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 Desert Tools

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Pandemique the Quartz Sandchrysm :: Sienna Desert Swan; Alice of the Crystal Shards

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PostSubject: Desert Tools   Sat Feb 21, 2015 8:56 am

Desert (Ninja) Tools
Customized Ninja Tools for desert and non-desert combat.

Sand Bombs: Smoke bombs filled with sand-like substance able to fill the air like smoke and dust.

Heated Wire: Highly reactive metal wire that heats up when exposed to chakra, enabling it to melt through defenses and burn through those who attempt to escape being tied up.

Akasuna: Twin daggers known as Red Sand, due to the ease in which these blades spilled blood. They are made from the same highly reactive metal that creates the Heated Wires, heating up when exposed to chakra in order to melt through defenses and attacks from others. Desert swan conceals them under her skirt, holding them in special pouches so they do not burn her skin.
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Desert Tools
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