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 Nyake, Goddess Of Discord

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Aeris Tiamat
Souzenryoku of Wind; Green Flame of Eternity :: Crystal Force of the Crystal Wings
Souzenryoku of Wind; Green Flame of Eternity :: Crystal Force of the Crystal Wings
Aeris Tiamat

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Nyake, Goddess Of Discord Empty
PostSubject: Nyake, Goddess Of Discord   Nyake, Goddess Of Discord EmptyMon Jul 22, 2019 10:17 am

Discord 1: Deep In The Catacombs; In Tao's Soul

A jar would appear on the ground between the three of them; Tao, the weevil and the parasite woman. Inside it housed a crimson red essence with beady eyes that moved around vigorously trying to crack the jar with no avail.

"Hm... like a pawn," the jar would speak aloud. The energy waves it was emitting were of the most sinister. He didn't know if the three around him could hear him at the moment. But if so he might need to be more blatant.

The jar floated into Taomin's hands. Nothing more.

Shadow: "Finally... It's time."

As if turned by an unknown force, Taomin spun around to find an odd, sensually empowering jar hovering toward her hands... It stimulated her sexual drive vigorously, and her very Shadow began to quiver with anticipation.

"Huh...? What's this... Mmm~~... Feeling...~?"

Her Shadow wrapped around her hands, as if joining her in the grasp of this jar... Just its very touch was... Pure ecstasy.

"Mmmmm~... It's like an eternity of nothing but war, violence and beautiful bloodshed has been trapped in this tiny, tiny jar..."

The hole that she couldn't fill... This lust that she loved so much... Yet, for nothing in particular... Perhaps whatever was inside of this jar could quell her lust. In unison with her shadow, she twisted the jar open.... and her Shadow stared with a hungry anticipation.

Shadow: "We'll finally be complete... This is what we've been waiting these many hundreds of years for..."

This very moment. The Shadow always knew.

Once the seal had been broken by the chosen one, all the energy would spill out into the vicinity, practically flooding the catacombs with its presence -- but it would quickly swell up and manifest itself into one being:

The Crimson Rider;

The Red Demon;

The Chaos Bringer;


He looked at Taomin and nodded in approval; he could sense the lust within her to bring about an era of chaos and conflict upon this world. A fitting beginning for this new age of power.

Red Horseman: "You... Taomin, the herald of war. Wishes to transcend the power of chaos bringer and reign down a fiery era of cleansing change upon all those who dare to witness. Your friends have also been chosen but you will be the first to show them the way to their proper ascension."

With that, he touched Taomin's heart, tribal markings would appear over her chest bestowing upon her powers like she never would have imagined prior to this day.

Their objective was clear.

Shadow: "Yes... The mark of Chaos... It's finally complete!"

Tribal markings all across Tao's body resembled the ones that were normally on her; the tiger-like stripes on her face, shoulders and thighs, and the swirling stream of red across her torso. Now, they extended all down her body, stripes, swirls and curls of pure and utter crimson that matched her own blood red markings, as if extending them...


It was far too pleasurable for her... All of this sexy... Beautiful... Glorious...


This was the piece of her that was missing for so long. This piece of her heart, her body, her soul, her mind that she could never ever figure out... She was the Goddess of Chaos, and her Shadow...

Shadow: "Nyaaaaaa..."

The Shadow swirled and whorled into Tao's hands as an X appeared across her chest. This huge mass of blackness that was formerly her shadow now became a small black cat in her hand with a ribbon and skull on its neck... And it smiled devilishly up at her.

Nyake: "Good to have you back, Tao... And here, I thought that your parents made the wrong decision making you the 'chosen one' to harness my power... 2,000 years of being sealed is a long time, nyaa~!"

Taomin finally understood everything now. This demon that she was promised to... it was just a piece of herself that had manifested into pure and utter chaos, since she was raised in pure and utter harmony and purity. Her opposite... was a Goddess of Chaos... Since in her childhood, she was a pure angel.

"... Oh, this is gonna be fun..."

She stared the Red Horseman square in the eyes and licked her lips seductively...

"... I guess I was just a piece of you that you lost, huh? Ahahaha! And here I just thought I was losing my mind, when I was the one that was lost to begin with! AHAHAHAHA! Fucking HILARIOUS!"

Hysterical, even. This was going to be... fun.

Red Horseman: 'Yes...'

He observed the transformation take hold. The Rider's power already expanding on what Taomin already had it was a beautiful thing really.

Red Horseman: 'We'll be in touch. However I bring you a prophecy...Beware The White Dragon, The Great One who brings light to all those stuck in darkness. Whose power can touch those without the need of fingers; whose strength is that of an unexpected source.'

After that, the essence that filled the catacombs disappeared.

A river flows right into the soul of Taomin, striking her Demon square in the heart. This river, an embodiment of the True Godsend, Rei Tensei, would channel that demon straight to the depths of hell. It was finally time for it to be released.

???: "Alright, my dear, your time is up. Eris, it is time for the girl to return to her former self... Er. More or less."

Whether she liked it or not, this was happening. Such was the power of the Family Bond.

???: "This family demon... the Sex Demon that has plagued you... We're returning it back to its confines. But, worry not, you two, for you will still have access to it... And she'll return to her original form as that little feline from 2,000 years past... Nyake, I believe she called herself?"

Charon was well aware... Besides, little Taomin never got to experience things on the 'brighter' side of life, since that demon of discord had always been within her. Now, she could access it whenever and however she wanted.

Charon: "Consider this, a blessing... Where the demon once controlled you, dear girl, you shall now control the demon, able to summon its power and cleanse yourself of it at any given time. Now come, Eris. It's time for you to go home.Don't worry, we've got some family down there for you this time, so you won't get so lonely. She's passed your test, and you have failed to destroy her."

This was all so complex... What a family.

He pointed at the flowing river, her passageway to her former home.

Charon: "Shall we, fair goddess of discord and sex?"

