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 Book 11; The Restrictions of Khrona Tensei

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Pandimensional God :: Void Bo$$

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Book 11; The Restrictions of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Book 11; The Restrictions of Khrona Tensei   Book 11; The Restrictions of Khrona Tensei EmptyThu Apr 09, 2020 1:56 pm

Christmas had come and gone on Khrona's sixteenth year, his birthday nearing yet again. His growth was coming along fine with random bouts of Insanity here and there, but nothing he couldn't control. Khrona had found that the limitations on his power were slowly fading, but not nearly as quickly as he needed. With his gift from Epic Santa at his disposal, he would be sure to keep something like that safe for the day he needed it the most. In the meantime, he would simply continue to look into how to overcome these damnable limitations that kept him Restricted... Perhaps, he would look into just what it was holding him back so that he could move forward? Something about this desk job at the office came to his mind... And so, Khrona had to have a true heart to heart with himself in order to figure out what he was going to do next. After his pseudo-awakening, the Restrictions on Khrona were far more tight than ever. Things were changing rather fast... Between the even greater increase in dark forces roaming about the Tri-Village Alliance, especially the Alliance of Bad Guys known as Zetsumei, the Falshin and the two dark supernatural forces lurking in the shadows, the planet might have been taking a plunge into the valley of darkness for a while...

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Pandimensional God :: Void Bo$$
Pandimensional God :: Void Bo$$

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Book 11; The Restrictions of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 11; The Restrictions of Khrona Tensei   Book 11; The Restrictions of Khrona Tensei EmptySat Apr 11, 2020 9:47 am

First Restriction; Mm... Delicious.

A week or so went by with Khrona being more or less secluded in 'Deep Thought', coming out only every so often in order to take care of business to keep his village afloat. Except for the absolute necessary things that needed to be done, Khrona did not leave 'Deep Thought' for anyone. Yet, apparently, another being from another realm seemed to slip out and was now seeking to consume some of his stray Insanity... Naturally, to that being's own demise.

He wasn't quite sure where he was, really; all the dream eater was certain of was that there was a good taste of insanity in the air. And, hand-in-hand with insanity... Fear. Mm... It made his mouth water as a fine tremor shook him from head to toe. It called to him, like a lover's whisper. And that just couldn't be denied.

In truth, he wasn't quite inside the Pit of Havoc. Instead, he hovered over it in a sort of trance. On one hand, that lingering fear was beckoning to him, trying to tempt him downwards, into the Pit. On the other hand however, he could feel the power just radiating outwards from this pit. It wasn't anything like what he'd ever encountered in the Dreamscape.

Apparently, his sister hadn't caught up him him. Shame. She would have nagged at him until he made a decision. Better yet, she'd tell him about how this was an utterly stupid idea, and they should just turn back. Even though, mm, she would be able to feel the fear too. He absolutely loved what the hunger did to his sister. Besides, he owed her for that little jest earlier, didn't he?

But, should he dive in on his own? She would hate it…

And, that was all the encouragement he needed.

Leaving a tiny thread of energy from the Dreamscape, the baku plunged into the darkness, headfirst. Seeing wasn't a problem, really. He just used a sort of echo-location, throwing out threads of the Dreamscape's energy and waiting the millisecond it would take to bounce back. It was a little trick he'd learned a while ago; good thing it worked outside of the Dreamscape.

He could practically taste the lingering fear here. Mm… Delicious.

The moment he delved into the darkness, the horrendous pressures of Insanity and Fear came to close in on his mind and body... But most importantly, his soul, given that he had one. Moments became hours, as if he had been falling for an indeterminate amount of time, awaiting the bottom that wasn't there. As he fell, gigantic vertical, horizontal and diagonal slits appeared all across the darkness, instantaneously opening to become menacing, insane eyes. None of them could be focused on one single point, always darting about, however at least one was always on the dream worlder at all times.

???: "Who are you that sinks into the Pit of Havoc? The ultimate source of Fear and Insanity in all the planet? You aren't from this world NOR from this village... I can see all... And without good reason, I can see death on your head and your very soul between my teeth..."

Without warning, a mouth would appear in the vision of the baku, eternally open to a pit swirling with an unstable, unknown sort of energy. Even though he continued to fall, he would not touch the mouth, as it always stayed a fixed distance away.

???: "... Though I can easily see your intentions... Tell me, straight from your mouth... Who are you and why are you here? If I feel the slightest untruth in you, this mouth... MY mouth, shall consume you, instantly breaking apart your body, mind, and soul and separating them into my stomach for separate digestion..."

Now the pressure of Fear was something he welcomed. It simply seemed to sink into him, being devoured by the baku, himself. A little moan escaped his lips; oh, to have full bellies of fear! How delightful! As the time pressed on, he found himself intrigued. Oh, this was strange indeed. Nothing like this had happened to him in his centuries in the Dreamscape. The insanity was easily manageable too, for the dream eater. He'd seen his fair share of it in the Nightmares.

Baku: "How utterly boring."

To him, his voice sounded a tad warped, as he gradually slowed his descent, all four wings pumping with quite a bit of strength. It sent great gusts of wind downward into the pit, and pulled him up just short of this gaping mouth. He almost laughed at it. Trying to eat him? Pitiful. The being wasn't even sure if he could die. Sure, his body was on this plane, but he was pretty sure he'd just get booted back to the Dreamscape.

Baku: "I am a Dream Eater -- A Baku. I hunger."

His voice had a bored drawl to it. His stomachs were full from all that Fear, and he was quite content. In fact, also just a tad sleepy. Mm… In any case, the satisfied dream eater wasn't inclined to be hostile. Now, more than ever, he was just curious. His lavender gaze swept the eyes over with a distant interest, probes of the Dreamscape's energy reaching out to test the illusions. Interesting. They seemed to be composed of the same basic things. A piece of the Dreamscape brought to this plane… Whatever that was.

The eyes narrowed as he seemed to be unaffected by the intense amounts of Fear or Insanity... And the powers that he had reminded him of the witch of the Baku Witch, Friday, who had similar connections... But that wasn't the point right now. They eyes were angered, and would instantly began to counteract such insanity and fear by taking them right away the same way they had been given, and continued to drain him with these adverse effects.

???: "You hunger? I shall make you starve for your insolence, then... I will show you a death worse than that of a normal one... I shall show you a death where you don't and have not existed..."

That's when things got real. Reality started to warp now... The very fabric of space, time, and all sense of logic became warped inside of the mouth as it slid closer and closer to the dream eater. It took in portions of the pit with it, as it was no illusion... It was definitely real now. He was in real danger. The top of the pit had become a mouth as well with the same effects, sliding ever nearer... The resident here surely did not like guests.

The baku didn't panic as his wings pumped himself away from the mouth. He made note of the one above him with a rolled eye."What, does someone live here or something?" He reached back along the thread of the Dreamscape and opened a quick tear. It was ragged and quite sloppy, but it served to get him out of the way of the immediate danger. It didn't take him long to close up that tear, but it was a little tiresome. Why waste energy like that? Eh, it was better than having that thing waiting for him next time he wanted to come back home.

Judging from the depth of the Pit, he flew upwards quite a ways until he reached the height of what he assumed was the top of the Pit. Not wanting to misjudge, he rose another... Oh, say, two hundred feet before tearing another wide hole and shooting through. He was now hovering quite a long ways above the Pit, and it seemed eerily quiet. Where did those mouths go? The dream eater wasn't in the mood to wait and find out. With full stomachs to brag about, he lazily started winging his way back to his sister, wherever she might be.

From the blackness, a head arose with eyes narrow and a smirk on the face. It was the lord of the 'house', Khrona. He was snickering to himself.

Khrona: "... Heeheehee. Aw, did I scare him off? He's so boring and dry. Can't even have a little fun with people these days..."

Of course, Khrona wasn't actually going to completely and utterly erase him from reality where he and the very fiber of his existence and any previous memory of him would be instantaneously erased never to be seen or heard again. Khrona just liked to play like that... Mess with people.

Khrona: "... Ah well. If he comes back, I'll give him an even better welcome~! Maybe I'll have my daughter try to eat his matter, or my sister try to 'cleanse' him with that damn goddess..."

Khrona shook his head and shrugged his shoulders, dispersing into nothingness.

Now, Khrona had some weird nightmare-dream creature trying to leech his mental prowess, which he was nowhere near pleased about. He supposed that it was natural that the lower vermin would come trying to feed from his power since he emanated so much, but that didn't make it okay for them to just go around being parasites. He needed to better protect himself... That, or get somewhere that these creeps wouldn't find him. He'd deal with that sort of thing later, after he took care of his office work.

A new person stood outside Khrona`s office, unsure if he should just enter or knock. He had done his research on Khrona and knew it best not to surprise him or piss him off. He wanted to do neither, though it would be interesting to see Khrona that way. He figured that the man in the office would probably sense that he was there and the door would open on its own, so he waited.

Thinking about it now, he figured that knocking would be best, since then they would actually know he was standing outside the door. Besides, his question was something that he was sure only Khrona could answer and he really wanted to hear the answer directly rather than searching for it in a book and risk running into the barbarians again. Nodding, he placed his fist to the door and rapped on it lightly. "Lord Khrona, are you in?"

Khrona's door opened up all nice and smooth-like, not making a sound whatsoever. In the blink of an eye, the newcomer would be in a chair in front of Khrona's desk before he could realize what happened. "... Tamura... A new ninja of mine. What's up?" Khrona was looking up lackadaisically at the ceiling, not seeming particularly focused on anything whatsoever for some reason...

'Damn powerful people, and their showing off.' Tamura grumbled something completely inaudible -- at least he hoped -- before looking around the office and then to Khrona, who looked like he was out of his mind, to say the least -- which was sort of true right? The thing Tamura wanted to ask about was Souls -- specifically, Soul Weapons -- and on top of that, he wanted to ask Khrona about someone that he was interested in meeting. But before that ... "Well Lord Khrona, I wanted to ask about Souls. And more specifically, Soul Weapons. To make a very long story short, I was taken hostage a little while ago and realized that if I would have had a little back up I might have been able to see the person coming. Soul Weapons, if trained well enough, can see souls, right? And can tell if someone is good or bad, right? So I want one so that I don't run into the same problem," Tamura explained before looking around the room again and then back to Khrona. Something -- or someone -- was missing. 'Oh right, Khrona's soul weapons. Misery and, what was the other one...? Despair, or something like that.' Tamura was interested in seeing what they looked like up close. Word had it that they were fairly beautiful and Tamura really wanted to see. "If I may? Where are your Soul Weapons?"

Khrona looked up only slightly at Tamura. "... Yeah, so what if I like to show off? Would you rather do this again in a normal, boring fashion?" Before he could answer, he was back at Khrona's door, knocking. This time, however, Khrona opened the door himself and allowed Tamura to sit down of his own free will as Khrona sat down at his desk looking a bit angered. "... Was that really so much better?" After that, Tamura asked about souls and all the like... He knew it. "... Souls. Well, you need a Soul Weapon first and foremost, and Shinigami-sama has those at the joint he runs... The educational program. It's a college that teaches you all the shit you need to know about souls and weapons and techniques and all that fancy crap everyone's trying to master these days." Khrona stretched a bit, but opened an eye out of curiosity when Tamura mentioned Misery and Despair.

"... My weapons? Huh. Alright, if you insist..." Khrona's wings would spread, however due to circumstances, they did not release a force... Barely any wind at all. It was Khrona holding their power back as to not destroy the office... AGAIN... Or to blow away Tamura. His wings would take up the entire office without being fully expanded, plunging the entire office into blackness. From the blackness, there was bubbling... Bubbling which started to excrete two beautiful women that did not look a day over twenty, if that... Misery and Despair. "... Misery... Despair..." The two of them walked over to Khrona, symmetrically leaning against him as his wings closed themselves up, Khrona folding his hands with elbows on the desk, practicing his ole 'Gendou Ikari' face. "... Here they are. My two weapon partners... Misery and Despair. What of them?"

Tamura shook his head and listened to what Khrona had to say about soul weapons and all that good stuff, but when it came to Shinigami-sama, Tamura kinda smacked himself for not going there first. But he wanted to see Khrona, anyway, and get an idea of just how powerful he was, and from what he saw from the wings, he could sense that Khrona was beyond his comprehension as of right now. Nodding, he surveyed the two women before looking at Khrona. " Well, looks as if people didn't lie about them. They are beautiful. Must be goddamn strong too am I right? Man I want a female partner, too," Tamura said before leaning back in the chair. It was time to ask about the person that Tamura really wanted to see now, and he wanted to see if Khrona could hook him up with a meet and greet. Of course, Tamura would have to go see Shinigami-sama before this other person, but he wanted to meet Cleff. He'd heard interesting things about him... Very interesting things.

"So, the other reason I'm here to see you, Lord Khrona. Do you know a guy by the name of Cleff? I want to meet him one day, and I was wondering if you had the power to set that up. Not a day soon, mind you, but maybe the day I finally make Standard. So can you do that? I'll do anything you need me to, in order to make this meeting possible." Tamura was very serious about this. Being trained with Cleff would be like a dream for him. With what he could learn from Cleff, Tamura was sure that he could get so strong that he could completely decimate the vermin in one attack, as well as show the barbarian what he was truly made of. The fires of passion were burning in his eyes now and he was starting to get excited.

Of course, Khrona was a bit surprised to hear that people had been talking about Misery and Despair... And the fact that they were beautiful, as well. Khrona smiled as the two of them blushed, Misery turning away while Despair giggled a bit.

Khrona: "... Ha. Seems like you two are pretty popular within yourselves, huh?"

Misery: "Heh. You think I'm beautiful, huh? This guy's alright with me."

Khrona: "... Wait, you mean you DON'T hate him!? Wow. That's a first, Misery... You hate everyone."

Despair: "Oh, what a horribly nice thing for you to say, Mr. Tamura... You have my gratitude... You are a very nice boy..."

Khrona couldn't help but smile. "Yeah, these two are pretty damn strong by themselves... But when all three of us are together, we're a terrible force to be reckoned with, I'll tell ya. Hahaha... Good times... Gooood times..." Khrona stood up and stretched, placing either arm around Misery and Despair. "... So. You wish to meet the Technology Sprite, eh? I mean, I have intel on damn near everyone on the planet, but a lot of the people I know of I haven't met. Regardless, Cleff is known to sometimes come to the lab located a little ways away from here. He has a series of bases set up in the three villages as well as the main point of the planet, so you can check any one of those places... That, or the Chaotic HQ, where he lives... Since his team died off and left him with everything, that is..." Khrona coughed. "... But yeah. Go check out one of those places. He should be there."

Tamura nodded and stood before bowing to Khrona and his weapons -- not too low, mind you, just a simple bow before he started towards the door to the room. "Thanks for the help, Lord Khrona. It was nice actually meeting you in person. You too, Misery and Despair. Welp, I'm off to get a partner for myself; hopefully she's as good looking as both of you." With that, Tamura opened the door and walked out of the office. It was time to go and get himself a partner as well as find Cleff. But before that, he peeked his head back in. "Also, when I get my partner, can you analyze my soul and tell me what kind it is? That's not too much for the great Lord Khrona, is it?"

Khrona knew for a fact that Shinigami or one of the Soul Angels at the college could easily decipher his own soul... Yet, he wished for Khrona to do it, instead? That kinda made Khrona a bit happy. With a giddy chuckled, Khrona gave the thumbs up. "Oh yes, of course, Tamura! I will be happy to help. See you when you come back, then. We shall be waiting." Misery smirked at him, giving him the peace sign while Despair smiled gently and waved gracefully upon his departure.

Misery: "See ya, kid."

Despair: "Your presence was definitely morbidly delightful... Please come back soon..."

Some time later that day, Tamura stood in front of Khrona's office once more, his weapons walking behind him; Maina looking as irritated as she did when he first got her -- for reasons he still didn't understand -- and Naina looking as shy and timid as she looked when he first got her -- for reasons he still didn't understand, as well. All in all, the three of them looked like a pretty crappy team, since he hadn't even tried to wield them as weapons just yet. He wondered about them even being able to be on the same soul wavelength, but he was sure that all of theirs were the same, so he didn't worry much about things he needed to do more research about.

Maina: "Hey smart ass, knock on the door already. What the hell are you thinking about?"

Naina: "..."

"Alright, alright, loudmouth, keep your dress on," Tamura grumbled before knocking on the door and waiting for an answer.

The door would open quickly, as Khrona would sense the souls of three people this time instead of just Tamura's soul by itself. "... So, you've gotten your two weapons, I see. Good thing that they're twins, or else it would be literally impossible for you to wield them as you are right now." Khrona snickered and made his way back to his seat, Misery and Despair sitting on either ends of the desk, looking square at Tamura's new weapons; Misery finding a fascination in the mean one and Despair, the shy one. Maybe because the two of them could relate to the other two quite well. Misery was a mean bitch and Despair was shy to an extent. "Well. How did it go?"

Tamura stepped inside and walked to the same chair that he was sitting in previously. The girls standing to either side of him, each standing adjacent to the women with Khrona, who they were fascinated with; Maina in front of Misery and Naina in front of Despair. Tamura sighed to himself and shook his head. "In one word... Horrible. She's a loudmouth, and the other one doesn't talk... At all," Tamura said, pointing to Maina, who normally would have protested when being called a 'loudmouth', but seemed too busy locking eyes with Misery... Sizing her up, if you would. Naina did the same with Despair, though she wasn't sizing her up, just staring with a blank smile. Tamura shook his head once more.

"Doesn't matter; after a while, we'll get to know one another, and hopefully everything will be smooth sailing. I met two interesting people though. Shinigami-sama and a Soul Angel named Tear... They were interesting," Tamura explained before closing his eyes and looking off to the side, leaning back in the chair and getting a little more comfortable before he looked back at Khrona. "Said I should seek some help with training with them. You, Chroma, Ken, the Earth Princess, and some others. I plan to find most of them and ask them specific things about training. The more I learn from each, the better I'll get," Tamura explained before shrugging and then looking from his girls to Khrona's women. "Though training with you the most would be the best thing to do."

Khrona started to laugh as he named those people, knowing that some of them weren't exactly... As skilled as Shinigami may give them credit for. Hell, even his own daughter needed work in wielding a weapon... She had been off being an autonomous weapon; she had forgotten about her two weapons she had to take care of already... Boy. "... Ha. Yeaah... I would suggest coming to me most, as well... The others aren't really... All that great. Last I checked, the Earth Princess has had a soul weapon for the longest time and has collected NO souls whatsoever; Chroma, my daughter, doesn't even use her weapons for whatever damn reason she says; We barely SEE Ken anymore... Heh. I'm assuming that myself and the others would prooobably be better..."

Misery couldn't help but laugh at Khrona's remarks after she was done staring down Maina.

Misery: "Hahaha! Do they all really suck that much? Not like I've noticed that much, anyway. Heh. I mean, is there anyone that DOESN'T suck besides us?"

Despair: "... Surely Khrona's brother is very skilled with his weapons... He just doesn't use them anymore..."

Misery: "Uuuuh huh. That's what I thought. I mean, that poison ninja uses his weapon quite a bit, so I guess he's decent. The werewolf pulls his out every... Blue moon. Ha, you see what I did there? Moon? HA."

'Usually, Misery was not one who did lame puns like that... Especially since the werewolf is a Lycan. But, whatever. She pulls some jokes out once every blue moon. HA, you see what I did there? Used her own joke against her? Haha, yeaaah...'

'... Anyway.' "... These are all very true statements... I mean, currently, we have a new weapon user -- Nara -- who shows some promise... More promise than the others... So, if anything, I would suggest going to either myself, Nara, the poison ninja, my brother, or, hell, even Shinigami-sama and Tear." After all the fun and games were over, though, Khrona cracked out his ol 'Gendou Ikari' and stared at Tamura with folded hands and an intense and serious stare. "... So. You wish for training to begin?" Misery and Despair looked a little more anticipated than usual...

Taken aback a little by the explanations they were giving, Tamura tried to follow but ended up only catching the end of the entire back and forth that they had with one another. Which was pretty much Khrona naming people that were alright to go to -- he, Nara, a poison ninja, his brother, and of course Shinigami and Tear. If there were anymore people, well, Tamura would just have to stumble across them another time. When offered training right now, before he could answer, Maina butted in quickly.

Maina: "Make it happen! The sooner we get a bit of training in, then the better well get, and the sooner we can go on our first soul hunt."

Naina: "... We could go now though..."

Maina: "So she does talk! Why are you always so clammed up?"

Naina: "..."

Yeah, that was all the speech that they were gonna get out of her before she went back to the blank smile that she usually wore. Tamura sighed to himself a little and looked from Naina and Maina to Khrona and shrugged his shoulders. "I mean, if you wanna help, then sure. But could you give me some time? I wanna see if my 'Infestation' will work on them first. "

Maina: "INFESTATION!?! Tryin' to give us a disease or somethin'?"

"No, my Infestation is different; you'll see when I use it. Since I`d have to actually hold you two, I wanna see if my Infestation will make it so that I won`t have to, but you two will just hover where ever my hand moves," Tamura explained, but he was getting a little ahead of himself and quieted the explaining down a bit. "Welp, training with you would be the best, so I can figure out the Infestation thing as we go along." Tamura decided while talking and looking at Khrona, the girls behind him looking at each other before looking to the corresponding women in front of them.

Maina: "This is gonna be fun."

Naina: "... Fun..."

"Infestation, you say? Heh. How about we stick to the basics first and you can get fancy with it later. I mean, what's the point of being fancy if you don't know what the hell you're doing, right?" Khrona snickered. "Well... If we're going to train, I don't feel like moving so, we're training right here." Khrona would sway one of his mighty, mighty wings and instantaneously, the two of them were taken to an entirely different environment. It was a plain field with dark skies... Further inspection would reveal that there was no sky but only grayness that resembled clouds... yet, it wasn't a cloud. "This is my personal training field. I could take you to a place I created which I like to call the Trinity Plane -- which is a combination of the Mind, Body and Soul all on one plane of reality -- which you can hone the three of them at the same time with everything you do. But, we can do that later."

Misery and Despair were next to Khrona -- as always -- and he would grip them by the backs of their necks, the two of them giving a faint, dirty smile as they began to transform in a glow of blackish and purplish light, becoming a Sword and Razor respectively. "You said you wish to learn about just the usage of your weapons first, right?"

Not surprised by the sudden change of scenery, Tamura still looked around in slight awe and fascination before he looked to Khrona, who looked ready for battle. As such, Tamura stepped back -- between Maina and Naina -- and nodded his head. "Of course. Usage is always the first thing you need to learn," He stated before wondering how to get Maina and Naina to transform. He noticed what Khrona had done, but didn't really wanna try it that way... So, he gripped their hands and almost like a wonder, they transformed. Not in a fancy show of black and purple light, just a simple white, for now, taking the form of two, slightly larger than average, Chakrams. "Well... Shall we get started?"

Khrona smiled as he even seemed fresh to their transformation. Oh, such an amateur... "Ha. Of course. When your souls are more in tune with each other, your weapons would be able to know when to transform without you saying a word." Khrona figured that using both Misery and Despair was a bit of... Overkill for the newbie... But at the same time, not too many people used dual weapons, so it was going to have to be a learning experience. "Hm... Your souls seem to be slightly in tune with each other so far... Wielding two weapons is harder than wielding one, I hope you know. Though, twins makes using two weapons a lot easier, for twins naturally have similar wavelengths that can match their wielder's at the same time. The only problem is evenly distributing your own soul's energy equally between the two to ensure maximum potential in the both of them... Thus, Soul Synchro becomes difficult." Khrona nodded his head, pondering...

"... Bah well. Let's get this show on the road..." Khrona would have to hold back... He knew how to do that. Let's see... "Come at me, Tamura. I want to see how well you can use them right off the bat."

Tamura listened to the explanation that Khrona gave before looking at the chakrams in his hands, tossing one in the air and catching her perfectly, before bringing it in close to his face and smirking. "Hmph... Alright. Let's try this," he said, cocking the same arm that he used to toss the chakram up in the air back and threw it in a straight line towards Khrona. Though it was a little harder to use actually weapons that you had to throw -- since Tamura was used to using guns -- he was up for the challenge of mastering them, and throwing them in a straight line was no problem. The problem he saw for himself was making them curve and deviate from that straight line to surprise a foe.

Khrona would swiftly raise Despair, the razor, up to block the chakram, deflecting it and sending it to the ground as if it was nothing. "... You have good aim, but you do not have much control with your weapons once they leave your hands, do you? That can be fixed via both of your souls. When you have a better connection with your weapons, the possibilities of what you can do with your weapon are almost endless. Though it does take a lot of hard work and practice..." Khrona smiled, putting Misery down and having Despair change into her seldom seen second form... Which was that of an explosive projectile launcher. 'Oh yeah, it has been a while...' Khrona didn't even set her on his shoulder, because that's not how he used explosive projectile weapons. He wielded them as if they were straight guns, which would be physically impossible for damn near anyone, but Khrona made it happen. He held the bazooka-esque weapon up, pointed at Tamura... Khrona's eye was a natural scope for these things. He launched his weapon a series of times, large bazooka shots coming from it aimed at Tamura's general direction. He only had one of his two weapons with him, so Khrona wondered how exactly Tamura would get his weapon...

Damn, one weapon in hand and bazooka shots coming his way. The first thing Tamura was worried about was getting out the way of the shots, so he dove to the side, lucky enough to dive to the side that his other chakram was laying on. He looked at the other one in his hand before turning it sideways and tossing it like a wheel, making it collide with the one on the ground and knock them both in the air. 'Alright, now all I need to do is get to them before they hit the ground again.' The smartest thing he could think of was to make a mad dash towards them, which he did.

"Aaah, that's good..." Khrona aimed his bazooka nonchalantly at Tamura, or, more specifically, where he was running to, then fired off another blast at that specific position, trying to blow him to smithereens, once again. It was amazing that this was Khrona actually holding back. "They're up in the air, but missiles can fly~. Khrona likes to make things go boom~!" He was singing things now. Oh boy, must mean he was having fun with the Beginner. But, what Khrona was actually saying through his song was that he was about to fire a shot at the chakrams in the air as well, and as a result, aimed at them both and fired one directly at them. Could Tamura avoid the shots and get his weapons at the same time? Stay tuned!

"I'm better with my hands alone, anyway... At least, for now," Tamura stated. He clapped his hands once before they started to glow a mixture of blue and silver. This was probably gonna be the most risky maneuver that he`d ever try, and he was sure that he would never try it again, but he dodged one of the blasts just in the nick of time and pressed his hand to the live shot. "INFEST!!!" The scream wasn't for dramatic effect -- no, from the scream sound waves started to emit from his mouth, reaching the area where his weapons were free falling and deflecting the shots going that way. As for the live round he had a hand on, the blue and silver glow wrapped around the round before turning the shot blue and silver, moving it to just next to his head, hovering there. It was still live of course, there was no doubt about that, but it was bent to Tamura's will and he wanted to to remain with him for a little longer so he could figure out what to do with it.

He started to run again, lifting off the ground with a mighty jump, and reaching one of the chakrams that was free falling, while the other slipped passed his other outreached hand and fell to the ground once again, this one being Naina and not the previous Maina that was on the ground. 'Damn it... So close...' He started his descent to the ground.

Khrona cocked his head to the side, scratching his head with his bazooka. "Eh? That's what that does? Hm. Oh well, I guess I should detonate it, then." Despair would surge her soul energy through the live ammo, because it was actually created by her soul, itself. It wasn't like she actually used real ammo. At least, not this time around. Sure, it looked like it, but it really wasn't. Khrona didn't have time to buy petty AMMUNITION. HA. Surging Despair's soul into her own shot from afar would cause it to explode. Tamura could take control of the outside, but not the inside. Thus, if it was as close to him as he said, if he didn't react to Khrona's words, then that meant he might be in a little bit of a situation. Khrona wanted to see the results of this, actually...

"Detonate...? Damn," Tamura said as his feet touched the ground; as a reaction he pointed his finger forward -- not thinking about the direction, nor even realizing where he was pointing -- and just from him pointing his finger the round left his side, but exploded partially in front of him, so he was blown backwards. He landed on his feet, sliding backwards across the ground before kneeling and looking at the ground with a slight smirk. This is fucking crazy. But he started to laugh, silently, but he laughed and stood up, showing that he had both the weapons in his hands again. "You really tried to take my head off there... Ah well, I got the girls again, so let's try attacking with them again," Tamura said, charging forward, arms spread out to both his sides.

Khrona snickered a bit under his breath as Tamura managed his way around the detonation. Khrona's eyes dimmed as his smile widened to insane heights, his eyes slowly making their way down to Despair's location. "Hey, Despair... He wants to fight close combat. Haa... Close combat..." His eyes would slowly make their way back up to Tamura, who was still running at him. Despair started to glow again, this time taking the shape of a very small razor blade, which was the form Khrona usually had her take. He stood there, razor in hand, looking like the young 'Sweeney Todd' and simply waited for Tamura to make an attack. He was twirling Despair in his hands in a fancy fashion...

Tamura continued running straight forward, before redirecting himself and starting to side step to the right; as he did this he tossed one of his Chakrams -- the one in the right hand, which would be Maina -- at Khrona, yet again, so that he could practice trying to get them to come back. As if he'd try close combat with someone that had a razor -- that'd just be insane.

Khrona's keen eyes glinted the very moment the chakram was about to hit him, and in a swift movement too fast for Tamura's eyes to comprehend, Khrona's razor was between one of the open spaces in the middle of the chakram, spinning it nonchalantly before raising it above his head. There would then be a crackle of what seemed to be electricity... Khrona was about to use his own energy and shoot it through Maina, which, in weapon form, would still cause her severe harm. "Ah, Tamura, what will you do now that I have your weapon~? I'm gonna~ torture her~!" Khrona's soul started to surge through every portion of Maina in this form, causing her soul to be harmed greatly by such an occurrence. The energy was red, showing the color of Khrona's own soul. It was rather... Terrifying, as the entire room began to glow red as Khrona used his soul... Though Despair would keep Khrona from doing anything too harmful to Maina, as her soul had the ability to basically weaken and counteract all others... Which is one reason why Khrona could suppress his own power. "Let me here you SCREAM~!! Heeheehee~!" It was nice to see Khrona enjoying himself these days...




Misery was still lying there on the floor though, and she seemed rather pissed. "KHRONA. ARE YOU JUST GONNA LEAVE ME ON THIS GODDAMN FLOOR OR ARE YOU GONNA USE ME, TOO?!"

Maina: "Damn it, Tamura... I really-- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

Yep, being shocked really sucked, and she was feeling every last bit of Khrona's soul. Tamura shook his head and looked at Naina, who was still in his hand, before looking back to Maina on the razor being shocked, then back to Naina. He needed to act fast to get her back, but he had no ideas on how to do that right now. He needed to analyze the battle a little more, but he couldn't do it fully with Maina in harm's way. "Shit... Shit..." He started running forward again, towards Khrona. Though he didn't want to try close combat, there was really no choice at this point. He hadn't noticed that Khrona wasn't using his other weapon, but that's not an important thing to notice, is it?

When Misery screamed at him, Khrona snapped out of his sadistic euphoria and suddenly stopped what he was doing altogether. He stopped surging his soul through Maina and quickly dropped her, flinging Despair backward, who would change back into human form in mid-air. "Oh yeah~! Sorry, Misery~! I forgot aaaaaall about you--"

Misery: "DON'T GIMME THAT SHIT! See, now I've got this rage all festered up in me! I want blood on my blade! I don't care if it's yours or his, but I want it NOW!"

She started to try thrusting herself at Khrona, which he would dodge and quickly jolt his own energy opposite of her own into her, causing her a bit of pain.


Khrona: "Ohhhh, don't be like that, Misery! You're so uptight... Despair's gotta have some fun, too!"


Khrona: "Sheesh... At this rate, I'll be the one holding YOU back..."

Khrona gripped Misery tightly, letting the blade part drop to the ground as he held firmly onto the hilt. Tamura was running at him without the intention to attack him, it would seem... He was running forrrr... Oh yeah. "Whups, I dropped somethin!" Khrona brought his black blade up high with eyes locked on the lone chakram which Tamura was gaining on. Misery crackled with soul energy through her blade... Khrona would then swiftly drop his blade above Maina, threatening to hit and then shoot his soul even more into her if Tamura didn't do something.

While Khrona and Misery seemed to be having something like a lover's quarrel, Tamura continued his running towards Maina, who had been tossed like she was nothing. He looked at Naina, whose face he saw in the reflective surface of her blades. She smiled and nodded to him; he was unsure about what she meant by that, but he looked back to Maina and grinned. He stopped running. He switched the hand that he was holding Naina with and threw her as hard as he could. She seemed to deviate from the straight line path that he usually threw, so it looked like a misdirected launch as she flew past Khrona's side, but she curved back around, turning horizontally so she looked like a wheel and rolled through towards Maina and the sword Misery. Being well timed, she rolled through just in time and hit Maina, who slid out of harm's way and back to Tamura's side as Naina continued her rolling and came back to his side as well.

"That was a close one... Guess I'm picking up using these things. But I think I might just be getting lucky... Hey, Khrona, how'd you charge that energy through your weapons? That was pretty sick," Tamura yelled, kneeling and picking both the girls up and holding them in the hands that he usually held them in. He looked at both of them, seeing their images in the reflective surface of their blades. "You alright Maina? You look rough." She promptly ignored him.

Khrona cocked his head to the side, a bit confuzzled. "Energy?" He wasn't sure what Koudo was talking about... Did he mean his soul? Khrona used it so much and so naturally that most times, he didn't even know he was using it. "OOOOH. My Soul Energy. Hahaha, that comes with more experience. When you learn to control the power flowing from your own soul, you will learn the art of the Soul. Naturally, everyone uses their souls in different ways and fashions, but in the end, it's always useful~!" Khrona lowered Misery, as he seemed a bit less threatening since he was in the middle of an explanation. "Don't worry, that can be taught to you in time."

Tamura lowered his weapons as well and released Naina, prompting her to transform back to her human form and step back a bit. Tamura listened to what Khrona said before raising Maina again, in a slight defensive position. "Alright, but first I need to learn to control them. Throwing them is fine, but getting them to return is hard. "

Maina: "That's because you suck."

Tamura: "Shut it. I'm sorry you got shocked, but it was experimentation. I won't let it happen again. "

Maina: "You'd better not... I swear if it does..."

Tamura: "Ssshh... Just watch, alright. Follow my lead."

Khrona shook his head slowly. "Returning would be fine if your souls were better in sync. Not only that, if you generally had more control over your soul as a whole, you would get better with that. In fact, I don't doubt that you would be able to control them in the air with just one throw." Khrona looked up, placing Misery's blade to his wrist. "But that just means that you've gotta work on it more." Khrona slit his wrist, blood trickling down his wrist... yet, it wasn't normal blood... the blood was black. This Black Dragon Blood would start to rise from the ground and off of Khrona's wrist as his wound almost instantly closed up as if it were never there. The Black Dragon Blood converged into a large wad floating in front of Khrona, however soon after dispersed into tiny droplets that floated around the room. "... Take down the drops of my Black Dragon Blood. The more you learn to use your weapons, the less damage you will sustain. The more you take down, the less they will attack. Got iiiit?" Just then, the droplets of blood started to jut out gigantic, long, slender spikes from themselves from every angle at Tamura, trying to violently impale him.

Alright, it was time for the real training to begin. Tamura assumed that what they were doing previously was only to assess how skilled he was with them after just getting them and he also assumed that he wasn't very good at all. He looked around the room, locating all the drops of blood, but that wouldn't be enough. He still needed to hit all of them if he wanted to not be swiss cheese. He took Naina's hand quickly and tossed her in the air with all the might he had; she transformed shortly after and he grabbed her weapon form out the sky before throwing her once more making her circle around and hit the ones that were close to him. He then commenced to tossing Maina, making her circle around as well, but with a larger diameter of the circle than Naina, so she was traveling in a wider circle and hitting those drops. He guess that it was time to try and sync with them so that he could control them while in the air, so he estimated their course of travel, putting his hand up and catching Naina as she traveled back to his hand, but Maina continued to circle around, getting lower and lower to the ground, meaning that he wasn't quite in sync with her, so he couldn't get her to return to his hand. Since she was traveling towards the ground and not towards the sky, he was impaled three times from three of the drops that he hadn't knocked out of the sky; one hit his leg, the other hit his right shoulder and the last grazed his left side.

"Oooo, that must smart, huh~?" Khrona saw the needles jab into Tamura's body, but he seemed predominantly alright in spite of this. Khrona watched further, letting his Black Dragon Blood do its business. The Black Dragon Blood's numbers would be taken down a bit. But there was still quite a large quantity, majorly above and below Tamura rather than around him. The droplets now on the ground would be around Tamura's general position, shooting upward to create a sort of prison around him. After that, the drops above him started to jab down spikes, aiming mostly at his weakened shoulder, but still at the rest of his body, too.

Misery: "Hey, Khrona, isn't the Black Dragon Blood highly infectious? Won't he get it, too?"

Khrona: "... Pff, it's MY Black Dragon Blood. I have control over all aspects of my body, whether they be connected to me or not."

Misery: "... Even though the Black Dragon Blood is separate within itself?"

Khrona: "... It's still MY blood, ain't it?"

Misery: "... Damn, you got me there. I guess you've got this under control, then."

Forced into a tight spot, Tamura looked around before using Naina to block the spikes coming from above his prison. It seemed as if he was something like completely defenseless right now and there was no point in lying about it -- he WAS completely defenseless right now. He looked towards Maina, who was still spinning and flying through the air, and reached his hand out of the cracks of the prison spikes -- hoping to not be impaled by more branching and needle making -- and reached for her; she was willed towards his hand, but slowly... Ever so slowly. "Come on... A little more..." He reached more, not realizing that his reaching created an opening in the blocking that Naina was doing, and he was stabbed, yet again, in his already injured shoulder by about four spikes.

Khrona: "He's getting better... But becoming more reckless."

Misery: "HA, can YOU really call anyone reckless, Mr. Big Shot Leader? You were definitely the same way with me and Despair."

Khrona fell silent again because he knew that's how he was... Oh, so naive, yet still trying, despite the pain... Khrona cracked a slight smile now.

On the other hand, the spikes would retract, letting Tamura's own blood spill about from his shoulder. The Black Dragon Blood had no intention of stopping him from retrieving his weapon, but only inflicting damage on him. As he thought, however, the Black Dragon Blood would branch out when his arm would be put through the gaps and the needles would puncture his skin in his arm, severing quite deeply, in fact. Khrona watched it all as it happened. The blood spikes from above would converge into one blob now, shooting downward at Tamura as a large spike this time rather than just many tiny ones. This one would be a lot more damaging than the tiny needles...

"A little more... Ignore the huge amount of unimaginable pain," Tamura spoke aloud, though he was being a little overdramatic with the description of the pain. Sure, it was large, but it wasn't super unimaginable -- so much so that he would die in less than a second. It was more like he was good for the most part now, but if the huge spike over his head came down and crushed him, then he would be a pickle. He willed her more and more, and the more he reached, the faster she moved, until she finally made it to his hand, which he flicked in an upward motion, tossing her to an angle to cut the Black Dragon Blood spire in half. He then used Naina as something like a circular sword and swung his arm around like he was at a concert and was cheering for the band and used her bladed edges to cut through the bars of the prison.

With that, he created an opening and dove out of the way of the spike that was still falling, just cut in half, and tumbled forward, raising to his feet in seconds and catching Maina, before crossing both his arms over each other and tossing both the girls with a little more confidence in his throwing, using them to attack the rest of the Black Dragon Blood that was used to trap him inside the prison, and the Black Blood that was used to impale him from above. To add on to his assault on the Black Dragon Blood, he signed the necessary hand signs, before his cheeks puffed up and he released a ball of water from his mouth, firing it at the rest of the Black Dragon Blood that remained hoping to clear the area of it.

Tamura: "Water Release: Water Fang Bullet!"

That was the name of the attack; he figured that he should add the name in there so that Khrona would know what he actually did and where the water had come from.

Seems as though Tamura didn't know that Khrona was psychic yet. Oh, that was always fun. But he seemed to be fighting off the Black Dragon Blood rather uniquely now. It was almost gone, in fact. "Huh. He is slowly getting better... I like the progress." A majority of the remaining Black Dragon Blood would be either cut away by the chakrams or blasted away by the water, however there was still a little more left. The little Black Dragon Blood droplets left would form into a ring surrounding Tamura and begin to release a flurry of needles to jut out and stab at him as they spun around, as to increase the danger and make it harder for him to track where the needles were coming out from. As such, it would probably be more difficult to defend against them as well.

"Maina... Naina... Human form!" Tamura yelled as he tried his best to dodge the ring of Black Blood that jutted out spikes spontaneously to keep Koudo on his feet, mainly. He dodged as many as he could while others slightly grazed him, heck there was one that pierced the same shoulder that seemed to continue to get pierced. They were too spontaneous for him to read and jutted out too fast for him to sign in enough time to do any jutsu. In human form, the girls both came towards the ring that Koudo was trapped in and basically watched to see what he would do, but after a while, Naina -- being on a slightly higher sync with Tamura's soul -- transformed back into weapon form and sliced through the ring before Tamura grabbed her and sliced through the rest.

Tamura: "Thanks Naina, you're a life saver."

Naina: "..."

Tamura: "Right, you don`t talk."

Tamura let go and she transformed back to human form before he stood between the two girls and looked at Khrona with a slight smile. "That was interesting... I feel like our souls are more aligned." When he said 'our', he meant his and his partners. After training with Khrona -- for however long he was training with Khrona -- he felt like he understood them a little more. Granted, one still didn't like to talk to him and the other didn't like to shut up, but when it came down to it, they seemed like the perfect team, after all.

Maina: "Is there anymore?"

Tamura: "I'm sure we're just getting started."

Khrona could be seen reclined on some sort of platform that resembled his desk in this world with his back facing Tamura and his wings outstretched. "Eh, not really; you're done here." Khrona didn't really seem to have anything else planned, in actuality. That was his only training. But then again... "Hey, wait, no, I've got something else for you to do. To truly assess your skills, you're going to need to fight against someone of your level. Another Beginner. I've taught you one of the basic skills of Weapons, so now it is up to you to master the basics and learn to use them to your will." Khrona yawned, his wing wiping across the area and returning them to his office as if they had never left. "So, go find a Beginner to fight and come back to me with the results. Kaaay?"

Tamura, Maina, and Naina all stood in Khrona's office and nodded before turning around and heading for the door. "Alright, It shouldn't take that long," Tamura said, waving his hand before he stopped walking. "Do they have to be Dusk members?"

Khrona shook his head. "Nope. Any ol' run-of-the-mill Beginner for ya. Tell me what happens~!"

