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 The Insangel

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Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels
Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels

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PostSubject: The Insangel   The Insangel - Page 3 EmptyWed Jun 09, 2021 5:25 pm

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Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels
Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels

Posts : 201
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The Insangel - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Insangel   The Insangel - Page 3 EmptyThu Jun 24, 2021 11:22 am

Insangel 46: Engaging The Crystal; Facing The Ice Queen

The gem that was given to Priere by Koudo radiated with an intense coldness that resonated with Priere's very soul. It was overwhelmingly chilling, which felt like pure ecstasy to dear old Priere.

"Whatever this thing is that he gave me, it's fucking great!"

She wore it around her neck like a necklace, for it felt oddly close to her heart the moment she touched it. Weird.

"Well, I'd better crack open this Grimoire for some more training..."

The grimoire of her family appeared before her, the ancient tome releasing a thick mist of ice from its innards as it opened up to a blank page. Priere was confused, as she hadn't opened the book to this page at all, and the grimoire was acting on its own. She peered into the bare page of the book and felt the blue Opal on her neck teeming with power.

"... The hell?"

The book began to write more things in an ancient script that appeared on the pages below, as if activating a seal within the book that had been harnessed for thousands of years. Though this script was far older than Priere and her lineage, she could read it as if she was fluent in it.

"... The Ice Queen, Shiva?"

Saying the name of Shiva caused the Opal's hidden power to expel outward, an icy presence overcoming the entire room. This diamond dust swirled in a specific position, conjuring up the all-too-familiar to Priere, Shiva.

Just as Priere encountered Shiva, a large rip in the dimensions would appear, releasing a small egg down from the skies and right above her hand. Only a little time had passed through its travels, so it was a little closer to hatching sooner.
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Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels
Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels

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PostSubject: Re: The Insangel   The Insangel - Page 3 EmptyThu Jun 24, 2021 11:33 am

Insangel 47: So, I Hear You've Got A Battleship?

This was strictly business... Mahk-X was preparing for a few things and he had his eye on people who's resources he needed to aquire.

Of course he had a few barganing chips of his own to barter with, so he hoped he could convince his clients of interest to part with the possessions he wanted most.

What he was interested in now you ask? The Ultramarine, Priere's Battleship, the one she pulled out on Cross, the one Cross kinda took down, or at least circumvented.

So, it was time to see if he could properly complete this business venture. Mahk-X sat in his office in his Kage Castle on the right side, the side with the white throne opposing the left side with a typical desk and recliner chair. A wispy wind blew through the office as the figure atop the throne sat... waiting for his appointment.

Of course, the host of the required material had to be in attendance to complete such a transaction; and there she stood-- er, floated, in the presence of Mahk-X. How could this be when they have never met nor ever needed to associate with each other? Because they needed to now.

"... So... Let me get this straight... You want me to ask Blue to give you access to the Ultramarine; the ultimate battleship, ALL the way from her homeworld, make modifications and use it ONCE and ONLY ONCE for WHATEVER purpose you want, and in exchange you'll give me four water pokemon of my choice?"

Of course, this sounded too good to be true; a random rebellious DUSK shinobi having something that The Great Destroyer did not... Or perhaps he just wished to help her out, for god knows why. Whatever the reason, Priere was liking the conditions. One pokemon for use, one pokemon for the transportation of the vehicle, one pokemon for modifications and the last pokemon to take it back. Four pokemon for four resources. Sounds legit.

"THAT'S our deal?"

Kham sat in his chair, stroking his newly acquired facial hair going over the ramifications of the deal in his head. Sounded about right, and if you count a pokemon for every aspect of the deal then it sounds even more golden.

But there was a problem. Pokemon are lifetime allies, using the ultramarine once just wasn't enough. He wanted a lifetime benefit out of this too- well, aside from the one he was already going to obtain.

"Sounds about right. Though... I'm beginning to want to make some modifications to the agreement."

Kham let his face rest on his fist, he shut his eyes and ran the numbers over his head again.

"What's better the Taundra or the Ultramarine? Can I grab both? One's sea worthy and the other one is a tank kind of ordeal right?"

Priere scoffed, shaking her head almost immediately as he tried to negotiate The Tundra as well. That was Priere's personal item.

"Uuuh, I don't think so. The Tundra belongs to me. Me and my family. Nothing that comes from my ancestral grimoire is even able to be controlled by anyone outside of my lineage, which is apparently why my family's secrets have been secrets for so long."

She crossed her arms.

"I don't care what you do to some crusty old battleship Blue's sister has, but when you start meddling with my stuff? Uh-uh. Nope. Blue barely agrees as is. So the Ultramarine is our only and final offer under the terms we agreed on before. No extensions, substitutions or refunds. Take it or leave it."

She narrowed her eyes, her soul already calling toward the door. When someone hit on a personal level like that, Priere was definitely not going at all.

"I mean, you can always spend the months actually obtaining your tiny-titan pocket monsters like everyone else... I'm giving you a good deal here."

Mahk-X didn't really budge, he could sit still for ages...

"It's not like I have anything to loose. I'm a hundred of your battleships..."

Priere scoffed at him, shrugging her shoulders. It didn't seem like she particularly cared at all; getting the pokemon was just a type of bonus to her. She just liked creatures like that.

"Hell no. I'm in no position to sell my soul for anything. The Ultramarine is an object. The Tundra is a part of me. If I wanted to give myself up to you, I would have just joined your dumb old village instead of the dumb old Dusk. Remember, you called me. My offer was on the table. You could either take it or leave it, but I'll assume you're leaving it."

If all he wanted was The Tundra, then their business was no more. It wasn't going to anyone other than herself ever. She pointed a finger in the air, an intricate and runic circular pattern appearing before her and shattering, forming an Ice Portal back out into somewhere in Ves, hell.

"Guess we're done here if you won't budge, eh? I'm sure someone else will gladly sell out to your offer."

"Yeah, we're through, unless of course you wouldnt mind piloting the Taundra for me when I have need of it. It'll be a simple task."

Kham began to doubt why Koudo hung out with the likes of Priere, then again he must like being submissive. Either way, the acquisition of the ultramarine and the taundra would be icing on Mahk-X's war-game cake.

He preferred his cake without icing anyhow.

"But if you insist on being stubborn, feel free to go. I'll just have to take what I want from you."

Priere had no intention of selling out. Especially not for the price she was being given. The Tundra being piloted by herself was the ultimate warship, for as she got stronger so did it, and the more expansive her imagination got, the more powerful this being was.

"Huh, I dunno, I'm pretty sure that would cost you extra... MUCH extra, if you wanted all of that. And the only reason I'm even considering doing this is because of Koudo's stupid affiliation with you. I bet he's gotten all buddy buddy with a lot of other people, too... I told him not to get attached!"

She face palmed, shaking her head.

"... But anyway. As it stands, no deal. If you can't respect my morals or you can't pay the price, then I can't give you a thing. And believe me, the surcharge for me making a PERSONAL appearance... Is something you can't afford."

True, she sounded like a top dollar whore, (and in some cases she acted as such), but that wasn't the point here. It was a miracle that she was still even hearing him out at this point, for she was just as steadfast and unyielding in her ways as he. They were two brick walls facing off.


There wasn't much more Kham could say, he could detect Priere on her breaking point, but she didn't exactly leave did she? She had to have had some honor if she abided by the "firend of friends code" maybe Tamura was his bargaining chip...

"Ah... Koudo Tamura, would you prefer if he left my buddy buddy organization? I know that you call yourself a rebel. If its the dusk you want, I can make you and Tamura the generals of an army that would be a match for Khrona right now. A fitting army for your Taundra..."

Priere was considering the whole 'Koudo leaving the organization' thing... That was a priceless joy to her, but she knew how much it meant to him to be there, so she couldn't do it under her own order... Even if she technically did have rule over him. She still respected his wishes.

"Tch. I don't give a damn about the Dusk, Khrona or your organization. I've got armies on my own. I've got power for days, so looking for that isn't in my mind. I told you what I wanted, I gave you my offer. Besides... Something like this, I can't make the decision for Koudo. I'm the leader of our rebel gang, but he's free to do as he wishes... Until I need him."

She scoffed, wondering if he had anything else to offer... Or if he'd reconsider just taking Blue's battleship in exchange for the pokemon and call it a day. Nothing that came from Priere's grimoire was up for auction. If he didn't have anything else, then their business was done. Maybe she'd order Koudo to go catch her some pokemon... He seemed to enjoy catching the sneasel and giving it to her, why wouldn't he do it again? Especially if Priere ordered him to. Hahaha!
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Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels
Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels

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PostSubject: Re: The Insangel   The Insangel - Page 3 EmptyThu Jun 24, 2021 2:42 pm

Insangel 48: Hey, You Home? Of Course You Are!

After a while or so, Ralts finally calmed down before falling asleep while dropping itself and Koudo right on the doorstep of the Ice Sanctuary. Koudo knew because he immediately felt a chill run up his spine. Shivering a bit, he placed a hand down on the cold stoop and pushed himself up to his feet while slipping Ralts into his jacket to keep it warm.

" Well since I'm here. Might as well... knock. "

Koudo said with a wicked grin. He hoped Priere was fully clothed and prepared for guests.

He rose his leg, while using one of his hands to keep the Ralts in his jacket, and kicked the door open with a loud boom like he was the police! Koudo knew the quickest way to get her off her ass if she was lounging around was to make as much noise as possible and then...

" Hey it's me Koudo. You home? "

Slap his name on the end. If that didn't get her anger pumping, her adrenaline rushing, and her body appearing before him from inside her icy domain then Koudo was quite sure she was deceased. Come to think of it, he hadn't seen Priere nor Perura. What in the hell were they up to?

The loud and annoying knocking on the door of course was responded to with anger, as Priere opened the door with a slam and had violent looking eyes. The Snorunt on her head seemed unfazed, however.

"What in the HELL do you want!? I was napping!!"

The pendent on her neck glimmered a bit, and moment later her Sneasel, Rime, walking up to the door as well. She hadn't seen much of him in a while, so she was even more pissed about that. Everyone had been busy with their own things lately.

Koudo looked upon Priere, seeing the snorunt on top of her head and the Sneasel on the ground. He nodded to the Sneasel, since he was the original trainer of it after all, before slowly lowering his coat a bit to reveal the sleeping Ralts to Priere. The Ralts, and the emblem of the Dusk.

" While you've been napping, I've been promoted. "

He told her before looking around her to the interior of the Ice Sanctuary. Koudo had only been completely inside once, and wanted to see what it looked like now.

After being told about his promotion, and seeing his little new pokemon, as well, she immediately slammed the door in his face and went to sit on her couch. She was so pissed at him... But she also figured out how it could be beneficial to the notoriety of their gang. Their still nameless gang... But, she was coming up with some new ideas for that as we speak.

After a little while of thought, she opened the door back up and glared him square in the eyes.

"I thought I told you not to get too attached to anyone? Now you're all buddy-buddy with the Dusk Village, protecting it and all that crap... I thought we were supposed to high-tail it out of here one day! Take this place by storm! Make ourselves the gang that no one wants to fuck with, eh? What happened to that?"


The first thing that rang through Koudo's mind as the door was slammed on his face. If Ralts wasn't such a heavy sleeper then it would have woken up. Koudo blinked a couple of times, but didn't move after that for a while. He was just trying to understand what had just happened.

Then Priere was back at the door... with an attitude as Koudo figured she would be. He leaned back a little bit, looking from her face off to the side.

" Did you tell me that? I don't remember that... "

Koudo responded honestly before turning around to face Priere again.

" I'm not sure what happened to that, actually. Maybe I out grew it. "

The utterance of his words caused her eyebrow to twitch, as that was the only thing in motion after being so stunned by his words. The Snorunt atop her head leapt off and ran around to the back with the Sneasel, as they knew something of importance was about to go down.

"Grew out of it!? So what are you trying to say, you're too good for my gang now?"

She wasn't having that at all. That's what got people brutally beaten 'round these parts. She waited for Koudo to explain himself because right now, he was in some hot water.
Author: Koudo Tamura [ Sun Jul 15, 2012 9:42 am ]
Post subject: Re: Hey, You Home? Of Course You Are!
" Not at all. "

Koudo responded swiftly, turning completely around to face the FFF. He wasn't saying that he was too good for her gang, but he was saying it at the same time it seemed. Koudo could tell that she was getting angry, but there was something deeper in there than anger. Maybe she was sad too?

" But don't you think that goal is a little childish? How could we do it without some plan of action, resources. What exactly are you rebelling against? "

Koudo stuffed his hand in his pocket, clutching the pendant there tightly. Koudo had responsibilities now, and big shoes to fill. He didn't think he had time to chase childish dreams anymore.

She crossed her arms and closed her eyes for a moment, being taken into the recesses of her mind intentionally rather than forcefully by Signis. She needed to review this with them, too.

Priere: ... So he's finally grown up, it seems.

Signis: That means that he can understand the full intentions of your plan?

Priere, sighing "I dunno... I think he might want to go it alone for a while. I'm not mad at him, but... I'm mad at him."

Signis: Ha! Foolish girl, telling him not to form sentiments when you, yourself have formed on with him! How folly.

Priere, now irked "Hey! He's supposed to be MY subordinate till the end! We were supposed to go places! Find out about our own pasts! Grow strong and beat the odds of conformity! We were gonna show this world that we don't need to follow anyone to be great!"

Blue: ... Perhaps he realized that as well?

That created an awkward silence between the three of them. After that, no one dared say a word. It was a matter now of how Priere was going to take it. Leaving the recesses of her mind, which she was finding out wasn't just her mind, but her soul as well, only a couple seconds had passed realtime. She opened her eyes and stared at Koudo, her anger lessening.

"... I knew you wouldn't go for that reason forever. I meant to tell you what my true intentions were, but now... Looks like I waited a bit too long. You're already starting something else for yourself, huh?"

" I'm bearing a weight that I have to live up to now... "

Was all Koudo said in response, but he didn't turn around to face her again. He was sure that Priere wouldn't understand what he was talking about, and wouldn't be able to put pieces together to figure it out. To Koudo's knowledge, she didn't know about his relationship with Maruze.

Koudo lowered his head and closed his eyes, smirking a little. It definitely sounded like Priere was sad now, or maybe he was just imagining things. Whatever the case, he liked this. He didn't say anything for a long while after he'd spoken... but then...

" That doesn't mean that we can't still play together, boss. "

After moments of silence between the two, she too turned away from him, standing now in her doorway with her back turned. She lowered her head a little bit before she responded to him.

"... I thought you were too grown up to play around anymore, dumbass."

She said it affectionately, as she usually did with her insults to him. Perhaps they were supposed to part ways here? He was committed to the Dusk now as an ANBU and needed to protect it, while Priere needed to go live up to her own family's name.

"... I've been given a responsibility to live up to my family's name. I found this out from my great ancestor... The Eidolon, Shiva."

She turned her head a little, so that she could get a look at Koudo a little.

"I knew you couldn't follow me forever. But, remember that I'm always your first boss; before anyone. Even that damned Khrona."

She placed a hand on her Ice Sanctuary doors, remembering that he was the one who made it possible for Priere to even have this place sustained without constantly draining her magical power.

"Maybe Perura will stay with me, but I know for a fact that I've gotta go. On your behalf, I'll stay in the Dusk, but I won't be part of it. I wouldn't dream of taking any orders from the likes of you."

She said that through a smirk on her face, knowing good and well that as an ANBU, Koudo had technical authority over her, and she wasn't going for that. She was the boss of him, through and through.

Koudo tried his best not to chuckle at her insult. Another tsundere to add to his list, he thought. Koudo understood that she had circumstances to live for and up to now, her problems basically being the same thing as Koudo except that she knew about her past while Koudo was following in the footsteps of a man he designated his father.

" Right. "

He said with a nod of his head. Priere was more than just his first boss, but his true first best friend. He saw her much more than Mana and thus she desired that title, best friend. Koudo placed a hand to his hip and looked up to the sky.

" You be careful with realize your destiny, I don't want to have to come bailing you out of trouble since your one of my tenants. "

He said jokingly. Priere's house was on his property after all, so it wasn't like they wouldn't be seeing each other around unless they specifically avoided one another which just.. wouldn't.. happen. It was sad that the gang was being laid to rest before they even got to do anything that got them super famous, but that was the price of growing up.

Priere couldn't help but burst into laughter upon the noting of her being one of 'his' tenants. She quickly spun around, fingers in the position to snap, and she smiled big at him, her eyes filled with a new found strength.

"Hahahahaha!! YOUR tenants? I could have sworn I said I was gonna blow this popsicle stand, didn't I? Still aren't listening the first time, I see!"

With a snap of the fingers, a gigantic Ice Seal manifested itself in the sky, waiting for the moment where Priere broke it to transport her house elsewhere in the Dusk.

"I meant that I was taking my house with me. Oh, and I've got two things for you. Three, if you're lucky. Here's number one and number two."

She threw a piece of some sort of strange fabric at him. It was cold like ice, but soft like cloth. Must have been one of her special creations. On it were two letters; FF. This stood for the name of the gang, which she just came up with.

"Even though the gang is splitting apart, we're still a gang. I just came up with the name now, in honor of the place we've been living. From this day forward, we're known as the Absolute Zero Gang. Represent me well out here in the Dusk, I want our colors to be known in this place!"

She threw two more of those at him, as well.

"For Maina and Naina. They're part of this gang, too."

Wanting to laugh at how funny all of this was, she knew that she was not going to be that far away from him. This gang was only splitting up physically, not in spirit. That could never happen.

"Oh, and one more thing... Here."

She flicked a small little crystal of ice at him, which sparkled more beautifully than any other ice she'd ever made. Its shape resembled just what it was... A crystallized tear from Priere's eyes.

"Anytime you feel like you miss me, or somethin. But don't go getting sentimental on me."

What a funny girl she was.

Koudo caught the cold cloth as well as the tear drop and looked at them both. He saw the AZ embroidered in it and smirked a bit before looking at Priere. He didn't think she'd be taken her whole house with her, but since she was he assumed she would settle somewhere near the Witch Providence since that was where most magical beings settled.

" Nice work, I didn't know you were good at sewing. What's the third thing? "

He didn't say anything about the tear drop because it would be impossible for him to look at it without getting just a thing bit sentimental. He stuffed the stuff in his pocket except the teardrop which he rolled around in his fingers.

She stepped outside for a moment, hovering around the front of her house now to make sure that everything was in order. It seemed like everything was intact, so... It looks like she was ready to head out.

"... I wonder if Perura wants to come... Where the hell is she?"

Priere hadn't seen her in so long that she was like a ghost to her. Not like she could leave a message... Unless...

"Koudo. Tell Perura if she wants to live with me, she can. I'll be in a place of pure icy wonder somewhere in the Dusk, if either of you come looking. Don't be a stranger."

She floated back down to the ground, landing lightly on her toes, which still barely touched the ground. She really did enjoy hovering everywhere.

"Oh, that last thing? Huh."

She walked up to Koudo and grabbed him by his collar, pulling him close for a forced kiss. It was passionate and filled with emotion, which Koudo should be able to tell from her icy, winter fresh breath. The moment she did, she snapped her fingers again, releasing the Ice Seal in a large shattering burst, which then caused the suction to lift the house right off of the ground. Priere's body started to float up, too, yet the prolonged kiss kept her in one spot for a while until she simply could do so no longer. With that, she hovered up near the top of the Ice Sanctuary, laughing just as haughtily as ever.

"Ohohohoho! Consider yourself lucky, Koudo Tamura! That binds our friendship and the status in my gang! Don't even think for a second that you aren't gonna still be doing things for me! I'm just giving you a well-deserved vacation!!"

The large palace slowly hovered up deeper into the Ice Portal, now almost completely gone. Right under it, Priere was there with arms crossed, following right behind it.

"Whenever I need you, you'd better be there! Even if it's just for a visit! That's an order!!"

Those final parting words said, Priere looked up, the Ice Sanctuary finally completely fit through the portal. It immediately shrank to adjust to Priere's size, and she would float up into it as well.

"Until my next big plan, Koudo... We'll still be a notorious gang. No matter what."

And so, it did close. Next stop; the Crystal Ridge.

With a nod, Koudo knew to tell Perura once he'd seen her himself. Perura had been pretty AWOL lately, her location unknown to all her friends. Maina and Naina couldn't even pick her soul up with their Soul Perception when ever they tried. Even Naina's Self Resonance Soul Perception was ineffective. Koudo hoped she hadn't gotten herself into any trouble.

" I'll get righ- "

Before he could finish his statement though, there were cold lips filled with intense emotion pressed to his. Koudo's eyes widened for a bit, trying to realize what was happening, before he realized Priere was giving him quite the smooch. She was the second girl to do that to him, but he wasn't complaining.

When it was over and she drifted from his immediate grip with her house, Koudo pressed two fingers to his lips to still feel the cold of Priere's kiss. He was at a loss for words at the moment, and only watched as she left with her haughty attitude. He gave her a nod before the portal closed completely and she was gone.

" Whoa... "

Koudo said as he fell to his butt on the ground right in front of where Priere's house was. He didn't think bothering her today would turn out like that.

" An Order huh? "

He mouthed to himself before lifting the crystal teardrop up to his line of vision and rolling it around. He wasn't mistaken to think she was sad when he'd told her he'd grown out of her plans of rebelling against the machine. He stayed sitting there, thinking.
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Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels
Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels

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PostSubject: Re: The Insangel   The Insangel - Page 3 EmptyThu Jun 24, 2021 2:46 pm

Insangel 49: Hmph...

After being gypped out of her pokemon by Mahk-X, Priere was really upset about all of this. She knew that she'd have to go to the Pokemon center now and get some Pokeballs to go find the pokemon he promised her... And it just pissed her off.

"Fucking Nightmare... Screw this damn place... We had a deal and he couldn't even live up to it, deadbeat..."

She hovered to the front desk, looking for Nurse Joy, or someone to give her these pokeballs. She might as well go out and catch.

Hearing the sound of someone entering the pokemon center Nurse Joy would quickly appear from the back. Nurse Joy would notice it was a young lady she had never met before so she would bow with a joyful mile on her face.

"Welcome to the Pokemon Center how may I help you?"

Priere gave a cold glare to Nurse Joy, not because of anything personal, but simply because she was forced to have to do this.

"Sigh... It would be great if you could give me the pokemon I was promised... But I guess I'll just take these Pokeballs..."

She was going to be upset about this for a while, it seemed.

"I am sorry miss but could you explain what you mean?"

Nurse Joy would say this with a rather confused look on her face as she did not know what the girl was talking about. Nurse Joy needed a much more clearer explanation instead of just saying give me some pokemon.

Priere wasn't for giving out her personal info all willy nilly, but it would be nice to relieve the stress of this situation by talking to someone about it.

"Sigh... Well I was supposed to strike up this deal with Mahk-X and he was gonna give me some sweet Pokemon for it, but... He never came through. He gypped me and led me on, so then I got pissed and left. Now I'm out of my four pokemon he promised me, too."

It did feel better, but she was still quite pissed. In fact, she kinda wanted to destroy someone about it...

"I'm just pissed that he did that to me. Deadbeat!"

Yeah, she wasn't ever going to get over this.

Nurse Joy would listen to what Priere said and after finishing Nurse Joy would remember Kham sending her a letter along with a few pokemon for a certain person. Going to the back of the center Nurse Joy would locate said letter and pokeballs. However while she would return with the pokeballs Nurse Joy would not simply hand them to Priere.

"Well miss could you please tell my your name."

Priere looked up in confusion, hesitant to say her name.

"Priere... Why do you ask?"

She had a hunch that now Mahk-X was going to hinder her from getting Pokeballs... Maybe she spoke too soon about her frustrations.

"Because that is the name Mahk-X-sama told me to present these pokeballs to."

Nurse Joy would say this with a joyful smile before she moved to side of the counter placing four pokeballs on the counter for Priere. Also since it appeared to be the girls first time here Nurse Joy would also place a belt used to hold pokemon on the counter next to the pokeballs for Priere.

"Here you go as promised by Mahk-X-sama you have received a Marill, Shellos, Tentacool and Milotic please take good care of them."

Utterly stunned, Priere almost didn't know what to think about this. She spent a couple seconds simply shifting her vision, mouth agape, between Nurse Joy's smiling face, the Pokeballs and the belt. By use of her magic, the Pokeballs would hover in the air, as did the belt, and they would strap themselves around her body in a similar way that her Cactus Water was, hidden from sight. After that, she tried to figure out how to muster up these words..

"Th...Thank... you..."

She hadn't really ever had to say that to many people, so it was difficult doing that, and also because she was still shocked about all of this.

"... Tell him... I said thank you."

She crossed her arms and looked up to the ceiling rebelliously, having a new found respect for Mahk-X now.

"... And I wouldn't mind six pokeballs either, if you've got em." she hinted.

"Of course."

Nurse Joy would say as she looked under the counter and pulled out six pokeballs for Priere. They were currently attached to another belts because her first belt would become fully after the next four pokeballs where attached.

"Is there anything else you may need."

Taking the pokeballs, Priere turned away from the Nurse with a friendly wave. She was in higher spirits now.

"No need, thanks! I'll be seeing you."

She would say, stepping into one of her ice portals, back to the Crystal Ridge. She'd go pokemon hunting soon enough. She would always be prepared.
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Insangel 50: Might As Well Catch These Water Types...

Even with the generous gift from the Neo-Nightmare, Priere knew that she only had 4 water type pokemon and 2 ice types... She heard about the upcoming Gym Leader tournament and felt like if she was going to be the Water Gym Leader, she was going to need an all Water team. So it was time to get down to business.

"Alright, let's see what I can get... I only need 2, so I'll just catch this Shellder and something else and be on my way..."

Hovering over the Freshwater Sea, Priere used her powerful water Magics upon the sea to search for a Shellder or a Cloyster. Once she found one, she was going to force it up from the sea using water magic, whether it wanted to or not.

"I'm getting my Shellder..."

At the bottom of the Freshwater sea, where a family of Shellder and Cloyster roamed, Priere's water magic would catch hold of three of them; one Shellder and two Cloyster. The three of them were asleep, mind you, so when they rose from the waters, Priere seemed to have the element of surprise on her side, fortunately.

Feeling something caught within her magic, Priere pulled up three water pokemon; two Cloyster and one Shellder.

"... Oooooh yes."

She whipped out her pokeballs, seeing that the three of them were asleep. She wouldn't mind having a Cloyster and a Shellder,so the first thing she did was throw two pokeballs; one at the Shellder and the other at the Cloyster. Hopefully she caught them.

The two pokeballs were thrown, and one would hit the Cloyster, the other the Shellder. Both of them would be captured and float in the water for a moment, shaking a bit. Because they were asleep, they apparently put up little resistance, and were captured instantly, upon which the pokeballs would float back to Priere.

The other Cloyster, however, was awoken by the sound of the clicks of the pokeballs. She was more than upset that her husband and daughter had been captured, and retaliated with a violent and powerful Spike Cannon directly at Priere.

After having captured the Shellder and Cloyster so easily, Priere was feeling mighty good about herself, now.

"Heh heh heh! Easy as--"

Until spikes shot at her like rockets, a couple flying past her face before she deflected the rest with her cuffs.

"Tch. So you really want a battle, huh? Well, I guess my new pokemon could use the experience!! Go, Meo!!"

Priere flung out the Pokeball harboring her Marill, Meo, which would appear in the waters and float joyously on her tail like a little balloon.

"Meo, take down this foolish bastard with an Iron Tail!"

Bouncing up off of her own tail and into the sky, Meo happily spun around numerous times in the air and would try to slam her shiny metallic tail upon the Cloyster's hardened body and break through.

As the Cloyster was simply not going, she released powerful jets from her body to shoot herself off along the water to safety, where in the Iron Tail would splash and create a large wave of water. This caused the Cloyster to be caught in the waves of the current, being pushed off away from the battlefield and toward the edge of the sea. Battle won, right?

Wrong. The Cloyster was still not having this, so she dove deep into the waters and down under the sea... Where she would speak to the King.

As the giant wave of water carried the Cloyster off to the horizon, Priere smirked and patted Meo on the head.

"Good job. Got rid of that pissy bastard. Well, I got my Shellder, plus a bonus Cloyster, so I might as well be out..."