The conscious grip she had on this girl... It was true that in all her time having possessed Taomin, she failed to completely consume her soul. It was simply too pure of heart, just like her parents said so long ago. Though this angered the Goddess/Demon of Chaos and Sex, she was, actually, quite thrilled to know that she'd be able to traverse both the planet and Hell any time she wished, have her own body on this plane of existence, have her own powers and still have Taomin whenever she wanted.

Eris: "Nyaaa... This deal isn't half bad. I knew you wouldn't leave family in the dust, even if I did take this pure girl's soul. Hmhmhm... Nya. Fine, I'll give it a go. Besides, I looooove chaos..."

Eris... Or, Nyake... Would willfully slip out of Taomin's soul, letting the girl regain full control over herself, yet around her neck, a little skull would dangle; that which would harness all of the power of Eris for Tao to call on any time she needed. Her Shadow (since that, too, was part of Eris) would take the shape of a tiny black cat with purple eyes and a purple ribbon, that which held a skull identical to that around Tao's neck.

Eris: "Alright... Let's get this show on the road, then... I'm finally free from my 2,000 year sentence, and I'm kinda ready to have a little fun around the town, so can you, like... Hurry the 13 moons up a bit? I really wanna go wreak some havoc with this girl!!"

Though pure of heart and soul, Taomin was still a badass... She was just gonna be nicer to people now. There wouldn't be too much of a change in her personality except that she wouldn't be trying to fuck people all the time, and probably wouldn't curse as much. Either way, Eris took her sweet time flowing down the River Styx, and down to Hell where she belonged, able to traverse this realm and the next, and any other as she saw fit. Wherever there was Chaos and Discord... She'd be there.

Charon applauded her new resolve, in a bit of wonder to see how much Nyake had changed over the course of 2,000 years. She used to be such a bitch.

Charon: "Ah, wonderful! Beauteous, even! Now then, let us run along. We are still running a might behind schedule, my dear. We'll be off, then."

The Ferryman took hold of Eris' hand, giving her a simple kiss upon her lips... It seemed as though formerly, she was the great Pumpking's wife, and this was her new form, just as Charon was his new form. It was nice that they would be together again...

Charon: "... This is my fault to begin with, so take it that atonement as the Ferryman for a little while should suffice in paying off my crimes. I surely did tamper with the sanctity of ALL dimensions with my petty hatred for some of my children, when ALL my children were my own... I just could not stand the form that you wished to give them... Cacti. Why could they not all be Pumpkins? Bah, no matter. I like my children for who and how they are..."

He sighed. He was going to have to go get them... Thorn, Toge, Karasu... His neglected children. Pumpkinhead, Tigen and Pumki were already on this realm, but his others would have to be ferried here... Eventually.

Charon: "... I'll redeem myself, dear. I swear it."

With that, the two of them would float down the River Styx and straight to hell, where Charon would drop off Eris and flow back to Manor Alexandros to give his son, Loeci his turn in the matter.
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Aeris Tiamat
Souzenryoku of Wind; Green Flame of Eternity :: Crystal Force of the Crystal Wings
Souzenryoku of Wind; Green Flame of Eternity :: Crystal Force of the Crystal Wings
Aeris Tiamat

Posts : 1213
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Nyake, Goddess Of Discord Empty
PostSubject: Re: Nyake, Goddess Of Discord   Nyake, Goddess Of Discord EmptyMon Jul 22, 2019 1:05 pm

Discord 2: Returning To The Hive

No sooner than the cargo's arrival, the weevil would make his return as well. Curious as to where his queen was, the weevil began wandering around in search of the queen.

The hive was quiet, not even the insectoids seemed to be around and active.

"I have returned... My queen," he spoke aloud, allowing his voice to echo through the hive; but, nothing responded back to him. The Hive was empty and the queen wasn't around.

Such was odd from his queen; never did she venture far from the Hive. Her presence kept the insects in control; but, with the insects also missing -- were they attacked while the weevil was away?

Rising from the ground, the parasite woman remained motionless. Tao's seals covered her from head to toe, preventing anything short of a snore to leave her body.

It wasn't long after they arrived that in a burst of evil wind the demon girl would appear next to them, as if she'd been there the entire time. She had ventured on her own, forced by the hand of the Tensei into their foolery... Only to return to a state of Restriction. This was not as much a problem for Taomin as it was her demonic alter ego, Eris, better known as Nyake.

Tao's appearance was nothing short of... Awkward for such a situation. She no longer stood as the headstrong horny badass she once was, but as if she were a virgin pure of heart, body and soul. She smiled at the weevil and the sleeping parasite woman, finding her to be rather adorable!

"Hello again, everyone! Sorry for what happened before..."

She bowed to them deeply -- more so, the conscious weevil -- and showed no fear nor discontent for the way things were, even if her demeanor seemed less than... Dark enough to associate with them now. Still, she possessed no shadow, for that rested soundly in her arms in the form of... a Black Cat? It opened its eyes and swirled up Taomin's neck and face to the top of her head in a flash, those piercing purple eyes harboring the darkness that once ran rampant in Taomin. This cat was the pure embodiment of pure evil; her other half, weakened by the curse of the Tensei.

Nyake: "Nyaa... Do not worry about this girl's appearance now. Due to some things happening with Khrona and the Tensei clan, my powers have been weakened..."

Nyake hated how her family worked. She was always getting the short end of the stick. First, she's sealed away as punishment for some indefinite amount of time, next she's living within a girl for a thousand or so years and now, her power is being bound by a limit she doesn't even need.

Nyake: "However, my power has no influence over her innate capabilities as a priestess, so her divination is still intact, hence why the sleeping beast still rests. She can still be of some use until I am at my full strength and can become one with her again as the single being we are meant to be."

Taomin, bowing once more, "I won't be a burden, I swear! Please be nice to me!" Even if she lacked the personality of one due to her 'dark side' being forced into submission, she was still the same cold-blooded, horny, badass killer she was once before. A minor setback. She bowed to the weevil continuously, feeling as though she needed to be rather apologetic for her actions.

"I promise to do my best to make things work out as planned!"

