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 Risen From The Grave...

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Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream
Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream

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PostSubject: Risen From The Grave...   Risen From The Grave... EmptyMon Jul 01, 2019 7:20 pm

A being of unknown existence... That which exists without much explanation. Lingering dark power from an unknown source tainted the air of a graveyard one day... And it seeped into the grave of a creature gone wrong.

That's the story that everyone tells.

It just might be true.

The essence of a black magic using necromancer embroidered himself within the bones of the dead due to a miscalculation he made, forever leaving him in the state of energy, and within the bones of some sort of skeleton...

Though the necromancer would not rest like this.

With his last amount of energy, he awakened the bones that he sealed himself within and animated them, thus leading to...


Skelette dawned mystical talents upon the final will of the necromancer, though because of the necromancer's putrid and secluded mind, the leftover feelings became Skelette's personality; taciturn, secluded, cold... Just like the dead. Though, there are times when Skelette will show emotion. Perhaps from its own memories as the necromancer, or from its affiliation toward its dead brethren... Or maybe the necromancer wasn't all that bad?

No one could ever know...

Small, no more than three or four feet, and shrouded in thick clothing -- that of a robe with a hood -- Skelette covers its entire body all of the time, with exception to the hood, which leaves an opening to what seems to be nearly complete darkness. There is but one piercing green eye and the dimmer green outline of what seems to be a skull aglow from underneath the cowl, and there are two large bones crossed over the torso of the robe that it adorns serving as the only distinguishing features that it possesses. It seems to have no physical body whatsoever, nor any appendages -- no limbs; just a head, and a spinal cord that peeks in and out like a tail every now and then, dragging along the ground.
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Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream
Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream

Posts : 273
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Join date : 2014-11-17
Age : 28
Location : Golgotha
Job/hobbies : Prime Order

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PostSubject: Re: Risen From The Grave...   Risen From The Grave... EmptyMon Jul 01, 2019 9:32 pm

Grave 1: Battle Between Shadows...

Where Skelette had been resurrected from its grave -- at the site of an abandoned swampland -- it rests upon a large, solid ground surrounded by a body of swamp water. Its only eye able to be seen glowed singularly within the area, searching and waiting...

There was a short trail it left behind as it moved from its initial gravesite -- the workings of its spinal-cord tail peeking out from behind under its cloak. It had not moved too far before it realized that its physical mobility was hampered by a great deal since last it remembered being mobile, and it seemed like it had been in motion for perhaps hours. Yet, even memories of it moving... Having legs... And arms... Were hazy.

???: "Oh goody..."

An unknown maiden teleported before Skelette, her hands covered in a special type of entropic green flame, and took a fighting stance. She is adorned in a long, jacket-like robe with a myriad of different glowing symbols consisting mostly of swirls, and mimicking swamp water ripples. Her eyes glow from under her straw hat, which covers most of her face with its shadow. Her hair is long and black.

???: "So you threaten my Swamp Village, then?"

Skelette, having just recently been risen from its grave -- tombstone behind it -- did not say much to the strange Swamp Mistress, yet was seemingly prepared for a skirmish.

"... I wish for this to be a good battle..."

From under Skelette's cloak, a large spinal cord looking strip of black energy surrounded by green and purple outlines extended. The green and purple energy surrounding the black substance was extremely stiff and hard, whilst this black substance seemed to be contained by the outline of the green and purple energy. This allowed them work together to form different structures other than the spinal cord to the will of Skelette. This is known as 'Shini Energy', that which Skelette is both formed of and utilizes as a weapon for battle. The Shini Energy spinal cord that slipped out from under the back of Skelette's robe like a tail arced over it as a scorpion's tail would, Skelette slowly making its way toward the Swamp Mistress...

"Oh really, a good battle?" the Swamp Mistress questioned as she motioned to the ground with her hands. A large wall spurt forth from the ground before the mobile Skelette, the wall being made of a strange solidified version of the burning green energy surrounding her hands. Several more walls sprouted up behind it, creating a layered barrier. She then used her glowing hands to create a few seals, releasing a large wave of water towards Skelette from either side. She also caused a cloud of gaseous green fire to be conjured overhead before it shot downward like a large pillar. "I was going to ask for the same thing."

Skelette easily knocked away the greenish fire-looking pillar by whipping its spinal-tailed 'Shini Bones' -- the form which Shini Energy takes on -- at a high speed. This protected it from the overhead assault and allowed for it to continue its forward motion toward the walls in peace. As the water neared from either side of Skelette, it muttered something quite lowly.

"... The Slave..." Skelette called, and from the ground behind it was drawn a creature made of necromantic energy, one of which utilized the natural environment to allow it to harness the elements to its command. The Slave, having power over the element of water, redirected the swamp water as it arced so that it would pass over Skelette and Skelette could continue moving ever so slowly closer to the Swamp Mistress.

Now, here came the obstacles... the walls.

The Slave dissipated since its purpose was done and Skelette murmured something else.

"... The Rotten..."

Suddenly, a large skeletal figure made of Shini Energy formulated into bones and constructed necromantic energy -- known as 'Shini Bones' -- shot up from the ground. It had no lower torso below the waist and its spinal cord attached to the ground, confining it to its position. It outstretched a long, bony claw toward the walls and pierced through them in order to rot them and make them weak, as to disintegrate them before Skelette so that movement could continue without hindrance... Slowly toward the opponent.

However, the walls themselves were made of the special substance which could decay anything away, so they stood strong against the bony claw of The Rotten, and rotting them away proved ineffective.

The two energies eroded each other away.

The Rotten then dispersed back into latent energy and disappeared as the Swamp Mistress quickly made the earth under Skelette soft and mucky, shouting out, "Swamp Entombment!" The earth under Skelette suddenly hollowed out -- which should have sunk it directly into the muck -- then encase Skelette and crush or suffocate it with force, if at all possible.

Skelette was in a predicament... But it was easily overcome. It extended several more spinal cord tails from underneath itself that would whip about in the same manner as the singular one before once the earth closed in around it, cutting its way through the muck whilst protecting itself in a barrier of high speed motion -- So that it could see the surface.

Once an opening was made throughout the muck, Skelette quickly materialized near the opening on the surface instantly, far above the ground. Skelette looked to the side, muttering, "... The Heretic..." and from Skelette's robe came an exact duplicate of itself.
The Heretic remained still as Skelette moved forward through the air, still quite slowly, with all of the spinal cord tails hanging lifelessly once they were finished warding off the swamp muck. The Heretic began storing energy for Skelette's 'Graveyard Havoc', which was the powerful, partially necromantic energy that allowed the summoning of the undead or beings forged of Shini Bones who abide by the will of Skelette. The majority of this Graveyard Havoc energy, however, is a mixture of Shini Energy and pure black necromantic energy.

Graveyard Havoc allowed Skelette to reanimate any dead thing and turn it undead, despite whatever it was like before death, thus becoming a servant of Skelette eternally or else return to being dead. It could summon up any sort of undead being almost instantly, as well as bring inanimate objects to life via the power of Necromancy. Lastly, it had the ability to siphon out the life and soul of what it touched for energy using Necromancy.

After seeing what Skelette was capable of, the Swamp Mistress quickly rebuilt the eroded walls, since the power of the Rotten made them structurally unstable -- which was only discovered whilst Skelette was distracted with The Heretic. The Swamp Mistress made signs with her hands, causing the walls to fire bullets of acidic greenish swamp water at Skelette. The muck underneath Skelette that was left shaped itself into various clones of the Swamp Mistress at her command, which surrounded The Heretic from all sides. Moving at nearly lightspeed, they would, in unity, stab at The Heretic with their drawn blade so that the Skelette clone would disappear. The remainder of the muck around the opening of the cavern that Skelette hovered over would turn into thousands upon thousands of needles which all fired upward in unison, and from every angle.

Skelette's green eye gleamed at the onslaught as it muttered once again.

"... The Delusion."

The very second Skelette uttered this, it got stabbed by thousands of needles and pummeled with acidic swamp bullets... Though, none of them seemed to have any effect. The robe disintegrated from the onslaught and nothing was there; it was a fake Skelette.

Where was the real one?

It was right behind the Swamp Mistress, now, having materialized instantaneously whilst The Delusion was destroyed before her very eyes.

"... The Confused..."

A large black aura emitted from Skelette's body and engulfed both itself and the Swamp Mistress, spreading throughout the area of the swamp, over the waters and through the trees. Whilst consumed by the black aura known as 'The Confused,' the Swamp Mistress would be unable to use any energy-based abilities, though that was not the case for Skelette. The spinal tails coming from Skelette all stabbed at the Swamp Mistress at a high speed, trying to take advantage of the moment that the Swamp Mistress could do so little.

The black aura of The Confused slowly spread throughout the swamp land...

Yet, even as the tails flew at the Swamp Mistress, they seem to only get within feet of her before they were deflected away. She stepped back, smiling and saying, "You may think you have gotten me, O Reaper, O one of the Grave... But it is not over...." The Swamp Mistress snapped her fingers and cried, "Attack him!"

Without warning, it seemed as though a thousand kicks where laid upon Skelette simultaneously, all in an upward direction, with enough power to crush a mountain. They propelled Skelette into the air at such a fast pace that it could hardly be able to be kept up with. Even as the kicks shot Skelette into the air, it would seem as though Skelette hit a titanium ceiling of telekinetic force, and the ceiling would drive Skelette back into the ground with twice the force of the kicks. After the landing, a circle of Nymph Witches appeared around Skelette, each holding out their hands and chanting. A strong force of telekinesis projected from them would seek to bind Skelette in place.

"You are quite powerful, I will not deny it," the Swamp Mistress stated, "But I am also powerful. Will you let that little spell of yours go? Otherwise, the Nymphs will not let you out..."

Skelette seemed to have no cares about such a thing, releasing the dark aura. However it did speak.

"... Powerful, indeed..." Skelette muttered slowly, "But sometimes, power alone is nothing..."

Just then, Skelette summoned "The Chaos..." and above Skelette appeared a large, black sphere. This sphere ate the Nymphs quite quickly, using a force as strong as a black hole. Once all of the Nymph Witches were eaten, there was a large explosion that engulfed the entire area, setting the area ablaze with dark, fiery energy... However, since it was not fire, it did not burn nor produce heat. It did, however, spread and destroy like fire.

Skelette, making itself upright on the ground afterward, formed from under its cloak  a sword with ancient text engraved into the blade. It was the Dark Blade, about half the size of Skelette, and ridden with archaic energy. Skelette moved slowly toward the Swamp Mistress once again, blade out and surging with dark energy.

"Indeed, you speak the truth," the Swamp Mistress spoke, "As there is more to me than power..." With her powers returned thanks to the black aura of The Confused being dispersed, she hit the ground with her hands and made several of the solid decaying walls from before sink into the ground to become liquid swamp water and flow under Skelette, where the acidic water would transform again into the decaying fire, which then exploded from under Skelette upward to decay it away instantly. At the same time, large greenish clouds swirled overhead as a mass of this same greenish gaseous fiery substance rained down from absorbing energy from Skelette's explosion, trying to decay everything in the area from above like acid rain.

The Swamp Mistress quickly covered herself with the greenish flame in a burning aura, spreading it in a dome fashion over her, and any of the blasts that connected with the dome would be decayed down -- since the entropic fiery energy can break even other energy down. She quickly struck the ground after flashing through a series of hand signs, shouting, "Summoning Art!" and a huge serpent with five heads rose from the ground -- The Hydra. The Swamp Mistress stood on the top head whilst the other four darted forward, shooting a huge amount of supercooled air that instantly freezes anything it touches into the area.

Skelette crawled backwards a bit, summoning "... The Glutton..." with its Graveyard Havoc necromancy. A large skull shaped outline of the green and purple Shini Energy formulates randomly, opening its mouth and guiding all of the energetic substances in the area including the supercooled air inside of its abysmal, black hole-ish mouth. It closed it promptly, disposing of this air and all said decaying energy in their entirely.

Everything went back to normal, and The Glutton disappeared.

"... The Unique..."

Skelette flipped, releasing from under its robe a gigantic, skyscraper-sized, asymmetrical monstrosity. The beast had a cannon for a mouth, a scythe for a left hand and a hammer for a right, with a ghost tail that allowed it to hover above the ground and float through the air.

The Unique raised its extremely large hammer arm and began to pound at the Swamp Mistress' area quite vigorously, the hammer covering quite the diameter -- enough to dwarf even the Hydra.

Even as the hammer was raised, the Swamp Mistress created quite a large aura of entropic energy that decayed the hammer as it came down, then started up The Unique, which decays the rest of it at a very fast rate. After the hammer disappeared, the Hydra attacked again, this time two of its heads shot towards Skelette, mouths open wide, trying to snap Skelette up.

Skelette's eye gleamed as the Hydra neared. "... The Dismal..." Skelette called, and from Skelette's body came a great amount of tainted air. It was not poisoned, it was merely... Polluted.

Polluted with energies that stole the will of others.

Skelette fell to the ground, having the Hydra engulf quite a bit of the tainted air and eventually, the Hydra would lose the ability to do anything at all -- the first thing being move, the second being attacking, and lastly, it would lose the ability to live.

"... The Paranoid..."

Spontaneously, around the Swamp Mistress came a floating orb of Shini Energy. Decaying it would be quite difficult, nigh impossible, so long as Skelette continued to feed energy into it. Upon movement of any kind -- even a heavy breath -- the orb floating around the Swamp Mistress' head would attack by impaling her with various spikes from itself in various places at a very high speed.

As quickly as the Swamp Mistress could see the air around the Hydra, a clone of herself shot down from her position, cutting the two heads off and stopping the energy from continuing throughout the Hydra. After the heads were cut, three heads grew from each stump, and from one of the stumps, the heads split out from the main body, making three new Hydras -- and a seven-headed one before Skelette.

Once the Swamp Mistress sensed the orb of energy around her, she quickly teleported away from it and appeared behind Skelette, releasing a huge amount of entropic energy from her aura at it, which then turned to acidic swamp water, which then formed a huge tidal wave above and around Skelette, plunging down at it, trying to wash it away and decay it at the same time.

Meanwhile, the three one-headed Hydras slipped underground, whilst the seven-headed Hydra released another large blast of supercooled air into the area.

Unbeknownst to the Swamp Mistress, the orb known as 'The Paranoid' would continue to follow her even upon warping, since it it locked onto all forms of body or energy signatures from her very existence. Since Skelette saw the orb follow the Swamp Mistress, when she teleported near him, he was ready to defend.

"The Confused..."

The aura from before engulfed Skelette, leaving all of the flooding energy of decay in his area coming toward it... Gone.

