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 Th'name's Blank

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Great Ape the Golden Blisschrysm :: Chocolate Scarab Alpharaoh, Keeper of the Crystal Shard
Great Ape the Golden Blisschrysm :: Chocolate Scarab Alpharaoh, Keeper of the Crystal Shard

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Th'name's Blank Empty
PostSubject: Th'name's Blank   Th'name's Blank EmptyThu Jul 11, 2019 11:40 pm

The name's Blank. Don't wanna call me that? Call me Bro. If that's too much for you, then you should just stay out of my way.

I come from a clan that used to ride the skies. We were Sky Pirates. We used to take what we wanted, when we wanted and didn't give a damn whom we took it from, but we didn't like to hurt people. Don't get me wrong, if they attack, we will collaboratively whoop their asses, but we never initiated fights. We only did that when we absolutely had to... And when we absolutely had to, we always won.

There is a simple reason as to why we always won fights... My clan's special ability of Natural Energy. All of our bodies have the potential to harness all types of energies to power up our own bodies, though we can only excrete this power with physical attacks. We would take the energy of the surrounding area and focus it within ourselves to demolish all who got in our way. Not only that, but they also said there was a strange power in my eyes that helped up in times of danger. I never paid much attention to it, though. Anyway, there was no way to defeat us. Though, one day in a raid, our airship was blown down from the sky; all of our treasures being spread across the land. I grabbed only one treasure most important to me; the family's dagger. The family dagger. Its name is Null. It's your ordinary dagger, slightly longer than the norm, however. While I'm holding it, I can concentrate my Natural Energies within it to enhance it, like I can my body. This is the weapon of my family, and so their power is embedded within it. Whenever the family wants to help me, Null will gleam and change color from green to clear. I, myself, am not a fan of weapons, but... This weapon, I can make an exception to. It has the memory of my family within it, and whenever they want to assist me in battle through the dagger, who am I to stop them? Not many of us died from the blowing up of the ship, but many of us were separated and never saw each other again. Yeah, guess what? I was separated from them... But also separated from myself. Some of my body parts had been damaged and blown away in the process, and I was unconscious for 6 months straight. How did I survive, you ask? My body pulled in some Natural Energies to keep my life sustained, even though I couldn't do anything. Nifty, huh?

When I came to, my body parts were sewn back on and I had a strange belt over my eyes. I don't know who or what sewed me back together, but I do appreciate it. About the belt... I intended to see why this thing was over my eyes, and after many experimentations, I found out that it was regulating my power. Some time afterward, I noticed a note inside of it, as well, explaining further what I had already come to the conclusion of. The note read:

"Boy of the strange energy,
Your power was leaking uncontrollably out of your body, gushing out as your blood was. It seemed as though it had been 3 days you had been there, bleeding unstably. Your body was on the verge of death. We found your body parts as quickly as possible and reassembled them, to ensure no more blood would exit and no more of your energy would pour out. To our favor, the blood stopped, but unfortunately, the energy coming from your body did not stop flowing. It threatened to take your life's essence if any more were to flow out, and we could tell, as your life's essence was becoming weaker and weaker with every passing moment. Using an ancient containment relic of our people, we placed it upon your head and allowed it to contain your power and regulate the flow of your energy to ensure your survival. Your body was too weak to handle your power at that moment, however, with time...."

The note was cut off. It was rather dirty and sloppily written... It was amazing that I could read even that much. Oh well, I'm sure I could infer from the rest of it about what to do. Well, regardless of what I had been through... I still had the family's dagger and I had this new belt and all of my body parts, which seemed to be functioning fine. Now, all that was left to do was wander around... Take what I can to survive. And bide my time until the family and I are reunited once more, ready to scourge the world of all of its treasure. That's the life of a Sky Pirate... The life for me.


Guy I met around this place, a Sky Pirate like myself... Wave was th'name. He and I; best of bros. Together we hunted and gathered all the rarest treasures all across this land... But this land here changed, and the materials were becoming scarcer and scarcer. So we had to start going farther out... and farther and farther and farther... Until finally, we found what we were looking for. Materia. Sweet, glorious materia. It wasn't a lot, but it was enough. Materia and these two knew weapons; an Ankh and a Hook Sword shaped like a Crook. Found it in some sort of Pyramid way off, and they were said to be some sort of special weapons or whatever... I took em. Named em Isis the Ankh and Osiris the Crook Hook. They seemed to take kindly to the Materia I put into them, and it only felt better for my natural energies to get hold of those two. Woo baby. Shortly after, my natural energy started going haywire and it surfaced itself on my skin... Like it had evolved. Now it looks like really cool tribal markings all over my body, and I'm loving it. I learns that I could control these tattoos in any shape or form I want, since it was just my own Natural Energy.

However, on our journey back... We found chaos. Not only that, but we'd been forgotten. They really did that to us? They forgot who we were?

We'll show them. Now we're back with a vengeance. Before I left my journey, I started on the path of an Assassin. Skilled at the sleight of hand and the art of killing? Plus Materia and my Natural Energy and these weird looking Tattoos? Me and Wave are gonna take this place by storm... No one's ready for these Sky Pirates back on deck!

I put some Materia in the family dagger, too. Got some Summoning Materia and Independent Materia and put em in and the Dagger's never looked better.

Tsubake, the Forgotten Sky Pirate, who goes by the alias of 'Blank', goes about filching rare artifacts and gems at his leisure to add to his list of Lost Weapons. Though a pirate, he is kind and doesn't steal; more like hunts for treasure. He spots any and everything of interest with his Frame-Catching Eye in the Clutch to know what to take and what not to take. With his special power to take in any type of Natural Energy around him and use it to enhance his body, he's quite the brawler in close quarters. He's got a sort of modern day Egyptian-Pirate feel going for him, with a hint of Rebellious Teen (with a leather jacket)
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Great Ape the Golden Blisschrysm :: Chocolate Scarab Alpharaoh, Keeper of the Crystal Shard
Great Ape the Golden Blisschrysm :: Chocolate Scarab Alpharaoh, Keeper of the Crystal Shard

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Th'name's Blank Empty
PostSubject: Re: Th'name's Blank   Th'name's Blank EmptyThu Oct 01, 2020 12:51 pm

First Raid: My Way...

The first time in a while.

Blank had been walking for quite a long time, his fist clenched with passion beside him.

"Man... How long's it been since I've used this fist? Not since that last air raid..."

He shook his head, trying not to remember that. Looking at his mangled, stitched arm, he could do nothing but clench his fist again.

"Idiot... You shouldn't be doing this... You don't have the power to search for the entire family right now.." he would say to himself. He had only recovered from his 6 month coma just a week ago. He hadn't done much since then, but he really needed to get the feeling back in his body.

"Oh, I know. I can find someone to pummel" he would say jokingly. He snickered just a bit, stopping and leaning against a tree "... Though, it would show what the limits of my body are, now..."

*Kite would stroll into the area and noticed the young boy sitting under the tree. Kite went over to him and spoken in a soft tone.*

Are you looking for a fight?

*He asked towering over him as the body sat.*

A clenched fist raised, opening and closing as if he were getting the feeling back in his own hand.

"Haha. Yeah. You up for it, I guess, huh?"

He would push himself from the tree and clench his fist once more, striking a pose, seeming to be protecting his upper body and chin. "How's this gonna go?"

*Kite would jump back making some space between the two. In a flash of light Kite would summon Pawn to his hand and griped it's hilt tightly.*

Ready when you are....

Blank smirked, hopping around in that position, studying his opponent intensely.

"You've got a weapon? Heh. I hate weapons."

He would run toward Kite, not letting up his guard to his face, then would stop abruptly in front of him, trying to launch his fist into Kite's side with a right hook. His left hand would still cover his face and upper torso, but he would quickly pull back his hand if it did or did not connect.

Tsubake, the Forgotten Sky Pirate, who goes by the alias of 'Blank', goes about filching rare artifacts and gems at his leisure to add to his list of Lost Weapons. Though a pirate, he is kind and doesn't steal; more like hunts for treasure. He spots any and everything of interest with his Frame-Catching Eye in the Clutch to know what to take and what not to take. With his special power to take in any type of Natural Energy around him and use it to enhance his body, he's quite the brawler in close quarters. He's got a sort of modern day Egyptian-Pirate feel going for him, with a hint of Rebellious Teen (with a leather jacket)
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Great Ape the Golden Blisschrysm :: Chocolate Scarab Alpharaoh, Keeper of the Crystal Shard
Great Ape the Golden Blisschrysm :: Chocolate Scarab Alpharaoh, Keeper of the Crystal Shard

Posts : 80
Male Points : 100
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Join date : 2014-11-17

Th'name's Blank Empty
PostSubject: Re: Th'name's Blank   Th'name's Blank EmptyThu Oct 01, 2020 12:54 pm

Second Raid: Back into shape.

Let's get into the feel of the fight.

Making his way to an open area with numerous trees and plains, Blank would take in a deep breath of air and sigh. "Feels good to breathe, I guess."

He would stretch his arms and bend his back, then bend a knee and outstretch a leg, bouncing a bit, then repeated the process with the other. "There's a lot of good Natural Energy here. That means that I've got a lot to work with. Hahaha." Self reflection is good for the soul, he thought. So, it was time for him to start.

He walked over to a tree and began to tap at it with his fist. "Hm. Pretty sturdy... Let me just..." He began to jab at it a little bit harder, after a few minutes, he would progressively let out more force with his punches. He continued to punch. And punch. And punch. Eventually, a dent was embedded into the tree's trunk, however even then he did not stop. He continued to punch and punch and punch, now going faster and stronger than before, attempting to chop the tree down with his bare knuckles.

"Almost... Almost..." he would say in between breaths. He was very close to punching it down, his knuckles filled with his fury.

"Strike, strike, strike, strike..." The tree was shaky now; just a little ways away from being knocked completely over. Blank knew this, and without a second though, cocked back and let all of his weight go into his fist, shouting out "STRIKE!!!" And punching full force at the tree, causing it to crack and fall down beside him with a large thud. It looked as if a lumberjack had chopped the tree down with a baseball bat.

"Hahaaa... That's one. I guess my fists haven't failed me yet. If only I had a target that would fight back... Then I could see how well my legs work, too." He waved his hands in the air a bit, showing a slight bit of pain, but walked it off, moving on to the next tree... But not before taking the remaining Natural Energy from the just fallen tree. The felled tree had lots of Natural Energy... As everything did. Blank touched the tree with his bare hand and started to extract the Natural Energy into his body. The more Natural Energy he obtained, the more he'd be able to excrete in the long run, and the more control he'd have over his own. "Ah. Ahaha... Good stuff. And now, we can move on..." He stood, staring (sorta) at his next target and walking toward it.

Gazing at the immense tree before him, Blank was determined to knock it down, just as the one before him. He noted the thickness of the trunk and the height of the tree, knocking on it a few times just as he did the tree before. "Heh. Alright then. Round two. Let's go."

This time, he would see how his legs were doing. He began to bounce around in a boxing stance, focusing on vital points of the tree. He started to circle the tree, still bouncing. After one good circle around, he launched a punch. Then another. And another. They all came in sequence, again getting gradually faster and more powerful. It was just like the other tree, however now instead of punching one point, he was punching multiple. By doing this, he could weaken the tree in lots of different areas and make it fall faster than it would by just punching through one. Though, to do this effectively, he would need to move faster.

"Come on, legs... Let's see what you've got!"

He bounced a bit faster, now circling the tree a tiny bit faster than he did the first time, still launching powerful punches in the same spots. As he circled the tree faster, he had to punch the tree faster, as well. He would need to focus his eyes and mind hard so that he wouldn't miss the point that he needed to punch, since those were the most vital points on that tree. He gradually got faster with his circulation, as he did with the punches, his fists now moving almost in a blur, but still distinguishable. He was getting a bit tired, but decided to persevere.

"Hustle, hustle..."

The tree was becoming weak. He could see it trembling with every quaking punch he delivered to it. That was a good sign, as it was about to break. Blank smirked, really trying not to lose his focus. "Just a few more and..." He went around the tree one last time, making sure that each and every point that he punched was at its weakest, and finally, stopped abruptly and on the dime, making a tiny shockwave of force from himself just stopping, and launched all of that potential energy built up from that abrupt stop through his fists and directly through the tree, saying nothing as he did so. There was a loud snap, as the tree fell over and crashed down with a large thud. That was the second one.

"Oho... This is getting intense. My fists are getting a little sore. Already? Is this all I've got?"

He laughed at himself, then moved over to the other tree slowly, placing his hand on that tree. He sucked out the Natural Energy of that fallen tree, and his fists began to feel better, as if his body were slightly restored. It wasn't much, but now he wasn't tired. A large amount of Natural Energy would surely rid him of fatigue quite quickly. So long as he continued to knock down trees, Blank could go all night.

"Maybe I'll throw in a rock into my lineup... Maybe after these next few trees." Blank snickered, moving on to the next tree in line for falling.

Blank began to bounce once more, this time, nowhere near the tree. He closed his eyes (not that anyone could notice, anyway, or that it made a difference), and began to focus his energy. "Alright, then. You know what it's time for..." He started to breathe at a very controlled pace. With his eyes closed, he could see the Natural Energies of everything that was in front of him. The trees were shaped with the Natural Energy... Everything could be seen clearly (even though he barely saw anything to begin with, due to his head belt).

"Natural Energy... I see it... I can feel it..."

His hair began to flair up and his body began to radiate with an odd aura. His fist clenched so tightly that they made a sound, and his feet were so light that it barely seemed like he touched the ground. He gathered all of the stray and wandering Natural Energy in the area and finally, was ready to unleash it.

"Destruct Zero."

He pushed off of the very tip of his toe at a blurred speed, leaving little streaks of the Natural Energy aura behind him in a line. He grunted, blasting straight through 8 trees that seemed to be conveniently lined up in a row in front of him, each falling with just one punch, but also being blasted straight into the sky with an explosive and concussive force from the impact of the breaking punch. After the 8th tree, the aura of natural energy around Blank faded, and he fell to his feet, stumbling a bit.

"Woah... Been a while since I've done that, too. Forgot how much it took out of me..." He turned around, ready to see what the fruits of his labor was...

"Huh? No trees?"

He placed his hands in his pockets, kicking up a little dust. "Well, crap. I feel shitty as hell. All that power I put into that and all of the energy I used up, and nothing happened... Man. That's a real downer..." Though, as soon as he finished talking, the 8 trees fell to the ground with a massive thud, sinking into the ground slightly upon their impact. Feeling the wind of the crashing trees in his face, he felt good about himself once more, smiling. "Hahaha. Good stuff. Guess I'm getting back in the groove, now!" He walked over to the 8 trees and began to take their Natural Energies, just so he could replenish himself. Using a massive amount of Natural Energy like that took a lot at this point... He wasn't used to this like he used to be. He needed to practice. If one Destruct Zero did this to his body... That just meant he needed to gain some more stamina with the Natural Energy. "Oi..."

Feeling a little better than before, Blank proceeded with his next act of training; Stamina. He needed to evenly distribute power into his body and let it flow well. If he did this correctly, he'd be able to through powerful and destructive punches using the most minimal amount of Natural Energy. Though, the problem was, he had no idea how to test his stamina, even if his Natural Energy had returned to him. He sat down, folding his legs in a sort of meditative position, thinking to himself.


He started to tap a finger on the ground before him. Nothing was coming to mind. It was a bit frustrating, but overall, he figured it would work out. About 5 minutes passed by and nothing came to his mind, still... But at least a good thing about this situation was that he was regaining some more of his power by resting.

"Hmph. Dammit! I can't think of ANYTHING!"

He delivered a swift, strong punch to the ground, making a slight crater. After a few moments, he realized that this was a good way to test his stamina. Dig through the ground... With his fists. With ever punch he would deliver to the ground, he would send a portion of Natural Energy through his fist only at the times when his fist touched the ground, as to not let any Natural Energy spill out and be wasted by lingering around idle fists. Yes, it was perfect to test stamina and control of his energy flow.

"Heh. Now that it's been established... Let's get this started!"

He first focused his Natural Energies within his body, letting most of it coarse through his arms, then focus into his fists. This was so that he could excrete such power as soon as the fist touched the ground, rather than have it within the rest of his idled body parts and have it move into his fists less swiftly than if it was already there. Finally, after harnessing the power, he gave one punch to the ground, and once contact was made, he unleashed some Natural Energy, making a sort of concussive explosion that made him dig into the ground a bit.

"Gh.. No... Wrong. I was off a bit. I wasted a little too much power... I'll try it again until I get it right."

He continued to punch the ground, trying to better and perfect the punches and excretion of Natural Energy through them. He was not satisfied the first few times, and continued to concentrate, highly fixed on making sure he got this right. A punch was delivered once more, creating another concussive explosion that eliminated another part of the ground under him, and he gritted his teeth. "No... No... Not yet..." More punches were delivered, yet he still was not satisfied. After some time of repeating this process, he finally delivered one punch that was absolutely perfect. "!!" He paused for a moment, looking at his hand, then punching the ground again, sending more Natural Energy through the fist. Once that was done, he continued. More and more and more, getting gradually faster. He had dug himself deeeep into the earth by now, however he had a goofy and cocky grin on his face. "Hee... It's good, now. It wasn't a fluke the first time. I've actually done it." He stood up, brushing his fists off and stretching a little bit. He yawned, but was rather proud of his training.

"Ah, I've still got a good amount of Natural Energy left... Even after all of that punching. Heh. I must really be improving, then!" He began to bounce around and jab at the air a few times out of sheer cockiness, then looked up at the dim light that was the exit to this pit he had dug.

"... Ooooi... Ha. Whatever. I know how to get out of this..." He stopped bouncing, taking a stance. He began to surge with a sort of aura for a moment or two, then shouted out "Second Gear!!" There was a flash of light that pulsed from his body and then immediately vanished. He smirked once more, dashing off in a blur. His physical strength in his upper and lower torso had increased dramatically, thus increasing his speed and power significantly. He ran and climbed up the pit like it was nothing. In a matter of seconds, he had reached the top, not seeming to be tired at all. Once he was at the top, the Second Gear wore off. "Phew. That's always fun to do. Heh. And I know just what I'm gonna start to master next..."

He paused, looking down at the pit, then walking around it and over to the trees he felled, saying to himself. "... The Third Gear..."

As he was about to initiate in training for the Third Gear, he realized that he needed to increase his power first. He wouldn't be able to sustain the Third Gear at this level of power... Extensive training would probably be under way. He needed to fight someone to increase his power, it seemed. Oh well.

"Well... I guess that's the next thing to do. Find someone to train with!"

He started to walk off into the distance, going to the Chaos village, where he seemed to already be accustomed to (somehow.)

Tsubake, the Forgotten Sky Pirate, who goes by the alias of 'Blank', goes about filching rare artifacts and gems at his leisure to add to his list of Lost Weapons. Though a pirate, he is kind and doesn't steal; more like hunts for treasure. He spots any and everything of interest with his Frame-Catching Eye in the Clutch to know what to take and what not to take. With his special power to take in any type of Natural Energy around him and use it to enhance his body, he's quite the brawler in close quarters. He's got a sort of modern day Egyptian-Pirate feel going for him, with a hint of Rebellious Teen (with a leather jacket)
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Great Ape the Golden Blisschrysm :: Chocolate Scarab Alpharaoh, Keeper of the Crystal Shard
Great Ape the Golden Blisschrysm :: Chocolate Scarab Alpharaoh, Keeper of the Crystal Shard

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Th'name's Blank Empty
PostSubject: Re: Th'name's Blank   Th'name's Blank EmptyThu Oct 01, 2020 12:58 pm

Third Raid: first fight ever, i wonder how'll i do

enma watching the leaves being blown to the side from the calm breeze lays down on the flat rock he was sitting on in till a very disturbing chill struck his back as if a frozen needle pierced his back he looks around to see what could cause this and then above him he heard "haha i gotcha" [as his soul partner maria tried to land on his back which she did but it left enma unfazed] "so what do u want to do today babe" ........ "sleep" [enma then seem to lift maria off of his shoulders and placed her on the ground next to the rock] " but u slept last time too, i wanna do something together." . "the only way were gonna do something together right now is if someone who was looking for a fight suddenly appeared before us, which will never happen."

And then, he appeared.

Blank was just getting back from the village of the Chaos, smirking after having that run-in with Shinta. All Blank had been doing was training, as his body was still loose. He needed to get back in the feel of things before they got him into some trouble, you know?

"Yo. I'm Blank. Nice to meetcha."

He waved his hand at the two, being totally oblivious to what they were doing. Blank was too busy thinking about his training, and where he was going to find another body... That Shinta guy said he could get Blank a new body... This one might fall apart at any moment.

