The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension

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 Black Sound Rings Loud; Insangel of the Vengeful

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Mikou the Panduochrysm :: Keeper of the Crystal Wings; Alice of the Crystal Petals
Mikou the Panduochrysm :: Keeper of the Crystal Wings; Alice of the Crystal Petals

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Black Sound Rings Loud; Insangel of the Vengeful Empty
PostSubject: Black Sound Rings Loud; Insangel of the Vengeful   Black Sound Rings Loud; Insangel of the Vengeful EmptyMon Jul 08, 2019 6:52 am

Name: Mikou "Melody" Tensei
Age: 19
Origin: Unknown
Species: Biohuman, Insangel
Race: Japanese, Insangel
Height: 5'10
Weight: 113

It all began the moment Mikou was found mangled on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. She had been left there to rot and die, right arm taken as a prize. She'd fucked up her mission and betrayed the Mafia she belonged to. She was lucky enough to have survived this long, bleeding all over the place.

"Damn... I can't believe they really got me this time..."

Those were her final thoughts before she was ended right there on the road... Or so she thought. She was found unconscious by Cleff, the Technology Sprite, a long time before, scanning her memories and assessing her usefulness to him before she ever received her consciousness. He replaced her arm to match her power, which he found out happened to deal with sound. He was curious about her and wanted to study her more. It was then that she started to wake up.

"Ngh... Wha... What...?"

She didn't understand anything that was going on, but she knew someone intelligent had saved her. Whether it was for good or bad reason, she did not know. She reached for her gun, only to find that her arms were bound... and that the one she lost was there. Why this thing helped her made no sense, but at least she was better.

Some time after, she was trained by Cleff to harness the power of her signature power; the Dark Network. It controlled sound in a negative way that worked completely opposite to Cleff's Transcendent Sound, but even still, it was able to be used. Cleff even upgraded her gun, changing it into a sort of megaphone, upgraded to a gigaphone, which could amplify sounds. She was made to destroy. And, just like before, when she knew she was powerful enough and had gotten all she needed to for herself... She split. Wrecked the place and escaped his clutches, into the wilds. This woman... This insane, selfish and utterly sickeningly pleasurable woman... Was off. This new arm, this new gun, this new use of her power. She was going to bring some hell.

Originally Maruze the noble samurai's wife, Melody, once he killed their daughter, Meo, by accident, she went mute and missing. After a while of traveling by herself, she became more and more lost in Insanity, and eventually lost her mind completely, which gave her the power to speak again. With her insane, badass and unpredictable attitude, she was taken up by the Mafia. When she didn't like how the mafia was run, she took over for herself and got herself a Family, an entire crew of people to help her out in their raids. When she put them up to their biggest heist, it ended up with her having to risk her own life for the completion of the heist and safety of her family. She was then mangled and left for dead on the side of the road.

Not long after, Cleff found her and took her body in and upgraded it, using parts from his Bio-Femme biohume collection, replacing the bone in her upper torso and her arm with a special metal, as well as a digital implant in her mind that allowed her to control sound, which was dubbed the Dark Network. Before it was completed, though, she woke up and went on a rampage, escaping with her friend Vino into the Dusk Village. Because the experiment was never completed, Cleff did not limit her Insanity, nor did he cap her Dark Network from taking over.

-The Family-
Mikou -- otherwise known as 'Mickey Da Roach' -- was the kingpin of a mafia outfit in the Lawless Lands of the Veritas. During her time of being the mafia don, she recruited some badass loyal family members that worked with her to accomplish her various goals. This is her loyal crew.

Vino has been around with Mikou ever since the escape. He was tired of being in Cleff's custody and escaped when Mikou did, tagging right behind her. Their underhanded ways made them fast friends, but would never be underhanded to one another. He was her right hand man in everything they did. Vino is a short, strange looking being that was one of Cleff's experimental beings. He is a humanoid construct that has an elastic turquoise body, metal plating on his arms and for legs, a metal helmet and a large, sharp 'V' on the back of his head the protrudes out like horns. He is known to be smoking a cigar regularly. He has a variety of powers mostly revolving around the manipulation of light, but because of his proficiency, he is able to utilize fire and open up portals by distorting light to summon other elements and even creatures at his whim, or simply use portals as means of escape. He has gotten Mikou out of several situations with his power plenty of times, and is the main one saving their asses during a heist.

-Lash Brandi-
Name: Lash Brandi
Age: 17
Origin: Unknown
Species: Human
Race: German
Height: 5'7 (without hair)
Weight: 101

Yeah, I've been tinkering with weapons of war ever since I was a kid. Everyone was scared of me as I grew up, even my own parents... So I blew up the house and almost killed them both. What can I say? I love destruction where it's necessary.

I'm a master of traps and terrestrial warfare... Bear traps, land mines, bombs, guns, even nature traps... I'm an expert at them all. There isn't anything I can't turn into a weapon fit right for the situation. My skills were found to be very useful by a certain lady who wasn't scared of me... and neither was her outfit. They took me in and praised me for my ability... so I started to do it willingly. I found it to be more and more fun to do these things and watch these destructive plans go off without a hitch... And I loved the leadership that she had. Mikou. Or did I just love her? I don't think I can tell the difference.

But during our secret takeover, she was found out before we could pull off those last three heists... So I had to do what I had to do. Her plan was flawless to get her out of there alive, cuz otherwise... she probably would have died by 'his' hands. The Mafia is so intense sometimes... It's so great. To make it look more believable, I had to strap one of my bombs to her arm to blow it off and bring it back to my fake boss. He believed every word we told him. Yet even after two successful heists, his usefulness is wearing thin... With Mickey back in my life, I think I'm going to have to kill him soon. I've been waiting all my life for that moment.

-Asuka Yomi-
Name: Asuka Yomi
Age: 16
Origin: Unknown
Species: Human
Race: Japanese
Height: 5'5
Weight: 99

Asuka Yomi reporting in. Intel is my entire life. I have information on everyone I must and everything I need, and have been building things to enhance Intel for ten years, when my parents lost their hearing and needed a way to hear. After that, I dedicated my life to helping others with my inventions, but I could plainly see with my special sight that they were not there to help me. So I went elsewhere with my inventions.

I was always a dutiful and studious girl, and got everything done on time and with the greatest efficiency, but no one cared about that or me. They only cared about the money they could make off of the things I created. That is, until I was approached by a strange organization... At first, I was scared stiff by them, but soon found that they were much nicer and more friendly than any of the businessmen I had been in contact with. They weren't trying to swindle me, they tried to support me. So I supported them in return, and that was how I became Mikou's head of Intel.

Of course, I was the first to know about our fake 'boss's' hostile re-takeover of his mafia, and quickly informed Mikou of his dastardly deeds. She and I informed the rest of the people and we all came up with an elaborate plan to get her out of that situation alive, but had to make it look as real as possible. Knowing that they'd tap into my telecommunication devices, Mikou and I came up with a secret code for talking and shared it with the others. For example, whenever I screamed at them 'Don't let that girl get away!' everyone always knew that secretly meant 'Ease up on the attack and give chase, so that the fake boss can't monitor your actions as carefully.' That was the start of our absolutely marvelous plan, even if we did have to injure her a bit. It was painful to watch, but it had to be done to get her out alive. Now that she is back, I can see that all of it was for the best. As expected.

-Rattles "Deadeye" Jones-
Name: Rattles "Deadeye" Jones
Age: 21
Origin: Unknown Countryside
Species: Human
Race: American
Height: 6'1
Weight: 161

Well there ain't much to say about me... Just your normal ol' fashion country mouse with a knack for firearms, is all. Seems like my skills with em are top notch, but I reckon it was just natural for people to be able to shoot like that. Guess not. Well, lotsa city slickers wanted my attention... I worked as a mercenary for a long time, always hitting my mark with guns, snipes, rockets, whatever, as long as it was from long range. It's how I got the nickname 'Deadeye.' I was a popular mercenary, I was, tills I got tired of switchin around so much. So I quit being a mercenary.

Then, shortly after, I got in a shootout with a real fine li'l lass... I was so impressed by her shot that I just had to follow 'er. Turned out to be Mickey, and she ended up catching my poor little heart. Knowing I'd do anything for her, I joined her little gang as my final act of being a part of somethin. Never left ever since.

But uh, things happened around them times, and word got out of ol' Mickey's takeover. So we plotted and planned, and eventually we came to a very intense escape route for her, and I was the first one to turn her aloose. She had to get outta the room first and foremost, and that old lout chose me to take 'er down. With Asuka yellin all types of tomfoolery in my ears, I still knew what she was saying... 'Let Mickey dodge, and then you shoot.' So that's how it went. The moment she moved, I fired at her, and either missed or grazed her, but the old dummy thought that she was just outrunning my bullets. Sure did pull the wool over his eyes. When she was finally out of the room, he sent me after her. Even though I ran out the room... I didn't give chase. And of course, Mickey did escape. And now she's back. Boy, my heart is glad about that, I'll tell ya what.

[center]Special; Bandit 'B.B.' the Bazooka Bitch

-Bandit 'B.B.' The "Bazooka Bitch"-

Name: Bantid 'B.B.' the "Bazooka Bitch"
Age: 21
Origin: Unknown
Species: Human
Race: Japanese-American
Height: 5'9
Weight: 103

The newest and most exclusive member of the crew. I was once part of the old mafia that Mickey and her crew joined, nicknamed 'Bazooka Bitch'. It was because of my temperament and my skills with bazookas and things of the like. As much as I love to say it, I'm not all there in the head and I get triggered real easily. Hence why my trigger finger is so happy. I did a lot of military training and the trauma of it got to my head, which is why some people call me 'Crazy Bitch' instead of 'Bazooka Bitch'. But most don't get to live to tell the tale.

I was the loyal lover of the mafia boss of the old faction. Knew he didn't give a shit about me, but I was always hoping that one day, he just might. A hopeless romantic. Wouldn't you guess? But the years went on from when I was inducted at 18 and he never changed. Never gave one crap about me.

So I waited.

I waited for that fateful day when I would get my revenge on him for using me. For abusing me. For traumatizing me. And destroying my old, happy life with my family and friends. And that's where Mickey came to the rescue. Naturally, I wasn't in on the great escape that they planned, but I was sent to hunt them down, I know that. But, when I had the chance to escape, and I saw how coordinated they were... I took my chances at what looked like a REAL family and escaped with them. Now I'm Mickey's bottom bitch -- her loyal lover. And ain't nothin gonna tear us apart.

"Gorgeous." ~~ Theme of the 'Tall Tea' (Main)

"Top you Off then, Bloke?!" ~~ Theme of the 'Rough Rider' (Battle)

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Mikou the Panduochrysm :: Keeper of the Crystal Wings; Alice of the Crystal Petals
Mikou the Panduochrysm :: Keeper of the Crystal Wings; Alice of the Crystal Petals

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Black Sound Rings Loud; Insangel of the Vengeful Empty
PostSubject: Re: Black Sound Rings Loud; Insangel of the Vengeful   Black Sound Rings Loud; Insangel of the Vengeful EmptyMon Jul 08, 2019 7:17 am

Heist 1: On the Lam

They made it. They had been running for hours on end now away from that place, that Chaotic HQ. Mikou wasn't going to be held captive by anyone; she had her own agenda on her hands. Vino floated by her side, flicking his thumb like a lighter and lighting a cigarette. After a puff or two he waved his thumb's flame out, turning to look up at Mikou, who was still breathing heavy.

Vino: "You want a light, Mikou baby?"

He held up a cigarette to her face, but she shook her head, wanting something bigger than that.

"*Huff* No... *huff* You know I only smoke cigars! *huff*"

Vino shrugged his shoulders and rolled his eyes, then shook his head too. Mikou's breath caught up to her now, regulating her own breathing as she reached into her dress and pulled out a fat ass cigar and flipped open her high quality lighter to light said cigar. She stuck it in her mouth and took a few puff puffs.

"Besides, we got work to do, don't we kid? We gotta get outta town... That techno bastard will probably have us terminated if we stay in range."

