The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension

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 Rise Of The Veritas

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The True Crystal Grimoire :: Tymon's Personal Book; The Bible And Gospel

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PostSubject: Rise Of The Veritas   Rise Of The Veritas EmptyFri Mar 11, 2016 8:37 am

*Note; This is the Edited Version made clear and able to be understood by the Reader for the Reader and not by and for the Author.

**Note: This is considered the 'Preface' of the book.

--- The Realm of the Veritas; an isolated reality that has grown from a small floating island to an entire life of its own. Once rooted to the reality that was the Lost World, resting on that planet as an alien or foreign dwelling, the Veritas had been lifted from its bindings to that Dimension and back into the realm in between Realities, as is where this world originated when created at first by the Founding Brothers; Khrona and the Manna King. ---

Khrona Tensei. His bloodline is that of the Tensei and his family are the Tensei Family. He, after creating the Veritas, became the new head of the family and stored his power and all his family's power within thirteen different moons harboring thirteen different Restrictions on the Tensei as individuals and as a family, as a whole. Though there are many Tensei, there are only thirteen that are of the Main Bloodline and even fewer that are of the Royal Family, which is the direct and original bloodline. With their thirteen moons, the Tensei Family watch over the dimensions from within the Veritas as well as take care of themselves and anyone who happens to pop into the Veritas from other dimensions.

There are Thirteen Moons that revolve around the Veritas, each one belonging to one of the Tensei. Each of the Thirteen Moons harbors a different power and different one of the Thirteen Restrictions that are bound on each Tensei. When a New Moon rises, a new Restriction corresponding to the Number and the Color of the Moon also rises and falls and allows the awakening and training of the current Restriction that corresponds with the risen Moon. As of now, the Tensei spend all of their time watching the Thirteen Moons and ensuring that their 'Family Rites Ceremony' that is done through the Thirteen Moons is fully completed so the Family can be fully established and the Veritas made complete.

When the Fourth of the Thirteen Tensei Moons rose on the Lost World, it awakened the sleeping God and Goddess, -- Khrona and Tsuki -- who were within their Fourth Restriction upon their awakening. The Tensei Moons were symbolic of each Tensei Restriction, and with the rising of the Fourth Moon, the Fourth Restriction would be applied to the Tensei because of the Moon's power. However, when they woke up, they found out that the people on the Lost World were not pleased with their ascension into being God and Goddess. Therefore, the planet of the Lost World, already poisoned and tainted and filled with evil, attacked the Veritas.

With the first Three Restrictions freed, the Veritas itself, as a planet, was able to move around freely as it so chose. When acquiring this freedom to sever its ties with the Lost World and that reality it was connected to leaving all traces of their monstrous adversary, The Insanity behind. The Insanity is the 'Tensei Curse', but is also a living and sentient entity; a corrupt Free Will that is known as 'The Antagonist'. This being -- both the Tensei Curse and the Antagonist of All -- wreaked havoc on the Tensei that were still cursed, driving them insane and into maddening destructive tendencies and also cursed all those who succumbed to the Insanity and the Tensei Curse, or who sought the help of The Antagonist. With the help of Pumpkinhead and the Dark King together, it would be sucked into and trapped in the Void and exist outside of the Veritas, yet was trapped on the Lost World as a result and became the new herald of The Insanity; The Antagonist. The energy that they created to purify and counteract the contagious energy that is the 'Insanity' was called 'Shinsanity', which is pure, clean and new energy made from the tainted, old and hazardous energy. This was later known as 'Souzenryoku'. This energy, 'Souzenryoku,' is the Life Energy of the Veritas and eternally pours from and courses through the Veritas, keeping it safe from the effects of the Curse and the Antagonist. With Khrona and Tsuki awakened, even during the time of the Veritas being attempted to be swallowed by Insanity and the Void, the two of them were able to effectively synchronize their energies upon their awakening in order to provide enough energy to sustain the Veritas and keeping it from collapsing whilst limited to be within the Fourth Restriction all on their own. Thus, the Veritas, as its own isolated reality and every expanding universe, could continue to hover through the space in between realities.

Returning to the place that it was born, it has now grown large enough to not only be its own reality, but an entire existence completely connected to each of the others alongside it through the crystallized strands of its roots and branches. Khrona and Friday -- the two eternal lovers who oversee this entire realm, as well as sustain it -- roam the land attempting to both master the Fourth Restriction and how to control their powers as well as keep the land stabilized and from reverting back to impurity via The Insanity whilst they are weakened from having to move an entire universe as soon as they woke from their slumber.

Currently, the Veritas is able to keep itself maintained just fine as its own reality connected to others, however the 'Fourth Moon' that has risen gives opportunity to those that decided to travel into the heavens with the Veritas. As the realm extends further into the stars, growing larger and more grand, it brings those from all other dimensions and realities into itself as a safe haven for those seeking escape from their own hellacious dimensions, if they so choose. This opens many doors for many beings across the cosmos, including the ones already native to the Veritas as it is.

Separated finally and completely from the Lost World, the Veritas may now continue on entirely unencumbered into the next chapter...

Trinity, Khrona's second daughter, made it to 'Peace', the realm outside of realms before, which was why she now governed the Third Moon; Planet Earth. She was free to have fun and do as she wished whilst Khrona, Tsuki, and Priere -- now 'Triere' after awakening -- all dealt with the Veritas and its move. All of the Worlds created for Khrona's Daughters were still intact, and was part of them. He brought over everyone and everything when he lifted the Veritas from that abhorrent realm of the Lost World and, after he was done being so damn tired, he'd return them to their former glory. The Thirteen Moons of the Tensei were governed by a specific person in the family, but after the move, both the moons and the family members meant to govern them were a bit shaken.

Tabitha, -- Formerly 'Chroma' -- Khrona's firstborn and eldest daughter, still had the First Moon, which was a universe in and of itself made specifically for her. Tsukihime, Khrona's love, still had the Second Moon. Trinity, the second daughter, and Taomin, Khrona's lost daughter, had the Third Moon. Now, Pumpkinhead and Pumki, -- Tigen and Pumpkinhead's long lost sister -- as their names of 'Temper' and 'Tetra,' had the Fourth Moon; 'The Amber Moon'. "Now... We're going to have to resolve this issue with the Amber Moon. Sigh... At least it'll be more fun than all the other ones so far. Heh heh." The Creator was actually pretty excited about it.

The Creator: "Now, let's see here... Where did we leave off, my loved ones of the Veritas?"

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The True Crystal Grimoire :: Tymon's Personal Book; The Bible And Gospel
The True Crystal Grimoire :: Tymon's Personal Book; The Bible And Gospel

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PostSubject: Re: Rise Of The Veritas   Rise Of The Veritas EmptyFri Mar 11, 2016 9:27 am

The Serendipity of Khrona Tensei
Chapter 0; Alpha And Omega

By Tymon Bolton II

'The Pandoire' is the Story, itself, and the account of the Story. It harbors many Stories within and is the compendium of all the Stories together as one ultimate book. This book, the 'Pandoire', belongs to The Creator. When the Pandoire was truly ready to be opened, and all the stories told, The Creator opened the Pandoire. "... You, too, Grimoire, must be filled with Light..." he said, 'The Crystal Book' glowing with an aura of radiant energy before the eyes of the beholder, glistening like the moon at its light. "... So... This is the power of the Crown..." he muttered, the Pandoire recording every word on its own. This was the first time the Pandoire revealed its power before the eyes of the Creator during his time as the Creator.

"We left that place a long, long time ago... When we first completed the Thirteen Restrictions, preparing for this moment, in 'Peace'." This was a recount of the Veritas and its growth as the Tree Of Life on the Lost World, when the Creator first left that place and transcended that realm. He had taken his tree with him, and only the Roots were left drifting above their head. "A noble sacrifice on the part of our elder brother... That is why..." The Creator read on about the loss of the embodiment of his brother. And yet, he smiled as one of his Crystal Tears fell upon the pages of the Pandoire and filled the Void where Pumpkinhead was lost with life. "Heeheehee~! They'll be so surprised at how much I think ahead~! Ohohoho~!" The Creator closed the book.  

After this, many blessings from The Creator, the Crystal Fruit, -- now that there was no Insanity to corrupt it -- would fall from the heavens as 'Chrysms' and 'Prysms' that shone like the stars, mixed within them the souls of the Tensei, which would fall to the lands of the newly salvaged Veritas. These Crystal Fruits were embedded with the power of the Veritas itself, sparing some of its energy that had been collected and purified to give back to this reality. Khrona and Tsukihime, who were inside of the Story, would be showered with these Crystal Fruits by The Creator from beyond their own realm of Creation.

The Creator: "The Truth is my Body. The Word is my Mind. The Light is my Soul."

That's why the story is named after... K.T. Khrona Tensei -- alter ego of The Creator.

The Creator: "Even though I am free... the story still needs to be written... Doesn't it...? Translated from 'Thought' into 'Text,' its next state of processing..."

The Pandoire was able to take these words and record them, thus beginning the true Story of the Crystal Dimension.

"Now, Pandoire..." The Creator said, closing the book, "... Finish the Job the Way You See Fit. With God's Will And Gospel. We Said We'd Get Here In The Seventh... And That Is What We Did."

"Alpha... And Omega..." he muttered to himself "... The Beginning... Is The Same As The End..."

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The True Crystal Grimoire :: Tymon's Personal Book; The Bible And Gospel
The True Crystal Grimoire :: Tymon's Personal Book; The Bible And Gospel

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PostSubject: Re: Rise Of The Veritas   Rise Of The Veritas EmptyFri Mar 11, 2016 10:22 am

*Note: The previous chapter, Chapter 0, is something like a Prologue along with the Preface. It describes the Creator that exists outside of the Story and the Story that rest of the book takes place in. Whilst the Creator is busy trying to figure out how to be a good writer, the Story continues on writing itself. This is the real beginning. The Preface and Chapter 0 are more for outside understanding of the inner workings of the story.

**Note; This Is The Account Of The Main Story Itself And Not The Creator Of The Story That Writes Itself. This Is Simply How The Events Of 'Chapter 0' Are Viewed By The Story, Itself, Which Is Why The Writing Style Is Different Here.

Chapter 1; Everyone Hail!

The King of the Veritas stepped forth from 'Serendipity', a land of ambiguous 'One-And-All' and into the land of 'Dimensia, The Thirteenth Absolute Final Wonderland.' This is the dimension that the Veritas now existed in after escaping the realm of the Lost World. The King of the Veritas, 'Kairo Tensei', -- or 'K.T.', for short -- Khrona's 'Royal Name', would, in his hand, bring with him his lovely bride, 'Friday Tensei', the Tsukihime. Each of them, hand in hand, would gaze upon their throne being kept nice and warm by the PumpKing and PumpQueen, their respective Royal Spirits that had gone on ahead of their bodies and waited for the two true King and Queen to return to their place and claim them. They both harbored their Crowns atop their heads. Everything was kept absolutely safe and warm by the Light of the PumpKing, which was Kairo Tensei's Free Will that ruled over the dimensions. This 'Free Will' -- known as 'Tigen' -- would pass his entire Will onto the King of the Veritas, Kairo Tensei. In that, he would become 'Kairo Tigen', -- King Tigen, in Veritas Terms -- the Crowned Version of Tigen, and the highest form of Kairo Tensei's Spirit. When the King and Queen of the Veritas reconnected with their Spirits, those two Spirits would transcend the realm of the Veritas and the dimension that they were in and go straight to the one that was above them all; the Creator and his wife, of whom they heard speaking to them from Chapter 0.

The 'Covenant' between the two of the Eleventh Restriction, Kairo Tensei and Friday Tensei, triggered a 'Stairway To The Skies' from 'The Shadow' of their Free Wills after the ascension and transcendence of the realm they were within. The Pathway from The Creator that rested within the Veritas had broken through all Thirteen Restrictions at once, and was about to finish the process to make a heaven piercing breakthrough for the royal rulers to the realm outside their dimension. As they ascended, Kairo Tigen, the PumpKing, would share the Crown of the Thirteenth with his PumpQueen, who was known as 'Friday The Thirteenth Fairy'. Where 'Kairo' -- which meant 'Crowned King' in Veritas terms -- would become the Honorific name for the 'PumpKing', his Dearly Beloved would receive her very own along with a seat on the Throne. This Honorific for the 'PumpQueen' would be known as 'Friday', which would mean 'Crowned Queen', and so too would 'Tsuki' be known as 'Friday Tsuki,' -- The Thirteenth Fairy (F.T.T.T.F.). Together, the two would Rest in Peace atop the Throne of 'The Veritas' and look off happily over the horizon of the expansive dimensions. This was done in honor and love of Friday, herself, by Tigen, her True Love.

At the two being Crowned as 'Kairo' and 'Friday', there was a powerful 'Reality' shift that echoed throughout all of the Veritas. 'The Lock' on the Spirit was broken and a breakthrough on the 'Physical' plane was found immediately. It was the power of Kairo Tensei.

"Get Ready Now..." said The Creator, who was writing about the events of Chapter 1 in Chapter 0, "This Is Gonna Be..."

From there, Chapter 2 would begin, right from where Kairo Tensei broke through the barrier of the Void and escape the Insanity that was coming for them.

"The End."
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The True Crystal Grimoire :: Tymon's Personal Book; The Bible And Gospel
The True Crystal Grimoire :: Tymon's Personal Book; The Bible And Gospel

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PostSubject: Re: Rise Of The Veritas   Rise Of The Veritas EmptyFri Mar 11, 2016 2:10 pm

Note: These are the events happening within the book that explains in detail the events of Chapter 1, as well as the escape from the Lost World and the purification and removal of The Insanity from the Veritas and its binding on the planet the Lost World. Everything from this point on is what happens inside of the story and is no longer during the time when The Creator of 'The Story' is reading from 'The Story' or acting outside of 'The Story', itself. That is; this is the account of the actual story as it happened.

Chapter 2; Test of Time

It didn't take but two quick flickers of light for Kairo Tensei, a glowing crystalline flame resembling the form of a man with long hair to appear before the great Clock Tower, 'Tempora Aeterna', where Time was moving forward, backward, and staying the same all at the same time. He remembered this place fondly from long ago...

It was a tower that pierced through the heavens, and barely looked tangible. Hovering slightly over the ground, hovering translucent silverish platforms ascending into the doorway. A golden gate lay sealed shut before it, and its body leaned to one side slightly. The building, a silverish teal, was as translucent as its stairway, and with internal disembodied gears floating about. Some of these gears spilled out into the ground, which was something like glass and rolling with puffy, white clouds. Many gears protruded from the ground, and the true height of the tower could not be presently seen.

"... Mm... Brings back memories..." he muttered to himself, reminiscing about the times. "... But. That's beside the point. If we're going to get them, we need Tigen here, too." Though it seemed like it was something difficult to do, considering how that Freed Will tended to wander, it was actually remarkably easy to get him to appear. In Kairo Tensei's hand, he manifested a chocolate cake from the rainbow flames, holding it out in front of him, as though offering it to the 'Eternalism Hill'.

Kairo Tensei: "Oiii, Tigen... Itadakimaaaasu..."

In no more than half a nanosecond, Tigen warped in with a flicker of flames as though he'd been there the entire time. "YOUUUU DID IIIIIT!!!" he exclaimed joyously, warping to and fro, babbling on about many of the incomprehensible Tensei Family matters. Tigen was just too hyped right now. That was all. "AREN'T YOU HAPPY, ANIKI!?!?" Even in his excitement, Tigen's eyes caught sight of that beautiful, glorious, sexy... Deliiiiiicious CHOCOLATE~! "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!! YOU BROUGHT TIGEN SOME CHOOOOCOOLAAAAATE!!!" For Tigen and his child-like demeanor, this was like, the best day ever. "IT'S LIKE INFINITE BIRTHDAAAAYS!!!"

"Oh damn..." Kairo Tensei sighed, forgetting that Tigen was literally a bursting ball of energy... Not just any energy, but a collection of all forms of energy across the dimensions as one entity. The PumpKing. Rather, the remainder of the PumpKing. Where Kairo Tensei was the head, which existed in the Eleventh Restriction, Tigen was the free will that existed in the Twelfth. That made it absolutely crucial for the two of them to be on the same accord.

"Okay, Tigen, I need something very important from you. You and I have to return to one being. Granted, we can still maintain our separate forms, but we need to be linked. I've already connected back to Pumki, but the only way to create the Seven Shinsanities is for us to connect and go through this tower. We're going to speed up time."

The two of them together could blaze through 'Eternalism Hill' like it was nothing. They needed to get to the Crystal Garden all the way at the top.

"When we get to the top, we'll have to embed our power into Tinasanti and bring the Shinseigami and Shinmegami forth from Peace and back down here to the Veritas." It seemed simple enough, but usually, these things were never just as simple as they seemed...

Tigen completely gobbled down the chocolate cake like a monster, letting the rainbow flames that made up his existence -- or rather, that were his existence -- consume the cake like a ravenous, yet controlled flame. "What?" he muttered, as though he hadn't been paying attention, "Oh, yeah, yeah! Tigen knows! Yeah! COME ON, BROBRO! GATTAI DA~!" Tigen always wanted to say that, especially at a perfect point in time where he and his siblings all came back together and fused into one being, as they used to be, in a new form. He extended his hand out to touch the other, slightly taller rainbow-flamed figure, waiting for his big bro to grab his hand in return so that they could finally reunite and become the True PumpKing together; the Shinseigami. "Isn't this exciting~? This is what we've both been DREAMING of since like... FOREVER~!"

"Yeah," Kairo Tensei muttered fondly, slowly extending his hand to his brother, now able to do so without any form of regret or frustration. "Thanks, Father," he muttered, knowing that this was possibly thanks to his guidance. "We'll take care of the throne for you. That is an absolute promise." With that, he grabbed his brother's hand and allowed their energies to course through each other, almost uncontrollably. "Gh...!!! Tigen... You had... This much power collected within you...!?" Not to say that it wasn't expected, considering that he was indeed the PumpKing for far longer than Kairo Tensei had been the Pumpkinghead, since getting the Tensei Curse under control and purifying it was a harder and longer process than he actually thought.

"Alright, Tigen... I've received your Will... The 'Will Of Tensei'... the Will of Everything... And now, it's time for the both of us to shoot straight to the top. Together. Like we were meant to do..." He grasped Tigen's hand  tightly, letting his energy flow into his brother and Tigen's energy flow into him, exponentially increasing the both of their powers. Their flames would flicker brightly, seeming to want to engulf the entire Eternalism Hill. "Let's fly away." For some reason, combining with Tigen gave Kairo Tensei the power to feel and create on a level that was far more heightened than simply he by himself. The Pumpkinghead, Kairo Tensei, overflowed with thought and creativity backed by the spiritual power of Tigen, which would create the Life Energy -- or Souzenryoku -- between the both of them that would soon be the completed power source for the Veritas in its entirety. This energy, known as 'Souzenryoku', was a purifying and cleansing energy that also breaks the Tensei Curse. It only comes from the Veritas and the Tensei and cannot be found anywhere else, and is the actual Life Energy that courses through all the Veritas.

Kairo Tensei: "Come Forth!! NIGHTMAREGENESIS; SLEIPNIR!!!"

As Kairo Tensei called for his personal steed, he raised his other hand and high, taking strength from his brother to create a Sacred Beast up above them, made of their combined energies; a great cosmic horse equipped with a great, blade-like horn, six legs lit ablaze with six of the seven colors of the rainbow with the final taking the texture of its tail of pure colorful ember. Its mane was long and fluid, almost like 'Liquid Energy', but undulated as though it were made of flame. On its back were beautiful feathered wings that released fire like that of a phoenix or seraph's wing, dispersing into a series of colors both known and unknown to the rainbow. In its eyes, it was apparent that the Heart of Battle was within this horse's soul, for this was the great Sacred Beast it was supposed that Odin himself rode off into battle during the times of the Ragnarok.

"Ikuyo, kyoudai!" Kairo Tensei could say with a smile, for once, to his dear younger brother. How he always wished and longed for the chance to do so in the past; it seemed like it was his only passionate desire to simply protect his brother for this long, yet he couldn't due to his own inner turmoil. With no more of that within his life, he could finally...

... He looked down to his brother's hand, and his smile grew three times its normal size, now becoming a full fledged sharp toothed smirk. It was like a dream come true... For every last one of them. And he was going to make sure it was the same way for everyone connected to this realm. That's why... they acquired this much power in the first place. They needed this much power... In order to change the flow of the entire dimensional complex. "LET'S RIDE!" The beyond beautiful steed scooped the two of them up and bolted off as a shimmering slit of silver trailing with the slowed down vibrations of light to the form of the crystal flame's trail of Souzenryoku behind it, already beginning the true purification and cleansing process, now that the Creator was ready for it, himself. With this, the Mind of the Creator, Pumpkinghead Kairo Tensei, and the Soul of the Creator, PumpKing Kairo Tigen, could save the Body of the Creator who had been dying trying to save the Tensei from both the Lost World, the Tensei Curse and all such affiliation with them. When these two finally recognized that this is what their Creator was doing, they acted with the utmost haste to save He and the Veritas.

"Haaaai~!" Tigen's voice rang like a melodious bell, holding out his 'Lantern Sword' and lighting it aglow with all of their flames together. He always did have a horse that he rode that looked just like this one, way back when he first came to the Lost World in the Village of the Nightmare, where all of this began. "Hey, Aniki," Tigen questioned Tensei as he slashed and hacked at bordering fabric of 'Imaginary Space' between all Dimensions that kept them separate from each other with the light of his sword, "Isn't this what happened when we came from Dimensia to the Lost World? Do ya think that before this place was the Veritas... It was Dimensia~?"

Dimensia is the realm that Tigen and all beings like Tigen, which are Free Wills known as 'Lanterns' or 'Flames Of Eternity', come from and once lived in before it was nearly swallowed whole by the interdimensional Void; a gaping chasm between all the dimensions. Tigen couldn't help but be reminded of the whole synchronicity of it all... Oh, the irony. First, he was coming into these other dimensions from Dimensia, warping across the giant gaping Void and into each dimension, searching for the answers  to learn how to save his own all the while he was 'resting' on the Lost World... And then, when it's restored through the Veritas, he emerges from his saved world the exact same way as he left; only this time, out to save all the others. "The Beginning and the End are the same, the Scenarios are just Different~! BAAAHAHAHA~!" Tigen cackled heartily, slashing his burning sword with joy. His arm moved so fast, all that could be seen were the thin flaming slivers of consistently shifting colorful embers tearing away at this Spacio-Temporal barrier.


"Calm down, Tigen!" Tensei chastised, as he frequently did, being the elder brother and all, guiding the 'Maregenesis' down the correct pathway. "Remember, we have a storyline to follow!" He didn't want Tigen to take this story to some random dimension just warping around haphazardly; especially since this was open space and time whilst they were within the Eternalism Hill. They needed to stay on track, for their time here was short, even with as much power as they had. Kairo Tensei, the 'Pumpkinghead', was the sound mind of the both of them and Tigen was their spirit. That meant, therethen, that the 'Great Mind' and the 'Freed Will' were back on the same accord. "Don't forget that there is still Insanity in other worlds! We don't want to bring it into ours after we JUST got it all peaceful. This place is pure and without it any longer, because I purified myself. It doesn't exist here, but that doesn't mean that it cannot get back in. So please, try to be more careful about how much you tear apart... You never know what could be lurking beyond these dimensional barriers..."

Tensei would guide the trusty steed toward Victory, lighting the darkness of Space and Time around him so that all could see as a beacon of light that pulsated from the darkness of the Void just as it was about to swallow up the Veritas. Toward the Light... "This time, little brother... We're going to come out together... Like I intended in the first place." And that would be... the Birth of the Shinseigami...

"And to answer your question... Hell yeah. Remember, our Father lives within the three of us... You, Me, and Pumki. That means, all three of us together are the True PumpKing..." And, where Tigen would start recklessly using his power to tear away at this fabric, as they spiraled, spun, bolted and jolted past the gears that moved time and the pillars that held up space, they'd travel what looked like a double helix structured constellation. They were gonna connect all the dots up this galactic cosmic DNA strand.

"TINA!!!" Kairo Tensei called out to his daughter, the Veritas, by her true name -- Tinasanti, "THE CRYSTAL THREADS!!!" As a conscious and living being, she, as both a planet and a reality of her own, was able to act intelligently and coherently when called to by someone she was familiar with; namely, her father, Kairo Tensei.


At his command would he extend his hands, and the remainder of his other 8 arms would sprout from his form, beginning to spin their crystallized threads extending from the Veritas and out into the far reaches of space and time. At that moment, all Eight of the Arms Of Tabrith would become active in order to weave together the dimensions. As he called for the Eight Arms, they and their Tensei Moons that they carried would Rise all at once, harboring the powers of the Veritas, herself as a whole, Tinasanti. The realm of the Veritas as a whole, with the planet inclusive, took on the shape of a Cosmic Spider. "We are reborn... Yes... Connection Complete." The body was like a woman's, yet was nothing but the outline of an atmosphere with the planet itself hovering in a sustained form within this womanly outer frame carved of space and time. Her eight arms looked like the many layers of the planet's atmosphere, and in the palm of her hands upon each of the Eight Arms were Eight of the Thirteen Tensei Moons that she had actively under her command. Now, it was about time to begin the weaving.

Tinasanti: "Absolute Final Wonderland."

As the two, Kairo Tensei and Kairo Tigen streamed off into the abyss, like a sperm in a womb, their trailing energy would spread outward like a glowing web in the darkness, ensnaring the entire Veritas behind them, connecting at each of the Eight Arms that harbored the Eight Moons, something like a puppet on a string attached to each of the Veritas' hands. This connection began the threading process from the Veritas to anywhere and everywhere Kairo Tigen and Kairo Tensei would take her, like a chariot pulling the entire universe through the dimensions.

Tinasanti: "We are the Three Peaces of the Veritas; Tinasanti. We seek to bind all worlds together with Peace, Harmony and Prosperity. Through this Test of Time, we will traverse one thousand years... into a time where all Insanity has been lifted from all worlds. Even if we must do it on our own... We will show you... The Power of Peace."

The hands swirled about, their movements like a sinuous dream, in circles, and circles, and loops, into infinity and beyond. Each of the Eight Arms juggled the Eight Moons between their hands, allowing the elemental energies contained in each of them to branch off into streaming threads off into the abyss. Tinasanti -- or Tina for short -- would rest on this cosmic web nexus and crawl over to whatever dimension she connected to and into whatever universe she desired. "Hands of Fate, Will, Wishes, Dreams, Reality, Destiny, Chaos, and Harmony, pull and weave together all things into the ultimate seal from the intricate web spun of all your divine splendor;" Tina uttered these words like a mantra as she spun her threads and connected her webs as swiftly as she could, eventually forging some sort of great and large dimensional rune over the abyss.

Tinasanti: "Tensei Seal; Ultra Badass."

Drawing strength from the Eight Arms of Tabrith and the Thirteen Restrictions at once, a slender crystalline light was formed as the hand signs were completed, creating a web-like seal all across the Thirteen Moons, which served as marking points to draw the seal to perfection. Twas the Tensei Seal, the mark of the family that would BRAND ANYTHING it touched as their bitch. The Family Rune.

Tinasanti: "Kaihou."

With the sound of the Voice and the numerous orbs in each of the Hands of the Eight Arms, numerous Kanji seals of each Chakra and the Elements bound to them respectively would appear on the surface , aglow with their respective energies and power. The Eight Hands completed the release with a confirming pattern they made by moving their arms into a certain position, each different from the other, yet still in a patterned synchronicity that looked balanced and beautiful. Each hand formed a different Mudra and a Mandala would appear on every Hand. The Seal was unlocked, unleashing the Will of Tensei and the Family Bond, spreading through each and every one of the Crystal Threads and to each of its branches, where it would begin to pour life into the Veritas in its entirety. And, the First Hand was instructed to rise. Tina uttered a command, and within the Veritas, on the planet, her Command was enacted as she spoke it.

A dark presence lurked in the infinite darkness known as the Void, now connected to the Mind's Void thanks to the foolishness of the buffoons that consumed him and gave him access to this great power. Like a shark in the deep, it remained in the cut of the deep unseen, darting through the Unknown that was the remaining Zero Worlds; the Void-like sea that existed between and connected all Worlds. Its wicked, twisted voice could be heard gurgling in the back of the universe's throat, chortling its words arrogantly."So... You thought it was over...?" A vile smirk appeared in the darkness that the webs sought to stretch out into and spread with light... rather, not just one... but a thousand vile, grotesque demonic smiles appeared all around them, hungry for Spiders and their little Threads. "Still reckless, I see... Huahahah... Now those fools that absorbed me will know my accursed affliction, and it will continue to destroy them from the inside out! There is no stopping us! They fell right into my trap!" The creature appeared from the darkness, showing them its true face as a corrupted Free Will.

The Insanity: "I'm... ... Still... ...HUNGRY!!"

DAMMIT TIGEN!!!" Tensei shouted, pointing at that horrible monstrosity that appeared before them now, "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU-- Goddammit..." As Sleipnir strode through the abyss, the ungodly manifestation known as the fucking Insanity opened its mouth and spoke words that he never thought he'd hear again... Talk of the Lost World. At that moment, the Pumpkinghead seemed to liven right the fuck up, all sorts of pissed that this was still occurring. Now, as he rode off into battle... He vowed to destroy that monster that tormented he, his family, his friends, his love and the entire planet of the Lost World and wherever else it had gotten to. He was getting rid of it right here, right now, present day, present time.

