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 Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning

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Pandimensional God :: Void Bo$$

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning Empty
PostSubject: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning EmptyFri May 01, 2020 7:39 pm

The growing chaos and discord within the Dusk wasn't just limited to the village, as Khrona originally thought. No, it was slowly swallowing up the entire planet, thanks to not only the effects of the Insanity that had been released from its ancient slumber by the New Gen Trinity, but also the 'Four Horsemen' that were rising again by the actions of the Old Gen Trinity. The antagonistic forces of the planet -- mainly Medusa -- were definitely of some contribution to it all, as well. The world was quickly being swallowed by darkness; one that none of them seemed to be able to stop. It all started with the rise of the Kamishin; the Ancient Gods that were only to awaken when those on the planet started scraping at the coattails of their power. Unfortunately, none were prepared for what it meant to exceed that power and face off on a level fit for the Gods themselves.

Luckily, Khrona had the upper hand in terms of knowing, thanks to one of his most reliable ninja giving him the message from Paradise, itself; the realm in which the Gods resided in peace. Peace... That was the name Khrona liked for it. In his knowing of what was to come, he sought a way to stop it, or at least be better prepared... Only to come across his long lost True Father, Shinra Tensei. That very meeting was the End of Khrona Tensei in all but a single go, having his entire reality shattered to pieces right then and there, and falling unconscious as the world that his mind was connected to started to break down and crumble along with the pieces of Khrona's broken mind.

The World Was Coming To An End.
And It All Started With The End Of Khrona Tensei.

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Pandimensional God :: Void Bo$$
Pandimensional God :: Void Bo$$

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning EmptySat May 02, 2020 9:38 am

Whilst Khrona was unconscious, he saw a great deal of things and was taken on a vast unconscious journey through 'Deep Thought', most of which was incomprehensible to his broken mind at the time. He was receiving many messages and warnings from numerous beyonds; the Other Worlds that he was connected to -- but he was unable to receive any of their messages clearly. Bits and pieces of them started leaking out of his form and into the planet, thus further opening the 'Edge' through 'Deep Thought'. When he awoke from his slumber, his first thought was to make sense of it all in 'Deep Thought'. He was going to need a legion of his strongest to be able to fight what he had seen in his unconscious, broken mind. Though he wasn't fully together, he was at least stable enough to be able to understand and undergo that process, which he started immediately as best he could. First and foremost, that meant stabilizing himself, if nothing else. In order for him to receive messages clearly and completely, it was absolutely crucial that he was... Hopefully, others understood this so that they could get the messages correctly from him, as well.

The encounter with his father still fresh in his head, Khrona pierced through the great skies of the planet, turning these proud and bright skies dark and bleak. The hopelessness radiating from Khrona's heart and soul resonated with the atmosphere he presently occupied. His erratic flight pattern left no open pockets of blue up above, and half of the planet darkened to match Khrona's own discordant mind.

After what seemed to be several hours of complete insanity induced flight, the broken old leader recalled his residency down below. The bottomless pit was the entrance to the depths of the only solitary place Khrona had all to himself in all of the planet; his 'Deep Thought' room. With nothing able to penetrate it -- especially while he was there -- he was completely and utterly sealed off from the world.

He came in for a dive down into the endless darkness, hitting the surface below like a drunken rhino. The force of impact had enough force to blow down the mighty doors guarding the second entrance to Khrona's abode. On his knees, Khrona's head jerked up like a rickety old windup toy, coming to a stop when his shining red eyes were perfectly aligned with the room he went in for 'Deep Thought'; the 'Solitary Alone Time' room. Another burst of force propelled him farther into the bowels of his domicile, destroying furniture, architecture and doors to other rooms. In his wake, he left only discord and disarray, even in his own home. Slithering through the barely open door, it slammed shut right behind him and revealed his two faithful maidens already waiting for him.

Khrona: "M...Misery... Des...pair..."

Khrona's grandiose draconic wings fell limp to his side once he was safe within the darkness. In such a position, Khrona looked no different from an injured bird. Those gleaming eyes that pierced through the umbra teemed with utter insanity. His tired pants echoed from every crevice and crack within the room and no sooner would the room fill with all of his disturbing pains and tribulations. His neck curved upward, still a little jerky, to face the dual matriarchs of the household, unable to comprehend why they were here.

Khrona: "... 'Solitary Alone Time'... Is the place where I get my head on straight... I must... I... You cannot be here, lest I destroy you..."

'Solitary Alone Time' room was crafted from special material meant to absorb Khrona's thoughts and record them within its confines as to keep everything Khrona ever thinks saved in history. In such an exchange, no matter how strongly Khrona uses his psychic powers, his thoughts will not leave his mind nor that room. Rather effective for such a situation.

Even though the two weapons knew the room was forbidden from use when Khrona needed it, they were well aware of what happened to him. They could simultaneously feel it within their souls; they knew he'd been broken again. The first person to even begin to speak was Misery, of course, who stepped forward from near the wall and up close to the dangerously unstable Khrona.

Misery: "... Look, Khrona. It doesn't really matter right now. We've decided that we're gonna be with you on this one."

Despair did not move from the wall. Spreading her fingers out in a position that denotes holding a fan, many long razors extended from her fingers and into the form of a Japanese Fan. She hid her mouth behind it as if embarrassed or shy about something and then began to give her input.

Despair: "... Yes, that is abominably true, Khrona... We hate to see you suffer so much, especially when we all were getting over our suffering together... We could not leave you alone through this."

Misery: "We knew you'd be here first to try to calm down by going into Deep Thought. So we're gonna endure the Deep Thought of your mind. We want to make decisions and be right by your side through and through. We'll follow you anywhere and everywhere, you know."

Misery placed her hands on her hips, leaning slightly on one of her feet as she shifted her weight to said foot. Her body language suggested the whole 'Skeptical about why you didn't know that' look, as Despair, in the background, turned her head away and closed her tired, lonely eyes slowly to avoid being embarrassed. Khrona looked up to them both and started to figure out what they were saying, finding now no flaws with them being with him.

Khrona: "... You two... Must love me a lot... Okay, let's go."

The tension between the three of them bore and intensity that caused all of their hairs to stand on end. Khrona never let anyone into the depths of his own mind personally, and Misery and Despair had never dwelt there in all their years spent with him. This was a giant quantum leap in their relationship, for Khrona to be so accepting of them entering, however the risk factors stood incredibly high. The odds of the three of them escaping Khrona's own mind unscathed were little to none. The fear weighing heavy on the two mistresses, they grit their teeth and walked closer to Khrona slowly and cautiously.

Misery: "... Alright Khrona. We don't have all day! Let's find out the source of this problem!"

Despair: "Let's make haste...!"

The barely stable man weak on the ground couldn't even muster up a response to them due to his current state of mind. It was almost like he was stuck between the point of time where he had adapted socially to everyone and when he was totally isolated from everyone except Misery, Despair, and his brother. With burning eyes still illuminating the secluded area, his head started to jerk about suddenly and rapidly, as if mental convulsions were overtaking his destructive mind. Faster than one could imagine, Khrona's hands flew up to his temple and ran through his already thoroughly messy hair. His fingers dug deep into his own pained head, to which he released a powerful and morbid screech that would tear through the minds of those who were not already accustomed to Khrona's outbursts. Even Misery and Despair winced at this, something they had been dealing with for a great deal of time.

Moments after his outburst, Khrona was silenced abruptly. He lowered his head back down to where it faced the ground, still gripping his head tightly. His total motionlessness gave the image that he was not still breathing, -- or even living -- as the stillness of his body matched the stillness of the silent air. Then, it came. A faint pulse of mental energy surging from none other than the cerebrum of dear old Khrona. It beat outward once... Twice... Three times... And so forth, growing stronger and faster after each wave. Eventually, the mental pulses were so strong that their very presence distorted the atmosphere to faint glimpses of Khrona's innermost thoughts and feelings, to which Misery and Despair would feel completely.

Misery: "What the hell...?"

Soon the pulses were no more and the atmosphere was nothing but distortion... They were being pulled into Khrona's mind through Deep Thought... They'd finally been pulled into the 'Trinity Plane'.

The 'Trinity Plane'... The horrific, unstable, distorted reality as a compilation of Khrona's mind, body, and soul. This was the place no one ever could tread, lest they were taken by Khrona himself. It required absolutely perfect resonance and harmony with his three aspects of himself, which is how Misery and Despair -- his closest companions -- were able to be transported so easily.

Upon transportation, the two of them stood befuddled as to what all of this was or how even to navigate around. An unwavering confusion lingered over their heads, stifling their movement and locking them in place where they stood. The influence was almost too overwhelming for even them.

Misery: "Gh... What... Is this place?! Khrona!"

Despair: "It's so... Dreadfully... Ngh..."

Despair couldn't even finish her negatively positive statement, she was in so much confusion. It was simply unbearable between them, and it hurt their minds, bodies, and souls incredibly. The crippling pain put the two of them to their knees quickly as the distorted atmosphere faded to darkness, as if they were gliding across the ground without moving.

Misery: "It... Hurts..."

Despair: "Wonderfully... Terrible..."

When all hope seemed lost for these two, Khrona manifested between them, fully capable of walking, talking and coherent thought. He spoke.

Khrona: "... That is simply you two getting adjusted to your own bodies, minds, and souls, plus resonating with my own. The longer you stay in here, the more those three aspects begin to harmonize. It's like a training room of sorts."

There also seemed to be a pipe in Khrona's mouth... Which he promptly swished from side to side, puffing and poffing all the while.

*poff poff*

Khrona: "No need for alarm, it'll pass."

Just as Khrona said, the pain started to fade the longer they were there, until it was not noticeable at all. By that time, the two of them stood up in front of Khrona, who was standing before a thick white line. He turned before it and stared into the blackness on the other side, which seemed to be darker than all the rest on his side of the line.

Misery: "Khrona? What the fuck is going on?! Why aren't you in crippling insanity!?"

Khrona put a finger to his mouth to form a 'sh' motion with his mouth, then put his hand down. He waited for her to appear... That mysterious being that resided in the unexplored parts of his mind; Omnia.

Khrona: "... Be patient, Misery. She will answer all of your questions..."

No sooner had he said that, she appeared out of thin air, the thirteen silhouettes towering over her small body, as usual.

Omnia: "Hahaha, I knew you'd be back looking for answers. Let me shed some light on some things..."

Khrona's body shot backward like an apparition, phasing through Misery and Despair to let them have the lead in talking to Omnia. This Khrona was not the 'true' Khrona they knew, but a guide made by him to keep them from getting hurt. The usually black sky was stained an unusual shade of red, lightning crashing down nonstop in the multitudes. Yet, none hit their area. Omnia turned her head to Misery to answer her question she previously asked, even though it was for Khrona.

"Let's start with what's going on around here..." she started. She crossed her arms and stared deeply into Misery's eyes, prepping for the long explanation that was about to come from her mouth. With a great inhale, she spoke again.

Omnia: "You see, this place is made up of all parts of Khrona. What Khrona doesn't know is that there are more parts to him than he's ever seen, which is why even though he can use one hundred percent of his mind, he does not without transformation. This is because of these thirteen behind me."

She pointed arbitrarily to the large figures in the rear.

Omnia: "These are the 'Thirteen Restrictions'. They were forcefully placed on Khrona by his subconscious to protect him. I'm that subconscious. I am Khrona."

She let those words sink into their minds, snickering a bit to herself. Even though Khrona was lost in insanity technically, he could still hear the conversation at hand. Her words then caused a massive condensed bolt of lightning to flash and hit the ground, creating an explosion that destroyed more than half of where they were... Save for the other side of the line. That was Khrona's insanity within his mind acting up once he came to this realization.

Omnia: "When he was exposed to God-like power, he grew to surpass it instantly. Even though his potential is able to surpass it, he was not ready, himself. As such, the subconscious -- me -- had to make the 'Thirteen Restrictions' to keep Khrona from destroying his own existence with his own power. He's a ticking time bomb, as you can clearly see, and his powers being locked away is what keeps him living. When he can successfully open and control the powers that each Restriction seals away, he will not die, like he would have before... He will become... A God."

She let her hands unfold and found the lightning to become more and more stable. Khrona's questions were being answered involuntarily, which brought him closer and closer to stability.

Omnia: "I didn't let him know who I was or what would happen before because he was not ready. But now that he's broken... His father could see his potential... The potential to harness power and control even stronger than Shinra Tensei, himself. If this boy can keep his own power sustained without himself knowing, I feel like that's a feat that no psychic nor other power could even fathom to have. He comes in here to better his mind, body, and soul and keep them from going out of control... But every time he enters here, he extends the line a little bit more. Today, this line will extend a lot."

She looked down at the white line on the ground, to which Misery and Despair also looked down at. Naturally, this brought up the next question from Despair...

Despair: "... And what does the white line represent?"

Omnia made haste in her answer this time. "The part of his mind inaccessible to him. Basically, what I, his subconscious, and the Thirteen Restrictions keep from him consciously so that he does not destroy himself. The more powerful he gets and the more he understands himself and his power, the farther the line stretches. When he extends this line to the farthest point of his mind... All separated parts of Khrona will be assimilated and he will become a whole being. The Thirteen Restrictions will be gone."

Everything was starting to make sense now. The lightning subsided completely now and Misery and Despair were listening attentively to Omnia, who seemed to simply know everything. Perhaps that was why she chose to call herself 'Omnia.'

Misery: "But what are these Thirteen Restrictions each holding back? Is he even close to unlocking these powers?"

Omnia was happy that this question was asked, for it was one that Khrona needed to hear more than anything.

Omnia: "The Thirteen Restrictions, as I have told Khrona, protect different parts of his mind, body and soul that work together to make him function. While restricted, these abilities have very strict limitations, however when unlocked, the power is virtually limitless, as long as Khrona understands everything about it. The Thirteen Limits that the Thirteen Restrictions protect, in order, are as follows: 1: Restriction of Psychic Power. 2: Restriction of Soul. 3: Restriction of Body. 4: Restriction of Energy. 5: Restriction of Reality. 6: Restriction of Emotion. 7: Restriction of Insanity. 8: Restriction of Power. 9: Restriction of Knowledge. 10: Restriction of Presence. 11: Restriction of Potential. 12: Restriction of Will. 13: Restriction of Control."

Hearing the list and what Omnia's explanation of the line was earlier, it would seem that Khrona had already broken some Restrictions so far, if the line was a bit farther than before... Now, Khrona himself had to ask the next question.

Khrona: "How many have been broken so far...?"

Omnia shook her head. "You have unlocked Restrictions two, three, seven and thirteen. Your wavelength is on par with the gods. Your body is under your total and utter dominance at all times. Recently, you have learned how to harness your insanity and become the 'Keeper of Insanity' as proof. And lastly, the Thirteenth, which you had broken a long time ago when you realized that your power is of your own control and no one else's. The Restriction of Control."

Those Restrictions she named stepped back, fading out of their positions and into the oblivion of Khrona's insides.

Omnia: "However... With your father's will, you have begun to pound upon the Restriction of Energy and the Restriction of your Psychic Power. When you release these two Restrictions, your chakra pool and control will ascend to match -- or even surpass -- that of your father's, and your mental power will literally be unable to be matched by any other being less than a God."

Such a statement intimidated Khrona momentarily... His psychic power was STILL not at full power? He was stronger than any other psychic in all of the world and yet still, it could be advanced further? It was almost unreal how much power he was hiding from his own self. But if his mind knew he wasn't ready, it wasn't going to let him have access to all of his power. Not only that, the ability to control and use chakra like that... his Reality Warping abilities would become much easier and faster to execute, and fathoms more powerful as well. This was the journey he was embarking on now... And he needed a clean mind to do it.

Khrona: "... Omnia... You knew that my insanity was induced by my quest for answers to why I lost against my father. I now see why I lost to him, but I am still not satisfied. I must unlock the First and Fourth Restrictions before I fight my father again... And then I will be satisfied until the next time I must come into Deep Thought. But I thank you for your help, as usual."

She nodded to him, turning her head to Misery and Despair. "Well, it seems like you two got a little workout from being here as well. I can just see how well your bodies, minds, and souls have harmonized with each other. That'll make you two much stronger than you were before, undoubtedly."

Misery and Despair looked at their hands, then at Khrona, feeling the power surging within themselves.

Misery: "... So you're better, right? Now that you are, what's the final verdict?"

Khrona paused and thought for a moment. He thought and he thought and he thought, only coming to a conclusion once his thoughts all made perfect sense.

Khrona: "First, we help my brother and the others with Medusa. Then, immediately after, the three of us are going on our own adventure by ourselves so that we may grow... Just like the old days. Us three haven't had an adventure ever since I became leader, and that has been stifling our growth! To grow stronger, we must explore. Soul Hunt. Battle people. Hunt and take in Insanity. And protect the planet in our own way... AWAY from the organized thoughts of the leaders or the rules! Our OWN way!"

Khrona hadn't been this inspired in a very, very long time. It was like a new spark was being revitalized within him from so long ago, but now with his new potential, he was able to actually use it correctly. Behind Omnia, another Restriction faded from behind her, this being the Restriction of Potential. She smiled, chuckling a little.

Omnia: "So... You've even managed to take hold of your own Potential, huh...? Now that you know it is limitless... Harness it. Harness it and unlock the other Restrictions. We will be waiting in the back of your mind... Until you get back here, yourself..."

With those closing remarks, she disappeared, the remaining Restrictions leaving right behind her.

Once Omnia disappeared, soon after did Khrona, Misery, and Despair. They had their questions answered within the Trinity Plane and as such, it was now time for action. They reappeared in the Solitary Alone Time room, everyone back in their same positions, however feeling much more stable than before. Khrona stood to his feet and immediately walked toward the door.

Khrona: "Misery. Despair. Come on, we have friends to help. But even before that, we have to remodel the house."

Misery, stumbling to keep up as Khrona opens the door and walks through, "Remodel!? What the hell are you gonna remodel the house to, anyway? We live in a fucking hole!"

Khrona, Misery and Despair made their ways to the front, where Khrona instantly ascended to the very top of the Pit.

Khrona: "The Pit will stay here, but atop it will be the ultimate protector, waiting here until we need him... ALEXANDROS!"

Alexandros's crest appeared right above the Pit of Havoc, covering the entirety of the hole's opening and then some. Moments later, the towering giant known as Alexandros would form from the crest, this Summon standing a watchful, motionless guard over the Pit of Havoc.

Khrona: "It's for a more welcoming approach to our house. Alexandros works as a mobile house and doubles as a weapon. No one will be able to get the jump on us, and now we can have people over without the insanity crippling them. Besides... Now you'll get a lot more rooms. Inside of him is like a mansion."

Of course, that was all Khrona had to say to get Misery and Despair on board. The two of them would make serious changes to the interior once they got back... But, as said before, it is time to head out.

Khrona: "Misery... Despair... To battle with our new power."

With that, he grabbed them both, who turned into their weapon forms, and Khrona took off leaving Alexandros to monitor the house... Eternally. Think he may need a new name...

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning EmptyTue May 05, 2020 10:12 am

The very first person Khrona sought out about all of this was none other than the only one who NEEDED to be concerned about these affairs; the Demon King. Teetering between Insanity and Stability, Khrona needed to let at least the Demon King know what was to come and just how prepared they needed to be. Not to mention to get him back for randomly intruding on Khrona's house that one time and busting shit up, legit. One for ones up in here.

The Demon King's Castle; the large, dark palace that stood high and tall watching over all of its kingdom and citizens like a protective father. Holding the likeness to Khrona's very own, -- Alexandros -- it was a shame that he had to do what he was about to. The dragon-man soared high above the ground, his wings striking fear in the hearts of the dragons that roamed about castle skies. Those that did not fear and so foolishly came across the reformed man found their very heads twisted off by the godly psychic force that was Khrona's thoughts and influence.

The skies were clear now, dragons fleeting at every turn and pass as to not intervene with the affairs of two leaders whose talks always started off in the same way...

Khrona did not scream through his mouth, but through his mind, the wave of psycho force surging through every part of the castle, causing all windows to burst, glass to shatter, and walls to quake and tremble at the very presence of such intense thought. All so that Khrona's words would find the mind of the master of this castle... None other than the Demon King. This was clearly revenge for what the Demon King had done to Khrona's own home, yet there were no hard feelings at all. Khrona was still here on business.

The psychic roar that destroyed the Demon King's dragons and windows would stop just there, the foundation of his home left unharmed by Khrona's immense power the likes of which would stand to to assert the symbolism of what the Demon King would stand for in his state of mind. "I see you're pissed," came a soft voice into Khrona's mind; seconds later a large hole would appear in the roof of the castle and out came the Demon King. Unlike Khrona, the Demon King had no partners to assist him in battle... Not in the sense that Khrona had. "Whats this proposition?" the Demon King asked, slowly floating into the sky, the gray hue faintly around his body -- he knew this conversation would lead to a clash in power shortly. It were all too common for he and Khrona to fight like this, but the Demon King had yet to take the time to reflect on exactly why they did this. Were they simply trying to prove to one another that they were capable, or was it simply out of the power monger ego? It couldn't be for such trivial reason -- Khrona wasn't just intelligent, he shared the Demon King's mind in the aspect of wisdom and the Demon King once believed he, too, thought in such a light; it were until his Trinity Brothers began questioning in such fashions that he began to doubt his own worth. "I hope its not the same as the Earth King... I already dismissed his ideals from my head... And I would hate for yours to follow the same egomania purpose."

The hardened aura of Khrona swiftly lightened upon seeing that his Brother of the Chaos was at home and at ready. He smiled, eyes growing less and less intense, the shattered windows of his wondrous castle no shawping back to normality, as if Khrona had not even touched them. "... Hmhmhm~! Nothing of the sort. Come now, Demon King, I know you know me better than that." He twirled his weapons about in his hand -- Misery and Despair -- and placed them swiftly inside of his semi-shapeless flowing black coat. He closed his eyes fully and laughed lightly to himself. "My proposition is-- ... Haaa... It would be boring to just tell you, you know." With that, Khrona's black robe quickly swirled into the shape of to massive black wings, the force of them simply forming releasing a powerful gust which pushed away every extraneous thing in the area. Khrona started to walk slowly toward the Demon King, his eyes gradually opening to a midpoint as he neared closer and closer, adjusting his gloves and tapping the crimson orb on his chest. It started to gleam, and soon after scream with power focusing deep within, seeming to be siphoned straight out of Khrona's own soul. A great beam of redness shot forth, bathing all things in its crimson light the moment it left Khrona's chest and right for the Demon King. Though it held immeasurable power, the recoil did not force Khrona back, and in fact, he continued to walk forward with a smile on his face.

"I thought you would say something like that," the Demon King said with a chuckle as his 'Flame Aura' flared up in response to Khrona's wings. The Demon King had been here a million times, fighting Khrona and facing his power, and yet... It never got any easier. In knowing what Khrona was capable of, he found no safety; but,in knowing the extent of his own will and soul... The Demon King found all the power in the universe. Needless to say, the Demon King needed to deal with the crimson beam headed his way. So he quickly rose his left hand, the gray wispy flames twirling around his arm, quickly creating the same -- if not more destructive -- power that Khrona had so quickly fashioned. The gray flames jetted off towards Khrona's beam, the likes of which clashed and completely ruined the area around them. In their first clash of power, the Demon King and Khrona had somehow managed to turn his massive abode into the ruins of the past, leaving behind only one pillar in its wake. "You are always growing..." the Demon King said as he shielded hims face from the flying debris and cataclysmic powers of crimson and gray proportions. The beam's collision seemed to hide Khrona from normal standard sight, but the Demon King still had a clear lock on Khrona's location. His eyes were never fooled.

As per usual, the first clash of power proved extravagant between the two, but nowhere near the power they both knew the other could exude. A simple testing of the waters; a way to get things up and running... To pick this fight off of the ground. "... And you think I am the only one?" The voice spoke from the depths of the debris, soon before the rubble and smoke vanished in another strong gust of wind. On Khrona's back, right below his first two giant black draconic wings were two seals; those made completely of light. Smoldering with intense brightness, now settling in the form of a newly sprouted set of wings were the angelic white feathers of Khrona's summon, Alexandros. "I've always been meaning to test this fighting style out... The 'Pseudo Summon' style. Alexandros..." An eerie noise filled the air, as if something where whistling angelically in the air. With a simple 'Sorry' said in his mind to his best friend and brother, a huge tower of hexagons of light shot down at the Demon King from above, their speed leading those with non-keen eyes to believe that a great and powerful invisible force had crashed down upon the area, which, if not handled properly, would crush the Demon King straight into the ground. Twas Alexandros' ability, 'Protectima', being used offensively rather than defensively. Khrona merely crossed his arms now, knowing that he would be fighting more with his mind than he would with his hands. These two would not still be testing waters for long...

With the blink of an eye, a crater several miles deep was formed, the likes of which more than likely holding the Demon King as its prisoner as the powerful force continued to push him towards the core of their planet. It was a rather large planet, -- about two or three times the size of earth -- yet the Demon King was sure he was nearly halfway into the planet before he had the muscle to stop the 'burden' resting on his shoulders. "Sometimes I wonder!" he yelled, flexing his proverbial muscles and releasing a flux of power from his Aura. The hands of the Spirit Of Fire were resting over his shoulder, no doubt the only reason the Demon King wasn't primordial goop by now. The gray hands of the arcane Spirit came jutting high into the skies, ultimately flinging the force into the heavens and pulling the Demon King out of the cavern of destruction. He landed on the ground, right beside the crater formed by Khrona's display of power, and shook his head. He wasn't mocking his brother -- no, he was admiring his power. What was it Khrona had to go through to obtain such control of his mind?

"Tell me, Khrona... Are my eyes the only ones seeing the darkness? Have you heard its eerie cries in the night as she draws closer to our homes?" The Demon King slowly rose his hand towards Khrona once again. This time, a distinct spark occurred around the Demon King's palm, the air between Khrona and he began to flicker as waves of something passed in and out, around and about the air... What was the Demon King doing? "... Answer me!" he yelled moments after he proposed his question, igniting the molecules in the air for as far as the eye could see. The Demon King's Origin Vision made spontaneous explosions all the easier; he could easily target the smallest and most insignificant aspect of life and vibrates its existence. With such power, the Demon King targeted every bit of air around Khrona in a mile radius -- even the air on his clothes, and so on. The results were beyond destructive. The sky would flashed with a bright and brilliant gray light before an array of explosions akin to the Demon King's respective power level went off around Khrona. The vibration of just one of the molecules would be enough to kill an Expert; two of them would have destroyed his house -- a hundred thousand... His kingdom. Yet, the Demon King ignited trillions of molecules. This would result in an explosion of the century; the flames would feed off one another but would never expand past the mile radius the Demon King had guided them to. The Demon King wasn't just a powerful titan; he had utter control of how he used his power.

It wouldn't be too long, he knew, before the the Demon King emerged from the depths of 'hell' to wreak havoc upon Khrona for his destructive blow. Closing his eyes and opening his ears to the melodious sound of wavelength in the air, Khrona could hear the very moment when the Demon King had forcefully ceased his descent further down into the depths of this planet. Taking about one, two... Three steps back, the great hexagonal force shot back up to the heavens where it descended from, widening the already massive hole in the ground upon its exit, right to where Khrona's feet were now, at the very edge. Perfect execution.

The concern about the Demon King was exceptionally acute for the predicament at hand, a light chuckle escaping Khrona at the thought of the Demon King's thoughts. "... Hahaha... Now honestly... Do you think I'd be here right now if I didn't?" Khrona's eyes slowly opened again, this time to see the Demon King's hand pointed directly at him. Something was amiss. His carefree smirk swiftly altered, a serious face fetching itself upon Khrona now, accompanying a swift glint of his red eyes...

Khrona: "Your answer...? Shield...!!"

... Followed by a series of explosions. Concentrating on where the explosions were about to occur, Khrona created translucent octagons of pure force, which would be used to combat energy based attacks such as these explosions that swept across the area. Successful at first, the rapidly appearing and disappearing octagons that held the explosions off from hitting Khrona gradually started to weaken and wane. A crack.

Khrona: "...ima!!"

Increasing the power of 'Shield' to 'Shieldima,' twas the only way to totally keep the explosions at bay... Yet even then, such folly manna wasn't ever going to live up to the standards of battling the Demon King's fire. Not with the way Khrona was using it now. But, you live and learn, and Khrona was definitely learning... Now it was time to live.

The explosions now broke through the guard of even 'Shieldima', proving their power, and as per usual, Khrona was engulfed by yet another dreadfully deadly and destructive force... That is, until the explosions were calmed by an astronomical burst of wind from Khrona, which seemed to keep the explosions at bay and calmed. His four wings had been contracted and expanded with a large amount of force, -- which was saying something, as Khrona simply moving his wings usually caused tornadoes -- and the power was only doubled by the use of Alexandros' wings, as well. The explosions were kept at bay by Khrona's psychic power, which had been spread about via the concussive blast of gale that was exerted from him just a moment ago.

And so stood Khrona, perfectly still and perfectly silent, staring at the Demon King with a blank face, but eyes ablaze with pools and pools of bloody red light. Without saying a word, Khrona's body flickered in and out, from his current position to right in front of the Demon King's in an instant. His body, his face, his essence collectively covered in darkness from the shadow of his great wings -- only Khrona's piercing red eyes could be seen. Looking at them, even with the Origin Vision, caused a powerful psychotic repulsion to blast away any intrusive energies that were near, -- namely the Demon King -- trying to blast him far off to the other side of the Chaos. "Don't think it's so easy... To fight me as you do the Experts, Demon King..." Those words would follow him if he did so fly across the terrain, the sound being brought to the Demon King's ears by a heightened psychic presence which allowed the sound increased priority over all other sounds. Hence, Khrona's words were traveling faster than the speed of sound to meet the Demon King's ears. Everything he said was important this scuffle.

Khrona's body flicker caused him to appear directly in front of the Demon King, for but a moment the two stood perfectly still, staring into one another's eyes. To the normal eye, the Demon King and Khrona were in front of one another for but a second, but to the two combatants, it was like an eternity. Khrona's mind could easily be compared to the Demon King's eyes; they saw the connectedness of all things, and when those two forces look into one another... They saw everything. "... I'd hope not," came a voice into Khrona's mind as the Demon King's body slid back into the last pillar of his ruined home. The result of the two powers was something to be amazed by, but the Demon King slid calmly -- almost as if he allowed it to happen. "So..." he stammered to say as he wiped the small traces of blood off of his face. The force of the repulsion that occurred when the two of them met eyes was more than the Demon King would have imagined... But he felt like it was something he had to let happen. "We are really going to do this..." he said calmly. The Demon King's Origin Eyes were giving him hints and images of the battle yet to come... Khrona wasn't going to back down; they were going to settle something -- but, the Demon Kinh wasn't sure what they were even fighting about. He knew it wasn't power or pride, jealousy nor envy.-

"Fine," he said, settling his Aura and allowing his mind to be cleared of distraction. If Khrona was going to go all out, then the Demon King had best be prepared for it. Slowly he began to calm his mind through the flow of controlled breaths. Within his breath, he consumed his Aura and brought it into his inner being, and with the slow exhale, he allowed it back into his Aura. The process may have gone unnoticed to the normal eye, but it was evident the Demon King was doing something. The gray flame Aura began to expand,growing to heights and lengths unimaginable even to the Demon King; in time, the flames would have stretched across the entirety of the Chaos. The flames would do no harm to anyone -- not even Khrona. Most of the shinobi wouldn't notice the difference, as you would need a heightened sense of understanding to feel the Aura that was passing by. Once the Demon King found a comfort in this clearing of the mind, the 'Flame Aura' would return inward... As if nothing happened -- though, Khrona would know otherwise.

The shadows of Khrona's wings departed from his face as he watched the Demon King slide back as he did, knowing that he could have fought back if he so chose to. Sometimes, you had to let yourself get attacked in battle; but knowing which attacks to take was a most skillful tactic that the Demon King seemed to understand right now. It lightened Khrona's dreary face. As the Demon King rose from the rubble, Khrona knew just what was about to happen, and instead of attacking the Demon King as most cutthroat shinobi would do to stop him from achieving an utter calm as he did, Khrona allowed it to happen, a warm smile growing on his face as it did. In fact, seeing those gray flames spread across the sky, the ground, the atmosphere... Even feeling them himself, Khrona was aware that the Demon King was starting to realize just what level he needed to be on to fight Khrona now. A huge, toothy smile appeared on Khrona's face; one of pure joy and bliss. "... Ah! I see you're finally starting to come to your right mind... Oh, brother of mine!" What Khrona pulled on the Demon King before definitely wouldn't work on him now, and would probably even do so much as to work against Khrona. It was time for Khrona to fight against the Demon King much more carefully... Thoughtfully... Tactfully. The time for games was at an end.

"Now, if you're ready again... 'Holima'!" That said, Khrona's wings began to emanate pure and utter light, even his black wings becoming white with holy power, bathing this normally dark man in a revealing light. This light then channeled itself and condensed into a large swirling ring around Khrona, increasing in speed with every revolution. Moments later, a beam of pure holy light of immense sized was shot forth from his right side, being swept across the ground all around the Demon King's side of the field, and what followed behind this beam were astronomical explosions of sheer and utter light, whose explosions formed many individual cross-shaped beams of holy energy instead of mushroom clouds, and its light stayed constant to blind the entire side of the field with this light. With normal vision, Khrona wouldn't even be able to see in front of his nose with such intense light, but his Hyper Perception always made him see, just the same as the Origin Vision to the Demon King.

In the wake of Khrona's growing power, the Demon King could tell things were about to heat up right here. The revealing light of destruction collided with the battlefield and bathed itself in the lands, no doubt engulfing the Demon King in its glory. For a moment, it would appear as though the Demon King was done for until... "Divinius..." came a tone form amidst the blinding white light of Khrona's awakening. In response to the words spoken came a thin streak of gray energy, the likes of which piercing through the light like a knife through butter -- but, that alone would not be enough to stop Khrona's power. After the first beam came another, then another -- soon their were hundreds of beams being fired from within the light; ultimately the Demon King was using the power of a more evolved beam of 'Execution' to pierce and bombard Khrona's power. Some of the beams would even threaten Khrona, though this was only a small part of the Demon King's plan, as the pinnacle of his focus was not being destroyed in the burning white light.

As the smoke of battle dispersed, Khrona would notice the Demon King panting, tired from using so many volleys of his new power -- but, not in any way out of the fight. "... Brother?" he questioned as he recovered his clarity; there was a pinch of aggression in his tone this time. Hearing that word always stirred something in the Demon King these days. The area around Khrona and the Demon King was that of a deceased ruin; somehow both of them were confining their destruction to the insignificant land of the Demon King's home. The two leaders were really changing. "I have had the word used too many times... To acknowledge its significance..." he said as his Flame Aura expanded, granting him the 'Wings Of Ra' on his back. This Aura was the Demon King's main style of combat as of late, as all of his extensions of self had returned inward. Ra, his shaman spirit, his Spirit Weapon -- everything of his being were functioning as one being. With the air clear and his focused still intact, the Demon King adjusted his vision directly on Khrona. Due to the Khrona's Hyper Perception, he would be able to 'feel' the Demon King's eyes zeroing in on his cosmic location.

"Divinius!" he exclaimed as the same beam he used to pierce Khrona's light came falling down from the sky. How the Demon King made such an attack with no movement of his body was a mystery, but in time the light would shine through and explain itself. One would call it payback for the force Khrona dropped on his head, but in reality... The Demon King was just getting serious. Khrona had referred to the Demon King as 'Brother' twice in this battle, a term his 'Trinity' used with poor understanding of its meaning... At least, to the Demon King.

"'Divinius', huh...?" Those thin beams of the Demon King's new power... How they ripped through the divine light of the 'Holima', bombarding this great light with their numbered fortitude -- and so did they also threaten the caster of this brilliant luminosity, yet their piercing cries were nowhere near enough to hit Khrona. He took steps toward them, his body fading in and out rapidly whilst jerking side to side to avoid collision whilst also making it seem as though Khrona's body was vibrating. Noticing the Demon King's panting from using this technique, it was clear that he wasn't adept at it yet, which could only mean that it was a newfound power. Perhaps Khrona was inspiring something deep down within the Demon King, which welled up as new power? It made him smile, and even laugh. "... Now you get the idea..." He said this more to himself than he did to the Demon King, and yet all the same, the glorious 'Wings Of Ra' grew large, rivaling that of even Khrona's famous dragon wings, and now his angelic wings as well. Ra was to the Demon King as Alexandros, Misery, Despair, and Tabrith were to Khrona, it would seem. Companions, every one of them, and his most trusted and loyal. Their bonds were becoming stronger, assimilating into one thing. This oneness was the key the Demon King needed for this, and Khrona only hoped that this power was used to its greatest extent. A sharp feeling befell Khrona's eyes and his mind, this being the Demon King adjusting his sights for Khrona... And only Khrona. And so the name of the divine 'Execution' was called forth again, and Khrona couldn't help but smirk.

"... Is that so?" His head jerked straight up, staring directly at the eye-burning light of the beam of 'Divinius' that threatened to smite him where he stood. The look of his eyes was the force of his mind keeping this power at bay and assessing it, for it was something all new even to Khrona. Even so, he did not lose sight of what the Demon King was feeling... And in fact, his attack said it all. "Do not think lightly of me. What I say comes from a higher understanding. But I'm sure that you already know, even if you DON'T know!!" As the color finally left Khrona's eyes, his body was overcome by this immensely destructive light, which would pierce straight through the ground and possible even farther than anticipated from Khrona. And alas, that body was gone. There resided no remains of Khrona's own body, as if it had been totally wiped from this earth. Yet, his power still radiated in the area; even stronger, actually, than before. Why was this? Had the Demon King not completely obliterated the body of Khrona? But a body is a vessel... "... It can be rebuilt." His voice echoed all about, yet the 'form' that Khrona was in now was that of his very own soul, which still took the same shape as Khrona. The innards were crimson, the outline holding it together was black, and Khrona's eyes were completely white and vertical -- there being three of them now. This was what his soul looked like, and it had shaped itself to resemble Khrona's original body.

"... Let me tell you a story, Demon King. For as long as I have been able to use my power, I have been able to assume the form of a simple body, a soul without a body, and a consciousness without either a number of times in my endeavors. Such a feat is impossible, right? Even for the Gods, right? So why is it that this man before me, this mere mortal, Khrona Tensei, can achieve the form of either a Body, a Mind, or a Soul as he chooses? Good question. I used to ask myself the same thing." The rubble around Khrona, -- the remains of the Demon King's castle -- it started to rise gently from the ground, hovering around Khrona as if he were a vortex pulling in matter. They grew closer and closer to him, and as they did, their solid shapes grew less and less, until they seemed to be taking the form of energy itself. "In a battle with the Earth King, I thought I could use my special power and become merely a soul so that his physical body could not touch me. It did not work in my favor. Yet, I grew from that. In a fight with you so long ago, when my body was blown away, I continued on as a consciousness. This, I believe, was one of our encounters in space, if I remember correctly. When I first when into 'Trance Mode'." The energy that was this debris now coated Khrona's spiritual form, hardening back into his lost muscle, his blood, his skin, and every other physical part of him that was no more. Now, he had literally shaped his body from the rubble of the Demon King's own former castle, becoming proverbially 'one' with it.

"Though I used this ability few times, I knew it to be important to me. This is because of my personal trinity within myself. My body, governed by my 'Anatomia' technique, my soul, governed by my own wavelength, and my mind, governed by the 'godly psychic power,' 'Psychodynatheos'. They all failed separately, but as one, they allow my form to stay constant, even without a vessel. Even without a spirit. Even without a mind. As long as one of these things exists, the others may be reformed, as you can see that my body has been from the remains of your house." Remnants of the Demon King's house -- ergo, the Demon King himself... And even the Demon Queen... Now pulsed through Khrona's veins. The sign of 'Brotherhood', Khrona believed it was, for his 'Absorptive Wavelength' had taken them in and welcomed them in his soul, and of course, this welcomeness came from his mind and his body. To accept them as part of him, they became his body. "Demon King... Your own trinity lies within you, as it does with me. It does within everyone. What would you call Ra?" Those were the final words of Khrona's tale, and his hand would raise forebodingly upward, a limp index finger radiating with an invisible force. "'Cut'..." He slowly lifted his finger upward, and following it on the ground was a trail of literally split reality, part of one of his strongest fighting styles -- the 'Reality Break' style. With simply the tracing of his finger, Khrona was slicing apart the ties that reality had to this world, leaving an abysmal trail of black where his finger pointed... Until he pointed then at the Demon King, which the tracing line of severed reality would follow to, aiming to slice his very reality in two and split this leader apart, to the point where his physical form would be cut apart and erased, if allowed to go through as planned. But no, Khrona could not possibly be this cruel... Could he?

The Demon King's body was growing tired; manipulating his Aura was draining, to say the least... Even with the grave potency of 'Demon Force' Chakra -- he was growing weak... But the soul is immortal; why was he tired? That's when Khrona's words started to make all the more sense. The 'Trinity' wasn't a group... It was a state of being. How foolish had he and his brothers been to believed they were the only stars of the universe... But who even came up with the concept of 'The Trinity'? "That 'Term' has brought nothing but peril to this planet... Because of that... I can't stop fighting!" the Demon King exclaimed as he rid his mind of the feelings of weariness. The Demon King had come to believe that he and his so called 'brothers' weren't saving the world at all. Everything happens for a reason, and no sooner than one villain was defeated, another rose to take his place; history was constantly repeating itself on this planet... But why? He had begun to believe that there was a higher power operating above them and was conspiring for their demise. Originally, the Demon King believed this 'Higher Power' to be the Dark King or the Nightmare as a whole... But even they were ignorant to the truth. They were just playing their roles out in the game of life; they were just as connected to the system as everyone else... So who could the Demon King trust?

"... No," he said, opening his eyes from behind the blindfold in preparation for Khrona's attack. The Demon King's 'Wings Of Ra' sunk into his Aura and out came the arms of the Spirit Of Fire, the massive arms halting the reality slice with powers of the divine energies the Demon King had come to control. Slashes of black, crimson, and gray energies sparked wildly around the area, tearing at the reality around them. The slices split the sky and scorched the earth; everything around the two combatants was dissolving into nothing... Or was it? As the Spirit Of Fire held back Khrona's reality slice, the mouth of the beast slowly made its way into the reality. Its gaping maw unhinged, revealing a roaring bulk of gray flames. "I'll stop what we set in motion... I will eliminate this false reality and set right what was originally theirs. I'll do it with..." It wasn't very clear as to whom the Demon King was referring to; he could have been speaking on behalf of his kids, his fallen members of the Demon World, his Kingdom, or hell, maybe even the entire world; but, one thing was certain -- the Demon King's wrath was starting to bleed into his power. His emotions were always a key to his strength and his drive, but rarely did he use them accurately... The burning gray flames brewing in the mouth of the beast reached their critical mass, unleashing from the depths of his will a flash of gray light. The flash covered the area directly in front of the Demon King, illuminating everything in its path of eons. The cylinder flash was the only warning as to where the destruction was going to occur, which was terrifying as the flash stretched high into the heavens. The second before the destruction, all the matter in between the light would slowly start to rise from off of the ground and sizzle into what looked like ashes; this was to be the fate of everything once the 'calm' of the storm passed. "... A flash."

His words triggered the Jutsu to go off, causing everything caught in the wave of gray light to feel the ferocity of the Demon King's wrath. Matter, energy, spirits, life,  death... Everything caught in the wake of this storm was reduced to ash in seemingly a millisecond. If Khrona had survived, he would be standing amongst what remained of the scorched lands of the Demon King's old home. Few words could describe what had just happened to the land around them, or why the Demon King was going to such lengths, but Khrona had brought out his reality powers... Something the Demon King knew not to trifle with and... For some reason, Khrona was pissing the Demon King off. What was it he came here to say? To lecture him about his failings? No... That would only be a reflection of self... Khrona's goals and aims would have to be higher then trivialities like that... But, the Demon King had been wrong before...

A rise in heat, a rise in power... This feeling constantly weighed heavy on Khrona's body, mind, and soul as the Demon King was starting to grasp his words fully. He was tapping into his emotions for power, which was one thing that could have been certain about all beings such as he and Khrona. That emotion the Demon King was feeling was not rage... But his very own drive. Staring the great gray beast in the face, it looked to be nothing but destruction that was about to befall him, for the heat did not stop. Matter rose from its covalent and ionic bindings... And as matter rose, so did Khrona's smile, his body and features being distorted now not by simply the Demon King's power, but his own working with and against it all at the same time. It all happened in... "... A flash." This power, this greatness that Khrona could feel in the very depths of his numerous existences... The greatness of the Demon King was coming out now, and he was simply, completely, and utterly overjoyed about it! This great flash that could be seen from everywhere -- and probably even the ends of this solar system -- stayed constant in Khrona's mind, for he would never forget this moment.

What would remain now was -- more or less -- nothing, as this flash wiped away everything except what was most important; the Demon King and Khrona. It was the light that showed the Demon King the way to what he needed to be focusing on the most at this particular moment in time, pushing away all other distractions. This was their fight and their fight alone. And so, how would one survive this type of insane power, you ask? An insane defense. Something proved different of Khrona's stature here... It was not his charred, completely liquid-drained body, which had shriveled up to a point where he looked to be literally dead skin and charcoal bones, no, but his wings; his very wings had been burnt away, now only nubs where the greatness of their grandeur used to be. Those nubs. 'If it were not for my recent encounter with the Sky King... I fear that would have ended me completely.' His smile, literally burnt to his face, stayed constant to his true and innermost feelings about what had transpired, as the Demon King was the only known being in existence -- and even in history -- to be able to blow away even Khrona's wings. Had they been reinforced, it was variable about their survival even then, but they stood a better chance than just then, with Khrona blocking with only their power. '... Demon King, my proposal is nothing more than to keep your drive. To keep your drive and to know that "I will always be by your side. As your brother." ' Khrona's body, once again, going through an ascended form of 'Absorption', was able to draw in the very energies that the Demon King had put out into the atmosphere into himself, and he used them to reform his withering body. They drew into him, starting to take form of his mighty wings once more; of his blackened blood which filled his body, and his revitalizing skin which covered it. Twice. Twice in not even minutes did Khrona have to rejuvenate himself. But it was all worth it. They were both growing here today.

"... Relieve yourself of the hate of that word. Brother. The hate of that word. Trinity. The hate and anger that is within you... And instead, channel that power into a greater purpose. That hate, that anger, are no different from your drive. My drive." The excess energy flowing in the air that Khrona was starting to control even fell back down to this planet, meshing back to the ground; to the earth. Energy was forming into earth, via 'Geokinesis'. And then, the grass grew greener than ever before, sprouting flowers of such beauty that could not be found anywhere else. Energy formed into life. 'Vitakinesis' and 'Botakinesis'. And the char-broiled air became pure; pure as Khrona spread his four wings wide and released this powerful cleansing force which brought the air to a purity no one on this planet had known for a while. Energy was forming into air. 'Aerokinesis'. "We are not separate, nor is anyone here. You of all people should know that. Even if you don't know that. That is why when our powers are combined..." Khrona said as he started to ascend higher and higher into the air, not looking as if he were going to stop in the slightest, "... They become this. This beauty. This is what you and I are capable of, Zeik. I am merely using the energy you let out. Now... Imagine what this whole world is capable of..."

Leaving it at that, Khrona closed his eyes and continued to fly higher and higher, cackling insanely, yet happily as he flew even past the clouds, and out of the stratosphere. The clouds parted gently for him, as did the stratosphere itself, as if they were one thing. And Khrona ascended to space, where he waited for the Demon King to follow. 'Come, my brother. This planet should not suffer any longer... The only thing that can harness our power is the infinitesimal infinitum we call the universe.'

The Demon King clenched his fist, his heart aching, as Khrona's words had some merit; but it was left to the Demon King to make a decision... Would he let go of the hatred in his heart? How could he? That hatred was his drive; it was his reason for fighting. "..." He wanted to yell a million and one things at Khrona, but his mouth refused to let words out. The darkness in his heart clung to the Demon King with grave desperation, neither it nor the Demon King would let one another go. The darkness couldn't control the Demon King, so he saw no reason to let it go, but at the same time... Khrona was right. If they worked together, nothing could stop them. But the Demon King felt like this was something he had to do on his own. 'Why is that?' came a voice into the Demon King's mind; it wasn't Khrona, and it surely wasn't the Demon King or anyone he had ever heard. Hell, the voice seemed timed, as it appeared directly after the Demon King's most recent thought of 'something I have to do on my own...' Hearing that voice ask him that question caused a flux in his power. Uncontrollably he released a wave of Aura across the area... Though the fresh life was not harmed; it began to grow faster. "... What... What are you even talking about?!" the Demon King exclaimed as his jetted into the air, catching up to the slow moving Khrona within a fraction of the second needed to make the thought. Khrona had come here for a fight, now he speaks on creation and peace... Togetherness, and whatnot... These seemed like dreams; dreams only obtained by power... Something life had slowly been teaching the Demon King. Even his family had tried to teach him that lesson... "We aren't brothers!" came the voice of the Demon King's ego and hatred, followed by a devastating kick to Khrona's mid-section. The kick was fashioned with enough power to cleave clean through a mountain; the bare minimum to harm a man like Khrona.

