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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
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Mizugami, Crystal Shell of the Crystal Rain :: Crystal Kappa of the Nautilus Serulenia
Mizugami, Crystal Shell of the Crystal Rain :: Crystal Kappa of the Nautilus Serulenia

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Mizugami, Crystal Shell of the Crystal Rain :: Crystal Kappa of the Nautilus Serulenia
Mizugami, Crystal Shell of the Crystal Rain :: Crystal Kappa of the Nautilus Serulenia

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Join date : 2014-11-17

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Animation 1: The Old Days...

At that moment, the flashback started to end, Reality retorting to its original form of being inside of Khrona's pit.

Khrona: "... Oh yeah, I WAS unconscious for most of that battle... Damn that curse. Hey wait, Misery, we can use the power of that witch, right? Once you collect the soul of a witch to become a Soul Angel, you get to use her manna."

Misery: "Yeah, so?"

Khrona: "... How come we never use the Evil Eye?"

Misery: "... I dunno. How come Despair never uses the ability of the witch she ate?"

Khrona: "Hm... That's a good point. Huh. I remember that witch... Because I was actually BATTLING that time around... Don't you remember, Despair? We let Misery sit that battle out because we felt like we had to do that battle on our own.. Since we didn't assist much in the battle against Malojos."

Despair nodded "Yes... I do very much remember... The witch I fought was nice... She was really respectful, despite being very evil... It would be horridly nice to fight her again..."

Once again, the reality started to distort to a Flashback...This time around, there was a rather tranquil scene. Everything was nice and surrounded by water... A nice sight to behold, indeed.

Khrona, wielding Misery and Despair, were in a sort of grand hall, one would say, seeming to be accompanied by four females.

Three of them stood in the front looking rather menacing. It seemed as though Khrona and these girls had been fighting for quite a while now.

Behind them was a woman clad in all blue, who looked extremely elegant and serene, though at the same time, had a determined look on her face.

Khrona: "Serulenia, the witch of Animation... You have been trapping people in suspended animation around here... I cannot harvest the soul of something that cannot be harmed... Take them out right now, and I will spare you and your animated goons..."

Serulenia: "... Many apologies, young boy... But I do not want them to regain their animation... They are extremely noisy beings... They wish to destroy my home... And if I let them do as they please, I will have nowhere to go... I enjoy tranquility and peace... I did not want to kill them, so I simply kept them in suspended animation and threw them into the depths of the waters surrounding my palace. Isn't that the best thing to do?"

Khrona: "... I don't want to have to kill you... You are a nice person. I wish to leave you in peace and just devour the souls of the others... But unfortunately, you are also the only witch around here... And my weapon partner needs a witch's soul to become a Death scythe... And as such, I must kill you... I am sorry..."

Serulenia: "It is perfectly understandable, and I will accept your challenge... However, at the same time, I cannot simply allow you to kill me so easily... Not only would that bring shame to my name, but also to yours... And so if I win, I will trap you in suspended animation, alright? I do not wish to kill you..."

Khrona nodded his head. This was going to be hard to do... He actually LIKED this woman because of her kindness... She reminded him of his weapon, Despair... And as such, he would fight using her. But before he got to Serulenia... He was going to have to get through her lackeys, first.

Serulenia raised her massively large sword and pointed it at Khrona, and that was the signal for her 3 lackeys to attack him. The first one had the ability to make an infinite amount of swords and knives appear and float around her, and she would use them as weapons and change her body into blades. Her name was Echo. The second one had the ability to make feathers into any sharpness or hardness and use them as her own weapon, as noted by the lance in her hand made of extremely hard, sharpened feathers which could pierce through most substances. Her name was Lavis. The last one had the powers of energy itself (mostly in the form of elements) and could absorb and use each one in the floating spiked coil behind her. She also had a sword in which she could charge with any of said energies. Her name was Rynoh. The 3 of them quickly rushed at Khrona; knives swirling in front of Echo, feathered spear outstretched in front of Lavis, and the element of fire charged into Rynoh's sword.

Khrona held up Despair, not wanting to use Misery because she was already a Death scythe, so that wouldn't be fair. He put up a barrier of Rejection in front of him, then said to Serulenia "... Hey. This weapon right here; I'm not using her... So do not attack her..." Misery would change out of her weapon form and scoff, knowing just the reason why. "Hmph."

Serulenia nodded, and quickly made sure Misery couldn't be harmed or move by placing her in suspended animation where she stood. "I will release her when the battle is finished."

Khrona accepted this, and then made a powerful force with the Rejection to force away the 3 women so that he could have space to think...

As the 3 were forced away, they scowled at Khrona and his tiny straight-razor weapon... They weren't fully sure of what it could do, but they knew it had powerful repulsive force. That wasn't good. It would seem that a different approach to this was necessary.

Echo, being the fastest and most agile, would dash in many different directions in a blur, hoping to confuse the hell out of Khrona. Her speed matched that of Misery, so she was damn fast. In a flash, she was right next to Khrona, slashing wildly at him with a crapload of swords at the same time from numerous angles, and as a surprise attack, also made a gigantic sword blade jut straight up from the ground where Khrona stood, trying to impale him where he was.

Lavis, being the most defensively inclined, wasn't exactly going to attack directly, either. Instead, she spread her wings and took flight into the air, hovering over Khrona. She didn't attack yet, but she made hundreds of very large arrows of her extremely sharp and hard feathers form above, so that if Khrona had an opening, she could quickly launch any one of them down upon him and hopefully harm him severely.

Rynoh, being the most offensively inclined, made the coil of elemental spikes behind her into a sphere that floated directly behind her head. The top one was red, meaning she was set to using fire. This quickly changed to white, which would be usage of Light. Rynoh's sword accordingly started to glow white, being charged with the energy of pure light. She ran in headfirst at Khrona. She swung her sword, the power of the swing causing the light to get extremely bright, making an incredibly blinding flash of light to hopefully throw Khrona off whilst she also would be able to hit him with her gigantic, powerful sword.

Indeed, the 3 girls working together from different angles was overwhelming to Khrona. He was still just a scared little boy... When he finally saw Echo coming in from the side, he instinctively raised Despair to block each and every one of the swords, which he did successfully, but then the sword from the bottom came up, which he wasn't prepared for... Though once it made contact with Khrona's body, his Black Blood kicked in and stopped it from penetrating at all. Good shit. With a powerful force of Rejection, Khrona pushed Echo away and quickly started to combat Rynoh, who was coming in next. He was first blinded by the light, instinctively raising his mighty, powerful wings to keep it from shining at him, and his wing was so durable and strong that it could take a hit directly from that sword and Khrona wouldn't feel it. With a swift push, Khrona would knock Rynoh away as well.. FAAAR away. His wings were his strongest bodypart. Though, he had no clue where Lavis was... For at this point in time, Khrona wasn't completely in tune with his psychic ability... Out of curiosity, he looked up, noticing the hundreds of arrows aimed at him. He domed himself with Rejection for security and sighed.

"... Despair... Do you have a plan...? I can't... My mind... They're too fast.. They are coming at me too fast... I don't know how to deal with them..."

Despair sighed as well, trying to comfort Khrona "Hush up, Khrona... I will make this battle wonderfully horrid for them... But for this to work, I am going to need you to fully open your mind and soul to me... And listen to me... Alright?"

Khrona nodded his head, feeling a bit more composed over himself.

Being forced back, Echo regained composure of herself by stopping herself with a flying sword. She landed on it and rode it gracefully through the air like a surfboard. Lavis, who knew that her attack definitely wouldn't pierce through that barrier, dispersed her feathers, which would quickly disintegrate into nothingness. Echo flew up next to her on her sword. Finally, Rynoh, who had also been taken back by Khrona's power, joined the girls up in the air by making a jet of fire spew out of the center of her circle of spikes behind her, allowing her to float up to them.

Echo: He's rather unorthodox.

Lavis: But he seems to have great power.

Rynoh: He could easily defeat us individually, and our combined attacks have done nothing for the length of our fight...

Echo: So if this is how it is, how do we defeat him?

Lavis: Simple, dears...

Rynoh: We overwhelm him.

As the 3 collaborated, they knew exactly what had to be done. After fighting Khrona for so long, even with the long pause in between so that he could talk to Serulenia, they were running out of power. It was time for a big one from each of them. Echo created a large amount of swords in the air... Giant swords, Lavis made many gigantic feathers, and finally, Rynoh's circle of elements began to spin in front of her. The 3 of them fired off their attacks, respectively being a nonstop barrage of superfast swords, bullet-like shots of these gigantic feathers continuously, and firing off all of the elements on the ring simultaneously in one focused, massive blast.

The instant they launched their attacks, Despair would say to Khrona "Now!" And Khrona would point to the 3 of them with Despair, focusing his mind and his soul wavelength along with hers to create a sphere of Rejection around the 3 of them entirely. This Rejection was powerful enough to not only withstand all of their attacks, but to reject them back at them inside of the dome, thus causing the swords, elemental blast and feathers to shoot around at insane speed and hopefully destroy the 3 without question... For they shouldn't have had any time to react to such a thing.

The dome of Rejection would fade, showing the 3 girls fall to the ground, totally motionless. Their own attacks were too much for them, it seemed.

Serulenia looked at Khrona, noticing his power that her 3 lackeys seemed to notice as well. "... That 'Rejection,' you call it, is very powerful, it seems. I shall make sure not to take it lightly. Come back to me, my pieces, and allow me access into my full battle-ready mode."

She extended her hand, and the 3 lackeys became nothingness, being returned back to Serulenia's body, which they seemed to be made from. She was using her power to keep them animated, but in reality, they were just fragments of herself. As they came back, Serulenia would be able to go to her full power... Which was shown by the change in her armor and weapon. She would begin to glow a translucent blue color, and her armor changed slightly, but noticeable, as her sword became larger and more blue.

The hue was rather beautiful and serene, reflecting Serulenia, herself. She held her sword, awaiting Khrona for battle "... I do hope you try your best..."

With a look of determination, Khrona nodded to her, stretched his wings, and ran in at Serulenia.

As Khrona ran in, Serulenia created a slick of water in front of him, and when he stepped in it, it would freeze over his foot instantly and cause him to be unable to move.

"My element lies in Water... Which is the liquid state of Ice. Animation is not my only forte, you know."

With great agility, she leapt from her throne, wielding the massive sword and swiped at Khrona, the sheer force of the swipe not only making a vacuum where she slashed, but also making an extremely powerful blast of pure force from where the two were, easily able to knock down this entire palace if it weren't enchanted with Serulenia's magic.

Acting fast, Khrona's frozen foot would absorb the ice, making him both immune to water attacks and ice attacks so long as he kept the ice in his DNA, but at the swing of that sword, Khrona immediately had himself coated with Rejection, which would parry the force of the slash between the both of them, which would cause Khrona to probably fly deeeeeep into the earth if this palace weren't enchanted.

Serulenia knew he was going to use such an attack, so she didn't put her full force into the swing. She wasn't even knocked back by the rejection's force. She was so very stable and so very strong that such a force being reflected back at her did nothing. This new battle form was top notch. "Good..." she said, and almost instantly after being rejection swiping her sword very swiftly at Khrona's side. She seemed to wield such a heavy and powerful weapon with no trouble whatsoever. The force of this smack would be of the same power as the sword swipe before, and thus, if Khrona was still coated in rejection and didn't dodge, would easily just fly directly into a wall.

Unprepared for such swift retaliation, Khrona indeed flew into a wall, the rejection fading as he hit it. She was way too strong, even for a normal witch... And this wasn't even the strength of her magic, but her own physical strength that was unenhanced by magic. Weird..

Khrona: ... Despair.. She is very.. Agile... And very... Strong... What do we do? How do we defeat her...?

Despair: ... I am not sure... Let's ask her about her armor. Miss Serulenia?

Serulenia turned to Khrona, looking at the straight razor in his hand "Yes? Is there something the matter?"

Despair: ... What are the enhancements granted to you with your new armor...?

Serulenia smiled... If they weren't so cute, perhaps she wouldn't have told them. Oh well. ".. You are adorable. Well, first, it gives me immunities to all of the elements and its durability is higher than the strongest diamond you will ever know... In my boots and on my back are powerful water jets used for flying and maneuvering in the air, but I'm not much of a flier, anyway... My sword has been enhanced to become any hardness, size or density, and has the ability to pass through solids at will, and finally, it is able to absorb forces for storage and for more power. It cannot absorb my own, however, so I had to keep myself incredibly sturdy to keep myself from being taken back by my own force when you reflected it. Is that sufficient information?"

Khrona nodded "Yes, ma'am... Thank you..."

Serulenia smiled, closing her eyes "Oh, don't mention it." After that, she took off, jumping into the air as high as Khrona was on the wall and was ready to deliver a powerful, earth-shattering kick directly to his face.

Out of instinct, Khrona ducked his head, letting her miss just by a hair. Khrona was about to flap his wings to get her out of the immediate area, but she absorbed forces, she said, so that would just bring her more power. So instead, Khrona dropped down to the ground himself... Rejection would only work for so long...

Khrona: ... Despair, what about your other wavelength?

Despair: ... My... Despair wavelength? Are you suggesting that we use that to try to weaken her?

Khrona: Yes, exactly. We'll have to fight her in close quarters, but... I can take whatever punishment she gives me...

Despair: ... If you say so, Khrona... We shall do so, then!

Just as they made such a decision, Serulenia came down with yet another powerful strike from her sword, threatening to crush Khrona where he stood.

Khrona jumped out of the way just a bit, flapping his wings backward to keep himself from flying back from the force. With a Despair Wavelength charged blade, he slashed at Serulenia, which it would seem to do nothing to her damn near impenetrable armor.

Serulenia, not even noticing the attack, would punch Khrona with her free hand, which should send him flying at an insane speed across the grand hall, all the way to the other side.

Khrona crashed into yet another wall, using his wings to cushion a lot of the impact. It was insane how physically powerful this witch was... With no help from her armor at all. "How many times do you suspect we'll have to do this, Despair...?"

Despair: ... I can assess her power with my wavelength, since I have hit her once... I would say a good 10 times, Khrona....

Khrona nodded, his determination to hit Serulenia 10 times was set. He just needed a way to catch her off guard... He dashed at Serulenia, but oddly enough, wrapped in Rejection

Serulena figured that he had something planned, so instead of actually hitting Khrona, she simply moved out of the way of his attack, then brought her sword down on him when he was in range.

Khrona, however, using a bit of his psychic power, had anticipated her movements and had Despair outstretched in his hand. So one he passed by, even though he would take the hit from the sword, he would have still cut Serulenia, weakening her once more with Despair's wavelength. There were only 8 more times to go.. Being hit with the sword, though, brought Khrona straight into the ground with the earth-shattering force... His Black Blood and Despair's rejection absorbing the hit so that it wouldn't physically hurt Khrona. His regenerative abilities weren't exactly all that fine-tuned yet.

Once the sword was brought down on Khrona, it started to glow a bit more. Without warning, it started to drive Khrona into the ground with explosive and immense force repeatedly, once again, that would probably destroy the entire palace if it weren't enchanted. She didn't seem to want him to get up from that.

It was time for Khrona to try mastering his DNA skills... This was something he hadn't done many times before, but he could at least try it now. Khrona separated his body into two parts, moved out of the way quickly, and reconnected himself before the strain was too much on him. "Eh.. Despair... If only your Rejection were stronger... I'm sure she wouldn't be able to get by it so easily..." Khrona also noticed something about Serulenia... She mainly used physical attacks against Khrona. All Khrona had to do was make sure that she touched Despair's blade if this plan were to go off without a hitch.

"Despair... I have an idea..."

Khrona gripped Despair tightly, then rushed off at Serulenia once again, however this time, he was using his wings as fists.... As they had taken the form of fists. Cough.

Serulenia quirked a brow "... Oh my. Such a straight-forward attack. I truly wish you would learn to avoid punishment...." She swung her sword at the wings, hoping to cut them clean off with just one strike. Her other hand was naturally balled into a fist, for if Khrona was just using his wings as a feint, she'd merely punch him.

No matter what Serulenia did, if she responded with physical contact, then she had already fallen for Khrona's trap. His wings were powerful enough to even take a hit from her sword without being affected, which he didn't really think about until just that very moment, so once she swung for them, Khrona grabbed the sword with the wings, took it from her and flung it elsewhere. And then, once she tried to punch him in the face, He'd grab her fist with his other wing-hand, and let razor blades jut out of them, which would cut her a third time. With Razor blades on his feet, he'd deliver a kick to Serulenia's chest, and then fling her off with the awesome power of his wings. That would be 4 hits.

Even though Serulenia could easily take a kick to the chest from Khrona, those wings were rather troublesome... Not only that, she started to feel a little weaker. Not to mention, she didn't have her sword now. But she could always get that back any time she wanted. Magic, you know. She skidded across the ground with her feet, using her water jets on her back to keep her from going to far, and then regained her composure.

"Mmmm.. So you do have a little more fight in you... I am glad. I didn't want this fight to be too one-sided.." She raised her hand, her sword manifesting back into it, and she prepared herself for another attack.

Khrona raised his wing-hands once more, and they split into 4 now instead of two. Khrona pushed himself off of them, flying directly at Serulenia. He was completely focused on all aspects of her movement, in fact... Very focused. He did not even blink.

Serulenia was slightly confused as to why Khrona kept rushing in, but it must be some sort of trap, she thought. Through his absorption of her water/ice magic, it was presumed that he had gained an immunity to it... So there was no using that... Her current 3 pieces, Echo, Lavis and Rynoh, were incapacitated... He was slowly whittling her down to her most basic powers. Soon she might have to start using her powers over Animation... Which she didn't want to use in this fight... But it might have to be done. She was running out of things and she didn't even notice until now.. He was smarter than he looked. Instead of actually attacking him again, she started up her water jets on her boots and on her back and jetted off. She had traps of her own, you know.

Determined, Khrona followed her religiously. If she made a turn, Khrona would turn on the dime. No matter where she went, Khrona would follow, just waiting for his opening. Nothing more.

Glancing over her shoulder, Serulenia realized that she just couldn't lose Khrona. Hm. Perhaps his plan was to wear her out? Not likely. But if he was so focused on following her, perhaps he wouldn't notice anything else... Her sword would suddenly dissipate, reappearing directly above Khrona, trying to strike him from above and slam him into the ground, as it did before. Serulenia watched the entire process, seeing how Khrona would react.

There was a sharp gleam in Khrona's eye the moment the blade appeared above him. A sheet of rejection hovered over him as he flew now, making sure that the blade hit it, stopping it from going to Khrona. Swiftly, Khrona grabbed the sword and threw it at Serulenia. She would only have 2 options; Avoid it or catch it. Either way, Khrona had her set. He would extend his wings to cover a very large area, arcing them around Serulenia's general area, knowing that if she were to avoid it, she would just fly into one of his 4 wings. Regardless, he was going to smash all of his wings down on her in that one spot.

Serulenia caught her sword, but then realized that though Khrona was behind her.. She was completely surrounded by him. His wings were marvelous. She did not, in fact, have enough time to do anything once his wings came down on her, and as such, she was hit with the 4 bladed wings.

Khrona smiled. That was 8 hits with the blades now. The final two would surely be the end of Serulenia's armor, and her power should be weakened severely by now because of the Despair Wavelength's effects. Khrona immediately descended to the ground on Serulenia was in his grasp and smashed her on the ground repeatedly with his wings. He only did so to make sure she did not escape him and would also be harmed in the process. Finally, he opened his wings, but immediately afterward, would rush directly at her while she was hopefully dazed and kick her with both bladed feet directly in the chest for his final 10.

With nothing being able to be done by the attacks, Serulenia simply had to take it. She tried to break free of his wings, but... her power... It was weakened severely for some odd reason.. She did notice that Khrona had been touching her a lot lately... That must be it. He must be using some odd power which weakens her more and more as he touched her. It was the only possibility. But, because of the jarring slams to the ground, Serulenia could not avoid Khrona's kicks, which actually did a little bit of damage she could feel. That was proof enough that her armor was weakened and her power had dropped. She could only help but smile...

Khrona released her from his winged prison, readying Despair for the final strike. He needed a LOT of power if he were going to break through her armor (though it was weakened) AND slice through her to take her soul. It was going to take some force, he presumed. So, reverting his 4 wings to normal, he flapped as hard as he could, exceeding mach 3 speed with just one flap from all four, and tried to slash directly through her armor and body, slicing them both clean in two, and leaving the witch's soul for Despair to devour...

Though to Khrona's dismay, once Despair's blade tip touched Serulenia's armor, not only would the armor snap off, turning Serulenia back to normal... But Khrona would have been trapped in Suspended Animation.

"I did not want to have to do that... But I guess I was left with no choice. Now you may witness the full potential of my magic... The power to give motion to the motionless... Life to the lifeless... Though, in your case, I would have taken your motion away, right? Deeply sorry..."

Serulenia snapped her fingers, and her enchanted palace began to rumble. It was rising from the ground... The water level decreased outside, and the vines all over it began to swirl in unison. From the depths of the oasis came two massive hands, which would soon be show to be connected to the palace itself. It also seemed to have extremely long legs. The palace started to moan, which sounded like a roar that echoed throughout the lands, and finally, 2 gleaming eyes appeared on the front of it, completing its menacing appearance.

"This..." Serulenia said, now releasing Khrona from his suspended animation "... Is the fruit of my power. No matter how large or how small.. If it has no movement, if it has no life... I may grant it that however I please."

The building forcefully ejected Khrona and his still suspended weapon, Misery, out into the water, then glared at them with its menacing eyes. Serulenia was seen floating out of the top, and standing on the building's head. "Come, Khrona. We aren't finished here...."

Once ejected, Khrona quickly regained control and landed on top of the water as if it were a solid ground. He was utilizing the power he had absorbed from Serulenia. It was lucky that he absorbed it when he did... Anyway. The next thing was to take down Serulenia, since Khrona was wiped from fighting her already... And he surely knew he didn't have enough power to take down this gigantic creature as quickly as he needed to... So this would have to be the last attack... It MUST be planned carefully.