Priere would let Meo stay out, since she seemed to be enjoying herself in the waters, and would simply float off toward the shore where they came. Mission accomplished.

Even though Priere thought she was safe and thought she was in the clear, the angered Cloyster had been speaking to someone all the while. A Kingdra that resided around her, deeming himself King of these parts of the sea, who was sleeping peacefully until this Cloyster came along.

King: ZZz...

Cloyster: Oh mighty King!

King, yawning as he awakens, causing a powerful whirlpool that stirred the seas thoroughly. "What is it, my child?"

Cloyster: Some trainer has come around these parts again and has taken my husband and my daughter! Can you please do something about this?

With dreary eyes and another yawn that would cause a twister above the ocean, the sleepy Kingdra accepted her plea and started toward the top of the ocean where Priere resided.

As he emerged, a terrible and powerful storm was brewing all around; from the skies to the seas, there were whirlpools and twisters every which way and every place. Confronting Priere as she tried to leave the area, it would seem as though she'd fucked up now.

Priere did indeed think that this was easy pickins, and was more than ecstatic about how she was going to train her two newest pokemon.

"Hahaha, this is gonna be awesome..."

But soon, a vicious whirlpool whipped up, as well as a violent storm.

"What the hell...?"

The famed pokemon, Kingdra, rose from the depths of the seas, confronting Priere and Meo face to face.

"... Oh..."

Her voice was full of splendor and disdain, knowing full and well what was about to happen here today.

"I guess that bitch Cloyster went to you to fight her battles, huh...? Well Meo and I are gonna knock you off your high horse, Kingdra! But first..."

Priere would wave her hand in the air for a moment, then snap her finger, the storm quieting, the waters silencing, and Meo being able to float with ease without worry of being knocked around by the current.

"There. A fair fight. Now, Meo... Rollout."

Meo would smile, saluting Priere and curling into a ball, spinning violently until she parted the waters a bit beneath her from the force of her spin. She'd ride along the top of the water as if it were solid terrain and rush toward the Kingdra at a high speed.

The Kingdra was ready to easily tear through the feeble human and her Marill, seeing no threat with them at all... Until she calmed and quieted the entire storm that brewed across the whole sea.


That was all he could fathom to think, as a storm HE created was silenced so easily. As such, he knew that these two would be more than enough for him, and he could see why he was needed...

So be it then...

As the little Marill used its cute Rollout attack, the Kingdra would breath in and release a powerful forceful gust of pure destructive power through its mighty shout; a Dragon Pulse to blow this Marill out of its Rollout and back to its trainer.

Meo could feel that she was not moving forward anymore, but instead, moving very swiftly backward from the power of the Dragon Pulse, which, in turn, shot her toward Priere. Too busy enjoying her time spinning, she didn't really know that she was hurdling toward Priere, and only continued to spin faster and faster.

"Oh shit..."

Priere could see that Meo had no intention of stopping, probably because she wasn't paying any attention, but... That was more than okay. She would catch Meo and use the waters within her to spin her faster, whilst Priere used the momentum of her capture of Meo to spin around as well. Doing a complete reversal, Priere flung Meo at max power and speed, using the force of her magics to fling her even faster than she would have before.

"Top that..."

The Kingdra was astounded by their synergy and teamwork, finding them to be more powerful than expected. He was no fool, however, and would not fall for such trickery. With his mighty speed and Agility, he would gracefully and skillfully evade the speeding Marill and quickly focus himself on Priere.

The Cloyster from before would appear beside him, now instead of a fit of rage, she was saddened and crying. The Kingdra could not allow this.

Trainer. I sense you can communicate with beings of the water on a far greater level than a normal human. If you can hear and understand me, please... Give this poor woman her husband and daughter back.

He did not want to fight her, as it would just cause more cataclysm within the seas, and a true King knew when to let something go.

Cloyster: If not the both of them, then please, my daughter at least...

The Kingdra wasn't sure how she was going to respond, or if she could even hear their pleas.

... If it appeases you, I will take the place of her daughter. Just let her go.

As Meo sped off, she didn't hit her mark AGAIN, and would finally simply unfold and splash about playfully in the water, waiting for Priere's next order. All the while, Priere could hear the voices of the Kingdra and the Cloyster in her mind.


She heard everything that they said, and didn't realize that she was messing up a family because of her actions. She really wanted to keep the both of them, but the Kingdra made her a bargain that she couldn't refuse.

"... Alright, lady. Here. Take your daughter."

Priere would release the Shellder from her pokeball and into the water next to the Cloyster, then immediately pointed the pokeball to the Kingdra.

"A deal's a deal, then. You're a pretty cool guy. We can spread your teachings and ways to the rest of this world, too."

She would fling the pokeball and capture the Kingdra.

After hearing the words of Priere and to know that their deal was set, the Kingdra humbly nodded his head, knowing of his fate. He turned to the Cloyster and watched as she was reunited with at least her daughter, and could see the joy on her face.

Cloyster: Oh, my baby...! She's back with me...

Kingdra: Ah, so you are happy...

Cloyster: Oh mighty King! Thank you! And make sure to tell my husband that I love him...

Kingdra: I wouldn't have it any other way.

And with that, he was captured by the same pokeball used to catch the Shellder before, now belonged to Priere.

With a new and very rare pokemon in her disposal, Priere had gotten more than she bargained for here... In fact, much more. She not only got something better than a Shellder; it's evolved form, Cloyster, but also the rare king of the sea, Kingdra. She hovered over to Meo and smirked at her, laughing to herself.

"Weeell, I think we got a pretty good haul out here today. Looks like my entry team is complete. Next on my list is to get you suckers to evolve so you'll stand a fighting chance!"

She was going to have to train and discipline these pokemon... In numerous ways.

"Come on, Meo."

She would continue to head toward the shore, where she would be heading home now.

Just when Priere thought she was done, when she got to the shore, she would find an unconscious Dragonair, heavily wounded from a scrap before halfway washed up on shore. Whatever did this to her was pretty powerful, indeed. What could have done it? Would Priere even acknowledge it?

As she got to the shore with Meo, she realized that there was something amiss here. She looked around and saw that there was a wounded mythical creature lying on the shore.

"Hoooooly shit."

A Dragonair, something almost as rare, if not rarer than the Kingdra. Why was Priere on such a roll today? But... Wait... It was wounded. She hovered over to it, and now since she knew she could communicate with any pokemon affinitied with water, she would touch it, looking it up and down.

"What the hell happened to you? Are you even awake? What did this to you?"

She was concerned but the way she spoke seemed a bit too lax for this type of situation.

The Dragonair was formerly unconscious until Priere started to speak, seeming to revive it from its fainted status. It would weakly open its eyes and try to communicate with her, finding only a little strength to do so.

Gyarados... Out in the sea...

However, now that she was awake, she could utilize her recovery abilities to start to heal herself.

Thank you for waking me up... I... I feel like I can restore my wounds now.

As she spoke longer, more of her wounds started to heal under the light of her majestic horn and orbs on her body.

... You were kind enough to come check on me... Do you think you would help me fight and calm this powerful beast? You would be in my debt! If this goes on... He may destroy everything! My friends are already there trying to hold him off... Won't you please?

This kindly Dragonair pleaded with Priere, hoping she could be of some assistance.

Seeing this Dragonair restore herself gave Priere a bit of reassurance about everything, but... She reeeaaaallly didn't want to go back out there and deal with a Gyarados.


Buuut, at the same time... Perhaps this Dragonair would cut her the same deal that the Kingdra did if she helped! Plus, maybe she could snag that Gyarados while she was at it... It wasn't like it wasn't feasible.

"... Heh. Alright, I'll help! Just lead the way."

She would wait for the Dragonair to lead her out to where this Gyarados was, trying to figure out how she was going to calm that thing down...

More than grateful for her undying kindness, the Dragonair quickly wrapped her tail around Priere and her Marill and started off into the sea.

Thank you so much! I'm forever in your debt! Now, let's hurry!

Speeding off into the sea, it would take about an hour before they got to their destination, which was where a violent storm was brewing due to the Gyarados' rage. There, a Vaporeon, Poliwrath and Empoleon were all trying to fend off this Gyarados, which was fathoms times larger than the average one, all of their efforts failing to calm down the beast. Releasing powerful and destructive Hyper Beams that caused massive tidal waves with every fire, this Gyarados' rage simply overwhelmed everyone and everything.

There they are! They've been keeping him at bay for as long as they can... Hurry, let's help them!

She would release Priere and her Marill and quickly join back with her friends.

Dragonair: Everyone! I've brought help!

Empoleon: It's about time.

Poliwrath: Are you alright? You took that Outrage for all of us back there!

Vaporeon: Yeah, thanks for that, but I think you should definitely sit this one out!

Dragonair: No, I think the combined efforts of the 6 of us can stop this Gyarados! Me, you three, this trainer and her pokemon!

Vaporeon: Suit yourself. Just hurry and be careful!

With all four of these pokemon still in the fray, it was time for Priere to live up to what she had just spoken... and take down this Giant Gyarados.

This Gyarados was massive. Like, beyond massive. Enormous. Far larger than any Gyarados she had ever seen or heard about. And it was acting a goddamn fool.

"What the hell did you all do to piss THIS thing off!?!"

She turned to Meo, since she was out, and she wasn't scared in the slightest. In fact, she seemed rather happy about all of this.

"Sigh... You just don't understand danger, do you?"

She flailed and splashed in the giant waves, having the greatest fun of all time.

"Alright, Meo, let's help them out, then! Let's start it off right... Superpower!!"

Suddenly, Meo's eyes got stern and focused, her power exploding, halting a giant tidal wave that was about to consume her and silencing it. With incredible speed and power, she would burst from the waters and shoot straight at the Gyarados' chest, trying to knock it down into the waters with the greatest force. Hopefully this did something to it...

Being distracted with the other four, the Gyarados didn't even see the Marill charging at it. Being impacted with the full force of the Superpower, its body bent backward as if it were about to fall... But it had only done a little bit of damage, as expected. Concentrating now on the little Marill, it IMMEDIATELY retaliated with a POWERFUL Hyper Beam able to split the ocean in twain, and most likely the little Marill along with it. No wonder Four almost fully evolved pokemon could not take this creature out. Now He just seemed more vicious.

Poliwrath: Oh no! I'll catch you!

He sped off to catch the Marill that was, without a doubt, going to get hit by that, no question. He would catch her and try to tend to her wounds. Meanwhile, the Empoleon would try another Hydro Blast, summoning a great torrent of water from the seas to create a huge concentrated blast directly at the Gyarados. The Dragonair tried to hit it with a powerful Thunderbolt, calling it down from the skies upon the Gyarados' head, whilst the Vaporeon went to tend to the injured Marill, to heal her wounds.

As Meo was undoubtedly blasted out of the sky, even with the Superpower, she was harmed so bad that she was near the end of her rope, only being saved by the Poliwrath that came to her rescue, whilst the Vaporeon started trying to heal her.

"Oh dammit, Meo... How the fuck are we gonna do this? I don't think I have any pokemon that can-- Wait... That's it..."

Priere knew of just one... One pokemon that could quell any rage... The most beautiful beauteous queen, Beauty the Milotic.

"Alright, Beauty! Use your gorgeous looks to win the heart of this rampaging giant!! Attract!!!"

Priere released her pokeball into the air, immediately releasing the marvelous and beautiful Milotic from her confines. Her pure grandeur and beauty would turn every head, male or female, and regardless of their sexual preference, to gawk and stare at her marvelousness. She merely looked up to the raging beast, unafraid, and winked, releasing a powerful, loving and soothing aura throughout the entire area that would cause every pokemon to fall in love with her beauty.

This Gyarados seemed to have brushed off every attack, even the Thunderbolt, with its violent and undying rage. It as rearing up for yet another Hyper beam when, the Milotic appeared.

As stated by Priere, the beauty of the marvelous Milotic turned every head in the sea, even that of the Gyarados'. Upon seeing her beauty and grace, and the simply wink from her Attract, the Gyarados was smitten, and its rage was calmed. He lowered himself until his giant head met with the eyes of the Milotic, batting them childishly at her presence. He was fully and utterly in love with her.

Poliwrath: oh...

Vaporean: My...

Empoleon: Hrmph...

Dragonair: She's... so beautiful...

Each of them seemed to be smitten as well with this Milotic, as it should be, that is. No one could take their eyes off of her. But, it was mission accomplished.

Well, with the Gyarados thoroughly smitten by Priere's Milotic, Priere would throw a Pokeball at it to officially make it hers.

"Heh heh... No one beats the Beauty Queen."

Beauty: Of course not. They are too simple to.

Flinging the Pokeball at the Gyarados' head, considering how large it was, it would probably take a little more effort to put this guy in a pokeball...

The smitten Gyarados, hit in the head by the Pokeball, would somehow manage to fit inside of it, where the pokeball showed no signs of resistance to being captured. This Gyarados thereby belonged to Priere now.

Dragonair: Thank you so much... And now, for your efforts, I will be coming along with you...

The Dragonair would move toward Priere and toward Beauty, looking at Beauty with longing eyes.

Dragonair: I'd really like it if I could train under you... I want to be as beautiful as you... Or, at least really beautiful similarly to you! I hope we can be friends...

The Poliwrath swam over to Priere, giving her back her Marill, which would now be slightly healed.

Poliwrath: H-here you go... and I wouldn't mind coming along with you either, since you know, Dragonair is...

Secretly, he liked Beauty too. The Empoleon found her regal aura to be rather invigorating.

Empoleon: Hmph. I might as well join you, as well.

He didn't say much more than that. And lastly, the Vaporeon...

Vaporeon: ... Well, since everyone's hopping on this...

She wanted to join up, too. Looks like from one simply good deed, Priere got 5 new pokemon to join up with her, all of them (or most of them) of the water affinity.

After smoothly capturing the Gyarados, she would find that Beauty's beauty (Cute Charm) had indeed captured the hearts of the other Pokemon, too.

"Alright, alright! Cool it! I've got Pokeballs for everyone!"

I just hit the jackpot~!!

Beauty: Hmph. I'm sure the commoners would indeed love to be around my essence. I will make good use of these kindly peasants. Come along.

She would swim to Priere, and Priere would fling Pokeballs at all of them. With all of their consent, the pokeballs would come to a clicking halt, and Priere would have her team assembled. She would return Beauty and Meo to their Pokeballs, respectively as well.

"Yes~! And I just ran out of pokeballs, too!"

Her endeavors at becoming the Water Gym leader were rather close... She was tired of being known for only her Ice element. It was time to show them she was a Water user, too. Creating an Ice Portal, she would step through and be on her way home to the Ice Sanctuary.
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Insangel 51: The Return

After catching so many Pokemon, it was time for Priere to train them and set up her team for the Pokemon Tournament.

"Alright, let's see who I need to evolve..."

She would release her Marill, Shellos and Tentacool from their pokeballs, as they were the ones that needed to be evolved.

"Okay... It's time to give you the training of a lifetime! You okay, Meo?"

She gave Priere the thumbs up.

"Alright, good! So, let's get started!"

Priere's Pokemon seemed excited about getting started, Meo especially... In fact, she got so excited that she started to evolve on the spot. It must have been that now since she was recovered, she was feeling the experience from the battle with the giant Gyarados. That was definitely cool.

"Oh, Meo... Evolving already?"

With a bright flash, Meo would have evolved into an Azumarill.

"... Okay, one down."

She would return Meo to her Pokeball.

"... Two more to go. Alright, you two. You are going to be trained by great Pokemon. Gouzen, you will be trained by Goliath to get your body ready, and you, Kalamari, will be trained by Con Carne because you're both really angry."

Priere didn't know how she was gonna let that 60 foot Gyarados out... Nor where she'd release him at. So, in retrospect, she would simply open up an Ice Portal and let them fall in there into a secret oasis Priere created with her magic.

"Okay, so here we go..."

She would release Con Carne and Kalamari into the oasis, then informed Con Carne of what to do.

"Train him to be strong, just like you!"

A powerful and thunderous roar was heard before the portal closed... Hopefully that meant yes.

When they were done, she turned to her Shellos.

"And you..."

She released her Poliwrath, Goliath, from his confines to be the personal trainer of Gouzen.

"Give him hell; he needs to toughen up."

Pounding his fists together, he would lead the Shellos outside so they could spar.

"... Aaand now... We wait."

Now, off in the oasis that was where the Gyarados and Tentacool resided, their training would ensue immediately... With Con Carne the Gyarados opening up with a threat.

Con Carne: Mmm.... I smell the blood of another pokemon... Great... I was getting rather hungry...

He peered down at the speck that was this Tentacool, Kalamari, and knew that this pokemon would not even be a snack.

Con Carne: I was meant to train the likes of you? You will be destroyed by my might. Run away and fear me like I know you do.

Kalamari stayed silent, staring this Gyarados square in the eyes without fear; only with a violent rage building up inside of him that could only be described as the rage of a Gyarados. Without warning, the Tentacool lunged at the monstrous Gyarados, attaching straight to his harder than steel scales on his body. His first order of business was to climb straight up to this Gyarados' face and show him who means business. With how big a creature this Gyarados was, it would be a miracle if he even noticed the Tentacool climbing up his body.

Little did the little Tentacool know, Con Carne could clearly see the little one slowly making his way up his scaly body, and though he could not blast him away with a destructive Hyper Beam, he definitely could lose him in the currents. With a giant leap into the sky, arcing over and falling back into the waters, Con Carne would fall in with maximum speed and force, starting an all out swim toward nowhere.

The water pressure and the strength of the current were formidable with Con Carne's speed and size underwater; it was like the power of an entire body of water was all forcing itself upon Kalamari all at once. Yet he was still able to hold on, even in the midst of all of this. He held on and he moved closer and closer to the top, slowly lifting and resticking his tentacles upon the smooth scales of the Gyarados. He continued.

With many loops, turns, spins and twists, Con Carne tried every watery trick in the book to blow Kalamari off of his scales and get him lost in the waters. When it seemed like nothing was working, he started to swim more swiftly and more erratic, trying his very hardest to shake off this tenacious Tentacool.

Con Carne: Your willpower means nothing to me! I will blow you away!!

And Kalamari still remained silent through it all. He seemed to harness some type of great conviction about this that he wasn't going to let go, and so not even the beast such as this could tell him otherwise. He had no doubt. He had no fear. He was no normal pokemon.

Con Carne was angrily befuddled as to how this Tentacool found the strength to hold on, and with his anger slowly, but surely rising, he would start to swim deeper now, and more closely to the seafloor. There were mountainous boulders lying about, just waiting to get smashed through by the massive Gyarados. In a terrible attempt to blow Kalamari away, Con Carne ran headfirst into a massive boulder, shattering it upon contact.

Several more boulders came along the way, wherein Con Carne would scrape and slide his stomach across them, plow right through them, and purposefully crash directly into these rocks with the greatest attempt at destroying this Tentacool.

But even so, Kalamari stayed attached with more than just anger and conviction on his side; he was determined to show up the mighty Con Carne and prove his status as a powerful, angry creature, himself. He lurched his way up, slowly lifting and sticking his tentacles, taking every blow from every rock, scrape and crash that happened, and still kept going, up and up and up. He was so close now; right at the beast's throat. In only a few more moments, he would be right at the mouth of this Gyarados, where he could finally fight him like he knew he'd have to.

This Gyarados simply did not approve of this tenacity. He was so upset, in fact, that he rose from the depths of the waters and back to the surface, where he towered over everything, Thrashing and violently Flailing about to shake the thing off. Yet, to no avail would he be released, and finally this little tentacool would reach the mouth of the Gyarados.

Con Carne: Think you can best me, RUNT!?

His anger was building to the point of no return. He peered down at the tiny jellyfish hanging from his mouth like a piece of scrap meat. The Tentacool simply started to ooze with a purplish liquid, which he would then secrete onto the tongue of the Gyarados. A terrible, Toxic goo that would sit and slither down his throat and into his body, terrible poisoning him easily from the first go.

Con Carne: URGH! What is..?!

He tasted a terribly disgusting, acidic substance slither down his throat like a freshly opened can of carbonated soda. It bubbled, burned, boiled and stung, feeling as if his esophagus was about to burn away.

Con Carne: What did you do!? Is this... Toxic!!?!

As a last ditch effort, the Gyarados tried to salivate viciously, causing an overflow of this purple ooze to slip between his teeth and across his lips, dripping down into the waters below. He was gravely poisoned and he knew this.

Con Carne: Little WHELP!

At the back of the huge gaping tunnel that was Gyarados' mouth, a powerful light began to shine, illuminating every single bit of his mouth and the Tentacool's face, the light growing hotter, brighter, more powerful as the moments passed by... Eventually this light grew so bright, there was nowhere for shadow to exist inside of this Gyarados' mouth... Until...


A Hyper Beam, launched clear across the ocean, more than point-blank for this Tentacool, most likely blowing apart and incinerating everything that this small pokemon knew to be true about its own life. It would be virtually vaporized on the spot by a Hyper Beam of this caliber, holding no way of survival, avoidance or endurance of such a devastating blast. The resulting explosion reddened the skies, spreading flames across the very waves of the sea with the utmost intricacy and power. Such a blast looked to be the end for this Tentacool, as there were very few beings as it was who could withstand this Giant Gyarados' Hyper Beams simply from normal standpoints, let alone point blank. It was safe to say that Con Carne killed this poor little tentacool.

Con Carne: He has been slain?! WHELP! I knew you would prove not to be a challenge for me!! You are too weak! No wonder why you were destroyed!!!

The blast having the power to obliterate damn near anything in its way, it shot the poor tentacool clear across the ocean, almost vaporizing his body completely on contact. This tentacool was not see, nor heard from, and its presence could not even be felt anymore. Con Carne had indeed killed Kalamari.

Con Carne: This training was POINTLESS! Why did she pair me up with this INSIGNIFICANT CREATURE!?!?

But there was a light. A huge, bright light whose brightness drew in more light, darkening the skies and summoning the clouds. From the very other side of the ocean, a creature was born on that day, risen from the depths of the waters, a giant creature close to the size of this grand Gyarados, but still small in comparison. It was a Tentacruel, having evolved after surviving such a devastating blast such as that, and his body recovering slowly from being in the presence of water...


This Tentacruel was pissed.
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Insangel 52: Been A While. Still Want That Last Member?

Koudo lunged out of his portal from the Earth Shrine and combat rolled to his feet at the front porch of his leader and best friend, Priere. He shook his head out and free of the small particles of snow and water before knocking on her door.

Koudo could see that she was being a sent in again - he hadn't seen her around the village at all - and was here to give her something to do. That and tell her about a potential new member for them to adopt to their cause. Here's hint to anyone who thinks they know who it is, you probably don't.

" I wonder if she's home. Watch, I probably picked the day that she's not here. "

He whispered to himself.

"No. I'm here. I'm always here."

A voice bouncing gentle off of the beautiful rigid crystal spires spoke out to the visitor at the Ice Sanctuary's doorstep, which had gotten a large makeover in her exceptionally long time here. The constant sound of a tapping finger on ice, as well as the flipping pages of a book could also be heard echoing throughout this winter wonderland. Of course, it was the ever patient, yet impatient Priere reading her family grimoire page by page... for the thousandth time.

The doors to the Ice Sanctuary-- now the Crystal Palace-- slowly faded into floes of snow, revealing a pathway to the maiden of the house... Priere.

"So you're finally back for a visit. Kudos, Koudo. What brings you?"

Something seemed... Off about her speech. Hm...

" Quite the regal appearance your house has taken, leader. "

Koudo said jokingly. He noticed the difference in her speech, but didn't pay it any mind. Figuring that spending as much time as she must be spending with Signis might have altered her speech patterns slightly. Or maybe, she realized from reading that book that she'd like royalty or something.

Either one seemed like a pretty funny conclusion.

Koudo took a few steps forward before holding his hands out to his sides. It had been a while. What's a friendly hug between friends?

" I got some interesting news for you. A prospective new member if you're willing to help in... persuasion. Mainly speaking to... Blue I think in terms of persuading. "

Priere smirked halfheartedly, her freezing stare meeting with the normally cold eyes of Koudo, finger still tapping. Upon further inspection, it could be seen that there was a rather deeeeeep indentation where her finger was tapping that seemed to have come from her tapping her finger so much.


"Regal? Hardly. Just a little bit more... Large."

Watching him hold his hands out to the side for a hug, Priere snickered... but not in her normal jerkish way, but in a cold and overly dark, depressing way.


"Forgive me if I don't jump for joy. Let's just say I've kinda... Given up on the those thoughts of the gang. Haven't heard from Signis or Blue in a while, either."


"... Sent my Pokemon off to train somewhere, too."


"You know.."


"I've been kinda..."


"Alone, lately."


"Haven't spoken to or interacted with not a soul."


"For a very long time."



Whoa, she's pretty depressed. Maybe I should have made this trip sooner.

Koudo thought with an awkward grin and his hands still out to the side. His sharp eyesight picked up on the indentation where her finger was tapping and it seemed, to him at least, that she had been waiting a pretty long time. Waiting for someone to visit or something to happen. Either seemed like a plausible conclusion.

" You know, visitation works both ways right? "

Koudo remarked before sliding his hands in his pockets and taking a few more steps forward on the path to where she sat. While he did, he took a moment to look over the changed aesthetics of her sanctuary. He wondered if she was still using the machine he'd crafted just for keeping the building alive or if her power had grown so much that she didn't need it.

It also helped that she moved to a colder region.

" You're not alone now you know. But I kinda expected a cold reception. "

A prisoner to her own home, Priere did nothing but sit down in this seat and read. She had nothing else better to do but that.


"Yeah... It does, doesn't it? But that's kind of difficult to do when you're waiting for something. Or someone."

That said, her finger stabbed deep into the indentation, splitting it in twain immediately, shortening her armrest on that side. She only slid her hand backward and began tapping again, continuing right where she left off.


"I've been trying to preoccupy myself, too. You know what that entails all the way out here? Reading. This grimoire. Over."


"And over."


"And over again."


She skimmed over the pages like she hadn't already had them memorized by now... Every single page in the book. They'd all been revealed to her except for one.

"I've unlocked the words of every single page in this book except... One. Funny, it's the only page that would have gotten me off my ass and given me a point in my life. That page is..."


"... This one."

Priere raised the book upward; the last page in the book. There was nothing there, nothing at all, save for the title at the top of the last page, which was labeled 'Family Tree.'

"Either I haven't unlocked this page."


"Or I don't have a family."

She closed the book slowly, staring at the back of it intensely... Just as intensely as she had stared at Koudo when he walked in. Then, like clockwork, she would flip the book around, open it, and start back over from page one.


Koudo continued walking towards her. He'd lied before. He wasn't actually expecting a cold reception, but a warmer one.

Koudo took a look at the page. It was blank all but for the title 'Family Tree'. It was surprising to hear that she had unlocked the words of all the pages save for that one. Truly astonishing, but that wasn't important.

" Hmm.. it's possible that you haven't unlocked it. Not having a family doesn't seem likely. "

Koudo said as he stared at the front of her now closed book. When she lowered it to start reading again, Koudo was already at the front of her chair.

He peered down at the page that she was looking at. Whether it was in another language, or if he could actually see the words or if it was one of those special kind of 'for my eyes only' type of deals and the words didn't appear to him wasn't important.

Because he only looked at it for a moment, before reaching out and lifting her chin with his hand for her to look up at him.

" What about the gang? "

She scoffed, flipping a page.

"Not likely? Whatever. If no family has been here for me this long, then it must be true. Even Signis and Blue jumped ship on me. I'm alone."

Koudo made his way up to her icy chair, staring down at her book, she presumed. He was a guy that loved to do research. Not like he would be able to read this. Priere wasn't entirely sure how she was able to, really. But then, he did something awkward to her... Instead of trying to research her grimoire, he lifted her chin lightly, bringing the rest of her head along with it up to look at him. She paused, her icy stare drifting off to the side of her eyes, averting her gaze from him.

"The gang? Pff. I thought that was disbanded. Could have sworn that's what we did. Perura's gone. You're gone. Your weapons are gone. What was the point of having the gang if you weren't there?"

I don't think she was aware of what she just said. But her finger stopped tapping, clenching into a fist now. To Koudo's touch, her chin was just as cold as her heart was since it had been frozen over.

"There's just no point."