"What are you two doin' way out here...?"

enma turning his head to see where the voice was coming from ignored the male that was walking towards him and closed his eyes again; but on the other hand maria smirked and waved back"~hi~, I'm maria and this is enma,what are we doing out good question i suppose we were looking for someone to train with but the search was a complete fail and u.?

Smiling, Blank gave a couple of jabs to the air, bouncing around a bit.

"Haha, yeah, me too, actually. Need someone to wail on until I can get my groove back.."

He started laughing a little bit to himself, as what he said was a joke... but it wasn't really all that funny. Whatever, though.

"Yo, if you're willing to fight, I'll give ya a fight!"

He continued hopping around a bit, then gave a few more jabs to the air. He was already fired up for battle.

enma interested in the proposal that the guy in which his name didn't care for gave looked out of one eye and then sat up. while yawning and stretching maria would seem to float towards enma while telepathically saying "use me well okay" "yea yea i will like how i promised" then she would ball up within the air as a blinding light surrounded her a scythe would appear in front of enma he would not touch it at all but it would still circle him
enma began tightening his leather gloves and then looked at blank [what would seem as a long period of staring at him would only be an after image created from enma's blinding speed[ enma would be behind blank with an attack that was launched long ago, this would be a test of blanks speed and reactions for the kick would already be very close too his neck]

Blank was a bit surprised by the speed, unable to really retaliate efficiently, but his guard was always up around his face and neck with his arms, like a boxer, so it was easy to defend. He did lose his balance, however, and kind of stumbled a bit backwards, but quickly regained composure.

"... Ooooh. Nice! Seems like this is gonna be fun..."

Blank was pretty fast, himself. If he really wanted to, he could probably keep up with Enma on foot... But his real prize was the speed and power of his upper torso.

"Heh. I could tell you were gone, anyway, so it's kinda a-given that I'mma be on guard, right? Th'Name's Blank, by the way."

Random for him to say, right? Doesn't matter. He took a step forward, still bouncing about, and then planted his foot in the ground for balance and released a flurry of swift punches, about 10 a second. He didn't seem tired from this at all, but he was concentrating a lot on doing this. Training had been a bit difficult. If Blank needed to, he could always up himself a bit...

with one of enma's legs within the air it was easy for him to get in his defensive stance he blocked all with ease. [as the forces continued to clash the scythe that was floating around enma seemed to disappear in till it would rotate at blinding speed around enma trying counter attack blank as enma blocked all of his attacks] assuming that blank would block and leave himself open or back step out of the way before the scythe showed signs of attack enma used half step to dodge all of the next 10 punches and before he could release the next group of punches enma's activated head of lighting which is a fast paced dash and he would then begin to punch where blanks lower body would be and he would slowly punch higher and higher which then turned to kicks if all were to connect blank would be launched in the air]

It wasn't like Blank was stupid. He could tell when someone was going to punch or kick him, as he had been fighting his whole life. There were certain signs that allowed him to tell which one was coming next and how fast, so he could effectively fend off such attacks with just experience from the past.

The scythe, however, would be very difficult to block effectively. It was because it was a weapon. Blank absolutely hated the use of weapons in a fight. He thought weapons were for pansies. It was either bare-knuckle or bust!

Blank surely did have to retract his punches once the scythe started spinning, but it was all for the best. A keen sense of sight from his street-fighting days would be very effective. He took the first punch, but because of the way Enma punched him, he knew where the next one was heading, and as such, caught his arm before it made contact. After catching Enma's arm, Blank swung around and threw Enma away from his general area.

"Just breaking a sweat, guy! Don't underestimate my power!"

An aura started to flow around Blank... Natural Energies from the area were in effect now. Something was bound to happen. His hair on his head started to stand up and flow a little bit.

Tsubake, the Forgotten Sky Pirate, who goes by the alias of 'Blank', goes about filching rare artifacts and gems at his leisure to add to his list of Lost Weapons. Though a pirate, he is kind and doesn't steal; more like hunts for treasure. He spots any and everything of interest with his Frame-Catching Eye in the Clutch to know what to take and what not to take. With his special power to take in any type of Natural Energy around him and use it to enhance his body, he's quite the brawler in close quarters. He's got a sort of modern day Egyptian-Pirate feel going for him, with a hint of Rebellious Teen (with a leather jacket)
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Great Ape the Golden Blisschrysm :: Chocolate Scarab Alpharaoh, Keeper of the Crystal Shard
Great Ape the Golden Blisschrysm :: Chocolate Scarab Alpharaoh, Keeper of the Crystal Shard

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Th'name's Blank Empty
PostSubject: Re: Th'name's Blank   Th'name's Blank EmptyThu Oct 01, 2020 1:04 pm

Fourth Raid: Hey, yo, somebody... Let's go, y'know?

Out here, alone...

In a field of grass surrounded by many large boulders, with a gigantic tree dead in the center of this formation, Blank lay against it, bored as ever.

"... I pro'lly shouldn't be layin' around out here like this... This body here might fall to pieces any moment... Hmm.. Haha."

He didn't seem to mind at the moment. His eyes started to close, though it didn't really matter because his eyes were always covered by the large belt over them, so no one could even see his eyes, anyway.

_*Drast would be seen taking a casual walk through the fields on his way to the Tavern, a place he visits on a weekly basis. It was somehting that helped him keep his mind and head screwed in properly, even though he was doomed to go madly insane thanks to Khrona. Not like he had any idea. He would continue on his trial, no doubt passing Blank in a matter of seconds._*

Blank heard footsteps approaching his general area... As his senses were rather keen due to his past life. Haha. As the stranger got closer, without getting up or moving, Blank shouted out to him.

"... Yo, guy. What brings ya by?"

_*Drast didnt notice the guy because of him being laid out on the ground. He begins to look around and scratch his head.*_

"Great, now I'm hearing things."

*_He said slightly chuckling to himself. _*

Though his eyes never opened and his body was on the ground, it could be told that the stranger was confused.

"Down here, guy. Th'name's Blank."

He slowly stood up, brushing himself off, checking to see if everything was tip-top. Soon after he extended his hand for a friendly shake.

+_Drast looked at his hand, his own still at his sides._*

"Im.. not to found of people."

_*He said holding a smirk while doing so. He could careless about people truely. He has a badbackground.*_

Blank ever so swiftly and smoothly retracted his hand and brushed it back along his hair, not particularly listening to Drast.

"Too slow, guy! Nah, but whatcha doin' 'round these parts, eh? Lookin' for su'm?"

Blank scratched the back of his head, wonder what anyone would be doing looking for anything around here... Just a bunch of grass, trees and rocks. What a drag.

"Tch, minding my own.."

_*He said as brushed passed Blank. He continued on his trial.*_

"Something you should learn. It'll keep you alive longer."

Snickering a bit before making a slightly pouty face, with both hands behind his head, he responded to the snappy comment.

"Boy, tooouuuchy. Bite off my head, whydon'tcha? Back where I come from, thems be fightin' words, ya know?"

Blank smirked slightly... He was thinking of some good times in the past..

"*_Drast stopped walking for a second, not turning around however. Blank was close enoughto hear Drast fine.*_

"I'll kill you."

Blank lowered his hands down to his face, both now balled into fists. He gave a few light jabs to the air, then flicked his nose with his thumb. The smirk stayed spread on his face, and he started to bounce a little bit, backing up some.

"Word? Ooooh, that takes me back... Yeah, but I wouldn't get your hopes up... Ya know?"

Blank wasn't very confident in his own body, but was very confident in his abilities. But that didn't mean that he didn't have to be careful here... To reiterate, he could fall to pieces at any time. Hahaha.

*_Drast turned toward, smirking.*_

"Trust me on this one."

Blank sighed as he continued to bounce around, clearly not listening to Drast.

"... Oh, man... I pro'lly shoulda stretched first... Don't wanna pull anything.."

Blank shook his head, now focused on Drast.

"... What wassat, guy? You say sum'n? You gonna just stand there all day or get ready, eh? I ain't tryna fight dirty today, ya know?"

*_Drast was already frustrated with the guy. His constant talking was only making things worse._*

"Screw it."

*_He just walked toward Blank, pllanning to kill him with his barehands._*

Once he started to walk toward Blank, he knew that the guy must be ready for combat.

"Ooooh, so you were ready, huh? You shoulda said somethin'."

He continued bouncing around when Drast got close, then quickly let out a blinding flurry of punches without warning aimed at several vital points of Drast's body. He aimed to incapacitate him very early on, it seemed. This guy seemed hostile, ya know.

*_Drast was caught off guard by the speed of the guy. However, he wasn't exactly overwhealmed. Drastcould tell by the location of the guys strikes, he attempted to incapacatate him, quite the effective stradegy. Once an opening was seen, drast tried to grab the guys fists, and kick off him with both of his feet. If connected, would deal considerable damage.*_

Blank could tell by the look on Drast's face that he wasn't expecting that sort of thing... Heh heh. Good. Now for the next unexpected dealy... When Drast caught his fist and tried to kick off, Blank sidestepped with extraordinary reactionary time and yanked his fist away, trying to get Drast one good time in the stomach before he landed. He immediately bounced back afterward.

"I told ya, I got skills, play boy."

Tsubake, the Forgotten Sky Pirate, who goes by the alias of 'Blank', goes about filching rare artifacts and gems at his leisure to add to his list of Lost Weapons. Though a pirate, he is kind and doesn't steal; more like hunts for treasure. He spots any and everything of interest with his Frame-Catching Eye in the Clutch to know what to take and what not to take. With his special power to take in any type of Natural Energy around him and use it to enhance his body, he's quite the brawler in close quarters. He's got a sort of modern day Egyptian-Pirate feel going for him, with a hint of Rebellious Teen (with a leather jacket)
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Fifth Raid: New to town

Chaos Pegasus Walks in the tavern all bore looking, since there isn't any good women to taste yet and just sit's and wait fo something to happen. Neutral

Is this town so boring why did i come here for anyway. screaming out loud

"Ha. I could say th'same thing, ya know?"

The voice came from a guy entering the door of the tavern, hands in his pockets. He stood next to the Blood Reaper and smirked slightly, flicking his own nose with his thumb cockily.

"... Eeeeh, well, it's not like I voluntarily came here, though. Some shmoe blew me outta tha sky."

He rubbed the back of his head, fiddling with one of the latches on the belt around his head.

Yeah i guess things could be worst"

Looks at the guy with a frown

You want to spar or something"

Blank could only laugh when he said that. It reminded him of the days when he used to randomly fight with his friends for no reason at all.

"Hahahahaha! I like your spunk, guy! Let's have a go then, eh?"

Blank looked around, noting the peaceful environment of the Tavern.

"... Wouldn't wanna cause a ruckus here though, huh? This place looks pretty spiffy. I think we should pro'lly get a drink or somethin first, then get to that spar when we're ready. What do ya think, guy?"

Blank smiled, heading toward the bar.

Looks at the guy with a smiling face.

"Sure why not i havent got drunk in a long time and we can fight later"

Blank smirked, giving the guy the thumbs up. He would sit down carelessly on one of the bar stools, calling over the bartender.

"Yo, barkeep! Lemme get two rounds, huh?"

Two drinks would slide down the table and Blank would turn to where the other guy was standing.

"Come ooon, sit down! Drinks are on me!"

His crooked smile was goofy looking, but surely sincere. Blank hadn't met too many people yet, save for a really powerful dark guy and some other random guys, and he didn't seem to remember their names. Speaking of which...

"Hey, guy, I didn't catch your name."

Looks at the guy with a smirk and sits down next to him on a barstool and grabs the drink.

"Well i dont have a name since i can't remember it but they call me choas pegasus or pegasus for short"

Then takes a sip of beer

"so what's your name guy"

Blank started to lean back on his bar stool, taking his drink in hand and taking a few sips, then placing it back down on the table.

"... Th'name's Blank."

Blank tilted his head up as if he were looking upward, even though his eyes couldn't be seen, so it was unknown what his eyes were doing.. Or if he even had eyes at all.

"Chaos Pegasus, huh? You want me to call you Pegasus? That's kinda long for a nickname, y'know. I'd say sum'n along the lines of... 'C.P.' or 'Kay' or somethin..."

Blank sat up normal on the stool, grabbing then drinking his beer down a little bit more, releasing a satisfied and refreshed breath of air afterward.

"WHOO! That is good... But yeah, I think I like C.P. Ya like it?"

looks at blank with a still sober face.

"C.P. huh I guess you can call me that for the time being

Took another sip and finished the cup of beer and asking for another round

"so blank what do you do for a living"

Blank's hardy attitude suddenly became a little less active. He gave a heavy sigh and lowered his head.

".. Well... I am a Sky Pirate. I used to be part of the most notorious Sky Pirate gang, taking whatever we needed whenever we needed it... We weren't bad guys, we just wanted stuff. We only hurt people when people asked for it. My family was the best family ever.. And we all cared for each other so much..."

Blank took a long sip of his beer, leaving about a fourth of it, then finished the rest by taking it straight to the head.

"... Yeah, but one day on an air raid, we were blown outta the sky and I was separated from my guys. I barely survived. Somehow, I ended up here and... Yeah. Here we are."

He didn't call for another drink.

"How about you, C.P.? What about your story, guy?"

Looks around the tavern for something but didn't find anything so he turns back to blank

"Well i dont have a good childhood at the moment i'm working as a Mercenary and trying kill someone that is trying to kill me but from that nothing special"

Finishs his drink and lies down

Blank smirked.

"Sounds similar to my life in some ways. At least when we got in scuffles with people. Haha. Ah well."

Blank called for another drink, then stood up, grabbing his drink.

"Cheers, huh? To our shitty lives!"

He took a large gulp, halfway finishing the mug without much hassle.

"... You uh, ready for that battle or what?"

Looks at him with a smirk

"I'd been looking forward to it my freind so where do you want to fight"

Standing up and looking at blank

Blank started to drink the rest of his beer down, taking it to the head in one gulp.

"Eh.. I guess you don't know this place that well. Neither do I, really, but I can get around better than you... Alright. We'll go to the ol' sparrin ground. It's the best place for fights."

Blank put his mug down and gave the thumbs up to the bartender.

"... So, let'sa go, C.P. I'll lead the way." Blank exited through the Tavern door.

Following blank out the door

"wait for me"

Tsubake, the Forgotten Sky Pirate, who goes by the alias of 'Blank', goes about filching rare artifacts and gems at his leisure to add to his list of Lost Weapons. Though a pirate, he is kind and doesn't steal; more like hunts for treasure. He spots any and everything of interest with his Frame-Catching Eye in the Clutch to know what to take and what not to take. With his special power to take in any type of Natural Energy around him and use it to enhance his body, he's quite the brawler in close quarters. He's got a sort of modern day Egyptian-Pirate feel going for him, with a hint of Rebellious Teen (with a leather jacket)
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Sixth Raid: Blank vs. Chaos Pegasus; Throwin down.

Blank made his way to the sparring area. Generally, an open field with a few trees, typical river and many rocks of various sizes. The sky was clear and the grass was green. Sweet.

"Well. Here it is, guy. The Sparring grounds. Ya know how ta fight, cuz if ya do, I don't need to hold back."

He clenched his gloved fist, smirking slightly.

Stops to look around and then looks at blank

"Is that a taunt because i wont hold back ethier my freind"

puts on gloves and gets into fighting position

Blank fixed his gloves, then got into a sort of boxing stance. He shook his head just a bit, then smirked again.

"Naaaah, just a little friendly talk! You ready, guy? I don't wanna attack until you're ready."

He continued to bounce around a bit, looking lively.

hit's his fist into his other hand and get's into Mui thai stance

"I'm ready"

With that he lunges at blank

Blank flicked his nose as C.P. lunged at him, quickly moving his feet to dodge the lunge.

"Woah, too slow, C.P.!"

He would then launch a swift punch toward C.P.'s side in an attempt to launch him back a bit. Blank was great at strength and speed, and he hoped to have enough strength to launch him back. He left his other arm on guard just in case C.P. tried to retaliate, so that he could come in with another swift attack if he needed to block the attack.

He knew that blank was faster than him so he would have to play it safe so instead of dodging he take the punch to the side only doing a bit of damage to him and try's to grab blank arm since he is in his range to be able to knee him in the stomach and then move in for a upper cut to the jaw

"you maybe fast but I'm bit stronger than you think"

Blank was caught off guard by the knee, and he should have toppled over, but because of all of the street fights he had been in when he was younger, he could endure the pain of a simple knee. His reflexiveness allowed him to dodge the uppercut, then follow up with a backward somersault and kicking C.P. off of him.

"Haha, I guess I shouldn't underestimate you! But I gotta warn ya, C.P... Fighting's in my blood! Been doin it all my life!"

After throwing C.P. off of him, Blank started to run after him, and if he was going to land, Blank would circle around C.P.'s position and await the next attack from him.

Looking at blank running at him knowing that he would stop he would be circled like someone's prey so he had to think fast so the only thing he could was stand and fight so he ran towards blank but as soon as he got close to him he jumped and bounced off a tree to attack blank from the air with a roundhouse kick to the body and hoping it would knock him into a tree

"Dont think that scares me i'm being in lots of fights too thoughtout my life"

Blank smirked as C.P. jumped and was flying at him from the tree. "Nice..."

But Blank swiftly turned grabbing C.P.'s legs at an angle so that Blank would spin in place, swinging C.P. around. He would then fling C.P. high into the sky thanks to the momentum built up from the swinging as well as his initial contact, so C.P. should fly far and fast.

"... Heh. I wonder how many powers you've got, hell boy... I don't have that many, but they let me get by."

Blank struck another stance, starting to focus on the ground instead of on C.P. He was up to something now.

Great i'm flying throught the air now thanks to his speed and countering tricks than he starts falling hmm i'ii die at this speed wait a minute he bites his thumb and places it over one of his marks than out of nowhere a chain came out of his hand and he uses it to attach to a tree and swings at blank for another air attack with even more speed and power than before

"i hope you weren't lonely because here i come"

Blank wasn't gonna be able to do the same thing this time. He was going too fast. So, he figured he'd have to dodge this time around. It was lucky that Blank wasn't moving, or else it would be difficult to dodge an attack like that. He noted where C.P. was heading then jumped far off to the side, hoping to let C.P. crash into the ground.

"Nice trick ya got there, C.P... Ha. It's a shame that I hate weapons, though."

It was true, Blank only liked fist-fights. But how was he gonna get better if he didn't fight people with weapons and odd powers? It was time to test his abilities to the fullest, then...

fuck he moved and i'ii smash into the ground that could kill me hmm i know i'ii just have to flip around to my legs as he uses his chain to switch to the positon to him standing and then he hit the ground with such force that it caused the dust to blow and the ground to shake knowing that would trip blank whiling he was ranning so he threw is spike chain at his leg to injure him but because of the floor he hurt his leg in the process so he was limping

Blank was shaken up by the resulting tremor from C.P.'s landing, causing him to stumble a bit, but nothing too bad, as C.P. previously thought it would be.

"... Well hot damn, how fast were ya flyin...?"

Blank then noticed the chain coming at him thanks to his keen perception and hearing, and with his remarkable reflexes, he nimbly, but barely dodged the chain, escaping only with a graze. He then noticed that C.P. was limping because of his impact.

".... Eh, you sure look like your leg got messed up, C.P.. You sure you wanna continue? Can you?"

Blank still kept his guard, but was surely not gonna attack until he knew that C.P. was either going to continue to fight or was okay.

Looking at his leg it looked broken but he still wanted to countinue the fight with this injured leg than he notice that his chain has some blood on it then smirks knowing he can countinue

"Me i was flying about 200mph mabye faster and dude i'm still going to fight still since i have some of your blood"

He than took the chain with blood on it and brought it to his lips and licked the blood and his leg started to heal but still looked like shit

"thanks for the blood now i can countinue"

Blank didn't notice that he had gotten hurt... But then again, when he barely dodged the chain, he must have been grazed a little. Not enough to notice, but still a little.

"Hahaha, you're like a vampire, ain'tcha? Well, if you're sure you can continue.. Then I guess it's time for me to pump myself up a bit. Are ya ready?"

A strange aura started to flow around Blank. His hair started to flair about for a moment and his muscles started to tighten. A small crater formed around his feet as the power continued to surge about. Finally, the power calmed and Blank looked no different.

"... First Gear."

He would breathe deeply, then punch the ground swiftly and precisely, causing a massive tremor to be produced. It would rumble and quake the very earth in this specific area, which should cause C.P. some trouble if he stayed on the ground like that.

"I'm getting serious now, C.P.! Watch ya back!"

