The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension

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 The Insangel

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Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels
Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels

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PostSubject: The Insangel   The Insangel - Page 4 EmptyWed Jun 09, 2021 5:25 pm

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Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels
Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels

Posts : 202
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PostSubject: Re: The Insangel   The Insangel - Page 4 EmptySat Jun 26, 2021 3:40 pm

Insangel 69: Chapter 11; Father Time

With the Events of the 8th coming together in perfect harmony all the way up to the Singularity which was the Family coming back together (the middle point within the loop of the 'Infinity' sign), the Energy that was taken down from Above would immediately be transferred Below to the 7th Restriction, which were the Astral forms of each individual, after complete alignment with the very Stars and the Universe itself. This is where Tyranophant, who had been waiting quite impatiently for his Wife to bring their Crystal Child to him, was still waiting, at the Clock Tower where it was agreed upon many, many Moons ago.

Ty stood there at the Gate, tapping his foot, looking at his imaginary watch (since he honestly didn't need one, since he was always On Time at All Times), waiting for everyone and everything else to catch up. It had been long and boring as hell, and all types of other shit had to happen just for Absolute Perfection to come into play, but dammit all if it wasn't almost about that time right now.

"Man, hoes sure know how to keep people waiting..." He was almost about ready to close the book on they asses real hot fast, end it all with a bullshit ending that was just 'Destroy Everything With Utter Chaos.' But he figured he'd have faith and wait for the Love he'd distributed to everyone and everything to finally come back to him.

"Man, if it's not here soon, I really will close this book... And that will be THE END. FOREVER. FOR GOOD. Fuck you MEAN, though." Don't think he wouldn't do it.

"Think I'm playing? M'kay. We Will See. Mmmhm."
Aaaany Minute Now...

And just as he was about to have the thought to end all life as we know it, in an epic mad dash to the finish line, right before Time was Called would be Temari the Inari and on her back, the Gift of the Godsend; the Crystal Crown passed down from the 13th to the 12th to the 11th to the 10th to the 9th to the 8th and now, through the Update, was left as an Egg in place of the Godsend herself, who used her awesome Alfortuna to alter space and make everything come together perfectly right at the exact time it needed to, all the way at the very end. Temari, the Inari, would come to a halt right before Tyranophant and shift into her true form, which was that of a beautiful maiden, all Thirteen of her bony spinal cord tails flickering wildly.

"Time!!!" she called, gazing up at Tyranophant, panting heavily, harboring in her hand the Egg that would Birth their Child; the Crystal Crown. "How was that?!"

"2:13" he said with a smirk upon his face, plucking the Crystal Crown out of her hand, "Damn, I thought you'd NEVER get here. You DO know that the goddamn Second Hand is just RIGHT around the corner, right? Shouldn't have taken yo ass 50 Billion Years to go down the block. Fuck is wrong with you!?!" He would place HIS crown on top of HIS head, and then go off on a whole 'Father Time' ass tirade about how she ALMOST fucked up.

"Did you see that shit? That was ALMOST NOT THE TIME. You ALMOST missed it, and then, I would have been pissed." He glared at her for a moment or two, then suddenly broke out into laughter. "Naaah, I'm just fuckin' witcha~! I already know that it all had to happen this way and it all had to occur right on time, not a moment sooner nor later. I was just getting bored, and you know I like to fuck around a little bit. I mean, it's always harmless, because, you know. I seem to be the only one who can MAKE SURE that my FUCKING AROUND is HARMLESS and not DESTRUCTIVE to ALL EXISTENCE and shit..." He rolled his eyes, then gave her 'The Stare.'

"By the way, fuck you. Pissing me off... SWEAR. Can't a guy just catch a break or something? I need a vacation..."

"Aaaaand here we go..." she would roll her eyes, standing there and having her ear bitten off by her slightly anal asshole of a lover. "Oh, just snatch the crown right out of my hand, why don'tcha?" She said with a scoff, as he continued on his tantrum. "Blah Blah Blah, why are you so worried about what ALMOST DIDN'T and not about WHAT ACTUALLY IS!? I mean, I'm HERE, RIGHT!? Everything just had to go as planned, in a certain order, in a certain way at a certain time... And I know you know that!! So I don't even know why you're talking..."

When he suddenly got the stick out of his ass and revealed he was just fucking around, she kinda smiled a bit, but also kinda was pissed that he even did it, but not really certain how she should feel about it all. Then again, she was just happy that all of it was over... And she could definitely understand, at least, why he was feeling that way. Besides, he just liked to fuck around in that fashion, and she kinda liked it, since she knew he wasn't being serious about it.

"Love you, too, babe."
(2:25 2/25)

"Shut up, baby, I know it!" He smiled and gave her a quick smooth to the cheek, then took the Crown off of his head, "Yeah... Been waiting FOREVER to say THAT! Heh heh heeeeeh~!" He would then allow the Crown to drift off away from him and start to hatch, whilst nuzzling his lovey all cute and stuff and muttering sweetly in her ear,

"Who's the Baddest of the Bad...?"
He licked her lobe a bit...
"The MADDEST of the MAD!?"
... Before moving into a nibble...
"The Killer of Kings..."
He traced the outline of her ear with his tongue, before whispering the last words,
"... And Destroyer of Worlds..?"

She was about to get her dimensions REK'T after All the Kids were Out of the Pool for the Adult Swim...


The Crystal Crown that would sprout the Crystal Child of the future, Triere, from her Cryogenic Chrysalis would take her complete and utter shape as the Lucicrystal; the First and Last Shinsangel.

"You're going to make me sick." She flipped her beautiful sparkling hair of crystal blue and turned away from them, hovering off to go do whatever the fuck she wanted to now, since she basically knew she could and that everything she ever did ever would just be perfect, like herself. "Go to some other dimension and do that, or whatever. Man. Can't you like, honeymoon on a different plane of existence, or something? Yeesh." She rolled her eyes.

Temari quivered a bit, but kept all her thoughts and feelings about the situation at hand completely suppressed, only saying to him, "You right," but leaned away from him and pointed over to their daughter, who was about to go off with the Crown, "But uh... I think we still have ONE last thing to wrap up real quick, don't we...?" Temari furrowed her brow at Triere's little attitude, already ready to snap off... But would leave that to her Father.

"And where do you think you're going, young lady...?"

He smirked, turning his head with a brow raised up in disbelief at this little girl right here and her smart ass mouth, "You SO right right now." He'd give her a congratulatory slap on the ass before fully relinquishing himself of her and going off to deal with his daughter, who THOUGHT that she was on some bullshit from the very moment she got out the womb. She must not have any clue who her Father is.

"Yo, wait, what's all this?! Just gave birth to you and we don't get ANY type of appreciation for all the bullshit we had to go through to bring YO little Crystal ass into existence?! You must be out of your goddamn mind."

He would appear before her with his arms crossed and eyes blazing with intensity, glaring down at her with all the authority he KNEW he had, especially since she was his DAUGHTER, after all.

"I don't get a 'I love you, DaDa' or some sort of cute, loving shit to show how much you appreciate everything I just did to wrap this ENTIRE SCENARIO up not with ME getting my Wife, but Me getting YOU as the END RESULT of 50 Billion Years+ of fucking up? Nah. Nah, son. Ain't having that."

He would take the Crystal Crown from atop her head and put it back on top of his head, "You can have this back when you learn how to respect other people and your existence, as well as everything else around you. Now, Daddy loves you, but uh, just because you're gonna inherit the Crown does NOT MEAN that you ALREADY HAVE. Just like WE had to do it, YOU have to EARN this mofo. You got me, Triere?!" He would look her square in the eyes with the utmost authority and sternness, but said nothing more in order to respectfully allow for her response after he completely finished speaking.

Triere stared up at her Father when he glared down at him, matching his own stare of authority with one of her own. She wasn't gonna back down from this situation at all, and in fact, was going to call him out on everything he said that was incorrect.


Unfortunately for her, everything he said was perfectly sound, comprehensible, understood and flawlessly correct, so she had nothing to say but,

"... *Sigh* You Right.
I'm sorry.
I Love you guys, but Let Me Have Some Fun!!
How can I inherit the Crown then, Dad?"

"Thank you, Daughter," he would say, now calmed and with a smile on his face. "I love you, too. Now, what you must do to inherit the crown is... Gather the power of all 7 Shinsanities by inheriting your Mother's place as the 'Crystal Oversoul of the Dawn.' That is to say... You gotta switch shifts, my girl. You're on Shinsanity and Shinsangel duty."

He would point to the Dawn, which definitely needed some sort of guidance and fixing in all sorts of manners, "Clean Up This Mess. I want every Shinsangel to have a Shinsanity and every Shinsanity to have a Keeper, and every Keeper to have an Alice. When All Seven Shinsangels have been Aligned from All Seven Shinsanities having their Seven Keepers and Seven Alices, then you, too, may harbor the Crown of the 7th. Until then..." He smirked, giving her the 'Thumbs Down' and causing all of her energy to drop like a hat, being immediately locked up and kept from her use.

"Start Over From Level 1."

He gave her a sinister smirk, knowing that the only way for her to get all of her powers back was to actually go through the trials of the Seven Shinsanities, just as all had done before her.

"You can get some friends or whatever to help you out if you like, but uh. Just know that if you do not do it right, just like EVERYBODY ELSE, you WILL repeat the 6th OVER and OVER and OVER again and not return to the 7th UNTIL YOU GET IT RIGHT!"

He gave her a kiss on her forehead and a pat on the head, smiling at her, knowing that she was pissed, but also knowing she knew that it was for her own good.

"That'll learn ya~!" He soot up and walked over to Temari, "With Love, Darling~!" and raised his hand for a high five.

"Have Fun, Cleaning Up Your Room, Daughter~!

Having heard and fully endorsed all of his words from the sidelines, finding no flaw in them (as, she definitely would have objected without question if there were), Temari would raise her hand up and slap his hand for a solid, complete and perfect High Five of the century, which sent out energy that literally changed the world with their Union.

"Think What You've Done and Don't Do It Again."

She stood there with her mouth agape after what she had just heard. "Man, this some old bullshit," she said abruptly, turning around sharply, "So, what you're saying to me is... You want me to clean YOUR mess while you two sit back and swoon and croon and go on a honeymoon!?!?! Nuh uh, that don't sound on the up and up, if you ask me!!!"

However... After some thorough calculations, remembering that she was also from the Future and technically hadn't gone through the trials that the Physical world would have to, she was actually reevaluating this entire scenario.

"Hmmm..." She pondered, stroking her chin. "Fortunately for you, after a critical assessment, I have realized that if I do this NOW, then when all that other shit happens in the future, I won't have to do this again, because, well. It'll already be done. And, of course, I will be born Perfect. No matter WHAT Timeline I'm in." She would smirk, turning her nose up to the both of them triumphantly, already knowing that, no matter how long it took, because she existed right now at this time and all other events in time had occurred the way they did to get her to Truly Exist right here and now, everything else henceforth would only come into bringing this single entity into existence Perfectly. And if she had to go whip some damn Shinsangels and Shinsanities and Keepers and Alices in order throughout the Veritas to get all her powers back to her, then so fucking be it.

"Aight. Bet." She was like the spitting, perfect image of the both of them combined... Their sweet little Crystal Child. "When I come back, you'd better have that Crystal Crown ready for me, Dad. I will be the next Crystal Goddess of Life! And when I play, you know I play to win~!" She would let them have their fun and alone time now... In fact, they deserved it. And plus, this was going to be the perfect time for her to actually get everything in order, which she absolutely loved to do.

"Alright, World...
Prepare to Meet your Maker!!!"

She would stand in a triumphant pose looking over all the Veritas from the Crystal Clock Tower all epic-like before going to form her battle strategy in her house, the Ice Sanctuary...

And that, Everyone, is the Story of how 'The Story' Began, Ended and Began again, and would keep the ball rolling and moving in the Correct and Perfect direction Forever and Ever. All 13 Restrictions from the 0th to the 13th had been achieved by the Dearly Beloved couple, and now they were Free to roam the World literally able to do whatever they wanted to. This was their own Perfect Happy Ending, and the Beginning of the stories of ALL of their Children.

The Seven Shinsangels.
The End.
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Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels
Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels

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PostSubject: Re: The Insangel   The Insangel - Page 4 EmptySat Jun 26, 2021 5:15 pm

Insangel 70: Protectors Of Light; The Time Has Come

In a flash of light that illuminated the entire Crystal Palace with the shine of the Shinsanity of Light as well as the Hikarigami themselves returning to the Dawn, a great and radiant wave of color would burst from the once clear Ice Palace that would fill the entirety of the Dawn with vibrance and Life. The entire Crystal City would no longer look like crystal, but would be filled with all the wonderful hues and colors of this spectrum of wavelengths and the next, creating colors both seen and unseen that were beautiful to all who could see; more so than just the outline of their form as mere crystal.

"We have arrived," she'd say monotonously hovering in place. "I should return to my place inside of the Temple of Time soon... Otherwise, even if Time is flowing here... It will not be flowing in the rest of the world." In this, Time would be established for the Veritas; or, at least, the Dawn, presently. It would eventually spread to the rest of the World and they would then be all On Time; moving to the movement of a universal timer that stood at the very pinnacle of the Veritas itself. "Once time starts moving, then this World will Move as Well in Perfect Time; Every Last Person All The Time." This much was an Absolute that they All Knew.

"Indeed," Teus agreed, knowing very well that it would soon be time for Magenta to return to her place inside of the Temple of Time, "You've done very well thus far. However... The Time is not yet So. Before you go, you must achieve the final piece of the Puzzle that will allow the Gear to function properly without jamming..." Teus knew what was going on with the others within the Dawn... And when the time came, she would be struck like lightning with her Final Piece. "Right now, we must wait. So you can relax... Whilst we wait for your Vessel to show up..."

"That's right," Teleine chimed in as her physical shape manifested from the burst of light, "Now that my True Form has been relinquished to me by she who Held my Shape for me, it's almost time for you, too, my dear Magenta..." She was already in her True Form as it was, but she was missing a piece of her that would complete her. If she moved into the Clock Tower before receiving this Piece, she would be Lost in Time forever, unable to return to her shape and form, as Aethereal beings had a difficult time doing, when not completely established. They were made of pure energy, after all, and if they did not consciously set a True Form for themselves, they would, in their dispersing of themselves and ability to alter their shapes, end up losing and forgetting what their form was. It was honestly how the Flames of Eternity got into this mess in the first place, and why Souls and Consciousness were given Physical Forms so that they could actually define themselves and give themselves a definite shape for when they exited into their Aethereal forms. "Wait for the Signal... From the Jack O' Lantern..."

When the Light of the Lantern was Lit upon the Land of Great Fire, the Envoy harboring the Final Flame would appear in a frosty gust of wind, her form crystallizing from black, shadowy ice with a dim, blue hue to it. This was she who harbored the last piece of the Gear that was Magenta, who would, once having absorbed the Flame of Pumki and Pumpkinhead, have her Memories and her Powers returned to her as Signis, the High Seraph. It was the Light that knew when the Time for Battle was; and the Time was coming Soon.

"I Have It," she said with a cold voice and an icy stare, "... The Time has Come and the Signal for Signis has been Confirmed." Blue stared at Magenta, who had only recollection of her previous self as 'Magenta,' but not as 'Pumki' or as 'Signis,' which were her previous forms. No, Blue had that knowledge... And it was why Blue was always so quiet around Triere and Signis. She had been holding on to a lot of knowledge and a lot of secrets the two of them were not prepared to know about... Until now.

"... But where is...?"

"I'm right here!!" cried a voice from above, opening up the top of the Crystal Palace and hovering down through it before patching it up as though it didn't happen. She'd been descending from the Tempora Aeternam, where she'd just previously been instructed to deal with the Shinsanities and the Shinsangels before the 6th Moon was supposed to rise.

"Ugh..." she muttered, pinching the bridge of her nose and lowering her head, "This is gonna be such a headache..." The 6th Moon was supposed to Rise soon and with it, the Shinsanities and the Shinsangels needed to be in the correct place. The Keepers and the Alices were doing their own things, naturally, but these Shinsangels and their Shinsanities were under the jurisdiction of Triere. They each needed to be at their proper Sanctuaries and all of them needed to be purified. Their Energies in the 6th needed to be aligned in perfect harmony, and the energy within them needed to be clear and without any filth inside. "... Making me sort out their dirty work..." she opened the Crystal Grimoire, preparing for the Transaction. "Okay, let's just get this over with..."

Teus chuckled, being thoroughly amused at his daughter's frustration for her duties. It was slightly adorable. "Hahaha... Well now. Seems like the Time has Come, has it?" He smiled warmly, closing his eyes, "... Good... That means that the Shinsangels and the Shinsanities can all come together." He turned to Magenta, who had yet to be complete in her Truth, "... Are you ready? It's time for you to make one last round... And Right what is Wrong in the Veritas in One Shot."

"... Yes, Father..." she said monotonously, hovering over to Triere, who harbored the Book that was a copy of the Legend of the Veritas of her very own. "... I am ready whenever you are."

"Alright, good," she said with a huff, kinda irritated. "Okay, so that means..." she skimmed through some pages, seeing where the story was fucked up at, "... Uhhh... You..." she would touch Blue, taking from her the power of the Pumpkintwins, "And You..." she would then touch Magenta, who harbored the power of the Gear of Time, "... You two... Need to balance out these powers between each of the Shinsanities and Shinsangels... Through the very Book itself." She would start to absorb their powers into her Crystal Vessel, seeing how Signis and Blue were born right then and there and she, in the past, as the First Shinsangel. "Tch... Damn Tensei logic... Always gotta rewrite history and shit..." Technically, though, it wasn't being REwritten, but being filled in... In all of the blank spots.

Triere would transfer the power of the Pumpkintwins into the Shinsanity of Light, where it would be kept along with all of the other Flames of Eternity, to be shared between the Shinsanities of Fire and Light, as well as between the Shinsangels of their respective elemental properties. In that, Magenta would be complete. However... The same needed to be done for each of the other Shinsanities and Shinsangels.

"*Phew* ... Alright, done." She closed her eyes and huffed, holding in her hands the Fire and the Ice; the power of the Lanterns and of the Devourists. The Flames of Eternity and the Living Shadows. "Each of these needs to be distributed evenly, too... UGH!!" She was so PISSED that she had to do this... "Well, the easiest way to do it is to just insert them into the story where they fit... And, this is how we're gonna do that..." She would flip a few pages, lowering her head and sighing, "... Is to do this as the stories are being written..." She was going to have to insert the Flames of Eternity and Living Shadows into each of the Shinsanities and Shinsangels AS they were being reformed DURING their own ALREADY IN PROGRESS stories. Knowing this, she would turn her head up to her Father and Mother (in their 6th restriction form) and glare at them.