As for the air...

"... The Abyss..."

Skelette's cloak sucked in all of the supercooled air and left only normalized air, once again. It seemed to completely disappear without a trace, and had no form of effect upon Skelette at all.

Lastly... Skelette propelled itself into the air via a spinal tail, then proceeded to spin. Skelette encased itself in Shini Energy, spinning and spinning. The necromantic energies surged through its form...

The Swamp Mistress swiftly created a more intense aura around herself so that if the orb tried to pierce her, it would be weakened; then she would use a great deal of energy to suddenly and with much force push out in all directions with Telekinesis, trying to knock the orb away from her whilst also seeking to break it. Should it succeed, considering the aura was also growing out from her, decaying away the orb as it was blown apart from the inside and making it weaker as she did so would become possible.

Also, the Swamp Mistress would make a large amount of solid, earthy acid shoot out of the ground and form a firm barrier around Skelette, even as it spun, trying to decay the energy surrounding Skelette, and whatever it was, as well. She added more and more energy to it, making it decay faster and strengthen itself as well, then added a telekinetic field around it so that it could not be pushed away. It would come closer to Skelette from each side and decay away all of its swirling energy, then keep on decaying it, so that eventually there would be none.

As all of this occurs in the field, Skelette's single gleaming eye flashed red as it suddenly bellowed in a deep, menacing voice, "... The Finale."

Without warning, Skelette's robe unravels from around itself and extends outward to swallow up any and everything that comes its way, indiscriminately consuming whatever it may. In the midst of it all, Skelette's form as a pitch black skull washed in a glowing green outline of energy with a spinal cord extending from its back became fully visible to the Swamp Mistress from below as all of her attacks were taken into the darkness of the void that existed within Skelette's unraveled robe. Skelette's very will, essence and existence merged itself with the fullness of the atmosphere along the area of battle within the swampland and all things come under Skelette's absolute power of influence, giving the floating skeletal head complete command over the swampland.

The Swamp Mistress gazes in awe and futility as all of her abilities are made null by this feat known as 'The Finale,' and she is amazed at the raw power that Skelette possesses and shown her throughout the battle. "Amazing..." she muttered to herself, "Simply amazing...!"

Awestruck, the Swamp Mistress, herself, was almost consumed by the Finale, yet she pleaded with Skelette not to doom her to the same fate as her techniques had undergone. "Please!" she cried, "I am the Mistress of this Swamp, having sensed your presence risen from the dead!" The Swamp Mistress fell to her knees, continuing on with her plea, "I rule over both the swampland and a nearby village of survivors from my clan of people! If you do not threaten us, I will take you to my village and make you one of the leaders alongside me! I will not disturb your grave nor try to expel you from the swamp any longer! You will be free to remain there as long as you like!"

Skelette peered down at the pleading woman, eye still agleam and robe further extending out toward the very farthest reaches of the swampland. As it came to be, the woman told the truth about the Swamp Village that was nearby, for Skelette could sense the presence of a congregation of life as it further merged with the atmosphere of the land. Acknowledging both her strength and her resolve, Skelette would comply with the Swamp Mistress and withdrew its extended robe back around its true form, blanketing itself several times with the dark robe before completely covering itself up again... ending The Finale.

"... I accept," Skelette uttered as it slowly floated down toward the Swamp Mistress. "I will be the Overlord of Doom."

The Swamp Mistress became overjoyed to hear that this powerful reaper would aid her in the overseeing of the Swamp Village, and she quickly complied with this request from the reaper. "Yes!" she cried out loudly, "You are the Overlord of Doom, the second leader of the Swamp Village!"

It was at that moment that Skelette, the Overlord of Doom, and the Swamp Mistress cooperated with each other for the sake of the survivors of the Swamp Village.
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Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream
Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream

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Risen From The Grave... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Risen From The Grave...   Risen From The Grave... EmptyTue Jul 02, 2019 12:06 am

Grave 2: Meeting For Some Negotiations

Some time had passed since the induction of Skelette as the Overlord of Doom over the Swamp Village alongside the Swamp Mistress, who was already known as the first leader. She introduced Skelette to the villagers and let them know of its power, telling the tale of how it had risen from the singular grave hidden out in the midst of the swamplands. The people were amazed by the reverence that was credited to Skelette by their leader, and with a quick display of its power, as well as their coming into understanding of its ability to revive the dead via necromancy, they grew to respect their secondary leader as part of the Swamp Village. As such, Skelette began to conduct many official performances alongside the Swamp Mistress in order to further the ideals of the Swamp Village and helped the civilians to grow by raising their deceased from the dead.

Eventually, word was spread across the nations about the Swamp Village thanks to the efforts of Skelette, and the name of the Overlord of Doom that had risen from the grave was made great in nearby settlements. One such settlement, known as the Twilight, was meant to send a representative over to the Swamp Village one day some time after Skelette had come into power alongside the Swamp Mistress. She and some of her attending aides were gathered to conduct a meeting of sorts in the marshlands. Allegedly, there had been a conflict between one of the aides of the Swamp Village and one of the aides from the Twilight, which had to be immediately broken up by the Swamp Mistress before the Twilight Leader came.

They all teleported into the marshes, one of the Twilight's aides wrapped up in a telekinetic force and one of the Swamp Mistress' aides held back by her Nymphs as they all awaited the appearance of the esteemed Twilight Leader. "Hum, this is soooo exciting!" the Swamp Mistress exclaimed, "I get to meet with the Twilight Leader...!" She danced around like a little kid that got everything and more for christmas, her stylized jacket swirling around with her and glowing with green energy as she did so.

The Swamp Aide being held back by the Nymphs appeared gruff, but crying, too. "Let me kill him, Swamp Mistress, let me..."

The mysterious Twilight Leader warps into the marshland outside of the Swamp Village, prepared for the meeting, as agreed upon. He is adorned in an illustrious starry jacket with a cosmic purple hem, befitting of the leader of another settlement. His face is hidden by a star-like hat similarly to how the Swamp Mistress is, yet the hat and jacket seem to be the mark of his leadership in the same fashion that the Swamp Mistress is.

Twilight Leader: "Where am I?"

The Swamp Mistress was still dealing with the scuffling aides when the Twilight Leader appeared, saying to her own, "No, you cannot have him until after we meet with the Cosmic Calamity, then after that, you can..." The Swamp Mistress trails off as she regards her aid, then speaks to her attendant, saying, "Oh, my attendant, please hold that rug-rat back while the Nymphs do the Twilight aid here, so I can move around a bit here... Thanks." The Swamp Attendant, changing into a giant, grabs the Swamp Mistress' aid around the waist and holds him up in the air so he cannot get away. The attendant resembled an anthropomorphic hound, and was like a pet to the Swamp Mistress.

Swamp Attendant: "Got 'em..."

After the two were officially apprehended, the Swamp Mistress noticed that the Twilight Leader had come to the designated meeting point. "Oh there you are, Cosmic Calamity! Nice to finally meet you! WELCOME, TO THE VILLAGE HIDDEN IN THE SWAMPS!!!" She made a giant welcome sign appear in the air made of solidified swamp water to welcome hime to the village.

Swamp Attendant: "Whoo, pretty."

Swamp Mistress: "How are you today, Twilight Leader?"

"Let me GO!" The Swamp aid cried, trying to get out of the giant's fist. He tried to shock him by running lightning through his entire body.

Swamp Attendant: "Don't think so..."

The Swamp attendant puts a shield around the inside of his hand so that the lightning doesn't effect him.

Finally, the Twilight Leader speaks.

Twilight Leader: "I'm fine... But where is my aid?"

Swamp Mistress: "Oh, right here..."

The Swamp Mistress motions toward where the Twilight aid is, trapped in a cocoon of telekinetic force.

Swamp Mistress: "And while we are on the subject, I would like to make an offer that I know you won't refuse..."

The Swamp Mistress knew that public relations between the Twilight and the Swamp Village were shaky, and she wanted to strengthen their bonds. "I will give your aid up if you -- and only if you -- swear upon the Law, to never attack the Swamp Village or have your assailants sent here to attack, or attack us directly in any way. Otherwise, I will be forced to remove this guy from the face of existence... Comprende?" She motions toward the Twilight aid.

The Twilight aid, who is a ninja that is adorned in the signature glittering purple attire of the Twilight, looked up and waved to his leader slowly, kinda sullen, and then slumped my head down again. He was the one that started the conflict between the Twilight and the Swamp Village during the time that they were supposed to be meeting in order to form an alliance, so he was more than melancholy about what he'd done to the Swamps on the day that they were to have this meeting.

The Twilight Leader was appalled by this, especially the threat that was given to him by the leader of the Swamp Village. "You must not know the extent of my power," he said as he suddenly appeared in front of the Swamp Mistress and booted her into the air, whilst physically breaking the telekinetic hold over his melancholy aid by using his knowledge over telekinesis to undo the binding without disturbing the forces controlling the telekinesis. "This village is disgusting..." he said with a low grumble, "I'm going to lay waste to it myself."

With the Telekinesis broken, the Swamp Mistress would fly up into the air from the boot, then ordered her hound-like attendant, "Get both of the aides from both sides out of here, it is too dangerous. Then return..."

The Swamp Attendant grabbed both aides and teleported away whilst the Swamp Mistress, herself, quickly activate an aura of entropic green energy around herself as an aura, whipping around in the air to release a skyscraper-sized blast of it down at the Twilight Leader. She also made the ground underneath him extremely soft simultaneously through a series of hand signs so that he would sink in and get stuck. "Yes, I may not know the full extent of your power, but it is safe to assume that I can handle it..." She smirked as her dual attacks came to fruition. "And good luck laying waste, I can already do that myself... So what about my offer?"

Just as the Swamp Mistress engages in battle, a cloak randomly unravels from seemingly nowhere, forming itself into the shape of a small figure on the ground nearby. A singular, glowing green eye is seen from the darkness underneath the hood. It is Skelette, the secondary leader of the Swamp Village, come to the assistance of the Swamp Mistress after feeling a disturbance with the strong life forces gathered in this area. Skelette examined the area, noticing the new person in the village and the struggle the Swamp Mistress seemed to be having as of now... and it mutters something almost incomprehensible, though the sound of its voice echoed throughout the area all would be able to hear.

"... Are you in need of assistance...?" Skelette inquired. "Who is this...?"

Several Shini Energy spinal tails shoot from under the bodiless cloak and arc over like scorpion tails, ready to strike or defend.

After releasing the skyscraper-sized blast of entropic energy at the Twilight Leader, the Swamp Mistress noticed Skelette, and hearing the echoes, she quickly connected their minds together through Telepathy. "This is the Cosmic Calamity of the Twilight... And yes I may need help; I heard this guy is almost unstoppable..."

Technically, Skelette couldn't hear the Telepathic Message that the Swamp Mistress gave since it bore no mind to receive such, but Skelette used some spirits to channel the telekinetic waves into itself to get the message. "Ah... I see..."

Since the body of the Twilight Leader was in a constant state of floatation above the ground, he could not be sucked underneath by the softened swampland. As for the entropic energy, he swiftly flew away from it, avoiding it altogether.

Twilight Leader: "My aid can handle himself. I decline your offer. And since you're a poison user this will be easy."

Shortly after saying this, the Twilight Leader noticed the small figure that had appeared. Using his cosmic awareness, he listened in on their telepathic conversation.

The Swamp Mistress quickly ended the telepathic link, since she could feel another mind pushing in, although it was probably too late. She quickly slapped her hands into the ground, shouting, "Mushroom Art!" An entire forest of twenty foot tall, glowing blue mushrooms shot out of the ground starting in front of her and extending a few miles out, no doubt surrounding the Twilight Leader with them immediately. Even as they rise, the Swamp Mistress completed seals with her hands, causing the mushrooms to release tens of millions of spores to totally cover the area he is in whilst also making more of the mushrooms shoot up where ever they land. If these spores were breathed, they would grow a host of twenty foot tall mushrooms in the body, and if done, totally destroy the body during the growth process.

As a precaution, the Swamp Mistress made the outline of the mushroom forest create mushroom armor around themselves, spreading spore-like spikes around them as to make it extremely hard to move through, as those who did would be sliced and diced into tiny pieces. After all that was finished, she would make a huge wall of acidic earth surround the forest.

Once Skelette was done observing what the others were doing and gathering power for itself, Skelette's robe began to flow outward and a darkness shot from underneath, spreading to coat the entire mushroom forest. It was Shini Energy from itself, which would give the forest an almost unbreakable armor, just in case. Skelette then looked at the so-called Cosmic Calamity, muttering, "... The Dead..."

Quickly, a skeletal corpse-puppet that looked exactly like the Twilight Leader appeared... Though its form was still in development. Skelette needed time for it to develop completely before the effects of 'The Dead' would come into play, allowing for a certain Voodoo effect to be had over the Twilight Leader. To protect this puppet, Skelette would shroud himself using "... The Confused..." which released a pitch black aura that stopped anything except for itself from using energy whilst inside of the area of effect, meaning if the Cosmic Calamity got within the aura, none of his powers would work, regardless of what they were. If he were to use any physical attack, Skelette would just use The Dead as a shield, since the outside was complete and ready to be utilized. Skelette merely awaited the interior of The Dead to be complete so that the Voodoo effects would become operational.

The Twilight Leader, being the quintessential spaceman that he was, and having great knowledge over a great deal of things, would assess the situation as hazardous and stop breathing for fear that something would effect him if he did. He swirled his right hand around and opened The Void around Skelette and his puppet, then gripped the air around his hand and crushed everything in The Void which included Skelette and his puppet, hoping that Skelette would die and that his puppet would be destroyed. The Twilight Leader then swirled his left hand around and grip the air around it which created an area encompassing supernova to burn away all of the mushrooms and hopefully the Swamp Mistress as well.

As there was a very large wall of entropic acid between the Swamp Mistress and the supernova, it would have no effect on her, as the entropic acid wall would decay the flames away on contact. Then she felt something strange in the mushroom forest -- the Swamp Mistress would feel The Void opening up. She quickly made a portal appear before Skelette using telekinesis and bump it in, making it fall out of another portal beside her, although she was sure that the puppet was destroyed. The Swamp Mistress quickly placed her hand on the ground and made the ground underneath the Cosmic Calamity emit a huge amount of gamma radiation so that his genetic structure would almost immediately be altered, and his body as well as his power would run amuck, likely to become as nothing. She also strengthened the acid barrier so that it would take a lot more for anything to come through.

Swamp Mistress: "Skelette, you alright?"