She had sworn wrong, actually. It was her exact words that even though everyone had went their separate ways the gang still existed. Koudo believe it existed inside their hearts, minds, and the cool handkerchiefs Priere had crafted for everyone.

He couldn't help but smirk to himself and let her eyes avert themselves. There was no need to force eye contact. More than likely... she'd look at him willingly.

" So what you're saying is that you missed me? "

He teased, reading into what she let herself slip up and say. Koudo could see that it was true that she was lonely because no one came and visited often; Perura was AWOL; His soul partners rarely did anything besides house and paperwork; and he was always on mission after bloody mission, but Koudo could see deeper than what Priere was expressing openly.

All too quickly, like muscle memory, did her eyes snap back to look at Koudo, burning with something they hadn't in quite a long time. Her book would close with just a thought, and her clenched fist began to tremble a bit.

She opened her mouth to say something, yet, in the end, nothing came out. Slowly, her gaping mouth changed into grit grinding teeth, which made a sound that echoed in Priere's large, spacious palace of ice. Shortly after, that clenched fist went into motion, clean across Koudo's jaw, with all the cold rage and force of a glacier smacking into a poor, defenseless cruise ship. After that, she found the power to talk.

"My heart is as cold as ice now. Frozen over. I gave Signis and Blue the cold shoulder. And in the end, they froze over, too. So all I could do was read this book to occupy myself. Over and over and over and over and over, freezing the information it held in my mind, too. But you know, that didn't help anything at all. In the end, I froze over, too. And now I'm stuck in this one spot."

She had more to say, but she wasn't going to say it. The Ice Sanctuary had grown much larger and more extravagant, but at what cost? Maybe she would say it.

"This place is only as big as it is because my tears overflowed and froze over into this shape."

In the end... Maybe she really did hate being the loner she thought she was. She was brought into this world alone, and was alone for quite a long time until Signis and Blue came along. And then, after all of it, she was alone again, just like when she was a little girl.

Her anger seemed to swell visibly all in her face when those eyes of hers snapped back to meet his. He continued smirking, watching her lips move and waiting for what she had to... no - probably what she needed to say. She clammed up before she could get it out.

Just in the nick of time Koudo caught her wrist before her hit could connect with his jaw, sure that if he would have let it connect it probably would have thrown him for a loop.

Her skin was cold, but her face was hot with fury. Fury of a woman scorned. But Koudo just smirked.

" You chose to leave. You chose to be alone. Can you really say you're frozen? Your emotions are as hot as ever. "

He responded and held her chin a bit tighter in his hand, her wrist tighter in his other hand, as he leaned closer ever so slightly.

" I'm right here. If you're as cold and frozen as you say then... maybe I'll just have to warm you up. "

Frozen. Yet, oddly steamy... This was new... Weird, even. Had her frozen heart melted?


That heat... The heat from his hands... It was some kind of soothing to her, and when he gripped her tighter, it... It made her blush. She licked her chill, minty lips in anticipation, simply from him acting this way... It was arousing.

But he said something that made her remember just who needed to be on the other side of of the rope... Her emotions were hot. That look of anticipation all too quickly shifted into a fiery smirk, followed by a swift knee to his stomach.

"I'm PISSED!!!"

She thrust herself up from her seat, and the most likely hunched over Koudo would be forced to the ground by her sudden rise.

"You were the one who told ME that you were going to do some damn mission or some shit like that, don't act like this is my fault!! I was just giving your angsty ass some space so you could clear your head, and now that I see you've done that... I think we can FINALLY get down to some REAL business!"

She crossed her arms, radiating a powerful chilling aura now. Ah... Good to do this again.

Koudo continued his leaning in towards her. Seeing her tongue lick those cold lips of hers made him want to plant a kiss to them, and seeing this submissive side she had to her really got him... riled up. He loved seeing strong dominant woman turn submissive. Probably the reason why he was attracted to the types of women he was attracted to.

Before he could take those lips by force, a sharp pain hit him right in the chest area. He winced and looked down to see Priere's knee digging into his stomach, and a smirk displayed on her face.

Had she just been toying with him?

He reeled back and was then knocked over when Priere thrust herself up out of her chair that she had claimed to be frozen to earlier.

Maybe she was just toying with him?

Rolling backwards and to a standing position, Koudo scratched the back of his head with a smile.

" Glad to see you're back to snuff. I'm gonna miss that cute submissiveness though. "

Wish I could have teased her a bit more while she was like that.

" Yeah I realized that the Dusk has wayy tooo many problems. I can't solve all of them, and honestly it was much more fun being a rebel with you.... Wanna go drifter? Then we can accomplish that goal you had for the gang while handling the problems the Dusk has that directly effect us. "

He said before pausing.

" I still need to tell you about my idea for our next member. Though she's probably about to be a handful to deal with. "

Priere scoffed, hovering right past him and over to the center of the room, snapping her fingers and summoning up an Ice Seal whose portal led to where her Pokemon had been training.

"You know how to get it back."

She wasn't going to directly say that he was able to do that to her, cuz she didn't expect to be that vulnerable again, but she did know that he was capable, if he really tried again. And she knew he would... which was the fun thing about all of this.

"Go Drifter? Hahaha! I've been waiting FOREVER to do that! Round up Maina, Naina and Perura and tell them that we're back together! Absolute Zero is gonna be better than ever!"

The seal broke, and no sooner that it did would pokeballs sling themselves downward to return Priere's pokemon from wherever they had been training that entire time, and then back to a hidden spot on her dress. Afterward, she turned around to face Koudo.

"Oh yeah... About that new member... What's the deal with her? Spill it."

With closed eyes, Koudo smirked lightly to himself. He had to tip his hat to Priere. She was an interesting study.

" Yeah I figured you'd go for that. The girls are at the factory, but I've yet to see Perura. "

She'd all but disappeared off the face of the planet. Maybe she had gotten fed up with the way the heads of the Dusk were running things wayy before either Koudo or Priere. She never expressed emotion, so it was hard to tell what she was truly thinking. Then there was always the possibility that she was off training somewhere alone.

Koudo turned around, just in the nick of time to catch the end of Priere summoning her pokemon. It reminded him that he needed to train his own pocket monsters cause none of them were truly battle ready - save for his Beldum who was already on the brink of evolving from helping Koudo so much around the lab.

" Oh ho, word is she's been a thorn in Shinigami's side for a tiny bit now, with her mother. "

Koudo said with a grin before he began to stroke his chin with his left hand and tap at the wristwatch there with his right hand.

A holographic screen popped up with the current scenery that Koudo was seeing. The entrance into Medusa's Hideout. The Koudo before Priere was just a shadow clone.

" Ever heard of Medusa? "

Priere and Perura had a pretty decent bond, and she could only think that Perura was probably off somewhere cold looking for that Witch she promised to go find again. She seemed rather determined to go find her, for whatever reason. Priere wasn't all that sure, she had only heard Perura talk about her once or twice.

"Well, she'll turn up. She likes us."

This new member that Koudo was talking about seemed a little fishy... She was a thorn in Shinigami's side? Along with her mother? Hm...

"Medusa? The snake witch? Vaguely. Lots of people generally know about her name around the Dusk, but never really got too much info on her. Why...?"

The holographic projection was interesting. Koudo seemed to be in a dark place... This place had to do with Medusa?

" She perished recently. "

Koudo answered quickly, almost sharply. If he had glasses on then he'd be pushing them up the bridge of his nose right now.

Good thing he stopped wearing them.

" But she left her daughter, apparently festering in Insanity. You want unique members for our gang right? This girl's just as unique as you or me. "

Koudo was only giving tid bits of info, trying to test Priere's reactions and see if she was really into the idea or not. The girl he was talking about, of course, was Medusa's daughter, Crona. Priere was three consciousness in one, Koudo could, technically, wield three soul partners at once, Maina and Naina shared a linked soul while both having their own individual ones, and Perura was autonomous.

There was something special about Crona too. Besides being insane and all.

Medusa's daughter was left alone inside of that building all this time? For once, Priere seemed to have a bit of sympathy for a living being that she didn't know. Perhaps because she had just endured the insanity of loneliness as well, but what was the deal with this Crona chick?

"You think she is? Well what's your intel on her. If she's as unique as you say, I'll need evidence. And what are we gonna do about that insanity? I've been in the Dusk long enough to know that it doesn't leave the best imprints on people when it gets too deep..."

So she was not only alone, but insane... Daughter of Medusa, a witch... She probably knew some sort of magic, being the child of a magical being... Was that her special trait? Naw, couldn't be, Priere was the magical one here. Hm...

" So you're pretty interested then, huh? "

Koudo said before the screen panned out to reveal another body there with the Koudo investigating the Hideout. It was a boy with white hair, kinda like Koudo's but a slightly darker shade than his pure snow white hair.

" Well the mission I'm on is to try and persuade her to come over to the Dusk's side since she's suppose to be on the verge of becoming a Kishin.

Get this, her mother created this substance called black blood melted down the demon sword weapon, Ragnarok, and transfused it into the girl's body. Her blood is black. Her blood is her weapon partner.

Crazy huh?

As for what to do about the Insanity well, I'm not to big on info about insanity. I'm pretty immune to it, and controlling it is simple. We bring her over, take her to Shinigami, he confiscates the souls she's already consumed and boom she's practically normal. Then all we gotta do is convince her to come on over. We just need someone to be there for her... like a sponsor. "

Koudo took a pause now to see what Priere might be thinking at this point, he turned his eyes up towards her from behind the screen they were both watching.

Koudo felt a bit sorry for Crona too. They had a nice amount of things in common actually. Her mother was a scientist and so is Koudo's, her mother experimented on her and so did Koudo's. The only difference is, Koudo hasn't seen his mother in years, so he doesn't know what her true intentions are.

Priere had to think hard on this one. Kishin? That thing was that one guy who almost destroyed the Dusk or something? Did Priere really want something like that on her team?

... well. Koudo did say she'd be normal once Shinigami took care of her, but...

The conflicting thoughts in Priere's head subconsciously forced herself into the deepest parts of her mind; a place she hasn't been to in quite a long time.

Priere: ... Wh... What...? Oh, this place? What the hell did I come here for?

Signis, exiting from the darkness, "Because we brought you here. Now that you've finally come back to your senses, we can get through to you."

Blue, still lingering in the darkness, "... Cold..."

Signis: Yes, very. Do you understand what it feels like to put us in a frozen stasis within your own mentality? It is absolutely dreadful!!"

Blue: Brain Freeze...

Priere: Hey, that's not a bad name for it...

Signis: Silence! There is much to be discussed! Even though we had no active participation in quite a while, we still could see everything that went on. Now, this Kishin Incarnate... With so much excess insanity, it will be difficult to pull her back to reality. It was already exceedingly difficult just with you, and with her, it will be even more so!

Blue: ... But maybe that sponsor...

Priere: Yeah, she'll need someone to watch over her and keep her calm. I was thinking Perura.

Signis: Precisely! Perura is indeed someone who can monitor this girl! Koudo has a tendency to leave dangerous things unattended, as shown with yourself, and you...

There was an awkward, insulting pause.

Signis: ... Yes, well. Perura would be quite a nice choice, I believe.

Blue: Perura...

Priere: Fine, alright! Perura will keep Crona company.

And so, with that resolved, Priere would exit from within the depths of her mind, and abruptly responded to Koudo's 'sponsor' idea.

"Perura! She can do it. I think she might have been bored recently, anyway. She'll do it!"

Now the only problem was... Getting in contact with her. Granted, she should have still had a communication device that Koudo made, but... Was she going to answer, was the question.

Koudo placed a hand to his chin and thought about for a bit. Perura wouldn't have been his first choice, however with the couple of minutes he had to think he could see why Priere would say that.

Actually he couldn't. Not in the slightest.

He took his hand from his cheek and scratched the back of his head out of habit.

" Eh? Why? "

Maybe it was something deeper than what he saw in Perura. Cause all he, honestly, saw was a walking 'ice queen' pun. He thought Blue or Signis could have worked just as well. Signis with her natural light affinity with being an archangel or something and Blue, well, for being Blue.

Priere snickered dastardly at Koudo, shaking her head all the while.

"Heh heh, you can't see it? Looks like you're slipping, genius."

She smiled, waggling her finger at him a bit.

"Perura is a quite and reclusive person with a dutiful attitude. You, me and Signis are all really straight forward and brash people, in our own different ways. This child of insanity, if she really is that insane and lives alone in that place, then she must be lonely, just like Perura. I have Blue and Signis, you have Maina and Naina. Who does Perura have?"

Quiet and lonely people tend to be attracted to each other anyway. Looks like Priere actually thought this one out... Even though Blue was the one who came up with the entire idea in the first place.

" Huh. "

Koudo folded his arms and leaned back a little bit to think about that a little more. It wasn't that he didn't understand the explanation, of course he did, but he didn't really think about it all that deeply. The plan was, honestly, very simple and yet very deep as well.

He immediately knew Priere wasn't the one that came up with it, but he wouldn't pry into who had. Making fun of Priere's intelligence wasn't wise, even he did do it on occasion.

" That makes a lot of sense actually. Hm. Good job. "

He nodded his head in approval before unfolding his arms and sticking his hands in his pockets, the screen they were watching remained where it was.

" Then Crona just needs to be tagged and bagged, hopefully without the need for violence. This Akira guy seems like he's prone to violence. Mind making an appearance with Perura? You two would probably do better talking Crona down than I could. I mean you are the leader of AZ and you need to get out of this house. "

Koudo caught her say something about Absolute Zero earlier and he liked the phrase. He didn't see it holding much of a significance, but it would make a slightly cooler name than FFG. No pun intended of course.

" I'll get Perura on a line now. "

Priere sighed, not even in the mood to deal with all of that type of foolishness. Insanity and whatnot... She WAS the Insangel, after all. She had enough insanity within her to last a lifetime; Crona wouldn't be able to do anything to her. In the end... Koudo still had a point.

"... Ugh, fine. I didn't wanna have to DO this, but whatever. Geez, I'm so sick of you!"

Naturally, she said this jokingly, and Koudo, of all people, was the only person who would get that and not be offended. Somehow.

"Whenever you contact Perura, tell her to just meet me there... And watch my house while I'm gone, wouldja?"

Priere crossed her arms and snapped her fingers, creating an ice seal in front of her which shattered into the portal to the old Snake Witch's hideout. Goodee. She flew right inside, letting the portal seal up and close behind her.

" You need to get out of the house anyway. "

Koudo commented just before Priere saw herself out of her home. Once she was gone, Koudo closed the screen that showed the inside of the snake witch's hideout and placed his index finger and middle finger of his right hand to his ear. He closed his eyes as well and sought out Perura's chakra signature. No matter how much stronger she got, or how much more chakra she started to pack, Koudo would be able to find her. He never forgot a chakra signature.

His eyes flashed opened a couple seconds later.

" Yeah, can you hear me?

Priere wants to meet up with you, could you meet her somewhere?

Heh. We're a bit slower, but we all came to the same conclusion. I'm sending you the info now... "

And that..... was that....
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Insangel 53: This Doesn't Have To Get Violent...

soaring through the skies would be akira arriving at the entrance to medusa's hideout. He was here to complete the mission that he was assigned by khrona. After touching the ground akira's wings receded into his back completely vanishing from sight. He opened his mouth and released a loud rather crude yawn. Instead of barging inside of the hide out and demanding a fight akira would wait for koudo with his arms folded.

"mmm I thought he'd be here before me."

" I am. "

Koudo said casual from behind Akira. He was turned to the side and fiddling away at his wristwatch. It worked perfectly, but he was transcribing more details to his clone at the moment - mainly the coordinates of the hideout.

The doors to the elusive hideout groaned with the pain of what seemed to be the pain of a thousand tortured souls... the hinges of this massive gateway had almost reached the limits, as if something had been constantly bashing at the inside, trying desperately to escape. The doors were worn... they were beaten... And they seethed pure and utter insanity.


Like pressure building up in a sealed bottle of a carbonated beverage, this insanity was aching to escape... Especially at the arrival of two delicious souls. They would be able to feel it... Smell it... Even taste the putrid amounts of insanity. Sickening, really. No being that was not pure insanity itself, like Arachne, could produce so much insanity, lest it was the Kishin or Khrona in the flesh... No one but one other being... The forgotten one... The trinity of insane individuals all having zoomed down the path of a Kishin... One succeeded... One beat it... And the other was left in between...

"... I don't know how to deal with this..."

Akira turned around to face the door as the loud boom sound continued to get louder and louder. It seemed as though something was on the other side trying to make its escape. It would finally make itself known. Crona would appear from the doors and would stand there and only utter a single sentence.

"Can't handle what exactly?"

Akira stood his ground and looked at crona as she stood there with a blank look on her face.

Koudo continued to fiddle away with his watch. He'd built up a natural immunity to insanity. He'd been here and with the Dusk ever since he was a little boy, he remembered that much about himself or at least he thought he did, and the insanity that used to flow through the air wayyy back when had driven him insane, but he grew bored with it and came back to sanity. Honestly, being insane was quite overrated.

He turned his head to see who Akira was talking too. Koudo didn't see or hear anything just yet, perhaps Akira's ears and eyes were just more sensitive than Koudo's or he was being influence by the insanity and seeing things that weren't there. Either way, Koudo stopped fiddling with his watch and put a hand to his hip and watched.

This was technically and essentially Akira's mission. Koudo's job was simply to provide assistance.

Before Akira's eyes, the vision of the person before him vanished, as did the whisper of those words through his ears. Insanity was afoot, and Akira was clearly susceptible. Koudo was his only saving grace, if he already found himself hallucinating.


The doors couldn't take much more pressure. What was inside, it could sense them. It wanted them to come in... Or it wanted to come out.



"... People...?"


"... Let them in..."

Finally, the doors could take no more. Bursting from their hinges, the heavy giant metallic doors flew off toward Koudo and Akira, releasing along with them a pent up insanity that altered the entire aura of the atmosphere... Which was already dark and dreary. The insanity from the outside was finally able to connect with the insanity from the inside, and a large, wheezing, deep breath was taken by the entire building as a whole, as if inhaling an intoxicating drug for the first time... a breath of fresh air... fresh insanity. The doors were open... would they enter?

Akira stood there and stuck his fist out to block the door from doing him any harm. He then stayed in his intial position and looked at the broken hinges.

"Well That's a bit dramatic. Now I'll go in but Wouldn't it have been easier if who ever was on the other side simply opened the doors instead of completely breaking the doors."

Akira shrugged his shoulders and placed his hands in his pockets waiting to see what he should do about this.

Koudo kicked his leg up and used it to guide the door out of the way of harming him.

" Akira. Pause and breath. Whatever you do. Attempt to remain as calm as possible. "

Koudo warned before walking past Akira and towards the entrance that was so graciously created for them by the denizen of the, otherwise abandon, hideout. An aura of silvery blue chakra covered his body. It was mainly for protection against the insanity. His infestation chakra would keep him in his right mind as long as he didn't meet any clusters of insanity stronger than his own chakra.

" The doors probably only opened inward and they wanted to blow them outward. "

"Alright i'll stay calm"

After being prepared akira slowly entered the hideout not knowing what to expect inside but still went in head first. The good thing about akira was that he didn't fear anything so walking into strange dark places without knowledge of whats on the other side did not bother akira one bit. But it didn't seem that walking into dark places affected koudo either but that's to be expected.

Akira remained calm and looked around the hideout since this was his first time here.

Beside the Koudo that was with Akira, an Ice Seal appeared in the atmosphere, shattering and revealing the presence of Priere, the Insangel.

"... Alright. Just what do I have to do, now?"

The insanity in the atmosphere didn't even phase her. In fact, it almost felt good to her to bask in something like this... She was an Insangel after all. Perhaps that was a necessary trait in dealing with insane matters. She was told that Perura would be here... But where was she?

If Priere's appearance hadn't altered, and significantly lowered, the temperature of the area then the next face to appear would. The girl... no woman strolled elegantly into the the base. The party of Akira, Priere, and Koudo weren't that far inside. She had her arms crossed under her, now, bountiful bust and a forlorn look upon her usually emotionless visage.

" .... "

She said nothing, as normal, but appeared behind the party. The intensity of the insanity doing nothing to her, for it froze before it had the opportunity to influence her. The area around her remaining forever unchanged even though she had changed so very much from the last time Priere and Koudo had seen her.

Perura had reemerged.

" Stay quiet until we find who we're looking for. "

Koudo said in response to Priere as soon as his eyes flashed a white color, recognizing that he'd become complete and the Koudo at Priere's house had returned to him. He looked towards Akira then over his shoulder at Perura. He knew she was there since the temperature had dropped.

She looked different... older and with a better body. He whistled at her.

" Oh yeah, this guy here is Akira. He's, technically, leading this mission. Akira, this is Priere and Perura. They're gonna help with negotiations. If it turns into a brawl, they both can hold their own. "

He explained as the middle man between both separate parties. Akira probably wouldn't understand why the two girls had showed up when they did, but Koudo didn't really expect him to ask questions. He didn't seem like the inquisitive type and probably just wanted to get the mission done so that he could get his reward. Things Koudo could understand wholeheartedly and one of the reasons why he was able to click with Akira though they were so very different.

The sudden appearance of the two women wouldn't phase akira. In fact he was captivated by one of their bodies. Akira zoned out for a little bit while he stared and admiried the woman's beautiful bust. Koudo was speaking to akira but he did not hear everything that was said. All that he heared was their names and that they could hold their own.

"Nice to meet you ladies."

Raising his hands into the air akira began to stretch and silently yawn. This was his first time actually taking interest in a woman since he's been in the dusk. He pretty much focused on training And getting stronger so that left him little to no time to converse with others.

Still standing in the same spot akira reached into his pocket and pulled out yet another cigarette. He placed it in his mouth and a blue flame appeared at the tip of the cigarette thus allowing akira to enjoy his smoke. After it was lit the room grew silent.

... They're getting closer...

Hiss... Hiss... Whissss... Whissssss..... Whisper.... Whisperwhisper... whisperwhisperwhisperwhisperwhisperwhisperwhisper...

The snakes...


M... Medus....a-sama...?


They're... They're...




The insanity burst through the ceiling of the hideout, finally unable to inhabit this small, encapsulating space for any longer. Crona's madness, that which had been pushed to the utter limits, was finally freed. And there was only one possible way for her to express this unbridled, pure, utter insanity... Ragnarok spurted from her back in a grotesque way, transmogrifying her small back into a huge, hulking mass of swirling, building blackness. And Crona said to him...

Scream for me...

And he did.

HGHAGHGUEGHUHGUGHNJ IKSGRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This utterly, utterly, utterly overwhelming insanity tore apart the entirety of Medusa's former hideout, leaving not a single, SINGLE thing present under this raging, pure insanity. All those guys had to do was open the door, and they would lose. This place would be wiped off the face of the planet, all in one fell swoop.

The only real hell... Is in my head...

Priere wasn't fazed, nor was she amused. Not in the slightest. Being an Insangel, insanity meant nothing to her at all. It simply felt like a really strong, foul wind was blowing about, accompanied by an annoying scream. She didn't flinch nor falter, but crossed her arms and stared up at the abyssal blackness to where the source of the insanity came from. She scoffed, raising her hand up.

"... No. Absolutely NOT."

She pointed up at what she saw as a fluctuating wave of powerful insanity, unknown how everyone else was going to take it. To ensure their safety, she touched the wavelength of insanity and instantly froze it, causing what would seem like time to freeze throughout the entirety of Medusa's destroyed hideout. The dark tint of the air soon cooled to a chill, dead blue color. She had frozen space, disallowing for the insanity nor anything besides those who were actively participating in this affair to be in motion. Priere didn't seem to be in a playful mood today. Just what did she learn from that damn book...?

"Tch. Now that this has been taken care of... Let's go get this crazy bastard and take her in."

She hovered lackadaisically up to the platform where Crona was, waiting for everyone else to follow.

*_* Perura, on the other side, was doing just the same as Priere. As Priere raised her hand to use her power, Perura's eyes and body outlined itself with its own icy blue aura. She used her power, to increase the strength of Priere's freezing. She, of course, could have frozen the insanity just as well, but Priere had simply beat her to the punch.

She stepped forward and past the two gentleman named Koudo and Akira and proceeded behind Priere. Interested in seeing just what was making that awfully annoying scream. *_*

Both of the icy ladies had gotten pretty powerful in their own rites while they were all apart. Koudo kinda felt like he was lacking in power compared to them now, and it was probably true with putting the needs of the village over his own and over his training. Priere and Perura had basically disappeared off the face of the planet when they all split, so they didn't have to deal with all the back to back missions and had that time to grow themselves. Koudo knew he'd have to find a way to grow his power to match theirs again.

With the insanity dealt with, he tapped Akira's shoulder and pointed towards where the two girls had gone off to. He assumed that they were suppose to follow and just wanted to give Akira the head's up before he stuffed his hands in his jacket pockets and followed after them.

The loud scream was annoying, but Koudo used to be an avid sound user so it was nothing he couldn't handle.

After koudo tapped him on the shoulder akira began to follow behind the two young women as they made the way towards the center of the room where crona was standing. While walking akira was amazed at how strong these two women really were. He could feel the intensity of the frigid cold in his bones. He in turn began to raise his bodies temperature so the cold no longer affected him. Akira then looked at crona and then back at koudo.

"dude that noise is beyond annoying. Its fuckin killing me.

Akira then continued to walk forward.

"... H-h-huh...?"

Crona looked around. She could feel it all stopping in its tracks; freezing over, unable to flow fluently as it normally did. Her insanity... This huge, unrelenting insanity had been frozen in place. And with it, so did Crona. Without her insanity, she was... Scared...

"... Th-th-this freezing cold is... too much for me to handle... How am I supposed to deal with... This cold...?"

Ragnarok arched over her head, his shadow consuming her entire body in his massive black bulk, and his chameleon-esque eyes rolled and swiveled about in his head, targeting all of the intruders below.

Ragnarok: Guppipi! Crona! What are you doing, you numbskull!? Go out and fight them before they kill you!! If you don't, I'll give you noogies nonstop for 3 days straight!!

Crona tensed up, shaking her head back and forth comically, yet rather sadly at the same time.

"No! If you do that again, my head will be really sore and I won't be able to think... And I don't know what I'll do if I can't think...!"

She curled over, crouching down to the ground and wrapped her arms around her legs. She wasn't going to fight at all without the insanity, it seems. Without it, she was just a sad, scared little girl who didn't want anyone to see or touch her. She shuddered silently, Ragnarok still hunched over her shoulders, plotting about what he would do to her next. Seems like the fighting portion of this little encounter had been quickly dealt with.

Perura's assistance was greatly appreciated, as always, for the insanity of the atmosphere was all thoroughly and completely dealt with; frozen solid. So now, it was just up to them to apprehend Crona. Naturally... Who do you think would take over that responsibility without asking?

"Tch. I'll take her from here. Signis, look alive. We've got a mind to probe."

Signis smirked on the inside of Priere's head. She hadn't used her psychic powers in quite a while, and they had been festering... With Priere's increase in power, Signis and Blue were that much closer to returning to their own true powers, and now that Priere was on this level... They would be able to do so much more than they were in the past. Signis was actually happy she got to test out her powers this time around.

Priere hovered quickly up to Crona, looking down on her and staring Ragnarok dead in the face. Scoffing, she awayed the beast with a frosty breath, and with ease, Ragnarok would be frozen solid instantly if he even tried any way to stop her. She rubbed her hands together and wiggled her fingers, letting the magic flow through her fluently. Without warning, she grabbed Crona's head and flash froze her mind, allowing for Signis to probe with much ease. Without insane thoughts flowing around freely nor normal thoughts flowing, Signis could examine all of the stopped thoughts and draw in the ones of insanity so she could purify them, and convert them into energy for herself. This process wouldn't take too long. When all of the insanity was gone, she would be completely sane for the first time in her life.

"Hmph. You simpletons couldn't even handle this much? Puh-lease."

Well, there were three different people residing in one body. Of course she had enough on her own. Either way, Signis was done purging this insanity from Crona. Part one of this mission would be accomplished here.