"... I hate you."

Teleine couldn't help but to laugh, herself, at what was going on, as well. Now the two of them didn't have to finish this part of the book AND their daughter would have the necessary training that she needed in order to complete it. It was a win-win.

"Hmhmhm... Very good figuring it out, dear..." she giggled again, pressing the tips of her fingers to her lips playfully, "... But we did say this was a PUNISHMENT for you, did we not~?" She had to make SURE that Triere remembered that. They, who were connected in all 13 of their forms, could share their memories and abilities from each of them because they had already completed the 13 Restrictions, thus... Could interact as though they were all the same person (which, no matter what Restriction they were in, they all technically were.) A luxury that those who had separated themselves... Or, who had yet to connect to ALL of their Higher Selves... Did not have.

"And I'm sure you know the 'T' rule~? It doesn't apply to the Shinsanities, but only to the Shinsangels, if you will." Had to make sure that she didn't mess things up. "You have free reign over rewriting them as you see fit, but you must rewrite them properly and completely. You may even erase their previous back history, if you so choose, and replace it with your own; rearrange or arrange as you see fit. Just remember to leave the most important parts that we have already established; The Keepers, the Alices, the Abilities and the Elements. Give them each a Flame of Eternity and a Living Shadow, and allow for All 7 of them to be able to partake in them. You shall be inheriting all 7 inside of you once this is complete, and then you, too, shall return to the 7th, where we will be waiting in our 7th Form."

She giggled to herself, kicking up and relaxing in the nice Ice Sanctuary that was the Shrine for the Crystal Grimoire and the Hikarigami, "... So. Have fun, my dear~! It's getting rather late, so you'd better get to work~! That 6th Moon will be here aaaaany day now~! Ooohohohoo~!" All 7 Shinsanities and Shinsangels had to be complete for the Rise so that all of the Keepers and the Alices could complete it before the 7th Moon came about.

"Yeahyeahyeah, whatever." She was already irritated enough without them rubbing it in her face whilst they kicked their feet up in HER house that she originally made for HERSELF. Though, technically, being the Shinsangels of Light, it means also that they were, indeed, supposed to be here, too. "... Damn Tensei logic..." Without any further hesitation, she would take both her hands and place them atop of the book, which floated before her, embedding the power in the Story. The Book would begin to write, adjusting itself accordingly to where each of the Flames and the Shadows were supposed to go in accordance to the Shinsanities and Shinsangels. Now, all Triere had to do was wait until each of them were done... And they would write themselves into the stories in progress naturally from each of their own Grimoires, which held a piece of the story that belonged to they and only they who possessed it.

"Alright, now we just gotta sit back and watch... Or... Read... Or... Whatever. And make sure the story doesn't go out of control." It seemed like an easy task, but the hard part was making sure all of the 7 Shinsangels and their Shinsanities awakened properly... And were purified, at that. "Alright... Let's... Begin..." She rolled her eyes.

---Significant Time Skip---

After what seemed like Eons in Energetic Time, but was Probably Not So in Real Time, Triere would sigh and close the Book, "*Phew.* Done," she said triumphantly and with a tired huff. "They are All Awakened, Purified and Connected ... Now. The Rest of the Stories should all play out well on their own Naturally as they Keep Being Written Out. I don't have to Facilitate nor 'Edit' or Write or anything anymore... It'll just Keep on Being." She crossed her arms and closed her eyes, poking out her lip and turning her nose up, before looking at the two of them with a single red eye, "So I Suppose the Time Has Come to put the Gear of Time back in the Clock Tower...?"

Teus smiled warmly, looking to his arm, harboring absolutely NO watch whatsoever because He, as Shinsangel of Light, along with Teleine, his Other Half, would have All Record of All Time at All Times.

"You have Supposed Correctly, Dear Child." He tapped his wrist, chuckling a bit, "... And Right On Time for the B-Day, too. Not bad for your first Big Wrap Up." He began to clap slowly, but sincerely, "Bravo, Dear Child. I Believe that You Are Ready, Don't You Agree?" He turned his head to Teleine, to see what her thoughts on the matter were about their Daughter's Readiness...

"For the Twin Dragons...?" She picked up, with a chuckle of her own, "L'sia? The Dragons of Fire and Ice?" She smiled, rolling her eyes to the corner of her head thoughtfully and cutely, "Weeeell, I dunnooooo... The Twin Dragons ARE EXCEEDINGLY POWERFUL... ESPECIALLY when they Come Together in Perfect Balance in Harmony and Discord..." She was feeling a little bit 'Skeptical' about her child's Readiness for the Twins yet.

"Do you Believe she can RESPECT Them and DIRECT Them with Love and Trust?" She turned her head to Triere, as if directing that question to her suggestively, "... Rather, do YOU Believe that You Can?"

She scoffed.
"Tch. Can I Do It...?" she mocked with a snickering smirk, "Do Youse Guys Know Who My Father Is? Who My Mother Is?" The smirk quickly turned into a smug grin, "Don't Insult Me Like That Again. Do You Know Who My Team Is? Do You Know Where My Alignment Is? Heh." She pointed to them, snickering in disbelief for their lack of faith, "Tch. These Guys. Still Blind, I Tell Ya. Be Forgettin Who I Am And Where I Come From!"

She shook her head and shrugged her shoulders,
"Well, I Guess It Can't Be Helped."

"You Guys Are Just Hopeless..."

"If You Can't Figure Out Who I Am..."

"And What I Do..."

That's Right. She And Her Sisters... The Eyes. They Already Knew What It Was. They Just Needed Some Help Unscrambling The Info.

"Start The Clock."
She pointed to Clock Tower, "Signi--" She paused, realizing that wasn't who this was anymore. No, that was her old, Imperfect Form. Now, One Was... "... Magenta," the Carnage. The Other Was, "... Blue," the Frostbite. She extended her hands out toward the Top of the Tower.

"Go Get It, Girls."

"Bring This Time To An Absolute End."

Magenta: "Open The Gate."
The Gear Inside Of Her Spun Around, Like a Safe Combination Lock, or Perhaps Like a Steering Wheel, Calling Forth the Opening of the Gate of The Dawn from the Other Side. With That Alone, She Would Be Sucked Into Her Own Spiraling Gear As Though A Galaxy Sustaining Its Energy and Shoot Into Chest Of The Black Al'Ice, Unlocking Her And Providing Her With All The Energy Necessary To Power Her Vessel. The Machination of Perpetual Energy; That Which Makes One An Official Timeless Being.
"Ready Any Time."

Blue Remained Silent, as she was Accustomed to Doing in matters concerning Triere and Signis... And, even if Signis wasn't the same as who she Was Before, That Signis was still within her True Form as Magenta; She Knew It To Be True.

In the Depth of her Thought about the Nebulae and All The Cosmos, She tended to Tune Out the Petty Squabbling of the World Around Her anyway. Perhaps, one day, she wouldn't have to. She Hoped that Day would Come with the Sound of the Bell from the Clock Tower. It had already done so much... To Think that She, Too, Would have been like Them Once... With that Petty Squabbling between the Family and the Children. Between... Themselves and Each Other. Between... Her Own Self, Divided. Lumiel and Nebulel... The Light and Dark of Time and Space.

"Hmph." Her Eyes opened now, burning with a fiery passion and fervor unlike any she'd ever had before, "... The Time Is Now." She leapt forward in a blazing blue streak streaming from Triere's Fingertips and off into the Abyss...

The Unknown of Time and Space.

Teus was alerted immediately once All of The Shinsangels were Connected to the Flames of Eternity and their Living Shadows, as well as to their respective Shinsanities that had become Purified, just as They had. Only moments after Triere cast off her partners, the Twin Dragons, Teus would open up the Crystal Grimoire and begin to read.

"Connection Complete," he said, linking All of them to the Main Story, giving them All Power to Influence It as well as It to Influence Them, "Synchronizing Time and Space with Reality. Maintain for Stasis." He turned it over to Triere, "... Whenever you're Ready. We're All Connected Now."

Just in Time for the Rebirth!
The Greatest Infinite Birthday Present!
"Tanjoubi Omedetou..."

And just as Teus finished uttering his sentence would the Gear of Time return Right Back to the Place It started, having traversed Time and Space in an Extended Space in order to return to This Time and Space from the Future, AFTER All that it had done was Completed, which would thereby result in the Future Being Brought To The Past and the Past Being Brought To The Future Simultaneously.

Basically, an Instantaneous Overnight Timeskip of Several Thousands of Years.

With the Fall of the Fifth Moon and the Rise of the Sixth would Misplaced Time and Displaced Space be brought into Equivocation with the Gear of Time being Placed in the Absolute Correct Time and Space. This would cause all Time and Space to be Rooted and Flowing In Tandem with True Time, as if a Clock had started.

This Resulted in Two Days Blending into a Single One, which was the Birthday of Tymon and the Friday the Thirteenth at the Same Time, as well as extending over an extensive instantaneous Timeskip.

In that, a great time leap seemed to have occurred in a single day and night, and Magenta would appear before the two of them as a Burst of Light that was placed specifically by Tinasanti.

"Mission Complete," she said with a sigh, "All Systems are Synchronized, Stabilized and are Go. The Veritas as well as the Kairo have been Reinitialized to their True Spacio-Temporal Values." To Everyone it would seem like all of it happened Overnight, which, technically, it did, despite all of it being a surprise of Energy from Different Points in Time and Space coming into a Singularity that was Magenta, the Gear of Time being Placed Perfectly, Precisely and Properly inside of Tymon.

"Impressed yet~?" she haughtily laughed with a hand raised and pinky toward her mouth, "OOOHOHOHO~!" She had already foreseen this day coming and turned his ass into a book a long, long time ago in a dimension where Time was So Zetta Fast that it left Information from the Future in the Past so it could Stabilize in the Present, like 3-D Glasses but in Physical Three Dimensional Planar Rifts. "Past, Present and Future, baby~! Already got them on lock with these Eyes~!" She snickered and crossed her arms, closing the Book and letting things marinate, "So... How's THAT for a wrap up, Father...?"

He chuckled, looking at her with a face of both jest and sincerity, "... I couldn't have done it better myself, my girl." He lifted his hand and with the shifting of light would it slip into the fold of a light wave, refracting off of the photons in the air and appear again in the physical plane as a radiant glow ruffling Triere's hair lovingly before zipping back on a line back to where the displaced time and space had been misplaced. "Looks like they're learning well, Aren't they, my dear?"

"Most Definitely," she said, viewing the events that played out through the Crystal Grimoire that they all shared in their Eyesight, "... Now that the Main Storyline is Connected and All Stories that are Connected To It have been Established, they, too, will create more through their Legends..." In essence, the 'Seven Shinsangels' would make themselves Legends among the Veritas in order to Mark Their Names in History by Being Part of It. This, in turn Preserves One's Data for All Time in order for it to Continue To Grow.

"I believe that they have collected enough Data on... Ways to deal with Modern Day People. They should have, considering we've been watching them since Before Time Began and shit." They were getting better in terms of speech, as she could tell from her casual swearing and comfortable tone in speaking informally.
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Insangel 71: What?

How he got here wasn't really important. Perhaps a mishap in ripping tears in the fabric of time and space, or an intentional endeavor, either way he ended up here.

He stretched, loosening up and dusting off the tribal clothing he'd acquired from his grandmother, and looked around to see exactly where he had ended up. It'd been a while since he had allowed himself to just rightfully explore his abilities, and since he had Odea watching the house, and his daughter, he was free to do so. It was just a problem when he couldn't ever tell where he was.

"This looks... kinda familiar... maybe?"

He shrugged.

The ambiguity of the expanse was fitting for this space, which was both hidden and protected, yet, familiar to one who had been upon its atmosphere before. This realm, the border of the Veritas Universe, looked just the same as any other Universe, yet, once within vicinity, one who was known to the Universe would be greeted with haste.

"Welcome To The Veritas," the voice of a woman spoke, as a large bright white light pouring with a myriad of colors opened up to swallow the man whole. There, he would be set upon a platform that materialized underneath his feet, with an image of the land of the Veritas spreading out from it, only in a miniaturized replication of what actually was. "This Is The Dimension Gate, Which Connects To Any Realm Of Your Desire." Because the Veritas was a request based operation, more or less, whenever someone desired to do something, meet someone or go somewhere, the Veritas complied based on the interaction and request. "What Is It That You Would Like To Do?"

Koudo was forced to shield his eyes from the myriad of bright colored lights that engulfed him. Not only was it blinding, but it was especially so with his sensitive dragonic senses. If hadn't of shielded his eyes then he'd be seeing stars for the rest of his life.

Once the high beams died down, he moved his arm and blinked a couple of times to adjust to the new scenery around him. Below his feet, there was a platform that showed the land that he had come to and he immediately recognized it. There was no way he wouldn't recognize a place he had been to before; A place where he had lived a nice bit of his life.

"See who's talking to me. Kinda rude to remain a disembodied voice, unless you are a disembodied voice. In which case... my bad."

"I Am The Veritas," the woman's voice echoed in the Dimension Gate, "And You Know Me Well." Soon after she spoke the second time, the disembodied voice materialized over the planar extension in a form that was familiar to the one who had returned to the lands he'd known. "I Am Tina." Her voice was relatively monotonous, but it was clear that because Koudo knew the land, he also knew Tina, even if he'd never seen her in a physical or human manifestation in all his days.

"We've Met Before," she went on, but did not say much else beyond that. Her form was that of a maiden with long silverish-blue hair which shined in the soft rainbow lights that emanated all about, and her body was covered in a black skin-tight unitard. "I Remember You." The way she spoke was as if she were only reading off information, and her eyes were both blank yet filled with a great deal of depth and mysticism. Her face, which was shiny and a translucent off-blue, something like crystal, was expressionless. "Will That Be All?"

Koudo placed his hands on his hips and squinted at the girl that appeared, trying to place her face anywhere that he may have seen her. He couldn't say he'd ever heard the name, but Koudo had always had trouble with remembering names anyway. There were few occasions where he remembered someone, or something, that he didn't come to blows with.

He leaned in a little bit, then leaned back and paced around her. "Nah, your name's not ringin' a bell, but I couldn't mistake them features no where." While he definitely couldn't place her, she bore a STRONG resemblance to a certain family of individuals that had vanished from the world he called home.

He stopped his pacing in front of the construct of a girl, folding his massive arms as he did so, towering over her in terms of height. "Nah. I wanna bother somebody, if this really is the Veritas. Surprise me with who, the headache I'm gonna give 'em is all the same to me." He shrugged his shoulders, "Think you can do that Tina?"

Affirmative," Tina replied, having an idea of just who that person in reference was. She, as the Veritas, itself, had watched over the inhabitants of the planet for a long time, even when she was very young and still just a babe that was rooted to the Lost World when her father gave her life. She never showed herself in humanshape to anyone except her family, so it was feasible that Koudo, that she knew well, would not know her in the same fashion. "I Am Certain She Will Be Pleased." The ominous words foreshadowed the appearance of one that the two were very close to, yet, perhaps those words that Tina had spoken were an understatement... and maybe even an exaggeration, knowing her.

Tina stood there expressionlessly, but called out the name "Triere..." of which echoed throughout the plane as if Tina had shouted, when in actuality her voice was naught but a whisper. "... You Have A Visitor." When summoned, the rebellious one should show up, since she was aware that she never had any visitors beyond one, by her own nature. Tina simply stood idly by, becoming literally idle, both unblinking and unmoving, almost as if becoming totally unresponsive once she called out to Triere, herself.

There was a brief moment of silence after the name 'Triere' was called, as if no one had heard nor been summoned. It seemed like nothing was going to occur at all, from how long it took for a response. Yet, eventually, before it got too terribly long and the silence too terribly awkward, another disembodied voice, this one with much more flavor than Tina's, would echo all about. "That has-been?" she scoffed. "Spare me."

Suddenly, overhead, a large intricate seal appeared, with frosty mist pouring out from the edges of its inscriptions. The icy rune shattered like glass, with crystalline shards falling about everywhere and reconstructing themselves as shard-like wings behind the vessel that daintily descended from the other end of the broken seal from beyond the portal that it covered. With arms cross, a glossy dress of translucent clarity with an off-white hue and bluish hem, and both hair and bow to match, the young Triere would drop down just above the ground, letting her glass slippers hover just over the ground as were accustomed, with her arms crossed. Her piercing red eyes were just as fiery as ever. "Oh? Who are you?" She said with an air of sarcasm. "Have we met?" Her glare could melt the ice caps.

Koudo smirked, but only a little bit. He guessed Tina had to have some knowledge about him if she was able to deduce the perfect person for him to mess with. He would have accepted if she'd called Chita too, but after the last time he saw her he wasn't really sure he was prepared, mentally, for a reunion. While being just friends was all fine and dandy, getting friend-zoned still hurt the young drake's pride.

He waited, for a while, after Tina put out her call and went eerily silent, in the sinister silence. He got a little uncomfortable staring at the, almost literally, dead silent Tina and approached her, curiously, to see what the deal was. He didn't touch her, having learned to respect some semblance of boundaries, but he did get unbearably close to her her to look in her almost lifeless eyes and search for any sign of life, or brain function.


He couldn't help but whisper, but the docile tones of a familiar dialect filled his ears like nails on a chalk board. He could smell her, and feel her cold, before her ice seal appeared and was shattered, and he turned around, standing beside Tina, to fold his arms and bear proper witness to her flashy arrival. It was an arrival that he could respect, he never used his portals in such a fashion, but he loved a flashy entrance.

He rose a hand to stroke his chin, rubbing his rough fingers against the five o'clock shadow that was beginning to form. "I don't believe we have, actually. I seem to remember someone that wore a black dress." His response didn't do much to deflect her fiery gaze and cutting sarcasm in her voice, but he was willing to return the sardonicism without the burning glare.

She didn't look that much different at least, even her energy gave off the same signature, but Koudo was sure that she'd be at least somewhat surprised by what stood before her, if she could see past her tsundere tendencies. He stood at least half a foot taller than the last time they'd seen each other, much more built, in terms of muscle mass and definition, and a longer crop of raven colored locks than he'd ever sported as a snow haired lad. Still, his eyes remained that same deep sapphire as he met her crimson stare.