"Right, boss. I'll try to completely obliterate them. See ya later," Tamura said, waving his hand as he and the girls left.

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Second Restriction; I Hope I'm Not Rusty...

Tamura -- another rather promising member of the Dusk -- had thoroughly pleased Khrona with his prowess and intellect, putting Khrona in a better mood that day after what happened in the morning. Once he was sent off to do his mission, Khrona, in his glee, decided to go see if he could play with someone for a little while.

Kae would be seen falling from high within the sky... Hiiiiiiiiiiiigh in the sky. She had just jumped off the top of the Earth King's house without using anything to cushion her fall but her chakra placed on her feet. She hadn't been in battle for years, and she thought that her body was going to fail her soon. So she decided, 'what better way to see if her body was working correctly, than to test it in battle'. She hit the ground, creating a small crater around the spaced she landed, then rubbed her backside. "... That huurt," she said lowly to herself, walking from inside the crater she created. She was getting to old for this...

Khrona, Misery, and Despair just so happened to be strolling along the area, in search of nothing in particular, -- laughing and frolicking and whatnot -- when out of the blue, this lady falls from the sky. The first thought is to take her wallet and run, but then they decide that this figure has significant power... Very high power, indeed. Could it be... An attack? Nah, it isn't, though.

Khrona: "... Oh... You... So we meet again, hm?"

But had they met a first time, was the question?

"... What?" Kae said, looking at the confusing child in front of her. She looked back in her memory and never before had she met this guy. But yet and still, he recalls their encounter... Maybe she missed out on more than she expected.

Khrona smiled, snickering to himself lightly. "... Silly woman, we have never met before in our lifetimes. I just wanted to see your expression. Heheheheh~!" There was an awkward silence for a moment. "... So your name's Kae? Looking for a fight, are you?"

Kae's eye rose as she heard this man guy speak, and then she felt a tugging on her noggin. She then lowered her eyes and looked at the ground. She murmured something to herself as she looked up at the guy. She began to crack her fingers by stretching her hands out toward Khrona. "That's me... And I'm going to assume that was a 'lucky guess', eh."

Khrona snickered even more. 'Yeah, lucky guess, my ass.'

"Sure. Well, I guess I'll be your opponent? Or rather, we will." Khrona wrapped his arms around the waists of his two weapon partners simultaneously, Misery and Despair transforming. Misery took the form of a sword -- as she usually did when she started a battle -- and Despair a razor, as she usually did... All the time. "Well, since you obviously don't know me, I'm going to tell you just who the hell I am... For future reference. I am Khrona. This girl in my right hand..." Khrona slammed his sword into the ground, which would release a horrific crackling that resembled electricity. "... This is Misery. And in my left hand.." Khrona started to swirl the razor, doing fancy things like flips and shit with it. "... This is Despair. You wanna get better acquainted with them~?"

"I could honestly care less who you all are. Sorry..." Kae said, speaking honestly, like she usually did, making a single handsign. It did nothing else but increase her chakra output to a point that destroyed the area around her.

Khrona laughed maniacally as she said those words and did her handsign, actually throwing Misery and Despair behind him and allowing them to transform back into their human form. They were holding hands, which crackled a bit. "Oooh, no... I wasn't asking if you wanted to get acquainted with those two... But, you'll see." Khrona crossed his arms and continued smiling, Hyper Perception activating, looking like a glint in his eye. "If you don't want to know about us, I'll simply fight you with only my psychic power until I feel it necessary for me to do otherwise. Since you don't want to become familiar with my two weapons, that is... How rude." With that said, Khrona's face became extremely serious and his smile turned into a stern look... Menacing, and uncomfortable to look at.

Kae's attention would be diverted from Khrona's words once he turned his respective weapons... Into people. She would be confused and puzzled as to how in that could be, and wrote it off as an advanced transformation jutsu. "I said sorry..." she said sarcastically. With her right hand still holding her handsigns, Kay would palm thrust toward Khrona, sending a destructive concentrated 'Electrical Magnetic Shockwave'. It moved quickly, but its size wasn't that large. It's damaging potential was legendary, however. After which, Kae's palm would have electrical currents dancing about her fingertips.

"Electricity, huh? Hm... I know how to fix this..." Khrona concentrated deeply on the electrical sphere coming at him; the closer it got, the more it began to slow down. Just then, it would stop before it would hit his body, seemingly out of nowhere. "... Fulgurkinesis... The control of electricity, magnetism, and all that jazz... Releasing an electromagnetic current from myself that is of the same charge as this one, thus, it cannot hit me. It must stay at bay where it is." Khrona focused now on Kae... Or rather, her immediate area, causing a random dome of water to start to form around her. "... Hydrokinesis... The control of water and liquids and stuff. Condensing the natural water in the atmosphere to create a large barrier of water around you..." Just then, without warning, the electric sphere would shoot at Kae at double the speed of what it came at Khrona with, looking more violent and menacing than before. "It has been a while since I've actually played with my psychic powers... They're fun." There would be a few sparks behind Khrona, something beginning to happen, it seems...

The immense chakra Kae was outputting -- via when she performed that handsign -- caused the water to be disintegrated by even being within fifteen feet of her. Once Khrona shot her own attack back at her, Kae would appear in front of him, releasing a blast of concentrated chakra from her index finger. This was all before he started his explanation of Hydrokinesis. "You talk a lot..." She took note of the fact that this guy, whoever he was, could take control of her electrical techniques. She would just have to use different techniques of her own if it came down to it. She also took into account that he was a psychic. Khrona would no doubt feel pressure on various scales by being close to Kae as well.

Khrona already saw her position before she was there, his Hyper Perception allowing him to see her at such an incredibly slow speed that it was unreal, despite how fast everything was actually moving. With his ungodly reflexes, Khrona's chest where she was pointing at would open up as a gigantic hole, Khrona smiling as she was right there. "... You act like I can help it. I can't keep my thoughts to myself, my dear. In fact, if you keep being rude, I don't think I'd be able to control myself anymore..." Khrona's eyes started to dart in a few different directions, feeling the pressures of her power just by her being near, but didn't mind it, for his power was becoming a bit more unstable. There would be a massive explosion of pure mental force released from Khrona, pushing back literally everything around him for about thirty feet at minimum... Except for Misery and Despair, that is. He was so precise that he could allow his psychic pulse to not hit them, even though it hit every other place around him. Hopefully this pushed Kae away, for Khrona's chest would begin to close.

Khrona: "Tell me... Do you know what insanity is...?"

The atmosphere around Khrona started to become dark and distorted just a bit, probably against his own doing. He was slipping just that quickly... He started to move his hands erratically in front of him, as if he were conjuring up something. His eyes could not stay focused... Khrona's smile was still just as large and just as insane. Sparks flew behind him...

Kae's chakra would act as a barrier of sorts, protecting her from the brute of the telekinetic force repulse Khrona exerted. However, Kay would slide back on her heels, causing her feet to be dug into the ground, creating trenches where her feet were... Sort of like a trail. "Can't say I care particularly... But I'm sure you're going to tell me..." she said as she performed a set of handsigns of her own, at a much slower pace than her usual. Kae was out of shape.

Khrona could tell that her chakra was strong... So Khrona's aim now was not going to be at her body, but at her chakra... "... Of course. Heehee. It's really fun, I must say... But very grim and terrifying if you aren't used to it... You wanna see just how much so?" Khrona's Hyper Perception was enhanced now, focusing on Kae's chakra... rather, her aura, via 'Radiesthesia', a psychic ability that allowed him to easily see such. "That's more like it..."

As Kae started to do hand signs, before she could complete them -- since she was so close to him -- Khrona would insert a powerful psychic force between her hands, keeping her from completing said hand signs, no matter how hard she tried. The psychic force would only get stronger the more she tried to push her hands together, never letting them touch. Once that was done, Khrona made a strike at her very chakra, condensing his psychic power so very much that it became almost able to be seen. It was translucent. Khrona launched it at her knee at a high speed, aiming to have the force dislodge her knee and the psychic power rupture her chakra flow in that area, hindering her leg from being as mobile, if mobile at all. Immediately afterward, Khrona would release yet another powerful force from his body, trying to push her away. "... Get any closer to me, and I assure you, I shall show you the full effects of insanity... I'm trying to save you... But you won't listen. Heehee." As before, the atmosphere around Khrona became darker and even more distorted than it had been before, now started to look rather messed up, for some reason... Hmm...

As Kae was about to finish her handsigns, she would be interrupted by some invisible and unknown force that repelled her hands from each other. Kae quickly assumed it to be Khrona's doing via psychic means. Suddenly, she then felt something breach her 'Aura Field' -- her special ability. This field allowed Kae the advantage among other things whenever she fought within this field, which ranged to about ten meters when she was a Beginner. As of now, she simply couldn't keep track. Regardless, once the mental blast breached her field, Kae knew exactly how and when to dodge, regardless if she could see it or not. She decided that a forwards flip into the air would do her justice. She proceeded in doing so, dodging the mental blast. She then landed on the ground with a stomp, causing the earth beneath them to vaporize instantly, save for the ground beneath her own feet...

Once Kae hit the ground, Khrona quickly analyzed the force released as well as the properties of the attack, increasing the power of his psychic force being released around him to ensure that it was more powerful than the shockwave was, thus having it pass around he and his weapons while they were unaffected. Khrona's land was still grounded. "... Hmmm. Is that so? Then this isn't going to be as easy as I thought~! Heeheehee..." Khrona's eyes gleamed a bit as his body started to flicker and wave around as if it were a liquid... Misery and Despair were gone as of now. The atmosphere was so dark and distorted that it would feel as though Kae were being forcefully sucked into it... Though Khrona's eyes were gleaming clear as day through this darkness and distortion... The piercing red being very threatening. He held a hand out and there would be a flash a short distance away. He released visible psychic waves from himself this time... The reason why they were visible was unknown, but if they could be seen, something must have been up with them...

"... What will you do now...? Heehee... What does your special ability do...? Heehee..." Khrona's slipping seemed to have stopped at this point, for he seemed to be getting no worse and no better... So he was at a standstill in his mind. That's... Good... To an extent.

"Tch... I couldn't even tell you if I wanted to," Kae said while still in a knelt position. She performed the handsigns she attempted earlier, this time at a much faster pace. "My special ability is so expansive, none have been able to master it. Even to this day, I have only unlocked one fourth of it's full potential..." She then clasped her hands together and pulled them apart. In between her hands manifested a small cataclysm of emerald green electrical energies. Instantly, she would become a lightning bolt of that respective color. She zoomed toward Khrona and appeared in front of him at dumbfounding speeds, attempting to tackle him. Naturally, Khrona knew that green lightning wasn't normal at all, as it branched off from Kae's unique abilities.

In this form, Kae was allowed to plow right through the waves psychic origin without any repercussions, as the green chakra protected her from most -- if not all -- things. But, however, this form could only be held for so long. This was through the use of celestial energies, and a jutsu she forgot the name of. Kae attempted to make contact with him and pass right through him, causing various effects upon his body...

As fast as she was going, it was all for naught, as Khrona bent his spine backwards in such an extremely awkward fashion so very fast that it would seem like a blur even to her, allowing her to pass right over him and he to gaze upon her electrical form. Khrona only laughed at her. "Heeheeeheehee! That's what your chakra looks like? I wonder what it would look like if I rearranged it... I'll deal with your soul later, though..." Just then, the entire area became nothing but a void of red and black... Something like insanity, one would say. It looked like an endless mess of scribbles of black and red. Khrona sloooowly rose, his back cricking and cracking back to its original position before he abruptly spun around to see what of Kae now. "... Conventional means of attacking won't be too... Easy to hit me with, I must say..." Khrona started to wave his arms around, conjuring up something... "... Fragmentation.." He pointed his hands -- which were at a specific distance away from each other and a specific shape -- at Kae's position as pulsating waves were shot at her. The waves were swift and menacing by their output of power alone.

As previously stated, once Kae fights within her 'Aura Zone', she is given a major advantage. One of these advantages is being able to use a variety of different jutsu. So when she was so dangerously close to Khrona, she changed back to her original form. "..." She extended her hand toward Khrona and she released a blast toward Khrona to repel him with sheer unholy magnitude in hopes to distribute to Khrona a pain unrivaled. The mere casting of the jutsu caused a crater to form around them that would be dug fifteen feet deep in all directions. This was a jutsu she favored, but never got around to naming it. The force was invisible and under these circumstances, practically impossible to avoid. It was performed nearly instantly. She was prepared to fire another one double the power if the desired effects weren't met right off the bat.

Khrona only laughed louder and more insanely as she unleashed this attack, doing nothing yet seeming to be totally unaffected by it... Even though he was hit. Or, so it seemed. "... You don't know where you are, do you..? I'll give you a hint... It's my Isolation Chamber. We're both within it. It is a reality all my own isolated from all others and that is so small that it is only within these coordinates we are fighting in right now... Something I cooked up when you decided to get close to me~. But you didn't notice, did you?" Khrona smiled. "... And your attack didn't hit me because... It didn't touch me. 'Body Flicker' technique, you see~... It works muuuch better to my advantage for quick attacks, because then it doesn't require me to use that much energy... I flicker in and out of reality at any speed I wish; the faster I flicker, the less energy I use and the smaller the time my body is out of this own reality..." But beside the point, since Kae released the blast, Khrona merely used that technique as to have him flicker out of his own reality and into a different one for a moment, if that.

"... Hey. Would you care to know what is going on outside of this Isolation Chamber? It's a little blurry in here..." Just then, the red and black void would disappear and there would be the image of Misery and Despair outside of the Isolation Chamber, since the walls of it were translucent. Their hands were still together, but it seemed as though some sort of horrendous power had come over the two of them... "... Soul Resonance... This entire time, doing nothing but upping and upping their Resonance... I dunno if you know what that is, but, you're screwed if I let you out there~! But what's funny about it is... They keep on resonating more and more the longer you're in here with me~! HAHA!" The realm reverted back to black and red as Khrona faded out, his eyes appearing all across the depths of the red and blackness, a gigantic mouth appearing... Khrona's insane smirk. He was ready to use his own reality to his fullest potential now. "... So what's it gonna be, Kae? Out there or in here?"

"You talk way too much..." she said, listening to Khrona's explanation of what he did to her. She would close her eyes and open them, having them glow an emerald green. This was her activating her celestial energies and various techniques. She hadn't used jutsu like this in some time, so she was kinda rusty. However, she was well off enough to know how to get out of a predicament such as the one Khrona so thoroughly explained. Once in her celestial state, she slammed her hands together, allowing her body to become translucent. At this point, Kay's being was ascended above all realms, realities, and dimensions. This one being included. She then simply walked from inside the dome of controlled realities, back to the usual world.

"I could've sworn shinobi were supposed to be about stealth..." she said as her body returned to it's normal state. Her hand extended to the side while she was talking to Khrona. Her hand crackled with green electrical energies as she then clenched her fist. Manifested within her grasp was her own weapon of choice; a chain blade whose abilities ranged far beyond just the ability to slice through all things. She wielded it backhanded, wielding the massive blade as if it were weightless.

Khrona frowned and poked out his lips, the Isolation Chamber dissipating and he becoming normal once more. "... Buu, so easily? Hmmm... I know that in my Trance Mode, such trickery wouldn't have worked!" Once Kae exited, she should have felt the massive pressures of Misery and Despair's souls surging through damn near the entire field. High amounts of Insanity, Condemnation, Rejection and Despair were flowing through, and their powers aimed to drastically hinder Kae, since the resonance was so immensely high at this point. The Insanity would cloud her mind and judgment, making reasoning, movement, and things involving the mind and soul muuuuch more difficult. The 'Condemnation' would take a toll on her very life essence from her being within; slowly, but surely, draining her life... Chakra... And general energy and vitality. The 'Rejection' wasn't really at full potential at the moment, for it would just reject her powers and abilities, if it were, and it was more dormant than the other energies. And finally, the 'Despair' soul. It would take a toll on the very will, feelings, emotions, power, and positivity of Kae, dropping all of those in very dark ways.

"... I can't help but talk so much, you see. I'm... Literally forced to. That is, when I am coherent... Otherwise..." Khrona started to mumble incoherently. Afterthoughts... Or maybe his next plan? Perhaps merely gibberish? No one could be certain. The words were too jumbled and indistinct to actually know what Khrona was saying at that point in time. In a moment's notice, Khrona appeared behind Misery and Despair, grasping their heads... "... Soul Resonance..." Just then, the power of the resonance between Misery and Despir shot up beyond off of the charts. Khrona's own Insanity and Fear souls had made their way into the picture, which not only DRASTICALLY increased the effects and the power of the other soul energies spread throughout the field, but also, added his 'Fear', which worked like a combination of Insanity and Despair, only with upped abilities, such as severely weakening whatever was within the proximity. But the trio was not done there.

"... Scream Resonance." A specified type of Soul Resonance -- the Scream Resonance -- was a powerful one, indeed. Without warning, the three of them began to scream at different frequencies; Misery's covering all of the high sound frequencies and wavelengths, Despair's covering the low ones. Both of theirs were so high and so low that they were not able to be heard by even animals. Then came Khrona, whose scream covered every pitch in between, somehow. His was gruesome and terrible, such a sound not being able to be made by man nor animal. Misery and Despair changed into weapons right in Khrona's hands, still screaming, however they were vibrating ultra violently. With these screams, Khrona aimed to burst Kae's ear drums, shatter her bones, liquefy her mind, disrupt and alter her chakra flow, and vaporize her skin. He only watched her to see if the effects were taking... Well. Their effect.

Kae's eyes would slit as she felt the immense and corrosive energies upon her entering the area. And would instinctively construct a form of defense for whatever it was harming her. About fifty feet around her, a glass-like barrier of sorts would manifest itself. It was created of celestial energies and her special ability, as it removed all unwanted auras -- among other things -- from Kae's Aura Zone. She then preceded to finishing a couple of handsigns that caused the skies above to boom and crackle with lightning. Kae's eyes would begin to glow an emerald green. Looks like Khrona was done warming up. Kae had to follow suit.

As Khrona and his weapons continued to scream, it would be noticed that nothing was happening to Kae. Seems like her special ability was getting in the way of his plans. Khrona's eyes started to dart off in different directions again, however this time something new was happening. His special ability was activating, as well... Khrona wasn't one for the use of jutsu, but he did have some, and they strictly relied on his DNA abilities and Reality control abilities... It was time to put them to use.

As Khrona continued to scream, reality began to distort everywhere his soul was, which was generally... Everywhere, thanks to Misery and Despair. Khrona started to have Despair's Rejection become more and more noticeable, for he would be needing it soon. Khrona had already scanned the area and had realized that Kae was conjuring something in the clouds. Nothing a little 'Passion Fruits Grape' couldn't handle, he figured. The ability was triggered, causing an expansive wave of of pure force from himself that would travel through his wavelength and to the sky instantaneously. This force would instantly spread throughout the entirety of the sky above them, causing all transfer of energy up there to cease. Without the transfer of energy, literally nothing could be done. This was a worse fate than stopping time. Thus, everything would literally become motionless in the skies, all energy being forced to a standstill because none could be transferred. Luckily, Khrona had remained stationary or such an ability would not be able to be used.

At the same time, Khrona analyzed Kae's abilities and realized that it was powerful... Though he hoped that it drained quickly for being so powerful. Otherwise, he'd just have to make it so. Khrona continued screaming, not stopping for a breath once because he didn't need it. He would continue to scream until the time was right. Both Misery and Despair glowed red now, as did Khrona's eyes...

Kae would bring her massive blade above her head; its chains would begin revving up wildly. Its revving would do a variety of things, including increasing the power of the blade. She then brought the blade down to the ground with massive force. This caused all the energy Kae absorbed from the skies into her blade to be let out in a matter slicing, aura vaporizing, cataclysm of celestial electrical energies. This was Kae using her special ability and her 'godly' powers to her current max. She wondered how he would survive this; even with his fearful power channeling, she doubted he could reach the power she could... Although she was out of shape, she did own ancient celestial powers.

As the attack came down, Khrona prepared his next line of defense... The 'Transcendent Rejection'. Such an ability worked perfectly, as Khrona's Transcendent Rejection was a trap within itself. Its sole purpose was -- since Despair's Rejection adapts -- to be hit by attacks and then very quickly, if not instantly, cause them to reject themselves and the one using them for a temporary time -- thus, if struck, Kae's special ability would be ceased from being used because of the fact that it was rejecting itself and rejecting her. With the tripled power of the souls, Khrona's soul would have far exceeded Kae's power right now, especially since the resonance was still steadily rising and was already in-fucking-credible to begin with. The only way to get past this was to actually have more power than it, and with three people going at such a high resonance, it wasn't likely without being drained. Not only this, but if said special ability wasn't rejected, -- by some 'unknown means' -- then it would take whatever it could, be it chakra, the nervous system, the mind, or so on.

The Transcendent Rejection had been left in the image of Khrona, so where could the true Khrona be? Well. When his eyes and weapons started to glow red, he was both charging his body with Rejection and readying his body to change into a wavelength, itself, causing him to shoot off in an arbitrary direction way from the attack. He reverted himself to a physical being in the sky, but not too high. His Passion Fruits Grape would have ceased by now, for he needed his other Reality warping abilities and didn't care for wasting his energy with such a trivial barrier in the sky if it wasn't doing anything useful. Now Khrona closed his eyes, tapping into the deeper parts of his psychic power... He was no longer screaming, yet Misery and Despair were, so the intensity of the screams lessened, to an extent.

"Ngh... Can't deal..." Kae said, swinging about her blade. This would allow her godly ability to do away with the things compromising her current condition, via transcending this reality yet again. However, this was a jutsu that Kae hated using, as it decreased her lifespan along with taking away enough chakra to cripple her. She stabbed her blade into the ground, causing all the energies of Khrona to be kept at bay at least ten feet from Kae. She knew she couldn't keep this fight up without using too much of her power. And at this point, she was too out of shape. Exceeding her limits would cause her own power to split her mind. "I give. Don't think I can keep up at this point", she said, keeping her hand on her blade. Khrona's power was too off the wall for Kae at the moment, and she needed to regroup and train. However, if the guy wanted to keep going, she would have to push on. She still didn't use her 'trigger' yet...

Khrona could hear the words 'I give' through all of the calamity... And it was a good thing he hadn't sunk too deep into insanity, or else he wouldn't be able to stop himself. "... Hmmm. Transcendent Rejection didn't work? Hmm.. That power..." Khrona smirked, for now he had something to do. "... I must thank you, miss Kae~. This was pretty fun~!" Khrona's energies and wavelengths and whatnot died down pretty fast after that, and all that could be seen afterward was Khrona's smiling face. Misery and Despair would change back to normal. "... Seems as though all of my powers don't work on you when you use that chakra. But the good thing about this is... My body and powers adapt. So now I'm going to go hone my powers and allow them to ascend those godly levels~! And it's all thanks to YOU! If your powers didn't have so much... Godliness, I would never have been able to think of nor master such abilities... Some more. My power is already godly."

Khrona snickered to himself happily, for he had already foreseen it in the future. It would be very fun to fight people like that... But he then noticed how tired she was. "... You really were out of shape, weren't you? No matter. It was a learning experience for us both. Now we can both go... Train. Heh heh." Khrona's devious mind was up to no good again. He whispered a few things into Misery and Despair's ears, and they started to snicker too. The devilish look of Khrona then spread to their faces as well. 'Muahahaha~!'

"Hm, well I'm flattered..." Kae said as her blade dispersed into what would look like shells. She cracked her knuckles and her back, not being used to fighting any more. This made her pretty damn mad. "And you... You're certainly... Unique." Khrona was honestly the weirdest thing she'd ever met since... Tigen...

Khrona cocked his head to the side a bit, rather inquisitively at that. "Unique? Who is Tigen?" Seemed like Khrona forgot who he was after meeting him that one time and not getting a good reading on him when he had the chance... Naturally, Khrona had 'accidentally' peered into Kae's mind to see what she was thinking... Seemed as though she compared him to another being... Tigen. Using his psychic abilities, he could link the thoughts with the location of the being... But it would seem as though this being wasn't on the plane of the universe. Khrona didn't have time to actually use his 'Remote Viewing' at this particular point in time, for it would require the use of his 'Retrocognition' as well, and this was no time to be gaining information about people from the past... Especially if it wasn't intentional. But from the information he had already gathered in those few moments of viewing him, he seemed to be inhuman... And could traverse the dimensions? That explained why his presence on this planet was not felt by Khrona's mind nor soul. The being wasn't here.

Kae would just look at Khrona, knowing that he just read her mind... Which is similar to doing things to her without her consent... Which made her intensely upset. "... It really doesn't matter," she said, turning around and walking away, dispersing in a flash of green. She was never one for cool entrances or exits.

Khrona sighed, poking out his lips. "Buu. She's no fun. Oh well, at least my parameters are higher. Heeheehee~! With such increased potential, my attacks will not fall to those of any godly lineage ever again~!" Khrona grabbed Misery and Despair, spreading his wings vast and wide. "ONWARD! To TRAIN! HEEHEEHEE! Maybe afterward, we'll go beat up some gods."

Misery: "Sweet."

And then Khrona closed his wings, warping out of the area in a swirling implosion of his jacket-cape.

After the most invigorating battle with Kae, Khrona received some exceedingly troubling news... The beautiful sanctuary he had built in secret for the little cute Chomao was in need of being destroyed. He knew that this was something that was going to be sad, especially since he loved every last one of them like his own, Puchi, but he would make them a new Garden later on and let them run free... But for now, he had to do something that broke his heart...

Well, it was time for business. There were tiny little Chomao running about, playing and frolicking happily as they enjoyed their garden. So very cute... So very happy... Little did they know, it was their demise that was about to come into play. "... Sigh. I've been overruled, it seems. My mission now is to take out the Chomao Sanctuaries..." Khrona extended his wings, grasping his two weapons, Misery and Despair tightly. "... I'm keeping mine, though. Come to me, my Chomao!" And just as Khrona said that, the Chomao would come running toward him, grabbing his leg happily. "... Many apologies, but your world must come to an end, my Chomao... It is not my fault, for I have been overruled..."

The Chomao looked up to Khrona, then Khrona would send a mental note to the Chomao and let him know of what was going on and what happened. The Chomao began to cry, latching on to Khrona's leg even tighter. Khrona then flew up into the air, his wavelength starting to fluctuate wildly and violently. "... Yes, it is sad, but it must be done... The demise of the Chomao Sanctuary..." Khrona raised his blade, Misery, high into the air. She would transform into a Scythe, as that was what was used to kill... The Condemnation Soul began to flare up as well as Khrona's own Insanity Soul. Soul Synchro had been initiated. Their power started to raise higher and higher as Khrona located every Chomao that existed in all the Chomao Sanctuaries. It was time for them to be destroyed. "Chomao... Your time is nigh. 'Dark Cross'..."

Khrona dashed at the ground, his Chomao screaming behind him as he slammed the scythe into the ground, splitting it in half upon contact. There was an eerie and menacing calm for a moment before a huge gleam of blackness. Afterward, an explosion of ungodly proportions in the shape of a black cross surging with reddish wavelength. The explosion was so astronomically large and powerful that in that one blast, the entire sky mimicked its colors of black and red whilst the explosion's radius covered all three Chomao Sanctuaries at once. The blast could be seen from every inch of the three Villages, showing that the Chomao Sanctuaries were now... Totally and utterly destroyed. The explosion passed and there was nothing left... Nothing but emptiness and floating souls. Hundreds of souls of Chomao. Khrona shed a few tears for the Chomao that had lost their lives, and his own Chomao was bawling up a storm, but there was no way out of this. Every Chomao, every Egg, every life was gone now, as if those three sanctuaries never existed.

"... Terrible..." Khrona didn't feel good about doing this, but it had to be done. He examined all of the souls... In one flash of his Hyper Perception, he could see that there were about four hundred forty three souls there that Khrona had ultimately just taken. These needed to be evenly distributed between himself and his two weapons. Khrona would open his mouth as he raised Misery and Despair upward, sucking in every last soul within a god knows HOW long radius, taking four hundred forty two souls completely and evenly distributing them amongst themselves. Khrona then looked down at his Chomao, who, for some reason, had stopped crying now. His eyes were gray and dark now. There was one lone soul left that Khrona chose not to eat, just for this occasion. "... Here. Consume, my Chomao. Let your rage and insanity run wild." He gave the soul to the Chomao who seemed to humbly accept. It hesitantly consumed the soul, slowly devouring it... But once it felt the pure power that the soul had to offer, it immediately knew from that moment that it needed more souls. They were delicious. And at that moment, Khrona's Chomao finally became Khrona's Chomao completely and fully. Its eyes were filled with slight insanity, but that was how it started.

"Yes, my child... Let us depart from this depressing land... You shall have your vengeance on the world soon enough..." And with that, Khrona encased himself in his wings and made his way elsewhere. The task was completed.

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Book 11; The Restrictions of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 11; The Restrictions of Khrona Tensei   Book 11; The Restrictions of Khrona Tensei EmptySun Apr 12, 2020 5:11 pm

Third Restriction; Deep Thought - Leave Me Be.

After what had just been experienced with Kae and what soul-crushing actions had to be taken on the Chomao Sanctuary, Khrona could feel his Insanity rising up again. He needed to make sure it didn't get out of hand. For some reason, he felt his power creeping on the borders of his limit again, and he was not going to keep being Restrained or Limited by anyone or anything any longer; not the Leaders, not his Villagers, not his Lovers, not the Insanity... Not even Himself. He was going to find out what those Thirteen Khrona Forms were all about and he was going to do it today...

It was that time again. Khrona's seldom done, yet extremely useful training session was about to go under way. After that battle with Kae, Khrona's potential had increased so, so much... And it was time for him to live up to his new potential with intense training in the 'Trinity Plane'. 'Solitary Alone Time' is what he called it. Let's commence.

In the deepest, darkest part of the Pit of Havoc was Khrona's 'Solitary Alone Time' room. Only Misery and Despair knew of this room and it was rarely ever visited, for Khrona's thoughts, wavelength, and general psychic prowess surged through it at all times, making all who come into it suffer for interfering. Khrona sat in the middle, Misery and Despair standing above him feeling rather uneasy about being here.

Misery: "... Eh... Khrona...?"

Khrona: "... What...?"

Misery: "You gonna, uh... Train?"

Khrona: "... Leave me..."

Despair: "... Do you not wish for us to train with you...?"

Khrona: "... Alone..."

Misery: "Come on, what do you expect us to do?"

Khrona: "... Take my place in the world above. They shall not see me for quite a while..."

Misery: "Eh!? So WE have to take care of all of your work!?"

Khrona: "... Precisely..."

Despair: "... What about Chroma...?"

Khrona: "... She has two mothers."

Misery: "I think what she meant was... Shouldn't you let your own daughter have a go at being leader? You know you can't be one forever."

Khrona was silent.

Misery: "... Come on, you know you want her to take your place."

Khrona: "... Yes. Let her become the temporary leader until I get back... Teach her... Assist her... And leave. Me. Alone."

Misery looked at Despair, starting to back away. "Alright, Khrona, we'll leave you to your training... And we'll try to train a bit as well, okay?"

Khrona was silent.

Misery: "... Alright, Despair, let's go. Khrona needs his Solitary Alone Time."

Despair: "... With disdainful pleasure..."

With that, Despair wrapped her cloak around the two of them, warping them both out of the Pit of Havoc with a lot of difficulty, for some reason... This room caused warping to become much harder. It was an intense room. Khrona was alone.

And now, Khrona was completely and utterly alone. He was going to go into Deep Thought about all of this, however he decided against it. Instead, he wished to go into the Trinity Plane so that he could train even more so at one time. "... Accessing... Trinity Plane." With a powerful wave from Khrona, the pitch black room would suddenly become some sort of horrific, unstable, distorted reality... An odd place... A mixture of Khrona's mind, body, and soul... His Trinity Plane.

For those who do not know what the 'Trinity Plane' is, it is a place created by Khrona and only accessible THROUGH Khrona or anyone of his lineage. It is the place where the mind, body, and soul are perfectly harmonized and in synchronization, thus allowing all three to be accessed at the exact same time, sort of merging the three planes together. This allows training physically in the body, mentally with the mind, and spiritually with the soul all at the same time through any and all actions. Naturally, Khrona's Trinity Plane resembled his unstable mind, his formless body, and his uncontrollable soul... Thus becoming this messed up load of shit that he saw before him. He loved it... This was his Trinity Plane. "... Good to be home... Within myself..." He started off into it, walking slowly toward the abyss of formlessness, talking to himself.

Khrona: "... That Kae girl... Has increased my parameters with my fighting of her... I have adapted to her power level and now my potential is that of an even greater godly level... I must... Achieve this level... My psychic power must be more godly... My wavelength must be more godly..."

The further Khrona went into the blackness, the more he thought about how to train his mind.

In the Pit of Havoc, however, many mental waves would be released from it... As well as general wavelength waves. Khrona's psychic power and wavelength were already starting to be effected by this, and they were growing in power at an exponential rate... By the time Khrona was done with this training... He would be better than he was before.

As Khrona wandered his Trinity Plane, he found a lot of things that weren't there before... It was a looooot more... Expansive than the last time he'd been there. Kae really must have pushed his potential that much, for Khrona's Trinity Plane was already huge to begin with. Yet, he saw nothingness as he walked past... Nothingness all around. "... Does the nothingness ever end...? I want to see something... I want to SEE reality... Make my reality happen now...." As Khrona said this, a girl appeared before him, and behind her, thirteen large figures. Khrona gazed upon them with awe, as he had never seen these people in his life... Not even imagined them up in his mind. He could only inquire who they were. "... You all are...?"

The girl's head was hung low, yet a smile of insanity was on her face. A single glowing eye could be seen from the shadow under her bangs... It was piercing red. She spoke up to Khrona finally, saying, "... I am Omnia... And these behind me are the Thirteen Restrictions..." She said nothing more.

Her voice was so... Enticing to Khrona. Intoxicating... Gorgeous. The hint of insanity within her made Khrona feel oh, so good when she spoke... It was like she was perfect in every way for Khrona. "... Omnia, huh...?" Khrona seemed to be in a daze now. "... Well, Omnia... What are you and the Thirteen Restrictions doing here...? What is your purpose...?"

She snickered slightly, looking up finally to reveal one of her eyes.

Omnia: "... If my name didn't give it away... I am everything. Or, at least, your embodiment of everything. I was made by your thoughts as an infinite entity... Of everything that goes on within you. Technically, you are the one that controls everything within this place, but that power was appointed to me by you... To keep you from getting too carried away, you see."

She pointed to the blackness behind them was still barren and filled with nothingness.

Omnia: "... The Thirteen Restrictions are your.... Limits. You may not have seen them before, but that was because they were limiting you even further and you did not quest to go beyond said limits... But now that you do, the Thirteen Restrictions and I have made ourselves known... To help you out, you see. There are Thirteen Limits you must break to achieve the power you seek... And with every limit you break, you see more and more into your mind, body, and soul and gain more and more power to live up to that potential... You see?"

Khrona nodded, a bit stunned that all of this was here and he didn't know. "... But how is it that I didn't know?... My psychic powers... I am supposed to know everything!"

Omnia: "You thought you did? HA. Pitiable... You know only a fraction. Your Limits ensure that. If you are to break all Thirteen Limits, then you would die. Your power is so great that you cannot handle it all at once, which is what these Thirteen Limits are for. Even if you are to break them, you would only be able to keep all Thirteen broken for no more than a minute's time before you died. Even going to the Twelfth is risky."

Khrona: "... Then why am I here to break them?"

Omnia: "... No one said that all had to be broken at once. Each of your limiters is limiting one aspect about you... And the Thirteen Restrictions all know which one that is. You may learn HOW to break all of them, but that doesn't mean you HAVE to break all of them at once... I would suggest not breaking more than three at a time, lest you suffer irreversible damage upon yourself..."

Khrona was a bit startled by this... Irreversible damage to him? Preposterous. Khrona could fix anything and everything wrong with him at any given time... Or... So he thought? Just the presence of Omnia made him question a lot of the power he once thought he had... He'd better listen to her until his Thirteen Limits were mastered.

Omnia: "... Well...? Shall we begin...?"

Khrona was hesitant for a moment, yet... After a few minutes of thinking, he nodded and stepped forward to Omnia, awaiting what was to come...

A few moments afterward, the first of the Thirteen Restrictions stepped forward.

Omnia: "... This is the Restriction on your Psychic Power... It is the Restriction that keeps your mental power from expanding infinitely and destroying everything, becoming uncontrollable and so destructive that it even destroys your own body."

Khrona gulped.

Omnia: "Hahahaha... What's the matter, scared?"

Khrona: "... I feel like if I unlock this restriction, then I will destroy myself... I'd rather do this the old fashioned way."

Omnia: "... What? You don't want to unleash your true power?"

Khrona: "... Isn't that what Trance Mode is for?"

Omnia: "... True. Your limit is broken in Trance Mode and your power becomes up to its full potential, however in Trance Mode, you are still limited... Your limit levels also increase while in Trance Mode... So while you may THINK you have broken past all your limits, your limits have just broken past their limits to limit you at a higher level... You see."

Khrona: "... I don't think I want anything stronger than that..."

Omnia: "... Then what of the Thirteen Restrictions?"

Khrona: "... Those Restrictions shall be broken as I see fit. When I see fit. They ARE under my control, aren't they?"

Omnia was almost speechless at those words... He'd already figured it out.. "... Well... Yes, but..."

Khrona: "Alright, then. If I am the one that tells them WHAT to limit, then I can BREAK said limits any time I FEEL like it. So don't come to me telling me I should break them all, Omnia!"

Omnia fell silent as the Thirteenth Restriction appeared before Khrona. "... Alright. I'll tell you what each Restriction is and what it limits... Then you can... Go about your business..."

Khrona nodded, his eyes burning with passion.

Omnia: "... The Thirteenth Restriction, you have already broken... It is the Restriction of your Control. Seems as though you have figured out how to control what goes on here instead of letting it run rampant... Hmph. But you know that control is meaningless once you leave."

Omnia: "Anyway, to start from the top... 1: Restriction of Psychic Power. 2: Restriction of Soul. 3: Restriction of Body. 4: Restriction of Energy. 5: Restriction of Reality. 6: Restriction of Emotion. 7: Restriction of Insanity. 8: Restriction of Power. 9: Restriction of Knowledge. 10: Restriction of Presence. 11: Restriction of Potential. And 12: Restriction of Will."

Omnia: "Those are your Thirteen Restrictions in a nutshell, Khrona. What are you gonna do about them?"

Khrona smirked, closing his eyes and turning away from Omnia and the Thirteen Restrictions. "I'm going to leave them. And I'm going to go TO all of my limits and NOT surpass them, but leave my power as it is when I GET to them. There is no need to break those limits... Only a need to reach them. I don't want any unnecessary power that will kill me. I want to better myself, not kill myself."

Omnia sighed, yet smiled. "Fine, if that is what you wish... I will train you if you like?"

Khrona was a bit wary, but eventually decided against it. "... Not right now. You and I can have personal training later, Omnia. For right now, I must reach my limits alone."

Omnia started to chuckled, turning away from Khrona as the Thirteen Restrictions started to disappear. "If that is what you wish..." And finally, Omnia and the Thirteen Restrictions were gone.


It had been an ambiguous amount of time since Khrona entered his Deep Thought. It was unknown just how long nor how short that time frame was, but in it, his dearest daughter Chroma returned to the Pit of Havoc in the midst of it with some wonderful news. It was just a complete shame that she came back at the worst possible time... How it hurt his heart so for what he knew he was going to have to do for her safety and his stability...

Chroma had immediately left the battlefield after the fight was over, heading back to her house for her parents. She wanted to tell them ever so much of what happened... Especially her father. She was starting to learn the powers of the Reality Warping abilities she had and her psychic abilities were getting better and her soul was stronger and... It was just a lot of good stuff all around. And to top it all off, she was a Soul Angel now. She felt as if she could use her weapons again-- Well. Not yet. She had one more thing to take care of... But that's beside the point. She appeared in the bottom of the Pit of Havoc, feeling powerful waves of psychic force pulsating intensely... They made her mind dizzy.

Chroma: "Eh... Father? Mothers? Where are you...?"

The psychic waves continued to grow stronger by the second, making her feel worse and worse... Queasy, ya know? It was a bit hard to handle.

There was no initial response to her call, though after a few minutes of complete silence, she would see a projection of Khrona... Which did not look very happy.

Khrona: "... Leave me be. Now. I cannot have any interruptions..."

Khrona didn't have the time to explain to Chroma what was going on, but still his psychic power grew stronger and stronger, but with the more concentration he gave on that, the less there was of his projection.

Khrona: "... Leave."

A little stunned at what her father was saying to her, she became rather desperate to tell him what happened... He seemed angry at her.

Chroma: "But... Father, I... I just became a Soul Angel, and... I've had such a dramatic increase in my power and... I just thought you'd be happy with me..."

Depression was written all over her face. She just couldn't figure out why her father wouldn't want to hear about her success...

The fluctuation of psychic power and sheer wavelength pulsated highly throughout the Pit of Havoc, stronger than ever before. Both of them were off the charts, even for Khrona's standards. Chroma should be able to feel their overwhelming power begin to affect her body adversely, despite how she was the child of Khrona and should be able to handle such things with ease. As such, Khrona only told her again, "LEAVE. ME. BE."

There was no way for Khrona to stop this now, and he did not want to jeopardize his daughter's well-being by staying here any longer. Khrona knew that even a leader would have trouble withstanding this, and if that was the case then Chroma shouldn't be here any longer. He only hoped that she understood, for he couldn't even speak much to her. His projection was fading as the atmosphere became more distorted because of psychic waves and wavelength growing in power. It even exceeded the confines of the Pit of Havoc by now, which meant that the power was growing to astronomical heights.

Sadly, Chroma was too shaken up to really understand why her father was being so... 'Mean' to her. In fact, the fluctuation in psychic power was messing with her mental processing, which made her think bad things about the situation. She simply could not understand why her father was treating her so badly. He had never yelled at her in his life...

Chroma tried to hold back her tears and tried to keep her stomach and mind stable, but all seemed to fail as she toppled over in pain from her stomach, grabbed her head from the pain in her very mind, and cried out tears from both the pain and her sadness. After releasing a few wails of what seemed to be pain and sadness at the same time, she spread her wings and somehow managed to get out of the Pit of Havoc, not saying a word. Once she was well out of the pit and flying in the sky, she still felt the presence of Khrona's psychic power and wavelength... And it wasn't faint. Regardless, she wasn't thinking about this, for she started to talk to herself.

