The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension

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 To Protect All Things

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Hikarigami, Crystal Heart of the Crystal Aurora :: Crystal Angel of Crysteria
Hikarigami, Crystal Heart of the Crystal Aurora :: Crystal Angel of Crysteria

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To Protect All Things Empty
PostSubject: To Protect All Things   To Protect All Things EmptyTue Nov 16, 2021 2:56 am

Alyxandra Magenta.

It all begins in castle Alexandria in a time immeasurable in a realm far separate from Lost World knowledge. This land, the land of Summons and Guardians, is where Magenta was born. Long before her birth, Alexandros, the Divine Protector, comprised a city named in his image for all who wanted his protection to live in, where he could humbly and soundly keep them safe from all harm, with he, the noble castle, standing tall in the middle. This prosperous city of Alexandria remained calm and peaceful under the protection of their deity, not a single malicious entity getting any farther than the gate before being exterminated by the Divine Protector. Though this calm was sweet, it eventually had to be disturbed. A great war broke out between the Summons and the humans, for the wife of a Summon who was a human was allowed into the Aethereal World and the gate was left open for other corrupt humans to enter. The Summons went through a terrible battle to push the humans back, and were successful. However, in the crossfire, many innocents were injured or killed. One of them happened to have fallen outside of the city of Alexandria... Her name was Alena. The first thought of all of the people of Alexandria was to terminate her on the spot for being a human, however their God Alexandros had something else in mind. He had seen how she had fallen -- trying to protect someone dear to her, and was now on the edge of her life. Such noble protection was deemed the highest nobility in Alexandros' eyes, and he welcomed her into the city to see him specifically. The dying woman was blessed with another chance at life by Alexandros the great, and also another wish of hers; to bear a child, which she was deemed unable to do in the human world. That child was named Alyxandra Magenta.

After countless years of aging, Magenta studied her father's wills and his Manna, becoming proficient in protection, healing and holy or light Manna. This made her one of the most sought out beings in all of the Aethereal world, as her ability to protect and heal were useful to many of the casualties still scarred by war. A complete joy to both her mother and father, Magenta knew that there was something more she had to protect, however. The humans that came so long ago... They were the ones that needed protection. Protection from themselves. After telling her father and mother of her new goal in life, they happily allowed her to exit the Esper World and go into the other world... Where she exited to the Lost World. Now her mission is to protect this world from all harm that may come its way and make it a place of peace and fortitude, just like her homeland. Ever since coming here, however, she has felt the protection of her Father over her, somehow... Some way.

Coming from a deity whose sole goal in life is to protect all those who are its allies makes Magenta the type of girl who wishes to protect everyone at all costs. She holds no hate for any creature and can only look at the goodness inside of them because of this. She wishes to protect the world from all bad influences and to protect people from being influenced by said negativity in the atmosphere. She is a light-hearted, soft-spoken individual, but her fortitude, decisiveness and will are as solid as rock.

Magenta wears a very prestigious attire at all times, and though her clothing is very exquisite, it is lightweight and comfortable. She wears a lace, frilly corset-skirt adorned with many ribbons. This dress is a translucent grayish-blue color, black and white, to match the color of her translucent wings. She wears tight, knee-high, cloth boots on her feet that match the color of her dress and fingerless sleeves on her arms that match the color of those boots.

"As long as there is Light Within Me, there is Hope For The World. I Will Protect It. That is My Philosophy and My Truth."

Tempora Tensei is a Hikarigami (Light Goddess) of the Veritas, specifically being the Time Goddess after inheriting the title of the head 'Hikarigami' from her mother and father, Teleine and Teus, who are the other two Hikarigami. She is the one who maintains all things temporal in the Veritas. Before acquiring the 'Gear Of Time', which powers all temporal events in the Veritas, and also serves as part of her essence, she was known simply as Magenta, and still goes by that name often. Though she had a physical form and an Appearance, Tempora tends to remain surrounded in a veil of light known as 'Vilon', and to remain ambiguously among the folds of time until a time of her choosing to reveal her actual form underneath her veil of 'Timelight'.

I Know I Can... ~~ (Battle Theme)
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Hikarigami, Crystal Heart of the Crystal Aurora :: Crystal Angel of Crysteria
Hikarigami, Crystal Heart of the Crystal Aurora :: Crystal Angel of Crysteria

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PostSubject: Re: To Protect All Things   To Protect All Things EmptyTue Nov 16, 2021 3:35 am

First Time: This Is The Way...

Embarking on her journey right from the edge of the portal, the tacit field of clockwork found the pulsating noise from the opened rift foretold the coming of Magenta. Her slender, nearly colorless boot slipped through first, falling to the tip of one of the unturning gears. The rest of her body soon followed from the ankle up until she was finally completely entered... 'summoned' on behalf of the planet... Magenta was here to protect the world.

Magenta: "I have crossed over to the realm of the mortals from the realm of the Esper... This place, this distortion... It almost seems like it is the welcoming port for this world from the others..."

Her head was pounding only a little, as if hearing a thousand years worth of clockwork going on in moments. The eerie mechanical stirring she heard brought little harm to her head after enduring the area for a while. But now that she was here... Where should she start?

???: "Bumpy ride?"

-Magenta would soon come to realize that she wasn't alone on this mystical hill. Nova had also been here, a few feet from where Magenta appeared. She had been sitting on this rock, smoking a single while she enjoyed the magical presence of this place. It fluctuations of time were unheard of, but Nova being an Esper (as well as a being of light) was uninhibited by the passage of time- it simply gave her a tingly feeling that she enjoyed so long as she remained here.

However, Magenta's arrival threw a shift in the mood. Her magical presence seemed to bump and rub against her own- an effect that usually happens whenever she was around her father..or another Esper.-

The confusion swirled about Magenta's head like a wild thunderstorm isolated in one small area. Though probably just an effect of the transition between worlds, the feeling was still causing her great conflict in thought. Though instinctively, her Esperkin blood began to stir upon feeling the mere presence of another nearby; someone who shared similar blood...

She cautiously turned her head to the side, squinting her eyes because she couldn't really grasp the thought of what was transpiring at that particular moment in time... Almost as if it were eternal doubt passing through her mind. The figure before her, all too familiar, and the voice tugged at bits and pieces of thought from within Magenta's restless mind, but whomever this was simply couldn't be deciphered by her with her state of mind so jumbled.

Magenta: "... Who...? You seem familiar..."

"Familiar?..that's all I get?" Nova said slowly removing the cigarette from her delicate lips. Smoke slipped through her teeth as she spoke, looking up toward the pinnacle of this mystical hill.

She then looked at Magenta, crossing her legs before shifting her positioning a little. "You always were thick headed, Maggie." Nova said with a hint of mockery that is usually seen between siblings. Magenta and Nova weren't related however, but they had been friends for as long as she could remember. That nickname was actually a testament to their relationship- Nova being the only person to ever call her that, she figured that would jog Magenta's apparently shaken perception.-

The girl before her seemed all too acquainted with Magenta even though to her, this was the first time that they'd ever met. The swirling confusion in her head... It wasn't going away any time soon. Touching her head lightly, yet worriedly, Magenta finally took a step down from the halted cog she stood on and onto the odd ground below, still listening to all of the words this girl had to say. The first thing she looked up and saw was the cigarette hanging off of her fingers so familiarly...

Though it all seemed too weird that this girl felt like an Esper and that she knew Magenta, she was sure that it was because of the weird sense of 'time' as the people of this place would call it, in this particular area. Yet, her hypothesis was proven wrong the moment she heard that old nickname. 'Maggie.'

Magenta: "... Nova?"

The clouds of confusion were instantly purged from Magenta's mind after hearing that name that only her best friend referred to her as, since everyone else in the Esper World either referred to her as Magenta or by her first name, Alyxandra. Nova was the only one special enough to actually call her 'Maggie.' Thus, the final adjustment to this new world had finally settled in for Magenta, where now she could smile at her old friend and her presence.

Magenta: "Oh, Nova. I am so glad to see that it's you. I fear that if you hadn't snapped me out of that confusion, I would have wandered around aimlessly. But... What are you doing here?"

"Soul Hunting.." She said as if it were obvious, bearing a playful smile. She ashed her cigarette on one of the floating gears of this magical plane. Nova had been getting used to the Dusk Village, touring while she hunted for monsters and evil souls- knocking out two birds with one stone. She had been here for about half an hour, unmolested. It was kinda lonely, so she was pretty pepped to see her best friend somehow made it to the same planet she had been banished to.-

"Turns out I'm not as powerful as I figured." She said twirling her finger in one of her golden curls. "Esper or not, there are some pretty strong fucks out there."

Soul Hunting, eh...? Sounded like something Magenta would not be too fond of. Killing wasn't exactly her favorite thing to do in the world, and she was more about protecting that destroying.

Magenta: "You aren't? Then I will protect you until you are."

Such a sweet girl, she was. She only wished to see her friend become better. Apparently, her time here on the Lost World hasn't been all that good, but now that the two of them were together, hopefully that would change.

Magenta: "We can traverse this strange new land together. No need to do this journey alone."

Magenta made her way closer to to Nova, grabbing her hand and pulling he onto her feet, then swung the both of their entwined arms together playfully.

Magenta: "And whenever you need help making yourself stronger, I'll be here to use as a tester! It'll help me out with my defensive abilities, as well. We'll do just fine together, if we stick together, don't you think?"

Nova: "Oh Maggie.."

-Her words only whispered past her rather pouty lips. Magenta always had that innocence about her that made Nova feel like her older sister- but ironic enough, Magenta felt as if she held the burden to protect and defend all things. She smirked at it on the inside, her arms flailed around under Magenta's control, the two of them seeming to be enjoying the picture perfect moment.-

Nova: "..."

-She remained quiet as Maggie spoke. She was the only person that Nova felt comfortable being around for extended periods of time. Because of her "defect", Nova hesitated being around others that she cared about, fearful that something could cause her to lose control and release her true esper form- a rage driven beast, intent on maliciously decimating whatever is in its path- a monster to say the least. Because of this, Nova normally kept to herself- embracing the curse of an undetermined loneliness in return for the safety of others. However, she had kept it under wraps for a while now, and was confident in Magenta's defensive ability to calm her down...or even put her down if it came down to it. She trusted her to keep her in check- in balance even. They were like two sides of the same coin, Protection and Destruction.

Once Magenta stopped spinning the two of them around, Nova rustled her hair- a way of her showing her affection.-

"I know we will, no doubt about it." She said as she rose her other hand to her face, taking a puff from her cigarette before turning and taking a look at the tip of the Mystical Hill that they stood on. "And I think I figured out how we can start this journey of ours.." She said pointing to the top of the hill with her thumb. She could feel the magical pressure emitting from the top, and she noticed the machine motif that shrouded this plane. Nova figured that whatever was at the top, could only help Maggie get stronger. Plus..the two of them could soul hunt and Nova could get that self-tour she wanted.-

Nova: "This is our beginning, Maggie."

With a warm smile on her face that no one could besmirch, the protective girl squeezed the hand of her childhood friend with the utmost affection and good intention she could muster. The ruffling of her hair only added to the warmth around, as Magenta knew that only as a sign of affection between the two of them.

Magenta: "You're still sweet under your rough exterior. I like that about you, as usual."

Her gentle voice seemed to try to speak out right into Nova's heart, touching deeper on their childhood relation every moment. That is, until Nova came across the sudden feeling to point at the top of the figurative 'hill,' the clock tower before the two.

Magenta: "... The clock tower...? Hmm..."

Moments of serious pondering brought about many confusing questions and conundrums in her head that only made her feel foolish. These doubts were all self brought on, probably due to the strange air here, still with a lingering effect. She nodded her head, feeling absolutely no badness radiating around the thought of climbing this tower from within. She took a step or two forward, tugging at Nova's hand gently trying to coerce her into coming along inside together, still with fingers locked.

Magenta: "If you say so, I'll follow right beside you!"

"Then let's get moving.." Nova said, pulling Magenta with her before she completed her sentence. Sort of like a curious child, Nova wandered aimlessly- they started off in a random direction she hoped to guide them to the top. Taking a hit of her virtually finished cigarette, Nova looked at Maggie. She was never fond of combat, Nova figured it a necessity.-

Nova: "..."

-She was trying to think of what to say while still staying alert.-

Magenta, being pulled by the more impatient Nova, would find herself heading up the seemingly frozen in time stairs which their footsteps echoed throughout the entire hallway. It seemed weird and really displeasing to stay there a long time.

Magenta: "... I guess we find the stairs, hm? I'm not sure if there are any harmful creatures down here."

Much to Magenta's dismay, the two of them would run into something much worse than "harmful" monsters. As the two of them progressed, they would find themselves in what would look like a mechanical war grounds. Their would be scattered gears, shredded body parts of various creatures, and scraps of metal all about the immediate area- what would look like blood, varying in colors of all types, dripped from the ceiling and painted and splotched the grounds.

The very atmosphere of the interior of the Eternalism Hill, which was really an enormous mystical clock tower, was plagued by the obvious abundance of death and destruction- the intensity of which was probably the cause for Magenta's unease.

The trail of death lead, not up the stair case, but past it. In that distance, very feint whispers of conflict could be heard- they obviously were not alone in this place.

-Before answering Magenta, Nova simply remained quiet. Her expression equal to that of an analysts- her eyes, wondering among the destruction, trying to figure out what the fuck went down here- she even put out her cigarette.-

"I'm pretty sure we're not alone in here, Magenta.." She said in a very matter of fact fashion. She walked with her hand against the walls, rotating her wrist while it began to emit a very discreet glow. She was getting a feel for any magical residue left by the past transgressions. She examined them, and it seemed like they were a bit out their league.-

"..and to hell with the stairs." She said with a smirk, looking at Magenta while she rubbed the magical residue between her middle finger and thumb. She then gestured down the dark hall of mystical promise. Nova was always this person- despite the odds, she couldn't help but be a little ambitious-

Well, like it or not, Magenta was going to have to follow the headstrong Nova right into the darkness... only so they could illuminate it with her light.

Magenta: "Well if we're not alone, don't worry... I'll protect us."

She'd protect Nova to the very end, even if she had to give up herself to do it. So, without hesitation Magenta walked right in front of Nova, braving the darkness and not even knowing the words 'fear' as she walked toward her. She heard the whirling mechanics all around, but only felt the strength within.

Although brave, choosing to walking down the dark corridor may not have been the best route. As they continued walking into the darkness, they would only see more an more destroyed pieces of armor and remains of different kind of monsters. The sound of battle in the distance soon came all the more distinct- it began to sound more like a massacre.

Multiple blood-curdling screams of monsters soon began to rip through the air, accompanied by the vicious revving of mechanical titans.

The dark corridor lead into a broad, glorious room with a giant door on the other side, decorated with gears turning and churning one another, multiple flying clocks flowing through the air, and other mechanical paraphernalia; its walls, however, were coated with blood.

In the immediate distance, they would come across a pack of wounded Gnolls. They were about 6 of them, 3 of them critically injured- it seemed like they were the losers of the battle that Nova and Magenta heard earlier. The healthier tended to wounded, until they spotted the witchlings- despite their damages, Gnolls are known as one of the more dangerous monsters of the Dusk, often found in areas surrounded by nature. What was important enough to bring them here?

The trip down the long, dark corridor proved stressful, even still... It seemed to move on for an eternity, until the moment you cross a pack of bloodied man-dogs. Magenta staggered back, her heart hurt to the deepest extent to see those creatures wounded so critically. Her lip dropped and her arms quivered, her legs standing firm to hold her body back.

Magenta: "No...! We can't harm these creatures, Nova... They are too critically injured! We might as well just calm them and tend to their wounds... And nature will take its course on them."

The thought sent warmness through her body, which released as a large outline of green energy around the area. Swiftly bending and tangling in a precise and intricate fashion, they became hexagons, which disconnected into separate beings. They all surrounded the front of the combatants; The 3 Gnolls, Nova and Magenta.

Magenta: "And I will stand in the front of you! So I don't mind if we keep them from harming us, but we should really just let them calm down."

Her hand was placed at her chest whilst her other hand was clenched hanging from her side. Her beliefs stayed true.

The three Gnolls who were able, immediately made their way to their feet the instant Magenta began to delve in the magical arts- to their surprise however, she was trying to protect them. The trio looked among each other, making sure that their confusion was mutual.


They collectively shrieked in a language native to their race, disappearing from sight. In the next instant, they reappeared to the right, left, and behind of Nova and Magenta. In their hands, a violent collection of frozen blue magical energies began to illuminate the immediate area. Using their immense speed, they had pre-charged, three blizzara spells, and had released them the instant Nova and Mangenta caught eye of them. Gnolls, seasoned warriors, were all to familiar with the protection spell that nullified physical combat-however, they knew also how the spell made the caster susceptible to magical non-physical strikes.

The ferocious storm of freezing mystical power would erupt in a snow storm that cursed the immediate area- a frozen tundra replaced the golden room they original stood in. Maybe choosing to come to this place wasn't the best idea for two fresh witchlings.

"..Shit, Maggie." Nova said calmly. She face palmed, Magenta casted protect on everyone on the battlefield in attempts to try and reason with them- "so naive.." Nova thought.

In the next instant however, the time for thinking was over- now was her chance to react. In the very next moment, the two of them were completely encompassed by an encroaching blue light that threatened to serve them with a very early frozen death. It seemed as if the Gnolls had taken advantage of Maggie's kindess, as expected. Too make matters worse, Magenta seemed defenseless while casting her spell, ironically leaving it up to Nova to protect the both of them on her own.

She didn't fret however, she never did. From the outside looking in, the blizzara spell that opposed the two witches would soon disperse- apparently overpowered, out shined even, by a glorious golden light that illuminated from Nova's core and sheltered her friend as well- this was the spell, "Purge" amplified by her Esperkin blood. The edges of her hair were frozen, along with a bit of frost here and there all over her face- she wasn't damaged per-say, but neither was she unscathed. Her eyes were burning with a similar glow as she slowly began to wave her hands about, leaving behind trails of energy while she conversed with Magenta. "How about you keep the buffs and supports between us?" She said with a false chuckle between her words. Nova would have to talk to Magenta about her need- no, her addiction to to protect..but that would have to wait until their lives were no longer in danger. She had hoped that Maggie would drop the protect spell, that way Nova can go in and overwhelm with her vicious style of physical and magical combat.-

Feeling as if she'd done the wild creatures a service, she expected them to go about their business considering they would know that these two meant no ill will... But even still, the Gnolls took to the offensive, their incredible speed overwhelming the two as they were surrounded.

Magenta: "Do they still think we're a threat...?! But why?"

There was no time for idle banter about it, for the tundra encircled them and threatened to chill them into ice blocks. Thankfully, Nova was well prepared for such an attack and pushed back the blizzardous spell with her mighty light. However, in the process, Nova herself was slipped by the icy winds, which frosted her hair near the tips and her face to an extent. Magenta was doing a lousy job of being the protection here...

Magenta: "Nova... I'm the one that's supposed to be protecting you. I can't drop the Protect once it's been cast, I'm not that good... But I don't want you to hurt these creatures any further, either."

Her body radiated with a light, once again, but this time it was a blue color rather than green, the light enveloping only Nova this time around. The light took the shape of many octagonal figures which covered Nova's entire area, bestowing Shell on her.

Magenta: "With that, these Gnolls can't touch you anymore. Know that you're always my first priority over everything else."

Yet, she knew she still wouldn't be able to harm these creatures... Soul Hunting was going to be exceptionally difficult for her. Poor Gnolls... She still needed to do what she had to. If it were her own life, she wouldn't care, but Nova's life was on the line here. Magenta's glorious clear wings spread forth from their shrunken size, a large gust of wind hopefully blowing the Gnolls off of their feet whilst her wings released a blinding light; Holy. The light released beam-like extensions from its main body, aiming to strike all of the Gnolls and incapacitate them... But even still, Magenta snuck in slight Cure properties into the beams so that at least the large gashes in the Gnolls would be healed up, if nothing else. She really could not help wanting to protect them...

Due to their weakened state, the Gnolls were caught by the great gale winds manifested from the sheer flaps of Magenta's winds. They wouldn't go far however, one of the Gnolls effectively jumped in front of his brethren, bashing the ground with his five pronged blade, the likes of which was accompanied by a sea blue aura, causing a family of sharp, tall, and deadly spikes of ice to surface. Several of them appeared in front of the three Gnolls, defending them from Magenta's blinding light and burning/healing blasts.

However, hundreds of them would have appeared around Nova and Magenta. Encircling and entrapping them in this make shift cage of icy death with no way out, the frozen spires began to release this frozen mist that would freeze the duo from the inside out at quite the rapid pace.

The Gnoll who casted this spell fell down to his knees. He had overestimated his ability in his wounded condition. The other two however vanished again, taking advantage of the fact that Nova and Magenta couldn't see them. Before that, they began to charge with this black and red aura- a dastardly energy to say the least.