She started off to a grave stone, sitting atop it as the light of the enormous moon silhouetted her body. Vino followed behind, hands adjusting his gloves and his neck scarf and suit. The two didn't say much of anything for a while.

Vino: "But the question is... How?"

A native would be walking by as he heard the huffing and puffing. Being the curious little fucker he is, he would venture into the night covered cemetery. Walking around, he would like the look of this place. Seeing the girl and her... friend... the young man would walk up to them from the front so he wouldn't scare them. For once, the guy was being sarcastic. "Come here often...?"

Mickey huffed in amusement, spreading her wide, sharp toothed smile across her face completely, some of the smoke seeping out of her teeth.

"Yep, I do. That's why I know lunch when I see it."

She snapped her teeth playfully, yet something about her aura told that she was serious about that. Her right hand man, Vino, simply leaned on the edge of the grave stone, speaking for Mickey now.

Vino: "What about you, eh? Got some business here, pally?"

Though he addressed him as 'pally,' only malicious intent came from his sharp tongued mouth. Mickey simply kept a hand up to her chest, her other holding up that cigar so she could take a few more puffs.

The native man knew there was going to be a bit of a scuffle because he could feel it. Sitting on a tombstone across from the two, he would have a ghost of a smile on his face. He loved jokes. "I'm just looking for a victim..."

Her smile grew wider and her face more intense with immense anticipation building up. She felt the vibration of battle brewing inside of her... Ready to erupt.

"Funny, I just found mine!"

Slipping her right hand down into her dress, she whipped out her Kruger Blackhawk 44 Magnum -- the Mach 9, as she called it -- and aimed it right at his head.

"You're gonna lead me out of the Village... You got me? I've been stuck here forever and I need someone to get me out."

Holding him at gunpoint with a partner on her side should have outclassed him by himself. Mickey had found the perfect stool pigeon to get her out of this joint and away from Cleff for good. It was like life was painting a pretty picture for her. Sweet.

Insects would begin to flutter out of the body of this man as he stood and slightly bowed. He liked the way this girl worked. The native boy would shove his hands into his pockets as he stood and led the girl out of the Village. His insect armada was building with every step he took. Cloaked in the nightfall, the young man's insects would be pushing 15,000. Being curious as fuck, like always, he would begin to ask questions. "Why can't you get out by yourself..?"

It was amazing how much gall someone from the mafia has, isn't it? She was ready to ride or die in an all out battle so soon from escaping, no less. What a crazy girl. Still, it got the work that was necessary done, and quite easily, I might add. The boy was leading her out of the Village.

"... What? Because I don't have a map, dimwit! I've been secluded for a long time, I barely know my way around this place as is, let alone escape from it! Sheesh..."

She could feel it, though... She wanted to snap. It was so easy for her to, with all that she'd been through, but... Oh well.

"And why are you hangin around a cemetery, eh?"

Vino: "Yeah, that ain't that normal, ya know...?"

The man would stop for a moment. Turning towards the barrel of the gun, he would look past that and into the girls eyes. His face was stony. "...Because I'm simply not normal..." Turning towards the exit of the cemetery, the man would continue to walk. They were going to get their fight. But not here. The insect militia would begin to fluster and fluctuate as they merged together and continued to multiply by the thousands.

Mickey shrugged her shoulders, her arm still with a clean shot at his head. She was also catching onto those bugs that were buzzing around, too... Vino might have to take care of that. In the meantime, they were out of the cemetery, but nowhere near out of the Village.

"How long's this gonna take, buddy boy?"

Vino: "We don't have all day, you know."

As the two were out on their journey, a strange technological occurrence started to ensue. There was a fluctuation in space due to the sheer power of information; Data. Binary. It surrounded the both of them and manifested into the face of none other than Cleff.

Cleff: "Target located. I have you now, Mikou..."

The data surrounding the two of them suddenly started to flow around only Mikou and her partner Vino, and it even caused Vino's body to be scrambled and fuzzy. This data was trying to transport them back to the Chaotic HQ... by force.

Still in the midst of finding out about this guy, not even knowing his name yet, Mikou was already out of time, and she knew this when she saw the fluctuation of data around her.

"Crap! He's on my tail already!?"

She turned around to Vino, seeing that his body was already distorting as well. Cleff's technological powers were so freakin strong...

"Grr... You're not gonna get the drop on us that easily, Cleff! We are NOT going back there!"

It would seem that she was running out of time, so she had to say goodbye to her new... Uh... Acquaintance, if you will. So with a wave of her gun as a quick 'goodbye,' she grabbed onto Vino and pointed that gun right into the air, it changing into a large, highly technologically advanced megaphone... or rather, a gigaphone. Her facial expression now shifted from moderately content to completely fucking pissed with a snap of the fingers. With all the malice in the world, she screamed out at the top of her lungs.


The Dark Network formed right above the gigaphone as a powerful, concussive crack in sheer space, almost as if the very atmosphere was about to fall to pieces. These black cracks surged with electricity, and found the connecting network that Cleff had with his ability and attempted to disrupt it with the high amplification of her gigaphone. Hopefully that was enough, because otherwise... This chase would be over all too quickly.

To his surprise, the power of the Dark Network's amplification was just enough to slightly disrupt even Cleff's exact calculations, throwing his whole digitalization off and sending Mikou and that Vino elsewhere... Somewhere random on the planet. Yet again, she had escaped his grasp...

Cleff: "Mission failed. Curses... You must come back, Mikou!"

... But the boy was still here. Cleff hatched an idea, and if this boy hadn't gotten affiliated with Mikou, then he could help Cleff out... If he agreed.

Cleff: "... Excuse me. Native boy. Did you get close to Mikou? I may need your assistance in capturing that fugitive."

Of course, he was speaking to the man through a holographic projection that the data had just formed into, making a spitting image of Cleff's body, yet not real.

"Gorgeous." ~~ Theme of the 'Tall Tea' (Main)

"Top you Off then, Bloke?!" ~~ Theme of the 'Rough Rider' (Battle)
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Mikou the Panduochrysm :: Keeper of the Crystal Wings; Alice of the Crystal Petals
Mikou the Panduochrysm :: Keeper of the Crystal Wings; Alice of the Crystal Petals

Posts : 146
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Join date : 2015-02-12
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Black Sound Rings Loud; Insangel of the Vengeful Empty
PostSubject: Re: Black Sound Rings Loud; Insangel of the Vengeful   Black Sound Rings Loud; Insangel of the Vengeful EmptyMon Jul 08, 2019 8:29 am

Heist 2: The New Beginning

To her fortune, Mikou had successfully disrupted Cleff's attempt to digitize and warp her back to his base, keeping Vino and herself safe from his clutches. She looked around, finding herself in a small forest of sorts, where the rain was constant around her. She held out a hand and felt the rain drops falling down, wondering where she was now.

"... The hell is this place?"

Moments later, coming out of her awestruck mindset, she searched around for Vino, who was passed out nearby. She ran over to him and grabbed his shoulders, trying to shake him awake.

"Vino! Vino! Come on, Vino! Speak to me, Vino! Utter a few syllables!"

She continued to shake him, even resorted to slapping him a couple times before he finally came to. He seemed heavily drained from all of that, and even felt a great deal weaker than before.

Vino, weakly, "Ugh... Mickey, don't do that to me! What'sa matter with you? Gh..."

He was trying to stand, but found it hard for a moment or two, yet he was recovering fast.

"Well excuse me for saving your sorry ass! What's up with ya, though? You don't look so good."

He straightened up his stance and fixed his suit, as well as his neckscarf.

Vino: "I'm fine, I just... Don't feel like I can use most of my powers anymore... Fuckin Cleff..."

"Can't use your powers!? So, what, you've gotta stay low for a while?"

Vino: "I'm guessin so. I prolly have to go fight people or somethin, but I'll get there in time. Heh. No worries, doll."

That was a relief to hear, they just needed to train for him to be able to use his powers again... But the question was...

"... Where the hell are we now?"

As a lowly Genin, a ninja had to perform a myriad of unsavory tasks, one of them being border patrol. She found herself on patrol often, her eye techniques and stealth abilities making her uniquely well suited for the job.

She traversed the land by the trees, invisible to the naked eye. Her eye technique was active and she was able to scan quickly scan area in large chunks.

After a few hours, she spotted a woman conversing with another person on the ground. While they didn't initially appear to be a threat, she paused her patrol to observe them for a while, and figure out their intentions. Some of the most dangerous enemies were often the most unassuming.

Mickey speculated her surroundings a little bit, trying to figure out where in hell she was. This place didn't seem familiar, even in the Village... Not that she had ever explored that region, either. All she knew was that she was not in the Chaotic HQ. But, something was still amiss here... She wasn't alone. The Dark Network told her so.. She could hear someone coming within the Network's radius, and thus, she heard their movements in the trees.


With all the precision of a top marksman, she scoped out her opponent with her Ruger Blackhawk, already noticing whomever was in the trees with a clear and clean shot at her head. She was almost on the verge of snapping already.

"You can't get the drop on me, sunshine."

Her thumb was in the area where the safety should have been, but was not apparent. Mickey didn't believe in 'safety.'

"Tell me everything I wanna know now or I'll drive a bullet in your brains. Where are we and why are you here?"

Vino, beside her in the suave suit, simply fixed up his gloves and pointed his finger at the girl in the motion of a gun, his finger tipped with black flames. They weren't playing around.

The ninja watched as the woman drew a large revolver... and aimed it right at her! As the woman fired, the kunoichi dropped down to another branch several feet below, still cloaked. She couldn't be detected by visual means, so the woman must have used another means to discover her presence.

After careful observation, she noticed a ethereal weblike construct spread throughout the surrounding area, with the woman at its center. Now it made sense. The ninja must have come in contact with web and had alerted her assailant. Like with a web, there were several voids; that particular observation may come in handy later.

The ninja girl uncloaked herself, clad in full gear, her face hidden by her hood and gas mask. "You trespassed in Dusk territory, so I'll be the asking the questions, unless you want me to drive the barrel of that pistol through your temple. And then I'll beat your pet to death with your lifeless corpse."

Normally a chill character, the kunoichi didn't take well to being shot at and rudeness. It was very clear that she was pissed off. "Who are you, and what is your business here?"

The girl revealed herself finally, as there was no point in being cloaked when within the Dark Network. Mikou sneered at this girl, finding her to be rather useless. Until she said she was in Dusk territory.

"The Dusk, huh? That's all I needed to hear! Ahahahaha!"

She was so relieved that she had finally gotten to the Dusk and out of Cleff's grip that she almost didn't notice all of the other things that Chisato said to her... Almost. When she finished laughing and being merry, things would change for the worst. Another shot was fired, directly at her head with pinpoint accuracy, trying to kill her dead.

"Thanks for the info, sunshine, but we don't take kindly to hostility where I come from."

She looked up with tired eyes, half open and teeming with an unknown something that made this girl seem very dangerous. Vehemence? Malice? Murderous intent? Or all of it...? Insanity. She didn't answer the next question the kunoichi asked. In fact, she just pointed her head in the direction of the tree she was in and turned around to walk away, lighting a cigar. When she turned away, Vino, fired his 'Baddaboom' -- as he called it -- like a gun, sending a blazing black flame at the tree at the speed of a bullet, causing it to catch fire instantly. The flames crept their way up the wet bark, drying it out and turning it to ash all too quickly. Eventually, the whole tree would be brought to flames, and the girl along with it. All the while, Mickey took a couple puffs and blew out rings of smoke into the air.

The kunoichi could have easily avoided the falling tree - she literally could have walked a few feet in one direction to avoid it completely. But she needed to make a point to the rude intruders. She threw her right hand and flicked several explosive shuriken at the tree. They all dug into the wood deep before exploding into a mass of smoldering splinters. The splinters quickly accelerated away from the explosion at high velocity, threatening to impale everything within the surrounding area like javelins.

She escaped to safety with a Flash Step, bathing the immediate area in blinding white light. The light she produced in her wake probably wouldn't effect the woman turned away from her, but that may not be case for her arrogant pet that had decided to stick around. She would land in a couple hundred meters in front of woman, observing she and her pet for a possible follow-up.