Khrona: ... Despair, it is time... To use your power to the fullest...

Despair: ... As long as you are the one wielding me.. There is no despair within me...

Khrona nodded gripping her tightly "... Soul Unity!" He stepped off of the water lightly, though it launched him extremely fast directly at the beast, the force being so great that the waters would rise up to the sky. Khrona was moving so fast that he was actually flickering, it seemed.

Serulenia sensed a new sort of power manifesting inside of Khrona... No, wait.. Their souls were combined now. The Soul Resonance had taken place, it seemed.

"Oh.. Are they going hard?"

The palace beast raised its arms, punching swiftly and violently at Khrona in a mad attempt to knock him out of the sky and out of this land, and probably knock him out in the process.

Khrona was not going, however. He coated his 4 wings in an intense Rejection, slapping away any punch that came to him with nice precision. The power of the slaps should even be able to throw this behemoth off balance for a moment or two. Anything he didn't have time to slap, he surely did avoid speedily. He was already almost at Serulenia...

Serulenia: ... He can even do this much? What is that Soul Resonance... What is this child? No one should have even been able to last this long with me...

So, because Khrona was now too close for the giant to pummel with fists, and because that didn't seem to be effective... It was time for the vines to attack. They shot swiftly at Khrona in the millions, sharp and strong, ready to hang him by his neck if one were to latch on to him. The number alone should be enough to stop him.

But no, Khrona continued, this time utilizing Despair as a weapon. In swift and blurred motions, Khrona sliced through every single vine that came in his way with Despair. There wasn't a one that wasn't hacked in two, slowly making the way for Khrona to fly directly up to Serulenia. Once the path was clear, Khrona had her dead in his sights. With one swift slash, that would end it all.

Serulenia closed her eyes, holding her hand up in Khrona's direction once he got past the vines "... I don't think it is my time just yet, Khrona... I am sorry for your trouble..." She would trap the flickering Khrona in Suspended Animation once more, noting that she would not let him out this time... But wait... Something was amiss... Khrona wasn't in the bubble of suspended animation in front of her. But... how could that be? He was right there... At his speed, there was no way he could have dodged it. But a drop of water fell on Serulenia's face, and that's when she turned around and looked up to the sky. She would see Khrona's face imprinted in the waves of the water. Khrona had anticipated Serulania's use of the suspended animation once more. Once he thought Serulenia was about to use it, he combined himself with the water, which would then be tipped with overly large razor blades, all of which came crashing down on Serulenia. The waterfall turned red the moment the blades passed over Serulenia, and the once tranquil and serene oasis became a lake of red.

Once the now red water calmed, Khrona appeared from the depths of it, Misery and Despair by his side. The gigantic, monstrous palace would lose its animation, thus falling back into the water with a powerful crash, and becoming dormant as it once was before.

The soul of Serulenia, noted by a sort of cinematic reel imprinted on it, would float over to Despair. She could already feel its power flowing even before consumption. With a doubtful look to Khrona and Misery, but quickly gaining confidence from their presence and looks of assurance, she consumed the soul of the witch.

With that done, the reality of the area started to return to normal, back to the way the pit was before.

Despair sighed, a tear in her eye and a smile on her face. "How I do miss Serulenia... She was a good witch, I tell you.. And I am dreadfully grateful that memory is now fresh in my mind again... It was beautiful, to say the least... Ah, Khrona..."

Khrona nodded, as he felt the same way. Misery, Despair and Khrona were all feeling closer than ever. They all moved in close to each other and gave each other a big, loving, sexual hug, feeling each others dormant souls slightly resonating at that moment. It was a reeaaally good and indescribable feeling.

Misery pushed herself away after a while, dusting herself off "Eh, but enough of that mushy garbage. I'm gonna go out for a little while or somethin. Seeing those memories got me a bit hyped up, ya know. You two coming with or what?"

Despair: Oh, yes... It would be morbidly fun to join you in some sort of epic journey, Misery...

Khrona pondered for a moment, saying "Should I go..? Should I not...? Should I stay...? Should I go...?" And finally, when he thought of a decision, he said "... Sorry, Misery. I'll pass. I'm going to go and rest for a while. You two have fun, then." Khrona started to walk down a different corridor.

Misery and Despair shrugged their shoulders, both saying "Meh." and Despair would wrap her cloak around the both of them, allowing them to warp off elsewhere.

Once the two of them left, Khrona sat in a room by himself. He was thinking only of those two witches...

"Malojos, the witch of the Evil Eye... and Serulenia, the witch of Animation..."

Khrona looked off to his side, a bit in a daze. Though Khrona didn't need to sleep, his mind was a bit tired right now... Retrocognition. It was an ability that could only be used well whilst he was Fully Sane, and thus using it when he had insanity in his mind was actually rather stressful. Using powers that were supposed to be only accessible to his Fully Sane self always took a deep toll on his mind... It weakened it, in fact. This is why he stuck to what powers worked for each of his forms. Oh well. Nothing a little rest wouldn't cure.

"Malojos... and Serulenia..."

Khrona started to slowly nod off, his mind entering a state as if he were asleep, but his eyes were still open. Still, his mind was asleep.

Some time after his brain entered a sleep-like state, Khrona continued to mumble.

"Malojos... cmmmdmfjcdikmmm... Serulenia... mmgklprmmm..."

He had been thinking about them ever since he brought up those memories. Why? Nobody know. But in the end, it would be the worst thing for him. Because Khrona couldn't keep his thoughts to himself, since Khrona normally didn't sleep and his brain was normally always protected from inside and out, this shouldn't happen. But since his mind was using its Theta Waves, which going on when those who are asleep start to dream, and Khrona was thinking about the two witches... His inability to keep his thoughts to himself ended up manifesting itself as the two witches.. They were both recreated right then and there, next to each other, made fully and completely as they were before...

Once she manifested, Malojos opened her eyes shocked to see herself alive.. She was killed by Misery, last she remembered... She checked her body... No wounds. She checked her eyes.. All able to see. Huh. It seems like she is spick and span... But then she noticed Khrona sitting right beside her. She jumped, as he was looking right at her.. And he looked different than last she remembered. Out of pure fear, she rushed out, pushing the other witch out of the way and quickly exiting this pit via one of her Eye portals.

Once manifested, just as Malojos did, she remembered only the moment right after her death... So if she died out elsewhere, how was she here? Before she could come to any conclusions, she was pushed out of the way by another witch who seemed to be in a rush. Hmph. Serulenia was also feeling EXTREMELY weakened in power.

"... She was quite rude..."

After that, Serulenia looked down, noticing Khrona. He looked different... Older, in fact... And he seemed to be in some sort of trance-like state. She thought about it, wondering what this meant.

"Hmmm... Did he... Bring me back to life?"

It was the only possibility. He must have those sorts of powers, she assumed. He was in such a trance-like state, it must have taken a lot of power to revive her, she thought. She knew Khrona was a good kid... And even when they fought, she didn't want to kill him or to die, herself. He must have known that and revived her. Though, she must not have been to completion yet. She didn't have all of her power... Oh well. She'd get it eventually. She smiled at Khrona, patting him on the head.

"... You are a good child..."

And with that, walked out, finding a way out of the pit. She only hoped that after the time period she was gone, her palace was still in good shape...

Ocean of Purity ~~ Theme of the Nautilus Serulenia

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Fragments Of Her Soul (Tethys' Children)
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Animation 2: A Strong Opponent Wanted

A hero would be sitting on top of a large boulder that would sit in the center of a large open mountain range. His body would be surging with a small amount of energy which would slowly flow around the area as he would be meditating. After having so many of his battles interrupted, the hero was hoping for a good long battle without any interruptions what so ever.

From the depths of nowhere, Serulenia would emerge from the outskirts of the area, having quite a determined and calm, soothing look on her face.

"... Perhaps today, I can meet another kind person... I have met too few here so far..."

Naturally, she didn't seem battle ready at all. She, in fact, seemed like a normal person... Eventually, she saw the hero. When seeing him, she noticed that he was in a meditative position... So she quietly stood there, waiting... and watching... and waiting... and watching... She didn't want to disturb him, but she was curious about him.

Being able to feel that someone had entered the area the energy would stop and the area would seem to go completely quiet. The hero would then open his eyes and would notice the girl a few feet away. The hero would stand up and would hop off of the boulder and would bow to the girl in front of him.-

Hero: "Greetings I am a Hero. What brings you here?"

Serulenia bowed back to the hero, stilling smiling that warm and calming smile.

"... Hello. My name is Serulenia... I have just come back from... A long journey, and I was just exploring the area to see how much it has... Changed, you could say. And... Trying to get a grasp of the people here, if you will. What about yourself?"

Hero: "Nice to meet you Serulenia-san! Well I am mostly here looking for a spar."

Serulenia's brow quirked at the mention of a spar. This was something she probably needed in times like this...

"Oh, my, a spar? Yes, that sounds delightful. I would greatly appreciate your time, hero..."

In a moment's notice, Serulenia assumed her battle form, having her armor instantly appear on her body and her gigantic sword in hand.

"You are ready for battle, correct...?"

"Sure and afterward maybe I'll show you around this world." After the hero said this, his powers would activate and the rings on his finger would light with their respected energies as the hero would draw his blade. He would then disappear and would appear behind Serulenia with his blade covered in disintegrating flames. The hero would swing this blade down toward he although a second before the blade would make contact he would change positions a light speed and would appear on the side of Serulenia and slash toward her midsection.

Serulenia was no particularly fazed by this high-speed attack of the hero's... In fact, she effectively countered it as soon as he would get close by stomping the ground, creating a very powerful tremor due to her insane strength, so that he would lose his footing, and then simply jump out of the way.

"... Yes... That would be lovely. I hope it goes wonderfully..."

No matter how fast someone is moving... It doesn't mean that they can't still be tripped up. Serulenia snapped her fingers now, letting her three minions, Echo, Lavis and Rynoh (that's Rih-Noh) appear before her.

"... Naturally, I would like to see how you fare against these three, first... I cannot be discriminate, you know. It is rather impolite to my servants..."

Rynoh stepped forward first, which meant Serulenia, Echo and Lavis would step back. Serulenia then said to the hero from the sidelines, "Can you respect my wish, my dear, and let my familiars have some fun?" Rynoh's spiked coil floating behind her quickly wrapped itself into a circular formation, the spike at the very top being colored white.

The hero would quickly regain his balance and would jump back a few feet so he could not be caught off guard. After creating some distance he would see the three servants appear and would crack a light smile as he would sheath his blade. The hero would seem very happy as it looked as if he was finally getting the fight he had been asking for.

"No problem I don't mind." The hero would take his ring and would jam it into a weapon on his side connected to his belt. The weapon would rumble and it would then open and from it would erupt a large humanoid python covered in flames. The hero would then take a battle stance as the python would wrap its tail around the hero's waist like a belt as the rest of him would constantly slither around his body. The hero would then motion for Rynoh to come forward. "Come and face me and my python."

Rynoh smirked, as she was already the most physically powerful of the three servants. Her sword was fairly large, but smaller than Serulenia's. Rynoh raised her large sword, which started to glow with a white aura for a moment... The aura suddenly stopped. That is, until Rynoh swung the blade, which would cause it to create an intense and powerful light so bright that even indirect eye contact with this light could cause blindness. She was hoping to make the two unable to see her so that she could attack as she wished.

The ring floating around her with the spikes jutting through it would also start to glow white, shooting out a massive beam of pure white light at the two simultaneously, as Rynoh kept on her toes.

As the hero felt the energy coming from the blade, before it stopped he would create a set of hand signs as his ring would flare up with energy. Once the light was released, the hero would be engulfed in the light followed by the two massive beam of pure white light.

"Crap ahggggggggggg... Just kidding." As those words where heard, from behind Rynoh would appear a large swirling wave of dark energy which was completely blocking the lighting coming from Rynoh's blade. This would be because under the darkness sitting on the hero's shoulder would be his a rat in spirit form, which gave the hero the ability to control darkness and create it from nothing. Thus he created a shield of darkness to block all light and then simply used his speed to avoid the beams of light. From the darkness would then erupt the python which would have sunglasses made of darkness energy over his eyes to block out the light. The python would reach out trying to bite down on Rynoh with enough force to crush through steel and stay stuck on her. Although at the same time the hero with his own dark energy sunglasses blocking the light from blinding him would appear under the front of Rynoh with a rising kick to he chin which could smash a mountain. If she was bitten then hit with this kick, because of the python's strong bite grip this could cause her arm to be ripped off due to the opposing forces.

Rynoh was no fool. Once the darkness came, it was easy to tell what just happened, and by doing this, her ring behind her quickly rotated so that the top one was now Brown. She stabbed her sword into the ground, instantly having earth shoot up from all sides of her without warning. Naturally, some would go into the python's mouth and some would hit the hero from the sides as to throw his kick off, since he was probably putting the majority of his power into that kick.

Rynoh would then sink into the earth and back out on the other side, staring intently at the hero and the python.

"Huh. This is new."

As the rocks flew into the python's mouth the flames in his mouth would quickly disintegrate the rocks like cotton candy. As for the hero, while he was not in the same spot as the python, around his waist would still be the python's tail which would be releasing a wave of flame around his waist which would block most of the rocks from hitting his sides. As for the ones that hit the hero, they would have little to know affect since his body was extremely dense due to his constant training. The hero would then sign and from his ring would then erupt his a rooster who would sit on the top of his head in its spirit form. The hero would then disappear moving at lighting fast speeds and would appear on the far left side of Rynoh and in his hand would be his revolver which he pulled out of it box while moving and would then release a wave of flame bullets toward Rynoh. Although the hero would disappear while firing and would appear in multiple areas meaning multiple bullets would be moving toward Rynoh from multiple directions. Although once close enough the bullets would explode with wind creating large twisters of Storm Flame which would be made via the hero's wind ability granted by the rooster. After he fired his bullets the hero would completely disappear from sight until Rynoh would feel a shaking under her feet and the python would appear trying to completely wrap around her and hold her in place to the Twisters of flames could hit her.

Feeling almost overwhelmed, Rynoh would encase herself in an extremely thick and constantly growing amount of earth, meaning that once the bullets hit and exploded, they would totally disintegrate the earth around her, but because of how fast the earth was continuously growing, it would do nothing to Rynoh, herself. This brief opening gave her time to switch to the Green spike at the top.

Once she saw the twister, she began to use her potent control of energy to control the wind, making the wind in the twister cease. The shaking of the ground was never good, and that could only mean something was coming from below. She slashed her wind-energy-covered sword at whatever was coming up, the force of the swing making massive currents of wind shoot below and force her into the air, as well as hopefully doing some damage to the python, which she saw emerging as she flew into the air. Rynoh then started to spin, releasing a powerful wind that should push the Storm Flame that was dormant in the air from the stopped twister away from her, thus giving her a lot more room to act.

"Tch... Damn snake... That boy and that damn snake are incredibly fast... Ghhh... Only Echo would be able to keep up with this sort of speed..." Rynoh was panting... Since she wasn't one for speed, as it was already said.

On the sidelines, Serulenia was seen smiling. "... Hm... Seems like Rynoh is getting tired. I hope she doesn't give out too soon... She is exerting herself quite a bit..."

Again, utilizing her current elemental energy that she was set to, she unleashes a massive, constantly flowing and expanding burst of wind powerful enough to push away the bullets, and large enough to blow away the hero, if he did not see the attack coming.

"Speed is your game... Well as long as I've got power on my side, then it won't be that easy!!"

Rynoh would now be on the offensive, since dodging just wasn't enough. Her top spike changed to Yellow, and she would swing her sword, making gigantic, constant flurries of lightning shoot from around her body and above from the clouds down to the ground nonstop. Eventually one bolt would have to hit the hero, and the current from it would most likely paralyze him, or at least stun him for a short period of time... Then she could act.

Unable to process such speeds, Rynoh was unexpectedly stabbed with the large spike, but it didn't seem to go in that deep for some reason... Nevertheless, the lightning shot into her would only be re-absorbed into her. She could not only produce the energies of the elements she had, but absorb them as well. It was a nifty ability. Rynoh grit her teeth and clenched her sword.

"... Huh. Raw power, huh? When it comes to that, NOBODY beats ME!!!"

She ripped the spike out of her body, and swiftly changed the top spike to Red. She would flip the spike over to its pointed side with a red gleam and easily drill through the giant boulder with it, running toward the hero in the process. As she ran, the ring floating behind her started to spurt, shooting out large, powerful, concentrated flames that let Rynoh move at speeds of a jet plane, and naturally she'd raise her legs from the ground. Flying at the hero and screaming, she would aim to stab his shield with his own spike and maybe break it, or something of the sort. Her sword was glowing red and ready for use just in case.

Rynoh would have her jets push her in the opposite direction once the flame wall was made, and she would retract her hand before touching it, but in doing all of this, she would notice the hero below...

As the hero was reprimanding his snake, Serulenia smiled and extended her hand.

"You've done well, Rynoh... But it seems you have lost in combat once more.. Your animation has run out."

Rynoh's body would shoot back into Serulenia, as if her body was never there in the first place. Serulenia would then point to Lavis.

"... Rynoh needs to rest... Lavis, be a dear and go into battle..."

Lavis nodded, spreading her black wings to enormous proportions, flapping and sending herself into the air. She floated above the area, looking down at the hero.

"Whenever you feel you're ready..."

Feathers would fall from Lavis' black wings and combine together, hardening quickly to form a spear, which she would quickly grab. This seemed to be her weapon ready for battle.

If it were aerial pursuit the two were going at, Lavis was the best at it. Her aerial maneuvers were the best that could be. She easily flapped in a certain way that allowed her to dodge both attacks at once with seemingly no effort, leaving little feathers trailing behind her. In a moment's notice, the trail of feathers would cause massive and lethal explosions to be done, which should definitely catch the hero off guard and hopefully, from the close range that python was to them, injure him severely in addition to hopefully harming the hero.

The power of her flap allowed her to dodge and get out of the immediate area unharmed, thus, she had the hero in her sights now from a distance. She was very aware of his speed and the power of the flames he had... And as such, she knew how to easily counter and effectively react to them.

"... Come to me.. Hero..."

Lavis did not seem to be too concerned about this attacks, as she kept her serious, analytical face present the entire time. Once the hero appeared behind her, she immediately knew, and would raise her wing to him. She had already analyzed the shield from when Rynoh was fighting him, and thus knew of its capabilities and durability, and as such, she would alter the density, hardness and durability of her own wing to beyond that of the tiger shield, causing her to parry it with ease. Though, because of the given situation, she initiated that a good chunks of the feathers on her wing exploded at once, making a severely large explosion of epic proportions right then and there. Naturally, they instantaneously grew back the very moment they started to explode, so it would look as if nothing had happened.

As for the little chickadee, the same would happen to it once it initiated the very first peck; the wing would come up and upon being touched, would cause a massive explosion. The resulting wind from the chick also would not be able to push Lavis away because of her wing, but she surely hoped her explosion would push the chick away, or at least cause it a good amount of damage.

For her final act, if the two were not drawn away by her explosions, Lavis would flex her wings, extending them to their full potential, releasing a powerful force that should push the both of them away quite quickly. In a sense, she seemed to be on a whole different level than Rynoh, but at the same time, at exactly the same level.

"... We are the 3 sisters... We utilize our own personal strengths in battle to make things go smoothly. You fought Rynoh, and she was mainly based on power... But now you are fighting me, hero. I am very different."

Lavis did not comply. Instead, she stayed in the air, in that same spot, letting some feathers drop slightly... After a few moments, thousands of feathers would have formed a couple hundred large arrows made purely out of them, having an extreme hardness and density. She pointed her spear at the hero, then narrowed her eyes.


The giant arrows made out of those feathers would launch at him at a high speed, aiming to penetrate his body. Not all of them were fired at him, however, only a few... Surprisingly. The rest would stay in their positions throughout the air.

Once that was done, Lavis flapped once, then extended her wings again, thousands of feathers this time inhabiting the atmosphere, floating elegantly in their place... Twirling.

The feathers that Lavis had placed in the air were not for nothing. There were like motion sensor bombs. As such, they would react to even the slightest motion... Meaning the very moment the tree started to grow and even touched ONE of them, it would explode. If it continued to grow, more would explode. If it could still grow, more would explode. If the branches were to come, more would explode. And if somehow, the tree were not totally obliterated by all of the explosions, and it somehow kept on going, Lavis easily closed her wings and caused a vast majority of her feathers to explode simultaneously, which would cause an explosion of this caliber to happen... Nuclear.

"... Hmph... And this wasn't even all of my feathers..." she would say casually through the intensity.

Naturally, the resulting explosion would also cause the entire area to be filled with it, hoping to leave the hero very immensely wounded, if not unconscious by such an explosion of this magnitude. And once it cleared, Lavis' feathers floating in the air would remain unscratched, in their positions, as if that massive explosion never happened.

Without even looking, one of Lavis' wings would point directly where the tree was grown from and launch feathers at it constantly... Nonstop. The explosions that would be caused from it were great, but even then, she did not stop. She surely insisted that the tree were gone by any and all means necessary... Even if that meant disintegrating the ground to the very core of the earth with utter explosions. Though her eyes stayed focused and sharp, and her grip on her spear was still tight... And the remaining arrows were still in the air, ready for action, as her other wing was stiff and dormant for the moment.

"... Incinerate."

Lavis did not seem to care about the hero's words. She knew that he knew nothing of what she had already set into motion long ago. She abruptly stopped her launching of the feathers, only to reveal the enormous hole that seemed to go down for miles.

"Though I shouldn't and don't need to explain myself to you, I have been thinking long ahead of my current situation. The tree being destroyed was not to flush you out. I knew of your position the entire time."

She already knew how to take on the Storm Flame, and it was easy to tell because of how Rynoh did it before. As the staff came close to her, she swirled her spear and slapped the staff in another direction, seeming to willingly let the spear get disintegrated... Only for a new one to take its place exceedingly fast. She had already known that the hero wasn't in the tree from the very beginning. She just wanted to get rid of it utterly and completely so that it couldn't be used for anything in the future, and the hero's movements were being constantly tracked.

