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 Farewell Lovely Night

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PostSubject: Farewell Lovely Night   Farewell Lovely Night EmptySat Feb 13, 2016 8:16 pm

Wakare Sutekina Yoru (Farewell Lovely Night)

Warning: The following is rated MA and is intended for mature audiences over the age of 18. Contains explicit and vulgar content, including language, nudity, and sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

A chilly wind blows over a mountain top, bringing with it the shivers of fall. As the old and young alike race to get home to loved ones, some lounge about in the brisk air. The wonders of nature have nothing to do with this story. At least, not this part of it. This tale is about a teen. A teen about to cross the threshold of adulthood.
“Renta Kazuki.”
The uninterested voice belongs to the teacher as she calls out attendance. The I-don't-care-about-crap voice belongs to the main character of this tale, 17 year old Renta Kazuki. Said teen of 5'7, brown eyes and neatly cut black hair sat back in his chair with an air of boredom that seemed to shut him into his own world. This seemingly cool and collected teen that had looks that could put every other boy his age to shame was well known throughout his a disgusting asshole of an otaku.
“Ugh, why won't he just become a hikikomori and leave us all alone? I don't care how cute he is.”
“I bet his parents don't even want him so he can't stay at home. If I was them, I'd pack up and leave while he's at school.”
These cruel insults thrown at him seem...well, cruel right? WRONG! Though not disgusting, Renta really is an otaku, and definitely an asshole. But on top of that there is one big secret that he keeps from everyone.
(At Home)
“Young man, it's not safe for an impressionable young incubus like yourself to be out without some type of feminine supervision! You could've been molested, or worse!”
Renta Kazuki is a demon known as an incubus.

Dream 1: No Good Royalty

Renta made his way to his room as his mother continued to scream about having a woman's touch every now and then. As an otaku, the only women Renta cared about where the virtual and anime ones. But even if he didn't, there was one thing he just didn't understand.
“Rentaaa! Don't you want to come take a bath with mommy?”
“Dammit, get the hell out of my room you perverted loli milf!”
With a boot to the posterior, Ms. Kazuki was sent out of her sons room, once again having her attempt to sleep with him foiled. The 35 year old succubus woman groaned cutely and shed fake tears at her sons behavior. Nanaya Kazuki, Renta's mother, was going through her 'born again virgin' state, and hating every second of it. At 5'4, D-cup, and with the face of a high school girl, she could have any man or boy she wanted...except her son. She refused to sleep with another man until her own son made sweet, sweet love to her.
“Women are so troublesome...” He mumbled as he tossed his book bag on his bed and sat in his computer chair. Taking a moment to turn on the computer, he clicked on one of the many dating sims on his monitor and the aura of depression immediately faded. The room seemed to shine as hearts danced around his head and he made kissing faces at the screen. “But you'll never annoy me, isn't that right my sweet Hanako-chan!”
With a twirl of his wrist, the lights of his room flashed on. Covering the walls were dozens of anime and ecchi female posters. There were two bookshelves, one covered in different manga and anime, the other with all types of games ranging from RPG's to H-games. His closet had yellow caution tape over it, secretly hiding the hardcore hentai videos and magazines he hoarded, surprisingly (Or maybe not so much) mostly from his mom.
“Ah, don't worry Hanako-chan, you'll always be beautiful in my eyes!” Each day was the same. Go to school, do good enough to get by, brush off everyone else except his best friend Kota Totoro, go home and submerge himself in the world of anime, manga, and H-games. Renta lived by the mentality of 'do onto others before they do onto you'. He pushed others away before they could shun him for being an otaku, the only person ever seeming to accept him being Kota. Being able to push away girls as an incubus was easy enough seeing as his specific breed of incubus gained their powers by the amount of sexual energy they absorb from a certain amount of women. He had absorb none at all. Renta was a virgin.
His only power to date currently was being able to go into other people's dreams. However, after almost being raped by his own mother by entering her dream once, he swore never to do it again and instead took to the life of a normal teenager. So far, that's been going well for the past 3 years.
So where is his father you may ask? Or maybe not, but that's an important key point in this story as well. Renta's father, Victor Kazuki, is the current King of the Underworld. With such a responsibility that really only involves sleeping with as many people(not just women) and partying as much as possible, who would stay and take the responsibilities of being a father. So after abandoning his son at the age of three and leaving him to the clutches of his lustful mother, he vanished from the face of the earth, literally. Renta ended up hating everything that had to do with being an incubus and succubus.
After hours of non-stop gaming that night, being a Monday night tradition now, Renta shut down his wonderful world of gaming and bid the world goodnight. Sliding into his bed with the most content smile on his face, Renta began to dream. He dreamed of a world with nothing but otaku women who loved him for his all knowing otakuness. They built a monument in his honor and showered him with chocolate covered strawberries. The girls all around him waited in line to make sweet love to him. They bared themselves, showing magnificent breast from the smallest of sizes to the beautiful F-cups. As he sat in his throne, one girl moaning as she rode his SCEPTER, he looked on bored at the other girls having an orgy around him.
“Oh Renta-kun, won't you make room for mommy?” The sound of his mother entering his dream sent off alarms. His mother stood at the entrance to the throne room as naked as the other girls. Her hands were covering her breast and modest areas, as she showed a shyness that did not truly exist within her. Renta's jaw dropped and a nose bleed awoke him from his dream.