Nyake sighed heavily, barely able to deal with this sort of girl. She was going to get on her nerves, just like she did 'before she was tainted by evil' or whatever her parents called it. Feh.

The weevil's head took a slow and steady turn, the girl before him smelled like Taomin; but, she wasn't alone. The woman, who had first showed Orca that women could be attractive, was now repulsive.

"What is that?!" He asked... Pointing with to the cat with his cringing nose. She was bubbly and cheerful, giggling and happy... What a putrid stench she carried with her ways.-

"Never mind that... Taomin, search this building... Something has happened here in our time away," he said. Turning his back to the conversation no sooner than he finished speaking. His queen was missing and he demanded an answer.

Nyake hissed at the weevil, narrowing her eyes and sending an evil glare his way. She couldn't help but want to kill that boy... and every last one of his insects.

Nyake: "... I'm your ticket to making this girl bearable again."

She dashed back down Taomin's back and into her feet, where her Living Shadow would return once more. Nyake was done here.

"Yes, sir, weevil!"

She saluted him cheerfully, darting off without worry or care. She was much slower than she was before, her movements no longer in blurs, but she was still pretty nimble on her feet for someone who lost such demonic ties to power.

"I really hope I find someone... I want to tear them apart with my teeth~!!"

Still both ravenous and sadistic, even in such... 'cheer.' At least Nyake could handle that. Nothing changed except her optimism and her attire... but that could be handled swiftly as long as Nyake practiced breaking through the accursed Thirteen Restrictions. When she reached a certain point, she remained quiet and stealthy, a series of Explosive Talismans already in her hand in preparation for anything that was to come... And a grin of anticipation wide spread on her face.

The weevil made his way over to the queen's throne. The spiny chair showed signs of distress and finally, blood. It was certain; something had happened here.

"This doesn't make any sense..." His eyes narrowed down to a glare. Observing the stains of blood brought about flashes of what could be. Seeing his queen assaulted without her knight to defend him crushed the young weevil's pride. How many times could he fail in one evening.

He decided to distract his mind. Dwelling on what could be was near pointless right now, so he took to the parasite woman, making his way over to the curled up and naked princess of sorts. She was the last order the weevil received; the least he could do was make sure that went correctly.

So he took the girl over to the throng, allowing her to rest awkwardly in the chair of his possibly late Queen.

She quietly moaned in her sleep, laying only half way on the extravagant throne...

The dynamic duo -- Taomin and Nyake -- scoured the cluster hive as silently and diligently as possible, taking precautions around every corner, every crevice, every opening. Each time, their eyes casually skimmed the floors for evidence of any sort of trail or track left behind that wasn't natural. Since this place was widely new to her, she set down a talisman paper in each portion of the cluster she'd been in, as to not have to backtrack. She repeated this process until the entire place had be scavenged from top to bottom, and the results concluded that there was no one here.

Nyake squinted her eyes in suspicion, finding this lack of evidence a tad bit unsettling, and purred suspiciously, "Nyaa... No one. Yet, I cannot help but feel as though someone has been here..." Her eyes found themselves tracing the floor once again, and even the walls and ceiling. However, this place was still quite the unfamiliar area, and they didn't know what it looked like before they got here. Thus, finding any differences in appearance would be pretty difficult for them.

The peppy, yet sadistic girl dropped her head to look to the floor, staring her Living Shadow square in her feline slit eyes, blinking in a sort of air-headed confusion. She cocked her head to the side and inquired cutely, "Maybe we should tell the weevil? Maybe he feels uneasy about this, too? Besides..." Her eyes closed happily and a wide grin spread upon her face yet again, "... I wanna go mess with that sexy seductress again~!!"

Gleeing up and down with a slight hop of anticipation, Nyake could only release an aggravated sigh as she closed her eyes and said, "Whatever, you foolish preppy girl... Just stay focused..." and the shadow fell silent.

Tao, now even more excited than ever, jumped higher into the air, giggling giddily like a little school girl. She quickly dashed back to the throne room, her excitement on the rise with every step she took, only to come in and find the sexy seductress upon the throne still asleep and the weevil seeming to be in a silent fit of self-loathing and confused frustration. It was hard to see him like that... Especially when the only thing she wanted to think about was repeatedly raping the parasite woman in her sleep.

"Ummm..." she started, eyes drifting to the parasite woman as she continuously tried to focus on the weevil, "... I didn't find any traces of anyone here... But..." her index fingers prodded together, eyes snapping back from the parasite woman to the weevil, then drifting back to the parasite woman again. She paused, almost forgetting what she was trying to say, then quickly remembered before the silence became 'awkward,' "... But Nyake feels like there's something up with this place... Like someone's been here anyway. What do you think about it?" Her fingers prodded faster. She really did want to have another round. That was the best sex she's had so far, and definitely intended go through much more...

The weevil figured the girl would come back with such an answer; he was beginning to see a running trend here. Often did the weevil leave his fate in the hands of someone else, but how could a knight fret over such a matter.

Since his birth the weevil was been at the mercy of chance. With his parents' untimely demise, to the incident that landed him in that forest. Since then he has gone from one fool to the next, one master to another. Each one shaping his life, but never sustaining and enriching it.-\

"..You are right. This is nothing short of suspicious, I will investigate personally. Do not touch this girl, she is specifically off hands," the weevil said as he turned his back to the resting parasite woman and placing his hands against the living floor that made up the hive cluster. Each fiber of the hive was a living organism, such was the way of insectoid existence.

While his hands were against the floor, the weevil began releasing his beetles into the fleshy mass known as the Nydus Network. This would allow him to view what happened here through his insects. It was difficult to perceive message from them as bugs did not talk or give pictures. No. The weevil would have to perceive the information from the light vibrations his bugs used to communicate, but first they had to go find the information and that would take time. "..."

Taomin huffed to herself and stomped a foot, crossing her arms in disappointment. "Humph! Alright, fine..." she'd say reluctantly. She really did want to have another go...

Nyake: "... You make me sick."

Taomin puffed out her cheeks and continued to stamp in place, rather decidedly upset with both Nyake and the weevil.