"Don't mess with me," she snapped, remembering vividly the very dark day she adorned her dark dress. "I definitely wasn't in my right mind, dealing with you." Triere's eyes cut through Koudo like sharp daggers with burning edges, and a glow that matched. The perceptive daughter of the most perceptive Tensei did indeed notice all of these rough and rugged changes of the physical demeanor of Koudo, of which she was definitely most pleased with... Yet, her own memories, which were trapped in place like crystal in stasis, could not help but to recall the events of the long past all the way up to the now present. Her eyes narrowed. "You filled out nicely," she said with a scoffing smirk, yet did not budge from her spot nor her position, "For a vile betrayer, that is."

Though Triere had many thoughts buzzing about her skull, many of which were, as usual, to give Koudo quite the wallop, no matter what his physique and demeanor were like, she refrained from succumbing to her own draconic tendencies, since she was practicing being more level-headed nowadays after having to clean up the whole Veritas as punishment for losing her cool and messing things up in the first place. "... So, what brings you back?" she continued on with an exasperated sigh, almost like she were venting steam from within. "I KNOW you didn't come here to see me." She rolled her eyes. "Don't even try to feed me that hot garbage." Knowing Koudo to be the Cassanova type he was, if she didn't say things like that right at the beginning, he might try to bullshit her with that dragonbreath technique. She wasn't having it.

Sure, maybe it was a touchy subject, but Koudo had long since forgiven her. They even talked it out the last time they saw each other, after he got friend-zoned by Chita. Now, the people that were normally around him... they were a very different story. Thankfully, she needn't worry about the twins because they were now a singular being who, at face value, cared very little about the affairs of Koudo. If it didn't directly affect her, or Yui, then she allowed him to do as he liked and deal with the consequences.

Besides Mana and the twins, Koudo never told anyone else about what happened. Maybe out of fear, at the time before her family disappeared, or out of shame and embarrassment, but he was able to deal with those feelings like he had learned to deal with everything else tragic that ever happened to him. Unfortunately, Mana wasn't so forgiving, and certainly held a grudge, even though they weren't dating at the time, and weren't now either.

He stopped stroking his chin and let out a hearty laugh, reaching to scratch behind his head, "Yeeeah, I actually have no idea how I ended up here." Truthfully, he was just fiddling around with the intricacies of his abilities and just so happened to end up here at the dimensional gate of the Veritas. He wasn't sure if he had unconsciously wished to come here, and his tear in space and time reacted in kind, or if it was just a random occurrence. Either way, whether he was lost or not, he was kind of glad he ended up somewhere that he had some formal knowledge of and not a random dimension filled with energy vampires or something. Yikes.

He stopped scratching his head and folded his arms again, "I am really glad to see you though, even if your tsundere tendencies won't let you bring yourself to believe me and get the warm fuzzies because I said it." Genuinely, he was glad. To him, it had been... at least 2 years since he'd seen any semblance of the Veritas, or was able to stumble across it's universal barrier. Traveling to alternate universes wasn't something that he could just... do, and he'd lost access to the device he'd used before. Destroying it in a fit of rage over the friend-zone thing. No matter how laid-back and lucid he could seem, some times he just couldn't control his temper.

Anyway, being able to, now, stumble across the universal barrier without the device was a testament to the amount of power he had gained over the time that they hadn't seen each other, but the fact that he wasn't sure how he got here was a testament to how untrained he appeared to be. Koudo never neglected his training though, he just focused more on the abilities that kept him exceptionally lethal and didn't have much time for experimentation with the more... whimsical abilities in his arsenal and how they had grown.

Triere's fiery gaze remained intact, but her demeanor, itself, was frigid, in complete contrast. She hadn't moved, seeming similar to Tina, yet there was clearly life in her and consciousness beyond just being a guide for another at the time. She gazed Koudo deeply in the eyes, with her own not shifting nor blinking for a second, as if they would burn through his sockets. Yet, after hearing his words and looking into his soul, as was a signature trait of those that came from her lineage, with a honed precision that made it natural and nothing necessary to be learned, like others, the burning eyes suddenly came to a close.

"Fine," she said chiefly, that being the only form of recognition to her believing of his repentance. They did indeed settle a lot last time, even if Triere, herself, continued to dwell on certain things that happened afterward. "I hope you've been well. At least." She opened her eyes and they still looked just as penetrating as before, but her voice was much less harsh, even if it was just as sharp. "You're welcome here, I guess, since nothing tried to kill you, or anything." If the Veritas picked up on any sort of threat, then there were several measures that would have occurred even before he landed that he would have dealt with outside the Dimension Gate. "... A lot has changed, though, even if a lot has stayed the same." She noticed that Koudo was alone in his travels, and also that, from the definition of his physique, he had certainly been through a lot. The distinguishing marks of this were more in his face and his tone than on his body, and his mannerisms did indeed reveal much to the eyes of the young Tensei woman. Their eyes were normally their best trait, taken after their father.

"... Must've been some tough times, I take it, if you're alone." She felt herself saying this presumptuously, even if she wasn't aware of what exactly had gone down. "... But, as my father designed it, the Veritas is indeed a refuge, should you so take advantage of it. It's just as much a home as it was when it was even just the Dusk, alone. So..." That may have been, in her own way, the manner of which she would welcome him inside. Yet, with her blatantly Tsundere nature, she wouldn't be the one leaping at an opportunity to say 'come in for a spot of tea' or anything. She could be cordial like that when she wished, but for someone like Koudo? She'd rather be rough around the edges, like she was accustomed when they were both growing up. That was how she was naturally, anyway, despite her pristine and glittery appearance and nearly haughty demeanor.

Once she acquiesced, she allowed Koudo the satisfaction of seeing her defeated. Even if it wasn't anything more than a verbal victory, it was still something. If memory served him correctly, and he always remember confrontations, there were seldom times he had actually overcome Priere in actual combat, so this was a moral victory.

He didn't allow himself to relish, though in more youthful years he would have, not that he was that much older. Circumstances had changed him and he had and experienced many things that forced him to either grow up or get out of the way. Koudo's personality didn't allow him to ignore any challenge, even if he didn't necessarily tackle it immediately, and his pragmatism allowed him to tackle the seemingly impossible with only a small amount of thought.

Koudo was alone, now, because he couldn't take Yui with him when he wasn't entirely sure how the particular power that brought him here really worked anymore. He'd not only be a bad role model, but a bad father, if he put her life in danger while he tried to figure this all out. The twins were more useful to him as the singular being, known as Odea, who wielded more power than either of them could ever dream of having, and while that cut down man power, it increased the lethality of the unit and allowed for a more natural home environment for Yui where she had a singular paternal figure and singular maternal figure. Okami, who would have accompanied him, had all but become Yui's best friend and most loyal protector, so she barely left the girl's side now.

He smiled. If that was the best that she was going to give him as a welcome, no matter how lackluster it was, he would accept in kind and approached her, "Excellent!" Casually, he snaked his tree trunk of an arm around her petite waist and lifted her higher than she was floating, holding her under his arm like a bundle of logs, "Let's go!" Certainly he'd learned to respect boundaries, but for someone like Priere? He knew she liked when he got handsy, even if she wouldn't allow herself to admit it. He saw her eyeballing him like he was a piece of prime cut meat. Besides it was a special occasion, she could let it slide right? Wasn't like he was trying to cop a feel or anything.

"Yeah, yeah..." Triere said in an almost mocking tone, averting her gaze and turning her nose in the other direction as she was lifted up into the air. "Don't let it go to your head." She swiftly belted Koudo one over the head once she was closer to his head; hard enough to feel, but only a love tap, before crossing her arms again and adjusting herself on his huge, broad shoulder like sitting in a chair. "Tina!" She called out, already having a destination in mind, "Take us to my house. The Ice Palace." It had been a while since Koudo had been there, but that place was intact as a structure of crystal, in the Crystal City of the Dawn. Given Koudo's abilities and the nature of the Crystal City of the Dawn, it was actually the best place for him to be, and could provide a certain leverage for him and learning to control his abilities and enhance them, quite possibly in the clock tower, which was something like both a hyperbolic time chamber and a spacio-temporal gateway. "I guess we can catch up more there." She partially hoped that her father wasn't home... Though she wondered if Koudo would want to see him.

Affirmative," Tina suddenly called out as though she'd been completely coherent and conscious the entire time, without skipping a beat, actually. Before their eyes, an image of the Ice Palace sprouted up from the model of the Veritas that they stood upon, just like one looking at the overview of a World Map in a video game, and when Tina's vessel she was using at the time dispersed in a burst of crystal, the two, Koudo and Triere, would begin to glow in a shimmering light that drew them both down into the Ice Palace, which began to grow larger as they became smaller, or appeared to be, that is. Their next destination would be right at the door of the Ice Sanctuary in the heart of the Crystal City of the Dawn.
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Insangel 72: Crystal Palace; Special Guest

A bright light appeared at the door of the Ice Sanctuary, pouring out a stream of color like data down to the ground. There, at the entrance, would stand Triere, who lived in the Crystal Palace, and Koudo, of whom she had invited over.

"Connection Complete."

The Ice Sanctuary stood just as tall and wide as it had been prior, looking far more intricate and detailed than before. It was like a great and regal manor that shimmered and sparkled like a finely cut gemstone. The steeples seemed to touch the sky and the width of the structure seemed to go on forever, and even merge with the very crystalline ground that they stood upon. The embroideries were like the crytals on a fine chandelier, and the noises it made when blown by the wind was just the same; like the sound of wind chimes.

Triere would appear at her home, the Ice Sanctuary, at the top of the Eternalism Hill. Because of her residential privilege, she could easily bypass the clock tower's dimensional spacio-temporal securities that kept it as an infinite time loop within and also prevented others from reaching the top of the tower, strictly for security measures and sometimes training purposes. "So, here we are," she said, snapping her fingers, and the door of her elemental expertise opening up on command. "Sure, it's been a while, but it hasn't really changed too much from the last time you were here." It had a more homey feel to it considering it was a 'family house' now, but, in spite of all the furniture and the lavish extravagance that came with being the 'rich privileged girl' living in luxury, it was more or less the same. Triere was still sitting on Koudo's shoulder, but would eventually drop off and hover before him, showing him inside. "Follow me," she said, beckoning him down the hall.

The old palace was just as he remembered it... maaaybe it was a little bit larger. He remembered when he had to build a machine so that Triere could sustain the extravagant mansion, but clearly she didn't need some silly machine to do that anymore. Hell, he'd go so far to assume that she stopped needing it immediately after he built it in the first place. His exponential learning curve was monstrous, but hers was even scarier.

Koudo rotated his shoulder, following after her as she beckoned him forward. While the outside hadn't changed, Koudo could actually remember the decor at all. There weren't many times where he was actually allowed inside her home before this, and they conducted most of their business in the old factory that he didn't have anymore. Seeing the interior now, it seemed like there were probably more people living here that just Priere and Frio, but it could also be there for show. Just a status symbol, more than anything else.

"So what have you been up too? Not wasting your life reading that book over and over again are you?"

Triere hovered down the long hallway toward the main hall, guiding Koudo along the way. The Crystal Palace had been made much more expansive due to the nature of her family's regalia, though she, herself, still had her own space that was relatively the same size and shape as it had been when she was living by herself. She didn't need anymore space than that. The rest was for the dealings of her mother and father, and her sisters, should they ever even return to this palace. Naturally, the Tensei had many homes littered about the Veritas for various reasons, with this one being the most infrequently visited. Triere liked it that way.

"No, now I read that book over and over in my own pocket dimension." Triere may have known it by heart by now, but that didn't mean that she was done learning from it. Her personal Grimoire had many more secrets in it, both that she had written and that had been written within it, which she studied and noted in her own leisure. "I mostly chill out here not doing much of anything, since the Veritas is both clean and at peace." For a while, the land was neither clean nor peaceful, and it was partially her fault. Mostly her fault. "I had to clean this place up after the incident, because it was actually a mess and I was being punished." She narrowed her eyes and huffed. "But, now that everything is in order, I pretty much just watch over the Crystal City over yonder." Though from this location it couldn't be seen, the clock tower literally towered over the entire city, with the palace at the top of it to oversee it all, and beyond, all the way to the Crystal Ridge in the outskirts of the Crystal City. "Not that there's anyone but Tina living here." Because of the nature of the Crystal City, it was actually like a ghost town. "What about you?" she inquired, nearing the end of the long hall.

Koudo couldn't help rolling his eyes at her comment that oozed more of that charming sardonicism she was known for. It gave him everything that he needed to know, without her having to go into anymore explanation than that. He knew of her pocket dimension, of course he did, and it sucked to hear that she was still reading that book. However, Koudo wasn't really well versed in the mystic arts and grimoire, so he couldn't really understand the importance of the book to her. He barely looked at the Blue Grimoire he was given watch over.

Koudo folded his arms as they continued walking, looking around the hallway as they passed by various works of art that had lined it. He never really took Priere for much of an appreciator of art, but he had to remind himself of the family that she came from. A family were aesthetics were basically everything. "Oh, that thing with the Mega Generator, huh? Damn." At least, that's what he thought she was talking about, though he could be completely off base. Not that it mattered, sounded like everything was all fixed up regardless and she was alright, even if it sounded like she was living a fucking boring existence with nothing to do.

"Oh, me? I'm just looking after my baby girl more than anything else." Really, once he'd altered Yui's genetic makeup to bring it inline with his own, effectively making the little girl his blood relative, he devoted most of his time with doing things that would insure her a future. It meant cutting ties with a lot of people, "betraying" some others, and working with some he'd never thought to work with in order to guarantee a safe world for Yui to grow up in. Times change and alliances always shift, it was the nature of the Lost World. He NEVER compromised his morals though, and always remained true to his convictions, even if some questioned his elusively aloof demeanor and esoteric decision-making.

"Yeah, actually," she replied to the 'Mega Generator' incident, since that was the one that pretty much was the 'be all, end all' of the Veritas on the Lost World, and the mess that was caused was more or less her fault. Sure, both she and Koudo saved the Dusk and the villagers from being obliterated by the rampaging Tensei Curse, but at the same time, there were other damages that were done that, whether Koudo knew it or not, were actually directly Triere's fault. "That's not even the half of it, though..." Still, to this day, the Tensei had their many secrets about them, now far more in depth and intricate than ever since the Veritas had been restored, but those were personal things that would either come up in conversation or remain held very close to the chest. "But it's whatever. I fixed it up." The way the Veritas was now was mostly because of Triere, even if her father was pretty much always watching over her and had given her the blueprints of the layout. It was both a test for her and a punishment, both of which she passed with flying colors. Part of her was relieved to be done with it all, but another part was indeed bored with just sitting around the empty Crystal City all day and doing nothing, even if she was always busy in her other forms in other realms.

A bit of intrigue came over Triere at the notion of Koudo having a 'baby girl,' and figured that it meant he got someone knocked up while they were apart. She didn't let it show on her face how she'd been really perceptive of it; not that Koudo could see her face, anyway, since she was the one guiding him along the path, of which they'd finally hit the stairs of, mind you. "Didn't take you for the fatherly type," was all she managed to say, as she hovered up the sparkling crystalline staircase, which led to many floors of many levels. "Your kin are welcome here though," she choked out, though still with truth behind her only slight hesitation. In spite of her own feelings, she was aware that there were things more important than that, especially if things were going awry and they needed protection. "The Crystal City is actually one of the more readily protected areas of the Veritas, considering its purity, though it is the most vacant." The reasoning behind the Tensei keeping an empty city of crystal more protected than most areas wasn't fully comprehensible, but it certainly had more to do with their own lineage than anything, which was why Tina lived and grew here as she did, and Triere stayed locked up in her Crystal Palace overseeing the clock tower.

Even if that was all that she could manage to say, Koudo had always been more perceptive than he led on, and he led on that he was very perceptive. There was a hint of intrigue, if nothing else, about what he said, and Koudo supposed that he should clarify. Triere had never met the little girl that became his daughter, and he couldn't remember a time where he'd ever told her about Yui either. While allowing Triere, a friend, think that he'd gotten someone, somewhere, pregnant seemed an amusing misunderstanding he might have relished in before, he was slightly more mature than that now.

He followed her up the beginning of the stairs, rotating his neck and running a couple of fingers through his raven mane. "Yeah, I didn't either, but it helps I'm so overprotective and me and the twins saved her when she was only a couple years old. She's never known anyone besides me, so when she got sick, about the time the Horsemen invaded. I could only think to alter her DNA to make her more like me, so she could survive in such a harsh environment. Odea helped, and helps now, but Yui really doesn't have any parents, in the scientific sense of the word, besides me." He hoped that could clear up any misunderstanding. While Koudo was very much still about free love, and thought nothing of sex besides it being an act of pure pleasure, he knew the implications of reproduction and wasn't really keen on it if he didn't have more than a physical attraction to his object of desire at the time. Bimbos were bimbos, they came and went. Truly special companionship was something entirely different and you only got a couple of chances at that.

"Thanks for the invite, but I actually have a pretty decent place, cleansed of the Horsemen's influence by the lingering chakra of my grandmother and held firm by a combined effort on mine and Odea's part. I was staying on my own planet, but found it weird to do so since it was a gift from Mana and we don't talk much anymore." Now that he really thought about it, he'd lost contact with most women that he'd go so far as call a friend. While Mana was more than that, they had their falling out and he wanted to give her all the space that she could ask for. He'd learned to curb his overprotective feelings towards her so she could do her own thing. Elara hadn't been around much once she fell in love and had her child, and the story of anyone connected to the Tensei lineage was already known and didn't necessarily need an explanation.

Koudo sped up his pace, to get in front of Triere, and turned around to walk backwards so that he could see her face while they chatted. He didn't really enjoy talking to the back of her head. "So, you got any little ones running around, or you still too young for that?" Not to mention any men folk, but he figured she was quite abstinent consider the nature of her family and how powerful emotions could effect them. Besides, she spent all her time cooped up in her pocket dimension, in this palace, in this empty city. There was no way she was getting any strange.