He seemed to be paying the Demon King no mind. He seemed to have simply ignored everything that the Demon King had previously said and endured as Khrona started to ascend, seeming to be lost in a euphoric sense of harmony. Though his facial expression did not change, nor did the speed of his ascent, Khrona's thoughts were racing at a point where only the Sky King could catch up. Even the Demon King's mountain destroying kick did not move Khrona, not even to flinch. He was already on his path; he already knew his goal.

And so, constricting the Demon King's foot with a psychic force like no other, he would be frozen there; the very last drop of his chakra halted from his foot throughout the entirety of his body -- save for the Demon King's own mind. When Khrona reached the highest point, he stopped and he opened his eyes, gazing right into those of the Demon King's. This gaze, something that had never escaped Khrona's eyes before -- the 'Paradise Peer' -- had entered the Demon King's eyes and spread to all that he was in all of its sense. A blissful feeling, it should have been... One of utter, complete bliss. Khrona took a deep breath, not taking his eyes off of the Demon King's for a moment, and the Demon King having no choice but to stare into the paradise that was Khrona's own eyes, and he said... "... Then let me show you." And all too quickly was everything forced away, and the Demon King was sent hurdling clear across the solar system, until Khrona was so far out of sight it didn't seem like there was any way for him to come back. The jarring sensation the Demon King should have felt would be the turmoil of everything... Everything that brought him happiness and joy being ripped away from him while being repulsed from Khrona's presence. Whatever paradise he saw in Khrona's eyes, would he find was now a distant dream. If he needed the fight this badly... Then so be it.

Khrona: "So. Be. It."

Khrona's wings outstretched at maximum power; the only time they could ever be expanded at full strength was in space, causing the planets around theirs -- and even the planet, itself -- to slightly undulate. They began to glow... And glow... And glow... And glow... Brighter and brighter with each passing second. Something big was going do go down here, and before this battle was over... There would be a significant change in either one of them, or the both of them. For better or for worse, that was for them to decide here and now. Khrona could only fight the Demon King in space... It was the quietest place to think.

The Demon King's body skipped across the silent air of space, bouncing off seemingly nothing as he was repulsed into the far reaches of space. As he drifted about, the Demon King was forced into a violent state of reflection... The Spirit Sword, acting on its own, appeared around the Demon King's body to protect him and assist him at this time. "... I don't need him, or anyone else... They are the ones counting on me! How the HELL... How could I ever ask them for help?!" The Demon King's words were of pure consciousness; the only beings capable of hearing him at this time... Were those listening for them. The flame coating his body began to fade; naturally the Demon King was aware of this and questioned why this was happening... Just five minutes ago, the Demon King was certain he was doing the right thing; certain he had come to the right understanding... Had he made yet another mistake? Was he doomed to repeat this cycle all over? This... Was hell.

His thoughts raced around like this for who knows how long. In the place and state he was now... There was no time. There was only the Demon King, just as Khrona had planned it to be... And then it all stopped. "Stop fighting yourself..." came the strange voice again, this time as clear as day. The words echoed through not only in his mind, but this time his heart, filling him with a bliss that could only be surpassed but the rest of the story. The Demon King, in an instant, knew exactly what was happening to him... But knew nothing at all. He said nothing, thought nothing, feared nothing... He simply opened his heart. "Do not ask who I am, because you already know; do not tell me this isn't real, because you willed it to happen. I have been with you since before this began and I'll be here until its over. I have watched over you since you were a boy staring blindly at the sky, hoping one day it would come and pick you up. I was there when your parents died and I cried when you lost your wife; I saw your dreams in the Abyss and I heard your screams when your soul cried... I have always been there waiting for you to let me back in." The Demon King's eyes could not shed tears, but his soul was sobbing somehow. With a few proverbial blinks, the Demon King's mind began to clear... The voice in his head was explaining to him nothing of the past, present, or future -- but even still, the Demon King saw it all. The things that were explained to him in the few short breaths gave him the final pieces to his picture. He didn't learned how to defeat his enemies, nor did he learn how to save the planet... Instead he learned something much graver in importance.

"... Khrona?" he asked, knowing that exactly as he lifted his head Khrona would be within looking distance despite how far he had been flung, or how long he had been drifting... He knew Khrona would be at the other end of his sight. The Demon King extended his right hand and his body returned to normal, repairing its structure with the energy of the stars -- particularly, a blue one in the distance. Similarly to the way Khrona had used the Demon King's house and energy before. With his body restored and his mind in a different place, the Demon King closed his eyes yet again. This time, consciously severing the ties of loose strings in his conscious being. Anything not assisting his growth -- or any path the Demon King no longer wished to take -- was cut. Any feelings of self doubt or hatred were all removed and flushed through his being, ridding himself of their negative and therefore useless energetic weight. "So... You and I are brothers?" he asked Khrona, not really needing the answer, as he already knew. Honestly... He only asked so that he could effectively step into the path of his choosing.

More... And more... And more... And more. Khrona pulled in more energy from around the universe -- a sort of cosmic, 'Universal Absorption' one could call it. If not, then 'All Absorption'. Energies that even he could not attain until he, too, reached outside of the planet's limits... That place was filled with negativity. Khrona wanted nothing of the sort in his being anymore, and he even found solace with his own Insanity. It was like his insanity was not a fault anymore, but simply another part of himself that only he could understand. That was why he could not get rid of it, but also why it did not bring him down the path of evil -- to be a Falshin. Because insanity was just a part of him and his soul.

The Demon King -- on the other end of space -- was coming to his conclusion, and Khrona could tell that he was; for just as the Demon King could see that on the other end of space was Khrona, Khrona could see the Demon King in the same way. He started to mumble something, seemingly in accord with another being that was already speaking to the Demon King. His mumbles ended with the same sentence that the being within the Demon King did: "... I have always been there waiting for you to let me back in." What was this? Why was Khrona mumbling the exact same thing that this being was speaking into the Demon King? It was merely because of the connectedness of everything... Khrona's psychic power, the 'Godly Psychic Force,' 'Psychodynatheos', had even come to ascend to the point where he could speak the same words and feelings of another being that had his same thoughts at the same time. "We are all one. Just like you don't want that negativity within yourself... We must relieve this negativity from those who are willing. As a part of us, their negativity is our negativity, and vice versa." Even though the Demon King was clear across space, Khrona regarded the planet that he was nearby; their planet, which now undulated with a mixture of positive and negative energies that fluctuated all around.

"You see, Demon King? That negative energy that surrounds this planet? This planet's own aura? Its fighting back... Fighting to achieve its state of paradise... No, this is not the Gaia we have come to know as the soil, but this is the very soul of the planet... its own wavelength." Those were the terms Khrona used because that was what resonated best within his mind. Naturally, it would come out differently to the Demon King, for he found something completely different to resonate with inside of his truest self. Khrona's soul expanded that moment; large enough where it could match even the planet in size, if not grow larger. He straightened himself up and stared clear across space with his Hyper Perception, right into the Demon King's very heart. "... Yes. We are brothers. Now you see... We are all kin. And as such..." Khrona's eyes twinkled, changing from red to a perfectly clear color, the gleam of which was so bright it looked like another shining star from the far reaches of the galaxy. "Kin Cannon!!!" This beam of pure clear energy shot from his eyes was the universal power of the universe; stars, space, time, reality, positive, psychic, and connected energies all in one, drawing in power from most LITERALLY everything that it touched or passed by. It would only be a matter of moments before this beam reached the Demon King, and it would strike his essence of being; whatever it was that made him 'be' -- be it his soul, his mind, his will, his heart; it didn't matter, for this beam had energy from all things and as such, could touch them all on a personal level. If the Demon King accepted this energy, he would feel nothing but all of the energies in existence hitting him and giving him strength, allowing him to find power and love within them. But if he rejected this power in his truest self, regardless of what his conscious mind and self thought, then it would destroy him; completely and utterly in all ways.

Khrona: "Let this energy be a symbol of our brotherhood!! Let the clearness of its color become the clarity in your truest self!! Let it be known that on this day, right here and right now, the Demon King realizes that Khrona Tensei is his BROTHER!!!"

So be it. So. Be. It.

In a 'space', with no time, the Demon King had an eternity to process what was going on around him. The voice in his head, the words Khrona was speaking... The feelings he had, and the fate of everything in his life. It was clear to the Demon King now that Khrona was just as much his brother as he was his father, as the same went for every being in existence... But why? Why was Khrona having this conversation with him and not the Demon Queen, or the Sky King... Or the Earth King? Is this how fate wrote it so long ago? "Fate controls nothing, Demon King; you and the beings that inhabit the omniverse do. Each decision you make is apart of your fate, but at any moment you can change your fate with the shift of one decision." The words calmed, the rising questions in the Demon King's heart posing even greater questions. Like, what mistakes had he made? How had he shaped his fate...? His future...? Had he warped his destiny with his failings? "There is no such thing as a mistake; all experiences are relevant and all are to learn and grow from... Stop fighting yourself. You are and always have been your worst enemy. You fear defeat, you fear not meeting up to standards... Why? Do you find solace or power in that fear...? Has it not held you back for all these years?"

Khrona had long since fired his 'Kin Cannon', and it was on its way to the Demon King as he thought. The beam of Kinship aimed to force the Demon King into making a very important decision; one that would change his fate... Was he prepared? "Take it all away, Demon King... Let it go; you have cut the ties that hold you down... Now do away with the fear! It brings you nothing but despair. You are a very caring being, Demon King... I know." The Demon King's eyes were locked onto the beam of Kinship heading his way. Something inside him wanted to fight it... And something inside him wanted to welcome the beam... But he was afraid... What if he made the wrong decision? Then what? How could he live with himself if he failed? His eyes... They were glowing, fully capable of seeing with the same definition as he did with his blindfold, only the cloth was no where in sight. Was this due to consciousness, or was he imagining the whole thing? The feeling of bliss and the voice in his head lead his rational mind to cry out treachery... But his heart knew otherwise. The voice was right; the Demon King had to let go of his fears, and so the Demon King believed he had found his answer. Khrona was trying to show him the paradise of bliss, the paradise of joy and love... With it, no mountain was unmovable, and no star too far. The Spirit Sword itself was aiding the Demon King at this time, as well, and the Demon King could finally understand that.

"... I see," the Demon King said aloud as he placed his hand in front of him and took off towards the beam of Kinship, his body glowing with the gray hue of his Aura, the radiant glow shining brightly from the center and expanding outwards across the skies of the heavens. He knew what he had to do. If the Demon King were ever to escape his fear then he would have to do it his way... By jumping straight into the face of his fear. All too many times in the Demon King's life did he throw himself into the face of danger in the name of his friends and family, and every time, he came out alive. It wasn't due to his strength or massive power, which he had come to believe, but because at that moment he had no fear and was acting out of love. For the love of his mother, his father, his wives, his children, his allies, and his enemies... He flew... He flew towards the beam unaware of what lie in store for him... But he didn't care. Regardless of what happened to him at this moment, he didn't care, for in his heart he knew he wouldn't leave his wife alone to deal with the darkness of this planet. He knew he wouldn't leave his children until it was time; he knew he had promises to keep to the Chaos; he knew he could show the planet the light... He knew that no matter what happened from that power headed his way... That he would come out of it a stronger person. He just knew it. And so he flew into the beam, unaware of waited him on the other side... But Khrona knew.

A resonating energy rippled through the eternity, causing everything -- EVERYTHING -- to ripple in a chain effect. The beam had now come to a close, and so had Khrona's eyes, and it would seem, the Demon King's fate as well. Yet, if it had, Khrona would not have the smile upon his face that he did; the one that showed that he knew the Demon King had made the correct choice. Not because Khrona knew the future, -- for there were so many outcomes that could have been that he could see -- but the fact that the feeling the Demon King released was magnified by the Kin Cannon, and not rejected by it. "... Now witness... What true paradise is. You feel it within yourself." What the Demon King would see would be his own soul's refrain, similar to what the 'Paradise Peer' allowed him to see, but instead of simply seeing and feeling it, the 'Kin Cannon' allowed such things to become reality through the simple bond that he and Khrona now had as brothers of the same understanding. Their two understandings had come together to make not just this bond... But... Well... This.

The celestial playground. The ethereal dream. The cosmic wonderland that was his very own image, brought now to fruition. Cosmic beings flowing about, becoming one with energy themselves; the true colors of space, rather than the darkness of infinity that everyone so affinities it with. "You see... This light, this what we see now through a bond that ascends lifetimes... This is what is really out there. Harmony. Peace. Beauty. Paradise. Space is not made up of darkness... We, as we were, just could not see its light." There was almost too much for Khrona himself to take in, as the color danced and rippled across reality, formless shapes and beings taking one form and instantly coming across another into whatever they felt and desired most. They had no definite form, as nothing here did. This place... it was special beyond belief. "When you let go of your doubts... Your fears... All too recently had even I let go of mine. And what had become of it? This." Khrona turned his head away from all of this, however, the planet of theirs coming into focus as if it had just zoomed right next to the both of them now. As it did, he turned back to the Demon King and all of the glory that was happening around the two of them... And he would know. "... Demon King. You do understand that even though we are at this level... There is no way that we can leave them. Even if they are trapped in this negativity, we can't let them destroy themselves. Sometimes, to go forward you have to backtrack." Khrona definitely felt for them as well, as this was his love that he felt, the same way the Demon King felt it. There was a Soul Resonance going on between these two now... Far greater than one could ever realize. He only hoped -- nay, he already KNEW the Demon King's feelings. But his answer... Was all a different story.

From within the 'Kin Cannon', the Demon King was exposed to the beauty of bliss, though he did not take its full joy into his heart; only enough so that he would know where to return to. The Demon King was a man of loyalty, commitment, and trust. His family was waiting on the grounds below, unaware of what was happening... The Demon King could not go through with his bliss -- not without his wife. "I can see that now Khrona, but... I must postpone this," he said allowing the bliss to pass him by. This would not reject the kin cannon nor the bliss. It was his decision to wait; it wasn't time for the Demon King to meet this bliss. He had no doubt about his decision, nor fears of its outcome. He knew what he needed to do and so forth; he stepped out of the Kin cannon, his eyes glowing with the same gray hue as his aura. He could see in full definition without his blindfold now; the price of his Pact wasn't a price at all. It was an opportunity to learn from a loss... There were no mistakes, only lesson. The Demon King now understood this. The vision the Demon King saw when he first grabbed the Spirit Swords was for him to reflect on at this moment. They didn't show him the truth, they showed him the door... He had to find the truth... A truth even now he would still search for. But, at least now he knew where to look. He knew what to find, he knew how to get it. All he needed now was to play out the rest of the story. "...The fires of war are spreading. If we do not act... All will be consumed in its blaze. Soon, on a night like this one, I will confront the Dark King... Do not show up. Learn from my mistakes on that day and be prepared. I will not fall... The planet needs her children." The Demon King could feel a hand resting on his shoulder as he spoke. It gave him comfort, letting him know he was making the right decision.

Expecting no less from the Demon King, Khrona nodded his head, allowing his body to start to stream back toward the planet. "Then let us both change a person, so that they may also change a person, and so on... Until we right this wronged world." Khrona closed his eyes, his smile of brotherly love changing to a displeased and somber frown. "Oh... I can sense the Dark King calling forth a terrible darkness to this world... The most I can do for us is to prepare, as there is yet another evil I must handle..." The 'Four Horsemen' and 'Grimlock'... Grimlock, the strongest being known in all of Dusk history, whose power was so great that even the almighty founder, the 'Grand Magistrate' herself could not destroy, but only bind him... and the 'Four Horsemen', the messengers of Destruction, itself. "To handle Death, perhaps the God of Death can help us... Shinigami, being God of Death, regulates all death. But being bound to the Dusk, it will be hard for him to intervene..." That was probably why the Dark King was being allowed to do this. "... We must come together and formulate a plan. This will be... The true proving grounds of the planet." His still streaming body had not fully departed, and before it did, Khrona turned around to the planet and stared sternly to it, as if speaking right into the souls of every person there. "HEAR ME NOW, PLANET!! As long as my body, mind, soul, or any traces of me even in my children are in existence, I shall never... NEVER give up on you! I shan't rest until this world is ready for the growth for good, not the fall to negativity! With all my power..." He turned his head to the Demon King, passing him a glance and a head nod. "... And all the power of my brothers, here in space or down on the soils of the planet... WE. WILL. TRIUMPH!!!"

Khrona turned back to face the planet, his body now streaming down even more than before. "... That is a promise. That is more than a belief. Never shall my words be as empty as the souls of evil..." And with words that should have resonated in every heart on planet in one way or another, his body completely streamed back down, his convicted eyes following behind last. Khrona's proposition to the Demon King... Had been confirmed. That was all that was needed. Khrona had utmost belief in the Demon King that he'd handle his own as Khrona would his own.

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning EmptyMon May 11, 2020 8:10 am

When Khrona got back to the planet after having seen what he had seen about the Future soon to come, he wasted absolutely NO TIME in training his tops -- starting with one that seemed to be struggling most, but harbored a loyalty and promise unlike many. Linomaru Hugo.

Linomaru would walk onto the ranking field. As he awaited his proctor to show, this was his final test. Would he gain the rank of Expert? Now is the time to find out.

Khrona would be the one to show up rather than Chroma, as he had some news to tell Lino. "Hey... So uh... Chroma's kinda busy right now, so the only way you're gonna fight her is if I take you to another reality real quick. Sound good?"

"Very well. Fine with me... But why don't you give me a ranking instead? I mean you did want me to join your team after this, so why don't we just knock out two birds with one stone?" Linomaru would request with a serious tone and a light smirk on his face, awaiting Khrona's response.

Surprised by his enthusiasm, Khrona couldn't help but comply to Lino's thoughts. They made a lot of sense. "Well, if you truly think you're ready... I'll fight. Besides, I've been thinking about this new fighting style and I might want to try it out on you. Prepare yourself, Lino..." Khrona's cape began to flutter about as he adjusted his gloves and ran his fingers through his hair once. "I'll start fighting you with the 'Black Dragon Blood' Style... You'd better not make mistakes, lest you get seriously injured."

Lin didn't touch his soul weapons he just took a stance. This was odd because Linomaru relied so much on them before, but he might have something up his sleeve.

"Khrona... Wavelength extremely dangerous; Souls collected, nine hundred plus; Personality... Insane... His body, mind, and soul are at a constant disarray so he is somewhat unstable; his soul is that of a god; his powers are far greater than anyone could imagine; his ability to come up with jutsu and skills are profoundly incredible. His 'Black Dragon Blood' style is extremely dangerous and if I am hit with just the smallest of particles of this, I shall become corrupted and contaminated, thus ending this battle... Hmmm... He's a telepath, so I must stay at least one hundred moves ahead of him... *Inhales*... I'm ready," Lin would say this out loud. He believed he had a somewhat good understanding of his opponent, Khrona, from their past conversations and spars. Lin would exhale and it would begin to snow around the ranking area this was the cause of his wavelength being release into the air. Soon a storm cloud would appear above the two as lightning ripped through the sky hit the ground all around them. "This is the perfect setting for my ranking, don't you think, Lord Khrona?" Lin said as he pulled Nese and Nitos from his sides and took his fighting stance, waiting for Khrona to attack.

Khrona smiled at Lino, crossing his arms as so, as if this was his stance of preparation. "Why Lino, you are too kind. I appreciate your knowledge of me." Khrona looked up at the sky, taking note of the setting and watching the great thunderclaps come down, it put Khrona at ease. "Hahaha, of course. So let's not let the mood go to waste." Khrona stepped forward a little bit, lightning bolts striking down right after every step he made, as if not only did the lightning know where he was going to be, but that Khrona was always one step ahead of even the lightning itself. His cape now stiffened, flaring outward at the bottom and started to fly out from the sides, arcing around toward Lino. Once it was relatively close to his body, Khrona muttered something under his breath. "... Blood Needles..." The portion of Khrona's jacket that was nearest to Lino, attempting to surround him would suddenly have many extremely thin needles of Black Dragon Blood to jut out from it toward him. These needles, like a spiky death trap from either side of him, meant to impale him with great speed. "Don't disappoint me..."

Linomaru would stomp the ground and a large barrier of ice would surround him, blocking the needles from hitting him. It would also expand into a dome, giving Linomaru some protection for the time being. A few moments would pass as Lin would spring up from the ground under Khrona and it looked like he was attempting to grab him, but no, Linomaru knew much better. So instead he come with an upward slash as he blasted out of the confines of his little hole in the ground. But wait there is more remember the 'Ice Dome' that saved Linomaru? Well out would come a clone of Linomaru. As it did, the same came toward Khrona at a devastating speed. The clone would release at blast at whatever direction Khrona would move, hopefully hitting him.

The black needles of death were thwarted when met by the collection of ice Lino produced, but only momentarily, as the penetrating needles certainly had enough strength to pierce through this icy construct in mere moments, if given the chance. Luckily for Lino, who reacted like an intellectual, Khrona did not have the chance to.

Shooting from the ground now was Lino, blade ready to meet Khrona's body, yet the wise leader knew better than to let an attack like this get him. The cloak -- along with the needles -- retracted back to one solid shape resembling a sword to match blades with Lino as he tried to come up from the ground, the force of impact leaving Lino with no way of rising and ripe for his imminent doom. Another portion of Khrona's cape started transmogrification into what resembled his 'Blood Lance', aiming to finish the boy off here and now, when an abrupt presence shot toward him; a clone created by Lino. Khrona couldn't help but grin at Lino, eyes shifting from him up to his clone just before impact. In a burst of a black cloud, Khrona had evaporated into pure black blood, having the clone pass through him as he transitioned toward the clone and away from the real Lino at the same time. The clone, now bloodstained with blackness, would be forced to disperse as well as the cloud of blood that was part of Khrona's body wafted into the air surrounding.

Khrona only stood, readjusting his clothing -- mainly his gloves -- and situating himself after reforming from the 'Evaporation'; a move he hadn't used in quite some time. "Hahaha, so you really did learn from our last fight, Linomaru Hugo. I must say, many people these days don't have the capacity to learn. I'm thoroughly impressed so far. Keep it up and you might have yourself a title with the higher ups." A glimmer in the eyes of the cunning leader foretold that he had no let up on Lino at all, but was waiting for the right moment verbally to let his plan catch on. That always added a little zest to any dictation. Upon closer inspection of the air around him, Lin would find that the air was absolutely copious with droplets of Black Dragon Blood remains from Khrona's own movement. With no warning given at all, the tiny, minuscule droplets ignited with an intensity that far surpassed a bomb several times its size, all going off violently in succession. The whole area for several meters was blown completely to smithereens. A token of the 'Blood Bomb.' "... But don't get too ahead of yourself just yet, if you can't even get by this..." Just as sly as ever, this one was.

Linomaru's clone would poof away. Lin would go back into the ground, but on a different side of field, as his first attack was a failure, so he would burrow even deeper into the ground -- he was cooking up something big. Lin would hear the explosions; luckily he was deep enough in the ground to be unharmed by it. Lin would send four clones at Khrona once the smoke cleared. They surrounded him on all sides. Clone one would use the 'Double Up' ability to send 'Gravity' and 'Dark' manna from the font view of Khrona. Clone two would also do the same but would send 'Fire' and 'Wind' manna, making the fire blast three times stronger from the left side of him. Clone three wouldn't use 'Double Up'; instead, that one would use spark a small orb of electricity and shoot it toward Khrona from his right. Clone four would use 'Water' manna, but he wouldn't attack. Instead, he would use the skill to do a jutsu. This jutsu would be 'Water Style: Water Tsunami' from behind Khrona. As all of this was going on, Linomaru, the original, would once again shoot out of the ground. He would fly above everyone and shoot out a fireball from his mouth and he impaled the ground once again, hiding deep within the ground.

The remains of the explosion now was nothing but smoke; smoke which covered the majority of the battleground. A gentle breeze rolled by, it swept away the smog as well, bringing the four clones into view. The game of the young shinobi was clear as crystal to the keen leader -- using his clones to fight strategically against a stronger opponent, whilst also staying out of range of the threat. "You've also gained a bit of wisdom about not fighting head on all the time, which was your main problem to begin with..."

The quadrupled mirrors of the original found themselves attacking all at the same time, meaning that Khrona must tend to each and every one of them all at once. The 'Gravity' manna was meant to restrain Khrona, as the 'Dark' manna might have been to hinder his vision, but he did not intend to move, nor did he need to see to use his next technique of the Black Dragon Blood Style. Willfully allowing the 'Gravity' manna to take its toll, the ground around Khrona compressed and deepened, forcing new grooves into the ground from such unnatural condensing. The 'Dark' manna, however, would be shielded by Khrona's very own cloak, which so happened to rear up around him and create a protective barrier not unlike Khrona's own wings. He payed no mind to the calamity going on around him, as the dome he was encased in suddenly started to expand outward, taking the brunt of every attack brought at it. "... But the tables have turned, Lino. You like the ground so much? I'd like to see you fight from under it." Khrona's cloak, ever outwardly expanding, now grew more than just in size, but in speed and power as well. It tore up the ground it rushed passed, slammed through the clones that stood so very near to its powerful rush, and once it had become large enough, it liquefied back into a normal bloody state, towering over everything that was this area.

Khrona: "... 'Blood Wave'."

The baleful billow of black blood now shadowed everything in its wake, time seeming to come to an instant halt as it reached its peak. In that moment, there stood no sound and no sight other than the bleak grimace of darkness that finally came crashing down unto everything that was this arena, mowing down all things in its way and leveling the entirety of the land. Just as quickly as the wave crashed down with the greatest amount of terror, its unease was suspended and controlled into a placid ocean of gloom and darkness. None seemed to escape the surface and into the burrows that Lino resided in, however, for this Black Dragon Blood was controlled strictly by Khrona and not the laws of gravity. There, Khrona stood, at the center of it all, his cloak still conjoined with the sea right where the cloak transitions from solid to liquid. It was at that point that Khrona took a step forward, the cloak plopping out and severing its ties to the black sea below, which immediately hardened afterward. "So... I might as well make this a bit interesting, since the entire battlefield is mine now, hm? Hmhmhm..." Yet, he decided against that matter so soon, for he wanted to see what Lino's reaction to such a drastic change in this battle was...

Sealed inside the layers of black blood, Lin knew he would only have a few minutes of air, so he had to think quickly about how would he get out of this situation he was in. It seemed Khrona had a counter for everyone of his moves; he was quick enough, but he did still have a plan? He had to get from under it so he did so by activating his Gentai. He would transport himself and his soul partners to the Gentai -- his own universe which was created around the time he went on his downward spiral into darkness. This allowed him to break dimensional barriers, but only one that of reality. Linomaru would be seen floating above Khrona as he spoke. "Almost didn't make it out, Khrona... Shall we continue?" Lin would ask with a smile on his face as he remained elevated a few meters above Khrona. He took his stance, awaiting Khrona's next move and response.

Foreknowing of Lino's special ability, Khrona overflowed with joy for his young shinobi's newfound efficiency with his Gentai. "Ah, seems like your soul searching has done wonders for your control over that Gentai... But be well aware that doing a Houdini one simple time is not going to save you from the terrain of the field... It is all under my command, even still..." A gentle ripple glided over the entirety of the Black Dragon Blood, giving the illusion that its solid form had liquefied once again. Khrona's head lazily drifted upward, finding Lino hovering right above, taking an offensive position. The response to this was no more than a friendly smile, and though it held such good intentions, as usual for Khrona, this smile held also hidden mischievous intentions. His head lowered just as slowly as it rose back into a normal position, followed by the equivalent-in-speed descent of his eyelids. With orbs blanketed and head clear, it took merely a gentle kick of the feet to send this slender boy flying backward with unrelenting speed. As he grew ever farther from Lino, it seemed almost that his feet had disappeared, the ghostly tail of his jacket being all that was apparent.

"And now, a new technique... 'Bloody Room'." The blackened ground below their feet undulated once more, still hard and more solid than metal, even still. Almost instantly from the depths of the dark abyss, a slender, almost paper-thin wall of Black Dragon Blood arose to about triple the height of Lino's height off of the ground. Though Lino seemed safe from the first of these walls, two more rose perpendicular to the one before, blocking off his sides, and a final one in front perpendicular to the others. At the top, attempting to close the boy in an welcome him to his doom, the walls of blood met to create a ceiling, thereby completing the 'Bloody Room'. Whether Lin was still in there was up to him. If he did so happen to escape his demise, more and more walls would appear trying to cut him off and entrap him within their confines. It was by this time Khrona had altered his course, now much slower than before, and seeming to gently peruse the area just to do so, catching everything that happened from numerous different angles... It may even be that, in fact, he and Lino should cross paths at some point, if the 'Bloody Room' did not acquire him, first.

As Lin came to a stop about seventy or eighty meters from Khrona due to the kick, Khrona surprised him with a wall, which would take Khrona out of sight for the time being. Soon, two more walls would appear on his sides and one behind him and they began to close in. Linomaru had to think quickly. Even thought this took a lot of energy to do, Lin would do the same as before -- turn on his Gentai -- and go pulsating to the wall in front of him, breaking the dimensional barrier once more to appear a few thousand feet above the battle ground. "Have to control where I want to be once I do that..." Lin said, making his way back down, but would be soon he would encounter another wall so he would move quickly through the field as he spotted Khrona, dodging wall after wall, trying not to get enclosed in the 'Bloody Room' trap. He would soon have Khrona in striking distance, so he would draw his blade to give the impression he was attempting to strike, but he would vanish at a few feet away from Khrona. He would appear a behind him as he shot from the depths of his mouth a large gust of wind, which would make a path of destruction ripping through the blood which sat on the ground below and fusion with the wind itself, but Lin was well aware that when doing this would give Khrona control over his attack, but that is what he planned to happen. Lin would have placed a small, but powerful bomb on the inside, which was hidden by in the amount of saliva he had put in his attack and the absorption of the black blood into the attack. When the attack was close enough to Khrona, it would either hit him and explode or miss but still do the same and hopefully it would destroy the black blood by exploding in a small surrounding.

Lin would still be elevated, well aware of the blood still in the surrounding area, for his ball of air only took in a small pathway of the black blood. "Now, on to the next step... Khrona, I would like to ask if you would give me a spare moment to remove my coat... After doing so I shall not disappoint you with my new power," Lin would say as he remained elevated, looking at where Khrona should be standing.

The bounds of blood that Lino was soon to be trapped in were dispersed of due to his explosions, but the walls afterward would not be weak enough to be destroyed so easily once again. The Black Dragon Blood domed Khrona, shielding him from the explosions, and as it dripped downward back into the pool of darkness below, Khrona allowed for Lino to remove his coat. "... Yes. Go right ahead. In fact, I think I want to change to a stronger fighting style, as well..." Even though Lino wasn't doing well against the Black Dragon Blood Style, Khrona wanted to fight him with a stronger one? What was this about? Did he want to destroy the boy...? Or did he just not want to waste time letting Lino show him the power... "... Despair..." Khrona snapped his fingers, one of his hailed mistresses, Despair, appearing before him.

Despair: "Ah... Seems as though we are using that style, then...?"

Khrona nodded, outstretching his hand. Despair quickly transformed, the light from her transformation wrapping around each of his arms, forming those of tonfas... Which so happened to be Bazookas. He held them like tonfas, yet they were bazookas in actuality, which gave him the experimental 'Tonfa-Bazooka' style he could only use with Despair.

Khrona: "... Whenever you're ready, Lino."

With Khrona's permission, Lin would then remove his trench coat as he spoke, "My coat isn't a normal coat; I'm sure you've figured that out by now. It's training gear, actually... It weighs that of a dragon's weight... It is always sending an electrical pulse into the very fabric of my DNA... It also can speak to me... It is a living creature that connects me to the source of my lighting attributed power..." Lin said as he removed the coat and it transformed into a scroll. "But if I remove it... I become different...." Lin was now in his Advanced jacket, his soul weapons on both sides of his hips. On his arms would reveal tattoos that connected on his back which began to glow white. Linomaru would then grab Nitos, transforming him from a sword into a cannon. This style, Lin has never used before this battle. "I think I'll call this my 'Trinity Cannon' Style. You're not the only one who can just come up with new fighting styles, my Lord," Linomaru said as he loaded the cannon with some charka and aimed it at Khrona. "I'm ready."

Khrona twirled his tonfa-bazookas around in his hands as Lino situated himself. His coat dropped and Khrona could see the shift in his power. What Lino said about that jacket was true. "Question is... Why haven't you done this before against me?" He gripped the handles tightly with the tonfas in their correct position. He pointed both of the barrels at Lino and when given the word, he opened fire, violently letting a barrage of explosive rockets shoot out toward him. "I didn't make this style up on a whim. I've been thinking about it for a while, but it's finally come to form today." Khrona took off now, hovering toward Lino in a blurred streak, Hyper Perception still quite active, moving as fast as one of those rockets he fired. He moved right beside them with both arms cocked back in preparation for Lino. The rockets seemed to fly around Khrona as if they were being controlled by his or Despair's will -- which in fact, they were. Despair had them moving to she and Khrona's wavelengths, having the rockets hover safely around them as Khrona made his way toward Lino. "Here we come..."

The area around the two of them would be covered in now a light sheet of snow, the clouds of lightning still raging throughout the landscape. There stood Lin and Khrona in the midst of it all. Lin cocked the cannon back as he spoke to answer Khrona's question. "Well I wanted to be normal so bad that I didn't want to reveal this power just yet. I made it all the way to Advanced without using it. But Now I want to show you just how strong I've become." Just as Linomaru finished, Khrona fired the tonfas and out came the rockets and Khrona flying toward Lin at a very immense speed. This would cause Lin to fire his own cannon right for the raging leader and his soul partner. He would fire a large amount of bullets at Khrona, enough to match the amount of rockets Khrona had on the side of him. Lin would then use his wavelength to increase the size and length of the bullets. He also would do the same as Khrona by rushing toward him, interacting with the bullets, his wavelength and his soul partners controlling the movements. Soon they would collide and off would go the explosions left and right of them both. When Linomaru got close enough, he would fire another bullet but with three times the power of the others and four times the speed, hoping to hit Khrona dead on.

The all seeing eyes of Khrona would not allow a hit like that so easily. With the rockets going off, Khrona readied his weapon, gripping it tightly. Lino had just prepared to fire his weapon when Khrona raised the barrel of his bazooka up to the barrel of Lino's gun. The instant Lino fired his weapon, Khrona fired off his... And Lino would find his bullet shot right back at him from an extremely close range. The shot Khrona fired was a condensed explosion of Rejection soul energy, which repelled the attack and fired it at double the speed back at Lino. Being in such proximity would cause dodging to become exceptionally difficult, especially if Lino could not see through the veil of smoke from the explosions. "Hahaha... Why?" It absolutely confused Khrona as to why anyone would want to be normal. "That's so boring." Khrona cocked back his other arm and lobbed it at Lino with great power, making a huge explosion whether he made impact or not. This explosion blew away the huge amount of smoke in the area. "I'd hate to be normal... It's one of the worst things out there." The impact of the rocket hitting the bullet would force the attack back toward Linomaru who, himself, was still in mid-flight toward Khrona, causing him to be hit by his own attack. This would send Linomaru through the large cloud of smoke in which the gun battle caused.

"I wanted to be normal because I didn't want to kill; I didn't want to hurt people. But in actuality... I was made to protect everyone in this village and on this world in which I call my home... Yes, my people were of peace and we didn't believe in taking an innocent's life... But... When there is an impure soul, -- those who thrive off of the pain and destruction of others -- they must be brought to justice, even if it means death to them." Lin said as he came to a stop. Khrona then fired once more Lin would move out of the way of the rocket, missing him completely. Well, now that the smoke was cleared, the distance between the two of them could be seen. "I now know you can't be normal when you want to fight for those who can't you have to be abnormal... So that's what I'll be." Lin would load the cannon once more but he wouldn't attack he would wait to see what Khrona wanted to do.

Khrona smiled, happy to see that Lino had come to terms just like this. Being abnormal wasn't bad at all. It was conforming and being normal that made life so very boring. That's why Khrona loved doing this so much. "Hahaha, I love that you've come to that conclusion, Lin. Now you can fight me on a higher level, because normal people just can't win against me." Khrona pointed the rockets at Lino, firing off round after round after round of rockets, yet nothing seemed to come out of them. Khrona waited for a moment and licked his lips, dashing at Lin. He continued to fire off these rockets at Lino, yet still, nothing seemed to come out. It was clear that he was firing off something, but why couldn't Lin see it? It was only a matter of time until he found out...

Linomaru would be expecting an attack from Khrona, so he would grip the trigger of the cannon, but nothing happen so Lin did nothing. He waited for the dashing Khrona to be about four or five feet ahead of him and fire off his cannon. Several bullets came flying toward Khrona, aiming to hit him dead on, but he missed every single one, only to create another cloud of smoke. Lin would use this as a way to move out of the way of Khrona. Lin would soon be high above the field with the scroll in which was formally his trench coat and he would bite his finger and speak. "This is what my trench coat is -- a living creature of great power. RISE NIRIYURA!!" Just as he finished, Lin would wipe the blood from his thumb and in a puff of smoke a large white dragon would roar, shaking the entire ranking field... Well what's left of it anyway... Linomaru would be standing atop of it, his cannon still in hand, awaiting to see what Khrona had to say.

Though it was clever for Lino to try to blur the vision of Khrona with smoke, such a tactic didn't work on one such as him, who held the Hyper Perception, the greatest of all perceptions. Seeing clean through the smoke, it didn't matter, because Lino had flown into the sky and changed his coat into its true form, which seemed to be that of a dragon. "Hmmm... I might wanna change to my 'Dragon Wing' style to fight this guy... Dragon versus dragon... But let me just show you what I've been working on, hm? It's a really big explosion." The moment Khrona said that, he pulled both triggers at the same time and, on cue, thousands upon thousands of explosions went off around Lino and his draconic pet. These explosions ignited when Despair's bazooka was clicked, but were held in suspended animation via Khrona's psychic power before complete ignition ensued, hence why they were invisible. Also, with his psychic power, Khrona is able to move them to his will, hence why he was able to place them all craftily around Lino and his dragon even after they moved. To put it simply, they were explosions frozen in time. Such a massive collection of explosive power covered the entire field, cloaking Khrona in their destruction as well. Though he could have used Despair's wavelength to end this battle, he did not, for he was testing out the capabilities of this newly usable style on its own, and Khrona was a man of his word.

When the flames and debris cleared, Khrona would be standing there alone, wings perfectly domed around his body and Despair no longer affixed to his wrists as Tonfa-Bazookas. It would seem as though she had warped out of the area and now only Khrona was left. "Ah, something I'm more familiar with... Let's see how two dragons dance, huh?" Khrona spread his wings lightly, allowing the epic and destructive gales to rip through everything nearby with the power of the collective explosions that just occurred, if not stronger -- which they probably were. The land was cleared of all things and leveled at that, simply by the gentle opening of Khrona's wings.

"A wonderful way to set the field..." The attack would catch Lin by surprise. He had no idea what was going on. He only knew the fact that the explosions were going off around him left and right. He would evade most of the attacks, but he would get hit with a few, he and his dragon flying away and around them. He would soon use his Gentai to transport him and Niriyura to the Void. A few seconds would pass as Linomaru reappeared on the battlefield, which was now a wasteland. Khrona would be in his 'Dragon Wing' form... Lin knew much about the style of fighting as he looked at the now lone being standing there. "The 'Dragon Wing' style is very powerful. Let's see what my dragon can do," Linomaru said as he looked down on Khrona from the head of the dragon, which could be seen miles away as it floated in the sky. Lin would now motion the dragon to charge at Khrona as he began to load the cannon, shooting more bullets at Khrona as he spiraled downward to where Khrona was. As Lin was shooting, the dragon would come to a stop and fire a powerful white energy beam this was made of several elements -- fire, lightning, water, and ice -- which tore through the sky's clouds as it made its way to Khrona. This blast was the size of about three highway lanes and it would have an impact that could easily level a two hundred story building. It was coming fast with twelve bullets on the side of it. "Good there aren't any animals for miles because of all the disruption we have caused during this battle."

Khrona's eyes grew wide at the assault from Lino's prized dragon. The adrenaline burst through the veins of his body and straight into his wings, enlarging them further. "Make no mistake, my wings are still much stronger than you anticipate!" The wings pulled outward and created a vacuum between them and the bullets that flung them every which way away from Khrona's vicinity. That done, the beam could be taken out with another swipe inward with his wings, which suddenly became slender and blade-like, slicing the beam in half and sending both halves hurdling in the opposite directions of the wings. "Even a dragon of this caliber can't stand up to me if you don't show a bit of discipline!!" A single half of a flap shot Khrona speeding at Lino faster than any bullet had been shot out. His wings had already assuming another form, this one being a more familiar form; as gigantic claws. The claws stretched out with intent to totally impale, grab and slam down Lino and his dragon, wherein which Khrona would rip out the dragon's innards.

The attack from Lin would fail, which made Khrona do the attack he did. As the claw-like wings came toward Lin, he would take his 'Open Palm' stance, and the dragon mimicked him. "Giant Rotation." Lin and the dragon would both begin to spin causing a very large sphere of energy to form around them spinning clockwise. This would stop and negate Khrona's attack, sending him back toward the ground at twice the speed he came at Lin. Lin would stop spinning just to fire several more bullets at Khrona.

A rip in the dimension opened up right above Khrona, time seeming to have passed quite a bit whilst some eggs he'd been incubating in his home journeyed through. So much time had passed that the moment two eggs released from the portal, both hatched into a twin creatures immediately, falling toward Khrona. Though Khrona could have easily handled the 'Giant Rotation' attack and forced Lino out of it, his wings were too occupied with grabbing the two baby creatures that had just fallen from the sky. Outstretching his wings and grasping one in each hand, Khrona made impact with the rotation with his psychic force, which would not only push him back, but also push Lino off balance from impact, most likely. Now, to address the real issue... "I'll have to deal with you two when I get home... We'll have a chat in Deep Thought." He squeezed his wing hands tightly and the creatures were gone, having been warped to the 'Pit of Havoc' under 'Manor Alexandros'. By then, Khrona landed and forced away the bullets with a simple thrust of his wing. "Now... Back to you..." Khrona's wings assumed their normal draconic form before he flapped them gently and slightly, releasing a powerful and immensely destructive tornado that ripped and roared through the land, dwarfing Lino and his dragon by a longshot. Khrona seemed fine amidst the destruction, however.

Lin would be blown back all of a sudden, which, in fact, did throw him off a bit. Lin would still be on the top of the dragon's head as Khrona flapped his wings and a large tornado was created. It was powerful and strong; the winds would almost pull Lin and his dragon into it. In order to escape, Lin would use 'Wind Release: Beast Wave Palm' to push himself away from the vortex of raging wind and then he would place a large wall in between he and the tornado. "Think Lin, tihink... I got it." Lin said to himself as he would grab Nese and transform Nitos back into his original weapon form. Lin would grab Nese and put away Nitos.

Nese: "He's huge... I've always wanted to say that to you, Master Niriyura... But I am ready, Linomaru."

"Good, cause I have a new technique I want to try... And it needs you," Lin said as he gave Nese to Niriyura. "Hey Niri, can you give Nese some of your power? Quickly! We don't have much time." The dragon did as Lin said. When he was done, Niriyura would poof away, for his time was up. "I have about eighty two percent of my charka left. That's more than enough... Nese, do you feel any different?" Lin asked the blade.

"No... I feel..." She begins to glow and the power of Niriyura would bust through her body. "What the hell is this Armor?" Nese asked, as she was in a new set of armor.

"Good it worked." Lino grabbed Nese, "Holy Trinity Soul Form, Release." Lin would begin to transform into a new form. "Now the real fun begins." Lin then would give a swing to his blade, releasing a large wave of energy that would easily disband the tornado and head right for Khrona. Lin would also swing the blade five more times to create a barrage of attacks all aiming for Khrona. Each swing would follow Khrona if he were to move trying to hit him. Lin would be flying toward Khrona this time as he swung his blade.

Khrona laughed at Lino's newly transformed self; not because it wasn't impressive, but because Khrona could see Lino's progress over the years finally showing itself. "A rather inspired transformation, eh Lino? But you must know that simply transforming won't beat me, nor will it earn you that rank. Allow me to show you why." A great, dark wing rose high into the sky, cocked back and ready to swing. When the slashes came close, Khrona's wing morphed back into a fist of the same size, punching each and every one of them and dispelling their energies. "Why would I run from something that poses no threat to me? Think about that, Lino." As soon as the blade was brought upon Khrona, he caught it betwixt the palms of both his wing hands and flipped Lino square on his ass. "You aren't thinking of how to effectively combat me. Points come off! How do you expect to defeat someone stronger than you when you can't even figure out the best method of engaging them?!" Khrona's voice seemed stern and serious. He must have really wanted Lino to get this rank and learn from his mistakes if he was giving him advice like this. It would have been a shame for all that potential to go to waste, which was why Khrona had to do what he had to do... No matter how long it takes with this body. He was still thinking closed-minded.

Lin would be tossed to the ground by Khrona, but as he spoke to Lin, it made Linomaru smile -- he had something up his sleeve, like always. "I did say I must stay at least one hundred moves ahead of you, my Lord... So I planned everything from the get go." Lin would the begin to use his 'Trinity Soul'. The soul energy would begin to spread quickly through Khrona's wings and into his bodies nerve system, altering it, purifying it. This was the cause of Lin's soul coming into contact with the wings of Khrona. Khrona could feel the energy spreading. It would cause a normal person intense pain, but we all know Khrona. "All I had to do was get close enough to you to hit you with this attack Lord Khrona... I planned every move from the moment you said you were going to rank me. Now this. 'Heaven Style: Supreme Heaven's Blade'," Lin would say as his hands started to get a white lightning aura around them and Lin would give a forward thrust right for the shoulders of Khrona; this would send a very powerful surge of he 'Trinity Soul' into Khrona's body. From the impact an unbelievable blast would rip through the entire area, destroying what was left of the ranking field. "..."

Even Khrona did not see this coming. For someone to be ahead of even Khrona's mind, even when not looking into the future, was a feat within itself. Only the skilled could do such a thing to a man such as him. Khrona felt the soul energy surging through him, yet it felt like no more than a tickle to the man with a soul rivaling, if not now surpassing that of the gods. But a soul energy that Khrona could feel inside of him at all was a powerful one. He smiled, reverting his wings to normal. "I am most thrilled, Lino." He didn't seem to be trying to stop it at all, though. He let it spread, only until it reached the very tip o his wing that connected to his body. He watched Lino come forth and release such a destructive force throughout the entire field, blinding his sight of Khrona entirely. Moments later, when the debris settled a bit, Khrona could be seen standing amidst, almost in the completely same position, save for the intense crack in the ground below his feet which altered his position slightly. The ground around him radiated with a disgusting red glow pouring up into the air around him; insanity. It had easily repelled the blast, but the fact that Khrona's wavelength had to exit his body only showed the power of the three souls combined. No longer was Lino's soul energy within Khrona's, however, as it seemed to be forcefully expelled during the explosion. Now, Khrona took some steps forward, talking to Lin. "... I am very proud of you. I was looking for what it was that was different about you this time, only to find that a great deal was. You are more tactful, more perceptive and observant, still have quite a bit of perseverance, and you are thinking with a much more mature head now. You are well deserving of your new rank, Lino, and only I would be able to bestow it to you." Khrona smiled, stopping in front of Lino to place his gloved hand on his shoulder as to show endearment.

"I've been the only one to watch you grow like this. It has been long, yes, but I can see it has been for good. The bond you and I share is why I had to rank you, because I had to see if you had really evolved to become better than you were before. And you have pleased me today on this day. Linomaru Hugo, you are now a Dusk Expert. Serve our village well." It jerked at Khrona's heart a little bit to say 'Linomaru' and 'Expert' in the same sentence without 'not' or any negative being within. It was like Khrona had been here with Lino since the beginning and watched him grow from a weak Beginner to a misguided Standard to a thoughtful Advanced, and now... To a loyal Expert of the Dusk. "Any person would be happy to see a dear friend grow into something great after so much dedication and hard work. You are a model, indeed, as all of the Dusk shinobi EARN their ranks here."

