they were nothing but thin sheets and she made larger things on a normal basis, but what took the longest was for Signis to feed her the information about where the sun's rays were shining brightest, how to set up the sheets to make them most effective, and where to put them so that they hit every single angle with utmost power.

Somewhere in the sky between the 2nd and 3rd dome, Priere suddenly appeared from what seemed to be an invisible curtain. It was her hair. Priere's hair had the ability to refract light in a special way that made herself invisible, and with the mist hiding her presence, there was no way for Alaude to see or sense her. She had been in one spot the entire time making the several sheets of ice in the air, since the ice domes were made by either the mist or the Flash-Freeze Grenades' explosions.

"Good work, Frio. Now I'm gonna close my eyes for this one..."

Priere shrouded herself in her own hair once again as all of the ice sheets took their positions and slightly moved just a few inches in another direction. With that, they started to reflect sunlight off of each other onto another one lower down, each one sending an intense and powerful beam of pure bright light down into every point of the first and largest dome. This would create a huge, shining light, since the already intense beams were intensified and magnified even further by the gigantic dome, making a magnificent shine. The same would happen for the second dome, making a brighter shine twice the brightness of the first. And with the last one, it was twice the shine of the one beforehand, making a light so powerful and so blinding, it would burn out the eyes of anyone even if their eyes were closed. This should not only take care of the darkness, but hopefully blind Alaude and ensure that his escape did not happen in any given way. The shining was so bright that the light illuminated the sky almost as bright as the sun itself in a CLOSE range (not a far away sun), making those near and far seem as though it were a new sun outside. Frio seemed immune to the light. She was a robot, after all.

When Signis gave the okay, Priere would create an ice seal for Frio to escape into while Priere moved to the outer layer of the ice dome, protected by her hair so that she would not be utterly blinded and have her eyes burn out. And even then, she coated her own eyes in her own icy magic and froze them over to ENSURE that the intense light would reflect off of them. She then commenced with the final part of this plan, which was to shrink each one of the domes around Alaude swiftly to encase him in an icy prison where she'd freeze it over several times to ensure he was secure within. That part wouldn't take much time or effort given that she had already made the area impossibly cold, and her abilities costed less chakra to use in the cold and worked much faster the colder it was.

"Let's see you get out of this..."

And even if he did, Priere always had a backup plan... Signis awaited to see the results, intently focusing on Alaude's energy signatures as Priere did her thing.

-=So this is what Priere had been preparing the time she was within the mist which was what Alaude had been waiting for. Although things where a little more dangerous then he thought noticing the ice domes around him and the large amount of light which was blinding but a simply tent of darkness around Alaude's eye quickly solved that problem. Although this did not help the situation that Alaude was in at the moment as the ice domes would close in on Alaude who would release a large amount of darkness trying to stop the ice however it proved useless as Alaude was completely engulfed by the ice. As Alaude's darkness disappear a body could be seen frozen within the ice. However if Signis was still paying attention not that Alaude knew of her she should be able to feel that while the body did have Alaude's energy signature it was strange. This was because this was a simply clone made by Alaude right before he avoided the massive ice attack. Alaude had avoided this attack thanks to something done a while back by Alaude while he was transforming which was when he caused the ground under him to turn into pure dark energy. While normally this simply would mean the ground under Alaude was rather muddy with dark energy because of their location this ment something much different. The location of this battle was a large baseball field sized structure that is suspended a 1000 feet in the air. The key word in this was "suspended" meaning if one dug deep enough under the arena that would fall right through which is exactly what Alaude's dark chakra did allowing him the chance to do a last minute escape from the ice dome which only covered the top of the arena. Suddenly something strange would happen as while staying locked on Alaude's chakra Signis would notice that Alaude's chakra would split in two. It would not feel like a clone but as if two Alaude's where now in the area. This was because of the fact Á Bao A Qu and Alaude had fused so many time their chakra was one and the same since Á Bao A Qu was an object not a living things. Suddenly the small skull Á Bao A Qu would appear instantly in front of Priere and would release a large black mist from its mouth that would try to engulf Priere. Á Bao A Qu would also release very hardened spheres of darkness that would rocket toward Priere hidden by the mist trying to hit he in the face and body. Since Á Bao A Qu was in front of Priere it would mean the other energy belonged to the real Alaude who appeared the be standing still under the arena.=-

Priere snickered to herself. She knew that he'd try going underground long ago, which is why when that 'rumbling' of the ground occurred a few posts back (check if you like), that was the effect of flash-freeze grenades below the arena thanks to Frio, who had served her purpose. She didn't know he would try to do it like that or this late, as clearly she expected him to try a bit... earlier..., but she knew that if she tried to encase him in the domes, he'd just go underground. So she took that into account. She wasn't stupid. She knew he wouldn't realize it until he tried to escape, so she made it so that the entire area was secured a while ago. Frio had frozen a majority of the underside and closed it off long before, leaving yet another dome underground that was a bit thicker than the others. He was bested in that area and would deal with Alaude later. Right now, Signis was picking up on his little... thing's signature.

Signis: Seems like all aspects of the plan as well as the backup are under way... But he has split from his fusion form and allowed his summoned item to try to attack us directly... Be careful of it, it spews powerful darkness.

Priere: Pff, we don't even need to deal with it! My target was trapped as soon as he decided to mess with me!

The skull appeared before Priere, but Priere was not even phased. See, the good thing about Priere's magic was, it had more than one use even after it had been used, thus allowing her to use much less chakra than the norm and be conservative in any other way at the same time. This was a prime example. When the skull appeared, thanks to Signis giving Priere the reading of the skull, her numerous ice sheets would swiftly encapsulate it in several layers of cubes and polygonal shapes until there were no more. A set few of the ice sheets stayed outside and would shine line directly into the sheets to cause them to have the same effect as the dome did on Alaude before, however much less intense. The light would hopefully weaken the darkness enough so that it couldn't just burst through the ice ... And even if it did, there were several layers of ice to worry about.

"And now, for my target..."

Priere floated down to the bottom of the stage, where Alaude tried to escape. Yet again, he was in a dome of ice that was smaller than the original one... And she didn't intend to let him escape. She still had 2 and a half bottles of Cactus Water to replenish her magic if need be, so overuse of power was not an issue to her. She only thought of the many, many ways she could torment him...

Signis: Priere, what if he escapes again?

Priere: Well, we have the backup backup... Heh heh. Remember...?

Priere licked her lips, waiting for Alaude to make a move... Any move he made was the wrong move and she'd still do the same thing regardless. So much for the status of Jounin. She much preferred fighting Koudo, a more qualified person for the title of 'Jounin' in her eyes. Oh well. C'est la vie.
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-=Á Bao A Qu would simply be caught and would de-summon having run out of energy to use. Meanwhile Alaude was surprised to see another dome waiting for him at the bottom of the arena but he was already in motion for something as from under the stand would appear not Alaude but the bottom of what appeared to be a large black sphere within the arena. Alaude was doing something but even Signis could not tell as so much darkness was being gathered in that dome all Signis could tell is that Alaude's power was rising but that would be all she could see. Although suddenly from the little bit of sphere poking out would appear a long spear that would actually move toward the ice for some reason. The spear however would begin to change shape violently taking the form of a large mouth that would bit the ice dome with a large amount of force. But before the ice dome could do anything in counter attack it would suddenly turn pitch black as the mouth of dark energy was very potent this time to the point it reduced everything it touched to dark energy. The ice dome because being a smaller one then the previous one would quickly turn to dark energy which was devoured by the mouth and pulled back into the sphere hidden within the arena itself. Alaude was doing something but would not go after Priere but simply remain in his sphere.=-

Priere sighed, more annoyed than ever because she just had to endure him doing that. It was rather... irking, to say the least.

"Oh, so he's playing THAT game, huh? This is gonna annoy me to no end... You know what? Screw it. He's just pissing me off now. I'll give him nowhere to run, nowhere to hide so that next time when I CATCH him, he'll be CAUGHT."

Priere was going to destroy the entire battlefield. It was too annoying for him to keep on doing this, so she had to make sure he couldn't just... you know. Keep on doing this. She had her final backup ready to go.

"Well, I'm glad this was charging up since the beginning of the match. It will be great for the destruction of this stage and to keep him in one place."

Priere called for whatever she was talking about, pointing out to the distance and pulling her finger. Nothing seemed to happen.

Signis: Has it achieved Absolute Zero status yet?

"... Signis, it's been gaining power since the beginning of the match. Frio helped it out a shitload with her Flash-Freeze Grenades and ESPECIALLY the Mist. Where did you think all of that mist went to? It has probably achieved Absolute Zero status by now. Plus, it's what ate the clouds in the sky to make the sky clear and sunny, AND given the fact that it's already exceptionally cold, the charging was not only much faster, but made it much more powerful, as well. In short, there's no WAY it couldn't achieve Absolute Zero."

Signis: Ah... And you didn't use a whole lot of your magical power, did you? A large majority of the charging did have to do with Frio and the clouds, huh? Not to mention you still have those sheets of ice ready to be reused, as they weren't touched or infected by the skull and the ones that did get infected were destroyed.

"Precisely. So now the hardest part about this thing... Is gonna be maintaining it..."

Signis: But if you destroy the stage, won't you be disqualified?

"Signis, I thought you of all people would have ready the rules... there ARE no rules except for the one I truly despise... No killing. And besides, I anticipated that it would take more energy to control than to make, so I saved up power and kept my half-bottle of cactus water handy just in case this drains me more than it should."

By the time the two were done conversing, which only lasted a good 30 seconds to a minute at most, what Priere had called would make its way forward... It was a monstrosity. An enormous sphere of pure, freezing cold magical energy that had been gaining power for this entire time. It was that one sphere she sent out in the beginning of the fight to the sidelines. It helped her make the area colder by 1. converting heat into energy for itself, 2. absorbing the mist and clouds and 3. now was about to consume the remainder of Priere's ice that was on the field that wasn't either destroyed or corrupted. And so, Priere added onto it, making it unnoticeably larger than it already was. As it continued to come to her, she held her hands outward and gave it all her might to stop the thing and secure it. She groaned a bit, as it was very large and very hard to control. She had only pulled it with her finger and let momentum bring it all the way here from where it was before.

"This is enough to freeze over the stage and the general area of the sky for a HUGE proximity. With the power of Absolute Zero coldness of my icy magic, even if he isn't hit directly, he won't be able to move. And to think, he LET this happen. Hahahahaha! I didn't think anyone would LET this happen!"

With an incredible amount of struggle, Priere attempted to swing the sphere, swirling around a few times to gain momentum, and then let it go, sending it flying at the stage, causing a massive explosion that even blew Priere back. Everything would be frozen in what would seem to be suspended animation, as the Absolute Zero meant nothing was moving. This was the FULL power of Priere's Ice Bomb, which could only be achieved after a shitload of charging and waiting. She hoped that the results were to her liking. Things that were frozen in ice, she would naturally shatter, destroying the stage and hopefully incapacitating Alaude. Everything else should have been trapped in the effects of Absolute Zero.

When she released the sphere, though, Priere lost balance in the air from the significant drain it had on her to manipulate something of such power, and she would start to descend slowly from the sky.

"... Aw crap, it drained me THAT much? I was kinda hoping it wouldn't... Oh well. Better polish off the rest of my cactus water to get some energy back."

She whipped out the bottle and drank the rest down fast, her energy gradually rising back to a sustainable level. It wasn't as high as just a moment ago, but it was still enough to maintain herself in the air and use magic with ease. And besides, she still had two backup bottles.

Signis: What will you do if he finds some way out of this one?

"... Probably murder a small animal and mail it to his house. He's gonna annoy me with his damn foolishness all day..."

She huffed angrily and awaited the outcome.

-=Even though Alaude was within the large sphere of darkness implanted within the arena he could still sense what was going on out there and could feel a massive amount of power being generated. Alaude would conclude that Priere was either going to destroy the sphere Alaude was in or the whole arena since it had this much power. So as she was putting the finishing touches on her ice bomb from the top of the arena which was covered in ice would erupt large black tendrils that would destroy some of the ice around the area and from the ground would erupt Alaude although he would seem to have under gone a very unique transformation becoming pure black minus a single glowing white eye. Alaude would also be surrounding by multiple giant spheres that appeared to be made of pure darkness. Finally behind Alaude would be multiple black rings which would appear to be halos of some sort that would simply float behind Alaude.=-

-=Alaude would try to speak but all that would come out of his mouth was pitch black smog which would float around the area before coming in contact with some left over ice in the arena. As soon as the mist came in contact with the ice the ice would turn black and seem to simply evaporate into nothing. As Priere would begin to spin with the ice bomb in hand Alaude would simply raise his hands causing the rings behind him to begin to grow in size and rocket forward as Priere released the bomb toward the arena and Alaude. The rings would surge with darkness and would try to form around the bomb as it explodes mid-air trying to hold back the explosion and cause most of the force be be pushed back toward Priere. But that was only if the rings could hold against the power of the ice bomb.=--=Even though Alaude was within the large sphere of darkness implanted within the arena he could still sense what was going on out there and could feel a massive amount of power being generated. Alaude would conclude that Priere was either going to destroy the sphere Alaude was in or the whole arena since it had this much power. So as she was putting the finishing touches on her ice bomb from the top of the arena which was covered in ice would erupt large black tendrils that would destroy some of the ice around the area and from the ground would erupt Alaude although he would seem to have under gone a very unique transformation becoming pure black minus a single glowing white eye. Alaude would also be surrounding by multiple giant spheres that appeared to be made of pure darkness. Finally behind Alaude would be multiple black rings which would appear to be halos of some sort that would simply float behind Alaude.=-

-=Alaude would try to speak but all that would come out of his mouth was pitch black smog which would float around the area before coming in contact with some left over ice in the arena. As soon as the mist came in contact with the ice the ice would turn black and seem to simply evaporate into nothing. As Priere would begin to spin with the ice bomb in hand Alaude would simply raise his hands causing the rings behind him to begin to grow in size and rocket forward as Priere released the bomb toward the arena and Alaude. The rings would surge with darkness and would try to form around the bomb as it explodes mid-air trying to hold back the explosion and cause most of the force be be pushed back toward Priere. But that was only if the rings could hold against the power of the ice bomb.=-

Priere finally could see where Alaude was, but didn't think he could transform so... Fast. It took him longer to store up power for the other transformation, but oh well. And now he was trying to stop her icy goodness. Well, always had to have a backup plan, eh?

Priere created several Ice Portals around herself, ready to open all of them on a whim if her Ice Bomb didn't work. She only loved the fact that it was so cold so she could summon the Ice Portals with the utmost ease. Regardless, they would open the moment the conclusion of the attack happened, be it in her favor or not, and the resulting explosion would definitely push her back into the portal and out of harms way. She only needed to see if it was in her favor now...

-=Alaude's pitch black face would show no type of reaction as the rings and the ice bomb would cancel out with one another in between Alaude and Priere. Although Alaude would not wait for the explosion to subside appearing in Priere general area as fast speeds. Noticing all of the ice portals around Priere which could be used as quick escapes from Alaude's body would erupt large amount of spears that would turn into claws that would attack the portals like before hand trying to grab them by the edges and quickly destroy them before Priere could escape. If that works Alaude would simply try to grab Priere by her arm for some reason.=-

Priere was kind of... Shocked that it happened like that. She was a little proud that her power matched that of a Jounin in a transformed state, but also was a little upset because of how they just canceled out. And after all that hard work she put into the attack, too... Oh well. It didn't matter. She just needed to do something else.

Before she could think of anything else to do, Signis warned her of Alaude's approach... Though, in actuality, Priere had grown accustomed to Alaude's energy signatures throughout the fighting. Priere, being an Insangel, could detect supernatural energies quite easily, sort of like a sixth sense. But that's beside the point. She wasn't aware that he was going to destroy her Ice Portals until she saw the claws coming. She smile and licked her lips, saying something in her mind to Signis.


When Alaude decided to destroy the portals, Priere snapped her fingers as soon as Alaude went for her arm, creating a portal between the two and in back of Alaude. She didn't have much time to create more than that, but she figured that two would be enough... Especially since she was still set on creating portals. He kinda jumped into the fire on this one. Once Alaude's arm went through the first, he would still grab Priere, but it wasn't the true Priere. It was her own little doppelganger made of water that looked EXACTLY like her, no flaws or anything. That Priere would allow him to grab her arm and then forcefully pull him in while another Priere in the portal in the back would push him into the first, while simultaneously the portals immediately closed in on his position to ensure escape was impossible. Once he was in, the portals would immediately close and leave Alaude in The Tundra, a place that couldn't be entered or exited without Priere's portals, as it was a secluded realm created by her ancestors to imprison people with their magic, even those with the ability to hop the dimensions.

"... Phew. I only hope to GOD that this wasn't another 'clone' or some crap like that. That's been getting on my damn nerves."

Signis, naturally still on guard, was wary for Priere, who seemed to want to be done and hoped that she was. Though, if that was the true Alaude, she would let him out when she was ascertained victory...

-=While this was a good attempt to trap Alaude many things would happen preventing Priere plan from working. The first thing was that as soon as Alaude touched the water clone doppelganger made of water it would instantly turn if to dark energy and disappear into thin air because of potent dark energy covering his body. The same fate would also fall to the other doppelganger that appeared from the portal behind leaving Alaude standing with an arm within the portal which would suddenly try to close. Although beams of darkness would shoot from Alaude's hand and stop the portal from closing long enough for Alaude to remove his arm and move out of the way. Alaude would land on a large disc of darkness a few feet away as his body would suddenly begin to pulse. Alaude would hole out his hand and would create multiple orbs of darkness the size of ping pong balls. This orbs would suddenly rocket forward extending into long lances that would rocket toward Priere. Although they would not simply be moving toward her but fallowing her chakra signature so if a ice portal appeared in front of the lance they would bend around the portal right toward Priere who possible could not tell the lances had that property.=-

Well clearly that didn't work. Priere sighed again in frustration and rubbed her hand on her forehead.

"... You know what? This is getting overly annoying. Hell, I don't even care anymore. I just want to kill him."

Signis: Wait until after the battle.. Win or lose, you can always just hunt him down and kill him later.

"He's barely worth my time, I just want him to suffer for him being so... Annoying."

Signis: Well, look alive. An attack is coming.

Priere heaved. "See, this is why I needed to learn those transformations. Everyone has a damn transformation and wants to use it all the damn time... Fucking pansies. Ugh! How I hate them!"

As she ranted, she created an icy portal in front of the lances trying to capture them, but when she saw them go around, she only thought that they were just like the needles from before. The Ice Portal she just opened would close and then reopen in front of her, allowing her to step through and re-enter on a different side of the field... well.. the sky, since the two weren't really on the field anymore. Priere then noticed them coming back without Alaude doing anything.

"... Eh? Why are they following me? They should have just stopped like the other ones. Signis, you know what to do."

Because she was so far away from the lances, Signis had time to analyze them before they got too close... though she was moreso analyzing Alaude himself to see what the problem was. Good thing Signis had a bit of psychic powers to her.

Signis: Seems as though he created these to follow your specific chakra signature. Now, you can do one of two things... You can freeze them with coldness instead of ice, or...

Priere already knew what the second option was and she was going with it. She was too annoyed with Alaude so far and since he underwent two transformations already plus had two assists, might as well have Priere go through one... sorta. An ice portal appeared behind her and Priere would step through. The portal opened up on a different side of the area away from Alaude's portion, but having him still in sight as well as away from the lance's portion, but having those in sight, too, though now the lances should have been confused as to where to go, for Priere was not here anymore... Now there was a different, more powerful chakra signature out and about... It was that of Signis, Archangel of Death.

"... Well now, looks like I have some work to do. Priere. Blue. Ensure that nothing goes unnoticed while I'm engaged in combat."

Signis slowly started to float toward Alaude, her hands crackling with incredibly powerful electricity that seemed to have something... extra to it. Signis began to laugh maniacally, for her coming meant the downfall of Alaude. She was not as folly as Priere and had more power and brains to match... plus psychic powers? Oh hell yes. Her mind was open. Her eyes were open. Her power was flowing like an open circuit. Dark clouds accumulated overhead. It was time now to force Alaude into submission instead of trying to trap him.

-=Alaude would simply stand and wait for the new opponent to attack so Alaude could get and understanding of the changes compared to Priere.=-

Signis didn't intend to get in too close. In fact once she felt she was close enough to clearly see everything about him, which was still pretty far away, she ascended higher into the sky, closer to the clouds.

"Ah, this is MY terrain here! Though Priere has it set up for an intense cold that I can barely feel..."

The clouds started to rumble and roar just from Signis' presence.

"... I am the commander of the skies! Priere was out of her league trying to fight in my terrain. Hmhmhmhm... She should have given this battle to me from the start!"

Signis held a hand up to the cloud right above and it would become darker than all the other clouds, but then that darkness spread through each and every cloud in the sky.

"Come forth and rain down doom upon my wicked enemy who thrives in the dark! Bring him a holy, destructive light!!"

The clouds started to crackle with a violent amount of electricity.

"Terminal Bolt!!"

Suddenly, from each cloud several huge lightning bolts would fall from them only in places infected with Alaude's darkness. Therefore, the lightning would hit his lances, any leftover darkness on their battlefield as well as charge the battlefield with electricity as well as try to strike down Alaude himself. Most of the lightning went for Alaude, however. A wonderful thing about Signis' electricity was that it was embedded with a holy energy and had weakening and draining properties as well, so his darkness would be put to the test against those factors. With the holy energy aimed to eliminate his darkness, the immense power Signis naturally had, the lightning being naturally filled with light, the weakening of being around her electricity had even before it hit as well as the draining property the electricity once it did hit, Signis was sure that Alaude was at a tremendous disadvantage... And she aimed to take advantage of said disadvantage.

-=As the the lighting completely destroyed Alaude's lances he would be able to tell that these bolts of lighting where two dangerous to take head on. Alaude would begin to moving along the skies at high speeds a disc of darkness appearing under his foot every step of the way. Alaude would also be creating more halo rings of darkness that would block the lighting the affect of the lighting and darkness canceling each other out. Alaude would then begin jumping forward to double his evasion and would begin releasing a wave of black shuriken that would rocket toward Signis at high speeds.=-

Well, the lightning naturally would hit everything that was darkness, so as Alaude's lances were hit, their energy would be absorbed to power more of Signis' lightning, which would hit Alaude's dark circles and cause them to be absorbed and used to power more lightning, which would in turn hit Alaude's shuriken and the process just kept going over. Now that Signis was applying pressure, she could go in for the kill. Her lightning would keep striking down, not only restoring her chakra, since she couldn't regenerate it naturally from water like Priere could, but also making it muuuuch harder for Alaude to escape.

"Run... Run!!"

She cackled maniacally watching him run away, only for it to be futile. He'd eventually run out of power, and if he allowed Signis to dispel and absorb his darkness, then she wouldn't. The corrupting factor was dispelled so there was none of that going on. Signis had the complete upper hand. She darted at Alaude at a high speed, hands still crackling as she generated a few spears of pure lightning around her.

"Feel the power of the Heavenly Spear!"

They were large and tracked Alaude by his darkness, and as such if they made impact with anything, they would create grand explosions with the same effect of draining. She threw spear after spear at him, and in addition to the lightning raining down, there would be less chance for him to avoid. She wasn't as conservative with her power as Priere was, but with what her electricity could do, she didn't truly need to be.

-=As the massive attacks began to gang up on Alaude as one of the spears where about to hit him Alaude would push himself out of the back of his transformation leaving behind nothing but a shell of the darkness that covered him. This shell would then glow as it was his by a sword and would release its own massive explosion along the swords explosion. Although before Signis could continue attacking Alaude she should begin to feel somewhat strange. This was because even if she could somewhat purify the energy Alaude was covered in a very pure form of darkness which needed a large amount of work to be completely purified so even if some or even most of the darkness from the transformation was purified still little trances of it would be drain as is into Signis' body. Just as fast as the lighting had engulfed the shell of darkness Signis should begin to feel pain moving though her body and black spots forming around her body. This was not a type of energy that could just normally be taken into the body but was the closest thing to pure darkness Alaude could make at the moment and by having a little of it in her body would cause it to quickly multiple within Signis trying to completely infect her until she could not manipulate chakra until it was removed by and expert in darkness.=-

Though the darkness was powerful, as Signis had noted long ago when assisting Priere, it was only so powerful. Signis had taken all of that into account before she struck him and knew just what she was doing. Signis unleashes electricity already at a higher power than before to ensure hers overpowers Alaudes. The energy is weakened before the lightning hits, allowing the holy energy to purify it even easier than before, especially with upped power. As the FOREIGN energy is transferred through the lightning and to Signis, it gets gradually weaker and weaker and therefore becomes purified more and more, and being absorbed into Signis made it incredibly weak, for her body had the holy energy and electricity inside. It was the hub. To send something weakened into the hub of something clearly overpowering it is futile, and as such upon entering Signis' body, it would have been either completely converted or completely destroyed with a majority of the power being used to power Signis' lightning. Therefore the tiny, minuscule traces going into the powerhouse was nothing more than a wasted ploy and more energy for Signis. But now that I've explained that...

The explosion off darkness was not what Signis was expecting, but it was easily something she was prepared for. She started to glow brightly as her body became completely surged with electricity at what seemed to be max power to combat the explosion and keep her out of harms way until it passed. Also, just in case, the heightened generation of lightning in her body would probably destroy whatever was within, in case my explanation was not enough. Besides that, the dark explosion would have only destroyed her spears, as the explosion clearly beat a spear any day, and thus, overpowering said spear did not activate the absorption attribute to it, and thus Alaude's attempt at infecting Signis would not work due to the fact he destroyed the medium instantly. Not only that, just like Koudo tried to do to Signis before, she could just power up the lightning instead of absorb it into herself, causing Signis to filter out the bad part into the electricity and save the good part for herself. Her body and absorption system was like a filter... Nothing bad was getting in either way, so, even if the above explanations didn't help her case, that one did, and that one was a constant truth. Did you think a psychic with absorption powers wouldn't pick out the bad parts and reject them?

In any case, Alaude was back in the same situation, once again, and Signis was back in her own situation, once again. And... so on. I mean, clearly it's gonna go on like that. Signis floated over to the platform where the battle originally started and waited.

"He doesn't learn, does he...?"

-=As the smoke cleared from the explosion Alaude would be standing once again on his side of the platform back to his normal appearance.Alaude would undo the blood red tie around his neck for some strange reason. Although as soon as he did so the tie would suddenly explode with black lighting and darkness based energy. The tie would quickly turn black and stand straight as the lighting would begin to surge up the base of the tie. After a moment in Alaude's hand would be a very long sword which was something Alaude had been saving to use for a while. Multiple transmutation circles would also appear around Alaude as he would take a sword stance and motion for Signis to come forward.=-

Signis quirked a brow at Alaude, wondering just what he was up to this time.

"Transmutation circles...? Hold your fire..."

The lightning would suddenly stop, yet the dark clouds continued to rumble. Priere was in the back of Signis' mind confused.

Priere: Transmutation circle? What's that?

"Silly child... A transmutation circle is the symbol of one that uses alchemy... An Alchemist. He has used it before, but you were not paying attention like I was. It allows the conversion, manipulation or transmutation of matter via natural energies. Such a change can be as small as mineral to metal or... something larger, like he had done before."

Priere took note of that for later, just in case she fought any other alchemists in the future. But for the moment, Signis had ceased fire until she figured out what she wanted to do about it. He had created a sword and several circles, so Signis had to plan carefully now. Damn. She wanted to just obliterate him. But then, Signis realized that she had been going about this the wrong way. She smiled, snickering lowly to herself and floated closer to Alaude very slowly, but not too close. Her hand crackled with electricity once again, however there was more holy energy within this than electricity. The electricity would take shape as a condensed sword, about the size of Signis' body. Her smile grew wider as she raised the sword up and pointed it to the sky.

"I don't know why I did not think of this before... Using the sword that wipes away all darkness... Cleaves through all blackness... And destroys beings that dwell in the dark... The Judgement Sword."

When calling its name, the clouds right above Signis would part and a pure white lightning bolt would strike the sword, making it glow pure white and radiate with holy energy as well.

"Hahahahaha! Yes! This sword is the downfall of all darkness! If you thought my lightning was bad... This sword will make you beg for mercy! Nothing can hide from the Judgment Sword!"

The clouds about Signis would close back up as Signis started to glow and crackle with an large amount of electricity... Staring at Alaude. She just needed a little time... and she could end this with one, clean strike.

-=Alaude would take not of the sword as he could feel the normal amount of darkness that covered his body begin to weaken and disappear. Although the transmutation circles would not disappear as they would create from normal chakra this time so would continue to circle around Alaude. The blade in Alaude's hand was also much different as it did not feel as if it was releasing darkness or chakra. No this blade in Alaude's hand was releasing what is known by many as spiritual pressure is seemed this was not a normal blade but a zanpakutou. Anyway seeing Signis trying to gather energy Alaude would disappear and appear right in front of Signis transmutation circles in all and would swing his blade downward trying to not only badly cut Signis but keep her from being able finish getting her attack ready.=-

... Well the circles wouldn't really pose much of a threat. As Signis had seen and previously known from her very vast knowledge, once a transmutation circle was hit, it would disappear, leaving Alaude more than open probably. Might as well test it out.

When Alaude came in close, Signis laughed at him arrogantly, lightning striking down from the sky at each circle and hitting it to make them hopefully and most likely disappear... since that's how transmutation circles work, to my knowledge. With that one frame he was probably completely open and vulnerable, Signis slashed her sword at lightning speed, though upon slashing, the sword had doubled in size for a moment only to slice at Alaude, then retracted to normal. She wished for him to be sliced and have his dark chakra completely... well. Destroyed, for the time being. Making it unusable.

If this didn't work, however, Signis was still ready to evade by using the large amount of electricity in her body via the special move Generated Product and would burst out of the way at incredible speeds, but only a little bit as to not waste her electricity, though it would take her a long ways away.

"Hmph. Those circles aren't much of a threat... Alaude isn't much of a threat."

Priere: Yeah. He's an annoyance... Tch. I'm surprised that you're keeping a level head.

"Insolent girl..."

Signis kept her eyes peeled, trying to regain the electricity she lost from the distance.

-=The transmutation circles would disappear when being hit but more would simply begin to reappear around Alaude in large groups because at the moment they where just circles of energy of the took a little drain on Alaude's chakra. Although at the moment Alaude had to figure out how to deal with the large sword moving to slice him in two. Lighting would suddenly crackle around his hands which where around the hilt of his blade and suddenly a large amount of chains would erupt from the bottom of Alaude's blade which would dig into the ground and move upward blocking the sword just for a moment before braking into dust. Although this was enough time that allowed Alaude to dark forward toward Signis once again. Although Alaude would also have a few rocks in his hand and would throw them through two transmutation circles one which would turn the rocks into lances and the other giving them the property of a non conductive metal which would be able to negate to power of lighting. While these lances would rocket toward Signis appearing behind Signis Alaude would try to stab her through the back.=-

Well seeing as Signis attacked him with the sword the moment the circles were down, she thought that he would have been sliced up, but meh. Didn't seem to happen. Regardless, his circles were coming back, I guess, some way or another, so Signis was going to have to act accordingly.

He threw some rocks through the circles which changed into lances... Creative, but not effective. Signis wasn't trying to waste any energy unnecessarily, and these lances were nothing but altered material into another material. Signis' cloak started to move on its own as the lances came in and the cloak would quickly slap them away. No rips, no tears, but a very hard and swift slap to knock them away. Far away.

"Please... You aren't even trying anymore."

Signis' cloak continued to move, predicted his movement one through him being predictable and two, she had Priere and Blue watching him and keeping track of him. When he was behind her, Signis' cloak would grab hold of him just like an arm. It started to glow with holy energies just like most of Signis' attacks and she would slash her sword at the trapped Alaude trying to do what she had done in the first place.

-=Alaude was honestly getting tired of this battle he was honestly not getting anywhere with this fight and was running low on chakra. The only thing Alaude had left what the ability Alaude had under his eye patch but that was being saved for something more important that this little battle. As the cloak thing grabbed Alaude and released its holy energy all the darkness that was naturally around Alaude's body would disappear causing his skin to appear lighter and the normally hidden white patch of hair to become clear as day.=-

"What a completely detesting power you have."

-=Alaude would say this as the blade was being brought down toward him as a fast speed. A lighting amount of lighting would surge from within the cloth causing the blade in Alaude's hand to suddenly erupt from the cloak extending via alchemy and would push the blade to the side enough so while the blade would slice down Alaude's chest but keep him from taking a death blow. Alaude would not show any signs of pain but would cough up some blood mainly because the feeling of light and holly energy going through his body felt horrible. Alaude would then suddenly pull out and explosion tag that would go off point blank range on himself and Signis. Although Alaude simply used this so he could move from Signis grip landing a few feet away.=-

"Hump take this victory I can no longer fight with this terrible light over and within my body."

-=Alaude would say this as he would then jump off the arena back down toward the Darkness Manor to get his wound taken care of but more importantly get this nasty light from around his body and take a nice long bath in darkness.=-

Well seems like Signis and Priere took the victory, and once again Blue was not even used... She gets no love.

"Hmph. I'm surprised those words came from your mouth you filthy bug of the dark."

Signis' cloak would unravel from his arm and then spread into what their true forms was; a pair of her 6 wings. Upon the spreading of her wings, lightning from every dark cloud in the sky would strike down on the platform with a triumphant thunderclap. Signis had wasted enough energy already, but never didn't have enough energy to show off. Arrogant angel. She still had plenty of chakra to spare, but Priere was running low. Shouldn't waste those two bottles of cactus juice now. Might as well save them for later.

"A creature like that... Does not deserve to escape..."

As Alaude was falling, above his area, Signis gathered electrical energy ready to strike him down, but would be stopped by her hand being frozen in place.

"... What?"

Without warning, Priere would take control over her body again and the electricity would stop accumulating. She sighed heavily out of relief.

"Dammit, Signis... you can't kill him yet! We'll do that if we meet with him again."

Priere popped out some cactus water and drank it only for the refreshing cactusy sensation.
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Insangel 38: Tournament; Priere Vs. Cross

The area for these matches was 20 times wider then a football field and made of solid bedrock, which was one of the most dense materials in the world, It was outside in the back by itself. -

Priere made her way to the battlefield with an ice portal. She quickly fell to the ground and floated above the bedrock, sneering. Earth wasn't her favorite element, clearly.

"Ew, what the hell is this?"

She didn't even want to touch the ground. Good thing she restocked on her Cactus Water.

"So Signis, who is our opponent this time?"

Signis said nothing.

"... Huh. Pretty silent today. I might have Blue take this battle... She didn't get her time to shine last round..."

Signis: That would be the best choice of action.

"Eh? What do you mean?"

Signis: You will see. You should really pay more attention to your opponent's information...


*Cross walked in moments later, there wasn't much to observe about the field it was all flat. He looked at the girl in front of him, didn't seem like much... but then again she beat Alaude so whatever.*

"No Koudo yet... This is getting dull"

*Cross pressed his hands together then pulled them apart slowly. Something was digitizing into the area between his hands. Eventually it was a very combat oriented knife. He gripped it and wielded it flipped it around in his hand for a while.*

Priere didn't seem impressed by this guy, but then again she rarely was. She hated guys for the most part. Hahaha. Oh well, she had to battle this one. He seemed to know about Koudo.

"Eh? Koudo? You mean my right hand man? My servant? You're waiting to fight him? Hahaha, I beat him countless times, you're better off fighting his leader anyway."

Priere started to wave her hands around before being stopped by Signis.

Signis: No, Priere. We're letting Blue handle this one. Remember, she did not battle last round... He might have been watching the styles of you and me... But there is no way for him to know about how Blue fights.

Priere scoffed, dropping her hands.

"Ugh, fine, WHATEVER Signis. But if Blue doesn't do well I'm gonna be here on standby!"

Priere would relinquish her body over to Blue, the demon of the Insangel trio. The body's skin would turn completely pitch black, barely showing any of the features, and the clothing would become very fitting, dynamic attire for high mobility... Though because it was pitch black as well, it looked like her skin. Very hard to tell the difference. Her hair was as black as her body, as were her corneas... But the only things that weren't black were her bright, white, pointy smile and her piercing, cold, blue irises. This was Blue.

"... I'm your opponent."

Her eyes didn't blink, but she watched Cross' every move.

Signis: Now, Blue, I must warn you... (blahblahblahblahblah)

Blue said nothing as Signis babbled on in their mind.

*Cross observed Preiere demeanor, just flipping his knife around whistling a tune to himself. He wasn't particularly interested in what Priere was saying but he was looking at her insides with his X-Hair eye for anything out of the ordinary. Just like the last dusk ninja who could make Sound clones out of nowhere- this one had to be full of surprises.*]


*Eventually priere came to a halt, she switched nearly everything about her. Guess that was one of her gimmicks, and Cross figured this one had entirely different abilities than the previous seemingly 'normal' one.*

"Well, if I beat you then I can throw the fight with him."

*Cross said to Priere or... Blue now he supposed. He spun the knife around one last time gripping it in his hands while he used his free hand to pull out his left pistol.*

As Blue still stood there, Signis continued to talk to her, prepping her with info about Cross for the battle. Seems as though Signis knew quite a little bit about him, for he was much more well known than Alaude.

Signis: ... And most importantly, Blue, he is a Jounin... And not a fresh one, like Alaude. He's a well-seasoned one, so this battle will be far harder than what Priere and I had to go through last battle.

Priere: Not that it was that hard... It was just exceptionally annoying.

Signis: ... Well... Yes, but, you get what I'm saying. Regardless, we have your perimeter secure and me and my psychic powers will always help you out in dire times of need. Now... Go get him, Blue.

Once Signis FINALLY stopped talking, Blue could start the battle. Her first move was to faze out, fazing in apparently right in front of Cross, eyes black and ready to attack. From her chest would come a large blade-like object aiming to stab him directly in his stomach, whilst at the same time two large needles protruded from her shoulders and aimed to stab him in his as well. As she tried to stab him and keep him in place, her arms changed into blades and she would try to hack away at him at high speeds... So fast in fact that it looked as if she had a thousand hands all cutting at him in an attempt to slice him to shreds.

*It seemed that Blue was just standing there for a while... it was a stretch but Cross figured that the multiple personas of preiere could converse with one another. So it was reasonable to assume that they were sharing information, Cross assumed it was about him. But he had no idea how Priere got any intel on him, he would have to ask her after he beat her. When Blue disappeared from sight, Cross gripped his knife and his gun and got ready.*


*Cross went for a uppercut like slash vertically with his knife when Blue appeared in front of him. This knife was a special thermal knife which burned with intense heat adding to its cutting power, capable of cutting through the most dense substances like butter. Blue was no exception, he aimed to deal with the chest needle, then slash blue horizontally to prevent him from getting stabbed in the shoulder. Success or Not- Cross aimed to block Blue's bladed assualt with the same knife stopping her high speed super multi pronged assualt before it began.*

Blue was happy that Cross went for the feint, for the one he was attacking was not Blue, but her shadow. When trying to slice through her, it would be to no avail. He blocked the immediate threats, which were the chest needles, but didn't block the shoulder needles that stabbed into him to keep him in place. Blue;s Shadow's vicious slashing was stopped, but only for Blue to appear behind him, eyes gleaming brightly. She released the Big Blue, a large and powerful beam of Blue Energy from Blue's eyes. Naturally, because of the explosive nature of Blue Energy, upon contact with Cross it would explode grandly, and with such close range and him being pinned down by her shadow, she was hoping he couldn't escape the beam.

Once the beam was fired, she would land on the ground and her eyes would become black, staring intently at Cross. Blue's Shadow's body seemed to flicker, as did Blue's own, but they were both staring at him as if something was coming...

*It seemed that by some magical reason Cross couldn't slice through blue but block her assault, upon realizing this Cross would push blue off well in advance before her little shoulder needle shits motioned to run him through causing the clone Blue to fly off a good distance to separate her from our hero. Cross then turned his back to see that Blue was charging some laser from above, attacking from behind was the typical option... from the looks of the energy it seemed to have an explosive nature. Cross put a cross guard over his body and let the laser hit causing a dust storm to pick up cloaking him from sight, if blue had any other enhanced vision stuffs she would find that those as well would be rendered useless for some reason or another. Cross was using his cloaking device.*


*The air would grow still for a while as Blue touched the ground Cross would be in front of her emerging from the explosion practically unscathed, with a fist to her gut as it seemed he came out of nowhere. Cross' bio-metal skin was enhanced with cosmic energy sending his abilities soaring towards cosmic heights. He was a high-powered Jounin it would benefit preiere to take note of that. Cross noticed the body flickering... he didn't pay much attention to it. He was still testing Blue's abilities. The punch would be hard enough to disorient her for a while and Cross would follow up with his other hand aiming to stab her in the shoulder with his thermal knife which would continue to take her arm off.*

Pushing Blue's Shadow off of him, it was pushed quite a ways away. Blue was expecting that, which is why she switched places with her shadow yet again. Her eyes were gleaming blue, staring at Cross mess with her shadow. She and her shadow were flickering by now, which indicated that they were doing something... But to prevent anymore confusion, Blue would call her shadow back, having her disperse and reform at Blue's feet.

"... Close range... Isn't your style."

From what Signis had told her, Cross used his dimensional guns more than anything, so Blue was not aware at all about a knife or any close-combat info on Cross. It made her wonder, but all in all it didn't matter to her. She crossed her arms and waited for Cross to get situated so that they, or maybe just she since he might be on that, can get re-situated.

*Cross turned his back, seemed that Priere can switch bodies with her shadow... how cheap, but this was the ninja world. Cheapery was the leading currency around here. He laughed to himself seeing as how Priere's information was obviously high inaccurate. He didn't say anything though. He just kept up with the fighting. Cross gathered up an amazing amount of force, it sounded like his elbow and shoulder joints were revving up... probably all that adrenaline he was pumping through his body using his kekkei genkiai. Cross punched the ground with strength that could easily be confused with some of the higher power houses in this world. The Kenetic energy from the punch's response with the ground built up in his body, he took a step forwards disappearing from sight and appeared in front of priere with his punch from earlier; this one was obviously stronger and faster than the previous attempt.*

Blue was already in motion by the time Cross came in for attack, falling backwards and onto the ground... Or so it seemed. The moment she hit the ground, she sunk into her shadow and disappeared, quickly popping up out of Cross' own shadow, making a quick slice at his Achilles tendons with an attempt to snap them right off. Even with that quick strike, she continued moving out of his shadow and back behind him, far away once more. He easily displayed his power and he was very strong physically. Signis had noted that now.

Without much warning, Blue started to glow a blueish aura, the blueness flickering around her and seeming to grow larger and larger very quickly. It was almost like she was powering up, but it didn't seem that way.