Chroma: "... Fine, Daddy... I'll leave you alone... However long you want, I'll leave you alone... I guess I'm just not good enough for you yet... But... *sniff* But... *sniff* Don't worry... I'll make sure you don't hate me anymore... I don't want you to hate me... I want you to be happy with me, Daddy... Mommies... I'll make sure you are..."

She flew swiftly through the sky, the feeling of her father's own psychic power and wavelength growing fainter and fainter the farther she flew. Eventually, she was too far away from being within it and was off somewhere in the planet, going God knows where. She was determined.

What Chroma didn't know was that Khrona was going through rather intense training, and this training was important to Khrona, and also very dangerous. He needed to stay concentrated to expand his power to its potential, and could not stop for a moment until he was at his limits. He knew that with his new exceptional power gain, his psychic powers and wavelength would be a little unstable for a while and wouldn't be under control until a day or two after his training was completed... Whenever that was going to be. So he couldn't even use his projections right. Though, because Chroma was in his wavelength and within his psychic presence when she was talking, he heard everything and this saddened him.

Khrona: "... My child... I am very happy with you... For becoming a Soul Angel and starting to live up to the name I have created for our family... I don't hate you, and never could, for you are my one and only child... Daddy's Dearest Heart... I'm sure your mothers are proud of you as well, wherever they are right now... You have already made me happy to be your father many times over..."

But alas, it was no use. Chroma was gone and no one was around to hear that. Khrona was just talking to air. With a heavy, depressed sigh, Khrona continued his training. He couldn't use his psychic powers as he wished at this time and thus couldn't talk to Chroma over a long distance right now. He just had to wait this out... Hopefully she'd run into Misery and Despair... Or they would run into her. Khrona only continued his training, his wavelength and psychic power growing, even still...

After an unknown amount of time...

Khrona had wandered through every part of his mind that he could get to for such a long time in Deep Thought... It felt like an eternity. This place was more than vast because of the Trinity Plane. Khrona wasn't only traversing every inch of his mind, but also his body and soul as well. Through such an extended amount of time, Khrona had traversed a large part of himself... And the more he looked through himself, the more powerful he felt.

Khrona: "... Omnia..."

He couldn't seem to stop thinking about Omnia and the Thirteen Restrictions. Khrona felt as though he had reached his limits... As much as he could, at least.

Khrona: "... Is there no further...? Is this as far as I can go...?"

Just then, Omnia appeared before him once again.

Omnia: "No... You still have to go past your limits."

Khrona: "... I already told you about that, Omnia."

Omnia: "... You want to go past them, though..."

Khrona: "... But... It would kill me if I did."

Omnia: "Wrong! It would kill you if you used it for too long or in excess! You'd be fine if you used it once... Or twice... Given a loooong time period in between."

Khrona was silent.

Omnia: "... Hmph. Well. You don't have to do it. But think about it... I'll be here... And so will your limits. You've grown stronger today, but now there is nothing else you can do to make yourself stronger. You're at your... Limit. When you ever feel like it... Come to me to tell you what it's like to be Unlimited..."

And with that, Omnia and the Thirteen Restrictions were gone in a flash. And so, Khrona was left alone with this to think about.

Khrona: "... My body... My soul... And my mind have all been heightened in my time here... That's good enough for me."

Khrona sighed, readying himself to exit the Trinity Plane.

Khrona closed his eyes and concentrated hard, the Trinity Plane dissipating. With a powerful surge, wavelength and psychic power shot throughout the entire Dusk Village. Khrona's wavelength had extended that much in the time he had been in Deep Thought... He truly was more powerful than he was before.

Khrona: "... My... That IS strong... I might be able to fight Shinigami for a while at this power..."

Khrona shook his head.

Khrona: "... It's gonna take a lot to maintain this power..."

Khrona knew this from the start.

Khrona: "... But now I get to train on a whole new level... Use powers on a whole new level... And have a control of a whole new level..."

That's what made Khrona so very happy. And his knowledge of what was to come was also what made him very happy.

Khrona: "... But now it is time for business... I must return to my office... I must find my daughter... And I must destroy all that plague the Dusk Village."

With his last line, there was a hint of insanity in his voice. Khrona seemed serious about it... But when Khrona wants to destroy something, that's never good. Regardless, he started to walk slowly out of the Pit of Havoc, going to see his village again.

Whilst Khrona was in the Pit of Havoc undergoing his training, Misery and Despair were out dealing with his shit... And somehow, the ONE DAY that Khrona was gone... The MOST PEOPLE wanted to show up and piss them off. He was SO lucky that they loved him...

So finally, the door opens, and it would seem as though there is a whole group of people outside of it...

Misery: "... Real nice story there, reeaaaaal FUCKING nice."

Despair: "... Khrona must be getting more popular if all these wonderfully horrid people are here at once..."

Misery: "I don't give two flying fucks WHO they are, I'll kill them all if they don't GET THE HELL OUT OF MY SIGHT RIGHT NOW!!!"

Despair: "... Many apologies... Khrona is not here right now. We are here in his stead, as usual... His two soul weapons, Misery," she points to Misery, "And myself, Despair."

Despair tried to smile warmly, yet it ends up as a cold, depressing smile that brings everyone down... As usual. Misery does nothing but scowl, trying to hold in her urge to kill and her unspeakable anger.

Misery: "What the HELL do all you people want, anyway?"

"Well... I'm Ravage. We've only come with Vessel so that.... Aw hell. I'll let him tell you, himself." Ravage sat back down waiting on Vessel to speak.

Vessel: 'Aw. I thought he'll be here. *sigh* oh well...'

"Excuse me madams. My name is Artery Vessel. I wanted to talk to Khrona about helping me release my... Soul weapon. Her name is Bloody Mary. It's kinda weird. She talks and... Well let me show you.." Vessel pulled out the sword from his back slowly. He didn't want to make any sudden movements, as not to provoke a rash reaction from Khrona's soul weapons. "Bloody Mary!"

"God dammit, this will be the last time you ever wake me up and not in battle. I swear if I get my body, I'll kick your ass till you bleed the death. And don't say you can't because I'll find a way fo..." Mary kept at the rabbling. Anyway, she glowed the usual red. Vessel handed the sword to the nearest weapon with the blade pointing towards himself.

Vessel: "Please. I'm asking you to help me..."

"Eww angry ladies..not quite my scene." Shin waved to everyone, signaling that he'd see them around. Sitting around doing nothing was nice and all, but he thought he'd rather get back to training, or maybe even a battle.

Slate would look back at the ladies and felt the rage and bloodlust emanating from Misery. Slate was not really in the mood for any unnecessary anger at the moment, but he dealt with it. He didn't want to piss off the people that could help Vessel out. "Well aren't you all warm and cuddly," he would say towards Misery as her scowl chilled the room. Then, when Vessel awoke Mary, Slate just shook his head as he thought to himself, 'Why do these chicks have such an attitude? Let me get outta here before I lose my cool.'

"Let's go, guys. Vessel is in capable hands." Slate would turn and begin to walk away again as he said, "Catch up with us when you have released Mary. Hopefully she'll be more mellow."

Misery inspected the sword before anything else, looking at its soul first and foremost.

Misery: "... Tch, if this is a Soul Weapon, then she SHOULD be able to change between human and weapon form at will and without having to be 'released' or whatever. If she can't change of her own free will, then there's something else. A seal, a curse... Hell if I know. I don't work with seals or work with taking curses off of people. I only work with putting them ON people, you know."

Despair: "... Many apologies if Misery is a little rough around the edges... She doesn't mean any harm..."

Misery: "Um, no, yes I do. I mean to kill these bastards if they ever try to ride deep up in this office again."

Despair: "... The more the merrier..."

Misery: "NOTHING is ever 'merry' with you. You're always depressed, remember?"

Despair: "... Happily depressed."

Misery sighed heavily at Despair's cheerfully gloomy voice... She knew that Despair was always depressed, but always happy and kind at the same time and it was just so... Bleh. But oh well. Back to the problem at hand...

Misery: "If it's a seal, the Witch of the Sealing Eye, Zita, can break any seal for you. If it's a curse, I can't help you at this moment. If it's anything else... Maybe. If you don't make me wanna destroy you..."

Despair nodded politely. "We'd be dreadfully happy to help one who owns a Soul Weapon... Is there anything you know of that stops her from changing...?"

Vessel thought about it. Mary was always talking about if she could get her body back and all that. Maybe that was the problem. He didn't imagine her as a human.

Vessel: 'Mary has anyone ever put a seal on you or something about what they said?'
Mary: 'No...'

Vessel: "So if I could imagine her, then she'll break free?"

Misery shook her head.

Misery: "No, fool! If SHE tries to make herself human, she SHOULD. I've never heard of a weapon that couldn't! Shit, why the hell would ANYONE want to stay in weapon form for such an extended amount of time? How the hell would you eat? How come you don't remember what it's like to have a body? Weapons are just beings who can change into weapons, you know."

Despair: "... She is correct... You should be able to transform on your own... Is there something mentally that is blocking you...? Fear of transforming...? Uncertainty...? It must be psychological or subconscious... Though, I, myself have not heard of a weapon who couldn't transform because of subconscious means either... My, my... You'll be one of the cases we'd be hard at work on..."

Vessel wracked his brain. The only reason he ended up with Mary was because she was a family sword. No one ever told him what she really was. Then again, he didn't want Mary to change because of all those threats she made about kicking his ass. Maybe it was fear holding her back. "Alright, maybe it's because of me. So do I just, I don't know, tell her to change? Ask her to change?"

Misery shook her head, sighing heavily. "Shit, I dunno. It all depends on what the hell is wrong with her. If it's a seal that requires her to transform via voice activation, then hell, it'll be up to you. Though that'd be a reaaaally sad life for a weapon, if you ask me." She started to snicker a bit.

Despair: "... How do you synchronize with her?"

Vessel: "Well, I usually say her full name, 'Bloody Mary,' to awaken her."

Vessel thought about what the living weapons said about voice activation. He always said her full name. What if he just said one of her names? Taking the sword slowly from her hands, he just said one thing; "Mary, if you want, can you please get back to your regular form? It's Artery Emoto..." He didn't know why he added the last part. He just felt he had to. Anyway he waited to see if anything happened...

Naturally, Misery and Despair didn't exactly know what was going on. Misery hated these types of 'special case' weapons... She just wanted people to leave her alone. Despair was curious to see what would happen at this point, in actuality. They waited...

Mary sighed. "Finally. All you had to do was ask..." The sword vibrated, glowing red, dark red, black again when suddenly the sword exploded. There was a red mist hardly being about to be seen throughout. As it cleared, a red-haired figure could be standing in the middle. "It's about damn time. Having me in that stupid sword, and you don't even know how to use me!" Mary walked up to Artery and punched him hard in the chest and slammed her knee in his nuts.

"AAAAGGGGGHHHH!!!!! WHHHYYY!!!! OOOWWWWWIIIIEEE!!!" Vessel doubled over in pain, screaming at the top of his lungs. Meanwhile, Mary spoke to Misery and Despair. "Hello. My name is Mary, living weapon for the Emoto clan. It's an honor to meet the weapons of the leader, himself." Meanwhile, Vessel could be heard, still moaning about his pain...

Misery immediately started to laugh, her mood instantly lightened because of this Bloody Mary.

Misery: "HAHAHAHA. Shit, I like you. You're cool as hell, Mary. I don't take too kindly to your little bitch of a wielder, but you're cool in my book any day! I'm Misery des Gloomi!"

Despair: "... Oh, how morbidly wonderful it is that you have acquired a body...! I am Despair a la Discord. I hope there is no special means for you to transform back into a weapon, like there is to change you into your normal form..."

"Thank you so much. I shouldn't have to be in that damn pitiful weapon form anytime soon. I gotta train that bitchy goody-two-shoes to my liking." Mary looked at Vessel, who was still in pain. She shook her head. Of all the people she could've been a weapon for, she ended up with this poor excuse for a ninja. "Reason I've been like this for years is because I'm a Soul Weapon for the Emoto clan passed down. If my former wielder feels the need to pass me down, I'm sealed. Only way I can be released is from a true Emoto speaking his or her full name." Vessel crawled on his feet. His nuts still hurt, but at least he was able to stand upright. "Ow. Why? What did I ever do to you?"

Mary: "I told you I was gonna kick your ass. Which, by the way, I'm still not finished whopping ya ass."

Vessel was on the verge of running. But he had nowhere to go, and he could barely stand, let alone run...

Misery: "Oh, that makes sense. Yeah, that's not uncommon in Soul Weapons that are in clans rather than weapons like us. That's why you don't work like normal ones."

Despair: "... Clan pact..."

Misery: "... Heh. Heheh."

Misery was all for looking at all of the bloodshed that was about to ensue, but... She felt something. Something powerful. Some sort of mixture of psychic power and soul wavelength... She felt her cells begin to chill as well, and she knew DAMN well there was only ONE person who could tamper with people's cells and genetic structure THAT well...

Misery: "... Holy... Shit... He's back!!"

Despair: "... Oh, what wretchedly heartwarming news...! He's done with his training..."

Misery and Despair looked at each other, smiling, before looking to Mary and Vessel.

Misery: "Look, uh, Mary, as much as I like ya and everything... I kinda want you to take your sorry pile of crap and get the hell out. Our own wielder is back. You know... Lord of the Dusk?"

Despair: "... Oh, how we've missed him..."

Misery: "You understand, right?"

Mary: "Yes, of course, I understand."

Vessel looked around for Khrona, but Mary punched him in the stomach. Vessel doubled over in pain. It hasn't even been five minutes and he already regretted Mary having a body.

"Stop being disrespectful and come on." Mary pushed her hair out the way, picked up Vessel, and walked out with him on her shoulder. Vessel could still be heard mumbling about being in pain...

As they left, Misery and Despair waved at them then immediately closed the door. They both swiftly turned to the window and ran to it, opening it up and looking out at it.

Misery: "Aaaah, shit... There he is! The Black Dragon, himself!"

Despair: "... The Master of Wavelength..."

Misery: "The Reaper's Insanity!"

Despair: "Lord of the Dusk!"

Misery: "The Godhack!"

Despair: "The Freak!"

Misery: "... Wait... What?"

Despair: "... What? That's what people call him..."

Misery: "True."

Without a doubt, there was a speck coming in from the distance, gliding on enormous, draconic wings directly at the office. "IT'S KHRONA!" the two of them shouted simultaneously as he burst through the wall. He seemed to have a sort of seriousness to his face.

Khrona: "Come."

That very moment, he grabbed the two of them by their hands and flapped his wings lightly, causing the entire building to fall to pieces... As usual. He didn't even have time to explain where he was going.

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Fourth Restriction; Reporting Back

However long it had been, Khrona was in sort of a daze once he emerged from the Pit of Havoc with the knowledge that he did. He was going to need to make things up to Chroma next time he saw her, since he knew he was a little harsh on her... Perhaps, he would take her out for ice cream, or maybe some sort of battle so she could prove how strong she'd gotten, since she was very much affixed on showing him in order to make him happy. If only she knew how happy he was with her at all times... All such things continued to pound in Khrona's head until late in the evening, when his promising shinobi, Tamura, arrived again at his office.

Finally making it back to Khrona's office after his fight and his soul hunting experience, Tamura was ready to ask about souls. That was all he really wanted to know about really... That, and his ability to Summon. Tamura wasn't quite sure if this was a special ability of his or just something that he was taught when he was younger and it became like second nature to him. Tamura really couldn't remember his past; all he knew was that he was here and that's all he cared about. He still had his soul partners with him, but he and they, both, were unbelievably tired and needed to rest somewhere after this meeting. They were all running on willpower and fumes alone. Tamura knocked on the office door faintly and waited with a yawn. "After this... To the college... Then another fight... Then more practice with you all... Then maybe an exam... Then... Then... ... ... ... ... ... Zzz..."

He dozed off standing there.

Khrona's door opened up revealing him standing right in front of it with a sort of uninterested look in his eyes. He looked at Tamura, who was asleep now, and smirked. "Heh. People who need to sleep. I remember when I used to sleep... All those years ago..." Khrona's eye twitched at the thought of his past, so he didn't delve too deep at the risk of him going crazy right here and now. "... Hmmm. I don't want to wake him up, surprisingly... How unlike me... Hm. I know..." Khrona's eyes gleamed for a moment and he would mentally enter Tamura's dream to talk to him. Though he was in there, Khrona didn't do or say anything. He just waited to see if Tamura would notice.

Inside Tamura's dream, there were tons and tons of weapons whirling around in a cyclone. There was fire, destruction, and screams of intense anguish and pain. This was Tamura's hometown. He walked in the middle of the cyclone, his body flickering from his appearance now to his appearance when he was younger. As he walked, he placed a hand to his head and the blue and silver aura that usually covered his hands when he was about to Infest covered the entire area and all the weapons that were floating around him converged and morphed themselves together, creating a huge monstrosity of destruction that towered over the town, with a lone girl in the middle being the core of the huge beast.

Tamura: "I can't... I can't... It's out of control, I need to... I can't..."

He hadn't noticed Khrona in the dream -- since this was like a flashback more than anything -- and he couldn't control anything that was happening. The damages were already done in the real world and his hometown would remain the destroyed ruins that they were because of Tamura's overwhelming inner strength, which he had yet to truly tap into. The monstrosity yielded to Tamura's will -- only briefly -- before going out of control as Tamura's aura glowed brighter and forced the beast to decimate the entire area into nothingness before it vanished. It didn't disassemble, just vanished into thin air just as Tamura's weapons did after he was done Summoning them.

The flickering of Tamura's appearance stopped and he stood there, looking as he did in the real world now, and smacked his lips at the nothingness. "The same dream... Every time I close my eyes. The same dream." There was nothingness now. Complete and utter nothingness -- except for Tamura and Khrona, who Tamura had just noticed since the flashback was finished. Tamura had nothing to think about, so his dream remained a void of absolute nothingness. There was no light, and yet darkness wasn't present either. But the nothingness soon flooded with the color blue, then silver, and then a mixture of the two colors -- his aura.

"Well... I don't suspect that you missed that, Khrona. I'm not entirely sure what it means, but it's always the same dream. Every time I sleep, the same dream," Tamura finally said, acknowledging Khrona's presence for the first time.

Khrona already had a bucket of popcorn ready, eating it during the flashback as if he knew it was going to happen. Even in Tamua's own world, Khrona had control of what happened to himself, yet couldn't do anything to anyone or anything else. Or rather, didn't want to... Lest he destroy something important in Tamura's mind. "Wooow, this is better than high definition. Hahaha. Oh, wait, this reminds me of something..." Naturally, Khrona was speaking of his own past this time around. This guy had a similar trouble as Khrona did, in a way. But after a while, it vanished, and Khrona sighed in disappointment. "Aw." That's when Tamura appeared. He seemed to have noticed Khrona this time around.

"Hahaha, that was quite a show you put on as a kid. I wonder where that power is now~?" Khrona said this jokingly, yet at the same time had a hint of seriousness to it. With the blue and silver around the area, Khrona could feel Tamura's power inside of here. It was neat. "Sooooo. Problematic childhood and lack of control for your power, huh?"

"Isn't that the story of everyone's life?" Tamura asked with a smirk and laugh. That did seem to be the story of everyone's life... Well, every strong person's life. Tamura actually wasn't sure if it was really, truly, he that had caused all the destruction, since he truly couldn't remember what happened to cause it. If he could remember that, then the power would probably just flow out of him, but then it'd probably get out of control again... Tamura shook his head at the thought. He was stronger now; he'd be able to control it now. "I wonder, too... About the power. Doesn't seem like I lost it, just locked it away and I don't know what the key is yet."

Khrona suddenly had a soda in his hand, sipping it nonchalantly out of a cup. He closed both of his eyes, then after a few moments stopped drinking and released a satisfied "Aaaahhh!" from his mouth. "Well. My story is quite a bit different, save for the problematic childhood. Hahaha." Khrona sipped the soda again, though he started to talk while also sipping at the same time. "... It's a typical case that happens all too often for those with such power..." Yet, Khrona said nothing more than that. Khrona knew that there was probably a lock on Tamura's power that effected his mind until he was ready to use it. As he grew stronger, the lock would undo itself, it seemed. But beside that point, Tamura couldn't get too curious about it, lest he accidentally 'break' that lock when he wasn't ready. So, Khrona changed the subject. "Yeah, so, you came to my office and dozed off... What do you want?"

Tamura looked at Khrona, before closing his eyes and smirking. "You're right, as always it seems. I came to ask a little more about souls before I went to the college to learn about all the other things that they can teach me at the level I am now. I also wanted to tell you that I might go for a ranking exam soon. But I'm not sure when." Tamura opened his eyes before stretching and putting his hands in his pockets.

Khrona stopped sipping his soda for a brief moment, opening an eye to Tamura before the soda disappeared from his hand. "Souls, you say? You want to know more about it? From me, no less? Even if I am the 'Master of the Soul', the college is made for these teachings..." Khrona looked around Tamura's mind for a moment, opening his other eye after a little while. "... But, you did come all the way here. And I did already teach you the basics of a weapon... I might as well finish the job. Is there anything specifically you wish to know about your soul?"

"I wanna know what it is. I wanna know what I can do with it. Nothing too specific, just what it is and how to actually use it," Tamura said.

Khrona nodded and, for the first time in a looooooooong while, sat down on the floor. "... Well, a soul has, in ninja terms, something like a chakra network. It can do a great many things for you depending on what you want and how good you are with it. It does not have a definite shape or form, for you can mold it in any way you wish. It transfers energy directly from your soul. The way you use it is generally up to you and how good you are with it, as said before. Though, one usually uses their soul in ways that best show their personalities or how they are, and your soul its energy will reflect that. Me, for example. I'm the epitome of insanity. Thus, my soul is that of Insanity... As well as Fear. But moreso Insanity." Khrona yawned, leaning backward. "Anyway, I don't feel like explaining that much, so I'll just say this; As long as you are true to yourself and your soul, your soul energy should be easy to use, if you work hard at it."

"I get it, I get it. So all I need to do is be true to myself... That won't be hard, since I'm not easily influenced by anything. Thanks, but I think I should go to the college now... After I go and have another quick spar with someone.... For some reason, I'm itching to destroy someone." Tamura slammed his fist in the palm of his hand before nodding. He wasn't tired anymore, as this sleep that he was getting while standing in front of Khrona's office was really doing wonders for his energy. When he awoke, he was sure that he'd be fired up, so much so that whoever he battled next would have more than a hard time fighting him... He'd crush them like he always planned to do when he went into battle. Using nothing but his intellect and quick movements. He was so energized that he wouldn't even use any actually Jutsu in his next battle, just start with Taijutsu, his partners, supportive Ninjutsu, -- like substitution -- and his special ability. Nothing else.

Once the energetic Tamura left to go do whatever he intended to, Pegasus had returned from his long excursion to acquire the numerous jewels for Khrona, which suddenly put him in better spirits.

Pegasus was coming back from his missions to talk to his leader. He had done what he wanted and knocked on the door.He stood in front of it with a bag of a lot of the things he had to get along his missions.

The bag of things would be stripped from Pegasus' hands and would fly through the door without it opening. After a few moments, the door would open and Khrona would be seen sitting lazily at his desk. "Sooooo. Seems like you've collected everything I asked ya to? Good for you. I really appreciate it, guy."

Pegz stared at the leader and smirked as he didn't move. He thought about how tough the assignments were and he liked the challenge they all brought to him. "Of course I did! I like to get the job done quickly and without a hitch of a problem," he said as he came into the office and stood on the wall.

Khrona nodded slowly as if he were listening, but in actuality, he was thinking about what he was going to do with the items. "Of course, of course... Well, I guess you get your reward..." Khrona started to clap his hands rather slowly, smiling. "Congratulations, Pegasus. You've completed a mission. You can go now." Khrona stopped clapping and made a shooing motion. There would be silence for about a minute or two before Khrona burst out laughing. "HAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding. You got yourself the Standard rank, guy!"

With the bag of loot secured and all of the gemstones ripe for the taking of their inner energies, Khrona would return to his Pit far more stable and happy than before. He was still quite concerned about his daughter, but figured that perhaps he should give her a little bit of time to settle her emotions before he went looking for her... As well as to stabilize his own. He was still a little bit unstable from the fruits of his training and he didn't want to hurt her anymore. So, he simply passed the time by waiting and doing office work... Surprisingly, someone hadn't come for him this time, but for Misery and Despair, and he would allow them to have their talk whilst he went off to deal with other things outside the office.

Maina and Naina arrived at Khrona's office surprisingly early, looking for the two people they looked up to the most -- Misery and Despair. Maina and Naina both knocked at the same time and waited.

There was a bit of a wait, but after a while, the door opened and Despair would be standing before the two of them. "Oh... It is you two. Welcome... It is depressingly nice to see you again..." She bowed to them and invited them inside. "... Is there something you want? What brings you here?"

Naina bowed in return, Maina just kinda shrugged it off and stepped inside the office after Despair, closing the door, since it was polite to do that. With all that done, Maina cleared her throat. "We're here to ask you and Misery a question or two... Is that fine?" Well, that was technically a question already, but Maina didn't count it as one of the questions that she and her sister had come to ask. They wanted training on fighting without Tamura, and what better people to teach them than Misery and Despair without Khrona present?

Despair nodded politely. "Oh, of course... I'm pretty sure Misery likes you... So she'd be happy to answer you as well, right?" Despair turned around, looking at Misery who was nonchalantly sitting at Khrona's desk, slightly bored.

Misery: "Yeah, yeah, I guess. I've been kinda bored lately. Spill it."

Maina nodded, walking to the front of the desk. "I got an offer for you... You and Despair train me and Naina, and we'll exterminate anybody out there in the world that you don't like. No questions asked. I KNOW that there are people that piss you off to no end, like when they come in and ask for a soul weapon but have no idea that going to the college would be the best thing to do for that. Or coming in to see Khrona for no reason, only to basically shake his hand and introduce themselves when he knows EVERYTHING about his village. Come on, having you as a mentor would be a dream." Naina had made her way over to Despair, she didn't speak of course, only smiled and before looking to her sister trying to bargain with Misery.

Misery yawned, looking at her fingernails and barely payed any attention to Maina's words.

Misery: "Look, kid, we're the weapons of the leader of this village. If there's someone we don't like, we can and will get rid of them. Sure, it's probably against some type of rule or regulation somewhere, but hell, they shouldn't piss us off."

Misery could tell that Maina really did want some training though, and it was pretty bold of her to come up and ask her for some training and try to bargain with her.

Misery: "... Hm... But, I'll tell you what. I like you. That's usually a rare thing. You remind me of myself when I was first starting out... But yeah, all I need you to do is go collect twenty souls... Each. Then come back for some training. Despair and I will have no problem training the both of you if you can manage to get twenty souls each on your own."

It was definitely a test of their skill... To see if they were worthy of such training.

Despair: "... The two of you already have seven combined... Just get thirty two more without help from your partner..."

Misery scoffed, cuz that's not what she meant... "Tch... Ah, whatever. Fine. Do what Despair said. Come back when you've got forty, kay?"

Maina grinned and nodded; she didn't even look at her sister for confirmation -- she was sure that they could do this without Tamura. He hadn't been using them much of late, anyway, so he wouldn't care what they were doing. Besides, the stronger they got, the better the gang would be as a whole. "Piece of cake, just you watch," Maina said, turning to her sister. "Let's get started, huh... Naina?" She walked towards the door. Naina walked that way as well, but turned around and bowed to both the lovely women.

Naina: "Thank you... I'll be sure to keep an eye on her."

And with that, they were gone to collect more souls. They needed to try different places, and see every kind of monster out there. This was definitely gonna be fun.

Misery watched them as they exited out of the door, Despair closing the door behind them. Misery smirked just a bit, letting a little chuckle escape.

Misery: "They seemed pretty determined, huh?"

Despair: "... Quite."

Misery: "... I wonder what they'd be like to fight when they're Soul Angels...?"

Despair: "... Well, they seem pretty fond of us. They shall no doubt be our sparring partners one day in the future..."

Misery: "Yeah. We don't battle other weapons two at a time anyway."

Despair: "... We don't battle other weapons period..."

Misery: "Oh yeah. True. Well, whatever. Guess we ought to go do something constructive?"

Despair: "Mmm... Maybe."

The two sat there and sighed, returning to whatever they were doing beforehand.

With Misery and Despair having their little chat in the office, Khrona made his way out into the Battleground so that he could pass the time with helping someone else out until they were done. Luckily, he found just the person looking for an exam.

Luxe sat on a rock and pet Ying's neck, who was lying on the grass in front of her, humming happily while he slept. Lu smiled at her pet and waited for someone to come rank her in a battle.

Well, as usual, Khrona would appear in the ranking exam field, since he somehow had some sort of connection with it and the people who appeared here. Yeah, that's why he was always the one here. Regardless, he seemed a little more uninterested than usual, yawning a bit. "Haven't seen much of you lately. Such audacity coming for a ranking exam when you haven't been doing much in general." He yawned again, scratching the back of his head. "Whatever. Fight me and I'll stop it when I have my verdict."

Luxe looked up when Khrona appeared. She scowled and rolled her eyes after hearing his words. "Haven't been doing much?! Hah! What is there to do? If there is something, please tell me 'cause I'm bored out of my mind.'

Khrona's eyes narrowed at her comment, the area suddenly growing dark. "HM!!! Nothing to DO, you say? BORED? You just failed this ranking exam, dear." Khrona spread his wings wide very swiftly, the sheer force blowing away any snow, any frost, any trees, any Luxe... Anything and everything within the area. Yet, at the same time Khrona created a minuscule vacuum that wouldn't blow Luxe away, only keep her in place as it would seem she were being pushed by the terrific winds. Khrona's hands surged with his wavelength, crackling and such. "I try... and I try... to give my shinobi the opportunities that they deserve... And yet, they still want to be lazy?! When I am done with you, I am going to ENSURE that you NEVER say such FOOLISHNESS in my presence EVER AGAIN."

He mad.

Luxe tried not to look frightened of Khrona's power. She straightened up, balled her hands in fists and looked up at Khrona. "Opportunities? I have been looking for opportunities! Why do you think I requested this ranking exam? I requested a mission for Lin and I never got one. So if you're giving 'opportunities', then right over here." Luxe said waving her arm. "And don't you call me impatient, cause I have waited a lot."

Khrona's eyes narrowed, locking on Luxe. It was almost as if a piercing beam had just gone through her very soul, and Khrona had just a mind to make that into a reality. "You'd better only HOPE that you don't die.." There was a hint of insanity and anger in his voice. Khrona placed a palm onto the ground and let his soul surge through it, illuminating the ground with a glowing crimson color. The atmosphere around the area where the ground was reddened would become morbidly distorted and contorted at Khrona's will. Without warning, there would be an explosion of pure insanity for about a five hundred foot radius around Khrona, causing everything within to hear a mind-melting shriek if insanity. There wasn't much ground left from the explosion and only a chasm that seemed to go infinitely deep, echoing that piercing shriek back up to the surface. The debris in the area floated, glowing with Khrona's soul energy, the atmosphere still very much distorted around them. Khrona lifted his head up waiting to see the outcome..

As soon as Luxe saw Khrona descending to the ground, she flashed herself and Ying high in the sky, avoiding the explosion. Lu shuddered, covered her ears and squeezed her eyes shut as she heard the shriek. When it was over and pieces of earth were floating around in the open air, she opened her eyes and panted from the sheer power. Luxe was frightened and she knew she should leave but she was frozen in place out of stupidity.

Still very much angered, Khrona flapped his wings lightly, sending all of the clods of earth up into the sky, yet did not try to hit Luxe. Instead, the clods of earth would all change form almost instantly, creating an large box of sorts around the entire area that Luxe and Khrona were inhabiting, it still surging with his soul energy, in case she tried to escape or touch it or anything. "Do not try to escape..." The pit below Khrona started to glow, the blackness of it fading rather quickly. With the pit right below, a gigantic beam of Khrona's pure concentrated soul energy filled the radius of the hole and into the air, filling the box and trying to eradicate all that was inside of the box... Namely, Luxe.

As soon as Luxe saw the earth surround her in a box, she knew she had to get the hell out of there. "Don't try to escape? Are you crazy?!" Luxe had placed a scroll in her Riceball Shop a long time ago that allowed her to flash there from anywhere. She disappeared in a flash of light just in time and reappeared in her shop.

Khrona figured something like this was going to happen... No, in fact, he knew. It was a scare tactic, anyway. He couldn't kill Luxe, her crimes weren't that terrible. He could mortally wound her, but not kill her! "... I hope that next time you go LOOK for something to do instead of saying there is nothing..." Khrona smirked, chuckling a bit, then encased himself in his wings and disappeared.

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Fifth Restriction; Daddy-Daughter Duet

The altercation with Luxe was brutal. It was clear that Khrona -- after being exposed to the borders of his limits -- that he was still rather unstable, even after giving himself time to normalize his wavelengths. The Insanity was getting stronger and harder to control... Perhaps, he was going to have to take Omnia up on her offer to break those Restrictions in order to learn how to control the Insanity before it got too out of hand. But before he did, he could feel the Insanity of someone else rising up elsewhere on the planet, and he knew just who it was...

After acquiring her virtual pet, Chroma was still lost in thought about what her father said... He didn't want her to stay in the house. Was she hated? Was she weak? Was she hated because she was weak? "... Whatever the case... I will grow stronger... And I will make him happy..." She looked down, her eyes sort of giving off a dark insanity... The insanity that normally heightened her aggressiveness and fighting spirit. "... Bring yourselves, combatants of this planet... And watch me destroy you ALL!!!"

As those words were spoken, the clouds parted and the skies darkened just a little bit. A figure could be seen up in the sky harboring gargantuan black dragon wings upon his back. "... The audacity..." As he spoke, his voice was amplified to magnificent heights, blocking out-- nay, forcing out all other sounds that were in the area that pale in comparison to the magnitude of his voice. "My daughter... Why do you do this? What are you trying to prove by challenging the world...?" The wings on his back started to shrink, flapping ever so gently, folding up nicely onto his back as he slowly descended from the skies. His voice became lower as he did so, as to speak with her on a normal level. "... Why did you run away from home?"

When she saw the clouds part and heard that voice speak, it felt as if time itself stopped. Chroma looked upward to the heavens only to see the one and only... Her father. Her heart stopped as a sort of insanity rose within her body. "... F... Father...!?" Too utterly shocked for words, -- or even movement, for that matter -- Chroma did nothing but observe the descent he made unto the earth, completely and utterly frozen in place. She stayed like this for quite a while before finally being able to muster up some sort of speech. "... Father... I... I want to grow stronger... You... You seem to hate me... Back in the pit... You hated me... I heard it! You aren't happy with me yet..." Chroma's eyes started to drift apart from each other ever so slowly... "... I want you to be happy with me! Even if I have to beat EVERYONE else! EVEN YOU! I won't disappoint you, daddy... It shall NOT happen!!"

Khrona saw it all over her face. Insanity was taking over. Though her words and actions were not acceptable in Khrona's eyes. "CHILD. Don't make me have to SCHOOL you. I am not disappointed with you, I just needed alone time, that's all!" Who knew that having a child would be this hard...? Damn kids don't listen. "Just. Come back with me. We can train by ourselves. I don't want to have to fight you seriously..."

Chroma's eyes drifted even more... She was losing to insanity, somehow... "NO! NO NO NO! DON'T BABY ME, DAD! If you won't fight me SERIOUSLY, then I haven't TRULY earned your RESPECT YET! SO FIGHT ME DAD! FIGHT ME WITH ALL YOU HAVE!" Chroma's eyes darted around in different directions, not being fixed on one specific object for too long, and neither one of them looking at the same object at the same time. Chroma's wings expanded, releasing a powerful gust of wind from them large enough to knock over a large amount of trees. She let out a bloodcurdling scream as her soul suddenly started to swell up quite a bit, her Yin-Yang shaped soul easily becoming visible.

Standing tall through the large gust of wind, Khrona closed his eyes once the wind passed. "Fine. Consider this to be a test. An assessment of your skills thus far, Chroma. Come. Show me what you've learned..." He extended his wings threateningly, releasing a gust of wind probably three times as powerful as the one Chroma released, the very ground beneath the two of them cracking before becoming a large crater under them. "... Before I learn you a thing or two." Naturally, the entire time, Misery and Despair were in his hands, but he wasn't going to use them. No. Chroma called out a battle between himself and her, so it was best to respect that wish. No Soul Weapons. Khrona let Misery and Despair change back into humans and they would move over to the sidelines, protected by Despair's Rejection. "... This battle will determine if I am pleased with you or not. My respect for you as both one of my shinobi, but also a fellow wielder, and as my daughter."

Chroma slid from the force of the wind, forcefully keeping her ground as not to show weakness in front of her father. She looked at him with dark and crazed eyes. She said nothing else after that. In a quick, blurred movement, Chroma was already in front of Khrona, scythe blades extended and ready for use. She surged her Death Soul through her scythe blades, of course, ready to use them at will. With a couple of simple strikes made at blindingly fast speeds, Chroma tried to encroach her soul onto her father's and consume it right off the bat.

As Chroma initiated the attack, Khrona's deadpan expression became nothing but a frown at how simple she was. There was only a minor pulse of his own soul, which would overpower and eliminate the soul energy covered scythe blades all too quickly as well as force Chroma back some. "... Is that all you learned, Chroma...? You have much more at your disposal... You are FOUR weapons... You have MY lineage! MY powers! My MIND. You try to use your soul on me in such a way knowing I am the MASTER of Souls? You are GOING to make me HURT you." Khrona started to walk closer to her, his mind starting to calculate a few things. "... Have you mastered your Anatomia? Reality Warping? Black Dragon Blood? Psychic power...? Or have you been dawdling with Souls all this time and been ignoring your other awesome powers? Or is it that you just need a demonstration...?"

Khrona's wings suddenly transmogrified themselves into overly large, grotesque clawed arms of sorts, which would stretch outward and grab some of the fallen trees in these massive hands. "... Behold. 'Alteration'. One of the basics of the 'Anatomia' family ability we possess." In less than no time, the wooden trees had become perfectly steel, bladed tree-swords, completely made of metal and as sharp as a sword. Khrona immediately started to swipe at Chroma with these large tree-swords, walking ever so slowly closer to her, delivering about one hundred swipes every second or two, trying to hack her to bits.

Chroma released a slightly audible noise that seemed similar to a growl, blocking the swipes with her scythe blades rather effectively for quite a while. "... Is... That what you wanted father...? For me to train everything BUT my soul...?" She immediately sliced through the two trees, having them hit the ground with a loud clanging noise. With a large pulsation of her soul, they were forced away. "... But... You never wanted to teach me..." She sounded rather disheartened, many holes opening up on her body -- similarly to how Despair did at times. Rockets, missiles, bullets, and such shot out of these holes directly at Khrona, trying to take him out in an arsenal of firepower released from Chroma's body. At the same time, she seemed to be preparing something via her own soul...

Khrona had no idea she felt this way at all. She was always out training by herself, he figured that she didn't want to train with him. This was definitely news to him. "Chroma... I didn't know this." Though it might have been true that he never took the effort to TRY to figure this out, as Khrona could have read her mind and emotions countless times in the past. She seemed happy enough with things the way they were. She was holding all of this in... "I want to teach you everything I know! You will surpass me one day, you know!" Khrona swiftly consumed the remains of the metallic trees with his Merging ability, using Alteration to change their shape once more. Many holes opened up on his body this time and he mirrored all of the shots launched by Chroma; missiles, rockets, bullets, and all the like would be shot from the holes in his body in the exact same fashion as they had been from Chroma, thus causing each to be canceled out and cause massive explosions.

It was then that Khrona realized he hadn't activated his Hyper Perception at the beginning of this battle. If this were a fight with someone more experienced, Khrona might have been on the ropes by now. His daughter was making him less cautious and aware... His Hyper Perception is one of his most important abilities and if he wanted to fight her seriously, he was going to need to activate it. His eyes gleamed for just a moment as he stared at Chroma, already knowing she was about to do something with her soul. Khrona was going to end any thoughts that she had of using such a soul against him right now. He retracted his wings, stiffening his fingers as a sort of aura started to be omitted from them... It looked like a wavelength of his own, however it also resembled Chakra scalpel things. A rarely used, yet effective ability of Khrona's, and to his knowledge, of Chroma's, as well. The 'Cell Blade'.

Khrona took no joy in this. He disappeared completely it would seem, the only trace of him that would be noticed by Chroma would be the slicing air around her aiming to split apart her wavelength and cells all at the same time in a ruthless and violent manner which she would not see coming.

Chroma was already easily being overwhelmed by him... She felt as though she were child's play to him... She could tell that he was serious now because his Hyper Perception was active, and now he'd see any and everything she did. She didn't have the skill to get around the vision of the Hyper Perception... And from the looks of his soul, Khrona was going to do something to overpower hers. "... The Cell Blade..." Chroma already knew what that did, for she had the same move. It was passed down to her by her father and she knew just was he was going to do with it. But could she escape his speed...? Maybe... If she tried to tap into her powers... Then she could learn. Her mind started to move quickly... A cut was made to her arm, her arm instantly falling off and to the ground, the very cells between her nub and her severed arm literally dying upon contact with the Cell Blade. Chroma knew this. Yet she stood still, focusing. There was a slash to her chest, blood of blackness spewing out violently... But she still kept on. Finally, another cut was about to be made to her leg, and she knew it.

"The back of the leg." Her wings spread and she lifted her leg, having the attack miss. "... The bottom of my back." She bent over, the attack missing once again. "... The front of my thigh." Again, she raise her leg, helping herself up by ascending with her wings a bit. "... And the back of my head." She ducked under the attack, grabbing her arm and causing her body to explode into nothing but black blood particles all around the area. After a moment or two, she reformed a good distance away, her body in perfect condition and arms intact. "... The knowledge... The power... My mind... It... IT..." A sort of insanity was coming over her, though different from before. More instinctual. "Insanity Perception, Activate!!" Chroma's pupils began to swirl a bit, vision of all forms of insanity and general lingering insanity in the air becoming clear to her. The insanity started to compress around her... She was drawing in the lingering essence of insanity all around her, compacting it and combining the power, making it grow...

During his attacks, Khrona quickly realized that after the first two... Chroma began to dodge the rest. It was utterly amazing to him, yet he did notice a spike in her brain activity... It was definitely increasing. She was tapping into her potential... "Hmmm... Impressive." He only hoped that she realized what he was doing soon... But no matter, he needed to observe more. He realized that she was also compressing a lot of insanity around herself for whatever reason... What was she doing? Trying to protect herself with insanity knowing that if he were to walk into it, he would probably go insane and lose focus? Hm... "Good..." Khrona flapped his wings, flying toward the insanity dome at a high speed, energy charged in his hand. With a wave of his hand, the sphere of insanity would be sliced open like butter. He knew that this was nothing to him. It was kind of... Cute how Chroma tried.