As Mickey lit her cigar and Vino burnt the tree to a crisp, Vino stared the woman down the entire time. Was she trying to play chicken with the trees or something? It was about to fall right on her head and crush her, for sure. Serves her right.

But it didn't. She flung several shuriken into the tree, causing it to explode soon after. She was out of the way, however she created a flash of light that blinded Vino for a moment or two. To keep him from being impaled by the debris, Mickey had to step in... Everything was within the Dark Network, so it was easy to pinpoint it all as it came, yet the force of the explosion was the most troubling part of it. No matter, she had a quick fix.

The Mach 9, her magnum, instantly took the shape of a large, technologically advanced megaphone; the gigaphone, in fact. She pulled the trigger on it and absorbed all of the vibrations from the explosion, thereby stealing the sound as well and leaving herself and her partner unharmed by the effects of the explosion. With no force behind it, the debris simply fell to the ground before them mid flight. When all was done, Mickey could only smile, savoring a few puffs through her pointed, sharp teeth.

"Dark Network..."

She called forth. 100 meters was pretty far, but not outside of the newly extended range of the Dark Network. It found this girl all too quickly, and it caused large black cracks to appear within the space in front of the girl, as if Mickey had just caused space itself to break. These cracks surged with purple, red and black electricity, which was apparent even through those tiny cracks. And so, she pointed her Gigaphone, the Mach 9 at the kunoichi from so far away and pulled the trigger for amplification, knowing what she was going to do next.

"... Concert Crush."

With the amplification from the Gigaphone, the cracks around the ninja grew larger in a heartbeat, threatening to ensnare the entire area. Moments later, a horrible blast of sound just... happened in that area, so powerful it caused ripples and distortions in the atmosphere. This was Mickey's power; her only ability, but a damn good one. Being exposed to the Dark Network; Concert Crush only spelled doom for the ninja girl, for if she stayed within that sound wave for too long, she'd find herself dead in no time flat.

Mickey turned her head to Vino, who had just gotten better from the light of the attack.

Vino: "Ugh... What the hell? It's like she moved and the light from it blinded me... She's got some legs on her, Mickey."

Mikou smiled, playing with the points on one of her teeth with her tongue, just to feel the painful sensation she loved so much.

"Heh, gorgeous. You know the Dark Network deals with that, too."

So she was dealing with Sound user. The kunoichi found these particular specialists annoying, but they were fairly easy to neutralize. Remove their medium for transmitting sound, and their techniques would be rendered useless.

The ethereal web appeared again, this time visible to her eagle eye. The ninja could feel energy massing around her and she jump to another tree to escape this area. Sure enough, with some incantation of from the woman, her former position erupted with deadly sound waves. The sound hurt her ears, but she was well out of range to receive any bodily harm; with enough direct exposure to concentrated sound waves, internal organs rupture from extreme vibration.

Now the kunoichi needed to test something concerning her opponent's sensory technique. She produced a Flash Clone and transferred a storage seal between them. Then both she and her Clone cloaked and split up. The Clone purposely made contact with the web at she approached the woman, while the ninja was careful to move through the pockets in web as she attempted to get behind the woman and her pet.

What should have been a sure-fire hit became a disappointing miss on Mickey's part, as this girl seemed to have speed befitting a ninja.

"Huh. So you wanna tango, do ya? I'll blow your brains out."

Mickey seemed relatively annoyed with this girl and how she wanted to fight her. She didn't have time to be fighting like this, especially using the Dark Network so haphazardly. Cleff could easily home in on the Dark Network an get Mickey for sure, but she was also sure he wouldn't look in the Dusk first. Hm.

"Tell you what, you give me all of the money you've got on you and I won't torch your house. Good deal, right?"

Mickey nudged Vino and pointed at the clone coming toward her. The Dark Network picked up not only on sound, but any wavelength or vibration. This clone was not only made of light, but it was in motion. But Mickey also sensed the presence of the original within, even though she so foolishly tried to slip through the cracks of the Dark Network. Because she was also simply in motion, she was vibrating, and that was enough to pick up on, even if faint. It wasn't like anything else was moving within the Dark Network. After a mental countdown shared by her partner, Vino, the both of them switched targets and fired their shots. Vino fired off a flurry of his 'Baddaboom' bullets from his finger, while Mickey fired off another Concert Crush amplified by the Gigaphone. Using the power absorbed from the explosion beforehand, the Concert Crush was amplified even more greatly than the first time, and now covered the same radius the explosion would have if left to keep going.

The dark sound of the Dark Network was intense, yet the sound was sweet to Mikou's ears; arousing, like the screams of those in morbid pain. This time a crack did not appear, but the sound wave released outward then imploded inward, focusing on the target at hand that would most likely get caught by the explosion of sound in the first place; the kunoichi. When focusing on her, the sound waves would isolate themselves only around her head to cause her brain to defunct and hopefully blow itself out, leaving the girl unconscious and with a severe concussion.

As kunoichi watched the pair aim her and her Clone, she confirmed the sensitivity of the web. The web was sensitive enough detect objects even without direct contact. She had discovered a possible exploit.

The Clone neutralized the pet's attacks with a few explosive shuriken and landed on a tree almost directly above her opponents. Like the ninja, she had also come to the like conclusion. She held out a palm and formed a large orb of light in her hand. Then she released the light as a moderately concentrated wave down at the woman, and kept repeating the action at a rapid pace. As the waves traveled down, they would trigger several nodes of the sensitive web simultaneously. Essentially what she was trying to do was smother the nexus of the web -- the woman -- with pulses of focused light to set off the web around her simultaneously and create a dead zone. In other words, she was exploiting the high sensitivity of the web to jam her opponent.

The kunoichi found herself in the middle of a huge concentration of sound waves even larger and more powerful before. She quickly gathered all the surrounding light around her body, creating a black void around her as her body was enveloped in a cocoon of light. The mass of light protected her against the worst of sound waves as she relocated safety. She didn't escaped completely unscathed however. Blood welled from her ears, and she had become temporarily deaf.

She landed on the ground and immediately began charging towards the woman and her pet, her body now glowing golden from the all the light she had collected earlier. With each step, she left a small smoldering footprint in the grass.

As she approached them, she stared at the woman's pet and attempted to hypnotize him with her eye technique. She chose the pet, because he appeared to be the weaker member of the pair, and she doubted he had any ability at countering genjutsu, especially dojutsu. If successfully hypnotized, she would render the creature completely paralyzed, coming under the illusion that he was being constricted by a giant white snake that had burst from the ground under him. At the very least, she would likely break his concentration as she moved in.

The woman's efforts were indeed an intelligent notion toward the Dark Network's power, but even if it were jammed, its main ability was to cause destruction via wavelengths, and light was no exception. It was simply not one of her favor, is all, it was still somewhat useful to her. Just as the kunoichi was dealing with the Concert Crush, Mikou felt the presence of the light waves coming from behind, blocking out her 'vision' of the light clone. This immediately diverted her attention from the now wounded ninja and over to the other side of the field, where Vino seemed to be having some trouble.

"Dammit, Vino! Handle the other one; I've got this this side!"

And again, they switched their focus to the opposite side of the other, back to how they were originally facing. The waves of light were intense, but nothing too much to handle. She closed her eyes and focused, since light wavelengths weren't her forte, and started trying to disperse or even destroy them. Such a concentration caused the entire Dark Network to vibrate intensely, slowly but surely blowing apart the concentrated light waves and rejecting their attempts at jamming the Dark Network any further. Yet, even as she successfully stopped that, it would seem like it was all just a distraction to get to Vino. She felt the spike in his brain activity also from the Dark Network, which could monitor brain waves as well, though she was only able to feel Vino's at the moment.

"Vino? Vino what did she do!? Shit..."

Opening her eyes and swirling back around, she saw the kunoichi staring Vino dead in the eyes, and him being unable to do anything about it. If only that damn Cleff hadn't messed up his light power capabilities... At full power, he could have easily handled this girl by now. That was her only regret... Vino seemed to be in a greatly weakened state from Cleff's shit, and it was apparent in the way he was fighting. He was simply fucking up.

"I guess I gotta do everything for ya, huh!?"

She flipped the Mach 9 into her left hand now, holding out her right arm and pointing it at Chisato. With her ears bleeding and probably deafened from the last attack, since she was so focused on Vino, she probably would not even notice this one coming. A strong vibration occurred around her body, gradually growing stronger and stronger with each passing moment. This vibration would have enough power to throw off her equilibrium, and hopefully her control over her chakra as well. If that were to happen, perhaps the genjutsu she used on Vino would be lifted, for Mikou wasn't skilled enough with the Dark Network to combat someone in their mind. She'd have to get on the ball with that, too.

"Son of a... I guess the fuzz all over the world is after me, huh? I didn't know I had such notoriety!"

Feeling a bit proud of herself, she increased the power of the vibrations steadily and constantly, hopefully before the kunoichi got any closer... Eventually, such vibrations would start affecting her internally.

The ninja may be deaf, but she wasn't blind. The woman pointing her weapon at her, and she could feel an energy buildup around her. These were signs that she had come to associate with with the woman's sound attack.

She dumped some of the solar energy into the air, and the resulting combustion created a temporary vacuum around her. The sound waves erupted harmlessly around her as they had no medium to get to her. As she closed in, she created more vacuums in front of her to neutralize the woman's sonic attack until she got within melee range.

The woman's pet had been successfully fallen under her genjutsu, completely paralyzed as it thought it was being constricted by the snake. Using Snake Binding Death for immobilization rather than interrogation, she worked through the genjutsu quickly, crushing the bones in his extremities, but leaving his head and core intact. The victim could be killed if their vital organs were destroyed within the genjutsu. She didn't want that; the pet and its master needed to be interrogated before she disposed of them.

The Clone could see that her light waves were being dispersed by the web construct, so to compensate, she began to focus the waves into a beam-like intensity. Slowly, but steadily, the light waves condensed to a destructive beam directly on the woman. If the woman stayed under the light, she would experience irritation -- and potential blindness -- from the corridor of focused light shining on her like a spotlight. Irritation would become true pain as she would be burned alive.

This is not happening...

That's all she thought as all of this happened to her. So much was going on right now... Why couldn't she just get a straight answer out of someone? They must not have valued their lives all that much. With the light clone steadily concentrating a beam of light on her back and the deaf girl disrupting her disruptive vibrations from the front, and to her side was her partner, who was stuck in some sort of trance... Only one thing could and would happen now...


"Don't. Fuck. With. ME!!!"

Her eyes immediately dilated, pure and utter insane rage overcame her body at this point, causing the Dark Network to take shape completely and utterly. A terrible rumbling occurred here, the vibrations seeming to come from within Mickey and expanding outward to shake the very earth around her. Trees started to topple down, and the raindrops could not even sustain themselves as droplets, now immediately becoming a spray once they reached a certain point in the sky. The light shining on the back of Mickey refracted around her body now as the vibrations increased, and suddenly huge black cracks in the atmosphere formed, stretching out far and wide. From a bird's eye view, it indeed looked like a super-intricate black spider web was weaving its way through the trees of the Land of Eternal Rain, whilst simultaneously causing them to fall as it passed by. The blackish purple electricity crackled about violently, seemingly without any control, flaring up anywhere and everywhere sporadically and destructively. The Dark Network even forced Vino out of his genjutsu, however it was starting to scramble his data as well.

Vino: M-mic-- No! Don-- u-- the Dark Netw-w-w--

He couldn't even get a full sentence out. He was stuck where he was because of the Dark Network, and now even his life was on the line. This type of power was threatening to even change him back into his In-Training form, and at the very worst, his Baby form. That would not be fun.

But safety wasn't an option now. She'd come too far to get caught by the fuzz now. She fell to a knee, trying to harness the Dark Network's power in her blindly enrages state, and finding that she was failing. It was hurting even her to use the power at this type of intensity... She wasn't recovered. She wasn't strong enough yet. And so... As a last effort to save herself from her own power; her own rage... She raised the Mach 9, in gun form, and pointed the extremely long and slender barrel at the ninja girl, laughing hysterically in between gasps for air all the while.