Signis: Be careful. Whenever you see his hand to go his holster, he will be firing a dimensional bullet most likely, so you will have to react quite swiftly.

"... You know I am faster than bullets."

Signis: You are only faster if you see them coming at you.

Blue became silent, not worrying herself with that at the moment. He was trying to fight physically it would seem, and Blue figured he was out of whack with such things, so she wasn't going to pay him much mind fighting like that... But that didn't mean she was going to underestimate his power. He had already displayed that much.

Signis: ... Blue. I have an idea! This will ensure that I can see everything that goes on in the arena at all times! A big advantage! Come, let us converse...

Signis began to talk to Blue, naturally still in their head, with Priere overhearing it as well. Blue still stayed focused on Cross, for unlike Priere, Blue's attention could not be diverted and she could multitask with ease.

*Upon Cross missing it seemed that blue was falling backwards into the ground, Cross anticipated a shadow based assault would follow. Luckily Blue's shadow based abilities were more of the annoying sort than the pwnage sort, so Cross wouldn't have to worry about anything too out of the ordinary. Cross had figured out that Blue had the ability to section off which portion of her she wanted to turn intangible, and how long she could stay untouchable. Upon Striking his tendons Cross' ring was lit paralyzing the will of blue with the green paralyzing flames. Now Blue was connected to Cross' tendons paralyzed upon contact.*

"You're not going anywhere..."

*Cross said, unfortunately Blue was behind his back... and in order to keep Blue in place Cross had to stay put. But he snapped his fingers and instantly massive claw marks would appear slashing along Cross' shadow over and over, these were from some massive mechanical beast that was melded in with space through out the battle and followed Cross wherever he went. It seems that preires attempts to gather intel simply had her wondering 'why wasnt he using guns' the whole time and left her to make stupid moves. Even though upon touching Cross' tendons Blue was paralyzed tangibly, the tiger claws have the ability to claw straight through the intangible like butter with great quickness.*

With Blue stuck like that, Signis quickly reacted in her stead, bringing her back and switching out with her with not a moment to spare, releasing powerful electrical waves from herself to push away anything that got near via altering charges. With the same ability, she pushed herself away with the electricity and got where she needed to be away from Cross

"... Huff... Huff... Such swift changes does not do well for our energy... Blue, stay put for a while... Priere will handle him. It is most necessary that I stay in the background for this fight..."

Signis let Priere take over the body now, and she would quickly start to wave her hands around in the air.

"Dammit, Signis! I don't feel like doing this! So what, what are you saying, we need to work collaboratively on the outside to beat him rather than inside of my head?"

Signis: Precisely.

"Uuuugh! Fiiiine, whatever. He IS a GOOD Jounin after all, so I guess it makes sense."

Now that Priere was out, she waited and watched him carefully, just as Signis and Blue did internally. Now the 3 had to fight on a different level than they had done in the past. How exciting.

*Signis barely escaped, the Lighting flames solidification factor was forcing through her silly electrical charge that she exerted to force herself backwards, now there were deep claw gashes in the ground where Blue was supposed to get cut at. Oh well, no use crying over spilled milk; upon missing Cross put the gun he pulled out earlier back in his holster.*

"You talk sooo much..."

*Cross said, upon placing his gun back comfortably an array of bullets would appear around priere about 4-5 feet away. The speed at which they were moving made up for their starting distance. Priere would distract herself from the bullets for a brief moment to disappear and reappear with his hand inside Priere's shadow from behind.*

Signis was watching the gun and waiting for the moment right before he released the bullets, then figured out just how many were coming and from where. A psychic was useful on this team, it seems...

Signis: Priere, switch now!

Without any extra thought put into it, Priere and Signis switched and now Signis was in control of the body, releasing more electricity generated from her body to repel the bullets in the same fashion as before. The very moment she had repelled them all, Priere would switch back in. She was panting from being drained from switching that fast...

Signis: Priere, drink!

Priere nodded, waving her hand whilst she grabbed a bottle of Cactus Water under her dress and gulped it down. Before she was even finished, Signis told her again.

Signis: Priere, your shadow!

And with a sort of reflexive action, Priere created a thick icy wall behind her that would cause her shadow to be cast on the ice wall rather than on the ground where Cross had attacked as well put a barrier between Cross and herself.

Signis: Priere, attack!

Priere snapped her fingers and Ice Spikes would jut out extremely long lengths from out of the ice block, aiming to impale Cross again. By this time, Priere had finished gulping down her water, awayed the canister and pulled out another one.

"You know, I'm getting sick of you ordering me around... You're lucky that switching drains us so much or else..."

With Priere doing so much at once, drinking her Cactus Water was going to be useful until she got some time to herself. She started gulping that one down, waving her other hand at very high speeds.

*As if Priere could repel the bullets, switch, drink something AND make an ice wall that fast for Cross to be thwarted. It was hilarious to think that Priere could do all of that in time... Cross was behind her as soon as his bullet fired Cross had endured Priere's half assed attempt to knock his bullets away which was taking a nice heap of energy on her part and already had his hand deep in priere's shadow. From the looks of things it had appeared that Cross had shadow based abilities. It was obviously not the case.*

"Time to go...."

*It seemes as priere erected a wall of Ice to stop Cross after he was finished doing what he needed to do, he hopped back and coated his body in lightning flame while he materialized something in his hand. He then lunged forward punching clean through the ice wall, his punch came through about the time priere had finished drinking her first cactus water. The action of pulling out another one let alone drinking it was interrupted. Now priere's shadow showed no obvious change outside of the fact that Cross' chakra was inside. What had cross done? Cross aimed to punch Priere through the skull*

With Signis instructing her so much, she didn't seem to take into account the difference in speed between Priere and Cross, forgetting that Priere was much slower than Blue, who was able to keep up with Cross just fine. Priere was indeed the slowest in terms of movement, but definitely the most versatile of the 3. As she was casting the Ice Spikes, Cross had punched through, probably causing the spikes to impale him in numerous ways, as they were cast before Priere finished with her water. When breaking through, most of the spikes would stab into Cross' arm to keep him from moving as fast or as forcefully with the punch and give Priere more time, even if slight, to react. With some more quick thinking, she brought her hand up to take the punch, the punch colliding with her arm cuff as the ice melted to water in his arm. The way she angled it, the punch would conveniently have hit the cuff in its detaching point, causing the cuff to unlock from around her arm... At first shocked, Priere quickly realized what happened and smiled a sinister smile.

"I forgot... Those were weighted."

When the cuff hit the ground, it would actually cause the ground to crack a little bit, and with the ground being bedrock, it must have shown both the density of the material and the weight of just one cuff.

"A lot."

Now with Priere's arm free, she'd be able to do things exponentially faster, hopefully giving her the edge she needed right now, even if it was just one arm. Floating a little bit away, she would begin to drink her second bottle of Cactus water, waving her hand around furiously. The speed in which it was moving was unreal... But in the meantime....

Signis: Priere! I have detected that his chakra is within you. Unfortunately, I cannot rid it of you for it is not contaminated within my own chakra, therefore it isn't under my jurisdiction. This is why we must train in the 'Half-Switch' ability after this, so problems like this do not arise later!

"I've got this, Signis. He may have his chakra in but, we've got him in the same way, right?"

With Priere's arm moving so quickly, she was actually spreading the water that had just entered Cross' bloodstream at an incredible rate. She was able to do this to Koudo a long time ago to cause his entire bloodstream to freeze over with time, but since Priere's arm cuff was released, it should take a good 15 seconds for the bloodstream to be contaminated fully and under Priere's control. She just needed that 15 seconds...

*In essence, Priere's plan was a total waste... even if Cross arm was thwarted that much by priere's wall making mishap Cross' body was surrounded in the lightning flame. MAYBE, she should have the rain flame and then her plan would have been pro status. But in essence it was not pro at all so Cross' fist would slam against Priere's handcuffs and would reach for his pistol and fire, out of Priere's shadow would emerge a steady stream of bullets that would shoot her in the back. Cross reached for it as quick as he could, and considering the adrenaline he was pumping beating him in a quickdraw contest only to be shot in the back was highly unlikely. While shooting down the latter half of Priere's post is rather bogus all that occurred is rather true.*


Well anyway. Without much she could do about it, Priere was shot in the back, but was able to stop much loss of blood and a majority of the injury with her incredibly fast casting, coating her wounds in ice, which essentially regenerate her body... Though since it isn't natural, it would occur much slower. But at least no blood was coming out.

"God... Dammit... Stupid dimensional rift bullets... and damn that... Fucking ring..."

And so sparks her hatred of the ring. Priere held her abdomen tightly with her cuffed arm, not going to let it go.. it's to help the magic stay, really. Switching out now would probably not be the best course of action, for Priere was the only one who could regenerate without the help of a third party... Signis needed to drain energy from other things and Blue needed to reside in the shadows or darkness. Looks like it was up to the wounded Priere and her fast hand.

"You know what? Fuck this. I don't even care anymore. Fuck being conservative. I'll go all out!"

Signis: No! You are a fool!

"Shut up, Signis!"

Priere slammed her hand to the ground, a masterfully large ice seal being created on it and shattering, revealing a portal to a barren world of pure snow and nothingness.

"I hope you can fly, Cross. Otherwise, I'm taking you down into The Tundra!"

The portal generated an incredibly powerful suction, trying to take in everything in the general area. From the strain it was putting on Priere, keepin this portal open was draining her significantly, but to her mouth were two more bottles of Cactus Water. She was manipulating the water inside of them to have the bottles float to her and so she could drink as she kept the portal open. Through all of this, her eyes were dead on Cross, channeling so much pure... Hatred to him.


*Cross couldn't say much there was a vacuum sucking him towards what seemed to be something called the 'Taundra'. His bullet hitting pretty much ended the fight though. The bullets that priere was hit with was Cross' special anti-akuma bullets. Especially good against magic and they drain chakra as the battle goes on. Priere was almost on empty... this was just speeding the process up. Guess she was too blinded by rage to realize that, but in all seriousness Cross would have been too. But for now he had to focus on not entering a place where Priere had the full advantage... though priere's intel should have told her what is gonna happen.*


*Is all Cross said he reached behind him grabbing what seemed to be an invisible rope of sorts, it kept him flailing in the strong suction winds. Through all this Cross was still clicking his trigger shooting Priere with more bullets, less the chakra eating kind... but others they would come out of her shadow once more making the reaction time rather limited.*

Even though she was downing the two bottles as if they were nothing, not as much of her energy was being restored as it should. Signis wasn't saying anything at this point, which angered Priere because she actually WANTED her to talk now.

"Signis, status report."

Signis: Oh, now you want one after you--


Signis: ... Be lucky that this is my body as well now. The bullets that hit you were not ordinary. They were of Anti-Akuma variety. Unlike you, I got some information on said weapons, since we are of the Dusk village. They seem to be made specifically to combat the supernatural and... Magic counts, It is draining your magical power just as fast as you are gaining it. You are at a standstill until you drink your very last bottle of Cactus Water... and you have only one remaining.

"... Who GAVE this guy all of this STUFF? Do people just not monitor how much stuff they give to people? Ugh, whatever. Who made the Anti-Akuma shits?"

Signis: One of our Kage, Hakku.

"Kage, huh? Doesn't matter. Make sure she suffers for that. And who made that ring doo-hickey?"

Signis: One of the other Kage, Mahk-X.

"... ANOTHER Kage? They don't realize what they're doing, huh? Oh well, him too. And those guns?"

Signis: ... I am pretty sure those are just his personal weapons.

"All the more reason to hate him."

Naturally, that entire conversation in Priere's head didn't last more than a couple of seconds, which normally none of them did last longer than that. They happened much faster than what was happening in reality. Nevertheless, Signis warned Priere of his trigger-happiness, and Priere was ready to retort.

"Oh no, I'm not falling for that agai-- Wait."

Priere realized... There was nothing happening. No bullets came out. Her shadow was gone. Below her was the portal that kept The Tundra open. Shadows were not cast in there. How... Very very lucky for her. Though, observing it some more... Cross seemed to be in a vulnerable position. Firing with one hand... Holding on to a rope in the other. The portal was just below his feet and the edge of the portal was a little ways back, I'd say a good 30 feet. It was less than a foot away from his... foot, and in one move, Priere could have him trapped. Well, might as well take the chance while he was vulnerable. Priere had the portal go up above the two, basically taking them both in, then immediately had it reseal, then close up. Unless Cross could do something to prevent that, that was his demise... And Priere so hoped that it was.

*Cross pulling the trigger was no mistake... unfortunately for priere he was initiating his aftershock technique the likes of which caused his anti-akuma bullets to implode from within the body totally rupturing the chakra network to prevent use in the battle. The likes of which probably should stop the portal from running. Cross assumed that Priere would think that more bullets would fire out of her nonexistent shadow just so that she would become ignorant of what is really happening to her; the after shock with the anti-akuma bullets is virtually a nonexistent process taking the most skilled of sensors to detect. Perhaps Priere is that pro...*

"Guess she's not playing around."

*Cross let go of his rope and signed to himself 'banishing' himself from this plane of existence turning him transparent almost. He couldn't attack in this form but he was practically immune to all the worlds ills on the planet for a while. Cross touched back down on the ground softly stretching amongst the super suction of the rift he wasn't going there... at all.*

Well Priere could feel her chakra fall down to almost nothing very quickly, having the portal close with her inside of it, despite if Cross was in there or not. That was her greatest advantage right here.

Signis: Priere, the bullets have left your body, but he has done something to cause them to totally deplete your power... Perhaps... An after effect of the bullets?

Naturally with Signis scanning the body she knew that she was not harboring the bullets anymore, but piecing together information was like... It was kinda obvious that Cross had an after effect and if there was nothing inside... He had removed the bullets. But oh well. Priere touched the ground, stumbling, as she usually floated above ground. She was in the snow, feeble and barely able to stand up.

"... Dammit... Did I lose...? That... That's never happened to me before... This feels... Weird..."

The Tundra: You only lose when you give up. If you have given up, then you have lost.

Priere looked up, remembering that this place was CREATED by her ancestors... This was their tribute. This was the abysmal space only accessible and by her means and those of her bloodline. That may have meant nothing to Cross, but it meant everything to Priere.

"... Ha... Haha... You're right... You're so, so right... That's what I pride myself on. Not winning... Not being powerful or cheap or broken... No... That's why I'm so proud of Koudo and always enjoy fighting him... He doesn't give up. And neither will I."

Priere looked up at The Tundra, in its turtle-esque form. It was large. Very large. Colossal. Humungous. Astronomical, even. Priere couldn't use her magic and her chakra was damn well useless here... But it didn't matter. This was where she kept her arsenal... Her weaponry. In her own place. She called for them... Her Chainsaw Sword... her android, Frio... and The Tundra.

"Everyone... Everyone...! This is our battle now! Frio! The Tundra! Signis! Blue! When we leave this place and back to the battlefield... We'll be victorious."

Priere looked up and pointed right above her.

"The Tundra! A portal, now!"

Almost as if Priere commanded it herself, a massive portal opened up right in the spot where it had closed before where Cross was. Only now, the portal was so much larger than before, needing to be able to get The Tundra through. On the back of The Tundra, there would be Priere standing up on her own two feet, Chainsaw Sword in hand and Frio right beside her. The Tundra and all of his massiveness would bring itself out of the portal completely. Priere looked down at Cross with nothing but a prideful sneer, Signis and Blue on standby.

"Did you think that would stop me, dimensional gunslinger? Now I know all about your little dirty tricks and since you left me in MY own place, I just decided to stock up on my stuff. So what if I can't use my magic? I won't rely on it. And now that I know you could only harm me with those special bullets..."

She didn't finish her sentence. She didn't even know if Cross could hear her from aaaaalll the way down there. She didn't care. Her motivation was back.

"You're a fucking idiot."

*Cross said, turning to face Priere stretching his left arm across his chest. Guess this was round two... Cross was satisfied in knowing that he had won round 1. After all, priere was the type of foes that he naturally beat. The one's with soo many openings behind they're flashy attacks. Cross gazed upon the giant battle ship and smirked... he always wanted to single handedly take down something this massive. He was more than perfectly capable of doing it. But disabling prieres magic gave Cross a huge advantage. Priere didn't seem like the combat type... as it is a secondary skill to her.*

"I'll just beat you again."

*Cross began to transform dawning a more awesome appearance. His bio metal was transforming within him exploiting his most basic ability to astronomical heights... the ability to manipulate his adrenaline flow.*

"You ready?"

*Cross said drawing his two pistols that were strapped to his back, Cross was way more than a dimensional gunner. He was an assassin... a master in several arts of killing. Shooting was just the first one he learned.*

"Oh yeah, real ready. Thanks for asking."

Priere talked to Signis in her head for a little bit before looking over to Frio. She nodded her head and Frio was off in a burst of misty liquid nitrogen explosion. She flew at Cross at a high speed as Priere was taken down to the front of The Tundra, revving up her Chainsaw Sword, which would release a massive burst of freezing cold air and mist. The Tundra would do the same, releasing freezing mist from itself as it prepped its cannons.


Without warning, a huge onslaught of heavy artillery fire would be shot from the sides of The Tundra; thousands of cannon shots of freezing, destructive energy shooting at and around Cross and even in places Cross was not in as to try to hit him in places where he might move so that the chances were more likely of him being frozen instantaneously by the beams if they were to hit. Priere smirked, having a whole new confidence within herself, even without magic. She hadn't used her Chainsaw Sword in a long while, but she hadn't gotten rusty with it. That, she was sure of.

Battle sequence initiated...

*Cross took a track runners stance while Frio was flying towards him, Priere was significantly far away so Cross had a second or two to prepare... in this time his body was pumping so much adrenaline into his body that it was converting it into raw energy for Cross to use. Cross was using it in different ways. Cross took off, which would seem like he completely disappeared from sight leaving a massive crater in his wake. All that could be heard was Cross breathing.*


*Cross completely circumvented the incoming frio as if he started in front of where Frio was already. But the blasts from the taundra were upon Cross as he flew through the air with his massive speed boost landing on the ground once more Cross weaved in between and around the blasts in very fluid motions and flips. He could see things in slow motion in this suit, hitting him would be difficult. The Taundra was nothing to mess around with Cross was frozen on some parts of his armor but it was nothing major. After he ran around the Taundra for the length of time priere would spend observing the aftermath of her ridiculous assualt Cross was placing various grenades on the outside of the taundra. Special ones for later. He eventually landed in front of Priere in a crouching position standing with his guns in his hands, the energy that was being exerted from his body disintegrated the icy mist that threatened Cross.*

"That was pretty cool... My turn though"

*Cross struck a stance involving his two guns, it was time to end this for good now. He threw a kick to priere's head aiming to take it off, the speed of this kick was rather fast. Nothing like the speed he was using earlier. He was trying to see how good priere was close range.*

Signis was working overdrive right here. She was managing both Priere and Frio, but at the same time, the pressure seemed to add power to her psychic abilities, making them just a tad bit more potent. At least she was good under pressure. When Frio's initial dash was evaded, she immediately stopped and followed Cross around the arena, picking up his droppings with her specially made tendrils that were made specifically to pick up objects that would normally destroy what they touched. Useful little droid. She would put them all together and throw them into the mouth of the Tundra, which in turn led to The Tundra. She flew into the sky soon after.

Now as for Cross and Priere, with Signis still able to detect him and Priere's one arm unlocked, that was more than enough to withstand his speed. Match, no, but withstand, definitely. When Cross made his kick, Priere brought up the Chainsaw Sword, which spun violently and unleashed icy sparks everywhere. The adaptive blade had changed to Priere's liking... That of coldness. Though she couldn't use her magic, this blade's natural adaptive abilities kicked in just fine. With it revving up so much, it released the same freezing mist that Cross' energy was getting rid of, leaving them at a standstill, though the impact of Cross' kick threw Priere for a loop.

"Gh... Wow.... Adrenaline must be pumpin, huh?"

Skidding across the immense battliefield of The Tundra, Priere said that without knowing that he was actually using adrenaline to make himself so fast. Coincidence? I think not. No, but seriously, it was. Though, she couldn't figure out why he would get onto The Tundra knowing that it was the enemy's battleship...

That being stated, without warning, a massive dome appeared around the place where Priere and Cross were fighting ontop of The Tundra... Perhaps to keep them there so Cross couldn't move anymore... But was that really good for Priere? The Tundra must have known. From around the sides, a few hundred large turrets revealed themselves, all aiming at Cross. They fired off round after round after shot after shot of freezing bullets at him, not particularly trying to freeze him this time, but pierce through his body and potentially freeze him from the inside.

"Well this is new... I bet The Tundra has all sorts of cool battleship stuff on it... And speaking of which... I'll need to bring out the Living Ice soon... It could help me out."

Priere had to be as resourceful as she could without the use of her magic. Any weapon she had at her disposal was going to be good here... And the best part about using the Living Ice was that no matter how much he destroyed it in whatever way, it would always come back after a while. She just needed to endure... But with Signis and Blue on her side, she'd definitely pull through.

*During the time Cross had connected with his kick he noticed that he had lost connection with the gernades he placed on the massive battleship... they seemed to have transported into the mouth of the massive, seemingly living beast. Nice. Cross landed on the ground after he sent priere flying a good distance and aimed on following up with a punch to her face, but he was interrupted with the guns pointing at him from above.*


*Cross said, he disappeared once more doging across the battle field for some time in a rather awesome acrobatic fashion. Some of the shots from the Taundra Cross was shooting himself to cause them to pre detonate in which they would no longer harm our hero. Cross continued until the battery of pwnage ice cannons stopped. He slid to a stop with a c4 detonator in his hand and said to himself.*

"I win..."

*Cross said as he was several feet away from priere, his body was all steamy from running around and creating that much energy for him to contain. Cross let the vizor of his helmet slide up revealing the face he dons in his avatar; the gernades that were in the taundras mouth appeared in the area that Cross and Priere were fighting in. There were hundreds of thousands since the taundra is so massive. But all in here there was a small sea of them, they floated about. Priere had practically any breathing room. Cross pressed the button and a black smog filled the area; these were Cross' stun impact gernades that, in large quantities could give Priere a very unpleasant near death experience and damage this particular section of the Taundra heavily. Cross himself had to disappear for a moment. But thanks to his suit's ability for him to see things in slow motion. He was okay.*

Signis: Frio had rid the area of Cross' droppings. The area is clear. The sneak attack has been disbanded.

Priere had a cocky smirk on her face as usual, even though it seemed as though she was losing right now. As Cross skillfully evaded the frozen bullets, Priere was busy thinking of a way-- any way-- to stop him.


She couldn't think of anything and it seemed like her time to think had run out. He'd handled the turrets and was stopped, steaming. When his visor opened, Priere took a good, hard look at his face, vowing never to forget it.

"... Cross..."

Though in her moment, she noticed what was in his hand. A detonator.

"... Wait... Is that...!?"

He was aiming to blow up something. But how? But what? The grenades he had set up were dealt with by Frio... Unless... They weren't disposed of correctly. Before Priere could do much else, the swarm of grenades was within the barrier and Cross was gone.

"Dammit! What am I gonna do now!? These grenades..."

Priere had barely any room to move, but still had some, and the grenades were about to go off. She only looked at her Chainsaw Sword in her hand, already hatching an idea.

Signis: Priere, no! These grenades... They will not explode like normal ones. They are different in some way, but they are meant to harm you in means other than the explosion. Do not use the Reverse Rotation of the Chainsaw Sword!!

Priere wasn't listening to Signis anymore. She had her own plan and was going to use it effectively... Thank god Cross delivered that kick before, or else it wouldn't be possible now.

"Ha... Oh, screw it."

The barrier lowered as the grenades released their blackness, and Priere only revved up her Chainsaw Sword even more violently than before. It had released the stored up force it had taken from Cross' kick as a massive burst, blowing away everything in Priere's area, the grenades, the smoke and all. The force of such a burst was a bit much for Priere as well as her Chainsaw Sword, causing its engine to overload. Priere's legs buckled as she gripped with both hands.

Signis: Priere! It's going to explode! You must let go!

"Crap... I'm gonna have to fix this piece of shit in the morning... But I knew it would come to this!"

With all her very little remaining might, she chucked the Chainsaw Sword high into the air, falling backward from the force of her own throw, watching it make a massive explosion in the air, one that could be seen for miles and miles. After a moment or two, the Chainsaw Sword would fall back down right next to Priere, sizzling. Blackened. Yet, somehow, still intact. It was an odd weapon blessed with an odd, but wonderful power, it seemed. As all that was done with, Priere was informed that she had lost. It wasn't something she was good at coping with, yet she could still tolerate it. This time.

"Hmph. Well I guess I'll be off to fix myself up for the next time."

Priere picked her Chainsaw Sword up from the ground as it seemed to burn her hand, then rapidly cool down to a chilly, icy state.

"This isn't over. You are just one of the very few that I'll accept A loss from. Given that I had more time, the tables would have turned... But for now, I just want you to know... I'll be back for you, Cross."

Priere looked down, then back up, stepping on The Tundra once, and the same massive portal it came from would open up again, causing it to slowly sink down into The Tundra (plane) with Priere along with it. Slowly descending from the clouds would be Frio as well, following right behind.

Frio: Cross...

The portal would close behind these 3 and they would exit the arena.
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Insangel 39: Koudo! Is It Ready?

Priere came into the Flash Freeze Factory looking for Koudo. Without even taking initiative to look around, she shouted throughout the huge room.

"Koudo!! Are my robots ready!?"

She wanted to get everything she needed out of the way right now. After she collected her bots, she could ask Koudo for a training session so that she could learn this 'Half Switch' that Signis kept bugging her about.

<~ Upon entering the Flash-Freeze Factory, Priere would be met with the sounds of machines moving and grooving to their own respective beats. The sound of a blow torch could be heard in the background, and the sounds of something being screwed into something else could also be heard. It was safe to assume that.... the factory was busy with production of something. What, however, was anyone's guess. Just to put it out there now though, it was not Priere's robots. They were finished ages ago.

Normally, with all the noise inside the factory one would think that Koudo couldn't and wouldn't be able to hear Priere no matter how loud she yelled. This was the truth, normally of course. But Koudo seemed to come from the back at the right as she finished yelling. He was dressed in a jumpsuit covered in oil, dirt, and other fluids, with goggles over his eyes and a dingy towel in his dirty hands. It was quite the site for someone that rarely got his hands dirty when he was working on something.

Koudo lifted his goggles from his eyes and waved for Priere to come on deeper into the factory, into his lab in the back. ~>

" Long time no see. "

<~ He said, attempting to make small talk as they made their way towards the back. ~>

Priere smirked, laughing a little to herself at the realization that it really had been a long time since she had been in contact with her entire gang... And it was still missing that final member she wanted so much... As well as a name. Focused on all of the big things, Priere hadn't even gotten to the original little problems that they had. She'd have to do that soon.

"Yeah... I know. But I've been working on my own a little bit, you know? BUT! Now is not the time for smalltalk, Koudo! I need to have my robots up and running! Frio's Sister, Signis' bots and Blue's bots are necessary right now! We're coming up on a climax soon!"

Preire had a sense of duty right now... After that battle with Cross, she knew that she had to. They were about to embark on a new mission... They were going to become Jounin. They were going to finally be up there and she felt that they needed to be prepared.

<~ Koudo finished cleaning his hands of the grease and grime of getting down and dirty with building instead of using his KG to just make the thing build itself. He liked manual labor every once in a while, what ninja didn't right? Koudo snickered though before tossing the dirtied towel to the side. ~>

" Coming up on a climax huh? Yeah, they're in the lab been there for a while now. I was just waiting for you to come pick them up. "

<~ Koudo said as they walked pass the place that he was just working in. The door was a cracked a little bit and the only thing that could be seen were a few smaller robots zipping back and forth around the room. They were Koudo's helpers, but a larger, bulkier robot walked to the door and slammed it shut quickly. That was Koudo's Bouncerbot. Just something Koudo built when he was bored. ~>

" So, I heard from Perura that she'd be going Soul Hunting pretty soon. I should have sent Maina and Naina with her. What have you been working on? "

Priere moved into the lab as Koudo talked, taking her robots out via means of magic, then came back out just as Koudo finished talking. She heard everything he said, though.

"Yeah, I haven't seen to much of the weapon trio myself. I hope that that Perura gets up to Jounin as well, especially since we're gonna be."

Priere eyed the bots up and down (don't feel like pulling up the pictures or describing them, haha) and she smiled contentedly.

"Great work as usual, Koudo."

A glimmer came to her eye as if she had big plans for these bots. Frio had done her well and she wanted these ones to do herself and her other selves quite well as well.

"Hm? Me? I've just been... Training. Learning the secrets of my Grimoire. I've learned quite a bit about it, my powers and my heritage from it. But uh, speaking of training... You're gonna help me out with some training, you know."

As usual, she did not ask, but told Koudo what was going to happen. Such was how the leader of this gang was.

" Apparently Maina and Naina have done pretty well for themselves, training with Khrona's soul weapons and all and we don't have to worry about Perura, I'm sure she's finishing off someone right now as we speak... or at least fighting them with all she's got. "

<~ Koudo was confident in all the weapons that were in the gang. They all were unique in their own way, and they were all pretty powerful. It made Koudo wonder if he should go to Shibusen to learn some of those Meister techniques like Self Resonance and the other ones that come after. He'd do it later since he was more interested in what Priere just said. ~>

" It's always training with you... can't you ever stop by to just say hi? "

<~ Koudo asked with a smirk before cracking his knuckles and unzipping the top of his jumpsuit. He slipped out of the top part and let it dangle. No worries, he had on a muscle shirt underneath. He punched one hand into the other. ~>

" Well? "

Priere smirked, awaying the robots into an Ice Portal skillfully made behind her.

"You fool. We can stop by for hi's once we're on the top."

Priere didn't take her normal fighting position this time, however... As she didn't intend on fighting Koudo in the conventional ways she did before. Right now she was more focused on both learning and mastering the Half-Switch in one go.

"Ready Signis...? Just tell me how this works..."

Signis: I would suggest having lots of Cactus Water handy on you. When we first start out, the drain on your power will be immense.

"One step ahead of you."

Priere had her entire body damn near strapped down with Cactus Water. She was ready to go.

Signis: Alright, the Half-Switch is a voluntary ability between yourself and whomever is trying to attack. You may only change one bodypart at a time, unless they are a set, such as Arms and Legs, fingers or toes or the like. Our minds must be perfectly in sync or else there will be a terrible strain on our mind and bodies. Such is to say, you understand how that Soul Resonance works? That is what we must do.

Priere understood Signis loud and clear. But understanding and initiating are two different things entirely... Priere began to concentrate on her hand, as did Signis... Waiting to see the outcome and for Koudo's attack.

" I'll go first. "

<~ There was something he wanted to try anyway, something he'd seen himself do when he was on that mission a little while back. Koudo backflipped a good ways and slid backwards gathering an immense amount of speed while signing with one hand and drawing his sword from a rift in space with the other hand. He took off towards Priere. Leaving a crater in his wake. ~>

" Pay attention! "

<~ Koudo headed towards Priere looking like a fluid lightning bolt streaking through the air with exceedingly fast speed and power, with his sword held over his shoulder aiming to strike clean through Priere's body with both his sword and his body. ~>

As Koudo gained his speed and momentum, Priere was concentrating very little on him, but moreso on how this Half-Switch was going to work. She felt the same energy as when she and Signis switched places, but nothing was happening in her arms yet... What was going on?

There was no more time to wait. Koudo had come in for an attack fast. After fighting so many fast people, Priere was rather used to fast attacks now, and could somewhat see what came at her at such speeds now, even though it wasn't exactly all that clear. She made out the sword and where Koudo was going to strike from, and naturally raised her hand up instinctively to block it... without any protection.

"Sh-Shit! This is gonna hurt--"

But, to Priere's surprise, the blade did not make contact at all. An electrical current was shot from her hands strong enough to repulse the blade as it was about to make contact, and most likely large enough to send Koudo away as well. Seemed like the Half-Switch was successful...

"Hahahaha! Yes! It work-- Gh..."

Priere immediately stopped floating and let her feet touch the ground, wobbling a little bit.

"That little attack took that much power from me...?"

She was surprised. Very surprised. Signis wasn't joking. And she could also tell that her hand had changed back into her own now. She couldn't even sustain the half-switch for that long. Yeah, she was definitely gonna work this ability until it was natural. She popped out some Cactus water, gulped it all down almost in one swallow, feeling fully replenished in power, then started up concentration again...

<~ Koudo smirked a little to himself, thinking that Signis had come and taken over the battle and not that Priere had used some of Signis' electricity without them having to switch, he was tossed backwards towards a wall, but he only used that momentum to rotate backwards and push off the wall with his feet to come in just as fast, if not faster, than he had been moving previously. The cloak of storm chakra still very apparent though something was missing.... his sword. He just aimed to slam his body into hers that's it, that's all and take the explosion that would ensue from them colliding head on. ~>

Priere's concentration now was with Blue instead of Signis, trying to see if she was easier to sync up with than with Signis. She could feel more willingness than with Signis, so the sync up was faster, but it seemed to have the same effect as the first time... Nothing really felt any different. As Koudo came near Priere was thinking about how to defend against him again... He had a new sort of energy was surrounding him this time so she was a little wary...

"Tch, come at me bro--"

Against her will, she moved at incredible speeds out into another direction out of the way of Koudo's straight charge. She was moving... much, much, much MUCH faster than normal, matching Koudo's speeds, in fact... But how--


She looked down at her legs... Slender... completely blackened out... These were Blue's legs. It was a success.

"Hahaha! I guess it really did work-- Gah!"

Priere started to breathe heavily a little bit. This drained her just as much as the other one with Signis. She whipped out that Cactus water once more and gulped it down again, restoring her energy. But, Blue's legs didn't revert back into Priere's.


<~ Koudo slammed into the ground and a large explosion ensued just as promised, but when the smoke and everything cleared he was standing there, almost unmoved with an orange energy that flowed from his legs to the top of his head before disappearing. He turned and looked at Priere. ~>

" Alrighty, a straight charge isn't gonna work. "

<~ He began to back track, signing as he did so and charging a small amount of lightning to his hand. Before he thrusts his hand forward and chains of lightning shot from it aiming to tangle up and bind Priere in the worst possible way. ~>

With her power fully replenished, Priere was able to sustain the Half-Switch for just a little longer. She was trying to figure out why that was, but without warning her legs would begin to move against her will... Blue was acting instinctively. Priere would expertly dodge all of the bolts with all the speed, grace and precision of Blue, though without her consent. It didn't seem that Priere was on the same mind link as Blue, but it didn't really matter right now... She'd have to learn to do that so that they'd know what the other wanted to do with the bodypart. This was a tough thing to master.

Anywho, Priere was just about done dodging lightning bolts when finally, her legs reverted to normal, and because Priere's legs were not built for moving that fast, she fell, avoiding the last bolt by a hair.


She sprung up rather swiftly, feeling the drain of the Half-Switch again. It seemed to be a little less this time.

"Okay, so it's lasting longer and causing less of a drain now... But not by much. I must keep going!"

Priere drank some Cactus water. This time, she aimed to half-switch with both Blue and Signis at the exact same time. She hoped that one would go well... In the meantime, it was time for Koudo to attack again. She hadn't launched an attack at him all battle, but naturally... It wasn't like she could. Half-Switching was serious business.

<~ Koudo was shocked that she'd avoided getting tied up and shocked by his chains of lightning, but no matter he was learning as well. He wasn't sure how Priere had gotten her body to accelerate like that, but he was sure that it was Priere in control of the body and not one of the other two. What the hell was she doing then? Pushing the thought to be back of his head, Koudo pulled his gun from it's rift and fired a bullet into the rift at the same time. Portals began opening randomly all around the room and the bullet ricocheted from one portal to the next until one finally opened right next to Priere's head... ~>

" Bang. "

<~ Was all he said. Could she dodge the bullet, that was the question. ~>

Priere was pissed that she fell like that. The Half-Switch went out too early and she lost control. But, practice makes perfect, right? She'd just have to do it again. She started to concentrate again... but then heard Koudo.

... Bang...?

Priere's mind filled with thoughts... One thought in particular. She could only think about the experience she had with Cross. That damn battle... that damn time limit... She could have defeated him if given a chance!


The bullet was coming at her head in slow motion. All the while, she was thinking of Cross and that battle. It made her more and more angry... She was getting pissed... Getting pissed... Getting pissed! Finally, as the bullet was about to impale her skull, her eyes gleamed white and Priere disappeared. She reappeared almost instantaneously behind Koudo, black Ice Pillars shooting up around the two of them to the ceiling and charged with a huge amount of electricity. Priere's hands were that of Signis while her legs were that of Blue. She had combined the use of all 3 of their powers into one, and was even controlling her Cactus Water, which was flowing from the bottle and into her mouth constantly. Electricity exploded from her body... Violently.

What is this?

<~ Koudo asked himself while the pillars of black ice pulsating with electricity manifested around him. He looked back and forth, from left to right, before looking over his shoulder at the super charged Priere. Something was different. This wasn't an ordinary training session and that made Koudo smirk. He turned around. ~>

" You're using me as a training dummy again, aren't you? Unfortunately... "

<~ Koudo began to sign before he thrust his arms downward, the gun in his hand beginning to pulsate with some special kind of orange energy, in his other hand was his sword which was pulsating with the silvery blue energy Priere had come to know and love. He flipped the sword in the air and grabbed it from the sky in a reversed grip while he held his gun over it. ~>

" I won't take this lying down. "

<~ He beckoned her forward. He wanted to test the capabilities of his infestation release now that he'd unlocked the second part to his KG. Of course Priere wouldn't be aware of this tiny detail. ~>

Priere immediately noticed the new glowing energy with his gun... She didn't know what it was, but she knew she had never seen it before.

"Hahaha! Did you think I would do this training session for nothing? I have to get better at this Half-Switch somehow! And believe me, it's working wonders!"

She was getting the hang of it rather quickly, and this was supposed to take a long time to really learn how to do well. The more consecutively she did it, the better she got. She hadn't even lost the form yet, but that would probably change very soon, so she had to act fast. Priere fired off simple, yet powerful bolts of lightning and shots of ice from her hands as she expertly moved at blinding speeds all around Koudo in this makeshift arena. She noticed that she couldn't do any of Signis' complex attacks, and only had access to her passive abilities while doing the Half-Switch, as with Blue. She could still use all of her powers, though, so basically it was more like a powerup to herself rather than actually fusing together, and she liked that... She was liking the perks of the Half-Switch more and more.

Let's kick things up then.

<~ Koudo thought to himself before aiming the gun for the shots of ice that Priere was shooting and using his sword to slice through her bolts of electricity. She'd notice that the lightning would be sucked into the sword as soon as it touched the infestation energy that was flowing around it, but obviously she wouldn't understand why that it. The reason is because Koudo was using his infestation release and not the machine infestation, they were completely different in all aspects. The infestation release let him infest basically anything, within reason to his power level, and use the energy from that for something else after it's been converted into usable energy for him. But to Priere it'd just look like he was either slicing through the lightning or she was probably observant enough to see it was being sucked into the sword.

As this was happening, Koudo was pulling the trigger to his gun every time the sword sucked in the lightning and firing electrical energy shots at the ice Priere had sent his way. This was the energy from the lightning. Kouod hadn't bothered to convert it, but channel it to use against another of Priere's onslaughts and there was enough energy within the bolts of lightning to last him a while. Priere was basically feeding him power. ~>

" Beat this. "

<~ Koudo jumped up into the air and into a portal that opened for him, multiple portals opening around the confined arena that Priere had created. From each and every portal came storms of bullets that aimed to do Priere and her half-switch in. She wasn't the only one that was learning to do new things. Koudo was getting better with the powers that he already had and never actually used to their full advantage. ~>

This time, instead of abruptly falling out of the Half-Switch, Priere could actually tell that it was starting to end and estimated just how much time she had left. As such, she was gonna have to get some distance out of this confined space so she could do it again once it ended. She could see that Koudo was slicing through her electricity, but only Signis knew actually what he was doing. She did wonder why the draining effects of the electricity didn't harm his chakra output... Or maybe it did and he just didn't notice. No matter.

"Alright Blue... This time, we're gonna be on the same mind link."

Blue's legs started to move, however instead of doing what Blue wanted, she did what both Priere AND Blue wanted, jumping backward into the black ice pillar and seeping into it, completely avoiding the bullets. Priere then appeared outside of the arena huffing and puffing.

"Dammit, it's going out again..."

And just as she said, her arms reverted to normal and so did her legs. She still had a huge surplus of Cactus water despite how much she had already indulged, and drank a whole lot more, in fact, however she still was not satisfied with the Half-Switch. Once she felt satisfied with how adept she became with it, only then could she fight Koudo for real. He seemed to be getting better with stuff he already knew how to use, which impressed Priere.

" What's going out again? "

<~ Koudo asked as he dropped from a portal above Priere, dressed in his new duds, the ones in his avatar picture, clean as a whistle unlike the Koudo she'd been battle all this time. The one she was battling was him, no doubt, he had just gone to clean himself up when he'd jumped into the portal... that's all. He walked towards her, with one of his hands in his pocket, the other scratching the back of his head. ~>

" Sorry I got carried away there, I thought this was a real battle. But then again if that's all you're packing then I would have made short work of you without a sweat. "

<~ Koudo wasn't lying either, thought he might just be underestimating Priere's growth as his rival. The chakra drain that absorbing Signis' lightning put on him seemed so insignificant now... possibly because of the larger chakra pool he was packing now. Koudo had changed in the time he hadn't seen her. That much was certain. He smirked a little. ~>

" Kidding, I'm sure you would have lasted. "

Dropping out of the portal surprised Priere, as she was actually hoping that he'd be distracted longer. Huh. He really had gotten a lot better. Maybe she was gonna have to postpone the Half-Switch training for a bit just to see how much stronger he got. As usual, he was pissing her off in the most annoying ways.

"So you think you're bad now cuz I'm practicing on a new technique? Tch. Don't get so cocky, punk! I'll put you in your place again and again every time! Now get ready for a real battle!"

Priere snapped her fingers, ridding the playing field of those ice pillars from before, having the magic dissipate. She finished up about 3 bottles of Cactus Water simultaneously, which would combined replenish her completely. She threw the bottles behind her, snapping her fingers and having them seemingly disappear. With another snap of the fingers, her Crystal Wings appeared behind her, a new addition that Koudo hadn't seen yet, and magic would flow through her raised hand maliciously, like her avi.

"Whatchoo got, Koudo?"

<~ And here we go. Koudo stood there, picking his ear, as she went on her rampage. He was only joking with her, but her sense of humor hadn't gotten any better since the last time they were in the same room. He scratched behind his head. ~>

" A laugh. "

<~ and then he proceeded to laugh before stuffing his hands in his pockets and walking on past her and towards the lab so he could take a seat. He'd been on his feet all day. He wanted to take a break before they went on this mission and fighting all out with Priere was damn foolish. He knew when to give up. ~>

" Look babe, save your energy for the mission. There's no use tiring yourself out now is there... flat- I mean, Priere. Come chill with me... see what I did there? "

<~ He laughed to himself. ~>

In actuality, Priere was thinking the same thing before Koudo mentioned it... But setting him straight was always the most important thing.