"... Why... I thank you Lord Khrona for believing in me... And I believe our bond is like no other in this entire galaxy, and all the universes of all the dimensions... I accept my new rank and duties to this village as an Expert ranked shinobi," Lin would slowly stand to his feet; that attack seemed to have taken a lot out of him. "One more thing, my Lord... Does this also mean I am now apart of your team of ninja?" Lin asked as he looked at Khrona, awaiting his answer. "Or do I have to battle you again for that spot?" He would chuckle at that thought.

Khrona could tell that Lino was going to be a wonderful addition to the higher ups, and even laughed with him at his joke. "Haa... No, Lino, you are definitely already part of my team. But now that you are an Expert, you must know that answering the call of the villagers is most important! You must help them train, you must give them missions, help them hunt and all that. It may become very tough from here on out." Khrona crossed his arms and furrowed his brow. "But I think you can handle it. If you wish, you may go recruit more people to my team so you can be a little group for missions and the like. Otherwise, I trust that you will be doing your best to help out in other ways."

"I ALSO have one more request I have to ask of you... Will you teach me more about the Dimensions? I wish to learn more... About them... I can break the barrier for this one but I want to be able to travel to them as easily as my Void... Will you teach me how to do that?" Lin asked, his voice was more stern than when he asked Khrona to rank him. "I wish to see all realities of the universe; the good and the bad."

A bold statement from Lino, to say the least, yet it was one that wasn't particularly... Feasible, in this aspect. "As much as I would enjoy helping you out, Lino, my specialty doesn't come from dimension hopping. I don't even do that much. Most of the reality jumping I deal with comes from my own creations. Yes, I CAN indeed hop through these dimensions and have the CAPACITY to reach any one in the omniverse, however I'm simply just not skilled at it, to be frank. As I told Zesu, find Tigen or... His brother. I hear those two are exceptional when it comes to the dimensions." However, he was speaking now of realities... That was Khrona's specialties. Traveling to places people made real... "But, as I said before, I can teach you to travel to your own reality. If I was more adept at dimension hopping beyond only getting myself places, I would assist, but... It's not my forte. If you're hell bent on it, then find Tigen, or find Zesu, who I sent to look for Tigen when he asked me the same thing."

"Well teach me what you know. Even if I just made Expert, I'll be at your office in two weeks time, My Lord, and I want to know as much as you do; I want to be able to protect this world when you are not able to. I give myself to you for your teachings. Teach me. As much as YOU can Lord Khrona," Lin said, finally standing upright and looking Khrona in his eyes as he awaited his response.

Though his request was inspired, there was simply no way Lin would be able to perform the vast amount of things that Khrona was able to do, and it wasn't because of Lin being inept, it was simply because Khrona's capacity and physiology were completely different from Lin's. However... That didn't mean Khrona couldn't teach him something... A few things. "Ahaha, alright Lino. I will definitely teach you all you can learn."

"You'd be surprised at how much I can learn," Lin said with a smile. "But lets make it three days. I want to start as soon as possible," Lin said as he went into his pocket pulled out a key to the Manor and a transport circle appeared around his feet. He would motion a goodbye and in a flash of light he was gone back to the Mahi Manor.

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Elsewhere, at the exact same time, -- since Khrona was quite serious about wasting NO time in training all those who needed help or he deemed capable -- Alex Star, the next struggling 'star on the rise' would be greeted with one of Khrona's darker forces at his disposal for a certain... 'Special Training' about the Weight of the Stars...

Immediately after receiving his rank from the Bear Bros., Alex would be confronted by a wave of reality bending energies that would transport him to the 'Training Area' of the Dusk. He would be there by himself, yet Khrona would speak to him through his mind. '... Alex. Your training will begin with my Virtual Pets. They will teach you how to harness your powers for the betterment of yourself. Are you ready?'

Looking at how he was taken to the training area, simply by the strange energy again, he listened to the voice that was around him as it spoke to him about training. "Yes, I'm ready to start my betterment "

'Alright.' That was the last he would hear from Khrona, as soon after, Alex would be confronted by a familiar face... Sorta. The Dark Fairy, Meiun, would appear before him.

Meiun: "... Oh joy. You again... I knew I was getting myself into some foolishness when Khrona wanted me to train someone... Ugh!"

She crossed her arms, eye twitching a bit.

Meiun: "You aren't even mature enough for this kind of training... It'd kill you if I didn't."

Alex would smile at the Virtual Pet, as he would pull out a candy bar. Soon unwrapping the chocolate bar as he just listened to the whining Meiun was sprouting off, he would just wait for her to stop blabbering and soon would speak calmly... With a little mischief. "Well, I've matured quite well in my training, but it seems you're still complaining about the simple things. Even without that you are acting more childish than me right now, but I understand your dilemma. So with that dealt with, can we start our training...? Which I have no idea is about." Laughing at his own choice of words, he would show no ill intent towards Meiun. Then again, he was like this with most of the people he knew, and would just wait patiently to see how things go.

Meiun shook her head and shrugged her shoulders, annoyed with his smartass mouth already. "It would be childish for me to complain without a good reason... Not wanting to listen to your smartass mouth is plenty good reason for me, little boy. But, as they say... 'Don't send a boy, send a grown ass man.'" She crossed her arms again, then her legs as she hovered in the air with her four wings beating gently. "I guess we should do this training. I'll be teaching you how to use those puppet strings better as weapons rather as just means to control your puppets. That's what the training with me is all about."

Alex would just smile at her comments; she hasn't changed one bit from their last meeting. Well, it seems she was finally going to train him and he needed to learn how to use his chakra webs as a weapon. Stretching out his hands to the side of himself, strings would start to be produced from his finger tips. Gathering with each other and soon growing a larger length, he would take off towards the dark fairy trying to entangle her like a fly caught in a spider web. "You're so cute, I'm amused that I have to catch you... Or must there be another way to use these strings of mine?"

Her dainty hands slid through her hair as Alex spoke. Her actions made it clear that she was ignoring everything he said except that which was important in his words. She had no time to deal with his foolish, smart mouth right now. There were more pressing matters at hand and she needed to get her 'community service' done here and now. "... Yeaaah, well, anyway, let me show you how you're gonna be using these strings with my vines..." She held her hands in front of his face, her wrists pointed toward him like Spider-man. From her wrists grew slender, string-like vines adorned with thorns, like all of the others on her body. When the vines hit the floor, her eyes looked up to his with no real determination in her eyes. They were half-open and half-hearted. "See these? You know how they work? Use your strings like that. For example..." The limp vines tingled and wriggled about, suddenly springing to life from their motionless slumber. They whipped violently around the office, slapping things off of the desk, cracking furniture in two, an possibly even endangered Alex himself. "For you, it'd probably be best to do this one at a time." After destroying half the office, the partially-out-of-control vines would silence themselves, retracting swiftly back into her wrists. "... Do you think you can manage that?"

Alex, feeling that he would be endangered, would jump back evading the vine, gripping some chakra strings in his hands. Soon they would wrap together creating a vine made of pure chakra webs. It was harder to control a large sized object made of his strings, but he would manage it easily after he trained. Looking at the dark fairy, the vine would come to life as it aimed straight for her, wanting to harm and entangle her within it. "I can try?"

His ineptitude using this ability was more than apparent, as he didn't even realize that he could use just one tiny string at a time instead of merging them all together and making it harder on himself. An exasperated sigh left her mouth, and no sooner had it did she slap her palm to her forehead. His strings were out of control, and the most important thing for him to be learning was just that; control. When the large tentacle-esque string-mass lurched forth to strike her, a blinding flash of light enveloped the entire office. Moments later, the portion of the tentacle that aimed to hit her had split in two, then back into multiple strings, then disintegrated into thin air. Her foot was still aglow with this light that covered the office for that moment in time, and when the tentacle was taken care of, it stopped. Now a bit irked that she had to do that, her hands went to her hips without skipping a beat and she'd lean over close to Alex's face to express her frustration. "Don't get fresh with me, boy! You don't even get what you're supposed to be doing with these strings, do you?!" She raised a finger up to his face, and though not the one of preference, she made it clear that he was supposed to be using one finger for this. "I told you to try it one at a time! You can do that fancy stuff when you actually LEARN how to use this technique! The most important thing about this training is control. Learn to control the strings like an extension of your body; like whips. If you can't control your whip precisely, then it's just a useless weapon, right?" After scolding the boy she straightened up and took some steps back, releasing another sigh... This time, it was to calm herself, however. "... Now, let's try it again. With one finger at a time. When you think you've got the feel for one finger, try it with two, and so forth and so forth." She slid her hand through her hair one more time as if to comfort herself and crossed her arms soon after. Hopefully, he'd get it right this time so that he could move on to target practice.

Being, well... Himself, Alex would take her words as encouragement. But his little attack had gone bad, and haywire. So he needed to do exactly what she told him -- for now, anyway. Once again, his chakra would form around his fingers, creating more strings because his last ones were destroyed. "Fancy? I thought that was what you wanted me to do. But if you want to stop my poor creativity then sure. Let me do what you say." This time the strings would come out into the air like a rope, one at a time, just swaying like a snake. Soon one of the strings would lash out, along with the second one, and so on. Moving around the office without a care in the world. "Is this much better then my last sad attempt, don't you think Meiun?" The strings would keep doubling in numbers, as they would just practice the same trick. Until Meiun told him otherwise, which seemed like a good idea for now.

His attitude was more than unbearable for even one as nonchalant as Meiun, but yet again, her orders were clear. To sustain the infinite rage welling up inside of her, she closed her palms slowly with stiff fingers, creaking to a stop only when her nails dug deep into her palms. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, holding in the air for a moment or two before releasing it as a sharp exhale. Her eyelids slowly rose up to the miracle of this impetuous boy actually attempting to do as she said. The strings were moving synchronously and calmly, as she wished for him to practice doing to increase his control. "... Ha... Much better. I think you just might not be as stupid as I previously thought. Sure, it isn't exactly what I said to do, but... You're getting there. Now, if you can just--" Cut off mid-sentence by the chakra-based serpentine strands lashed about wildly and without control. No sooner had they gone out of control would Meiun step in for immediate action, and in half a second a thin flash of light sliced through every chakra string on his fingers, missing the tips of them only by a hair. The only evidence of her attack was her foot radiating with energy similar to that of the sun, in the same position it was in before the strings fell apart. "No! This is why I told you to do it ONE at a time! As in, one string on one finger, not one string on each finger!" She put her finger up to his face once more, this time the one she wanted to put up, and started to speak very slowly so that his tiny mind could understand what to do this time. "I'll say this one more time before I just break all of your fingers except one... Hold up ONE finger, make ONE chakra string from that SINGLE finger and learn to control that one before you move on to another finger. Don't move on to more fingers until you've learned to control the strings on the previous." She even rose her fingers one at a time as she spoke to ensure that he didn't get it wrong... Unless this boy was just a fucking idiot. "Save your creativity for the battlefield... Not the training ground. And more importantly..." Her voice seemed to trail off as the words left her lips, her angry eyes shifting to seem more stern and serious rather than scolding and cold. The next time she spoke, it would be calm and decisive. "... Grow up, kid. This is a serious matter and you being stupid and silly will only get you ranked down. So let's try it again. Correctly, this time."She took some steps back from him and put one of her hands on her hips, holding up her index finger with the other hand just as a guide for him... In case he really was just stupid enough not to know what was going on. She held up that single finger to remind him that it would take only one finger at a time.. Just one. 'Baby steps, Alex... Baby steps.'

Alex would once again just sigh at her. So she just wanted the basic and boring thing to be done. And she seemed to be serious this time around, so with a large smile, he would move one of his hands out so that it was to show her one finger; he flipped her off with the middle one as that very same one would have one string attached to it. Swaying in the air like it had done before expect just with one finger, like she wanted in the first place. Soon his other hand would come up to join it, this other middle finger came up to send another string that would sway perfectly still. "Yes I'm silly, maybe a fool, but I'm not stupid." He would just use these two to start off and not do anything drastic yet. He just wanted her to know that he understood now, and didn't judge her for being mad all the time. He was, after all, the worst person to be around. Because of a few things -- or just because no one wanted to hang out with him because of his habits.

Of course, being a child, he would imitate Meiun, the adult-figure's motions with her fingers. She did this type of thing out of rage, but he did this type of thing as a joke... Perhaps this was the reason that he was kicked out of the Chaos Village. "... What does Khrona even see in this kid...?" Anger no longer overcame her. Instead what took its place was a deep pity and sadness for this boy, for his actions, his mindset, and his level of maturity were less than satisfactory. He was clearly a problem child that no one wanted to deal with, which is why he was being treated so badly throughout the entirety of the Dusk. Oh yes, his name gets around. He's a smartass that no one cares to deal with because of his annoying attitude. She was beginning to question Shimo and Choco's ranking for this boy and thoughts of demoting him were still in her head. "If you can't even realize in your head that you should straighten up and start acting mature, then you'll be taken down to a rank more suitable for your actions and your mindset... A Beginner. Or even worse, you won't be a ninja anymore. We don't need problems here, we need warriors. Why the Chaos got rid of you is very clear... You being silly and being a fool ARE what make you stupid, kid."

Her body shifted away from Alex Star slowly, symbolic of how close she was to turning her back on him. It was a sad truth that had to be realized by him at some point in time... If he kept acting the way he did... He'd only hinder himself. Out of the corner of her eye did she watch him manipulate those strings, correctly this time. Though such a thing made her happy, she realized that her training of his skills would be absolutely meaningless if he didn't have the attitude to back it up... The ability to be serious. To recognize himself being annoying and a smartass and how that doesn't make someone tough, it makes them stupid and bothersome. Part of her knew he'd never realize this for himself, so she questioned why she even tried to train him. It was written all over her face, and in her voice. "... Sigh... Good, now do two..." She stood as far as she could away from him humanly possible, sitting down in a chair far off in the corner of the room where she could barely hear him talk. She'd make sure he heard her, but she just did not want to hear his voice... Or look at his face. She kept focus now on the strings and only the strings, aching for this whole ordeal to be over.

Alex had not looked up from the ground one bit while she spoke those words about him. Why he was chosen was a good question. Then again, he would think of them as encouragement for himself. Or maybe he was just grabbing onto the words because he knew that he probably wasn't worth this training. He held no anger because it was not in his nature. He only wanted to be silly and playful because he hated feeling any different. Nothing ever came good when he felt odd, he only looked at the ground as he ignored her words to use two fingers now. He just did it in his own way, still doing as she instructed. The two fingers would create more strings as they swayed calmly like the previous ones. There was something odd now occurring within his body, but also his mouth seemed to be shut now. He didn't speak a single word now, which was very unlike him. If someone were to look straight into his pink eyes. They would see that they just looked frozen, and even worse, the sadness that had always filled his heart. Even as he was younger this was inside of him. When he joined the Chaos, he held these feelings and played around to force them to the back of his mind. Even after he was exiled from the Chaos, these emotions had only risen, and soon would want to overflow like a cup of water that was almost filled. Finally his head would pick up to stare at Meiun at the corner of the office... He was still smiling, but his eyes gave away his true emotions. But soon after staring at her again, his emotions seemed to have spiked for the worst. A strange pinkish energy would soon engulf the small area around Alex, fluxing about abnormally, causing a small chunk of reality to tear apart and creating a gap of pure nothingness, but soon fix itself back to normal like nothing had ever happened. The fluxing energy had disappeared from the room, as Alex would look away from her not even noticing what had happened or that he caused the disturbance, as he waited for his next set of instructions.

Far too overwhelmed with disappointment, Meiun was barely paying attention to Alex himself and saw only the rhythmic swaying on the strings in the air. They moved back and forth, back and forth, yet something about the air in the room had become extremely heavy. She was more in tune with human emotion because of the chemicals they released within their bodies that she could smell or feel because she was a fairy and was more sensitive to those types of things. Her head snapped over to Alex, whose head was lowered with his eyes unable to be seen by Meiun. The heaviness in the atmosphere was the sadness in his heart. "... I knew it." She smiled a little, only because she knew that this was the reason he acted the way he did. It was only a theory hidden behind her rage, but her theory was proven correct, which was all she needed to see. Her eyes never looked away once he decided to lift his head up, his eyes meeting her eyes. She saw that he was smiling that annoying smile, but his eyes told all of the sadness he had behind it. The smile was to make himself feel better, since no one else was going to. It was funny, really. He was trapped in his own vicious cycle; Everyone treated him the way they did because of the way he acts, but he only acts the way he does because of the way everyone treats him. No longer did Meiun feel that disappointment in this boy. He was acting just like a child... Hiding his emotions so he could look grown up. Meiun felt and overwhelming feeling to stand up and make her way over to Alex, saying only this as she did: "Good... Now go for three!"

Her voice had a hint of hope in it this time around like she believed in Alex. The new hope she had for him to become great was becoming larger and clearer. His pink aura flared up to distort the reality of the room, clearly his 'Star Chakra' that everyone spoke about. It was nowhere near on any scale of what Meiun had witnessed dealing with Khrona, but it was definitely something special for someone like him. His emotions fueled this 'Star Chakra' it seemed, and the more he hid them, the less powerful that chakra was. She walked briskly back over to him as the aura was dying down, a smile wide on her usually gloomy face. It was remarkable that this child could bring hope to this hopeless and bleak girl, something only Khrona was capable of. Finally, they stood face to face, Meiun looking down into this child's sad and lonely eyes and seeing everything she needed to as the aura finally went completely away. Her knees touched the ground so that her eyes matched the level of his and she outstretched her arms, pulling him in for a hug. "... I take back what I said. I see what Khrona sees in you now. And what he sees, he wants everyone to see... And that's why... That's why he took you into his village. That's why he wanted me and the others to train you to become great." She gripped him just a little bit tighter as the catharsis between the two of them was welling up again. "He wanted you to become his friend... Perhaps even a little brother to him. Because believe it or not... You two are similar in a variety of ways." She let him go, standing back to her feet with that smile she only ever showed Khrona. "Now, Alex Star! Go for four! Or even all five! I think you can do it!" '... Even my dark personality could be swayed every now and then, eh...? Ha...'

Alex still had not picked up his head from looking at the floor... Until the dark fairy would come up and hug him unexpectedly. He didn't know what say, do, or even feel at this moment of time. But he would listen to her words about him being more than what he expected of himself. It seems that other people could see his talent, or that he was maybe something after all. After Meiun had ended the hug, he would feel a tear drop on his face. He had never cried before, but it felt so strange to him. He let them fall from his eyes as he would use all five of his fingers to summon his strings. They would all be in perfect sync and work to his favor. He finally had a real smile to his face as Meuin would return with her own smile. "I finally did it perfectly, but now what will become of me!?"

Seeing Alex progress so quickly and so perfectly now that he was being true to himself made Meiun feel rather warm inside. She simply stroked his head. "... You cry. That's what you do. Let out what your true feelings are, and your powers will work the same." She only said that because she saw the shining star that was his own heart. He was a good kid, just misguided. But the all-knowing Khrona knew that it took he and his family to help this boy through the cruel world. She continued to stroke his head gently. "If you want, you can practice trying to manipulate those strings independently to grab things precisely. I'd suggest you try doing that to build up better control. After that, I'll send you to Shimo and Choco."

Alex would simply nod to her as she stroked his head like a child. Well he was one, anyway. His strings would move to the desks as they picked up anything they could latch onto and pick up into the air. All the small things at first, but he enjoyed the attention he was getting. Small streaks of tears would fall to the ground. "I'm going to see the twins once again?" It was very encouraging to him, and maybe this was what he always needed. Soon this strings would wrap around the whole desk, attaching themselves to it. The strings would latch onto it effectively as Alex would use some chakra to lift it into the air, keeping it there for a good time before he would release it back on the ground; she was right, this was needed to have better chakra control. "I'm getting the hang of it now! I can't wait to see those two again!"

Meiun finally let him go, allowing him to freely use his chakra strings at will. He picked things up playfully, as he was supposed to with these things, and was getting the hang of using them not just as means to control puppets, but as actual parts of his body. "Use those strings as extensions of your hands and fingers. They'll help out of jams if you use them to grab onto stuff. Maybe even help out with traps and the like." When he put everything down, she grabbed his hand a pulled him over to the door. "If you're ready to see them again, then go ahead. I'm sure they'll be happy to see your progress already. Just exit this door and you should go straight into their room. But you won't be able to get back to this one once you go through, so make sure you're ready."

Alex thought about her words for a second, but concluded he was ready. He would have to face them sooner or later, but he would think that Meiun's teachings would be good for him. He wondered what the next training session was about, and soon would head out into the next room. "Bye Meiun, thank you for the harsh words and pep talk." He soon went through the door, and closed it right behind him, he looking around for Choco and Shimo and wondering what will happen now. They had conducted his last assessment, but he didn't know what had become of them. "Shimo...? Choco...?"

Meiun waved at Alex as he went through the door, still smiling just a little bit. Before too long, the door shut behind him and Alex would be in a room that looked exactly the same as the last one; still Khrona's Office. Sitting on opposite sides of the desk would be none other than the two Bear Bros., Shimo and Choco, already anticipating Alex's arrival, it would seem.

Shimo: "I hope you've been working hard so far, Alex."

Choco: "Yeah, we hoped that giving you that rank would inspire you to better yourself even more."

The both of them rose from the desk at the exact same time, almost like mirror images of the other, walking toward Alex with each step matching their brother's beside them until they came to a halt in front of the boy. The two immediately crossed their large arms and stuck out their large chests, looming over the poor boy with their large and slightly intimidating, yet cute bodies.

Shimo: "The training you will undergo in this room..."

Choco: "... Has to do with how you fight physically!"

The two would simultaneously pull their crossed arms out from in front of them and out to the side, slamming their fists together and making a slight shockwave of strength in the air as they looked at Alex.

Together: "We're gonna build up that punching stamina! The faster you use your arms, the easier and better it is to control a puppet and those strings! So get ready!"

Alex would just be amazed with the two, as they seemed so pumped to battle... Or just train him... Physically, which is something very hard for him. Aside from that, he never trained in that too much, so it would be hard for him to do such training... But like himself, he would try his best. "Okay, if that is all then count me in!" Starting of with the crappiest boxing stance ever, Alex would soon would start to punch so weakly into the air. He would keep on doing this like a good boy and try to impress the two. But he knew this wouldn't cut it one bit -- then again, how would this help his puppet control and strings was the major question?

The hype brought about by the twin brothers was easily brought down to a bit of disappointment and shame at Alex's horrifying boxing stance, and even more horrid punches. Shimo lowered his hands and slumped over, feeling the weight of disappointment he felt heavy on his back, whilst Choco simply shook his head and facepalmed.

Choco: "Sigh... Seems like we'll have to start from the beginning..."

Shimo: "... Might as well make this good... Alex, summon a puppet. We're going to show you how to Shadow Box."

The two of them fixed their postures up nicely, Shimo walking in front of Choco, since Choco was the physically stronger one of the two -- technically, considering his Golem Weight power. From their positioning, Choco served as Shimo's 'shadow.'

Shimo: "First, you must assume this position, with you at the front and your puppet in the back as your 'shadow.' You know how to control your puppet well enough where you may execute an attack and have your puppet imitate you, right?"

Shimo threw a swift, decisive, firm punch into the air, and right beside his fist would be Choco's, having moving with Shimo's like a synchronized machine.

Choco: "This is what will make you and your puppets better at close combat. This will also build up your ability to react with your puppets better. Just let the puppet do as you do."

The two continued to punch the air in sync with one another, as if setting the pace for Alex and whichever puppet he chose to undergo the training with him.

"Okay, you got it boss!" Alex would close his eyes as he focused his chakra into his body for a moment. Then, without a missing a beat, snapped his fingers. Soon, a puppet would appear behind him. His own shadow would soon turn into a puppet; it was much larger than Alex in height -- maybe even taller then the two bros. 'Erebus', his puppet of the shadows, also his A rank puppet within of all of them. He looked at everyone in the area, before just looking at it's small master under him.

Erebus: "What do you want Child, are we killing someone or toying with these... Things?"

Alex: "Erebus, we're going to shadow spar together! Isn't that going to be fun?"

Many things had just went wrong, as Erebus' shadows would flare out around the area. He was indeed pissed he had to do such a trivial task as to just shadow spar with his child creator. The puppet would have to listen to the child because he did help create him, a puppet with actual feelings and emotions -- one of the hardest tasks known to man.

Erebus: "Make sure I harm you later on. This is very disgraceful to me."

Alex: "Whatever you say Erebus! You are always so understanding... Now just copy what I do."

Alex would punch out in the air with a straight left punch. Erebus would do the same but much slower. The difference was indeed that they needed to be synced up, plus Erebus was much stronger than Alex, so there was a forceful power that would throw Alex off key. He would throw another punch with his right, and Erebus would do the same, more quickly this time. Alex would then keep on doing this for the next few minutes as their timing would grow much closer to being in perfect unison with each punch. "How are we doing, Choco and Shimo?"

As the Bear Bros. continued to punch along with Alex, they watched his form closely as well as the puppet's behind him. They were getting there... It wasn't perfect, but that wasn't expected of them right off the bat.

Shimo: "Good. Now we're gonna switch it up."

Choco: "By switching what your 'shadow' does from what you are doing, you can catch your opponent off guard."

Through demonstration, Shimo would deliver another straight punch with one arm, whilst at the exact same time with the other arm, Choco would be delivering a punch of the same caliber in the air. Then, the two of them switched arms, now punching with the opposite of the other. They continued to do this until their fists looked like blurs of brown and white, indistinguishable from each other.

Shimo: "Using this tactic can confuse opponents, whilst also leaving you open to evade other attacks at will."

Choco: "You try now."

Simply, Alex would nod at them as he would prepare to do just that. After a few more punches at a normal pace, he would punch with his left arm now. As Erebus would punch with his right arm, soon it would grow in better sync. The punches would start to travel faster for the puppet anyway, and soon look like a blur. The both of them seemed to be in perfect unison now, as their punches would go perfectly. They would get even better at this, and soon Alex's punches were getting faster and better. He was always one to improve quickly, and never give up. He would keep up his work in training, until the bros gave him a chance to do more.

The Bear Bros. nodded back to Alex, their heads squeaking in a fashion that sounded like the material they were rubbing against more of that material. In perfect sync, the two melded bears took a step outward, opposite of each other, as one stepped forward and the other stepped back. They'd sink back in line, now with the 'shadow' at the front and the 'person' in the back. Shimo was behind Choco, who started instructing Alex.

Choco: "Now try to switch it up. Use the Puppet to block the vision of your adversaries and deliver attacks to the point where they cannot advance, so that your small, fragile boy body can do something else in the meantime. Example..."

Choco readied his fists, locking one into defense near his chin whilst the other was loose and ready to deliver. Shimo, behind him, had a very different positioning, however. Choco's giant brown fists pushed through the sky with force enough to cause small sonic booms, with enough power to be a great defensive wall. After a while of only him punching would Shimo leap up with a great many explosive snowballs in hands and ready to fling. That moment, Choco stopped immediately and the snowballs disintegrated on the spot.

Shimo: "See? I used my time to make the snowballs. Now you try something resourceful like that."

Clapping like a child, Alex liked that idea of combat, which was what he usually did in a battle to stop an enemy in their tracks. Soon Erebus switched positions with Alex. His arms would create drills and his back tendrils that would launch out forward as a defense, and blocking view of Alex. After that Alex would use Erebus back as a stepping stone. Using him to get major air as his hands would have two small balls of webbing. He threw them at the ground, as they exploded creating a field of webs, which he called the 'Web Ball' -- so everything was going great in his training. "Ya, we totally did it!"

It seemed like he was rather ready to advance to his final stage of training, but only after one more test...

Choco: "You are doing well, so far."

Shimo: "But we must increase your physical strength and stamina if you wish to do anything in battle."

Choco: "So, put up your dukes, you two!"

Shimo and Choco switched places again, back to their original stance, and both would prepare their fists, waiting for Alex and Erebus to get ready, as well. Naturally, they'd have to start off slow to get Alex built up to the strength he needed to be at, but it would be fine. As long as he trained his strength every now and then, he'd be fine using this form of fighting.

'Oh no, a battle...' Being the person Alex was, it would be quite hard for him. Then again, he had battled the two before, and had knowledge on most techniques they owned. Erebus would seem ready to battle already, so he might as well do the same.

Erebus: "Finally, something to fight."

Erebus took off ahead at the two followed by Alex. They were using the new way of combat they just learned, blocking view of the child. Once they got near to the two, Erebus would aim at Shimo with his drill attack. As Alex would pop out of behind of him, aiming an earth strength punch at Choco.

The clearly confused boy had the misconception that they were going to engage in combat, when in actuality, they just needed him to execute punches to strengthen himself up. There was no doubt that his acting out in such a fashion was because of how nervous he was about the training, but that was to be expected of a child like him whose physical strength didn't particularly match what was necessary for the moment. Shimo merely knocked away the drill whilst Choco parried Alex's earthen punch down to the ground.

Choco: "No!"

Shimo: "That's not what we meant!"

Together: "We want you to practice your punches on us!"

Of course, they would be the ones punching and Alex would be the one trying to match their punches, as would Erebus to Choco. Shimo jabbed out in the air lightly a couple of times, as if showing Alex exactly what it was that they were going to be doing.

Shimo: "Like this. We need you to practice your punches by bumping fists with us. You have to get physically stronger at least a little if you want this training with us to work to the fullest effect."

Alex would just hang his head in shame. He was really nervous about this training because of his lack of strength. Now they seemed to be angry with him, or at least pissed off. Taking a position like they had just shown a few seconds ago, he would calm himself down before trying to match their punches. After a few calming breaths, he would be ready and smile at the two. Erebus would stand in front of Shimo, and Alex would be in front of Choco. He would prepare his punch to match whatever Choco and shimo threw at them.

When they were sure that Alex and his puppet were ready, Shimo started to punch the air in front of Alex.

Shimo: "Try to match my speed. Let's go!"

He punched at a steady, slightly fast rate with a moderate amount of force. He would continue to do so until Alex was able to build up a bit of strength, as well. Then Choco would join in.

Alex would punch out at a moderate rate, but he needed to match Shimo's. Finally finding the right speed, he would clash with Shimo's punch only to feel pain surge through his whole arm. Shimo was indeed stronger then him, but he would not let himself down. His punching strength would increase with every punch, trying to match him punch for punch to lessen the harm to his own body.

After a long period of time of the two just punching each other, Shimo could feel and see the progress with Alex becoming much better and easier.

Shimo: "Good! Now here comes Choco."

Only a moment after Shimo said that would Choco's fist join in, punching in unison with Shimo's fist at Alex. This was the time where Erebus would need to join in to keep Alex from being harmed by either one of their fists, since he'd only be able to match one of them.

Erebus would quickly punch in to block Choco's punch from harming his master, not losing a second of time to defend. He would save him with his darkness erupting into the punch, soon rapidly increasing the punching speed of his punches to match Choco's with speed and strength. It seemed that Alex was getting much stronger and faster with his hand to hand combat ability. Alex would tell Erebus to switch targets to block Shimo's punches, as he would fight with Choco, wanting to combat a person with more strength because of his earth related body. His punches were much stronger and took him some time to match the power before he could do anything to outmatch him.

Switching up targets was a good idea for Alex to do, as it would increase his speed and versatility in battle.

Shimo: "Good! That was a good idea!"

Choco: "But what if we do it, too?"

Their punching patterns became less predictable and more erratic now, as they both would change targets sporadically and even start to get out of sync with each other for increased difficulty. Now there were punches flying from everywhere. Sometimes when Choco punched left, Shimo was punching right, or he was punching down whilst Choco punched right, or any sort of combination like that. To really mess Alex up, they even started to punch back in sync for a little while.

Shimo: "Think you can handle this level, Alex?"

Bringing his mind up to par, Alex had to think of the latest development in their tactics. The more random and erratic pattern had thrown him off his game, but it would be like any battle. It had to adapt to any situation at any given moment. Not backing down, Alex would close his eyes as he tried to listen to every punch to at least get a small pattern or a gesture. To be able to predict even a hint of their attack movements, Erebus would simply improve his speed to help deflect the attacks that aimed for his master. "Much more now than before." But soon Alex would start to throw out his own barrage of punches, each at a different moment and time to the two attacking him. Once they crossed punches, Alex would do the same, once they switched that up Alex would mimic the same thing, and when they went back to normal he would do the same with each strike. His reaction time was starting to grow faster and faster with each strike and movement. "I can do much more thanks to you two." Erebus seemed to have stopped helping his master, and Alex attacked using his own hands and arms by himself. It seemed that this training was helping him indeed; he was growing from the fragile boy he was before this ordeal -- it brought him closer to a difference in his life... Or maybe it was a change of purpose.

Thoroughly impressed by how Alex had used such a tactic as a makeshift way of defending himself through all of the erratic punching rather than trying to match them, the brothers nodded their heads, quite proud of him.

Together: "Now you're using your brain! Good!"

Soon he was able to catch up to them, matching them blow for blow, even with such mix ups in between. They had been going at this for quite some time now, and it was definitely paying off for him. But finally, it was time to stop. That was all they could teach him for right now. They stopped abruptly by catching the fists of the two of them and lowering them gently.

Shimo: "That's quite enough now."

Choco: "You've done very well with your training."

Shimo: "So if you think you're satisfied..."

They looked to each other with worried looks, hesitant to finish the last part of their sentence. They turned slowly to Alex, worried expressions still well upon their faces.

Together, melancholy: "Then you may proceed to the final step of your training..."

A door would appear behind the desk, opening to a place that looked exactly like the room they were in now.

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning EmptyFri May 15, 2020 8:40 pm

From the view of the Bear Bros. faces, that seemed to be the emotion of worry. It was very upsetting to find out that this final task might be bad for Alex's health. He was indeed satisfied with the results of this training, but he was a bit worried about the final training session. "Then I'll take my chances to finish this thing, I will not just stop here... I must finish what I started!" Walking to the door behind the desk, he would look back at Shimo and Choco with his usual smile. Hoping it wouldn't be the last time they would see it, he closed the door behind him as he looked around in a different room, but was the same like the one before. Guessing that the door behind him would vanish like the rest, he would only move forward from here on out. But what was the thing that even Choco and Shimo were worried about...? It had to be something deadly.

As the door creaked ominously to a close, the twin brothers waved at the boy traveling through the final door, the look of worry never leaving their adorable faces. The very moment the door inched completely shut, Alex would find that the room was filled with an ominous and foreboding presence. Although the room looked completely, exactly the same as it did beforehand, something was missing... There was no one present. Rather, no one within his immediate line of sight. A drop of what seemed to be dark matter in salivated form dripped down from the ceiling in his general area, gooping up on the floor around his feet as it continued. Looking up, Alex would find the beaming eyes of his newest teacher staring down at him from utter darkness; there was no ceiling. Only abyss. This was the room for the final test; the room of the Black Rabbit.

Feeling the demonic like presence of another, Alex felt a chill run up his body. He stayed calm for the time being, but once he looked up he was face to face with something dark. He felt his throat go dry as he tried to gulp, but it came back empty. Being himself, he could only smile at the monstrous figure, coming up with a plan to make contact if it was possible. "So you are going to be training me? You seem like the type that likes to destroy everything?" He didn't know what to expect from this encounter, would it lead to him being broken or worse? Is this virtual pet a kind and friendly one...? Highly doubtful.

The great black beast's arm stretched from the restricting darkness that bound it to the abysmal above, long strands of globbing darkness tearing away the restricting binds. His arm touched down with a great roar, the impact of which made the very room tremble, as there was little to no more of the room which was not filled by the palm of the beast. Alex, betwixt his index and middle finger, became this monstrosity's center of attention. Struggling to reach its head down to meet with Alex, its grotesquely elongated mouth opened with a wide and clownishly insane grin, as if mimicking his owner to the very mark. "... I sense... Power within you... Deliciously chaotic power..." He licked his lips with a long, slimy tongue which salivated the same dark matter like substance that had dripped around Alex before. Inside of his mouth seemed to be another dimension entirely, completely within his body, when inspected closely. "The power of a star... Burns within you... That power... Can bring great destructive potential..." He continued to pull his head closer and closer to Alex, his eye proving to be the same size as Alex's entire body. The yellow dagger that it was, it looked him up and down, but not at his physical body, but the potential star chakra brewing within. "Keres must teach you... How to wreak havoc!"

Looking at the figure approach him with it's mass was quite chilling. Alex couldn't just walk away from it, and now it speaks only about destruction. That ruled out it being a nice virtual pet that, well, would probably destroy the world one day, or wreck havoc everywhere it went. It was no wonder this creature belonged to Khrona, they both seemed very much alike in many ways. As dark matter oozed out of his mouth, which was very scary because that kinda fucks up the world and it's reality. Taking a calming breath, Alex would try to say something -- hopefully the right words, because this can go from bad to hell in a few seconds; maybe even less. "Havoc? How would I go on about do such things with my powers... I don't even know how to start..."

The luscious feeling of fear exuding from Alex's pores was simply divine to this sadistic Black Rabbit, yet being a creature of Khrona's, its intentions could never be completely evil and somehow had to be channeled into goodness, no matter what. It took a good whiff of Alex, the force of its breathing in enough to pull the poor boy right off the ground and fall right back to his feet once it stopped. The clearly insane Black Rabbit let out a violent laugh, that of which could have pushed back Alex, if he weren't being held in place by an unknown force. "I smell your fear... And though it would taste delicious... I see potential in you... And so, you are given my blessings... Just as Khrona and I share a mutual understanding, I know... That such destruction must be used for change... That is why..." The enormous hand slowly rose from the floor, the very sound it made as it moved seeming to make more cracks in the already destroyed floor, where his hand print would meld back to normality thanks to the reality warping of this particular area. That's what Keres was fighting with; his own reality warping ability fighting against the power of the office itself caused him to have to trek through that terrible abysmal muck up above. Yet, he didn't mind. As his hand raised above the boy's red head, it would seem that the Star Chakra in Alex's body would follow, flowing up toward the top of his body and becoming like an aura that flowed and connected Keres' hand and Alex's body. "I will teach you... How to use this power to bend your surroundings to your will... With sheer force of destruction..."

The energy coming out of Alex would start to create a pink aura around him; it was reacting to Keres' hand. Even when Alex didn't want it to, it would seep out without his consent. Feeling that something was going on, the energy would want to be apart of that power. The destruction he spoke off would start to show in Alex, the ground under him as well as the air around him would start to burn from the sheer energy of Alex's star power. But it wasn't enough to make what Keres wanted -- there was something missing from Alex that he needed to use his power for pure destruction. Like shown before to Meiun, he needed to focus on his emotions; that was the deciding factor of his power. He was in a misguided mood; it would increase his power, but he needed to feel something more menacing or sinister to achieve the power that Keres wants to see. "I understand, I will try to learn the path of destruction."

Keres chortled to himself, extending his grossly entrapped body even farther out, now allowing his legs to be freed along with the rest of his body. His toe lightly touched the ground, causing the reality around the point of impact to ripple every time a foot touched the ground. He pulled back his mighty arm and held it out in front of Alex. "That destructive power... Is that of a star... Like gravity, a star is super intense and super condensed... Create a super intense sphere of destruction, just like gravity..." In the palm of his hand, a tiny back sphere appeared, and from it extended a great amount of gravitational force; enough to probably match output of any star. The only downside was that everything would be pulled into its epicenter and crushed... Including Alex.

Looking at the sphere, Alex was impressed that Keres could create such a thing so easily. But his thoughts would turn to dread because of this power; he tried to get away from the makeshift black hole, but it was useless from this point. As it grew stronger Alex was losing his footing -- more like it was getting pulled off the ground and if he didn't have a plan, he would driven to be crushed by the power. Alex was panicking from where he stood, but he just remembered something he had done in the beginning. He would allow his emotions to take over instead of his usual rational thinking; something had changed inside of him. Moving his arms in front of himself, he would close his eyes, focusing on a small pink orb in between his hand. It started to grow larger with every passing second. Soon growing to a size larger than his hands, he spread his arms apart, but the ball of Star Energy would simply now float in the air. "Super condensed, and super intense is right, but it can become something that can be far worst then a star... Pure Destruction." Once the Ball of star energy would grow brighter than the sun, it dissolved the darkness in the room, but that was not the purpose. Alex held a smile on his face looking at Keres; it wasn't his regular one, it just gave the look of pure enjoyment in creating this. Now, for the final act of this piece. Cocking back his arm, he would aim to enter the center of the core, closing his hand around the center of the core of the energy, and forcefully pulling it out of the energy ball. The orb of star energy would start to die down as the light faded, but something far worse had just occurred. Tremendous energy was suddenly released from the fading orb, soon causing the the room start to tear in two from the pure energy and gravity that tore through the reality, wanting to crush Keres as well. The move he just called 'Type II Destruction', now the question is that what would happen if both these items would be in the same room at the same time... Well something was going to happen... Or would they cancel themselves out?

Keres felt the power of this Star Chakra, birthed only by being put in peril; Alex Star had a new weapon in his arsenal that he could use to get the edge on his opponents. "Good... Your destructive mind works well with your power... But... You lack the control necessary to be effective..." The gravitational sphere dissipated in his hand, the altering power around him suddenly coming to a stop as a wave of force easily overpowered it and swept across the room, completely engulfing it. As the star ball passed through this force, it completely disappeared. Alex himself would find himself in the position he was before he created the sphere in the first place. Keres had potent manipulation over time, and could mess with it in any way he wishes at any given time. Yet, Alex would retain knowledge of how to use such an ability again. "... Just because you can destroy... Does not mean you know how to destroy... Never let your destructive power surpass your control, for it always has the ability to... You just do not let it."

After all the altering of time, and space Alex would stand where he was before. Simply looking at Keres with the same smile he held before taking his words to heart. He indeed retained the knowledge of what he did and tried to calm down back into thinking straight. "I understand that now, but how will I go about controlling this newfound power...? It's not like it's going to be a walk in a park... I will try not to let it surpass me ever."

Keres lifted his great hand once more, instantly pulling Alex into his grip, and closed in hand so that only Alex's head poked out from his grasp. "For you... Someone who is as weak as you are... Controlling your incredible power will cause you to destroy yourself... You must grow stronger first... Start small."

Keres remembered his time as a small bunny, the reference he had to 'starting small.' He was once weak, as well, and as that bunny he barely had any power. "... When I came to understand my powers... I grew... Physically and mentally... And I became stronger. And stronger... And eventually, I became a great Black Rabbit..." Of course, since Alex couldn't evolve like a Virtual Pet, he wouldn't know physically when he was growing, but he had to focus more mentally on becoming greater. "Hone your feeble mind... And the knowledge of your power will come soon..." He started to squeeze his hand tighter and tighter, attempting to completely crush this little boy with ease.

After hearing even more wise words from Keres, Alex had to understand the limit. He held little knowledge of his own power, and must take his progress slowly. This ability was great indeed; every a small bit of it could change the outcome of a battle as for a large piece of it could wipe him and a planet out or so. "Great power comes with great responsibly, I suppo..." Before he could end his sentence, Keres would start to crush his body in between his hands. The sheer strength and mass of the creature was unimaginably strong. If he thought that it would be that easy, he would have another thing coming. Focusing his star energy into his body, it would start to increase Alex's strength by tenfold because of the expanding energy that is being spread throughout his body. Very soon he would start to push aside on both hands trying to spread them out to stop crushing him and try to free himself grasp. "Then hone my mind I must, as to achieve knowledge of my power in the near future." He didn't know what to do from this point of his training.

The star power within the boy gave him strength to set him free from the grasp of Keres, but that would not keep him safe from the rest of the training. "Throughout the events of your training with us four virtual pets... You have grown mentally... Matured, even... And your power, in result, has grown significantly as well... Expand your mind as to what else you can do, and the power of the star will follow behind..." Keres began to laugh, Alex still in his palm, held in place now by a gravitational field of extreme intensity within. With Alex being held so perfectly still, Keres set his index finger back under his thumb in a position that made it look as if he were going to flick Alex away... And low and behold, he did. His finger shot out like a piston, impacting Alex's small boy body with incredible force, sending him jetting into the wall; almost through it, if this room weren't so reinforced. All the while, Keres laughed and laughed a dark and bellowing laugh. "The training I bestow upon you is... To learn to use this power responsibly, without destroying yourself... Every time you fail, I will rewind time to the point beforehand, and you will try again until you succeed..."

Alex felt like he was being held, but he expected it to be the gravity controlling powers. Of course, he would have tried to break free if it wasn't for the single finger flicking him into a wall. Creating a imprint on the wall because of the force of Keres' power, the only thing he could do was pull himself out of the imprinted hole in the wall. Trying to cope with the pain he was given, he would place his hands out in front of himself again. Building up another ball of star energy that would start to grow larger, it was more controllable than the last one he created. But it slowly started to grow out of control, he tried to compress it in his hands. Gathering the energies in around him, it would start to grow larger than his control; soon it would have enough power to blow up a city, but he was trying to contain it with little chance of success.

Keres gave him the benefit of the doubt and observed him attempt to harness the power of his Star chakra... Only to find him failing again. "WRONG! Go back to the BEGINNING!" He rose his great 'Bunny Hand' and launched it at Alex, still imprinted in the wall, and smashed into it with maximum force, breaking through to the other side, which so happened to be Keres down below, with mouth wide open. Within his mouth was another dimension all his own, which would cause Alex great strife in trying to get out if he were to fall in... And Keres let him fall. "We will see if the power of the star... Will save you from your doom..."

Once again getting smacked around into the very same place in the wall, but this time with enough force to break right through it this time, Alex gained back his senses after the pain and turn around to see what Keres had planned. He couldn't believe how this all went down; he was toying with Alex and he didn't like being toyed with for too long. He felt his power surge through his body in reaction to his emotions, placing his hands in front of himself once more. He released two mini-balls of star energy in both hands, gripping them tightly in his hands, then applied his chakra at the bottom of the orbs, they started to fire off a beam of energy and causing him to stall in the air. Having much more control over this tiny balls, he had just invented a way to fight, now calling it 'Star Propulsion', adding even more power to the orbs would cause a large thrust of energy at the bottom of them releasing a beam of destruction at Keres that would destroy almost any force but also propelling his way back through the hole he created to get to safety.

An inventive solution to a devastating problem, the Star power was strong, but Keres was stronger. He merely consumed the power of the star instead of Alex himself, then hovered up from the abyss on the other side of the room, watching Alex enter. His body disintegrated soon after, and Keres, who had also been right in front of Alex the entire time, had his large finger pointing down at him the entire time. "Your destructive power grows... And to accommodate, so must mine..." Keres definitely enjoyed toying with Alex, even if it was assisting his training. But now he was going to get more intense, which meant hell for Alex if he wasn't prepared. He simply tapped the atmosphere above Alex's head, and the reality around it would start to distort, shattering to bits piece by piece. If Alex didn't hurry, he'd find himself utterly destroyed by this collapsing reality that Keres controlled.

The falling reality had not given Alex much time to evade; the orbs he still held in his hand would be his only chance. Placing them above his head, combining both orbs into one large one that would appear over his head, the expanding energy would flux around, causing the collapsing reality to keep at bay for the time being. It seemed that his control with his star power was growing more and more stronger with every use, but along with control, his power was growing as well. He believed that Keres was much stronger than him in many ways, and that he could have crushed him if he wanted to. Now at this current moment he had to show strength in order to impress him. "And I must match yours as well!" In one burst of energy he released from the large orb over his head; he tried to over power the collapsing reality with his fluxing ability, causing it to destroy itself and repair the atmosphere, reverting it back to normal. Alex began to pant as he started to run low on his chakra reserves; using the star energy to much was taking a toll on himself because he hadn't had much training with it in a long while.

Keres couldn't help but laugh at the boy. He was working himself so hard whilst Keres would be only using less than a fraction. At the collapsing space around the boy was kept at bay by his power, it was definitely impressive."Boy... You are growing... But you are clearly not ready to harness its full potential..." He raised his arm high, as if he were going to smack the God shit out of the poor Alex Star, but he spoke before. "Come back when you have the means to control your power..." And his hand would come sweeping past Alex, not even making contact. He seemed to seep through the Black Rabbit's hand, and suddenly, he was outside of the office. There was nothing left for Alex here. He was finally done with his training, for the moment. He had learned much from Khrona's virtual pets today on this day.

