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 The Life Of A Shinigami

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Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream
Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream

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The Life Of A Shinigami - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: The Life Of A Shinigami   The Life Of A Shinigami - Page 3 EmptyFri Jul 05, 2019 4:28 pm

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Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream
Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream

Posts : 273
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The Life Of A Shinigami - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Life Of A Shinigami   The Life Of A Shinigami - Page 3 EmptyThu Aug 01, 2019 5:06 pm

Deadly 49: You Don't Know Me Man...

After sitting back on his seat in his Sanctum Earth King had obtained the vision he had so loved and cherished. It opened his blind spots and forever expanded his new horizons most of all when people spoke his name, he could see them... and he had a bone to pick with Shinigami. Calling him a "heartless" saying he gave his heart to "darkness" saying he had alterior movies was not his M.O

Especially because he honestly wanted to take the broken Sophia in and build her resolve back up. Not use her for his own purposes.

So the Earth King came here, to Shibusen exiting a dark corridor standing at the gates waiting for someone to answer him. He wasn't going to barge in, not out of fear but out of respect. Shinigami thought he was some God? He seemed to be even more capable of human error... and it was time the Earth King came and corrected him.

"Can I help you?"

-Justin said walking from behind the Gates of Shinbusen. His earphones were blasting music as loud as possible- as usual. His hands were at his sides and his body was in a relaxed fashion, but his face told a different story. He maintained that stern look he always had when he looked and talked to people like the Earth King. Their last encounter really left a bad taste in his mouth.-

"I knew you'd show up... Though I'd favor Leia."

For the sake of knocking out two birds with one stone of course. Either way, The Earth King didn't have anything against justin. He knew that it was like him to stay loyal to his "God" and he respected that all the better. He couldn't help if his behavior affected him in a different way.

Whatever the case, this wasn't a hostile visit.

"How does this typically go? I'd like to speak with Shinigami? Not on the typical join Shibusen stuff. I just wanna talk to the guy. There's a lot of grey area that I wanna clear up."

"Well I'm sorr, but Shinigami is very busy. We have had an overload of new Shibusen students and he doesn't have time for leisure visits."

-He said firmly. There was no change in posture or in tone. He spoke how it was and he wasnt going to change the rules for anyone...anyone.-

"Maybe you should reschedule.."

"Have a good day."

The Earth King turned around on a dime, and walked back home a dark portal opened in front of him. It was unfortunate that people could partake in the slander of another then turn their doors closed to them thereafter. He doesn't really operate on such a policy, but even if he explained how the nature of his visit wasn't "leisurely" he didn't see himself getting in this particular way. I guess honor is truly dead...

"Cool your jets Justin. He comes in peace.."

-Leia said interjecting the Earth King. She had just walked up the stairs from behind the Earth King after completing whatever task Shinigami assigned her to earlier than expected. She always was an over achiever, just to lazy to channel it.

She had pushed Justin out the way after passing the Earth King. He always was a tight ass when it came to other village interactions.

"I just talked to Shinigami and he's clear.."

-She said with a matter of fact tone of voice. She looked to the Earth King now..she wondered what he wanted with him though.-

To be completely honest, that dark corridor let straight into Shinigami's door step. The Earth King wasn't above alternate means of getting what he wants. He was even more elated to see that the person he had recently accepted into his family was the one to clout him in.

"Perhaps he sensed that I was going to kick open the door."

A tight ass? If that meant he didn't like his name getting dragged in the dirt then I guess so. The dark corridor shut in front of him with quite an alarming force for some odd reason, and the Earth King turned back around. And simply walked his way to the doorstep.


The situation spoke for itself.

As the two took a step toward the gates of Shibusen, a large mirror arose right from the ground, harboring not their reflections, but a portal straight to the Death Room; Shinigami's platform. That was where he would speak to them both. Something odd seemed to beckon Justin Law to the mirror as well... It was the will of Shinigami, which he should have known quite well by now. Enter...
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Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream
Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream

Posts : 273
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Join date : 2014-11-17
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The Life Of A Shinigami - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Life Of A Shinigami   The Life Of A Shinigami - Page 3 EmptyThu Aug 01, 2019 5:23 pm

Deadly 50: Death and Destruction; A Civilized Engagement

The mirror where the the Earth King, Justin and Leia were to step into would lead directly into the Death Room, as said before, at Shinigami's platform, saving them all the walk of the long path of guillotines. There, they wouldn't find Shinigami, but his personal mirror with his image inside, speaking from a realm of total blackness. He waited for them to emerge, so they all could chat in a... civilized manner.

Right in between the two mirrors was a table, in which Tear was sitting patiently, sipping his tea. It seemed as though Shinigami asked him to be here for personal matters... Tear was his most trusted and eldest Death Scythe he had at his disposal. No important matters went on without Tear present, for technically, he was Shinigami's personal Death Scythe right now.

He sat, sipping his tea, staring off from the corners of his liquid-like eyes and at the mirror, awaiting the arrival of the other Death Scythes and the Guest of Honor. He placed his teacup on the saucer, eyes never taken off of the mirror, and he flashed his signature, deadly, nonchalant smile as a welcome to them all... Hope it was warm enough.

-Leia had never actually traveled by mirror, so she was slightly thrown by the magical event. She felt kind of queasy when it was all over. However, all of that would change when she saw Tear sitting at the table- lookin' as sexy as he had been since the last time she saw him.-

"Oh, um..hi Tear.."

-No one ever seemed to catch Leia off guard other than Tear. He had a charm about him that always dragged Leia out of her laid back shell. She didn't even notice she was in Shinigami's office.-

Bringing up the rear was the Earth King in the background stepping out of the mirror, it definitely didn't feel like walking through the realm of darkness. It would be an experience he would remember. He made his way through at sat himself down at the table. As he did so the hood of his cloak un raveled revealing his face. He looked around, recognized tear. One of the few individuals who sustained a blow from the Earth King and struck back.


But he remained quiet for now there didn't seem to be any refreshments so he pressed his hands together and created a coctail of sorts with a purplish tint in the beverage and sipped on it...

-Justin was actually the last to step from the Mirror. He had his arms crossed and his music up higher than usual. He didn't like the fact that the Earth King was inside of Shibusens' walls. He didn't like shinobi that much and hated it even more when they disrespected soul weapons and the like. That's why he and Shinta rubbed him the wrong way that day.

He made his way over to Shinigami and Tear so that they could get this over with. He brushed passed Leia too.-

"Who are you to override my ruling?"

Everyone finally made their way in, and Tear would immediately take the floor, not even minding Justin. He was all business when he was in Shibusen, after all, especially for something this important.

"Good evening, all. So joyous that you could make it to this meeting..."

He spoke as if it were anticipated and planned out accordingly, yet the Earth King was the one who dropped in unexpectedly. Tear's facial expression did not change, as he stared down each and every one of them with his glittering eyes. He looked first at Justin, giving him a certain raise of the eyebrows as to say 'don't become unruly when Lord Death was present.' Then, to Leia, winking at her to acknowledge not only what she said, but that he would have ceased Justin's readied mouth. He would never speak out of turn with Lord Death present.

Finally, his eyes made their way to the Earth King, exchanging not a word about their actually delightful encounter, only because this was a time of absolute and distinct business.

"My Lord Death sincerely apologizes for his tardiness. He is currently working on a very important matter and will be with us shortly. I see you have already made yourself comfortable, Earth King. Leia, Justin. Why don't you join me up beside Lord Death's mirror?"

That was a rhetorical question, as they knew where they needed to be once the honored guest was within. All qualms between him and the weapons were to be put aside; as were all outside relations. That meant no arguing for Justin and no special treatment from Leia. Strictly. Business.

"Lord Death... the Earth King awaits..."

Tear knocked upon the mirror three times to alert Lord Death that he had entered... Though he probably already knew at this point. And he waited patiently right beside the mirror.

When all were gathered and settled and he received the three knocks from Tear, his image appeared in the mirror. He had been waiting for a little bit for them to arrive, and as such, was dipping in and out with his important matters.

"... Thank you, Tear-kun. I am glad to see all of my Death Scythes are here... Save for one. She is exempt from this meeting."

That explained why Chroma was not in attendance. Shinigami had four skillful Death Scythes, and three of the four were present at the moment. He gazed at the cocktail glass that the Earth King had conjured for himself, then stared down at the table.

"Welcome, Earth King... I take it you aren't a 'tea' person?"

Even though he was concerned about that, it wasn't the present issue at the moment.

"Naturally, Tear-kun had filled me in on your arrival during your encounter with Justin-kun, so I sent Leia-chan to intercept before things got ugly. He is a bit of a hot head when it comes to matters about me."

Naturally, Justin would not be able to hear nor understand Shinigami with his music so loud, as Shinigami did not have lips for him to read. Hopefully he would turn down his music so that he could hear everything that was going on during this conversation. It was rather important.

"So, Earth King-san... Your presence here rather disturbs me. The tension became thick upon your arrival in this village. Tell me... What brings you to Shibusen?"

"I didn't mean to intrude on your more private affairs Shinigami, but I can't help that I make people's hair stand on edge when I walk by."

The Earth King could be very well polite when he wanted too, he also didn't like being lumped with the common shinobi. But that was neither here nor there, wait... it was here. With blonde hair and headphones.

"But I love tea, I'd more than like some."

The Earth King emptied his dark tinted beverage and the glass disappeared from his hands as quickly as it came. Random jutsu had its perks.

"While that's on it's way I firstly wanted to start by complimenting you and Khrona both on the military strength you have assembled. I've had my eye on a few members of your number and they are very impressive warriors. Leia, Lance, Tamura and a few others never cease to amaze. So I can't begin to imagine what kind of person such as yourself would use slander as a means to strengthen his army..."

"By no means," he said almost immediately trailing the Earth King's last words, "have I used slander, nor have I created an army. I need none of that in my affairs."

Shinigami extended his arm out of the mirror, only to grab some tea for himself, and pulled it within to have a sip.

"I would wonder why you thought such things about me, as I can never leave this village... Perhaps, by chance, you are spying on my establishment?"

It was the only way for him to actually know that Shinigami had said anything about him, was if he was spying on Shibusen, and possibly the Dusk as a whole.

"If you are, one might think that their national security was threatened... Wouldn't you say, Earth King-san?"

Of course, why would anyone be spying on the Dusk without any rhyme or reason at all, lest they plotted some sort of assault upon it. Such subtle hints did the Earth King leave all about, simply by his arrival. It did not look good for him in the eyes of Shinigami.

"And as for slander... I simply go by what I hear around the Dusk Village from those who visit... And those with rings. Perhaps it is one of your own that slanders your name, and spreads it about so haphazardly, don't you think...?"

He took another sip of tea, placing his cup back down on the table. There had been quite a bit of Dusk-Nightmare relation going on between people with those rings. It was only natural that Shinigami heard something, if not everything.

"But, as I do not spy on other villages, I would only know from what my lovely students tell me... Right?"

"Well if you really want to get bogged down in semantics. You have an impressive group of mesiters."

The Earth King looked around, it seemed his tea wasn't coming any time soon. Perhaps Shinigami had simply joked around with offering the Earth King some. It wasn't wise to play games at this point. Whatever the details were the Earth King had no choice but to manifest for himself another cocktail, this time he rubbed his hands together and sprinkled some crimson dust in it turning the drink into a vibrant dark purple. Bloody Mary's just dont do it for the Earth King anymore.

The Earth King couldn't help himself but laugh when Shinigami thought he was spying. Perhaps Shinigami fancied The Destroyer strong enough to break through that barrier Shinigami had placed around Shibusen and probably the dusk. It was flattering, but insulting at the same time...

"I'm sorry, I mean no disrespect but isn't someone vain?"

The Earth King took another sip, he looked around at all the grave stones. The various Shinigami themed architecture throughout Shibusen. It was only natural for Shinigami to think that he was being spied on since he fancies himself that important.

"Don't flatter yourself. Though I appreciate the compliment. Your internal affairs do not interest me enough to waste my time. I'm a VERY busy person."

Taking another sip, the Earth King contemplated his next choice of words. Something he does often 99% of the time is spent in his head. So how exactly did he know what Shinigami said? Was he lying? That can't be right.

"I like that you trust your followers. You trust them and believe everything they say. This may not translate to the world of meisters and magic, but in the world of Shinobi information is paramount. Even if my Shinobi bring me tidbits of information I still ask for evidence to back it up. The wrong fabricated piece of data can lead to serious repercussions don't you think?"

"Thank you. I can say that you must have rounded up a fine group of mafia members, considering a few indeed come from school of skilled students."

Shinigami was in no joking mood, as he normally was. This was completely serious business here.

"Well, Earth King-san... The Great Destroyer doesn't go out of his way to make public appearances for just anyone, and not for silly qualms of he said, she said. There must be something more than that, so why would I not think that you happened to have prying eyes?"

Shinigami looked over to his side, staring at Leia for a moment or two. She had a ring. She was close to Shinigami. What else was there to think, involving that ring? Shinigami strongly believed that this was the device of use for his under the radar monitoring.

"Ah... Well, it is nice to see a familiar face sometimes, considering my son and daughter have not been present, and the atmosphere of 'Death' just doesn't happen so often. I have emotions, too. And besides that, it isn't I who calls myself The 'Great' Destroyer."

Perhaps a hint at the Earth King's own vanity? There was more than just a hint of it in his architecture. He even went so far as to incorporate it in his speech, which Shinigami could so very easily tell... He had an accent of arrogance and vanity.

"Well I am so sorry to take such time out of your busy day, however... If you were so busy, then why make such an effort to come here for such a trivial matter as what has been said about you? Clearly, more important issues are at hand."

Shinigami turned around, seeming to be acknowledging something within the confines of his mirror, nodding his head and muttering a little in the process. After a moment or two, he turned his head back around and continued addressing the Earth King.

"Gomen... I, too, am dealing with something important as we speak. Forgive my abruptness. Also, I can trust my meisters because I know they are deserving of it. There is no reason for them to lie to me, and if there is a reason, then they respect me enough not to. That is why I can be so comfortable with what they tell me... Because they are deserving of my trust and respect of their word. I assume the case is not the same for your village and your people... Your mafia members. That saddens me..."

He grabbed the pot of tea in the middle of the table and poured his own tea in, refilling his cup.

"That's the problem Shinigami. I fancy a God is supposed to be all knowing. Not all Assuming... And even if he encounters an unknown jumping to conclusions is an error of humans. Correct?"

The Earth King was merely asking questions, its not every day you get to talk to a God. And its not every day your name is brought up in the presence of one. So the Earth King had to answer the summons. There wasn't any ulterior motive and Shinigami wasn't wrong for thinking such things. but the Earth King had a reputation to uphold.

"I can't really speak towards the source of where your information comes from. And I would never doubt the accuracy of your followers for they follow a just and true Shinigami. But I can only educate you on the plight of a mortal man. Unlike you, my fate chose me... I was moreso branded with the name Destroyer. I would galdy trade it for something more noble."

Finishing his coctail the Earth King licked his lips savoring the taste of the beverage.

"I came to introduce myself... we never met."

Shinigami marinated on his words for a moment or two, realizing that the Earth King held a rather common misconception of the gods high in his head. Shinigami found that to be somewhat refreshing; he never would have thought that he held the gods in such high regards. He didn't think anybody did anymore.

"Oh, I must correct you then, Earth King-san... I am the God of Death. I govern any and all things involving Death, as I am the lone ruler. Even the gods are imperfect... We make mistakes in things other than what we govern. Not even the gods are perfect in every way... For if we were, then flaws would not exist at all. I am only perfect in governing Death. I even make mistakes at my school occasionally."

Shinigami was never above admitting that he was wrong about something, for it wasn't ever anything to be ashamed of. No one would ridicule him, no one would scorn him... It was just something to grow on each time, and he knew this to be true. That's why he accepted whenever he was wrong so easily.

"I did not ask for this title, either. God of Death. I was not branded with it, either, as you were. I was merely created in this way; born as I am. You, however, have a choice. Options. Even with this supposed 'brand,' you have the options to change at any time. I just assume that you do not, probably for reputation purposes, hm?"

I mean, why not keep up the rep you already have, right? It's much easier than starting over and getting a new one, no matter which one you've made for yourself. But sometimes the easiest route isn't the route for everyone.

"Well then... I believe that introductions are in order, then. I am the Shinigami. The God of Death. I rule not only all of Death, but Shibusen as my domains. It is nice to meet you, Earth King-san."

"I am the Earth King... known to some as Boss X, known to most as The Great Destroyer. I am Kage of the Neo-Nightmare village and the Boss of Weapon X. I am married to the Goddess of Earth. I have a family, a father. An uncle, a mentor, an idol, a brother."

The Earth King found it elated that Shinigami was unashamed to admit his mistakes, he was sure he had his fair share of inner turmoils that he dealt with as he fought to continue the instruction of his students.

Shinigami and the Earth King were not as different as they appeared. And the Earth King had simply come to make sure Shinigami knew that... in a much less agressive fashion that most might have expected. It was indeed beneficial to put up with the ascribed roles and perceptions people have. It was beneficial to be called the Destroyer, the one that people feared and such. But i thad its disadvantages as well, for instance it could preemptively burn bridges that the Earth King would normally like.

He didn't wish to burn any bridges with Shibusen, cutting Sophia off from seeing him was a bad call in his opinion.

"It is nice to meet you as well Shinigami. You speak a truth there. We are all imperfect... And I believe you and I are more similar than we appear. We both are guardians of something special to us. But you changed your face to establish what you did. I simply chose to own up to the face given to me."

It was unknown how the Earth King exactly knew that Shinigami was not showing his true face... the Earth King was an old guy, he remembered some things from his past.

"But I mean no harm. I can't necessarily ask for you to trust me given what you have heard. But I am no threat to you, or Sophia. I only wish that she reclaims the power she was once in possession of, she was betrayed... and I know too well how that feels."

Truth be told the Earth King was nervous talking to Shinigami, he had to choose his words carefully. But they all seemed to flow when he got himself going. Shinigami and he had found a sort of middle ground.

Shinigami took in all of his words with a grain of salt, as he had to for anything important. That was something he was good at; knowing what was right and what was wrong. It wasn't like he didn't have to judge it every single day when he made the list of those to die.

"Well, it is very pleasurable to meet your acquaintance."

Shinigami would figure out just which title to call him later on in life, for right now he was unsure. Each name bore a different weight of character on him and Shinigami knew this to be true. That was why he had to choose his words absolutely carefully. He was not relaxed even in such a friendly environment. Not now, anyway.

"With many similarities come many differences as well, I hope you understand. What works for you does not necessary work for others, and this is where I will make it clear how. I had to change my face for the sake of others. If I showed my true self after 800 years... I might scare the children away again."

He said this as a joke, but he was very serious. He, too, had a reputation that was most beneficial to him, however he would change his face at any given time if it meant the betterment of the school or the Dusk as a whole, or even to protect this place any everyone who is here.

"Besides... I've grown to like the person I am now. It brings a lot more joy and togetherness, and a lot less darkness and solitude."

Yes, Shinigami was once almost exactly like the Earth King. Excessive force to get things done, constant solitude, and even though he was the strongest and most feared person... He could not even trust those around him. Asura.

"Please excuse me for the miscommunication. It isn't the fact that I do not trust you, but the way you do things. When I was younger, I did things the same way you did. While it was beneficial to me in some regards... You see I still had to change, regardless. So, as much as you may want Sophia, I simply cannot allow it. Even if you do not understand my reasons as they are right now... A way not to break this acquaintanceship we have established would be to respect my reasoning."

That was all that he could say at this point. This was his daughter they were talking about, after all. He would do the same for his son.

"I never asked for her return. Only for you to see that I came with good intentions. I never sought to tell you how to run your family... so few as it is. I only ask that you repair the verbal damage done. I cannot live with her warped perception of me clouding her judgement from this day forth."

The Earth King didn't need any special power to see that Sophia weighed heavy on Shinigamis soul. He did not come bearing the intention to claim her, just to make sure that he does not get remembered as someone with ill intentions. He too had few close family and kept them locked away in a floating castle....

"Who knows when she may need to save me."

The Earth King took a moment to think of the thought... it was definitely not impossible. He trained his shinobi to take care of themselves in the circumstance of his very demise.

"I know that you will raise her well."

It seems as though he understood the thoughts of Shinigami, and for that, Shinigami was most grateful.

"Then it shall be done. I do not wish for her to have the wrong conception, either. I dislike it when people have warped opinions of people, as well."

He would definitely have to tell her of such when the Earth King left, for Sophia was still within his mirror, being trained by Shinigami personally.

"Is that all, then?"

"For now..."

The Earth King rose from where he sat and bowed towards Justin, Leia, Tear and then Shinigami. He did what he needed to here which was make sure that Shinigami knew that the Earth King was not a threat to him. He didn't use his powers to spy on people, just have an increased awareness of the transpiring in his village. And he most certainly give his heart to darkness. Not only was there nothing to give, but the Earth King was the type to never surrender...

"We'll meet again. Let's just hope our swords are pointing at the same foe."

The Earth King turned behind him and started towards the crosses in the distance and rose both of his hands, he began to part them as if he was peeking through some sort of mystery. It opened a dark corridor in Shinigami's Death Room and walked on through... not before the Earth King gave Leia a wink. He would be seeing her sooner than she thought.

Shinigami nodded in acknowledgement to the Earth King as he bowed, showing that this meeting was indeed finished. Once the dark corridor opened up before him and the Earth King went through, Shinigami turned his attention to the Death Scythes present.

"One of you go find Chroma-chan. I feel as though my Four Deadly Weapons are going to be necessary quite soon..."

He looked over to Justin from his mirror, finding him to the best person to go. In truth, Leia was, but Shinigami needed to speak to Leia and Tear.

"Justin-kun... Would you be so kind as to inform Chroma-chan of her need at Shibusen? Leia-chan and Tear-kun... I need to speak with the both of you in the meantime."
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Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream
Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream

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The Life Of A Shinigami - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Life Of A Shinigami   The Life Of A Shinigami - Page 3 EmptyThu Aug 01, 2019 5:31 pm

Deadly 51: Urgent Message Shinigami-sama

Quickly exiting from his mirror, Shinigami could tell the urgency of the clone's arrival by the way it so suddenly appeared in his office.

"Hm? Aliyah-chan? I haven't seen you in quite some time! Ready to help out around Shibusen, I hope? What's the rush?"

He was thoroughly confused about everything that was going on, as he hadn't been in touch with the outside world through his mirrors recently. No one gave him any calls.

"Large unidentified object...? Over the Sky Sanctuary?!"

His voice immediately became more serious and stern, close to how his voice 800 years ago was.

"That's impossible! That creature was sealed away many centuries ago! It was a forgotten being!!"

Shinigami seemed to be in more of a fluster than usual about this, more so than he was about anything; even the Kishin Asura. This threat must have been rather grave if it could get him worked up like this.

"First the fal'Cie awaken... Then Ozma...? And a man that has taken Khrona's-- Oh no..."

Shinigami knew exactly what was going on and who this was. He shot toward his mirror at great speed, two more appearing beside the first. There, in the middle, he saw Grimlock, talking to someone in Khrona's office, and Ozma in the other, who hovered cautiously over the Sky Sanctuary to keep watch over all the Dusk.

"... Dammit!! He's already encroached under our noses! I didn't even sense him!! I thought we'd never have to see the days where Grimlock himself came back to plague this earth... I bet he has been just counting the seconds..."

Shinigami paced back and forth with a tense look on his face. The tension within him caused his soul to tense up as well, and the wavelength over the entire Dusk tensed as well. Everyone in the Dusk could feel Shinigami's tension... This was not good.

"Wait... Aliyah went to fight Ozma!? There is no way anyone can win without first consulting the Nine Protectors! Come back now, Aliyah! It's a lost cause for right now!!"

Shinigami quickly spun around and moved toward the clone, worried about Aliyah's safe return. If need be, he'd create a portal for her to enter into, if it came to it.

Shinigami's tension was relieved the moment Aliyah came back, but the gravity of the long-term situation had not lightened a bit. A mirror appeared beside Aliyah for Nara, whenever he wished to come through.

"... Phew... Aliyah-chan, I need you to be more careful. Ozma could have destroyed you. His power... Is that of all of the Summons combined into one being, and possibly even more so than that. He was sealed away long ago because of his power, and how no one should ever be allowed to acquire him as their summon, and then... We forgot. Because we forgot who he was, he lost his form. No one thought about him, but he still existed, he just comes off as formless. All summons adapt to the views of their beholder, and when no one viewed Ozma as anything... His form vanished, and he became the spherical orb of energy he is now."

More like an 'it' than a 'he' nowadays.

"He was one that we simply could not destroy so long ago. Ozma, Necron and Li-Grim were the three most powerful beings alongside Grimlock, all of which we lacked the power to destroy, and so we could only seal them. The sole elder of this village AND the Witch Province, the Grand Magistrate, as well as her husband and her best friend fight these four beings so long ago, but not at the same time... Never all of them at the same time..."

Shinigami turned to his other mirror, the one he left blank.

"They are eternal entities, like myself. Necron is both Life and Death, so as long as both Life and Death exist, so shall he. Li-Grim is Dreams, Wishes and Will, and as long as those exist in people, so shall she. And finally, Ozma. He is the culmination of all Summons, and as such will exist as long as they do. And because the summons live on a higher plane of existence and are beings exceptionally difficult to destroy for our plane, he will exist as long as more keep being made."

And for the last one... Shinigami could barely even utter his name.


Shinigami shook his head.

"... There is nothing to say about that man... Nothing except 'Do not trifle with him.' If that is the only thing you know about him, please heed to it. His power far exceeds even that of the Kishin Asura..."

Shinigami touched his mirror with his giant hand, stroking it down the shiny glass pane before the mirror started to show something within.

"... If Ozma is out as well as Grimlock, no doubt Li-Grim and Necron followed. But I digress... The Nine Protectors."

Shinigami had gone off on a entire tangent with all of this because of the intensity of the situation, but the real question was; who were the Nine Protectors?

"The Nine Protectors are nine very powerful spirits harbored within the bodies of what resemble common enemies, however they look very different. This can range from color, size or appearance, but they look very different from the norm. They will talk to you and will not fight you, as they are meant solely to protect Ozma. They were once great spirits as he, but reincarnated into these odd monsters after years of solitude. Until you consult all Nine of them, you will not be able to harm Ozma at all."

Staring off into the bleakness of the prophetic mirrors before him, his attention was drawn to Nara, who had just made his appearance here.

"... From the sound of your voice, it seems as though you hear it all, Nara-kun..."

Shinigami's large hands gradually made their way behind his back as he pondered the solution to this problem. This was no easy job for anyone to do by themselves; seeking the Nine Protectors, that is, and the job of taking down these three super powers and one super super power was a job this entire world had to deal with... But Shinigami knew how to start.

"... Well, if Khrona-kun is out, he must be doing something important. That is to say, being one of the powers of the Dusk Village, I must act on his behalf; not just for Shibusen, but for the entirety of the Dusk!! To seek out the Nine Protectors... I shall send my specialized team! The Eight Warriors!"

Now, though there were only eight of them (Not even, yet), there was simply one more person who had shown up just in the nick of time...

"... And Nara."

Yep. And Nara.

"Though, I must ask, Nara-kun, what brought you here? I have only heard stories of your promotion in the stead of the Earth King. Congratulations. I would think you would be wrapped up in those duties--"

Then again... With all of the super baddies running about, of course two leaders would be interacting, right?

"... In any case. What did bring you by?"

He was so focused on Nara's sudden arrival, he almost missed Aliyah's news about the shadowy figure giving her Materia. He took hold of it, still in anticipation of Nara's answer, and inspected the Materia.

"... A shadowy figure... huh...?"

Shinigami still eyed the Materia as Nara spoke, finding it to be flawless. It was a rare and powerful one, alright, and it was lucky that this 'shadowy figure' had given it to Aliyah.

"Hrmm... Pure Materia, this is. Aliyah-chan, the Materia will boost your power over the specific magic that this Materia governs. The color specifies what that is. You can embed the power of Materia into anything; your body, your weapons, your clothes... And whatever it is embedded into will receive this power."

He gave her the Materia back, for only she could know what to do with it from there, and she would have to figure out just what it did. And then, after that was cleared up, it was onto the other important business...

"... The Legendary Eight Warriors. Haa... Well, you are looking at one of them right now."

Both of their eyes met, Nara and Aliyah, and Nara should have known and understood her power by that point in time, if she was trusted in being one of his personal Eight Warriors.

"Some of the others are still attempting to live up to the title, and some already have. The others are Takai, Yuri, Serulenia, Zesu, Miluki, Leia and Xzystins! (god I hope all of the people I bullshitted into this actually do this. xDD) Two of which are top ANBU in the Dusk, another two are skilled, powerful Witches from the Witch Province, two more are weapons, one of which is a Death Scythe, and the last two are skilled Jounin. Zesu is a bit goofy, but... When he is serious, be lives up to the potential."

Hopefully Nara knew of at least some of these people. It wasn't like they were all going to be together, but they would definitely all be in touch. The Eight Warriors were like Shibusen's own specialized ANBU unit, but bettered.

"Using the skills and the combined forces of Shinobi, Meisters, Weapons and Witches, two from each set, we have the Eight Warriors!"

It was actually quite a solid force, if they cooperated correctly. Shinigami had seen all of their powers individually, but never collectively.

"I will inform those who are not here of their missions soon, as not all of them are able to attend right at this moment... Covert operations and such. However, I put my faith in them, since my movement is so limited. Nara... Do you think you can work with these elites?"

In truth, Shinigami was not fond of Weapon X either, however that was definitely because of his limited understanding of them. After his civilized conversation with the Earth King, however, his mind was put to somewhat of an ease about them. That man was not a bad man, however some of his methods were... Difficult to understand. Plus, he just generally had a distaste for the Mafia rings, but it was not like he couldn't see past that for the greater good.

"Well, Nara-kun, I leave my eight skillful warriors in your care, and they will treat you as one of their own. To make this go as swiftly as possible, everyone will be assigned to a different location, as I have said before."

Shinigami pointed to his mirrors behind him, two of which started to show locations on the screen.

"I cannot monitor or locate exactly where the Nine Protectors are, however I can give you the general location. Tear-kun will rally off the information to the others that are not present."

He pointed to the first place, the Hill of Eternalism, which looked to be an ancient clock tower suspended in a different plane of space and time on this planet.

"Aliyah-chan. You will go to the Eternalism Hill, where the distortion of Space and Time is at its greatest due to the natural power being exuded from this mystical building. It will give you the upper hand with your time displacement abilities and make everything easier for you, like a home field advantage. And conversely..."

He pointed to the next mirror, which was pitch black save for the light of gray flames, which still had their light snuffed out into darkness so that only the outlines of things could be seen.

"Nara-kun, I want you to go to the Darkness Lands. Because of your power over shadows, there should be nothing that is able to stand in your way in a land of nothing but darkness and shadows. You will have the best home field advantage here."

Shinigami tapped the mirrors and they would sink back into the floor, save for the giant one that was always in the center.

"This is your mission, you two. Do not tarnish the name of the great Eight Warriors! Now move out!"

Shinigami nodded his head in dismissal of them, and then quickly seeped into his mirror. Seemed like he had some urgent work to do of his own...
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Deadly 52: First Mission Complete

Aliyah would appear in Shinigami's office with the first of the 9 protectors in tow. As soon as they both were through, Aliyah fell forward, her body finally giving up on her. She didn't pass out but she could no longer move at all.

Shinigami would immediately come to intercept, shooting from his mirror to take Aliyah in his hands, turning to the Jabberwock with a concerned face, then back to Aliyah.


He would pat her on the back a bit, sensing that she was far too exhausted to even explain what happened. Luckily for her, Shinigami was always watching his Eight Warriors to ensure that they were protected, so he saw the whole thing on his mirror.

"You've done well. I'm glad that I picked you as the first of my new legion of Eight Warriors."

To the Jabberwock, Shinigami would have to take it into holding to protect it from other forces that would most likely be out to get it. As for Aliyah...

"Huuuh... Perhaps Tear-kun can take her to the infirmary... Even though the nurses are away..."

Shinigami would call out slightly, "Tear-kun..." and he should know what to do with her from there.