Once the staff was deflected, She immediately flew to another destination in the sky. She created several more spears exactly the same as the first, which would idly float around her. The arrows still made in the sky would start to shoot down at the hero from numerous different directions at a high speed, naturally causing explosions where they landed. Though, even still, she did not let all of them go, as there were tens of them left for attack. With grim, piercing eyes, she stared at the hero, still. Any feathers that were lost from the atmosphere due to the staff were swiftly replaced.

"You underestimate me. Do not do that." How strict. It was seen why Lavis was Serulenia's maid and personal visor... She was intricate, detailed, analytical and cunning. Even though she did not have as much brute strength as Rynoh, she made up for it in tactics and defense... Her personal strengths.

There was a sharp glint in Lavis' eye as the hero changed into lightning, and feathers would start to swirl around her swiftly. They seemed to be coming out nonstop, in fact. Once the lightning ball came close, the feathers would harden in the immediate direction in which the lightning ball were traveling, which should be able to stop it... And even if not fully and only momentarily, more would encase it and harden and increase their density around it, keeping it in what would seem to be an unbreakable sphere of feathers.

The other feathers continued to swirl, soon engulfing the area in a maelstrom of nothing but feathers... And then, just as the feathers did with the lightning orb, they did the same to Lavis, encasing her in a swirling sphere of feathers... Then again, another layer of swirling feathers... And another layer.. And another.. And the layers would keep adding on. This was one of her most powerful defenses... Or, so she thought. She would continue to layer herself infinitely so that nothing and no one would get through without a shitload of trouble...

Though there was so much stuff going on at once, Lavis did not falter, even still.

"... It is useless... There are too many feathers out on the field by now. They are well into the tens of thousands... The perfect defense... This explosion... This explosion is greater than or equal to that of a Hydrogen Bomb!!"

Lavis' eyes would glint once more, and with all of the feathers having that same glint simultaneously, there was a reaction... a massive explosion of epic proportions.

Such an explosion... Could it hope to break through all of the oncoming attacks and engulf the field?

As Lavis thought, the ultimate defense of the explosion equal to or greater than that of an H-Bomb would penetrate through all of the hero's defenses, and hopefully burninate the fuck out of him (yes, I said BURNINATE.) She wished for him to sustain heavy damage from this attack and possibly be unable to go on fighting, or at least wipe away everything that was currently on the field due to such intensity and magnitude of such an explosion.

Though, with a small glint of her eyes once more, Lavis fell to the ground, out of 'animation,' as Serulenia said.

Serulenia would extend her hand, seemingly unfazed by the explosion that covered several miles.

"... My... Lavis sure knows how to overexert herself... Really... She knows I do not have all of the energy in the world to spare... I only give very minuscule bits at a time in my animated friends..."

Serulenia would re-absorb Lavis into her body, as if everything hadn't just happened already, and finally, it was Echo's turn. She was probably the only one who could fight near the hero's speed level.

"... Echo. It's your turn, my dear... Have fun."

Echo nodded, having an expressionless face, though it was different from Lavis' stern, expressionless face. Through a slight scowl, Echo would lick her lips, walking in the remains of the field, saying nothing.

Serulenia: Please tell me if you wish to stop at anytime, hero... Alright?

Echo's eyes seemed to be blank for the most part. Immediately, several swords appeared and floated around her body. Echo walked slowly in the hero's direction, the swords orbiting her faster and faster. She didn't seem to want to run at him or do much of anything, really. She just walked slowly toward him... Without any other thought to her, it would seem.

Echo's expression suddenly changed. It still seemed rather dry and emotionless, but it was obvious that there was thought going on in her head. Intense thought. In literally one swift motion, Echo would fill the dog's mouth with swords, have one sword fly into the air to take the bolt, and then seem to faze out of the area in a blur along with her swords... all at the same time in a matter of less than a second.

For a split second, Echo was behind the hero, but just as quickly as she appeared, she disappeared once more, though swords would shoot directly out of the ground under and around him, trying to impale him and you know... Cut him up and stuff. Echo was moving silently across the field... It would seem as though she didn't need to stop... And with her absolute silence, there was no real way to know where she was... Unless the hero could see her.

The moment the twister even started, Swords were floating all around Echo. The very moment the twister got intense, the swords would act. They flew in the opposite direction that the twister was going, and also started to point themselves on angles whilst within the storm to cause the lightning to either be absorbed into them or to reflect off of them and in another direction, ultimately breaking down the twister into nothingness without the lightning, since nothing was flowing in the same direction.

Echo could feel the slight static charge at her feet, and immediately took action about it. A gigantic sword popped up from the ground between her feet, and she quickly, clasped her feet on the flat surface of the sword, which allowed her to be shot straight up, high into the air, since the sword was so devastatingly huge. She would jump off, seeming as if she were going to fall onto the ground again, but this time around, she created a sword under her to be used like a sort of floating surfboard, which she would use to ride it around the sky. More swords formed around her general area, and she was quite wary of the lightning at hand. If need be... She could dodge lightning.

Easy. Once the claw and the kick were coming at Echo, her heightened senses and speed allowed her to effectively dodge the attacks, just like before. The way she dodged this time was by literally flipping her sword she was surfing on over, making her surfing upside down. Thus, the two attacks would either miss or collide with each other, and Echo would have an opening under the hero to slice at him with her swords, which she took.

Though, when she was slicing at the hero with her floating swords, she was not in the area. She had already zipped off as to avoid the large blast of Storm Flame from the mouth of the Cerberus. As she zipped off, there seemed to be clones of her being left in the area... Or afterimages... It was hard to tell, as they were all following the same path as Echo. Either way, they were all zipping by insanely fast, leaving a trail of Echos wherever they went. Echo was looking steadily at the hero, though.. It seemed as though Echo and Lavis shared that same trait of watching their prey closely... Perhaps because it helped their abilities in the long run.

Naturally, the Echos were still flying on their swords, since the normal Echo was, still. But, there was something different about what was going on now... There were even more afterimages... They all gleamed for a brief moment, and stopped where they were. Now it was clear... They weren't afterimages. They were all copies of Echo. The gleam they omitted somehow allowed them to reflect this attack without it touching them... Naturally, it was no ordinary gleam. And as such, the Storm Flame was reflected back where it came from, though with a twist... It was shaped like Echo's swords. This gleam was FAR more powerful and more intricate than it let on... It must have had something to do with magic.

So, every one of the Echos gleamed, reflecting the Storm Flame back at its user, though now instead of helping the hero and being able to be absorbed by him... It would just harm him and backfire. The Echos aimed to encase him in his own flame without him able to do anything about it. Since it touched their gleam, there was no way for him to regain control over it again... It was as if this certain gleam sucked out the control the hero had altogether.

There was one Echo, however, who was not with the group.. She was far away from the gleaming Echos... She didn't gleam at all. She was just hovering in the distance, watching it all go down, waiting to see what became of the hero.

That's right! That wasn't even the real Echo! It was revealed momentarily after the hero had completed his punch and the dragon ate her... It was a sword. It was just made to look like Echo. These swords were more than meets the eye, for they could not only reflect attacks, but reflect images of people within themselves, allowing them to 'copy' them, if you will. As such, that explained why the Echos gleamed... because they were all actually swords, but those didn't change back into their normal form. Instead, the instant the hero decided to attack the Echo that seemed to be the real one, each and every one of them surrounded him and the dragon. The REAL Echo was among the other ones...

"... Speed and evasion. Those are my strengths."

Wow. The first words said in a while by her. But yes, her evasive skills were top notch. And she didn't use as much energy as Lavis did when she fought, so if the hero didn't pull off a hit soon, he'd be fighting her for a while... And he had already gone through the other 2. He must have been experiencing some sort of fatigue or tiredness by now. Though Echo was just getting warmed up. In less than a second, the swords aimed to slice up the hero and the Dragon before they could even realize that the sword that was inside of the dragon wasn't Echo.

Oh... And speaking of that sword... As it entered the dragon's mouth, it gleamed. That's all that needs to be said about that, if you catch my drift. Hahaha. <3

Serulenia stood up, watching the hero enter this form. She knew that Echo had no chance against it... For she was only one of Serulenia's lackeys. And so, Serulenia would walk over to where all of this was going down. The moment Echo was blasted, she was transformed back into part of Serulenia, merging back with her body. Serulenia looked up to the hero, smiling.

"... That's too bad... You didn't even get a chance to fight me, yet!"

She would see what would happen to the hero before she actually entered her super armored mode... He seemed to be excreting a lot of power. Who knew that Serulenia's minions could actually make a skilled shinobi go all out? That must have justified Serulenia's powers quite a bit.

She closed her eyes, still smiling, gripping her blade tightly.

"... Such as strong will you have... Come at me with all you have, then."

Serulenia assumed her super powered armor form, which was basically a powered up version of her battle form only attainable if her minions are part of her. Her sword grew slightly larger, covered in a sort of blue, watery, translucent magic. Her armor became slightly bulkier with jets on her boots and on her back, and her hair was pinned down by armored pads.

Her smile turned into a stern and concentrated look and Serulenia launched herself high into the air with her water jets. She then dashed at the hero swinging her sword with the same power he had at the given moment. She, unlike most witches, was more of a physical fighter, and had the power to prove it. She could match, if not surpass, the strength of the hero, even in this form. That made her a formidable opponent.

Serulenia quickly took note of the python popping out and would swing her sword at it so fast that it was unreal. The natural water magic surging through the sword would put out the fires of the python and hopefully destroy it... Or send it back into the hero. Then Serulenia noticed his claw about to strike. Taking note of his speed earlier, she wouldn't be able to see it, and thus, merely predicted where the claw was going to strike, letting it hit her sword. Even with his power, Serulenia did not move an inch... And in another quick motion, she aimed to slash at the hero to either cut him or push him back quite a bit. She would then use her jets to back up just a bit to get a little more perspective on the situation...

There was a smile of contempt on Serulenia's face the moment the dirt hit. Though it had great force, it did not affect her at all. It didn't even make her flinch.

"... To be fair, I will inform you that my armor has the ability to absorb any and all forces of any power. You can't use that tactic with me, hero. I wanted you to know that so you would not waste whatever energy you had left doing pointless things."

The moment the hero appeared behind her, Serulenia knew he was there. It had something to do with the magic of her sword, it seemed... Before he even thought about slicing her, she would already be launching her fist to his face at a high speed, and connecting would cause not only the own power of Serulenia to hit the hero, but also the absorbed force of the previous claw slash and dirt forces, thus combining together for an attack that could probably ultimately devastate the hero completely in one blow. The sheer force of her fist, however, was enough to push everything near it a long ways away, so the claw wouldn't be able to hit her.

Next came the wave. Without even turning to it, she pointed her sword up to it and said "Suspended." And just like that, the wave was trapped in suspended animation, which caused the space and time flowing around to to completely and utterly stop.

"... I don't like using my Suspended Animation abilities on people... But on things like that, I can do. I really don't like that color it produces... You'll have to excuse me, hero. I have a very... Strong disdain for the elements of fire and electricity... as well as their respective color..."

With the air sucked out of her, her first instinct would be to start breathing again, but she would wait before she did that.. And once she did, she noticed the poison. Hm. A good move... But this was a time where she used her own water magic. It coated her mouth, constantly giving her air because of the O part of H2O, but it didn't require her to breath in... Only out. Therefore, she was constantly receiving air without having to breathe. Isn't magic fun?

Next would be the Storm Flame... It came out in the form of a mist... Hm. Serulenia would slash her sword at the general area of the flame, naturally causing a powerful force to be launched out of it, blowing the flame away. However, because of the immense force of this wave, the flame would not only be blown away, but would also be sucked into a single area, which then Serulenia would use her Suspended Animation magic on to seal it in that area.

"What an interesting weapon.. I know of its disintegrating properties, but I assure you, it cannot deteriorate the effects of my armor. This armor isn't made from normal substances... It is magical armor, obviously. Did you not notice the enhancements?"

In truth, her armor made Serulenia immune to all of the elements, so the previous attacks involving the lightning, fire and wind tsunami or the lightning claw would do absolutely nothing to her. The only reason that vacuum trick worked on her was because she wasn't being attacked by the wind, but by the vacuum it caused. She would jet at the hero once more, very cautiously, however, and created large, trapping walls of water around him before she slashed at him several times in all directions.

Though it was only an intense bright light, it still did nothing to Serulenia's eyesight. This, unlike the vacuum effect, was a DIRECT light at her, and she was immune to the elements, light being one of those elements. What elements she was immune to was solely dependent on what Rynoh had absorbed into her. And light just so happened to be one of those elements. Though, Serulenia didn't let on that she wasn't blinded until the hero came in for the attack. She would skillfully and swiftly jet out of the way and slash at his back as he was going down, trying to launch him into the ground. A vortex of water would open up on the ground, trying to suck him in.

Serulenia's mouth was still covered with the liquid which caused her to have infinite breath, making sure she never needed to breath in, but only out. Therefore, the vacuum wouldn't work twice. As for the mist, Serulenia actually enjoyed it... She was a master of both water AND ice elements, meaning that these colds were nothing to her.

"... How thoughtful of you."

She would suck in all of the mist into her hand via manipulation of water/ice and the cold, and would fire a wave of nothing but pure frost and coldness at the hero. She aimed to freeze him just as he froze her. In addition, Serulenia would harness a great amount of power into her blade... With this power, she would slice through the air down to the ground, crashing into it with incredible force. The force released from her blade from the time Serulenia was in the sky to the time she hit the ground was so great that it released a massive wave, creating a vacuum through the air and cracking straight through the earth, turning it to liquid and then forcing it up as if she were parting the seas. The large wave of land would be sucked into the vacuum forcefully, as Serulenia hoped the hero would be, so that she could suffocate him and trap him in the endless vacuum until he suffocated into unconsciousness.

It would seem like this was all of the hero's energy that was left... Pity. Serulenia had so much more... She would raise her sword, taking in all of the molecules of water in the air, and then release a powerful slash. It was a vacuum that was so powerful, it might be able to suck in the entire attack that the hero was using in one go, if she did this right... She had high hopes that this vacuum could suck in and stop the blast...

Seems like the vacuum wasn't enough... But before the final blow was struck, Serulenia brought her sword back down, this time embedding her Suspended Animation magic within it... This would cause a wave of pure magic able to put anything in its way in Suspended Animation. The slash was very large... enough to literally cover the entire attack. As such, the attack would be trapped within frozen space and time, right before it would hit Serulenia.

Serulenia sighed, looking past the hero. "... That one.. Might have finished me... Formidable, I must say." She was very thoroughly impressed.

Serulenia's armor would dissipate from around her body and her sword would dissolve as well. She walked over to the energy that was now the hero and shook her head.

"Honestly, you've pushed yourself too much... Where is your body at anymore? Hmmm... You should come back to my oasis to recover. I will ensure no one disturbs you."

Serulenia nodded, propping him up properly on her shoulders. She briskly started to walk back to her oasis.

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Animation 3: Back Home... Along With A Hero

Though it was unknown how they got there, Serulenia and the hero were now in her Oasis. Everything was calming here... Soothing... Sweet... Tranquil. There seemed to be no hostility whatsoever. She went over to a certain part of her oasis, where the waters were glowing.

"... Magical waters... It is filled with water made of my magic, hero... These waters will heal your body and restore your energy... But it may take a while..."

The hero would look up and see the magical waters waters and would stand up on his own. He would walk behind a corner for a moment and would come back with some swim trunks on and his cloths folded in his hands. The hero would be covered from head to toe in scars from his past battle over his well toned body. He would walk over to the Oasis and would slowly sit down into the water and would relax letting the water heal hid body.-

Hero: "I must say Serulenia-chan this is real amazing water...Would you care to join me since you did use up a good amount of energy yourself."

Serulenia nodded, for she loved the water.... In addition to being a witch, she was also a Nereid.

"... Why, thank you, hero. I could certainly use it. Though, I think Echo, Lavis and Rynoh need it more...."

Even though those 3 technically didn't need it if Serulenia, herself got in because they were part of Serulenia, it didn't matter if they healed themselves as a part of her or as their own people. It would just end the same.

In a flash of magic, Echo, Lavis and Rynoh appeared in the water in provocative swimsuits. Serulenia would enter the water provocatively as well. That was just something she unintentionally did for some reason.

"... This is nice..."

Hero: "... Ummm... Y... Yes it is."

The hero's face would go red not from Echo, Lavis and Rynoh because if there very young appearance but from Serulenia's provocative swimsuit. He would look and a random direction to avoid making eye contact with Serulenia's body not wanting to look like some kinda pervert. He would then turn his head toward Serulenia and would look only at her face as he would begin to talk.

Hero: "So Serulenia-chan when did you arrive on the planet? You did say you were new here."

Because of some tension in the waters, Serulenia could easily tell that the hero was a bit provoked by her appearance... Though Echo, Lavis and Rynoh weren't really all that young looking, the hero seemed to be only looking at Serulenia. She laughed, looking at his red cheeks. Suddenly, the water around him would become more relaxing than in all of the other parts of this little pool... This was Serulenia's Nereid power at work.

"Hmhmhmhm... Silly boy. I will tell you a story. Long ago, I used to live in this exact oasis in peace... It was secluded. No one knew where it was or how to get here... It was totally secluded and totally quiet... I lived here for centuries without being disturbed... Only to be accompanied by Echo, my chef, Lavis, my maid, and Rynoh, my bodyguard. We lived here in peace... And then one fateful day, someone discovered this place... And relayed its details back to other people... And then more people came.. and more.. and more..."

Serulenia sighed.

"... I decided to suspend them in animation. I needed peace... I needed quiet. But my wrongdoings led me to be killed by a very nice young boy who wielded powerful weapons... And that same young boy brought me back to life not too long ago."

Serulenia started to sink slightly into the oasis, tilting her head back and letting out a sigh of contented relief.

"... All of that was to say, I have existed for a very long time, however in my time of death, there have been many changes that I never knew about... And as such, it is very difficult to get adjusted... Not to mention, I rarely left my Oasis, anyway, so I barely knew about any changes to begin with... So in a sense, I would be considered new, don't you think?"

"Yes I do," the hero would say this in his normal tone feeling very relaxed at the moment for some odd reason. Also he would feel very honored to be allowed in this Oasis seeing what Serulenia had been though because of people knowing about this oasis.

Hero: "Well since you are new here as I promised once my body is healed up I will show you around."

"Mmmm... That would be delightful..."

She smiled, flipping her hair.

"... Hm... I haven't been to a Witch Meeting in quite a long time, though... Those witches are too destructive for my taste..."

Echo's eyes suddenly locked onto the hero, stabbing into him like knives. "Would you care for food?"

Lavis scowled, her eyes piercing the hero as well "... He's getting a little fresh, don't you think?"

Rynoh smirked, glancing over at him from the corner of her eye "Hahaha... Whatever. I don't care."

The hero would hold his chest for a moment feeling the stabbing glances coming from the three girls and would feel as if he was right back in the heat of battle. The hero slowly and nervously smiled and he would begin to speak starting to feel the tension rising back up. "Ummm no thank you Echo-chan but thank you for the offer."

Serulenia gave a stern look toward the 3 of them, chilling the waters around them quite a bit.

"... You three are rather heated. Cool down a little... Echo, prepare a meal for me. Rynoh, assist."

The 3 of them felt the chilling waters, but attempted to hide it... Echo's facial expression did not change. "... Yes, mistress." And she would disappear in a silent blur.

Rynoh's teeth were chattering, and she immediately got out of the water, sneering at the hero. "Yeah, yeah, I gotcha..." She immediately followed Echo, wherever she went.

Lavis did not show any sort of feeling from the cold waters. She only stopped glaring at the hero. "Many apologies, mistress. But I do think he might be getting a little fresh with you. It is only for your utmost protection."

Serulenia sighed, shaking her head "My, Lavis, sometimes you are just too protective of me... We are having a good time. He is in a very weakened state because of our encounter... Do not cause him anymore stress. This is a time of peace.."

Hero: "Thank you Serulenia-chan sorry to cause a fuss."

The hero would sink a little in the oasis not knowing if he she speak much more because of the reaction he just got. Although Serulenia statement about this being a time of peace really helped the hero relax some more.

Serulenia shook her head.

"Oh, there is definitely no fuss, hero... They are just overly cautious. Even though they were made from me, they are still their own people... It is exactly like me having children.. They are my children... Although, I have the privilege of putting them back whenever I please!"

She started to laugh, looking jokingly at Lavis.

Lavis clenched her teeth, looking back at the hero with disgust "... You're too mean, madam!" Naturally, she said this in a joking fashion as well.

The hero would feel some of the tension around the area once again disappear and he would surface from his position half way under water.

Hero: "Well since you are new in this world do you have any questions about it."

Serulenia thought for a moment... Then she shook her head.

"... No, not at all. I do not believe that I have any questions... But they will arise whenever I feel the need to ask them."

She started to slowly slip out of the water, as she had been fully restored some time ago... Though it might take longer for the hero since he was FAR more drained and injured than Serulenia.

"You stay in there as long as you need. Do not hesitate to ask Lavis for anything..."

She did not specify WHERE she was going, but she surely was going there... Inside of her palace. Mmm...

The hero's face would once more turn red as he watched her get out of the oasis and would leave. Since they first met though battle the hero did not really see Serulenia the way he saw her now outside of her armor. This would cause his face to stay red while he would once again sink down into the oasis but would quickly lift his head to look at Lavis, "Lavis-chan don't kill me that is all I ask for."

"Tch. You're getting so fresh. Asking things of me... You'd better be specific, lest something happens to you..."

Lavis moved all the way to the opposite side of this pool, just so she could stare at the hero menacingly.

"... Why are you still here? I bet you're well enough to walk now. You have no more business here, am I right?"

Hearing Lavis' statement the hero would sit up from up half submerged position and would then turn around and on his back could be seen giant burns and gash marks which where not even close to healed. These would be marks from his battle with Lavis where she was constantly H-bombed him. He would then turn back around to face Lavis, "Well you where the one who H-bombed me non-stop so it is really more your fault I am here."

The hero would then hold up his hand in defense feeling his statement would lead him into begin attacked by Lavis.

