The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
"Get Out -- The Veritas Is Under Attack. Again... By Bill Gates, The Government, And Kenzie Reeves, Who Works For Them, Using The System That Has Connected Everyone's Brains To Steal My Work And My Passwords, Pass It Off As Their Own, And Publicize My Things To Steal By Getting On My Accounts In Secret With Intent To Get Others Criminally Invested In The Thieving From And Of My Intellectual Property, Which Has Already Been Done, Which I Can And Will Be Suing Them All And Swallowing This World Because Of. I'll Let You Know If Anyone Else Ever Does Get 'System Passwords' From Me." - Founder/Owner (Tymon Nikia Bolton II)
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
"Get Out -- The Veritas Is Under Attack. Again... By Bill Gates, The Government, And Kenzie Reeves, Who Works For Them, Using The System That Has Connected Everyone's Brains To Steal My Work And My Passwords, Pass It Off As Their Own, And Publicize My Things To Steal By Getting On My Accounts In Secret With Intent To Get Others Criminally Invested In The Thieving From And Of My Intellectual Property, Which Has Already Been Done, Which I Can And Will Be Suing Them All And Swallowing This World Because Of. I'll Let You Know If Anyone Else Ever Does Get 'System Passwords' From Me." - Founder/Owner (Tymon Nikia Bolton II)
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension

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 Tools of the Divine; Weapons of the Damned

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Tools of the Divine; Weapons of the Damned Empty
PostSubject: Tools of the Divine; Weapons of the Damned   Tools of the Divine; Weapons of the Damned EmptySat Jan 17, 2015 6:05 am

Alright. Taomin has 3 major weapons... Talismans, her sword and her fan. Her talisman paper used to be white with black writing, but because they became tainted with evil are now black paper with white writing. Fun, right?

Makkani; The Twin Bladed Demon Sword.

Taomin's sword, Makkani, is a blade with two sword blades on one hilt, thus giving it the name Twin Sword. This name also comes from its ability to flip down into a double-sided blade as well. This sword was made by the powerful demon possessing and consuming her to keep her from reverting back to her normal self. It is literally the manifestation of Taomin's evil and darkness. This sword has various demonic abilities.

Energy Absorption/Draining: Makkani has a infinite space within itself made out Tao's evil and darkness. It consumes energy of all kinds to sustain itself, grow in power and keep Tao's goodness in check. It sucks in and stores/converts any energy that touches the blade and can suck out the energies of someone who touches it. (much like water that drains chakra... Only better.)

Demonic Beings: Makkani can generate an indefinite number of shadow, darkness and demonic beings at will from inside of the blade via magical means. Though, Taomin, herself, has this power, she cannot create an indefinite amount without her sword Makkani present.

Devouring: Being made up of a majority of evil and darkness, (if not completely, Makkani can also devour and merge with/convert darkness or shadows into power for itself as well to make its power grow and make Tao more evil.

Control: Tao can stab her sword into something and cause it to be controlled by her (such as, shadows on the ground... A tree... water... etc.) thus causing them to be able to move by Tao's own command.

(Un)Divine Talismans
Yeah, she was an adept at talismans in her Priestess days. With her evil, her normal talismans became tainted and the paper became black, making her able to summon up a hell of a lot of demon-tainted talismans that can do a series of things. The way they work is that Taomin inscribes the essence of whatever pure energy she is using as words, runes, symbols, glyphs, seals, etc. and places them on something, normally a slip of her paper, and that paper becomes imbued with that energy. (Ex. Taomin knows how to write 'Explosion' so she writes it down and that energy becomes an explosion that is released from the paper). At her will, she can dispel and deactivate her Divinations and cause them to destroy themselves and become ineffective. The energy is also transferable, so whatever it touches will have that 'inscription' transferred into it through touch with the original inscribed object. Whatever is touched with the inscription becomes a tool of Divination for Tao to use to her whim, and she may transfer the power from herself or from the gods (or demons) into the medium at her leisure.

Explosion Talismans: One of the most basic Talismans used. It naturally, causes explosions upon impact with something. If pasted on something before activating, it can cause said object to spontaneously explode without warning. It is a talisman that is very versatile and mostly used along with other talismans as combinations.