In a rippling beam of light, Tear would appear next to Shinigami, nodding his head in accordance with his hands in his pockets.

"Yes, my Lord..."

He would utter in a sort of Sebastian-esque sort of way. He would take Aliyah into his custody and carry her gently outward, probably into the infirmary (which would be created rather... soon. xD) so that he could treat her.

Aliyah cringed in pain, her body being racked with the fact that she had probably used more chakra than should be possible for anyone. If time wasn't so screwed up in the Eternalism Hill, she wouldn't have been surprised to have died of chakra exhaustion.

"...Thank you...Tear-kun..."
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Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream

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Deadly 53: Hey Old Man We Need To Have A Chat

Shinigami immediately exited from his mirror to find Sophia in a bit of a frenzy. Perhaps she now knew what was happening around this village...

"Yes, Sophia? What's wrong? What do you mean?"

He hoped that it wasn't what he thought... But he'd allow her to tell him herself, to ensure he didn't frighten her more if this wasn't the case.

Well, it looks like it was just as bad as Shinigami thought. Sighing, he took a seat under his table, awaiting Sophia to join him.

"Come sit, Sophia... We have much to discuss."

He would pat the chair beside him, and pick up his tea kettle. It was his official tea time, after all. They would have to chat over tea.

"Spill it...?"

He was confused as to why she wanted him to spill his tea, after he worked so hard to make it... Children just made no sense these days.

"Maaaahh... Well... I... Do indeed, Sophia. That swirling mass above is Ozma, and ancient deity sealed off because of its incredible power long ago by myself and other great beings... Grimlock had been sealed away after the fact in the same place, which was a mistake on our part, we see..."

He poured her some tea as well as himself.

"Khrona-kun and Hakku-chan are fine, though. They reported back to me recently via secret contacts. They were lying low while Grimlock did his thing so that they could prepare for retaliation. They never left you all."

Shinigami thought deeply on this subject, knowing about how she wished to help out.


He wasn't exactly sure what she could do, either. She was definitely more powerful than most, simply because she was his daughter and a half Shinigami by blood, but this didn't mean she should simply run right into the fray unprepared.

"... The best thing you can probably do right now, Sophia, is to simply be here at Shibusen... I do not want you to have to endure the terrors of what is out there..."

As she was right now, she simply could do nothing that Shinigami could think of.

"I'm sorry. I know you want to help, but sometimes the best help is the kind you do from the sidelines."

He hated that he had to tell her that, but he had a point. If he went out and did anything, she ran the high risk of getting herself killed. The streets of the Dusk weren't exactly the safest place anymore.

"Unless you can find someone of significant power to protect you, I do not want you to leave Shibusen grounds."

Shinigami placed his teacup down, pondering the thought for a moment.

"Hrrrmm... Well currently as it stands, I only have 2 available Death Scythes left... Tear-kun and Justin-kun. I need to have one weapon I can wield in battle for safety precautions, so Tear-kun must stay..."

He wasn't sure about Justin, however.


This was definitely a situation. Leia was off with the Eight Warriors and Chroma had prior obligations to her father that Shinigami would not stand between.

"I will have to see about this. Perhaps there is a meister around who will be willing. Until we can find you someone to accompany you, I would suggest that you stay here, even still..."

As Shinigami lifted his cup to finish his tea, he placed it back down, remembering another alternative.

"Well... There is one other alternative. And that would be if the Dusk Security Force escorts you."

He wasn't expecting his daughter to also want to be into the Soul Weapon game, but... If she so chooses, he'd comply to her wishes.

"Alright then, Sophia, pick one from the book."

Being of his blood, she was compatible with any weapon she chose, but that didn't mean she didn't have to train with it thoroughly to become good with it. She barely knew how to use her wavelength correctly. He flipped out the book and placed it in front of her.

"There you go."

Shinigami would close the book and look to the mirror, it starting to shimmer and waver about. Then, Kanon would appear from it, entering into the Death Room and standing in front of Sophia.

"Here is your partner, Sophia."

Shinigami sat in deep thought about such a method of contact, knowing that him going himself meant that he would be succumbing to rather desperate measures, and he never wanted to come off like that.

But then he sensed him.

"... Darkness has come. Another Kishin is awake."

Shinigami, without the slightest hesitation, grabbed Sophia with his massive hand, her entire body seemingly consumed by it, as he rushed over to a mirror that appeared behind him.

"Sophia, there is no time to explain the situation. You are in danger here. And YOU will be the one to contact the DSF!"

He looked at her with a stern look; a look in his face he hadn't had for probably 800 years. Everything was about to go down.

"Take Kanon and go. Make sure you let them know how much trouble we are in. Tell them that they must go to the four shrines of the elemental guardians. I will deal with the darkness here."

Without anymore words besides those, he flung her into the mirror along with Kanon.

"I love you, Sophia..."

That was the last he could say to her as the mirror would close behind her. He could sense Tear and Justin, his two remaining Death Scythes in action fighting against this powerful adversary. Without Shinigami himself, they did not stand a chance against Shinta... But they were only doing it for his sake.

"Baka... Don't they realize that my sake... Is to keep my children such as them alive?"

For the first time in a long time... Shinigami was going to fight.
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Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream

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Deadly 54: Hahaha, I Know You're Here Death!

"Ah... So I was right."

The doors to the school creaked open, the lights on the candles formerly extinguished from the intense power struggle now igniting once more as this Death-- No, not Death, for that was not who he was. The God of Death, Shinigami-sama, stood at the very top of the stairs, looking down to the Earth King, Tear, Justin, a dead Rook and the Dark King.

"So long ago, when I told Sophia the type of man you were... I was right. I knew I was. And now it has been proven."

Shinigami stared the Dark King down, eyes narrowing a bit, and he would avert his gaze to the Earth King, and his eyes narrowed further. He was oh so tired of this.

"I knew from the very day I saw you... That you would fall to insanity. How much you remind me of the Kishin, Asura... And now, two on the verge of the Kishin stand before me right now... Then there is no escaping it. I have to do this. Tear-kun."

Shinigami raised his hand, beckoning his Scythe... His Death Scythe.

"Justin-kun... I need you to fight alongside me and Tear... To defend this place from the insanity I knew would come. That was why I evacuated the school and sent people on missions. So no one would get hurt."

Shinigami was more aware than they realized of everything... And that awareness is what led him to be able to fight in these trying times. All he needed now were the weapons to back him up.

The efforts for the group were relatively effective... It at least kept the Dark King at bay and tarnished his bubble for a bit, however that wasn't enough to keep this powerhouse satisfied for long. The bubble drew near, and Tear started to be pulled in. But he wouldn't allow it, not at all, he could not lose here.

Though, looks like someone else had that exact same thought. Rook had taken the blow for Tear...

"... To take my place... You knew what had to be done the very moment you got here. You were just waiting for the right opening."

Tear said this solemnly, as if filled with sorrow that such a beautiful ANBU had to fall in such a way. In the end, all he wanted to do was to stop this madness. That's all Shibusen wanted to do as well... And it looks like that time had come with the swing of the doors. The bell of Death tolls.

"My my... It has been too long since I have seen you in a real battle... Lord Death."

Tear smiled... His signature, deadly nonchalant smile crossed his face... And then rose up just a little bit more. He walked up the stairs casually, starting to glow his grayish white color, taking a step onto the last step and pushing off upward, shooting into Shinigami's hand in weapon form; a giant mallet with a belt sander sander wrapped around the faces of it.

"And it's been far too long since I've left myself in your capable hands... Normally, it's the other way around. Hmhmhm."

Ah, only one person could still find beauty in all of this that happened... Only one man... And that was the man with the single tear rolling down his face at the thought of everything that was going on happening to beautifully... Tear Lacrimoso.

The answer was as clear as day to the Dark King... but would he walk the road to dawn with him?

"I always wanted at shinigami..."

From now on... as the Earth King spoke Shibusen would continue to crumble

It was a meerly a whisper to those who his heart was connected with.

But the loudest noise to those who was not aware of its origin.

This earthquake... this power flowed from the Earth King and continued dismantiling Shibusen more and more despite his appearance here.

He just looked like a shadow of his former self. And that made the Earth King smirk a sly grin.

One that caused the buildings of Death city to crumble behind him... He turned around for a brief moment.

Don't get carried away.

"I wont..."

Since Tear was wrapped up in his own monlogue. It was time for the Earth King to DIRECTLY address the Dark King.

"How do you wanna take this out?"

The Earth King extended his right hand... and his new keyblade was formed.... its name was Misery, and the right was named Pain.

They looked like so, the power OF HIS HEART would work well in this battle:

You see, they both looked like scythes...

Or was that what the Earth King wanted them to look like? Or appear to Shingami?

It was odd...

Either way, he wanted to give his white one to the Dark King. But turned back around to face Shinigami and pointed the white one towards him.

"Well? I've already beaten Tear. So Spirit better have some years on him..."

"Well if he isn't going to let us leave then I guess I have no choice."

The Dark King stood up from where he re-Absorbed rook and stared up at Shinigami, he hadn't actually formally met the Guy, but aparantly he had warned Sophia about him.-

"It's pretty bad to spread rumors about someone you havn't met.. i take high offense to it."

The Dark King flicked his wrist, a weapon didn't appear. No his Red tinted Shades did, he placed them over his cat like eyes. They had been uncovered since he began to go insane and now that his mind was alright he needed them back.-

"I'll help you out here Earth King, but in return later you'll tell me where death is , Deal?"

The Dark King Flexed and his seals were re-released all in an instant, but instead of forming the unpredictable bubble, it created his beowulf gauntlet, the Weapon he would defeat death with.. he hoped...

it was a hardened form of his reality destroying chakra , in this compressed form it held the ability to wipe things out of all timelines and dimensions in one blow, normally it formed on both his hands and his legs but right now it was only one arm that had it.-

"I spread no rumors. I only say what my eyes see before them."

He narrowed his eyes, twirling Tear in mallet form only once.

"Destruction and Darkness, staring Death in the face."

Before he began, he looked over to Justin, knowing that he would be the only available staff member left in the school capable of keeping things under control whilst Shinigami fought. As such, he would have to relieve him of his duties.

"Justin-kun. You have fought well, but now I must ask that you do a more important favor for me... Go inside and keep the school under control. I will handle things out here."

The Earth King had done something absolutely non-beneficial to their party by severing Shinigami's soul... Now, Death was loose. No more restrictions. No more restraints.

"I'll remind you all why I am the God of Death... Kishin Hunter."

An explosion of wavelength surged from the mallet, shaping it now into a very large warhammer with a scythe blade jutting from it and a large motor engine on the side for the newly motorized scythe blade. The blade retracted as he lifted the war hammer into the air, bringing it down to the ground with a thunderous crash.

"Tear-kun!!! Amegami (Rain God)!!"

The resounding roar of the hammer's crash into the ground caused a powerful burst of wavelength to shoot straight up into the air, like thunder and lightning working in accord. Immediately, the clouds would darken and pour down a torrent of this soulful rain, which easily coated the ground completely in nothing but this liquid. The field was set for battle, and it was Tear's turn to assist.

"Yes My Lord.."

-Justin said, quickly regaining his composure and abiding by Shinigami's will. No questions were asked, he had faith in his god. Shibusen was his new priority.-

Since they were fighting a God, all the cheapery must surface... And the Earth King started by backing into a dark corridor.

So long as he had access to these, Shinigami wouldn't lay a finger on the Earth King.

The Earth King appeared behind Shinigami thereafter, he watched the powerful blow- it made The Destroyer doubt if he could measure up to that himself. But behind Shinigami would descend the mighty cosmos destroyer in a blazing glory of crimson fire.

This wasn't anything akin to the Dark King's guantlets that only needed one hit to kill Shinigami, but this would blast Shinigami out of his own comfort zone. There was 1 god on this playing field,

and 2 god killers.

But still, the hammer acted independently of the destroyer? No, if you look close the Earth King was above sporting his keyblade armor, his hands vibrating with a pink aura the soul rain bending around him...

waiting patiently...

Kishin Hunter already, I've heard Legends, Probably best to avoid it.

-He thought that at first, before noticing the Earth King Avoiding, the Earth King and the Dark King had fought just as many battles together as against each-other in there long standing relationship, He could predict exactly what the Earth King would do and He What the Dark King would do. It made them a powerful Tag-team.

As the Kishin hunter Came im He lifted His Beowolf Gauntlet and Clashed with it, It was as effective at blocking but the Dark King channeled as much reality Chakra as he could up into it , It was still recuperating from his fight with the Earth King earlier, then death, then tear.

Eventually he pushed it off, not destroyed it, The Kishin hunter Flew Wildly TO the side hitting the School Taking out of a massive Chunk.

The rain however was Problematic, Shinobi could easily avoid touching water directly by routing it around there body with Chakra but it was covering the environment which was ill news.-

"My turn now, I suppose."

The Dark King Jumped up into the Air His arm rather sore from pushing off such a powerful attack, the Earth King Would likely Go for a direct Blow from behind. If he connected the Dark King would be ready To Blast Shinigami up into the air Farther with a Hard Zues Upbringing kick, With a massive amount of Dark Chakra.-

The sheer aura of Shinigami's soul rising from the pit of languor called forth a special power that awoke Tear's full potential as well. In moments, this revived god's power replenished itself to its prime; before Shinigami sealed the Kishin down to the school by pinning his own soul there. This was thanks to the Earth King. Soon, it would be the Dark King's time to assist Shinigami. But for now...

"... What is the purpose of you two being here? My only wish is to protect my establishment and my people. Are you aching for war with Shibusen and the Dusk?"

Shinigami didn't play games when it came to war. He severed ties with the Witches back then for one mistake... He would do it again to the Neo-Nightmare.

By this time, the Earth King had retreated into his Dark Corridor, his Cosmic Destroyer emerging behind Shinigami. But, it was no use trying to get the drop on Shinigami.

"Liquid Resonance!!"

Spinning around with his hammer in hand, it would make contact with the Earth King's and cause a tremendously destructive clashing force that sent tidal wave-like ripples across the liquid covered floor... Or rather, it should have. Instead, the liquid rippled as if someone had simply stepped on it, and in only moments it would become still again. Shinigami was holding off the Cosmic Destroyer with no problem at all, despite how much power it held. With a flick of his wrist, the Cosmic Destroyer was now heading toward the Dark King's foot, with Shinigami slipping into the liquid like one of his own mirrors. He emerged near the gates, preparing Tear for the next attack. This was specifically for the Earth King, whom he knew was all too famous for interrupting people in the middle of their speeches, despite having long-winded ones himself.

"It seems you haven't noticed that the droplets of rain do not create ripples across this liquid covered ground. Neither did impact from our clash. With Tear-kun, I absorb the wavelengths of every single ripple. From the droplets of rain, to the massive clash... Even every step you or myself takes. And the power exponentially multiplies my own power. Every single ripple."

Shinigami was already packing fathoms times more power than he had from just a second ago, and it was time to use it again. He slammed Tear on the ground, causing several mirrors shaped like tombstones to shoot up all across the battlefield, each of their reflections showing only the Dark King and the Earth King.

"These are your graves I've prepared for you. Your faces are all over them."

The scythe blade protruded from the hammer's face, this time longer and larger than before. Shinigami gripped his hand tightly, and the engine would rev violently, causing the liquid to ripple again...

Tear-kun. There is enough power. You know what to do.

The power Shinigami was pulling in was not for himself, but for Tear. To be able to keep up with what Shinigami was about to do, Tear was going to need all of this power, and then be able to amplify it again from Shinigami. Amplifying his power when he was like this... Was difficult, even for the most seasoned of Death Scythes. Tear needed complete concentration. His face gleamed in the light of the scythe blade for a moment, and all the words he needed to say were expressed by his signature deadly nonchalant smile, before the gleaming wipe of the scythe covered his face again.

Within his own soul, which was where he was in weapon form, there was a land of complete and utter rain, with a single Weeping Willow in the middle. The tree stood on a single island surrounded by gentle rippling waters... a serene and beautiful, yet dark place, much like Tear himself.

Under this tree, there was a sad, gothic girl whose dreary eyes held nothing but bleak damnation, yet her smile showed how much she enjoyed it. The Witch Tear killed so long ago to become a Death Scythe, the Witch of Machines, Mechanica. After absorbing a Witch's soul, they become part of the weapon, and because Mechanica was a benign witch with slightly skewed causes (and a completely broken mentality), Tear's soul did not destroy her essence completely to absorb her power, but shared his soul with her. She enjoyed it quite a bit.

"Dear, sweet Mechanica... You must have known I would call for your assistance sooner or later. I've survived this long without using your power, but as you can see... I'd like to use it now. For the good of Shinigami and Shibusen, hm?"

Her pitch black, tired eyes drifted over to him, and a weak laugh escaped her small, cute lips.

Mechanica: Oh, Tear... You saved me from destruction so long ago... I will never forget. You could have called on me long ago... Though I know you consider yourself a bother to me if you do... Know that you aren't...

Tear giggled under his breath, hands in his pockets.

"Though I know this, I enjoy letting you enjoy this beautiful scenery. Call upon... 'her' power, will you? The Silver Moon? Shinigami and I have a plan."

Mechanica's eyes widened only slightly, as did her broken, crazed smile. She spoke up, weakly and barely letting her words escape her lips, "Of course. She's been waiting to be of assistance to us. Haven't you...?"

Her voice trailed off, and her eyes closed. The gears in her chest and in her head started to churn, and the rain's light drizzle thickened to a heavy downpour. Tear stared up, completely ecstatic for what was about to happen.

"I haven't been this excited in a long time... Let's get to it. Hmhm~..."


All that transpired within Tear's soul happened quite quickly on the outside, lasting the duration of Shinigami's last post, all the way up to the end (which is where this part of this post begins). Those mirrors Shinigami placed would gleam with a silver light for a moment, creating a bright flash over the entire land. In the middle of the battlefield, now, there was a huge tree; a Weeping Willow. Afterwards, however... Nothing. Tear simply needed to wait... and keep track of Shinigami's signals. The same teamwork the Earth King and the Dark King had, Shinigami and Tear had... But better.

"Cute Joke, with the graves really But I've already planed my grave site, and it sure isn't around this tacky Exterior Decoration, Your only the first course after-all, A good practice for Death Himself. I hold no interest in politics or the Villages."

The Dark King knew first thing was first, Cut off the buff, he may have gained alot of power but it would stop now.-

"Info-gram Seal."

-He said letting but a single Drop Grace his glove, Once it did the area began to go dry and then became wet again.., The Infogram Seal used the Dark King's Own Matter replacement Technique, To Swap Any element he sealed with The Void Water from the minds Void, If Shinigami Would try and Resonate with the Void water he would end up without a soul at all, For this Matter only Absorbed.-

"Now then.."

The Dark King waggled his finger, still floating in mid air, When he did so a humongous Rip In the fabric of Space and time known as a dark Portal opened, and out of it Came a Dragon, nearly as big as the castle itself. Completely Black and mutated, with Only red eyes and a red mouth.-

"Meet Zeus,... 2.0"

-Before it was even Fully ut of the portal, it's Giant mouth Charged a massive Shot more then capable of leveling half the dusk, and easily the castle itself, It was Called A Giga Zeus Cannon and it barreled down at Shinigami and his castle at near mach 4 Speeds, the Dark King on the other hand slipped into a small Dark Portal.-

The Earth King stood on high observing what transpired. He took note of the power of this 'Kishin Hunter' how it easily dealt with the Cosmos Destroyer- and how this water wasn't meant to harm but buff Shinigamis powers.

It was time to act... to begin a new.

The Earth King's hammer would return to his person, warping behind him floating without him touching it. He awayed his keyblades for the moment and crossed his legs and sat on a swath of dark energy. He began murmuring some fiendish undertones

Ones only interpreted by the Advocates... This technique was called the 'Breath of Life' and it did incalculable things.

"I only wanted to save my friend... The more you fight us, the more everything you hold dear collapses around you."

13 dark corridors would open around the Earth King, and circle him with tremendous speedily revolutions....

As he spoke Shibusen continued to crumble and the Void Water became a focused Hydro Pump on Shinigami and Tear, it would follow wherever he moved and drain the power he so righteously gained.

This voice power also increased Zeus' shot thousand fold turning it into a minigun that would wipe out Shibusen, The Dusk, and all that was on the otherside of this power.

The Dark King would feel as if he was in the midst of his orion clansmen buffing his powers to astronomical heights.

But those were just the residual effects of being in the presence of an Advocate and Hearing the breath of life...

Whats more... a pebble of earth was in front of the Earth King... and it began to construct a person.


It was pretty much all he could say about all that was happening, however, as he knew before, the Dark King would assist him in the same way the Earth King had done previously. His attempt at dispelling the water with the Matter Replacement to Void Water would only prove useless for the simple fact that this 'water' was Tear's own Wavelength, and that being so, this liquid below was just as strong as Shinigami and Tear combined were, in addition to the fact that a wavelength is not 'matter.' When one is in a harmonic soul resonance, not just the abilities of the two souls are amplified continuously, but the abilities that they use as well.


One of two things would happen; the wavelength would stay where it was, rejecting the Dark King's Matter Replacement technique right from the start OR (if the Dark King is still able to get through it), the wavelength would match and then counteract the power of the Void Water, becoming a wavelength specifically adapted to rejecting the power of the Void Water. One cannot absorb what is rejected.

But that seemed to be the very least of the trouble brewing here.

The large black dragon appeared from a portal, revealing its terrible and ugly head to the face of Death. This was the third black dragon Shinigami had seen in his time here, and all came from three individuals deemed insane. Perhaps that was just their trait, that black dragon.

"Tear-kun... Be ready. I'll hold these two off."

Unphased by the large menacing beast, it fired off a blast proportionate in power to wipe out the Dusk. As usual, it was upgraded in power to destroy this City; another shot from the Neo-Nightmare. That was two strikes in one battle. It seems like they truly did want to wage war.

To stop this monstrous blow, one of the tombstone mirrors grew larger, to the point where it was equal in size to the consumptive beam, only... Would it hold? Nay. It wasn't supposed to. A gleam in the mirror revealed the perfect image of the Earth King, wherever he may be, captured within the eternal picture that was this mirror. His reflection, now etched into the very memory of this mirror, linked all things that touched it to him regardless of where he may have been. This beam, fathoms times faster and more powerful than it originated, would shoot straight into the mirror, obliterating it completely, yet traveling no farther than the impact site of this giant mirror. All of the energy from the attack; the force, the power, the speed, etc. was focused into the Earth King, and nothing else. Thus, not even a gentle breeze was made from this mirror's destruction, though something far worse would come... The destruction of the Earth King.

"Ask not for whom the bell tolls... It tolls for thee."

He wasn't called 'Death' for no reason. If all went as planned, then all mirrors should have been focused thereby on the Dark King for his punishment.

"Nightmare scum... I knew you could not be trusted. Your village reeks with the hunger for power, like all Kishin incarnates do... I could smell your betrayal from clear across the planet. And now it is time for you to pay for your crimes... This nightmare is over."

He stood there... Waiting... Growing... Watching...

Among the midst of shattering the mirror Shinigami would find himself basking in the shadow cast off by a massively strong being which held its blade up and brought it scything down on Shinigami while he wait patiently...

This was the fusion of the mind body and soul of the Dark King and the Earth King- with the Earth King in control. This concept now made whole attacked with the quickness of the Dark King's reality breakneck speed and the combined power of Zeus and the Earth King

Nothing happened for the moment

Until a giant sword appeared out of the sky popped the protective wavelength around shibusen and descended down upon Shinigami.

The simply act of this blade descending upon Shinigami seemed to cut off Shinigamis power supply from the waters around him and lift Shinigami to the blade- it was his darkness calling to him, to become one with his inhibitions and regrets.

The egos and reflections captured in the mirrors now turned to versions of Xashikta for their combined essence was both the Earth King and the Dark King.

This creation will endure all the burdens from them while the Dark King and the Earth King lie safely unharmed.

What would Shinigami do to stop the raining transendent sword from teh sky? It looked like an upsidedown skyscraper aiming to invoke its manifest destiny upon Shibusen

Tear witnessed and felt everything that transpired on the other side, waiting patiently for the right moment to strike. He patiently waited alongside Mechanica, who stayed weary under the tree.

"... Seems like something big is coming."

Mechanica: Yes... They have fused their powers to fight on par with Shinigami... Formidable...

"The power of a fusion only goes so far. It seems like they have foolishly activated the power of the Weeping Willow."

Mechanica: Yes... Let them weep... Such is the fate of those so clouded by darkness...

-- outside --

The sword simply severed a wavelength that parted and flowed back together like water. Cutting through it did nothing to get rid of it, only redirect the flow of its energies around the blade, like water did to any solid object. This made a huge opening in the clouds above, revealing the Silver Moon in the sky.

Instead of dropping down upon Shinigami, the sword would be forced into the Weeping Willow tree, which drew in the 'darkness' of all other things due to its insatiable turmoil and own inner 'darkness. 'It was like a magnet to the sword, and vice versa. Piercing through, the tree wailed and wallowed, howling and moaning, awakening and drawing in the darkness the sword attempted to bring out and harbor it within. And so, the sword, and the Weeping Willow, were halted in place, destroying each other as if like a Destiny Bond the Weeping Willow had placed upon it. Soon, they would both be eradicated, and there was no escaping it.


Back within, Tear watched gleefully as the Weeping Willow served its purpose beautifully. It was almost like he and Shinigami were simply prepared for all of their tactless displays of power.

"How powerful they are,
yet none too bright,
their hearts as bare
as their village's lack of light."

Tear turned to Mechanica, smiling that deadly nonchalant smile.

"How do you like my poem? I think it captures the very essence of them. Lots of power, no skill."

It wasn't like Tear to be so callous toward others, but they were enemies of Shibusen now, and it was simply for the reason of flaunting their powers... again.

Mechanica: ... It is truly... bleak... Kudos, Tear-san...

He looked up to the dark sky, seeing now a circular formation in the clouds, revealing the Silver Moon to his eye. It itself was like a grim, loathsome, woeful eye staring down right into Tear's... And his eyes would reflect the light of the Silver Moon. It was time.

-- Outside--

The rippling Silver Moon hanging up in space shone its bright, gleaming light down upon Shinigami and Tear. This wavelength of light resonated deeply within their souls, another added buff to their already unfathomable strength. Its light was so strong, it reflected from the mirrors and bathed the land in a silver hue now, the same color as Shinigami's soul.

"I think that it's time they learned to keep their destruction in their own village... No one else is a fan. Hmhm~!"

replacement tech did not dispell or absorb IT simple moved it, and then moved void water here.(Don't try and bs me with that, I can move Wavelength like this if I can move chakra like this. Loopholes are just annoying.) and he could easily move soul wavelength, Therefore, The water buff was gone, moved to the minds void a separate dimension.

The Dark King would reemerge from his dark portal after The last strand of attacks, He sat in there and meditated for a couple moments, he needed it as his mind was repairing, It seed to be fine now.

He looked casually over to the fusion of Him and the Earth King, he allowed it to happen through the Earth King's new power,

It was a Fusion alright, But one that didn't require the Earth King and the Dark King to actually fuse, and it Negated the power of the mirrors as well, when it shattered and the Earth King was suppose to feel the pain, it simply hurt The fusion by very little.-

"SO Earth King, You've finally realized your memories."

-He spoke so causally it was as if he wasn't even in battle.-

"I'm glad for you.. You now know of the 13 clans .. Interesting."

-Suddenly the Dark King's second gauntlet formed, and then the matching Beowulf Boots, One swing wiped out time and space in-front of it, no amount of loopholes would stop that, and he was raring to go.-

"I told you already, Go to war if you want I don't even care about your stupid problems, Nothing you people find important even matters.
Compared to the death I'm after your just a child... wielding a cry baby..
You People don't understand what it's like to have to make a real Decision and stick to it, you Think You can always have it both ways.."

-He smirked Largely And pointed, Suddenly his dragon dropped out of the sky and perched on-top of the school, and then let out a large howl, the howl itself, was able to stop time within an area for exactly 1 second, in all dimensions that existed within the area.

One second was all the Dark King needed to get right on-top OF Shinigami, Powering through His soul wavelegths By Simply eradicating it out of existence with his beowulf

However at the same time during that 1 second freeze the Large Dragonix Zues Imploded into a black hole threatening to destroy all of Shibusen.

With the Dark King coming in for a fatal hit and the dragon imploding very suddenly as if time had stopped, cause it did, He was forcing Shinigami, and tear, Both of whom he had now already guage the power of and knew what they were capable of , to make a "hard decision"... Save yourselves. Or save the Shibusen. With no time to think or plan.

As he would appear, everything just seemed to stop. Why? Because this was not his fight, so why would anyone even think to attack Khrona when he agreed with them both?

"Well well, this is quite a surprise. The Dark King and the Earth King in the Dusk? Something rather important must be happening. Why not put away your attacks and have a nice little chat with us, since you're here."

Khrona hovered down atop the Dark King's Void Water, realizing just what the hell it did and knowing somehow and some way that even though it was there, it just would not do anything to him. He had enough power to counteract it if he HAD to, but why would the Dark King do that if he just wanted to come to an understanding? Of course. And the Dark King has that much chakra control to STOP whatever move he's using from destroying everything. It was admirable, actually.

"Shinigami, Tear. Let me handle this one."

He smiled at the Dark King and Earth King, walking toward them a bit with open arms, as if he wished to hug them, and stood right in front of them, simply smiling.

"Well. Let's talk, guys."

The Dark King's mind being a dangerously fast thing had a conversation with himself that, if he had outside of his head could have taken moments, but in his head took smaller then was calculable.
Khrona's Come, This Changes nothing right? Take out Shinigami still stands?

No No, What if he has information I want it'll be a hassle to pummel it out of him.. But the Earth King probably knows where death is...

But on the other hand He may not, Khrona being the head of the dusk might be in the know on his location.. so Upsetting him may lose me information.. What a bother. I suppose I'll have to stop myself to make sure I can get information out of both of my Kage friends..Neh?

Indeed, it's the best course of action.

-Within a millisecond, the zues that imploded into a black-hole, would suck itself not the shibusen into itself,

It was even difficult with his mind powers to stop such an attack but with the boost From Grimms Power inside of him over black-holes it was manageable. However he was in the dilemma of-being barely a centimeter way from Slugging Shinigami with something he was going to wipe his existence with, So He willed away his gauntlet at the last moment and turned it into just pure chakra, now destabilized it wouldn't wipe the slat clean for shinigami when his fist connected..

However He wouldn't be leaving uninjured , in fact quite the opposite, the Fist Connected and a blast of Potent sealed chakra ignited and exploded fourth, able to knock Shinigami miles away if he wasn't hitting him toward the ground. Lord Death would escape his namesake today but he would be severely injured.-

'Sorry Even I couldn't stop that attack completely.."

-he said hovering up there alone now, looking over toward Khrona, his yellow cat eyes beaming out over the top of the rim.-

The Earth King was encircled in a surrounding revolving door of dark corridors.

He felt a new presence enter the battle field, maybe more of Shinigami's goons?

Impossible, none of them could stop the battlefield completely. This presence looked familiar yet threatening. The Earth King had to see this for himself.

He rose from his seated position on a swath of darkness and appeared next to the Dark King. What he was staring at was a grown man, no longer a child.


It seems he wanted a cease fire... Bout time someone with some sense. All the Earth King wanted to do in the beginning was save his friend. Xashikta would appear behind the Earth King and wait. He wasn't going to put his arms down fully.

"What is it."

Is all he said in response. Khrona's appearance here was puzzling nonetheless.

With all the calamity ensuing, the appearance of the man of blackness himself was a shock even to Shinigami. Almost like a savior to Shibusen in these trying times, Shinigami was grateful that at least someone was faithful to his cause.


Bam! Before Shinigami could even finish his thought, he had been hit with the devastating punch from the Dark King, which sent him flying back toward the partially crumbled Shibusen. Before he went too far, though, he slammed his mallet-scythe into the ground to catch himself, leaving a huge cut in the ground as he did. When he finally came to a screeching halt, he let go of Tear and realized what needed to be done.

"... Tear-kun. Go to Khrona-kun. I will sit this one out..."

Shinigami needed to see this, he knew, and he would watch patiently as he awaited the conclusion to this. Perhaps Khrona knew something that he could not.

They all talk and the Demon King appears.