The moment Crona's mind was purified, a bright light shone down from the blue-tinted skies and down onto Priere, illuminating her entire body like it was a crystal. A special light had hit her body and allowed it to glow with all the light that would purify the rest of the insanity in the atmosphere, letting it all fall to become her own energy. This warm light, familiar only to Signis, was none other than Luminon come to express to her just what was going on.

How long will you choose to live with this false, self-given name? Priere? You are merely the 'Player.' You knew this to be true, that you were a pawn for so long. And now, you're ready. All three of you. Priere, there is a missing piece of you out here. A piece of you that knows how to manipulate discord to her very will. Her name is Mikou; your doppelganger.

It looks like Luminon was going to shed some light on everything now. The Insangel had finally collected enough Insanity to understand everything, and it was time for her to learn her real name.

Look into your Grimoire, that last page you so desperately wish to see. In it will be your true name, your parents names, and where you come from, as well as your bloodline ability that you still seem to know nothing about. I will grant a piece of myself to you now, and it will reside in you through Signis. Signis...

This light that was Luminon seemed to take on a more tender tone when talking to Signis. She had been a fallen angel for so long... And it wasn't even for her own will. She did it on purpose, for the greater good, and had never been rewarded for her efforts.

It has taken me a long time to recognize your efforts, yet you still persisted even without recognition. For that, you are showing your true beauty as an Archangel. So, I promote you now to a High Seraph, taking on all of the Knowledge of God. Welcome Back, Signis, Angel of Silence.

Beforehand, Signis was an Angel of Bloodshed, however with her new promotion, she was the Angel of Silence; High Seraph Signis, one of the top dogs now.

Your power will match your title only once the girl realizes her name of light, and so too will that Overlord, Blue. She has been hiding her true power waiting for this day as well. 'Blue,' known formerly by her Grand Overlord Title, Saphira, will return to her status as well. All of you will be who you were meant to be... Finally... And so, the next time you open that Grimoire, let my light of knowledge shine upon all three of you. That is an absolute.

And with that, the light of Luminon vanished completely. He came only to inform them that this was their final leap. Priere was going to be complete.

After witnessing how prierre dealt with corona's insanity akira folded his hands on top of his head and began to smile.

"Man I'm glad that's dealt with. Its pretty fucked up how that black thing had so much control over her."

After speaking the bright blinding white light that shone down on prierre was amazing. Akira caught a glimpse of a figure on the inside of the beam of light but he wasn't sure if he was hallucinating or not.

After the light vanished crona was standing with prierre and everything seemed calm.

" I can't lie, that black thing was kinda cool though. "

Koudo pointed out when Ragnarok burst forth out of Crona's body. The thing was like... massively muscular and looked really bad ass. Honestly, Koudo wouldn't have minded fighting if he would have gotten at least a small glimpse of what the thing could do.

He folded his arms, now, and lost himself to the thoughts about it while Prie- Signis did what she needed to do. By doing so the blinding light from above didn't bother him too much and he was pretty zoned out so if he wasn't suppose to hear what was being said then he didn't.

*_* While the two men spoke idly and Priere was being shined on by light from above, Perura took the time to float, figure of speech, gracefully over towards Crona and shield the child from the blinding light as well as the eyes of Akira and Koudo. She could almost tell the Crona, though purified, probably didn't want to be looked upon right now and so she smothered the girl in her bosom and lead her away from where she was and towards the exit. *_*

There was so much happening here right now... So much, it was difficult to comprehend. That darkness inside of her... It wasn't Ragnarok, but it was the snake. The snakes were still in her head, all hissing whispers all over every crevice of her mind.

Stop it... Stop it.... Medusa... Stop it... STOP!!!

And it did. For the first time, all of the thoughts stopped and listened. Listened to a harmonious sound, something that seemed to sound like the wavelength of light shining throughout her entire head, amplified by the crystalline clarity of the insanity frozen by Priere's ice. In one fell swoop, her mind was purified.

The hissing... The whispers... The snakes... All of those whispers behind my back are becoming clear...

And suddenly, there was silence.

... No one is whispering behind my back. No one is talking about me at all. But...

She looked up from the darkness of her own lap, seeing a bright and shining light similar to Priere... Perura.

Someone is protecting me. Without words, there is someone protecting me.

For the first time in a long while, Crona could smile out of happiness, and not out of insanity nor fear. Perura and Priere were here; they were like... angels...

Smothered by her well-endowed bosom, Crona did not resist as Ragnarok slipped back into her being. He still existed within her, but now, he had become docile. Crona smiled, gripping Perura tightly and starting to sob oh so woefully, as if someone had just shown her affection for the first time in life.

"I'm so happy... That someone cares about me!! This is the first time anyone has treated me like this!!! Thank you!!"

Her words were sorta garbled under her own tears of joy, but the message was gotten across regardless. She willfully allowed herself to be escorted out by Perura, someone she knew would protect her just like a mother she never had... The coils of the snake were broken from her mind. Medusa was no more.

There was so much to take in. A single kind deed done for someone else rather than herself... To stop being selfish, even through her own arrogance and haughtiness... Something Priere only found out how to do through Koudo. And now, she was happy that he taught that to her, even if he wasn't aware that he did. She smiled, taking in Luminon's words with an open heart, and accepting his light into herself as Crona rose to go with Perura. The book appeared before her, turning completely crystal clear. The Crystal Grimoire was here, and it was complete, and the light that shone within it was the light of Knowledge that Luminon so graciously granted to her. Even Signis and Blue were coming up in the world...

"Heh... Who would have guessed that it was me holding everyone back all this time?"

She could say that without any anger in her heart. She opened the book to the last and final page, staring upon it with eyes wide open...

"The... Final star of the Yan Clan... Luciel Yan... The Crystal Light."

Priere's real name... Luciel...

"... And, to be sent to her side, to guide her with overwhelming silence, even through speech... Sigil, the Angel of Silence."

Signis' real name... was Sigil? It was a Sign... it was all in her name. Just like Priere was the Player, Signis was the Sign. She continued...

"... And, to keep her from falling again into darkness, the darkest, coldest light at the very bottom of the pit... With the warmest soul... Saphira, the Grand Overlord of Midnight Rain."

And finally, the name of her parents, and the light that guided them...

"... Lumiel, the High Seraph of Light, will bring the knowledge unto her as they did us long ago... The parents of Luciel Yan, Kokome and Valorius Yan."

Her mother and father... Her clan... Everything was there clear as day on the last page. This feeling of light... Overwhelming warmth inside of her... It was drawing in heat and warmth infinitely now... This light that she needed completed her power.

"... Luci's here to play, baby."

And when it was all over, Koudo placed a hand to his hip and smirked a little.

" Luci huh. Guess a name doesn't get any cuter than that, Lucy-chan. "

He teased with a laugh. It was nice that Pr- Luciel was finally able to realize herself and her heritage, now she could stop dwelling so hard on it. However, something told Koudo that this wasn't over just yet and there were still more things she needed to do.

He turned his head a little and peeked over his shoulder to see Perura and Crona on their way out the door, Crona smothered into Perura and balling. He didn't comment, but instead turned his head towards Akira beside him.

" Looks like we weren't needed for anything, huh? Guess the back up I called ended up taking the reigns. You should go back to Khrona and tell him your mission was completed successful... and we've taken Crona into custody. We'll dispose of the remains of this base. "

Koudo patted Akira on the shoulder.

" Good work. You might just get a promotion for it. "

With that, he stepped away and walked up towards where Priere was standing now.

" So, what's up? You need to do anything else before we get out of here? "

He whispered to her from over her shoulder. It was probably busy if they motored out of the alliance sooner rather than later now that they had Crona in their possession. It'd making leaving harder once Akira went and told Khrona they had Crona and Crona never made an appearance at Shibusen.

"Alright koudo im outta here man I'll see you later."

Akira turned around and walked away from the area heading to khronas place.

*_* Perura's frozen, forlorn expression warmed and softened at the weeping of Crona... her child. She looked down at the girl, placing her hand to the back of the child's head and stroked gently. Though Perura's wavelength was cold, and made the air around her the same, her recent reunion with her other half, Prisa, had made her body that much warmer. It was where all her emotions were stored, and she was feeling joy, just as Crona was, which was a warm emotion.

Who knew? Perhaps her warmth was enough to even reach Ragnarok as well. There was sure to be some feelings of sorrow in him as well and Perura wanted to accept all of Crona, Ragnarok included. Their feelings of sorrow and grief would only make her powers of cold grow if she was able to resonate with their souls as she had Prisa's. *_*

" I'll always be here for you now, my dear sweet children. "

*_* She whispered before watching as the man named Akira made his departure. She wanted to offer him a smile, however that just couldn't be done. Instead, she smiled with her gaze and sent him a warm thank you before he was gone completely. He'd helped her more than he knew.

Then she turned her head towards Koudo and Priere, a nice bit of distance away, while still stroking Crona's head. She felt Koudo's question was a correct one to ask. She didn't want Crona to be taken from her. *_*

Everything was coming together so nicely now. Soon, Luci would be able to go see her parents again, and now she could finally understand the entirety of her powers to her fullest nature. This light within her... This light that drew in all of the heat and made everything cold... It was infinite power to her. As long as there was heat that existed, Luci could change it to cold in a flash. Absolute Value.

"... Well... This was a lot more interesting than I originally planned it to be..."

She looked the place up and down, hovering about, still rather close to Koudo, however. The inspection of damages as well as everything else was minimal, especially with the frozen crystalline overcoat that quelled the insanity. Looked kinda... Pretty.

"... This place is pretty big, ya know? Kinda dwelling on the outskirts of the Dusk and all... I think this place'll be good for our new gang's base, eh? Not too shabby with some remodeling..."

As usual, she always had an idea. Some sort of crafty master plan to make gain of any situation.

"... I mean, the gang is back together, right? And we wouldn't want to impede on Koudo's own personal lab, soooo..."

Letting Koudo have his own workspace? This sounded nothing like Priere! That's because this was Luciel. Priere... With a crystal heart filled with light.

"You guys like? I think it'll be fucking AMAZING!"

" But.... I've moved... "

*_* Perura spoke up to the conversation. She, while away, had taken refuge in the abandoned Baba Yaga Castle. Her power festered and grew there while she gained better control over it all. *_

Luci scoffed, brushing off such an absurd statement with the utmost haste.

"Pfff, who said you were gonna LIVE here? I already live in my own Crystal Palace. I said this was our base of operations! It'll be like a house the entire gang CAN live in if we wanna at any given time, but we've got our own houses too! It's big enough..."

She turned to Koudo now, having not heard his opinion on the matter.

"What do you think, Koudo?"

Koudo went inspecting the place as well, pacing around the immediate area around him with his hands in his pants pockets. He stopped and kicked, softly, at a pretty sturdy looking metal bar that hadn't been knocked down by Crona beforehand. The bar didn't fall over, so it affirmed to Koudo that it was indeed sturdy.

" I could work with this. On the outskirts, puts us close to the alliance when we have an operation that needs to be done on the inside. "

Koudo pulled a hand out of his pocket and ran his fingers through his hair.

" With Perura's castle, your palace, my soon to be city and this place. We'll have pretty good real estate for spreading our influence. Though, of course, I'm ditching the alliance as a whole so I won't actually be living in my city. Since I'm going rogue, I'm gonna live like one. "

Koudo wouldn't mind if he started to be called a sell sword, a sword for hire, cause that was basically what he was gonna do for a while, besides information broking, until he could do what it was he wanted. Which, probably unbeknownst to his female accomplices, included overthrowing some authorities.

He turned to face Priere now, let his hand down and stuffed it back in his pocket.

" It has strategic value. "

Looks like she got an okay from the only person who really mattered to her about it all. That said, it was a done deal. She smirked, placed a hand on her hip and pointed out to the stars, via the hole that was blasted upward by the insanity of Crona.

"Hear me now, then! This place is our base of HQ! And I'll call it... Absolute Zero! That's the name of our gang, the name of our territory... Hell, let's rep our fucking colors everywhere, eh?"

They were the Absolute Zero gang.

Crona looked up from her soft, safe cushion haven, alas up to the girl standing tall and proud amidst the insanity, completely unscathed. Softly envious of her strength, Crona became determined to be just like her that day... Like her, and like Perura. These were her role models, and now, they were going to be part of her life.

"... The Absolute Zero Gang...?"

She couldn't help but reveal a shy, inward, soft smile of blatant embarrassment.

"... They sound kind of cool... I wouldn't mind hanging around..."

Turns out this little girl liked action. Who would have known, through everything she went through? She was quiet, and would stay quiet... Until she was ready to let herself open up to the beauty she truly was.

Koudo smirked and looked from Priere, and all her splendor, to Perura, who was coddling Crona right now, before closing his eyes. He shook his head a bit.

" Why not. Sounds like fun. "

And of course Perura couldn't help bit crack what looked to be a smile as well. It was very soft, and subtle, but upon her once emotionless visage and now chilled forlorn countenance it stood out heavily. She knew in her soul that there were more reasons for why she had chosen to follow Priere, besides their similarities in power, and they were showing proudly on this day. Priere had given her so very many things.

Luci was feeling stoked... Better than stoked. A flame in her heart had been rekindled, even though she was so damn cold. Koudo always used to tell her that she had some angry spark about her... Guess this was it. Infinite rage.

"... Ya know, getting to know my power of Absolute Zero... I can freeze anything by bringing anything to the value of Zero with my ice... And burn anything with the intensity of whatever I want with my heat..."

So Priere was now a master of both Ice and Fire, and it was all because she was only looking at the colder side of herself, and ignored the hot, burning passion that everyone else apparently saw. It was great for a crystal such as herself to find its light that reflected on everything.

"... So I kinda think that I'm invincible. I've got a piece of an angel on my side... And a piece of a demon..." Sigil and Saphira.

"But, ya know, they're just pieces of two greater beings... And I think that the moment they come back together, that'll assure my invincibility. And we can rep our colors all over the place."

She wanted to do this only with Koudo and the rest of her gang... Her friends, through anything and everything, even Absolute Hot and Absolute Cold. Priere's power had to do with Absolutes, so she was always Absolutely right... And when someone proved her wrong, it was time for her to defend her point to the bitter end of Absolute Zero. She smirked.

"This is our world now... We can make whatever we want out of it. Isn't that fucking amazing, Koudo~?"

Her smirk turned into a wide, giddy grin. She always did say she wanted to take over the world...

"Perura. Crona. Head over to the Ice Palace. I'll meet with you there. You should be met with some sort of light or something. Don't fight it."

She winked, snickering to herself. She knew everything now... And she was gonna make sure she used this power right.

Koudo stood there while Pri- Lucy, he had to remember to call her Lucy, went through her monologue. She seemed a little different, but that was to be expected since she'd just went through an evolution, of sorts, through a revelation given to her by a higher power. He leaned a bit to the side and folded his arms.

World domination was quite what Koudo was expecting for himself, in fact it was never on his agenda at all, but the gang's agenda always had a place somewhere in his heart and thus if it was what Lucy wanted then he would help. Now that he thought about it, taking over the world coincided his own plans.

" Yeah. Amazing. When are we leaving? "

Perura nodded her head and took to leading Crona out of the hideout and towards the region in which the Ice Palace resided.

Slipping onto her finger without her even noticing, that which would guide her to the Melody she sought, and the Melody in which Koudo's very own father has looked so long for, the Jade Ring would guide her to her Equilibrium.

This ring... As long as you wear it, you will find your Melody. Your equilibrium. Your completeness. You are Crystal. Remember, and have your Code-O show you the way.

The ring was slipped on her finger, and like a dream, it was gone. A Phantom must have done this... Now it was just time for her to notice that Jade gleam...


She pointed her finger up, and suddenly, there was a ring on her finger... Mysterious... She didn't know where it came from or how it got there, but something told her it was important... And to follow it wherever it took her with its Jade gleam. She pointed it in some arbitrary direction, and eventually, its light started to shine brighter and brighter.

"That way. Wherever this Jade ring glows is where we're supposed to go. So come on, slowpoke. We're gonna go make things right."

And that's all there was to it. She hovered out of the door and toward her destiny... And her gang was right behind her.

Koudo lingered for a couple seconds after Luci had decidedly chosen to follow the mysterious ring that appeared on her finger and drifted off towards where the light shined the brightest.

Then he shook his head and turned to walk after her with one hand in his pocket and the other scratching the back of his head.
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Insangel 54: Afterwards...

The walk hadn't been that long, for Perura knew the way to the Palace by memory alone.

Crona was interested in the icy landscape and rather gothic architecture... Even though this land was made of nothing but crystal, Crona could still sense the soothing darkness.

"Ah... This place is nice... It reminds me of your cold embrace, miss... miss..."

She didn't know anyone's name yet. No one had introduced themselves. All Crona knew was that Perura was a motherly figure with a cold embrace, much like Medusa... But with the physical affection to show what she held inside, rather than the other way around.

"... Ah... What is your name again...?"

" Perura... "

The woman answered. She could tell that if Crona thought this reminded her of Perura's embrace then she would be able to live happily here as well as Perura's own home, Baba Yaga's Castle. It reminded her that she needed to ask Koudo to take a look at it, and perhaps spruce it up. It looked like it'd seen much better days.

Perura smelled a lot like Crona's own aunt, Arachne... Perhaps she had been around her recently. She sure did act like her... Like a mix of Arachne and Medusa as one... A mother who loved her and actually showed it... It was enough to make her come to tears.

"... This is what I've always wanted... A mother... like you..."

She sniffed, she snuffed, and her eyes filled with water. Her soul also, filled with something new that she wasn't able to comprehend just yet... A special sort of power that awakened a new part of her. The blackness of her blood started to swirl, and Ragnarok would be the first to feel the effects.

"Gh... Wha... What's happening...!??!"

An intense pain; one unlike any other, burning within her chest. It was her soul, lighting aflame again, and burning with such intensity it called out to the heavens itself. She immediately jumped toward Perura to keep her cool; to keep her from burning up... Or whatever her fate was from this intense fury.

"It hurts...! It hurts...! it's so hot...! RAGNAROOOOOOOK!!!!"

But he didn't answer. He was in just as much pain, and couldn't figure out how to manifest himself... Ragnarok...

The light foretold by the Prophetic One, Luciel, called upon her own inner light, her eternally burning flame, Lumiel, to calm her twisted lower half. Crona... The one who failed to become the Corona on her own. She was so cute, suffering and writhing so...

"Be still, Crona. Your time is up. You've suffered in the darkness for far too long now... Let me show you what the 'light' is. That soul inside of you... That is me. Because you are part of me. You are Sigil, a piece of my completed crystal form that was missing..."

She snickered, trying to hold it all in...

"It's light."

The light touched down upon Crona's soul, purging Ragnarok from her body, severing the ties he had to her soul which caused him to continue to attempt to consume it.

"Ragnarok is a powerful blade... It consumes the darkness and takes on its power for itself, so it may slay all enemies before it at the final battle... It is the blade that is both Crystal and Eternal Rage at the same time, the perfect synergy of the Edge of the Soul and the Caliber of the Soul... The Ragnarok."

Plucking this sword from Crona's body, Lumiel simply dusted it off, blowing off the darkness that tainted it to show its lustrous blackened crystal form.

"The true Ragnarok. Beautiful. Touch the sword, and we will become one once again."

Lumiel held the sword down toward Crona, offering her the truce. For once, she had put down her sword of light.

"It's time we settled our differences, Blue."

And suddenly, that light let her know something... This wasn't who she was at all. She was nothing more than a weapon... A weapon for Signis, this entire time... But she put down her sword so that the sword could make its own choices... So that they would switch roles, and the light would become the weapon for the darkness, as the darkness had been the weapon for the light for so long. This brought a smile on Crona's face... She finally just let her do it herself...

"... Sigil... You really mean that...?"

Crona, as if speaking out of her own body, lifted her hand up to touch the crystal sword of light and dark... the Ragnarok.

"Let's do it together this time... Instead of fighting against each other... Let's make this insangel invincible."

Crona smiled, and finally, she was no longer Crona anymore. She was finally just... Blue.

Signis... Rather, Sigil... Rather, Luminon... Rather... Lumiel... Rather... Luciel had finally accepted her darkness. Collectively, unconditionally. She was cute, she was adorable, and she just wanted to be loved, embraced by the warmness of her light. She wondered why it took so long to love herself like this, but when you see what you hate, rather than what you love... You come to realize that everything you hate is just a part of you that you haven't accepted fully yet. And Lumiel was tired of trying to learn that lesson.

So, she learned it.

"Welcome home, Ragnarok... You were always welcome, just as I was. I don't even know where we fell off... Hahaha."

By the touch of the sword, both of them were able to attain physical form in this world, sort of like 'confinement,' one could say. Pulling otherworldly souls into the object of choice... (Sounded a lot like Phantom Brave. HAHAHAH. Phantom...)

"Now that we've come to these terms, you know what we must do, right...? The Phantom and the Phantom's Light are our next targets... They're en route as we speak."

The physical form of Lumiel was nothing more than a Ruby Lumiere, a beautiful luminesence that was fun and destructive... A 'Scarecrow,' and Tigen's younger sister. Ruby.

"Hahaha... I wonder how Perura's gonna take all of this...?"

Perura was thoroughly... confused, and her eyes gave hints to it. She stood where she stood and pondered on what had happened, but drew a complete blank. She didn't understand.


Blue turned around, her gleaming cerulean glowing eyes seething into those ice cold pupils of Perura's quickly, and this eye contact connected their souls. She hesitated a bit to explain, but decided that it must be destined to do this.

"... We were... Her Light and Darkness. Every Insangel has them. Their own personal light... and their own personal dark... The little angel an demon on their left and right shoulders... That is what we are to Luci."

She was the first ever Insangel to actually come into fruition, having her light and her dark work together, yet none of them could remember anything about them. Blue and Signis knew only as much as Luci did, which was why the three worked so hard together. Now, they were fully aware of who they were, and could use their power in whatever way they deemed necessary to help those they cared for.

"... Does this make things more clear...?"

Blue would have been happy to explain anything else she needed to... Definitely to Perura.

" Now you have tangible forms... ? "

Was all Perura asked after the explanation, for it seemed simple enough to grasp. Instead of Sigil and Blue being inside Luci, they had their own bodies outside of her now. That was what Perura was gathering anyway.

However another question sparked in her mind, and she wrapped her arms around herself when it did.

" ... and Crona? "

To have gotten the child, just to have it ripped from her? She wasn't feeling too joyous right now.

"What's going on here?"

Luci found herself inside of her Ice Sanctuary before departure, ready to collect Perura and the others. She was well informed of the two and their shifts, as the three of them were still veeeery connected, even if they were able to leave her body now and take on physical forms. They were all still one being.

"... Oh, Crona? Yeah, that was just a piece of Blue. She's still there, but now she's just Blue."

The part of Luci that was quiet and dark. The one that held affections for Perura in this motherly fashion. The one that was kind and loving, despite the shadowy, mysterious exterior.

"So don't be sad. You've still got her."

She winked at Perura and smiled at her, hovering now to her icy throne.

"But, that aside, we're heading out soon, you know. We've got something special to do."

So Perura's understanding of the situation was completely spot on. She was glad. She stood herself up fully and folded her arms. With a quick glance around the room, and she didn't see Koudo around anywhere, however, she didn't question it.

" ...Special? "

Luci nodded immediately, this master plan already in motion, and when Luci got a master plan... It was always executed. Absolutely.

"Yeah, we're gonna go find my other half and fix it. Kinda... not harmonious, ya know? Holding me up a bit."

She crossed her arms and furrowed her brow, this entire situation getting kind of annoying.

"... I didn't even know that I had a piece of myself that was so discordant... Ugh, and this is the only way, isn't it?"

She was talking to herself, yet also talking to Ruby and Blue, even if not directly addressing them. Sighing heavily, a crystalline fog brushed past her lips and dispersed not too long after.

"... Or, I could just make Koudo do it. Heh heh heh..."

She certainly loved doing that.

"What do you think, Perura?"

" Other... half... ? "

Just how many other parts did this girl have? Perura was beginning to wonder, but she didn't ask for her answer was always presented shortly after the question rose itself in her mind. What surprised her was that Luci wanted to know her opinion on something. Though she didn't really have an opinion either way.

She took a cold chilling breath before shrugging her shoulders and looking off to the side.

" .... He's already out... "

It just made more since to ask him to do it since he was already out. He was probably already on top of it without even realizing it himself.

She couldn't do anything but close her eyes and snicker. That Koudo... Always out doing something.

"Fine. He always does what he's gotta do anyway. And somehow, we meet up in the middle."

Luci hovered closer to Perura, wrapping an arm around her neck in a friendly manner and smiling wide.

"So, that just leaves you and me to bond until Koudo gets back! What do you wanna do, Perura?"

Luci wasn't usually this friendly to anyone... Perhaps the bond that she and Perura had through Crona and Blue and their own natural closeness of wavelengths was stronger than Luci had ever even imagined.

There wasn't anything in particular that Perura wanted to do. She only ever did things that she needed or someone else asked her to do. Any other time she was sitting in her room, or rather her castle now, waiting to be called on by someone or to remember something else that needed to be done by her. She found peace with doing nothing.

So answering Luci's question would be... difficult. The taller woman turned her head to look at the floating girl beside her before she looked up at the ceiling and placed her index and middle finger to her lips and hummed in thought.

" ...What do I... want to do... ? "

She couldn't remember a single one time in her long life where someone had asked her that question.

With Perura's unknowing of what to do, Blue knew that she was going to have to help Perura decide, since she didn't particularly care for doing anything.

"... How about... you and I spend some time together...?"

Blue nuzzled up close to Perura, who had the faint smell and feel of her own mother... Demons were normally rather cold beings, and so was Blue's own mother. For an Overlord of an entire universe based on her own Blue will, she was rather docile and compassionate... An odd demon, indeed.

Willing the slight snuggle of her kin, Perura looked between Priere and Blue before looking back up and taking one last second or two to decide something they could all do together. Then it hit her. Something she needed and wanted to do at the same time, and something that could be fun for all of them.

" ... Hunting? "

It sounded more like a question than a statement. Almost like she was asking if suggesting they go hunting for sport and to grow stronger for the destined day was okay. How would she rule her castle of followers without being able to come to a decision on her own?

That aside.

She looked to Priere and then to Blue. Though there probably weren't many monsters out and about with times like they were. There were bound to be fairly strong ones out that could sustain themselves in conditions as these. Wonderfully strong creatures to defeat and subjugate for the cause, hmm?


"Hunting? You really wanna hunt at a time like..."

She shrugged, exhaling sharply afterward. Looks like it just couldn't be helped.

"... Hmph. Fine. I heard that there was a special sort of 'Festival' coming up, one that encourages the sport of the hunt. Festival of the Hunt. We'll go check that out or somethin."

Luci didn't really care for hunting and such, but Perura was still a weapon, and in retrospect, so was Blue.

"You two can go hunt together. Blue, you need to get out anyway."

She crossed her arms and turned to Ruby...

"Guess that just leaves you and me, huh?"

She was going to need to go see this piece of herself that 'disconnected.' Hell, she had these other pieces, Saphira and Ruby... Maybe this other one was her human form. She wasn't really a human at all, now that she thought about it... She was a culmination of a demon, angel and human... So, if she knew where her demon and angel were... Where was her human? That was the one that was discordant.

"Come on. We're going to go where this jade ring takes us."

She held her hand up and the ring did glow with its emerald gleam, shining bright toward where Luci now needed to go.

"So does this sound like a plan, Perura?"

Well shoot. She was just throwing an idea out there. Why ask what she wanted to do if you were just gonna talk it down? Perura was fuming a bit on the inside, but obviously expressing those feelings outwardly was a stretch. It was easier to keep them in anyway.

With honesty, she felt a bit discouraged and didn’t even want to hunt anymore. It wasn’t like becoming a death scythe was really that important to her anyway. She was already powerful enough without the title. But it wasn’t like she could retract the idea either since it had been accepted already, though reluctantly. This friendship was such a confusing one. It didn’t even seem like an actual friendship.

The youthful yukionna didn’t like the sound of this ‘festival’ and would rather hunt privately with Blue like she did with herself. Making a big spectacle of things was just too much for her, evident by her lack of interest in the tournament that she were forced into by her ‘pals’ earlier on in all of their careers.