Chroma couldn't really hear her father at all. She couldn't hear much of anything. She was moving purely on insanity and mental power. She couldn't particularly see anything. "... Thc... Hirm... Girhzl... Can't... Eh... ngej.. JKt... Blood..." Chroma was acting oddly. The mental increase was too much for her right now all at the same time, but it was working out rather... Effectively. "EXPLOSIONS!!!" Without warning, Chroma would swell and create thousands of explosions simultaneously going off in the same spot that she was in, spreading blackened blood everywhere. Then Chroma was seen in the air, twitching her head erratically.

"... The Black Dragon Blood Style fighting...? What the... You're learning so fast!" Khrona analyzed Chroma down to the T... Her soul, her brain waves, her mentality, her ability... They were all steadily rising. Khrona smiled. "Hahahahahaha! Starting to tap into your true potential, are ya? Heh. Feels gooooood, don't it?! THIS is the POWER of your TRUE FAMILY HERITAGE!" This meant that Khrona could pull out all of the stops. Chroma wasn't going to ascend to his level just from this battle, but by the end, she'd be better than she was before. She was already starting to learn complex fighting styles based off of the 'Anatomia' and 'Reality Warping' abilities, and her soul abilities were already pretty damn solid. Time to destroy things recklessly. "Now, let's see what of YOURS can stand up to a soul like mine, hm? Hee hee hee..." Khrona bent his spine backward, still walking forward slowly, many random explosions occurring around him, gradually getting larger and larger... Consuming more of the area. With every explosion, his soul got gradually larger.

Without warning, Chroma unleashed her Hyper Reception when Khrona's soul started to fluctuate highly. Thus, she could see where he was going to attack at the exact time and naturally dodged when necessary. Though there were explosions that were growing larger, Chroma's own wavelength started to flare up... Not the Life or Death Soul, but the Innocence. Though she seemed to be in a state of insanity, Chroma's mind was slowly starting to adapt to her environment at a faster and faster rater, learning and utilizing more moves more swiftly than she could think about. Her father excelled in the accelerated adaption of the body... But Chroma had the special privilege of excelling in the accelerated adaption of the mind. That was going to get her through. "Father..." Somehow words were forming, yet it wasn't clear if Chroma was consciously saying them or if they were instinctively coming out. "... Insanity will do nothing to me. I have the energy you could not harness."

Chroma's wings expanded large and wide as she held out her hands. The explosions got more and more intense, but her hands and wings started to glow with Innocence. When the explosion was close enough to hit Chroma, its power and properties seemed to all just... Nullify. Khrona was using the Insanity while Chroma used the Innocence. While it was definitely true with no question that Khrona's was stronger, the Innocence was specifically made to neutralize the effects of the insanity. Thus, Chroma felt nothing as the insanity explosions came about. "... Am I doing well, father...?"

Khrona was thoroughly impressed with Chroma's abilities thus far, in actuality. She had been handling herself pretty well against him... But he also noticed that the steady increase in her brain activity soon became a huge increase in her brain activity... And it was stable. Something Khrona could not achieve too well or often, if ever. He could tell that her adaptability was within her mind as well. He respected that. "Kudos, Chroma. I am officially pleased with you and respect your power in this family..." She was not only utilizing the power of her soul well, but actually doing and unlocking other abilities at a rapid rate... Another thing Khrona had difficulty doing. "... She might even surpass me sooner than I expected, at this rate..." A tear almost came to his eye at that remark. "... So you can deal with my Soul and the Anatomia just fine... But now you must face the two abilities you have the most trouble with... Reality Warping and Psychic abilities."

Khrona's soul may have had no effect on Chroma, but it was still lingering in the area. If not a direct effect, an indirect effect could happen. Reality Warping events. He stood straight up, perfectly still, pointing a hand in Chroma's direction. Suddenly, the atmosphere would begin to change. The air would start to become thick and hard to maneuver through in that specific area, and energy should be draining from Chroma's body just by being in there. It would start off small, but would gradually increase as she struggled. Khrona was changing reality in that given space very slowly... But surely. How would his daughter get out of that?

Chroma was getting ready for her own retaliation to the soul energy besides the Innocence part of it, inadvertently thinking up ways to fight against it. She was going to use another bit of her Anatomia and Black Dragon Blood, but at that moment she was just starting to process what her father was doing. He was warping reality. "... Reality... warping... Shift... Defending against it... Must.. Get. Free... Psychopower initiating... Malojos?"

Chroma's eyes began to gleam momentarily as she felt herself becoming unable to breathe. The air was becoming rather thick... Dense. Chroma's body found itself harder to move. She could barely fly a few feet without such a magnificent strain being placed on her body. She also felt her energy slowly being sapped from her, gradually increasing. But her mind was already at work with engaging the situation and correcting it. With the gleam of her eyes, the Reality Warping would cease around Chroma and everything would return to normal. Her eyes were glowing and beginning to swirl, becoming a sort of black and reddish color. This eye was allowing something to happen, but just what was unknown.

Chroma: "... I have made the correction... The 'Reality Eye' has been activated. I... Can... See..."

This new ability seemed to be a combination of Malojos' manna and her own Reality Warping, thus causing the 'Reality Eye'. Chroma was able to see reality in its natural form, what it looked like without it being changed as well as not being affected by any changes in reality as long as the Reality Eye was active. Therefore, Chroma saw everything normally while at the same time, her energy wouldn't be siphoned anymore and she wouldn't feel any effects of Khrona's Reality Warping while this was active.

Chroma: "Father... It's working, father... My powers are coming together..."

She seemed to be regaining her consciousness as she continued to fight, though her mind continued to adapt and process things faster and faster, gradually getting better and swifter as this process continued, like a machine gradually and continuously upgrading and bettering itself. That was how Chroma's mind adapted. She even felt her own psychic powers growing...

Chroma: "Mental waves... Mental waves being released..."

At that very moment, there would be a huge explosion of pure mental force released from Chroma. As it traversed the air, it could be told that there was something odd about this mental explosion... And it was apparent once the wave touched the ground, for the grass turned gray immediately and drooped over, having its life sucked out of it via this mental wave. It was that kinda thing now and it was heading for Khrona at a high speed.

Khrona was actually not expecting this to happen... It wasn't within his calculation at all. His daughter seemed to achieve a new height of reality warping in which she could cease the change of any untrue or unnatural factors that tried to affect her... And it was simply amazing. "... The Reality Eye, you say..? And that's enough to completely nullify my Reality Warping prowess? Hmhmhm... That's good, Chroma. But I'm sure that if I used more of my power, your Reality Eye would not hold. You would be drained completely." Though it was true she could null the power, it was also true that Khrona still had more power than her and it would drain and strain her much more to stop a power stronger than hers. And since that's what she had basically been doing for a while now... His own daughter might be getting tired. He could see it.

Khrona: "... I'm still not gonna let up until you're down for the count, Chroma dear!"

Khrona saw the fluctuation of mental waves in Chroma's head and knew that she was starting to tap into her psychic powers as well... Even though Khrona could easily overpower them, Chroma was learning and unleashing attacks so swiftly... If this were anyone else, he thought that Chroma might have already beaten them by now in this state of mind. And it was probably true given the conditions that her mind could adapt so damn fast. It was amazing, indeed. "... But, no time for idle thoughts..." Khrona merely looked at the wave of psychic power coming toward him and caused it to halt where it was via his own. The ceased psychic wave would then gradually be forced to retreat backward, exploding in reverse -- not becoming an implosion -- and retreating back to Chroma's body gradually at the sheer force of Khrona's own psychic power.

Khrona: "Nice attempt, but no dice... But I'm going to show you... What psychic power truly feels like."

Khrona's eyes gleamed this time, and a horrendous amount of psychic pressure released from his body. It was so much that the very atmosphere started to distort as it flew past before retorting back to normal. And it wasn't a slight distortion... No, it was a MASSIVE distortion. Khrona was putting a lot of mental power in this one. The ground started to twist and bend as it made contact with this mental wave before retorting to normal, so it looking like the area around Khrona had become some sort of spiral. "... I have put a lot of my psychic power in this one... So. This one won't be as easy, Chroma..."

Her power was easily taken down and by forcing her psychic power back into her; she felt a bit jumbled up for a moment. Though it was not anything to worry about at all. She quickly regained composure and realized that a wave was coming fathoms more powerful than her own. But the only good thing about using psychic abilities on a descendant from the Khrona family was that once they were hit with it, they learned about it and could use it for themselves -- which was what Khrona was best at doing, Chroma already knew. He knew almost all psychic abilities known so far and using so many would help Chroma more than hinder her... If she could endure it, that is.

Chroma: "... Father... Your mind... I'll know what you're thinking now! Hahaha... If I take in your psychic power... I'll know just how you think!"

Just then Chroma was hit with the psychic wave filled with numerous psycho power, causing her massive pain... A lot more than she realized.


Chroma was taking in the knowledge of each of the psychic powers that was imbued within the wave and starting to process them... But... The power of Khrona's psychic abilities were too much. Her mind was starting to be pained, and her body was starting to feel horrific.

Chroma: "Ghhhh... Guuuhhhh... Father... It hurts... But why does it feel so nice? Why is my head... It feels..."

Chroma's eyes started to gleam once more. Malojos' power was awakening once again within her. She was quickly learning how to use this power even if so recently becoming a Soul Angel and having little to no experience. This time, her eyes gleamed red in a similar fashion to Malojos', seemingly filled with insanity. She was taking the power of Malojos' 'Invulnerability' and utilizing it for herself..

Chroma: "... Hyper... Exception...?"

That's what she'd call it. The 'Hyper Exceptio'n. It used the power of Invulnerability and coated Chroma in it to ensure that she was not affected nor hurt by whatever she was within, but she also felt herself being drained exponentially swiftly. Taking in the knowledge of these psychic powers was more important than Chroma actually winning this battle. She wanted to learn. The coating of Invulnerability wouldn't last long because it used up SO much of her power and was only used as an armor, and even though invulnerable, it did experience wear and tear until it was broken.

Chroma: "... Hold out... Hyper Exception...."

Chroma held out for quite a while... As long as she could; but it was just too much. The Hyper Exception had given out, and because of it, so did Chroma's own power. It was too much. Just from using it once, it had already drained her damn near completely.

Chroma: "... Fa...ther..."

Chroma fell from the sky, landing on her feet, feebly wobbling about. She fell to her knees, panting heavily.

Khrona could see that Chroma was done here. She had done so well. "Aw, Chroma... You've done so much better than before..." Khrona walked over to his weakened daughter, took off his gloves and placed them in his pocket, embracing her without hesitation. "I'm happy with you. I've always been happy with you. I don't know why you thought I wasn't... Or even why you were trying so hard... I could never be disappointed in you, for you are my daughter and I love you dearly. You are my most precious treasure..." He hugged her tightly, something he's never done to or for anyone ever in his life. A few tears started to come from his eyes and down his face. This was his first gloveless hug... And with his daughter, it was fucking beautiful.

Chroma started to get out of her battle mode, her mind beginning to process things normally again. She was returning to sanity... Feeling a lot better after hearing her father's words. She was finally understanding. "... Oh, daddy... I thought you... Wanted more of me... I thought you didn't want me because I was weak..." Chroma was embraced by her father, naturally this being her first ever hug as well, and she... Loved it just as much as Khrona did. She slowly wrapped her arms around him, starting to hug him just as tightly as he did her. She was so happy that she was wrong... To hear the words right from his mouth without having to make assumptions...

"Daddy...?" she started out. She was extremely tired and her voice was breaking just a bit, but she was also very affectionate toward him... "... I love you..." She closed her eyes and dropped her head.

Khrona's tear stopped after a while and he smiled out of genuine happiness, still embracing his daughter, not wanting the feeling to stop. "... I love you, too, Chroma." They shared that moment for quite a while, and their souls were more in tune and bonded than ever. Father-daughter time. There was a strong resonance between the two. But finally, Khrona realized that Chroma needed to rest. She was... Tired, naturally. "... Come, Chroma. You're tired. We're gonna go home, I'mma let you rest, maybe make you a Jutsu list, spruce up those young abilities you've got... We'll have a grand old time."

Khrona called Misery and Despair over, who were silently watching and basically filled with a heartwarming joy because of what just happened. Once Khrona released Chroma, the two of them proceeded to hug her as well, letting out several 'Aws!' as they did so. After that, they hugged Khrona, who hugged them back and put his gloves back on because he didn't like having his body exposed... Hell, he barely liked having his gray face exposed, but ya know.

Khrona: "Okay, family. Heading for home~!"

Khrona wrapped his arms around Chroma as Misery and Despair jumped on his wings and he took off, flying through the air slowly as to make the ride very smooth and enjoyable. They were goin' home.

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Book 11; The Restrictions of Khrona Tensei Empty
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Sixth Restriction; Coming to Meet the Honorable Leader

Finally, Khrona managed to stabilize himself to the point where he wasn't flipping out on people anymore. The bonding time with his daughter definitely assisted in that, for his Love grew greatly and gave him the strength to overcome the rising Insanity for the sake of his dear, sweet daughter, as well as the sake of his family. If for nothing else, love would always find a way in Khrona's heart. After some nice family time and letting his daughter rest, -- and ice cream, just because she deserved it -- Khrona made his way back to his office to greet another new, and rather cute face.

Kameko came upon khrona's office and decided she wanted to meet him. She went through the large door, looking around... 'No one in sight... I guess I'll wait. Hopefully he will come...' Kameko sat down in a chair in the corner. She pulled out her strawberry milk and started drinking... 'Mmmhmm. Good stuff.'

"Calm down, calm down... Hold your damn horses. I didn't see the topic, is all. Sheesh!" Khrona walked into the office rather... Normally. Odd for him, actually. "... It's not that often that I pass things up accidentally. Hmph. And I shouldn't even be breaking the fourth wall, either... But, whatever. What brings you here, Kameko-- I mean, uh, strange and new shinobi of mine?" Khrona plopped down in his office chair, playing with one of the locks of his hair which covered one of his eyes most of the time. He probably already knew, but she didn't know that~.

"I'm here to say hello, and I gotta say, it's an honor to meet you, my lord." Kammy got on one knee and bowed, giving him the utmost respect that he deserved. She stood after several seconds and finally said, "I was wondering if there were any missions that I could go on, possibly to rank up or anything of that sort?"

Khrona smiled, wanting to pinch her cheeks, yet restrained himself for whatever reason there was... Like, seriously, he really didn't restrain himself from doing what he wanted most times. "Awwww~! Aren't you just so ky-uuuu-te~? Hahaha." He closed his eyes and leaned back a bit, his head dropping backward and pointing out of the window behind him, as if he were looking out of it. "Blaaah. Missions? Nah. Can't help ya there. Can't think of aaaanything going on, ya know? And a ranking? You already just became a Standard member, right? Hahaha. And you haven't even introduced yourself, yet~. Come on, I don't even know your name, Kameko Kaguya!" Naturally, he was just funning with her. He loved to do that to people, and loved people who could take a joke or take hints from his jokes.

"Haha. Yeah, I know, but I'm just dying to become as strong as you, my lord. See, my reason for not telling you my name is because I've heard about your ability to skim through minds... I just think that is badass!!!" Kammy actually thought that was the most boss power anyone could ever have.

Khrona laughed slightly, dropping the lock of hair he was playing with. "Yeah, it's true. I have the best psychic ability in aaaaall the planet... But that doesn't mean you should make inferences so recklessly. Even with my psychic power, I TRY not to make inferences from what I see and go by what people tell me..." Khrona started to spin around childishly in his chair. "... But yeah. Strength doesn't come from rank, it comes from training. I mean, a strong Standard could go up against an Expert, if they were strong enough. It all depends on HOW you use your powers and how you've TRAINED your powers, not what they are or what they do, you see."

"Yes, I understand fully, my lord. See, I train with my teammates all the time... Well, it's just now starting to develop but, I feel that this team will grow strong as we train with each other excessively. We will determine certain weaknesses and we will work on them, making sure that we are being the best that we can be. It's just that, we run into some haters, but we will be ok if we stick together." Kammy knew this was a boring ass talk but the boring stuff was over... Finally.

"Haters, you say? Hahaha, that rebellious gang that was made? Hm. I say kudos to them and to you. They've made a gang aimed to achieve their own goals, which is respectable, and though they've come first, you made a team that is under the loyalty of yours truly, which is also respectable. Just cuz the two of you have different viewpoints doesn't mean that you two aren't qualified or... One is hating on the other, I guess. It's a misunderstanding, I assure you." Khrona was trying his hardest to be the moral support instead of insisting they start a gang war... Well, only one of them was a gang, the other was a team. But boy, Khrona loved chaos... He reallllyyy had to stop himself from instigating... "... But... Yeah... Just mind your own business and I guess they'll mind theirs...?" It reeaaaally hurt him to say that... So much that he actually winced. Whup, but that Pact was kicking in again... Khrona had to speak his mind. "... Even though I reeaaally want you two to go to war so I can see you all fight for my entertainment... It's not really right for me to say that. Dammit. But it would be soooo funny..."

Kammy smirked. She liked his state of mind. "Well. My lord, if you want it, you got it. Hehe. I understand the minding our own business thing, but it's over something stupid. And if someone starts something with me, I'm gonna finish it. I used to respect him until he made the assumption that we were weaker than him. So, my word to him is, 'practice what you preach'. That is all..." Kammy took a slurp of her milk and smiled nicely.

Khrona shrugged, laughing a little more. "I like your spunk, but don't underestimate them just because they look down on you~. Even though they shouldn't do such a thing either, butttt... It'll be decided who may look down on whom when you fight it out, hm~?" Khrona yawned, wondering how that would work out... He wouldn't want the topic to get cluttered, actually... That's always so damn annoying... "Ah well. What are you gonna do?"

Kammy thought about it for a couple seconds. "We will stay low for a little while, but if they so much as try to fight any of us, it's a war. Cuz that Priere kid only fights to kill. So I guess we can play that game too... But my lord, it was an absolute honor talking to you, and I wish to do it again, but I gotta get some rest. I hope you enjoyed our little chat?"

"Well, that's a pretty bitch ass way to end all that big talk." A voice came from the hallway, before Tamura walked through the door, seeing as it had been left opened. He wore the same smirk as always, leaning against the frame of the door and slipping his hands in his pockets. "Yo, Khrona. I say we use The Colosseum, since it's never used. Since she talks big, I guess we'll have to knock them down a couple levels so they realize that they're not as good as us." Tamura didn't talk smugly; his voice might sound that way, but he was never smug. He was confident, it radiated from him his whole entire body. He had originally come to ask Khrona if he had seen his soul partners, but to hear a conversation like this, it was too much to pass up. He was sure that Priere would be more than happy to accept a tournament challenge.

Kammy smiled at the sight of this douchebag. "Oh, please let us do this. Please let us settle this." She was itching to just hit him in the face right now; or worse.

Khrona saw this coming, and it made him smile oh, so greatly. "Oh~! That sounds fun, actually~! Heeheehee. Fine, fine, we'll FINALLY use the Colosseum for this, then! Yes, it hasn't even be touched yet; it's too delicious an idea to pass up!" Khrona stood up, pretty hyped about the whole thing. "Ooooh, we'll make it a sort of... Live broadcast sort of thing! People from all over the planet see you all fight if they want! Heh heh heh! OH, AND THE WINNERS WILL NEED A PRIZE... Hrmrm... I guess I'll let the winners choose their prizes individually, I'm too lazy to think up a singular prize." Khrona was getting a bit more giddy as he thought more about it.

"Oh, and by the way, Tamura, your weapons are out Soul hunting somewhere... I think in the desert area... Oh, and on another note... Your team, Kammy, has six people while the other only has five... I know they're looking for a final member, so to make it fair, don't you think you should wait until the numbers are even?" Khrona was trying to think about how this would go... "Hm... One on ones or... All out battle royale...? Two on two? Hm... I guess I'll let you all decide."

Kammy loved this. "I'm in for the battle royale!!! But hey, I could care less!!!" This was so fucking exciting.

"We might have to take on a temporary last member, but we're ready whenever. I think we'll let them decide how the matches will go and then we'll set up the match-ups. That way it's fair. A battle royale is retarded and childish since we wouldn't be able to actually test ourselves against one another. It wouldn't prove anything at all, except that your whole team is a bunch of losers that need one another to actually function. All the members of our group can function alone. So, you all decide how the matches will go, one-on-one, two-on-two, three-on-three, whatever, and we will decide the match-ups," Tamura stated, nodding about his soul partners. They would have to rest up afterwards since they would be participating as separate contestants from Tamura. He turned to face Kameko, or whatever her name was. "Sound fair to you?" He offered his hand for a shake.

"Yeah, that's fair, I guess." Kammy looked at his hand, then back at his face. "Yeah, um, not gonna happen... You can take your hand and shove it up your ass, for all I give a damn." She turned back to Khrona. "I guess this is settled my lord," she said with a smile.

"SHAKE HIS GODDAMN HAND--" Khrona couldn't contain himself. If she didn't have equal respect for her opponent, she'd be punished. Not only that, handshakes were binding! It meant that she would be holding up her end of the bargain. "... Pardon me, but um. Yeah. Shake his hand. You already know the reason, if you read the previous paragraph correctly-- Oh, dammit, there I go with that fourth wall again." Khrona sighed, shaking his head. "Ah, well. Even though I would HIGHLY suggest your leader be here to shake her hand, since she is the leader of her team... I guess you'll do. Just... Be prepared. When the two of you are ready, contact me! Try not to take too long in preparations... I simply hate waiting."

"Of course, my leader is probably busy with preparing. I'll tell her at our base later... Don't worry about that. Also, we need a complete list of all your members. So we can pair them accordingly," Tamura said. Of course he probably already knew who all the members were, but he would still need a list. More than likely, Priere would want first pick of the people, then Tamura would choose his opponent, and then the others would choose theirs. The final member that they were about to get would probably be temporary because they were planning to add a witch... They just needed to find what witch they wanted. Tamura offered his hand again for a shake.

Kammy went over and shook it. Respectfully and politely. "So, when do we pick or opponents? Or is this gonna be a one-sided thing?

Tamura sighed a long, very drawn out sigh, releasing her hand and rubbing his eye with his thumb and index finger. He stopped slowly and looked at her. "You didn't hear a word I said did you? You all will decide how the tournament will run. One-on-One, Two-on-Two -- whatever. Just not a full on battle royale, cause that would be completely retarded. We will decide who fights who, you just agreed to this condition so give me a list of all your team members so we can set the match-ups," Tamura explained slowly, so that she could understand, before he looked to Khrona. "So, by what day do you want the information? If they hurry, I can have our stuff done by later today. "

Khrona thought a little about it all, not really having much of a preference... "Hmmm... Alright, I'll tell you what. All of you get a one week's training session. Train your asses off for a week and I'll call you all in a week, whether you are ready or you're not. A week should be long enough anyway, right? Everyone go do what you gotta do, ya know? I can take the info anytime you wanna give it."

Kammy thought this was a great idea. She let go of Tamura's hand finally... She turned towards her lord... "Um, excuse me, my lord, but I have another question... I was wondering if we could use Linomaru and Kira's old place. Just for where or team would come and train, you know?" Kammy was hoping he would say yes. It was dreadful training in that damn joint training all day, every day... All of the damn disturbances and whatnot.

"The Mahi Manor? It's not exactly under my jurisdiction. That belongs to the Witches in the Witch Province. Besides, I wouldn't go there. It's kinda been... Completely destroyed because of a recent Witch that had to be killed. There's not much of it... Left, you see. Only a high concentration of deadly manna and such." Khrona scratched his head. "... I dunno, just go train in some other place? There's nothing that says you can't train anywhere else, you know. And please, give him a list of your peeps." Khrona manifested a good ol' fashioned pen and paper in front of her, waiting for her to write stuff down.

"Sorry, maybe you should find a mentor with a place that you all can use," Tamura said to her before looking back to Khrona. "There's the matter about needing a sixth member for our gang... We're gonna borrow someone first and if we like them, then we'll keep them. You understand what I mean, correct, Khrona?" Tamura asked. "And you, if anyone on your team has a soul weapon, they count as a separate person, so write their name down, as well." Tamura informed Kameko. He wouldn't let his gang go into battle and be outnumbered by someone and their soul weapon. Tamura wasn't going to fight with his soul weapons; they counted as separate members of the gang. With that new information, Kameko's team was probably huge.

Tamura and Kameko, who seemed to be rivals of some sort, had let their little gang war turn into a special Tournament that Khrona proceeded to set up. Though it seemed Priere was the gang leader of Kameko's rivaling gang, Tamura was the one to speak on behalf of them when Kameko showed up in the office. Even if it was a gang war, it was best to let it be settled in the ring rather than on the streets, where casualties and collateral damage could happen. So, Khrona immediately began the setting up of the Tournament. Not too long after they left, a really strange visitor came to see him...

After his simply terrible fight with Ken, 'Hero the Great' would appear at Khrona's office for some reason. The hero would simply knock on the door and would wait to see if someone would answer.

The door opens slowly and Khrona would be seen sitting down, bored to death. "Yeah, yeah, what is it?"

The hero would walk in to the room and would bow to Khrona to show some respect, since he was a leader. The hero would the begin to speak. "Yes, I have come to ask for a soul weapon."

Khrona turned to him, eyed him up and down, then turned his head away. "... Soul Weapon? Then why did you come here? I don't make them. I don't give them away. They aren't pets, you know. Well, some are. But a vast majority of them are people." Khrona started to twirl his hair a little bit. "... If you want one, go to the college, or something."

"Fine then, I apologize for the waste of time then." With that said the hero would turn from the room and would head off toward the college.

With the hero sent on his way and Khrona finishing up the regulations for the Tournament, he decided that he would wait until the next day to inform everyone. So, to finish the rest of his day, he figured he'd go out to the field and see what everyone was up to. To his surprise, that same spunky girl that came in earlier was out looking for people to rough up in the streets. She was so cute~.

Kammy walked into the training field, drinking strawberry milk. She was waiting on Linomaru. 'Wonder what he's gonna teach me? Ah. I guess I'll find out...' *slurp*... "Ah... Good stuff..."

Linomaru would come strolling into the area with a book in his hand. He wouldn't be reading it, he would just have it. As he came upon Kameko, he would smile and greet her. "Hello, Kammy. How've you been?"

She smiled back and waved. "I've been fine. A little trouble with haters now, but me and the team will be ok," she told Linomaru, seeing if he knew about the other team and their plot.

Linomaru would chuckle a bit at Kammy saying 'haters', but would get serious and give Kammy a stare that was very uneasy. "Now Kammy, I called you here to teach you three new jutsu... The first one will be 'Lighting Style: Thunder Whip'... This will allow you to turn your charka nature into lighting, but that won't be there for long cause then I'm gonna teach you my clan's one and only jutsu; the Heaven Blade," Linomaru would say as he took his jacket off and let it fall to the ground, showing his 'Advanced' jacket that he wore under it. The jacket make a large hole in the ground, showing that his jacket was some kind of special training gear. He would turn back to Kameko and speak to her. "You ready for this?"

"Hold on, hold on, hold on... Before you get all intense and shit, let ME nudge my way in here, hm?" Though the voice seemed to appear from damn well nowhere, if the two of them would look around, they would see that between the two of them, Khrona had appeared while they had been blinking. "Yeah, so, sorry to break up this little 'training session' but, uh... Lino, I've decided that it's time for your ranking exam, whether you're ready or not! I'm feelin' it right now, and you'd better fucking do it before this feeling goes out!! Who knows when the next time I'll be feeling like this, huh!?" Khrona started to cackle a bit, narrowing an eye and smiling slightly insanely.

Lin would be a bit surprised at Khrona's unexpected visit, as he appeared out of nowhere, but Lin was used to it. He said, "Uh... Yeah, I'm down with that... Kammy, let's postpone this for now, okay?" Linomaru would already have Nese in her weapon form as he did the same as before when Khrona last ranked him. He would go directly into his Soul Synchro form. As he awaited Khrona to make his move or bring out one of his little creatures or what ever he wanted to throw at him, Lin was ready.

Khrona's smile widened as he chuckled with just a tiny ~hint~ of insanity behind it. He spread his overly large, black dragon wings on his back which should blow away everything in the general area that wasn't tied down or prepared for the force of it -- as it was strong enough to blow away trees, grass, and even leave a small crater in the ground. It should have definitely blown away Kammy. "Hahahaha... Soooo. Linomaru Hugo. I bet you're expecting me to send out one of my Monsters or Virtual Pets... Or or or, maybe even one of my Weapons to fight you, hm? Nah... Not this time. You're workin on being an Expert, mister! That means... You're playing with the big boys, now! No more going eeeaaasy on you, like I'm forced to do with the Beginners and Standards who want to rank up... Heh heh heh heh. No..." Khrona tilted his head up to the sky, his soul starting to pulsate a bit, tinting the very atmosphere and causing it to become a bit reddish in color. "Today, you get a taste of what it's like to be an Expert and UP! Think you can handle it, buddy!?" Khrona licked his lips in a violent anticipation. Yeah, Khrona was definitely in one of 'those' moods. He didn't get the urge to fight often, but when he did, you just KNOW that shit is gonna be good.

"Ok Lin. It's cool." Kammy got up and bowed before Khrona before leaving.

Linomaru would smile. He liked the fact that he now got to see what level he was on compared to the great Khrona, his leader. Lin was not planning on holding back; he was willing to go all out for this, as he said. "Who said I was shooting for Expert... When I can try my best to show you that I'm just as strong as you?" Linomaru would fly toward Khrona at a speed just as fast as the speed of light as he gave a large swing of his sword right at Khrona. "Hugo Style: Lightning Strike!!" Lin's sword would get a aura around it made of lightning as he swung it. If he were to clash with Khrona, the impact would cause the very air around them to break up and rip the ground, blown into almost nothing causing; craters to happen as the two clashed. If he were to just flat out miss, the slash would do the same damage but would cause the area to split in two.

Khrona smiled, Lin's speed being pretty fast... "Ah, everyone wants to be really really fast these days... Yet, there is no substance behind it. It's just 'I'm really fast, look at me go!'" Khrona easily stopped Lin's advance with only one of his wings, literally all of the attack taken by his wing and leaving not even a scratch on it. "... But it means nothing if other people know how to get around those of you who are 'really really fast', speedy!" The part of Khrona's wing that the blade hit seemed to grab hold of Lin's blade and not let go, neutralizing the wavelength released with the incredible overpowering wavelength of his own. As such, since Khrona was surging his wavelength through the sword, not only should Nese should feel a horrific amount of pain, but Lin, himself, should as well. "Hahahahaha! Don't try to look cool or do silly shit that will make you FAIL!! Instead, do something SMART that will impress me, guy! You people today, trying to be flashy... Where does it get you when you're dying, huh?!" Khrona's wing would slowly start to creep up the blade, trying to consume both it and Lino's arm at the same time. He wasn't getting this back, no matter how hard he pulled.

"Dammit all!!" Lin had no choice but to let go of the blade out of sheer pain. He would then fly a few feet away to think for a second or two, give or take. Lin would then do a few hand seals and say, "RELEASE!!!!" The blade would split into three separate blades; the original three blades from witch it came from: 'Hito', 'Sito', and 'Mito', as Lin would call the three back to him and take the three bladed swordsman stance, -- two in his hand one in his mouth -- then would swing them, causing three very large waves of wind, lightning, and ice attacks to come toward Khrona. But Lin wasn't done just yet. As he would then remerge them and make the 'Nitos; Level Two Blade' appear and would vanish with a blur and appear just above Khrona, coming down with a slash, but he wasn't aiming to hit him, he was trying to simply see what khrona was gonna do next.

Since the sword could separate, Khrona wouldn't have hold of the three blades, but still kept one in his wing, which would be totally engulfed. "... So. Now that I have just a tiny piece, it doesn't matter what happens now... My wavelength is so advanced that I can surge it through all three blades as long as I have possession of one, and then to you as well." When Lin grabbed the two blades that came back, he would STILL feel Khrona's wavelength. And if he somehow was able to still use his weapons... Khrona would flap his wings very lightly, the force behind it powerful enough to send all of the attacks away AS WELL AS blow Lin away IF he could still find the strength to appear above Khrona. "... Sooo... What will you do? The blade is inside of me... Your wavelength cannot overpower mine. How will you use your weapon~?"

The force from Khrona's wing would make Lin slide back about two inches as he covered his face.

Hito: "Lin, do it! Show him our true nature."

Lin: "Fine then... Hito of Light and Sito of Darkness, show your true forms; TWILIGHT AND CHAOS!!!" Just then, the two blades in Lin's hands would glow and transform into their true weapon forms as Lin took a stance to think about his next move.

"Oh... That's cute. Now let's see how durable they are..." Khrona spat out the blade of Lin's that he had captured, however, it was contained in a sphere of his Black Dragon Blood, a singular eye embedded within the Black Dragon Blood for some reason. It was the marking of Insanity. "I guess I don't use my normal fighting styles enough... Heehee. The Dragon Wing Style~!" Khrona's wings transmogrified into large fists of the exact same size connected to his back. They were large. They were black. They pounded together and made a huge wave as powerful as when Khrona opened his wings at the beginning of this battle. "And here's the wind up..." Khrona started to spin around, his wings creating a vicious vacuum to suck in Lino as well as punch the bones straight out of his body upon contact

Lin would began to be pulled by the unknown force of Khrona's power, but would stick one of his blades into the ground and would hold on tightly as he he would think to himself, 'I have to... Wait, he can read my mind! Just think, Lin... THINK!!!... That's it.' Linomaru would then jump into the air and allow Khrona to pull him toward him. When he got close enough, Lin would turn on his Gentai and he and Khrona would be teleported to the word in which Lin calls the 'Nitos Void'. While in the Nitos Void, no jutsu or manna works, but Lin knew it might not work on Khrona since he's KHRONA. But it would be swell if it could happen.

If Lin was some how unsuccessful, he would simply give a forward thrust to stop the fist from hitting him and killing him. But the sheer force would cause Lin to move toward the ground below as he blocked the attack. The force of the two clashing would cause a very large crater to be made as Lin tried his best to stop the attack. "Hang in there, guys," Linomaru would say as he used his 'Protect' skill to give him some relief from the attack. Linomaru would then use 'Zip' to get away and head for his third blade as he pulled out a kunai and threw it to free his third blade by stabbing the sphere in the eye with it. Lin would have attached a paper bomb to it.

"Anything you THOUGHT you were gonna do, never try on me in your life. I'm not even using any of my jutsu yet and it's already this bad. That place would help you absolutely none." Khrona stopped the usage of such an attack with sheer psychic power alone, using the incredible amount he had to simply stop that place from being accessed by overpowering Lin with it. Simple. Now, when Lin came in close, he'd try to block the attack, his bones might not have been shot out of his body as Khrona intended, but... They'd be broken quite a bit. Everything from his arms down to his ribs would be broken quiiiite badly. Yeah, Khrona's wings were that strong, if you hadn't realized it by now... Which you probably should have. Never a good idea to take those things on head on. His 'Protect' was the only thing keeping him from dying at that very moment, which made Khrona laugh. "Kehehehehe~! Well, at least you're alive. But now how will you fight with most of your upper torso gone to shit, eh~?"

IF, AND ONLY IF, Lin found some way to STILL throw that kunai, it wouldn't matter, for the Black Dragon Blood would consume it and spit it back out at him, making the explosive kunai go back in his direction and probably explode all over him and whatnot. 'Heeheehee.' Khrona stopped spinning, his wings reverting to normal rather quickly. "Mmmm, not looking too good for you, Lin! The next time I might not be so lenient~! Come on, guy, your life is on the line, here! If you don't do something about it, this COULD be your end... Haha, it's not like people haven't died training before... Right? You can always give up and try again another time?"

"You know what I can't die here... Not here! I've got too much to live for, now..." Lin would exhale and smile. "I guess you win this time, Khrona... You really are powerful... Now I have to train even harder if I wanna be as strong as you leaders are, huh?" Lin would still be breathing heavy as he turn on his Gentai and started to heal his broken torso. You could hear all his bones crack and pop back into place as he popped his neck; his clothes would be torn and he would simply just go over to his jacket and put it on as he spoke, "Can I have may sword back? I need it."

Khrona sighed, shrugging his shoulders. "Meh. Here you go. Guess you've got some ways to go before you're ready for that Expert rank, hmmmm?" Khrona's Black Dragon Blood sphere exploded, the sword falling out of it. "Go train. Hard. Next time you want a ranking exam, be sure you're absolutely... Ready for it. Both mentally and physically, I say." Khrona yawned. "... Guess this means my work here is done, hm? Well, you heal yourself and all that good stuff, and uh... Try not to die. Don't let any wolves or monsters or random violent shinobi come and eat you while you're recovering and whatnot, m'kay? M'kay. Well. I'll be seein ya, Lin!" With that, Khrona was off, fazing out... To... Somewhere else.

The next day, as he planned, Khrona began the Tournament between the two gangs as well as anyone else who wished to join them in battle. After making the announcement and waiting for the lot to show up, Khrona would appear ready to give the line up.

"IS EVERYONE WHO IS GONNA BE HERE, HERE!? Someone gimme a count for the teams... No, wait, I'll do it myself. Let's see... Three on Kammy's side... Five on Priere's. Either Kammy's team should GET two more members, or Priere's team loses two. It needs to be even stevens, you know~!"

"Man, I really hate to say this, but me and my sister will sit it out, and you, Priere, and Perura can handle this," Maina said to Tamura, and Naina nodded quickly. Tamura wasn't sure if he wanted them to miss out though. "Are you two sure?"

Maina: "Yeah, Priere and you are the front runners of the team, while Perura is the sleeper that no one really knows about. Me and Naina would just get in the way; knock them dead out there."

Both the girls pressed a kiss to either cheek of Tamura's before walking towards the stands and jumping into them. Tamura watched before turning around to Priere and Perura. "It should be even now. They wish us the best," he told them, before the robotic cat jumped to his shoulder and walked along it, nuzzling him affectionately. It seemed the turnout wasn't what he expected, but whatever.

In burst of smoke out side the colosseum, Ray would walk inside as he would see all the people there. "So, you need another person to fight in this thing. See, I would jump in, but I don't know what team I'd be on, sooo?" Ray would wait and see what team he would be on, or if he could take part on the thing.

Luxe strolled in the colosseum. She never really liked dramatic entrances. She took her time walking to a seat in the stands in no particular spot. Once there, she sat down, put her feet up, and prepared to enjoy the show.

While Shin hadn't chosen to go with Priere's group, he was interested in this tournament. Making my to the colosseum I head around to the back. Shin scaled the wall, finding an entrance in the back near the top. He saw all the people here from up top. He quickly scurried to a column and laid low. He ended up bumping into someone. "Oh, sorry, didn't know anyone was here." He looked up and the man. 'I've seen him before. He's one of those loyal Drifters, like the Dark King. That's the Burst leader.' "Hey you're..." Shin quickly placed his finger in front of his mouth, shushing himself as he placed his back on the pillar and looked out toward the center of the colosseum.

Khrona sighed, feeling that all of this is more trouble than he originally thought... But it was foreseen. "Yeeaaah... So, I'm assuming that everyone is here that's gonna show up. On Priere's team; Priere, Tamura, Perura. On Kammy's team; Kammy, Alfons and Azuma. So, a three-on-three match, eh? Fine. Whatever. There shall be three separate battles, in which Kammy's team will choose who they fight. The only rules are that you cannot leave the Colosseum under any circumstances and you cannot destroy the colosseum, itself."

Tamura pushed his glasses up on his face before stroking the cat that was standing on his shoulders, head with a smirk on his face, of course. "Alright then. Let's get this show on the road huh?"

"Cool... Let's do this," Kammy would say with a smile. She hoped that her teammates were at their best today...

"Cool, I guess I can't wait to start fighting." Azuma would smile, as he knew that this would be his chance to show his true power and all that other good stuff.

Khrona smirked slightly, glad to see such enthusiasm. "Alright, alright! Let's get this show on the road! Kammy, Azuma, Alfons... Choose from these three which of you will fight whom."

Azuma: "Well I'm going to pick Priere, I mean, it really does not matter to me."

"Azuma, you heroic bastard... Fine. You want her, you got her. But I will be fighting Tamura... Hehe." Kammy was gonna take Priere. One; she was way out of their league and two; anybody fighting her would have lost, so fighting her was a lost cause from the beginning. But oh well... Kammy knew they would try and kill them if they got the chance, but Kammy was not gonna let that happen. If they die, she dies... This is her family; if she couldn't protect them, she would die trying... "So, I guess that leaves Perura to you, Alfons..."

"And here I thought I'd be able to take part on this fight, but guess not. Man that sucks. Well, I know who I'm putting my money on. I mean, it's not really that hard to see who's going to win this thing." Ray sighed at the fact that he could not be apart of this great battle, but he would just sit back and relax while Kameko's team got there butt's kicked. "Come on, show me a good fight! I won't to be pleased with this fight otherwise, so yeah, do it."

Tamura let his hair cover his eyes, placing a hand to his face and starting to laugh, loudly. He laughed so hard, in fact, that the sound seemed to vibrate throughout the Colosseum before he stopped and pushed his glasses up on his face, punching his fist into the palm of his open hand. "You have no idea what you're in for," he told her confidently before looking up at her, the robotic cat jumping from his shoulders and trekking over to the twins, who caught it happily. Tamura gripped the rope in his hand -- that held his katana -- tightly. "I was hoping that you would be my opponent."

Kammy looked at ray with hatred in her eyes... "Is that a goddamn command? Just shut your mouth and don't give me orders..." 'The hell is up with this guy? Yes, he better go and take his ass to the sidelines...' She looked back at Tamura. "I wanted you to be my opponent, also..." She said with a smile. "Got some things to show ya."

"Well don't worry about me, Kameko, I won't die... Or, at least I won't try to, hehe. But I'll give it my best try. Ray, I agree, it would have been nice if you were in the fight as well hehe. You have great skills. Now let's kick some ass!! Hell yeah!!!" Azuma was pumped up, ready to fight.

"Well, Kameko, take that however you want to, but we all know whose team is going to win. I was just making a point, that's all. But if you got a problem with it, oh well, deal with it." Ray laughed to the point to were as tears fell from his eye, as he took a seat, laughing. "Tamura, kick her butt! I'm hoping you do more than that! I support you and your whole team! Go for it! Win, win, win!"

Tamura was still smirking at Kammy telling him that she was looking forward to his battle, but the smirking and friendly looks stopped when Ray started talking again. Tamura looked over his shoulder, his eyes dark, a clear look of extreme disdain on his face, at Ray. "We don't need your support. Now shut the hell up, no one even cares who you are." Tamura stopped talking, pushing his glasses up on his face before turning his head back and around and adjusting his shoulders. "You weren't accepted into the tournament because you're not useful to anyone. You're nothing but a loser... Doesn't really matter though, you'll be dead after this thing is over, cause I'll crush you," Tamura explained to Ray calmly, his eyes locked back to Kammy.

