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 The Stellar Garden - Marketing Plan

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The Stellar Garden - Marketing Plan Empty
PostSubject: The Stellar Garden - Marketing Plan   The Stellar Garden - Marketing Plan EmptyTue Dec 14, 2021 12:25 pm

May 9, 2018

Stellar Garden: Tymon's own personal Business and Market. This is where the Marketable products go 'For Sale.' The asking price is negotiable. Fan Art is also done by request for a service charge. All marketable products and services are inclusive but not limited to: Characters, Character Design, Story, Storyboard, Fan Art, Illustration, Concepts, Promotional, Advertisement, Marketing, Myself, The Veritas, and any of the components of the Veritas that go into making marketable products. The stories and characters may come as a bundle or separately, and all things can be asked on request on the spot with a negotiable price range.


Characters: Characters that are 'For Sale.' This can be as a design, as an image or as a bundle, inclusive to a story.

-Creatures: Creations that are for sale at negotiable prices. Comes by request, with prerequisites or freestyle. All creations are not limited to just creatures and can be materials, minerals, ideas, aliens and all sorts of other creations. For request, include all information. For buying, browse what is available and see what is appealing and for what price.

Works: My own personal pieces that are independent and often made sporadically. They usually are stand alone works that do not tie into a background story or series of characters. These are also done upon request with a negotiable asking price for the service.

-Concepts: Ideas for any form of Art there is with an emphasis of Movies, Stories, Games and Music. The Conceptual design is only based on the Idea and not actually any work or labor. This is for those who are only looking for a new Concept and not for those looking for someone to do the work. The Concepts are sold each at an individual price, but depending on the development of both the deal and the design, can be sold in bundles. Negotiable pricing.

-Originals: Things that I randomly spontaneously came up with. Often personal. Some art for sale, others are simply for display, so be sure to ask. The sentimentality is also what makes the prices differ.

-Designs: Logos, Seals, Sigils, Insignas, Symbols, Brands, Names, Signatures, Marks, and any form of 'Copyright' or 'Business Branding' and design for such. All are negotiable pricing upon request.

Graphic Novels (Manga/Comics): The Manga, Comics, Strips and Shorts that I do. The price of the Graphic Novel as a whole is for the Entertainment and not for any of the characters or components of the actual makeup of the Graphic Novel unless discussed directly. A single Graphic Novel can be bought or the entire series can be bought, both for negotiable (but drastically different) buying prices.

-Shorts/Strips: Graphic Novels that were made as Comic Strips or as single-page 'Shorts' that are something like previews, cover art and synopses of other stories or general random spontaneous things that I have done. These are also done upon request for a negotiable asking price. The 'Short' can be anything and may include dialogue or simply serve as 'Cover Art' as a stand-alone product.

Fan Art: Art that is done specifically for Fan Service, Parody, Homage or Royalties. This also counts as a direct independent quick-service of the Stellar Garden and the Veritas for the immediate instant gratification of whomever desires work done for their own business, company, franchise, etc. The request is discussed along with the requirements and asking price, all of which are negotiated along the way with a final layout for the fullness of the span of the project unto completion before estimates are made. Covers any and everything, including service to Fans and interested Companies.

Zodiac: Artwork about the Zodiac. Includes Illustrations, Stories, Designs and also Astrology tips, hints, secrets, logic and general information both in the story and about the illustration or piece itself. Some may be for sale and others may be for display, so ask.

Stories: Stand-Alone literary works that either are non-inclusive to Illustration or are sold separately from other works. Bundles can be packaged upon request at a reasonable asking price. Stories can be built from scratch, come with prerequisites or an initial design and layout be done along the way.

Services: Variable services of I, myself, Tymon (the Tyranophant) or of the Veritas, itself, with a specification on the Stellar Garden. The Services of the Stellar Garden include portions of the Veritas and its systematic processes that can be used for whatever manner is being asked based on both services listed and necessary. Services done that are not listed are negotiable and up for discussion, though the ones listed are definite.

Promotional: Anything meant for the promotion of other people’s works in any and all their forms, normally through the means of images and written works, character designs or general endorsement.

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The Stellar Garden - Marketing Plan
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