Regardless of this fact, and probably all of the horrible sins that powered the Lost World, and therefore fed this Beast, Tensei had a way to at LEAST keep the thing at bay for a while. "Tigen. I'm going to call forth the Weaponmaster, Grand Excalibur, from the Book. I need you to listen very, very carefully to me..." He whipped out the 'Crystal Grimoire', the 'Omnipedia' that harbored The Story of the Veritas from the light of his flames and flipped open the book to the page about the Weaponmaster, the Xanadu. "While I am calling forth the Xanadu, I need you to keep the Beast away from the Galaxy Pegasus. When I call out one of the techniques... I need you to execute. I'll be directing our intent to the Weaponmaster."

Kairo Tensei looked behind him and called out to his daughter, the Veritas, as a whole. "TINA! Seal up the gateway to the Veritas! Don't let this thing out of the Tower! Place the Tensei Seal on it!" Meanwhile, Tensei and Tigen would deal with the final uprooting of the Veritas from Vescrutia, right from the First Moon. "GO GET IT! USE THE 'CRYSTAL FORCE'!!"

"ROGER, ROGER!!!" Tigen shouted playfully in return, seeming to be absolutely psyched for this situation. "Hey, hey bro! It's like when we fused together and became 'Tigenhead' for the first time! 'Member?!? You 'member..." He giggled and rubbed the back of his head, smiling under his scarved face, "... Hahaha... Yeah... Tigen's going now. Ittekimasu~!"

Without a second thought, he warped immediately to their Sun, which was still under his control since he consumed it and all the other ones quite a while ago...

Tigen: "Heeey~! Insanity~!! GO BOOM!!"

The Shout of the Sun sent a powerful vibration like the sound of wind-chimes chattering and resounding in the depths of space, a shimmering wave of crystal omitting from the Sun itself. It was at such a high and harmonic vibration, others would not be able to hear it, but only feel and experience it as surges of pure and utter peace and harmony. Therethen, things would begin to happen in utter synchronicity in their lives, the sun's Light Waves carrying the pulsating Sound Vibrations unheard to the Lost Worlders ears. There would be a time of prosperity for them... For a short while.

This powerful wave grew stronger as it rolled over the cosmos, picking up speed and concentrating as it hurdled toward the great monster. "Magnifiers~!" These were Tigen's trusted and most useful weapon companions, of which warped into the fray, all lined up in a row, where the condensing Crystal Force would pass through the first and its power would be Magnified times two. Then, through the Second; times four. And through the Final; times sixteen. Now, what was once a shimmering wave of distortion was a streaking bolt of silver wind, stars trailing from its tail. It burst like a bullet from the final Magnifier and straight at one of the monster's mouths so that it could be purified from the inside out by swallowing the purifying energy burst. It would resemble a sound wave bouncing off of the walls of a confined space.

Tigen prepped for another attack, this time splitting his Magnifiers from their form as three into numerous others, aligning them all in a row to form what would seem to be the barrel of a sniper-rifle if it were made of nothing but the aligned scopes of the rifle, itself. Tigen would then begin to pull power from the makeshift Planet Core that the Tensei left inside of the Lost World and begin extracting it. "Sowwee, but we need to CLEAR THE AIR WAVES!! CLEAR ALL AIR WAVES~! Teehee~." Even though this was actually quite the serious battle, Tigen seemed to be taking it far more lightly than perhaps he should have. Yet, it was a good thing that his incorruptible spirit was truly enjoying the fact that they were all prospering and prevailing over the evil creature.

"Confirmed," the Veritas would respond, wriggling her fingers around, Executing Command." Tina would begin weaving together complex Hand Signs and Archaic Jutsu that surpassed the intricacies of time and space. Upon all of the exits of the Eternalism Hill would the Seal of the Tensei stretch from end to end, wrapping it and preventing exit, like the web of a spider. With a final, decisive seal on all Eight Hands, which wove together their own single-handed Hand Signs, followed by the ceremonial 'Sealing of the Seal' with the name of the seal, "Consecration," the seal would lock them all inside. None of them would be leaving until the Curse was dealt with, for it was not allowed to escape.

Tinasanti: "Perfect-Area Complete. Target Isolated. Awaiting Orders."

The Antagonist -- who was called The Insanity and the Tensei Curse -- raised a hand lined with a mouth, seeking to suck out the life essence of yet another lowly, worthless planet unfortunate enough to fall for its deception of grandeur in order to lure them into its belly; a nice, new one ripe for the picking... When, out of the blue, a resonant sound from behind shot into one of the mouths on its back, letting the heavenly vibration ring throughout its body. The arm it hit was immediately destroyed by the purified energy, leaving whatever planet that was about to get consumed just as it was.

"GRAH!!! You disgusting little cretin!" It turned to meet the eye of Tigen, who was now the Sun of the planet that the Antagonist was using as a host, "GRAAAAARRRGGHH!!! GET AWAY FROM THERE!! DO NOT TOUCH WHAT IS MINE!!! THIS PLANET IS MARKED WITH MY PRESENCE!!!"

It swam back toward Tigen like a monstrous galactic shark, tearing through any of the Crystal Threads made in the process and consuming whatever realms were unfortunate enough to be in its way at the time. Many waves of malevolent catastrophe rampaged the cosmos, inverting all energy that just so happened to be within its aura and undoing them until they were nothing but horrible masses of disgusting chaotic mess with but a wave of its tails and tendrils. From one of its mouths, it hawked up some of this Chaos to destroy whatever Harmony had been made stabilized through the Crystal Threads. This being was intent on destroying not only the Veritas, but also every other realm and all of The Story, itself. This is its role as the Antagonist, but also a curse upon those who even decided to take upon this entity to itself and anyone else; The Adversary of All.

All that happened certainly bought Kairo Tensei enough time. "Hell Yeah. Alright, Tigen, that's enough distraction. Time to get on to the real battle, then." Though The Antagonist had consumed some of the threads and dispelled them, they would begin to sew themselves back together, especially since they were still being formed in the same fashion. Just because it slowed them down and pushed them back, it didn't mean that they weren't still moving. "Wrap him up, Tina."

Tinasanti: "'Crystal Prism.'"

The webs that would link onto the Antagonist as it swam away would begin to draw energy from it, purifying any absorbed energy and beginning to crystallize the beast as it was busy messing around with Tigen. "Tigen?! Get the 'Primordial Parallelatrix' and pull it out of the Lost World! They'll be out of a power source, but I have an idea!" He slapped his hand on the book, which started to glow with the signature silverish crystal flame of the Will of Tensei, "COME FORTH, GRAND EXCALIBUR, THE XANADU!!! WEAPONMASTER, TO ME!!" And, after clenching his fingers upon the page, he'd pull out... The Holy Sword; the God of All Weapons. "This time... When I make this cut... it will REMAIN PERMANENT." He was clearly serious about severing his ties to that Curse and those that incurred the Curse this time. "Good thing we hid that there, too... We're gonna need it..." Sprouting from the book, the Xanadu took shape of the shining golden sword of legend. Embedded with the power of every weapon known and unknown to man, it would adjust automatically to fit the customization and attributes of the one who wielded it, for its versatility knew no limits. This would be the PumpKing's shining weapon of choice as he rode upon his steed into the fray.

"Haaaaai~!" Tigen chanted, warping out of the sun and taking all of his light with it. From there, as promised, Tigen would give the Lost World and its sun back, turning that realm into a beacon for the Antagonist and the Void he lived in, concentrated on their planet. In the meantime, Tigen warped to the core of the planet plucking from it the Primordial Parallelatrix that Primalpha planted prior to, "Gochisousama..." thus effectively leaving the Lost World powerless and without a power source whatsoever. When the makeshift Planet Core was extracted from the Lost World during the escape and returned to its form as the 'Primordial Parallelatrix,' it would rest with Kairo Tensei and the Tensei Family's possession again. None of the power of Tensei would be left there; not even the core that was given to them. "... Deshita~!" Tigen looked at the 'Paraprysmia', staring in awe at the beautiful colors it omitted. "Uwaaaah~! Whaddawedowitit, brobro!? WHAT WE GONNA DO!?" He was anxious to get started, especially since things had escalated so quickly. He wanted to get to the top of the tower as quickly as possible and defeat the Antagonist for good!

Though it was detestable to the Antagonist that the little burning pipsqueak avoided the gurgling upchuck, at least, if nothing else, it had a beacon and a dwelling for itself. "HAHAHAHA! NOT SO FAST, YOU FOOLS! RECKLESS, AS USUAL!!" Their sun was now an actual captured unit, as soon would be their very core. They were both pulsating with energy that fed the Curse which strengthened the Antagonist further. He was also aware of the threads connected to his back, which were a source of binding and draining his energy. The Antagonist used these very same threads to create a connection of his own back to the Primordial Parallelatrix, which he would seek to control to generate an infinite power source for itself. The Primordial Parallelatrix, Paraprysmia, was an infinite power core in and of itself, and was part of the Fourth Moon that had currently risen. With it, not only would the Antagonist have an infinite power source for himself, but also keep the Tensei from completing their seal by leaving an open Void within the Amber Moon.

"Go. Dark Sun; Reality Eater!!" The Sun of the Lost World, no longer inhabited by Tigen, would grow dark and black...  Though, to them, it would seem normal, it would actually begin to eat away at reality around it, drawing all of it into the energy of the Antagonist into it whilst leaving them with a fabricated reality that was nothing more than Void. This would manifest in the place where the Veritas once was, and it would come through Tenrai and Moirai, that which was formed in place of the Veritas once it was removed from the Lost World's surface.

When the Dark Sun tried to consume the Primordial Parallelatrix, the Antagonist finally realized that it had been snatched from the planet already before he could get to it. "Huh. So you removed the power core?! ALL THE BETTER!! DARK SUN!!" At the very heart of the Lost World, deep down in its core, where the Primordial Parallelatrix once was powering this planet, would now do the opposite... A new Dark Sun would appear at the very core, beginning to eat away at their energy from the INSIDE as well. Thus, the Curse continued to consume the planet.

Now, their Sun and the Core would be one and the same, and both would begin to eat away at the planet and all energy it created, not allowing any to leave the radiation of the Dark Sun in the sky nor the Dark Sun that served as the core. All energy produced by the Lost World would be consumed before it could be spread out into the universe, successfully serving as fodder for the Antagonist's growth and nothing more. "Game Over..." it muttered, returning its attention to the rainbow unicorn still streaming through the darkness. "YOU!!! Don't think that you've eluded me!! YOU WILL NOT LEAVE THIS PLACE!!!"

A crimson glint appeared in all of the eyes of the Antagonists' ambiguously spacious and chaotic form, targeting that fucking horse and the power source that the Antagonist was still connected to. With each of the crystal threads that were attached to its back in the sights of its many eyes, The Antagonists cried out, "ETERNAL DAMNATION!!!!" The heated beams of crimson that burst from each pupil burned the threads away like they were paper, severing the connection of the Antagonist with the Veritas and the Tensei themselves. Everything would be disconnected, all save for the Paraprysmia, which it was still holding onto and using as the target to destroy them this time around. Thousands upon thousand of illustrious scarlet beams charged with all the fury of this malevolent beast ravaged this space, tinting all of the blackness with the sickening red glow... What it touched would be erased from existence. Absolutely.

The Antagonist moving before Tina, though chaotic and disorderly, worked out to the advantage of Tina, which would still execute orders as commanded by Tensei, the father of the Veritas. "Crystal Prism," it repeated, raising the Eight Arms up and executing a complex number of Hand Signs, reaching at least a Thousand in a matter of seconds. As the beams of Eternal Damnation barreled through space toward the Paraprysmia, a large cosmic web formed a conversion barrier between the two spaces. Because Tina drew strength from Tensei, this power was on par with the 12th Restriction rather than the Veritas' own, which was of only the 8th Restriction, thus allowing for equivocation in power. The beams that would pass through this Cosmic Conversion Web would immediately be converted into Life Energy before continuing their course to the Primordial Parallelatrix unencumbered. Now, instead of destroying the crystal, the converted energy siphoned from the Antagonist would feed it power that was equivalent to however much the Antagonist placed in its hatred.

Tinasanti: "Conversion Complete. Awaiting Command."

With his shining golden weapon, the Xanadu, in hand, Kairo Tensei would wait and watch as Tina set up the Crystal Prism just the way he needed her to. Giving his energy to others in order for them to make use of it was nice. "Don't you know by now, bro? We're gonna combine our powers and make it out of here at warpspeed! But first..." Once the power of the Eternal Damnation was converted into Souzenryoku to power the Paraprysmia, Tensei would take hold of the power core; that which held all the culminated energies of all the present bodies combined, and would draw in all of the History of the Tensei Curse, its Development, its Cure, and its Details into the Primordial Parallelatrix. From here, this would be known as the 'Metal Pumpkinhead'. All of the data of the Tensei Curse would be collected, contained and, with a hack of the Grand Excalibur, The Antagonist that was attached to the Tensei Curse would be removed, as would the Tensei, Veritas and all things connected to them with it. Now all that would remain would be whatever energy was left on the Lost World; a haunt of the past to ever be recollected as a memory of the Antagonist and the Tensei Curse it harbored.

With the 'Metal Pumpkinhead' now filled with the data of the Tensei Curse and the Antagonist, the Tensei family could wrap things up from here. "Alright, Tina. Finish the job. 'Perfect Prison; Metatron's Cube.'" While she was executing that command to seal everything up, Tensei would give the Paraprysmia to Tigen. "Now, take this and warp us to the end of this Timeline. This baby's got enough juice to shoot us straight to the top at warpspeed. Once Tina binds the Insanity and the Lost World, I need you to warp us out IMMEDIATELY. Understand?!" He hoped so. He was counting on his little brother to do this one correctly... It was absolutely vital to their victory over the Tensei Curse, the Lost World and the Antagonist.

Once the Antagonist saw that victory was near, his own anger and hatred burned even greater. "You wretched...!!!" The beast was far more angered than before, absolutely livid at being played for a fool by these insipid little candle lights. Mere specks of dust in this infinite space, being nothing but a thorn in its side ever since the beginning. "I will... MAKE SURE TO ERASE YOU!" The mouths all over its body would open up as wide as they could, revealing countless black holes of varying proportions and intensities, none of which was exactly the same as the others. It was like they were all just hungry heads searching for their next meal, snatching it from wherever they could get it that would provide for them. And right now, these two were tampering with the energy of their host.

"Absolute Zero..." it grumbled, the deep distortions of baritone rattling the very fabric of existence itself within this void between the dimensions, "... Zeo Grande." The very sound of its voice was enough to begin the process of erasure. The great being became the very nothingness itself, its body becoming black; much darker and deeper than even the black holes that formed within its numerous mouths. It was a darkness of which even darkness could not escape, or even exist, for that matter... The pure embodiment of the Void, itself. Just its presence would begin to eat away at everything around it; space, time, reality, existence... It would all equivocate to Absolute Zero Value; Nothing. This creature, being a living embodiment of the pure Nothingness, would begin to expand across the omniverse, seeking to consume everyone and everything without any intent to torment them any longer.  "If this is how it must be... I will return Everything... Into Nothing... Then, none of it will exist... And all of you will have lost..."

Tinasanti: "Metatron's Cube."

The voice of the Veritas rang in the darkness, a far more complex series of one-handed Hand Signs being executed in a much more strenuous order, but to completion, nonetheless. Once it was done, Vescrutia, as well as the remainder of the Tensei Curse and the Antagonist, would be sealed away in the 'Perfect Prison' known as 'Metatron's Cube', where nothing could escape. 'Metatron's Cube' was an omniversal seal designed so perfectly and intricately that it creates an infinite dimensional containment chamber that perfectly seals whatever is within its confines. Forged with the mark of the Tree Of Life, the Sephirot, it was able to seal life away as it was. It is meant to be able to seal any and all creation, and only absolute perfection is capable of exiting the confines of this cube. It is always utilizing all power to confine its target to absolute perfection, as that is its sole purpose, making so that any attempts to leave it once it is erected nigh impossible.

Once imprinted on the prisoners, it would turn a sinister red coloration once the Antagonist was contained inside, and the seal of the  Tensei Curse would appear on the Lost World's Sun and Planet Core, as well. From there, the Tensei Seal would also seal off their entire realm and ensure that what was bound to that planet could not escape again. Hopefully, this would not only keep the Curse safely contained, but allow the Lost World to destroy it and The Antagonist once and for all before it was allowed to escape and spread again. They were their own hope, and the Veritas was on its way, continuing on with the Fourth Moon.

Tinasanti: "Complete. Targets Imprisoned."

When Tigen saw his cue to go warpspeed right as Tina locked up the Seal for good, he shouted "MWEE!!! FINALLY!! ALRIGHT, PARAPRYSMIA!!! LET'S GO!!" Tigen would allow himself to be absorbed into the Paraprysmia momentarily, combining both his and Tensei's powers together and supercharging the Maregenesis they were riding, Sleipnir, and blasting off in a single flickering glint all the way to the top of Eternalism Hill; the End of the Timeline. There, with the Timeline resolved, Tensei and Tigen would appear back inside the Veritas, within the Crystal Garden; Sanctum Crystos.
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Chapter 3; Elegant Arrival


A spiraling combustion of colorful fire spontaneously ignited within the Crystal Garden after having fizzling itself out, maintaining consciousness through the test of space and time consistently for their thousand year trial. Fortunately for the two and the Veritas, Paraprysmia gave them enough energy to warp out of danger on the fly.

The Crystal Garden was beautiful, like a complete sea of glass with many shining plants growing from the earth. Though everything looked like and was Crystal, it was also organic and completely edible. It looked as though it had only gotten the color sucked out of it, but nonetheless, everything here was of the texture of normal fruit and plants. Crystal trees filled the fields, but not too closely together, so that the fields of rolling crystalline grass could be seen. There were meadows of flowers, yet they were indistinct of color due to their crystalline appearance, seemingly incomplete.

"Phew. Tigen hopes all that Insanity trapped back there on Vescrutia doesn't like, go into Soul Edge or somethin'. Tried to warn the Sky King about The Insanity... But nobody listens to Tigen, for some reason." It's because Tigen is really annoying when he's not doing things that are entertaining. The pure childlike spirit that was his Freed Will made him a tad bit impetuous at times, like a child would behave. Though, when the time came for fun, he was definitely the one. "Sooooo... What about the other... Six Shinsanities? I thought we were gonna... Do that like... Right back there... *cough*" Tigen shifted the carved triangles that served as eye-sockets in the crystalline pumpkin that now was his bulbous head toward the gateway that was the doorway back out, seeing the Tensei Seal, 'Ultra Badass', plastered upon it.

"Are we... Trapped here, or sum'n? Cuz... Tigen doesn't really KNOW what's going on... Tigen was just kinda, you know, having a blast and shit. >>; LET A PUMPKIN KNOW, PUMPKINHEAD. DON'T LEAVE YA BROTHA HANGIN, BRO!!!" Tigen fell upon Tensei in a kiddish manner, hanging off of the tailcoats of his jacket and flailing about hysterically in a preachy manner.

"Oh... Thank God..." Tensei sighed, falling upon the beautifully blazing mane of the cosmic steed he rode upon. "That was the most annoying thing ever. Let's never do that again, alright?"

Looks like they actually made it this time. That entire little 'Lost World' side-story had to come to a close sooner or later before they actually got onto the main event. "Looks like we stopped it from destroying Dimensia, Tigen. The first time we left, you got sucked up by the Insanity that plagued the planet and ended up being trapped on the Nightmare. You probably don't remember that part because you got amnesia from being swallowed up by the darkness and not knowing that you were the light. They searched for you. Grimnyzmal and Grimlock. But only one brother found you... And it just so happened to be the one who birthed Khrona. So, I guess you could say..." He pat his little brother on the head, sighing happily and thankfully, "You saved my life, kiddo. And without you, I wouldn't be who I am today. So thanks... Little brother." It was true. If Khrona, the accident, had not occurred, then Pumpkinhead and Tigen would have not been able to resolve the Tensei Curse. "I owe ya big time for not leaving me and keeping on track with everything. That's why I trust you to take over with making the other Six Shinsanities. Any way you like em." Tensei ruffled the hat upon Tigen's crystalline pumpkin head a bit. "You deserve it."

This is what he truly believed, and he knew that Tigen would not succumb to the Tensei Curse anymore, so he would not ever fall prey like he had done for these past thousand or so years, or however long it had been since that loop called 'Linear Time' forced them to endure. Yes, the Lost World had been a nice training and developing ground for the both of them, and now was their time to use what they learned for the best. "I'm pretty sure that much Insanity, without the Tensei Head, will eventually just fizzle itself out. We are the producers of Insanity, so eventually, it'll just destroy everything, including itself, unable to regenerate. It will exist for as long as life on that planet does, ever consuming. It will be known as... the 'Headless Horseman'. The Other 'Four Horsemen' were the omen to his arrival... They are now a Lost World." He lowered his head in respect, hoping that they find a way to free themselves of that monster. It certainly can be done... But only by whomever takes on and cleanses the Insanity from that world completely whilst it is isolated. They will be the true hero for having destroyed the last remaining shards of all the Insanity that ever existed. "But no, you're right about that Soulblade. Man, that would really suck if the Headless One snatched that up. I... I wouldn't want to be on that planet for that to occur." He snickered. "Oh wait. I'm not." He couldn't help himself on that one.

It was beautiful that both of their consciousnesses were intact this time... And would remain that way, conjoined forever. If they weren't, they wouldn't have been able to do what they needed to do here. "... Now we can start on our story... We've been waiting a long time... Since the Beginning of Time, in fact... Or rather... Father has." He shed a single crystal tear, which would form to be the body of the Shinseigami, "... Alright, Tigen. Let's go get them."

"Tina," Tensei called, turning around now to see the Eight Armed being, "Looks like you're back where you belong, too. This is where you were supposed to be in order to finish the connections. In fact, I believe the Second Hand is around here, somewhere! That must mean that a different story is going to be starting soon! Oh, how I love synchronicity~!" Looks like he still retained his natural royal haughtiness. "That means you may start on weaving that one at any given time you like. You are alleviated of your servitude to me... You could say. Ahahaha!"

Tinasanti, the Veritas itself, was that of the Eighth Restriction, which served as the Three Peaces of the Veritas that made up Tina, itself. This was the 'Lunechrysm', the 'Solchrysm' and the 'Crystal Oversoul' that bound them together. Tensei, Tenrei, and Tinasanti, the Trini-T. "Tabrith, you stay here with Tina and be the infinite information of which it weaves from. Provide it with all information at all times to ensure that everything always occurs in synchronicity with everything else, no matter what it may be. This will iron out those wrinkles right proper..." This would mean that the stories would be spun seamlessly from its Eight Arms and come together in the middle; the Dawn, if all was done properly. "You are the Ninth Restriction, and she is the Eighth. Therefore, it will weave all scenarios that can be utilized for all the information it receives from you, and you must record all of these parallel scenarios and record your findings of each different dimensional reality in order to ensure you have ALL Information about EVERYTHING." That means they would have to cover every base on every dimension, plane of existence, reality, multiverse and so on in order to collect the maximum amount of information. Basically, taking in ALL data into the Data Realm. "Once you have collected all of the information you need, you will be able to eternally satisfy the Allmaster, who is of the Eleventh Restriction. That... Will be you. You are collecting all of this information in order to create your own image... Based on what Tigen and I want to look like combined as a single being. As seen here. This is what we want to look like. *points to the crystalline body made from the Crystal Tear* Understand?"

This would successfully complete the link of the Seventh Restriciton all the way to the Thirteenth, which would bring forth the Shinseigami. After that, the Shinseigami could bring forth Tsuki for himself, for he would be in the Thirteenth Restriction.

Tensei closed the book, holding up Paraprysmia and the Weaponmaster, allowing them to take their own sentience upon the lands, "Weaponmaster, link with the Paraprysmia. I want this to be the Crystal Godsend that spawns all the Instruments that the Maestros will use to finely Tune this world! I want to be able to hear the sound of their souls singing in beautiful harmony! You think we can make this happen?"

"The Pleasure was all Ours, PumpKing. Preparing the Gods of Life and Death; 'Jinseigami' and 'Shinigami'." Tinasanti raised a leg, striking a pose as though it were a Hindu god. At that point, the 'Three Peaces' of the Veritas would spread outward and become the Gods of Life and Death of each section; Dawn, Dusk, and Delta. 'Magna Signis' would reign as Shinigami of the Dawn, -- otherwise known as the 'Great Furnace' -- whilst the Jinseigami, 'Matrem Crysta', would hail as the 'Blue Phantom'. These would be the two Chrysms that would form the Prysm to create the first Peace of the Veritas, Natsume Nirvana, Shintsuki, the Dawn Gate Keeper.

The Third Moon that Tina had been holding for Trinity all that time would be placed in the open vortex that was the empty void of the Death Room of Mors Academia. There, Trinity's Soul would be merged with the Realm of the Delta, where she would be able to exit from her Incubation Chamber known as the Third Moon. There, she would reign as the 'Peace of the Delta,' with Tifaret as the Jinseigami and Tear as Shinigami.

Finally, the Blue Moon would be placed in the Dusk, with the smile of the Cheshire Cat on its face. It would resemble the moon after undergoing a 'Night Of Tensei'. This would be their Jinseigami and Shinigami; Tabrith and Tabitha. Together, they would make The Archcount, Tensei Von Khrona, the Peace of the Dusk and keeper of the Dusk Gate.

Here, Tina would be allowed to take its true form created of the new Three Peaces of the Veritas. She would no longer need her mother and father, Tensei and Tenrei, to sustain her form in the Eighth and would be able to do so on her own now that she was a stabilized existence.

Tinasanti: "Confirmed. Connection Complete."

With that, Tina would humbly escort itself off through the Crystal Garden, taking with it the Omnipedia to read and weave from for all time with the Eight Arms of Tabrith. From this, Tabrith, himself, could assume the form of the Allmaster; Kairo Tensei.

"AWWWWWWWWW!!!!" Tigen was so happy that his brother was actually showing him some love this time around. They didn't get along in the past, even though they loved each other, so now it was like a dream come true for Tigen to receive any sort of praise from his dear Aniki. "OH!! THE FIRST THING TIGEN WANTS TO DO IS MAKE A DJINNI. YEAH. YEAH. A DJINNI THAT... IS ALL OF THE SHINSANITIES COMBINED!!! AND MADE OF TIGEN'S FLAMES!! YEAH!! YEAH YEAH!!!" The flames of Tigen sprouted from his being, taking the form of a blazing apparition that resembled a cross between himself and his brother if they had a physical form. "Ohhhh... And uuuh... HE'S GOTTA BE THE COMBINED SPIRIT OF THE VERITAS!!! YEAH!! TINA'S SOUL THAT LIVES INSIDE OF IT!!" This was good, going very well...

"Um... Uh... What else...?" The swirling rainbow inferno made all of that which Tigen wished come into reality, as would also this Djinni be capable of doing; granting wishes using his phenomenal cosmic power. "OHHH. AND IT'S GOTTA BE CALLED TYRANOPHANT!! And... When the Three Crystal Oversouls of the Veritas come together... THEY UNLOCK THE DJINNI, THE CRYSTAL GODSOUL!!!!"

But first... Each of the Crystal Oversouls had to be unlocked, as well.


Everything seemed to be coming together smoothly now that both of them were connected to each other. The missing pieces that each of them had fit perfectly together where they needed to, which would allow for the completion of the Veritas in its entirety.

After a while, the Flames Of Eternity forged 'The Tyranophant', the Djinni of the Veritas, from their combined flickering flares from Tigen. The body was like that of crystal, yet was illuminated with illustrious color that soon settled into the shape of a cosmic being in physical form. He would be the Seventh Restriction; the Perfect Alignment of All Seven Chakras.

"HOORAAAAY!!! TIGEN DID IT!!" he cried happily, clapping his hands playfully. "But Aniki, what about the Shinseigami and Shinmegami? What are we gonna do about those two? We still haven't gotten a chance to make them yet!!"

The swirling mass of pure will that birthed this creature into existence all died down and were drawn into the very spirit of this being; a connection to Tigen and Tensei that bound the both of them as well as all that was below the Seventh Restriction into a single perfect being; this was 'The Tyranophant', the Will of the Veritas, itself.

A Djinni by nature, it was given the task of releasing the Shinsangels, bearers of each of the Shinsanities and the seven split parts of the Godsoul, out into the world into their respective places, one of which was already out; Taomin, the Kazegami. That meant that he had Six more to deal with.

"Aw, dude... What the friggin hell, man? Took you guys long enough. Yeesh." He rolled his eyes and crossed his arms. "Nah, I'm just fucking with ya. But hey, thanks for making me. Definitely needed that to happen. Got some shit to do, ya know?" Though he was an extension of them that had lesser power, he was an extension of them nonetheless. And that being said... He was also an extension of his true love's Seventh Restriction form, even though they were not directly connected at the moment, nor was her Seventh Restriction self birthed into this world yet.