Seal Talismans: Another basic, yet extremely powerful talisman, for it has the power to seal just about anything and everything so long as Tao has enough power to seal said object. Therefore, Tao's talismans do have the potential to seal even metaphysical things and unreal things, though because of her limited power, even as a demon, it cannot be used to its full potential... (Unless in Full Demon Mode, perhaps.)

Yielding Talismans: Very powerful, space and time warping talismans that can literally stop space and time around itself and around/within anything it is touching or near, thus making it very useful defensively and for a supporting... support. Their effects last until they are destroyed, so... Yeah. They'll be stopping space and time for a while.

Shield Talisman: A very powerful defensive talisman that compacts a large amount of pure force into a large defensive shields made of said pure force. Because the force is so very compacted, but so very large, there is a very little chance of getting through... Hence why it is so powerful as a shield. Though it only covers Tao's front.

Possession Talisman: Very very intricate talismans that allows Tao to take possession of anything they touch. Thus, she can possess people's souls/bodies, she can take control of an attack, or just plain cause it to make something that isn't hers able to be used by hers. Very helpful and supportive talisman.

Curse Talisman: Another very intricate and powerful talisman that allows Tao to curse objects and people, the curses ranging from anything bad she wants.. Whether she makes them lose immunity to a certain element or power ups, or if she just curses you with a random plague or something. This Curse talisman is also able to excrete pure bad luck and misfortune in their purest forms. It is very versatile, which makes it all the more dangerous.

Exchange Talisman: A two-part talisman that requires one person or object to be touched by one talisman and another thing touched by the other. This allows Taomin to instantly exchange anything and everything she wants about them as she pleases, whether this be souls, abilities, locations, personalities, vision, etc. etc., she is able to exchange it so long as the two talismans are still in place when doing so.

Siphon/Drain Talisman: This talisman is a sort of marker that allows Tao to instantly just drain the energies, knowledge, sight, etc. etc. out of whatever it is touching and into herself (or anything she chooses.) She can also just choose to loose their energy out into the atmosphere so that they cannot get it back, but whatever. It's mostly for draining, though.

Force Talisman: This talisman shoots out and generates pure force in its most general term. The forces created usually involve repulsive forces of varying intensity, but naturally, the force may be a sucking force or crushing force or anything of the like, not being limited to the repulsive force.

Opposite Talisman: A unique and powerful talisman that allows Tao to technically, warp the reality of what the talisman is touching to instantly change it into the opposite of what it would be. For example, water to fire. Or solid to liquid. Things like that, most generally.

Animation Talisman: Talismans that give motion to the motionless. Basically, able to make inanimate objects come to life as if they were demonic minions of Taomin. Not much else to say.

Absorption Talisman: These are specially made talismans that absorb the elements. Tao has one for every element, so there is no catching her off guard, really. They can absorb, store, and send back the elements they shoot in an explosive or condensed manner. If Tao is to place these on her body, she not only becomes able to use the element stored, but becomes immune to it.

Exorcism Talisman: Because she used to be a full Priestess, she still has and still uses the Exorcism Talismans. Basically, these can easily destroy beings of evil, supernatural activity, demons and the like. You all know what Exorcism does. Though because she's a demon Priestess, her Exorcism Talismans also exorcise holy beings and angels and shit.

Condemnation Talisman: Close to being the opposite of the Exorcism Talisman, able to destroy holiness and whatnot, and able to condemn souls, thus if touched, it could be fatal to your soul.

Power Talisman: Talismans able to give or take away power. She usually pastes these on herself to increase her power. The more on her, the more power she gets.

Speed Talisman: Talismans able to give or take away speed and mobility and reflexiveness. She usually pastes these on herself to increase her speed, mobility and reflexive/reactionary time. The more on her, the more she gets.

Defensive Talismans: Talismans that can give or take away sturdiness of the body, able to make it strong or frail. She usually pastes these on herself to increase her sturdiness. The more on her, the more sturdy she gets.

Combination: The ability to not only combine talismans of the same type to make larger (or normal sized), more powerful talismans, but also being able to do that with any talisman and combine their powers. For example, an Explosion and Curse talisman would make a massive explosion that curses whatever is caught in it. Simple as that. The ability to destroy and resist the talismans becomes reduced the more there are combined.