She fired one single bullet at the kunoichi, the sound of it guiding it through the Dark Network in search of her. It would trace every single crack in the atmosphere until it got close enough to her to fly right into her body. That was Mickey's last stand before she passed out, and everything immediately went to a calm... Save for a few black crackles of electricity here and there.

The forest became scene of chaos as an enhanced version of the woman's web construct felled trees and caused other environmental changes in the area. Of course she paid mind to the changes, but they remained in her periphery as she was focused on dealing with the source of the chaos.

Before passing out, the woman yelled out some more threats -- the ninja girl could read her lips perfectly with her eye technique -- and shot her revolver. The kunoichi deflected the incoming bullet with a small beam fired from her finger.

With the woman now unconscious, her web quickly dissolved, with some residual energy discharging into the air. The kunoichi was now only a few feet away the woman and her pet. He was still conscious, and free from her genjutsu -- likely the woman's doing -- but she could tell he was in a severely weakened state.

"You have two choices right now: You can either surrender and live, or keep resisting and I kill you both." To illustrate her point, she cast a hologram over the woman, showing as a screaming as she was incinerating by a solar beam.

The tree that the Clone had been standing on had been knocked down, so she ran down its length as it was falling, and landed on the ground several feet behind the woman and her pet. She gathered an orb in her hand, training it on the back of the pet's head.

Mickey's last conscious thoughts were those words she seemed to be saying a lot these days; This can't be how the story ends... With that, her eyes closed and she fell into deep slumber.

Unfortunately for them, Vino still could not use his full power and show this girl that her words meant absolutely nothing to them, and so she had the upper hand for the moment. Both he and Mickey were relatively drained just from escaping Cleff's clutches, and after encountering two people out to get her, it was only a matter of time before she collapsed. So he, adjusting and brushing off the dirt from his suit, walked over to his unconscious partner and whipped out a cig from his pocket, flicking his thumb a few times like a lighter. Lighting the cigarette and taking a couple puffs, he looked up to their aggressor with stone-cold eyes, the smoke wafting around them intricately.

Vino: "No, you have two choices right now. You can die now, or you can die later. We, on the other hand, have quite a selection before us."

He wasn't concerned at all about her hologram or her solar ray or any other light shit that she had, cuz it didn't matter in the long run if they had a plan. He walked over to Mickey, the cigarette hanging off of his lip right beside his lone pointed tooth outside his mouth, and he hoisted her up on one of his shoulders, not even paying the girl much mind anymore.

Vino, starting to walk away, "You've given us the scoop on where we are, and that's all we require, toots."

He continued to walk out of the remnants of the calamity, but stopped and realized that he was forgetting something.

Vino: "Oh yeah, and a little parting gift..."

He flicked a flaming orb of black flames over to a nearby tree, instantly igniting it and starting a roaring fire, which he effortlessly walked through.

Vino: "The next time you see this scene, it'll be at your house."

Clearly, it was a threat to her safety now that she fucked with these two... Or perhaps it was a promise. Either way it went, there was no stopping them from leaving. They were gonna go finish their brilliant escape by finding a place to hide out at in the Dusk. Their new lives start here.

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Heist 3: Daring Escape...

Finally, her eyes started to open. Blurred and skewered, her vision was nowhere near able to comprehend her current surroundings.

"... Wha... What...? Not again..."

Flashes before her eyes of this light, and someone over her on the operating table gave her a terrible anger and fear inside of her body that they had been captured... that Cleff had them again.

"Vino... Vino, where are ya...?!"

Her weak cry started to grow in intensity once she cried out to Vino. She was starting to see more clearly now, but was still rather flustered about the whole thing. Finally, Vino ran toward her and started to pat her, trying to calm her down.

Vino: "Woahwoahwoahwoahwoah, there, sweetie pie. You're alright, kid. You're okay. Old Vino got us outta that jam. You're fine now."

Upon the realization that they were no longer in danger and finally in a safe position gave her the greatest amount of relief in the world. It was like a huge weight was off of her shoulders now, and she could finally unwind now that she was undetected. She flopped back in her bed, pained all over from her last little skirmish and sighed a heady sigh of relief.

"Haaaa... We finally did it, Vino. We've escaped. Now we gotta start all over from the bottom up."

Though her pain was intense, she still had enough will power to pull another cigar from the case hidden in her bra as well as the match, and lit herself up a cigar. Taking a couple puffs, she waved the match out and flung it in the nearest depository, easily filling the room with smoke in only a matter of moments.

"*sniiiff* Wheeeew... Yep. This is the life. Are we in a hotel or somethin?"

Vino jumped up on his bed, kicking back and unbuttoning his suit a little, loosening his tie.

Vino: "Something like that. Apparently we can live in this place as long as we want to, and for free. I dunno what it is about this Dusk place, but it's pretty freakin sweet if ya ask me."

Huh. That was something noteworthy. But to have a place this advanced made seemed almost unheard of. Either way, she wasn't complaining at all.

"Ah... Then this whole thing just got a lot better. Let's rest up and rustle up some grub later, eh? We've got a whole town to raid..."

And with that, she started to close her eyes, not even hearing what Vino said...

Somewhere down the line of her closing her eyes and opening them, Mickey traversed into a different world. She was not sure when nor how or why, but knew only that this was not a dream.

"... Cleff...?! Is this your doing?! Show yourself, you fucking asshole!!"

But... There was silence. Nothing. No one. There was just a stream of color... color of all variety, passing her by and swirling around her. It was like this world was made of this color, this energy, and nothing else. The feeling was getting into her head.

"Gh... What is this place...?"

She could even feel her right arm tingle from the high amounts of energy flowing within. She feared for even its safety, but all of this felt like a sound pulsating in her head... So why wasn't her arm absorbing it? It was made of the most perfected Vibranium to date, so no sound should be able to overload nor effect it. This was strange...

"... Who brought me here!?! What are you!?! What is this place!? WHERE AM I!?!?"

It seemed like her screams were for naught, as there simply was no one here. Only her and this energy. It was time for her to get acquainted, then.

Days... No, WEEKS even... passed before she even said a word. She had been festering within this world, silent, motionless, and somehow, exceptionally calm. Most of that time she was asleep, seeming not to need any form of food or water. Time started to stream together to a point where she could not differentiate day from night, nor could she tell when hours, minutes, seconds nor days went by. It was almost like she was going into a state of madness here... Well, further than she already was. She already had an insane side that came out when she snapped...

"... Am I going to be in here forever?"

No sooner had she said that did all of the energy resonate around her, as if disrupted by her speech... Then returned back to her, slapping her in the head with powerful psychokinetic energy. That smack to the head granted her some special knowledge, and a new growth in power. However...


The power was too much for her inorganic arm to handle. The perfected vibranium arm shattered into millions of pieces for a moment, before reforming back with some of the energies from the atmosphere. It looked and felt the same as before, but Mickey knew something had been added to it... Something disturbing.

"This feels..."

Before she could finish, she was shot out of the stasis of being in this world back back to her bed, where she awoke panting heavily for air.

She looked around for a moment, trying to get a grasp of where she was... Back at the Mezzanine. In her own room. Wonderful... She'd finally woken up from that awful dream. But...

"... That didn't feel like any dream..."

She lifted her right arm, the metal one, and looked at it... It pulsated. Vibrated. Distorted. Whatever it was, it truly was not a dream, as the same power she felt before was flowing within, and she knew just how to use it, for some reason.


She pointed her hand out toward an arbitrary chair, her arm vibrating a bit. A wave of swift and invisible energy swept across the air and the chair would vibrate for a moment as well, before it collapsed upon itself. Mickey retracted her hand, knowing that this had nothing to do with her vibrational sound-based power... It wasn't the Dark Network... It was something new entirely, yet it seemed to fit in perfectly with both of her former abilities. A smirk found itself across her face, followed by low, hysterical chuckles. Vino, who was asleep on the other side of the room, started to wake upon hearing her voice, relieved to finally see that she was awake.

Vino: "Woah, Mikou!! You're finally awake! It's been weeks, ya know? I was worried aboutcha."

"... Vino..."

Her voice was full of conviction, and full of plot. Vino could always tell when Mickey had a good idea, and a masterful plot at that. It was how she took over that Mafia in the first place, and how she escaped from Cleff... So it was time for them to be on the move again.

"... We're rounding up my old gang."

Shocked by what she just said, that could only mean...

Vino: "They aren't traitors?"

She laughed at him in his naive state, for it was something she rarely got to see. He wasn't aware of their status only because he wasn't with her before she was taken to Cleff's lab.

"No no no, guy, not in the slightest... They're just working undercover. For me. I had that mafia locked down tight. How do you think I escaped without dying?"

And so all of her story finally fit together; she planned this the entire time. Everything from the takeover to the getaway, she had everything down packed.

"I'm still the leader of that outfit, hands down... And if I give the call, that fake Don is toast. Heh heh."

Vino: "Then that means..."

"... It's time to go."

Without a moment's notice, the two of them immediately got up and suited up; Mikou in her typical black dress with the white spots lining the hem, her long, slender steel-toe boots with the metal heels, and the Mach 9 magnum.

Vino put on his best suit, his gator skin black shoes, his black neck scarf, that he tucked into his suit like a tie, his black assassin gloves and his bladed fedora, placing it atop his head and brushing his fingers across the bladed tips of his hat.

With that, the two seemed to be ready to depart. And so, they took the step out of the door into the Dusk Village, that which they knew nothing about. Their companions were spread all across the land, and now they just needed to find them. Hopefully this yielded some results.

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Heist 4: The Jagd

Several days of walking went by before reaching the destination they sought; the feared Jagd Valparaiso. This was the place where all of the criminals went for refuge, and in fact, before this city crumbled, this was one of Mikou's head stations. She knew all about this place, even before it became a 'part' of the Dusk.

"Haha, the old town's been done in, looks like."

Vino: "This is the place where your gang is?"

"Might be. I know one of my cronies has ta still be running around over 'round these parts. It's the only untouchable place out here, and we made sure of that."

Vino: "This place still used to be a whole city... How are we even gonna find them?"

As Vino spoke, Mikou pulled out the Mach 9, as well as a cigar, popped it in her mouth and poked her lips out slightly so that the cigar was held firmly by her lips. She then placed the gun under the tip, and fired off a bullet straight into the sky, lighting the cigar in the process. To ensure it stayed lit, she took a long, large puff at the same time as the shot was fired. A trick she'd mastered after years of doing crazy, reckless, yet mastermind shit.

"Heh. We ain't going to them... They're gonna come to us."

One could say firing a shot in a terrible place such as this was probably not the smartest thing to do, but it was definitely something Mikou COULD do. She knew if she was anyone else, that would have been a terrible decision, and as she thought, no one left their hiding spots. After that, she just waited, puffing on that cigar.

She plopped down then on some of the debris, releasing a large cloud of smoke into the air as she inspected her gloved fingers a bit; casually and without worry.

Vino: "... How is it you can fire a shot and no one come looking to fight with ya?"

Taking another long puff, she said, "Easy," letting out the smoke only moments later. Then, she continued, "Dark Network releases a frequency personalized only to me, and when I blasted this baby, the sound wave spread it around like a hooker. Everyone here knows who I am 'round here, and no one's gonna fucks with me. Now I just gotta wait to see if anyone I know is here..."

Looks like she really did have the master plan in order, from top to bottom. Mickey was a smart woman... Well, she had to be to run a crime syndicate.

About 20 minutes later, a lone woman started up the trail toward Mikou and Vino in the distance, this girl looking to be in her mid to late teens with a flowing trench coat and two rather shifty hands in her overly large pockets. Her upper body was rather bare, harboring only a tube top, whilst her lower body was covered completely in black. Mikou smirked, cigar still in the mouth as she rose from her seat, walking toward this girl. Seems like she was the one.

"Lash, baby! What's been up, psycho?"

The girl walked up slowly toward Mickey until they met up in the middle of either of their paths, where they would embrace in a rather affectionate hug. Seems like these two had some history.