-Nova looked around her, and she was now sheltered by a protect spell and a shell spell- making her virtually untouchable so long as Magenta could hold her focus. She continued waving her hands around until she clasped them together, causing a pulse of golden properties to skate across the ground before dissipating- she was also taking advantage of the fact that the Gnolls couldn't see them.-

"We will always protect each other.." Nova said, her eyes now returning to normal. She feared that Magenta would begin to feel the freezing effects of the spires, it could even get a little difficult for her to move her fingers. Quickly, she did several more hand gestures, causing the area to pick up in temperature and her hands to emit a reddish and orangish hue.-

Nova: "Fira.."

-Nova and Magenta were soon surrounded by several increasingly large fire balls that constantly cycled around them. They certainly removed the ice cage around them, and soon decreased in size to minimize energy consumption. There were now eight of them, able to fit in the palm of Nova's hand. She looked around and noticed that there were only four visible Gnolls; three of them critically injured, and the one who was downed and weakened from the vast blizzara spell. Where had the the other two gone?-

Nova: "Stay close to me, Maggie.."

Magenta held strong through it all, the freezing air around her chilling her to the very bone. She shivered, but she did not wane to the power of the chilly magical spires, her body holding strong until she knew Nova was safe from harm completely.

Magenta: "T-Togeth-ther...?"

Protecting each other together, she was thinking. Her thoughts drifted as the coldness rose, threatening the poor girl to fall out of consciousness, where she would be completely defenseless. Her vision blurred, slowly, slowly, slowly fading...

Magenta: ""

She'd lost all hope here. The cold was simply too strong for her to maintain when she was both attacking and harnessing Shell and Protect. She had already overexerted herself, and that cost her the power to protect. The light that shone from her majestic wings faded, as they, too, retracted to a smaller size upon her back. Though she was clearly not conscious, her body did not collapse, but stood up in front of Nova, arms outstretched as if she would take any blow that came her way. All the while, she came to a revelation in her own mind...

During her internal revelation, she could feel the temperature rising around her body...

Her darkness was suddenly brought to an intense light; her eyes opening to the sight of the roaring flames from Nova's own power. The series of flaming orbs circling around had rid this area of its icy grip and allowed for Magenta and Nova to retaliate with combined strength... Now that Magenta saw the error of her ways.

Magenta: "... I have to stay close to you, Nova. We're doing this together!"

When enough was enough, Magenta closed her eyes with a great, warm smile on her face. Her body started to radiate a divine, holy light as in front of the two girls, a portal of energy manifested on the floor. From it would sprout a large, mechanical arm which would slam upon the ground with a great amount of force, causing the rest of the hallway to quake and rumble. It rose to a more offensive position now, ready to rectify the situations of these hurting creatures. The Guardian was here.

To say the least, the Gnolls were not impressed. The giant ice glacier was simply a mere distraction so that the two who vanished could prepare for the coup'de grace. The other Gnoll, who had crumbled under his exhaustion from the ice spell, willingly sacrificed himself- these creatures weren't just strong, they were keen strategists.

Once Magenta summoned her massive monstrous arm, each of the Gnolls would have appeared on either side. With their five pronged blade glowing with rd and black magics, it became apparent they were planning to finish her off with a double Gnoll attack. Together, they learned that Magenta was the more passive one, and thus, it made heran easier target. Once she was out of the picture, they would have no issue overwhelming Nova after ward.

With damn near full speed, despite their injuries, they Gnolls went full throttle on Magenta. They packed enough power to crush any of her last defenses, should she so hastily create them. It was more like a blur than anything else. On the sidelines, the more critically wounded Gnolls and he exhausted one simply smirked and snickered.

"Spellbinding Circle.." Nova whispered. With her eyes closed, arm extended, and palm facing the ground, she may have very well placed the Gnolls in their final predicament.

With those words, a blistering light would pierce from the floor and bath everything in its presence. Nova had casted this spell during the time where she was trapped within that cage of ice. She was simply waiting for the creatures to slip up, which she knew they would. The spell binding circle began to etch itself across the ground they stood on, bearing ancient texts of foreign languages and arcane enchantments. Soon, the Gnolls would reap the full effects of this spell.

Numbing, disabling, crippling, suspending, binding, or dumb founding magical effects would plague them so long as they were within the mystical light. Nova had opened her eyes, now completely encompassed in the golden light, and extended her finger toward the Gnolls that were down and out.-

"Take them out, Maggie." She said, gesturing for Magenta to eliminate the Gnolls who were surrounding her and hopefully spell binded. She on the other hand, focused the eight miniature fire balls in her hand, conjured by the Fira spell, into her index finger. In the next frame, they would be exposed to a blazing inferno- peeling the skin from their bones with immense heat and hopefully ending them then and there.-

With the Guardian arisen and ready to protect Magenta, the Gnolls seemed to have no problem bypassing her protection and getting over to either side of her, both of which were unprotected... or seemed to be so. Magenta had her faith in Nova to assist her if she couldn't do so herself, and that is exactly what happened. The Spellbinding Circle was cast upon those Gnolls, who were hopefully captured by its binding properties. If not, then The Guardian would move in to cup Magenta in its palm and take the Gnoll Attack head on whilst she prepared.

Magenta: "I will let them know peace, Nova. They need their rest... The final protection."

She closed her eyes now, her body aglow with a mystical bluish white, almost clear light, her feet lifting ever so slightly off of the ground. Her wings, glowing with the same color extended outward toward the torsos of the Gnolls and shone with a bright Holy light. Her hands were to her chest, as if concentrating a great deal of her power into just the wings themselves. With just a touch, a huge surplus would overflow from her wings and into the bodies of the Gnolls, the light so intense and so pure that it would cause their bodies to hopefully disintegrate from the inside out, leaving no part of them left. If not... then The Guardian would be there, waiting, ready to crush the life from these creatures ignorant of what true protection was.

Magenta: "May you see the light... and let it embrace you."

Hopefully those were the words that they heard last as their lives came to an end, so that they would know what she was talking about. When she was done, she lowered back to the ground, her knees a little weak from using so much power at once, and The Guardian would fade back into its portal, which closed behind it. Her wings arced around her body, however they did not retract to their shrunken form and stayed in their larger size, for some reason. If that didn't prove to be enough to kill those Gnolls... then Magenta surely was in some trouble.

The Gnolls were bested. Nova's inferno, literally tearing the flesh and bone from their bodies and Magenta purging them from existence. Their screams filled the air as they were stricken down.

Soon, their souls would replace them. Each of them worth about 5 souls. If they were at full strength, they would have been worth more of course. Then again, if they were at full strength, Nova and Magenta wouldn't have made it this far.


In the distance, sounds of mechanical madness could be heard. Through the massive doorway, Magenta and Nova's journey would continue.

"Phew.." Nova said, exhaling deeply. Her eyes reverted to their natural state, her green pupils visible once again. She plopped down on her ass in relief, she had successfully survived her first soul hunt.

She looked now at Magenta with a light smile, giving her a thumbs up.-

Nova: "Thanks for having my back Maggie.."

-She then extended her hand toward the floating souls. She summoned toward her three of them, fifteen souls in total. She left the rest for Magenta- making an even cut.

Once close enough, she palmed the souls and absorbed them into herself. Instantly, she felt a burst of energy, and a boost in power. It was as if she'd been given an adrenaline shot.-

The screams of the Gnolls filling the air made Magenta feel a little uneasy. It sounded as if they were in great pain, like her mission had been failed... To protect everything. She fell to her knees, crestfallen, wings retracting and her hands lightly placed upon her lap. She didn't feel good at all.

Magenta: "... Yes.. Of course, Nova..."

But wait. There was a faint light... The light that made the disheartened Magenta rise up to her feet with such speed and such vitality that it would have seemed like she hadn't just been in an intense battle such as that one. The souls of the Gnolls were here, and ready for her to protect.

Magenta: "... I didn't fail. My mission can be achieved, even if I must rid these souls of their physical bodies, I can protect them as spirits within my own! Let your power become one with mine, and I will protect your eternal soul within the fortitude of the castle walls known as my body!"

She happily took the remaining three souls from the air and pulled them into her body, not consuming them, but actually placing them within her chest. She could protect them for all time now. But the new question was...

Magenta: "... Where do we go now?"

Within the darkness of the mysterious doorway, the duo would continue to hear sounds of vicious combat. The floating clocks within this room began to fizz in and out of reality. Mechanical workings and what not all about this land seemed to be starting to malfunction.

"Isn't it obvious?" Nova said, recomposing herself after that well needed revitalization. She kicked herself up to her feet, dusting off her black pants and fluffing her poofy hair back to perfection. "We've already come this far, right?" Nova said with a smirk. She began to run toward the large doorway, ignorant of what it had in store, but anxious to find out.

Being more in tune with machines and the mechanical surroundings, Magenta naturally felt a more eerie presence than Nova probably did. As such, she tread more carefully, yet still right behind her.

Magenta: "Nova, be careful... This place feels a little weird to me... Don't go too far ahead of me!"

Running right behind, Magenta went through the doors to the next room as well, a tingle in her body warning her of what was in store.

As expected, the two blossoming witchlings braved the darkness and continued onward down the metaphorical rabbit hole. However, what they would find on the other side would be far from whimsical.

Once the ventured further through the doorway, they would be lead to a mechanical wasteland- a robot graveyard of sorts. Machina, once enormous and magnificent in creation and stature, now nothing more than hunks of scrap metal- mere husks of what used to be.

This depressing area seemed to stretch on for miles, with no door way in sight. The duo would have to wonder until they found a way out.

What's more, the sound of mechanical wailing could be faintly heard in an arbitrary direction- perhaps Magenta could locate it and possibly find a way out.

"... More destruction." Nova said, no longer running about. Her hands were now fishing around in her pockets while she continued forward. Those random sounds mechanical wonder briefly caught her attention, turning her head in the direction it originated. "Maggie?" she said without turning around to her. Machines were Magenta's ball park, so maybe she would know what's going on. -

This new area gave Magenta a feel of utter despair. That heady feeling of unease that she was feeling before was the feelings of all of these decrepit and destroyed machines in this room. Nova wouldn't be able to feel their pain, but Magenta felt all of it, and it made her sad.

Magenta: "These poor souls... They had no one to protect them, and so now... They've been destroyed..."

She took a couple step into the array of destruction, inspecting some of the run down machines with broken parts and accessories. She knelt down, wondering if she could actually repair these poor creatures... But she heard more. Her head quickly jerked to the direction the wailing was coming for, and she signaled for Nova to come in close.

Magenta: "Nova, I sense something... I can hear the aching whirs of an active machine in pain! We.. We simply must go there now! Come on!"

Suddenly taking initiative for the sake of protection, she grabbed Nova's hand and dragged her- willing or not- to where she thought the noise was originating. Hopefully something friendly was there.

Running through the mechanical wasteland, the two witchlings would run pass piles of damaged machinery. The pathway was even crowded with shrapnel and loads of metal parts. The road was getting worse, but the cry was getting stronger.

In time they would be able to see an old, gargantuan, seemingly tortured Machina in the distance. He was hunched over- his dark figure ominous in the lack of light that they traveled in.

The sorrowful cry strengthened the closer they ventured towards this metal titan.

-After being dragged by Magenta for so long, Nova would simply decide to take off and fly towards the sound herself. She soared right behind Magenta, maneuvering through the metal madness, leaving a soft glisten in the air behind her.

Eventually, the two of them would have arrived at the feet of the mighty giant. She slid to a stop behind Magenta, commenting on the magnitude of its presence with nothing more than a load whistle.-

"..Whoa.." she said faintly, walking toward the Machina. Her mouth was slightly agape as she looked on in awe. The shrieking and crying was definitely coming from this thing. She slowly turned her head toward Magenta, ready to get her input on this. "...Well?"

The moment Magenta knew that the cry belonged to a fellow machine, she almost wept. Over the entire scape of the area was destroyed machines, all by the hands of this creature, to protect something. Huh. Made Magenta think... She could learn a thing or two about protection, it seems. She slowly made her way to the front of the machine, able to feel its pain.

Magenta: "... We must help it, Nova. It seeks our protection, so we have to do it!"

She looked the machina up and down in every way she could possibly do so to see where it was destroyed. She intended to fix whatever it was that was amiss with this creature... This poor, poor creature...

The machina cried out in autonomous anguish. If one persisted, they would catch eye of a dark red glow emitting from the head of the beast. It was "waking up", and looking about its surroundings. It heard the noise from the conversing of the brave witchlings, but knew not of their intentions- it geared itself up for confrontation.

With a vicious revving sound, the enormous Machina clenched its opened fist, causing a monstrous force to bark down the massive halls of this clock tower. This specific machina was older than most had ever encountered- ancient writings and lost designs were sketched along the hide of this metal monument. His power, far exceeded their own.

However, the large monster stuttered in its rise to battle. It had been too badly damaged to fight at its full potential at this point. Before they arrived, it murdered legions and legions of monsters and other Machina who encroached upon its territory, creating the piles of metal carnage that surround the all of them. Regardless, the monster stood in a knelt down position- its massive right hand supporting its weight, while the left remained close to its chest. This creature was protecting something..

Machina: "..!!!"

With a vehement wail, the Machina ignored its damages and prepared for battle- knelt position and tattered condition, he wasn't going to be defeated.


-Nova backflipped further away from the large creature as it first barked its presence at the two of them. She shuddered at its magnitude.-

"I'm not too sure about that.." Nova said, her face and tone distressed to say the least. She waved her hands about the air, leaving streams and trails of light magics. She wanted to believe Magenta, she would truly prefer an alternative to battle- reasoning, negotiating, anything! But she was no fool. Unlike Magenta, Nova wouldn't hesitate to take action and unless they could convey to the machina that they were not foes, she was going to have to.-

Once things began to go south, Magenta is the first to feel it; the robot's confusion. She was so close to it that, how couldn't she? When the barking force was omitted from the monstrous mechanical menace, with wings stretched out did Magenta use the force to float backward gently to where Nova was positioned, to keep herself close to her partner. Immediately, she turned toward Nova with a concerned face and her hands over her chest, as if having just felt the pain of the creature. She cried out her friend's name.

Magenta: "Nova! I feel its pain. Don't hurt it, try to comfort it!"

She didn't realize if Nova had figured that out for herself, but it seemed as though she did. Magenta merely cast Protect upon Nova now, those green hexagon's encircled Nova and let her out to the front. Magenta wouldn't let her get hurt as long as she kept up that Protect.

Try as it might, the Machina could not move to fight. The previous wounds inflicted upon it were proved to be too critical for it to carry on. It staggered in pain, and descended into its knelt position.

Its cries of agony no longer bearing the same sound of a resilient guardian, rather, it carried stories of sorrow in every note. The Machina's time nigh, and it knew that. The magical energy flowing through its veins allowed it to "feel", and the despair it felt from not being able to protect its treasure was all to great.

-Nova shielded her face from the explosion with her hands, a gust of vicious winds blowing everything off of its foundations. Once it died down, Nova peeked between her make shift shield only to sigh in relief. She couldn't empathize with it like Maggie, so she was just relieved that they didn't have to fight. But saddened, because she could see the magical energies that kept it alive fading away..-

Nova: "..Bummer."

The great Machina before them seemed anxious for battle, yet for the noble cause of protecting something that was dear to it, much like Magenta did. For that, her sympathy reached a height so great that she felt as if the two of them were one... And that was how she noticed that it was fading away.

Magenta: "No... No, this can't happen! I won't let you die..."

Her mission to protect everything seemed like a far off distant dream now, for try as she might, she did not have the magical ability to sustain life in an ancient machine such as this. She tried her very hardest, expending the very greatest of her power into it, trying even to assimilate with it... But it was no use by now. Its fate was already decided... And she couldn't protect it.

Magenta: "... I'm a failure... I can't even protect one of my own..."

She fell to her knees, hands tightly clenched in her lap as the most sorrowful and somber face besmirched her normally light and loving face. She almost reached the point of tears.

Magenta: "Oh, Nova... I couldn't do it... I couldn't save it... I'll never be like my father at this rate..."

It was like at that moment, all of her dreams were being crushed, slowly and surely.

The Machina's red glowing eye seemed to shine a bit brighter after hearing Magenta put her heart on her sleeve. If Nova payed attention, she could possibly see the change in radiance of the magical energies leaving its body- they began to glow brighter and stronger.

The creature found selfish refuge in Magenta's tears. It felt her sincerity and her want to protect, not only him, but all things. That notion opened the metaphorical will of the automaton, and it used its final seconds to let Magenta to know that.

The Machina rose from its position, causing a quake of the earth below. It reached its hands down and opened its palm, revealing what it has been protecting this entire time. It was a gear. It looked ordinary but bore great magical promise. It wanted Magenta to take it, as a sign of respect and trust.

-Nova watched on from the sidelines. At first she was on the defensive when the large monster made its approach toward her, but eased up once she realized its intentions. She released a sigh of relief and watched from the sides. It was always cute to her to watch Magenta protect something.-

Trying her hardest to keep the tears out of her eyes, she was too lost in her own pathetic sorrow to even notice that the machine was starting to rise again, at least for a moment or two. She was struck by the loud whir of mechanical engines turning, knowing that none of the other machines here were to blame for it, and she looked up to see the large mechanical creature coming back to life.

Magenta: "This energy... Does that mean...?"

She tried to rise to her feet, but found no need when the creature rose to its. The great automaton extended its mechanical hand out to Magenta and revealed the sole thing it had been protecting; a gear of some sort. Perhaps this gear was the treasure of this tower, or even something better than that. No matter what it was, it was, to Magenta her way of protecting this machine.

Magenta: "I've been given the gift of protecting your treasure.. You're passing it on to me..."

Frozen by confusion for a moment, she hugged the great leg of the machine and smiled warmly at it.

Magenta: "Thank you. I will protect it with all my power for all eternity. This is how I will protect your wishes; by protecting your treasure."

She knew that the machine didn't have much time left. Perhaps she could even study its ancient technological standpoint for some data of her own, if anything. It might help her realize her own power, perhaps. With the gear in hand, she turned to Nova and presented it to her, showing her the treasure she was meant to protect.

Magenta: "Nova... This is what it was trying to give me... I don't know what it is or what it does, but apparently it had enough importance to that machine to cause it to risk its life... So I'm gonna take care of it now.

A ring of light formed around her neck as she placed he gear up to it like a pendant. From here on, she was going to wear the gear around her neck like a necklace, at least until she figured out its power.

-Nova's face lit up like a teenager. She was ecstatic to see that her friend had accomplish some sort of major goal- she rejoiced in a feminine yelp of excitement. She jumped for joy a little bit before turning her attention back to the large creature.-

Nova: "But what of your fate? Mr...?"

-Nova's facial expression changed with that. She looked over now to the large Machina and was curious to its fate. She had thought maybe they could channel some of their magical energy into it, possibly save it, or help it in some way.-

The large Machina lowered back to a sitting position, causing a rumble of the area as it did before. No longer protecting the gear, the Machina seemed to be recovering. Its wounds were repairing, its damaged parts mending, and its magical energy returning. It could be inferred that the Machina was using every ounce of its mystical being to make sure that gear remained preserved and safe. Also, no longer having to protect it meaning that it could finally rest.

The red glow of the giant faded as it began to hibernate. Its power slowly recharging. The Gear, although a magical and mysterious, attracted attention. Magenta would be doomed to fight stronger enemies so long as she donned that gear. However, her will to protect will make her stronger still. That was but one of the many secrets of the gear, who knows what else it hid.

A reaction was now occurring within the machina after its previous deactivation... Apparently, with its burden taken off of it, it could rest and recharge all on its own. That made Magenta very, very happy.

Magenta: "Thank goodness... Now you can rest for real this time... I hope you find this place peaceful from now on..."

Her voice was quiet and soft, much like her personality when she wasn't on the lookout for protecting something. With the Machina in a sort of hibernation mode, Magenta turned back to Nova and smiled at her.

Magenta: "I think this was what we were supposed to get. With this here, I don't think there is much else to do here..."

But, if this little gear caused that much havoc for the machine... Then what kind of trouble would it cause for Magenta on the way out?

"Yeah, let's hurry up and get out of here before someone else comes lookin' for that thing.." Nova said pointing to that gear that they just risked their lives for. She looked around from the way they came in and quickly began running out with Maggie. They had accomplished their first mission together and figured this would set the tone for their future, but they would have to get out first.-

"As long as there is Light Within Me, there is Hope For The World. I Will Protect It. That is My Philosophy and My Truth."