"Well I don't care! Besides, sex would have been much more pleasurable if we were back together, Nyaa."

She was sure that the parasite woman and the weevil would agree.

Nyake: "... You're a nympho."

And Tao was surely proud of it. Taomin gazed upon the parasite woman's gorgeous hot bod with glazed eyes, so very ready to have her way with it again... But she promised the weevil that she wouldn't touch her. That was a drag. Though, a bright idea popped into her head, and while the weevil was distracted playing with his bugs, she slipped just a little bit closer to the throne...

"Heehee... He may have said not to touch her..." she'd say quietly, a leg rising up and over the armrests of each side, like a strap that would keep the parasite woman in her place. She pulled herself up the other side, resting her knees on each armrest with her thick thighs spread wide open before the parasite woman's unconscious face. "... But he didn't say anything about not touching me..." she'd say, slipping a hand down her tight and cozy pants. She'd stare at the parasite woman passionately from above, and whisper sweet nothings to herself, starting on her little bit of 'fun...'


The weevil suddenly shifted his attention in what would seem like an arbitrary direction. His nostrils open wildly as he sniffed about the hive, his hair were jittery-something was happening.

In an instant the weevil took off through the hive, darting through the corridors as if he knew what he was looking for and where to find it. His heart was racing, he knew he had found the clue he was looking for.-

"Wha--" is all he said cutting the corner and looking to the ground, his eyes couldn't fathom what he saw.

What the weevil saw was the remains of his fallen queen, her body was no longer as he remember it. No. She was that of an infant, a larvae if you will. Purple tendrils wigged about her foot long body, the only recognizable trait of her old appearance was the mark of her tribe glowing atop of her forehead.

How the Queen of insects made it this far from her throne with no limbs or eyes were but a few of the questions this young soul would have.

"Weevil... You returned..." the larvae spoke in a tongue only an insect could perceive.

The weevil knelt down and took his queen in arms, her body was not fitting of a queen. She was but a child to their race now, but why the weevil wondered; however, his questions did not supersede his queens orders.-

"I brought back the girl..." he explained with regret in his eyes. Having just barely made it back to his queen alive, only to view her body in infancy; it was a show of his weakness, something he was tired of confronting. It was pathetic to say the least. Always at the knee of another, always at the whim of others.-

"What... Now?" the boy asked, ignoring his own thoughts and directing his focus to the whim of his queen alone. Something he did often, something he was beginning to view with scrutiny.

Seeing through the eye of an insect wasn't something words could explain, but for the first time, with no sight at all, she believed she could see much clearer.

The queen had always known that the weevil would be the child to lead her tribe to greatness, but now she saw the flaw in her teachings. Never had she told the boy to think for himself; not one spec of his actions were for his own gain.

However, she hadn't the time to right the fullness of her wrong and with little energy to speak. Right now, all the queen could muster was but one sentence. She would have to convey to the boy a lesson that would stick with him. "Weevil, my son, the girl will lead you... Nevermind. Hear my final words weevil and know that I mean them well." The pace of the wildly waving tendrils began to slow, the life she knew was fading and with it a new future could be bound.-

"And ever we fight on..." Her final words seeped into the weevil's center and her body dissolved into a pinkish liquid, which was almost instantly absorbed into hive.

The weevil slowly rose to his feet, the feelings he shared with the queen were nothing short of maternal. She was both his mother and his queen, both of which were now gone.

No clear answer explained her untimely demise and no words would ease his brewing hatred for this land, his first thoughts were of the Demon King. This was his land, he must have raided the hive... But unfortunately his couldn't pin this on his hated foe.

The Demon King's stench wasn't anywhere near this territory; in fact nothing seemed out of the ordinary... Other than the queen's death.

Yet in his darkest hour, the weevil found hope. His eyes turned to the girl, the parasite woman; the reason he left in the first place. The queen had great hope in finding the mystery woman, but she never quite explained why. She took with her the reason and purpose of this woman, but the weevil had an idea as to how to get it back.

"TAOMIN!!!!" he yelled, storming through the hive on a fast track to the throne where the parasite woman lie in rest. As he awaited her response, he observed the girl quietly.

With the weevil darting off down the corridors of the hive, Tao could get a little more intimate in her endeavors atop the unconscious parasite woman. Every passing moment proved blissful to her, staring so longingly at this sexy lifeless lovely between her spread legs. Her thighs tensed as her head drifted back, breath quickening...

"OoOoOh parasite woman...~! Wake uuuupp...~!"

Several times, the thought to ignore the weevil and rape the parasite woman in her sleep crossed the sweet little girl's mind... And as time passed, she grew closer and closer to pursuing this goal. Her other hand slid up her shirt, twisting the nipple of one of her voluptuous breasts tightly between her fingers, as her hand down below ever hastened in its efforts.

"Wake your ass up so I can make you my bitch...!!!"

Nyake's ears twitched hearing Tao speak so fiendishly, especially after Nyake's significant decrease in power that also diminished a lot of their former bond. Somehow, the sweet girl was starting to sound a lot like the old Taomin, the one where the two were complete.

Nyake: "Nyaaa... Interesting... It seems like when the devil girl is horny, then her horns really show..."

Good to know for the future... Perhaps that could hasten the return of their bond so that she could return to power. Already, the power of sexual pleasure coursed through Nyake, too, feeding her energy that made her body grow slightly.

Nyake: "... Mm... Yes... So it is true..."

However, the power influx was minimal at best, as it seemed that Taomin could only do so much on her own. Hmmm...

Tao crept closer to the parasite woman's face, licking her lips and breathing heavily as her lips neared her neck... The sensation of physical contact would make her want to bite into her neck if she did it... But how could she resist?

She whispered gently to her beloved, "I'm going to make you fucking scream when you wake up... Scream bloody fucking murder..." and slowly, she'd begin to slip her pants down--

Weevil: "TAOMIN!!!!"


