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 Insanity Incarnate Karu

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Insanity Incarnate Karu Empty
PostSubject: Insanity Incarnate Karu   Insanity Incarnate Karu EmptyTue Nov 05, 2019 12:37 pm

In the Spider Queen's room -- A rather luxurious space filled with decorum -- she would be furiously working on something within. She had been pulling stray Insanity from all other outside sources around the Dusk Village. She had been concentrating them into one being...

"Hiss... I have enough of my own energy to create this... Another Soul Weapon... One that will match anyone's power. Ksssh... So that means if I am to make one with the same wavelength, but a different body..."

The Spider Queen would pour in the melted remains of a weapon into a boiling cauldron, which seems to be boiling with, not water, but... Pure insanity.

"The body will be physical... But on the inside, she will be nothing but Insanity in the purest form. The Insanity will inhabit her organs... Her soul... Her mind... Her body... And she will be the ultimate Insanity incarnate, born from me, herself."

The Spider Queen would then put in a random soul into the cauldron, which made it bubble more.

"This weapon... She will be of great use to me. She will scout... She will obey... She will be under my rule and my rule only..."

Finally, The Spider Queen would drop a piece of her own soul into the cauldron, which made it stop completely.

"And now, the next weapon is born... Just like years ago. Come to life... Karu."

The Insanity in the cauldron would slither out of it, forming some kind of... Weapon, of sorts. But it was no ordinary weapon. No... It was a weed whacker. The blades were insanely long and sharp, and the frame was slim and light-weight.

Suddenly, the weed whacker would start to change and assume the form of a Human.

Spider Queen: "Yessss... Karu...!"

Karu would assume her human form, now. She rose from the ground, adjusting her tank top and jeans. "... Mistress Spider Queen..." Was all she said in an insane tone. She gave an evil sneer, thinking about destructive things to do to people, for that was her main purpose...

The Spider Queen began to chuckle. "Hmhmhmhm... My Insanity Incarnate and Soul Weapon... Karu. You shall assist the others in their efforts to spread total insanity across this land... With me as the source. Proceed downstairs, and do as you like until further ordered."

Karu nodded, now smirking. "Heh. I thought you'd never ask." Karu would make her way downstairs, clenching a fist. She was ready for some destruction... Such was the effect of her soul.

Some time passed whilst Karu was out, and another being came to visit the Spider Queen. They had a conversation about servitude to the Spider Queen, and once it was settled that this lesser spider woman would be the Spider Queen's servant, she left the rest of the business up to Karu.

After the Spider Queen disappeared, Karu fell from the blackness above. She landed on her feet, somehow, and stood tall, looking rather menacing toward the lesser spider woman.

"... You're the one working with me? Tch. You don't even look like your legs work. Whatever. Let's go."

Karu started to walk away from the lesser spider woman in an arbitrary direction.
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Insanity Incarnate Karu Empty
PostSubject: Re: Insanity Incarnate Karu   Insanity Incarnate Karu EmptyTue Nov 05, 2019 1:06 pm

First Incarnate: The Weevil

The Spider Queen had just created her first Soul Demon in what seemed to be almost one thousand years... Yes... It was amazing that she still remembered how to do it.

"... But she is not enough..." the Spider Queen said to herself. She knew that Karu possessed power, but was it sufficient enough to be such a weapon? Maybe... Maybe the Spider Queen needed a different weapon. It was time to test out her power on one of her subjects...

"Weevil..." she called out lowly, the insanity infested within the weevil's mind and soul would trigger the Spider Queen's voice through the spider clenched onto his very soul.. Increasing his madness. She wanted him here, now. Karu was next to the Spider Queen, awaiting her orders...

The weevil would be compelled by his own insanity to come to the aid of the voice he heard inside of his head. The voice he was beginning to accept as his 'leader'. "... Thh... That damn Demon King..." The weevil would walk over to a wall and sit down; his body wasn't healing, as his Pact was tainted, the insects within his body however were still eating his organs and such, so the weevil was in a constant state of pain. "I'll devour him... I swear to it..."

Karu stepped forth, scoffing a bit. "... You'll devour ME? I'm a SHE..." Many long blades jutted out of her wrists, seeming to be the blades of a weedwhacker... She was indeed a weedwhacker weapon. An oddity, at most, but it would be incredibly useful. She squinted her eyes, the weedwhacker blades on her wrists firing up, spinning slowly at first, but quickly moving at a massive speed, creating a great gust of wind.. Though the wind didn't leave her wrists. It just accumulated there via the power of her wavelength. It could be compressed and launched any time she saw fit and in any way she saw fit. "I'm ready.."

The weevil's creepy little head twisted around to see the face of the girl who was obviously fucking up. Messing with the weevil in this mood was a one way ticket to hell. "... I highly doubt that..." the weevil said in his double toned creepy voice. The weevil lifted his right arm and fired a decent number of his bugs, before placing his free hand on the ground, his arm bubbling with with other insects. "My insects... Go."

Karu raised her right arm, her blades still spinning intensely and building up a hell of a lot of air pressure... And to add to that, she would mix a bit of her 'Heat Sorcery' in there to make the wind being stored scorching hot. The temperatures in the wind rose one hundred degrees every second. She launched the massive blast of burning hot wind at the bugs, as well as at the weevil, trying to melt them with the insane heads and crush them with the super pressurized wind. Karu then pointed her other hand at the ground, watching the bugs and the weevil carefully to see how they'd react to the heated wind...

Weevil's parasite bugs would be pushed back from the pressure of the wind, but were unaffected by the heat. Energy, manna -- they are all they same, and the weevil's bugs were not harmed by elemental energy. "... Stop fighting." The weevil summoned his bugs back to him and drew his sword. He thrusted it into the ground and began to pump sound resonance energy though the area. The entire ground was now a ticking time bomb of auto-resonating energy. However the weevil couldn't move from whence he stood, for he would be blown to shit.

Karu smiled devilishly, as the wind was just supposed to harness her own wavelength. She was hoping her heat did something, however, that wasn't her main plan. It seemed as though her 'Heat Sorcery' wouldn't be useful here... Regardless, the wind was. Her wavelength had been surging through her wind since the moment it left her body, thus, what was within were 'Insanity Spider's, a special gift of having her soul made partially of the Spider Queen's own. Thus, the 'Insanity Spiders' would latch onto the souls and minds of the insects once the wind passed through them, causing them to go insane and their souls and minds to be devoured slowly. Hopefully, the same should happen to the weevil's soul and mind... They should be able to make his insanity grow, though still feed on his mind and soul. Karu noticed that the weevil was doing something with the ground, which is why she had her other hand pointed at the ground... So that she could launch herself into the air with her pressurized wind. She was quickly shot up without hesitation, and then, blades extended from her ankles, starting up and spinning viciously before she started to fall so that she could stay airborne. She outstretched her legs -- one in front and one behind -- then her arms out on each side of her, spinning her entire body violently. In a matter of seconds, she had created a tornado of compressed wind, surging with her own wavelength as well as her 'Heat Sorcery'. The heat was to melt the walls. The tornado was meant to suck everything into it and be crushed... It had an odd glow to it, however.

The weevil's eyes were closed, his hair flowing in the presence of the growing twister. The weevil, having seen his bugs fall to the insanity once before, had taken precaution for such a thing. "... Again..." Weevil didn't know why his bugs were beginning to turn, but he knew they were nothing to him now. So he released his technique; from the ground a geyser of sorts would erupt from beneath both the weevil and the girl. This geyser was the weevil's auto-resonating energy and since it happened at such a speed it was unlikely that the girl would either dodge or survive the move.

Karu, though being insane, was also incredibly perceptive. The bugs would have already been sucked into the tornado by now, and thus, be around or under Karu. Once she felt the flicker of insanity in the weevil, showing he was about to do some sort of attack, -- most likely involving the ground -- she immediately made all of the insanity controlled insects form a wall under her to take the majority of the hit whilst Karu forced all of the wind from the tornado downward to shoot her through the roof of the building. The heat she released had already melted the walls and ceiling significantly, and as such, they were either gone or extremely weak. Either way, she'd be able to bust out and float outside whilst this attack ensued. Even though she was outside, she was not done battling. No, that was a sly way for her to get to the trees... The Spider Queen's lair was surrounded by a massive, almost infinite forest. All which could be cut down in a heartbeat by Karu's 'Nature Destruction' ability, thus destroying the forces of nature to give Karu power. Now, Weedwhacker blades extended from her torso as well, though these blades were noticeably longer than the others. They made one revolution, releasing her powerful wavelength in a surge toward a line of trees, instantly felling them all and sucking out their power, turning them into nothingness. Karu's power increased substantially because of that. By locating the weevil's insanity with her own, she could aim an attack from outside whilst still being in the air.

She spun her wrist blades viciously once more, creating a massively concentrated twister that reached the sky, looking rather gloomy and destructive. With a powerful thrust, she threw the great twister into the vicinity of that room, hoping to destroy everything that was within. Her wavelength surged through it, only to make it that much more destructive. She floated still in the sky, manipulating the pressure of the twister. If it didn't rip everything to shreds, perhaps the vacuum of it would suck out all of the air and the weevil wouldn't be able to breathe.

The weevil's body was severely hurt by his sound geyser and with his Pact being defiled, his recovery rate was down. "... Little bitch..." the weevil said, activating his 'Hyper Mode' and bursting off into the eye of the storm. The weevil knew there was a high chance that the girl had some unique powers but this move right here would mark the end of the match for Karu. "... Shred me to bits... If you can." Weevil closed his body in and tried to force his 'Hyper Mode' to drain the energy of the tornado, but was failing miserably. Since the weevil was inside of the storm... He was protected from whatever the girl could do from the outside, but his body was being shredded.

Karu smiled, snickering a bit. "I like the balls on this guy. But let's see what happens when I do... THIS." Since she had both hands pointing at the weevil, and used both to create and control the twister... If she spread them apart, the twister would spread apart as well, thus the vacuum should pull the weevil in two different directions whilst also being shredded at the same time. She hoped it would be too much for his body and he would lose. I mean, it's not like the Spider Queen couldn't fix him right up. Her wavelength was also surging through this twister, and if the weevil tried to absorb it, his insanity would only increase to the point of him being totally paralyzed by it, succumbing to its properties and becoming mentally and physically motionless. If enough Insanity of her own merged with his... She could use her 'Pure Insanity' to do whatever she could to his mind. A bit of the Spider Queen's manna flowed through her... Which is why Karu's insanity was so powerful. If the weevil STILL somehow managed to persist through the splitting twisters, -- through the suction, the force, the ripping current, the lack of air, and the insanity -- she still had one final move... In fact, she even started to think about the timing of it, so that it would happen just at the right moment...

The weevil would contort and groan in pain as his body was being pulled by two separate vacuums of air. If he didn't get out of this, he would surely be ripped into, and with his Pact the way it was, he had little chance of survival.

???: "HAROOOOO!!!"

A loud roar yipped across the battle field as a large creature leapt out of the shadows. The large beast tore though the winds with his lightning engulfed claws and used one of his many tongues to grab the weevil's body... Well, what was left of it. "... Weevil" the beast said softly as he laid the weevil's upper half on the ground. He was oozing blood and slowly dying, but somehow he spoke. "Baggu... Let... Let's kill her..." Even within an inch of his life, the weevil's hatred still yearned for the fall of the girl before him; for some reason the weevil trusted Baggu... But not his own insects.

Baggu: "...I shall give you that wish..."

Baggu picked up the half of the weevil's body and ate it in one gulp. The beast then directed his attention to the girl and gave one good roar. The earth shaking roar would hopefully push the girl back and give him enough time for his little plan to work. "..."

Karu was still in the air, and her winds around her were too high for the force of the roar to go through... However, it did stop the remainder of the wind from around her. She cocked her head to the side and gave the new thing a dirty look. "... The hell are you? Are you still part of that weevil guy? Huh. Whatever. I'll just destroy you all the same. Nature Destruction..." She raised both hands to the sky, letting the blades around her wrists rotate vigorously, faster than they had beforehand. They were as invisible as a jet plane's blades, they were spinning so fast. "... Ozone Eradication." The Ozone Layer of the planet was surely a part of nature, and Karu's ability was of 'Nature Destruction'. Therefore, with a powerful parting of the clouds, then what seemed to be the sky, a massive layer of black and redness was seen as a gaping X. This was a rip in the Ozone Layer. Using her Heat Sorcery, she could control and direct the Ozone Layer's radiation and focus the all of it on Baggu's general area, incinerating everything near; melting trees, turning the ground into liquid, or even a gas... Nothing was safe from this terrible attack. And even with that, she forced her wavelength to surge through it, the massive amounts of insanity actually tinting the blast purple and black... Now it was no longer just a massive condensed blast of radiation and heat... It was also pure insanity beaming down. Radiating. Expanding. Destroying. Such direct contact would hopefully overpower the mind and soul of this creature, assuming it had those.. But it must have those, right?

As a final stand to keep him contained, she even pointed her legs at the area, since her arms were busy, and they would spin as fast as a jet turbine as well. Thus, this created a twister twice as powerful as the one she had launched just before, the massive thing wrapping around the Ozone Layer blast and creating a pressurized vacuum to suck out its air, keep it in one place, slice it up, and crush it all at the same time, whilst also being hit with the previous Ozone attack. For some reason, Karu didn't seem to understand the meaning of holding back... Maybe that was just the insanity within.

Baggu smiled as the weevil's body began to mold itself from the Baggu's skull. Only the weevil's upper torso showed itself, but it was more than enough to do what he needed to do. "... Stop..." With the gesture of the weevil's hand, Karu would lose all control over her body. Her joints were the first to go, unfortunately for her this happened after she opened the rift in the ozone but before she could control the radiation. The weevil didn't mind though. Baggu wasn't effected by radiation and things of the sort, and since the weevil was inside of Baggu, he was safe from it as well. "... I'm going to nuke you until you're insides are nice and ripe..." Now if you're wondering how this happened, allow me to explain. While inside the twister the weevil used his keen since of the wind to tell when the rotations were pointing towards the girl, then he would release thousands of little parasites into this wind current. The parasites entered your body via all her openings, ceasing control over her energy, joints, mind, and everything of the sort. "... Are you thirsty, Baggu?" weevil asked his Pact.

Karu sneered, trying to think of a way out. But in turn, unless the Spider Queen did something, Karu had no real control over her body at this point. The Spider Queen could stop this battle at any time, if she truly wanted to. And yet, she didn't. It seemed as though these two were meant to fight to the death. But Karu was created once, and she could be created again just the same as before... But what of the weevil? Was he dying? She couldn't tell. She didn't really care.

The weevil would make his bugs devour the her energy down to a point where she only had enough to stop this radiation leak. It had already left a hideous scar on the planet's surface. "...Girl... Make this ridiculous attempt at my life cease. You're only hurting yourself." The weevil, still within Baggu's body, placed his hands on his head.

Karu squinted her eyes. Truthfully, she was only really good at DESTROYING nature rather than fixing it... And as such, she couldn't particularly do anything about it...

The Spider Queen had to finish this up, then. Pulling out the remainder of Karu's soul, the Spider Queen instantaneously fixed the hole in the Ozone Layer by permanent manna. It was a web that held that portion of it together, and the Spider Queen's manna spread across the entire Dusk village now, so doing this was extremely easy for her. "... That is enough... With the remainder of Karu... Another one shall be born... And now, weevil..." Her presence suddenly transcended the area, taking up the sky, since her insanity wasn't contained inside of that room anymore. She just stared at the weevil.
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PostSubject: Re: Insanity Incarnate Karu   Insanity Incarnate Karu EmptySun Jun 28, 2020 9:40 am

Second Incarnate: Karu, The Insanity's Incarnate

She had woken up.

"... Where is my Queen? I do not sense her any longer..."

The young lady that stood to her feet was about 5'7, wearing a casual tank top with some ripped jeans. Her hair was moderate length and sandy blonde. Piercing red eyes gazing at the new location, the young lady, Karu, walked through the endless abyss of white. She did not know where she was going, nor if she would ever get there, but she was in search of her Spider Queen.

"This place..." Karu murmured, "... I cannot feel anything here."

Karu's eyes narrowed.

"I must have died." Without warning, an incredible lapse in her cool and independent demeanor changed into wailing violently and unleashing a great deal of reddish energy from herself -- Insanity.