"Huh... I'll show you how to 'chill'..."

She snapped her fingers, flash-freezing the entire lab almost instantly. Now the Flash-Freeze Factory actually lived up to its name!

"Now... I'm going to rest. When I get up, we're going on this mission. Don't forget."

Priere scoffed and flew back into the Ice Sanctuary.

" Petty.... "

<~ Koudo mumbled. Well with the lab frozen, Koudo had no reason for being here and so he turned and headed out the door as well. Sai, who was always on duty, would handle melting all the ice and getting rid of the water that would be left over. She had an app for that. Besides, there was something he needed to do anyway. ~>

" Guess I'll go pick up that kid's present now. "
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Insangel 40: Executing The Mission: Let's Bring Back Misery!

Priere was the first to arrive there, floating from the sky and sitting in a tree, waiting for her 'teammates."

<~ A portal opened righ beside the tree Priere was sitting in and out stepped Koudo, alone. He looked up at Priere and gave a nod before kneeling down next to the tree in a typical anime delinquient type pose with his sword against his sword and his arms resting on hs thighs. he also waited on their last teammate. ~>

{Hebi would appear in the area with Kobura wrapped around his body like normal and his soul weapon Amuria sitting casually on his shoulders. Hebi would stop a few feet from the two making it so the three appeared to be in a triangular shaped manner.}

"Well it has been sometime since I have seen the two of you...say Kobura"

Priere didn't say anything once Koudo arrived. They knew what they had to do and the two of them knew that no words needed to be exchanged between them to do this mission. They had a sort of mental link, to an extent. Once Hebi came in however, Priere's attitude kinda changed.

"Huh. You're on this mission, too? Tch. Koudo and I could have done it alone, but whatever."

She floated down from the tree, hovering just a tad bit off the ground as usual, for she hated touching the ground. She looked at her two teammates...

"... So... Did anyone catch what this 'Misery' girl looks like or...?"

<~ Now as most generally knew, Koudo was a little bit of an asshole... even he acknowledged this fact about himself, but when he generally didn't recognize a person then he didn't recognize them. Koudo never forgot a face though. He didn't move from his position, but did look down at the ground and touch it with his hand as Hebi spoke. ~>

" I'm sorry, but who are you again? "

<~ It seemed that hebi had seen him before, but Koudo honestly couldn't match him to anybody that he knew so he let the shit ride. There obviously was a reason for him being here. he just hoped that Priere and Hebi's prior experience with one another wouldn't hinder the success of the mission. He would abandon them both, that's just how he was even if Priere was like his best friend. ~>

" I know what she looks like, I've seen her before. I probably should have brought Maina and Naina along, but they wouldn't have been of much use. Karasuhime. "

<~ Koudo's sword glowed, his Ga Rei reacting to her name being said and appearing behind him in all her 15 foot tall splender. She growled at both Priere and Hebi, not being familiar with them, but Koudo calmed her. He nodded to her. ~>

" I had Karasuhime sniff Maina and Naina's clothing before coming here, she has the woman's scent. Just let me know when you guys are ready to go. "

{Hebi would decided to simply ignore both ninja and there ignorance since he was hear simply to bring Misery back to Khrona. Hebi would walk a few feet in front of the two looking out into the large area. Kobura would look forward and would suddenly begin to glow with soul energy for a moment and would point toward a certain direction. While Hebi and Kobura would remain silent Amuria would turn around t and face the other two.}

Amuria: Yeah we have trained with Misery before so we personally know of here so along with pretty boys sniffing thing we will be able to track her energy in an instant so legs go.

Even though two of the three had a way to track Misery, Misery had already tracked them.

Misery: Huh, I was wondering what measly little worms had wriggled their way into my nice, peaceful place. And I'm kinda glad you did. I need some bloodshed!

Even though she spoke with her normal tone, her wavelength, body language and general aura gave away the fact that she was pissed and ready to see some heads roll. The first thing she did was expand her wavelength, knocking down hella trees around her and having them disintegrate before they even had the pleasure of hitting the ground.

Misery: Word on the street is that Khrona sent you to come get me. Huh. I'm not THAT easy, you know! ALRIGHT YOU LITTLE SHITS! COME FUCKING GET IT!

From her right hand, a massive pitch black sword blade spurted from the palm of her hand, the tip just barely grazing the ground. From the back of her left hand spreading all the way down to the middle of her forearm jutted out a scythe blade of the same pitch black color. Yeah. She looked like they were going to die.

<~ What was it with strong people and morphing the area they would be fighting in? Koudo couldn't understand it, but figured she needed a lot of room to actually do anything against them. He rose to his feet, petting his giant wolf on the head before she wisp away and back into the sword she'd come from, the sword wisp away shortly after and Koudo did hand signs before his gun wisp to his hand and lightning chaka began to charge into the barrel of it. ~>

Probably should have brought Maina and Naina, they could have doubled my power from the jump. Oh well...

" I won't give orders because we're all the same rank and possibly around the same age, but can I trust that you two will at least try to work efficiently together? I'll be sure to do my part. "

<~ Koudo asked, before he pulled the trigger and let a lightning chakra bullet whiz past both Priere and Hebi at an amazing speed in an attempt to put a hole in Misery from jump and shock her into submission. The battle had commenced. ~>

Priere really wasn't all that enthused about Hebi or Koudo's small talk... She wanted to be in here and out of here and reap the rewards.

"Come on! Find her already--"

By the time Priere had said that, Misery was already there. Priere gazed upon Misery with awe... Almost as if she had instantaneously become her idol. She couldn't even hear Koudo's words.

"... Wow..."

Misery's display of power, anger and sheer not giving a fuckness had lit a spark inside of Priere. She was beyond ready for this.

"You heard her you fucking pussies! GIVE HER A GODDAMN GOOD TIME! OR DIE!"

Priere activated her Crystal Wings, magic orbiting around her body. Yeah, she was definitely pumped. Koudo and Priere naturally worked together and she was always supportive of her subordinate. As such, no matter what, Koudo's safety would always linger somewhere in her mind... Somewhere.

{As Misery appeared while Amuria was about to say high to her since the two of them knew each other well since they spent a lot of time together when Hebi was sent on an undercover mission. Although it appeared Misery was not in the mood for small talk so Amuria would simply transform into her weapon form and would fall into Hebi's hand as Hebi would sign as the bullets shot passed him. Hebi would touch the ground and suddenly around Misery would appear a large wave of snakes that would try to bite down on Misery body trying to hold her in place as the bullets tried to hit.}

Misery easily blocked each and every one of the bullets with her sword, the electricity seeming to have no effect on her whatsoever.

Misery: The fuck was that? Huh. If Despair was here, she'd show you how to shoot REAL bullets!

The snakes... They just died the moment they came out of the ground. Hebi might not have noticed, but this was not Misery's Insanity wavelength that was flaring up so high... But her Condemnation wavelength. The one that KILLS PEOPLE. Regardless, Misery wanted to watch them scurry before she actually got in close to reap their souls from their bodies, so she stabbed her sword into the ground, dragged it in front of her then scraped it up from the ground, releasing an insanely large straight-line wave of pure Insanity at the group as a whole.

Misery: Zero Sanity!!

The wave of Insanity seemed to actually distort and alter space around it, showing just how powerful it was. Touching this did not seem to be the best course of action.

<~ There was only one bullet, not multiple, but that was neither here nor there. She was able to block it and Koudo's game plan had changed just like that, Hebi did a good job on trying to play support. Koudo did a typical ninja jump into the air to avoid the wave of insanity, his gun wisp away while he was doing this, and he performed a set group of hand signs before a halo of bright energy surrounded his hands and from them multiple beams of energy fired off towards Misery. Priere and Hebi need not worry about keeping her in place for this, Koudo had this covered. ~>

With Priere's Crystal Wings, Priere was much faster in the air, so she was able to expertly dodge the wave of insanity without much threat to her being. Priere hadn't really thought of a way to attack just yet and wanted to get the gist of Misery's power, so she'd just help Koudo out with his attack. She quickly set up a few thin sheets of ice in the air made to specifically amplify and redirect Koudo's attack to make it both more powerful and add a bit of a mixup to ensure that Misery didn't see it coming so easily. The amped up beams would then be shot in numerous directions, bouncing off of the sheets of ice to try to hit Misery from more angles to try to ensure a hit. All the while, Priere was trying to come up with a battle strategy... Misery seemed to be much like Priere, honestly...

As the wave of insanity moved toward Hebi he would sign and Kobura would grow a large set of wings and would take to the sky taking Hebi with him since Kobura was still wrapped around Hebi's waist. Once in the air out of the reach of the insanity Hebi would jump upward and would land on Kobura's back as he floated in the air. Seeing Koudo release his multiple beams of energy Hebi would also support him by taking a deep breath and releasing a large blood red and black cloud from his mouth that would create a coat over the energy. This was Hebi's gorgon energy which meant if Misery came in contact with his her body would begin to turn to stone which Hebi would simply undo once she had cool down.}

Misery: Teamwork? So you little shits can't take me down on your own? HA! I'll show you what I think about that!

Misery dodged the beams with much expertise and speed. Clearly the three did not know who they were going up against. As she ran past, her wavelength killed off damn near anything that came in her way, and she was moving very fast toward the three. Someone was gonna die.

Misery: And if you pussies think you're gonna run...

She lifted her hand and closed it quickly, the atmosphere then beginning to get heavy all around these guys. Her Grim Influence was in effect. If Maina and Naina were here, they could explain how this worked... But since they weren't, these 3 would be slowed by Misery's control over the air pressure and gravity with her wavelength. Hopefully they'd stay in place and she could slice their heads off in just one go...

" ... "

<~ Koudo hadn't landed on the ground yet, but Misery's control over air pressure and gravity were definitely pulling him towards the ground faster than he had anticipated. He had no choice but to land on the ground, but this wasn't all that bad it set him up perfectly for his next move. His hands were still glowing with the energy he'd fired at her and had amplified and augmented by Priere and Hebi respectively. This was Koudo's most basic storm jutsu, Laser Circus, and with a mental thought he could alter the flight paths of the beams on a dime... which he did. He had them all travel upward towards the sky and then fall downward rapidly, raining down on Misery's path of travel in very abundant numbers. He was betting that her ability to increase the gravity would increase the speed at which his beams were falling from the sky. It was bound to slow her advance. ~>

{As the high air pressure and gravity would begin to slow Kobura down while he was in the air Hebi would quickly draw Amuari and while her toward the ground. The large blade at the end of her blade whip weapon form would dig into the ground and after Kobura quickly wrapped around Hebi's waist Amuari would quickly pull them both down toward the ground with a large amount of speed despite the powerful affect of the air pressure and gravity to to Misery. After making it back on the ground seeing Koudo back on the attack Hebi would take a deep breath and would release a powerful burst of fire that would rocket toward Misery. Although instead of trying to burn her the fire would quickly expand and circle around Misery blocking her view of the beams making them far much harder to avoid.}

Well, since Priere had helped Koudo out before, she might as well start an attack of her own. Whatever that power was she was omitting from her body, it was easily killing off whatever came their way. As such, she couldn't be let near them.

"That aura she has kills things.. Let's try not to let her get close, huh?"

Though it should have been VERY hard for Priere to talk considering the altered air pressure, her Crystal Wings protected her from its effects, so the crushing effect didn't really work on her. The increase in gravity, she could definitely feel, though. She wondered if her voice would even reach those two with the air as it was.

No matter. With the air so condensed, Priere could use the Frost Arrow to its best effect, since she crystalized air particles and fired those off for attack. Since Koudo's attack was coming from above, Priere might as well launch her attack dead ahead, so Misery had more stuff to deal with. The fire could also help. At that moment Priere REALLY noticed the fire, something clicked in her head and Signis started to speak.

Signis: Fire? Isn't that what you need to make the Frozen Fire? Pure fire and a full stock of magical power? IT IS! Girl! What is the incantation?

Priere remembered the incantation easily because of her great want to learn the Frozen Fire. it was all too perfect. Just one of the Frost Arrows veered down into the fire's path, unaffected by the heat because the Crystal Wings protected her ice magic from melting. The magic would then disperse and become infused with the fire.

Signis: The incantation! Hurry, before that wretched woman makes her way here!

Priere nodded, then quickly started to chant. "Gelo flamma gelato iunctura omnipotens potentia..."

The flames began to crackle just a bit with magical power.

"Pareo infinitio eterna..."

They changed into a bluish color, now starting to look more cool in appearance.


Though something should have happened, nothing did to the fire... Little did Priere know, it took a little bit of time for the Frozen Fire to fully activate... but since the incantation was said, there was no stopping it now.

"... What happened!? It should have worked!"

Signis: Patience, girl... it shall soon be revealed...

Misery was almost to her targets when she noticed a beam of light almost strike her from above.

Misery: Eh?

Without another thought, she dove straight forward, spinning so that her torso faced upward toward the beams, and with weapons charged with wavelength, she awayed each and every one of them that came toward her, still having enough time to flip back to her normal position, land on her two feet without any stagger or recoil, and keep on running full speed.

Misery: HA! I hope you all can do better than that!

When she said that, the flames were erected all around her, which she actually didn't mind running through.

Misery: Puh. These weak flames are nothing!

She raised her sword hand up, ready to completely sweep through the flames to clear a path away, when she noticed condensed diamond dust wind in the form of arrows shooting through the flames. Seems like the flames had masked their presence, which actually through Misery off just a bit. She ducked and dodged the first couple of them, then when she figured them out, she swatted those away, too.

Misery: Weeeeak. Damn, do you guys WANNA die!?

She swiped her sword as she planned, awaying the flames directly in front of her, now revealing her path to those three. She didn't think they'd be able to move thanks to increased gravity and air pressure, so her kills were ascertained.

Misery: And now... For the kill!

Misery first went to Koudo, her sword at his neck before he could even blink. He'd better act fast.

<~ By this time, Koudo was already kneeled to the ground, but not due to the increased gravity of Misery's wavelength, but she'd learn this later. As soon as she chose to swat the lasers away, she'd messed herself up. Each and every one exploded upon impact with her blades with great amounts of force, except for the ones that missed which happened to explode upon the ground where they hit with the same amount of force which kicked up all kinds of chunks of earth and debris. She was a roughneck, so he figured that she could just shrug them off, but if she could then she'd have to have sustained some kind of injury that she wasn't showing. Koudo had already labeled her as more brawn than brains, the worst kind of opponent against Koudo. His right gloved hand was glowing. ~>

" Just shut it... "

<~ He quietly said as she came in close to him in his kneeled position. As soon as she got within 30 feet of him she'd feel a very different kind of gravity, a different field of gravity that was putting far greater pressure upon him than hers was. He was using his manadrive, more specifically the Grav-con unit that'd been re-installed into his glove. He sealed his ability to use jutsu because all his chakra was being converted into magical power, but it was a worthy trade off since he gets to use the magic he never uses.

He was confident that the intense gravitational pressure would be enough to slow her assault significantly, if not completely stop her as soon as she entered it.... if she dared to continue once she'd noticed it which seemed highly likely for her.

He, very slowly, dropped down into a portal that'd opened underneath him, given the frame, leaving her to deal with the gravitational pressure while he regrouped himself close by. Close enough to keep her within the field and hopefully give Priere and Hebi time to assault her. He needed to prepare himself and so he began to recite a spell that'd he'd read in the library. ~>

{Noticing Koudo seeming to trap Misery for a moment and also noticing how Priere was trying to use his fire to her advantage for a new attack Hebi would create a large set of hand signs and would dig his hands into the ground. Suddenly around Misery within a large area of her general location would erupt a large amount of fire which would shoot over 50 feet into the air. This fire would not only be trying to cause some types of burns to her but provide Priere with quite a large amount of fire to work with.}

Well Koudo was the first target, and in actuality, Priere was sorta relieved that it was. Gave Priere some time to figure out this Frozen Fire. As Misery rushed through it, the Frozen Fire would fully activate, however she was already gone.

"Dammit... I can tell I can control it now. I feel my magic taking its full effect... But it is kinda hard..."

Priere seemed to have a little trouble manipulating it. Suddenly, the pillar of flames erupted around Misery hella feet high, thanks to Hebi. Priere knew automatically that this was for her, as Hebi seemed to like being the support of this group. So, she let her Frozen Fire contaminate the normal fire, changing the normal red flames into those of blue. The flames would start to freeze what they touched, be it Misery or not, and start to burn away the power source that fueled it so that the frozen item could assimilate with the Frozen Fire and become Frozen Fire itself, making it more powerful.

"Wow... It really does do what it said... Amazing..."

She looked back at the area where Koudo was... He was gone. He was safe. Good. And perhaps that thing Koudo did would slow Misery down enough to keep her at bay for a while... She hoped.

Combating the lasers, Misery had used her wavelength to swat them away, as stated before. Because Misery had used her wavelength, which had the power to weaken the power of other things it came in contact with, and not to mention the general sheer power of Misery herself, the explosions made by the light beams weren't as effective as Koudo might have wanted them to be, sadly. It was barely a scratch to Misery. Perhaps she was thinking past the moment and he just didn't notice...? She did hang out with one of the smartest people on the planet, itself.

Though Misery didn't realize until she was near Koudo, the gravity had an effect on her and did in fact make her significantly slower.

Misery: The hell?

She still stood straight up as if it were nothing... Huh. These guys probably didn't know just how intense Misery's upbringing and life with Khrona was. Oh well. She was a Deathscythe, you know. Beside the point, though. She could tell that this gravity was slowing her down greatly and she didn't like that. With the greatest amount of rage that her prey had escaped, her wavelength exploded outward even farther, knocking down everything.


The flames that tried to consume her, freeze her and burn away her energy in fact were just blown away and destroyed by the sheer power of her wavelength. It was like she was letting out all of her anger... But probably at the cost of the life of everyone here.

Misery: DIEEEE!!!

Her wavelength started to disintegrate even more trees and even the ground. If any of the three were in the area, they would probably come across the same fate.

" Death isn't on my agenda. "

<~ Koudo's voice came from the trees before the gravity field that he had, which was once super dense and heavy, lightened up extremely. So extremely that when Koudo pushed off the ground he jumped so high in the air it looked like he was flying. He wasn't sure how far into the air Misery's wavelength could reach, but he took the cautious approach and just jumped high enough into the air that it hopefully wouldn't effect him unless she was air borne as well. Koudo didn't know much about wavelength himself, Maina and Naina were the ones that knew about that stuff. Unfortunately, there was no support that he could provide for Hebi and Priere, he just hoped they could get out of it themselves. ~>

" But beating you is.... Omnistrike. "

<~ Koudo reached inside his jacket and pulled out two guns, they were different in appearance and most only knew Koudo to carry one gun, this wasn't the case today. One was his gunblade, in gun mode, the other was his favorite pistol, Lucky.

His hands glowed and the glow passed on to his weapons before he unleashed a barrage of bullets that were white and black in color. These were Koudo's Omni bullets that came along with his omnistrike spell. The bullets were a mixture of Fire, Ice, Lightning, Water, Holy, Dark, and Gravity elemental magic guaranteed to go through each element separately and rapidly with lots of explosions before a beautiful explosion of them all combined topped it off at the end.

Koudo was in this for the win and hopefully Priere and Hebi had something they could also contribute after they saved themselves from Misery's powerful wavelength. ~>

That wavelength was no joke. Priere was down to half her power because of the constant drain of the Crystal Wings, but that was nothing a bit of Cactus Water couldn't fix. Not that she had that many on her. She probably only had 2 bottles, so she needed to drink sparingly, anyway. Regardless, the wavelength had pushed her flames away and made them spread... all across the field. Could she have asked for a more perfect opportunity?

The flames started to roar now, illuminating the pale forest with a blue hue, blending with the hue of Misery's wavelength. The flames started to burn away the energy of everything it touched; trees, grass, etc, and would merge with their hollow husks and become stronger with each thing it took in.

"This Frozen Fire isn't gonna be enough..."

Priere dashed straight away from the wavelength, seeming to be just a little faster than it for a while, however it was gaining on her slowly, but surely. She pressed on. Other than the Frozen Fire, she didn't really know how to get passed this wavelength... She could weaken the power of things, as seen by the explosive light... She could kill things, as seen all throughout the battle... Though, with Koudo's attack, Misery didn't seem to know what to do about Magic too well. Good thing Priere uses magic. When she was sure she was out of range of the wavelength, she started to drop the temperature of the area at a rapid rate, thanks to her near mastery of this ability plus the boost of the Crystal Wings. She didn't drop the temp anywhere but around Misery and hoped that it would work. With the combined force of gravity and coldness, maybe she would be totally detained...?

{As the killing wavelength moved toward Hebi as quite a fast speed his body would begin glow with soul energy that would cover Amuria and Kobura causing them to glow as well.}

Hebi & Amuria: Dual Soul Resonance!!!

{Suddenly there would be a large eruption of light and soul energy that would engulf Hebi and his group as the wavelength his. Although as the light was quickly snuffed out be the killing wavelength Hebi would be gone. Could it be that he was completely destroyed and was gone for ever. Not quite as high above in the air Hebi would be seen standing on a very large serpent equipped with large powerful fangs, multiple spikes around its back, and large bat like wings. This was Hebi's Dual Soul Resonance Basilisk Rampage which involves Hebi performing soul resonance with Amuria and Kobura at the exact same time causing the two to merge body and soul. Now high in the air Hebi would notice Priere trying to quickly freeze the area around Misery so another fire attack was out of the question. Instead Hebi would sign and then slam his hand on the back of the Basilisk causing the spikes on its back to begin to stick up until finally they shot forward toward Misery trying not to simply stab her but also keep her pinned down in the general area Priere was causing to lower in temperature. Also while Misery this spikes where actually dead scales off the back of the Basilisk meaning they most likely could not be touched by the killing wavelength.}

Misery was far less from trapped than everyone wanted her to be. In fact, she was more free than they thought, and for very good reason. Koudo attacked her first, firing off bullets from above... She could tell that they had magical properties, and then realized what it was that he did to the area. She was actually a little ashamed that she hadn't realized it before, having fought Maze and Zita so much; two of the most powerful magic users in all the land. She smirked, her wavelength stopping its expansion just before it touched the three of them... Whether she could have expanded it farther or if that was her limit was her secret alone. She seemed to suddenly calm down for one reason or another... Perhaps she thought this was funny now? Boy she had some mood swings...

Misery: Condemnation Blade...

Her scythe hand started to glow with a black aura, that being her Condemnation Wavelength activating itself. The scythe blade extended far beyond the length it was before, now massive in size, and altered in appearance. It looked more like her soul and wavelength now, donning upon it numerous skulls and deadly looking pictures, as well as a jagged, grim reaper-esque shape. She slashed at a high speed, even faster than the bullets were traveling, and having all of the bullets sliced in half, their magical power totally negated. Even the gravitational barrier created by Koudo was sliced in half, then totally disposed of. As the shells fell to the ground, Misery found it in herself to actually say something other than a vulgar insult and explain herself to Koudo.

Misery: The power of Condemnation does not just rely on death itself... But on curses and seals. The destruction and voiding of power. The Condemnation Blade actually 'condemns' what it comes in contact with and blocks their abilities, whether they be chakra, wavelength... or magic.

Misery smirked, the temperature no longer getting cold, either. The effect of the Condemnation Blade even dispelled that. She turned her head to Priere off in the distance and gave her a sinister wink, as if she knew all along that she had tried it. Maybe Misery had blown off the majority of her steam by forcefully expanding her wavelength like that...? Hm...

Well now came the scales, as late as ever, it seemed. They were just as easily dispatched of as the bullets, though Misery used her sword rather than her scythe this time and sliced them to bits. She cackled wickedly, yet haughtily, as her wavelength started to shrink.

Misery: You pathetic runts are trying so hard... And it's not doing anything! HAHAHAHA! It's just SO much fun to watch!

Yep. She was enjoying this. Watching them try and fail. It brought her back to the old days...


<~ The first time he'd used his magic and it didn't have any effect at all. Koudo was shocked and looked to Priere to see if her stuff was working, but if his was negated then it was common sense that hers would be as well. He looked back to Misery as he descended to the ground, the effects of his gravity field being cut would cause him to come down hard, so hard that a large crater formed around him when he landed. He was unscathed, but tired. Using magic really tapped his chakra pool, no matter how much larger it was now. He'd have to train to get accustom to it... that was all. If the fight would continue, Koudo couldn't be the main attacker until he recovered . He smirked. ~>

" I can see why they look up to you. "

<~ He commented in his kneeled position, switching off the manadrive and recovering the chakra that hadn't yet been converted. It was a nice amount, but he still needed to catch his breath. He didn't think wield magic would be this hard. ~>

Priere was just as surprised as Koudo was. Her souped up magic... her power... her expert control... All was just wiped away in an instant. No effort at all.

"How... How can she have that much power...? And it looks like she's just playing..."

In actuality, Priere did act the same way when she fought people, for the most part. That in her head, she realized that it was only a matter of training... training and honing her skills. She's still only a Special Jounin... But she planned to have her power far exceed that before too long. This battle... unlocked a hidden determination within Priere. Something that fueled her own goals even more than before.

"No matter... This battle is NOT over... If this woman is as much like me as I think..."

Priere looked over to Koudo, who seemed rather drained. She then looked at Hebi, who was up in the air, and she wasn't sure if he was defenseless, but it seemed like none of his attacks had too much effect. Koudo was the one holding up the team with offense, Hebi was support while Priere alternated between the two. Now time for Priere to lead... Like she should be doing.

"KOUDO! Get off your lazy ass and MOVE! We're still in the middle of battle here! I could have sworn I punished you before about dropping your guard in the heat of battle, even if you are tired!"

She quickly looked up at Hebi, starting to fly back at Misery at incredible speeds.

"And YOU! Get in the battle! You've been doing great as support, but try to be more than that! It's kinda crucial here!"

As for Priere... She was yelling instructions to herself on the inside. ' Don't let these two mess up! You cannot let them get killed no matter what! They are under your jurisdiction until this mission is over, Priere! Especially Koudo! Protect him at all costs!'

Priere tried to distract Misery, half-switching one of her arms to that of Signis'. The Half-Switch seemed to come more naturally to Priere, though the drain was still a little hefty. By this time, she noticed that her Crystal Wings had deactivated because of the half-switch. It didn't matter, she launched a huge bolt of electricity from Signis' hand toward Misery's back, trying to shock her, or at least get her attention...

"Come on..."

"So this is the power of Khrona-sama's Death Scythe."

{Hebi would lightly speak this under his breath as he noticed none of not just his but the groups attacks where not working against Misery. Hebi would turn his head to face Priere when he heard her begin to speak and he would actually crack somewhat of a light smile seeing this cold appearing girl show a little spunk. Suddenly a seal would appear in front of Hebi as large scales would begin to cover his hands and arms and a dark aura would begin to from around him. While he normally kept his eye completely closed because of his blindness Hebi would open them revealing snake like pupils that would glow. Hebi had activated the power of his pact and was now using the power of the Gorgon Medusa. Hebi would then summon his bow and would create a large arrow out of one of his snakes and fire it as Misery with a large amount of force. Although this seemed rather weak the snake would suddenly glow and from its mouth and appear a summon seal. From the seal as it reached Misery would appear one of the massive serpents known as Inspired which was a good 30x large then Misery herself. While this still appeared dumb as she could simply kill the snake with her wave length using his Gorgon powers Hebi would release another arrow that would hit the Inspired causing it to instantly turn into a giant chunk of lifeless stone which would try to crush Misery with blunt force, size, and power.}

Well Priere was certainly correct. This battle was far from over in Misery's eyes. She immediately locked her eyes onto Koudo, who was downed for the moment.

Misery: It's good that you finally see it. But there are a few things that you should remember about the heat of battle...

With the same speed as before, Misery was just about at Koudo's throat with her sword and scythe blades before he could even blink.

Misery: ... Never overlook a weakened enemy... And never let your guard down...

Also, as Priere thought, Koudo was Misery's target because he was at this point the weakest link until he could recover, which Misery did not want to allow him to do. As she was about to off his head, she was hit in the back with some electricity, which made her flinch and quickly spin around, losing all focus on Koudo.

Misery: Tch. So you already knew those untold rules of battle? Or do you just think like me that much...?

Of course, she was talking to Priere, though her next statement went to Koudo, even though she didn't say it directly to him.

Misery: ... People like me seem very much attracted to you. Your leader and your weapon share traits like myself. Ha. Must be destined.

Without further adieu, Misery took off toward Priere now, aiming to kill her in the same way she was going to Koudo; decapitation. That was one of her favorite types of death, actually. One would think that she was of Guillotine bloodline, haha. Anywho, in the midst of her attack, she noticed something speeding at her in the corner of her eye. The very moment she turned to meet it, it crashed into her, making a large cloud of dust where they were. Misery had skidded back, her blades impaled into the large, stone creature's eyes and they were covered with wavelength. Misery really was quick on the draw. The large, serpentine figure would be held upright by Misery, before she looked back at Koudo. She raised up the gigantic stone creature, having her wavelength completely consume it, before she would try to drop it down upon his head and crush him completely.

{As Misery actually stopped is stone serpent and was trying to crush Koudo with it Hebi would actually smile as this could work in their favor. As Misery tried to crush Koudo with the serpent made of stone Hebi would sign causing the serpent to return to flesh and bones meaning with Misery's wave length surging though it it would quickly turn to dust meaning Misery would simply be swinging her arms downward with nothing in it leaving her wide open for and attack. Meanwhile Hebi still on top of his soul resonance serpent would speed past Koudo picking him up so he could avoid and possible left over wavelength. While moving back into the air Hebi would sign while taking a deep breath and would release a large black and red mist toward Misery. This was Hebi's gorgon fog which was able to turn living and energy based thing into stone. Hebi was not simply trying to hit Misery but also keep her wavelength somewhat pushed back so she was open for more attack by the others.}

<~ From Misery's words to him, directed to him or not, something just seemed to click. That and Priere's barking. Sometimes her bark was worst than her bite though, the same went for his weapon... Koudo knew which one Misery was talking about. Koudo's body began to radiate a silvery blue energy. ~>

" Who said... "

<~ If Hebi cared to notice, Koudo wasn't anywhere near him anymore. Koudo was back on the ground, still glowing silvery blue, in a newly formed crater of sorts from the drop he had from being up in the air with Hebi. Koudo liked being in the sky as much as anyone else, but he shined brighter when on the ground. ~>

" You could give me orders Priere? "

<~ Not moving as fast as Misery moved herself, but pretty fast all the same, Koudo was in front of Misery looking to drive a punch into her stomach backed with diabolical force and strength. He did this in the mist of what she would do to deal with what Hebi did to counter her. He was trying to catch her off guard. He whispered something to her. ~>

" I'm not that easily disposed of. "

Priere quickly lost any and all distress she felt at that moment that Koudo was 'back,' as one could say. In fact, she became her normal self again, her arm crackling with electricity and power.

"Who said you could talk to me like that? Or even disobey my orders?"

Priere would hold both of her hands out toward Misery, each having one finger pointed at her. One was glowing with icy magic while the other was surging with electricity.

"... Zero Beam."

Her two fingers touched as she shot out an electrically charged Zero Beam far larger than she had done before. She was trying to take down anything in the way of the Zero beam, freezing it instantaneously with all the coldness of near absolute zero temperatures. No matter what her power level was, it was impossible for someone to get out of being frozen by absolute zero unless they had an immunity, like Priere. That was a fact.

"... And you'd better not forget it, Koudo."

In truth, this attack should have also been able to hit Koudo as well if he was still in the area, and Priere knew this for a fact. If Misery took the entirety of the Zero Beam itself, then Koudo would have to deal with the powerful electricity that accompanied it.

When Misery thought that the snake was going to connect with Koudo's head, it would change back into flesh and dissipate as she was coming down with it, and soon after Koudo threw a punch to her gut. Naturally, with her arms coming downward and her natural speed and reflexes, she'd be able to catch Koudo's wrist just a centimeter before it connected with her... And because of the force behind his attack, Misery slid back and there would be a slight burst of wind around these two.

Misery: Ha. You almost got me there.

Her hand started to glow black with wavelength... This was her Condemnation Wavelength. She meant to surge it through Koudo's entire body and probably kill him right then and there, had it not been for Priere's attack coming at her. She quickly let go of Koudo and held her wavelength hand outstretched, grasping the beam within her palm and literally dispersing the energies it took to make it. The electricity was not of magical property, however because it was electricity that was weaker than Misery's wavelength, it was snuffed out at as well. Misery's other hand had her sword jutting from it, which would glow with her Insanity wavelength.

Misery: Zero Sanity; Psychotic Blade Frenzy!

She started to slash her sword around at a high speed, releasing huge Zero Sanity beams just like before from her sword, however this time they were in every direction rather than just surging through the ground as one. This would keep Priere's attacks, Hebi's interference and hopefully Koudo himself at bay and maybe even harm the three of them simultaneously. That would be nice.

" Shit. "

<~ Koudo mumbled when she'd stopped his punch. He knew that it wouldn't take her out, but at the very least he wanted to land a solid hit. He needed to retreat, regroup, and restrategize. So when given the chance, when Misery released him to deal with Priere's electrically charged Zero Beam, he jumped backwards, dodging the beams of Insanity as they came, and began a group of hand signs.

He came to a stop and took a track runner's start before rushing Misery again, in the mist of all the insanity beams she was dishing out, leaving a crater in his wake yet again. Energy began to surge around him before he was engulfed in a baby blue veil of storm chakra coming in for a shoulder slam of epic proportions.

Koudo had figured out that she could counter almost everything they threw at her as individuals. They needed a better plan of action, perhaps working together wasn't such a bad idea. ~>

Priere was stunned at how even the Zero Beam was dispatched... Maybe this 'wavelength' stuff wasn't so easily dealt with. She'd have to read up on that sometime soon, maybe, just in case it was used against her again.

"Dammit... Why is nothing working?!"

Maybe it was that she wasn't taking the right approach... Hell, maybe all three of them weren't taking the right approach. So Priere had to switch it up, somehow... She felt like she was being too big. Too extravagant. The simplest things could probably save their lives...

As the waves of insanity came about, distorting the area as they whizzed past the skillfully dodging Priere, she looked at Misery's feet... Then at Koudo, who was rushing at her from behind. Misery seemed to be completely stationary with no intention of moving, but if Priere was correct, she would easily turn around and block Koudo's attack once again. Priere had to try to tamper with her footing without her realizing it so that when she tried to block Koudo's attack, she'd throw herself off... Priere hoped that this worked the way she thought. With the leftover lingering magic in the air, Priere concentrated all of it that was around Misery and Koudo into the ground around Misery's feet, causing the ground to turn into very slippery ice. She looked over to Hebi and wondered what he would do about this as well... Maybe he'd catch the hint that simpler is better, as well? All the while, Priere dodged the beams, almost tiring herself out with such rapid succession that they were coming in. Misery was moving mighty fast.

{Hearing Misery's words Hebi would begin to think to himself for a moment although while thinking the blades of insanity would move toward him. Hebi would sign and suddenly his soul resonance serpent would begin to glow with energy and would begin to quickly move around the skies avoiding the multiple blades while quickly moving downward toward Misery. After a moment of avoiding attacks Hebi would suddenly disappear from atop of his snake and would appear behind Misery with his hands glowing with gorgon energy and lighting like soul energy.}

"Soul Menace: Serpents Infernal Rapture!!!"

{Hebi would thrust his fist forward toward Misery's back trying to hit her with his soul menace and infect her body with Gorgon energy which would cause he body to begin slowly turn into stone. This attack would also be hard to deal with since Misery already had Koudo coming from the front with his own attack.}

Misery continued her onslaught for a moment or two before she felt a rise in power behind her. Seems like the one from before with the guns was trying another futile attack. It didn't matter, she could stop anything they threw at her. As Misery arrogantly turned around to stop Koudo yet again, she lost her footing. Why? Because she hadn't realized that the ground below her had been covered with ice, and as such, she slipped and fell, inadvertently avoiding the attack from Koudo and because of how physics works, she probably should have tripped him by accident as well, with Hebi... Doing... Something. Well, anyway, she hit her back hard, quickly rubbing it in pain as the ice cracked and shattered.

Misery: Ah crap!... When the hell...?

She turned to Priere, but also had to be faced with Hebi as well, who was coming in fast. Seems like this guy was trying to use Wavelength against her... Huh. How foolish.

Misery: Deadsword.

As she was getting up, a gigantic blade shot straight up from the ground right before the collision point with Hebi, thus forcing him to hit such a blade at such speeds, which was not good. The Deadsword was one of her many versions of her also famous Insanity Impact, however the grounded version of it. Her insanity wavelength is so strong that when this blade comes in contact with something, not only does it COMPLETELY drain their energy stocks, but... Also makes a huge explosion. So yeah, there was a massive explosion of Misery's Insanity Wavelength, this particular explosion having the same draining effects as touching the sword itself. As such, it was just deadly overall to deal with. From the explosion came Misery, walking out rather angrily.

Misery: So... You think you can get away with that without paying the price, little magic girl? I don't THINK so!!

In a flash, the same speed she moved to try to kill Koudo, her sword was right at Priere's Just and she was about to push it through... But suddenly, out of nowhere, a barrier of pure Rejection came between Priere and Misery and knocked Misery's blade away.

Misery: ... Wait... Rejection!?

Misery was stunned... There were very, very, VERY few people on this planet who had a stronger or equally powered wavelength as her, and two of those people were her closest companions... And only one person could use the Rejection Wavelength.

And who was it that appeared from a distortion in reality? Khrona, flickering in and out before completely fazing in with Despair in hand in weapon form.

"I see that you've calmed down quite a bit, Misery... Despair, Chroma and I were worried about you..."

Misery scoffed, flipping her hair and adjusting her clothes.

Misery: So you send me some little weaklings for some entertainment? To blow off some steam? Just because we had a fight?

Khrona nodded. "I know that a good workout against peons is your favorite way to relieve stress... But I couldn't have you kill my ninja this time. You should forget this petty little trifle... And just come home."

Despair: ... Don't reject us, Misery... We didn't reject you...

Well. Looks like everything was all twisted up now that Khrona and Despair were in the scene. Drama!

<~ Koudo's shoulder smash missed when Misery somehow got out of the way of his attack. He was sure that it was set up perfectly, or perhaps not when she dodged it with such effectiveness. He didn't notice that she'd tripped herself, he just noticed that she tripped him and he tumbled forward rolling to a stop before diving out of the way of whatever it was that she had set up. This was around the time that Hebi had come in for his strike. ~>

So this... this is the power of a death scythe. It's impressive, it's overwhelming... it's beautiful.

<~ Thoughts like these raced through his mind as he pushed himself to his feet. The infestation of himself was beginning to wear off and so he would be significantly weaker in a couple minutes or so. He looked up and tried to moved to Priere's aid, to shield her from Misery's attack, but the silvery blue aura he had around himself disappeared and he fell to his knee , only able to watch what unfolded next.

He was stunned. This wasn't the ending that he had forseen. He was at a lost for words, so he just sat back on the ground and groaned while scratching the back of his head. He was ready for anything to happen, but chances were that nothing would. It was family bonding and make up time. ~>

Priere didn't seem scared seeing Misery come at her so quickly. Priere was not afraid to die... She was more angry than anything.

"Damn... I guess I fucked up..."

Though before the final blow was struck, a barrier appeared between her and her attacker and she was... well, saved. It was Khrona and another weapon? He had two? Like Koudo? Huh... But they must both have been really powerful if he could stop this one so easily... Priere had a new admirer on this day... This 'Misery' woman.

"Hm. Guess it wasn't my time... Not like I'd let Koudo off that easily, anyway."

She floated back to give Khrona and Misery some room, actually curious to see what was gonna go down... And why she was even mad, anyway.

{As the explosion that engulfed Hebi had died down a dim green glow could be seen coming from the center of the explosion. Hebi would be seen a little beat up but overall okay thanks to his Anti-Akuma Weapon Zugaikotsu which allowed him to become intangible to physical and energy attack. Although the power of Misery's attack did drain a good amount of his energy and cause some damage. Hebi would then notice the appearance of Khrona and would stay on guard but for the most part relax his body as the energy around him faded and his Anti-Akmua weapon went back into its sealed state.}

Misery seemed reluctant to even talk to Khrona or Despair. Whatever they did must have really hurt her...

"... Look, Misery, I'm sorry that I've been ignoring you lately and that you've been lonely... But things have been getting busy, you know..."

Misery scoffed, turning her head away.

Misery: You seem to be able to make all the time in the world for that damn Moogle!

"Sigh... I have business to take care of. It's been hectic, even for someone like me. You know how my mind gets sometimes. Look, I'm sorry. Despair accepted my apology, and I even brought you 3 peace offerings that you almost slaughtered. Didn't that make you happy?"

Misery nodded her head slowly, yet still hesitant.

Misery: ... Hmph. Well you still didn't say you'd spend more time with me...

".. Haha. I'll spend more time with you and Despair from now on."

Misery: ... And you'll use us in fights again?

"Yes, dear."

Misery: ... And you'll go soul hunting with us again?

"Yes, dear."

Misery paused for a moment, then slowly made her way over to Khrona, eyes closed.

Misery: Alright... And it better not happen again!

"It won't, dear."

Khrona smiled as Despair changed out of weapon form and into her human form, beside Misery,

Despair: Oh, Misery... it has been simply... Miserable without you. We both know that Misery loves company...

For that deadpan joke, it gets no laughs.. However, Khrona, Misery and Despair all hugged warmly and lovingly, as the three spouses were back together again. Hooray. When they were done, Khrona turned to Priere, Koudo and Hebi and nodded to them.

"Thank you, my shinobi. I'm glad that you were here for me. And because of that, I now promote the three of you to the Jounin level. You have definitely earned it."

Misery scoffed as Khrona talked, wanting to get rid of the three of them even more... But oh well. That was for another day.

"Well, if you all will excuse me... Farewell!"

With a spread and flap of his mighty wings, the land was leveled and he, Misery and Despair were off back to his Pit of Havoc.