Tempora Tensei is a Hikarigami (Light Goddess) of the Veritas, specifically being the Time Goddess after inheriting the title of the head 'Hikarigami' from her mother and father, Teleine and Teus, who are the other two Hikarigami. She is the one who maintains all things temporal in the Veritas. Before acquiring the 'Gear Of Time', which powers all temporal events in the Veritas, and also serves as part of her essence, she was known simply as Magenta, and still goes by that name often. Though she had a physical form and an Appearance, Tempora tends to remain surrounded in a veil of light known as 'Vilon', and to remain ambiguously among the folds of time until a time of her choosing to reveal her actual form underneath her veil of 'Timelight'.

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Second Time: Searching For The Tiger Fangs!!

After receiving her task from Zita, Elara readily made her way to the Seasons Grove area in search of the Tiger Fangs weapon she spoke of, her eyes alight with her Eyes Of Mura spell would begin observing the area for the weapons.

"Gotta hurry, things are getting real!" she said, scanning the groves as she searched.

As she traveled, searching for the weapons, she decided to take it slow... The area around her was beautiful. There were a vast array of trees with all types of plant life that had even started to bloom as she walked through the grove. The warm crisp winds softly caressed her face warming her chilled skin.

"I wonder where these things are?" she said as she continued to search. Eventually, she couldn't find anything so she decided to wait and take a bit of a rest. Leaning against the tree she would doze off. Images of her mother soothed her mind.

As Elara dozed off, the trees around her would start to change with the breeze of the wind. Almost like a dream, they simply shifted colors and atmospheres like a dreamy chameleon. Now, what was once summer had become fall. With it, a cool, chill breeze accompanied the light brown, red and golden leaves that fluttered through the silent air. When Elara woke, she would find this change all around her as well.

As this all occurred, Elara was sleeping away her troubles... The only thing that awoke her from her slumber was a cute little orange leaf that landed softly on her nose. She thought it was a monster and immediately shot out a flurry of fireballs... But upon getting up, she made them disappear. She got up looking at the now fall-like season. The withering willows were still retaining a certain beauty. She then remembered she was looking for something...

"Oh!... The Tiger Fangs!" she said. She had gone to sleep and forgotten all about them. She would summon a small pride of panthers to aid her in her search as she dispersed them all over the grove in search of the weapon.

The search party and Elara herself would find themselves looking all over the Seasons Grove for the Tiger Fangs, but to no avail would they come across them. This was because every time they moved, the seasons changed, so it seemed like every area was exactly the same. Because the seasons changed as they moved, it seemed like it was eternally fall, simply because the farther went out, the more the trees were supposed to be different, but were changing too rapidly. Soon, everything would begin to look the same to them, and then it would become the same to them. This was going to be more difficult than expected.

Eventually Elara found herself a bit frustrated and her entourage reflected that emotion as they tried to find the fangs, but everything just kept turning back to where she first was. Elara stood there scratching the top of her fluffy head... How and the hell was she going to do this if it constantly changed as she moved...? Maybe that was it... Because she was constantly moving, it was probably not realistic that the seasons only changed as the person traveled, but she would test it any way. Calling back her small pride they all sat beside each other wondering if their theory was right.

As Elara and her party now stood in one place, the seasons would change again in her specific area from Fall to Winter, bringing with it an extremely cold temperature and snow. The snow quickly covered the entire area in a sheet of pure white fluff. With the climate extremely cold and the ground filled with snow, it was going to be hard for Elara to move...

Seeing that once again the season had changed even though she didn't move a muscle, she couldn't help but get flustered as the snow came about. Using her Magic she created a small orb of heat that would melt the snow allowing her to walk freely through it, her familiars by her will would fade, for it seemed keeping them out as of now was a waste.

"Grrr.... This infuriating... How am I suppose to find them if everything keeps changing!" she said, having no choice but to walk and search but with everything looking the same time and time again... It was kind of a nuisance.

This time, the seasons did not change. The winter seemed to be long and harsh in this area, and it was cold and blustery now, a huge blizzard starting to pick up. The winter was here to stay this time around, it seemed, and it was making Elara's travels difficult. If she could perhaps find the area of Spring, she would be fine, but the winter air did not seem to want to allow her to.

Increasing the heat orb around her, she didn't even feel the chills of the blizzard, for the orb was concentrated heat that repulsed the ever dropping temperatures. She continued forth, searching far and wide for them, but even still she saw nothing but what seemed like an endless forest of snow and rampaging winds. Pushing through the winds, she wouldn't allow herself to fail... She couldn't afford to, at this point.

"I... I... I will succeed... No.. I must!" she said as she pressed on.

Relaxed, enjoying the nice cool spring breeze from the ever changing Seasons Grove, Magenta lies peacefully in the lush green of the grass that only seemed to change from summer to spring and back again as she rested.

Magenta: "This place is really nice... It helps me take my mind off of Nova..."

Nova had previously wished to be alone for a little while, and Magenta would allow so until she needed some protecting. By which, Magenta would be there quicker than two shakes of a lamb's tail. But until then, it was time to relax and take the day off... Until she felt the presence of another Witchling around.

Magenta: "Hm? That's weird... I think there's someone else here but I don't know where they are..."

She wanted to know just who was here, so she started off in the direction of where she felt the power source coming from... and that power source was coming from the wintery region of the Seasons Grove. She wasn't going to enjoy this...

As she pressed on through the winter wonderland, Elara would suddenly sense the presence of another witchling.

Elara" "That's odd... Someone else is here."

Creating two snow leopards, she sent them out to find the source of the magic she was sensing, whilst she herself continued to look for the fangs.

Magenta followed her magical senses toward where this odd magical presence was pulling her, farther away from the Spring area and into the Winter area of the Seasons Grove.

Magenta: "... It's pretty cold around these parts..."

She held her hands over her arms, shivering a bit. She wasn't proficient in using heat like Nova was, only light itself and protection magic. With teeth chattering, she spotted two snow leopards coming her way.

Magenta: "Oh my... Are these friend or foe?"

She would never harm anything that didn't mean her any, and so she walked over to the Snow Leopards fearlessly, still shivering, and tried to talk to them.

Magenta: "Um... Hello. Are you the magical source I sensed?"

She hoped that they were not here to attack her... She hated killing animals, even if it was for their own sake.

The magical Familiars snarled at her at first, but soon smelled her Witchling Essence and began to rub against her legs, then purred. It seems that this girl was the magic source that their master was searching for, and so one of the leopards popped the girl onto its back, for it wasn't able to speak yet since Elara hadn't got that proficient in using her Familars. The two leopards took off with the girl on its back, racing through the winter wonderland, eventually bringing her to Elara, who was still searching for those wretched Tiger Fangs. Though once her leopards came back, her attention was averted elsewhere.

"Oh!.. So you're the Witching I sense... I'm sorry if they scared you," she said, her fluffy hair bouncing along with her as she made her way to greet Magenta. "Well.. In any case, I'm Elara, and these two here are my Familiars."

Elara found introducing herself to new people starting to get really easy... Whereas before, she was to scared to even look someone in the face... She was now taking the initiative to greet them. She was becoming a strong young woman indeed.

Though these large cats snarled at her, she could tell that they were friendly in heart, and did not fear them at all. There wasn't anything she really did fear, in the first place, but she did not pull her hand away. Before long, these cats were purring at her, and plopping her onto their backs, which she did not expect.

Magenta: "Huh? Oh wow!"

She held onto the fur of the one she got on tightly, letting it guide her to wherever it seemed to want to take her. Apparently, the source of whom she had felt in this Seasons Grove was coming closer.

Magenta: "Oh, you guys are taking me to your master..."

By the time she realized this, they were already there, and Magenta was face to face with Elara, hopping off of her snow leopard.

Magenta: "Hi there... My name is Magenta. What's yours?"

Her voice was soft and sweet, and rather sincere. With her hands clasped together behind her back, she gave off the feel of a shy girl, which she was a little bit of, in essence.

"Elara..." she repeated to the girl. She was all smiles and Elara could sense a light about her... One that was benevolent in every sense of the word.

Elara: "So what are you doing out here.?"

Elara was unfazed by the winter land's coldness, for she was still generating her heat bubble.

"If you're cold, you can have one of these," she said, using her magic to generate a bubble for Magenta as well hopefully warming her up.

Magenta: "Thanks..."

She wasn't really all that affected by the cold, but it was still pretty chilly. The warming aura bubble was a nice gesture toward her.

Magenta: "Oh, I was just out here relaxing in the warmer part of this grove... What about you?"

It was really strange for someone to be out in the winter area deliberately. Magenta was only killing time until Nova returned to her, which she hoped was soon.

"No problem... I'm actually on a Mission From the Head Witch, Zita... I'm looking for these two knuckle weapons called the Tiger Fangs... Seen anything that might look like them?" Elara said as they continued on through the wintery scene. Elara liked this girl... At least the feel of her magic... It was so warm so inviting so benevolent... Unlike her own...

Tiger Fangs? Magenta hadn't heard anything about those weapons before, especially not within the Seasons Grove.

Magenta: "No, I have not heard of the Tiger Fangs... But perhaps we'll have a better chance if we look together?"

It was a pretty good idea, and it would get the job done faster, rest assured.

Magenta: "What do you say...?"

Elara had no objections to her proposal. It would actually make this a lot easier on Elara in terms of searching for the fangs, and perhaps she and Magenta might even become... Friends.

Elara: "Really, you'd help me?... But you don't even know me... Why so nice?"

Elara was a bit puzzled... Magenta knew nothing of Elara; not if she was corrupt, or otherwise... So why would she be so quick to help Elara? Was she really so trusting?

"But in any case, thank you. I really appreciate this," Elara said, trying not to question her motives any further. And so she began to walk, motioning her Familiars to follow while they continued to search for the fangs.

Magenta nodded her head, grabbing onto Elara's hand and smiling at her warmly.

Magenta: "You've got a good heart, that much I can tell! I don't need to know you to see what's right in front of my face."

Giggling to herself a bit, Magenta would release her hand and would start off in an arbitrary direction, hoping that Elara hadn't looked there.

Magenta: "Meet me in the Spring area if you need me, I'll be searching around there!"

She had deduced that since she hadn't seen Elara in the Spring area, she probably hadn't been there, and it would be best for her to start her search there instead of ask where she'd been. Common sense, right? They'd meet up when necessary.

Elara looked at Magenta with a rather perplexed look... This girl was a bit strange... And for Elara to think of another as strange, as weird as she was, meant it carried a bit of weight behind it. But nonetheless, she liked the fact that Magenta was so high-spirited... It was the perfect counter weight to Elara's depression from time to time.

"Okay then, I'll send my Familiar for you!" she said, not even thinking Magenta was just going off in some random direction instead of asking her did she look there already.

Elara" "Hey wait, I--"

But it was too late; Magenta had dipped off. Elara would then keeping walking, hoping to get out of this blizzard place and find those damn fangs.

Searching in two different seasonal areas of the Seasons Grove, the two would look tirelessly for the legendary Tiger Fangs.

As she traversed the winter wonder land of snow, Elara would, in the distance, notice what she had been searching for the entire time.

"Finally..." she said with a sigh of relief as she began walking towards the weapon, reaching for the Tiger Fangs and placing them with her. Should she be able to touch them...? Before she reached for the fangs, she thought of what Zita said their power was and instead allowed her Muraski Flames to fetch them for her.

After searching and searching and searching, Magenta would find that to no avail would she be able to find those Tiger Fangs. A bit worn out, she released an exasperated sigh and started back toward her new friend Elara to tell her the disappointing news.

Magenta: "Hey, Elara, sorry, but I couldn't find... Huh?"

She found Elara holding a new weapon when she got back... The Tiger Fangs? Must have been. It looks like her search was complete. Magenta smiled, clasping her hands together behind her back cutely.

Magenta: "Looks like you found them without me anyway, haha! I'm glad about that..."

But now that they were found... Now what?

After retrieving the Tiger Fangs, Elara placed them on her person. Turning over, she would sense the magical light that was Magenta. She seemed discouraged by her tone of voice, but as Elara turned to face her, she could see the happiness well inside of Magenta.

"Yeah, I found them... I guess I was just lucky, though. Hehehe," Elara said as her fluffy pink hair ruffled a bit in the chilly winds. They now had to go back to Zita-sama and give them back to her... Though their magic felt right at home to Elara.

"Now we have to take them back to Zita-sama!" she said, darting off in the direction of Zita's Castle.

"Come on Magenta, my friend! We have succeeded, now off to Zita's place!" Elara said, motioning her to follow... Elara was just happy she had succeeded in doing something... But she stopped in place... This was easy... Too easy... If these blades were truly so 'Legendary'... Wasn't there some sort of guardian?

"Wait... We might need to be careful as we take our leave... There might be something that won't make it that simple as to take this weapon and go..." she said, still leaving but now at a more cautious pace.

Magenta looked around, up and down, and scratched the back of her head a little bit.

Magenta: "I don't feel anything at all... Usually I'm really sensitive to malicious forces. I don't think anything is here at all..."

She admired Elara's protective caution, as Magenta did the same thing for Nova, but... It seemed like they should just go while nothing was bothering them instead of waiting around for something to show up. So Magenta took it upon herself to lead Elara back... For the sake of protection. That's all Magenta ever wanted to do.

"Okay... Let's be off!" Elara said, running off into the distance with Magenta. They quickly left the area and sought to report to Zita.

"As long as there is Light Within Me, there is Hope For The World. I Will Protect It. That is My Philosophy and My Truth."

Tempora Tensei is a Hikarigami (Light Goddess) of the Veritas, specifically being the Time Goddess after inheriting the title of the head 'Hikarigami' from her mother and father, Teleine and Teus, who are the other two Hikarigami. She is the one who maintains all things temporal in the Veritas. Before acquiring the 'Gear Of Time', which powers all temporal events in the Veritas, and also serves as part of her essence, she was known simply as Magenta, and still goes by that name often. Though she had a physical form and an Appearance, Tempora tends to remain surrounded in a veil of light known as 'Vilon', and to remain ambiguously among the folds of time until a time of her choosing to reveal her actual form underneath her veil of 'Timelight'.

I Know I Can... ~~ (Battle Theme)
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Third Time: Were' Back! Mission Complete!

After being tugged by Magenta from the Seasons Grove, the two of them ended up back at Zita's Castle... The air was different here, as Zita's magical essence had thinned out of the castle...What had happened to Zita?... When she met Chita, she wasn't even given an explanation before she was rudely launched to Timbuktu.

"Zita-san, are you here?" Elara said knocking on the door waiting for a response.

"I'm happy that you were there to help out, Magenta," Elara said with a cheerfulness that was rather foreign to her, but nonetheless it was there.

After pulling Elara from the Seasons Grove, Magenta made it to Zita's door and took some steps back from it to let Elara in front. Magenta wasn't all that fond of speaking up, so Elara could brief Zita in on the specifics while she stood in the background. She started playing around in the dirt with her feet ever so slightly.

Voiding back in front her talk with the Demon King, Chita found two rather... Strange Witchlings huddled up at her door.

Chita: "... Oi... Tch. I really don't wanna have to do this..."

She scratched the back of her head, her body fading in from seemingly nowhere right in front of the two.

Chita: "... Who are you guys and what is it that you want?"

Elara: "..."

Elara didn't say anything at first... She remembered this girl... She was the one who so kindly blasted her from the meeting at the Witch Mass and landed her kindly in the Stones Of Fate... How quaint.

Elara: "Oh... It's you... I'm Elara... Is Zita-sama here...? I have the Tiger Fangs she asked for."

She, despite her confusion towards Chita as to why she decided to blast her to Timbuktu, decided to keep it cute... And be professional.

Chita tapped her foot impatiently and leaned steadily on the door, arms crossed, as per use.

Chita: "Zita... Is not here. Clearly. I thought that was established when I was at the Meeting Hall... when I shouted it at the top of my lungs. Why else would you have come there...?"

She grit her teeth, already pissed a little bit that she had to answer such a question. She tapped her foot a little faster, frustrating herself.

Chita: "Yeah... Those Tiger Fangs... Just keep them. I don't care what you do with them."

Chita shrugged her shoulders and opened her door up trying to slooowly slink her way inside, maybe...?

Okay, Elara couldn't bite her tongue anymore... She would tell this chick how she felt about her being so rude to her.

"No, the only thing you made clear was that you didn't want me there despite how much I give a damn about your mother and her well being!... All you did was blast me from the mass twice without so much as a hint as to what was wrong and what was going on... I'll be the first to admit..." she said, putting her foot in the door of the castle, staring at Chita, "Sometimes I can be kinda annoying with my rambling, but I was just worried about someone who is precious to me!... And dammit, I don't feel bad about what I did or what I tried to do... We witchlings are damn near an endangered species and yet, I feel we are a family, and when the mama gets fucked with, then her babies get down to the bottom of it... Zita is that mother to all the Witchlings who come to her for guidance and a safe haven... So I would give anything to make sure I can help her... It is my duty as a child of magic..."

She would not be moved. Such was the force of her own conviction.

Elara: "I just wanna help you, dammit... I just wanna help you because... If you're a witch, then dammit, you're family! I will never turn my back on family again... So stop being such a hard-ass and let me help you save her!"

Chita's facial expression did not change during any of Elara's heartfelt speech. Even her positioning did not change, either. Her hand stayed on the door, her eyes stayed cold, and her disposition... Rather displeased. But, she did close the door and turn back around, ready to hear Elara and respond to her.

Chita: "Yeah, you are annoying. I don't like that. You may be her daughter by feel, but I'm her daughter by blood. Whatever bond you thought you had from your two seconds of training, try multiplying that by a billion for me and her. Get over it and grow up. There are more important things to be doing rather than sitting around and throwing tantrums for little things. Hmph."

Chita, of all people, saying this? She was the poster child for throwing a tantrum for little things way back when! But she had come a looooong way since then... And girls were always throwing petty tantrums.

Chita: "I didn't care that you had something to say to me or wanted to know. I cared about your fucking babyish approach. If you wanna talk to me, grow up first. Keep the cute baby shit for someone else before I punch it out of you. Got it?"

Chita shook her head.

Chita: "Besides, you did help me back then. By not having to deal with you, I could actually get some real work done with Nova and send her on her mission, which was of great urgency... Until someone, trying to be cute, came in and kept trying to fuck it up. See how that might piss someone off? Couldn't even wait until I was done."

She sighed.

Chita: "... If you MUST know, my ma's been taken over by some malevolent force. I don't know what she's up to, but she must not have done much, cuz I sense no spike in her magical power. In fact, I feel like the situation has been dealt with. What HASN'T been fully dealt with right now is the state of the Witch Province, and that Deathgirl. Deal with those before you talk to me about anything else. I'm busy."

In her own way, Chita was right... Elara hadn't approached the dealings at the mass with any maturity... That was only because Elara had just learned or allowed herself to feel any type of emotions towards people... So she didn't really know how to channel her feelings yet.

"Okay... You're right... From now on, I'll handle these things more tactfully... But... I know the feeling of having your mother taken from you... At least yours is still breathing... Regardless..." Elara said, looking at Chita still, "I want to let you know that I am here... Concerning the Deathgirl... Allow me to gather a team of qualified shinobi and take on the Deathgirl and deal with her once and for all..."

For once, Chita smiled. Granted, only half a smirk, it was but a smile nonetheless. Elara had done well.

Chita: "That's what I like to hear. Looks like I can actually talk to you now. Congrats. Keep me posted, you two."

She looked behind Elara at Magenta, getting a weird feeling like she knew her... She was tied to that Nova girl in some way, she knew that much, but she wouldn't look much into it right now. Busy busy, and all.

Chita: "So go gather that team and report in. I'll tell you the status of the Deathgirl when you do. Got it?"

Chita opened the door and walked inside, but before closing it, she stared at Elara with her cold expression again.

Chita: "... Good work."

And shut the door.

"Eeeeep!" Elara squealed in excitement. She couldn't believe that just happened...! A compliment from Chita?... That was a gift in itself. But now Elara had a charge... She had to gather this team of shinobi together and present them to Chita. Considering what she heard about the Deathgirl, it would take someone with amazing willpower and inner strength... She knew Magenta to be one of these people. She turned to Magenta, walked over to her, and smiled.

"Looks like it's settled then... Hey Magenta... We're friends, right?" she said looking to Magenta, her smile so pure and innocent. "Wanna help me take on the Deathgirl?... She's Threatening to destroy the Dusk and all the witchlings along with it... We can't let that happen! Don't you have friends here you want to protect?"

Magenta, who had been sitting out and simply listening could understand the feelings of both parties... it was a gift of hers, coming from her want to protect everything. When Chita and Elara were done conversing, Elara turned around and confronted Magenta, who only smiled happily as she prodded her fingers together.

Magenta: "Of course we're friends! Don't you think so?"

Naturally, she said that jokingly in her soft and cute voice.

Magenta: "Well naturally I would want to take on the Deathgirl... I will help you! I'll even go get Nova to help out, too... She and I are the best of friends, and I know she'll do it if I ask!"

She clasped her hands together and hovered a bit off of the ground for a moment before landing again.

Magenta: "I have friends I want to protect... But I also want to protect everything else, too!"