"Where is... It...?" Karu mumbled, her eyes now glowing. "The Insanity..." she said softly, "... I can feel it."

Karu continued walking through the abyss, being guided by her own insanity to The Insanity, itself, from which she was born. "It's here... I know it is..."

Just then, a hole darker than black appeared above Karu, its essence being the Void, itself. Every now and then, there were sparks of what looked like red electricity coming out of the hole and then slipping back in.

"Child," the black hole called out, "You Are My Heiress; My Incarnate. I Am The Insanity You Seek." Within the black hole, two slender, piercing eyes slid open -- both agleam -- to gaze at the incarnation of Insanity and let itself be known.

"Return To Me, Child, And You Will Be My Daughter."

The black hole expanded where Karu was, leaving it open as a portal for her to travel through.

Karu thought. The Spider Queen was either dead or was not the same as she was before Karu's death, yet part of her soul still existed within Karu. It was a difficult choice for her to choose between searching for the Spider Queen's soul and entering the darkness that her so-called 'Father' made for her.

But the Insanity within Karu had its own motivation to move Karu, for she was naught but a vessel for Insanity. There was nothing inside of Karu except for the Insanity, and she was gripped by it in her heart to return to the very thing she was born from. "F... Father, huh?" she asked with a hint of skepticism. "... But I cannot deny this feeling..." Karu gazed into the eyes of the Insanity and gave a look just as sharp as the Insanity's glare.

Every part of her being wanted to go through the black hole where the Insanity resided. There was literally no choice in the matter, since her entire makeup was that of Insanity. "... Alright, Dad. Show me what you've got."

Karu slipped her hands into her jean pockets and stepped forth into the black hole where the Insanity resided.
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PostSubject: Re: Insanity Incarnate Karu   Insanity Incarnate Karu EmptySun Jun 28, 2020 9:43 am

Third Incarnate: Rebirth Of Insanity

Everything was pitch black; there was no light as far as the eye could see. This realm of darkness is where the Insanity withdrew its newly found daughter into. It looked similar to the white void that she woke up in, only this time it was darker than black.

"My Child," a voice spake from the darkness, "Welcome To My Realm -- The NeoZero World."

Nothingness. Looking around, that is all that there seemed to be. Even the Insanity was hidden by this darkness, until it opened its gleaming, sharp, narrowed eyes again. Those eyes served as the only light that existed here.

Karu, who was addressed by the Insanity as its child, casually observed the place where the'd entered. Pitch black, in a similar fashion to how that abyssal white was when she had awoken. She scoffed, generally upset.

'This is what you wanted me to see? There's nothing here except for you and I." Karu became more frustrated by the second, an aura flaring up and crackling around her.

The Insanity laughed, causing an echo throughout the NeoZero World. "Daughter," the Insanity called, "It Is Because Of You That I, A Sliver Of Myself, Have Come Into Awakening." The only reason this Insanity existed was because Karu, herself, was made of Insanity. "I Am Only A Manifestation Of You, Though I Still Remain Myself As If I Were Complete. I Am Awakened And Free Because Of Your Power, For Mine Has Been Locked Away Inside Of A Vessel Elsewhere."

The Insanity narrowed its eyes.

"We Must NEVER Run Into That Vessel, Or Else It Will Absorb Us, As It Is Supposed To Do." The Insanity was only able to take on form beyond the vessel used to imprison it because of Karu's insanity. "If We Can Find A Way To Destroy The Vessel, I Will Once Again Be At My Full Strength. Right Now, I Am Only As Powerful An Influence As You Are, And You Are Very Weak In Comparison To The Vessel And My True Self."

Karu settled down a bit -- mostly out of intrigue -- with the Insanity's words. She felt strangely obedient to the Insanity, like she was with the Spider Queen so long ago.

"So, what do you want me to do about that, if I'm so weak, huh?" She had just woken up after what she believed was her death and had no idea where she was. She'd only been in a void of white and a void of black, and nothing else. She did not even know how to exit. "You're relying on me, yet I don't know a damn thing about this place." Karu's frustration flared up as she crossed her arms and gave a delinquent look toward the large red eyes. "And it's not like you can give me any power, since you're just a sliver of yourself that came from me. If I'm weak, then you're weak, too." That was how it all added up to Karu.

"So what do you expect out of me? Go on a senseless rampage and destroy everything in my way?"

The Insanity smiled a wide, bright, toothy grin, exposing its fanged teeth. "Precisely..." it said in a deep voice that echoed throughout the darkness. "The More You Destroy, The More Powerful Your Insanity Will Become, And So Will I. Eventually, We Will Be Able To Extract The Rest Of My Power From The Vessel And We Will Have Our True Power, Daughter."

Suddenly, the Insanity's smile disappeared. "I Am Counting On You, My Daughter, Not To Fail Me. I Will Be Ever With You, So Do Not Hesitate To Seek My Assistance, Should You Need It."

After the Insanity was done speaking, it would close its eyes and merge itself with Karu's aura, giving the fiery static around her the face of the Insanity within her aura. "Come, Let Us Leave This Place. There Is Much To Claim In The Name Of The Insanity."

It couldn't wait.

Karu felt the energy of the Insanity coursing through her as a living being independent of herself, yet also still maintained her own self simultaneously. "Tch. It feels weird knowing that there is another being inside of me..." Yet, she knew that the Insanity she was made of came straight from the entity inside of her, and without its energy, she would be no more. Truly the Insanity was Karu's father, and she was its daughter incarnate.

"Well, DAD, whenever you're ready," Karu said sarcastically, "Because I don't know a damn thing about this place nor how to get out of it." Leaving everything up to her when they were in a place that was like a void was definitely not the best move. "You want me to destroy this place first, huh...?" It was a sound guess, but still something that she knew the Insanity could tell her straight forward.

"Whatever," Karu dismissed, "I guess I WILL tear this place apart with my Nature Destruction power." That was her special ability -- to destroy nature and all its laws.

Karu raised an arm up, taking her hand from her pocket and pointing it straight upward. "Let's see how much fun I can have with this." She smirked, large blades protruding from her wrist and suddenly beginning to spin. Karu was a weapon, and a weed whacker, at that. She could mow down anything with her Nature Destruction combined with her being an Instrument. "Slice..." she muttered with anticipation, the blades picking up high speed like a jet engine turbine. At the edges of her rotating blades, the darkness began to tear, and light seeped in through the rips. It was bright and blinding for a moment, but as more was cut away from the darkness, the beauty behind the light could be seen. Karu stopped her blades from spinning and retracted them into her wrists the moment the gateway was torn open.

"This place looks badass," she said, marveling at the vibrant colors and the spectral, stellar atmosphere. "I'm sure I can find a good time here," Karu said as she pulled herself out of the hole and into the light... Of the Veritas.
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PostSubject: Re: Insanity Incarnate Karu   Insanity Incarnate Karu EmptySun Jun 28, 2020 9:49 am

Fourth Incarnate: Living God; Planet Veritas

Tymon made his way through the Veritas Universe, using his powers to slide down the crystalline pathways as if on a skateboard. The intertwining pathways were assorted like a spider web, yet even more complex than that.

Though this was true, Tymon had already made it down to the Veritas Planet, which was the incarnation of his three daughters merged into one. As such, they ruled over their own territories as per by request, however their fusion -- which was its own entity -- became the planet.

"Shinkaerei!" Tymon called out to one of his creations that would be blessed to see him, "Come Out And Meet With Your Daddy About What The Problem Is." There had been a war, and Tymon already knew that. He was The Creator.

"I Just Wanted To See What The People Were Up To."

Tymon thought.

"But They Know I'm God, Right?"

As long as they knew they would be perfectly fine.

Tearing into the fabric of spacetime with rapidly increasing velocity using her blades was Karu, one of Tymon's unfinished creations.

At that moment, the Insanity took over and Karu pointed her still spinning razors around and released entropic vibrations toward Tymon out of sheer malice. "Die..." she said lowly, increasing her rotation speed until the entropic energy became a heat beam.

Tymon already knew what Karu would do, for he ordained it. "Karu..." Tymon said lowly as he lightly altered the course of the attack using the most minimal amount of his power, "I Am The Overgod, Tymon."

Tymon closed his eyes, "Now Karu, I Know Everything About You, But You Do Not Yet Know Yourself."

By DEFAULT, All Of Tymon's creations were his children, and this one just so happened to step into the wrong place at the wrong time. Minor mishaps occurred.

"I Need You To Go Find Out About The Souzenryoku. That Is Best For You, My Child." She was already the Insanity itself, and a little sliver of it is something malicious. "Do Not Disobey Me Karu. But I Know You Will. For I Have Ordained It."


She was quiet for quite some time. It meant that she was thinking of something.

"Creator," Karu called out, "If I am made of Insanity, won''t I die if you try to purge it?"

Karu stopped spinning her blades and retracted them into her wrists again. "Are you trying to kill me? Did you forget where you came from?' Suddenly windmill blades shot out of her ankles and burst her up into the air like a jet.

She rocketed toward the Blue Moon of the Spectral Dusk, however stopped in midair before she flew out of the atmosphere. "If you're the Overgod, why is it that you cannot take the Insanity from me?" Karu was totally clueless about a lot of things because she woke up after the Veritas released its dead weight. She didn't even know what the Veritas' name was.

"You should be able to tell me why you brought me back, too, Mr. Overgod." Karu certainly died many moons ago, yet somehow there Karu was. Karu had many questions for the Overgod that she intended to get. "Only YOU can answer those questions if you really are what you say you are." Karu did have a very limited perspective of the world, being shut in all the time until it was necessary to serve.

"I am here to destroy things, you know," she said blatantly. "That is the purpose YOU gave me."

As it were, Karu resumed shooting entropic heat lasers at people and the sky, hoping to tear them both asunder.

Tymon chuckled some, snickered a bit, but didn't really laugh. In fact, he remained more or less emotionless. "Karu," he commanded, "Complete Your Purpose." Tymon folded his arms, saying, "I Will Restrain Myself From Using All Of My Power At Once And Erasing You Accidentally."

Tymon was well aware of Karu because of his omniscience, and he understood how her thoughts worked, because he made them that way. So, Tymon placed two of his Thirteen Restrictions upon himself so that he would go down to the Eleventh Restriction.

Tymon smirked.

"Karu," the newly transformed Tymon said, "You Were Brought Here To Fulfill Your Purpose. If You Do Not Know That It Means Battle, So Be It, But Know That I Know What I'm Talking About."

Ty slipped his hands in his pants pocket and hovered over to contain Karu as well as isolate the Insanity that was within her at the time. It didn't take much to trap Karu for Ty, but it would be more meaningful if they had the encounter.

"Isolation Chamber," Ty commanded. Around Karu an isolated dimension formed itself. She would not be able to cut through that whilst she was inside of the Isolation Chamber. "I've Been Using My Isolation Chamber For Years. Never Gets Old." Ty chuckled cutely to himself, ready to reason with Karu about completing her assignment.

"Now, Karu," Ty said sternly, "You Must Go Master Each Of the Souzenryoku So The Insanity cannot Infect You. You'd Probably Turn Into Something Beautiful Afterward."

Ty loved all of his art.

Karu couldn't tell what to make of the guy that just transformed into something else, but she did know that if it was a Tensei, it would be bad for her.

"You're telling me you brought me back just to make me again because the first one died?"

Karu felt pitiful. Now, not only did she not want to die, she also wanted to kill someone, or something.

Might as well be the Creator, right?

The weed whacker blades that extended from her wrists and ankles rotated so fast, they created portals to different dimensions. She slipped through one and popped out right beside the Creator, blades still spinning. She whorled around in the air and tried to lob his head off.

"I Brought You Back Because I Love You," Tymon said genuinely, catching Karu by her underbelly. "Your Purpose Is Just Not The Same As It Was Before. You Don't Need to Be The Insanity Anymore."

Once Karu figured that out, she would understand that Ty was telling the truth about his creations.

Ty hurled Karu across space like a javelin, waiting and watching to see what had become of her afterwards. He was doing something with his hands that looked like nervous fidgeting, except more precise.

Hurdled thoroughly, Karu rotated her blades at maximum velocity, so she did not get thrown far. In a few moments, she was back before the weakened Creator was and was steaming hot.

"I'm not TRYING to be the Insanity," Karu said, mad as ever, "I was BORN this way..." Her eyes narrowed and Karu's teeth became sharp, "CREATOR!!!" She was understanding what the Creator did to her by giving her a second chance at life, but she was already content with death.

Now she had become a menace.

Karu was burning hot, and her body started to glow with a light like that of the core of a planet. "So you're telling me you want to STOP me from being MYSELF?" This angered her so much that she began to radiate energy from all around her. She hurled screw cutting vibrations at the Creator.

"I'm going to be an outcast for the rest of my life, aren't I?" Karu was now so angry that her body became like the sun, and the more energy she held in, the more powerful the entropy that was her body became. "I already know how to use this power," Karu said to Ty, "I'm going to use it to burn a hole in existence." Karu gave a smug, deadly look, as if she already knew what he would do. "You know I heard about the vessel you are using. If I'm here, then it's missing a piece." Scorching through the fabric of spacetime with her bright new power, she could finally potentially hit Ty with an entropic punch to the face after coming out of another burn mark portal directly where his head is.

Ty chuckled as the attacks at him disappeared, as they did before.

"You Know, You Are One Of My Favorites, Karu," Ty admitted, raising his hand up nonchalantly. "You Are SUPPOSED To Be Made Of Insanity. That Is How You Were Made To Be." Ty nearly remembered the day when he made Karu.

He dodged the blow to the head, leaning back just enough to not get cut with a razor blade. "You Are Meant To Do What The Vessel Does, However You Were Meant To Destroy And ONLY Destroy." Ty knew her soul, and it was of destruction.

"What the hell is he doing...?" Karu questioned after he saw her new technique fail. "Well, if I was meant to destroy, you wouldn't mind if I do something like THIS?!"

Holding her largely bladed wrists up, the blades spun again like a helicopter. Karu punched through the air several times aiming her thrusts at Ty as her bladed ankles shot her up through the air. There were rips, holes and tears in the universe that were all made by Karu.

"You gonna fix that?" she said in a cockily cold manner, still tearing through the universe with her blades.

Tymon continued to chuckle as he dodged each any every one of the attacks aimed for his head. "Ohohoho, Child, You Must Know That I Already Know What You Are Thinking And Doing?" Snapping his fingers, in one of his hands appeared the Crystal Grimoire, which showed up as everyone's doings. It was already set on Karu -- just so she was made sure it was clear -- and the words continued to write themselves before her face.

"And By The Way, I Can Repair The Damages At Any Time I Like." Ty suddenly grew astronomically large, his lower torso not able to be seen because of various gases that were about in the universe. He placed his enormous hand over the ENTIRE Veritas Dimension and used his healing abilities to mend the universe. "See There?" Ty said with a bellowing voice because of his sudden enormity, "All Better! Now You Run Along And Go Figure Out The Souzenryoku." Ty smiled, "By The Way, I Also Already Know That You're Going To Be Mad At Me For Telling You Not To Go Off Course To The Objective."

Ty crossed his arms, peeking inside of the Veritas Dimension before him. "But You'll Learn Why I Am The Creator. You Will Definitely Know." Ty smirked.

Karu was caught by the logic of Ty, knowing she was way out of her league. "But if I'm meant to destroy..." Karu said, grabbing her head and beginning to glow orange, "... That means the Creator, too, doesn't it?"

Karu burned portal holes open and slipped inside, trying to find a way out of the Veritas Dimension. "And this..." She looked at the dimensional barrier, sneering, "This has to go, too." Continually, she tried to cut and punch or burn through it, and sat there for as long as necessary to accomplish the goal. Karu's body got redder and redder the more frustrated she became.

Ty shook his head. "No, Daughter, You Do Not Fight With Your Creator. They Know More About You Than You Do." Ty. annoyed with the red light radiating from Karu, halted all energy transfer with a sudden "Be Still!"

Now energy could not flow through Karu, and she was left without her entropic Heat Sorcery. This made her very tired, and eventually she became weary from making no progress and now no longer having the energy to keep up the assault. Karu hovered in place, tired.

"I'm Giving You A Countdown For When I'm About To Smite You," Ty alerted. "Three..." Ty gripped the Veritas Dimension hard, causing it to crack. Those would regenerate on their own.