<~ Koudo rose to his feet while Khrona and his weapons had their little heartwarming moment. It personally reminded him of his reunion with his own weapons. Maina's sudden lust for destruction and hunger for killing him and Naina's compassion and forgiveness. It only really, truly, reverberated what Misery had said to him before. He just didn't understand where Priere fit into the equation and he would dwell on it. He stuffed his hands in his pockets and looked off to the side, seemingly spacing out when he was really just thinking about how much more powerful Maina and Naina would be as Death Scythe. It got him a little excited, honestly. ~>

" Thanks. "

<~ Koudo answered before yawning. All the fighting and chakra usage had gotten him a little tired and a lot hungry. He needed to fetch him some grub and then he'd swing by the Armory to pick up a few things for a little comrade he'd come to like during his random pilgrimages throughout the tri-village alliance. He had the exact weapon in mind to get for the kid, but it was a secret as to what it was. Koudo started to walk towards Priere, nodding to Hebi as a sign of thanks and acknowledgement. He'd learned his name and memorize his face. ~>

" So what now cap? "

{As things calmed down Hebi would release himself from his gorgon mode losing his means of sight yet again. His large soul resonance serpent would then appear next to him and transform back into the Aumari and Kobura. Hebi would then wait a moment to see if anything else had to be done.}

... Jounin... Priere had finally done it. After so long, Priere had attained the Jounin rank. She felt like her power level did not justify her rank, however, and she needed to grow stronger to fill that rank. Training would ensue. Perhaps... Koudo felt the same way?

"... Koudo. We're finally Jounin... But do you really think that our power fits the position as it is? Before I give my final verdict on what we are going to do, I would like to hear what it is you think about my statement."

She gazed at Khrona, Misery and Despair heading off back to wherever they came... The power of souls... Perhaps Priere had that power as well... And even more thoughts came into her head. What was her soul like? Does she have a bloodline ability? What other secrets are in her heritage? There was a lot to do... It was like a sort of identity crisis that Priere was bound to fix.

<~ Honestly, Koudo hadn't thought about power levels or anything like that. He turned and looked off into the horizon, all cool like, and shrugged his shoulders. Some of the jounin he'd met before were all different in power level, but they were all unique and quite skilled at using what they had to not be overwhelmed by something that could potentially be stronger. When he really thought about how he felt, he guessed that he could say the same thing. He didn't feel as if he was where he needed and wanted to be for the rank. He didn't deserve it yet, but his power did exceed the norm for a special jounin. Him and Priere, both were in a space between the too... a gray area. ~>

" There's a lot of things out there that I don't understand about the powers I have. I feel like with my lack of knowledge, I'm holding Maina's and Naina's development back as well as my own development.... "

<~ He stopped talking and let the words marinate real quick before pulling his hands out his pockets and scratching behind his head. All this thought about feelings and stuff literally hurt him brain for some reason, though it was able to search through other information in no time at all. It was like it was telling him not to think about, and not to worry. Unfortunately, he couldn't do that.

He pulled his hand from his hair and removed the black gloves that he wore to reveal the red and green rings on both his left and right middle finger, respectively. He smirked a little. ~>

" but, the more that I think about it and the more I worry about it, the more that I actually wanna get out there and figure it out for myself. We were made Jounin because Khrona felt we deserved it, now we have to step it up and fill the rank. At least... that's what I think. "

<~ He cracked his knuckles before putting back on his gloves and turning to Priere now with a hand extended to help her up from the ground. ~>

" But obviously I can't grow, efficiently, without someone there to push me in the right direction. Can I still count on you? "

At first while hearing his answer, Priere seemed pretty indifferent, still staring off at the horizon... Almost as if she weren't listening. Though as Koudo made some key points, she made subtle signs of agreement, such as closing her eyes and making a swift, slight, almost inaudible noise. When Koudo finished, Priere was silent for a little while, though a determined smirk crept upon her face as well.

"... Would I still be here if you couldn't?"

That should have explained it all. As long as they were both willing to be each other's driving force, they'd be a great team and could go far beyond the limits of anyone and anything that stood in their way; together or apart. That being known to Priere, she turned to Koudo and looked at him only briefly, then started to hover off slowly to the Factory.

"Get your things, Koudo. We're heading out soon."

Priere knew that this journey, THIS adventure right here, involving herself, Koudo, Perura, Maina and Naina, would be probably THE MOST important event to happen to these 5 so far. Even so, Priere still didn't have that oh so important 6th member of her gang. Her gang still lacked a name. They still hadn't made themselves known on the planet yet... But this was going to change very soon. Priere didn't have the power to do so back then, but now... Now she felt like she could take on the world. Before she left, Priere held up a hand as a signal to Hebi, almost like a sort of acknowledgement for his help in this decisive battle.

"... Thanks, snake boy. Despite our first meeting, you're on good terms in my book, now. See ya around."

All the while, she kept moving, never looking back, only heading forward back to the factory to collect everything she needed for this long journey ahead. This was gonna be fun.

{Amuria would pop Hebi in the head to make him aware of Priere's signalling toward him so while blind Hebi would face her direction so he did not seem to be looking elsewhere. Hebi would listen to what Priere had to say and once she was finished Hebi would have a light smirk on his face and would nod toward here. After that Hebi would turn around and would leave the area with Kobura and Amuria so they could rest and then train to better their power to live up to the rank they just earned.}

" There you go bossing me around again, Priere. "

<~ Koudo said before stuffing his hands in his pockets and joining her on the walk home. He'd already had a life changing experience, but it was time for another one and this was more on a friendly note than the emotional change that came with finding out your mother was helping a clan wage way on Mahk-X. Something like that is just... whoa. Koudo pulled a hand from his pocket and waved to Hebi as well. ~>

" We'll have to spar against each other sometime, to see if you're really as good as Hakku said you are with the Anti-Akuma weapon. "

<~ Koudo smirked a little before looking to Priere as they made their way home. This was a real touching moment and all, but if they were gonna walk all the way home from here then they had a long walk ahead of them. Koudo really wasn't up for that. He waved the same hand that he'd used to wave to Hebi in front of him and opened a rather large and intricate looking portal. ~>

" This well get us there faster. "

Priere couldn't help but snicker to herself.

"Shut up, Koudo."

When he suggested the portal, Priere remembered that she herself had Ice Portals that worked to the same effect as Koudo's. In fact, she might want to master those Ice Seals so that she could freeze over Koudo's portals in the near future... But that was a different matter.

"Yeah, I guess it would, but unlike you, I float home. I use magic. As such, every single moment I'm increasing my magical capacity and strengthening my power by doing something simple as floating all the way home via magic."

Priere forcefully excused Koudo out of the way of the portal and went into it first.

"... Resourceful!"

Naturally, she was referring to herself. She was always doing something, something to better herself. Oh well.

" Is that right? And here I thought you were just too lazy to walk. "

<~ Koudo commented before moving to step into the portal, so they could go to the lab. Perhaps there they could sit down and brain storm some ideas of names of the gang cause right now they were a nameless group of friends. When he moved forward however, he was pushed to the side so that Priere could first. He wanted to make a comment like, " Age before beautiful" or something to that effect, but decided that it'd be in poor taste... no matter how funny it'd be to him. So he didn't say anything, just laughed to himself. ~>

" Resourceful my ass, more like power hungry. "
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Insangel 41: Back At Home... Koudo! Perura! It's Finally Time.

Priere exited the portal first, as she had entered through first, and would be expelled next to the largest computer in the room of the lab. She floated out and turned to the open portal, waiting for Koudo to come out.

"... Now... I wonder where Perura and the other two weapons are...?"

Seemed the transportation between the lab and the pale forest was successful. That was good since Koudo didn't actually know if his portals would connect back to the lab from so deep into the Dusk village. It must have been the increase in his chakra pool that allowed the portals to connect from such a long distance away. He'd have to test the limits of the portals eventually.

Koudo stepped out of a portal and towards the large computer in the center that he usually used for all his lab work. If Priere cared to notice, the room they were in, as well as the lab in general, was shiny and clean. It looked brand spanking new right down to the paint on the walls. Koudo and Sai had completely overhauled the place and cleaned it up entirely. Koudo began typing on the computer.

" Seems Perura is back in Shibusen right now, and Maina and Naina are on their way here from god knows where. "

Koudo informed Priere before making the motion to sit down, a chair rushing itself under him as he did so. He reclined and folded his arms over his chest before sighing contently. His eyes traveled across the floor and slowly upward to Priere.

" So I guess we get to play the waiting game until Perura finishes up and Maina and Naina come in, or we could always send someone to get her out for an early dismissal. Sai isn't doing anything right now. "

Priere turned to Koudo as he entered the portal right behind her. When he called the chair to her to sit on, she figured she might as well do it; they weren't gonna be doing anything for a while. So, she sat, kicked back and relaxed, becoming almost too comfortable with the situation.

"... Nah, it's best if everyone gets everything they need to get done immediately before we go, y'know. I don't know how long this trip is going to take or what it's going to hold for us when we get out there... So if anyone feels like they'll regret doing something if we get out there, then they might as well do it now."

Speak of the devil, Priere was actually speaking about herself. She had a huge array of thoughts in her head about the Dusk and all it had to offer; be it the Final Fantasy portion of it to the Soul Weapon learning in Shibusen. Yes, Priere had heard, but she had never experienced. She really did want to know what these things were and how to counter them with her own abilities so that she'd be prepared for anything. That revelation to her mind, she was taken to the depths by Signis and Blue for a little conference before they went.

Signis: Priere, you have been thinking a lot about the aspects of the Dusk village, have you not?

Priere: Yeah, so? You wanna get in on it?

Signis: I feel like if each one of us masters one of the traits, we can be more versatile and unpredictable as a group rather than if you were the one to only learn them. Besides, from analyzing our overall biorhythmic patterns, it seems like we each would be more qualified than the other in some aspects, anyway.

Priere: Really? Explain.

Signis: Well, Blue is one who already feeds on souls for power, right? It seems as though the Weapons that come from Shibusen are the same way. They consume souls and their power increases. Through consumption, they harness the power of the 'soul wavelength' and use it to fend for themselves, which is what Maina, Naina and Perura do. Blue has a great many likenesses to a Weapon from Shibusen, so why not have her learn the art of the Soul, hm? And myself; I have an easy time using my supernatural abilities, hence why choosing powerful classes in the Final Fantasy aspect such as a Paladin or something of the sort would only boost my holy abilities as well as increase my overall traits as a whole. And you are already as skilled as any witch in the art of Magic, so it's basically the well-needed self-improvement for Blue and I. You know we rarely get any face time or training time, simply because we don't need it and grow as you do to regain our ORIGINAL power level, however when it comes to learning something NEW, we must do it the same way anyone else does.

Despite how long and boring Signis' explanation was, Priere understood it perfectly and, as usual, Signis made a lot of sense... They were well overdue for learning something new, and Priere could find out about Souls and this Soul Wavelength like that.

Priere: Hm... I like the idea. But before we go, Signis, can you tell me just what are the other aspects of the planet as a whole that we aren't utilizing...?

Signis: Well, in the Chaos Village it is customary to have a Zampaktou; a sort of weapon with a spirit in similarity with the Soul Weapon, however there are a major amount of key differences that lie within. In short, it's pretty stupid. There are also Digimon, which you already have and should probably train, Spirit Partners, which have similarities to Zampaktou, except they are much better and can infuse with the weapon of choice through a bond in souls, similar to the Soul Resonance with Soul Weapons. They also have mechs, however we clearly do not need those. There is also the art of making a Pact Beast, but in turn, you already have a similar thing with The Tundra and The Frozen Ender. Your family has plenty of those. The Neo-Nightmare has the Mafia rings; the thing that Koudo has. Though powerful, yes, I feel as though the stakes are too high for it; you must be recruited into a mafia and go through many different ranks to achieve higher power, and we shall not be bossed around by someone for our power. Next, they have Pokemon, which we should probably take advantage of and capture a few. I know you like icy types and a specific pokemon, Sneasel, would be wonderful as a starting one for you. Next, they have the power of Keyblades and Kingdom Hearts, which most of it spans as like a spin-off of the Final Fantasy aspect. Any questions?

Priere felt a little like Signis was forgetting a couple of things, but if she left them out, they were probably unimportant anyway.

Priere: Soooo... We need to learn about Souls, Final Fantasy and capture Pokemon?

Blue: ... Yep.

Priere: Well then, let's go. We should probably hit Shibusen first, since Perura's there. I'll tell Koudo.

With that, her session was over and she returned to reality, which was only a couple seconds in length that she was out anyway.

"... Koudo. We're going to go out to Shibusen. I didn't realize it now, but there's still stuff I need to do. Perhaps everyone in the team can help me out with a few, too. Cuz after we hit Shibusen and Moogles, I'mma need some pokemon! Yeah! Sneasel! Snover! And all the other ones..."

How she knew about their names is a mystery left for another day.

" True, no need to rush. Everyone has to be able to fend for themselves if we're too occupied to help. "

<~ Koudo nodded his head before he shuffled in his seat, placing his elbow on the arm of the chair and resting his cheek on his fist. He turned back around to the computer now, and unclipped a ball of sorts from his belt. It was a pokeball and it held his first pokemon, Sneasel. He didn't toss the ball. He just looked at it for a while then remembered. ~>

I have to catch that Absol.

" Alright Priere, you do that while I go and handle some unfinished business. We'll meet back here. "

<~ Koudo said as he rose to his feet, clipped the pokeball back to his belt, and opened a portal to the Neo-Nightmare Village. They weren't as taxing on his chakra as they were when Delta was first destroyed, but Delta would be back soon enough and Koudo wouldn't have to waste his chakra on creating them himself. He opened one on the other side of the lab for Priere, if she wanted to use it to get to Shibusen quicker. More specifically, the classroom the Perura was sitting in at this very moment. ~>

" Use that to get to Perura, she's in class right now. "

<~ He disappeared into his transportation portal and it closed right after, leaving Priere and the other portal. Koudo would just walk the rest of the way to the New Moon Valley. No point in rushing. ~>

Priere nodded, hovering toward the portal.

"Hahaha, looks like no matter what, our duties here are never done. We're gonna have to learn to leave this place soon. We can't hang on forever."

That said, Priere floated into the portal to where Perura was.

Koudo, Maina, and Naina were the first to return from the errands that they had to run and through the quality time they all felt that they'd grown a little closer to one another. During their time away they'd practiced using Soul Resonance and it felt like a rush to all three of them and they each couldn't wait until they could use it in battle. Of course that time would come soon enough, once they left the safety of the Tri-Village Alliance's borders.

Maina: Are we really the first one's back?

" Seems like the case. "

Koudo said to Maina as he crossed the lab to his easy chair and reclined to relax a little while they waited for everyone else to show up. Maina and Naina both walked over to couch that was within the lab and got comfortable as well.

Maina: Where'd Priere and Perura go anyway?

" Perura was at Shibusen last time I checked and Priere went there too though they could be anywhere now. "

Maina: Are you gonna check to see where they are again?

" Nope. "

Maina: And why not?

" Cause I really don't care. Let them do what they have to do. "

Koudo said before he moved his hands underneath his head and closed his eyes. Right now he didn't care what they were doing and how long it took them to do it. He wanted to take this quiet time to reflect on the information about his mother and that's what he did.

Maina scoffed and leaned over to rest her head on Naina's shoulder, who welcomed it and stroked her sister's head gently while humming a soft tune. It wasn't related to any well known song, it was just a little nursery rhyme her and Maina used to recite a lot as children. It usually calmed Maina to sleep and Naina shortly after. They took the time they had to rest.

---At Shibusen---

A large Penguin would show up in the room and sit down at a desk, he would await anyone to come and talk to him.

Tear walked into the classroom, a little upset to see a lowly Prinny there actually wanting to learn something from THIS class.

"... Um. Hello...? What are you doing here, Prinny...? Shouldn't you be learning how to be a Prinny from your Prinny Instructor...?"

"I'm here to learn how to use my Bane of Blowing Soul's better, so teach me something dude" He would say.

Tear shook his head and sighed at the thing. It seemed that it didn't really know what it was doing.

"... Prinny, that isn't a Soul Weapon. It's a weapon that uses soul powers, which is not the same thing. As such, I cannot teach you anything about it. There is no reason for you to be here to learn to do things with that..."

"Then i have come to the wrong place, do you know where i should go to dude?" He would say.

Now that Tear thought about it, he wondered how this guy even got in... Maybe the gates of Shibusen are too open...

"... Well for such a weapon, I would suggest going to find someone with experience with that and asking them for help. There is no true facility where you can do that..."

Tear didn't even know what that weapon was. So he couldn't give an accurate answer.

*_* Meanwhile, there was a light tapping on the door before it opened and a wave of cold air seemed to rush into the place before coming back out the door while Perura stepped inside the classroom. Her hands were clasped together in front of her and she bowed to both the man, Tear, and the large penguin, William, respectfully before taking a seat. She was here to learn again. *_*

Tear's attitude went from confused and disgruntled to happy and nonchalant as normal when Perura walked in.

"Ah, yes, Perura... You are back for more training? And I see that you have collected more souls and gained more power... That is most pleasing. So what have you come to learn?"

William would quickly leave the room and proceed to leave the entire place altogether

" Self Resonance. "

*_* perura said as she watched the penguin leave. She was going to ask about it, but it was gone already and so she didn't. Her education was a little more important. *_*

Tear watched the Prinny leave and Perura enter, and instantly his mood was lightened. He enjoyed her company.

"Ah yes, you again... Perura. I am pleased to have you back. You say you wish to learn Self Resonance this time?"

*_* Perura nodded her head to inform him that Self Resonance was indeed what she was here to learn. Chances are Priere and Koudo were back at the factory waiting on her so she hoped to make this training session short, but alternatively, she didn't want to rush and not understand what it was she was doing. They'd definitely send someone if they needed her urgently, so she had time. *_*

Just as they were about to start, Priere fell through a portal near Perura. She floated right beside her and sniffed a little bit.

"Long time no see. This the place where I can get my soul appraised or what not? I kinda came here to do that real quick. And Blue wants to train or something."

Just as Tear was about to start with Perura, Priere fell through a portal and into the classroom. Not only that, she seemed to be familiar with Perura AND wanted to have her soul appraised. So much was going on right now...

"... Hello there. Seems like you two know each other. And what's this about getting your soul appraised...?"

Tear figured he should take initiative and do that on his own. He stepped forward to Priere and inspected her soul as well as her wavelength. To his surprise, there were THREE souls inside of her, each with its own different property, shape and wavelength. Hmmm...

"Astounding... Beautiful... Glorious... Three souls in one body. I haven't seen that in a good, long while. Let me see more..."

He looked deeper, finding out what Priere's Soul had in store...

"Hm... Your soul... Is a soul tainted with magic, so it resembles a witch's soul, however... It holds much more than just that... seems to be a very forceful and strong soul with a chilling property..."

Tear looked into the next one, which belonged to Signis.

"Hm... A soul filled with destruction and violence... Stormy and dark in appearance, though shines with a bright light..."

Tear then looked into Blue's soul.

"... Remarkable... A very pure soul, yet clouded by darkness... Great strength and very flexible..."

Tear was surprised by this new student. He already had high hopes for her.

*_* Perura was about to stand and get closer to Tear so that he could give her a little... one on one tutoring, but something kept her seated and that was the cold air of her leader Priere. Just like that, she dropped from a portal that only Koudo could have made if it was able to pinpoint her exact position. They had gotten stronger since the last time she'd seen them. She looked upon Priere. *_*

" Leader.... "

*_* She whispered in her usually muted voice, before Tear began the appraising of Priere's souls. Apparently, Priere would be gifted in anything she decided to pursue since her souls were so wonderful and strong. Perura was a little jealous that Tear didn't say such nice things about her soul. After all... she was here first. If she knew how to pout then that's definitely the face she'd be making right now, but since she didn't know how her face remained cold and emotionless as always. *_*

With all the praise to her and the others' souls, Priere was more happy about coming here than ever. Granted, she didn't want to learn any abilities here, but it was nice to hear about her soul. All she was interested in was learning how to feel her own soul and the others'.

"... Hey, so you gonna teach me how to feel and see my soul and all that? That's what I'm here for, you know!"

She turned to Perura and smiled, giving a thumbs up.

"You'd better master this stuff! Blue's gonna be here learning with you, since I don't want to learn anything myself."

Priere turned back to Tear, waiting for him to answer.

Tear was still a very impressed with the three souls inside of Priere, however there was something... Else that he noticed about her. Her wavelength... Was very similar to Perura's, in a way.


They were both rather cold, powerful... strong... Maybe they had the same sort of wavelengths? Or maybe similar souls? Tear was far too interested in the two of them to let them go easily.

"... Similar souls..."

It seemed as though Priere's held a few key differences from Perura's, as was expected with every soul and every wavelength, but for the most part, they were the similar. He looked to Perura.

"... Gorgeous..."

He looked to Priere.

"... Beautiful..."

And admired the beauty of both of their souls. However, it was time now for learning, and Priere's words made it seem like she wanted to learn about Soul Perception.

"... Soul Perception is what you mean. It does exactly what you said you want. So that means I will be having a session on Self-Resonance and Soul Perception? And apparently Soul Resonance for the new girl. Hm. Girls, I feel as though this will be a wonderful session. In fact, I think I might also teach you about Chain Resonance, since your souls are so similar and you have 3 souls to resonate with inside of you. Oh yes... A wonderful time, indeed..."

Tear was still far too happy about these two. They were one of a kind.

*_* Perura nodded to her leader before watching attentively as Tear analyzed them both. She'd personally never realized that her soul and Priere's soul would be alike, but they did basically use the same element. Perura could only wonder about the differences between her wavelength and Priere's, but could also tell that they both would be pretty powerful. And she was half way to becoming a deathscythe, she was pretty happy. *_*

Priere, eager to learn for once, was intrigued by the words Tear said to her. Soul Perception? Soul Resonance? Was this the stuff that Koudo did with his weapons? Hm... Worthy for notation.

"So... How do we go about learning this stuff? Come on! I'm anxious."

Perhaps it was the atmosphere between the three, as Tear was of the water element, Priere was water and ice, and Perura was icy. Priere could relate to Tear's water element and Perura's icy one at the same time, so she felt at peace... Comfortable with them.

Tear nodded his head, signaling for Priere to calm herself.

"Be patient. I shall teach you both everything you need to know. Perura, we shall start with you since you came in first. About Self-Resonance..."

Tear looked at Priere and nodded to her, giving her the hint to pay attention just in case. Hopefully she caught that hint.

"... The same way you felt your soul using the Soul Perception, you'll need to do the same for the Self-Resonance. You must feel your soul, then from your soul feel your wavelength coursing through you, filling your entire body... Do that and I will tell you what to do further."

*_* Perura chuckled silently. She'd forgotten how excitable Priere could be, and Koudo even. Perura hadn't been around either of them for quite some time. She, however, seemed more like a stick in the mudd. Being emotionlessly cold was like that some times. She looked to Tear and nodded her head, understanding him as he explained and going a step further to starting the process before he had even finished speaking.

Her body temperature began to plummet when she felt her wavelength flow inward instead of outward and icy mist seemed to emit from every pore on her skin. Her golden eyes turned an icy blue and her silver hair frosted over. She breathed outward, icy breath exiting the sliver between her lips, alerting Tear, hopefully, that the first part of the process was completed. *_*

As Tear spoke and as Perura obeyed, Priere could only feel like she would need this information in the future... the Self-Resonance. Even Signis was hinting that this was an ability worthy of memorizing. So, without further adieu, Priere started to... Sense where he soul was. She had already done this a number of times thanks to communicating with Signis and Blue on a mental and spiritual level, so that wasn't that hard... However there was a difference between her reaction and Perura's... What was she doing wrong...?

Signis: ... Did you forget that he said you must feel your wavelength as well, Priere? That's what Perura is doing.

Priere sneered, scoffing in her mind at Signis' clearly correct observation... but what the hell was this wavelength? Was it the power she felt emanating from the soul...? Is that it...? It had to be... She felt it coursing throughout the entirety of her body... And it felt just like Tear described it. This was the wavelength... And it was so easily accessible? Priere didn't even know this. Wow. Perhaps she should have come here a long time ago... Her wavelength expanded inadvertently, chilling the room in a similar fashion to Perura's. Yep. They were advancing.

Tear watched them both as they started expanding their souls, but soon forgot that he hadn't assessed Priere's soul to see if she was capable of learning the moves she was trying to learn, even though her wavelength was expanding. Well, he'd assess it now, to see if she could learn the Self-Resonance, Soul Perception and Soul Menace. He might as well, right?

Upon looking at Priere's soul, seems she was compatible with the Self-Resonance and the Soul Perception, but not the Soul menace, and her compatibility was rather weak... Yet, she seemed to be doing it with very little trouble. Perhaps he underestimated her.

"... Well, now that it seems you've done that, the second part to the Self-Resonance is gaining control of your wavelength and having it surge through you with more power than it does already, increasing the power just as you would with a Soul Resonance... Though, that is for another day. Increase your wavelength's power throughout your body, then that should be all there is to completing the Self-Resonance. Just increase it as much as it can go."

*~Coming down the hallway Lance could hear a multitude of voices coming from the classroom. It seems that he wont be by himself today. He entered the room to find Tear standing with two other people. One he knew the other he didn't. He figured he would wait until tear acknowledged him and wanted to see what these two wanted to learn. ~*

*_* It sounded simple enough, from the way Tear was explaining it and with Perura's mentality most of the time it would be fairly simple to her. She was a being of destruction, most of the time, so feeding more power into herself was not a problem. The docile wavelength that was flowing through her that had turned her eyes an icy blue and frosted over her hair and skin surged with power and the thin layer of icy mist that surrounded her soon became quite the shroud of icy goodness that is Perura's wavelength as a physical manifestation. Everything in her general vicinity was covered in white and the only thing of her that could be seen was her piercing blue eyes this time around.

Unfortunately, this was the first time she'd done this and so she'd surged too much power through and needed to release the excess. A barrel of her gun form protruded from her back and expelled a chilly blue energy, like the muffler of a motorcycle did the exhaust from the vehicle, which probably lowered the temperature in the room severely. Once she'd expelled enough to regulate her wavelength once more, she stopped the process altogether. The shroud of mist disappeared shortly after that and everything about her went back to normal. Same golden eyes and dull expression. *_*

Unlike Perura, Priere was having a more difficult time increasing the power of her wavelength. Sure, it was easy to acknowledge it and such, but that increasing of the power was coming out very slowly for her... Priere was rather impatient about it.

"Come on... Come on..."

She got a bit discouraged when she saw Perura do it, but at the same time, it fueled her motivation... and anger. Her wavelength started to rise more and more, still slowly, but faster than normal thanks to her huge surge of emotions. The air chilled in the same way that Perura's wavelength had done before, though the atmosphere still gave off a different vibe from Priere's wavelength. She was trying rather hard.

"Come on!"

She was almost there... She could feel it... Her limit...

With Perura and Priere harnessing their abilities, Tear noticed someone else walk in. It was Lance, someone Tear hadn't seen in quite a bit. He was pleased to see him and was partially interested in his progress.

"Why, hello there, Lance. How has harnessing your wavelength been going? These two are learning the Self-Resonance at the moment."

Tear quickly directed his attention to Perura, who had used too much power instead of controlled it.

"That's alright, Perura. With control, you will be able to use the Self-Resonance rather well. You must know the limits of your soul, first, as well as your mind and body. Your wavelength can be strong and your soul, body and mind might not be able to handle it, which will cause you much strife in the future if you do not learn to control it. Try again, however this time, with a bit more control..."

Tear turned his attention to Priere, who seemed to be struggling.

"Priere, your wavelength is not that strong at all, however you are compatible with the Self-Resonance and the Soul Perception. Not the Soul Menace. It will take you a very long time to master these techniques, but once you do with a lot of hard work and practice, you will become extremely powerful with it. Keep on going... You are almost there... Do not give up for anything..."

His students were getting better and better every day. He was proud that they were, as it made him feel like he was a good teacher.

"Yea I can see that."

*~As he said that he exhaled some as he his own breath. He activated his soul perception and saw both of there souls. One a freezing soul the other something he never thought was possible three souls in one body is truly remarkable. He got side tracked but soon got on track and answered his question. ~*

"Yes, I have i gotten it down to where I can move and still charge. But I came for some more techniques double soul menace and soul feedback if I'm able to."

*_* Perura tried again, taking the process from the very beginning. Her hair and skin frosted over once more and her golden eyes turned icy blue as they had before. A thin icy mist emitting from every pour just like before. She didn't take the step after that, only focused on concentrating and circulating her wavelength. *_*

Finally, after so much time of struggling, Priere's wavelength had reached maximum power and she was maintaining it rather well, and she could tell that she'd figured out how to do the Self-Resonance in a useful way. That was good. She'd have to practice with it later, since she wanted to move forward as quickly as possible. Seemed like Blue was taking notes in the back of her head, though, as Blue already knew she was compatible with these things, for some reason... hmm.. That's a little suspicious, but Priere didn't mind. She just wanted to see what was coming next in this training session.

"... So how's about that Soul Perception? And that Soul Resonance?"

She was anxious, but those two things would be rather great assets to her when she mastered them.. And she WOULD master them no matter what. It was her duty.

Tear saw that these pupils of his were working hard today. Perura and Priere had done well with the Self-Resonance and Lance had come back with much better power than before, but Tear needed to see Lance in action before he actually gave him a verdict. Tear needed to KNOW that his Soul Menace was mastered before he even THOUGHT of teaching him the Double Soul Menace.

Regardless, he still needed to teach Priere some things, but she was an innovative and bright little girl, so he felt like she should get it in a moment's notice.

"Very good, Perura! Priere! You two have gotten the hang of the Self-Resonance very nicely. Now, Priere, you wish to learn the Soul Perception and Soul Resonance? Well, knowing the Self-Resonance makes those two things much easier, as you must concentrate on another being's soul to see the souls of others, and for Soul Resonance you must resonate with another's soul in the same fashion as you did with your own with the Self-Resonance. You think you can do that?"

When done with Priere, he turned to Lance.

"Lance... I have to see you in battle using your abilities before I make my verdict. Whenever you are ready, we will head over there. Perura will be your opponent."

I finally get to fight her

*~Lance thought as he was rather excited to fight another weapon ever since his battle with Leia. But seeing as Tear needed to see that lance had improved enough to learn the new techniques he didn't see a problem with that at all.~*

"Ok then ready when she is."

*_* Perura's focus was spot on the second time around and she slowly got the hang of fluctuating her wavelength through out her body and looked from Tear to Lance and back to Tear. She was... reluctant, to fight Lance. Not because she was scared, but because she hadn't come here for a spar. She'd come to learn. Why couldn't he fight Priere instead? *_*

" .... "

*_* She kept her mouth closed however, not being one to speak out all that much or show what she was feeling on her face. However, she was very displeased by this outcome. *_*

Priere was just happy that she leared the Self-Resonance... Finally. It was a great ability to know, and from what Tear said... She might have already been able to use Soul Perception and just never knew it. She was always looking at Blue and Signis' souls all the time, thus this should come like cake to her.

"Hahahah... Sweet."

In any case, Priere needed to learn the Soul Resonance, but that wasn't the issue right now. Perura had to fight Lance at the moment. As much as she wanted to see it, she couldn't, as she had to go out and finish her errands. Koudo was preoccupied and now Perura was, too, so Priere needed to finish her errands now.

"Ha. I'll have to catch ya later, Perura. Get me when you're done."

With that, she was gone.

Tear could tell that there were mixed feelings about this, but he knew what he was doing, and it was great for them both to do.

"... Lance. Perura. Report to the Battle Room. Follow me."

Tear walked out of the classroom, those two should be followng behind.

*_* Perura nodded to her leader before she left, and, like the good girl she was, followed behind Tear to get to the battle room. If she'd known she'd been getting into a battle then she would have worn something a little more comfortable, but this was quite fine. She was confident that this battle would be quick. *_*

*~Lance watched as both Tear and Perura both headed out towards the battle room and quickly followed behind them. he never knew this place had a battle room and wondered what it looked like. he was imagining the way it looked as he walked behind them.~*


*_* Hours after Koudo's arrival, Perura entered the factory as silently as always. It was quiet inside without the machines working their magic and building Koudo's next doohickey thingamabob. The only thing she could hear were the soft snores of three individuals, and when she entered the room where the sounds were coming from she saw Koudo, Maina, and Naina sleeping like babies.

As silently as a mouse, so that she didn't wake them, she moseyed on over to a chair sitting next to the couch the two girls were sleeping on and placed her hands gently in her lap to take some time to rest herself. *_*

<~ Koudo never was a heavy sleeper unless he passed out from exhaustion, so he woke quickly when the silent Perura entered the room. He took a glance at the clock and realized that he must have dozed off while thinking about his mother. He guessed he needed that quick little cat nap and he felt entirely refreshed afterwards. ~>

" Ah haven't seen you in person in forever Perura. It's good to see you're well. "

<~ He nodded to her before taking a glance at his two partners who were sleeping like babies. He wouldn't wake them, there was no need if Priere wasn't here yet, besides they looked like they needed some sleep anyway and this would be good for them. He'd never had an actual conversation with Perura, she usually just repeated the last thing Priere ordered and went about her business, so he figured he could take this time to at least try and get her to talk to him. ~>

" How'd your training fair? "

" ... "

*_* Perura remained silent and only passed Koudo a cold stare like usual. She could tell what he was trying to do, and her training had given decent results, but she wasn't comfortable enough around him to open up just yet. She was comfortable around Maina and Naina because they were weapons too as well as girls, and she was comfortable around Priere because she was a girl and they shared the same elemental affinity. Her and Koudo had nothing, that she could see, in common besides who they hung around, and so she couldn't bring herself to say anything. *_*

<~ Koudo took the silence as a sign that she wouldn't talk, but he was at least glad that he could tell she was looking at him and not through him with that piercing golden stare of hers. He scratched his cheek before shrugging and looking towards his computer. The silence of the factory only added to the awkwardness of the situation. ~>

" Well... you look stronger, so I guess your training went well. It's good to see you... "

<~ He said before standing and dragging his chair over to the computer. Since he couldn't have a conversation with Perura while he waited and his weapons were asleep Koudo figured he'd just play some games on the computer. It'd pass the time quicker. ~>
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" ..... "

*_* She remained silent and her stare stayed glued to him until he sat in front of his computer. She looked away and at the floor before closing her eyes and focusing her wavelength. She figured she could practice Self Resonance while they waited. It'd quell the awkwardness she knew they both felt as well as pass the time a little quicker if both Koudo and herself were working on something. *_*

Since the all of them were bored out of their minds without their wonderful leader here, Priere decided to make her way back from her excursions. Finally, she had completed the tasks she needed to in the Dusk to better herself; Learning the arts of the Soul and Final Fantasy. Priere hailed magic, Signis with Final Fantasy capabilities and Blue with Soul Wavelength. These three souls were here and ready for absolutely anything and everything that came their way. Thanks to Koudo, their respective machines were up to date as well, and she'd even gotten better with Half-Switching. She'd delve into the Body Sharing later, however.

"Yo! Slackers! Your leader is here and ready to take leave! Is everyone done with everything they needed to do here?"

" About that... "

<~ Damn, as soon as she enters she's loud as hell. That's Priere for you. Koudo sshed her and pointed over to his two partners, who'd began to stir once Priere entered. They'd been sleeping peacefully for a while now, so when that sat up and rubbed each other's eyes they looked and felt well rested much like Koudo when Perura entered. He turned around in his chair, closing the game he was playing on the computer, and crossed a leg over the other. ~>

" I've finished. "

Maina: Us too. We were just getting a little bit of shut eye before hand.

" How about telling us how we're getting out of here. I assume you researched that... right "leader"? "

<~ Of course Koudo had a good way for them to get out and perhaps place them close by one of their destinations quickly. The Dusk village had a lot of handy areas that people were too afraid, mostly, to use or venture into. With enough planning and calculating though, they could be harnessed and used properly. The Portals of the Dusk village could possibly be of some use to them, but he wanted to hear Priere's idea first. ~>

*_* Perura remained silently as the others talked. She only had one thing she needed to do and since she'd done that with Priere there was little to no reason for her to answer the question. Besides, she didn't feel like talking anyway. She calmed hers wavelength and opened her golden eyes to let everyone know that she was, at least, listening to what was going on. *_*

Priere quickly turned her head to Koudo, sneering at his snide comment, yet retaliated with her own sly remarks.

"Oh, Koudo! I always leave my research up to you, correct? Sounds like someone's slacking on the job. I guess if you want things done competently, then you just have to do them yourself..."

She exhaled pleasantly, raising her pinky to the side of her mouth in a haughty way.

"Though, if you DO have something, I don't mind looking it over. Spill."

Maina, Naina and Perura were all accounted for, and those guys were good to go, it seemed. Priere was the last one, but naturally, she was the boss-lady and had to do quite a lot~! Hahaha. Oh well. Perhaps on this travel, they'd find their last member of the gang... The unnamed gang... She really needed to name this little group fast. It was looking bad on their rep.

*_* Perura looked towards Koudo, before looking back to Priere. She hadn't the mental capacity, it seemed, to understand why they always went back and forth with one another and still remained friends. It was weird to her, but she guessed she didn't understand emotions and feelings that well since hers were all bottled up. She was just as interested as everyone else in knowing how they were going to go about traveling though. *_*

<~ Maina and Naina snickered quietly at the banter between their meister and Priere. They had a really weird relationship, and rivalry, but it worked for them. Maina and Naina found it humorous, but they could see Perura didn't look like she understood. Probably because she had such a straightforward personality or something. They didn't quite know anything about her since she didn't really open up, but they knew she eventually would open up to everyone one day.

Koudo smirked and leaned back in his chair, moving his hands behind his head and reclining. He'd already figured out that Priere hadn't done anything like research, so wasn't the type and it'd always been his job anyway. Like coming up with the idea on how to move up in rank without taking a ranking exam though that was a collaborative effort on both their parts. ~>

" Slacking? Hardly. I just wanted to hear your idea so that I could shoot it down immediately after you spoke, 'leader'. But if you must know my idea... "

<~ Koudo whipped his chair around to face the computer again and pulled up multiple pictures of the portals laying dormant inside the Dusk Village that no one used. The pictures were taken from different angles, satellite photos no doubt, though how he patched into a satellite was anyone's guess and who's satellite could be left up to the imagination. These were the general basis of his hypothesis, but his logic about them was strictly based on how his own portals worked and a few experiments he ran with tennis balls. ~>

" These portals take things to an infinite number of different realms, worlds, areas, netherworld whatever you want to call them. Now this is just a general hypothesis, but if I were to overlap and overpower one with my own portal, I could redirect and reroute the destination to right outside the border. If we overlap your ice portal on top of that, you could probably send us somewhere close to your homeland... if you had any idea where it was. "

<~ Koudo explained before turning back around in his chair to face all the lovely and strong ladies inside his lab. It'd taken him a minute, but he'd just realized that he was the only male in this group. He wasn't sure if he was lucky or unfortunate.

He laced his fingers together and rested his elbows on his legs so that he could peer at the ladies while he was having his moment, his time to shine if you will. If he still had glasses, he'd be pushing them up right now. ~>

" Do you understand Priere? No one ever uses these portals, not that I'm aware of anyway, so if we use them and use them well then when we get back we could "tagged" them and the areas where they normal send people, expanding our gang's territory. Obviously though, this plan could be defective and the only way to tell if it'll work is to... well... do it.

So... what's your plan? "

Priere wasn't aware that there were just random portals active in the Dusk Village... If she knew this, she would have just hijacked one ages ago and whatever was inside of it. Given Koudo's explanation, however, it all seemed feasible... But one could only tell how powerful those portals were and how stable hers and Koudo's would be trying to overtake them.

"... And what if those portals reject ours, huh? I think my plan is better..."

Naturally, it's a plan that she thought of right on the spot with some collaboration with Signis, but a plan nonetheless.

"I say, since we're going on this trip all around the planet, you pull up a little globe on your computer and mark out all the places we wanna venture out to and then make placeholders for our portals to open up to when we feel like it."

Priere liked her plan better, but it had its flaws, just like Koudo's had them. It all depended on how they wanted to go about this and which plan had the least amount of flaws, really.

*_* Perura drifted away from the conversation when Koudo began his lengthy explanation, partially because she had no idea what he was talking about. It all sounded so confusing to her. With a shake of her head, she adjusted herself in her chair and looked at Priere, who offered a simpler method and a simpler explanation. She liked her plan better. *_*

<~ Throughout Koudo's explanation, Maina and Naina sat there quietly. They slightly understood what Koudo was explaining... slightly, but Priere's plan made so much more sense and was easier to understand. Koudo was just over complicating things like he usually did. ~>

Maina: Priere rose a good point, if the portals were too strong then they'd just crush your attempt to overpower them and we'd probably be destroyed in the process. Can't believe you didn't think of that, moron.

<~ Koudo closed his eyes and his eyebrow twitched a little. Maina's speaking didn't help the fact that his plan was bested by something that Priere probably only thought about for less than five minutes. He hated that she did things like that, but there were two other people in there so one of them probably helped. Unfortunately, his portals didn't work that way she described.

Koudo folded his arms and turned back around in the chair. He'd use verbal commands to control the computer now. ~>

" We could do that, though I'll still try my plan with those portals in our village when we come back, but my portals are weird. I can't set them to anywhere I haven't been unless I have exact coordinates on a XYZ plane. Obviously, I could just pull that up though, but what if I couldn't?

Computer, model of the planet please. "

<~ Koudo fed instructions to the computer before it brought up a 3-D model of the planet in the middle of the room so that everyone could see it. Koudo turned around in his chair. He pointed to a spot on the globe, the spot that discerned exactly where the tri-village alliance was located, knowledge he received from his boss a while ago. He only pointed to the spot, but didn't touch it. ~>

" This is where we are, and the rest is the planet. I'll memorize the coordinates myself, so just touch the globe in a place you wanna visit and the computer will log the coordinates for me. I take it we won't just be portal hopping the whole time, but we'll use them when we're tired of walking or in danger, yes? "

"Heh. I'm not the leader for nothing, you know."

Feeling very, very pompous for her plan being being used over Koudo's, Priere nodded at him, amazed at how big this planet was. Considering the sheer size of these three villages, and I quote 'VILLAGES,' the entire planet was fucking enormous, really. The villages were each the size of a continent... hell, maybe even two. But with only three discovered... Couldn't there be so much more?

"...Right then. And just to be safe... Why not upload the coordinates to our PET's, just in case we get separated for one reason or another?"

Of course, Signis could memorize the points just as easily as Koudo could, but hell, anything could happen. Though Priere didn't act like it most times, she was very cautious, which is why she's able to manage her power so easily; something the other two inside of her were not skilled in doing. Each of them had their own trade, she guessed.

With that, Priere started tapping away at points that looked the most interesting... Letting Blue and Signis get their places in as well. In total, there were about 5 places that they wanted to visit, each spread around the globe tremendously. She glanced over it one final time and placed one more dot on the globe, then poked her head from the side of the projection to look at Koudo.