So just like every morning, Renta walked towards his school in a foul mood, bag slung over his shoulder. The dark aura he radiated made many of the other students avoid him all together. However, that was not the case with one person.
“RENTAA! Good morning!” The complete opposite of Renta, his best friend Kota had shining flowers and happiness surrounding him as he walked over.
“You're too loud and why are you shining?” Renta called, his dark aura threatening to consume Kota's shining one.
“I've finally completed Shizune-chan's storyline, now I'm going to work on Rin-chan! What about you?” Kota all but disregarded Renta's early morning blues with something that they both cared about. Renta obliged as well, seeming to smile a bit at the change in topic.
“I've finished them all except Lily-chan's story. I'm replaying Hanako-chan's story for any hints to Lily.” Renta seemed like a completely different person when talking about his H-games or any anime. “Anyway, did you record the newest episode of DeadWoman's Wonderland like I asked?”
Kota paused, eyes widening but with the same smile on his face. He chuckled nervously as Renta looked at him incredulously. “Eheh, sorry, I spent all my time on K***wa Shoujo last night.”
Renta shook his head and sighed. “I should've known. Good thing I've saved up enough to get the DVD's next week.”
The two continued to talk otaku as they entered the school. Even though Renta was a nerd, he was still the hottest guy in the entire school which is the only reason he didn't get picked on openly. Most people just avoided him all together. They didn't really care that Kota socialized with him, a lot of people just being amazed that he actually got Renta to be nice on occasions. Kota went to class 3-C while Renta was in class 3-A. Classes went by normally with Renta barely paying attention and still getting any question asked of him correct. Homeroom came around with Renta once again putting out an aura of darkness, warding any social interaction away. At least, that's what he hoped.
“Attention class. We have a new student coming in today!” His homeroom teacher, Hinata Tozumi spoke as she entered the classroom. His teacher was no slouch in beauty, being 5'6, and having long black hair with peculiar orange eyes. She was lacking in the chest area, sporting nothing but a B-cup, but her moe charm made Renta appreciate her. Her attire usually consisted of the school girl uniform of a white blouse and dark blue (mini) skirt, due to unforeseen circumstances that the class wasn't allowed to know. So she seemed more like the student council president than the Homeroom teacher of the class. Renta swore she wore it just because she liked the outfit.
As his mind began to wander, the new student had already entered the class and introduced herself. She had blonde hair that fell just past her shoulders, and brown eyes that one could get lost in. Renta rose an eyebrow; this girl looked like something straight from one of his H-games. When she spoke, he knew something was up.
“H-Hello everyone. My name is Tsubaki Momoko. It's a pleasure to meet you all.” She bowed lower than necessary and blushed deeply, eyes averted from everyone else. The boys and even some girls of the class blushed, including Renta.
“KAWAII!” They all chorused.
Ms. Tozumi appointed Tsubaki to her seat and the day continued as normal. Renta couldn't help but feel that this was somehow a trick. Girls like Tsubaki didn't exist. At least, outside of his own teacher being somewhat like an anime character, two in the same lifetime just could not exist. So he decided that there had to be something wrong with the girl.
'Maybe she's secretly an evil temptress and just has the exterior of a shy, foreign girl. No, I know she's not a succubus, I would have sensed her a mile away. Ah whatever, either way she wouldn't like an otaku like me. No one ever understands...'
Renta's thoughts put him back in his foul mood and as he looked away, Tsubaki looked towards him, seeing the boy with his head on his hand and staring out the window. (The go to position when you're thinking in anime.) The bell for lunch rang soon after dismissing the class to do whatever they wanted. Renta made his way to the school rooftop, one of the most cliché places to hang out during lunch, but it was only because Kota seemed to love the place. Said something about it making him feel more like an anime or something like that.