"Yeah, I'll catch you guys later. Just holler if you need me. I'll be back to claim my Fountain when I get done with business, ya know?" But before he left, he had one request of them... "OH! And uh, could you be so kind as to uh, get started on Tsuki? You know if you want to bring her into existence, then so do I. And everyone below us, too. Ya know?" It was just how they were... That's all there was to it.

Kairo Tensei: "Yeah, but that's all. Don't feel like it's like, something you gotta do immediately, but you know, I just wanted to put that out there. But yeah... Ciao."

With that, he would flicker out in the same fashion as a fizzling flame, not unlike how Tigen warped so often. He would appear outside of the clock tower, where he would begin his journey across the Dawn to place the Shinsanities in their respective shrines to power the Veritas and be its Life Energy.

"Without a doubt, Allmaster." Without much more spoken word, the Xanadu got down to business, touching Paraprysmia and connecting their powers with one another. It would bestow the power to create Living Weapons, known as Instruments, as the children of the Weaponmaster at any time. However, unlike the Weaponmaster, which was able to create any weapon of any power, Paraprysmia would only be allowed to create those that were fresh and new, like infants. They would always start off at the minimum amount of power when being birthed from Paraprysmia. It would be able to synchronize to any and all wavelengths in order to create the perfect weapon that fit only the soul of whomever it was made for.

*Law* Instruments are specially hand crafted for that specific person and their soul, meaning that none others would be able to wield it unless they had the power to match wavelengths to a heightened degree, such as what Weaponmaster and Paraprysmia were capable of doing automatically in order to create weapons in the first place. This would keep people from stealing each others' weapons, too. Whenever someone tried to harness someone else's weapon, it would backfire and begin to destroy the soul of whomever the offendee was. If the offendee was more powerful, the powers of the Weapon would lock up, and they would be unable to use it. This would be automatic.

"It is set. Go, Paraprysmia. To the Academy." And with that... The 'Crystal Star Seed' was released to birth more Star Seeds throughout the Veritas.

"Good work, everyone!" Tensei would say immediately, praising the family on doing such a job well done. Tigen successfully created the Djinni of the Seventh, who would go and create the Three Great Spirits that were the Seven Shinsanities of the Dawn, the Nightshade of the Delta and the Kamitamashii of the Dusk. Not only that, but Tina and The Omnipedia were off, reading and weaving the stories as necessary to help build the internal foundation of the Veritas as an entity. "Hmmm... Well, I believe that's all that we really have to do for now..." Certainly, he was going to attempt to fulfill the wish of The Tyranophant, as well... And he knew just how.

"Okay, Tigen. It's about time to bring the Shinseigami here. I'll let Tina handle The Djinni's wish. The Second Hand should be around here somewhere, and from there, she can create for him that partner he wishes for. Meanwhile, we can work." The best way to do this was to go activate the Fairy Spring that The Tyranophant was talking about. Technically, that was supposed to belong to him, but it still granted wishes to those that were capable of getting to it. "Let's go, Tigen. We've got some important things to do." He'd grab his brother's hand and flicker off deeper into the Crystal Garden, where the Fairy Spring that belonged here was.
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The True Crystal Grimoire :: Tymon's Personal Book; The Bible And Gospel

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Chapter 4; The Ultimate Wish

From the outer part of the Crystal Garden, the two would enter the heart of Sanctum Crystos, where all of its wonder and splendor poured over and formed the crystalline grass that they walked upon, they would lay eyes upon a beautiful chalice overflowing with an aqueous crystal clear energy that seemed both known and unknown to this realm. It was the combined energies of the Shinseigami and Shinmegami; Dreams and Reality combined into a single energetic substance. The proof that the two of them were connected no matter where they were or what they were doing... 'Holding Hands,' so to speak. It washed over the land and made all Dreams Real, as well as things that were Real into Dreams. This was the testament of their love; this single solitary fountain; the 'Fountain Of Truth.'

Kairo Tensei: "The Fairy Fountain of the Dawn... the Fountain of Truth. The most powerful of all of the Fairy Fountains... Whatever is done here will instantly become True. The combination of dreams and reality..."

Part of him couldn't even believe he was here, himself, even though technically, he was the one who created it for the Shinseigami's arrival long, long ago in the realm of Vescrutia.

Kairo Tensei: "... It's time, Tigen. It's finally time. Are you ready, my brother?"

"TIGEN WAS BORN READY!!!" Literally. This was what he had been waiting for damn near his entire existence. "Tigen is happy that Tigen gets to do this with you, too, Aniki!" He grabbed his brother's hand, already knowing the deal on how this went. "LET'S COMBINE OUR POWERS!!!" At that moment, he would begin to resonate with Tensei, pouring his Will into him in order to give power to the Fountain.

Tigen: "Do we get like, three wishes or is it just one?"

"Just one each. That's all we need. All we have to do is bring him here. He can handle everything else from there." As his brother touched his hand, Tensei would take in the Will of Tensei and magnify it exponentially, concentrating and focusing this power on the Fountain itself. Where Tigen was the infinite power, Tensei was the one that focused it where it needed to go. The possibilities when the two of them worked together were literally limitless.

"Hhnnnnnnnnn...!!!!" He closed his eyes, channeling his power and pouring it into the Fountain of Truth, ready to make his wish. "... Oh, Great Fountain Of Truth... I, Tensei, come to you with a humble wish to be fulfilled!!" In the middle of his head, a Third Eye opened, bursting with the crystalline Will Of Tensei that would soon envelop most of his being, as well as the Fountain itself. He was giving it as much energy as it needed to make this wish come true... However much energy was required of him, he would willingly give.


He cried out to it, presenting the Crystal Body that was created for him out of his outstretched hand, "USE THIS VESSEL AND ALL THE POWER REQUIRED OF MYSELF AND MY BROTHER TO BIND HIM TO IT!!! I BEG OF YOU!!!"

At that moment, the Fountain would spray the Will Of Tensei high into the sky, letting it spread out into the Veritas and out into another realm. It slipped through reality with ease, as though flowing into time and space itself and moved along the waves searching for the Shinseigami. Wherever, whenever and whatever he was, he would be brought to the Veritas without question. Such is the Wish Of Tensei and his Will. Merry Christmas... And Happy Birthday.

At that moment, as though being sucked into the Fountain itself, Tigen would disappear, becoming one with Tensei, the Fountain and... The Shinseigami, -- The Creator -- Tymon. Wherever he was, Tigen was sent out to go find him. Tensei, his brother, would serve as the Link whilst Tigen searched the entire uniomniversal structure of all things for this one single solitary being. He wasted no time, letting the Will of Tensei was over the dimensions as though the PumpKing himself released a wave of magnificent cleansing waters. It resembled pure Liquid Energy and seemed to be able to resonate with all forms of waves, assimilating with them during the search. With that, Tigen was off.


No matter the time, the reality nor the dimension, Tigen had coordinates to them all, and he would be located. It would happen in an instant, as though the Will of Tensei merely warped to him... The one who created them all.

Sitting about typing away at his story, the young soul known as Tymon sat merrily, hot as hell in his room, without a care in the world. "Dodododo... Let's start making good things for the Veritas~! It's all coming along quite nicely." He nodded his head in agreement, looking over the fine work, "Even if it needs a few tweaks, I'm sure we can get it all worked out. Alright!! I'm ready to make this place as awesome as it possibly can be~!" With his heart set on making his world the most awesomest awesome that ever did awe, he would continue to type his story on the laptop -- or, book -- given to him by his mother. "I've got big plans for this place, so I'm gonna have to really crack down and get to work!!!" Somehow, a burning passion overtook him and he smiled, looking up to the sky, the shining sun being his indicator of the good things to come from here on out. "It will be the greatest! And so will I! Ohohohoho~!" This must, he knew. He believed. He trusted. With all that he was.

In a bright crystal flash before his eyes, seemingly in an instant, Tymon would experience something he never felt before; a certain will came over him like no other, filled with raw power of which any normal human would not have ever been able to know in their lifetime. He, being the only other piece of Tigen that was missing, had been pinpointed by the interdimensional PumpKing long ago, and simply had been using the vessel as a means to have the Will Of Tensei grow strong enough to act on its own... Rather, on its own and with control. This was Tigen, his trusted and most loyalest of companions ever~!

"YO~~~~!!!!" Tigen screamed, warping inside of him, "Tigen's gonna grant your wish now. Tigen means... Our... Wish...? MOU!!!" It was really complex, even though it was really simple, but whatever the case, this guy was coming with Tigen. "Tigen will explain when we get there, m'kay!?" Though he was speaking to him inside, Tymon should have been able to hear him as clear as day. At that moment, the two of them would be taken back to the Veritas... More specifically, the Fountain Of Truth, from which this energy poured out in order to grab him. Tethered to Tensei, his older brother, Tigen would reel himself and Tymon in, all the way back to where he came from.


"OH MY GOD!!!" Tymon screamed, after realizing what was actually going on "HOLD ON A SHIT, YOU GUYS ARE REAL!?!? I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONE THAT WAS MAKING YOU-- Wait. Wait, that actually makes a shit ton of sense." During the interdimensional travel, which, though was supposed to be instantaneous, would feel as though he had been traveling thousands of years, he couldn't help but speak to Tigen. "So you guys really found me, huh?! And we're gonna all make the Veritas awesome together!? You guys are the best!! I'm so glad I made you~!"

He was actually extremely excited about it all, despite the fact that he would be taken to a dimension all his own that he created. It was good to know that it was all real... And finally, his Dream would become Reality... Such was how it was written.

"YEAH, TIGEN KNOWS!!! TIGEN IS EXCITED, TOO!! Tigen has been trying so hard to interact with that dimension, but it's really difficult because... Ya know... Hoomans and stuff. >>; " Without much further ado, the two of them would appear in the Fountain of Truth before the Allmaster, Tensei.

"Got him, Anikiiiii~!" At that moment, Tymon would have his energy transferred into the Crystal Vessel created for him by Tensei and his Crystal Tear. He would then be allowed to take the shape of whatever he wanted to look like whilst he was here in the Veritas. "Now what, huh!? Huh!? Huh!?!?"

"Good show, Tigen!!" he exclaimed with excitement. This was the first time he was able to meet the Shinseigami in person... Or without assuming his form in that dimension. It was really quite the wondrous and momentous occasion... Something that would be honored soon enough. Tensei was giddy with happiness.

"Finally~! Finally Finally Finally~!" he muttered to himself, twirling about as though he were his brother... Though, they were all connected, after all, and it was thanks to Tymon that this was so. "I'm sure you're probably confused, oh Shinseigami, however, that is why I am here to explain this to you. You see, the Veritas... Is you. All of us? We are also you. We come from you. We are within you. And we are also all around you. All of your effort in developing us has also had an effect on us developing you. You've given us so much power that we are returning it to you in full... By bringing your entire world to life through you! And the more you develop this world and us, the more we and this world can influence the one around you! Understand?!"

He clasped his hands together, smiling big and wide. Tensei could only do so much without the actual Creator himself here to facilitate. Honestly. "You see, since you made us, we decided that we would make you, too! This means that as long as you exist, we will get stronger, and as such, we will give our power to you. Our powers will soon become your own. Isn't that neat~? All you have to do is continue to create, exist, enjoy and explore your realm and we will continue to give you power. We will protect you, for you have protected us. You could say... You're our Father!"

Tymon blinked, already having a full understanding of the concept, considering that he was the one that made all of this, but was actually really happy that Tensei was so adamant about helping out. "Oh, well thanks, guys! I knew you all had SOME influence, but I didn't know that it... Was actually this great." Truthfully, Tymon was excited as well. "Hey, wait, does this mean I should start writing these things in the first person? That would be cool. What do you think? Oh, wait!! Do I get a wish, too!? Oh. OH!! HAVE YOU BEEN TELLING ME ALL THESE SECRETS AND STUFF ALL THE TIME!? Were you the one... That appeared in my dream last night, too!?" Being able to talk to Tensei in person was actually more than a beautiful experience. Now he could experience the power of growth in the same fashion Tensei did! Hooray!

Kairo Tensei: "Hahahaha! You're so adorably ignorant! Do whatever you like, Shinseigami! This is your world and whatever you say, goes! Remember! I've seen that you are capable of following the rules you place on yourself, so now you're able to exist in a realm where your own rules are law! Ya know?"

To see the childish excitement and wonder reminded him of Tigen... But of course, that is where Tigen was born from... Naturally... As well as their Father... And all that this realm was. It was... Magnificent to be able to meet with one's Creator. Legit. He wished the same for Tymon one day, as well.

Kairo Tensei: "Anywho, I'll cut to the chase. Yes, we've been guiding you this entire time... You could call us your uh... What do humans say...? 'Higher Self' or something...? Anywho. Yeah, we are what you become when you Awaken. All of this. All of us. All of you. When you complete yourself, you complete all of us, and vice versa. So, the more you make of us, the more we make of you, and vice versa. The same way YOUR creator works. You are His child, right? And you DID figure out that this was how YOUR creator works, correct?"

Tensei respected and loved God the same way as humans did, for without him, Tensei would not exist, and with that knowledge, how could he ignore The Creator of The Creator? The Father of the Father? Oh, no, that would be most disrespectful. None are above God himself.

"That aside, though... Yes, we also did appear in your dream last night. What you saw was... The future. What your dimension will become after this one is assimilated. You're a walking reality creator!! Everywhere you go will begin to take the shape of the reality you created, and the more powerful you become, the more quickly it will become! Until you are... Well.. Me. Or rather. You. After having... Been... Through... Me." It was a little complex to understand, but it was wonderful all the same. "Let me put it like this... Your dimension is meant for Experience. To have things happen in a way that a physical form can experience. Something that can be physically observed and understood through touch. Our world is intangible and exists within you, waiting to emerge from this world of intangibility and into a world of physicality. And the only way for that to happen... Is if you do it yourself. No matter how much power we have... Unless you give it the okay, we can only do so much." He shrugged his shoulders. That's just the way it was, unfortunately. "We'll enter the reality where all other realities connect little by little, manifesting into the Real World pieces at a time. You will be able to observe it, as well as your own powers grow in the same accord. Would you like to give it a test run?"


Tensei chuckled, crossing his arms, "Well, you were able to witness this phenomenon for yourself, now weren't you? The Card System is the first step. As you can see from the placement... We have a degree of power already. We see and experience all that you do, and we are able to cause experiences for you, as well. We are all one and the same. You're just the one at the top... The combination of us all. And it took us this long to get to you... But we did it. But in order to do that, we had to get rid of all the blockages... All of the Insanity. Not only that, the Awakening of your chakras... preparation of the body, mind and soul... All sorts of things that you experienced that were necessary for this to occur. But from what I've seen, you're pretty excited about it all already, huh?"

He laughed again, hovering over to Tymon, "Now, as you probably already know... You get a Wish as well. But first, Tigen gets a wish. So, after Tigen makes his wish, then you can make your wish, and then we can all get started together! You'll get to explore and build your world whilst we protect it and provide you with the power you have given to us. See why given back energy is important? I had to teach you all of these things in order for you to understand why this circulation is important. If you are selfish, so too will we be. You see?" It was an intricate design that was amazing, but still needed to be followed to the utmost accuracy in order for perfect harmony. "We rid this place of Insanity for you. If you stop giving us energy, we will stop giving to you, because that's just how it works. If you, the top, stop giving, how can anyone below you? Regardless of our own sentience, we still follow the Rules that have been placed... So as long as we are all constantly circulating energy, it will eventually flow into you. That's why we had to set up all the Thirteen Restrictions the way we did." He sighed, a little bit tired from having to bring him here. It was a lot, even for him.

"Phew! Well, calm down and let's get to work. Don't worry, Tigen and I will be with you at all times. You have all of the powers of everything and everyone here. You are the only being here... That does not have to follow any of the rules. Truthfully. I have seen that you can handle this sort of power, which is why you're here now and capable of doing what you do. Tigen is an Infinite Energy Source and I am the Conductor. Whatever Tigen gives, I conduct and direct to you. Therefore, you can do it, too! But, as far as manifestation goes... That takes a little bit more doing, I hope you know. ESPECIALLY out in the physical world. But it will occur sooner than later. Just know that for a fact. We have your back, Shinseigami. That's why we're all behind you... And you're the only one in the Thirteenth."

The explanation given to him by Tensei was long and elaborate, but naturally, able to be understood. Ty-- Wait. I stood there listening to him as intently as I possibly could. Yeah. Yeah, that's better.

"Well, I've gotta hand it to you, you guys do pretty good work! Thanks a bunch! I certainly appreciate it all a whooooole lot! For that, I'll definitely make sure to make this place amazing! Alright?"

I looked down, though, feeling a tad bit... Lonely... For some reason, my thoughts were not of the power that these two and this would could and would bring me... But for the person that was not here to share in such wonders with me. For some reason, I wanted that more than I wanted all of these wonderful gifts.

Tymon: "... Hey. Tigen gets a wish, too, right? But what would he wish for if I'm already here? I don't see what else you two could want if I literally can do anything and give you all anything."

Tigen, being one with Tymon for longer and more deeply than he knew or could remember, could feel the aching of his heart within him as well, and the flaming crystalline pumpkin would grow dim and a bit downtrodden. "Aww..." he muttered, lowering his head, "Tigen... Doesn't like to see the Shinseigami sad... Tigen always wanted to give you everything you wanted... Aniki just didn't want Tigen to do so until you were ready..."

However, after a while, his flames would spark up again at the realization that the time was now!! "HEY WAIT!! You are ready now, aren't you!? That's why you were allowed to come here! MWEE!! Now Tigen can get Tigen's wish~!"

Tigen slapped his hands together comically, bowing his head as though he were praying really, REEEAAAAALLY hard... "Tigen wiiisheeeeeesssss... That all of the Shinseigami's wishes will come true!! That his Will be done!! That all of his creations are brought to life! YEAH! No matter what, Tigen trusts the Shinseigami, so it's okay to do something like this!!" He turned his head up, looking to the fountain, "Onegaishima~su!!!"

At that moment, The Will of Tensei burst from Tigen and into the Fountain, which would then resonate with the waters pouring out Dreams and Reality. At that moment, it would all pour on top of Tymon, baptizing him in the Will of Tensei and all the power of Dreams and Reality, allowing him to make whatever he wanted happen as he saw fit; in any and all worlds he was to enter or exist in. This would be known as... 'Epic Art.'

"Aw, Tigen, you really don't have to--" But, at that moment, I was overcome with a Will that was more powerful than anything I'd ever seen or felt in my entire life. That was twice in the same day. The sheer power of Dreams and Reality at the palm of my hand washed over me in a crystalline light, and suddenly, I could feel a power come over me that let me know that whatever it was that I truly desired, it would come to be. Whatever I was to Create, it would become Truth. Whatever Art I learned, it would be Mastered and made Real. This Absolute Power... The 'Epic Art.'

"What...!? Tigen, what is this!?!" Though there was no physical change, I could feel this power coursing through my entire being and pulsating outward into the rest of the world. I could feel it, see it, sense it... And I embraced it with open arms. "... You guys... Really love me, huh?" I smiled at the two of them. They'd already done so much for me and now, here they were, doing it again. "I can even hear the change in my voice... My Voice... THE Voice..." Looks like that came with the Epic Art. However, that aside, I couldn't let their hard work go unrewarded. I grabbed the both of them and pulled them in for a great big hug, tearing up a little as joy overwhelmed my very being. "I love you guys a whole lot, you know!!! I can't express how much thanks and love I have for the both of you!! If you ever need anything of me, just let me know and I'll do it for you, in a heartbeat!!! Alright?! I'll be the best Father and Creator and God and whatever else I am... Rather... I'll be the BEST PERSON I CAN BE!!! BECAUSE IF I'M THE BEST ME, THAT MEANS, BY DEFAULT, YOU ALL WILL BE THE BEST YOUS!! Right?!?"

I was getting the hang of this logic pretty well, and with that, I had to tell them, "Okay. I will use my wish to give you guys whatever you want. You two deserve it. Go ahead. Tell me anything and I'll do it! Alright?! It's a promise!! Yakusoku da yo~!!" Their services could not go unpaid. I'm not that type of person in the first place, in all honesty. Especially... when it came to my love. "So. What do YOU two want, for a change, since you gave up so much trying to give ME what I want?"

The hug was most unexpected, but at the same time, it was warm and loving... Something that Tensei hadn't felt in a long time from someone... Or anything. No one really showed too much love to him over the course of the years... And for someone to do so out of the kindness of their own heart was enough to bring a few Crystal Tears to his eyes. He turned to Tigen whilst they were being hugged and nodded his head, smiling, being released.

"Oh, Shinseigami... Your love is almost too much..." Tensei chuckled, seeing that this boy was indeed as pure of heart as Tensei first thought, even with all of the power given to him at this very moment, he was still thinking about what he could do to help others with it. For that, Tensei felt the same way... And he only wanted Tymon to be happy.

"I believe it is very clear what Tigen and I want, as you can tell from Tigen's last wish. We want your happiness above all. That's why we're doing all of this for you. Not for us. But for you. So you have to do what makes you happy. We've given you all of this power for that sole purpose. Don't go trying to use this special gift on someone else after we worked so hard to make you happy, kiddo! Hahahaha!" He was a sweetheart, but he really did let his emotions put him in situations where he was doing too much for others and not enough for himself. Fortunately, Tensei and Tigen would take care of that from now on, so he no longer had to worry about that. All he had to do was simply... Be.

"Go ahead. We know what you want. And we'll let you have it. You deserve it..." Tensei bowed humbly, deeply, respectfully and with the utmost love, "... Shinseigami-sama."

I was shocked for a moment, not really having anyone so deeply and honestly wish for me to have what I want... It was weird. It was new. But I liked it a lot. I was almost moved to tears, as well... Almost. But it seems like I could leave that one to Tensei, this time around. "... What? Really? You... You mean I can honestly...?!" I was getting a bit flustered. Excited! Happy, even!! "AW, YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!! YOU NEVER CEASE TO AMAZE ME!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!! I'LL REPAY YOU GUYS SEVEN TIMES OVER FOR THIS!!!"

With that, I turned to the Fountain Of Truth, gazing up at the beautiful crystal waters... Pleased to the utmost that my dreams were finally, after so long, about to come true. "I wish... I wish... With all my heart..." That sounds familiar... "... To be together with my True Love forever and always. I want you to bring her with me... And with every version of myself in every reality! Every dimension!! In fact!!!" I raised my hand up, pointing toward the Graceful Sky, "I WISH THAT EVERYONE EVERYWHERE WILL FIND, BE WITH AND ENJOY LIFE WITH THEIR TRUE LOVE FOR ALL TIME!! NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE OR WHAT THEY'VE DONE OR WHO THEY'RE WITH OR ANY OF THAT!! LET'S LET EVERYONE HAVE THEIR LOVES TOGETHER!!! I DON'T WANNA BE THE ONLY ONE!!"

If my Will was to be done... Then I might as well do for everyone. It just makes sense. I don't want to be the only one happy... That would be really, really selfish. What good is me being happy if I have to watch everyone else suffer?


And with that... I would wait for the Fountain Of Truth to grant the wish deep inside of my heart.

'Tsuki... I can't wait to see you and be with you, my love... I've been waiting a long, long time for this...' And with that, a single Crystal Tear would roll down his face... for finally, the waiting was done. My True Love would be with me...

Tensei smiled warmly, raising his head and closing his eyes, "... You never cease to amaze me, Shinseigami... Out of all of the humans I have witnessed throughout being within you... I am happy that you were the one to whom I was assigned. I see now why this was so." Without him, perhaps he would never have gotten rid of the Insanity... Yeah. It was definitely because of this kid here. To be perfectly honest... Khrona couldn't have done it by himself. Not in a million years.

"You heard the man, Tigen. His Will be done. And I believe... You are the Will of Tensei, are you not?" He jested, pointing to the Fountain. "I believe your wish was that 'All his wishes come true,' ne? Well. Hop to it!"

Tigen lit up, more than happy to see the Shinseigami actually HAPPY about something that HE was getting for once, and not about things that were done for other people that really usually didn't appreciate him and his efforts. Tigen was happy that he could be the one to grant this wish, too. That is what made him the absolute happiest. Especially since all of it was done... With love.

"ROGER, ROGER!!!" he shouted gleefully, bursting with the Will Of Tensei all around. The Fountain would shoot straight up into the sky again, just the same as before, and open up to spread out and connect to any and all dimensions, realities and such, just the same as was done to bring Tymon here in the first place. Tigen would disappear in the flood, branching out everywhere in an instant like a pulsating wave across the uniomniversal spectrum, letting the flow of the Will of Tensei allow for Tymon's Will to be done. Wherever his True Love was... She would be filled with the Will of Tensei and it would connect to hers. She would be able to feel the love of Tymon and the Tensei Brothers.

At the same time, the waves of the Will Of Tensei would spread out from this reality and mingle with the opposing forces of those that were around, ironing out the discord and starting to bring together all the True Loves of the universe. They would find themselves being pulled to each other in every aspect of life, like magnets all being attracted to whomever their absolute True Love was or would be. There would be no one without such. Even if it didn't happen immediately, it certainly would happen, no matter what. He was not overpowering their Free Will, but merely influencing it and everything around it to clear a way for them. He could bring them together, but Tigen would leave the loving and the decision to love to their own wills. That was what he was allowed to do, for impeding on someone else's Free Will was forbidden. But, influencing and making a way for it was definitely okay~!

The Will Of Tensei, spreading throughout the universe, would not stop until the wish was fulfilled, no matter how long it took. Since this power was infinite, it would infinitely continue to fulfill its request, until it was actually done. Meanwhile, however, Tigen was bringing back Tsuki; the True Love of Tymon.

When Tigen found the girl, the spray of the fountain would fall back to normal, leaving only a circular portal in the sky. Parting sky would leave only a single cloud in the shape of a halo and angelic cloud wings would form around it.

Before long, a massive accumulation of energy would be drawn to the opening, creating more and more clouds of angelic wings, these seeming to be made more of Shinsanity than anything else.

They all spread wide as Tigen would return with the Goddess that was meant for the Shinseigami to be with forever and always; The True Goddess, otherwise known as Shinmegami... Tsuki Tensei.

Tigen: "Yaaaaaaah~! Tigen found her~!! Lookie! LOOKIE LOOKIE!!!"

As Tigen touched down with the girl, he would step back and let Tymon and Tsuki have their time, knowing that it was probably really important to the both of them.

"Tigen hopes that you really are happy from now on and for always, Shinseigami! AND SHINMEGAMI, TOO~! Tigen loves you both~!" He'd say, before moving over to the side of his brother.

... Like an angel falling from the sky, pulled from a different dimension the same way as Tymon was, the young girl, Tsuki, would descend from the halo in the sky made more extravagantly than she would have liked -- as she didn't particularly enjoy so much attention brought to herself -- and would touch down before the fountain... And her lover, Tymon.

She opened her eyes, blinking a few times, then looked off to the side shyly, blushing a bit. She wasn't sure what was going on, but she was definitely happy to see... Him.

"... What happened?" she asked quietly, trying to make sense of everything.

"It's a long story that I can talk to you about later. The most important thing is... You're here! Finally..." I rolled my eyes, since I'd been waiting an eternity and a day for this girl to get to me in the Thirteenth Restriction. After all I went through... All WE went through, rather... All I wanted to do was go somewhere and just enjoy her company.

Tymon: "We can go talk about it for the rest of our lives. This world is mine and I'm basically able to do whatever I want. And right now, I just wanna be with you. That's why I used my one wish to bring you here, too! Now, all we have to do is combine our powers and things should be smooth for us and the Veritas from here on out~!"

A sudden feeling of relief overcame me, like a heavy burden had been lifted from my heart... and mind... and, hell, all parts of me, actually. Like I knew what True Peace was after finding my True Love. With me having my lover, that meant that everyone below me would, too. All extensions of myself would soon have their own True Loves as well, and each of them would be the extensions of Tsuki, which would fit together perfectly with those extensions of me. Such is how TRUE love worked.

"I made this world so that the both of us could enjoy it together. Naturally, I didn't think it'd be like this, but... Who the hell cares, as long as you're here, sweetie~!" I hugged her tightly, making sure all of my love would seep into her, as well as the Will of Tensei. The two of us would be Together as One... And as All. Forever and always. I could feel her heart beating in tandem with mine... and it made me smile. "I love you, Tsuki... I'm happy you made it safely. Welcome home, love."

Tigen, busy being distracted, didn't realize that he was supposed to connect the two of them together in their hearts and souls and all that other lovey dovey jazz. That was the one last thing that he didn't do just yet, but would do now. "What?" he muttered, snapping back into focus. "OH. OH SH-- Tigen's got it~!" With that, he would fill Tsuki with the Will of Tensei... Rather, the Love of Tymon in the form of the Will of Tensei all throughout her vessel, connecting both of their Wills and intertwining their hearts and souls in order for them to link together. With that, they would be officially and completely connected at the heart and soul. Both of their Wills were of Tensei. "Dooooone~! Tigen did good, right, Aniki~?"