" Nope, nope, nope, I crushed those remember? "

<~ Koudo said to Priere as watched her touch spots on the globe? It was a big planet with plenty of land to explore and they were all planning to be gone for a while. Maina and Naina both plotted places on the globe as well, but not as many as Priere, only one actually and that was where they had come from. They knew going back would spell trouble, but they wanted to see their parents again. ~>

" But I built a few more that we can use. I'm still working out the kinks on the new communication devices I'm making for us. "

<~ He explained before plotting places as well. Not many, cause there weren't any places he really wanted to rest. The globe was large, and they wouldn't cover all of it, but with the sporadic plots everyone put on the globe they'd be gone for quite some time.

Sai came into the room, carrying a platter with the PEts on them, five in all for everyone going. Sai was going to stay home and hold down the fort as well as continue working on the secret project Koudo had cooking in one of the back rooms. Sai was also carrying three coats, one for Koudo, Maina, and Naina. If it got cold, she wanted them to be warm. She didn't worry about Perura and Priere since it was within her memory that the two used abilities revolving around the cold and by default they must be used to them.

Koudo took his PET and passed the others around to everyone else. Sai took her leave just as quietly as she entered, leaving the coats sitting on the arm rest of Koudo's chair. ~>

" The coordinates should be synced into these things momentarily. "

*_* Perura didn't plot any places on the globe, keeping her hands in her lap. She had nothing outside the walls of the Dusk village, and was just happy to be traveling with friends she'd made on her own. Believe it or not, Perura actually smiled though it only lasted for a second and if no one was paying attention then they probably wouldn't have noticed it. *_*

In truth, Priere forgot that Koudo did that. No wonder they weren't in contact for so long. She just thought that they weren't being used. Oh well, now they had new, better ones, which Koudo said he was gonna do in the first place. Maybe, subconsciously, she remembered that and just brought it up against her own will. Strange how the mind works. She took her PET, looking it over and liking the new design Koudo made for it. When he said he was gonna upgrade them, he really meant it.

"Well, it looks like we've got new ones, anyway."

As Sai tended to Maina, Naina and Koudo, Priere walked to the back for a brief moment to round up her machines. Of course, at that point they'd be put into one of her portals and held in storage in The Tundra, but she wanted to make sure that they were at her beck and call at any given time. Her grimoire, as always, was somewhere on her person, as was her Cactus Water... Which, now that she thought of it, she might as well go stock up on some more of. She grew her own cacti in her Ice Sanctuary, anyway. How, one might ask, is an entirely different story.

Snapping her fingers, the Cactus Water bottles circled around her in great numbers... There was enough there to last her seemingly an eternity... And hell, what if they're all caught in a desert one day? The other whelps might need some water. She kept about 6 of them on her, most of them hidden under her dress. The rest were kept in The Tundra for safe keeping. It's a good thing that she basically had a storage room for everything when she traveled or else she might be S.O.L. for some situations. Always good to come prepared. After adjusting her cuffs, flipping her hair and patting down her dress, Priere was finally ready to go.

"Alright, Koudo, what's our first stop? You wanna go to your point first, since there's only one? Or cover mine because of how many I have? Or even just take the one closest to us?"

<~ Koudo removed his everyday coat and pulled on the long black coat Sai had brought him before tossing the other two to Maina and Naina, their coats being a deep purple and pink color respectively. He waved to Sai as the globe disappeared and he stood to his feet. Honestly, he didn't really have a preference for where they went first, as long as they left soon. ~>

" Any of yours will do, I can train along the way, that's all that's in this for me besides seeing the rest of the planet and not wasting away inside these walls. "

Maina: We'll hunt souls during this period right? There are bound to be plenty of things to kill. Right, Naina?

Naina: And there's the little fact that Koudo has to practice Soul Resonance as well as collect twice as many souls as everyone else since he has us two.

<~ The ladies pulled on their coats before walking over closer to Perura. They seemed just as excited to leave as everyone else. Koudo patted his coat down to make sure he had everything before slipping the PET in his pocket. ~>

" Sure there'll be plenty of hunting going on, and practicing too. I promised you guys remember? Anyway, Priere, what's the first place you plotted? "

<~ Koudo asked looking over towards Priere as he adjusted his black gloves. They were finally set to leave. ~>

*_* Perura dusted off her dress as she stood and slipped the communication device given to her in her aprons pocket. It helped to dress like a maid some days since most of her dresses were pocketless and she had no other means of storing her things besides carrying them. She welcomed the company of Koudo's partners and she was glad to hear that there would be hunting going on during the journey. She'd always wanted to hunt with her friends. *_*

" ... "

Priere eyed her places up and down, trying to find a good, steady place to go... She really did want to go somewhere very close.

"Alright... How about... Here?"

She pointed to the closest point near their location, which was relatively close to the main villages in the first place. From there, she pointed out the next closest locations and drew lines to each of them, trying to make it as easy as circling the world to get right back where they started. Koudo's place was somewhere mixed into all that... But yeah.

<~ Koudo, Maina, and Naina inspected the globe before following Priere's finger across it. Honestly, the locations were very sporadic, but they did have a line connecting them together and it was basically just a circumnavigation of the planet before they returned to the alliance. Koudo didn't mind the starting point. It was actually the best choice and his location was around the middle of the trip. It was the closest to the underside of the planet. ~>

" We walking? "

<~ He asked. ~>

Priere scoffed, hovering over to the doorway.

"Heh. I'm not."

She said this as a natural hit at Koudo forgetting that she constantly hovered around everywhere to improve her magical skills... And because she didn't like walking in the first place. She knew what he meant, however, and planned to get to the first point via portal, in fact. She snickered at him as she opened the door, an Ice Portal already prepped and ready to take her there. The others could follow behind if they wanted, or go through Koudo's portal. She'd know their answer when they got there. She slipped through the portal portal silently, only awaiting the rest of them.

<~ Koudo rolled his eyes and scoffed a bit before following behind her, walking like he normally did. Though as he walked, he drew his katana, with its scabbard, out of it's dimensional sheath and attached it to his waist before slipping through Priere's portal after her.

Maina followed and Naina after, taking Perura by the hand and pulling her through. No need to take separate portals when everyone's going to the same place. ~>

*_* Perura was pulled after everyone into the portal that Priere provided by Naina and happily kept up with her. Though she never smiled or showed any facial expressions, she was exuding a warmer air around her and her eyes were a bit softer as well. *_*
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Insangel 42: The Greatest Journey; A Trip Across All Of The Lost World.

Priere was, naturally, the first to exit, falling out in a place that seemed to be some ways outside of the Chaos Village... Neglected from their reaches, but moreso hidden than anything else. The place had a very... warm feel to it. Hot, even. It seemed to be nothing but a crag with overly humid air... So it was hot, it was barren and there was nothing for them to do here. Everything that Priere hated.

"Ugh... Who picked this place? I bet it was you, wasn't it, Signis?"

Signis, speaking through Priere's mind, snickered a little after hearing Priere's cries.

Signis: Why yes, it was me. I picked this place because the heat readings on the map were enormous here... And I just wanted you to suffer a little bit~!

"... You... BITCH!! I'd strangle you if this weren't MY body!!"

Signis: Now, now, we can probably find something around here, right? After hours and hours of searching! Hahahaha!

Priere: Tch, screw that. The only reason I'd even AGREE to stay out here is to fortify my ice. Hmph.

In Priere's hand, her Ice Parasol would appear, shading her with coldness as well as becoming stronger by sustaining the power of the heat. Another win-win situation. Priere seemed to be good at making ways to train without really training... A skill, it seemed. She just waited for Koudo and the rest, who should have been right behind her. She felt them pass through her portal.

*_* Next to exit into the hot air of the first destination was Perura. She'd lost Koudo and his weapons somewhere inside of Priere's portal. Something about him wanting to see how hers worked or something like that, Perura didn't care either way. She just wanted to pass through safely, his weapons stayed behind with him... or perhaps were pulling him towards the exit. Either way.

Anyway, upon stepping out, Perura instinctively rose the potency of her wavelength with self resonance to keep her cool. Her body was normally resistant to heat because of her wavelength, but temperatures of this magnitude were killer too her. Luckily she learned self resonance before hand or she would have passed out because of her black and heavy clothing. *_*

" Coming soon. "

*_* She said quickly to Priere to alert her that Koudo and his weapons should be exiting soon. *_*

Maina: Look you asshole, we have all the time in the world to see how they work later. Just ask her when we're not in the middle of traveling through them.

" And I told you it's better to inspect them now when we're traveling to see how they work! '

Maina: Are you talking back to me?! Have you lost your- God damn it's hot! Why is it so HOT!

<~ Next to exit was Naina, followed by Maina pulling Koudo by the ear. It was amazing that the first thing she was complaining about was the temperature, but they all were wearing coats and so it made since that she was hot. The career of the coat was short lived though, she released Koudo's ear and allowed him to stand up straight before she pulled off the coat to reveal her normal everyday outfit. She tossed the coat on Koudo's head.

Naina did the same, tossing her coat on Koudo as well and standing over towards Perura with a smile. She was beginning to grow attached to her, even if she never said more than a couple of words every few hours. Naina just wanted her to open up a little, she was so tight lipped.

Koudo shook his head and rose up before having his vision clouded by the coats his weapons didn't want to wear. Truth was, it was really hot and he could feel that too, but he liked the coat would wear it anyway. he dropped Maina and Naina's coats in a little portal for storage. He waved himself a bit, but for the most part he was fine. ~>

Maina: Sorry it took so long, idiot here wanted to inspect your portal.

Priere turned around to see her gang exit the portal... Each at their own time, but still out all the same. Priere shook her head at Koudo, sighing heavily.

"Not like it makes a difference, you know."

She naturally gravitated toward Perura, who was releasing cool air from herself. It was only natural, since they were both of that icy affinity and loved the cold. Therefore, birds of a feather stick together. Perura related to three of the gang members whether she knew it or not; her elemental affinity being the same as Priere's, her taciturn attitude the same as Naina and... well, for the sake of it, she was also a weapon. She fit in just fine.

"Anyway, since Signis brought us here and we didn't look it over before we came... We might as well look around for whatever it is we're here for..."

She looked around just once more, seeing nothing but clouds of sheer ash blocking out the sun and keeping the heat dormant in this area, as well as very little light. For some place that was so hot, there weren't too many signs of heat around... Ash and darkness were not what Priere would expect.

Signis: Ah, well, I did say I chose this place for a reason... There's an abnormally large reading of heat here, despite there being no reason at all for it to be this way. This place is not even close to the equator of the planet, making it an even more odd phenomenon. And though it is smoldering up here, it seems to be melting hot down below... I just wished to inspect.

Of course, if Priere were touching the ground, her shoes would probably have been burning, or even starting to melt because of the heat... For as Signis said, the ground was hotter than the actual air.

"... This is kinda weird... What's your take on this, Koudo?"

Naturally, Koudo gravitated towards Perura as well. The cool air she was exuding from her pores made it easier for him to walk on the ground since she was visibly cooling the ground with all the steam rising up around her. Even still, it was a hassle to stand in one place for too long, which meant Koudo was hopping on one foot for some time before switching to the other. Maina and Naina weren't doing the same, they were basically hugging Perura to make sure they could stand without hopping and looking silly like Koudo.

It took Koudo a while to realize that Priere had addressed him. He was more interested in why this region of the planet was so hot, and yet wasn't that far away from the border. If the temperature of the ground changed this drastically and they were only a short distance away then he could only imagine how the rest of the planet's surface felt. Though he felt it highly unlikely that the rest of the planet was this way. He looked at Priere.

" It's quite strange for it to be this hot with no actual signs of heat being relatively close, but with all the ash in the sky... There is a possibility that there is magma flowing underneath here, quite close to the surface, towards a volcano close by that probably just erupted or something around here is making it this hot for a reason perhaps a dragon or some magical thing, or this place could just be weird as hell. Why would Signis pick to come here, she stupid or something? "

Koudo said before his hand began to radiate with magical power. He turned on his grav-con unit and used it's power to control gravity to reverse the gravity around him so that he could hover as well and not touch the hot ground. Maina and Naina joined in the hovering. He took a second look at the sky before looking around the crag.

" It could be that there's a magical item near here, but the magma idea sounds more plausible with the ground being so damn hot. "

*_* Honestly, Perura was contemplating just freezing the whole place over so that it was cooler. She hated the heat, well she hated most, if not all, forms of heat. Luckily. her wavelength was strong enough to keep her cool and this first stop was helping her to better control her wavelength. She didn't really have anything to contribute to the conversation, as always, and so she remained silent as she stepped into Koudo's generated gravitational field and began floating as well to save her shoes from melting.

She liked the idea of there being some kind of monster or something here. If there was then she could kill it and consume its soul making her stronger. That all she really cared about, honestly. *_*

As the party stood idly by, the ground a bit of a ways away started to crack, magma flowing out slowly and illuminating the area with a reddish-orange glow.

Koudo was correct. There was magma flowing dangerously close beneath the surface of the ground, however there wasn't a volcano in sight. The lava in the distance was not moving across the ground, but seemed to just pool up in that one area, which was probably because there lacked the slope of a volcano to have it rushing down. Though, this did not mean that their problems were dealt with... The heat was still rising.

In the distance, there was a massive explosion, yet no visible damage from anywhere or anything. No signs of what gave the explosion. All that came about now was an enormous cloud sweeping across the land... Burning hot ash was moving rapidly closer to them, threatening to burn them and cool around them, virtually petrifying them completely.

Priere was listening to Koudo's explanation and actually thought about the same thing. But it didn't make any sense to her... Magma without a volcano? Isn't that more dangerous than a volcano already? And how come it's so close to the Chaos and nothing's ever happened? Well, it's not THAT close, but it's close enough for people to at least see it... Then again, the cloud of ash was rather thick... Perhaps no one paid any attention.

"Huh, yeah, Signis IS stupid. Seriously..."

Priere wasn't gonna stand for this trip if it was boring like this. Hot, boring and hot. And getting even hotter, apparently. She'd need to up the power of her ice to keep herself cool... So much that a mist shrouded damn near her entire body, save for her face.

"Ah... Much bet-- Huh?"

She looked to the distance, seeing the glow of the magma coming up from the ground. No biggy. But then she heard the booming explosion... Then the ash.

"The hell!?"

Signis: And this, children, is why I picked this place. Go find the cause of that explosion and you'll see what I mean...

"Fucking Signis! Are you trying to kill us!?"

Priere shook her head, holding out her hands as her entire body surged with magical power, the mist exploding from around her with the sheer intensity of her power.

"And... Freeze!!"

In front of Priere and the rest of the gang, she created a half-dome of very thick ice around them to block the oncoming hot ash. Despite Priere's prowess in fighting in heat and her ice's immunity to heat and fire, the heat here was simply too much for her, as it was with the first volcano she'd ever used her powers on. She'd need help until she could get it adjusted.

"Fuck... PERURA! Assist me!!"

She knew Perura would be the most useful in fortifying and perhaps even creating another ice wall to help them out. Her soul worked like that and she was already primed and prepped with the Self-Resonance. Perhaps, if it was too hot for the both of them, they could initiate Soul Resonance as well...

*_* Perura pushed her arms forward, her wavelength projecting into Priere's ice and making it stronger by making it thicker and colder in an attempt to combat the hot ash. It worked for the most part, but to be on the safe side Perura projected her own ice shield in front of Priere's. The hot ash would have to get through her shield as well as Priere's fortified ice dome to come in contact with the gang. Lucky for them Perura had Self Resonance primed this whole time, it would have been bad if she didn't.

She was shocked however that Koudo's hypothesis about the magma was spot on. Perhaps his claims to be a genius weren't all just a facade. she looked towards him, and though her facial expression didn't change her eyes were a little softer towards him. It was her way of smiling, for now, before she looked back forward to focus on strengthening her own ice. *_*

With impeccable teamwork, Koudo had mowed through hand signs before casting his hands downward to cause a wall of water to fall atop the hot ash battling against Priere and Perura's respective ice defenses. He'd seen something like this coming, but only actually reacted when he heard the explosion. It took a little more chakra than normal to create water in such harsh conditions and with his mana-drive active and converting his chakra, but he was fine for the most part, though it'd probably be the last jutsu he used until he deactivate the grav-con unit.

" Bet you didn't see that coming did ya 'leader'? "

Koudo sneered with a laugh before spreading the gravitational field he was projecting outward to engulf Priere as well. He lowered the gravity even more to elevate them higher as a means to see over the ice defenses and the ash cloud. Maina and Naina just seemed to enjoy the ride. He caught Perura's glance out the corner of his eye and smirked a little to himself. Perhaps she would begin to warm up to him like she'd done with all the other ladies.

" Tell me if you see anything Priere. Maina, Naina, Perura use Soul Perception to see if there's anything worth killing further down the crag. let's get to the bottom of this. "

With the efforts of the three, the all of them were protected from the dangerously hot ash, which colored the ice a thick, dirty gray color. Even though they were safe from the ash, they weren't safe from the toxins it spread throughout the air, and now the air was filled with nothing but ash, leaving visibility to be very limited.

If that wasn't bad enough, the lava that had pooled in the distance started to slink closer to the party, and the ground around then began to crack, revealing even more magma below. Soon the entire wasteland was burning red and filled with an unbearable amount of heat emanating from literally everything. And to make matters much worse... It would seem as though some malicious eyes were peering at them from the distance. Two sets, in fact. Even through the ash, the body of the one these eyes belonged to was as clear as day, as it was mad of majority molten lava. A Hellhound.

The creature was enormous and was at a home field advantage. The gang was in for it now. The Hellhound rushed toward them at a high speed, its feet splashing in pools of magma that hadn't surfaced yet, but spreading it around as it ran. It was going to take them head on.

Seeing that the wall held up quickly gave Priere assurance that they were safe, as the ash had died down. Now that it filled the air, however, it was murky and hard to see, and this ash probably was not good to breathe in either. Looks like Priere would have to filter.

"Huh. Even if I didn't see it coming, I handled it, right?"

She stuck her tongue out at Koudo and around her mouth quickly formed a veil of water, filtering her air to keep her from breathing in the toxins and only good air. If the others didn't have a way to filter their air either, she'd assist them with her little veil of water as well, so we'll say she gave one to anyone who needed one. At the same time, she was looking out into the distance for something, anything that was alive or moving or that could have done this. When Koudo told the weapons to trigger their Soul Perception, Priere remembered that she had in fact learned that ability as well, and might as well utilize that, too. Much to her surprise, as it should have been to the others with Soul Perception, Priere viewed the monster out in the distance, rushing toward them and splashing that magma everywhere.

"You all see that? It's a big ass two-headed lava-dog! Coming right at us!"

Priere dispersed her ice and started to conjure up a larger, more powerful amount. She'd frozen a piece of a volcano before when she was first starting her training, even though it damn near completely drained her back then. But she was stronger now, and she was absolutely sure that her ice could freeze an ENTIRE volcano, just like she'd always wanted!

"Everyone, be on guard... It's splashing all this stuff around... We'll probably have to keep our distance..."

Priere pointed a hand at the ground, executing a very powerful Zero Beam to literally freeze the ground below so that everyone could stand. Koudo was probably draining a lot of energy by causing the rest of them to hover and he was going to be necessary. Priere could just freeze the ground as they needed, since she had adjusted her magical power to that to combat such heat with ease now. And she had plenty of Cactus Water for when she ran out of magic. They were set to go.

Signis: That creature lives here? No wonder such high heat readings have been coming from here.. It's hotter than the magma itself. And that explosion... There cannot be only one creature living around here. That is for certain.

As Priere was doing her thing, Signis was sitting idly by in the back of her mind scanning the area, trying to find the true source of the explosion and possibly where this beast rose from.

Maina: We can see it too!

Naina: It's quite big isn't it?

<~ Maina and Naina had pretty powerful Soul perception when they were together so it was no trouble for them to see through the smog. Thanks to Priere's quick thinking, they could breath as well, and so could Koudo. He didn't have anything that'd help him to breath in such a thick haze. He'd thank her later, but for now he didn't have the luxury of soul perception and so he couldn't see anything, just hear it's snarling galloping. ~>

" See what? I can't see anything. "

<~ Koudo said, before he was granted the footing he needed to stand firm on the ground, thanks to Priere's ice platform. It saved him from being burned by the molten ground as well as helped him save chakra since he could turn off the grav-con. He'd improved it so that the drain on charge wasn't as massive as when they fought Misery. He whizzed through hand signs. ~>

" We won't have to keep our distance if we can stop it's advance. Let's attempt to cool it. Great Deluge! "

<~ Koudo pressed his hands to the frozen ground underneath him before a geyser of water erupted from in front of Perura's ice shielding, if she'd kept it up, so that the beast would run right into and through it. He hoped Perura could catch on to his plan. ~>

*_* Perura's soul perception was powerful, very powerful, and she could see the beast as it was even through the haze. Thanks to Priere, she could breath just fine because of the water veil she provided. Perura's arms transformed into their weapon form before she pointed the barrels forward and fired a blast of concentrated wavelength from them in the form of a laser and not bullets. The blast had enough recoil to push her backwards, and she slid to a stop right before she would have fallen off of the frozen platform Priere had provided for them.

Her ice shielding's concave nature offered the perfect lens to concentrate her wavelength further as it passed through and continued forward right through Koudo's water, hopefully when the beast would have been running through the geyser, freezing the geyser with the wavelength's essence of pure cold. Obviously, Koudo's water alone would do little to nothing to stop the beast, it was made of lava, but with Perura's wavelength she was sure that she could freeze it once she'd gotten a good estimate of exactly how hot it was. If this first attempt didn't seal the deal, then any added support from Priere would definitely stop it the next time. *_*

The Hellhound did not seem bound to stop any time soon, as it continued to rush full speed at the party relentlessly. In the throat of one of the heads, flames started to bubble and broil, equally as hot as the temperature of the pools it stepped in. Its vision was in no way impaired by the cloudy ash around it, as it lived lurking through this material and could see every ounce of water Koudo created. Without a second though, the left head released the concentrated flames as a thick stream, evaporating the water even before it came in contact with it, now creating steam. The only thing stopping the flames from charbroiling the entire party was Perura's blast, which collided with and canceled out the flames for the time being, leaving them all safe.... To an extent.

The Hellhound was dangerously close now, stopping right in front of them only so that the right head could release a torrent of pure lava from its mouth, spewing out and about everywhere. It was mostly aimed for the ground covered in ice as well as Priere and Perura, as this beast detested the cold. Koudo, Maina and Naina would just be collateral damage. The heat emanating from its body was far worse than the natural heat of the atmosphere, and the distortion it caused the air was brutal. Being around this creature for more than a couple of moments would not only cause damn near instant dehydration, but also for the their bodies to begin to melt, if they didn't get away soon. The now dormant head watched the party and if they decided to flee or to protect themselves, it would release the same powerful stream of flames to stop them wherever they ran or to melt through whatever shields they had.

Busy conjuring for her next attack, the creature finally appeared before them dead on, for all of them to see. Seeing its features up close and just how large it was made Priere want to kill it even more. With everyone breathing normally and able to stand, Priere could help out with fighting this godforsaken creature that towered above. Koudo had created the water, which didn't make any sense to Priere until Perura fired her attack, though both seemed to be not so helpful in harming the beast as it was to keep the beast from harming them.

"Tch. That flaming beasts isn't gonna go down easy... Well, my ice isn't something that just melts away into nothing, you know!!"

As she was about to fire off another freezing Zero Beam aimed at the monster, the heat it expelled from its body hit her in the face, actually causing her own liquid mouth-mask to dry up for a moment or two. By this time, a lot of the ash around their own area was gone thanks to the force of their colliding attacks, but it was still good to have the water masks there just in case. She just had to get rid of this heat first, so her plan quickly changed from attacking yet again to defending.

"Huff! Out of the frying pan and into the oven, it seems... Well let's turn this oven off with a Chill Wave!!"

Priere pointed both hands at the beast, releasing a powerful force of pure coldness, which combated and forced away the heat from the body of the Hellhound so it couldn't reach them, at least. Not only this, but she'd cool and harden any of the lava it spewed with the Chill Wave as well, but only the stuff that came her way, as she had to keep her hands pointed at the beast to keep its immense heat from affected everyone else. She'd keep this up until she could figure out something else to do... Maybe she'd ask Signis...

"Signis... Can you help us out a little, huh? You're the one that brought us here!"

Signis was silent for a moment or two, but soon she came to and began to talk to Priere.

Signis: Priere. I've pinpointed the location of where this beast came from. Apparently, there is an underground volcano 10,000 kilometers north of here, where the explosion originated and this creature's molten structure was generated from. It seems to be active and ready to erupt at any moment.

"Wha... Underground Volcano? Erupt?!"

Signis: Yes. And it seems as though this eruption is not just something that can be stopped by force... The heat of the magma in that volcano is thousands of times hotter than this creature, as this creature has partially cooled since coming from it. The only way to stop it is to--

Priere cut Signis off before she could finish, actually heartwarmed and excited about what Signis was about to say. She couldn't contain her smile nor her happiness.

"... Freeze the volcano!!~! Awww, so that's why you brought us here! because you knew this was going to happen when you looked at the map, you psychic angel, you~!"

Signis: ...This is just an assessment to see how much your prowess with your magic has grown since the last time you dealt with a volcano. This underground volcano is one of the most powerful the planet has to offer, and one of the hottest, so if you really intend to test your strength, it would be here.

"Well that's all fine and good but... How would we go about taking down this beast, first and foremost?"

Signis: ... Oh, this runt? Why not use your Dehydration Beam to steal the liquid from its body, turning it into molten rock? Or cooling it with Perura's wavelength and hardening it with you and Koudo's water? Or why not have Maina and Naina resonate with--

"Alright, alright! Sheesh! I just asked for one, not a whole strategy guide!"

Though everyone was able to hear what Priere was saying, they weren't able to hear the words of Signis, so Priere had to relay them to everyone else whilst they fended off the beast.

"Okay, everyone, Listen up! Signis had thought of a couple good plans for us to do! One involves Maina and Naina using Soul Resonance for something. Another involves me Dehydrating this thing and one of you coming in for the kill. And the last involves Perura cooling it with her wavelength and me and Koudo hardening it with our water. Whichever one sounds best, GO WITH IT!"

That's all Priere could really say about it for now. She was still making sure everyone didn't melt.

" Its massive, its powerful... its beautiful! "

The beast with it's overwhelming size and the heat it was spewing was intense to say the least, but it only fed Koudo's drive to want to smash it. He was usually cool as a cucumber in situations like this, but he was beginning to get pumped to say the least and so he stood firm, his pride and will holding him in place as the beast's heat intensified the conditions around them all even more.

Maina and Naina weren't as lucky unfortunately, they were pushed back by the beast's sudden appearance before them, so far back in fact that they were now directly adjacent to where Perura stood in the back of the group far away from Koudo and his strong stance. But they also had a plan, thanks to Priere's random babbles to herself.

" The third option, use the third option! "

Koudo instructed, thankful for Priere's rapid use of defensive attacks. It gave him the time he needed to flash through a pretty lengthy set of hand signs. His body radiated the silver and blue chakra of his infestation release, helping to regulate his body temperature and ignore the extremes in temperatures around him. However the hand signs weren't for that, they were for a stronger version of his Great Deluge jutsu, which caused a larger, heavier, more pressurized geyser to erupt from underneath the beast to... get it wet, essentially.

Maina: Koudo, give us cover! We're gonna help Perura out!

" Gotcha, just hurry up! Priere, dehydrate the thing as well, we can use all three plans simultaneously! "

Naina: Perura if I may...

Maina and Naina touched hands to Perura's shoulders on her right and left sides. They were using Chain Resonace, a relatively advanced skill that they'd picked up from training with their masters. They figured Perura wouldn't mind an increase in power. If she charged all of their wavelengths into one of her gun barrels then her cold wavelength would be considerably more powerful thanks to Maina's Brash Wavelength, and would weaken any of the beast's attacks thanks to Naina's Calming Wavelength. It'd take time though for her to charge the blast to full power, but Perura should be feeling the increase in little to no time at all.

*_* Perura wasn't shaken by the beast's size, or at least that's what it looked like on the outside with her unmoving expression. But she did have her doubts about them being able to take it down. Luckily, her wavelength's fluctuations in power and general temperature were enough for her to still function under the extremes of the temperature that the beast naturally gave off. With Koudo's weapons being so close, they were naturally protected as well because Perura's general coldness fended for them.

She knew what they were getting at and opened herself to them to complete the circuit for Chain Resonance, before she turned her arms into larger, upgraded, versions of her normal gatling gun forms. They were chained to the ground, primed and aimed at the beast, charging with a massive amount of wavelength. She felt Maina and Naina's wavelengths mixing with her own, and new this blast would end it, if Koudo and Priere could give her enough time to charge it fully. She left it in their capable hands. *_*

The beast could see that its lava spewing was being stopped by Priere and her cold air, but that didn't meant anything to it. Now the second head prepped an attack, gargling flames in the back of its throat and ready to spew them out, until Koudo's geyser caught it off guard, this time actually effecting the beast. Since Priere had significantly cooled down its body with her Chill Wave already, the water didn't evaporate as soon as it got close and could actually serve the purpose of hardening the beasts body now, however this was mostly just its feet, keeping it in place. As its feet were basically hardened into the ground, it couldn't move anymore, but could still produce enough firepower to eliminate them all until its body temp rose again.

And so, the Hellhound took this time to muster up all of the lava it could within its body, spewing it out from both heads in unison, the lava streams combining together to create a powerful blast that would easily go through Priere's Chill Wave with no problem and instantly melt away all of them the moment it came close to them. This old dog wasn't done yet, it seemed.

Well, it was Priere's turn again. Her Chill Wave held off the beast for a while, but it seems like it was upping its power, now. Luckily, Koudo hardened its feet in place so that it couldn't move, making it a sitting duck... an easy target.

"All three plans, huh...? Alright, I gotcha."

Priere pointed her finger up at the beasts' chest, watching the lava stream rush at her at a high speed. Without any hesitation, she fired off her Dehydration Beam, which would hit the lava and cause it to instantaneously harden upon contact. The dehydration quickly spread up the stream of lava, hardening it as it came out of the beasts mouth, until it reached the actual head of the monster, in which it should have dehydrated the head and the rest of its body, leaving it as a very hot rock dog instead of as a lava dog. That should have been enough to incapacitate it, and Priere had gained energy back from absorbing the liquids into the beam.

"And now the water, right?"

Koudo could generate water geysers and so could Priere, as these were her Aqua Towers. She didn't know if Koudo could control the temperature, but she could and she would if he couldn't so that both of theirs were as cold as possible when hitting this dog, and to harden the rest of its body just in case the Dehydration Beam didn't finish the job. It was a rather large lava dog, you know. Her Aqua Tower spewed diagonally from the side of the ground, into one side of the dog. The other side was for Koudo.

"Alright, Koudo; Perura! Let's finish the job and reap that soul!"

Koudo began his hand signs as Priere handled the blast of lava that the beast spewed with everything it had left. This was the first time Koudo had worked on a team so seamlessly, probably because they all just seemed to get what everyone was attempting to do. This was simple, but there was more that they had to do after taking this monster down.

" You got it. "

Koudo used his Great Deluge once more, mirroring Priere, and firing the geyser from the opposite side of the crag that Priere erupted her aqua tower. Unfortunately, Koudo couldn't control the temperature of his water just yet, but Priere had him covered and made his geyser around the same temperature as her tower. The Water would be enough to cool the beast down like they had planned and since it's feet were stuck, Perura had the perfect shot to annihilate the rest of the beast.

" Go for it Perura. "

" Fully Charged. "

*_* Every barrel of Perura's Gatling guns were radiating an intense white color, all of their separate wavelengths mixed together and charged to the fullest extent that they could be charged at this point. Perura unleashed the charged wavelength, beams firing from every individual barrel and converging together into one large blast that was aimed to shoot right through the beast since it had been effectively locked into place by Koudo, then hardened by Priere. The beast had no choice but to be obliterated by their combined efforts. *_*

With nowhere to run and the water and dehydration threatening every ounce of its existence, the now completely hardened Hellhound had nowhere to run or nothing to defend against Perura's decisive attack. The icy blast tore through its rock body, freezing it from the inside out, causing the rest of its body to become nothing but an icy hunk. It was lifeless as of now. From its lifeless, frozen body came a soul, straight from the middle where the blast pierced its body, floating over to Perura, who dealt the finishing blow. This one was worth about 10 souls.

With the body having nothing to sustain it anymore, it fell, crumbling to pieces before the group. Not too long after that, the ground began to shake violently for a moment or two, then cease.

"Yes! It worked! Heh heh, I knew I wasn't wrong when I assembled this gang!"

She saw the soul fly over to Perura, who deserved it, since she did finish the beast off, and then Priere would give everyone their masks of water back, since they would be venturing into the ash in front of them. It was gone from their proximity but not from the entire area. She floated down closer to the ground now, hand outstretched and parasol in hand to keep her cool.

"So, Signis says that the underground volcano is this way. I guess we outta keep going."

Priere didn't feel the quake, since she hovered above the ground, but she heard it, most definitely. She turned in the direction that the volcano was and narrowed her eyes.

"Tch. It must be erupting soon. I guess we oughtta hurry, huh?"

Priere pointed both hands at the ground in front of them, releasing a powerfully concentrated Zero Beam from both palms, making a large blast upon the ground. She trailed it up, the beam following and creating a huge path in front of them for everyone to walk with a lot of room, so they wouldn't be bunched up.

"My ice won't melt. I've adjusted to the heat already. We can walk safely. Now... Let's go."

Priere took off swiftly, following her path closely... Not because she didn't know where to go, but because the cool air the ice produced was simply sublime. They needed to get there before it blew.

Koudo stood up straight and wiped his brow. That was intense, with all the heat and lava and ash and what not, but luckily they got out of it alive. Well... it wasn't all luck, skill played an important part in that battle as well as teamwork. He kinda like this time Priere had put together, did they really need that 6th person she was looking for? Koudo felt it'd mess with the good mojo they had going for them.

" An underground volcano huh? Maina, Naina, you two take your weapon forms. "

Koudo said before he reached his hands towards the ladies. They cut off the chain resonance with Perura and, one obediently and the other reluctantly, took their weapon forms and hovered close to Koudo's hands. It'd make traveling faster easier if they were in weapon form. The ground shook enough him, the quake powerful and loud.

" Let's go then. If that thing erupts then we're cooked. "

Koudo began running and following Priere since she knew the location of the volcano. It'd probably get hotter the closer they got, but the cool air the ice gave off as he ran helped to keep him nice and chill inside the coat he was wearing.

*_* Perura welcomed the soul into her body as the beast's carcass feel apart. She remained silent as Koudo and Priere talked, thinking about the power she felt when they used chain resonance. She thought her soul was powerful before, but the power from the chain resonance was exhilarating. She snapped back into the conversation as they spoke about hurrying before the volcano exploded. Perura wasn't the fastest runner around, in fact she was inherently slow, but she attempted to keep up with them by simply skating across the ice. *_*

The team traveled across the ice far and long, the atmosphere getting ever hotter as they got closer to the volcano. Before too long, Priere's ice would become warmer and warmer, the heat coming from the ground almost too much for the ice to sustain, and it would begin to crack. When they reached the end of the path, there the volcano would be; an enormous mountain the same height as a normal volcano, however several thousands of feet underground. Peering down into it, they'd be able to see the opening and the slope of the volcano, the molten lava bubbling violently, some even starting to pop and bubble up dangerously close to the top of the volcano. It was going to blow at any moment now.

When they finally reached the volcano, Priere noticed that it was much hotter here than it was out there, and there was much more ashy smog coming from the top of the volcano and blowing up from underground. She started at it, watching the lava bubble and boil, noticing just now that her ice parasol was dripping, which probably meant that her ice path was on the verge of melting as well.

"Shit... Might as well make home base here, then."

She upped the coldness of her Zero Beam this time, firing another shot in front of the opening into the ground to make a huge space just like they stood on when they fought the hellhound. This time, it seemed to be a bit larger and thicker, exuding more coldness than before because of how hot it was. She fortified her parasol even more, as well.

"So, this is it. The volcano. And it's definitely gonna erupt soon..."

The very heat given off seemed much worse than what the Hellhound brought to the table... And yet Koudo still wore that goddamn coat.

"... Will you take that thing off? It's like a million degrees over here! Or at least line it with some ice or something!"

Priere shook her head, trying to figure out just how she was going to do this. Yeah, she could probably have frozen that volcano she dealt with so long ago NOW, but that one was nothing compared to this one... The greatest challenge her ice would face yet. She was ready for it.

"So, Signis, what do you suggest I do to freeze this thing, huh? It's not like the volcano before."

Signis: Drink a lot of cactus water and let loose.

"... That's the best thing you've said to me all day, besides me freezing this volcano. You're starting to get my style, Signis!"

Signis: It seems to be the only way. Unless you want your team to help you out, which would make this go a lot smoother.

"No! They can't help me! I have to do this alone! It's a sense of pride!"

Signis: Sigh... Stubborn girl... Suit yourself.

Priere stuck her nose up, prepping her cactus water bottles that were on her for drinking. She needed a lot of power to do this, but once she did and she was sure she could control it... Her ice's power would be at an all-time high. Not even the strongest flames would faze them at all. Ooo! Just the thought sent chills down her spine!

" Nah, this coat is comfortable, besides, I'm regulating my body's natural temperature. I'm not hot. "

Koudo said to her before looking inside the volcano. Priere always went on about how she was able to freeze a volcano all by herself, but something of this magnitude would surely be impossible for her. If she could do it then her ice would definitely get an amazing power boost.

Koudo on the other hand didn't have anything he wanted to improve when faced with a volcano, none of his powers would receive an increase if he used them on a volcano, though he could possibly learn how to control the temperature of his water jutsu with Priere's guidance. If she was willing to teach him. Koudo heard a little bit of her conversation with herself and shook his head.

" Perura, be on standby just encase she needs some help. She's so thick-headed sometimes. "

*_* THe increase in temperature effected even Perura and her cold wavelength. She upped the power of her wavelength with self-res, getting good at using the technique at will, and increased the potency of her wavelength until she was unaffected by the heat of the volcano. Koudo was making her hot with this coat he was wearing, but she figured he was just weird like that. *_*

" Yes. "

*_* She answered to Koudo's request, the first time she'd ever actually spoken to him, as she stepped forward and behind Priere. She was ready to provide any assistance Priere needed to freeze the volcano. If the thing erupted before Priere could do her thing, then Perura would intervene. *_*

And so, each of them had their own resolve to stop this volcano from erupting, be it for a power boost or not, they were going to do it, or so they believed. The presence of coldness was not welcomed by anything below, especially not... the master of the volcano itself.

From the center of the volcano's bubbling lava, more bubbles started to form, the lava rising ever so slowly in that one area, not any other. It was odd to say the least, as the volcano didn't show anymore signs of erupting, only that something was coming straight out of it... And it was far larger than the Hellhound they faced before.

"Who dares sunder my beloved volcano? Thou shalt be sweltered by mine magma!"

Two massive pointed stones jutted straight from the center of the lava, followed next be even more, and then a triceretopian head of immense proportions; about the size of the hellhound itself, actually. And this was only the head. The body followed soon after, aglow as if smelted instantly from the lava itself, and the remaining lava on its body dripping slickly off back into the massive pool below that was this volcano's opening. It was the master of the volcano, Vulcanus himself.

"Rodents? Your beleaguering ice shalt not even abrade mine molten body. Be gone with you, vermin!!"

With just a simple snort from its mighty nostrils, the heat released blew down upon the area in such an intensity that it very much melted every single ounce of ice that Priere had created, leaving nothing but the smoldering heat that plagued the battlefield. It took but a single step out of the volcano, its foot almost crushing the side of it, trying to pull itself atop so that it could walk out and deal with these pests itself.

Just as Priere was about to get this shit started, the lava in the middle of the volcano rose to a point where something was coming out of it... And... Speaking, no less.

"Uh... What?"

Words couldn't describe the confusion Priere felt right now. She couldn't tell what it was as it was exiting the lava, so she took a look with her Soul Perception and had a wonderfully terrible surprise waiting for her. It was a massive creature with a soul to match; much larger and more powerful than that chump-change hell-hound. This thing's soul was huge... and had power to match.

"Woah woah woah! Signis!! You didn't tell me THIS thing was in that volcano!! Is it what's causing this eruption!?"

Signis: Yes, in fact. It seems as though it is the master of this volcano, and from what I am getting from mental readings... It means to lay this entire land in nothing but lava. I mean, technically no one would care, since no one comes here... But since we're here, we might as well stop it.

"So... What you're saying is... We've gotta kill this thing AND freeze the volcano before it erupts and covers every speck of this land in lava, huh?"

Signis: Precisely.

"... I hope everyone heard that."

She turned around to each of them to see if they were listening, but as soon as she did she was hit with hot air even hotter than before, able to damn near instantaneously melt every part of her ice that they were standing on and her parasol. It even knocked Priere down to the ground, the force was so strong.

"Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck, that's hot!! FUCK!!"

Without another moment to spare, Priere slammed her fist onto the ground, creating gigantic Aqua Towers under everyone to push them up, then froze them over just like she had done in a fight with Koudo before. She took a swig of one of her prepped Cactus water bottles and got ready for a fight.

"I don't know how much time we have left, so we have to figure out a way to do this fast... Anyone got any ideas?"

*_* Perura showed visibly shock at the beast's size. A feat within itself for the beast to cause Perura's expression to change without doing much of anything. She'd caught a glimpse of the size of its massive soul and was shocked that one could get that big. Obviously, this guy wasn't to be taken lightly.

The expression change was short lived though, as she prepped herself for the worst, upping the amount of wavelength she had coursing through her. At this point the wavelength was beginning to be channeled into defensive power instead of offensive like before since Perura was a defensive type of fighter by nature.

She pushed her arm forward and brought an ice wall up instinctively at the point where the beast snorted, but her wall couldn't withstand the massive amount of heat that the beast spewed and her wall did little to nothing in means of protecting the group, though it did cushion the blow if only by a little. She was pushed to the ground as well, her iceberg stance being crushed without a second thought. *_*

" Terrifying. "

*_* She whispered to herself before scrambling to her feet when Priere erected her frozen aqua towers for them all to stand on. Perura used her wavelength to strengthen the ice Priere had made for them to stand on, so that if the beast snorted again it wouldn't just melt her frozen towers without putting more effort into it. Then Perura waited on a plan to be formulated by either Priere or Koudo. Perura was smart, but wasn't good at making battle strategies. *_*

Koudo took tentative steps backwards, not out of intimidation but because the random voice speaking to them from the magma and the sudden appearance of a giant monster, fathoms larger than the gigantic hell hound before it, took him a bit... off guard. Koudo couldn't use Soul Perception, so all he knew was that the thing was big, and obviously, in accordance to its size and general demeanor, it was powerful. Or maybe it thought it was powerful compared to Koudo and the gang because it was so much larger than them.