Triere closed her eyes and took the words for what they were, hearing out everything that Koudo had to say. She already made calculations of her own, as she was known for, and as he knew her to do whenever she heard anything. Her arms remained folded across her chest and her body just as stiff as a block of ice, even as she floated up the stairs, and as Koudo skated around in front of her. She didn't respond until she had the fullness of her own understanding about the scenario, which was that this Yui girl was an adoptee, so to speak, that was given his own genetic code through his own means. Though it was a relief to Triere in a certain instance, in another, she questioned why it was so. This contemplative paradox going on in her head brought her brow to a furrow, and her mouth to a slight twitch. Thinking too hard, even for someone that was accustomed to it, was still mentally strenuous. It was actually especially so for one that thought very hard very often.

The memories of the Lost World were still rather vivid, just as were the memories of Koudo. Those that were of the crystal variety rarely ever forgot things, due to their understanding of how crystal worked, and also the actual embodiment of its nature in and of themselves. The memories were as though they were trapped in crystal, themselves, only to be accessed, with all feelings inclusive, when they were shattered and brought back into motion, something like Triere, herself, and her crystal-themed family. Even after all she'd heard and thought, the first words she said; "You wish." She smirked, and huffed as if she'd half-laughed, before raising up a finger and slightly misaligning the staircase just by one step; the very next step that Koudo were to take, so that he would stumble and fall right on his ass. "I have a reputation to uphold, myself, you know. For myself AND for my family." Triere had seen more of the Veritas than perhaps she let on, but she was well in the know, and it was certainly because of her position, of which she, strategically, placed herself, as she always did in every instance.

"I'm glad to hear that things are well for you and your own family, though," she noted, since Koudo was dealing with matters of the familial variety with his daughter and his alleged and presumed significant other. Things seemed well for him, or, at least as well as they could be considering the other things that he was surrounded in. "... It's courteous of me to be polite," she added, as an explanation for the actual invitation, itself. "I know exactly what the Veritas is for, so it's not like I'm going to pretend like I don't, since I live here and oversee many things." The mention of Mana stirred some other emotions that Triere wasn't quite fond of, since she was actually never close to that side of the family, and barely even considered them so. That was more her sister, Tabitha's relative than Triere identified with, and it was certainly due to many moral aesthetics and familial tie-breaking that went on. They, too, betrayed the Tensei, and so Triere considered them of no relation. Certainly, she was the coldest.

Before getting too wrapped up in the bad memories of the rather ugly past, she made a note to ask of the final remaining member of their old gang, of whom she actually felt for, in their likened coldness. "You heard from Perura at all, or has she been M.I.A. on your end, too?" Triere was always concerned for her comrades, even if they'd been parted for eons, or what felt like such. They were the same as family to her, especially since they all grew up together. That may have been the only reason Koudo was in her house right now, making his way up the crystal staircase to her quarters.

So she wasn't getting any strange. Ha!

Koudo tried not to laugh at the fact that Triere's answer and quick to action response, in order to humiliate him, told him that she wasn't having any of his brand of fun. He'd actually really calmed all that down, for the most part. He wasn't romantically involved with anyone, however, Odea being much more than that since they were spiritually intertwined, so he messed around a little bit when he had the time just so he didn't go mad.

His ears twitched at the slight shift of Triere's grand staircase, and he flipped backwards over the step that she misaligned, circumventing her trick. Reputation and status and all of that were things that Koudo didn't really think about anymore, not that he ever really paid any mind to it before. He liked being able to do what he wanted, when he wanted, and so having those things play very small roles in his life was much better for him. It stopped him from killing himself while trying to please everyone. He'd rather throw hands with someone that didn't like him than smile and cozy up to them. But Triere already knew that's how he operated anyway.

"Mmm." Her question definitely stumped him. He hadn't heard from Perura in a time longer than he had Triere, herself. If he was an anomaly, and Triere an enigma, then Perura was the embodiment of mystery. Ever since she shacked up with the man she called 'King' and took over Arachne's old castle, she'd really become a shut in. As far as Koudo could understand, from the last time he spoke to her and King, they weren't ever anywhere and everywhere at the same time. "Last I checked her and her husband became embodiments of heat and cold and exist everywhere those things are on the Lost World." He shrugged his shoulders, "Don't ask me how it works. Seems like a magic thing, of which I am not inclined to understand."

"Aethereals, huh?" Triere said knowledgeably, having deduced this from how they were described. She was, as usual, rather brainy, and had to be so in order to fulfill her proper place in the Veritas and also because that was how she was naturally. Always wanting to know it all, and more, and always made it a mission to do so. And so she did. This was one of the reasons why she spent so much of her time reading in isolation, and then coming out only to employ the things she's read about in her books, or thought about in her head after reading her books. Such is the mind of a tactician, and some things never change. "Well, maybe that Lost World needs the diversity." She found herself snickering for the first time since they'd come back together, considering the many things she knew, foresaw and had seen come to pass on that planet, deftly referred to as 'The Lost World' in the Veritas, most notably by the Tensei, themselves.

"Well, hopefully she'll come to visit, too." She shrugged it off, much like Koudo shrugged off the misalignment in the staircase, of which they had neared the end of, yet not reached the top of. "There are tons of things that I only do with certain people, and won't have it any other way." Even if it meant remaining in solitude and isolation rather than do what she knew she could and would only do with someone else, then she would not budge from her spot, as she was more than known for doing. "Certain locks only have one key," she said cryptically, before ironically reaching the door to her room, which was locked with an Ice Seal, as if regarding her own metaphor with an actual visual. She snapped her fingers and, of course, the seal broke and the door to her own room was opened, allowing access. "... As you can see." She hovered inside, with Koudo welcome to follow.

If that was how what Perura described herself, and King, to be were called here, then Koudo suppose that it was what they were. On the Lost World, he assumed they would have just been called Gods, since anything and everything called be called a God if they had the power to back it up. Koudo couldn't lie and say he never cared about titles, even if he could say he didn't care about reputation, because he knew that titles always preceded the person in question. People knew your title and heard about your reputation before they ever really met you as a person. Truthfully, that was how the Tensei would forever be shaped by the annals of history now that they were all wiped away from the Lost World. Soon there would be no one left to remember the good deeds Khrona, and his brood, had done and their legacy, as far as the Lost World was concerned, would always be blighted by the Tensei curse.

Triere was right though, the Lost World did need that diversity, and with the failure of what was suppose to take the Veritas' place on the Lost World's surface, run by the lazy brother of Triere's father and the mistress he cheated with, many of the races that were sheltered by the Veritas, who did not make the transition, were going to have to be accepted by the populace of the other major countries, i.e. the Neo-Nightmare and the Chaos Kingdom. Diversity would do the Lost World good in the long run, and hopefully breed more capable warriors, so that the old legends could finally give up their mantles and pass them to the young wolves. Young wolves that included Koudo, no matter how reluctant he was to align himself with, and think of himself as, an equal to the likes of Kham's and the Chaos King's first borns. Certainly he didn't have the same clout.

But he digressed, he was sure that Perura would eventually find her way here, somehow. The woman had a nasty habit of showing up when people least expected her, but it was part of her charm. She was like a passing blizzard in every sense of the world, especially when on the battlefield. She could be a calm and light snowfall, or a heavy snowstorm whenever she saw fit to be so. Same as Priere, probably why he respected the both of them so much.

He was digressing again.

He huffed a calming breath and turned as Priere made her final quip about locks and keys and opened the door to her private chambers. "Clearly." He responded in kind, leaving no hint whether he understood or misunderstood her cryptic words. He followed her inside the quarters that were certainly very familiar, unlike the rest of the house that appeared much larger on the inside than it had on the outside. He hadn't really gonna a good feel for its depth from an outside perspective, so that was probably why. Whenever he used to come to bother her, and she opened her front door, it seemed like it connected directly to this place instead of the actual grand hall. He wouldn't put it past her to be able to shift the rooms as she saw fit.

Triere snickered, finding herself a bit more light of air now that she had returned to her own quarters in the manse of Crystal, and plopped herself right down on her throne, which had not changed since the last Koudo was here, nor did the room. It still had that same couch of crystal, and even held the same bearings of where Koudo, himself, used to hang out when the palace was actually a hangout for the team, however seldom the each of them actually ever came home, or did not venture straight to the old home base. In truth, the base was more a house to them all than the Crystal Palace, and even that was still in mint condition, even if it wasn't used. Crystal never does wear, unless someone or something damages it, or it damages itself.

"So, here we are," she said, kicking her leg up over the other and continuing to kick it up and down lightly, placing her hands on her lap as she stared intensely at Koudo. "With all the privacy one could ask, considering the nature of my own ability." She snapped her fingers and, behind him, the Ice Seal serving as both a door and a dimensional barrier, as she was accustomed to doing when she used her portals, would replace itself upon the entrance to her room. "Chill out. Relax." She extended her hand out to the couch, which was in the exact same spot as it had been. "... Have a seat. Make yourself comfortable." It was something like old times, indeed, but Triere was adept at noticing tension in the air, since keeping things either completely frosty or unnaturally toasty to either intensity and degree was her forte. She seemed chill right now. "I know we haven't been on the best terms, but... As you can see, I'm over it." The way the family of crystals functioned was a mystery, considering the sheer intensity of their emotions when they were stirred, but when all seemed resolved, it was as if none of it ever happened, and this was clear from how Triere interacted with Koudo now, in spite of all that led them up to this point over the course of history.

Though, the same couldn't be said for others, as Triere had gathered from how everyone else interacted with the Tensei in the past. It was the emotional part that seemed to be more a mystery than even the workings of their minds, of which the emotions were rather profoundly connected. "Or, is there something on your mind?" If he'd gotten her to remain in a state of calm, then it was clear she was in a mood to converse about whatever should so be brought to the surface. Her casual demeanor should have spoken volumes about it.

Yeah, he was right. The room hadn't change, not even a little bit. Everything seemed to be in the same place, as if Triere never got tired of where her furniture was situated and rearranged the room. She came from a family all about order and stuff, so it was to be expected that once she found something she was comfortable with then it would remain so. He noticed these weird little idiosyncrasies about the certain members of her family that he came into contact with the most and though a lot of them did the same things, sometimes, they all had little things that differentiated them.

Before she even ushered him towards the couch, Koudo was already stretched and spread out over it. Sitting deep in the cushions, he spread his arms across the back of the couch with his legs spread apart, man-spreading as it was so "positively" referred to as in other realms. No matter what their relationship was, or what they went through, Koudo could and always would remember that Priere had the most comfortable couch he'd ever had the pleasure of sitting on. Without ever telling her that, he was sure she could deduce it from the look of pure bliss on his face and how quickly he spread himself out on it before her express permission was given.

It took him a while to break from the lull of the siren couch and listen to what she was saying, and he looked up and over to her inquisitively. "Not as far as I can remember, no. There's nothing. We've pretty much worked through what happened and we're all good." He lifted his arm from the back of the couch and poked his chest, where his heart was located, with his thumb, "Holding a grudge ain't good on the heart, ya know?" He couldn't practice what he preached if he didn't learn to let things go, especially when it came to handing down life lessons to Yui and whatever other children he may or may not have.

"Honestly, once the little shepherd girl, Tina, said she was Veritas. I just told her to send me to someone. The headache for them would be all the same. She chose you, though Chiiiita~ would have been an excellent choice too." He didn't mean to linger on Chita's name and give it a little melody as he sang it, but he couldn't help it. While he had accepted that they could never be anything more than friends, it was just really fun to say her name that way. Her mother's, Zita's, name was also said this way, but not Rita's. Never Rita's.

"Is that so?" Triere muttered now, seeming to have completely come to a calm that perhaps, Koudo were not used to. She closed her eyes, as if in some sort of serene meditation, and became as still as a block of ice. Yet, the very mention of the name 'Chita' still grinded her gears a bit, since Koudo had a history with the family on either side. Something Triere observed from a distance, but was never fond of. Somehow, once she was set, she refrained from getting upset. She, too, learned a lot in her time of development, and though she was more or less physically the same, save for certain maturation that came with age, she was much more emotionally and mentally stable, even within her natural personality of hot and cold. "Well, if you're DYING to see her," with emphasis on the DYING quite clear and sharp in her tone, "Then you can always take a trip down to the school in the Delta. That's still very much an option, and I'm sure you can learn a thing or two." The last remark seemed to be a direct shot, of which she opened her eyes and in them was a fiery, piercing glare.

"Though it seems like you've learned a lot already from the way you're talking," she continued, letting the shot fly by as it did. "I do agree that holding onto things is bad, but I also understand that leaving things unresolved is worse." Worse to a degree that most people, especially of the Lost World did not quite understand, even though their entire planet was pretty much made of unfinished business and unresolved issues. Maybe one day, they would learn. "Which is why I asked you what I did." For those that were of the crystal variety, leaving anything unfinished was like having a flaw in a gemstone, which one would seek tirelessly to remedy and even out, being unable to even look at it for too long without going into a state of tirelessly and endlessly seeking to return it to a state of balance. This very reasoning alone is how the Tensei were driven both insane and out of the Lost World and off to their own tidings. Nothing could be left unfinished, undone nor incomplete; not the tiniest fragment.

Koudo laughed. He knew saying Chita's name, no matter how he said it, was going to get a rise out of Triere. It was the same why whenever he mentioned Mana. It was funny that he was attracted to one of the daughters on all sides of the family: Tensei, Rituke and L'sia/Lombardi. However, he'd chosen to try and remain friends with one, while he dated another, and felt strong emotions that weren't reciprocated by the third. That was Triere, Mana and Chita respectively by the way.

He took a breath afterwards and moved his arms to his lap as he looked towards Triere, with a smile to hopefully diffuse that piercing stare of hers that he willingly conjured up. "Relax. She'll get her shot, she'll probably want to fight after seeing how I've physically grown, but I'm here with you right now and I'm in no rush to leave." They were catching up after all, even if they had done most of that while they climbed the stairs to get to Triere's room in the first place.

Now that he thought about it, he wasn't really sure why Priere had chosen to bring him to her room, specifically, in the first place, other than for nostalgia, which he can certainly understand. He crossed a leg over the other and spread the arm that was in the direction of her throne across the back of the couch. He continued smiling, but used his other arm to stroke his chin and he huffed a short laugh. "So what do we have left that's unresolved, Triere? What, pray tell, do you want to resolve so that you can remain at peace?"

Triere's cold expression melted into a soft, warm smile. Her eyes closed once more, and she thought deeply. "There is no issue left to resolve, that I can recall," she said honestly, since she'd gotten out her feelings in the last few times Koudo had come to and gone from the Veritas. "At least, not between you and I." That much was clear and certain; definite and complete, like a crystal. "Yet, when I said what I said, it was in reference to..." By this time, he should have known exactly what she was going to say, considering the land of 'unfinished' everything, and dying off because of it. "... The Lost World." What they lacked in understanding about why their unresolved issues, especially with the Tensei was bad, was all the worse that it would be ignored even further, especially for the planet and all on it. "I'd had to actually have that conversation, though, especially when it might even stir up some extraneous residual feelings..." Particulars were indeed important for those that worked with particles, and residue was all about particulars. "... But..." Somehow, even finding the word 'But' coming out of her throat was a sign that the unresolved issues were indeed still open ended, the fact that such a word could even have an opening at all.

She paused briefly, collecting her thoughts on the matter, so that she could express herself as clearly and concisely as possible. "... It just isn't good for anyone, especially if the goal is true restoration and peacefulness." The topic of the 'Horsemen' came to mind, considering that those entities... Wouldn't just leave people alone until the actual curse that belonged to them was ridden. "... Somehow, I feel as though you wouldn't want to have this type of conversation, though, since I'm sure you'd rather enjoy your time away from all the convoluted mess that has accumulated." Triere's only concern was that life, itself, was dying, even if the life that she knew was on that planet was a little less than waste to her, by literal definition, considering all the wasted efforts and unfinished things that amounted to more waste. Harsh and cold, yes, but accurate down to the very definition; always. She was the type to say these things like they were, even if she knew others didn't want to hear about it. "I don't, either, but. Unlike them, I won't just act like a whole group of people don't exist, no matter what they've done nor how much I loathe it." It was just not correct; factually, intellectually nor logically. The fact that they could do so for so long was a testament to many things, most of which were already made clear as she and Koudo spoke on. "Hope it doesn't strike a nerve." Then again, with how often Koudo pretty much went out of his way to do so to Triere, she almost didn't see why she would be so sensitive to the matter. Still, she learned a lot, and it was apparent in her demeanor and manner, so she would not divert from it, no matter what, for no one and nothing. That was an absolute, as she and her family worked in, unlike many.

Koudo closed his eyes once she said the word. He sighed. She hadn't necessarily struck a nerve in him when she mentioned it, and it was right and proper of her to ask about it. Unfortunately, Koudo already knew what to say to her and didn't really have much else to say besides it.

No matter how much she wanted to help. No matter how much anyone from the Tensei family wanted to help deal with the Horsemen situation, there was nothing that they, or Koudo could do, about the stigma that their familial curse had given them. Especially when their patriarch might have been being controlled by it at one point or another. As far as Koudo could understand, and from all the people he had spoken to, there were few that looked positively on the Tensei family and most would just like to forget that they ever existed. Koudo was sure that even Khrona's on lazy brother and his mistress, not his wife Sadako but his mistress Hakku, would rather forget about the person that brought them up out of obscurity. In fact, as far as Koudo was concerned, those two failures and everyone associated with them would rather forget about the motherland entirely and move on to save alternate dimensions and universes as they were doing when the Tensei curse first got out of hand.

The only person Koudo could think of that might like to have a newly reforged and more powerful and confident Tensei clan, in full control of their family's curse, at his side when he decided to engage the Horsemen was The Great Destroyer, and Koudo hadn't heard from him in close to a year and wasn't even sure if they were on speaking terms. People on the Lost World held grudges, that was just the way that it was. The stigma wasn't going to go away.

Koudo adjusted himself, straightening up and dropping his arms in his lap as he clasped his hands together and hung his head. "I'm sorry Triere, but you have to give up on the Lost World." He could understand her feelings of not wanting to pretend that the people that were still on the Lost World weren't actually there, dealing with the Horsemen in real time, but the Lost World's populace had short attention spans and would never remember the triumphs that the Tensei clan had helped in establishing. He'd rather she just forget about it, instead of worrying herself endlessly over it. Dwelling on it, especially as a Tensei, would surely only bring her madness.

He'd seen had madness, he never wanted to again and never wanted her to have to experience it again either. He looked up, towards her now, "We'll be okay, we always pull through, please don't worry yourself over this. I can at least promise you I won't die." He gave her a smile after that, as if it was the only actual solace that he could offer to ease her mind. There wasn't really anymore to say than that, and he really didn't want her to press the issue either. To the general populace, and the majority of the most powerful beings on the Lost World's surface, the Tensei, and their cocoon of paradise, were not welcome.