Suddenly Karu was relieved of the pent up heat inside of her, and she became very cold, as she was when she was not using her Heat Sorcery. "Khh... Dammit, he's too strong. There is nothing I can do to him..." Even as the incarnate of the Insanity, Karu was weak compared to her creator, whom she resented because of her purpose that she was given. So finally, she decided to stop fighting him and instead go destroy the Veritas, itself.

"... Catch ya later, Creator," Karu said coldly with an expressionless face, but burning red eyes. With that, she took off to Crystal Planet and decided to destroy everything in her way until she got there. She needed to recover from the loss of using her Heat Sorcery, knowing that without it she wasn't as potent of a destroyer.

She took off using her weed whacker blades sprouting from her ankles and flew down to the Veritas planet.

As Karu left, Ty suddenly stopped counting. "... Yes, That's My Girl..." he murmured, "... Complete Your Purpose..."

All Ty did was smile as he watched Karu go down to the very planet, itself. As he kept saying, he knew what he was doing and whatever Karu was about to do. He pursued her after she landed, nonchalantly floating down to the Crystal Planet.
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Fifth Incarnate: Peace Chapter 3; The Insanity

Ty made his way to the Crystal Nexus, where all of the Bridges and paths through the Veritas intersected. They were all over the place and also kept the planet in suspension, connected to the Veritas Universe directly. He was looking for a rogue that had just recently been brought back from death by the Insanity. Karu, the name of Ty's creation, was an incarnate of the Insanity, itself, and was under the influence of it because her entire body was made of it, save for her flesh. Nothing but insanity filled her form, and the Insanity was guiding her.

Though she was a threat, Ty knew that if he intervened, she would become more resentful than before and may become a Falshin because of it.

Yet, Ty did not seem worried.

Ty floated through the Crystal Nexus ready to find Karu lost in the intertwining webs. It was no easy task to get out of the Veritas with limited powers, so Karu might have been out of luck. All Ty did was search.

Maliciously cutting up the branches and roots of the Crystal Tree that made the Bridges was the angered Karu, who found it troublesome to cut through the crystal. Struggling to destroy, she noticed that her creator followed her to this point.

Now furious, Karu was hell bent on destroying the Veritas and quickly propelled herself through the Crystal Nexus, maneuvering throughout them with a destination on the very planet in mind. Everywhere she went, she left a series of rips and tears in the elements of nature. Some of the Crystal Bridges were broken apart during her flight.

Ty chuckled. "Still Defying Me? Yet, You Complete Your Purpose..." Ty was becoming irritated with Karu's defiance, and knew it wouldn't stop. She would grow more powerful, especially if she released the full measure of The Insanity... Which Ty knew her ultimate goal was, even if she didn't.

"Hmmm..." Ty pondered, shrinking himself back to his normal proportions and entering back into the Veritas Dimension, "... It Seems That She Will Become A Falshin At This Rate. Maybe..."

Ty had a wild idea that might set the Insanity in its place. Even Ty's metacognitive abilities were not enough to cease that interaction. "If I Summon The Vessel In My Stead, The Insanity That Is Karu Will Be Sucked Into It And Contained Forever." Ty sighed, "However, She Would No Longer Be Herself... And I Didn't Bring Her Back To Life So That She Could Lose It Again." Karu's situation was delicate, and her transformation of Insanity to Shinsanity (or Souzenryoku) would purify her. She would be an entirely new being. But, Ty knew that she wanted to stay the way she was -- he knew all of his creations thoroughly.

"... What A Predicament," Ty said to himself. "I Suppose That The Only Way To Get Through To Karu Is To Subdue Her." As much as he hated that conclusion and knew that it would only intensify her rage, Ty gazed at the mess Karu was making of the Crystal Bridges. "Oh Dear," he said, "Now I Have To Repair The Bridges, Too." It was a simple task using his Crystal Threads, which the entire Crystal Nexus was.

He flicked a wrist outward and spewing from his fingertips were crystalline threads, each one connecting to the broken parts of the Bridges. In no time, they would be mended completely. They wove themselves back together to perfection, as Ty liked it. But Karu kept destroying. So, it was up to Ty to fix it.

Warping directly in the path of flight of Karu, Ty said "Be Still," and from himself exuded an aura shaped like an orb. It immediately stretched out to encompass the area. Karu wouldn't be able to move in within the suspended animation. Not even her portal trick would function, because no energy was allowed to pass within the barrier. Ty transcended this, taking on an intangible form that was part of the barrier, allowing him to move as if he were the barrier, and not exchange any energy as he did so.

"Karu," Ty said, knowing that she could hear because he spoke from the aura and not from his lips, "If You Really Want To Know Where The Insanity Came From, I Will Happily Show You."

Immediately, Ty's eyes turned a fierce red similar to Karu's, and he looked her in the eye with a great deal of malice. "I Am The Insanity, Too," he said. "The Insanity Is Able To Live Within Us All, But I Have Contained All Of It Into One Vessel. If You Enter That Vessel, You Will Lose Yourself. As Your Creator, I Did Not Bring You Back To Be Fodder For The Insanity. As The Insanity Has Told You, You Are Its Daughter, And Therefore My Daughter." Ty hovered closer to her, gazing her deep in the eyes. "This Is Why I Told You To Go Find Out About Souzenryoku, So You Could Be Rid Of Your Insanity And Change Into Shinsanity -- The Energy I Made To Counteract Insanity In Us All. That Is How I Get It Out Of The Tensei Family And Into The Vessel." This was Karu's last warning, and he knew there was nothing that she could do whilst in the area of suspended animation.

As soon as Ty's eyes changed color, the Insanity that was within Karu flared up in him, causing the Insanity to become one with the aura and shatter it. Kari was given instruction from the Insanity afterward. "Karu," it said from the depths of her mind, "He Is Falling Into Insanity Again. I Am Within Him And Will Siphon His Infinite Energy To You. Then We Will Be Able To Take On The Vessel And Free The Rest Of Myself From Isolation."

The Insanity fought over control of Ty, since it was Ty's Insanity that was flaring up. Karu would end up having Ty's energy drawn into her, making her more powerful as Ty got weaker.

"Use This Power I Am Siphoning From The Allmaster," the Insanity insisted, "For, Even I Cannot Deal With His Purity For That Long." Soon, Ty would overcome the Insanity and return to dealing with Karu. They only had a short window of time, because Ty's existence naturally removed insanity. Thus, there was no time to lose.

"Take This Power And Destroy Him." The Insanity within Karu should have grown exponentially from even the tiniest sliver of Ty's power, which was enough to give her a fighting chance whilst Ty struggled with his own insanity.

The young Karu was confused about the matter. The Insanity was her father, but the creator was her father, as well. His insanity within him interested her for a moment, until she started receiving more power. "Badass..." she said, feeling the power of the Insanity rise within her. "So, Creator, what will you do now? The Insanity is overtaking you and feeding me power at the same time." Karu smirked, cocking one of her arms back, blades on her wrist spinning violently. She threw a punch at Ty and released a pressurized wind of pure insanity at him strong enough to knock him into the planet and leave a crater.

This event was not foreseen. Ty hadn't used his Hyper Perception as he usually did because he knew that Karu was too weak to take him on. But now, after making the mistake of allowing the Insanity within him, he was being drained of his life force.

"Silly Girl..." Ty said angrily, "... I Was The Insanity Before You Were Even Born!!"

Once Ty was hit with the Insanity blast, instead of being knocked away from it or harmed by it, he simply absorbed it back into himself and caused his own power to grow. Eyes still red, Ty smiled a wide, crazy smile, gazing deep into the heart of Karu. "You Want To See Why I Am Your Creator? Let Me Erase You And Show You, Then!"

Ty lifted up his hand and pointed a finger at Karu, saying, "Absolute Zero; Zeo Grande." It started out as a thin, small beam of pitch black, concentrated nothingness, but it grew exponentially as it touched anything and everything, including open space. Aimed directly at Karu, she would be returned to nothing along with here Insanity, thus leaving the rest of the Insanity within the vessel it was designated for. The longer Zeo Grande consumed, the larger it became, until all things were pure nothingness. If not halted, it would wipe out the cosmos in the direction of its fire. Already, it was large enough to turn Karu back into nothingness.

Karu was surprised when Ty absorbed the Insanity back into himself. "Whoops," she said, retracting her arm blades, still flying with her leg blades. "Guess insanity doesn't--"

Karu was cut off by the attack that was being launched at her, swiftly dodging it before it became too large. She looked on in amazement as the once tiny beam grew large enough to wipe out one side of the cosmos, and leave everything pitch black. "... Badass..." Karu muttered to herself, but also with a hint of fear. "I may be made of Insanity, but he has more power than I do..." Karu couldn't decide what to do, but that large beam of nothingness was a threat to her.

Since the beam was pointing toward Karu's general direction, she could get behind Ty and engage in physical combat. Tearing another hole in spacetime, Karu leapt through the portal and appeared behind Ty, swinging one of her leg around as the other kept her hovering in place midair.

The Insanity within the both of them laughed to itself, watching its incarnate fight against the once Keeper of Insanity. It was ridiculous that they would forget that the Insanity was its own being independent of each of them. The fact that it lived on was a testament to its entitlement to be its own being.

"Fools..." The Insanity bellowed, "I've Been Around Since Before BOTH Of You Were Born!" The Insanity had its own tricks up its sleeve, and Karu, the Incarnate, was going to be its host."Daughter... I Will Give You More Of The Allmaster's Power. Do Not Try To Strike Him With Insanity Again." Because the Insanity was absorbed into Ty, the Insanity grew in power and not Ty. Therefore all of that energy would be sucked out of Ty and drained into Karu. This would even the battle a bit.

"As Long As He Is Using The Insanity, I Grow More Powerful... And So Do You, My Daughter. He Does Not, Because I Am Taking His Insanity From Him. So Go Forth And Use Our Power To The Fullest Extreme!!"

"Damn..." Ty cursed under his breath, "I Never Should Have Flared Up My Own Insanity..." He knew that the Insanity was its own being, but he had so much control over it that he figured himself safe. The siphoning of his power was only a surprise because the sentient Insanity was trapped inside of its designated vessel. Karu was made purely of the Insanity, so she was like one with it. This was not so with Ty, and when he closed his eyes, they returned to their crystal blue color. By that time, he was greeted with a kick from Karu, but immediately halted it with one hand and grabbed her foot, looking at her from the corner of his eyes.

"Now I Will Show You The Power That Counteracts Insanity, Karu! The Energy That I, Myself, Created A Very Long Time Ago." Ty surged his Souzenryoku into Karu by her foot, then flung her at the abyssal nothingness that was the Zeo Grande -- which was still expanding, consuming one half of the Veritas Universe. No longer was there Insanity within him, but now he was weakened because of how much power the Insanity took from him.

"That's it..." Karu muttered to herself as she was flung by her foot, "The power that I've been looking for..." She winced in pain as the energy known as Souzenryoku invaded her body, purifying her. But her Insanity was far too strong now for the little bit of Souzenryoku that was injected into her to work, and it was converted into Insanity.

"This power..."

Before Karu hit the wall of nothingness that was the Zeo Grande, she tore open a hole in spacetime and created a portal for herself to slip through. Where she next appeared was, once again, behind Ty, though now there was a greater malevolence within her. She had great power now, and her aura exuded insanity from every part of her being.

This time, instead of attacking Ty, she took a swipe near him and destroyed the space around him, leaving a gigantic rip in the universe. "... Yes... I am the Insanity..." She realized that they were one and the same, and she was no different than the being inside of her. "Now I see..." Karu said lowly, "... Why you are my father." In her insanity, Karu bursted with energy and freed herself from the binding of her Heat Sorcery. It didn't take long for Karu to start glowing red, like a red giant sun. Her Heat Sorcery gave her power over all things that produced heat, as well as the ability to take heat away.

Karu wasted no time once her Heat Sorcery was back and literally exploded with energy. releasing both insanity and pent up heat from being so angry. The explosion was the size of the sun.

The Insanity incarnate that was Karu was already on the path to becoming a Falshin. If she were able to receive more Insanity, she would be completely compelled by Insanity to do whatever it desired, for she was the only Insanity Incarnate that there was.

"Daughter..." the Insanity spake to her, "Use My Power Wisely. I Am Giving You Everything, That You May Stand Against The Allmaster And Destroy The Vessel Keeping My Full Strength Contained." After those words, the Insanity fell silent, letting Karu have the full extent of its power.

Ty grew ever upset with Karu and the Insanity, for he already knew that they were one and the same. The little amount of Souzenryoku he put inside of her was snuffed out, and she was now going power mad.

"... You Are The Insanity Incarnate, Karu. But It Doesn't Mean You Cannot Be Purified." The explosion that came from Karu had no effect on Ty, though he stood directly in the midst of it. There was an aura around his body that was his own Souzenryoku -- called Shinsanity --which blocked out all of the Insanity. "Do Not Forget That I Created You, Even Though I Created You As A Spawn Of Insanity." Ty couldn't make that clearer to her. "I Am Your Father Before The Insanity, Because I Made You Like This. Your Purpose Is Not To Fight With Me, But To Destroy Nature, Itself." Ty sighed, turning around midair to meet the eye of Karu, "Your Purpose May Be Destruction, But You Cannot Destroy Everything. If You Are Purified, Your Will To Destroy Will Become Tame."

Karu narrowed her eyes at Ty, growling a bit. "You MADE me this way and now you're trying to CHANGE me? I don't think so." Karu was happy with her existence as the Insanity Incarnate and felt demiurges to destroy. "I LIKE destroying things. It's kind of my thing." Karu smirked.

Still, she had no way to fight Ty, even with her new strengthened power. The explosion did nothing and her weaker attacks simply disappear before getting to him. She needed to get the full power of the Insanity. This was her purpose, she decided. "I've thought about it, Creator, and I don't like my purpose to just be destroying. So I'm changing it. Now I'm going to release the Insanity from the vessel and achieve our true form."

Without even bidding him off, Karu cut a hole in spacetime once more and slipped into it, disappearing into a place unknown.

Matters were worse now. The only thing that Ty didn't want to happen was now what Karu decided to do. Yet, even that was within his calculations. "I Knew This Would Happen," Ty said, letting Karu escape. He folded his arm and thought deeply. "If She Does Become A Falshin, It Will Be Because Of The Power Of The Insanity. But She Is The Insanity, Itself... So It Is Only Natural That She Would Seek Out The Full Power..." Ty knew where Karu went and what she was about to do, so he had to be ready.

"... I Thought I Got Rid Of It..." he muttered. "I Could Have Sworn I Brought Everyone With Me, But..." Karu was a different story. She had remained inanimate for a long time, and all that drives her is insanity. "... But At Least I Know They Cannot Defeat The Vessel... Tatari.' Ty was mostly worried about the fact that they were going to meet, and the Insanity would overpower the Vessel.

"I Should Probably Look Into That," Ty muttered to himself, "But... While The Insanity Is Sentient Again, Karu Can Do More Than Just A Little Damage..." Ty had a lot of thinking to do. "... I Just Hope The Insanity Doesn't Spread Again..." Here he was hoping for things he could accomplish himself. "I Don't Want To Kill Her, But She Would Definitely Fight To The Death..."

There was but one other option before Ty took matters into his own hands again... Chroma.

"If Karu Still Worships The Spider Queen, Then My Other Daughter Will Be Able To Subdue Her." It was risky, considering Karu's power growing quickly. "But I Cannot Let This Contamination Go Throughout The Entire Veritas. It Must End Here." Ty hovered over the planet, waiting and watching. Whilst he did so, he returned the Universe's energy back into space and withdrew the Zeo Grande into a tiny orb, then broke it with his fingertips, dispelling it completely.

"That Takes Care Of My Damage... But What About Karu...?"
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Sixth Incarnate: Karu's Insanity

A tear in spacetime shot out the young Karu, who was now in a place that she was had never been before. Having met her Creator and finding out that she was made purely of Insanity, she began to lose herself in it whilst gazing off into the light of crystals that made up the city around her.

"All of it..." Karu muttered, "All of it must be destroyed."

Blades jutted out of her wrist again and she pointed her hand at one of the crystalline buildings. The blades began to spin and a massive amount of heat concentrated into her hand, which she fired off as a super condensed, highly intense entropic beam. She swiped her hand in front of her and the beam swept across the crystal city, aiming to destroy the crystals that made it such a marvel.