The temor was massive in the ground which he thinks will break at any secound so he climbs a tree and looks at blank as he grows stronger than before but he would sucide to attack with his leg like this so he will have to think fast

"I will watch me back and thanks for asking"

He than does hands signs and does the justu Darkness Realease:Shadow clones and he told them to hide till he called for help he than threw his chain at blank again from the tree's

"I'm serious too my freind this is getting fun"

The moment that the chain was launched at him, Blank started to spin around furiously. He was using the momentum of his upper body, and with the great strength he had now in his upper body, he could cause himself to spin very fast. This would create a small vacuum, which would suck in the chain, but allow it not to touch Blank at all. Instead, it would continuously swirl around Blank's position, rising upward. Blank was hoping to literally pull C.P. out of the tree with this move and keep him from using his chain.

Blank would then launch the chain into the air using sheer force by thrusting his fists upward, but still continued to spin. If C.P. were to be pulled into Blank's spinning attack, he would deliver a bone-shattering punch to C.P. wherever he could hit, since aiming was out of the question while he spun like this.

Feeling the chain getting pulled by what is a tornado,he almost lost balance if he didn't summon one of his claws and stick it into th tree before he was pulled and now knowing how much power he has now he knew that it could really break some bones or mabye all of them

"Damn it blank now how am i going to attck you"he said even knowing that he couldn't hear him thanks to his tornado

that's it he summon one of his clones and made it get sucked into his tornado pretending to be him and hoping it would catch him off guard so he could attack again

Naturally, once the clone was sucked into the vortex, when Blank punched it, he thought it was truly C.P. for a moment, and as such, stopped spinning. However, after assessing the Natural Energy that was within it, he knew then that it was a fake.

"Aaaah, good work there, C.P.." he would say in between breaths, "But that's not gonna be enough!" Blank started to run toward where he saw the chain come from before, C.P. most likely being there because of the fact that his leg was injured and he shouldn't be able to move without Blank seeing him. So, in mid run, Blank leapt into the air and punched the tree, uprooting it and launching it a great ways back. He thought that C.P. would still be in the tree and maybe it would fall on him or something and keep him from moving anymore after that.

Thinking it was a good idea to move when he was busy punching the clone to another tree paid off and now there was a opening to attack

"Huh wrong tree blank and time to pay the price"

Now he does handsigns Darkness Release:Shadow chains and the chains aimed for his arms and legs and binds him to a tree

"The prey has turned into the hunter"

*off in the distance slade was praticing his tyjutsu by a river when he felt the ground beneath him begin to quake slightly*

what was that?

*he thought when he saw a tree crash land 20ft in front of him. he uses his byakugan and focuses in on the both of you fighting a ways off*

looks like somebody is having fun. i wonder if i should join in..... well why not.

*he hides most of his items benind a tree and speeds towards the battle, with on of my swords in hand. making sure to stay out of sight*

Blank still kept the smirk on his face, even with being now bound to the tree because of carelessness.

"Heh. Well, ya got me. But that doesn't mean that I'm down yet. I wasn't planning on using any of my other power, but... Looks like I gotta!"

Another aura started to surge around Blank... It was different from before, seeming to take in the energies of what was around him... Natural Energy. He started to take in the power of the tree he was bound to, forcing it to root itself back to the ground mid-flight. The tree would also shrink in girth, allowing Blank to slip out just barely. Blank adjusted his gloves and tapped his foot on the ground.

"... Usage of the energy of the world around me. Haha, that's my new game plan, guy."

Blank started back at C.P., still glowing with Natural Energy. He had now found out where C.P. truly was thanks to his ability to see the Natural Energy in everything around him, so if C.P. used a clone, Blank would be able to tell the difference due to the different levels of Natural Energy within them. A large amount of Natural Energy then surged into his fist. He wasn't going to attack until he was close enough to C.P..

*silently slade gets within 50yrds of the fight, making sure to avoid any of Pegasus' shadow clones. as he focused in on the fight with his byakugan he noticed the ammount of chakra flowing throughone of the fighters*

how is that even possible for someone so small to have so much power.

*he thought to himself. as he became more anxious to join the fight, but slade is not one to ambush fighters that were exausted from other fights. seeing how that has happened to him multiple times already.*

Looks at blank shocked about his ability's but then smirk because this has gotten more fun

"Hmm so you can use the energy of nature around you huh"

Then he does some handsign's for his one of his favorite justu's

"Then i'ii have to sorch this whole area dont I"

Fire Release:Fire from hell with this he shoot's fire on to the ground and tree and they catch on fire so fast that it spead at unnormal speed burning everything within 100yd's

Blank chuckled under his breath, still running for C.P.

"You'll have to do better than that, C.P.!"

Blank's Natural Energy would then start to take in some of the Natural Energy from the fire, causing him to be unaffected by heat and burns to his body. Thus, he could easily run through the fire without any worries. And then, his power was completed. He was also close enough to C.P. for an attack, since he wasn't moving.

"And now... Destruct Zero!!"

He launched the punch at C.P., which would make a massive explosion when it touched anything, so even if he missed and C.P. was still in range, he would be consumed by the gigantic explosion that happened afterward. The force of the explosion would blow away all of the fires and calm the lands, and Blank would look up to see the result of his attack.

Knowing that he will hit him even if he dodged and this would be a problem so he had to face-off with his punch and that's have he did

"then a face-off it is"

Fire release:Hell's hand and when he did this he clashed with blanks punch for a epic expolsion since his punch asborbs the fire around them like blank's natural energy ability making a equal force punch from both sides

*as the fire reaches slade he hops down and is engulfed by the flames, but his nth metal weapons protects him from all temperature changes hot or cold. but since he has no place to hide he is out in the open field watching the fight*

damn, i was hoping to finish watching the fight in secret.

*he stands among the flames in the baron wasteland contiuing to watch the fight*

The explosion from both punches would end in the two of them at a stalemate. Blank would stare at C.P. with his same smirk on his face.

"Not bad... But you forgot that I upgraded my power, too."

Blank launched a punch at C.P. aimed for his stomach, ready to knock him back with his bone-shattering strength once again. Seems like C.P. had some control over fire as well... Blank had the perfect counter for that.

However, out in the distance, he noticed someone else whose cover had been blown away by the fire. Blank didn't say anything about it, though.

*slade is still studying blanks chakra flow amazed at the sheer strength he posesses. wondering how so much powercan be harnesed so fast*

its as if he has gone into sage mode.

*he realises that blanks notices him.*

its not like i'm invisible. let me know when yall wanna take a break. i have some first aid equipment in my bag.

Spike is walking through the forrest with his three swords at his waist, and notices that there is a baron field in the middle of the forrest_
what the hell happened here?

Chaos Pegasus saw the strong punch that was aiming for him in the stomach so he jumped over blank since he can jump high and blank was pretty short then wrapped his chain around his arm that he threw the punch with and while doing this he see's a figure watching them but ingores it and then pulls his chain closed

"Damn that last attack was brutal wasn't and also we have guest's"

Once Blank saw C.P. jump, he wasn't paying attention to the fact that a chain was wrapped around his arm, but when he yanked it, instead of falling, Blank leapt after C.P. And so, when C.P. pulled him close with the chain, Blank executed yet another punch to C.P. However, at that time, there was another lookie-loo in the premises...

"... Damn, another guy? We must be gettin real popular, C.P."

Blank really wanted to know why these people were coming, though...

don't mind me. i'm not gonna join in unless invited. beside i'm just enjoying the show.

Slade says as he sits watching you both exchange blows*

Thanks to his chains to his arm Chaos Pegasus can fight in close range now and see his other punch and yanks him to the side the punch would miss and than knee him in the stomach while the chain draws more blood

"Yea i know we should make them pay money for a performance"

With the knee to the stomach, Blank didn't seem to be affected to much, but it would seem as though he was used to it.

"Aaah.. Damn annoying chain..."

Blank would notice the blood trickling down his arm because of it and frowned a bit. He would then ravel up the chain in his hand, leaving no distance between himself and C.P.

"... I wasn't expecting to go to the Second Gear, but..."

Blank's aura would return to him, and a powerful force would be omitted from his body. This force should be powerful enough to force anything near away from him, namely, C.P, and if he wasn't forced away, he'd be jarred up quite a bit.

"... You've earned it, guy. Second Gear."

Blank turned around, now starting to run. Though he was fast before, his speed was more than remarkable now. He easily reached breakneck speeds after only a few moments of running. If C.P. still had his chain connected, he would be pulled along with Blank. If this was the case, Blank would use his immense strength and speed to fling the chain into any nearby trees he passed, resulting in C.P. being smashed into trees if he did nothing about it. Blank expertly dodged the trees, however, as it would seem his perception was pretty good, even at this speed.

*Slade heads back towards the river to get his pack with his first aid kit and rations*

Lucky for him the chain broke off or else he would be hittingtree's but the chain was still on blanks arm and because of his sudden speed moving around it is causing more blood to spill but still not enough to fight him at his speed then he had to use his next form

"Huh you think I cant catch up to you now but your so wrong"

He closes his eye's and then a dark flame came up around him and this is his next form the one and only devil mode and once the flame goes away it shows C.P. with wings and a tail

"It's time to play"

Blank smirked, already appearing before C.P.'s face once he was done with his transformation. How he was moving so fast was a mystery. But it didn't matter because now he was right in front of C.P.

"Be careful, guy, it isn't about catching up to me..."

He started to unleash a flurry of extremely powerful punches at blinding speeds, each of them embedded with his own Natural Energy.

"... It's about you catching me!"

The chain that was originally around his arm seemed to have been thrown off now, being nowhere to be found. His punches were going about 100 every 10 seconds in all locations of C.P.'s body. He was aiming for weak points on his body.

Dodging the punchs but still being hit by a few thanks to his next form he can catch up to blank now in combat now and then he threw his tail around blanks body and then did a handsign Thunder release:Shockwave with this his touched his tail sending thunder to blank and then threw him into the chared tree

"Really blank you made my job easier"

Because some of Blank's punches had connected with C.P., the Natural Energy flowing through his fists would force C.P. out of his Second Form and back to his original form in a heartbeat. Why? Because this was one of Blank's moves called Natural Order. If Blank is to physically touch something with his Natural Energy enough times at once, then the Natural Energy forces whatever it touches back to a state of normality, making it how it was originally.

Right after that, Blank would jump high into the sky, seeming to almost touch the clouds. He started to plummet down from the sky at an insanely high speed, aiming himself at C.P.

Seeing that blank was flying right at him he used a substition justu with one of his clones and then stood behind a tree and did some handsign's Summoning justu:Hell Legion Traper with this he summon one of his great soldier and leader of the hell legion but the price of his was to numb one of his body parts for the rest of the battle so he choice his left and told he soldier to capture blank and wait for him to fight me

"good move blank but i'm still here"said the clone mocking him

Blank would hit the ground with a massive bang, something that would probably have shattered most bones in most peoples' bodies if they tried, however with Blank's powered up constitution, he came out almost completely unharmed from that. He coughed, noticing that this was just a clone, then dusted himself off and stretched, since the impact was so hard.

"... Damn... I wasn't expecting it to be so explosive..."

Blank chuckled lightly, flicking his nose.

"Well, C.P., looks like you're pretty good at dodging my attacks, huh?"

Blank then realized that C.P. had summoned up some sort of demonic looking thing... Must have been his relatives, or something.

"... Woah, C.P., this your ol' man or somethin? Hell if I would know, ya know!"

Blank got on the defensive, as he thought he would have to muscle his way through the demon guy first before he did anything else.

"Let's go, bring it on!"

Staring at him in a playful mood and ready to attack

"No he isn't my father but a old freind who works for me also don't worry he is as faster than you are when i do this"

As he said that he took off his handcuff's and gave them to him for his capture and when he did that his trapper aura got stronger and stronger

"truth be told he's crazy and well I dont like using him but for you it's a treat"he said with a smirk

Then his trapper moved towards blank at supersonic speed aiming his for his attack while he master throws chains around the surrounding tree's

Blank was slightly overwhelmed by the speed, as he had already exerted a lot of energy already... But it wasn't too much to handle. Blank evaded the attack as best he could by jumping in the air, but then noticed chains shooting around the area.

"Eh... I'm not liking this whole 'confinement' deal you've got goin on here... I like ta be free, ya know? I do believe in Free Energy, remember!?"

Blank started to power up again, landing far away from the soldier. The aura around Blank was getting more intense... Natural energy from the ground was being pulled into him. He was getting ready for another really destructive attack, it would seem...

Looking at blank still able to move from the attack was impressive but he still his trapper is faster and then his trapper moved towards blank again with his handcuff's aiming for his hands
but his master was complete with his circle and then started to attack blank to with his chains again

"It's not good to run away from him he will only get mader"he said with a smirk

Plus, I'm about to teach you about the Dice Roll. It is a very useful thing in some situations. I'm about to use the Dice Roll. This is like what would happen if 2 Jutsu were to clash to see whose would win. Or, if you are trying to escape an attack and don't know if you'd be fast enough, the Dice Roll can help, too. I'll tell you how to do it.

So, what I need you to do is, when you're about to make your post, go to the very top of the page and click 'Post Reply' that's at the top of this entire topic. Once you click that, you'll be sent to a place where it looks just like the posting box at the bottom of the screen. Right UNDER that, you'll see another box with the word 'Chances.' Click that and click on 'Jutsu Clash.' After that, change the 'Dice Rolls' in the little box from 1 to 3. It should end up just like I made it, and we'll see who wins.)

As the trapper came close to Blank, he would clench his fists, focusing all of the gathered Natural Energy through them.

"Here we go... Destruct Zero!!"

Blank dashed off right in front of the guy, thrusting both of his fists directly at the demon, trying to surge all of the energy, power and force of this attack into him and hopefully send him back to where he came without getting caught within the grasp of the handcuffs.

The trapper sees this super punch and then dodges down and clamp the handcuff's on blanks arm then kick him in the stomach and while his master came back with a smirk

"I guess you lose blank it was a good match through"

Little that blank knew that the handcuff's revert him back to his normal form which he had before he went his both gears on and hoping he be over exhausted to still fight but the only bad side is that there normal handcuff's not really strong at all but still have a nice effect

"so are going to get up my friend"he said with a smirk

Naturally, by this time, the handcuffs would have forcibly changed Blank back to his original form and he would be kicked, which he still seemed to be okay from. It was puzzling why C.P. kept aiming for Blank's stomach when it seemed to be very ineffective... He was indeed fatigued, but not so much that he couldn't keep going.

".. Haaa... Using my own trick against me, huh?... I can break these cuffs."

Naturally, besides that effect, the handcuffs felt rather normal. Blank could easily break out of them even without his First or Second gears. He used a great deal of strength to break free of the cuffs, then ripped them off of his arms.


That was the sound he made in progress of breaking them cuffs. Blank probably would only have energy enough to go into his First Gear again... But probably not enough to use his Destruct Zero again. He needed to sit perfectly still to regain his Natural Energy to his body, but that wasn't going to happen anytime soon while fighting C.P., it seemed... So now all there was left to do was...

"Eh. So whadda ya want from me, C.P.?"

Looking at blank with playful smirk knowing that he had the upper hand with him and his trapper still even more faster and his strength is very weak but he knew do he still be abit cautious so he stood back a few feet away just in case then laughed

"Well I want some of your Blood why do you ask"he said as his trapper get's ready for any attack blank may throw while his master is talking to blank

Blank looked around, staring at all of them. He then turned back to C.P. and chuckled, standing completely still, now.

"... Really? You only want my blood? Why the hell wouldja want that, anyway, guy? I kinda need it, ya know. I know you're a vampy-demon guy and everything, but, ya know."

It would seem like the others weren't going to attack unless Blank attacked, so if Blank stood still, they didn't seem like they were going to attack at all, really.

"No offense but i Need blood to become stronger and survive anyway way if you didn't know i'm not taking all your blood just some of it and I become stronger by taking 1/10 of your orginal power so sorry"

He threw his chain at blanks legs and trapper made his move to attack blank from from one side aiming for his face

In that short period of time, Blank had already recovered a good, small portion of his chakra, meaning he would be able to use his Natural Energy again for a short while. However, when the chain was launched at his legs and when the Trapper came for his face, only one thing could be done... Blank did a backflip, avoiding the chain and the punch at the same time, but also would kick the trapper up into the air with a powerful kick, then land behind the chain and take off toward C.P.

"Hahaha, you're lucky we aren't on the streets, C.P.! You never let your guard down for a sec!"

Blank had initiated his First Gear once more, increasing his power drastically, and would punch the ground just like he had done at the beginning of the battle, only this time it would not make a crater, but send a shockwave of Natural Energy through the ground. This would be used to drain a large amount of Natural Energy at once, allowing Blank to use more of it rather than the little he had regained from standing around. Also, because it was a shockwave of power, it would most likely drain C.P. if it touched him and also make the ground shake, as well as anything it passed by. If C.P. jumped into a tree, it would take the Natural energy of the tree as well as C.P., since he would be touching the tree at that time.

Knowing well never to let him rest he saw him go first gear again and jump for a another ground smash but being really knowing almost all of his tricks he used his wings to fly up and did hand sign's Thunder Release:Shockwave which he shot at his circle chains which stuned anything in that in the circle aka blank and then threw his chain at his legs hoping he would be able to bring him along with him

"I don't truth you blank but it's a good thing i fly"

With the shockwave going on while the shockwave of C.P. going on at the same time, Blank's shockwave of Natural Energy would not pass by it, giving Blank the power to adapt to the Natural Energy of C.P.'s shockwave. Therefore, except for the force of the attack blasting Blank back, he would be generally fine. He wouldn't be stunned thanks to his Natural Energy adapting to the blast as it came out.

"Phew... Close one... Aaah, dammit. Now you're up there? What's with ya...?"

Blank felt a bit jittery because of the attack. Oh well, he would get over that. Blank wasn't going to go up into the air, and couldn't, at this point in time... So, he decided to go Second Gear, while he had the time. The shockwave had helped him restore his own energy, yet again, which C.P. failed to stop. Thus, Blank was slowly recovering power while C.P. ran away from his attacks. The aura around Blank exploded once more, showing that he was in Second Gear.

"... I dunno if Second Gear is going to be enough, though..." He stood where he was, not going after C.P., yet again. He continued to hone his power.

Seeing that blank is jittery is a step in the right direction since he will have problems with his body thanks to it then he did some handsign's Darkness release:Shadow clone and with this he summoned 6 clones and did a flying formation with his clones all circling blank like eagles then threw there chains from all directions at blank and trapper waits for his target to move

"I loved it up here mabye you should come too"he said with a challenging tone

With the challenging tone, Blank could do nothing but accept it. He felt a sort of rush of adrenaline as well as testosterone and anger flow through him. He was liking all of this... That challenging remark that C.P. just made... Had done something to Blank.

"Heh... Whatever you say, C.P... I'll make SURE to bring you down HERE!"

The aura around Blank suddenly got even more intense, the very force of it forcing away all of the chains that came near for that brief second. Just then, Blank's hair stood on end instead of flaring out everywhere. It would seem as though he was now ever stronger than the Second Gear... This must have been...

"... Third Gear..."

At that very moment, Blank disappeared in a blur. At the exact same time, Blank was punching every single one of the clones as well as C.P. himself, plus the Trapper and Master all at what seemed to be the exact same time... But in reality, Blank was just moving that fast that it looked like afterimages of himself. His focus now was so sharp that he could focus on all of his targets and their weak points with great accuracy without even skipping a beat. His body was in total control of itself and everything that it was doing. The Third Gear was awakened.

He didn't expect that at all but he knew that he was still faster in the air and circled blank at supersonic causing a small tornado to go around blank and then threw his chain at blank trying to wrap around body to fly up into the sky so far up into the cloud

"Huh nice trick but I'm still faster in the air"

Even though C.P. was faster because he could fly, it did not mean he was faster than Blank, for Blank had never been flying. He couldn't fly, in actuality, for he hated people who had such supernatural powers in the first place. He liked people who fought like men... On the ground. The only reason it even looked like Blank was flying was because he was moving just that fast. His body was actually hitting the ground and allowing him to run for small bursts as to get to each and every one of his targets on the field. He would only be seen when punching them because he couldn't maintain that speed and punch at the same time. Even with C.P.'s creation of a tornado as well as his flight, he would only have hit an afterimage of Blank.

The real Blank was in front of him as he was flying toward the clouds, about to deliver a very powerful, incredibly fast and forceful punch right to C.P.'s face, trying to launch him down to the ground with great speed and force.

Tsubake, the Forgotten Sky Pirate, who goes by the alias of 'Blank', goes about filching rare artifacts and gems at his leisure to add to his list of Lost Weapons. Though a pirate, he is kind and doesn't steal; more like hunts for treasure. He spots any and everything of interest with his Frame-Catching Eye in the Clutch to know what to take and what not to take. With his special power to take in any type of Natural Energy around him and use it to enhance his body, he's quite the brawler in close quarters. He's got a sort of modern day Egyptian-Pirate feel going for him, with a hint of Rebellious Teen (with a leather jacket)
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Seventh Raid: A Broken Home...; Bound Together

(Insert Filler)

The next Tensei Child to step forth was none other than Tsubake, who had already chosen for himself a name and a life in the past that he would carry over with him into the future. He was happy with the way things had progressed before and was grateful for the events that brought him to where he was.