Triere could only find herself laughing at what she more than knew, damn near calculated his response to be about them. Yet, she shook her head, almost shamefully so. "How did I know that's what the outcome would be?" At least she tried. But, unlike her father, whose heart may have gotten him mixed up in far too many others that he should have left alone, Triere was nothing like that, due to what she'd learned and how she was naturally. Perhaps more a gift from her mother than her father. "Though, my concern for them and the truth of the Veritas isn't exactly for now, mind you..." Granted, the Tensei, Triere, quite specifically, knew many, many things, and the degenerate manner of those trapped on the planet were not unlike those of other realms that had been and actively were being observed. "... It's about the Veritas and its future." That was all she should probably speak of on that matter, considering that, perhaps, after that, her own father might even sprout up out of nowhere for her speaking too loosely about what his own goals were. "... It would actually be better for them never to set foot off of their planet again, is all I can truly forewarn, if they're really seriously like that." She shook her head again and sighed.

"Oh well. Live and let die, right?" She found herself laughing at it, discarding all emotion beyond just her own self satisfaction at the moment in her own completion of thought. She honestly was never fond of ANYONE on that planet BESIDES her own rebellious faction, which, beyond just rebelling against her father as part of the planet's faction during the time Absolute Zero was established and functioning, was a rebel force against all of the Lost World. "I've seen a great many things, much of which is actually quite similar to what was observed there. The sad thing is, they all looked damn near exactly the same." She wouldn't get into details about what their afflictions were, but driving out an 'unwanted race' was not uncommon among the underdeveloped, for generally every reason why it wasn't accepted on the Lost World. Something that had been researched thoroughly everywhere anyone contracted it, and would be further for all who held symptoms of it, inclusive to the Lost Worlders subjects, themselves.

"Moving on," she swiftly said, changing the subject, "As you can clearly see, from how you're being treated, you're welcome anytime you like, as long as you don't bring back something that is hazardous to us. All hazards actually become the 'Tensei Curse' to us, simply because it's the natural understanding of what a 'hazard' is. Like when you're poisoned and your body is trying to fight the poison, so you contract certain ailments because of both the poison itself AND your body having to defend against it." This was the best way to explain it, since the complications of the intricacies went deep into the lineage. "We've got all types of whatever going on. We make sure to keep the planet lively." The three sisters, who were appointed heads over the actual planet, were in charge of such things. "Which reminds me, did I tell you? My old man gave me and my sisters the entire planet." She smirked, chuckling. "He's off doing his own things in the Universe, but, when it comes to the Planet; it's ours."

Koudo let out a breath and relaxed his posture, since it seemed like Triere understood and was only raising the question to see if there was any chance of offering aid. Once he told her there was no chance, she seemed completely okay with that and he was glad. Obviously, they'd both grown because they didn't come to an argument over something like this, and Triere had her section of the Veritas to worry about. He'd assumed she'd allow him to handle the Lost World, if he could, which he wasn't too sure about himself.

He leaned back again and spread an arm across the back of the couch and crossed one of his legs over the other. "No, you didn't tell me, but that's pretty awesome. I guess he's the second guy of an older generation that passed the mantle down. Kham gave up his seat as a leader of the Neo-Nightmare and handed it down to Atra." While he told her that, he let his mind wonder on who the other sisters were. The only one that he knew definitively, and had met before, was Chroma, if she was even still called that, and that was the only one that he could think of. He remembered hearing from somewhere that the new Lord Death was a little girl no older than Yui, but he never got the chance to witness her himself, sooo... yeah. He just went ahead and assumed that she was the other sister.

"But you got stuck with the Dawn, huh? Gross. It's probably like super boring. I'd of traded for the Dusk." He said with a laugh, just poking funny at her. He was sure that the Dawn was lovely, he just never really cared for it himself, for pretty obvious reasons. Now though, with the way he'd been living his life, he'd probably feel more at home here in the Dawn than he would in the Dusk.

"Ew, the Dusk? My least favorite of them all." She couldn't stand the city life, simply because of how filthy the residents, themselves, became, and then filthed up the streets of the city that she would have certainly gone mad attempting to keep clean only for a heathen to come an mess it up again. "That one is to Tabitha. Chroma, as you may know her. I, however, run the Delta. The actual school that your precious little 'Chiiiitaaaaa' is staff at." Certainly, everyone that Koudo TRULY wanted to see was actually located in the Delta. "I just live here in the Dawn. But the Dawn itself is more or less completely natural. The wilderness, you could say. Villages, the wide open elements, freedom, lack of rules save for the laws of the wild... All that jazz." She had her hand at the Dawn before, but the lack of order was nothing for her, either. Only the establishment that was sound and structured, like the University in the Delta, was truly fitting for someone of Triere's caliber, and for all the reasons why she wasn't fit for the Dusk nor the Dawn.

"But yeah, we have our own weight to pull with the planet while the old man deals with the universe and whatever else he keeps a secret from us. You clearly see he's nowhere to be found. Just like before." Khrona, as Koudo knew him, still had his secrets that spanned far beyond just the Veritas as a Planet, and went well well well into the Veritas Universe from whence Koudo had both entered and been salvaged from. "Tina, herself, is our blood sister. The planet, herself. It's the equivalent of the connection that you and the 'Sages' had with the Lost World, except with the planet, herself, being an actual... Relative that is completely consciously coherent." Triere could, of course, go on some long winded tangent about how things worked and how her family functioned to Koudo, but then she felt like she'd sound too much like her father. As much as she'd grown to admire him with the quality time she spent with him after getting over her rebellion and also being put on punishment, she still didn't like some of the things he did and his ways about him; the long-winded thing being one of them. "But I'll spare you the details. If you REALLY want to know, you can always go find out from Tina, herself. The best place to do that is actually in the Dawn, though, because it's the most natural of the lands." It was sound advice, should Koudo seek to actually delve in those endeavors.

Thoughts about the hierarchy of the Lost World's order actually brought a certain sourness to Triere's face and stomach, since she couldn't actually intelligently consider what was down there actual 'order.' It was more like a rigged election that always came out the same way, no matter who voted for whom. "... Yeah, I don't know who 'Atra' is, but... I do remember Kham, as they call him." Her only memorable or notable interaction with him was about him asking her to join forces with him so he could use her 'battleship,' as he called it. 'The Tundra.' She sneered at the thought of being used only for her military might, even if the mind of the tactician was always eligible for the part, and open to those seeking those sorts of relations. "He wanted use of 'The Tundra' way back when. I don't recall his explanation as to why, but probably just to go terrorize the other leading officials." She rolled her eyes. "I almost wish I helped him. If I had a right mind to do so, I still just might." She snickered, laughing as if she were joking. She was still just as much the militant expert as ever, even if she spent her time basically in stasis roaming around the Crystal Palace and wasting away her actual potential. Her dealings with the college in the Delta made up for all of that. "You know I do love a good fight, especially in terms of actual tactical strategy." If Koudo remembered their days of youth, then he should have known this about her as her actual joy in life. Being a militant expert.

Ah so Tina was the last sister then, guess it made sense why she looked so much like Triere, Koudo just now beginning to realize the visual similarities. They even had the same crystalline skin, but he assumed that most, if not all, of the Tensei had skin such as that. Probably not the L'sia/Lombardi sect, and certainly not the Rituke. He'd done... extensive research on that line of the family. If ya know what I mean. *winkwinknudgenudge*

He supposed that the Delta was probably the place that he should stop by next. As interested as he could have been in hearing about how his Sage Arts may differ on the Veritas, if they would different at all or if he could even use them, Koudo didn't really have an inclination to training those abilities, or any abilities right now. He just happened to be tampering with his portal creation and ended up here. It wasn't necessarily training, and more like experimenting. Besides that, Tina had helped him enough and she seemed like a fairly busy young lady, considering she had to deal with the ins and outs of the Universal barrier of the Veritas. There wasn't really a need for him to bother her over some trivial. That's what he had Priere and Chita for!

He's eyes trailed upwards towards the ceiling, "Ah yeah, I suppose you never actually came across Atra at all, just Cross. Maybe you have heard of him though. Shadowy puppet dude. Came to your pops to turn his shadow into a soul partner, then ended up fast tracking that partner to death scythe in little over a week or so?" In the grand scheme of things, it really didn't matter if she could place this description anywhere or not. The main purpose of his statement was to convey that besides her father there was another older legend that decided to pass the reins to someone younger than him so he could adventure freely and handle the matters of his own secret agendas.

Koudo sat up now. Surely he was aware of Priere's love for combat, but he really wasn't interested in throwing hands with her. Just with the air that she was going off, Koudo could tell that she was much more powerful than himself. The Veritas, despite how he might have felt about its leadership and able body denizens of its armed forces, was a place that foster creativity and unparalleled growth. The Lost World took a huge hit with the Veritas uprooted and many of its most famous and accomplished combatants were scattered to the winds. None of the other country leaders really bothered with trying to gather them up and so their battle prowess went neglected and unused. Most just tried to find somewhere else to call home. Moirai promised that, but it was a shallow and pedantic promise.

Koudo wasn't one that squandered his potential, but he had a hard time finding places to train without upsetting local governments. Moirai considered him a criminal, by all rights they should, and tossed him in the pen when he tried to have some good old fashion fun with Khrona's lazy brother, where destroying private property was the most polite way of saying Hi. He allied himself with the Pirate Queen and that immediately put him on the Neo-Nightmare's shit list and he wasn't sure, but he assumed that being friends with Savaj didn't do him any favor in appeasing the Neo-Nightmare or the Chaos.

"Maybe I should go see my 'precious little Chiiitaa~.' I wonder if I can get her to let me chat with Rita." He hummed, making sure to mock Priere's mocking tone, stroked his chin and shot Priere a roguish grin, "Think I got a chance with her instead? I always thought she was kinda cute. In a terribly spoiled rotten princess kinda of way. Does that half of the family even work like that anymore?"

"Shadow puppet?" Triere quipped, snickering to herself. "Yeah, well, how many of them were that in and of themselves?" She was feeling more relaxed now that talk about all the serious stuff was over, and the ice was, metaphorically, broken once again between them afterward. She always was one with a sharp tongue; just as sharp as her eyes, in fact. "I'm SURE I wouldn't like him, either." 9.9 out of 10 people on the Lost World were people that Triere was pretty certain she wouldn't and/or didn't like. That was just how she was, though, and it was neither here nor there.

Triere scoffed at the notion of going to see Chita just to go see her. Koudo didn't at all seem so eager to come see Triere, herself. Yet, she played it cool and shrugged it off, as she commonly did. "The L'sia are their own," Triere said rather matter-of-fact, knowing very well how the L'sia branch of the family functioned, since all of them were the 'darker' side of the Tensei. "Though they certainly do share in the main bloodline's issues, more or less, they have their own issues that the main branch is independent of strictly because of how it must be handled in the shadows." The L'sia were something more geared around Tzita's knowledge, considering that she, the eldest of the three siblings, had more arcane and ancient knowledge that was left in the folds of history. "The whole split personality thing with Chita and Rita, plus Tzita and Rita, actually dates back a long way. Something that the purified Tensei blood, the pure blood, actually serves to counteract." Ancestral history regarding the Grims, of whom were the L'sia, had everything to do with the Tensei's dark history, of which Khrona, Maze and Zita grew from because of their mother.

"Let's just say, until the L'sia find their light, no matter how elegant, graceful and charming they may appear, they are actually hiding a train wreck of dirty little secrets." Triere smiled deviously. "Even 'Chita,' herself, has one... If she will even tell you, considering the change in name, as I'm sure you remember." There were all sorts of things the entire family had hidden in the roots, as did any, but Triere would only speak of what she was allowed. "If you really want to go, I can always drop you off." Being the owner of the Delta and the school that funded it had its privileges, certainly.

Koudo went ahead and listened closely to what Triere had to say. No matter how warped his perception of the Tensei family had gotten due to the rumors of them, and his personal experiences with their patriarch, he still enjoyed listening to the lore behind how their family was founded and how each branch of the family functioned independently, but for the greater whole. He supposed it was because he didn't know much about how his own various families functioned, but he really didn't care that much either.

Koudo stood to his feet. It was quite handy that Triere would be able to drop him off, so that he didn't have to meander around and find his way. While the Veritas seemed to be the same, there could have been minor changes that would throw off his navigational skills. "Chiiiitaa~ has secrets huh? Neat, I love secrets and we're totally besties." He said, jokingly of course. Sure, Chita and him were definitely friends, but he and Triere had been through much more than he and Chita ever had. No one could take Triere's place as one of his closest friends.

He laughed his joke off, even if he was the only one laughing, and looked at Triere with a roguish smirk. "If you can drop me off, I give you thanks, but before you do, tell me something." He said before he appeared standing in front of her throne with a massive grin on his face as he leaned in to get his face dangerously close to hers, "Are you gonna miss me?"

Triere huffed at Koudo's little remarks, nearly wanting to kick him square in the chest the moment he drew near. She raised a finger up and said, "You wish." She snapped her fingers and an Ice Seal appeared under Koudo's feet, right where he was standing. "Get the fuck out." Some things certainly never change, and indeed, this sort of love-hate relationship was one of them. To show that Triere meant business, the Ice Seal cracked as she pressed her thumb to her finger. The more she applied pressure to it, the weaker the foundation became, threatening to both cave in and suck Koudo into it simultaneously.

He was definitely expecting that response, but it was all in good fun. Getting on her nerves was always the fun part of their friendship, but he had learned not to annoy her too much, or risk her overpowered wrath. After she learned his one true weakness, his fatal Achilles's heel, he really learned not to press his luck.

Instinctively, though, he grabbed hold of her throne's back, being tall enough to do so, and held on to the deeply rooted chair for dear life as Triere's Ice Seal's force quintupled the more she pressed her fingers together. A testament to how much she wanted him gone. He smiled, through it all, "Love you too bestie." He whispered with a quick peck to the tip of her frosty nose and let go of her chair to fall backwards into her generated portal and be off to bother the other person he most wanted to see. He wondered how teaching at a school was actually going for her since she really didn't seem the type, and had been a really... rough Head Witch.

"Hmph!" she huffed, snapping her fingers and turning the same nose he kissed up in the other direction. The Ice Seal shattered under his feet and, at that moment, Koudo would be, most literally, dropped off in the Delta, right at the college of Pandemia.
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Insangel 73: Special Delivery; Surprise Guest

In a random space in the Main Lobby of Pandemia, which had been, quite recently, cleared out for an emergency evacuation procedure, an Ice Seal would appear overhead and shatter, revealing a portal where the special visitor, Koudo Tamura, would fall through. The main lobby looked something like a college campus hangout, with a great deal of comfortable chairs and benches like one would find in a waiting room. The lobby was massive, like that of a mall's central plaza, with even a food court and movie theatre inside just the same. The interior design seemed to mirror many of these same themes, in order to give the students a more comfortable feel as they lived in the Pandaversity. Koudo was dropped right down in the middle somewhere.

Koudo thought that he would have more of a free fall, but he supposed Triere had softened a tad more than she liked to let on. If it would have been a year or two again then she would have dropped him from the sky and had him sort out the landing himself. Guess it was true that they both had matured during the separation and it was for the best. That... or she didn't want to destroy the roof of her school with the heavy body of a dragonic doofus. Either way.

He didn't fall for any real amount of time at all, appearing somewhere in the middle of the room, far away from the ceiling but with enough space to flip backwards and land squarely on his feet. From a preliminary glance around the expansive central lobby of the university, Koudo see that it was meant to be a place filled to the brim with studious scholars learning about magic, mysticism, and whatever else the school had evolved to teach. It was empty though, eerily so, with plates of food still littering tables and he could still hear the faint sizzle of hot grills, but couldn't smell any gas. People left in a rush.

He crossed his arms, "Must be something going down, an evacuation?" Seemed a plausible case, but he expected that Triere wouldn't have sent him here without a word of caution, or a inquiry for help, if it was a situation that couldn't be handled without him.

He decided to let it be. He was sure that Priere had taken precautions to whip a suitable fighting force into shape to combat trivial problems, or she wouldn't be relaxing in her Ice Palace. Or there had to be something to that effect going around, so instead he walked to one of the tables to inspect the food that had been left over.

"MMM.. this one has a couple slices of pizza, nice~." He didn't waste any time sitting down at the table, propping his feet up on the table and taking the plate of untouched pizza in his lap. Looking for Chiiiitaa~ could come a little later, filling his belly came first. Conjuring portals always made him hungry. Once he was finally able to talk her into it, Odea refused to cook anything that wasn't strictly nutritious and wholly beneficial to the body. Pizza was a delicacy.

Whilst Koudo was enjoying the luxuries of the college life, without the irritant of the students gossiping and bickering about themselves in whatever manner they did whilst socializing in the main plaza, a large holographic screen would appear beside him with a subtle *blip*, and the ambient hum of suspended electromagnetic frequencies projecting an image. The face upon the screen looked something like Triere, yet with blonde hair. Otherwise, it seemed to be a spitting image.

"Well well, look what the cat dragged in!" There was an air about the tone of voice that belonged to this woman that had similarities to the one he knew very well, yet also lacked a certain spice that was customary to her, and replaced instead with an upstanding and refined tone. "I see you're enjoying the lackadaisical college life?" The building was more or less completely empty, save for those that were instructed to remain inside the fortress-like university, mostly in the dorms or in the classrooms. The main plaza, the Panda Plexus, as it was called, remained scarce during this process.

Koudo tilted his head up, dangling a slice of ooey gooey cheesey goodness over his open, and expecting, mouth. Slowly he lowered the pizza and squealed with delight as he had a taste of something that he hadn't eaten in ages. Koudo didn't actually need to eat, and his feelings of hunger were an illusion, but food he enjoyed the act of doing so and it did help to replenish chakra. Resting and/or absorbing were much more efficient though.

"Mm, yeah well my "Soul Partner" won't let me have pizza anymore. Says it's bad for me." He made sure to raise his free hand to make air quotes when he said 'Soul Partner' since that was the assumed jargon, but while Odea shared certain similarities with the Demon Weapons of DWMA, turned Mors, turned... this, she was vastly different.