Just then, between the Demon King, Khrona, and the Earth King, a thought crossed their minds and hearts at the same time. It was a sad feeling, very close to rock bottom... But... It was familiar... It was fast and electrifying, slightly violet in color... It wasn't there for but a moment, but it was very noticeable to them. Then, just as mysteriously as it appeared, it vanished. Nothing was left but a space in them for new feelings to emerge. It was completely up to them what would come next.

All of the Village Leaders continue to talk about the state of affairs and how each Village is being destroyed.

Calmed, collected and in a form of trance-like serenity, Khrona looked to his brothers with cottoned eyes and a candied smile. In their own way, each of them had FINALLY agreed to work together, which was all that Khrona wanted.

"Earth King... I already know that I'm arrogant. You don't have to point out the obvious so much. I'll be just as arrogant and haughty as I please! The same way you all ignore my words, I'll ignore yours, for it doesn't matter since all of us are FINALLY working toward the same goal TOGETHER rather than separately this time. Since we've all thoroughly verbally agreed to such terms... It looks like I can rest easy. The Dusk used to be secluded because I felt as though I needed to work alone to save this planet... And in fact, it worked all the way up to a point, just like with you as well... And that point WAS you all. So instead of going against each other when we all want the same thing... Why not just work with each other?"

Khrona giggled at them again, all three of them 'huffing and puffing' about Khrona flapping his wings all over the place. He found it funny that they were just so silly and flustered.

"And please, lighten up guys~. Don't take everything so damn personally, you dreary people."

Look who's calling the kettle black. Hahaha.

"Whelp. It's settled. I know what I have to do. Whenever you need me, guys, just drop by the Dusk. I'm welcome to all of you."

He stared at the Dark King intensely, as to make SURE not to exclude him from this in any way.

"ALL of you."

He veered off to Shinigami, who was silent in the background. Khrona only smiled and nodded his head, then looked over to Tear.

"... You can take it from here. I have business to attend to with a being trying to consume our planet. Ta~."

And without so much as a single hesitation, the man shrouded in blackness dissipated into a flurry of dissipating black feathers. It was really almost time... He hoped they could do this in a month.

This... All of this was just so much for even Shinigami to take in... The words that transpired here today allowed him to rethink his entire way of doing things... This obsession with Death was something that couldn't be ignored, and as God of Death, he knew this. He was just as much to blame about this as anyone else, facilitating Death since his entire existence. Maybe... That was becoming obsolete... To facilitate death...

"... You children have opened my eyes to what is truly important... And that isn't to force order upon people. Even the gods make mistakes, it seems... We claim to be perfect, but even we have so much to learn..."

He stepped forth toward the remaining three, right beside the Demon King.

"Though your methods are unorthodox, Kishin incarnates... I must say that they are effective. You have my support for whatever must be done..."

The Demon King stood in silence, his face without visible of emotions and his heart perceiving things at a new rate. In only a matter of a few minutes, the Demon King's resolve to become silent had already reaped its benefits. The echoes of the heart,soul and mind seemed to have intensified. The feelings of the Earth King,were expressed to him through both his heart and his soul...his mind seemed quiet for once.-

"Forgiveness huh,"

-He said to himself, with his hands crossed over his chest. It was clear that the Earth King wanted for the Demon King to acknowledge his shift in energy...but the Demon King found it difficult to do such, perhaps the old baron was right.-

After hearing those words uttered by the Demon King, Shinigami turned his head to him as if he had just said the most profound thing in the universe.

"Forgiveness, huh...?"

He thought about it... This order. What... What had he been doing this entire time? All of his 'order' was by 'order' of his own selfishness. And it made everyone else unhappy... So, now that he realized this... It was time for him to right his own wrong... Because, if someone is wrong, then they are not doing things right.

"... I hope they can forgive me, if they haven't already... The Witches... My students... My friends... Everyone..."

Looks like everyone has to right the wrongs of their past. But the longer you take to do it, the larger the price you have to pay. Shinigami knew his price for these many centuries of utter fucking up. All of this... The Demon King, Khrona, the Earth King and the Dark King... They were here because of his mistake.

"... I will right this wrong. Somehow..."

The Demon King couldn't help but giggle as Shinigami repeated the thoughts in his heart, it wasn't sure if he should take it as a sign yet. So he decided instead to question the man of death.-

"Shinigami, can I ask you a favor?"

-He spoke aloud, he had run into a situation with some villain. He knew it wasn't a nightmare scheme, the Earth King and the Dark King handles the Demon King straight up...generally.-

Looking over to the man of few words, Shinigami was intrigued by what he could ever hope to ask of him.

"... Yes, Kage of Chaos, what is it that you wish?"

Ï was wondering if you would help me dispel an Evil. Apparently some...thing has taken over the Great Spirit in the Chaos...I'm not sure if you know its importance to the Chaos, and the planet; but, I don't think I can deal with it on my own."

-He said calmly and directly, no need to mask his intentions with clever words or deep monologues...he just asked for his assistance.-


Shinigami closed his masked eyes, solemnly reflecting on the entire matter at hand. He wished for Order, and because of this, he created also Chaos by not letting things be natural. For this mistake, he would pay dearly, and would help restore Natural Order rather than his own Order to this dying world.

"... If it will bring this world to its former glory... Then I have no qualms. Come, Kage of the Chaos, show me just what great evil needs to be dispeled."

And so, he would wait for the Demon King, and when he moved, so would Shinigami.

The Demon King didn't bother with more words, his body flickered with a gray hue and within a blink...he was gone. Waiting for shinigami in the Chaos besides the great spirit.

He was grateful that Shinigami agreed to assist him,he didn't know who else he could turn to.-

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Deadly 55: Changing The Tides Of Death...

Shinigami would appear at the Great Spirit thanks to the Demon King, gazing upon it with humbled, nostalgic eyes, as if he'd seen this thing before.

"Ah... This great and powerful soul of life, to counteract my soul of Death... How quaint to be here again after so long..."

Shinigami laughed, feeling the warmth inside.

"Demon King. Why have we come here, to this Great Spirit?"

Demon King... Huh. Guess that does include me now...

A smile flourished from beside Shinigami, sprouting into the being of a new ascension known as Khrona Tensei. His being was made of pure and utter radiance now, as if utterly prepared to make this big jump.

"... My beautiful Friday the Thirteenth Fairy... Let me give you life... through my becoming of Death. A new Shinigami... Who doesn't believe in the workings of Death. And a god of light... Who will finally experience life on this plane of existence after waiting for so long..."

He was really going to do this...

"... The Tenseis will be all here... As a family... Like we've always wanted... And we get to fulfill everyone's dreams all at the same time."

Khrona and his long lost lover, the Tsukihime Titania, Queen of the Faeries... How does one give birth to a fairy...? Make love to the Fairy Queen.

"If it means giving up my own body, then so be it... Let these fairies be free."

And he jumped into the Great Spirit.

Shinigami. It's time for you to die. You've come here because you've realized that your rule of order is over. It is finally time for a new Death.

Khrona was happy that Shinigami knew... It made him happy to know that things had turned out this way. Like it was all planned perfectly and beautifully.

We'll all be... Free...

Huh? He's here?

He had gotten into the world of the Spirits... Sacrificed himself yet again for the sake of everyone else. Oh, her father...

Daddy... You risked your life for that silly Pumpkin...? Hahaha. No, I know already. It's even more than that. It's so that I can exist too, right...? Not just as a being of consciousness...

He was going to grant everyone's wish. Because he had none anymore. He just wanted to help everyone else.

... To the very end... You did everything for everyone. You just wanted to make everyone happy.

With his power of a god, Khrona would be able to give everyone everything they wanted, simply because he wanted nothing else. His story was done. And finally, he got to finish it... Once and for all.

Daddy... I love you.

Shinigami nodded, closing his eyes and taking off his mask.

"Ah... You'll finally give me a new face, then..."

Before Trinity could be pushed out of the Great Spirit by Khrona, she first had to be accepted into Shinigami's very own soul. He outstretched his hand, ready to finally cross over into the other world.

"I've been here for far too long..."

He was the God of Death. He was the one who chose how he died. So why was he staying here for so long? It was someone else's turn, and Khrona had proven to be the wisest in his decisions. So Shinigami gave up control to his will.

"In my death, let me give your daughter life..."

And Shinigami allowed himself to flow back into the realm of the gods, and let the Friday the Thirteenth Fairy known as Trinity take his place. Even he knew when it was time to let it go... He pulled her soul out and into himself, as his soul was transfered directly into Khrona.

"Now, Khrona. Go work things out with Death itself. As God of Death, I give you full permission."

And those were his last words before his black body took the form of Trinity's shape... She was new God of Death; the Friday the Thirteenth Fairy. And the undying will of the Tensei lineage would exist in all dead beings. And give them life if they so chose to come back.

"... You have a brilliant strategy."
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Deadly 56: The Blue Moon Cometh; Shin Aotsukiyomi

Within Dimensia, upon the old throne of the former Pumpking, Tensei seated himself pridefully, as if having waited for this spot for an eternity.

"Ah... It feels good to be here again..."

He extended his hand outward, pulling forth the True Godsend, his weapon from so long ago... Rei Tensei.

"You prepared Thanatos for me and everything... Awww, I love you."

He scooped the God Bomb from the tip of Rei as if it were but a single olive, swallowing it whole. It restored his Explosive soul to him...

"This is gonna be fun."

Floating up from the Stones of Fate, Rei returned to her former owner, waiting to be passed down to the new ruler. With the massive Thanatos hovering at her tip, Tensei swallowed the God Bomb whole with ease, leaving Rei bare.

"Looks like you've got your soul back. Now we just have to finish the rest of you, hm...? Put you back together again, right?"

There were Thirteen moons here... And he only had one within him. Every night, more and more of him would be completed, until finally, all the Tenseis would come to their full potential.

"Next on the list... Titania, correct? Hmhmhm..."

She pointed downward, toward Allsgrim Manor, where 'she' and Khrona were expressing their intimacy... They awaited this moment for some time, he was well aware. They were more than happy to give it to them.

"I shall strike them. Let the True Maestro wield me as his own, and draw power from you directly. I will be his instrument."

She knew that Khrona could use her much better... And as such, she might as well make sure he gets everything he wants here... Heh. The things she did for the love of their kids... and father.

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Deadly 57: Absolute Perfect Harmony; Shin Omnitsukiyomi

Chroma had been waiting patiently for a very long time; With every passing moon, she would anticipate her own... With her eyes completely closed, she stared up to the sky at the moon, as if waiting for Tigen's signal...


A gleam from the cosmos just as bright as the glint of her father's eyes brought forth from the darkness of space a single beacon of hope; a blinding beam of light cast down from the heavens and into the outstretched arm of Chroma Tensei. It was, of course, the True Godsend, resting softly in the sleeve of her elegant kimono. Her slight, beautiful smile grew just a bit, her anticipations coming into fruition, now, like a dream come true.

"It is finally time for... the song."

She lifted Rei into the air, and began to ascend, herself, drifting slowly... Slowly... Slowly up into the macrocosm that seemed to beckon her so. All things had been harmonized for this exact moment... The moment where all Tensei were in harmony, and all things would accomadate such absolute perfection. The chorus of the angels was complete, and all were about to achieve the perfect Soul Resonance to generate enough power to call down her Father...

Khrona Tensei.

And the True Friday the Thirteenth Fairy.

"... Places, everyone... This song must be absolutely perfect if our resonant voices of perfection are to reach the ends of the omniverse, where these two reside outside of our very existence..."

That said, she tapped Rei against the moon, and called for attention... All Tensei had to be at attention for this to work.

"... Is everybody ready?"

0th Moon; Grimoire/Cleff/Tabrith

Immediately, ascending up at the tap of the moon, Tabris looked down upon the planet with gleaming red eyes, much like the form of his counterpart. From here, he could visibly see the Crystal Tree, and he shook his head solemnly, chuckling lightly to himself.

"... It'll grow soon. I guess since I was the one who called for the Night of Tensei this time..."

He placed his hands in his pockets, turning his attention back to the conductor, Chroma.

"... I would be the first to appear."

He started to hum, setting the tone for all Tensei to follow with Absolute Melodious Perfection...

"All together now..."

And with deep, decisive breath, he called for the Dawn of the Zero Moon...

"Shin Reitsukiyomi..."

From the bowels of his infinitely large stomach, his voice rang throughout eternity... Omnitranscendent Sound and Absolute Melodious Perfection created a reverberating wavelength resonating out to all such souls. This was the beginning of the perfect Soul Resonance. This sound traveled through the Family Bond, calling every Tensei's soul in accord... The summoning of the Final Moon; Khrona's Moon.

1st; Shinsei

"Ah, Grimoire, looks like the Prophecy is coming to be... Hmhmhm. Infinite Sea of Knowledge... Dead Sea Scrolls..."

He chuckled, manifesting from the fabled land of Dimensia, the First Dimension. He crossed his arms over his chest, his body, the Flames of Eternity, bringing light to the darkness of space, even brighter than the sun that tried so hard to match his glory.

"So it is written, so it shall be, and all that jazz, hm?"

Nevertheless, the tone had been set, and for all other Tensei to follow, Shinsei would come into perfect accord with Tabris, and sing his song as well, calling forth the power of his moon; the Blue Moon.

"Shin Aotsukiyomi..."

The Blue Moon took shape before him, harmonizing with the infinite abyss of the Zero Moon, which none could witness in its eternal blackness. They resided right next to each other, and the light of the Blue Moon gave light also to the Zero Moon, letting it take on the same shade of Blue. His Moon would come into perfect resonance with that of the Zero, and so, the Zeroth and First Moons were connected enharmonic.

2nd; Shinrei

Right beside her husband, manifesting from the tip of the True Godsend, her Flame of Eternity shone bright next to his, joining hands in the essence of love; for the correction of their mistake so long ago coming to be, and so too, these two to be together in all ways yet again.

"Through the love of those two which we reside... We two may finally sing as one... And also, our children... So that we may call forth The One..."

She smiled to her husband and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath, and from deep within her, her voice rang out like a dream, harmonizing in utter accord with those two before her, in perfect harmony, to call forth her own moon... The Red Moon.

"Shin Akatsukiyomi..."

The thought of such peace of mind, peace of body, and peace of soul for such an eternity put her weary self to rest... Khrona and Khrina... Their conjunction is what caused this to be possible. Each moon contributed to this finality, and, so too, would the Red Moon of Love that formed before Shinrei. Beside her husband's Blue Moon, the Red Moon manifested, and its light was taken into the visible Zero Moon. The Zeroth, First and Second were now here, and the Zero Moon now swirled with the twin colors of peace and harmony; Red and Blue.

"... Never have I or will I see anything more beautiful than what the Zero Moon shall become when all moons come into equivocation... The Equinox..."

She closed her eyes, letting her song resound in the souls of them all... The love of partners, the love of family, the love of all... It would flow through the Family Bond.

3rd; Trinity


From the randomness of somewhere, little Trinity appeared where she was needed, right beside the soul of her mother; Shinrei. She giggled to herself, vibrating at such a high speed that her body ignited in its form of the Flame of Eternity. There, she flickered all about, more than ecstatic to finally get to create her moon for one of the most important parts of the story!!!

"Hip hip HOORAY!!! Trinity's here to SAVE THE DAY! Let's bring some Equilibrium, Tranquility and Balance to EVERYTHING with my Jade Moon!!!"

She was just so cute.

But, even she knew the importance of this, and she calmed her free, hyperactive spirit... To the point where her Father's dark and twisted seriousness could be seen within her... So, on the wavelength of perfection, she called forth her Jade Moon, and sung out...

"Shin Hisutsukiyomi..."

Trinity's body suddenly halted, and she focused her own consciousness to stabilize and keep harmony and serenity to the powerful buildup of energy that was the resonance of these souls. She closed her eyes and all that hyperactive energy within her would be used to keep everything in utter, complete balance, even for those to come. This caused the Jade Moon to manifest beside the Red Moon, and the Third Moon would gleam just as green as can be. Such marked the creation of the Third Moon. Its light was taken into the swirling concentration of Red and Blue, letting that Jade Green into the mix. Somehow, the three colors did not meld, but harmonized in their swirling mass of concentrated energy.

The three moons swirled around their abysmal epicenter and... Resembled a Sharingan, of sorts... But it was far beyond that. It was nothing like it. But the orbit of the moons accelerated... Faster... Faster... Faster...

4th; Tetra/Pumpkinhead/Corona

... A bright flickering distortion twisted space between the other Flames, igniting the spark that was a newly birthed Flame of Eternity; Corona Tensei. Taking the place of her former, Pumpkinhead, she sighed heavily, her shining red wings lighting he rest of her body aflame with the Sacred Fire.

"... Pumpkinhead, once again, gave himself up for the greater good... He took my place in Hell as Atonement for me... And granted me his gift of being the Flame of Eternity..."

She closed her burning eyes, clenching her fists tightly at the thought of what he did... He was always so pissed because he was always sacrificing himself for the sake of the greater good...

"... I'll get you out of there, Pumpkinhead... Just you wait. You won't have to suffer anymore..."

Her words, echoing straight from her heart formed the Voice and the Will to sing her song... The song of the Amber Moon of Justice, Punishment and Retribution.


"Shin Kohakutsukiyomi!!!"

She pointed her hand up, and her Four Swords of Divine Punishment would appear before her; Sacred Fire, Divine Wind, Pure Water, Blessed Earth... Each of them focused their powers into a single point, creating the Holy Light in its purest form. It took the form of a single sphere, which Corona snagged from the midst of the tips of these four weapons and lobbed it right above the Zero Moon. The Fourth Moon of Amber glistened with a blazing light like that of the sun, orbiting around the sphere vertically rather than horizontally, like the other moons. Its Amber gleam was pulled into the center point, coating the entire Blue, Red and Green sphere with that light, till those colors were completely covered by the glow.

Her song that rang out to the heavens with her eternal burning fury lit each soul ablaze with the power of Justice... But, to temper this flame, she honed her fury, and focused it down to the harmonious wavelength through the Family Bond...

"... For Pumpkinhead..."

5th; Riviera (Will Explain Lineage Later)

(Riviera Only)

From the depths of the eternal River Styx, Riviera sprung like a soaring kite, and assumed her position right beside the other Flames.

"Allow me to bring some peace to such a vibrant flame... Calm..."

She closed her eyes and brought her hands to the center of her chest, a noise beginning to resonate from the depths of the flowing waters of death within her. It started as a low, calm, flowing hum...

"Lemori... Leshura..."

A mantra of calm... From her life prior. She still remembered, and would never forget something so important...

"... The Fifth Moon of the White Rain..."

She opened her eyes just barely, eyes gleaming pure white, and her song started to rage like the torrents of a powerful tsunami.

"Shin Shirametsukiyomi..."

White Rain... Tears cried from the ends of the universe; rivers upon rivers, for the sadness of the Angels of Doom... The River Styx that bend and curved from all points of life, allowing every soul to pass down to the underworld. She cried for them, the river of tears... Such is why this Moon is the White Rain.

"Lemori... Leshura..."

A lament for all things, and so between her centered palms it appeared, a pure white orb, aqueous in appearance, yet still maintained in its perfectly spherical shape. She let it drift off on the last hum of her song, riding along next to the Amber Moon before. It wrapped the Zeroth Moon, lit ablaze by the prior Moon, with its calming waters... Chilling this blazing sphere. Through the wavelength of the Family Bond, it did drift, and she continued to weep for the next moon to come...

6th; Taijitu/Taomin (Melody, Rhapsody, Cleff 2.0/ Trinity, Tabitha, Triere)

At her call, the mute mistress appeared on the wave of the song of White Rain, and opened her eyes to see the beauty before her... Incomplete, yes, but still magnificent to behold. A silent giggle escaped her mouth...

It was time for her to speak again since being blessed with the Three Voices, even if they did not belong to her. She opened her mouth, and the Voice of Harmonia, Discordia and Concordia whispered out into the cosmos, to where they would find the three daughters; Chroma, Trinity and Luci.

With her voice no longer restrained by the voices of her Tensei sisters, she could finally start to sing her beauteous song of Black Rain...

"Shin Kurametsukiyomi..."

The shadows of the White Rain, mirroring each and every dropped, took the shape of the Black Rain Moon, and right from the mouth of Melody herself. Her magnanimous voice brought forth this great moon of Atonement and Repentence, and she continued to maintain the tone that her father, Tabris created. The Moon traveled to the opposite side of the orbit of the White Rain moon, and together, they wrapped around the orb in a lovely liquid flow; like Yin and Yang flowing together on the waves of harmony.

This was the extent of her voice... The song of the Sixth Moon... She let all that she had resound in her song, and drift further on the Family Bond, making way for the Seventh to occur...

7th; Grimnyzmal/Nytoz

"From the darkness and into the light... A Grim has become a Flame."

His speech left his throat in a light chuckle, more relieved than anything to be here, of all places... Where the Flames of Eternity have gathered. With Zita condemned to becoming a Grim, and Chita wishing to stay below as the Body... That only left Master N as the new Flame.

"Well then. Allow me to join the chorus..."

He got right to work, clearing his throat and closing his eyes. He was more than grateful for the events that brought him here, to sing among the masses of the Tensei family as one of the Lights... A Lantern... A Flame. His unerring Faith depicted itself within his Moon, as not only a symbol, but an example for all Tensei to witness and maintain. This Faith that all things are possible, even what you believe is not. But to have Faith in the impossible is what makes that impossibility possible... That is why his voice was here to sing out loud his Faith in his family and all that they stood for... In his decisions, and in Khrona.

"Shin Shigaitsukiyomi."

An ultraviolet moon, to cast its rays to all things unseen, and make them seen by the light of pure and utter Faith and a prayer. He sang out loud and he sang out proud, his very being here a miracle in and of itself. Though he had many to thank, all such thanks would be placed in his song of harmony... In his spirit lies his Faith. And he witnessed it with his own two eyes under the revealing light of the Ultraviolet Moon.

Carried on from his wavelength, that spherical moon formed, its rays being taken into the blackness of the swirling white and black mass, tinting it purple, as the representation of darkness. A visible color rather than something invisible... Yin and Yang, Light and Dark; the dark now had its own light, and that light came from the power of the Truth, Faith and Love in tandem.

He cast his Moon now into the others, it taking position right beside the Black Rain Moon, yet opposite the Amber moon. This was to pave way for the next set of moons, which seemed to be of utter and dire importance to the finality of it all...

8th; Shinra/Shia

(Shia Only)

An unexpected essence appeared to join the Tensei chorus; not one of the original bloodline, but one married in through the bond of her husband, Shinra. 'Twas Shia the Godsend, a being blessed to Shinra to fight to the ends of time with. Little was known that he gave up his position as a Flame of Eternity for her, so that he may stay as a normal human body. He was a noble man all the way to the end, it seemed.

"Shinra... You granted me this gift by giving yourself up and staying as the man you made yourself to be... As your wife, your weapon and your partner, I will sing your praises till the end of time..."

Her words were just as melodious as her voice; it seemed as though she sang merely by speaking.

"To finalize and eternalize all such Bonds... With the Strength, Fortitude and Finality of the Eighth Moon... the Silver Moon..."

Outstretching her hands as if to join with the other Tensei Flames around her, she opened her mouth and let something more beautiful than what was just spoken flow out from the pits of her own heart and soul... The blessings of this moon.

"Shin Gintsukiyomi..."

With all the love for her husband, she took on the strength of the Moons prior, and let each and every bond be solidified, as well as each one to come under the perfect Soul Resonance of everyone under the Family Bond.

"With this strength... I will hold us together under the Silver Moon!!"

A silver sphere began to take shape before her chest, growing to match the sizes of the others, and was lobbed into the revolution outside the boundaries of the ffirst two orbiting rings of moons. It was starting to look like an atom now...

The Zeroth Moon, now resembling Yin and Yang, harbored now a silver crease down the middle... A binding substance that held them together in utter fortitude; their strength and bond with each other as permanent and final as it could be. Their eternal loop of trying to find each other had come to an end, and the silver lining between them was their knowledge that the other existed. This stability led them to the next moon...

9th; Deus (Will Explain Lineage Later)

(Deus Only)

"... Ah, crap. Looks like I got sucked into all this, too?"

With spring-loaded hands in pocket, he shrugged his shoulders, shifting around a bit trying to get adjusted to this new form...

"Whoever that 'Dizzy' guy was, his attributes are gonna take some getting used to... Man."

But, all that aside, Deus was here as a Flame of Eternity, so he rubbed his neck and got over how he got here and simply took it like a man and started singing.

"Shin Kamikazetsukiyomi... or somethin..."

He really didn't want to do this, but despite his tsundere attitude, he knew that he was a Flame for a reason, and it was because of what happened in Hell that one time... Tch. All for the moon of Understanding and Knowledge and Love and all that gook... But he still sang. He sang just as hard and as loud as anyone else, despite how much he tried to not be into it. The trick to his moon was, he understood it all. And he was assigned to this one because of all that it stood for... Knowledge. Information. Memory. Love. Understanding. And dammit, he wanted EVERYONE to know about it, no matter who they were. It would travel and resound to all the Tensei to let them know just what this was, as well... Just what lies in the backs of their minds. All the knowledge of their subconscious. All the information of the atmosphere. All the love hidden in the shadows of their existences... No matter who they were or what they acted like.

So, from deep within him, he sang... And pulled a single hand from his pocket, and in it, the winds of the cosmos blew, converging from every edge right into the palm of his hand... the breath of god; The God Wind Moon, right in his hand. It was an airy sphere, teeming with Mana... Ethereal in all ways.

"... I guess even I have a Voice to sing with... So, I'd better use it for something productive and join the freakin choir..."

He snickered, letting the God Wind Moon drift off to where the third orbit that the Silver Moon was in, protecting the inner two, as well as the Zeroth Moon. It took in the God Wind and, like a kiss from the almighty, it swaddled Yin and Yang with its love and understanding, to bring them even closer together under its powerful force.

"... Come on, guys, hurry it up... We ain't got all night, ya know..."

10th; Pumki (Luminon, Nebulon, Mugenon/ Triere, Blue, Signis/ Corona, Pumpkinhead)

Birthed of the essence of every star every known to be and become, formerly known as Luminon, he was reborn from each and every star's will, to conceive the true form of Luminon; Lumiel, under the name of Ruby Lumiere. Taking on this form to hide her presence as a Flame of Eternity did not bode well, as she was, naturally, summoned here on this night for this purpose...

"... Even I couldn't hide from my destiny..."

She sighed. She had grown so tired of being Luminon... Well, Lumiel. For once, just once, she wanted to be just someone who could have fun and not always be on duty.

"... But I know it's for the greater good... I'm probably preaching to the choir on this one..."

She smiled and giggled to herself.

"... Probably. *Giggle giggle*... Most DEFINITELY! Us Tensei have it hard out here!"

She stuck out her tongue and put up a single hand, with her index finger pointing directly at the Zeroth Moon's core... Retracting her tongue, her cute and fun face took on a more serious and righteous form, reminiscent of her former persona; Luminon. She opened her mouth and the goofy tone from before was no more, as it was time to sing among the choir, and bring forth the Liquid Crystal Moon...

"Shin Ekishoutsukiyomi..."

She waisted no time. Her song was powerful, yet calm, but completely decisive in nature, as all actions of Luminon were when she existed as him. Her finger concentrated a piece of energy from all such stars, into that singularity that was the tip, and with a light sparkling brighter than what would seem to be all things, she wrapped around it a coating of pure and utter Liquid Crystal, to cast this light out to all things in perfect harmony of every wavelength, traveling down the Family Bond just as absolutely as all the rest...

The light of each star, of each Flame was here, and she flicked the magnanimous Liquid Crystal Moon off into the third orbit along with the others, protecting the two inner rings. The Zeroth Moon took in the Liquid Crystal properties, coating itself with its cooling presence, right over the God Wind itself. It was completely transparent, like a window, or a protective seal keeping all that which was within it still ever within, not to have the crystal shattered from being solid, but to be malleable because it was liquid, never to shatter, never to break. This was the extent of the Tenth moon. With the Eleventh, they would almost have completion...

11th; Tigen

He had been standing on the moon for quite some time, waiting for his time to join in the chorus. With a giddy giggle and a goofy smile, Tigen warped over next to his little sister, Ruby and held out his hands.

"Finally... Tigen's turn! Alright, Eleventh Moon of of True Fire and Ice; of Light, Order and and Darkness merged into one, Tigen is gonna SING!!!"

He wasted no time and jumped right on the band wagon... It wasn't like Tigen hadn't been waiting for what seemed to be an eternity for this. He was the Flame of Eternity for Khrona, besides Shinsei himself. So, Tigen centered all the Flames within him, causing his own flaming body to become a burning spectrum of all light, all colors in one Flame, flickering and alternating between them all... His high vibrations and incredible wavelength took in the Family Bond with harmony, and he would begin to sing the praises of this Eleventh Moon...

Shin Shinhitsukiyomi~!"

At the call of this moon, in his hands would appear two spheres; one of complete and utter cold, and another of complete and utter heat, both burning at the complete end and complete top of temperatures; pure entropic completion going to the absolute hottest of hot and absolute coldest of cold. He started to pull these two spheres together, their very essences causing friction within the cosmos that shook the dimensions, till Tigen forced both the cold sphere and heat sphere into one glowing blue sphere lit aflame with all the colors of light around it... This moon resembled a Soul in appearance, its flickering wispy tail of color transcending normal light, and becoming completely clear... And, so too would Tigen. He was going into his Clear Flame form, as he had done before in the past... The perfect harmonization of all colors of light; Crystal.

He focused this sphere and pointed it at the Zeroth Moon, firing it from his hand at light speed. Instead of orbiting the Zeroth Moon like the others, it crashed directly into it, becoming one with it on the spot. It would encapsulate the Zeroth Moon within itself, and the Eleventh and Zeroth were 'one,' yet separate. The Liquid Crystal froze over, yet immediately lit aflame through the power of the true Fire and Ice moon, and it looked now like a completely crystallized soul with a clear crystal flame burning around it. The Eleventh Moon was protecting the Zeroth with all that it had... Taking the power of the Family Bond and strengthening its power as well... That flame was the most gorgeous fire, the most gorgeous Flame of Eternity he had ever seen... But there was still one more moon for this to be completed.

So, Tigen turned to the current conductor, Maestro Chroma and cheesed, giving her the V for Victory!!

"Come on, girl! Join the choir!! We've been waiting to hear you sing since forever!!!"

Tigen's song granted every Tensei crystal wings, sprouting from their bodies to amplify the glow of this beautiful flame across the macrocosm and beyond even that... They projected this perfect wavelength and perfect song so that EVERYTHING could hear the beauty behind it... Because they wanted to share it with every being. And with the arrival of the next moon... That would be possible. And Khrona's true form would be born...

12th; Tabitha (Chroma)

She smiled at the beauty of what was coming to fruition... The coming of the Crystal Tree of Life and Truth's true and completed form... These moons took on the form of the legendary Sephirot; the 10 Emanations of the Divine; all Divinity. With the Zeroth and the Eleventh as one, and the other ten moons orbiting, the symbol of the Tree of Life had been created in the cosmos, and its power was beginning to awaken.

"Hmhmhm... Father... Finally, you can awaken from your slumber... You've been asleep for so long... Lying in wait..."

She pointed Rei at the orbiting moons, halting them in their tracks in the exact points they needed to be.

"Well, no more..."

As each moon took its position, there was a buildup of a grandiose amount of energy... Beyond the number of man and even greater than what could be held in everything that this creation was... Yet, such energy was honed and focused into each moon, staying completely stationary; stagnant and without motion.

That is when Chroma dropped Rei and took her seat in the chorus, right next to Tigen, her body igniting with her own perfect Flame of Eternity, which looked exactly like her body as it was. She parted those two elegant lips and let her Voice ring, to call upon the Dawn of the All Moon... All moons coming together as one...

"Shin Omnitsukiyomi..."

The moon of Omnipotence, Everything, Anything, and Nothing... All as one. The moon of True Doom; before the True Apocalypse. And, she would sing out in accord with every other Tensei, seeming to keep all their voices in line at the very end... She was the lead singer, it seemed.

Her gorgeous voice, more beautiful than any other, connected each of the points of energy between all the moons with utter harmony and balance, letting their energies flow through the perfected wavelength of the Family Bond with ease, taking now the shape of the legendary Tree of Life's sigil; the true Sephirot.