Lash: "I've been great, psycho! Just watching this town go to bits... It was sad, but fun. I got to test out a new bomb of mine..."

She smiled devilishly, tampering with something in her pocket. Moments later, a large explosion obliterated the remainder of a rather large dilapidated building, the sound of its destruction pleasing to the ears of this girl.

Watching the building go down, Mikou laughed heartily all the way until it crumbled, and then laughed some more.

"Same ol' lass, ain'tcha, Lash? I knew I'd find one of you peons around here. I'm getting the old gang together finally. Told ya I'd be back though. Did ya kill your old 'boss?'"

Airing quotations marks, she made emphasis on how that loser was simply not their true leader, like Mickey was.

Lash: "No, we haven't killed him yet... We were waiting for you to come back to us before we did that. We've milked him for all he's worth. I was gonna kill him soon, anyway."

Mikou turned to Vino, knowing he was more than confused about all of hat was going on here. So she might as well explain it all.

"Lash was one of my top dogs back in the day. She is a terrain and trap expert, specializing in technology. You name it, she made it, and it was always built for destruction. Seems like she has a knack for destructive items. Bear traps, land mines, bombs, chemicals... for any type of land or sea! She couldn't do it for the skies, though. Not her forte."

Vino: "Heh. Seems like you've got a fine expert on your hands."

He turned to her, smirking at her.

Vino: "Hey there, toots, the name's Vino. Pleasure to meet ya."

Lash nodded her head to him awkwardly, a little confused as to how to answer him. She actually wasn't all that good of a speaker, except to Mickey and only a few select people in the old gang.

"Yeah, Lash was the one who blew off my arm with one of her bombs. We had to make it look as real as possible, ya know? It was actually really great the way we planned it out. Every one of my members played their roles perfectly."

Being complimented by Mikou, Lash smiled a little bit, enjoying praise from her superior in such a way. Looks like they were picking up right where they left off.

"Well, let's cut to the chase here; is anyone else living in this area, or was it just you?"

She figured that if there were others here, they would have come out with Lash already and not have wasted anytime. To confirm her thoughts, Lash shook her head somberly, looking off to the dark skies of the Jagd in the direction of the Chaos Village.

Lash: "No one else but me lives here... Everyone else lives all over the place, and we don't even meet up as often as we used to... The guy we work for doesn't let us stay with him anymore, and he's starting to treat us worse since we betrayed him once... But he sucked to begin with."

Mikou sneered after hearing this, not condoning in the slightest the mistreatment of her subordinates.

"That bastard did WHAT? Oh, now he's definitely gonna die... If he didn't have so much moolah and usefulness behind him before, we would have whacked him before... But those last few heists were crucial. Did you finish em all?"

Lash: "Only two of the three... We were going to do the last one soon enough, and he won't tell us what it is until the day before... So all of us are in the dark."

"Tch, you can't even plan effectively like that... Well, except for youse guys. You all are amazing, so I wouldn't put it past ya to be able to pull off full heists after only a day of planning! Hahaha!"

She really did know how to pick em. Too bad they were all stolen by that damn fake Don... She'd have her revenge on him soon enough.

Damn... It really would have been useful if Lash were in contact with more people... Well, at least there was one.

"So whose the louse you're still in touch with, eh?"

Still looking off in the direction of the Neo-Nightmare, she slowly turned her head straight back toward Mikou.

Lash: "Asuka."

Bingo. Asuka was the intel specialist, and being in touch with her would mean being in contact with everyone else, as well as more details on the previous heists... Being in contact with her was like a goldmine.

"Asuka, huh? Well ain't this just peachy? Let's get over to her quick-like."

Vino shook his head, placing a cig in his mouth and flicking his finger to make a light, then shook it to blow it out.

Vino: "Uh, Mickey doll, did you forget something? Getting to the Neo-Nightmare is pretty long on foot. Not like we've got a set of wheels or nothin."

This was very true... She wasn't gonna make that trip to the Neo-Nightmare. That was absolutely dead. But just maybe...

"Hey... Psycho. You got a set of wheels you've been tinkering with around these parts?"

Lash couldn't help but laugh at such a silly question like that, pressing another button inside of her pocket. A rather souped up death trap one could call a car would come swerving in, straight through another building. It was made out of the scraps of buildings, other cars and discarded weapons around the Jagd.

Lash: "A little toy I've been working on since I've been bored... Hop in."

"Wooohooo! I knew you had it in ya, Lashy!"

The three of them quickly hopped into the car and sped off out of the Jagd, and now toward the Nightmare where they'd locate Asuka, the next member of her brigade.

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Heist 5: A Blue Moon

Ripping and riding through the silent terrain of the New Moon Valley in the Deathtrap, the name of the destructive vehicle Lash created, they'd be on the search for the next available member of Mickey's old gang, Asuka. From Lash's info, she was hiding out in the New Moon Valley to continue to hone her natural night vision and abnormally enhanced sight. On occasions, she would head into the Nightmare to use some of their resources, but mostly kept to herself so she could focus.

After roaring through the valley, the car suddenly came to a stop, wherein Lash would immediately get out of the car. Mickey and Vino would follow.

"So she's somewhere around here, yeah? I hope so... I ain't got all day to be doing this."

Lash: "Yeah, she's usually on this hilltop... Where she says she can see the best."

Lash started up the top of the hill in front, with Mickey and Vino behind her. Mikou wanted to take this time to tell Vino all about Asuka as well, since he was out of the loop. So she turned to him and started to speak on her.

"Asuka was my eyes and my ears in my old crew. She was head of intel, and worked specifically to keep everyone in the know. She invented things with the same expertise as Lash, but her things never... eh... tried to kill you. She was the one who made our supportive technology. She also had some weird sight and hearing powers, for whatever reason... But had a bit of bad luck when it came to actual combat..."

She shrugged, shaking her head a little. By this time, they reached the top of the hill, where Lash would greet Asuka.

While Lash and Asuka were talking, Mikou would continue to the story to Vino.

"She was the one giving the orders to everyone via telecommunication devices that she created. She and I discussed a special way of talking in code during our little scrap and she then taught it to my boys, who then acted accordingly. Without her, everything would have fallen apart. She was the one giving instruction."

Vino looked over to see who this amazingly spectacular girl was, when all he saw was a little girl probably still in her mid-teens. These were young'ns! Whippersnappers, here! then again, Mickey wasn't all that much older than them... She was just 19.

Lash: "She's been filled in."

Asuka, rising from the ground and facing Mickey. She bowed deeply to her, and looked at her with the same focused, foreseeing eyes as before.

Asuka: "I've been waiting a long time to see your face again, boss."

Just as focused as always, Mikou could see that all Asuka had been doing all of this time was simply planning and waiting for her return. It was why she was one of the top dogs, along with Lash.

"Heh heh, no kidding. Asuka, don't you ever take a break?

Asuka: "Only when you don't need me."

Mickey shook her head. Asuka needed a well deserved break from all of this, as she probably was working day and night until Mikou was back safely.

"Well, it's good to see you're still in top shape. Ahaha! Rare form there, lass!"

Asuka smiled lightly, nodding her head. "Thank you very much. I always try to be."

"Hm. But now that you're here, I've gotta ask ya... Are you still in contact with our subordinates? I knew if of anyone, you'd be the one to come to about it. I was just lucky you and Lash were still in cahoots."

Asuka looked down to the ground, disappointed to give Mikou the answer that she was going to.

Asuka: "... Actually... I only stayed in contact with Deadeye. It was only to keep a low profile. Even though with my skills, I could definitely have kept up with more people... My most humble apologies."

Deadeye? Oh this was spectacular. With his skills on a firearm as well as with indirect combat in general was top notch. Another very useful addition...

"That's good enough for me, Asuka. In fact, retaking the crew one at a time is a better strategy than all at once. Where's he at anyhow?"

Asuka: "He stays in the Chaotic Village."

And that's where things got quite difficult. Damn, why did he have to stay in the Chaos? Mickey didn't want to have to go back there with Cleff roaming around.

"Ehhh... I've got some bad blood with that place. You got any other ideas of how to get to him?"

She pondered for a moment, then slapped her own forehead.

Asuka: "Of course! The telecommunication device from before! I talk to him using that."

Alright, wonderful... We're cooking with gas now. Asuka can contact him and tell him to meet her elsewhere, while Mikou goes back to her own place and plans things out.


Now that everything was settled, Mickey could be on the move.

"Well you get in touch with him and hop in this whip, alright sunshine?"

She started down the hill toward the Deathtrap, then paused and swiveled back around, almost forgetting something important.

"Oh yeah... Asuka. This is my partner Vino. He's part of this outfit too, so treat him like one of the gang. Vino, Asuka."

Asuka saluted him as Vino tipped his hat to her.

Vino: "Ma'am."

Asuka: "Sir."

They smiled slightly, turning back to follow Mikou and Lash, who just so happened to be heading down to the car. The two of them followed behind, as Asuka tapped a small, virtually unnoticeable device within her ears, stepping in the car last.

Asuka: "Hello? Hey, Deadeye? Yes, I'm gonna need you to meet me somewhere..."

And so they drove off through the New Moon Valley, back to the Dusk's Mezzanine, where they'd meet up with Deadeye there.

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Heist 6: Back at Base

Finally making it back to the Dusk, Lash parked the Deathtrap outside, unloading the car quickly. There, she, Mikou, Vino and Asuka would stand outside the Mezzanine.

"Home sweet home. This is my hideout. Pretty snazzy, eh?"

She nudged Lash a bit with her elbow.

Lash: "It is really pretty... I bet it'd look better up in flames."

Asuka: "This place is perfect. No one will ever guess that we're here. I'll have to install a cloaking device for the Deathtrap later to ensure no one knows it's us."

Vino: "Yeah... That would be best. Right now, that thing's a hulking mass of... massacre."

Lash, smiling "Thanks guys!"

Everyone sighs heavily...

"Regardless, we still have to wait for Deadeye."

Asuka: "He's already here."

"... What?"

The moment Asuka uttered that he was here, Mickey whipped out her pistol, only moments before she heard a bullet fired. Quickly locating where it was fired from, she pointed her gun in the same direction and fired, shooting down a bullet with a loud "WHU-TANG!" sound from the sound of their collision. She lowered her gun and blew the smoke from the barrel, twirling it in hand and back into her bra.

"You're right. That's him. There's only one shot I know as good as... Or, better yet, even better than mine. Yo, Deadeye, you old dog! Get out of that tree and quit joshin around!"

Apparently they found firing at each other randomly and abruptly to be 'playing' between them... Guess it does keep their shot good and their senses alert. It was actually rather good training, one could say. Moments later, a shady looking figure walked from out of the trees and out into the open, near the Mezzanine's front door, where he greeted Mickey and the gang. This was Deadeye Jones, the master marksman.

Quickly embracing in a rather affectionate, yet still friendly hug, he and Mikou seemed to have a blast seeing each other. Perhaps a similar relationship as Lash and Mikou?

"Deadeye Jones! Why, it's been centuries! Whatchoo been up to, country mouse? Hanging around city slickers wasn't your thing, if memory serves!"

The man scratched the back of his shaggy blue hair, then stroked his long, blue goatee only once, smiling and letting out a light chuckle at her.

Deadeye: Well... I reckon it was necessary to hide out somewhere... Y'all know we've been kicked out of that slob's house, I'm sure Asuka told ya everything.

"Yeah. Don't worry, since I'm back, I'm gonna kill him."

Deadeye: "For true? What about the last heist, huh?"

"Easy... We're gonna pull it off. Kill the 'big boss,' get his plans, and take the profit for ourselves! And when I get the whole crew together... He ain't gonna be no problem at all."

Everyone nodded in agreement. And that was when she almost got beside herself.

"Oh, shit, where are my manners? Deadeye, this is Vino, a partner of mine. He's part of the team. Vino, Deadeye."

Both of them tipped their hats to each other, then delivered a firm handshake.

Vino: "Good to meetcha."

Deadeye: "Much obliged."