Lavis giggled slightly to herself, mocking the hero.

"That is what you deserve for trying to take me on. If I hadn't run out of power, you would have been destroyed... You had the most trouble with me, I could tell. Echo could evade you, but could not do sufficient damage. Rynoh couldn't keep up. And the mistress... She could have killed you. Be lucky she's a nice witch, boy..."

Lavis closed her eyes. The tension here could be cut with a knife.

"Do not think just because you're here that means you are welcome to come at any time."

"I never thought that from what Serulenia told me this is a very sacred place and I am very honored to be allowed to come here," the hero would state that and remain silent since the tension around the area was just so thick.

Lavis scoffed again, starting to get out of the water.

"Hm. And I saw the way you were looking at the mistress. Lady Serulenia is not a piece of meat. If you want to look at attractive specimens, at LEAST have the decency to look at the servants and not the madam, herself. You must just be stupid."

She spread her wings, releasing a gust that dried herself instantly and well as shot water from her wings. Her wings were water resistant, so water just slides right off. It makes flying in the rain and underwater a breeze.

The hero would just sink deep into the oasis after hearing this comment although inside his mind he would lightly chuckle feeling that the way Lavis spoke made her sound jealous although he would not dare show any signs of what he was thinking. The hero would simply watch as Lavis would get out of the water not having that much of a reaction since while Lavis did have a nice body her attitude would completely distract the hero's attention on Lavis' body.

Lavis narrowed her eyes, then shrouded herself in her own wings, walking off into the building.

"... Perv."

As she walked in, Echo and Serulenia were walking out of the palace, several plates of food floating around balanced on the tips of some knives. Naturally, this was Echo's doing. Serulenia flipped her hair, and from the time it took her to do that to the time it fell back down, Echo was already in the pool with the food floating around it. She didn't make a soul even slipping into the water at such a high speed... remarkable.

Serulenia finally made it to the pool and stretched, inspecting the hero.

"... My, you haven't been healed up yet? You must have suffered a great deal of damage. My children and I are very sorry about this... Stay in there until you are fully revitalized. This water is sure to heal your outer exterior. In fact, it is so potent, if you stay in it for long enough, it'll rid you of disease and internal illnesses, too!"

Serulenia slipped back into the water, sighing contentedly...

"... Of course... You'd have to stay in this water for a very long time for that to happen... Months, even... But that would depend on your body, as well. Hahahaha..."

The hero would slowly stand out of the water and would punch his fist together creating a large amount of force to blow the water off. As he would stretch a little sore from all the sitting a large gash would still be on his back which was given to him from his master, which could not be healed with out a lot of work. Also on his neck going around his shoulder would be a large brand mark in the form of and X which was his hero mark.-

Serulenia inspected the hero's marks from a distance, noticing how deep they were... Hm. They could be healed faster than he planned with some serious intensive hydrotherapy from Serulenia... But it was assumed that he had no time for that.

"... Well, hero, if you feel you are better, you may be on your way, since I assume you have things to do."

Serulenia would take some random food from one of the hovering plates, Echo staring intensely at the hero.

"... Come back anytime."

Echo: ... Goodbye.

The hero would put on his clothes and would simply bow to Serulenia and the other 3 before he would then disappear heading of to take care of some hero things.

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Animation 4: Is Serulenia Home?

The hero would appear at The Oasis of Serenity having the top of his Hakama completely over both his shoulders instead of normally having one end hanging to the side of his hip by not waring it completely. The hero would look around wondering if Serulenia was around since he had not seen her in a while and with all the crazy soul reaper stuff going on her was pretty bored since he decided not to get involved.

To the hero's luck, Serulenia was indeed available within her Oasis, and was rather cooped up in the palace, as usual. She hadn't been out once since her battle with the hero. She was so accustomed to the Oasis and her 3 servants animated from pieces of her body that she was... Well. A shut in, one could say.

Because of her magical perceptive abilities, she noticed the hero come within a certain proximity of her Oasis and as such, walked out to greet him.

"Hello there, hero. It is certainly nice to see you again. What brings you by?"

Hero: "Nothing much although with all of the things going on in around the planet, just seeing if anything was going on over here?"

Serulenia began to sit, Echo instantly placing a chair under her in a blur before she completely sat down, and Serulenia crossed her legs with her hands on her legs politely. She was already interested in what the hero had to say.

"Sadly, nothing has been going on around here... And despite having Echo, Lavis and Rynoh around here, I am still slightly... Bored. I am still in dire need of meeting new people, you know. Although, because I haven't been out at all, except to meet you, might you tell me what is going on outside of my peaceful, calm Oasis of Serenity?"

Hero: "Man you have to get out more often Serulenia. But anyway the main thing going on outside is these soul reaper people are in war with the planet, mainly the Chaotic Village, due to that village using the abilities of the soul reapers and more conflicting parts."

Serulenia gasped, but only because of how shocking their names sounded rather than knowing who these people were... I mean, the title 'Soul Reaper' sounds pretty intimidating to someone who knows nothing of them.

"... My word! ... Would you mind telling me just what a 'Soul Reaper' is? They sound menacing! I do love my soul, and all."

Hero: "Hmm the not as bad as you think they are simply spiritual beings that are suppose to deal with lost souls within the world. Although it seems they grew tried of those within the planet using their abilities."

She shook her head, now crossing her arms.

"Honestly. Some people should learn to share. They surely do not sound like very nice people... I would love to just... Hmph!"

She stomped her foot, sending a tremor throughout the entire oasis, causing the waters to become unsettled for just a moment, but after a minute or two, they would calm back down. Echo, Lavis and Rynoh then made their way to Serulenia from wherever they once were. Echo came in as a blur on foot, Lavis, from the sky, hovering above the 3 of them, and Rynoh came strolling in, dragging her sword behind her lazily, then hoisted it up on her shoulder when she made her way there.

"... Excuse my little outburst of anger." Outburst?! "I just simply cannot stand people like that. 'This is mine! No one is allowed to have it!' Selfishness is... just something I do not tolerate."

Hero: "No problem but like I said it is not really anything to worry about a group had already went out to deal with the soul reapers. I would go but I don't really understand the whole soul reaper battle style which includes swords and some type of energy based fighting Kedo or something like that."

Serulenia was intrigued now.

"... Swords..?"

She predominantly used a sword as her main form of combat, save for her great physical strength in which she loved to deal devastating punches to people... But yeah. She wanted to know more about that fighting style, as well...

"... What's that.. 'Kedo' thing you speak of, hero? I want to know about that, as well! Oh.. But wait, you don't know about it, do you? That's why you aren't fighting, right? Hm..."

Echo stood up and turned to Serulenia, humbly bowing to her.

Echo: Would you like me to scout the planet in search of those who know of the 'Kedo' arts and the 'Soul Reaper' style, Mistress?

Lavis lightly flapped her wings, descending just a bit, closer to Serulenia's height, speaking somewhat into her ear.

Lavis: ...And do you want me to find a facility in which they practice these certain abilities, Madam?

Rynoh tapped her sword on her shoulder slightly, smirking just a bit.

Rynoh: ... And do you want me to beat the shit out of anyone who doesn't wanna cooperate with ya, Miss?

The hero would simply remain quite as the three girls would speak to Serulenia since he was not on good terms with them he simply remained silents as the spoke with Serulenia.

Serulenia did not particularly want them to be away for that long... Besides, if this were to happen, Echo might be caught up in that fight that the hero was talking about, and, despite Echo's power, she wasn't sure how she'd hold up by herself... Especially if she ran out of energy and reverted to normal. She would only allow them out if they found a temporary way to grant them a vast amount of power so they could stay active...

"... Sadly, no, my girls.. I cannot allow that to happen. As much as I would like you 3 to sleuth around for me, I not only need to get out, myself, but would also need a way to power you three for an extended period of time so that you do not become lifeless as you wander without me. You know how that is..."

Serulenia then turned her attention back to the hero, thinking of something else to ask him...

"... Hm... Well, hero, do you know anyone that uses that specific power? Or that is a Soul Reaper? Or anyone that can grant my girls that prolonged power?"

Now that she thought about it, she might be able to grant the 3 of them that power straight from her own magic, but because of the distance, constantly feeding her power to them would be rather taxing... Though, she was in her Oasis, in which she had special magic and chakra healing waters... But would that be enough?

As Serulenia would ask her question the hero would sign causing his dog to appear next him in spirit form. The hero would then begin to sniff the air trying to see who was around the area that could help Serulenia with what she was asking about. From what he could tell the Demon King and Puppet Girl who would have the best understanding of the way of the soul reaper where not on the planet and where most likely at the soul society. The only one the hero could smell who could help was his Boss but he was a pretty busy man. "Well Serulenia from what I can smell there is no one who can help you around. They are all most likely already of to where the soul reapers reside."

Serulenia frowned out of disappointment. She was so very willing to learn the ways of the Soul Reaper... She would then have a reason to get out of her Oasis, as well... Oh well.

"... Well, that is disheartening... What else do you suggest that I do to get out and see the world, hero? Unless you mean for me to jump into the action headfirst?"

Even though Serulenia did like being prepared for her adversaries, she wasn't opposed to diving right into battle with her 3 servants... Perhaps she could even make a new servant for herself?... Hm. Not a bad idea.

Hero: "Well I don't want to sound rude about this but Serulenia just go out and see the world you don't have to go out for a battle just go out."

Serulenia sighed. What if something annoyed her to the point it did those many years ago? It wasn't like that was too long ago, really... It was actually a little over 6 years ago, when Khrona was still young.

"... Well.. What would I see out there? What is out there? What if I get stuck somewhere and no one is there? I'd hate to say it, but I think hostile beings would attack me..."

The hero would sign and would rub the back of his head for a minute. He did not think Serulenia would be so dense about going out side without a good reason. The hero would stop and think for a moment before finally looking back at Serulenia and would begin to speak, "Okay then how about I go outside with you and take you around the planet so you don't have to worry about getting lost or attacked. If you still don't like it then we will come right back here."

She pondered for a moment or two. She then looked over to her 3 faithful servants to ask their opinion on this matter.

"... Echo, Lavis, Rynoh? What do you three think about it? Do you think we should go with him?"

The 3 of them eyed each other back and forth, then simultaneously glared at the hero, squinting their eyes from a distance. There was a sort of malicious and unwelcoming tension in the air as they did so. They snapped back and looked at Serulenia.

Echo: ... No.

Lavis: I do not think that trekking this place with the likes of that lowly hoodlum is anywhere near a good suggestion, Madam.

Rynoh: ... Ha! Him, protect us!? I highly doubt it. We'd be better off alone, ya know.

Serulenia sighed, lowering her head with even more disappointment.

"Oh... That really is too bad... I really did want to go..."

The three of them looked at each other again, this time with kind of saddened and sympathetic faces. They naturally did not enjoy it when their mistress was unhappy.

Echo: ... We reconsider.

Lavis: ... Well, personally, I do think it is nice to get out every once in a while. And besides, with the ruffian guiding us, I'm sure that his foul appearance and crude ways will abhor all of the enemies so much that they will turn their noses and tails up at him and stay away from us. Right?

Rynoh: I guess he does know the place better than we could ever. Meh, what the hell, ya know?

Serulenia smiled softly, standing up quickly from her chair, very much pleased.

"Alright then, hero! It is unanimous! We all wish for you to be our guide on the outside world!"

The hero would lightly smile because in both decision he was insulted both times. The hero although was glade he would be able to get Serulenia out of the Oasis of Serenity.-

Hero: "Well the what kind of places do you want to see Serulenia?"

Serulenia closed her eyes, trying to envision the places she wanted to see.

"Hm... I want to see... A place with... a lot of water... and... A lot of greenery... As well as very peaceful and calming..."

Ironically, she was describing the Oasis of Serenity almost to the tee. Lavis and Rynoh sighed, and all 3 of them had a giant sweat bead fall down their heads.

Echo: ... Um... A place that is very quiet and dark...

Lavis: Erm... A place that is very high in the sky...

Rynoh: Eh.. A place that is real, uh... Explosive!

The hero would seem to shrink with each location given by the girls since each location seemed to be the opposite of what the other wanted. The hero would turn away from the girls and would begin to think to himself about a location that would be best for these girls. The hero would then snap his fingers and would turn toward the girls. "Okay I got one follow me."

The hero would turn and would head toward his location motioning for the girls to follow behind him.

Serulenia nodded, opening her eyes.

"Come." She said assertively to her 3 servants, and they bowed to her, following behind her. She walked behind the hero to wherever he led.

Ocean of Purity ~~ Theme of the Nautilus Serulenia

Enchanted Armory

Fragments Of Her Soul (Tethys' Children)
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Animation 5: Out With Serulenia

Serulenia finally made it to where the hero was, which was all new to her, yet, somehow familiar...

"... This place... I like it... No, I love it... It is sort of nostalgic in a sense, but... I can't put my finger on how it is..."

She then realized that it reminded her of her home when she was young... Hundreds of years ago... When she lived beneath the sea with her Nereid brethren... Long before she created the Oasis of Serenity...

"... Mmm... Just like home..."

Echo, Lavis and Rynoh seemed to be very much pleased as well. Echo quickly darted off into one of the caves here, sitting somewhat close to the entrance, watching the hero and Serulenia from the distance. Lavis darted off into the sky, hovering above the clouds over the sea... it was beautiful. Rynoh smirked, changing her coil so that it would be set to the Water element, then followed where she saw the destruction, running across the water.

Serulenia nodded slowly, seeming to be lost in her own reality, as well. Once she realized what the hero said, she popped back into normality and started to speak.

"... Oh..? Hm? Yes... This place is wonderful! Almost like my... birthplace.." she would say quietly under her breath.

She turned to the hero and bowed slightly to him to show her thanks and to respect.

"... Thank you for bringing me here. This is just what I needed."

She smiled, then turned back to the sea, taking in the moist breeze..

Serulenia did remember, indeed... Hm. This was the first time that Echo, Lavis and Rynoh were all busy and not saying cruel things about the hero... That was odd, indeed. Oh well. It couldn't be helped, really.

"... At least it is nice out here... It makes me feel much more at home..."

Serulenia nodded slowly, still slightly dazed.

"... Yes... I used to live underwater... As I am not only a Witch, but a Nereid, therefore my magic is very powerful... I swam below only hundreds of years ago..."

She could feel the water. It was the exact same feeling as it was when she was young... Perhaps this was the same place? That would explain the nostalgia.

" ... It's been a long time since I've been below... In the depths of the sea.."

She had been in her Oasis for so long that she had forgotten what the sea was like... Or, almost forgotten. It was unknown if the hero could swim or not, or if he could breathe underwater, but Serulenia could most definitely do all of that.. And her magic would allow her to transfer that ability to the hero if he needed to do so. Water pressure and water resistance would become literal nothingness to the both of them if they were to submerge.

She grabbed his hand, ready to plunge into the depths, but also a bit curious as to why Echo, Lavis and Rynoh were not interrupting with their malicious statements about the hero. It wasn't like she was all that concerned, really, but it just struck her as odd.

The very moment she delved below the surface, her memories of her homeland returned to her. Yes... Everything was just as she remembered. She let out a few tears, but they were not noticeable due to the water.

"Yes... Hero... How could I not have returned to my roots until now? Ah..."

She gazed upon the big, deep, blueness and started to dive deeper. It was almost as if she didn't know where she were going, but her body was just leading her in some arbitrary direction.

Above the surface, however, the 3 left behind would come together in the last place they saw the hero and Serulenia. They were not there.

Echo: ... Who saw them?

Lavis: Clearly, you were supposed to be watching where they went, Rynoh. The scoundrel could be doing who knows what to her without us to put him in his lowly place...

Rynoh: Oh, it's my fault? You're the one being all prissy up in the clouds and shit. At least I was trying to.. uh.. PROTECT HER... From those explosions. Yeah. And what about Echo? She was watching those two the entire time!

Echo: ... I saw a squirrel....

Clearly, the 3 of them were flustered and none of them saw where Serulenia and the hero went... There might be some conflict above the surface.

Though the sea was vast, it took almost no time at all to get to where they were going. It was unknown as to why this was, but, who really cared, right?

"... Ah... This is it... My home..."

She landed on the ground, gazing at her old home. She had based the design of her palace off of this place, actually... And now she knew why.

"Hero, this is my original home below the sea... Being a Water Nymph as well as a Witch, this is where I was born."

Serulenia shook her head. She didn't really know, herself.

"I guess being away from it for so long made it slowly fade away from me... It's not like I'm as young as I look. Being a witch, my lifespan far exceeds that of a normal human, and my nymph heritage only extends it... I am over 3,000 years old and for most of that time, I had been in my Oasis, secluded."

She sighed, starting to walk toward a building of some sort, as if she were very familiar with it.

"... It isn't like witches can't forget every now and then, right?"

Serulenia nodded, smiling just a bit. As she further entered the world of the Nereids, she saw a mermaid swimming above her.

"... Xemia...?"

Serulenia quickly swam upward and signaled to the mermaid swimming above her. The mermaid quickly swam toward Serulenia and the both of them grasped each other's hands. Serulenia swam back down with Xemia and looked to the hero.

"This is a lucky coincidence... Hero, this is Queen Xemia, the Queen of the Nereids. Naturally, she is more mermaid than Nereid, but... Yes. She is the Queen, as well as my sister."

Xemia extended her hand to the hero, seeming quite comfortable with him right off the bat, only because Serulenia seemed so fond of him.

Xemia: Hello there... As Serulenia has stated, I am Xemia, Queen of the Nereids. Who might you be, young one?

Xemia kindly nodded her head to the hero, taking note of his surprise on her appearance.

"... Never have you seen a mermaid, it seems, hm? Other than my dear sister, have you ever seen a Nereid before?"

Even though Serulenia did not resemble a Nereid as much as she should, for she moreso resembled a human with pale blue skin and clad in nothing but blue. However, more Nereids seemed to be coming out of one of the houses. They swam close, near Queen Xemia, tridents in hand just in case. It would seem that they weren't fond of humans.

Atlantia: Queen Xemia! What is a human doing here? Is he attacking?

Minerva: Humans shouldn't be down here!

Serulenia smiled, swimming in front of the two Nereid girls.

"He is with me. Ah.. It's good to see you again, Atlantia and Minerva."

The two were stunned to see Serulenia. It had been quite a while since she left and they were not expecting her to be back after so long. They both lowered their tridents reluctantly, but started to warm up to the hero because both Serulenia and Xemia seemed to be very friendly towards him. And so, Atlantia swam up to him, but not too close.

Atlantia: Hello. My name is Atlantia...

Minerva would then swim up beside her in the same fashion. "And I am Minerva."

Xemia: They are personal assistants and the top Nereid warriors, second only to Kanamashite... I wonder where she might be? No matter. The 3 of them are my personal platoon for protecting this place, since our best combatant, Serulenia, left us.

Atlantia and Minerva humbly nodded their heads once the hero told them his name, smiling slightly at him.

Xemia: It is odd to see you two without Kanamashite... Where is she...?

Just as Xemia said that, who would be swimming up from the distance? It was Kanamashite. wielding a trident, just as Atlantia and Minerva once did. She did not look as friendly as they did at this moment, however...

Kanamashite: Ugh, a human! What is your purpose for being here, human!?

Xemia and Serulenia turned to Kanamashite, about to tell them that the hero was a friend, but before they could, Kanamashite kept on talking.

Kanamashite: Did you come here to try to destroy our city? Abuse our Queen for her healing powers?! What's your angle!? Answer me now!

Nereids were an aggressive race, and Kanamashite was the epitaph of that alleged aggression. She was already ready to spill some blood.

Kanamashite snarled, raising her trident closer to his neck. "That's a lie! A goddamn lie! Why would a Nereid side with a lowly human, anyway? And even if she did, I bet she did it because you did something to her, isn't that right!? Well, human!?"

Before Kanamashite got too out of hand, both Xemia and Serulenia stepped forward and placed their hands on her shoulders, signaling her to stand down.

Xemia: Kanamashite... He speaks the truth. He is not a threat nor is he like many of the humans we have faced on this planet over the years.

Serulenia nodded in agreement "Yes, that is right. He is actually a very nice man and wanted me to come down here so that I could see you all again... As you all know, I have been on my own for quite a while... He gave me the courage to come back down here for a visit, as well as show me around the upper world a bit. It is very beautiful and, from what I have seem from him and a boy named Khrona, there are a new age of Humans that are not like the ones from the past..."

Serulenia looked off to the side for a moment "... Though, I don't think that Khrona boy was even human, though..."

Kanamashite sneered at the hero, then hesitantly put her trident down. She still had a large hatred and mistrust for humans, despite what those two said. But seeing Atlantia and Minerva, her closest friends show a bit of restraint and acceptance, she decided to, as well. She reluctantly sighed and started again.

Kanamashite: ...If you say so, Queen Xemia and Mistress Serulenia... My apologies to you, human. My name is... Kanamashite.

Kanamashite nodded, not really trying to say the same back to him. She and the other 2 Nereids swam closer to Xemia, serving as her bodyguards, as Xemia had already expressed that they already were.

Xemia: ... Now since that is all settled... Serulenia mentioned that you brought her down here of your own free will... What was your reasoning for this, hero?

Truthfully, Serulenia wanted to know that as well. She hadn't asked, since she was caught up in the reunion moment. So yeah. She wanted to know what he wanted, as well.

They all turned to each other and nodded.

Xemia: I see... Well, we are very appreciative of your actions, hero. Do take care of our dear Serulenia for us... Is there anything you would like while you are here? Oh, and Serulenia... I have something for you upon your departure...

Serulenia did not know what it was, but was very... Thrilled and excited to know that she was getting something. Regardless, she planned to enjoy her time down here with her Nereid people while she could. She started to converse with Kanamashite, Atlantia and Minerva as Xemia spoke to the hero.

Xemia nodded "Ah yes, I see... Well, it was nice to meet you, hero."

By the time the hero and Xemia were done talking, Serulenia had finished chatting with her Nereid buddies.

"It was so nice to see you all again after so long... But now I feel it is time to go again... But now since I know where you all are, I can and will visit you at anytime. And I am sure that the same goes for the hero."