Classes continued normally until the end of the day. Renta headed to the front of the school, switching back into his normal shoes as he prepared to head home.
“Um, excuse me?”
A voice behind Renta made him turn and look up as he sat on the small ledge and put his shoes on. He rose an eyebrow as the girl from earlier, Tsubaki, was standing right behind him. The girl was blushing slightly and held her books to her chest as if trying to hide behind them. She was pretty close to Renta and he wondered that if a draft came by, would he get a look at her panties.
“Yes Hana-chan?” He asked in a blank monotone, though he put a uncreative pun to her name. The girl seemed to pout and blush a bit deeper at the name.
“Hana...oh, okay. Um, I'm trying to meet all of my classmates so we can get to know each other better. Are you Kazuki-kun?”
“What if I am?”
Tsubaki seemed to fidget a bit. Renta wondered if this was some type of trick set up by the other students. He needed to think of a way out of this fast.
“I...I'm sorry if I'm bothering you. I'll just come back some other time!” She yelled and dashed off before he could reply. Renta looked after her confused.
“Way to go you otaku freak!” A group of boys called to Renta since they had seen the entire thing.
“That panzy can't even take a hint that a real life girl is interested in him! Ha!”
Renta rolled his eyes and decided to wait for Kota outside the building. The things they said really didn't affect him much, especially since such insults were rare to hear out in the open. They were just annoying when they did come though. As he walked towards the front gate, his phone rung with a text. It was from Kota.

'Gonna be late. Go ahead without me, ciao!~'

“Dammit Kota, you should've said so earlier!” He cussed and began to walk home alone. The walk home was peaceful for the most part. He passed through a large park with a lake and then several blocks through a market place before taking a secluded bike path back to the residential neighborhood where he stayed. His house was pretty big, but only one of several large houses on the block. When you're father is king of the underworld, the child support is pretty damn awesome. As he unlocked his front door, he didn't bother to sense for another presence alongside his mothers in the house. So as he walked into the dining room with a, “Mom, I'm home, please don't be naked again.”, he was surprised to see his mother actually clothed. He was also surprised to see a man with slightly spiky black hair, combed back, and a dark suit sitting at the table with his mother drinking coffee.
“Ah, Renta! Welcome home!”
A moment after the man spoke, Renta's backpack slammed into his face, knocking him out of the chair and spilling the hot coffee all over him. “DON'T GIVE ME THAT WELCOME HOME CRAP YOU GOOD FOR NOTHING BASTARD! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?”
“Gah! Renta! Is that anyway to treat your loving father?”
Renta appeared over the man stomping his head back into the ground. “LOVING FATHER MY ASS YOU CHAUVANISTIC ASSHOLE! GO FIND A HOLE AND DIE!”
Renta's mother didn't seem to care about the beating but her eyes shown sadness as she called out to her son. “Renta, calm down. Your father is here with an urgent message...”
After a moment to get serious, Renta sat at the table feeling the tension from his parents. His mother looked worried. His father had a knowing smile on his face. “Renta, son, my time as Underworld King has been long, hard, and tiring.” There was nothing tired about that statement. “As I have to step down, I want the Underworld to be looked after by someone I can trust and knows how to be a good leader.”
“Who, mom?” Renta asked, not liking where this was going. Victor shook his head.
“No my son. You! When you turn 18 years old, you will have to become the new King of the Underworld!”
“Not interested.” Renta bluntly stated and stood to leave the room.
“Renta, what are you saying? This is a great honor! You will have all the women you want!” His father tried to explain.
“Sorry, I'm a happy otaku virgin and I plan to stay that way for a while longer.”
“WHAT?!” His father yelled standing from the table. Renta looked back, not expecting such a powerful outburst from the man. His mother looked really nervous now. “What did you just say?”
“...I'm an otaku...” He spoke slowly. He thought that was common knowledge.
“No, after that.”
“...I'm a virgin?”
Thunder struck behind Victor and he held his chest as if he had just been stabbed. Nanaya swallowed the lump that was forming in her throat as Victor's gaze slowly landed upon her.
“You didn't tell him?” Victor asked darkly.
“Wait, tell me what?”
Victor stood up, all signs of joking gone from his being. “ do realize that you're an incubus right?”
“Yeah, what about it?” He hated being reminded of his lineage.
“Renta...our race of incubus don't just have sex to gain more power and abilities. We have to have sex with at least 10 people with very powerful sexual energy before we turn 18.”
“Why? Will we lose our powers if we don't?” Renta was actually pretty excited about that.
Nanaya shook her head, being the one to answer. “No, Renta. If you don't have sex with at least 10 people with powerful sexual energy, on your 18th'll die.”
There was a moment of silence...