Their harmonized energies would focus now to the Zeroth and Eleventh, as the Twelvth Moon, which was the connection of each and every moon, concentrated into that single point...

"Welcome home, Father..."

With all of this Divine power, from the center of the Zeroth... The Twelvth would overlap its power, and pave way for the Thirteenth to be born... The moon of Khrona Tensei himself.

13th Khrona (Tensei)

Finally... I've waited so long for this day... Thank you, my family... I love you all so very much...

That voice resounded gently amongst all things, as the Zeroth Moon suddenly began to vibrate violently. On the planet, the Crystal Tree itself would also begin to shake, growing larger and larger to meet the point that this Soul resided in space. From the crystal clear flames of this new moon, the Zeroth would take in all the other powers, and have enough strength to form the legendary Thirteenth Moon; the True, Complete Full Moon of the Tensei. The Pure Star Moon. So, that voice did speak out from within the newly created Thirteenth Moon, calling forth its utter completion by name.

"Shin Shinseitsukiyomi..."

Sprouting from the core, birthed of pure and utter crystal, the body that took in all vibrations; all light... All wavelengths. And this moon, this Thirteenth Moon that harbored all the powers of the others... This was his soul. The others, they were parts of his body; his chakra points. His power.

His body grew larger and larger, and so too, did the Crystal Tree, till it was large enough for the entire galaxy to witness Khrona sitting atop his tree in utter peace and smiling, the other moons floating around him and orbiting the soul that rested right in his crystal chest, shining so brightly that it caused his normally invisible body to cast the perception of Khrona himself unto everyone and everything...

Even to this day, Khrona had a thing for the flashiest of appearances. Some things never change. Hahahaha.

"Ah... It feels so good... To be free...

He opened his eyes and watched each of his little moons, his little chakra points, his little souls, his little families, his little everythings just hover about so calmly... And he smiled and he chuckled. A gleam of his sanguine eyes; Shin Zettai Omni Perception, cast his vision out to the expanse, to see where these points were to go next.

"... You all sound so beautiful... And, all in perfect harmony... Perfect accord... I love you all. But, we aren't finished just yet... This is only the Dawn of my moon. Nowhere near the completion.

He placed a finger to his chest, letting his Soul Wavelength cast itself out to each and every moon, like veins...

"Now that I am tethered... It's time for the true Friday the Thirteenth. Call forth the Bodies and let them cast these souls out into the expansive all of all, and let these moons grow into their own alls at the very edge of every everything... This is the end of the Night of Tensei! Insangels, Come Forth!"

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The Life Of A Shinigami - Page 3 Empty
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Deadly 58: The One Who Knows All; Tree of Knowledge


His formerly silence flame ignited itself before the Tree of Knowledge instantaneously from the Tree of Life. There, the man who existed of his own sheer will stood before the being that existed harboring all such knowledge. There couldn't be 'truth' without the 'knowledge,' correct?

"... Lillith. You really are that tree of Knowledge, huh...? Got a hole inside of you that a Grim can't fix?"

Li-Grim, the Fallen One. To fulfil her own wishes, dreams and desires, she had to fall prey to the age old family curse and split herself into two beings; one of the light and one of the dark. Grimnis and Lilith...

"... I've come to apologize, my Lily. My great grandson has taught me a valuable lesson... And I've come to right my wrong for his sake. For his future, and all those to come."

A proud man, through and through, a man also knew how to accept when he was wrong and know how to fix what he has caused. He was finally ready to accept that after so long... Eons. Millennia. Centuries.

"... I apologize. I want to reunite with you. That is my last will and testament. I want to fill that hole inside of you with the final piece of myself, so I may shed my light within you. I've come to say that I love you, my Lily..."

Shinsei stood tall and strong before this tree, never bowing to her, but still letting her know that he was deeply apologetic. Shinsei would bow to none, but respect only one as an equal... Haha... An equal...

The tree's light shone, igniting the sakura petals up above with a burning purple light, as if the very tree itself were on fire, but did not burn. This was a reminiscent feat, but nonetheless, the soul within speaking out to the soul without. Their wills were communicating.

Lilith: Shinsei... To finally come admit that you were wrong after all these years... My. That Khrona really does have some awesome power.

The two of them shared a laugh together, something that hadn't happened since the beginning of time. It was a good feeling, indeed...

"Yes, if it weren't for him and my son within him, hell, I might not have ever come back here! But then your daughters would have remained separated instead of completed. I um... Apologize for the Witch Trials back in the day... You know, when everyone ate Witch souls to take their magical power instead of just being at peace with them... Yeah, that was because of my own petty little... Yeah."

In turn, all of that was actually quite a horrible sounding feat. He was the Shinigami for quite a long time, never having to give up that title until just recently for Khrona and his family. Now he was also giving up his title as Pumpking, and finally, willfully giving up the last part of himself he never wanted to give up.

Lilith: I have missed you, despite all of our quarrels. You must know by now that your light is the only light that will fit into me and complete my soul.

"Yes, that much, I do know. That's why I had to come here before it was too late."

His eyes closed, though he still stood firm and tall; he knew what would happen if this did happen, and he would endure the risk of destroying everything... But he had faith in the one who would become the new Shinsei... The Shinseigami, the one who even surpassed the original.

Lilith: Our combination will send a light out to the entirety of the darkness; from end to end, and illuminate the way within the dark. But releasing such power would...

"Destroy the world... Well, this world. Yes, I know. That's why what we're going to do is... When I merge back with you, instead of letting that energy expand and consume this world...

Lilith: To drop that energy inside of the Cauldron and let it light up the darkness between the Boundary of Dimensions. Seems like we truly are on the same page, for once.

He was growing weaker, ever so small, feeling now as if he were about to wisp away right here and now. It must have meant that Tigen was becoming a fine young man, and he could finally pass on with no worries.

"... Ah. Seems like my last will and testament has been spoken. I won't be here for too much longer."

He chuckled, extending his arms to the tree...

"So are you going to take me in or what? I want this to happen the correct way this time, hm?"

Lilith: You're a silly, silly man. You knew how it would happen to begin with. Even if you thought you didn't. At least this time, no one will be lonely. And everyone that will come after your son... that Khrona... Will be complete, as well.

"... Darkness is common in the light, if it never acknowledges that it's there. How can a light shine brighter if it thinks that there is only what it can see and nothing more? If I would have given them a chance... Maybe they would have grown their own wills instead of having to use mine. Maybe if I knew..."

Lilith: If you understood. You know everything. You just didn't understand your power. You were a very lonely being.

He closed his eyes, his flame lessening to nothing but a candlelight, now.

"Take me in, and I'll see you in the next life... Peace..."

The shining purple flames atop the tree drew in the light of Shinsei, finally accepting his will and he, hers. With that, the Tree of Knowledge burst with Life, and soon, Witches would prosper again... This time, without such large holes in their souls.

Lilith: Thank you so much... I was tired of seeing my daughters die... With this, our contract is broken. They are free from the curse, as well...

Lilith only wondered how Tigen was going to take this... He was that energy that was meant to destroy the world when this knowledge was brought to him. Besides that, it was about time for Khrona and Khrina's ceremony to occur. That would make them all happy... And Tigen should be falling into the Cauldron before he explodes.
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Deadly 59: Answering The Call~

~ Her body now void of a soul remained behind at the Earth Shrine. The powerful resilient glow of her green and black soul soared through the area's through the portal the Lich had created. Upon doing so her Astral like visage now was before The Magical Orange. She understood so little as to what she was to do, but this is where she heard the calls of her family the most. She could feel her father's presence calling out to her...the melody with so many different loving tunes within. She had to wonder who could orchestrate such a Melodic and wondrous symphony. She stayed hovered beside the orb. This was not her first out of body experience but nonetheless she was focused. Her soul pulsating the closer she Got to The Magical Orange.~

"Are you here? Father?"

~ Her very soul called out to his in the most Literal of fashions. She prayed her voice would go on answered and that all would be explained as to why she had been called to this place.~

From the crystalline perfection that was the Magical Orange itself, a great being of pure and utter Will of Tensei formed before her, arms folded cross his chest. He took the shape of a man, but this was no man; not anymore. He was something far greater; as if the Will of all Tensei themselves. He stared to Sophia's formless shape, wanting ever so wholeheartedly to grant her form once more.

"... So... You have returned to me in your original form... Just like before."

No longer hidden under the guise of Shinigami, he was going to have to show her the ways beyond Death. Her TRUE power.

"... I am always here for what you need..."

-She saw the being manifest before her...despite the change in appearance she still felt that in the core of all those various wills that her father was still there. It had been so long since she had laid eyes upon him even though his form was quite different. Her very soul cried out to him in it's shapeless form. One could acclimated this sensation of her soul shivering to her shedding tears.-

"You have i have come just like I promised right?"

-The shapeless mass of pure soul fluttered over to his face bathing his face in it's green and black light.-

"Father...I have understand the other side of my family...What I need from you...Is truth...can...can you help me reach my True Form?"

- She wanted to be apart of the family...she yearned for that connection..She could feel it. Everything was calling to her...each and every tensei's will and soul crying out to her as did hers to theirs..but now that she was here would that call be answered?


With his own pure green orbs, he stared directly into her soul. She was, of course, adopted into this family through the soul, by the will of her mother before... Yet, she asked for her true form. Well... She was not of True Tensei lineage, but of his kindness and love.

"... Though a Tensei you may not be by blood... You may be one by name, if you so choose. I will give you the signature trait of our heritage, in fact; to use 100% of your mind. From there, you will give yourself the shape you please."

He extended his blazing hand under her soul, which would look as if he bore the flame of light itself.

"... What is it that you wish, my dear?"

~ This was something she had already known that she was merely adopted but even despite that she never considered herself less than any of the blood members connected to her father. Never would and never will. He asked though what she many things. She could very well ask that he restore her to her former glory and place her upon her throne once more.But this wasn't the way...and besides. She had something else she wanted in mind Something to Honor the bond of her mother for without her she would not be here. The Fuma clan would be reborn...Through her. But in first she would have them to evolve...From within her lied a very ancient power...There were rumors of The Fuma who were able to ascend past the birth stage of wind honor her mothers memory she wanted to ascend and let the sky be not her limit but hers to command.~

"What i wish for?...For Ascension. To honor the life she loved so much and the clan she aimed to protect...Within me lies that hidden bloodline...An ancient force tat was revered in the fuma. I ask of you now father to evolve that blood and aid me in my Ascension..."

~ Her ghastly form hovering near him speaking directly into his soul so as to allow him to feel the depth of her convection and meaning. ~

"Would you do that for me father?"

~ After all it was a father duty to spoil their they of the Supernatural or not. He would be honoring the covenant he had established with her mother....and soon after the fuma would rise again. And she would take her mothers place and honor her finally It was the least she could do for her helping her.~

And so, he smiled. He had done his heart proud that day... And his beaming smile shining down upon her with his utmost love would bring upon her the wish she held true to herself.

"Ah... You've done an old Tensei proud... by continuing on in your own clan. With my endorsement, I say to you... Breathe life back into your dead clan... Not as a bringer of death, but as the life of the skies themselves..."

He would clench his flaming fist, condensing her soul into pure physical form with his sheer Will of Tensei. Thus, the form that her soul wished to take would she then become; and her soul would find through the mighty Resonance of her own and Tensei himself, Ascension... From the wind that inhabited the skies to the very Sky itself at her command...

"Do your people proud... As you would do mine. And know that any Tensei is here as you need... We Are One, even when apart."

Opening his powerful palm, would the new Sophia stand before him, and stare into his loving eyes.

"... Thank god I took off that terrible mask, eh? Lest you be staring straight into the face of Death! Ahahaha!"

Looks like even he had a sense of humor worthy of a true Tensei... Heh. Heh heh.

-Her soul had been clasped betwixt his hands as it began twisting and pulsating with some rather impressive force. A Force so great that the skies above began to part. Upon the opening of his hands her physique was beform having been beautifully crafted. Her Hair was long and flowing and and had a visage reminiscent of the skies above. Her piercing orb retained a soft feel to them as she looked upon her father. She could feel was ad f her very soul was intimately tied to every single force within the skies. She could here the soft melodic whispers of thief hearts and their power flowing through her so freely.-

"Haha always the joker...I promise though to make good on what I said...what will you do know father?

-Her ascension felt simply divine it was an invigorating feel. She could not wait to discover the extent of it all.-

Looking at his beautiful daughter, reformed to her own liking, beyond the grim grasp of Death and intertwined with the grand and infinite skies, Tensei could not stop smiling looking at her.

"Awww... I took off my visage of Death, and so, you too, were stripped from it."

Rushing his warm, loving flames of pure and utter life-sustaining Will of Tensei through her gorgeous hair and around her body, he would propel her with the utmost force back up to the skies; out of the Nytozpear.

"Whenever you wish to see me, or any other Tensei... Come here or go to Crysteria, within the Dawn village... Any of the family will be happy to guide you anywhere, anytime..."

And with that... She was gone. She would have to find out the extent of her powers on her own...
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Deadly 60: One Final Cruelty Of Fate

Immediately returning from the Tree of Knowledge, otherwise known as the Eldest Sakura Tree, Lilith, Khrona held the light of Knowledge in his mind, yet the burden of bad news in his heart. This was his punishment, he knew, and also his atonement, but also, the start of something great.

But will my children only do for themselves... Or will they be open to do for the well-being of all...? It isn't like they won't be reborn... They'll just have to start over...

Not like Khrona hasn't done it like, a bajillion times already. It was the destiny of a Tensei. And hell, at least their souls wouldn't be going off to a form they didn't want to take, like most people. They'd be able to manifest their forms in any way they saw fit. They shouldn't be selfish when something so great is upon them.

... Oh well. They still were children, after all. Better break it to them lightly...

"... My children... I call for you at my sacred Crystal Tree... Come, meet me here, for we must converse of the fate of the Veritas..."

Though he spoke at the level of normal speech, his voice would carry straight into their connected minds, bodies and souls, extending to his seeds from across the timeline; the Original Tensei... The Shinsei.

"Mewt, Corona, Chroma, Nytox, Shinsei, Tabris, Loeci, Charon, Shinrei, Shinra and Parace... You all have been chosen..."

It was odd, this calling, for not only were Tigen and Luci left out of the bunch, but also Trinity and Khrina, and others that were part of Khrona's body upon the Tree of Life... He even left out the 'Accursed One,' Taomin, plagued with the Tensei Family Demon, Eris Tensei. There was a method to his madness, and a special reason that these eleven were selected. Khrina and He were the ones that would be taken last, once they bore those eleven over again... And restart the cycle.

Called back to the land from which I wasn't even born... A soul plucked from the ever abyss of the Cauldron. How could I be called born from the Tree of Life when even my birth was unnatural? I may be of his flesh and heritage, but I am not truly... His son.

Appearing in the Crystal Tree when summoned, Mewt Tensei stood before the apparition of his father he so callously cast aside. He knew he was related by blood, but in no way felt the trueness of being his spawn. There was something odd about this life he led, and his being called here today... Something terrible.


The second to show to this little gathering, as she was already within the Tree's perimeter, was Corona, Khrona's sister. It was odd that he called his 'children' and his 'sister' was labeled as one of them. Must have been something she wasn't quite getting yet.

Either way, a strange new... Person was here; someone she'd never met before, but knew shared her blood. He was mysterious and held a very dark sense of self about him... She could barely sense his sense of self at all, actually. Like he didn't care about anything...

"... Um."

His presence put her at a state of unease, but looking to her brother's face, she could tell that there was something much more pressing.

"What is it, bro?"

The time really has come, hasn't it? I've been waiting for this day...

Fading in from the atmosphere, reminiscent of how her dear Father travels, Chroma appeared beside her aunt, Corona, and between her and her brother, Mewt. She didn't know Mewt, but knew of his origins, and felt no unease from his being here. She was actually more worried about what would happen afterward.

"... I am here, Father..."

She may have known what was going on, but did the other members of her family? Most likely not...

The next who was called, Nytox Tensei, formerly Grimnyzmal, and a piece of Khrona's own literal self. One could call him his 'son,' or one could call him his 'brother.' In fact, one could actually call him his 'uncle' or even his 'grandfather.' It didn't matter in the cosmic scale, which was how such a family was judged, by now. Linear time converged with non-linear time... What a mess it was, to be completely honest.

He was pleased that such confusion and chaos was going to be put to an end.

"Yes. I am here."

However... What would become of his realm...? And what of his sweets shop...? What he was not certain of was what came after this. After everything was 'corrected', that is.

A burning light within the Tree shone outward, casting this light before the those who had entered, and before the projected form of the Tree itself. This was its soul, so to speak, though this light was nowhere near as magnanimous as the one that belonged to it currently ruling over the First Dimension, Dimensia. Tigen...

The light took form as a large, burning crimson man. He was made out of nothing but sheer will and soul, his form only taken simply because he willed it to be. Though, he was much smaller than before; it was to show that Tigen really was taking in more and more of his power and gaining more and more control. Eventually, they would completely switch placed, and Shinsei himself would be nothing more than a single flickering candlelight. Such was the way of the True Successor to the throne, even if he was indeed the first.

He was silent, but sound in thought and in spirit, only standing directly beside Khrona with his eyes closed and arms crossed, blazing body shining with a multitude of glorious colors and lights.

Looks like you finally came to terms with what had to be done... A shame that it actually had to come to this. But, you are beyond the knowledge of mortal life and death, as is your family. This shouldn't be much of an issue to you.

His very mind, something that pledged servitude to the Chaos beforehand, and what is the text which held all knowledge and the being which stored all information, Tabris, formerly known as Cleff. Khrona's Brain. It would appear next to his 'Soul' that was Shinsei, or what was his Soul in transition, for Shinsei to Tigen. They were all undergoing a powerful, and most necessary, metamorphosis. This only meant that the Age of Crystal was coming to and end more quickly than expected...

That was a good thing, right?

"Seems like it's about that time... Right, 'Father?'"

The Body, the Mind and the Soul did not work on the same level of Linear Time, however, after such a metamorphosis and transition into the correct line, all things would work in harmony, and the chaos of the past would be no more. The body, mind and souls of all that were he would be at one, working together, yet still maintaining individuality through consciousness and will. A wonderful installment that Tabris could not help but smile at. The end was just the same as the beginning... But the new beginning would not hold the same ending, nor the same fate as what was before.

All was going according to plan. His appearance here only noted it; all his work during his time as 'Grimlock' led up to these final moments... It was why he was the Master of Numbers, after all. This entire realm was nothing more than calculations and digits to be manipulated to his will. He was not an evil man, but a cunning man who wished for the good of all, even at the expense of his own reputation, name and will. Seems as though history was repeating itself in his own kin... his 'Grandson,' or, his 'Brother.' Whichever one wanted to call him at this point. Oh, the chaos of beings on high attempting to be classified in this world on high...

"So, I presume there was a reason for us to be called. Please; enlighten the family, Great Tree. Hmhmhm..."

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. The guide to the mountain of the dead and the ruler of the Lake of Death and its River Styx, here at the Tree of Life. Must have meant there was something existential going on. Maybe things were going to change now.

The rest of the family was here, and unlike a majority of them, he did not harbor the power to 'know' beyond knowing. A curse of his fated duty, and punishment for his prior undoing. Oh well. Atonement was near.

"... It would be more than beneficial for you to start talking. Or, are we going to wait for the rest of the members so you don't have to say it twice? Hell, you almost called the whole damn family..."

He didn't exactly seem enthused to be here, especially not after being the one tasked with taking Eris and Zita to Hell. They were gonna be pissed next time they got to a family meeting. He actually hoped they weren't attending this one...

From way down below, crawling up the center of the tree from the very depths of below, a beautiful, yet accursed woman leapt through the shimmering leaves and onto the crystal ground, immediately crouching to a squat on the ground. Seems she couldn't get out of some old habits she had.

"... So, you're finally ready to restore order... Geko. We thought you'd never start..."

Seemed about right. She and Shinsei were the ones who started this horrible fucked up mess, after all. It was up to SOMEONE in the family to break the generational curse placed on them since the beginning of creation. They were so tired of it affecting their children, and had seen quite enough of it. One grave sin led to billions upon billions of years of heartache, suffering and accursedness for the rest of their family, which they could do nothing but sit and watch as punishment for their actions. Enough was definitely enough, and she was happy that, out of everyone, it was Khrona who was doing so, even if everyone played a part in coming to this moment. They'd finally lift it... Finally... They'd be pure once again...

He walked through the trees, the mere man among gods, with only in his mind the thought of why he was summoned. He was in no way a 'child' of Khrona, and in fact, was completely the opposite. He was his father, and was nothing of a god, even if he held such power in his own chakra pool and control. He was just a mere man who mastered the ways of pure chakra over his lifetime, and learned to use it to his will. So why was he being summoned as a 'child of Khrona?' And, in fact... Why was he attending the 'ceremony of the gods?'

"... My son. What is the meaning of this? Why have you gathered us all here? And why me, as well, one of mortality and a humble humanity? Please... Let me understand what you know so well."

The Forgotten One appeared before him; no form, no shape, simply as a mass of pure energy once known to this world as 'Ozma.' The other two of the Forbidden Trine already achieved new forms; the Lost One, Necron and the Fallen One, Li-Grim were no more. She, Parace, the Forgotten One, was the final of the three to reach reform. Perhaps it was for the best.

She spoke no words at her appearance, but merely hovered over the man she once loved, Shinra. How foolish she was in the past to be lost to the Sway of Magic... But it was one of the precursors to this event, here and now. They were not ready back then, 800 years ago. Now, it seemed as though Khrona and Khrina were ready to lift the curse... And free the Witches of their evil, whilst also rebuilding the severed ties between the two. She was grateful for the events that brought her here, and would accept her fate, whatever it may be... All was up to her son, now. Khrona.

Eleven Tenseis later... They were all here (finally), each with their own individual knowledge or unknowing of the situation at hand. Before, Khrona never informed them of what was going on; they simply acted on the Will of Tensei, the Family Bond that connected them, which brought Khrona up to the level he was now.

This time, however, it was of dire importance that he tell them just what was going on, for going in blindly would only end with more unnecessary chaos and dark feelings. He worried only truly for Mewt, the one he could feel such unsettling energy from...

"Welcome, family. Brothers, Sister, Children, Parents, Grandparents, and First Ancestral Race. I've called you eleven here simply because you are the immediate bloodline of the Original Tensei family; the True Tensei. I have assembled everyone from the absolute First, stemming from the First Ancestral Race that belonged to the First Dimension, to the very last, which is my own newly born son, Mewt. Though I may be only one of this family, I also know how to free us from this chaos and calamity, and stop the terrible war between us. We are all one and should work as such."

Looks like this was the prelude to one of Khrona's signature speeches and dictations...

"We have those that hail from God and those that hail from Grim. Those that are Angel and those that are Witch. Man, and Beast. I have spoken to one other of the First Ancestral Race; a being known as 'Lilith,' the former Mother of All Witches, better known to most of you as... a half of The Fallen One."

Li-Grim. A mixture of Lilith and Grimnis, and the true first Grim to ever exist beside Allsgrim, who later became simply Grim when Grimnis was split. Those of the F.A.R. knew all of this all too well.

"However, she has agreed to cease this madness and come to a truce, as have I with she. There will be peace among this family and among this world, and we have finally found a way to do it. We're finally going to clean up the mess that SOMEONE..."

He shot a DIRECT glare at his Ancestral Father, Shinsei, who indeed was the original Allsgrim and Pumpking, Ruler of the First Dimension.
He and his completely racist and womanizing ways got them here, and now Khrona had to fix the mess that wouldn't have ever even happened if he would have just gotten along with his EQUAL to begin with.

"... Created for us to fix over the course of several lifetimes. There will be no more deception. No more corruption. No more darkness. By harmony of I, Khrona, the Tree of Life and Truth, as well as Lilith, soon to be Khrina, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, we will be... One, in holy matrimony!"

The wedding of the Queen of Magic, Witches, Dreams and Wishes and the King of Reality, Will, Soul and Mind... A testament and a forever oneness that would bring this land of duality and polarity to peace and accord.

"Then we can actually weed out the TRUE evils of this world and bring them to rest, instead of quarreling between ourselves for something PETTY."

He shot a glare back at Shinsei, narrowing his eyes. Times have certainly changed since then, and it was a DAMN good thing. Otherwise, it would just end up the same as before. But, here came the bad news...

"... However... To do this, you would all have to become... My children, like Trinity, Tigen and Luci, and be born into this world through means of our union. Meaning..."

Sighing heavily, he knew that some were aware of what was going to happen, but others, not so much. Just because everyone in the family could use 100% of their brain didn't mean that everyone was a master psychic.

"... You're going to have to die as sacrifices for the greater good."

He wondered what the elder members of the family would say about this... And, in fact, how they'd react to it.

"But I mean, it's not that bad. I do control all souls, and all you'd do is just be reborn in the image you see fit. Really, the only reason you'd be dying is so that you'd bear the fruit of both trees; the Immortality and Wisdom of moi and the Knowledge and Understanding of her. You'd finally be COMPLETE beings that were in their TRUE forms, which was anything you wanted!"

It actuality, it would do nothing but help them out. He knew that Chroma, Shinsei, Shinrei, Loeci, Tabris, Nytox, and Parace would understand... But what about Charon, Mewt, Shinra and Corona? They were the ones he was most... Troubled about with response.

"So... What say you all? Are you all willing to sacrifice yourselves to bring upon this great change, knowing that you will simply be reborn in a form that you saw fitting to you?"

... I can't believe what I'm hearing. He foolishly created me, only so that he could send me out to my death to be created again? Is there really such a lack of purpose in my own life, to think I could be toyed with so easily? My life is just as pointless and meaningless as any one of these ignorant fools out here that defile this world without a care... So... Why should I care about this? There isn't a single person who gives a damn about anything but themselves... This world is hopeless...

So it's much better to just spread despair... I don't care what happens to me, but I refused to be used as some puppet...


His unerring silence thickened the air, tension rising beyond levels known before. Even if he felt nothing within him, his mind ran wild with thoughts of betrayal and disdain for his own life. To be sacrificed so casually... Khrona must really be someone selfish to even consider doing that.

Things would be much easier if we just used our immense power to kill everyone... As a family. Then we wouldn't have to worry about fixing their mistakes anymore, or our own. It's not like they're worth anything, anyway... If even our lives have no purpose, then what are those of the ones sheltered by this Tree? Nothing... It's all nothing... It all returns... to nothing...

Rejecting his father's will, Mewt turned away, fleeing the Crystal Tree. He would do things his own way from now on. To him, everything without worth or without point... Shouldn't be allowed to exist. Including himself. His only driving force was to get rid of all life; mass extinction, before he would also get rid of himself. Maybe then there would be change in a world started from scratch.

"Oh, son of a bitch.. MEWT!!!"

But, Khrona's cry fell on deaf ears. This boy was too young to understand just what it was that occurred, and of course, in favor of his creation, he saw no point in it. Now Khrona was reeeaally starting to regret that decision he made before... It was gonna take hell on earth to make that child see things Khrona's way. And there was no telling what destruction and calamity he would cause that was far more unnecessary... Sigh. Now he was going to have to convince Mewt otherwise, or else the process wouldn't go correctly at all. The sacrifices had to be willing, or their souls would be reborn corrupt.

"... Deeefinitely should have just waited before I had another kid. Especially one whose purpose is to be extinction... Dammit. DAMMIT!! Just when I thought EVERYTHING was gonna be FINE!! UGH!"

Though, if he were to die by the hands of another, that would be the equivalent to agreeing to the terms of death through combat. Just as long as Khrona or any other Tensei didn't to it themselves. If no one could convince Mewt, it might have to end with that...

"... Sigh... Well... Anyone else object to it, or...?"

Hopefully the others weren't going to make this process harder than it needed to be. Just having Mewt was going to be hard enough. He needed all the 'Original' Tensei bloodline to be in accord for this to work. The other Tenseis would be fine, just as long as these guys were dealt with.

Corona was fixated on the actions of Mewt, technically her 'new' nephew. She didn't know what was going on with him, but she knew it was hard to take this type of news when bonds had been established on this plane of existence. She felt this way for Dente, someone she promised to be the Guardian of... Her only real friend. Already, she knew she would let him down if she died without finishing a fight with him, and if they didn't complete some epic journeys together. So soon, her life was coming to an end again, even though it was just beginning... As Megaera, she didn't really do much... And before that, she was killed as a baby. Seems like she couldn't catch a break when it came to this whole 'life' thing...

"... I object. Brother, I want to live this life as long as I can. I haven't had a chance to live any of my past lives, and I've already been through three of them. I died once before having the chance to live, as a figment of your own insanity... I died a second time in Hell, being reborn as Corona... And now you want me to undergo it again, after I finally though I had a friend? You've got to understand how I feel..."

Unlike the elders, she hadn't done anything to mess up her own life. She was simply suffering because of the long-term effects of their decisions. She knew that Khrona was trying to fix them, but... What about the life she had here? Would it just... Go to waste...? Not again...

"I just can't accept it... I want to be the Guardian of Dente. I don't think I can do this... There are other people involved besides just the family..."

But... Would she really sacrifice the fate of all just for the sake of one? Or, two? She and he? Was that a form of selfishness, or a form of nobility? It was all so confusing in her head... Why did Khrona have to spring this on her at such a crucial juncture in her life!?

He knew it... Corona was gonna object to it. But, for her situation, he didn't really blame her. She hadn't matured either, and didn't know the responsibilities that sometimes fell on us to ensure a better future for those to come, even if it means cleaning up the shithole of messes that their ancestors made.

"Corona... I can say that your actions and feelings are selfish, but they are not wrong. You haven't even had a chance to live, but I am also asking you to give up something each Tensei knows is so very precious... The gift of life. However, just as life is a gift, sometimes, so can death. The Gift of Death allows us to restart life fresh and new; have our souls cleansed and sent out into the world once again to bring harmony to the chaos that those before us have done. As a Tensei, you'll be reborn with your memory and your will; your Soul is different from the others out there. When they die, their souls are either consumed or renewed to the point where they do not even remember their life before, and that soul is lost. You, however, will be gifted with the power to make anything of yourself..."

He hoped his words were getting through to her. She was an angel who loved music, so maybe...

"... Perhaps a song will help you. This is something that helps me make these crucial decisions at times... Where I can choose to either be selfish and allow the world to suffer, or be selfless and allow prosperity. There is a time for suffering and time for prosperity, for some people only learn the correct way and the lesson they need through such suffering, even if it is terrible to endure watching..."

Khrona knew that all too well. Just undergoing this process and watching his family, especially his dear son, Mewt, suffer such turmoil was enough to bring Khrona to the point of tears all the time. But he had to be strong and keep the serene smile for them. They were almost there... To a point where the suffering would finally be at an end... And so, to get through to her, with the Voice of God and all such harmony, he began to sing...

"... In the end, the Final Decision We All Must TaKe,
Make or break,
Will decide what will be and out Destiny...
If we lose the fight, Armageddon will finally tell,
Burn in hell,
There will be no after, be no other Day...

He continued to hum the song, repeating thos lyrics all throughout, teaching these words to Corona and hoping they would stay with her in her mind, in her heart and in her soul.

"... I do not want to intimidate you, I do not want to force you to do anything you do not want to. I just want you to think about the bigger picture... Every decision you make, every action you take has its consequences, good or bad, and these consequences not only affect yourself, but all those around you and involved with you. Just like our Ancestors were so foolish not to understand..."

He shot yet ANOTHER glare at Shinsei, not wanting to let this go. I mean, this was EONS upon EONS of suffering on his ENTIRE familial line for something stupid. It was hard for Khrona to fully let it go, even if he was forgiving and already in the process of fixing. It was just a reminder not to be that goddamn stupid again. But, even though they were born with such responsibility, they were still babes in spirit, and through their children, they have grown. Finally.

"... So I just ask you to think about it before you make an absolute decision. Is that so much to ask?"

The words of Khrona resonated true within her, making her second guess her original thoughts, opening her mind to a new realm of thought. She never once thought of the gravity of her own actions on the situation, and now, this made her actually consider it... The effect of one person on the entirety of all... It was actually much more of a huge responsibility than she was prepared to realize it was, and it scared her... To the point of shaking.