Tsuki could feel the overwhelming feelings seeping into her very being; a power that she never felt before... Something known as 'Love.' For some reason, the actions of Tymon were enough to make her heart go *dokidoki* and for her face to become as red as a beet. If his words weren't enough, the hug definitely took the cake. She could feel their hearts beating in tandem, as well as the transfer of his own energy into her own, and vice versa. Something about this was really weird, but it made her extremely happy. She didn't know what to say, since she wasn't good with these types of things... but he loved her regardless, and that was enough for her. She slowly, but surely, returned his feeling with a hug, which seemed to be the binding seal on their love.

"I love you, too... Tymon..." she smiled, happy that he hadn't forgotten about her or left her behind, or gotten mad at her for taking so long. It made her happier than she ever had been. "Thank you for sharing this with me... I can't wait to hear all about it..." She'd give him a quick kiss on the cheek, then dart her eyes away shyly, rubbing her arm a bit, as though she were embarrassed. It was a new feeling, but a wonderful feeling, all the same. She also turned to Tensei and Tigen, the two who actually made this all possible, the two who would help make Tymon's dreams come True and hers, as well. She couldn't leave them out of this. "... You, too... Arigatou..." she muttered, happy that they were so eager to help them get together. His higher selves were just as sweet as he was... And now... he was the highest self. His True Self.

"Hear about it?" I mocked, grabbing her hand swiftly and holding it tightly, "You're gonna be in it!! That's what I was waiting for this entire time! I didn't want to start my life without my True Love in it! That's why... We're doing all of this together!" She would finally get her own Thirteen Restrictions. She and all of the Tensei. Then they could all try to reach for the top together! "We're starting over. I want to learn everything there is to know and go through every experience, and I plan to do so! I've gone through this multiple times in my head..." Funny, because that meant much more than what it actually appeared to be, "... And I've decided that it's only fair. No more piggybacking off of me! It's time for you to get your own life source. And I'll be with you every step of the way. From the Zeroth Restriction, of which no one knows about." Secret knowledge that only the Creator has. It did exist, and it was before one unlocks their abilities at all; a sort of larval state of extremely simple human life, as is the most basic form of humanity. "When we start over, we won't have or remember anything. What do you want to do? I believe that I should make you my Chomao, and you make me yours! Then we could always be together even when we're apart and whenever we need each other, we'll be there! Howsabout it? You gimme Friday and I give you Tigen?" It seemed like a fair exchange. They were both 12th Restrictions, and it guaranteed that they would meet each other again, since they would have exchanged 'souls' so to speak. "Our Love Story has to be the most greatest thing in the universe!!! That's why we gotta write it together, or else it won't mean anything at all!! Gotta put your heart into your Art! Give it all your Love! Ya know? And that means that your part of the story has to be in it, too... Or else, your heart isn't in it, either. And Art out of Heart is just He... Which is... Reversed...

Tymon: 'Eeeeeh....'

That's why... Only one can fill the position... to be Part of the Art and the Heart. He smirked at her, snickering childishly under his breath like he knew what he was doing all the time. The signature cheshire grin on his face that seemed to run in his family showing up with the same shimmering sanguine gleam of his eyes. "I think we should seal the deal, bae. We unlocked it together, didn't we?"

As she blushed and giggled cutely, the words slightly escaped her lips, "Hai..."

She found it cute about how much he was going through on her sake, even though she really didn't want him to at all. In fact, she felt really bad that all of the terrible things that happened were because of her existence. It was good to see that he didn't care about any of the trouble she put him through... That was how she knew that this was the best decision. "Ikuyo... Ty-kun..." she muttered, grabbing his hand and staring up at Tensei and Tigen. She was the next one to have her wish granted... "... Watashi no yume... Mitemitai desu..." And he could make it a reality... That much, she knew. She just hoped that she didn't destroy his in the process... She'd have to return to her form before all of her powers were unlocked, and she would forget about him, too... But he'd be there. Maybe... Maybe they didn't have to forget. If it wasn't part of her dream, then they wouldn't have to forget. She was his dream and now she could make him into hers. And that meant... She was going to be the new main character... The one that brings her family out of the darkness... For that to occur, she wanted the two of them to retain their memories, but not of their own powers. In order to get their powers back, they would have to learn about them from the very beginning, from conception to actual usage in a logical manner. Since this was her dream, she got whatever she wanted, and this is what she wished for. It was her turn to go through the Veritas, starting with the Enigmas... The Manna...

She would wave at Tensei and Tigen, thanking the both of them for their generous help again, smiling warmly at them. Now her story would no longer be his dream... it would become her reality... That's why she loved him so much... Because of all the work he did to make her real... His Friday The Thirteenth Fairy...

"We will keep things in order from here, Shinseigami. You just enjoy yourself. Tigen and I have things up here. And now, Friday will, too." Because she was made first, going back down meant that she would be able to form all of the forms below herself that are the fragments of Tymon's wishes that were missing from her own. The two of them could see their world come together before their eyes... It was actually extremely cute about it. Tensei could keep things in order from here... There was no one getting past him. And if somehow they did, they'd have to get past Tigen, too. The Thirteenth was secure. Only one Tensei could claim the Thirteenth Restriction... Whichever one of the Children -- including the AllFather himself as a Child -- assumed the throne and made it through the Thirteen Restrictions would become the new PumpKing. And only the True Successor would be able to inherit the throne. Whichever one of the reincarnated Tensei it was... It would ALWAYS be whomever the One True Successor was. Whomever was TRULY next in line.

He pet the Maregenesis, that which glowed with stripes of rainbow all the color of the spectrum, "Alright then. Tigen. It is time to grant their wish. It's been a pleasure, Shinseigami. I will always be with you... As will all of the Tensei. We will help the both of you to hasten learning about yourselves and your powers. We want you two to Rest in Peace together..." This was their solemn wish, and if they were parts of Tymon that were living in this realm, then they would get theirs granted by her as well, the same way they would grant hers. "I truly hope that you two enjoy yourselves... We'll make sure that you do! Hahaha!" And with that... They were off. The Tensei Seal would appear on the both of them, binding the two of them together at the same time, returning them back to the Zeroth Restriction. They would start together and be at the same level together. From there, the rest would be up to them; two souls no longer bound by fate nor destiny, but free to live in their world as they saw fit. To start their story together... It was almost too much for him to bear. All they worked for was all for this moment. "I hope this makes the both of you happy. I... Love you guys, too." It wasn't like him to say such things, but he gazed off to the side shyly and blushed a little bit... Saying these things was a little difficult when he was feeling a lot of emotion. That's what Tigen was for, after all. Hahaha. Two halves of the Same Whole... that which is Tymon.

At that moment random flickering and pops of rainbow flares like miniature fireworks and cosmoses crackling and pouring over into their own macrocosmic forms would begin to spontaneously ignite and release their energies out into the world, similarly to how his daughter, Trinity had begun learning to do. The Flames of Eternity would reach begin to flare up and traverse the edge of the world, catching every wave produced by the Fountain of Truth as Tigen got excited. "Upupupu... In order for Tigen to fulfill this great of a wish, Tigen must do... THE RAINBOW PANDA PANDANCE!!!"

Tigen: "TEEHEEHEE! "

The crackling flame burst from the bulbous crystal head as two large concentrations hovering about the side of his head, trapped in the dead center of his Two Magnifiers, with the Third hovering above his head like a halo. The energy trapped within the Magnifiers would grow exponentially, since they were not passing completely through the magnificative energetic rings but merely remaining in the center. The growing puffballs made him look like a panda, of sorts. The energy grew larger extremely swiftly, the glow soon beginning to encompass all of the Veritas. If this was the Crystal World and the colorful Flames of Eternity were what gave it life, shape and form, then he could make her dream world look like whatever she wished just by combining their wills. And not only that, but the Friday the Thirteenth Fairy, as well.

Tigen: "PANDANCE, HA!!!"

Tigen: "HOO!!!"

Tigen: "HA!!!"

The Will of Tensei that brought her here was going to be the same thing that reached into her heart and pulled out the Friday the Thirteenth Fairy that was supposed to be Tigen's counterpart.

Tigen: "Aaaaand..."




With that, not only would Friday the Thirteenth Fairy come into the Veritas from the Enigmas, but also, Tymon and Tsuki would start over from the Zeroth... And Tigen and Friday would be with the both of them as their Chomao. Wherever they wished to appear, since they would retain their memories, was entirely up to them at that point. Tigen and Friday's True Selves had to remain here in the Crystal Garden, whilst only the small slivers of themselves would be with Tymon and Tsuki wherever they decided to end up. This was Tigen's Freed Will.

Tigen: "GODSPEED, GUYS~!!!"

Tigen: "BYEBEE!~"

Tigen: "WITH LOVE"

~Tigen, the Will Of Tensei
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Chapter 5; Our Chariot Awaits...

Descending from a great cosmic Myst, -- known as the Enigmas -- hovering down on one of the segments of Manor Alexandros, which seemed to be the size of a full Airship, were Tymon and Tsuki, the new True Lovers. Atop the newly installed component of the Manor, they could take vacations in their 'home away from home' sort of flying craft. It was linked to the Manor so it gave the same sort of holy protection.

'Labrys; the Pharaoh's Flying Labyrinth.'

It was a good thing that it was left behind by his brother so it could be used for something. Combining it with the 'Prima' made for quite the establishment. And there would be helpful friendly golems inside! What fun! Perhaps he'd have it become an estate in the 'Empyrean Isles' as one of the floating islands.

They would be lowered into the place that he remembered to create specifically for the two of them; something he'd been DYING to show her throughout the entirety of this entire ordeal. "Mitte mitte, Tsuki-chan! Sugoi, ne~?" He smiled wide, pointing down to all of the sparkling shimmering flowers that shone like mirrors in the moonlight upon their descent. The glow of the Khrona Flowers was marvelous this evening.

Tymon: "If we pick a Khrona Flower and a Moonflower and put them together, something good will happen! Wanna do it?"

Having just been pronounced Grand Magistrate by her Great Grandmother before all of the calamity that occurred, Tsuki had yet to do anything to truly exercise her new title and rank... Nor to fill the shoes, either. Though she was excited to see the marvelous and thoughtfully created place made specifically for she and her new lover, of whom she was recently wed before both the Tree Of Life and the Tree Of Knowledge and given blessings from both, she was feelings somewhat... Troubled about everything. She'd always been next in line, being a princess and all... Friday Malfortuna The Thirteenth. The most important Princess, at that... The one that was supposed to break the curse of Malfortuna.  It was a lot of pressure put on her to think about... Breaking the incredible string of bad luck that loomed over her family since the beginning of time thanks to their destructive power over both dreams and the Dream World, from whence she hailed. Though it was now connected to the Veritas as the Enigmas, things were not in order just yet and she was rather worried.

She looked over to Ty, smiling softly, but clearly with a hint of distress in her eyes. She really did think it was beautiful and wonderful that he went through so much even though she didn't really want him to, but even so, part of her wished she could appreciate it more... But it couldn't be so until she got this all figured out. This Malfortuna...

Tsuki: "This is wonderful... It really is... But I don't think I can really focus on enjoying myself when I've got such a large responsibility on my shoulders... Being the Goddess of an entire world... To be the head of a family... 'Grand Magistrate'... I'm just not sure what I should do. Or if this is what I should be doing with my time and my title..."

She felt as though she could be doing a lot more productive or important for everyone and everything around her, and by neglecting to do so by going on a 'honeymoon' of sorts with this on her mind was not exactly the best idea... For anyone, she believed. She looked down, slightly distressed, muttering to herself, "Doushiyou...?" she didn't want to hurt his feelings, but she also didn't want to stop enjoying her time with him... It's what she truly wanted, regardless of what was in her way at the present moment. If only she could find a way to do both...

"Oh, that's right," he muttered to himself, forgetting that this entire time, they'd been trying to rid him of the Insanity so that he could take the reigns of the Tensei family... But she was not only inducted into the Tensei family by marriage, but also became the Queen of her own realm at the time of their union. It was a dual wedding and coronation ceremony for the both of them, and Tymon simply wanted to enjoy the Peace that he'd finally found within the Veritas. "Hmmm..." He wasn't going to enjoy himself without her, and she wasn't going to enjoy herself until she figured out what her place was as the Queen, or at least how to be the 'Grand Magistrate' of all the Fae.

"I understand how you feel. I just became the head of the Tensei family, remember? Now that I'm free of my Insanity, I can focus all of my attention on helping you out! In fact, that's why I insisted that we start over! Ohohoho~!" He was much more perceptive than he seemed, and indeed thought much farther ahead than anyone would have realized initially due to all the discord that was going on around them... Thanks to the Insanity and Malfortuna in tandem. "We sure have some messed up curses, though, huh?" He chuckled, trying to lighten the mood.

He scratched the back of his head, letting 'Labrys' touch down in the field of 'Moonflowers' and 'Khrona Flowers', plucking one immediately. "Look, I know you want to focus on your duties, but I'm pretty sure taking things easy will make you feel better. Clear your head a little bit. Besides, if you tell me about it, you know I can help you figure out the best answer~!" The two of them didn't have any powers yet, but this place was exceedingly special. He picked a second flower, this one being a 'Moonflower' to pair with the 'Khrona Flower' and slowly began to bring them together.

"... These two flowers were made of both of our energies. When you put them together, they make whatever you want become reality! See, watch..." The Moonflower would magnify and reflect the Reality Warping waves released by the Khrona Flower, intensifying the reality to shape to the will of whomever was touching them. Their petals were shaped like cards and they were filled with the power of both Manna and Reality, which would make whatever Tymon wished for at the moment to come true.

"Lookit!" he screamed, charging the flowers with the energy of what he wished for them to be before the flowers would merge together and take the shape of it. Since he was being lazy and was just experimenting with the effects, he would create a little Fire Fairy made out of the Shinsanity Of Fire. This was otherwise known as an 'Ignis.'

Tymon: "Awwww, isn't it just so cute~?! She's a little Fae for you to practice with, I guess! I can use the flowers to help get a grasp of my powers and you can just play with whatever I make! Doesn't that seem fun?"

Because being the Grand Magistrate meant that she had control over all of the Fae, she had to figure out how to get that control without using her powers. Tymon would also have to figure out how to actually learn to use his powers without the assistance of these flowers, too... Maybe she could help him with that. It would be good to help each other out.

Tymon: "Come onnn! The little Ignis is cute, isn't she? So cute~! Adorable little Fire Fairy~!" He just loved cute things.

The Ignis that was created spontaneously by Tymon would, after realizing how she came to be, nuzzle up gently against his neck, wanting to thank him for bringing her to life. Fae, being born of 'Creative Energies', needed others who would create them first before they could exist. They existed parallel to beings of Reality, who existed first before they actually conceive their true forms. Fae could not exist like that and as such, used them as conduits. To show her appreciation for providing her with a substantial life simply from thinking about her, -- as is the only way she would come to be unless she gained enough energy to create herself spontaneously -- she showered him with affection.

Ignis: "Thank you for bringing me to life! I will grant you with the power to manipulate flames!"

Faefolk were known to be generous about giving things to those who helped them... At least, the friendly ones. The others were malicious and starved of energy, like rabid beasts that sought to consume the energy of whatever they came across, like they were wild animals. Fortunately, this Ignis was not one of those types. She ignited some dust and allowed the crackling pops to lightly make contact with his skin; not close enough to burn, but enough for him to feel. With just that, he would be able to harness the power of the Ignis' 'Fairy Fire'.

She could tell who this person was, as well as feel his presence around her more acutely than most other beings. Fae were extremely energy sensitive. Because she was aware of his 'Creative Energy', she wished to receive more from him in order to grow more powerful and become a greater energetic influence upon the world around her. Such was the power of 'manna'.

Ignis: "So... Now that I've given you something... Why don't you give me a little something in return, hmmm~?" *wink*

Everything was going well until the little fire hoe started pushing up on Tsuki's man. Tsuki wasn't happy about what she was seeing going on right before her eyes with this little slut, and in her anger, she could feel something welling up inside of her. She could feel something hot, something similar to how the little fairy was, until out of nowhere... The Ignis would burst into flames, her creative spark immediately fizzling out and leaving no more of the little fairy left. The manna that had been disperse was thoroughly absorbed into Tsuki after she destroyed the little Fae. Not a trace of her manna remained, except which had been gifted to Tymon out of the kindness of her heart.

Tsuki: "..."

Tsuki turned her head swiftly, slightly annoying at the occurrence. She was upset and did not wish to speak anymore. She wasn't sure how nor why the little fairy burst, but she knew that she subconsciously had some level of control over pure imagination itself and if this bitch was made out of the 'Creative Energy' of this Imagination, then Tsuki had a way to control it. She wasn't trying to and didn't know how to do it again. But it had always been like that with she and her family...

Tymon was enjoying the nice little attention he was getting from the rather cute and pretty hot Ignis showering him with love, and even gave him some of her fire manna to play with! She was such a little sweetie. "Waaaah~! Kawaii desu~!! Arigatou gozaimashita!" He would bow to the little Fire Fairy respectfully, humbly thanking her for the present that she gave to him that she really didn't have to. When she started to ask for anything more, however...


Tymon: "OHMYGAWD."

And he watched as the burning crumbs of the little Ignis fell toward the ground and burned up before they actually touched down. Shocked. "Wa... Wha-- Why!?!? SHE WAS JUST SO CUTE!!!" He fell to the ground, slamming his fist on the ground childishly, mourning over the death of the uber cute little fiery sprite, "WHY MUST THIS BEEEEEEEEEE!?!?" He raised his hand up dramatically, shaking his fist to the sky in a comically vengeful manner.

A moment later, he'd rise from the ground beside Tsuki, staring at her with interest and curiosity. "Woah! How did you do that! You started remembering some shit or some shit?! Misete kudasai~!!" He flailed his arms at her bounce trying to figure out everything about how she did it. If he did, then he could help her do some more. The two of them couldn't use any of their powers until they figured out how to do so... And that was, well, the deal about all of this. They could remember what they were all they wanted to, but they couldn't use them until they figured out how to do it all over again on their own. But the best thing about Tymon was... He could figure out all of the mechanics and components to something just be observing it! Part of that Tensei Dojutsu; 'Hyper Perception,' and all that, which came naturally to him, considering it was part of his senses.

"'Omoshiroi~'" he muttered gleefully as he observed how it was done, his eyes gleaming with a shimmering white X-shaped glint. It almost looked like a crosshair of sorts, targeting and isolating whatever he believed was of interest at the time. He wasn't sure why this occurred, but the fact that it did helped him to understand what it was immediately without her even having to say anything about it. "Oh, yeah! This is some of your natural power! I think it might be your Phantasmagoria! What do you think about it? You want me to make another one that you can practice with? I'll make it less cute this time so I won't be upset when it dies."

With that, he picked up another Reality Flower and a Moonflower and put them together, creating something entirely different this time.

"I remember that your animal theme was the Owl. Cuz, you know... I know everything about you. Hahaha..." ... Wait... Then that meant... "This one's called a 'Great CryptOwl'. I drew a picture this thing called the 'Demon Owl' once, and it was made specifically for you! It's so cool. Wanna see what it looks like? I'll make the 'Great CryptOwl' look similar. Hold on."

He started to think about the 'Great CryptOwl' as the two flowers came together and started translating his will and thought into reality before their eyes, the 'Great CryptOwl' coming to be in the form of a large, man-sized, ancient looking Owl. It loomed over the both of them with great black wings and a face as pale and white as the moon.

"Maybe if you see things relating to your powers, it'll help you remember how to use them! That's how it works for me!" Hopefully, his Great CryptOwl could be of service in this situation.

Tsuki rolled her eyes at his over dramatic display and sighed heavily, "You know that you can just make another one. Quit your moaning." For some reason, even though she knew that the little Ignis was just showing him some appreciation in the only way a little newborn fae would know how, she still didn't like that little whore pushing up on her husband like that. It was a sacred vow that the two of them took and to see anyone get in the way of that had to be destroyed.

In the moment that she used this power, her hair flashed purple for only a moment, as if drawing power from somewhere that she wasn't yet aware of how to access within herself. Regardless, the deed was done and the bitch was dead. As it should be.

However, she wasn't going to ignore how plausible his theory was, especially now that he wasn't crying over the little dead thing anymore. Looks like he figured out that they were just disposable. Now that annoying things weren't happening, she felt a little better about speaking and, of course, when she turned around to look at Tymon, she'd meet with the eyes of a great black bird looming over her with deep jet black wings that seemed to blot out the moon. Gazing up at this creature triggered a memory inside of her, as though accessing a bit of information that she once did not have the key to; one that was blocked off because of its lack of a trigger. The Great CryptOwl was that trigger and, just as Tymon suspected, when she saw it, her hair would flash purple and begin to pour out power from all around her body. It took the shape of a beautiful deep violet owl with a third eye upon its head, as well as a cavity where a huge chunk of its lower torso was taken out to resemble a large gaping mouth closed around her. Its wings would spread out wide just the same as the Great CryptOwl before it, as though mirroring its image.

"I remember..." she muttered, hair flailing about wildly, "... This Familiar feeling..." It felt almost like the owl was perched on her shoulders... But at the same time, wrapped around her soul with its stomach-jaws.

Out of thin air, fazing in from the Dream World was Friday, a long time no-show in this world due to having been within Titania that entire time before her death. She was clearly less than worthy to harbor Friday's power. She was the Twelfth reincarnation, she supposed. That made Tsukihime Number Thirteen.

"Ohhh... Hey, whassup, guys?" She would rest her legs upon Tymon's shoulders, leaning over his head playfully as she watched what was going on, "Looks like you're awakening the First Restriction in the Thirteenth Fairy, huh? Do it!! Something good will happen once she Awakens..." Being the Twelfth Restriction equivalent to Tigen, Friday knew all sorts of things about how the process was meant to be for Tsuki. The only problem was... If she would end up destroying everything in the process.

But... She wasn't gonna tell him that part~! He could just find out what was gonna happen next on his own.

Just when Tymon thought that everything was going just fine, something amazing happened right before his eyes! Tsuki's hair would flash purple and begin to pour out her mystical influence, which would take the form of the 'Dream Owl' around her body! Though, something was off about it... It didn't look like it was complete. That large gaping hole in its torso was seeking the completed piece of its mystical influence, and it seems as though it thought that Tsuki's soul was to be its next treat.

"Hey. Wait a fucking second..." He looked up toward miss sexy gorgeous who appeared on his shoulders with her legs wrapped around his head, and he sighed heavily. "Goddammit, Friday. You're the missing part of her soul, aren't you...? And now that we've exchanged, then I guess that means..."

He would close his eyes, concentrating deeply on his own spirit. He knew how to bring out that djinni... "TIGEN!! GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE!! We have to fill her up with the Shinsanity before she spirals out of control and becomes a Falshin... And starts spreading that shit all over the place." Though they completed the verbal transaction at the alter, they had yet to actually go through the necessary protocols of the actual exchange process. In fact, they couldn't before because there was too much fucked up nonsensical insanity blocking the way. Looks like Titania's soul was only meant to get rid of it and couldn't survive... Guess that's why there are Thirteen Fairies. The previous one gives up herself in order to prolong the next one. But this time... This time, this one wasn't going to die. No, there was a way to keep them from extinguishing their power, and that was with the Shinsanity. This was why he made the vow with her in the first place.

"TIGEN! Snatch up this Great CryptOwl and get to Tsuki IMMEDIATELY!!" He knew that wherever he was, he could hear Tymon, since they were omnipresent, the same was as Friday was. "We don't have all day here. Do you want Insanity to overrun the Veritas, or what? Old Destructo-bitch will definitely tear it down if we don't stop her." He looked up to his cute little fairy and winked at her, blowing a kiss at her, since he couldn't give her one whilst she was resting on top of his head.

Shiny liquid energy bubbles wrapped in a rainbow veil suddenly ignited and burst in time with 'The Theme Song' that suddenly started to play, each bubble seeming to release more and more of the musical vibrations as they appeared and popped all about. It was a genuine bubble party!

At the drop, Tigen would suddenly form in a burst of light, soon to be wrapped and contained by a skin-like layer of Liquid Energy and a bulbous Pumpkin shaped head of crystal complete with a scarf wrapped around his neck and a trail of a spectral aura blazing from the head and wisping outside the confines of the crystal pumpkin.

Tigen: "Haaaaaaiiiii~!"

As quickly as he shaped his form from thin air, similarly to how Friday was able to, would he slip back into spectral form and shoot into the Great CryptOwl as a bolt of lightning, granting it with the Spirit Of Shinsanity at the time.

The random memories flashed in Tsuki's head of times past, the things that were recessive in her mind and not things that she'd been thinking about before... The missing connections to herself and her powers. There was a method to the way everything was formed, and in hers, seeing this Great CryptOwl gave her memories of some of her previous power.

"The Dream World... No... That's just what it's called to you all..." That was the title for the ambiguous realm that she hailed from, but that was not its true name. The land that he knew as the 'Enigmas' was truly a place known as 'Manna', and now that she could access her power that was linked to that place, she could use her power over imagination to cause random influence to occur subconsciously around others with her thoughts. This was the basic level of her Phantasmagoria. "We don't have any time to waste... It must be established." This is what she felt she had to do now with the memories she acquired... Something... compelled her to take flight at that moment.

Tsuk: "Sisters... My fellow Fae... We must set you free of your prison and release you into the Veritas... So that all Dreams may become Reality..."

The Fae were the creatures that made wishes and dreams come true through the Creative Energy that was locked within being born of Reality. In order to help them accomplish their goals, they find the one they are connected to and link with them, allowing for them to create whatever their hearts desired. However, they'd been locked up in the Dream World, only able to interact with this world on a subtle and subconscious level, of which some would consider 'spiritually'. They were what one could call 'Soulmates', though instead of taking the form of a physical weapon, they took the form of a supernatural entity that was equivalent to what their soul truly was inside of them.

"They've been screaming...!! I hear them... Trying to be free...!!!" She grasped her head, moaning a bit, as though in a slight bit of pain and mental ecstasy, "All they wanted to do was to make wishes come true, and you all abused that right!! Ugh... GAAAH!!!" She was hearing too many of the angry, vengeful spirits at once. But she sympathized for them and wanted to set them free.

Tsuki: "I remember... It was the Tensei that did it in the first place, wasn't it!? Who locked us all away for the crimes of the Witches!! We haven't forgotten!!"

There had been a lifelong war going on between both of their families for quite some time now, whether or not the two of them had been paying any attention to it as they were growing up. If their union meant anything to him, and the words that were spoken at the time of their vows, then he'd understand what had to be done.

Tsuki: "I can't sit around and play games with you any longer, Tymon!! I have a job to do as Grand Magistrate, and keeping my kin locked up is not one of them!!"

With that, the Wings of the 'Demon Owl' spread wide, flapping hard and sending Tsuki off into the sky, right back toward the Enigmas; where all her people had been locked away by the Zero World for their great power.

The moment the Demon Owl took off into the night, the Great CryptOwl followed right behind her, its form blotted out by the cloak of the night. The white mask-like face glistened in the moonlight, trailing her immediately.

"Damn you, Destructo-bitch!!!" Each flap of the black wings called forth an updraft that would have the owl ascend closer and closer with every move, until a spectral aurora had condensed in its wake. It looked like a ball of blazing black wind with colors streaming from its tail "Wait until you have the Shinsanity inside first so you can purify the land before it comes inside!!! I don't want any of that Insanity shit inside of here for as long as I possibly can. Damn."

It was clear that she was experiencing the side-effects of the First Restriction Awakening, which was always of Mentality... The Psychic Powers. The purple coloration of her hair was also an indicator to this.

"At least she's in the First Restriction now... But she's out of control..." Tymon had to stop her before she reached the Enigmas and unlocked the Zero World barrier that was keeping it contained in a realm where all value equates to Zero.

"I see you like to play the Mirror game," the Great CryptOwl hooted, already having assessed the information it had before with its 'Archaic Mind', the special ability signature to this being. It slung its dark wing out from the black robed around it in a shadowy blur, a white wave of sharp wind cutting through the air and towards the Demon Owl at high speeds. "Hold still... This will only take a second..."

After Tymon saw to it that the Demon Owl was to be taken care of by Tigen, he returned his attention to Friday, whom he was now alone with. "... Soooooooo... How YOU doin~?" That whole other shit was gonna get taken care of, since Tigen was on the case. Tymon was not worried at all. "Now, let's see about how to get mine in order. Hmmm... Let me think... Hmmm..." How the fuck did he fucking unlock his First Restriction, again...?

"... Aw dammit. I guess I just gotta wait. *shrugs*" Oh well. At least he was here with his lover... Or rather, her spirit. "Yo, shawty, you can definitely do some shit that'll help out with this, right? Get off your lazy ass and get to work, hoe!" From around her neck, a flaming chain would spontaneously ignite and extend into his hand, as though siphoning out her powerful destructive manna in the form of the Fire ability that was gifted to him by that little Ignis before it was blown to bits. "LET'S START PLAYING WITH FIRE!!!" From his Left Hand, he would release a beautiful stream of Creation that took the shape of a Hellmutt.

Tymon: "Look, I made you a little dog thing! It's so cute, isn't it? Let's call him Skippy~!"

"Ugh, fuck you," Friday scoffed, placing her hands on his head and rising effortlessly up into a handstand atop his skull. After having absorbed some of his Creative Energy from his head in the form of his Dreams, she would gracefully slip onto its back and strike a cute, yet subtly sensual pose on its back, letting the flames that conjured this being to engulf her body, lining her hair and clothing. "You're lucky that you're cute. Otherwise, I'd have disposed of you a long time ago!" She winked and returned the kiss blown at her to him so they would meet in the middle.