That was until it blew hot air so intensely upon them that it damn near melted all the footing that Priere had provided them with. The force behind the the things simple snort was enough to push Koudo backwards significantly, but he held firm in standing. He wouldn't allow this... dog to push him around. Luckily, Koudo was using Self Infest to regulate his body temperature, so he wasn't hot and the regulating of body temperature passed passively to Maina and Naina since they were in weapon form and Koudo was touching them. Still, it took a lot more chakra to bring his temperature back down after the thing snorted. And thanks to Priere's quick thinking, yet again, everyone was provided with decent footing for the next bout.

" Wow Signis is a complete idiot, and it's pretty obvious that this thing isn't just gonna lay down and let us freeze it and its home and askin' nicely isn't gonna do it either. So, as much as I hate doing things without planning first, Maina... Naina... "

Maina: Right.

Naina: Understood.

Koudo smirked and swiped his thumb across his nose before he, and the weapons in his hands, began to radiate a different aura. It was a mixture of silvery blue, deep purple, and a soft pink.

" Soul Resonance. "

Just with saying the words, Koudo could feel an immense amount of wavelength burst from within his body and travel towards the two weapons in his hands, before reverberating back mixed with their own. It was the same feeling he'd gotten when he was in class learning the technique, and this would be the first time he used it in battle, but Koudo knew that with this slight power increase they had more of a chance at winning.

Both the chakrams began to spin at a rather intense and rapid speed, one sparking like lightning with a deep purple color and the other glowing with a soft pink color. They moved in front of Koudo, the purple one in the front and the pink one behind it as Koudo pressed his hand to the pink one, before the pink one fired a beam directly into the purple one which, in turn, shot a larger and, obviously, more powerful bolt of purple lightning wrapped in a pink glow at the beast. The pink glow would weaken the point of impact upon impact and the purple lightning would attempt to muscle its way through with it's overwhelming power.

Unamused, the hexaceratops took but another step out of the pool of lava, his first foot then stepping onto the land mass that the gang erected the ice pillars onto. His very step caused magma to erupt straight from the ground, shake and crack the earth, and even char the ground around his footprint.

"Be it amusing for you creatures to refute one of my caliber? I dare'st not think so."

The ceratops took in another breath, this time seeming as if he were going to exhale even more heat unto the area, stopping them from, yet again using the ice, however before he could do so, he was hit with a relatively petite bolt of what seemed to be lightning. It stopped his actions, yes, however seemed to pose his body no real harm save for a scratch. In stopping him, the inhaled air was released as pure burning hot steam from every pore in his body, making the air like that of a sauna... However several hundreds of times hotter.

"A tickle."

It voice bellowed from the haze of the steam that filled the area, which actually pushed away all of the excess ash. Even this creature's pores held much more power and force than seemingly all of them. How could they hope to win.

Behind him, the volcano seemed to be getting more restless, coming closer and closer to the eruption point. Taking advantage of this, Vulcanus thrust his mighty armored head through the cloak of the steam toward their ice pillars, breaking through with ease and with piercing, burning hot horns.

"I shan't echo mine words but a single time more... End thine use of thine ice."

As they fell, they would be met with a pool of lava that seemed to have emerged from the ground forcefully by the hands of Vulcanus himself, the pool undulating with searing heat and growing every larger by the moment.

Even with the combined efforts of Priere and Perura, the ice was steal weak to the power of both heat AND sheer force, which this creature sure enough had a hell of a lot of both. They were going to have to kick it up another notch. Using the steam from the air, Priere quickly flash-froze it and created floating discs for Koudo and Perura to maintain themselves on, mostly under Signis' control, however, since Priere was busy thinking.

"Crap... I need to figure out how to at least find a weakness to this guy!"

She realized that Koudo's attack wasn't that of ice or water this time... He was thinking of using another element to fight this guy, she presumed. But even still, he said it was only a tickle. But he didn't react as angrily as he did to ice... Maybe... Maybe he needed to be distracted by something else.

"I need all of my power for freezing the volcano... And from the looks of it, I need to tend to that NOW. Signis is in control of those ice discs you all are on top of, so she'll be monitoring your brainwaves for when she needs to move them, so open your minds up to her!"

Priere started to hover off into the mist, however still kept explaining to the rest of them what needed to be done.

"Perura, the only way your coldness is even gonna effect him is if you use Soul Resonance with Koudo. Same goes for you and that electrical blast, Koudo. We're gonna show this guy what coldness is... One way or another. Guys, cover me. Make sure he is constantly distracted and doesn't bother me. I'm going for the volcano."

In between Perura and Koudo, there would be an Ice Seal that generated from seemingly out of nowhere, the seal breaking and opening the portal, from which came Priere's customized android, Frio, wielding Priere's enchanted Chainsaw Sword instead of her Liquid Nitrogen sword.

"I leave everything in your hands, guys! Frio will help in my stead!"

And with that, she was off to try to get to that volcano uninterrupted.

" Terrifying. "

*_* Perura reverberated her prior statement about the beast before them. Even with the combined efforts of herself and Priere, their ice was nothing to his heat and force. Perura was beginning to think this was a losing battle, and yet she could see that both Koudo and Priere still wanted to forge on. As their muscle, Perura wouldn't quit either. *_*

" Understood. Koudo. "

*_* She whispered opening her mind to Signis as she skipped across the ice disc towards Koudo. She was reluctant to open herself to him, Koudo, but it was for the sake of the team and she admired his fighting spirit. Not to mention he stood up to the beast without knowing if his attack would have an actual effect. The only problem was that her weapon form was far too large for him to wield properly while still using Maina and Naina. *_*

" Koudo... "
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A tickle...

Koudo thought, bitterly at first but then he didn't mind it. This could be a test, to see exactly how much power he needed to pour into his attacks now to actually effect the beast. The chakrams hovered back towards his hands, still spinning just as rapidly as they had before.

" Don't worry, I can cover you... "

Koudo yelled to Priere as she disappeared off to handle what she needed to which was probably the volcano that was hella close to erupting at this point. Koudo peeked at the now closer Perura before smirking and nodding his head. If she was willing to try it, then Koudo didn't mind. Wielding three weapons would be a feat, but if he pulled it off then he could be legendary after this.

" Perura... I understand. Just lend me your strength. "

He took Perura's hand and had her assume weapon form which added her wavelength to the soup of wavelengths that were already bubbling inside him. Her cold wavelength made him shiver, and both Maina and Naina frosted over because of it's influence before gun barrels protruded from the middle of the chakrams where Koudo usually held them when not in this soul resonance state.

Koudo aimed the chakrams at the beast again, before the same kind of blast from before shot out of the gun barrels. However the blast was larger, Maina's brash wavelength, there was a kiss of icy blue within the purple lightning, Perura's cold wavelength, and the lightning left the barrels at a much faster speed than before, the energizing wavelength, with the same pink aura wrapped around it, Naina's calming wavlength. The blast incorporated all the wavelengths coursing through Koudo during this resonance except his own. This was a warning shot before he went all out.

" Look, whatever your name is, how's about you stop this foolishness, go back into your volcano and lie dormant for about 100,001 years. Sound like a plan big guy? "

"I speak the same unto you, rat. The only difference is, that is but a mere nap to mine body. To thine, it is death, just as this trifle thou hast begun."

With a mighty laugh heard around, it seems as though the creature didn't realize that Priere had gone. But what seems and what is reality are two different things entirely, as through the thickness of the mist, a mighty tail with searing hot spikes was there to greet Priere as if risen and forged from molten flames into solid form, covered by the veil of steam as the same a plane rising above the clouds, still fresh with their gentle kiss. If Priere were unfortunate enough not to see this large tail ready to impale her small, insignificant body, her mission would be a failure right then and there.

As for Koudo... Vulcanus found no joy in Koudo's use of three of those 'weapons' they seemed to be. Especially not the one of cold. He didn't seem all that adept in using all three of those weapons at the same time, either. An easy target...

"... A paper tiger in front of a storm. Collapse upon thineselves, fools."

He took in a mighty large sum of air once again, and when he did, surely enough, another bolt of lightning was shot at him, however significantly colder and more powerful than before. It actually chipped his armored skin, even just a little. But still, it was no match for his body.

This time, not being caught off guard, Vulcanus released a searing hot beam --yes, beam-- of concentrated heat and magma from his mouth, aimed directly at none other than Koudo. The sheer size of such a blast would be enough for anyone to cower... and for the idiots who were close... almost no time to get away.

On Priere's end, she was busy thinking about how to stop the volcano from erupting to worry about the tail of burning death coming toward her. That is, until she actually felt the HEAT from it damn near in her face.

"... Oh, I do not have time for this."

The moment before impact, a seal appeared, broke and Priere walked through her ice portal through another broken seal that happened to be right on the opposite side of the tail and its swinging direction, leaving Priere unscathed and not losing an ounce of momentum.

"Tch. With how small I am, he probably won't even know if he hit me or not anyway. Hmph."

She floated down at the volcano. With Signis occupied by controlling the discs, Priere had to do this all on her own. Last time, Signis even gave her instruction and advice, plus informed her of when her magic was at its limit. This time, there was no such help.

"... If I'm gonna do this, I might as well start it off right..."

5 bottles of Cactus Water floated up around her, corks popping off and ready for use when necessary.

"Infinite refills, check. Full magic bar, check. Ability to freeze searing hot magma..."

Just like she in her first training session with a volcano, she shot a little bit of her power into the volcano just to see if it was possible for her to freeze it. At first, nothing happened and the magic seemed to disintegrate. She pouted, trying again with more intensity. The same thing happened. Finally, she just fired off a highly concentrated Zero Beam into the middle of it... That small portion where she hit froze, before almost instantly melting away. Priere smiled.

"... Check. Now let's get to work!!"

Around Priere's body, the temperature began to drop drastically, even for there to be such heat. The drop was so drastic and so fast, the actual air around her turned into mist. Not steam, but mist, and this was as she was charging up.


She would need a lot of concentration and building of power to do this one. She didn't aim to have any trial any extra tries... Just one, full powered, all out go at this. That's all she felt she needed and she was never wrong about this.

On the flipside, where Frio was, Vulcanus had fired off that beam that was almost too fast and too close range to dodge effectively... Given the immense size of it, as well. She was about to demonstrate why Priere had given her the Chainsaw Blade when she came out.

Frio: Behind me.

She was speaking to Koudo, of course, for she wanted him to be prepared when she did this. First and foremost, Frio unleashed all four Flash-Freeze grenades at once on this beam, to cool it down significantly to make sure that it wasn't all too much to deal with at once. Not even a frame afterward, she set up the Strongest Shield, which was one of her many great perks. The Strongest Shield was a powerful ability that absorbed all of the force of an attack, causing it to stop where it is at a standstill with the Strongest Shield. The only flaw is, when too much force is on it at once, it is overwhelmed and breaks down, however it still serves its purpose for the most part. This was what was going on now. The force was naturally too strong for Frio's Strongest Shield to fend off alone, but with the combined efforts of the Chainsaw Sword that Frio immediately revved up, which also absorbed force into itself to use for power and had the same defect as the Strongest Shield, the both of them could take half of the force from this one attack, causing the Strongest Shield to barely make it through the attack and the Chainsaw Sword to be filled with maximum force. Not only that, but this attack would be history; all except for the searing heat that it released about the area, but that was all good.

Frio: Now, attack. Frio will initiate first attack to weaken. Koudo executes final blow afterward.

Frio pointed the Chainsaw Sword at the beast, starting its engine in reverse so that it was not taking in force, but actually dishing it out. Not only that, the other enchanted part of this Chainsaw Sword was that it could take on properties of its user, thereby making it have extremely cold properties. Frio immediately took off, the chainsaw covered in nothing but mist, the blades not even able to be seen. It looked like a ghastly sort of ghost chainsaw, in a sense. She raised it without hesitation at the beasts' face, slashing and releasing a power half the force of his searing beam he shot before, however with a coldness to match the heat, thanks to the Chainsaw's ability. That was all that she could do now, but hopefully it would have done at least some damage to the creature, especially if Koudo attacked in the same spot afterward.

" Look buddy, we're not bad people. We just don't wanna die, and don't want this part of the planet covered in magma. If you refuse to cease and desist until a few millenia from now, I'll be forced to dominate you and force you into submission. You have been warned, cub. "

Koudo said to the beast without a hint of folly and he was full on serious. Like stated before, the shot that he fired was but a warning shot and Koudo was still attempting to adjust to the power boost as well as the usage of 5 wavelengths simultaneously. Naturally, of course, it'd be impossible for a normal person to nail this in one try, but Koudo wasn't a normal person. He was a genius and within the heat of battle, he figured out things fairly quickly. The three weapons that he was wielding at the moment were all attempting to adjust as well, and were attempting to transmogrify into a weapon better suited to Koudo's taste. However that would take time, time Koudo needed to create and so for now he would improvise.

Luckily one of his favorite creations, little Frio, was here to help. Koudo wanted to see her in action and this was the perfect chance to do so. As instructed, he hopped behind her and watched her work her magic. Indeed, she was battle savvy and he only hoped Priere was teaching her more than just battle strategies.

Signis, move the disk I'm on backwards a bit. I need room for this.

Koudo instructed, the disc moving just as he asked it to do when Frio took off towards the beast, before he aimed both the chakrams at the beast and charged them the same way he'd been doing, taking an Ichigo, learn as you go, battle strategy. He mimicked the blast that Perura and his weapons used against the hell hound, using the energizing wavelength to speed up the process of charging considerably, using the brash wavelength to make the blast much larger than it was before hand, mixing the cold wavelength and the calming wavelength together to make the bulk of the blast and adding a little bit of the dominating wavelength in hopes to overpower the beast's soul and bend it to his own will for a little while.

He fired the blast dead at the spot where Frio had attacked not even seconds before him, hoping the calming wavelength would weaken the monster's tough hide, while the brash wavelength would make the cold wavelength's cooling effects that much more powerful against the possibly weakened hide and allow the dominating wavelength to invade and do it's work secretly cloaked in the chill brought about by Perura's cold wavelength. Koudo was getting pumped as he got excited, the chakrams grew handcuff attachments that locked around Koudo's wrist.

As Priere figured, the behemoth didn't know whether she was hit or not and assumed that she was struck down by its mighty tail. Not like it had any time to look, actually. It was busy dealing with the inferiors before it.

"Dost mine blast not pierce thine insignificant shield? Preposterous!"

Vulcanus was more than definite that a beam of that caliber should have incinerated anything and everything that came in its way; at least anything and everything of such a weak and small demeanor. This was outlandish to say the least, and he would not stand for it.

However, when the blast subsided, Frio made her attack on him, unleashing the freezing force in front of his face, the blast actually cracking his skin.

"Bah! Sickening little insects! Face thine end!"

He raised his mighty leg in attempts to stomp the ground yet again, but that was proven to fail once Koudo came in with an attack almost immediately after Frio, hitting the exact same cracked, slightly freezing spot. The force of this hit actually broke through most of the armor on his face, revealing a weak point right between his eyes. Vulcanus roared up to the heavens in pain, a roar so loud and so great that it echoed through the barren wasteland absolutely completely. With the pain irking him, he stomped the ground hard, a now massive amount of lava shooting from the ground up where they were now. It seems as though Koudo's wavelength right now was not enough to overpower the mighty, large soul of Vulcanus, however the damage to it was clear, for those who had the Soul Perception to see it. Their efforts on the attack on his soul were not completely wasted.

"Strange... A weakness begets me... It hast enraptured mine body... No matter. It shalt pass once this magma hast refurbished mine wounds. Now, away with you, cretins! Infants art still infants in mine eyes! Come back when thou hast become men!"

A black haze started to omit from Vulcanus' body, almost like a thick cloud of smoke. In fact, it was... The same toxic ash from before was being released from his pores, just as the steam had in the past. With yet another deep inhale for air, flames gargled in the back of his throat, Vulcanus released a powerful, thunderous bay from his mouth equal to that of the explosion felt by them before they even set foot at the volcano, which not only spread the ash, but spread a heat just as intense as the first, just in a non-concentrated manner. This roar was enough to tear the very rocks up from the earth as if flesh from the skin. As such, a direct hit from close range was enough to very well obliterate the all of them in one shot, leaving literally nothing behind to remember them by.

Priere was busy trying to muster up all the power she could for this one-shot thing. It was taking her an eternity to even dream of getting to full power, but with what was going on with Koudo, Vulcanus would be distracted for a while. Besides, she was very close, anyway. When she heard the beast speak, she knew that some damage was done thanks to those guys, so they were actually getting their job done... now it was... her turn...

"*inhale, followed by sharp exhale* Alright... Here we go... Maxmum POWA--"

Signis: Priere, assist them!

Interrupted by Signis, Priere almost lost her focus, but still maintained all of her built up power.

"What? What's wrong?"

The ash started to be released from the monster's body, which let Priere know it was about to attack.

Signis: They are too close and it seems as though an attack is on the way. Get them out of there!

"Ugh, fine. Whatever."

She snapped her fingers, the ice under Koudo's feet opening breaking away to reveal a portal, which he would more or less be sucked into, and Frio as well, right before Vulcanus released his powerful roar. The portal would open back up right above Vulcanus' head, as instructed by Signis, so that no one would lose sight of his weak spot and would be out of the way of the majority of the lava, as well and Koudo could still be safe on the disc of ice.

At the same time, the roar actually pumped Priere up. It gave her a certain icy adrenaline rush she needed, the magic simply coursing through her veins and through her whole body. She let out a mighty scream of her own, power surging from her body as a huge burst of freezing wind which seemed to chill the air down to a point where she was actually comfortable. That was a feat within itself. Her cuffs burst off her body, as if some sort of restriction on her was released, and finally, she generated a massive seal of ice about the same size at the opening of this great volcano with several smaller seals intertwined within the large one.


To think, for even a moment her voice just might have been louder than the monster's... even for just a second as she screamed at the top of her lungs. The entire opening of the volcano turned from a red color to a bluish hue, showing the effects of her chilling aura. This was the effects of her wavelength as well as her magic, working almost in unison, but not quite.

In any case, as Priere said, the power of the Zero Beams she was unleashing had the coldness of Absolute Zero on their side, being fired out in extreme rapid succession at the lava. The lava seemed to be freezing over with no problem now, but Priere was still a long way to go before everything was completely frozen... And the big palooka's body was still partially in the mix, too. She'd still need more time, even expending all of this power. But everything was going smoothly.

Frio had been brought out of the ice seal unharmed, along with Koudo, saving them both from taking a direct hit and probably being obliterated on contact, thanks to Priere's help. But now it was their time to take down this creature and ensure that he didn't interfere at all. Somehow, Frio felt that this volcano was the key to it all. Perhaps that was only partially true, though.

Anyway, Frio was going to use her LN Rifle for this job, since the Chainsaw Sword had done its part. She quickly took aim below, locking on to the weakest point on his body, then onto the flowing lava. Making two quick and decisive shots, the top of the magma stream was frozen and the other shot was shot down below at the face of Vulcanus, yet again. If they kept hitting that spot, they might just blow his head off. That was her goal, anyway. Perhaps she'd try... Speaking normally this time.

Frio: Koudo... His head is weak... We have to keep firing off attacks at it nonstop.

Better, but it could still use work. She'd learn more once she was out more, which Priere would most definitely be doing. In any case, she just kept firing off shot after shot after shot relentlessly once she told Koudo. She didn't intend to let up on this guy for a second, since giving him even a moment to recover ended up in them almost dying... almost every time. Yeah.

Thankfully, Koudo and Frio were saved from being annihilated by the beast's mighty attack. Maina and Naina had been preparing a way to block the attack and save their skin as well as Frio's and even Priere's if the barrier would have stretched that far. However, Priere was quicker on the draw this time and so she got the save. They'd make sure Koudo got the soul though it could put them close to becoming deathscythes, though they'd share with Perura as well.

" Alright, you're more battle savvy than I thought you would be... Frio. "

Koudo complimented before firing off successive charged shots of the same caliber as the powerful blast that Perura had used on the hell hound before hand right into the beast's weak spot. However, these succession blasts were laced with everyone's combined efforts... everyone's powerful wavelengths meaning the blasts were fathoms more powerful for the larger foe. Koudo would destroy this thing, he had too.

Vulcanus was surprised at how swift they were, not knowing that they used a portal to travel above his head. When he looked up and saw them, his first thought was to thrust his still piercing hot horns into their respective bodies, skewering them on contact, however that seemed to be ineffective due to the fact that Frio's LN Rifle had already been fired several times down at his face, preventing him from doing much of anything. As such, so was Koudo's shots, fired off more powerfully than before, so much that it brought this great beast down to its knees.

"Bah... It must be a sad day for the gods when one can be brought down by even the ants..."

Vulcanus panted heavily, the onslaught on attacks not ceasing for a moment. The majority of his face was becoming frozen and his body temperature was dropping. Their wavelengths were starting to wear away at him after a while. But, even still, he did not give up.


This time, his voice triggered the volcano behind him, causing it to heat up significantly and build up more lava. He was going to make it blow, right here and right now. It was then that he noticed a very cold sensation tingling up his legs and rear... The other one that had been gone was slowly freezing the volcano. It didn't matter to him, though, as if she hadn't done it by now, she wouldn't once it heated up and melted all of her hard word, erupting and covering the entire land in lava, the ants and all.

"... Though thou hast weakened a god... Can thou kill one? Not one that controls your fate so... Not even an ant can withstand the almighty foot..."

Looks like Priere's time was up.

Priere could feel the temperature rising, even as she was pushing through. Her ice was beginning to melt without a doubt, but she wasn't going to give up.. Not here... Not now... She had almost done it, in fact.

"Alright... Enough of this... I don't care who says it otherwise... When I say enough... I mean..."

Priere's eyes grew intense, the cactus water beside her flowing into her body to restore her ever draining energy. She took the rest of her power and started to concentrate it together now, not letting the beams be individual, but combined.


She fired off the huge beam of icy energy at Absolute Zero, the beam forcing down the now rising volcano's lava. The two forces clashed, as if which one had 'enough' more than the other; Priere or Vulcanus. Priere was deluged in Cactus water keeping this up, the beam trying its hardest to overpower the volcano eruption it was fighting. Then, it hit her. If she didn't finish this, everything she would have worked for would be gone. There'd be no more team, no more Koudo, no more Signis, Perura, Blue, Maina, Naina, no... Priere... And most important, Priere would have lost to flames! That was a battle she was NOT going to lose!

With her very final ounce of strength, Priere's seal got twice as large, as if something awakened within her, and the beam grew to fit the size of the seal as well, totally consuming both the eruption of lava AND the volcano itself, freezing half of Vulcanus' body within the now completely frozen solid volcano he crawled out from. She'd done it. She had frozen an entire volcano solid; one of the hottest there was on the planet, if not THE hottests, halfway frozen the body of the god of volcanoes, and even unlocked a new strain of her Zero Beam ability; Absolute Zero Beam and Absolute Zero Beam Infinity. Yep. This was a good day for her.

With a triumphant smirk on her face, Priere fell out of the sky, using whatever power she had left to pull out one last bottle of Cactus Water, which she couldn't drink, mind you. She didn't have the energy. She fell, hitting the ice hard, before closing her eyes and just feeling the nice, cool atmosphere that her ice gave off. She was most literally basking in her own triumph... Oh yeah, she was taking this mountain home as a trophy, you'd better believe that much. But the biggest problem was...

"How... am I... gonna... get... up....?"

She started to laugh ever so slightly, not doing anything else. The bad news was, without Priere's magic, the ice platform Koudo was riding on would disperse back into nothing. He'd better have a plan for that.

In the meantime, Frio was busy firing away at Vulcanus, smiling at Koudo as a means of thanking him for the compliment, until she realized that Priere was down. Priere being her top priority in any situation, Frio zipped down to her side at top speed, ignoring the fact that Koudo's platform was gone. He could deal with Vulcanus while Frio tended to Priere.

Frio: Priere! Your magical readings are low. Here, let me assist you.

Frio pulled off the top of the Cactus Water bottle, putting the bottle up to Priere's mouth and letting her gulp it down slowly. After drinking it, Priere should have at least enough magical power to maintain her own body with this one vial, but that was probably all that she'd be able to do for a while. She worked hard this time.

Frio: I will be sure to take this volcano home. Don't you worry.

Yeah, even Frio knew of one of Priere's many goals to achieve in life. She'd figure out a way, most definitely.

" Someone's getting hasty. "

Koudo felt that with the beast's hastening of the volcanic activity he was beginning to lose ground against these 'ants'. It was funny though, Koudo felt invincible right now and he had good reason too since they were fighting, and winning I might add, against a god no less. This beast had just chosen the wrong day to wanna expanded his territory and the wrong 'ants' to pick a fight with.

Suddenly, Frio vanished off to help Priere, and the ice disc Koudo was standing on gave way and disappeared into nothingness. Koudo began a free fall towards the beast's flaming body, more specifically his uncovered weak point between his eyes. Koudo didn't have a plan, when the ice disc disappeared, but he came up with one fairly quickly during his descent. He noticed that with the volcano all froze by Priere, half of the beast's body was froze as well which made this even easier.

" Maina, Naina, Perura. Priere has provided us with a chance to take this guy down, let's not waste it. "

The chakrams in his hands began to charge with an amazing amount of wavelength, everyone's wavelength, a spectrum of different colors that bathed the chakrams in power. The rainbow of colors was too beautiful to describe. The chakrams grew severely times larger than they were before fusing into one enormous chakram made of nothing but combined wavelengths, mimicking the appearance of Maina and Naina's weapon form, that dwarfed even the mighty god, Volcanus, in size. Perura's essence of pure cold emanating strongly from the giant weapon and covering the entire area in cool air. Koudo reared up, pulling the giant thing up with him before he buckled forward and moved to slam one of the enormous spikes around the chakram's edge right into the weak point of Volcanus and cleave right through the rest of his head to end him.

Groaning in pain, Vulcanus felt the full effects of the cold through his body; weakening it as Priere froze the entire volcano. His face was already weakened, as was his soul, and now the remainder of his body had nothing to fall back on. The cold was his weakness, it was just that before, they didn't have enough of it to do any damage to him. Now, he was at their mercy.

"Disgusting little creatures... It was simply mine time after so many millions of years... Thou shalt not defeat mine offspring... For there shalt always be a god of the volcanoes; of the magma... Vulcanus."

Those seemed to be his final foreboding words before his death, which he even still fought to the very end. The creation of the massive Chakram was impressive to say the least, probably the only thing that Vulcanus could actually appreciate the power of. With everything virtually freezing cold, his heated body cooled as well, making him more stiff and harder to move. With cracks in his neck that seemed to echo out for eternity, he managed to slowly get his head up to face Koudo and the chakram. With a final roar filled with the searing blast of heat from before and the destructive force of his previously used roar, he aimed to end it all right here. Steam and ash rose from his body uncontrollably, however the steam he emanated now was nothing more than mist, since his body as so much cooled down. Fighting to the end, he would not let the Chakram simply overtake him... But, he hadn't a choice. It was too strong, even for the heat. It weakened his power and his soul and body were already weakened, thereby making his attack virtually useless. Impaling him right in the midst of his skull, his head was crushed completely, the horns adorned all over his face shooting out violently like missiles.

When his head was destroyed, magma flushed from it like blood, quickly hardening not even moments after it was released, frozen in time. His body followed the same pattern, collapsing in on itself and releasing the magma, which froze over just as fast. Such a compressed amount of mist was in his body that it covered the rest of the area, the entire volcano and then some, leaving everything with a cool atmosphere. The entire volcanic wasteland had become cooled.

Soon after, the soul of the beast rose up from its hardened magma, much larger than normal. It was worth a whopping 60 souls, which, in retrospect, wasn't the amount a top of the line god would have. That soul would be priceless. In any case, it was there for them to do as they wanted with it. Their mission was completed.

With Frio still tending to Priere, Priere had finally consumed all of the cactus water, regaining all of her consciousness. She opened her eyes to see Frio there and Vulcanus being destroyed by Koudo. She laughed weakly, trying to figure out how he managed to do something like that.

"Heh... I bet next time we battle... You won't even have the chance..."

Priere breathed deeply, stretching her arms out and sitting up slowly.

Frio: You are okay?

"Yeah, I guess. I just need some more water..."

By that time, Vulcanus' body had been destroyed and the massive soul he contained was released from his body, as well as a shitload of mist. Priere looked up, knowing that the composition of mist was purely water molecules and a huge smirk came across her face.

"... Time for an instant heal. Heh heh heh."

She pointed her finger into the cloud of mist before her and when she did, the mist seemed to actually stop moving and stand at attention for her. She motioned her finger in a way to come closer, thus the mist came unto her; all of it. The mist started to converge into water right before entering her mouth, already free of any toxins or ash that were within since Priere had taken control of and thereby purified the water. Soon, Priere had engulfed just about all of the mist in the area, and she gave out a satisfied belch.

"Ah... Muuuch better."

She rose from the ground, floating just slightly above as she usually did, seeming to be completely back to normal.

"Good thing this went the way it did, or I never would have been restored. Huh. I didn't get as much as I wanted, but I'm a bit above a quarter of my power thanks to that mist. Mmmm~!"

She looked over to Frio, giving her a thumbs up for a good job she had done to assist Koudo... But she was more focused on that soul. Without warning, Blue started to speak to her from the depths of her mind.

Blue: I want it.

Priere: What?

Blue: I want that soul.

Priere: Uh... Oh, that's right, you do feast on souls, don't you...? The same way Signis takes in blood for power and how I take in water. Well alright, but you know you can't have all of it.

Blue: ... Why?

Priere: ... Because as much as I hate to admit it, we had some HELP you know. Plus, they're our subordinates. We gotta treat em right.

Blue: ... You're right. Then I can have some of it?

Priere: Yeah, sure, whatever. I'll tell Koudo.

Blue: Thank you...

As just as quickly as she was taken in, Priere was back in reality just about a second later.

"Yo, Koudo! This soul is lookin miiighty tasty to Blue down here! Think there's enough to share between Maina, Naina, Perura AND her?"

Priere turned to Frio, leaning her head toward the frozen volcano in a sort of 'You know what to do with this' fashion as a gigantic Ice Portal appeared below it. The volcano dropped in, as did Frio, and it would close behind them. Priere was excited about this... They had taken out their first area. Sure, it took them quite a long time, but it happened nonetheless. The problem now was... Since they were still so tired and drained from THIS battle... What was in store for the next destination? And getting there, mind you? Surely they wouldn't go unbothered. Maybe they should rest somewhere...

The deed was done and the beast was vanquished thanks to the combined efforts of the entire team. The giant chakram stayed the size it was for a while before it slowly split into two of the same size and those two began to shrink until Koudo stood on solid ground with the two chakrams in hand, gun barrel protruding out the center like before. The match didn't last long enough for the weapon forms of the three ladies to merge completely, but this was the first time it'd ever happened so with repeated usage the weapon forms would continue to merge until they were complete.

Koudo wiped his brow and eyeballed the giant soul that the beast left behind. He supposed that he should split it three ways before Maina, Naina, and Perura, but then he wanted a little piece of it too so that he could try that Soul Forging thing that Sheng does at the armory. That'd be a four way split, but then came Priere.

" So Blue wants a piece too huh? I can't say I'm surprised, a five way split then. Everyone gets twelve. "

Koudo said before he tossed the chakrams into the air and they split and transformed into Maina, Naina, and Perura. Using the three of them together was taxing, but Koudo felt that with enough practice he could get it down pretty easily. Then, perhaps, if Blue had a weapon form and wanted to get involved then he'd add her into the mix as well. He opened a portal and pulled his katana from it.

" Hold on. "

He said before he moved his hand to the hilt of his sword and slashed through the soul five times, sheathing the sword and redrawing it with every slash, in the blink of an eye. The soul split into five equal share of the soul and all the shares drifted to each of the respective parties that wanted them. Maina and Naina fed each other, Koudo dropped his in a portal with his katana before he turned to Perura.

" It was nice working with you... "

*_* Took her respective share of the soul and swallowed it right up, adding twelve more souls on to the ten she'd already gotten during this particular bout. She then looked to Koudo with softer eyes than normal which was her way of smiling. She really liked working with him, the way he fluidly used all three of the weapons without second guessing himself. However, there was something more that she liked about his soul. When they were in that resonated state, she felt like she was being chained down and controlled by his soul it gave her a sense of... pleasure that she hadn't felt before. It made her visible blush for a little while before she looked at Priere for an idea of what they were going to do next. *_*

Blue liked the sound of that. She was gonna get part of that young soul right there. Priere flew to where everyone had congregated, getting her piece of the soul and woofing it down for Blue. She could feel within her that Blue had become stronger... A lot stronger than she was supposed to by eating her worth of 12 souls. Something told her that Blue's consumption of souls and a normal weapons wasn't the same...

"... Well, in any case, we beat him, but look at our next location."

Priere pulled out her PET, showing everyone the coordinates of the next location. It was... More or less close to here, but from the geographical standpoint, it was more like a field of wilderness... STRAIGHT wilderness... And it was very cloudy there, too.

"I dunno who picked this place, but if we go here, it'll probably mean that we're gonna need a lot of strength built back up... Considering what we had to deal with here, who knows what will be there?"

Priere was unaware that Blue had picked this place... And for a specific reason. It wasn't a gift to Priere, like Signis had done, but something... Important. She'd have to reveal further when they got there.

"So what do you suggest we do? Rest up here, in this barren wasteland? Portal ourselves to our location and rest there so we hopefully don't have to encounter anything? Keep going and hope for the best? I want ideas, people!"

Even though Signis probably would have had the best idea, she was not heard from at all.

" Just trudging forward without gathering our strength is foolish. We want to at least survive this trip, so let's all just rest here for a while then move when we fill we've built enough strength back. Honestly though, I'm not that tired. "

Koudo stretched and cracked his knuckles before looking at the rest of the gang and observing chakra reserves since that was all he actually knew how to do. He didn't have the luxury of soul perception. From what he could see Maina and Naina both had reasonable amounts of chakra left, but they were standing there and yawning which meant that they needed some rest. He assumed Perura was probably the same way, and Priere had just frozen a volcano so perhaps she needed the rest as well.

" We'll rest here, and when you guys are ready then I'll open the gate. "

He, for lack of a better word, ordered of the gang before he turned his back to them and looked off into the distance. At first he thought this journey would be cakewalk and he'd attempt to work in some training in between stops, but if they would continue to face enemies like Volcanus then training would be easier to toss in to this journey than he'd originally perceived.

Maina; Thank goodness, all that battling has me beat. I've never been in weapon form for that long.

Maina said as she plopped down onto the ground and yawned. She covered her mouth before looking towards her sister who sat down slowly and elegantly. Naina didn't look that tired, and honestly she wasn't, but she wouldn't complain about the decisions that Koudo made.

Naina: That's because Koudo never actually uses us. Thankfully he is now.

She commented before looking up at Perura and offering her the seat right next to her. She felt even closer to the girl now, and only wondered what could be going on in that quiet head of hers.

*_* Perura was impartial to rest, but she didn't mind what they chose to do either. She looked down at Naina, before taking the seat next to her and resting her eyes. Recovering strength wasn't such a bad idea now that she thought about it. *_*

Priere sighed reclining in the air.

"Alright, well, let's just rest for a bit. I guess a power nap could be fine..."

Priere started to close her eyes, embracing the newfound coldness, trying to fall asleep whilst still having how power activated... As a sense of more training. Just in case she became unconscious and still needed to fight.

"Well, someone wake me up in a couple hours..."

And then, she fell asleep.

" Alright, everyone rest up. I'll keep watch, and tend to my sword. It hasn't been cleaned in a while. "

Koudo said walking a little ways away from the group, dropping Maina and Naina's jackets out of a portal as he pulled his katana and its cleaning supplies out. He had to make sure to tend to it everyday or it'd dull and be useless to him besides calling his Ga Rei. He also liked to think that if he took good care of the sword then Karasuhime was happier to.

-- Rather short time skip in comparison to others --

About an hour or two later, Priere rolled over in her sleep... in the air, drooling just a little as if she were having a nice dream. Without warning, however, her body started to surge with electricity, jolting her awake.

"Gzt! BAH! The FUCK!?"

She turned over several times, falling down out of the air right on her ass.

"Who... Who the hell did THAT!"

Signis: You said to wake you up.

"You... Bitch. Be lucky you're in my mind and not out here!!"

Priere finally floated up from the ground and brushed her dress off, scoffing and flipping her hair.

"Well, whatever. I feel a bit better. Kinda got a little power back to keep going."

She turned to Koudo who seemed to have been maintaining his blade all this time whilst Maina and Naina slept.

"You been up all this time? You ready to go?"

Koudo would take glances over towards the ladies every now and then to see what was going on. Maina and Naina had fallen asleep next to one another, both leaning on each other. Perura had her eyes closed as well, but it was always hard to tell what she was doing. As for Priere, she was the last person he cared to take a glance at since she'd gone to sleep before everyone else.

He worked for hours until anyone had woken up, completely invested in taking care of Karasuhime. He snapped out of his focus when he heard stirring, and he completely stopped what he was doing when Priere began talking.

" Huh? Oh.. yeah, I've just been up cleaning this here. "

he said motioning towards the sword before he held it horizontally to check for any blemishes on the blade. It was spic and span, and even a little sharper than it was before he began maintenance. He guessed that he left it neglected in that pocket of space for too long and the blade began to dull because of it. If that was the case then he needed to clean Enkindler next as well as that claymore he never used.

Anyway, he turned his head to face Priere before nodding over to the three weapons that were sleeping like they were at home in the bed. Obviously they were more tired than they let on, but then again the only one that seen battle as intense as what they were just doing was Perura most likely.

" let's wait a couple more minutes. They seem more tired out than me and you. Guess I worked them too hard earlier. "

Priere shrugged her shoulders, returning to her floating reclined position.

"Oh well. So, we traveling straight from here? It shouldn't take too long, I guess. If I read the map right, there should be pastures close by. Blue told me when I was asleep that she picked that new place for a special reason. I'm pretty eager, ya know?"

She looked up at the sky, which was still covered in smoke, blocking out the sun.

"If Blue actually participates more than fighting and keeping Signis and I from killing each other, and says its special... It's gotta be true."

" You didn't read the map wrong, there's pasture for a while before we hit that big forest you were talking about before. "

Koudo said as he sheathed his katana and, for once in his life, strapped it onto his hip like all the other wanna be samurai around Ves. He figured since they were roaming and he might need it then there was no point in wasting energy to take it out of the pocket of space it floated in and putting it back afterwards. He didn't like when the katana was on his hip though, but he'd manage.

He was shocked though that Blue had even decided to place a location, even more so that it was a surprise for Priere. Koudo figured that Blue didn't like neither Priere nor Signis and that was why she was quiet all the time. He supposed that she liked Priere enough to help her get stronger, but that could just be because she wanted to get back to her own original power level which was probably fathoms higher than it was right now.

" Huh Blue actually cares about you and your training. Interesting, I figured Signis did, she's just terrible at expressing her true feelings, but Blue... that gets me excited too. "

Koudo said before he looked away from Priere and down at his lap. He was ready to start cleaning another one of his weapons, but the girls were bound to wake up in the middle of the cleaning and no one would feel like waiting for him to finish and so he worked against the urged and pushed it back into the dark recesses of his mind. He'd have to do it later when he had time.

Priere nodded, not even being able to fathom anything that Blue liked. Though they were close, Blue was still rather distant... But that seemed to just be her personality.

"Well, you had it wrong, pal. Signis is the shallow one. She just wants me to get stronger because she wants her power back. Blue... Blue is the one that cares, like you are just now realizing. She doesn't show it on a regular basis and she never says anything, but she definitely does. She's not a bad demon at all."

Naturally, the two inside heard this rather warming statement... And of course, Signis was displeased.

Signis: I am not shallow! I do care about you, Priere! If I did not, I would have taken over your mind ages ago with my psychic power!

On the outside world, Priere smiled, hearing Signis' outburst and knowing it was true. She closed her eyes and said lightly under her breath, "Gotcha..." On the other end, Blue was hiding in the recesses of Priere's mind... Smiling as well. Something she rarely did. She was the 'Perura' of Priere's inner trio... Or even the 'Naina,' considering all three of them were trios in some way. Priere, Koudo, Perura. Koudo, Maina, Naina. Priere, Signis, Blue. And all of them had very similar qualities and likenesses to the others. Huh. Who knew? Birds of a feather.

Koudo took a glance over his shoulder, noticing that Maina and Naina were beginning to stir. He could tell since they always wiped each other's eyes before opening them. He assumed it was something they'd been doing since they were young and didn't mind it. They were twins and twins were weird. Not like he could talk since there were probably dozens of different versions of himself running around the planet. Damn that woman he didn't even know called his mother.

" Huh, Signis struck me as a tsundere type of personality, but I guess you can't judge people, or angels rather, with personality types from games. Speaking of which, perhaps I should have brought one, oh well. Blue's kinda like Perura, mysterious but reliable. "

Koudo said before pushing himself to his feet and folding his arms, feeling all warm and snugly in the coat that Sai, his little house wife, had prepared for him, Maina, and Naina. he wasn't sure how he'd survive if Sai wasn't around to cook his meals and take care of him though Naina seemed like she could possibly handle housework and the like just as good, if not better. He turned to face the sleeping women, who were groggily working themselves to their feet.

" Looks like we'll be moving soon Priere. "

*_* The hours of resting were good to Perura, it gave her time to recover her stamina. She hadn't gone to sleep like the other girls, but she had achieved a meditative state that mimicked sleeping. She just controlled her breathing and focused this whole time in an attempt to regulate and expand the output of her wavelength to make it a little more powerful than it was already. She wanted to go into the next fray prepared, like the muscle of the group she was suppose to be.

She pushed herself to her feet and helped Maina and Naina to their feet before she looked off into the horizon, ready to depart. *_*

Blah blah blah, Priere talks to Signis and Blue, blah blah blah, heartwarming moment, blah blah blah, tells Koudo about how tsundere Signis is, blah blah blah, now.

"Well, if everyone's up, let's get the hell outta here. Blue, you can take over since this is the place you wanted to go."

A rare occurrence in the purest form, Blue actually leading the body. Without warning, Priere's body turned completely black, her clothes becoming exceptionally tight on her and black, damn near matching the color of the skin. Every attribute on her was completely black except for her irises, which were a piercing, cold blue color. This was Blue, for those who hadn't seen her before.

"... This way."

Even the demeanor of speaking was different. Blue started off, walking toward the destination as if she'd been there before.

Koudo hadn't ever seen Blue up close and personal like this, so he was interested when she took over the body this one time. Her appearance was... a bit shocking, but welcomed. Koudo himself tend to wear the color black a lot, but Blue was basically black all over except for those eyes of hers which were, ironically, blue like her name and had the same piercing stare as another lady that Koudo was traveling with.

He took a glance towards Perura before beginning to walk. Maina and Naina in tow, still attempting to wake themselves up and a brisk walk would definitely help in doing so. Koudo slowed his trek a little to walk besides the two girls just in case they couldn't function in human form and he needed to carry them around in weapon form. He didn't mind either way.