"Well now, it seems as if I'm not welcome here? Oh well. Fine then, I'll leave. And as for the crushing me part, Tamura, I'd like to see you try!" Seeing as how he was not welcome there, Ray would get up and take a walk to the door, but being as calm as he was, Ray would give a wave 'bye' as he left. "See you guys after the fight's over."

'Yes...' "About time someone shut him up... Now who's first? I'd like us to go last, if that's ok with you, Tamura?" Kammy asked.

"I guess the pale chick is mine." Alfons looked toward the girl who would be his opponent, Perura. A cute enough girl and she seemed nice. Oh well, seemed like it couldn't be helped; Alfons was gonna have to fight her.

Perura's eyes locked to her opponents. She wouldn't be foolish and underestimate anyone; there were a lot of strong people that looked weak. Not saying that Alfons looked weak; in fact, he didn't. She bowed to him politely, as always, before stating her name quietly; it wasn't 'pale chick'. "... Perura..."

"My apologizes... Perura." Alfons nodded his head toward her. He would respect his opponent, no grudge being held between them like the others. Ever since his transformation, Alfons had been persevering things differently than before, and if the hands of fate had been changed, he might have been on Perura's side.

Azuma: "Well now, looks like we got ourselves a fight. Man, I can't wait to get this thing going."

Priere sighed, as she was paired up with a... Beginner. How inappropriate. "Tch. The weakest one of the group wants to fight me; the strongest of mine? Eh. Whatever. I'll give you a shot. But just because you're a Beginner doesn't mean I'll go easy on you." As if she went easy on anyone. Normally, she went for the kill. "... Tch. I wanna go first anyway. Hey, Lord Khrona, can I go first?" She seemed pretty impatient.

"He would have been better off picking just my cat over there. Whatever. Kammy, I wanna go second, if that's fine. Going last would be a pain," Tamura said, answering kammy's question before turning around and walking for the stands with a lazy wave of his hand to Priere. "Be careful... As if I need to tell you that." He jumped from where he was and landed in the stands, right next to his soul partners and his cat. This was gonna be interesting.

Khrona sighed again, probably for the like one hundredth time within the past few moments and stroked his hair. "... Bleh. Picky people... Fine, Fine! Priere, Azuma. You go on first. Koudo, Kammy. Second. And last will be Alfons and Perura right there. Now please vacate the premises and go to your seats in the stands so we may watch this battle."

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Seventh Restriction; Knock Knock!

During the Tournament, the leader of the rivaling gang -- Kameko -- was killed in battle. Though unexpected and completely unnecessary, -- as well as complicated in terms of paperwork -- the gang war ended in the favor of Priere and her 'Absolute Zero Gang'. Even so, Khrona had more work cut out for him in terms of office work after that, and he was basically stuck in the office all day after that... It was such a shame. She was so cute and spunky; he really liked her. In the midst of his work, he had another cute little visitor, though.

Luxe knocked on the door to Khrona's office. She had a request and was hoping he'd answer. She stood there waiting, a little nervous. Khrona was a strange dude and very powerful.

Khrona's door swung open, only to have Khrona reclining in his chair at his desk, yawning slightly. "Yeeeeees?"

Luxe looked at the door. 'Damn self opening doors!' She peeked into the door to see the yawning Khrona sitting behind his desk. "Hey there. Still pissed?"

Khrona poked out his lips, his eyes darting to one side. "I dunno. Maaayyybe. It depends on what you want to ASK me..."

"Great..." Luxe muttered under her breath. "I was wondering if you, honorable lord, would give Lin and I a mission. It would be fun!" Lu said as she stood really close to the door.

"That's it? Oh well that's really simple and easy to do. Yeah, I'd like that. I have a mission for you already...." Khrona pointed over past the outskirts of the Dusk village to a rather gray and dank place... Seemed to be pretty... Uh... Messed up. "There. In that general area is the 'Black Swamp'. I want you to go there and bring me a certain potion from the shaman who lives there..." Khrona didn't say much else, but gave her a piece of paper. "Just give this to her. And this bag." Khrona slipped her the bag. "But whatever you do... Don't. Look. At either."

Luxe nodded hesitantly. She was worried Khrona was going to get Lin and her killed, but she wanted a mission, even if it was from the leader that obviously didn't really like her. "Ok, I'll get Lin and go. Thanks a lot," she said, bowing slightly and walking through the door.

Khrona watched her as he exited, smirking for a moment, then quickly regaining a serious face. He knew what lurked in the Black Swamp and wanted to see how those two would deal with it... "... Come back alive." He smiled slightly and started to chuckle lowly about something he was thinking. "... And don't leave without my potion..."

The timid Luxe was clearly scarred from the last encounter with Khrona, which actually made him a little sad on the inside. He wasn't sure why everyone was so afraid of him, but it was probably because whenever they came to him with things he thought they should understand, -- and just didn't because they weren't him -- he got upset and figured that they were just being stupid. He wasn't aware that it was actually he who was overreacting due to the Insanity inside of him. Oh well... At least she was sent away with a mission this time. He just continued his boring paperwork. Fortunately, someone interesting stopped in after a while to cheer him up!

Etna would come waltzing into the leader's building; she'd been in quite a few fights, strengthened herself a bit, and felt it time to meet the leader of her village -- or one of them, at least. Dragging Deus through the halls, a-one-and-a-two-and-a-three knocks on Khrona's door, followed by waiting and silence, Deus was napping at the moment, while Etna's mind was filled with thoughts of what the leader would be like.

Upon arrival at the door of the leader of the Dusk, a smirk could by physically heard through the door by Etna. Not only this, but words were spoken to her as if directly into her mind. "... You know, I always liked the name 'Etna'..." The door slammed open, revealing a room of nothing but complete and utter blackness, devoid of anything visible. There was only presence. The presence beckoned Etna into the door, into what seemed to be the epitome of nothingness...

Etna would pause as the thoughts streamed into her mind. She entered the room, a bit unsettled by the empty darkness of the room. "T-Thank you, it is a good name... I take it you're Khrona, one of the leaders here?" Etna would ask as she cautiously looked about the black room, Deus now wide awake before the powerful presence "...Creepy..." Deus would say, looking around the room as well.

Instantaneously, an eye appeared before them... It seemed to tell everything about the presence just by revealing itself... Calm, cool, collected... Insane. To accompany the eye, a smile similar to a certain Cheshire Cat cut through the blackness, spreading wide. It told the opposite of the eye; Devious. Destructive. Distorted... Insane. It spoke. "... Damn... I did it again, didn't I? I guess I just can't get the hang of these... Boundaries nowadays. I used to be so... Oblivious to them in the past..." The smile grew smaller and smaller, gradually changing into a frown, all the while a body started to take shape around it, forming from the face down... It was that of the leader, -- Khrona -- as she must have already figured out. "Yes, yes. I am Khrona. And what is it you are seeking from me? And before that, aren't you even going to introduce yourself...?"

"O-Oh how rude of-" As usual, Etna would be interrupted by Deus. "Don't mind the girl, she's a bit of a no-talent idiot at times; her names Etna, I'm Deus, the brains of this outfit." Etna would glare at Deus; so much for a good first impression. "I can talk for myself Deus... Y-Yes, I am Etna Eterna," she said after returning her attention to Khrona. "M-Me and my companion are new to the village and we felt an introduction would be g-good."

Khrona started to laugh; a bit maniacally at that. The area of blackness gradually started to lighten, a chair manifesting before Etna as Khrona continued to laugh. "... I already know." Khrona stared intensely at Etna, eyeing her up and down for a brief moment before narrowing his revealed eye, then leaning back to his original position. "... Do I frighten you?"

"I-I believe that only death should be feared, and having e-experienced it, it doesn't s-scare me as much." Deus' would roll her eyes, perhaps irritated. "She's not had much experience in speaking with people. Though, during her time here, she's greatly improved," Deus would say while eyeing Khrona; she found him weird -- strange thing for a talking key to think. "...But... You... Are a bit intimidating..." Etna would say with a slightly surprised look; Etna was a bit more weirded out than she expected to be.

Khrona's eye narrowed slightly just once more as he inspected her even further. "Hmmm... Experienced death, you say? No. You have only experienced 'a' death. Would you like to have a first hand look at more...?" His eye started to glow a bit as the thoughts raced in his mind... "... I'm not the 'Reaper's Insanity' for nothing..." Though as he thought more on the situation, he decided against this action... Even though it was always so fun to do these things to people. "No. Wait. I'm good... You call me intimidating? Heehee. Not in the least~. I'm a nice person. In fact, let me stop the act right now..." Not even a moment after he said that, the room was completely changed. There was a floor, walls, a ceiling... Khrona was sitting at his desk. There was a single window behind him. The door was where it should be... Everything was normal. Khrona snickered slightly, adjusting one of his gloves. "... I just like to mess with people sometimes~. Heeheehee~!"

Etna was quite confused by this instantaneous personality change; veeery strange, but at least her life wasn't in danger -- that was more than enough for her. "Well... That was surprising... You seem a lot better than I'd imagined. When I heard you were 'insane', I must say, I was w-worried." Deus laughed an obnoxious laugh; obnoxious to Etna at least. "She was practically freaking out about it." Etna would glare angrily at Deus after that statement.

Khrona poked out his lips, giving a sort of babyish face... Kinda pouty and upset-ish. "Buu! I'm insane but I'm not... Um... ... ... WELL, it's hard to explain. Just don't get on my bad side~. And don't say anything that will make me CRAZY. And we'll be fine, sweetness~!" Khrona didn't know people were so afraid of him... Ah well, it was cuuuuute~. <3

"I will definitely keep that in mind." Etna would finally take a seat in the chair that appeared some time ago, leaving Deus to some how stand perfectly balanced on her own; silly key. "Oookay, mind if I ask a few questions, Khrona... Sama?" Etna was unsure whether or not she needed honorifics, but juuuust to be on the safe side...

Khrona yawned slightly, leaning back in his own chair. "... Go on."

Etna would glance at Deus, before speaking. "Well, it's about these things called 'Soul Weapons'... What exactly are they?" Deus, too, was interested in this, as she stared intently at Khrona.

Khrona sighed, for it was time for... 'The Talk.' "Alright, alright... A Soul Weapon is a living being that has the power to transform itself into a weapon form to be wielded by someone else. The way that they can be wielded is through a connection of the soul. If the souls connect with one another, then there is a match. If not, then there is rejection and those two cannot be paired up. Eh... All the rest is technical stuff, I guess.... Soul weapons eat souls... Blah blah blah.... Amplify your own power... Blah blah blah... The basics are that Soul Weapons eat souls. They increase in power the more souls they get. A number normal souls and one supernatural soul will allow a weapon to become a Soul Angel... Which is the most powerful weapon class there is."

"Ah" Etna took in all the information, thinking about it, then... "Well...what do you make of Deus? I've always wondered what she was; she eats souls and she's a weapon that only I can use, but... As for a human form... I dunno about that, I've never seen one." Deus had fallen asleep in the long conversation, sleeping like a rock... Er... Key.

Khrona cocked his head to the side, eyeing the weapon up and down. It definitely had a soul of its own... And it was able to synchronize well with Etna's... Perhaps it was like that one kid's weapon which was 'sealed' in weapon form. "... It's definitely a Soul Weapon. Just... In constant weapon form. I'm not sure if it's supposed to transform or not, but it's your Soul partner. Is there anything special about it?" Khrona could just peer into her mind himself, but that's called 'rude' and 'insensitive' and all that gall. So he doesn't do that anymore.

Etna's eyes opened a bit wider, after this verification. "Special about her... Well, I don't know everything about her yet; she can change form to another similar key that're light as a feather for me, and she seems to have some special affinity when it comes to dealing with earth... In addition to the fact that she likes souls and a bit of blood every now and then." Etna's speaking was actually good for a change; perhaps because Khrona seemed nicer, perhaps because she was happy to learn something new about Deus -- who knows?

Khrona was a little more confused, but was sure that he wasn't going to peer into her mind at all. "Hmmmm... Perhaps the key itself as it is right now is its normal form and when transformed, that is the Soul Weapon form? That's the best guess I've got." Khrona shrugged.

"I assure you, I'm as lost as you are." Nothing more that Etna could say about that. "So, who would be a good person to learn about battle with soul partners from?"

Khrona smiled, knowing that he was a master of such arts... Yet, thought about the college at the same time. He didn't know what to do. "Well, I know all there is to know about Soul Weapons, especially battling with them. But if you want actual 'structured' learning, then go to the college."

Etna would respond with a tilted head, "You mean that school I've heard about? I don't have a problem with... But I was hoping for a little direct instruction; best to learn the ways of war in battle, ya know?" Brushing hair from in front of her face, Etna would stand, stretching. "Well, I guess if there's no other way. Thanks for your time, Khrona-sama." Etna would bow to Khrona before turning to leave the office. Looks like she was heading to the college.

Khrona smiled and waved at them as they left. "Yes, yes, of couuuurse... Come back anytime~." He actually kinda liked this girl. She was more respectful than most.

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Book 11; The Restrictions of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 11; The Restrictions of Khrona Tensei   Book 11; The Restrictions of Khrona Tensei EmptyWed Apr 15, 2020 9:16 am

Eighth Restriction; Restrictions Engaged

It had been some time since Khrona witnessed the Thirteen Restrictions, having no clear-cut knowledge that they were associated with those Thirteen Transformations he acquired during his battle with his brother and the Demon King. He was getting a little concerned about his progress with them and was finally in need of breaking those limits. But first, he needed to reach those limits... And what better way than an epic showdown with none other than one of the two who helped him awaken this power in the first place...?

It was raining. Hard, in fact. Khrona sat silently on a rock in the midst of the heavy rain, fog shrouding his earthen stool and gave the illusion that he floated on air... He seemed to be in Deep Thought. A meditative state, of sorts. "..." He was silent, yet there was a sort of tension emanating from around him that made the atmosphere rather congested, like his thoughts. One could tell that Khrona was fighting something within... Something big. "... The Thirteen Restrictions..." he muttered almost incoherently. He needed to learn to live with them.

The Demon King came walking up, the rain making it so his hair was laying down and his jacket was sticking to his form. "Hmm, you seem different. Saddened, of sorts, I presume."

Khrona's eyes didn't open, yet he seemed coherent. He had exited the Deep Thought once the Demon King entered the area. Khrona couldn't go into Deep Thought with people around, anyway. "... Saddened? You could call it that..." Khrona rose gently from his position psychically, his legs outstretching in the air so that he could stand atop the rock. "Hm... Wait..." He rose psychically once more, floating down from the rock and into the thick fog, on the Demon King's eye level. "... Being up there makes it look like I'm speaking down to you... But tell me... Demon King... Why are you here? I am trying to... Cope."

The Demon King shrugged and took his hands out of his pockets. "Oh, my mind is one of sadness, so it seeks out other sad minds. Truth is, I felt as if I was summoned here."

Khrona's entire demeanor after the Demon King spoke seemed to have retreated back into his own body, sheltering him in a sense. "Ah... I see. Perhaps my emotions were broadcast psychically without my knowledge... And the forlorn thoughts echoed throughout the planet's crevasse... And summoned the great leader of Chaos..." Khrona held his arms across his chest, taking a few steps backward, now not even trying to look at the Demon King. "... Must be because of that damn Pact. I can't keep anything in my mind no matter how hard I try... And now, I have these... These to deal with..." Khrona's wings suddenly expanded, blowing away all of the fog in the general area and causing the immense rock behind him to topple over. "... Demon King... Can I ask you a favor...?" After a few moments, the blown away fog seemed to slowly creep back to how it was before, engulfing the areas that had been momentarily void of it.

The Demon King shook his head at the 'great leader' remark; the Demon King was his hardest critic and never took compliments, unless they were about his... Well, that's not important. "I'm no better then anyone else... And what is the favor?" The Demon King figured it had something to do with combat, for that is the way of shinobi. Solving and answering all questions with their proverbial fists.

Khrona did not regard the Demon King's remark about not being better than anyone else, for even if he were not, he was still part of history... Khrona's eyes glanced from where they were looking down to the ground, then slowly drifted back up to the Demon King, a sort of melancholy expression plastered upon Khrona's gray face. "... Fight me...?" His voice was uncertain, but his actions spoke for him, as Khrona activated his Hyper Perception, eyes dilating and zeroing in on the Demon King and only the Demon King. His eyes became aggressive, though still gleamed with uncertainty. In the back of his mind, he was going through his entire arsenal of attacks several thousands of times over... Analyzing the Thirteen Limits and the Thirteen Restrictions placed upon him, trying to figure out when and where they would activate and block his power. So far, he could not tell... They were more elusive than he anticipated. He didn't seem able to move; his entire body was as motionless as stone, except for his eyes, which would drift slowly over to the side, looking at nothing in particular...

"Hmph, I thought you'd never ask," the Demon King said, pointing his hand to his now foe. His eyes gleaming as dark as night, although hidden behind his blindfold, the resonating power of the Origin would be shown to the worth. The Demon King's right hand was glowing with the energies of the demon, the power of the demonic heritage of his.

"Come..." Khrona's wings spread wide once more, blowing away the fog temporarily and leaving a crater in the ground below him. The massive rock behind him tipped over from the spreading of his wings, however rather slowly. As it slowly fell, Khrona's wings bent backward to encase it from behind, stopping it from completely tipping over. The moment they did, they would rip the gigantic stone clean in two with ease, having both pieces of the boulder resting gently upon the top of either wing. Khrona brought his head up, eyes staring straight up into the sky...

Khrona: "... ABSORPTION!!!"

And almost instantaneously, the skin on his wings would shoot straight up and hug the shape of the twin rocks completely, before taking them down into the wings, their shape no longer able to be seen. Khrona stomped his foot violently on the ground, hundreds of jagged spires of sheer rock bursting from the ground under the Demon King, trying to impale and encase him. At that same moment in time, Khrona's body flickered for just a moment, miniature mountain-like protrusions shooting up all around the field... About eight of them, to be exact. After that, Khrona froze in the position he was in, completely motionless, as he had been before.

The Demon King's body was unmoved; his arms were suddenly engulfed in the reddish black flames of Hell. He had no reason to summon the power of the Origin just yet. The Demon King's flames stretched across the battlefield, making the once proud earth to ash. The Demon King wasn't pulling his punches today. "Are you trying?"

When the flames swept the earth and reduces all its protrusions to ash, there was nothing left up above... Not even Khrona. It would seem as though the motionless figure that was caught in the flames actually was a solid-stone statue of Khrona made seemingly instantaneously... But where was the real one? There was no immediate answer to the Demon King's question, however the earth did begin to rumble.

With a quick quake of the land, the ground beneath the Demon King cracked, splitting open into a massive crevasse in the shape of an X below him, unleashing a suction so powerful that it could only be done by Khrona's wings themselves. They were trying to pull the Demon King and his flames under... Into the black abyss that was a pit. There was a faint sound at the bottom of the pit... Like a murmur... Almost completely inaudible... "... Father X will be mad at me if I tamper in his domain too much..." The suction quickly doubled in strength, the earth actually rising around the Demon King as means to try forcefully pulling him under if the suction was not enough. "... Yes... I am trying... Trying not to die... Heh..." Khrona's voice drifted off through the entire chasm as if he were everywhere, yet his true location was unknown at the given moment. Now, the Demon King's turn...

The battle raged on for a while between Khrona and the Demon King, but in the end, the unlocked power of even a small portion of the Thirteen Restrictions proved too much for both the Demon King and Khrona at the time, ending in both of them being overwhelmed by its power. Khrona, feeling defeated due to his own lack of control, would head back home and return to 'Deep Thought', where he would ponder his loss to himself and try to seek more control from Omnia. A year had passed since then and the planet had been prosperous, even with all of the shady figures about. Khrona had gotten the knowledge he needed on the Thirteen Restrictions from Omnia and had been undergoing the process of awakening and unlocking them, slowly, but surely in that year. During that time, Khrona's puberty was reaching its peak... And his powers remained on the rise. He kept these things a secret, though, finding out how to control the limitations of the Thirteen Restrictions to a degree where others couldn't tell of his limitations nor his power to exceed them. It was for the safety of everyone that he kept himself contained, he knew, and would simply act as if nothing like it happened... Until he could truly control that power lying beyond his borders.

It had been a while since Lin had seen Khrona, so why not just stop by his office to see what the hell he's doing these days? Maybe the same as before; whatever he could find to do. So Lin would give a loud 'BANG BANG BANG' on Khrona's door, but then he would say in his head, 'Hey Khrona, it's me, Lin! Mind opening the door? Or are you busy?'

Khrona's door quickly opened, as it would seem he was expecting visitors anyway. "Oh, Lin, how are you doing? Haven't seen much of you recently. What's up?" It wasn't all the time that Khrona was this friendly without a side effect, so one should probably take advantage of such a situation.

Lin would walk into Khrona's office and give a light bow to show his respects as he spoke. "I'm good for now, and how are you Lord Khrona? The reason for me being here is that I just want to chat with you, if that's okay with you," Lin would say as he smiled a bit and rubbed the back of his head.

Khrona usually didn't chat with people like this... Normally they wanted something or needed a mission or training or some shit like that, so Khrona was always expecting that. "Just a chat? Uh, sure, I guess. What's on your mind? I promise, I won't look. Haha." Yeah. Everyone knows that Khrona is known for doing that. Haha.

"It's just that, well... I've been wondering what's it like... You know, being Khrona, one of the most powerful shinobi in all of the planet... We both know that my power is nothing like yours and your power is nothing like mine, but I want to know how do you deal with being that powerful?" Lin would ask as he spoke in a very childlike matter.

Wow. That actually caught Khrona off guard, as told by his wide eyes and gaping jaw. After a moment of being completely stunned, Khrona closed his eyes, tilted forward and smiled ever so slightly, placing his elbows on the table and interlocking his fingers, pulling off a 'Gendou Ikari'. "... Well. In all my years of being here, no one has ever asked me how I deal with my power. Since you've been so kind, I might as well give you the pleasure of such information." His eyes open, gleaming a piercing red color as the room started to dim. Khrona pulled one of his interlocked hands away and started to tap his head with his index finger very slowly and precisely.

Khrona: "... It's all in the mind. My mind isn't like everyone else's. It's a continuous battlefield... A struggle... Every day I wonder if I'm just going to lose it, and I have wondered for almost my entire life. My mind isn't as weak as people may think, it's just in a constant instability. I'm not going to just fall to darkness like the Sky King or parasite girl, or any of those people. I actually fight each and every day. All the time. As we speak right now, I'm fighting off so many things with a great deal of my strength... But you know what else keeps my mind powerful and assists in sharpening my psychic powers...? Something that most other psychics here don't ever do... Meditation. I meditate every once in a while when I feel my mind and psychic powers becoming weak. I call it 'Deep Thought', where no one is allowed to disturb me. I stay there for extended periods of time... It could range from a day to a year or even more. I only stay however long is necessary..."

Khrona's finger would become limp, his hand moving from his head down to his chest, directly in the middle, and he would then point at that.

Khrona: "... My soul is also a constant battlefield. I struggle with that just as much as with my mind, and because I struggle with both of them, it's a miracle I can even summon the powers that I do. I'm just infinitely lucky, one could say... No. I just know what the hell I'm doing. My soul is as powerful as Shinigami-sama's, putting it on par with a god's. How is this, you might ask? My soul was... In the past... Forced to become like this. But that is straying from my story's path. My soul, because it is so powerful and I am like a god, is very unstable. My soul is also very susceptible to the insanity of the Falshin, since my soul is the Insanity Soul. Therefore, with my incredible power, the instability makes it a very fragile piece of work. How I keep my soul, wavelength, and energy strong is through resonance... Resonance with everything. My weapons, the atmosphere, my own mind... Resonance and Meditation can help both my Soul and my Mind, and vice versa. Both work in harmony with each other and either can be used to stabilize myself..."

Khrona finally pulled his finger away from his chest and interlocked his hands on the table once more. He closed his eyes, not even looking at Lin anymore.

Khrona: "... The final aspect of my power... My body. My body is weak, yet also very strong... I am frail, but I am also a steel wall... My entire body is a contradiction of itself, for it is a weak and fragile thing, but also the strongest object. I need harmony of both my mind and soul for my body to stay as it is... For I am an unstable figure... An uncertain factor, if you will. If I were to ever falter too much, I could end up destroying myself..."

One of Khrona's eyes opened again to look at Lin, eying him up and down thoroughly.

Khrona: "... A healthy soul resides in a healthy body, which also harbors a healthy mind. Have you heard that statement before? You should have. It's an old slogan. I am the epitome of this statement, for my mind, body, and soul work as one most times, helping each other where the other is weak. My mind maintains my soul and my body, but my soul assists in keeping my mind on an unerring path, while my body does everything it can to protect them both. They are a well-oiled machine, even if a bit unstable. It's the only reason why I am so powerful and how I can even exist. Does this answer your question?"

A long, but thorough explanation, in Khrona's eyes. No one ever asked, so no one ever got this explanation before... But now Lin knew. Khrona would have never thought that he would be the one to ask... He thought it would have been someone closer to him... Like his brother or Father X... Or hell, maybe even the Android girl. But, it just goes to show you... Khrona doesn't know everything.

Lin would close his eyes for a moment to take all of that in. Then he said, "I know how you feel..." You would think Lin was messing with Khrona, but he wasn't he was for real... "I know how you feel; it's that constant battle that never seems to wanna stop or come to at peace, because you feel you have not done anything wrong to deserve the things that are happening to you... But then again, you feel no shame in what you do, so you walk around living your life carelessly and hope that the people you hang around don't notice you acting the slightest of bit of insane -- or sane, in your matter... Heheh."

Lin would still have his eyes closed as he spoke again. "... But then again, when an entire world depends on you, it gets even harder to have control over yourself, so you stay away from your friends for a while so that they don't have to see you when you lose it all... So you meditate, the peasant's greatest way to connect to the things that surround them... But the things around you also brings out the things inside of you, your one and only true misery and despair... Your dark cloud... I know the feeling, Lord Khrona...." Lin would say as he opened his eyes. His Gentai would take he and Khrona on a tour of the Nitos Void; it was a very beautiful and Enchanting place -- it had luscious rivers, beautiful trees, and then... It became blackened and darkened in the most terrifying ways possible; no light, no anything -- all you could hear were the cries of a darken battle that is slowly killing the beauty of the wonder magical place... This is the battle Lin faces inside.

Lin would then close his eyes and turn off his Gentai... He would open them about three seconds later... "But... That's my problem, Lord Khrona... How do I control myself, when I can't control what goes on inside of me when meditation isn't helping?" Lin would ask, looking down at his hands.

Khrona sighed, as Lin seemed to be having his own little episode. He would view this Gentai world of his and witness what happened in there. He really did not have control. Afterward, he seemed to be rather upset about his inability to control the situation at hand, so, it was much like a leader to help him.

Khrona: "... Well. Lin. The only reason you can't control it is because you don't know what it is. Meditation only works for things that REQUIRE meditation. Now, perhaps you don't realize this, but if you do not learn what your Gentai TRULY is... It's FULL power... Then it will overtake you and destroy both itself and you. You must find a way to learn about it and to control it besides meditation. When you understand it, the answers should come naturally to you."

Khrona seemed to be speaking from experience, as he went through a similar situation when he didn't know about his powers. His soul threatened to consume him and his weapons, his mind threatened to destroy the planet, and his body threatened to lose its shape and form; ergo, it's existence. But those were darker days...

"I see...but what am I to do when I can't go within ten feet of this 'darkness' without hurting myself...?" Lin would ask as he closed his hands and looked back at Khrona. "This doesn't only effect me, it also effects my Soul partner, Nese, and the three souls that inhabit my blade: Hito, Mito, and Sito... But they don't go through the same thing that I've been going through, their souls are at peace... Why is mine so different when we all use the Gentai...? "Lin would ask as he looked right at Khrona.

Khrona seemed to hesitate after Lin asked this question, shaking his head ever so slowly. "I... Cannot... Tell... You... Clearly. My mind... Is... Cluttered..." Because of Khrona's Pact, he must reveal everything on his mind at all times... However, he cannot seem to speak coherently when his thoughts are scattered. Therefore, because he is thinking so much at this period of time, his words barely made sense and the ones he wished to get out would not come out properly. He knew this would happen. "You... Must are only one to have been able to the one that you are... That... Must... Is... Find a different way to unlock... Power... You're doing it wrong..."

"Ah, I see now... I must study the darkness and find its weakness though observation and test. I see now, Lord Khrona... Thank you for your advice," Lin would say as he turned around and walked out of khrona's office, but not before bowing to show his respect. "Good day to you, M'lord."

Khrona nodded, feeling a new sort of respect for Linomaru. In fact, Khrona was so moved that he had to call out to him now. "Linomaru. Stay as you are." Khrona would pull him back into the office with a waggle of his finger, Lino being turned around back to normal. "... Because I enjoyed this conversation so very much, I am going to do something off the top of my head. I'm giving you another Ranking Exam, only with three different conditions." Khrona smiled, seeming to have come up with a scheme of sorts, but at the same time still kept his compassion for the entire situation.

"The first is that you will not be ranked by me, but by my daughter, who is the Soul Angel -- Chroma. The second condition is that you learn to master your dark abilities and control them. The final is that you will join my team if -- and only if -- the first two are completed. If you can impress my daughter, master yourself, and join my team, I will happily grant you the Expert rank." Khrona's hands interlocked in front of his face and he narrowed his eyes. "So... Do you wish to accept my humble offer? Or will you go now?"

Lin would turn around to face Khrona with his face down, his eyes covered by his hair as he listened to Khrona's offer. When Khrona was done speaking, Lin would look at Khrona and took a bow as he said, "I accept your most humble offer, dear Lord Khrona." His voice was serious in tone as he spoke. Lin was a bit happy on the inside, but he didn't want to show it, for the moment was too intense for a smile.

"Haha. A wise decision." Khrona started to play with his hair a little bit while talking to Lin, showing that the intense part of this conversation was over and neither of them had to be too serious anymore. "Oh, and by the way... There's no need to hide your excitement from me." Khrona's eyelids lowered just a bit as his eyes started to brighten up slightly. He chuckled harmlessly to himself at the thought, then continued on. "... I can read minds, you know." With another chuckle, he nodded at Lino to show that he could now be off and on his way. "My daughter shall be waiting for you in the examination fields." That was all else he needed to say.

Lin would bow and then exit as he then made his way to the darkest place where the worst of his nightmares took place; the Mahi Manor.

After some time had passed, before Lin's exam...

Lin would walk up to Khrona's door. He had one more question to ask him, but it wasn't for the same thing as before. He wanted to know how could he get a Summon for his skill set.

The door opened, only to not have Khrona be there. Instead, who would be there was his Chomao, Chomao, who was doing all of his work for him while he was out.

Chomao: "Yes? What is it you are here for?"

Lin would walk in the room and smile a bit as he spoke. "Well, I'm here to ask about Summons, and how I obtain one," Lin would say, putting on his glasses; he would also pull out a pen and a notepad.

Chomao sighed, tapping his foot on the ground. "... The only way to get a Summon the easy way is to become a Summoner. And even then, you have to fight and beat that Summon, or impress it. You can only obtain ONE summon, anyway, and if you don't want to become a Summoner, you have to find that summoning item first."

"And where exactly would I have to look for the item?" Lin would ask as he wrote what Chomao told him down on the pad.

Chomao opened up the Grand Grimoire, pointing to the Summons page. "Depends on which Summon you want..."

"Can I create my own Summon?" Lin would ask in all seriousness. He really wanted to know this before he chose.

Chomao: "... No, fool."

"Oh. Well... Hmmm... Let's see. I want something with a sword. Got any of those?" Lin would ask, looking at the book and smiling once more.

Chomao sighed, closing the book, then flicked his ear. "Eh... What about Chaos, huh? You have to get the 'Ring of the Chaos' item to summon him. Then you have to fight him. It's probably at 'The Bridge'... or the 'Blossom Fields' or something."

Later on, when Khrona returned to his office, some weird kid came in talking about something...

Dante walked in the Dusk village to see can he talk to one of leaders -- Khrona. He walked up to the building that Khrona's Office was. He walked inside the building, walking in the hallway, knocking on his door to his office. "Are you in there? I have to talk to you."

"Of course I'm here, where else would I be? There?" The door opens and Khrona's finger is pointing to the spot directly next to Dante, in which somehow, Khrona is standing. "... Oh. Haha. I guess I'm there, too. Maybe I'm neither here nor there, or perhaps I'm just everywhere. Hahahaha."

Dante walked in Khrona's Office, staying two feet away from Khrona. Dante wanted to ask him something. "I know some of the Nightmare ninjas have a soul weapon, so can I have one?" Dante walked back a little to see what Khrona was going to say.

Khrona never answered that guy, but kinda sent him on his way straight to the college, simply because he didn't feel like entertaining him anymore. Afterward, Khrona went back home to do some more thinking.

After a month of seclusion from himself and others spending time in Deep Thought, Khrona had finally emerged from his dark place and was ready to be active once more. "... Lots of stuff's been going on since I've been away... I have to get back in the feel of being out again so I can get my village up and running again..." Khrona knew it wasn't healthy to randomly leave his village without warning every now and then, especially when his other partner, the Android girl, was new to being a leader, still. Abrupt absence is not good at all. "... But if I'm going to be active... I'll need a good battle..."

Though it would seem as though he was talking to himself, his two loyal lovers -- A.K.A., his soul weapons, Misery and Despair -- had been following quietly behind him. There was a certain type of tension... Perhaps an anticipation... Or rather, a thirst for the heat of battle. It was a mutual feeling between the three of them and they needed to let it loose... Now.

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Book 11; The Restrictions of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 11; The Restrictions of Khrona Tensei   Book 11; The Restrictions of Khrona Tensei EmptyThu Apr 16, 2020 7:48 am

Ninth Restriction; Applications for Team Psychotic

During Khrona's seclusion, Tabrith was sent out to take his place as his 'doppelganger' of sorts in order to make people think that Khrona was still around when he was truly in 'Deep Thought'. Because they literally looked exactly the same, no one seemed to notice, even if their demeanor was different to a limited degree. Tabrith was much less expressive due to the lack of a soul, and thus lacked emotions. However, no one seemed to actually really care nor notice. When Khrona emerged from his month of 'Deep Thought', Tabrith would then be instructed to man the 'Team Psychotic HQ' whilst Khrona roamed around and took care of other business.

Tabrith, Khrona's Pact partner, would wait patiently in a rather large and ominous looking building. It looked as if it were a theatre of some sort... But also a boat at the same time. With numerous propellers and whatnot. An airship, to say the least. The Prima.

It was docked in the Dusk Village, relatively close to Khrona's own Pit of Havoc; Tabrith waiting for people to show up to apply for the team.

Tabrith: "... I hope someone shows... We have lots of things to do... Souls to hunt, Enemies to find, Missions to do... We need a bit of organization."

Venize, Zesu's soul partner would be seen pushing Zesu closer and closer towards the Prima, sensing that it was time for Zesu to join a team and help her become even more than just eye candy to everyone. Zesu, however, would resist as much as he could from her pushing as he would scream like a little girl and complained like a little child. "NOOOO~! I DON'T WANNA~! MOMMY~! SAVE ME OCTACON~!! SAVE ME LIQUID~!! SAVE ME JSR~!!"

Venize: "You're going to join Khrona and you're gonna like it! Now get to it!!"

The two would then stop near the airship and look upwards towards it, being amazed and in awe from the massive size and appearance of it.

Both: "Holy-"

Being slightly bored inside of the Prima, Tabrith could sense someone nearby him, even though they probably didn't know he was there... Lack of presence, you know.

Tabrith: "... Ah... I remember... Zesu Rikoyae and his Soul Weapon, Venize... They haven't met me, but I've met them. Hm."

The doors to the Prima would open and a large staircase would appear before the two of them, welcoming them both up to the airship's main lobby, where Tabrith was sitting.

Tabrith: "Welcome... Step right in as we wait for more people to show up."

Even though Tabrith was speaking softly, his voice seemed to project outward so that it could be heard as clear as crystal.

Zesu would squeak like a little school girl from hearing Tabrith's voice echoing out from the airship as he would quickly leap into Venize arms Scooby-Doo style. Venize would quickly drop him and drag him by the back of his collar. He would be seen with a derp look on his face.

Once the two entered the Prima they both began to look around at whatever they could look at in the massive airship while they wait for others to come. The two would look from magnificent artworks to marvelous sculptures.

Once the two had entered, Tabrith was there to greet them face-to-face this time, rather than with only his voice.

Tabrith: "Well... It's been some time since I've seen the two of you... What brings you here, other than the obvious, hm?"

The obvious being that the two were here to join Khrona's long inactive and disbanded team, mind you.

Zesu and Venize would clasp both of their hands together in sync and bow towards Tabrith. The two didn't meet this person, but it seemed like they already have from the calm vibe that flowed around him. Venize would act shy around Tabrith. "Hello, fellow comrade. Well besides the obvious team recruitment, me and Venize really wanted to help out the Dusk as much as possible. So far havoc has been slowly building up and rarely anyone in the village is doing anything about it." Venize would appear right behind Zesu suddenly since she was hiding behind his back in a shy manner.

Venize: "We also wanted to know how Khrona was doing since we haven't heard anything from him nor if we know if he's doing well.

Stroking his chin rather thoughtfully, Tabrith smiled slightly, his halfway opened eyes fixated on the two of them. He chuckled very lightly.

Tabrith: "... Well. I am very glad that someone wishes to help out the Dusk... It is not just our responsibility, but everyone's."

When Venize asked about Khrona, Tabrith couldn't help but chuckle lightly once again, floating a little closer to her.

Tabrith: "... I see. Without the skin-tight clothing, the black apparel, the gloves and the top hat, you cannot even tell..."

Tabrith would move his face closer to hers, as if trying to allow her to inspect it more thoroughly. If she did, she should come to find that Tabrith was the spitting image of Khrona in almost every likeness, save for the clothing. He moved away after a few moments.

Tabrith: "... I'll tell you how I know you two even though we haven't met before. I am a fragment of Khrona's lost mind. Anything insanity has consumed or that he has forcefully erased comes to me, but we still share all other memories and such, for I am a part of him. Therefore, I can say, after a month of doing nothing but thinking, Khrona is most definitely... Fine."

Even though such an explanation was unnecessary, Tabrith felt the need to say it anyway. Besides, small talk was always good until the rest of the people arrived here... Ha, that is, if there were anymore people arriving... Many people are afraid of Khrona and his likeness. Tabrith wasn't expecting too many people.

Venize's shyness quickly rose up as Tabrith looked closer to her, feeling as if he was staring into her own soul and feelings. Zesu, on the other hand, listened to the wise Tabrith in curiosity of how things were going along for Khrona and the Dusk Village. The two would then finally realized that Tabrith looked like an exact replica of Khrona. The two was just about to speak to Tabrith among a few questions they've wanted to ask him, but he'd already explained the answers before they could ask them. Venize would sigh in relief for hearing the good news that their leader was fine and dandy.

Venize: "That is good news to hear. No wonder you resemble him so much."

Zesu would snicker from her comment as she continued to act shyly towards Tabrith.

Zesu: "Maybe you two should go on a date and get along just fine."

Venize would fire her 'Hydro Pump' ability at Zesu, sending him crashing and sliding on the ground from the massive water spray. He would quickly get back up and puts her in a headlock, rubbing his fist on her head with a noogie. Venize would scream playfully from it since she actually enjoys getting a noogie. After a moment, the two would bow down to Tabrith in an apology for their behavior. "Sorry about that. It happens from time to time with us." Zesu would laugh nervously while scratching the back of his head while Venize does the same only sticking her tongue out playfully instead of laughing.

When all of the... Roughhousing was finished, Tabrith seemed to be unamused by it all. He didn't really pay too much attention to it, as he was busy thinking about why no one wished to join this team of Khrona's. It made him just a tad bit sad.

Tabrith: "... Yes. Quite. You are forgiven. However, I guess if no one else is attending, then we may proceed..."

In all trueness, Tabrith was going to send Zesu on a perilous mission that he wouldn't return from alive unless he had someone to come along with him... But. That would have to wait until at least one more member joined. In any case, the plans were changed for the better.

Tabrith: "... Well, Zesu, Venize, it is time now for you two to go on your first issued mission. This is your 'initiation' as you would say. Are you prepared for it?"

Zesu and Venize would both nod to Tabrith in a ready manner for whatever they have to take on. It was such a surprise that no one else wanted to join Khrona's team at all. Is it because of the laziness that the fellow villagers have within them? Is it because of some reason why no one wanted to join in one of the leader's team? Who knows what the reason may be, but this chance seemed like an once in a lifetime offer. "We're ready to partake in this mission, Tabrith."

Janko sighed as he appeared out of thin air; he really needed to get better at his abilities. He would notice the huge airship as he wondered if he got the right place. He started to look around as he looked for someone to tell him where to go.

Elsewhere, some time before...

Janko had only met master khrona once but knew he was a great leader in the village. He wanted to ask him for a request, in looking to do special training if he could. He sighed as he had many chains in the village, as he was always watched. He came up to the door as he knocked on it, waiting for someone to answer.

The door opened up to reveal Khrona sitting in his chair rather bored. He looked at Janko and yawned. "Yeah, what is it?"

Janko walked into the office, as it seemed to be the same as last time, only last time, Khrona was not there. He stood up straight and looked at Master Khrona. "I came here to ask for special training to improve my skills and so on, Master Khrona."

Khrona was playing with his hair, flipping it and twirling it in his hands and whatnot. He didn't seem all that interested in it. "Mmmm... Tell you what. If you want that training so badly, you'll have to join my team. I'll give you directions... WITH MY MIND!!" Khrona would stare Janko right in the eyes for a moment or two, which would glow quite brightly. He was transferring the information about where 'Team Psychotic' was and how to get there and stuff like that. "There. So go on and skedaddle if you want that training."

Janko was grateful for the chance as he moved his hand in the middle of the air. He then moved it down the thin air as a portal was made in the middle of the room. "Thank you for the chance, Master Khrona." He walked into his portal as it soon closed back up again. He headed to the place, he needed to go.

Back at the present location in the present time...

Janko: "Hello? Anyone around here?"

As Tabrith was going to tell Zesu what he needed to do, he realized that someone else had come into the vicinity. "Well Zesu, I-- ... Mm. Wait. There is another..." Tabrith would pull him inside via psychic power. He would then have Janko stand right next to Zesu and Venize, as if lining them up in formation. "Hello, Janko. I am Tabrith. You were sent here by Khrona, correct?"