"Yeah, Deadeye, as his name may suggest, is a master marksman and great at indirect combat. Be it with guns, rockets, anti-air artillery... Anything that fires from long range, he'll pinpoint the exact location and hit it spot on. He's a master with the snipe."

He chuckled again, "D'aw, you're much too kind, little lady."

"You know it's true! Tell him how you helped in my daring escape, eh? That's the best example I can thinks of!"

Stroking his goateee just once more and looking his narrow, squinted eyes up at the top of the Mezzanine as if reminiscing, he would start on his story.

Deadeye: "Well, if ya insist... I was the first one to lets her escape, I was. Of course the old lout sent me out first on account of my remarkable aim... But ol' Asuka here was in my ear, and she said to me to only fire after Mickey here got out of the way... So every time Mickey made the slightest movement, I would shoots at her to make it seem like she was dodging my bullets, but I was intentionally grazing her. That gave 'er 'nough time to get outta the room. Painful as it was to hafta shoot at her, at least the fake boss believe it... Reckon we played the part perfectly."

The story sounded great when everyone told their parts to it. It was actually quite the story, Vino thought. He was actually anxious to meet more people.

Vino: "That right? You might have to help me with my shot then, pally."

Deadeye: "Yer too kind, sir."

"Hahaha, told ya he was good. But now that we're all acquainted... Why don't we head inside and recon, eh? I've gotta figure out how we're gonna get the others and how we're gonna infiltrate the old man's mansion..."

So with that, everyone stepped into the Mezzanine and up to Mickey's room, where they'd start to plan and plot.

Inside, Mickey, Vino, Lash, Deadeye and Asuka started their conference, everyone sitting on a piece of furniture. It was time to figure out the next course of action.

"So. This is gonna be a rather expensive effort. We're gonna hafta get some money. Lash, Asuka and Deadeye, you need lots of money and materials for you all to make your stuff, and right now, we're broke."

Asuka: "So what is it you plan to do about this?"

Deadeye: "Do you even hafta ask, lass...?"

"Looks like Deadeye already knows the deal... We're gonna rob a bank!"

Vino, puffing on a cigarette, "Isn't that a bit too... Low standard for a crime syndicate as big as we are?"

"You think I didn't think the same thing? Keep your shirt on. We're starting from the bottom up all over again... Since we can't kill that fake Don just yet."

Lash: "Back to the old days, huh...? Haha. I love it!"

Asuka: "What about the probability of us getting intercepted by higher and stronger level shinobi? They certainly will not just allow us to escape..."

"No, but that's why we plan out everything. Don't worry, my Dark Network will handle everything... And besides, I can almost bet if I cause too much of a scene, we'll be taken out of there anyway. And if not... We can always just rob people!"

Vino: "I guess that makes some sense. So what are we gonna do with the moolah?"

"Simple... Buy more resources and equipment! The higher our 'rank' in this little system they've got here, the more prestigious and apparently strong you are. Just like with ours. 'Cept they've got 'Kages' as their Dons. Just gotta watch out for them. I'm sure we can 'persuade' people into giving us their stuff, too... Heh heh."

Mickey whipped out her gun, twirling it in her hand.

"And of course, all of youse guys know your part in all of this... As usual."

Asuka: "Already on it."

Asuka brought out her telecommunication devices, implanting them within the ears of Mickey, Lash, Deadeye and Vino.

Asuka: "I'll serve as getaway driver and the lookout."

Lash fiddled with something in her pockets, cackling lightly to herself.

Lash: "I'll be recon... And set up shop."

Deadeye scratched the back of his head once more, tipping his hat down to show he was serious.

Deadeye: "I reckon I'm the sniper, yet again, huh? That means Mickey and Vino..."

"Are gonna go in alone. As long as everyone sticks to their stations... Everything'll go peachy keen. Vino if worse comes to worst... Torch the place. Lash'll handle the rest."

Lash: "Arson? My favorite..."

"We're getting this show on the road, boys! You all are my Dark Network, and when we get back together... the Black Sound will ring loud once again."

Mikou couldn't help but snicker, already plotting for the next move.

"Well? What's everyone standing around for!? Get in the car!"

And so, their meeting was over, and the three of them would retreat into the Deathtrap, where Asuka was already working hard on trying to modify the systems to be equipped for cloaking methods.

Asuka: "I should be done by the time we make it to the bank..."

"Can you really drive and do that at the same time?"

Asuka: "I can always try. If I fail, I'll just do better later."


So, speeding and swerving off, the all of them moseyed on down to the midst of where the nations met... Where they were sure that the bank was.

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Heist 7: What a Wonderful Day

atmosphere was suddenly and easily destroyed by a rather monstrous machine bulldozing its way across the lands. Here, flattening the grass and destroying everything in its way, the Deathtrap rolled in, screeching to a halt right in front of a shinobi, a rather consumptive cloud of dust following behind it, cloaking its figure.

The doors opened, and from it an odd figure emerged, a majority of her body hidden by the smoke.

"... Wha? This ain't the bank..."

In fact... They weren't anywhere near the main street of the planet! Asuka must have driven them the wrong way.

"Crimeny, Asuka! I told you that tinkering and driving was a bad idea!"

She sighed, slapping her forehead with a hand, partially face palming. She was about to get back in the car... When she saw the shinobi in front of her.

"Hm...? Heh heh... Jackpot. Come on out boys."

Mickey finally fully exited the car, stepping up and out of the cloud of dust that lingered about her Deathtrap. With an arrogant, and rather devilish smirk upon her face, she slipped her hand into her bra and whipped out her gun, the Mach 9, pointing it directly at the shinobi.

"This is a stick up. Gimme all of your cash."

In the guise of the smoke, the Deathtrap would suddenly disappear, its engine becoming virtually silent, as well. It would seem as though Asuka had gotten the cloaking device working, at least. That was always good. And this guy was cooperating a little too well... Seemed to be a hint of asshole in his voice. That only meant she was going to have to kill him now.

"Good. Now hand it over."

She was about to take it, when her Dark Network picked up on a rather keen electrical buildup around his hand. Alerted to this, Asuka immediately chimed in on the telecommunication device implanted in Mikou's ear, giving her a live feed.

Mikou, be careful. I've taken a bit of info from him, and it seems that he's got rather potent electrical abilities. Don't touch that wallet.

Just as she thought. He was trying to give her the slip... Luckily she's got the drop on him, and he doesn't even know that she knows about his abilities yet. She was about to grab the wallet with her hand, casually and slowly, when she immediately opened fire on him, point blank. She aimed for the head, the chest and the crotch, wanting to make sure he wasn't getting back up.

The buildup of electricity was expected, and though Mikou wasn't all that accustomed to people with this much control over electricity, she wasn't stupid, either. As metallic as those bullets were, there was no way he was gonna sit back and let them hit him... Especially since dodging a bullet point blank is difficult in and of itself. She sneered at him, finger still readily on the trigger. She hadn't emptied her clip yet.

"Lucky punk."

When her bullets were propelled back at her, however, she of course shot them down to the ground with the exact same prowess as when she had her shootouts with Deadeye, loving the sound of the 'Whu-TANG' that came with the collision of two bullets. With barrel smoking, she pointed it once again at the shinobi, this time black and purple electricity started to crackle around her body, surging into her hand.

"Dark Network..."

Almost immediately after she said this, thick, dark cracks would appear in the ground under the shinobi, as if placed there by Mickey herself. They were black and charged with the same purple electricity. From under his feet and all the way around his body, heavy vibrations started to occur, those of which would have effect on his mind and his electricity, trying to throw off the synchronization of both of them with its negative power. If it worked, the shinobi's mind would become further split, until he wouldn't be able to focus on the battle because of his disharmony. As for the electricity, if it worked, it would try to weaken it and reverse its effects so that it would harm the shinobi for not being synchronized with his own body and control, and the effecting of his thoughts would be the first step to this plan.

Whilst he dealt with that, she'd fired three shots yet again; Headshot, body shot and a shot at his hand, trying to get the wallet out of there without having to touch him.

Following his speedy dodge with her eyes, the blackened cracks in the ground seemed to spread, becoming larger and following him as he veered off. Some cracks also surged toward Mickey, as well.

"I guess you think this is funny, eh? Give me your money... NOW!"

When she screamed 'Now,' three stray bullets hit the Kunai, deflecting them and sending them swirling off in an arbitrary direction, by which the Dark Network on the ground surged after them and deharmonized the shinobi's electricity with the kunai as to have the Dark Network take them over unknowingly. They would glow with black lightning now for only a brief moment, showing that they were trying to be neutralized. The Dark Network surged them up the wiring and back to the shinobi, who supposedly had these wire connected to himself. Hopefully, without him noticing, the Dark Network's vibrations would enter his system and try to weaken him again with its bad vibrations.

Not too much time later, the smoke cloud appeared, and Mikou was immediately informed by Asuka of the goings on, since her Enhanced Vision allowed her to see right through the smoke and the clones.

Don't worry. We're on the assist. Just keep your position and keep those eyes sharp.

The first the shinobi running toward her would unknowingly be stepping into a line of land mines, those of which would go off the moment he took a step in its general vicinity, and long before he reached Mickey so that the explosions wouldn't hit her in the crossfire.

The second the shinobi running off to the side was Mickey's target, as she couldn't see through the cloud at the moment. She held up her gun, and knowing she was running low on bullets, she instead charged up heavy vibrations in her barrel, shooting out pure condensed sound waves in the form of bullets at the lightning bullets, the explosive sound of the gunshot only doubling the power of these sound bullets to have them try to either cancel out or go through the lightning ones and hit him.

The third shinobi, the one with the two Zampaktou, would then appear from the mist... And along with him, the Deathtrap, having silently appeared right behind him with its cloaking device inactive now. It hadn't gone anywhere. With Asuka on the attack on the inside, rockets were fired from the hood of the car and at the shinobi point blank from behind. Looks like they've got the whole area on lockdown.

"I don't know why everyone insists on doing this the hard way... Pay up!"

She was exceptionally insistent on him giving her his wallet. It was either than, or kill him, and it was looking to be a lot like the latter. Either way, she was getting this money.

Mickey clearly wasn't doing much against this guy, even with her subordinates. That electricity he had control of was potent, but he also didn't really seem that confident, or that bright. Mikou was only really worried about the shinobi with the electrical bullets, as that one posed a severe threat to her, if she couldn't deflect his bullets with even her sound ones. That just meant that she'd have to use her new power...

As though having watched the bullets with the most drastic of accuracy, the moment the lightning bullets expanded, a powerful sniper shot would hit the bullet almost immediately after Mikou's bullet made the lightning shot bigger. This would probably cause the lightning to explode, and because of that, Mikou already had her right hand out and ready. The nearing explosion would be met with an intense vibration, and it would become diluted, until the explosion was nothing more than a breeze of electrically charged wind, which would then start to crackle black due to the cracks on the ground around Mickey. That new power she got... It was potent. She didn't attack, however, just looked at the shinobi with unwavered, psychotic, enraged eyes.


As for the first the shinobi that hopped into the air, what he didn't realize was that someone was on his tail every step of the way... But why wouldn't he notice her? Because she had become 'one' with the terrain, and adapted to her natural surroundings, meaning she couldn't be picked by his electrical senses, since he had done so to her bombs. She adapted. Lash's body, which unsheathed its natural camouflage from around herself, was right behind the first shinobi's in the air, definitely without him knowing, would latch onto the shinobi and restrain his arms, whilst simultaneously attaching a couple bombs to his body. As they were about to land, a high powered explosion would blow the two away from each other, and hopefully the shinobi to bits, as Lash's body was able to withstand explosions from her experimentation on herself. She was like a rag doll.

Lash: This is so much fun... I'm going to have to kill him with my bare hands!

Her body skid across the ground violently, and she would show no restraints toward doing so. Eventually, however, it disappeared mid-bounce, and that entire area around her became silent.

And as for the third one, with his electrical powers, he would find that even disrupting the rockets was futile, as the special ability of Asuka kicked in, since she was the one in control of these weapons at the moment.

Asuka: Oh, no you don't.