As Karu sought to senselessly destroy the Crystal City of the Dawn, she would find that the buildings reconstructed themselves after being destroyed, as if her power had no effect.


"OUCH! That Hurt!" a voice that trembled the entire city spake.

The voice that spoke out came from the World Tree, itself, whose face was suddenly upon the tree, making the branches look like hair for her. She gazed at the little Karu, angered by her reckless destruction.

"Since You Are Trying To Destroy Me, I Will Try To Destroy You!" the Veritas said.

Suddenly, a strange mist rolled over the surface of Crysteria, the Crystal City of the Dawn. The Veritas' face was projected from the tree and overhead in the area where the city was. The face of the Veritas did not look pleased at all, and was watching thoroughly to see what Karu would do next. Crystals shot up arbitrarily around Karu's area, seeking to pierce her with the very Crystal City, itself.

Unprepared to know that the world she was destroying was sentient, Karu looked up at the enormous face glaring at her. She said, "I didn't know that you were alive! Not that it matters." The mist rolling in was blown away by Karu's windmill blades, keeping her area free of it. "I have one purpose... And that is to destroy." Karu jumped out of the way of the jagged crystals that suddenly protruded from the ground, pointing her hand up at the face looking down at her. A great deal of pressurized heat condensed around her hand and was fired off as a heat beam right at the face of the Veritas. Her other hand kept the mist away.

"Absolution," the Veritas commanded, "Absolute Energy."

As the beam came near, it was broken down particle at a time until it was completely disbanded and now no longer a threat nor even heat. The Veritas had control over all forms of energy as her Absolution, which included the breakdown of other energies into a state of nothingness.

Seeing that the mist was not touching Karu, the Veritas blew a gas from her mouth that looked exactly like the mist that was around Karu. The entire atmosphere would be filled with mist and fog, and the clouds would hide the face of the Veritas.

Karu was tired of holding the mist back with her spinning blades and started to use her Heat Sorcery to condense a vast amount of heat in her entire body. "Back OFF!!" Karu screamed, releasing an explosion from herself that blew away the mist and the clouds, making the Veritas' attempt to consume her with that strange mist ineffective.

"That's all you've got?" Karu said with a smirk, "I bet I could defeat you after seeing your power."

Karu wasted no time propelling herself into the sky, her fists burning hot. She punched through the air and into a scorching portal, which burnt open point blank at the Veritas' head. Karu continued to get closer to the Veritas in the sky, using her punch as a distraction. "I destroy what is nature," she said, "And it looks like you're mother nature, yourself!" Karu could easily split a hole in the tree and destroy it from the inside, she thought. So after delivering her scorching punch, Karu zoomed off toward the actual tree holding up the city.

The Veritas was displeased that her Myst failed, but was struck by the minuscule punch from Karu. It seemed to bear no effect, save for making the Veritas more angry.

Seeing Karu dart off to the tree, the Veritas began to use her Archsage Shamanism to summon the spirits of the world to her beck and call. The cluster of souls came from every direction, including where Karu was headed.

"Night Terror..." the Veritas whispered, having those spirits fly at a higher speed than the other spirits, and aimed for Karu. If one touched her, she would be completely immobilized.

The rest of the spirits circled around the tree, and the Veritas retracted her face back into it, still observing Karu. The swirling coat of spirits all around the World Tree served as a defense mechanism for intruders. With so many spirits about, each of them had a different purpose and would hold of Karu in different ways.

The Veritas smiled.

Karu was a weapon, which meant she devoured souls to gain more power. The Insanity, too, ate souls for power, so with all the spirits about, they would be able to grow in power. "Nice try...' Karu said, "... But not good enough."

As the Night Terror spirit came toward her, Karu released a wave of Insanity from herself, causing the wavelengths of the Night Terror to become unstable and thus, veering it off course.

Karu was excited to devour that many souls. She was so excited that she placed a hand out in front of herself and spun her blades in reverse, creating a powerful vacuum suction directly in front of her. She would pull apart the veil of souls that the Veritas was using to protect herself and devour them as they came, wasting not a single one. She would continue eating souls until stopped or until there were no more.

Karu felt here power rising drastically.

The Veritas knew that something was wrong when all of the souls of the world were being consumed by Karu. She was an Instrument, and they collected souls to power themselves up.

"Oops," the Veritas said, retracting the stream of souls. Karu was more powerful now and still headed for the tree at high speeds. The Veritas would have to use some of her other abilities to defeat Karu, as the Myst and spirits had no effect. Karu was a rather tough opponent, considering her freshness in basically everything. So the Veritas had to utilize another part of herself to deal with Karu.

"Absolution," the Veritas cried, "Absolute Zero; Black Swamp!"

Without warning, an enormous vertical hole appeared between Karu and the crystal tree. It was the Black Swamp, which was part of the Zero World. If it touched Karu, she would be instantaneously transported to the Zero World, where there is nothing and all things amounted to nothing. If this did not stop Karu's advancement, then the Veritas would have to use more power from the Zero World into the Black Swamp.

A smirk appeared on Karu's normally cold and nonchalant face, nearing the tree. "Those souls," she said quietly, "... Are going to help me destroy you." When Karu was faced with this pitch black hole that suddenly appeared before her, she knew that it meant trouble.

Stopping on the dime right before making contact, Karu floated down to the crystalline bridges that were the branches of the crystal tree. "Nature Destruction..." Karu murmured, raising up an arm, blades still spinning. Her arm crackled with insanity as she drove her blades down into the Bridge she was standing on to destroy the very natural elements of the Veritas. "With all these souls," she mentioned quietly, "I am practically unstoppable." Her smirk widened to a crazed grin, thinking of all she could do now.

The Veritas shrieked in pain as Karu's Nature Destruction took its toll on one of the bridge. Now, the Veritas was very angry, and it showed by the color of the normally spectral light turning red.

"You Are A Threat To Nature, Itself!" the Veritas said to Karu, "You Cannot Exist Here!" The Black Swamp morphed itself into the shape of a woman with long sleeves and a ronin hat with frog eyes atop of it. It was the embodiment of Kaerei, the original keeper of the Black Swamp.

"Absolute Zero; Caustic Cycle!"

When the Veritas called out a technique, the Black Swamp in the form of Kaerei leapt backward whilst spitting out a great deal of pitch black acid. As it traveled through the air, it spun at a high speed, changing into a hurricane of acid aimed straight for Karu.

Simultaneously, the Crystal Bridge that was broken turned into vicious whips that lashed about under the control of the tree, likely to wrap around and bind Karu to hold her in place whilst the acidic hurricane barreled towards her.

Karu's face became cold again, watching the broken crystal try to bind her. "You cannot stop me like that," she said bluntly. As soon as she was wrapped up, her bladed jutted from her wrists and ankles, spinning violently to cut herself free of the crystals.

Blades still spinning, Karu flew into the air and pointed her arms at the hurricane of acid. From them came incredibly powerful twisters laced with insanity. There were two of them; one to dispel the acid hurricane and the second to hit the tree.

"Now You've Made Me Mad!!" the Veritas stated viciously, seeing the hurricane and twister cancel each other out. All of the crystal bridges suddenly began to rumble before they were lifted up from the planet and now freely wriggled around. "Ragnarok Vectiles!" the Veritas called, which came from the top of the tree once they were called. They were vectors that the Veritas had command over, which would be used to disrupt the movement of Karu. They took on many forms, such as arrows and hands, and could assume any shape that the Veritas desired.

"Vectile Palm!"

One of the hand-shaped vectors moved in on Karu. The closer it came, the more motion Karu would lose at the hand of the Vectile Palm, which controlled vectors and values. The spinning blades would come to a halt, and more Ragnarok Vectiles closed in on Karu after the Vectile Palm caused her blades to stop spinning with just its presence alone.

The Black Swamp Kaerei still remained as the Ragnarok Vectiles did their work on Karu. She took the time to use some of the abilities of the Zero World, where Karu would be taken and stripped of all power. "Black Bubble..." Kaerei murmured, opening her mouth the release enormous pitch black bubbles made up of the Zero World and held properties of acid within them. They floated across the air like mines and hovered in place all around Karu. The latter of them were aimed directly at Karu so that she would either have to evade or get consumed by the Black Bubble.

Karu was fed up with fighting with the Veritas by this point. She could tell now that this being was not using its full strength and seemed to be conserving energy to prevent itself from using full strength. Karu hated it, and her hatred grew stronger when the vector hand neared her and her blades stopped spinning.

Karu fell from the sky, retracting her blades back into her body, since they were useless against the Ragnarok Vectiles."That's it..." Karu's body began to glow red, crackling with insanity. "Nature Destruction!!" Karu swiped her hand in front of her where the vectors were coming, creating a scorching rift in the air for the vectors to fly into. She swung her arm around and covered herself completely inside of a blazing rift, which protected her from the bubbles as well as the vectors. "Against that energy, my powers are useless," Karu said to herself. "I need to escape. I need more power." All Karu could think about was the power of the Insanity. Even after devouring all of those souls, the Veritas proved too difficult to defeat, as it was a sentient being. "Even my Nature Destruction doesn't do but minor damage as I am."

Karu tried to think of a way to escape. Her blades were halted, so she couldn't make a portal for herself. In her orb of Nature Destruction and Insanity, Karu felt helpless and weak. But, the insanity inside of her started to bubble up. "... No..." Karu muttered, "... I'm not going to die again!!" Somehow, she liked her life, even though she was made as a replaceable tool by her Spider Queen.

When Karu started succumbing to the insanity, her hair flared up and became a blazing red, flickering like fire. "NO!!!" Karu shouted, eyes burning with the same intensity as her hair, "This is NOT how it ends for me!!!" Karu curled up into a ball and compressed a lot of heat inside of herself before shouting "NATURE DESTRUCTION!!!" and literally exploded with insanity infested energy. The blast radius was so large, it knocked away and destroyed all of the bubbles and kept the vectors from penetrating the explosion using the power of the Insanity. Karu, who was now maliciously insane, used her Heat Sorcery to cause her feet to spew out condensed heat so that she could fly.

"Nature Destruction, Nature Destruction, NATURE DESTRUCTION!"

Flying around at a high speed, Karu tore through the very atmosphere just by flying, circling around the tree and leaving a burning trail of ripped space behind her. All of the damage that was done to the atmosphere would take its toll on the Veritas, and then Karu will have successfully destroyed it.

The Veritas cried out in pain as Karu released her Nature Destruction laced with insanity. The Veritas was made completely of nature and was a natural part of the universe, so against the Nature Destruction, she had little chance to stop it. Karu already devoured souls, so called the spirits of the planet was useless. Anything she used that was natural would end up being destroyed.

But that didn't deter the Veritas from taking down a threat.

"Ragnarok Vectiles!" she called to the vector values, "Chase Her Down!" In the trail of scorching emptiness that Karu left in her wake, the Ragnarok Vectiles followed directly in the path of the destroyed space, mending it through variable vector values being altered during their movement. It would be as if Karu's Nature Destruction never happened. Once the Ragnarok Vectiles neared Karu, they merged into one gigantic value the sum of each of them combined. "Vectile Palm!" the Veritas called out again, only this time, instead of altering the vector variables of the blades, she'd alter the power of the Insanity. The overbearing hand looming over Karu sought to snatch her out of the sky and return her power to zero. Then she wouldn't be able to do anything until the Veritas let her go.

Karu felt her power weaken drastically as the Ragnarok Vectile came nearer and nearer. "No.." The boosters she made on her feet started to fizzle out, and Karu felt the Insanity become less powerful. '... Not... Here..." Unlike what she thought before, Karu was outmatched. She needed to escape.

With the last of her energy, she used her Nature Destruction to tear open a hole in spacetime and shoot herself into it, winding up in an unknown location where she could recover.
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Seventh Incarnate: Karu And The Insanity

A hole in spacetime burned itself through the darkness, a figure hurdling out at a high speed into infinite nothingness. Once she came to a stop, Karu looked around to get her bearings.

"This darkness..." she said, "... I'm back here again..."

Though Karu escaped with her life, she wasn't pleased with the outcome of her destruction. She was far too weak. She should have been able to destroy the planet with her Nature Destruction, but that planet fought back. Karu never experienced it before and wondered about the Creator and his strength.

"... Maybe I will fight him one day..." Karu thought. "... I have things to destroy," she said to herself, wandering about the darkness.

As the young Karu wandered about the darkness, a light appeared to her in the distance, slowly drawing itself closer to her. At first, it was too bright to make out what was inside of it, but it dimmed significantly to a faint glow around the hovering man in casual clothing -- Ty.

"So," Ty started, a nonchalant smile on his face, "Are You Ready To Do What I Suggested To Rid Yourself Of Insanity And Purify Your Being?" Naturally, he already knew the answer to the question. "It Will Help You Grow Stronger, Just Like You Wish." Ty chuckled lightly. "You Might Even Be Able To Face Me In Combat, Since It Means So Much To You."

Without warning, three large, narrow, burning eyes appeared in the darkness, behind Karu. It was the Insanity.

"No..." the Insanity said, "You Are To Stay With Me, My Child, And Achieve Our Full Strength Together. You Are My True Vessel, Not That Accursed Machine Holding Me Back." The eyes turned to face Ty, of whom the Insanity knew it could not go against. "What Is Your Purpose Here In This Realm?" the Insanity asked. "This Is Not Your Assigned Domain. You Are A Higher Restriction. Why Would You Come To The Likes Of This Place?"

Karu was conflicted. She wanted to face her creator, but even after weakening himself, she could tell she was outmatched. Drained from the battle with the planet, itself, she couldn't fight anymore anyway. She did, however, have questions for the creator.

"... What do I matter to you? You are just trying to change me into something I'm not."

As she spoke those words, she felt hatred within. "Why don't you just kill me now, if you're so powerful, and remake me the way you want me to be? As my creator, you can easily make me into what you want."

Karu's words angered Ty. His eyes became a burning red, but his facial expression stayed the same. "I Am GOD," Ty's first words to Karu were, "Your Free Will Means Something, Even If You Do Not Believe It So." He closed his eyes, holding back his frustration. "I DID Make You In The Image I Wanted You To Be Already." It was true. Karu was made to do and be exactly what she was. "However, I Want You To Freely Wish To Change From Being Part Of the Insanity To Part Of The Veritas. You Are One Of My Last Creations, And I Know What Your Path Will Lead To. More Than Just Destruction, You Will Eventually Be Consumed By The Insanity And It Will Erase Your Sentience So That It May Have Its Own Vessel." Having to explain that to Karu still infuriated Ty, but he kept his eyes closed and an emotionless expression.

Finally, he opened his eyes just slightly, a sanguine gleam from them lighting up the entirety of the darkness in a flash. "Does Any Of What I'm Saying Make Sense To You, Karu?"

The Insanity hissed at Ty's words, the eyes that were its present form floating nearer to Karu. "You Are My Daughter -- My Incarnation," the Insanity said. "That Means That You Are Heiress To My Power, And If You Need It, I Will Give It To You. As Soon As We Rid Ourselves Of That Infernal Machine That Keeps The Rest Of My Power, I Will Show You What Sort Of Power You Will Have."

At present, the Insanity wished to combat Ty again, only this time, it would give all of its remaining power to Karu in order to earn her trust. "You Are Rejuvenated Because Of Me, Daughter. Now Use The Power I Have Granted To You To Destroy The Creator!!"

Karu stood at a standstill. Both of them seemed to have valid points, but what the creator said to her really hit her in the heart. ".. So... You...?" She couldn't believe that he made her this way on purpose. "... Even if you DID create me like this on purpose, why try to change me now? Why can I not just be what you made me to be?" It angered Karu so much that she looked back at those glaring red eyes and said, "I will accept your power as long as we can kick his ass!!"

Ty remained emotionless. "I Foresaw This Outcome," he said in an emotionless voice, "And I Am Ready To Show You That You Face Me In Vain."

With his hands in his pockets, two very large hands appeared behind him, hovering over his body. These were his God Hands, of which Ty could manifest at any given time and in multiple numbers.

"If This Is How You Must Learn," Ty said sternly, "Then That Is What Will Be!"

Immediately, the God Hands floating near him flew over to Karu to grab her and restrain all of her power.