That said, Magenta knew where her next stop was... To find Nova!

"Good! I knew I could count on you, Magenta!" Elara said, hugging her tightly before letting her go. "I have a few others in mind that we can rely on possibly... Go and get Nova and convince her to help us... I'll go get our other people!"

With that, Elara was off darting off into the distance. First one on her list was a particular witchling... One who she had encountered once before.

Magenta returned the hug warmly, feeling good that she had made such a nice new friend other than Nova.

Magenta: "Yes! I will go get her right away!"

With the special bond she shared with Nova, she could feel the presence of her magical essence more clearly than anything else. With that in her sights, her wings spread outward and she took to flight, leaving a crystal trail in her wake below her.

"As long as there is Light Within Me, there is Hope For The World. I Will Protect It. That is My Philosophy and My Truth."

Tempora Tensei is a Hikarigami (Light Goddess) of the Veritas, specifically being the Time Goddess after inheriting the title of the head 'Hikarigami' from her mother and father, Teleine and Teus, who are the other two Hikarigami. She is the one who maintains all things temporal in the Veritas. Before acquiring the 'Gear Of Time', which powers all temporal events in the Veritas, and also serves as part of her essence, she was known simply as Magenta, and still goes by that name often. Though she had a physical form and an Appearance, Tempora tends to remain surrounded in a veil of light known as 'Vilon', and to remain ambiguously among the folds of time until a time of her choosing to reveal her actual form underneath her veil of 'Timelight'.

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Fourth Time: Hasty Return

-With a sudden surge of flickering bolts of light, Nova manifested already in mid-dash. She was hurrying back to relay the message from Shinigami to Chita.-

In a gleam of crystal clear light, the person that found Nova would not be the current head witch Chita, but her best friend Magenta, who seemed to urgently be searching for her.

Magenta: "Nova! I've been looking for you! Something important has come up!"

-Nova couldn't simply stop her speedy rush, Magenta would have to keep up with her already top speed dash in order to relay her message.-

"Can't stop- Gotta keep moving," she forced out. She couldn't just leave her girl.-

Magenta didn't mind Nova's behavior at all. She had always been like this, and Magenta always knew how to keep up so that she wouldn't be left behind. As usual, she expanded her crystal clear angelic wings. The light that trailed behind Nova, no matter how faint, would be drawn into her crystalline wings, taking this light and refracting off of every single inch of her wings... And created metal around her fragile crystals. She made jet wings powered by light. And so, from it she sped toward Nova's side, giving her a concerned look.

Magenta: "The Head Witch wants to see you! It's really important she says!"

Magenta's urgency made it very clear the dire importance of this dilemma, and hoped that Nova would stop to heed her words... Magenta had a really good feeling about them.

"As long as there is Light Within Me, there is Hope For The World. I Will Protect It. That is My Philosophy and My Truth."

Tempora Tensei is a Hikarigami (Light Goddess) of the Veritas, specifically being the Time Goddess after inheriting the title of the head 'Hikarigami' from her mother and father, Teleine and Teus, who are the other two Hikarigami. She is the one who maintains all things temporal in the Veritas. Before acquiring the 'Gear Of Time', which powers all temporal events in the Veritas, and also serves as part of her essence, she was known simply as Magenta, and still goes by that name often. Though she had a physical form and an Appearance, Tempora tends to remain surrounded in a veil of light known as 'Vilon', and to remain ambiguously among the folds of time until a time of her choosing to reveal her actual form underneath her veil of 'Timelight'.

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Hikarigami, Crystal Heart of the Crystal Aurora :: Crystal Angel of Crysteria

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Fifth Time: Kerplop!

After her meeting with the Black Dragon, Tara suddenly found herself right in front of a really old yet beautifully crafted castle. It had such a powerful presence of magics that were old and serene. Tara kerplopped right on her butt after being warped here by Black Dragon.-

"Ouch... What the?" she said, though the fall didn't hurt in the slightest... She had a pretty tough hide, though she enjoyed acting like she was normal. She stood up looking around the area... Everything was so dark, ominous, and mysterious... It made her wonder if she was even in the right place... What's more... She wondered more of the things to come.

"I wonder if Chisa?... Chicha?... Bah, I forgot her name!" she said grabbing her cranium in frustration... She was a little dense sometimes and often forgot the simple things. After regaining her composure, she just decided to go with the flow and bait the lady into revealing her name. She knocked on the door ever so gently... But her strength lacked the subtlety of a simple knock and sounded as if she would break the door down right off the hinges.

Walking out of the door just as it was rapped upon by a strange Witchling was Magenta, who had been inside looking for her good friends, Nova and Elara. She hadn't seen either of them in quite some time, and was convinced that they had been hiding themselves in Zita's Castle. But, to no avail, as not a single soul was home. She was disheartened for a moment, until she noticed the Witchling before her.

Magenta: "Oh. Hello there! Who are you?"

She asked in a warm manner. She was very friendly.

"Ahh!" Tara said as the girl appeared out of the doorway. Was this Cicha? The lady she was supposed to find? Tara was taken back a bit, her facial expression one of definite surprise. As she stepped back, her gentle foot shook the ground with great might, causing the area to tremble slightly.

"A-Are you Chicha?" she said. Her scarf was muffling her speech, but she had to keep her cold blood warm.

"As long as there is Light Within Me, there is Hope For The World. I Will Protect It. That is My Philosophy and My Truth."

Tempora Tensei is a Hikarigami (Light Goddess) of the Veritas, specifically being the Time Goddess after inheriting the title of the head 'Hikarigami' from her mother and father, Teleine and Teus, who are the other two Hikarigami. She is the one who maintains all things temporal in the Veritas. Before acquiring the 'Gear Of Time', which powers all temporal events in the Veritas, and also serves as part of her essence, she was known simply as Magenta, and still goes by that name often. Though she had a physical form and an Appearance, Tempora tends to remain surrounded in a veil of light known as 'Vilon', and to remain ambiguously among the folds of time until a time of her choosing to reveal her actual form underneath her veil of 'Timelight'.

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Hikarigami, Crystal Heart of the Crystal Aurora :: Crystal Angel of Crysteria
Hikarigami, Crystal Heart of the Crystal Aurora :: Crystal Angel of Crysteria

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Sixth Time: Number 11; Justice

-Amaterasu; Life's Chambers-

"Is It Done?" Uttered Teus, who was beginning to manifest his energy into an energetically stable solidified state, "You know I don't have all day..." He was already enjoying his new body, though. It fit pretty well. "You know you two are the Chrysms, right?" he'd say rather nonchalantly, this time with a wicked smirk on his face, rolling up his sleeves, "So uh. There's a new 'Hikarigami' in town, kids." The remainder of his body was starting to form from the waist down, drawing his energetic pattern out completely in a 3 dimensional form he learned how to do in the 3rd Dimension in order to learn how to Make Whatever Body He Wanted For Himself as an Avatar in the Next Stage Of Life, "... Yeah, so. We've got a little bit of work to do."

"Yes," The Great Pumpkin uttered as it illuminated the blue sky, "The Consciousness Transfer Is Complete. The Crystal Crown Has Made A Full Rotation." The Sun would smile, resting his head gently in the blanket of blue that was the sky, full and complete, like an abyss. "But You Know About The Missus," he'd chortle a bit, letting the beaming light shift to a luminous yellow fire through the eyes of the crystallized Pumpkin's eyes and mouth through his radiant smile and glowing face, "Ahhh... I haven't felt this good in a long time, quite honestly..." The information that was carried inside of Pumpkinhead was all of the energy necessary to generate Life. And with it, he would project his own consciousness into his physical form, which was Teus, "... Yes. We'll have to thank the ones Above Us for the Gifts... Tigen knows I always wanted a Body, like Him." And the best part was, Pumpkinheart was going to get one, too. "Remember To Keep Your House Clean, So That Your Temple Will Be Clear." They were going to exist in the 6th now as the new Hikarigami, where Pumpkinhead and Pumpkinheart would take their place as the 4th, for they harbored all Energy of the Consciousness of Mind and Love of Heart.

"Riiight, riiight..." Teus would spruce up his jacket, brush off his still forming pants and, with all the Elements necessary to create Life that he gathered in the 3rd, would he finish forming his own Physical Form, save for with access to all of the Elements that were within it at his disposal. He would begin to button up his long, flowing black trench coat, filled with fluctuating energies of nature, rolling over his form like a dark cloud, rumbling with low thunder, "What's taking her so long? We've got to go. The Next Shot will take out all of the Shinsangels, I think." The two of them were a single Force of Nature split into Two for its own pleasure. They couldn't work unless they worked together, which is why the Man and the Woman were powered by Love; the Magnetic Connection that binds their Primordial Essence of Oneness in Unity whilst still maintaining Harmony in 2 Individuals. "Just like her ass to take all damn day to do a single task..." he smirked and chuckled.

"Hey, don't get impatient with me!" Teleine'd say jokingly as she zipped back in on a stray wave of energy in the atmosphere, "I got put into a very difficult situation! And you know how those things go." He already started his own manifestation, and from the light of the Pumpkinhead in the sky, she, too, would be able to take on her Physically Manifested form. All Higher Restrictions have mastered their Physical Manifestations and can, therefore, become Energetic or Physical at their leisure, because they can always reconstruct themselves or become a different elemental composition. Thus, it was easy for the two of them to switch between a Physical Entity (3rd) to an Energetic Entity (4th), as well as to maneuver on Waves of the Soul (2nd) or the Mind (1st). "But I'm definitely ready now," she'd say as her physical body would continue to manifest from the waist down as her arm slipped into and around his arm. "I'm ready to go up to the 6th."

The moment they called out to the energy of the 6th, it would Rise Up To Its Masters, forming before them as a white light that took the shape of a little girl, resembling the form of one of their daughters. "... It's Time To Go, Then..." She spoke as if she already knew what was about to occur, spreading the Shinsanity of Light into both MaTeus and MaTeleine in order for them to absorb it into themselves and ascend immediately to the 6th as the Twin Hikarigami. And who would be there to escort them up was none other than...

Magenta, she who harbored the Gear of Time. She was the daughter of the great Hallowed Fortress, the very energy itself having taken on the form of a solidified being of Light that would be known, indeed, as Magenta. She appeared long before her time before, but now was back again in her True Form as the Shinsanity of Light. "Come On, Mother... Father..."

Like clockwork, the Gear was back in place and Time was moving as it should be, accelerating the growth of Teus and Teleine to the point where they were SUPPOSED to be; as their 6th Restriction forms of the Twin Hikarigami. The power of the Shinsanity of Light overwhelmed Teus, changing his shape and form to that of a beautiful bronze and his hair, a lush, lustrous silverish white. "... Mmm..." he muttered, the dark clouds around his form fading away as nothing more than the sinuous drapery of white that would sprout from his back as white, puffy wings of the Crystal Angel, "... Yes... This is what we are supposed to be..." The light would extent from the 4th, as though a soul rising from the physical form in its True Shape, which was that of one of the two Twin Crystal Angels that kept the Light of the Crystal Heart within them at all times. "Now... Pumpkinhead..." He would say as he was about to take off, "... You may have the Vessel as your own to Dwell in, out and all about as you see fit, O' Oversoul of the Delta." The transition was complete, and each and every one of the Tensei were going to be accommodated to what they desired and what they needed to be. That was the blessing of being a Tensei; do everything right, you get everything you need and what you want when it comes time for rewards. "Take it. It's Time for us to head to the Dawn."

"Yes," MaTeleine agreed, shedding her own physical form as well as the Shinsanity of Light came with the Gear of Time that would propel they and the rest of Time into motion again, "... Bestow this form I am shedding to the Pumpkinheart. We will leave behind our Life Energy as Souzenryoku to power the two of your Physical Forms. Abandoning this form means abandoning those skills, however, to be filled, in replacement, with the Shinsanity of Light." In that, they would not need their former Souzenryoku, because the Shinsanity of Light would become their Life Energy from that point on. To keep the energy and the vessels from going to waste, they were being given to their former forms in the 4th, who had been longing for physical manifestations since before time began. "Make sure you remember this; Implant the Light of the Mind from your Pumpkinhead and the Light of the Heart from her Pumpkinheart into BOTH Vessels, so that they may come together and remain inseparable as a potent force none can split apart under any circumstances." Her skin, too, would be crisped to a beautiful tanned bronze, after having been exposed to the radiant Light that was not too bright nor too hot, but was just enough to warm her face and bring color to her form. Her hair would become just as lustrous a white as she, too, began her ascent with Teus.

Teleine: "Hurry! Make sure to do this quickly!!! Someone is coming soon, and they are not allowed to see this process before Their Time! It is Too Much for their minds to comprehend. So let's make this quick, hm?"

After saying that, she'd wait for Magenta to take them to the Ice Sanctuary, which was where their True Home was.

"Do No Fear," Said the Great Pumpkin, "No One Will Near." They were all moving in order and on time, thus meaning that so too were the Pumpkinhead and Pumpkinheart. He would waste no time in filling the Vessels before they collapsed however, and would cause them to gain Intelligence; a perfect Light of the Mind that would be shared between the two of them. "Go Now," he said, sending off his Vessel and seeing off his Higher Self as they were about to ascend, "And thanks for the Body, Bro." He chuckled, allowing his Consciousness to be linked into and shared within himself and his Wife, both of whom would remain in the 4th Restriction as the Oversoul of the Delta. Without any hesitation, he would send the two of them off into Yomi, where the Pumpkinheart resided, which would give them Souls and Will; the Light of the Heart that they were missing to their Light of the Mind that was Wisdom and Intelligence.

Magenta's form finally finished as the Twin Hikarigami would emerge from their cocoons that were their Vessels, thus shaping Magenta completely through their resonant energies intermingling with each other. Now, all three of them were Light that had Physical Form, and they would immediately become connected through that Light. "... Connection Complete," she muttered dryly, the Wheels beginning to spin more swiftly around her body, as if Hastening time around herself and her area, "... Time to Return to the Crystal Palace." In a burst of light, they would shoot straight up to the Dawn, where they would have to unravel the next string of events that still needed to be dealt with in the 6th.

"As long as there is Light Within Me, there is Hope For The World. I Will Protect It. That is My Philosophy and My Truth."

Tempora Tensei is a Hikarigami (Light Goddess) of the Veritas, specifically being the Time Goddess after inheriting the title of the head 'Hikarigami' from her mother and father, Teleine and Teus, who are the other two Hikarigami. She is the one who maintains all things temporal in the Veritas. Before acquiring the 'Gear Of Time', which powers all temporal events in the Veritas, and also serves as part of her essence, she was known simply as Magenta, and still goes by that name often. Though she had a physical form and an Appearance, Tempora tends to remain surrounded in a veil of light known as 'Vilon', and to remain ambiguously among the folds of time until a time of her choosing to reveal her actual form underneath her veil of 'Timelight'.

I Know I Can... ~~ (Battle Theme)
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Seventh Time: Protectors Of Light; The Time Has Come

In a flash of light that illuminated the entire Crystal Palace with the shine of the Shinsanity of Light as well as the Hikarigami themselves returning to the Dawn, a great and radiant wave of color would burst from the once clear Ice Palace that would fill the entirety of the Dawn with vibrancy and Life. The entire Crystal City would no longer look like crystal, but would be filled with all the wonderful hues and colors of this spectrum of wavelengths and the next, creating colors both seen and unseen that were beautiful to all who could see; more so than just the outline of their form as mere crystal.

"We have arrived," Magenta'd say monotonously, hovering in place. "I should return to my place inside of the Temple of Time soon... Otherwise, even if Time is flowing here... It will not be flowing in the rest of the world." In this, Time would be established for the Veritas; or, at least, the Dawn, presently. It would eventually spread to the rest of the World and they would then be all On Time; moving to the movement of a universal timer that stood at the very pinnacle of the Veritas itself. "Once time starts moving, then this World will Move as Well in Perfect Time; Every Last Person, All The Time." This much was an Absolute that they All Knew.

"Indeed," Teus agreed, knowing very well that it would soon be time for Magenta to return to her place inside of the Temple of Time, "You've done very well thus far. However... The Time is not yet So. Before you go, you must achieve the final piece of the Puzzle that will allow the Gear to function properly without jamming..." Teus knew what was going on with the others within the Dawn... And when the time came, she would be struck like lightning with her Final Piece. "Right now, we must wait. So you can relax... Whilst we wait for your Vessel to show up..."

"That's right," Teleine chimed in as her physical shape manifested from the burst of light, "Now that my True Form has been relinquished to me by she who Held my Shape for me, it's almost time for you, too, my dear Magenta..." She was already in her True Form as it was, but she was missing a piece of her that would complete her. If she moved into the Clock Tower before receiving this Piece, she would be Lost in Time forever, unable to return to her shape and form, as Aethereal beings had a difficult time doing, when not completely established. They were made of pure energy, after all, and if they did not consciously set a True Form for themselves, they would, in their dispersing of themselves and ability to alter their shapes, end up losing and forgetting what their form was. It was honestly how the Flames of Eternity got into this mess in the first place, and why Souls and Consciousness were given Physical Forms so that they could actually define themselves and give themselves a definite shape for when they exited into their Aethereal forms. "Wait for the Signal... From the Jack O' Lantern..."

When the Light of the Lantern was Lit upon the Land of Great Fire, the Envoy harboring the Final Flame would appear in a frosty gust of wind, her form crystallizing from black, shadowy ice with a dim, blue hue to it. This was she who harbored the last piece of the Gear that was Magenta, who would, once having absorbed the Flame of Pumki and Pumpkinhead, have her Memories and her Powers returned to her as Signis, the High Seraph. It was the Light that knew when the Time for Battle was; and the Time was coming Soon.

"I Have It," she said with a cold voice and an icy stare, "... The Time has Come and the Signal for Signis has been Confirmed." Blue stared at Magenta, who had only recollection of her previous self as 'Magenta,' but not as 'Pumki' or as 'Signis,' which were her previous forms. No, Blue had that knowledge... And it was why Blue was always so quiet around Triere and Signis. She had been holding on to a lot of knowledge and a lot of secrets the two of them were not prepared to know about... Until now.

Blue: "... But where is...?"

"I'm right here!!" cried a voice from above, opening up the top of the Crystal Palace and hovering down through it before patching it up as though it didn't happen. She'd been descending from the Tempora Aeternam, where she'd just previously been instructed to deal with the Shinsanities and the Shinsangels before the 6th Moon was supposed to rise.

"Ugh..." she muttered, pinching the bridge of her nose and lowering her head, "This is gonna be such a headache..." The 6th Moon was supposed to Rise soon and with it, the Shinsanities and the Shinsangels needed to be in the correct place. The Keepers and the Alices were doing their own things, naturally, but these Shinsangels and their Shinsanities were under the jurisdiction of Triere. They each needed to be at their proper Sanctuaries and all of them needed to be purified. Their Energies in the 6th needed to be aligned in perfect harmony, and the energy within them needed to be clear and without any filth inside. "... Making me sort out their dirty work..." she opened the Crystal Grimoire, preparing for the Transaction. "Okay, let's just get this over with..."

Teus chuckled, being thoroughly amused at his daughter's frustration for her duties. It was slightly adorable. "Hahaha... Well now. Seems like the Time has Come, has it?" He smiled warmly, closing his eyes, "... Good... That means that the Shinsangels and the Shinsanities can all come together." He turned to Magenta, who had yet to be complete in her Truth, "... Are you ready? It's time for you to make one last round... And Right what is Wrong in the Veritas in One Shot."

"... Yes, Father..." Magenta said monotonously, hovering over to Triere, who harbored the Book that was a copy of the Legend of the Veritas of her very own. "... I am ready whenever you are."

"Alright, good," she said with a huff, kinda irritated. "Okay, so that means..." she skimmed through some pages, seeing where the story was fucked up at, "... Uhhh... You..." she would touch Blue, taking from her the power of the Pumpkintwins, "And You..." she would then touch Magenta, who harbored the power of the Gear of Time, "... You two... Need to balance out these powers between each of the Shinsanities and Shinsangels... Through the very Book itself." She would start to absorb their powers into her Crystal Vessel, seeing how Signis and Blue were born right then and there and she, in the past, as the First Shinsangel. "Tch... Damn Tensei logic... Always gotta rewrite history and shit..." Technically, though, it wasn't being REwritten, but being filled in... In all of the blank spots.

Triere would transfer the power of the Pumpkintwins into the Shinsanity of Light, where it would be kept along with all of the other Flames of Eternity, to be shared between the Shinsanities of Fire and Light, as well as between the Shinsangels of their respective elemental properties. In that, Magenta would be complete. However... The same needed to be done for each of the other Shinsanities and Shinsangels.