Her eyes gleamed, and her full concentration was on the shinobi and the rockets... Sadly, because of that, she'd have to let Mikou be on her own for a short period of time, as well as her other companions. When he tried to jam the rockets, he would find his electricity backfiring on him, and it would send a shock to his body and/or his brain that he wouldn't be accounting for. It was Asuka's Counter Break technique, which disallowed for the jamming or disruption of whatever she gave her focus to. As such, the rockets were delayed for a moment, but in the end, they would simply fly toward this shinobi again and collide with each other in front of him, causing a terrible and devastating blast that would blow even the Deathrap back a bit.

Asuka: Phew! Good thing this contraption's super heavily armored...

Mickey's team was now at a standstill... As if they were waiting for something...

Tch. It doesn't look like he's gonna give up, and now he's using even more lightning? I bet the Dark Network can weaken him, but...

Mikou was already up to a new and more devastating plan.

"You'll pay for messing with me, kid..."

Even though he was steadily increasing his power, Mickey was steadily decreasing it in two different ways; first with the Dark Network still on the ground and second with her new power, so the explosion would not be as destructive as expected, yet it would still indeed blow her back.

"Gh... Why you..."

She held her right hand down to the ground, causing a slight distortion before she landed safely on her feet, the Dark Network still following and spreading under her. She could feel electricity surging through her body, but it was quickly silenced by a surplus of the Dark Network surging through her body. She was quickly getting more and more pissed...

"I think I'm gonna flip in a minute...!"

As her anger grew, so did the power of the cracks on the ground. They grew larger, and began to pulsate violently, crackling with black, purple and red electricity all about. Her breathing became heavy, her hands started to tremble... Her eyes grew dark and blank... As she trembled, so did the ground where the Dark Network was rising up. The lightning beams from above would indeed strike upon this girl, which should have knocked her for a loop... But instead, she stood just where she was, still trembling, blood oozing from the top of her head. She was almost ready to snap.

Asuka: Oh no... Not yet...!

She aimed to kill him, and that's exactly what she was going to do, one way or another. The gun in her hand started to transform, taking on the shape of a more futuristic device, which resembled a very large megaphone... but was in fact a device of much greater power and destructive amplification than even that; it was the Gigaphone. Mach 9 had transformed into its more destructive form. Mikou was going to do something terrible soon...

Asuka, who was still in the car, thought quickly and put the cloaking device back on, silently driving elsewhere for a brief moment. Lash was nowhere to be seen. Finally... She was going to show this kid what was up. He died here.

Her tremendous buildup of power was definitely having a negative effect on the area... In fact, the cracks on the ground had spread just about all over the place, rupturing even the ground in several different ways. The land under one of the shinobi's would shift, protruding upward, whilst under another, it would sink in, hopefully messing up their triangle. With the heavy amount of Dark Network power surging, they should find it exceedingly difficult to connect it swiftly, anyway. Everything was going awry. And to top it all off...

Asuka: Do it, Vino.

A swirling inferno suddenly appeared around the entirety of the area. The smell of gas was heavy in the air, as all this time they battled, Vino had been releasing gallons upon gallons of gasoline around the whole battlefield, with Lash helping out by putting trace amounts nearby when she set up her traps. The sky was tinted red, and the flames all too quickly spread to the area with Mickey and the shinobis, threatening the both of them. But Mickey didn't even seem to care.

To add to the flames, explosions started to go off left and right, fueling the fire with then added to the power of the explosions across the whole area. Lash's bombs and land mines were going off rather violently. Looks like they both were gonna die here... Except for the fact that Mikou had a way out. She took in a deep breath, her eyes burning with pure and utter rage and shouted at the top of her lungs.


She pulled the trigger of the Gigaphone, which was pointed toward the ground now, and the resulting destructive sound wave would blow away the ground and shoot her straight into the sky, whilst the Dark Network itself started to take control of the sound wave itself, causing it to match the power of this horrendously destructive blast. The atmosphere changed from red to purple and black with the consumption of the sound wave that spread across the entire area, and the flames would also start to grow in power, being fueled by the Dark Network; Concert Crush. They were a huge roaring wildfire that held hues of black, red and purple, intensified to the highest extent. It was like everything was fueling the other thing; the sound fueling the Dark Network, which was fueling the Flames, which all of them were then heavily desynchronizing and draining the shinobi's chakra at an incredibly high rate. Even without Mickey using her own power supply to harm him, the natural environment was going to destroy this guy. Between the flames, the Dark Network itself, AND the explosions from the bombs... Mikou and her team single-handedly created a natural disaster. But the question now was... How was she going to escape?

Well, when Mikou shot herself into the sky, Asuka already was ready to intercept in the sky, the Deathtrap decloaking itself in the air and Lash snatching Mickey into the car, that was full of everyone. Asuka, Lash, Vino and Deadeye. They landed in the flames, the armor of the vehicle enough to survive even this type of heat... But not without repercussions. They'd have to do heavy maintenance soon enough. They drove out far beyond the radius of the flames, only because of what was about to happen net.

Mikou, calming down, but still trembling "... Lash... Did you set up the Great Granddaddy?"

Lash: Rearing to go.

"Blow this fucker to bits. And the rest of this area, too."

Lash: Heheheh... Roger that!

With hands still in her trench coat pockets, she pressed a single button as the car drove away at top speed, and that bomb, the Great Granddaddy, would detonate, causing the flames to blow sky high, a black, purple and red mushroom fire cloud utterly destroying everything.

Deadeye: ... Well, reckon that should have killed the feller.

"... We've failed. Next time, we're heading to the bank. No mistakes. No fuck ups. Get back to the base so we can do repairs."

Everyone was silent. They drove off into the distance. If the shinobi did survive, he'd be on her list... Her Hit list.

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Heist 8: Back at Base... Again.

After having FAILED completely at trying to rob some random guy on the streets, it was clear that Mickey was going to need to get a couple more 'friends' in her roster. "... We've FAILED." She shook her head as Vino bandaged her head up.

Asuka: "... Well, we can always get in touch with Molly and Lily. They live together and are well within our communication methods, if I get the chance to work on them."

Mikou didn't seem to really be in the mood for anything anyone had to say. She was so pissed off. "... Do whatever you have to. I need to be alone." She stood up and walked to her room, where she went to her bed. The rest was up to them. She'd better see a miracle in the morning.

With Mickey clearly upset and calling it quits for the night, the four of them were now feeling down in the dumps. Asuka, Lash, Deadeye and Vino.

Asuka, working hard on a new telecommunication device, "..."

Vino: "Ey, I thought you didn't have no money for a new device?"

Asuka: "I had to use old things from around the house... But our money problems will be over soon enough when Lily comes around."

Lash: "Yeah, Lily was our accountant... The money expert. We don't understand how she did it, but she always got us the funds we needed any time we needed them."

Deadeye: "Ain't that the truth. When she gets here, we's gonna be set up."

Asuka: "And Molly is our dual mechanic and medic. She can fix up the Deathtrap and do a better job at tending to our injuries than we can."

Vino: "Oh, so I guess it is pretty important that we get in contact with them."

Asuka: "Exactly."

Lash: "So how long is this going to take, Asuka...?"

Asuka: "I'll say another twenty minutes, and we'll be in contact with them."

Deadeye: "Well what're we gonna do in the meanwhile?"

Lash: "We can always tell Vino the story of Lily and Molly..."

Asuka: "Wonderful. Do that while I concentrate."

Looks like since Asuka was out, Lash was up to tell the story of Lily. Oh what fun.

Lash: "... Um... Alright. Lily is a rich girl who can sniff out money from a mile away. She can even tell how much someone has on their person without having to be near them. It's like a special skill with her... She can evaluate the worth of anything, and is our appraiser. Not only that, but she can literally triple whatever funds we make from our escapades without us even knowing. We call her the 'Money Goddess.'"

Vino was much too shocked to respond to this. This girl would bring them the most cash ever.

Lash: "Her part in Mickey's escape happened long before and after she was in any real danger. She knew where the secret vault where the fake boss kept all of his riches, and never told anyone but Mikou herself. She lied about the worth of the two priceless jewels that were stolen to ensure that the fake boss didn't hawk em off immediately, saying they came in a complete set. This was why he was so concerned with the last heist. These three jewels are priceless on their own, but making him think that they were worth more as a set let his greedy mind fester the idea. Because of her persuasion, the fake boss made the plan to go through with the final heist, which is our final moment to strike."

Vino could see how very important that was... Because otherwise, he would have sold the jewels and spent all of the money frivolously. She bought them a whole heap of time. "And what about that Molly girl?"

Deadeye immediately stepped up, walking in front of Lash. "I's got this one, li'l lady."

Lash immediately walked away, over to Asuka, without hesitation. Seems like she was ready to stop talking any way.

Deadeye: "Well er... Molly is a spirited little lass. Got a lotta energy, that one. She uses up most of it tinkerin' with things and fixin' up what we need. She's a good girl, can repair anything. She's the one fiddlin' with Asuka and Lash's stuff when they malfunction, helpin' the both a them fix up stuff faster. She was the maintenance fer the base, too."

Vino: "Seems like a necessary addition to the gang, eh?"

Deadeye: "Well... I reckon everyone in our little posse is necessary. You'll see it when they all are rounded up. But er, just as good at she is at fixin' things, she's just as good at takin em apart. That's where her part came in in this here story. She took apart all of that er fake boss's security cameras and things of that nature. Broke down all o his cars and disassembled all o his weapons. She had to work up and down that there base to get that done. Another thing that made Mickey's escape a damn good'n."

Vino: "The more I hear this story, the more I see you all can cover your tracks well. I bet with everyone here, we'd be unstoppable."

Deadeye: "I do indeed reckon. But Mickey's the one with the master plans and all. She organized the whole outfit's parts."

Vino: "Heh... That girl really is somethin'."

Deadeye: "Don'tcha even know?"

By the time Deadeye was finished talking, Asuka was just about finished with the new telecommunication devices.

Asuka: "Done! Now my new devices are done! These are omnicommunication devices. They'll work for communication in any way possible."

vino: "And you did this with the OLD stuff lying around?"

Asuka: "Yes, of course. They aren't in their best state, but I should be able to get a call out to Lily at least once before they need repairs. That's all I really need."

Vino: "... Well. What are we waiting for? Get em on the line!"

Immediately, Asuka got on the omnicommunication device and connected to Lily's mansion. While the others were still talking, she would talk to both Lily and Molly.

Vino: "Well, I guess Mickey will be happy to know that we're getting somewhere."

Lash: "We've been up all night... It's almost morning."

Deadeye: "Bet when we all take a good, long nap, Lily and Molly will be knockin right on our door."

Vino: "That sounds like a plan."

Asuka, just finishing up her conversation, "Good to have you all back." Turns off omnicommunication device. "They're on their way. We have a while before they get here, so we can take that nap, like you said."

Vino: "Bitchin'. Let's go hit the hay, eh?"

With everyone's unanimous agreement, they would all motion towards their respective bedrooms, which seemed to have simply appeared from their last time being here. The Mezzanine seemed to have that power to adjust to their needs wholly and truly. It was good; there were gonna be a lotta people here later down the lines.

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Mikou the Panduochrysm :: Keeper of the Crystal Wings; Alice of the Crystal Petals
Mikou the Panduochrysm :: Keeper of the Crystal Wings; Alice of the Crystal Petals

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Heist 9: Moving On To Another

After leaving Tamura's home with a camera still watching the Burst Leader would move on with his Cleff Missions. Next is Mikou. Apparently she's dangerous. Something about a 'Dark Network'. One of the locations led him here. To the Dusk. In fact, this was one of his first visits to the Dusk. "This is a pretty nice place... Anyway. I'm hope she's home. If I have to see that Gunner first... I might not even make it." The Burst Leader knocked on the door of the apartment here. Hopefully all can go pretty smooth.

The knock on the door was like the alarm to the fuzz to this girl. Jumping right up from the bed, she took only two things with her; her gun and her omnicommunication device. She crept slowly, slowly to the door, careful not to make even a single sound as she drew near... She looked out of the peephole only to find a strange man standing there... Her Dark Network sensed that his power was on a level similar to Cleff's... A stooge. For him.