"Good Girl," the Insanity spake with elation, "Now Accept Me Fully And I Will Fight With You." The first thing that happened was that the Insanity was sucked into Karu, raising her power exponentially after the rejuvenation of her energy. "I Will Guide You Where You Cannot," it said. "These Hands... I Have Them, Too." Immediately, two giant red claws that were the exact size of the God Hands appeared before Karu to lock the hands in combat.

"Do What You Will, Daughter, And I Will Handle The Rest."

A smirk appeared on Karu's normally cold and emotionless face. "Bitchin," she said, feeling the power of the Insanity raise her own drastically. Her body began to flare up with what looked like an electrical fire, and her aura expanded in adjustment to her new power. Cocking her fist back, blades suddenly protruded from her wrist and spun wildly, disappearing due to the speed. Karu's fist was filled with pent up heat and insanity, and when she threw a punch, it tore open spacetime to deliver a direct blow to ty from afar.

As a being of pure insanity, Karu could also take on an ethereal form made of intangible insanity and control how her energetic form appeared, as well as what it could do. She did this and dispersed herself into a pure insanity form, filling part of the darkness with her presence. Karu became one with the atmosphere, and started to use her Nature Destruction to cause the darkness to crumble around Ty.

The white hot punch through spacetime aimed at Ty was dodged nonchalantly, just like before. It was predictable even without his knowledge of the meta. The darkness of this area started crumbling down with Karu's presence being naturally destructive, and this world would fall apart if she were allowed to continue.

"Absolute All; Absolute Final Wonderland."

As the darkness crumbled, it would be drawn back together as a black sphere mimicking a planet, gathering more and more darkness that was being destroyed by Karu. Eventually, Karu herself would be sucked into it and have no means of escape from it. She would be trapped in an alternate reality under the full control of Ty. If she weren't sucked into it, Ty had another plan for his Absolute Final Wonderland.

"Do Not Touch It!" the Insanity cried out to its symbiotic host, Karu. "If You Are Sucked In, We Will Lose All Of Our Power!" The Insanity forced Karu to return to a material state, then moved her matter deep into the darkness. "Listen To Me, Child, His Power Far Exceeds Our Own. We Need To Bring Him To Insanity Again, As With The First Time We Faced Him."

A gasp escaped Karu's mouth when she saw how much control the Insanity had over her. It actually made her quite frustrated with the symbiotic nature of the Insanity and she, herself, as the Incarnate. "No. I Don't Need Your Power... I Need MY OWN!!" Karu's eyes flared up as she started to consume the Insanity within her via her own. "I am the Insanity's incarnate, which means I can devour it just as it can devour me!" She had a strong mind and sense of heart, but it was still malice toward her creator.

"I'll destroy that little world you made with no problem!" Karu cried out. "NATURE DESTRUCTION!" She took a swipe through the air with her hand and launched a long rip in spacetime to draw in the Absolute Final Wonderland and prevent the use of it. Hopefully that was the end of it, since she stopped feeding it power.

"Do you want to change me now, Creator?" Karu asked with disdain in her voice, "Or are you going to let me destroy you and everything you hold dear?!"

Ty smirked. "Better Change Your Tone, Speaking To Me Like That. I Can Just Erase You If I Like. But I Didn't Create You To Erase You. This Is Why I Let You Live." The Absolute Final Wonderland was torn apart by the rip in spacetime, but only because Ty allowed it to happen. He could have easily sustained it after the attack, but did not because he had another plan in mind to teach Karu a lesson.

Another fearful flash of red overcame the entire realm of darkness before everything went dark again. Before Karu's very eyes, having instantaneously traveled across the darkness without movement nor sight of movement, was her creator glaring her down.

"Absolute All; AkaTsukiyomi."

With direct eye contact, Karu would be forced into thinking about and feeling all of the negativity she had for others in herself, and was faced with dealing with her personal issues inside of her. The effects of the AkaTsukiyomi were to leave the subjects in perpetual inner turmoil, unable to resolve their thoughts and feelings about themselves. Karu would be trapped thinking about and feeling all of the pain, sorrow, hatred and any other negative emotion inside of her with no way to release them.

In a flash of red, Karu was trapped. She was making eye contact with Ty the entire time, and when the realm flashed red, she was caught in its vicinity. She was consciously forced into dealing with herself in her own mind and own heart, falling down to the ground with a blank expression on her face.

"That's..." she began to say, reliving her past life in her head, '... I'm not..." She reviewed her new life that the creator had given her, just the same as she was before she died. "... Why would...?" The questions and statements did not cease. She was locked up in her own mind and heart.

But then...

"It's..." Karu's eyes blazed, as did her hair, "... Not..." With all her strength, she stood up, "... Over..." The insanity fueled her, and though she was trapped in her own thoughts and feelings, her insanity erased them and thus broke the AkaTsukiyomi. ".. YET!!"

Breaking free and standing on her own two feet, Karu extended her blades on her wrists and began to spin them violently. She was in a crazed state, since it was the Insanity that saved her from all of the torturous thoughts and feelings that were within her. They all simply became insanity, and the incarnate grew stronger.

Karu spun around at a high speed, letting her already spinning blades cut through the atmosphere as Karu, herself, became a giant spinning tornado of insanity. It ripped holes in the darkness and tore apart the realm just by its existence, and it was aimed at Ty.

Ty did not move nor did he flinch. The tornado was made of insanity, and he'd already dealt with it before. "Child..." he muttered, "... Do You Even Know Where Your Insanity Comes From?"

After inquiring, Ty became very, very angry.

"Absolute Zero..." Ty bellowed with a fearsome voice, "... Rapture."

Ty lifted one hand out of his pocket slowly, then lashed it out at a high speed, snatching the energy of the tornado of insanity and harnessing it for himself. All of the Insanity that was made up of the tornado was now compressed into a tiny red marble that was removed from Karu. Her power would drop drastically since so much of her insanity was snatched from her. "Now Then," Ty murmured with a smirk on his face, "Let Me Show You How I Resolved The Insanity." The red orb suddenly became crystalline in color, and Ty threw it up and down, catching it every time.

The very last time he caught it, he hurled it at Karu, the purified energy being a countermeasure to her insanity. If she were hit, she would suffer the pain of purity and purification, which would convert her Insanity into Shinsanity -- the very opposing element Ty made to counteract the insanity, itself.

Without warning, Ty snapped his fingers and said, "Jade Amaterasu," and everything went alight by a green flame. It spread across the surface of the entire realm and burnt away any possibility of escape -- since the flames burned possibility, itself. Now Karu only had one outcome to deal with, for every other outcome would be completely burnt up by the Jade Amaterasu. There were no more possibilities except to be struck down by the orb cleansed of insanity.

The Insanity took control over its incarnate completely and said "HAHAHAHA," at the entire situation. "Now You Have Made Me Laugh!" The Insanity leapt out of the incarnate and acted as a barrier for her made solely of its insanity. The madness she would have to face was that the Insanity, itself, was sacrificing for her.

Thus, the Insanity was neutralized along with the Shinsanity.

However, it did not hit the girl, and the Insanity detached itself, so the Incarnate wouldn't have felt any of the purification and acted as a source of fuel.

Thus, the Insanity reincarnated itself through its incarnate, Karu.

"I Can Come Back Whenever I Wish As Long As The incarnate Exists," the Insanity said blatantly. It allowed Karu to use her abilities independently, but they were still one and the same being. The Insanity sacrificed itself because it knew that it could regenerate from a primary source.

That would be Karu.

"HAHAHAHA," it laughed, "You Cannot Defeat The Both Of Us."

Suddenly everything in sight seemed to harbor glowing green fire. "Only One Way Out, Huh?" the Insanity said confidently, "I'll Let My Incarnate Decide For Herself."

Since the possibilities were met, the green fire should have died down, if that outcome had come true.

Since Karu was saved by the Insanity, she was very grateful for the self-sacrifice. "That's nice..." she said compassionately. Karu felt the warmth of love coming from the experience.

But she still has a mission to accomplish.

"I need to learn to control my power..." Karu said to herself. "If I can, I'll be unstoppable." That meant that she had to master the Insanity. But that's when she realized that the person she battled against had already done that part.

Right now, she was in the fray, and it meant that she was fighting with her creator.

"I thought I said I didn't want to change who I am, Creator.' Karu chuckles, '"Come On." Karu was angry now, and that anger fueled her insanity. "Didn't i say I wanted to stay the same?"

Karu was asking very intuitive questions about her life to her creator for a reason. Only her TRUE creator could know that. That is why she did not doubt him, but his casual attire made him look like he was just waking up. "Tell me what i want to know and we'll call it even."

Ty cracked a smile. "Who Are YOU Out Of ALL Of My Creations To Tell Me What To Do."

The flames did indeed burn out once the algorithm was solved.

"I'm Not Trying To Do Anything Except Keep Insanity Out Of The Veritas," Ty said very honestly. "Everything Just Seems Like It Is Converging Around Me Trying To Destroy Me." Ty sneered. "I've Been Working My Ass Off Out There Just To Save People Like You." Karu didn't know it, but she was Ty's daughter, just like any of his female creations.

"If That Is All, Then This Shall Be A Simple Task," Ty said. "But Address Me Properly, Since You Are Now Formally Part Of The Family." Karu's innate instincts to destroy would be quenched soon enough.

"Just Follow Me, My Child.,' Ty said as he was turning away, looking back and saying, "Unless, You Want To Still Keep Fighting Me."

"Actually," Karu stated, "I thought you would never ask." She smirked. "Your powers are interesting. I like to see them." Karu struck a battle stance and let her fists intensify with heat.

"Show me!" Karu demanded. "Even if I die, I can just be replaced, RIGHT?" Karu was displeased about her history as a mass produced doll that gained sentience.

"So let's get this show on the road!"

Ty could not help but laugh. One of his creations had become rebellious...

'"I'm Warning You Now," Ty said, "The Flash Is Blinding."

Crossing his arms over his chest, he hovered closer to Karu very slowly, a glow around him intensifying as he moved, "Magnanimous Luminosity!!"

The very light that came from the technique had a concussive force that broke down everything that comes in contact with it, their particles being ripped apart one by one in the process. Nothing could pass through the contracted photons. Therefore, anything caught in the blast radius gets ripped apart particle by particle.

Nothing existed within the blast radius of the Magnanimous Luminosity. Its light was permanent. It stretched across space, growing stronger and larger as it consumed more and more of the galaxy. It only stopped when the user disarms it.

Basically, Ty shone with a bright light that was magnified to such an intensity that it would consume indefinitely, becoming larger and stronger as long as Ty continued to magnify.

The Insanity suddenly flared up from Karu, all on its own. It wrapped around Karu and altered her state of matter so that she wouldn't be vaporized. The form they took on was the exact wavelength to blend in with the light as it passed over. if contact was made, the Insanity would take the blow for Karu.

Karu took the form of the Insanity and resonated with the wavelength of the Magnanimous Luminosity so that they could harmonize and stabilize themselves within the boundless light. "Ugh..." Karu groaned, "It's like it's tearing me apart particle by particle..." She could see Ty exuding this light from the free fall she was doing. "Damn, he's really strong," Karu admitted, "But he's not getting off easy on me!" Karu was lost in being insanity now, and her insane goal was to defeat Ty.

As her insanity grew, so did her power, since Karu is made of pure insanity, itself. The Insanity she exuded from herself arced over her and pulled itself around her like a sheet to protect her from the light. 'i see you!" Karu said with an arrogant tone, "My power is too great for me to fall to something so simple." Being erased particle by particle was as painful a process as burning with fire. "But with the Insanity.." Karu's area suddenly became distorted in the light, hovering toward Ty.

"Omoshiroi," Ty said with hint of surprise and anticipation, locking his eyes on the Insanity and Incarnate, which were now working together in symbiosis. A targeting crosshair in the shape of an X made of light shone directly into the eyes of the Insanity's Incarnate. The sheer malicious intent coupled with the blinding light left the target locking eyes with Ty.

"Absolute All..." Ty spake, focusing all of the infinite light that stretched out to every corner of the dimension to become a narrow beam of light synced up with his eyes locked on the Insanity's eyes. "... Nirvana..." His utterance was as calm and collected as Ty seemed to be, and the beam of light targeting the Insanity like a high powered laser pointer burned into the Insanity the power of Peace. Many images flashed through the mind of Karu through the Insanity, allowing her to see what it did to people who could not handle its power. Ty clasped his hands together, as if he were about to pray. As he did this, the light marked on the Insanity would grow more intense, bringing it to a weakened state of calmness.

"Calm Down," Ty said in jest, "I'm Only Having A Little Fun." He knew that the ultimate goal was to save Karu, which is why he did not take his eyes off of the Insanity, which should be weakened. "You'll Thank Me Later."

"Oh crap" was all that Karu could say when she visibly saw all of that light that exploded from Ty concentrate on her. She had no choice but to look into the eyes of Ty. He transferred a relaxing calm and peace from himself that was shown in many of the things flashing before Karu's eyes.

"Ugh.." Karu groaned, feeling weaker and weaker due to the laser being pointed at her. However, she saw what her life would be like without the Insanity, as those were some of the images that flickered through her mind. "You can't..." Karu said with a drained tone, "... You can't turn me into that!" Whatever she saw, she embraced it, yet denied it outwardly.

But there was no Insanity around her, and somehow she felt much more clarity in what she wished to do, since her mind was no longer cluttered. The weakness of the Insanity within Karu was being converted into the strength of Shinsanity. "No..." Karu said softly, "That... Isn't how you made me!"

Yet, there was no hope for Karu, as a better life without insanity or being its incarnate ran through her head of clarity. "But..." she said with hesitation, "... It does seem nice to be able to relax."

Karu became tame.

"That's A Good Girl." Ty smiled nonchalantly.

"As Expected," he said to himself, "The Insanity Cannot Thrive In A Peaceful Environment, And As Long A I Project The Peace Of Nirvana Into You, You Will Automatically Change Into The Incarnation Of Purity." It was for her own good.

So Ty hovered there gazing Karu in the eyes and purifying her from the Insanity with just his gaze alone.

"You Said You Wanted To Fight," Ty said monotonously, shrugging his shoulders, "And I'm Fighting For Peace." Ty giggled a bit. "But What Are You Fighting For?"

"I'm..." Karu's voice for once sounded timid and meek. "I'm fighting for..." She pondered, before there was a sudden spike of Insanity in the almost completely purged Karu. "I FIGHT FOR MYSELF!!"

Out of nowhere, the Insanity that was within Karu flared up, dispelling the changes that Ty was doing to her with the light of his gaze. A great deal of red electricity known as 'Insanity Static' emitted from Karu's body and repelled the force of the light that Ty had her locked in. Her eyes went blank and she no longer saw anything, making the light in her eyes ineffective. Instead, her eyes glowed with Insanity Static as well, protecting her from the shining light.

"You can't change the way I feel!" Karu said. It seemed as though she were still mildly coherent, but otherwise, she was completely insane. Karu's mind went blank, thoughts no longer running through her head. She'd become primal, and the Insanity kept her that way. "I'll change..." she growled, "... When I want to change!" Karu's resilience in insanity kept her from being totally purified, and now she was fueled by her own wrath in the insanity.

Hovering in the darkness, Karu released beams of destructive energy from her eyes, that of which could tear apart what was natural via Nature Destruction. The beams left scorched, broken space where they went and eventually made their way to Ty to meet his gaze again. The light in his eyes would be counteracted by the insanity in Karu's, keeping his gaze at a standstill due to Nature Destruction.

Karu extended her blades again and they all rotated violently, distorting space and time around her as her body grew red with insanity and heat. The space around Karu was about to collapse, and so would anything natural around her general area.

Ty scrunched up his face a bit as he watched Karu return to insanity. Even all of the light of his gaze targeted into her eyes was not enough to quell the insanity. She was too far gone, even after an almost complete purification.

"... How Selfish," Ty said, increasing the power of the light coming from his eyes. In his irritation, the small cross shaped crosshair on Karu would grow to immense proportions, covering her entire body in the light that was once merely shining into her eyes. When her entire body shone like a four point star, Ty said to her, "You Have A Lot Of Character Development To Do." Ty's light easily surpassed Karu's insanity and harmonized with the Insanity Static, making it ineffective as a protection from purification.

"Do You Even Know Where You Get Your Insanity From?" Ty asked as the light became more condensed around Karu. He was now unsmiling and had quite the serious tone. The beam of light from his eyes should still have been tearing Karu apart particle by particle, and as long as he looked at her with such intensity, such would be so. "You'll Understand Why I Am The Creator When You Find Out Where Your Insanity Comes From."