Gazing into the dimensional portals, he would see something interesting going down under the Dusk, in his element, no less. Prior to the jump, he was none other than the Keeper of the Shinsanity of Earth, and he felt its power rising up down there. Naturally, he wanted to go check it out.

"There," he said, pointing to where the Tsuchigami and the Shinsanity of Earth had made their appearance, "I call that one!!!" Without a second thought for the danger nor the extremity of the situation, he would hurl himself through the portal at a high speed, curling into a ball for acrobatic performance.

Tsubake, the Forgotten Sky Pirate, who goes by the alias of 'Blank', goes about filching rare artifacts and gems at his leisure to add to his list of Lost Weapons. Though a pirate, he is kind and doesn't steal; more like hunts for treasure. He spots any and everything of interest with his Frame-Catching Eye in the Clutch to know what to take and what not to take. With his special power to take in any type of Natural Energy around him and use it to enhance his body, he's quite the brawler in close quarters. He's got a sort of modern day Egyptian-Pirate feel going for him, with a hint of Rebellious Teen (with a leather jacket)
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Eighth Raid: Legend of the Earth God; The Grand Golem

It had been a while since the Roots of the Veritas had been lifted from that Lost World. Primalpha, who had long since been reborn, had been gaining power from the Crystal Tree as well as amplifying its power within himself to grow ever stronger. Where he was once merely a small, tiny fetus-like creature, after the Crystal Tree was fully restored, the Crystal Gem that was this being had now grown to his full, true form...

His eyes burst open from within the Crystal Tree, shining brightly and illuminating the darkness of the Depthsroot with his shining crystalline eyes.

"... I have Awakened..."

As soon as the eyes of the Earth God had opened up, energy would concentrate in their line of sight shining just as much a crystal hue as the eyes themselves. It was a beautiful blue, and would, over the entire village of the Depthsroot, loom over the city like some sort of eerie massive energetic Titan.

Though crystalline and pure on the outside, what could be seen in its translucent form was a great and powerful darkness being contained by the purity of the crystal. It almost looked like it was sick.

It had two faces; one of a Woman and one of a Man, and harbored Four Arms, two of which belonged to the Man and the other two belonging to the Woman. This was the Grand Golem of the Earth God, the Shinsanity of Earth... Though, whatever plagued it on the inside seemed to have be causing it pain. It groaned furiously, staring down at the Depthsroot; that old city that had been consumed by the Reality and forged into the Dusk many many moons ago... The remnants of which resided deep underground in the roots of the Crystal Tree. There weren't many people that still lived there, but those that did found it to be quite the refuge; that is... Until they gazed upon the Grand Golem...

The Michiogre.

Those that had been living in the ruins of the Depths ever since it had been integrated with the Reality had been biding their time... Waiting for the chance to rise from the underground. After all that occurred up above, that with the Dusk becoming the Veritas and the Depths having been further pushed into the ground, they spent all of their days training... Waiting for when they would rise again and take the Dusk for themselves.

Many of them bore witness to what had occurred between the Primalpha and the Allmaster before the move, and were tired of being cast into the shadows whilst all the super powered godly beings destroyed their land and home. When Unicron first struck... Then Medusa... It ravaged them so severely, they could not recover, forced to live in the shadow of the Dusk. But the roots of the Crystal Tree are what kept them alive. And thus, that is how they became the Depthsroot and rebuilt... Even if only slightly, they certainly rebuilt. But now, the creature that lived inside of the Crystal Tree, watching over them, as it had done before, protecting them... It had gone silent for a long while for reasons they did not quite understand. In that time, they felt it only necessary to prepare themselves for whatever it was that was going to hit them...

And so, it did. The Michiogre. Out of nowhere, it appeared like a bolt of lightning, staring the unwary villagers down with its great, two-faced head. They had never before seen something this large and this menacing loom over their fortified city, and now they were in a panic.


Due to being trapped underground, they naturally had to defend themselves against monsters and such, which was one of the primary reasons why they had to train with weapons and even build up a fortified city from the Roots in the first place... But never had they ever seen anything like this before. It struck fear into their hearts; fear like they hadn't known since the Unicron attack. It was like it was happening all over again... Yet, this time, in a different fashion... But in the same exact method. Almost like it were the same person looking down on them with those condescending eyes... The essence of the same being.

The sleeping Earth God that had just awoken from its slumbering recovery could feel the tension in the air; all the essences of life that were releasing their energies into the air... He could feel their life force being drawn into a negative state. Their fear, their anger, their anguish... It was like he could feel their very DNA, the several generations of long since passed that endured not only the most recent travesties of the clashing worlds, but of the ones from days of yore as well. He could feel all life; Present, Past and Future, and could see that his advocate, the Grand Golem that was meant to be his great Shinsanity of Earth... Harbored something foul within. "Calm yourselves, vigilantes of the Depthsroot," he called out with a mighty voice into their minds,before finally fully emerging from the tree. His body had become strong and large, boasting pride and fortitude, unlike his meager and frail body that once was before the move. Because the Crystal Tree was strong, and so was the Veritas, now cleansed of Insanity, so too were the gods that ruled over the Veritas, having been restored to their true strength.

"I am Primalpha, the Tsuchigami."

"I will protect you."

Primalpha was connected to all life, and with that power, he would be able to soothe them, as well. He raised a hand that would calm their spirits, causing the roots to settle and the aura of life that radiated from all living beings to be put in a trance-like calm, yet still retaining their free will and consciousness.

"Listen to me, for I will not fail you. The Grand Golem, this creature looking down upon you... It is the Michiogre, the Shinsanity of Earth. Under my jurisdiction does it fall, yet inside of it there is a grave illness it keeps contained." He looked to his people, the remaining men of the Depths and of the former Reality and some, even of the early or late Dusk and said, "We must help it. I will restrain it so that it does not harm you. But in return, I seek your assistance."

Tsubake, having appeared just before Primalpha's speech so that he knew what was going on, would stand in the midst of the crowd with a goofy grin of excitement on his face, like he was just itching to get started. He'd turn to one of the townsfolk and wave, "Hey. How's it goin?" It was like he was completely oblivious to the dangerous threat looming over, even though he could clearly see it and feel its great power. He knew what was going on, at least up to this point, so he wasn't afraid. In fact, he was ready for some action. He'd been waiting a long, long time for this... And it was about to be a BLAST!!!

The townsfolk of the Depthsroot were all shocked and amazed at the appearance of the Earth God from its slumber, after having been in stasis for so long. "Look, the Tsuchigami is back!" someone shouted. "He's come to save us all!!" They would all want to call out their praise in a hysteric manner, some still frightened about the Michiogre that loomed down over them, but all were rather quickly calmed by the life-soothing energy that Primalpha released over them, effectively sedating them so that they could listen clearly and calmly to his words that rang through their very beings.

Meanwhile, the man in the crowd whom Tsubake talked to, would turn to him and stare at him in a bit of confusion. No one else seemed to notice his random appearance, somehow, but this guy was definitely sure he wasn't there before. "Um... Hi?" This guy was a little too excited to be here. Didn't know why he was, considering this was probably a life-threatening situation, but... To each his own.

Anyway, the rest of the Rogues would shout out random questions from the crowd, wanting to know more about what Primalpha was saying and what they were going to do about the Michiogre. "What do you need of us, O Tsuchigami?! I will be happy to serve you and take down this foe!" Many others randomly chimed in with their agreement, not wanting such an oppressive being standing over them so. "What must we do?!"

"Can we kill it?!"


Let's put him in the Tree!"


"Chain him to the ground and use his life source as energy!!"

Everyone turned to that guy, staring at him for a moment, then began to clap a bit, calling out their agreement; "Yeah! Yeah, good answer, good answer!!" They would all look up to the Tsuchigami to see what he had to say about all of their suggestions, as well as what they were actually going to do.

Primalpha awaited the response of the people in the underground, who seemed to respond with acceptance and praise to him. That was good; this meant that they would all be able to work together to make quick work of this adversary. "Good. Now that I see you are accepting, I will--" he paused after hearing the shouted out suggestions of the crowd, not finding any of them to be suitable to his own personal wisdom about how to deal with such foes. He would have to explain this to them so that they understood why it was wrong for them to do.

"Killing this creature will not stop its plague inside; in fact, that will only make it stronger and able to consume it more quickly. If we kill the being itself and not the darkness within it alone, the darkness will take the place of the existence that once would have been the Shinsanity of Earth, making it a 'Shinsanity' no longer and naught but a full on 'Insanity of Earth.' What we must do is extract the plague beforehand. If we place it inside of the tree whilst it is still infected, the infection will spread into the Tree itself and Insanity may once again overrun the Veritas. And then, from the Veritas will it spread to all the other worlds, which we do not want to occur EVER again."

Primalpha had extremely vivid memories of being trapped within the Insanity. In fact, there were still some remnants of it lurking about the Lost World, which had been messing around with it for reasons unknown. They were swirling in their own madness and it was started to overcome their very functionality. That was not going to happen to the Veritas, however... Not by the watch of Primalpha.

"... I do, however, like the thought of that last idea," he had to admit with a smile on his face. "In fact, that's the best option I've heard all day." Without any sort of hesitation at all once he had the best course of action would roots from all around shoot from the ground, the ceiling (which was also made of roots), and the walls of the cavernous underground city to snatch up and immediately bind the Michiogre by all four arms to strap them down to the ground like chains. Two would ensnare his neck tightly, securing the head in place so that it could not move and so it would be choked at the same time, sufficiently bound by Depthsroot, herself.

"I will use these roots to suppress its power, then allow for each of you villagers to acquire some of its strength. You will be blessed with power over the Earth, and with it, the ability to rebuild your city and protect it as you see fit. You will be known as an Earth Tribe that will practice the Discipline of the Earth and teach those who come your way with it, as well. This shall be who you are; Depthsroot, the Tsuchigami's Tribe. I will watch over you here whilst I send one of you as a disciple up to my Temple in the Dawn, where you will gather others and teach them the arts of the Earth, as well as master your own power that I am giving you."

He would gaze into the four eyes of the two-faced monster, feeling a bit sorry that it was merely infected with something internally that it could not bear to erase from itself of its own strength. This would end up being for the best...

"... Once we have stripped it of all its still useful energy and it has been blessed within you all, I will sacrifice all of the energy I have acquired in my form to destroy the sinister darkness that we will leave behind and bound. In that, I will become the new Shinsanity of Earth and the remnants of my energy will assume a different form, creating a new Earth God." This was the master plan for erasing the Michiogre for good, as well as the darkness that was inside of it.

"Alright. I will be relinquishing its energy unto you. After I have done that, I will prepare my attack that will obliterate it completely, sacrifice my own form to become its new form and rebirth myself as a new Tsuchigami in the process. If it begins to rear up whilst I am preparing, use your powers to fight it. If it gets to be too much, I will focus more of my strength to bind it, but it may take me longer to use my technique. Be on the ready, Depthsroot."

He extended his fingers wide, causing the energy around the Michiogre that was binding the darkness inside to spread out, and with a clench of his hand into a fist would that same spread energy seep into each and every one of the Depthsroot citizens, granting them all the power of the Shinsanity of the Earth.

"Now. You all are blessed with the power to move the earth with your being. Be it your mind, your heart, your body or any other part of you, something about you will bring the earth to your dominion. For some, it may be the same, such as moving rocks and large boulders. For others, it may be different, such as molding clay or causing tremors. For some, even, it may even deal with growing vegetation. However, all of you have this power over the Earth to use as is best in tune with your own beings, to make it easier for you to unlock your powers. Use them henceforth not only to defend yourselves, but to also grow and prosper in the underground. Make crops. Make shelter. Some may be skilled in smithing metals, and others may be good at forging minerals. There are many facets of the Earth and all of them are in one of you somewhere. Look inside yourselves and find the answer... And now I..." he would close his eyes, starting to focus his energy within himself, "... I will begin my part in all of this..."

With more of his focus being put on himself and gathering his own energy, less would be placed on the darkness that would be left behind of the Shinsanity of Earth. Hopefully, not enough where it could get free...

Bound and gagged rather quickly once the advocate of the earth came immediately into being, it would be forced to look up into the eyes of Primalpha, he who had jurisdiction over it, and sneer at it with both faces. The darkness that was within it kept it in an eternal state of contempt, which only made the illness within worse. In this, it would not allow itself to be vanquished so easily, nor made to look so foolishly weak under the might of a minuscule Earth God. No, this creature WAS the very energy of the Earth itself! How dare this mongrel think it have any power over the great and mighty Shinsanity that is the Earth!

"Disgusting bug..." he found a way to mutter out from his strangled throat, "... You dare send mere mortals after... A cosmic divinity such as myself...?!"He saw this as a form of making an example of how weak he was, and was not about to be made to look as puny as those whom his very energetic flesh was stripped of and given to the people as bread to eat. There was nothing left of the Michiogre save for charcoal colored bones that took the form of Black Roots, thorns littered about them like a cactus and patches of dead leaves littered about places where its body was still attempting to produce life... Yet only found sickness. "... I will show you my strength... You were a fool to think you could control me so easily... To make me look weak..." Power was his struggle, and so with it, would he show who was the most powerful; who was the biggest and the strongest. He would prove to the Tsuchigami AND the Rogues that they were not anything more than tiny pests that he could crush at any given moment.

"I have seen the end of my cosmic life..."

"And that day is..."

The binding roots that held him down started to tremble, each of the four arms being held down rising up slowly as all their might was put into uprooting the Black Root that tied it down. The four eyes of the creature would gleam a bright red, as if that of a crazed being with naught but his mind and heart but the thought of destruction; to totally overcome the adversary, no matter the cost nor whatever the destruction he could cause.


The Rogues of Depthsroot all muttered in agreement among themselves, pretty pleased with how that planned sounded. They were gonna get some cool earth powers, probably gonna just use them like they saw on some of their favorite TV shows and comics and stuff (Anime and Manga included), do some cool earth things, make earth look awesome since usually no one ever chooses this element for some reason and... Weeeeeell, take down this Golem. Sounded like a good plan.

Congregational mumblings: "Yeah Mhm sure most def sounds like a plan hell yeah sure thing let's do it."

It was then that they witnessed the Tsuchigami strip the very flesh of the cosmic being from his body, feeding it to the masses as though it was bread and water to drink. The cosmic energy that had once contained the darkness that was now in the shape of the Michiogre's bare, Dry Bones would be exposed to them, and they would all look upon it in horror and shock. "OH MY GOD, IT'S HIDEOUS!!" shouted 'that one guy,' who, you know. Always had to be 'that one guy' in the crowd.

All of it seemed fine until the skeletal essence started trying to break free of its root-chains keeping it secure and waiting for the final blow. The citizens all gasped on their own time, some a bit panicked because they could see that things were now taking a turn for the worst since the Tsuchigami was using his power to charge. They weren't sure how long it was going to take, but they did know that they had to do something about this monstrosity before it broke free.



And at that moment, right on the dime, all of them would think about which one of their favorite Earth-using favorite characters could be the catalyst for their own developmental and experimental power that would eventually become their own through energetic and informational transitive property.

Many people got to flashing Hand Signs all cool, making up random shit that they felt looked nice in order to muster up energy within themselves. Whatever they believed would suddenly begin to happen around them, calling forth geodes from the ground that were hurled toward the creature.

Others took a different approach, moving as if they were Bending the very element itself to their will with their own radiant waves of their movements, in tune and in time with nature around them. They would start causing random natural occurrences such as earthen spires to shoot up from the ground and try to pierce the creature, the earth itself moving in tandem with their own physical motions.

There were even a few who would, after concentrating really hard, would Alter the make up of the earth with their minds, causing their molecules to break apart and reform as armor or weapons or machines that they could use to fight against the monster. They would hop into their G-Robots and take in their hand their Laser Cannons or equip their Long Swords (some of which merely hovered midair) and Heavy Armor (some of which formed in front as shields) in order to go hard for the battle of their lives.

They were all pretty disorderly and kinda were just doing random things, though. They actually barely had any control over their powers and were also doing a wee bit much trying to look cool, not actually hitting their mark whilst trying to show off. They weren't doing much of anything effectively, and kinda just sat there looking like fools doing random flashy things that weren't effective AT ALL to getting the job done. But, they'd probably do this for a while until they realized that they literally were NOT getting their goal accomplished and were kinda just dicking around. At LEAST they would be getting some practice in with using their own powers and stuff... Kinda.

While everything was going down, Tsubake kinda stood there happy as a clam, smile on his face and excitement in his eyes. He was gonna see some real action here now and it was gonna be awesome. He didn't think anyone else knew what was going to happen, but surely enough, he was already prepared.

"Aw sweet! POWERS!!!" Yes, everyone was probably going to be the most excited about just... Powers in general, and Tsubake was no different. It was just cool. Come on. "Let's see... I know what some of mine are already..." Body Enhancement was one, since the power of the Earth also fell into the jurisdiction of the physical body, itself. He had a First and a Second Gear that he'd been working on for a while now, one that increased his physical strength and one that increased his physical speed. He could definitely strengthen those more proficiently now that he had some cool badass Earth Energy Blessing powers.

He looked around and saw that everyone else who had gotten these power as well... Were basically using them to do all sorts of random bullshit instead of actually fight the thing that was going to oppress and torment them for the rest of their natural born lives as a tyrannical oppressor no different from a certain 'Lordgenome' that dwelt in his own ignorance and wallowed about in his own filth that became of his planet overrun by wild beasts, poverty and corruption. Sometimes, that is the fate of monkeys; wallowing in your own filth, if you don't realize that it's filthy. Ignorance, yeah?

"Ummmm..." he would raise his hand a little awkwardly, as if trying to get everyone's attention, "Instead of doing... This... Why don't we use our powers... Collectively... To uh, focus on binding the thing that's trying to break free of its roots? Since we all, you know. Have EARTH powers and stuff. It just seems like it makes a lot of sense."

He looked around with a goofy, yet hopeful expression on his face, eager to see if anyone else thought it was a good idea.
"Eh?! Eeeeh!? Anyone?!"

Primalpha was pleased with all of them learning to use their abilities so; that is why they were given such power, in the first place. In order to defeat greater threats than they had ever seen before, they were going to need these divine cosmic blessings from the heavens in order to cleanse their world and anything from any other from the dark forces that sought to enslave or destroy them with their own power. There were beings beyond what they'd ever before known outside of their planet that were far more corrupt than anything that existed here, and the Michiogre just so happened to be one of them.

"It will take me a bit of time to charge this attack, but when it is complete, it will ultimately destroy this dark revenant at the Root of the Earth." The Root of the Evil would soon be vanquished, and eventually, so would everything else up the ladder. Primalpha continued to concentrate, feeling his grip weakening as he did; but only due to the necessity to collect his energy as swiftly as possible. "Hurry! Find a way to restrain him! I will fall silent, unless the need arises for me to assist you all. Worry not for your safety, for I will protect you. With the Earth Energy within you, I will also be with you." He just hoped that it wouldn't come to that, considering that he was the one that needed to concentrate on himself so he could get rid of this creature as quickly as possible.

"Crystal Shard Satellite System, Kagutsuchi;
Kaihou. (Release)"

At that moment, from behind him, numerous translucent Crystal Shards would sprout as the form of diamond-shaped mirrors, each of which would hover behind him in a circle as a shining light would appear behind the head of the Tsuchigami, as if a halo upon his head starting to glow. The light radiating from behind his head was that of pure Life Energy, which would bounce off of each of the revolving tilted Crystal Shard Mirrors and back down into itself, before repeating the process by shining more brightly and shooting the energy into Primalpha's head as thought Enlightening his Mind. It had a whole 'Sun and Moon' effect, where the light of what generated the energy was reflected and amplified by what reflected this same energy back into it, so that the process could repeat and perpetual rising energy could be achieved. The light at the core was shaped like a Pumpkin and the mirrors around it were like the petals of a Lotus.

Amused by their folly, even in his own state of imprisonment, the great contemptuous ancient would chuckle dryly after seeing them attempt to utilize all of its cosmic power with their simple, puny, ignorant minds. They knew not of its true and greater potential, which only the cosmic divine, such as himself and the Tsuchigami, knew of. Each of the small rocks and weapons formed against it would do nothing but add to its power, for even as the Darkness of the Earth, it still was... The Eeeaaaaarth. Feeling the strength of Primalpha's bondage weakening and his own strength being enhanced by the fools that thought they were doing some damage by striking him with earth-based techniques, his arms would rise more, uprooting the roots that were desperately attempting to hold back his rising physical prowess.