"... My decision... Is that important...?"

Was she really being so selfish? Khrona wasn't exaggerating, even though he was known for being over the top and overdramatic at times... This was a serious issue. He said he didn't want to scare her, but that was natural for this type of situation. Maybe she wasn't as mature as she thought she was.. She always wanted to do things on her own and without the help of others, but without Khrona's knowledge... She would have probably doomed the family again. Maybe... Maybe this was what she needed to know. Maybe this was supposed to be an experience that would help her to open up to receiving the will of others. Thinking that was calmed her down and opened her mind even further... To the point of understanding and clarity in her head that she needed to make her decision.

Corona took a deep breath, exhaling, going through the process of the entire thing in her head just one more time, to make sure it sounded alright. When she was confident that her plan was solid, she looked to her brother with a face of absolute certainty.

"... Alright, Khrona. I'll do it. But only if I'm assured... To be able to take this form again when I am reborn. So that I can still be friends with Dente and be his Guardian... As long as this complies with my wishes, then I'll accept being sacrificed for the fate of the world."

She stood by her own beliefs even so, though still did what she had to for the family. She realized that with simple thought, she didn't have to give up either, as she originally thought she would. Just goes to show what a clear head and full understanding can get you; the correct answer that works for the good of both. That is, if what Khrona said actually will work that way...

Oh, how relieving it was to hear that from her... And how it did him proud to see his dear sister actually learn what it meant to be responsible and do things on your own. It wasn't to simply reject help and assistance and to become so full of your own power and wishes that you become arrogant, egotistical and overall, conceited... It was to use your own power to come up with a solution that was best, and to make the decision of what you TRULY wish to do for yourself, and to accept the will of others, as well. It warmed his heart to see his sister so confident and mature now.

"That makes me happy to hear, and I am pleased to inform you, you will be able to take the form you wish in your 'true form' awakening. So, if that is what you truly wish to be once you are reborn... Then this is who you will become. The only difference is, you will no longer be my 'sister,' but my 'daughter.' Blood, all the same, and a figure a change in title wouldn't mean much to one of such cosmic knowledge. We are all family."

Both his wishes and his sisters would be realized in full... That was a nice thing to know of. He nodded his head and gave her a big hug. They never hugged anymore, and rarely even saw each other.

"... I'm so proud of you, sis..."

The Tensei Family would be able to shape the future this way, and help those to come.

He let go of her though, and looked around to the others, inquiring yet again if they had anymore objections. So far, it seemed like Mewt was the only one, but that didn't necessarily mean that it would stay that way...

"Is there anyone else?"

At the ask if anyone else had anything to say, Charon raised his hand up casually, almost like he'd been waiting forever for it to happen.

"Yes, over here. Will I still be condemned to this form and my duty, or can I... Not do that, after this whole sacrifice business?"

He really seemed to not want to only be used for ferrying souls to Mount Mortis, even if the Lake of Death was pretty cool and the River Styx connected everywhere.

"And, will my atonement be... Well... Complete, I guess? I'd much prefer to go into a new life with a clean slate, thank you."

Everything else didn't seem to be of a concern to him, but if he could choose his form, maybe he could choose his place here, too... Or maybe Khrona would 'Zeus' him, and assign him some craptastic job, or something.

Khrona sighed.

"No, you don't have to do it if you don't want to. And yes, you'll atone fully, starting off with a clean slate. Because I'm asking you to give up your lives, you will be able to do whatever you want with them in the next, once you are reborn. And I hope with that, this settles all questions...?"

Maybe now he could get to who wanted to go first... Hmm?

"Well, is that all, or can we get to who's going first, now?"

Shinra, being a patient man, waiting for a while in the silence to see if anyone else would step forth before him. He wished for everyone to get their concerns out of the way before he dealt with his own. He was a respectful and righteous man, after all. When no one came forth, he stepped forward and spoke.

"Yes, my son... I have a question, which, it seems will be the final, since no one else has stepped forth. That is..."

He looked down at his hands, glowing with chakra in the purest of forms. He knew all that he went through for 800 years to master these levels of chakra so, and did not want such mastery to go to waste.

"... In all my years, I have worked hard to get where I am. I have rightfully earned my impeccable control over Chakra and my godly Chakra Pool that I am legendary for. What shall become of this? Will I be able to carry it over to my next life, or will I be forced to start anew? I am no god, like the rest of you... But I am certainly one who is equally part of this family. I would hope that I was treated with the same such resepct, even if I am only a normal man."

Hmmm... This was something Khrona hadn't really prepared for. It was true that his father spent his lifetime, far beyond that of any other human, learning to control his chakra, and from that control, he extended his life and longevity by that much more, to the point where he could sustain himself purely on chakra alone. He was a being of enlightenment, and to take that from him was not right at all, especially not after he worked so hard.

"Well, you'll be able to choose your form, so I'll reveal something else that will become of you all; The Thirteen Restrictions. Placed upon each of you will be these 'Thirteen Restrictions' to help balance your power. Father, you'll be the only one allowed to open up any of the Restrictions at any given time you wish, which will bring you more and more of your chakra from the godly Chakra Pool you possess. The others, who are godly in nature, will need to learn to control their power through the Thirteen Restrictions. So, your manliness grants your wish as you wish."

Now, with his father out of the way, that pretty much summed up the Q and A portion of this little get together. Now, maybe... He could get to who was going to volunteer for what.

"... Alright. So, if there are no more questions, concerns or discrepancies... Who wants to be the bearer of bad news and Fall first?"
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The stubborn old flame, slowly losing his will to go on grew smaller and weaker, knowing that his time was finally up. In the end, even he was going to have to go, if they wanted something better. His ways just weren't the 'correct' ways... Maybe his trusted son, the new Pumpking could fix this mess he caused...

"... I will go first. Even though that interdimensional black hole has finally stopped eating away at me, it doesn't stop what's happening with Tigen..."

Soon, that boy would suck up every last drop of his power, and the original Shinsei would be completely consumed... He would become one with Tigen again, and this time, Tigen would be in control of things. To be reunited with his son again... That actually sounded rather wonderful.

"If I'm doomed to go out, I might as well go out with honor instead of waiting for this one's soul to gobble me all up. Hahaha."

Throughout the whole conversation, he caught the hint that his decisions in the past definitely messed up some things... But with Khrona here, things would definitely turn out for the better... Even through this most crucial time.

"... So. What is the plan, mister 'big man in charge?'"

"Go talk to Lilith. She knows what must be done. Here, I'll work on merging Shinrei and Khrina back into one being. Then... Everything can fall into place with our marriage... in our Perfect forms... the Trinity Infinity."

Such was the Eighth Restriction of the Three Peaces. All that was needed was for the three pieces to get into their proper places, and everything else will fall right into place as it may.

"... Shinrei, we'll talk here."

Seemed simply enough... But some things needed to be taken one step at a time before they actually came to be.

Shinsei paused, rather disturbed by the mention of that woman... Lilith... How long it had been since he'd actually been in contact with her...

"... It's time to give up those old ways and show her the light, huh...? Guess this is the end for me... I'll have to use the last of my power to... Fill up the last little bit of darkness within her... And, simultaneously..."

Shinsei shot a glance back at Khrona, smirking now that he caught on to what was going on. They were both going to erase the darkness between them by filling the final 'hole' with a piece of each other. That's where they fit, and that's what would complete them... Like perfect pieces to perfect puzzles. Those two were going to be Perfect, and thus, so would their child...

"I've got to say, Khrona... This Master Plan of yours does indeed seem to pan out absolutely flawlessly. I'm happy... I didn't want our family to suffer anymore. Especially not you and her."

Reminded him too much of himself. But he knew that things would be different this time. Khrona wouldn't succumb to that darkness and neither would Khrina, as long as Shinsei and Shinrei filled the final piece of themselves and completed their souls...

"I'm coming home, son... Or should I say... Father?"

He closed his eyes with a smile on his face, his body fizzling out and warping elsewhere with one quick *Fwip!*

With her orders to stay at the Tree of Life, it would seem that Khrona had something important to say to her. Somehow, she felt as though she already knew what it was, though.

"What is it we have to speak about? I already know we must move as fast as possible."

Just in time. He felt himself starting to ascend to the Seventh, whilst simultaneously at the Tree of Knowledge, Shinsei was speaking to Lilith. Things were going perfectly.

"I need you to take Shinsei's place being combined with Tigen. Tigen will never be complete without his final piece, and Tigen should not end up like Tigen's father..."

Hahaha. It seems like even Khrona couldn't help but speaking in the third person when it came to Tigen.

"... That darkness within him is a missing piece that only you can fill, otherwise history will just repeat itself and he'll end up just like his father. I'll handle things with Khrina... You handle Tigen. I hear he's within the Nytozpear... talking to that adoptive daughter. You should hurry and complete him. This all must be done in unison, you see, if it is to be perfect."

Everything must be conducted perfectly... Orchestrated to the utmost perfection...

"... You did say I was the True Maestro after all, didn't you? Hahahaha. I'll conduct a wonderful symphony, then. One that is more beautiful than anything ever imagined."

'To Tigen... huh. All of this is the most ancient of voodoo... Souls trapped within doll bodies... Was that what became of us? Did he seal away our darkness and I trapped souls in voodoo dolls? What a scary thing...'

"Alright. I will go."

She understood now that it wasn't about trapping a spirit in an artificial body, but to let that being of pure Will figure out what it Wishes to be, then Be what it Wishes and Will become. To take the form it wishes... Just like Khrona was trying to do.

"... This will fix my mistake, too, huh? I guess my sons and daughter of the Light have burnt up their bodies I tried to confine them too... Somehow, I knew that would happen eventually. Even if it's for billions of years, something made of pure Will will never stay trapped where it is unless it wants to... Or doesn't know how to get out. How to Will itself into a new form. They'll learn that secret..."

She understood now. Receding into a black pool that appeared under her, she gave her dear 'son' an appreciative nod of the head and was off to see Tigen. With this knowledge, she could teach him how to take on a form of his own will... Rather than stay confined to the shape given. That is what Khrona wished for with the rebirth of his children... To give them their own will rather than just a piece of his own, so that they could be their own person yet still be connected to him. They would share power instead of siphon, and the cycle, the endless circle of life could finally come to an end... So True Death could be found in Peace. Oh, Peace... She couldn't wait to get there.

Khrona smiled and nodded in return to her. She'd be free of this curse, too, just like he said.

"I'm glad you finally understand that knowledge you have, great grandmother... Or, should I say, mother? Hahaha."

It didn't matter what he called her, for she was his first ancestor through and through. But now a stronger will was going to bring them all back together and let them find out their own way. That was Khrona, Khrina and Trinity.

"Knowing that, the trees really must already be unifying... If even she is starting to understand."

Now, it was Khrona's turn to make this happen... Picking up right where they left off...

"... Khrina and I in Allsgrim Manor... We did it. We finally caught up, and now we can really be together... The three of us."

He muttered it under his breath, but he knew the rest of his family could hear him. What some may consider selfish actually simply fulfilled everyone's wishes, including their own. That's what a true Master Plan does... It fulfills EVERYONE'S wishes, not just a set group. But, these things of course have to coincide, or else it won't fit together. That is why it had to happen this way... One mind at a time.
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Deadly 61: Mr. Sun! Give Tigen Your Light!

... Is that boy calling upon me...?
I thought I was finally able to rest...
I was enjoying watching him do things on his own...
Sigh... Oh well. He probably needs some guidance that he truthfully doesn't need, but thinks he does because he's emotional.

Conflagrating from Tigen's own flames, a single flicker that was once the Pumpking of all Dimensions appeared before the gargantuan pulsation of the entire spectrum of vibrations across the grand expanse of dimensions and universes, waiting to see just why he was summoned here. He'd already long ago given his Will to his son and granted him the throne. There was nothing else to do but 'whatever the hell he wanted to do.' But, perhaps the boy needed some help...

"Yes, my son...?" is all he could muster. Though he knew Tigen to be the chosen successor and the one who would right all of the wrongs, Shinsei did always want Pumpkinhead to be the one he had to deal with... But Pumpkinhead would have probably ended up just like him and all of this would have perpetuated. Oh well. C'est la vie...

Tigen was actually surprised to see him appear so easily. He thought he was gonna have to gather the Seven Dragon bal-- ER UH, Seven Insanities and wish him here, or something foolish like that. But Tigen could grant wishes for himself, if he liked, so maybe that already... did... happen-- BLARGH.

"Oh. HEY. Uh... Tigen just wanted to know how Tigen is supposed to rule all the dimensions and stuff... Tigen doesn't know if everyone WANTS to be ruled and you know they all have their own free wills and stuff, just like Tigen... And then what about Pumpkinhead and Pumki... They're part of Tigen too and does that mean that Tigen isn't complete without those two!? And... Actually... TIGEN HAS A LOT OF QUESTIONS FOR YOU, DADDEH. WHAT'S UP WITH KHRONA AND ALL OF THAT, HUUUUH!? AND WHAT ABOUT THE PLANET AND THE VERITAS!? DOES TIGEN EAT THIS PLANET'S SUN, TOO!? Tigen needs some help here..."

He was still a child with the power of... well. Hell, anything and everything at his disposal. This Degree of Freedom allowed him the freedom of all degrees, and no boundaries and no restrictions. But when it came to ethics and morals, did that truly make it the correct thing to do? Everyone was entitled to their own wills, and if a planet didn't want to submit, didn't that mean they didn't have to and a war could, should or would ensue? There were a lot of weird 'ifs' 'ands' and 'howevers' that came with all of this freedom. Then again, not everyone was free, like Tigen. They still had R-R-R-R-R-RUUUUUUUURRRRUES! And With rules came rulers~!

... Eeeyyup. Just like I thought.

Ho-boy. This kid did not know how to rule with an iron fist. But it was his turn at the pedestal, no pressure, no harm done... He was free to do what he pleased as he pleased, and technically Shinsei was only here as a guide for him. Better to make a few points clear to him and let him fix things as he goes along than to make some horrible mistake that he can't take back and create some family curse, like Shinsei did. Boy, THAT was not pretty AT ALL. But, first time doing everything, what seems perfect may not be so, all is fixed in time and such. Everyone learns their lesson and moves forward through the evolutionary process. It happens. Grow up, get over it.

"... Okay... Well first, yes, everyone is entitled to their own free will... That's why it was given to them... So if you come to conquer a dimension or rule over a reality, there are going to be those that aren't going to want to be ruled by some overlord or overgod or any power 'over' theirs. It's only natural, and it makes them feel inferior."

It didn't help that Shinsei ALWAYS made SURE everyone KNEW they were inferior to him in days of yore... God complex, superiority complex... Those things just happened. It was only natural that he would be the destruction of himself, cuz nothing and no one else would or could do it. He had to teach his son how to be 'humble.' Or some bullshit like that.

"But you must make them know that you are on top. Let them know that you are their ruler and that they must bow down to your will and whim whenever you command it. Though you may be a kind and compassionate Pumpking, at any given moment that they defy you, strike them down with the power of the ultimate smite; ULTIMITUS!!!"

Oh BOY that took him back... The days of using Ultimitus to smite entire cosmos' out of existence for their defiance... Searing hot nebulae left in the wake of his wrath, smoldering astral debris sizzling about in the all-seeing presence of his light... YES, it was GLORIOUS, the days of his prime. But, those days were no more, and somehow, with this new 'age of light' that Tigen's light radiated so brightly, a new methodology other than the 'one who is on top rules all' was in play. Sigh...

"... As for your brother and sister... They're going through some foolishness with the completed form somewhere in the Veritas, as I'm sure you can see. You're their sun, after all; you see everything everywhere, and unlike those other 'barely conscious' balls of pure consciousness, you can actually freely move your light to every nook and cranny if you so choose. You'll need to collect them and make even they submit to your will. Knowing your brother and sister, they won't want to submit, but they'll probably have to since you are the Pumpking. Technically, EVERYTHING HAS to submit to your will. That is what it means to be Pumpking."

But Tigen wasn't one to force his will upon people unless it involved direct association with him and the way he did things. Oi... Shinsei had to remember, new age, new generation...

"... But, you know, do you. I guess. I'm the you of the past, you're the me of the future and the you of the now, so. You show me the light of what I did wrong. I'll just tell you how I did things in the past and give you nice little hints and secrets. You're in control now, not me. Long overdue for a nice change."

And oh, that Khrona... Oh... Oh that Khrona. Khrona... Khrona Khrona.

"... Please. Don't even... Just don't even about him. He knows what he's doing, but he's unscrambling himself right now. You're part of him as his soul, so as part of him, you should help. His mind is trying to work things out, but whether you know it or not, for him to be perfect, ALL aspects of him have to be FULLY FUNCTIONAL and in PERFECT SYNCHRONOUS BALANCE. Until then, you won't have a body large enough to fit you in. He's supposed to be the crystal vessel that you shine through. All you're doing is preparing for when he fully matures and unscrambles himself. I neglected my vessel because I thought that if anything had as much power as me, it would destroy me... Without realizing that the vessel was meant to HARBOR me so that my Will could be done in all ways and I could be complete. But I was foolish. That's why I'm telling you just don't worry about him, no matter how much Insanity and destruction he causes, it'll all be okay in the end. Just make sure you watch over and guide his actions."

And the last bit...

"Now, granted, this planet's sun may seem puny and easily consumed, just like all the other suns you're consuming, but if someone has a will that opposes yours... That means your wills are conflicting, and you either need to destroy that will, make that will submit, or harmonize with it and work together. Consume it if you like, but as you must be with everything that you do, be prepared for a fight if someone seeks it. Remember what I said; if someone tries to oppose you, just obliterate their universe with one quick Ultimitus It is the ultimate godsmite after all."

Hopefully that answered everything because... Hell, Shinsei didn't want to hold up the process any longer. There was absolute conquest to complete still.

"Anything else, my son...?"


Yeah, all of that made perfect algebra. Tigen was taking notes!

"But Tigen doesn't wanna force people to do what they don't wanna... As long as they aren't forcing Tigen to do what Tigen doesn't wanna, then why would Tigen?! But if they're like, doing something Tigen doesn't like, Tigen will fights them fair and square to see if what they are doing is right or not, cuz they might have a point that Tigen didn't see!! That's probably how you goofed up, daddeh."

Sad, but true. Forcing everyone to submit and not having their own opinions hinders growth, of both them and and himself. What Tigen's father didn't realize was, no matter how much they grew, it only made him grow larger and stronger, as well, for they were all connected. Even if they thought they grew to be the strongest there was, he was still assured to be on top. That was how having everything stem from you went. Or, how it should, at least. But Tigen knew it and his father didn't, so Tigen would probably eternally be Pumpking~! Nyeh nyeh~!


He still needed a lesson in humility. He was still a child and still needed to grow up some. Strange how he was already as powerful as his father at such a young age, he hadn't even reached full maturity yet. Perhaps a testament to it all.

Regardless, he did have another question...

"... What about Titania? What's her deal? Is she like, Tigen's soulmate lovey-dovey waifu forever desu~~?! Tigen would looooove it if she were! But she has her own free will, too, right?! Tigen would TOTALLY make her submit! But... It would be wrong if she doesn't do it out of her own Free Will, right? Maaah! Tigen has such intense emotions that Tigen doesn't know how to deal with this!!! Tigen is young and love~ is not Tigen's forte, Tigen doesn't think...? Then again, Tigen doesn't really know..."

He was going off on a tangent in his head. Hopefully his father would stop him and clear things up for him. Hopefully?!?!?!?

... There he goes with that 'new age light' again. That was his philosophy to see how it worked. Shinsei tried ruling using his methodology and that worked out... the way it did. All he could do was tell Tigen the same thing.

"Do what you believe is best. What you believe in. What you feel is true to you, be it to force others to submit or try to get the collection of all creation to work together. Whether you wish to abuse your powers or to use them fairly is all up to you. Just because you can do what you want does not mean you have to, and doesn't always mean you should, I learned the hard way. Do you, as they say, and be true to yourself, and your life will unfold in nothing but truth. How could it do anything but that when you stay true to your own self? That is what having this absolute freedom is for... That is why Khrona works so hard to maintain stability... So that you can remain free and so he can reach this freedom. He wishes for ALL parts of him to be as free as you are, his soul. Now imagine if every last version of you were as free as you are right now... That would be glorious, wouldn't it?"

Shinsei didn't think about these things because he was too consumed by his own absolute power. He was greedy, and all of his vices showed in his Vessel, since his Flame was to be perfect. The Vessel was all the darkness that the Light could not show, since it was pure light. Such was the same for Tigen... But this child had no true darkness within him, which was why he was special. Only a bit of misguidance with all the power he had.

"Ah, but I digress... But as for Titania... Hmhmhm... Let me tell you a little something about this Goddess of Dreams... You may not know this, but she is a perfected piece of Khrona that is meant to fit perfectly in place where the darkness within him lies. She was made literally to help him be complete and to fill the void, a mirror image. Imagine if you make everything about one specific being completely perfect, but miss out on a few flaws here and there. Well, she would be the thing that fixes those flaws, and Khrona would be the thing that fixes hers, thereby making them both perfect. They are able to give birth to new 'Flames of Eternity' so that we do not ever go extinct, such as the newest, Trinity, the first completely perfect being. Born perfect and without flaw simply because her parents literally match up in every which way perfectly. She will be there to help Khrona achieve his perfection as he will be for her, no matter what may occur, since they were lucky enough to find each other. It is very hard to find your flawless piece in the lifetime of a vessel, for a vessel is not eternal, like we, the Flames, or the Souls are. Keep this in mind; YOU help fuel Khrona's emotions. Whatever you project on him becomes one of his Insanities. So you have to learn to control your emotions. That is what the Clear Flame, or what Khrona likes to now call the 'Crystal Flame' is for. (That guy really likes Crystals, so don't... don't judge him. He's a Crystal Child, after all.) So, as long as Khrona treats Titania correctly, she will do the same for him and all will remain perfect. Do you see the parallelism here, son?"

Shinsei made the mistake of not seeing that in his wife, Shinrei, and took the light from her in fear of her overpowering him instead of realizing that she was indeed his other half, and naturally equal to him in order to BALANCE OUT HIS OWN POWER. He was such a fool. Now she was going around spreading darkness... It wasn't her fault. It was his. She tried very hard to do the right thing, and in fact, she probably believed she was... But it wouldn't be until the Insanities were purified that his wife who bore the horrible fate of being the Zero World would be able to see the light. This was his suffering... To watch her go through this.

"... Don't let that happen to you. Whatever you do. I don't care what you have to do to make Khrona see; catch any and every wavelength you can to ensure that he knows the TRUTH about all of this FOREVER and ALWAYS. Be it sound, thought, light; WHATEVER wavelength you can catch or resonate with, make sure you do it at the EXACT TIME HE NEEDS YOU TO EVERY SINGLE TIME. Not only will he know how to guide you, but you will know how to guide him. He'll listen to you. He's just crazy enough to do it. He and every other version of himself that exists. Until you are all one harmonious being again. Make sure they know it."

If Khrona and Titania were perfectly balanced between each other, then they should have remained perfect together and this whole curse could be lifted... And this darkness would leave them. They could be the head of the family forever as the epitome of what it is to be 'perfect,' and all others would follow their perfect example. They could only make perfect children, after all.

"... Now... Is that ALL, my son? I am very, very tired..."

He was also anxious to see his son continue his work... In all forms and aspects of himself, that is. Hmhm.

Somehow, he felt the strangest feeling... that he had to sing a certain song that he knew was resonating between Khrona and Despair right now.

All these truths revealed themselves
In a way that was so natural and warm--

Naw, he had to stop right there. That was enough of catching THAT wavelength for a little bit. Tigen had some cosmic stuffs to do whilst Khrona handles the reality stuffs and Tabrith handled the mental stuffs and et cetera and so forth for all the other ones. Everything his father said made sense to him, so all that really needed to be done now was... Well, he just needed to continue on his path with the knowledge he had. Onward, Tigen~!

"Ohhhhh, okay, okay!!! THANKS DADDEH! Tigen really appreciates it... Now... GET BACK IN TIGEN'S BELLEH! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!"

And that tiny flame was sucked back into Tigen, to exist as part of him until he or Tigen wishes to emerge again. Tigen wasn't holding him against his will or anything (teehee.)

"... Well then. Back to taking over stars~! Tigen will have to go deal with Pumpkinhead and Pumki later. Heehee... Cuz Tigen is the PUMPKING!"

And the flickering consumption continued.

Tigen would still wait for that one guy to talk if he wanted to, but even so, time still continued and Tigen still handled his business. Racking up them universes.

Once his crowned throne son (or maybe 'sun' at this point) consumed all the stars that were, it was time now for the second phase of the plan. That was to assemble his brother, which was the most pressing issue right now.

"My Son. It is time for another lesson. This is about your brother. Though he does not wish to, he defies your will. As is his nature."

The gentle spark from Tigen's omniscient light ignited as a single crystalline ember that directed the mass energetic substance toward the one of Insanity within the Veritas.

"He is made to destroy everything, and that, he shall, if he is not stopped. Though he himself is the Keeper of a power within the 6th Restriction, his own power on his own is of the 12th, like yourself. You are missing part of you and without that part of you under control, it will run wild. Your destructive side. Do not forget that fire uncontrolled will simply destroy. Learn to control yourself, boy, by facing your mirror image. Bring him here and subdue him once and for all."

Though sudden in both his appearance and his call, in all honesty, he was aware that no one would be able to stop Pumpkinhead as he was. He was of the 12th Restriction BY HIMSELF and added the 6th Restriction power as well. Tigen and the Insanity were the only ones that could face him... and survive.

"I want you to use that light that you have there and warp Pumpkinhead out here. Just him touching your presence alone is the same as him touching you physically or being in contact with your will, so you can bring him here simply by being in contact with him presence-wise. Even if you must extinguish your own flame, then do so. Let the smaller flame of Hatred fizzle out on her own; she hasn't grown too large to be a problem."

The wise words of the father would guide his son on the throne to make the wisest decisions, even though he was still so young and carefree. He could not wait until his rule as Pumpking took its effects on everything. His son would do him proud, and this was the time to see it in truth.

After his delicious treat of all the stars that were, Tigen was feeling pretty bright and happy and stuff, just wanting to let all of his lights shine and send their wavelengths and flares throughout the allspace of everything. It was a good feeling, this connection, this existence as one with all things. Made his lights flicker with a life-bearing warmth...

"Mmmm... Tigen likes this pandimensional unity... Feels good..."

And so the being shaped of the light of all the stars formed, their energies resting in harmony as a conscious and controlled being. It wasn't until the tiny crystalline ember flickered from off of his body and began to speak to him that he was alerted to what was going on.

"Mmmm...? Tigen's gotta... What now?"

Right when he was getting all relaxed, too...


Once his energetic form stabilized and solidified as a unified conscious light, Tigen looked deep within himself (as he himself was the light that was all the stars) and felt that one was about to erupt in a grand scale; in such a way that it would probably blow up a good large chunk of Tigen's form. The ticking Time Bomb that was Pumpkinhead was about to go off, and when his head exploded, that seriously meant 'The End' of all things. Yeah, that guy needed to be calmed down reaaaaal hot fast.

"Ooooooh... Tigen sees. Yeah. Totally. Totally. Tigen will get riiiight on that... But this poses a question for Tigen; if Tigen can do this with Pumpkinhead, why shouldn't Tigen do this with the Insanity, too? Tigen could just take out ALL the Insanities in one go~!!!"

He was the Pumpking and everything, and had like, all the power ever. Getting rid of some evil shouldn't have been too difficult...

"You are not... strong enough yet."

Though that may have been a shock to hear, technically, the three of them were all on the same level.

"The Insanity in and of itself is already complete in power. It is a full 12 dimensional being that cannot exceed the 12th Restriction. This is because it does no exist after the 12th, and what does is... You. When you are complete, that is. Your brother is being held captive by the Insanity that fuels his own hatred. He does not wish to defy your will to cleanse the Insanity, however until the Insanity of Hatred is purified, it will continue to drive him toward his maddened tendencies against his will. It is like his own power working against himself in order to keep him trapped within the Insanity. This is why you, as his brother, but first and foremost, as the Pumpking, must remedy this situation and save him from the evils. That will mean a significant decrease in power from the Insanity's side, as well."

Very useful information, as was to be expected by one of the first ancestral beings that ever existed. Luckily such ancient primordial information lay dormant within Tigen, guiding him down the path of righteousness, freedom and truth as it may.

"The more we take from the Insanity's control, the weaker it becomes, which is why it tries to always consume as much as it can whenever and wherever it can. With the main body sealed within the tree (for who knows how long), the production of New Insanity has come to a halt, giving us time to deal with the old ones. Though I believe that it is generating more of its own power... and if we do not stop it before it generates too much within the Crystal Tree... It will hatch as a being that is never supposed to be; the Insanity of the Thirteenth. At that point, the Shinseigami will disappear and in his place will only be... the Insanity."

That is why Tigen had to collect Pumpkinhead and join forces with his brother. Those two were always relatively equal in power, and when it came down to it, the two needed to combine their powers for the greater good.

"Convince him by any means necessary."


Well that was a pretty rude awakening. Tigen thought that he was like, super star ultra badass awesome. But even if he is, that didn't mean that he wasn't still a freshie at this sort of thing, and he knew that. Having such grand scale power and being naturally talented at using it was one thing, but to actually hone in and refine that raw potential into focused, sharpened skill was a whole different story. Right now, Tigen wasn't being very serious about this at all. Not that he had to really be too serious because he had the utmost confidence in his own power, but he should not let that make him too lackadaisical. The Insanity was indeed still building its forces and Tigen needed to have the absolute strongest will in order to overpower something as mighty and powerful as the Insanity of all things. His role was most important of all, second to only Khrona's purpose. That meant that Tigen was gonna have to start cracking down on these Insanities before the big guy had a chance to wake up.

"... Tigen understands, Father. Tigen will remedy this at once."

The Clear Flame of Tigen, known now to be the Crystal Flame that was his entire body poured with a divine lucid light, as though all the invisible wavelengths of the unified universes all glowed with a translucent shimmer, Tigen's intent now focusing on bringing Pumpkinhead to this place. In order to stop the inevitable explosion... and the destruction of the Veritas, the planet and all other things within. Tigen warped Pumpkinhead outside of Tigen's form just as he was about to explode.
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Deadly 62: The Hunt...

At that very instant, as Pumpkinhead was about to lash out at the Allmaster in his uncontrolled rage, a sudden clarity would overcome Tigen's flaming rainbow body, merging the colors to become crystalline and clear; the legendary 'Clear Flame' that came over him in times of dire desperation. (Kinda like Avatar state.)

In that very same instant of Rekindling the Clear Flame would his own burning fist cast in a brilliant shimmering silver flame would warp immediately to the exact location where it would perfectly intersect with and glove the blazing fist that was about to strike down the Allmaster in unrighteous fury. The Hand of Pumpkinhead would come to a complete and rather decisive halt, the palm remaining as unmoving as his fist now was.

"Pumpkinhead," a voice spoke out with rather strict authority, "Control yourself. I'd figure that you'd know better right now." The sheer tone of voice and command of the situation in utter decisiveness could only have belonged the the original Pumpking that still lived on inside of the new; Shinsei, their father. "You disappoint me, son. Right now, you are imbalanced. You were brought here by me working through your brother. You almost cremated the one that is here on duty for the Fourth Moon." Through Tigen's eyes, Shinsei would look upon the Allmaster and know that the time now had come; something his children had been ignorant of for their entire existences was about to unfold. The final homecoming.

"Are you done?" he inquired quite casually, unflinching from the Beast's burning outburst. It was almost as if he knew what were about to occur and that he wasn't going to be harmed, even though he was technically on a lower restriction. As Allmaster, he was capable of going toe to toe with anyone here, and he certainly wasn't afraid to. Even if his powers were being restricted, when it came to consuming an Insanity, he was allowed to release the restriction and swallow it whole. Pumpkinhead almost got himself consumed. "Feh. I would have thought you'd have that bloodhound under control by now... Shin." There was a certain sort of familiarity in the voice of Grimnyzmal now, as if he were close to this silvery being in some sort of way. Despite his relations to Tigen and Pumpkinhead, the one 'Shinsei' was something else entirely, even if bonded to the new Pumpking. He was privy on the goings on of the Tensei Lore, after absorbing the knowledge from his dear brother, Grimlock. "I have Wisdom and Power, now. All I'm missing is Courage. I need my soul back together, pronto."