He indeed learn much from his training with the virtual pets, and would one day come back to face Keres again. The outcome would be different, giving him a purpose to grow stronger in his future training, and go on to do better things. "You can count on that, Keres." Alex would just look around at the empty hallway, and saw that no one was there. So he would just leave the building on to do better things -- maybe a mission, or something else.

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning EmptySun May 17, 2020 9:11 am

Khrona dealt with the two struggling warriors first because they were the ones most in need of dire assistance before the coming of the End, so he would equip them, at least, with a small bit of what they needed in order to survive in these trying times -- with or without Khrona, himself. With that done, he also needed to secure his own family, starting with his dearest heart... Chroma.

After the exhilarating battle with Tamura and a new confidence in her Anatomia skill, Chroma trekked off home to wait for the resident poison ninja to come back so she could fulfill his request. When she got to her house, however... "... Woah..." She saw the great Alexandros standing before her, posing as a castle right above where the Pit of Havoc was. "... Did my dad make Alexandros our new home...? That's pretty freakin' cool!" She landed, inspecting Alexandros up and down, and even walking through the front door to expect the inside. "... You're really spiffy, Alexandros! It's gonna be fun living with you from now on." She took the great arm of Alexandros and hugged it, showing her affection toward him and her new home.

Moments after Chroma appeared, a rip in the dimension around her would open and release an egg. A moderate amount of time had passed in its travels. It slowly floated down to her, awaiting her to catch it.

Soon after that, a gift from Khrona would warp in front of her; it being a special gem for the summon Odin. Apparently, Khrona was trying to give to to Chroma and when the moment came where she was ready for it, it was set to warp to her like so. Also, instructions were added mentally. "Hello, Chroma. This gem you see before you it that for a Summon, as you probably know. This Summon is Odin. You must call forth his name to Summon him and either beat or impress him to continue with him on your side. Good luck!" And with that, there she had it; the Dark Pendant.

First shocked about Alexandros, a rip in the dimensions opens up and what looks to be a monster egg falls out of it. She catches it, coddling it within her cloak, rather confused. "What? Where did this come from...? Was I supposed to have this?" And then, no sooner had that happened did the 'Dark Pendant' appear before her with Khrona's words telling her what to do and how to activate it. "... A Summon, huh...? Odin..." She embedded the pendent within her bell, changing its color to black, considering the bell was 'Dark Energy' now. She would summon him when the time was right.

The poison ninja would silently appear at the home of Khrona, where he knew he would find his daughter, Chroma. It had been quite some time since he last came to this location, so he knocked on the door, hoping to get a response soon.

Confused as to why the ninja was knocking on the door, Chroma immediately thought that it was because he wanted to see if her father was home, even though they had made the agreement. "Uuum, hey! I'm right here, you know. My dad's still not back, so I'm watching the house. I'm gonna make your kid for you, remember?" The pendent on her neck started to rumble a bit, but she didn't seem to notice it all that much.

"Oh, sorry, there has just been a lot going on lately that I am just honestly tired. But anyway, my Soul Partner..." Before he could say any more, the pendulum around his neck would suddenly glow as it removed itself from around the ninja's neck. The Soul Weapon would appear in a flash of light back in her human form, although a few things where off about her. The most noticeable thing was that she was pregnant, and from the looks of it, she was honestly going to be due in maybe a month or two. But that was not all, as she appeared pale, and overall, very sick. Before she could even speak, she would faint, falling to the ground, only for her partner to instantly catch her and hold her up. "To make a long explanation short, Chroma, this child's power is developing very early, so she it turning all of the water inside my partner into deadly poison. Can you remove the baby and age it a few years?"

Letting a slight, exasperated laugh escape her mouth as she placed a hand behind her head, Chroma, too, felt the effects of tiredness wearing heavy on her body. These two must have been working very hard recently. "Ahahaha! I get that. But don'tcha worry, I can help you with whatever's up, m'kay?" She waited for ninja's beloved to finish her transformation in this flash of light, only to see the bulge in her stomach and the green in her face. Chroma instantly knew that something was amiss, and the casual smile on her face became serious and focused. "... Of course I can do this. I've been taught well." This was the true test of her power, here today. To see if she was even close to being on par with her father's level. To age a living person... To extract and alter a living child... She had never done such a thing to this extent before. Though nervous, she was not scared, nor did she falter. She bowed humbly to the woman and touched her stomach, getting a sample of the deadly poison brewing within. So it didn't effect her, she had her body quickly adapt to it, which was hard in and of itself, since this poison seemed to be rather potent already. "Hmm..."

The moment Chroma touched the woman's body, the Dark Energy pendent around her neck started to glow again. This time, however, the power within was released into the form of a giant man atop a six-legged horse, bathed in the dark eclipse of death around his body. What seemed to be the grim reaper here to take the woman's life was none other than the harbinger of death, Odin himself.

Odin: "Your cause is noble, young one. Your father has bestowed you with my power for good reason, I see. However..."

He slammed his great sword to the ground at the same moment the hoof of 'Sleipnir' touched down as well.

Odin: "A cause by itself is not enough to impress the likes of me! I will become yours once you successfully cure this maiden of her ailment and bring this baby into this world unharmed. Your failure will not be tolerated."

His words on this matter seemed absolute, and the threat of what would happen afterward seemed... Deadly.

The moment Odin appeared at first, the poison ninja would give his partner to Chroma and instantly appear between the two, refusing to let any harm to come to his lover or his child. However listening to Odin speak, the poison ninja would stand down and would relax somewhat, as it seemed Odin was not here to simply destroy, but instead test if Chroma could actually do what she promised. "Chroma, just so you know, I do trust you, so go ahead and show this monster your true power."

Chroma, throughout all of that, was more or less flustered by the entire process. The summon Odin had just spoken to her, putting ALL of the pressure on her about doing this absolutely correctly. Time was of the essence, clearly, and failure was not to be tolerated by Odin or the poison ninja. Suddenly, Chroma was feeling the weight of her words on her shoulder. "Thanks... Now... Let me just..." She lightly pressed her hands on the woman's stomach, getting a good general feel of her DNA. "Please hold still, miss..." Her words seemed shaky, but her body was stiff. She thought long and hard for a good moment or two, and then started to press harder on the woman's stomach, her hand first merging with it and then slipping through easily, like liquid. It should feel a little weird to the woman at this point. But the first thing that Chroma was going to do was stop the poison from flowing. The skin on her fingers started to expand outward, releasing her own blood vessels to mix with the weapon woman's and take in the numerous amount of toxins that were being secreted into her body by the baby. Having adapted to this toxin earlier, Chroma was unaffected, and now with no more poison being generated, the weapon woman should have felt better. Not completely one hundred percent, but better. Now for the real problem... The baby. "Okay... Step two, under way... Before I start, how do you feel, miss?"

"I'm fine, you may continue, Chroma-san. You have my complete trust." While weak, the woman's words where warm and hopefully comforting to the nervous Chroma.

Well now that Chroma had her support... She felt a little better and the procedure would come just a little easier to her. Her hands wriggled around inside of the woman's stomach, slowly coming to where the baby was. She touched it as slowly and carefully as she could, finding a secure way to grab hold of the baby. When she was sure that she had the baby in grasp, she gradually started to pull it out, not even making any physical progress until like, five minutes in. This was because as she pulled, she was aging the baby, as well. Once the baby got to the outside of the weapon woman's stomach, then it could be aged accordingly. The baby was still halfway inside of her stomach as Chroma tried to pull this thing out, but she'd have to ask yet another question during the procedure. "You guys... How much should I age the baby? What age?" She couldn't ever stop pulling the child out, it just looked like she was doing so extremely slowly, which she had to do whilst she aged it. Hopefully they answered before such a thing would become a dangerous thing to do to the baby.

This whole procedure was very straining on the weapon woman's body, so instead of speaking, she would simply look over toward her partner, trusting him to pick the age for their child. The poison ninja, still keeping his eye on Odin, would suddenly sense his lover communicating with him through their strong connection. "... Nine years old will be fine."

A bead of sweat rolled down Chroma's head as she continued to slowly pull out the child. As she did, it began to age a little. "Haha... Nine years, huh? N-no problem..." Nine years... Well it certainly wasn't as much as her father had done for her; she had been created from scratch from the very seeds. So it wasn't like she was doing that... Nor was she aging three hundred years, like Chita had been... Nine years for an already made fetus was actually quite generous, comparing to her father. But the pressure was killing her. She turned around and looked to Odin, then at the poison ninja, then finally back at weapon woman, still slowly pulling out the child. It had almost completely slipped out of her stomach, aging about one or two years by now. The umbilical cord was cut and removed immediately by Chroma's mind. But for a brief moment, she stopped.

She was just too nervous, but she knew that she shouldn't be. If she ever planned to succeed her father... If she ever planned to be as great as he, then she would have to stop doubting her power. He never did and she knew that, and that was part of his power. She was the daughter of Khrona; already an amazing feat within itself. Knowing this, believing that she was just as powerful... She could do this. With one final swift tug, the baby was out, and had been instantly aged about six or seven years, now being just about eight or nine with a burst of power from Chroma. She quickly let the child fall to its feet, her other hand still on the woman's stomach. "There. This is your child. I will be inserting the appropriate amount of information that a nine year old should know; walking, talking, cognitive things, and so on, since such things were never learned." She grabbed the child's head, keeping it from falling over with sheer strength. It hadn't awakened yet. Her hand started to glow and a transfer of information would flow from the atmosphere into Chroma and then into the child. As said before, anything a nine year old should know by now, was placed inside the child's head. Simultaneously, Chroma was healing up the weapon woman, relieving the intense stress put on her body by forcefully sucking it out through her stomach and pulling it into herself. This should feel like the woman having an intense stomachache for a moment, as this was all the stress on her body, and then it would quickly go away, bringing her to great condition, yet the fatigue of child birth should still be there.

When Chroma was done, she took her hand off of the woman, but not off of the child. "This child shall wake only when you call the name. And that is when I'll take my hand off." Chroma didn't even seem to notice how much stress she just absorbed. It seemed like nothing to her now; like she'd built up an immunity, like her father had done to pain. It was amazing what someone from this lineage could do... Chroma only imagined what her child would do. Haha. She turned to the couple, hoping they would decide on a name quick. She wanted to take custody of her summon as fast as possible.

While this whole process was rather painful, the woman would endure for the sake of her child. As the baby was removed and aged, the poison ninja would relax even more as he watched Chroma work. Soon enough, the young daughter of the poison ninja and his weapon partner was out and fully aged to nine years old. When asked for them name, he would remain silent as before; coming here, he had already promised to allow his lover to come up with the name. While tired from all that had just happened, she would slowly sit up and would lightly touch her daughter. "It is time to awaken, Kohana."

At the utterance of the name 'Kohana', Chroma quickly took her hand off of her head and let her be, the girl now awakening when her name was given. She would feel as if that were her name for her entire life. "She may take a little while to adjust, so she will be quite confused and indecisive. That's her brain getting to work." Chroma sighed heavily, lowering her head and slumping over a bit. That surely did take a lot out of her, but at least she knew she could do it now. One step closer to becoming like her father. And now... Odin should have been hers, as well. "Well I guess you three want to go have family bonding or something, huh?" She was talking to them, but she was looking at Odin. She had been waiting for this moment.

Odin witnessed all that transpired at that moment, allowing him to see Chroma's power first hand.

Odin: "... It seems your father hath not lied about thy strength. You are truly worthy."

Odin clopped forth on Sleipnir, into Chroma's face and touched her pendent with his sword, the 'Dark Energy' reacting immediately. With a massive surge of deathly power, Odin's body was reabsorbed into the pendent, which would then also suck back in the deathly energies released outward as well. Odin was officially Chroma's.

As Kohana fell, her mother would quickly catch the girl and hold her in her arms. Her father would then appear next to both of them and would pick them both up. Seeing Chroma was busy claiming the massive creature, the new father would simply bow before disappearing with his family.

Upon attaining the summon Odin, Chroma could feel this incredible power he possessed... The power of Death that increased her own. She was most happy; not only because of the fact that she received the power of Odin, but she was also growing stronger... Almost to the power of her own father. Soon, she'd be there. That greatness she admired so much... It was so close. "... I can feel it. My time is coming. But to be as great as he..." She turned to Alexandros, who was her house now, and the spider restricting the power on her neck removed itself, revealing the 'Reverse Rejection' within her. She stuck her hand straight inside of her chest, elbow deep, until she grabbed the hilt of 'that' sword... the God of Destruction. "... I have mastered fighting as a weapon, but not as a wielder... And so..."

And that was when the God's laugh chimed in with her talking, almost synchronous.

God Of Destruction: "So you brought out the greatest badass there is, after so long? Heh. Took you long enough."

Chroma: "Yep. Let's go."

God Of Destruction: "I thought you'd never ask!! Ahahahahahahaha!!"

And with that, they entered Manor Alexandros... To prepare.

Meanwhile, back at the office, Khrona was about to see what messages were left by his messengers taking over for him in the Office whilst he was away; Chomao, specifically.

The door creaked open to reveal a quaint little office with a 'Dark Fairy' sitting on top of the desk, bored out of her mind. It was Meiun's turn on duty to take the shift for Khrona's absence; Chomao was done for a while. She blew her hair out of her face as her eyes lurched bleakly over to the one entering the room. "... Yeah...?" Her already dim eyes dimmed further at the mention of Khrona's name. He was so popular that someone had to ALWAYS be in his office to tell them that he wasn't in. Sadly, this time, that person was Meiun. "Sorry, but he's away on business. Don't know when he'll be back. Want to take a message...?" She didn't really want to take down any notes on anything, but... She had to. Sigh. What a cruel world. Stationed with Meiun -- to transition in and out -- was her dreary counterpart of odd likeness, Despair a la Discord, who would be helping her out with things for a while since she already knew the business.

Akira walked up to the doors of Khrona's Office, not knowing if he was inside or not. As Akira got closer to the doors, he extended his right hand to knock on the door. "I hope Khrona is here. I'm in the mood to go on a mission." As Akira knocked on the door, he stood there waiting for a response from the other side.

The door creaked open to find Despair, one of Khrona's loyal weapon partners, standing over the desk seemingly lost in thought. "Hm? Oh yes, a visitor... You are here for Khrona?"

As the door creaked open, Akira entered through the threshold and took a look around, since he hadn't been in Khrona's Office in a while. "Oh yes, I am actually looking for Khrona. I have something I must discuss with him."

As much as Despair wished to tell him that Khrona could see him, she herself was not even real. "I'm sorry... But I am a projected image. Khrona, Misery, and I are out at the moment... We don't know when we'll be back."

Saddened by what Despair had just told him, Akira looked to the floor in disappointment. "That's fine. Whenever you return, I shall be ready for a mission. Just inform my Lord that I'll be awaiting his return." Akira then looked, raised his head, and smiled at Despair right before he turned back toward the door and walked away.

Despair was also saddened by this. Akira's ambition was too great to pass up, so she had to send him somewhere, to someone. "... Wait!" she shouted at him before he exited the door, "... Zesu, Tamura, or the resident poison ninja. Find one of them and they will have a mission for you, Akira."

Many hours had passed and both Meiun and Despair were off duty for reasons that were far more important, leaving the office empty for a while.

Shabuto would Appear out of seemingly nowhere in front of the large doors of the office. With a few knocks, Shabuto awaited entry. He wanted to see if he was capable of obtaining his first Summon yet... And if not, what could he do to get there.

As Shabuto knocked on the door, nobody at all was there, and the only thing that appeared upon the face of the door was a sign that said 'Sorry, Nobody Home'. He'd have to either come back later or seek someone related to Khrona out.

Shabuto would noticed the sign... And was a little bummed. He was pretty excited and really felt he could obtain his first summon after all the training he did. But it seemed he simply had to wait longer for his Lord to return. "Dammit... So close, yet... So far away..." he said, leaving the office.

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning EmptySun May 17, 2020 3:15 pm

The next day, Khrona continued on his tireless work to help prepare for the oncoming darkness as quickly and efficiently as possible, even to the point of madness. He worked until he was drop dead tired, all day, until halted by the strange, but extremely loyal samurai that had been one of his elites for quite a while...

About a day after taking that poor new Shinobi to the hospital, Maruze ended up at the front of Khrona's Office with his daughter right beside him, holding his arm and supportively staring up into her father's eyes. He stared down back with an indecisive and forlorn expression, yet a decided look stayed stolid in his eyes.

Meo: "Are you absolutely sure about this...?"

He knocked upon he lone door of Khrona's Office, staying silent to his caring daughter only for a moment. When his mind caught up to his heart, he smiled a his daughter, only warmness in his hear and in his expression, and he nodded. "I am most certainly. I must embark on my own for a while, and this village will need protection." He turned around and waited, adding an extra point to his first notion. "And I cannot even do it as much as I need to as I currently am. With me off on my own, what good would an old man like me be?"

The door opened quickly to just the thought, opening up to realize that someone was here. Someone who hadn't been there for a while, yet suddenly was. It was the true leader, Khrona. "Maruze. I've been expecting you. Come in." It was the only reason why Khrona even appeared, even if not truly. He was only here as an astral projection, sensing that there was a terribly urgent matter that only he could resolve with a sheer tingle of his psychic thought. Long before Maruze even had the conscious thought of wanting it.

Odd that Khrona had been expecting Maruze to be here; he remembered just who his Lord was and dismissed the thought. He turned to his daughter once more and entered the office, Meo still holding onto his arm, and he stepped up to the desk with stern and stubborn eyes. "Lord. As you probably know my business for being here, I must officially inform you of... My resignation." His expression did not change for a moment upon saying it, even though the very mention of it weighed heavy on his heart and his soul. They knew what had to be done, and if it was at the cost of this, then so be it. "From the ranks of the Elite, of course you know. My loyalty to you and his village will forever stay true." That was something that just had to be said, however.

Not surprised by Maruze's words, as Khrona figured that it was only a matter of time before he went on with his life as he needed to, Khrona nodded his head in agreement. "Feel free; I know that you must attend to your own business. You've helped me enough already. You work too hard." Khrona knew Maruze to be a hard working man, for he was extremely traditional and old fashioned in his ways. Knowing he was dead set in his goals, Khrona could only welcome his decision. After all, it was his own, was it not? "Your time as an Elite was exemplary. You very much deserve a long break, even if you still technically would be on duty." Khrona chuckled to himself, reclining as to make the heavy air a lot less tense between everyone. "Now I just need to find someone strong enough to replace you! Hahaha!" Khrona continued to lean back, but remembered something else that was absolutely necessary for him to be officially relieved of his duty. "Oh, Maruze... Your emblem?" Khrona reached out his hand toward the man more than twice his age and looked up to him, his own eyes hiding a bit of weight on them.

The reassuring words of his leader brought him a great deal of relief. For the first time other than for his daughter, Maruze smiled at another person as the only sign of happiness he was possibly able to show; stronger than the one shown with his blade. He reached into his shirt, pulling out a sort of special accessory hanging from his neck -- the emblem of an Elite. It was the petal of a particular flower as well as a metallic insignia behind it as a separate piece. He handed it over to Khrona reluctantly, his hand still touching whilst in Khrona's gloved hands, and he looked Khrona dead in he eyes and continued to smile. "My services to this place shall continue on. That emblem has stayed close to my heart since you first requested I stay here." Even this grown, hardened man was almost brought to tears. "You may keep the petal. Give it to someone special." His eyes, only wavering for a moment, hardened back up as Maruze nodded to Khrona, saying also... "I suggest Tamura." It was only then that he lifted his hand from the emblem, returning to his position next to his daughter. She cuddled his arm closely and looked up to him, smiling.

The emblem hit his hand, yet he felt the weight of Maruze still there. He had something more to say as an official member of the Elite, who held one of the highest opinions in Khrona's eyes. Maruze continued on, and Khrona silently listened to him, understanding it all. With the nod of the head and the close of a palm, Maruze had given Khrona his last words as a true Elite of the Dusk. And with that holding so much weight in and of itself, Khrona could only respectfully hear him out. "... Alright. But only if you test him. I want to see if he'd worthy enough to fill the shoes of someone like you. Granted, he is strong, but that may not be enough." Khrona knew of the bond they had, and that was fortified and assured when Maruze's last words as Elite were something like that. And so, it was only fair that Maruze get to give Tamura his test, correct? Fitting for such a resignation. Khrona closed his eyes and placed the emblem in his pocket, smiling warmly and said, "It's like a father giving the test for his son to succeed him."

Though part of him suspected Khrona to come to that conclusion, it was still a bit of a shock. Yet, even so, Maruze knew wholeheartedly that Tamura was ready -- or close to it, from the last that they spoke. He smiled once more, nodding his head. "I will be sure to relay the message, Lord." On that note, Maruze bowed deeply to Khrona, Meo as well, and he turned away, walking into this office an Elite and coming out an Expert. What a heavy, yet sad burden lifted from his shoulders. He and Meo walked down the hall, and after some time of silence, Maruze spoke to her. "After this, we may search for your mother... Melody." He grabbed his daughter with the arm she clung to and hugged her tightly, seeing her teary eyed, ecstatic face.

Meo: "I've been waiting so long! Finally... We'll be a family again."

She wrapped her arms around her father tightly, burying her face with his chest.

Meo: "I love you, Daddy!"

Maruze looked down at her, placing one hand on her back gently, the other on her head and replied with the same; "I love you, too, Meo." And the two exited the building just like that.

Khrona continued on his duties, not saying much of what was coming nor what he saw when he engaged with the Demon King to anyone. Yet, he could feel the two psychic interdimensional babes of the stars that he had gotten from beyond beginning to hatch, and he was going to need to be there to take care of them.

Though out on an ambitious quest of his own beliefs, Khrona knew that he could not leave the two interdimensional creatures he had alone for any reason. They were fragile and fresh and needed some guidance. So, an astral projection version of Khrona -- his very soul -- stayed behind to watch the two babies. "... One is a boy... And the other, a girl..." It was time to think of some names, first and foremost. Once done with everything that happened, Khrona finally fit into his 'Astral Projection' as a complete self, finally done fighting the Demon King, the Sky King, Medusa and Eva. He was tired. More than tired. But he had more than enough energy to do a lot more. His body was just a bit strained, but he could repair it with some good meditation. "... Jade." He touched the female's head with a kiss, staring right into her heartwarmed eyes before turning to the male. "And Emerald." He kissed the creature upon his head just as he did the female one, staring right into the eyes of him and seeing the sense of justice lying dormant within. These two were definitely ready, already from just being in Khrona's presence. "Those are your names. Come, Jade and Emerald. Let me train you... In the depths of my mind." And so, Khrona took some steps forward, and into the room of 'Solitary Alone Time' they went, so that those three could fall into 'Deep Thought'. Khrona was long overdue for a visit into his mind... And to see Omnia and his progress with the 'Thirteen Restrictions'.

So, they did sit. They sat in a triangle; with Khrona at the very point and the beings' as the base. This was how those two psychic beings were going to enter the mind of the greatest mind in all the planet... Just entering would boost their minds far beyond the capabilities of any normal psychic entity. Any psion would only dream of this moment right now. "Are you ready, you two?" Khrona said with the utmost amount of love for these two beautiful creatures. Though they were uncertain, they were prepared, from what Khrona got from their emotions and feelings they were portraying in the air; their psychic power, that is, which was driven by their pure emotions. "Then let's go..." And so, they drifted into the uncertainty that was Khrona's own mind and his power. It was time.

Having felt like weeks just from entering Khrona's mind, these two were already undergoing powerful psychic changes within themselves. Just being within Khrona's mind called for them to become exceptionally strong psychically, almost like adaptation had occurred instantly from them being here. They would feel their minds expanding, their psychokinetics growing, their feelings growing stronger, and their ties to the metaphysical plane becoming more and more apparent. Blessed now with the power to warp reality -- even if only slightly -- these two interdimensional psions were stronger than most others already. By the time they reached the center of Khrona's mind, -- after these weeks of simply entering and growing stronger -- they would find that the place was exceptionally large now, even to Khrona. "... So my mind is becoming more clear even to myself. I bet Omnia has some news about the Thirteen Restrictions, too. Come on Jade and Emerald." Khrona started to walk toward the edge of his mind, as far as he could see, until he would reach the point where he wouldn't be able to see anything. The two twins followed right behind him.

As the three walked, the pressures of all of Khrona's psychic power started to fall upon the two psions' minds, as if he was training them intensely with his mind simply by them walking deeper into it. The deeper they got to Khrona's mind, the more strength they would get, as their minds would start to adapt to the strength of Khrona's. This would put them in an inadvertent coma, yet their sole use of their psychic powers would be what moved them, still collecting the wisdom Khrona had to offer, even if unconscious. They were much more receptive whilst unconscious than they were whilst conscious, anyway. Nothing to distract their minds. Hovering behind Khrona, Khrona had reached the edge of his mind after what seemed like a day's journey. It was much longer than before, since it originally took only a couple of hours to reach the end, but a twenty-four hour period had gone by in his mind to reach the end. Now all he needed was Omnia and the Thirteen Restrictions and...

Omnia: "You're so close."

There she was. She appeared before him once again from the unknown of the other side of his mind, the Thirteen Restrictions behind her just as before.

Omnia: "Out of all 'Thirteen Restrictions', you now only have three left to unlock."

Khrona smiled, having a feeling that she'd say something like that. "So that means that when I do get them all, then..."

Omnia: "You will become a whole being. But this consciousness as a whole being will not be done, even if you are. It will become your second child; one of the 'Thirteen Children'. Of course you know about that light within the Demon Princess. That is not just her light, but your child's light, too. She can only come to be when you come to consciousness, as she IS the Consciousness of the planet just as the Demon Princess is the Heart.

Omnia was on an entirely deep level this time around, explaining things to Khrona that even he was having trouble coming to terms with. "... Will I die, just like you said I would?"

Omnia: "In a sense, yes. But you will not be dead. You will become one of the great ones. A force of nature. You will become Psyche itself; the 'Keeper of Insanity'."

So that was what she meant so long ago that he would destroy his body... He would become so powerful that he could not exist as a mortal, but as an essence; an idea. A metaphysical being. Psyche itself. The two psions now had their minds continually harnessed, and their souls were starting to feel it as well, thanks to Khrona's wavelength. This was the 'Trinity Plane', the plane in which the Body, Mind and Soul were one.

Omnia: "It's not coincidence that you called this place the 'Trinity Plane', as here is where you are making Trinity by merging your body, mind and soul. This is how you make her."

Khrona stood silent. He wanted so badly to see the creation of his new daughter as the consciousness of the planet as a whole, to fight along the Demon Princess to help everyone come to the same understanding as they. So he had to ask... "What restrictions have I mastered? And how many left do I have to go?"

Omnia paused, holding up a finger. "1: Restriction of Psychic Power. 2: Restriction of Soul. 3: Restriction of Body. 4: Restriction of Energy. 5: Restriction of Reality. 6: Restriction of Emotion. 7: Restriction of Insanity. 8: Restriction of Power. 9: Restriction of Knowledge. 10: Restriction of Presence. 11: Restriction of Potential. 12: Restriction of Will. 13: Restriction of Control."

She had listed all of the Restrictions, for the third time in Khrona's life, and was now going to say the ones mastered.

Omnia: "... One, Two, Three, Four, Six, Seven, Eight, Ten, Twelve, and Thirteen. Those are the ones mastered. And the final ones you must master are... Number Five; the Restriction of Reality. Your powers are still bound to the laws of this world, and your Reality Warping will never be at maximum potential until you let go of that notion. Number Eleven; the Restriction of Potential. You may have reached three trillion times your own power, but that is not your full potential. That was simply your release of your Restriction of Energy. And lastly, and most importantly, Number Nine; the Restriction of Knowledge. Your knowledge is limited. How could you even know what to do as a deity if you can barely figure out what to do now?"

Khrona became solemn now. He was falling to this reality. He was not living up to his full potential. And worst of all, he barely even knew how he could. "... So what must I do?"

Omnia shook her head. "Do I ever tell you what to do? I'm your subconscious. You already know what to do. You just aren't thinking hard enough."

Khrona lowered his eyes, turning his head to the creatures behind him. They were undergoing a very powerful spiritual and mental change, that which caused the both of them to even start to evolve. Khrona turned back to Omnia, suddenly gaining a confidence within himself that he had lost before. "Haha... No wait, let me guess... Vanguard, Grimlock, and Trinity, right? Trinity is my Knowledge, Vanguard is my Potential, and Grimlock is my Reality, right? Too easy." She smiled at him, quirking a brow. She knew that he knew, but he definitely wasn't finished. "... In preparation for this day, I'm going to have to teach my daughter. The ultimate 'Soul Resonance' between she and I will come when she comes back from her mission with Alex... Where I will teach her everything I know. She will not understand it until I leave, but the position of leader will be upon her far sooner than that. She must show me that she is ready..." Khrona pulled out the several 'Materios' he had collected as 'The Phantom', all of numerous different colors. There was enough here to know every manna in the book. "... She will be ready."

Khrona looked up to Omnia, who looked right back up at him. They were one and the same, and Khrona could feel himself becoming so much closer to her. Soon, they would be one being, as they should be, and Khrona would leave this world behind. "They don't need this old Black Dragon anymore... Even if they think they do." Khrona closed his eyes and put himself into deeper thought, which only intensified the strain on the two evolving psions' behind him. He was definitely going through a lot of things right now, but it was up to him to be strong. He had to. For this world and for Trinity. "Alright, Omnia. Next time I come back, it'll be as one with you. But there are many things I need to take care of first... I need to wake my Judges." Khrona bowed to her, and she to him, as they both faded away simultaneously into the background; Khrona into light and Omnia into darkness, as if of inverted mirrors. The new psions were right behind him.

Khrona's eyes immediately shot open to find that the two psions were indeed evolved now, and the concern and conviction in their eyes only told him that he needed to do much more. "A syndicate, as well? Heh. I might as well. No harm in it." The two nodded to him. "I guess that means I'll be making my own, then. I just need to go a few places first..." Khrona stood up and brushed himself off, the two psions mimicking him. The trio would glide across the ground in a triangular formation, with Khrona at the top and the other two as the base. He'd scoop up Misery and Despair and be on his way.

Lin made his way to the door of Khrona's office. It has been two weeks since his ranking and he could feel any better then he did right now. Lin liked the new duties that came with being an Expert of the Dusk and all the new things he's learning to do made it even better. Lin would knock on the door and a wait for Khrona to answer. He had a few questions to ask him. Just recently a little girl who looked like his wife came to the 'Mahi Manor' with Manna and Lin wanted to find out how was his unborn child alive; she was still in the womb and if she lived does that mean his son is alive, as well? He had many... Questions to ask him.

The door to Khrona's office opened, yet Khrona was not there. The only creature that was there was this unnaturally small pink White Rabbit. Looks like Keres was having a good day today, for he was in his Virtue form. He was a lot smaller than usual to fit in he office, though, and his light shined most radiant from his body. "... Welcome, Linomaru..."

"Hello, where is Khrona?" Lin ask the creature that was in his office. Lin had a few questions to ask Khrona. But, since Khrona isn't here, maybe who ever this is can help Lin as well; he is in Khrona's office.

The White Rabbit laughed humbly to himself, embracing his own self within his massive arms. "He is away... For a long while." He said not more than that, for Lino needed to say what he needed to Keres before he could speak.

"A long while, huh... When is he coming back? " Linomaru asked. He was really bummed that Khrona wasn't here, but he might as well speak. "Wait, did you call me Linomaru? How do you know my name...? ... Don't answer that. You're in Khrona's Office, of course you know my name. Umm... Well since you are here, I came here to ask Khrona how my deceased unborn daughter is alive and to ask is my son alive as well..." Lin said, asking the White Rabbit -- maybe he knew.

Keres, in his form of Virtue, unraveled his arms from around his body and stretched them out, both of them on either side of Lino as if harnessing him within their grasp, yet not touching him. "I, Keres the White Rabbit, protect the Wisdom of God... I know all things." As Lino continued to talk, however, a somber expression appeared upon his face, for he was not allowed to tell Lino just what occurred. "I fear I cannot inform you of what it is you wish to know... It is not time for you to know. But I will give you a small bit of information... It was a miracle." Saying that made this loving virtual pet smile, his eyes closing at the warmness of the thought. "Continue your journey, and the answer will come to you... That is what I prophesy..." And of course, all this White Rabbit said was true.

"Ugh... Now I know you're definitely Khrona's virtual pet. You act just like him. But very well, as you wish; I only hope the answers come soon." Lin would begin to make his way to the door and when he reached the doorway he stood there for a few seconds before speaking again. "Wait, maybe THEY did it... Maybe I have to go to where 'HE' came from... Keres... What's the quickest way into the Soul Sanctum?" Lin asked the virtual pet. Maybe the answers are there.

Keres could see that something had sparked inside of Lino's head, and as such, he was willing to help in his Virtuous form. "The quickest way is through me, young one... Here, let me help you..." Keres slowly lifted his arm up and moved it toward Lino, where it would grab him and leave him in utter darkness. Moments later, he would appear wherever he needed to go, having been warped there by Keres' power. "Good tidings to you..."

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning EmptySun May 17, 2020 5:03 pm

Of course, in Khrona's absence, he had been searching all over for every point he needed to hit in order to make sure that all preparations were complete and all people who needed to be seen were greeted, one of which just so happened to be the Sky King. After seeing the Demon King first and knowing he would also need to see the Earth King soon after, Khrona was prepared to inform the Sky King of the state of the world as it was coming... Only to find that the Sky King himself was one of the ones contributing to it with the evil blade he picked up. As 'Keeper Of Insanity', Khrona could not allow it.

The Sky King stood at the top of Emerald's Ascension, looking out to the planet before him. The Nightmare, Chaos, and Dusk were laid before him in perfect alignment as they always were. Emerald's Ascension was the highest place in the Nightmare below the Earth King's castle... Which shouldn't be hanging above the whole village, but that's another story. The Sky King's gaze fell on the Dusk and its giant pit. It was a gargantuan hole in the ground fit for a gargantuan plug, but at this moment, it was a good target. The Sky King hadn't had a chance to get a decent fight since obtaining his newest weapon and he really wanted to test it out, he just didn't have a reasonable partner. He would have sparred with Tigen, but he didn't wanna hurt the Scarecrow. That pit in the Dusk though... It was looking like it had something strong at the bottom. And so it was decided, the Sky King pointed a finger and thought almost silently, 'Boom.' A bolt of lightning reached from his index finger, all across the Nightmare, right into the Dusk and to the bottom of whatever pit it was that his eyes stumbled upon. It was a normal bolt of lightning so something with that kind of energy signature would be fine, probably just a bit miffed that they were shocked. It it were a monster, it was a perfect cattle prod. All the Sky King needed to do now was wait for something to emerge.

To Khrona's dismay, the gargantuan plug that was supposed to be hiding the hole -- Khrona's new house, Manor Alexandros -- had been removed for Khrona's access into the Pit of Havoc, which he still resided in. Manor Alexandros was just the place for company to stay. Regardless, he had been moved and for that one moment he had, trouble brewed. A large bolt of lightning burrowed deep into Khrona's safehaven, hitting the bottom about a minute after it entered. A testament to how very deep this pit was. Upon hitting the bottom, it illuminated the darker than black pit and caused an explosion that blew down the door to the deeper recesses. Khrona not only heard, but felt such power resounding in his lair, and went to go investigate. It might have been the Demon King trying to 'talk' again. But this energy was different... Belonging to someone Khrona had not even encountered since when the Reality was first established... "... The Sky King." He wrapped himself in his wings, seeming to implode on himself whilst simultaneously appearing right before the Sky King, Misery and Despair in hand. Khrona had been doing a lot of soul searching recently, so his reaction wasn't as... Exaggerated as it usually was. No, upon his face was a lost, forlorn expression that tracked deep into his eyes and his soul. Things were changing for him. "... It has been too long. I've been wanting to fight you again for a long, long time. Maybe this..." He stopped. Knowing he can't keep anything in his head, the next few words were manifested by him lifting his sword and bazooka and placing them inside of his cloak, then crossing his arms as psychic power flowed around him. It was a good thing that the Sky King disturbed his dwelling... Or Khrona would never get this chance. It almost made him happy... If he could feel any of his emotions right now.

"OH! It's you. What's up, Khrona?" The Sky King wasn't expecting to see his old insane pal from the Reality come from... Some deep dark hole in the ground, but it was still cool to see a familiar face come from it. Hopefully he wasn't banged up by the bolt of lightning. He looked sad as well, also lost and confused. Those were expressions the Sky King was quite familiar with himself and he knew how dangerous these emotions could be when left untamed. With a smile, the Sky King greeted his acquaintance and fellow peer, hoping to bring some light to his mood.

Though his intentions were pure, it was, unfortunately, ineffective in altering Khrona's eternal rut. He was dealing with deeper issues... Finding himself, learning about his heritage, reassessing everything that was his reality. There was too much to be fixed so simply. "... You attacked my house. And I felt it was going to be good to... Catch up." Though he never told anyone, he always wanted a rematch against the Sky King. Khrona was most unskilled many years ago, and his growth proved to be very inspirational to his being. "And what better way, right...?" He tried to smile, yet his eyes forced his smile to emanate only a sense of despair.

'This guy is really friggin' sad...' "I guess that's how it is then." The Sky King spoke with a nice tone and a casual shrug as he opened his mouth super duper wide for a big yawn, stretching his whole body in every direction at once. With his stretch over, the Sky King assumed battle mode, looking Khrona in his sad, sad eyes with a much less sad, determined smile. He held both hands in front of him as if they were grasping a sword and a red fire, easily distinguishable from the 'Kingdom' related flames he could produce swirled around his hands and slowly swirled upward, creating the frame for 'Soulblade', the Sky King's newest collectible. He looked at Khrona through the fire, his yellow eyes piercing through the crimson blaze. "I hope you don't mind me testing out a new weapon, eh?" The Sky King tried to chuckle, getting a bit cocky since he thought 'Soulblade' was a pretty cool weapon to say the least, even though he hadn't used it yet. But his chuckle was cut short by a helpless moan coming from the nexus of the flames of 'Soulblade'. The Sky King was no doubt surprised as his face twisted into a disgusted, Excalibur-encountering visage.

The moan grew into a clusterfuck of screams of complete horror and one loud, beastly roar as the sword gained its complete form. Its completion was heralded with a roar indistinguishable between a fiery blaze and an other worldly monster, and a pulsating blast of destructive power, threatening to blow the Sky King away just with its presence. He held on though, grunting with extreme effort as he placed the blade in the ground with a resounding 'CHINK', shaking his hands of its painful flames. He looked to Khrona worried... Maybe using the weapon wasn't such a good idea without practice. "Ouch... Bad idea..."

Revealing the sword -- the 'Soulblade' -- caused an arousal in Khrona's own soul. If the Sky King was going to use a blade of evil, might as well fight him with a blade of insanity. "Misery..." A light shone brightly from the inside of his dark, looming cloak, right into his hands. It was tinged in black and red light, mimicking the color of Misery's soul energies. The black-crimson light took the shape of a long, slender sword with a white stripe down the middle. This should be a happy occasion... "... Go right ahead, Sky King. Hmhmhm..." It was then that the moans from the sword filled the atmosphere, pounding against Khrona's wavelengths maliciously. His soul opened up, yet only to consume; to fuel his own insanity, for this blade induced insanity much like the Black Dragon Blood; a herald of it, in fact. That caused a connection Khrona enjoyed feeling... But now, he had to come to terms with unlocking his power to be as strong as his father... And it starts by unlocking the Energy and learning how to control it. "Three trillion times the power of my own chakra level and control as I am now... That is what my father's power is. And he is simply a normal human." That's what would have to happen. The resounding screams only helped Khrona, in fact, reminding him of his on 'Screaming Resonance'. "Huh. How funny... Coincidental." Slowly, the sword rose above Khrona's head as the eyes of Khrona locked dead on the Sky King's eyes. With a great, mighty swipe, Khrona tried to cleave the Sky King in half. His body writhed and wriggled disgustingly, as if something nasty were brewing within him and his soul... It undulated oh so terribly.

"AAAH!" The Sky King quickly cartwheeled out of the way of Khrona's deadly slice, completely mindblown that he heard more screams coming from the swing than he did before. They were just as grotesque and dejected as before, but they were coming from both Misery and Soulblade. As Misery divided the Sky King and his new blade, the Sky King could see quite visibly that some resonating was happening between Khrona and his own weapon, but it was almost unbelievable. The Sky King couldn't just let this happen without giving the old college try though, so he snapped back into battle mode and jumped back a little bit more, out of the range of the screams, but more importantly into the range of breathing room. The Sky King was getting a bit of a headache and it was probably going to go on for the remainder of the battle while Misery and Soulblade were screaming, so things were looking pretty bad. The Sky King laughed as his body began crackling with purple electricity, letting his chakra flow increase exponentially. The Sky King wasn't one to just let the opponent get two moves off in a row without attacking, but he didn't have a game plan so far, so he had to play the waiting game.

The normally impulsive Sky King was not so with his new toy in hand. It seemed to Khrona, from a speculative point of view, that the Sky King was unfamiliar with this weapon's power at all, not just the use of it in battle. The melodious screams that reverberated from that sword... Oh, the bliss Khrona did feel, even in such a sad and lonely state. "I can see from your brain waves... These screams hurt, don't they? You have a headache..." Khrona laughed a little to himself, gliding backward on stilled wings, at the risk of moving them and causing something to be destroyed. Misery, now loosely hanging from his hand down by his side, ceased her own screaming. No sooner, did her image shine in the gleam of the sword. Like all weapons in weapon form, she was naked and glowing with the color of her soul, which was black and red. She smiled wide, showing her carnivorous teeth and she licked her lips.

Misery: "Mmmm... Khrona, there's some sort of delicious malevolence coming from that sword! The screams it produces are from consumed, tortured souls."

Khrona lightly lopped his head to the side, looking down from the corner of his eyes at Misery down below. "... A Soul Weapon, then? No... It's too evil to be a Soul Weapon... Has the Sky King attained... a Soul Demon? Or worse... A Falshin?!"

Soul Demons... Save for Sawmouth G. and Waru, -- Maruze's old sword -- Khrona didn't know anymore Soul Demons were about. This one must have been a rarity, as even its form seemed mangled from years of insanity and malice. Whatever the case, its screams were useful, meaning getting close to the clearly calculating Sky King was imperative. But keeping up with the infamous Sky King's speed beyond the eyes was a difficult feat for Khrona. Perhaps, then... "Misery..."

Misery: "... Ho-yeah..."

"... 'Scream Resonance'." Calling out such a resonance, Misery shot a devilish glare to her opponent over yonder, rubbing her hands together anxiously as she prepped. The shine of the weapon wiped across again, and her image was gone from the black blade's reflection. Khrona gripped the sword tightly, readying himself for the intense vibrations that were about to occur... From himself and from Misery. On the dime, without taking a breath, Khrona opened his mouth wide and omitted a blood-curdling, horrifying high-pitched screech from his mouth that released vibrations so large and so powerful, the ground started to shake. Misery, in his hand, vibrated like an electric saw, screaming in unison and on the exact same key and octave as her vocally impressive wielder. Though the sound wave produced by them was deadly, even growing more potent as time went on, it wasn't nearly as bad as if the Sky King were to get hit by a sword vibrating that fast. A gentle, slight flap of the wings send Khrona speeding like a jet toward the Sky King, sword cocked back and ready to swing, which he would once he was in range. As Khrona got closer to the Sky King, his scream became louder... And he'd also attempt to achieve resonance with the Sky King's screaming weapon as well, which would be no good at all for him.

"I still have brain waves?" The Sky King was confused for a moment that Khrona made such an accusation. The Sky King had lost his physical body when he absorbed 'Kingdom Come' and 'Kotonryu', so it was a safe assumption on his part that he lost any processes that went along with it. He ate because food tasted good, not because he had to. But that thought was cut short as Khrona let out a blood curdling scream, the energy of which reached out to the Sky King from Khrona's mouth like millions of vibrating tendrils aimed to lash and beat the Sky King to death. Misery's energy looked exactly the same, meshing with Khrona's and making a larger, stronger, super tendril monster now speeding towards the Sky King even faster than he anticipated.

There were a few choices the Sky King could make. One was trying to weather the scream and punch Khrona right in his gaping mouth, blow his body to bits from the inside out, kill him and end the fight. Another was to duck into a 'Corridor of Light', hope that none of the scream could get through, come out on the other side and try to pick up Soulblade again to do battle with it. Both of those were horrible ideas in retrospect. At the last possible split second, the Sky King remembered a power he picked up along the way that reminded him of Khrona from the get go. As he quickly was able to go through his plans, choose one that didn't come up in his initial thought pattern, and chuckle for a moment at the irony of the situation, the Sky King held both hands in front of him, the crackling electricity flowing into his fingertips and then forming a massive wall of electricity, bright purple and beaming straight into the sky. It was the 'Spirit Of Thunder's lightning, amplified by the Sky King's massive chakra pool, turned into a wide wall to keep Khrona's insane screaming right where it belonged -- away from the Sky King. The Sky King wasn't sure if the wall would be enough to keep Khrona from slashing through it, but it was more than enough to grant him at least a split second to react if it didn't make the cut. The Sky King was putting out a massive amount of chakra already, but he was charging oh so much more, getting into mega ultra super high gear since his initial plan backfired so far and he didn't just wanna give up on using Soulblade. It was a powerful weapon that could definitely be tamed, the Sky King just didn't know how at the moment.

Though the screeching madman tore through the winds before him, making his way to his old mentor-rival, his motions were thwarted by a large electrical wall built up by the Sky King at the last second. Khrona's sword made impact, and though he should have been shocked to literally death from the Sky King's lightning, Khrona's immeasurable wavelength pushed it back with ease with such a resonance going on. During the strike, however, Khrona did notice just how much chakra was put into it... A great deal, enough to hold off the 'Screaming Resonance' strike from Khrona. That did require quite a bit. Seeing the power of the Sky King's massive chakra pool only brought Khrona deeper, deeper into his own doubts. "This chakra... This chakra is immense... Not like my father's but... Your control... Your power..." Khrona was starting to lose it. One of his signature insane moments was beginning to unfold. He floated there, only watching the Sky King as he charged up whatever devastating strike he had in mind... "I have the potential... The potential to surpass my father's own chakra pool... and control... Both of which are three trillion times my own!!" Khrona gripped his head, losing sight of reality again. His pupils quickly shrunk, his beaming, burning irises lighting up as if his Hyper Perception were activating... But it was always active at these times. Something else was occurring... Something dangerous.

Misery, ceasing the screaming, yet still vibrating in unison with Khrona from the aftershock, "... Woah, Khrona, you're gonna do this now!? It'll just be a repeat of the first time you fought him!!"

Misery's words were true indeed, for she was there so many years ago when the Sky King tested Khrona's might that day... When his mind was much more fragile than it is now and he was still getting used to his psychic power; even his Anatomia. He lost then because of the fact that he was too broken to fight him off... And perhaps that same curse would befall him again. He couldn't even move. His hand touched his head, and his body became completely, utterly, absolutely motionless. Not even a breath.

Misery: "Khrona!? KHRONA!!"

"There!" The Sky King was flattered Khrona thought so much of his own ability. To be honest, the Sky King didn't take the strength of the opponent into much consideration in a battle, he just fought and had as much fun as he could. It was great that he was getting to go at it with Khrona in a fight where he had a clear disadvantage because of the weapon he chose to use, but that made it a completely different battle. Khrona was clearly struggling with something intense and mind distorting, his and Misery's energy showing this clearly. But the Sky King made the choice -- and possible mistake -- of starting this fight, so he had to follow through and do his best. Khrona was standing still for a moment and the Sky King took that as his chance to very literally bolt past the Dusk's leader to make it to his crimson, pulsating weapon. The Sky King shot himself forward with a leap of faith, bursting the ground behind him into ethereal dust as he charged past Khrona in a stream of royally purple lightning. It was a bit of a change from the normal lightning one would assume the Sky King to turn into, but he had no time to lose focus and his physical presence was changed because of that. The Sky King didn't even look at Khrona as he moved past him; his eyes were dead set on getting to Soulblade on the other side of the insanity. Khrona was going mad, Soulblade was already close, and the Sky King was trying to fight fire with fire at this point. The only thing he could hope is that it wouldn't just turn into an explosion.