After the shock settled in (in an hour), and Renta was now on the couch in the living room looking as if his life had been ended prematurely (which it technically was), Victor and Nanaya entered the room to finish explaining everything to him. Nanaya looked down in shame as Victor himself seemed far more pissed than an uncaring, no good father would show.
“Renta, I'm sorry. I should've told you about this sooner. I had faith in your mother to lead you on the right path as an incubus, but her own foolish nature has blinded her with lust.”
Nanaya wiped tears from her eyes as they began to fall, looking more and more like a teenage girl by the second. “I'm sorry Renta-kun, hic, I just didn't want you to love anyone else before me.”
Renta snapped up, not finding any of this the least bit funny. “So you were going to let me die just because I wouldn't sleep with you? How selfish are you mom?!”
Nanaya flinched at his outburst and ran from the room, crying real tears. Victor sat in the recliner chair and crossed his legs, feeling little sympathy for his ex-wife. Renta's anger was well placed, though he felt he was most to blame as well. He hadn't taught Renta anything about being an incubus and now he might pay the price for his fathers negligence. “Renta, listen to me closely. Your mother explained to me the life you've been living. It disappoints me, but you are your own man and I can't take that away from you. However, if you truly want to live, you will have to embrace your incubus side for the next three months.”
“That's impossible! If you know my life, then you know it's going to be impossible to sleep with one girl, let alone ten! I might as well just throw myself from the roof right now!”
“That won't kill you, ya know?”
“I CAN TRY!” Renta sat back down, having no real thoughts about killing himself. Who in their right mind would?
“Renta just calm down and think rationally. You're an incubus. You automatically have a charm that interest people, outside of your looks. Seeing as you're still a virgin, you don't have the allure of the incubus, and you won't be able to use it until you've had sex with ten people, but you have other means.”
Renta didn't want to hear this. He wanted to just live his normal otaku life like he had been. But he knew that was all but impossible now. He didn't want to die. Even if it meant taking advice from his no good, deadbeat father, he would do whatever it took to live. “So why do you want me to do?”
“Dreams.” He simply stated, gaining a quizzical look from Renta. “People in general fantasize about what they love and want most in their dreams. If you become a recurring factor in someone's dream, eventually they'll start to think it means something, and in relation start thinking of you more.”
“...Why does this sound extremely dangerous and like it could very easily backfire.”
“Because it is and it can. If you screw around or mess up in a dream, you can turn it into a nightmare. That will be bad for the persons mentally and bad for you physically.”
Renta listened intently to the words of his father. He was surprised that he actually sounded serious and professional. He was more surprised that his father actually cared about him enough to give him advice like this instead of the 'Go all out, flash everyone and fuck everything that moves!' bit. “So all I have to do is make a girl fall in love with me in their dreams and then...somehow have sex with them in real life? This still seems a bit improbable.”
“Yes, but it's not impossible anymore is it?” Renta was impressed with his father. “But you can't just go and have sex with any old person. You have to find those with large amounts of sexual energy. This doesn't mean they have to have sex all the time, or that they can last for a long time. Many virgins have large amounts sexual energy from being related to demons from times past.”
With a sigh, Renta leaned deeper into the sofa, letting the comfortable feeling ease his mind a bit. “I don't even know ten women, let alone trying to get them to fall in love with me. Plus I can't sense sexual energy.”
“Son, who said anything about you having sex with only woman? We are incubus, gender does not matter, as long as it's good and delicious.”
“I'LL STICK WITH WOMEN THANK YOU VERY MUCH!” Renta yelled. He was just getting into the thought of talking to actual girls, going further than that was just too much.
“Whatever you say son, just trying to make it easier on you. Now, about you being able to sense sexual energy, I can teach you that easily. Sit up.”
Renta did as commanded, though not sure what was about to happen. His father began to remove his clothing.
“D-Dad! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” Renta covered his eyes, jumping over the couch as his father got completely nude.
“This is just so that you don't ruin my clothes. Now stand up and open your eyes.”
“Like hell I will!” Renta shouted, still facing away from his father.
“Renta, are you man or aren't you? Do you want to die in 3 months?”
He swallowed and slowly began to turn around. He wouldn't be surprised if this sight killed him prematurely. When he was all the way around, he paled as he took in his father in all his glory.
“To sense a persons sexual energy, Renta, all you have to do is utilize the same energy you do when you enter a persons dream. But instead of entering them through rim sleep, send your own sexual desires.”
“Eww, I'm not going to send you my sexual desires! And why do you have to be naked for that then?”
Victor stood up straight, his hands balled into fist. The look he gave his son promised pain if he did not comply. “Renta, no more games. Just do as I say.”
When he got like that, Renta had no choice but to comply. His father could be scary when need be. “I...I'll try.” Renta looked at his father and began to channel the energy he used to enter other peoples dreams. When he felt his mind connect with his fathers, a chill went down his spine. He didn't want to know the things that went down in this guys mind. So instead of delving further, he began to conjure his own sexual feelings. He thought about his H-games and all the anime girls that he had fallen in love with. The impulse flew to his father and knocked him off his feet. The impact was powerful enough to send him crashing into a small table across the room.
“Dad, you okay?” Renta asked, having opened his eyes and ran to check on his father once he heard the crash. He froze in his tracks and paled, his life flashing before his eyes. His father lay on the ground seemingly unharmed...with a raging boner. “DAMMIT PUT YOUR CLOTHES BACK ON ALREADY!”

