The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension

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 The Wicked Snake...

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Magna Signis the 'Jack O' Lantern' :: Great Furnace; Shinigami of the Delta

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The Wicked Snake... Empty
PostSubject: The Wicked Snake...   The Wicked Snake... EmptySat Dec 05, 2020 10:11 pm

Lamia Form
The ability to transform herself into a full Lamia, the matter on her legs becoming the tail of a snake. In this form, she has several new abilities in addition to her own Stone Magic, however her Lamia Form is much more to maintain, and thus is not used unless she has the right amount of power or until necessary. The more power she gains, the longer she can maintain that form.

Serpent's Song: A sweet, seductive song that weakens the power of whatever is within the sound waves of it gradually and continuously until the power source is depleted. Also gives her direct control of reptiles and amphibians, boosting their power greatly and giving them the ability to change forms into something more monstrous.

Night of the Hunt: Magic from the eyes that will cause those who look into them to have their mind's shattered upon contact. All mental energy is then drained into her.

Reptilian Touch: Upon physical contact with her whilst using this, she changes you into a reptile or amphibian with all powers stripped from them.

Kiss of Death: Blows a kiss that omits a force that sucks out the power of whatever is within its vicinity, draining its life essence and filtering it to Medina. If it is to touch someone, it embeds and fuses itself with their hearts, souls, minds and bodies to continuously drain their power until they die.

Eternal Sleep: Shoots a beam of magical energy from the eyes that, upon contact, will force anything with a conscious into deep slumber, but also constantly drain their energy. Whilst the foe is within the beam, they cannot be awakened by any means. Once the beam is off of them, however, they are just sleeping like normal, though their energy is still being sapped.

Medina's Oblivion: Shoots a beam of magical energy from the eyes that gives the foe amnesia, rupturing and locking away their thoughts so that they forget everything they know.

Lamia's Will: An odd magic that cures her body of any impurities and wounds. It is gradual, but it is surely completely effective.

Serpent Stare: A powerful ability that, so long as she stares at something, she can drain its power into herself gradually, as well as gradual paralysis of those who are caught in it too long... However, she cannot use this attack and any other attack at the same time, thus making this a one-or-the-other sort of ability, though very effective.

Dark Illusion: Powerful Illusory magic that can trick people in numerous ways, whether it be by light or sound, or magically altering perception, or anything of that nature, whilst in this form, she may use any sort of illusory magic necessary.
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The Wicked Snake...
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