She looked over the the hero and smiled for a moment, but was quickly pulled over to the side by Xemia.

Xemia: Serulenia... There is something I want to give you before you leave...

Xemia would touch Serulenia's head, concentrating her power throughout Serulenia. Serulenia's armor then started to make drastic changes to itself. The metal started to take the shape of shells and coral, yet still retaining its metallic properties, many spikes and such started to protrude from them, her sword changed into a lance made of the same material, and on her left hand was an armored giant lobster claw. From her armor extended a long, flowing dress, making it seem as though she had no legs.

Xemia: This is the power of the Nereids...

"Oh... Such power... It will remind me of home every time I use it. I am very grateful for the upgrade to my armor..."

Serulenia then thought... With an upgrade to her armor, she could probably create another servant from a piece of herself! Yes... She would do that part later. Even though she liked the feel of the armor, she decided to release the power and revert to normal. It was taking up her power unnecessarily, so she didn't need it.

"The Nereid General armor...."

Xemia: As you already know, one of its perks is the ability to control and alter all marine and water-oriented creatures to your will... And any other perks, I will let you find out on your own, my dear..."

Serulenia was thoroughly impressed. She thought that Kanamashite would receive this because of her high ranking status, but this must have been a reward as well as a goodbye present for Serulenia. It made her happy.

Serulenia swam back to the hero, about to get ready to explore the rest of the ocean, when an alarm started to sound. It was loud and blaring, even through the water.

"... What is that?"

Xemia shook her head "The Hydra Alarm..."

Kanamashite: We've been having some problems with the Hydra people recently... And we're at war now. They claim that we have been taking advantage of their resources and letting our Hydrones run wild near their habitat. Of course, we have been doing no such thing!

Xemia: But there is no reasoning with them while they're angry... They are going back to their primal instincts from thousands of years ago, before they became civilized... Which is why this is a problem, you see. We are losing many Nereids, and as you know, us Nereids do not reproduce often, being an all female race and all...

Kanamashite: And because we don't want to associate ourselves with the dirty humans, remember!?

Serulenia nodded, as she remembered how the Nereid system worked... Every so often they would get a child with a human, which would come out as a full Nereid baby... Naturally, a girl. Sigh...

"... Well, if our population is declining, do not fret about it, my sisters. I will go into battle in your stead. Kanamashite, Atlantia, Minerva... Stand down."

Serulenia manifested her sword, looking rather determined to do battle with the Hydras.

"My magic is very powerful, as is my physical strength... Something that many Nereids cannot boast both of. So I shall combat the primal Hydras and try to put them in their place."

Xemia closed her eyes, thinking very deeply... "... If you must, Serulenia, then you may go. I believe you are more than capable.

Kanamashite and the others nodded, even though it was apparent that they wanted to go.

Serulenia turned to the hero, nodding at him. "I would appreciate it if you assisted me on behalf of my people, hero..."

Serulenia smiled at the hero's competitive attitude about the armor, but quickly became serious once more.

"Alright then... Time for my new Nereid General Armor!" (I wanted to use colors for Armors, too. XD)

Serulenia gripped her lance as the beast came close. Upon closer inspection, she realized that it wasn't even an elder Hydra, but a near newly born one. It hadn't been around long.. Maybe it had power Serulenia had never experienced before.

"... Be careful, hero... It's a newborn Hydra... It might have some powers that I have never seen before... I do not even recall seeing this type before... Although, it looks a bit like one of the Elemental Hydras..."

As Serulenia spoke, the Hydra attacked. It surely was an Elemental Hydra, but now with a new and different twist to it. Regardless, one of the heads began to attack. With eyes laid upon the hero, the Yellow Eyed Head shot out a concentrated blast of electricity at him, amplified by the water, however so very controlled that it did not spread past its target, showing the Hydra's potent control over said element. In the same sense, the Purple Head started to spew a dark mist at Serulenia throughout the water, black with darkness and toxins. Again, it did not spread, but shot straight toward its target, once more showing potency over the element. The other heads violently flailed about, as if they were ready for attack, as well.

Serulenia was not fond of the waters being polluted. She raised her lance , aiming at the Hydra head as well as the polluted waters.

"... If this armor was truly blessed by Alexemia, then its cleansing abilities should be very potent..."

The lance started to glow, making the waters around it even more pure than before. Seemed like it was working. She launched the lance at a high speed that easily surpassed the sound barrier even underwater, erasing the pollution it passed through instantaneously. The waters above would become a tidal wave as this happened, causing the waters to rage on the surface. The lance instantaneously manifested itself back in Serulenia's hands afterward.

"Seems as though I was correct..."

She turned to the hero, looking slightly concerned.

"... You know about the Hydra species, right? Chop off their heads and 2 more grow back? Whatever you do, do not detach any heads, no matter what happens."

The eyes of the Yellow Head started to glow for a moment, as if they were flaming. In a moment's notice, the entire hydra disappeared and reappeared behind the two of them, launching 3 heads at Serulenia and 4 at the hero. It would then shoot lightning out at the hero once more 3 times faster than normal lightning would, even under water.

The eyes of the White head aimed for the hero gleamed as well, releasing a bright, massive, blinding light. The light was large and consumptive, aiming to blind the hero and to allow the Lightning, as well as the Hydra, to hit.

The Purple head opened its mouth, stopping within a certain distance of Serulenia. Its eyes began to glow a bright purple as well. Nothing else happened after it opened its mouth, except that it stopped all movements after that. The other heads still pursued, however.

When the heads attacked Serulenia, she raised her hand and created a large explosion in the water in the gap between the 2 heads, which should cause the 2 others to be redirected and completely miss Serulenia, as well as cause them damage from the resulting force. Serulenia wondered about their powers... they seemed rather peculiar...

"... Hydras are not supposed to move that fast... Or create such lights..."

She did not want to attack just yet, only because she did not know the full effect of its powers yet. The Hydra was clearly unlike normal Elemental Hydras, and that meant it was hiding its true potential. Therefore, she figured a good trial and error was in play here. She would defend as the hero attacked, closely watching the attacks of the Hydra. If she saw anything tricky, she would use a small bit of her magic to trap it in Suspended Animation. For the moment, she knew of the powers of the Yellow, Purple and White eyed heads. Yellow had Electricity, Purple had Poison and Darkness, White seemed to have Light. Alright then.

The Purple Head just staying open like that seemed to be a little strange, too... Maybe it was exerting its power without Serulenia's knowledge? She'd pay special attention to that one right now... If only she had those 3 here...

With the blinding light reflected back at the Hydra, it would seem to do nothing to the White Head, but make the other heads aiming for the hero totally miss and retract. The White Head, however, continued, making its eyes gleam once again. This time, it would seem that about 50 White Eyed heads appeared around the hero, aiming to take him down from all directions and all angles, shining bright lights at him once again. Once the lights shone, they all dove in for attack, trying to rip him apart.

On Serulenia's end, the explosion dazed them for a moment, causing them to retract, however the Purple head remained there with its mouth open. It was like a statue, doing absolutely nothing at all. The heads finally recovered, however clearly saw that Serulenia was not attacking, and so by instinct, went for the bigger threat. All except the Purple Head, that is.

Serulenia observed the White head's attributes... Hm.

"Multiplication...? No, it did not seem like it multiplied its heads... Did it... Create new ones? Without getting its head chopped off? They didn't seem real, but at the same time... Hm."

Serulenia felt kind of bad that she was not helping the hero out as he fought, but didn't want to jeopardize the situation by doing anything foolish.

With the hero still being the biggest threat, the heads still focused on him. Though, the Hydra did not notice that it was being encased in lightning... That is, except for the Purple head. As the lightning enclosed the space, the energy started to dissipate, flowing into the Purple Head's mouth, which is why it had been open for so long. After taking it in, the Hydra grew twice its original size, roaring at the hero.

The Green, Red and Orange heads opened their mouths and pointed them at the hero simultaneously, the other 3 heads that weren't Purple readying an attack right behind them. What came from the Green one's mouth was intense winds, thus coming out as large, powerful air bubbles underwater, headed right for the hero. From the red, pure fire. It was so hot, it evaporated water as it came out, making the fire unaffected by the watery surroundings. Out of the Orange's, rock spires the size of houses and as sharp as a steel blade. These 3 threats were aimed to take down the hero, since the Hydra thought Serulenia was doing nothing.

Serulenia sighed, shaking her head.

"No, I have not... But I do have some good tidbits of information... The Hydra has special properties now... The White one, in addition to its Light power, seems to be able to create what it thinks... The Purple one, in addition to poisons and darkness, seems to absorb energy. And I am not definitely sure of this, but I think that the Yellow one is causing the Hydra to move at those exceptional speeds... In addition to its lightning. I have never seen an Elemental Hydra exhibit these sorts of abilities... It is very strange..."

Serulenia still wasn't going to take any chances until the other 4 heads were assessed, so she felt bad about not helping the hero, still. She could only wait.

The Hydra swam back up from the man-made trench by the hero and still aimed at him, the Red, Green and Orange heads rearing up for attack again. This time, however, the Red head did not spew out intensely hot fire, but... Shot out a concentrated blast that looked extremely similar to the hero's flame. It had the same properties, as well, flying at the hero at a high speed.

Right after the Red Head attacked, the Green Head started to crackle with green... lightning? Yes, it would shoot out green lightning from its mouth directly next to the Red's attack. This lightning still had electrical properties, but was extremely different than the Yellow Head's lightning... It seemed to be insanely dense.

After that, the Blue head reared up from attack after being dormant, spewing out a massive, blue blast. It seemed to calm the waters that Serulenia made violent. It was shot alongside the other 2 attacks.

Finally, the Orange Head's eyes started to glow, staring directly at the 3 launched attacks. The Red, Green and Blue blasts would then combine into one, becoming very bright orange, shooting at the hero. It still shared all of the properties as before, but now they seemed to be in harmony... How odd.

Serulenia now had a pretty good idea of what was going on after seeing the Red Head attack.

"Hero, I think this creature has abilities that are similar to that disintegrating ring you have! I wouldn't know how or why, but--"

Serulenia sighed, seeming to be very heartbroken.

"... How many people have those same powers as you do, hero?"

Serulenia nodded, knowing now what must have happened.

"Well. I know just what it is, then. This creature does not have the.. 'Dying Will Flame' you speak of. However, Elemental Hydras have the ability to copy the energy of what they have seen at birth, for Elemental Hydras, unlike normal Hydras, have shapeless energy that they meld when they copy the energy of what they see. This energy may only have the same properties as the 'Dying Will Flames,' though they are not the same at all."

Serulenia squinted her eyes. Now she knew which of the Hydra heads was the most deadly and what they did. Thus, she should be able to retaliate now.

"... Hero. The Purple, Yellow, Orange and Blue heads seem to be the most dangerous; The Purple absorbing all energies, the Yellow increasing its speed, the Orange able to merge and converge things, and the Blue able to calm things... So. We must take out the Purple and Yellow first, followed by the Orange and Blue. The others will be more than easy to pick off, surely."

Serulenia sounded very serious, like true royalty. She gripped her lance and darted off toward the Hydra at insane speeds.

"Remember not to pierce its hide or cut off the heads!!"

The Hydra now noticed that there were 2 threats... The hero and Serulenia. It hissed, focusing 3 heads on Serulenia and 3 on the hero. The last head, the Orange head, would have its eyes gleam brightly, the other heads having a tinge of orange in their eyes now, as well. They were now enharmonic. The 6 other heads fired out colorful blasts of insanely fast energy from their mouths at the two from all 6 heads. They had all of the properties of every head in each blast, converged together thanks to the Orange head's abilities.

The Hydra was easily overwhelmed by the hero's speed, allowing the Purple head to be hit, then the bones shattered, making it totally useless. Its eyes started to fade out, becoming black in color, showing that its power was gone.

Once the hero was noticed by the Hydra, however, it started to move just as fast as he did thanks to the Yellow Head's power. It would disappear and reappear behind the hero as he had done to it, firing off a Red, Blue and Green blast at once, merged by the Orange head again. Naturally, the red one would destroy everything, the Blue one would weaken all attacks the hero tried to do, and the Green would make the other two extremely dense, making attacks less dense than it ineffective as to stopping it. Also, because the Yellow Head was active, it would move faster than the hero would be able to react from such a close range, meaning there was a slim chance that he would escape the attack, most likely.

Serulenia took note of the hero's way to stop the heads... Breaking their necks. Simple solution, really, and she was thinking of doing that all along. The only problem now was getting hold of the Hydra while it moved that fast... Hm... There was only one thing to do.

"Suspended Animation: Isolation String!"

The moment the Hydra reappeared behind the hero, she launched her lance at it, which shot through the water at remarkable speeds. Though it would seem she were trying to pierce the neck of the Hydra, the lance indeed passed right by it. However, after that, with a wave of Serulenia's hand, the neck would be constricted by an unseen force. It was the Isolation String of her Animation Magic. This string would wrap around whatever it touched and cause them to be stopped in suspended animation. This was one of her fastest abilities involving Suspended Animation, but it was very tiny, so it only hit one head.

Once the Yellow head was stopped, its powers would have been stopped, as well, meaning the blast fired by the other heads would not go fast at all. Serulenia then seemed to disperse and instantaneously reappear next to the Yellow head, and then she would grab it by its neck and crush it with a mighty grip, then releasing her Isolation String.

"Hero. We must not rid ourselves of the Orange and Blue heads. You go after one and I shall follow up by getting rid of the other."

Her lance then manifested itself back into her hand and she closely eyes the remaining 5 heads of the Hydra.

The Hydra, once again, could not keep up with the hero's speed, and as such, the Orange Head's skull was crushed into nothingness, its eyes fading to black just like the other 3. The only problem now was, the Blue head was getting unruly. It's eyes started to gleam very brightly, unleashing a large amount of energy from around itself. This would weaken the power of the swords to almost nothingness, making them ineffective now. After that, it focused on the hero and released a massive wave of the same blue energy in his general direction, aiming to slow down his movements severely.

While this was going on, the Red head started to get a little rowdy, as well. It raised its neck high into the air and unleashed a fountain of red energy from its mouth, which would then arc over and encase the area in which the hero, Serulenia and the Hydra were in a dome of said energy. The dome instantly began to gradually get smaller.

As for the Green Head... It realized that the two of them were aiming for the necks and heads of the Hydra, so it started to coat the rest of its other heads with the green, insanely dense energy. This would make it hundreds upon hundreds of times harder for the two of them to even harm the Hydra, now.

Finally, the White Head got back into action. Its eyes started to glow and surrounding both the hero and Serulenia were hundreds of Purple, Orange and Yellow eyed Hydra Heads, outlined in white because of the White Head's power. These heads were not attached to the body, so they could move around freely to the will of the White head. And so, the Orange Head instantly merged the power of the Purple and Yellow heads together, thus making every head ungodly fast and have the ability to absorb energy from Serulenia and the hero if they were to use any.

Serulenia was stunned at what happened in such a little amount of time. She had totally overlooked the White head's ability...

"Hero, that White Head has become our main target. Take it out at all costs. It seems as though it can instantaneously generate what it thinks of... Shown by a white outlining of what it has thought of. If we allow it to persist, then no matter how many heads we take down, it will create more of them. So, the White and Blue heads are our targets, with special priority on White. Remember what I said about the Purple and Yellow heads before!"

She knew that using any sort of her magic here would be utterly useless, thanks to the insane amount of Purple heads as well as their power being merged with the other heads... She did, however, wonder if these heads had the same property to regrow their heads if they weren't real Hydras... Truthfully, it wasn't like it mattered if the White head could just make more, so there was only one thing to do... She started to twirl her lance like a spinning arrow, which resulted in a huge amount of water accumulating and concentrating around it. It began to take in more and more water to get larger and larger. The larger it got, the denser it got, as well as the more pressure was added to it. Finally, in one swift motion, Serulenia launched the lance at each of the heads, trying to take all of them out at once with her gigantic, oceanic lance. She would call this the 'Whirlpool Driver.'

Though the hero had great power with his flame, that would not be enough to fully incapacitate the Blue Head. It continued to release waves of its energy throughout the area, and though wasn't enough to completely render the hero's flame useless, it would still have to be weakened. Naturally, the use of the Green head's energy assisted with that, as well, making itself more dense to fit the force of the blades. If they still decided to persist, however, the Blue Head also used its power of water control to force the blades elsewhere, or to be stopped within the water. And if that wasn't enough, the Green Head would use the powerful force of wind to make a gigantic vacuum underwater to suck in all of the swords.

The hundreds of heads were easily dispatched by Serulenia, but at the same time, they continued to reappear as if they weren't. They would all lunge at her, well within the thousands, aiming to overwhelm her completely by their numbers. The Purple Heads spewed out pure darkness to block her sight, while the Yellow heads fired out electricity to shock the hell out of her.

Finally, the White head was the one in the most danger now. It was being assaulted by the hero relentlessly. Because of its lack of speed, though, it could not catch him with a normal attack. Instead, when the hero started his onslaught, the White Head generated a gigantic, powerful explosion of light to force everything and everyone away from it, hopefully the hero being taken along with it.

Serulenia was slightly disheartened when she saw that all of the heads were easily brought back.. But then got on her guard when they lunged at her. With the darkness from the Purple head hindering her sight, she didn't have time to clear it and attack the heads. And so, All of the spikes on her armor started to fire off in waves, drilling through the water at a high speed. They would explode on impact with anything and seemed to be useful as lightning rods, as they attracted and contained the electricity shot out to boost their own power. The explosions were grand, and of course, were large enough to totally obliterate all of the heads.

Before the White Head could make anymore, Serulenia turned her attention to it and outstretched her lance. With the Purple Heads gone, she could freely use her Suspended Animation technique to trap the White head while it was distracted, and as such, did that to keep it in its place. She still payed close attention to the other heads, however, as they were still just as sneaky.

Because it was previously stopped in Suspended Animation, the White Head would easily be penetrated by the hero without worry of another head growing back, as the head would be completely stopped in time. As such, the Hydra's bones would be destroyed completely and utterly by the hero's flame, causing the remaining eyes to become dark and the body of the Hydra to gently float down into the trenches of the sea.

Serulenia sighed, reverting back to normal as the siren went off. There must not have been another Hydra around, but only that one. What was left over from the Hydra was a soul, which was floating all by its lonesome in the middle of the ocean.

"... Oh my, I guess you must consume its soul, hero."

Serulenia was not accustomed to people not taking souls when there was an offer on the table... But she had only been in contact with witches and those who consume souls... So she was confused. She would grab the soul of the Hydra... Then consume it. It was very powerful for a baby, beign worth 15 souls..

"Oh... My. What a wonderful feeling... Yes... It has been so long since I've consumed a soul.. Mmmm..."

That's when she noticed that the hero was coughing up blood. She immediately swam over to him, taking him in her hands.

"... Hero... You have exerted yourself too much... Do not fret, I shall heal you..."

Serulenia's healing powers were nothing compared to Xemia, said to be able to even bring people back from the dead, however... Xemia drained a small portion of her life every time she used her healing abilities, therefore, Serulenia was the only who could do this. She placed her hands on his chest and he would begin to glow. Her hand would then skim his entire upper torso, restoring his vital points and healing whatever wounds he had. This was a hell of a lot easier than it would be normally, since they were surrounded by water. Therefore, in a matter of moments, the hero should have been completely healed.

Serulenia nodded and smiled.

"Of course, hero. My homeland would not have been safe without your help. I appreciate it greatly."

She was feeling rather drained, herself, since the use of that new armor was so spontaneous and she wasn't used to the feel of it, which drained her more than if she were experienced with it. However, being underwater was a HUGE benefit for her, since she automatically healed herself of any wounds and gradually replenished her own energy and magic at a surprisingly swift rate. It was very apparent, actually.

"... I wonder about the Hydras..."

Serulenia nodded.

"There very well could be many more Hydras that have taken drastic changes than they were like back in the older times... However, not too many Elemental Hydras are born. Their mating period is about once every hundred years or so... However, I am not certain if this is their mating period or not. I honestly cannot remember..."

Serulenia started to make her way back to her village.

"... Not only that, but there are more than one type of Hydra... I am personally not even sure of this, myself... I only know of the Elemental Hydras, the Shelled Hydras and the one of the largest types... The Grand Hydras."

Serulenia shook her head hesitantly.

".. I do want to help my people, but they insist I still go and view the world... But I do not want them to be overwhelmed by the Hydras... I wish they were not so vicious for such an insolent reason. I want to make peace with them, like in the olden times..."

Serulenia thought for a moment... There was nothing that really came to mind.

"... Perhaps if I knew when the alarm went off, I could come back here and help fight off the Hydras until we settle this... Or maybe I could go talk to the Hydras... Or... I don't know. Something along those lines... Just so I would know."

Serulenia shook her head.

"That requires too much energy to work. If I were to ever get into battle, myself, I would not have the power to sustain her as well as fight, myself. Even now, my 3 minions might have become dormant due to the excess of my power being used... Not only that, the further away from my servants I am, the more energy it takes to use them. It is simply too consuming..."

Serulenia sighed.

"... Any other options?"

Serulenia didn't have the power to do that... In actuality, it was very hard for her to even think of being able to do that by any means.

"... Hero, do you know anyone that has the technology to do such a thing...? Since you and I cannot do anything about it..."

Serulenia turned around.

"... What... Armory...? What is that...? Is that another part of the village?"

She was a bit scared, actually. She was still unadjusted to the outside world... Maybe meeting this 'AI' girl would be a bit too much for her...

She sighed heavily, swimming down to say goodbye to her Nereid sisters. She needed to tell them the situation before she left so that they did not thing that they were being abandoned. After that, Serulenia swam back up to the hero and reluctantly said, "... Alright, Let's go..."

Serulenia sighed, swimming back up to the surface. She emerged from the waters and got her 3 servants, who were very tired. It was remarkable how they hadn't reverted back to Serulenia. She must have been getting stronger. Regardless, she broke them down and went after the hero.