The Void would have no effect on Skelette, seeing as it was a sort of space and energy, and The Confused, which was its own type of energy and space altogether, left Skelette inside of an area not within The Void, but inside of its own bubble which was still within a normal vicinity. Thus, The Void had no effect and therefore, when crushed all The Void did was dissipate as Skelette fell into the portal. Skelette's energy eye was the only thing able to be seen from under its robe. "... I am fine. The Dead is coming into completion..." The doll had gotten attributes of the Cosmic Calamity's insides now, starting with bones. Now it had an outer surface and parts of the inner complexities of his body. Once the organs were complete, Skelette would be able to do whatever he would to the puppet and it would act accordingly to the Twilight Leader, and vice versa, like Voodoo.

Twilight Leader: "Okay, here we go."

The Twilight Leader would teleport outside of the barrier and teleport Skelette over to the ground where the gamma rays were being emitted, hoping it would destroy Skelette. He then activated his supernova skin and appeared in front of the Swamp Mistress, preparing to engage her in close combat, first by throwing a punch aimed at her midsection at mach speed.

The Swamp Mistress snapped her fingers, making a telekinetic field appear around Skelette that would protect it from any radiation, which might not even affect Skelette at all. None the less, it would not prevent Skelette from moving normally at all, nor from using its powers in any way, it would just protect him from the radiation.

An aura of decaying energy covered the Swamp Mistress completely, and as she saw the Cosmic Calamity, she would move at at 33.3% lightspeed and shift herself slightly off of the path of the fist, moving just enough out of the way to make serpents shoot out of her sleeve that are both resistant to the decaying energy and also covered in it. The snakes shot up the length of the Twilight Leader's arm, circling around it, and latching on, making it extremely difficult for him to get away.

Afterwards, she threw about five punches of her own at his chest, which would decay right through him, all the while expanding her decaying aura so that if the Twilight Leader stayed near her for very much longer, there would be nothing left of him, since the energy would decay him away in less than a second.

All the while, Skelette used its natural Body Manifestation ability to its advantage, manifesting itself into a place far off in the distance. It pulled out The Dead again from under its cloak, which was now basically complete, energy signatures and all. Skelette then summoned "The Arcane," drawing forth his scythe known as Reaperblade as a beast grabbed it, slashing at The Dead repeatedly. Every cut did not rip nor tear the doll, but destroyed its energy signature, which would work like a voodoo doll and directly effect the Cosmic Calamity's energy signature, with each slash taking off huge amounts of his life force until he would have no more.

Just in case, whilst The Arcane handled The Dead, Skelette switched himself with The Delusion, which was a fake Skelette. The true Skelette disappeared from the area -- possibly this dimension -- without a trace as the handling of The Dead by The Arcane continued to go on. As time passed, Skelette stored power for another, horrific Graveyard Havoc technique...

Seeing that the respective 'armors' of both the Twilight Leader and the Swamp Mistress canceled out the effects of one another, the Twilight Leader would use this period to catch the Swamp Mistress in his special eye technique whilst she was punching him. His eyes would take control of her energy signature so that the Twilight Leader would control the Swamp Mistress.

As for the puppet, since it was identical to the Twilight Leader, he would simply take control of it and it would parry one of the fake Skelette's strikes and kill it with a point blank Void Particle Cannon. Cosmic Awareness would alert him that Skelette had left the area and would also tell him where to find it. After realizing where it was, the Twilight Leader would warp to that place with the Swamp Mistress in tow, and after finding Skelette, he called his scythe to his hand, making it glow with holy and light energy. The Cosmic Calamity slashed at Skelette, sending a large wave of light energy at it traveling at lightspeed and being a mile wide as well as long, these conditions making escape likely impossible.

The Swamp Mistress had no choice but to submit herself, as the Twilight Leader had total control over her energy source, so she just went along for the ride, along with seven of her Nymph Witches, who teleport along with them invisibly. Just as the Cosmic Calamity sends out the blast, six of them combine telekinetic force with super human strength, each sending a very power punch at him, each at a different part of his body, and each at an extremely fast pace, with each at different timing, so that each punch would land at a slightly different time. The seventh one created a portal for Skelette to fall in via telekinetic push that would save it from the blast, although just in time.

Swamp Mistress: "Get him Skele."

Fortunately, Skelette was within another dimension totally its own. When it switched itself, it traveled within a dimension that was actually inside of itself, you could say, meaning that its natural energies ran rampant here. Since the Cosmic Calamity warped to where Skelette was, and Skelette was within this place, the instant the Cosmic Calamity reached this place, he would lose all of his abilities because of the fact that Skelette's powers were basically law here, and The Confusion -- the nullifying aura -- was the space of this area where Skelette summoned it from.

This is why it's not good to follow people when you don't know where they are.

Now, with the Twilight Leader basically unable to warp out, or hell, do ANYTHING for that matter, Skelette would use its Graveyard Havoc abilities that it had been storing up, and since this was ITS area, it could perform however many techniques necessary to deal with the opponent instead of being limited to very few by outer world laws.

"The Evil Eye."

Eyes appeared all around the Cosmic Calamity, staring at him and instantly stripping him of all energy without hesitation with a single, unanimous gaze from all around.

"The Slothful."

Time -- as well as the atmosphere -- around the Twilight Leader slowed down to almost being nonexistent, since Skelette was allowed to go to that extent in this world.

Skelette then summoned its Reaperblade -- the Scythe -- from The Arcane, and also summoned the Dark Blade -- the Sword -- as well, however did not use them. Skelette turned to the Swamp Mistress, "Would you care to do something...? While in here, I have allowed you to use your power, at least... Since you teleported along with him inside of my dimension of myself..."

The Swamp Mistress took advantage of Skelette's opportunity and quickly encased the Twilight Leader in four different shells of entropic energy, as the following from outside to in: Solid, Liquid, Gas, and Plasma, which depressed into him, crushing and decaying him away, and sealing him off from escape.

Swamp Mistress: "Please submit now Cosmic Calamity... We can only ask you once..."

Whilst trapped within the dimension within Skelette and also now being decayed by four different layers of entropy whilst within, the Twilight Leader, the Cosmic Calamity, could do nothing to oppose the two Swamp Village leaders, and had to submit to their will in order to save his own life. "Okay..." he said after suffering too much loss of energy and decay of self, "I submit."

It was at that moment that he opened himself up to negotiation between the Twilight and the Swamps.

Skelette and the Swamp Mistress eventually came to terms with the Twilight Leader and they agreed to keep neutral boundaries between each other. However, the Twilight Leader never forgot how he was overpowered by the Swamp Village leaders, nor what had been done to his aid, and, though they agreed on peace, he harbored a bit of animosity in his heart toward they and the Swamp Village. Still, the Swamp Village continued to grow in notoriety, and word of their victory over the esteemed, nigh invincible Cosmic Calamity became renowned throughout the nations.

That brought them even greater attention, and the Swamp Village grew in fame.
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Grave 3: Skelette Returns...

Shini Bones manifested from beyond the Dimensional Barrier back into the Hidden Swamps Village. It looked dead and was silent, as it had been in the past. An unknown amount of time passed between the period when Skelette, to whom the Shini Bones belonged and formed into, left the village and now, when Skelette returned.


Its dark robe formed around the Shini Bones and covered the fullness of its body. Skelette walked off across the swampy grounds off toward its Office.

Once every five thousand years, a powerful entity would awaken to allegedly burn the sun. It had no meaning behind such that would suggest otherwise. Because it was that time again, this being appeared to the nearest sun and just lit it on fire, burning it.

???: "Welp, that was fun. Now Imma just do it again until I fall back asleep, and wait another five thousand years to do it again I guess. Whatever."

As one would expect, someone noticed the life form that was out burning the sun. There was one who had authority over this planet as one of its rulers, knowing that this was a bad sign. Having just stepped from a dimensional barrier that protected this place and kept it safe, the timing was impeccable.

Skelette, one of the two Swamp Village Leaders, had been gone for a very long time. Its presence returning meant that there was something wrong here, and this was that.

"I wonder if there are other suns around?" the five thousand year old being inquired to itself, "I mean, there should be. I need to burn those, too, I suppose."

The being just sat there flicking little fire matches into the sun to watch it burn bright, but doing this was starting to bore the being, so it started flicking two matches instead of one.

???: "I seriously don't know why I find this fun."

The Overlord of Doom gazed up into the sun's light at the entity that was throwing matches into it. Though this did not seem threatening at all, it could have meant trouble. Therefore, Skelette, the active Leader of the Swamp Village, began to release Shini Bones from its robe, which took the form of a hovering staircase before it, allowing it to slowly, but surely, make its way up to the sky.


The nearer Skelette got to the sun, the more darkness came over it to protect it from the rays. Skelette did not speak very often, nor very loudly, so it required Skelette to be near this person doing something to the sun for interaction to be had. Skelette also did not move very quickly, so it was taking a long time for it to actually get up there. Yet, it brought a foreboding essence of doom as it ascended its staircase of Shini Bones...

???: "Maybe three would be even better?."

There wasn't much to flicking matches into the sun, but the being started flicking three and this made the fun last longer. It couldn't wait till the sun popped out a solar flare.

???: "Good stuff, I must say."

Eventually, Skelette reached the height of space. Skelette did not breathe nor need to, for its own cloak kept it sustained. The Shini Bones that formed the staircase near Skelette shifted form now to be one of Skelette's many minions -- "The King" -- which carried Skelette atop its head whilst Skelette sat on the crown of 'The King's head, controlling it. The King then spoke out with an authoritative voice, "Who goes there? I speak on behalf of the Overlord of Doom, Skelette! Why dost thou tamper with thus sun?!"

"Because it's fun," the being said, "Why else would anyone do this? And who I am isn't important, really," the being continued as it flicked another match into the sun.

The King, with Skelette atop its head, gazed at the newcomer to this world and found little err with what was being done, yet simultaneously also found that there was a deeper motive and incentive to just throwing matches into the sun. "You are trying to threaten our civilization," The King spake on behalf of the Overlord of Doom, Skelette. "This sort of fun could tamper with the natural order." Though it did not seem that this was so, there could have indeed been a deeper hidden meaning. Therefore, this could not go unchecked nor unresolved.

The King was a large skeletal creature, seeming to be a skeleton's disembodied upper torso. It was giant, but was only the construct of a spine, rib cage and skull with a crown where Skelette sat. Skelette watched closely as The King continued to speak. "Why don't you come down to the Swamp Village on the planet? I would like to know about you and your motives." The new person here said that it was doing this for 'fun', which meant overall that it was only bored -- nothing else. "An idle mind is the devil's playground," The King noted. "Come. Join me in the Village Hidden in the Swamps. There are many fun things to entertain you down there."

???: "Throwing matches into the sun, a huge flaming ball, is causing a problem? I won't even ask, but I will silently judge you for it."

The matches weren't special, they were just cheap matches this being carried around to flick into suns.

???: "Now why would I come down there just for that? You don't need to know anything about me and I can tell you my only motive is to finish this box of matches. Plus, I can assure you there's nothing down there for me except unnecessary problems I don't need. I'd much rather do what I'm doing and if the devil wants to play, let him; I mean he's already here haha."

This being had no intention of going anywhere since it was just a ploy to a problem it didn't need. Plus it had a least a good 50 matches left to flick.

The King glared at this person who seemed harmless, but bore an ambiguously obnoxious presence, as if trying to draw out conflict. That was the motive to the matches -- drawing out conflict. "That matters not," The King said, "For that is simply how I, The King, am." This was what it was designed to be like, unlike Skelette, the Overlord of Doom, which only stood and observed, silently judging just as this foreigner was doing, as Skelette had been doing from the moment the being came.

"You must be afraid of us," The King judged. "I do not know what a foreigner like you has in affiliation to our sun, but I do know that because of this, it has drawn attention to you." Many people had many motives and tons said anything about simple things with prospective greater meaning or intent. "How ist it not known that it isn't just a means of distraction? Or, perhaps, you are building up to something destructive? I shan't turn a blind eye to it." There was no reason to do anything to the being, but there was a reason to protect the sun. "I canst not be so reckless, you see... For..." Suddenly, Skelette's single visible glowing green eye gleamed brightly with a sharp glint and more Shini Bones connected themselves to the torso of The King, forging a large skeletal arm in the shoulder blade joint where it would go. "There are living beings down there that need this sun. Therefore... I canst not allow just any haphazard treatment." Protection of the sun was priority, since this person could be up to some malevolent trickery, whether or not it seemed that way.

"Thus!" The King suddenly dispersed back into Shini Energy, all of which collected as a mass underneath Skelette, whose dark robe fluttered about wildly, yet no part of its form was revealed.

"The Pure..." Skelette muttered, its raspy voice barely above a whisper. The one dark and putrid energy of The King became a bright light which surrounded Skelette, and he would drift off into the sun, coated in this light...

???: "Yeah, yeah, whatever you gotta tell yourself to feel important, kiddo."

The being yawned a bit since its clock was starting to tick away, so it stopped match flicking because it was scaring the locals of the planet and it didn't feel like dealing with people in a panicked stated, like it was with the bone-dry doom-gloom that was around. So once that stopped, the being laid back and just floating in front of the sun since the heat was nice and kept it awake, for the most part.

???: "Welp might as well soak up some rays and relax a bit." *Yawn*

Skelette did not mind the foreign entity relaxing and basking in the rays of the sun. It was only when it seemed like a threat that it was interested in the being's mannerisms. The King was made as the King of the Dead, which is why it spoke as it did, looked the way it did and acted as such. Skelette on its own, however, was different altogether than any of its minions that it created or summoned.

The light which came from Skelette and soaked up into the sun cleansed and purged it from impurities as it was supposed to, ensuring that there was nothing detrimental to it or the surrounding area (such as the planet or cosmos) that could do some harm to any of them. Once that was done, it seemed like the bored entity wanted to relax and enjoy itself. Skelette was more or less indifferent, because Skelette was naturally like that as an entity.

The sun was clean and the foreigner was docile. Though Skelette had suspicions about the being, there was nothing being done at the time. Therefore, Skelette did not need to completely monitor the situation and could be at peace with what was going on. Yet, it was still important to keep an eye on the events that were happening. Thus, "The Slave" was summoned and constructed out of Shini Energy and Shini Bones in the form of a strange ethereal entity that seemed to glow like the sun. Its body radiated heat and light, seeming to be rather amorphous in appearance, though sustained in its general shape. There was a face on it, as well. The Slave knew what to do from there.

At that moment, Skelette lowered itself back down to the planet and let The Slave remain with the foreigner, hovering as a glob of heat and light. Whatever Skelette did from there would only be known and seen by Skelette, itself, who no longer remained in space with the foreign entity and The Slave.
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Grave 4: Back To The Swamp...