Shrugging, she shrug her shoulders and it could mean anything. Perura just kinda knew that they would take it as her acceptance to the plan since she was starting to realize her opinion didn’t matter as much as the others tried to make it look like it did. Not like she could blame them. It came with being mute most of the time.
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Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels
Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels

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Insangel 55: Complete Clarity Of Lucicrystal; Shin Ekishoutsukiyomi

Flipping through the pages, over and over and over and over again, she waited patiently for her time to come, reading over each and every page until everything in her Crystal Grimoire was etched into her very skull. Ruby and Saphira were nowhere to be found, having left Luci to be alone with her thoughts.


Something seemed unsettling about her... Completely and utterly... Unsettling. Unsettled. Restless. She closed her book and sighed heavily, staring out the window and up at the sky... The moon was starting to change color again, and soon it would be her time... All Tensei involved knew when their moons were coming. Luci was simply only waiting for Rei to show herself...

Digitizing from the cosmos, Tabris held in his hands Rei Tensei, ready to 'pass the torch' on from himself to her, and initiate the light of her Liquid Crystal Moon.

"... I come bearing the True Godsend, and some useful information for you."

He had nothing more to say on the subject other than this, for now. It was up to her whether she took it or left it all.

Barely even acknowledging his existence, she gave him the cold shoulder, followed by a frigid scoff, that which would chill his very being.

"... Drop the True Godsend and go. I don't wanna hear anything."

She was starting to understand a lot of things that she didn't want to hear about... About herself. About her origins. About her powers. About everything that was going on. The Insangel... Tch. She couldn't even bear to hear that name for herself anymore.

His very being was chilled to the very core by just her expressions and demeanor; a testament to her frosty powers, no doubt, but even more so to her disposition in what was going on in the twisted Tensei family. He kept his barely smiling expression on his face, letting go of Rei and allowing her to drift slowly toward Luci.

"... You and I, we are not that different. We're both hollow because our souls belong to other beings. Little Crystal Girl..."

He turned away from her, yet, could not leave yet. He was far too aware of her want to know to simply allow her not to.

"... You must have known that Valorius is an alternate name for him. Khrona, that is. You were pulled from that alternate dimension of Escellsia, yet you remain a Tensei all throughout. Khrona's blood runs deep in you, even if you do come from an entirely alternate existence."

His smile grew just a bit, and he'd turn his head to look at her through the corner of his eye.

"... You harbor both a Grim and a Scarecrow on your shoulders; the Red and Blue moons that are your twin Godsends. Saphira and Ruby. You're the mirror of Chroma in this world; Khrona's daughter from a parallel world that he loved so much that he could not let her die along with it. I'm sure you're aware."

That was all he would mention about it for the moment. She was going to need time to take all of this in.

She winced. These words cut her rather deeply... To know that she wasn't even of this world truly... How could she have been so foolish as to even think she was? Her memories of Escellsia slowly started to return to her...

"Ngh... Sh-Shut up!! I'm not just a mirror! I'm a real person!!"

Grim and Scarecrow? Is that what the Angels and Demons of this world were called? Nay, not of this world; of this family. It was a hard thing to take in, but it was all starting to make sense... Each Tensei had their own Grimoire. Had their own Grim, or Demon... and had their own Angel, or Scarecrow. The Light and Darkness of themselves, with a main body either void of both, harboring both, or harboring one.

"... Ghhh..."

She was opposite of Chroma in every way; where Chroma was elegant, beautiful and graceful, Luci was... Brazen, haughty and arrogant. Even their powers were mirrors; Life and Death? Nothing but Heat and Cold. But why? Why would her father love her this much to want to save her? ... She did want to know more of the truth, even if it was painful. She knew that Tabris knew this, too.

Being identical to Khrona, he could feel the feelings of his daughter deep within him, and, on the inside, he frowned, but his face stayed constant in its relaxed expression. She would accept her fate as he had, as well... As a mirror. A parallel-worlder.

"... His wish for his family to come together was part of the Prophecy. Khrona is, what we like to call, the Eschaton. The Chosen One among all Tensei; the new Heritor of the original Tensei, known as the True Tensei's power. To be perfectly honest; you can consider Khrona and Tensei the same being. The Beginning and the End."

Of course, this brought upon many other questions; the Grims, the Scarecrows... And the Bodies, or, Insangels.

"... All of the main bodies are Insangels. Bound to their own personal Darkness and Light, known as Grims and Scarecrows. In your world, they are but Demons and Angels, but in truth, a Grim and a Scarecrow may assume any form they wish, by the will of the Insangel, the True Body."

Things were about to get complicated, but in actuality, all things were about to make sense, here and now. Such was why this was the Moon of Clarity.

"... Khrona and all those of the original Reality did not originate here on Vescrutia. Their planet was a floating land of utter paradise, where they interacted with other worlds via portals created by fusing their Dimension Gate with each world. They just so happened to stumble across Vescrutia one day, and crash landed here, making this place their home. Their entire world of paradise rooted itself with the world of darkness, shunned by the Chaos and the Nightmare; the Depths. These three places were filled with darkness, as their names may suggest... Nightmares. Chaos. And the deepest Depths."

He crossed his arms now... the Climax was at hand...

"... You originated in the Reality when it was still young, but you were lost through one of the portals. You were born of Tear and Friday. Yet, in the Dream World, they called themselves Valorius and Kokome. Tear is a fragment of Khrona that existed in the world of Dreams, and Friday is a fragment of Li-Grim, the Queen of Dreams. You were the spawn that they lost; who fell into the Dimension Gate and into Escellsia. Thought you are older than Chroma, you are still her twin; her mirror."

He smiled somberly at her...

"Is it all making sense now?"

She couldn't believe what she was hearing. All of this made sense, but it was too much for her to process... Yet, she thirsted for more. The answers she sought about her past, her history, all the things she didn't know...

"But, wait, did Blue and Signis...?!"

If they were her Light and Darkness, they had to have known. The Grims and the Scarecrows always seemed to know more than the Insangels, at least from her experience. They were gonna get it when she saw them...

"But, wait a minute, something doesn't add up... WHY is it that all of this happened!?"

Tabris' somber smile soon faded, as the saddest part of the story was about to come into fruition... Something that would change Luci's life forever.

"... It is because Khrona gave up his soul, his light, his Scarecrow, his Flame of Eternity... Simply to save all of the dimensions from falling apart. To bring back the light to the darkness known as the Grims... Formerly, Devourists... He wished to bring the Light and the Dark back together, so that Mind, Body and Soul could function as one again. To bring Grims and Scarecrows, Dimensia and Allsgrim together, as the Eschaton. His soul is... Tigen Tensei, the direct descendent of Tensei the Pumpking, and heir to all Dimensia and dimensions. The Dimension's Keeper is what he was called, for he would be the one to save them from a mistake of his dear friend... Zero Venkage."

Tabris lowered his head, shaking it now.

"... It all started in Dimensia... The original dimension; the first ever create d dimension that spawned all the others as its children, where the Flames of Eternity, known now as Scarecrows, resided freely."

He paused for a moment... For it was not just he who needed to hear this... But Khrona's soul, as well. Tigen.

"... Tigen. I know you can hear me. It is your moon, too. Come to me. You need to be present for this."

.. He warped in; burning in his pure form of energy, no longer bound to his former Pumpkin headed form. Though within his bulbous head burned that Scarecrow's face, simply because he had become so accustomed to it, Tigen was not what he once was... In fact, it almost seemed like Khrona and Tigen were... One.

"... So he's awakened you, as well... Tigen is pleased. Though Tigen's memories have faded, Tigen knows where they all have gone. Tabris... Bring Tigen's memories back."


He smiled, only for a moment, seeing that no matter what, Tigen was always drifting throughout all the dimensions, watching and waiting for his time to appear wherever he needed to be in the omniverse. Khrona's soul was a powerful one, indeed... Such is why it was allowed to roam freely outside of Dimensia. His was the only one that could do it.

"... Tigen... You are Khrona's soul, as you must know. I am his mind. He is the body. The Insangel. That makes me... The Grim. And you, obviously, the Scarecrow. The sacred Trinity. You were once Khrona's emotions, yet, when he released his soul from Dimensia, you received amnesia, throwing Khrona into pure and utter insanity. He did not remember, either, as is a trait of an Insangel who loses a piece of themselves, or is thrown out of balance. You were pulled from Dimensia due to the illness of Tensei. The illness of Tensei was caused by an event brought upon by one Zero Venkage, who pulled his son from the future and back to the past, thus causing that interdimensional wormhole to appear over all of Dimenisa... You were sent here to correct that mistake. That is why he called you to Vescrutia at the same time Tensei sent you here."

He closed his eyes...

"... To stop the destruction of this world, the next world, and all others to come. He was not aware of his actions then, but that is what happens when one messes with the timeline so drastically when still moving in linear time. However, because of ZK's prime 'fuck up', as he calls it... Evolution was able to occur. Advancement. Progression."

He started to tap a finger upon his folded arm...

"... It was all because you are beings that have enough power to grant the wishes of others... And on that day, several wishes were granted all at once; all at the same time. That fateful day brought utter chaos into the omniverse, and birthed Chaos itself. Yet, in a harmonic fashion. The entire timeline in all existence shifted that day, simply to grant the wishes of you all. You all had that much power... Even you, who wished to heal the Pumpking, which was no more than yourself in higher form. You and Pumpkinhead were twins, he only being older than you because of his will to save you... from death at your birth. You were originally one being, yet, with so much power, you had to split for the both of you to survive... And he gave his will to you; for he was the one that remembered that day. To grant every wish on that day... Remarkable. Even that dream girl, Grimro... Rather, Li-Grim, when she sent the piece of herself down, as Friday... They were of parallel worlds, as well. Friday was the equivalent to you, Tigen."

Though he was aware of some of this during the current times, he had no recollection of his past on Dimensia, nor his true association with Khrona... Perhaps that is why Tigen had so many emotions similar to Khrona...

"... Ah. It is all starting to make sense to Tigen now... Tigen did the same thing Khrona is doing right now long ago in the Nightmare... Tigen separated Tigen's flames into all sentient beings and sorted out the emotions they represented, giving Tigen the ability to let them freely roam as Tigens... Tigen did so against a fight with Kai long ago, the first time Tigen's emotions ever actually worked together..."

Khrona had been going through the same thing now, only with less control because of his physical form. Tigen, being made of pure and utter energy, was able to overcome this with ease. But, if that is the case, then that means...

"Tabris... There is a reason why all of us function in sets of three, correct? Tell Tigen."

He turned to Luci, who was silent throughout all of this. Perhaps she was taking it all in.

"... Tigen knows she needs to hear it most of all."

He nodded his head.

"Gladly. You see, all things function in sets of three... Light, Dark and Balance. The Body balances the Light of the Soul and the Dark of the Mind, harboring both in complete Equilibrium... As such, Khrona gave birth to three separate sets of three children in his three different forms. As myself, there is Rhapsody, Melody and Cleff 2.0. As Khrona, there is Luci, Chroma and Trinity. And, as you, Tigen... Your father, Tensei, is nothing more than your full power... In other words, he is Khrona's true soul. You, Pumpkinhead, and Pumki... You are going to find out your true names."

Tabris extended his hand, closing his eyes once more.

"... Pumki's true name is Lumiel, Luminon's true form. Pumpkinhead's true name is Nebulon. And you, Tigen... Your name is Lucifer."

His eyes opened solemnly, a Crystal Tear falling from his face...

"And do you know what your father's true name is...? Tensei, that is...?"

He drifted close to Tigen, so that he may hear this clearly... And whispered his name into his ear... Tymon Nikia Bolton II

When he drifted back, Tabris no longer looked at Tigen, nor at Luciel, for the only thing left to do was to explain things further.

"... The Cacti that your father cast our of Dimensia... They were the original Grims; Devourists. They consumed all the light, all the water, all the nutrients of every dimension to sustain themselves. So, he let them go away... This was because they were the shadows, the solidified Bodies of the Light Beings, the 'Pumpkins,' rather, the 'Lanterns' as you were once called. Casting them to a shadowy plane of existence parallel to that of Dimensia, dubbed the Land of the Devourists, and soon after, Allsgrim, the shadow of the Pumpking that he hated to see so much, Grim was born. And, from his wife, who loved her shadow, yet was forced to banish it due to the Pumpking's decree, Grimro. That land of Allsgrim was a land of dreams... And Grimro was Queen, since Grim became so sick. She mirrored the Pumpking's actions, and sent a piece of herself, dubbed as her daughter, Friday, just as you were dubbed his daughter, Tigen, into the dimensional cosmos... To right their own wrongs."

Completely and utterly frozen with shock, she made no movements and took no breaths, merely gripped Rei as tightly as she could. This moon was the moon of Clarity, and all things were indeed becoming clear. But again, there was just something that didn't add up...

She mustered up what she had left in her throat to utter, and to Tabris, with her pupils dilated and her teeth chattering...

"S-So... What about... The other Gr-Grims...?"

She finally mustered up the strength to speak to him. That much was good. She would know her purpose, and her true name soon enough...

"... As many Tensei as there are, there is a Grim and a Scarecrow... Rather, a Flame of Eternity, at this point... That they have. Stay with me, as I am about to list the entire family tree;

It all started with Tensei. His Grim was indeed, Grim. His Flame of Eternity was himself. He had no body. That is to say... He existed only in Dimensia and cast the self he hated so much down to Allsgrim.

Then there was his wife, Rei. She was the one who created Allsgrim; the land of will, wishes and dreams, where the Cacti known as Grims could roam once exiled from Dimensia... As she was the true first Grim, as their creator. Faithful to her husband despite his behavior, she stood by his decisions as Pumpking, and as such, banished herself to Allsgrim under his order, changing her name to Grimnis, as the first ever Grim. She called down his own Grim and resided there with him, casting up to Dimensia her form as Rei, though their respective Grim and Flame were not their true selves, the came to find out. They did not want to be together without being whole, but could not undo what had already been done. And so, she existed as the True Godsend, the weapon of Tensei. She was only Flame of Eternity and Grim, just as he, split in twain just as he.

Their offspring, however, were the birth of the sacred trinity said to foretell the undoing of their mistake... These children being Tigen, Pumpkinhead and Pumki. All of them were Flames, and their Grims, respectively, Grimnyzmal, Grimlock and Grimro. Yet, even there, they only manifested the split of Flame and Grim, not yet understanding the Balance of the Body, and thus, could not create it. They had no Equilibrium. As such, eventually the Grims, known also as the Devourists, consumed dimensions with their infinitely large stomachs, taking in all light, nutrients and life into themselves... They were Black Holes. Eventually, they reached Dimensia, and threatened to consume it as well. The Pumpking cast his three children off into the remaining dimensions, to find out the way to stop this from destroying Dimensia, and that only way was to find their own true Bodies and become Balanced.

Tigen and Pumpkinhead were pulled toward Vescrutia, whilst Pumki was lost and fell to Escellsia. Sounding familiar yet, Luci?"

If she hadn't caught on by now, this was a parallel paradoxical time stream, set in three very linear time periods that happened all at the same time, yet at different instances during the True Timeline.

"ZK called forth Tigen from the alternate dimension, and he ended up lost and as an amnesiac upon Vescrutia. Pumpkinhead was forbidden to tell him the truth. All the while, at the exact same time in a different reality, the Reality Village had been established by Tigen's body, Khrona, and his brother, Maze. And, though Maze was Khrona's brother, he was not the one true body of Pumpkinhead. No, that belonged to Megaera, now Corona, the SISTER of Khrona."

This is where things start to get MORE complicated.

"The Bodies of the Flames did not have to match gender, as, truthfully, each Flame does not actually have a gender in and of itself. That is only its True Body and its Grim that maintain genders. Truthfully, the Flames may take on any shape, form or will they desire, and Pumpkinhead's flame went to Corona, Khrona's younger sister. Pumki's flame went on to you, Luci, Khrona's daughter."

He shrugged his shoulders.

"As you may or may not already know, this is because all of these flames have been misplaced. That is because of the birth of Khrona, the only Grim that was completed as a Body, Mind and Soul. His birth forced the creation of another Grim, myself, Grimoire, and the birth of another Flame, which resides within him already, leaving Tigen without a True body, and myself without a Flame. To make it utterly simple; he's the only truly complete form of all of us. Khrona is Allsgrim and the True Tensei. This miracle what makes him the Eschaton."

Tigen flickered about over to Luci, knowing for a fact that she wasn't understanding any of what was going on... It was hard to follow.

"In layman's terms; The entire family got all fucked up because of one misplaced soul, one extra body, and one lacking Grim, which were all combined into the same person, making the perfect Insangel. Now, we've all got to work backwards to put our souls in the correct bodies, and find the Grims that belong to them, and merge back into one being."

He patted her dazed little head, then flickered over to Tabris.

"... Please try to be a little more concise for the girl's sake, hm? And, well, anyone else who is currently viewing..."

He chuckled a bit, rubbing the back of his head.

"Ah, yes, yes, I apologize... I do forget, as the Sea of Information and Knowledge, I spill out everything rather than what is understood... I figure everyone can understand everything I say, when that is not the case. Right then, allow me to clarify. That is the purpose of this moon..."

He cleared his throat, then continued.

"Khrona's three children were born already completely perfect and at balance; Trinity, Luciel and Chroma. Consciousness and Equilibrium, Heat and Cold, and Life and Death. As such, you three are the Melody of the Tensei Chorus; Voice of Harmonia (You), Voice of Discordia (Chroma) and Voice of Concordia (Trinity). On the next moon, you must each take your True Voices from Melody Tensei, my daughter, who harbors them within herself, causing her to be completely mute. Due to having mixed souls with the wrong bodies... Well, naturally, it causes a bunch of Discord."

That Eris... The demon of the Tensei lineage.

"... Eris, known otherwise as Discordia, had been causing chaos within the Tensei heritage for eons. She was the Grim that was lost... Never having a chance to be created, and as such, Taomin, the little Priestess girl who kept the demon at bay with her family, was her sacrifice... So that she may come to be on this world again and seek revenge for her neglect. Her entire family was birthed by Eris, and were kept to keep her sustained till they created the perfect vessel to sustain her... And, Taomin was that vessel. Eris, as a Grim, created her own Body, void of any Flame."

There was so much... Sooo much to take in right now... In all honesty, after she heard what was clarified by Tigen, she really didn't care about anything else. She just wanted to get her family in order.

"Alright, alright, alright, SHUT UP! All I wanna know now is... What the HELL does this have to do with me and MY moon, and what is it that I have to do!?"

She tapped her finger impatiently on Rei, wanting to use this awesome power to like, destroy something, or something.

Tabris chuckled, as he was waiting for this portion of the show, as well...

"Ah, I thought you'd never ask... The simple fact of the matter is, there are 13 True Tensei, known as the Thirteen Insangels. Each has a Grim, each has a Flame. You are the one that much return all the souls back to normal... You are the keeper of the Eleventh Restriction of Khrona, as each of the Thirteen Insangels harbors each one corresponding to their moon. The Tenth is the Restriction of Judgment. You are the new Judgmaster. With Tigen, on the Eleventh Moon, you are the Arbiter of Souls. Thus, when you accept Tigen's Flame of Eternity within you... You will be the catalyst of correction in the Tensei family, and you will then be the one to correct what is wrong, as you are the only one that lacks a Flame. You choose the Flame of Eternity that belongs in you, and dictate where each Flame goes, and Tigen will be the one to place them. You will also be the one to place each Grim with each Insangel and each Flame. Is that clear?"


She smirked, snapping her fingers, which caused Rei to tremble just a bit. She'd prod Tigen with the tip of Rei, extracting what seemed to be Liquid Energy from him, in a large surplus. She snapped again, and the Liquid Energy split into thirteen liquid-like crystals floating before her.

"Lucicrystals. Thirteen of em. Each are made to take in a Flame, a Grim and an Insangel and merge em back into one being, yet with the power to take their own sentient and separate forms, like how I was when Saphira and Ruby were Signis and Blue. They'll live as we once did; in perfect harmony of Mind, Body and Soul, and be able to interact and stuff as one, or separately."

She twirled Rei around, as everyone had done before, and stabbed her into the ground decisively.

"I've got lots of experience bossing people around. I've got my own gang, you know. So it's only natural that I tell these goddamn souls and these goddamn bodies and minds to go wherever I tell em to, and the Lucicrystals of Truth are gonna make it clear which whats go where. Then they'll embed themselves in and be the binding gum to keep em all together till they can sustain themselves on their own, then the Lucicrystals will just dissolve into their essences. Here, Tigen."

She pointed at him, and each Lucicrystal of Truth would hover over to him.

"I'm giving you the next moon. I'm not moving from this spot till the Thirteen Moons are done with. I get the feeling something's gonna go down."

She tossed Rei to him, too.

"I don't need no stinkin power like that. I've already got my own powers that are infinitely better than that dumb old weapon. I've got TWO Godsends. Hmph."

She crossed her arms, then kicked a leg over the other. She was back in action, yet again. And this time, she was Judgmaster. Oooo, this was gonna be sweet...

"I'll see you guys tonight."

Tigen snagged the thirteen Lucicrystals, plopping them in the Bucket of Destiny, before plucking Rei out of the sky, as well. He stared blankly at Luci and at Tabris, before a wide, goofy, yet sinister grin slipped onto his face.

"... Tigen's gonna have sooo muuuch FUUUUN~!!!"

Yeah, that sounded like the normal Tigen. Khrona's influence must have left, for the moment.

"HEEHEEHEE~! Okie dokie, Luci! Tigen will be OFF NOW~!"

And so, in a flicker, he warped away, right on top of the moon, waiting for it to be his turn...
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After all that had transpired, he placed his hands in his pockets and chuckled at her. He knew that everything they had worked for up until now... Was in her hands.

"... You may be the most important moon of all. If this fails... All us Tensei may never fix that horrible mistake..."

He turned away from her, and as soon as he did, his body started to slip away into nothing but binary, digitizing elsewhere...

The Truth had been told.

Is this The Gospel, Khrona...? The True Gospel...?
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Insangel 56: True Friday The Thirteenth; Shin Shinseitsukiyomi

Finally... I've waited so long for this day... Thank you, my family... I love you all so very much...

That voice resounded gently amongst all things, as the Zeroth Moon suddenly began to vibrate violently. On Vescrutia, the Crystal Tree itself would also begin to shake, growing larger and larger to meet the point that this Soul resided in space. From the crystal clear flames of this new moon, the Zeroth would take in all the other powers, and have enough strength to form the legendary Thirteenth Moon; the True, Complete Full Moon of the Tensei. The Pure Star Moon. So, that voice did speak out from within the newly created Thirteenth Moon, calling forth its utter completion by name.

"Shin Shinseitsukiyomi..."

Sprouting from the core, birthed of pure and utter crystal, the body that took in all vibrations; all light... All wavelengths. And this moon, this Thirteenth Moon that harbored all the powers of the others... This was his soul. The others, they were parts of his body; his chakra points. His power.

His body grew larger and larger, and so too, did the Crystal Tree, till it was large enough for the entire galaxy to witness Khrona sitting atop his tree in utter peace and smiling, the other moons floating around him and orbiting the soul that rested right in his crystal chest, shining so brightly that it caused his normally invisible body to cast the perception of Khrona himself unto everyone and everything...

Even to this day, Khrona had a thing for the flashiest of appearances. Some things never change. Hahahaha.

"Ah... It feels so good... To be free...

He opened his eyes and watched each of his little moons, his little chakra points, his little souls, his little families, his little everythings just hover about so calmly... And he smiled and he chuckled. A gleam of his sanguine eyes; Shin Zettai Omni Perception, cast his vision out to the expanse, to see where these points were to go next.

"... You all sound so beautiful... And, all in perfect harmony... Perfect accord... I love you all. But, we aren't finished just yet... This is only the Dawn of my moon. Nowhere near the completion.

He placed a finger to his chest, letting his Soul Wavelength cast itself out to each and every moon, like veins...

"Now that I am tethered... It's time for the true Friday the Thirteenth. Call forth the Bodies and let them cast these souls out into the expansive all of all, and let these moons grow into their own alls at the very edge of every everything... This is the end of the Night of Tensei! Insangels, Come Forth!"

After making the call, he would raise his finger to the Blue Moon, the First Moon, aim at some arbitrary position in the atmosphere and, with a single decisive flick, that orb was sent spiraling off faster than light could keep up with, as if instantaneously warping to its decided location.

"The first Moon has been launched... The Crown; to the top. Such is the Moon of Truth, become now my Crown, to bring in all Truths unto me... With the Divine Will to create and the Infinite Light of the Creator... I say I am that I am, and let that Truth resound."

So, the moon would take its correct place in the spectrum of all things, rapidly and exponentially expanding from moon, to planet, to sun, to galaxy, to universe, to multiverse, and so on and so forth and beyond, infinitely taking in all truths to spread such wisdom to Khrona... The First Moon had been set in place.

A faint giggle from the Queen of Dreams, and her wispy body manifested behind his, her arms wrapped around his neck lovingly, and her face nestled cozily into his nape. Khrina stared into the eyes of her beloved, and soke unto him...

"Hmhmhm... Time and time again, I am the one to prove my love to you, and I exceed with flying colors each and every time... That is because the truth is, that it never changes."

She winked at him, letting one of her arms flop down lazily toward the Red Moon, her finger fixed to flick it to the ends of all just as Khrona had done to the Blue Moon prior. The decisive launch of the Second Moon called for Khrina to speak out the macrocosm, as the moon reached its destination almost instantly.

"The Second Moon... The Understanding, to the Left Brain. Such is the Moon of Love, become now the Left Eye of Khrona, connected straight to his very Heart. With it, bring all Understanding into his mind, and create the infinite sanguine flash in the vessel of understanding... With me as its protector, I give birth to the emotions, reason and understanding of the Love of the Creator... And let his Heart and I (eye) become one."

She kissed him, drifting away slowly on the tethered wavelength that connected the Red Moon to him, till her body was nothing more than a dream... Resting now upon the Second Moon's red light. Just as the first, and all others to come, it would take in all things in its correct place on the spectrum, transcending the form of a moon, and up even beyond the multiverse, infinitely taking in the Understanding of all such love that would rest in his heart. The Second Moon had taken its place.


"Is it my turn again, Daddy!?"

Here she is... That hyperactive bundle of joy, whose minuscule form peered up at the huge cosmic entity that was her dear old dad. She clasped her hands together, shaking uncontrollably, ready to ignite again... And warped off to the Jade Moon now, grinning as hard as she could. A mere blink of those eyes trying to hold back that outrageous insane energy transported the Jade Moon in its respective point on the spectrum.

"Umm... The Third Moon... The Wisdom, to the Right Brain. Such is the uh... Moon of Peace! Tranquility! Equilibrium! And Serenity! Turn into the Right Eye of Daddy, connected to the very ends of his big ol' brain! With it, bring all Wisdom into his mind, as the first unbounded jade flash of an idea before it takes on limitations; the Divine Reality! Heehee... With me protecting this one, I give birth to the first revelation; creation from nothingness!! In the oneness of his consciousness!!"

After speaking those words, she exploded. Literally, burst on the spot. She appeared at the same instant in the spot where the Third Moon resided now, having undergone the immeasurable changes of travel, as the other two before it had done. Trinity giggled, watching as the infinite Wisdom started to flow in... And flow and flow and flow... Right into his head! The Third Moon was set in place~!

He graced this existence with his presence, no longer as a Grim, nor as a Grimlock, but as a freed expression of his own will, enslaved no more by the dreaded mistakes of yore.

"Haha! It seems as though all of my years and years of suffering for my crimes has finally paid off! This is what I was truly waiting for! THIS is what I wished to bring about, my boy!! We will finally be FREE!!"

As an enthusiast of the current event, he stood atop the Amber Moon and stared up to Khrona and all of his magnificence, shedding but a single Crystal Tear for what was occurring here.

"Never in my life did I think I would be able to witness this happen... I thought that all of my work would go towards nothing... Even with knowledge of all numbers, something that transcends even Numerology and numerical value cannot be predicted, even by these eyes that molded your own!"

He chuckled heartily to himself, before clearing his throat and closing his eyes...

"Now then... Let's get down to real business, hm, dear boy...?"

He grinned lightly, pointing off to what seemed to be an arbitrary location...