"*Phew* ... Alright, done." She closed her eyes and huffed, holding in her hands the Fire and the Ice; the power of the Lanterns and of the Devourists. The Flames of Eternity and the Living Shadows. "Each of these needs to be distributed evenly, too... UGH!!" She was so PISSED that she had to do this... "Well, the easiest way to do it is to just insert them into the story where they fit... And, this is how we're gonna do that..." She would flip a few pages, lowering her head and sighing, "... Is to do this as the stories are being written..." She was going to have to insert the Flames of Eternity and Living Shadows into each of the Shinsanities and Shinsangels AS they were being reformed DURING their own ALREADY IN PROGRESS stories. Knowing this, she would turn her head up to her Father and Mother (in their 6th restriction form) and glare at them.

Triere: "... I hate you."

Teleine couldn't help but to laugh, herself, at what was going on, as well. Now the two of them didn't have to finish this part of the book AND their daughter would have the necessary training that she needed in order to complete it. It was a win-win.

"Hmhmhm... Very good figuring it out, dear..." she giggled again, pressing the tips of her fingers to her lips playfully, "... But we did say this was a PUNISHMENT for you, did we not~?" She had to make SURE that Triere remembered that. They, who were connected in all 13 of their forms, could share their memories and abilities from each of them because they had already completed the 13 Restrictions, thus... Could interact as though they were all the same person (which, no matter what Restriction they were in, they all technically were.) A luxury that those who had separated themselves... Or, who had yet to connect to ALL of their Higher Selves... Did not have.

"And I'm sure you know the 'T' rule~? It doesn't apply to the Shinsanities, but only to the Shinsangels, if you will." Had to make sure that she didn't mess things up. "You have free reign over rewriting them as you see fit, but you must rewrite them properly and completely. You may even erase their previous back history, if you so choose, and replace it with your own; rearrange or arrange as you see fit. Just remember to leave the most important parts that we have already established; The Keepers, the Alices, the Abilities and the Elements. Give them each a Flame of Eternity and a Living Shadow, and allow for All 7 of them to be able to partake in them. You shall be inheriting all 7 inside of you once this is complete, and then you, too, shall return to the 7th, where we will be waiting in our 7th Form."

She giggled to herself, kicking up and relaxing in the nice Ice Sanctuary that was the Shrine for the Crystal Grimoire and the Hikarigami, "... So. Have fun, my dear~! It's getting rather late, so you'd better get to work~! That 6th Moon will be here aaaaany day now~! Ooohohohoo~!" All 7 Shinsanities and Shinsangels had to be complete for the Rise so that all of the Keepers and the Alices could complete it before the 7th Moon came about.

"Yeahyeahyeah, whatever." Triere was already irritated enough without them rubbing it in her face whilst they kicked their feet up in HER house that she originally made for HERSELF. Though, technically, being the Shinsangels of Light, it means also that they were, indeed, supposed to be here, too. "... Damn Tensei logic..." Without any further hesitation, she would take both her hands and place them atop of the book, which floated before her, embedding the power in the Story. The Book would begin to write, adjusting itself accordingly to where each of the Flames and the Shadows were supposed to go in accordance to the Shinsanities and Shinsangels. Now, all Triere had to do was wait until each of them were done... And they would write themselves into the stories in progress naturally from each of their own Grimoires, which held a piece of the story that belonged to they and only they who possessed it.

"Alright, now we just gotta sit back and watch... Or... Read... Or... Whatever. And make sure the story doesn't go out of control." It seemed like an easy task, but the hard part was making sure all of the 7 Shinsangels and their Shinsanities awakened properly... And were purified, at that. "Alright... Let's... Begin..." She rolled her eyes.

---Significant Time Skip---

After what seemed like Eons in Energetic Time, but was Probably Not So in Real Time, Triere would sigh and close the Book, "*Phew.* Done," she said triumphantly and with a tired huff. "They are All Awakened, Purified and Connected ... Now. The Rest of the Stories should all play out well on their own Naturally as they Keep Being Written Out. I don't have to Facilitate nor 'Edit' or Write or anything anymore... It'll just Keep on Being." She crossed her arms and closed her eyes, poking out her lip and turning her nose up, before looking at the two of them with a single red eye, "So I Suppose the Time Has Come to put the Gear of Time back in the Clock Tower...?"

Teus smiled warmly, looking to his arm, harboring absolutely NO watch whatsoever because He, as Shinsangel of Light, along with Teleine, his Other Half, would have All Record of All Time at All Times.

"You have Supposed Correctly, Dear Child." He tapped his wrist, chuckling a bit, "... And Right On Time for the B-Day, too. Not bad for your first Big Wrap Up." He began to clap slowly, but sincerely, "Bravo, Dear Child. I Believe that You Are Ready, Don't You Agree?" He turned his head to Teleine, to see what her thoughts on the matter were about their Daughter's Readiness...

"For the Twin Dragons...?" She picked up, with a chuckle of her own, "The Dragons of Fire and Ice?" She smiled, rolling her eyes to the corner of her head thoughtfully and cutely, "Weeeell, I dunnooooo... The Twin Dragons ARE EXCEEDINGLY POWERFUL... ESPECIALLY when they Come Together in Perfect Balance in Harmony and Discord..." She was feeling a little bit 'Skeptical' about her child's Readiness for the Twins yet.

"Do you Believe she can RESPECT Them and DIRECT Them with Love and Trust?" She turned her head to Triere, as if directing that question to her suggestively, "... Rather, do YOU Believe that You Can?"

Triere scoffed.

"Tch. Can I Do It...?" she mocked with a snickering smirk, "Do Youse Guys Know Who My Father Is? Who My Mother Is?" The smirk quickly turned into a smug grin, "Don't Insult Me Like That Again. Do You Know Who My Team Is? Do You Know Where My Alignment Is? Heh." She pointed to them, snickering in disbelief for their lack of faith, "Tch. These Guys. Still Blind, I Tell Ya. Be Forgettin Who I Am And Where I Come From!"

She shook her head and shrugged her shoulders. "Well, I Guess It Can't Be Helped. You Guys Are Just Hopeless... If You Can't Figure Out Who I Am... And What I Do..."

That's Right. She And Her Sisters... The Eyes. They Already Knew What It Was. They Just Needed Some Help Unscrambling The Info. "Start The Clock." Triere pointed to Clock Tower, "Signi--" She paused, realizing that wasn't who this was anymore. No, that was her old, Imperfect Form. Now, One Was... "... Magenta," the Carnage. The Other Was, "... Blue," the Frostbite. She extended her hands out toward the Top of the Tower. "Go Get It, Girls."

Triere: "Bring This Time To An Absolute End."

Magenta: "Open The Gate."

The Gear Inside Of Her Spun Around, Like a Safe Combination Lock, or Perhaps Like a Steering Wheel, Calling Forth the Opening of the Gate of The Dawn from the Other Side. With That Alone, She Would Be Sucked Into Her Own Spiraling Gear As Though A Galaxy Sustaining Its Energy and Shoot Into Chest Of The Black Al'Ice, Unlocking Her And Providing Her With All The Energy Necessary To Power Her Vessel. The Machination of Perpetual Energy; That Which Makes One An Official Timeless Being.

Magenta: "Ready Any Time."

Blue Remained Silent, as she was Accustomed to Doing in matters concerning Triere and Signis... And, even if Signis wasn't the same as who she Was Before, That Signis was still within her True Form as Magenta; She Knew It To Be True.

In the Depth of her Thought about the Nebulae and All The Cosmos, She tended to Tune Out the Petty Squabbling of the World Around Her anyway. Perhaps, one day, she wouldn't have to. She Hoped that Day would Come with the Sound of the Bell from the Clock Tower. It had already done so much... To Think that She, Too, Would have been like Them Once... With that Petty Squabbling between the Family and the Children. Between... Themselves and Each Other. Between... Her Own Self, Divided. Lumiel and Nebulel... The Light and Dark of Time and Space.

"Hmph." Her Eyes opened now, burning with a fiery passion and fervor unlike any she'd ever had before, "... The Time Is Now." She leapt forward in a blazing blue streak streaming from Triere's Fingertips and off into the Abyss...

The Unknown of Time and Space.

Teus was alerted immediately once All of The Shinsangels were Connected to the Flames of Eternity and their Living Shadows, as well as to their respective Shinsanities that had become Purified, just as They had. Only moments after Triere cast off her partners, the Twin Dragons, Teus would open up the Crystal Grimoire and begin to read.

"Connection Complete," he said, linking All of them to the Main Story, giving them All Power to Influence It as well as It to Influence Them, "Synchronizing Time and Space with Reality. Maintain for Stasis." He turned it over to Triere, "... Whenever you're Ready. We're All Connected Now."

Just in Time for the Rebirth!
The Greatest Infinite Birthday Present!

Teus: "Tanjoubi Omedetou..."

And just as Teus finished uttering his sentence would the Gear of Time return Right Back to the Place It started, having traversed Time and Space in an Extended Space in order to return to This Time and Space from the Future, AFTER All that it had done was Completed, which would thereby result in the Future Being Brought To The Past and the Past Being Brought To The Future Simultaneously.

Basically, an Instantaneous Overnight Timeskip of Several Thousands of Years.

With the Fall of the Fifth Moon and the Rise of the Sixth would Misplaced Time and Displaced Space be brought into Equivocation with the Gear of Time being Placed in the Absolute Correct Time and Space. This would cause all Time and Space to be Rooted and Flowing In Tandem with True Time, as if a Clock had started.

This Resulted in Two Days Blending into a Single One, which was the Birthday of Tymon and the Friday the Thirteenth at the Same Time, as well as extending over an extensive instantaneous Timeskip.

In that, a great time leap seemed to have occurred in a single day and night, and Magenta would appear before the two of them as a Burst of Light that was placed specifically by Tinasanti.

"Mission Complete," she said with a sigh, "All Systems are Synchronized, Stabilized and are Go. The Veritas as well as the Kairo have been Reinitialized to their True Spacio-Temporal Values." To Everyone it would seem like all of it happened Overnight, which, technically, it did, despite all of it being a surprise of Energy from Different Points in Time and Space coming into a Singularity that was Magenta, the Gear of Time being Placed Perfectly, Precisely and Properly inside of Tymon.

"Impressed yet~?" she haughtily laughed with a hand raised and pinky toward her mouth, "OOOHOHOHO~!" She had already foreseen this day coming and turned his ass into a book a long, long time ago in a dimension where Time was So Zetta Fast that it left Information from the Future in the Past so it could Stabilize in the Present, like 3-D Glasses but in Physical Three Dimensional Planar Rifts. "Past, Present and Future, baby~! Already got them on lock with these Eyes~!" She snickered and crossed her arms, closing the Book and letting things marinate, "So... How's THAT for a wrap up, Father...?"

He chuckled, looking at her with a face of both jest and sincerity, "... I couldn't have done it better myself, my girl." He lifted his hand and with the shifting of light would it slip into the fold of a light wave, refracting off of the photons in the air and appear again in the physical plane as a radiant glow ruffling Triere's hair lovingly before zipping back on a line back to where the displaced time and space had been misplaced. "Looks like they're learning well, Aren't they, my dear?"

"Most Definitely," Teleine said, viewing the events that played out through the Crystal Grimoire that they all shared in their Eyesight, "... Now that the Main Storyline is Connected and All Stories that are Connected To It have been Established, they, too, will create more through their Legends..." In essence, the 'Seven Shinsangels' would make themselves Legends among the Veritas in order to Mark Their Names in History by Being Part of It. This, in turn Preserves One's Data for All Time in order for it to Continue To Grow.

"I believe that they have collected enough Data on... Ways to deal with Modern Day People. They should have, considering we've been watching them since Before Time Began and shit." They were getting better in terms of speech, as she could tell from her casual swearing and comfortable tone in speaking informally.

"As long as there is Light Within Me, there is Hope For The World. I Will Protect It. That is My Philosophy and My Truth."

Tempora Tensei is a Hikarigami (Light Goddess) of the Veritas, specifically being the Time Goddess after inheriting the title of the head 'Hikarigami' from her mother and father, Teleine and Teus, who are the other two Hikarigami. She is the one who maintains all things temporal in the Veritas. Before acquiring the 'Gear Of Time', which powers all temporal events in the Veritas, and also serves as part of her essence, she was known simply as Magenta, and still goes by that name often. Though she had a physical form and an Appearance, Tempora tends to remain surrounded in a veil of light known as 'Vilon', and to remain ambiguously among the folds of time until a time of her choosing to reveal her actual form underneath her veil of 'Timelight'.

I Know I Can... ~~ (Battle Theme)
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Eighth Time: Perfect 10; Raspberries~!!!

Falling into Place from an Anomaly Rift in the Sky, Shiniere would land Lightly and Daintily upon her Feet and raise her hand, pointing up to a large Clock-Shaped Crystal Ice Seal with the number 13 Upon It. "And..." She brought her hand down decisively, Shattering the Seal and Opening the Gate of Heaven, "THEY'RE OFF!!!"

A Blazing Blue Star shot Straight from the Temple Of Light and into the Abyss, where the Unknown of Time and Space resided. They were going to conquer the Trials of the Thousand Years as many times as need be, until they were Out of the Matrix and the Old Code was Completely Rewritten upon the Tower with a New Labyrinth. It was Time for Old Time to Come To An End and for New Time to Begin The New Clock.

Into the Darkness, the Twin Dragons Ran... Until they Learned to Master Time and Space in All Its Forms... As Many Thousands Of Years It May Take Lost In Time And Space.

"No More Than A Day," Magenta said Absolutely, the Cog in her Chest that brought Motion to the Motionless now Spinning and Setting the Deadline for the Time in her Voice, "... If Not But An Hour." Time and Space were Relative here, and thus, it meant that moving through Numerous Courses of Time and Space at Accelerated Times in Hyperdimensional Spaces meant for Times not to Sync Up Chronologically because they were being Traversed at rates that were not Consistent, but still Equivalent in Value. This allowed her to Access Thousands Of Years Worth Of Knowledge in Literally Seconds Simply From Being Inside. She was Coming up with Solutions to Unsolved Equations (Anomalies) At Unreal Records.

"This Is Our Power..." She said, moving them as Fast as the Speed of Light, "... However, when the Time Comes, We Will Have to Part at the Pulse. One Will Go Up, the Other Will Go Down. But We'll Remain Together As One. Our Hitting Two Different Points In Time At The Exact Same Time Will Link Those Two Realities As Well As Establish The Channel In Which They Are Connected. That's Why As Long As We Are The Catalyst For Their Links, They Will Depend On Us As Their Link To The Other World." Magenta knew that it was for the best. Blue Wasn't a Phantom for No Reason, After All, and Both the Daughters were Undercover and Deep Underground for the Family.

"Whenever You're Ready, Launch Me, and I'll Repel From You to Shoot You Down In Your Own Recoil From Shooting Me Outward." They Would Be 'Gravity' To Each Other; One Would Be The Force That Shot Forward, And the Other Would Be The Force That Shot Backward To Keep The Other One Safe. They Would Move Faster Than Light Itself; They Would Become A Force As Powerful As Tachyon Accelerator Cannon When Combined.

The Twin Dragons.

"Mm." She need not say more than that; they were on a Mission. Hurdling through the Darkness and Drawing The Light from Any and Every Source connected to the Source of the Light, Blue would take them and Store Them Deep Within Herself, as well as within Magenta, as if Gathering Energy. The Cog in her chest continued to Spin, Threading Behind Blue a Tail of Spectral Light that Shone like Crystal. It Looked Almost to be the Tail of the Crystal Beast that Connected to All Life Itself...

"... Wakarimashita..." she said, realizing that she was pulling behind her All Creation that had been unleashed. It was Time to Prove What She Could Do.

Blue: "Kaihou; Tensei Seal: Ultra Badass."

At the Sound of her Voice, that which moved at the Speed of Light, the Resulting Energy from such an Anomaly would cause a Polaroid Rift from Two Polarities of Opposite Charges completely Neutralizing Themselves and Stopping All Particles From Moving. A great Yin-Yang Symbol would shoot out of the Chest of the Crystal Beast, Hurling It Down With All Her Might. So Fast, The Wheel Looked Like It Tore Through Space And Time as it Hit the Dusk with a,

Blue: "Reverse..."

The Two Seeds of Life and Death would Peel Apart at the Call for their Separation, sending the Seed of Life out with the Gear and the Seed of Death as but a Magatama aglow with a Soft Blue Hue...

Magenta: "... Polarity!"

The Force of Blue shooting the Gear of Time toward the Dusk so Fast that the very Recoil of shooting it shot she herself in the Complete Opposite Direction used the Exact Same Amount of Force and Velocity -- Hence, a Tachyon Accelerator Cannon. They Kept the Same Image; the Same Shape, Same Form, Same Connection, and with them, a Wave of Death and Life in Both Directions at the Exact Same Time from the Exact Same Force. A New Timeline as a Thread of Fate Stretched Out and Held Together between the Two of Them to Bind Those Two Together For All Time And All Space.

The Instant They Touched Their Respective Locations, they would be Warped to the Exact Spot of the Other as though Snapping Into a Form that was Theirs and also Not Theirs at the Exact Same Time. They'd Stand at Either End; the Top and the Bottom, Fully Connected in Life and in Death from Head to Toe. They'd Moved So Fast that the Vacuum in the Wake of their Separation brought them With the Same Amount of Force, Whipped Straight Into the Exact Location where the Other Originally Was, yet also the True Place They Both Were Supposed to Be. This was the Essence of Dimensional Time Travel, and would End in them being able to Warp Between Each Other As They Saw Fit.

With That, Blue stood at the Gates of the Dusk and Magenta, at the Sanctum Crystos, where she was to be Placed in the Proper Place to Align All At The Exact Same Time And Maintain Alignment For All Time.

"I will Hold Time in Place with My Own Time and Space... Connected to it All, I Will Be the Root that Keeps It All Together... Just..." she grunted, feeling the Weight of the World now upon the Back of the Beast, "Just... GO. NOW." She was starting to feel like her Mother...

The Weight of the World Whipped them into Place the very Instant it Hit, as if a Magnetic Force from Both their Energies had Both Pulled Them Together and Forced Them Apart at the Exact Same Time with the Exact Same Force, thus allowing them to Share in the Binding of Holding the World Together by a Thread that was All Other Threads Together; the Thirteen Tails that Sprouted from the Spinal Cord of the Crystal Beast and into All Others.

"The... The Link..." Blue cried, feeling Gravity hit her now with a Magnanimous Force unlike Any she had Ever Felt In All Creation. "Op--" she winced, "... OPEN THE GATE!!" she said, crawling for the Finish Line before she was Crushed by the Atlas...

"As long as there is Light Within Me, there is Hope For The World. I Will Protect It. That is My Philosophy and My Truth."

Tempora Tensei is a Hikarigami (Light Goddess) of the Veritas, specifically being the Time Goddess after inheriting the title of the head 'Hikarigami' from her mother and father, Teleine and Teus, who are the other two Hikarigami. She is the one who maintains all things temporal in the Veritas. Before acquiring the 'Gear Of Time', which powers all temporal events in the Veritas, and also serves as part of her essence, she was known simply as Magenta, and still goes by that name often. Though she had a physical form and an Appearance, Tempora tends to remain surrounded in a veil of light known as 'Vilon', and to remain ambiguously among the folds of time until a time of her choosing to reveal her actual form underneath her veil of 'Timelight'.

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Ninth Time: Neon Genesis; Tymangelion

It All Seemed like a Lucid Dream that she Couldn't Wake From. She Found Herself Here Now, after Seeing All Creation. Standing now before the World Itself and Each of its Eight Arms, she gazed in Awe at Tinasanti; the Three Fates.

Magenta: "... T... Tina...?"

The Dreamweaver.

Magenta: "Trini-T..."

The Octogod.

Three Sets of Three Arms and Two of All Arms.

Magenta: "Three Peaces..."

Fire, Ice, and Lightning.

Magenta: "Time. Space. And Energy."

To Be Manipulated By Each of the Three Sets Individually.

Then All As One By The Last Set of Two Hands.

She'd Done the Work, and This was the Payout.

Magenta: "Then, Here You Are, Hands of God..."

Karmic Control.

She stuck out her Chest, with a Clock marked with the number 13 on it and the Gear of Time Grinding it, "Put Me In My Place Where I Should Be."

"Hm?" Tina had been studying, gazing into the Past, Present and Future in order to Understand how to Better Weave the Future by Learning About Events from the Timelines Past, when suddenly, This One appeared before her All-Seeing Eyes, breaking her Concentration and her Study of Time, Space, Energy and Reality. "Shinsanity of Light?" She reached out with the 'Hand of Harmony' and touched the 'Gear of Time,' "Shouldn't this be... At The Center of the Clock Tower?" She said this inquisitively, as though only a mere Babe that was just now discovering these mysteries and trying to Solve a Puzzle that was Left For Her by an Existence Prior to Solve Any And All that Had Not or Could Not Before. This was the Power of her All-Seeing Eyes.