There was utter calm in the land of the swamps, the water murky and poisonous, the trees, dead and decrepit...

Though in this calm, there was something coming.

Something familiar, yet dangerous.

The waters would rise as the skies became dark, filled with some sort of evil dark energies... The air became deader than the trees as the small, 3 foot figure moved slowly toward the office of the Swamp Mistress.

As a great deal of time passed, the being made its ways to the doors of the office, passing right through. The waters would fall and immediately revert back to their calmness as the being spoke with a gleaming eye under the dark, dark shadows of its hood "... I'm back."

The Swamp Mistress would look up from her papers, they being in large stacks all over her desk, failing initially to realize who it was that graced her with its presence due to all of the work that she was doing. "Uh...?" she groaned, her voice sounding as tired as her eyes appeared, "... AHHHHH!" she cried once she knew who it was. "SKELE!!!" She would leap up from her desk, as then walked over to Skelette. "What took you so long...? It's been hectic trying to run the village and have a bunch of strangers come and tell you you're not good enough..." In her eyes, there was a bit of forlorn sadness, yet she continued."... And then to have these... Big... Shadowy... Things come and attack..." The Swamp Mistress sighed, having dealt with a lot since Skelette had been gone. "Eh..." She would take a breath as she looked Skelette up and down... but more down... "Where were you...?"

Skelette merely said "... Taking care of business." Skelette slowly started to move into an object for... sitting... then turned to the Swamp Mistress. "... What did I miss...?"

The Swamp Mistress would give Skelette a blank look before sitting down behind her desk again. "Apart from what I just said..." she would say, with apparent boredom on her face, "Absolutely nothing..." Apparently, things had slowed down ever since the scuffle with the Twilight and Skelette going off into space to deal with the threat to the cosmos. Skelette seemed to have been gone for a very long time, not that it could tell. "I haven't had an applicant for the village in weeks..." the Swamp Mistress complained, "Only some strange guy who keeps showing up like some messenger telling me that the world is going to end and other doom like that..." She would run her hand through her long hair as she eyed Skelette. The Swamp Mistress still seemed curious about the 'business' Skelette spoke of, but decided not to press the issue.

"Well, I suppose the main thing is that you're back, and now..." the Swamp Mistress concluded as she would sit up in her chair, now looking at all the papers. "You can help me with all this damn paper work..." She would have a sly smile on her face, not making it apparent if she was kidding or if she was serious. "That is, after you've explored the rest of the nation..." Suddenly, the woman became sort of shy, fluttering her eyes a bit, "If you want..." Even going so far as to blush before Skelette, she hadn't yet told him that it was because of his efforts combined with her own that the Swamp Village had expanded its territory and sided with other nations whilst Skelette was away. "We have new neighbors, which I'm sure you'll want to meet..."

Skelette's eye gleamed under its hood "... More business to attend to?" It jumped from the sitting object and began to move slowly toward the rest of the nation. "... I will be back soon..." ... At least it didn't have to do any paperwork.

It made its exit through the doors, then decided to use its Body Manifestation ability to simply warp off elsewhere.
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Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream

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Grave 5: Engaging With Skelette

A man stood atop a grave with his own name carved out upon it, though the writing was illegible and the name was mostly blotted out. The man was garb in tattered attire that seemed to have harbored the wear and tear of battle, and not of years. Clearly slain recently, the man bore wounds upon his body that were more or less fresh on his form, though lacked any blood. It was unclear how and why he was he was here, but there was a look of anticipation upon his face as if he were awaiting something... or someone.

Skelette would materialize before the gravestone via its Body Manifestation ability, remaining completely silent, its 'head' lowered and a dim light shining lowly from under the hood.

"I have come because of your presence here," the man said. "I was hoping to find you here."

Skelette's 'head' would raise, "... For what...?"

"Training," the man said simply. "What can you offer me?" he asked.

Skelette turned, beginning to sloooowly walk away, "... Whatever you are willing to learn..." It would pause for a few minutes for that ominous effect, "... At the cost of your soul."

"Yeah, yeah, you won't take my soul," the man said squeamishly. "I'd like to be able to to create wind," he added, wondering if he could still acquire the teachings of this creature. "Or make my solar powers stronger," he went on to say, alerting the undead entity that he had some preset talents to offer.

Skelette fell silent. It would turn back around to face the man, then begin to speak again. "Wind... The sun... They are not my forte... However, death and darkness... They fill me completely." Skelette would, again, begin to walk sloooowly away...

"If you were my minion..."

However, it did not finish the sentence.

"Minion?!" the man asked, laughing at the prospect. "I could use one! It could steal me ladies panti--" Before he completed his sentence, he stopped, as the creature before him did not seem the type to deal with jokes too well. "Death," the man asked more seriously, "Could you teach me an ability that decays metals?"

As soon as the man spoke, Skelette's eye would gleam from under the depths of the hood, "... The Rotten..."

Just then, the gigantic upper torso of a demonic skeleton appeared, its entire upper structure arcing over the area. The intensely long claws of this thing would merely touch a tree and cause it to disintegrate on contact. Skelette merely stood there now, The Rotten glaring at the man from above, flexing its skeletal claws...

"Yeah like that," the man said smiling, "Now, what do I have to do to get that," he asked.

From the ground, the hand of the dead would shoot straight up... It seemed to be the skeletal hand of the grave of the one who resided in it, right beside the grave of the man who rested upon his own. "... My minion..." The hand would extend... "... Become it, and I will be able to bestow some power to you..." Skelette said with a raspy voice.

The man looked at the hand protruding from the nearby grave, pondering the decision about his very life. "But... I can't give up my soul," he said. "I can not become your minion."

Skelette would begin to walk once more, ever so slowly. "Then there is no reason for my being here... Unless you wish to die." The hand of The Rotten would raise threateningly, "... If you are to die and you were to be revived by my Necromancy... You would become my undead minion and still keep your soul... somewhat..." Skelette was mentioning this, but still continued to walk...

"How would the ladies love me If I died," the man said jokingly, seeming to have yet to notice that he was already dead. "If you can't teach me anything without killing me, then I must leave," he said, rising from his own gravestone.

Skelette said nothing as The Rotten began to deteriorate back into energy. It seemed as though Skelette did not really care that much. It had its own agenda, anyway... A minion would be nice, but one is not necessary...

The man deeply contemplated the words of Skelette and how it seemed to wish for a minion. "Why not create one?" the man inquired, wishing to be of some help to the hooded being before they parted ways.

Skelette stopped, turning once more.

"... I can create..."

As he said that, numerous ghosts, spirits, skeletons, zombies, demons and other beings shot from the ground in a spectacular array, filling the entire grave site with an innumerable amount of ghouls without much effort nor hesitation.

"... I can take away..."

And, in an instant, they were gone in a cool breeze.

"Necromancy allows me to do this... However... They have no power of their own... They only stand because I will it, not because they do... They will fall when the battle ends... But a minion whom has given me their soul... They may move on their free will, to serve me eternally, just as they used to..." Skelette fell silent, then began to walk away once more. It was curious why it hadn't just used its Body Manifestation to materialize somewhere by now. Perhaps there was something about this ignorantly undead man that caused Skelette to be hesitant to simply disappear.

"But if someone becomes your minion," the man cried out to the mobile Skelette, Y-you could just kill them the moment they decided to leave you," he suggested with a quivering tongue. The cowardly man seemed to be interested in being a minion of Skelette, but had fears of being discarded haphazardly, as if that happened before in his previous life, the memories of which he still retained after death.

Skelette shook its head, "... How can I kill one that is already dead...?"

"Would I be immortal?" the man finally asked, seeming to scrounge up some confidence within himself, "And would I still be able to control all my own actions and not have you poof me out of intimate situations... or panty raids?" The latter part of his inquiry seemed to be the deal-breaker behind his intentions and motives.

Skelette stopped, allowing its 'voice' -- which was basically nothing but a telepathic vibration -- to speak to the man clearly, even from such a distance and though Skelette always 'spoke' in a very, very low, almost whispering tone, "... Immortality would be on your side, unless..." Skelette warned, "Exorcised... Or..." Skelette continued on, "... Filled with holy light..." It seemed that they were on terms of negotiating, now. "... You would have your own complete and utter will, however no matter what, if you use my power, I will have potential control... Though I never need it..." Skelette did not know what a 'panty raid' was... So it did not answer that.

"I just don't like the fact I'd be dead," the man finally admitted, finding that to be the source of his cowardice. "Can't ya do this without killing me?" he asked ignorantly, still blind to the fact that he was already dead.

Skelette shook its head.

"... No... My abilities involve death... There is no way."

"I don't think I feel like dying today," the man finally concluded, "So, I'll get back to you on that one. Thank you anyways," he said.

He looked into the sky and began to float upwards.

Skelette swiftly manifested its body off elsewhere.
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Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream

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PostSubject: Re: Risen From The Grave...   Risen From The Grave... EmptyTue Jul 02, 2019 2:12 am

Grave 6: Staring At The Night Sky

In the distance rested a lone church upon a grassy knoll, known to be a countryside refuge for the coming passerby or wandering vagrant. It stood high and prominent, seen from the distance and understood to be a shelter for miles around, though it was the only building in the location for quite the stretch. A young church girl in a nun's attire who lived here under the watchful eye of the serving elder nuns ventured out from her church late at night and smiled as she laid in the grass looking at the sky, her angelic wings spread out under her. It was clear that she was unlike the other nuns, being of angelic descent. Her life energy signature was prominent even among the living.

Skelette's body would manifest in front of her, the small, dim light glowing under the abyss of its hood staring directly at her, however Skelette staying silent.

The little nun blinked and then smiled, saying, "Hello!" to our traveler, greeting it in the same fashion as she would any of the wanderers that came into the vicinity of the church, ready to take it in despite its appearance. She smiled warmly to Skelette, as though being inviting toward it.

Skelette remained silent, feeling no need to speak to this creature of the living... Instead, it would stare directly down at the ground, as it usually always did, turning its back to her.

"Well, that was rude!" the young nun said, sitting up and then flying of the ground with a flap of her wings.

Skelette did not turn around or look up. "... No meaning to greetings..." was all it said.

The young church girl tilted her head, trying to get a good look at what was under the hood of whom she spoke to, "Well, that's probably the most untrue sentence I've heard... In my life." The teachings of the church and her angelic descent made her more friendly than the average human, and her heart was full of innocent purity. She could not understand the views nor actions of one so antisocial as Skelette, yet welcomed it warmly with her demeanor nonetheless.

Skelette was silent for some moments.

"... Why... Do you say that...?"

The angelic church girl now floated upside-down as she flew in front of Skelette. "Cuz," she said with a grin, "It's your first impression you make on someone. And my, you're, I'd say, grumpy!" she went on, poking at Skelette whilst she smiled. It seemed that the young angel was very curious about the disposition and composition of the wayward Skelette, having never before encountered something like it in her very short lifetime.

Skelette was silent for some moments.

"... I am not grumpy," Skelette responded, "I have no emotions..." Skelette would raise its 'head,' however, even with the gleaming of a single green light that was its eye, its entire face could not be seen through the eternal darkness of the hood...

The angel girl turned so that she was right-side up. "That's not the kind of vibe you're giving me." She blinked, somewhat confused by the actions and reactions of Skelette. "But, oh well. So why don't you have any emotions?"

Skelette would start to move its body sloooooowwwly elsewhere, stating, "... Because of what I am... And what I once was..." and nothing more.

The angelic nun followed Skelette as it moved away from her, continuing to speak to it, saying, "Well, that doesn't mean you can't be taught them!" Apparently, she was very adamant about the feelings of others being morally proper and therefore something that everyone harbored within, even if not initially. She was well prepared to be the one who would educate the tacit Skelette in the ways of emotion and expression if it were to be staying with her in the church.

Skelette suddenly launched a bit of dark energy at the angelic nun as a warning to her, not ceasing in his... very, very slow moving. "... I cannot be taught anymore..." A tail of what seemed to be bones made of Shini Energy slithered from under Skelette's cloak, arcing upward like a snake ready to strike...

Without much effort, the angelic nun dodged the energy by flight. "Calm down, grumpy pants! I was just trying to help," she said as she flew back to the place she was watching the stars, angry.

Skelette stopped for a moment.

"... The only way you could help... Is if you became my minion...."

The nun looked over her shoulder at Skelette and rose an eyebrow. "Minion?"

Skelette turned to her, though still quite distant, saying, "... I need your life... You would become my undead minion..."

At this proposal, the angelic nun merely blinked innocently, responding with, "Umm, no thanks. I still have other people to help. Maybe when I've done all I can, I'll be your minion!" She smiled, completely sincerely.

Skelette's eye would dim. "... I shan't ever find a suitable undead minion... I will wither..." Skelette would start on its way, sloooooowly, once again.

The angel blinked, but then waved. "Don't give up hope, you'll find them! Byeeee!"

Skelette remained silent, suddenly letting its body manifest into another area nearby...
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Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream
Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream

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Grave 7: Desert Egg

At the edges of the land, where the grassland became desert, a mummy could be seen walking out of a sarcophagus -- which had shot up out of the sand -- carrying a bandage-covered egg, looking around after exiting. "Here's a nice place," the mummy said, then causing a large bed of sand to form, which he placed the egg in, the sand then wrapping around it too, protecting it. He looked around, wondering if he would have any company. The egg needed to be warmed, but the mummy needed something to do in the meantime.

Skelette would appear in a small burst of energy, a singular light glowing in the abysmal darkness of the shadows under his hood. It stared at the one in its way, saying nothing.

The mummy would look at the sudden figure, as his hand clasped his katana firmly. "Hum... It seems I should know you. Perhaps a dual would reveal who you are?" he would say, continuing to keep his hand on his katana, just in case.

From under the robe, two weapons made themselves known... a scythe -- the Reaperblade -- and a sword -- the Dark Blade. They floated near Skelette's head, the Dark Blade pointing at the mummy, acknowledging the battle, before Skelette began to move sloooooowly toward him...

The mummy would quickly take his hand off of his katana, then held out his hands. His bandages started to shoot outwards, revealing six different ends. From the ends, a seal on each end glowed and released a kunai from each end. The bandages then tied themselves around their respective kunai, then shot towards Skelette. The bandages cut themselves after several feet of being shot out, all making their way to Skelette at different angles and heights.

As for the sword, the mummy would start to run in a circle, making his way in the circumference around Skelette, moving away from the weapon now.

The ground would begin to rumble under Skelette, a gleam of light shining brightly for a moment from under its hood -- the gleam being its eye.