"The Fourth Moon! The Knowledge, to the Central Brain... That is to say, this Moon of Justice, Punishment and Retribution, shall become the stable Central Mind of Khrona. As such, it shalt bring forth all Knowledge to his head, which he may use for Justice, Punishment and Retribution under the divinity of this moon; as the Central state of unity of the 10 Sephirot, the Tree of Life. I will watch over it and ensure that such Punishment is dealt in only Justice, and Retribution be entitled to those who have been marked as the Punished. So it shall be."

With a snap of his fingers, the coordinates of this Amber Moon traversed all such other coordinates, trying to find and maintain its stability in the entire spectrum of things, growing to its fullest form, as the others had. From there on, infinite Knowledge flowed to the center of Khrona's thoughts, branching out to meet with the other two parts of his head, as well as the Crown itself. The Fourth Moon was set...

With Soul Transmission, this unlikely character appeared in a beam of light atop the Fifth Moon, with eyes just as lucid as the crystalline body of his 'higher self.' Though only a fragment of what is actuality, and somehow an elder to his full bodied self, Tear was ready to contribute to the masses once again, as he always was.

"... Ah, I always saw and loved the beauty in all things..."

With hands in pocket, he merely closed his eyes and allowed for his Wavelength to expand and merge with the White Rain Moon. His soul was the fragment of Khrona that shaped a body around itself; Tear was always called 'hollow' on the inside. But, he was far more than that; though created by this entity, he was his own person and lived his own life and was happy about that.

"... The Fifth Moon... The Kindness, to the Right Arm. With the power of giving, let it shape the Hand of Creation, under the Moon of the Dark Messengers, granting the Gift Of Death to all. With the loving grace of free giving; the love of God, let this inspiring vision grant all gifts of creation, even that of Death itself, unto all... I shall watch over this moon and carry the will of the Gift Of Death and all things else unto others... As one of the Dark Messengers..."

He blinked; Soul Transmission instantaneously transporting the White Rain Moon to its position in the grand spectrum, ascending to the level which it needed to be for its grand composure. As the point of the Right Arm, it would form as such, drawing in the infinite power of creation into it, and soon, the Fifth moon would fall into place as well.

A beautiful sound drifted cross the silent space, bringing on its current the cute little Rhapsody, with no smile on her face and her unpatched eye shifting down to the surface of the moon. She was not much of a talker, in actuality, however she knew that the Black Rain Moon called for her attention. She opened her mouth, binaric code taking physical manifestation from her mouth, and eventually, into words, followed by sound once conversion had been completed. Once that occurred, 'sound' flowed from her mouth like water.

"This is the Dawn of the Sixth Moon, which harbors Severity in the Left Arm. As the Moon of Atonement and Repentence, let it set the tone for the strength, judgment, intention, withholding and awe of God. The power of the Destructor from Creator is at Hand, to bestow Atonement and Repentence to all through divine destruction. As correspondent of this Moon's power, I will watch over this awesome destructive might in his Left Hand. Thank you. End."

Once she finished, she waved her hand, changing the Moon into pure data. It would take its place on the spectrum of things and bring the infinite Severity of destruction to the Left Hand of Khrona. The Sixth Moon, set.

... From the Void, this banging bitch emerged, and onto a moon that she knew barely anything about. She scoffed, knowing she was only here because of that crap Khrona pulled when she was born... Probably some finagling of Zita and that Nytox guy... Yeah, her purpose here was pretty much just by stroke of luck...

"... You always find a way, don'tcha..?"

She shook her head and smirked.

"Whatever. I'll help ya out, then... Since, apparently, I got sucked into this against my will, anyway."

She laughed heartily, knowing that she was more than happy to do this for Khrona. She couldn't wait to see the awesome transformation at the end, either...

So, she she started to draw in power into her gauntlets, condensing the power of The Void and the Raging Star into her respective hands... And started to speak.

"The Seventh Moon... The Beauty, in the Torso. Moon of Faith, shine the beauty of all things, and maintain the symmetry and balance between Kindness and Severity in compassion, both internally and externally. Spinning all Creation and Destruction at your core, the Beauty of Faith and balance of all and oneself combine. I'll watch over this beautiful moon... And practice the Faith of its power!"

She looked at her two hands; one burning with the heat of a star, and the other, with the coldness of the very Void itself. Her smirk grew to a wide grin, and she would crash her hands together in a violent display, the resulting explosion and implosion causing the Moon to transcend to its point on the spectrum, now drawing in the infinite Beauty into the core of Khrona, and balancing his mighty power of Creation and Destruction in both his hands through Absolution. Seventh moon's all green here.

This man, having walked up the Family Bond on foot, using pure and utter chakra to see and manifest the physical shape of this connection, he reached what seemed to be the endless path connected to his moon in space. How he was able to sustain himself and breathe? On pure chakra alone.

"... Hm. I am proud of you, my son... For achieving such great things. Make sure, above all else... You use this power for the correct purpose. I will not endorse foolishness, nor will I tolerate it. Heed my words and take them into that infinite knowledge of yours and remember; you are never to high and mighty to be knocked off of your pedestal, if you are not true of heart and just of reason. If this should happen, and it is not anyone else... Know that it will be me."

With that said, he stared his son straight in the eyes, unwavering and unblinking, to show his own absolute conviction in the matter, before clasping his hands together and centering his chakras.

"The Eighth Moon... The Victory and Eternity, to the Right Leg. As moon of Fortitude, Strength, Patience and overall Finality, place all such power into that Right Foot of his, bringing him Eternal Victory as he places his foot down in absolute might. Let him keep his head clear, as to not get clouded by visions of grandeur... And bring about Eternal Loss in the stead of Eternal Victory. As his father and protector of the Silver Moon... I will watch over him and ensure that he may keep his soundness and reason, even with such grandiose power."

He opened his eyes, and with his body teeming with raw chakra, he spake out his very name to the cosmos...


And the grand power of the Eoforce harbored just enough strength to blast Shinra and this moon to the very ends of everything, to the point on the spectrum of all that this moon, now transcending, needed to be. It would draw in all such infinite Victory and Eternity, using the powers of the Silver Moon to maintain it. So, the Eighth Moon had been put into place...

"Ah. I suppose it is my turn again, then. This time, for a more important role than simply being the catalyst... Hmhm."

His face, barely filled with expression, gazed up at his mirrored form, with hands still in his pockets, and a face turned up to the gods watching over...

"Well, let's get started."

He lifted his hand up to the heavens, appearing beside his own moon, beginning to speak.

"The Ninth Moon... The Foundation, to the Genitals. With Knowledge, Understanding, Information, Memory and Love, allow for the clear connecting to the task to accomplish, wholly remembering and maintaining coherent knowledge. Know that you, as the centered Foundation, hold up the rest of those higher than yourself with just as much prowess and importance as the two powerful legs you rest between, that protect you. The base of the Tree of Life... As your servant, I will rest here and never allow you to forget your awesome power again."

He smiled, grasping his hand, causing a shift in boundless energy that took the transcending moon to the point on the spectrum it needed to be. It would draw in infinite Foundation to hold up all other things; even those legs. Such was the incredible power of the Ninth Moon... Perhaps, even more powerful than any other... Such is why it is the God Wind Moon... Hmhmhm. It is set.

From the Crystal Tree, she arose, with hair gleaming and a body almost as radiant as the crystal itself, and she shone proudly in these dark lands, arms crossed over her chest as usual, and upon the Liquid Crystal Moon, she would sit, a Throne appearing under her and freezing over to create her icy seat.

"... You know what time it is. Hmph."

She scoffed at the world, yet turned even a slight smile up only to Khrona.

"The Tenth Moon. The Glory and Splendor. As moon of Clarity, become that which holds up the body just as sternly as the Right, and let Victory and Eternity support Glory and Splendor, and vice versa, and to all others above, hold them up just as steadily and true. To know when to back down, to retreat, and to bring about Withdrawal and Surrender in utter Sincerity. Not all battles are won by stepping forward... Sometimes, it takes stepping back and taking a 'loss' to achieve the truly desired victory..."

Luci saying these words was rather out of character, but... They held true even to her. She took them to heart, even if she didn't show it, and snapped her fingers, taking her moon to its rightful place on the spectrum of all, allowing it to transcend as well. It would take in all such infinite Glory and Splendor, and she would sit there with her eyes closed... Finally humbled for once in her life. And so, the Tenth Moon was set...

But, she wasn't done there. She had a hand in the creation of the next moon, as well; the Eleventh, as the Fire and Ice moon. She snapped her fingers again, as all Ten of the moons upon the Sephirot had been created, with the Zeroth/Eleventh/Thirteenth being the final one. She, as did Tigen, Chroma and Khrona, had to align the moon that beat within the very chest of the crystal Maestro, and with a snap of her fingers, she caused that soul to start expanding...

"It's all you now, Tigen..."

"Roger, Roger!"

Tigen saluted cartoonishly, reminiscent of how Trinity behaved in all her naturality, and focused himself on the now expanding Zeroth/Eleventh/Thirteenth Moon. He concentrated his flames, achieving the fabled Clear/Crystal Flame yet again, and controlled the burning clear fires of the wisping soul to absolute perfection as the liquid crystal sphere began to expand... And he spoke with a definite and bellowing Voice...

"Behold, the Eleventh Moon... The Kingship. As the Moon of Light, Order/Balance and Darkness that make up the essence of this soul in perfect harmonious accord set in the Mouth and through it to all things, let it grow... Grow, the soul... Grow, the body... Grow, the mind... As the Crystal Heart, Crystal Body and Crystal Tree extend their roots, veins and wavelength to everything... And, so too, the speech from the Voice of God bring divine revelation in Absolute Truth. Let we Luci's, that Female Vessel for the pregnant nurturing of the Male Lights of the emotional Sephirot come into action... And become the Crown Will source for any subsequent lower level in Creation, accomplishment and realization of the Divine Plan. That is; let the two who protect this moon' the Fire of the Eternal Soul and the Ice of the Crystal Vessel become one and project the image of... Shinseigami, Khrona Tensei!!!"

His body flickered vivaciously, soon to be taken into the Zeroth/Eleventh/Thirteenth Moon as the one who protects it all with the ever burning Flame off Eternity, as the Pumpking...

Tigen had merged with Khrona's soul.

"... Chroma! Finish the harmonization so that Khrona may be completed!!"

The final hour was at hand... The Sephirot was complete and the 22 Channels were about to connect everything in every was through Khrona. The greatest Absorption... The perfect Soul Resonance...

Patiently waiting right beside her father, as his first child, she sat with eyes closed, hovering on a traditional Japanese pillow, sleeve covering her face cutely. She witnessed all that had come to be and waiting for her right time to act yet again, as the final Moon to end them all and set into completion the Thirteenth... And thus would set into motion Shin Friday The Thirteenth; the eternal Friday the Thirteenth. She giggled and smiled, waiting until Tigen called out her name to turn to the soul before her and say,

"Oh, is it my turn already?"

For the first time ever since her transformation, Chroma would open both her eyes completely, unleashing a might so powerful held back by her shut eyes, that it split her body into three parts; One completely white, one completely black, and one both white and black. These were the Chroma's X, Y and Z; Chroma of Life, Chroma of Death and Chroma of Life and Death. The three of them held hands in a circle, omitting an odd, yet extremely pleasant frequency from themselves, that which would resonate and flow with the current of the Family Bond, down each and every one of the 22 Channels connecting the Ten Points. With all such points connected in perfect harmony, in unison, they would amplify each others' resonance and wavelengths, feeding power straight from every single one of the Moons to the Thirteenth, which was Khrona's soul.

"The Twelfth Moon... The Omnipotence. By the power of this moon, which harmonizes all moons through Everything... Light, Neutrality and Darkness... Life, Death and Rebirth... May they all combine and share their power, for it all to be drawn into the Zeroth, which is now the Eleventh, to become the Thirteenth..."

Each Chroma spoke in unison, their great circle now beginning to spin. They would, as they spun, create a Halo over the growing Tree of Life, which, before, was only a sapling, and caused the great Crystal Tree of Life, Truth and Rebirth to grow; Its branches would extend out to all things, everything, and connect to them through its branches, like the veins of a body, coursing with the energy of all. With the branches extended, the total innards of the body had been completed... Now, all that was left was the crystalline frame and the blood, which was all energy itself.

"Father... Assume thy true form... I can barely wait to lay eyes upon it for myself..."Patiently waiting right beside her father, as his first child, she sat with eyes closed, hovering on a traditional Japanese pillow, sleeve covering her face cutely. She witnessed all that had come to be and waiting for her right time to act yet again, as the final Moon to end them all and set into completion the Thirteenth... And thus would set into motion Shin Friday The Thirteenth; the eternal Friday the Thirteenth. She giggled and smiled, waiting until Tigen called out her name to turn to the soul before her and say,

"Oh, is it my turn already?"

For the first time ever since her transformation, Chroma would open both her eyes completely, unleashing a might so powerful held back by her shut eyes, that it split her body into three parts; One completely white, one completely black, and one both white and black. These were the Chroma's X, Y and Z; Chroma of Life, Chroma of Death and Chroma of Life and Death. The three of them held hands in a circle, omitting an odd, yet extremely pleasant frequency from themselves, that which would resonate and flow with the current of the Family Bond, down each and every one of the 22 Channels connecting the Ten Points. With all such points connected in perfect harmony, in unison, they would amplify each others' resonance and wavelengths, feeding power straight from every single one of the Moons to the Thirteenth, which was Khrona's soul.

"The Twelfth Moon... The Omnipotence. By the power of this moon, which harmonizes all moons through Everything... Light, Neutrality and Darkness... Life, Death and Rebirth... May they all combine and share their power, for it all to be drawn into the Zeroth, which is now the Eleventh, to become the Thirteenth..."

Each Chroma spoke in unison, their great circle now beginning to spin. They would, as they spun, create a Halo over the growing Tree of Life, which, before, was only a sapling, and caused the great Crystal Tree of Life, Truth and Rebirth to grow; Its branches would extend out to all things, everything, and connect to them through its branches, like the veins of a body, coursing with the energy of all. With the branches extended, the total innards of the body had been completed... Now, all that was left was the crystalline frame and the blood, which was all energy itself.

"Father... Assume thy true form... I can barely wait to lay eyes upon it for myself..."

... Thank God. Finally, I can put an end to this madness and get something productive done...

Apparently, that was all he could think of at the end of all of this; the shaping of his entire being had finally come to completion, even to the point where every single minute strand of DNA from himself through the Tree of Life had connected to everything... Where his soul grew so large that to sustain itself, it needed to cycle power between all creation itself. Yes, this is what Khrona had been waiting for... And, for what? That was his little secret...


That laugh... It vibrated up every branch as, as his crystal body expanded... Infinitely larger, and larger and, then, even larger so! Would it ever stop? No... It was taking in everything... From his Halo down to the very soles of his feet, he was filled with everything... And he just... Thought about it, in the grand scheme of things...

You guys are my organs now... My cute little cells and molecules.. Atoms and quarks and... Hmhmhm... Everything. And I can sees it all...

He existed now in a new state of beyond, known to most as 'Heaven.' Here, would reside Khrona, Tigen and the Friday the Thirteenth Fairy, as, that is what he willed to be.

I guess this is why my name is 'Khrona,' huh? The Crown! Hahahaha!

From his laugh, would he manifest the Friday the Thirteenth Fairy in her youngest state; Bunnybee, as in his soul resided the Magical Orange... Rather, the Crystal Fruit, Tigen. Khrona was going to bring up everyone... Somehow, some way... And these two were going to help.

... Only if they want it, though... I just... Want to help. As always.

And as it shall always be.

Aaaand here we... go.

"BWAH!!! Took you fuckin' long enough, Khrona!!! I've been waiting FOREEEEVER!!!"

She crossed her arms and stared him down, jaded eyes gleaming with their awesome glimmering glint. Her giant, white fluffy bunny ears twinged a bit, just because they were a little stiff from being out of motion for so long. Figureeess.

"Alright, so. I'm runnin' the show from now on, you got me?! You can have all that phenomenal cosmic power bullshit if you want, but what I want is for this goddamn invasion to happen... I've been promising mom for a long time I'd get it done, and DAMMIT, IT'S GETTING DONE RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!!"

Looks like Bunnybee started off not playin' no games. That's how she always is, though.

"So. Whatchoo wanna do, huh?"

Ahhh... Sorry, sorry... Alright, wait, let me stop talking like this, too... No need to be so ominous anymore.

"There we go. Alright, Bunnybee. We've been trying to make this happen for a long time. It's gonna take a lot of doing, but I know we can make it happen. You wanted an Invasion, you definitely got one. Heehee. Not like I don't support it; I made you, after all~!"

He loved his greatest creation... And would do anything to grant her wish!!

"But I guess we're gonna have to go on the low key again, huh? I mean, I did just do like... the ABSOLUTE most. Did you see that?"

Khrona poked his Third Eye, projecting the image of all that had just transpired into the Crystal ball (Crystal Fruit) between them. It was really epic to watch, actually, despite how rushed it was.

"If I wasn't on such a time constraint, you know I would have made it the most flashiest, grandest thing this place has ever seen... I love to do it up like that."

It was good he could stop being so serious for a little bit. Here, he would just sit back, relax, and go back down there and go handle that business that needed to be handled... Waaaay waaay waaaay down wherever Vescrutia was right now. Phew.

"You'll have fun there, you know. I swear."

She was barely paying attention to all that jibber jabber...

"Eh, well, Khrona, you've got some shit to do, I've got some shit to do... Might as well go get our shit together before we even do anything... So, we can just chill here and you can like, send a memory of yourself somewhere in there, or something or other... I don't fucking know how your badass powers work; that's YOUR thing. I just know it's... Fucking badass."

A chair appeared for her to sit on, and she, well, did.

"I'll make my appearances every now and then when I get bored or something. So uh... Yeah! Let's get crackin!"

And, with that said... She got up and walked off in some arbitrary direction. Hell, she could do what she wanted to do. Khrona had her back. *V*

... "Sigh."

Khrona shook his head. He created a work of art, definitely. He smiled, though, because that... That right there... That girl was gonna be big.

"Well, better get back down there..."

He closed his eyes and... Well. Went there.

The end.
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Insangel 57: A Stop Before The Stop

Outside Priere's icy domicile the obnoxious roar of a loud engine as well as the squealing of wheels skidding to a stop before the loud engine noise disappeared and everything went silent. Koudo, sitting in the cockpit persay of the monstrous motorcycle, sat back in the seat and shook his head clear of the water from the melted snow that covered his hair and turned his head to look at the front door of Priere's house.

"I know you heard that, come on out."

He called out to her. It would be nice to see her again, ya know, have a little chat, but what he mainly needed were directions.


Naturally, the first thing heard after quite a long time of silence between the two... Seemed like they were picking up right where they left off.

Annoyed that she had to get up from her icy crystalline throne, she rose to a float and hovered over to the door, opening it with a flick of the finger. Outside, she'd lay eyes on the loud and obnoxious motorized vehicle belonging to none other than the man of machines, Koudo Tamura. She sneered at him and narrowed her eyes, as usual, pissed to see him here on that thing.

"You must have come here for the sole purpose of getting on my nerves, huh? What could you possibly want that it would take you this long to talk to me, hm?"

Seems like she was more upset that he hadn't contacted her until now, and he decided to do so in such a boorish way. Tch. Typical Koudo.

"Heh. Glad to see you too."

Already having adapted to her tsuntsun mood, it came as refresh from the always deredere Naina that he had just been spending his time with. He kicked the kick stand out and let the bike rest on a tilt while got a bit more comfortable sitting in the seat. He'd just gotten this baby from Sai and was still trying to get used to riding it.

"Sorry, I don't have your phone number."

He snickered.

"Well I just wanted to see what you were up to..."

Letting the sentence trail off, he'd heard about a few of things that went down in the village while he was exercising his freedom, but he hadn't heard anything about Luci besides the usual. He would have contacted her sooner, but things always came up and clogged up his schedule.

"And maybe ask for some directions. Want me to come inside?"

With her arms crossed, tapping her finger on the opposite arm impatiently, she waited for Koudo to stop beating around the bush and get to the point already. His little snide remarks hadn't changed a bit, and she had to admit that talking to somebody was pretty nice... Since Signis and Blue... Er... Ruby and Saphira were on their own for a while. In truth, she kind of missed how they were before.

"You know, you're the techie in this establishment; you give me the phone and I might consider calling once in a while. Not like I'm one for building things."

Quickly spinning around, barely listening to what he was saying as he hopped down, she started off back into her icy palace.

"If I did, I definitely wouldn't ask a wise-ass like you to do anything."

Once she hovered her way back to her chair, she realized then that he mentioned something about directions. What the hell could he be looking for out in this crystalline expanse? The Crystal Ridge didn't really have anything to see except for the Crystal Tree and the bridges that connected everywhere. Odd.

"... And just where are you trying to go all the way out here?

Elegantly lowering herself to her seat, one leg crossed over the other to match her crossed arms, and her cross expression. No matter how you looked at her, she was just Cross all over.

"Ah baby don't be like that, you know you like seeing me in the flesh over just talking on a communicator."

Koudo said, jumping off of the bike and, somehow, miraculously appearing at her side so that they were enter her home together. Everything looked the same as he remembered, maybe just a little smaller than last time since she didn't seem to be having one of her crying fits which was good. He walked up to the side of her chair and leaned against its back with one of his arms, while using the other to support himself on one of her arm rest. It seemed like she still hadn't invested in getting him a throne too, not like she would ever anyway right?

"To some tree made of crystal, know where it is?"

He could obviously tell, from her expression and body language, that this wasn't gonna be their catch up meeting and she wasn't up for any shenanigans and so he decided to get straight to the point. After he did what he had to do, take care of a couple things, then he'd come back and he'd fool around with her like old times.


Her body tensed up rather quickly after he said that, almost like she wanted to hit him. Yeah, he's still got it. Her finger tapping on her arm halted right where it was, and she'd raise it just a bit to get it in the position to snap.

"'Baby' MY ASS! You must have forgotten who I am, huh?!"

The air chilled even more than before, most specifically around Koudo, where Luci was more than prepared to flash freeze him right then and there to punish him for his assholery. Though, once she found out where he was trying to go, her fury transformed into a bit of shock and confusion, wondering why he'd want to go to the Crystal Tree, of all places.

"Wait, what did you say? The Crystal Tree? Why the hell do you wanna go there?"

This was a little fishy. No one wanted to go to the Crystal Tree, and normally, if they did, they'd just go to the very top of it in the Dawn. Maybe this was an excuse for this ass to come see her. The giggling smirk on her face showed that she didn't mind a bit, but she wouldn't let him know of that at all.

"You must want something, eh? And speaking of, since you're here, I want you to do something for me in return."

Her head turned to him, donning the sneaky smile on her face followed by an open palm below his chin.

"No work, no service, bub."

"I got a date."

Koudo gave the most vague, yet the most specific answer he could give to her. He'd like to tell her more about it, but she seemed to want him to do something for her. He didn't mind, it didn't matter when he did what he needed to do because it would turn out the same way regardless. There didn't seem to be any plausible errors in his plan.

He gave her a roguish smile. It wasn't like he was unaccustom to that rule of thumb. It was how life worked when you didn't have a stable amount of missions coming in from the people of a village to keep you living afloat. Koudo was quite accustom to that lifestyle now and he still planned to work jobs on the side in true rogue fashion.

"You know I'd do anything for you."

He cooed, wondering just what it was that she needed him, of all people, to take care of for her. It had to be pretty big if she waited for him to come see her... that or she forgot about it until just now.

... 'Date!?'

Her smile faded fast; almost as quickly as it was shown was it snapped right back into a furious scowl. Could it be that some other wench was pushing up on him on the sly? The only reason she even cared was because she might take up even more of his time than ever if they hit it off. Then he'd go all goo-goo softy on her. Disgusting thought, to say the least.

"Hmph. A date, huh? Better be with the tree itself..." she'd say under her breath. She wanted to know more on that situation and subject, but if she asked, it might look like she actually cared about what he was doing.

"Regardless, you still owe me. And what I want is a machine that can keep Water of Life pure and untainted, in the shape of a bathtub. Don't worry about getting the Life Water, I know how to get that stuff. I just need you to make the machine to keep it untainted."

She grabbed his face with her index and thumb, squeezing his cheeks together and pulling him close to make sure he was paying attention... And to relieve a little more of her pent up anger.

"That too much for you to handle?"

It'd be too easy, and spoil his fun, if he told her that he could hear her. Just like he didn't know much about what she had been up to in their time apart, the same could be said in inverse. Being that he had quite superior hearing, her little quip made his roguish smile widen devilishly.

"Soooo you want a purifier?" It seemed like a simpler request than he was he actually hoping it was. It was child's play for him to create something like that now. In fact, with a snap of his fingers it manifested right there in her living room just as she had ordered it. Koudo's control over machines and ability to create them from purely his chakra had been refined to the point that he could create anything he could visualize in his head and the drain was practically nonexistent. That was the reason why he never really used it anymore.

It took the fun out of building, which is what he liked doing the most.

His eyes trailed over towards where the bathtub like device had manifested. "Done."

"Well hi there."

-Shinta seemed to just appear in the room as though he was there the whole time, Space time Ninjutsu no doubt, he Was just there in the room with his arm around Koudos neck in a sort of "buddy" Embrace as if he would give him a noogie.

The Black eyes, Koudo would probably recognize as an Edo Tensei Zombie, as he had met with one before, by the name of blaze. kabuto had Sent him out to find Koudo and Take some of his Dna.

kabuto wasn't Pleased with being Crossed and he figured payment time was up.

however the playful noogie never came, Instead a small dagger appeared in his hand and he came in at Koudo with his free hand while holding him there striking at his arm.-

"My Apologies for this."

So you have returned..

-Savaj's voice rang from somewhere in the distance. Ever since his recent return to Ves, savvy had deployed several clones to help complete that plunder of a to do list. Some were doing recon, others were traning and learning. This however was the original, and planned to make a few personal stops.

Shinta would find his hand struggling against a metaphysical yet more than familiar force. Savaj was usimg his mind to temporarily deter and preoccupy Shinta's mind and body. Not to neccessarily stop him, but to give Koudo the opportunity to react..

He was here to see him afterall, but to see Shinta here was unexpected to say the least.-

Although, always figured you'd come kill me first.

-He said half-heartedly disappointed. When the two of them looked over to him the first thing they would notice is his shrouding black cloak. He had worn it so much now, he almostt felt naked without it.-

Luci was pleased to see that the 'purifier' was made without a hitch, but she was kinda pissed that he did it so quick and like it was nothing. She wanted to see him suffer. Oh well, though. As long as she had her equipment, she was alright.

"Good. I'll put it in storage for later."

Releasing his face, with a snap of her fingers, an ice seal appeared under the tub, shattering to create a portal for it to slip through and into The Tundra, where she kept everything she owned in Cold Storage. It quickly closed up, and not even a moment later... Her house was invaded by some odd malevolent dead guy.

"Who the HELL...!? Koudo, what is--"

Before she could finish, another dark and mysterious figure waltzed his way all up into her Ice Sanctuary like it was cute, or something. They must not have known that she wasn't the one to play with, on any day nor on any occasion.

"First of all, get off of MY property, unless you're gonna pay for his life with your own. And secondly, Get the FUCK outta my house!!!"

She could sense that they entered through the manipulation of space and time, but they wouldn't be leaving the same way if she flash-froze time and space at Absolute Zero. Even if she had no clue who these people were nor how powerful they were, it wasn't like they knew what power she had at her command in her own house. She wasn't gonna just let her most loyal subject get taken out like this; not at all.

'Dammit. Gotta sound the alarms and shit.
Where the hell are Ruby and Saphira? I know they can hear me.
And why isn't my good for nothing father doing anything!?
Ugh!! Everyone I know is just a freakin dumbass.'

It had already been established that Koudo’s sense of hearing was superb, so much so that Shinta’s arrival was announced to him before he appeared since he led with a sentence. On top of this, being a sensor type ninja, one of the highest caliber, the usage of chakra for a space-time ninjutsu notified Koudo to Shinta’s exact location. These two facts, coming before Shinta’s actual arrival, gave Koudo plenty of time to fashion around himself a dense yet thin shielding of water manifested from the icy floor of Priere’s frozen domicile, seemingly ‘just in the nick of time’, to stop Shinta’s buddy-buddy closeness, being that it was simple to alter the state of matter of water for Koudo. He hadn’t told Kabuto he could be considered a ‘monster’ even among Vescrutian standards for nothing. His quality of ‘talent’ was on a different level from most, almost unprecedented.