Koudo didn't need to look up, or over, to see who he was speaking too. While the nuances of the voice were different, and he could see hints of yellow in his peripheral vision, there was no mistaking that this was Priere. It just so happened that this was probably a different version of her. It wasn't outside of the realm of possibility that there were probably more.

After finishing his first slice, Koudo lowered his chin and looked over towards the screen to get an eyeful of this other Priere that was in charge of the school, he assumed anyway. "So you're one of the other bodies huh?" He stroked his chin, moving his head about as if trying to see her from different angles, like he could on this screen she was using. "Got a bigger rack too." He finally assured with a nod of his head.

"Lookin' for Chiiiitaa~, you seen her?"

The face on the screen, who was the Me-ou, or 'Head Mistress' of the university, did not look at all pleased with his comment about her 'rack.' She ignored it only to reference the other notion he'd made, which was about the 'other body.' "One of the Restrictions, yes, of which you may or may not remember my father's research and success on." Though each of the Tensei had their own, and many of them could only sustain one form that ascended linearly up the Restriction line, those of the main royal bloodline were capable of sustaining many forms, with their actual true forms being the ones that maintained each of the separate ones in their alternate Restrictions. The children of the royal lineage couldn't sustain all 13, like their father who created it, but they were able to ascend up the ladder and sustain enough with what they learned. They were still in learning, as was their mother.

"If you're looking for Miss Lombardi," the Me-ou started, rather cordially, as was the image she intended to uphold whilst in her position of leadership, "Then you ought to check her chambers down the lighter hallway, formally marked as 'Hikari.'" Because the building was panda themed, the monochromatic black-and-white tones were littered all about, especially to differentiate the two main corridors of the building leading to either of the two most prominent instructors, of which 'Chita' was one of. "Otherwise, I can summon her here to the Panda Plexus and the two of you can converse here, before the students return." The Evacuation procedure that was going on outside, which involved a vast majority of the students clearing out the city, left many areas in the school vacant and ultimately private where there would normally be hustle and bustle. "I'm SURE she'd be eager to see you. Though, I warn you, she's not been in the best of moods after becoming an instructor here and being fresh at the job. Especially with Tear telling her what to do and showing her up." Some of her old flaws were indeed still prominent, since she was still working on her own soul, which was why she was assigned to the Hikari corridor in the first place. "Be on your guard."

Hm. Not even a return quip about her bust size not being any of his business? Yeah, this one was definitely more refined and controlled than the princess in the palace. He couldn't help but wonder if Priere had been like this all the time, then she could have been promoted to Kage and done a damn good job. Clearly, he didn't need to wonder because this... Restriction, as she called herself, seemed to already be doing a damn fine job as the ruler of the Delta and leader of this school. Kudos from Koudo.

Restrictions huh? Koudo thought that he recalled Khrona mentioning something like that when he came to see him when the man was a tree, or something. It was kind of hazy and the most memorable thing that happened there at the time was his argument with Triere, though he couldn't remember what they were arguing about. Probably something about her old pop pop not being trustworthy or something, and Koudo being too old to be rebellious, even though he was the most "rebellious" of all the original members of Absolute Zero. He was the only one that was still a rogue, instead of being a sovereign of his own dominion and the monarchy of an elementary force of nature, Priere and Perura respectively.

He went back to eating the pizza as she told him about where he could find Chita, being sure to look in the directions of the places she was pointing out with long strands of cheese stretching from his mouth and the slice he was devouring. Once she was finished, so was he, and he wiped his face with the leather bracer he had around his wrist. "Her chambers huh?" he looked down the Hikari hallway again, and then back to the screen the Me-Ou was on, "Think she has a secret diary in there?" Surely he jested, but he expected this version of Triere to know he was jesting and still answer him completely and honestly as if he were not.

He dropped his booted feet to the ground and put the plate, and his hands on the table as he stood, "I'm joking, I'm joking. I know you were going to answer honestly." He straightened his posture and dusted himself off. "So, what, are you like... just another form of Priere, sustained by her power, or do you have like influences of Blue or Signis in there. Or are do they just influence every last one of you?"

It was refreshing to have someone speak to the Me-ou so casually, considering she normally was regarded by her staff like a teacher would regard the principal or the dean of a school. Still, as expected, she was prim and proper, with an air about her that exuded it, even in her voice and mannerisms. She was still practicing, even if she seemed like she was already hitting the nail on the head. She had only been in office a short time, and even before that, had a breakdown due to being so nervous. She only hoped she wasn't being too 'stiff' as they say. Her self-consciousness presided her.

"You can always go ask," the Me-ou responded anyway, even if it was clear he was joking. It was her manner of 'joking' as well, so to speak, by responding in a manner that was clearly out of the question. She smiled lightly. "Just don't get into a scuffle outside of the designated area for that, or Tear will have both our heads." Despite being the one in power, Tear, being the actual veteran of running the facility; all three of them, since the original school in the old Dusk, in fact, he was the most protective of the school environment, and was a bit of a hard ass about it, even for the Me-ou's standards. Yet, it was something she certainly admired, only because of how upstanding and upright he pretty much always was. She aspired to fit that image in her position, as well.

The hovering holographic screen floated to a more comfortable position to observe before Koudo's face, the Me-ou projected on it raising a brow at his inquiry about the 'Restrictions,' themselves. No one seemed interested before, and never would she ever think anyone would be. "The purpose of the Restrictions is to both limit the overwhelming power of the Tensei that would run rampant and invoke the Curse, whilst also helping us learn, grow and mature regularly without going overboard. It focuses our power based on what level we're at, and keeps us from going higher or lower in order to help us master the level we're at before ascending, or being free and controlled enough to descend." Despite what everyone thought about her father, who, basically created the Thirteen Restrictions to subdue the curse and save the entire family from ever having to succumb to it again, his work was truly a success, and all the family practiced. It was so much so, it could be taught to others, even if they did not have all thirteen. "You can say, I am a form of Triere that is without 'Signis and Blue,' wherein the higher restrictions would be inclusive to 'Signis and Blue's power." This was also the reason why she, in her 5th restriction, was so cut and dry. "It does play a part in our attitudes, too, since, in certain restrictions, we restrain our emotions in order to focus on other aspects that get brought up to fill the places where emotions would normally run high. Hence why I am not as 'hot and cold' as perhaps the higher restriction you know and love." Hopefully the synopsis made some sort of sense to him. She was the most pragmatic and practical of them, as all of the 5th Restriction generally were, before their emotions got involved in the 6th Restriction. It was her father's 6th Restriction that actually ravaged the lands of the Lost World, so it was of extreme importance to master the 5th or else the 6th would get out of hand.

Koudo folded his arms and closed his eyes as the Me-Ou launched into her explanation about the Restrictions and how they worked. Koudo couldn't say that he wasn't fascinated with the idea, and actually astounded that Khrona had accomplished such a thing. As he stood there with his eyes closed, it might have looked like he was regretting even asking about it, but he was actually rather pensive and couldn't help but rack his brain about all the implications and applications that the Me-Ou's explanation brought to the for front of his mind.

Soon after she was done he began nodding his head, opening his eyes and stroking his chin, "So you, at this restriction, are the part of Priere that makes her such an accomplished and exceptional tactician. It takes quite a bit of pragmatism to run a school, let alone an entire branch of the Veritas as a whole. Granted that takes all of Priere's restrictions, but you're probably the one that handles most of the heavy lifting when it comes to strategy." Koudo never liked making assumptions, but he couldn't help but hypothesize about how the technique, though he supposed it was more like a mediation, worked and theorize about the many Priere that were out and about in the world. The more Priere's there were, the more fun he could have bothering them all!

Ah, but he didn't really theorize like he used too, and so he could be completely off basis. He began pacing, "So it would stand to reason that if each restriction is focused on honing a specific thing there could be one, or two, that are designated specifically for Signis and Blue and the higher number Restrictions have all three of you knuckleheads. Probably not the personalities, but the powers. I care about the personalities." He stopped pacing and turned to face the holographic screen with a hand outstretched towards, and a pretty smug grin on his face.

"That sound right, or at least slightly on base?"

The Me-ou was impressed with how well Koudo pieced everything together, and understood the development of the Tensei, now that it was more readily legible and able to be communicated. "Very astute of you," she complimented with a light tone. "That's the most I've heard anyone grasp about it, truth be told." Then again, this was the best it had ever been explained, since her father had to work through his own garbled mentality in order to sort out the pieces for everyone else. Back then, before the work was complete, it did look and sound a mess, but this was because it was incomplete, and only because of that. As such, with all scientists, it sounded like insanity to those who it wasn't proven to, and who worked within realms of 'what already was' instead of 'what would or could be.'

"Though..." she countered, right around his point toward the end, "Signis and Blue are indeed part of me, myself. So, the personality traits do blend, and there is indeed one that is both of them combined, and one that is all three of us as one being." The 6th Restriction, involving Emotions, did indeed also include personality, which was why Triere, of the 7th Restriction, had all such things, wherein the Me-ou, Shiniere, of the 5th, had pretty much exactly what Koudo had deduced. "You were spot on about the tactician part, though. Certainly, this is why I am the head of Pandemia, and the Delta." She was the most suited for it, as well, with her dealings with the staff, faculty and the regular training of the students and assignment of their classes and curriculum... Even if she hadn't been the one doing those things yet. "I still have much to learn, and from Tear, my right hand, no less." Speaking of which, she wondered where he had gotten off to, since he was normally rushing about the halls ensuring they were spic, span and orderly.

"But I'm sure you've heard enough about me. I wouldn't dare bore you with the inner workings of the Tensei." They were only really just scratching the surface, and to get more deeply involved actually meant going to see others of higher and lower restrictions. Her father's, especially. Always important to go see the creator over the ones that learned from the creator. No one could explain their own work like the creators, themselves.

Koudo snapped his fingers and swiped his thumb across his nose. Looked like even with some basic preliminary information, he could still theorize with the best of them. He couldn't have done it without the Me-Ou's astute explanation, and he had to admit that interact without a Priere that didn't have the "hot and cold" quirk was fascinating. It really let shine through just how brilliant the woman actually was. If he hadn't known about the restrictions and Triere had just told him that this woman was her as well, he wouldn't have been able to believe it.

Certainly if she continued explaining how the Restrictions worked, it would be anything but boring, but he was sure that she was more busy than she let on and he didn't want to keep her. It was the same reason why he hadn't bother Tina in learning about how Sage Mode would work here, if it could at all. "Oh, please, I wouldn't want to annoy you with my inane questions. You've done more than enough to enlighten me."

He began walking towards the Hikari corridor, of which he was informed Chita's private chambers would be located. "It was a fascinating chat. I really did learn a lot about your family just from that and other things that I've observed." Of course there were two more branches to the Tensei tree, one that existed here and the other that would be probably be snuffed out on the Lost World soon, the L'sia and Rituke respectively. Koudo hadn't any interest in the Rituke line specifically, Maze, and was much more intrigued by Sadako's family and how Mana had come into Godhood through it. There seemed to be nothing truly spectacular about the Rituke besides being tangentially related to the Tensei and the L'sia.

"Now I'm gonna go bother Chiiitaa~."

"Oh, please," the Me-ou nearly snickered, "I know you didn't come here just to see Chita." That was the reason why the two of them were interacting, she deduced, beyond just the fact that Koudo was dropped here. "Well, you know where to find me. We may speak at any time whilst you are within the Delta via these screens, which I can actively project anywhere at anytime, even without my presence, and as a holographic image of myself." This technology, which stemmed from her latent power, was what helped her keep where she was and also know what was going on elsewhere. Her screens were her best friend. "I won't hold you up, though," she digressed, letting the holographic screen float toward the corridor, "Right down this hall, then. Go straight down and you should see her quarters, if she isn't anywhere else about."

"More technologically inclined than the version I hung out with, noted." Perhaps Koudo's final comment and assurance that, maybe, the Me-Ou would have been a much better person to bounce technological innovations off of than the Triere that he knew. Most of the time, she seemed uninterested in whatever he was doing, when he was much more focused on technology and hadn't diversified his portfolio, and swore by her magic being superior. Most of the time... she proved that, but it only helped Koudo develop more advanced technology to the point that it could be confused for magic. In essence it was what let him branch into more naturalistic pastimes, like his Sage training, and that more advanced knowledge of both mechanics and mysticism helped in those endeavors as well.

Koudo went down the hallway that the Me-Ou ushered him towards with haste. Certainly conversing with the Me-Ou, another version of Triere was fun and had enlightened him to quite a few things, but he couldn't withhold the excitement that he felt getting a chance to visit Chita. It didn't matter that his feelings weren't reciprocated, and she'd rather remain as friends, because that didn't stop the butterflies from swarming in his impenetrable stomach. Before, he thought that visiting would be... weird and told himself that he wouldn't, but he couldn't help himself when it came to, really, any of the women in his life.

"Don't give her a head's up, um..." Koudo stopped in his tracks right beside the screen that showed the visage of the head master of this school and ruler of the territory. He tapped his lip before scratching behind his head and turning to the screen with a laugh, "Ya know, I never really caught your name. You gotta have one right? Can't like being called Priere. While you're one of her Restrictions, or whatever, you're still your own person, right?"

She scoffed at him in an almost haughty manner, more natural to the normal airy feel he was accustomed to when dealing with her, and then said "Why do you think I was always reading?" Yes, the Me-ou, his Me-ou, was certainly a scholarly child.

"I am The Me-ou," she declared, speaking her name as an absolute. "That is how I am to be referred." Her voice seemed to become monotonous. "However, because we're friends in another life, I'll let you call me 'Shiniere.'" She wasn't aware if Koudo was aware of when her father first became 'Shinrona,' but that played a part. "Just try to keep from other people hearing should you do so. I don't want people getting fresh with me around here." She cut him a chilling glare as she hovered beside him down the hall.

"How's your alleged 'Son,' by the way?" Certainly, only a short time before this, they had an argument that caused a temporal displacement. Though, perhaps, all sorts of other things had gone on as a temporal displacement, and so synchronization seems to have taken less time than actually experienced. "Is he mad at me?" She couldn't help but ask, due to her experience with him right before being installed as the 'Me-ou' of Pandemia.

Just from that, he could tell she definitely had elements of the two knuckleheads he hadn't spoken with in forever. That chilly stare may have reminded him of OG Priere, but it was really more akin to the likes of Blue, he felt. The words however, screamed that holy bolt of lightning known as Signis. He didn't comment, just laughed a little more. Me-Ou, Shiniere, huh? He could remember that. It had 'iere in it, kinda hard not to remember it.

He stopped laughing though and raised a brow, "Son?" As far as Koudo knew, being the Koudo that visited from the Lost World that one time, coming to blows with Chita, trying to make a move on her only to get rejected, and making up with Priere, he didn't have a son. It was only recently that he tampered with Yui's DNA and made her his daughter. Koudo didn't have any children that he had fathered in a natural way, and wasn't really thinking about having any either.

He waved his hand dismissively and decided to laugh it off as a huge joke. This Shiniere must have had a great sense of humor, he didn't take her as the type. "Hahahaha! Good one. You're a riot, didn't think you'd be the one with the sense of humor. Thought maybe it's be one of the other you's. Hahaha!" He rubbed under his eyes to wipe away the tears from laughing so hard and turned to continue down the hallway to find where Chita was.

"A son. Hahahaha! Craaazy. Hahahahaha!"

The Me-Ou's gaze became cold and calculating. "I see..." she muttered, letting herself drift back slightly and hang time as Koudo went on ahead. "... The temporal displacement was a greater shift than I imagined..." Her eyes widened suddenly, catching a glimpse of a revelation, "... And the Tensei didn't feel it...!" This sudden realization was all she needed.

She caught up to Koudo, not lingering behind. Knowing very well about temporal displacements and how talking about them was completely ineffective, she would keep her notions to herself and simply deal with the matters of the present here and now, which was to find where Chita was without alerting her.
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Insangel 74: Lighting The Lamps

After dealing with all sorts of chaos within the various layers of the Veritas, the Tyranophant of the Veritas, Ty-kun, made his way to his house after being gone for a long time. His house on the Planet was different than the other houses and personal properties that were littered all about the rest of the Veritas, such as on the Moons or even at the Dimension Gate. This one, his personal home, which was taken care of more or less completely by his daughter or wife, was his actual 'home' -- the same one that was connected to his tree trunk when he was still incubating inside of the Crystal Tree during his Ascension. He reminisced fondly of those days inside that tree, yet also thought back to the less fond things that had to be viewed in the process and drew his head low to the ground with a look of disgust on his face. He shook his head, dismissing the thought.

"Damn," he finally said, "How long has it really been...?" Time no longer was relevant in really any manner to he nor the Veritas, save for documenting specific events and times and periods, but not actually in terms of age any longer. He'd been 'Timeless' as they say for longer than most and was actually one who incited the others to become such. Thinking about how they'd taken after him, yet treated him shamefully after basically copying him was also something that brought him distress, and he ended up scowling when he walked in the door. "Dammit..." he grumbled, tapping his foot. "I guess this is why I don't ever come home." There were so many terrible memories of this place, specifically that he ended up thinking so long, so hard and so much about them that he became emotionally imbalanced, which was the one thing that Ty-kun wasn't supposed to ever be. The 7th Restriction was nothing for emotional imbalances, and even in the 8th, to become emotionally imbalanced caused degeneration into lower restrictions, like the 5th, which was relatively devoid of emotions because they could not be handled completely at an ascended level.

The reasoning behind his dislike for going into places that 'triggered' him in that way was because of what happened the longer the problems go unresolved or are thought of intensely, especially as open-ended things. He, himself, becomes destructive and unpredictable which endangers everyone and everything inclusive to himself BECAUSE he was triggered by something and lost grip on his sanity, even if only briefly, and even if he could always return from it. The mess that was made (which, usually, was both necessary and also not meant to be cleaned up) was catastrophic, and he was actually in no mood for destruction nor being upset. He closed his eyes and calmed himself, waiting until he was stable to go more deeply into his house. He didn't want the first thing his daughter to see to be her father upset just because. Then, she'd get upset, too, and her insanity would come out, and then they'd both go on some tyrannical destructive rampage. His crystal daughter was more or less his spitting image in personality, even if she had specific traits of her mother that shone through the crystalline perfection of their genetics as crystals.

Ty-kun did not call out to her, but meditated at the doorstop, finding the words to say to her when he was prepared to tell her about what was about to be done in and with the Veritas, and what he needed her to do involving it. It was something very important for her in terms of her own responsibility and maturity, so he needed to be sure he had his head on straight so that he could give her the full and explicit detail, as he KNEW she needed. Being too general would never work for her, for it didn't work with him, but unlike Ty-kun, she would snap out about it immediately wherein he would more or less go along with it until he felt otherwise. So, he waited. He meditated.