"The Rotten..."

As this was said, many energies rose from the ground, creating the upper torso of a large monstrosity; a gigantic skeleton made of Skelette's Shini Energy, formed into Shini Bones. Skelette was mounted on top of its head. The beast slashed its overly large, powerful, skeletal claws at the bandages to disintegrate them, and whatever were to touch the bones of The Rotten. The Rotten's body, though stuck in one place, could indeed rotate. From the stem of the spinal cord up, the gigantic monster skeleton of decay spun, letting its claws rip and roar through everything they could to disintegrate what they touched, which seemed to be aimed for the mummy.

As the kunai and bandages flew near Skelette and his monster, before they were completely disintegrated, the mummy do hand seals and all of the seals on the bandages that remained glowed, suddenly releasing a large amount of bombs. These bombs hit the ground very near to the monster, letting off a large explosion. Nevertheless, as the bandages disintegrated completely, the mummy would use the explosion to his advantage, suddenly vanishing using the smokescreen as cover. He then popped out of the ground far behind the giant, starting to do hand signs. The mummy thrust in an outward motion toward the giant, large gusts of wind shooting out from behind him.

One gust would carry a long tangle of bandages way up into the sky above the monster and the mummy, as the second gust formed itself into about ten wind blades which burst towards the Skeleton and Skelette, trying to slice them in half. At the same time, the ground under the monster suddenly granulated as it became a huge pool of sinking sand, trying to drag the skeleton down into the ground. As this happened, large spiny missiles of sand shot upwards toward Skelette, trying to hit him from all different directions.

The mummy began to create a seal again, making sure to keep enough distance between himself, the giant and Skelette.

Skelette merely let out the words "... Rest...." and The Rotten would return to the pure energy that it once was, since Skelette knew that its usefulness was heading nowhere. Skelette slowly fell from the sky, however as the bandages came within a 10 foot radius of Skelette, its two bladed weapons still equipped slashed them up nonstop with intense speed and power.

As for the wind blades, from under Skelette's cloak would appear its Shini Bones, which were basically indestructible, and as such, they'd be able to withstand the attack, though afterward they were forced back under the cloak.

To the sand, Skelette used its Organic Power, which caused the Shini Energy to be injected into the earth under it and explode, thus making the sand explode, meaning that it was no more. Skelette landed on safe ground, slowly turning toward the mummy once more, then started its way sloooowly toward him once again.

With the bandages -- which were up higher in the sky -- in pieces, the mummy would continue to hand seal. Some of the corresponding seals on the tattered bandages glowed, suddenly sending large amounts of a burning acidic liquid upon Skelette's weapons and Skelette, itself. The acidic liquid was enough to burn through materials harder than carbon steel, so likely the weapons -- and possibly Skelette -- were in danger of being eaten away, as the acid would most likely hit them.

Meanwhile, the mummy finished sealing, and suddenly a huge ball of flames blasted out of his mouth toward Skelette, trying to burn him up from below. As the ball came from below Skelette, the mummy spread his hands out and more sand would spread around the area.

Skelette merely created The Dead, which was an exact replica of his foe -- the mummy -- however it was lifeless... Basically like a voodoo doll. Whatever was done to The Dead would be done to the mummy, and Skelette was planning to use it as a shield, lifting it up and flinging it into the acid.

As for the fire, Skelette would release a giant fist of Shini Energy bigger than a house -- the Golem Punch -- directly at the fireball to engulf and suffocate it before the fist was retracted.

Finally, Skelette summoned The Slave, a spirit that used the natural surroundings as its weapon, to be a sand spirit, due to the sudden appearance of sand. The Slave commanded the sand and compacted it into a singular ball.

When the acid hit the doll, the bandages would naturally protect it from the acid, and thus both the mummy and the voodoo doll would be unaffected, yet the bandages that were hit would peel themselves off like a snake's skin.

Meanwhile, the mummy would quickly cause another fireball to erupt from his mouth, hitting the ball of sand. He also surrounded it with wind, causing the sand to become a ball of glass, which was not under the control of the Slave. As such, the mummy made the glass shatter.

Last but not least, the mummy made a final seal. As the acid that hit the voodoo doll had raw absorptive energy in it from being within the bandages, the mummy would use that raw absorptive energy to suddenly activate the seals on the doll's bandages. Each seal summoned up some paper bombs, all aimed at Skelette, then blow up, causing another explosion which would hopefully hurt him, if not startle, confuse, and blast him a few yards away.

The mummy would then hit himself in the gut, readying himself for a special technique, if need be.

Skelette's green, gleaming eye suddenly turned red as it used its Body Manifestation to materialize itself high into the air.

".. Nuisance..." Skelette bellowed, "Begone with 'The Chaos'..."

A large, dark sphere of Shini Energy and Graveyard Havoc appeared in the center of the field, sucking in the energy from the paper bombs to grow larger and more powerful, having the suction of a black hole. Skelette hovered at the top of it, its cloak fluttering in the wind high above the the sphere that was pulling in whatever it could, likely even the mummy before the second phase of The Chaos came to be...

"Damn..." the mummy muttered under his breath, feeling the seal on his chest glow as suddenly all the bandages fell off of him and slithered into the ground. All that was left would be the mummy's underbody, which was earthen in form -- solid and hard, like stone. He looked a lot like an Earth Elemental, but that is what kept him protected from stronger attacks underneath the enchanted bandages.

The mummy -- now revealed to be a golem -- suddenly rooted himself to the sand and the earth under it, causing all the ground underneath to become super hard and resistant to the pulling force, for now. Simultaneously, huge columns of solidified earth blasted out of the ground, still being super hard to resist the pull, and aimed for Skelette on top, trying to offset it from the large ball of sucking energy. The mummy golem would continue to stand there rooted, also causing the air which whipped into the ball form a sort of tornado, which tried sucking in and picking up to throw Skelette whilst the winds were sucked into the ball, or hopefully just knock Skelette from atop.

That abyss of massive suction -- The Chaos -- soon compacted, Skelette falling down from it as it did, mostly to avoid the earth. As for the tornado...


The compacted singularity which was The Chaos released its energy, exploding in a massive manner, attempting to take everything with it as well, growing ever slowly and ever larger whilst eating at and destroying everything that got into its way. There was no trace of Skelette while the blast was going on, however... Curious as to why.

As the explosion went on, the mummy golem assimilated into the earth, disappearing and avoiding any and all of the explosion that may have come his way. After the explosion finished, he reappeared, formulating out of the ground further away from the explosion. As he rose, he cast his energy out, making sure that the egg was okay, and that it was in a safe place. Once it was certain that the egg was still protected after all of this time in battle, the mummy golem casted energy around in search of Skelette, wondering where it had gone to. "Ah, hello?"

Without warning, Skelette manifested itself directly behind the mummy golem, staring with its red eye, which soon reverted back to green. "... It's not over... yet..." Shini Bones shot out from the ground like spikes, traveling through the ground via the power of Shini Energy as a medium rather than through pure force, as not to exert so much force to break through the hardened ground, since it would delay attacks. Skelette drew the Dark Blade at the mummy golem, readied for if this earthen construct planned for attacking Skelette while he was close, and the Reaperblade ready for any counterstrike that must be made as well.

At first sound of Skelette's voice, the mummy golem somersaulted away, not really expecting it to appear directly behind him. He made sure to stay out of the way of the Shini Bones, making certain that they didn't come into any contact.

However, the mummy golem was still ready to attack.

He hit the ground with his hands causing huge shockwaves to travel through it so that the ground would shake so hard, Skelette wouldn't be able to stand upon it. Cracks appeared all throughout the ground and long spires of earth erupted all around Skelette, trying to block it in. The shockwaves would have also disrupted the Shini Bones in the ground, as the earth down there had shifted, possibly breaking them all up. Once the earth spires appeared around Skelette, many needles of earth shot from them, trying to pierce Skelette from all sides.

Mummy Golem: "I do not intend it to be over so quickly..."

Skelette, technically having no legs, would not be effected by the shaking earth, and thus, did not fall. The Shini Bones reverted to an energy form rather than solid form, flowing through and contaminating the ground which attempted to break them. As such, the ground then filled with Shini Energy, which Skelette sought to link to the mummy golem by tracing the source back to him, trying to implant Shini Energy within him. Skelette then slashed the spires with its Dark Blade and released the Dark Magic from within the blade all around, thus letting the Dark Magic take over and destroy the earthen prison as well as the spikes, allowing Skelette to move slowly, ever closer to its goal -- the mummy golem.

Since the mummy golem was connected to the earth, the Shini Energy hit him before he had time to leap out. He knelt on the ground, feeling the energy being implanted within him... However, that's when the seal on his chest began to glow. All at once, through the top of his head -- where the energy had not spread -- a large green vine sprung out, leaving the empty shell of earth that was once the mummy golem's body. The green vine shaped itself in mid-air into a third form of the earthen elemental -- the Plant Form.

The now plantoid golem looked down at his body in amazement, landing on the sand further away from Skelette. He then looked towards Skelette, grinning slightly evilly. The plant golem quickly thrust his hand out towards a tree and once his hand stretched straight to the top, he pulled himself toward it. When he landed, standing sideways on the tree, he decided to check out his new abilities that stemmed from this new form he had taken on, since it had never before been achieved by him until this battle with Skelette. He would thrust his hand into the tree and suddenly, buds formed on the tree, all over the tree -- and not just this tree, but also many others surrounding the area. As all the buds formed, they all suddenly burst open, sending hundreds of seeds toward Skelette, each of them having very sharp projections on them so that they would cut through most anything when sent against it. They would came from every direction at Skelette, trying to invade its form.

Skelette's eye gleamed "... The Glutton..." With that, a giant skeletal head of energy manifested out of thin air, opening its gigantic, gluttonous mouth. It began to suck in everything it could, more specifically, the seeds and the trees. Skelette knew the power of The Glutton and refused to use any Shini Energy whilst it was out at the risk of The Glutton consuming it, for it drew everything into its abysmal mouth. Skelette did, however, manifest himself on top of its head, awaiting the plant golem to be devoured or escape somehow.

As suddenly as everything around was being sucked in and eaten, the plant golem vanished, appearing quite a few yards away, still keeping far enough away so that when he made his many roots ingrain themselves into the ground, he wouldn't have a chance of being sucked up. The seeds were still shooting from all directions, and since Skelette was standing a top of The Glutton now, the plant golem weaved a few more seals. Suddenly all the oncoming seeds burst, sending out a huge amount of vines which extended around and tied anything down. These vines appeared from the trees too, becoming a huge sphere of vines around Skelette and the Glutton.

Skelette could not control what The Glutton ate, but surely enough, Skelette still did control The Glutton itself. With a flash from its eye, The Glutton was gone and Skelette was ensnared, though not for long...

"... The Rotten..." Is what Skelette would say once more, the skeletal upper torso of a monstrosity forming from the ground and slashing with its disintegrating claws, thus freeing Skelette. Skelette used its Body Manifestation to materialize itself on top of The Rotten's head as it had done The Glutton. This time, Skelette implanted a tail-like bone made of Shini Energy from under its cloak into the head of The Rotten. Skelette was feeding it power... Enough to make it grow larger and stronger. The Rotten grew in size slowly, swiping its massive claws at the plant golem, who grew tiny in the eyes of Skelette and The Rotten.

The plant golem quickly uprooted himself, seeing the Glutton gone, then vanished into the ground completely. After a few silent moments, he shot out of the ground some distance behind Skelette, and the Giant. The plant golem wore a large smile on his face, making a few seals, and suddenly the ground under and all around Skelette and the Rotten erupted in a massive explosion. This was due to the plant golem leaving a whole bunch of plant bombs that were grown on his back all around under the pair as he went through the ground. The explosion was enough to totally envelope the giant, and even reach Skelette. The plant golem continued to stand there and watch, wondering if the explosion would make much difference.

Skelette knew what it had to do. It had an ability for this; the Dragon's Anger. This technique rendered heat and fire absolutely useless, and since Skelette was touching The Rotten, that would take this immunity as well, thus nullifying the effects of the explosions. The Rotten continued to grow to epic proportions, its claw almost able to sweep through the entire area completely. As it did once before, it would outstretch its claws and begin to rotate once again, disintegrating whatever were to touch it whilst it was spinning. It sought to churn the lands and the plant golem with it.

"Are you serious...?" the plant golem said, seeing his attack was useless. Yet, he also noticed that something else changed. He swiftly disappeared into the ground, starting to make hand seals. All of a sudden, long stalks of branches grew up underneath the monster, and on those stalks would be grown many Plant Bombs. As this happened, the plant golem blasted himself out of the ground high above Skelette. The plant golem caused the bombs to explode and as the sudden heat and air blasted outwards, he aimed his arm forward, thrusting a punch towards Skelette as to carry himself along the the force of the explosion. His arm grew to the size of a bus, covered with thorns. Using the air from the explosion, he would make whirlwinds appear around Skelette, trying to keep him in place with their power from the explosion whilst also slicing and dicing him.

It was lucky that Skelette still had its weapons, the Dark Blade and Reaperblade. It would swiftly bring forth the Dark Blade, knowing what it was doing. "... Know the power of Dark Magic..." The sword harbored an aura around it to combat the fist, and Skelette would merely hold up the Dark Blade, letting the fist make contact. Once it did, it would succumb to the power of the Dark Annihilation, one of the special abilities of the Dark Blade. With contact made, numerous energies flowed into, constricted and immobilized the foe in every way through the mind and soul. When immobilized, Skelette assumed slashing and hacking at least one thousand times, each slash cutting away at the energies the foe used to fuel his power, absorbing it into the Dark Blade. Naturally, the final strike stripped the foe of any remaining energy, leaving Skelette with all of the converted energy.

"... Finish.."

The Rotten would stop spinning and held up its hands over its head to keep Skelette and the plant golem in place whilst Skelette dealt the finishing blow with the Dark Annihilation of the Dark Blade.

Even as Skelette drained the energy from out of the plant golem through the fist that was its huge arm, it surged with its special absorptive energy, which had the special power to convert any energy that it touched into itself. When it was flooded with the Dark Magic, all the Dark Magic was converted into energy for the plant golem, which would replenish him.

As this happened, the fist became super heavy. Now, since it was flowing with so much energy, the hacks of the sword merely bounced off and the plant hand hardened itself, trying to basically squish Skelette. Then, the plant golem released its roots to wrap around Skelette with many specially charged vines, trying to convert any and all of his energies too so that Skelette would be left drained. Either way, being so close to Skelette, the plant golem aimed to pull Skelette upwards toward him, trying to take it away from the giant. Meanwhile, the plant golem would be using wind technique from earlier to keep him up in the air, also growing propeller like projections of plants to assist with floatation.