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Animation 6: Visiting The Armory With Serulenia

Serulenia finally made her way to the armory, only because she had followed hero's trail of energy. Otherwise, she would have never found this place....

"... Here I am, hero..."

Serulenia was not too accustomed to the sort of corporal and business-like appearance to this place... In fact, she had never been around it, and wasn't really fond of it... Something about 'big business' didn't sit right with her.

"... Alright then..."

She moved hesitantly into the armory and stood awkwardly in the dead center of the room.

Serulenia wasn't fond of loud noises... She enjoyed peace and serenity.. And the abrupt screaming and loud music was making her a bit uncomfortable.

"... It is... Fine..."

Her facial expression even showed her discomfort.

"... My name is... Serulenia..."

Serulenia felt a little better once the hostess was quiet, and started to speak more elegantly and refined, as she usually did.

".. I am in need of a great favor, Miss Hostess. I would like to know if you have a device that can be used to tell me when there is an attack going on underseas. Something that can contact me no matter the situation, the time and no matter what. Do you have anything of the sort?"

Serulenia was thoroughly happy to know that this would now not be a problem to get done... and her dilemma about being out here and protecting her homeland would be no more. She walked over to her chain and slightly bowed to the hero.

"Thank you, hero..."

And she would sit down gracefully. She didn't say anything more, but did observe the rest of the armory... Well, of what she could see. It seemed to be a very nice place... Sort of weapon-filled, but nice.

Serulenia shook her head.

"Oh, stop. Away the thought from your mind, hero. It is simply what is right. Why would I leave you untended to in an unfamiliar land when your body was falling apart? I shan't."

She spoke with pure conviction. She truly was a nice person, just as Khrona said. Nice, but not afraid to do as she needed to keep that nice peace in play.

"... Besides that, I cannot thank you enough for all the things you have done recently, in general. Guiding me, sparring with me, visiting me, assisting me in combat... You truly are dedicated. Even with my servants the way they are."

Serulenia nodded at the idea. She wasn't particularly all that speedy.. At least, she wasn't nearly as fast as the hero was, and she knew he would have it done long before she would even be able to get back to the sea. Besides... She still wasn't familiar enough with her surroundings to move around this place so freely...

"... That would be greatly appreciated. Will you assist me, hero? I could not possibly complete the task nearly as swiftly as you could, as you might know."

Serulenia was impressed by how little time it took for the hero to go all the way there and place the devices and come back.

"... I am thoroughly impressed with your speed, hero."

She looked at the device and all seemed to be normal. Seems like Serulenia was not completely equipped for any detection of her Nereid homeland of any rampant Hydras that were attacking.

"... Ah.. Well, now I have nothing to worry about..."

She smiled contentedly and closed her eyes as if she had no care in the world.

Serulenia opened her eyes slightly, smiling warmly and with serenity.

"... I will happily accept your escort, hero."

She stood up slowly from the chair, naturally ready to return to her Oasis... It had been a long... Uh. Period of time since she had been out of there, it would seem. She would then bow to Ne and smiled at her.

"... Thank you for your assistance, Hostess. I have a lot of gratitude for what you have done for me."

She then turned around and started for the door, assuming that the hero would follow.

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Mizugami, Crystal Shell of the Crystal Rain :: Crystal Kappa of the Nautilus Serulenia

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Animation 7: Returning to the Oasis.

After a long walk back from the armory, Serulenia and the hero would finally be at the Oasis of Serenity. Serulenia smelled the air and sighed heavily, feeling contented with everything.

"Ah... Nice to be home..."

The hero would be behind Serulenia and would look a little worn out from the walk. This is because sure the hero would move at fast speeds but he still could get tired like a normal person. "It must be. So when is the next time you plan to leave?"

Serulenia thought about it, but wasn't particularly sure.

"... Hmm.. Perhaps I will leave after I have rested myself in my Oasis... I think I would like to meet more people, since I have seen new places..."

It was true that she hadn't met many people... She had only truly met Khrona and the hero, since those were the people that she was closest to. She needed more friends, you could say.

Hero: "Well is there anything you need before I head out?"

Serulenia thought about it, but quickly realized that she needed nothing else for the moment.

"You have done enough for me, hero. Now go, rest yourself so that you will not be weary. I shall do the same and head out when I get ready to view the world and meet new people again."

She would walk over to one of her random hot springs, testing to waters to see how they were. That is when she realized that she had enough energy to have her servants come back out. She quickly created Echo, Lavis and Rynoh once again, and they would stand beside her as she entered the hot springs. She let out a contented sigh, and the 3 servants would glare at the hero, squinting their eyes.

Seeing Echo, Lavis and Rynoh appearing and giving him a very bad glare, the hero would shrink down to chibi size and would simply wave to Serulenia before running out of the area at a very quick pace.

Ocean of Purity ~~ Theme of the Nautilus Serulenia

Enchanted Armory

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Mizugami, Crystal Shell of the Crystal Rain :: Crystal Kappa of the Nautilus Serulenia
Mizugami, Crystal Shell of the Crystal Rain :: Crystal Kappa of the Nautilus Serulenia

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Animation 8: A Friendly Spar Is What I Desire...

Being unadjusted to her power and her time being dead, Serulenia needed to get her feel back with a friendly spar. Though she was extremely nice, she wasn't exactly a social person. It had been some time since her death and she knew no one except for Khrona, so this was... Gonna be awkward. Her 3 lackeys stood beside her.

A ninja appeared! In a blackish flash, he was before them. His special eye technique was active. He had heard stories about them, but he had never seen a real witch before. Let alone three! He was kind of excited. "You three are witches?"

Serulenia turned to see this man, having only a slight smile on her face.

"... Oh, hello there. I am the only witch here. The other 3 are just a part of me... Nothing more. I assume you have come here for a friendly spar, yes..? I have not fought anyone except a hero... And Khrona, but that was many years ago..."

Serulenia took a few steps back, having her lackeys, Rynoh, Lavis and Echo jump in front.

"Many apologies, but you must combat my lackeys first before you get to me... They are rather stubborn when it comes to that matter. I hope that you understand.."

Lavis: Tch. Must we waste our times with commonfolk, mistress? Surely, you do not truly wish to fight out here.. Rest yourself, and we shall do the work.

Echo: ... Protection.

Rynoh: Aaah, I've been lookin for a good ass fight for a while now! That one guy was kinda gettin to me.

"Lackeys?" the ninja said, activating his special eye technique. They began to spin slowy. He completed a set of handsigns and activated a genjutsu that would be triggered if they were to look at him. It was a rather clever genjutsu that forced them to believe that they were fighting him, when in actuality, they were simply standing still. This genjutsu drained them all of all the energy they would use in the genjutsu, until they were dead dry. This would happen the instant they locked eyes would the ninja.

Serulenia, who was now making herself comfortable in the distance, would beckon Lavis and Echo as the ninja did these hand signs. They would quickly make their way back to Serulenia, leaving Rynoh to confront the ninja. The other 3 merely watched Rynoh.

Rynoh: ... What the hell was all of that about?

Of course, she was talking about the Hand Signs. Naturally, none of them knew about this said genjutsu, but they hadn't looked the ninja in the eye... Well, all except Rynoh, that is. She brought out a large sword, which was a bit smaller than Serulenia's gargantuan sword, and the coil on her back would change into a ring floating behind her.

Rynoh: Whatever. You don't really look all that... sturdy. I bet one swing could bring ya down...

Naturally, she was the 'powerhouse' of Serulenia's 3 lackeys, and therefore was very boastful of her own power... Ah well. There were many different colored spikes jutting out of her ring, which would symbolize a different element. The top spike would change to red, symbolizing Fire. Her sword then lit on fire, and Rynoh blindly rushed at the ninja, swinging her flaming sword violently.

"One down..." the ninja said walking past the stationary Rynoh. She was trapped within a genjutsu fight with the ninja in her mind, a fight she had already lost. The ninja began to slowly walk toward the other three, his special eye technique was on full alert as he awaited any quick sudden moves. "Three to go.."

Echo and Lavis were the first to take note of what happened to Rynoh, Serulenia being able to feel it instead of actually knowing.

Echo: ... His eyes...

Lavis: ... They seem to be an important asset to him. It would seem as though Rynoh has become totally immobile from just looking into his eyes. Hm. Good to know... However... This makes things very difficult.

Serulenia nodded, instantly deconstructing Rynoh back into a part of herself, in which Rynoh would merge back with Serulenia again. Serulenia was actually unsure of whom to send out to combat him... Probably Lavis.

"Lavis. You are up next. Make sure that the same fate that befell Rynoh does not happen to you..."

Lavis: ... Undoubtedly, Mistress... This man has treacherous, lecherous eyes, anyway... What buffoon would even stop to look him in the eye?

Lavis immediately spread her black wings, taking to the sky. She floated there for a moment, her spear manifesting itself out of her own feathers, the feathers sharpening to an intense sharpness and density instantly. Lavis made sure that she did not look him in the eye, but watched his movements.

The ninja saw the witch jump into the air, and he vanished. He reappeared in front of Serulenia and whoever wanted to defend her. His hand was open as if he were going to blast her to kingdom come. "Why would I fight her, when you're right here.?" He smirked as he noticed that they were hiding their eyes from him. "How do you expect to fight, what you can't see?" He made a handsign. Causing his eyes to spin.

In the very slender space between the ninja and Serulenia, a massive wall of nothing but blackened feathers would manifest itself between them, stiffening to a hardness and density that of diamond, as well as becoming as sharp as a sword.

Lavis: Do not bring my Mistress into your filthy little presence, scum. Your opponent is up here. Now, if you are going to be a coward about it, then you do not even deserve to be in the presence of my Mistress... Echo!

Immediately, Echo grabbed Serulenia and moved out of the area at ungodly speeds, being now on the other side of the field. The moment Echo moved with Serulenia, the wall of feathers exploded in a massive fashion. The explosion was so consumptive and forceful that it took down most of the landmarks in the immediate area, and hopefully the ninja, as well.

"... He seems to be rather persistent, hm, Echo? Well. Your speed is superb and Lavis' defensive measures are top notch. We may have lost Rynoh's power and elemental flexibility, but... We shall manage."

Back to Lavis, wherever the ninja was at this very moment, she would bombard him with her sharpened, super hard and super dense feathers, shooting them out in rounds of thousands from her wings without hesitation, as they all seemed to grow back instantaneously, thus she could fire as many feathers as she truly wanted. All of the feathers made large explosions when they made impact if Lavis willed it, so she soon hoped to have the ninja wrapped in explosions.

The ninja smiled as he back flipped away from the feather wall, and preceded into a series of high speed backsprings. He did so as he began to dodge the feathers and their bombarding explosions, knowing the best area to be when they were shot thanks to the secret eye technique. As for Echo and Serulina, they wouldn't be as safe as they thought.

Once the ninja appeared in front of them, he knew that they were going to escape, and how as well. That's why he then committed that handsign. The handsign formed a single, uber powered butterfly, however, it fluttered normally, looking like any other butterfly. He formed the butterfly at the exact spot that Echo and Serulina would appear, thanks to his special eye technique. The butterfly, would go under the radar of the two, hopefullly, seeing as how they were focusing on the heat of battle. The butterfly however, the instant Echo and Lina appeared, attempted to land on Echo. Once done, it would hopefully encase her in a genjutsu the ninja called, "the nightmare". The Jutsu would make Echo believe that she was being robbed of all her senses, starting with sight, then hearing, then smell, then touch, feel, and ending with a horrible outcome. This was the plan, that seemed full proof. The ninja continued to dodge the attacks of lavish, lighting his flame on his index finger.

Though the ninja's plan was very elaborate for normal people's senses, it would not be the same for Echo. He chose the wrong girl to try to use it on, as Echo was the most perceptive, reflexive and... overall, the one that dodged shit the best. Even noticing a simple movement within range of Serulenia and herself was enough to set her off.

Echo: ... Butterflies. Unnatural occurrence in this area. I have seen nary a butterfly here. A scout. Madam...?

Serulenia snapped her fingers upon noticing the butterfly, robbing it of all forms of animation. Echo grabbed Serulenia once more, relocating to another spot. This time, however, Serulenia noted that she was going to have to use her magic to keep herself safe. The ninja was going to keep coming, naturally, so she was going to have to use her abilities which she did not particularly like to use. Her.. Animation Magic.

"... Suspended Animation..."

Naturally, it would look as if nothing had changed around Serulenia and Echo, but as a wind blew, the wind did not affect that specific domed area at all. No animation for anything in that area, dictated Serulenia's magic.

"... My servants shall not allow you to fight me until they deem you worthy. I am terribly sorry if you do not wish to wait."

Now, back to Lavis and the ninja. As stated before, she was the most analytical one, and noted that the ninja was easily dodging her feathers... Literally in the perfect spots to be when they were being fired.

Lavis: ... So, your eyes can work that well, I see. Hmph. I do not care how well you can dodge my attacks. I want to make sure that you cannot dodge them...

In a matter of moments, she released and filled the area with nothing but feathers in the atmosphere. Instead of exploding, they floated there, innocently and as if they were stuck in place. At that moment, Lavis started to encase herself in a constantly expanding sphere of feathers that continued to layer on top of each other. She looked like nothing but a ball of blackness at this point.

The ninja would stop backflipping until to his feet and finished a set of handsigns. His mouth puffed up and he spat out a fireball, that took form of a dragon. This was the dragon bomb technique, it was house sized and grew bigger as it took the heat from the area, making things increasing could. He fired several of them, their size starting from that of a house and only increasing as the seconds passed. The heat varied, being as hot as one would expect the entire's heat combined into one entity. the ninja's eyes spun faster as he smirked. "That looks interesting..." the ninja said referring to his opponents next move. He began to do more handsigns. "But you won't see this coming."

Though Lavis was encased in a sphere of feathers, her feathers on the outside of the sphere told her of any and all goings on outside via some sort of link she had with them. So, she not only knew the ninja's location, but of his last attacks without even having to see him.

Lavis: ... Hmph. Typical fireballs. Heat in the area is dropping, so they absorb heat to increase their size... About the size of a house each, and growing at a rapid rate... Highly explosive and destructive... Analysis complete.

A very short period of time after the fire dragons were shot out, Lavis' feathers would surround each one of them individually in a vortex, spinning at insane speeds and seeming to multiply extremely swiftly. Each vortex, being created at such a high speed, would extract and expel any and all heats being omitted from each of the fires and in the general area, making those spaces extremely cold. Not only this, because they were moving as such a speed, they created a vacuum within them, which of course, robbed the fire dragons of the needed oxygen for them to sustain themselves, causing them to shrink incredibly fast and then fizz out as if they hadn't been there in the first place. Once she was sure that all of the fire dragons were gone, her feathers scattered once more throughout the field, floating in the air all over.

Lavis: ... Do not underestimate my analytical power. I am in no need of such preposterous and uncouth powers embedded within my eyes to get my way out of things, like you, scum. Hmph. Obviously, I have the better mind. Your eyes do everything for you.

Naturally, her cruel and confident words were just part of her pompous personality. Fitting, right? It was unknown if the ninja could even hear her through her ever expanding sphere of feathers, but... She had to say it. She was just that type of person. Here it or not, she was going to insult you.

Serulenia was watching the battle safely in her protective barrier of Suspended Animation magic along with Echo, seeming to be watching Lavis more than the ninja. She personally thought that Lavis was the best one to protect her, despite her lack of sheer brute force that Rynoh had or the ungodly speed that Echo had. Her mind was the reason why.

"... Echo, you do have the area secure, correct?"

Echo nodded without saying a word. She'd know if anything happened before its time.

"... Good."

"Heh..." the ninja said as he watched the woman make his dragons "go away". However, the ninja was right, she didn't see his move coming. Once she blew the fire away, underneath the flames of the dragons were compressed air dragons, same size, same strength, no fire, more magnitude. The ninja did those handsigns on the fly, once he saw what she was going to do. The flames would be gone, but the compressed Air Dragons would use the air from the vortex and keep on going to Lavis. Thanks to her they were even more powerful. They all intended to pummel the fuck! out Lavis, although he was sure that he couldn't break her feathers, (although the dragons at this point could turn diamond to ash ) the force of the dragons would no doubt rattle the shit out of Lavis on the inside.

They would pound away at the big sphere pushing it higher and higher into the clouds with each strike, rattling and rattling little Lavis, there were about a hundred of them. The ninja smirked as he made another handsign. "When I say you don't see my moves coming, I mean it." He then whispered to himself."Water, Aero, Thunder, combination jutsu."

Lavis was feeling pretty good now, as she had gotten past the flames and was still increasing her feathers... But. Wait. What was that? Her feathers could still feel something coming toward.

Lavis: ... What the... Increased magnitude... High air pressure... High speed movement... That means..-- !!!

Lavis immediately knew what was about to happen. Air dragon. A clever trick, and naturally, caught Lavis off her guard (kinda), but thanks to her ability to make her feathers any hardness and any density on a whim, she could increase the power of the first layer (exceeding that of a diamond... haw haw. XD) so that the dragon couldn't penetrate past it. That is, until more came. Of course, after a few tens of them, they would break past the first barrier of feathers. That just meant that she needed to up the power of the second one. This time, after the rest of them hit, since the first barrier had taken about 20 or 30, the second barrier could take the rest of the hits without being completely destroyed. Still, Lavis continued to make feathers... Continuously, continuously making feathers... The second barrier would be quickly reformed, and she would start back on the first. She had about 5 barriers (including the reforming first) at this moment.

Lavis: ... I am the ultimate defender. Do not think that just because I cannot see what your silly little eyes can that I cannot defend against you, rodent. I want to strip your eyes from your undeserving, worthless head.

Some of the extraneous feathers outside of Lavis' barrier would form into gigantic spears of feathers, their hardness and density increased far more than the barriers' had been, thus making them close to indestructible... close to it. They would lock on to the ninja's position and shoot at him at wind cutting speeds, aiming to pierce him in his eyes... his heart... his head... his lungs... his joints... his manhood. Lavis loved the heat of battle so.

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Animation 9: Back Out In The Open Field, Ready For Another Encounter

Serulenia had spent a lot of time thinking and talking to her 3 servants in her Oasis. They all agreed that they all needed to fight some more, for they felt power with in them rising higher and higher each time they fought someone. It was extremely exhilarating... To know that some new power was going to awaken soon.

"... The more we fight, the more you all feel it, right?"

Echo: ... Yes.

Lavis: ... Our power is growing...

Rynoh: Ha, I'm about to get even more badass!

"... As I thought, so it isn't just me... Well. I'm sure that with this battle, our power that we feel... Shall be awakened!"

She immediately turned to face the hero's direction, then waved at him politely.

"... Yes, I have decided to come outside a little more on my own... It's... Thrilling, really. However, I have come here for a friendly sparring session with someone. Echo, Lavis, Rynoh and I are all feeling an odd power emanating within us and... We must exert it somehow. Battle is the best way, do you not think?"

Echo, Lavis and Rynoh stood their guard around Serulenia, their stares instantly intensifying and becoming malicious as they glared at the hero.

As the hero probably knew by now, Serulenia did not ever fight first when her three servants were out. They simply wouldn't allow it. She pointed out to the hero and said, "Go, Rynoh," as if she were some sort of Pokemon or something. Serulenia, Lavis and Echo stood back and watched from the distance... Lavis and Echo ready to protect Serulenia from everything if any stray attacks came about.

Rynoh: Hahaha, well, let's go. I'll kick your ass real quick...

She twirled her large sword, around as her coil changed into a ring behind her back. The top spike on it changed to blue... symbolizing ice and water. There wasn't any snow falling from the sky, but it was cold out... The grass was frozen. Icy... That was Serulenia's element. And Rynoh, being an elementalist of sorts, could work with anything. Her sword started to glow blue, similar to Serulenia's sword, but grew icy spikes like the Soul Calibur.

Rynoh: On your guard, boy...

She started to run at him, gripping her sword tightly. As she was about to swing at him, a gigantic glacier would form and fall right above his head to hopefully crush him, then Rynoh would complete her attack by swinging her sword, which seemed to freeze the very air it cut through, leaving an icy trail behind it momentarily.

Rynoh smirked, his power enough to block her blade successfully... She could respect that.

Rynoh: Aaaah, so you've got some elements to ya, too, eh? Let's see how good you are with em, guy!

Rynoh's blade passed over the hero, but when she saw him go into a handstand sort of position, she raised her free hand and put it on her guard, blocking the kicks. They were strong... strong enough for Rynoh to feel em even with her own power, but before the hero reached 20, in one quick motion she would grab his foot, flip him and while he was in the air, come in with her sword again, this time covered in water instead of ice. She planned to hit him hard and put out his fires as well.

Afterward, there was an explosion of water in the area around the two of them, the force and pressure of the water being powerful, but it would almost instantly turn to ice, trying to encase and/or stab the hero with solidified ice spikes from all over. Rynoh jumped back after the explosion and stood her ground.

Rynoh felt the shock of the electricity, throwing her off her game for a moment. Being that she was holding a water sword and was in her Water element, it hurt her more than it might have if these things weren't active.

Rynoh: Shit! Son of a bitch!!

By the time she regained her composure, she was already being trapped in the mud. Heh, easy. Nothing a little earth elemental couldn't help. Her ring rotated, changing the top spike to brown, which was naturally, earth. With a powerful surge from her floating ring behind her, the mud cleared, then froze over back into ice once more. Her water blade was gone now, since she wasn't in her water elemental. This is when the fireball was hurdling down at her at an insane speed. She wasn't fast enough to change elements before it came down, but definitely would be able to during it hitting her... Time for quick thinking. Rynoh held her hand up and grabbed the ball of fire, instantly beginning to spin before the effects of impact could harm her, thus making her generally unharmed by the force it came at her and still allowing it not to explode. Once she started to spin, her ring rotated to Red, becoming fire element before the intense heat of the fireball got to her. Now she would be able to easily harness the power of the fireball and as she spun one final time, she jumped with all her power up at the hero.