Someone's presence entering the Ice Sanctuary wouldn't go unnoticed. It was normally quiet and as still as the ice it was made of, so motion of any kind was a trigger, of sorts. Naturally, before the one who stepped inside, an Ice Seal appeared in an intricate pattern forming before them, then shattering and revealing the young lady of the Palace. As usual, she wore her slightly translucent crystal dress and her signature bow in her hair, both of which were also shimmering like crystal. Her piercing red eyes gazed straight into the face of the one of whom she called 'Father.' "You've been gone a long time, old timer," Triere said, her arms crossed over her chest, as usual, as she hovered just lightly over the ground. "I suppose you need something. You wouldn't be here if you didn't." She rolled her eyes, scrunching up her nose. Even though she enjoyed her privacy and having the whole house to herself, being neglected was still something she wasn't fond of. "So, what is it this time?"

The brazen approach of the young crystal was a bit too reckless for the Tyranophant whilst he was in a state of tension. His eyes flashed red for a moment out of their normal crystal blue, and with a piercing gaze straight into the red eyes of his daughter, he said to her, "Ay, watch your mouth, little girl." She was always one who was widely independent, never fawning nor sheltering herself under him like her other sisters did (of whom she was directly connected), but she also had a tendency to let that independence go too far and separate herself from the fact that she was still his daughter and he was still her father. Of course, if she ever needed a reminder, Ty-kun was deft in giving her an ass whooping, like he did literally everyone else. None were exempt, even if some were given lesser or greater intensities of such. "Daddy's here on business, kid. As I have been AWAY on business to keep your sorry ass alive." He glared at her, tapping his foot somewhat impatiently. "You're not exactly capable nor responsible enough to take care of this place as you are, so that's why Daddy has to get his hands in here and can't sit down and rest, like I wanna." If it were up to him, he'd have already been sitting in his throne in the Crystal Palace just as little miss Triere here did all day and night, never moving nor being of any assistance.

"Now, it's time to get up off your ass and start pulling your weight so Daddy CAN sit down somewhere. You get it?" Last thing that Triere did was clean up the Veritas for a mess that was her cause, even if it was through the manifestations of Ty-kun's 6th Restriction. "I'm not doing double the work because you think you can just sit in here and do nothing all day." He didn't think he'd have this talk with his children, considering how he was as a child, and also sometimes still was as an adult, but ironically, the same things he knew about himself he also clearly saw in his daughter. She may have had her own goals and own motives going on in the background, whatever they may have been, but she was still neglecting her actual duties and roles in keeping the Veritas maintained, which was actually visibly clear to the one who created the Veritas. "So, basically, I'm here to tell you that it's time to shine. The Lamps of the Veritas need to be lit, and it's through our Seven Spirits, which you know as the Souzenryoku, that we are to get this accomplished." Hopefully, Triere had been training with the elements and not just sitting around doing nothing. Some of them may have been a bit more rambunctious than she might believe, since the Souzenryoku were different manifestations of culminations of the combination of energy between Ty-kun, himself, his Daughters and his Wife in whatever manifestation they fell into. Though Ty-kun had his own respective elemental Spirits that were forbidden to him, the Souzenryoku were the culmination of everyone's energy so that it could spread over the fullness of the Veritas and the energy be shared among all life, even if the sentience beings were their own entities.

"Be quick about it, too, because we've got not only a deadline, but an alignment to meet, so there isn't any time for lollygagging or backtalk or defiance, as you're notorious for." Now, Ty-kun rolled his eyes, knowing the 'attitude' his daughter had. She was just like her mother in certain respects; certain things that he couldn't stand about his wife showed up in his daughter, but those same things he couldn't stand about them were also little quirks that he still loved in a way that was more sentimental than it was logical. It was their personality, but it still did need to be checked so that it didn't grow into a vice, as is what happened when personality traits became malignant.

Ty-kun scratched his cheek a bit, wondering if he was being too 'business' with her, since it had been a long time and he was kind of only talking about work, even if it was still about everyone's lives as a whole. She did bring up a very valid point, despite her manner of bringing it up being somewhat brazen. It was still very correct. They'd have to work on approach later, since Ty-kun knew that was something he struggled with, himself, in terms of delivery of 'What Is Correct.' He could see now why the reception in the past was so... repulsive. "... And uh... Afterward..." he went on, somewhat bashfully, averting his gaze, "... We could like. Have some tea or like... Go out somewhere... or something..." As 'Tsundere' as Triere was, like her father, Ty-kun was, as well. That's where she got it from, despite how her mother had some of that in her, too. It was more prominent to a specification with these two, since their type of 'Tsundere' differed from Ty-kun's wife. "... I mean, how long's it really been since we spent some quality time together, yeah...?" He chuckled lightly, still looking away, but crossing his own arms, now, looking somewhat embarrassed. "I mean, if you don't wanna, though, we can just do what we gotta do and be out. But the offer's on the table."

Triere complied, knowing that she was not at her most maximum potential in power and her father was maintaining his in a fashion that made her wish to utilize and control all of her power, as well. Each of the Seven Shinsanities that were the Family Spirit Guardians that were passed down for generations and perfected in her own Father's image, were also able to give his children the power, as well. This was the most fortunate thing for the Tensei, because Triere -- daughter of Khrona/Tymon from the future -- was already aware of how to utilize her own Spirit Guardians, as she had done with Blue and Signis in the past. Those two became the ascended version that Triere could take, however the means of doing that were through both Blue and Signis merging together into the Pisces Spirit that belonged to her father, the Tyranophant. She needed to have the power of each of the elements and not just divine heavenly celestial powers or water and ice related powers. With this, she could unlock more abilities and also master her Restrictions beyond the 7th using power from the 6th Restriction, which is what she was about to do by harmonizing her Crystal body with the Souzenryoku from the Crystal Palace.

"Fiiiiine," Triere groaned to her father, subduing herself to him due to his and her nature. She was ready to get the show on the road more greatly than he was, she would bet. "You Know I Already Knew What To Do Anyway. I Made That Expressly Clear During The First Time I Cleaned Up For Ya, Old Timer." She smirked a sharp-toothed grin not unlike her own Father's, since she saw something great in the distance. "I Will Be The Catalyst To The New Energy To Pass Through All Things Using My Own Crystal Body, Then Magnifying It Through The Crystal Palace So That The Radiation Is Perpetually Flowing Out From Me And Into Each Of The Elements." After that, all of the energy in the Veritas would eventually, more or less, go to and from the Crystal Palace, the Dimension Gate and the Twin Clocktowers of the Dusk and Dawn, allowing the energy from the beacon -- the Crystal Palace, Ice Sanctuary -- to stand as the central filtration for all the Souzenryoku.

"Now, I don't even hafta move," she said in a smartass tone, ready to watch things unfold in a cutthroat fashion, just like her father.

"I Summon, The Souzenryoku Of Light -- Magenta!!!"

And, Magenta's 'Light' shone and went all throughout the Veritas, extending her 'Presence' by the 'Virtua'.

The Darkness of Tymon's Darkest Secret -- Which is his own Fear of Dying conjoined with how he thought of himself both as a girl and identifies with a female persona of himself -- which is named 'Tabitha', pulled itself together from the many mangled times that Tymon, himself, were afraid and also identified himself as a gothic female girl. This was known as 'Tymon's Innocence'.

Tabitha -- Tymon's Innocence -- was like a daughter version of himself as well as his own spirit, and was considered one of the several feminine spirits of Tymon's 'Divine Feminine' that made him who he is, and has been with him since childhood. Though 'Chroma' is her original name, 'Tabitha' is based on Tymon's love for the name as well as the name beginning with a 'T', plus some storyline, but still identifies with a primordial and ancestral spirit that stems from both Childhood and Fear, as well as pent up Child Malice and Malevolence from all of the years of child abuse.

This is what Tymon was like in his own Childhood fora large portion of his life in his own head -- a little goth girl with a very cute innocent charm but a heavy malevolent malice and perfectionism because of child abuse and extrasensory sensitivity, culminating the fullness of Tymon's Childhood as a simple expression to prove that he, himself, portrays he, himself, in feminine forms and as himself as someone's daughter, plus as his own daughter, and female version of himself at various ages. It stems from his own personal history, secrets and innocence, and is very dear to him.

This is the only way that the Dark Lamp can be lit -- through Tymon's memory of himself as a female when he was a child, even though he was a male. Tymon thought like a female and basically, Tabitha was what Tymon was as a child if he were a female, as well as how he thought of himself as a female, similarly to Friday, who personifies a different version of Tymon's self, his Imagination, his Divine Feminine and outlook for a lover. Tabitha carried all of this and was set in the 'VOID' Chrysm of the Reverse Rejection where her Spider Emblem went and sealed the Reverse Rejection that turned her back into Chroma. At that moment, Tabitha went back to Chroma and rested right in the Reverse Rejection, thus causing Chroma and Metal Pumpkinhead to awaken and a transaction between Tabitha and Metal Pumpkinhead to ensue about which being would exist as the Mechanism of the Darkness.

Metal Pumpkinhead would carry Tabitha as the Black Ignis forever, but also retain itself as the Black Ignis.

Tymon's Sassy Spunk, which was his Electric Spirit, crackalacked itself into spontaneous combustion before him as Bunnybee, which was yet another of his female spirits that he identified himself with. Secretly, Tymon was a very spunky, sassy guy (something like Mint from Threads of Fate), but always remained shy and kept to himself, so no one ever got to see that spark in him except through his art -- which Bunnybee portrays and further leads into why Friday is part of the Epic Art, since Bunnybee is a large part of Friday as well as Tymon, himself.

Because Bunnybee personifies all of Tymon's Art and Artistic Talent, including up into the Epic Art, this version of himself both as a lover and as a daughter turns into the rest of his life dealing with his own artwork as his own mascot and finding lovers that identify with him in a fashion that also corresponds with his own feminine spirit, in addition to his masculine charm.

Therefore, if they weren't Bunnybee, they weren't getting through.

This specific Lamp was so important to Tymon because it readily helped him remember who he was beyond the Darkness and the Light and also illuminated the fact that he'd been this way as a child, since Bunnybee came from his hidden childhood loves all blended together into oneness as this character he made for himself and of himself, which he also was. Bunnybee had different forms; wife, goddess and lover, but she could also become his own version of himself at any time, as well as his daughter, but still exist through Friday as his wife and lover -- which only made sense as long as Friday Bunnybee, Mizz Sparkle, existed. It helped Tymon remember his past and who he was secretly as a person and all the saucy spunky pizzazz he was hiding because he was always afraid of expressing himself openly due to what occurred at home and how reserved he was. This was how Bunnybee correlated with Tabitha, and how the Plasma Lamp was lit for Tymon's Spirit.

Soon, the entire Veritas would be rekindled with Tymon's Spirit, and the Seven Spirits of Tymon (which were females because of his childhood secret) would purge the Veritas of all that was unclean inside of Tymon before resuming what they did. Bunnybee couldn't wait to get back to Earth.

The eldest of the spirits -- which gave birth to both Taomin and all versions of 'Black Friday' -- came into a whirlwind spiral, resembling Tymon's Mother as a pitch dark Chinese empress. Nyake, the dark history of Tymon's Heart that he inherited from his mother and known to him as a darkness called 'Blackheart', would whorl around the other Spirits of Tymon's Innocence and Tymon's Childhood and Tymon's Spirit, being the core of Tymon's Heart. Nyake -- who was possessing Taomin for years -- made sure to remedy the situation involving Taomin by making her into a Goddess and eternally serving her as 'Tiamat', who was a Goddess of Babylon and also the Dragon Queen. Nyake was able to do this because of her original power to shapeshift before she was stuck in the body of the 'Black Cat', who is mother of all the 'Black Cat's to this day. 2,000 years old, Nyake is the spirit that kept Taomin from aging for those 2,000 years when her parents promised her to the King Keaton, and also what form King Keaton adopted when it split itself up from being The Inari to the form of a Cat and Dog. The Dark Wolf and the Black Cat were born of the darkness of the Inari's vengeance on the humans that offered the innocent Priestess, Taomin, as a sacrifice.

But Tao never knew this.

Taomin eventually became Tymon, and Tymon eventually became Taomin. This is because by storyline, Taomin is 2,000 years old, but by Creatorhood, Tymon came before Taomin, and Taomin did not come before Tabitha.

That's what Nyake was for. To take care of the Darkness of Taomin's history and also how she correlates to the Darkness of Tymon's own self.

"The Wind Lamp Is Lit," Nyake said, huffing. She was the Queen Succubus, after all, no matter what, even if no one knew what that meant nor why it was the eldest Spirit of Tymon that was both the Queen Succubus and also attached to Tabitha, and Tymon's Mother. It was because he got so much from her that it rubbed off on him, and his own personality turned it into what Nyake, Tabitha and Tzita are all together as one thing -- the Original Darkness of Tymon. Even though it is a female and Tymon identifies himself as it, he, himself, is a male.

Also, Tymon is Nyake. Clearly. And was Nyake before Taomin.

Shiyoko is also Taomin's replacement, and still Nyake's long-time henchman in Bunnybee.

After witnessing these events, the Dark Empress Nyake would know what to do with Shiyoko and Kyuuten now, as well as Tao-Lin. The secret ninja faction would be great for the Queen Succubus' return to power... Fire, Lightning and Wind power, to be exact. Nyake was more powerful than most of Tymon's spirits, little did they know, and she had other powers from when she was a demon, such as mind control, hypnosis and general draining. She was one of the elder Living Shadows, and as such, as a binding agent to all the other Living Shadows, even if not the culmination of the greatest Living Shadow, which was Tymon, himself, as he knew -- his own Prime Chaos.

Nyake would retain this information as the ignited force of the Green Ignis Lamp, itself, and withhold this Energia perpetually.

Within the suction of the vacuum of the wind, a spontaneous combustion popped in that started off as a small flame, but radiated with color. It was Pumki, the Daughter of the Pumpking, and who was secretly the part of Pumpkinhead that identified him with a female, since she is a spark from his flame. This is what I, Tymon, identify all of my 'daughter' characters as.

The Pumpkin Head kept close observation of what made up this particular part of it, since Pumpkinhead was 100% male and masculine. Pumki, which was all of that femininity of Pumpkinhead, became the daughter of the PumpKing and also eventually how Tymon identified himself as a Daughter and the Spark inside of him that is passed down to his descendants in their Divine Feminine, much like the Blackheart that comes from Tymon's Mother was passed down to him through her; this was how he identified himself as a female and passed his Feminine Spirit on, and what it was when he was a small child, thinking of himself in feminine ways, thus culminating his Divine Feminine Spirit, which Pumki was very crucial to.

The Four Faces of Tetra, who is Pumpki, come from Corona and the ties between Taomin (Taijitu), Triere, Tabitha and Trinity, each of which are personified versions of Tymon's self with one being the spark that is passed down to his own Daughter, Trinity, just as his was passed down to him. That is the lamp where Pumki would be resting, and would be forever seen as 'The Daughter Spirit' that identifies Tymon's Self, his own Daughters, and all the Daughters of the Universe.

Mugeniel, the Angel Daughter, would watch over Tetra and her Lantern Flame, Pumki for all time, and the Goddess of Fury would live on through them, and keep the Innocence of the Daughter Spirit pure in the name of Love.

Tymon's Daughter Spirit, Pumki, was protected for all time, in and of Pumpkinhead via the Pumpkin Head, and the Fire Spirit Temple was kept lit for all eternity.

After the Sacred Alignment was blessed in the Daughter Spirit of Tymon, the Tyranophant, the Primordial version of Tymon's own self as an androgynous cell -- named 'Meikyuu' -- would bubble up out of the other cells in the atmosphere that were part of Tymon's body, which the Veritas, as a whole, is and always has been since conceived by Khrona Tensei; alter ego of Tymon Bolton II.

This androgynous form of himself, which was a symbol of himself in his offspring, was also what he was primordially as both a cell and a sperm -- as his offspring and also genetic makeup are. Essentially, the living form of himself as and androgyne.

Meikyuu, as it was named, would swim throughout the Veritas and collect as many Tymon Cells as possible and make up another 'Blu~Nami' to sweep through as a 'Grand Baptismal'. Each of the Tymon Cells should have always reverted from their female form to androgynous when given the instruction and also make up the fullness of what Tymon's unified Cells could be doing all in tandem at once throughout his body, the Veritas, all in space. And stuff.

Androgynous Tymon, as it were, would begin the frothing up of self to clean out the abode, as was usual, since the Water Element and Sacral Chakra were his natural born traits. There was nothing new there except the alignment, which was to fully consecrate Tymon's Divine Feminine from Childhood and have it permanently locked in place how it actually came together from Childhood in his Innocence thanks to his Mother as well as his own perception of himself as a female persona, as well as in his fear of being killed. All of this representation was being cleansed by Meikyuu, which actually had been doing this for all Tymon's existence, and it was proper protocol of the Cellular world.

Meikyuu just bubbled on by, cleaning up the Temples of the Seven Spirits, and the Great Spirit's throne, where the Tyranophant sat, which was lorded over the Daughter Spirit of Tymon as the actual masculine form of Tymon's actual self, as a male -- which was more important than anything, which is why he made it instead of continued to refer to himself as a female or in a feminine form only.

At the basis of where the Spirit of Tymon was rooted -- in his Genitals and Genes -- the very spawn of Tymon, known as 'The Tensei', would be gathered together in a similar fashion in the likeness of Tymon's seed, Meikyuu. They would be in the likeness of Tymon, himself, and Tymon would be Tyranophant over them all.

The entire Tensei clan had their Tyranophant over them, and the Tymon Spawn would all collectively become Tensei, which is Tymon, himself, and the ancestral root in which he spawned from, just as they had spawned from he. Tensei, the Spirit of this House, was the eternal Altar for the Temple for Itself, and embodied Male and Female versions of Tymon as the entire Tensei Clan, thanks to Khrona Tensei, Tymon's 'Tensei' version of himself. All other 'Tensei' were bits and pieces of Tymon's DNA, Genetics, Cells, Microbes and Nuclei that were waiting to take on Tymon in a different variety, assortment, type or style.