Skelette would be squished into its own summon, releasing the Dragon's Anger... Yet to its advantage. Skelette, being attached to The Rotten, would have only the energy siphoned from The Rotten rather than from Skelette, itself. Skelette detached itself from The Rotten, using Body Manifestation to materialize itself in the sky. The Rotten would then vanish.


Skelette's eye became a burning red, the gleam so bright that it could be seen through the entire area... Suddenly, its cloak spread across the sky, veiling everything in the darkness that resided under its cloak.

"... The Abyss..."

Skelette slowly descended toward the ground. "... Take him and everything with him..." It would suddenly start to suck in everything under the cloak with the force of a black hole, changing whatever was touched or fell into the cloak into Shini Energy... ".. To the graveyard..."

As the plant golem gained quite a bit of energy from Skelette, he would quickly stretch his other arm at faster speeds, using it to hit the ground, retracting his body came with it, disappearing into the ground, only to leave Skelette and his cloak in the sky coming down. The plant golem knew that Skelette was coming toward the ground, which was where he was hidden. Thus, eventually, the plant golem would get sucked up.

Plant Golem: "Backup Plan... Sarcophagus!"

The sarcophagus erupted from underground along with the plant golem, its lid opened and the egg inside. He patted his egg, then vanished into the portal inside, the sarcophagus disappearing back into the ground. After being warped by the sarcophagus, the plant golem appeared in the air above Skelette -- well above its cloak's underside -- and thus, outside its sucking power. After appearing there, the plant golem generated a plethora of Plant Bombs and seeds, which would all rain down towards the falling Skelette.

Skelette already had a plan in motion. Skelette could not see, but could hear the plant golem and his thoughts through Skelette's own means of talking and communicating, which tended to be some sort of one-way telepathic vibration. As such, Skelette could sense the plant golem above it. With that, Skelette conjured the Wolf's Fang ability, opening up its hood a great length and drawing all of the seeds into the alternate realm within the depths of Skelette's cloak. Naturally, Skelette had control in there, and whatever went in would succumb to its will. So, if the plant golem was devoured by the giant, expanding hood, it would clamp down upon him like wolves jaws and clamp him in. There was now nowhere to go; not up, nor down, for each way there was an abyss into Skelette.

"Damn..." the plant golem cursed, sensing that he had just been trapped. He hung his head. "I give..." he said lowly, wondering what Skelette would do with him now that he would probably be sucked into the cloak.

Skelette suddenly retracted all of its cloak right back into its body, landing on the ground gently and turning to the sky to looking toward the plant golem. "... Twas interesting..." Skelette mumbled, yet its voice echoing outward, "Would you care to be my minion...?"

The plant golem finally landed on the ground, his body soon taking on bandages as he turned towards Skelette.

Plant Golem: "Depends on what being your 'Minion' entails..."

Skelette shook its head.

"... Death." was all that it said, still staring at the plant golem.

The plant golem narrowed his eyes at Skelette, saying, "I have already passed through death once... What comes after...?"

Skelette was intrigued now, "... You are... Undead...? I need the undead..."

"Well, I was betrayed..." the plant golem began to explain, "But something... Something brought me back..." There was a forlorn look in its plantoid eye as it spoke. "I don't know how nor why... But I'm here..." he would say, a little confused. "However, since I'm back, am I really undead...? Or just reincarnated...?" the plant golem asked, poking at his bandages, which seemed to only have the mummified body under, of which the bandages protected.

Skelette was silent for a moment "... If you are truly undead, then my Necromantic abilities can run through you... And you can become my minion, harboring a small portion of my power... As I have just demonstrated to you..." Skelette turned its back, starting to move sloooooowly in an opposing direction. "... Though, if not..."

"And what do you want in return?" the mummified plant golem would ask, walking towards Skelette slowly, interested in receiving more power.

Skelette stopped once more, turning around to greet his eyes.

"... Your soul."

"So, you're going to take my soul in exchange for a few abilities...?" the mummified plant golem inquired curiously. "Hum..." he muttered, holding his hand against his chin, thinking for a moment. "As long as you leave my soul in my body... I don't see a problem..."

Skelette would swiftly stab the mummified plant golem with a long, skeletal tail of Shini Bone Energy.

"... Do not resist..."

Quickly, the tail would slither out and back under the robe.

"... It is over..."

The mummified plant golem looked down at his body, and then back at Skelette.

Mummified Plant Golem: "Ah, I don't feel any different..."

Skelette shook its head. "... It is only natural. I have only given you a small portion of my power. Nothing big. The claws of The Rotten and mouth of The Glutton. Since you cannot fully control my power or fully summon my abilities and monsters... A bit of their power is embedded within you whenever you call upon it... Whether it be The Rotten's claw or The Glutton's mouth..." Skelette would move a bit closer. "Try it... However, you can only muster up my Graveyard Havoc abilities... The energy that comes from it is your own... No Shini Energy..."

"I see..." the mummified plant golem said, as he focused the new energy into his hands, then swiped outwards. It seemed more skeletal-like with the new energy. As he swiped it through a near by tree, it seemed to decay and simply turn to dust where it was struck. The mummified plant golem would then grab the tree with his other hand, causing the part that he touched to be sucked into his hand as though it were like 'The Glutton's mouth, able to eat anything and convert it into energy for him now.

"Wow, that's amazing..." The mummified plant golem stated with appreciation, "Thank you..." He then realized that Skelette was his master now and was probably going to be seeking his aid. "Ah, am I going to expect that you're going to call on me or something because of this?"

Skelette did not respond, merely beginning to move ever so sloooooowwwly in that arbitrary direction once more...

"Well... Thank you..." the mummified plant golem said softly, turning then and disappearing through the sarcophagus, his egg still intact.
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Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream
Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream

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Grave 8: First Strike; Attacking The Swamps

During the time that Skelette was out traversing the land of the nation all the way up to the borders, a small purple portal opened up inside the leader office of the Swamp Village. Coming out of the portal was a machine like girl, who looked 100% robotic with nothing but a blade of energy coming from her arm. As she came into being the office flashed blue and eventually converted the room into a data field which she could control.

She stood there waiting for someone to come.

Skelette's 'body' seemed to manifest itself in the office, sensing trouble from very far away.

"... Banish yourself..." was all that was heard as the normally green light glowing within the infinite darkness of the hood turned red.

A little bit after Skelette appeared, the Swamp Mistress also appeared a little ways back from the two, arms crossed, and her familiar -- the Swamp attendant -- in the guise of large dog at her side.

"This should be interesting...." she would say as she continued to stay back and watch. The only thing different about her was that she seemed to be glowing green, and her eyes had her special eye technique -- the Decaying Eye -- activated in them, watching the two closely. The hound watched in silence.

"The King welcomes You..." the robotic girl said in a monotonous voice, "... To your death." As the girl spoke, her body began to fade into the Blue Void of data which she created.

In a split second, she appeared again, taking the form of a beautiful girl -- non-robotic in appearance. Her hair was flowing and her body looked like media's view of perfection. In her hand was a sword; a sword most people would be familiar with if they saw it -- But Skelette and the Swamp Mistress, probably not. It was the Soul Reaver; a blade that which if something was cut, its soul would be purged and locked away for eternity.

Skelette could feel the deathly power in the sword... For such a soul sucking sword was similar to its two weapons, which also stole souls. The scythe and sword would appear before Skelette, floating around it.

"... The Rotten..."

With that, a giant upper torso of a monstrous skeletal being shot straight up from the ground, then arced over the entire area, Skelette atop its head. The claws of The Rotten easily matched the size of the building combined, and these claws instantly disintegrated whatever they touched. The Rotten glared at the girl with a malice similar to Skelette's, or rather, a malice Skelette would feel if it truly had feelings.

"... Disintegrate."

In a fell swipe, The Rotten would slash across the entire area before it, dissolving everything that touched its claws in front of it. Skelette kept its eye on the girl, the Reaperblade scythe and Dark Blade sword ready to be activated...

Being in a void of pure data, there would be no ground nor building.

As the girl held out her weapon, and as Skelette also pulled out his weapons, the Swamp Mistress teleported back farther, watching. Her eyes -- the Decaying Eye -- were locked on the girl, and as they were, they were quickly degrading her and everything about her with the power of advanced entropy. Thus, as time dragged on, the girl's energy would continue dropping, as well as her physical strength, speed, defense, and so on. Eventually she would be just worn out totally, but thats not something she was aware of.

The rest was being left up to Skelette for now, who could probably take the girl. So, there would the Swamp Mistress watch with her Swamp attendant hound at her side, making sure to stay alert, keeping her eyes on the girl.

"Skelette dear..." the Swamp Mistress would say, focusing, "Make an example of her to show what happens to anyone who is going to attack these Swamps..." She winked, "Please...?"

As the Rotten swung, it would gain momentum. From this momentum, data particles shattered and were eaten away by it's disintegrating ability. The voided area left from the disintegrated data particles would suddenly begin to purge whatever was demolishing the area much like an antivirus program deletes and purges a virus. The same antivirus-like system began tearing at the Swamp Mistress and Skelette, trying to purge their bodies and delete them from existence whilst within the Blue Void.

The woman herself had no part of the data realm that they were inside of and therefore nothing done to her could stop them from being contained. Pulling her body backwards, she rushed for the more defenseless Swamp Mistress, who was doing nothing more than floating there. Pulling her sword back, she would take a swing at nothing. The swing would be enough to grasp onto the soul and make any attack done to the digital girl redirect itself towards the Swamp Mistress.

A small Black Void formed behind Skelette and coming from it would be a clone of the King -- called a 'Kingra' -- wielding the Millennium Warhammer.

Skelette could feel whatever was trying to pull it apart like it did The Rotten... And yet, it would fail, only because of what existed under Skelette's cloak.

Swiftly, Skelette muttered "... The Confused..." and suddenly, a large black aura appeared around Skelette...

This aura was not made of any normal space, and nullified the existence of other spaces near it. Thus, this realm was of Skelette's own creation. Because of its own natural abilities, the 'antivirus' mechanism would cease to work on Skelette, since this aura nullified the use of any energy-based capabilities. If the Swamp Mistress could not handle herself, she was welcome to come into The Confused aura, since Skelette could choose whom or what it took effect on. Skelette was hoping to pull the digital girl in, making all of her abilities null and void once she entered, and then both Skelette and its partner leader of the Swamp Village could commence in brutally beating the digital girl down. Though, while The Confused was active, Skelette could use no more Graveyard Havoc... So, it'd have to resort to attacking with its Shini Bones made of Shini Energy, which required no Graveyard Havoc to utilize.

"... Shocking Grasp..."

From under Skelette's robe came two massive skeletal hands. One was to grab the Kingra and the other was to grab the digital girl. Since the Kingra was directly behind Skelette, he was already trapped within The Confused, and all of his powers would become useless, and even the Black Void would seal itself. While using Shocking Grasp, Skelette was able to crush the Kingra as well as drain him of all energies to power itself up.

Skelette sloooooooowly made its way closer to the girl, still trying to grab her with the Shocking Grasp...

Now, while everything had been going on, the Swamp Mistress had been continuing to stare at the digital girl, and since the Swamp Mistress had the Decaying Eye activated, the various degrading effects would continue on the digital girl, thus her control over her powers, and the powers themselves would steadily decrease in effectiveness. Therefore, all the degenerating and disintegrating that the girl was doing would be far slower, and way less destructive than it ordinarily would have been.

However, as she shot towards the Swamp Mistress, the Swamp Mistress would explode, sending huge streams of entropic energy everywhere, which would decay and destroy anything it touched within milliseconds time. As she exploded, she disappeared, only leaving the streaming aura of entropic energy behind.

She soon reappeared near Skelette, her Swamp attendant familiar on her shoulder in the guise of a hawk. The Swamp Mistress snapped her fingers, and a few bottles appeared in her hands. "Here you go, Skele..." she would say as she poured one of the bottles on Skelette's huge bone hands. This potion was Skele-Gro, and would boost his bone powers by twenty times what they were, and thus, they would be sure to crush whatever they came into contact with.

Meanwhile, seven of the Swamp Mistress' clones would appear around her, each one staring towards the digital girl, each bearing the Decaying Eye. Therefore, the power of seven times the decaying and degrading force from before would be placed upon the nameless digital girl. Thus, she would immediately feel her energy drop, as well as her control over her powers and their effectiveness. She would also feel her very being start to unravel itself, as soon, with the seven times boost, she herself would be decayed to nothingness.

As for the other bottles, the Swamp Mistress threw them out past Skelette's field, exploded, and diffused through the area -- one bottle being a 'Forgetfulness Potion' and the other a 'Draught of Living Death'. Anything outside the field -- minus their own powers -- would be both effected by becoming extremely tired, eventually falling into a never ending sleep, and also extremely forgetful. Any powers or energy -- minus their own -- would also then become sluggish and non-responsive to their owner's commands. All this would be enough to basically make all of the digital girl's powers nearly nullified.

Kingra: "You DISGUSTING people rely too much on your energy based abilities and lack the courage to fight on your own."

As Kingra spoke, the Soul Reaver appeared in his free hand. The Kingra would indeed be caught inside this void of Skelette's, but not for long. Holding out the Millennium Warhammer he began to pulse and resonate with a radiating power that would seem to act on all frequencies and wavelengths, inevitably canceling out all energy based attacks and abilities. Another wave would rush out making all mind based abilities such as summoning and anything else mind-based virtually useless. All that was left to do was hand to hand or weapon to weapon combat.

The entirety of the Data field began to collapse on itself. If it wasn't stopped all the people inside would cease to exist and would be virtually erased from time. The entire field would rapidly pulse on all levels and frequencies making any attempts to nullify it impossible.

The much weaker digital girl who was summoned burst into a shower of particles, gone for good. If one could destroy the Kingra, the Black Void would cease to function and all abilities would return to the area.

Skelette, being an entity that was made of something that wasn't exactly physical and wasn't exactly energy, merely could not use some of its Graveyard Havoc at the moment. "... Energy... That is Skelette. Somewhat..." Skelette, not able to use true hand-to-hand combat because of its technical lack of hands, would have to just use whatever physical attacks it had. The Death Wing was one, which sprouted two gigantic skeletal wings from its 'back' with the ability to rob lives with just a touch or flap. They released a special decayed wind that had the same effect... Yet, he could not control it if one touched its partner, so it was best if she did not get near Skelette. Skelette also had the Titan Fist, which was a massive fist with the force of a planet in every punch it had.