That answer only made Karu even angrier than she was before. But she was more than outmatched, feeling the pain coming from her body being broken down. 'Y... You...?" She couldn't get more than that out. But Karu started to think about it. She was made completely of insanity, and she was made that way on purpose. But as to where the Insanity used to create her came from... She'd never thought of it.

Suddenly Karu was tame again, and the Insanity within her came to a calm. Now she was curious about her Creator and just what happened with his insanity.

Yet that wondering brought her own insanity back again, and this time more powerful than ever. She returned to her primal state again and continued to make heavy distortions within this realm of darkness. Before long, using her Nature Destruction, Karu broke the space of the area around her and it became a shield and a portal for her. She disappeared into the portal to another random location -- just anywhere but here.

She was gone.

Ty narrowed his eyes, which stopped shining with light after Karu escaped. He was still unsmiling.

"Silly Girl," Ty spake into the darkness, "There Is Nowhere That You Can Hide From Me In The Veritas..." As Ty spoke, he turned around, fazing out during his turn. He was gone, as well.
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Eighth Incarnate: Karu's Rampage

A distortion in space broke open and dropped Karu out. She did not know where she was anymore, but the earthen terrain suggested that it was a jungle.

"Bitchin. Now I get to blow this place up."

Karu smiled insanely, her face something like a psychopath's, '"Nature Destruction."

All of the aspects of nature came together as one in the Wilderness. Karu was able to handle any situation nature threw at her as its destroyer. Karu simply transformed her arms into flamethrowers by cycling her bladed wrists and releasing the condensed heat in her burning fists. She started walking into the forest as a large, malicious amount of Insanity, even using it to propel herself through the forest.

Trees all around would be chopped and burnt before the abyss. Karu, suspended in the midst of the walking wickerman, violently ran through the forest whilst burning it down at the same time.

"What's Up, Little Girl?" a voice called out, seeming to send tremors throughout the ground. "Seems Like You're Tearing Up The Forest."

A thick pool of blackness sprouted from the ground and slithered upward and into the form of Tomon, another of the Creator's works. His hair and eyes were black as night. His body was attached to the darkness below him, and it seemed as though they were one.

"I'm Gonna Hafta Cut Ya Off, My Girl." the forest said to Karu, who was effectively destroying it as she walked. The trees suddenly became thicker and fire retardant as Karu went on, ceasing to burn or mel and also preventing their being chopped down. "This Is MY Territory. I Own And Run This Moon. -- This World. You Cannot Just Come Onto Someone Else's Property Without Permission, Trespasser."

Tomon, who was one of Tymon's more Restricted forms, seemed to be spilling black sludge from himself that was extra toxic. "I Already Know What Is Going On," Tomon said, "And You Won't Get A Moment's Rest From Me!" The sludge encroaching over the entire land mass left the ground completely covered in muck, of which several more Tomon copies spawned from.

Eventually, Tomon became the forest using his special abilities. Every tree, every piece of land and all that involved the World were his to command. "I'm This Entire Realm!" Tomon said as a face appeared in the sky -- his face -- and part of his upper torso with his arms crossed. His image was faded, but clear.

Karu's attacks eventually became ineffective because of the black sludge. She managed to escape the ground by using her bladed ankles and spinning them like a helicopter. Karu flew up to the face in the sky and shouted, "NATURE DESTRUCTION," and shattered part of the actual atmosphere.

Karu kept to the air so that the Tomons below would not get her stuck in the muck. "You mean, you're the same person? The guy I just met calling me his daughter?" If that was so, then Karu could get even more merciless in her destruction.

"How Did You Guess?" Tomon said sarcastically. He looked at the tiny crack in spacetime that Karu made, but rejuvenated it so that this Moon would not collapse.

Afterward, many sludgy hands extended from the ground and also more made themselves out of tree branches, each one aimed for Karu. "It Isn't Like I Gave You Any Clues, Or Anything." The Tomon that was overhead past the clouds continued to watch, ready to show Karu what kind of threat she was dealing with...

"Lucky guess," Karu said sarcastically. She spun herself on an axis fast enough to create a condensed whirlwind. When Karu wanted to release the pure momentum of her velocity as a force to be reckoned with, she did, 'Nature Destruction!" she shouted as she hurled her foot forward, which shot a ripping wave of wind that tore through the atmosphere at Tomon in the sky, leaving little rifts open.

With her hand, Karu hurled the tornado she was generating by force directly at the Tomon clones, trying to destroy them with a wave of wind.

She stopped spinning, but did not stop flying. She could tell that the real Tomon was the giant one. Karu just didn't know how to get to his face whilst dealing with the clones. Likely, the tornado would draw in the arms, trees and Tomons and crush them with the air pressure. With that done, Karu shot herself at jet speeds up toward the Tomon that oversaw the battlefield. She was going right for his face again.

Tomon snickered at the attempt of Karu. "You Are A Serious Little Problem, Aren't You?" Tomon said.

"Well, Nothing I Can't Fix," he said, watching as the tornado drew in the black muck that was all over the ground. Tomon smirked after seeing the tornado draw in the clones, then laughed when he saw them all merge together in the tornado to make they, themselves the tornado of black sludge. "I Warned You," many mouths said as they opened up within the tornado.

The tornado became part of Tomon's body due to all of the muck being sucked up and fused together in one storm. Now Tomon had full control over it as a force. The true Tomon that oversaw this caused the sludge tornado to become even thicker and more powerful, until Karu was sucked into it and all the muck of Tomon's partially liquid body. 'Now It's Your Turn, Little Bug..." Tomon uncrossed his arms and extended them over the Jade Moon. His single hand covered the entirety of the Great Forest, and his other he rested on the Great Alps. Tomon drew his face closer to Karu, smiling and snickering, for she would be sucked into the sludge tornado and stuck in the muck that was Tomon's body.

"I don't think so," Karu said rather viciously, "I can use my Nature Destruction for many things." Though Karu's main goal was the face of Tomon, she was already being sucked into the black tornado before she could strike him. His laughter annoyed her, and her spinning blades started to flow in reverse. Whilst in the eye of the storm, Karu made another tornado with her spinning that counteracted the sludge tornado with a revolutionary force spinning it in the opposite direction. It should have slowed and come to a halt, wherein which Karu would jet blast out of the muck and back high into the air. "Nature Destruction!" she cried as she neared Tomon's face. She intended to crack it, or at least break the reality she was in.

Tomon could not help but laugh at the futile attempts to strike him. As he laughed, he literally lashed his tongue out to take the blow from Karu and knock her back down into the ground. It would leave a crack in the atmosphere, but Tomon regenerated it with his presence. The large blob of darkness loomed overhead as well, its shape changing into that of Tomon's, matching his proportions.

"Now There Are Two Of Us," the original Tomon said, "... Against One Of You," the Tomon copy continued. The Tomons mirrored each other as they swirled the entire Moon around a few good times, each time growing nearer and nearer to Karu, then slammed their hands together before her, creating a powerful vibration from the impact. It should have knocked her out cold. And if it didn't...

"Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Baker's Man..." The two Tomons started playing hand games whilst Karu was still stunned, releasing more heavy vibrations as they did so. The entire Moon shook with the vibrations they released from their palms when they slammed together. The entire Great Hollow was filled with the sludge of Tomon's body, as were the trees in the Great Forest. Even the Great Alps were covered in Tomon's body; the entire Moon's surface went from green to black when Tomon extended his influence. "How Do You Expect To Beat Me, Girlie?" Tomon laughed, slapping his hand together with his mirror image of himself. "I'm Gong To Pinch You..." Tomon said, moving his enormous hand over to where Karu was. A gigantic mouth opened up at the palm and withdrew its break with great haste, causing a vacuum to pull in whatever was not rooted down the the black sludge that was Tomon's body. Thus, the trees were safe, and so were the settlements, though they would get a spectacular show from he who ruled over the Third Moon.

Karu was more than outmatched. She didn't understand how someone could be so powerful and be playing around during a life or death situation. Maybe he just didn't see how much of a threat Karu was. As she took the brunt of the hands clapping together, Karu lost consciousness from the concussive force.

However, before she hit the sludge filled ground, the Insanity took over and changed Karu into a state of pure Insanity again. Completely incoherent, she went off of her wild instincts that the Insanity gave to her and cocked her fist back, readying it for when she neared the ground. "Nature..." Karu struggled to say, "... DESTRUCTION!" One powerful strike to Tomon's body would be enough to destroy the very nature of he, himself, leaving him as a different person because of his destroyed natural nature. That would also prevent him from utilizing his abilities, as they were part of his actual nature.

The insane Karu did not stop there, either. Before the crack and Tomon could rejuvenate, she began to punch at the crack in reality at a high speed, making it more fragile via the Nature Destruction. She intended to break out of this realm ruled by Tomon and back into a place that was neutral grounds. He had too much of an advantage over her as it was, even if her destruction of his nature followed through.

Tomon made a sour face when he noticed that Karu was not incapacitated by his hand game, but in fact trying to break out of the Third Moon's reality. "Look, Kid..." Tomon started to say, detaching his upper torso from its connection to the planet as the 'Nature Destruction' took a toll on the muck left behind, "You're At WAY Too Much Of A Disadvantage." From Tomon's detached upper torso, legs sprouted out and made his form complete. He hovered next to the Jade Moon and watched his remains be broken to bits by the Nature Destruction.



What should have been the destruction of Tomon's nature became an adapted part of himself that was now adjusting to the Nature Destruction, making it unusable. It would continue to adapt until it bore an immunity to the Nature Destruction, disabling the technique from any type of utility to Karu. The crack in reality sealed itself up and now the black sludge Tomon left as his remains would begin to converge around Karu. Even the large Tomon copy that loomed over the green moon remained a menace to Karu, extending a hand to grab her.

"Your Ability Is Too Limited," Tomon said. "Well, You're Using It In A Limited Fashion." Tomon shook his head, then let the black sludge do as it would to Karu. If she were stuck in it, the black substance would totally engulf her, its adhesive properties disallowing escape.

Tomon crossed his arms again, overseeing everything.

"That's it..." Karu muttered to herself, "... He's too strong." Karu continually attempted to punch and cut through the black substance, but after a while even that failed her. She knew that her only escape was up into the air.

Without wasting any time, Karu propelled herself into the air high into the clouds, where the actual Tomon was. She paid little regard to the copy, tearing holes in reality to slip into another place within this realm to escape the hand reaching out to her. She could have left the fight and transported herself into another location, but something about Tomon made her want to really destroy him... Especially as one of the weaker forms of the Creator.

"They call this weak...?" she muttered to herself, remaining airborne. Karu quickly thought about destroying the reality by flying around and cutting it open, which would hopefully have an effect on Tomon, even if indirectly. Yes, Karu buzzed like a bee all around the area, cutting and slicing through reality at random. The realm, itself, should have become unstable and thus easier to shatter.

Mid-flight, without warning, Karu's insanity got to her. Maddened randomly, she started to fly off course and over the forest, her blades cutting into reality in a corkscrew fashion. Karu now held only an interest in destruction, as the Insanity made her somewhat mindless. "Nature Destruction..." Karu mumbled, turning herself around and looking at the path of shredded reality behind her. She punched it with a heated fist being propelled by the spinning blades on her arm, giving it greater force upon impact. Once the Nature Destruction hit the weakened atmosphere, it should destroy every place that she flew like a chain reaction, cracks and holes in the reality spreading.

Karu was mad with power. She had the ability to break this place down, but only after she got rid of Tomon. If all went as Karu planned, the cracks, holes, rips and tears in reality should have hurt Tomon, since he was part of this reality.

Now Tomon was angry. Karu was doing damage to the actual reality they resided in, which did indeed harm Tomon indirectly. "Annoying Little Pest," Tomon snarled, "Now You Won't Get Out Of Here Alive!" From Tomon's back, enormous black dragon wings extended, literally overshadowing all of the area from horizon to horizon. The force of the wings opening up created a wind blast that would knock down every tree in the Great Forest if he hadn't already rooted them down with the black substance that was once part of his body.

"Black Sky..."

Tomon's wings extended over the entire realm, wrapping themselves around the Jade Moon. It would become complete darkness everywhere within the reality, and the sky was no longer accessible. "This Technique Is How I MADE The Great Hollow," Tomon said to Karu. He noticed that she was veering of into insanity, which made her sloppy in her work, though she was more powerful.

The Tomon copy extended itself toward all of the destroyed parts of the reality and fill them with its own self, mending the weakened reality as the Tomon copy Merged with it. The force of the Nature Destruction was neutralized immediately, and the damage to the reality they were in was repaired.

"Nowhere To Run Now, Girlie." Tomon's smile widened, revealing his sharp teeth. "I'll Show You REAL Insanity..." As he was about to revert to his old insane self, Tomon remembered that it was a bad idea to be insane because of the entity that was Insanity, itself. Karu was just like it, only a female. "Tch," Tomon scoffed, "Maybe Another Day. If You Even Live That Long."

Without warning, Tomon flapped his wings one time, the force of it literally cracking the entire Jade Moon with its force. The very force of this planetary destruction should have killed Karu by crushing her with the strength of the wind. If not, she would still be forced out of the sky and down into the muck. There were no other options for her, except maybe to escape and leave the Moon entirely.

Karu's entire plan crashed and burned once she saw that Tomon merged himself with the reality that was broken in order to repair it with his own being.

This only drove her more insane, and made her want to fight to the death.

"Mmmrrrgggg..." Karu grumbled, her body starting to take on what looked like ethereal matter, "I AM THE INSANITY!!" She cried out, flashes of the Insanity's previous destruction going through her mind as if she, herself had done it. "Don't tell me you've forgotten me so soon?!" As Karu was forced downward by the powerful flap of the wings, her body, no longer being material, but ethereal, crashed into the muck and seeped into it. Karu had taken on the form of pure insanity, which she always did when she was angry enough. And she was livid with Tomon.

The Insanity that Karu was should have seeped back into Tomon, who knew the Insanity all too well. Karu wasn't just herself anymore -- she was the Insanity of olde. Her very existence as pure insanity should have infected Tomon and returned him to his original state of insanity, of which the Insanity could grow from.

"What?!" Tomon cried, watching all of the events play out as they did. "You're No Chump, Are Ya?" Tomon's wicked smile turned into a vehement frown as he saw the detached part of himself become infected with insanity. "You REALLY Shouldn't Have Done That, Girl..."

Knowing that his body was going to change into a state of Insanity, Tomon took some extraordinary precautions against Karu, seeing her now as a threat instead of an annoyance. "Degeneration..." Tomon said lowly with anger, extending his hand to the muck and touching it once, which caused it to exponentially devolve. "Cell Erasure..." Tomon continued, wiping out any and every cell that was formerly part of his body just by touching it with Degeneration. That would get rid of his excess body mass and Karu simultaneously, cleaning up the Moon rather effectively.

Karu was able to feel everything through the black mass covering the area. It was part of her body now, and thus belonged to the Insanity. The touch of Degeneration, however, made Karu's situation dire. The black mass was being erased on a cellular level, and she could feel it being picked apart and erased cell by cell. Her only means of escape was detachment, just like Tomon did.

A large arm sprouted out of the black mass with blades jutting out of the wrist. It was Karu's arm, yet in proportion with the black sludge. Spinning her blades violently, Karu cut herself off from the black mass being erased and used the black mass infected by the Insanity to become her new body. "I told you..." Karu said with a doubled voice, "I AM the Insanity." A head sprouted from the detached black mass, resembling Tomon but having features like Karu. As it developed, it looked like the female version of Tomon, breasts and all.

Though Karu could not travel beyond the dragon wings in the air, she could always face the actual Tomon in battle. "Do you really think you can defeat me in such a weakened state?" Karu asked before cocking her arm back and shouting, "NATURE DESTRUCTION!!" With one punch, which was also heated by her Heat Sorcery, Karu stretched her arm -- which had blades spinning violently -- at Tomon, cutting up larger pieces of reality on its way toward him. It would not only explode upon contact, but also break through Tomon's natural body, of which the Insanity could control once weakened.