Stoic. Absolutely and utterly. The completely static Khrona left the Sky King with nothing but time, it would seem. Even a split second could give the Sky King a chance, and it would seem as though it did. He bolted away, streaming past Khrona as a streak of lightning. Though, as he volt past him, Khrona watching him the entire time with eyes unmoving. Frame for frame in his mind. To match reactionary time, Khrona's body flickered out and in of reality just as fast as the Sky King reached the sword. Khrona had merely observed the speed in his mind and instantly reacted to it in the fastest way possible, which was a 'Body Flicker'. As the Sky King touched surface with the deep blood red sword, the sword would be forced to the ground the moment the Sky King tried to pick it up, kept in its place by Khrona's psychic power. He hadn't moved his body at all. He looked exactly the same as when he was in his original position. Pressing down with his great mind, his eyes slowly shifted down to both the Sky King and his Soulblade, pressing more psychic force upon them. The thought of obtaining that soul should be put to rest. With an electrical glimmer of his pupil, a polarity field manifested around the Sky King's position damn near instantly attempting to null out his lightning and keep him in place with Khrona's very own 'Fulgerkinesis'. If it worked, Khrona would force the electromagnetic field into the Sky King's being, hopefully reversing the polarity of his electrical prowess. It was only as strong as Khrona's mind, but Khrona's mind was definitely strong.

The Sky King laid his hand on Soulblade, attempting to pry it from its earthly location and the horrific screams tore through his being. They burned into his existence through the hand he had planned to wield the blade with and made a crimson blaze all around him, its corrupting and destructive essence clawing out of the blade. The Sky King couldn't do much to resist such innate destructive powers on his own, especially while trying to use them himself, but his predicament was only compounded with Khrona holding the damned sword in place. "Come on come on come on come on!" The Sky King was pulling frantically through the fire and flames of Soulblade's raging insanity. He was almost dumbfounded as to why the sword couldn't be pulled from the ground, completely oblivious to Khrona's psychic suggestion. The Sky King wasn't a psychic, nor could he see anything through Soulblade's flames wrapping themselves around his body, screaming and tearing their way into him. But if he was still anything, it was electrical and it was a beautiful thing. The Sky King felt some form of electrical presence fall upon him like a bubble floating toward the ground. He couldn't see it through the insanity of the cursed sword in his hand, burning itself into his metaphysical shell, but there was definitely some electrical activity presenting itself. It was acting as a suppressant to the Sky King's own electrical field.

"Uuuuugh... NO!" The Sky King had had his fill of being yelled at for the duration of the fight, there wasn't much he could do about that. He could however maintain his sovereignty over at least his own electrical field, calling forth every bit of each one billion five hundred million watt minimum power of the 'Spirit Of Thunder's pure lightning to fill up the surrounding air to keep whatever disturbance falling upon them at bay. The Sky King was being pulled in three directions at once, screaming, defending, and thinking all at the same time while still trying to maintain an enduring effort to try to use the sword that was the catalyst for each of those problems. "There has got to be a better way than this!" Soulblade was roaring louder than ever now, reacting with the disharmony in the Sky King's being, pulsating more and more deeply throughout the area. Something was happening inside the blade, but what?

The Sky King seemed to find it impossible to lift Soulblade -- as he should, with Khrona's psychic pressure on the blade. Unlike most people Khrona had encountered, in some way or another they could perceive psychic power, yet the Sky King could not. Perhaps he was the only one with integrity here, or perhaps he was just the only one who hadn't adapted to fighting a psychic. Regardless of what the reason was, Khrona had him in a bit of a pinch... Or he would have been if Khrona hadn't noticed just how severe things were getting. "... What...? Sky King! Don't touch that!" Apparently Khrona snapped out of his little rut. If this was only temporary or if this was permanent was undecided, and probably incalculable considering who we're dealing with here. The 'Spirit Of Thunder's power activated, forcing its will upon Khrona and his 'Fulgerkinesis'. Though the Sky King should have no problem handling an ability like this under normal circumstances, because of the sole fact that Khrona manifested this electrical field via psychic thought would give him a run for his money; their wills had to duke it out here. An electrical storm started to brew from the intensity of all of the powers at work here; Insanity, Soulblade, Wavelength, Psychokinetics and the 'Spirit Of Thunder'. All fighting against each other, massive sparks of blood red bolts reached from the surrounding atmosphere and sparked from the two combatants viciously.

Khrona was the first to give in, due to the fact that he wasn't going to concentrate on the electromagnetic field anymore and focused solely on getting the Sky King and the blade away from each other. With a great burst of sheer psychic force, the Sky King would find himself being lobbed through the sky by Khrona's burst, with Soulblade headed in the complete opposite direction of him. It almost seemed like the blade was trying to hurt him... Or consume him. Just like how 'Soul Possession' worked with many typical Soul Demons. This only raised Khrona's suspicions higher. "What are you doing with such a weapon...? It's trying to consume your being!" Khrona couldn't really detect much of a soul, mind, or anything of the Sky King internally, considering what he had become after absorbing all of Kingdom Come. In fact, that probably wasn't a bad idea, and Khrona would be hatching his own ideas soon... But this battle was not the time, no matter what. "I don't care what we were fighting for before... But now I'm fighting to keep you away from that blade!" As a means to snatch it up from the ground whilst the Sky King was hopefully still hurdling in the air, Khrona flapped his wings and sent himself speeding at mach speeds toward this Soulblade. It was probably folly to attempt to outrun the Sky King, but as long as Khrona could see him with his Hyper Perception, it didn't matter if he couldn't run or move as fast as him, for his psychic power would always catch up to the Sky King's speed. That was just how fast his mind was moving.

The Sky King was blasted into the air, far over the rainbow, ripped from his own weapon. That was quite the bogus move Khrona decided to pull, but the Sky King's air sense was second nature to him; he always knew which way was up and how he could maneuver in the air using his chakra instinctively. A strong pulse of his freely flowing chakra stopped his flight and Khrona's words finally fell on his ears. "I wanted to fight you with it!" The Sky King wasn't worried about himself in relation to the sword, he just wanted to get to know it and learn how to use it. Soulblade was doing some very strange things in this battle, the first of which was manifesting itself in a monstrous roar. It was an unfamiliar weapon that the Sky King hadn't seen any of the like in all his travels in his twenty three years of living, which made it even more enticing to master. Khrona separating him from it only furthered the desire to wield the blade, but that was hard from God knows how far away in the air. "BUT IF I HAVE TO FIGHT YOU FOR IT, THAT WORKS TOO!" The Sky King was completely ablaze with chakra, resembling a burning blue sun, ethereally casting off its energy in every direction. It was a level of chakra manifestation that he had not pushed himself to since he fought Nara, but he was far beyond that. Whereas the Sky King's chakra would normally be alight in a fashion similar to fire, now the Sky King was a blazing sun from how much chakra he was pouring out trying to hold Soulblade and keep Khrona from shorting him out. New discoveries every day. The Sky King's eyes were shining now, pure amber beacons in the middle of the day. It was no more than a fraction of a nanosecond before the Sky King took off towards Khrona and Soulblade, as fast as he could.

The Sky King disappeared instantly, a roaring wind burst left in his wake. So much chakra he was using, the sheer pressure of him moving forward evaporated cloud masses all across the Alliance skies. The 'Sky Castle' could be clearly seen from the furthest ends of the Chaos and the Dusk as the clouds seemed to run away from a single point in the air. The clear blue sky bubbled and warped, whipping the wind into a spherical hurricane, warping the fabric of space into a swirling orb ripped from the pages of the 'Transcription of The Beginning'. The Sky King's body was almost gone, becoming nothing more than the 'Essence Of Speed', moving throughout this level of existence as a force, acting upon whatever matter it came in contact with. He aimed for Khrona and Soulblade, planning nothing more than hitting Khrona with his whole being moving as fast as this dimension would allow before ascending into another. Khrona wasn't going to keep the Sky King away from his weapon without a fight.

Without even looking at the expert of the skies, Khrona knew that his recovery came quicker than anticipated, maneuvering and stopping himself with sheer force of chakra. 'Incredible... His chakra control is phenomenal! Maybe... Maybe I can learn from him! Yes! Absorption of Knowledge!' So this was the power of expanding his mind, even when he thought it could be expanded no more... This is what his father was talking about. By the end of this battle, he'd definitely be able to harness that very same chakra pool and control as his father... Three trillion times the normal amount... What seemed to be a far off, distant dream was becoming Khrona's own reality every single second he had the thought in his head that he could do it. He'd have to thank the Sky King later... No matter the outcome of this battle. But right now, a more important issue was at hand, for the evil Soulblade threatened to consume the very soul of the Sky King if he could not harness its power, and with a first hand experience of this power, Khrona wasn't even going to let a mentor-rival-comrade such as the Sky King take even he slightest risk of falling. Not on his watch. And speaking of...

The ambition of the Sky King reached Khrona long before the Sky King's physical form did, as Khrona was definitely receptive of his feelings, but he didn't agree. The near instant flash of blue that was the legend of the sky was what Khrona was following the trail of, keeping track of it only due to his highly advanced Hyper Perception. Otherwise, Khrona would have no way to follow this man of such speed. Speaking only wasted precious time, for the Sky King had far exceeded the speed of sound, so Khrona's words would never reach him. Only his thoughts could catch up to the Sky King's speed, for Khrona's mind was the only one who could achieve such a speed. 'Don't think I'm just going to let you be reckless, Sky King! That sword's evil is insane!!' The only way to ensure that the Sky King wasn't reaching that sword before him and not face the destructive force of his astronomical chakra emission was to Body Flicker. A sinister gleam of his eyes initiated the potent ability, a stream of distorted, faded images of Khrona reaching the sword just as the Sky King did, Khrona feeling none of the adverse effects that the atmosphere did from the Sky King's sheer movements. As the two reached the sword, Khrona had to match his own power to the Sky King's to even hope of stopping the sheer 'Essence Of Speed' that he was. He stabbed Misery straight into the ground in front of the Sky King and placed the greatest weight of his psychic power-- Nay, the STRONGEST psychic power -- 'Psychodynatheos', upon the area simply to keep everything at bay, in order and without distortion. His will to keep this sword away from the Sky King was just as strong as the Sky King's will to use it. "Even if you want to use it that badly, is the risk really mean nothing to you?! Because for a friend, it means EVERYTHING to ME!" Khrona's own body was still flickering, seeming to be caught within Body Flickering due to the insane amounts of power he was using at this point. His voice came out warped and distorted, but still coherent all the same. He knew at this point... This was where the real battle began.

Khrona's 'Psychodynatheos' was nothing to be toyed with. The immense weight of his psychic power pushing down on the Sky King's semi-non-existent body actually caught him in its field, just in the nick of time. Khrona's body seemed to be in the same state, teetering on the edge of one dimension and the next just to keep the Sky King from touching Soulblade. Khrona wasn't a silly kid anymore and if the Sky King could think at the moment, he would acknowledge that vocally. The stark reality of the situation was that the Sky King and Khrona had both superseded their bodies in an attempt to circumvent the others' machinations; an act of conviction only seen in legends and fairy tales. But this was no legend -- these were two souls that were now in the realm of the Gods in the moment that seemed to happen multiple times at once. Only the Sky King's faint outline could be seen as his perpetual forward motion was hindered by the psychodynatic barrier between he and Khrona. Although he was stopped, the Sky King was still moving and pouring out chakra like never before, pushing the limits of the shell that was gifted to him by Kingdom Come. Khrona was flickering on the same precipice the Sky King was, only the Sky King was far to the other end of the spectrum, able to see straight into Khrona's eyes as they were stuck in combat with each other.

The Sky King was still determined to go through or around Khrona to get to Soulblade -- not because he wanted the destructive power to harness, but because he said he was going to do it. It was a personal oath he took with himself and he planned for nothing to get in the way of that, not even the clear and innate dangers he knew the sword to be harboring now. He couldn't let Khrona stand between his ambition and his body. To the naked eye, the Sky King was completely invisible, suspended in the air in front of Khrona. The only thing anyone would be able to perceive of him would be the force he exerted on them with his speed and that could only be done if he touched them. Khrona, however, was right in front of the Sky King, clearly able to see him although it would just be his imprint on this plane of reality.

The Sky King wasn't going to be held for long, aiming straight for his sword. The longer he was suspended before Khrona, the more chakra he was exerting in the opposite direction to move even faster and more forcefully through the barrier of 'Psychodynatheos'. There were massive jets of chakra growing from the Sky King's back blowing away the ground below him like leaves in a tornado, growing into massive flows of chakra carving into the unexplored sector right at the edge of the 'Ascension', wasting more wasteland. Exponentially his chakra output grew, ripping up grass like water then boulders and compacted slabs of bedrock, making the 'Emerald's Ascension' the outcropping into the sky it was named for seem like it was nothing more than a temporary set in theater of Khrona and the Sky King's battle. Still the Sky King gave more and more, going deeper and deeper into the depths of cosmic oneness that he drew the power of Kingdom Come from, propelling himself further and faster to break free and through Khrona's psychic power. the Sky King's body and existence was put to the test, his faint existence flickering in and out, rattling violently in Khrona's sphere and shaking it, Emerald's Ascension, and the very space around them into a mush of vibrational chaos, pulsing through the rest of the Nightmare and Dusk as pure creationism that beings with a high enough perceptive ability could use and harness as their own power. The Sky King didn't plan on losing; neither did Khrona. But could both of them count on their bodies to follow their wills?

Stunned by even his own ability, Khrona was able to actually stop the Sky King. Not so much stop as it was hinder him so greatly to the point where motion seemed almost completely nonexistent, yet was still happening with him nonetheless. True to his reputation, this man was always on the move... Always. Even so, the chakra output at this point had far exceeded Khrona's own limits simply to 'stop' such a force... So why? Why was it that he wasn't feeling as drained as he should have been? Tapping into the inner strength that was his body... His soul... His mind... They pushed their limits and FORCED higher expectation from it. Yes, most literally, Khrona's will grew strong enough to force even his limitations far beyond their normal means. The 'Restriction of Energy' was hereby broken. Khrona understood it all.

But by no means did his understanding mean that he was out of the doghouse. Even with his incredible 'godly psychic power' -- Psychodynatheos -- the Sky King was only inches away from his goal. No words needed to be exchanged now, as Khrona could read the thoughts of the Sky King through his feelings, his will and, most easily, his energy. Yes, Khrona had found a way to pick even pure chakra for information on anything he needed, be it thought or emotion. He stared the Sky King back in the eyes, those blazing crystals of pure amber exchanging every little detail of what he wanted Khrona to know. With probably only a few options readily available to him to keep the Sky King away from this sword, he chose the most favorable... Warping Reality.

With only a fraction's fraction of an instant to react, Khrona's eyes gleamed a bright red, having set two completely different coordinates for the two of them across the planet itself; Khrona would warp himself and Soulblade to the Chaos, whilst he would warp the Sky King to the exact opposite point of the planet, where Khrona knew he would have the time to actually react before the Sky King could find him... Which, he calculated in his head, to be less than a couple seconds, even being generous about it. With a twist of not even the dimensions, but the utter reality of where these three beings stood, Khrona would go to his side... And the Sky King, his.

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning EmptySat May 23, 2020 11:13 am

The 'Freshwater Sea'; an enormous body of pure, utter water spread out for several thousands of miles, around and below. Here, Khrona and Soulblade appeared, hovering above the waters where no land could be seen anywhere, far from the shore. He didn't want to destroy anything with his great power... But even warping here, he could feel the residual chakra exerted from him and the Sky King's previous clash just now arriving here. It was chilling, yet invigorating, to know held this much power now... And to know he had traveled faster than it could even cross the planet. But now was no time to gawk. Without skipping even a beat, the evil sword seemed to pierce straight down into the depths of the 'Freshwater Sea' on Khrona's command, where he intended it to stay away from the Sky King. The resulting force of launching it that fast and with that much power caused the entire-- yes, the ENTIRE-- sea to rise up around it, having Khrona see the very, very, very bottom of the sea bare and without wetness.

The sword's impact with the ocean floor caused a grand crater to be made at the very bottom, deepening the depths of the seafloor by an unfathomable amount, all before the waters rushed back down to fill its space... The surface a great deal shorter than it was to begin with. With this sword, hidden LOWER than the initial depths of the lowest point of the sea, with the waters rushing to cover it, Khrona hoped that his own incredible power masked the strength of the sword, or... He hoped that the Sky King would be too focused on finding it within Khrona's power signature to notice where it actually was. It was a hope Khrona was willing to take... He had no time to lose when battling the Sky King.

The Sky King -- being instantly transported to the other side of the planet -- was sent face first into the ground. He was still moving forward insanely fast, faster and harder than he'd ever hit anything before. His body, barely existing, pummeled the ground as it passed, carving it into a very smooth valley that stretched for almost three miles. The Sky King's body slowly returned to its normal form as he was grinding into the dirt with his face, pushing up a horribly large wave of dust in his travel. He finally stopped moving forward and his body flopped onto the ground, smoking like he went through hell and back, clothes torn and tattered, flaming in some places even. In short, the Sky King was busted. He could only lay there and think to himself for the moment as he was in very much pain. 'That hurt so much...' So he slowly tried to pull himself to his feet while his whole body trembled to its core, still shaking from being ejected from 'Essence Of Speed' in such a violent manner. He flickered against the reality and space he occupied periodically, gritting his teeth and bearing the pain as much as he could. The occasional groan escaped his mouth before he finally stood to his feet completely, flickering one last time before being stationed in his body again. "Where the...?" The Sky King had no clue where he was, nor how he got there. He didn't see Khrona or Soulblade or anything familiar -- just dirt and dust. "Now I gotta find them too? This... Ugh... Sucks..."

As the waters slowly calm to a calming halt, Khrona was... Dumbfounded to find that the Sky King wasn't already here. "... He's not in motion anymore." Even from across the planet, Khrona could feel the very chakra source of the Sky King, even without being the Essence Of Speed. Because Khrona had already read the Sky King's chakra signature once, there was absolutely nowhere he could go where Khrona couldn't track him. As such, with another sparkle of crimson did Khrona's vision shoot to the exact point that the Sky King was reality warped to, on the other side of the planet. He was mangled and beaten... I mean, who wouldn't be after traveling that fast and face planting in the ground... And from the sound of it, he wasn't so sure where to locate Khrona from that distance... Yet. It probably wouldn't take him too long. "... I've gotta make sure he doesn't get that sword..."

Misery: "Well shit, with as much power as you were exerting, I doubt that you couldn't make sure. That was amazing!"

Khrona had forgotten that his weapon, Misery, was in the midst of all of that. She'd never seen Khrona use his power in that way before, and never with that much sheer strength. Realizing the gravity of how greatly he'd grown in such a short time, he wanted to test the waters a little more... Literally and figuratively. "... If you thought that was grand... Just wait until I use my wavelengths..." That's right! His wavelengths had increased in power, as well! All of Khrona's being had received such a power boost from his unlocking of the Restriction of Energy. Who knew that the Sky King was the key to it, though? Perhaps that meant also that other important people in his life were the 'keys' to unlocking these Thirteen Restrictions. He believed that to be so.

But without much more hesitance, -- for he could see the Sky King picking himself back up -- Khrona pointed Misery at the slightly undulating seas below and channeled hiss newly powered up wavelength through her, causing her to become redness of no physical form, yet fashioned to the shape of a sword. 'Insane Soul Resonance', at its finest. The outline that contained this intense amount of energy was Misery's own Condemnation Soul, which made it appear as a black glowing aura around the blood red soul energy blade, now taking on an extremely large, horrific form and face. As this occurred, so too did the entirety of the sea become the same blood red color, having most literally become nothing but a sea of Khrona's and Misery's Insanity soul energies. He used the wavelength of the undulating waves as his medium for the entire sea, for any wavelength, no matter what it was, could be touched and harnessed by the Khrona. The red sea remained calm, even in the midst of insanity, not flaring up wildly out of control, for it mirrored Khrona's own state of mind... A sea of insanity, infinitesimal in every sense of this created word, yet calm, collected and under control -- completely and utterly. In high hopes that this wavelength would jam the Sky King's ability to sense the insanity of the sword through Khrona's own overbearing insanity, he continued to prepare for what was to come...

The Sky King opened a 'Corridor Of Light' and rubbed his head, still beating a horrible headache. Being shot into the ground at speeds beyond speed takes a huge number on the head. It was a surprise that the Sky King wasn't completely knocked out or even dead, but he was most definitely close. As he looked into the swirling mass of light, a thought floated into his head. 'I need practice.' Into the Corridor he walked, holding his beating head to find Khrona. It would be much easier to find him in the 'Realm Of Light' than trying to look all through and across the planet, having his sight cluttered by the numerous energies all around and about. The Sky King could just look for his energy in the 'Realm Of Light' and go there so much more simply. "Hmmm... Guess I've been slacking more than usual. That'll change soon." The Sky King laughed to himself as he moved through the Realm Of Light, getting closer and closer to Khrona's chakra signature. It was so chaotic, yet contained; the Sky King was proud of his younger counterpart to be able to handle himself so well. But that pride would have to be put on hold until after the battle. The Realm Of Light slowly gifted the Sky King with a tiny bit of regeneration, restoring his clothing and a little chakra, but nothing of any real consequence to the battle he was going to resume when he exited the Corridor in front of Khrona, standing in front of insane leader some feet away in the air. Fully clothed, the Sky King rolled up his sleeves very slowly, -- very, very slowly -- talking to Khrona all the way. "So, can I have my sword back? I just wanna learn how to use it. Why are you trying to stop me?" The Sky King couldn't ignore the sea of insanity undulating below him, glowing red and seething 'DON'T TOUCH ME I'M NUTS!' energy. He could only look down and expect one of two things to be the case: One, Khrona gave himself some kind of home field advantage with all the insane water around; or two, he was hiding something. The Sky King didn't see Soulblade, nor could he sense the sword over all the insanity flowing around, so conclusions had to be drawn. The Sky King only hoped he didn't have to do something really mean to get his sword from Khrona; he wanted to be able to hang out with him when this was all over.

Anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Sky King, a circle of golden light split the monotonous cardinal glow of the sanguine waters below, releasing from its shine the one Khrona had been waiting for. He was not going to attack the Sky King if he didn't intend to fight, but knowing how headstrong he was, -- plus the fact that he was rolling up his sleeves to get ready for the true battle -- Khrona knew he would have to regardless. "I understand what you are saying and just how you feel. But I can't have it on my conscience that I allowed you to wield such evil so haphazardly. It makes it seem like I don't care about you when I truly do." Seeing the Sky King stir would cause Khrona's soul to as well, which, consequently, caused the water's to, also. Before that got out of hand, Khrona lowered himself to the very surface, touching down with his feet and the tip of Misery's blade, and the waters instantly solidified to a hardened carmine field. Staring ZK in the face with fierce, burning orbs of nothing but a conviction on the brink of insanity, the right edge of Khrona's mouth slowly crept its way up the side of his cheek to show more and more of his pointed teeth. "So I guess that means you'll have to take it from me." From there on, he knew that the Sky King knew how this battle was going to go. Both of their intentions were pure; the Sky King wishing to grow, Khrona wishing to keep him safe... Yet the two wills butted heads all the same. Maybe this is what Khrona's brother was talking about way back when on the moon... How he wished to protect his brother from falling into insanity. And Khrona felt the same way that the Sky King did right now. So, maybe this was about more than just keeping the Sky King out of the insanity... It went much deeper than that, for Khrona was definitely no hypocrite. The Keeper Of Insanity is what he is... And now it is time to see if the Sky King can withstand its magnitude. That of Insanity itself.

The Sky King couldn't do anything but close his eyes and run his fingers through his hair with a big sigh. He didn't have any more time to be polite about what he wanted. Asking nicely rarely got anyone anywhere in the first place. He moved his hair from his face and had one look at Khrona with one eye open. It was his right eye, alight with an amber glow, seeming to spiral in and out of itself, but still looking completely normal all at the same time. The Sky King was just adjusting his eye to being able to see the psychic energy Khrona could put out more clearly, the swirling in his eye just being a visual byproduct of that. "Looks like that's what's going to have to happen." It was unfortunate that the Sky King had to change his whole plan for the battle from what he initially intended, but it was what had to be do done just to get Soulblade back in his possession. The Sky King loathingly opened his left eye to match his right and his whole body blew up into an orb of purple lightning, lashing and flashing in every direction. He turned into a tiny unstoppable electric motor, putting out enough electricity per second to become a magnetic force drawing Khrona toward him. It wasn't any technique he learned, but it was just the sheer amount of raw electrical power being expended in his presence. If Khrona thought he could try to contain this electricity before, he was going to be much more hard pressed to even think about using a tactic like that now. The Sky King was calling the Spirit Of Thunder out in its complete form for the first time since he acquired the Guardian spirit, and it made its presence known by first sending a claw swiping across the outer layer of the orb.

The Spirit Of Thunder grasped its own sphere of presence tightly enough to warp the whole magnetic field it was creating, presumably drawing Khrona in with an even more powerful pull. From its shocking hand, its forearm seemed to lever out of the orb next, pulling a whole arm and shoulder from itself, resting on the top of the orb. The Spirit of Thunder's other hand exploded from the orb behind the Sky King -- arm, shoulder and all -- pulling its head and body from the orb to stretch above the Sky King. Both of the beast's legs stepped out from the bottom of the sphere, bringing the Spirit Of Thunder's whole body outside of the orb, standing there enveloping the Sky King in its body. The Sky King crossed his hands floating before Khrona, showing the Spirit Of Thunder doing the exact same thing. They were connected now and the Spirit's body was the Sky King's now, as well. "I hope we don't regret this." With a thought, the Sky King was able to bring down a bolt of lightning that engulfed both Khrona and himself in its terrifying shock. Sky King was completely okay, able to not even feel the external blast, but he hoped the same couldn't be said for Khrona. To condense a bolt of lightning out of thin air in broad daylight with nothing more than a blink, the Sky King was starting out with the big guns, going in for the win from the beginning.

All the while viewing this transformation, Khrona stayed in his one position, just as he said, not attacking the Sky King in the slightest. He only smiled that same insane smile, it growing more and more every passing moment. "Hm. Then let it happen." Just as this was said, the intense magnetic forces that occurred as a byproduct of the Spirit Of Thunder manifesting himself outwardly caused even Khrona to be pulled in against his will; slowly, but surely. He was unaware that the Spirit Of Thunder had such power to even affect Khrona with such things that normally do not, and the increase in his Fulgerkinesis was the only saving grace he had about him. To combat the Spirit Of Thunder, however, Khrona needed to concentrate a bit to keep himself in place. "He is strong... But we can overcome. Despair." With a swipe of his tattered, trailing, almost shadowy jacket across his hand, Despair -- in straight razor form -- appeared in his hands.

Despair: "Oh, I believe that it is time to test 'that' out, then...?"

Misery: "Finally. I thought we'd never have the chance."

Khrona: "The Shield and Sword fighting style... Soul Resonance."

The three souls them began to connect, causing a massive rise in power for Khrona that pushed back the effects of the Spirit Of Thunder with a great and expansive burst of his own soul energy. Moments later, a purple line extended from Despair upward to a set range, then rotated around the axis like the hands of a clock, leaving behind it a trail of purple all the way around in its revolution, creating a disc-like shield around Khrona's arm. Misery started to flare up with her soul energies again, allowing the red flow to almost completely engulf her form, as only the outline of the sword within the burning red insanity wavelength could be seen now. They were ready. The moment they were prepared, however, the roar of a huge bolt of lightning took them by surprise, making a direct hit to the stationary Khrona. At the point of impact, everything was scorched, burnt to a crisp, including Khrona, whose body was completely black now. "Ah... I haven't felt like anyone could make me do this in quite a while..." That black mass was not Khrona's skin that was scorched... In fact, all of his skin had been vaporized in the process of being hit with this great bolt. This was his Black Dragon Blood all across his body, and though he should have been writhing in the worst kind of pain... Khrona always did love the feeling of pain when he transmogrified his body morbidly. It was always refreshing.

Moments later, a new coat of skin formed itself around Khrona's body, as did a jacket and clothes, which sprouted from his pores and wrapped around his body. He looked virtually the same as before the lightning bolt hit, now. It was obviously going to take more than a single bolt of lightning to bring down the 'Black Dragon'. With an awkward pause, one instant, the next instant was Khrona's body flickering from his initial point to the one in front of the Sky King as the Spirit Of Thunder, sword raised high and blazing with insanity. "Let's see if you can make me transform, too!! Zero Sanity!!!" The insanity shot forth from the blade high into the sky, past the clouds, causing the already reddened sky to become even more red, as Khrona brought down the blade of insanity to try to cleave the Spirit Of Thunder in two. The fluctuating power of the wavelength should be enough to cause a disruption in the wavelengths of both light and electricity, meaning that an attack from Khrona's wavelength could do serious damage to even this legendary spirit. His determined eyes said that it was what he intended to do.

"Well..." Khrona lunged headlong into a blazing red attack on the Spirit Of Thunder, bringing down a blast of crimson on the Guardian spirit. the Sky King looked up at the clearly insane leader of the Dusk and thought nothing but the simplest movement. Khrona was at a size disadvantage, -- not that it was a battle of sizes -- but it was a different kind of battle now; one that could go so differently in so many different ways. The Sky King learned the way of big battle from the Lone Wolf and the Ice Titan -- perfect tutors in the techniques. The Sky King raised his hands and clapped them in the direction of Khrona's attack, making the Spirit Of Thunder mimic his movements. It raised its own clawed hands and caught the blade of pure, flowing insanity before it could lay waste to its body. The contact of the two powers' completely different wavelengths sent a pulse of insane magnetic pull outward, then snapped it back inward to the point of their impact. The Sky King was no stranger to crazy energy and how it affected him, -- not to mention the techniques he used to battle -- but the Spirit of Thunder held such a raw power that they were fairly equals, no matter what insanity Khrona chose to unleash. The unbridled electrical energy put out by the Spirit Of Thunder caught the blade of insanity with an electrical charge that was pushing against the insanity -- raw power against raw power. But the Sky King's focus wasn't on matching Khrona, it was breaking him down little by little. As he held his hands together, a field of electricity was building around Khrona and his weapons, caught by the Spirit Of Thunder. It was charging the air around them with an electromagnetic pulse so strong it fell on every side of the insane trio, both crushing them and pulling them apart simultaneously. The Sky King wasn't sure of how long it would hold them, but it was a start to wearing down this lord of insanity.

So sure was Khrona that this attack would disrupt the great Spirit Of Thunder that he himself did not realize just what he was up against. The being of pure electrical power clasped its hands together, catching the monstrously large blade of insanity, which, in turn, was not much larger than a normal sword in proportion to the Spirit Of Thunder's humongous body. "What?!" That was a miscalculation he would dare not do again. However, he was getting his initial job done, so I guess this was not a completely bad thing. From the collision of hands to sword omitted a powerful magnetic force far greater than anything Khrona had ever experienced in his life... Even more powerful than the one he experienced not too long before when the Sky King fought on a normal level as he. Feeling a bit overwhelmed himself, Khrona had to push himself even harder, struggling against this impressive force. He could feel it; this electricity trying to whittle him down... And as such, his blade of insanity started to weaken.

Misery: "What the hell!? Khrona!! This isn't you! What in the fu--"

Despair: "... Wait, Misery. He comes."

A gleam of light swept across the two bladed weapons, revealing their faces. They looked up and saw Khrona's eyes twinkling with rouge and his determined grin of madness smiling down upon them. He had a plan, most definitely, and from the way his wings were glowing the same color as Despair's soul energy they had a pretty good idea as to what. With the magnetic force pushing in and pulling on his body more and more, Khrona appeared to be giving into it, his wings folding around his body as the electromagnetic energies did their thing, until finally... He took it no more. With a mighty thrust of his wings outward, they expanded to their full four hundred foot wingspan coated in sheer Rejection, thereby forcing away the power of magnetism all around him and even the area, the force so great that it should have knocked the Spirit Of Thunder for a loop, hopefully staggering him in the process whilst his wings dispersed that wavelength. If Khrona were to get the slightest moment of staggering hesitation from the two being forced back by his Rejection wings, he would quickly flap his wings again to propel himself at the Sky King past the speed of sound, sword in hand and still blazing with Insanity, however in a more highly condensed manner, thus with an enormously higher concentration than when it was enlarged. He hoped to pierce right into the Spirit Of Thunder's body and inject the purest form of Insanity right into the Sky King's being, where he would repulse him straight out of the body of the magnetic majesty and skidding across the solid insanity floor they fought on. Hopefully that would also dispel the Spirit Of Thunder as well, or else Khrona might have been in a bad position, if his attack was to connect as he wished...

'Reeeeejected!' It was all the Sky King could come up with as he was sent flying backward by the displeasing force of opposite everything did what it was supposed to do. The Spirit Of Thunder's hands were knocked away swiftly and the pair's body were forced back a good distance, probably a few hundred feet, but the Sky King never took his brilliantly amber eyes off Khrona. "I hate that move!" The Sky King didn't have the luxury of a familiar voice to talk to in this battle, so he could only express how much he hated Rejection to Khrona himself, who probably wasn't in any condition to care anyway. It was one of those things about being insane that the Sky King could completely understand, but hated being on the other side of. Now he finally knew what the rest of the planet felt like during each of his little... Hissy fits. A sobering conclusion to come to it was, but the Sky King let the understanding come and go as he watched Khrona take off at supersonic speed, right towards him. "Plenty of time..." Maybe Khrona forgot exactly who he was dealing with, or maybe he didn't have the luxury of remembering while he was insanely being insane. Whatever the case, supersonic was skipping speed in the Sky King's book and Khrona was going to be taught a very painful lesson very quickly. The Sky King opened his arms as wide as he could, keeping his yellow peepers locked on the red bullet locked onto him. There was a low hum in the air, lightly vibrating molecules in the atmosphere. Khrona was getting ever closer, but ZK made sure that he was racking up enough wattage, voltage, and intent to drop on Khrona when the time was right. His fists closed tightly, only building upon the low hum shaking through the atmosphere. The frequency doubled, making the growing energy around them glow purple, the same purple as the Spirit Of Thunder and the Sky King's aura. Now all that was left was Khrona to be in place... "To drop the beat!"

The Sky King brought his fists together, as did the Spirit Of Thunder, landing them on either side of the rejecting Khrona bullet barreling towards them. Upon initial contact, the Spirit Of Thunder was rejected completely, its electricity thrown into the wind behind the Sky King like its soul being ripped from it, vaporized. But this was the exact moment that the Spirit Of Thunder and the Sky King didn't budge an inch. The pair had amassed so much power that the Rejection essentially blew a shell off of the Spirit Of Thunder, leaving its presence still right in the fray. With the Sky King's fists slamming into either side of Khrona, the energy he had been building up for the fraction of a second it took Khrona to get from where he was before to the Spirit Of Thunder activated in the most amazingly beautifully destructive way. At first there was silence, then an unbelievably low boom that shook the air itself, wracking Khrona's body through and through. The energy was released completely on Khrona and the Sky King in twelve huge bolts of lightning coming from the four cardinal directions; three from the North, South, East, and West, subsequently firing off one at a time clockwise in rotation, each blasting Khrona with Megawatts upon Megawatts of the purest of the pure electricity.

The first bolt landed and was kept in the field of the Spirit Of Thunder's two fists right around Khrona, creating another orb around the headstrong leader. It was a field of pure electricity -- no pulling nor pushing, just power falling onto, into, and out of Khrona condensed into a sphere that kept all the power right where it was supposed to be. Each of the eleven remaining bolts did the same thing, multiplying the size and energy of the sphere, N^12. The sphere's insane electrical wavelength sent systematic spikes into the atmosphere around the Sky King and Khrona, raising the Freshwater Sea of Insanity in spikes like a sound wave, matching the resonating "wompwompwompwomp" of the Sky King's attack perfectly. It played a song of destruction for the Sky King and Khrona, but it could only be heard from the inside of the field, where the Sky King and Khrona were. The Sky King was floating in the electricity across from Khrona, holding his fists together in complete focus to keep the immense power on Khrona and to keep him from moving any further forward. If the rejection was powerful enough to move through all of that, the Sky King was finished. He couldn't move, couldn't speak, couldn't dodge. He banked on this move keeping Khrona away and hopefully wearing him out completely, but there was always that chance that it didn't work.

Though Khrona knew he should have flapped his wings harder... Propelled himself faster... Even gone so far as to Body Flicker yet again, he did not. He thought that the instant he blew the Spirit Of Thunder off of its feet would be enough, but again, the Sky King was much too quick on the draw for this ball of insanity. Perhaps Khrona should stay in his areas of specialty... the Mind, Body, and Soul. What the Sky King could do with sheer speed and electricity, Khrona could match with his mind, body and soul. Perhaps that's what he should be doing here... Not trying to be fast. But by the time Khrona came to this realization, it was simply much too late for him, as the ever swift Sky King had already recovered and amped up his power whilst Khrona could do nothing but watch as it all went down. Feeling the frequency in his soul first alerted him to stop -- and right on the dime, too -- as he quickly raised Despair, who extended the shield of Rejection around him in a bubble to protect him from this insane electrical storm. When the Spirit Of Thunder made contact, as expected, its power was Rejected instantly.

Misery: "Yes! I knew it!"

Despair: "No... Something is wrong..."

Because this was Despair's soul, she felt the problem better than Misery did, even though the three of them were in perfect Soul Resonance. The power was indeed 'Rejected', yet it stayed constant. The Sky King had built up enough power to match the Rejection, and raise it by another bolt of lightning. Ergo, he canceled out the initial field by matching it with his electricity, and then fired off more energy that he already had built up beforehand. That was what that hum was that Khrona could feel in his wavelength, and now he would suffer for foolishly rushing in without using his head, as per usual. The bolts of pure electricity homed in on Khrona and only Khrona, being focused and condensed by the wily Sky King. More and more electrical energy zoned in on him... And more... And more... And more... Khrona's only saving grace was his wavelength, which was trying to dispel the electricity by matching wavelengths with it. But even the one with the wavelength of a God could not handle this much demolition; not from a being that was the pure essence of electricity. He could dish out far more than this relatively mortal man-like being could, and that was definitely apparent. He was indeed wearing Khrona down.

Misery: "No... Hold it together, big guy! Give him EVERYTHING you've got! We sure are!"

Despair, a bit pained: "Yes... I can feel it... Within us... This power..."

Because they were resonating, any energy conducted through Khrona's wavelength was felt by those two as well, and the three of them were giving it their all. But even still with Khrona's growth, he wasn't there... He wasn't at the power his father was at... Hell, from the looks of it, he wasn't at the Sky King's level, either. But what would normally bring him into an insane, dark strife brought him instead a drive to keep going... If it was not already too late. As all of this calamitous electricity rifled about, Khrona could only hear the very wavelength that it produced, the "wompwompwompwompwompwomp" sound; its pure wavelength. The frequency it was on. He could hear it perfectly, loud and clear. The shaking it caused that uplifted even the Insanity across the seas; he could feel that. 'No way... His wavelength spreads all across my sea of insanity? But that only means...' With his body now starting to give, even going as far as to slowly break down from this high intensity of electricity, Khrona saw. He saw every period of wavelength that went by, surging through the skies, through the sea and through the Sky King; all his power with the Spirit Of Thunder. Finally coming to the conclusion that he was no match as he was, Khrona could only ascend to the next level.


Despair: "There is nothing wonderful about the hate and sadness I would feel if you departed... You, me, and Misery... Were to supposed to be together forever..."

His body started to break down more and more, yet the smile on his face was growing larger and larger the more he was destroyed. His irises started to expand across his corneas, bathing them in bloody red as well, before this redness even consumed his pupils. Sheer and utter insanity brimmed within, as his wavelength started to take a relatively large shift. His rarely used secondary soul energy from the Soul of Fear... That was what was holding him back this entire time. With it, he was no better than the Falshin, and with it his power could not go to the bounds that it was meant to. With it, he was only as powerful as he was a second ago, but without it--!!!!!!


It swept across the area, the intense insanity that had so tainted and changed the landscape of this portion of the Chaos Village. That exerted energy was returning to Khrona; the insanity rose up from the waters and left nothing but perfect, crystal blue waves which rushed away from the insanely powerful force that was simply Khrona's mind going through an epiphany and coming to a conclusion. This simple thought of him releasing his Fear indeed caused this to happen, and he would omit a power unable to be contained by the electrical prison before him.


That was what he screamed out at the top of his lungs for the entire world to hear as all of the Insanity rushed back into his body, changing now into a deep black color as it swirled around Khrona's body. This black mass consuming him left only the gleam of his bright red eyes apparent as his body started to take on a very different appearance now. It grew to astronomical proportions in the most grotesque way possible, his blackened wings spreading outward so gently, yet so forcefully that it spread darkness upon the entire area, darkness that was the force of its flap. Now, still rising, glowed the eyes of the new being... The ascended Khrona in a new found legendary form... That of 'The Black Dragon'. The forming darkness about the area was merely his new cloak, which flowed about just the same as his original, for this was nothing more than Khrona in a form higher than his one of man. He was the same person... But of higher power. With Misery having merged with him, becoming the skeletal head of Condemnation, mirroring her own soul on his right shoulder, and Despair having become the somber face of a beautiful woman Rejected and Isolated, mirroring her soul, and Khrona's head, having become that of a dragon itself, these three souls became one on this day, making a single complete form. "Draw your weapon. The Soulblade awaits." With no Fear in his soul about the Sky King harnessing this power, 'The Black Dragon' parted the seas with simply his voice, right to the point where Soulblade resided. There was no reason why the Sky King shouldn't be able to test out his sword as planned. Khrona intended to fight him with it, ready to show him just why he was 'The Black Dragon'; 'Keeper Of Insanity'. These two great beings towered over this now seemingly minuscule body of water, and Khrona waited for the next, ascended phase of this battle to begin.

The Sky King was... "OH MY GOD!" The Spirit of Thund-- "PStEEwwoOOOOCHHHkkk!!" Khrona had taken this battle to a completely different level. A level THREE TRILLION TIMES GREATER THAN BEFORE! What? Three TRILLION?! The Sky King could only be pushed away by the immense black energy exerted by the unbelievable transformation Khrona was undergoing. Just the sheer fact that Khrona yelled the number THREE TRILLION, the Sky King knew this battle had just gone to some completely different place than he was planning for it to go. As the Sky King flew backwards, he just knew that the Spirit Of Thunder had no place in this battle anymore, so it dissipated with a winding down siren song and wobbling frequency that pittered into nothing, its presence simply fading away. The Sky King was left to cross his arms in front of his face to wait out the transformation of Khrona into an ascended state as black on black on black flew past him. "This is going to be a minute." The dark waves of energy subsided into nothing more than a three-headed-Khrona-dragon floating before the Sky King, requesting he retrieve the sword he so badly didn't want the Sky King to use from threat of going insane. The Sky King could only stare on in amazement at the new Khrona and his change of heart. "... Okay..." The Sky King very simply opened a Corridor Of Light in front of him, reached into it, and grabbed Soulblade from another Corridor Of Light next to it. Almost as quickly, he wrapped the Corridor Of Light around the crazy ass weapon and closed it all, awaying Soulblade the only way he knew how; suppressing it and saving it for later. The Corridor faded and the Sky King was left standing in front of Khrona-dragon-monster vibrating from the massive amount of chakra he used to try to beat Khrona... Guess it didn't even come close to working.

"So... Can we switch planets or something? I think this battle is going to go south real quick... Plus, I think I need a minute to.. Um... Power up... If this fight is going to be a fight..." The Sky King looked around at the Freshwater Sea and the lands of the planet on either side. Everything within eyesight and so much further than that was in the splash zone, that special area in a battle field that's more than likely going to be doused with high levels of high chakra. That means death and other unsavory things for anything anywhere near the battle. The Sky King also needed to go deep within his reserves of chakra and power to even think of trying to reach THREE TRILLION times his own power... That could take a minute...

"Would you expect any less of me? It is done." The Black Dragon and the Sky King did not move, yet their essences were now on the far reaches of space, their location within itself an enigma. There seemed to be nothing but endless space in merely a blink of the eye. They stood on space itself, with planets flowing around beside them, seeming to be the size of basketballs to Khrona now. "This... Is what you wished for? It is reminiscent of what I have seen in a parallel life..." He spoke of the times his parallel other watched Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, for this scene was near similar to it, save for there being giant robots. The energy output was still the same, but in different situations. "Now... I shall wait for you. It would be unfair and dishonorable if I did not... For you are not my enemy. You are my friend. I only wish to grow and match chakras with you." And so Khrona did indeed wait, watching with his three faces, the planets go by... the energy flow through space as the universe attempted to achieve a certain balance between itself... Maybe he and the Sky King would get that same balance today on this day.

"Alright..." The Sky King didn't pay attention to where Khrona had transported them. He didn't need to, he knew Khrona would make sure nothing would get caught in their crossfire. There would be a ton of it. "Now you'll get to see my favorite weapon." The Sky King spoke with a smile as he held his hand upwards toward the sk-- space. His eyes closed, focusing all his intent and concentration on a ball of glistening, shining, burning bright light forming in his outstretched palm. A deep breath was taken of the apparent space air, dragging a close flow of stardust up the Sky King's nostrils. Sweet was the smell of this strand of cosmic runoff, unique to this part of the universe. An exhale followed; deep, slow, deliberate. Thirteen seconds it lasted, each moment magnifying the intensity in, around, and of the tiny white sun in the Sky King's hand, no larger than a basketball. It was the single brightest light in sight within the depths of space they were transported to, sitting there atop the Sky King's hand, blazing away its luminous brilliance growing ever more brilliant, white, and pure with the passing seconds the Sky King released his breath. His eyes opened again, his smile disappeared once more, his hand gripped his light. The ball of light shattered and the Sky King pulled the 'X-blade' from it, the weapon completely engulfed in this pure white light, pulsating inward, rather than outward. There was no explosion, no cataclysmic transformation -- just a rod of light in the Sky King's hand, now pointed at Khrona. The Sky King held the 'X-blade' with both hands and waited. It may not have been exactly THREE TRILLION TIMES his own power, but it was a most definite pull from the deepest depths of his soul and being to ascend to a level proportionally equivalent. They just had to fight to see his power unfold... 'Power Unlimited'...

"And so we are equal." The brightest light of space, the Sky King, shone upon the blackest of black, The Black Dragon, and their powers became that of balance. Yin and Yang. Khrona turned his head to his two others; Misery and Despair, each of them finding this to be the time where the greats of infinity did so prove their worth. "Misery!!" The middle head called out, and from the right side which the skull of Misery did so reside, a huge scythe of the same blackness as this robe sprouted forth and into the deep space, its handle twisting, turning, zigging and zagging about until it was a full weapon; the Scythe. "Despair!!" So too did, from the left side of the face of Despair did a massive, indescribably intricate cannon which was now his left arm. Both arms resembled the weapons that were the two forms of these weapons, and seemed reminiscent of a certain digital monster that he did not intend for this to resemble. "Ah... If it were not for the trials I endure as we speak with our dear brother, then I would not be so able... to use this power as I am about to!" Yes, Khrona was playing off of two beings at once here, using the power he grows from by fighting one to fight the other. He raised his left arm -- the 'Genesa Cannon' -- and started to harness pure universal energy as he had done before. The nearby galaxies, planets, particles and stars around Khrona started to swirl into the abysmal black hole that was the charge of the immense energy required to fire this blast, that only the universe itself could provide. When complete, a sphere of completely clear energy focused itself at the tip of the barrel, this gun glowing with these clear energies as well. "Genesa Cannon!!!" There, the great 'Genesa Cannon' was fired, the energies of the universe spiraling silently at the Sky King, for no sound could match what was just released from Khrona, and so they did not try. And silence took over the atmosphere.

In the case of blasts like this -- the 'Genesa Cannon' and the 'Gaia Cannon' -- there were two choices to be made: combat the blast, or move the hell out of the way. The Sky King watched all the energy Khrona gathered be put into the shot and knew exactly how he had to react, but it was an action he'd never not once pulled off before, while dreamed of pulling it off whenever he fought the Earth King or Demon King. Khrona brought something out in the Sky King he could bring back to his other brothers and show them his cool demeanor isn't to be taken lightly, ever. The Sky King made a wide arcing slash across the X-axis of the 'Genesa Cannon', bringing a downward slash on Khrona with the 'X-blade', laying into it enough of his light energy to at least keep the blast from decimating him, successfully out of the way of his massive attack. Had he gotten hit with the blast, the Sky King had cut through it with the 'X-blade', keeping it at bay, -- but only until he attacked Khrona -- laying into him a heavy blow of pure light energy, out of the way of the 'Genesa Cannon'. 'Wait, did that happen at the same time?'