And all too quickly, that Sex Demon vanished completely, and Tao hopped from the throne and to the side, pretending like she hadn't been there in the first place. Her fingers were wet and dirty... but she licked them clean with her tongue, eying the parasite woman from the corner of her eyes as she did so, even biting her fingers slightly as she did.

'... I'm gonna fuck her up... and down.'

Tao was so giddy.

"... Um... So what is it, weevil?"

As the weevil observed the sleeping beauty, his nose began to detect scents he wasn't familiar with, but didn't quite understand. The weevil, raised in the wild, knew nothing of a woman's body.

To him, they were just another being, just as inherently stupid as their male counter-part; however, as an insect, his senses were keen and the scent of... Something was in the air.-

"Taomin... Listen to me," he said, turning to face the girl. He didn't quite understand what was going on in her head, nor did he understand the shifting voices and names. The woman was strange, but useful none the less. However, the parasite woman, was no longer a mere woman and her important in the weevil's life caused for protection to the utmost. "I do not know what a bitch is, but I do not like the sound of it. We -- you and I -- have preparations to make for the parasite woman's awakening. So I will say this simple; do not touch her."

Fear tactics and threats was pointless with this woman, so the truth was all he had. His menacing glare stared into her eyes and there she would know exactly what the weevil was saying. "That is the ONLY rule you have to follow in order for us to... Remain civil."

The weevil sounded really serious about this, and it seemed important that Tao should not touch the parasite woman. Her disappointment grew beyond compare, and the only way she could express such a thing was to poke out her bottom lip and pout. Twiddling her fingers, her eyes watered, and the sound of faint sniffling could be heard.

"Okay..." she cried softly, sniffles following right behind. Like a little kid, she places her hands behind her back and twisted back and forth innocently with her head down, but sad puppy dog eyes looking at the weevil. "I guess I'll just seal it up, then..."

Nyake: "NO, YOU FOOL!!"

Nyake leapt at Tao's head and latched onto it tightly, whispering in her ears, "Whatever you do, do not seal it off... If we're ever to assume our complete form again, you need to be sexually stimulated..." This was starting to sound like a bad ecchi anime, but nevertheless, it was a fact about Tao. She was a Sex Demon far worse than a succubus could ever even fathom, and this type of stimulation would revert them to their old self. "... For now, just listen to him... When we leave this hive cluster, we will find our targets to snatch up..."

Tao nodded her head slowly, rubbing the tears from her eyes. That made her feel a little better, but... Damn she wanted to take the parasite woman for another ride.

Still sniffling, she returned her attention to to the weevil, her voice recovering, "*Sniff* So... What are we gonna do...?"

His eyes shifted about; dealing with Taomin was sure to be troublesome, but, she seemed different. Normally the priestess was sardonic and laced in wordy fury, listening to no one but her own desires. Yet, now with no more than a warning she took heed to the weevil's words.

"Listen, we all hunger for certain things in life. If you need... Food, we will find it; but, first I ask that you put your appetite aside so that we can move forward. There will be plenty, Taomin," he said, softening his glance only to show consideration to her feelings. If she considered his words, then he would have to consider her troubles. "Now, we need to get the parasite woman to the basement... We will be waking her up soon and she is certain to be hungry."

From the sound of it, the weevil's intentions were of great importance, and the scolded Taomin heard both his and Nyake's words of restraint. For the moment, such was a necessity, and Tao could do nothing but oblige them both, nodding her head profusely in acknowledgement to his words.

"Okay... I'll be good..."

Nyake, on the other hand, had intentions far different from the insect boy; to her, this was all about returning to true oneness with Tao so that they could function as a unit again. That would take some doing, and so far, the only lead she had was that sexual pleasure drew forth the binding demonic connection. Though she felt as though the parasite woman was the one who could unify them and return Tao to normal, as long as the weevil insisted they did not touch her, there was nothing that she could do.

'We will see just how long this goes on...', Nyake thought, seeping into the floor and returning to being the Living Shadow of Tao. Right now, she simply needed to... Watch.

The weevil's next orders were to bring the parasite woman to the basement, but... Tao found that to be a bit problematic if she wasn't to touch her. One of her hands shyly drew from behind her back and nervously into the air, beckoning the weevil's attention with the accompaniment of a slight chirp, "Um..." her voice quivered with uncertainty, doubting if she should even bring it up, "... If I can't touch her... How'm'I gonna bring her down...?"

She could use her hair, but even that counted as her 'touching' the parasite woman, so she was at a loss here. Her other hand behind her back joined the first, as both connected before her chest prodding the index fingers together like a child, awaiting the answer.

Resisting the urge to strike the girl, the weevil turned his face and took the parasite woman into his own arms. He hoisted her over his should, taking care to not bruise her vessel.

He figured it was for the best that Taomin didn't touch the parasite woman, with her childish personality and blissful ignorance of context, the best she could do was nothing but what she was asked. "Why... You... Just follow me and explain to me how your talismans work exactly?"

Tao playfully stuck out her tongue, looking up at the weevil with her head lowered, eyes wide and glistening like water. Guess she wasn't going to get her wish right now...


The weevil handled the parasite woman by himself, but still Tao blissfully followed behind him, quickly getting over whatever hint of sadness she felt before. Without that overwhelming malignancy in her soul, even though she was missing half of it, she was still pure and innocent; without darkness. This would make her Divinations much more potent at the cost of her demonic enhancements.

"Oh! Oh that's an easy one!"

She skipped off in front of her tense acquaintance, happily explaining how her talismans worked to him.

"You see, I'm a Priestess, so I call upon divine power from myself or the gods using myself as a medium, then I transfer the power into special seals, inscriptions and runes that I can write on whatever I want! It's just easiest to write on paper... Like so~!"

Without so much as a thought, she flipped out a thin strip of paper from seemingly nowhere, words etching themselves upon the slip in a small shine of light.

"When the power has been inscribed, that power and whatever it's been touched becomes a tool of Divination that I can use however I wanna, depending on what I've inscribed into it! And the best part is..."

With a blurred flick of her wrist, the paper shot from her hand like a dagger into the wall, and another shine happened before the inscription seeped through every portion of the wall, then disappeared.