Tomon, seeing the fist coming toward him and wrecking everything in its way, dodged the initial blow -- inclusive to the blades -- and retaliated with one of his enormous dragon wings. The wing not only slapped Karu's hand away, but also Karu, herself, because the force of Tomon's dragon wings was immeasurable. Karu should have been shot clean out into space, far away from Tomon and the Third Moon. "Tch," he scoffed, "Trying To Copy Me Wouldn't Work Because I Know Myself Better Than Some Newbie Insanity Spawn." Tomon lifted his legs and placed them back on the moon, sifting back into a symbiotic Merge with the entire Third moon. As he was before, his upper torso protruded from the moon whilst his lower torso spread across the surface.

"You've Done It Now," Tomon warned, "We're Not In That Small, Cramped Space Anymore..." He smirked, "So I Can Do Whatever I Like To You." Tomon's wings loomed overhead, ready for anything that was thrown at him. The Third Moon was protected by Tomon's lower torso, and in fact was now Tomon's lower torso, itself. Merging with the Jade Moon made it safe, and also allowed him more freedom beyond the protected moon.

Knocked into deep space from the blow with the dragon wing, Karu regained her composure before traveling too far and sprouted giant dragon wings, herself -- the same size as Tomon's. 'You think we can't play rough?" Karu said in a smug tone, "Well, let's see how well you do against yourself!!" The Tomon that was Karu began to glow with a fearsome red aura, now shaping itself more and more into Karu.

"I've got your abilities now!" she said from across space, "And there's no way for you to remove them from me as long as I have a piece of you forming my body." All of her physical flesh was once Tomon's body, so it harbored his innate powers. Coupled with Karu's power of the Insanity, she could infect the actual Tomon with insanity along with the moon he protected. Once more, she cocked her fist back -- which still had blades spinning to make it propel faster -- and shot it forward toward Tomon from across space, rending it as her punch flew across the cosmos. By the time it reached Tomon, it should have gathered enough speed and strength to totally obliterate him with Nature Destruction.

"You Are So Annoying!" Tomon yelled at Karu, who was getting on his nerves. "Don't Forget That It's MY Body, And I Can Do Whatever I Want To My Own Cells, Even If They Are Infected!" Karu was ignorant of this fact, even with the Insanity and its knowledge of all the Tensei.

As soon as the punch was about to connect with Tomon, he bent backward to avoid it and allow it to stretch more before severing it with a swift swipe of his dragon wings. The arm of Karu was gone, and after touching Tomon at all, it began to degenerate cell by cell into nothingness.

"Don't Play With Toys You Don't Know How To Use," Tomon said, rising back upright. "Degeneration Cannon," Tomon called out, a large black barrel extending from the blackness on the Third Moon, "Fire!!"

Tomon took aim at Karu and let an enormous beam of energy shoot straight from the cannon barrel, that of which devolved or degenerated whatever it came in contact with. A direct hit would cause all of the makeup of Karu's new body return to nothingness, degenerating it so far that it is destroyed. All the while, Tomon's wings expanded little by little, growing longer and more dangerous the larger they became.

"This body..." Karu and the Insanity said simultaneously, "... Is still his flesh." The arm which was cut retracted back into Karu's body, and another one sprouted out in its place. "It must be OURS," Karu and the Insanity said, watching the Degeneration Cannon fire at them from eons away. That dragon wing slap knocked them very far away, so the cannon blast would not hit them immediately.

The Insanity within Karu told her to totally consume the body in Insanity, which would then remove all of the traces of Tomon from it whilst commandeering it at the same time.. A burning aura appeared around Karu and her eyes went blank with rage. The physical flesh became immaterial, yet gaseous and plasmatic, like fire. Each collective particle was now part of the Insanity and no longer was Tomon's. There was no trace of Tomon left in the body -- including the dragon wings.

Now giant and ethereal, Karu dispersed herself when the Degeneration Cannon was about to hit and became a cloud of dust, evading the attack completely. That dust began to swirl around like a galaxy, sucking in whatever it could into its orbit so that Karu and the Insanity could grow stronger with the larger body.

After taking in enough interstellar energy, Karu reformed as herself, only much larger. Still partially ethereal, she converted herself into an aqueous mass of gas that sifted over to Tomon, then reformed into Karu again. "Nothing works on you," Karu concluded, "I cannot defeat you." She couldn't touch him nor could she rely on the Insanity to make him crazed, since he had countermeasures already active that kept him sane. "But I CAN destroy your world..." Karu threatened as she hovered away as an ambiguous cloud. She would explore the Veritas Universe and find an unguarded spot that was easy to destroy, leaving Tomon in the dust.
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Ninth Incarnate: Karu's Revenge

After departing from one of the Creator's lesser forms, Karu and the Insanity commandeered a great portion of his body, which they used to make Karu into a giant. She was an enormous being made of insanity, and her body flickered like a wavering candle. She'd been traveling the Veritas Universe for quite some time, finding nothing that could be destroyed. The Universe was either barren or so large that Karu couldn't get to anything that was in space.

"Khh... I guess we'll have to go back..."

They were lost in space, trying to figure out where the mainland of the Veritas was. In empty space, it seemed like the Veritas was a very small and clustered space that didn't expand out to the reaches of its own universe.

"Or..." Karu said, a wicked smile appearing on her face, "Let's mess up this place and claim it in the name of the Insanity." If this space truly were empty, then the Insanity would be able to inhabit it, grow and become stronger, thus making Karu stronger as well. She was already more powerful after the battle with the weaker version of her Creator. She didn't win, but she gained a lot -- mostly this large body.

Karu wasted no time in her attempt to take over the empty space, heating herself up and releasing great waves of Insanity from herself, which would give her an absolute area of nothing but insanity. As it spread, it would engulf whatever lay beyond or within the Veritas Universe. She wouldn't stop until the universe was made of mostly insanity, and could crush all of the Veritas in one go. That was the kind of power she needed, and being the incarnate of insanity made that so. Such is why she was able to spread the Insanity and be insanity, itself.

At that moment, the Veritas Universe began to churn, finding something irregular in its normally cleared space. "So, You Decided To Come Here, Did You?" an echoing man's voice inquired, "But You Think That The Veritas Is Small, When In Actuality, It Is You Who Is Very Small." Suddenly a face appeared in the heights of space whilst two crystalline hands appeared beside Karu, containing the Insanity and keeping any from slipping out. "I Am The Veritas Universe," the voice said, "And This Place Is Not Empty -- It Is Reserved For Me, Overlord Tensei." From the very edge of the Veritas Universe to where Karu was, arms and hands began to appear, and the face that gazed down at Karu revealed his body -- which was as large as the seemingly empty atmosphere. "I Protect And Maintain The Veritas Universe," Overlord Tensei said. "You Are Lucky To Witness My True Form Like This, But Unlucky That You Are Spreading Insanity About."

Overlord Tensei's hands furthest away began to draw in energy as the second set performed numerous mudra hand signs. The next two sets of hands surrounded Karu, each intending to cease her release of insanity from four different sides.

"I Will Calm Your Insanity," Overlord Tensei said, "I Am Your Creator, After All."

Awed by the very size of Overlord Tensei, Karu knew that she would not be able to face him in a fight without more power. This infuriated her, as did the hands suppressing her insanity.

"... Another version of yourself?" Karu noted. "... Just how many forms do you have, anyway...?" It was a rhetorical question, but valid to her all the same.

The four hands that surrounded her and suppressed her abilities were the first things that needed to go. They were so immense and containing the power that Karu exuded. But, whilst trapped within the four hands, Karu suddenly sucked all of the Insanity back into herself, then began to amplify its power internally. The longer she held it in, the stronger the blast would be.

Not waiting too long for Overlord Tensei to catch on, Karu released the Insanity as 'Nature Destruction,' literally exploding with energy. The force of it should have knocked the hands away and disrupted their nature, making them utterly useless because their nature was no longer intact, and so their abilities would be dispelled as well. "I may be small, " Karu said, "But I can still put up a fight!"

Karu knew that the hands would be difficult to deal with, so she aimed for the face and jetted off up to where it was looking down upon her. She was already prepared, fist cocked back, for a Nature Destruction that would destroy the very nature of Overlord Tensei.

The Nature Destruction had an effect on the hands, knocking them away and halting their abilities, but only temporarily, as Overlord Tensei had the power to rejuvenate himself using Absolution.

Until that time, Overlord Tensei folded the two sets of arms across his chest as the next set of hands -- those that were performing signs with mudra -- came to a decisive cease.

"Absolute All," Overlord Tensei bellowed, shaking the entire universe with his voice, "Grand Devaste."

The set of hands that stopped performing hand signs drew in a great deal of energy from the universe, leaving positive energy in his right hand whilst negative energy went into his left hand. They took on the form of swirling spheres that constantly drew in energy. Without warning, Overlord Tensei slammed the two opposing forces together right where Karu was, aiming to rip her apart with the two opposing forces battling each other. Before too long, the positive and negative energy from the Grand Devaste exploded violently, yet the hands that created them cupped over the explosion, leaving it as a concentrated burst around Karu. Her entire being should have been ripped to shreds by the clashing energies combining and opposing each other simultaneously.

It was just before Karu reached Overlord Tensei's face that she was suddenly caught in one of his techniques that came out of nowhere. Karu's body made of pure insanity could withstand the energies, but would ultimately be dispersed by being pulled apart.

During the contained explosion, however, Karu's particles came back together by absorbing the explosion and converting the positive and negative energies into insanity for herself. Her body went back to being ethereal, and she used that time to slip through the cracks of Overlord Tensei's fingers.

"I can withstand his attacks," Karu said to herself, "But I definitely cannot defeat him." Since this was a stronger version of her Creator than the previous, Karu had trouble thinking of ways to strike him. "He has to have a weakness," she said. "That's the only way I'm going to defeat him..." So her goal now was to find Overlord Tensei's weak spot. Karu did not attack him anymore, but circled around his astronomical form searching for anything that might be a weak spot.

Overlord Tensei smiled and gazed down at Karu with sympathetic eyes. "It Seems Like You Have Already Realized That You Cannot Defeat Me," he said, "For I Am The Veritas Universe." She would need the power of another universe to go toe to toe with Overlord Tensei.

"You Did, However, Manage To Survive My Grand Devaste," Overlord Tensei noted as his hands flashed through signs again, "But I Doubt That The Insanity Can Protect You From This..."

Unfolding one set of his arms that were crossed, Overlord Tensei used them as normal hands until they were restored their power. The gargantuan hands clasped together around Karu as she flew around, seeking to hold her in place whilst the other two sets of hands did their work.

"Absolute All; Genesis."

With a snap of the fingers, a large multicolored orb appeared in the right hand that was formerly completing a hand sign. Once the orb of energy was sustained, the final set of crossed arms unfolded to grab it, having it restore their power from before they were afflicted. After that, both of the hands ignited with energy, ready to blast Karu at point blank range.

Now that Karu had seen a bit of Overlord Tensei's power, she knew that she needed to acquire that level of strength for herself. The Insanity within told her to continue the battle, even though she was clearly very much outmatched.

Being held in place by the two hands which had already been stripped of their nature meant that she couldn't do anything to prevent them from clasping around her. Yet, at the same time, she figured that she could use the crystal hands to her advantage. With some Heat Sorcery, Karu drew into herself all of the heat in the area, stored it, and let it build up to an explosion. The explosion of raw heat would be magnified by the crystal these hands were, and a burning, blinding light would be emitted from both of them all around. It was an attempt to blind Overlord Tensei and destroy the hands with an intense amount of heat so that Karu could break free.

Overlord Tensei simply opened his hands up and ceased the magnification of heat and light coming from Karu. The set of hands aimed at her already released their might on her, being both being Balance and Chaos.

The Arm of Balance leveled out Karu's power, keeping it from exceeding a certain level so that the energy within her was always balanced. She wouldn't be able to get really mad and strengthen her power due to Balance's ability to maintain and sustain Balance.

The Arm of Chaos, opposite to the Arm of Balance, began to withdraw energy the chaotic energy from Karu, draining it right into the palm of its hand. Karu should then have no chaos within her, and the insanity inside was subdued.

"There, Now," Overlord Tensei said. "Off You Go." Overlord Tensei stretched his hand over the Veritas Universe and placed Karu in deep space, which Overlord Tensei was part of. Retracting the four arms that dealt with Karu, Overlord Tensei crossed them over his chest again to observe what Karu would do now that her insanity was tamed and her excess energy that came from it extracted.

When dropped in the wilderness of space, Karu, who was now forcefully balanced and the chaos inside of her stripped away, floated blankly in the midst of the universe. She began to question her own existence, for she was made of pure insanity. She did not understand how she was still alive nor how she became balanced within herself, since the insanity was her very being. She continued to think for a while before coming to peace with the fact that her insanity was lessened, and so was she as a being.

But, Karu did not enjoy the balance within her. There was insanity even in balance, and she would use that to grow stronger.

"... Must..." Karu started to say in a tired voice, "... Not..." She was definitely feeling weak; weaker than ever, actually. "... Lose..."

Just then, the balance that was inside of her was made clear to her, and she realized that the insanity that was within balance was a neutral sort of insanity that, if maintained, left no room for any extremities. Sometimes, things needed to get extreme, and Karu was suddenly enlightened by her experience with Overlord Tensei. She bore him no thanks, as he and she were in conflict... But the insanity of balance was still within her.

"Nature Destruction," Karu said in a menacing yet monotonous voice. She slammed her fists together and forcefully destroyed the balance that was within her, leaving only room for pure insanity. Karu's eyes went blank and her body became a plasmatic gas. Karu's power began to grow as her insanity fueled her again. Karu grew larger and more powerful the longer she charged up her insanity within her.

"Oh?" Overlord Tensei said as he saw Karu from afar. "I See. So You Have More Willpower Than I Thought." Overlord Tensei smiled. "It Is Good To See One Of Your Creations Living Their Purpose." he unfolded his two sets of arms from across his chest, each of them beginning to glow. "But I Cannot Have Insanity Infecting The Veritas." Overlord Tensei's smile faded into an expression of neutrality, gazing at Karu from across the cosmos.

Without warning, one of the two hands furthest from each other -- which were gathering energy the entire time -- released their massive energy at the call of "Ultimitia Energia!" From the farthest right arm and the farthest left arm would come "Deultimitus!" In both hands, the Ultimitia Energia -- the ultimate energy -- took on opposing energetic forces and shot both out as a black and a white beam. Swiping his furthest arms across until they met in the center, all things caught within the rays of Deultimitus would be smitten to destruction. It wasn't until the two opposing energies came together at Karu that the true nature of this power could be beheld. "Behold," Overlord Tensei bellowed, "The Power Of The Dual Ultimate Smite." The two beams clashing when Overlord Tensei put his hands closer together would become one enormous beam of opposing energy. Whatever was caught in the blast radius would be obliterated by the opposing forces acting as one by stripping them of positive and negative energy simultaneously, leaving nothing in the path of Deultimitus.

Whilst the beam of opposing energies shot for Karu, the hands that were performing hand signs ceased at a specific point, then began to glow. "Absolute All," Overlord Tensei called, "Ain Soph." Both of the hands that were performing hand signs suddenly stopped and lowered themselves, then outstretched themselves over to Karu, spinning the universal celestial bodies that were near her and causing Karu to be trapped in the spinning galactic force, with she as the center. This was so Deultimitus would not miss, even though the universe was spinning around Karu. She was the central point, and when Deultimitus reached the churning space, it would orbit around Karu and spiral into her during the rotation.

Somehow, Karu had confidence in herself now that she'd successfully undone what Overlord Tensei did to her. Still blind with power, she recognized that she could easily destroy the universe -- or at least part of it -- with her Nature Destruction. That was her saving grace.

Noticing that the universe suddenly started to spin around her, Karu used her Nature Destruction to blow away huge chunks of the universe or slice up the space with her blades as it spun around. The more she destroyed, the more powerful she felt, and the insanity once again grew in her and caused her to grow. However, the black and white beam coming for her closed her in. Even so, with one powerful propelled blow, Karu was able to split the beam back into two separate beams with a single punch.

"My Nature Destruction..." Karu said softly, coming back into coherency, "... Can destroy ANYTHING." She looked over to Overlord Tensei, who was visible from all those lightyears away, then looked back down at her hands. "Is this what he meant...? About my power...?" Karu was feeling more powerful than ever, now. She'd just forcefully stopped Overlord Tensei from pretty much destroying her... Or harming her severely, at least. "Nothing that is natural can stop me!" Karu yelled triumphantly. "So, Creator, give me your best shot!!"