"WHO'S THROWING PILLOWS AT ME!?!?" he cried out arrogantly with a hint of agitation, a wide smile upon his face. A single arm would break free of its root and hurdle over his shoulder, using the force of his own cocked back position and the strength he had put into breaking free to give his wide, overhead arc punch the kick it needed to blow apart whatever they had to throw at him, calling out as his fist scraped the cavern's top,


'The Titanic', as the signature 'Titan's Knuckle' was called, would hurdle through the air with enough force to break numerous atmospheric sound barriers, breaking the literal wind with the might of the fist. Its fist alone was large enough to punch a hole clean through a good fourth of the town, and would leave a crater of completely disassembled matter (dust particles) in the wake of its impact. All that was hit with the titanic force of 'the Titanic' itself would suffer the fate of returning to dust, from whence their feeble earthly forms came and was bound together by the other forces of nature. Every particle would be ripped apart, molecule by molecule; person, object and earth alike.

Whilst the Rogues were off doing flashy things with their powers, like hopping off of buildings and bouncing off the walls like some hyperactive super babies, they would find that they would have to grow up real quick when the fist of the oppressor came to deliver its swift fist of tyranny down upon them.

"Oh sh--" Things had certainly gotten very real, very fast for these Earth babes, which was staring them in the face ready to whip their ass and end their lives in a single punch. They had literally no time to fuck around and had to get their shit together before they lost everything they had just been gifted with, literally, only moments after they'd received this power. That was how critical this was.


Then they heard the voice of some guy saying something other than 'Shits' and 'Fucks' and 'Damns'.

Quote :
"Instead of doing... This... Why don't we use our powers... Collectively... To uh, focus on binding the thing that's trying to break free of its roots? Since we all, you know. Have EARTH powers and stuff. It just seems like it makes a lot of sense."

"Yeah, let's do that. Who's with m--"

In a flash, a quarter of the city was wiped out, as well as all of the people along with it. Wiped clean off the map, without a trace. None of them left. Not coming back, either. They lost their powers, their lives and a good chunk of their city literally by sitting there fucking around doing dumb shit and messing with each other instead of actually focusing on the thing that was tormenting them at the time and focusing their powers on it to begin with. After watching in horror as their friends and family that were just across town had been turned to naught but dust in a single blow, as would too the city itself, and the ground that had been supporting it... They suddenly changed their entire tunes. This was no longer 'have fun and see who can be the coolest.' This was 'Kill or Be Killed.' And they were certainly, without question nor hesitation, going to die unless they got their shit together and started working together as a united force instead of as simple, weak individuals. It was time for the ants to go marching in.

"Uh... Uhhh!!" some of them, after seeing what happened from just one of its hands being released would tremble at the might of the Michiogre, not wanting to get blown apart by the other three. Not only was this not its full power, since it had been stripped of the power it had before, but also it was still being suppressed by the Tsuchigami. This meant that it had far greater power than they had even fathomed was being held back from their faces. They were being protected from something utterly and horrendously monstrous in strength, far exceeding its size in its grandeur.

But that's when things started to click for them. When all of them started to think, 'Well, what can I do to make this situation better?' all at the exact same time. Thus, they would, after having a look at what the remainder of them were good at doing, start to chip in ideas to the main idea that they all agreed was the best at the time; helping to restrain that thing even further until Tsuchigami was done. If that was all they could do to save their lives, they didn't have to steal the show or be the biggest flashiest and gaudiest boat in the float; they just needed to stay afloat, and sometimes, that meant letting someone or something else that was more suitable do it for them with they simply helping to support it to get it there faster and with less resistance. Perhaps it was because they simply did not understand nor see what they were up against and figured that if they worked hard enough they could become the star of the show and take all the glory and glamour and fame and fortune that came with slaying some big creature and saving the city for themselves, but if there was no city left because all of them were dead thanks to each of them doing that same thing at the same time, then there would be no more glamour nor fame nor fortune because all of that and all its values lay within their existences, themselves, which would soon cease to exist.

"I have... Armor!!" some of them said, having been able to generate metals and disembodied metallic structures, "And... And shields!!! I think we could like, make a wall to protect everyone, or something?!" If all the people who had the power to make metal used their powers to make a wall all at the same time, they could probably make a giant shield that, combined, had the strength to match the Michiogre. That is, since they had most of its strength within the COLLECTIVE, which was spread out amongst ALL of them, then if a LOT of them COLLECTIVELY used the SAME POWER that they had against a SINGLE TARGET, they could GENERATE the SAME AMOUNT OF ENERGY as is what has been SPREAD FROM THE SINGLE TARGET and out INTO ALL OF THEM. Thus, instead of making INDIVIDUAL shields from their own INDEPENDENT thoughts, they could use the FULL SPECTRUM OF THE POWER as a GROUP, instead of a FRACTION of the power as an INDIVIDUAL. You'd think they'd think of that, but you'd be surprised how the whole 'Ego' works.

"Aaaaand, there goes the city," he said pretty lackadaisically, not really seeming too bothered by it. His hands were even casually locked around the back of his head, and there seemed to be a sort of 'I don't give a single fuck' look in his eyes now, for some reason. I mean, it was kinda their fault, anyway. "Meh. They were probably just people who were gonna try to slow down making things better simply for the sake of them trying to be the hero instead of just doing heroic things all the time, anyway. *shrugs*" He kinda just whistled and twiddled his thumbs, waiting for some lights to start clicking on.

Quote :
When all of them started to think, 'Well, what can I do to make this situation better?' all at the exact same time. Thus, they would, after having a look at what the remainder of them were good at doing, start to chip in ideas to the main idea that they all agreed was the best at the time; helping to restrain that thing even further until Tsuchigami was done.

Some people started naming out a way to make a defensive wall, which was a pretty good and decent start, actually. "Yeah! Yeah, Steel Wall!!!" They were pretty decent when they actually put their heads together. But that left the huge ass fist that was free, waiting to crack all of them at a whim. There were only 3 quarters of the city left, and it only needed one hand to wipe them all out before the Tsuchigami was done with that single fist alone. That was problematic.


"I have a cunning plan~!!!"

Taking no sort of fear for the situation at hand, as he seemed to simply have an answer to any and every solution, he would quickly assess the Critical Points of the situation with his Hihyougan (Critical Eye), finding what would be the best course of action and the best path to take in the clutch. Apparently, this was his power, even before getting the gifts of the Earth God.

"So if we all start running OUT of the city and TOWARD the Golem, it will probably try to target us and you all just put up that giant wall and we're totally safe! Then we just run toward the roots in different directions, hop on them and focus all our power to strengthen the ropes! And if we split up, it can't wipe us out all at once, since there are more exits to the city that some of us are closer to on each side!"

He wasn't entirely sure about what they were gonna do about the hand, though... The best they could do was block it, for now. As long as they were split up, the single hand couldn't take out a large group of them, even if it targeted one small group, the other groups could still make it and then hold it down with enough people, rather than have most of, if not all of the forces basically nuked in a single blow. In that respect, since he knew that these guys definitely weren't gonna start moving unless they saw someone else doing something first, took off running in the direction of the roots.

"Fuck this shit, I'm out!"

Whether or not they followed behind him or not was definitely up to them, because quite honestly, he wasn't dying today. No sir. And if they wanted to, then that was on them. In fact, if he was the only one to survive because the entire group would probably be what the creature would target and not that one guy running off in the other direction, he'd outlast the wait and let everybody else stand their asses around trying to still be flashy and get blown to smithereens. Then he'd be the sole survivor just because he was the single and only guy that thought to stand 'waaaaaaaay over here' whilst they sat in the dead center, as a group, waiting to get their shit creased.

"You're on your own~! *snicker*"
"Don't Fuck Up! *lackadaisical 2-finger salute*

The great one laughed as he saw the fear upon their faces, knowing that they would soon be obliterated, even if he was going to be, too. "Hruh huh huh... I will make sure that Earth Energy goes nowhere..." He raised his fist from the crater left in the giant chunk of the city, ready to smite them once again with a devastating impact that would blow yet another hole in their precious little settlement, "... Only I AM TO HARNESS THIS POWER!!! You inferior scum are NOTHING..." he would cock his fist back, targeting the large group before they could start running again, "... But WEAK, IGNORANT CREATURES!!!" He slung the 'Titan's Knuckle' down again with all the authority of a gavel of judgment down upon the lives of these insipid, ignorant nothings that boasted of such power that they had no idea how to control, let alone even how to use. Looking at them was nearly sickening, and to know that his power was within THEM was even more disturbing and disgusting to the great cosmic wonder.

"Saddle Up, Kids...
This Is Gonna Be...

Wherever the 'Titanic' crashed into was going to be the next spot that was blown off the face of the planet, without recovery. Lives. City. Powers. Everything, everyone that stood in the way of the great fist of the destroyer.

Primalpha was broken of his concentration once he felt the power of the Michiogre break free of its bindings, prepared for a secondary attack. He didn't want such a large part of the city to be destroyed, nor that many lives to be lost in the process, but if one did not take this seriously as if actual life and death, they were certainly going to die, and there was nothing he was going to do about that. He knew what happened to beings of the flesh when they relinquished their physical vessels, and their energy would be spread and drawn into something else somewhere else.

Knowing this, his eyes flashed a bright crystal blue before steadying at stable green, causing all of the Life Energy that had been released of the physical bodies to be taken under his command, where he would use their very life forces to create a shackle that would bind that arm to the ground yet again, before next reinforcing it with more roots. Because he hadn't used any of his own stored power to do this, but the power of those who had fallen in the multitudes, their lives after the physical life were put to good use in keeping the situation under control for their brothers and sisters that still had the pleasure and privilege of keeping their physical forms. "Go, Now!!" he said to them, before closing his eyes and returning to his charging.

Another layer of Crystal Shards would bloom from his back, this time taking the form as the second layer of the petals, which added an extra magnificative property to the reflective power they already had as a single layer. This caused the light to shine brighter and the crystal lotus that they formed to become ever larger...

Some of them returned to being mortified, unable to get the shocking display of power out of their minds; the fear of being next. It clouded some of their thoughts... Impaired some of their judgment, naturally. Definitely. Even with the suggestion given out by some about forming 'The Shield,' they were still very much uncertain about their own power. But now was not the time... Yet, knowing that now wasn't the time made them think about it all the more, actually. In fact, to the point where they couldn't think of how they even used their powers. "Uh... Uhh!!" some of them stuttered again, watching the great hand rise up again, cocking back and getting ready to blast them away.

"Ohhhhh SHIT!!!" they cried again, now definitely coming into a panic. They weren't going to be able to do anything before the next lot of them was wiped out. "Hey, wait!" someone said, who was nearest to Tsubake, "... Where is he going!?!?" Now their attention was on he who was trying to escape, trying not to get fucked up like the rest of them. If there was one thing each of their collective selfish minds could focus on, it was a single person that looked like they were about to get out of trouble and try to get him and put him back into trouble. However, why would they do that now, when they all wanted to get out of trouble, this time? Funny what life or death situations will make people do.

"GET THE MONKEY!!!" someone cried, rushing after him with a crowd of people who were following.

On the other side of town, where word had gotten down about what Tsubake had said, they would all have rushed out to the other ends of town and began a mass evacuation. They weren't fully certain of what was going on nor what they had to do, but they knew that they had to get the hell out of the center of the town, where they were like a giant bull's eye. One part of town was simply completely gone, and running through the crater was definitely not a good idea, either; made them even greater open targets.

Those who were still flooded in the center would be at the greatest disadvantage, though, since they would have no sort of method of escaping whilst waiting for everyone else on the outer layer to evacuate. All they could do was sit there and hope they made it out alive.

Once that fist cocked back, however, and they saw the golem glaring down dead center at them, they knew their time had come. Even if everyone else escaped, these people were just not going to be so lucky. No matter what they did or didn't do, it all didn't matter now, because they were about to get blown to high heaven, where nothing of what they accomplished or didn't accomplish mattered at all. If they weren't fortunate enough to have made enough of themselves at the time where it actually mattered, what did the past or the future matter any longer? It was almost like their entire lives had been wasted, and just now, as they saw how helpless and weak they were where there were so many others that were actually capable, they questioned if their lives up until that point had any meaning at all. Some of them fell to tears, knowing that this was simply the end...

Yet, as they were about to be destroyed, a huge iron shield manifested over the center of the city, being formed from each of the respective energies of the people who had the power to create the Armor and Shields all focusing on protecting the large group of people at once. It didn't matter if they didn't have a plan organized on how to do so, since it was clear that the best solution, alone, was that any of them at least attempt to block the fist by manifesting the energy overhead. Since all of them basically had the same thought collectively, without knowing any of the others were thinking the same thing, each of their energies would collect and connect up high above the entire remainder of the city that had not escaped and created a shield that was much larger and stronger than any of the others they'd made individually. Each Shield user stood on every side of the crowd, some even within the crowd itself, and after seeing how their energy connected, they saw where each and every one of the trails of energy led to, spotting out all of the other Shield creators.

"Hurry! Flee from under the shield in different directions, and we'll just send out smaller groups of us to follow behind you all at the rear!" This was the general thought and words that each of them said, in their own way, naturally, to get whichever group that needed to hear it in a certain way out in the method that was most suitable for their understanding.

Thankfully, the impact was lessened by the binding chain of the Life Energy of their fallen comrades wrapping around and holding the fist back before it could strike them with its full force. The Shield was capable of protecting everyone, but was definitely destroyed, being broken in the energetic link the moment that it connected with the fist. A full powered, direct hit would probably not have had them survive, but at least they tried something and discovered something new... And as a bonus, they survived... And had a new method of survival, as well as an extra advantage in knowing what more their powers could do. They would all spread out to their natural exits, the Shield Wielders running behind each group; jut enough to be able to protect them. There should have probably been more inside of the group, and they would pass on the info of what could be done through whispers and gossip; the best method of communication that they seemed to have learned throughout their time in the city. Hell, it passed information along, didn't it?

They gossiped their ASSES off, if it meant saving them as they escaped.

Tsubake continued on his full on mad dash toward the arm, and as expected, he wasn't targeted in the slightest. "Heh heh heeeeh~! Made out like a bandit~!" That is, until he noticed a slew of angry people chasing after him. "Oh shi--" He picked up the pace, nearing the Root. "Well, at least they're following me... I guess now we can get this done!" He would, once he got to the root, hop on top of it with an "Alleyoop~!" and stare at each of them whilst signaling for them to climb up the root holding down the giant arm.

"Come on! If we combine our powers, we can keep it held down!!"

"Hehehehehehahahaha!!" he chuckled childishly, as if more than happy to be crushing pests like the little rodents they were with the fist of the might of the very planet itself. He could just toy with them all day long and they would still be dead without much effort.

However, just as he was about to make impact with his great fist of magnitude, he would find his arm suddenly shackled to the ground by the very lives that he'd stripped of their vessels, their power being used by the Tsuchigami the moment their Life Energy exited their forms to bind him. "You dare...!?" It didn't matter though, because he was certainly still quite able to smash the little pipsqueaks, and they would pop like pimples all over the pavement.

"Tut, Tut," he said with a contemptuous, cynical chuckle, "Looks Like Rain." With the same hand just bound would he wriggle his fingers, calling down from above large clods of the underground city's cavernous ceiling border crumbling and falling bit by bit, geode at a time like hail falling to the ground. "Supposed To Be a Meteor Shower Tonight..." They were eroded from the structure of whatever they were holding up above, which would come crashing down through the ceiling as it gradually had its structure diminished by his fingers. "If I really wanted to... I could pull down the entire ceiling. But I'll play with you for a little bit... And watch you crumble along with your ceiling..." He almost didn't mind that he was going to be destroyed soon.

"I Told You..." The Tsuchigami grumbled as the creature still insisted upon threatening to pull down the entire upper layer, "... He's Trying To Kill You. Will You Please Act Like He's Definitely Trying To Kill You?" Primalpha could clearly see that he was just playing with them and wasn't even exhibiting any sign of his true power. If he really wanted to destroy them, he just could have in the first place. Perhaps, in his corrupted state of mind, he believed that by killing them with as little effort as possible, he would be conserving energy... And he would see it as being conservative instead of psychotic. Primalpha would bind his hand with a clench of his fist, causing the energy flowing through to be constricted, like a nerve being cut off from its ending and losing its flow. With that, he wouldn't be able to use any energy with his hands, which would prevent him from doing things like that any longer.

"I can only do so much for you whilst I am holding him down AND charging up an attack to obliterate him. You all MUST be able to use the power I have given to you for something more USEFUL." He could see that some of them were beginning to work together, and they were also, in their state of panic, finding ways to combine their powers. That was a start.

Meanwhile, the third layer of the Crystal Shard Satellite System would sprout as a series of mirror-like crystalline wings from his back resembling the petals of a lotus. The Pumpkin that was behind his head was now growing larger as well, taking in more sunlight from the reflections and magnification of the sphere's light. He wanted to treat them like ants, yet he was the one about to be searing under the magnifying glass until he was naught but ash. It didn't seem like he cared, though... "*sigh* ... Why me...?"

"Ohhh..." some of them groaned in horror, looking up as their sheltered world was literally crashing down around them, "... Oh he was SERIOUS!!!" Some of them honestly didn't even know why they were still alive. Now, there were giant rocks tumbling down and crushing their poor buildings and smashing into their streets. Some people were lost being smashed to death by the clods of their ceiling that were already far larger and heavier than they were before having to fall from such an extensive height. Their only hope were those shield wielders.

"Hurry!! Put up the Shield!!" someone cried, before those who had shield powers would pull together from the energy of the earth large metallic shields that blocked many of the large earth clods from squishing them. Others, still being feeble with their abilities, weren't so lucky, and were taken out with a large chunk of the crowd.

Someone on one end, however, found out that since they used the energy of the earth, they could just take the earth clods that were falling and start to manipulate them like they were being done by the Michiogre. "Hey!! We can just use the earth that is falling on us and break it into energy we can use!" Some of them figured this out as well and would begin reconstructing the falling earth to create large hemispheres of metal over themselves, creating a small umbrella or tunnel where the collection of Shield bearers were in motion. The pitter patter of the giant clods of earth boomed like thunder as they crashed against the shields.

Some of the parties struggled whilst others were making their way just fine; some did better simply because they figured out better ways to utilize what they were given, others did not and ended up in slightly worse situations. However, they were all mobile, continuously in motion toward the roots.

Though they were following closely behind him, they hadn't reached the roots yet. They weren't as swift and as skilled yet. "But, wait, weren't some of them like, not normal people?" He wondered about that, quite honestly. Maybe some of them already had powers and knew what to do with them, simply from being exposed from the others who just knew and gathered together in a group? He wouldn't be surprised. But he figured they probably would have spoken up about it already by now. "Ah well. This one looks like it's pretty much in the bag..." He looked up and saw that the rocks were falling all the way... Over there, AWAY from him on his root. "Dodododo~! Just gonna sit here and be safe, waiting for this awesome Earth God to blow this thing up with a giant Flower Cannon, dododoo~!" And he kicked his feet up and watched them get smooshed. "Oh, look! They're actually doing it! Alright, bitchin! Yeah! Go newbies! Woo!!" He would have fun cheering them on from the sidelines.

The Michiogre, in the midst of his makeshift 'Meteor Shower,' would have the ropes around his arms tightened to the point where energy could no longer flow through his hands. He scowled at Primalpha, whom he could see was almost done with his technique. "Huh. You think that is the only way I can torment these fools...?" Even if his hands were bound, just the trembling of his own body was enough to make this city quake. To demonstrate, he would laugh, his entire body becoming tense, as if all being flexed at the same time. The energy coursing through his body would intensify and shoot outward throughout the ground, releasing powerful seismic waves of Geoforce throughout all of the Depthsroot civilization. These were powerful enough to completely decimate their buildings, bringing them all to the ground with just his chortles. Each of them should feel the seismic waves rupturing the ground, causing them to stumble and most likely be crushed by the falling debris, of not liquefied by the intense tectonic vibrations.

Not today..." said Primalpha, feeling the waves being released into the ground simply through his connection to it. As they neared the civilians, who were doing their best to survive against this monstrosity, he would use the waves of their own Life Energy to unify them and create natural vibrations from their very Lives themselves that would counteract and neutralize the waves that were coming from the Michiogre; pulse by pulse. It would cause all of the Rogues to start moving in synchronicity, where each of them were in step, in tune and in harmony with each other and themselves and their powers. This would cause a reaction that allowed them all to flow swiftly, fluidly and smoothly through their transitional points, not tripping over or trampling each other, but moving in turn and in order so that they would be completely coordinated with themselves as well as everyone around them. In this, their harmonic waves were enough to create the same level of strength as the Geoforce. This is due to the Earth Energy that was within them currently, which was able to match the Michiogre's if used against him.