He scoffed, brushing Pumpkinhead aside and walking straight toward Tigen... rather... Shinsei, that brought the only light of creation into this empty abyss, "It's time to collect. I'm sure you thought that you were able to escape, but... No matter how long you try to prolong it, it must happen. The Hole must be filled completely, and you know how to do it." He wasn't gonna put it past him, in all honesty, but... "I'm gonna need them to Fill the Abyss."


That was all he could feel at that moment as he showed but a single moment of weakness before his father. Though Pumpkinhead may have held the power to destroy all in his path, that did not mean that he was not supposed to control who and what he unleashed his wrath upon. If he went around destroying things just because he became inflamed, he would not be able to exist alongside anyone. All would burn to ash merely from being in his presence. His fist trembled in the palm that glowed with the shimmering silver light of the gods, genuflect before the great deity that humbled him so. On his knee, not because his power was matched, but because of his respect for he who taught him so well. He would not allow himself further embarrassment nor shame before the eyes of his father, "... Forgive me..." he requested with deep lament.

He uttered nor moved none more after his lesson was learned. He felt it proper to reflect deeply on his decisions... He was merely just upset that he hadn't the slightest idea what all of this was about, nor why the scorn of the family's existence would dare show his face before them in this sacred realm. Their interaction in the New Realm was tolerable, but in the Original Realm? None but the Light were supposed to enter here.


So many things were going on at once that he did not understand. First, the Insanity... then Tigen... then Himself... Ever since Tigen was crowned as the Pumpking... Somehow, it was bothering Pumpkinhead more than it should have, even though he'd already come to terms with Tigen on the throne and at the crown.

'... Maybe it is because he knows control...?' The thought of this only shamed him further. It had always been like this... And that was always why he was so pissed. 'How could I have been... Such a fool...?'

The stern Shinsei nodded his head to his son, whom he could see still knew very well of the self-discipline he was taught, even if there were lapses every now and then. "You are pardoned, my son. Do not be too hard on yourself. It is more difficult to control something you do not usually have to hold back." He released his hand, which would immediately wisp back into position on the spectral flickering body, "But your true herculean strength will come when you realize how much power it takes for the one who can destroy anything and everything in his way... Not to. Or to the most minimal and precise extent as possible. Where Tigen must learn to be precise with what he creates... You must learn to be exact about what and how you destroy things." He knew very well of the nigh uncontrollable temperament of his son, as he had seen it often.

"... If you do not learn to balance yourself, son, you will never be able to taste the righteous might of my flame and become purified of your affliction. You are no longer the Keeper of Insanity in the same respect as you were before..." He lowered his head, then turned his attention back to the persnickety Allsgrim of youth, "... And that is why he is here... *chuckle* I see you've been reborn, Grim. And yet, as the king of all those empty shells waiting for their souls, you don't have any vessels prepared, now do you?" Shinsei was the spirit of the original Grim, Allsgrim, when they first split apart. Though Shinsei filled the empty vessel that once was the original Allsgrim, it seems like one of his sons, Grimnyzmal, has taken his place. "As above, is below, huh...?" These two would be playing the 'Mirror Game' until all was actually accounted for and there was equal payment on both sides. That meant that one of these two would have to go. "If the images in the Mirrors don't match, something is wrong somewhere..." Shinsei folded his arms and closed his eyes, "So, it's time for you to retrieve your soul and end this Devourism madness for good, yes? Let's just hope one of the other ones don't take your place as King again before we can give them their rightful souls back."

He turned his head to his distraught son. It was a shame that he would have to go through so much so soon... And the worst part of it all was, he knew nothing of its existence, nor that it was going to occur from the day he was born. He sighed, "My son... It is time for you to know the truth. I deeply apologize for keeping it hidden from you for this long, but you were very naive and reckless when you were younger." He rose from his throne, walking very slowly toward their side of the abyss, placing a shoulder on his knelt son and helping him to his feet, "This one belongs to you. He is the only extension of the grand design that does not receive a light of his own... That is because this spot has been reserved for you. You, your brother and your sister, being all sparks split from my original light, must all return to the same source again. Think now, son."

He chuckled lightheartedly, slapping the both of them on the back, "The two of you were not supposed to know about this, which is why you've been sent in so many directions without being informed. Grimnyzmal was a vessel that was created before Khrona, and yet Khrona inherited Tigen as his soul. Yet, that vessel was a part of him. If it wasn't Tigen's flame that was gonna fill him up... Whose did you think it could have been, with all three of you being descendents of me?" He chortled loud and mightily, his booming voice instilling a sense of threat in his amusement, to just a certain degree. He still followed his 'Iron Fist' beliefs, even if they were adopted by his eldest son, Pumpkinhead. "It is a rule that to prove that you are fit for your Destiny, you do not know of it, but are tested by it at all times. If you fulfill the correct path to your Destiny, you will be led to the Point of No Return, where all shifts for the greater and you align with yourself. You have come far, and you even helped your brother when knowing of his mission and not knowing your own. Your deep turmoil has been from feeling inferior, useless and without purpose... However, you were left unknowing, just as your brother. Think, Pumpkinhead! Don't you remember how I forbade you from telling him ANYTHING about what was going on after you left and he lost his memory? The same applied to you..."

"After careful consideration, and after what I just saw now about how far you've come and how proud it is to say that as a father, I may call you my son..." he looked to Grimnyzmal, nodding his head in acceptance, "BOTH of you, my sons..." It felt... Eerily heartwarming to accept those that existed in the Zero World as his descendents, despite how he scorned and hated them all this time. He was the one that caused this entire Tensei mess, and all of his children were suffering for it; hating each other without purpose only because of their ignorance to their darkness, nor that they are the lights that fill it. If Pumpkinhead were to have destroyed his body out of his own hatred, he would have condemned himself to being a lost soul for all eternity and eventually spawn as the new Insanity of the clan; the dark light that destroys all it touches. Then, they would have all had to start over again... "... When I saw you lash out like that, I saw part of myself in you... Well, of course, how could I not, right? Hahaha. Though, joking matters aside, I saw the side of me that I used to be... The Pumpking of the Iron Fist that ruled the dimensions with a hand of destruction and a reign of terror... Not because I was evil, but simply to inspire fear in the darkness to ensure it did not rise up against me... Little did I know, this hatred I spawned for them seeped into you and ALL of my descendents... that is known as the Insanity. Though it no longer exists inside of me, it still has remnants inside of the others. However, the new Keeper of Insanity that you see before you is about to crown you as the new Keeper... The one who keeps all of this raw power under control at all times and uses it for good. I trust you will be able to handle this immeasurable responsibility, despite what I saw only moments ago." He stared his son in the eyes and nodded with reassurance, clenching his shoulder firmly to show the affirmation of his belief in him, "You can do it. You are my son, of course. Remember who you are and where you come from... And all will be well in the darkness. I promise."

With his sentimental speech out of the way and Pumpkinhead prepared for his coronation, he returned his attention to the Vessel that would become the first true container for Pumpkinhead. It was time to abandon those scarecrow bodies and burning essences and get some physical forms made of flesh and bone. He felt confident that he was composed enough not to destroy his own vessel with his own might. And, since now Shinsei knew how things were supposed to go, he could trust the vessel not to destroy and completely consume the light that was his son, either. This was how the 'Body and Soul' functioned as one. "I presume, Allmaster, that you have all of the necessary requirements for this transaction, then? As the God of the Zero World, you know all transactions must be equivocated. Otherwise, I wouldn't be standing here looking at you right now!" He laughed again heartily, feeling inspired by the part of himself that was Tigen to be in a slightly less serious mood. Though, Tigen was going to have to learn to take many things seriously, as well... Which was why this transaction was about to occur as it did, if all the proper pieces were now in play...

"Oh, so it's him? Figures. I kinda liked his spark. Don't think your other one would have matched this body, ya know?" It was true that Grim didn't know anything about anything that was supposed to happen about any of this, but it seemed like because of the information he was given before, as well as what he'd already learned about how everything worked, he was actually pretty okay with this outcome, if it would fill him up for good. "Yeah, got all Seven Insanities and the Sacrifice Girl. Didn't bring any vessels, though... Nobody... Told me about any vessels except the one that's supposed to be my wife. What's all this, then?"

Honestly, he hadn't had any time to practice using the power of his Anatomia yet... So he wasn't too privvy on how he was supposed to create material constructs yet. "More shit that you didn't tell us, I presume? Ugh. Fucking... Family heritage. Not saying anything about anything so we can fill our destinies properly and shit. Ugh. How annoying..." Yet, for some reason, he felt inside of him a sort of resonance with Pumpkinhead... Could it have been that part of Tigen that he consumed... or the Insanities themselves...? Maybe it was all of it, and they were screaming for their missing parts. Weird.

"Well, glad to have you around... Pop. Guess since you and him got back together, you're my father now for real, huh? One and the same. Guess that makes this the same for me and you, huh, Pumpkinhead?" He snickered, making light of it all only because he was feeling the warmth coming from this scenario, too. He couldn't help but love the part of Shinsei that was his father, Allsgrim, as well as the new part of him that was the original Shinsei. "What do you wanna do with these Insanities, eh? I was told to bring all Seven to you."

Utterly confused and in complete disbelief, for once in his life, he felt the ever present anger ever blazing upon his form lighten for a moment, igniting with sparks of silver. He did not move nor say a word, but the color of his flame was able to tell quite a bit about how he was feeling; that was a trait he never understood why he hadn't mastered. It seemed like his flame was always red... And perhaps, what his father said was the reason why. That imbalance...


As he further explained the story, Pumpkinhead remained stoic and quiet, yet his flame became much less intense. When he was certain that his honorable father was done speaking, he proceeded with his thoughts on the matter.

"Father, I deeply respect and appreciate your sentiments, but after what I did, I... I do not believe I am truly ready to... For..."

He furrowed his brow, the silvery strands of ember growing dark and black, crimson swirling about his form in a chaotic storm once again. "I'm still much too early to be taking anything equal to my Honorable Father in grandeur... I... Not until I become balanced, and am able to do things pleasing to the sight of your eyes at all times." The sheer thought of it was... Maddening. Infuriating. To the point where he'd almost wish to shed tears.

"I must respectfully decline this offer. Until I am balanced."

This was his honorable decision made before the eyes of his honorable father.

"I want to set things right, not keep making things worse... Please..." he turned his head away, ashamed, yet again, not even feeling worthy to be seen in his Father's presence, "... I will not be a disappointment to you again..." At that moment, Pumpkinhead's flame grew dark; a deeper Nightmare Rouge than ever before. It almost looked like it was no longer fire that burned around this being's body... Twas like torrents of thick, rich blood rose to take the shape of something that only resembled a burning skeleton in form. Like a large bloodstain on a bathroom wall, the mark of his presence remained imprinted upon the pitch black voice around him, almost seeming to sear it into the shape of a liquid around him. It was melting; the bloodstain was eating away at it. Slender cracks of porous vapour wisped about the infinite abyss... It looked as if the realm itself had begun to bleed, in more ways than one, at that.

"I know you know it, too...

He stared at the Abyzmal being before him and could only look upon him with hatred, for some reason. Being attached to that... Thing... KNOWING that it was part of him... It made him utterly detest it, himself, and worst of all... his father. The hatred wouldn't stop growing...

"THIS THING IS LIVING PROOF OF MY UTTER DISGUST!! HOW CAN YOU EVEN LOOK AT ME WHEN I CAN'T EVEN--" He paused, staring at the creature in horror. The thought of it being himself made him want to wretch. It poured from his body, as though his very existence were hurling up massive, unstable chunks of negativity in large doses. The wavelength of his flames became unstable.

"Is... What is this, father...?! IS THIS... THE FULL EXTENT... OF THE INSANITY!?!?" A discordant hum filled the air, as though a siren wailed from the bowel's of an insect's low buzz. *Silent Hill siren sound, but with insect wings beating low to slightly drown it out* The pure dissonant bass that suddenly frequented this space seemed to be sending this place into a horrendous hellstorm. He was spiraling out of control and couldn't find his way out of these terrible, horrible thoughts about everyone and everything. All of these thoughts that didn't make any sense, yet at the same time were perfectly understood. Everything he ever thought was a lie, but true all at the same time. And to top it all off, after the way he acted out before his father, all he could think was...

'Have I no shame...?
Where did I go wrong...?
When did I stray from my Father's teachings...?'

Lost in his own madness and confusion, the swirling inferno that was the Great Pumpkin continued to grow larger, spiraling further and further out of control, as though his flame of negativity were drawing in and utterly incinerated all things that they came in contact with. The would would begin collapsing upon itself.

'Why is... All of this happening...?'

In all his turbulent turmoil, it all boiled down to one completely self-consuming question that blazed with the fury of his all-consuming flame. It would destroy him from the inside out, and outside in; and everything around him.


Somehow, Shinsei felt as though things would turn out this way... somehow. It was not because he did not have faith nor pride in his son, as he seemed to deem it, but because he felt that his son would not have such in himself for the exact reason that he was feeling. It was all very clear before the eyes of Clarity that existed in Shinsei, who was made of now only pure Shinsanity. Though he understood the plight of his son, it ached him to watch him suffer so much torture and turmoil based on his own inner conflict. "Son..." he muttered, even under the vicious maelstrom that was occurring from his emotional explosion, "... One thing I thought I taught you... Was not to question your father." He closed his eyes, furrowing his brow solemnly, "Now, I have learned to accept them as part of us, and that is what they are. We complete each other and uphold a delicate balance in this universe. To test whether we are capable of harnessing the highest power... We are given the test of Control. If you do not pass your test of Control, you will end up doing just what you are doing now and misuse the power, destroying everything around you." Part of him knew that speaking this way would only shame his son more, but he hoped that within him, that shame would discipline him further... to NOT take things any farther than they had already gone and grab the reigns upon himself before it was too late. To know that he was already wrong, and instead of being more wrong and bringing himself and everyone around him more shame than if he stopped where he was. When already feeling shameful, why incur more in oneself by continuing to do that which makes one so ashamed? He had to be educated, or else he would continue to fall into the despair of unknowing.

"Part of the Vessel's job is to restrain your power so that you can learn control. Part of your job is to make sure the Vessel is doing what it should be doing at all times. If you are leading it astray, it will follow your lead... That, or, it will lead you and you will simply cause destruction. A burden on it more than it is on you."

The 'As Above, Is Below' was a pretty serious thing when it came to cosmic balance... And within, one must be stable in order to maintain stability of everything else around. "How can you learn to control your power if you cannot even find a way to restrain yourself as you are? The way for you to find your balance is to take on the Insanity completely and fully and learn to control it all. Don't keep succumbing to it, my son!" Watching him spiral out of control before him, threatening to destroy all that bound this world and probably a few over was not becoming of his son. In fact, it seemed like regression.

"I do not want to believe that I made the wrong decision in choosing you, but you decide whether I did or did not! I saw something in you that you do not see within yourself, my son!!! Maybe when you find out what that is, you will know your peace and accept your destiny!!!"

The voice of Shinsei was firm and strict, even amongst the destructive force. He did not yield in the slightest to such a disastrous display, but merely watched helplessly as his son began to choose willingly to walk into the path of Insanity.

"Don't... Make the same mistake I did..." he said finally rather tenderly, showing a bit of heart to his son before closing his eyes to quiet his own fury. It hurt him to watch the same thing play over again before him; it was as though he were reliving it all... All those countless, numberless lifetimes of darkness... loneliness... being without Light nor Love in all his expansiveness... An emptiness that grew too large to bear and swallowed his light whole. The only part of him that existed, he could see... Through the eyes and experiences of the original Insanity, as well as through Allsgrim. He could see them all coming together as one in tandem with his own knowledge, stringing together how all three of them played a part in each of their own demise, as well as the others... And all he could think was...

"It was... Me... I started this... And I seek to finish it. Looking at you, I see the same ignorance I once held within myself; a light that did not know the dark, and thus became corrupted by that unknowing. I did not rule with an iron fist because I was powerful... I was afraid that whatever it was that had the same strength as me was hiding away somewhere that I could not see, and at any given time, if I did not strengthen myself, it would come to destroy me. That is why I became as strong as I am now. I did it out of Fear. That gave birth to that world... I made it. I created it. That disgusting slop is part of me."

If to save his son from the torment of Insanity... He would righteously step down before him and show him his own weakness. Perhaps, that is what he needed. To know that his 'perfect father' had a weakness to begin with... Fear of the Unknown.

"... I admit that I was wrong at that point in time. Though I am eternally grateful for all that it has brought me, if I had not been wrong at that one point in time, I never would have had any of you. I never would have become the powerful, great flame you see before you. If not for my weakness, I would have NO STRENGTH!!!" His growth was based on his own ambitions not to lose to the darkness; though his intentions were good, his execution of the matter was completely wrong, as was his reasoning. There should have not have EVER been anything that he did not know, and splitting himself in two split his memories, as well. The Birth of Unknowing itself... To have no clue what is going on, what will happen or what just did. For once in his life, he knew Fear; an all powerful force that was supposedly unable to be matched was suddenly able to be overwhelmed? The only force that could do so was... "I stood in my own way and I made myself strong. My mistake was not seeing nor accepting myself nor that darkness as part of me in my own Unknowing and Fear. I see how it has afflicted my family for generations, and though I ached and pained for it to stop, because of how it hurt not only me, but them to such an extent... I could do nothing but watch them, if that was of their own will. So... My son..." He paused, bowing his head and lowering himself to one knee, "Please... It would bring me great honor if you will respectfully accept my blessings. Though I understand and accept your reasons why you feel as though you should not... I humbly request that you try to see why I, the one who already went through this, would advise you otherwise."

"Taking in all of the Insanity will make you equivalent to my awesome power. Don't you see...? If you learn to master the great crippling weakness... Your strength will be revealed to you. And you will be the strength of the ENTIRE clan! That's why..." Though he was no reigning Pumpking anymore, he was still quite the royal, high and upstanding figure, and a subconscious part of Tigen's essence in its entirety. For him to kneel and bow before his son with respect... Hopefully, this gesture would be enough to get through to him. "... This Moon was created just for you. As a Birthday Present."

"Woah... What the...?" In all his time, the Grims were never allowed to enter Dimension; even the part where technically, they should have been free to roam. To see things like this occur was actually pretty amazing to a newcomer... Despite how freaky it all was. Even so, something inside of him twinged when he saw the Great Pumpkin start to flare up uncontrollably. Something inside of him reacted in tandem with this fleeting, rising feeling, his body starting to lose its shape and form for some reason.

"Wa... Wha's happni to e?" The deep blackness that the Third Restriction Mask had been holding back suddenly grew too powerful for the mask to contain, breaking free of its bindings and unleashing the endless nonexistence that was the Zero World pouring from his form, consuming his physical shape and not only mirroring, but completely matching the destructive force of Pumpkinhead's own meltdown. It looked as though two cosmic forces were attempting to tear each other apart, each of them attempting to become a singularity at the same time with the same amount of strength. A Supermassive Black Hole vs. A Universal Implosion.

Staring at that hideous, disgusting glow that wasn't even the light of fire... or anything holy anymore, watching it flicker and consume everything around it, he couldn't help but be reminded of such things, himself.

"Is that... Me...!?"

The same sick disgust that Pumpkinhead felt for him would be felt within him, and it would begin to destroy his physical form. Where on Pumpkinhead's side, everything would be burnt to a crisp, everything on Grim's side would be consumed and reduced to nothingness. They were at war inadvertently.

"Why...?!" He gargled in confusion, not understanding this reaction. Was is being induced by Pumpkinhead, or simply because Pumpkinhead was doing what he was doing? Were these two really so closely connected wherein if one reacted a certain way, the other would do the same inadvertently? Maybe... That was how the Insanity bound them together.

"Urrrghhh!!!!" he gargled again, seeming to be regurgitating something... With the Third Restriction Mask broken, and the rising Insanity within Pumpkinhead, the ones within Grim drew strength from him and caused his form to destabilize just long enough to slip out and where the largest power source of the Insanity was. Such is how that fickle, power hungry source functioned in order to thrive and survive.

The shapeless black void congregated in that single point, now showing what its original shape was; ambiguous chaos. It harbored no light and thus, did not glow, and did not know what its true form looked like anymore. At that point, the full extent of all the collected Insanities would hurl themselves straight into the fire, which would increase all of the strength of each Insanity, as well as the accumulated Insanity infinitely. "No... STOP!!!" But... It was already too late...


After having been silenced for quite the extended period of time, it was about time for the Insanity to rise up again... Within the unstoppable force that was this Bloody Pumpkin, yet again. Now, he would not be a mere puppet, but BE the Insanity itself. These two would become one and the same.


The Insanity had been ITCHING to fuck something and someone up for quite a long time after being contained. With nigh full power restored, he was easily able to outmatch the Allmaster. Shinsei, on the other hand... Might be a problem.

"Father... I... I..." He was losing himself; his shape, his form. His conscious mind. It was being lost to the ambiguity of the chaos... To the enigmatic destructive random force that was the Insanity in all its might. It seemed to simply snatch him up out of nowhere and bring this great weight upon him, that which he felt may even destroy himself. Like a Raging Demon imprinted on his back that he would have to carry with him for the rest of his days. The weight of this knowledge... of this understanding... of himself and everything around him, as well as the depth of this entire ordeal now. This, in and of itself was causing him to destabilize.

"This... This doesn't MAKE ANY SENSE, Father... I... How could you... How could... We...?!? I...!!?!?!?"

His eyes grew wide with an overflowing amount of understanding, that which seemed to be too much for the poor soul to handle at the time as it came unto him. He refused to accept what was the truth, and that, in and of itself, was Insanity. It corrupted everything it touched by trapping him in such denial, forcing his body to become unstable. Now, to match what it is he believed of himself, and what thoughts were coming into his head thanks to the full, unencumbered force of the Insanity pressing down upon him, he was shaping himself into something else entirely... He looked over toward the ambiguous mass of darkness, trying to piece together his own shape and form from looking at that. It seemed to be mimicking how his body was moving... He gazed in horror at what he saw, terrified to see such a creature being him.

"Is that... Me...?"

It was only then that he fully heard and understood what his father said and meant, seeing how everything only became worse as things progressed on dwelling in that animosity. All of the negative things made his stomach churn... It felt sickening. Like a plague... Inside of him...

'... What could he possibly see inside of me...? All I can see... Is that ugly thing staring back at me.... Copying me... Showing me what I look like... That hideous--'

He winced, part of his flames were starting to deteriorate, that black substance seeming to try to take it in. At that moment, Pumpkinhead's thought changed about the scenario at hand. As he saw his father bow to him on one knee, he could almost say that it was like a dream come true for him... For he always sought out his Father's approval and wished to be perfect in his eyes. To know that even he, himself messed up in the beginning was enough to give Pumpkinhead strength in his weakness... Something he would come to temper with time.

"... You... Believe in me that much, Father? I almost feel ashamed that I did not believe you in the first place. Forgive me..."

At that moment, the flames cooled, simmered, down to a gentle crystalline glow, almost as though nothing had happened. He took shape and form again, standing up strong and proud with the mark of the Insanity burning around his body, the crystal flame taking on a darker, completely black color... Save for streams of purple ember flaring from the cosmic compression that was his newly tempered body. A hardened skeleton sealed each of the Insanities within the seven points on his body, aligning to his Chakras... Once they were aligned and secured, they would spread to the seven points on his body; Hands, Feet, Chest, Pelvis and Head, then secure themselves tightly in these seven spots upon his body.

"I will not fail you again. That has been my resolve for my entire life; not to fail you. If this is my destiny, then I will take it and walk proud and strong with it, with my head held high from now on. I will bear the Insanity and overcome it completely, just as I have done now. If my flames can destroy anything... They can even destroy the Insanity... and themselves, along with it, if need be."

He pat his father on the shoulder, then immediately proceeded to help him to his feet, staring him eye to eye with the flames of Insanity swirling about his form, but the Eyes of Clarity shimmering crystal clear in the midst... That part of his father that rested within him. He made sure to make direct eye contact with his father this time in order to let him know that not only was he sure, but that he could be trusted... And that he truly did 'see' with the same vision as he did. Despite how he looked, he still saw what was correct and would use his destructive might for such.

"However, before you crown me... I want to prove myself. Not to you, but to myself... That I actually know of this control..." He stared at Grim, now not with disgust and scorn, but with acceptance and humility, prepared to conquer the Insanity together with his Keeper, "You. I'm ready to go."

Once the flames died down and Pumpkinhead stopped having a meltdown, Grim's form started to return to its normal shape as well, no longer hindered by either Insanity nor the Third Restriction mask. In fact, he almost looked damn near like his old self again... Only, significantly younger.

"... My. That feels much better, I must say. I feel rather refreshed and cleansed right proper, I must admit. Good show, dear boy."

Being emptied of the Insanity left him as he was before, only this time without that insatiable appetite. After retaining his original form and becoming settled and shaped, like the blazing man that stood before him, he would wait for the signal that Pumpkinhead was ready and lock eyes with him, nodding his head.

"Indeed. It is about time that we come back together. Now I see why you are one step ahead of me... You did something I could not. And that was, in spite of my own Insanity... Control it. I guess that's why I need you inside of me... To keep us under control. Don't think I can do it without you, old boy!!"

He laughed to himself, letting the whole ordeal roll off his back like water. He knew what the Insanity was like and of SOME of the events that were supposed to have unfolded from their coming together. However, what would become of them once they did become one... Had yet to be seen.

"Well then, off we go. Right proper." Grim opened his mouth, allowing the FULL Insanity that was now the ENTIRETY of Pumpkinhead's being to be absorbed into himself, where he would feel the flames rising to meet every single crevice of his form. With that, his body would become charged and his hair would take on a silverish color, now lustrous and vibrantly pouring out a beautiful white sheen that seemed to flicker about like energy, despite still being solid hair. It was as if the blackness that had once consumed him was being filled, slowly, but surely. Transitioning between a multitude of colors that were the colors of Pumpkinhead's flames, they would finally return to their crystalline silver color as Grim's robes took on a different form, as well. A large, skull-shaped core burning red and blazing with insanity appeared on his chest, pouring out the vicious red flame. This was Pumpkinhead.

World Eater, his Scarf, soon enlarged to encompass now only his neck, but also his arms, too, being worn as pauldrons that resembled hands, the same way the Scarf Tail resembled a hand with a mouth on it before. Now, there were three different arms extending from his scarf; two of which covered his shoulders and the final one covering the back of his neck and spine. He slipped his hands in his pockets and breathed in deeply, feeling all of the Insanity as well as the power it had, but somehow, even in embracing it, remaining calm... Well. Relatively.


It was usually impossible for a Grim to feel too much feeling, being empty on the inside and only hungry for everything around him, but feeling Pumpkinhead... The Insanity... Hell, FEELINGS in general... brought him great strength.

It was as though all of the elements of the universe were in the palm of his hand, ready to be controlled to his own will. Up, down and all around; he felt within him a Fire that burned hotter than the sun, Water larger and more clean than the ocean, Wind more refreshing and brisk as an uplifting tailwind and a solid foundation of Earth that was more magnificent than a mountain. There were many other elements at play, such as Light and Dark and things that came from mixing all six of these elements together in different combinations, however, in their Basic and most Primary form, they were of these Six Major Elements. He'd mix and match them as he saw fit.

"So... This is what I was missing out on, fucking with my Devourism powers all day, huh? Man... Even if I can still use em, I don't think I really wanna if I can do... ALL TYPES OF OTHER SHIT NOW!!"

Clearly, despite Pumpkinhead's restraint, it seemed like his Vessel seemed to want to go crazy... As expected for one who harbored the Insanity. At least it was a controlled, tempered sort of 'going crazy' and not malignant and destructive. Even so, he would probably have to get this under control, and when the 4th Moon rose... He was probably going to get 'Masked.' Again. Not that he really minded, but until then, he might as well live it up.

Once Pumpkinhead was all sealed up tight, he would be able to travel anywhere he so chose throughout each of the Voids that connected (or disconnected) the worlds, slipping out from the darkness at any given time in any place he saw fit. A luxury of being able to exist there without being swallowed up by it. Eventually, he would fill the role of the Living Shadow and no longer cause it to be a 'Shadow' in the light of his flame. That was the plan, anyway. Hopefully, he would abide by it and not let the Insanity consume him, despite how his Vessel wanted to cut loose a little bit, after having that mask on him for so long.

He stretched and yawned, tired, and getting all of the elemental energies completely flowing through his body, then turned to his former counterpart, who now stood before him as something more than what he once was; no longer a counterpart, but a father, and had to inquire, "So... What do we do about the Sacrifice Girl? How's that supposed to work, eh? Is there like... A thing that we have to do, or... Does this like, take care of itself? Please say it takes care of itself." He was hoping he was gonna say that, but knowing how this fucking family worked, he probably was gonna have to go do some OTHER outrageous task... But, there's no harm in hoping, right?

With all the faith that he had in his eldest, even in his time of utmost despair, Shinsei did not falter in his belief. Despite how horrendous he looked, he had to suffer his own Insanity on his own and overcome it on his own. This was the only way for him to know of his true strength.


Waiting the maelstrom out patiently, even when the storm seemed like it would destroy the realm Shinsei fought so hard to protect... He allowed his afflicted son to make the choice. Destroy everything and everyone he loved INCLUDING himself at the expense of his own self destructive hatred and confusion... Or to come to peace with it within himself and understand the Will of Tensei that was his father. When Shinsei opened his eyes next, he would find his son as he remembered, staring back with shining eyes of crystal and with a tempered flame burning with the controlled, concentrated might of the Insanity.

"... You sought a way to make me proud... Without knowing that being who you are as you are has been making me proud since I laid eyes upon your growth. Reflect on yourself, son. See how far YOU have come. Do not worry about me or the family, for you already carry us within your heart. With this, you must do for you with the righteousness of the Family name. Do your will as though we all were with you, for that is what we are and always have been."

These were his final words before Grim decided to take Pumpkin head into himself. With a gesture of love the former Pumpking never found himself weakening his persona of being powerful and stoic to do for ANY of his offspring in the past, he pulled his son close and hugged him tightly, letting the crystal flames engulf and combine with him. Pumpkin head was back.

"I love you, my son... My first born. My pride and joy. Don't ever forget. You know what makes me proud and do it naturally. So go. Right the wrongs of this world with an iron fist... Just like your old man. Do it not to instill fear, but return and maintain righteousness upon the land."

And with that, he'd be drawn into the Void, ready to be reborn into this world, as well.

"I believe in you..." He muttered to himself, his faith unwavering. He was the one who would erase the Insanity once and for all. Tigen, rather, Khrona was the first to ever CONTROL it completely, and even figured out a way to completely purify it... But the purification process? That was best left up to a soul a bit more... Aggressive than the usually happy-go-lucky Tigen. That boy would have to learn to become strong from his elder brother, when his brother found that strength within himself.

At that point, Grim went through a rather massive change. The sheen of his fair, despite the black of his cloak, told Shinsei that now he was no longer empty, and wouldn't be much so forevermore, as long as Pumpkinhead continued to produce enough energy to satisfy him. Despite how the two of them were powered off of the Insanity, their practice of being controlled would discipline them... Or, rather, Pumpkin head would.

"... Well. Seems like it is just us now, eh, Grim? Something we never before thought would occur, but the only scenario that will solve this dilemma." Of course, he was expecting the fellow, who held the same determination as the other, to longingly seek for his partner... And, it was about that time, too.

"You must seek out Corona... Or, I believe she has become 'Tetra' now after being washed of her Insanity of Hatred... And extract the Goddess of Fury that lives within her. This is one of the missing fragments of Pumpkinhead himself; the part of him that served as his Righteous Fury. That girl... Is not supposed to exist."