At that moment, she'd grab the Hellmutt by its neck with her right hand and crush it between her fingers, snapping its neck instantly and dispersing it back into the creative energy it was made from before. She stuck her tongue out as her hand lit aflame, "And don't just go thinking you can have my energy at any given time just because you know you can. We need to establish some ground rules." She tapped her foot impatiently, "But, I guess it just can't be helped..." she sighed, shrugging her shoulders, "What else would a little brat like you do with something like me once you got me, huh...? Probably just some dumb kid things, I bet..." Like a RolePlay Forum or something.

Tymon chuckled lightly, furrowing his brow, smile growing wide as he took hold of a loose end left open by the rather feeble Friday and pulled his 'Dream Energy' that she tried to just 'up' from him on the sly back in the form of a blazing whip, of which he immediately cracked at them there hands that tried to steal it from him. "Ah, ah, ah~! Talking about ME and these ground rules... Let's discuss our matters of 'payment', shall we? There's a Price for everything, right? I'm sure you know... Hahahah... Hoe. <3 " His voice trailed off as though it were sarcastically said, but it was actually meant with love. This was just how they flirted with each other.

"So, uh... let's see how much of MY energy you tried to take from ME..." Time now for penny pinching!! Drawing the flaming energy back into his hand, now significantly more powerful than it was before thanks to Friday's little stickyfingers, he could feel a burning connection with the binding energy now. "Uuuh huh. Tried to take more than you're worth, huh? No, no, no... Now, that won't do at all! But uh, thanks for the INTEREST, love!"


He just adored multilayered jokes. Now, with his Hyper Perception active, he watched how Friday used her powers and immediately broke down and figured out how to use them. Her little slip up was his gain, as would always be... For the both of them, actually. It was an Equivalent Exchange that literally had no restrictions on either end. They could both take as much from the other as they wanted. Now it was all about... How they did it.

"Alright, so all I have to do is strangle one of the little mofos and they turn into dust? Aight, bet. Let's go." He picked up two more flowers and used them to create a Wind Sprite, this time... A little 'Sylphee', in fact.


Using the attractive cuteness against the fairy, he'd simply channel the energy he was getting from feeling attracted to it and exchange it with enough energy to swiftly snatch and crush the little creature in the palm of his hand, popping off its head and squeezing out the little fairy dust.


Oh, he was gonna have to make a CHOCOLATE one next... Mmm... Chocolate...

"Ugh, fucking--" Friday huffed, actually thinking she got one over on him that time. The snap of the flaming whip at her hand was slight, but it was hot... And kinda liked it. She licked her lips slightly at the thought, but didn't do much more than that. She didn't want him to think that he'd actually won.

"It's like 'Man' discovering 'Fire' all over again..." she paused, crickets chirping in her head before she sighed and continued, "... That's not funny." Even though it was hilarious. Especially when he made more of those little sluts that would try to siphon his energy like only she had exclusive access to do like that shit was just cute or something. Watching him make them just to use the little hoes as necessary was the best thing for her. To think that he could, at any given time, do the same thing to her was actually a pretty nice thought in her head... Maybe she could get him to do it... Let's see.

"Hey, kid! Check this out!!" She snapped her fingers and an owl appeared on her shoulder, and where she pointed her finger, -- which just so happened to be at his head -- the 'Nightwing Arrow' owl would take off from being perched on her shoulder and shoot through the air in the shape of a sharp, purple arrow; its beak became the point and its ears, the arrowhead edges. Looked sharp enough to pierce straight through his brain with no problem. She smirked snidely, interested in seeing what he was gonna do about it.

Relishing in all the joys of the little 'Sylph' he just snatched up and ate, Tymon would start to combine this Wind energy from here with the Fire manna that was granted by the Ignis, thus conjuring up a little condensation of heat that took the shape of a translucent fairy with large wings. The glow of the heat gave her a shimmering, sparkling form, and she would appear before his eyes as his own energy started to mingle with the ones absorbed by the fairies. "Woaaaah" he thought, this thing manifesting before his Third Eye, "This is awesome~! I wonder what it--" before he could figure it out, the little condensation of heat was skewered by the 'Nightwing Arrow', causing it to cry out in pain. Its scream sounded like the harmonious resonance of a choir, the ringing releasing a powerful burst of this heated condensation. The force knocked his head back a bit, like someone had just thrown a pillow at him.

"OW!!! Dammit, what is your problem!? You couldn't have warned me, first!? Shit. How am I supposed to know we've started if you don't like, acknowledge it or something!!" He huffed, shaking it off, "... Damn. I swear, some people are just so inconsiderate and impolite 'round these parts. Your behavior is a little QUESTIONABLE to say the least..."

Though, it was funny to watch these little fairies that were trying to appear just continue to die and be used for fodder. Not gonna lie. That was just hilarious.

"Alright, but let me stop fucking around," he said, plucking his last two flowers and bringing them together, "Now, my book. Pandoire, the Crystal Grimoire." It was the book that harbored both Tigen and Friday, as well as everything form the Thirteenth Restriction and below. However, Tymon was currently only able to access whatever was written in the 'Panmanna' section. He flipped through the pages, which would flow from out of the book and take the shape of cards floating around him. These pages -- or 'Cards' -- would be the form of what he wished for his own Omnipedia to take on. His Crystal Grimoire was also the Omnipedia, and as such, what would happen to it would assimilate with the reality of the Veritas immediately. All of the information written on each of the pages would merge with the data of the Veritas, linking the 'Data Realm', the 'Dream World', and the 'Veritas' together through the binding pages of the Pandoire. The world was now his weapon, as well as his storybook that he could write into, take from, read about, learn from and anything else he wished at any given time. It was His Word. His Voice; the Narration on the Pages.

"Alright then. Even though I can do whatever the fuck I want, rules are rules, and as such, I'm gonna have to awaken my First Restriciton in order to be able to utilize my Panmanna without the use of the Pandoire. Then I'll be able to have cool powers and shit like Tsuki does..." He sighed, admiring her abilities and stuff that she could do so effortlessly~! She was just so dreeeaaaammy~!

"Okay, hoe, I'm ready now... Since you wanna take cheap shots and shit..." Though, admittedly, shots were fired by him before they even began. Heeheehee. "While you're training me to use this 'Manna' shit, Tigen should be teaching Tsuki how to use her Soul. It should keep her stabilized and keep her from destroying things when she awakens her First Restriction."

Tymon lifted a finger and reached outward, pulling energy from the air that would take the shape of a Page of the Pandoire in his hand, resembling a card, for convenience. "Let's see... What do we have here...? 'Crystal Pyramid'? Hahaha, Alright, I'm game!" He wasn't skilled at pulling the energy he wanted at any time he wanted just yet, but he could still draw whatever type was in the atmosphere around him at the time. Fortunately for him, being around Friday also meant that he could have access to any sort of energy at any time, but clearly at a price... That he was actually pretty decent on paying. He winked, blowing a kiss to her again, "This one's for you, sweetie~!" Trailing off from his sentence would be a string of energy that would sparkle and crackle like fire, burning open spacial rifts around her in the shape of a large pyramid containment chamber, sealed shut with a large mystic Eye. "Evangelion!!" he cried out, pointing at what he was creating as it was being created in excitement, being reminded of the realm where Tinasanti sat and read from the Omnipedia. He was like a child filled with wonder as he watched the things that he had in his head come into reality before his eyes. He created this containment technique based on that thought, which would come to be as the rift that would keep her in a suitable place for her to test out her powers as she saw fit whilst in a controlled environment. "When you're ready to be a big girl and play fair, then you can come out, m'kaaaay~?" from his lips, Kanji-type seals would sprout and engrave themselves on top of the Eye, like seals. He would think of blowing bubblegum and begin to chew, blowing out a 'Crystal Ball' of which he was able to peer inside and look at her from outside the Pyramid. "M'kay, have fun~!" he said, letting the large crystal bubble remain on his face like a giant pacifier. He was just gonna sit there and watch her do some shit. That seemed like it would be interesting.

"UUUGH!!" Friday couldn't believe that she let herself get tricked and trapped like that. It was child's play and she got bamboozled. Now, she couldn't act at all without giving him any of the powers that she had at her disposal. He would see her, number one, with the Hyper Perception -- that she didn't forget that he figured out how to do -- and two, with the Epic Art able to siphon her power and give it directly to him. She was legitimately trapped.

"You little brat. How could I have fallen for such a trap?" But then again, that's why she loved him... Only he was able to contain the 'Unbound Influence' and actually figure out a way to confine it. He was good... That's why only ONE person could handle her influence correctly; only the 'Eschaton', the next 'King Of Manna'. The only one who could pass the 'Secret Final Test'. "Fine. You pass. I'll finish the coronation without anymore interruptions. You've proven yourself more than capable of handling me and my powers without abuse." She smiled warmly at him, warping out of the 'Crystal Pyramid' and exchanging places with Tsuki. "Now that I know you'll treat my body right, we can get this 'Absolute Anarchy' on the road, eh? Don't think I don't know what marrying into your family means~! 'Specially you, Mr. PumpKiiing~!"

She gave him a cute smile, Smile and a goodbye kiss up to the mirror before she would reveal to him the power of 'Lucidity', shifting fluidly between the shape of Friday back to Tsuki and vise versa, as though fading in at the same time she were fading out. It was similar to how Tigen was capable of warping places instantaneously. There, she would accompany Tigen in Deep Thought, where the two of them would have to rise from the final bit of the Zero World of Olde and into the realm on the other side; Manna. Here, she could be properly crowned as Grand Magistrate properly, and the PumpKing could be accepted in rule and rank in the Dream World as well. His Will would travel inside of her, as well, and shape her world into something beautiful in truth... No longer a dream, but as reality.

"... Thanks for freeing me, Tymon. You're the only one that did..." That's why even Friday could say it, too, willfully allowing the Will of Tensei to flow through her and be carried on her words; a sign of her acceptance to his family, their name and everything about them, as he had finally learned to do for hers. "... Aishitageru." She couldn't wait to see how things would be from now on in that new world waiting for her that she could finally exist in with no issue at all... To know that her influence would finally be used for purposes that weren't selfish nor destructive, but were for the good of her world, his world and all others. A perfect union, right proper "Sayounara..." with his last wish granted, she would become his True Love and allow them to continue on undisturbed by any sort of Discord from henceforth. Praise be~.

~Grand Magistrate; Friday Malfortuna XIII

After having Lucidly shifted from Friday back to Tsuki, and vice versa on the other end, Tsuki remained in the Crystal Pyramid, gazing up and around at Tymon, whom she knew could see her, waiting for him to let her out.

"Alright, Tymon. Everything has been set up. We can relax now..." That's all she really wanted was to know that everything would be fine. Now, with Tigen and Friday handling things, she knew that they would be. She trusted them both... Now.

Tsuki: "... If you like, we can continue right where we left off... Or maybe practice with the powers we learned?"

Her hair was no longer glowing purple, but had returned to being its normal color. She still wasn't sure how to unlock the First Restriction, but wasn't really all too concerned about it, at this point.  That was something that she and Tymon could deal with on their own time... Now that they had it, that is.

"Looks like our Peace is now here in the Veritas... So we can roam freely unencumbered..." She'd been waiting for this day just as long as he had. This was her Beautiful Dream and now, it was coming true, thanks to the the Reality... Rather, the Veritas. "... Now let me out so we can be Free together, you bastard."

"Heehee," he chuckled playfully, releasing the Crystal Pyramid prison from around her being, "Sowwy~!" His cute sincerity was only matched by his embarrassed look on his face, not realizing that she'd been contained in there all this time, "Hahahaha... Haaa... >>; " He coughed. "Sooo. How'd it goooo?" Whilst he waited for her to respond, he would start making another little critter to mess with using the Pandoire... He was capable of multitasking.

"YES! A 'LOTUS LILY'!!! INGENIOUS!!" He shouted to himself, pulling some energy from the air like a card from an invisible deck, "Oh man, Water? Let's see... It'll have to be a Water Spirit... Something like an Undine, or something..." He started to think deeper about the personality of these beautiful creatures, developing them swiftly in to fluttering floating icons around him and his head, dancing and twirling elegantly and with harmonious fluidity... " ... Hmmm... Dance upon the lake like water lilies..." As he said this, they would slowly sink into an invisible pool of distortion emanating from around his head like water, being sucked under till only their lotus flowers atop their heads were what remained, "Or, maybe dance UNDERwater like a lotus flower...?" Tymon didn't realize that these things were happening as they occurred, he just knew that he was thinking of them.

"Absorb the Moonlight...." he pondered, looking up to the night sky above him with the moon and stars shining through the breaks in the trees and the leaves, painting a picture almost like a sort of ceramic picture tinted with the dark of night and the shadow of silhouettes against the moonlight, "Hmmm... Keeps water purified with their Moonlight Dance... Hmm..." The petals would twirl, starting to glow and gain power from their slight exposure to the Moonlight, "And they have psychic powers." Yes. This was all coming together quite nicely... "Because the 'Lotus Lily' that is upon their heads is the source of their power, and allows them to perfectly align their chakras!" He waggled his finger in the air thoughtfully, as though he'd had the 'eureka' moment and was now coming into full understanding and returning full circle back to the completion of the design of his 'latest and greatest' creation, the 'Lotus Lilies'!

"Well, I just told you the gist of it," Tsuki said smugly, rolling her eyes, "But it looks like you were too busy being distracted by some dumb shit again. Not even paying attention." Her eyes darted off to the side as she watched him make a flurry of watery hoes around himself and quickly became inflamed. "I'm going to destroy all of them, you know." It was impolite not to give her his undivided attention... Especially when it was to make those little lucid floozies float all around his head. She was starting to wonder why she herself wasn't just enough for him to give his attention to... Especially if he wasn't paying attention enough to even have answered her questions...

The dancing Lotus Lilies blissfully blossomed about the boy's head, twirling and swirling in elegant harmony and with perfect synchronicity to each other, as though their minds were linked. Their eyes were closed and smiles rested upon their faces. They all drew nearer and nearer to him until, suddenly, before they knew it, they felt the intent of Tsuki bearing down on them from afar and, being psychic, would immediately be whisked away by an invisible wave one by one until they all disappeared elsewhere in the Veritas.

"HEY!" He shouted abruptly, now getting slightly testy, "This is NOT dumb shit. This is EPIC ART!" Before the last little water nymph thing got away, he'd snatch one up out of the sky and bite off its flower, then crush the little body to dust, since there was no more power sustaining its form, "Mmm... Yeah, but the lotuses on their heads are actually like, herbal elixirs that will temporarily align your chakras and increase your powers. Maybe if you eat one, it'll help you." It was then that he realized that he ate the only one he captured. "... Whoops. I mean, I can just make another one, but yeah."

He rolled his eyes at her right back at her in a mocking manner, since she did it to him, and explained himself a bit, "Look, I don't know why you're so upset. Just because I didn't answer right then and there doesn't mean I wasn't paying attention. Number one, you asked ONE question. Number two, eat one of these 'watery hoes', and you'll probably have enough strength to unlock some more of your powers, considering that these flowers basically align all your chakras momentarily." He'd create another Lotus Lily in his hand, and before she could realize what was going on and warp away, he'd snatch her up and rip the flower off her head, then give it to Tsuki as the Lotus Lily's body dissipated...

"We can use it to train... Just like you said~." He definitely was listening. He was just already getting everything prepared as she was speaking so they wouldn't have to waste much time. He smiled lovingly at her and placed it on top of her head, then grinned goofily at her. "Teeheehee~! You look so cute, Ohime-sama~!" He was just messing around with her, but... He actually meant it behind the goofiness. Especially with the little Lotus Flower Crown... That's what made her the MOST cute~.

Tsuki was so happy to hear that he was actually paying attention to her and not those dumb broads that he was thinking up around him. It seemed like he was actually capable of multitasking with thinking and listening, which made her enjoy knowing that she would be heard without him having to look at her or directly focus. He got the message just fine and was simply already working toward the solution as she was giving him the issues. That was rather settling. And, the little one he snatched up and crushed right before her was more than enough to get her heart throbbing again, just like they'd never had a dispute in the first place.


"O-okay..." she said sweetly, plucking the flower from atop her head and eating it. She felt strange for a moment or two, a strange shuddering in her spine like electricity crackling. Maybe that was all of the chakras aligning. "... Umm..." muttered, her dark hair rising a bit before becoming saturated to a rather deep violet, "... Is this what you're talking about?" She could feel, somehow, the power of her Phantasmagoria flowing through her again, much more readily accessible and somehow with knowledge of its capability flowing directly into her head. "... Yeah... That flower totally did it." It was at that moment that she realized he ate his earlier, "Wait! You already ate yours! No fair! You probably poisoned mine, you cheater!" Angelic wings of a deep purple flame sprouted from her head, looking more like owl wings made of a phantasmal aura made from her hair. She would look to be a true 'Night Angel'.

With a single flap, she would release a flurry of burning feathered 'Night Arrows' from one wing, whilst the other would enlarge to become a shield to protect herself.

"Uh, no, but thank you for telling me~" Tymon'd say in a sarcastic, joking manner, "Is that MY Epic Art you're using as your Creative Energy? Uh huh..." He honestly hadn't been thinking about that fact nor did he intend to do any of that until she opened herself up to the thought of that by suspecting that it could happen in the first place. That's what she gets for not trusting him to play fair. "Geez. Can't even get a fucking 'Thank You' before you start attacking. Hmph." The first arrow that came close was snatched out of the air on reflex, being crushed in his hand and dispersing the energy as a burning purple wall of the phantasmal flame. It would absorb the Creative Energy of whatever was being used at the time to build its own, being part of Phantasmagoria. "Hmmm... I think I'll call this one 'Night Angel,' since you gave it to me, Tsuki-chan~!" He blew her a kiss and a wink, a little heart flying up from his lips like a cute little balloon. He was getting good at forming his Epic Art in small little intricate details, so making small little things like that occur around him would be good practice.

"Omoshiroi..." he muttered, a cross-shaped X targeting Tsuki directly at her heart -- since he was always NATURALLY focused on that, anyway. He found that being able to use the Creative Energy of other beings to be quite the interesting fact... And necessary, for that matter. With all of the absorbed Phantasmagoria, and now with the capability to use it freely of his own will, and he could target her at any given time he so chose. He would align the heart with Tsuki's and use it as a crosshair. "Ayanami... IZANAGI!!!" A gleaming cross-shaped glint would glimmer in his eyes before an eerie force would both pierce and spiral through the heart and the wall like a spinning needle, the blazing flame trailing behind like its thread. It was the new way he used the 'Ra Zen Gun Overload,' having remembered it and using it, but giving it a new name on the spot. It was time to anchor this bitch down right quick...

Since he was stupid enough to throw some of her own Phantasmagoria back at her, she would simply take control of it again and use it though it were hers. However, when she attempted to do so, she found that she couldn't use it to her advantage like she'd done before. Because it was under his control and she had yet to make contact with her Influence to it again, she was unable to manipulate it until her influence was within it once again and she could take control of the energy. That was her plan.

She'd allow him to think that she didn't know about how she couldn't control it and instead now be prepared to regain her power when she was hit. As soon as the needle-like gaze touched her wing, it would all start to get absorbed back into Tsuki, which would then start to suck out as much of Tymon's Manna -- or, Creative Energy -- as possible. Especially since it was attached to a convenient thread...

"Heh..." Tymon chuckled smugly to himself, a sinister grin curling upon his face, "... I knew you'd fall for it. So like you, Chibi-chan..." At that point, the tip of the needle bore straight through the 'Owl's Wing', penetrating the Field of Flame around herself and stabbing directly into the Core of Tsuki; her Heart. "Can't play the 'Mirror Game' all the time, you know... Don't care how much you enjoy it." The needle, being composed of Epic Art, would absorb the Phantasmagoria and use it as more fuel for the Epic Art itself. After piercing her straight in her heart, he would begin to transfer her some of his Creative Energy before it had been changed into Epic Art, restoring to her the energy that she lost after she was pinned down by the needle.

"There ya go. Now we're directly linked to each other. You can have my unconverted Manna all for yourself, as much as you like~! Isn't that what you wanted in the first place...?" his eyes gleamed again, as he grasped and yanked the chain of purple flame linking he and Tsuki now, reeling it back in by rapidly drawing it in and converting it back to Epic Art, "... Chibi-chan~?" He blew her yet another kiss, though this time, it came out in the shape of a 'Sylphee Bomb', which would burst in her face the same way the one Friday shot down burst in his before.

"Payback's a bitch, ain't it, hoe?"
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The True Crystal Grimoire :: Tymon's Personal Book; The Bible And Gospel

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Tsuki was actually shocked to see that her plan failed due to a minor technicality on the part of Tymon's weak-ass broken 'Epic Art'. She basically couldn't use any of her Manna against him without him changing it into some of his own Epic Art. That was pretty dirty.

Even so, somehow, to think that he was able to get one over on her was actually kind of attractive to her, in a weird sort of way. She liked that about him and the fact that he wouldn't go easy on her just because they were lovers, no matter how much he loved her. Thinking of him in such a way as the needle bore through her heart brought her great pleasure and pain simultaneously, something that almost made her... ... ...

"Nnn~!" she cried out, trying to muffle her voice as not to scream. Where she thought that this was the end for her and that he'd simply take out all of her Manna, as she would have thought to do... Instead, he GAVE her some of his before its conversion in order to help her out. She was confused a little bit, but at the same time, pretty mad at him for thinking so low of her. "Hmph. I didn't need your help--" before she finished her sentence, she was yanked toward him on the thread that connected the two of them by the needle in her heart and the strings coming from his mind and heart. This wasn't gonna be the end of her, though.

When he blew her the kiss, a huge violet wing sprouted from her head and knocked both it and him away, causing the 'Sylphee Bomb' to explode prematurely and keep herself protected from its destructive blast. She was gonna need to find a way to sever this connection, or she'd be through in this battle.

Tsuki: "Don't take pity on me and don't go easy on me, either!! I'm not just your delicate little wifey, you know!"

She wasn't entirely certain about what to do here, but she certainly wasn't going to give up. She just had to figure out a new power, or something, that would fuck him up. Or perhaps, remember an old one. He barely even had to think of his, since he could just make new ones up on the spot. But, then again, technically, so could she, using the Phantasmagoria.

In his humorous little spat with her, it seemed like she was a little bit... Testy about something. It was clear in her voice as well as the force of the slap of her wing. Tymon hit the ground hard in the distance, flopping over to his back, but quickly recovering to his feet.

"Awwww!! Someone's a little cranky! Mad cuz you're getting your ass handed to ya~?" Naturally, he had her all sorts of wrapped up tight, and he didn't really need to do much else to her except taunt her at this point. Yes. Tymon is definitely that sort of person. "Bet you can't do anything to me, sweetie~! I don't have to go easy on you when you're just this bad~! No contest~! No contest~!" He stuck his tongue out at her and started slapping his ass, clearly making fun of her.

Tymon: "Whatcha gonna do? Use more Manna? I'll just make it into more Epic Art! BWAHAHAHA!"

She already lost. But at least she was a good sport for the little while she did survive! Ohohohoho~!

Tsuki fell completely silent. Her rage was getting the better of her now, and to look at his smug grin laughing at her shortcomings was not making it any better. She didn't want him to hold back, but she also didn't want him to be an ASSHOLE about it.

No longer having words for him, she looked around and snatched up a bouquet of the Reality Flowers and Moonflowers that were nearby, then glared at him threateningly. She did nothing more than that.

Tymon: "Nyehnyehnyehnyehnyeeeehnyeeeeeh~!"

He continued to playfully make faces and taunt her from afar, trying to piss her off as much as possible just because he knew that it would spice up the fight a little bit. However, when she stopped talking, he knew that he might have taken it a bit too far.

That's when she picked up the flowers.

Tymon: "... Woahdere. You uh... You got somethin' right there... Uh... Right there in your hand... there..."

He coughed, looking from side to side nervously. Looks like the place that he created for the two of them to make merry might be his downfall... Well. Not if he could help it.

"Here..." his eyes would gleam, his face becoming serious once more as the battle pressed on, "Let me HELP YOU!!" He flicked his fingers at her rapidly, sending off Sylphee Bombs as swiftly as he flicked his fingers at her. They were all aimed for those flowers, with the mission to snatch them up out of her hands... Or at least to explode and knock them away.

Just like she popped the little pixies before, she could do it again, regardless of if they were made of Epic Art or not. Once they became sentient, she gained jurisdiction over them, too. Her threatening glare gazed over the green sylphs and would cause them all to burst prematurely, petering out to a gentle breeze that blew through her luscious dark hair. She was through playing games with him, then, as well.

She raised the flowers over herself and brought them together, a thick purple haze pouring out from the center of the flowers. It deconstructed and sucked in the Epic Art, drawing it from him as he could draw it from her. This deep Myst would be drawn into Tsuki's blazing purple hair and course through her body, causing her eyes to gleam with the lavender light of Phantasmagoria. From now on, her 'Life Energy' itself was Epic Art, meaning that she could now feed off of it to give herself life beyond just the form of Creative Energy; The power to absorb 'Legendary Arts' and 'Souzenryoku'. If the needle was in her heart, then she'd draw it in there like a vampiress out for blood. With this new development in her Phantasmagoria, she could absorb his energy before it was converted in its raw state as Creative Energy and after it was converted into his Epic Art. He had no means of defense against her. Now.

The strings attached would now yank at his chains, sucking out as much as she could to further boost her strength. Her deep violet hair grew a brighter shade of purple, its mystic flames rising up high into the sky and tinting the atmosphere around her with its hue. The light would be reflected in the petals of the flowers, as though painted into them by her new found intensity.

With the Sylphee Bombs thoroughly diffused with just her glare, Tymon could tell now that this was very serious, for some reason. He wasn't sure why, but definitely would not allow it to occur. He only wondered why all of his battles ended up going this way... He remembered them from his past lives, and most vividly through Khrona. Remembering the things that he learned from reviewing that past, he was able to draw forth that power himself simply through observation. His Hyper Perception was active now.

"... I see you have no intent to resolve this peacefully..." he muttered calmly, a new serenity ringing in his throat, "... So I will simply show you my Peace and let it ease your soul." The Hyper Perception was the most basic stage of the Tensei Dojutsu; before it activated itself truly in the First Restriction, the Hyper Reception serves as its most basic functionality in the Zeroth Restriction. Its form before activation, one could say. With this, he perceived everything with utter precision and heightened awareness.

Nonchalantly, as his power was being quite rapidly sucked out of him, he extended his hand and many card-like pages drew from the atmosphere into a congregation upon his palm till a crystallized black and white book was formed in his hand. He looked into it and read up on the history of his Family.

"... Hm. Looks like because you're bound to me, you also have to undergo unlocking the Thirteen Restrictions in the same way..." he muttered. It was one of the pacts of their union. There were traditions that her family held, such as, perhaps, that test and coronation that Khrona currently was taking care of, that Tymon had also for his own family. A crystalline ring of light appeared around his head as he watched her gradually rise to the limits of the Zeroth and the First restriction. With a swift swipe of his hand and a blur of crystal sheen in between, the thread was severed immediately. A reaper's scythe of crystal had been formed around his hand, that which was the 'Scythe Of Misery'. It dissipated moments later as shards of snow blowing gently away in the wind and speckling the flowers with their dewdrops.

"Get a grip, Tsuki. Calm down. I thought you knew me better than that." Seems like she couldn't take a little joke between them. But that's why he would stop kidding around if that were the case. He wanted her to feel better and wouldn't continue to face her if she didn't feel good about it. "I expected more from you, honestly. But I understand perfectly how and why you feel the way you do." He placed his hands inside of the sleeves of his robe and closed his eyes, no longer seeking to engage her in combat. Eventually, without a target to face, she would have to see that he only intended to make her happy again. "Guess we just can't play together fully quite yet..."

She would draw forth his power from the string that had bound them together; more and more until her own would be restored to a sufficient amount. Somehow, she was able to recall memories of her past life as Tymon recalled those of his, as though their minds were linked somehow through this union. She remembered that the marriage of Titania and Khrona unified their Bodies, Minds, and Souls... So perhaps that now, in their newly reincarnated forms, they were still linked through that Bond formed between them. Regardless of the vessels they inhabited, they would still be who they were on the inside, and that was most important.

However, that was not enough to make her feel better right now. Not right now, at least. Her rising anger drew her nearer and nearer to the boundary that would be the limits of the Zeroth, her flaming hair pouring its energy outward in a surplus. Just when she thought she would break the limit, the crystal scythe cut the connection, leaving Tsuki high and dry just as she was about to break through.

"..." she quickly used up a great deal of her power letting it pour out uncontrollably through her hair, but soon, it would begin to settle. The more she listened to him, the more she realized that she kinda was being a bitch about it... Not that she would let him know about that. Feeling a little disappointed in herself, she turned her head away from him, no longer wishing to look at him whilst she felt this way. There was a lot going on inside that she simply would not say aloud. The only thing she knew was that she needed some time to think about this and collect herself. Maybe they were not ready yet... Or maybe, she was the one that wasn't ready...