"Now, you've wasted all your time trying to prove your strength..." Primalpha knew that he could have killed them at any given time, so he wondered why the Michiogre didn't just do it. Perhaps, there was something more to him that meets the eyes. Or, perhaps, he was just that cocky. Whatever the true reason, all he knew was that this one was about to be destroyed and Primalpha was going to take his place, growing a new Tsuchigami Seed in his place. Even after just awakening, he was going to sacrifice himself to purify this Shinsanity of Earth, as it needed to be.

"Any last words...?" he said, the light of the Pumpkin Head now filling up the revolving Crystal Shard lotus petal mirrors in high concentration, "... This is gonna be..." The sound of the charging energy was like that of a whistling tea kettle. The searing heat that all gathered into a single point that was that Pumpkin Head would be used as the Satellites' pinpoint focusing mechanism, with a a piercing yellow laser aimed at the heart of the Michiogre, where the Infection had begun, and where it was about to end.

"Your End."

The Yellow Pumpkin Head suddenly became red, and a terrifying face of utter fury would be formed as it stared at the horrific construct in all its plague, seeking only to wipe it off the face of the map. The Crystal Shards all gathered before its eyes and became the barrel of a sniper rifle, pure, long and sleek, constricting its line of sight to only what it was staring at through the barrel's hole, marked with a red X-shaped crosshair. The high-powered solar beam would shoot from the eyes of the Pumpkin, the light only magnified and intensified by the reflections from the crystal lotus petals all about. This beam did not exceed the boundary of the barrel, but was definitely amplified to the extent where it would literally be a shot that obliterated the entire existence of the Michiogre's remains, leaving not a single particle.

"Goodbye, old friend..." Primalpha muttered in the midst of the destruction, turning his head away as the raging inferno overtook the corrupt construct, not wanting to have to look at him as he was put down. He would not explode, but literally be vaporized, on the spot, as if being erased by the eraser of the Creator, from which there was no escape. None of the Depthsroot Rogues would be harmed in the process, since this beam was concentrated to the extent of only touching and effecting the Michiogre. Thus, their threat would be ended right then and there.

Each of the Rogues who had been treated as mere ants by the Michiogre were, just as they were going to be liquefied under the great pulsations of the seismic waves from his very trembling form, saved by the beam of light shot from the Crystal Shard Satellite System that completely vaporized the remaining energy that was tainted. It was a marvel to behold, the power of the Tsuchigami, as well as the spectacle that was made that illuminated the dark depths of the Depthsroot. Realizing that the battle was won, that they survived and that they were now blessed with these awesome powers, they would all cheer in excitement and happiness once they saw that which threatened their existence destroyed by their underground savior of the Earth. Though their city was basically decimated and a quarter of their people had been lost in the battle, at least those that remained had survived the skirmish, and now, there was nothing left to do but to have fun with their powers and rebuild their city with the power of the Earth granted to them.


The battle for the Underground had been won. "ALRIGHT!!! LET'S PARTY!! LET'S CELEBRATE!!! WOO!!!" They started shouting out all types of celebratory suggestions now, returning to messing with their Powers of the Earth. Since there was no longer a threat, there was nothing stopping them from creating and hopping into their giant mechs, forging their armors and weapons, manipulating their earth and their steel, and whatever other powers over the Earth were bestowed upon them from the old Shinsanity energy they'd collected.

Tsubake, the Forgotten Sky Pirate, who goes by the alias of 'Blank', goes about filching rare artifacts and gems at his leisure to add to his list of Lost Weapons. Though a pirate, he is kind and doesn't steal; more like hunts for treasure. He spots any and everything of interest with his Frame-Catching Eye in the Clutch to know what to take and what not to take. With his special power to take in any type of Natural Energy around him and use it to enhance his body, he's quite the brawler in close quarters. He's got a sort of modern day Egyptian-Pirate feel going for him, with a hint of Rebellious Teen (with a leather jacket)
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Tsubake chuckled to himself, grinning big and wide after the threat was destroyed and all of the townsfolk were celebrating. "Heheheh, looks like all's well that ends well..." He looked up to the Tsuchigami, of whom he felt eerily connected to, and felt his power waning. "... But I don't think this is over just quite yet..." Tsubake wasn't going to go into the crowd and get into all of their festivities... Though, he might go swipe a thing or two that looked interesting whilst everyone was busy partying. Yeah, that might be something on his 'to-do' list. "Hehehehe~h...!"

Once the final blow was struck and the Michiogre was literally no more, the crowd may have been celebrating, but now, it was time for the Tsuchigami to use his energy to create a new Shinsanity of Earth. "Mmm... I suppose it is about time to give up this form, then..." He closed his eyes, letting his waning energy disperse from his physical form as nothing but an aethereal essence, splitting in half. Half of his energy would go into creating the new Shinsanity of Earth, seeping into the ground and causing large clods to rise up and mesh together to give it new form. The other half would be reborn as the new, purified version of the previous Tsuchigami, in his 1st form as the Monkey King. His energy would radiate slightly as his consciousness from his past life became his new form, made solid through his own will. His Consciousness from his time as Primalpha would, using the Knowledge of the Tensei Lord, form a Living Shadow cast from his Light of Mind that he would carve in his new image to serve as his Vessel, whilst his Will would be ignited with the Flame of Eternity that would give the Vessel Life and Vibrancy. Finally, once it could move, it needed the Consciousness so that it could remember its Past Life and not be a new Babe without any knowledge or any history. And so, the Light of Primalpha would descend into the New Vessel, harboring the Flame of the Earth. And he would become...

Titane, the Tsuchigami

"... Haha... Back to the beginning..." he said, allowing an Energy from Beyond to mesh into his New Life, "... Ah well. Now I don't have to be so stiff anymore. Kekeke..." He was significantly shorter, about the size of a normal man now, and though he radiated his awesome power, he knew for himself that he was nowhere near as strong as he once was. He touched down to the ground, letting his tail flick about wildly and his glowing hair rest over his body as clothing. He was curious to see what form the Shinsanity of Earth was gonna take, though...

The Michiogre's complete disintegration left nothing; not even a speck of once was in the tainted vessel. Now, from the essence of Primalpha that had been split in two, the secondary aethereal energy that pulled forth the elements of the earth up into the air would create a great and towering creature similar to the Michiogre that had fallen, but nowhere near as large nor as menacing. This was because it was, as it stood, very weak and lacking in energy. Even so, it was a sight to behold; a great earthen construct that would be the new Shinsanity of Earth,

Omegigas, the Grand Golem.

It remained motionless, save for many roots that shot from its back, searching for energy it could use to charge its colossal form. They were not harmful nor malicious, but were definitely hungry and thirsty for energy that they needed to give this new construct Life.

The Rogues continued on with their joyous display of their powers, now happy that they could do their flashy stuff, getting right into the feel of what they needed to do by hopping off of buildings, building and/or rebuilding things as they saw fit. Some people wanted to test their powers out in skirmishes against each other, and of course went to seeing 'who was better,' and all such stuff. Even many of the heads of the village were messing around with their new powers.

That is, until they witnessed Primalpha split himself in two. The great light in the air got all of their attention rather immediately, and they would watch in awe as it descended to take on the form of a more normal looking man... Save for the hair, the glow and the monkey tail. "Oooooohhhhhh..." they all moaned in awe and wonder. At the same time, they would witness the new construct being formed, looking up to see how large it was. It was not anywhere near as large as the first one, but still easily towered over their buildings like they were nothing.

"AAAAAH!!!" some cried, "IT'S BACK!!!!" others shouted, "I THOUGHT WE KILLED IT!!??!" And, naturally, they would all go into a panic again. Especially when they saw roots come out of its back, like they were searching for something. Being basically traumatized by the Michiogre's distructive display before, they didn't really trust the likes of this thing at all. "WHAT DO WE DO!?!?" They all turned to the new Tsuchigami that had been reborn, some of them pointing at him, "HIM!! HE'LL SAVE US!! JUST LIKE HE DID WITH THE FIRST ONE!! YEAH!!!"

Just as Tsubake expected, the end of the battle didn't mean the end of this scenario in the slightest, and from the looks of it, things were about to get interesting for the people of Depthsroot. "Whup!! Looks like front row seats to the next flick!! Heheheh~!" He had to say, he was pretty interested in the new form that the Tsuchigami had taken on. He was so dashing with his monkey fur and tail! "Awww yeah! Monkeys comin' back in style!!" He'd hop off of the giant root once used to bind the Michiogre and backflipped onto the ground, nearby where the Tsuchigami touched down, curious and ready to get a closer inspection. For some reason, Tsubake felt strangely... Drawn to his power in a way he wasn't really certain of.

"Uuhhhh.." He said, scratching the back of his head... Not really certain of how to address a ... A god. "... Hey. How'sitgoin?" He would flash a big, wide and goofy grin, shrugging his shoulders and chuckling nervously.

Titane slipped his hands into his fur-pockets, whistling to himself casually as he waited for the crowd to get over their natural 'OH MY GODs' and their 'DESTROY US ALLs', turning his attention to the rather dazzling monkey man that had been so kind as to greet him. He would give him a lackadaisical smile whilst laughing laxly and held up two thumbs, wiggling them for emphasis as he said, "Swingiiiin~!" He laughed out loud after he was done, slapping a head to his forehead, "BAHAHAHA!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE I JUST DID THAT!! AAAAHAHAHA!! Oh... Oh, that was too perfect... Wooo... Ooooh..."

In the midst of his laughter, finally, the citizens of the Depthsroot would all seem to be passing off this 'New Threat' as they thought it was onto Titane to deal with, wherein he would also, as they pointed to him, point to himself comically with a curly, almost whimsical smile on his face. "Uke? Meeeeee?" He snickered to himself, pointing up at the Omegigas, of which he had a direct bond with, already knowing it literally meant no harm as long as he didn't. "Whaaaat?! You mean against my buddy here? Pfff, naaaaah, he won't hurt you. He's just hungry." Titane would immediately leap high into the air, using the roots of the Grand Golem to climb all the way up to the top.

"Yeah, he just needs a good charge with some of my own energy, that's all. We just kinda bind ourselves together. Then we're gonna bind this baby down to the Depthsroot and he's gonna protect you guys while I go deal with some Tensei madness upstairs." These guys probably had no idea who the Tensei were nor what they were doing nor what they were going to do nor what was happening upstairs nor how far upstairs he actually meant, buuuuutttt... It would be alright.

"Yeah, cuz I gotta like... Go soon, and uh... You guys are gonna need someone to like... Fend for your lives and teach you how to use your powers... Uh... Protect the city... Keep it... Flowing with energy... Blah Blah... Yadda yadda..." he kinda trailed off, not really wanting to explain it all. Lazy monkey. "But uh, yeah. Basically, he's just me, but like. Another version. So, think of him as just... ME. But, you know. The one that's HERE. And not the me that's going back where I belong. Make sense?!" He hoped so, cuz he wasn't explain it any better than that. *cheesy smile, double thumbs up.*

The Grand Golem, being now exposed to his other half that was the Tsuchigami, would retract the roots back into his form and begin to sprout small vines up atop his head that would wrap around the feet of Titane, beginning the binding process. He would start drawing energy from him, connecting the two of them permanently whilst also charging the Grand Golem. Under Omegigas' feet would be greater roots that would seep into the ground and start draining the nutrients within, whilst simultaneously restoring the destroyed earth to its original form. The earth that was once demolished, dry and barely able to produce crops would suddenly flourish with greenery, starting from where the Omegigas' feet were, in the midst of where the Michiogre had once fallen. It would become a meadow right under the soles of his clay feet. As he began to bind himself to the Depthsroot, the entire cavernous chamber would glow with the Shinsanity of Earth, showing that the binding to the earth and the city itself was going well.

They looked around kinda... In awe and disbelief, but also, at the same time, some of them were just a little bit upset. Just a pinch.

"Sooo, uh... What are we supposed to do about..." they kinda looked around, puzzled, "... All of this Death and Destruction that just RANDOMLY befell us upon YOUR awakening?"

*snickers* "Oh. Oh, wait." *Gets self adjusted* "... Annnd... Here's the Pitch, LadiesandGentlemen..." Tsubake got himself NICE and comfortable on that Root, chillaxin' like nobody's business.

"Uuuuh, Weeelll..." He looked at the time, finding that Recharge in he and the Grand Golem complete and the Link to the Root completely established and flowing with Energy, "... Gee, I would just... LOVE to stick around and help you guys, buuuuut..." He rolled his shoulders up casually whilst rolling his eyes away from them suspiciously, "... Yeah, I've got some plans and uh... Ya know they're just gonna be..." He hopped from atop the Grand Golem's head, bracing himself for Impact,


~Titan's Knuckle (The Titanic)~
===A punch that can blow apart any solid or physical structure that comes in its path by disassembling material makeup, erasing weight and mass and ensuring the physical links that bind it together are released and cannot return to oneness. Also known as 'The Titanic'. It is his signature move.

The very moment it was Called, the Great Arm of the Omegigas came to an arc, cocked back and prepared to kablast his ass. Being Titane's Souzenryoku, he was Able to Call Upon His Power at any given moment as though it were his own, having been bestowed by such a gift (being Proof of the 6th). When the cannon came to launch position, the arm burst upward with the precision of a piston. It would send Titane hurdling through the Depths and straight up into the Dawn in one, clean crease. Blowing apart his Particles and causing them to lose Mass and Weight gave them more freedom for the energy to fly faster. Where a normal, solid object would have been completely obliterated beyond repair, a Kamigami, who is able to Readily take on an Energetic Form through Energetic Control on a Molecular, Particular Manner. Therefore, Titane would not be harmed at all, just have his particles disassembled for a time and then brought back together where he was being launched to.

Afterward, the Grand Golem's arm slowly return to its stationary position by its side, and its eyes beamed down on them, wide, glowing and as blank and abysmal as its stale face.

"Oh... My Lor--" someone shouted in the crowd, "Did... Did he just have the thing just... ... EXPLODE HIMSELF all over the-- You saw that, right?"

They remained puzzled, dumbfounded and confused. Someone else stated another obvious and reasonably valid argument, "... Did he just LEAVE us here...?"

"WHY WOULD HE DO THAT?!" someone else shouted in retort to both questions.

"What do we do with the... Monster thing?"

"Hey, where's that other fucking monkey...?"


The crowd suddenly got into a stir, some people accidentally using their powers that they had very little control of on each other and on things that they weren't trying to at the time. They were all actually hazardous to themselves and others and if not trained properly could probably end up killing themselves, destroying things they love and all such things haphazardly. Which, some just so happened to do on a minor level, causing issues between two people that weren't actually based on they, themselves, but perhaps circumstances caused by someone else who had no idea what they were doing and accidentally fucked something or someone up.


With a random banana that he wasn't exactly sure where he collect from (must have just accidentally swiped it in the clutch, knowing he was gonna need it later), and just so happened to have it right here and right now in this exact moment that it was necessary for him. "Who~? Me~?" he asked with a goofy curly crafty shifty smile.

This was gonna be hilarious. "Couldn't Be..." he smirked, taking off straight into the cut, "Heh. Then Who~?" Monkey Man wasn't getting caught in the clutch with the 'Clutch Seeing Eyes' and the 'Monkey Maneuverability'. Nah, none of that.

He was going STRAIGHT for the Golem, though. Without a doubt.

The crowd of rogues roared in agreement, each of them stirring up some of their powers that just so happened to haphazardly get in each others way, partially knocking some of them over whilst others ended up heading off in the direction of the Golem, where they'd seen the monkey tailed guy heading. Though a great deal of them basically accidentally toppled themselves over, or attempted to use their powers in a fashion that caused them more calamity than actual assistance, this discombobulated group of ruffians in the underground would basically... Well, all fall to shit.

"GET OUT OF MY WAY, CARL" someone shouted, slapping someone else with a giant metal shield, "SALLY, THAT'S MY FACE!!" another said, dodging a random sword flying through the air. "DID YOU JUST TRY TO PUSH ME OUT OF THE WAY, SAM!?!?" Eventually, they lost their focus on the main goal and started fighting amongst themselves, getting into random skirmishes and basically going ham on each other. Very few of them still stayed focused on their goal, since most of them were trying to get the other one back for either accidentally or purposefully assaulting or getting in their way.

Finishing his banana, he hurled the peel behind him and hop-stepped up the Golem, "Alleeoop~!" latching onto whatever niche he could in order to get a good grip with his hands and footing with his feet, already knowing that the half-wits that could barely use their powers weren't gonna get anywhere near him, let alone figure out how to use their abilities to even try. "Aaaaand now we wait." He said, making himself more than comfortable. "Damn, I shoulda swiped TWO bananas..." He scratched his ass a bit, a little pissed that he didn't. "Let's see how long it takes them to figure this one out... *snicker* Or... *in Fiddy Cent voice* ... Or Die Tryin.' *snicker*" And he was just gonna sit there and watch them, waiting for that perfect moment...

Whilst a majority of them were fighting, the ones that remained focused on the target and not getting wrapped up in petty rivalries and dumbass vengeance between themselves would continue their pursuit, shouting out to him, "YOU KNOW SOMETHING, DON'T YOU!?!? DON'T YOU!!?!?" But, since they weren't paying any attention to the fact that he threw the banana peel down there, the first guy would slip, causing a domino effect and many of the others behind him to trip and slip up, too.

"I'unno. Maaaayyyybeeee." He was trying to hold back his laughter, "I mean, you're gonna hafta be a little bit more specific. I don't quite know exactly what you're talking about, so I couldn't give you a real definite answer anyway." He snickered some more, stomping his foot, "You're... *snicker* You're gonna hafta be a little more direct. I don't uh... *snicker* ...You're just uh... *snicker* being a little too vague for my understanding here, kids." He could barely contain himself, pounding the surface he was sitting on viciously with his fist as though he were about to burst, "You-- *snicker* -- You know I'm just another dumb old monkey. Bakabakabakabakabaka~" He got up and did the 'I'm Just A Stupid Monkey That Doesn't Know Anything' dance to appease them. Hopefully, they would go away and mind their business once they saw he 'Didn't Know Anything.'

They started getting up off their asses, rubbing their backs and butts as the others continued killing each other, only some snapping out of it and joining the rest of the crowd once they got uninterested in trying to avenge themselves for the sake of their feeble pride. "Well, it looks like he doesn't know anything. He's just as lost as we are, guys..."

They groaned, some of them pouting, others getting all frumpy and grumpy. But then, the wise guy said, "HEY WAIT A SECOND. I SAW THIS ON FLCL. ISN'T THIS WAS HARUKO DID TO EVERYONE IN THAT SHOW?!?!" Many of them looked around, having no idea what the fuck FLCL even was, nor who 'Haruko' was. There were a few of them that knew, though, and then that's when they started wising up, too. "HEY. YEAH. YEAH, THAT IS WHAT HAPPENED, ISN'T IT!?!" Now they were really pissed.


"Damn, they're actually sharper than I thought..." he muttered, a bit disappointed, but also kinda pleased with them, "I thought for SURE that would have gotten them off my ass..." He wasn't talkin', regardless. Especially since he didn't know FOR SURE EXACTLY what they were referring to. Yeah. That was gonna be his cover. As long as they didn't ever tell him EXACTLY what the issue was, he wasn't gonna answer the question. "Heh heh heeeeeh~. I am a genie-us." He stood triumphantly, giving himself a thumb's up and smiling, basking in his own thoughtfulness. "Well, enough of that," he said, plopping back down on his ass.

"UH." time for a well placed distraction... "HEY. IT SEEMS LIKE THAT GUY, WHO CLEARLY KNOWS WHAT HE WAS TALKING ABOUT, WHO REFERENCED THAT ANIME THAT THIS WAS SUDDENLY BECOMING LIKE, SEEMS TO KNOW THAT THIS WORLD IS BECOMING LIKE AN ANIME!" He pointed RIGHT at that guy. "YOU SHOULD TOOOOTALLY PAY ALL YOUR ATTENTION TO THAT GUY." He pointed more vigorously. "... Yep. YOU. THAT GUY. RIGHT THERE." Since he clearly WASN'T TALKING, it wasn't like they could get anything from him, anyway. Ain't got nothin on him. "Come on, guys. Does it REEAAAALLY seem like I know something? REEEAAALLY?" He gave him the most innocent and dumb look he could. "RREEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAALLLYYYYYY?"

That guy was starting to make some sense now, especially considering the one of them who shouted out the idea was actually pretty smart, from what they knew about him. "FRED!!!" they cried, "All this time, you knew!?"

Fred: What?! How did-- NO, IT'S HIM!!! DON'T FALL FOR--


"Some of us want to live, Fred." They frowned at him, shaking their heads in disdain, "... Not cool, Fred. Not cool."