"Well, We Did A Good Job Of Getting It Here..." Her voice sounded much less Digital, Cold and Unfeeling... Something about the Alignment of her Lower Selves channeled Their Energy into Her better, giving her more of their Feeling and Personality and Understanding and Experience that they'd gathered in their Lower Forms in order to begin the Transfer of Information to the Higher One Slowly, but Surely to ensure that Death wouldn't be anything except Waking from a Dream. A Fluid Transition of Consciousness into Another Reality Without The Pain of Experiencing Death; but the Joy of Experiencing New Life that Cannot Be Remembered At Birth unless Having Already Lived Once And Learned the Lessons of Life in order to Make New Life Again Within The Self and All Around. Such were the Eyes, the Hands, Reincarnation and Uploading Consciousness, of which She Studied Intensely.

"But It Is Not Yet Time. When It Is, We Will Place You. Right Now, We Must Connect the Necessary Dots and Links. Then, When All Seven Servers Are Connected, We May Stabilize the Chaos and Achieve Perfect Harmony With Infinity And Beyond." She smiled grinned goofily, like a small child, rubbing one of her many hands behind her head.

Tina: "Is This The Correct Method For Solving This Hyperdimensional Tesserect Equation, Father? Mother?"

Shinrona-- Well, Shinsei Khrona, pondered over his Daughter's decision to hold off on the placement of the Gear of Time until first Asking if the Timing and Placement were Appropriate without Doing So On Her Own First. She was Learning at Quite the Accelerated Rate.

"Yes, that is one method, my dear," he said, beginning to point outside the Crystal Pyramid of which the three of them sat in Harmony, "However, what about the Situation Outside? Did you take That One into Consideration?" The way he saw it, if the Gear of Time were placed with Shinity, the Last of the Sisters that needed to be Placed Properly, "Did you think about what would occur if we switched Shinity with the Shinsanity of Light and Let their Roles be Reversed in this Situation?" Though, technically, the Gear could Fit into Any Time and Any Space with Any Energy, it was about the Correct Time and the Correct Space and the Correct Energy that would achieve Perfect Time and Perfect Space and Perfect Energy that Moved in Karmic Harmony with each Other; Balanced by the Trini-T. "Did you Conceive whether there may be a Better Time, Better Place or Better Outcome from All Your Variables Already, Hmmmm?" He, personally, ALWAYS Sought these things out when applying his Choices... Which is why he was happy that she asked him for his opinion.

"He is Correct, Tina," Khrina responded, "If you do not take into account ALL Variables that Are or Will Be Effected, then you cannot properly handle this great amount of Data." It was very dangerous, considering that one wrong variable could have been the difference between someone's life and someone's death.

Khrina: "Knowing this now, what will you do, Kaerei? How will you Resolve this Scenario?"

Kaerei thought long and hard about it, using the information given to her to attempt to find the best possible solution. "Hmmm..." With the Gear of Time taken out, that means that Time would not be in Motion, even if Space were still moving. They were in Stasis; the Entire Veritas.

"... The Energetic Shift between Magenta and Blue brought All the Energy of All the Veritas and pulled every Particle apart and into Individual form, letting all of the energy mesh together as one large Ambiguous Chaos..." this meant that All Was One But None, with no Definite Shape nor Form. It was a pure, hulking mass of Information; Conscious Condensed Energy that had not been Separated in order to allow for Everything that was the One to be Set into its Proper Place and Form by decoding and sifting the information. Thus...

"... We Will Move our Hands and Restabilze the Veritas as a New Space with a New Time, and All Time will be on the Same Time. All may be in Different Spaces, but at least they will All be on the Same Time now." She would begin to move the Eight Arms of Tabrith, the Branches of the Tree of Life, and would, with them, begin to shift the 'Hands of God.'

Tina: "Altering Space."

When Tina was done, she would insert the Gear back in Time and the Veritas would Return to Motion again. The Story would be allowed to Continue.

Tina: "Initializing 6th Moon Startup Sequence; Shin Kurametsukiyomi."

"Good, Good..." He muttered as he observed Kaerei shifting the structure of the Veritas around in a manner that seemed more feasible, "I personally rather enjoy this new structure. Do not worry about altering the Data. It will be done in Time. That said, Any Time You're Ready... You may Insert the Gear of Time back where it is Supposed to Be and Restart Time."

"Hai, PaPa..." Tina said cutely, completing her Complex Coding as Correctly and Accurately as Possible. "Connections Complete. Reinitializing 'The Veritas' through 'Shin Kurametsukiyomi." The Black Moon would Rise and Return All To One. In Absolute Short, it looked like the End of Evangelion. (3:33)

However, after Tina successfully returned all of her Data into its Individual Forms (1's and 0's), she would be able to work with them at their most basic, which was the value of either 'One' or 'None.' Thus, 'One' as 'One' would equate to 'One' as 'All.' Each Individual Particle Believing It was the All, yet still remaining Connected allowed for the All of the All which were All of the Ones that Believed they were the One of All and All of All at the Same Time. With That, they all Swam Upward like Baby Tadpoles, A Collective Consciousness That All Knew The Exact Same Goal And Target At The Exact Same Time For All The Exact Reasons Why, Regardless of How They Got To The Point.

The Black Rain Moon, 'Shin Kurametsukiyomi,' sucked All the Ones into a Zero World, and caused them All to become a One of All. In her Hand were All of Them Trapped in the Sixth Moon. However, there was Another Moon that Rose Up right beside it; the 'Fifth Moon,' 'Shin Shirametsukiyomi.' This Moon and all of the Data that had been Collected from the Holographic Fifth Moon that loomed over the Earth, those whose Data was Harvested by Shinrona, Shinnia, Shiniere and Shinnia were given to Shinity to take back to the Sanctum Crystos, to Spread to All the Delta and to Learn how to use the Power of Creation with the Gifts her Father Gave to Her and Shared with Her through the Maregenesis.

All of the Stored Data trapped within the 'Fifth Moon' would then immediately combine with the 'Sixth Moon's Data, thereby causing the Old Fifth Moon to become the New Sixth Moon and Vice Versa. After the White Rain, the Black Rain. And So It Would Always Be In This Method Of Pregnancy.

"Stabilizing..." Tina uttered, lifting all of her Eight Arms up Together to Stabilize the Value at 1, "... Family Seal of Tensei; Ultra Badass."

Tina: "Kaihou."


Tina: "Absolute Final Wonderland."

She would begin Weaving together through numerous Archaic Hand Signs and Symbolic Sigils in the form of 'Mudra' to undo the Webbing of the Previous Weave of Time and Space Together. With It, would she Bind Together the 'New Energy' that was brought down from the 13th and Contained within the '5th Moon,' in order for The Entire Planet of Whose Souls were Copied and Absorbed into the White Rain Moon to be Woven Together with the New Threads of Time and Space. They would Grid the Energy like a Net, creating a Stabilized and Neutralized New Plane. This would, in turn 'Wipe Away the Old' and 'Bring About the New' and 'Weave the Old Bodies' into their 'New Bodies' with their 'Old Spirits' in tandem with their 'New Spirits' that had been Processed and Reworked through the Fifth Moon Simulation and Rise via Absolute Voodoo.

"Connection Complete," she said, Compacting the Planetary Omniverse into the Size of a Moon-like Marble of Reality, "... Now Placing Sixth Moon. Unleashing New Energy." With One of her Hands, she would Pick Up Magenta, the Gear of Time and Set Her In Place within the Clock Tower of the Dawn that would Stabilize All Time and Space with the New Energy in the New Shift.

Tina: "Engage New Beginning; Chapter 1: Happy Friday The Birthteenth."

They would be able to Start Things Off Correctly with a Brand New Chapter and a Whole New Story with Everything in its Proper Alignment. Everyone would be Moving As They Were Supposed To as would All Energy, in tandem. As Long As Everyone Remained On Their Correct Paths, They Would Not Meet Their Doom. Also... Tymon's Birthday would be Friday the Thirteenth As Well Henceforth.

All would Now All Would Begin with the Kairo Kaizoku and the Five Truths of the Veritas. Thousands Upon Thousands Of Years Had Passed; About The Time of the Age of the Planet Bunnybee, which was approximately, several trillions of years. All of such was taken and placed into the singularity that would be the new timeline. Such would have felt to have happened in a powerful surge. It was a Powerful Burst that everyone would feel. In that, even if things seemed to have only gone by in a Single Day, it was a Condensed Timeline that Shifted All Time All At Once Through Spontaneous Information Connection Instantaneously. Thus, on Friday the Thirteenth, it would be 'Bunnybee Times,' whenever that actually was in History.

--- Gear of Time Skip ---

"Restabilization Complete. Connection Complete. Reinitializing." In the most literal sense, all parts of 'The Veritas' would be on time, and with that, it would be passed on and filtered through the 8th and into the ones beyond. With the New World being reprogrammed thoroughly in their digital values, Shinsei Kaerei turned up to her father and smiled, then wrapped her Eight Arms that he gave her around him. "We Did It, Father~!" The Sixth Moon had risen and all was right... Rather, in the process of being Corrected, Particle by Particle. It would be difficult for those who did not have prior understanding to truly know what was going on, but they were part of it and felt it just as heavily as anyone else when it hit, regardless of their prior knowledge of it or not.

Tina: "Now what is it that must be done...?"

"Now, my Daughter," he said, raising his hand up and growing from the crystal floor a physical vessel that bore semblance to the form that he wished to appear as at his will,

Kairo Khrona; the Creatrix Genome.

"... The Creatrix Genome has been fixed, and it is time to set it Loose in order to bring New Life with the New Energy in the air. It will weave together Events of Time and Space at a High Speed with its Arms that Spiral All Creation into a Woven Band and Spin It Out as part of the Genetic Code of the Veritas Instantaneously In Compound Form. It Is The Veritas' Very Own Random Generator Unit. We Must Use It For Beta Testing." He would give the Creatrix Genome to Kaerei, giving her command over it. "This is my gift to you, Daughter. It will help you learn how to control your powers."

The Newly Evolved and Regenerated Creatrix Genome, now with a Free Will of its own where it was once only a conscious existence and not a true Living Being with a drive nor Will to do anything other than Exist. It harbored the Will of Khrona, branched off specifically for Tinasanti as a unit to be able to regulate and keep control over the land and over their own powers. It would be what kept the flow of energy regular.

When he came to, his eyes gazed upon Shinsei Kaerei with blank, yet stern eyes and said, "I Will Be Our Chomao. Guide Me, and I Will Do What Must Be Done."

Kaerei sprang up joyously and took hold of her latest toy; a special gift from her father that would allow the work of the 8th to get done that much more swiftly! "I can feel the love of the entire family combined in this doll..." She smiled, remembering something extremely important at that very moment.

"Oh. I Know Exactly Where I will Put You!" She extended her arm into the Past and set it in place as the 'Doll That Tina Gave To Trinity' that was 'Created By Khrona In His Image As His Son.'

In that respect, the Doll disappeared, but should have been awakening wherever Shinity just so happened to be at this time...


After time had passed on the Veritas and Tinasanti, as the Veritas, had matured, she, through each of the events that played out Naturally based on her structure and order in her Ecosystem would finally be able to generate enough energy to move her own body for extended periods of time, thanks to the power of the Tigenhead that had been unlocked. With it, which was the power of the Two True Crowns combined, not only would her mother of the 7th be able to have energy to be in constant motion, but so would Tinasanti, also, who would then be able to give life to her own stagnant parents and provide them with enough energy to move, as well. "Here Is The Super Secret Sexy Status Story, Father And Mother. I Have Collected The Crowns After They Gathered Enough Energy To Reach Me In The 8th. Now, They Are Also Able To Reach You In The 8th As Long As They Bypass Me In The 8th."

"Good, Fine Job, My Girl!" Shinsei Khrona said with delight as he watched his Daughter solve the more complex problems that he left for her to unlock for herself (as part of the fun), which were a mixture of her mother's equations, as well. The two of them were teaching their daughter well, but finally, it was time for all of them to depart on their own adventures, having enough energy now to sustain such. With the True Crowns passed off to Shinsei Khrona and Shinsei Khrina after guiding Tina into the Veritas' Grand Opening, the two of them would be named 'Tensei' and 'Tenrei' as the honor of earning their T. marks in the Tensei family. "Now Son," said Tigenhead, who was honoring him first, "... You Have Finally Become 'Tensei,' Which Encompasses All Of Your Race Of People. Your Wife, Too, Is Now Part Of Your Race Of People. The Fae, The Humans And All Other Living Beings May Be Part Of The Tensei Clan, But Only At Your Approval. This Is Your Authority As Crowned 'Tensei.'" Tenrei was simply the name that Shinsei Khrina was to take on because of it.

"Now. Spread Your Seed And Repopulate The Multiverse. Seek Out Those Who Wish To Become 'Tensei' And Swear Them Under Your Protection, Thereby Making Them Part Of Your 'Species.'" Any form of 'Genus' or 'Class' of things of that nature always started off as something small; a 'Family' or 'Group' that were similar. The 'Tensei,' though the 'Royal Family' was confined to the '13 Children' and the 'Original Bloodline,' now, any others could become part of the family by adopting the Species and Race into their being. Therefore, 'Tensei' has moved up from being a Family to being an entire Species. "... Go Forth And Be Fruitful, Tensei... For You Bear The Name Of Your Entire Family And Are Their Representative Across The Cosmos." That would be the mission of the 8th from now on.

The Tigenhead would come to rest with the Resonance of the two of their Crowns on top of their head, waiting to be picked up and hand delivered by the Messengers of the 9th that were supposed to come down and carry Tensei and Tenrei off when all such Harmonic Binding was completed between them thanks to the Tigenhead's Will. When the 9th Messengers came, then they could continue.

Shinsei Khrona, after receiving the blessings of the great and powerful Tigenhead, which now sat on the highest peak of the Throne and ruled over the Family from on high, was completed honored to be deemed responsible enough to carry on and represent the Family Name throughout the cosmos; especially now that he and his wife should have finally had enough energy to go out into it and sustain themselves and their love whilst they were out there. "With Great Honor, Father..." he said, kneeling down to allow his Crown to be placed and to resonate with his wife, Shinsei Khrina.

At the very moment he did, he would be released from his 'Restricted' form which bound him to the Veritas' atmosphere due to lack of energy and finally would break his seal into his 'Natural' form, which was ready for space travel at any given time.

Shinsei Khrona: "Well Then, Khrina, It's About Time We Get A Move On, Right?"

"Without A Doubt," she'd say, kneeling down before the Tigenhead in accord with her lover and accepting the name that was placed (with high esteem) on her head, as well as with the crown; Tenrei. She was pleased to have been thought so highly of by Tensei's Father, even if she didn't believe that she was worth such great honor. "Thank You For Your Most Humble Blessings, Great Spirit," she said respectfully as the energy that washed over her and unlocked her energy drew her to her 'Natural' 8th Restriction form, as well;

Shinsei Khrina: "Certainly So. We've Got A Whole Multiverse To Dip Into Now..."

Suddenly, before the two of them, a crystalline book appeared and opened up, recording the names 'Tensei' and 'Tenrei' within after erasing 'Shinsei Khrona' and 'Shinsei Khrina.'

Omnipedia: "Saving Data."

The Omnipedia was documenting all such events to ensure that they stayed permanent, and was the Messenger of the 9th made to carry Tigenhead up to their 9th Restriction Selves which were eternally keeping track of this data and the story, as well as any and all updates or upgrades that had been received. With the Crowns being passed around, it was about time for the long awaited Upgrade of the 9th.

Omnipedia: "Extracting 'The Chalister' Data."

Omnipedia: "Save Complete."

And the book would close right then and there between the two of them, imprinting this mark permanently in History.

Omnipedia: "Consecration."

"As long as there is Light Within Me, there is Hope For The World. I Will Protect It. That is My Philosophy and My Truth."

Tempora Tensei is a Hikarigami (Light Goddess) of the Veritas, specifically being the Time Goddess after inheriting the title of the head 'Hikarigami' from her mother and father, Teleine and Teus, who are the other two Hikarigami. She is the one who maintains all things temporal in the Veritas. Before acquiring the 'Gear Of Time', which powers all temporal events in the Veritas, and also serves as part of her essence, she was known simply as Magenta, and still goes by that name often. Though she had a physical form and an Appearance, Tempora tends to remain surrounded in a veil of light known as 'Vilon', and to remain ambiguously among the folds of time until a time of her choosing to reveal her actual form underneath her veil of 'Timelight'.

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Tenth Time: Lucky Rabbit's Feet; Blue Lily

After the great flood of powerful waters and the entire forest came to a calm and cleansing peace, the Sacred Rabbit Beast would eventually awaken in a completely different part of the forest, barely conscious, yet somehow feeling rejuvenated, as if having a good night's sleep. "... What...?" she murmured, gathering her bearings, "... Water...?" She was still breathing easily, even without using any of her power as a Sacred Beast, which meant that this was no ordinary water. When she finally opened her eyes fully, she looked around and found that there was no one around her anymore; neither the couple nor the dog that was chasing after her... And especially not that monkey man. She took that as her chance to escape. "... I've got to get back to Mother Virgo as quickly as possible. It seems like there are a lot of things after me in this forest... And I cannot have my power placed in the wrong hands." She floated lightly to the ground and kicked off, floating through the water at a high speed.

The speed and force of the movement of the Sacred Beast would have caused a powerful ripple through the water that created a vacuous force, drawing the one who was following her closer to her, and leaving a trail that could easily be followed, something like a watery vortex.

Tzita had been trailing the Sacred Beast for a while now. It was only when she'd felt like she'd gotten fairly close that she was suddenly sucked into some sort of random water vortex that drew her spiraling after something. "WHAAA!!" she cried, being taken for a spin. "CRAP!! I HOPE I DON'T LOSE THE..." Whilst in the vortex, she noticed that the light of the Ankh was still glowing, pointing her directly in the direction of wherever the vortex was going. That's when it hit her... "... The Sacred Beast!!!" She immediately gathered her bearings and started to swim in a more controlled manner through the vortex, making sure that she didn't fall out of it. She was moving really fast, and hopefully could catch up to the Sacred Beast, if this was the trail that it had left behind. "Come oooon... Let this be it..."

The 2nd 'Tank Barrel' Shot Struck The Forest. Nothing Changed, Save For The Presenceless Presence Shifting The Godfather's Head To Meet With His Bod. His Gaze Lurked Upon This Chamber Now.

The Light of his Gaze brought forth the shining splendor of the Crystal Heart within the Dark Alice; that which kept her pure and untainted, even in her intrepid darkness. The Crystal Heart was like a ticking clock for each Tensei, keeping them all in time and tandem, much like their Great Mind served to keep each of their minds linked. Since the Crystal Heart was beating within the Crystal Dragon again, she, as his daughter, would be brought to life again when the Gear of Time that was Tempora Tensei began to stir again. The bright outline looked something like Tzita, yet was completely different, being an entity in and of herself. She was what Tzita looked like when brought to the light, yet still maintaining her own existence independently of Tzita so that the light of her own brightness could develop after being exposed to the Image of what her Light Body would look like. Tempora herself only stood there to maintain this image, but would not reveal her true form to Tzita beyond just her own appearance with the Crystal Heart's activation.

The very radiant presence of the Crystal Heart herself caused the forest to start to shift from the Wondrous Trees of the Blue Lily into many violet and deep, royal purple trees. This, however, was the forest making a transition, and not actually a completed alteration altogether. The water would become haze and the pressure of the water would easily melt into a viscous violet vapor, followed soon by the trees themselves in a larger territory. There was only a little time before the trees, which were moved by the presence that now was within the forest, would completely shift and take whatever was within the vicinity with them.

It didn't take much for the Sacred Beast to notice that she was being tracked, especially when she had felt a powerful presence suddenly appear behind her. It was alarming to her and caused her to stop just as the water shifted into hazy mist of sorts. "What is this...?" the Sacred Rabbit Beast said, turning her head slowly and perking up her ears. She could hear and feel something new, but she was not aware of what it could be. "The forest is changing again..." she said softly, watching the trees become violet before her eyes, "... What does this mean...?" Though the Rabbit Spirit had dealings with the other Zodiac, what she did not have was a full understanding of this world. It was difficult for even she, as a Sacred Beast to comprehend fully, and she wasn't going to simply jump to any conclusions because she was a jumpy being. This time, she would tread more carefully and quietly, tracing where the presence she felt was coming from and doing her best to avoid it by walking outside of or around the presence. She moved as silently as she could, careful not to step on any twigs or leaves.