Mikou: "Nice try, Cleff, but I ain't goin out like a wuss..."

She pointed her gun at the peephole and started to conjure up a large, destructive, disruptive power... The Dark Network... All wavelengths and vibrations in the immediate area started to malfunction and go haywire: Electronics, brain waves, sounds, lights -- all of it... Just from her storing up this much destructive power within her gun. And without hesitation, or even asking what or who this man was or what his relation to Cleff was, she pulled the trigger.

Mikou: "DARK NETWORK!!!"

Like a wave of pure negative and discordant chaos, the release of the trigger blew apart the entire floor they were on, having destroyed everything with the negative vibrations that the Dark Network created. It could only do this because of the Burst Leader and all of his stable, harmonic vibrations... And by taking the negative of those, she tried to completely and utterly destroy him by his own discord.

The Burst Leader's device started to make loud annoying beeps that sounded distorted. The light flicker and a slight headache started to come on. His energy in my head starts to act like a barrier; there's clearly some outside interference. A large buildup of energy tips him off as he jumped below and watched the destruction take place. "Guess she is as dangerous as he says." The Burst Leader reached to his lower back. 'Liberation' makes a slight hissing noise as it opens up and release 'Seiryoku'. I grab the white, tailed blade and swing it downward. "Alright. You must be Mikou, am I right?"

Successfully blowing the whole floor of the Mezzanine to smithereens, she watched as it slowly started to repair itself, like some sort of weird machine, but focused her attention on the strange man that had come knocking at her door, gun still pointed at him as if ready to fire another shot at any given time. Black and purple electricity sparked and crackled every which way all around, especially near the barrel of her gun and her fingers.

Mikou: "Yeah, that's me. What's it to ya? Lookin to sleep with the fishes or som'thin?"

She licked her lips, letting her tongue scrape across her rigid, pointed teeth in ecstasy. She was either thinking about how to kill him or... Well, nevermind. The satisfaction of bloodshed was quite enough for her.

Sitting on the crib right in front of the Mezzanine, facing away from it, sat Tamura with his forearms resting on his legs. His ears perked to the sounds of destruction inside the building that acted as the home to a nice number of Dusk civilians and he shook his head. "You're gonna lose fighting inside the building." Who the comment was addressed to was anyone's guess, but he knew that the Burst Leader was inside and he'd made contact with Mikou. Tamura had gotten wise to her presence in the Dusk the minute she stepped into the village. A massive -- and unrecognized -- power source like her doesn't just waltz in unnoticed by one of the best sensors of the village no matter how hard she tried masking herself.

He tossed his head back to look at the building in question, hoping for glimpse of the combatants through one of the various windows. Just to see what floor they were on before he brought his head back forward and closed his eyes.

"Sleep with the fishes?" 'Ugh, Is this more arrogance from the shinobi of this world?' The Burst Leader tossed his white blade to the left hand, reaching back as 'Liberation' releases 'Fulmination'. He grabbed this new sword as its core near the hilt sparks. "To put this simply, I'm looking for you." 'But you're dangerous, you should just be put down...' His thoughts these days were pretty crazy. It seemed as if he was starting to hate things with too much power. "Maybe, if you calm down, we can talk, be civil."

As if sensing the very wavelength that was to come from the Liberation, Mickey whispered something into the omnicommunication device and found herself releasing a large spherical barrier of intense disharmonic energy. It was focusing the Dark Network's energy into different forms.

Mikou: "Thanks Asuka! I see you're gettin' pretty quick on the draw. Speaking of..."

Mickey had sensed Tamura's stink of Cleff on him from a mile a way. His vibrations were intense... He and the Burst Leader had similar power to both herself and Cleff... He had MORE goons!?

Mikou: "Crimeny... Deadeye, ready to fire."

Most literally on command, a bullet from the very top of the Mezzanine spiraled down toward Tamura, nearing his head only a moment after the shot was fired. They were already set up...

"I don't want to get involved," Tamura whispered to himself as one of his eyes shot open, glowing orange in color. He didn't move his body, his arms or legs, his hands or feet. He didn't stand, he didn't turn his head, he didn't even look up from the ground that he was looking down at. What he did do was expel a pulse of energy. The area got noticeably cooler around him, and the bullet slowed to halt right before it would have ripped through his skull. How was this possible? Well... Tamura could manipulate kinetic energy with his energy. Though at first it required physical contact, he used the power so much that he'd figured out how to do it without the need of touching something. Kinetic energy was the energy an object possessed while it was in motion -- the bullet -- and Tamura absorbed that energy, stopping the bullet.

How he knew the bullet was coming? Tamura's senses were quite sensitive from training with his father Maruze. It didn't take him much to hear the bullet slicing through the wind. "What did I even come here for?" he asked himself as he rose his hand and used his fingers to flick the bullet back to the barrel of the gun in which it came from. Using all the kinetic energy he'd absorbed from it. If he was lucky, the bullet would hopefully cause the gun to explode, but sniper's were tricky.

"Why... Does everything always have to be a hassle?!" As fast as actually lightning, the Burst Leader zipped through the Mezzanine heading toward Mikou. But right before he reached her, he zipped high into the air, a trail of sparks following him.
"Mikou, listen! I want to talk, but if I have to I'll restrain you and make you talk to me!" 'Being forceful is far from what I want to happen, but hey, it might have to be done.' His sword begin to slowly glow, from the base all the way to the tips. At the tips energy starts to build. Lightning energy, on Fulmination, and the potent energy source 'Burst' on his other. "Please, reconsider your actions!"

Tch. Looks like the jig was up. These guys were pretty tough. With pinpoint accuracy equivalent to Deadeye himself, she fired a bullet toward the speeding bullet that was heading toward him, deflecting it right before it hit him.

Mikou: "Grrr, you bastards..."

Mickey knew that fighting at this point was probably going to end with her destroying the entire building with the Dark Network... She didn't wanna be out of a hideout... And both of Cleff's goons were decidedly powerful... Tch.

Mikou: "... Temporary cease fire."

She spoke those words into the omnicommunication device, soon put that in her dress.

Mikou: "... Alright, alright! Whaddaya want with me, you hounds of Cleff!? I can feel his influence on the both of youse!"

Tamura was seriously stumped. Like seriously. He wasn't sure why he'd chosen to come here. Perhaps it was just to watch the Burst Leader to see how he would handle the situation against Mikou. Tamura was sitting outside, on the crib, so he didn't know what was really going on. All he knew was that someone shot at him. He stood up and dusted himself off, out of habit alone, and stuffed his hands in his jacket pockets before walking away. He hadn't been shot at again, so he assumed this was over.

'Guess she's going to decide to talk. That's better than a fight.' The Burst Leader sheathed his blades back into Liberation before descending to the ground in a flash of energy. "I'm glad you stopped that attack. But before you make accusations, know this; I'm no hound of anyone. I'm doing Cleff a favor." He walked over to a railing and leaned against it. "Before I talk about that. That energy you used. It's interesting. It had a sort of distortion property. Where'd you pick up a skill like that?" That would have to be the Dark Network. But it's better to let people be open on their own. After all, who knows you better than you...? In some cases, that is.

Glaring at Tamura as he walked away, she figured that he was going to be a problem sometime soon... He stunk of Cleff FAR worse than this guy before her. "He knows something... I'll get it outta him..." She said this under her breath and to herself, so it was questionable whether the Burst Leader would hear or not. However, she was still paying attention to him, and when he asked his question, she promptly responded.

Mikou: "Favor, eh? What the hell do you owe him where you'd do him a favor? And what was that favor, eh? Having me whacked?"

If Cleff personally sent out a hit on her from someone like this, then he must have seriously meant business. His power made the Dark Network quite powerful... Meaning he had a lot of harmonic energy within himself. Hm...

Mikou: "The Dark Network? Pff, that's somethin' I've always had, ya know? Some sort of weird power. Don't know how I got it, just know that when Cleff found me, it got better. Before, it was just some measly sound waves or somethin', which was enough in my lifestyle. But that bastard..."

She didn't even want to continue. She was getting worked up all over again. Black and purple electricity crackled all around her body, as if she were going to just explode again with this unbridled power... It was reacting once more to the Burst Leader's intense energy, and would definitely level the whole building this time if she got too worked up.

Mikou: "That fucking bastard... Cleff...!!!"

"I owe no debt to Cleff..." The Burst Leader placed his hands in his pockets and slowly started to walk toward Mikou. "... And I'm not here as an assassin. Cleff just asked me to speak with you, to see if I could get you to come with me." Seeing her start to get worked up, he saw her energy start to rise. "Please, I need you to calm down. You getting worked up is only going to make this whole ordeal even worse. Cleff only wants to speak with you, he says he wants to help you. What makes you think he's out to get you?"

"BECA--" She stopped abruptly. She thought about it... What? "... He's not trying to fucking destroy me? Tch. What a load. You don't know what he was tryin' ta do ta me, do ya? When I woke up, he was trying to like, do some sort of fucking experiment on me. Yeah, he gave me this metal arm good as new, but he also did somethin' to the Dark Network. And now, it's fucking GREAT! But he told me he wanted to get rid of this shit. An I swore ta him... He wasn't gonna fuck me up and destroy me! He almost did it to Vino!"

She was surprised at how this was going... She normally couldn't talk to anyone, especially not someone who associated themselves with Cleff. There must have been a shift somewhere in the Dark Network... Bah...

Since she's 'somewhat' talking, the Burst Leader had taken the liberty of getting just a few feet away from her and sat on a rail that overlooked the Mezzanine. "Think about what you just did for a second. You blew out a chunk of this place. Why, because you were angry? You're unstable. What if people had died? Innocent people? Could you live with that, or are you someone who just doesn't even care?" He looked into her eyes, not using any eye technique or trying to scan her, just to look into her eyes. Sometimes it makes people feel funny. Who knows.
"Even if Cleff is a bad as you say, sending his 'hounds' after you, you think you'd be able to run free forever? Just come back. It's better that way." 'I don't think Cleff is out to do any harm. But this girl, she's so obsessed with hating him.'

"But I-- Eh?" For a moment, Mikou felt something... Weird inside of her. Something that made her soul shiver, and the Dark Network fall silent. It was his eyes. Staring into his eyes and seeing his sincerity, she wondered... 'Why did I even want to kill him in the first place?' It was... Because she hated Cleff. But, even if she was insane, and could go off in a snap to release the Dark Network... She didn't want to do that. He was... Right. And she was... Wrong. "... Feh. Well, I..." She was finding it difficult to even muster up some words, realizing how wrong she was about it all. "... I guess I just... Thought he was going to try to hurt me and my friend like the old guy did from before..."

She sighed, plopping down to her knees. She was about to be just like him in only a second; killing someone whose intentions were good simply because she was pissed off and afraid. That's so... Terrible. To realize you are becoming something you hate. She stared up at him with sorrowful eyes, and sighed heavily. "... I apologize. I'll come quietly." She took her omnicommunication device and turned it off for the moment, staring at the Burst Leader with a crooked, yet sincere smile of her own. "... So, gonna take me in, or what?"

'Seems she calmed down. And started to understand. Also seems as if she was hurt before, just based off her words. That's enough to make someone distrusting. So I can understand her actions I can only hope Cleff wasn't lying. If he doesn't help her, that'd make me into a liar...' "Mikou," the Burst Leader walked closer to her and placed his hands on her arms, lifting her back to her feet. "You're not my prisoner, so I'm not 'taking you in', we'll go together." He returned her smile with one of his own. A smile just as sincere. 'I've finally rounded up everyone Cleff wanted to see and now I can finally make it to the Chaotic Palace.

"Not a prisoner...? Just going... Together...?"vMickey was almost lost in confusion. But the Burst Leader's hand made her realize that they really were not gonna do this as prisoner and captive, but just friends walking together. She hadn't done that with anyone except the people in her mafia. "... Heh. A friend outside the gang. Okay... I understand. Let's go, guy!" So she took hold of his hand as she was lifted up, and didn't let it go. Not until they got to the Chaotic Palace, that is.

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