"That is an innocent dumb monkey man, Fred. He is in the same boat as us, clearly knowing nothing. And you... You knew we were turning into an anime, and you just... KEPT it from us! *shakes him* WANTED ALL THE POWERS TO YOURSELF, FRED!? HUH!? IS THAT IT, FRED?!?!?

Fred sighed, shaking his fist at the monkey man. "How... Did this even happen...?"

Tsubake looked at how many of those numbers dropped off of his attention, dwindling now into the single digits and he snickered, "Yup, that did it." He would casually slip up onto the back of the Grand Golem, out of sight of the people so that no one 'accidentally' noticed him again, right in 'The Shadow' of the giant thing. He would kick back and laugh his ass off. "Worked like a friggin' charm! UKEKEKEKE~!" But whole time... He wanted that extra banana.

Now with their attention off of Tsubake, they were focusing on the person who they thought knew everything about what to do and how to save them and how to use their newfound powers; Fred.

"So, what else do you know, Fred?!" They shook him, roughed him up a bit, "DO YOU KNOW THE SECRETS!?" They continued to shake him, "HOW TO CONTROL IT!? HOW TO GET MORE!??!?" Someone slapped him, "ANSWER ME, FRED!!!"


"LIES!!!" They were almost ready to string him up and torture him in order to get the info out of him, and knowing them, they weren't above it. "Start talking, Fred, or else we're gonna use what little bit of what we know on YOU!"

Fred, pointing "IT'S THE MONKEY!! HE CLEARL--" he pointed at the spot where Tsubake once was, "LOOK! He's GONE now!! He... He CLEARLY is hiding something and then distracted you with all types of bullshit, then dipped off in the cut!!! COME ON!!!"

"DON'T CHANGE THE SUBJECT, FRED!!!" they slap him again, "TALK!!" But then, that other guy, Steve, pointed up to where Fred pointed, being just sharp enough to believe him, "NO, WAIT!! HE'S RIGHT!!! THE MONKEY'S GONE!!"

Carl, the one orchestrating this anarchic riot, would drop Fred and scream at the top of his lungs "SON OF A BITCH!!! MOTHER FUCKING MONKEY!!!" He would shake his fist violently "DAMN YOU, MONKEY!! CURSE YOUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!"

Sam: Uh...

Carl: ... Don't you DARE...

Sam: ... *llama voice* But Caaaarrrrrrrrrrrl...

Carl sighs "... Don't..."

Steve: ... We've been duped.

Carl: ... Mother shit.

"Heh heh heeeeh~" he jeered in the shadows, no longer able to be seen nor heard, their attention completely dwindling now as they found out their original primitive methods that USED to work for them just wouldn't with this guy anymore, "Made out like a bandit~!" With 'The Secret Of The Bandit' in his sights, he would chill out here for a little while and do his work in the shadows for a bit whilst he let them duke it out. "Man, they're actually not all that clever." They probably were, but they just didn't know what was going on like Tsubake did. And it sounded like they were just now figuring it out, getting right back to where they started. "Heh heh. Well, at least they aren't fighting anymore. That's a start." Though, he was a little concerned about the Grand Golem being suddenly... Well, inactive. "... But I wonder about this thing? While they collect their lives, I'm gonna just, uh..." I mean, he already had a lot of secrets under his belt, so. Might as well find out a few more about this here Golem, yeah? He would start to walk along the edge of its neck, trying to figure out how to work it... Or see if he could get more power from it... Or... At least figure out what it did...? Hell, SOMETHING.

Carl sighed, face palming, "Okay, so he's just a stupid monkey, no matter WHAT he knows. He... He can be duped just like we can." He began to pace, trying to find a way to lure him out. "All we need is something he wants... Something he can't get on his own that will force him to come into contact with us... If we can lure him out, we can trap him and make him talk, then teach us how to use these powers before we kill ourselves."

Steve: Uh... Too late.

Some of the people, drunk off of their own power, were haphazardly destroying themselves and what remained of their city. Some had already accidentally killed themselves or their power had grown too much for them to control, resulting in them going crazy and doing something reckless, mindless or foolish from the overdose. It was almost like a drug that, with over stimulation, would cause them to drop off like flies.

Carl: ... FUCK. I bet he knew this would happen. FUCKING MONKEY.

Steve: Sooooo... What are we gonna do, Sherlock?

Carl: Well first, we're gonna have to get these idiots under control...

Steve and Carl looked over to the group, watching someone summon a sword and accidentally slaughter himself, trying to impale some guy that looked at him the wrong way. They both sighed.

Steve: ... Orrrrrrr...?

Carl: ... You right. Where's that fucking banana...?

Meanwhile, Sam...

Sam: Everybody, can we PLEASE stop fighting? I know the powers are cool and now you all wanna flex, but clearly... *points to the senseless destruction* It's... It's not getting us anywhere. In fact, we're no better than that giant monster that was destroying us before.

The crowd, moved by Sam's words, suddenly started to hear him out, some of them putting away their powers and turning an ear to him... Others, that were out of earshot, continued to whoop each others' asses and destroy whatever remained of their already crumbling town. Carl and Steve turned around, shocked, but impressed. "Good job, Sam..." they said with a slow clap. "Well, that's under control... *random head flies* ... For the most part."

Carl: ... Now, for the fucking know-it-all bastard keeping all the really GOOD shit from us...

Whilst Tsubake was busy trying to figure out how to work the Grand Golem, he could hear the frustration of the rogues below trying to figure themselves out as well as many other things. He peeked from the corner and sighed, feeling a bit sorry for them. "... Maybe I should help them out with like, a hint or something..." He saw one of the heads fly off in a 'comical mischief' sort of manner, the most intelligent ones of the group getting pissed off with having to deal with the stupid ones. "BAAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!" He couldn't help but laugh, it was just hilarious. "ONLY WHEN THIS STOPS BEING FUNNY, AHAHAHA!!!" It... It had to stop being funny sooner or later...


Eventually, with all of the commotion going on, as well as exposure to the one with the gift of the Earth God upon his back, the Grand Golem's shiftlessness came back into motion with a wave of its hand. It slammed its palm into the ground where the fist of the Michiogre had made impact, causing the ground to rise up to a normal surface level and a field of flowers to sprout up from the new, fertile ground that was now as soft as clay. When his hand was lifted from the ground, there would be the field of life where there was once none, and the spirits of those who were lost would be transferred into the soil as seeds for the new life as plants. It would then become motionless again.

As Carl contemplated how exactly to get Tsubake down and make him talk about how to use their powers, and the rest of the crowd either listened to Sam and stopped fighting or rioted against each other, they all stopped once they saw the hand of the giant rise up, their mouths falling agape with awe.

Carl: ... Oh my god...

Steve: He.. He figured out how to wake the giant up...

Carl: ... And now he's going to KILL US ALL!!!

The ignorant masses screamed, fleeing the place where they saw the hand coming down, thinking they were going to be destroyed again by some sort of devastating blow that would wipe out another quarter of their city. However, to their amazement, it gently touched the ground and pulled the desolate land back up to the surface, rich and fertile and filled now with flowers. A great deal of them were shocked and confused, but the heads of the project were more amazed than ever.

Steve: How did he get it to do THAT?!

Carl: ... Dammit... He must know more than we expected...

Steve: Well shit, if he can do THAT, then isn't that a good thing?

Carl: You right.

Sam: Heeeeey! Hey guuuuy!! How did you get it to do all of that?!

Fred: Tell us!!!


In the midst of his hearty monkey laughter, the entire golem he sat upon began to tremble, suddenly lifting its hand to bring life to that which had been lain waste to only a short time ago. Nearly falling off of its back, he latched on for dear life with all his strength. "Ohshi--!!!!" He didn't let go until the golem stopped moving and he could get himself situated again. Immediately, Tsubake rushed to the top of its head to see just what it had done, only to find that it had made that ugly, mangled land into something beautiful to look at, for reasons he did not quite understad. "Hooooooly--" He heard the words of the crowd below, mainly the ones that were the most intelligent, and started to panic only slightly.

"I-I-I dunno!! I seriously have no idea how nor why it started moving this time!!!" They probably wouldn't believe him since he had been fucking around with them before, but there was a difference in tone and urgency in his voice that hopefully they would be able to pick up; the sheer sound of cluelessness, which gave away anyone's true knowledge or lack thereof in any situation. "It just started to move for no reason at all, I swear!!!" Even he was stupefied... But he definitely wanted to make it do something else.

The Grand Golem looked on at all of the crawling ants below, wondering what they were scurrying on about. He was not meant to act until necessary, and to otherwise allow the civilization to be as it was and to grow naturally. The presence of the great being was enough. They seemed confused and needed to work out some issues with themselves, so he, being the most intelligent living organic organism of his kind, would have to take it upon himself to help them when it was time for such to occur. Until then, he would, after rather easily locating Tsubake on his back, extend his hand behind his head and point to him, bringing a great deal of clay overlapping into a point in order to grab the tiny creature very precisely. It was similar to how a machine looked and functioned, only made out of living, growing material instead of parts that are built in.

After securing the monkey boy tightly in his index finger's grip, he would place him down with the others and beginning to speak to them. "I move of my own will and way, just as you. I am not certain why you believed I was any different from you." His eyes were blank and fresh, as if he were a clean slate, yet already programmed instructions (as was how all Golems functioned, including the Humans) gave him an automatic basic 'Code of Conduct' for himself, as per order of the being of whose genetic signature it belonged to, which harbored the samr basic information as a standard for all of its further creations. "If you would like something, you may certainly do so. I do enjoy conversations as well, however I will not engage in them with you if you do not seem to harbor any interest in having one. This is why I have been motionless for so very long." His purpose was not to act unless engaged or something that went outside of the humans' control involved his assistance. Though, that didn't mean that he wasn't always able to be talked to. They just didn't.

"Have fun," he said, turning around and returning to his place on the Crystal Tree, where his body would rest nestled perfectly into the crystalline roots as if he were the missing piece of the tree roots. His body would be cradled, like an egg, yet shaped itself around him like a seed, merging all of his organic features with those of the tree, including his Brain. At that point, the entire being would become one with the Crystal Tree again, as all layers of earth and children of the Crystal Tree did. It, being one of many, needed to return to its 'Mother Brain,' where all of the Life of the Veritas was connected. At that moment, the spawn of the Grand Golem would return to the greater Grand Golem, Tabrith.

"If You Have Any Questions From Here On Out, Ask Your Designated Titan; Omegigas." It didn't sound as if the Tree were just speaking to them anymore, but a great deal of people all at once, perhaps indicating that there was a great deal more to this than what they'd just witnessed in the underground going on they just could not see. "Thank You."

Dazzled and confused to have seen something like this going on, having no idea that the thing was actually an intelligent being, and perhaps more intelligent than it, they looked on in awe as it spoke to them as if it wanted to talk to them on a normal civilized level and not some sort of condescending and impending manner that would probably threaten their very existence if it decided to just start doing what it wanted. They were even more shocked to find that, when it went back into the wall, it looked like it became a seed in the wall, as if it were only a baby.

All in the crowd, including the ones currently at war with each other, were stunned and fell completely silent. Immediately, the heads looked to the monkey boy, some of them upset, others concerned, and even ones that were excited, but all of them very much astonished by what happened, and it seemed like this guy was the one that knew the most.

Soon after, a greater crowd would start to congregate around the point of focus where all the events had just taken place, and they could do nothing but look on in a bit of confusion and lostness. Only those who knew what to do at that point would do something. Some people would go home. Some would have ideas to start rebuilding the city. Some even took advantage of the new land cleared out for them in order to start all over with a new, fresh land that hadn't been already destroyed by the influence of their city in the past. The Villagers of Depthsroot would all, after the traumatic event, be very much aware of things now. However, the true heads of the group stayed to question the monkey.

Carl: Alright, start talking, Monkey.

Carl, Steve and Sam all surrounded him, as if they were about to rough him up a bit. Fred went home because he was being a Fred.

Steve: Yeeaaah. The FUCK was that?!

"Uh." Being taken from the back of the giant golem and placed on the ground with everyone else kinda put him in a pretty bad position, especially when surrounded by what seemed to be the leaders, or at least the brightest of the group that figured out to inquire further on the situation in order to understand it and the scenario they were all now suddenly in much better. "... Ossu~." He grinned goofily, trying to contain his laughter, then stood up, dusting himself off, suddenly and immediately becoming pretty serious. "Sooooo. A lot of things... You MIGHT wanna um..." He pointed off to that field of flowers that had just grown, smelling as fresh and new as the dew that covered them, "... Have a seat~." After thoroughly having fucked around for officially as long as it was supposed to be, and having nothing left to do, since he was caught, he would gladly go explain to them what was happening since it was basically nothing else to do right now and they seemed willing to ACTUALLY LISTEN.

"... Follow me." He would start walking toward the open field, sighing, swiping something else that was left behind from all the commotion. "We uh. Got a lotta work to do." He already knew what to do from here, for some reason, and it only came from knowing what and why everything was that happened. "That land was supposed to be cleared out so we could redo it properly. We evacuate large parts of the city in the new parts and have them start building whilst clearing out the old parts, then leave the completely barren parts to be destroyed and regrown. Then we can totally just keep building and having more space from there." For some reason, he just seemed to understand what was naturally supposed to be done... Something about the spirits of nature or whatever made from the souls of the slain being in tune with him, or something like that.

The leaders stood there pretty dumbfounded, wondering how this goddamn goofy monkey boy suddenly got all serious and smart on them, completely out of nowhere, like nothing just happened. Despite how what he said made perfect sense; considering that if one area that was completely destroyed was rebuilt and all the citizens were emptied from the rest of the city into those parts and the surrounding areas, they could just destroyed the completely vacant areas and rebuild them just the same, what they were more concerned with was why he knew and how he knew.

Carl: Stop. So. You're just... Gonna act like none of that just happened? Like we didn't just damn near get completely fucked up by some giant fucking creature, which turned into our like guardian and went into some pod seed thing?

Steve: Bro. Come on, bro. Let's just go follow him. If he knows something and is trying to help us, we should just listen, at this point.

Sam: You know, he has a pretty good idea... I like this guy.

Carl: Dammit, Sam! Steve! He... He just--

Steve: I know, Carl, but... We kinda don't really have a choice, unless we wanna end up pushing up daisies, like our friends over there. *points to the field of daisies that were his friends*

Carl: ... *sigh* ... Dammit. You're right. We'll just have to get as much as we can out of him and see where this goes. Besides, apparently that... Thing listens to him, or is associated with him, or whatever. Maybe we can get him to make it do stuff for us.

Steve: Yeah, I guess. I mean, shit, it gave us a clear, clean space to rebuild. We should just take advantage of this opportunity and get to work on making things better. Don't you think that's best?

Sam: I think that's best!

Carl: ... You know what? Fine. Let's follow the fucking monkey...

The three of them agreed and nodded their heads in consensus, walking off toward the field where the weird guy was taking them. They followed along closely, but were still pretty suspicious of him. If they were getting some powers now from the earth, then what kind of powers did he have at his disposal prior to? That was a mystery they intended to solve when they had their talk with him.

Tsubake, the Forgotten Sky Pirate, who goes by the alias of 'Blank', goes about filching rare artifacts and gems at his leisure to add to his list of Lost Weapons. Though a pirate, he is kind and doesn't steal; more like hunts for treasure. He spots any and everything of interest with his Frame-Catching Eye in the Clutch to know what to take and what not to take. With his special power to take in any type of Natural Energy around him and use it to enhance his body, he's quite the brawler in close quarters. He's got a sort of modern day Egyptian-Pirate feel going for him, with a hint of Rebellious Teen (with a leather jacket)
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Ninth Raid: Depthsroot Chapter 1; Underground Railroad

Tsubake was the first to reach the clearing, guiding the ones who had been living underground and in the dark for so long into the place where they would hear of what he knew about the world outside, on some Kamina shit. He held memories of his past life and knowledge of the surface world that many people in the Depthsroot didn't even know were fathomable. He may have been a silly, goofy and childish man with clearly a playful disposition seemingly more prominent than his responsibility, but once the jig was up, he was ready to come clean on a few things.

"Okay. Here we are." He had been led to this place specifically because of its ties to the giant, as well as his own ties to it, as well. It almost felt like it just pumped in his blood and came natural to him, unlike with the rest of them. "Um. Sooo..." He turned around quickly, clasping his hands together once he was front and center before his peers, "... How many of you know about God. Eh? Anyone?"

After being led into the field by the monkey man, the remaining rogues that seemed to have to most understanding of this scenario; Carl, Steve and Sam (Fred went home, being a Fred) would stand before this eerie simian with a dumbfounded, slightly shocked, almost pissed, but still completely stupefied expression.

Carl: ... Oh, HELL naw.

Steve: ... Is he about to give us 'The Talk?'


It was clear that the three of them had some sort of sliver of knowledge, perhaps even greater understanding than they seemed to present... But their frustration and secrecy seemed to stem from the fact that he was bringing it up to them right here and now. What were they about to hear, and were they ready for it? If this monkey man were telling the truth, then he would explain whatever it was about the golem and this situation that they were in, which he seemed to have some hidden secret underground 'on-the'flipside' intel about... Somehow. They wanted to know about that, too. Certainly.

Carl: What does that have to do with this, anyway?

Steve: Tell me he's not about to say what I think he's going to say...

"YOU ARE CORRECT, SIR!!!" he pointed with a vigorous finger toward the "GOOD SIR!!!! Absolutely CORRECT!" He had to sit there with a cheesy grin on his face, holding back a cackling monkey laugh, "Ohhhh man. I've been waiting to do that for a long time." He felt like he'd been a tad bit too serious for just a wee bit too long in one sitting, so randomly, he just burst into a fit of complete and utter prankster jokes, just for the lulz. "... I mean, uh." He shifted his eyes about furiously from side to side and suddenly cleared his throat. "... You see, God is back. He uh. Apparently, somebody somewhere woke him up and all types of things just started happening. That's all I really know about it, though." He shrugged his shoulders and proceeded to walk off in his leather jacket, very Fully Coolly and snickered, looking at that Cross he swiped before in the other world. Or Ankh. Or what the fuck ever.

"Oh, Baby~." He snapped his fingers and a runic seal with many different archaic sigils upon it appeared before him a bit of a ways away before a badass motorcycle burst through the marked area at a high speed, sprinkling chunks of the reality before them in plain sight, as if flying from another realm. It came to a screeching halt before Tsubake, whose hair immediately flashed red and stood on end, as it had done when he lived on Vescrutia. "The only reason I'm even able to do this is because I left my fucking motorcycle in the other world and I originally had red hair. Don't ask. I have a lot of powers that you may want to know about on account of uh..." With his leather jacket adorned, he popped his collar and slipped on some shades that he seemed to keep in his pocket, leaning on 'Baby's' ass and kicking a foot up to her wheel. "... Reasons." He wasn't supposed to tell them a lot. Only just enough.

"Now, you saw what happened with that there uh... Giant monster... Uh... '*scared Japanese man voice* Bakemono~~~!!! *point with finger*' Et Cetera, Et Cetera. Right?" He shrugged, shifting his head around to and fro, "Yeah, anyway, that was caused by a lot of stuff that went down somewhere you have no idea even exists. It's called 'The Surface.' Where like, everybody except you guys are right now." He sighed heavily, having to sit there and actually come to grips with THAT part right there. "... Damn. How do I even BEGIN to explain this...?" It was actually a lot more complicated than he was really able to give them based on how much they knew already. "There's this whole Tensei thing going on, and, well..." He sighed. Trying to figure out how to actually say this without giving them more than they could handle. "Maybe a... Nice little song and dance...? A jolly jig...? With a frickin' ... Catchy ass tune?" Now he was all wrapped up in how to get it to them just because he couldn't tell them, himself, because he knew there were things that were just gonna be too much to explain and too difficult to handle and shit.

"*long pause* ... *sigh* Anyway, I'm just saying. There's a hole in broadway ova' here..." He pointed to the large gateway that his motorcycle just blasted through, leading to the place he just came from, which had all types of horrible and terrible, yet cool and awesome 'End Of Days' destruction going on in it, then coughed. "And, ya know. I'm just sayin.' All that shit that happened just now was because of that family... The Tensei... Waking up. And they only awoke because of... Well. What I was saying earlier..." He looked around suspiciously, as if he were trying to make sure it were all worded correctly with his 'Frame-Catching Eyes,' "... Yeah. Yeah, that's right. I said it. I meant it. And now, I'm pretty much my part in this is pretty much over."

He sighed, remembering the words of Primalpha before he became Titane... Then furrowed his brow and shook his head with a bit of frustration, "... Shit." He looked up to them, realizing that they were complete n00bs out here on the battlefield that just now figured out there were any powers to even be had. "... Dammit." That's why he was asked to stay. "... And the Fam is..." After the transition, the lapse in memory about his family was dealt with. He found his way back to the Tensei and the 'Mother Ship,' so to speak, which was the pirate ship that he fell from when he crashed on Vescrutia in the first place that long ago. "... *sigh* ... UNLESS... you guys like, need some help or something. And I mean like, REALLY need it. Cuz uh..." He rubbed his hands together and licked his lips, pretty much tasting the Veritas right now, "... I mean, I've got plans for August up above ground. Which I kiiiiiinda wanna get on top of like... RIGHT now...?" He shrugged a bit. "Come on."