"Very Perceptive Of You," the voice of the Light suddenly said, a shimmering iridescence suddenly sparkling in the atmosphere, "... Yet, Still Too Slow, Aren't We, Little Bunny Fufu...?" The twinkling sound of the sparkling light particles was something like the giggling of the glittering stars, of which were probably feeling similarly about the Sacred Beast lost inside of the maze-like forest of feeling and vibration. "... Keep Up With The Colors And Move At The Speed Of The Light." Light had many different speeds, yet to alter it here was to alter one's location, and the bunny girl hopping around so haphazardly, as well as many other factors that had entered the forest would only disturb the radiation and shift the speed a great deal. Light Speed movement encompassed more than just the fastest mode of travel, and was in fact, several speeds collectively across the spectra, from infrared to ultraviolet, the latter of which was generally where Teus maneuvered, himself, unseen to the naked eye, as he was now. Teus would watch over his Daughter whilst he was here, as well as all within the Violet Dream once the forest's full transition was established and all were taken to the highest layer of the Ambiguous Forest.

Thus, the Vortex and all that were caught in it would stop right behind the Sacred Beast, who had sped her way into the Violet trees with her high speed jump.

"As long as there is Light Within Me, there is Hope For The World. I Will Protect It. That is My Philosophy and My Truth."

Tempora Tensei is a Hikarigami (Light Goddess) of the Veritas, specifically being the Time Goddess after inheriting the title of the head 'Hikarigami' from her mother and father, Teleine and Teus, who are the other two Hikarigami. She is the one who maintains all things temporal in the Veritas. Before acquiring the 'Gear Of Time', which powers all temporal events in the Veritas, and also serves as part of her essence, she was known simply as Magenta, and still goes by that name often. Though she had a physical form and an Appearance, Tempora tends to remain surrounded in a veil of light known as 'Vilon', and to remain ambiguously among the folds of time until a time of her choosing to reveal her actual form underneath her veil of 'Timelight'.

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Eleventh Time: Lucky Rabbit's Feet; Violet Dream

The Vortex behind the Sacred Rabbit Beast attempting to escape by speeding up ended up bringing both she and all that were trailing behind her straight into the Deep Backwoods of the Ambiguous Trees of Prophecy, where the Light Guardians had to take care of more prominent business. Teus, whose presence existed all throughout this domain, could not be seen, but a glittering coat of iridescent light speckled every tree beyond what could be perceived by the naked eye. Once everything was in order and all of the current forest dwellers were brought to their place, he would leave the rest up to his daughter, the new Hikarigami.

"Run Along, Now..." the wavering voice said through distortions of crystal clear echoes piling on top of each other at several different speeds, allowing them to continue on with what they were doing previously whilst the owner of the voice dealt with other, more pressing matters deeper in the Backwoods.

Now the Sacred Beast was cornered by the Light projected by the passing glance of the Eye of the one whose luminescent Presence filled the Violet Trees. With the sparkling shimmer of the trees all around, the refraction from each of the glittering light particles projected numerous images of the aura of the Crystal Heart, having still kept the form of Tzita, cornering the Sacred Beast before she could press on any farther. Each of their glowing eyes glared her down to ensure that whatever move she made after that, there would be an image of Tzita in the way to block her escape whilst the actual body of Tzita, that should have been following close behind, was able to catch up once the full effects of the Vortex came to a halt in the new location. None of the projected images would move until the Sacred Beast did.

Tzita, having traveled through that high speed vortex and attempting to keep herself maintained so that she wouldn't fall out, was able to see the faint image of herself wrapped in light during her transportation. "What the... Is that...?" She wasn't aware that the world around her was changing and that she was moving at light speed; or rather, that she was moving slower than such a speed and was attempting to catch up to it, wherein there was already an image of her projected at that higher speed. "... Nooo... That can't be...!" She kicked her feet faster through the water as it all turned violet, only to emerge from the vortex now in a different part of the forest with trees no longer blue and the waves no longer like water, making it easier to move. It seemed like a lot was moving faster than her eyes were used to, though, which probably made things look dark around her. Even so, the glowing light that maintained its form before and gave her guidance of where to go.

She fell on her ass, gazing up at the images of herself surrounding the Sacred Beast. "Oh shit! Yeah, go me!" Dusting herself off as she scrambled to her feet, she found that her body was lighter, for some reason. Perhaps it was because of how she was transported here. "Oh, wait, hold on..." In her excitement, she'd almost forgotten that she was supposed to be capturing this thing. Tzita picked up the Ankh around her neck and walked up to the Sacred Beast, pointing it at her, though remained cautious of the light bodies of herself. "I don't know what the hell just happened, but who cares~! Heehee, gonna get another Sacred Beeeaaast~! <3"

At the very tail end of the vortex, just before the connection between the Blue Lily and the Violet Dream was cut off from each of the parties in the forest, El and the Taurus would be seen trucking through the stream, ensuring that they were not separated from the group again. Though El and Taurus were moving very swiftly, it seemed as though the shifting of the trees into a higher vibration, which signified a swifter means of movement, was nearly outrunning them.

Even despite how fast everything was changing, they were still able to keep up with the pace, especially with both the Taurus' speed and El's natural speed working in tandem to push them through to the goal. By the time they reached the end, the forest was completely Violet and both Tzita and the Sacred Beast, as well as the strange light images of Tzita, were all within eyesight of both El and Taurus. "Hruh..." he grunted gruffly, seemingly somewhat tired, "... We Barely Made It." Despite being a great and powerful Zodiac Spirit, even the Taurus had finite energy that could not be fully granted to a single target, and thus also dictated how much of his Blessing he was capable of giving to El without starting to pull power from the other connected sources, such as perhaps the Bostaurus or other cattle-type living beings. Taurus had to be careful about how much energy he pulled and allowed the human to pull, considering that there were more lives on the line than just theirs.

"... There's the Sacred Beast," he'd point out to El, in case he couldn't tell beyond the light images, "... But I ain't familiar with them there... lights. Looks like that girlie." Now that they were out of harm's way, Taurus didn't need to expend so much energy and could rest within the Ankh. "Hmmm... Can't be takin' up all my energy. Other folk need that, ya know." With that said, the Taurus Spirit slipped back into the Ankh and let El continue on as he would from there. Taurus would sit back and rest for a while, but be sure to keep an open eye out for whatever those lights might be, or if that Sacred Beast started hopping around. They were still on a mission, after all.

"It's alright Taurus, take a break, please." El never intended for the Taurus to work so hard, but it got them to Tzita much faster than he would have been able to alone. El looked on towards where Taurus said the sacred beast was, cautiously eyeing the light images of Tzita that littered the area around it. He approached, carefully, holding out a hand as he did so.

El: "Tzita, you around here?"

The Sacred Rabbit Beast, having been puzzled at the sudden appearance and disappearance of a strange voice and glistening presence moving about nearby, was completely trapped at every corner from the light projections. Realizing her path had come to an end, she sucked her teeth and braced herself for whatever was about to happen, knowing that fighting back now was useless. No more jumping around for them, it seemed. The Rabbit Spirit would be, rather immediately afterward, drawn directly into the ankh held out by Tzita and captured as another one of their Zodiac Spirits.

Once the Sacred Beast conceded to being captured, the clones of the light being in Tzita's image would suddenly disappear, all save for one standing directly before Tzita, like an image in the mirror. After a little while, her form would shift to that of a young lady laced in crystal and a body burning like a furnace, yet with a subtle emanation like that of ice, as not to burn anything around her. Her long hair sparkled like crystal, as did her eyes, and there were 6 large shard-like crystal wings like those of a faerie's hovering behind her. The fullness of her form could not be understood from her pure luminescence, but her general outline gave her a fair enough projection of her image. She gazed at first at Tzita, then at her companion joining her, lingering on him for a moment as her rays cast brightly upon him. He should have been able to feel her aura like the sun. The girl made of light would only remain to stare at the both of them ominously for just a while longer before completely disappearing, leaving the darkness of the deep violet trees to close around the group. There was no longer any of her light present.

Tzita smiled happily, nonchalantly gathering the Sacred Beast into her Ankh and grasping it triumphantly, "Yes~! I'm actually doing a good job, this time!" She was having a lot more success recently consecutively than even in her past life, which made her feel much better about being on track again, even if they kept getting off course. She sighed with relief, letting the glow of the strange woman warm her skin. "Huh...?" The light looked like Tzita one minute, then the next looked like someone else. She was strikingly familiar, but Tzita couldn't really tell. She heard El calling to her and would snap out of her daze, turning toward where she heard his voice. "Oh... El. There you are!" She knew they'd find a way back to each other, but she wasn't expecting it to be so swiftly. Whatever the reason, they were here now, and once the light being left, they would be alone in what looked to be the darkest part of the forest there was since they'd been here. Tzita latched onto El immediately as soon as the light went out, as though she were afraid. "You saw that, right?"

"Yeah, for sure..." El replied, a bit perturbed by the ominous stare they had both received from the being of light before it vanished into the ether. For now, he didn't pay it too much mind, since it was gone and getting reacquainted with Tzita's situation was more important, but the lingering words of the Taurus didn't leave his mind. If the old bull was cautious of those lights then he would heed that caution.

He turned to Tzita, feeling a bit rejuvenated by the light show, placing his hands on her shoulders and giving her a once over. "Are you okay? We were separated for quite a little while."

The light of the violet trees was like the starry outback at midnight; a faint glow only enough to slightly see what was ahead, but mostly only silhouettes barely distinguishable from each other. It piqued Tzita's curiosity, since she was known for lurking in the dark. She wanted to go deeper, nearly forgetting her goal to get to the Earth Sanctuary, yet was also conflicted because she really wanted to keep on track. "... Yeah. I got the Sacred Beast, too, with the help of that light..." She turned to El, her own eyes glowing brightly in the darkness, despite the lack of light. "... It looked like me. I've never seen that before." Without having the chance to explore this world and the things that were lurking here, as well as her powers being restrained, Tzita couldn't tell what that light which looked like her could have been, nor what it meant, nor what was coming next. She looked around, realizing now something even worse; they were lost. "... This is a different part of this messed up forest. How are we supposed to get out now?" She huffed, a little upset that they were so far gone. She had no idea now to navigate nor to get out, and this place was darker than the others. Never know what could be around here.

El couldn't help Tzita there, he wasn't sure what they should do either. This forest had been a whirlwind of different colors and a roller coaster of events unfolding. El would be remiss to think that all of it was over. Though that light was gone now, and had helped Tzita with finally capturing a sacred beast, it's glare seemed like an ill omen for things to come.

"I'm not entirely sure myself. Taurus is taking a break and I rather not rely on him for everything, it could become bothersome to him." El turned his head for Tzita and took a quick glance at their surroundings. He assumed that since he had escaped that robot that had been chasing him, and he and Tzita were lost, then it, too, would have a hard time finding them now. He thought to call for the voice of the forest again, ask if it could lead them to where they needed to go, but the voice had fallen silent for a very long time now.

"Did the sacred beast say anything to you?" He asked, turning to face Tzita again, "Did it speak at all? Maybe it knows how to navigate this forest, how to find Virgo."

Tzita's glowing eyes remained fixated on El as he spoke whilst she tried to think up a way to get out. She knew that they could probably ask the forest for some help like last time, yet in her curiosity, she decided against it. Tzita wanted to go deeper into the forest and see what could be inside... Even so, the conflict between getting their assignment done and exploring. She wondered how her father would feel... He could definitely just appear anytime. "We can always rely on a different Zodiac spirit for a bit," she said pretty quickly, finding their power to be useful. Then again, she might have just been being lazy. "But no, the Rabbit didn't say anything... But maybe her power might actually help us!" It was a rather good idea, since they'd just captured this Sacred Beast and had yet to even see what power it could give them. Tzita raised her Ankh from her neck and held it out, letting it glow a bit and illuminate their immediate area. "Okay, Sacred Rabbit Beast! Lend us your power!" She kept her Ankh up and shining whilst she waited for the Sacred Beast to emerge from it.

A ray of light shot from the ankh directly in front of the pair, shifting into a figure before it got too far into the forest; a rabbit. As it continued outward, the glowing light suddenly became dark, growing larger and more consumptive as it expanded outward like a lamp and enlarging the figure's shape greatly. Once the rabbit-like figure's enlarged form was complete, the dark light condensed into its physical form rather than an astral form and revealed the full image of the creature that had appeared.

Kurosagi; the Black Rabbit.

As soon as the dark rabbit appeared, it gazed at them with eyes that seemed feral, or filled with some sort of intense emotion. "Who do you think you are!?" it cried, slamming its giant hind leg down with a powerful thud. "What is the meaning of this!? Why are you following me?!"

El was taken aback by the sudden appearance of the large rabbit, but not by much due in part to many of the other things he had come to experience in his short time in the Dawn, let alone the Veritas, let alone this forest. It wasn't odd to see a giant rabbit, in fact it seemed commonplace to his alien eyes.

He took a defensive step towards Tzita, as if to shield her just in case things got aggressive, like with the Taurus, even if Tzita hadn't been intimately involved with that situation, and paid close attention to the tone and words the rabbit expressed to them. "Please, we don't mean to come off as oppressor, poachers, or hunters. My name is Elliott, this is Lady L'sia, and we were looking for a way through the forest on our quest to search for... well... you. The Sacred Beasts." He hoped he didn't come off offensive to the giant sacred rabbit spirit... thing, and was able to express why they had ended up in the situation they had. To be truthfully, it wasn't their intention to find this spirit here, they just happened to luck upon it.

"We were sent by the other Zodiac Spirits in order to gather you all together again like in the times of yore," Tzita continued on after El, "We have been trying to find the Earth Sanctuary where Virgo is located, but we keep getting side-tracked and lost deeper in this forest." Hopefully their sincerity could be understood by this clearly angry sacred beast. She wasn't sure if the two of them had enough strength, even together, to face someone like this. They hadn't had any time to rest since they left the village. "Will you please lead us to the Earth Sanctuary through this forest so we can see the Zodiac Spirit, Virgo? We're only trying to help the Zodiac Spirits, not to harm you all."

"A congregation of the Signs?" she growled, beady, nearly feral eyes trembling as the thought was rationally comprehended. "Hmmm..." The two of them did seem like they were being sincere, and they were also being chased by that strange creature. With that alone, it didn't take long for the Rabbit Spirit to become docile again, as was in her nature. She closed her eyes and her body would glow white, immediately converting all of the negative astral energy that shaped her physical form into a more neutralized form; a floating stuffed white rabbit doll. "I'll remain like this so I won't be so imposing."

The doll hovered gently before them, giving off a white aura that illuminated the forest around them a little more brightly than before. The soft glow only reached their immediate area about a 5 foot radius from the center point, which would always be the rabbit doll. The doll stared precariously at the woman for a moment or two, then said, "... If you are searching for Mother Virgo and the Earth Sanctuary, I can lead you, but we have to get out of this part of the forest, first. I'm just as lost as you all are, actually." Even though she was a Sacred Beast, she still did not know this area, because this was new land that had never been touched by the spirit before, unlike with many other worlds where she'd thrived for eons. This feeling of newness and freshness was strange to even an Elder like her. It made her uncomfortable to feel so naive about anything... Especially when being instructed by a presence she couldn't see with an almost arrogant tone. A hint was a hint, regardless, and she wanted out of here just as much as these two did.

"... Keep Up With The Colors And Move At The Speed Of The Light." Light had many different speeds, yet to alter it here was to alter one's location, and the bunny girl hopping around so haphazardly, as well as many other factors that had entered the forest would only disturb the radiation and shift the speed a great deal. Light Speed movement encompassed more than just the fastest mode of travel, and was in fact, several speeds collectively across the spectra, from infrared to ultraviolet, the latter of which was generally where Teus maneuvered, himself, unseen to the naked eye, as he was now.

"I was told by a strange angelic voice a secret about how to navigate this forest." The Rabbit Spirit found the beings here to be quite curious, but out of all of them, the angelic voice seemed to have a certain feel about it that made the rabbit nervous. She could not put her finger on why, though. The more she thought about what he said, though, the more she confident the Rabbit Spirit felt in her ability to lead them on her own. Maybe just that one hint was enough. "It said something about the speed of light... and my power is over speed, so I can probably be of help." She wasn't aware of how it applied, though, and that could be a problem. "Though... Speaking to whatever knows this place better than we do is a good option, too." With the three of them working as a group, it was a group consensus about what be done next. Each of them were in the same predicament and none knew of any better methods, so it was probably best to just throw them out whilst they were still stationary.

El was glad the rabbit spirit softened to them so quickly. None of the spirits seemed to be hostile by nature, but that was just his assumption from the two that they had met. He stood up a little straighter than he was, lowering his defenses so that they could carry on a conversation. Unfortunately, the rabbit spirit didn't tell them anything that he was able to understand.

"Hmm... maybe we should call on that voice again. He seemed willing to help, but we haven't heard anything from him for a while now." El crossed his arms.

After seeing the image of the rabbit doll, Tzita would suddenly recall the premonition she had when she was asleep. It took a moment to register as the same being, but when she finally realized that it was, her eyes widened and she gasped loudly. "El! Remember that dream I told you about?" She hoped that he remembered, since it seemed like it was coming together before their eyes now. "That's the same rabbit doll that led me to the Earth Sanctuary!! I think that means we're on the right track by following the Rabbit Spirit." She was so caught up in this event that she was barely paying attention to what the two were saying about escaping. In fact, she wondered if the Rabbit Spirit would remember her. "Rabbit Spirit, do you remember me from the dream you guided me through? You took me into this forest and all the way to the Earth Sanctuary. Remember?" Tzita seemed eager to gain recognition from the Sacred Beast. She did think very highly of the celestial entities and even revered them, which was something Tzita didn't feel for anything else. In fact, there was nothing that she really respected in all her time except anything that was more powerful than she was, and she hadn't come across too many in all her years.

"That's a good idea," the Rabbit Spirit agreed with El, of whom she presumed had heard the voice before, as well. "Do you know how? It simply started speaking and I was suddenly transported here. I don't know how to actually speak back to it, nor if it's even still around..." The strange properties of this forest were deceiving and she didn't trust that anything here was truly completely stable. Then again, something told her that it had something to do with the reactions to their own stability. They would need to remain leveled.

"And actually, I do remember you. You're the impetuous little girl that wanted to leave your companion to venture into the Earth Sanctuary on your own." The lids of the doll lowered with what looked to be something like contempt, but also a bit of disappointment. Apparently, the Rabbit Spirit felt strongly about that sort of behavior in Tzita and didn't seem pleased by it. "It's a good thing he's here with you now and that you didn't go alone, though, isn't it?" Her eyes seemed rather cold toward Tzita.

"... Kochi kochi, Usagi-chan..." a barely audible high-pitched distorted voice spoke, its words very vague and opaque. There was a flash of bright light in the forest for only a brief moment, but just as quickly as the soft voice faded, so did the light. "Over here..." it said again, this time more clearly and with less distortion. When the voice spoke louder, this time so that more than just the Rabbit Spirit could hear, a deep, smooth indigo light shone brightly in the pitch dark depths violet forest beyond their position, yet faded the very moment the voice was finished speaking.

"Now, now we're all in this together for now, at least until we can get to Virgo. Let's try and be friends, yeah?" El said with a slight laugh, hoping to diffuse any negative feelings that were in the air between Tzita and the being she had met previously. He wasn't mad to hear that she had thought about leaving him behind because he probably would have found her eventually. This was a dream she had long sought after, so he could understand her excitement at learning new clues and gaining access to new leads.

He moved his lips to say something else, but before he could a voice spoke up that called to all of them. He was sure that he'd heard it, but not sure whether the rabbit spirit and Tzita had.

"Hey you guys hear that? Over there!" He pointed out, turning to point a finger towards the light that soon faded before he could actually point at it. Thankfully he'd been able to see it, so that he may be able to lead them to where they needed to go.

Tzita's face sank after hearing the words of the Rabbit Spirit, already having taken her words she said before to heart. Being scolded again only brought back the remorse she felt after having left El in her dreams, and she was disheartened. "Oh..." she said softly, looking off to the ground, scratching her head slightly.

Before she could get too lost in her thoughts about her feelings, as she usually did, she would hear and see a bright light, as well. "What?!" she cried, staring off into the direction El was pointing. "Yeah, I heard it too!" She'd only briefly seen the light out of the corner of her eye, but definitely knew from what direction it came from. "Maybe the voice of the forest heard us and started speaking on its own?" That seemed like the most logical explanation. It seemed helpful before. "You think we should follow it or wait for it to speak again...?"

"Let's go..." the Rabbit Spirit said with a grumble, "... I saw and heard it..." and it sounded like it was mocking her, or something. She could have just been irritated, but she heard it speak to her in a taunting manner, which made her uneasy. "That's the exact same voice as before, and it clearly wants us to follow it." The Rabbit Spirit would immediately move on toward where she saw the light, her own glow dimming as she drifted away from Elliott and Tzita. She would not lose track of the light, since she'd already seen it and heard the voice more clearly this time.

If the Rabbit Spirit moved ahead too far and too fast before the other two could get themselves situated, the moment she passed a certain point, she would be halted by a wall of invisible light that would refract the light around her and cause her to walk back around as she believe she moved forward, disallowing the Rabbit Spirit from continuing beyond a certain point. "Now, now," the voice spoke up again, more clearly, yet still just as daunting, "No leaving your friends behind. Right?" The voice trailed off in softening laughter, until it disappeared completely.

