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 The Desert Swan

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PostSubject: The Desert Swan   The Desert Swan EmptyTue May 05, 2020 11:18 am

Name: Desert Swan (Tsubaki)
Age: 20
Origin: Village Deep Within the Eternal Desert (Veritas; Mezzo Terra)
Species: Human, Instrument (Sickle)
Clan/Race: Khoya (Nice blend of Egyptian and Arabian/Persian)
Weight: 123 lbs
Height: 5'10
Family: Desert Eagle (Father), Desert Lotus (Mother), Desert Crow (Elder Brother), Desert Owl (Grandfather)

Personality: Graceful and serene, yet fierce and protective. Moral and kind, yet dutiful and focused. She is a caring and compassionate individual that knows when and where to express her emotions, and also how to always fight for and defend what she believes in. She is exceptionally protective of her own people and what they stand for. She is very moral, yet at the same time, is praised for being able to complete a mission, even if it involves killing or sacrificing her own life. She knows and understands when it is time to be kind and patient and when it is time to do work, and easily separates the two. She is known to do most anything to get her jobs done. Very cunning and easily aggravated, but not quick to express her emotions without knowing all of the details. Somewhat secretive.

Story: Passion of the Desert
Desert Swan; a name that symbolizes all of the elegance, grace and beauty of the Swan combined with all of the mystery, brutality and serenity of the desert. In her years, she demonstrated just that, living up to her name rather well.

She comes from a very small desert tribe known as the Khoya, meaning 'Lost' in Hindi. They gave themselves that name after their ancestor escaped the clutches of the Witches in ancient times and fled to the desert, where the sands protected him, thus being dubbed 'Lost Weapons of the Desert.' Though they are secluded in the desert region, many of their forces frequently scouted the desert and secretly infiltrated the Tri-Village Alliance in order to further master the ninja techniques as well as their own techniques with the weapon blood coursing inside of them.

Throughout her youth, Desert Swan learned the art of stealth from her father, Desert Eagle, in order to accompany him on recon missions throughout the desert. From her mother, Desert Lotus, she learned how to dance and performed for many in her desert village in her teen years. From her older brother, Desert Crow, she learned how to use basic ninja tools and some basic jutsu. Combining all of these things together, when she reached the age of 18, her family taught her the mystic Bloodline Limit of their clan; the Dance of the Desert. The exotic dancing techniques taught by her mother made up the Genjutsu portion of the Kekkei Genkai, whilst the techniques taught by her father and brother made up the Ninjutsu. Finally, from her grandfather, she learned how to use Taijutsu, and also how to control her weapon blood in order to fight autonomously. Once she learned the basics of her clan, she went out on real missions on her own for the next two years.

At the age of 20, she decided to venture out further into the world, not wanting to be trapped in seclusion in the desert any longer. She wishes to refine her skills even more and receive guidances as both a Ninja and as an Instrument.

Desert Swan is a Sickle Weapon.

Sickle: An implement having a semicircular or crescent-shaped blade attached to a short handle, used for cutting grain or tall grass. Also known as a Reaper.

She is an Autonomous Weapon that is able to extend crescent sickle blades from her wrists, palms, sides and back of her hands in order to protect them and be used to fluidly slice, pierce, slash and hack at her targets with many movements of her arms and hands in sync.

Customized Ninja Tools for desert and non-desert combat.

Sand Bombs: Smoke bombs filled with sand-like substance able to fill the air like smoke and dust.

Heated Wire: Highly reactive metal wire that heats up when exposed to chakra, enabling it to melt through defenses and burn through those who attempt to escape being tied up.

Akasuna: Twin daggers known as Red Sand, due to the ease in which these blades spilled blood. They are made from the same highly reactive metal that creates the Heated Wires, heating up when exposed to chakra in order to melt through defenses and attacks from others. Desert swan conceals them under her skirt, holding them in special pouches so they do not burn her skin.

Legendary Art: Dance of the Desert

A special Art that allows free manipulation her own Life Energy (Souzenryoku/chakra) in order to converge it with the sand or earth, due to her people's bond with the desert. Through various dances, she is able to manipulate sand in accordance to her movement. If there is no sand, solid minerals will granulate into sand once it touches her chakra, the molecules breaking apart into dust.

Dance of the Desert Mirage: A Genjutsu learned from her mother, Desert Lotus. Desert Swan dances a rather exotically, sending her chakra out as what one would perceive as a wave of heat or something of the sort. In it, tiny traces of grain or dust that are within the vicinity become embedded with her chakra and cause those they have touched to see illusions projected by Desert Swan. If one escapes the illusion whilst still being in the vicinity of the grain, they have the potential to be cast into the illusion once again, which adds to the 'mirage' effect.

Dance of the Desert Moon: A Ninjutsu learned from her grandfather, Desert Owl, the creator of this technique. By surging chakra through the ground, spreading outward from the center point, the ground begins to granulate into sand and becomes a quicksand pit of about a 20-30 foot radius that is able to be controlled through the dance. When it feels an unknown chakra source touching its surface, it immediately reacts by grabbing it and dragging it down under the pit, suffocating and crushing them.

Tsubaki, coming from a clan of Desert Ninja, has many of her 'Souzenryoku' techniques in the form of Jutsu. She knows the Shinobi Way well and sticks to it. She is known to refer to her 'Life Energy,' known as 'Souzenryoku,' as 'Chakra,' the archaic means of referring to the 'Life Energy' of a being.

Though her natural element is Earth, she also has an affinity to Fire and Wind.

Desert Swan's Ninjutsu relies on her use of Fire techniques to accompany her Wind, thereby increasing the overall potential of her attacks greatly with her natural Earth element (Fire burns Earth and gives it something to burn). Due to being in the desert, many Fire and Earth based jutsu are taught, which are advantageous to her mystic fighting style.

Katon (Fire Release)

Dance of the Desert Flower: Combination of her Wind Nature chakra and Fire Release technique creates a scorching wave of heat that she is able to project from her body as she dances. When intensified, it can cause solid substances to ignite, allowing her to control the flames as extensions of herself. The hotter and more intense it gets, the more chakra is used, and if used continuously, it will deplete chakra swiftly.

Desert Swan's Taijutsu typically relies on her actions as an Instrument, being a Sickle. However, because she is skilled at fighting in a fashion that is akin to dancing, she typically names her special styles or techniques as dances as well, which also adds to the confusion of those who try to study her Kekkei Genkai simply by it being referred to as a 'Dance.'

Dance of the Desert Reaper: With Sickles extended from her wrist or the side of her hand, she gracefully uses spins and slashes with constantly moving arms to make the strikes more effective and unpredictable. With her legs, she is constantly jumping, twirling and ducking and to evade opponents' counter strikes as well as ensure her own strikes hit. It is a very acrobatic dance that requires precise timing in order to make the most of both dodges and counter attacks. She is known to sometimes use her legs to defend and make openings.

Tsubaki, the Desert Swan (Bio) uses her Legendary Art, the Dance of the Desert, in conjunction with her Ninja-Themed Earth Style Souzenryoku to show her expertise in the Shinobi Way as well as her proud desert heritage of Khoya. She also has Desert Ninja Tools at her disposal.

~The Desert Swan (Main Theme)~

~Call of the Desert Swan (Serious Theme)~

~Dance of the Desert (Battle Theme)~
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The Desert Swan
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