“Sorry, I’m not big on physical contact.” He commented while using a no smoke version of the body flicker technique, in true shinobi fashion, to move from where he stood to the other side of Priere’s chair in the blink of an eye with the help of his water shield, which provided cover, and whatever had been holding Shinta’s stabby hand back.

He rested his elbows on her arm rest, and sshed her by putting a finger to his lips, before looking up and noticing the black sclera of Shinta’s eyes. With a controlled huff, he then looked over towards where the other voice had come from, recognizing the look of the cloak, but not recognizing the sound of the voice. “You got a real party going now Luci.” He muttered sarcastically to her and waving his hand dismissively, “Let me guess, sent by Kabuto for revenge or something like that? Both of you?” It was a reasonable inference, he guessed, since he had double crossed Kabuto by giving him a fake sample.... well it wasn't fake persay for it was a sample of someone's DNA, just not Koudo's.

"Damn the little girl is really annoying... And why would I kill you Savaj? But that hardly matters right now."

-Shinta waved his hands and his glasses appeared within them, he causally put them on to hide his black eyes,.. well it was more to hide his cat eyes then anything he had a weird thing about that.

But what mattered was Koudo was safe and that was good. He made use of the warning he gave.-

"I am under a Jutsu, You Understand I cannot control myself. A puppet if you will."

-He looked over at Savaj a moment and sighed deeply, things were escalating too quickly, should he be forced to go all out.. He had to figure out some way around it if he could.

He glanced back at Koudo and shook his head.-

"You Understand what I am capable of I hope, My Body is Primed to take down Death himself. And there is no real way of running from me, my Space Time Ninjutsu is unmatched.

You may try and seal me but I can Guarantee it will not work.. Your only option seems too kill me.. But again It's highly Unlikely.. And with this body even more so.

It is your Dna I'm here to Collect and before I'm Forced to kill you all causing.. Untold Collateral Damage to the people around here.

I'm asking you to just Surrender it... Peacefully, there is no reason other people should have to Suffer for your mistake.. If you want retribution Hunt Down Kabuto Yourself don't get others involved.

Think Carefully and as an Adult... Some Battles are won not through fighting but Smarts."

-Shinta lifted his head to tap the side of it.. But he was feeling as though his body would move again soon.-

Idk, just fuc- wait, what?

-Savaj stopped mid-sentence, shock and disbelief had choked him up. He didn't want to believe that Shinta of all people allowed himself to fall pray to a jutsu that would make him a puppet, or pawn of anyone. However, he had sensed an emptiness about his heart, and a foreign essence pervading the vacancy that his will once occupied.

Despite what he wanted to believe, the truth was literally staring him in the face. Shinta had fallen

I I guess you aren't Death proof..

-He joked, trying to hide other emotions. He crossed his arms as he examined his bested mentor.-

Are you still in control of your mind, I wonder?

-Savaj intentionally thought loud and clear, hoping that Shinta and his advanced telepathic prowess would catch it. He wasn't sure how Shinta was being controlled, but he doubted highly that his mind would be compromised in anyway. He was the king of minds in Savaj's book, he doubted the existence of anyone better.

He figured that Shinta was being bodily controlled, seeing him speak coherently an communicate. If a telepathic route would fail then a different approach was already in the works. If Shinta taught Savaj anything, it was smarts.-

Long time Koudo..

Luci was just about ready to blow after this sudden intrusion, definitely wanting to go directly on the offensive. It was only by her deep respect for Koudo that she silenced herself only because she figured that he knew what he was doing. Otherwise, he would have just let her know it was time to let loose and flash-freeze the hell outta them.

"Hmph. Whatever. You all are getting on my nerves, not even paying attention to me in my own house. I have a right mind to skewer you."

Raising a finger to the air, she started to draw a very odd shape that resembled something like a labyrinth. As she did, the Ice Sanctuary trembled violently, breaking itself up around them. If they weren't gonna get out, she was gonna make them get out. Every wall shifted backward several hundred feet in a flash, as did the ceiling and floors, maneuvering right around the group with the utmost precision. It only took a few moments for the entire home to reconnect itself way back behind them, and in the same state it was before. Still sitting in her throne in the midst of the icy Crystal Ridge, sh scoffed at the lot of them and narrowed her eyes.

"Next time I see you people, I'm gonna make you pay. Especially you, Koudo. In fact..."

She snapped her fingers and flash-froze the lower portion of his body, considering that he had used a little water to shield himself.

"It's open season on Koudo, guys. Go nuts."

And as her throne receded back into the Ice Sanctuary, she'd give Koudo her icy glare all the way back, ensuring that he didn't escape his prison of ice until she was damn well ready to let him out. Whatever they wanted with him, DNA or whatever, she was gonna let them have him. Punishment for bringing these assholes in her house.

Koudo let out another huff somewhere in the middle of Shinta's speech. "Alright, alright." Koudo had absolutely zero idea what Shinta was 'capable of', but he confirmed he was sent by Kabuto, who was really intent on getting some of Koudo's DNA instead of utilizing the other, possibly just as powerful, DNA Koudo had gifted to him instead. Last time Koudo checked, Demons were just as powerful as Dragons in legends, some more so. If he was as good of a scientist as he lead on then he should have been able to pull out the very best potential of the DNA.

But it didn't matter. Kabuto simply wanted what was promised to him, and Koudo respected that. He pulled a kunai out and sliced his arm, making sure to gather enough blood and skin cells and what not for a sample, before tossing the Kunai over to Shinta. "Tell him to send what I gave him back, no bonus."

It was around this time that Luci was doing what she was doing, throwing a tantrum, and she wondered why she was called annoying. Hilariously enough, her flash freezing of Koudo wouldn't work considering he didn't touch himself with the water just had it arc over his body to act as a shield. It was rare that he had the water physical cover him. He didn't move from where he was though, but he was reconsidering his 'friendship' with the owner of the house they had just been in. "You guys really have baaaad timing."

-Giving a knowing glance at Savaj, he would shrug and send but a single Mind Transfer to him.-

This Technique controls ones will, But do not worry, My Death and my predicament now are all just necessary Steps.

-Just then in the ice labyrinth, The Kunai was tossed at him He opened his mouth and caught it in his teeth, He whipped his head and tossed it into a dark portal.-

"Again I apologize for this, Koudo But Your Maturity is a breath of fresh air I always did like you in life, In death even more so.
.. And .. Umm Little girl, Work on the anger yeah?"

-He gave a large smirk, He knew what her name was As he passively read minds, but he figured he'd leave her even more steamed as a cruel joke. He may have been glad no one would get killed today but he was still the slightly sadistic guy he always was.

-Suddenly A coffin Appeared behind Shinta and sucked him into it, the Coffin Door Closed and then the entire thing Dissipated from Sight.-


-Savajj said, crossing his arms at the disappearing coffin. A jutsu that could bind the will of others? Such a jutsu would have catastrophic consquences. He snickered.-

How've you've been, Tamura?

-Savaj said, pulling his hood back revealing his devilish grin and hopefully familiar face. He had been following Koudo for quite awhile , waiting for him to be alone so that he could have a chat with him. However, Savaj didn't plan for Koudoo to be surrounded by women...all the time.-

My apologies, just been looking for this guy for awhile. Couldn't just stand by and watch all that go down, right?

-He playfully pleaded. He hadn't known much about Luci admittedly, but he hadn't planned on being here too ling anyway.-

Koudo gave a nod to Shinta before he vanished in a coffin the same way Blaze had appeared a while back. Then he trailed his eyes over to the other person, finally identifying him. His devilish grin would be might with a roguish smile.

"Oh, Apprentice-chan. So you were that abysmal energy that I couldn't get a direct reading on. Long time huh?" He said pointing at Savaj. Koudo... didn't remember his name for it had been a long time, but he did remember his face from being sent to fight him, by Kham, as part of some test or something, on Savaj's end.

Before Savaj could say anymore, to Koudo that was, he pointed over his shoulder towards his motorcycle. "Wanna go somewhere else? I think Luci's gonna start bitching again if we keep standing in her front yard. She's gonna chew my ear off about this next time I grace her with my presence... you have no idea how scare that freezy freeze power is." It was setting him back, not getting the exact location of the crystal tree from Luci like she had promised to give him if he made her purifier and leaving the area to have a talk with Savaj, but he was used to doing work for her and getting nothing in return. That was the nature of their relationship, after all. She was quick to ask for something, and quick to throw him under the bus.

-Savaj nodded his head toward Koudo, pulling his hood back over his head. They'd have plenty of time to chat he figured, so he gave Luci a peace sign before flash stepping out of her house. He'd wait for Koudo there, allowing him to finish whatever he had to up here.-

Ooooh, she was pissed. Koudo's little brigade of rogues busting into her crystalline palace like they owned the place would never sit right with her, and as Koudo suspected, he was going to hear about this later. Possibly through more abuse and battery, which was her favorite. As he throne slipped back into her household, locking into place where it originally sat before, the cool and silent atmosphere (and the dismissal of those heathens) put Luci in a more relaxed state. That was always good.

"Hmph. Koudo has some nerve, letting those people just intrude like that. If only he didn't give himself up willingly... It would have been better to see him get stuck there. Not like I was gonna leave him there, though."

Looking back on it, it was a little bit harsh considering the conditions... But from what she remembered, his control over water jutsu was just about as proficient as she was with her water magic. So, it wasn't like he couldn't get out of that situation in a flash. She'd never actually let him get into mortal danger. Though... She couldn't help but think about why they appeared in the first place.

"... I wonder what they guy wanted with his DNA sample... Maybe I should tag along when he goes to the Tree and he'll give me some answers."

She'd be more than pissed if her best operative... And best friend... Was taken from her by some asshole playing god. Another person who messes with DNA... The only person who she knew that did that was her father... Man, that was still really hard to accept. Ugh.

"... I'm just gonna call him Khrona. I can't stand calling him my dad. My father is Valorius, even if it is just an alternate version of him. Hmph."

Grrrr.... She was going to have to go talk to the damn tree. Not only to get some Life Water, but to give him a piece of her mind. Yeah. So that means that she and Koudo were going to have to go right now. Something like this couldn't wait for this impatient girl.

Snagging her Crystal Grimoire from its resting place and slipping it in her dress, she floated up from her seat and into an upright hovering position, floating over to the exit yet again. She hoped that Koudo was still out there. It wasn't like his big ass annoying piece of crap bike wasn't. Hmph.

"KOUDO!! I THOUGHT you wanted to go to the Tree, huh? Get your ass in gear! I'm gonna take you myself."
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Insangel 58: So, What Do You Need, Apprentice-chan?

Continues from... Here

Koudo walked over towards his bike and grabbed the handles before kicking the kick stand and starting to walk the bike down the path that he'd rode here, which took him towards the Crystal Ridge now. While he walked, he figured the guy from before would follow up. He didn't worry about whatever information Luci was suppose to give him, because he was sure he could just figure it out himself.

"So I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say this isn't strictly a social call."

He finally said, breaking the awkward silence that he fallen when they had gotten a nice distance away from Luci's house.

Ooooh, she was pissed. Koudo's little brigade of rogues busting into her crystalline palace like they owned the place would never sit right with her, and as Koudo suspected, he was going to hear about this later. Possibly through more abuse and battery, which was her favorite. As he throne slipped back into her household, locking into place where it originally sat before, the cool and silent atmosphere (and the dismissal of those heathens) put Luci in a more relaxed state. That was always good.

"Hmph. Koudo has some nerve, letting those people just intrude like that. If only he didn't give himself up willingly... It would have been better to see him get stuck there. Not like I was gonna leave him there, though."

Looking back on it, it was a little bit harsh considering the conditions... But from what she remembered, his control over water jutsu was just about as proficient as she was with her water magic. So, it wasn't like he couldn't get out of that situation in a flash. She'd never actually let him get into mortal danger. Though... She couldn't help but think about why they appeared in the first place.

"... I wonder what they guy wanted with his DNA sample... Maybe I should tag along when he goes to the Tree and he'll give me some answers."

She'd be more than pissed if her best operative... And best friend... Was taken from her by some asshole playing god. Another person who messes with DNA... The only person who she knew that did that was her father... Man, that was still really hard to accept. Ugh.

"... I'm just gonna call him Khrona. I can't stand calling him my dad. My father is Valorius, even if it is just an alternate version of him. Hmph."

Grrrr.... She was going to have to go talk to the damn tree. Not only to get some Life Water, but to give him a piece of her mind. Yeah. So that means that she and Koudo were going to have to go right now. Something like this couldn't wait for this impatient girl.

Snagging her Crystal Grimoire from its resting place and slipping it in her dress, she floated up from her seat and into an upright hovering position, floating over to the exit yet again. She hoped that Koudo was still out there. It wasn't like his big ass annoying piece of crap bike wasn't. Hmph.

"KOUDO!! I THOUGHT you wanted to go to the Tree, huh? Get your ass in gear! I'm gonna take you myself."

Heh, you'd loose that limb. Don't need anything more from you than some conversation, and possibly some of your opinions on a few things-

-Savaj said having met up with Koudo by the time he reached his bike. His cloak began to fade into cinders and embers of purple and black. His dressy attire matched his avatar, coming with a black pair of slacks and comfy looking flat shoes. His burning red eye calmed down a bit during their small walk but quickly flared up again when Luci cut loose. Savaj almost jumped out of his skin when he heard her violent shriek.-

Man she's got a mouth..

-He said, rubbing his ear with his pinky.-

"My opinions? On what exactly?"

Koudo asked, curious as to what the man walking with him could want his opinion about. Taking notice of his attire, Koudo couldn't help but laugh a little to himself. He remembered when he walked around all dressed up, but he couldn't ever say he was comfortable in that clothing like he is now in his biker gear.

Then he sighed and stopped walking as he shook his head.

"You're telling me."

He grumbled.

"You're the one that dismissed me, so just come along quietly!"

He yelled and started walking again. He hated how she could be so wishy washy about stuff. He thought that it was just one of her quirks at first, but now it was just getting ridiculous.


Anyway, I wanted to ask your opinion on any superior water jutsu teachers, or sages on the planet- and if you would recommend any of them.

-He said, scratching the back of his nervously. When he was younger, he would have never admitted that he needed help from anyone... But things change, priorities take over, maturity takes over.-

Or maybe even let me pick your brain on the subject a bit. You're one of the few masters of water style jutsu that I know, and I recently found an incentive to delve into the art myself.

"Hilariously enough, I'm probably both of those."

Koudo answered. He didn't like toot his own horn, but he was an exceptional water style ninjutsu user quite possibly one of, or the, best. He had only just became a sage recently, but he still fit into that category as well.

"Sorry, every teacher on this planet sucks when it comes to water style, because no one uses it, so I can't recommended any since all my skills are self taught."

Then he stopped and thought for a moment about letting someone delve into his mind. He shivered shortly after the thought and shook his head. Mind readers weren't necessarily a weakness for the Tamura, but he just didn't like them in general.

"Yeah, not gonna let you do that either, I hate when people try to get into my head. It takes a lot to drop barriers, ya know. Unless you can give me a good reason for why I should. Last time I checked, we weren't really close enough for me to just let you probe my brain."

Oh, you misunderstood. Lemme rephrase this..

-Savaj chuckled...asking permission to peer into someones mind, the thought of it.-

I just wanna chat, catch some coffee at the cafe? You down?

"Look guy, I don't even know your name, and beating around the bush ain't really my style."

Koudo said, his walking and the rolling wheels of the bike coming to a halt.

"So just tell me what you really want and we can get on with it."

Her jaw dropped in an angered awe, being told to come quietly. He must have a death wish or something. She did dismiss him, but in the end, it was her way of killing two birds with one stone. She often forgot that people weren't 'in her head' when she thought, considering she lived with two entities within her mind, body and soul a majority of her life. It was a weird adjustment, and she was almost sad that they were separated. She considered putting them back in; she felt incomplete without them.

Surprisingly, she did shut her yap for the first time in a long while. She was going to have to think about things she said and did more thoroughly now without Signis and Blue... Man. That Tree's gonna get it when she gets there!!!

Still, though, she could hear the conversation between the two as she hovered nearer and nearer, kind of skeptical about this guy trying to 'get into Koudo's head' as he put it. Made her a little suspicious. He was looking for a master of water jutsu, but she knew water magic. That wouldn't help him out at all, since he couldn't use magic. Thank god. She didn't like teaching people anything. Overall, this guy seemed... odd. Mysterious. Suspicious. Yet, somehow, he reminded her of that damned Khrona... Maybe it was that look in his eyes... Like he was up to something....

'Tch. Whatever. I'm not gonna wait any longer.'

"Uh, 'scuse me, Koudo. Didn't you say you wanted to go to that tree for a prior engagement? I'm not about to go up there twice when I go to get what I need to do done, so if you're gonna come, come on!"

She crossed her arms and poked out her lip, partially not wanting him to go anywhere with this guy, and partially just wanting to get their business over with because she was just a liiiittle bit impatient when it came to getting what she wanted. She kinda hoped that guy wouldn't accompany them, either...

I stated my business dude, just wanted to learn a little about water jutsu. I didn't mean to imply otherwise..

-Savaj said, scratching the back of his head, wondering what the hell he said wrong. But then it dawned on him, Koudo didn't even know who he was, so it kinda made this entire meeting a little more awkward. Perhaps he should have just read his mind in the first place..-

But I seem to be holding you from some critical shit, so I think i'll just get going.

-He said looking over toward Luci and the way he came, feeling an intense negative vibe coming from her.-

Sorry about that whole, breaking and entering thing. No hard feelings?

Koudo let a sigh escape his lips and shook his head. He wasn't sure what to do with or about Luci anymore and so he just let her be. While she was staring daggers at the man, before she turned her head to pout, Koudo turned around and looked at the guy with a shrug of his shoulders. Koudo only had a basic understanding of who this guy was. He didn't know his name, but he recognized his face and power from when they had battled, though his power had grown drastically since then. He also knew that they weren't friends and didn't know each other on a personal level, or at least he didn't consider the guy a friend and didn't know him on a personal level.

"Ah that's all then. Well I'm a really bad teacher, and there are a bunch of terrible teachers in this alliance, but I'd say search some of the more seafaring civilizations. There's bound to be someone that can help you."

That was really the only advice Koudo could give, for, again, all his techniques with water were self taught and he didn't have a good track record with teaching others. Actually, he'd never tried to teach anyone, but he knew that he wouldn't be into it. Then he looked at Luci and nodded his head towards the seat of the motorcycle.

"Come on, Lucy, I drive and you give directions."

Luci in no way, shape nor form wished for the new and shadowy figure to accompany them, so she was more than relieved when Koudo gave him the thumbs down on the whole 'teacher' deal. Not only that, but he was right; he is a bad teacher. *snicker*

Once she heard all she needed to hear, it was very clear that there was nothing else to be said nor done here, and they could all part ways as they may. She held little regard for what was going on, seeing only her goal in her sights and whatever it was that Koudo wanted with his 'date.' She and he, they were the only two that really mattered. No words were spoken till she hovered up to the seat of the vehicle and a bone chilling wind blew as she turned her attention back to Savaj, the coldness of her gaze dropping the temperature significantly in the area of her sight.

"... 'No hard feelings', my ass. Let's ride, Koudo."

And, just as quickly as it was given was it snapped back in the same chilling manner, Savaj left with the ice cold shoulder of Luci. Something that Savaj wouldn't get with her was how she interacted... Well, clearly from what she did to Koudo just prior, and how buddy-buddy she was with him now. Not many could tolerate her, and not only that, not many could warm up to this cold-blooded bitch. It was just her way. She'd get over it, whether Savaj knew it or not, but she still would hold it against him. Heh.

"... And don't call me 'Lucy' ever again. My name is 'Priere.'"

She didn't care what Khrona had to say about it, be he her father of this existence or the next, that was her birth name and the name she knew and loved. Plus, it just fit her style better.

'Now I've just gotta get my old Blue and Signis back...
Dammit. Fucking tree, fucking up everything...'

Koudo got on the bike as well, settling in on the front while Lu- Priere hovered in comfortably behind him. He started the bike, letting the engine roar to life loud and obnoxiously, and revved it a couple times before leaning back and into Priere a little and looking over his shoulder.

"Well I guess that's it dude. Hope you find someone, or you could always stick with your mind bendy stuff."

Then Koudo turned his attention to Priere.

"Why, don't you like being called Lucy? I think it's pretty cute. Lucy-chan, be sure to hold on tight."

He teased while giving her this one and only warning before he turned around and revved the engine once more. He didn't have any helmets or anything, but Koudo had impeccable driving skills so he was sure that they wouldn't need them. He took the handles in his hands, put his feet up on the foot pegs, and turned the accelerator while holding the brake for a little burnout before he let go of the brake and went zooming off.

He hoped Priere listened to his warning.


-Savaj closed his eyes, throwing up a peace sign and a coy smile as the two of them pulled off. Way ahead of ya.. would have been a more approriate use or wordage, but eh, the less they knew about it the better. He then turned about, opting to walk to his next destination. The Uchihan manor shouldn't have been to far from here.-

She grit her teeth hard and tight, grinding them against each other in a condensed fit of rage. Koudo deliberately disobeyed her again, and she was getting sick of his blatant disregard for her. Punishment was in order here.

"... Hmph. I'll hold on alright..."

She wrapped her arms around him gently, letting her arms rest lightly on his lap. Leaning in close, she pressed her body against his back and let her face sit on his shoulder, dangerously close to her own. When it seemed that she was all comfortable and cozy, she decided that it was probably best to 'secure' herself to her seat. She dug freezing cold nails like icy needles into either side of him, thoroughly ensuring her safety and security as he revved up the engine. She hoped he was in pain... She really did.

"This tight enough for ya..." she whispered with a frosty allure, "... or do I need to make it go deeper?"

That question was rhetorical, since she ended up just digging her nails in deeper anyway. Whispering both the directions to the tree as well as evil promises of harm and torture to Koudo as he drove, the two would speed off toward the Crystal Tree.
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Insangel 59: Spill It; Finding Out the Truth

After hightailing it out of the midst of the Crystal Ridge and past Priere's house, the two navigated the gorgeous terrain of the rather large crystallized land to get to the 'Tree of Life and Truth.' Priere was more than displeased with what she realized was going on here, growing rather impatient very quickly.

"Can't this piece of crap go any faster...?"

Secretly, she was holding back a lot of rage within herself, not willing to unleash it just yet for any reason. It was all to be saved for the Tree... Every last drop of it. And in her eyes, they just weren't going fast enough for her liking. Maybe it was just her, though.

'I'll teach that bastard to mess with me...
I'll make certain of it.'

I could go faster if your nails weren't dug deep into my guts.

Koudo thought to himself while he drove. Priere's directions were great for navigating the Crystal Ridge, but then they should have been since she lived, and supposedly oversaw, this area. However the closer they got to the tree the vaguer her directions became until she had stopped giving them completely. Koudo noticed that there was something else on her mind, probably the reason for why she changed her mind and decided to tag along.

"So, what are you coming to this tree for?"

He just happened to ask while wondering which way he should go from where they were.

Lost in thought, as usual, she gazed dreamily off in the distance, the gleam in her eyes glittering just as brightly as the crystal around them, yet nowhere near as serenely. So much went on in her head, most of it some serious issues that needed to be addressed, considering the way things were happening around the world. She was so lost in her own head (which was surprisingly lonesome without her two companions) that she didn't even notice that Koudo was veering off from the path and in the wrong direction for a while; her eyes were too much affixed to the shine of the 'beautiful' Crystal Tree.

'What the hell are you up to...?
And why am I part of it, whatever it is?'

Before they got too far off course, she snapped out of her daze and pulled her nails out of his side, pointing off toward the right.

"Woah, woah, woah! What are you doing!? I thought you said you knew how to drive! Take this hard right, right now!"

Where her index finger pointed, there was a huge cliff of crystal blocking their way. She didn't really care for the 'scenic' route, and insisted that they get there ASAP. Impatient, as usual, it seems...

Her finger suddenly glowed with her icy magic, and as she flicked her wrist the crystalline cliff blocking the way of her direction parted entirely, creating a new pathway for them to traverse. She almost forgot that she could have just done that and cleared a little way for them in the first place. Perhaps a little bit too far into her own thoughts...?

"Gotta get some answers about some things. There's a shit ton going on that doesn't make any sense, and I'm not gonna be part of it if it's the doing of this Tree..."

'Khrona... You've got the same look in your eyes as that guy...
What are you two hiding...?'

"Tch. Now you tell me."

Koudo sucked his teeth and took the right, particularly hard. They swerved around the corner, the back wheel of the motorcycle sliding and creating a skid mark, before Koudo turned the accelerator so that they could exit the turn at just about the same speed they'd entered. Looking over his shoulder as she answered his question Koudo just turned and looked back towards the road. While she wanted clarity about what was going on, Koudo could give less than a damn. He was only here at the pleas of one of his soul mates to give structured life a try again for his little sister and on a whim of his own. He could have chosen any of the big three to apply for, and just decided that this place would be easier to adjust to than the others.

"So, is it true that this tree is actually Khrona, or was that just a rumor?"

Koudo hit the shift bar above the foot pad twice before the motorcycle roared and began picking up speed. Now that he thought about it... there was something else he needed to ask.

"And about you being his child, any truth to that?"

The information network Koudo had built while living on the outside was far and expansive. He had informants stationed almost everywhere with the sole purpose of collecting information. He even had informants stationed in Valparaiso. There were very few things he didn't know, or couldn't get information about, but most of it was just speculation. He never trusted anything from any of his sources until he investigated it thoroughly himself.

Finally, they were back on track, and with her little shortcut they'd be there in no time flat. As long as they were getting there fast, she didn't care how they were going to get there. Even so, it seemed like Koudo was getting a little more interested in the matter, considering his inquisition. She wasn't sure if that was just him trying to make banter or if it was actual true concern, but either way, she figured she'd answer the best she knew how.

"... Yeah, he's the tree. I know a bit of the story. The old Tree of Life was taken over by one of the Four Horsemen, and was on the verge of dying, which would have taken everything with it. So Khrona took the place as the Tree of Life and uses his power to support the villages now so they don't crumble and crap. But that's about all I know of it."

He seemed to be doing everything he was for the good of the village... But did he really care about them, or was this some quest for power? He was quite a powerful being now, with total and absolute control over the land... Was that his true goal? Maybe it was all a facade... For some reason, she just couldn't trust those gleaming red eyes of his.

"... He says he's my father, or rather an extension of what my real birth father is. I don't come from this dimension; I come from Escellsia. I hated it there, so I was pulled into Vescrutia somehow. I don't really know how the transition happened, I just know that one minute, I'm there, and the next I'm here. Maybe I'll ask him that, too..."

They were almost there by now. She tapped his left shoulder, signaling for him to take a left. Just in case he didn't get the hint, she'd continue to talk.

"Take this left and there should be a huge curving slope that'll take you right in the direction of the tree. It's a straight shot from there."

Just then, she noticed something. He was asking her these questions about why she was going, but he never gave her a 'full' answer about why he was. That wouldn't do at all.

"So you gonna give me the scoop on why you're going, since you wanna ask all about my life story and crap? I believe that 'I've got a date' isn't gonna suffice for me."

In truth, she just didn't want to stop talking to him. She really, really missed having someone to talk to... And in fact, she always had the most fun talking to him, for whatever reason...

'Idiot... He'd better start talking, too.'

Koudo hit the shift bar once this time and held the brake to take the left turn a little more smoothly than they had the right before he hit the shift bar again and turned the accelerator to pick up speed quickly. He really had fun driving the motorcycle, not that he really needed it for faster travel. He just liked having it.

"If you really want to know then I'll tell you."

He said hitting the shift bar twice again with his foot and turning to look forward at the road.

"I hear, even with Khrona becoming some omni tree, this place is still falling to shit. With no one running it, Valparaiso is sure to catch wind and try an invasion. It just so happens, at the same time, Naina asked me to give structured living a try again for my little sister, who you haven't met by the way. At first I was against it, but Naina convinced me that living a more structured life would be better for Yui and so I decided to come back on a whim."