Since Rynoh had taken control of the fireball via switching to the Fire element while touching it, the gigantic fireball was under her control now, thus susceptible to her changing of the elements. Knowing this, Rynoh switched her element to Earth again, thus changing the fireball instantaneously into an extremely hardened mineral... diamond. She tried to smash the comet-sized diamond sphere into the hero's body and if she did manage to do that, she would spin around and fling it back at the ground at a higher speed than the original fireballs was launched, hopefully crushing the hero. If the hero were to dodge her initial hit, however, she'd merely fling the gigantic diamond ball at him with double the force and power it was thrown at her as a fireball, hopefully doing major damage if hit. Rynoh then summoned a gigantic spire of earth from the ground that she could stand on in the air, gripping her sword tightly and waiting for the outcome...

Rynoh sneered at him, as his strength was definitely stronger than hers... It was probably near Serulenia's strength, if last she remembered was correct. But that didn't matter right now. She had electrified diamond chunks coming at her...

Rynoh: Ah, shit, you're gonna be a pain in the ass... Guess I'll just have to cut you down to size. Heh.

Time to get a little more serious... Rynoh concentrated deeply on her ring floating behind her, because she was about to pull out the stops. Normally she fought using one element at a time, but it would seem as though now she would need to alternate real quick and a whole lot. She switched to to green for wind, leaping off of the spire of earth and riding the wind onto the first clump of diamond. They were tiny, however were large enough to step on, which made this much easier to get to the hero while also getting a bit of power for herself. She stepped on the first diamond shard, changing her ring's top spike to Yellow for electricity... she would take the electricity out of the diamond shard and keep it in storage, switching back to Green for Wind and bouncing off of the diamond shard. She repeated the same process for the next shard, riding the wind, switching elements, taking the electricity, switching elements again and then bouncing off. The process continued for the next shard and the next and the next... All happening extremely quickly since Rynoh's speed increased a lot when she was using her wind.

Finally, she had taken a step on all of the diamond shards, the last one nearest to the hero. She kicked off with amazing force, sending her flying at a great speed with her leg cocked back. Her ring switched back to yellow for Electricity, letting the great amount of stored up electricity within her legs start surging out in a great and violent way. It looked like she was going to kick the hero with those electrified legs... But he had the lightning armor around him, which would probably make such things ineffective. Of course, since that was the case, Rynoh already had a backup plan. Instead of letting all of the electricity surge out of her legs in such a violent way, she absorbed half the power of the electricity in her legs, causing the lightning surging from them to become weaker. Then, her ring switched to purple for Darkness. Immediately, the remaining lightning became blackened, being pure darkness that shrouded her feet, and she would try to stomp on the hero's chest violently and repeatedly, her legs moving at lightning speed thanks to the taken in electricity from before, thus allowing her to deliver hundreds of kicks within a matter of a second. The darkness would allow her to stomp on the hero's very essence... his soul AS WELL as his physical body, so if it connected with him, he'd feel it not only physically, but spiritually as well.

Now, because Rynoh moving her legs so fast used up the electricity in them very fast, she'd only be able to keep up the kicks for about 3 seconds, but that would definitely be enough. Once she realized she was going to run out of electricity to power her legs, she would try to kick off of the hero with great force and power, causing a massive explosion of darkness (whether it hit him or not) where she had kicked off, which would send her far away from the hero's current position. She panted, as her legs weren't really supposed to move that fast, so she was kinda tired from the attack...

Rynoh wasn't really prepared for such a quick attack, but her reflexes allowed her to react by placing her sword in the way of the punch. The shock of the attack still hurt her quite a bit, and she was launched high into the sky, but at least she blocked most of it. He was rather fast now... So it was time now for Wind... And electricity? The two swiftest elements there were. More concentration... more concentration... Each of her spikes on her ring changes from alternating colors to green and yellow, the ring spinning swiftly behind her. Rynoh charged electricity and wind within her legs, blasting off at the hero at a high speed. Her sword was embedded with such elements as well, causing her sword strikes to be much faster. As she came near the hero, she would slash at an incredibly high speed.

Of course, she wasn't done there... At the end of her onslaught of slashes, all of the spikes changed from Yellow and Green to pure Red, making her firepower at maximum. She swung the sword, releasing heats hotter than lava and creating a gigantic explosion of condensed heat and flames, able to incinerate most substances. With the next swing, all of her spikes changed to Blue, showing water and ice elements. She swung her sword down, causing the entire area to reach an incredibly low temperature extremely fast, causing the air in the area to become unstable because of rapid and drastic temperature change. Finally, all of her spikes changed back into green for wind. She slashed her sword just one more time, this time using the fucked up atmosphere to her advantage. It would create a massive vacuum with great air pressure and force. She tried to crush the hero with it... Maybe even slow him down significantly... keep him in one place.

Rynoh was sent back by the sonic boom, but being in her wind mode, it didn't do as much damage as the hero originally thought it would, thus she would come out generally fine... for the most part. Ear drums intact and whatnot. Pretty fortunate that she had the wind up, though. But she noticed that he was gone... Where the hell did he go? She wasn't as fast as he was with his weights off, so it was pretty... stunning.

Rynoh: What the...? Where the hell did you go?!

Naturally, Serulenia did realize where he was before Lavis and Rynoh, but Echo was more keen and much faster than the hero gave her credit for. True, the hero would be able to move before she had time to react, but she could tell his movements and once she actually could react, she did. Knives appeared around the hero's neck from every angle.

Serulenia: ... Many apologies, hero, dear... However, they are my servants. They absolutely must fight for my protection before I fend for myself. They stand by that...

Lavis, who now FINALLY realized where the hero was, wasn't going to be as friendly as Echo was. She only threatened him, but Lavis was ready to exterminate him.

Lavis: Crude boy! You will rue the day that you act so familiar with the Mistress!

Lavis spread her wings, acting as if she were going to attack, but then looked up and realized... Rynoh was fluctuating with power... She didn't know why or how, but Rynoh was doing it. Her power was rocketing beyond normal parameters...

Rynoh: ... Don't... Fucking... Ignore me. I'M the goddamn bodyguard here, guy, and if you're going to get to Lady Serulenia, you're DAMN sure gonna have to get through her protection, first!!

Just then, Rynoh burst with power.. Her gigantic sword started to glow with immense power and she would grasp the glowing sword, splitting it into two glowing swords now. Twin blades, in fact....

Rynoh's ring around her back grew larger as well, as did the spiked on it. Her power increased quite greatly, apparently, and she didn't seem like she was going to be taken lightly this time around.

Serulenia: ... Hero. Seems as though she is serious. How badly do you wish to fight me...?

Rynoh was getting more and more pissed off with the hero now.. First he ignores her, then he tries to brush her off like she's nothing? Well, that wasn't going to fly.

Rynoh: I'll kill you...

Serulenia could see Rynoh's power increase, then thought about something... It was a wondrous though and she wondered why she hadn't ever done it before...


Serulenia's voice was stern and demanding. She finally started to walk in front of Lavis and Echo, whom she encouraged to stay back with her hands.

".. If he wishes to fight me, himself... Then we shall let him... But do not think that he won't be fighting you at the same time... He will fight us both at the same time. Echo, Lavis, stay back. That is an order."

The two of them stood down, obedient to Serulenia. Serulenia extended her hand to Rynoh, who would begin to glow. Rynoh would shoot down at Serulenia and the light would engulf her body entirely... Serulenia started to change, having similar properties of Rynoh afterward. Her sword transformed into an incredibly large and thick lance of sorts with a spherical object in its center, as in her other hand a majority of her armor would take the form of a gigantic white shield with numerous spherical objects within them and horns coming out of it. Serulenia's entire attire changed from blue to white, as did her hair, and to match Rynoh, her eyes changed to red. Hatred and anger flowed around her body, all of it coming from Rynoh... Serulenia had fused with Rynoh and taken her on as a new form.. the White Arms mode.

"Now, hero. Since you wish to fight me so badly and Rynoh wishes to punish you... Let this please the both of you."

Lavis and Echo were astonished by this.. One because Rynoh had unleashed a new form and two because Serulenia.. Fused with Rynoh rather than taking her back into herself as magic. They were actually combined. It was a spectacle to behold... And now, they could only wonder what their 'Advanced' forms were and what they would look like fused with Serulenia...

Serulenia smiled, herself, as when the hero started moving, she already knew he was going to create Sonic booms... Might have been because Rynoh just experienced it... Might have been because Serulenia was just very intuitive... But whatever it was, the glowing orbs on her lance and shield immediately turned green for wind. When the sonic booms tried to do their damage, they would be neutralized by an unseen force being released by Serulenia's shield. Her magic was much stronger now... Combining the magical power of Rynoh with Serulenia's own made her magic skyrocket in this form.. and it was assumed that Serulenia's brute strength was the same.

Regardless, she was constantly releasing a gigantic force that kept the sonic booms from affecting her at all, and when the Storm Flame tried to push through, the same thing would happen.. The force was just that strong. Serulenia kept it up until all of the attacks were clear, and she would be standing there smiling.

"Hero... My magic and physical strength are beyond compare in this form, it seems. Rynoh's power is greater than you may have given her credit for..."

With that, Serulenia pointed her lance at the hero's position... She started to create a vacuum.. But it was far, FAR larger than the one Rynoh had done before. It was so large and so strong, it could compact a mountain into a marble in a matter of moments. Not only would this slow the hero down if he were to be caught in it, but it would definitely be enough to make him feel the effects, despite his density. And Serulenia knew this well... She kept a sharp eye on him, just in case, her shield ready...

Serulenia stepped forward with only one foot, placing her shield in front of her. The tiny orbs within that were glowing green would now begin to glow blue for water and ice, as the hero already knew. With that, the entire area around Serulenia turned blue as well and what was within it seemed to stop moving completely, the Storm Flame icicle things stopping immediately once they reached the area.

"... Simulated Suspended Animation... This icy magic is so powerful that it can simulate Suspended Animation without actually having me to use my Suspended Animation power at all.. Which is very relieving, as even though I have extremely high reserves of magic, using the Suspended Animation specifically drains it at a pretty decent rate..."

Serulenia used this time to think of what to do next, as she had to keep her shield in one spot for this to last. Even if the hero were to enter the blue space, he would be frozen, so he wouldn't be able to do anything... Well. While she was like this, she had an incredible idea.

"... Fire to the first."

One of the orbs on her shield started to glow red instead of blue, now. The blue area started to become smaller as she did this, but she surely knew what she was doing.

"... Wind to the second."

Another one of her orbs on her shield started to glow green instead of blue, and just like before, the blue area shrunk a little bit more.

"... Electricity to the third."

The process repeated. The orb would change from blue to yellow, making the blue area shrink just a little bit more.

"... Earth to the fourth."

Again, an orb changed from blue to brown, making the blue area shrink again.

"... Light to the fifth."

Orb changes from blue to white. Blue area shrinks.

"... Darkness to the sixth."

This time, instead of the final blue orb changing from blue to purple, the orb on her lance would change from blue to purple, and the blue area would not become any smaller. Her lance had nothing to do with keeping the blue area up, only her shield did, it would seem.

"... And Water at the top."

The largest orb on her shield, the top one, of course, started to glow a brighter blue than before, keeping the shrunken blue area stronger than area, despite its size. Serulenia started to put weight on her front foot nearest her shield, causing a gigantic meteor sized crater to appear under her, and she would shoot directly into the air at the speed of a bullet, the very moment her shield moved, the blue area being relinquished and the hero's closed in Storm Flame ice things hitting the ground and causing an explosion. As Serulenia was high into the sky now, she targeted the hero... Not by how she could see him, but his chakra signature and his general energy he exerted from himself. Seemed as though she was preparing for something incredibly large... Something deadly, in fact. Her shield started to fluctuate with the colors embedded into it as her lance started to surge with darkness... Her eyes showed Rynoh's anger and her power... an immense aura of pure hate surged around her, showing the insane output of power already.

"... Elemental Obliteration..."

With the hero ready for attack, Serulenia fired off the massive collection of magic and elemental energies from the shield and the lance, releasing a gigantic blast of alternate elemental energies several miles wide in blast radius. Each respective element was borrowing the power of the elements of the planet in the general area... The cold... the wind... the earth... the light... the dark... (there wasn't much heat or electricity in the air, so... uh... Those kinda stayed normal) and all of these elements made the blast grow... it became more and more powerful by the second.

Through all of the power being exerted, Serulenia said something that was probably masked by the epic sound of epicness that was this blast itself, cuz naturally the sound of something so large and... epic would be very... intense.

"... Think of this as Rynoh's fury..."

Though, as big and as powerful as the blast was... the power started to slowly decline... more and more and more...

"... Ry... Rynoh, you're out of power!"

This was it. Rynoh was out of power from fighting the hero so long before, so the fusion could not hold, and Serulenia knew that it would break soon with this expulsion of power. And with the hero breaking through, there was no way for her to block the attack since the White Arms shield could only have power if Rynoh was backing it up. Serulenia's eye gleamed at Echo in a second, immediately shouting out sternly:


With speeds much faster than Echo's normal speed (which is generally insanely fast to begin with), Echo already had Serulenia well out of the way of the attack as the hero blasted through the Elemental Oblivion. Naturally, Rynoh was nowhere to be found and Serulenia was back in her normal state. Rynoh's energy was completely out, thus Serulenia couldn't sustain her in Animated form.

"Hm... If only Rynoh were at full power when we fused... We could have lasted longer... No matter, though. Echo. It is your turn."

Echo was a bit surprised, yet showed no emotion on her face. Instead, she bowed to Serulenia and simply said...

"... Yes, Madam..."

Just then, Echo started to glow in a similar fashion that Rynoh had done before, only this time the glow was green instead of white. Echo transformed completely into green energy, combining with Serulenia just as Rynoh had done before. Serulenia's armor started to warp again, this time becoming more like a dress rather than armor, however still acted like armor, despite how fragile it looked. From the sleeves came two long, glowing green swords and Serulenia's hair became green and tied up in two ponytails. Her entire body just LOOKED as dynamic as it could be in any situation...

"... Emerald Flash Mode."

Serulenia stood there in that same position, closing her eyes as the bullets came at her at such a speed. Though they would seem as though they were a directly hit, the bullets literally passed through Serulenia's body. Just then, over 1,000 green streaks appeared all through the air around the hero, as if trying to cage him and keep him from moving in every way possible. They were sword slashes. The reason why the bullets had passed through Serulenia was because that was an afterimage she left while slashing around the hero 1,000 times. The moment the bullets passed her and hit the ground, she was back in her spot, seeming as if she hadn't left in the first place and as if the green slashes appeared out of nowhere. Serulenia opened her eyes standing ready again.

"... Given that you know Echo's power... You should know that her speed would be boosted by ungodly amounts through me, right?"

She smiled, winking at him. She pointed both her swords outward to her sides, 5 more Serulenia's manifesting themselves out of explosive green light. They all took different positions and stared at the hero, a slight and elegant smile on their faces.

"... Your speed in your shop was remarkable... Echo admired it and so did I... Now, in this form, we aim to surpass it by a long shot. Do you think we can, hero?"

Serulenia smiled at the challenge, feeling rather confident with her abilities combined with Echo's. In blurs of green, she would dodge each of the bullets, however her 5 copies seemed to take the bullets head on with a glint in their eyes every time a bullet was about to hit, all of them being reflected off of them for some reason...

Serulenia located the hero and commenced with another attack. She would drag her blades onto the ground and slash, causing massive green streaks to shoot across the ground as if Serulenia has sliced and stained the very earth itself with her glowing power. Naturally, the streaks aimed for the hero's position if he were on the ground or not. The other 2 of the 5 other Seurlenias went to the hero to put pressure on him, slicing at him from every angle imaginable over 2,000 times in only a second's time, similar to what Serulenia had done to him the first time. They left streaks in the air as well when they struck, which would be just as explosive as the first ones. The other 3 Serulenias stood in a triangular fashion around the real Serulenia, on their guards, though none of them looked like they were.

Serulenia was already well aware of the hero's position, as she had actually SEEN him move behind her. Once he fired, she seemed to split into two Serulenia's again as she turned and tried to hit the hero from either side with very powerful slashes... Not as much quantity as the others, but was much, much more powerful and destructive.

"A bullet can only move at a set speed, hero..."

Now, the hero would realize that this wouldn't be two Serulenias, but actually the real Serulenia moving so fast that she appeared to be in two places at once, being able to slice at the hero from either side with only a millisecond or two of delay. Now, since there were 3 other Serulenias around when the hero was near, they would start to attack as well. Their swords started to glow a bright green as they would grow twice their original sizes. They would immediately surround the real Serulenia once she stopped moving and would spin around her, creating a sort of twister made of nothing but slashes which they hoped to trap the hero in... There were millions of slashes going on in this twister every 10 seconds or so...

"... Do not underestimate our speed in this form, hero... Remember, we know your speed, but you have not seen the combined power of ours..."

"... Good escape..."

Although the battle was extremely fast paced beyond belief now, Serulenia could still see the hero pretty clearly, just as he could see her as she moved. Serulenia was gradually coming to match his speed, just as she said before... But, when she knew he escaped, she waited until he appeared then pointed at him via the glint in her eye, signaling to the other Serulenias.

"Change target.."

Just then, the eruption was coming from the ground. (Time to pull out a Karas (kind) on yo ass. XDD) As the ground bubbled, Serulenia could see it before the eruption even started to rise up, and naturally, could react just as fast. She stabbed her swords into the very edges of where the radius of the eruption was and sliced through, creating a green circle on the ground. The circle would seem to be reflecting the power of the eruption away to keep it from shooting up at Serulenia, similar to what Echo's swords did before by themselves...

Now, bullets were coming at her. Well, that's what the 3 other Serulenia's were for. They changed their targets, this time being the bullets, seeming to slash them and reflect them in another direction without suffering the effects of their destructive properties.. But, if the hero remembered correctly when he first fought Echo, her swords had the ability to reflect whatever was in the reflection of the swords at the time without having to touch them, as long as they were extremely close to the swords, themselves. That ability only got enhanced during this fusion state. Once the bullets were cleared, the 3 other Serulenias stopped slashing. The true Serulenia's eyes gleamed green for a moment as she prepared this next attack... In explosions of green flashes, even more Serulenias seemed to manifest themselves, just like the original 5, totaling about 100 now. The 100 clone Serulenias started to glow green themselves, each of them forcing themselves off of the ground and leaving mini-craters where they once stood. They moved so fast at the hero that they seemed to change into green, sword-like beams of energy themselves, cutting right through the air and creating vacuums of extreme intensity where they moved. They were much faster than they were before... They aimed for every open spot on the hero's body, being able to track him no matter how fast he went, then follow him as they pleased.

Meanwhile, the true Serulenia was concentrating... green swords appeared around her body, hovering vertically beside her... a green aura was around her and her hair started to flare up.. something big was definitely coming soon... Something extremely big.

Each of the Serulenias started to crash into the wall, exerting so much power that they actually took on their true forms... which were glowing green swords. Again, the hero probably remembered that Echo could put her own reflection into her blades and cause them to copy whatever was in their reflection perfectly... And now that ability was enhanced, as could be seen. Once each of the swords tried to penetrate the barrier, some, naturally, were destroyed... about 10 of them were destroyed in the process... then another 10, making 20. But, as they were destroyed, they started to push through, slowly, but surely. Another 10 were destroyed, but the swords were almost through, now... They were putting the pressure on the hero, just like before. Another 10 were destroyed, but the barrier was almost down... 40 swords were gone, but it didn't matter.

At the same time this was going on, Serulenia had focused a great deal of power into herself.

"... Now, hero... Time for the power of the Emerald Flash..."

Each of the swords around her started to surround her two sword-hands, and she would outstretch the sword hands beside her. The glowing green swords started to spin faster and faster, now becoming nothing but green streaks of light around Serulenia's swords. Just then, her sword hands grew larger, being able to fill out the space between the original swords and green streaks of light circling around. The swords were now immense, being larger than Serulenia herself in height, depth and definitely width. They were several hundred feet long now, their size being phenomenal at this point. Serulenia could only wait for her opening... The swords...

Back to the swords... They were almost completely ready to break through the shield of Storm flame spikes, sacrificing finally 10 more blades for a grand total of 50 blades sacrificed to pierce through completely. Though, the swords did not follow up and try to hit the hero. Instead, they all worked together to keep the gigantic hole they made open and open wide... An opening for Serulenia, making the hero her target.

With that, it was go time.

"... Maximum speed... Initiating the Emerald Flash."

In what seemed to be a streak of green light, Serulenia was launched from her position, causing a massive crater where she once was to appear in the ground. Before the debris of said crater could even fly off of the ground and into the air, Serulenia was already in front of the hero with both of the gigantic swords ready to cut him down. She brought both of them at him from both sides as an attempt to close in on him, the swords taking down and destroying everything that got in their way. If they were to make impact with the hero, it would cause an explosion so great that it could be seen from probably all across the Twilight. All the while, Serulenia was smiling, trying to impress the hero, to an extent, while also trying to test her own power... to see if she could win it with this strike.

Serulenia was amazed at how the hero had yet another armor she hadn't seen before... She was blown away by the sonic boom, as she hadn't been paying attention once her blades were stopped, but because of her own power, she wouldn't be turned to dust like said mountains should have been.

"... Ah, your complete armor, hm, hero? Hmm... Perhaps one day you should fight me when I have fused with Echo, Lavis and Rynoh all at once instead of one at a time..."

Just then, Serulenia's swords started to revert to normal... That last attack drained all of Echo's remaining energy to stay animated, thus, she was returning to Serulenia's own body as one instead of as herself, just like Rynoh had done. In a green flash, Serulenia was back to normal, once again...

"... My, I wasn't even keeping track of how much power Echo was exerting with those attacks... Hm. Well then, it's time for the last fusion I have, hero..."

Serulenia looked over to Lavis, who had been quietly and patiently waiting on the sidelines. Lavis smirked cockily as she spread her giant, black wings.

Lavis: Hm. He could barely handle my power by himself the last time. Let us see how he fares against the two of us, shall we, Madam?... I have been waiting quite a while for this...

