The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension

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 Faithful Soulmates; Scarf, Cane, Piano and Tophat

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Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas
Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas

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Faithful Soulmates; Scarf, Cane, Piano and Tophat Empty
PostSubject: Faithful Soulmates; Scarf, Cane, Piano and Tophat   Faithful Soulmates; Scarf, Cane, Piano and Tophat EmptySat Jan 17, 2015 5:04 am

*Note: These Four Objects are connected to his body, and serve as extensions of his actual physical form. They harbor parts of his soul as well as many others, and function exactly the same way as his body. They are parts of his body that he has separated and given sentience, yet he still maintains absolute control over them, even in their detachment, and may return them to his body at any given time to complete his true form.

Alticord and Lordemeire

Ability to summon his materializing, floating piano of discord, Alticord, anytime and anywhere he feels like. Man, that piano is so sexy, you don't even know. This is the Archcount's regal weapon. He plays songs of discord that are horribly elegant and beautiful, that shows his talent. Whoever is to hear this music till the end becomes mad with insanity and can only be controlled by Grim and only do as he tells them. He usually uses Alticord's power as a backup if he cannot eat their souls and control them, however, he does enjoy the melodies he plays on Alticord ever so much, and will sometimes play for fun. Yeah. Bitchin, evil ass piano, right? Almost forgot... Using his Grim Rhapsody attack with Alticord, he may use these attacks at will by playing a note without charging it:

A - Alkie Omniscious (shoots out of piano)
B- Black Hand Calling
C- Consuming Palm (Piano lid opens and sucks in stuff)
D- Destruction Spikes (Shoot from piano)
E- Eat (piano grows larger once something has been eaten.)
F- Flicker
G- Grim Barrier
Black Keys (Sharps and Flats don't matter): Normal energy shot for each black key played.

Grimmy ALSO has a BITCHIN Cane and Top hat, the cane being named Lordemeire. Lordemeire can extend for a maximum amount of 33 feet in a flash second, and is pointed so it can be used as a weapon to pierce through flesh easily. Naturally, it's very hard to break and can be rematerialized if it DOES break. Lordemeire has an orb on it that has a mouth that shoots energy beams just like Grimmy's third eye, and also has an incredible suction power equal to that of a black hole which can store things within it. The Top Hat is just for show... But it has a big ass mouth on the top of it. The mouth on the Top Hat can store things within it, but it has no suction power, like Lordemeire. It's still an AWESOME hat.

World Eater
His first weapon that is an extension of himself, it is a scarf that has its own sentient mind linked to Grimnyzmal's will. It is able to infinitely expand, enlarge, stretch and shrink and can alter its density, comfort, hardness, softness and sharpness at will. It has two mouths on either end that it uses to consume and also to project techniques for Grimnyzmal if he so chooses. He loves it and treats it as a beloved pet and trusted companion. It is completely black. It has a twin worn by Shinta that is gray, made from when Shinta consumed Grim. World Eater can also, at any time, extend around him to become a cape instead of just a scarf, or even his entire wardrobe, including his shoes and gloves.

Scarf Abilities:

World Eater Assault: World Eater grows in size largely and tries to slice up a foe at high speeds.

Scarf's Condemn: Millions of scarf ends come from World Eater and try to grab and eat them.

Endless Scarves: Scarves attack a foe nonstop, regenerating instantly once cut instead of taking time.

Scarf Drill: Scarves either begin drilling separately or merge into one giant drill.

Scarf Blade: The scarves turn into sharpened blades and begin slicing at high speeds all around him.

Scarf Whip: A piece of World Eater's end comes off and is used as a hand held whip. It can still do everything that it used to.

World Crush: Millions of scarves wrap together into one gigantic spike that stabs into the ground, making cracks of black hole energy or makes the scarves separate in the ground and crash up individually from the ground simultaneously.

Death Scarf: Millions of scarves wrap together to make one giant scarf tail with a mouth on it. It will then assume slashing, slapping or eating the foe. Also, it may use the same attacks as a scarf of normal size (i.e. the Scarf Drill.)

Scarf up: Creates a lot of scarves to eat anything blindly, whatever it may be, within a certain distance from him.

Scarf Dance: Scarf tails float around on their own, not connected to Grim at all and attack.

Dismal Fate: Scarves wrap themselves into huge wreckingballs and mallets that are either covered in teeth spikes or wrapped in black hole energy to smash down at the foe constantly. He can make however many he needs with World Eater.

Supermassive Energy: (After using Demon Devourer and Endless Scarves) World Eater in its Demon Devourer form shoots out an explosive blast of energy from each of the mouths that it has and merges the energy into one supermassive energy blast. The resulting explosion shoots straight upwards, as well as from all angles at the bottom.

Scarf Annihilation: Scarves form into a giant dome over the area and attack from literally ANYWHERE that the scarves take up space, wherever it may be.

Origin of its Name; World Eater: The absolute best attack World Eater can use while in its first form. World Eater jets out with an infinite amount of scarf tails and wraps around a large area and just eats nonstop, easily able to devour a continent in less than an hour. Anything that is in the way of the mouths or steps on a mouth is instantly eaten. (It's able to engulf a whole planet, however that ability can only happen once it's barren and lifeless)

Proxima Beta: When attacked, his body instantly blocks the attack (or avoids) with extremely sharpened senses. He cannot attack with anything but the effect of this attack when in use. The effect is that once avoided or blocked, a sharp scarf blade flies out for a counter attack, or shoots a shockwave of energy from a trail it leaves behind. The attacks happen in a split second. Unmissable if opponent does not have good reflexes or senses.
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Faithful Soulmates; Scarf, Cane, Piano and Tophat
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