Just like there were missing pieces of some of the Tensei, where their souls were supposed to be, occupied only by the dark outline known as a Living Shadow, there were fragments within other Tensei that were supposed to fit into these Living Shadows... The souls that were misplaced throughout the countless eons of Shinsei trying to get this entire ordeal correct. If only he'd known that in order to fix all that spawned from him, he first needed to fix himself, he would have done so originally. Part of him did know, but like his son, his hatred, fear, sadness and such all got the best of him. That was how the Insanity was born; birthed of the negativity of Shinsei and Allsgrim at once... To create a being that worked for neither side and sought to merely destroy everything. It was a being that was not good nor evil, for alignment made no difference to it. Its only purpose was to cause spontaneous random occurrences at its will, be they fortunate or unfortunate. It knew nothing of law, for it defied them, being part of Shinsei. It knew nothing of fairness, for it only lived for itself. With no real way of being able to know what this thing would do nor how it would react to any situation at any time, the unstable being was locked away... But naturally, when one locks something away instead of dealing with it, it festers and grows until is breaks out... And it grew smart enough to understand that it, being Shinsei, had the power to connect to his offspring and rose up within them. Even now, for some of the new Tensei that were not born of Crystal... They could still stir this being within themselves and create a new Insanity at any given time. This is why only Thirteen Tensei were allowed to exist; among all Thirteen, once the Insanity was purified in all of them and they all returned to Shinsei, the family would no longer be afflicted by the Insanity. It would cease to exist, only becoming the controlled version... The raw primordial power of Shinsei himself; Shinsanity.

"... She was given life through the sole strength of this fragment of Pumpkinhead's missing Righteous Fury alone, which was why he was desperately seeking her out before. She is the one that is meant to be his matron, as she is the missing part of him he needs. Once the Fourth Moon rises, it will be their time to act. They both rule the Amber Moon of Punishment, as both Angels of Divine Punishment and Righteous Fury and as Keepers of the Insanity or Hatred. You two must find her and put her in the Sacrifice Girl's vessel. Her Living Shadow will be filled with Pumpkinhead's spirit, and he will become her protector, watching over his wife eternally in spirit. You, being the Vessel, merely keep both of these pieces of Pumpkinhead together... By being with her."

Shinsei glared at Grim sternly, crossing his arms once more, becoming far more serious than he had been before, "... This was all done for you, All master. Because you are also spawned of me, you also deserve completion and happiness, and through you, so too will Pumpkinhead know this happiness... Of someone that can love him."

Pumpkinhead was nowhere NEAR in tune with his feminine side, like Tigen was. Even though it game him a mighty masculine manner, it made him decidedly aggressive and unnaturally destructive. Imbalanced. Tigen was the same way, having too much effeminate spiritual energy that overshadowed his masculine, but now he had that balanced within him.

"When he knows the true love of someone who can accept him for who he is and not as a monster, he will become much less callous to the world. He will know of kindness and sympathy, things that, perhaps, only the effeminate energies are capable of teaching a man."

Naturally, Shinsei, in all his unknowing before, COMPLETELY split up ALL of his feminine energy when creating his wife, leaving none for himself. The two of them were unbalanced, and because there was no feminine energy in him any longer when he split his soul into Shinrei, he could not understand her, and vice versa for she to him. The two of them needed an equivalent, balanced amount of both within each other to be able to fully understand the other's point of view. Without the capability to access this point of view, they did not see eye to eye... Which resulted in the generations upon generations of pure... Mess.

He sighed heavily, the thought of it all almost overwhelming to have to remember and almost live through again... But it was all getting solved. Almost to an end.

"... Seek this girl out at the rise of the Fourth Moon. The Insanity will be dealt with by Pumpkin head, so you needn't worry about that. All you have to do is find the girl and get her soul inside of the Sacrificial Vessel." It seemed simple enough, and probably was, compared to everything they went through last time... But just because they completed a moon did not mean that the next would rise. Every Tensei had to be in the position of power to accept their course of destiny; to take on their moons without failing. If they proceeded too quickly and a Tensei was not at the brink of maturation, they would surely fail. Overcoming the Insanity was a sign of maturity for each Tensei... Which was why once it was overcome, they grew so much to match the power of what they'd learn to control, granting them 'Shinsei' status in the family.

"Though, you are now the one that is meant to create vessels, All master. You are the one that rules the realm of Devourists. You are their God and they are your containers. You must learn how to create them using your special Anatomia. This moon... Is more about training the two of you and preparing for what is to occur when the 5th arises... That is why it may seem like such simple tasks to endure for such a long period of time." That should have been the indicator... That the 5th moon would be something more grand than all 4 of the previous combined. His serious expression did not waver in the slightest.

"... You also will not be maintaining that form for long, I hope you know... When the time comes for the Fourth Moon to rise, the Shinseigami will hatch from you and ascend to the 4th and you will be left to master your Anatomia in the 3rd. You're serving as the new incubator this time. So I'd suggest that you enjoy the use of the 4th restriction elements while you can... You'll have to master the use of them when you return to the 3rd, limited by the Restriction you are meant to govern. Your body will become one with the Veritas and Pumpkin head will become the next awakened spirit for the Veritas. Where you will bring the motionless body that is this entire realm movement, he will continue to feed it power, as the first releases spirit of the Second has done. The Fourth unlocks the next spirit, the 6th unlocks the last that belong to the regions of the Dawn. The Eight binds them all together and the Tenth executes their will. The Thirteen Restrictions were designed to function in perfect order... As long as all do as they are supposed to."

Granted, it was all a lot of information, but it was crucial, nonetheless. Though there were Tensei that knew bits and pieces of the future, as well as many who knew the entirety of the past, only Shinsei, the Shinseigami and the Omnipedia knew the ENTIRE story and everyone's roles in it. The other Tensei were, more or less, just being directed by these higher forces.

"Does all of this make sense to you, Grim?"

Once Pumpkinhead was embraced by his father, the warm good of the Shinsei overcame him as he hugged him back. This was the first form of affection he ever felt from his father, or anyone... Even Tigen had not ever touched Pumpkin head... At least, not to where they were reciprocating any feelings.

"I... Love you... Too... Father."

These words and feelings were new and strange to him. Despite how he knew in his heart his love for his father, outwardly expressing it seemed... Abnormal. Yet, comfortable, for some reason. Whatever it was, he took those feelings with him, now as a crusader of righteousness rather than senseless destruction and vehement fury. He would not fall to the shadows... To the darkness... To the Insanity... He would be better, stronger, greater than his father, as his Father seemed to see that potential in him and Pumpkinhead trusted it completely now. Though... Faith and belief were not proof, and as he was drawn into the Abysmal Zero World... He would make his way to the place where he would prove this faith and belief to be true. This is where he would find his Truth... This was his test to see if he could make that faith and belief into pure, raw evidence of his capabilities; of what his father saw. He would be a Living Testament, his entire existence BEING the evidence of that faith and belief.

"And I thank you, with all my heart.
I no longer have any regret... About my being born or my continuing to exist"

With that, Pumpkinhead would find himself back in the realm he pledged his allegiance to, in arms with their burning leader... The Chaos.
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The Life Of A Shinigami - Page 3 Empty
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Deadly 63: Death Of The Lands

Hades arrived in the Earth Shrine in a timely manner. It was time that he awakened the one who siphons the Earth. The Chaos Guardian of Earth, Lich. Hades floated slowly in his chair towards the crystallized being. Smiling, Hades raised his hand to begin to process of unsealing Lich. His hand glowed a dark brownish color and began to flicker and flash. After about a few minutes, Hades shot a brown ball forth to the crystallized form of Lich and the crystal began to weaken and crack. Hades spoke in a very booming and echoing voice this time around as he came to unseal Lich.

The topaz crystal shattered, and Lich stepped forth. Groans and howls filled the shrine, an eerie welcome for the undead sorceress. She levitated towards Hades, and caressed the face of her lord.

"When I'm through with this realm, I will have them all writhing in agony, begging for the sweet release of death..."

Hades felt the death and pain of the lands has Lich caressed his face. It was a welcoming feeling and he smiled as he felt it. Hades would take a hand and gently brush a few strands of hair out of her face. He looked into her eyes and already knew that she understood her orders. He did however, want to make sure that she knew what the orders were before he left to go revive Tiamat.

"It will be my pleasure, Lord Hades," she answered, brushing her frosty black lips over his.

"Though it will be it will be quite boring here all by my lonesome. Promise me that you'll pay me a visit when you've handled all your other affairs?"

Hades would have given her soft kiss and continued to keep his calm composure. He looked at Lich and nodded in response to her asking him to come and visit him. After that, he'd open a portal to the last and final shrine, the Wind Shrine. Hades would stroke Lich's hair one last time before he began to gently float over to the portal.

"Mmmm, but not as much as you could...goodbye for now." She descended back to the ground, then slowly sunk into the stone. There she would remain, until some suicidal fool(s) trespassed into the shrine.

Hades laughed a little at what Lich had said and approached the portal towards his next destination. One more, just one more was left and the Four Chaos Guardians were going to be released upon the planet in their full might. Hades left the Earth Shrine with a smile on his face as everything was going as planned. This was a most joyous return for Hades indeed. Soon everything will start falling into place, and the new world order will begin.
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Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream

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Deadly 64: A Chance To Prove One's Self

The ground under them shifted a bit. The gate to the Earth Shrine stayed open; made completely of intricately placed minerals shaped in a gorgeous, yet grim manner. They overshadowed the ground, leading then into complete darkness that was the side of this mountain the Earth Shrine resided in. A low moan seemed to beckon them inside... As if waiting.

The moment they entered the door, it would slam shut behind them, leaving the two in complete and utter darkness. They would be unable to see even their own hands in front of their faces, and whilst they were most likely surprised by the sudden change in atmosphere, only a second or two later would the decrepit ground crumble under their weight. Alex would not be able to do anything to help them via his earthen skills, as this earth was dead; completely drained of its life. It was weak and barren, being unable to support even the weight of those two, and would prove no use to him. If they were to fly back up by any means, the ground would just crumble under them again. That entire upper level was made of that weakened earth, and the false floor could not hold them at all. But what waits at the bottom...? They cannot even see, so who knows? It could be spikes.. It could be water filled with crocodiles... It could even be the Lich itself.

At the very bottom of this black pit, the two would land and feel the soil under them completely and utterly dead, yet solid enough to stand on. A raspy laugh drifted through the large and cavernous darkness maliciously...

Morsels...? Hahaha... Whatever reason you have come to the Earth Shrine, leave it behind. Your new purpose is to nourish my old bones...

The form of the Lich would creep from the depths of the darkness, barely visible, yet noticable enough to see that this creature was not a beautiful woman anymore, but a haggard and monstrously large sack of bones.

The consumption of you two will restore my youthful form once again... And now, I can choose between being a male or a female as well... Hahahaha!

As he awakened his power, souls started to rise from the ground, drifting and wailing as they began to flow around him longingly. The light of these souls illuminated the area in an eerie glow, and also revealed that the dead soil below was part of a gigantic graveyard that both Alex and Sophia would have to fight on.

Fear the reaper...


The Lich hissed at them like the wind over infertile soil. It was almost like a laugh as well, furthering the disgust he had in their futility. The ground below burst upward in a fit of dense sand. This wave of sand, almost like a tsunami, crushed the violent winds of Sophia and her partner, and threatened to crush Alex as well with the overwhelming crushing force that was this sand.

You cannot stop... The Earth...

He would wipe them off the face of this earth.

Well, for one, Sophia's post is all wrong, as all the souls in the graveyard had clearly been flowing around the Lich and there were none left in the ground...

But besides that...

The star power emanating from Alex was powerful indeed, but nothing this Lich hadn't seen already before in its numerous lifetimes here. When he came down with his star-powered ax kick, the Lich simply grabbed his leg and drained him of every last ounce of his power in that single attack, flinging him at Sophia as she conjured up her own tricks, hopefully smacking her right in the head as she tried to absorb the souls that weren't in the ground anymore.

You two cannot even dream of defeating me... As I will simply turn those into nightmares, as well...

They were hopeless.

The Lich merely shook its bony head, appalled that these two thought that such weak attacks would even faze him.

"You all are simply too weak... Now, submit..."

He raised his skeletal arms to the air, the souls all conjoining into one big sphere of light. This large soul started to draw in the power of the living, thirsting for more souls... And the only two here that were living were Alex and Sophia.

"Give me your souls..."

Even the ground started to glow with this draining light, the light which would strip the very essences of these two kids from their bodies. It was trying to get its nutrients back by absorbing their power. As long as the light touched them, they would have their power drained gradually, until depleted to zero. And that was when they died...

With the light from the Drain spell so swiftly negated, the Lich felt the presence of another powerful soul in the vicinity... One that seemed far too scrumptious to pass up...

"Hmph... Another mortal... Why have you come to my domain? Was it to have your soul added to my collection, as well?"

A mighty, mighty tasty soul, indeed...

"Speak your business, mortal. Your power is respectable, at the least... Unlike these common house flies that pester me so..."

The light soon began to fade, the culmination of souls drifting back into the Lich's robe, bathing the land in a mild darkness once again. The ground moistened...

The great Lich held a lackluster interest in the affairs of mortals such as these... The only one suitable for interest was the one who projected the image upon the screen, and even he was someone negligible to the Lich's might. However... That image...

"What? That Grimoire... You do not mean to tell me... You seek the fabled..."

Nothing more needed to be said. It was clear that this person aimed to obtain the power of a true hero... Perhaps there was something more to him. Yet...

"... If you truly seek this legendary white grimoire... Then travel to the Four Shrines and seek out the power of the Ancient Weapons... There, they will--"

Before the Lich could finish its sentence, it was attacked by the foolish Alex Star, headstrong as usual.


With a raise of the hand, a huge, archaic clock would appear on the floor, the ground caving under it. Below, there was darkness; a pitch black void. Their only form of suspension would be the clock that Stopped all movement for Alex and Sophia.

"The powerful Stopga... Your time is limited here, mortals."

The Stopped clock below them all suddenly burned with a blood red fury they all would be able to feel coursing through them... And the clock would start to turn backward...

"You have until the clock reaches zero until you meet your Doom... And ask not for whom the bell tolls... It tolls for thee. All of thee."

Vanguard. Sophia. Alex. The clock struck 11. Better finish up here fast...

His initiative, even in such trying times, was well beyond that of the other two... There was something dark about this man that the Lich couldn't help but be attracted to. And so...

"...Yes... The Four Ancient Weapons, protected by we Four Guardians of Chaos. The awakening of these four giants simultaneously would throw this world into disarray... Yet, would reveal the locations of only a few of the sacred Grimoires..."

The Lich lurched its long, bony finger toward the head of Vanguard, implanting the knowledge of the ancient lore into his head. Many archaic runes shone brightly through the darkness of this pit, now illuminating the entire room with their dark, foreboding light.

"One of each to silence each beast, and the one of pure white, to bring them to peace..."

In Vanguard's head, the locations of each Shrine would be burnt into his mind by the Lich, before its finger would retract back into its dark, tattered robes.

"... But, a word of caution... Each Guardian must be silenced, before each weapon is brought to activation... And Hades himself must be greeted... For he holds the final secret to the book that you seek..."

... Why would the Lich give such information to this boy, if it meant his own demise? Because the Lich was already an Undead being, skilled in necromancy, and could revive himself if need be, even after all of this was said and done. A special skill of his that not even Hades had the capability of doing... Truly evil...

"... And, as your reward..."

The Lich outstretched his hand once again, pointing to the Dark Corridor, and on it, a clock-like barrier similar to the one keeping the three from falling into the abyss below. Stop, yet again. It seems like Vanguard couldn't leave so freely...

"... You get to be the one to activate the first weapon here... With the lives of these two on the line, as well as your own... Can you really bring me to my end in such a short time?"

He pointed downward to his limit...

"The clock strikes 10... Hurry, hurry..."

Fools... Every last one of you...

Suddenly, as Alex's fist simply touched the Lich's body, the clock struck 0, as the Stopga and the Doom worked in tandem, and to give them the illusion that they had much longer than they had, when in actuality, they only truly had 10 seconds. As Alex's fist touched the Lich, the Doom Clock would be forcefully Stopped once more. In the end, they had all conspired against the Lich, and fallen into their demise, thanks to the efforts of the hot-blooded Alex Star, once more.

The next move any of you make, even to simply move your energy, may be your last... Be wise in your decisions, and too, in your actions... And know that I do not ask for what I want. I take. You mortals are here as offerings to me... Did you REALLY think that you would be sent here to STOP me?

His twisted, lifeless cackle filled the catacombs of the shrine with death, as soon would the next movement of any of the three... Save for their speech, of course.

... I am only merciful... Because I see potential in you three... Pawns in my endeavors... Twas a win-win situation for me, no matter what path any of you chose... For simply your presence assured my victory...

Pointing to the girl in the back, the one who wished to use her Powers of Death on a being that was already dead... Her orbs would be ceased as well, unless she wished to initiate the finality of the Doom clock, which held on to the very edge of their lives. Though it was on 0, it had stopped right before their lives were going to come to an end... So even the movement of energy besides their speech would be more than fatal. And, though things would play out well for them if she killed them... They would not be so lucky if the Lich were the one to kill them all, first. For their souls would not be able to rise again, as the Tree of Life had been destroyed, and there was no life after this death. This death... Was Permament. Until the new seed was planted, and sprouted into the new Tree of Life.

... Now, I am quite the... Negotiable entity... And, in exchange for lives, which rest in the palm of my hands... I request something special from each of you...

What would they do now, when trapped by the forces of evil? Would they each strike a deal with the Lich, or sign over their souls unwillingly?

The Lich sighed heavily.

"Time's up."

He already knew what was going on, and he was going to just do it now. Take all of their lives all at once. It was finally time to go. Manifesting her scythe, she knew that there was just one too many 'Death's out here, and they all needed to be exterminated... Even herself.

"There are a lot of Deaths out here. Kill every single one. Except for Death itself... Leave that one to me."

She turned to face Vanguard, holding up her scythe made of the most ancient of souls... She was THE Lich after all.

"Kuja. Bloody Marie. Sophia."

And, she would snap her fingers, and whatever their last breath was, their souls would exit their bodies from their orifices.

"When you all wake up, your souls will find their way to either Hell or Dimensia. You choose. Go to the Nytozpear, in Nytoz, a province of Dimensia. The Witch Province. Talk to the creator of that world, that Nytoz... And when you ask to go, he will take you to that world, and you must slay all 'Deaths.'"

She was going to go, too. She knew exactly how to do it, and was going to make sure it happened. In this world, she'd simply take on a different will. Whatever will she will make for herself.

"You ready to go on your first mission, guys? Hmhmhmhm."

Looks like the Lich isn't really all that bad... Evil, yeah, but not really bad. She's pretty fucking sweet for this one, ya know.

And, with a single swipe of her scythe...


She'd rip open a portal to Nytoz, where you could choose to go to Hell or Dimensia at your leisure. Thus, the four souls, the soul of Sophia, Vanguard, Alex Star and the Lich herself would be stripped from their bodies and sent into Nytoz... The Lich, she was... her real name...

Hmhm... You know my true name... Fare thee well, Nytozins...

And everything would go dark...

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Deadly 65: To Become Firmly Established; A Bond Of Eternity Formed

When all seemed finally well outside of Castle L'sia, and all feelings were being sorted out... The Lich reared her ugly head, summoned by Zita herself. She appeared right before Allsgrim, with eyes burning with the might of evil.

"... I can't believe it. Even after all of this, you still are going to come after me...?"

This Lich had finally found a host suitable and worthy of her power, and Khrona was here to fuck it up... Always. Khrona always did this...

"... It's because you ignored her, you know. Everyone ignored Zita... Except for me... And now that I've got a good grip on her, and she on me... You just want to destroy us..."

The Lich bore her scythe, as she too was a Scythe master. She was going to get right to business here and now.

"I'm not letting you take her. Nor me. Khrona..."

The tasty vessels before her all looked like mighty fine new pawns... With Zita and the Lich working together, there was no way to stop them from getting whatever they wanted.

"Even Fear itself cannot stop one that has nothing left to fear... Death is LONG beyond me, Reaper!"

Scoping out her prey once more, she swung her scythe back, prepared to cleave everything in her wake in two and reap every soul that would come from it, but her plans were quickly halted by the blazing bolt of burning energy that was Zita's little bratty daughter, Chita.

"Oh... The Grand Magistrate's precious little daughter..."

What a soul it was to even think about consuming... It was filled with all type of juicy magic and powers from both Zita and Valerio. It was a great steal.

"Come to me, my pretty..."

But, before she knew it, the land was washed over in a big, black mass of nothingness upon Chita's impact... a void... no... THE Void.

"... Ancient evil such as The Void being presented by someone of this generation? Who would have thought that such a power would have been kept in the family..."

She took a look at her new surroundings, finding that all her targets from before were now trapped in this infinite space. There was nothing keeping them from being swallowed up whole.

"... Souls... Come unto me!!"

She raised her scythe to the black abyss above, taking a grand vertical swipe in the skies, and a huge tear in the shape of a mouth formed from the ripping trail, where a variety of souls had seemingly been stored. The shared stomach of both Zita and the Lich; where these 1300 pure souls resided.

A quick vacuous gulp threatened to physically rip out every single soul in the vicinity, and take them straight into the belly of the two parasitic women. She was especially ready to taste that delicious soul of Chita and Fear the Reaper... She could only wonder what great powers would be in store if she had those under her belt...
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Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream
Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream

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Deadly 66: For Her Honor...

"Murahaa... Where are you?"

The voice spoke from her Well of Power, the Cauldron she had just finished her latest concoction from. The cool breeze of the Tyros Mountain whisked through her mountainside home and under her robe of feathers which cloaked her body.

She turned her head, drinking the last of the small portion of this potion from her vial, and screeched in response, "Who speaks to me with such familiarity?!"

"Tis I, former Lich King, Xi-Ta, on behalf of the current, Zita. Bring yourself from you languid truancy and bear your arms once again toward the living! Your Lich Queen requires your assistance."

Xi-Ta and Zita? Those two names she had not heard in quite some time... Not since she had been subdued by the hands of the Lich Queen herself and forced into her servitude. She lived peacefully in the Tyros Mountains, gathering many of the rare herbs and wandering souls that lost themselves upon the mountain paths to create new concoctions within her Well, but never did she think she would have to go into battle. There was no one who would oppose the Lich Queen.

"So be it!" she'd screech again, throwing off her feathered robe now known to be black velvet wings. She exposed her supple, naked body to the view of the mountains, letting the rolling breeze harden her tender nipples.

"Excellent, Murahaa, Harpy Lich. I pray that you be well in your conquest of souls... But before I depart, I leave you with this note; Beware the Lich not of the Queen's control. He is one born anew that she has her suspicions of. If you should see him, it is best to induct him or execute him."

She stared into her pool, seeing the image projected from Zita to her of the man Vanguard.

"... I will remember him well, my liege."

The image in the pool faded, as well as with Xi-Ta. The Harpy Witch made her way to her mountainside cave, aglow with lights of darkness, to obtain her tools of conquest.

Rumaging through her ancient weapons and arcane magics asplendor, the seasoned Lich drew forth the weapon of choice for her conquest; a cursed halberd known as Slice of Disaster. Similar in appearance to the one she donned in the avatar, dark inscriptions littered the blade and the handle, causing it to glow a lucid violet once it recognized her power, as not to issue its vile curse upon its master.

"Hraahh... My most loyal weapon, Slice of Disaster... None shall endure your merciless carnage when--"

She stopped, suddenly feeling the influx of unliving power from something not of her own doing or knowledge... This power was far too great to be that of a mere zombie or Revenant of the sort... And it held too much mass to be a spirit such as a ghost...

"... Another of my kind? To what would I owe such an unexpected visit...?"

Nothing. It would only be too coincidental that as Xi-Ta informed her to bear her arms and watch for a rogue Lich that the presence of one would appear at her doors. Perhaps he'd come so soon... It made her duty of inspection quite easy, in fact. Nevertheless, she wrapped herself in her ebony wings of velvet and dispersed into a whorling miasma of feathers, all of which dispersed into vile gas after her disappearance.

At the entrance to her cave, which the hooded figure with debris aswirl about his figure already so intrusively decided to explore, a black cloud converged into a hunched figure robed in the darkness of the gaseous feathers that did serve as cloak and hood, thoroughly hiding her truly naked form completely from head to toe.

She spoke, in a voice most rasp, "To whom do I owe this intrusion...?"

An old, wooden staff rested in her featherbound hand, keeping the hunched woman standing straight, for her wobbling legs portrayed the feebleness of her stance.

"Khhhh... My reckoning, is it...?" she'd speak from under her feathered hood, grip tightening on her old staff. With an inference of the situation recently explained to her from the 'master' in which he spoke, it was clear that it was whom she was warned of, hiding his face under the shadow of his hood; Vanguard.

"So..." she started, her voice no longer raspy, but spry and fierce as the gorgeous Harpy she truly was, "... A young fledgling has encroached on our dark circle... And not to fall into the ranks of the Queen, I take it...?"

There was no reason to beat around the bush if his intentions were of a hostile takeover. As a Lich does, in addition to their powers of the dead arts, they also maintain the abilities of their hosts before death, making each individual Lich unique. She wondered of this man's capabilities... Of what use his body would be once she stripped him of his will. Yet, she remained wary, unsure of what it was he could indeed do before he was hers...

The approaching man towered over the hunched woman, who in turn stepped just outside of the circle of symbols etching themselves upon the ground. Sigils of her own glowed on the tips of each of her feathers, each holding its own individual arcane strength.

"... A sharp tongue makes for a great brew... It serves no purpose dangling between the lips of a youngling with a swollen head..."

Once she stepped from the dark of her cavern's entrance and into the light of the setting sun, her robe once more burst from 'round her body stretched out to the warmth of the light, carrying on its powerful gust an earsplitting screech and a foul wind that filled the inside of her home. With only a flap, Murahaa ascended to the sky with the old staff held high, a blade jutting from its top to unveil its true nature as the Slice of Disaster. The clouds of the Tyros Mountains grew thick and heavy with wicked air from the Harpy Lich Witch, who brought upon turbulent currents with her rise.

Already, she soared nearly as high as the clouds, vapor trails streaking through the sky at the tips of each of her wings. She noticed the ancient magic of the dark man slowly etching itself into her body, yet paid it no mind except as a foreign energy that the dark magic imbued in her very being through the runic symbols on her wings and body would combat, suppress and quell without her direct focus to its nature. Marked feathers fell from her wings as she flapped, though, as this process ensued; an effect of such a dispelling process. If it took too long to quench, her wings may have been stripped to the bone before long.

Though, that served as no issue to her at the moment, for Vanguard stood right where he should. She hissed, the marks on her body and on Slice of Disaster glowing in harmony, before glyphs of the same caliber laced the entirety of her cave. The foul wind and fierce screech served not the purpose of permeating his psychic power, but to cast her incantations about her home all at once, and do to him something similar of what had been done to her at the call for their activation.

The cave's stability shifted, immediately growing decrepit and weak, harnessing no power to uphold the mountain's peak that rested right above. Naturally, a collapse upon its own withered structure brought the mountain peak down upon the head of the hooded youngling to crush him with the great impact of the heavy mountaintop. All the while, Murahaa lowered herself closer to the ledge she once stood on, wary of the toll her wings were in danger of taking. Should she fall from the sky, she wouldn't want to take such a terrible drop down to the mountain's base... Still, the dark clouds that stirred grew ever darker, now blackened, and violet lightning crackled through the dreary clouds...

Murahaa continued to soar the skies, wings aglow with the mystic light of the runic inscriptions warding off the powerful heylin magic as best they could innately. No, it seemed that it was far too advanced to be shirked off as only a negligible threat.

"What sorcery is this...?"

Some she had not witnessed before. Commendable; she would have to use more of her dark power to fully expunge it from her body.

She did not expect another Lich to have fallen so easily; a mere mountaintop would have done no such harm to any of their skill. Her game was more so the glyphs that she indeed created, which now, under the debris, spread like a contagion across the entire upper portion of the mountain where Vanguard stood. Where they once only littered the walls of her cave, her caves walls now littered the rest of the mountaintop, and so their accursed presence presence proliferated like the pestilence it was; the curse of the Plague of Locusts, eating away at and engraving its putrid existence into each thing that so much as grazed their presence, indifferent to whom or what.

With the once grand summit reduced to mere rubble, that rubble soon withered to dust which swirled about the new mountain's top. The psychic field held constant around his body would suffer the same fate, withering away after being so nicely deteriorated by the Plague of Locusts, and so too would the fate of the large black spear released into the fray. It passed over many of the spreading symbols as it flew, which in turn deteriorated bits and pieces of its grandiose mass and strength the farther it traveled outward. Granted, its size still remained quite massive, though not to the extent described by Vanguard, and growing ever more feeble by the moment.

She already flew very near to the ledge due to her fleeting feathers, but noticed that as the collection of blackness reached a closer proximity that she would find herself drawn into it against her will. Whatever the fate of being captured within was, she did not intend to be ensnared by the mass of darkness before her eyes and did what she felt was necessary to rid herself of the curse placed upon her.

Another violent shriek combined with a flux of her wings released a powerful resonant mix of dark magic and discordant sound riding supersonic waves from her body and into the heart of the black mass. As a result, the feathers from one of her wings burst outward in a whirlwind of velvet murk, leaving only the bare bone where the luscious plumage once thrived. Simultaneously, the strength of the dispelling power was concentrated through the supersonic wave released from her screech, and would in turn work hand in hand with her curse to rid this mountain of the ebony sphere that threatened her to confinement.

Naturally, with only a single functioning wing, Murahaa was thrown off balance in the air, which was what she feared to begin with. It was good that she thought to fly closer to the ledge, lest she took that terrible fall all the way down to the bottom and climb her way to the top. She'd fall with a rather slight *plop* right down into her Well of Power that remained right at the very edge of the ledge; that which she toiled in creating a new concoction only moments before Vanguard's arrival. Yes, it was still quite fresh... A new batch to baste her bones in...

ancient power could not seem to overwhelm the youngling with his skin still attached to his body. For the first time, rather. Unbeknownst to her, the power of one of her own rested in his grasp, which further expressed the exemplary might of his finely executed attack.

The Plague of Locust curse (which was not actual locusts, merely runes with the devoured as though they were), had been quite utterly distorted beyond comparable belief, leaving only the twisted means of confounded magical essence that no longer resembled what they once were. It was, as to say, the power of two powerful Liches comprised into one with every attack. The underpowered technique indeed stood no change.

Still, this was not the end of Murahaa, for in her hand lay her saving grace; the Slice of Disaster. The attempt to snag her from her grand descent into her cesspool of power just as she were to fall straight in was thwarted by the calling of its innate capability; to bring about disaster to what its foul magics touched. The blade glowed the same violet as the runes upon it in order to display its activation. With Vanguard's psychic presence all about, it would be just as easily affected by the disaster-bringing halberd still donned by the Harpy Lich as her final means of escape from what should be certain demise. The sigils upon the feathers of the other wing unstripped of its dark prowess radiated the same purple light, and of course with another quite violent forceful burst and vicious screech, she both punctured and tore the psychic presence asunder with the blade of Slice of Disaster, rebuking it and now all the feathers on her wing to leave it now stripped to the bare bone, the same as its twin.

As she was just above her Well of Power, once she freed herself from his grasp, she'd fall right in with a gurgled *plop!* dead into the center. To drink, to marinate, to baste, to bathe in this power; she could draw it all into herself and suck her Cauldron dry, as this batch was fresh and quite revitalizing. Even if it lacked any sort of rejuvenation capability afterward, it was a simple feat for one such as herself to simply make another brew to renew her pool after the threat was dealt with.

Emergence from the aqueous substance drew forth every last ounce of glow within the surface of the waters, intaking all of power she had to her name, for without it, she certainly stood no chance against Vanguard and his paramount prowess. She, too, needed to harness the summit of her strength, lest she wished to end up like her brother in arms, taken from this world by the ghastly Psion leering down with eyes of contempt swaddled in a crimson gleam one could cut through a heart with. No, just the sight of all this, and the testament of strength he did show was enough for her to know that there was nothing else to do.

I felt it... The might of another... Could it have been she...? The one tasked with protecting the shrine of Earth...?

Having experienced the flux of power first hand, Murahaa now saw for herself why none of what she did could get past. Her wings spread wide once more just as sleek a velvety black as they could be, with runes asplendor. Rejuvenated, revitalized and renewed to her peak; she understood now why the former Lich King informed her to watch her ass.

