The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension

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 Materias; Heavenly Particles (Crystal Image)

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Magnus Teus the Opal Lightchrysm :: White Sun; Crystal Star
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Materias; Heavenly Particles (Crystal Image) Empty
PostSubject: Materias; Heavenly Particles (Crystal Image)   Materias; Heavenly Particles (Crystal Image) EmptyMon Jan 24, 2022 9:21 am

The ability to manipulate any type of particle in any way seen fit, as well as to create new particles and manipulate them, as well. With this ability, one can also cause any type of transformation, which is signature of the Crystal Image.

Star Armor- Surrounds star energy around himself that nullified darkness, shadow and dark energy completely... well. From harming Luminon... via devouring them However, he gets a bit slower in his movement. The more darkness/shadows he devours, however, the stronger the Star Armor gets.

Light Manipulation- Alters and controls light at will.

Eerie Glow: A glow omitted from Luminon that will steal the ability to perceive light from those who look at him, thus making them blind until he ceases the Eerie Glow from himself.

Eyes of Truth- Allows Luminon to see the invisible, through illusions, through clones and copies, and through darkness/shadows. Only able to do these things when this is active (however, Luminon can ALWAYS see at the speed of light.)

Star Sight: Able to see/react at any speed necessary to him at the current moment.

Light Vision: Allows Luminon to see literally ANYWHERE there is light. Therefore, if someone is out of his vision range, using the Light Vision will allow him to see them as if they were right in front of him... However, there MUST be light and he MUST know exactly where they are, or this won't work.

Deceptive Delusion- (After Light Manipulation) Manipulates light that the opponent sees, making them see things that are not really there, or make them go blind in general. Requires either direct eyecontact or direct physical contact to the head. Cannot be rid of until Luminon's energy goes out or until Luminon releases control.

Starlight- Summons power from the stars, whether it be the sun, or stars from faaaaaar away. They increase his power and energy by 10,000.

Heavenly Concave- Creates a large concave vortex of celestial, star and light energy that sucks in big attacks and shoots them back out with double the power and infused with light, star and celestial energy so that Luminon can control it entirely.

Heavenly Light- Creates light so intense that it blinds all who see it that are not him. He can increase intensite infinitely, so that he can make it that it might be blind for a few minutes or for life.... burning their retinas out. HAHAHA. BURN THE EYES.

Birth of a Star- Luminon makes clones of himself made of star energy that share all of his attributes, like immunity to light, heat, stars, etc. and can use some of his abilities. He can restore them if parts are left over with star energy or light energy.

Light Suction: Sucks in all rays of light from everywhere for power. Suction is so powerful, it may even suck in the sun. HOWEVER, this only works for light and nothing else. Nothing except light will feel this suction.

Light Fusion: Literally fuses himself with light.

Celestial Gift- Able to heal himself of any wound on his metallic body, however he must be in a nonhostile environment to do so. He may also heal the injuries of others with celestial energy.

Refraction Playground- Expels a continuously expanding dome of celestial and light energy that bends light however Luminon wants without him having to use Light Manipulation. Only works for light inside the dome. Anything that uses light or has to do with light (such as lightning, fire, plasma, etc) is weakened drastically and able to be bent around by Luminon.

Light Screen: An instant shield that appears tall and wide in a split second in front of Luminon. It acts as a mirror to all non physical attacks, forcing them back at the opponent unconditionally, however it is very brittle towards physical attacks. If an element surrounds a physical attack (like a fire punch or something) The element is nullified and only the fist can break through. He can create numerous Light Screens, however if he moves, they can not move with him. Light and Celestial energy make it stronger toward physical attacks and make it grow.

Astral Disassemble: Finds the weakest point on any barrier and inserts a mixture of star and celestial energy to literally erase and disassemble the barrier until it is totally gone.

Pure Blood: Luminon bathes the entire area in the liquid that fills his body, causing anything it touches to be disintegrates and become part of the liquid.

Compulsive Supernova: IF something manages to pierce through Luminon's ultra metal body, then as an automatic defensive measure, Luminon releases an explosion from himself that has the compressed power of a supernova to destroy everything in the area, but not the entire planet.

Disorderly Starlight: 1) Rearranges the stars in space so that they will automatically give Luminon his maximum amount of power, which is always his current power level times itself (For example, if his power level is at 100, then it would be multiplied by 100 for maximum power at that moment. If it is at 200, it would be maximized x200, and so on.) 2) Creates tiny little balls of Star/Celestial/Light energy, in which they can explode, burn, implode or suck in whatever comes near them. They may move to Luminon's will and can be used as both defensive and offensive things.

Internal Generation: Luminon generates extreme power within himself. The more power he generates within himself, the more powerful he becomes. This power can also be released as a giant wave of star, celestial or light energy while he is generating it, thus creating a barrier of this energy that will protect him and destroy what comes within it.

One of the hallowed Hikarigami (Light God), the Crystal Angel. Having been developed from the Crystal Starseed after he came into his maturation as a divine protector of all stars, light, and celestial bodies, Luminon was transcended into Teus as a divine reward for his holiness as the Starseed.

Teus rules over the Highest Heaven and is the Crystal Image of the Crystal God to whom the Throne and Temple belong. He uses transcendent divine power via the 'Absolute Divinity'. With the power of the 'Crystal Star', he commands the luminaries as his Manna, and with the power of 'Crystal Aurora', he commands all forms of light to his will.
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Materias; Heavenly Particles (Crystal Image)
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