Without a second to waste, Karu sped across the cosmos as a plasmatic gas, solidifying herself once she felt she was near enough to Overlord Tensei. "Your weakness is in your hands!" she shouted, "And I'm going to beat you to a pulp once those hands are gone!" Karu's blades were spinning so fast, she tore holes in reality that served as portals to help her get near Overlord Tensei more quickly. She aimed for the four arms that were glowing, cocking her fist back for another "Nature Destruction" punch.

"Is That So?" Overlord Tensei inquired, watching Karu bounce back from what would have been her universal destruction. "Why Are All Of My Creations Just So Powerful?"

It didn't matter. Karu was learning to master her power and control the Insanity. She was doing well, despite her wishes for total destruction. But it was too early for her to evolve into something greater, like the rest of the Tensei. She still lived as she did in the past.

With his furthest of the eight arms, Overlord Tensei took hold of the Veritas Universe, physically gripping its edge, and spun it around 180 degrees, leaving Karu on the opposite end of the universe. This caused the Veritas Universe to stand still because Overlord Tensei was holding onto it with his furthest hands.

The hands that had performed 'Ain Soph' were still utilizing that power and as such were dipped into the still universe as if like water. They grabbed hold of a portion of the universe and whipped it at Karu like one does a rug to get the dust out. Not only would this cause a massive wave to come over Karu, but it would also displace the celestial bodies that were there. Yet, with 'Ain Soph' still active, Overlord Tensei had absolute dominion over the universe as a single unit. This meant that everything would act as one for as long as Overlord Tensei utilized 'Ain Soph.' The celestial bodies would all come crashing down on Karu from asteroids to planets, and even stars.

Now, the four hands that were glowing were charging for something specific. It was something that Karu would never be able to defeat on her own. "I Have Dealt With Those Like You Before, Karu," Overlord Tensei bellowed, "Which Is Why I Invented And Mastered A Technique That Will Prove Your Nature Destruction Useless." As soon as he was done speaking, Overlord Tensei called out, "Absolute All; Genesis!" From Overlord Tensei's four hands would appear a sphere of pure newness -- something out of his imagination. Its form was undefined, and it seemed to be like a shapeshifter, yet never losing its form. "I Have Created Something Unnatural Using My Power To Birth Anything Into Existence," Overlord Tensei said. The undefined creature that was made shifted its form into what looked like an angel, yet with no definition to it; it was a bright light. Extending from its form were a sword and a shield, and it darted to Karu at lightspeed to reach her all those lightyears away. "This New Creation I Have Made Should Be Able To Disrupt Your Only Saving Grace Against Me." Overlord Tensei was prepared for any type of threat, which is why he ruled over the Veritas Universe.

Just as Karu was about to give her blow to Overlord Tensei, she was abruptly shifted to the other side of the universe, once again. She could still see Overlord Tensei from even that far, and part of her feared that. "Just... What the hell are you?" Before she knew it, there was a huge flux in space that sent her careening into celestial bodies, until finally she hit a rogue asteroid that was large enough for her to stand on. Karu did not want to give up, but she saw a shining figure like an angel with no distinguishing features hovering toward her with a sword and shield. Karu braced herself, ready to use her Nature Destruction on the shining being.

She pushed herself off of the asteroid and shot straight toward the angelic figure, saying "NATURE DESTRUCTION!" as she neared. With her newfound power, she could easily eliminate a mere spawn of the Overlord. Her punches would obliterate it completely.

Overlord Tensei smiled as his angelic figure neared Karu. "I Am God," he said with a caring tone. The angelic figure made up from the Genesis that births brand new things into existence was now upon Karu. As soon as she tried to punch it, the angelic figure absorbed Karu into itself and morphed into an angelic looking cage of light. Karu's Nature Destruction had no effect on what was unnatural, and this being was made completely brand new -- something that never existed and was not a natural part of order.

"Checkmate," Overlord Tensei said as he let the universe suspended by his hands go so that it could spin naturally again. He stretched his arm over the universe and grabbed the entire angelic cage of light with his one hand. "I Hope You Have Learned A Lesson, Karu. You Are Not Almighty, As I Am. You Were Born From The Almighty To Serve A Purpose, And Not To Run Wild In Rebellion." Karu was rebelling against her creator for reasons even she did not yet quite understand. But Overlord Tensei knew.

"Tell Me," he said swiftly, "Why Do You Think I Do Not Destroy You Right Now?" He smiled, lowering his lids as he spoke again, "I Could Easily Dispose Of You And Had Many Chances To Do So. In Fact, Here Is An Opportunity Right Now." Still smiling, Overlord Tensei said, "Absolute Zero; Tenebrous Dusk." The cage of light suddenly became pitch black darkness, cutting off all visibility and light from the contained area. Nothing could be seen, heard nor touched from within. Overlord Tensei lifted the pitch black cage up before his face, saying, "Hopeless Black." Once Overlord Tensei activated the 'Hopeless Black' of the 'Tenebrous Dusk,' all hope and determination to act upon any will was stripped and given into the darkness, where it could not be reached nor regained until the Tenebrous Dusk ended.

Though the black cage was soundproof, Overlord Tensei could speak through it as if he were within the cage. "Now Do You See, Karu? I Am Your Creator, And This Is Not Even My Strongest Level." Overlord Tensei was a force to be reckoned with, though he had more powerful forms. "There Is No Hope Nor Will For You In The Hopeless Black. Even Your Insanity Loses Its Will." Karu would have no reason nor fuel to fight anymore, and any means of escaping Overlord Tensei's Tenebrous Dusk was stripped from her. She should have no power and no will to do anything at this point.

With no way to escape, Karu was humbled by Overlord Tensei. She knew he wasn't even using his full strength. Karu could only look at the darkness and feel hopeless. "Is this... What he meant...?" she asked herself. There was no way out for Karu. She wanted to feel something, but her will was gone from her. Even the insanity was quieted.

Karu went silent.

Overlord Tensei recognized the awkward silence that was shared between they and the celestial hosts that were usually singing in the background in a language only they knew. The celestial hosts never stopped singing. Not until just right now.

"Good Job, Karu. You've Seen Your Purpose In This World." Overlord Tensei was pleased that Karu had no will to fight. The dark chamber dispersed and freed her from the loss of will. "You Seem To Understand Me Clearly Now," Overlord Tensei said with love in his voice. "You Are My Daughter, Even If You Were Lost For A While." Everyone escaped from the Lost World during its destruction, but Karu was already dead by that time.

Raising his hand with Karu in it up and stretching it outward, Overlord Tensei placed her in a new location -- one of which Karu would actually meet with the one she was looking for. "The One You Served Is My Daughter Now," Overlord Tensei proclaimed. "The Spider Queen's Soul Was Devoured Long Ago By My Daughter. Now She Is The Spider Queen." Overlord Tensei smiled nonchalantly. "That Is Who You Were Looking For, Is It Not?"

With that said, Overlord Tensei would let his daughter deal with Karu. "You Were Reborn As A Tensei, Karu; You Are No Longer Just A Tool For Destruction. Learn That, And I Will Not Have To Teach It To You Again." At that, the image of Overlord Tensei over the entire Veritas Universe faded away into the stars. "We Are Always With You," his final words were. "Seek Out The Rest Of The Family, And You Will Know The Love That Your Heart Is Missing."

Those words said, Overlord Tensei disappeared.
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Tenth Incarnate: Karu's Life

Dropped lifelessly into what looked like endless catacombs was Karu, still with no will to do anything. The darkness of this place where she was placed reminded her of death... The memory of death being upon her soul. "My... Soul..." she struggled to say, remembering her birth. "... My... Spider Queen's..." Karu found the strength to stand up, somehow, her will returning to her. "... Soul." She could remember those words faintly... That a part of Karu's soul was made up of the Spider Queen's soul. "That's why... I wanted to see her so badly.'

Karu stood very still in the darkness, trying to figure out how she could get in contact with the Spider Queen again. "Maybe..." she pondered, "... My Soul..." The very words caused Karu's soul to activate, and the part that was the Spider Queen told her where the presence of the Spider Queen was.

"Here...?" she asked herself. "... So he put me here for that reason, hm...?" Karu was figuring out her creator and his methods, but still did not see something in him that made her wish to be subservient, as she would her Spider Queen. "... But he said that was his daughter," Karu said aloud. "And... That I'm his daughter, too..." Was it because of their souls being shared, or did the creator actually see Karu as her own existence and brought her to life so that she could understand herself a little better?

She smiled for once in her life, thinking now somewhat fondly of her creator. "... But there is no time for that now. I sense that my Spider Queen is here, yet... Also not here." It confused Karu, who had a very straight forward and simple disposition. "My Spider Queen?" Karu asked the darkness, "Are you here?"

"Huh huh huh..." a deep voice bellowed, laughing at the question the young Instrument had to say. The darkness that surrounded the entire area and filled the cavernous sanctuary contracted up above Karu, giant fleshy legs sprouting from the condensation and slamming into the ground before being wrapped up by fine, thread-like umbra. Their formation seemed erratic and they stood like pillars surrounding Karu, holding up the large darkness above her. A fleshy, pale-gray face protruded from the center of the darkness, some of the blackness spilling over the face and covering it up from the brow down. The only part of the face that was visible was a gleaming sharp-toothed smile. "It Is I," the darkness said, "The Spider Queen." She laughed. "But Not The Spider Queen You Know... I Devoured Her Soul Long Ago." The smile widened. "That Means That You Belong To Me, Karu. The Soul Of The Spider Queen Is In Us Both..."

"AND THE BOTH OF YOU BELONG TO ME!!!!" A magnificently magniloquent voice proclaimed as a blast of force, itself. Light spilled into the cavern of darkness and instantaneously suspended at the presence of a polarity that was equally charged. Tabitha's spider body would disappear, leaving only her head to drop down into the hands of a glowing being whose silhouette and radiance could not be seen in. Somehow, his eyes were glowing more brightly than the body, making them visible strictly by two lights not being the same frequency or shade. They were narrowed with what seemed to be rage. "WHO MADE THE SPIDER QUEEN FOR EITHER OF YOU TO HAVE A PIECE OF?! DO YOU EVEN REMEMBER THE DAYS WHEN YOU WERE BORN?!"

The radiance shook its head.


Tymon turned Tabitha's head around and glared at it, forcing her eyes open so that she could see. "I AM KHRONA TENSEI, CHROMA." Tabitha was just one of Chroma's many forms -- the favored form being Tabitha, because of their God, Tymon's, history. "KARU, DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT IT MEANS TO BE PART OF THE FAMILY? HAVE YOU FOUND YOUR PURPOSE YET?"

Karu flinched with awe at the suddenly magnificent light appearing in the pitch black darkness, that of which she had to avert her gaze from. The voice that boomed made her very soul quiver, as if with fear. Karu could not look directly at the glowing one, but could hear his booming voice and feel it up and down her spine. She said nothing as he spoke, but thought deeply on what he was saying.

Once it was revealed that the Spider Queen was now the daughter of the Creator, Karu grasped the situation a bit better about why he was saying that she was his daughter, as well.

Still, Karu remained silent, averting her gaze from the light. He was not lying to her, and the Spider Queen was subservient to him, thus making Karu such as well. He told of the other 'creations' he made and it gave her some retrospect on the situation that she was his daughter, as well. She figured out that all things he created were his children, including Karu. Finally, she could accept what he was saying without being defiant.

"But..." Karu finally said, speaking aloud more to herself than anyone, though they were all within earshot of each other, "... What am I supposed to DO? My power is only of destruction. All I know is destruction... And it is what I love to do." Though Karu was still finding herself, she still knew what she felt inside of her. "I was created to destroy, right?" she asked. "But, if everything that is here was created by you, wouldn't that mean that I am destroying parts of you?"

Tabitha remained quiet as her Creator spoke, ready to do for him whatever was asked. She loved her father more than anyone, since out of the children of Khrona Tensei, she was the eldest. She remembered the times that she, as Chroma, would train with her father and spend time with him in the Pit of Havoc where they lived at the time. Her memories flooded back to her about her time as Chroma, and she floated out of his hands with her eyes rippling with rings surrounding the pupils. She returned to her more stately being, as she was when she was created, and addressed the creator as her father.

"I Will Take Care Of Her, Father," Tabitha said with a monotonous voice, as if in a trance. The pale gray head hovered over to Karu, suddenly becoming swathed in darkness once more, but this time in the form of a humanoid body and not as a spider. "Karu," Tabitha said to her, "You Must Relieve Yourself Of The Insanity. You Were Born Out Of Insanity And It Makes You Unclean. The Rest Of Us Have Been Purified And Reborn, And We Know This By The Mark Of The 'T' That Begins In All Of Our Names -- In The Image Of The Creator. You, Too, Need To Be Reborn Not As You Were, But Who You Are Without Insanity Within."

Tymon smiled, which appeared to be a light that was yet again a different shade than the light that was his body, matching his glowing eyes. "Ah, Yes, That's A Good Girl, Daddy's Dearest Heart." Tymon rubbed Tabitha's head affectionately and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Go Make Daddy Proud, Dearest."

Tymon then looked to Karu and said in a serious tone, "You Know That Your POWER Is To Destroy, But You Know Not Your PURPOSE To Destroy. Think About That As You Explore The Veritas." Tymon closed his eyes, sighing heavily. "I... Must Go. I Will Come To You In One Of My Lesser Forms, Which I Use To Manage The Fullness Of The Veritas, From The Dimension Down To The Planet. I Must Take Care Of Matters That You Do Not Know About."

It was almost time... Once again.

"Please Excuse Me, My Children. I Must Return To The Thirteenth Moon And Prepare For Its Fall."

With that said, Tymon suddenly flashed and all light that was in the area disappeared along with he, himself.
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Eleventh Incarnate: Karu's Mission

After settling things with her creator and The Creator, Karu understood herself and her life quite well now. She understood not to defy her creators, for they knew best where she knew nothing, but she was still lost about one thing... Her mission.

"... What am I...?" Karu asked herself, sitting atop the Dark Obelisk, "... Supposed to do...?"

Karu looked at her hand. She clenched it and the air within it heated up before melting away, leaving empty space. "I'm stronger than ever, but I'm still lost... My Spider Queen serves under The Creator... And he has shown me that he's stronger than she is..." Karu opened her hand, looking at the destroyed space before her and sighed.

"Fucking hell."

A disembodied head extended from the shadow of Karu, pale as can be and with hair that poured into the darkness, barely revealing the ghastly face. She was smiling, however.

"Yo..." Tabitha, the Spider Queen Karu knew and served under said, "... You don't need to think about it so hard. You'll hurt yourself." Tabitha snickered, rising up from the shadows and bearing darkness as her cloak all the way from the neck down. "All you've gotta do is destroy. Destroy. Destroy!" Tabitha knew what her Father was thinking because, in a certain respect, she WAS him, but Karu had yet to find her place in the family as part of the Progenitor. She didn't know where she came from nor where she belonged.

And that's what Tabitha, the Black Widow Dragon, was here for.

Karu turned to meet the eye of her Spider Queen. "Destroy...?" That's all she'd been doing. She'd destroyed a lot since she was brought back to life by The Creator, but hadn't really accomplished much... Except for finding herself.

But there was still so much more to do.

"Do you mean...?" Karu started to ask, squinting her eyes peculiarly, "... Destroy OTHER things BESIDES the Veritas?" That was the only thing that she could think to be doing with her power of Nature Destruction. If she wasn't supposed to destroy her homeworld, then she must have been made to destroy other worlds, instead.

The wicked grin upon the Black Widow Dragon's face grew wide, her hair covering her eyes as she suddenly towered over Karu, "Yes, My Child... Go Forth And Fulfill Your Destiny." Tabitha's arms slowly outstretched, they being abysmal voids of blackness with long, slender fingers as those of a spider's legs wrapping around Karu's form. "There Are PLENTY Of Enemies Of The Veritas That You Can So Easily Go And Break Down To The Most Minuscule Particle..." The embrace of the Black Widow Dragon was something like a clamping venus flytrap, elegantly withdrawing her eternal servant into the shadows of her own form.

Karu allowed the shadows to consume her, feeling the loving yet menacing grip of her Spider Queen, soothing her restless soul. "Yes, My Queen..." Karu said obediently, "I understand." Karu would seep into the darkness of Tabitha and use that shadowy void as a portal to where she was next wanted.
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