Several minutes later and after Victor was fully clothed once again, the two sat on opposite couches, Renta exuding his dark aura and Victor calmly sipping on a cup of tea. Renta paid not attention to the shining glow that surrounded his father.
“So you can see it now, right?” Victor asked and Renta grunted.
“Yeah, whatever.” He wanted to unsee everything that had to do with the man sitting across from him now.
“This radiant glow you see about my body is my sexual energy. The bigger and brighter the glow, the more powerful the sexual energy of that person. Why, my own glow used to be like the burning of a sun! But now I have been reduced to this almost insignificant glow. That is why you must become the next King of the Underwold son! Your glow is brighter than mine has ever been before!”
“Bullshit! And how do you know my sexual energy? Doesn't doing that hurt other people?”
Victor shook his head. “No, that was only your first try! If you practice with it more, you will be able to do it without other people even realizing you're there. Or you can still rip clothes off with it, your choice.”
Seeing this going nowhere anymore, Renta stood to go to his room. “Thanks but I'll pass on that. Now that I know what I have to do, I'm going to bed.” Renta grumbled under his breath.
“Renta. Remember. You only have three months, so you can be as pissed about this as you want, but you can't change the fact that you have to do something about it.”
Renta paused halfway up the stairs, looking down. He knew that already. It's why he didn't put up too much of a fight. Or maybe it was his incubus instincts. Whatever it was, he hated it. He hated having to do this and he hated everyone that was making him do this. This wasn't how he wanted his life to turn out. Why couldn't he just live the normal life like he had wanted. “Yeah, I know...” With his final words to his father, he walked back into his room, not turning on a single light or game and went straight to sleep.
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Farewell Lovely Night
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