Even the great universal force of the Genesa Cannon could not stop the Sky King as he was now, nor did Khrona intend for it to. It was to test the waters... To break the ice. Never go into a battle ill-prepared, correct? But a new feat of speed that the Sky King had never before achieved happened here and now, with him not only deflecting the attack, but retaliating with an attack of his own at the exact same time. There was no hesitation, no delay, not even a fraction's fraction's fraction of a nanosecond. A speed Khrona knew only the Sky King could achieve, the large scythe zigged and zagged its way to combat the light energy, only even able to track ZK because of his higher form of Hyper Perception; 'All Perception'. The impact of both forces created streams of beautiful light, both white and black, from the both of their still connecting blows, which seemed to stretch far out into the infinitum. Khrona was overjoyed, to say the absolute least. "... I never expected any less of you, my brother... Nor do I expect you to even stop here. Etch your name into the very sky that is what we named 'space' and make it your own sky! So too will I engrave my own thoughts into this universe... And harness its power like it is my own!" Parrying the light energy so, Khrona intended to cause the Sky King to flow off balance from the force he was pressing down onto the scythe blade, and slip right into the eternal barrel of the Genesa Cannon waiting for him, which seemed to be a void to Khrona's very mind. Knowing better than to call out the name again, since the Sky King would use and abuse every frame he had at his disposal to attack Khrona, he simply fired, the energies of the universe aiming to blow the great one clear across this massive space.

The Sky King was already disappeared from in front of Khrona -- nothing but a ghost to his eyes. Khrona did well to block his attack, but he was only to be assailed again by 'XIII Blades', rods of light that seemed to appear from the depths of space, flying at him from thirteen different directions. One by one, their brilliance swept across the black background in completely distinct movements, aiming to do Khrona in and keep going. The Sky King was nowhere to be seen nor heard, but his influence could be felt across the limitless space, impending action on Khrona. The Sky King probably didn't even know where he was, but he knew where he was going.

Already having gone, the shadow's shadow of this beyond fast man left Khrona even without knowledge of his whereabouts for only a moment or two, which was amazing within itself in Khrona's current state of being. The realization that something else bore toward him came just as quickly as the Sky King's fleeting body, and as the first blade shot down, it was stopped by a barrier of psychotic force, that of which only halted it for a moment. "I see." Tearing through even this force, and knowing that blocking it was not to be done at this point, his body split open to provide a hole for the blade of light to zip through, not touching Khrona's present self at all. Then, came another. The gesture was repeated several times, approximately twelve more times after the first, buying Khrona some time. By the by, this all seemed to happen in a little less than an instant, to normal eyes, but to Khrona's it was in formidable time for him to see and react, thankfully because of his mind. With such things on his side, he had bought himself time for the blades that would most likely swerve right back around, knowing weapons controlled by an outside force. So, Khrona upped the cataclysmic force now. His next thought was, simply and only, 'Leave me be and the blades of light would do so accordingly.' It seemed like it was merely a powerful psychic force that had pushed them away, but indeed it was, just in a different fashion. A thought, and they were awayed, but not from the area, just from near Khrona. Now it was time to locate the Sky King; or, probably more accurately, locate and keep lock on him. "The one which moves faster than light... Mine eyes would have to do so as well to catch up to you." And so, his vision expanded... Outward infinitely, to perceive just where in this universe this man could have gone. Traveling as fast as he, he probably could run straight across and back in the time it would take Khrona to find him, both of which would be probably no time at all. Especially since it didn't exist up here in space. Knowing that he definitely WAS going to find the Sky King, his hope was that he could locate him before the Sky King made his next attack...

The 'XIII Blades' flew off into the distance in response to Khrona's intense thought pattern with the Sky King willing them away for the moment. He reappeared from the cosmos only an instant after they were retracted no less than four feet in front of Khrona, dashing forward. Four feet was more then enough space for ZK to swing the X-blade from his left shoulder right across Khrona's abdomen with such speed, precision and force that the stars in the distance along the path of the X-blade's trajectory each faded for that instant in time, their celestial bodies being acted upon by the Speed Demon from billions of lightyears away. The Sky King had no intention of holding back anything from Khrona, as his body could take one hell of a beating, but he had more power to give and more fight to fight. Khrona may have made the choice to be the only person to see the Sky King fight at his unlimited potential in this lifetime, but that could be his undoing. The Sky King was nothing more than the battle he was locked in.

Through the vastness of space did Khrona search every single parsec to retrieve status on the Sky King, his location becoming apparent only through the massive buildup of energy within his location. '... There you are...' His enlightened eyes brightened as much as his smile, as his dark body was not cut, but pulled around by the force of the Sky King's swing. In the same instant he appeared, the blackness had enveloped the Sky King in a great dark sphere the size of a planet, accommodating how much force the Sky King swung with, which after containing him pulled him into Khrona's innards. There, this pit of utter black seemed abysmal even to the Sky King's light. It was utter... Black. "... Despair..." Without warning, the blackness grew tighter and more compact, and tighter and smaller even more, looking no different than how it did only moments ago, but feeling oh, so very changed. It was pressing down upon the Sky King with the greatest force, trying to keep him contained and in place. Now Khrona's laugh would echo through the Sky King's ears, as it would come from all around him with nowhere to escape. "Hmhmhmhmhmhm..."

The Sky King was worked around by Khrona, wrapped into a dark ball of infinite darkness of the darkest dark abyss. Needless to say, it was very dark, very black. The Sky King couldn't see anything physically, but with his special vision ripped from hell, he could all sorts of crazy energy flowing around him. He couldn't tell what it was, but it was there and so was Khrona, all around him. Such a horrible thing to be done. "Even in the deepest darkness..." The Sky King spoke softly as his XIII Blades appeared around him completely upright, equidistant from him and each other. He held his hands in front of him, letting go of the X-blade as it floated with the rest of his XIII Blades. The Sky King's hands were pointed towards each other, as if he were holding a large orb of some sort. The Sky King's eyes closed, his focus turned inward to his own never ending heart, Kingdom Come. He poured all his intent into Kingdom Come, letting it be reflected in his own brilliance, the XIII Blades growing more and more crystalline in radiance with each passing fraction of a moment it took the Sky King to think. Once things were as bright as they could be on the inside, the Sky King let loose his intent within the space between his hands. "My light will burn through everything!" The energy let loose a flash of light that was indescribably bright. There was only one word to describe the luminous, radiant, brilliant, pure white light that flashed in an instant. It instantly would rip through everything other than its cause, drenching anything in its path in white, indiscriminate between physical, spiritual, or mental. Pure glistening white. Khrona was the only thing in its way now, completely encompassing the flashbulb to end all flashbulbs. It burnt through his body, his chakra, his mind, anything caught in its light and Khrona caught its light himself. It would be a stretch for Khrona to make it out of that conscious, let alone able to fight.

Hearing all things flowing within his existence, the unlimited light within his stomach gurgled and groaned, humming with an incredible resonance. Khrona shook his head and smiled through his great, scaled face. "Oh, Sky King..." His voice was not of contempt, as one may initially think from his actions, but one of affection. Khrona had finally pushed the Sky King to the limit he wanted to see; the part of him where he would be able to defeat Khrona even at this level. True, his eminence was divine and brighter than all things, such was a reflection of everything that the Sky King was, not only in power, but personality and mentality. Brighter than all things, most truly. "... But you still fail to see... What my intentions are..." Khrona started to laugh, literally feeling the brightness welling up inside of him. Soon, through even the darkness of Khrona could this light shine through, though it was not uncommon for Khrona to feel this on his own anyway. The only thing probably just as luminescent as the Sky King; his soul, which had been reformed and powered up, released of its Fear so that the limitations on it were unbound. And so... "... So let your light shine brighter than all things! Anything that cannot take your utter shine, be cast away and blinded by light!!!" No sooner had Khrona finished his line did this line most literally tear through everything that he was, and even through every single being across the entire galaxy of wherever they were. Now, even brighter than a star, this galaxy should become nothing but pure and utter light.

Khrona: "... Soul Resonance..."

That light, that one discoloration within the wipe of white proved to be the one thing that could survive besides the Sky King; Khrona's very soul. Yet again, Khrona had proved that he did not need to overwhelm, but be resourceful in his tactics, and by using his power to resonate with all wavelengths, he commenced Soul Resonance with the very light of the Sky King itself, binding the wavelength of himself and the wavelength of light as one. Around this single discoloration, a robe of white whorled around it in an instant, forming a long and elegant coat of high resemblance to Khrona's original one, followed by his head and his eyes, radiating with a crystal clear aura. Khrona, having resonated with the light, became this form to accommodate. A smile matching the brightness of his eyes, he glided across the atmosphere and toward ZK, arms outstretched as if coming in for a hug. "If you are wondering how I survived... I resonated with the wavelength of the light itself, and then adjusted my very existence to the same level as yours. In a sense; for but a moment, I became you. And do you know how such a thing was accomplished...?" Khrona moved one of his outstretched hands to the Sky King's chest, which should not contain a heart, but metaphorically speaking, was right above it. "This entire fight, I have been reading your feelings. Your emotions. That energy which you put out into the air... Your strongest convictions, I can see and feel them all. Even those are wavelengths, and just knowing them is enough for my mind to grasp the concept of them and perform yet another anomaly..." Beaming, he looked up at the light, seeing nothing but beauty in it, and finding comfort in it from just knowing that this was just a bit of the Sky King's potential, and his feelings. "So? Satisfied with painting the 'sky' your colors, or need we push each other further, my kin? Think you're ready to handle that sword now with this power?" Khrona's concern for the Sky King had grown far beyond whatever it was merely moments ago, as this battle had not lasted but probably twenty minutes at most, the both of them moving at the way they were. Twenty minutes might have even been a stretch; he wanted to say about a ten minute approximation? Seems more believable. Haha!

Believability is relative as Khrona and the Sky King's battle had lasted little more than sixty seconds, most of which was dialogue and smoke and mirrors. The Sky King was more than accustomed to these kinds of battles as his body was moving oh, so quickly at all times. The Sky King could only raise his head to the light Khrona before him taking in all the light around him with his own eyes. It was amazing, but also a bit unnerving. The Sky King had never been in an area that was one hundred percent the same color unless it was darkness. This light was beautiful beyond recognition. "Um..." The Sky King was also astonished to hear his voice had changed for a moment. Instead of his normal cool guy tone, It was deeper and more solemn. It sounded really, really old. Still cool, but old. "I'm down for calling it one if you are. I need some rest." The Sky King's body began to flicker against reality again. He was pumping so much out that it changed his whole presence in the universe to accommodate the strain of supporting his existence along with his power. If he didn't do something soon, he'd either fade from existence or blow up and destroy it. Both of things were bad for him.

The 'Gaze Of The Great Ones' fell upon the Sky King's face that very moment, giving notice to Khrona that he finally understood it for what it was now. The power that flowed inside of them so similarly, like parallel styles fashioning themselves in the atmosphere. "What I have fought you and the Demon King so hard at the same time to show you... This is the 'Paradise Peer'." Now the Sky King saw all that was bliss and filled with wonderment, just as the Demon King had, and they were all finally on one solid thought process. "You see the dream too. That's what we're aiming for... We want this paradise!" Khrona wrapped his arms around each other across his chest casually, laughing to himself all the while. He hoped to fight the dreaded sword, but apparently he could not enjoy such pleasures and royalties. Such would have to wait... But would not the sword fight the same foe? He sure intended on making it so. "I hope to see you very soon, Sky King."

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Some days passed since Khrona's spontaneous ascension; some sort of eerie growth spurt in power sparked by absorbing some of the raw essence of the Spirit Of Thunder and being exposed to the Sky King and Soulblade for an extended period of time. It was just as his father told him... He'd only scratched the surface of his true power, and even now, he was nowhere near, nor did he understand. He spent some time meditating on this growth, eventually coming to the conclusion that he was in need of a great jewel of life in order to help him to balance out the great power of death at his disposal. And to go find this jewel, he would send his best at excavation and confiscation; Alex Star.

There the dark fairy stood, still taking Khrona's place in this time of need, bored to death. She had sent out a request for Alex Star long ago, for Khrona wished for him to go on a special mission.

Meiun: "Bleh... I hope he can do it. He could die."

Khrona, mentally, 'That isn't a problem, we can send help.'

Meiun: "You sure about that? I think he'd grow more alone."

Khrona: 'Fine, then if he comes across a creature too strong, we will send someone to sortie.'

Meiun: "Sounds like a plan."

And so, Meiun continued to wait for Alex Star... Siiiigh. How boring.

Alex, getting another notice from Khrona's Office, would report there quickly; he wondered what sort of task would be given to him. He expected some from easy to certain death difficulty in mind, but wasn't sure at the moment. Looking at the door in front of him that led to the office, he would grab the handle and push the door open. Once inside he found Meiun there pacing around; he gave her a bright smile.

"Hello Meiun, it's good to see you again. What is it this time that I was called?"

Meiun was relieved to have him come here now, so she wouldn't be so damn bored. With a sigh of relief, she turned to him and smiled back bleakly. "Hello Alex... Khrona has a special mission for you, if you're up to the task. It could mean a lot of gold for you. And it isn't... Too hard." She crossed her legs on the desk. "So what do you say?"

Alex, getting the idea of how this mission might be a chore, would not falter his interest in it. "Money is fine and all, but hopefully there might be some useful items to take. So yes, I would accept the mission with great honor, so give me the details of what I will be doing."

Meiun giggled deviously, kicking her other leg cross the first, now. "Simple. Aliyah Rozalyn has gone AWOL recently on her last mission to retrieve the 'White Materios' for Khrona. While Khrona sends out a group to search her out, you will be takin her mission. The 'White Materios'. Find it in the 'Polar Plaza'."

"I see, well then I will get on that right away. It will give me a chance to use my training in action." Alex was thinking about everything that might go on there, but it would be a much needed change of scenery. A nice, cold... Winter wonderland of a place, so it would be fun. "Then I'ii be heading off now; I'll get that White Materios." He would smile as he walked out the door, and headed to the Polar Plaza, or to him something he liked the call the 'North Pole'.

She waved at Alex as he was about to leave, saying simply, "Good luck!" to him as he headed off. He'd be fine, most definitely.

When Alex was sent off on his way, sooner or later, a few new recruits came in during the course of the day; the first being Matsuo Reinke and the second being Nikolai. Of course, Meiun was oh so fortunate enough (sarcasm) to deal with them in Khrona's stead. Such a sweetheart.

Matsuo would knock on Khrona's door hoping to get a better response from him than what he got from the Earth King. He was tired of getting the cold shoulder from his so called leader, so it was time for a change. As he waited his mind raced. He didn't know what exactly to tell Khrona to convince him to let him enter the village.

The door slowly opened to the knock of Matsuo, pulling him into the room and into a chair against his will. Apparently, Khrona still wasn't in, but someone was... It was his Virtual Pet, the Dark Fairy, Meiun. "... Oh boy, another one...? I just get all of the fun, huh...?" She was so tired of having to answer all of the calls of every person in the world, and even though she shared the burden with the Kuma Bros., Keres, Chomao, and even sometimes Khrona's projection, this was still quite a bit to handle. She couldn't wait until Khrona, Misery, and Despair were back so this could be handled by them again... "... So what is it you want?"

Matsuo was caught off guard by the unseen force pulling him into the office. He was even more surprised by the interesting creature speaking to him. But he knew he had serious business to attend to. "Uh... Hi. I was hoping to speak with Khrona about joining The Dusk Village. And if you don't mind me asking, what are exactly you?"

Already irked by him, she sighed heavily and reluctantly shifted her head to the side, so she didn't have to look directly at him. "... He's busy, for the millionth time... And if you couldn't tell, I'm his Virtual Pet... And apparently secretary... Meiun. The Dark Fairy." None of what she said or how she said it sounded inviting, but truth be told, she wasn't inviting anyone TO come to the office while Khrona was still away. It was amazing how he just didn't get tired of this. His patience with these people must have been infinitesimal. Though she knew that she REALLY didn't want to be doing this right now... She simply had to. It was her duty while Khrona and Chomao were out to take on their duties. With another heavy and reluctant sigh, she turned her head back toward him and stood up straight. "... Sigh... But I guess if you wanna join, I'm obliged to help you... It's not like it's that much of a process. What village are you in?" She extended one of her locks of hair into Khrona's drawer, apparently pulling out some paperwork... "Oh, bureaucracy... Such a stupid thing."

Her tone and attitude were very apparent to Matsuo, but he knew he had to keep his cool in order to get things done. So he would secretly take a deep breath and continued his interview, so to speak. "Sorry if I caught you at a bad time, but I'm not exactly used to virtual pets as of yet. But that's not of importance." After Meiun reached into the drawer for the paperwork, he would speak clearly as not to have to repeat himself. "My name is Matsuo Alexander Reinke, and I was a part of the Nightmare." He would wait for further questions, since Meiun was preparing his official transfer transcripts.

Whipping out a massive wad of papers, Meiun struggled to even lift them up as Matsuo introduced himself to her. Seemed like this process would be taking quite a long time. "Gh... Gr... Gah!" She finally got the huge stack on the desk, and with an exasperated sigh, she looked back up to Matsuo. "Nightmare, huh...?" She looked at the top page of the stack, slowly turning to the next page... then the next... then the next... then halfway to the next, before looking up at Matsuo... Then turned to the next page... And the next... until finally she made a mark with her finger, which apparently secretes a fluid similar to ink. "And you say your name is Matsuo Alexander... Reinke..." She jotted that down, too... Then turned the page... And again... and again... "And which village are you trying to join?" She looked at him with the most stale face in the world, allowing the silence to deeply sink in. Moments later, she burst out in laughter for a moment or two, breaking her normal bleak character. "Hahahaha! No, I'm just kidding. None of this crap matters. Khrona hates bureaucracy. It's stupid." She quickly flipped a lighter that appeared in her hand from out of nowhere-- the office provided it to her need-- and she burnt all of the useless papers. She reached into the other drawer of the desk and pulled out a patch with the Dusk insignia, then placed it on Matsuo's clothing. The seal embroidered itself within his clothing and kicked off whatever seal the Nightmare had as its proof of residency. "There. That's all it takes. Welcome home."

Matsuo would chuckle at Meiun's sense of humor. He already felt that he would feel welcome in this village. As soon as he received his new village badge, Matsuo's mind was elated, simply overjoyed at the thought of a village that was willing to help its younger warriors out. "I thank you," he said as he masked his joy. He would then think about a special fighting style he had heard of. Possibly Meiun had heard of it. "I heard that this village specialized in a certain fighting style that allows a person to fight with their soul. Is this true?"

"You're welcome." Her now somber tone sounded much more like her, as she could relax a little more now that the ice was broken. Matsuo clearly had heard stories of the Soul Sanctum and the use of Soul Weapons and Soul Energy and the like, which was always good. "Why yes, there is. You'll want to go to the Soul Sanctum... It's not too far from here, it's like in the middle of the inner city... You can't miss it; it's huge." Just in case, she scribbled him a little map of the Dusk so he'd find it easier. He'd get the hang of this place, soon. "Go to the front gate and ask to speak to Shinigami. Someone should be there to help you out..."

"Thanks Meiun. How will I be able to tell who is Shinigami?" Matsuo figured the huge building he passed on his way to Khrona's office was this Soul Sanctum she mentioned. But this Shinigami character sounded kinda dark. Hopefully he would get to see him face to face really soon and get a better judgement.

"Oh, you can't miss him. He's the only one that looks like Death there. Haha." She still scribbled a picture down anyway, but only of his skull, for that was his greatest defining factor; that skull. "Look for and ask around for a blob who has that skull. You can't miss him if you look correctly."

Matsuo would look at the picture of the skull. "Oh well, seems simple enough," Matsuo would say before turning and heading towards the door, only to pause before actually exiting. "Quick question. What type of personality does Khrona have?"

Such a... Random question, indeed. She didn't even know a way to answer it, in actuality. She only smiled, then burst into hysterical laughter for a moment or two, then answered with one word. "Indescribable!"

"A spontaneous leader. Sounds like fun." Matsuo would have a huge smile on his face after he spoke. He felt that anything could happen in this village, and he was sure to seek out the validity of the village soon enough. Starting with the Soul Sanctum.

And, following up right behind Matsuo...

Bowing low, Nikolai greets Khrona. "Honorable Lord, I humbly request permission to make this village my new home."

All of what led up to that...

Gathering what little possessions he brought with him to Chaos, Nikolai leaves the village in the dead of night. Jumping from twisted tree to twisted tree he slowly makes his way through the 'Twisted Meadows', memories of the last time he passed through here on his journey to find the village flash through his mind. "This place... My first experience of Chaos... Is now my last one." Spotting the trail of stone spikes he had used before to keep from getting lost, he starts to follow them back to the site of his first battle, one he very well shouldn't have survived from. Kneeling down at the edge of the hole that had almost swallowed him but a few day ago, he can't help but remember every detail of the fight. The sudden appearance of the enemy, the strange person who could speak to his mind, and wanted nothing more than to devour him. The way the ninja could move, attack, and defend in one swift motion, shooting crystals with such accuracy, deflecting every attack, and sending even more in counter. "That person, who were they? I can still hardly believe I was able to escape with my life." Glancing to the side he saw a small pile of rocks and dust, the very reason he was still alive today. The clone had protected him and given him time to escape. Standing back up, he slowly walks away giving one final look back. "Goodbye, Chaos."

A week later Nikolai stumbled onto the territory of the Dusk. It doesn't take long before he is captured by a patrol, who thankfully listened to his request to take him to the village, but not before tying his arms tightly behind his back. As he is lead through the village, Nikolai marveled at the structures. In the distance he sees a massive tower, a dark almost foreboding feeling seems to emanate from it. 'That place... I should avoid it until I know more,' he thinks, his eyes still drawn to the mysterious tower. Handed from one patrol to another Nikolai is brought throughout the city, interrogated by some, ignored by others, until finally they stop before a large, yet oddly simple building. The dragon statues on both sides of the path strike him as the silent guardians of this building. The villagers who were guiding him at this time let go of his bonds and push him forward. “The leader is in there. Go plead your case and he may accept you, but as a little warning, it doesn’t matter how strong you may think you are, you wouldn’t last a second if you angered him,” they remarked, standing at the end of the path watching to see what would happen.
Cautiously Nikolai walks toward the door of the building, feeling an immense power somewhere inside. Kneeling down at the door, his hands still bound behind him, he yells into the building. "Honourable Lord, I humbly request permission to make this village my new home. I was a member of the Chaos for but a few days, but I am now without home. I left because I knew my glory and future rested not in that village. There I had no idea whether I would survive to the next day, another villager had marked me as his target and as I am, I would be lucky to just survive another encounter with them.” Lifting his head slightly to face the door, he feels his cheeks redden as he realizes just how foolish he must seem right now, bound up and yelling to a building.

Blahblahblah, apparently he got in Khrona's Office somehow, blahblahblah, apparently he's talking to one of Khrona' assistants, blahblahblah, insignia embroiders itself in clothes, blahblahblah, kicks off Chaos insignia, blahblahblah... "Welcome to the Village."

Finally, once Khrona was done with whatever he'd been doing all day, he would mentally check in his office just in time for Tamura, who apparently had a run in with the recently resigned Maruze Meikyuu, to inform him about what the retired Elite had relayed to him.

In very little time after his battle to the end with his honorary father, Maruze, Tamura and his partners exited the portal he whipped up right in front of Khrona's Offices' door before the portal zipped closed behind them. They all looked like they'd just come from a major battle, and Tamura chose not to change clothes to show Khrona the results of what had happened. With a simple knock upon the door, the trio waited for entry whilst Tamura gripped the pendant of Maruze proudly. This marked the upstart's ascension to the Elite of the Dusk. He was kinda excited.

The very moment he knocked upon the door, it slowly swung open to reveal the empty room. Seems like Khrona really was still away on business... Yet, the first thing that happened to Tamura was that he would hear a projected voice from seemingly nowhere speak out to him. This voice belonged to Khrona. "So I see you finally finished your bout, hm? Wonderful." The image of Khrona suddenly started to fade in, however not completely, as it was merely a mental projection to take his place. "I was starting to wonder how long I was going to have to keep my mind posted here. I'm in the middle of some serious business, you know." Despite whatever Khrona was going through right now, his mental projection did not show it, which was odd, but not really. Khrona had complete and utter control of his mind, body, and soul, and if he wished for his projected image to react differently than what Khrona really was feeling or doing, such would happen flawlessly. But his power was divided as long as his attention was here, so he wished to hurry as quickly as possible. "He gave it to you, then?"

"It's here," Tamura said as he opened his palm to show Khrona Maruze's pendant. Tamura didn't want to keep Khrona away from his 'Serious Business' any longer than he needed to. Tamura understood the concept of being busy with other things. Also, there was no need to pry into what Khrona could possibly be doing, for it was his business and his alone... Mostly.

"Ah, so you did indeed have the torch passed down to you. That's surely his pendant." The projected Khrona rose to his feet, even though they technically didn't mean anything, and he walked over to Tamura. There, in his hand was an emblem that had on it the insignia of the Dusk Elite, and he would place it in the hand of Tamura. "Well, as promised to both him and you, there is your mark of your status. You're officially an Elite of the Dusk. Congratulations on your promotion, Tamura." Khrona insisted on clapping a little bit, but that was short lived by a long shot. "Now that you're up here in these ranks... I will be calling on you more often, you know. I need you to be here by my side when necessary. You are one of the greatest powers in this village now... You must always remember that you are."

Tamura looked over to the girls at his sides. Honestly, he felt that he wouldn't have made it without getting them first. They kept him... calm for the most part which was good. He put Maruze's pendant in his pocket as well as the Dusk Insignia, that signified his status, and bumped fists with his twins. "Understood, but I can't call myself one of the greatest powers in the village until I'm complete and my other halves are whole," Tamura said, looking from one girl to the other, knowing they would get what he meant before he folded his arms and looked back to the projection of Khrona. Of course Tamura knew that with a rise in rank came a rise in danger for missions, but he was prepared. He would do everything in his power to finish every mission flawlessly; it was what Maruze would want him to do. "I won't keep you long Khrona.*Yawn* Besides, I need to go to the hospital and get a few things checked out before I go to sleep. I pretty sure they feel the same, right?"

Maina: "Yeah, I'm tired as hell."

Naina: "I'm not, really, but I suppose resting would be for the best."

Khrona snickered a bit at the three of them and their personalities... Reminded him oddly of himself with Misery and Despair when he was still fresh like that. Oh, those were the days... When he could travel around so free. Ah well. "You have a great many new responsibilities besides going on dangerous missions for me, you know. Many will be looking up to you for guidance, training, and fortitude. You are one of my beacons now." It was refreshing to have a new Elite in the village, for he hadn't had one in quite some time. His first Elite was out of the clutches of the Spider Queen, but he was still recovering, and the poison ninja was his only other Elite, besides all of the Soul Angels and the very few Witches. But, yet again, Tamura was here now and that meant a great new addition to the force. "I'm sure you'll get used to your position right away. If you need more souls after your trip to the hospital... I can suggest going to the 'Great Valley' or the 'Omen Marsh'. There are some pretty interesting finds around those places." Of course, even with his business going as it was, Khrona also needed to find the remaining 'Eight Guardians'... He needed four more.

"I know, I know, lots more responsibility than when I was Advanced. I'll adjust," Tamura said with a wave of his hand. He wasn't dismissing what Khrona was saying, it was just that he'd already inferred all that from his short time as an Expert and from when he and Maruze would chat about responsibilities every now and then. Tamura would grow accustomed to the job, grow in power, and evenly fit the role of an Elite perfectly. Much like how he tried to do as an Expert. He was just glad he actually earned this rank instead of it being given to him like when he became an Expert. And that reminded him. A creepy smirk spread across his mug as he started to chuckling deeply and darkly quietly to himself. There was someone he needed to visit to rub this all in their face. OHHH she'd be SOOO pissed, but Tamura was looking forward to her reaction. Maina and Naina knew what he was thinking from the creepy smirk and were slightly repulsed by it, cringing at the sight.

Maina: "Gross."

Naina: "It is quite unattractive."

Tamura straightened up, wiping the look from his face completely and leaning to his side a little bit. "'Great Valley' or 'Omen Marsh'... Huh? Sound like fun places to visit. I haven't explored and documented all of the Dusk yet it seems. Well, it's something to do to kill boredom a bit. Is this all you wanted to say... Khrona? Or do I have to start calling you Lord Khrona now, or something?"

Khrona snickered a little bit at the thought of being called 'Lord Khrona' by Tamura. It had a nice ring to it, but people usually called him something like, oh, say... Lord, Khrona, Khrona-sama, Red Lemon... Things of that nature. He didn't think Tamura would ever called him Lord Khrona before. "Call me that if you like, I don't mind. I think it sounds nice. It's completely up to you. I probably won't have anything for you to do for a while, so you can relax and be at ease. My personal affairs shouldn't take too much longer, either..." Khrona smiled, starting to walk back to his chair with arms crossed behind his back. "Everything's finally starting, you know. I hope you're ready." What Khrona meant by that was a mystery, but apparently he saw into the future once again and spoke in that cryptic way as he usually did. No sooner had he did his projection disappear. The only thing that was left behind was the shadow of his voice. "You are dismissed, Tamura..."

Tamura tilted his head a bit to the side, questioning of Khrona's cryptic speech, but shrugged it off... Or it seemed like that when Tamura straightened up and turned around to leave out of the office. Tamura was already preparing himself for whatever had to come, that was why he was rushing his weapon's ascension to Soul Angel status. However, now that he thought about it... Tamura had never actually sat down with his weapons and ask them what kind of Supernaturals they wanted to hunt. Whether it be twins or a different kind of creature for each. He assumed information like that was important. But that conversation would have to wait. Tamura was exhausted with energy left enough to walk to the hospital for a free bed. He'd worry about everything else later.

Whilst peacefully waiting to make his way home, apparently Khrona got a distress call from the Chaos about something involving Medusa from his brother, the Sound King, and the ex-leader of the Deep, who had been holding she and two other dark powerhouses off for quite a while. Eva - Khrona's and his brother's mother -- and Kujata, the mysterious master mage that informed Khrona about the Summoning stones, were her accomplices... He should have known that the three most powerful dark forces would have banded together for something so vile. He quickly made his way to the tail end of the battle, hoping to help finish off the three wicked ones before their plan, whatever it was with the 'Dark Obelisk' came to completion.

Just as everything was going down between the witches an the Deep representatives, a large black mass that no one couldn't mistake as Khrona soared through the sky at breakneck speeds to get to this location. Even though it seemed that the leaders had this under control, there was never not a reason to send back up. It would only end this battle faster. "You guys... I'm here..." His voice was somber and lonely, and his two weapons, Misery and Despair, were in hand. He could clearly assess the situation at hand and saw that the Master Tower was filled with brokenness just from a glance with the Hyper Perception. With the effects of the Tower's power, even the three of them combined wouldn't be able to do anything to Medusa or Eva without destroying the tower first. "Don't attack the two deities, the tower won't let you... Just try to get inside of it. It'll null out our powers every time..." He stopped high above the battlefield, trying to figure out how he was going to get in. When he went into the barrier that the 'Master Tower' projected, no doubt it would just counter everything he did. He couldn't use psychic powers so... It was up to the bluntness of the weapons and his wings. Hopefully setting an example for this battle, Khrona flew down to the base of the tower, hopefully with neither Medusa nor Eva on his tail. With one of his wings up and ready to protect him in case they were, his other one transformed into a drill, as if to drill right into the side of the 'Master Tower'. He started to hack away at it with his weapons, and though they were powerful it was really difficult to get through. Hopefully this Tower wouldn't find a way to even stop this simple of an attack... It didn't even use any of Khrona's powers, so there was nothing to nullify. "Just attack it normally... I think that'll work!" Khrona could only hope.

Medusa could see that the ex-leader woman was trying hard to make them think that they did not have control over the situation, but no matter how hard the two tried to give these deities the mix up, it didn't erase the fact that the 'Master Tower' could negate all of their moves at every turn. In truth, Medusa and Eva were just here to give them the finishing blow, as they didn't want to waste too much power on the likes of them; that was for obliterating the Soul Sanctum and taking over the rest of the Dusk. The ex-leader's little observation also tickled Medusa's tummy a little bit. "Similar, you say? So you created a being with my power, yet you pretend to dislike me so much? Why, I didn't know you cared! Hmhm..." But no matter what, the original user was here to show the clone's creator how to really use this power. With the Master Tower in effect, the 'Dark Matter' stood no chance of getting through. As soon as it entered the barrier, it would be erased, for the Master Tower generated an energy that seemed to be anti dark matter to keep the dark matter at bay, totally negating it once it came through. That was one thing down, and Medusa didn't even have to move. She could only laugh at them. "Ahahahaha! And here I thought you two were just so bright... My apologies for thinking so highly of you, I hope you can forgive me. There is an opposite to everything, my dear, and the Master Tower knows just what it is. But of course, your pride does get the better of you. Afraid to look weak in front of the other, I presume~?"

Her taunting tone of jest held only truth to it, for these two simply would not accept that they were completely stuck, no matter how many times it had to be shown to them first hand. Now the Sound King wanted to get into all of the fun, and Medusa didn't mind one bit. He could be made a fool of, as well, for Medusa had only time to spare... "Oh, silly Sound King. If we're such peasants, how come I am King of the Castle? We bark loud on deaf ears. Those with thick heads are the most fun to beat sense into, you know. You two are repulsive. Hmhmhm~." They continued on with their numerous flashy techniques, still thinking that the flashier and more numerous they were, the more powerful they'd be, and such was clear. Medusa shook her head, the Master Tower stopping the Sound King's shadow and protecting them from the explosions, as well. They really weren't getting that this tower was impervious. "Hm? What's that Sound King? I couldn't hear your meek little voice over the sound of your pitiful failures!" A contemptuous snake-like grin overcame her face as she stared down at those two, whose attacks had been stopped yet again. It was almost sad to watch them try now, for people like those two would never get by the secret of the tower... They'd only get flashier and flashier. So sad, indeed... But, in their time of need, 'that' one showed up. The psychic leader, Khrona... This was what Medusa was stalling all of this time for. When he made it to the Tower, Medusa's snake-like smile grew ever wider, only bringing her bliss to a higher level. 'Eva. Do it now.'

Speaking to her through wavelength itself, Medusa had given Eva the signal for the final part of the plan, now that Khrona was here. Even in wherever Kujata had taken Khrona's brother, it would reach there. But before they could do that... They had to stop that foolish Khrona from trying to take down the tower to early. Just by pointing a finger down, a force appeared under Khrona's feet, most likely sending him hurdling off in a different direction. The three of them combined stood absolutely no chance. "Back up? And from this one, no less? My, you all never cease to amaze me! Perhaps you just might win!" The sarcasm in her voice was grotesque.

Her show of arrogance and pride gave Eva the time she needed. Ever so discretely did she move ever closer to her companion's side. The Sound King and the ex-leader were still without understanding of just how hopeless their situation truly was. However, it provided the opportunity Eva needed to make her move... She reached for the fabric of her clothing, the dark abyss that was her dress stretched as Eva pulled out an object from her pit. This shadow was given shape once it detached its self from the dress, of that of a sword, made of solidified darkness. Slowly did Eva take her blade and bring toward Medusa's back, and just as Khrona would arrive, would the blade pierce her flesh. It was like a knife to butter, finding it's way through the wicked deity all to easily. "You know you think that this was the plan, Medusa... But you are mistaken to think I would allow you to do this to my precious children..." Eva gave the blade a bit of a twist, jerking back Medusa's spine as so she could lean in close to her ear and whisper her words. "You will have the rebirth, you wished for, for your body will be destroyed and your soul will be left to wander... Lost..." With one quick pull, Eva retracted her blade from within Medusa, flinging it to her side, ridding it of her cursed blood. "What is done be done. Goodbye Medusa..."

All Medusa did was laugh. Laugh at the fools who thought it so easy and so simple to take down the Master Tower; to take down Medusa and Eva, no less. Even Khrona's brother thought he could stand up to the might of Kujata, which would show him no avail. They had all lost... Hopelessly lost. "Ahahahaha! Isn't this simply divine Eva--" Turning her head to meet Eva's face, she felt the pointed blade to her back, and for the moment of shock that she had, her smile grew ten times its normal size, covering almost the entirety of her wicked snake-like face. 'Hmhm... All according to plan.' Thrust into her back, twisting and grinding her spine, Medusa felt no pain from this but only joy; joy and sweet, sweet pleasure from knowing that this was only the beginning. Eva had triggered something dangerous here today... And it's about time it went into fruition. Her final words were spoken right into the ears of Eva, pulling her head closer and steadying it so she could hear Medusa perfectly clear... "... Good work, Eva..." After those words came a laugh... A haughty, victorious laugh beyond the comprehension of any other, coming right from her dying body expelling the soul, dispersing it forth as a powerful explosion, followed by the rupturing of the Master Tower itself. All the while, Medusa's laugh echoed in the air, darkness now converging itself upon the very top of the Master Tower. There, a huge crack split it straight down the middle, causing the great structure to fall apart in two separate ways. Before those two halves of the pillar fell, however, there would be a powerful, ungodly force of pure and utter evil of the highest concentration; from the darkest of manna and the blackest of emotion, all was released from this sinister Tower as if opening up Pandora's Box; which, in a sense, they had.

The 'Great Evil' that so was released from the tower did indeed sweep across the area; the many higher ups -- including the secluded brother of Khrona -- would be taking the brunt of all of this evil force, for they knew if they did not, the lives of everyone else would be at stake. For them being so close to the resulting blast, all of their powers would be forcefully stripped from them for an entire twenty four hour period, where they would be able to do nothing. They would be completely and utterly weak. And even so, the pulsating wave would continue further out across the planet, almost like a signal... The dark beacon, even. 'I've done it... This world is mine.'

Just when everything seemed to be going right, it all spiraled downhill just as quickly as Khrona realized what had happened. Eva had killed Medusa for reasons unknown, and as such, a reaction occurred... "... Mother... Did you protect us?" That thought was short lived when a massive, explosive force of sheer evil negativity blasted toward him, knocking even Khrona off of his feet. "WOAH!!" He IMMEDIATELY felt his power decline, to the point of where he was just about as green as a fresh academy student. The burden of his massive wings suddenly became exceptionally great, and he was forced to fold them in as part of his jacket. "Ugh... What... What's going on? My head feels all weird and my body is... Out of sync... What's... What's... How do I deal with this...?" Khrona grabbed his head and retracted into a fetal position, recalling the fight with his father where he felt absolutely powerless. "How do I... Deal with this...?" It kept resonating in his head... Yet, even so, he kept asking himself the question, so he might as well answer. He stood up after a moment or two and turned around toward the Dusk village, Knowing exactly what had to be done. "... I have to fight this... For our village." There was a dark presence that suddenly presented itself to the Dusk and Khrona intended to find out why the evil loomed over his village's head... So he started to walk. Without hesitation, without assessment of everyone else. He was going to walk all the way back to the Dusk... On his own.

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning EmptySat Jun 06, 2020 5:05 pm

Some days passed since the death of Medusa and the release of that unspeakable evil force across all the planet, leaving Khrona drained and dry. He was feeling better, but couldn't get over the oppressive force completely. He remained in isolation whilst attempting to stabilize himself as quickly as possible, but sent out his projection to do his work. It was a good thing that at just about the right time, Alex Star was returning from his mission with the White Materios; the gemstone of purity and life that would help balance out this overwhelming darkness.

Alex had taken a nice long walk from the Polar Plaza, now appearing back at the office. So basically he would just head back to give Khrona his Materios for his usage. It was very beautiful being all white and shiny. All Alex would do is knock on the door really hard. He had known about the Materios being all powerful, and really he didn't mind to study its properties to use in Ships, Mechs, or anything use for that matter, but that would be for another day. "Khrona, I know you're in there!" He was just assuming is all, but he had never met the Insanity of the Dusk in being here, he only knew of him by word and, well his virtual pets.

The door opened to Khrona's projection sitting at his desk, waiting patiently for Alex to arrive. "Ah, so you are back with the White Materios? How was it?"

Alex would walk into the office as he would think of his trip and looked like a child on a field trip. So he started to speak like a kid -- after all, he was a child, still. "Well there was this huge creature that took me to the altar, then he turned into a mountain -- he was so cute, I wanted to keep him. Then there was this evil creature that attacked me, I dealt with him, but he was a rather interesting creature. I had to kill it to get this Materios; it was quite the prize, if you ask me. I assume you're going to use for something big -- how much fun is that going to be!?" He said all that in one breathe, which was common with children since they are so abnormal. He said most of the speech with hand gestures and all that jazz to get his point across. Finally bringing the White Materios out of his bag, Alex walked over to Khrona and placed it on the desk. "I hear that these things contain great power for destruction, or just a massive energy source; is that true?"

Khrona's projection smiled whilst listening and watching Alex, nodding his head and exaggerating expressions and emotions for him. "Really? Is that right? Well I guess you're just the Dusk's champion, huh? Thank you very much. I appreciate it." The projection of Khrona grabbed the Materios, causing it to become a projection as well, before it fused in with his being. The Black Materios within him reacted to its counterpart, both of them glowing within Khrona's body. "Ah... Yes. Massive energy, not destruction. The Black Materios is the one of destruction. The White Materios is that of life and creation. I needed them both -- the destructive Materios and the holy Materios -- to be balanced."

Alex felt happy to be called a champion; he liked being praised by people. After all, he was always alone most of the time, but now he could do so much more as he grew to be known within the village. Hopefully his leader would ask him to do more in the near future. "That's amazing about the Materios. Maybe I'll go search for one in the future, but I have no use for it at the moment. So, now that the mission has been completed to the letter, I suppose that I will get some sort of completion reward?"

Khrona giggled to himself while listening and watching Alex some more, the Materios in his body dying down. "Well, they are hard to find, so if you ever need to find some, come to me. Or, better yet..." Since Alex was asking for such a reward, why not give it to him, hm? Khrona tapped his imaginary finger on the desk and an odd device would materialize in the center. "A Materios tracker. That is your reward. Enjoy."

"Materios Tracker? Never heard of such a thing... How do you use it?" Alex picked up the object, looking at it with interest. Flipping it over, then back to it's normal position to find a way to use it, he liked it, but as a child, he would have trouble understanding it. He was very grateful to Khrona for this chance to get his Materios, but now it was his time to leave right after he got a answer.

"Well, here's what you do..." Khrona pointed to the button on the Materios Tracker to show Alex just what he needed to press. "This button will seek out whatever Materios you wish. But it only works one time. A permanent Materios Tracker requires a lot of power." He then pointed to the top of the device. "Then you aim it in a direction and it will show you if some Materios is nearby. It's like a metal detector; the closer you are, the more it reacts." Khrona pondered for a bit, thinking about how inconvenient the Materios Tracker was for Alex with only one time use. "... I could have a permanent one made, but... I'd need some materials. And you'd only be borrowing that one, because I definitely need it. Haha!"

Alex would look at the device closer and finding the button with interest. As Khrona pointed out the button, and the purpose of such a object would be needed. "Thank you, Khrona. I will use it in the future, but if you need this object, why let me use it with only one use? " Alex was trying to ponder that one little downfall of the device, and what if he turned it on by accident or something.

"Oh, no, I meant the permanent one. I need that one. You'd only have the privilege to borrow it sometimes." He was glad that was cleared up. Why would Khrona need a one time use thing? "Well, do you wanna go hunt for those parts for me, or do I have to give this once in a lifetime opportunity to someone else...~?"

Alex would simply ponder the order... Or was Khrona just asking him? He didn't have much going on at the moment, he was just focusing on tasks for his village. So why not help Khrona, the leader of the Dusk, with his task to get the Permanent Materios Tracker for the good of the village. "I'll gladly accept the task; what are the Materials you are going to need to create the Device?"

Khrona was most pleased to see that Alex had accepted. In truth, Khrona thought that it would be good experience for Alex to go out into the world more, and finding these materials was the perfect way to. "Alright, I'm going to need three key components... The first is a 'Sand Golem's Core'. Highly reactive manna energies within that, which cause the 'Sand Golem' to infinitely respawn once its body has been destroyed. Instead of taking out the core, I need you to carefully remove it in the short time its body is destroyed and exit the 'Eternal Desert' IMMEDIATELY. It can reform anywhere there is sand. The core will be what provides the device with its power, making it last forever, just as the 'Sand Golem'." Knowing how difficult the 'Sand Golem' is to fight, he hoped that Alex would be up for a hectic battle. "The next is 'Whiskers Of A Sphinx'. Careful, though, they are extremely high voltage creatures with the power to change people to stone. Don't take these swift cats lightning. Their high conductivity is essential for picking up the manna readings of the Materios, when fashioned. And finally..." Khrona looked up, knowing he was going to need the final ingredient; the material. "... The material for this that will bind it all together will be the Moose Beetle's hide. It is just as durable as 'Adamantium', but more flexible in some areas. As such, it is rather reactive to a hard to find material such as Materios." Khrona knew that such a mission was difficult to go alone, even for Alex... So he was going to send a partner with him. "... And because of the difficulty of this mission, I'm sending my own daughter, Chroma, along with you. Though this is majorly your mission, she will go along for extra assistance, if necessary. She won't be stealing your thunder. Hahaha!"

Keeping the objective in mind, Alex would dance around the office happily. He was glad to be given such a chance, and to go see the world instead of sitting in a lab all day, or working on puppets. So now that was settled he would calm down, and smile at the projection of Khrona. "Okay~, I will start working on getting those materials, oh tell your daughter to meet me at the 'Eternal Desert'; as for me I'm heading there now. See ya later, Khrona!" Alex would just rush to the door. As he opened it and waved bye to Khrona, he started to run towards the 'Eternal Desert'.

A while after his exam, Billiam thought it would be best to return to Khrona to show him the spell was broken and he was human again, as well as a Standard. Billiam walked right up to the doors to Khrona's Office and knocked on them lightly.

"I already know it's broken, I'm the one who put it on you, fool." The voice shot right into Billiam's head and ejected him from Khrona's office, where he was forbidden from returning.

After being shot back, William would get up. "Not gonna give out missions or anything?" he would ask. "I even told Tamura I wanted to help make this place stronger," he would add

"There's a mission list down in the the 'Inner City'. Lord Khrona's a busy man, you'd do best to search for a mission there or search out one of the many Experts that probably have tasks they need completed," Tamura said from behind Billiam, touching down softly to the ground. He knew of the more serious matters Khrona was dealing with at the moment, and it was his fault for not telling Billiam about the 'Mission List'. Better late than never though, cause if he kept bothering Khrona, he might just lose his life.

Billiam would nod before leaving; he also smiled at Tamura -- he was a lot more friendly than Khrona.

"Sorry for the interruption, Khrona," Tamura said after Billiam had left, before Tamura took his leave as well. From the looks of the time, he had an appointment with his soul partners for hunting and he'd promised them that he wouldn't be late. They were really excited about hunting in one of the areas of the Dusk they hadn't been too yet.

Flickering back into reality an instant after flickering out at Khrona's Office were both he and the Time King, at the very center of 'The Bridge'. To them, the sky was sideways, considering the slope of the bridge. "I thought something like this might be nice for a change." He giggled to himself as a cloud rolled past him, catching him in its fluff. Wanted to go with the flow of it, Khrona floated away on the surface of the cloud, like in the cartoons. The water molecules floated past his face in clear vision and he kicked one of his legs up. "Anytime you're ready, there."

Xenodeva and Preta arrived at their designated location. "Nice scenery." The Time King could definitely have some fun with the clouds and all of their condensational glory being so close. Especially with his use of 'Thermokinesis'. Reality shattered like glass as the other Versions emerged from the Time King's 'Mindscape Dimension'. The Versions got in an unorthodox battle formation. The Time King wanted to use 'Celestial Matter' extensively, so Xenodeva was in the front, while Psion Version was in the back... Playing with the goddamn clouds. Also, the Time King wanted to see how Khrona would react if he deviated from his natural inclination to start off the battle slow. So he let the Celestial Matter build and get released through his pores in the form of glowing white smoke. The 'white smoke' rose high into the air at a fast pace. Very fast. Then, at about five hundred yards in the air, it solidified and formed... A star. A real, burning, gravitational pull having sun -- the size of a house. Xenodeva then held out his hand and fired a MASSIVE ball of Celestial Energy at Khrona.

Khrona's unfazed expression held strong through the display of the Time King's power. Too long had Khrona dealt with powers such as these to not have adapted to it, especially combating Luminon and the Earth King. "Ohhh boy. With this I can finally play with my new Black Materios power. How absolutely freaking fun." By the same light of the star itself would it vanish; completely and utterly wiping itself away with nothing but a flick of a hand. The sun had been put out by Khrona. He shot a thought at the Time Lord, one which cut through the fabric of reality in a single slender slice. 'Come on. A sun? You have to do better than that for me, Time King. You remember who I am don't you?'