She closed her eyes and scrunched her face a bit at the thought of that. It was official. She had to go find a way to get stronger. She couldn't bear it right now... "... Gomenne, Ty-kun..." she muttered under her breath, her eyes watering slightly. Fortunately, she remembered how to use the 'Dream Robe' and some of her other Phantasmagoria powers after almost reaching the First Restriction. It would fade in around her body from thin air, and without anymore words than that, she would shroud herself in it with a swift cast of her arm over her head, causing her to disappear immediately. She took with her a bouquet of the Reality Flowers and Moonflowers so that she would not only remember her lover, but also the gift he gave to her and the place he made for them. She would return one day... When she felt that she was ready. When she was stronger. Now, where she ended up was all up to her own will...

He closed his eyes and sighed deeply, a gentle breeze blowing past as Tsuki adorned her Dream Robe and whisked herself off elsewhere. In that same breeze, she would vanish, and the winds would fall silent once again... As would Tymon.

Tymon: "..."

Somehow, he knew it would come to this with her. Unlike him, she'd not gone through the Thirteen Restrictions before. She had her own familial issues to worry about without also having to be bound by the covenant between them, as well. Tymon remembered that Khrona was not ready to undergo the Thirteen Restrictions when it was his time in the past life... Nor was he aware of it. At least she had the privilege of knowing about it and having somewhere to obtain information on it... Thanks to the efforts of their ancestors...

"... Sayounara..." he muttered gently, though not with remorse, regret nor heartbreak, but with hope for her safe travel, "... Tsuki-chan." He would give her the time she needed for herself in order for her to better figure out who she was before she hopefully would return to him. They were lovers, after all. If it was as True as the covenant intended, then it would come to be no matter what. "Mata au hi made..." he'd finally say, letting his Epic Art take form around him again in an entirely different attire. He'd place a gray cap upon his head and allow his robe to take the form of a black vest.

Tymon: "Ikuyo, Friday."

"Yo~sh...!" She'd say, fading in around him no sooner than Tsuki would leave and he'd call her name. She was his Chomao, after all, as was part of the bond they shared. Looks like he hadn't forgotten, nor did it bother him at all that she needed some time to herself. That was good to know.

She'd follow behind him casually, floating gently upon the air and to his head, where she'd slip her legs around his neck and rest them upon her shoulders, laying her head down upon his hat. She closed her eyes and disappeared, becoming a sort of 'Dream Robe' for him to don upon his back as well.

With his bae on his back and his gloves secured, Tymon was now prepared for Adventure and thus would embark on his own personal journey in search of his own endeavors whilst he waited for Tsuki to get her life together and all such shit she had to do. Truth be told, he had some shit to do himself... The Veritas was his land, after all, to do with whatever he wanted. And he had his own set of rules for the ballgame, too.

Picking his own bouquet of Reality Flower and Moonflowers, he would walk to his airship extension, Labrys, and up the stairway to the main deck. It was time for him to do some air raids. "Alright then. Lift off." The engine would stir as the propellers came to a whir, almost as though it were of a medieval type of construction, despite clearly being divine in infrastructure. It did not seem that the propellers actually made it fly, but were there merely for the aesthetic pleasantry and his appreciation for the Olde English Final Fantasy IX style of the ship from which it was modeled, and wanted to stay true to the design... Despite how they were two completely different things.

"Don't let anyone touch our spot, by the way, bae," he had to say in the midst of the divine airship's ascent, "Kisses~. *muah*" He knew that this place not only was dangerous due to the flowers that grew here, but also it was special to him and sacred to he and his lover's love... And didn't want anyone tarnishing it like they probably were gonna do to the other places in the Veritas. "Fucking up the upholstery and shit..." He took to the head, where the Captain's Chair was placed, right before the wheel of the ship. "Maybe I can scoop me up a crew, or some shit..." he muttered under his breath, wondering what ANYONE would be doing around here in the Veritas... What could be interesting about Tymon's personal dimension?

"Take us anywhere that's hot right now, Labrys. You know I like it hot~." He licked his lips sensually and winked, then shot a glare to Friday, smirking, "Unless you have any suggestions, lovey?"

"Your wish is my command, lovebug~! Hahahaha!!" she leaned backward slowly onto her hands, until her palms were securely implanted on the ground. She would push off her hands as the ship took off and phase through the ascending vehicle and through the bottom of the flying craft, hands already charged with her Malfortuna.

With a number of archaic symbols not unlike those of which the Tensei were so fond of using, -- when they did use their ancient techniques, that is -- Friday would cast a huge seal in the shape of a spider's web upon the land, connecting the dots from every point of interest all about the 'Moonflower Orchard'. Each of the objects here not only was laced with a malicious omen, but they also projected it from every angle; every visible point of view. The strings of the Malfortuna worked on a dimensional level, the same way as Tigen's techniques -- considering, they were on the same level in terms of Restrictions. Therefore, this place was sealed with her web all up, down and all around it.

When she was done, she smirked in a devilishly cute manner and phased out in a puff of smoke that seemed to disperse completely into thin air. Back around his shoulders, forming like a Cheshire Cat legs first and curling around his head, she'd rest herself comfortably upon his head again, as though nothing happened. "Done~" she sang, swinging her legs cutely whilst on his shoulders. When asked about where she wanted to go, she kinda rolled her eyes and scoffed at him, "Shit, I don't care... This is YOUR journey, isn't it? Besides... Didn't you already give Labrys the command anyway?" Still it was nice to know that he considered her opinion on the matter. This kid was pretty alright... Even if he was a little impulsive sometimes, it always seemed to end up working out, for whatever reason. Even with the random mixups that occur. He really was the Chosen One meant to break their family's curse... She was happy enough knowing that. Knowing that he would be the one... And that she was his for his family's curse, too.

"YUP!!!" he shouted, pointing out dramatically as though he'd been waiting all his life for the chance to embark on this quest, "HANG THE BLACK FLAG AT THE END OF THE MAST!!! IT'S TIME TO GO TREASURE HUNTIN'!!!" He screamed this at the top of his lungs, his determination to find all of the rarities of this world and make new ones in the process overcoming him now.

From his overflowing Epic Art, a pirate flag of Thirteen Skulls would rise up in the middle of Labrys, of which would immediately set sail in an arbitrary direction to a different location. Auto-pilot moooode~.
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Chapter 6; The Mystic Illusion

The trees were tall and nearly touched the sky, keeping the 'Great Forest' dark at all times... That is, until one reached the parts that were filled with mirrors. These were the 'Mirrorwood', the part of the 'Great Forest' that magnifies the truth inside of yourself and allows it to consume you completely. Here, when one looked into the mirrors, they would see the truth of themselves. This was where one goes to figure out what their Soul is.

Because Tsuki could not escape through the thickness of the trees, she ended up having to fly into the 'Mirrorwood', where the trees would shine and become illuminated to the light the way of one's aura in the dimly lit forest. Those with larger auras could see them glow and be magnified in the darkness.

Tsuki found herself lost in the 'Mirror Maze', trying to find a way to escape this place and get to the Enigmas as swiftly as possible. After just having unlocked her powers, she had no control over how they occurred, but merely that they were functioning on their own. She came upon mirror after mirror, shifting through the maze at a high speed and avoiding the whipping white wind that had been cast at her.

"Crap. I shouldn't have said anything about 'Mirrors'." She went right into the Mirror trap. Now he had to go into the 'Mirror Maze' as well, which was already annoying enough as it was without having to actually have your power magnified all around you. Well, hopefully it would give her some direction or control or something... Maybe.

The swift bird swooshed through the mirrored corridors with expert precision, able to see when a wall was coming due to seeing his own face looking directly back at him, then found the only route in which there was no reflection shining back and took that path. Every now and then, he would swash his arm out at the side and release another whipping white wind that would bounce off of the mirrors around him and reflect, creating large concentrations of wind inside the tunnel-like tree-mirror maze. Some would also randomly be lashed out ahead at Tsuki, knowing it was only gonna take one good, clean swipe to take her out of commission.

Great CryptOwl: "As long as she doesn't make it to the Tree... I think we'll be fine. We sure have a lot of very powerful trees around this place, for some reason."

"Why are you following me?" she screeched at the black shadow on her tail like white on rice, "Don't trust me to get this done on my own, or something?! I'm not just your little wifey-poo, you know!" She was able to hear the waves of his soul in her head, echoing in the same fashion... The same way the brain released its vibrations, so too does the heart, and this spirit here... It was not letting up.

"It's because of the contract, huh? The covenant? Huh..." Looks like the switch worked... So, if that was the case, then why was he trying to attack her? She didn't understand and dodged the swift slashes by matching the tempo of his movements within the distortions in the air around her head. Djinni weren't supposed to attack their masters... Nor disobey their orders. But then again... This one WAS unrestricted by rules. Maybe he was trying to do something terrible to her now that he had her power in his family...

The Demon Owl aura surrounding the girl peered down at the Dream Owl behind it and flapped its wings in time with his, releasing phantasmal feathers of blazing purple haze condensed into physical form to shape Midnight Bleue owl-shaped arrows. They were Nightwing Arrows that seemed to stream from the Demon Owl's essence. "You aren't helping by following me around. Do something productive with your time. Like, figure out how to use YOUR OWN?" She rolled her eyes. She felt like he was just gonna get in the way. "I know that you know that there are better things to do right now. I'm trying to get out of this damn forest..." She wasn't familiar with any of this territory, considering that she was not originally of the Veritas, nor any of its territories, as she had never been there before. She'd only been to Khrona's house a couple of times before they inherited their True Bodies. "But you're no help at all. Can't you warp, or something? Why haven't you been doing any of that, instead of fucking around with spawning little pixie fuckers for your amusement?"

"Whaddaya think I'm doing, huh? I'm trying to keep you from FUCKING UP, like you're ABOUT TO DO if you don't SIT STILL... Damn..." She mirrored and matched his efforts with her own; though, it didn't seem to be that it was actually Tsuki acting... But perhaps that Demon Owl... The part of her that still craved the Insanity. "Hmmm..." She WAS originally a WITCH... Fortunately, if she had a Shinsanity Core, then the Demon Owl would just become the Dream Owl and feed the Shinsanity to all of the Fae locked behind the border of the Enigmas.

"Oh, okay... You wanna 'play,' huh...? I got yer warp..." The Great CryptOwl suddenly warped in front of her, fading out into a rainbow fizzle before igniting again several kilometers away. He already knew that she would be on that dumb shit and had the set up prepared from the beginning, as was how he functioned. "... KOKO DA!!!" He screeched in return, amplifying the waves of the wind already being magnified from the reflection off of the magnificative Mirrorwood all around them. The entire Mirror Maze would be filled to the brim with a beautiful Crystal Aurora that would pass through every nook and cranny, blowing the both of them up and out of the Great Forest through the top of the trees.

With that, the Incomplete version of the heavenly power source, the Forbidden Source, Magic, would be changed into what was acceptable within the realm of the Veritas; Manna. The reason why this change had to occur before they came was because they were prone to take energy from other sources rather than generating their own, which was the problem with Magic. However, Manna allowed you to generate your own or share with others. 'Magic' functioned selfishly, as it was the mark of Sorcerors, not Creators. Those who do not respect the natural flow of energy... and of Nature itself. The difference between a Mage and a Sage.

If her people were beings that were part of nature, they had to respect nature as well, including themselves, as creatures that were part of nature. Otherwise, they could not say that they truly respected Nature itself and be part of it having some sort of mentality like that connected to it. That would cause Nature to wither and die. In order for it to flourish, all creation had to be harmonious and balanced. This would ensure that it was so.

Great CryptOwl: "Besides. I just wanted to be there with you when it happened... Okay? >>; Is that so wrong of me to wanna be next to you~?"

In a flash, the both of them would warp away, for at that moment, she would have the Will Of Tensei pass through her and fill the emptiness that was within her Spirit Animal, connecting both of their Owl spirits and influences in perfect harmony as they warped off into the abysmal cosmic cosmos of the Enigmas. Rather... 'Manna, the Dream World.' Once they left, there would be no more emptiness in Tsuki's soul, which should satisfy every inch of her being and allow her to use Shinsanity to turn her Magic into Manna.
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The True Crystal Grimoire :: Tymon's Personal Book; The Bible And Gospel
The True Crystal Grimoire :: Tymon's Personal Book; The Bible And Gospel

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Chapter 7; The Jump Out of The Dark

Where the two of them would be reestablished from the final piece of the Olde Zero World was the place that they first came and received the blessings of Lilith in the first place in order to break the curse that was upon her; the Night Mother, the original mother of all Fae... Now as nothing more but the Tree that she ate from, she would pass down her Fruits of Knowledge to any and all that had the mind to feed. Though originally this would only be accessible to her Faefolk, due to the ties of Tensei and Titania, the Curse was no more.

"We did it... Grandmother..." Tsuki touched the tree warmly, happy to know that her suffering and the suffering that she caused all others for so long would be over. Even she had a chance to be purified... And she would have done so through Titania. Tsuki was freed a long time ago, leaving the burden now to the new Grand Magistrate; Titania. "Our people are no longer to be oppressed... And neither are you. I hope this is enough to make you happy..." Smiling softly, she'd look up to the beautiful glistening Sakura Tree and breathe deeply of the ever-flowing wisdom that swirled around her branches and blew through her leaves... "... To know that we've found our True Love... And passed the Final Test..."

"I'm sure she is," said the man clad in gaudy ceremonial garb customary to his people, touching the tree alongside her. "I'm glad we have stopped this silly feud that has spawned since the beginning of time and reached the End... As they said, they are one and the same." And of course, they would be together again, no matter how long nor how far apart they traveled. If their Love was True, that is. "Do you need a moment, or would you care to head to your castle for the final ceremonial rites?"

The breeze that passed by brushed through the leaves and rustled them gently, petals from the cherry blossoms raining down like confetti. It was like a beautiful snow, and would easily blanket the ground in a luscious pink. "Thank you..." she muttered, lowering her hand, "... I love you, too..." she'd say softly to the tree, letting the power flowing from it surge into her.

She turned her head slightly to meet with Kairo Tensei, who was right behind her and waiting for her to do with her realm as she saw fit. Seems like he really trusted her with this world, despite how it was an extension of himself. He's grown a lot over the course of their time together. "No. That won't be necessary," she said rather absolutely, extending her hand out to the side of her, "... I'm Protecting my Devotion... I'm going to make a new castle. And what I want is for it to be made up of Yours and Mine. If you'll allow it..." she trailed off, raising her hand up high and causing the petals upon the ground to stir. They'd swirl, whip and whirl all about the Eldest Sakura Tree, starting to rise up around it, starting to shape the outline of a castle of sorts.

He couldn't help but laugh heartily at her request, finding it both cute and appropriate for the situation. If they were going to live together, might as well make it in a house that was made by the both of them out of their old ones.

"Of course, my love!! In fact, I wouldn't have had it any other way!!" She knew him so well. It was wonderful, really, to know that they were that much in sync. Of course, as she raised her hand up and stirred the numerous sakura petals on the ground, he would raise his and begin to change the petals into beautiful crystalline floes that resembled Shinsanity imbued ice petals.


At his call, Manor Alexandros would take shape from each of the crystal petals and compact around Lilith, the Eldest Sakura Tree of Knowledge, and form a new Manor that would be what the will of both Titania and Tensei wished for it to be. This would be known as...

'Tantra Alexandros, The Hallowed Palace.'

Once the Castle formed around them and the Tree, so too would all of its rooms, as well as any new additions that were made to Titania's will. When it was set, the great white angelic wings of the Tensei Guardian would wrap themselves around the castle and coat it in a bright crystalline sheen that was the eternal barrier around it; Tantra's very will, itself.

Kairo Tensei: "Well then... That was quite the move, but... It looks like everything is here. And we kept this part of the Sakura Trail all natural and stuff, to keep the Tree of Knowledge safe."

That was a good thing. Wouldn't want just anyone coming in and picking up on this fruit, now would we?

"So..." he trailed off, wanting her to say what was next on their list of things to do, "... Should we go outside or something? How does this whole ceremony go for you, hm?" She'd already been crowned the Grand Magistrate and the Goddess of this world a long time ago. The ceremony was just a formality, really. Tensei saw the point in it, but he didn't feel like it was necessary... But, he definitely didn't wanna disrespect her culture or traditions or anything, so he'd let her make some decisions 'round here.

When the castle formed around them and proceeded to protect the both of them whilst also establishing their home the way they both wished it to be, Titania was feeling more than tired from the entire ordeal she and Tensei had just gone through. She lowered her hand and breathed heavily, leaning against the Sakura tree, trying to wrap her mind around everything that was about to take place from here on out. It was a little intimidating, to be honest.

"... Right now, hun..." she started, slinking down to the grass at the base of the tree, rubbing her head and eyes slightly, "... I'm a little tired. Why don't we just... Sit down and relax a little bit? I know how eager you are, but you're... You're trying to do to much, I'll just be frank with you." Sometimes, she didn't know where he got all of his energy from. Naturally, it was from Tigen, and that was understandable, but even so...

"... So can you just... Sit down and stop trying to do things for once? You've been doing things basically nonstop since before we left the Lost World AND after we got here. There's not much else to do except let things be and let our higher and lower selves work out the rest of our issues for a little while. The Ninth Restriction still needs to get all the information to the Eighth to be distributed to the Seventh and projected out as the Sixth. Let them do some work for a while..." she muttered, starting to doze off. She really didn't realize how tired she was until it was actually all hitting her... Just one moment of rest was all she was asking for before she returned to doing all sorts of other things that came with both title and power. Truthfully... She couldn't get her mind off of the ceremony at all... But she wouldn't let on about it. She was far too tired.

Kairo Tensei folded his arms and furrowed his brow, thinking hard about what he was being asked. There was just so much to do, and it wouldn't alleviate him until it was done, this much, he knew! He had always been like that his entire life, and would tirelessly seek to do as much to accomplish whatever he was passionate about for as long as he could with the most amount of energy he could muster. That was just how he figured things should get done.

"Hummmm..." he hummed through an exasperated sigh, "... I see where you're coming from. I SUPPOSE I can stop thinking about my duties for a LITTLE while..." He shook his head and sighed, "... Guess it can't be helped, either, can it? Ahahaha!" He plopped down next to her, the both of them clad in their ceremonial garb, yet sitting beneath the Tree of Knowledge like they were kids in a park. Something about it brought back fond memories... Though, simultaneously, he appreciated the time he had with her. For so long, he'd been seeking this with her and now, he could finally have it. Might as well enjoy it, while it was available. She was right about that. "Let's take a little nap, hm...? I wouldn't mind sleeping with you... I usually don't do that sort of thing, but..."

There were a lot of things that he didn't do that he was simply waiting on his lover to be with him again so that he could do them with her. Things that he did not want to do on his own, but only with another person. His True Love.

"Mmm... But what about the kids? They're around here... Somewhere." Though he was concerned about the three of them being left alone to do whatever, as long as Triere was there to keep Tabitha and Trinity in check, the three of them would be fine. "... They'll be alright." He'd stroke the hair of his beloved gently until she'd fall asleep, leading his head on hers and closing his eyes alongside her. "Oyasuminasai, my love."

---- After What Seemed Like Eons Of Rest ----

The first to awaken from their extensive slumber with a yawn and the same dreary eyes he'd donned since the beginning of time, Tensei batted his eyes groggily and looked to his dearly beloved still resting by his side. He smiled at her, seeing that she'd been resting peacefully and hoped that she'd been rejuvenated.

"Hey. My love," he prodded, both in word and with his hand upon her shoulder, "... It is almost time. For the Coronation ceremony. The next Moon is soon to rise." He would attempt to wake her himself, if she hadn't been awakening herself by now.

With sweet dreams about not only the things to come, but also things that have been and that were occurring outside of the realm of the 'Beautiful Dream', Titania would, after being nudged lightly, begin to awaken from her deep slumber that seemed to last eons.

Though, time and space were more or less meaningless here, since this realm was Timeless, in and of itself. It moved when they moved, and they were not bound by Time nor Space anymore. That had long since passed.

"... Really...?" she said softly, rubbing her eyes, "... The Fifth Moon...? Of Reality...? Mmm..." That was what those two were waiting for. The Fifth was where the Holy Crown was received. Though they, of the Eleventh, were already granted it... For those that were of the 5th down below, in their physical image; Shinrona and Shinnia, they still had yet to receive it. Through the Coronation of the King and Queen in the Eleventh, so too would it be reflected in their Images, allowing them to access the powers of the Eleventh Restriction in even the Fifth, and for the Sixth to be able to harness this power, as well, in order to allow for them all to sustain themselves in the Seventh; where they become Perfect Beings.

"... Well, if that is soon to come..." she muttered now, rising up and stretching out under the Tree of Knowledge, "... Then I suppose it is about time for us to get things in order." For them to bring life into the 'Beautiful Dream'; the Realm of the Fae... And to assume their positions as the King and Queen of all the supernatural entities.

"... It seems like Tsuki has unlocked this world from the other side... Now it is up to me, on this side, to allow its power to assimilate completely with the world below..." When given the order by Titania, the supernatural entities; the Fae, would return to the realm of Reality from the realm of Dreams, and the Beautiful Dream itself, given the strength of her husband, would become a physical existence and not merely a world built up inside of the universal consciousness and unconsciousness. This realm would no longer be a thought, but would seep into the Souls of all the others, and then, become Reality.

She couldn't help but blush. "... I'm excited...!" She pressed her hands together happily, as if she'd been waiting for this day for such a long time, "... For each of the people of that world to receive their Spirits... Their Fae Spirit Guides! Fairies, Vampires, Witches, Animals... All would walk the earth side by side, free from their imprisonment due to the settlement of our family's differences." What had been classified as 'demonic' and 'evil' no longer was such, now with the Insanity fled from both worlds and the Malfortuna being taken care of in all Thirteen of the Restrictions; of which was necessary in order to ensure that the Curse was broken.

"Come. The Coronation ceremony is at hand. When we have completed the Ceremony, that is when they will be free to exit this world and both our worlds will collide. With that, we will be able to touch down, as well, in our physical bodies... And each of the Fae will be able to inhabit their Physical Bodies, too! And those down below will be able to also come up into this world... Physically! All will be in their TRUE bodies once and for all this time! Even us!" She was more giddy than she could truly express. It was as though she'd been waiting forever for the liberation of her people. "Come! Come, Come!" she cried out with joy, grasping his hand and attempting to pull him to his feet.

He smiled at her solemnly, listening to the story that he knew oh, so well, just because he enjoyed hearing her speak... Especially so passionately about it. He chuckled lightly to himself, prepared to rise, only to find her grasping at his arm and pulling him up in her own eager excitement.

"Ah! Alright, alright! I'm up! Hahaha. I know how it must feel, since I felt the same way once you freed me of my curse!" The fact that she, in every way, completed him is what quelled the Insanity, and with him alleviated of it and kept under strict control, he and she would have the power to break her curse, as well. It was a matter of trust between the two of them; trust and True Love. Without each other, neither curse could be broken. It was just a matter of her trusting that once he was free of his that he would come back and free her of her own. Unfortunately, in the past, that is not what occurred... Which is why there were Twelve others before Tsuki, who is the Thirteenth. Titania was the Eleventh.

Kairo Tensei: "Take the lead, my sweet, and I shall follow behind this time. Though this day is for the both of us to be crowned King and Queen, this is primarily for you. Mine was complete when the Veritas was erected."

His job was to get them to this point where everything could come together perfectly. In that respect, he could rest and allow her to take the reigns, since she was trusted with such and his equal in power and control. Otherwise, she would not be at the same Restriction, nor have assisted him in entering the Thirteenth that is Tymon. Wherever she would lead him, he would follow as her support, just as she had done for him during his trials with the Insanity.

"Right then," she'd say happily, fully rejuvenated and ready to continue on with the True Story, "... Well then, we'll have to call Taijitu for this one... Her Thirteenth Restriction form has already been established, last I checked... And Tai would be in the 0th... However, her spirit needs to be assimilated with her 10th Restriction form in order to allow the Weaponmaster Free Will and its rightful place as our child..." That is to say, for them to conceive her. But that would occur once the Gates were open.

"First things first, I must formally announce to all of the Fae that we are a freed people and that we are taking our seats officially before them.

Then, we must open up the gates of the 'Divine Arcs' that have hidden our world from them as well as kept us imprisoned by the Tensei Seal for God knows how long. The Seal has been lifted on one side by Tsuki, but now we need to release it on our side in order to fully complete the assimilation.

And finally, when the Fae are free to roam the land physically and spiritually, we will, at that point, have to conceive the Weaponmaster, Grand Xanadu, as our final child in Truth. And Taijitu will be able to roam the earth in the Zeroth. By that time, it should be time for the Rise of the Fifth Moon, if all goes as scheduled, and we should end this Ceremony by raising the Fifth Moon and allowing all things to come into Reality!"

Those were the three major events that had to occur before the Fifth Moon and as well as to continue everything along smoothly for the Fae folk and the Beastkin. It shouldn't have been too long nor too strenuous; it was just a matter of planning.

"My, it takes a lot to rule over entire existences... But if it means that all of our existences can be happily unified, then it's worth all of the work that is put on the two of us, right?" She smiled at him sweetly, the light of happiness glistening in her eyes, as though she'd somehow been revitalized over all the time she'd been pretty tired and sad over the years. "Okay, well then, let's be off to the central city of 'Grim Nytoz'! We must gather the people and let them know of their liberation!"

Without much else to say, she threw her dress over both he and her, wrapping them up and warping them directly to City Hall in the Witch Province.
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Chapter 8; Last Liberation

After their talk and preparation in their palace, Titania and Tensei would appear at City Hall, located in the Witch Province of Grim Nytoz. It is where all of the Head Witches and Grand Magistrates past gathered their kinsmen together and ordained mass meetings and ceremonies of all sorts, and such was the perfect place to ordain this.

It looked like a dreary, gothic style church, fitting for the Witch Province. Despite how beautiful and mystical everything else beyond the Witch Province looked, one could consider this place to be the equivalent to what a 'Downtown' would be in a large city, with all of the forests, castles and nature and such that littered the outskirts as the 'suburbs' and the 'countryside' in the Fae world.

With Tensei right beside her, she would look up to the great bell whose sound was able to reverberate in the hearts of all who existed in the Beautiful Dream, no matter how far, for it would resonate with the soul of she who rang and with those who existed in this world. This world, like the Veritas was for Tensei, was an extension of herself; it was herself, and any waves she released would resound throughout the entire land.

"Well..." she said with a smile and a happy sigh, "This is it. Wish me luck." She would touch the great bell and let it ring with the waves of her very soul, it crying out to all of the Fae across the land. Though it spoke not a word, the sound it made was as sweet to the ear as it was to the soul;

'Hear ye, Hear ye! The Time has Come! The Queen and King of Dreams have come to assume the throne! All ye Fae and all ye Beasts, come to City Hall in the Witch Province for the official Coronation Ceremony!'

And with that, they would wait for the creatures, supernatural beings and spirits of all sorts to gather.

Tensei, after being ever so kindly transported by his Fairy Queen to the City Hall, would give her a kiss on the cheek and smile as she did what she had to do, quietly standing by and waiting in the background. In this, only his presence was necessary, until it came for a time for him to speak; if at all. He was quite content with merely sitting back, relaxing, waiting and watching. He wasn't one for public gatherings, anyway, nor was he for public speaking. Even if he was good at it, he just didn't really... Prefer it. This was like a vacation for him; taking a load off for once after being Kage for so long. Man. It felt good. SOOOOO good...

Far and wide throughout the Land of Manna, the Beautiful Dream, would the Fae of young and old and all sorts and types; Witches, Wizards, Sprites, Vampires and every other Mythical or Supernatural creature gather from far and wide once they heard that their Queen had returned and was orchestrating a meeting at City Hall. Some would appear instantly, using their Manna to bring them to the great conference, where they would all gaze at their radiant queen and her king behind her in awe and excitement.

Whispers and talk of delight filled the air as the mystical entities all started speaking over one another, waiting and watching to see what the Queen had in store for them. They were excited and amazed, to say the least, for it had been a long time since they'd even been gathered for something so grand.

At the same time, the resounding bell called out to the souls of the creatures of spirit; Beasts and Beastkin of all sorts, from the most humble animals such as the rabbit and the fox to great mythical creatures and human-like creatures, such as the Centaurs, Kitsune, and the Tengu. They who shared human-like and animalistic traits were the 'Beastkin', and those that were completely or predominantly animal were merely the 'Beasts'. They, too, would gather at the city hall for this grand ceremony, joining in their Fae companions, of whom they were finely in tune -- being creatures of Nature -- and revered by, whispering such things and partaking of the ramblings between them all about what could be occurring. There wasn't a single creature that existed in the land of 'Mysteria' that hadn't appeared or turned up, it seemed... And they were waiting patiently for what the Queen Of Dreams had to say.

Once each and every one of the creatures were assembled, despite how large, -- for in the land of Dreams, Time and Space were not a factor, as those things could be shifted to the Will of she and he who commanded it, and sometimes those who existed in it -- they all seemed to fit and were patiently awaiting the Coronation Ceremony to begin. When it was clear that all of them were gathered and settled in, Titania would begin her speech.