Thus, the Tyranophant's 7 Spirits, plus the Child Version of himself as a female, Triere, would be eternally aligned through Tymon's Seven Childhood Spirits from when he was a Child, and each of their respective Primordial stories, since they were Primordial entities to Khrona Tensei and the Tensei Storyline. The 7 Spirits that he embodied as himself now, which were mostly male, came after and through Khrona Tensei, just as the Tyranophant did for Tymon.

Now, Tymon was that Tyranophant over the entire Tensei Clan, and all his Generations and Variations for all time.
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Insangel 75: Otherworlds; Triere

An intricate pattern appeared in front of the Magical Orange, creating a foreign symbol to this world and known only in the Veritas -- the Tensei Seal -- before shattering open and revealing one of the Royal Family's daughters; Triere Tensei.

She was in her signature poofy whitish-blue dress made of crystal and her feet hovered above the ground constantly, never touching the ground as she floated. 6 crystal wings were behind her, making her look like an icy angel, and her ice-colored hair spilled over her neck and curled up at the front to a prominent puff, all wrapped up in a bow at the top.

"I Was Summoned?" Triere asked with her nose turned up in the air. Her reddened eyes already proved to show that she was angry, but she felt that her powers were still intact here, including the dimensional ones, which made her smile. "At Least I Feel My Tensei Power Flowing Through Me..." she muttered.

Seeing the Magical Orange as it was, she understood the distress call. "Pumpkinhead, How You've Fallen..." She said, since the Magical Orange, though omnipotent, was a weaker form than Pumpkinhead altogether. "Guess This World Couldn't Handle The All Of You, And Now You're Stuck Like This? Am I Right?" That was the only feasible conclusion. "Fortunately My Powers Are Locked In Crystal," she added, "Meaning They Won't Be As Easily Manipulated, Like Yours, Pumpkinhead."

Triere noticed that there was something going on here, too. There were two other people here and she noticed that both of them were unfamiliar. "Friends?" she inquired of the Magical Orange, "Or Enemies?" She was just summoned out of the blue with no real information otherwise. She readied herself for battle, just in case.

"Yes, And No," Triere had to admit. She was only in her 7th Restriction form as she was and Tzita had all 13 Restrictions unlocked when she was at her strongest, but she was no longer the same Zita that anyone knew. "I'm Way More Powerful Than Zita," Triere scoffed, having some confidence in her tactical capabilities way more than her actual physical prowess. "I've Been Studying The Tensei Lore For Eons Now And Have All Sorts Of Powers And Abilities That Come From That."

She opened up a Crystal Blue Grimoire that appeared before her from an Ice Seal, reading it from the other side of the dimension where she kept it. "Zita Is More Magically Potent Than I Am, But I Am More Powerful In General, As Long As She Doesn't Take On Her Primordial Form." There was a lot going on with Zita and her transformation into Tzita. "She Becomes The Goddess Of The Zero World, L'sia, The Original Goddess, And Is No Longer Just Herself. She Shares Her Body With The Ancient Tensei Grand Magistrate Mother, Grimro, As Well As Kaerei, The Former Goddess Of The Zero World. That Being Said, It Turns Her Into A Being That Is All Three Of Them At Once, Yet Neither Of Them At The Exact Same Time."

Triere quirked a brow, crossing her arms defiantly at the thought. Though she looked this way, with a look on her face that showed some sort of disdainful disinterest, she opened her mouth to say, "I'm Listening..." She already had work to do for her own family in the Veritas, so she wasn't pleased with making promises to others about helping them do work.

Still, she was here in a new world with all of her powers intact, and it seemed like it was because of them, so she was grateful about that. "Enemies?" she finally said. "Fine. But Only Because You Helped My Sweet Pumpkinhead Out." Normally, people had a misconception about Pumpkinhead because of his pent up frustration whenever he had to act, but he was actually quite the jolly sweetheart once you got to know him. It was a 'Beauty And The Beast' type deal with Pumpkinhead.

"I Have An Army And An Assault Weapon Filled With Assault Weapons," Triere said. "I'm A Walking Tactical Genius Mastermind And I'm Not Afraid To Go At It." She wasn't bluffing nor was she boasting, but she knew that Zita was no tactical genius and was literally only raw power. For this type of situation, likely there would need to be a bit of strategic finesse that Treire was renowned for in the Lost World. Someone even asked her for her assistance back then, too.

"Alright, Here I Come," she'd say, floating through the portal. "Pumpkinhead, Come On. Making A Clone Isn't Difficult, Since You Already Are A Clone As It Is." Triere did not wait up for Pumpkinhead, she just 'followed the leader' to the next location, wherever that may be, to take down these threats of theirs.

riere scoffed, flipping her hair a bit. "Easy," she said with a snap of the fingers.

At her call, another intricate Ice Seal pattern appeared before them, but it was much larger than the ones she used before -- much, MUCH larger. When it shattered, there was a powerful frost that poured out of the dimensional portal that chilled the entire area, and rising up from the enormous portal opening would be a monstrous living vehicle that looked like a mix between a house, an animal and a fortress at the same time. It was known as 'The Tundra', and its enormity dwarfed literally everything in the area at the time, including Pumpkinhead. It was covered in frost and had many battle-ready weapons attached to it that were all dormant, but ready to be fired at any time.

"I Give You 'The Tundra'," Triere said with pride, smiling smugly, "My Mobile Fortress." It was larger than a city, so it could easily cause some trouble anywhere that it would be used. "I Can Also Use It To Amplify My Powers And Use My Powers Through It, So If Need Be, It Can Level Cities And Rearrange Continents." The Tundra was nothing to play with, and to bring it out so early meant that Triere was serious.

"So, Where Am I Aiming? The Tundra Will Take Down Anything."

The Tundra came out of the ocean with an enormous splash, one that caused a tidal wave to occur on the island that it stood next to. It could easily get onto the island, but opening fire on the island whilst on top of it could have proved to be less than intelligent.

Triere hovered above the Tundra, prepping the weapons. "Yeah, Yeah, That's The Easy Part," Triere said, making some extra calculations in her head and changing the trajectory of her cannons to aim at the central point of the island. "We're Gonna Split This Bitch In Half," she said confidently, allowing the Tundra to power up.

"Cannons Ready To Fire," she said, letting the Tundra settle itself in the ocean. "Aim..." The main cannons reared up, targeting the weakest spot on the island, "And FIRE! ZERO BEAM!!!"

From the main cannon came an immense amount of energy that was purely icy in nature, sending a light blue beam of epic proportions hurdling toward the center of the island, which would freeze it and anything on it rather instantaneously. This was phase one of the plan, and phase two was to crush the brittle icy portion that had just been frozen over.

"Now, Tundra, GO!"

The gargantuan living mobile vehicle raised a leg up into the air and stepped onto the island dead in the center, stomping it with a powerful CRASH!!! The cracks that it made split the island in half immediately, and then also into several smaller pieces that drifted away from each other after the impact. That was phase two completed, as well.

"Howsabout That For Destructive?" she called out, ready to let the Tundra do more damage, if necessary.

Triere smirked.

"Do More Damage, Eh?"

The island was already broken to pieces by the power of the Tundra, but there were still little chunks of it around floating in the ocean. That, by all means, would be something worth destroying. She would deal with each little islet differently, and save the largest piece for the Tundra to handle.

Triere floated off toward the islets and extended her hands, then waved them around at a high speed, causing the air in the atmosphere to chill. "Ice Spikes!" she cried, causing the first little island to be impaled with ice jutting out of it from every which angle, until it looked like nothing but a rigid iceberg floating in the sea.

"Ice Slice!" she called out, waving her hand in a slashing motion to send a cold strip of air toward the next islet, splitting in in twain without much effort, but freezing it down the middle so that it would not separate. "And, Again!" she cried, slicing the air in a different direction so that the cut would slice through the islet in a different manner, but still remain held together. "And, Once More!" she commanded, having the Ice Slice cut through the islet just one last time before finishing it off with an "ICE SLICE!" that caused the other portions to flare up like icy buzz saws, literally hacking the islet to pieces at the seams where it was frozen.

As for the next broken piece of the island, she had something special in mind. The air grew colder and colder quicker and quicker, until the actual air could be seen as a frosty mist all around them. The temperature was dangerously low and would allow for Triere to do more of her techniques with relative ease, whilst also damaging the atmosphere to the point of near disrepair. "ICE NEEDLES!" she cried, having thin sheets of ice cover the surface of the nearly frozen island and shoot razor thing needles up and down it, something like an earthquake of ice and rain of ice at the exact same time. The islet would keep on being stabbed repeatedly over and over and over again by the Ice Needles until there was nothing left but the husk that was made by the icy sheets Triere created, herself.

"Now, Let's Let The Tundra Do Its Thing," she insisted, letting the Tundra rear up once again. It lifted its leg up to the first islet and stomped down with a heavy force that would shatter the fragile ice that the islet was literally made out of, leaving nothing left -- not even the pieces. "And, OPEN FIRE!" Triere commanded, the cannons all around the Tundra pointing toward the islet that was filled with Ice Needles. "BREAK!" Shots were fired and the icy islet that was made of needles would shatter to pieces just the same as the first one. "One More..." Triere counted, letting the Tundra's tail swat at it and shatter it rather easily, leaving an untouched islet that Triere was saving for the grand finale.

"This One's MINE!" she cried, firing off a "ZERO BEAM!" at it to freeze it instantaneously, and then lift it up using her control over ice to have it rise from the ocean and before the Tundra. Whatever fragments of the island that were left in the sea would congregate toward the floating ice island and condense with it, causing it to become one giant mass of ice frozen over several times. "LOAD UP!" she called, having the icy island become consumed by the Tundra so that it could be used for ammunition later, and also be drained of its power, if there were any powers in it at the time.

"How's That?" Triere inquired as she continued to drop the temperature and cause ice storms to appear in the atmosphere. She could destroy things all day, in all honesty.

Triere scoffed at the new face, turning the Tundra around on him. "Oh Yeah? You Gonna Make Me?" At that moment, a ring would find Triere and she would grasp it, knowing that it came from a source that was on her side. She felt the power of it as well as its ability to have her counteract this powerful foe. "You May Be The Law Of THIS World, But I'm The Law Of Another World!" Sure, that was when she was at her 10th Restriction form and she didn't have access to the Absolute Law whilst she was both in the 7th Restriction or in this world, but she did have this ring, the Tundra and the rest of her powers that got her through.

"Perfect Freeze!" Triere called, assimilating her ice powers with the actual Law of this world, then freezing them over herself so that she could perpetually keep her own powers from being effected by the other laws without going through her Perfect Freeze, first. "My Perfect Freeze Allows Me To Assimilate My Powers With Anything," Triere began to explain, "Including YOU And This World!" Now that she was assimilated, there was nothing that could be done about her using her powers. "And With This Handy New Ring..." She said, equipping it immediately, "I Should Be Able To Cancel Out Whatever You Try To Do With Its Power, As Well!"

With that said, Triere commanded the Tundra to "FIRE AT WILL!!" And, at that moment, it would release a powerful island sized ice clod from its main cannon straight at her adversary, ready to knock him clear out of the way. "Is That Powerful Enough For You, Or What?" With Triere's powers assimilated with the Law of the world, she had immunity to it as long as her Perfect Freeze was active and actively Freezing her powers in place, thus allowing her access through the Perfect Freeze.

Triere scoffed one more time, showing little to no concern about what happened to this random person. She was summoned here by Pumpkinhead, so that's who she was here to help. "Yeah, Yeah, Whatev--"

Suddenly, Triere was consumed by an enormous beam of energy that allegedly split the planet in half and wiped out everything in the area. "GAAAAH!!!!" she cried out, but quickly realized that she wasn't hurt at all, or even effected by the blast. "Wha?" She quickly made the realization that it had to be because of the Ring or Crown that she received earlier that gave her that sort of immunity to such a powerful surprise attack. "Oh, Hell Yeah!" She exclaimed happily, pleased with the fact that she had backup. "Uh, But The Tundra Can Do That, Too." She coughed a little, shifting her eyes back and forth.

"Anyway, It Doesn't Seem Like I Even Have To Fight You, Whoever You Are! I Was Just Here To Lure You Out. Seems Like Who REALLY Wanted You Got The Jump On You." Triere snickered, loving tactics like that, since she was a tactical expert. "And Now..." she went on, smiling, "I Can Show You MY Power Without Having To Worry About That Person Over There!" With Perfect Freeze still active, Triere's powers were assimilated with the Law, and by the power of the Law and Perfect Freeze, Triere could also protect Gravemind by Perfect Freezing her in the same way Triere had done her own powers, thus giving Gravemind the immunity from the Law as well.

"HA!" Triere exclaimed again, pointing out toward her adversary, "Looks Like Using A Hostage Won't Work. And Though Someone Else May Not Have Been Able To Hurt You, I'm Assimilated With The Law Here, So I Can Actually Do Some Damage To You!"

Triere extended her hands out wide and the length of the area of where her freezing mist extended would become the area of her next attack, and she would say again "PERFECT FREEZE!" to seal off the area to prevent escape, and to Freeze everything and everyone in the area, except the ones that she didn't want to. "This Is MY Absolute Area Now, As Long As The Perfect Freeze Is Active!" Now they could fight toe-to-toe without anyone escaping or having any power over the other. She'd leveled the playing field by a grand amount and was ready for more action. "Tell Me Your Only Power Isn't Making Other People Lose Their Powers, Because If It Is, You've Already Lost." As a tactical genius, Triere was already calculating her next moves at a high speed.

The Tundra would automatically scoop up Gravemind and put her in the hull somewhere, which was filled to the brim with weapons of every kind; it was called the Absolute Arsenal and had several layers to it. The Tundra then started to speak to Gravemind whilst she was inside of it, saying to her "Use Whatever Weapon You Can Or Like From In Here. You Are Safe Because Of Triere's Power." It was like she was in a pirate ship and was at the cannons. "Fire Whatever You Like; Beams, Cannons, Guns, Turrets, Anything." It was all up to Gravemind's imagination by this point.

Triere also had another trick up her sleeve that she was saving for later, but she began to mutter to herself like she were talking to herself, then stopped suddenly and smirked, her eyes turning a burning blood red, and glowing, crackling with electricity.
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Insangel 76: The Veritas; A Challenge To Itself?!

Within all of the intergalactic travel that Overlord Tensei -- the Overlord of the Veritas -- had to do, he rested sometimes by returning home in his Seventh Restriction; the Tyranophant. When he returned this time, however, he noticed that there was a revolt going on in the Veritas. Not that he didn't know, but he noticed it even more so now that the scale had escalated from just the Depthsroot up to the Dream. It was going to take more work to resolve those conditions than anything else, since, the Veritas was equipped with numerous gifted individuals who were not Tensei.

It was they against the Tensei, and Overlord Tensei, who was over all the Tensei was able to command the Tensei he chose for himself to take on some of his lesser forms, such as the Tyranophant or Ophiuchus, depending on the location. Those Tensei were especially selected by Overlord Tensei to be part of his hive mind when he split himself up because they would return to Overlord Tensei in the Eighth Restriction and give him greater power. With every Tensei that hit the Seventh Restriction, they would be considered Ty, himself, using his Polylocation ability. The Ophiuchus clones were just that -- clones of the Fifth Restriction. Both were littered throughout the Veritas in order to keep the peace.

But that wasn't enough. People just sought to become stronger than the Seventh Restriction versions of Overlord Tensei or were so ashamed by their defeats that they turned to Sin. The Royal Family that ruled over each of the lands had to take action in their respective locations in order to reestablish peace in the Veritas.

"Hoboy," said the original Tyranophant, "I NEVER Wanted To Come Home And See Myself Like THAT." The Godfather of the Veritas was exclusive -- none else could be the Tyranophant. "All It Does Is Waste My Power And Fuzz Up My Vision..." he muttered, watching the Seventh Restriction clones do battle with the non-Tensei of the Veritas. "Yeah, No, I Don't Even Feel Like It. I've Already Used Up A Lot Of My Energy In Space Dealing With The Omniverses." He scoffed, "I Need A Break."

All of the Seventh Restriction clones of the Tyranophant were drawn together to form the Crystal Angel, whose form and image were that of the Tyranophant's -- save for wings and a halo as well as garb. This was Teus, the God of Light. Though the Seventh Restriction was used to form Teus, he, himself was only of the Sixth, since the clones of the Tyranophant were significantly weaker than the original. They could only collectively amount to his Sixth Restriction form of his image -- Teus, the Crystal Angel.

"They Are Too Weak To Hold Off The Entire Veritas Continents Attacking Them, Even If They Are My Spawn. They Will Need Assistance From The Royal Family That Ruleth Over Whichever Nation," Teus said. His illustrious wings fluttered about as he hovered before the Tyranophant. He would then assimilate with the Tyranophant and replenish his energy.

Once the Tyranophant was feeling up to snuff again and rearing to go thanks to Teus' healing through consumption of the other Tensei, he would have to contact the Trunade in order to accomplish his goals. "Uuuuuugggh, DAUGHTER!!!" he called out to his beloved Crystal Goddess, "Launch The Assault."

An intricately made seal of ice etched itself before the Tyranophant, shattering like glass after it was finished weaving its sign into the air -- an Ice Portal.

"No Freakin Way, Really!? I Get To Lead The Attack?! Way Awesome!"

Triere was the strategist and tactician that had command over The Tundra, which was part of the Tenth Moon as one of the Tensei Artifacts. "We'll Get To Show Them What Real Gods And Goddesses Can Do, Won't We?" Triere snickered to herself, lowering herself into her Fifth Restriction form so that she could get the party started with the Veritas. "I Can't Wait To Think Up And Use A Battle Strategy Against The Civilians. It Will Be So Rad." Triere seemed a little too happy about having the chance to blow up the residents of the Veritas.

"I Will Do My Best, As Usual, Father," Triere said as she was enveloped in a light that shifted her into her Fifth Restriction form, Shiniere, The Me-ou.

After shifting into her Fifth Restriction form, Triere -- as the 'Me-ou' -- descended into the Veritas from the Trinity Plane and into the Delta, where she ruled over. From there, she would contact her sisters.

Meanwhile, the Tyranophant went off to take care of his station -- the Lawless Land -- and retain his status as God there, as well. He needed to make sure that the Valparaiso Denizens were kept in check because they were a sneaky, crafty bunch that could slip through the cracks into some secrets they shouldn't. He sprouted his draconic wings, which were made of crystal, and took a single flap, sending himself warpspeed to the Lawless Land.
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