"It's transferable! Whatever it touches can have that power put into it, too, as long as the original is touching it somehow! I can make an inscription for aaaanything I want, as long as I know how to write it on stuff!"

The way Tao saw raw energy was different from other people... As a priestess who dealt with seals and inscriptions, energy in its purest form looked to her like ancient text; words, glyphs, symbols and runes that she could read to figure out what type of energy it was.

"It all looks like spelling to me... Spells. Heehee. So when I break it down to its most basic form, I'll figure out how to write it down and then I can write it on other stuff! Isn't that cool~?"

With a snap of her fingers, the talisman's etching ignited, becoming volatile to its own self through its deactivation and destroying itself, taking the power it had within with it, and relinquishing the energy it had transferred into the wall.

"Why did you want to know, anyway, weevil...?"

He hadn't much knowledge on things of this nature; magic wasn't his forte, but he was aware of facts and alchemy. Human transition and evolution were not limited to magic alone, there was a science to everything.

Yet, he didn't seek this information to shape forth new power seals or anything of that nature. No. What he needed was a rune, or talismans that capture the essence of the insectoids.

What the weevil needed was beyond him at this moment, but he had an idea of what he needed to do. Taomin was a priestess, adept in the arcane traditions of magic, while the weevil was an insect hybrid, forged through the assimilation of the insectoid's genetics.-

"I'll need the information to kill you later," he said as a joke, though he forgot to laugh and carried forward with his thoughts and his pace. There were many stairs before them and getting to the basement where the bulk of the hive slept would take some time.

"No. It's difficult to explain at once, but can you forge new runes... Or are you forced to use the ones already present in your arsenal?" he asked, furthering their conversation, knowing that with the right answers he would be able to show Taomin his vision soon enough.

"K-kill me...?" she whimpered, eyes growing large and glossy. She couldn't tell that it was a joke at all, but played it off like one and quickly returned to being chipper and ditzy.

"Hahahaha! You're mean, weevil!!"

She stuck a tongue out playfully at him, no longer saddened by his wish to kill her for whatever reason. Maybe she was just a little dense; too carefree for her own good.

Even so, the weevil asked more of her, seeming interested in her power for whatever it was that he was thinking. Well, if he asked, might as well tell~!

"Yeah! I can definitely make new ones! I just need a sample so I can Divinate it! Then it'll be broken down into its purest form and look like writing to me! Then all I'll have to do is write it on stuff."

This whole ordeal had a whole 'Pinky and the Brain' feel to it, with the happy-go-lucky attitude of Taomin and the serious, plotting attitude of the weevil. A match made in heaven.

"... But... What's the plan, weevil~? Somethin' I gotta Divinate, or something~?"

The weevil and Taomin maintained their pace; with each flight they passed the hiss, screech, and caw of the insectoids could be heard even louder. They where nearing the core of the hive.

"... I would be lying if I said I knew off hand exactly what we needed to do; my queen is dead and all I have are her dying words. No answers, no leads... Just resolve. What I ask of you shouldn't pose too much risk, at the beginning; but, no this... I plan to walk a path paved in destruction. This world... It needs to see itself," he said without so much as an eye turn or glance at Taomin. They were allies, nothing more. He didn't expect her to understand his resolve or his motives, but, if she were to help him, he would have to share some things.

"I will get you the samples, but divination is not my goal. I do not need to see a future, or event; I will walk myself into that. What I need is to harness a gene within my race. Can that be done?" he asked aggressively, his tone shattering any idea of friendliness between the two. The weevil didn't have time for games and shared no of the desires of human, unless destruction was their desire.

"Well... I..."

Cut off by a hiss of the creatures writhing about this cluster, Taomin couldn't seem to grasp what it was she was going to say. When she opened her mouth a second time to speak, she was indeed cut off again by the sound of another...

Nyake: "Nyaa... Rest assured, we certainly have similar views..."

The Living Shadow rose from its slumber upon the floor again, spiraling about Tao's body into the solid manifestation it could manage itself in at such a 'low' power; the form of the tiny cat, Nyake.

Nyake: "... She is capable of isolating the gene... Despite how the girl has made it sound, the Divination holds great potential... Once a sample is 'Divinated' and broken down, its very being can be etched into the very being of whatever she wishes..."

The weevil's hostile tone made Tao pout, but her other self, the one contained within this cat, spoke his language. She hadn't forgotten their time before...

Nyake: "Your goal can be achieved as long as we have the sample. I'm sure that's all that needs to be established of this matter..."

Seemed like if they wanted anything done, Nyake was going to have to speak on behalf of Tao, since she was much too... Clumsy to speak for herself in a fashion that would not agitate their acquired ally.

The weevil and Taomin finally reached their destination -- or at least the parasite woman's. He stood between the door and a brief conversation. He knew going into the den wasn't the best option, but the parasite woman was his secret weapon.-

"I can get you samples, but first I'll need you to remove these seals off this beast. After I close the door," he said with stern intensity, expecting the different tone in Taomin's voice to understand the severity of the situation without fully comprehending the in's and out's.

In haste the boy flung open the door, tossing the sleeping beauty into the den of the insectoids. The hisses, caws, and such grew louder as they considered this to be a feeding experience and in truth they were correct.

The insectoids had lost their Queen; soon their 'hive,' mind mentality would begin to shatter and from that would breed madness. A madness the weevil sought to quell with some added help.

Before the door closed shut, a few of his parasitic bugs slipped their way into the fray. They were to be his eyes, as Taomin was going to seal this room up. "Wake her up... And lock them in. Bind this door to both body and soul, meaning no flesh nor spirit can pass through."

"... Kay..."

Tao could tell that there was a lot of importance on this, and she lowered her head solemnly because the weevil remained so cross with her. Prodding her fingers together as Nyake swirled up to her head, the cat whispered in her ear...

Nyake: "... Taomin. Pay close attention and bind these doors completely once you remove the talismans. If you do this correctly, the girl will wake up, and--"

Taomin, joyously, "SHE WILL!?"