Janko was pulled in as he looked around. He noticed three people were here and he now knew he must be in the right place. "Yes, Master Khrona has sent me here to join the team."

Zesu and Venize would notice the new guy appearing next to them, the young taijutsuist gave out a light smile towards Janko along with Venize until they'd turned their focused back to Tabrith. "What a twist!"

"Yes, of course, Zesu." Tabrith inspected Janko and what his rank was rather quickly, then eyed Zesu up and down. "Hm... He is only a Standard member... A rather recently promoted one, at that... And you, Zesu, are a well-seasoned Expert... You two clearly are on a different scale of power..." Tabrith's whole entire thought process had to be flipped around now... Luckily he was part of Khrona, so thinking up something new and masterful was not that hard in the slightest. "Alright, you three... Here is your 'Initiation...' Zesu, you are now the commander of this 'Team' comprised of yourself and your weapon as well as Janko. I need you to find two more lower rank members and recruit them to your little 'sub-team', as we shall call it, and bring them back here. Janko, you must assist him. Follow Zesu like a shadow." Tabrith interlocked his hands and pointed to the exit with his head. "These are your orders, men... And Venize."

Zesu nodded at Tabrith's request as he would bow to him with his fist being clenched by his other hand. The initiation was only the beginning of the challenge, since recruiting people was a complex thing, itself, especially if most of the Dusk people remained hidden from being recruited for many things. Venize would leap on Zesu's back and cling on like a monkey. "Very well, Tabris. We shall find other people and recruit them." Zesu would look at Janko and smiled at him lightly. "Let's head out, Janko. We're gonna be out for quite a while trying to get some people." On that note, Zesu would quickly half-step out of the airship with great speed.

Janko would just follow behind quickly as he sighed, "This might be harder than expected," as he followed Zesu. "Whatever you say, Squad leader." He had to stick with this guy and like a shadow.

Khrona never found that battle he was looking for. It ended with him feeling more than restless, his power starting to overflow and scratching at the surface of his limits again. He needed a release of sorts and he was going to find it. Dropping Misery and Despair off at the office, he went out in search of a way of release...

Maina and Naina, being AWOL and roaming around without their partner, finally decided on a destination to end their endless roaming. They arrived at the office of Khrona, looking for his weapons and not he, the exact opposite of their partner, if he would have been with them. Things had been a little tense between him and them a month ago, when he locked himself away, and denied them entry into the lab.

This was the first time that he had completely shunned them, and, well... They were hurt and lonely. They probably wouldn't be completely in sync with him when they saw him again, which made them want to train to be fight independent of him even more. Just in case he shunned them more.

They walked to the office door and knocked on it softly, together, before stepping back as both their sets of eyes drifted to the side and their right hand rubbed their left arm nervously.

Misery: "Goddammit, who the hell is it?"

Though the door wasn't open, the voice and way of talking was unmistakable. Misery seemed to be in Khrona's office at the time, but it was unsure if Despair accompanied her. Before too long, the door opened up and it would seem that Despair was the one to open it, as Misery sat reclined in Khrona's chair looking rather bored.

Despair: "Oh, hello there... It's you two. It has been a long time and we were wondering if you two would come back."

Misery looked up from her reclined position at the two -- Maina and Naina -- giving a soft smirk once seeing them. "Oh, you two finally got all your souls, hm? I guess you all understand that Soul Hunting isn't easy, eh?" She made a motion for them to come in as Despair opened the door wider.

Maina entered first, Naina close on her heels, of course, and walked to the front of the desk. It was clear on their faces that something was wrong; Maina wasn't her usual loud self, and Naina seemed troubled rather than smiling softly all the time. Maina cleared her throat and tried to find the right words to say.

Maina: "... We tried to get one more before coming... But... Things happened and we figured we had enough."

Naina nodded in agreement before they both switched the arm that was being rubbed by their hands, in unison.

Maina: "Fifty nine... We have fifty nine..."

The two of them -- Misery and Despair -- could easily see that something was wrong with the other two... But didn't know what it was. Despair looked at Misery, who nodded once she did. She eyed Maina and Naina and viewed their souls via Soul Perception.

Misery: "Hmph. I see. As expected. Your souls are wavering."

Because the two of them weren't feeling the best and were out of practice, their Souls weren't exactly in the best condition.

Despair: "Is... Something the matter?"

Naina: "Tamura... He... He..."

Maina placed her hand on her sister's shoulder, to comfort and calm her from her imminent tears which, luckily, didn't flow because of her sister's comforting. Maina took over speaking, yet again.

Maina: "He's become distant. We know nothing of his whereabouts; he locked himself away for a month without us being there, and he... He just isn't the same since that tournament..."

She stopped abruptly after speaking, remembering something that could have been the cause of it; the killing of that girl. Maina figured that it was the only explanation, but for a short time after that, he hadn't been distant; in fact he had grown closer to them before shunning them. The two girls sighed quietly.

Misery scoffed, turning her head away as to symbolize how done she was already with this conversation. "Is that all? It's because he killed that girl, isn't it? He's all worked up from killing some little slut? He should man up, I've killed my share of people in my life and their souls tasted absolutely wonderful. Hell, Khrona never minded killing people. The only one that usually does is..." Misery seemed to trail off as she got lost in thought, turning her attention to Despair. Misery could already tell she was reminiscing about her past...

Despair's head was turned down, her eyes looking more grim than normal, and instead of a very depressing smile on her face, like usual, she was actually frowning. "... Rejecting you, is he? How... Unpleasant. I remember those times... But I guess everyone has their reasons for it, correct...? I do not want to kill if I don't have to... But I do not mind doing so... Not after that day, in fact..." She trailed off as well, lost in her own thoughts about the past.

Misery knew to what day she was referring and decided not to let Despair think of it anymore by refocusing the attention back on Maina and Naina. "... So... You two. You say that he's very distant? That isn't good for any of you. Your synchro rate will become weaker and weaker the more you distance yourself... And if that happens, eventually he won't even be able to wield the either of you anymore. You should probably confront him."

Maina: "We know that! We paid attention in class unlike most that are chosen for partners, but even still... It's not like he's sad about killing her... We don't know what's going on in that head of his."

Maina sighed and rubbed her eyes; her soul perception was a little stronger than her sister's so she had located him a while ago, but decided to keep that information from Naina. She wasn't lying to her, per se, her sister just hadn't asked for the information so there was no need to tell her now.

Naina made a trek to despair's side, to place her hand on her shoulder for comfort like her sister had done before. She smiled, though she could sort of see that Despair was not smiling.

Maina: "We'll confront him... After. Even if we're his partners... We still need to be able to fight without him, just in case. You two understand right? Khrona might seem to be always around, but you two can fight alone, can't you... Without him, if he's in a mood? "

Maina rested her hip against the desk and placed her hand down on it. She eyed Misery, challengingly, or maybe some other way... Either way, she knew what she was here for and didn't plan to leave until she got it.

Maina and Naina were definitely determined to get this training... They had gotten beyond the soul requirement and even in their distress, they still wish to train. It was certain that they were going to receive it.

Despair didn't say anything, but her depressing smile came back as Naina moved closer to her, playing with her hair a little bit, while also slightly hugging her. Naina's presence seemed to make her feel better, just a bit.

On the flipside, Misery could tell that Maina was definitely going to be stubborn about this... Might as well give her what she wants.

Misery pointed her hand to Maina, a large, black sword blade jutting from her palm and to Maina's neck, threatening to pierce it. "My... You've got some balls to come to me like that with such fierce eyes... Heh. You remind me of myself." Misery started to rise, her blade still staying in the same place as she stood up. "... Well. I guess you will need to have the power to kick this guy's ass if you need to. I mean, what's confrontation without a little violence? Just be ready to train immediately."

Misery retracted her blade and walked over to Despair, wrapping her arm around her neck. Despair silently continued to walk with Misery out of the door.

Misery: "This is the first part of your training, girls... Find us with your Soul Perception. If you can pinpoint us and get to our location, then the second part of the training can begin. Got it?"

Misery turned her head to Despair, nodding her head. Despair's dress started to flare up violently, engulfing the two of them completely before seemingly disappearing. They had warped off to an unknown location.

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Book 11; The Restrictions of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 11; The Restrictions of Khrona Tensei   Book 11; The Restrictions of Khrona Tensei EmptyThu Apr 16, 2020 2:07 pm

Tenth Restriction; So Training Begins.

The arrangement for Misery and Despair to train their pupils, Maina and Naina, had gone under way once the four of them hit the Hidden Cavern. It was necessary for Weapons to be just as combat ready as their wielders, or at least as alert in terms of souls. With that, Misery and Despair would show the two upcoming sisters the ropes.

Misery and Despair happened to appear in the Hidden Cavern, a series of huge, dark caves hidden within the Enigmas. Not many people came here, so Misery and Despair felt as if this place was... Challenging enough to get through. The Caverns were equivalent to the Alps of the Chaos, only not nearly as cold, so trekking through this mountainous region wasn't exactly the safest, either.

Misery: "Let's see if they can make it, eh?"

Despair: "... I surely hope they do..."

Maina: "This is it..."

Naina: "We made it."

It hadn't taken too long for the two dearies to find the place where the women had vanished off too, but getting to the area was difficult enough. They stood outside of the caverns, but knew for a fact that the women were inside. Maina was already heading inside, but Naina quickly took her hand to stop her. She smiled at her sister, reassuringly.

Naina: "Don't be reckless... Don't let her provoke you..."

She was speaking of Misery; yes, she and Maina seemed to be two of a kind, but Naina could tell that Misery would be an everlasting obstacle over Maina. Maina was the headstrong type, and no matter how strong the enemy was, she would keep going. Naina figured that she should warn Maina now, allowing herself to be provoked and rushing in recklessly was a bad idea. They need to do this together, that was why they came together. She continued smiling.

Naina: "I'm here, too... Rely on me if you can't do it alone..."

Maina could only smile, wrapping her sister up in a hug.

Maina: "Oooohhh, what would I do without you!?"

She mused happily before releasing her and facing the cavern.

Maina: "Let's do this... so we can get Tamura back."

Naina: "Right!"

They entered.

Misery's well-tuned Soul Perception was able to pinpoint and sense them easily when they were all the way back at Khrona's Office, so she had been watching them all the way until they got up to here.

Misery: "Heh. They're here. Let's get this training under way, then... Let's fuck with em a little, eh, Despair~?"

Despair smiled, as there were several thoughts that appeared in her head... Surprisingly. She wasn't usually the type to think of cruel things... That was Misery's job. But she knew that she had to make this tough so that their power increased substantially.

Despair: "... Their Soul Perception is pretty well developed so far... But it can always be a bit better... Let's see how well they do if their power is suppressed..."

Despair's soul started to flare up for a moment -- her Rejection, that is. The Rejection would seep through the caverns to where Maina and Naina were, unsuspectingly afflicting them both, Rejecting their ability to use their Soul Perception temporarily.

Misery snickered, already knowing just what Despair was up to. "Haha, I get it... You're going to make sure they can't find us with Soul Perception, but hone their natural senses as well... Heh. Good shit. Well, guess it's my turn for it..."

Misery's Insanity soul started to flare up, starting to shake the caverns in their entirety. This was one of Misery's techniques, the 'Insanity Pressure', pressurizing the caves to cause a rockslide in the place where Maina and Naina had begun their journey.

Misery: "I guess a rockslide shouldn't be too much... But we'll see how they handle this to see if we should kick it up a notch, hm?"

Maina: "... It shut off..."

Naina: "What?"

Maina took her sister's hand quickly, without warning, and it scared Naina just as quickly as her hand was taken. Once her ability to use Soul Perception was shut off, she had figured that they knew her and her sister were there. Naina followed behind closely, figuring it out after a short while of not being able to see the souls of the two women. Then... Everything started to rumble... ROCKSLIDE!!!

Maina: "They really don't take it easy, do they?"

Naina: "I don't know... Seems like this IS easy."

Maina: "I guess... Damn bitches."

Maina sighed quietly with a laugh, Naina only allowed her sister to morph to weapon form since Naina was better at wielding than Maina. When the rocks were coming down -- and fast -- Naina cocked her arm back and threw her sister quickly, before following behind her as she plowed through the rocks that came her way and cleared a path. Once they made it to safety, her sister returned to her hand with haste and morphed back before they started moving again.

Maina: "I guess we're gonna have to start making up moves on the fly."

Naina: "That's fine with me... We have to be able to compete with them once we find them."

The girls looked at one another before nodding and as they walked, they practiced making blades protrude from places on their bodies. Just added training to the training.

The two women could see that the girls had passed this first part of the training... But it was far from over. In fact, this was the easiest part of it.

Misery: "So a rockslide isn't enough eh? Alright. Come on, Despair! We'll make em work for it!"

Despair nodded, already knowing what to do. She held her arms up at either side, many holes opening up on her body; on her palms, fingers, knuckles, neck, down her spine, around her waist, on her shoulders and down her sides. All at once, she released an ungodly amount of explosives from her body. There were missiles, rockets, grenades, motion-sensing explosives, stealth land mines... The works. The missiles and rockets were controlled by Despair, flowing easily through the caverns without problem, locked on to Maina and Naina. The stealth land mines would fly through the air and scattered themselves, before forcefully digging themselves into the ground and waiting. The motion-sensing bombs would attach themselves to walls, ceilings, floors -- just about any and every surface. And the grenades would fall to the ground where it would be believed safe, waiting to detonate on Despair's command. Her turn was done, and she would look at Misery, all the holes on her body closing.

Misery could only cackle at this, cuz it seemed like Despair was really trying to kill them. Especially if they had no Soul Perception. "HAHAHAHA! Damn, Despair! They'll never get through that! Especially if I do my part of this... How do you expect them NOT to blow up, hm?" Blades started to violently protrude from Misery's body as she prepped herself, waiting for Despair's answer.

Despair giggled lightly, seeming to have confidence in the two of them. "It's simple... Their soul perception may not be functioning, but their souls and their soul energy are working just fine... This is the time for them to unlock new abilities... New potential. Relying only on one ability too much will result in utter dependence and you will not be able to push yourself to learn new things..." Despair's smile was still apparent as she viewed the two from above, waiting for Misery.

Misery nodded, completely understanding now. "Ah, yeah, I got you, Despair. Well, let's see what these two and their 'Complimenting' Souls can do!" The blades that protruded from Misery's body swiftly retracted as rumbling was heard yet again in the cavern. Without warning, a giant black sword would jut up from the ground in front of the two girls, almost as if it were trying to slice them in two. Not too long after, the sound of the rockets and missiles could be heard closing in... Fast.

Amongst all that was going on, there was one unified sound that rang throughout the cavern to the ears of the two women that were testing and training the young ladies. It was their sweet voices stating one word to describe everything that was coming their way. The word was...

Maina & Naina: "Fuck..."

Luckily enough for them, they were quick enough to move out of the way of the giant sword that jutted from the ground and aimed to slice them in two, however the explosives that were homing in on them was an entirely different story. Naina gripped her sister tightly, who morphed to her weapon form and was thrown just as quickly as she was morphed. The two young ladies were testing their own limits and had come to understand that the 'Complimentary Soul' allowed them to take on properties that would compliment the wielder in any given situation. This being said, an example is in order. It's like allowing the weapon to wipe up a whirlwind of violent wind when thrown to repel projectile weaponry moving in it's path to protect the wielder who has no means of deflecting or blocking the projectiles. It was manipulating the wind to a certain extent, but not fully and was easily canceled if the other party had the ability to cancel said manipulation with their own manipulation. There was still more to be discovered about this soul of theirs, but they knew this much and were satisfied to an extent with this knowledge.

Now Maina, being thrown headfirst towards the explosives, -- which was one of the most dangerous things that the two young ladies could have done -- took on rocks and gravel around the area and whipping them around in the rotation of the chakram, helping to add more defense to the attack and take care of the explosives that were coming their way, no matter how many there were. Maina hovered as well, continuing to spin in front of her sister and protecting her with the whirlwind of rocks and gravel, Naina walking behind her sister with her hand out just in case she need to tug at the chakram quickly and throw it again.

They marched on making extra special care to avoid being taken off guard again. In fact, they refuse to allow themselves to be taken off guard again.

The missiles were closing in on the girls rather quickly, definitely ready to blow them to bits at any given moment, but it would seem that some unknown force caused these missiles to be either blown off course or intercepted by another object, causing them to detonate without harming the girls. This was a useful way to take out the missiles, and Despair could see that they were utilizing a newfound ability.

Despair: "Ah... They're learning quickly... They are rather quick on their feet, right? But I wonder how quick..."

As the girls continued on, sudden explosions would go off around them from all over; in front, above, to the side and behind. These were the motion-sensing bombs and the grenades that were intricately placed all about by Despair, hopefully catching the two off guard and once again blowing them to bits.

Misery, on the other hand, let her swords continue to jut up from the ground once they dodged the initial one, but grew rather bored of doing that really fast and thought up something a bit more devious. Her swords jutted up again from the ground, only this time they were glowing... coated with her Insanity. The cavernous region would become rather distorted, as if reality itself were being shifted by this wavelength... The explosions going off caused by Despair would become distorted and slowed as well, making their explosive effects linger. It was unknown if it was a hallucination or if this was truly happening, but being within this Insanity Soul for too long was probably not the best idea.

Naina reached forward quickly and took her sister from the air, and Maina quickly transformed back to human form with the rocks, and everything that she had picked up from the whirlwind that she created while spinning, falling to the ground around them and eliminating some of the explosives before they had time to erupt right next to the girls. The ones the rocks eliminated weren't numerous enough to matter, however once the big bangs started going off around them -- and even worse, Misery had introduced an energy that they hadn't seen, or been influenced by, before: The Insanity soul energy. They knew for a fact that it was highly dangerous and they shouldn't stay in it for very long, however they were starting to trip on it and it seemed like everything was happening super fast and yet, going really really sloooooww...

The two ladies knew they had to get out of it, but there was nothing that they could use to circumvent the energy and the explosions that were getting dangerously close quickly, yet sloooowly at the same time. The girls clasped their hands together and both closed their eyes, appearing to be praying with one another. As if their prayers were being answered their own soul crackled and sparked around them like a shield of sorts, and protected them from the explosions ensuing around them and effectively protecting them long enough for them to move out of the soul energy that Misery was emitting from her swords of awesomeness. Once that was done, their wavelength stopped cackling, like electricity, and they stood there shocked with one another.

Maina: "Did we just..."

Naina: "Yes... I believe so..."

Maina: "While we..."

Naina: "That is how it seems, yes..."

Maina: "But how?"

Naina: "Questions can be answered later. We should keep moving."

The girls nodded to themselves before continuing on their trek.

To the surprise of Misery and Despair, the girls seemed to have shielded themselves from the insanity momentarily as well as the resulting explosions.

Misery: "So their souls combined are strong enough to resist at least those types of attacks..."

Despair: "It's almost as if when they touch, they initiate a soul synchro right off the bat..."

Misery smirked slightly, a bit of anticipation showing on her face. "Now imagine if the two of them learned how to use Soul Resonance with each other while using their own souls' ability at the same time..."

Despair turned to Misery, almost shocked at what she was thinking. "Then their Soul Resonance would be just about equal to a Quadruple Resonance instead of the normal old Soul Resonance, which would double their power... How rare..."

Misery licked her lips, thinking of what to do to them next. "Yep... And we're gonna be the ones to train them to do that. Haha..."

Just then Misery had an idea. "Hm... I haven't started using my Condemnation Soul... I do have a few abilities with that one that aren't... Completely deadly." Misery's Condemnation Soul was one that usually killed things and as such, she used it very infrequently unless she was mad and trying to kill someone for real. But this attack she was going to do would just hinder the sisters quite a lot... She expanded her soul, the energy turning from a crimson color to a black color... The color of Condemnation. The soul started to consume the area that Maina and Naina were in, using it's power to effect gravity. Twas the 'Grim Influence', which intensified or lightened the force of gravity of what was in it, or altered weight. So, gravity started to intensify severely.

Despair: "Ah... Good choice... Guess this means I should delve into my Despair Soul..."

Despair started to muster up her soul energy as well, the Despair Soul being a pale gray color with a purple-ish tint. The energy started to condense itself into her eyes as she pinpointed Maina and Naina once more, initiating the 'Glare of Woe'. From her eyes shot a powerful, slender and penetrating beam of Despair's soul energy, which would weaken all aspects of what it hit, causing the beam to be able to penetrate through everything that it came in contact with. It pierced through the rock and minerals with ease to get to Maina and Naina, and with the gravity intensified how it was, escape would prove to be more than difficult.

Both girls were taken off guard... Yet again. The gravity quickly grew to levels where moving was next to impossible and the two lovely young ladies were forced to the ground in no time flat, out of reach of one another, thanks to the intense gravity. To add insult to injury, they felt themselves getting weaker and weaker from a strange beam that had struck them before they were forced to the ground. They, of course, reached out for one another against all this because that was the nature of their souls; to be together with one another and compliment each other. However, they saw almost no way out this, but would not give up.

Maina: "Naina!"

Naina: "Maina!"

Maina: "Come on... Just a little more..."

Naina: "If only... We could touch..."

As they worked against the intense gravity and power draining beam -- through sheer willpower and love -- their hands couldn't grab onto one another, but their fingers touched and the intense gravity seemed to lift just a bit and the power draining beams seemed to be draining the power that they were mindlessly generating from touching, leaving them with enough power to stand, grab hands, and work through the tough spot.

Maina: "Naina..."

Naina: "I'm okay..."

Maina: "Just stay close to me."

With their resolve to deliver swift justice to Tamura for neglecting them, driving them forward, they worked through the hardships and would continue to do so until they reached the women that provided the key to their destiny, power, and future.

When the effects of both of their attacks seemed to be lessened -- even just a bit -- by those two, Misery and Despair seemed to let up the attacks out of sheer respect.

Misery: "Their power is nowhere near ours... But if they can manage to weaken even our attacks by an amount that lets them move freely, then they have my respect. Right, Despair?"

Despair: "... In the most sickeningly wonderful way..."

The gravity seemed to let up and so did the beam, which Despair had toned down so it wouldn't kill them, but only weaken them, for normally that beam would have pierced through them and killed them. After that, the cavern that Maina and Naina were in would start to rumble, the top of it being sliced clean off by Misery, then chopped into tiny pieces before anything hit the ground. Right afterward, Despair would lock on to all of the debris and fire rockets at them, causing them to disintegrate once the rockets made contact. Right after that, Misery would shout out to them from the top of the highest cavern.

Misery: "Hey! We think that you all are definitely ready for this next part of your training, so we're letting you up a little early. You were almost here anyway. So just come on up."

The girls stopped and looked up to the other two women before just jumping up there themselves; training with Tamura really increased their physical strength. Once they landed on the ground, the girls released hands and leaned against one another, back to back.

Maina: "Man... You two tried to kill us back there."

Naina: "At least we made it... In one piece. It was quite the experience."

They nodded to one another in agreement.

Maina: "Now, mind telling us about ourselves? What the hell happened back there?"

When the girls made their way up to where they were, Misery and Despair looked at the two worn out weapons, then to themselves and laughed heartily, yet evilly -- well, Misery laughed evilly.

Misery: "Hahahahahaha! You say that like you thought you were done with your training! That was only the EASY part!"

Despair: "Many apologies but... When you asked to train with us, we intended to give you the full package. Understanding can come later..."

Misery and Despair were going to ready for their next attack, yet Despair lowered her guard for a moment. Misery looked over to her, confused.

Misery: "... What?"

Despair: "... Maybe I'll give them a little hint to their power... Maina. Naina. Your soul is the Complimentary Soul, correct? Ergo, one compliments the other's soul when you are touching or when in Soul Synchro. When you two touch, your souls instantly attain a greater power that acts as if you had used Soul Synchro already, thus increasing your original capabilities greatly... Like a Pl*sle or a Min*n, or maybe M*s y M*nos, you know. That is just a small portion of your power."

After Despair said all of that, she felt much better about what she was going to do to them.

Despair: "Ah... Now.. Shall we begin with part two?"

"Like Soul Synchro... Without Soul Synchro?" Maina asked herself as she looked at her hand before looking to her sister, who was thinking about it as well. They only had a few seconds to truly think about it before they needed to get ready as well. The girls took hands and Maina took her weapon form, as always, with Naina taking the role of the wielder.

"So, from a logical stand point, something I've gained from... Him; if every time we touch is like a Soul Synchro, then what'll happen when we learn to use Soul Resonance? A Quadruple Power boost? And what about with... Him added to that very interesting equation?" Naina asked, interested in living more as they were about to begin the second phase of the training. Maina shushed her, though, and Naina obliged happily.

Naina: "We're ready Despair, Misery. We're looking forward to your thorough teaching."

They both smiled, Maina's smile showing in the reflection of the shiny metal of the Chakram.

Misery and Despair nodded, realizing that the two of them had already begun to understand what their soul could do. There was no better way to do it than to actually experience it yourself.

Misery looked to Despair, then Despair looked to Misery in return.

Misery: "You wanna go first, or should I?"

Despair: "Mmm... I'm a little tired, you might as well go first..."

Misery: "Hahahaha! You know me so well, love."

Misery held her arm outward just slightly as Despair started to glow with a purplish-white color. The light that consumed her would shoot into the palm of Misery, taking the form of a typical straight-razor before completely taking form, the straight razor being a tad bit larger and more violent looking than a normal one, with a longer blade as well. Misery would grip it loosely, then started to twirl it around in her fingers and do cool tricks and moves with it, and once done would hold it battle ready. Misery licked her lips.

Misery: "Lesson number one... I'm faster than you."

With a step and a flicker of her body, Misery was already damn near at Naina's neck. She'd move her arm around at a great speed aiming to make a huge series of slashes, cuts and gashes all over while simultaneously being able to block any close range attacks as well.

Misery: "What are you gonna do about that, huh?"

Naina and Maina assumed that the bright lights that flashed, when Despair had transformed, came with becoming Soul Angels or with tons and tons of practice, which they would be receiving through this training. Now, it was time to focus on the battle at hand and the lesson that was being taught. The two girls didn't think of it as Misery just being faster than them, but anyone that they would ever face in the future -- near or far -- being faster than them. There were a few things that they could do in this situation, they just couldn't actually think of any of them at this current time. Rather than dwell on the matter, Naina threw her sister up as a block of sorts and just took what was coming to the best of her ability. She was the tougher of the two girls.

Maina: "Obviously we should find a way to slow you down, or make ourselves faster, I think."

As Misery continued the vicious onslaught, she would note what Maina said and laugh to herself about it.

Misery: "Oh really? And how do you expect to do that...?"

Misery noticed that Naina was blocking as best she could using her sister as a shield, however that Chakram wouldn't be able to protect her from all sides, as Misery was slashing at... Except the back mind you. But that didn't matter. Anyway, Misery would stop slashing for just a moment and immediately follow up with a crescent kick upward, aiming to kick Maina out of Naina's hands or, if Naina didn't let go, kick Naina up in the air as well.

Misery: "Come on, come on! Step up your game, girls! I could have killed you by now if I wanted to!"

How did they expect to do that, was the question. She was much faster and far more powerful, but they were here for a reason and would not falter. It wasn't a part of the game plan. As the crescent kick came, Naina's grip on her sister had not lessened from the initial barrage of slashes and whatnot, so she was launched in the air, head tossed back as she was lifted off the ground. Maina was thinking.

Maina: "Switch with me..."

Naina: "B-but..."

Maina: "The only way to use our power is if we trust in one another, right?"

Naina nodded, as best she could, before her image slowly started to turn into that of her weapon form while Maina came out of weapon form. Misery's initial barrage had injured her too, but not as much as her sister who took the brunt of it head on.

Maina: "Showtime. We gotta use this soul of ours."

Maina displayed something that she picked up from Tamura in her time with him; his smirk. If their power was enough to lessen the effects of Misery and Despair's, -- if only by a little -- then if they focused it, the possibilities of their soul were endless. Maina's body started to crackle with the spark -- like from before -- and the spark slowly, but surely, started to cover Naina as well. Now... All they had to do was figure out how to use it. They were sure that they were on the right track for this lesson though.

Misery was going to continue with a follow up attack into the sky, but noticed that the two of them had switched places... Changing their game up a little.

Misery: "Oh, so you think you fancy, huh?"

Misery would twirl the razor in her hand and through her fingers before it would change into a Rocket Launcher which she would be holding with only that same hand.

Misery: "Get a load of this!"

She held her arm up wielding the rocket launcher and fired it off round after round after round right up at Maina and Naina, who were now in reversed roles. The explosions made by the rockets were magnificently explosive and destructive.

With their souls active and charged around them, the blast from the explosives weren't enough to do the damage that it would have if they weren't charged with their soul energy. Maina took the blast head on, moving the chakram in her hand in front of her and attempting to nosedive through the blast to get back to the ground. They still hadn't answered the question at hand though. Misery was faster than them... What would they do to stub that fact and use it against the opponent? It had to be some defensive thing that they just weren't getting and knew Misery wouldn't be providing the answers.

Misery didn't seem to let up with her attack. She just continuing firing off round after round after round. "Come on, you two! Constantly blocking won't get you anywhere! Especially when you aren't doing anything to harm ME!" Once she finished talking, she seemed to vanish again, only to be seen riding one of the missiles she fired off like a hoverboard of sorts. This would be the only missile that didn't explode or run into Maina or Naina. It was also noticed that Despair was now changed back into her Razor form, the missile Misery was riding on circling around Maina and Naina. Naturally, as it was, Misery was just hacking away again, only this time getting at Maina's back as well as everywhere else. "This isn't looking good. This training is supposed to help you, not just entertain me...! Well... Yeah, it's supposed to entertain me too, but It's not the MAIN focus."

Maina: "I know damn it! It's hard coming up with shit on the fly!"

Naina: "Temper, temper."

Maina: "Right, whatever. I'm calm as fuck right now."

But with the way that she grit her teeth as Misery circled around them and went back to her hack-and-slash tactics, it was clear that Maina was less than calm and her performance was beginning to swear... Or so it would seem. She partially transformed her torso region to that of the circular part of the chakram and allowed any of the strikes to hit said solid metal head on, while other strikes would simply past through the varies holes in the giant circle. She transformed back, however before that could used against her, and threw her sister a direction that would counter Misery's set course around the girls. Her sister stopped in place and continued spinning while she kicked up a huge gale of wind, forming a tornado of sorts, around herself. Rocks and things of that nature got kicked up as well and circled within the gale before being fired one by one at the rocket and Misery who was riding on it.

Maina attempted to reach the ground, and should that happen, she'd kneel and touch the rock underneath her. If she could take on properties that would help her compliment her abilities in any situation then taking on the properties of what she touched should be no problem. As long as it was within reason. Her arms began to take on the properties of the rock underneath her, becoming hard and durable before her whole body did the same. She didn't look like a golem or anything, she was just harder.

Having so much fun hacking and slashing at Maina, Misery wouldn't be really paying too much attention to precision, but more so just violent attacking. When Maina's body partially transformed and Misery heard the several sounds of metal hitting metal, her brow quirked and her smile widened.

Misery: "Oh? So you've gotten the hang of the partial transformation, eh? Hahahaha! That must mean that our teachings are working! Well, now that I know that you can learn fast..."

Before Misery had the thought to grab Maina, she had already changed back and was falling to the ground while Maina was in the missile's path. This only made Misery's smile grow wider. The gale storm kicked up and rocks and debris flew at Misery, all which would be cut and hacked up by Misery with Despair.

Misery: "Getting the hang of your powers too, huh?"

She was obviously talking to Naina. The gale was nice, but still not enough.

Misery: "Go on, Despair! Spin like hell!"

She flung the small razor at Naina's gust, spinning in an opposite direction with a great force, cutting through the wind with no resistance at all. Despair would stop in the middle, still spinning with the same force and speed, slowly causing the gale to cease, though Maina was still spinning. Misery came in close to Despair and Naina, ready to grab the both of them when she sensed that Maina was down on the ground and her soul had been activated. Her attention for that one moment was diverted from the two and she ended up only grabbing Despair, leaving Naina to keep spinning with no gale behind it.

Misery redirected her trail, now flying down at Maina on her rocket at a high speed, ready to do her worst to her. When she was close enough, she would jump off of the rocket, kicking it down at Maina even faster than it was already going and threw Despair at the rocket from behind. Once it was almost near Maina, Despair would slice through the rocket, causing it to explode, and also try to cleave right through Maina's body. Whilst this is going on, Misery would land atop one of the partially destroyed landmasses from the destroyed Cavern they were fighting on.

Due to Maina's increased durability because of her taking the properties of the ground underneath her, she was able to brave the explosion and only came out with a little bit of damage. It wasn't enough to stop her from doing what she needed to do, which was to stop the dangerous razor that Maina used her soul perception to see through the explosion. She was stationary enough, so using her soul perception in that split second before reaching her hand out and calling Naina back -- with haste -- wasn't that much of a problem. She grabbed her sister, but didn't have enough time to smack the razor out of the way, so she deflected it and redirected the course into some arbitrary direction.

Maina: "Was that what you wanted us to do from the start? Why didn't you say so?"

Maina yelled up to Misery, shaking her sister violently in the process. Naina assumed human form and started to spin around as she stood there, shaken up and dizzy from her sister's violent shaking. She quickly regained her composure however, not feeling as beat up as she was before she and her sister switched.

Misery only laughed, Despair changing back into human form once deflected away and would land gracefully on her feet. Misery would jump up into the air, glowing brightly and turning into her sword form, big and black with a huge white stripe down the middle.

Despair: "... Because the faster you realize your power on your own.. The easier it is for you to know what to do to learn more in the future... Don't you think?"

Despair held Misery gracefully, even though she omitted a powerful amount of insanity, as usual. Despair raised Misery up in the air, who would then start to surge with a very large amount of concentrated insanity.

Despair: "Can ya dodge this, love?"

With a swift swipe across the air, a huge beam of insanity would shoot from the sword still shaped like the sword, slicing through and distorting all that got in the way of the strike, causing most things to shatter into pieces. It would try to cut Maina and Naina, probably affecting the both of them even if they changed into weapon form, as the insanity would mess with their souls. Despair wanted to see how they dealt with such a situation... For now it was not about how much faster Misery and Despair were, but how much stronger they were.

Naina and Maina joined hands, the pain that Naina had felt before seeming to fade away the longer they held hands. They could possibly be sharing the pain, but it wasn't enough between them to effect them greatly. That was just a hunch however. With the joining of hands, the girls' souls crackled and sparkled beautifully before engulfing the ladies in a dome of their soul energy that spread out across the area a good amount. The dome took the properties of the earth underneath them -- hard and durable for the most part -- and made them its own to become harder. It wasn't enough to completely block the concentrated insanity, but it was enough to save them from a bit of it. They felt it hit home... Hard. However, the pain being shared between them equally and they were sent flying backwards when their dome finally collapsed in on itself and... Well... Exploded.

Assuming weapon form immediately after that, Naina took her sister in her hand and began to spin the chakram behind her at a rapid pace to level them in the air and allow herself to hover.

Naina: "With your power level and skill with your individual soul, dodging wouldn't show how much we're growing. We need to combat you too, not run from you. It's the only way we can learn... Right?"

Naina smiled, happily, tilting her head to the side ever so slightly before she moved her free arm in front of her body and three blades protruded from it. They extended outward, quickly, towards Despair in an attempt to impale her in three random places. Their ability with partial transformation was getting really good.

Despair nodded, for they seemed to be getting the point of the training now. They had been either dodging or trying to avoid the attacks as of late, and not tried to attack Misery or Despair too much during the training. Then again, learning how to dodge such large attacks is always a plus, if it's a life or death situation, of course. But in this case, neither Misery nor Despair would let them die... Too much.

Despair: "So you've figured it out, loves...? Then come, fight me with everything you have..."

Despair raised the sword up, her dress flaring up as well when they would come down at her. She would block the brunt of the attack with Misery's blade, then she would grab another blade with her free hand whilst the other was wrapped up in a piece of her dress. Trying to rip it would prove futile. Despair's hand not holding Misery would begin to glow with her grayish purple energy, the Despair Soul being activated. It would quickly begin to weaken both Maina and Naina, causing the power of their souls and the rate in which they could harmonize them to become low, barely having any power flowing between them.

Despair: "... There comes a time when your souls will be weakened... What do you plan to do about that? How do you plan to strengthen them back up?"

Something that they couldn't wing and come away slightly damaged from, since it was internal. Neither Maina nor Naina had the answer to this question. They were the type to study, like Tamura was; in fact, they'd bug him to take them to the school and he'd outright refuse and tell them to go themselves since he was usually so busy. They didn't know a lot about souls, but figured they'd have to continue to wing it.

Naina: "What, indeed... Has to be something... Something they teach at that school..."

The spinning of Maina was slowing down, Naina's grip on her loosening and Maina's own motion starting to cease because of the power drain. They stayed in place, however, Naina's blades were still caught within Despair's grip.

Maina: "... Think faster... It has to be something that we'd planned to learn but forgot about..."

Naina: "Yes... But what was it...?"

Seemed they were too lost in thought.

Despair shook her head in disappointment, letting go of Maina with her hand and lowering her sword, flinging Maina and Naina into a rock wall nearby with merely her dress alone. The throw was oddly powerful, however.

Despair: "You had better hurry up... The more you stall, the faster your soul closes up, and if it is closed, it cannot connect at all, meaning..."

She only hoped that they got the hint from that. Whether or not they were ready or had realized it, Despair was already about to attack. She raised Misery in her hand once more, who was glowing with insanity.

Despair: "Zero Sanity..."

And with another violent slash, yet another huge beam of insanity was shot at the two at the rock wall, with only about a moment to get out of such a predicament... Minus the talking time.

Naina: "UGH!"

The only sound heard when she was tossed and slammed into the wall of the cavern... Hard. She slowly, slowly slipped to the ground and sat there for a while... Attempting to regain her composure. Maina quickly switched between the two of them, becoming human so that Naina could be the weapon. Despair and Misery's attack was closing in fast, they had a couple seconds of speaking time.

Maina: "Come on, Naina... Did you think of it yet...?"

Naina: "..."

Maina: "Naina... Come on... Snap out of it..."

Naina: "... Soul..."

Maina: "Soul...? Soul what?"

Naina: "Soul... Syn..."

There were a couple milliseconds left and Maina was prepared for the worst, but something inside her head clicked on. 'Soul Syn'... Had to be 'Soul Synchro', ding ding. Maina smirked and though their soul energy was very faint and weak right now, it started to flow between both the ladies, becoming amplified before flowing back and being amplified again. They were pumping their power up and with their souls; it seemed the tiny sparkle that they usually shared, and the dome of crackling energy that formed almost instantaneously on Maina's command, was bigger and more powerful than before, capable of shielding them enough from Misery and Despair's attack to not come out completely injured. There was pain shared between the girls, though... But that was because this was their first time using it and the power was completely overwhelming. They were sustaining it though... Yay for them.

"This what you were looking to see us do?" Maina asked, a toothy grin showing. The dome came down, but they continued to crackle with beautifully colored lightning. Naina slowly came to as well... Showing in the metal of her chakram form.

Naina: "Figured it out, Mai?"

Maina: "With time to spare... Perhaps we don't need him."

Naina: "Of course we don't... But still... With him this soul synchro would be even more powerful, wouldn't it? This is only twice the power we had before... I'm not sure this isn't our full potential."

Maina: "We're new to this... We're bound to fuck up some time. We just gotta keep pressing forward and see what we can really do!"

Naina: "Let's give them a show..."

Maina: "Give them hell more like it!"

Maina moved Naina in front of her, and the chakram started to spin slowly at first but grew in speed until a whirlwind of sorts kicked up. It was much more powerful than the one from before, when they were fighting Misery, and it was purely focused on Despair. The point was just to hit her with so much force from the wind that she flew back and hit the rocky walls of the cavern as well. It'd hurt... They figured.

The two women had been waiting for this the entire battle. The two girls had finally achieved Soul Synchro, -- and in the nick of time -- for if they hadn't, the 'Zero Sanity' would have probably destroyed them both. Despair was pleased.

Despair: "Ah, yes... A horrifically wonderful job, you two... You make me sadly happy on this day..."

Despair knew that this wasn't their full potential, for they were just learning, however they didn't seem to see the importance that the Soul Synchro between them and their original wielder would be like... Both of their souls are the same and when combined with a Soul Synchro with his, which isn't... There could be magnificent results. But they would see eventually. By this time they had started up another huge whirlwind of sorts... It was stronger than the first and Despair could tell.

Despair: "Mm...?"

Before Despair had a chance to grab on to anything, she was picked up by the wind and thrown at a wall, which she would land on with her feet. The force made an incredible impact in the wall before Despair walked down out of it.

Despair: "Yes, you are impressive with Soul Synchro... This is what I was--"

Suddenly, the caverns started to rumble. Despair only knew what that meant... And she would cast a huge barrier of Rejection over the tornado to ensure that it couldn't do anything. Despair then spoke.

Despair: "... Come now. We must leave."

"We really tore this place up huh?" Maina asked, the tornado ceasing as soon as Naina stopped spinning. Both girls assumed human form and stood next to one another. They had to admit that with Soul Synchro in their back pocket, they had the upper hand against Tamura. Not to mention that the other things they learned would help them out as well. They hadn't seen him in a while, so he was probably stronger than before. They'd be ready for anything he could throw at them.

Naina: "No time to dilly dally."

Maina: "You're right."

They looked at one another and nodded before looking to Despair so they could follow her out of here.

Despair would drop Misery, who would quickly change back into human form, standing right beside her with a devilish smirk on her face. Despair dropped the Rejection barrier and walked over to Maina and Naina with Misery by her side.

Despair: "Don't worry, Khrona or his brother or the Earth King will fix this mess..."

Misery: "... Or we'll just leave it like this and pretend it was like this the whole time."

Despair: "... Yeeeaaah..."

Misery: "Well, anyway, I think you two are good to go! You learned a lotta crap today, you know. Advanced shit like this you usually wouldn't learn from the college so quickly. Heh. Be lucky we were your tutors today."

Despair: "... Misery is right. You have grown much faster by training with us... And now, we ask what you would like to before we leave... Would you like to go to a specific destination or are you seeking more training?"

Maina and Naina both looked at one another with smiles before looking back to the other women. They are happy to be able to train with Misery and Despair, but there was something they needed to ask before they left to kick Tamura in the groin, so to speak.

Maina: "Well, this is all we need to kick Tamura's ass. He'll learn not to ignore us and our training!"

Naina: "Yes, but there is something that we want to know about you two. When you both became Soul Angels, did you each collect many souls independently? Or did you share them all?"

This would have a dramatic impact on what the two girls decide to tell Tamura when they got back to him and fought him.