*_* Perura turned her head towards the group as they began to follow someone cloaked in all black, much like herself without the white apron that she was wearing. She didn't actually see what the person looked like besides all the blackness, and she brought up the rear since she was possibly the slowest runner out of everyone in the group and didn't want them to run into any trouble from behind so she wouldn't be getting a good look at the person anytime soon. *_*
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Insangel 43: Journey Across The Lost World Pt. 2; Down Below.

With Blue as the leader, the travel seemed to be rather short. Then again, Blue was a fast one. 'THE' fast one, to say it properly. She probably inadvertently left them behind trying to eagerly to get here.

"... We're almost there. Very close."

They were in pastures... What seemed to be nothing but green field and a river. The sun was going down, in fact, and it was almost night time. Blue looked up at the lingering sun, wanting it to be completely gone. The sunset sickened her.

*_* Unlike what she was attempting to do, Perura was trekking behind Blue and Koudo was bringing up the rear. She wasn't directly behind Blue, but she could see the woman's back from the distance between them so the woman hadn't completely left her behind. Perura picked up the place a little though, since the sun was setting and it'd be hard to see this person she was following in the dark since she was clad in all black. *_*

Bringing up the rear was Koudo with Maina and Naina, in weapon form, strapped to his back. The reasoning for this would be unknown to everyone else, but Koudo, but there was a reason behind it and he wouldn't be using them at all during the next leg of things. In fact, the usage of the soul abilities wouldn't happen. Koudo had figured out that he'd relied heavily on them for that battle with Volcanus, and this time around he didn't want to have to do that. It meant that he had other powers going neglected and he didn't want to grow his skills irregularly.

The sun was beginning to set now, and he could see Perura's back which meant that him getting lost was an impossibility as long as he could see her chakra, which he could with his mind's eye of the kagura. They were relatively close to their destination now.

When the sun reached its final waking moments in the sky, Blue stopped abruptly in the most open part of the field.

"... The center."

Somehow, Blue knew that this was the center of the entire field. Whether she had used her Blueprint ability to find this out or she just knew was a mystery, but either way she was absolutely correct. Awaiting Perura and Koudo to catch up to where she was, she stared at the sun... reluctantly, of course, but still making sure that it was going down.

"Just a few more minutes..."

Her stare was unwavering, as if she needed it to go down.

"Come close, everyone."

It was almost time to start.

*_* Perura approached the spot Blue designated as 'the center'. It wasn't until now that she actually got a good look at the person she'd been following this whole time. She looked her up a down a bit before catching glimpse of those cold blue eyes, perhaps a sharp contrast to her own cold golden eyes. Perura looked away and towards the setting sun, wondering why this Blue person was staring so intensely at it. *_*

Koudo joined them shortly with his arms folded. It felt like they'd been traversing that pasture for what seemed like hours, but since there was a nice breeze blowing and the landscape as so nice he didn't actually mind the walk. He looked from Blue to Perura then followed their eyes to the sun before looking down at the ground.

" Hmmm... "

Just as everyone gathered, the sun finally hid its face completely, leaving only darkness in the area.

"The time has come," Blue said the very instant it had. Her eyes met with Perura's, locking with them for what seemed to be an eternity, however was only a moment or two, the same with Koudo. A strange power surged through the area, the air changing to something unfamiliar to those of this world. Blue's long, black hair was flustered by the force of whatever was behind her, which seemed to be in the ground. A dark void formulated itself directly behind her, large enough to fit the volcano that Priere captured earlier, the reason why soon to be found out.

From the depths of the abyss now etched into the ground came an enormous hand, first covered in complete darkness, however soon that darkness melted back into the void below. With the palm facing outward toward the ground, each of the tips of the fingers held giant red eyes, all of which were looking at Blue and the gang. In the absolute center of the palm, another figure rose, he too bathed in darkness. Just as his hand, the darkness melted away from his pure ivory skin and into the void, revealing everything... Except his face, which he seemed to lack. That was the abysmal darkness that no light could shine through.

"... Charon... I have returned."

The entity spoke no words, however all of the eyes now looked to Blue, almost as if for verification. Blue stepped forward, turning back to the others and signaling them to come and follow her. From the back of his hand, Charon's mighty wings opened up, generating a strange wave of wind around the area. It would allow the party the ability to float up to his side inside of his own palm. Blue, of course, was the first to get up there, standing right next to him and looking up to him. Even up close, he was still fathoms larger than she was.

"... This is our ride," she said plain and simply.

All the darkness seemed to plague Koudo. For one reason or another, he didn't like the sight of it and so he turned his head away from the emerging being. Still, he could feel its massive presence and the winds that whipped around the area weren't anything he could ignore either. It was just the darkness that he didn't seem to like.

" You know this guy huh? "

Koudo said to Blue, before he let the winds the creature created carry him up to the palm. Koudo leaned on one of the fingers and held out his hand to Perura. He just kinda knew she'd need some help.

*_* Perura eyes looked deep into Blue's in the split second that they'd locked eyes and she recognized her as a friend and an ally. They seemed to have something in common, but Perura couldn't tell what exactly it was. It really didn't matter right now though. As the dark void opened, Perura was already ready to throw down with whatever was emerging, seeming unaffected to the presence and size of it. It was partially because they'd taken down Volcanus a couple hours ago and other half of it being that she really didn't care about the size. Perura needed all the souls she could get, so that she could take Prisa on again and win this time.

Before she summoned her weapon form to her arm, Blue spoke to the creature and Perura lowered her guard slightly, before lowering altogether. She let the winds lift her, before she took Koudo's hand and stepped up onto the palm of the creature. She released his hand and stood on the opposite side of the creature from Blue. She didn't touch him though. *_*

When everyone was secure, Blue's eyes gleamed brightly, enough to even let those who weren't looking at her know that they were lit; a cool blue color illuminated the hand for that moment. Charon crossed his arms and lowered his head, each of the fingers around the group closing slowly, encasing them in his palm completely, as if protecting them. Blue knew that those of the surface would find it exceedingly stressful to traverse this realm otherwise, and Charon wasn't the guide for no reason. The gigantic fist sank down into the void slowly, which would close behind it as if nothing were there at all.

Inside of the palm, Blue's eyes still seemed to illuminate just her portion of his dark hand, as they were still quite luminescent, even if the rest of her body wasn't.

"Don't worry. He's protecting you."

Emphasis on the 'you.' Their bodies might have broken apart if this palm opened for even a moment, for it was a rigorous atmosphere outside... on the way to the Netherworld.

When they finally reached their destination about a minute or two after, the large palm opened up swiftly to allow the three of them to get off. Blue jumped off and waved at Charon, showing him her gratitude.

"That plain is one of the few places he can appear on the surface."

She turned around to view the scenery... Nothing had changed.

Koudo dropped his folded arms and slipped his hands in his pockets as they traveled into the void. He wasn't really sure what was happening, honestly he didn't care either way, as long as they got to their destination unharmed he was fine with whatever method of travel that they used. Honestly, he wanted to know where they were going and why they needed a special way to get there, but those questions would be answered soon enough... he hoped as least.

When they finally reached where they were going and the hand opened back up, Koudo hopped to the ground and took a look around. It didn't seem like anything had changed. Koudo was skeptical of that though and he was smart enough to know not to let his eyes deceive him.

" Where are we? "

*_* Perura followed suit and jumped down from the hand too before turning around and bowing to the creature as a sign of thanks. She was smart enough to know that there had to be a special reason why he'd been used for travel, and Blue's words about him protecting them really drove the idea home. Perura turned back around to face Koudo and Blue and wondered where they were as well even though everything looked the same. *_*

When the two got off, Charon would nod to them all and fall back into his own void, waiting to appear again when Blue needed him. As of right now, everything looked the same, but this was a defensive measure that happened upon entering this place... What one would call 'an immensely powerful genjutsu' that was always active around the entire Netherworld. With a gleam of Blue's eyes yet again, the genjutsu faded, shattered even, and revealed what was Blue's homeland.


"We are not too far away. Let's go."

They were in the outskirts, but the journey to the main place they needed to go wouldn't take but 10 or 20 minutes. Blue turned around and started to walk toward them, then walked past them, as the target destination was in the other direction of which they were all facing.

"... Home."

Koudo had never been projected into a genjutsu before, but when the landscape around them cracked then shattered and revealed an all new, and much more tripy looking landscape, Koudo was taken aback. He looked around, amazed to sat the least, before watching as Blue walked past him. She was so mysterious, it really did pique his interest, but now wasn't the time to dwell on such things.

" Your home? "

Koudo asked, though the question probably had a pretty obvious answer. He adjusted the chakrams on his back, before walking after Blue, signalling Perura to follow with a nod of his head. Honestly, now that he thought about it, Karasuhime could help them traverse there quicker, but he wasn't to sure if she'd be fond of carrying anyone but him.

*_* Perura followed after the two as they began to walk, taking a couple more looks around the new landscape. It was pretty cool seeing the old landscape just shatter into pieces, Perura could admit that much. She wondered if she trained her soul perception enough could see also shatter illusions like that, and she would set it as a goal to achieve. For now, she was just focused on using her wavelength better and making it more powerful. *_*

As they walked in the direction Blue walked, the landscape became more and more blue, and less and less purple from the place they started. The place were they started was the 'center' of this Netherworld, and the place where Blue was from was naturally gonna be... Blue. And, to answer Koudo's question...


Traversing the land was just as trippy as them getting to this place, as the landscape changed drastically the further they walked. Even though it seemed like a short walk, they had actually been walking for miles and miles. Was this another one of Blue's abilities or just the natural atmosphere of this world? That remained a secret.

They bypassed many blue landscapes... the grasslands...

The water...

And even the forest...

... Before they finally got to their destination. Blue seemed unmarveled by the atmosphere and at the pace in which they walked, for this was simply nothing new to her, however as expected, Koudo and Perura were shocked, amazed, or both.

"Here. We are here."

She stood, pointing at the large castle covered in an endless blue haze. Apparently, this was Blue's home; that castle over yonder.

"A couple more steps and we'll be inside..." she said, taking those extra steps and disappearing.

It seemed like they were... flash stepping, for lack of a better way to express the movement, through the landscape of Blue's homeland. Koudo was a little shocked that everything they passed was getting to be a deep shade of blue, but then he remembered her name and just kinda dealt with it. He assumed that on the other end there was probably a lot of red or something, since the center was purple.

Finally, they came upon a castle that Blue designated as her home. Koudo stood there for a few minutes after Blue took her steps and vanished, and he took a look around before stopping Perura from stepping forward and disappearing as well. There wasn't anything wrong, he just wanted her to observe her surrounds first before she took the steps to appear at, or in, the castle.

" Be on guard. "

He whispered to her before taking the extra steps and vanishing just like Blue before. It wasn't that he didn't trust Blue, he was just weary of the location since she didn't say anything about it besides her home being here. And with what Signis pulled a couple hours ago, he was weary of another 'god' showing up and attempting to pick them off again.

*_* Perura had more or less no opinion about the 'jumping' they were doing to traverse the location. She was never one that marveled at speed and just enjoyed the journey. That's why she never attempted to increase her natural speed. She was slow and would forever be slow.

However, she did marvel at how the landscape changed colors the more they walked. It went from purple to blue in little to no time at all, and every time the blue color got deep, she compared it to the color of Blue's eyes. Eventually, they reached a point where they could see a castle in the distance. Perura was eager to get inside and see if everything was blue inside of the castle like the landscape, but Koudo stopped her from walking. *_*

Be on guard

*_* Perura looked up at Koudo, watching his facial expression and his eyes. It was clear that he didn't trust something about this, but Perura didn't see anything wrong and so she wasn't sure. Just in case, she nodded to him before taking her few steps towards the castle as well and disappearing just like Blue and Koudo before her. *_*

As expected when they walked into the castle, everything was blue. Dark blue; almost indigo, really. It was dark, fit for a demon to live, after all.

When Perura and Koudo entered, they would see Blue surrounded by many... people. All of them looking rather devastating in appearance, however they seemed to be talking in a humble manner to Blue.

???: Overlord Blue, you have returned!

???: We have been awaiting your return for some time, Blue.

???????????????????????: Yeah!

Blue turned around to see that Perura and Koudo had finally entered, however when Blue turned, so did everyone else, and they didn't seem to take kindly to these 'human' outsiders.

???: Mistress Blue, stay behind us... We'll take care of these intruders! They must have been brought here by 'them' anyway!

???: It's for your own good.

????????????????????????: Yeah!

The creatures that closed in on the area came to the light, all gleaming with Blue attributes. They stared menacingly down at their opponents, prepping themselves for an attack.

Koudo didn't have time to look around before he was met with a foreboding feeling of pure hate, or perhaps it was a overwhelming feeling of the need to protect as soon as he entered the castle. Either way, he was glad that he had been on guard since he felt something wouldn't be right about this. He looked at the people surrounding Blue who, in turn, looked at him and were just as on guard as he was. He moved a hand to the hilt of his katana.

" I felt that something wasn't right here. "

He whispered under his breath and prepared for the worst. They hadn't attacked yet, so there was still a chance that they were just weary of visitors. Of course if they wanted a fight, Koudo didn't mind throwing down, and the one humanoid looking our with all the horns and the sword at his side ( the first one on the left closest to the girl. ) looked right up Koudo's alley for an opponent.

*_* Perura felt almost the same thing Koudo felt when he entered, but she felt more of the need to protect than the overwhelming hate persay. Perura stood beside Koudo, eyeing all the ones that Koudo didn't have his eyes locked too. She supposed the one he was looking at was probably the leader, but she liked the giant, bull-like one. She was just as ready to attack as Koudo was, but she remained still. Not wanting to provoke them into a fray though they looked to be preparing to receive an attack and not preparing to launch one. *_*

" Blue... Your friends? "

*_* The first words Perura had said in a while. She figured if anyone could defuse the situation, it was Blue, the master of the house. *_*

With the sudden tension in the air, Blue stepped in without hesitation almost immediately after her comrades 'greeted' her newly acquired friends.

"Yes. Everyone here is my friend."

She shot a stare to the human-looking girl, who was the leader of the bunch. She sighed heavily, knowing that she would be in trouble if she harmed Blue's new 'friends.' She stepped by, walking up to Koudo, her defensive attitude now gone.

Cerulean: Ah, uh, please excuse us. We're not accustomed to... Guests from the surface, as you can see. We didn't know that you were personal guests of Blue's.

Blue nodded her head slowly, now smiling at Koudo and Perura, then looked to her cohorts. She pointed first to Koudo, saying his name.


Then, to Perura.


She then pointed to herself.

"Inside of me, Priere and Signis."

The girl gasped at hearing those two names, shocked beyond belief.

Cerulean: You... You mean Signis, 'the Angel of Bloodshed' Signis? And Priere, the one you were meant to take? How could... How did this happen? Now you've become something only lore has spoken of!

Blue held up a single finger, as to quiet the girl, which is what happened. She then pointed to the ones behind them, as if she wished for them to be introduced.

Cerulean: ... Oh, yes, of course. Forgive my rudeness, uh... Koudo and Perura. I am Admiral/General Aoi Cerulean, Blue's younger sister. Behind me are (starting from left to right, in order), Duke Iris, Commandant Azure, Lord/General Azul Turqois and Colonel Cobalt, the Blue Giant. We are our wonderful Overlord Blue's royal guard... Leaders of her military. The Royal Blue, we're called. Pleased to meet you.

Blue nodded her head happily... However, Priere was more than upset. So upset, she took control of the body without consent of Blue, and as such, her voice came out of Blue's mouth.

Priere: WOAH WOAH WOAH, BACK UP!! Overlord!? You mean this Netherworld BELONGS to Blue!? And she has a MILITARY? And a SISTER?

Cerulean: Two.

Priere: ... How come you never told us, Blue!?

Regaining control of her mouth, Blue shrugged.

"Never came up in conversation."

Considering that Blue rarely spoke, it made sense, but... Even still...

Priere: S-S-Signis! Surely you must have known!

Signis: Not at all. Even my mind could not delve into the depths of Blue's. Besides, my mission was to terminate the lethal legendary assassin, Blue. The Blue Devil. And as you can see, I have done so, but... Now we have become an Insangel as a result.

Priere sighed, giving up with all of this. Surely Blue's little entourage could explain this better... Since she knew that Blue herself probably wouldn't utter more than the absolute gist of things.

Priere: Oh boy...

Koudo lowered his guard and scratched his cheek before looking behind him at Perura and shrugging his shoulders. It would undoubtedly cause her to lower her guard as well. They were friendlies, not only that but they were also part of Blue's army that protected her netherworld from the forces of... It was all kinda confusing, but it only added more pieces to the puzzle of Priere, Signis, and Blue. A puzzle Koudo would solve eventually.

Koudo offered the leader of the group, Blue's sister, Cerulean, his hand for a handshake.

" Nice to meet you Admiral Cerulean, you all as well. "

He said addressing the entire group in general before giving the one with the sword a once over then a smirk. They all looked pretty strong, even Cerulean but that was because she said she was related to Blue and Blue was obviously powerful, but the one with the sword just seemed like the one Koudo would probably get along with the best.

His eyes moved back to Cerulean before he nodded towards Perura.

" She doesn't talk much, but that's Perura, our muscle. She's reliable in almost any situation. Oh yeah, and these two on my back are Maina and Naina, and this katana here is Karasuhime. "

He said making sure that everyone got their proper introduction before he moved his hand to his back and unstrapped the chakrams. They fell from the strap slowly before they transformed back into Maina and Naina in human form.

Maina: What the hell's up with you forcing us into weapon form so suddenly?!

Naina: Now, now, he probably had a good reason for doing so, you did right Koudo?

" We'll take about that later you two, when we're alone. For now, This is Admiral Cerulean, Duke Iris is the tall one, Commandant Azure the guy with the sword, Lord Azul Turquois the small one, and the big guy over there is Colonel Cobalt. They're Blue's personal guard. "

Maina: Personal guard huh? Is she like a princess or something?

Naina: How cute, they all have names pertaining to the color blue. Oh, I want one too.

" Huh they do all have names pertaining to the color blue now that I think about it, and she's some kind of Overlord or something, I dunno. Anyway, Admiral, we'll be in your care for the rest of our stay. let me know if you need anything from us. We may not look like much, but we're a resourceful group. "

He said, sounding more like a leader than he actually wanted to this trip.

Maina: Nice to meet ya.

Maina said as she folded her arms and looked off to the side to get a glimpse of their surroundings. When they were forced into weapon form, they were tied up pretty tight with chains from Koudo's wavelength and couldn't see or hear anything but each other. They didn't really under his wavelength, or his soul in general, it was really strange.

Naina waked over towards the short one and knelt down to his level with a smile plastered on her face. Obviously, she was fond of him without knowing anything about him.

" Azul Turquois, was it? Nice to meet you. "

She said.

*_* Through all the chaos of introductions, Perura had worked her way over to the one designated as Colonel Cobalt, the Blue Giant. She offered him her pale and dainty hand. Her hand looked so frail that it looked like it'd snap if he gripped it with even a tiny bit of his strength. How had such a delicate looking girl received the title of 'the muscle' of the group? *_*

" Perura. "

*_* She said softly, though her cold expression hadn't changed one bit during this whole exchange. She was just happy that everyone was on speaking terms, and not at each other's throats like a few minutes ago. She hoped the atmosphere could stay like this. *_*

Well, since everyone was giving the introductions, Priere, as usual, forced Blue to give up control of the body, allowing her to take control as the leader so she could personally introduce herself.

"Ahem! Now that I've showed up, I can give you a REAL introduction. I'm Priere, leader of this little group, and harborer of your Overlord, Blue. Heh. And inside of us is Signis, but she's not important."

Signis: Watch yourself, girl...

A terrifying shock was sent through the body, causing Priere to lose control and for Blue to retain the reigns of the body, whilst Priere and Signis bickered on the inside. She was glad that everyone was socializing so well.

Cerulean: Ah, the pleasure is mine, friends! *shakes* As you can probably tell from our titles, I am the leader of Blue's marine and naval corps, as well as a shared lead over ground troops with Azul, who manages all of the technological pleasantries. The Duke leads the air force and works alongside the Commandant as our master tacticians and strategists. The Commandant and the Colonel also work out in the field as the muscle, but the Colonel focuses more of guerrilla missions whilst the Commandant fights more directly with the troops. And the one who has been holding down the throne since Blue's departure on her secret mission is--"

???: Yahooooo!!

Cerulean: ... Our eldest sister, Aoko Aozaki.

She pointed over to the throne, where a girl with long red hair, a white tee, blue jeans and sneakers nonchalantly swung one of her legs back and forth whilst the other was atop the armrest of the throne. She seemed to be rather excitable. She waved at the group, giving them a top of the line smirk.

Aoko: Yo! Just call me Aozaki. I kinda like our surname, ya know? Since I'm the only one that really uses it, anyway.


Though her hair was the biggest thing that stood out, she still showed the sign that attributed her to the family... Piercing blue eyes.

Cerulean: Yes, you are, dear. That's Aozaki, as mention before. The eldest. I am the youngest. Blue is the middle child, however the only one who is full blue-blooded. Which is why she was able to achieve the throne. But that's an entirely different story.

Blue nodded.

"I am happy that everyone is getting along now."

The Colonel stared down at the exceedingly small Perura, curious about her. He wasn't as big a talker as everyone else, but he spoke much more than she did, it seemed. She extended her hand and after assessing the situation, he also extended his out to her, shaking... Uh... hand, it seemed? He couldn't tell.

Cobalt: ... A pleasure.

" Sounds like you guys are quite a respectable military force, I can respect that. "

Koudo said as he took his hand away from Cerulean's and crossed his arms. He took a once over the room for the first time and notice that everything was blue, much like he assumed it was. The only thing that stuck out was the red head that had entered the room, once she had and spoke she kinda threw everything off and caused Koudo to scratched his head.

" Older sister? Heh. Well it's nice to meet you as well Aozaki, I'm Koudo, that's Maina, Naina, Perura over there by Colonel Cobalt, and this katana here is Karasuhime. "

He did a once over of the introductions just in case she hadn't heard them before hand. Once Cerulean explained the situation with their family, he could kinda understand why Blue was the one to take the throne, but he couldn't understand why Aozaki was the only one with anything red on her.

Maina shook her head and pointed down to the short guy amongst the group, Azul Turquois or whatever his name was. She smirked a little, before laughing.

Maina: So this little guy is the Koudo of you all, huh? Hahahaha, that's fucking rich.

Naina shook her head before looking at her sister. Maina zipped her lip quickly, though Naina's look was soft and sweet it radiated malice. She smiled after wards and looked back to Azul.

Naina: Come now, there is another that shares more traits with Koudo, more than Mr. Azul Turquois, who I think is splendid by himself.

Naina said. She gaze Azul a smile before she slowly rose to her feet, dusting herself off and walking towards the Commandant. She walked around him a couple of times before nodding her head.

Naina: Commandant Azure reminds me more of Koudo than anyone here, look at the way he stands and carries himself. Don't they look the same?

Naina said with a smile before she compared their stances, much to Koudo's dismay. He was right about the twins, they were kinda weird, but he enjoyed the fact that they were a little more talkative in friendly company. Honestly, he sort of felt the same way about what Naina was saying and so he offered his hand to Azure for a shake.

" Let's get along well Commandant. Maybe later we can have a spar, you're probably an honorable swordsman am I right? "

Maina raised a brow before shaking her head and shrugging her shoulders.

Maina: Eh? I guess, standing around with their arms folded in a room full of women and such. And he has such a big sword too, maybe he's compensating for something, eh?

Maina said with a smirk, before looking towards the chick with red hair. Maybe she knew something about the guy since he hadn't said anything yet. Maina just liked teasing people, as long as she got to laugh about it later.

" Indeed. "

*_* Perura said with a shake of hands before she stood beside him and watched the events after unfold. She more or less could careless about what was going on with everyone else, and she felt that all of her friends were weirdoes, but they accepted her as she was and that was enough for her. The atmosphere seemed to be more festive now. *_*

" You are strong? "

*_* She asked as she looked up towards him. Obviously with his large frame he was probably the strongest, physically, but that didn't matter any to Perura. As long as there was some strength he had that made him special and a cut above the normal soldiers. *_*

Cerulean nodded at Koudo's comment, Blue walking over to Aozaki to have a little chat with her.

Cerulean: Ah, yes. Together with the Blue Devil, the Blue Angel and Aozaki, the entire group is known as the Sacred Blue. We have to defend ourselves against those Rogue Rouge, of course...

She was clearly going off on a tangent of her own, far away from what the group was talking about. In any case, everyone seemed to find their own er... 'respective matchups' rather swiftly.

Azure: Hm? So you are one who respects the power of the sword too, eh? I knew I'd like at least one of you surface-worlders.

The Commandant's face was covered by his helmet... or... skin...? It was hard to tell if that was actually how he looked or if that was just armor. It was for everyone, in fact, except for Blue, Cerulean, Aozaki and Azul. Guess it didn't matter.

Azure: If you're lookin for a fight, I can test your skill right now. My sword has been through many a-battle and it has been itching for one lately.

With Azul, he simply stood there with his arms locked in their same position, smiling at Naina and ignoring Maina, as if he hadn't heard her at all.

Azul: You're nice. I like you. The other one isn't. She won't last a day here.

He snickered under his breath what seemed to sound like a mocking 'kekeke' once he said that about Maina, hoping only Naina heard him.

Iris stood by silently, watching Naina and Azul mingle, looking at Maina.

Iris: Hm... I can't believe they're just accepting these surface-worlders so easily just because they see a little likeness in themselves. Huh. I would never.

He stood on the side, near a wall, away from the group, shaking his head.

The Colonel, still shaking Perura's hand, nodded to her upon being asked that question.

Cobalt: Yes, I am. They don't call me the Blue Giant for nothing. I've won them many wars with my strength. Haha!

He let her hand go, letting his drop to his side.

Cobalt: And from what I've heard, you're the muscle of this group? I would not expect it.

He chuckled a little bit, not seeming to notice her lack of emotion at all.

However, when the party was just getting started, the windows were invaded by two blue streaks of light, both of which were before Blue and Aozaki, kneeling down. They were the Blue Devil Cyan and the Blue Angel Celeste respectively.



Blue looked at the both of them intensely, as they seemed to have come with urgent news.

Cyan: ... Overlord Blue, we welcome you back. However, pressing matters are at hand.

Celeste: The sanctity of our side have been breached by the Rogue Rouge's small squadron. Though they lack the numbers that we do, they are elites. Even their 'leader' has been brought. What shall we do?

As Blue was thinking of the measures to take, Signis stared at the 'Blue Angel' with some familiarity.

Signis: Hmmm... This... Looks like one of our troops...

Blue: ... Oh. A fallen angel came here. We recruited her.

Signis: So that's where she went... Oh well. Carry on.

As Blue continued to think out the best solution, Priere interrupted by taking control of the mouth, yet again..

Priere: Hold up, hold up! First of all, why is that lady's hair red? Secondly, who are these 'Rogue Rouge' people and are they the reason that the place we came into was purple? Cuz you know... Red and blue makes purple?

Cerulean was the first to turn around, as she seemed to be the most knowledgeable about this sort of thing.

Cerulean: Well, yes, they are. You see, the Rogue Rouge are vagabonds who used to willingly accept the original King of the Netherworld and his wife as one people. However, when the King and his wife split after having Aozaki, they created their own separate sides of the Netherworld; one the original Blue color, the other stained with the redness of the Queen's fury. It was then that the King, our father, got together with my and Blue's mother, making us look like this and Aozaki like this. Now, the Queen seeks revenge on the two of us for taking the throne away from her because of the split and wishes to paint this world red with her fury, since the King has long since passed and she never had the chance to take it out on him. So every now and then, we get ransacked. Which is why we needed this army in the first place. They have fewer numbers, but because of those fewer numbers, they have more personal training than we can provide to our troops.

Blue nodded her head.

Aozaki: Yeah, and the only reason I don't side with my ma is cuz we're all a family whether she likes it or not and I don't dig that whole 'red' thing. She's just gotta grow up and stop all this foolishness. This place would run a lot smoothly if she did.

Cerulean: She's ceased attack ever since Aozaki took over in Blue's stead, but now that word has somehow gotten out that she's back, it seems like she didn't waste any time.

Blue finally came up with her solution after such an explanation.

"... We attack. Koudo. Perura. Maina. Naina. Priere. Signis. Assist?"

" Then it's settled, we'll battle now. "

Koudo said with a laugh, seemingly not hearing anything that Cerulean went of tangent speaking about. He was itching for a match with a real swordsman for a while, the only other respectable swordsman he'd ever battled being Maruze, but he wasn't so rude as to drown out the lady as she spoke. Every little bit of information about this place was crucial.

Maina: What'd you say you little runt?!

Maina said, standing over him with an extreme aura of malice. If he was big enough to talk like that, then he was big enough to take the pain she was about to inflict upon him. Naina giggled a little before looking towards Iris, who didn't identify with anyone and so he didn't begin socializing with anyone. She guessed that if they would have found that sixth member Priere was looking for then perhaps that person would identify with him. For now, so offered him a wave.

Koudo was about to offer for Azure to lead the way to a training room or sparring range or something where they could battle it out and learn from one another, but before he could, two more people came in through the windows. Koudo stopped what he was doing and listened into the situation at hand before smirking to himself.

" Looks like that match will have to wait, we can flesh each other out on the battle field Commandant. Maina, Naina, try not to over exert yourselves, if need be stay close just in case we need to use Soul Resonance. Perura, be on guard, you'll be on the front line with me in case of the same reasoning as Maina and Naina, and for you to show your friend there why you're our muscle. Everyone understand? "

Maina stopped herself from injuring Azul and looked up at Koudo before nodding. Naina looked at Koudo and nodded as well before they said, in unison.

Maina and Naina: Right.

Koudo said giving orders, before looking towards the body of Priere, Signis, and Blue. He couldn't really give it a command since Priere wouldn't listen, Signis would call him impudent and not listen, Blue was the only sensible one and he assumed she would be leading her troops.

" Blue, I'll be a pleasure to serve under you. Show me why you're called an overlord, yeah?

Koudo said with a smirk.
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" I'm strong too. "

*_* Perura said as an answer to Cobalt before nodding her head to him. She wasn't a talker, so she didn't have much to say, but she had befriended him for the most part before she looked at everyone mingling. Everyone had found their respective equal or someone they could converse with or pick on. And of course the people that didn't want to talk wouldn't talk, like that Iris guy.

It was a few minutes before some people came into the window and began explaining a problem that was going on. The situation sounded serious, and Perura didn't mind helping Blue since she reminded her so much of herself. When Koudo began giving orders, Perura nodded her head before looking up at Cobalt. *_*

" I'll show you. "

*_* She told him. If these Rogue Rouge people were looking for a fight, then Perura didn't mind wiping out a few regiments. *_*

With everyone so gung-ho about this, Blue was inspired as well. She was going to lead this army like she'd done many times in the past and this time, this would be the end of it all. No more wars in her Netherworld ever.

"... Alright, everyone, let's--"

Seizing control again, Priere shouted out to Koudo.

Priere: DON'T YOU GO GIVING AROUND ORDERS, KOUDO! Just cuz I'm not out there keeping an eye on you doesn't mean I'm not still the lead--

Blue forcefully took control of the body for the first time in... ever. This was more important than Priere's babbling right now, she'd hate to say. But it was true.

"... Let's move out. Blue Devil. Status report."

Cyan dropped down to a knee readily, feeding off what he knew to Blue.

Cyan: They aren't coming all at once. In fact, they were trying to plot an ambush attack from all sides. They seemed to be setting up their men in the forest, ocean, sky, and the plains.

"... I see. Blue Angel?"

Celeste: It seems as though they are trying the 'Divide and Conquer' method... Divide us up so that we are easier to conquer. If we take on one of them by storm, the others will easily invade. If we take them out separately, we'll be playing into their trap.

"... I see... Duke? Commandant?"

Iris stepped forward leisurely, dropping to a knee silently before Blue.

Iris: Madam, from the information collected, I would say we put the new recruits to work and let them help out in this battle. If they are capable, they can prove themselves here. The boy can take the plains alongside the Commandant. The set of twins can join Admiral Cerulean in the water and myself in the skies. The maid has taken a liking to the Colonel, so they may work together. But you, Madam, must stay here with Lord Azul, the Blue Devil and the Blue Angel, just in case they have planned a sneak attack.

Blue agreed that this sounded like the best plan of action, for everyone seemed to be in their element if that was the case. She was only worried about Maina and Naina, as she didn't know if they could fight by themselves without Koudo... But alongside the Admiral and the Duke, they should be... Protected, at least. She had seen Koudo fend for himself, so he would be okay.

"... Since all duties are secure, move out to your respective places. Lord Azul and I will keep in touch."

Naturally, Azul could monitor everyone and everything from right inside of the castle, so knowing the battlefield was no problem, as well as relaying the information back to everyone. The Royal Blue evacuated, taking everyone who was assigned to them with them. Even Aozaki stayed behind.

Aozaki: Buu! Come oooon, let me go out there and fight! You know they can't beat me!

"... Aozaki... You must wait... I have a plan..."

Aozaki: Maaaah! But I've been waiting foreeeever for some action! I'd better get the biggest fight out of all of them, you know.

"... You will."

She smirked, kicking back and relaxing now. As long as she was assured that, she was ooookay.

" Alright group, you have your orders. We pair up and move out. Does everyone understand where they're going? "

Koudo said as he turned around the addressed Maina, Naina, and Perura. Naina nodded diligently, but Maina was a little more reluctant. She didn't like the idea of being separate from her sister, they worked better together.

Maina: Wait you're splitting us up?

Naina: No worries, you take the skies and I'll take the water, my calming wavelength will blend well with the waves of the water and your brash wavelength can increase the firepower of the air force's weaponry.

Maina: I know, but...

" Maina, we don't have time for you to second guess your own prowess. Do you have a better battle strategy? "

Koudo asked with his arms crossed, facing her. His figure was a bit foreboding, but he didn't like seeing her basically cowering in fear. If there was anything that'd spring her into action then it was bringing up her idol. Koudo would do it, and get her to act like the confident girl she was.

Maina: No but...

" Would she second guess her abilities? "

Maina looked at Koudo, getting his reference to who she was. Her eyes narrowed a little. He was playing dirty, but he had a point.

Maina: No but...

" Was your training with her a waste? Did she waste her time helping you? I understand that this will probably be your first time away from both me and Naina, but believe in your abilities. I can't handle burdens. "

Koudo looked towards Perura for any objections on her end, but she was loyal to the orders that she was usually given and so he knew that she wouldn't have any. With Priere out of the picture, Koudo was in charge... though he was usually the one coming up with battle strategies anyway. Koudo didn't mean to sound mean, but it was a needed tactic sometimes.

Maina remained silent before Naina came and patted her on the back to cheer her up. Maina knew Koudo was just working her nerve to rile her, and it worked. She gritted her teeth before...

Maina: Look Koudo, I'm going out there and handling this, then I'm gonna kick you in the groin for getting me so worked up. However, I'm changing this. Cerulean, I'm with you. Your ships have cannons right?

Naina: I'm with you then Iris. I'll calm the enemy's attacks against you and slow them so your troops have time to evade. My wavelength is a little more widespread than my sister's so you'll be able to shoot the enemy out of the sky with relative ease.

Koudo smirked a little before looking towards the commandant and offering him another handshake. He was glad to see Maina worked up and ready for battle, but he wasn't looking forward to a kick in the groin and knowing Maina, she was completely serious about that kick unless she worked off all her hostility during the battles to come.

" It's an honor Commandant, I look forward to seeing your sword skills. Forgive me if I don't use any of mine. I'm not a one trick pony. "

*_* With the orders given, Perura was ready to move out. She didn't have any objections with the battle plans and strategies since she could show her new friend why she was the respective 'Muscle' of her group. She nodded to him. *_*

" Give them hell. "

*_* And it seemed like her speech had evolved from one word to three. Perura was growing socially, what a great milestone. *_*

Iris watched the loud one complain about her inability to fight without her sister and it made him a little reluctant to have her on the team. He wasn't a harsh person per se, but he did always get his job done. He was actually a very nice person once he opened up, but to them, that would be a while. But battle makes all come together to defeat a common enemy, right?

Iris: ... If it makes you feel any better, my air force and the Admiral's naval unit will be in the general same location. She'll just be in the water and you will be in the skies.

That was the only kind of solace he could give. Regardless, it was some. He tried. Upon the sudden switch up, however, he was curious as to what the girl was thinking... Maybe she had a good head on her shoulders. He could only hope.

Cerulean: Yes, of course I have cannons! I have everything state of the art, thanks to Lord Azul. Now, if you are absolutely sure that you are ready... Let's board the Ultramarine.

She spoke of her ship, of course, a dual battleship/submarine, and the only one in her artillery, as well. She had to be capable of getting to all of her troops, right?

Iris looked at Naina, then started off toward his planes.

Iris: I do not need a craft, for I am capable of flight on my own. However, my airship harbors all of my forces. However, I will be piloting the Mazarine Blue until I deem it necessary to assist on the outside. I'll show you to my finest crafts.

He was going to show her the ropes while he still had the time, then they'd immediately be off.

Colonel Cobalt and Perura would have the forest, then. No doubt it would be a tough battle for them with all of those trees, but they could be used to their advantage.

Cobalt: If they could barely handle me alone, you and I should destroy them.

That's all that needed to be said before he walked out toward the forest with Perura probably right behind or beside him.

The Commandant and Koudo seemed as though they were going to work well together. He took Koudo's hand and shook it once more, plucking his sword from the floor and walking off into the fields.

Azure: Even if you aren't, you'd better have it prepared if necessary. No need to show off and use too many styles if one way works the best, right?

With that, he'd be gone as well, prepping to fight whomever was out there in the open.

With everyone accounted for, Blue stood back with Azul now next to her, working his magic on a 'smart table' command board that allowed him to view everything that was going on across the entire range of the Blue side of the Netherworld. He looked at their forces, then checked the numbers as well as the forces of their own troops.

Azul: ... I wouldn't bring too many troops. Keke. Less is more.

If that's how he felt, then he must have known what he was talking about. He could see everything, mind you. Now Blue and Aozaki could have a talk about what she was gonna do...

"... Blue Devil. Blue Angel. Standby. If anyone needs assistance, you will be sent out."

Blue Angel and Devil: Yes, Mistress.

And now... it had begun.

Maina: The cannons... are all I'll need....

Maina said before cracking her knuckles and following Cerulean to her vessel. Maina was definitely about to work off some steam and the enemy ships were definitely gonna be in for a very rude awakening. She pointed at Koudo before departing though.

Maina: When this is over, you are gonna get it.

Naina: Well however I can be of assistance then.

Naina said docilely as she followed him to his airship. If she was useful or not was basically up to his directions. Naina knew absolutely nothing about warfare and would stand idle until he told her to do something. Much like how she was with Koudo, huh?

" Heh. "

Koudo smirked and followed the Commandant towards the front lines. He was interested in seeing his sword skills, and perhaps creating variations to create a new set of sword techniques that revolve around his own style. For now though, the Infinity Sword Style was the only style he needed right now.

With all that said, all Koudo's forces were dispersed and moved out except Perura.

*_* Perura nodded her head and walked beside him to the battlefield. She could use the trees to her advantage, believe it or not she was a pretty decent sniper with her powerful soul perception. She could barely contain her excitement, though she showed none of it on the outside. *_*

In little to no time at all, Koudo and the Commandant as well as a couple of his troops were out in the blue fields. Azul said not to bring too many, so he didn't. He brought merely a tank and two riflemen. Alongside Koudo, this would be more than enough.

Azure: Be on your guard. I want you to show me just how skilled you really are.

Azure readied himself, as he knew the time had come for them to fight. He could see his target across the way... By himself... Waiting.

Azure: So you've come... Crimson.

Standing in the midst of the field, radiating with a purple aura thanks to his burning red flames around his body was their opponent. He came as a single man, a smile across his face wide enough to see from the distance.


Crimson: Well, it's been far too long, Commandant Azure. You look a little pale. You need something to liven you up, Commandant?

Crimson looked over, seeing his puny army behind him, plus a new one for his ranks.

Crimson: And you came to fight me with that? I think you're giving me this fight! And who's your little friend? Someone else using that sword garbage? I'll melt him away, too.

Koudo entered the battlefield with his arms crossed, walking beside the commandant. The troops were scarce, but Azul had informed them that taking too many troops would breed problems and he could understand the Commandant's decision to take the two riflemen, but the tank Koudo wasn't all that sure about. Worst case scenario though, Koudo could just take control of the tank with his machine infestation, but he didn't have any plans to do so.

" So, he's our opponent. "

Koudo said as he spied the purple aura across the field. There was one man, radiating red flames all around his body which stained his side of the field a purple color. Koudo smirked a little to himself, if it was a fight against fire then the Commandant and himself definitely had the advantage. Koudo's chakra nature was Water.

" He's a cheeky one. "

Koudo moved his hands towards the katana on his left hip. He pulled the thing from his hip all together and held the sheath in his left hand, while his right hand rested gently on the hilt.

Azure didn't move except to hold up a hand to get the attention of his men, then looked down at Koudo before looking back up at Crimson.

Azure: The only thing that will liven me up is kicking your red ass, Crimson. The only way you will belong again is if you let go... Let go of the rage that binds you so. But until then...

He motioned for his riflemen to open fire on Crimson as he swiftly grabbed his sword. The tank was silent.

Azure: I'll cut your flames of rage back down to a simmer as many times as need be.

He took off immediately, his sword barely touching the ground as he ran, though he stopped halfway between him and Crimson and took all of his momentum to swing his sword upward, turning himself 360 degrees around in the process and releasing a huge, swift wave of slicing blue energy from the sword and skidding across the ground at Crimson, who had less than a moment to react.

Crimson only laughed at the Commandant's words, turning up the heat on his body and completely engulfing himself in flames to melt the bullets as they came. Still laughing, Azure came to him with his slash. Of course, it was quick enough to outspeed Crimson, but he was already fathoms ahead of the Commandant and he, himself had changed into complete flame whilst veiled by the cover of his projected ones. As such, the slash sliced right through the fire, the wind splitting it apart, but spreading the flames all around.

Crimson: Yeah, it's been too long. See, you've forgotten all about me! I'm hurt.

The flames quickly spread into a circle around the small militant force, Crimson appearing off to the side straight out of the bulk of the flames.

Crimson: And your little friend over there is no help either. He's just got a tired old sword on him, too.

On Crimson's command, the flames would encroach upon the area, filling the circle as a rather swift pace, aiming to burn the all of them alive, nice and fast.

Koudo stood in his favorite sword stance and watched as Azure and Crimson exchanged banter before Azure ordered the attack. Koudo didn't move however, and only stood there to watch the commandant work. Obviously he would be rather skilled since he was the commandant and he didn't disappoint. The way he attacked as quite a sight.