Nyake, staggered, "Ny-Nya-- ... Wait, hold on, Tao, I--"

But she was already too excited to contain herself. She was gonna get some of that sweet parasite woman action when she woke up, and tear her apart this time! Ooo, just the thought of it gave her chills~!

When the weevil threw her in, Taomin already had a very long strip of talisman paper ridden with runic incantations all embedded in the strip. With the doors shut, Tao snapped her fingers, dispelling the seals upon the parasite woman, which slowly fell off like paper with old tape attached, no longer containing any influence within. Only a moment later would she hop to the top of the door and paste the long strip down the crease. When she reached the bottom, she thrust her palm into it with a slight "Hah!" and activated the Sealing Talisman; heavy duty since it was such a long strip of paper, and thus meaning extra protection. The glyphs spread through the entire door in one quick pulse, the ancient letters glowing slightly before completely disappearing, assuring that they were precisely and completely embedded in all that was this door.

"Okay, Done~!!" she said with a wink and a smile.

Nyake: "... *Sigh*..."

Once the papers fluttered elsewhere and her body was bare and free once more, the parasite woman's almost seizing eyeballs flared open. The talismans slipped off like sticky notes, but their effects on the space-parasite left lingering detriments on her faculties. She was dazed, to put it simply.. Her vision blurred and her reaction time suffered because of it..

However.. Her hunger remained, an ever prevalent reminder of her wretched existence. "..."

???: 'Heh. I knew you'd come in handy one day...'

The two most foul beings that ever graced the land were now separate forces, divided by a wall of completely sealed Divination that only one could dispel... and that poor, naive girl would no sooner be overcome by the fires of Insanity. She was coming home to the family.

The Insanity: 'Eris.'

Within, the Insanity of the maddening insects were about to spawn a new accursed breed of creature... One that was trapped by Taomin's seals. There was no escape; she was completely boxed in with the Insanity. Taomin was about to get her Insanity... The Insanity of Anarchy. And it was about to hold the parasite woman in and utterly rape her.

The Insanity: 'Hmhmhm... HUAHAHAHAHA!!! He's lost his mind now... thanks to his brother and his wife... And so, all other Tensei must 'lose their minds' as well... But all other Tensei are prepared for that...'

Regardless, the 'Sapien Serpent' would be called to penetrate the bound the parasite woman, over... and over... and over... and over. Just as Taomin would have always wanted.

The Insanity: "... Merry Christmas. You got your wish. An infinite sex toy. HAHAHA!"

There was no stopping Tao now, nor the Insanity. Taomin was let loose given all the power she could ever need. She would be an end to this village... An Insangel's storm.

The Insanity: "Now go be free, Eris. Show this Chaotic Village the meaning of astral chaos, if you please?"


By all things mighty, she had been having a hard ass time controlling her fucking lust for this mighty fine bitch. That sexually tense Insanity and built up frustration was about to pour out in the multitudes... Cuz Tao could have had sex with the parasite woman FOREVER. And it was going to give her power.

Nyake smirked, wondering what had taken them so long, "Nyaaahahahaha... Bringing me back to the Swamps, hm? I thought you were going to be late for your payment..." Nyake, a Lilim trapped in such a weakened state, had to have a full connection to the girl she captured. She was one of the first to lose her soul to the swamps... Long time ago. Feudal era, right around.

Nyake: "I know a samurai that owes me something, too... Maybe he can get in on the deal..."

On the other hand, Taomin was far too utterly pleased in everything that was transpiring here. For all this time, she thought that she was going to be forgotten. She knew that she was part of this family. Now that shadowy black spot where her soul should have been, where only this Neko's shadow... Would be filled with the image of the eyes gleaming from the black pits of the Zero World... The evil eyes of what always leered and lurked from her shadow. Taomin was about to release it... This pent up frustration...

"Eris, the Black Rose..."

Stage 1; First Tail: Boredom
She grit her teeth as a primal fury overcame her, elongating the feral markings and ancient symbols carved all over her body, her claws, her canine teeth... She was gonna go nuts, and a smile remained plastered all over her face. She was from the feudal times of a certain dog demon, after all. She suffered the possession of the Inari, the ruler of the Fox Spirits, which had not matured into a full Kyuubi... And it was one of the Spirit Sage's pets that she managed to contain in a pipe. In fact, the demon that this small cat 'Nyake' transformed into was none other than Black Rose, for Nyake's true nature as Eris was nothing more than a placeholder for another of the Keepers of Insanity looking for a bit of fun.


The bestial cries burst from around her body, horns protruding from her skull. She not only was embracing her Insanity... But also, the power of hell... That which Nyake was siphoning from the Zero World. This allowed Taomin to assume her form as the Demon Messenger she was meant to be, a form she had only even been graced to behold in the battle prior to all these events with the weevil. Her Absolution, Absolute Incantation, would certainly be of great use to the Swamp witch...

Tao took a position on the ground, like a jaguar prepared to pounce upon its prey... She wanted it. She wanted that hot, vile jaguar sex again. She missed it so much... And she was about to go take it. She was bored to death, bored to death waiting for someone to give her that type of pleasure! That type of fun! That type of excitement again!! She was going to get it back again, even if she had to take everyone's soul to find it. Was she about to get flicked? She wanted to know that freedom, just like Tigen did... Hell, Tigen knew the struggle of trying to find something to remedy this boredom. Even if she would wipe out every soul in the process in the midst of her sexual suction. She always was the sex demon that lived inside of the Tensei family... Scorned. Shunned. But now...


The Insanity of Anarchy... This was the beginning of the Oni's rampage. All she needed now was to find her Golden Apple... Melody. The one with the perfect voice; the voice that rang and proclaimed all such harmonies and discordance in perfect pitch. With that, she could resonate on any level and have sex with everyone... All the time. Her moans~! Ohhohohoho... The MOOOANS! Tao was getting wet just thinking about it. Be they moans of pleasure or screams of terror and discomfort, Taomin didn't care~! It would all just sound like music in the air, a symphony of screams to stimulate her body!