They figured that the answer was obvious... They were two separate people, were they not?

Despair: "Well, we aren't the same person... the same being. Therefore, we each individually needed many souls including the 'Supernatural Soul'... Meaning that the two of you need the same."

Misery: "Hahahahahaha! You'll be screwed if you don't learn your shit now, ya know. It was hard for us... And we were DAMN good! But then again, so were those witches..."

Misery and Despair remembered their respective Witches and their battles with them... Malojos and Serulenia... Oh, those were very good times, indeed...

Misery: "Was that it? Ready to go now?"

Maina: "Right, I figured as much. We planned on doing that anyway."

Naina: "Naturally, it wouldn't be much fun if the journey ended here."

Both girls nodded and smiled to one another, yet again. With this in mind, they were ready to be off again and finish the business they had with Tamura so that they could get back to soul hunting again.

Maina: "Alright, we're ready to give him hell."

Misery yawned as Despair nodded, Misery wrapping an arm around Despair's shoulder to hold herself up. Despair's dress would start to flare up a bit.

Despair: "Well now... Time for you to go..."

Her dress would fly up around Maina and Naina, encasing them completely... Then warping them off somewhere. The dress would then wrap around Despair and Misery, wrapping around those two and the same thing happening, only warping them elsewhere.

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Book 11; The Restrictions of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 11; The Restrictions of Khrona Tensei   Book 11; The Restrictions of Khrona Tensei EmptyThu Apr 16, 2020 3:11 pm

Eleventh Restriction; The Reunion - Father X and Khrona

Khrona wandered around for quite a while, finding it comfortable, now, for him to leave the confines of his village. He sensed a great power in the Twilight rising up and already knew who it belonged it... With his quest for relief from his overflowing power, there was only one person that could always effectively give him that satisfaction...

The Earth King stood in the 'Geyser Pass', the crimson waters spitting out of the geysers with great gusto causing the cosmic rain to consume the area. It seemingly had no effect on this portion of the planet, but the Earth King could only imagine what effect it had on opponents... And himself... He wasn't completely immune to his own powers at the moment, but he had his degree of resistance built up. Either way, he waited for a foe... He had a gut feeling as to who would show.

It was time. After a long month of doing nothing but staying in Deep Thought secluded from all others, it was time for the rejuvenated leader of the Dusk to come forth once more. As to why he was floating over this area, it was unknown, but one could probably say that the high amount of cosmic energy might have attracted him... Or, it just didn't sit right with him. Whatever the reason, Khrona floated high above the Geyser Pass, gently descending and pushing away any cosmic water with very light flaps of his wings. He landed, the high winds kicked up from the gentle flapping of his wings surrounded him and blew throughout the area until his wings folded behind him to be disguised by his coat. "... This place... It reminds me so much of..." Before he completed his sentence, Khrona laid eyes upon whom he was referring to; Father X. What a wonderful coincidence... A shame that Khrona hadn't brought his weapons along with him... But he could summon them if need be. "... Father X... It has been far too long, wouldn't you say? I've just... Woken up from a very... Very long nap... And it seems like in my absence a lot has come to be, hm?"

"The return of a world power is all..." the Earth King said as he tiled his head upwards towards Khrona... His face bathed in the darkness of his hood, but the power that lied within seemed to be its own presence. The geysers spewed about. They landed on the Earth King, who looked like he was in a Gatorade commercial. "But I was that way to begin with, so it's nothing you should be concerned about."

Khrona couldn't help but give a little insane snicker at both his comment and the geyser falling on him. His eyes dimmed slightly as he lowered his head a bit. "... Heh heh heh... It looks like you're in a Gatorade commercial..." Still snickering, Khrona started to lean backwards a little bit, raising his head again. He rotated his head to the side slightly to the right, his eyes drifting... Then slowly to the left, eyes drifting... Then finally back to Father X, where he would smile at him. "... So, the Nightmare has become whole once more...? Heh heh heh heh heh... After what happened with you and the Sky King... I didn't ever think this would happen..." Khrona's words held hints and pieces of insanity, but nothing too severe. He pointed to his right eye for a moment, his Hyper Perception activating. "... Hahaha! Maybe I just wasn't looking hard enough, eh?"

"It's not that..." the Earth King said, removing his hood, letting it fall gracefully behind him. He struck a firm stance, causing all the crimson water to force itself off of his body. "Just because you can see the end result doesn't mean you can comprehend what just might happen in between."

After hearing this, Khrona couldn't help but let out a hearty, yet slightly insane laugh. A geyser would explode upward behind him, the spray of the liquid not touching him at all, however. "Haahaahahahaha! Ah yes! You seem to be the only one who realizes that I cannot see everything... I can't just take reality and alter it to my will..." Khrona fell silent, a smile on his face growing wider as if he were thinking of a really funny joke. "Oh wait... Yes I can. HAhahahaha!" Naturally, he meant this in a joking manner, even though it was kind of true, if he really tried. "Well, Father X... I'm feeling something I haven't felt in quite a while... It's growing inside of me. Come on. Make me comprehend. I want you to show me what the true outcome will be. Oui?" Khrona's soul started to swell up around him, showing a rather large soul with glaring, yet scared eyes, huge bat wings and seemingly has a wispy tattered trail coming from it. It burned crimson, black and gray... It was Khrona's Soul.

The Earth King couldn't help but smirk at Khrona's confidence in his powers. It was justified; there was no denying that Khrona was a powerful being. But, it was time to commence. The Earth King lifted his arms from their sides, raising his hands a bit higher than shoulder length. Space and time began to rip and distort around the area. "So smug..." Dark portals that look extremely peculiar and rather small ripped open from the space around Khrona each letting loose countless diamond arms of the silver sort. The Earth King watched intently for the counterattack, ready to engage his enchanted ring at the sheer intent to dodge and land the hit.

Khrona's smile still stayed plastered on his face, his eyes narrowing as if expecting an attack, yet he stood there unmoving. "Can't I help but feel a little self-confident in my own power~?" Again, another joke, but the joking time seemed to be over at this point. The Earth King's arms had lifted and the attack that Khrona was expecting was about to commence. At the spacio-temporal distortion that occurred, Khrona's wings sprang outward and screened the sides of his body, allowing nothing to break through. The assault of the silver arms pounded away at the wings with no sense of ceasing, yet they stood steadfast. "I can always depend on my wings to hold off even the strongest of adversaries..."

When he felt the moment was right, Khrona spread his wings, parrying the numerous arms whilst simultaneously propelling himself forward at a hellacious speed. With his Hyper Perception active, Khrona kept a close eye on the Earth King as well as the geysers just in case one was going to erupt... And one a little ways in front of the Earth King just so happened to as he was flying. Khrona's eyes gave off a dark intensity as he would seem to pass straight through the erupting geyser unscathed. Once emerged, however, his right wing would be in the shape of a fist, shooting toward the Earth King with great force, trying to knock him for a loop.

The Earth King caught the frame, as he was expecting Khrona to come in close. His ring struck a glow, the diamond arms now propagated at an intense speed, shooting out tendrils after tendrils after tendrils, filling up all the possible dodging angles necessary; the tips of such tendrils kept them in a harmonized state, unable to feel chaos or conflict, meaning they were virtually indestructible and couldn't be moved unless by some otherworldly force or flame based attack. The Earth King figured it would halt Khrona. "I've never seen a leader less mature than his Shinobi." The Earth King was speaking highly of Maruze; he really liked him... And wanted him on his squad of super beasts. A part of X CORPS. Now with Khrona hopefully pinned, the Earth King clenched his fist, sending a feedback of cosmic energies through the tendrils touching Khrona, aiming to send his atoms into a state of complete randomization, each having their own independent thought and pattern influenced by the Earth King's power, thus putting Khrona in a state of life and death at the same time.

Thank god Khrona's 'Anticipation' made him shudder before that geyser spewed, or else he'd be in quite the predicament. When the tendrils aimed to encumber Khrona, he could only smile and respond to the Earth King's words. "... It's not a case of immaturity... Just that I like to have fun~! But I guess you wish for me to show a bit of seriousness as I fight, right? Understandable." Upon contact, Khrona disappeared. It didn't even seem like he was there in the first place, in fact, for when they geyser shot upward, Khrona did two things; he released an 'Astral Projection' of himself as an intangible projection and almost immediately afterward used the 'Body Flicker' technique to flicker in and out of reality momentarily, giving him the cover needed to get behind the Earth King. Now, as the Earth King was dealing with the projection, as soon as it disappeared, Khrona spread his wings wide which would release a powerful burst of force toward the Earth King.

Khrona: "... Soul Force - Long Distance Destruction Wave."

Riding the current of the wind was Khrona's own concentrated soul's power with a rather great intensity, insanity and fear contaminating the atmosphere. The wave would try to hit the Earth King from behind and hopefully severely harm and weaken his body and mind, since Khrona already knew he had no soul to harm.

Being not-too-close to the Earth King, Khrona could also prepare for the next attack and ready himself for his next move. Khrona encased himself in his wings completely, resembling a black sphere hovering slightly above the ground. What was going on within the contents of this sphere was unknown.

"Not good enough..." The propagation continued, and the Earth King's diamonds were there to meet Khrona once he appeared; they were uninfluenced by chaos so they were allowed to spread as far and as fast as the Earth King desired, only limited to his will. To onlookers, it seemed as if diamond bramble covered the area within seconds. As for the 'Soul Force', the Earth King muscled through it -- a task he normally wouldn't be able to do, but thanks to his training, it was possible and unleashed the same attack as before now that Khrona hopefully made contact.

Khrona's happy-insane smile turned into a slight scowl of dismay. He could see that the Earth King had been training to fight against Soul Energy... But there was no soul or wavelength that could match to Khrona's except Shinigami or Falshin, themselves, so all that meant was that Khrona needed to amp up his power... But that would come once the danger was gone.

Contained within his sphere, he knew what was going on and what the Earth King was trying to do to him. From analyzing the attack he tried to use on the Astral Projection body, Khrona knew what was necessary to do. The diamonds seemed to shoot into and impact the sphere Khrona was in, but they didn't seem to be touching it... Instead, as soon as the tendrils entered, they seemed to flow out of a different side of it. A portal. The entire sphere was a black portal surrounding Khrona. So the diamonds wouldn't be touching him and would just be redirected, not touching anything. But what was going on inside of the sphere...? The atmosphere's insanity started to increase drastically, however, as the sphere seemed to be rather sinister...

Unknown to Khrona, the Earth King's 'Spiritual Pressure' is on par with the strongest being in all of land. So the true extent of the Earth King's Spiritual Pressure armor that prevented all types of damage had yet to be tested. So, he could go all day. Now the interesting thing that happened here is that Cosmic Energy cannot be altered by another reality altering force -- which is why the Earth King still retains the cosmic power in the void, among other things -- so if what Khrona did was some reality altering mumbo jumbo which subjected the cosmic energies to be manipulated by another power to bolster that, they had the Earth King's 'Crusher Flame' and were in a state of perfect harmony; manipulating them or deterring them from their objective was out of the question... So it wouldn't fly and Khrona was doomed. If not, then Khrona caught the frame and the Earth King would persist. If the above logic worked in Khrona's favor, then the Earth King broke his diamonds and disengaged his ring, causing little diamond fragments to spread throughout the area. He waited for his frame.

Khrona wasn't altering reality too much, it was just as if he had wrapped himself in a gigantic portal that lead to another part of the planet, which just happened to be in the opposite direction of the sphere. The portal was created sheerly by psychic power and wavelengths. However, even if the diamonds could somehow bypass the large spherical portal, Khrona wasn't inside, but a charging attack was. Khrona was using all evasive tactics to stall.

So Khrona would be up in the air now -- high in the air, looking down at the area. How did he get up there? 'Manifestation'. He wasn't able to materialize out of thin-air, but he was able to manifest himself from other objects, and thanks to his spreading soul energy, it was like he could do it at a whim.

Khrona: "Let's see... Astral Projection... Body Flicker... Manifestation... I don't think I have too many other abilities that help me evade attacks too much. Guess that means I should go on the offensive-defensive?"

The moment Khrona said that, his wings spread wide, creating a horrible tornado almost instantly in the area.... Seemed to be an F6, in fact. It would be allowed to rampage violently through the area with Khrona controlling it via 'Aerokinesis'. It was concentrated on sucking in the diamond shards and keeping them in one place while also trying to harm the Earth King in some way, shape, or form. All the while, Khrona mumbled something under his breath, smiled, then said, "ABSORPTION!" in which particles of clouds started to flow downward into his wings, being absorbed into them. Khrona had devised a wonderful plan this time around~.

The Earth King managed to force a smirk through this intense gale, for he always learned something new about Khrona every time they clash. Much like the Earth King, Khrona's evasive capabilities are minimal. But thanks to the way the field was set up, the Earth King could attack Khrona while he was attacking. Which is what he decided to do. The field was covered in his diamond specks; nowhere was safe -- each of these diamond specks possessed great danger to anyone who resided amongst them.

"A fools errand..." the Earth King said as it seemed that Khrona was attempting to move them out of the way via wind manipulation. All the Earth King had to do was concentrate hard enough and the diamonds would remain... Granted, this took a lot of concentration, but he could hold how as long as needed for his move to commence. The tornado disappeared. Why? All the diamonds began to emit a frequency of cosmic energy. This frequency made space and time rather dense, making seconds minutes and moving the speed of anything within to a crawl, creating a field of power; since the diamonds covered the area, so did this effect, and it would grow exponentially worse as time transpired. This technique kept certain individuals like Valerio Lombardi from moving and attacking. Mustering up the time to counterattack could take minutes; this also severely slowed the charging of whatever attack Khrona was doing down there, since the sphere housed no reality alteration techniques. As previously expressed, absorbing the Earth King's cosmic power was out of the question, and there was enough diamonds in the area to making Khrona's 'Absorption' tactic ineffective by sheer numbers.

While the Earth King concentrated on his diamond shards and making them immobile, Khrona used that time to use his Hyper Perception to note all of the diamonds were located, despite how small they would be or if they moved or multiplied. Khrona's 'Absorption' technique would work all too well, for combined with psychic power, Khrona could pinpoint the object he wished to absorb and guide it to him so that he could absorb it and utilize it well, like he did with the cloud. He was not aiming to absorb any of the diamonds, for that was foolhardy. Who would change themselves into an earth-based object while fighting the Earth King, hm? If Khrona wished to do that, he would have just merged himself with the ground or absorbed the ground or something.

Anyway, the cosmic frequency was holding off on Khrona's own charging attack... The sphere seemed to become stationary and not grow any larger. Heaving a rather heavy sigh, Khrona started to analyze the situation. "... Giving off a frequency, I see... From what I can decipher about it..." Khrona started floating upward a little more to avoid any of the calamity down there, just in case. "... It's messing with space and time, much like most cosmic energy Father X uses does... Perhaps if I can counteract such a frequency by matching it with a reverse frequency via my own wavelength...? Let's try it out..."

This task is a difficult one for most, but fluctuating his wavelength was rather easy for Khrona. His wavelength could match any other wavelengths with no effort at all, which was another reason why his power was so great. Now, matching such a frequency of a large scale from a powerful foe such as the Earth King would be a feat... But Khrona needed to test it. So, Khrona would attempt it. His wavelength started to swell, becoming incredibly intense, yet at the same time stabilizing itself to harmonize itself with the cosmic energy's frequency and then counteract it. The insanity put behind it would boost the power and allow it to spread a lot quicker whilst still maintaining that stabilization to ensure it got through to the entire area... And to ensure the power was further increased, Khrona would use his absorbed cloud abilities to change his wings into cloud-like objects, the wings omitting huge bursts of thunder from themselves, the sound reverberating throughout the area. This wavelength would merge with Khrona's own and strengthen its power, hopefully enough to actually stop the cosmic frequency completely rather than just counteracting it and leaving it at bay.

"We'll see how this works out... But if not..." Khrona's eyes gleamed brightly, his face showing a large amount of concentration on both his wavelength and everything else going on. His eyes started to fade, starting with his pupils... Then his irises...

The Earth King pointed at Khrona as his wavelength began to expand, slowly, thanks to the given circumstances of the playing field. The Earth King compressed the diamond shards around Khrona, making the frequency change every smallest increment of a second possible by compressing the sound together over and over, thus making the time and space dilation even more intense to make it exponentially different and worse; the frequency was changing at a random rate so fast, yet slow, fucking with Khrona's Hyper Perception. The time he had to perceive the change of the frequency, it already changed, and since Khrona could think at light speed the frequency was changing faster... The Earth King did the following: "You're out gunned..." He engaged his ring, the harmonization attribute of the Crusher flame would neutralize the insanity, making Khrona's defense even weaker; eventually each of Khrona's molecules would be placed in their own spatial time dilation -- the ultimate paralysis. And then the Earth King would lower the boom.

Khrona figured that his wavelength could spread a lot faster than it had, and did not take into account the change in frequency... Though on normal standards, Khrona would have easily been able to keep up with every slightest change, but because his wavelength's speed was slowed, he couldn't keep up. "Oh woe... If only I could have done this at a faster pace..." The Hyper Perception was always increasing its perception time, ergo Khrona's own brain-processing speed, so these space-time slowing diamonds only made Khrona think and process at the speed of a normal person rather than a Khrona does. "Even though I didn't think about it like this... Failure was still well within my calculations. Guess I am a little outmatched now that the field has been set up, eh? HAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Khrona's eyes were fully gone now, only showing the whites, which had now turned completely black. He was rather lucky that this attack was charged before the diamond's effects could take their toll on him, and was also lucky preparation time was not all that long. "Passion Fruits Grape..." From the inside of Khrona's mind, he had been compressing a large amount of chakra to set off this attack when the time was right, and the time was definitely right at this very moment. There was a huge black explosion that seemed to not be affected at all by the space-time sloth of the diamonds... This was because the 'Passion Fruits Grape' ability ceased the transfer of energy of anything caught within the explosive force, thereby making the diamonds ineffective in all things they did. The Earth King would not be able to control them for whatever energy he used to control them -- be it his will or his mind or cosmic energy -- would lose its connection whilst within the explosion. Khrona was thereby safe from attack for the moment.

Outside the blackness, at the exact same time that Khrona released the 'Passion Fruits Grape' from himself, he released it from the black sphere that the Earth King didn't seem to be paying attention to anymore. The black sphere would explode with much more coverage than the one around Khrona, aiming to consume a large portion of the area and hopefully the Earth King, himself, forcing the transfer of energy from himself and his diamonds and anything else to become ineffective in their entireties.

Within the blackness, Khrona sighed, scratching the back of his head, for he was unaffected by the effects of Passion Fruits Grape and wouldn't be completely stopped in all aspects, but couldn't do any attacks outside the blackened area, which is why he wanted to pull the Earth King into the explosion. "Well.. That should buy me some time. One of my most potent Reality Warping abilities so far... And one that's very hard to get around... With no transfer or flow of energy, there shouldn't be anything the Earth King can do about it..." Khrona started to fly through the blackened area, and though he did not take the effects of being completely stopped, there was no way for him to use any other abilities or restore himself in any way while in here... It was basically a safe zone where he couldn't recover. " Fucking limitations... If I could heal myself or attack things outside of this blackness, then this move would be broken! Hahahahahahahaha!!" Insanity still clung to his throat as his laugh 'echoed' throughout the area... But at the same time, it didn't. Wow, it's hard to explain reality warped things. "Now... Maybe I can get some time to plan before this thing implodes on itself... Heh. I'd better hurry."

The Earth King observed Khrona's attack from afar. It seemed to undo the flow of energy from his attacks, making them inevitably stop; basically it was a massive special ability hack, making the Earth King and everything he ever controlled lose touch with him, rendering it unstable. It was a cute attack with a cute name. The cosmic power and the enchanted flames wouldn't give way so easily, the harmonization attribute could and would prevent the diamonds from being diffused for as long as the Earth King had chakra. But, the Earth King needed to save his own life, so he allowed his attack to give way. He crossed his arms with his ring engaged and let the attack consume him. While his ring was engaged, the Earth King's body was immune to any sort of internal fuckings with his equilibrium, including some sort of energy void that seemed to undo his ties to reality. It was the ultimate defense against anything he couldn't use sheer strength to guard against, since his will wasn't a measurable energy; an inexhaustible energy source, at that -- one that the Earth King could keep up forever to make him unshaken by an attack with a ridiculous name. Granted, the amount of chakra the Earth King used was relative to the size of the attack, so it wasn't like he could stay in this blackness forever, if it had any adverse affects. For now, he stood with his arms crossed, analyzing a mean of a way out. He hadn't used any of his new stuff yet, so he had plenty of options in store.

As Khrona had... Somehow planned, he was safe for the time being and was able to cause the Earth King to go on the defensive for the moment. This was the time to set up. Khrona's brainpower went to work and thought up a hell of a lot of things within a few moments, then linked them all together so that if he started one plan and it failed, he could instantly switch to a different one without having to start over or anything. Such was a benefit of having such an advanced mind, even if it had some... Flaws in it.

"Holy crap, it worked. Now I just have to make sure I do something once the implosion is done..." Khrona had to adjust his own position, flying up into the air and wrapping himself in his own wings as clouds appeared in the sky. Just as he did so, the implosion started. The blackness started to contract slowly, then after a few moments would implode into a singularity, aiming to take everything within with it except Khrona before erasing itself. Khrona knew by the way the Earth King's ring kept him from taking in the adverse effects of the Passion Fruits Grape that he would not suffer the effects of the implosion, either... But even so, Khrona was already ready for attack. The plan was executed.

It was that moment that Khrona's wings dissipated so that he could be seen clearly now, and Khrona's facial expression was much different than before. He seemed to be half-smiling, eyes locked on the Earth King. "... Let's make the 'Vital Assessment'..." His eyes gleamed for a moment, then he would raise his eyes up and started looking out to the distance. "... And then... 'Neurodegeneration' should do the trick, I hope... Or maybe the 'Dead Zone'? I'll try both..." Khrona looked back down at the Earth King, a powerful force being released from his body trying to consume the whole area. The 'Neurodegeneration' was unleashed first, which was a wave that would cause brain-cells to die off and disconnect from whomever was within and also caused mentality to gradually stop functioning. Using psychic powers as well as the 'Vital Assessment', Khrona could pinpoint the weakest, most unprotected part of the Earth King's mind and attack it first, trying to stop his mental functionality and possibly keep him from being able to use some of his abilities... Perhaps his special ability... Or his ring... Or maybe mess with some other aspect of him? He'd have to see how it worked first.

The Earth King stood amidst the implosion as if it was nothing, stepping back onto the battlefield out of a dark corridor, looking up at Khrona, who had taken flight -- his preferred means of evasion. The Earth King stood, hood on, contemplating means of attack. Khrona was running out of options, using shit like that so early. The Earth King deactivated his ring; the next couple charges would be saved for later times. But his hood protected him from any sort of mental attack, so degenerating brain cells -- with the hood on -- was virtually impossible. The attack was ignored.

"You get one more chance before I go on the offensive again," the Earth King said. He began gathering an immense amount of crimson energies in his hands. He was about to be relentless in the next couple of moments in this fight, using a style he wanted to test out for the longest.

Though it was probably a wise decision to attack the Earth King before he was attacked, Khrona decided to take a different approach. It would seem that Khrona was completely and utterly open for attack... Eyes locked onto the Earth King and a small smirk of anticipation on his face. His mind was warping...

"... I am highly grateful that you warned me, but I would prefer it if you attacked me. Attacked me with anything and everything you had... As hard as you can, I must add. Try to... Destroy me, I would have to say. It would make everything a lot more fun in the end, wouldn't you say, Father X?" Khrona's hands slipped into the pockets of his almost-skin-tight black pants, his wings stiffened and his expression was stuck as it was. He had already decided that he wasn't moving from that spot.

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Book 11; The Restrictions of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 11; The Restrictions of Khrona Tensei   Book 11; The Restrictions of Khrona Tensei EmptyThu Apr 16, 2020 6:49 pm

Twelfth Restriction; The Reunion - Father X and Khrona Pt. II

The two of them -- Khrona and the Earth King -- were going toe to toe, which was only a testament to Khrona's growth since their last engagement, even beyond how much the Earth King had grown in that time. Though the gap in power was bridged between the two of them, now it was all a matter of who could get the jump on whom... The first one to get caught would be the loser. Both of them were well aware. Time to get 'Serious'.

The Earth King floated off of the ground in a motionless fashion, the immensity of the energies flowing in his hands like taking two planet-sized energy substances and compressing them into what seemed to be blades. Space and time weren't distorting, the Earth King was phasing in and out with the seething darkness permeating the area; it was even feeding off Khrona's insanity, and it was being calmed by the Earth King's uncanny ability to have absolute control of himself -- he was beginning to rip it from him. No doubt Khrona would be enjoying the feeling... The seething power that was about to be focused.

Earth King: "Brace yourself..."

The Earth King continued charging in the most calm chaotic way possible, the sheer potential of all this power about to be unleashed was the greatest feeling in the entire globe. The battle was about to begin.

"Mmmm... It's coming... I can see it... I can feel it... I can sense it. That only means one thing..." It would seem that Khrona's warping mind caused his eyes to gleam again, the space nearest to him seeming to warp just so slightly and just for a moment. "Maybe I'll let you see one of my different forms?" It would seem like Khrona was doing nothing at all, but in actuality, a whooooooole lot was going on that only a highly experienced shinobi would be able to tell, and thus Khrona knew that the Earth King knew he was up to something... But it didn't matter at this point, for it was already almost done. With another gleam of his eyes, that space around him that just warped for that split second would become gradually dimmer...

"Don't feel ashamed if you have to retreat..." the Earth King said. He landed on the ground from his floating position, peacefully creating a crater so wide, so deep, that the piece of land he was standing on was surrounded by a sea of cosmic waters. His left and right hand had twin blades of cosmic energy; he gripped them tightly. "Once I start, I can't stop..." The Earth King sliced one of the blades in front of him towards Khrona -- vertically, the likes of which seemed to slice through the space in front of him like glass. The wave that followed was so fast, it felt like it was delayed, causing destruction on a level that can't be particularly described. Everything in front of the Earth King seemed to just... Reduce to nothing; an overwhelming force in its purest form -- the moon was in the distance. It was cut in two and the left half began to disintegrate... The space that didn't have anything to destroy was beginning to unravel at it's dimensional fabric and such.

Khrona laughed slightly, still viewing the Earth King power up. He didn't seem intimidated, yet he anticipated it. He licked his lips. "Not to worry... You're starting to sound just like me, Father X..." Just then, the magnificent slash would cut through the darkness, and at the same time, Khrona as well... Or, that's how it seemed. Instead of falling to his death, both the darkness and Khrona would converge back together as some amorphous blob of sorts, gyrating and jiggling in the air. A single eye of Khrona's opened up to view the Earth King with as a horrendously large and insane smile splattered through the black blob. "... Feels good.... Feels goooooood! But I bet you don't understand it... Do you...? My power is complex... More complex than you realize... I should be severely injured, right...? Perhaps I am... It's all... Up to me at this point... HAHAHAHAHA... Hahaha..."

Khrona opened his large mouth now, the atmosphere suddenly deciding to condense itself all around... It seemed like the mouth was drawing in the atmosphere as a whole into itself while also compressing it to prevent escape at the same time. He wanted to consume the Earth King... Indulge... Devour...

"Your power is nowhere near complex..." The Earth King combined the sword that was in his right hand with the one that was in his left. His right hand began to manifest an arm around it that was never before seen. He stood unwavering amongst this suction which shouldn't be anything new by now. While he was letting his move charge itself, in this state, the Earth King was his own passive defense, all the darkness he was emitting smothering the advance of everything around him, neutralizing the force it put out with just enough to halt it. The longer he was in this state, the more his power doubled by the second. It was a terrible, terrible thing. His strength was at a point where it was being passively exerted by his mere presence, thwarting the advance of whatever threatened him. "It's just a large way of beating around the bush."

Normally, it would have taken the Earth King an extremely large amount of time to manifest the energies for the arm that was manifested around his right arm. An exoskeleton, of sorts. But thanks to his power forever increasing, it only took him seconds. He pointed it towards Khrona, firing a thin beam of cosmic energy from a small hole in the palm of the hand, focusing a 'Gaia Cannon' that could do who-knows-what if it actually hit something, to a beam no larger in width than the size of a quarter. Increasing its power to a point where if it went through the foe, it would strike the foe's 'true body' -- blocked, evaded or circumvented -- because it seemed to effect Khrona on this plane. And naturally, if it hit, survival would be in question. The beam was a projection of the Earth King's newfound strength and would remove all that threatened the leader relentlessly. Whatever Khrona's reality altering means of dodging were about to be tested.

The eye could see it coming. His power was building up intensely, greater than it was before... It was almost too perfect. In only the moments that were left, Khrona said something lowly to himself, it would seem. "... Are you sure you know what you're doing...? You'd better hope this works..." But... He definitely was not talking to the Earth King. The blob suddenly reverted back to a normal form, the clouds that were above descending across the entire area, as they had been covering this entire time... The clouds had become a mist now... A plague, one could call it. The beam was fired. "... This... Is what I was WAITING FOR!!" The mist spoke. It was at that moment that the Earth King should have realized that he had been duped. As the beam seemed to hit Khrona, he smiled... His wings retracted and the atmosphere around him shattered. The beam was powerful enough to break through the first layer, but was 'absorbed' by the second.

Tabrith: "... Bear witness to the unholy truth that has just come forth... 'The Gospel' is here... 'The Gospel' is spoken..."

As Tabrith -- who had been taking the place of Khrona for the longest time -- had been 'hit,' one of his double reality warped shields had been broken; 'The Gospel'. 'The Gospel' was a reality warping ability that allowed a thirteen foot radius around the user to become totally and utterly linked with their thoughts to the point where they could alter reality to any truth instantaneously as long as they stood still. However, because of the power of this attack, to cause it to be destroyed forced 'The Gospel' to be taken with it, meaning that the secondary barrier would take the blast. This was the barrier of the 'Revenge Cannon', which altered reality to take in and store all the power of every attack and save it as a 'charge', one could say, while altering reality to make it seem like the victim was getting hit when they actually weren't. Every attack that 'hit' Tabrith for quite a while had its power stored by the 'Revenge Cannon' and fed into Khrona, who was using his power he absorbed from the clouds before to cause himself to be disguised as a sea of clouds in the sky for as long as Tabrith had been out. And now... The 'Revenge Cannon'.

All of the sheer power of each attack that hit the 'Revenge Cannon' barrier had been stored and combined together. Khrona knew that the 'Revenge Cannon' was the best move because it did not take the energies or properties of any of the attacks, only the sheer force and power of them. This was because most of the Earth King's own attacks were probably ineffective against him if used, but the force behind them was a universal threat. Now, as for the usage of the 'Revenge Cannon'... Khrona could choose to expel this power in any way he deemed fit, and this time it was to emit an explosive force from every single one of his cloud-like molecules spread across the area, the resulting force probably able to shake the planet, since it was a well known fact that the Earth King had the power to do so. This overwhelming, astronomical power was concentrated only on this set area and even further concentrated on the Earth King himself so that he could feel every bit of what it's like to get hit with one-- no, no, THREE of his incredibly powerful attacks combined.

Khrona: "By the way, Ethan says hi."

Damn that Khrona, breaking the fourth wall again. Regardless, containing and expending all of that power was a rather great stress on Khrona, as well as the entire plan itself. Luckily Tabrith was the one who expended the power to use 'The Gospel' and the 'Revenge Cannon', so Khrona was only drained from launching the 'Revenge Cannon' at the Earth King, which was still drained him quite a bit. He knew that if that didn't defeat the Earth King, it would probably take a great deal of the Earth King's power to survive the attack, so he would definitely be drained as well... Or, that was the theory.

Finally, Khrona took shape once more right next to Tabrith, who didn't look like he had expended too much power, but was definitely tired. "Tabrith... Are you alright?"

Tabrith: "Ha... I didn't think it would work against him, you know. Do you wish for me to stay and aid you in this battle?"

Khrona: "... I'll see what the outcome of the attack is, then I will decide."

Tabrith: "... You can't go on doing intricate plans like that forever. He'll defeat you if you do not execute them right. You almost didn't get this one completed."

Khrona: "... Father X is powerful, but not unbeatable..."

Tabrith: "... The same applies to you, too."

There was a silence as the two almost identical beings peered down at the cataclysmic results... They were ready to attack, defend, evade, surrender... Whatever need be for the situation. No matter what, they were ready.

It seemed that Khrona had several layers of defense under the guise of this God-thing that was talking. The Earth King couldn't hear it through the veil of darkness that seemed to slow the force of the Revenge Cannon to a crawl. He had also dispersed himself in a way that he was hitting from every possible angle at once. However, thanks to the Earth King's ability to hit a foe's true body no matter what, trumped his positioning. The Revenge Cannon was a laughable ability... Kham wasn't immune to his own cosmic energy but he had drastic resistance to pure force. So much so that the Revenge Cannon was drowned in his own presence similar to spiritual pressure. During the slow release of his darkness, the Earth King's power doubled every second, so it was logical to assume that the Revenge Cannon's power was the Earth King's power a couple seconds ago. Now it was the Earth King's turn to strike again...

He shoved his exoskeleton arm in the ground and let out another three hundred sixty degree wave of power as he commenced to break down more barriers with increased strength. His right arm was changing as well... Looking similar to his left. Now, thanks to Khrona's Passion Fruits Grape and The Revenge Cannon, it was safe to say that perhaps Khrona's chakra reserves were a lot lower than The Great Destroyer's... But thanks to the Earth King's lack of training, he would be approaching there eventually.

Khrona: "Ineffective."

Tabrith: "... I told you..."

Khrona: "Well within my calculations."

Tabrith: "... I know."

There was no time to lose. It was right that Khrona wasn't exactly high on power, but he had an overall large chakra pool and an ungodly control of it, so even sending off large attacks like those wouldn't make him falter that easily. But the Earth King's power was growing... His first thought was that such power would drain him quickly, so if he continued to grow in power, he'd tire himself out... So now was this a battle of endurance? Khrona could endure...

Khrona: "Guess it's time for a good ol' 'Insanity Fusion', hm? It's been some time..."

Tabrith: "And if you need to change into another form, it'll go a lot quicker if you're already in your 'Insanity Fusion' state, right?"

Khrona: "Exactly."

Tabrith: "... And what of me?"

Khrona: "... You'll know when your time comes. Your true form is more devastating than even I could imagine."

Tabrith: "Hmhmhmhm... I'll lend my 'Eight Arms' to you anytime you need..."

The Earth King seemed to be in a state of preparation, which Khrona didn't think was good to let him go through with it at all, so it was best to try to delay him and see what worked at what time. As he changed, Tabrith would experiment. Khrona initiated the Insanity Fusion, merging with pure insanity itself and pulling it into his own being...

Tabrith raised a hand, the other in his pocket, nonchalantly flicking his wrist at the Earth King to see what could be done.

Tabrith: "Second Arm; Motivation..."

Tabrith released a small wave from his hands that seemed to emanate a great power, the force shooting toward the Earth King at a high speed. It was the art of 'Motivation', and though it was usually used as a helpful 'Arm', it was being used now as a cumbersome one to try to stop all of the 'motivation' of the Earth King's transformation. Naturally, Tabrith's 'Eight Arms' didn't work on a logical or normal plain for the most part, and worked as if to personify the Earth King's power as if it had motivation itself -- ergo when taking it away, it would stop the power from increasing and thus, weaken it.

After that, Khrona seemed to be finishing up his absorption of insanity, the Insanity Fusion becoming completed. His wings were changed, looking more pointy and full rather than tattered, and his arms and legs were not connected to his body anymore, but floating as segmented pieces of himself. Khrona's hair also SOMEHOW became blue, and his gloves became skeletal claws of sorts. He was also wearing a scarf that manifested out of pure insanity itself.

He floated next to Tabrith, insanity swirling around him, being drawn into the battlefield from all across the planet.

Khrona: "Now... Let's see how this battle goes from here on."

It seemed that Khrona was doing that thing where he personified nouns, but at least he was a visible target and the Earth King didn't need to flail his power about any longer. He compressed his darkness into the fibers of the cloak, making his resistance all the higher exponentially. The other arm, completed, -- now fully functional -- turned towards the wave that Tabrith let out... It thunder clapped with the opposite arm, not letting out some big ass wave of destruction, but a direct, precise force aiming to disperse the wave of Motivation. Naturally, the Earth King expected that whatever power Khrona had unleashed would attempt to take hold, but he was growing stronger by the second and would soon outclass this power as well; well in advance before the clash.

Earth King: "Remind me to reprimand the Demon King for letting you off with that Pact from Hell."

The Earth King floated off of the ground -- ever so slightly -- while his mighty clap aimed to clash with Khrona's wave out of some giant ass hand. He was beginning the final stages of his transformation, and with it, his power would continue to rise. At this point, he could neutralize any physical force, overpower most kinetic energies, and redirect most projectiles with a fancy manipulation of his presence.

Tabrith's facial expression didn't seem to change in the slightest. He seemed to have already known this would happen, but was taking a sort of 'trail-and-error' sort of approach to all of this.

Tabrith: "... I still have seven more Arms to go."

He raised his other hand, placing his first in his pocket once more. This time, he didn't point it at the Earth King, but at Khrona, who was now in his Insanity Fusion mode.

Tabrith: "If I'm not going to be here for offensive support, I'll be here as regular support... Khrona."

He waved his hand at the Earth King, using one of the more powerful Arms now... The 'Seventh Arm of Flaw'.

Tabrith: "Go, Flaw. Bring out his flaws and use them against him."

With that wave of his hand, 'Flaw' was activated as a force that would try to hit the Earth King and force his own flaws to work against him, even if they weren't in the area. An example would be that Flaw would smother a fire without the use of water or dirt or anything being induced by Flaw itself.

Khrona: "Don't get too ahead of yourself, Tabris. You already used up a lot of power just using The Gospel and Revenge Cannon alone."

Tabrith: "I have enough to use each of my 'Eight Arms' at least once... And I'll save the most devastating for last..."

Knowing this, Khrona felt it was time now for an attack. In this form, Khrona's wings were alternate realities within themselves, causing only pain, sadness, insanity, and fear to all who went inside eternally and at such an unbearable and infinite amount that it would totally destroy those who were trapped inside. If he could get the Earth King to be consumed by his wings and trap him in that place, this battle would probably be over... But it was risky. Regardless, his wings started to expand, arcing over the area gradually, as if trying to forcefully consume everything and trap them within...

Khrona: "Tabrith... Be ready on my command."

That said, Tabrith's other hand -- which was in his pocket -- raised and was now pointed at Khrona, as if he were about to fire an attack at him... Something was definitely up their sleeves this time around. Khrona remembered what Tabrith said about using those intricate and risky plans... Maybe this one would be his downfall.

It was time to unleash the 'Baby Cannon'... And the Earth King was through playing around. This was going to either be a one step, or a two step process depending on how strong Khrona's transformation was. The Earth King collapsed his arms around himself, and engaged his ring. The wave of 'Flaw' had consumed him, and it seemed that it was going to exploit the fact that the Earth King had yet to master his power, making his chakras go out of whack... Unfortunately... This caused his plan to be a three step plan. He consumed an extra flame charge to harmonize his self free of manipulation once more.... As he emerged out of his self made cocoon in his 'Giga Trigger' transformation -- dwarfing Khrona in size and in might.

"Your powers are mighty..." the Earth King said; the wave of Flaw had indeed cause him to stagger... There were cracks in the 'Giga Trigger's marble-esque carapace, showing obvious physical damage, but as stated before, the Earth King's power kept rising -- even through the 'TRIGGERED' state which, maxed every possible positive state the Earth King had. Another wave of Flaw was not going to be enough. And whatever the strongest arm was, was about to be ineffective. The Earth King pressed his palms towards the ground and initiated his mightiest move... the 'Universal Equalizer'. "They have always been mighty."

A 'pulsing' sound was heard. 'The Equalizer', in this state, reduced everything that was threatening back to its neutral state as long as it was within the earth's atmosphere, neutralizing any opposing force, turning any transformation back to normal as long as the Earth King outputted the same amount of chakra. Thus, reducing Tabrith to the way it was, changing Khrona back to his normal transformation, undoing his resonance, and returning the destroyed area back to normal. There was a ridiculously obvious way to dodge this and it's what the Earth King wanted Khrona to do -- if he took the bait or not was his option. But the Earth King had to use an equal amount of Chakra that the user used to revert Khrona back to normal. However, thanks to his dramatic increase in power and the enchanted flame, he was spending pennies while it took Khrona quarters, so to speak.

Earth King: "But they are just, and always will be, mighty..."

The attack happened from everywhere at once he had seized the frame... The 'Final Arm' -- which would be the one of 'Will' -- would be equalized, since the Earth King had emitted the equalizer neutralizing it to nonexistence. Sure, Khrona could just keep spamming until the Earth King ran out of chakra. But the enchanted flame prevented him from running himself dry, so it was a worthless effort.

Again, an intricate plan gone to waste in all but a moment. As expected from the Earth King, for Khrona expected no less... However, that by no means was the end of Khrona. There was one thing he could do as a sort of Kamikaze sort of attack, but it would require him to steal one, just one frame of this situation... And it all started with Tabrith.

Khrona: "... New plan."

Tabrith: "As if I did not already know."

Khrona: "I am mighty. But I am not as simplistic as you see me."

Khrona witnessed the Earth King transform into the 'Giga Trigger' state, -- what he believed was his strongest state, if Khrona's thoughts were correct -- but that only meant Khrona had to ascend to that height, since Khrona's ascension beyond that was more than impossible without the proper preparations. His eyes glanced over nonchalantly, yet hinted the utmost urgency.

Khrona: "TABRITH!!!"

And without a word after, Tabrith held his hands up pointed at Khrona and released the remainder of his power via two very simple, yet very useful arms; 'Momentum' and 'Motivation'. 'Motivation would allow Khrona's emotions to run on high and become the catalyst for what 'Momentum' would help to achieve; 'Trance Mode'. 'Motivation' let him rise to the occasion, but 'Momentum' allowed his power to reach what it needed to be at this point in time, Tabrith using the remainder of his power to speed up the regeneration of Khrona's to a point where Khrona needed to be. With the expending of his power, Tabrith disappeared back into fragments, scattering off in every which way back to the Pit of Havoc.

Tabrith: "If you waste this... The battle is his, you know."

There was no word said as Tabrith disappeared. At the exact same moment, Khrona power-leveled beyond image. His 'Trance Mode' had been activated.