However this Crimson fellow provided to be on a completely different wavelength as the commandant and was seemingly light years ahead of him when it came to strategy. However, Crimson didn't count on Koudo being a cut above the rest and already standing in his favorite posture for his iaido with chakra charged into the blade.


The sound of the sword clicking out of its sheath was heard before a large explosive shockwave spread outward around Koudo covering a generally large radius and traveling towards the flames as Koudo swung the sword forward. The fleet would feel just a tiny shake of the ground, but a very heavy amount of wind blowing around the area. The shockwave created a large amount of concussive force which stirred the winds and used them to battle against the encroaching flames to snuff them out of existence and ensure the safety of the troops. Koudo had reduced the amount of chakra normally used, as not to harm friendlies, but there was still a heavy amount of force used which should suffice for protection.

With that, he slid the sword back into the sheath and took his same standing position readying himself for the next bout. Koudo wasn't usually this stationary when fighting, but then he'd never battled anyone that forced him to use his swordsmanship.

The force of the wind didn't seem to affect the Commandant, but he knew just where it came from. In all honestly, he used that ability as a feint to see if Crimson was back to his old tricks, which he was, but Koudo's attack should have easily taken care of the flames. As a result, Azure followed Crimson's flames up to the point of where Crimson himself appeared.

Azure: He has more power than you know. And as usual, you have come to underestimate my powers.

He stabbed his sword into the ground as the energy launched from before came back to him at twice the speed, aiming to cleave right through Crimson's body just as before, then come back to the sword itself. It appears as though the Commandant had thought ahead even when it didn't seem like it.

Azure: It is all about the preservation of energy. Instead of loosing it haphazardly, it flows back to me after gaining more power of its own.

He turned back to his men, nodding his head as a signal for them to cease fire, but still stay on standby for when he needed them to shoot again. Perhaps he had a plan waiting...

Azure: Koudo. Keep Crimson at bay. I have an ability that can easily take him out, but I need time... Can you do that?

With the force of the shock wave released from Koudo, it quickly quelled the flames from around the area, but Crimson's flames were still burning strong.

Crimson: Huh, that's nothing. I've seen windier days of the week--

As he was talking, however, the slash from before cleaved right through his body, as he was unaware that it could come back, and he would burst into flames upon being sliced. Moment later, he reformed, but fell to one knee.

Crimson: Ugh... It feels like... I just got some of the life sucked out of me... Must be some new trick of yours, huh, Azure?

Crimson stood up, flames flaring up again.

Crimson: But those simple tricks aren't gonna work!

He skated off at a high speed toward not Azure and Koudo, but the riflemen and tank behind them, which were currently said to cease fire. He was going to take advantage of their weakness to his flames to kill them off rather quickly. He mustered up spheres of condensed heat and flames in both his hands and fired them off round after round at the soldiers, which would explode and incinerate everything within said explosions once they made impact with anything.

Koudo nodded towards the commandant. Giving time was something Koudo could definitely do, if he didn't defeat Crimson before the commandant was ready. Koudo was just amazed that the commandant had such control over his energy, being able to redirect an already launched attack was astounding and getting it to return to you was even more astounding. Koudo would have to get him to teach him how to do that later.

For now, Koudo turned to face the rushing Crimson, and swung his katana five times from the sheath at an amazing speed, sending five crescent shockwaves that moved to form a star shape that aimed to dice the spheres of fire Crimson had produced into smaller pieces and protect the soldiers from harm. Koudo knew nothing of their explosive nature, but he knew that he wanted absolutely no casualties.

" Don't ignore me... "

He rushed Crimson for a little close quarters combat, though he stopped halfway between him and Crimson and mimicked the commandant's physical movements previously. He unsheathed his katana and used his momentum to swing his sword around in a circle, turning himself around 720 degrees in the process to face Crimson again and released two huge crescent slashes of chakra, that moved into an X shape, towards Crimson before he resheathed his katana and continued forward towards Crimson. Koudo had a knack for imitating taijutsu movements, though he could never copy them exactly, so he always needed to add his own twist to them.

Immediately, Azure started to hone the power of his blade, many runic demonic scripts appearing down the length of the blade. The first one at the very bottom started to glow, signifying that he was already complete with one of them, and before long, the second one did as well. He looked over to Koudo, who seemed to have picked up that certain move he used on Crimson not too long ago.

Azure: ... Hm. Talented boy. He has already gotten the hang of and improved the Demon Slasher. But I wonder if he can control it...

None of the other scripts started to glow, as this was a... slightly long process, give or take. But if it was absolutely essential, after seeing that, he knew now that Koudo was very capable.

Azure: ... Men... When you see Crimson look away from your position, open fire on him. Never make him focus his full attention on Koudo. If need be, use the tank.

They nodded at him, picking their guns up. Koudo had taken out the explosive flames that were going to hit them, so they took their arms and prepared to fire, since it seemed like Crimson would be dealing with Koudo and be less worried about them now. Azure's numerous horns started to glow completely blue and he would look over to his men, their rifles glowing that same color blue. He had bestowed the power of his draining properties unto their weapons to ensure that their bullets were not completely useless against Crimson except as a distraction. Azure was a tactician for a reason.

His blasts were thwarted by the meddling Koudo's attacks, causing them to explode as he sliced through them with his sword, yet he was too swift to be caught in the explosions it seemed. He stopped skating toward the men and now took the time to focus on Koudo, who had copied the style of the Commandant and done his own little thing with it.

Crimson: Huh. Think that copying a move you just learned now is going to help you at all? Give it up.

Once again, Crimson split himself up by bursting into pure flames, disallowing the slash to even touch him this time around. In an instant, he reformed in front of Koudo, two spheres of fire in his hands. Both of them would explode not even a moment after he reformed, causing a huge fiery blast in very close proximity of him, trying to burn him to ashes.

Crimson: Hahaha! I can't wait to have a taste of that human soul of yours! I've heard that they are delicacies!

Koudo continued his advance towards Crimson without a care in the world, it seemed, when fighting someone stronger than him, or close enough, he usually just went full throttle. Though it was only once he fleshed them out. He'd fleshed Crimson out as Azure's rival and as such labeled him as stronger, but Koudo would hold him off until Azure was ready... this much was certain.

" Heh. "

He had a good amount of space between him and Crimson, before the slashes would have ripped Crimson to shreds and so he saw Crimson's vanishing act, though he had expected as much since no one wants to get hit with the same move again. Unfortunately, Koudo didn't have the power to control his slashes, but he got a hunch of where Crimson would choose to appear by following his flames. He expected to catch the sly Crimson off guard with this next one, and so he began to radiate with a silvery blue aura, while he moved his hand to his sword and the sword's sheath began to shine blue with chakra.

" Don't take me so lightly, Crimson. "

In almost the same instant Crimson appeared, Koudo drew his sword from the sheath, and struck forward with it. The chakra released itself from his blade as a large explosive shock wave. The strike backed with enough power to slice through steel, and the only thing to slice through was Crimson in front of him. The shock wave also created a large amount of concussive force, like the shock wave he'd used before to guard the soldiers against Crimson's flames. This one, however, seemed to be more powerful than the first, probably because Koudo had chosen not to hold back on the power this time.

It whipped up a massive wind storm to smite Crimson's flames for a second time, though if that didn't work Koudo's self infestation, the silvery blue aura, would help to guard him from the explosion by reinforcing his body and making it capable of withstanding an explosion of such magnitude at this close a range at the cost of a steady drain of chakra the longer the technique was in use. Koudo's body also glowed orange, the glow traveled from the outer region of his body, his arms, legs, and the top of his head, to the center, a hint of something to come perhaps? The chakra used in the attack discharged into the air looking like a large thunderbolt: Koudo's Greatest Crying Thunder Sword Technique.

The Commandant was still building his power, the runes on the sword glowing brighter. Yet another one started to glow, as did the one afterward before there was a brief pause. There were now four that were lit, however another lit up as well. As it neared completion, it seemed to get faster than the initial start up.

The riflemen who were told to fire at Crimson when he wasn't looking immediately started shooting at him when he turned around to confront Koudo, trying to use the souped up bullets to wear his energy down more than the Commandant had done before. Otherwise, not much else could be done. Koudo had taken the fight into his own hands.

When Crimson appeared before Koudo, he was greeted with a sword, which he dashed back to avoid completely using incredible reflexive abilities, however he was not able to get away from the concussive force, which blew him back. He was flung hard off in an arbitrary direction, his flames calmed, but he retained his composure in the air and landed on his feet, skidding across the ground as streaks of flames followed his feet. He huffed and puffed, standing up straight.

Crimson: Tch. Weak.

He was about to dash at Koudo at full speed when a bullet shot passed his face, glowing blue. He stopped everything he was doing and turned to face the riflemen who had now let loose on Crimson. Turning attention away from Koudo, his body relit itself with intense flames as pillars of flames shot up around his body.

Crimson: Now you all are just pissing me off! Burn!

The pillars of flames would shoot up from under the riflemen now, trying to incinerate them completely to stop their annoying attacks. If that didn't work, Crimson had something else to deal with them. A swirling inferno started down at his feet, slowly crawling up his body... as if he were preparing to incinerate everything this time around.

Koudo took to a knelt position and sheathed his katana, not paying any mind to what happened to Crimson. He felt that Crimson, somehow, had survived the strike because Koudo's katana hadn't pierced through flesh and wasn't stained with blood. The way Crimson survived was of no consequence, Koudo needed to do something to stall him longer since the Commandant's charging still wasn't complete yet. Koudo needed to do something about those damn flames of his.

In his knelt position, Koudo began signing with his free hand and gathering moisture from the air to build up a good amount of water around him to use. He needed it. However, this took his mind off of the soldiers under the Commandant's command. They would have to fend for themselves now, Koudo couldn't defend them from Crimson's flames this go round.

The Commandant had almost completed his charging, for there were only two more runes left to complete. His men were incinerated against his wishes, but they sacrificed themselves for the greater good. This was going to be the end of Crimson this time.

Commandant: Koudo! It is time! Keep him in the area!

The final runes now lit up, the entire sword now glowing a pure azure color. Commandant Azure raised his sword above his head and pointed it at Crimson, taking the stance of the Cobra. Sword above his head, he took another 360 degree spin, a huge runic circle appearing on the ground.

"Killing Blow; Strike of Damascus!"

Even though he didn't move, thousands of slashes cut through everything in the runic circle, leaving however no harm seemed to come of Koudo or the tank. Even though the slashes were fast, numerous and large, all of them missed those two and focused only on Crimson. Even if he did assume flame form, the slashes would strip him of his power and cause his red flames to subside, being converted into Blue flames. If this were to work, then Crimson would no longer be on the side of red... there would be no more fury left in his heart.

" Huh? Right. "

Koudo turned his ears to the commandant to hear his command to keep Crimson where he stood. Koudo had planned to strike and injure Crimson to keep him in place, but if the commandant was ready then Koudo could easily switch his strategy since he hadn't started his attack yet.

" Understood. "

Koudo stood to his feet with a massive amount of water pooled around himself, waiting for his command. He signed with one hand before pushing his hands forward.

" Water Style, Large Water Prison. "

The water responded to Koudo's hands and rushed towards Crimson in a tidal wave fashion. It washed over the soldier's under the Commandant's command to extinguish the flames and salvage any of their remains, and their lives if they were lucky. Once it got close enough to Crimson, it would crash down around him and rise from the ground in a spherical fashion, outfitting him a prison in the form of a sphere of water to quell any attempt he'd make to use his flames. It would suffice to hold him in place, hopefully, and allow the Commandant's attack to hit its mark.

The flames around Crimson's feet became more and more unstable, trying to gain enough to burn up the entire area. But, with the Commandant's attack already prepared, Crimson had to escape the area quick. He knew about the famed Strike of Damascus that Azure used as a finishing move and he needed to ensure that it didn't hit in the first place. So, Crimson used his superior speed to try to skate out of there.

Crimson: Tch, you think you'll catch me with that?! Ha! You're joking.

As he tried to skate out, however, he noticed the flames on his feet burnt out. The water had taken out his flames completely and now left him to walk, which wasn't good enough for Crimson. The soldiers had at least been hit, but Azure was still headstrong and his little friend now used a water imprisoning technique to keep him in place. With his body wet, he couldn't produce any kind of flames, leaving him wide open for the final blows. He didn't say a word nor did he make any noise when he came to his end, but all that was left was a reddened flame that resembled his soul, which had come out of a blue flame that seemed to be his soul stripped of the burning fury before. When his burning body would reform later down the line, his flames would be completely blue.

Koudo dropped his hands, causing the large water prison to fall to the ground as well. He wasn't expecting the battle to end so quickly, but he was glad that it'd done so without him exhausting too much energy. The Commandant, clearly, wasn't a Commandant for nothing and that move that he'd used was awe inspiring.

The silvery blue glow around Koudo body died down, and luckily he'd used the tiny bit of energy he'd taken from Crimson in making the water move across the land faster, so he didn't have to discharge anything. Koudo wiped his forehead before turning to look towards the Commandant.

" Seems this battle is over, but not without some casualties. I hope I extinguished them soon enough to salvage their remains, so that they can be given a proper burial later. For now, I'm taking this red soul... if that's alright, and we should probably head towards one of the other battlefronts to give assistance. "

Finally, Crimson was destroyed. He'd be reborn on the side he was originally loyal to, the side of Blue, when his body reformed. Until then, he had to be taken into custody. The Commandant pointed his sword at the blue soul, pulling it into the sword itself.

"Ah, yes. You have done well, Koudo. Take the soul as your deserving reward."

He turned to the ashes of his men, turning his head down in shame.

"... They will be missed. If you wish to bury them properly, bury them here and now. They died here and they fought valiantly. Therefore, they must have their burial where they had their last honorable moments."

Azure took his sword from the ground, placing it upon his back. He walked over to the tank before him and made a mere motion of his hand, the tank following behind.

"... I guess we should head back to the castle. Our mission has been completed... But we had it easy. One opponent in an open field... The others will be fighting entire fleets and over awkward terrain..."

Azure shook his head, hopping on to the top of the tank.

" Their ashes, scattering in the wind, is poetic in a sense and honorable. I hope the winds carry their souls to the heavens. "

Koudo said before taking the flaming red soul into his hand and ripping a hole in space next to him. It opened a small portal and he dropped the soul inside to give to his weapons when he was reunited with them. He then began walking beside the tank and the Commandant.

" The others will survive, they are strong girls and that's why I chose to align myself with them. "

Koudo said, giving insight into why he stayed around the group of women that seemed to only give him respect on certain occasions and not all the time. This, however, wasn't actually the case. The ladies all had their own way of showing him that they cared, even if some were a little unsavory.

" Hopefully, we won't have to mobilized again. "

The Commandant nodded to Koudo, only going a few feet before being back in front of the castle.

Azure: Come. We must report back to Lord Azul.

*At the same time, elsewhere.*

Cerulean made her way to the battalion of ships she had her her disposal, hopefully her protege right behind her.

Cerulean: We'll be boarding the Ultramarine in a moment. Do you have any questions before we go into the heart of battle?

" Right. "

Koudo responded.


Maina: How many ships do think they'll deploy huh? And where are the cannons?

That's all Maina said since he just planned to be around the cannons for most of the time and using her wavelength to increase the power of the projectiles they'd be firing. Honestly, Maina figured that this wouldn't take that long. She walked past her host towards the deck of the ship so that she could get a look around before it was time to depart.

Now at the deck of the ship, Cerulean pointed out to where the other, smaller ships were located, as the Ultramarine was the 'super ship' if one wished to call it that.

Cerulean: Over there is where my fleet is. I have about 100 ships ready to go right now. The rest always standby just in case I need extra backup and I always keep a few spare ships within the Ultramarine itself.

She turned, walking over to a door on the deck, tapping on it a few times.

Cerulean: This is the door that leads to those ships. You'll be in charge of those. The good part about that is those ships are located in a place rather close to the main cannons, so at any time you may launch those cannons or mobilize those ships without much trouble.

Just in case Maina wasn't able to find everything, Cerulean pulled out a detailed map of the ship, almost as if it were taken from the blueprints themselves... But it was clear that it wasn't. She pointed to the lowermost part of the ship, tapping that.

Cerulean: That's where the subs are located and the seeker torpedoes are for underwater sneak attacks. As you can see, the Ultramarine is a dual battleship-submarine and as such has half of its body above water, the other half below and can fully submerge at any time. You'll be manning things underwater for the most part, since I have to command my fleet up here. You know?

Maina licked her lips with anticipation as Cerulean explained her role in this water fight. She basically had full control of the lower deck and all the weapons there, and there were enough weapons for her to vent her anger with Koudo perfectly. She slowly removed her coat and draped it over her forearm before walking towards the door.

Maina: This is perfect! Cannons, Torpedoes... I'm sooo excited~! Just be sure to tell me when to deploy those other ships, I only wanna work the weapons not be vice captain of this vessel.

She informed Cerulean. This was her ship ship after all and she was the leader of all the seaman and seawoman she had on deck. Maina didn't really wanna boss anyone around besides Koudo. She took the map from Cerulean and looked it over before shoving it in the pocket of her coat.

Maina: Let's get out there already before I lose my drive for destruction.

Cerulean nodded her head, chuckling a little at Maina's inspired attitude.

Cerulean: I do love your refreshing spirit. Alright, then, men! Let's make waves!

Cerulean walked up to the very tip of the deck and placed a boot on the edge, pointing outward to the open sea thusly. The holding chamber for all of the ships opened up, allowing them access to the blue waters in front of them. The Ultramarine took off first, 100 more ships beside and below it taking off, some taking the head to ensure nothing was in the way of the massive transportation device and some secured it behind. Cerulean's face was stern as she took note of the quiet waters around them... Strange. She was expecting an army...

Maina went below deck and scoped it out for windows and the points where the cannons were pointed towards the outside world. She needed to be able to use the damn things when the time came and she also went ahead and scoped out where the torpedoes were and exactly how many were available for usage. The Ultramarine may have been the biggest ship, but its ammunition wasn't unlimited though Maina could always just fashion explosions out of her wavelength and continue to fight that way, so it didn't actually matter any to her.

Maina: Alright! Time to destroy some things and then get back to Koudo to give him a kick right in the groin! This is definitely gonna be fun~!

While relishing in the thought, the ship began to set sail.

As they set out on their war-inspired journey into the sea, they would find that all was silent. There were no ships, there were no forces, no military whatsoever.. .And why should there be? Their militia was small and they didn't even have a navy. So, they had to fight using a different method, those reds... by unleashing... the Red Death.

Its shadow was seen off in the distance, tainting the blue sea a purple color with its sheer aura. It came close to the Ultramarine before it emerged, showing its true form.

Cerulean was taken aback by their unleashing of the Red Death. The creature was monstrous, and they were using every underhanded tactic in the book now.

Cerulean: Cripes... They're using that, huh? Everyone! Battle stations! Man the torpedoes! Load the cannons! Front-line fleet, take fire!

Of course, before the Ultramarine fired off any rounds, the smaller ships around it had to take on this monster. About the size of the Ultramarine, the ships were dwarfed in comparison to the Red Death... But they kept on firing. More and more shots being fired off in the thousands, many explosions going on around the body of the Red Death. Perhaps these ships could weaken it so that the Ultramarine could take the beast down without much of a fight.

Cerulean: Don't let up on it, men!!

Being below deck on the Ultramarine, Maina had witnessed the size of the beast before anyone else spotted it. Its red aura, splitting the deep blue waters and staining them a purple color, had caught her eye immediately. She began priming the cannons and torpedoes just as fast, charging wavelength through them as she was doing so to increase the firepower of each individual round that she loaded into each individual cannon.

Maina: Cannons and Torpedoes at the ready down here! We'll wipe it out in one shoot with these!

For obvious reasons Maina held off on firing the heavy artillery until she was told to do so. She wasn't a strategist or anything like that so she waited for Cerulean's command to fire.

The firing of the miniature ships seemed absolutely futile against the Red Death. Its body was too massive and tough for such small matters to work against it. It only found those hundreds of ships as annoyances, and intended to wipe them all out at once. It dove under the water for just a moment, before cruising just lightly above the surface with a mouth wide open, consuming each and every one of the ships in the front line before diving under.

It eventually popped back up behind the Ultramarine, trying to get an attack at the rear. It opened its massive jaws once more, aiming to take a huge bite out of the back, tearing the ship in half.

Just like that, all of Cerulean's front-line fleet was gone in an instant; swallowed whole by this crazed beast. Yet, she wasn't worried. Not only did she have extra ships in the waiting, but she also had Maina down below, to ensure that this creature did not get out of their sights.

Cerulean: ... Perhaps I can make this work...

She grabbed her radio device and started to try to communicate with all of the ships.

Cerulean: Men, if you can still hear me and your ships have not been destroyed, then continue to fire! We can kill it from the inside out, especially since it swallowed you whole! Do not let up!

Just then the creature popped up from behind, trying to take a chunk out of the Ultramarine... Which would prove useless, even for this creature's massive and powerful jaws.

Cerulean: Hmhmhm... 66,000,001 hulls on this ship... I made sure to add that extra one, just in case. You're not getting away!

She changed the signal of the radio for Maina's location, radioing her in.

Cerulean: Come in, Maina! Come in! Don't let this beast get by you when it goes underwater! Fire at it with everything you've got when it tries to hide. We don't want it to get any time for recovery!

That said, Cerulean prepped her own cannons, firing out the massive explosive weapons at the Red Death without hesitation, intending to wound it severely whilst it still held onto the ship.

Cerulean: ... I'll give it five minutes.

Maina: Umhm, I got a good shot at it's giant mouth~

Maina responded to the radio feed. She was underwater so she could see the other ships get eaten, but she was able to see the Red Death swallow something before taking a deep under the water. Maina moved towards the cannons and torpedo launchers on the back of the ship, where the Red Death was attempting to swallow half the Ultramarine. However, it made the fatal mistake of being partly submerged.

Maina: Firing!

On Maina's command the prepped cannons opened fire. Their suped up power thanks to Maina's wavelength would definitely give the Red Death something too hot to handle. Not to mention the torpedoes she launched as well to give it an extra kick. And with Cerulean firing above deck then this Red Death really was in for it.

The Red Death's teeth were surprisingly not enough to penetrate this powerful ship, leaving it wide open to attack. Not only that, it felt some weird goings on in its stomach... The same annoying explosions from before were rearing up on the inside, where they'd do much more damage. It let go of the ship out of sheer pain, then it was hit by the assault not only from above, but below the surface, leaving it with nowhere to hide from this attack. It was bombarded with the explosives from every possible angle, and even from the inside, causing its entire body to explode in a bloody mess. There was nothing for a while, complete silence, until finally what submerged was its soul, large and worth a hefty amount; about 30 altogether. Their mission was complete.

Taking out the Red Death, Cerulean saw the soul emerge from the depths. She took a crane on the ship and pulled it up, holding it in custody until they got back to Blue.

Cerulean: This will serve as a wonderful gift for her... She'll gobble this up real quick.

Cerulean started to turn the Ultramarine around and head back to the castle, saying over the intercom, "Good work, everyone. Especially you, Maina."

And before they knew it, they were sailing back...

Maina: No problem, kinda anticlimactic though.

Maina responded to Cerulean before resting her elbows on a cannon and her chin on her fists. She was looking to have a nice and fulfilling battle, but if the Red Death fell that easily then clearly the Reds of this place were pushovers. It made her not want to do anything else, so Koudo was safe from the kick in the nuts she had planned for him... for now anyway.

With Cerulean and Maina done, the next fight that had to occur was that in the air with Naina and Duke Iris. The Duke was showing Naina around his fleet, showing her one of his special planes.

Duke Iris: ... This is the plane of my second in command. I haven't had one in years. This plane is smaller than the one I pilot, but is very powerful, considering how the other planes are.

His plane was in the middle, similar to how Cerulean's Ultramarine was. The other planes surrounded it as well. The ship being shown to Naina was the second largest, only second to his because of its status.

Duke Iris: ... Do you know how to pilot a plane? Or do I have to show you? Today you will be my second in command, and I cannot afford for you to mess up.

↾ Talking to Naina about machines was just like talking to Koudo about cooking. They didn't and couldn't understand it. Naina was only good with the machines in the kitchen that helped her cook and the things in the bathroom that helped her looked her very best and even then Maina was around to make sure she didn't blow something up on accident.

She still smiled though and shook her head as a sign to tell Duke Iris she didn't understand anything. ↿

Naina: If Koudo was here he could, but I was always a quick study.

↾ Naina said to the Duke before she looked at the plane he was talking about. She could see that this plane was one of the larger ones in the hanger, second only to one plane. She could bet that flying around in the sky would be loads of fun. ↿

The Duke sighed heavily, a little irritated that this was going to take much longer than they had time for. He'd have to give her the very basics of it, then... Only explain the most important devices.

Duke: ... I'll give you a quick synopsis, then. This here... The steering wheel. Move it in any direction and the plane will go as well.

He pointed to the buttons on the steering device, located at the tops of each handle.

Duke: These buttons fire the main guns. You can aim them just the same as you aim the plane's line of flight.

He pointed to a set of three buttons over on the right of the wheel, closest to it.

Duke: Those are the missiles, the bombs and the plasma cannons, respectively. Each has a limited amount of ammunition, so use them wisely. If you are to run out, head back to my ship to dock and I'll reload. And right next to those are the buttons to let the wheels out for landing.

There were many other buttons and levers, but she needn't know about those. Some of those buttons included the turbo boost, warping and mode changes, but she'd never get those if she wasn't technologically savvy. She was fine with just the basics.

Duke: And also, before I forget...

He pointed over to the buttons near her seat. There were three of them.

Duke: ... Emergency landing. Emergency Eject. Emergency Self-Destruct. Only use those if you deem it absolutely necessary. Be very careful. Parachute is built in the seat, but if you need an extra, there are some in the back.

Iris grabbed his gear, putting on a helmet made specially for his head and started off toward his own vehicle.

Duke: If you have any questions, you'd better ask now. We don't have time for me to explain how the intercom works. Your gear is in the back with the chutes.

Naina stood there and listened, noting down everything he explained to her. Honestly, it didn't seem all that challenging, but then using technology never did until you actually began using it. She looked over everything before looking at the duke.

Naina: The distribution of forces wasn't thought out thoroughly hmm? You must be thinking it.

She commented with a smile before going to get her gear on. What she meant was that when distributing Blue's 'friends' with her generals and commanders and what not, it wasn't thought about in terms of know how and abilities, but simply in terms of who they paired themselves up with beforehand. Koudo would have been much better for this task.

She got on all her gear, only being able to zip the jumpsuit that came with it up about half way because of her bust size, and slipped into the cockpit of her vessel. Let's get this over with, yeah?

Iris didn't respond. The girl knew well that he was upset. Not with her, with the situation. He sighed heavily as he entered his craft, the Blue Steel. He started up his plane, sending the command to all of his forces to start as well.

Duke: Naina... Start the ignition. If you learn how to use the intercom, ask me anything you need to know.

That was all that was said as the hangar slowly began to open... They'd be taking off soon.

Naina looked around at the buttons in the cockpit before finding what it was that turned the plane on, which the Duke conveniently didn't show her how to do. Perhaps it was because he forgot she wasn't tech savvy, but whatever the case the plane was started and she was ready to go. She fastened the seatbelt and pressed a button that closed the hatch to the cockpit.
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Insangel 44: Journey Across The Lost World Pt. Indefinite; Homecoming.

↾ Another indefinite time during Koudo's trip with his gang around the surface of the planet, Koudo and his partners had found time to be alone with one another for training. Or rather, Koudo wasn't going to train with them just yet, but allow them to watch as he trained with his Ga Rei first. Karasu hadn't seen much battle time at all since he'd gotten her, and he wanted to make sure that she wouldn't be rusty if he ever called for her and that he wouldn't be bad at commanding her when the time came to use her. He had grown in power since he'd gotten her, and so he was sure that she had as well they just needed to release that latent power.

The area they found was a nice little piece of land right next to a lake. There were a few trees that dotted the surrounding area, but for the most part it was simply open pasture with one lone, yet fairly large, tree sitting right beside the lake to provide shade. The sun was blazing high in the sky and so the shade of the tree was definitely welcomed by Koudo and his soul weapons.

Maina and Naina had placed themselves underneath the tree, looking out into the open field as Koudo just stood there looking at the horizon with Karasu's katana in hand. He didn't call her name, not just yet, he wanted to take a mental picture of the beautiful area before he began with training. Sai had finally come through for him with his claymore so he figured he could train with that to, but Karasu was his first and foremost priority. With that thought in mind, he gripped her katana a little tighter. ↿

" Karasuhime. "

↾ He uttered simply before the area behind him seemed to distort and the fifteen foot tall wolf appeared towering over him. She shared his love of the scenery, but knew that it was her time and thus she wore a more serious expression than her master. Koudo rose his katana as it began to radiate white with his chakra. ↿

" Roaring Blast, attempt to concentrate the energy into ball form for a more rapid volley instead of an all out blast like normal. Begin. "

↾ He instructed and as he spoke energy began to gather before Karasu's mouth. It took the form of a ball first and foremost, a small one that gradually grew larger and was potent with cleansing energy. She fired this ball forward before concentrating another and another and continuing to fire them. Koudo's Ga Rei responded to his wish without fail as Ga Rei's are known to do. This training would be cakewalk. ↿

" Again and again. We'll both be drained by the end of this. "

↾ Koudo told the wolf. As long as the wolf continue to fire the blast, then Koudo's chakra would continuously by drained. It was where Karasuhime got the energy to attack. The more they repeated the exercise then the easier it would be to accomplish this in battle as well as the faster the balls would travel when Karasuhime used it.

This was all that he wanted to do when training her, Koudo never used her debilitating howl and had no idea what her third ability was or would develop to be. He figured the more he used her and the more they came to understand and like one another the sooner they would discover her third ability together, but Koudo wouldn't rush it.

Maina and Naina said nothing and only enjoyed the shade of the tree that sat under. Maina was reclined and comfortable, drifting in and out of sleep. Naina was sitting up straight and rather attentive, watching Koudo as he worked. She'd personally never seen Koudo train before and was enjoying the sight. ↿

________Time Skip_________

↾ The sun had fallen from it's high position in the skip and was drifting towards the horizon slowly. The sky had turned from the ever present blue to being tinted with an orange color. Half the day was gone, but the exercise hadn't stopped. In fact, it had only intensified. Koudo's Ga Rei was forming the blast much faster now and forming them three at a time to boot. However Koudo wasn't standing underneath her anymore. Instead he was standing all the way on the other side of the field. ↿

" Keep going. "

↾ Koudo encouraged the development and seemed to be doing a little of his own. As Karasuhime was firing her blasts, Koudo was slashing his practicing his swordsmanship against the beast. Each blast was coming at him at amazing speeds, but Koudo was quick with his blade and his iaido. He would pull his sword from the sheath every time a blast came and quickly slice through it before resheathing. The process was one fluid motion and it barely looked like Koudo was moving at all, however if one looked closely they could see that this had been giving Koudo major problem before this point.

Koudo's jacket was off and draped over the sleeping frames of his two soul weapons and his tie and and shirt were folded neatly on the ground beside the two girls. Koudo's body was drenched with sweat and there were spots on his body that were signed from the points were Koudo's sword was fast or strong enough to slash through Karasuhime's powerful blast. He worked through the pain without infesting himself, determined to forge a more powerful bond with the wolf than simply a pet and owner relationship. Much like his soul weapons, Karasuhime was his partner and he didn't want to shortcut this.

Here's the kicker though. Karasu's white fur wasn't without bruises either. There were times when Koudo and her would collide with the same power and he would send the blast back at her in an attempt to increase her power output and speed. If she wasn't fast enough then she would be pelted with her own attacks. Just like her master, she worked through this and continued on as well. ↿

" We'll work through the night. Let's not lose the momentum. "

↾ He yelled to the wolf and she responded with a mighty howl that just by hearing it began to distort Koudo's senses. Karasu had just stepped up the training regimen by making it harder for Koudo to see and move his body. He would have to work through these dehabilitating effects. But Koudo responded by closing his eyes and simply using his hearing to attempt to find where the blast were coming from. His sense of hearing wasn't anything superhuman, but he had a sort of sixth sense when his eyes were closed from training with Maruze a while ago and now it was time to hone the sense more.

Karasuhime charged three blast and fired them all at the same time at Koudo's location. Then directly afterwards she charged and fired another three then another then another and continued until there were thirty of the balls coming towards Koudo all at the same time. They swarmed him, planning to overwhelm his dehabilitated senses with their seer power and numbers. Karasuhime... if anyone could tell, actually smirked a little. She wanted to see if he could volley these back at her, let alone survive them if he couldn't. Though Karasu would kill her master, he was a cool guy and this was simply training to make them both stronger.

On Koudo's end he smirked as well. Though it was hard to move his body, he could feel them upon him and for some reason he could see them as well. This was different from his mind's eye of the kagura, but Koudo wasn't completely sure what this was. That aside, he worked through the distorting feeling and swung his sword towards one of the blast coming in from the left and volleyed it towards the right to collide with three coming in from that direction. He then unsheathed the katana and sliced through a row of five that were coming in from the front, and used the sheath to block one coming in from behind. The next twenty however overwhelmed him and came crashing down upon him. Luckily Koudo wasn't anything supernatural and so he wouldn't be cleansed by the balls, but they would pound against his body and harm him on a physical level.

Karasu kept up the pressure and basically kicked the man while he was down. The dehabilitating effects were probably gone now, but Koudo was weakened from her attack. She charged a more beam like attack of the cleansing energy and fired it at him as it expanded into a more conical while it traveled towards him to engulf a large radius of attack and insure that he, Koudo, wouldn't simply by dodging the blast. He had only two choices, fight against it or take the hit in stride.

Koudo's eyes flashed open and even though he was battered and bruised, Koudo hopped to his feet and swung his katana in an arch to fire a crescent wave of chakra towards the blast and split it down the middle. It damaged the ground around him, carving trenches in the ground, but not touching the area directly in front of behind Koudo. He'd successful circumvented her attack.

This type of training would continue until they were both ready to pass out. Koudo wanted to make sure that Karasuhime was strong and that using her attacks during battle would lead to swift and decision victories. ↿

________Time Skip_________

↾ This intense back and forth between Koudo and Karasuhime continued well throughout the night and into the early morning. Koudo had barely any chakra and stamina left to move. Karasuhime was tired as well and was on the verge of disappearing and this was clear since the white aura that always emitted around her had dimmed to the point that it seemed invisible.

They had drifted closer to one another during the training session at night, and were now simply laying down on the ground resting. Karasuhime had gotten stronger and better at formulating her attacks. While Koudo had simply gotten faster at drawing his katana from his sheath and putting it back. This wasn't as much of a training session for him as it was for her since Koudo had already trained plenty by himself during this endless journey and Karasuhime needed to stretch her limbs anyway. She barked happily and nudged her nose against Koudo. He winced before petting her head as the large wolf slowly began to disappear. ↿

" You're welcome, I'll call on you soon. "

↾ He told her before, slowly, rising to his feet. Now that he was done with her Koudo felt that he was done with this entire journey thing and wanted to head back to the village. He wanted over towards Maina and Naina and nudged them as he clothed himself. ↿

" Hey, you two, wake up. "

↾ He said as he adjusted his tie to straighten it. The two girls didn't budge, they were completely emerges in sleep and the sun hadn't even rose yet. It had to be like 3 in the morning, 4 or 5 at best. Maina nor Naina were used to waking up early since neither of them needed to ever do it. Koudo sighed and placed his hand to his forehead before working chakra to his mouth. ↿

" Wake up. "

↾ It sounded like a simple whisper and yet the sound waves were amplified as they traveled through the air towards Maina and Naina's ears. When it reached them the two girls jumped up like someone had rung an alarm clock right in their ears. They wiped their eyes and looked at Koudo who was dressed and ready. Then they noticed that the sun wasn't up. ↿

Maina: What the hell, it's like 4 in the morning.

Naina: Women need their beauty sleep Koudo. It's not very nice to wake them so early.

" Get up, we're leaving. This journey is over. This was the last thing I had to do. "

↾ Koudo said to them, but they looked skeptically. Hadn't they come with Priere and Perura, it'd be pretty bad if they simply left them to fend for themselves. ↿

Maina: Are you mental? We can't leave Perura and Priere.

" We can and we will. They'll come back when they're good and ready. I just can't waste my time here anymore. It takes too long for this journey to move along and I'm honestly bored as hell with waiting. "

↾ Koudo said, seemingly having some otherworldly knowledge of the situation that Maina and Naina couldn't understand. Maina scratched her head before shrugging her shoulders. ↿

Maina: Fine. If you say so.

" Good. Portal. "

↾ The girls rose to their feet as a portal opened before them and they all stepped inside to return home. Anything else that happened next, if anything happened that is, would be considered as simple flashbacks now. Koudo was back in the villages. he and the gang could try again when one of their members wasn't so damn busy. ↿

*_* Perura, as a sort of last minute thing, found Koudo and followed him back to the alliance before the portal closed up as well. She had souls to collect if she wanted to become a death scythe soon and sitting around being inactive wasn't going to collect her any souls at all. More than likely Priere would eventually show up the the alliance again as well and the journey topics would all but be ignored as if they never happened. Luckily Koudo did his training in actual topics so his new skills were legit, Yay! Too bad Perura hadn't done anything like that. *_*

--- Time skip, as if we were done with Blue's arc ---

Finally being done with all of the foolishness that was with the Reds and the Blues, Priere, Blue and Signis were ready to depart.

"... Man... This was the most tiring thing I've ever done... I can't stand being out here anymore. We'll just get Koudo and Perura and finish this trip later. It's not like we don't know where we left off..."

As she went to go look for them... They were gone. All of them. Koudo, Maina, Naina and Perura. Priere had been... Left. The worst thing to do to their leader in the world.

"Did... They... REALLY!?!?"

Priere was so fucking upset at this moment that there was no amount of rage to describe it. Steam shot from her entire body, clouding the image of her completely. Suddenly, the mist would take the form of an icy seal in the air; one of Priere's portals before it opened. It shattered, leading straight to home.


She floated through the portal... Ready to show them all hell.
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Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels

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Insangel 45: Dropping This Off

Koudo walked through the back door of the FFF and crossed the backyard to get to the front door of the Ice Sanctuary. As he walked he tossed two things up in the air and caught them to keep his hands occupied. It was a gemstone and a pokeball. Koudo was trying to break the habit of always walking around with his hands in his pockets, and so he decided to tackle the problem by keeping his hands occupied for as long as he could.

" Open up so I can give you this stuff. "

Koudo yelled as he knocked on the door, never stopping the constant tossing of the pokeball and gemstone. Koudo... hadn't been doing much of anything lately... and was just ready to take a long break. Constituted in this break was not logging in for a pretty extensive period of time, or he could always do what he was already doing which was being logged in but not posting in anything. Whatever he chose to do, he wanted to get passing these things on to Priere done before he forgot to do it and it ended up never getting done.

The door opened up and a deep mist rolled out, followed by Priere, whose arms were crossed.

"What the hell do you have to give me?"

She inspected the Pokeball and the Gemstone... The gemstone was pretty and the Pokeball probably had a pokemon she needed inside. Most excellent... The mist would wrap around the two items, forming into long, frigid hands... of Priere's IceDevimon, who took the form of the mist around her at all times. He grabbed them, then gave them to Priere.

"Hmm... What's this stuff?"

" Ah, so you were here. "

Koudo said as he withdrew his hands and put them behind his head.

" The gemstone is a gift from Khrona, and the pokeball has a pokemon that I probably won't train in it. Catching it was a complete accident actually, I just wanted my sword back. It's a Sneasel... or at least I think it is since that's the only word it knows how to say. Have fun. "

Koudo turned on his heels and headed back to the factory. There was something else that he needed to do for Perura that he'd just remembered. At least he could make himself busy now...

" Try not to destroy your house with Khrona's present.... then again it could probably rebuild it more extravagantly for ya in no time afterwards. Perura wants me to build her a pet, so I'll be in the lab for a while. See ya. "

The hands in the mist opened up the pokeball, releasing the small sneasel from it's pokeball. It was clearly an ice type. Priere looked up at Koudo, then down at the sneasel.

"... Get me more. I want more of these things... 'Pokemon,' right? I want more of them!"

Priere took the gemstone and quickly affixed it to her chest, embedding it slightly within, feeling the power of a great icy mistress within. She'd have to speak to her later. Right now, she was concerned about those pokemon.

" I'll be in the lab for a while. Get a list of the ones you want to me and I'll see what I can do. Can't promise I'll catch your stuff before I catch mine though. Take care of her, she likes to steal shiny stuff. You be good, Sneasel. "

Koudo waved his hand as he walked away before locking his fingers together behind his head, giving hints towards Sneasel's personality. More than likely she had a naughty personality, but he wasn't a pokemon professor... yet so he could be wrong.

Priere scooped up the Sneasel, already thinking of names for her and what she was going to teach her how to do, and the arms in the mist would dissipate back into said mist.

"... Fine. I'll get a list and you'll be the first to know. Don't let me down, Koudo. But... Let me know if you need any 'help' with yours. I don't mind taking care of your pansy ass..."

She closed her eyes and turned away, floating into the doorway once again. There was a lot to cover in a short time period... It should just be known that when she got out, Priere, Signis, Blue, Sneasel and this IceDevimon would be more than greater than they were before.
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Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels
Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels

Posts : 202
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Insangel 46: Engaging The Crystal; Facing The Ice Queen

The gem that was given to Priere by Koudo radiated with an intense coldness that resonated with Priere's very soul. It was overwhelmingly chilling, which felt like pure ecstasy to dear old Priere.

"Whatever this thing is that he gave me, it's fucking great!"

She wore it around her neck like a necklace, for it felt oddly close to her heart the moment she touched it. Weird.

"Well, I'd better crack open this Grimoire for some more training..."

The grimoire of her family appeared before her, the ancient tome releasing a thick mist of ice from its innards as it opened up to a blank page. Priere was confused, as she hadn't opened the book to this page at all, and the grimoire was acting on its own. She peered into the bare page of the book and felt the blue Opal on her neck teeming with power.

"... The hell?"

The book began to write more things in an ancient script that appeared on the pages below, as if activating a seal within the book that had been harnessed for thousands of years. Though this script was far older than Priere and her lineage, she could read it as if she was fluent in it.

"... The Ice Queen, Shiva?"

Saying the name of Shiva caused the Opal's hidden power to expel outward, an icy presence overcoming the entire room. This diamond dust swirled in a specific position, conjuring up the all-too-familiar to Priere, Shiva.

Just as Priere encountered Shiva, a large rip in the dimensions would appear, releasing a small egg down from the skies and right above her hand. Only a little time had passed through its travels, so it was a little closer to hatching sooner.
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