"Adapt..." Xenodeva quietly spoke as the Celestial Matter Sun 'flickered' back on like an old light bulb, only to implode in on itself forming 'black' Celestial Matter. Celestial Matter is able to reproduce any celestial anomaly -- including black holes, whose mere presence and unimaginable gravitational strength distort space and time themselves. Xenodeva was able to 'parry' Khrona's thought by using his own to manipulate his Celestial Matter's black hole-like gravity to distort reality. While the Time King can't freely manipulate Reality, he can use use Celestial Matter to stoutly defend against Space, Time, and Reality level attacks. However because of the black Celestial Matter's gravity, the venue had changed. The clouds were gone, 'The Bridge', and everything else obliterated by the gravity. And... His Celestial Matter was making more 'black holes'. More black orbs formed, their combined gravity tearing reality apart -- so much so that the Versions and Khrona were now floating in black 'nothingness'. "My mistake. You are Khrona, after all. So I'll keep that in mind."

In the midst of their just starting battle, right as Reality was being torn to shreds, Tear appeared in a flash of his own wavelength, adapting to the wavelengths of both the Time King and Khrona at the same time, initiating a slight sort of Soul Synchro with them both as to not be swept away by the destructive power of the Celestial Matter. "Urk..." The sheer strength of Khrona's wavelength was almost too much for Tear as it was now, and the Time King's power was not helping. But, because of his adaptive wavelength, he'd at least be fine, even if he could feel the intense strain of being here. "... Time King. I must make this quick. I am sorry to interrupt this battle, but... You have been inducted into the Eight Guardians by Lord Shinigami. Do you accept?" He hoped that they could talk quickly. And knowing that both Khrona and the Time King were psychics, Khrona could just give the Time King the spill on what was going on around the Dusk, so Tear wouldn't have to be here long. He just needed to give the Time King his mission -- if he accepted his induction -- and get out.

Tear's arrival was certainly unexpected, but the Time King thought nothing of it. Without taking his focus off of Khrona, Xenovdeva turned to Tear. He had temporarily stopped the black Celestial Matter from spawning more 'black holes', which, with their combined gravity, would have made it impossible for anyone who didn't have an astute grasp of 'Mind Over Matter' to be in this infinite blackness. They would either be swallowed whole, or ripped apart molecule by molecule from intense gravities pulling them in every which direction. "Eight Guardians? Yet another group has formed? Sounds interesting. Sure I'll join. I need to break the cycle and do something other than train and get my ass handed to me by that guy, hahaha." Xenodeva pointed at Khrona as he said the last statement playfully.

Khrona was... Actually, thoroughly impressed with the Time King's control over this technique. He ALMOST let himself underestimate the Time King, which was never anything to do, even with his new found Godly amount of power. Helping to hold off the Time King's power solely for the sake of Tear, he concentrated his mind ... In fact, he had a technique he used called 'Mind over Matter.' Perhaps that would be of some use. "... Well, Time King, duty calls. We might have to postpone this training session. It's alright, though. I'm gonna be here waiting for you, in some way or another." Khrona snickered to himself, even though he knew of the horrible events of the future that came with Grimlock, Ozmacron, L'sia and The Ender. "You're an Elite for a reason. Gotta help out this village when duty calls. I didn't ask you to do this for no reason, you know." Perhaps Khrona meant that in more ways than one. The Time King might have easily been one of the most powerful people in the Dusk besides himself and the main trinity of the Dusk-Reality, so it was only natural.

With Khrona's assistance in keeping this realm stabilized, Tear would be able to last here much longer than he would have before against these two powerful people. So, he would speak fast, knowing that the Time King would be able to understand. "Across this land a great evil and three Gods have risen from their confines. They have forcefully taken over all the planet and trapped this land under their thumb. The one that looms over the Dusk, 'Ozmacron', is completely invulnerable; invincible to all forms of everything. That is to say, he is until we are to take down his defenses, which are the 'Nine Protectors'. Long ago, they were made to do just what they do now, but when 'Ozmacron' was sealed away, their powers and duties never failed. So when he returned, their powers rekindled within whatever beasts they had reincarnated as. The mission is to go find one of these creatures and ensure that it takes down the barrier." He paused, only to take a short and unnecessary breath. "Lord Shinigami has chosen the 'Psycho Mesa' for you, attempting to play on your strength of being a psychic, like Khrona is. This will give you the home field advantage. I do wish you luck in these regards. Time is limited."

Xenodeva listened intently to what Tear had to say, which piqued his interest and made him somewhat forget about not being able to finish his fight with Khrona. The black Celestial Matter started to disappear until all of it collected in Xenodeva's hand and then dispersed. Though the gravitational strain was gone, the environment -- if one were to call it that -- still remain unchanged. The three of them were still 'standing' in infinite blackness. After all, reality doesn't just repair itself after it's been torn asunder. "Nine Protectors, eh? Sounds delightful. Alright, if there is no more intel for you to share, I'll head over to the 'Psycho Mesa' as soon as possible." The 'air' around the Versions shattered as they faded into nothingness.

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning EmptySun Jun 07, 2020 1:11 pm

Whilst Khrona was busy trying to stabilize himself and get a grip on the world falling apart around him, he -- as 'The Phantom' -- struck again, it seemed, to a few very important people... It seemed like three great and powerful 'Primordial Entities' had appeared in the 'Tri-Village Alliance' and were seeking to return this world to nothingness to forge it again in their image, for some reason. These three beings, having been awakened through the events that happened with the Master Tower, were probably Medusa's ace in the hole after her death... Which now became Khrona and the rest of the Dusk's responsibility to fix. Shinigami gathered his forces, the 'Great Eight' in order to face the Falshin, but Khrona and the New Generation Trinity had to face off against the Primordial Trinity... And to prepare for that battle, they needed to do everything in their power to get themselves back to tip-top and work together. Of course, Khrona's part was a little different in all of this... A bit more dark, crafty and shady... as is who he is, at times... He was gonna have to don the Mask again...

After being expelled from the 'Sky Sanctuary', Aliyah decided it time to get serious about her learning. She wanted more and more knowledge of this time. Seeing that in the future, she hadn't known of any of the wonders of the world, and the great amounts of power that seemed to be lost with time. She kept all of her weapons sealed as she entered 'Khnum's Pass' and formulated her thoughts accordingly. She wanted to meet Khnum or any of the other Gods or Goddesses that could possibly give her merit to enter the 'Sky Sanctuary'. She had truly meant no harm the first time she went, but could hold no ill will to the cloud like beings being suspicious.

A blurry figure in the distance of the trees flickered tree to tree behind the girl when the time was right. Unsuspecting, she entered the 'Sacred Temple' meaning to meet one of the Gods. It was time to meet someone better. "Hi there..." The man flickered to the side of the walking girl like a surge of energy, a mask adorned upon his face to hide his truest identity. "You're here looking for one of the great ones, correct? Looks like one of them just found you. But as curiosity led me to you, what led you to me, by chance?" His body still half aflicker, he flashed in and out moderately beside her, waiting for his answer.

Aliyah's heart skipped a beat as the figure appeared next to her, but she didn't let it show. She was somewhat used to disappearing and reappearing just like that, but it seemed getting used to it would be a bit harder than she expected. Hearing him speak, she took a step back and gave a quick bow. The person seemed familiar for some reason. "Overall, what lead me to you was also curiosity. The yearn to learn more for the sake of learning and grow for the sake of growing. I was hoping to receive the blessings of a god or goddess to enter the 'Sky Sanctuary'. If I may ask, who are you?" This person also piqued her interest, especially since he claimed to be one of the great ones.

His shadow covering most of his mask's face, only his cutely stitched smile stayed apparent, showing just the emotion he was having at this time. By the lofty and quick chuckle he gave, he seemed to find this girl rather interesting. "Careful. Don't let your heart skip too many beats there. Call me The Phantom. Don't ask why, you'll just find out later. If you're looking for a blessing, you've got mine." He lifted his head up from the shadows a bit, now his slender eyed mischievous face could be seen a bit more, but just by an eye. "But uh, what's up with you and the Sky Sanctuary? Something up there you in need of?"

Aliyah was about to reply when a sudden migraine struck her. She stumbled a bit, images once again flashing into her mind like they had done when she was fighting against Tombstone. She was seeing things happening elsewhere and she didn't know why. This time she saw a strange man in Khrona's office, sitting at his desk as if he were the leader of the Dusk. He also had the grimoire. She also saw a powerful darkness fall over the Sky Sanctuary. She was beginning to get worried and it showed on her face. "I... Excuse me, something is terribly wrong. With the Sky Sanctuary and with the Dusk..." She didn't know what to do anymore. She wanted to explore through the many untraveled areas of the Dusk, and gain knowledge and training along the way but once again that didn't seem possible. 'Is this what Shinigami-sama was warning us about?'

'What...?' He could see perfectly everything she was thinking about at the time. In fact, he deduced everything that happened that she could not from her vision as well, and realized the gravity of what was going on. He needed to work fast... 'But, let's keep cool... Wouldn't want to alarm anyone.' And so, he kept his face hidden, now retreating back to the shadows of his hood. "Something wrong? With the Sky Sanctuary, huh?" He turned his head up, taking a gander at the huge bulbous sphere of nothing but energy hovering above the Sky Sanctuary, eclipsing it, even. "... Huh... That doesn't look good. Well, must be the reason why you came here, huh? Get to getting that blessing, why don'tcha? Something seems to be going down around the Dusk. You're a pretty high ranking official around here, why not do something about it?" Little did she know, she was going to have to either way it went.

Aliyah knew she would have to do something. It was already decided when she saw the strange man in Khrona's Office. "I plan to. You said I have your blessing already so any token of proof is all I need. I'll head back to the Sky Sanctuary and see what's really going on. Someone needs to alert the other Experts, or at least Shinigami-sama... But we don't want to cause mass hysteria either..." Instead of waiting for a reply, she created a single ink clone next to her. Already knowing its instructions, Aliyah opened a time displacement and sent the clone to the Soul Sanctum. She hoped the training she had gone through would be put to use soon.

The Phantom crossed his arms and watched her, seeing how she handled the situation so calmly and collectedly. It was rather impressive that she knew just what to do in time of crisis. "Well, little lady, keep up the good work. You're doin' great, seems like. Well, either way, I guess you have work to do..." He spun around, locking his hands behind his head as he casually started deeper into the 'Sacred Temple'. From here, it would seem that these two were going to part, lest Aliyah had more to say.

Aliyah watched as The Phantom walked away and sighed. She had a feeling something big was happening, far bigger than she knew of at all. She would play it safe while checking out the Sky Sanctuary until her clone could get more information from Shinigami. But one question still plagued her. 'Where was Khrona?' With the question still in her mind, she herself entered a time displacement heading back to the Bridge.

Turning his head only to see her fade away in a time displacement, he almost forgot something important. "... Oh yeah..." He flickered in and out himself, completely disappearing after a moment or two. When he appeared, he was right beside Aliyah in the time displacement, holding two mysteriously colored gems. Materios. "Here. Your reward." He flicked her one, hoping she caught it, then started to fade away, leaving her with these final words; "He's trying to get things in order. Don't you worry your pretty little head about it." And he was gone. Vanished.

Yurox was back roaming around the Dusk looking for another monster to kill and its soul to take. He would wait patiently on one of the tombstones in his present area, the 'Graveyard'.

In the stead of a monster, a shadowy figure seemed to form around Yurox's area, manifesting into the shape of a masked man after some moments of idle lingering. This man with the mask on his face sat comfortable upon a tombstone with a leg up near his chest and his arm leaning on it casually. "What's up?"

The appearance of the masked man was suspicious and Yurox became cautious quickly. His light manna would manifest itself in the form of a small scarf, illuminating the area to a small degree as he spoke. "Just searching for monsters... I don't suppose you would be here for the same reason, would you?"

A chuckle escaped the masked mouth of this man, feeling the discomfort and unease in this guy from his sudden arrival. "Cool your jets there. I just might be looking for something of the sort. Or I might be doing something else. Just doing... Something, you know?" He turned his head to Yurox, his mask now becoming slightly illuminated in the light of the moon and his scarf. "I just like to get out sometimes. What's your deal? Afraid of me?"

Yurox turned his head away at the question that he be afraid of the masked man. His scarf would then turn black with dark manna as he spoke. He didn't know who this guy was, but he didn't look to be of any danger to Yurox at the moment, yet he still kept a watchful eye of him. "The only thing I'm afraid of is being disappointed, and I don't seem that happening anytime soon," he said while turning back towards the masked man as his face held a blank expression. Nothing about the man seemed to grab his interest as of yet, though there was a mysterious feeling about him.

Another chuckle escaped The Phantom. He found this guy kinda funny already; so dutiful and diligent in his work. "... You're pretty stiff, aren't you? Coming out here for research and the like of these monsters." His body flickered in and out rapidly, before his image was then in front of Yurox, walking closer and closer to him slowly, a hand in his pocket. "I guess you're, what, a junior scientist or something?" The Phantom seemed to know much more than he should about this kind of stuff, for some reason...

Now things were getting interesting. It baffled his mind how this man would know that he was out here not for souls alone, but to actually study the beasts themselves -- his research. He staggered back a couple feet as The Phantom suddenly appeared on front of him. "I am many things, things you should not know about but do somehow. Why don't you remove the mask and reveal yourself?"

No doubt about it, this man was funny, enough to make this eerie man laugh a little. "Heh heh! Ha, why not take it off of me? Go ahead, if you think you're bad." He crossed his arms and stared at him in a way that allowed his mask to look as if it were smirking. Whether this was a trick of the eyes or if the mask was actually altering to his will was a mystery. "Of course, I do have my reasons as to why I know what I do. Have you ever seen me before? Do you know who I am?" Granted, he already knew all of the answers to these questions, and even how Yurox was going to respond. Whoever this was, he surely had some talent.

"No, I don't know who you are, but I guess it's time to find out, isn't it?" Yurox said as his dark scarf turned back to light while a light sword also appeared in his right hand. Images of himself would then be replicated into illusions of himself -- six to be exact. Two of the illusions rushed towards The Phantom before Yurox did and took a swing, then the rest of the illusions. He had an idea of who it was yet it was time to make sure, he wanted definite some answers.

The Phantom's smile grew longer across his face, his advance forward stopped in no way by Yurox's illusions. He could see right through each of them, and they all posed him no threat. One by one, they would pass right through him, and the Phantom raised his hands as if he meant no harm. "Hold on, you're trying to fight? I highly doubt you want to get in that kind of situation with me." After the first two illusions moved through him, he was face to face with Yurox, whom he acknowledged with a sharp stare and a head nod. His stare, a simple shimmer of red in his sockets, was the indicator of the true Yurox, and he would pass right through The Phantom as if he, too, were an illusion. He smirked, whispering in his ear as he passed through his body. "I am... The Phantom of the Dusk." That was all that was spoken before this so-called 'illusion' flickered, his body now facing the passing Yurox and seeing the stream of light trailing behind Yurox, he snatched it with his hand and flung Yurox to the ground, stepping on his stomach whilst pulling the scarf tightly with his gloved hands. "This meeting can be pleasant or unpleasant. You decide." He pulled a bit harder, tightening the wrap of the scarf around Yurox's neck. "I'm called 'The Phantom' for a reason. You have never seen me before, but I have seen you countless times. I am the wandering soul of the Dusk." And that was all there was to it.

The occurring events seemed unreal to Yurox as he simply passed through The Phantom as well as the current position he was put in. He would try grabbing onto his leg that had been thrust to his stomach, taking him a bit to reply to the Phantom. "Fine... So what do you want with me? You couldn't have just showed yourself here for no reason!" Yurox would say a bit loudly while taking short breaths of air while he spoke.

It was just a chuckle fest for The Phantom today. It was all in good fun, though, he wasn't going to seriously injure this guy at all, just teach him a little lesson on being less aggressive. His hand phased right through the Phantom's leg, which seemed to be another reason why he was called 'The Phantom.' "Listen to what I'm saying to you; just relax. Go with the flow of things. Maybe my reason for being here was just to tell you that. Or maybe there's something else more important for you. Are you even aware of what's going on around the planet lately...?" The Phantom released his neck and took his foot from Yurox's stomach, then pointed up to the sky. Ozmacron, the ecliptic Forgotten Deity, had perched himself right above the normally hidden Sky Sanctuary so that all could see him, and he could see them. He turned back to Yurox. "See that? That's what's happening right now. What is it you do here, besides research, I wonder? Do you stop things like that?" He placed both of his gloved hands in his pockets, scoffing, smirking and turned away. "If you don't, then you'd better get started. It isn't up to the leader to keep this place clean alone. Everyone has to pull their weight." If Yurox wasn't stupefied enough by Ozmacron to be unable to speak to The Phantom, then he would simply fade away, lest Yurox had something more to say.

Yurox wasn't stupefied, but he was surely amazed at the being in the sky while taking in what The Phantom was saying. He thought for a moment as he took his foot off of Yurox's chest yet he stayed laying down as he thought. "No... I don't stop things like that... But I can say that I study these things like that and figure out a way to stop them. So tell me... How would you suppose I get started?" Yurox would say, hopefully before The Phantom would vanish from the area, as he stood up from the ground. Clearly from his words it would seem that he was on board with stopping such a being if it posed that much of a threat to the Dusk.

"Study them... Huh? I'll tell you the best way... Join the man in the leader's chair." The Phantom was indeed about to disappear, when he thought about something... This guy was a pretty special guy here. He did indeed know just the type of person he was and how he could help out the Dusk. So it was time for the Dusk to help him out, as well. The Phantom held up his hand, small spheres of different colors between each of his fingers and thumb. There was one, however, that seemed to stand out from the spheres. Whilst balling his hand into a fist and pulling the orbs in, he let one roll onto the top of his thumb and he'd flick it to Yurox. "... Materios. You use manna, right? This one will help you with your Illusionary abilities and strengthen your other manna. A gift to prove that I really exist, you could say." With his final chuckle, he started to fade away in a blur of rapid flickers, yet had one more thing to say with his fading voice; "... I see you becoming an important part of the Dusk's future. I'd suggest talking to Cleff or Tamura about the laboratory in the Dusk Village, Mr. Top Researcher." And finally, he was gone.

Yurox would catch the Materios flicked towards him with his left hand, feeling the item empowering him upon contact. It was truly a magnificent feeling as the Phantom had gone. He didn't know his true place in this village other than an outsider yet it was not time to think on such matters as it was time to do as was instructed. "The man in the leader's chair... That's who I'll see first." He said to himself while leaving the area. He would have to see Cleff or Tamura at a later date.

Later, as two conversed among themselves, it would seem as though they hadn't noticed the figure that had appeared behind them in the area. Not that they should have on account of how he got there. Walking silently behind the two for a while, after some time he decided to make himself known. "Sounds like a pretty good conversation you two have got going here. Mind if I cut in.?" There he stood; the man shrouded in nothing but blackness. His hands were gloved, his body was completely covered and his head was hooded. The only non-black item on him seemed to be a mask... This was the signature mask of The Phantom, if anyone had even seen or heard of him that often. He was an elusive one.

Elara in her own little witchling world was steadily observing the area about her... Not that she was watching out for monsters or anything, she was just admiring the beauty around her. The young and ALMOST as pretty as her Phena was walking beside her. When out of nowhere a voice spoke. Elara didn't even think her body just reacted and jumped up her manna spiked a bit leaving an after image of purple flames at her former position. She then lazily fell into the arms of Phena, screaming, "Ahhhh...! G... Ghost!" She merely stated what she saw... A being shrouded in darkness with a creepy white -- but oddly cute -- face.

Unable to notice a certain presence that came out of the random, Phena sighed and facepalmed. Her mind was in shock, but her face expressions were plain, as usual, towards the mysterious figure's arrival. Feeling nostalgic towards to the unknown's energy aura -- so mad and powerful unlike anything else -- Phena said, "Ah... Another arrival; another stranger. Who... Might this be? Another lost one like us perhaps? My apologies, forgot to introduce myself... I am Phena." How strange it is for Phena to be so kindly to a stranger. Hearing upon the stranger's question of joining in their little group, Phena thought he was another totally lost one now. In response, she answered, "Why yes, of course, but in such rare or common cases... I find this suspicious." Phena, who is so busy talking to the stranger wearing everything in dark clothes except for the mask in white, was then bored by Elara's so-called daydreaming. Time passed by so deeply; it seemed like no one noticed it for a while. Phena, too... Daydreams for some seconds. Alerted suddenly by Elara's jumping and hugging, Phena's expression finally changed into her pokerface. Phena thought, 'Ah, kids nowadays are what I find "amusing"...' It must be the mysterious person whom Elara is scared of. Patting Elara shoulder, so talkative again, Phena spoke, "Don't be afraid or be too worried about things here and there... I'm assuming we're all safe towards this man..."

The Phantom snickered to himself a bit, placing both of his hands in his pockets casually. It didn't seem like he meant them any harm, nor shock, nor alarm. Yet, such things were unavoidable to people like Elara, who seemed to spook easily. "More like a Phantom. Not a ghost." Though Phena's suspicions were accurately placed, she knew not of the intentions nor the persona of this masked man... The Phantom. "Well at least you didn't attack me. I wouldn't want to hurt two little ladies." He lowered his head, allowing for his hood to create a shadow over his masked face to create a more mysterious atmosphere around him... Ooo. "Not that I should be the one talking, but... What brings you two ladies to this part of the mount?"

Though she was still a bit spooked, she didn't get any bad feelings from this man... In fact, she didn't get much of anything from him... His very existence was an enigma. Feeling either patting of her shoulders, she got off of Phena's hands. "Sorry about the Phena... I'm terribly afraid of ghost-- Err... Phantoms," she said, walking toward the stranger holding her hand out for a shake... Which was unusual for her... She normally didn't do greetings, but her meeting with Tamura made her think twice about the way she normally did things. "I'm Elara, Mister Phantom..." She walked a bit closer, but not to close; she didn't want to overcrowd him. "I actually wandered in this place by mistake... So I don't have a legit reason."

Giggling in silence towards The Phantom, Phena couldn't expect anything like this funny from him. Of course, Phena only hurts the ones who hurt herself or her friends. This person, The Phantom, was really like a gentleman. However, he was just as mysterious as Phena. And for Elara, who was too afraid of spooky things, she tells, "Why my... Must a witchling be afraid of anything so cheap? If you must wish... To turn into a full Witch... You shouldn't react like this... So be brave, my new friend..." Such harsh yet kind words flown out of Phena's mouth were very well put also. Hearing another question from The Phantom asking where and how Elara and Phena herself ended up here lost in this place, Elara answered first -- how fast that was. Phena was bored by questions now. Lazily, she responded, "Ah... I've got the same issue as Elara's, as you can see." Distracted by Phantom's appearance, the negative view of it, and how he's dressed, Phena was much more curious to know the identity of him. Wanting to know, Phena asks a whole bunch of questions that might throw him off; "So just who are you really? Where are you from? Why aren't you showing your face...?" Within seconds, Phena appears in front of The Phantom, studying the looks of the mask covered in shadows by the hood. That was when she accidentally sensed The Phantom's energy level that was way too powerful and full of something dark -- perhaps mad. Phena gulps and slightly in shock. "Woah... What was th-that feeling?!"

"Seems like I'm just the lady's man today, huh?" Both Elara and Phena were thoroughly fascinated with everything about him, from his appearance to his personality, and even his enigmatic way of doing things. Was he really so interesting? With Elara's hand extended, he grabbed it gently, the feeling of his glove like water rushing over her hand gentle, as if she were touching the slightly undulating waves of the calm sea. "Much obliged, little lady." He nodded at her and chuckled to himself after hearing how she got lost, then placed his hands in his pockets. Seemed like Elara was a shy one... And Phena was the one to get all up in someone's grill. Personal. "Huh, and a feisty one, hm?" He stared at her, staring at her up and down with his unblinking, pitch black narrow eyes. This kitsune mask upon his face harbored rather cute properties, but also rather mysterious ones as well. What he would say next would only add to the mystery... "Hm. You don't like questions, yet you ask me so many? Don't you find that just a bit hypocritical, hun?" He didn't even answer any of her questions because he knew that one of them would be in awe about what he just did, if not both of them. He could sense Phena sensing his power, but because he was able to distort the readings of his power to anything he wanted, no one would be able to trace who he really was... They'd simply just be able to feel his strength itself. He made sure to use every precaution to keep his identity a secret.

Elara smiled and chuckled a bit... His mask was cute and she appreciated thay he was a gentleman. Elara wasn't much of a skeptic... Not since meeting Tamura... She was slowly learning to give people who display kindness a bit of leeway... But not too much. "That is a bit hypocritical, Phena," she said just to tick her off a bit before walking away a bit looking into the dazzling sun, and then back at The Phantom. "Well since we're all here... How about some soul hunting...? It would prove fairly interesting, at best." Now that she had actually thought about it, she needed to grow stronger with so many things happening in the dusk and three were better than one... Heh, why not?

Agreeing with both Elara and The Phantom, Phena couldn't expect the ugly word 'hypocritical' coming, but whatever. She was just too curious, wanting to know everything, but coming back to her senses, she noticed herself as a 'nosy' person. Hearing Elara's idea of soul hunting interested Phena. She speaks, "Soul hunting you say? Will it lead us out of here somehow, at least?" Most importantly for now, Phena wanted to ask The Phantom one more question: "So Phantom, do you have any idea where we are at? Perhaps that will help out on our soul hunting journey, making it a bit easier?" Before she goes off for soul hunting, Phena holds Elara's left hand and skips off together as if they're little kids again.

Looks like they didn't know that he looked into Phena's emotions on the sly. Good thing they weren't all that savvy on psychic and reality warping powers. That made things a whole lot easier for him. "Soul hunting? Sorry, I've got more important things to be worried about than souls... I mean, do you even know what's going on with the world these days?" Seems like these two little ladies had been thoroughly in the dark about all of this. So it was time to wake them up out of their little fantasy worlds. "You have serious work to do, ladies..." He pointed up and over into the sky, pinpointing the giant swirling mass of energy in the sky, looming over the Sky Sanctuary and all of the Dusk. They would feel the utmost terror, which was not terror at all, but just the overwhelming amount of power this creature had that dwarfed their own. "That's only one of the new threats that's around. Ozmacron. There are two more like him, and one more powerful than him. I don't think this is the time to worry about 'Soul Hunting'." Seeing that they requested souls so much, he might as well comply. With his other free hand, he moved it in a blur to the side, and the sound of a creature waaaay on the other side of the mountain made a horrible, blood curdling scream. In the split second his hand had blurred, it had actually flickered through reality and ripped out the soul of a monster that was attacking a poor village, and now he had it in his hands. "Here you are, ladies... A gift. From The Phantom." The worth seemed to be twenty souls, and that was about ten souls for the each of them, if they split it right down the middle. He lowered his other hand and gave them the soul as a freebie. "Take it. It'll save you a trip."

Looking to the direction of his pointing, Elara knees would begin to buckle as she laid eyes upon the massive entity.. Ozmacron. It was a huge creature unlike anything she had ever seen. And there were two more like it... And one even stronger... If the massive manna force she was sensing came from Ozmacron then... Then just how powerful was the other stronger force? She couldn't help but tremble at the thought. "Dear God...! What... Can the Dusk even defeat such a being?" she asked, looking to The Phantom, who would have now summoned a glowing ball of light. Elara, for one felt drawn to it... For it emanated a powerful tugging at her... As if she was meant to have it. She looked towards Phena... "So... This is a soul, huh...? This is what will advance my manna... Phena... I for one have use for this mass of energy... Do you?" she asked, for she could tell that Phena wasn't a witchling nor bore a soul weapon... So if she didn't need it, then Elara would take it. "If not, then don't mind if I help myself!" In the event she didn't need her portion, then Elara would consume the massive soul, giving out a manly burp. "Oh... Excuse me... Teeheehee... Thank you, Phantom... But... What can we do to that... Thing...? To it, we're like peons!"

Looking towards to the skies where Phantom had pointed was a very image of destruction and full of evil. It was something Phena was undecided to whether join to fight it or not because she was in fear. Again dozed off topic, she continued to look and listened to The Phantom. Here Phena saw him handing a soul to her and Elara. Phena wasn't expecting this, and Elara told Phena it can be used to fuel up manna, so she speaks, "For manna? can it be used on my weapons, since it runs on manna? They're not soul weapons anyway..." Curious to know, -- since she used weapons fueled by manna, yet herself was not a witch -- Phena was in need of this information. In the meantime, Phena spoke again, bowing to The Phantom. "Thank you."

The Phantom smiled at them, chuckling to himself a little at Elara's question. "The better question is, what can you do... Together?" The Phantom spread his hand over the entire widespread view of the Dusk Village as a whole. "... Even though you by yourself are not strong... We as a village are undefeatable. Everyone in the Dusk Village is doing their part to destroy this creature... So, why aren't you?" And with that, the Phantom disappeared, leaving those two to marinate on that thought. It was up to them to figure out what they must do... What they are best at. What support they can give. What they can do to better themselves and help out this village. They definitely could do something, even if they thought they couldn't. The Phantom only hoped they figured such a thing out...

A new ninja, Chisato, stood on a thick branch high up in the canopy, inspecting the blade of her jian to take her mind off the knots turning in her stomach. Perfectly straight and free of nicks, just like the forty seven other times she had checked.

In a flicker of distorted reality, a man seemed to walk along the top of the swamp water as if it were solid ground, the waters rippling around his feet as if this were a natural occurrence. "Well hello there. Nervous, much?" He didn't look at her at all, yet he seemed to know exactly where she was. His hands were in his pockets, and he chuckled a bit. He seemed really relaxed.

Her proctor had finally arrived. Chisato stepped off the branch to meet the him on the water. She increased the air resistance around her as she fell to slow her descent, landing softly on the water with little more than a few ripples. She sheathed her jian on her back and bow before her proctor. "Thank you for taking the time to test me, sir."

He cocked his head to the side a little bit, hands still casually in his pockets. He looked around, finding no one else here that was supposed to be her proctor... And slowly turned his head back to its initial position facing her. "... You're joking. You don't mean me, do you? Can't be." He looked around just one more time, this time all the way over his shoulder to see if there was anyone else here. No one. Not a single soul. "... You've got me mixed up, lady. I'm no proctor."

"Then who are you?" Chisato asked. The swamp was a remote area, so she had assumed he appeared because he was going to be her proctor. The stranger had yet to show any hostility, so she didn't draw her blade, but she was still suspicious.

He laughed at her a little, feeling her insecurity about his presence now that she knew that he wasn't his proctor. "Hahaha, well, you can just call me The Phantom. I assume you've never heard of me or seen me, and that must mean that I'm doing my job well, because I know all about you, Chisato." He lowered his head, his shiny, ominously white mask's smile curling up with his own raise in emotion, which made it look like a smile. Was this a trick of the eyes or was this stationary mask actually moving to match what The Phantom felt? "... And I did know that you were here for a ranking exam. I just came to wish you luck. Oh, and to ask you if you knew about the goings on in the Dusk. Of Grimlock? Ozmacron? And the others in the rest of the planet?" She was a dutiful little Beginner, and The Phantom knew that even when he wasn't The Phantom, even though he didn't acknowledge her, and it was of absolute importance that she knew, he knew. So, it was time to let her know.

"Alright, Phantom... What's going in Dusk?" Although she was now in a position of power as the Dusk Security Force Chief, it still felt strange that someone would bother to approach a Beginner like her.

He cocked his head curiously to the side, chuckling a little bit. "Funny, I would have thought someone with those kind of eyes would be able to see something like this." He merely looked up and over his shoulder, past the visage of the trees, which seemed to open up in the direction he was looking to show the sky. There was Ozmacron, the creature that loomed over the Sky Sanctuary and watched over the Dusk. "Ozmacron. It's one of Grimlock's super powerful deities he's using to control the world. You know he's basically taken the planet from under our noses? Yeah. Even sitting in the leader's chair as we speak." He pointed at the place down below Ozmacron, barely visible due to its ecliptic body hovering constantly over. "See that? That's the sacred Sky Sanctuary. That's where Ozmacron originates, and has now taken it hostage on Grimlock's order. It watches over all the Dusk now, waiting for someone to mess up. It wants to force us underground." It seemed like a blatant explanation, but it was how it needed to be said. He turned back to Chise, lowering his head again. "Grimlock has two others, as well, currently watching over the Chaos and the Nightmare the same way he has Ozmacron watching over this place. They are Ender and L'sia, respectively." Finally taking his hands out of his pocket, he brushed them together and placed a balled up fist on his hip casually. "... You know, it's funny that you should think I was your proctor... You've given me an idea. Being The Phantom of the Dusk, I'm a legend. A myth. Wouldn't you think it would be cool to be ranked by an urban legend?" The smile appeared again on the mask's face, portraying perfectly the devious excitement welling up within The Phantom. "... I think that would make you someone special, too, don't you think? Heh. And it doesn't look like anyone's coming so... Consider it a gift. From the very heart of the Dusk itself." His body flickered and blurred, skating across the water in an instant without even moving, kicking up a large wave of water as he did so. He was now quite far away from Chise, on the other side of the field still within her vision. He was already ready... So it was her turn, now.

Chisato hesitated, still processing what she had just seen and heard. The Dusk -- no, all three villages -- had been invaded right under their noses. She wouldn't have believed him if he hadn't shown her that huge marble entity he called Ozmacron. Now she could feel its sinister aura, and the sensation of something spying on her. She really didn't want to continue with the exam, but there was something special about this Phantom character, and she had questions. She summoned two flash clones in the form of hammer head sharks. They both surged ahead to chase down Phantom. She followed close behind, parting the air in front of her to reduce drag and sprint faster.

Laughing a little to himself, he saw the very moment where the conviction on Chise's eyes became apparent. It was then that he knew that this exam had begun. "Looks like you're ready. You don't waste any time, do ya? Ha. I love that." The flash clones shaped like hammerheads rushed him down with Chise behind them, determined to catch her mark. Too bad her mark wasn't one to get caught. The face of the mask smirked, and it was on. When the flash clones neared, the shine from their lights overtook the shiny white mask, reflecting a huge and powerful light right back in their direction. Even if Chise could see through the brightness of the light, what she could not see through that the Phantom knew no one was able to see through was the split frame of blindness that everyone had when they moved their eyes... Except himself, of course. Tracing her eyes, he had found that exact moment and moved through it, flickering away without her knowing where he went or how. Several trees off to the right, if she was paying attention, she'd find The Phantom sitting nonchalantly in the branch, as if nothing had happened. "You'll never catch me like that, you know. You're a user of light and you have a Dojutsu, right? Oh, I expect so much more from you than I do other Beginners." He shook his head a little bit, reclining to a more relaxed position. "I'm not gonna make clear what it is you have to do in this exam. Unless you wanna look more into what I'm saying, then go right ahead."

Chisato slid to a stop as the area exploded in brilliant white light. Her right eye snapped shut to avoid sensory overload, but her left eye was unfazed, and the Dojutsu activated from the stimulus. While she hadn't been able to track Phantom visually, she could feel the vibrations he left in the air as he sped off to his new position. He was fast -- much faster than anyone that she had encountered before. She found him sitting casually on a branch several feet to the right. He was open to her asking more questions about the situation, so she did; "What happened to Khrona-sama, and why are you coming to me about this?"

Swinging his leg casually from the tree branch, he didn't seem nearly as fazed by the question as he should have been. He turned his head lackadaisically toward her, his eyes portraying some sort of emotion... "Hm? The leader, huh? Who knows? I heard he was an enigma. Almost like a phantom sometimes, if you'd like to see it like that. Definitely a mystery in his methods. But they always turn out right in the end. He knows what he's doing." He stopped kicking his leg, swinging it high up over his other, which was bent a bit so it looked as if he were a bit more comfy than before. "I would think the better question is; What are you gonna do about it? I could have sworn that this was the Dusk Village, not the Khrona Village. If everything was just up to him... Do you think people like you would be important? What do you think I'd be here talking to you for if everyone else wasn't part of this place?" The tone in his voice was a little less chill than before, but not too much. He was mostly just trying to prove a point. There was a quick red flickering gleam in one of his mask's eyes, which seemed to be an unreal light. In fact, it was rather intoxicating to look at... But under Chisato's feet, she'd start to find that the water was pulling her under, rippling violently under her feet. The water was now rather reflective, and looked to be something similar to a mirror, and if Chise looked down, she'd only be able to see her hopefully frantic face as her feet started to sink. "Don't forget that this is still an exam. Be on guard. And by the by, nice 'Shark Day' reference with the clones. Nice."

The Phantom abruptly ended the conversation by resuming the exam. Chisato felt a hard tug on her legs and looked down to see the once murky water now had a mirror like quality, and was now dragging her underneath. Chisato threw up a hologram of herself continuing to sink while she decompressed an explosive shuriken in each hand. She threw one into the water under her, and the other at The Phantom. The shuriken underwater detonated, and she escaped the pull of the water as it dissipated under her feet and sprayed into the air. She jumped onto the side of a tree trunk to avoid being taken by the water again.

Tapping his foot a little bit to an internal melody, he watched what she did as she started to sink. She was resourceful; a quick thinker, of course, and seemed to know a way to use conventional things to get out of situations like those. "Nice. Not many people like you in this world anymore. You do me well." As one of the explosive tags came to him, he merely held up a hand and flicked it away, causing it to spiral out of control somewhere in the air, before it warped right in front of her face, still spinning. The bladed part would hit the tree, and finally that would cause the explosion. Seemed as though up until then, the explosion had been forcefully delayed, however. "I mean, don't stop asking questions. I don't mind. I just don't want you to forget that this is an exam, either. Always be prepared, even if your enemy is talking." That's all he was trying to teach her. Finally, he swung himself upright, flickering his body a bit, going through several different positions of standing up. It almost looked like he was going frame by frame, as if like a slowed, yet still extremely fast animated flip book. "Anything else you wanna ask me, hm? I'm game for anything." He started to stretch a little, cracking his back, then placing his arms over his head and standing up on his tiptoes in the tree. When he was satisfied, a hand of his went right back in his pocket.

When Phantom had redirected the explosive shuriken at Chisato, she had jumped across to another trunk to avoid the blast radius. Instead, he sent it flying into a tree into a tree away from her original position and detonated it. She shifted her gaze back on him, just in time to see shifting into several positions as he flickered -- his movements reminded her of stop-motion animation. This Phantom character was one strange fellow. Heart pounding fiercely from her scare a little earlier, Chisato considered her next set of questions. So The Phantom thought she could contribute to the fight against Grimlock? She found the idea simply preposterous, but then again, a powerful man like him wouldn't be wasting his time on her if he didn't think she could be useful. "Can you provide me with any details about the underground, and do you know of any weakness with could exploited with Grimlock and his minions?"

Still stretching and limbering up, he sighed, pulling up what he knew from the recesses of his mind. "Huuh... The Underground huh? The only things that are underground of the Dusk are the Android's lab -- which harbors a Cauldron -- Khrona's Pit of Havoc, the Soul Sanctum's catacombs, Parts of the Enigmatic Ruins... Eh, and probably a lot of other stuff. A lot of the underground is connected though." When he was finally done stretching, he hopped down from the tree, his body fading out before he was even close to hitting the ground. There, silence consumed the entire swamp. "Weaknesses of Grimlock? Haha, only the 'Grand Magistrate' herself, and she couldn't kill him, only seal him away." His body seemed to slip out of the tree where Chise was hanging onto, staring her in the face. His body was wavering, the atmosphere around it slightly shifting and undulating. He waved at her again, before exploding with a large amount of Reality Warping attributes, causing a spacio-temporal distortion at the blast radius. That clearly wasn't the real Phantom... The waters were shimmering and reflective yet again, but that didn't seem relevant to where the Phantom was... Now, not even the trees were safe.

The ability to seal away Grimlock wasn't a weakness per se, but that did mean 'Fuuinjutsu' could be used to stop him. But based just on the stature of his minion Ozmacron, it was going to take to be a one hell of a seal. Creating a seal was well beyond her abilities at this point, but with time, maybe she could come up with something. The Phantom resumed combat, generating what she recognized from her 'Fuuinjutsu' training as a spatial anomaly. She jumped away from the incoming waves, and then used the transformation jutsu mid-air to become a large black falcon. She began flying away now, quickly accelerating with the aid of self-generated gust. The hope was that she could just keep moving away until the anomaly dissipated back into normal space.

Still having no clue where The Phantom was, the spatial anomaly started to subside around the tree, leaving the swamp now relatively normal. It didn't seem like she could see where he was, even though he was definitely in plain sight. He started to laugh a little bit. "She sealed him in a Cauldron." Of course, Chise wasn't going to know what a Cauldron was, as it was a very secret place that only the higher ups knew about, but it was probably time to relinquish some of the secrets of the Dusk to the public... But not everything. "A shame I can't tell you what that is or how it works. Top secret." Though his voice was as clear as day, he was still nowhere to be found... Odd. He sounded so close. The sky started to flicker between two different colors now -- red and blue -- before settling on a different color completely; black. The black sky held nothing but probably protection for Chise in her falconic form... Or perhaps severe danger.

Chisato reverted back to normal form, keeping herself in the air with spinning ball of air. His words were distracting, but the information he provided was useful. 'So a special container had been used to seal Grimlock.' Great, but he wouldn't reveal its location. "So if you have the means to seal to stop Grimlock now, then why are you still sitting on it?" The sky had shifted from its normal appearance to red and blue, and finally to pitch black. It was incredible how he had been able to alter the landscape. Maybe a little too incredible... Was this Genjutsu? There's was only one way to find out; a dissipation attempt. While still mindful of her surroundings, she exhaled deeply and began to slow her chakra circulation.

The white mask of the Phantom appeared before her, disembodied, and hovered in place in midair. "Sorry... But a Cauldron isn't that easy to control. Even if we can open it up... There's no guarantee of anything." The darkness of the clouds started to swirl about Chise's area, seeming to form a cloak around her and a majority of the sky near her. It seemed constricting, even though it hadn't touched her yet... It exuded a strange power that pressed harder and harder on her the closer it got. "... So... What are you going to do now? Looks like you're in trouble..." Of course, he wasn't speaking of this topic, but another going on in another place... Heh. This strange man seemed to know things that he shouldn't, and was able to do things he should not be able to do... But why?

Some dark material was gripping her, steadily squeezing tighter and tighter. She had reduced her chakra flow to almost nothing, but nothing had happen; she guessed this really was happening to her. She pulled her hands together -- with some considerable effort required -- to weave the signs for a transformation jutsu. She became a large drill and bore her way out of that shadowy substance, right through his mask. Eventually, she cleared the effected area, and kept herself in the air by rotating fast enough to form a vortex around herself.

The smirking face on the mask grew to an insidious smile the more Chise struggled, the dark clouds closing in on her. Her thoughts that this was a Genjutsu was definitely well placed, but everything that the Phantom did, more or less, was real. Her drill -- that which tore through the veil of dark clouds -- made contact with the mask itself, finding itself halted by the resilience. "Hahaha... You even know how to escape a Genjutsu. A shame that this is real. But I guess those eyes, even in the light, cannot see as far as I'd like. That's why you're still in the dark. Look down." Just as he said this, the mask dissipated and Chise would rip through the black skies, staying stationary in the air through powerful rotation. If she did indeed decide to look down as he instructed, she would find out where the Phantom really was. The mirror-like waters below reflected everything above, save for one image... And that was The Phantom. His body, standing upside down on the opposite side of the reflective pool, had his cloak torn to shreds from the drill. The dark clouds that worked their mysterious ways up above and the projection of the Mask were reflections of his true body, which resided in the reflections of this plane of reality. He looked downward, right up at Chise spinning in the sky, then pointed up, down to where her reflection was. The dark clouds had gathered not only to hide the Phantom's own body of utter blackness, but also the large meteor heading toward her reflection's body. This meteor -- apparently called down by the Phantom himself -- was large enough to split this planet in two; to press right through the planet and keep on going. It wasn't fake, as Chise would be able to feel the pressure and the heat as if the reflection were actually up above, but... What could she do about the meteor working on the plane of a reflection? Something that she definitely did not have the power to destroy, or to even scratch? If she figured it out, perhaps she'd come to the light about some things. "... It's up to you to save this place, right?"

Chisato returned to her normal form and landed on a tree to look down at The Phantom on the opposite side of the perfectly reflecting water. 'So that's where he had been the whole time.' Above him, a bright red bulge stretched out from the black clouds, then was eventually ripped apart as a flaming meteor burst forth. Her head shot up to the 'real' sky to observe the meteor, but there was nothing to be found. However, she could feel its heat, and hear its terrible whine as it plummeted to the planet. Like The Phantom, the meteor only existed on his side, but it could interact with her side. It was terrifying to see an individual powerful enough make such extreme alterations to the environment. Essentially what he was doing was the transformation jutsu on a macro-scale. The only other technique that she knew that could approach this scope was her own clan's legendary 'Izanagi'. Now she wasn't really worried about The Phantom actually dropping the meteor on the planet. It looked like his real aim was to see how she would counter such a monstrous technique. The Phantom had been interacting with her world from his side, maybe it worked both ways -- she had been able to damage his constructs. Even if she could, she knew she didn't have the power to handle the meteor in a direct manner. But then maybe she could neutralize it indirectly by affecting the caster. The shine in Chisato's Dojutsu rotated rapidly around the pupil as she stared into the water and projected the image of dozens of orbs of lights surrounding Phantom. The orbs then extended as thin beams, all converging inward to impale him.

"So close..." That was all he could say as the light merely bounced off of his shroud of blackness. He solemnly shook his head and sighed, his hand steadily harnessing this meteor's descent. "Sorry, kid, but this ranking exam..." He looked down at her up in the sky, bringing his hand down slowly to the point where it pointed directly at her, the meteor starting to descend more swiftly. "... Is over." He placed his hand in his pockets and the meteor touched base with the waters. The sheer force of its touch blew away everything; drying the waters, vaporizing the trees, and even breaking apart the atmosphere... Wait, what? There they stood, in the middle of nothing but white, this white was 'what could have been,' or 'what would have been' and was merely a projection of reality as a single option that would have sufficed to stop this destruction. "... Chisato-- No... Chise. I will give you one tidbit of information; that is that you pass this exam. However..." The white around him started to flee from around them, the color and vibrancy bringing itself back to the land. Phantom would point down to the moment directly before what Chisato did with her Dojutsu, showing a large gleam of light covering the entirety of the area. A flash. "... It was as simple as that. If there was no reflection in the mirror below... There was nothing on this plane as well. I can live outside of such reality, but a reflection can only be just that. What I used was a reflection of a reflection, and sweeping a light across the mirrored waters would have erased this meteor completely." It was like a cutscene out of an anime; the light swept across the area, wiping out everything, yet destroying nothing, for it was just as simple as it was; a really bright light. The shine would overtake them once more, and the Phantom stood before Chisato, his hands in his pockets. "... Why did you not think of that solution, I ask? Simply out of curiosity."

Chisato was dumbstruck; he really did drop the meteor after all, and it had been well within her ability ability to stop it. Just a simple flash of light. She tilted her head down and cupped her face in her right hand, quickly replaying the events the exam in her and cursing herself for every mistake she found. She may have passed the exam, but she felt like a failure. After a few moments, she regained her composure and looked at The Phantom to give him her answer: "I... Made too many assumptions, and didn't see the big picture. Because of that, I failed to see the right counter..." She sighed and dropped her head in shame. "Phantom, you should have never bothered with me. I don't have anything to offer to the cause."

A laugh, loud and hearty, escaped this man's masked face. In fact, this had been the most emotion he had expressed the entire span of their interaction, and it was simply because he was so refreshed by her. He wasn't laughing at her per se, but more at how great she was. "Ahahahahaha!! Oh, Chise... You're much too modest for even me. You are legendary, even for a Beginner. Or, rather, a former Beginner." His masked face smiled at her and his hand briskly whisked from his pocket and to her head, ruffling her hair a little. "So cute, you are. I'll tell you that you pass, but I'm not gonna be the one giving you your rank; you are. Whatever rank you give yourself, it doesn't matter. You've already got the legendary... Legend skill in my eyes. Hmhmhm..." She had just been compared to a Legend by The Phantom, THE Dusk itself. Was he serious, or did he simply see her potential? Or was it both at the exact same time? "... You aren't a Beginner anymore. You decide what rank to give yourself. I trust you. As I said before, it will not change your unparalleled skill. Just remember this; would you rather be the best of the bottom, or a rising member of the top? You decide. That's your gift." He saluted her with two fingers, jumping into the air and starting to fade out. "Don't beat yourself up. You can do more than what you give yourself credit for. Have a nice day." And with that, he fizzled out of reality; out of the immediate area.