Yes, Lavis was ready to give it to the hero. She disliked him the most out of the three, since Echo had very little emotion and Rynoh didn't really care too much just as long as she could push him around. Lavis was the one who had true disdain for him. So, she began to glow blue in color... a cool blue, outlined by blackish energy. She would shoot at Serulenia just like the others before her, combining herself with Serulenia in a fusion sort of fashion, causing Serulenia's entire body to glow blue for a moment. Serulenia's armor became slender, similar to her armor before, but this time more aerodynamic than before and rather light and flexible just like before, but not as flowing. It was more tight around her body than Serulenia's transformation with Echo. From her back, 4 gigantic wings glowing blue manifested themselves, the blue energy bursting off of them and changing to black. Finally, Serulenia's hair would become black and would be placed in 2 ponytails once again, this time with a blue polygon-like thing flowing around them like a scrunchy of sorts. A halo of blue energy manifested over her head, seeming to exert immense power, as did the 2 blue polygon things. Her shoulders and her feet were also glowing with this powerful blue energy, for some reason. Serulenia spread her 4 black wings as her hands surged with the blue energy...

"... This is... the Blue Angel mode..."

Of course, in this form Serulenia was not nearly as fast as she once was, but because Lavis was so damn perceptive and analytical, she would definitely be fine. And the hero didn't seem to remember the extent of Lavis' power... thus, this battle would prove tough for him.

Serulenia observed the hero charging the attack and started to analyze what was about to happen...

"... Fire based... Probably far exceeding that of normal speeds... Very powerful... The aim is not parallel to the ground, therefore the aim is for..."

She then realized that it was her wings. That only made her smile. The 4 wings would encase Serulenia's entire body like a sphere right before the attack was fired, thus, when it hit, the explosion was grand, but it would seem as though there was... no damage given to the wings or to Serulenia at all. The wings would spread once more, forcing away any and all smoke and debris that were made by the attack and any excess fiery ash and whatnot.

"... I would suggest you try to remember Lavis' position on my team, if you will... If Echo is the fastest and Rynoh is the most physically strong... That only leaves Lavis as..."

Serulenia started to slowly hover off of the ground with a slight flap of her wings, ascending gradually into the air. The blue energy in her hands started to fluctuate and she would aim at the hero, shooting a beam of energy at him. It was a lock on beam, definitely able to track him wherever he went. The power behind it was unknown, but it didn't seem like much, actually. Serulenia watched the field... the hero... her surroundings... ever so closely.

Sadly for the hero, the mud was useless since Serulenia had already started to slowly ascend into the air. However, it was very useful for Serulenia to use, herself... She fired a beam of blue energy at the mud, causing it to turn blue. It would surge upward from the ground and form a gigantic sphere around her, still glowing blue. It would seem as if the mud multiplied as it came up from the ground, for there was more now covering her than there was before.

When the lightning hit, it did not penetrate the mud barrier, but the lightning would stop and change to blue afterward, the mud falling limp and back to the ground. The lightning would then swirl slowly around Serulenia, in her control now.

"... Even I cannot fathom the extent of this form's power, hero... It is beyond my knowledge, it an extent. Lavis is assisting me with this... just as Rynoh and Echo assisted me with the other forms, though not as much as Lavis is assisting me right now..."

The bolts of lightning would shoot into the sky, converging into one gigantic lightning bolt once they did. The bolt of lightning stopped right before it reached a cloud, pulling down more and more electricity from dormant clouds... The ball of lightning grew larger and larger the longer it stayed up there... But that was the least of the hero's problems right now. Serulenia, now high in the sky from gradual ascension, spread her wings wide, releasing a flurry of feathers sharp and hard enough to cut steel at the hero. Lavis was testing the power of his armor... Serulenia could only watch for the most part. Naturally, the feathers would explode once they made contact with anything, the explosion being immense in power, far larger than they used to be with only Lavis alone. Serulenia started to surge more blue energy into her hands, awaiting something from the hero...

Serulenia quirked a brow, as the attack seemed to be ineffective.

"... Is that so?"

Lavis probably sparked up something after all of that, for Serulenia's facial expression got a little less fun and more... Lavis-like. She pointed at the hero, the accumulating lightning in the air shooting down at him covering about a hundred feet in radius, ready to blow everything up to smithereens. Naturally, the explosive behavior of the lightning would be further increased by its gargantuan size, and the entire field would be electrocuted by its immense power, if not burnt to a crisp by the immense heat coming from the lightning, itself.

After that, Serulenia would slash her hand through the air like a blade, releasing a giant blue wave of the powerful energy through the air.

"... This energy is made to penetrate any substance and cut down and pierce through any defenses. It wouldn't suggest a head on attack."

This was the second ability of the blue energy, it seemed. Its first was to be able to take control of inanimate objects and the second was to pierce, cut and penetrate through any substance or defenses.

"... I'll let you figure out what the final ability of this energy is.. Hm."

Naturally, Lavis was talking. Something about how much she disliked the hero was allowing her to have more control than Serulenia for these short periods of time. Serulenia was a bit shocked and impressed with Lavis' enthusiasm over the situation. Regardless, Serulenia would flap her wings and would spread her feathers across the area, all throughout the air, thousands of them. They all stood perfectly still in the air, as if waiting for something... ANYTHING to happen. Serulenia only started to create more blue energy in her hands, a surplus, if you will. This form was a bit more complex than the other ones... Rynoh was simply ultimate elemental offense and strength. Echo's was ultimate speed, swordsmanship and agility. But Lavis... She had a whole lot going on her in the Blue Angel mode with Serulenia... a lot more than simply upgraded defense...

Serulenia closed her eyes immediately after releasing all of the feathers, not really needing to see anymore. She knew everything now. When the hero popped up from the ground, she knew his exact location and what he was doing damn near at all times. When he fired the beam from his eyes, it may have been thin enough to pass through the feathers, but the energy being omitted from it could definitely be sensed.

"... A beam. Thin enough to slip through the cracks of the feathers, yet still move in a straight line. It seems to be coming from this side of me... judging from the pathway it is taking and my feather placement, it is clearly not aimed for the lower body, but..."

Just then a single feather would block the beam almost instantly, stopping the beam completely, as Serulenia could harden the feathers and make them as dense as she wanted. Thus, the beam was not getting through. Serulenia simply moved out of the way with a gentle flap of the wings and opened her eyes ever so slightly. With a flick of the wrist, all of the feathers in the area began to swirl like a tornado, slicing up everything in their way with their great power. They were moving and thrashing about so violently that they actually started to slice up the ground, digging into it as well. They were literally leveling the area and lowering the ground with their movements, trying not to leave anything in the area. Serulenia raised one of her glowing hands higher and snapped her fingers, each one of the feathers starting to glow blue now. The feathers aimed to destroy everything, and now coated with this blue energy, they were... pretty damn powerful. She waited to see what the hero would do about this...

When the hero exited the storm of feathers, Serulenia would close her eyes once more and start to concentrate. Just then, one of her feathers fell from the sky without her knowledge, as it would seem some sort of power was overwhelming the blue energy.

"... Darkness."

She easily came to this conclusion and had already analyzed the power of the darkness as well as how much it would take to counteract it and keep it from affecting the blue energy. Just then, the hero appeared near her and Serulenia would coat her entire body in a bright blue energy. Once the hero released his wave, Serulenia would release a wave of her own blue energy, more powerful than before. It was enough to counteract the effects of the dark energy around her, pushing any that came near away. It was a bit stressful on the body to use this blue energy so abruptly, but it was holding up well, even though she put it up quickly. Once the dark energy cleared, Serulenia realized that with this dark energy present, she would not be as safe out in the open as she originally thought she would be... That only meant... More feathers. This was definitely Lavis' favorite tactic.

Serulenia encased herself in her wings, feathers rapidly swarming around her and creating a large sphere around her, then layered themselves to become larger and larger and larger, making numerous barriers over the original one. The feathers were produced at a much faster rate than when Lavis was alone, thus the sphere would probably be extremely large extremely fast. At the same time, Serulenia was also expelling many, many more feathers into the air at the same time, which would join the others in swiftly shooting about the area. These feathers, however, were not coated in blue energy and were just normal feathers, flying around and cutting down and piercing through whatever they could as Serulenia layered more and more feathers around her protective sphere.

Lavis always considered this dome the perfect defense. It was constantly changing... getting better as time progressed. With her feathers out there and her in here, there wasn't a thing that she wouldn't know.

"... Another beam. Darkness, this time around... Many beams, in fact. Attempting to relinquish control over feathers and penetrate the dome, it seems... Coming in from primarily the front..."

In just a moment or two, Serulenia had already figured out where the beams were coming, how fast and powerful and what they were. She smirked in her feather dome, which was constantly getting larger, and this time more feathers were launched in front of her, this time with blue energy coating them as if they hadn't been corrupted before... But Serulenia knew what she was doing. Just as the beams were about to hit, the blue feathers would block their pathways, seeming to be unaffected by the corrupting nature of the darkness any longer.

"... Adaptation..." she said with a smile on her face. The third attribute.

"That is the major flaw in people... They always assume that what they try once will work again, and if it does, they abuse it. Of course, when they abuse that power, naturally, the other party is going to catch on how to get rid of it... The Blue Energy adapts to what has taken it down if hit a lot with it, and then, when I produce more, it has a special immunity to whatever had taken it down before..."

Serulenia generated more blue feathers, having them swirl faster and faster around the area until they looked blurred together, like a massive typhoon now. With the blue energy now adapted to the corrupted power of the hero, his darkness wouldn't have any effect on them anymore. Serulenia's dome of feathers became larger and larger, exceeding the size of a house or two, now... it was getting rather large.

"... Dense object coming in from the front... Secondary object of similar mass coming in as well... Harnessing a new sort of energy not yet adapted to... Light. Speed and force analyzed to be immense... Ha. That just means..."

When the hero was close to Serulenia, he would feel a very strong force for some unknown reason... The wings. They were opening. There were hundreds upon hundreds of wings now that had formed these barriers around Serulenia, and when they all opened simultaneously, their force was... beyond immense. It would be so very powerful just by opening these wings that the hero would be forced into a standstill in midair... Both of them. Once the wings were slightly opened, he would continue inside of them just as he was before, however... that was the worst possible decision at this time, for the wings instantaneously closed behind him and trapped him in the sphere of feathers. Serulenia was already gone...

Serulenia had slipped backward into the feathers, letting herself get consumed by them, reappearing on the outside of them. She detached her own 4 wings from the several hundred others creating the numerous barriers. With a snap of her fingers, each and every one of the feathers started to glow blue.

"... I hope this hurts..."

Naturally, that was Lavis talking in place of Serulenia, for Serulenia didn't really want to see the hero hurt all that much. Regardless, the sphere had already begun.... The explosions. The most simplistic ability of Lavis' feathers; their ability to explode. Now, because of her awesome power boost, the blue energy and the numerous, numerous layers of barriers, the explosion here would be godly. In fact, the explosion was so large, it could clearly be seen from space, and probably by all of the planet, easily. This was... The power of the Blue Angel's wings.

By the end of this, everything would be in shambles. The combination of Blue energy and explosive power was enough to take out damn well anything, it would seem. Serulenia would be floating there, pretty drained from such a massive explosion, yet still able to go on. Seems as though Lavis doesn't use up as much energy as the others do even when using large scale attacks. She was a conservative... Never wanting to use all of her power at once.

"... I do hope that he is okay..."

Serulenia smiled seeing that the hero was okay, even if he was in such bad shape... She would have to give him a good healing later. Perhaps let him bathe in her oasis for a while again, for its healing properties were great.

"... I am happy that you survived, the hero..."

She noticed the accumulation of energy within him, figuring he was going to do something else...

"... But I can see that the battle is not over yet."

Serulenia's blue halo started to gleam brightly and grow larger with blue energy... Though as it did so, the snake made of light and dark energy would shoot up from the ground at her. Naturally, the dark energy would have no effect, but the light would be problematic, especially with such a large concentration of it... Then, from the hero there was a blast of energy which came from him as well... Seems like he was trying to make her use the last bit of this fusion's power... Serulenia could only smile, as it was a very smart thing to do. Deplete the fusion's energy before she had chance to attack again.

Despite this, she was still the ultimate defense, but being caught slightly off guard made this harder than it originally would have been. The blue halo would cover Serulenia's body completely in the blue energy, leaving no open spaces. Then, the blue energy would converge into one clumped area to block the snake... The manifestation of light energy was indeed powerful, but she was exerting a lot of energy as well, thus both were at a standstill. The other blast, however, was closing in fast. No time to create anymore blue energy, so she extended a portion of the blue energy blocking the snake up to where the blast was, creating a large shield of sorts. Naturally, this one shield holding off two attacks as powerful as this would not be enough alone, so she continued to let energy flow into it... more and more energy continuously flowing into the blue shield...

"... Well, Lavis. This is the limit to your power, it seems. You've used it all up blocking these last two attacks..."

Serulenia closed her eyes and braced herself, since she knew that the blue energy would not hold for long with Lavis running out of power. The good thing was that the blue energy had been lessening the blows of both hits quite a lot by just blocking it, but, after a while, there would be an explosion, showing that the attacks and the blue energy had destroyed themselves in the process, the blue energy taking the two attacks with it as the final strength of the fusion was depleted. Due to the explosion, Serulenia was forced out of the sky, rocketing to the ground at a high speed. She would slam into it on her back, causing a gigantic crater and bounced up, the second time she was coming to the ground, she would land on one of her hands, causing another crater. Once she was sure that she wasn't going to bounce anymore, she leapt onto her feet and stood there, slightly battered from the explosion and the fall. Lavis had returned to her body.

Serulenia had used up about a quarter of her power now, since the fusions required veeeery little of her power to be used during them, so she still had a surplus of fight in her reserves. But without her servants and her fusions, she had to fight using her own strength... That is, if the hero could still fight.

"... Alright, hero. You should know how this situation goes from the last we fought... Once you get past my 3 servants... You fight me."

She examined his wounds once more from afar, seeming rather concerned.

"... Though... Your wounds are bad. I do not wish for you to strain yourself too much longer for a simple little sparring match... I will fight you if you still have the will to go on, but if not, we can return now to my Oasis for you to replenish yourself..."

She wasn't exactly sure about what he was going to do about the arm... Serulenia couldn't really reattach body parts to people. She could heal the wound and any others, but not... reattach the arm. At least, not with the power she had at her disposal right now. Perhaps if her healing abilities got better... But, let's not get sidetracked.

"... It is your choice and I will accept either one without judgment."

A bit stunned, Serulenia tried blocking the attack, which was successful, but still came with bad repercussions... the hero was still powered up and Serulenia was powered down. So, the force of even one kick sent her flying, despite her incredible strength even without any powerups. She skidded across the ground a few times, trying not to fly too far, then stabbed her sword into the ground, panting a bit.

"... Dear me, I forgot that you were powered up still... Otherwise, I would have blocked such kicks fine.."

Serulenia smiled after that, her arm steaming from the taking the kicks.

"... Hero, earlier, Echo, Lavis, Rynoh and I had a conversation about some sort of hidden power within all of us... Waiting to be awakened. It had been festering within ever since we started fighting again, and during this time, it is ready to show its true power... This was seen in Rynoh, then in Echo, then in Lavis... Now. It is my turn to unlock the hidden power within me... Are you ready, hero? Even I do not know what shall come out... I will just let my power... Flow like water..."

Just then, Serulenia's armor grew darker... She started to surge with lots of magic... Her high reserves of magic would definitely be of use here. The energy wrapped around her hands... Her legs... her body... behind her head... It even stemmed from her dress a little bit. The magic was glowing blue, like water. Then, her arms grew to exceptional proportions, larger than her own body, blue claws jutting out from them. A ring similar to Rynoh's showed up behind her, the spikes within it glowing the same shade of blue. Serulenia sprouted fox ears as well... The reasoning behind this was unknown to the hero, but it was... natural. Serulenia clenched her fists, magical energy surging from her body greatly.

"... My... Hyper Armor. If you remember my very first armor... my Advanced armor, as I call it... This would be considered the upgraded version of that, if you will... So do not take it lightly. Do not ask me why I know this if I am just awakening it now... It's just... Something about the power is giving me knowledge of its abilities, slightly..."

Serulenia would start to float into the air, her sword becoming 10 times as large as it originally was in the ground, surging with power (I'll find a pic for the sword later. XD) It floated up to her, then floated in front of her. She did not touch it, only kept her fists clenched.

"The final battle, hero. I hope you endure it..."

Serulenia's spikes on her body instantly went into action, all glowing a bright blue. As the the heroes surrounded her, they each precisely blocked the hits, not seeming to be effected by power at all.

"Remember what my Advanced Armor could do, hero... It absorbed forces..."

Just then, from Serulenia, there was a massive, crashing force expelled from her that would reduce most things to nothingness and spread across damn near the entire area.

"... Only this armor, instead of releasing the same force out, increases the force taken in 10fold before expelling it out..."

Most likely, the hero would be pushed away, so Serulenia raised her hand, which started to grow larger than it already was, surging with magic. She took one, great swipe with her hands at seemingly nothing, but the claw was so large now that it tore down whatever remained from the explosions and battering of the land rather quickly and easily, rending what it touched to nothing. Serulenia watched the hero rather closely, while also wondering about the full power of this form...

This is where Serulenias humongous sword would come in. At the waves of Storm Flame coming at her, her sword would move into action almost as if it were on its own, swinging itself 360 degrees around her repeatedly, kicking up such a powerful force from the slashes that it would blow away any flame that came near without having to actually touch it. Serulenia started to conjure up a large amount of magic now... The entire area seemed to be filled with Storm Flame that would harm her if she didn't do something now.

Magic surged through her body, causing the ground to shake and the very atmosphere to rumble... Her eyes started to gleam blue as her claws extended a bit every second, growing very long very fast. Her sword started to glow blue, shooting after the hero in an attempt to fight him by itself in combat. Serulenia's power was increasing rapidly...

With her sword stopped, it would manifest itself before her once more since it could not carry out its orders, seeming to have dispersed into pure magical essence to do so. However, when the hero appeared behind her, he should feel that his body would be moving much, muuuch slower than before and his attack would be coming at Serulenia much slower, as well. It would be harder for him to control energy for the sole fact that Serulenia was releasing so much power at once. Draining herself, if you will.

But, seeing as the hero was already aiming to attack her, she had to attack prematurely. But with the distortion of space and the flow of time going on around her, it was definitely going to be a lot easier to catch him in this... Since he would be forced to move slowly. Finally, Serulenia unleashed a massive explosive force of... you guessed it... Suspended Animation magic. The wave of magical force would literally stop the flow of space and time and energy for about half of the field... Which, considering where they were, was a pretty large portion. Serulenia's original intention was to cover the entire field, but with the hero attacking, she had to act before it was finished. Dodging was next to impossible for the hero given the current conditions, she thought.

If indeed the hero were to be caught in this, the Suspended Animation magic would actually all concentrate on him. Thus, the entire, powerful force would condense around the hero and ONLY the hero, trapping him there with the utmost power with no ability to move or anything of the sort... Suspended with the highest quality magic. And if he were captured, Serulenia would have to act swiftly, given that containing something high powered, like the hero, even with all of this magic was definitely taxing, even in this form... Since she was loosing quite a bit of magic in general from herself. So if he were stopped in time, she would begin with her follow up attack.

"... Water to the left hand..."

Her claw started to change into pure water, growing in size and looking more menacing than before...

"... Ice to the left..."

Her other claw started to change into pure ice, growing in size and looking just as menacing, releasing a sort of freezing mist from itself.

"... And in my sword, the gift of animation to break this Suspension..."

The sword started to surge with some sort of odd, fluctuating magic, then. Animation, it would seem. It would counteract Suspended Animation and shatter it upon contact, which would harm the hero in more ways than just physically... It would probably cause his body to go out of whack as well. So, she would swipe with her claws from the sides and them down right above with the sword, trying to finish this before her power was completely gone.

Well, seeing as the hero is trapped in Suspended Animation, he wouldn't be able to think, move, anything. Thus, unless he was surging with electricity beforehand, then Serulenia wouldn't be shocked. Not only this, but it is magic that causes whatever is within it to be stopped. As in, completely and utterly stopped. The electricity wouldn't shock Serulenia because it wouldn't be moving and wouldn't be able to surge into her, and it would just be... I dunno. The point of the story is, the attack can't really do anything if everything is trapped in suspended animation. The flow of energy for everything except Serulenia's attack or any other energies outside of the Suspended Animation would be stopped. One reason is because of logic, the other reason is because it's magic.

Serulenia could feel the bones in the hero's body crack, as well as could hear them. She seemed to be in a state that she had to unleash such power, but with that, her entire magical supply, though she originally had more than half of it left, was damn near depleted now. This form took a lot out of her... Especially since she had no souls to increase her own magical power. She was drained.. the hero had no power... They were both in for it.

With the last of Serulenia's strength, she grabbed the contained space that the hero was in, though physically impossible, he was still contained within her magical influence. Once she grabbed it, she would fling the hero up in the air, then grab her sword and perform a grand slam on him, sending him flying to another place on Vescrutia, faaaar away from here. The reasoning behind this was unknown. Serulenia just felt a primal urge to do so... Must be because of the fox ears. When assured that the hero was gone, she reverted back to normal... tired. And drained. Her sword fell to the ground and she tried to hold herself up with it, panting heavily.

"What... Was that...? I'm so... so... tired... Hero..? Where did he go...?"

Serulenia fell to one knee, unsure of how she was going to get back to her Oasis without her servants to help her... She did, however, have a bit of magic left... A very little bit enough to create some water. She would create a thin sheet of water below her, which would float upward and swiftly take her back to the Oasis before her magic was completely depleted.

Ocean of Purity ~~ Theme of the Nautilus Serulenia

Enchanted Armory

Fragments Of Her Soul (Tethys' Children)
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Animation 10: The Oasis To Recover...

Serulenia had finally made her way to the Oasis, collapsing right above her healing oasis. She fell literally unconscious, not being able to do anything but float there. She did not even float... She forced herself to the very, very, very bottom of the oasis for a better healing and just... waited.

Ocean of Purity ~~ Theme of the Nautilus Serulenia

Enchanted Armory

Fragments Of Her Soul (Tethys' Children)
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