"... You've slain one of my own already, haven't you?" she'd speak, the sound carried into the ear of Vanguard despite such distance and clear... Discord of the dark moon overhead in her way.

This man was more devious than originally anticipated, and his power of both he and the once proud Earth Guardian was phenomenal, as shown by his clearly overpowering display. Even now as she decided within herself not to allow herself to be taken so easily by his power, she worried a bit for how to defeat one whom had that kind of strength... She knew the power of the Earth Guardian's might long ago. It was something to be feared. Yet, perhaps this man knew nothing of the true power that she held, and indeed only used the culmination of her broadened magical might to extend his own rather than use her power for what it was. It was one method of reassurance that this youngling was still but on his first coat of skin, having not yet bathed too deep into the power just yet. Still, perhaps he could face her with knowing only the basics...? It sure did look like it from where she was, gazing into the abysmal sphere. Though it made him all the more cocky of a brat, perhaps another symbol of his youth.

As the bubbling blackness boiled above, Murahaa felt the nuclear presence washing over the land; the strength of two forces of death withering life down to nothing, wasting away the once flourishing flowers and greenery that she used for many of her potions, all becoming void of their essence at his presence. Now he not only tampered with her home, but haphazardly in an effort to display his dominance had indeed destroyed the land under his dark presence, leaving it scarred beyond its use. Though a Lich, she did understand the essential power of such essences for her concoctions, and so quickly they were destroyed. Her eyes slit now to the likeness of the bird of prey she was, her naked body becoming tense, talons clawing at the ground readily. Her own deathly presence flared, just enough to keep Vanguard's from totally overwhelming her, despite how she felt the great strain from it all about. It was fine, for the moment... She was just now getting pumped for what was to come.

After his verbal exchange, the black blot burst into an array of dark and ghastly wisps, all shrieking in unison to create a malevolent chorus of abysmal suffering. Ah, sound, the friend of the harpy. This was her time as the melodious symphony rang in the air, tittering vibrations of wailing discomfort now to be used at the beck and call of the Harpy's song. Her voice rang in a harmonious tone, "Leomura ashi so hesuraaaah... Leymera ashi no sesuria..." and at the speed of sound would it contaminate the air, consuming the tormented cries of the souls and harmonizing them with her song. Harpies indeed were masters of sound, and this Lich Witch was no different; even more so, in fact. With every wail, it brought more strength to her sound, which now resonated with the winds that carried it, subduing the horrendous suffering of the captured souls whilst simultaneously searching for the snake slithering through the spirits' slivers of space. The song grew louder, its reverberations now echoing from the mountains all around, providing quite the natural acoustics to ring through all the Tyros Mountains in a seductive symphony.

The hypnotic power of the Harpy's song lured the wayward collection of souls away from Vanguard, using their own frequencies from their cries as their source of control. Someone of Vanguard's great power would not fall to the charm of the Harpy's song, and knew to separate the souls from around him to get a hawk eye view of wherever he had gotten to in the mixture of spirits. No longer was there darkness and confusion, but clarity and harmony through the soothing song of Murahaa. And so, upon isolating his location, the vicious bird of prey's song soon switched from soothing serenade to sinister scream.


And the cacophony of calamity continued, causing a catastrophic current from the combined voices of she, the most powerful, and the tortured howls of the souls which now suffered more pain than they could ever imagine (to bring about their most maximum amount of horrid cries), now all zeroed in on the single focal point that was Vanguard, ready to rip apart his first layer of skin with such intense vibrational force of varied frequency, and shatter his bones with the might of their combined voices. To tear him totally asunder with the strength of however many countless souls served in her choir, as well as the lead singer whose voice ripped apart the heavens.

Speaking of, up above, independent of all the calamitous discord below, flashes of violet continued on as it may. At the same time as all happened below, it had been festering up above to face the force of Vanguard's might since the dark skies appeared before... It seemed that upon the start of the symphonic resonance of sound all around, the clouds were ready to burst with a catastrophe of their own. As if catching that same frequency of the sudden turn from harmonic to discordant, the lightning lurking overhead poured down seemingly in response to the shriek of Murahaa, hurling bolt after bolt of violet lightning down upon the defaced land, to her spear and to the souls, though many of them honing in on Vanguard himself. The goal, to split him in twain and rebuke the foul presence of his from the Tyros Mountains completely and send him back to his Well, the downpour of lightning unceasing. All the while, in her song, she could not help but screech maniacally, overdriven by the animalistic adrenaline that pumped through her veins.


The chorus laughed with her, though they laughed of their own agony pressurizing the air. She would suck them dry of all their power, extracting their power through their voices until the souls literally had no more power to give, and ceased to exist. To kill the dead again, with no hope of revival. How very vile she was. This rising sound would grow to be enough to drown out Vanguard's presence of decay, now amped up by the crashes of lightning. More sound... More power.

A terrible fate befell the delusional Harpy Lich, to have fallen prey to a psionic attack all unknown to her. Where she saw triumph, there was demise, as Vanguard's mental prowess easily overtook her once it poisoned the very fiber of her empty husk of body covered in sleek, new flesh. However, could it have been that even this was taken into account long before such events transpired?

Of course, independently from her own doing (as stated in the previous post), the dark clouds festering with the violet lightning did indeed strike down, as that was no perceptual illusion cast by Vanguard's psychic stranglehold, for these clouds conjured this storm ever since Murahaa took to the skies. But why did this lightning cast such a deep purple color, unlike the norm? Well, it was because of the violet runes that marked them prior to, of course; the power of the Slice of Disaster, which stirred the storm into a stupor. Vanguard must have brushed this off in his triumph over Murahaa, paying it no heed for whatever reason that may be (perhaps, due to his feelings of conquest over the poor soul? Perhaps, indeed.) Naturally, as stated before, a grand display of violet bolts rained from the sky (whether Murahaa sang or not), striking down an completely ravaging the body and power of the psion that regrettably refused to acknowledge their existence.

And, so too would the same happen to Murahaa, wielder of the prized possession! Though, the plague of lightning would in no way harm her the same way as it would Vanguard, it would indeed free her from his psionic stronghold, casting the powers of Slice of Disaster through the incredible might of the several bolts and once more freeing her from the prison of his mind and washing out its influence, only to have her see what still hovered above her.

"... Wha...? But I thought..."

Well, you thought wrong. It was about time to make haste out of the vicinity and take to the skies once more, to see what happened to the man that ignored the lightning coming straight for him. With all the speed of the vile winds themselves, she shot off of the cliff and to a mountain nearby, her body nearly transitioning into the wind itself as she took on a semi-gaseous form due to her speed of flight. She had quite the resilience for an old corpse, and was quite refreshing to look at, as well. A new rune appeared on Slice of Disaster soon after. With knowledge of his psychic power, she was going to need to be extra careful from here on... If not for her trusty weapon, then her fate would have been sealed... twice by now. Just as Vanguard's book served as the weapon for his mind, Murahaa's halberd served as the weapon for her protection.

The robe that cloaked Vanguard's skin, making him near impervious to the natural elements of norm would only serve him protection from the electrical portion of the attack. As it was indeed conjured by the Slice of Disaster, it also held the same disastrous properties it held imbued within its energetic functionality, such was the discoloration of the lightning in the first place. It glowed the same violet as the runes upon the halberd, recognizing its power in its raw form; to bring disaster upon what it strikes, hence its name. Whatever got in its way would fall to failure and malignant effects, no matter what it was that it came in contact with. Such was how she removed herself from his mental grasp before.

Blow after blow Vanguard suffered would tear apart layer after layer of his protection, mercilessly obliterating the defenses of the enchanted fabric. Its mystical properties, first, were undone, such as a natural enchantment that cast the defense over the element of the electrical element. The next strike, near instantaneous from the first, blew apart the coating of reiatsu, serving as a rather terrible disastrous occurrence. Eventually, if the robe took too many successive blows, it would unravel to mere threads completely erased of all enchantment and innate power, and the strikes would continue to blast Vanguard even after. The storm showed no signs of subsiding; its wrath far too violent after accumulating and storing so much disastrous energy for so long. It seemed that Vanguard chose to brute the storm rather than defend against it, for whatever reason that could have been...

Regardless of his poked out chest to the twisted natural disaster, Murahaa remained contained by the illusion cast upon her mind, utterly incapacitating her mental functionality as the astronomical phenomenon hovered just above her, threatening to consume she and the entirety of the mountain ranges. It seemed to be the end as the sphere fell upon her.

However, her good luck charm in hand, the Slice of Disaster, continued to pull down bolt after bolt, attracting the coagulated strength embedded within the clouds back down to the spear acting as its lightning rod. Drawing out this might in high concentration (in addition to the randomized bursts occuring elsewhere about the sky), the spell of such high magnitude would be stripped of its effects (the same as Vanguard's robe as more consecutive strikes occured) as it either plowed through the center to reach Murahaa, or weakened and shrunk it to a point where eventually, the lightning could completely destroy it. Nevertheless, it served as Murahaa's only remaining hope against this rather resilient clot congesting the mountain's natural atmosphere. Perhaps, it could do the trick...

Such remained the fate of Murahaa, as in her mental paralysis she could do nothing but see with eyes unseeing the darkness overcome her very essence, drawing her straight into its center with its paramount dominating force. Thus, this day marked the end of yet another Lich at the hands of Vanguard, and another of Zita's humble servants lost to his consumptive nature. His quest for the Lich powers seemed successful.

All the while, Xi-Ta watched from the unknown, taking account of Vanguard's means and methods. His eyes narrowed with frustration.

So ends another... At least I am now aware of the strength he possesses...

In the unknown, Xi-Ta would remain, concocting the next phase of the means to stop this rebellious spirit in his tracks.

Perhaps I was too foolish to let a Lich of Murahaa's caliber deal with him... I have underestimated him greatly. I will have to use one of higher strength and greater wisdom to face him. The Harpy served only of one use to me here...

It was indeed time to call to arms one of greater stature than such a common-leveled witch.

... I wonder if I will have to take a hand in this myself...

A passing thought, though he indeed had faith in the power of a select few Liches at Zita's disposal. It was time to awaken him from his peaceful slumber...
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Deadly 67: Training My Minion; Make Mama Proud~!

Zita hovered into the room, bringing her little pet along with her against her will, thoroughly inspecting the room up and down. Sinskin seemed to be a very hard worker and got everything cleaned up pretty well for her first time. Nearly spotless. Nearly.

"Hmmm... Alright, looks good enough. Well done, little puppy. Here's a treat."

She patted Sinskin on the head a total of three times; no more, no less, as gratitude for her work. Zita continued to exercise as she peered into her Cauldron, hovering around it with a thoughtful expression on her face.

"... Hmmmm... Seems like it's still pretty chock full of power... Let me place my father's Crystal Skull in there..."

A magical construct of eerie energy unknown to this world, the Shini Energy, formed the shape of the Shini Bone that was the Crystal Skull. This was her father's head when he was Skelette, and the twin to the original Skull Heart that Zita once had. As he was right now but a wraith Lich King remnant of the past, if Zita dropped in this Crystal Skull and allowed the Cauldron to restore power to it, not only would he be her servant, but he would be restored to his full power and all his spirits would return to his form... And subsequently super-charge Zita, who would be his master. Her father would be back from the dead, stripped from whatever dimension his poor remains were stuck in~!

"In you go~!"

Without any hesitation at all, she plopped the Crystal Skull into the Cauldron, allowing it to spin in all the infinite macrocosmic energy it needed within the dimensional boundarylines. As long as she could fish it back out again, it should be fine. Though, she figured her father might be able to do that on his own... Just had to wait a little bit.

Without warning, a massive knightly figure warped immediately into the area, staring down with a contemptuous gaze at the one known as Zita L'sia. It was about that time for her again, already.

"Just released and already, you are up to no good...
You must want me to reinstate your sentence."

The great presence that stood before them, the Judgemaster, was the sole law and order of the Veritas in its entirety, and now was also the Keeper of Fear and new Lord of Terror. There was nothing here to fear greater than the presence of the Lord of Terror.

"Absolute Law..."

The same contemptuous stare was given back to the lummox cast in his extravagant arms, boasting his absolute presence all over the place as he did, yet without even causing her to flinch a bit. No, Zita was already so far ahead of the game, she knew that something like this was bound to happen. So, all she had to do was use her little slave to take the fall for her... As she set it up to be in the first place.

"It was all that one, right there," she pointed with absolute zero hesitation in the matter. Sinskin's mouth was still sealed shut, so she could not object, and she was also Zita's slave so she couldn't NOT do whatever she said, which was the best part about this entire deal.

"She did it all. Whatever it is you're mad about, she did it. She cleaned up and opened the Cauldron. All I've been doing is exercising, eating sweets and reading magazines."

The Judgemaster crossed his arms, as he was prone to do, looking down upon the wicked witch and the foul lies he smelled.

"Your terror brings me great strength, witch."

If the Judgemaster were a feeling entity, he would have laughed at her sense of fear for returning to her isolation. However, the Judgemaster was indifferent to everything except the issues at hand, for nothing else was relevant except said issues that needed to be resolved.

"How deplorable it is that you should so hastily sell out the innocent. You have clearly learned nothing from your shortened sentence." The Judgemaster uncrossed his arms slowly, raising them up with the utmost precision, "Though that has nothing to do with the nature of my visit. You are to become the new Sister of Fear to accompany myself as the Insanity of Fear's Keeper. This is my Absolute Law."

The Absolute Law was set in place, not a twinge of hesitation between his words and his motions being allowed. The decisive, clean swipe of his arms set the effects of this law into play, forcing upon Zita the duty of maintaining the Zero World along with the Judgemaster. The power of both the Zero World and the Judgemaster flowed through her veins, and as such, the Judgemaster gave yet another command.

"You will use the Crystal Skull to conjure the new Zero World in this realm. That is all."

With a tap of his sword, the Judgemaster warped away in an instant, no longer finding his presence here necessary.

Seems like he saw straight through her bullshit... As to be expected of the Judgemaster. Though she anticipated something terrible to be done to her (hence why she willingly gave up Sinskin), it seems as though by some stroke of luck, just the opposite occurred. Trying to contain her excitement, Zita simply smirked and accepted this judgement. She normally wasn't the type to lie down and be anyone's bitch, but when it came to the Judgemaster, he already kinda asserted his dominance before. Besides... She wanted the type of power that he could give her...

"Whatever you say, big boy..."

With a wink and a kiss blown to the Judgemaster before his departure, she rather obediently continued doing exactly what she was doing, waiting for her father to rise. But now... she had some authority.

She couldn't help but look at Sinskin and pat her on the head exactly three times, just as before, smiling big and wide at all that she knew was gonna go down from this point on.

"Good girl, goood girl! Mommy is so proud of her little poopsie, yes she is! Yes she is!"

Looks like Sinskin got how this whole slavery thing was going down, and whenever Zita commanded, she was going to do something. But with the power of the Judgemaster, Sinskin wasn't the ONLY person that was going to end up being this queen's little pawns...

"Hmmm, now let's see... My father, Xi-Ta the Lich King, will rise from the Cauldron reborn as the embodiment of the Zero World."

Risen from the grave just as powerful as ever, Xi-Ta harnessed within him now the power that his late wife Eva once used to defeat him... That same force that was inherent within her bloodline, seething through the veins of his daughter and his granddaughter now pulsed through his empty vessel... Darkness swirled around the Crystal Skull, forming a sleek, obsidian face pouring with white vaporous locks streaming in the ether. In addition to his own might as the Lich King, he was, in and of himself, the new Zero World, Grim the Reaper.

"Yeeeeeessssss... Goooood Girl..."

His little daughter had learned so very well from her father, even without his presence around for so long in her life... Seems like there were some things in one's DNA that just came to surface naturally and one did not need to learn how to do, but simply already inherently was capable of doing. A bloodline limit, or Kekkei Genkai, of sorts. He sensed it teeming from his daughter and now that he was back to full strength, not simply as a fractional being of himself (Skelette), Grim was about ready to go reclaim his throne.

"You have done very well, Daughter...
Together, we will consume this world in our darkness...
And show them what true terror looks like..."

The feared, the fabled, the legendary Lich King was back at large, this time more powerful than ever, and with a family, no less... He looked toward the young Sinskin with the same contemptuous gaze shared by both the Judgemaster and his daughter, eying the little one up and down rather critically.

"This one is not our kind. Kill it now."

The awakening of her father was a most joyous occasion, for as she spoke to him whilst within Hell, she had been trying to figure out a way to bring him back to life (so to speak) on this mortal plane. Though he may have been the Lich King, in this particular situation, he was still under the service of Zita, meaning that technically she had complete control over her father. Though she didn't WANT to abuse her power, it seemed like papa was not too fond of her little slave. Perhaps because she wasn't undead like the two of them were.

"Well, now hold on... See, we don't HAVE to kill her because she is my adopted servant daughter. She's here under special rules, so she's fine. Don't worry, she's very obedient... And even though her mouth is rather annoying... She does bidding like a good little puppy should~!"

Her old man was really old fashioned, considering how very old he was and for how long he was gone. He was going to need to be a little more up to date with how this world was. But he could do that as he reigned over an undead army or whatever.

"Now, dad, I think it would be best if you went out for a little... Stroll. Maybe go conquer something, turn some people into undead slaves of yours... You know we love slaves and minions and such. The house has been so empty without my legion of gorgeous man servants here... It's been many, many years..."

She was going to have to rebuild her sexy slave empire from the bottom up... Oh well. That's what Sinskin was for.

"Now run along, dad! I have to keep breaking my little on in. Stripping her of her bad, naughty habits... Beating her into submission when she doesn't listen. I'm sure you understand?"

Zita turned her head to Sinskin, waggling her finger a bit to dispel the gravitational pull clamping her mouth shut. She earned her speech back by being such a good little girl.

"There. Your reward. You are allowed to speak in my presence. We'll be continuing your training momentarily..."

The rather spry looking entite of darkness stared deeply at his daughter and at her apparent slave, still disagreeing with her liveliness. However, as it was the will of his precious and only daughter, he would oblige to her, as it really did not matter much to the ancient deity in the first place.

"Very well. I shall be off to where the Zero is prominent."

Slipping back into the Cauldron, Grim disappeared, ready to emerge from wherever the Zero World's influence had already captured...
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Deadly 68: Reclaiming My Throne...

The entire Terra Gris rested in the sole control of the Zero World; a land once shining silver now pitch black in color, having already been consumed by she who was once the Zero World prior to. Her work yielded unquestionable results... and the undead realm that would soon be this cesspool of pure black belonged to the newly risen Lich King and new embodiment of the Zero World, Grim the Reaper.

"... I can feel the waning strength of another Lich's well of power here...
Let me swiftly claim it as my own and erase that essence."

Appearing from nothingness, his body condensed from the ever present darkness, connected to the very atmosphere all around as though it were merely an extension of himself (which, indeed, it was.) Searching his sanctuary for the Well of Power wouldn't take too long... Since he was everywhere within and without.

The flood of darkness poured in from the previously vacated Well of Power, which now swirled with the vibrant nothingness that oozes from every pore of the Terra Gris' once primarily silver terrain.

Fugitive... the darkness muttered, ... You can run no longer.

There, the man swallowed up by the Zero World carried within him all this time would appear before the very Zero World itself, which leered from the black with abysmal eyes.

"This is your home now. Do you understand?"

The pair of sinister eyes burning in the shadows narrowed, assessing this being as something different than the one that was summoned. This was not the same fugitive imposter from before; in fact, though harboring many similar qualities, there was something odd about the fellow. So you have been reborn, feigning the form of my people as your own... And yet, you are still not one of us, nor are your original... A clever imposter...
Yet, it made no difference to the Zero World, for he was one with the Zero World for as long as the Insanity of Fear plagued him, as it so clearly did.

As one of my minions, the darkness spoke again, you shall be watching over this land of Terra Gris... Patrol this realm and ensure that it remains secure until further notice... Report any findings back to me... Understood?

--- Major Timeskip ---

After giving the orders to the minion of his, Grim sat lonely in the darkness, lamenting over the state of the world, as well as everyone and everything else. He looked upon the world from the realm of Zero with a forlorn expression, seemingly thoroughly satiated in rage for some reason. His eyes no longer burned bright red and his body, no longer shrouded in darkness; it was pure pitch black, and his eyes, a shining, beautiful deep blue. Whatever had gone on in that time, it seemed as though the intensity of this being had subsided sufficiently. Now it just seemed bored and depressed.

'*Sigh* ... What happened to my burning passion and fervor, I wonder...? Things seem... So dull recently.' He gazed into the darkness, able to create portals to other worlds as he saw fit to view all the connected worlds on the outside from his throne of Terra Gris. '... Things are unusually quiet. Maybe I should--' At that moment, for the first time in a while, he heard from his daughter, who sent him off a long time ago to conquer the land and deal with the other little Lich Leeches that were trying to take the throne from the royal family. He was actually a little excited to hear from her. She seemed to be requesting his assistance in getting her to him. Of course, he would oblige and out stretch his hand, which would soon disappear before it reached out too far, as if being stuck into the blackness around him and pulling out 'something from nothing.' Such was the specialty of the Zero World; to be able to swallow up anything at any given time anywhere. With a grasp of his hand, he pulled both Zita and Sinskin from the Forbidden Hotel and to his presence in Terra Gris.

"Yes, Daughter? What do you seek of me?"

"Hey Daddy," she said in an almost teenagery way as she was pulled from the darkness. Even though she was one of the oldest living witches in Vescrutia, it in no way meant she was one of the oldest witches alive. In fact, she was one of the younger magical beings, having only lived a mere thousand years. She was still like a teen in comparison to them. Seems that was all it needed to be for an attitude change... Though, Zita never really grew up in the first place, despite how motherly and regal she acted. "So, long story short, the Keeper of Insanity came and kinda sucked the Insanity out of me and now it's inside of him. After what happened with me, my daughter and this new daughter, most of my powers have been locked up by Khrona, so..." she kinda raised her eyebrows suggestively, as though she were expecting him to catch the message about what she was asking at that point. She then remembered about Sinskin and decided to introduce her. "Oh, by the way, you have a granddaughter. This is her. Say hi to granddaddy, Sinskin." She nudged her, then waited for her to speak.
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Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream

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Deadly 69: Ranking Exam, The First Of Many

After so long of running away, finally, the man could do it no longer. He was subject to the exponential growth in darkness eating away at his innards ever since the infection in Dusk City. It would swallow this whole land in a quadraburst from within the whitebearded man if not contained immediately, for just as quickly as the Black Swamp festered would it spread outward from the Pitch Black after image left in the outline of the militia-esque man. He was being summoned to the Zero World...

The infestation, the Zero World, the Insanity, the Unicron Virus, the Eclipse, all of these things were taken at one point as samples or forced into the General. It was only time before the clock ran out. the General had been in many large battles, Insanity, Zero World, Unicron, the Eclipse, Gig, and more. There was one thing the General did during all these battles that was common. and that was collect and sample data as he fought. Because of this, the moment the Zero World infection assumed control, was the moment all the knowledge of the Sanctity Treaty, the Ages Universe, his Technology, his Will, his being, was forced out, cast aside to pixelate into another universe or something.

A new being was born, a reincarnation if you will, a Tensei, (Japanese for Reincarnation), an Immortal (Fumetsu in japanese), or rather close to Immortal, as immortal as the General was before. This new being wasn't evil in any way, nor was he good, he was just himself.

After casting the General "away" Fumetsu was warped to the Zero World, to join the likes of the other who had also been brought there.
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Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream

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Deadly 70: Kairo and Celle, Returning to the Swamps

As a means to conserve his own energy, Kairo blacked out whilst in the skies. Whether Celle noticed or not as her beast guided them to the Black Swamp, Kairo wouldn't even be awake to know. The two of them reached the swamps, yet he still stayed unconscious. He was resting, though his body felt like it was feverish... Like it was boiling hot.

-Throughout the ride, Marcelle had softly stroked Kairo's hair. She was aware that there was something wrong, or rather wrong wasn't the right word for it. He was asleep, asleep in his arms while they took to the skies. Upon seeing the swamp, Marcy would whistle sharply for the bird to take them down. Taking the signal and cawing out in response, Scarlet slowly descended toward the swamps' entrance. Jumping off the bird at the right time, Marcy would land directly at the entrance, and continued to cradle Kairo within her arms. He was burning up.-

"You're like a small child, a little heater. How adorable."

-She knew he couldn't hear her, but hell, she wasn't going to stop speaking her mind. Her white hair shimmered dully in the blackness of the swamp. Either way, she kept going and walked into the swamp. Their mission at the moment was to ask the lady of the swamp for an elixir of some kind that will help Kairo regain all of his strength from their past ordeal.-

"We're here now. Hang on for a little longer, my love."

The unconscious Uchiha heard the voice of his lover deep in his subconscious, within the realm of his own self that it would seem the being residing within him spoke.

Perched on top of a large volcano, the ominous being wrapped in a dark haze spoke from within the ashen clouds directly to Kairo.

"You are in danger, boy. I can feel it in the atmosphere. As my host, I will not allow you to fall prey so easily..."

Dazed and confused, Kairo stood at the base of the mighty volcano, staring up into the eyes of the great volcanic vulture, Volcanon. He showed no understanding for what was going on, nor how he even got here, for the last thing that he remembered was that his love, Marcelle was staring into his eyes. But, before that... Before that was a mystery.

"... What danger are you talking about? And... How did I get here? I remember Marcelle being here before, but..."

His hand drifted to his weary head, aching from the attempts to recall his lapsing memory. It was all so vague... So hazy... Like those ashen clouds hovering above.

"... I just can't remember anything... Give me some answers. I need to know what's going on here..."

The mighty magmatic avian chortled at his plea, finally extending its long neck down to meet the gaze of the child. Both their burning eyes connected, and the fiery fowl spoke this truth to his host;

"Patience, child. You are under my protection, now. We had a deal, after all. You do my will... And I shall keep you from harm. You don't need to remember what was in the past, simply what is your driving force to the future..."

Kairo couldn't accept that answer. He lifted his eyepatch from covering his blue eye, now letting for the first time both of his eyes spin with the might of the Sharingan simultaneously.

"I can't accept that answer. Tell me what I want to know now!!"

The burning hatred within him caused the volcano to rumble, only feeding the vulture more power. His body glowed brighter red, as though the magma it was made of became hotter. Distortions of heat rippled about his body and the black clouds parted from his feathers. To stimulate the boy's innate Uchiha hatred... The hatred he felt not only for himself, but for all beings... Twas the source of Volcanon's growth in power.

"I will tell you this... As your burning hatred grows, so does my power. I will let you harness my chakra... But the more you take of it, the more it will consume you, until you are nothing but a burning mass of magma and ash, just like me... I will take over your body the more you access that hatred, till you cannot return to the form you once knew. Such is my will to burn this world to a crisp... and under our contract, you shall submit to me. Grow in hatred. Grow in fury. And burn down everything in your way!!"

"What?! You tricked me, then...? What I want is to make the world better, not to destroy it!"

"That isn't what your heart tells me... As long as your hatred for this world burns bright, your only choice is to consume it in those flames... I will warn you not to use the effects of your Sharingan... And, if you must be active, be it only at night, where your blue eye is active. If you want to live... You will heed my words..."

He was speechless. Was it true that his heart deep down harbored so much hatred that his only thought was destruction of the world rather than reform? Surely, his lover would not accept this... So he had to work through this on his own.

"... I won't fall to the hatred. No matter what. My love and I... Are going to reform this world. That is what I want truly."

Finally, there was a bright light that encompassed him, taking him back to a state of consciousness, even if still weak. He had been fading in and out as he and Celle flew, and now, as he woke, they seemed to be in the Swamp again.

"... We're... Here?"

He was still burning up, body temperature rising by the second. He peered off toward the murky swamp waters, finding the dank scenery difficult to perceive clearly with his blurred vision.

"... Where is the Swamp Sage...?"

-Kairo, as he woke, would be greeted by the soft humming of Marcelle. They were in the swamp, still and he had been in her arms for quite a long while now. Seeing his eyes flutter open, Marcy's own icy green eyes twinkled brightly, and a big smile appeared on her soft lips. Looking into his eyes, she as glad that he had finally awoken.-

"You've finally awoken, my love. As for the Swamp Sage... She has not shown herself to me. I do not know where I can find her."

-She spoke softly and honestly. Her voice seemed to carry over as a continuing hum while she spoke. Marcy wanted to make sure the blurry-eyed Kairo awoke in as much peace as possible.-

'She no longer exists as who she once was,' a voice spake out without sound, 'She is now me and We are One in Zero. I am the Death of this World now.' Smoldering eyes parallel to the ones the boy had seen in his unconscious appeared before him here again, as if perceiving his prior premonition presently. Glaring at the two faces of the mortals from the outside was both unexpected and unwelcomed, it seemed, by the eyes of this emptiness. Robed in pitch black ever swirling about its form, only the glare of infernal hatred and scorn could be seen piercing the eternal abyss. 'Why have you come here?'

*Tch*, he scoffed whilst snapping his head away and narrowed his eyes. He couldn't believe that they'd been led all this way for nothing... It was bad enough that everything here looked terrible. It was pitch black, and the water was even darker... An eyesore to look at, completely.

"... She must be somewhere. Let's look around."

Though this place was known to have been a cesspool of death all around, he showed no fear of the darkness, but instead, a slight bit of disgust and contempt for it. It burned him up inside to look at this place.

He hopped down immediately and started off in some arbitrary direction, leaving Celle to follow if she so wished. Otherwise, he was going alone to look. For some reason, despite how tired and rather drained he was, the heat that was churning within his core was providing him with some sort of burning energy that fueled his movement... Perhaps, he was moving on pure hatred itself. And yet, he didn't even feel it; it was merely natural. His Will to accomplish his goals, no matter what.

"Where are you, Swamp Sage?!" he shouted, looking around the barren wasteland of black, "We seek a request of you!"

After not getting too far, the eyes akin to the ones he'd seen in his dream glared at him yet again, appearing from the darkness literally out of nowhere. Alarming at first, his eyes did naught but match the incinerating eyes peering from the void in hatred in intensity. He heard the soundless voice speak in his head, explaining to Kairo what had become of the prior Swamp Sage. But... Who was this guy, anyway?

Regardless of that, if he was the one he needed to see, then Kairo wouldn't waste any time dawdling. "I'm here for a special elixir. And some answers about the Crystal Tree."

The burning eyes narrowed, finding some sort of eerie familiarity in the gaze of the child before him. He could tell there was a sort of connection between the two of them, and something about those eyes told the Reaper that he knew of Hatred... and not of Fear.

'Answers?' it chortled with a silent cough, 'Do you know who I am? Yet you come to be requesting answers in such a fashion? Get out of here, before I put an end to your feeble Clan Hatred.'

But there was something different about this one...

'No... Wait. You're the one that made a deal with Sweet Mother...' The memories that belonged to Kaerei now were with him, and he remembered everything that was of she and her descendents... All of the Grims, every Devourist, he was the one who harbored the knowledge of them all. That is why he is...

'... I see... You're the one that started all of this... The Zero Moon... Hmhmhm... Hahaha... You know what that makes you...?'

The voice stopped abruptly, as if anticipating the boy's response... and reaction.

Kairo sneered, growing more pissed by the minute having to sit here and be led in circles by this thing without having received any answers at all, "What are you getting at? Just tell me what I want to know. It's not that difficult. What's up with this Crystal Tree and what do I have to give you in exchange for this miracle elixir?" He didn't have time for going in circles with people, not even weird entities. He was on a mission, after all.

The Reaper laughed at the brazen one, seeing the fearlessness in his heart as something of a delicacy. Not only that, but the boy didn't even know of his fate yet... He still hasn't been touched by the Creator yet. But when he was... It was going to be quite the extravagant display. The Reaper knew of what was to come and, instead of cursing the boy with the Plague of Death, he called forth his blessings. 'You're a Tensei. Now you may know of the secrets... that will bring everything together.'

The groggy, unheard laughter within the black miasma was nothing short of disturbing for one of such sheer imminence. And yet, he spoke unto Kairo, 'Welcome to the family... Boy. Now you can see the truth behind those papers you carry around with you...'

Grim cackled to himself, waiting and wanting to see the boy's face after hearing that.

'All you have to do is simply become one of the Seven Keepers of Insanity... The Keeper of Fear, which is my power. That is the condition of the exchange.'
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