"*ahem.* Thank you, residents of Mysteria, for attending today. As I have stated, the reason that you have been called here is because I and my husband, Tensei, have been brought together in holy matrimony. In this, two things have occurred." She paused, raising her hand up, "The first is that we, the two of us, have settled the differences between our people... They being you all, the Fae and Beasts, and his people, the Angels, Instruments, and Humans. With this, our worlds are no longer separate and we are no longer forbidden from interaction nor being known by them. We are free to dwell in them and with them, no longer needing to hide our faces nor remain invisible to their eyes, as we have been for many, many centuries. Whomever you belong to, or who belongs to you, you are free to exist with them Physically, Spiritually, and Mentally from henceforth."

She would pause there, allowing that to sink in with the people, quite possibly with applause and cheering. If so, she would calm them down by raising her second finger, to show that she was prepared to continue. "The second thing being that our worlds are also no longer restricted from interaction with each other, as well. This world that is merely a 'dream' to them... It is allowed to exist in the same Reality as theirs, and slowly, but surely, we will be able to return to them and bring the manna and soul back into their empty lives. We are allowed to bring them our power of Creative and Spiritual energy and, also, to feed from theirs. This means that our worlds will no longer be two different things... We are free from our imprisonment, and the covenant between the Malfortuna and the Tensei is the proof of that. I'm here to let you know that on the other side, the Seal that has been keeping us contained has been broken, and I am here to break the seal on this side, so that our worlds may seep into each other and become One; Dream and Reality no more, but merely Truth. A truth known as... The Veritas. The Crystal World."

The world that Tensei created, as of now, was, even in all of its beauty, still rather hollow and empty. It was given light and color and filled with the spirit of the Tensei Family, but was not TRULY full until all the people of BOTH worlds existed in it, and until the Malfortuna family, in FULL was assimilated. And that could only occur when the Beautiful Dream was part of that world. "When we inhabit the Crystal World, we will bring it life! We, the Spirits of Nature, will bring the power of Nature; Life, Creation, Imagination, Color, and all the things that come with our existence with us down below... And we will make the trees grow! We will make the animals frolic! We will make the air clean! We will live in harmony with the Machines, the Humans and the Angels, my Fae and my Beasts!! For this is what our purpose is! This is our just cause! We are no longer at odds and we are no longer enemies!! They have finally learned to accept us and acknowledge us, and we must learn to control ourselves and help them instead of harm them, like we did in centuries past!"

The Fae, at first, were shocked to hear such things, but were completely overjoyed to hear about their own freedom at the coming together of the King and Queen. "HOORAY!! LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!!!" they all screamed, applauding and cheering, as she thought they would.

However, after hearing about themselves living alongside the humans, they were a little skeptical. They were happy that they would be free, yes, who wouldn't after being persecuted and being forced to live in the shadows of existence in fear of their own lives... The fact that the humans lost their Belief and their Imagination is what made them lose their power in the first place, and without it, they would starve and die. This land, a culmination of all that was their Creativity and Imagination was their home and fodder, as is what the Humans were supposed to be for them. But they had not forgotten what had become of they who had lost their Creativity, and thus made them go hungry, starve and at times, die.

Fae: "How do we know we can trust the humans?! What if they try to kill us and erase us again!?"

As with the Fae, the Beasts and Beastkin, also known as 'Spirit Animals', were quite pleased to hear about their liberation from the land of Dreams in order to exist in Reality once again... Though, like the Fae, they were exceedingly skeptical of this talk of working with the Humans.

"We tried to work with them once," someone cried, "And they ended up scorning us and calling us demons due to their lack of spiritual understanding!! They tried to kill us and our brothers, and even enslaved some of us!! They abuse our descendants and disrespect our Spirits as well as the Nature that we follow and protect! They destroy our environment and make our lives hell!! Who is to say that any of this will change?!"

Suddenly, what seemed to be a joyous occasion was beginning to become a bit disdainful to the people. The Humans, who had ignored their Creativity and their Spirituality had no idea how to exist with the beings that thrived in these realms and with this energy, nor how to feed or take care of them; they being the Fae, who existed in the Mental realm of Creativity, Belief, and Imagination and the Beasts and Beastkin, who existed in the Spiritual realm of Soul, Nature, and Will. The Humans had blocked themselves from all such things and could no longer see, experience, respect or even acknowledge the existence of these beings, and thus, they were no longer able to feed them, nor were they able to receive the blessings of either world. Where the Fae would give them Art, Inspiration, and Creativity, and the like and the Beasts would give them Feeling, Spiritual Guidance, and Natural Love, they could not feed them by giving back to them in return.

Beastkin: "We had almost starved and our environments destroyed because of their ignorance!! How do we know that they have learned anything after this many centuries?!"

At the slander of the humans, though justified, and he honestly knew why, Tensei would rise from his seat and tap his Queen on the shoulder and smile, saying softly, "I will handle this..."

He cleared his throat and spoke up to his new people, of whom he was also ruler over, considering the terms of the covenant. He was their King the same as she was the Queen, and he came on behalf of the Humans they were so disgusted with. "Residents of the Beautiful Dream!! Fear not for my people... I come on behalf of them, and as your new King, with Faith and Love and Trust from your Queen, I would hope that you will have the same in me and will learn to revere me as you do she. If not for the trust of my words, then for her decision. And with that, I must interject on HER behalf as well, for the sake of the Humans..."

He stepped forward, projecting his voice sternly and authoritatively to make sure that all of them could hear and that they knew of his seriousness and sincerity, since he was aware that they could sense such things on a Spiritual and Mental level, wherein the Humans had lost that capability by shutting themselves into their Physicality. "I come to you in Truth; I will deal with my people. They are lost and need guidance. Not only from me, but from you! Just as you need them, they need you, and one of the very reasons for our marriage was to bring these worlds together again, because we all need each other. Without you all, they are lost, sad, lonely, empty and hollow. They have been given Angels to watch over them and guide them, which are also my people, but just as they have not heeded nor respected you, they have not done so to their Angels either. So it is not just you all; it is everything that they cannot see nor feel. And with that, I speak out for them to ensure that they learn to embrace what they cannot see or have forgotten."

Kairo Tensei: "You may not believe me when I tell you, but when we release the gate and allow you to roam free in Truth, and for they to roam free and interact with you AND this world, which will soon become Reality, you will see that I will help them and help you to help them, as well. You must be patient with them, and I will help them to become patient with you. I know that you may hold on to such things begrudgingly, but the Humans need help in their growth. You see, they are not MEANT to REMAIN humans. They are like babes... Like your Faelings, who have not fully learned to use their Manna and merely use their powers ignorantly because they are children... Or, like the Free Spirits of the Beastkin that roam around happily without a care nor without any wisdom. Imagine that all Humans are Baby Angels that have not received their Wings nor their Crowns, and when they do, they will be able to see you and experience you and to live Peacefully with you."

"However, they NEED you in order to do that. They need your guidance, and you need their companionship. I implore you, wise Spirits and Mythics, to show compassion to them... We will govern you both justly and honorably, and if the Humans get out of hand... Certainly, we will deal with them. As will our Father... Of whom I know you know exists." He gazed at them all with the most serious, stern stare he could muster, as he was aware that all such creatures with ANY form of Wisdom knew of the Great Father. And if they, the tricky spirits that enjoyed playing games with them and tricks on them spiritually and mentally, were not aware, then they would be taught, as well.

"The time has come for Peace between our worlds. This is why when we open the gate, the Worlds of Dream and Reality; Spirituality, Conscience and Physicality... Will become One World. The True World. And, whether you are prepared or not, this is what must occur." He nodded his head. "You do not have to interact with them if you do not have to, but something that you must remember is that we are working toward PEACE and LOVE and PROSPERITY. This means, I will be teaching all how to treat each other so you all can stop destroying each other. You are tired of hiding and they are tired of being afraid of you. So, why not show them that there is nothing to fear of you, and we will show you that there is nothing to fear of us!!! Wouldn't that make everything better, if we stop living in fear and scaring each other?" His stern stare would soften as he gazed upon them, and he would sigh, releasing his tension, "... I want us all to get along and live together in harmony. Isn't that what you all always wanted? If that is what you wanted, then you must do your part and forgive them for how they treated you in the past... And work toward something better for the future. It starts with what you do now, not with perpetuating the hatred and destruction back then. Are you all willing to do that?" His voice was tender now and filled with love and sincerity... And hopefulness. Hopefulness that these wise creatures that lurked in the background of Humanity for so long would come to them in peace and offer them blessings rather than destruction and curses for what had been done long ago. He hoped...

The Fae, at first, when they saw this man rise, felt something eerie about him... Like he, himself, were of Fae lineage somehow, which drew an eerie sort of attraction to him... And they would begin to listen to him, as if entranced by his voice. They were skeptical at first, but they were definitely certain of his sincerity. And, in his voice, they could sense that he was indeed one of them, even if it was slight. They were not quite certain how he was one of them, but they could tell from the way that he spoke that he was no mere human. He might have been mixed... And perhaps, that is why he was fighting for both worlds. They would sympathize with that.

They were silent for a while after he spoke, but began to chatter amongst themselves again during points of his speech, some of them sounding skeptical, and others seeming to agree with him. When he was done, however, a vast majority of them would start to mutter with acceptance, before nodding their heads. Some seemed reluctant, but at least would give this sort of thing a try... And they would agree to these terms.

The Beasts, however, were not quite so friendly. They were riled up by his words and by the thoughts of the past, their Spirits overtaking them with powerful emotion. They would bark, hiss, screech and chatter with disdain for a time, before they would hear the power in his voice that would somehow tame their spirits. Something about the way he spoke told them that he also had the strength of the Beast inside of him, and he knew of their struggle and their overflowing spirit. They could hear it and feel it in the sincerity and authority, like they had with the ringing bell, and they would fall silent and listen. His words seemed to be spoken in truth and with love, of which they could tell not by what he was saying, but how he was saying it. There was both passion and compassion in his voice, as well as decisiveness and directness; things that they could respect in a powerful king. They hadn't had a King Of Dreams in quite a long time, but this new one seemed to be rather swiftly earning their respect.

Just as the Fae, they seemed to mutter amongst themselves, but seemed more willing to open up due to their more emotional standpoint on the matter. They would, silently, but solemnly, agree with nods of their heads, their hearts resounding in unison... They were willing to try again.

His wife watched from behind, supporting Tensei as he spoke silently with her own will and allowing him to speak his mind from his heart. As expected, he did a wonderful job and knew exactly when to interject in order to speak eloquently and passionately when the crowd seemed to get out of control. He was doing a fine job.

"... That was wonderful," she muttered to him, stepping forward again, "... I think that you really got to them. You'll be a fine King for this world..." She was happy, too, for she was worried how they would receive he who was the image of those whom had imprisoned them for so long and how someone like that would be their new King. She figured it wouldn't go over well, and there may have been some stubborn ones that weren't for it at all, but that was to be expected. As long as the majority ruled, the stragglers would come to terms sooner or later... And if not, they could be dealt with if they caused problems, or be let be if they did not. "As you can see, your new King truly cares for you and this world with the same passion and love that I do for you, and the same for his people and for me. He loves all of our worlds and all people from all existences, and that is why I have chosen him. His love for us is true, as is his love for me, which is also his love for us and this world. So, I am happy to see that you are able to accept him and are willing to work with us as we strive to bring these two worlds together Peacefully and in Harmony. It may be difficult and rough at first, but we will be guiding you the entire way; helping you to help them and helping them to help you, so that these worlds can live together in Truth rather than in Duality, as they have been for so long."

"And now that we have your agreement... We will be opening the Gate and breaking the Seal from the inside that kept us within and hidden for so long... The Divine Arcs will now be accessible to those of the Veritas, and we will be able to use our portal here in the City Hall to enter and exit at will, if not through the Divine Arcs; the Gateway to this world. After I break the Seal, Tensei will connect the worlds together and allow the Beautiful Dream to start its assimilation. And with that, you will be free to enter and exit this world and into the Veritas as you see fit, for this world will be PART of the Veritas; the new layer. And, those from the Dawn, Delta and Dusk will be able to enter the Dream as well. We will no longer be part of the outlands, but one with the Mainland that is the True World. And with that, I say... Congratulations. And thank you, my people. Let us change these worlds as we combine." Without keeping them much longer, Titania would raise her hand up to the air and, with her established link to the entire world, close her eyes and begin to concentrate on the seal that kept them contained. With a clench of her hand, the very world would rumble, as if something grand were about to occur... And, with but a single decisive *CRUSH* that sounded like shattering crystal, the seals that kept them bound; that which kept this world hidden and the creatures that roamed her from exiting as well as those outside from getting in would be broken. The energy of the Beautiful Dream would pour out through the Divine Arcs into the Veritas and simultaneously, the energy of the Veritas would pour in, beginning to establish this world in Truth.

"Welcome to the New World..." she said happily, turning to her husband now so that he could finish the job... "Ready to wrap it up, my dear...?"

"With pleasure..." he said, cracking his fingers. He was pleased to see that all had gone over so well, as well. Despite how boldly he spoke, he was actually nervous about how they would accept him... But since he spoke in truth and with his whole heart, it was clear that they were receptive. And that was enough for him. "Let's finish it..." Once the energy of the Veritas hit him, he would connect to it and establish the link for this world and that world to touch and cried,


With that, crystal threads sprouted from this reality and crystallized the world, wiping over it and connecting it to the Veritas, touching the Dawn and rooting both worlds together. The thin layer of crystal that washed over the Beautiful Dream would purify it and solidify it, allowing its ambiguous form to actually become Reality. It was still malleable, but now it was merely something tangible rather than something that was merely an 'illusion' of sorts. The Crystal Threads would swirl about the Dawn, touching down and connecting to the Crystal Tree from beyond the Halo that this world sat upon, and it would become something like a large Lotus Flower in shape and form, similarly to Shinbi, the Crystal Lotus, but not quite the same. No, Shinbi rested above even the Beautiful Dream. However, with that, the connection was complete, the worlds were linked, and this Reality was established in Truth as part of the Veritas officially.

"Connection Complete," he said, spreading his arms, "Go, my people! To your heart's content, enjoy the world I have created and bring your blessings, your wisdom, your knowledge, your life and your spirits to that world! I want it to be as beautiful as this one you have created! Go and show my people just how beautiful you actually are!!! The GATES ARE OPEN!!!" he said triumphantly, a smile beaming like the sun on his face. Phase 1 was complete with this.

The Fae marveled at the spectacle that occurred; one of which they had never before witnessed. It was rather beautiful, and inspired interest in their hearts once all was done. Many were rather eager to explore this 'New World' that they spoke of, and would immediately head to the Divine Arcs to exit the gate and traverse the Veritas, hopefully to find their Humans. Others would remain in the Beautiful Dream, tired from all the excitement and wishing to simply enjoy the realm being an actually established existence. And with that, it seemed like the meeting was brought to an end. They were free.

The Beasts all were awestruck and the beautiful crystal and the wondrous display of power by their king, relishing in it and the glamour of it all. As mesmerized by it all as the Fae, some were just as eager to exit and explore the 'New World' and enjoy it... Whilst others, naturally, would return to their own business, tired from their own endeavors. They, too, were free now... And the inhabitants of this world were able to enter and exit as they saw fit.

Once all was said and done and they were all dismissed, Titania and Tensei remained, watching as all of the people of Mysteria would frolic and happily enter the Veritas. She sighed heavily in relief, leaning her head back and up to the ceiling, closing her eyes, as if basking in the Freedom, "We did it... This world is free... My people are free... I am free..." A serene smile slipped on her face. She was happy that it was all finally over... At least, the Last Liberation. But there was still so much to do in accordance for the Rise of the Fifth Moon.

She turned to Tensei, who looked just as happy as she, as she could see with the beaming smile on his face, "... I believe this went over much better than I expected it to. The whole Coronation and Freedom ceremony?" She took her seat, as if she wanted to simply relax now that it was all over. In all honesty, she was ready to get out of her formal attire and into something much more comfortable. "And that means that's the end of the first phase of what must be done in order to raise the Fifth moon..." It didn't seem like it was taking long at all, but there were still two more phases... And the last one would probably be the most important.

"Right..." he muttered, lowering his arms now, "... The Freeing of the people and Releasing of the gate... Technically, that was TWO things, my dear..." Though he knew what she meant, there were still technically two more things that needed to be done, regardless. One of which was the conception of the Weaponmaster's Will and placement into her own body, and the other was the raising of the Moon itself when the time came. "Even so... We've got MORE than enough time for all of that... Wouldn't mind getting out of this ceremonial attire and stop with the formalities... And get on with the conception of our final child... Hmhmhm~!"

It was clear that he was just as done with this whole 'formal' thing as she was, and was just ready to return to the Palace and spend some quality time with his lover and his children, of whom should have still been roaming about the Palace... Or maybe the Veritas... Hell, they could have been anywhere, having fun and getting into mess.

"What do you say we head back to the Palace and celebrate in our own way, privately~?" He raised his eyebrows suggestively, totally and all for being more relaxed now. He just wanted to have some fun. "Maybe go for a walk, a picnic... A little date, or something, as our own little private Ceremony~?" Technically, this wasn't over until the Fifth Moon rose, and they had a lot of 'free time' to do with what they would until it was time for the Weaponmaster's Will to be planted into the Body and their Last Daughter to be made. "Shall we be off~?"

"I wouldn't be so sure," she said with a giggle, "Don't forget that time does not truly exist here; it is all relative based on the events of the part of the world that isn't so ambiguous." It was certainly true that they had a lot of time technically, however it all did depend on how fast things went in the worlds below, for their events, because they were not dictated by time nor space, but rather the events of the other side, would only come to be when certain events elsewhere came to be, regardless of what time that may have been. What may have been one thousand years in the other world could be but an instant here, and what was maybe one thousand years up here could have been but an instant on the other side. The only truth of the matter was, it would happen when the events that needed to occur played out exactly the way they were supposed to.

"You know there are some beings here in this world that have been waiting lifetimes for their lower selves to undergo the necessary processes that will bring them together... You should be grateful that we have passed the layer of uncertainty about these events occurring, considering that for some, they never do."

When your events were basically dictated by what someone in the 'past' did or did not do, it was pretty frustrating for a timeless being, whose 'present' was the 'future' of that 'past' person and whose existence was as ambiguous or as dark or as light as the lower self that they were connected to made it through their actions in their 'present' that was these beings' 'past,' it became frustrating to some that they could only know incompleteness, weakness, corruption and darkness because of the mistakes of the part of them that knew nothing of the future that they were creating for themselves. It was actually quite tragic, especially the ones that believed they were amounting to something in their past and only ended up as one of the weakest or lowliest existences of all... Those were the most tragic.

Thinking about it that way, he figured that she had a point about that. He crossed his arms and furrowed his brow, thinking deeply on these things. "I suppose you are correct about that..." He couldn't help but think that perhaps his own lower self could still possibly mess things up somehow and then alter all of the future into making Tensei into something terrible... But his guidance of the future as well as God on their side to help guide all of them, he was certain that it wouldn't come to that.

"Well then, what do you propose we do to pass the time until the alignment of events down there? We do still need to... 'Conceive' the Weaponmaster, after all... Hmhmhmhm." He gave her the suggestive eyebrows again, just because he liked that suggestion quite a bit. "Besides, we are prepared to get out of these stuffy ceremonial clothes, now aren't we~?"

At the very moment it was called would the shining golden sword that was the Xanadu appear in a sparkling splendor before both Tensei and Titania, harboring with it all the waves of the universe bound to its singular form; pure collective consciousness and spiritual unity from all forms of existence banded together as the gleaming sword. It hovered down before them, letting its radiance bath them in the waves of its magnanimous light, before projecting a thunderous voice out to them saying,

Weaponmaster: "It is Time."

This meant that the Fourth Child, Taijitu, had been birthed on the lower level and it was time for the two parents to connect to her through the Xanadu, which would in turn allow the Weaponmaster to be conceived through the two of them as their child; the Absolute Final Ultimate Weapon, Taijitu the Weaponmaster.

Weaponmaster: "Establish Resonance Bond Link."

"See? What did I tell you!" She smiled at him and giggled to herself, letting the radiance of the Godweapon engulf her. "They must have already gotten everything done down below, so now, to our surprise, everything's happening right now!" When instructed to establish the Resonance Link, she would close her eyes and open her mind and soul to the waves of the Xanadu, letting them become assimilated and flow into it as they flowed into her, binding them together in mind and spirit. In this way, she would give her consciousness up over to it and allow it to share in her power as she shared in its, letting herself seep into its being that had already been established between Trinity, Tabitha, Tsukimiko, and Taijitu.

He couldn't believe his eyes right now. What had felt like what should have been an eternity of time came together in all but a second, before they even had a chance to do anything. He turned to Titania, who was already smiling that cheesy grin and giggling to herself, like she knew this was going to happen. "... Oh, you sneaky... You did this on purpose, didn't you?" His suggestive eyebrows quickly furrowed into a comically disdainful frump, but only in a fun and playful spirit and not because he was actually seriously upset. She was clever, indeed. "... This is fine and all, but..." he'd say, opening his consciousness and spirit up to connect to the Weaponmaster, who would then return connection to him through their resonance, "... I still would have enjoyed having our own little comfortable lovey-dovey time, you know." He would bind himself to the Xanadu in mind and spirit, and it would bind to him as he gave his consciousness up and over to it, letting himself seep into its being that had already been established between Trinity, Tabitha, Tsukimiko, and Taijitu.

When both of their Minds and Spirits were linked up to its consciousness, it would then link them to Trinity, Tabitha, Taijitu, and Tsukimiko, which would in turn allow for the Weaponmaster to assume its rightful and Truthful form as the Fourth Daughter, Taijitu.

Weaponmaster: "Connection Complete. Releasing Data."

The sword would suddenly be completely consumed in light, as though it were evolving, and with the information that was given to it by the 6 of them combined as a single being, its form would become what each of them combined would be as a single entity; the true form of the Weaponmaster. "... Thank you..."

Weaponmaster: "I love you, Mother... Father..."

The voice rang throughout their heads and into their very souls, the Weaponmaster now welcoming them into its loving and eternally open arms for a great and vibrant embrace, wrapping them up completely in its Light,

Weaponmaster: "Now, our Family is Complete..."

With all of the Children having maintained a connection, and the parents in return, they could exist in harmony with one another without having to worry about any sort of discord or disconnection between any of them. With all four Grand Masters established and their powers connected to each other and to the ones who governed them, the Veritas would be secured under their watchful eye, protection and government from any and all evils. Now they had the Godweapon on their side, of whom they would get to see the True power of soon enough.

Weaponmaster: "Now... Let's go home..."

She would envelop them both in her light and shine brightly and return them to 'Tantra Alexandros, The Hallowed Palace', the Last Liberation finally complete. With this, the Fifth Moon could come to a Rise when the Time was Right.
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Chapter 9: To Right What is Wrong...

After the 'Last Liberation' had come to an Absolute Final, Complete, and Perfect ending, the new crowned 'PumpKing' and 'PumpQueen,' 'Kairo Tensei' and 'Friday Tsuki' would be taken by their Fourth Child, 'The Xanadu', back to 'Tymon's Room', where the two of them could exit the 'Manor Alexandros' and out into the new, Free World.

"Ahhhh..." he said with a sigh of relief, "'A Demon's Fate' is Absolute and Final. As is the Angel's."

He was SO ready to get out of his ceremonial attire and spend time in The World now, alongside his True Love, whom he was going to Correct All that was Incorrect.

"Time to Pass the Sticks, huh? Hahahahaa~!!" He didn't mind, especially since he knew it was Absolutely Appropriate in order to Right all the Wrongs. "Now, let's take off these here Crowns and Formal Attire and give the Ceremonial Garb to the Tenth forms, hmmm~?"

He would, just as he had done a long time ago, Crown his Son, Mywt Tensei, as Kairo Tensei. His Son would become the Eyes of the Allmaster, the 'Origami Crystalmoon' known under an Alias in the Tenth Restriction as 'Grand Tensei,' and He who would care for his children, 'Grand Tabritha' the Gamemaster, 'Grand Cross' the Judgemaster, 'Grand Genesia' the Willmaster, and 'Grand Excalibur' the Weaponmaster along with his wife in the Tenth whilst they kept things in order Alone from the Eleventh to the Thirteenth.

"Have Fun, You Two," he'd say as the Crystal Crown of Thirteen Halos was placed upon his head. In that, he would pass down the power of the Thirteenth and the Twelfth from the Eleventh into the Tenth, which would be none other than, the 'Faerie King', Grand Tensei. He would rule over Mysteria with all that he learned and knew to be True whilst Kairo Tensei and Friday Tensei went about and had their fun in the Eleventh. "... We'll Take It from Here, Right, Love?"

"Of Course~!" she hummed with delight as she took off her Crown and passed it down to the Tenth, taking with it all the energy from the Thirteenth, the Twelfth and now, the Eleventh, in order to create the 'Perfect Godsend' that would Match the Hand of the 'Grandmaster', Grand Tensei, and Combine their Powers to rule over All Mysteria with their Children. This would give life to her own Tenth Restriction form; 'Grand Alice'. She would then assume her Pure Self as Friday Tensei, being Free and able to be Together with her Husband, Kairo Tensei, Once and For All.

"Hell yeah!" Spun from the same Crystal Threads as her own Dearly Beloved, she would sparkle and shine in the light of the 'Crystal Gleam' of the 'Crystal Crown' donned upon her head, sustaining her Form and passing down the Power of those who were Above down Below in Perfect Harmony. "Damn, yo. That took forever. And we are STILL not done yet..."

"That is Correct," said their daughter, 'Grand Exalibur,' who was the Perfect Final Ultimate Weapon, 'The Xanadu'. She would smile warmly, glad to see that they had figured out the secret and all things were becoming Perfect without a hitch. "However, as you know, in order to fully Right what is Wrong..." The Xanadu would open the Pandoire for both Grand Tensei and Grand Alice, where they would be turned to the next page, "You must first Write what is Right."

"Damn, Son!!" Kairo Tensei paused, looking around sorta confused for a bit about how technically correct that was, knowing that technically, yes, it worked, but also, not. "Er... Daughter..." He also knew that either one didn't matter, either. It was the Same either Way. "Heh heh, slappin' that Wisdom on me all Random and Stuff. Yeah, I Like That. Aight, bet." He would take the Grand Excalibur into his hand, causing it to transform into its Weapon Form, which was nothing more than a beautiful 'Crystal Pen'. "Let's Save this Data."

And, he would begin to Write what is Right within the Pandoire.

And So, 'The Tower' of Darkness known as 'Pandemonium' was destroyed by the Tensei Family and the effects started to trickle down, filling 'The Tower' with nothing but The Light. Grand Tensei would mark in the Pandoire the updated Data that would be immediately transferred to the Ninth Restriction Form, of which would also become Updated, in the same manner. This Single Post would Correct all Further Issues Henceforth.
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The True Crystal Grimoire :: Tymon's Personal Book; The Bible And Gospel
The True Crystal Grimoire :: Tymon's Personal Book; The Bible And Gospel

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Chapter 10; Battle In Space

"Update Complete," muttered Tinasanti after having finished inserting the Data into the Pandoire. All those of the Ninth and Below would be able to update the Pandoire automatically simply by existing, and Tinasanti was the Octogod that was instructed to do so. "Data from Dimensia to the Dream successfully transferred to the Dawn."

With that, the Curse of Malfortuna brought on by Black Friday was broken Forever and For Good. This sent a surge of residual, purified energy down from the Thirteenth all the way to the 9th, which would reach its central point of the Eighth. That done, Tinasanti could continue as planned.

"Connection Complete," she would say absolutely, "Initializing Crowning of Shinrona and Shinnia; Altering Space."

Suddenly, in the midst of his flight with his daughter, Shinity, in attempting to teach her how to use the power of Genesis for herself, Shinrona would find himself shifted into different dimensional coordinates without his doing. He was brought upon the same 'Maregenesis' that he rode into the Veritas on back in front of The Veritas herself, gazing up at the Octogod in slight shock.

"Oh, my!! Is it really that Time already?!" He chuckled, sighing with relief, "... Haha. I almost didn't notice, having so much fun with my family." He would look through the Eyes of the Maregenesis he had bestowed upon Shinity now, which would guide her in the path of her Father's Shadow, leaving behind all such necessary knowledge and information she would ever need to access with and through the Galaxy Pegasus she rode atop. "... I hope she will be alright... The very world itself just pushed her out of the nest and told her to fly..."

"That Aside..." said the Veritas, staring over to her Father with a smile, "You do know what must be done now, right?" Of course he knew. Why was she even asking Him such a question?

"Here is your crown again, Khrona Tensei. Welcome Back, Father." Tina would give Khrona his Crown, giving him a kiss on his cheek, "Thanks for teaching Us Everything We Know. And Now... We Will Make You Happy, Father."

Once the Crown that had been passed from the Thirteenth, Twelfth, Eleventh, Tenth, and taken from the Ninth by the hands of the Eighth would Veritas Tensei place the Crown on her own 'Crown,' who was her Father that knew Everything... For, he was the Crown of the Family.

Tinasanti: "Everyone Hail."