Yet, instead of actually attacking the Kingra, Skelette summoned The Dead -- which was basically a voodoo copy of the foe, except it was unable to move -- and whatever was done to it would be done to the foe. The only way Skelette could create The Dead was if the foe actually physically touched Skelette once or was within one of Skelette's attacks... Hence, when the Kingra came into the void of Skelette. As such, The Dead could be created with all Voodoo properties in play.

Skelette smashed The Dead with its Titan Fist, bearing the force of a planet falling upon this doll, which should most definitely crush it. If somehow, the Titan Fist didn't kill the Kingra, then Skelette would have the Death Wings to touch him, then. Naturally, with the twenty times power boost still on Skelette, the Titan Fist does twenty times that of a falling planet and the Death Wings are twenty times as large (and they are 100 feet to begin with.)

As all of the various nullifying energy spread around the field, the Swamp Mistress quickly realized what was happening and as she did, she pulled out her poison sword. She immediately downed a Grand Wit-Sharpening Potion that she had in her sleeve. Upon doing this, she vanished in a flash of movement, her overall speed being extended way beyond its normal means.

She reappeared out of her blurring speed well outside of Skelette's reach and moved in from the other side of the Kingra whilst drawing out a few more potions and quite a few metal needles. In a flash, about 50 metal needles were airborne and moving at an excellent speed towards the Kingra. Concealed upon these metal needles were some of the Exploding Fluid and Shrinking Potion juices which the Swamp Mistress dipped them in before.

With all this going, as soon as the metal needles reached Kingra, they would explode with tremendous force. Within the explosion, they sent out large amounts of the Shrinking Potion juice upon the Kingra and his hammer. If he tried to stop the explosion, he would not only be faced with being blown to bits, but also rapidly shrunk to the side of a pinhead, or smaller. With Skelette's attacks taking up most of the sound and view, the Kingra might not even see the attack coming, since the Swamp Mistress disappeared beforehand.

After launching the attack, the Swamp Mistress vanished in a blur of speed again, not wanting the Kingra to capture her position. She would then reappear behind Skelette, but well enough away not to be hit by its techniques.

A sudden force would overtake the Kingra. In a second, it would suddenly vanish leaving the Soul Reaver behind.The Millennium Warhammer vanished as well, making the realm the Kingra had created simply vanish from existence. A very loud voice could be heard calling the King's name.

When the Swamp Mistress felt her powers return, she sheathed her poison blade, stepped forward, touched the ground and suddenly, a huge tree with a tree house shot out of the ground, growing the office back the way that it had been before, as though nothing happened.

"That was certainly interesting..." the Swamp Mistress muttered, turning to see the Soul Reaver stuck in the ground. She approached it, but didn't touch it.

"Skele..." the Swamp Mistress inquired cutely, "Mind if I have this...?" she would ask, since Skelette already had weapons like this. She thought it might not have any need for it.

Skelette's Shini Energy was sucked back into its own cloak, making it look like the 3 foot tall skeletal robe that it was. Naturally, because Skelette DID have weapons like the Soul Reaver already, Skelette had no need for such a weapon... Skelette stared at the Swamp Mistress for a moment, then finally said, "... Yours." Skelette would sloooooowly move toward the Swamp Mistress, then look up to her, the singularity that was its eye gazing at hers. "... What was that?"

"Why thank you..." the Swamp Mistress would say, smiling, as she resisted the urge to pat Skelette on the head despite how cute he was. Instead, she reached out her hand and the entropic energy shot out and enveloped the entirety of the Soul Reaver, cleansing it of any outside influences or traps that might be set off once she touched it.

Once she had done, this, she lifted the sword by its hilt, weighing it in her hands. It was of a nice size and weight, a little longer and heavier than the poison blade, but not too bad all the same. Its ability was what she was after.

The Swamp Mistress would then turn to Skelette as she sheathed the blade. "What? Oh... Well, I'm not particularly sure... However, it was strangely familiar to another whom I know..." She paused. "Perhaps..." She would stop suddenly; her eyes narrowed. The very person that she was suggesting might know something about this had just happened to appear in the Swamp Village at that very second.

Good thing she was in such good condition to sense it.

"Hold that thought..." the Swamp Mistress would say, as she held up a finger for Skelette to stay where he was. She blazed with a fiery aura of entropic energy and then vanished, moving towards the spot where the general had just appeared. She was going to have a nice little talk with him about what happened just now.

Skelette seemed to be left out of the loop of the affairs of the village during the time that it was gone. It knew nothing of these new people nor the extension of the nation, or even how many people were now involved in the civil affairs of the Swamp Village. Things were turning out to become more and more politically unstable by the second, yet Skelette found next to nothing within to muster up any care for the situation. Even for its own goals, Skelette bore a very minimal amount of will to continue on with heightened determination, like it did when it fought.

During its time of resting, it reflected on the matters that were at hand and eventually decided that it would go seek out the purpose of its existence. It was drawn toward the innards of the Swamp Village, for some reason, and insisted on leaving before the Swamp Mistress returned... yet again.

Skelette manifested itself outside the door, then sloooooowly crept its way toward the Tavern, where it felt a significant life force.
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Grave 9: Look, Guys! It's Skelette!

The tavern of the Swamps village. A rather dusty place, all in all. It seemed as though Skelette had been the first one in this place... Huh. Odd. It could have sworn that it felt some life energy here. Seemed like most of the village was untouched... Was that good, or was it bad? Skelette did not know. Good and bad were not something it could decipher that well...

Regardless, Skelette slowly made its way in, sitting down on some random chair.

It was barren.

No one.

How lonely it felt... But did Skelette really feel? Who knows...

"... Swamp Mistress..." Skelette slightly cried out. It seemed like it wanted to make this place lively... Despite Skelette's overly un-lively attitude and personality.

???: "Ah..."

Someone walked into the seemingly empty tavern, wandering the various areas of her new 'home' nation. It would take some... a lot... of getting used to. Though, one sight in particular caught her interest; the hooded figure sitting not too far from her.

She sat by him, completely nonchalantly, grabbing a nearby empty glass and beginning to concoct a drink with her water-based energy... Wonder what sort of mix she'd make today...

Skelette noticed this newcomer, yet did not look toward her. It merely kept its head down, staring at the table. It did, however, begin to speak to her "... Skelette," it would say, as that was its way of introducing itself. Skelette was not much of a talker, even for a leader, hence why the Swamp Mistress had to do most of the public and political things in the Swamps.

Skelette was then silent, as if it were awaiting the girl to say something to it...

???: "Uh?"

Clearly it said something, but she wasn't sure if it was another language or a name, yet it sounded awfully familiar...

She played with the word in her head a little bit, thinking up what it might mean...

???: "Skel-ette... Skeleton... -ette. A girl Skeleton?"

Skelette turned its head, now only its gleaming green eye under the darker than black shadow of a cloak that seemed to be another realm able to be seen, itself.

"... Miniature Skeleton. Skelette."

Skelette's body then turned around to face the girl, continuously staring at her.

"... You?"

"Ooh..." The strange woman hadn't thought of that possibility, that the -ette was for something smaller, not simply feminine. Ah, well. That must have been the guy's name, at any rate. Playing along, she would decide to introduce herself in a similar manner.

???: "Brand-new Ninja, Genin~!"

Skelette looked down.

Its tone was emotionless.

It rarely spoke... It needed a medium.

Even if it were to talk to her through mental thoughts -- which it could only send and could not receive -- the words would still come out in the same way.

Decidedly, it was time to summon an undead creature to speak for it.

From under Skelette's robe came a long, thick tail that resembled a spinal cord, made completely of Shini Energy. From this, Skelette stabbed it deep into the ground, breaking the floor of the tavern in the process. Skelette was searching for any sort of dead creature that it could re-animate for the time being, so that it could talk for it. Finally, Skelette found something, and it would retract its spinal tail; the skeleton of some sort of tusked man rose from the ground.

"... Hello. I will be speaking on behalf of my new skeletal master. You are the new ninja of the Swamps? Ah, that is quite good... We have very little visitors. If I had emotions, I'm sure I would be very lonely..." the Tusked Skeleton would say in Skelette's voice.

"Oh, well that was certainly interesting," the new genin heard something about necromancy, but had admittedly never seen anything like it before.

Genin: "Huh, so you're a dead guy.. That's a really cool trick you have!"

She was pretty much beaming by now. Her darker... 'passions' had been in dire need of some spectacle, and here was a...

Well, she wasn't too sure what Skelette was.

Genin: "Say, Skelette... who exactly are you around here~?"

The Tusked Skeleton chuckled a bit. "... I am the leader of the Swamp Village. Or, one of them, rather. The Overlord of Doom. It is a rather lonely life out here... No one wishes to come to the Swamps. I have been alone since my existence was brought about. Since my necromancy assimilated itself within my bones, I have been alone..." The Tusked Skeleton looked to Skelette, shaking its head. "... Regardless of my life, what brought you to the Swamps? Or, even more so, to this lonely old tavern?"

The new genin was paying very close attention to Skelette, which was really quite rare for genin to do. Skelette really was a fascinating person - though it would only make sense that it was the leader aside from the Swamp Mistress.

"Ah, well... I tend to wander around a lot, and I got lost in the swamps and found this place~. It felt nice here, so I joined up with the Swamp Mistress, though I really haven't seen very many others around here..." Though she really wasn't too interested in stories anymore, she wanted to learn a few things from this being now.

Ah, that's right he was the other Leader, the one who could do Souzen... something.

Genin: "Hey, you're the guy that teaches the stuff the Swamp Mistress can't, right~?"

The Tusked Skeleton cocked its head. "Stuff that the Swamp Mistress cannot? Souzenryoku, you must mean, correct? Yes, I am the master of all of the Souzenryoku, really. There is one for each of the four major elements; Earth, Fire, Wind and Water. Which is your specialty? I can give you a Chomao and you will be free to train with it."

Skelette would then jump out of its chair and begin to slowly move itself to the genin. A tiny skeletal hand extended and touched her shoulder, as the Tusked Skeleton awaited her answer.

Genin: "O-oh, water.. definitely water!"

She had actually completely forgotten about the drink she had been stirring up, now just a glass full of pitch black liquid-energy. "Gah, what a waste."

Genin: "You can teach all of them? But... I wouldn't think such a thing is so easy..."

The Tusked Skeleton shook its head. "... Most definitely is not. But I am not normal. Normally, one cannot learn all four of the elements. I have, however. Besides, who would be there to teach, if not me?"

Just then, the Tusked Man disintegrated without a second thought, and Skelette used its Body Manifestation ability to materialize itself and the new genin back into the office of the leaders instantly, since Skelette actually moving itself there would take days.

Skelette moves so slooow~!
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Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream

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Grave 10: Someone Gets A Chomao

Skelette manifested back in the office, taking the new genin with it. Skelette rested on the desk and looked at the new genin.

"... Sleet."

Unfortunately for the genin, she did not get to choose which Chomao she got as her first one... But Sleet was a good one. Just then, the Water Aethereal Sleet would appear before the both of them in a downpour of watery energy.

"Oh..?" The whole teleportation process had taken the kunoichi by surprise, and so she was still getting used to her surroundings - not nearly paying enough attention to see the creature that doused her, and seemed to have disappeared. "Well.. I don't know the first thing about.. all this...."

Skelette was silent. In a moment, a spirit appeared, being conjured up via necromancy. It made itself visible to the genin, however. It had one horn shooting out of its head. The Horned Ghost spoke in place of Skelette, like the Tusked Skeleton before, saying, "... You are not a Disciple, it seems... You cannot see the Aethereal before you. This is because Souzenryoku is not awakened within you... Sleet, embed your power within the genin."

Sleet nodded, once again changing itself into aethereal water energy, dousing not just the genin, but her very spirit, embedding its power within her. This should allow her to see Aethereal, use Souzenryoku and other things of the like involving the two. Sleet would then manifest itself again in front of the genin, staring her directly in the face.

"Can you see Sleet now, kunoichi? Do you feel any sort of new power within your spirit?" the Horned Ghost asked.

It was a very weird feeling, getting showered with a downpour of energy unlike any she'd felt before. It was very similar to her own water-like element, but completely different at the same time. Almost chilling to the bone, no... her soul, rather. "I think so..." Her eyes opened in a glow of light blue, stark contrast to her usual dark purple, before reverting back to normal after a while. "... This is... Souzenryoku, then?"

The Horned Ghost nodded "Yes... You have the power, then. You are now a Water Disciple. The more Aethereals you collect, the more powerful your Souzenryoku becomes. Water Disciples have potent power over healing, water and ice abilities. First, I will teach you how to use your Souzenryoku to begin with, then I will teach you how to use your Chomao. Normally, when you recruit more Chomao, you will learn these Souzenryoku automatically and will automatically be able to use them once you have a sufficient number of Aethereals, but for now, I must instruct you..."

Skelette's body would begin to flow with Water Souzenryoku, as the Horned Ghost said, "... Douse." Above Skelette came a downpour of watery energy much like before, however it seemed to be much more harmful, having the ability to quickly pool itself and create forceful droplets of water. The Horned Ghost would then look to the genin.

"... You try. Say 'Douse' and focus your mind on a point that you wish for the Souzenryoku to happen. Once you focus your mind, it will happen."

"Ah..." This was going all faster than the genin intended. But she definitely wasn't one to back away from her own leader's orders... Especially if this was the way to get more powerful. She held her hand out and closed her eyes, focusing... trying to get this new energy to surface. A series of dark rings moved around her, as she spoke the words with almost a liquid echo.

Genin: "Douse."

Her cloud, much like Skelette's appeared and raindrops fell from it, though it wasn't exactly the same. These droplets were darker in color, and as they hit the floor a few of them burned through it like acid. When the genin opened her eyes and saw the aftermath, she immediately gasped.

Genin: "Ah, your floor! I'm so sorry!"

The Horned Ghost sighed, "It is fine. I share this office with the Swamp Mistress... The master of all things acidic and burning... Sigh. It can be fixed." The Horned Ghost would float over and examine the damage, noticing how her power had mixed with the Water Souzenryoku.

"Hmmm... alright, now try doing 'Frost.' Focus on your own liquid, however..." Frost was another one of the abilities that should be unlocked to her... It was time to see what she did without seeing it, first. It was already hers to use, as were the other abilities... She just didn't know them, yet. Or rather, Sleet had not told her. "Remember, focus your mind on your liquid, and... 'Frost.'"

Genin: "Frost.."

Skelette hadn't shown her the spell this time - and she wasn't even sure she had done the first right. But the name sounded awfully like something icy, to say the least. Hopefully the commands for Souzenryoku were all preset, or something. The darker rings appeared around her again, and she focused all on her water energy, and Souzenryoku.