The three of them stood there with a dimensional portal in front of their faces, completely and utterly pissed. They were so pissed. They know why they were pissed.

Carl: ... He DIDN'T...

Steve: ... But he DID tho'...

Sam: ... Super Saiyan God Mode? ;; Right here, right now? On the spot? ;;

Carl and Steve immediately put their heads together, because Sam was already on board when he saw his ass instantaneously become Super Saiyan God Mode, just like he'd seen on TV in DBZ. Sam was had at that. They would immediately realize that this was probably going to be the greatest opportunity of a lifetime to get some weird fucking powers from an alternate dimension that some random badass in a leather jacket told them about and clearly made a way for them to get it, which they had not only seen him do right before their eyes (with some of the dimensional chunks still jingling before them), but also could visibly SEE the energy LITERALLY leaking out right before their eyes and all the signs of it doing so.

Carl, *already on that*, "Just to be petty, yes. Absolutely. But honestly, yes. I want to do THAT shit. That shit right THERE."

Steve: You right. You are definitely correct.

Sam: ...

As soon as the energy that was released from the dimensional barrier being breached, it would immediately be converted into purified energy, as if flowing through a filter, and out before the four of them. At that moment, with a link established to the Lost World, they would be able to draw power from it and those within it. If there were any people that formerly had such power in the Lost World, it would immediately be restored to them as it had been in that realm, just the same as it did to Tsubake the moment the energy merged. It was like two beings from two different timelines syncing up in the past or future as the same being and merging realities. "... Welcome back to the ship, 'Blank'..." the Grand Golem spoke again, "... We've missed you on deck." It seemed like his memory was finally starting to return to him, and at just the right moment, too. Most of it was still in that other world, and only a token of that would be necessary for him to return to his normal form with the part of his memory he lost when he fell off of the ship and crashed the first time. It was good that he finally made it back, though. It was very clear that he was more crucial than meets the eye, even as a silly monkey.

Suddenly, from the roots that made up their cavernous ceiling would fall from above several dark shadows donning variable masks. They would fall to the ground beside Tsubake, as if they had been waiting for him. "Here it is... The Portal to The Lost World..." It was opened up right where the Tree of Death was, drawing in the energy of that world as it rather swiftly killed the planet and sucked it dry of all its energy from becoming a hazard zone. "... Disgusting, isn't it...?" said the leader of the Alpha Squad, shaking his head, "... And it used to look so beautiful before the Darkness took over..." He wondered actually how many realms TRULY suffered this same exact fate... It was spoken of in many of their fables, disguises as everyday entertainment like comics and video games. This Phantom, if no one else, knew what the truth was... They were ALL other worlds, just like The Lost World, and they were ALL in very REAL danger. "... I feel sorry for anyone that is trapped there for too much longer..." The tinged red of the sky was just sickening.

"Yeahyeahyeah, it looks like shit, I know." Tsubake could tell that the spirits of the Phantoms were getting restless, if they were actually coming down HERE with the NOOB and shit looking for people. "And it's good to be back, Fam," he said proudly, finally able to return to his Pirate Ship... The Mother Ship, at that. "I'm so pissed that I fell off and lost my memory, especially for so long, but damn, it feels SO good to be right back home." He stroked his pretty pet, 'Oh, Baby' and slapped her rear, engine still a hummin'. "So, what's the deal? I was just sitting here giving them 'The Talk,' so... I mean, what's the biz?" Tsubake, being on the Earth, got messages from up above, usually spiritually, of which the Phantoms showed the most interest. "What's going down? How we getting this done? What's word from the top? Like, let me know. You know how it is."

"I'll take it from here, thank you, Bro." Only those who were part of the crew knew how and why to call him 'Bro.' Tabrith only called one man 'Bro.' It sounded weird because Tabrith usually spoke so properly and formally, however he paid regular respect and tribute to everything at all times that wished and deserved it. He was 'Bro' for a reason and he respected it, so he would be referred to as such. "... It's about time for your break, anyway. You should head to the Delta. Party City, and whatnot." He thought that Tsubake remaining would be a good idea for helping the others understand, but Tabrith felt as if he could take things from here on his own.

"But it's good to see the Phantoms have responded so quickly," he added as they appeared behind Tsubake. "So, then. Since even you have finally Risen, go into the Lost World and acquire us the power of 'Sheng The Great.'" Fortunately, legend of 'Sheng The Great' was already long imprinted in history, and it was about time for them to start making use of their open portal. Might have to close it and open it elsewhere, though. Then that would change the entire location of the portal, especially in coordination to the coordinates of the location in the Veritas. "You know what to do from there. Report back when you acquire the Artifacts."

After giving them their mission, the voice that echoed throughout the cavernous cage of roots would pass over to the Rogues, of whom were going to be listening to Tabrith for a while. They seemed to dislike Tsubake, even though he was basically everything they asked for. They didn't take into account that they might not like him because of his skill level and natural competitive jealousy. What they needed to be was further away from him until they caught up, and then worked with directly by the Great Mind, itself. "Certainly, you must be confused as to what is even happening right now, yes?"

Carl: WHAT THE F--

Steve: Wha... What did you make them go do?!

Sam: What's 'The Lost World'? I'm pretty confused.

"Really? Hot Damn!!!" He clapped his hands together and did a little jig, then immediately hopped on his bike and revved up the engine. "Orders From The Top." With one quick twist, Oh, Baby would start to purr like a kitten waiting to be pet. "Nice to meet youse guys. Or uh. See you again. Or whatever." He smirked, "Heh heh," chuckling to himself as he prepared to blast off on his dimensional motorcycle. "Party City, Bitch~!" He gave them the 'Peace' sign; the signature 'V-Sign' of victory before hurdling off into a dimensional barrier. His bike moved fast enough to break numerous barriers; sound, light, and such, which allowed for him to shoot through the dimensions at high speed. Porta-Bike, and such.

Tsubake, the Forgotten Sky Pirate, who goes by the alias of 'Blank', goes about filching rare artifacts and gems at his leisure to add to his list of Lost Weapons. Though a pirate, he is kind and doesn't steal; more like hunts for treasure. He spots any and everything of interest with his Frame-Catching Eye in the Clutch to know what to take and what not to take. With his special power to take in any type of Natural Energy around him and use it to enhance his body, he's quite the brawler in close quarters. He's got a sort of modern day Egyptian-Pirate feel going for him, with a hint of Rebellious Teen (with a leather jacket)
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Tenth Raid: Sky Pirate's Respite; The Party City

Riding out from the Underground Village on his badass interdimensional motorcycle named 'Baby,' Tsubake would streak across the streets of the Party City, the Mezzo Villa, and bolt between cars and pedestrians alike. Already living it up to the fullest, as was his assignment, he whipped and whirled all across town without a care in the world, looking for some place interesting to settle down at.

"WOOOOO!! PARTY CITY!!!" he cried atop his cycle, "BITCHIIIIIN!!!" His crimsoned hair fluttered in the wind, the same as his spicy leather jacket, before he trailed off into one of the more quiet spots of the City of the Delta. The engine roared as he rode up the now narrow bike path, careful now not to hit anyone as he strode past them on his cycle. Since it was more narrow than the street, he had to activate the cycle's 'hovering' sequence in order to stay above the people on the path and not run them down. With a quick kick of the shift near his boot, a rev of the handle at his palm and a thrust of the bike up into the air, the wheels would suddenly glow with a bright aura and begin to screech upon the very air as though it were the solid ground he was once just touching.

Riding casually through the sky without a care in the world, it was clear that Tsubake was making a spectacle to everyone... Well, clear to everyone except himself. He was in his own head thinking about what he was going to do about this whole 'Party City' biz. "Hmmm... What ta do, what ta do...?" he muttered thoughtfully as the wind blustered about. His gaze perused the area just as casually as his bike soared through the sky, only to notice that there were many people looking at him because of the scene he'd just made on accident. He forgot that in his excitement, he generally made a spectacle of himself and brought all eyes on him. As gifted as he was at that, he wasn't trying to have people actually look at him right now. He wanted to chill out and relax.

"... Aight, I ain't feelin' all these eyes on me right now. That's gon' hafta simmer down 'round here." He had a roguish accent that came and went, something like it did when he was still on that other world, brawling in the streets. He actually didn't mind doing things like that and was partially itching for another street fight, like he had done often in the past. "Yeaaaah, let's take 'er down." Whatever stop seemed to have the fewest people, that's where he'd ride his Baby all the way down to. "Simmer down, Baby!!!" he said, slapping the rear of the bike before the revving suddenly roared again, then quieted down as the bike came to a gentle descent. They would come to a peaceful grinding halt at a lovely terrace above the city, build into a hilltop. There weren't many people there today and it seemed to be the best place to be at peace. "Yeah... Yeah this'll do. This'n rightchea!" When the bike was at a full stop, he hopped off, boots stamping upon the ground, and would gaze off at the horizon over the city. "Mmm... Aight Baby, take yo ass home." With a quick slap of the rear again, the bike would rev up again and shoot off on its own down the straight path for a moment or two before a special rune appeared in front of it that it would break through and hurdle off into a realm unknown. The rune sealed itself back up behind the bike and disappeared.

When the noisy and rather inconsiderate man with the scarlet hair and the leather jacket came wreaking havoc all over the peaceful area, one of the townsfolk, who was trying to relax, became rather annoyed at all of the rowdy behavior going on. "Hey, you!!" he cried, rising from his bench, "Couldja keep it down, or something?! Some people are trying to RELAX around here!!"

The man seemed to be in his mid 20's at best, if not a bit younger, wearing a plaid button-up shirt with the collar neatly pressed and some deep blue jeans partially covering his brown loafers. He seemed rather normal and had nothing too distinguishing about him. He did, however, seem to be engrossed in some deep and troubling thought whilst he sat, which seemed to be the cause of his irritation with the sudden noisiness of the man with all of the spectacular display. "There's no reason to be that loud and inconsiderate to others who are attempting to 'chill out' in the 'Chillout Spots.' If you wanna go be loud and obnoxious, go back to the city, where all of that is pretty much expected."

There was an initial irritation that struck Tsubake as he heard the voice of a random person call out to him in frustration. Because he absorbed the Natural Energy of the environment around him, when he felt the energy of the air shift, he absorbed it and also shifted with it. Thus, he shared in the annoyance of the man that cried out to him and turned around with a fierce and inflamed look, as if ready to fight.

Yet, hearing the man out completely, he certainly did have a point in that Tsubake was causing a lot of noise unnecessarily and that this seemed like a place where the noise should have been kept to a minimum. He was known for making spectacles of himself and whatever was around him due to his grandiose energy levels, but right now, it was time for him to simmer down, as well. So, in spite of his fierce look and frustrated disposition, he would suddenly become unnaturally eloquent and polite as he said, "Oh, yes, terribly sorry, sir. I was not aware that you were attempting to relax. My apologies. I will keep my noise down to a minimum." He smiled warmly at him, showing that he understood and that it was just a mere misunderstanding, hoping the man would recognize and comply with his apology.

The man in plaid, after hearing the kindly words of the man, felt at ease now with his own peace that he could return to worrying about his mundane issues and organizing them thoroughly. Yet, in the moment of superiority, feeling all sorts of hubris for his own triumph, he would add, "Yeah, that's right. Don't let it happen again!" And look to the man with a smug face, pleased to have had someone submit to his words alone. He was feeling pretty good about himself... Pretty powerful. So he puffed out his chest and sat himself down with the same smug grin on his face, closing his eyes and relishing in his triumph.

Where Tsubake was once completely humble and kindly to the man and considerate of both his discontent and his words, it was clear from the look on his face, the shift in the Natural Energy in the air and the tone of voice as he spoke his words that he was feeling pretty smug about what he'd just done, like it was some sort of victory over Tsubake after having him submit. That was exceedingly disrespectful and in Tsubake's eyes, if the man thought enough to speak his mind to Tsubake about an accident that disturbed him, then Tsubake had all such right to speak his mind about that blatant foolishness that he just had to witness in conscious knowing.

"Uh, 'SCUSE ME?" he said with a fiery tone, "U WOT M8?!" He approached the man now with blazing eyes and hands clenched, as though ready to strike, and stood some feet away from him within shouting distance, just in case he would jump up with the same vehemence that Tsubake approached with. "You wanna run that by me again, partna?" His accent was coming out again, revealing that he was losing a bit of his control over his tone. Yet, he kept a level head about this, even in frustration, and added, "That was HIGHLY disrespectful of you, especially after I took the time out to even acknowledge your petty little request. If you're gonna just do whatever you want and treat people recklessly, then no one should be treating anything you say with any sort of regard, right?" He crossed his arms and tapped his foot furiously, as if waiting for a reason to take another shot at him. "And you think after disrespecting someone they would want to respect you, right? Does THAT make any sense, or does that just sound fucking stupid?" He patiently, but furiously, awaited an answer, still tapping his foot.

The man was not expecting such an explosive retort from the one with the red hair... Yet, from his appearance, now that it was more heavily noted, was that of one that looked like a gangster or a street punk, which meant that he was probably not only versed in fighting but also willing to do so if he had to. The man was not looking for any sort of physical altercation and quickly clammed up at being reprimanded. "Um... No... Not at all." All of the pride that he just had for himself after having Tsubake submit had suddenly gone right out of the window and he felt nothing but shame for himself and his actions after they were made very clear by his violent temperament and sharp discipline. "... Look, I'm sorry. I was just speaking out of frustration. I... I've been going through some issues and I just... It slipped out in my own frustration. That's all." Hopefully that explanation would be enough to diffuse the suddenly escalating situation. The man looked at Tsubake now very sheepishly, showing that he did not wish to fight nor take this any farther than it already had gone.

Tsubake heard the man's words and carefully leveled them in his head to keep his own level head about him. He didn't take disrespect lightly, and was very much happy to ensure that others were aware of when they were doing so to him. Yet, the man's words brought upon pity and sympathy from Tsubake, knowing that it was just a mistake. So, with a deep, cleansing breath, he would exhale sharply and say, "Look, everyone is trying to relax here. So don't say to me to make your relaxation peaceful and then you do something to make my relaxation not peaceful. Don't ask for things you are not willing to do for others." It made Tsubake feel a bit more at ease that he understood, but he was still slightly displeased with the conduct of this man. It made him question his upbringing just a bit. Yet, everyone makes mistakes, so this could be pardoned for the sake of peace, which Tsubake was brought up to enforce by his own Family, of which he just recently retained his memory of. "Just... Try not to let this happen again. Be more mindful of the way you address others and how they would feel about it, m'kay?" He sighed again and shook his head, this not being the way he wished to enter nor enjoy his time in the city. First, dealing with people trying to condemn him for attempting to help them, now someone trying to disrespect him for his ignorance on the way of the land. He was starting to become really upset with how the citizens were these days. They needed a bit more home training on the matters of 'respect.'

The man hung his head in shame. He was pleased that there would be nothing that came from this that was negative, but he was displeased with himself about how he handled the situation. "Yeah... I get it. Don't worry, it won't happen again." He had much to think about.

Meanwhile, someone else trying to relax, eyes closed and golden hair covering his eyes, would overhear everything that was going on nearby. He was sitting on a bench by himself with his leg kicked up over the other and his arms casually leaning on the top of the bench, letting his body come to a nice, relaxing lean. He opened a single eye to look at who was causing this commotion, after hearing how it was being resolved, and could sense great power in the man that was scolding the other. This interested the blonde man and he would suddenly rise up with a smirk on his face and furrowed brows filled with intensity. "Hey, you!!" he cried out, pointing to the man in the leather jacket,

"I like your style!! Let's have a little chat, yeah!?"

Suddenly, a strong wind blew, causing the bright red gi to flutter in the wind. He didn't seem to mean any ill will, but had a face full of much conviction and inspiration, for some reason. He wanted to see just what this red-haired man was all about.

Tsubake was now at peace with the scenario, smiling and letting his arms and foot come to a rest. "Yeah. Aight, take care, guy," he'd say finally, to show that there were no hard feelings. He would turn around to walk away, when suddenly, he was called out by a strange man in a red gi. He looked like he was a fighter, and he wanted to talk. Tsubake sensed powerful energy flowing within him and felt his own Natural Energy flare up just from the words of this man alone. It made him smirk as well, as if he already knew what the guy was thinking. "Yeah?! You look pretty sweet, too!! Don't worry, bro, I gotchu." Slipping a hand in his pocket, he casually approached the blonde-haired man in red and stood before him with his smirk mirroring the other, and the fire in his eyes matching the conviction of the man's. "What's up, guy? Got some words for me?"

"Fershure, bro!!" he called out with a fiery tone, chuckling to himself, locking eyes with whom he had decided would be his next opponent, "I like how you roll. And you look pretty strong. You about that Street Fighter life?" He slammed his fist into his palm, cracking his knuckles a bit, "Cuz I could use one of those right about now." Rolling his neck around a bit and then his shoulders to work out a few kinks, his smirk grew wider as he continued, "What's the word? Somethin about you makes me wanna get right to it!!" For some reason, the look on this guy's face got the man in red pumped up. It showed in all of his actions.

Tsubake definitely wasn't expecting someone to call him out like this. But it didn't really matter because, despite not wanting to make a spectacle, he was now pretty pumped up himself from having to deal with that one guy before. He shrugged his shoulders, keeping his own smirk on his face, saying, "Yeah, why not? I got the same vibe from you, too, my friend!!" Seeing how invigorated the man before him was immediately got Tsubake feeling the same way, and he would clench his own fists and pound them together decisively.

"Let's throw down, my man!!"

Though he was just as pumped as this man in red to get started, he did not want to cause too much ruckus around the man who was trying to have his own peace of mind right now. So, being wary of this and considerate of his feelings, as Tsubake asked that the man in plaid be to him, he would kindly say to the man in red, "Hey, let's take this a little further down so we don't disturb anyone, huh? Then we can go all out and not ruin anyone else's chill-time." Tsubake started to walk past the man, saying to him as they crossed, yet not yet breaking eye contact, "Th'name's Tsubake." And that would be all as he walked toward the less crowded part of the chillout spots.

"Oh, what?" the man in red said, shifting over to look at the other guy that was being referred to. "Oh, heh, yeah, I guess you're right, man. Hahaha!!" Since he overheard everything that went on between the two of them, it was only natural that he would comply with moving to a different spot. "'Sides, we probably are gonna need a little more elbow room, don't ya think?" Moving was a solid idea all around. Yet, it wasn't until the leather-coated man said his name, Tsubake, that the man in red would realize that he still hadn't introduced himself. "Huh, nice name. Mine's Ken." He shot the guy named Tsubake a thumb's up, then followed beside him off toward a more private area, where no one could get hurt and they could be as loud and rowdy as they wished without disturbing anyone, really.

Tsubake placed his hands behind his head, closing his eyes and keeping forward for a bit, knowing that nothing would trip him up, saying, "Ken, huh? Well, nice ta meetcha." It wasn't until they reached a small staircase leading slightly upward to a higher level on the terrace; a platform relatively larger than the first, that he would open his eyes again and stop at the edge. There were only people at the very ends of the terrace and not really very close to where they were at all, which made this the ideal spot for combat.

"Yeah, alright, so... I guess this is where we get ready and say some cheesy catch phrase or signature 'before fight' line, huh?" Tsubake snickered a bit, slamming a fist into his palm, "But from the looks of it, I presume you've already got things like that down packed, eh?" It seemed like he'd been in a lot of fights, especially since he wore a traditional fighter's attire, so to speak. He must have had a great deal of experience, as well as a whole song and dance he did before a fight in order to get warmed up. That was to be expected of people who knew the fight. Tsubake readied himself, his fighting stance looking relatively loose and unguarded. His arms were only slightly bent, but his fists were clenched tightly, and his right foot was planted firmly before him with his body slightly turned in order to maintain balance and face his opponent. "Anytime you're ready."

Tsubake, the Forgotten Sky Pirate, who goes by the alias of 'Blank', goes about filching rare artifacts and gems at his leisure to add to his list of Lost Weapons. Though a pirate, he is kind and doesn't steal; more like hunts for treasure. He spots any and everything of interest with his Frame-Catching Eye in the Clutch to know what to take and what not to take. With his special power to take in any type of Natural Energy around him and use it to enhance his body, he's quite the brawler in close quarters. He's got a sort of modern day Egyptian-Pirate feel going for him, with a hint of Rebellious Teen (with a leather jacket)
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