Now, at this point, one of two things were going to happen. Khrona was going to either stay there and take the 'Equalizer', forcing both he and the Earth King to be probably completely drained since Trance Mode was fueled by the power of Khrona's soul; ALL of the souls Khrona and his weapons had absorbed; Khrona's emotions, -- which were BEYOND high right now -- and Khrona's own power, which, combined, should definitely be more than enough to have the Equalizer force the both of them into submission... Or... He could go into space and fight it out on a cosmo-reality scale with the Earth King just as Khrona had done in the past with both the Demon King and Khrona's brother when Khrona entered Trance Mode the first time in his life. How about... The Earth King decides? There were two Khronas now. One was in space, manifested from seemingly nothingness; the other stayed in the same spot as before, ready to take on the Equalizer to see its effects. IF the Earth King was totally maxed out, the Trance Mode and what it ran off of would be able to ascend to such a power level and naturally force the both of them to forfeit. If not... Mmm...

"Hmph..." Khrona had taken the bait, transforming into his alleged strongest point, assuming that the Earth King would be finished if he chose to continue equalizing. That was wrong of course given the circumstances. The self harmonization of the enchanted flame ensured that the Earth King only used just enough of his chakra to do his foe in. His power was constantly rising, further expanding his chakra pool by the second, drawing it from an unlimited source. Himself... Yeah... His darkness just gives him more chakra as of now. He had enough power to end Khrona and then some. It came from the point that Khrona had done wrong in firing the Revenge Cannon. So many ineffective attacks put him in a weaker state that the Earth King. It was the Earth King's plan from the beginning to make Khrona waste until he got Equalized. Even if his Trance mode put him on some equal power -- which wasn't true, due to the obvious circumstances -- it wouldn't take the Earth King an equal amount of Chakra to undo Khrona's power to neutrality since he had more to spare. He was forever increasing his chakra from an unlimited source... Whilst Khrona was slandering it elsewhere. "So smug..." Maybe next time... Even if Khrona had found some means to leave. He just couldn't come back in without submitting first.

It was definitely obvious that he wished for Khrona to do that, but... It was always good to give it a chance, right? What's an epic battle without giving it all a chance? "Hmph... Now I know for next time... That Trance Mode isn't enough... And that I'll have to use my strongest form to defeat this one." Khrona wasn't gonna fight anymore. He had fought a long and hard battle, but was ready to call it quits now. He was outmatched and let it happen trying to do the most instead of just fighting simply like he should have in the first place. "Isn't that always my downfall? Hahaha... My mind is too much even for me." Such was insanity, though... He would be reverted into his normal form willingly at this point, accepting the loss before him. He only looked at the flame that had been ignited, halfway scowling at it, yet somehow keeping a smile. "Once again, that damn flame has saved somebody's life against me... Maybe if I used my Soul Weapons... Or even my Summons... Ha. No use thinking about what I should have done now."

Khrona sighed, Trance mode gone, power drained, wings expanded and breathing hard. His eyes were intense, staring at and piercing through the Earth King in his ungodly form, only able to say one thing more...

Khrona: "Fucking Flame..."

Nice use of alliteration almost, Khrona. But it was time now for him to go back and master himself even more. Perhaps he'd train with the Earth King on a different day, eh?

The Earth King reverted the very instant Khrona lost. He had to, and fell to the ground with a massive thump, his body fizzling in and out against reality while he was panting his ass off. He began to suppress his darkness once more as he dragged himself into a dark corridor. Though the flames kept him from killing himself, that still didn't mean that the Earth King's chakra levels were taken to an ungodly low. He barely had enough to win. It was a gamble... Next time, he would find a way around the wave of Flaw that exploited his weaknesses.

Before he left, Khrona witnessed the Earth King revert back the very instant he did, and he wondered why he would do that... What was the purpose of him trying to take down Khrona in such a way if it left him like this? Khrona was able to see that the Earth King had basically fucked himself up while using that... So why would he do it? Khrona was beyond curious.

"Hey," he would start out between his pants, wings spread to keep him afloat a bit, but never flapping so that energy could be conserved, "... Father X, why did you choose to defeat me in that way? I mean, look at yourself... You're not exactly in a good condition now. Was it really that critical?"

The 'Dark Corridor' closed behind the Earth King. He turned around, looking back at Khrona. The Earth King laughed at the irony. Usually, it was others telling Khrona to hold back. Khrona and the Earth King were one in the same. He had words for Khrona, so he shattered the corridor and forced himself to stand upright. The planet was restored back to when it was undamaged. The only thing that was kinda fucked up was the fact that the moon was sliced in half. But the Earth King would fix that. Through his laughter he spoke, "You can answer your own question. This is an untapped power... A force without direction. I have yet to master it. So I chose to beat you the only way I knew how. My strongest versus your strongest, given your current circumstances." The Earth King's body ruptured, causing him to collapse to the ground. While he just forced Khrona back to normal, it was obvious who the more effected person was. "Any battle at our current levels that doesn't leave us like this is not worth fighting."

Khrona smiled, barely moving, yet still hovering above the ground in his set position. "Makes sense... You're right. I have yet to test a wide variety of my powers in actual battle instead of viewing them in my mind, you know? When I'm in Deep Thought, I can only see what my power can do... I can't use it for myself against any of you all truly. But normally the circumstances it takes for me to reach said heights..." Khrona thought about his most powerful form, 'Ultimate Khrona'... Then thought about the rest of his powers and what had not ever been tested in battle... "Hyahahaha... I must be truly insane to go into battle so unprepared, huh~? HAHAHAHAHA! But in any case... You don't look so... Well, I would say. Want some help, Father X?"

The Earth King paused his laughter. Even though this fight required the Earth King to die for a split second and cling to the last bit of chakra he had left to survive, he had won...

"Assistance from someone who I cannot yet call equal?" the Earth King said, smiling at Khrona, giving him an objective more so than an insult. This was evidence that Khrona was nearly there. Literally. But the Earth King crossed his arms in front of him and chuckled to himself. "Eventually. Until then, I still have more."

Khrona's eyes narrowed and his smile grew wide and insane once more. As he did this, his equilibrium seemed to be thrown off and he would falter a bit in the air, but would slowly start to regain his composure floating steadily. "Hahaha... I'm a psychic, yet a fail to see the simple solutions in front of me because I'm blinded by all of the complexities I think of. Just goes to show ya that psychics don't see all if their mind isn't in the right place." This was why being an insane psychic was very difficult to deal with... But, whatever. "Father X, we've yet to see each other's utmost potential... Next time we'll have to do that... Right? Even though lots of civilians might die in the process..."

The Earth King looked skyward... Without another pause or a chuckle. "Then I guess that would be the day we take our fights to the Cosmos themselves."

Khrona's savage-like smile still on his face, he would look skyward as well, but in a different direction than the Earth King... More so at a point where he, his brother and the Demon King had done battle once before... "Yes... That's where my most important battles with the leaders of each village have gone down... Except for the Sky King, who owes me a rematch from long ago, and the Android girl... But they'll get their time as well." As of now, Khrona needed to get back though. He was really tired. "Well. See ya later then? I'll train with you sometime... And if you need to build up a resistance to souls, you can always come to the guy with the strongest~! Heh." Suddenly, right next to Khrona, Misery and Despair would appear, falling out of Despair's dress.

Misery: "Ah, goddammit... Now he's all... Floaty and crap. Cooome on big guy, we're going home."

Despair turned to the Earth King, bowing politely to him. "Thank you very much for taking care of him... Next time we shall accompany him in the battle."

Misery: "Yeah, and we'll be sure to give you a nice ass whoopin!"

Khrona: "Misery... Despair... Let's go. I need to rest."

Despair's dress started to flair up again, the infinite underside of the within expanding around the three of them.

Khrona: "Until next time, Father X."

Soon after that, the dress consumed the three of them and allowed them to warp off back to the Pit of Havoc so that Khrona could rest himself...

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Book 11; The Restrictions of Khrona Tensei Empty
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Last Restriction; The Red Lemon - True Minds Clash

After a few days of recovery and deep meditation on the lessons learned through the epic with Father X, Khrona would arrive at his office better than ever... And this time, meeting with someone that he knew from a realm beyond the fourth wall! Naturally, someone like Khrona would be able to break the limits of the 3-D World and extend his knowledge beyond the Fourth Wall. In that, he received quite the Fourth Wall Nickname that he took to heart; 'The Red Lemon'. Yeah... Yeah, LEMONS!! Whenever he was breaking said barrier, know that it was... 'The Red Lemon'. 'R. L. Khrona'. This is the story of who gave him the name...

Jenova made his way towards the Dusk and then walked to one of the leader's office. He specifically went to the office of someone known as Khrona, or as Jenova recognizes him as... 'THE RED LEMON'. Anyways, once he got to the door, he slowly knocked thrice and waited. "-cough- Anyone there?"

The door to Khrona's office exploded off, pulling Jenova in with a great amount of eagerness. "YOU! It's YOU! Lime~! You're the one who gave me the name 'Red Lemon'! How are ya buddy? What can I do for you today, Limey~?" Khrona was more enthused about seeing this person than anyone in a long, looong, LOOOOOONG time. It showed how much he really liked him.

"Hey person I've never met before!" Jenova and Khrona had a weird relationship. These two never met each other, but somehow gave each other these nicknames. Life worked in marvelous ways. They've talked to each other in the mystical, yet mysterious world known to some as the -- wait for it -- 'CHATBOX'! "Uhm, I'm doing fine I guess. I stopped by to say hi to you." Jenova smiled brightly at the Red Lemon while he spoke. He was excited to be speaking to someone like him. "But, I do have a question. What did you think I came here for?"

Khrona, who is always breaking the fourth wall, was an odd one to talk to at times, since he was always... Well... Breaking the fourth wall. That was the only reason why he knew about Jenova... And we could just lie and say 'psyyychic poooweeeer'~!

But anyway, "Oh, well I dunno. I wasn't looking into your mind and I didn't have the thought to... So I wouldn't know why you came all the way from your original village to come visit me, of all people. Haha." He was a little confused... And curious to know why Jenova came.

Jenova was staring at Khrona's lips as he was talking. They moved so... 'Cooly'. He, himself did not know why he came to Khrona, besides to say hi. He had to think of something to say... And quick. "Uhm, well, uhm... I came to ask for--" Jenova took a moment to think and began to speak again. "Well, I heard of these people who possessed something called a 'Soul Partner' or a 'Soul Weapon'? So..." The 'Soul Partner' idea just popped into his head so he just went with the flow.  "Yeah, is it possible for someone like me to get something like that?" Jenova slowly walked towards Khrona, and very close to him, too. Soon enough, Jenova was right next to him.

Normally, Khrona didn't enjoy people this close to him... But he didn't seem to mind Jenova just as long as he didn't touch him. He looked at Jenova and smiled halfway, standing up from his chair that apparently he was sitting in. "Soul Partner, eh? If you want one you have to go to the college, not to me. I can't really... Issue them out. That's not my job. Hahaha. I can only train you if you are to get one." Khrona shrugged his shoulders, closing his eyes. "... You're a Chaos Ninja, right? As much as I'd prefer if you were a Dusk Ninja, it doesn't really matter that much. You wouldn't know your way around the Dusk, so I'll just have to give you the knowledge of how to get to the college." Khrona opened his eyes violently and stared directly into Jenova's, his own eyes gleaming a deep crimson. It would seem as though Khrona was staring straight into Jenova's mind... Into his very soul... Before long, Khrona's eyes would stop gleaming and he would sit back down, yawning. "There! Done."

After getting the directions to the college, Jenova took a step back. "Heheha. Thanks, like, a lot! I will always be grateful to you, O' Lemony One!" Jenova was just about ready to leave. "You need me to do anything for you? Ya know, since you helped me out?"

Khrona cocked his head to the side slightly, letting it drift a bit until it came to a stop. "Uuuuuum..." He would do the same thing once again, only this time letting it go to the other side. "Uuuuuuuummm..." ... Naturally, he did it again, though this time his head would drift to the back. "... Um..." Khrona's head finally drifted back to a normal position, looking at Jenova. He was actually completely lost on this one. "Just... Just... Gimme something nice, okay?"

Jenova cocked his head to the side slightly, letting it drift a bit until it came to a stop. "Uuuuuum..." He would do the same thing once again, only this time letting it go to the other side. "Uuuuuuuummm..." Naturally, he did it again, though this time his head would drift to the back. "... Um..." Jenova's head finally drifted back to a normal position, looking at Khrona. He wasn't too sure what he wanted. "You mean you want a present?"

Khrona looked at the above actions, saw that it was clearly copied and pasted, then facepalmed while delivering a heavy sigh before looking back up at Jenova. "Yes. Yes I do. Just get me a nice present I can use or will like or something like that, ya know?"

"M'kay. Well thanks a lot buddy! Guess I should be going?" Right after speaking, Jenova started laughing as Khrona read his actions and facepalmed. He regained his composure and straightened his body position. "I'll get you the bestest present ever! Bye-bye now, I'll see you soon!" Jenova smiled and waved at the same time. He walked towards the door while thinking of a present to get him. In a few seconds he was gone. 'Nice guy...'

Khrona chuckled happily, almost like a father sitting in his reading chair reading the paper with his pipe in his mouth, watching his son go off to school. "Heh heh heh. Good guy. I'd like to hear more from him..." Khrona reclined in his chair, kicking his feet up onto his desk and releasing a very long, refreshing sigh as if he had just saved the world or some bullcrap like that. "Ah... I guess I'd better head home, eh?" Khrona's wings would slowly slip around his body, consuming him entirely like a voracious beast, clamping down like a mouth right over him. The wings would start to compress and them implode into a singularity it would seem, Khrona warping out of the office and now back to his home.

As the Red Lemon headed home from his most pleasant Fourth Wall Breaking encounter, -- as he did so love those, especially with people like Zesu -- he would sense the serious psychic strain of someone down below; one whose psychic power was somewhere close to his own daughter, Chroma's. It was the daughter of his rival, the Demon King. Not finding too many powerful psychics on the planet, he insisted on going down and checking it out... But in a 'Khrona-esque' sort of manner...

The Demon Princess had heard tales of a man who was considered the greatest psychic in all of the planet; this, she was going to test here and now. She was near the desired village but felt nothing, then, without warning, a massive psychic burst would be detected by the Demon Princess. The power was enough to give her chills, but not nearly enough to make the demon stagger. "... He is near."

A smile unfolded itself in the air, two slits opening up to become piercing red eyes a few tens of feet away from the Demon Princess, around the smile and eyes a face, hair, neck, body, and all the rest of the pieces materializing from seemingly thin air in that order. "... Well well well... A naked little psychic spawn here to test her great psycho-power? I already knew..." Though he should feel threatened, Khrona was ecstatic. His psychic power was indeed the best in all of the planet, and he knew this because he didn't even know what his full power looked like. It was too much for even Khrona himself to perceive without almost breaking down. "... Hahahahahahaha... You're the only one I can feel this strongly... There are more people with psychic powers on the planet, but yours by far outclasses theirs by a longshot ... Yet... You think it is enough to fight with mine. Am I correct~?" The girl had only said one word, yet Khrona seemed to know it all. His eyes gleamed with anticipation, the Hyper Perception already activated almost like an automatic function for battle mode.

'He is perceiving my actions before I make them... Is it ESP? No... Something else,' the Demon Princess said in her mind. The man was strange; his body moved like nothing she would have expected from a master psychic. "... You are weird..."

With the Demon Princess' words, Khrona's insane smile would turn into a smile of appreciation. "Aw, you're just so sweet! Thank you very much~!" Khrona started to adjust his gloves and flipped his hair slightly, the insane smile progressively making its way back to his face. "... And it's better than ESP, kid. Wanna see~? Hahahahahahaha!"

"Oh, you are just too much!" the Demon Princess said in a playful tone of voice. Her intentions of tearing Khrona limb from limb masked by her most childish expression and gestures would soon be exposed for the lies they were. "I do not introduce myself unless I expect the person to live after our battle. So let me start by saying my name..." the Demon Princess adjusted her hair, as it was getting in the way of her eyes. The air wasn't blowing, but she and Khrona's buildup in power was becoming unstable; they were creating a riptide of psychic force in between them -- the sad part was, one was too young to notice or care, and the other was too damn insane. "The name is Demon Princess."

She knew the man had some amazing psychic power and would be quite a foe, but he didn't know anything about her; this was her advantage, and she planned to keep it. So, in the beginning, before she sat out to find this man, the Demon Princess masked her own memories of who she really was with illusions. She gave herself the typical 'bad girl' storyline and everything, complete with dead parents and slain villagers at her hands -- isn't she the cutes? "... I'm sure you'll adore my doll here," the Demon Princess said, releasing the power of her telepath, known as 'Zetsu'. Zetsu appeared in her, first form with equally power to that of a ranked Expert. This was the weakest version of Zetsu, but Khrona wouldn't know this until it showed its true might.

Khrona's eyes shifted wildly from each side, seeming to be observing something... "Up... Down... Left... Right... Aaaaall around..." His eyes started to move at such a rapid rate that they looked as if they became completely white... Then started to glow red for a moment in time. Then they would immediately stop, locked on to the Demon Princess. "... And now you flatter me with an introduction? HmhmhmHAHAHAHAHA... Ha... I guess I'm a worthy foe already, eh?"

As he usually does, Khrona would peer into her mind to get a sneak peek at what she can and would do... But given that she was a psychic, it would require more concentration than if it were a normal brainless idiot. He took in views of her past... And noticed something odd about them... They were clearly an illusion manifested by her mind, but Khrona could not see the truth behind them for some reason. This meant that her psychic powers truly were strong, since Khrona knew he'd actually have to TRY to uncover the secrets of her mind.. And try hard, mind you. But for now, he could live with knowing what he did, even if it was an illusion. He wouldn't let on that he knew.

It was at that moment that a doll appeared before him... With his Hyper Perception giving it a quick run over, he learned a little bit about it...

Khrona: "Zetsu..."

He raised a hand, left it in the air for a moment, then brought it back down to his side as if changing his mind about what he was about to do. "... Heh. Perhaps I'll give you a glimpse of my own fun little friends if you push me enough to do so... And believe me... My family is fun..." The psychic forces clashing between the both of them would start to show more violently now; light seemed to bend awkwardly and the atmosphere became twisted and distorted. Khrona was starting to notice as his mental powers were increasing due to his insanity and his sudden urge to fight. He was interested in seeing what she could do, and the best way was with a fight.

Khrona: "Nnnnggghhh... I'm impatient! I'm restless! Enough of this talking! If we're going to talk... Let's do it with our MINDS!!"

It had begun. Khrona's psychic power had shifted from a large and overwhelming force to a concentrated beam of psycho-energy in all but a moment's notice. The normally invisible psychic power was concentrated and condensed so greatly that it became visible to the naked eye, displaying the power behind it. It was a powerful, penetrating beam headed right for the Demon Princess' head... Though what it would do if it hit was all up to Khrona.

"Visible psychic energy?!" the Demon Princess exclaimed in genuine shock, bringing her hand to meet the force head on. Now you have to understand what just occurred right here; the Demon Princess rarely ever had to use her hands to direct her psychic energy, but with a beam of this power, taking risks make you look stupid.

The Demon Princess prepared the proper shield for such a blast, something she had been waiting to try for sometime. An invisible force appeared between Khrona's move and herself, but what ever she summoned thwarted the energy as if it were nothing. Zetsu disappeared and then reformed himself, now boosting with power, while the Demon Princess sat on the ground beside him, tired and weak. Whatever the small child had summoned to stop Khrona, it winded her in one move.

"... Do not think for one second this fight is over," the Demon Princess said, having to let the illusion on her mind go, allowing Khrona free reign to view her thoughts with the average amount of effort. To the normal mind, they would see nothing and foolishly walk into the Demon Princess' trap, but Khrona, being of greater power than she, had expected would see 'Grease's trap, and if he wasn't completely insane... He would know the battle had begun. The Demon Princess poured ninety eight percent of her chakras and psychic energy into one spot; she got the idea from the first image she saw within Khrona's brain, before they even met. What would stand before Khrona was a swirling mass of energy that could take both physical and non-physical form -- a beast that could both defend and attack from all angles at all times. "Rhombus... We set our own limits!"

With that, a deathly shrill cry was heard, the energies swirled and the shapes bent into a crosshair of sorts. A small black ball would form the core, while solidified psychic energy formed four lines. The crosshair-like shape pointed itself at Khrona and released a devastating beam equal to that of the one Khrona fired at the Demon Princess.

Smiling at her words and knowing for a fact that they were true, Khrona didn't flinch at the attack, but he seemed rather impressed already by her ability. She truly was great with her power so far. "Duplicated it so quickly? The power of a true psychic mind. However, it's not that easy. Let me show you what my psychic mind has brought in..." Khrona's mind was special because he could master just about every psychic ability as long as he knew what it was with very little effort. Every time he went into Deep Thought down in his pit, he was either acquiring a new psychic power or honing his own. A power he had picked up a little while back was something called the 'Shock Absorber'. It would be rather useful in this situation.

Mind you, in the small window of time that there was between the firing of this attack and it hitting Khrona, Khrona had already scanned it of its energies, how much power was condensed into it, and what its wavelength was all at once. A phenomenal feat to say the least. But, why this is significant is because just as the beam was going to hit, Khrona's Soul flared up and resonated with the beam while simultaneously using the psychic ability 'Shock Absorber' to spread all of the condensed force throughout his wavelength and redirect it through the entirety of the ground, thereby sending his entire soul and his mental wavelength through the whole ground, aiming to send a huge surge of power through everything touching the ground and harm it all severely with Khrona's own mental power AND soul energy power. All of this happened just as fast as the beam was fired, and it also made it look like the beam had hit Khrona.

Khrona: "... Ah, what a good thing it is I learned to resonate my wavelength with any other wavelength... It's a good thing my wavelength is that strong, as well... By mixing my very own 'Mind-Soul Resonance' with the 'Shock Absorber' ability, I can resonate your psychic power with both my mind and soul and shoot it through the ground while neutralizing the effects of your mental blast all at the same time..."

After talking, Khrona let out an exasperated sigh to show the bit of fatigue it caused him.

Khrona: "... Though I will admit it was very strong... That could have totally obliterated anyone else."

Khrona's wavelength would start to decrease as he refocused his mind on the prize. There was no time for rambling here.

The Demon Princess' power was acting in accordance to her thought; it was like she was piloting the massive ball of power, so Zetsu would always act as her arms and legs. Zetsu grabbed the girl and jumped into the air, landing on one of the corners of the 'Rhombus'.

"That was the warning..." The Demon Princess spoke her words with aggression. She loved a challenge, but this guy was too much; she was beginning to think he was still leagues above her... But she wasn't about to let her father's name be tarnished.

Demon Princess: "Rhombus!"

The Rhombus inverted it's shape into itself two or three times, before finally appearing before Khrona with a star shape, the center having an ominous black glow to it. The Demon Princess stood on the tip of the device with Zetsu at her side. She knew this beam would yield the results she wanted; she event went as far as to mask its power with illusion. If Khrona didn't figure it out in time, he would believe the child misfired, but in reality to was going to blow him into space and then some. The Demon Princess' beams were different from other people's beams; they were normally invisible forces of destruction. Powers that crossed the planes of existence without detection until... Well, you know when you're hit.

All the while, Khrona was watching carefully, for he figured that she'd find a way to escape the attack. She was right to know it was just a warning shot. Khrona could have done much more... But now was not the time to think about what 'could have been'. What 'was' right now was that Rhombus was about to fire another blast... This one seemed more powerful than the first, from a first analysis... But Khrona noticed a slight change in it within a moment. The change was similar to what she had done with her mind; ergo, an illusion. He could only help but smile, for it was definitely a great attempt and would have fucked Khrona up if he weren't who he was.

Khrona: "Admirable."

His gaze got intense as the blast was fired. There was a cataclysmic explosion that seemed to be a direct hit to Khrona... But... Something was wrong. When everything cleared, it was seen that Khrona was standing there unharmed, as if he had taken the entire beam without taking any damage. What was this monster!?

"Body Flicker," he said as he was now almost instantaneously in a different place, far behind The Demon Princess, "A reality warping technique that allows me to flicker in and out of reality for however long I need to... Though the longer I stay out of reality, the more the cost... So I try to use it to quickly avoid attacks or move myself at a high speed in numerous places..." As he said this, he demonstrated the power by quickly Reality Warping himself in every which direction at once, making him look like he was a flickering TV image with afterimages all around with no real Khrona in sight. He abruptly stopped in his original position, letting out another exasperated sigh.

"So... Do you know how to warp reality? It's one of my specialties..." Though he wasn't warping reality at this point in time, he was asking a general question. At the same time, he expanded his massive wings to their largest size without the use of DNA, each four hundred foot wing releasing an immensely powerful gust that cleared AND leveled the area just by opening. He was ready to use his wings as well.

Rhombus shifted its form once more, this time encasing the Demon Princess and Zetsu within itself and forming a very large, thick sphere. A sphere is considered the strongest geometric shape, for it can evenly take on the same amount of force on all ends, yielding it no weak point. This made blocking Khrona's move a walk in the park, but the earth was not so lucky. "I can do any and all things... I set my own limits, mister, and by this fight's end... You'll see why." The Demon Princess smiled, as she figured Khrona hadn't figured out what her plan was. Not that it was on her mind as she kept more then one million other plans on her head to deceive him.-

"Rhombus!" the Demon Princess yelled, and with that, the shape of her friend changed once more -- this time it took the shape of a large sideways ferris-wheel of sorts, only this death machine lacked seats and made up for it with thousands of hardened psychic blades. Rhombus started spinning at speeds fast enough to give flight but it stayed grounded, the blades tearing and ripping through anything in their way and growing in size with each passing second. It would only be a few minutes before they reached Khrona.

Khrona licked his lips, figuring that the Demon Princess was distracted with the use of Rhombus rather than what had truly just occurred. She was unfamiliar with the Soul and how adept Khrona was at spreading it, especially with his mind. Now Khrona's soul had been spread all across the ground as well as all through the sky, and it was time to use it. "Do you know what insanity is? Your mind is a hardened one... But even it can fall to the power of insanity... Watch and be amazed..."

Khrona's wings started to glow a dark crimson color -- the color of his Insanity -- as three huge vertical eyes appeared on either one of them, and Khrona's eyes started to gleam as well, a third one opening up between his head. Just then, the entire area within about a mile radius was caught in his soul, and it was expanding rapidly by the second. It came out intense and it came out strong. The ground and the very atmosphere was tinted the same crimson color as his wings, insanity consuming any and everything that was within. Khrona's soul had become that large... And only decided to get bigger until it attained one of its largest and consumptive states, which was about as large as a city.

"Did you think your illusions were bad? Do you know what I've done with mine? Our powers are similar, but the way I use mine is oh, so different..." Khrona knew that the Demon Princess used her psychic power to try inflicting mental and physical scars on people when harming them -- for that was how Khrona used his very often -- but also how he used his insanity. He'd be able to utterly shatter a mind of someone who was within his soul energy for long enough, which is why this was a bad situation for the Demon Princess. The Rhombus was spinning, yet Khrona didn't seem to care at all. Instead, he seemed to want to get rid of it...


On the ground, in the sky and all around Khrona's body, thousands of slits opened up, revealed to be huge mouths with sharp, jagged teeth within them. They were all grotesque and horrid. They opened up at the exact same time and released different pitches, frequencies, and wavelengths of screams at different volumes so that every single aspect from lowest tone to absolute highest tone was covered. The precaution of even using infrasound was used. They all let out the same, horrible "GIYEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" as they all screamed at the Demon Princess and Rhombus at the same time, their screams filling this area and even the area way past Khrona's soul for miles to come.

The screams were cataclysmic and were all aiming to jam the girl's mental waves with their own and block the usage of her psychic power -- or even her mind -- with their various, variable intensities. They also seemed to be trying to break apart Rhombus with their vibrations and conflicting wavelengths and pitches, as if attempting to resonate with it and reject it at the same time. The very molecules that were trapped in Khrona's wavelength started to be erased by the high amounts of vibration and insanity. With Khrona's wavelength dominating the field, he knew now that nothing else mattered... It was time to show her insanity. His body started to waver and flicker in an odd manner, as if the vibrations and wavelengths were actually getting to him, as well...

The Demon Princess wasn't hiding within Rhombus, but somehow, she figured it wouldn't make a difference. The Demon Princess, in fact, had no idea how to deal with the power Khrona spoke of, but she did know how to fight. "AHHHHHHHH!!!" The young and mighty demon yelped as her brain was being skewered by the very presence of insanity. Her body flickering with the same violent resonance as her mother in her final moments with the Demon King. 'Is this the time...?' the young child thought within the confines of her mind. She was undergoing great pain that words couldn't begin to describe. Her body falling to the ground with a thud, Zetsu mimicking her movements, and even Rhombus shifting from one radical and extreme expression of pain to the next. The Demon Princess' mind was the center of her being -- the center of her power. Without it, she could do nothing.

"Drive into insanity...." The voices echoed over and over, slowly gaining control of her body. The darkness earlier described had already engulfed more then ninety percent of the Demon Princess' body, and if it reached one hundred percent, Khrona would have a victory. There would be no chance of the Demon Princess' victory in a state of insanity, as her power needs control, not reckless rage and aggression.

"... We shall, we shall, we shall..." the Demon Princess chanted constantly; her body was hunched over itself in a type of kneeling position, and her hands where holding her head. She fit the typical scene of the cowering little girl, but was, in fact, fighting; she was summoning the power of her will. The power gifted to her by her uncle... The Earth King. "I set my own limits... We shall TRIUMPH!!!" the Demon Princess yelled and yelled until her voice could do nothing else; her body fell limp to the ground, Zetsu followed this motion, whereas Rhombus exploded into a violent array of sparkles, kicking up a massive smoke cloud. "Through trials, my body is hardened and through tribulation, my mind is strengthened. This is what the I have grown by." The voice of the young girl grew louder and louder, the presence of the smoke still very present, leaving visibility at a minimum. "This is what my father has taught me..."

The Demon Princess prevented her mind from being overcome by insanity by the most simple of means. The Demon Princess immediately dove deep into her mind and found the part she considered the strongest -- her bond with her father. From there she connected with her will... The power of 'Construction'; the enchanted flame. The mental and physical damage Khrona tried to inflict on the Demon Princess was 'reconstructed'. Her will was so strong, she focused every part of herself that was growing insane or was already insane and constructed it into her will. Every insane thought or action became drive, power, determination to overcome the man who stood before her and, like all her lineage, once she used this technique, she could easily use it again. Meaning Khrona would have to find another way to defeat the young child.

Demon Princess: "If I am to DIE, then so is the Chaos!"

The Demon Princess would thrust her arms high into the sky, her hands flicking once with the aura of many colors, her hair blowing violently in the still air, and her jacket doing the same. A psychic force would befall Khrona, a force equal to that of the moon falling from the sky. The ground beneath Khrona would instantly sink roughly ten miles, just barely dodging the surface of the core. The look in the Demon Princess' eyes was cold and blank. Khrona had made the child touch a very dark part of herself, but fortunately, she was still very much in control. Her chakra was doing fine, too, as Rhombus didn't explode, he simply returned to the mind in which he came from. The Demon Princess' original plan was to force Khrona into wasting chakra and returning Rhombus unscathed, but most of its energy was used in the repairs of her mind. The enchanted flame didn't light itself.

Through all of the events going on with the Demon Princess, Khrona licked his lips with anticipation, his smile growing wide with insanity, showing all of his pointed, sharp teeth. "Ah, how you remind me of my very own daughter... You two are more similar than I ever realized..." Her mind was protected now, it would seem, and the art of Insanity wouldn't be able to penetrate through normal means anymore, lest Khrona boost the power even further than he had ever done before. But it was not the time for that. The Demon Princess was now omitting a very powerful psychic force onto Khrona, who would take it all without any signs of staggering. "Mmm... How refreshing..."

Khrona enjoyed feeling power like this, and it had been so long since a psychic force this strong had been pressed upon him. But even still, this was nowhere near enough to cause him to fall. With a large exertion of power, Khrona's eyes gleamed a piercing red color, ready to show her a larger portion of his own power. The resonance stopped, the mouths disappeared, for Khrona was focusing now on the psychic power at hand. He outstretched his arms and his wings would begin to vibrate just a bit. Once this happened, everything around Khrona seemed to distort and warp itself so much that nothing looked anything like it did before. Then, everything abruptly shifted back to normal and there was... An explosion. The explosion was a mix of both Khrona and the Demon Princess' psychic forces -- which had just clashed -- being released across the entire battlefield and more, every condensed psychic force making itself known to every single mind on the planet simultaneously. Everyone should have a massive headache right about now, save for Khrona and probably the Demon Princess. Everything was blown away.

In the aftermath, Khrona stood there, eyes ablaze with psychic power and him panting a little heavily before regaining his breath and smiling. He lowered his hands and folded his wings, his eyes ceasing their violent glow. "I'm thoroughly impressed. Most others would have fallen by now, yet you stand resilient. Commendable... Heh heh heh." Khrona was nowhere near finished, however, and was ready for anything else that could be thrown at him, and ready to dish out anything and everything if need be. He wasn't the most powerful psychic on the planet for no reason, right?

The Demon Princess brought both of her hands down. She then began moving them around as if she were conducting a symphony. Her eyes were closed and her mind was peaceful. The explosion Khrona had hoped for was quickly becoming nothing more then a mere firecracker, for with each explosion, the Demon Princess made a wall of fluid-like psychic energy to snuff it out, containing all the power in hundreds of small sphere shapes. "I'm tired of playing defense, I need to find the breaking point on this guy." The Demon Princess then twirled her finger, summoning all of the spheres to orbit around her.

Well, she seemed to take out the explosion pretty well, but that didn't stop the spread of Khrona's mental waves. Now his mind had expanded all across the area, and everything was in his control, one could say. The most intense parts of his mind were encroaching upon the entire area, instead of having the simple mental waves flow about everywhere. Now it was as if one were getting sucked into Khrona's mind itself... And it wasn't exactly a good thing, even for the Demon Princess. But... Something was up.

Khrona: "MMmmm... MMbyuuuu~."

Khrona started to bend backward, his spine bending far beyond the normal person's should. He would slither down onto the ground and would lie down in a relaxed and comfortable position.

Khrona: "Myaaah... I'mma just sit right here now. Let you go on and prepare and stuff, ya know?"

"Boy?!" the Demon Princess exclaimed calmly as the hundreds of rotating spheres kicked up their speeds. Spinning around the small child like the missing seats of a ferris-wheel, the Demon Princess was very much prepared for Khrona's jutsu. "You do know... I can kill you right...?" the Demon Princess asked, laughing out loud. She wanted nothing more than to beat the man before her, but she found him oddly hilarious. He was always bending or moving in the oddest, yet funniest fashion. "... You must know... You're psychic..."

However, no matter how fond she was growing of him, he had to fall to her and he had to fall now. The Demon Princess channeled the power of Khrona's most destructive energies into her spheres and gained control of them, the entire time she was increasing the output of the dissected explosion from within the spheres. Khrona more then likely noticed this, but what could he do? The Demon Princess was already getting ready the moment she stopped the explosion, and now that he had voiced his next move, she had no choice but to end the fight here and now.

The Demon Princess commanded the spheres to stop rotating; to the normal person, they would see nothing, but to Khrona, all he could see was hundreds of spheres, each one stocked with enough power to waste the moon and then some. "Boom" The spheres went off like bombs, each one triggering the next to follow its predecessor. The now bombs went off, causing a rippling effect of silent destruction, only targeting the energy and neural signature of Khrona.

The bombs would act as a counter for the blackhole suction that was Khrona's mind and would continue to expand in both size and power so long as Khrona maintained his mind's connection to the world. Should he sever the connection, he would only have two milliseconds to connect his mind and avoid the Demon Princess' true attack, which was going to fry his brain like a man in a giant microwave. For you see, the Demon Princess' explosion power was far greater then the one Khrona previously released; for every three psychic spheres she unleashed, the ones after it doubled in power. This was the might of the 'Psionic Ripple' the young child had released. In a matter of seconds, Khrona would be enveloped in a power capable of breaking even his mind, something he more than likely never thought possible... Or was the Demon Princess too confident in her power to realize Khrona was holding back? Either way, Khrona had to act quickly in order to save himself.

Khrona seemed all too relaxed for words... In fact, his display was as if nothing were happening at all, when clearly he was probably in a load of danger. He knew this, yet did nothing. What was his goal...? What was his plan...?

"... You can..." Khrona extended his arm outward, which would then split into a number of arms equal to that of each sphere that was going off around him. "But you WON'T." They were all consumed in Khrona's own psychic power, darting off into the explosions violently and rampantly. At this point in time, Khrona seemed to be working his mind quite a bit rather than the little amount he had been doing beforehand. He had activated a very rare psychic ability that he attained from merging with the Android girl that one time... 'Numerology'. His innumerable amount of arms were grabbing the spheres, using 'Numerology' to normalize the 'numbers' of the attack and revert them to their original power, and then a special psychic ability of his to suppress the psychic power of the Demon Princess to make it ineffective on Khrona once he touched them. He would do this for the already detonated explosions as well, condensing them back into spheres via hyper compression with psycho-force. Now, under his own control, Khrona's hundreds of arms would merge back into one enormous one harnessing all of the power the Demon Princess had released, yet it was dormant in Khrona's hand, waiting to be released once again... But it was charged with a bright red electricity of sorts as of now. That was the 'Insanity Static' surrounding and containing the mental power of the Demon Princess' attack, disallowing her from controlling it, but allowing Khrona to harness it and be unaffected by its own power.

"You have power and great potential, but don't have the experience I do. You're a year of age. I've had to deal with these powers for much longer than you have... I know just how they work, just what you're doing, and just HOW to do it.... I was like you once. My daughter is like you now. When you decide to fully understand your power, then you'll be able to pull off something like that with me. But for now..."

The immense sphere of contained power was ripe for the picking. Khrona would direct his hand at the Demon Princess and shoot it towards her, aiming to smash the huge amount of power right in her face. Upon contact with anything, it would explode just as it would have done in the first place, only without that doubling power, and also now infused with the Insanity Static, which suppresses and neutralizes other mental waves or things that effect or involve the mind. Once exploded, the Insanity Static would make waste of the whole field... And, if not evaded, the Demon Princess' mind was in trouble as well. Though... Khrona wasn't aiming to destroy it, like the Insanity Static could, so there wasn't as much focused on the Demon Princess as there was on the entire area as a whole...

Demon Princess: "..."

The Demon Princess was pissed; to see her plan fall prey to such simple means was agitating, to say the least. Khrona's words were pissing her off as well; she didn't have time to spare in her quest -- time to become as experienced as Khrona, as the Earth King... As her Father. She wanted to beat them now; she wanted them to admit she was the one -- she wanted her father to see. "Stop lecturing...!" The Demon Princess' mind was growing tired, her chakra was burning out, and her body was starting to wither. The royal demons could never maintain their power in the human world, it always destroys their bodies, and at the rate the Demon Princess was growing, she would need a new one soon.

The Demon Princess planned to decide this match here and now; she was going to put everything she had into her next move. She lifted her fingers, and meeting the massive power Khrona was about to attempt to drop on the area with a wall of psychic force, the invisible energy bent into a cup-like shape, starting to angle itself in the direction of Khrona. This, he wouldn't notice from all the powers clashing, destroying, and cataclysmic display of force. This would distract him from the Demon Princess' true goal; to force Khrona into Killing himself.

The Demon Princess' mind was cracking, her nose was bleeding, her eyes riddled with blood -- but she wouldn't stop. The small, young child kept going; she managed to angle her psychic force so it blocked both the original power and what was about to happen next. "... Dodge this one!" The two forces stopped; the tremble on the grounds, the stillness of the air -- all the destruction -- stopped for one second. The Demon Princess had done it once more; she had redirected the potential and kinetic energy of the two opposing forces and released them in the form of a massive brainwave directed at Khrona. The beam took off without warning, without time to think, but Khrona would have time.

With her display, Khrona laughed hysterically. Not because she wasn't doing well, but because he honestly enjoyed the fight... But he could tell that she was giving it her all now. But Khrona knew what he could do when he was in a stationary position. "Dodge? No... Heh... I'll use it!" A sphere of blackness engulfed Khrona, seeming to emanate from his body itself. It was darker than black, yet tinted with a hint of purple somehow, and expanded to meet the beam and slowly started to consume even more. "... One of my higher forms of Reality Warping... I'm amazed that I actually had to use it, though... The Passion Fruits Grape."

Everything that went into the sphere stopped immediately, or didn't enter it at all if it couldn't be stopped, for the Passion Fruits Grape was a wonderful reality warping ability that stopped the flow and transfer of energy in everything, giving only a little bit of leniency to Khrona himself, but not too much. Everything else would be totally and utterly stopped while Khrona would still be able to move and talk, but not use any of his powers beyond that due to the Passion Fruits Grape not only taking up a lot of focus to use, but also its nullification of the energy transfer of everything else. Therefore, if and only if the attack tried to permeate the sphere, it would be stopped in its tracks or not even go into the sphere at all.

"This is a two part attack, you know. The sphere grows larger and consumed more things as it does, the same fate occurring to them as what happened to your attack... And then afterward, anything caught in the Passion Fruits Grape or is in the vicinity is imploded into a singularity and eliminated. I don't mind using the full power of this attack on you, no matter how much energy it shall cost me to do so. I expend a bit putting up and expanding the attack, but I require so much to cause it to implode on itself." Naturally, Khrona couldn't keep the effects of the attack to himself thanks to his Pact... Otherwise he probably would have said it in a more cryptic manner, IF at all. Oh well. "... You look pretty tired, Demon Princess. What do you prefer to do?"

The Demon Princess' head was shaking, her arm came up to her face. She was ashamed to say it, but she had lost again; her powers -- although they were mighty -- still couldn't best her opponent. How could she expect to be the savior of her Kingdom when the time came with this level of power, she thought.

"... I guess you win," the young child said reluctantly. Like all of the royal demon lineage, they hated admitting they couldn't do something, and the Demon Princess was no exception to this. "I'll kill you one of these days... Or something close enough to it."

With the admit of defeat, the Passion Fruits Grape dissipated around Khrona, who was still reclined, eyes glowing fiercely for a moment before reverting back to normal, Khrona closing his eyes. "Hahaha... Don't worry, you'll have your day. You would have probably taken down my daughter. She's less experienced than you." Khrona opened an eye and just as quickly as he did started to cackle lightly to himself. "Kill me, eh? Well, I think a lotta people wanna do that... You'll either have to stand in line or take them down and get to the front, hmmm~?" Khrona opened his wings, which as a result forced him high into the air without warning, and he would parachute down lightly back to his feet. "Don't get yourself all down, all you gotta do is learn from your mistakes and try not to make the same ones twice. Simple as that."

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Book 11; The Restrictions of Khrona Tensei
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