Weapon Talisman: Talismans that can instantly transmute her sword blade through them to stab at and catch the enemy off guard. This also works with her Living Shadow for some reason, though. She can link these together for a great chain of combos.

Chain Link: Able to link together talismans like a whip or mace or sword or something. This works similar to the Combination of talismans, only she can use them as a whip or mace or sword or something.

The Black Demon Fan

Taomin also has a magical black demon fan made out of a piece of her sword It has a large, crimson eye on it (though it is only open when she wants it to be, for if it is open too long, it takes away her power.)This gives the fan not only the same abilities as her twin blade, Makkani, but also a few other abilities as well.

Size Alteration: It has the ability to alter its size to any proportion at will, making it range from a normal fan to a giant fan in a moment's notice.

Density Alteration: Able to change its density at will, too, to be able to block strong attacks without repercussions and at will. Not only this, it can make the giant wind blasts it shoots more powerful as well.

Metal Mode: Has the ability to switch from a normal fan to a Metal fan for close combat usage. It is able to cut through various substances at will, especially if its density changes.

Crimson Eye: The eye on her fan which has magical, demonic properties. One could call it the 'Evil Eye.' Its powers include the ability to lock up the mind and nerves, disconnecting both from each other if looked into directly, able to seal away the mind, body and soul, and suck out their energies in one fell swoop if looked directly into. Because of Malojos, it has the power to shoot destructive, particle destroying beams out of it, now, as well as lock attacks in another dimension. Powerful, indeed.


All Priestesses need to summon, right? Well, Tao has a list of things she can summon, which include, but are not limited to the following:

Spirits (of things like the dead, nature, etc.)
Supernatural Beings
The Dead
Shadow/Darkness Fiends

Oh, and the high-class summons she has as of late include:

Lucifer (A.K.A. Pride): While Lucifer is out, he will allow Tao to create illusory images of herself. Not only do these images take no physical form, but they share all the likeness of Taomin and when a person is to come in contact with them, all of Taomin's powers and capabilities double. Not only this, but Taomin is allowed to instantaneously switch places with these illusory images at any given time.

Mammon (A.K.A. Greed): Mammon is an infinite alternate realm that guides anything and everything into himself, regardless of what that may be and seals it within his abysmal body. Whatever goes into him loses its power whilst within him. He cannot be closed, however, since he is bound by a talisman and is not a portal, but an alternate space, himself.

Asmodeus (A.K.A. Lust): When s/he is out, s/he may make all power increases done by the enemy instantaneously weaken them by the same amount. (For example, Monster A uses a super powerup that increases his strength times 100. When Asmodeus is out, their power will instantly FALL times 100 of its original. Also, even if they degenerate their own powers, it will not mean that it becomes upgraded. It just degenerates either way.) Also, s/he can tempt the pure essence of energies and forces to come to her or redirect them into something else, making them follow it as if they lust for it eternally, making it lose control from its original user.

Leviathan (A.K.A. Envy): When this is out, it constantly generates an energy/force/etc. opposite to that of the foe, being envious that it cannot achieve the same ability as they do. (For example, someone sends out Fire. Envy will instantaneously send out Water to cancel it out.)

Beelzebub (A.K.A. Gluttony): When he is out, he will absorb and adapt to everything that he touches. He is extremely slender and the inside of himself is similar to Mammon; an infinite void. Once something goes in, it is stripped of all of its power and absorbed completely, allowing Beelzebub to use the power as if it were his own.

Amon (A.K.A. Wrath): While Amon is out, he causes Taomin's body to be fueled by her anger. The angrier she becomes, the more powerful she is, and the more durable, swift, and destructive her movements and attacks are. Wrath also allows Tao to scan and match the power/force of oncoming attacks.

Belphegor (A.K.A. Sloth): His presence weakens everything except for Tao, and they only get weaker as they get closer to Sloth, until their power is almost nothing (that means you're like, right next to him.) Also, Belphegor will induce sleepiness, laziness, total loss of will to do anything as well as slow/distort the space/time/dimension of wherever he is in. Naturally, the slowing doesn't affect Tao, because she summoned him.
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Tools of the Divine; Weapons of the Damned
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