Genin: "Frost."

The chair in front of her froze completely covered by a small clump of ice that seemed to come from nowhere. it wasn't quite a pillar, but the chair would surely shatter at the slightest touch. "Is.. that right?"

The Horned Ghost smiled, "Yes. Of course. All Souzenryoku is the same to everyone who uses it. All Souzenryoku is... preset, one could say. To learn what it does, you simply have to test it, as it all does the same thing for everyone... It's the way you use it that's the most important." The Horned Ghost examined the Frost that was just performed by the genin and everything seemed to be spic and span. "Yes, you have done both the Frost and Douse correctly. Good job. Now, Sleet will inform you of the others you can do with only one Aethereal--"

Just then, Skelette jumped off of the desk and began to move outside. The Horned Ghost spoke again, "... Oh, yes. I almost forgot... How to use your Chomao. Follow me outside... This is a little more difficult than the use of Souzenryoku, itself..."

The genin did as Skelette said and followed him slowly outside. Though if all Souzenryoku was preset, then why had Douse gone... differently the first time? She would probably ask Skelette about that later...

Once they were outside, The Horned Ghost would turn to the genin and wait. "Bring out your Chomao. Call its name."

"Sleet...?" She called it unsurely, and it poked its head out from her shoulder. Surely that was its name... maybe a bit more commanding this time. She was not used to this.

"Sleet!" This time he floated in midair, glowing with a damp, blue aura, waiting for instruction.

The Horned Ghost nodded, "Yes, that is correct! Calling its name and focusing your mind on your target will allow Sleet to activate in battle, instead of just staying dormant within your soul. If done correctly, a projection of Sleet should appear in the sky and release powerful Souzenryoku ice at your target, thus chilling them enough to have their attack power lowered and harm them in the process with the icy chunks. Call its name and focus your Souzenryoku on that tree right over there to see the fruits of your efforts..."

Skelette turned toward the tree, knowing the repercussions of calling an Aethereal's power... It would have to explain what would happen after Sleet demonstrated its power.

The girl nodded, and directed Sleet to join with her in attacking the tree. The Chomao hovered in midair, and then seemed to fly into the kunoichi's outstretched arm, emitting a downpour of ice onto the tree, freezing it completely.

Afterwards, the kunoichi would feel fairly weakened, and all presence of the Chomao had disappeared. "Did it... leave?"

The Horned Ghost smiled, now turning its attention away from the frozen tree. "No no. This is the Standby period of the Chomao."

Skelette turned back to Umbra, as well, moving closer to her. It would then point at the tree with its spinal cord-like tail. "... Summon Sleet."

The Horned Ghost sighed, more so speaking to Skelette now than it was to Umbra "I guess I'd better teach about Summoning, hm...? Oi, how's this gonna work out...?"

Kunoichi: "Uh...?"

She was a little confused, even she had to admit. She had just called Sleet out for an attack, and now she had to summon him somehow? It was all a bit overwhelming.

Kunoichi: "Um... what's the difference between summoning, and... that other thing, exactly?"

The Horned Ghost had a slight surprised look on its face. It seemed as though it hadn't explained that yet. "Oh, pardon me... There is a severe difference. On one hand, you use a unique ability that is set to each Chomao. Sleet's unique ability is to spray ice at the foe and lower their attack. Another Aethereal Chomao may do something else that is totally different from Sleet's attack... However, when you SUMMON a Chomao that has been put on Standby, after it uses its attack, then it will release a whole new power that is pure Souzenryoku energy, one would say. All Water Aethereals do the same thing when they are Summoned, however when their power is combined, they may summon a deity..." The Horned Ghost shook its head "Ah, but I am getting beside myself with that. USING a Chomao's power is unique to every Chomao. SUMMONING a Chomao's power uses the Chomao's innermost power in the form of pure energy, and that goes for any Djinn that you use. Make sense now?"

Skelette would continue to point to the frozen tree "... Summon Water Aethereal Chomao..."

"Huh..." The genin looked at her arm; it was still glowing blue with that damp-ish energy from before. Well, it'd be worth a shot, at least..

Kunoichi: "Summon... Water Aethereal."

Immediately an immaterial version of the Aethereal Chomao would appear in front of the kunoichi, sending several forceful waves of the same blue energy at the tree, which promptly shattered into millions of pieces into the swamps.

The Horned ghost smiled. "Yes! That's the ticket! You've done it! Are you now aware of your Souzenryoku, your Chomao and your Summoning abilities, or do you have any questions?"

Kunoichi: "Well, if Souzenryoku is all preset, then how do I learn new ones? And where am I going to get more Chomao?"

Then she remembered something else..

Kunoichi: "Oh, and... what was with that Douse the first time I tried?"

The Horned Ghost nodded, "... Good questions to ask... Well, all of the Souzenryoku are preset to how many Chomao you have. The more you obtain, the more power you get. To obtain more Chomao, you must find them. They appear randomly before you, but you should be able to see them. They may run from you, too, however. As for the Douse..." The Horned Ghost pondered this for a moment. "... Perhaps your own soul and water abilities have assimilated into your own Souzenryoku, somehow...?"

Kunoichi: "I... guess..."

But Souzenryoku was, as they both kept saying, a preset energy. Her own shouldn't have infused with it that easily if that were the case.

Kunoichi: "Ah, well, thank you anyway!"

She gave a nod and smiled at the two.

Kunoichi: "So, is there anything I can do to... help out in the village, Skelette-sama?"

The Horned Ghost would then disappear, as Skelette would finally move toward the kunoichi and said, "... Recruit. Go. Find." And then it would move sloooooowly past her...

"Ah... alright then." Not too much of a specific task, but it would have to do... but she was feeling a tad faint after the crash course in Souzenryoku. Perhaps after more resting at the Tavern...
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Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream
Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream

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Grave 11: Neighborly Visit

With rising popularity in the Swamp Village thanks to the combined efforts of Skelette and the Swamp Mistress, they were being visited more frequently by both friend... and enemy. The Hidden Swamp Village was now very much known by many of the other nations, and they were active in both trade and communication. Though they'd expanded, they were still the smallest of the nations, and after their various skirmishes with the neighboring nations to either test their power or as an attack on the village, itself, finally, one of the kings decided to step down and visit the mysterious Swamp Village, himself... The King of the Sun.

"Gross." The King really never liked the Swamps... or any of the Western nations for that matter. Way too damp, way too buggy, and way too... disgusting. But he had to trek on to get the information he was looking for. He needed to see Skelette primarily, though he supposed any of the Swamp leaders would do. Ugh, even the term sent shivers down his spine. Way too reminiscent of the old standards he had to put up with.

Either way, it was obvious he didn't some all the way down here for some stroll. The King of the Sun didn't usually put up with dirty, damp landscapes, visiting other nations, greeting another leader, asking for help, or even going anywhere near a Ninja Village. This had to be important.

Skelette's body manifested itself within the room, however not in a chair. Skelette sloooooooooooooowly moved itself toward a chair, which obviously was taking a long time despite how tiny this room was. As it walked, it asked the King. "... Your business?"

Sun King: "You're the... the Overlord of Doom, I take it.."

Definitely a weird one too. Then again, just look where he was...

Sun King: "Well... I need help with... well, let me come inside first."

This wasn't right; the Sun King always had stubbornness and confidence. Why falter here? Whatever, as long as this thing got done and over with.

The door wouldn't open until Skelette reached a chair. Why? It was just more professional. Skelette wasn't going to speak to the King of the Sun Kingdom through the door... Since Skelette didn't really talk but only spoke through telepathy. Yet, the door would open and Skelette's gleaming eye could be seen from the infinite darkness under its hood.

"... Your business...?" Skelette asked, once again.

Man this guy was creepy. The Sun King had seen a lot of different kinds of people, but never one so.. emotionless. Or tiny.

"Skelette, I presume." Going by his appearance. "Well, I got this list of... stuff that I need for some brew. And."

'Cut to the chase dammit.'

Sun King: "...Can you give me the properties of Antimatter? Its elemental makeup and energetic properties, its rarity, where to find it... all that?"

Skelette raised its head, the green eye gleaming suddenly turning red "... Anti... Matter..." Suddenly, a wave of energy pulsated through the area, making a zombie burst from the ground. It has spikes on its body.

The Spiked Zombie cleared its throat -- or, what was left of it -- and said "... Hello there, I shall be speaking on behalf of my master, Skelette. Ahemhem. From this point forward, he shall be speaking through me. Antimatter is a substance that is extremely potent and hard to get your hands on... One, because it cannot exist in this realm of matter, for the matter and antimatter will obliterate each other upon contact... However, if someone were to harness the power of antimatter so potently that it were able to stay in this realm, then perhaps you could use some of theirs..."

The Spiked Zombie paced, falling over to the floor once it noticed that it did not have a second leg "... Perhaps Antimatter could be created for you... If there were an isolation of the material it was made up of... antiparticles, just as matter is made of normal particles. So, basically, the only way for this to happen is if you were to find something strong enough to contain the antimatter and not get obliterated along with it and something that can convert particles into antiparticles at the same time... "

The Spiked Zombie's head then rolled off, as if it realized something "... I'm assuming you want ME to assist you with this? Or do you have something in mind?"

"So.." The Sun King spoke to the talking head, "I just need to know what makes up antimatter and antiparticles. In terms of... equal exchange. Is there a common substance that holds the same... value I guess?"

The Spiked Zombie head pondered this for a moment. "... Unfortunately, I know nothing of what has equal value to Antimatter in our world... Antiparticles can only form when something of one charge switches to an opposite charge... Like an electron to a positive charge, in which it would be a positron..."

The Spiked Zombie then had an idea, "Wait! Energy! If there is a high concentration of energy and someone who has potent control over atoms and such, perhaps Antimatter can be formed! But it would most definitely require a HIGH amount of energy and someone who has EXTREMELY potent control..."

The Sun King put down his pen as he heard this, having finished scribbling the last bits of information. With a grin, he faced Skelette.

Sun King: "Thanks then, that's all I need to know. If I mess up, you'll see me again, but if not.. thanks for your words of wisdom."

The Spiked Zombie nodded... somehow... "Well, I would allow you to use my Shini Energy, but it cannot be converted... It is always set in the same way. Conversion of it is literally impossible... And my Graveyard Havoc ability is slightly mixed with my Shini Energy, making it have slightly similar properties... Sorry I can be of no further assistance... But I wish you the best of luck!"

The zombie would dissipate, as Skelette's eye returned to green, gleaming brightly.

It seemed that Skelette was much more talkative through someone else than its own body. Hm...

As the Sun King walked out, he gave one last wave and began thinking over what he was told.

Sun King: "Thanks, then. Oh, and you'll probably see some weird polite guy saying he's gonna eat the world soon. Just don't be surprised."

With that, he walked out of the office and made his way out of the Swamps.

Skelette lowered its head again. "... Weird... Guy...?" It would then decide to stay in its office, then, awaiting the arrival of this... 'weird guy' that was spoke of.

Perhaps this situation would be similar to the one with the being that was awakened from a five thousand year sleep that Skelette had to put down before...

Hopefully not, though.
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Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream
Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream

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Grave 12: Appearance

Skelette's body manifested itself outside the office of the Deep. For whatever reason, Skelette wanted something from here. It wasn't clear what, since Skelette had literally never gone into another village the whole time it has been here, but it was something that it wanted, surely...

The Enigma would be sitting in the office for once. The door opened when the Enigma sensed someone on the other side of the door. "How can I be of service to... you?" The Enigma never saw this creature before and wondered why it was here.

Skelette would look up at the Enigma from under its hood, a singular eye gleaming brightly under the darker than black 'shadow' of the cloak the 3 foot tall being wore constantly. It would sloooooowly slink under the Enigma's legs and say to him, " ... Talk."

The Enigma would simply smile towards the being that closely resembled someone from a movie, "Please come in, and talk if you wish..." The Enigma would gesture him inside and the Enigma walked and sat in the office seat. "Now what would you like to talk about?"

Skelette slooooooowly made its way into a chair, somehow, and even still had to look up at the Enigma, "... Chomao... Skelette... Wishes to test... My Chomao..." Skelette was the master of all Chomao. Therefore, Skelette was also the master of all Souzenryoku, and had to test out its abilities on someone... And, well. Skelette was more drawn to this place than the other nations because of its demeanor. Skelette would rarely be seen in the Sun Kingdom or Ruins because of their environments, and thus, the Deep was the only place to go to ask, since the Swamp Mistress was probably busy.

"... Comply...?"

"Uh....sure?" the Enigma did want to synchronize his rate with his enchantments as much as possible and thought this would be a great opportunity to battle someone who was also a leader of another place within this planet. "Now where shall we have a little fight? I'll let you choose..."

Skelette pondered... Where would it be most suitable for it and its Chomao...? "... Swamp Village. Home advantage..." Skelette would jump out of the chair, then manifested itself in the swamps, since Skelette moving there without Body Manifestation would take... Several days, due to its slowness in moving.

"I hope you understand that I must remain here... Yet I shall create a clone of myself... If you don't mind...." The Enigma's third eye would instantly appear from thin air and reform into another Enigma. "I hope you understand but there's something that could happen and I just cannot afford my absence be the Deep's downfall..." The Enigma copy would teleport with Skelette back at the Swamp Village.

Skelette manifested itself in the Dead Swamp, awaiting the Enigma to show himself. Skelette hadn't used much Souzenryoku or the Chomao, however it planned on using them more than its own abilities in this battle... However, it wasn't sure how the battle would turn out. Oh well. Skelette waited for the Enigma patiently.

Meanwhile, an undead spokesman for Skelette would appear in the office, seeming to be waiting for the Swamp Mistress. It had something to say, it seems. Wonder what it could be?

After a few moments, the Swamp Mistress would walk through the door, spotting the obvious messenger from Skelette. "What does Skele want...?" she asked the messenger as she stood in the doorway, watching and waiting for an answer.

The undead spokesman would stare at the Swamp Mistress, then warmly smile "Ah, yes... Good to see that you're here. I have a quick question... Can you list the people who are a part of our village, please?" The spokesman would grab a pen and a piece of paper, ready to jot this down. It seems as though Skelette, itself, did not know.

"Ah, yes, lets see..." She would think for a moment, before then counting them off on her fingers.

"Besides both you and I, we have one Jounin, one Assassin, one Specialized Jounin, one Chunin, and two Genin..." the Swamp Mistress would list off, as she then fell silent, wondering what Skele had in mind. "Anything else...? What's Skele doin', calling a Village meeting or something...?"

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