Chisato stared up at the sky, thinking about Phantom's final words to her. Maybe she wasn't as bad as she thought. But this exam had proven that she still had a lot to learn. He had given her the option of choosing her own rank. Chisato new that important changes must be made to Dusk, and with a higher rank, she would have much more influence in village policy. However, she didn't feel quite ready to be at the very top with the Legends. "If I was to decide," she said aloud to the forest, "then I'd choose the rank of Expert..." 'The Forest' responded to her cry with the whisper of the wind blowing through her ears and seeping deep into her head...

'Good choice... So let's train.' It was clear that the voice of the specter that initiated her exam would be calling back to her from the great beyond. Yet... Something was not right. Under her feet, she would find a large, pitch black abyss appear, encircled with powerful reality warping techniques. From the eternal blackness, a hand of crimson reached up and gripped her leg tightly, snatching her and pulling her down to a place she had never before seen or heard of; the Pit of Havoc.

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Chisato's first instinct was to draw her sword and sever the arm. But with the quickly fading light, she saw that the arm had remained completely intact. She made a few more attempts to hack at it with similar results, then attempted to cut it with a beam generated from her own chakra pool, since there wasn't enough external light available for her to collect. Still nothing. It was now completely pitch black. Chisato kept trying to generate orbs to illuminate the area, but the blackness seemed to swallow up the light every time she did. "Is this your doing Phantom?!" she screamed. Her skin crawled as she felt some invisible force attempted to invade her mind, gnawing at her mental defenses.

"Relax... You're in no danger. In fact, this is the safest you've been in a long time, Chise..." The voice speaking was different, a mite less mysterious, yet a lot more formal. The mask of The Phantom appeared before her, its whiteness still able to gleam in the darkest of this darkness. Must have been made of something extremely special... But, no one's face was attached to it. Odd. The white mask hovered there, seeming to still be talking to her, but there was no one connected. Perhaps it was the doing of his reality warping, much like before? Didn't seem like it... So what was it...? "... Do you know who I am?" A figure stepped forth from the blackness and in front of her, perfectly able to see her, yet unaware if she was able to see him. Her eyes would suddenly become just as adjusted to the darkness as his eyes were, which allowed for perfect sight in this abysmal pit of black. Laying eyes upon him, she would find that this was Khrona, the 'lost' leader of the Dusk. "I am The Phantom, your dear leader, Khrona."

"K-Khrona?!" she exclaimed in shock. So she had been tested by the leader himself?! The chaotic influence of pit continued its assault against her mind. Her will was strong, furthered steeled by Genjutsu training, but the force was intense. She could feel herself slipping; the first cracks to her mental defenses manifested as a severe migraine. She cradled her throbbing head in her hand as she continued, "Where are we, and what's this feeling?! It's like someone is trying to drill into my skull!"

Laughing under his breath at her surprise, and at her pained head, Khrona -- the one who formerly felt this pain all the time until it bent to his will -- could only laugh at someone who thought a little insanity... Well, little on his spectrum... Was this intense. "Of course. I've been in hiding to protect this village. Grimlock took over while all the higher ups pursued and killed Medusa, which was why I took on the persona of The Phantom... Again." He started to drift backward, urging her to follow with a pull of insanity. It would cause her head to hurt slightly worse, lest she didn't follow. It seemed as though Khrona's presence suppressed a great deal of it, so she wouldn't have her brain destroyed. "This is already the first part of your training..."

Chisato nearly dropped to her knees as her migraine suddenly became more painful. Now barely on her feet, she shambled after Khrona. As she got closer to him, she noticed the pain began to subside significantly. She realized that he exhibited some kind of suppressive effect against the influence; she would have to stay close to him to reap the benefits, though.

Seeing how quickly she caught on, his ghastly movements drifted him deeper and deeper into his pit of insanity, Chise following closely behind him. As they did, he quickly explained his methods to her. "You said you wanted to be an Expert, correct? Well, you certainly have the mentality, skill, wisdom, and drive that rivals, if not surpasses any Experts I know... But as for your strength, it is only that of a Standard at best. So, to make your wish into reality..." Just when it seemed like they had been traveling in endless darkness forever, Khrona's body that gently glided across the shroud of black that was the ground came to a halt in front of a single prison-like door. It resembled Khrona's private room, which was at the deepest part of the Pit of Havoc, but this place was almost as deep. "... I have to train you. Rigorously." Chise had gotten herself into it now. The Pit was filled with silence... An almost white noise-like silence, that would drive any person mad to be in here for too long, even without the insanity. "Do you think you can handle it? Your head seems to hurt from the insanity about. You have two choices; overcome it, or let it overcome you." His calm, sinister, yet loving smile toward her never faded from his face, even seeing her pain, for she had to know the hardships of this world if she ever wished to fight against them. To be an Expert trained under Khrona, one had to have the mind powerful enough to overpower insanity. It would help her against Genjutsu, hence why this was the first of her training, simply being in the presence of constant insanity.

"No, I can do this..." She took her hand off her face and stood up straight. Instead of relying on the passive defenses she had built up over the years, she began to actively resist the insanity, plugging up all the cracks that had formed, and building new layers. There was no guarantee that her aggressive methods would work, but it felt better than remaining a victim.

Already seeing within her mind that she was beginning to strengthen herself, fortify her mind, he allowed progressively for the power of his suppression to subside gradually, however it was so slight that she would not be able to notice it, and after about 3 hours of exposure, he would have completely released his suppression. "It's good to see that you have the resolve I thought you did... So how about we--" Cutting Khrona off mid-sentence was a loud and powerful crash, clang, and burst, the three sounds of which resonated throughout the entirety of the Pit of Havoc, the force of it causing the greatest concussive forces to blast through the hallways, blowing Chise off of her feet and clear across the hall. Khrona did not flinch. "... Oh. Please excuse me. That's my insanity. It's just getting accustomed to its new personified form, and being Kept instead of running rampant. This is how I control my insanity, and all other insanity I come across. I focus it into one place and let it grow." A loud, horrible groan that sounded like the sound of a million horrifyingly insatiable beasts aching for the same thing all at once filled the room. It sounded as if it came from thousands of miles away, it longed for the outside again, and even in its voice did it want to wreak havoc. "You're going to meet him."

The raucous noises of Khrona's manifested insanity startled Chisato, which almost made her break her concentration. Just when she was getting a handle on resisting his insanity, he threw another curveball at her. Khrona hadn't been lying when he said her training would be rigorous. "Yes, Sensei..." It was time to advance even deeper into this hell.

Letting out a few choppy chuckles, -- that which seemed to be of the insane variety -- Khrona's burning red eyes darkened to pitch black, until it looked as if his entire eye was nothing but a socket. "... Then let's goooooooooooooooo..." His voice was like a whisper, trailing off like the black tear that fell from his abysmal eyes. The corridor seemed to stretch backward exceptionally fast, leaving only moments before the door and Khrona had stretched so far they they couldn't be seen anymore. Now Chisato was alone... Or rather, it would have been better if she were alone.

???: '...hello chisato...'

Something whispered her name from behind her, its voice sounding more sinister and dark than anything she'd ever fathomed in her life. Though it sounded as though it were only a whisper, it would resound and pound around in her head as if hundreds of people were talking at once in the same way, yet not in the same tone or at the same time or volume. A huge door slammed in front of her, harboring giant bars, just like the door Khrona was standing in front of. That only meant... She was there. With the beast.

???: '... do you know who i am????'

A soul chilling, piercing red dot gleamed in back of her, the demonic sound of it simply appearing was enough to rattle her spine and chill her bones till they were arctic to the touch. Only half a face peered out of the veil of the realm of unknown, the paling, barely white of the bull's skull glowing in the shadows.

???: 'let me... show you...'

Chisato was frozen by fear, her mental defenses almost completely shattered by the appearance of Khrona's manifested insanity. Before daring to face the beast, she repaired the new cracks that had appeared in her mind, and created a physical barrier against insanity enveloping her body in a thin veil of chakra. With her defenses reinforced, she turned around very slowly, only a few millimeters at a time; her eyes were closed the entire time she turned. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, she had finally rotated the full one hundred eighty degrees. Heart racing, she open her eyes to the horror before her... Unconsciously amplified by air bending, she let an earsplitting scream that rivaled all the noises that the beast had made thus far.

The girl's fears, her unstable mind, her screams... They all fed the madness, made it grow in power. The shadows brought its gross green hand from the cloaked unknown, with a single index finger pointing upward and moving closer to her mouth.

???: '...shhhh...'

As it neared her lips, she would find her scream being forcefully silenced, as if being put right back into her mouth simply by the finger moving closer and closer to her, until finally her mouth was simply open and no noise could escape, no matter how hard she tried. There was dead silence, and almost literally -- it was deadening. The visage of the skull-masked creature started to jumble and blur before her eyes, as it would seem something was welling up inside of it now. Its mouth opened as well, large enough to easily consume her upper torso in only one bite, and a scream of equal silence burst from its mouth.

??? '...........!!!!'

The soundlessness of a silent scream. She would feel all the force as if it had indeed screamed, her hair blowing back, threatening to tear right from her scalp and her eyelids feeling as if they'd dissolve from its horrid amounts of insanity simply stinking from its breath. The only noise that could be heard was that of the ominous insidious white noise. And then, it disappeared.

???: '... i sense it... it's within you, too...'

A hand touched her shoulder from behind, gripping it tighter until its long, rigid, chipped fingernails pierced right through her coating of chakra and into her skin. It wouldn't be long before the rest of the insanity would melt the chakra coating away, leaving her fresh... Ripe... Open to the joys of insanity.

???: 'why are you fighting me, chisato?'

It stepped forward a little closer, embracing her now, hugging her trembling, scared body tight and close. The form of insanity could be blatantly seen now.

A green skinned boy with burning red hair, the mask set upon the entirety of its face to hide every feature except for the twisted, evil eyes. Its head jerked about violently, as if snapping its own neck several times as it walked closer and closer to Chisato from the distance. But wasn't it still embracing her? How was she able to see this creature in two places at once? Every small step it took seemed like a step across an entire field of land in the darkness, and in only three small steps... It was coming. Coming for her.

Ironically, it was the damage inflicted to her shoulder that saved Chisato's mind from breaking. It roused her back a somewhat lucid state where she could think again. The beast itself wasn't all that scary looking to her, but it was the incredibly powerful insanity that it emitted that threatened to finally send her over the edge. Chisato could feel herself slipping fast. It wasn't going to be enough to just build up her defenses while she now at ground zero for Khrona's insanity. Drastic action was necessary. She activated her Dojutsu, and a small trickle of blood ran down her face as the gleam in her eye shone -- the psychological trauma she had sustained in her brief time in the pit was more than most people experienced in their entire lives, and the resulting stress had accelerated her Dojutsu's maturity. She projected a reflection of her Dojutsu in front of her face to hypnotize herself. 'You can beat this cretin, you can win. You have to, everything is riding on you...' Her body began to relax in the beast's embrace as her stress diminished and her confidence rebuilt. Endorphins now pumped through her system, vastly improving her mood. With her improved Dojutsu, she wave able to perceive the insanity now much more clearly now, as modulated energy waves. After studying the composition of the waves, she broke down her chakra veil to actively project chakra pulse in a near perfect inverse form of Khrona's insanity waves. When her chakra met with the insanity, they negated each other and dispersed. She pulled away the arms that held her and closed the distance between herself and the beast, until their faces were almost touching. Her expression was serene; she no longer looked at the mad beast with fear, but with pity. "I have no other choice but to resist. There are many things I cherish in this world that I must protect. That includes Khrona, so by extension, you too..."

???: 'hahahahahahmhmhmhm...'

It could only laugh at her, fazed not at all by her clever tactics. It's head continued to jerk and twitch violently, the cracking noises resounding in the dark room loudly and numerously.

???: 'i see that you can now see what i truly am...or...simply a part of what i am meant to be...'

She had broken down this thing as 'energy,' but she could not truly see what this really was. Everything was made of energy.

???: 'but the way you feel me is much different than logic can ever understand...'

It spoke as if the activation of her Dojutsu activation was intentional, but only to show her that her eyes, even with that, would see nothing. She had dispelled nothing. She had only cast herself in another form of insanity; denial.

???: 'it is i who protect you... don't fear the darkness... do not deny me...'

This figure disappeared then, bursting into ash and flowing away with the movement of the wind. Wind...? And then, Chisato was alone. Utterly, totally alone. To feel what it was like to be denied, that was the feeling she felt that she unintentionally placed upon this entity itself. And now it portrayed the same thing. The feeling of heady, utter aloneness would sink in quickly and heavily in this dark, solitary room... It seemed to mimic the feeling of Khrona in his Deep Thought room -- the Solitary Alone Time room.

The beast had been replaced by something arguably worse; isolation. For the first time in her life, Chisato experienced what it was like to be totally alone. It was demoralizing to say the least; as inherently social creatures, humans weren't meant be alone like this. With nothing to turn to, weaker minds would eventually succumb to instability, then complete madness. However she also found the isolation strangely comforting; for now she felt removed from all of her worldly responsibilities and problems. It was so tempting to just sit here and forget about everything that troubled her, including, ironically Khrona. But it felt so wrong to her to give up on everything. Her life was no longer just her own; people depended on her now. So she contented herself with sitting down cross-legged, and meditating on the beast's last words before he had 'disappeared'. It wanted her to accept it, but she had to resist. Didn't she, or was there something that she was missing?

There was only silence. She was still alone.

Still alone, Chisato continued to mediate.

For what would seem like days, Chisato would remain alone; no one, nothing, only the blackness to keep her company. The insanity did not even utter its presence to her anymore. To her, time would seem to slip into one fluid thing, not passing nor moving, but simply existing. Days, weeks, months, seconds, minutes? Who could tell anymore? Who could care? The effects of this complete, utter aloneness in the absolute blackness of this pit with insanity subtly, yet intensely pulsating upon her mind... Yet the heady feeling that something was about to happen wouldn't be able to be shaken from her stomach, which would begin to whorl and gnarl into several knots and ties. The same feeling came from the intense electrical shock that would surge up her spine, as if she had just been violently stabbed in the back by someone. More feelings and pains such as this would occur, warning her of what was to come...

Out of nowhere, anxiety swept over her, then shooting pains throughout her body. The sensations stirred her from her deep mediation, standing up and looking around the abyss in vain for any sign of trouble.

???: 'you have fallen to the insanity's grip...'

Just like that, a gigantic menacing hand had her entire body, legs dangling, torso being crushed by its impressive might... And it seemed to just have appeared around her from thin air. The pain, the tingling, the anxiety... She only felt it because of the intense insanity. Yes, her mind was becoming more acute, more accustomed to it being around, but that wasn't going to stop the insanity from getting to her if she succumbs to it. And now it was back hitting heavier than ever... as a beast. Not just A beast... 'The Beast'.

Another hand slammed on the ground, trying to pull from the depths of blackness a fiend unlike any other seen by Chisato's eyes. It struggled and strained to pry itself from its barely viscous abysmal pit, breaking through pseudo-liquid bindings and bubbles that held it together. It was like it was simply sprouting up from the floor, the hard and solid floor... Maybe this entire room was an abyss made of the same matter? No, that wasn't it. The ground was solid and hard as stone. Finally breaking free of this pit of blackness down below, the insanity from before, that had taken the form of simply the Minotaur was now something far beyond that. 'The Insanity' loomed over Chisato, staring her in the face with the eyes of terror itself... Its menace was beyond mental comprehension.

Chisato spread her arms and legs outward to fight the constriction. "I've been waiting for you..." she wheezed. In her mediation, she had been preparing for such a confrontation, preparing for the horror that was Khrona's manifested insanity. In it's new form, the beast was even more menacing, and it was now blasting her insanity waves. The beast was even more terrifying than she could have imagined, but she didn't panic. Of course she was afraid, her fluttering heart threatening to burst out her chest, but she kept her composure in the presence of the beast. "I do fear the darkness, the uncertainty that comes with it. I'm afraid of the darkness, and many other things. Is that what you want to hear? I'M AFRAID!!!" She practically screamed out that last part, her voice shaking the walls and floor. "But even so," she whispered hoarsely, "I won't let the fear rule me... I'll stand up to it, and face it with courage. No denying it, just accepting it and pushing through."

The beast looked this girl straight in the eyes, its words no longer coherent, but sounding of violent multitonal growls and roars from all sides of her. It tightened its grip, symbolic of the fear within her that constricted her so, threatening to snap her puny little body in two. As she spoke of delving through the fear, however, The Beast's hand would pulsate and release her against its will, letting her fall to the floor. The creature, an upper torso still peering from the ground from the darkness, slammed its two mighty sickening hands upon the solid floor, thrusting itself toward Chisato with its flaming horns of pure bred insanity. The flames of black and red energy burst forth and threatened to incinerate her in their insane heat, filling up this room with their twisted red and black light. Patterns would start to form all around from the sheer heat of the flames, twisting and bending this room to all sorts of dimensions. Many vertical eyes opened up, staring at Chisato from every angle, seeming to crawl violently around the walls. These eyes were in the flames. They were scurrying across the walls. They consumed the ceiling... And a third vertical eye would open up upon the forehead of the skeletal mask of the beast. These were the Eyes of Insanity, all staring down Chisato and trying to pull her in deeper; to roast her body, her spirit and her mind in their unbridled power. The three massive eyes appearing upon the ceiling split at their mids, revealing themselves to not only just be eyes, but large, grotesque mouths with ungodly long and disgusting tongues. The tongues lurched down toward Chisato's body, trying to lap her up like warm milk and constrict her in their binding power.

Now free, she wouldn't let The Beast touch her again. Quickly, Chisato gathered the strange light around her and created a giant spinning orb to deflect The Beast's flames away from her, and right into its hideous face. With more of the light, she made three large vertical beams to skewer and incinerate each the incoming tongues.

The flames hit the face of The Beast, yet did no damage to it, only adding to the full incineration of the room. The tongues that bore down on her swiftly wrapped themselves around the concentrated light and halted the light particles, pulling them into the mouths and consuming them thoroughly before lurching back toward Chisato.

The Beast: 'do not confuse insanity for darkness'

Whether she enjoyed it or not, the flames would stay constant around her, still threatening to burn her to cinders whilst the tongues persisted ever closer, as did The Beast. He lunged at her again, this time with mouth agape, trying to bite down upon her flesh and bone with his piercing, grinding teeth, ready to crush and maim her to slops.

She dropped several explosive shuriken and her feet, then backflipped out of reach to leave the beast with its meal of explosives. Back on the floor, she ducked and weaved among the tongues as they tried to grab at her. The pit seemed to be growing even hotter, so she cocooned herself in a shroud of light chakra. The bright shroud gave off no heat of its own, but the highly condensed photons could burn with the intensity of the sun.

Insanity consumed the explosives, only to find itself bursting into flames that heightened those around the area. Soon the tongues would touch the shroud of light around Chisato, not even feeling the intensity as they singed and charred, yet continued to move in their original fluid motion. Soon after, the flames around Chise would condense, forming the body of Insanity from the mouth up, having consumed her as it originally wished.

The Beast: 'your mind is clouded... so insanity grips you every time...'

Within the belly of the beast against her will, the light would fizzle out. Nothing seemed to make sense when fighting this monstrosity at all, and making sense of it would not dispel it as it would a Genjutsu, for this was all real... Yet not real at the same time. What was this really?

Once again alone in the darkness, her flesh would begin to crawl... To the point where it would feel as though it were bubbling. Something else was happening to her that she wasn't quite understanding...

The Beast: 'you asked to be an expert... yet you cannot even figure out what is being done to you... are you truly ready?'

Wracked with pain, Chisato dropped to her knees and hugged herself. Nothing she had tried to seemed to be working, in fact it just seemed to make matters worse. "Well, I figured out that I'm making a real mess of things," she replied with a strained voice, dropping onto her butt. "Tell me Mr. Beast, am I onto something?"

The Beast: 'how about you tell me... have you made any progress?'

The writhing sensation under her skin burst from her pores now, revealing rather tiny, vicious insects, all with three vertical eyes imprinted upon their backs. That seemed to be their actual eyes, as they were the only visible things blinking and looking around in the darkness. Soon, Insanity's face would depress from the outside, appearing to Chisato as a mangled face wrung inside out; tissue, muscle, blood and nerves pulsating grotesquely, violently and vividly from under the barely attached skeletal face now.

The Beast: 'what is it that you feel?'

Its arms started to do the exact same thing as the face; converting inside out so that only bone, muscle and nerves could be seen, as the fingernails were replaced with skin flipped upside down.

The strenuous insanity of the Beast proved too much for poor Chisato. She had entered the den without correct preparation, and so, she would fall there to its power. It grabbed her with its mighty palm, raising her up to its eyes, where it would stare straight into her own, those Dojutsu eyes... Without hesitation, it squeezed with all its might, literally turning all of her insides to dust before it bit off her head with a mighty chomp.

The Beast: 'if only you weren't so weak... but your eyes will do just nicely...'

Those were the words it said as the insanity took hold of the two Dojutsu eyes, which then embedded themselves into it, turning Khrona's Insanity into something far greater than that...

In actuality, Chisato's body was completely fine, save for her eyes, which seemed to have been burned out of her head. This was because the crushing of her body was symbolic of the shattering of her mind, and the consumption of her head was the thwarting of her eyes. And so, now her carcass lay there, eyeless and charred by the unbridled destructive force of this insanity. All the while, Khrona was on the other side, and opened the door slowly. He walked casually toward the corpse of Chisato, shaking his head. "Pity. I really did have high hopes for her. Seems like all of the people I have high hopes for are getting killed in the end..." And her body would turn to ash right before his face, her soul rising from her body. It was the only source of light in the room. "I'll give that to Despair later. Only she'd be able to resonate with a soul like that." Khrona walked out of the door and closed it behind him. This Expert exam was a failure. Unable to rise the challenge of her training with Khrona, Chisato was dead and gone. Now all that remained of her was her Dojutsu eye, which had been taken by Khrona, and her spirit, hovering aimlessly in the chamber, ripe for the picking.

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning EmptyMon Jun 08, 2020 9:24 am

Some time after Khrona was done with Chisato, the young daughter of the Demon King came to his Pit's doorstep with a cry for help.

In the skies, the Demon Princess saw only darkness; her heart was weeping we great worry. She had only just received the information to find these 'Children Of Light'... But now, only a day later, there was not a single light in the sky. Had she failed without even starting her mission? Her father was nowhere to be found and neither was her uncle, the Earth King, but even still she didn't think in finding them would she find the answers to the questions in her heart... What to do? "KHRONA! HELP!" she exclaimed while flying down into the Pit of Havoc, narrowly escaping the energies of 'The Horsemen'. It seemed the insanity was protecting the child in her descent, but how...? The young girl fell into the depths of the Pit of Havoc, her eyes flowing with tears... She needed help; the planet needed help... But how?

So quickly did Khrona hear the woeful cries of the beautiful girl of much hope, even long before her mind formulated the thought to bear. Her soul screeched out to the lands that did not listen; a sorrowful burden that Khrona knew all too well. Her descent, her protection by the insanity was not coincidental, as the Insanity is not an evil nor malicious force within itself. Those who knew that were able to feel its divine protection. The light of this child illuminated the ever dark pits, yet only to the eyes of Khrona. He could see the bright and burning light from all the way in the very deepest corridor, where he was training Chisato. Whilst she dealt with his insanity, Khrona would deal with the Demon Princess'. "The help you seek has been here for you the entire time." His body formed out of the blackness, right before her weary eyes. He stood there and waited to hear her plea further, knowing what she felt for oh, too long. Her time has come.

The Demon Princess landed on the floor of the Pit of Havoc, her first steps acting as her last, for she was too weak to walk through the turmoil of the siege to the lands she knew as home. Her being, naturally aware of its connection to all, could feel the sickness of the Horsemen... Or the people. Regardless of the specifics, her heart was weeping harder than her eyes. "Khrona... My dream," she said beneath her tears, stumbling towards a man she only met once. But, somehow, she knew he would be the person to assist her in this time. The young flower was aware that her father spoke to Khrona the day before the Horsemen came and she was aware that he was one of the greatest minds this planet had to share... She hoped his wisdom would lead to a brighter light. "The stars... The light.. It's all gone," she said sorrowfully, making little sense with her words as she stammered about in her heart. She felt the greatest level of hopelessness; she knew she was powerless against the Horsemen as she feared the same for her father... Yet she wondered why he was there -- perhaps it was because he had to be.

'The light is gone? Does she really not see?' Khrona stared deep into the face of the hopeless girl, seeing now just what she was talking about. Her light was fading as her hopelessness -- the darkness of her own negativity -- was taking over in her body, and thus stealing the very essence of her light. Eventually, she'd be nothing more than a shell of who she once was, complaining and wallowing in darkness and despair making no effort to change this world as he knew she could. This could very much be from the energy of the Horsemen... He could feel a deep and mystic plague befalling this land, like a curse... Or a Prophecy. "Your light has not gone. It is shining brightly throughout my chambers, bathing this blackness in its cosmic glow." Her stumbling was lessened by his cloak, which seemed to travel through the darkness and solidify to form a cusp behind her, to ensure her stability on her weakened feet. It was worse than he thought... Her 'light' -- her actual life force -- was becoming weakened. She was throwing herself into this despair with her uncertainty of what to do. She seemed so much like her father, it was remarkable. "... Have you even taken the time to look for this light? The light that is within you? The light of the true star?" She was too busy looking for the light of others, but only once she saw the light within herself would she find the others filled with this divine light. He only hoped she would fall out of her funk, for she was the beginning. "Your dream. Tell me of it. Leave nothing unsaid. It is of dire importance."

The Demon Princess fell into the chair, catching her breath and calming her spirit... Something about Khrona's words were making sense to her; she was less worried about her own light -- as she often paid only mind to others and rarely herself -- so she figured her light was fine, but when she looked within, she could see her light was dying as well and that if she wanted to stop this, she needed to calm down and release the darkness' cold grip over her heart. "My dream," she said with a certain gasp for air; the darkness seemed to be caving on the girl's being -- but mostly, her heart. "I will paint the picture," she said as she waved her left hand and clenched the chair with the other. Using her powers would be strain, and the image would be foggy, but a psychic of Khrona's power would see more than enough. In a sparkle of greens, pinks, and blues, the image of a beautiful land was seen by Khrona directly into his mind. The land they all knew as their planet. Soon the flames of war would spread and engulf the land leaving nothing in its wake except pain and destruction, but as quickly as the flames spread to all the land came the flying bird -- the beautiful white bird of sorts and its long colorful tail; from its multicolored tail came the most beautiful of songs and thus the land was reborn.

"This is what I saw three day ago... Then..." The Demon Princess moved past the song and showed Khrona the woman that the bird changed into, but she did not show him the conversation; the strain was growing graver by the second and the girl needed to make haste. She moved to the other woman -- the one she met in the ruins of her father's old kingdom... 'Razgriz'. The woman there told her of thirteen children and that the Demon Princess had a very important mission to do, but the Demon Princess felt like she hadn't the time necessary to complete such in this planet's condition. "..You see... I am supposed to do something to stop this destruction... But just like in my dream, I end up causing it... Without my light within... All may perish, and I will be to blame." Almost as if her words were kindly walking her into her future, the light began to beat ever so softly... At this rate, she would be a shell of nothing. "What am I to do?" she asked herself as the flame in her was so painfully reduced to but a flicker, no doubt the last bit of fire of the Demon Clan's well known passionate heart. As long as that flickered remained, the Demon Princess could fight... But with such overwhelming odds how could she prevail? Perhaps it was unfair for a girl of such youngness to have such a grave responsibility; she could feel the sadness, the pain, the agony, the hatred, the madness, the sickness of every being. She searched through soul after soul... Hoping to find even one strand of hope in someone... Why? Had everyone fallen into despair? "You find in life what you see within your heart," said the Demon Princess in a completely different tone, one certainly not of her own. But, she was still conscious and unaware why she had said such... Yet the words were correct.

It wasn't that there was no hope on the planet -- she only saw such because she thought such. She could only see the hearts of those who had given up hope... But as quickly as she changed her thoughts, she saw the light in Khrona, the light in her dad and his friends... She even saw the light in a select few others she didn't know. "...But so many have, in fact, lost their light... The balance of light and dark are tipped in several unwavering terms," she said as she fell from the chair and to her knees, her hands covering her face as she began to weep once more. She used her own voice this time, and her light seemed to have stopped decreasing in brightness, but it hadn't grown either. The Demon Princess didn't have to lose her light to feel and know what that was like; she had billions of other souls to reflect on and could feel every bit of their individual agony and suffering. To know so many were in such grave madness and sickness was unsettling. "That's what she meant about the scale of light and darkness..." she said lightly; her words were mostly for herself, but Khrona was able to follow along with the vision psychic imagery the Demon Princess provided earlier. Khrona would have seen, felt, and heard everything the Demon child had. "... This is why father sees life in such gray colors, and why he fights... As if he must carry the burden on his own. He burns his light so others can find it... So others can take the torch for themselves... I think I understand, dad." The young Demon moved her hands from her face, wiping the colorful tears from her eyes and lifted her hands towards the sky. Whatever was happening in the Demon Princess' mind had given her the greatest of insight and had shown her a valuable lesson, -- one she would need in these coming times -- but for now she just did what she felt she had to do. "If my father can fight the forces opposing this land, then so can I! I will help him first by putting the sky back!!" she exclaimed with such vigorous passion, the entire pit trembled and shined with a beautiful poly-colored aura. The same poly-colored energy shot up the walls of the pit and stretched around the planet far and wide, leaving no traces of its surface untouched by the bright light.

"It is because of great love that we are courageous..." Her words stirred within her being, causing the flicker of a flame to burn brightly from the center of her being -- so much so that it came bursting from her being; the beautiful poly-colored aura of her heart came flowing from her back. The light engulfed the Pit of Havoc as the Demon Princess sat on the ground feeding her light from within into a dazzling display of something. The lights that stretched across the surface of the planet could be seen over the skies, as well, now. "So is below, so is above," she said, confirming her aura's presence over every inch of the planet. Every being on the planet still breathing would see this display, and if they so chose it, ignite or reignite their own light. "Assist me everyone!" she said to the hearts of all listening to their own flame, no matter how low into the depths of darkness it had sunk. It was never too late to change; never too late to fight.  Khrona would be the first to resonate with the Demon Princess' words; to him this was called 'Soul Resonance', but the Demon Princess wasn't sure if the same could be applied to a resonance with every willing heart.

Demon Princess: *Heavy panting*

Her breathing was the first sign of the drain on her being, but she didn't care -- she had managed to spread of presence; the aura across the entire planet covering the sky and the ground below in a protective dodecahedral of cosmic energies. With the increasing number of hearts resonating growing, the Demon Princess quickly went towards the next step... The lights in the sky. She moved her conscious mind to the very tip of the planet -- if she had a physical form, she would be sitting on top of the planet, herself. While there, the young girl viewed the planet below and the blackness of space very differently. Despite not having a physical form, the Demon Princess still viewed herself with one... Only she was nude to her own eyes and perceived herself standing within a bubble of energies, each exhibiting a different symbol of life and the true nature of energy... Yet the girl could only understand so much of what she saw; she knew that wasn't the important part at this time. "The moon has awoken with the sleep of the sun; the light has been broken -- let the spell begin." From atop of her home planet, the Demon Princess twirled her left hand, collecting all the debris of the two destroyed moons aligned to the planet's orbit and pulling from the dodecahedral lights in the sky. This pieces of the moon collected directly under the girls 'hand' forming the red sun and on the other end forming a pale orange moon -- the energy of the fallen moons spirits, plus the overwhelming energy of the light assisted in forming the new star; the star then formed the moon. 'Life is energy and energy evolves, revolves, and dissolves around itself and its opposites.' Understanding this to the Demon Princess' degree made for a number of happenings possible.

"So is above, now so shall be below," she said, focusing her consciousness on the realm known as the Demon World. Her focus brought about the alignment of the Demon World's gray sun and blue moon, this alignment further went to align the realm of the Demon World with the planet; something that hadn't been in existence for many centuries. The Demon Princess' workings would have little visible and understanding effects at this time, but soon all the workings of the light would come into sight. Yet for now, the light would rest. The poly-colored aura covering the planet would remain in place, but would not be visible to the naked eye. Only the young child would see the light with her bare eyes, for only she saw its nature.

The time had come. Khrona knew that it would any day now, and he had simply been waiting and biding his time until that day. With the girl centering herself through her own ascension into divine wisdom, Khrona watched as she came to understand what he seemed to already know from the very moment she stepped into his presence. Everything that happened put a smile on his face, seeing and knowing that this girl was the start of something great, and to also know that his being was resonating with hers. Their goals were the same, and as such, they were on the same wavelength, and so the effects of the resonance spread across the entirety of the planet, and Khrona would only need to sit there and watch.

Khrona: "... The Ritual..."

Clasping his hands together firmly and secure, the darkness from the Pit of Havoc was washed away, bathed in every form of light imaginable. Of course, only those with eyes to see would see, and so far those eyes were confirmed to be hers and his. To the eyes of those without understanding, they would still see the darkness of Khrona's Pit, and not the light that had always resided within it. No wonder he lived in this place.

When all of the universe's energies were aligned and centered with his own body, mind and soul, they would channel themselves to his psychic power, guiding his hands through a series of motions and signs lost in the ninja world; these were ancient and archaic hand signs that belonged to the original users, and that had been virtually lost and erased through history. His hands moved with all the grace and speed of the pure cosmos themselves, before he thrust a single right hand at the heart of the Demon Princess, rising quickly up to her head, as if aligning something. A powerful force entered her essence right then and there... Or rather, had not entered, but awakened from it. The fruits of Khrona and the Demon Princess' combined powers... Nay... The Tensei Clan and Demon Clan lineage working as one. This was the fruit that they bear. Not a word was -- nor needed to be -- spoken afterward. 'The Ritual' had begun.

The Demon Princess' consciousness remained in its prior state and even seemed to jump higher once she heard Khrona speak of 'The Ritual'. She heard Khrona say this in both his normal language and one she had only heard from that woman she met in the Demon World. It was clear to the Demon Princess that she was hearing more then one person speak, but she wasn't sure how. She only sensed Khrona and herself within the room... But perhaps that was the clue. "Khrona, do you sense another presence with us?" she asked, her eyes still closed to normal reality and her new vision in full effect. She had also come to notice that her ears perceive sound in a much different fashion with this vision. She would know the answer to this puzzle the next time Khrona spoke.

There was silence for a while in the Pit of Havoc, the Demon Princess' question echoing across every wall that was this place. 'Do you sense another presence with us?' He would not open his mouth even once, as he seemed to be lost in a state of pure and utter meditation after using those archaic hand signs. His body was completely still, his eyes were closed, but something... Something was happening within and without him that, again, only the Demon Princess could comprehend.

Khrona: 'Listen closely. You will hear it more clearly.'

He didn't utter a word to her, yet spoke to her on a plane to the greatest of her own understanding, to ensure that this message got to her and resonated within her being completely and utterly. It was to guide her to the focus he was trying to achieve here, as he did indeed sense this presence as well... A presence far greater than his own. The culmination of their powers as one...

The Demon Princess continued to observed existence from her heightened state of consciousnesses, her being pulsing with the purest light she could have ever imagined. The pale indigo light pulsed around her fingers while the poly-colored aura of her being covered the area of all of the planet. "I can hear all who are speaking, Khrona... There is a woman... And..." The Demon Princess paused for a moment, still maintaining the same focus as Khrona. "She wants us to bring her home...?" the Demon Princess questioned, unsure of her statement. She had never heard the voices of higher realms, not other then the ones in her dreams. "She says, listen to ours hearts and perform 'The Ritual'..." The Demon Princess was beginning to understand that the voices communicated with them in a way that they could understood; the Demon Princess knew nothing of The Ritual, but that wouldn't stop her.

'Perform The Ritual? Together?' Khrona had only heard of such lore in the storybooks; a Demon Clan and a Tensei Clan using the Ritual together? Unheard of. However... He knew of what was to come. And it was time to pass down this secret and ancient knowledge down to the Demon Princess. "Then it is time. Soul Resonance." Khrona clasped his hands in front of him, in a set position to start using hand signs. Since the Demon Princess had no other teacher here at the moment, it was all Khrona's duty. "You may not know about Souls or Soul Resonance to the degree you wish, but it's okay. Just know that you and I are achieving a more stable and powerful form of connection to each other. Just go with the natural flow of it, and place your hands in the same position I have. I will feed you information directly from my mind and my soul at the same time, and you will have to copy these archaic hand signs in perfect unison with me. This cannot be achieved with any person, Demon Princess... It can only be you." Khrona stared into her eyes with the utmost of pure good intention, knowing for certain that these two were here to perform The Ritual for the sake of everyone and everything. "Your mind and your soul -- rather, your heart -- must be connected directly to mine, and ours will align in perfect harmony. When these two things align and the hand signs are complete, The Ritual will be complete as well, and you will see the light you have been looking for." Khrona tensed up, that simple tension enough to rupture this fabric of reality to the point where it stopped itself in time; why was this? Because something as powerful as what was about to happen did not need to be found out by the outside world. They did not need to be alerted. This was the final stand, here and now. Demon. Tensei. Combine.

The Demon Princess was unshaken by the forwardness of Khrona's words; in fact she had heard him say his words several times before he himself actually spoke -- such was the fate of this young Demon. "The Heart of Everything..." With the 'wisdom,' passing into her being, the young Demon Princess began the necessary hand-seals for that of the ritual they were about to perform. Normally the child would have questioned her ability to perform a spell without prior understanding of its nature, but there was no fear in her heart at this moment. She trusted in her own ability and in Khrona's words, trusting in her soul and her heart to complete her destiny which, at this moment, was seeming more and more complex. "SOUL RESONANCE!" she exclaimed, matching the resonance with Khrona despite her limited knowledge of the philosophy. The feeling she felt from the resonance was the same she experienced with her and the hearts of light which shaped the moon and the stars. In the center, between Khrona and the Demon Princess, a glowing green circle appeared; from that circle came another and so on and so on. The circles seemed to be forming a unique marking on the ground and seemed to be the focal point of the Demon Princess and Khrona's merging energies. "We must focus on the center; those circles will continue to grow until it reaches its desired number... We will know when that is," the Demon Princess said in a very calm tone; her girly and childish aura had faded away as the being the Demon Princess was expressing now had no use for such a ruse. The child like expression of the Demon Princess was for divine purpose; a child of such importance must never take the pains of life too serious -- the results would be catastrophic. However, now she needed to focus and rely on the truth within her soul.

Going off without a hitch, the most powerful Soul Resonance to have ever happened to this date had ensued, its powers only intensified by the strength of The Ritual's ancient might. Khrona sat there in complete concentration, hearing the Demon Princess' words in the same fashion that she heard his, even without speaking. These two had an understanding that was beyond words now; something only true family that had awakened their bond via harmonic wavelengths could achieve. Focusing his power, he activated a dormant psychic ability within himself to speed up this possibly long and strenuous process, even for the powerful minds of these two imaginations conjuring something up in unison. 'Numerology'. By using 'Numerology', Khrona would be able to pinpoint the number they needed to get to and accelerate their focus to the point where they could get to it in the shortest amount of time through the numbers as well. Yet, when he found out just what that number was, even he was shocked to see it.

Khrona: 'What? But that's...'

A mere number taking even Khrona aback? It must have been much more than what he was expecting... Or something too obvious that he should have seen coming from a mile away.

And he smiled.

With a sudden jolt of her heart, the Demon Princess was alerted of Khrona's emotional spike. Whatever it was he had just seen resonated with the Demon Princess' will. "Khrona, stay there," she said with haste, making sure to mentally direct his focus back to the moment where he saw the number. "I hear a soft whisper; she says, 'of thought and light...' Do you know what she means by this?" the Demon Princess asked, expecting the phrase and the visual of Khrona's to tie into one another for something. The young girl was beginning to think she was summoning something -- or, perhaps 'calling' would be a better term. She hadn't quiet wrapped her mind on what it was she and Khrona were currently doing and there were no timelines of this sequence happening; not a single other moment in time existed where Khrona and the Demon Princess were performing this ritual. Normally, the Demon Princess would have found this unfathomable, to be the only tangent in time to experience the birth of a new time stream was so rare it could only be described as divine. "...Khrona... Do you see any other timelines where this moment exists?" she asked only him and no other life form, consciously controlling her thoughts within the time-space they existed in.

"Thought and light? Hmhm... It's time. Hyper Perception..." The eyes that could do anything, they were made for this purpose. As long as Khrona can perceive it in his mind, it is able to be true. That was the true power of Hyper Perception, and its hidden potential awakened in accordance to the Demon Princess' mind, which worked in a very similar fashion. Only these two being had the power to see things in this way; only Khrona and only the Demon Princess, and now they were about to perceive something that would take them far beyond the boundaries of this world and far off into something greater; they saw thought and light as one, something that was so purely conscious that only consciousness itself can give birth to her reality on this plane; for without two people able to comprehend her, there would be no way to bring forth... 'Trinity'. "Not in the slightest. It has been understood that this is the moment; this is the one single moment that changed for this timeline that happened in no other timelines; the one thing unique to this one that brought us down a whole new path to light. Demon Princess... Let our unstoppable minds go free and wild. They are the only things that can carry the burden of so much power." The two most powerful beings coming together... To make one with their shared powers. With just a thought.

The Demon Princess' thoughts moved through her mind as pure vibrations, her new vision allowing her mind to fully comprehend what she herself was perceiving. "No, we are not creating anything. Something is returning and we are the pillars for that light. Only our minds can perceive the creations of pure thought and light," she said, not sure where her words stemmed from, only certain in the relevance and the truth she had uttered. "Trinity." She spoke in a faint whisper which resonated with the circle between Khrona and herself, causing the pulse to increase at a much faster rate. "Trinity..." Just saying the name seemed to emanate power, as it did so when the Demon Princess uttered the name as well. Khrona could fully understand what was about to happen, and the time for this being was near.

"Yes... That was the light inside of you the whole time. With the power of Tensei Clan and Demon Clan combined... Let Trinity be filtered into this world. Demon Princess! The time has finally come!" Wonderful. They were running out of time anyway. "Focus, Demon Princess... And let us finish 'The Ritual' completely and fully." Khrona placed his hand within his center, his 'core' in the shape of a pyramid as he awaited Nagase. He made a few more hand signs that seemed to resemble some sort of Egyptian hand movements. Ancient hand signs. They also seemed to align to certain points on this circle as well, and finally with the constellations in the sky. "This is all coming to an end... For a new beginning." Khrona found another understanding as well... Once this Trinity was born, she was going to have to find a certain specter of dreams... That would be arranged soon enough.

The Ritual carried out as a beautiful symphony of colors, each shining brightly from the cores of all three; Khrona, the Demon Princess, and the Circle which the Demon Princess would formerly call... "Trinity." The colors intensified, the humming rose and the lights engulfed the Pit of Havoc and resonated with the heavens. It seemed like every moment in existence was perfectly synchronized with this one moment in time. Even in time lines not present in existence, every star in the sky above the sea and the mountains. "... You are right. It is time!" she exclaimed, firing the poly-colored aura of her core through the cave following behind Khrona.

A flash; an illumination of the two's culminating power taking shape right before their eyes. A beam of a light so pure none but these two could perceive its grandeur shooting from one, the Demon Princess' heart, and two, Khrona's Third Eye, and soon vice versa created the shape of an infinity sign... And what would sprout forth, but a droplet of this same glorious light, right at the center of the circle. The ancient inscriptions in the circle all started to shine with this light as well, soon shooting straight up into the sky with the alignment of the moon, and reflecting off of the moon and to the sun that Nagase created. No more were they red, as they had been calmed, but they, too, shone bright with the light that was the birthing of one being of light into this world... Trinity.

When the lights started to fade, they would all converge into the form of one little girl... Child-like in appearance, lost in the eyes; she was new to this lesser world and found its appearance and atmosphere rather uncomfortable. "Where... Am I...?" Her voice seemed to echo within itself, as if speaking from several different planes at once naturally. She looked over to the Demon Princess, and then to Khrona... She realized who those two were, and suddenly was able to understand simply from gazing at them and receiving their conscious gifts. "Oh... So it was... You two..." Her tail, draconic in appearance, flicked about, as her small black wings did flutter a bit as well. She seemed to carry the same traits as Khrona, yet more evolved... And even shared similar traits to the Demon Princess. A little meek from the terrifying atmosphere of this world, she retreated into the cloak of Khrona -- since he was simply tallest -- and would shudder, utterly horrified at the state this world was in. She could feel it... Every last thing going on here... All at once. It was remarkable that she was only afraid of it, and not destroyed by it. What was her power...?

This girl, this light, this energy... All of it was definitely not of this plane of existence, yet, it was familiar to Khrona, as if he was aware of this presence. In fact, he was, for when he had to combat the Demon King and his own brother, he indeed found this girl being born in her own realm to a Khrona of another existence. She fleeted into the confines of his cloak, and he smiled, realizing now just what all of this was. "Heh. So you can exist in both worlds at the same time... Remarkable being." His wings shrouded over her, as if a dragon taking care of its young, and he would realize that this was his daughter, birthed simply from his sheer thought... And the Demon Princess, her sister's pure heart. "... And so the separation of Tensei Clan and Demon Clan dissipates officially with the birth of this child. Demon Princess... Your sister is afraid. She will need your guidance in this terrifying world to see the light in it as you do. There is so much overwhelming darkness right now... I trust the two of you to balance it out. My time to do that is nearly up..." Khrona stroked Trinity's hair lovingly, a tear rolling down his face, just like he saw when she was born in the world she came from. "Trinity... That name means the culmination of three into one. With wisdom, power and courage... But most of all, love... I bid thee to your teacher. Learn of her wisdom and the wisdom of her side of your family, and when the time comes, I shall teach you my wisdom from my side of the family as well." Khrona could assure her simply with the changing of his feelings that she would be okay. His intentions were what she should be able to understand much more than his actions or his words.

The Demon Princess saw through the light, blinding and pure, to see the small and beautiful child that Khrona called Trinity. She instantly knew the girl to be one of the children she was suppose to find, so without hesitation she heaved a great sigh of relief. Her eyes watering from both the light and the ever rising emotions in her heart, it was no wondered why this event was so foreign in time. "I understand this a little clearer now; much is to be done..." she said slowly as she started to fallen into a very deep slumber, The young girl had accomplished great things in her path as a Demon, but her body needed rest and her mind needed time to adjust. She would sleep for three days, rising under dawn's first peak.

Trinity silently heeded the words and feelings of her father, Khrona, and the feelings of her sister, the Demon Princess, revealing a small, chilly smile across her face. "To your sun... I am the moon... To your flames... I am the water... Demon Princess..." She watched as the Demon Princess fell into her deep slumber, from which she would awaken after three days. Trinity was aware of this, and mimicked the Demon Princess curiously. "Learn her wisdom..." The wisdom of the Demon Clan... Trinity would have to sleep along with the Demon Princess, within her unconscious. Closing her eyes, a chilling flash of light caused Trinity's presence to disappear, having withdrawn and inserting herself directly into the Demon Princess' subconscious, where she would learn with the Demon Princess for this three day period.

It seemed like everything had finally begun. Khrona trusted the Demon Princess and the rest of the Demon Clan with Trinity's growth for a little while. Khrona had some other pressing issues to attend to in the meantime, before he could teach Trinity himself. "Sleep well, you two... Know that my home is your shelter for as long as need be. And I will protect you." Khrona turned around, receding into the depths of the Pit of Havoc, where he would meet up with Misery and Despair and plan their next move.

And so, Friday appeared, fazing in from the darkness, from the excess dreams that were the hopes of this child's birth, her Darkness was also born on this day, yet she seemed to already have existed in this world. She lived in a land of dreams and freely flowed through them... Of course she was here. She was a being of complete and utter unconscious, as to Trinity being a being of complete and utter consciousness. Those unconscious can see her... And though unconscious can't see Trinity. "It's time for my other side to come on home to mama... The dreams of a conscious mind are absolutely deeeelicious~!" Friday's goal was L'sia, the essence of Dreams... If she were to consume that when she merged back with Trinity, she would be full for an eternity. She's never have to eat another single dream nor nightmare. Now, she could do it for the sheer pleasure of tasting rather than just being hungry. "I can't wait..." She drifted into the Demon Princess' head alongside Trinity. When Trinity awoke, she would be one with Friday... And Friday would be the Friday the Thirteenth Fairy. Hmhm.

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Beginning
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