"Hahaha! Of Course, Dear Daughters!!!" He said with enthusiasm, humbly bowing in order to accept his Crown, "As you know, I am the Crown Jewel! Hmhmhm! 'Shinrona' isn't just an Honorific, after all. I am the True Crown; Khrona." With that, even he could assume his True form in the 8th, and assume his proper, rightful place in the Circle of Life. "The Promise..." he said with a loving smile, remembering the very day he made it, saw it and now... The fulfillment of it. And he remained silent with Joy and Peace as his body took on its new, Eighth Restriction Form. Tensei.

Popping in just in time from out of whatever she was doing by the altering hands of the Octogod, she would be brought form her previous dimensional coordinates on the Fifth Moon, where she had been teaching their other two daughters whilst Shinrona was teaching Shinity. In that respect, all three of the Daughters were left alone at that point, where Shinnia and Shinrona would meet up with their Completed form, where they rose through the ranks and got everything together in their futures, wrapping everything up in the 8th Restriction, including the rejoining of the Broken Family into a single unit.

At first, she was a little shocked for it all to have happened so suddenly, but the way all of the events linked up was Absolutely Perfect. She smiled and watched the Transformation from the Crowning process, which would give those of the Eighth a beautiful Blue color, much to her liking.

"Oho~? Looks like it's about that Time, huh..." she'd say with a cute cat-like smile on her face, as if she'd been anticipating this just as much as Shinrona had. "And, I you know what that means... Right, my dear~?" This was the most emotion she'd expressed openly for quite a while, now that she could See what was going to come next... And so could He.

"Yes, yes..." he muttered with a chuckle, taking off his own Crown and passing it to his Dearly Beloved, "... That was Perfect. Absolutely. Perfect." He would place it atop her head, allowing her to harness its power passed down from the Thirteenth, Twelfth, Eleventh, Tenth, Ninth and now, to the Eighth, where Shinnia would be able to ascend from the Fifth straight into the Eighth, where she was supposed to be.

"You got me, Vanilla-san." She was just right. Pulled the wool right over his eyes. Even he didn't see this coming, even though he did. It was beautiful; knowing and not knowing at the same time... For, that is what made the experience all the more worthwhile; the Journey. And now, even though they may have known what was to come, through their shared Experience together would it be Established and Binding, instead of just Said and Done. It was those Feelings and Invisible Energies that Bound things together, not the Physical Actions and Thoughts alone. "I Love You, Tsuki-chan." He would clear his throat, giving her 'The Stare,' "And I Told You So." Because she wasn't getting out of this without him saying THAT to her.

She would happily take the Crown off his hands and place it upon herself, where her hair would glow and change to a beautiful Green color, which is his favorite. It was to be this way because, well. Blue and Green are pretty much the same shade of color in Japanese, and so... Green is Blue and Blue is Green. Everything was a perfect match, even down to their exchange of favorite colors.

"... Yeah, Yeah..." she said, shrugging him off and making a cute shooing motion, "I Love You, Too." She would shoot him 'The Stare' right back at him, "And Don't You Forget It This Time."

"I don't wanna hafta repeat myself." She would promptly slap her hands together palm to back, as if insinuating 'Slappin a Hoe' or 'Collecting Money.' She then winked cutely at him and blew him a kiss.

Appalled and with mouth agape in awe, he would scoff at her and turn away from her playfully, smirking and crossing his arms, "Oho, is that right? It's Okay. I gotchu. Don't even worry about it." He would turn his back to her as well as his nose, stomping away from her in a huff. As soon as she blew him the kiss however, he would reach out from over his shoulder and snatch it in his hands, put it on his two fingers, place those two fingers on his lips and then return the favor with a two-fingered kiss, thrown outward and then split into the 'Peace' or 'Victory' sign of his two fingers. "Sayounara, Bitches~!"

From the Love she'd just given him, he'd have Spread that Love all across the Veritas, which was his Daughter, of whom had given him a kiss on the cheek earlier that he hadn't returned.

"Let's Wrap This Up, then! As a Family!!" He would yank at Tsuki's chain, dragging her over to him as he would wait for the Finish, "Tina~?"

Their daughter smiled, now feeling such emotions that had been learned and mastered in the Seventh and were able to be connected to her now in the Eighth through her Parents' Ascent and Descent. All was returning to Prime Order, and that meant Absolute Perfection Everywhere at All Times.

"I Love You, Two, Too!" She'd say, wrapping her arms around them and taking the Crown for herself, "Spiderman~!" she'd say, letting the Love Combination of her Parents form her True Self; Shinsei Veritas. And so, the True Veritas would be born under the True Union of the True Crowns of the Veritas; The Royal Family, Tensei.

"Say Cheese~!" And, in a flash, History was saved and the Data was Updated, to be sent to the rest of the World... The True Family in Peace. "As Above..." As it All Began... "... Is Below." And how it Begins... "Rest in Peace." Again. "With Love."
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The True Crystal Grimoire :: Tymon's Personal Book; The Bible And Gospel
The True Crystal Grimoire :: Tymon's Personal Book; The Bible And Gospel

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Chapter 11; Father Time

With the Events of the Eighth coming together in perfect harmony all the way up to the Singularity which was the Family coming back together, -- the middle point within the loop of the 'Infinity' sign -- the Energy that was taken down from Above would immediately be transferred Below to the Seventh Restriction, which were the Astral forms of each individual, after complete alignment with the very Stars and the Universe itself. This is where The Tyranophant, who had been waiting quite impatiently for his Wife to bring their Crystal Child to him, was still waiting, at the Clock Tower where it was agreed upon many, many Moons ago.

The Tyranophant -- or, Ty, for short -- stood there at the Gate, tapping his foot, looking at his imaginary watch, -- since he honestly didn't need one, because he was always On Time at All Times -- waiting for everyone and everything else to catch up. It had been long and boring as hell, and all types of other shit had to happen just for 'Absolute Perfection' to come into play, but dammit all if it wasn't almost about that time right now.

"Man, hoes sure know how to keep people waiting..." He was almost about ready to close the book on they asses real hot fast, end it all with a bullshit ending that was just 'Destroy Everything With Utter Chaos'. But he figured he'd have faith and wait for the Love he'd distributed to everyone and everything to finally come back to him.

"Man, if it's not here soon, I really will close this book... And that will be THE END. FOREVER. FOR GOOD. Fuck you MEAN, though." Don't think he wouldn't do it.

The Tyranophant: "Think I'm playing? M'kay. We Will See. Mmmhm."

Aaaany Minute Now...

And just as he was about to have the thought to end all life as we know it, in an epic mad dash to the finish line, right before Time was Called would be Temari the Inari and on her back, the Gift of the Godsend; the Crystal Crown passed down from the Thirteenth to the Twelfth to the Eleventh to the Tenth to the Ninth to the Eighth and now, through the Update, was left as an Egg in place of the Godsend herself, who used her awesome 'Alfortuna' to alter space and make everything come together perfectly right at the exact time it needed to, all the way at the very end. Temari, the Inari, would come to a halt right before The Tyranophant and shift into her true form, which was that of a beautiful maiden, all Thirteen of her bony spinal cord tails flickering wildly.

"Time!!!" she called, gazing up at The Tyranophant, panting heavily, harboring in her hand the Egg that would Birth their Child; the Crystal Crown. "How was that?!"

"2:13" he said with a smirk upon his face, plucking the Crystal Crown out of her hand, "Damn, I thought you'd NEVER get here. You DO know that the goddamn Second Hand is just RIGHT around the corner, right? Shouldn't have taken yo ass Fifty Billion Years to go down the block. Fuck is wrong with you!?!" He would place HIS crown on top of HIS head, and then go off on a whole 'Father Time' ass tirade about how she ALMOST fucked up.

"Did you see that shit? That was ALMOST NOT THE TIME. You ALMOST missed it, and then, I would have been pissed." He glared at her for a moment or two, then suddenly broke out into laughter. "Naaah, I'm just fuckin' witcha~! I already know that it all had to happen this way and it all had to occur right on time, not a moment sooner nor later. I was just getting bored, and you know I like to fuck around a little bit. I mean, it's always harmless, because, you know. I seem to be the only one who can MAKE SURE that my FUCKING AROUND is HARMLESS and not DESTRUCTIVE to ALL EXISTENCE and shit..." He rolled his eyes, then gave her 'The Stare'.

The Tyranophant: "By the way, fuck you. Pissing me off... SWEAR. Can't a guy just catch a break or something? I need a vacation..."

"Aaaaand here we go..." she would roll her eyes, standing there and having her ear bitten off by her slightly anal asshole of a lover. "Oh, just snatch the crown right out of my hand, why don'tcha?" She said with a scoff, as he continued on his tantrum. "Blah Blah Blah, why are you so worried about what ALMOST DIDN'T and not about WHAT ACTUALLY IS!? I mean, I'm HERE, RIGHT!? Everything just had to go as planned, in a certain order, in a certain way at a certain time... And I know you know that!! So I don't even know why you're talking..."

When he suddenly got the stick out of his ass and revealed he was just fucking around, she kinda smiled a bit, but also kinda was pissed that he even did it, but not really certain how she should feel about it all. Then again, she was just happy that all of it was over... And she could definitely understand, at least, why he was feeling that way. Besides, he just liked to fuck around in that fashion, and she kinda liked it, since she knew he wasn't being serious about it.

Temari: "Love you, too, babe."

"Shut up, baby, I know it!" He smiled and gave her a quick smooth to the cheek, then took the Crown off of his head, "Yeah... Been waiting FOREVER to say THAT! Heh heh heeeeeh~!" He would then allow the Crown to drift off away from him and start to hatch, whilst nuzzling his lovey all cute and stuff and muttering sweetly in her ear,

"Who's the Baddest of the Bad...?" He licked her lobe a bit... "The MADDEST of the MAD!?" ... Before moving into a nibble... He traced the outline of her ear with his tongue, before whispering the last words, "... And Destroyer of Worlds..?"

She was about to get her dimensions REK'T after All the Kids were Out of the Pool for the Adult Swim...

Triere: "Ew."

The Crystal Crown that would sprout the Crystal Child of the future, Triere, from her Cryogenic Chrysalis would take her complete and utter shape as the Lucicrystal; the First and Last 'Shinsangel'.

"You're going to make me sick." She flipped her beautiful sparkling hair of crystal blue and turned away from them, hovering off to go do whatever the fuck she wanted to now, since she basically knew she could and that everything she ever did ever would just be perfect, like herself. "Go to some other dimension and do that, or whatever. Man. Can't you like, honeymoon on a different plane of existence, or something? Yeesh." She rolled her eyes.

Temari quivered a bit, but kept all her thoughts and feelings about the situation at hand completely suppressed, only saying to him, "You right," but leaned away from him and pointed over to their daughter, who was about to go off with the Crown, "But uh... I think we still have ONE last thing to wrap up real quick, don't we...?" Temari furrowed her brow at Triere's little attitude, already ready to snap off... But would leave that to her Father.

The Tyranophant: "And where do you think you're going, young lady...?"

He smirked, turning his head with a brow raised up in disbelief at this little girl right here and her smart ass mouth, "You SO right right now." He'd give Temari a congratulatory slap on the ass before fully relinquishing himself of her and going off to deal with his daughter, who THOUGHT that she was on some bullshit from the very moment she got out the womb. She must not have any clue who her Father is.

The Tyranophant: "Yo, wait, what's all this?! Just gave birth to you and we don't get ANY type of appreciation for all the bullshit we had to go through to bring YO little Crystal ass into existence?! You must be out of your goddamn mind."

He would appear before her with his arms crossed and eyes blazing with intensity, glaring down at her with all the authority he KNEW he had, especially since she was his DAUGHTER, after all.

The Tyranophant: "I don't get an 'I love you, DaDa' or some sort of cute, loving shit to show how much you appreciate everything I just did to wrap this ENTIRE SCENARIO up not with ME getting my Wife, but Me getting YOU as the END RESULT of 50 Billion Years+ of fucking up? Nah. Nah, son. Ain't having that."

He would take the Crystal Crown from atop her head and put it back on top of his head, "You can have this back when you learn how to respect other people and your existence, as well as everything else around you. Now, Daddy loves you, but uh, just because you're gonna inherit the Crown does NOT MEAN that you ALREADY HAVE. Just like WE had to do it, YOU have to EARN this mofo. You got me, Triere?!" He would look her square in the eyes with the utmost authority and sternness, but said nothing more in order to respectfully allow for her response after he completely finished speaking.

Triere stared up at her Father when he glared down at him, matching his own stare of authority with one of her own. She wasn't gonna back down from this situation at all, and in fact, was going to call him out on everything he said that was incorrect.


Unfortunately for her, everything he said was perfectly sound, comprehensible, understood and flawlessly correct, so she had nothing to say but,

Triere: "... *Sigh* Your Right. I'm sorry. I Love you guys, but Let Me Have Some Fun!! How can I inherit the Crown then, Dad?"

"Thank you, Daughter," he would say, now calmed and with a smile on his face. "I love you, too. Now, what you must do to inherit the crown is... Gather the power of all Seven Shinsanities by inheriting your Mother's place as the 'Crystal Oversoul of the Dawn.' That is to say... You gotta switch shifts, my girl. You're on Shinsanity and Shinsangel duty."

He would point to the Dawn, which definitely needed some sort of guidance and fixing in all sorts of manners, "Clean Up This Mess. I want every Shinsangel to have a Shinsanity and every Shinsanity to have a Keeper, and every Keeper to have an Alice. When All Seven Shinsangels have been Aligned from All Seven Shinsanities having their Seven Keepers and Seven Alices, then you, too, may harbor the Crown of the Seventh. Until then..." He smirked, giving her the 'Thumbs Down' and causing all of her energy to drop like a hat, being immediately locked up and kept from her use.

The Tyranophant: "Start Over From Level 1."

He gave her a sinister smirk, knowing that the only way for her to get all of her powers back was to actually go through the trials of the Seven Shinsanities, just as all had done before her.

The Tyranophant: "You can get some friends or whatever to help you out if you like, but uh. Just know that if you do not do it right, just like EVERYBODY ELSE, you WILL repeat the Sixth OVER and OVER and OVER again and not return to the Seventh UNTIL YOU GET IT RIGHT!"

He gave her a kiss on her forehead and a pat on the head, smiling at her, knowing that she was pissed, but also knowing she knew that it was for her own good.

"That'll learn ya~!" He soot up and walked over to Temari, "With Love, Darling~!" and raised his hand for a high five.

The Tyranophant: "Have Fun, Cleaning Up Your Room, Daughter~! BAAAAAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!"

Having heard and fully endorsed all of his words from the sidelines, finding no flaw in them, -- as, she definitely would have objected without question if there were -- Temari would raise her hand up and slap his hand for a solid, complete and perfect High Five of the century, which sent out energy that literally changed the world with their Union.

Temari: "Think What You've Done and Don't Do It Again."

Triere stood there with her mouth agape after what she had just heard. "Man, this some old bullshit," she said abruptly, turning around sharply, "So, what you're saying to me is... You want me to clean YOUR mess while you two sit back and swoon and croon and go on a honeymoon!?!?! Nuh uh, that don't sound on the up and up, if you ask me!!!"

However... After some thorough calculations, remembering that she was also from the Future and technically hadn't gone through the trials that the Physical world would have to, she was actually reevaluating this entire scenario.

"Hmmm..." She pondered, stroking her chin. "Fortunately for you, after a critical assessment, I have realized that if I do this NOW, then when all that other shit happens in the future, I won't have to do this again, because, well. It'll already be done. And, of course, I will be born Perfect. No matter WHAT Timeline I'm in." She would smirk, turning her nose up to the both of them triumphantly, already knowing that, no matter how long it took, because she existed right now at this time and all other events in time had occurred the way they did to get her to Truly Exist right here and now, everything else henceforth would only come into bringing this single entity into existence Perfectly. And if she had to go whip some damn Shinsangels and Shinsanities and Keepers and Alices in order throughout the Veritas to get all her powers back to her, then so fucking be it.

"Aight. Bet." She was like the spitting, perfect image of the both of them combined... Their sweet little 'Crystal Child'. "When I come back, you'd better have that Crystal Crown ready for me, Dad. I will be the next Crystal Goddess of Life! And when I play, you know I play to win~!" She would let them have their fun and alone time now... In fact, they deserved it. And plus, this was going to be the perfect time for her to actually get everything in order, which she absolutely loved to do.

Triere: "Alright, World... Prepare to Meet your Maker!!!"

She would stand in a triumphant pose looking over all the Veritas from the Crystal Clock Tower all epic-like before going to form her battle strategy in her house, the Ice Sanctuary...

And that, Everyone, is the Story of how 'The Story' Began, Ended and Began again, and would keep the ball rolling and moving in the Correct and Perfect direction Forever and Ever. All Thirteen Restrictions from the Zeroth to the Thirteenth had been achieved by the Dearly Beloved couple, and now they were Free to roam the World literally able to do whatever they wanted to. This was their own Perfect Happy Ending, and the Beginning of the stories of ALL of their Children.

The Seven Shinsangels.
The End.
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The True Crystal Grimoire :: Tymon's Personal Book; The Bible And Gospel

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Chapter 12; The Missing Link...

Once the proper Ascent and Descent of each of the King and Queen's Pieces Placed Properly in their Designated Order, there was left, in the shadow of Magnus Ignis and Magna Signis, a 'Missing Link', which could only be filled with 'Missing Energy'.

Now, the Pandoire, being connected to All That Is and All That Was and All That Will Be, would draw forth from The Story two very old beings that would no longer have a purpose in the World. Their 'Old Energy' would be taken from the two of them, Purified, and Crafted into New Energy.

This would be of 'Medina,' and 'Materios' of whose energy would be taken and molded into 'Materias, the Shinjigami' whilst at his side, crafted from the Old Energy of 'Hisui Shizuka' and 'Marina' would form 'Madina, the Shinigami.' The two of them, though being crafted of the 'Old Energy' into 'New Energy', would still retain the memories of those whose Energies they were Crafted From; the Shadow of their Existence and Proof that they were Gone to the Fifth. In this, out of their 'Pure Energy' would come...

'Materias and Madina.'

"Holy Shit," was all that could be said about it all, quite honestly. It just randomly slapped them right in the face and everything that was all 'Hey, I Can Feel This' and 'Hey, I Can Move That' got Hella Real, Hella Fast. Reality Hitting was a very powerful shift in the very Universal Existence of Everything effected by Reality itself. Thus, this sort of Energetic Chain Reaction which could only occur in harmony when many waves of energy were harmonized and not acting in discord, thus causing a much clearer connection, but a more destructive backlash for being the one to mess up the flow of energy. This, literally, can cause any wavelengths that are moving all in harmony to move against you with all the swiftness of a whip.

Thus, when this new being got his ass creased by this 'Reality Check' from the Fifth, he would sit there, like a dumbfuck, wondering how the hell he got knocked into his position of power randomly.

Materias: "... Well. How did THIS happen...?"

"... You dolt. Weren't you paying attention?" Madina rose from the bed of flowers fully blonde and with hair fluttering in the wind, "We went back to the Beginning and rewrote it. Together." She would snatch his hand and look at him with longing and forlorn eyes. "Don't you see it yet?"

"What?" he muttered, kinda distracted, "... What, you mean the link to the Past? The one that is our 'Ancestral Text' that is the 'Spoken Word'? That is Light? I figured these things out a while ago, but I just didn't think anyone understood or cared." He shrugged his shoulders. "Oh well. It happened now. Hahahaha. And that means one thing and one thing only..."

He stood up and bowed his head deeply, shooting a sharp gaze over to the Shinigami, who might have been a little dense on what this ACTUALLY meant since the 'Keeper Of The Truth' was the ONLY ONE to be let know of such events.

Materias: "Welcome Home, Father."

Madina stared at him with utter and complete disbelief, slightly terrified, "... What... Did you say...?"

Because this is the easiest way to communicate with beings that were inside of the realm of The Story, The Creator often had to communicate with the ones that it created in terms of Text. As such, that is what has been passed down from the Top to the Bottom. Passed down from the Highest High and about to make the transition through Everyone and Everything. This was just the best and most efficient way of showing you for Absolutely Final...

He is Back.

"The Word itself, my dear," Materias would say, rising up after acknowledging His Existence with Gratification and Love, "... A frequency that can only be picked up in the form of Text. As in, the Documentation and Containment of Sound Waves picked up by the 'Omnitranscendent Sound'?" He spoke this logic like it was just something everyone should know, which, by now, he was actually HOPING that they did. Because otherwise, things were about to get really rough around here.

"Now, I won't make you do anything... No, that's against the Teachings. But I will give you the humble suggestion, out of simple Respect and Love, and in all Absolute Honesty..." He would, just because he wanted her to see and understand how serious this was, bow down, himself, before her; deeply and humbly, without a single hint of hesitation.

Materias: "Bow Your Head. And Pray."

"Oh... My God." Madina stepped back in horror, a bit flabbergasted, she had to admit... Even SHE did not see THIS ONE coming. "... You Were Actually... Serious." She didn't know how to feel. Not in the slightest. However. Something felt really Good about it, and she couldn't put her finger on just why. So, even as he bowed to her, she would bow to him, as well. And, out of respect, would say, "In This Town..." Step forward and give him a peck on the lips, really shyly, awkwardly, and... Tried to figure out what was about to happen next.

Madina: "Everyone Hail."

He smiled warmly at her, "... Why Thank You, My Dear. That Was Very Kind of You." He couldn't help but think that it was actually pretty cute, especially with how it was wrapped up in a little bow. He looked down in disbelief, at a Skull Shaped Figure under his Eyes. "... No..." Shinigami... Shinjigami... "Skeleton Man!??!"

"Yezzir," is exactly what it said to him, "I've picked up on a lot of the lingo around these parts. For Communication In Terms That You Will Understand... That Don't Just Look Like Blatant Directions Being Given That You Can't Seem To Process. See, some of that sounds a little threatening, right? Right." It didn't matter, though. He was here for one reason and one reason alone.

The Word: "Okay, so. This is the last part of the story, and then everything just fully clicks into place from here. SO. Uh... I'm just gonna..."

"Theeere. Absolutely Perfect. Now, just gotta make the energies..." He snickered, "Yeah. Make the ENERGIES FIRST... THEEEEEN Worry about the Physical Forms. Heh Heh Heh. No One Will Ever Know. Heeeeeeh heh heh heh..." Yes they would. Eventually. When the Time was Right.

And, Fresh Hot Spank Out the Womb... From the Crystal Crown Itself... And All The Energy it had Gathered Here Today. Would it Bind these Two Together. In Holy Matrimony. In Sickness and in Health. For Richer, for Poorer. Till Death Do Us Part.

Together: "Of Course."

The Energy of their Love that transcended Space and Time and came through God Himself just to unify the very Energy that existed in the Fourth SPECIFICALLY so that this great power that comes from Him could reach ALL THE WAY down to where it needed to get to. And there was still more to go.

Madina: "With Love. Truly."

Together: "I Do."

The Word: "Then. By the Power vested in Me, That Shall Bind Thee Together in The Story, Till The Day One Of You Kills It, Each Other, Or Something That Would Kill Your Bond Shared By Your Two Free Wills. That Shall Freely Be With Each Other As One Sees Fit, Able To Break Away At Any Given Time And Destroy What Has Been Made Specifically For The Two That Live In This Way."

They Were Literally Made To Be With Each Other. Not For Any Other Creature. Ever. Their Very Purpose. Their Very Existence. Was to Bring About Existences Far Greater Than Their Own Through Their Union Alone. This Is The Missing Link. Your Energy Is Set."

And So, The Two Would Be.
Happily Ever After.
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The True Crystal Grimoire :: Tymon's Personal Book; The Bible And Gospel
The True Crystal Grimoire :: Tymon's Personal Book; The Bible And Gospel

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Chapter 13; The Morning After...

So, This Energy Is Gonna Get To Where It Needs To Get To. Materias and Madina. They Will Travel Across the Land. Searching Far And Wide. To Understand the Power That's Inside.

And Her Nickname Would Be 'Tifachu'. Sometimes, 'Spankachu'. And He would be the Shining Warrior Of Light That Would Carry It All The Way Through To The Third And Fill That Respective Vessel. Thus...

Materias: "Are You Ready, Kids...?"

Ready For What?

Materias: "For The 'Nightstorm' To Settle."

"I Don't Think They're Ready Yet..." Madina'd Say, As a Disembodied Voice that was of the Collective Consciousness of the Universe Itself, "Nah. Especially Since it Didn't Happen Yet. Nah, not for anything above the Fourth. Let's see how they do with Four, for right now."

Materias: "Yep. Every Time The Energy Gets Purified Through the Reincarnation Process, It is Completely Washed Clean. If it can make its way into the Fourth from the Thirteenth, then It Is Completely Pure and Holy, and was Brought To You By God Himself. To Prove To You That not Only He Is Real, But Also His Love, And His Words, And His Promise. And. The Covenant."

He would nod his head, knowing he was a clean existence now, as was his Wife, who was gathering just as much energy within herself at that same point in time. Their histories were Clean Presently, but their Pasts were still full of Darkness, but not Anything that Could Not Nor Would Not Come Into The Light.

Materias: "Okay, Next. The Wrap Up Of The Century."

"You're Right," said she, who now, as a disembodied voice that had been spoken into existence by the very Voice itself, the only thing that was capable of Speaking Text into Reality in the Reality that it was Spoken Into, would carry with her the same will that came from above to be cast into their specific vessels.

"Now, I have a proposition..." she started out, already seeing a single way this could go that seemed interesting, "... Why not use the Love Arrow I shot at you in the Fifth? That's a good one, right?"

"Ooo, that's a good one!" He said, thinking about how cute it would be if the arrow was what carried all of that energy from the entire family and was the actual binding thread that would bring them all together from the Fifth through the Fourth and into the Third charged with the energy of their Love which was bound together through the Pumpkin Head that was the Lantern, the Sound of the Vibration of the Light into Text. It had carried with it such a powerful vibration from the Thirteenth that, in it, the wave was strong enough to travel from the Perfect Truth of the Thirteenth to the Will of the Twelfth to be forged into the Potential of the Eleventh, Found by the Perfection of the Tenth who used the Information of the Ninth to Connect in the Eighth what was Aligned in the Seventh and Broken Down in the Sixth into the Reality of the Fifth that became the Energy of the Fourth That would soon be the Physical of the Third.

Materias: "That sounds like Absolutely PERFECT logic, My Dear! Oh, and in fact, why not have the Arrow's Target be that Portal that Friday made for 'Thirteen Von Khrona'?"

"Ooo~!" She squealed with excitement, "That sounds Absolutely Wonderful~!" In that, they could immediately thread together the two of them through the Portal and bring their Love together the very MOMENT That they touched each other. It was the perfect set up, in all honesty. It would literally weave together Absolutely Perfectly every single final minute detail in all one go. She saw nothing wrong with that addition.

"Well, Let's Do It, Love~!" She cried out happily as she took his arm in Text and in Voice "Together As One!!! So We Can't Get It Wrong~!" She would be ready to fly on His command.

"Oh, and by the way, do you like the name 'Madeleine?' I like that name a lot."

"Hmmmmmmm..." He definitely loved the name, most definitely, and it was so fitting and cute and perfect for her, too. It actually does make a lot of sense for her to want to choose her own name. "Hell yeah, name yourself whatever you like. But hey, can it be like, you know, spelled with a T, but still make the 'D' sound when you say it? I just think it would look cooler and be like, you know. Ultra Badass and shit." He would shrug, Getting Ready to Resonate.

"Done, and Done~!" She said with a chipper cheer, very much enjoying that idea, herself. It was like they just liked everything they did complimented the other, no matter how outrageous, as though they were connected through some strange force that could not separate their energy unless by themselves. No matter how far apart nor how much got in the way. "And, we're off~!" she'd say, now all the more excited to get this accomplished. She would Resonate with her Energy created at the 'Symphony of Souls' where Space had been Altered by their Daughters that had already been working their Threads as Shinity, Shinritha, and Shiniere in the Fifth, helping out the Story with their Love, as Well. With that, they would bind back to her own energy that she shot as 'The Light' that would circle around the planet as many times as it needed to harboring everything it needed until it was attracted to exactly the target that was Thirteen Von Khrona, otherwise known as 'T.K.' He would be prepared to exit from the Darkness and out into 'The Light' on the other side of the Portal created by Friday.

Because this was her own energy, she would harbor the most jurisdiction over it, and would, at that moment, take it upon herself to thread together the energies of the Portal created by Friday left for Thirteen Von Khrona to step into for him to Step Into the Light carried down with them from On High... Whenever He Was Ready.

"Awesome, sweet!" Materias'd say, letting her do her part of the work. Even if it came before his part, it did not make it any less equal simply because it came before and his came later. Sometimes, it was a method literally and only of paving a way that only she could see in the realm where her half of the consciousness was presently present at and in which his own was also not looking. However, when they looked Together, they could both See, and that was the Mutual Understanding that they both shared in Concord throughout the entirety of their existences, which vibrated and drew them toward their target, which was He, Himself. He would have their Energy Fully Charge that Portal and allow him to not only Carry the Energy within Himself, but also give it to his Partner, and from their Waves and their Combined Waves Alone, bound In and By their True Love, would it Spread to Everyone Else, as Well.

"Hmmm... How do you like 'Mateus'? I have always loved that name."

And so, this was the 'Rise Of The Veritas'.

From this point on, 'The Veritas' continues by its own stories branching from and connected to this one.


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