She couldn't wait. She had to find that Golden Apple, and fast. She took off in a blur of speed, her demonic prowess having returned now, the beating of the drums calling her name. She could hear the somber beats summoning her with their booming bass resonating with the Insanity within her... Like a father calling a wild and reckless child home the only way he knew how. Those that stood at the western seaboard facing the Living End... Her new prey.


In her place, she left her Shadow to attend to the Insanity within... To the parasite woman.

In her daze, the silhouette of a blazing shadow with a menacing gaze penetrating the darkness should have befallen the sight of the parasite woman. The creature looked at her, so tender, so juicy, so... delicious. That was always the trigger word. She wanted to tear her apart with her teeth.

"I said I was gonna tear you apart when you woke up..." said the Living Shadow, licking its malevolent lips with its long tongue. Soon its shape would alter from the normal form it assumed, allowing its body to harmonize with the Insanity flowing all around. It shaped the Living Shadow into the nine-tailed beast, The Kuroshiro Kyuubi, Black Rose.

Energies of Red and Green poured from this black and white vixen's form, energies of the wind and of the Insanity flowing in synchronicity. Literally a cocktail of wind teeming with utter energetic presence. The parasite woman was now trapped inside of a place sealed off in every way, shape or form and trapped with the ruler of fox demons, who seemed pretty hungry for some real action. It wasn't like the Sister was going to come any time soon... Hmhmhm.

"..." The parasite woman's nostrils flared a few times, taking a thorough analysis of her surroundings and current situation. Her senses immediately recognized the scent of the accursed culmination of energies as the creature whom joined her in quite the hellish sexcapade, the likes of that had re-written any prior karma sutra protocols regarding twisted, sensual euphoria. Originally the space-parasite both welcomed and provoked said act(s) of violent cardinal impurity, but her insatiable appetite was the most prominent sensation awaiting her once she awoke from Tao's spellbinding slumber. Her gluttonous hunger was known to demand precedence over vast serving of her decision making..

... But her technique and instinctual ferocity would not suffer nor tarnish as a result of it. She was breed into a species of parasites and predators, all of them acclaimed as the apocalyptic reckoning of their respective dimensions. Space-parasites were notorious throughout the multiverse and the umpteen realms of existence that were adjacent or arbitrary.

The parasite woman straightened her posture, undaunted by the bellowing gale flexes of power bolstering from the amorphous cluster fuck of shadowy fabrics. She flicked her dark locks of hair from obstructing her cold, onyx colored peepers. Crimson ooze stained her flesh from head to heel, commuting to her image as some blood crazed, mobile slaughterhouse that crawled its way from Beelzebub's cellar.

"Come and get me..." She mocked. Oddly enough, not one diabolical development or spontaneous spike could be detected from the parasite woman's chakras. Nay, not a single caveat of a supernatural contingency to attribute to the vile, femme fetal. Nothing but a wink, a smirk, and a finger wag that dared her assailant to encroach closer.

Predators of such alpha superiority were never supposed to play with their food, but she was the youngest after-all. She had to discover her own truths...

The great deity circled its prey, eyeing the creature up and down with dark intent and a malevolent canid grin upon its maw. The tasty morsel that she was, a succulent piece of tender meat to chew on, was a nice treat to rip to pieces.

"I'm going to fuck you up," the circling fox god boldly mentioned, holding back its raw feral might in just that wide, quivering cheshire grin. It was her Keeper's, after all.

Tracing that same circular path with a bit more fervor, her anticipation grew alongside her appetite for the delicacy prime material that stood before her here. Absolutely delicious.

"And you've brought this upon yourself. Because once I sink my teeth into you..." she growled with a repressed pleasure spiced with just a hint of passionate fury, "I'm never letting go. Heh heh."

She already let Tao get a taste of her. It was time for the rest of the meal... They weren't even done with the appetizer yet. The great vixen's single tail flickered in the helix of Insanity and Wind that orbited her form, converging and splicing as they may. The calligraphy brush was getting ready... the Mighty Pen...

Absolute Incantation (Absolution); Leshura't the God Slayer.

One of the set of two; Twin to its counterpart, L'ashuraht, the sword-drill formed from the Asura. Although symbiotic kin to each other, the weapons were indeed very different; one was to create and the other, to destroy. Guess which one the calligraphy brush is...?

Wisping its way into physical form through the intertwining energies was said calligraphy brush, easily larger than the average man in size. In a flash of light, its form shifted to the shape of a beautiful staff; a Buddhist staff known as a Khakkhara, this one harboring all 12 rings and a 13th ring as a halo hovering above the center of the staff. It was typical of great Kitsune and Youko of all kinds to obtain staves for their practices. This one would be used especially for this beautiful abomination of a being... She could barely wait, or even think of what move to make, letting the rational mind of a civilized being flee from it; embracing the madness of a fucking fox god. It would all simply unfold from there.

The Souzenryoku Of Wind, Aeris, Goddess Of Discord. A Spirit Goddess who rules the elements of wind and shadows, and capable of commanding all sorts of discord, including things like fortune. Though oftentimes referred to as Tia (short for Tiamat), she looks like a beautiful pitch black ghost adorned in a long, flowing, oversized, black kimono. Her hair is a royal purple, but has a habit of becoming colors such as black, gold, and green. She is the purified form of the demon Nyake, with her main distinction being her eyes being a metallic golden color, and her voice echoing like a beautiful bell. Her voice has very strange properties, and she doesn't like to speak much, and tends to keep her eyes closed as to not reveal the truth of her nature. When her eyes open, she exudes greater power. She tends to interact by manipulating her hair, as her hands are usually bound by her kimono sleeves, by her own self-restraint. When unrestrained, she becomes Tiamat, the neutral form of Nyake and herself, a Primordial Chaos & Sea Goddess, as well as a mother dragon. She has a ninja apprentice name Shiyoko.

Original Nyake (Furc 2006)

Newer Nyake (2007)

Newest Nyake (2020)
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Nyake, Goddess Of Discord
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