As their rabbit friend rushed off, El couldn't help but utter a small chuckle. Whether it be an ancient spirit of a mystical realm or not, a rabbit was still just as jittery and active as any other rabbit. He liked seeing that things here weren't that alien to him.

He turned to Tzita, holding out a hand to her with his other hand placed firmly across his chest. "May I, Lady L'sia? I'm unashamed in admitting that I've grown rather attached, and accustom, to carrying you. Will you indulge me once more?"

"Well, I guess we have our answer..." Tzita said with a sigh as the Rabbit Spirit she thought so fondly of basically brushed her off in order to go after the voice. She was acting similarly to how Tzita was in the dream, which, when turned around on her, was not a good feeling. It made Tzita really think about how she was treating others, especially El. When she thought of him, he spoke, and she looked up suddenly. Her dimly glowing eyes grew brighter as the Rabbit Spirit's light drifted away, and she would blink a few times, looking El deeply in his eyes. "... Oh... Well..." At first, she seemed to still feel a little bad, but being who she was, when offered some sort of special treatment, she wasn't going to deny nor ignore it. That was simply not smart. "Well, if you insist~!" Tzita would hop up into the air in front of El, wrapping her arms around him and waiting for him to catch her so that they could take off. "Besides, my feet were hurting anyway. Hmhm~!"

El held his arms out, expectantly, waiting for Tzita to fall into place within his grasp. He had a hunch that she wouldn't turn down his offer to carry her, considering the many times he'd done so already and her acceptance of such things. It just seemed easier to move about. With his speed, he could get them where ever they needed to be much faster than if they both took Tzita's easier, and much more laid back pace. It helped that he enjoyed doing it too.

He secured her by sliding his left arm underneath her knees and wrapping his right around torso to press his hand on her stomach, then he clutched her knees and side, squeezing her closer to his chest, before running after the rabbit spirit that had been stopped dead in her tracks by the mysterious forest lights.

"Together, remember?" El politely quipped with a small smile before passing the rabbit spirit in order to find their way deeper into the woods. He made sure not to move too quickly, but figured that the rabbit spirit had shown it was more than capable of keeping up with the likes of him.

The Rabbit Spirit rolled her eyes at the all of them, sighing heavily as she was turned around and basically reprimanded by each of them. "Yes, yes, I get it. Together..." Following behind El, she would reflect on her own short-sightedness and hastiness and compare it to what Tzita had been attempting to do before. The Rabbit Spirit hadn't seen her impetuousness in this light before, nor that she shared it with Tzita. It was humbling, to say the least, and suddenly, she had no more words to say. She would simply follow beside El, catching up to him gradually, even in his speediness.

"As long as there is Light Within Me, there is Hope For The World. I Will Protect It. That is My Philosophy and My Truth."

Tempora Tensei is a Hikarigami (Light Goddess) of the Veritas, specifically being the Time Goddess after inheriting the title of the head 'Hikarigami' from her mother and father, Teleine and Teus, who are the other two Hikarigami. She is the one who maintains all things temporal in the Veritas. Before acquiring the 'Gear Of Time', which powers all temporal events in the Veritas, and also serves as part of her essence, she was known simply as Magenta, and still goes by that name often. Though she had a physical form and an Appearance, Tempora tends to remain surrounded in a veil of light known as 'Vilon', and to remain ambiguously among the folds of time until a time of her choosing to reveal her actual form underneath her veil of 'Timelight'.

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Twelfth Time: The Master Plan; Comes Together

-Crown Realm-

At that moment, a Indigo Pillar sprung up at the top of the Tower.

"Connection Complete," the deadpan voice of a woman spoke out, "Crown Secured."

Temari was hooked to the Shinsanity of Light; Tempora.

"Here ya go, Daddy," Tempora would say, flickering in a celestial ray into the crystalline tower they lived in, "I got all the notes..." In her hands were the paperwork for all of the information that was stored within the 7 Sanctuaries of the Veritas, as well as their instructions and coding. "I'm still working on the last little bit for this realm, but I think I did a pretty good job in cleaning up the Veritas so far, don't you think?" She smiled at him and sighed with a bit of relief, wiping her forehead a bit. "... Sorry," she said lowly, handing him the cleaned up work, like it was supposed to be.

After all that happened with the testing of the Veritas, and having both Tabrynth and Tetris finally be released out in order to run and test the system, the top of the Testament Palace would be filled with the light of the Light Gods, which were the beacon of light that oversaw the Veritas. Teus, who was the Light God, would be sitting on the sleek white couch when his daughter, Tempora came to him.

"Hm? Are you quite finished?" He said in a soft-hearted and joking tone. "I was growing a beard over here." Now that his youngest daughter, Triere, who, in her Elemental Form was the Souzenryoku of Light, had effectively cleaned up the Veritas and had all of the instructions gathered and written down on how to operate it all properly, Teus would look over the work to see if it matched his design plan as he intended before Triere accidentally messed it up. He would hear her say that she was sorry softly, and felt that perhaps there was more that she wanted to say that she couldn't get out. She seemed eager enough to correct what she'd done, but she also seemed nervous about expressing it with her lips. Just like her mother.

"Hmmm." He skimmed over a few of the notes, looking specifically toward the last part, which was made specifically for him to complete. "You missed a spot..." he said softly, before chuckling to himself. "No, I'm just kidding. You've done wonderfully, Tempora. You've cleaned up your mess and ours, which was caused by your mess, and, along with all your sisters, restored and sustained peace in all the Veritas." He would extend his arm, which would wrap around her and draw her close to him so that he could hug her tightly. "How could I not be proud of you, my dear?" Despite the two of them being the least close, he still loved his still somewhat distant daughter as if she were either of the others. They were all equal. "No need to be so shy about it. We all make mistakes, and clearly, as a family, we can all fix them if at all possible." Everything looked fine, and was completely proper and orderly as much as necessary before being handed off to the Creator for the final finishing touches.

Teus would place the paperwork down on the glass table before them, then sit with his daughter and attempt to spend a little more quality time with her now, since she was always feeling neglected and ignored. Little did she know, it was her own distance that kept her from being accepted more closely, and not the reverse. Still, after all the two of them had been through, as well as their finding out about each other, it was understandable how and why she would feel as she did. "It's okay, my girl. Just go and have fun now. You've done your part, and now you may enjoy yourself, like I know you want to." Certainly, Teus would like to enjoy himself, as well, but there were certain things he needed to secure during the 8th Moon before he had time to truly rest. However, it should have been nothing but coasting from this point. That was rather relieving.

He turned to Tempora before too long and asked her, "How are you feeling? It's been a long time since we've talked... Tabitha and Trinity have taken up most of my time, and you've been off in the background. How are you, my sweetness?" He hoped that she wasn't still shaken up or feeling hostile. He wouldn't keep her if that were the case.

Tempora didn't resist being taken into her father's arms. Actually, she was hoping he would do something like that this time, since she didn't really have the heart to do so on her own in this instance. She couldn't figure out why, but she was actually feeling guilty for the trouble she'd caused, even if she hadn't felt that way before. Her father's loving embrace and care, as well as taking his time out of his day when she knew he had little to none to spare was actually all she needed. She didn't need to go on any longer after that.

"... I'm fine, Daddy," she's coo lowly, lowering her lids, "I just want to sit here and rest for a while." She didn't have much to say that she wanted to get out of her head, but boy was she tired after doing all that work to clean up the Veritas pretty much behind the scenes. There was a lot that went into it and keeping the Gear of Time running, but in the end, now that it was all prepared, the Dusk was unthawing and the Testament Palace was coming back together in the fullness of its height. "But thanks for asking. That's all I really ever want..." She gasped once she let it slip out, but would fall silent again soon after, paying it no mind. She said nothing more, but rested her head on her father.

Teus continued to smile, fondly looking down at his daughter as she cuddled up to him. He was happy that they were no longer at odds and that she'd gotten everything done. He knew how she'd been feeling and wanted his daughter to feel better after all that happened. If this was all he could do for her right now, then that is what Teus would do. "Alright, then, sweetheart," he'd say, kissing her forehead, as was signature to those he loved, "Daddy Loves You, Little Angel." He stroked her back a little and let her rest her head whilst he reviewed the final bits of the Instruction Manual, writing them in himself.

"As long as there is Light Within Me, there is Hope For The World. I Will Protect It. That is My Philosophy and My Truth."

Tempora Tensei is a Hikarigami (Light Goddess) of the Veritas, specifically being the Time Goddess after inheriting the title of the head 'Hikarigami' from her mother and father, Teleine and Teus, who are the other two Hikarigami. She is the one who maintains all things temporal in the Veritas. Before acquiring the 'Gear Of Time', which powers all temporal events in the Veritas, and also serves as part of her essence, she was known simply as Magenta, and still goes by that name often. Though she had a physical form and an Appearance, Tempora tends to remain surrounded in a veil of light known as 'Vilon', and to remain ambiguously among the folds of time until a time of her choosing to reveal her actual form underneath her veil of 'Timelight'.

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Thirteenth Time: Lighting The Lamps

After dealing with all sorts of chaos within the various layers of the Veritas, the Tyranophant of the Veritas, Ty-kun, made his way to his house after being gone for a long time. His house on the Planet was different than the other houses and personal properties that were littered all about the rest of the Veritas, such as on the Moons or even at the Dimension Gate. This one, his personal home, which was taken care of more or less completely by his daughter or wife, was his actual 'home' -- the same one that was connected to his tree trunk when he was still incubating inside of the Crystal Tree during his Ascension. He reminisced fondly of those days inside that tree, yet also thought back to the less fond things that had to be viewed in the process and drew his head low to the ground with a look of disgust on his face. He shook his head, dismissing the thought.

"Damn," he finally said, "How long has it really been...?" Time no longer was relevant in really any manner to he nor the Veritas, save for documenting specific events and times and periods, but not actually in terms of age any longer. He'd been 'Timeless' as they say for longer than most and was actually one who incited the others to become such. Thinking about how they'd taken after him, yet treated him shamefully after basically copying him was also something that brought him distress, and he ended up scowling when he walked in the door. "Dammit..." he grumbled, tapping his foot. "I guess this is why I don't ever come home." There were so many terrible memories of this place, specifically that he ended up thinking so long, so hard and so much about them that he became emotionally imbalanced, which was the one thing that Ty-kun wasn't supposed to ever be. The 7th Restriction was nothing for emotional imbalances, and even in the 8th, to become emotionally imbalanced caused degeneration into lower restrictions, like the 5th, which was relatively devoid of emotions because they could not be handled completely at an ascended level.

The reasoning behind his dislike for going into places that 'triggered' him in that way was because of what happened the longer the problems go unresolved or are thought of intensely, especially as open-ended things. He, himself, becomes destructive and unpredictable which endangers everyone and everything inclusive to himself BECAUSE he was triggered by something and lost grip on his sanity, even if only briefly, and even if he could always return from it. The mess that was made (which, usually, was both necessary and also not meant to be cleaned up) was catastrophic, and he was actually in no mood for destruction nor being upset. He closed his eyes and calmed himself, waiting until he was stable to go more deeply into his house. He didn't want the first thing his daughter to see to be her father upset just because. Then, she'd get upset, too, and her insanity would come out, and then they'd both go on some tyrannical destructive rampage. His crystal daughter was more or less his spitting image in personality, even if she had specific traits of her mother that shone through the crystalline perfection of their genetics as crystals.

Ty-kun did not call out to her, but meditated at the doorstop, finding the words to say to her when he was prepared to tell her about what was about to be done in and with the Veritas, and what he needed her to do involving it. It was something very important for her in terms of her own responsibility and maturity, so he needed to be sure he had his head on straight so that he could give her the full and explicit detail, as he KNEW she needed. Being too general would never work for her, for it didn't work with him, but unlike Ty-kun, she would snap out about it immediately wherein he would more or less go along with it until he felt otherwise. So, he waited. He meditated.

Someone's presence entering the Ice Sanctuary wouldn't go unnoticed. It was normally quiet and as still as the ice it was made of, so motion of any kind was a trigger, of sorts. Naturally, before the one who stepped inside, an Ice Seal appeared in an intricate pattern forming before them, then shattering and revealing the young lady of the Palace. As usual, she wore her slightly translucent crystal dress and her signature bow in her hair, both of which were also shimmering like crystal. Her piercing red eyes gazed straight into the face of the one of whom she called 'Father.' "You've been gone a long time, old timer," Triere said, her arms crossed over her chest, as usual, as she hovered just lightly over the ground. "I suppose you need something. You wouldn't be here if you didn't." She rolled her eyes, scrunching up her nose. Even though she enjoyed her privacy and having the whole house to herself, being neglected was still something she wasn't fond of. "So, what is it this time?"

The brazen approach of the young crystal was a bit too reckless for the Tyranophant whilst he was in a state of tension. His eyes flashed red for a moment out of their normal crystal blue, and with a piercing gaze straight into the red eyes of his daughter, he said to her, "Ay, watch your mouth, little girl." She was always one who was widely independent, never fawning nor sheltering herself under him like her other sisters did (of whom she was directly connected), but she also had a tendency to let that independence go too far and separate herself from the fact that she was still his daughter and he was still her father. Of course, if she ever needed a reminder, Ty-kun was deft in giving her an ass whooping, like he did literally everyone else. None were exempt, even if some were given lesser or greater intensities of such. "Daddy's here on business, kid. As I have been AWAY on business to keep your sorry ass alive." He glared at her, tapping his foot somewhat impatiently. "You're not exactly capable nor responsible enough to take care of this place as you are, so that's why Daddy has to get his hands in here and can't sit down and rest, like I wanna." If it were up to him, he'd have already been sitting in his throne in the Crystal Palace just as little miss Triere here did all day and night, never moving nor being of any assistance.

"Now, it's time to get up off your ass and start pulling your weight so Daddy CAN sit down somewhere. You get it?" Last thing that Triere did was clean up the Veritas for a mess that was her cause, even if it was through the manifestations of Ty-kun's 6th Restriction. "I'm not doing double the work because you think you can just sit in here and do nothing all day." He didn't think he'd have this talk with his children, considering how he was as a child, and also sometimes still was as an adult, but ironically, the same things he knew about himself he also clearly saw in his daughter. She may have had her own goals and own motives going on in the background, whatever they may have been, but she was still neglecting her actual duties and roles in keeping the Veritas maintained, which was actually visibly clear to the one who created the Veritas. "So, basically, I'm here to tell you that it's time to shine. The Lamps of the Veritas need to be lit, and it's through our Seven Spirits, which you know as the Souzenryoku, that we are to get this accomplished." Hopefully, Triere had been training with the elements and not just sitting around doing nothing. Some of them may have been a bit more rambunctious than she might believe, since the Souzenryoku were different manifestations of culminations of the combination of energy between Ty-kun, himself, his Daughters and his Wife in whatever manifestation they fell into. Though Ty-kun had his own respective elemental Spirits that were forbidden to him, the Souzenryoku were the culmination of everyone's energy so that it could spread over the fullness of the Veritas and the energy be shared among all life, even if the sentience beings were their own entities.

"Be quick about it, too, because we've got not only a deadline, but an alignment to meet, so there isn't any time for lollygagging or backtalk or defiance, as you're notorious for." Now, Ty-kun rolled his eyes, knowing the 'attitude' his daughter had. She was just like her mother in certain respects; certain things that he couldn't stand about his wife showed up in his daughter, but those same things he couldn't stand about them were also little quirks that he still loved in a way that was more sentimental than it was logical. It was their personality, but it still did need to be checked so that it didn't grow into a vice, as is what happened when personality traits became malignant.

Ty-kun scratched his cheek a bit, wondering if he was being too 'business' with her, since it had been a long time and he was kind of only talking about work, even if it was still about everyone's lives as a whole. She did bring up a very valid point, despite her manner of bringing it up being somewhat brazen. It was still very correct. They'd have to work on approach later, since Ty-kun knew that was something he struggled with, himself, in terms of delivery of 'What Is Correct.' He could see now why the reception in the past was so... repulsive. "... And uh... Afterward..." he went on, somewhat bashfully, averting his gaze, "... We could like. Have some tea or like... Go out somewhere... or something..." As 'Tsundere' as Triere was, like her father, Ty-kun was, as well. That's where she got it from, despite how her mother had some of that in her, too. It was more prominent to a specification with these two, since their type of 'Tsundere' differed from Ty-kun's wife. "... I mean, how long's it really been since we spent some quality time together, yeah...?" He chuckled lightly, still looking away, but crossing his own arms, now, looking somewhat embarrassed. "I mean, if you don't wanna, though, we can just do what we gotta do and be out. But the offer's on the table."

Triere complied, knowing that she was not at her most maximum potential in power and her father was maintaining his in a fashion that made her wish to utilize and control all of her power, as well. Each of the Seven Shinsanities that were the Family Spirit Guardians that were passed down for generations and perfected in her own Father's image, were also able to give his children the power, as well. This was the most fortunate thing for the Tensei, because Triere -- daughter of Khrona/Tymon from the future -- was already aware of how to utilize her own Spirit Guardians, as she had done with Blue and Signis in the past. Those two became the ascended version that Triere could take, however the means of doing that were through both Blue and Signis merging together into the Pisces Spirit that belonged to her father, the Tyranophant. She needed to have the power of each of the elements and not just divine heavenly celestial powers or water and ice related powers. With this, she could unlock more abilities and also master her Restrictions beyond the 7th using power from the 6th Restriction, which is what she was about to do by harmonizing her Crystal body with the Souzenryoku from the Crystal Palace.

"Fiiiiine," Triere groaned to her father, subduing herself to him due to his and her nature. She was ready to get the show on the road more greatly than he was, she would bet. "You Know I Already Knew What To Do Anyway. I Made That Expressly Clear During The First Time I Cleaned Up For Ya, Old Timer." She smirked a sharp-toothed grin not unlike her own Father's, since she saw something great in the distance. "I Will Be The Catalyst To The New Energy To Pass Through All Things Using My Own Crystal Body, Then Magnifying It Through The Crystal Palace So That The Radiation Is Perpetually Flowing Out From Me And Into Each Of The Elements." After that, all of the energy in the Veritas would eventually, more or less, go to and from the Crystal Palace, the Dimension Gate and the Twin Clocktowers of the Dusk and Dawn, allowing the energy from the beacon -- the Crystal Palace, Ice Sanctuary -- to stand as the central filtration for all the Souzenryoku.

"Now, I don't even hafta move," she said in a smartass tone, ready to watch things unfold in a cutthroat fashion, just like her father.

Triere: "I Summon, The Souzenryoku Of Light -- Magenta!!!"

And, Magenta's 'Light' shone and went all throughout the Veritas, extending her 'Presence' by the 'Virtua'.

"As long as there is Light Within Me, there is Hope For The World. I Will Protect It. That is My Philosophy and My Truth."

Tempora Tensei is a Hikarigami (Light Goddess) of the Veritas, specifically being the Time Goddess after inheriting the title of the head 'Hikarigami' from her mother and father, Teleine and Teus, who are the other two Hikarigami. She is the one who maintains all things temporal in the Veritas. Before acquiring the 'Gear Of Time', which powers all temporal events in the Veritas, and also serves as part of her essence, she was known simply as Magenta, and still goes by that name often. Though she had a physical form and an Appearance, Tempora tends to remain surrounded in a veil of light known as 'Vilon', and to remain ambiguously among the folds of time until a time of her choosing to reveal her actual form underneath her veil of 'Timelight'.

I Know I Can... ~~ (Battle Theme)
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Hikarigami, Crystal Heart of the Crystal Aurora :: Crystal Angel of Crysteria
Hikarigami, Crystal Heart of the Crystal Aurora :: Crystal Angel of Crysteria

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Fourteenth Time: Lighting The Lamps; Light Spirit

The Realm of Light became Tempora, and Tempora spread all forms of Light throughout the Veritas and made all sorts of 'Virtua' in the Light Realm, Luz, which she was the Mechanism for.

"As long as there is Light Within Me, there is Hope For The World. I Will Protect It. That is My Philosophy and My Truth."

Tempora Tensei is a Hikarigami (Light Goddess) of the Veritas, specifically being the Time Goddess after inheriting the title of the head 'Hikarigami' from her mother and father, Teleine and Teus, who are the other two Hikarigami. She is the one who maintains all things temporal in the Veritas. Before acquiring the 'Gear Of Time', which powers all temporal events in the Veritas, and also serves as part of her essence, she was known simply as Magenta, and still goes by that name often. Though she had a physical form and an Appearance, Tempora tends to remain surrounded in a veil of light known as 'Vilon', and to remain ambiguously among the folds of time until a time of her choosing to reveal her actual form underneath her veil of 'Timelight'.

I Know I Can... ~~ (Battle Theme)
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