He explained thoroughly, being sure to leave out the part about him and Naina kissing though he was sure that if Priere sniffed closely enough on his clothes that she could smell Naina's perfume. They weren't lovers in a sense, not yet anyway, but they were very intimate. One of the reasons he was driving so fast was so that the perfume smell could be blown away by the wind that blew past them, though with his wind natured jutsu he could easily blow it away himself.

"I didn't have to chose this village, in fact I could have chosen any civilization on this planet and I'm sure I would have been welcomed with open arms, but I figured this place would offer the best deal to get me back. Obviously, of course, if I don't like it..."

The bike suddenly pulled forward, after he hit the shift bar, as a sign that it was picking up more speed. Koudo looked over his shoulder at Priere now.

"I'll find some place else."

There were other more complicated reasons for why he chose to try and cut a returning deal with the Veritas, but he went ahead and told her the simpler ones.

The smooth ride gave Priere a sense of comfort now... She was almost there. Almost to her goal. Here, the answers would all be laid out before her, and due to the nature of this Tree's power... He was gonna have to give her the absolute Truth of the matter.

"Yeah, with this place being supported and its inhabitants not doing anything to give back, it's only a matter of time before Khrona gets weak and falls apart, taking everything with him. What I'm most concerned about is how he'd go about it..."

'That guy still is an insane fucker... Who knows what he might do if he loses his cool? Maybe... That's why he made me the Guardian...?'

To think that she was given that much responsibility.... And from the way she acted before, she realized that she might be a little less mature than she originally thought. She sniffled a bit, letting that thally get to her, but wouldn't let Koudo know that it did. When she sniffled, being so close to him, she caught a faint whiff of some perfume that she found a tad bit odd. Looks like he really did prefer more 'mature' women.

"... Maybe you should try to become a Kage or Sannin or something."

Her voice was much less harsh than it normally was. In fact, it was the softest it had ever been in the history of ever. For once, something actually got to that crystallized heart of hers... Or maybe that strong and proud crystal was turning to glass. These thoughts running through her head... Without Blue and Signis, it was just... Lonely. They wouldn't be working things out together, and Koudo had moved on. She lived alone in the middle of an icy wasteland, protecting a tree that didn't even give her the time of day to talk. It was all finally catching up to her... She was frozen in place and couldn't advance. As everyone else grew up, she was still just a little immature girl... With these thoughts running wild in her head, she just had to ask him...

"... So, you think I'm immature, or something?"

Koudo stayed quiet on the matter of trying to become a Sannin or Kage and just continued to focus on driving.

"Why are you asking?"

He responded to Priere's out of the blue question. It took him a little of guard, with how soft she was speaking, but luckily they were within ear shot of one another so he was able to hear her over the whipping winds.

The Crystal Tree was just up ahead now. Apparently, he wasn't gonna go for becoming too into this village, from how he blatantly didn't answer. He wasn't the type to be tied down to any position, and would want to roam free, just like she was. And now... She was stuck here.

'How did this happen, anyway...?'

She barely wanted to answer his question, and they were reaching the end of their journey anyway.

"... No reason. Stop. We're here."

Maybe it was just wrong of her to have kissed him in the first place. That was her fault, after all. To think that she should have ever had feelings for anyone. She should have stuck to her dream of doing what she wanted for herself and taking down everyone in her way. That was the life.

'Whatever. I don't care, anyway.'

Whether he stopped or not, she hopped off of the bike and floated above the ground, just lightly enough where her feet were only a few inches above, as usual. She just wanted to get this thing over with as fast as possible...

"Huh? Hey!"

Was all Koudo was able to utter at her abrupt dismissal of the question that was on the table as well as her sudden warning of them arriving at the location at hand. He supposed he couldn't get mad that she hadn't answered his question, since he semi ignored her comment about trying to become a Sannin or a Kage. He just didn't see himself taking one of those positions and it working out for the better. Maybe a year ago, yeah, shit even a few months, but not now. Things were different.

He skid the bike to a halt, sideways, with his foot on the ground and got off of it quickly, dropping the bike on the ground in the process, to cover the distance between where he'd stopped and Priere was hovering. Without thinking, he snatched at the collar of her dress.

"What in the hell is wrong with you?! All these damn mood swings are getting annoying!"

With her goal in sight and the only thing she'd allow to be in mind, she continued to hover at a moderately fast pace toward the base of the Crystal Tree, more than ready to talk to that damned Khrona. To think, she simply went along with what he was doing so blindly... That wasn't like her at all.

Just as she reached the Tree's presence, her collar was snagged by Koudo, who rather roguishly pulled her toward him. This was probably the most emotion she'd ever seen from him in their time of knowing each other... Guess that's another addition to this mysterious chain of events. He never talked to her like that at all... Was she really that annoying?

"It's just that..."

Her sentence started to trail off as she was getting to the point, her eyes following that trail down to the shimmering ground. Definitely a lot of reluctance to speak her mind to him, and for obvious reasons. This was probably the first time... The first time she actually felt this type of feeling...?

'It's too much... I can't... I feel... Hot...'

She was never fond of the heat, naturally, so this overwhelming sensation of the temperature rising around her and she, the mistress of cold not being able to control it was an even greater shock to her. It all just infuratied her.

"Get away from me, Koudo!!! I don't wanna hear it!"

Her hands glowed with the light of her magic, clenching into a fist and shifting her dress from its icy solidity to a pure liquid state. Apparently, her dress had been made of crystal as well, taking in and projecting light in a certain way to give it the appearance of real fabric. Slipping out of his grasp quickly, Priere turned away and looked up to the tree, finding Koudo's presence simply unbearable right now. In her chest, she could feel this heat rising... And it was starting to effect her breathing.

"Just... *pant* Just... *pantpant*... Call Khrona already!! I can't talk to you... *huff* right now."

She grabbed her chest with her other hand, trying to steady this heat... Why was this happening... Why here? Why now?

"It's just what?!"

Koudo didn't even know himself that he could get this angry. There were bouts before where he'd reached around this level, but never to the point where he was ready to physically assault someone. Priere's new passive nature was really pissing him off for some reason. She wasn't the Priere that he remembered, and he supposed that was his fault for leaving her alone. But people changed regardless.


He sucked his lips and shook his hand free of the water that was left when Priere slipped from his grasp and sharply turned his head away from her while stuffing his hands in his jacket's pockets. If she wasn't going to tell him, then he wasn't going to pry. However, he just couldn't stand to look at her or be around her when she was like this.

"Khrona. Get out here."

Koudo said, no... yelled as he stood before the giant crystal tree.

My... There's so much tension between you two. I guess that's to be expected. Hmhmhm...

The voice carried on from the innards of the tree and reverberated through the crystallized ground below their feet, soothing and filled with an eerie calm that wished to wash over these two with its sound. Only moments later, a glowing silhouette descended from on high within the tree, its form that of a man bathed in pure light with burning red eyes. Twas none other than the soul of the Crystal Tree itself; Khrona Tensei.

"No need to yell. I needn't such hostility in my presence. Not that I would have expected to see this face before me at all... Koudo Tamura."

The glowing red eyes narrowed to inspect the man up and down before shifting over to his daughter. The two knew very little of what was about to ensue here, however be that as it may, it would be grand nonetheless.

"Why have you summoned me here?"

"Save the whole high and might crap, I'm here to talk business."

Koudo responded sharply. The feeling of calm that tried to wash over him only served too aggravate him even more than he already was, almost like there was a primal rage brewing deep in his guts that he wouldn't be able to control if it was let loose. The only person that could truly calm him was his soul mate Naina, and she wasn't here right now. He clenched his fists tighter in his pockets, and held it in.

Khrona laughed again, a little louder this time, well prepared for such blatant rage directed toward him. He'd be getting a lot of it soon, and between Koudo and Priere, there was already much of it brewing just right now. Though, he didn't mind, for they were right to feel this way. However... He was surprised to hear from Koudo's mouth that he thought Khrona was acting 'high and mighty.' If even Koudo felt this way, then it was definite that he was not the only one. It almost hurt to know that this was how he was considered, but... Such is for the greater good. *tree shrug*

"Then speak it. It's not like I came to you, now did I? I'm always listening, if you're willing to talk. I'll also speak if you're willing to listen."

Holding it back was presenting itself to be harder than he thought it was, that was why Naina always tried to keep him calm no matter what the case. He knew exactly what was causing this, the part of his DNA that he chose to ignore. Any powerful burst of anger or sadness, it fed on it and tried it's best to break Koudo's suppression. But he wouldn't let it.

"Your village is a mess."

Was what Koudo chose to lead with.

A final laugh released, even louder than the first two, and this time with all the jolly of a hearty old man. In truth, Khrona was more than refreshed to hear this from the mouth of someone else; he thought it was just him who saw it that way! Leave it to Koudo to give him the truth of the matter... Perhaps that's why he was so fond of him before.

"What else is new? The village is only as good as its people, and all of them seem to be lazy good-for-nothing moochers leeching off of my energy. I mean, to think, the thanks I get for saving their home from total collapse, right? Heh."

Seems like the best way to get Khrona's attention is to be as truthful as possible, and informal. Made things go a lot quicker and cut out all the bullshit in between. Ah... Sweet and straight to the point.

"... However, what I must ask is... What do YOU plan to do about it? I've done all I can. I've provided as much as I can. However, it seems like what I'm currently bearing trying to live up to this position as the 'Tree of Life' is being widely taken advantage of. If it continues... I can promise that it won't be a pretty sight."

He turned his head from Koudo, knowing exactly what he was going to have to do... Something he never thought he'd have to, nor that he'd ever wanted to, but... Sometimes it came to that.

"Jack shit. It isn't my problem."

Koudo gave his answer. He formally deserted the Dusk before it became the Veritas and so the problems that went on inside had absolutely nothing to do with him. If it was falling apart then it was falling apart. If people were taking advantage of Khrona then they were taking advantage of Khrona. None of that had anything to do with Koudo, so why should he do anything about it and he wasn't even formally employed by this village anymore.

There was no laughter this time, for he took no merriment in that response. All he could do was shake his head and cross his arms, which seemed to converge into his body of eerie light.

"Then why would you bring it up to me? I know you didn't just come all the way here to say 'Your village is a mess' and not do anything about it, too."

These were the types of thoughts that brought fury to Khrona's very soul, though he was well understanding of why Koudo acted the way he did.

"Nevertheless, you are correct on this matter. However, if things don't start to change soon, then... I'll just have to erase it all, and take anyone in my way with it. I can't sit here and provide for them and receive nothing in return; I'll wither and start to provide less and less for them."

He wondered why Luci was so quiet during this... Considering that she seemed so inspired to talk to him before, and now sat out on the sidelines. Probably lost in thought, or simply didn't want to be in Koudo's presence after that little spat. He wouldn't delve into it; she's come to her senses soon enough.

"Do you have any suggestions, or did you just come here to rub it in my face?"

"A little of both."

Koudo said with a shrug of his shoulders. Obviously he'd come here for a reason besides rubbing in Khrona's face that his village was falling apart at the seams and wouldn't last much longer. It wasn't even about leadership anymore, because no really paid attention to that. What the people really needed was a dictator... or for the place to fall apart completely. Koudo didn't care which.

"If you want me to care, then hire me."

Ah... Those were the words I needed to hear. Hmhmhm...

Hidden behind the light of his glowing 'body' was a wide and thoughtful smirk, that which matched his perceptive eyes. This means that he and Koudo were on the same track, however he knew that Koudo's services wouldn't come without a price. He was indeed a mercenary, last Khrona checked.

"Hire you? Hahaha, and you'll work for me for free? Unbelievable! Ahahahaha!"

Good to see that his sense of humor was still intact. Khrona couldn't help but look over to Luci, knowing that this as just about the time where she was going to fit into all of this... And all of her questions and troubles would be completely answered.

"So, what do you want in return?"

"I usually let the client name the price. If I don't like it then I'll tell you."

Mainly, Koudo just needed to be able to raise his little sister without worrying about her safety. That was the reason for why he agreed to give being a ninja for a village another try. Obviously the stakes were different now though, he wasn't driven by an ideal that was pushed on him by someone of an older generation, but by his own ideals.

He took a glance out the corner of his eye towards Priere, following Khrona's wandering red eyes, and he sucked his lips just looking at her and turned away. Just a shell of her former self.

In the midst of their conversation, yet again, Priere was lost in her own head, deep, deep, deep in her own thoughts and feelings. Perhaps this all felt so new to her because before, she had both Blue and Signis there, and all three of their feelings and emotions were combined, even if they were separated. It was new to experience this without someone here to comfort her, without someone here to guide her, and without someone here to work it out with. But maybe that was all a part of growing up; learning to make your own decisions... Most of the ones she made were influenced by Signis, even if the end result was always Priere's choice. Back then... They worked as a unit. But now, it was time for Priere to get more connected with herself.

'... Yeah. I bet that's it. I've got to be strong. No matter how tough it gets out here, or how alone I am.'

Yet, even now, her chest continued to tighten under the intense heat of whatever it was blazing in her chest. Constricted in every way, she hunched over in pain, gritting her teeth and grinding them against each other trying to bear this ungodly pain. She managed to look up and out of the corner of her eye, noticing that Khrona and Koudo were still chatting about something... While she was over here trying to keep herself from dying.

'Couldn't hurt to at least... Listen to what they're talking about...'

So, she started eavesdropping. Zeroing in on the rather 'personal' convo between the two, she could hear that Koudo was talking about ... Being hired again!?


Even through the terrible pain in her chest, something was able to bring her upright with a burning fury in her eyes. The pain of the fires in her chest didn't even matter to her anymore, for she was too much appalled and what she was hearing right now. It was just about time to interject on this matter.

"Why do you want to work for him?! He's up to something, you know! Look at him, I just know it!"

Priere hovered off to Koudo's side now, staring Khrona directly in the face with her arms folded and dress flared (like in her avi). She wasn't gonna accept any of his bullshit anymore, and wouldn't let Koudo get roped into whatever crap he was pulling.

"Besides, why do you even WANT Koudo anyway, huh? And moreover, WHY did you make ME the Guardian of the Crystal Tree, huh!? What's this all about?! Start talking, I want answers NOW!"

Though she was going through a lot mentally and emotionally, it didn't stop who she was from sneaking through for very long. You are who you are, and it'll seep through no matter what happens.

"Name my offer, huh? Well, well. Looks like the ball's finally in Khrona's court. Hmhm... Hmhmhmm...."

Taking advantage of the frame he was given, Khrona figured that it was best to lay it on Koudo simple and clean-like.

"Well, you see... The Dawn and the Dusk--"

Before he got too far in his most likely long-winded explanation, he was cut off by Luci, who, as expected, hopped up right at the time where Koudo offered to give his services to Khrona. It was cute, really, how the two of them could be so oblivious to their destiny. Such is why they were both here at the same time, and how the two of them were so very, very, very important to Khrona and each other.

"Hahaha, cool it, Luci. You might overwork your heart, there. It's already about to burst out of your chest. Ahahaha!!"

Oh, he just cracks himself up. But it was true, whether she knew or not. Within her, there was a metamorphosis brewing...

"So, since she's back in the picture, let me clarify a few things to make this explanation much simpler... Heh. Okay, so, the Dusk and the Dawn are in need of leadership roles; a Kage or at least some Sannin to help guide these poor, unfortunate souls lost without the guidance of myself. Looks like I babied them a little too much, and now they're trapped as little larva. I'll take responsibility for it, but now they can no longer be strapped to my teet... So, Koudo, what I need from you is to take one of those positions, if you please?"

And to the most impatient and impetuous Priere...

"... And you. You're the Guardian because of how very important you and your power of Absolution is. Absolute Value. In short... You're going to have to keep things in order through destruction, with a burning fist and a cold heart. Which means... You need to get that in order."

Hopefully all of this information shed a little bit of light on the situation for the both of them, and now they'd understand the gravity of it all... At least, to a degree. He couldn't tell them everything all at once. Not yet.

Koudo pulled his hands from his pockets and folded his arms as he listened for the situation. When he was talking business, or money was on the table, outside distractions didn't bother him, Priere, and he remained focused on what he'd come for. He wanted to be employed again, and he wanted his soul partner to be happy as they raised his little sister inside the safety of a village instead of living on the outskirts of the slums. At this point, the objectives were named and the stakes were understood.

Khrona wanted someone to take a position of power, and he figured that Koudo was the right man for the job. He wouldn't tell him no, for Kage and Sannin got paid the most out of all and could take the more dangerous of missions if they so chose to keep the gold coming to themselves. He also figured that the connections that came with being a Kage or Sannin could become very useful resources. He'd be a fool not to take the job.

"So which would you prefer I take? Dusk Kage? A Sannin? And how do I get the position without raising too many suspicions or are you living it up to my discretion?"

Koudo asked after Khrona finished explaining what it was that he needed for Priere. Koudo didn't particularly understand it himself, but he chose not to ask questions related directly to that. Instead his mind formulated a different question.

"If I take over the Dusk, why don't you take the Dawn Priere."

She listened intently to what he had to say, just to see if all of it actually added up. Surprisingly, what Khrona was saying actually did make sense to her, all the way down to the burning in her chest, which was starting to hurt her again now that she noticed it. Her breathing became heavy again, and she started to break out into a sweat, clenching her chest again.

"*huff* Take over a... Village?! *Pant... Pant* That's absurd... I couldn't..."

You're going to have to keep things in order through destruction, with a burning fist and a cold heart. Which means... You need to get that in order.

That... That was starting to sound a little appealing to her. She'd be able to whip all of these sissies into shape with an iron fist and a cold heart... But it seems like as usual, Khrona knew all too well of the condition that plagued her. This burning sensation in her chest must have been in her heart... and it definitely wasn't cold at all. It seemed far more detrimental than what Khrona was making it seem... It actually looked like this ailment might even be able to kill her. Guess it was destined for things to end up like this...

"... Fine. I'll consider... *huff* The Dawn. But how do I fix this... *pant* ... Insufferable burning?!"

She couldn't do anything if her heart was burning her to pieces. What to do, what to do...?

Well, this was a doozy. Nothing that couldn't be fixed with a little elbow grease, however...

"I'd prefer if you took to becoming the Kage of the Dusk. Seems more like your style, since Dusk City is nothing but a huge hi-tech town that is powered by the perpetual energy of the Myst coming from my roots. It's fitting. Though, about getting to said position..."

Khrona kinda already started with that, holding a sort of 'vote' of who should be a nominee for the position. And naturally, there were many people who were at the site probably wanting to vote for themselves, or that didn't understand what was going on.

"... You're going to have to endure a vote. Fair's fair, after all. On the Mezzo Terra and right beside the Mezzanine, there's a Grand Opening ceremony that I'm currently conducting about the voting of who should become the new leading officials... So you'd probably have to attend that ceremony and get the full scoop, then survive the voting process... But from the looks of the competition, I don't think it'll be all that difficult. I'm not really for democracy, but eh."

He shrugged it off, plain and simple. Sometimes, gotta take one for the team, even if you are the Tree of Life. That's how he got in this godforsaken position in the first place... Taking one for the fucking team...

"And as for you, Luci, you're going to have to endure the Thirteen Restrictions to get your powers under control, before they start eating away at you and inevitably destroying you. They almost did the same thing to me. A Tensei undergoes the Thirteen Restrictions to ensure that they maintain absolute control over themselves and their own powers as they grow more powerful and endure their 'metamorphosis.' Otherwise, you'd just die, without question. So... I'm gonna have to slap the big 13 on ya. Kay?"

With how far she'd progressed so far, it was the only way to keep her from destroying herself and everyone around her. Tensei were complex beings, naturally...

"So? What say you two?"

Koudo could stomach the election being put to a vote, and there was always the Sannin position to fall back into. He like to keep his options open, after all. Now that everything was explained enough, once everything was fully settled then he would begin the process of moving his family back into the village. For now, they would be fine waiting a few more days where they were currently residing.

"Are you sure that this is what you want me to do? I can't say that I'll be your puppet if this happens."

Which was true. Koudo had free will, ideals and goals all his own. If he did become Kage then he would try his best at leading, though he knew he really sucked at it, and he would do it his way.

He turned his head towards a guesstimate of where the Mezzanine, using his chakra sensing to see if any of the chakra signatures that were there he recognized. There weren't many, and he recognized only once. Turning his head back to Khrona.

"Lino's there huh. If you're sure about this, then the deal is struck."

Her chest still achingly ablaze, Priere had very little choice in the matter of taking on the Thirteen Restrictions or not; her life was on the line. And, if it meant gaining control over her powers, then it might as well be done. That would always come in handy.

"Fine... I'll do it..."

Of course, when it came to this type of matter, she was just like Koudo. She was no one's puppet and would do everything the way she wanted to do it... But Khrona had to know that by now, right?

"And... *huff* I want Blue and Signis back... *huff* Do that too..."

Those were her only demands. With that out of the way, she'd just have to let Khrona do his stuff...

The being of light shook his head at Koudo, chuckling to himself, as usual. It seems like he was almost missing the point of this entire thing, for Khrona in no way, shape nor form wished to control people. Ah well. It was a misconception that came with his actions and great power, who could blame him for thinking that way?

"Koudo, really... I have no intention of controlling you or anyone, for that matter. I simply do all that I do for my land and its people, even if it doesn't seem that way. Free Will is all what I'm for; in fact, the Will of Tensei dictates this. Naturally, my presence here is for guidance and clarity, not for control and dictatorship. You may run the land you are in control of however you like, and I will simply support you by providing what you need, if I feel it is of use and of benefit. That's all I want to do is provide, as long as I am given the proper treatment and care. That isn't so much to ask for sustaining an entire reality's existence, correct?"

In fact, Khrona was basically asking them to live life. Such is what the Tree of Life would want; for others to have life and use it wisely and productively for themselves and others to help the world go round. Even if this being of light and life was the darkest man to have ever walked the land, save for Shinta. Funn and ironic how things work, eh?

"And as for you, Luci... The Night of Tensei is upon you. The true Friday the Thirteenth."

Khrona's eyes started to glow within the tree, which then caused the tree to glow a magnificent spectrum of colors; all those of the rainbow and all those beyond what most could comprehend of the light spectrum. This overwhelmingly beautiful glow would be the light of thirteen spheres circling around the tree up above, each a different color and serving a different purpose.

"The Thirteen Tsukiyomi of the Thirteen Moons... To bear down the seal of the Thirteen Restrictions upon your very being... Let this power bring yours into Prime Order, and allow for a steady and prosperous metamorphosis into your... True form."

And so, Thirteen rays of light cast down from each moon and straight into the blazing heart of Luciel Tensei, silencing her burning soul and sealing it within the confines of her frosty crystal heart. Afterward, just as quickly as they appeared, the moons would disperse back into the tree.

"Kay, it's done. Now, if you want to go about getting Blue and Signis back, you're going to have to take Ruby and Saphira to the Oasis of Serenity to see Serulenia. Whenever you're ready, that is."

Khrona was interested in this installment, however... Wondering just how Luci felt after such a transition.

"And, please do tell me... How do you feel, my dear?"

She was silent throughout the entire process... More because she couldn't breathe than anything, but in the end of it all, she was actually rather uncertain of what was going to happen to her. She still didn't trust Khrona, even if it looked like he had her best interest at heart... Something about him still didn't sit right with her. Perhaps because she still didn't know everything she needed to. Like, why or how she was brought from Escellsia to here, and how he is truly her father. He'd have to spill the beans before she left here.

"Well I--"

Before she could get even three words out, the light from the moons coming from the crystal struck her very soul, silencing the burning will within her down to nothingness. She couldn't feel the heat anymore; only coldness, all around her. This sense of cold was a rather pleasurable experience, since she wasn't really fond of the heat at all. But... Something was different. She couldn't feel... Well, anyone. Or anything. It was all just one big mess of coldness. The light from the sun felt cold. The heat from Koudo's body felt cold. Her entire being felt... Just absolutely cold.

"... Don't call me Luci. My name is Priere."

Even her voice was cold and distant, as if she had no more interest in anything at all. What was this? Even though it was so pleasurable, it felt... Lonely. But this time, she didn't really care. Were her emotions wiped clean with the seal of the Thirteen Restrictions? Now that she thought about it... She couldn't feel too much within herself, either. This was a rather weird installment... This must have been the labor she was going to have to endure... Finding herself. *Sigh*...

"And tell me how I'm your daughter if I come from an entirely different existence than you. Plus, my father's name is Valorius, and yours is Khrona. Make it make sense before I decide to resign as your little 'Guardian.'"

She looked to him with a glassy, distant stare, as though there was nothing in her eyes but an endless expanse of utter frosty coldness. Oh, this was going to be one hell of a trip...

Once the dets were set in stone, Koudo saw no need for him to stick around. His fury hadn't quite cooled itself, the deep rumbling primal rage continued to try and break surface. He knew that he needed to get home, into the arms of Naina so that she could do what she did best. It would have to be quick though because he had to head right back out and to the met up Khrona was having about the positions. He wondered how people would react to his appearance. Some probably had no idea who he even was.

He took one last look at Priere, not completely disgusted by her anymore but still slightly disappointed. He sucked his lips one last time and turned to walk away towards his bike. Once he'd gotten there, he performed one hand seal and touched his hand to the bike, causing it to vanish. Then he began to perform the hand seal again so that he too could disappear.

Between he and 'Priere,' there was an awkward and long silence. It was not until Koudo had actually fled the scene that Khrona would start to answer her question, for it was something that was on the hush-hush.

"... I am one with all forms of myself. Through my becoming of the Tree of Life and Truth, I have extended myself to all other versions of myself across all forms of reality and unreality, connecting us all as one being. Though we are all one and the same, we all share key differences that make us individuals, even if we are connected. Valorius just so happened to be one of these individuals."

For a while, even Khrona was not aware of how the workings of the all worked, though in his process of ascension, many answers were brought to him beyond the understanding of most, which thereby allowed him such potency. There was not a single piece of himself that he was not in tune with, nowhere, no place. Every last trace of his DNA anywhere was connected and working in unison toward a greater goal... which would soon be accomplished.

"There isn't a scrap of DNA kin to mine that I haven't resonated with and connected to myself. Thus, when the realm of Escellsia started to crumble... To save you, I brought you here on my own whim without your knowledge. Your purpose could not be fulfilled over there. That reality was destined to fall due to the pretenses of which it was created, sad to say. Though, this makes you an irregular here, much like Tigen. You were neither born of the reality of Vescrutia nor the Reality, and neither was he. As it comes to that, that's all that you need to hear..."

He couldn't tell her the rest, for it was far too risky for her to know. But for now... This is what she had to deal with.

"... I apologize if that was not what you wished for. In the past, I tended to do things against others' will for my own sake or for what I thought was correct... In the end, that was a mistake of my own that I needed to see was wrong in and of itself. This world is made of Free Will. Instead of making you do it, I should have merely given you the choice, since that is the gift you were given by God."

Khrona nodded his head to her, and turned away, his light starting to fade...

"... I must leave you now. Farewell, Priere... And do not let that cold heart cloud who you are... but bring out the true you. Remember that..."

And the light faded, and the tree grew silent and dim, shimmering like all the other crystalline obstructions nearby.

Khrona's explanation of the matter was thorough and actually made sense in the whole of things. Maybe she could trust him just a little more now. He seemed genuinely apologetic for the mistakes he made in the past. Nobody's perfect. However, even in knowing and understanding his feelings, she felt no different. She didn't need to feel anything to make sense of the situation.

"Apology accepted... Don't let it happen again."

As he began to fade, she also turned around and started on her way, not yet ready to see Serulenia, but more so ready to find out a little bit about these Thirteen Restrictions. It should all be documented in her Crystal Grimoire, as was everything about her. It updated itself automatically. On her way to the Mezzo Terra, she'd read up on what was going on and figure things out on the way. Her mind was set only on business.

But, the words of Khrona did stick with her, resounding in her head... Not to let the cold heart cloud who she is... Though she didn't understand the meaning just yet.

"I am who I am. Nothing more, nothing less."

She crossed her arms and faded away into the mist.
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Insangel 60: Wake Up [Complete]

Koudo appeared at the front door of the woman that had pissed him off so much the last time they'd seen one another that he wanted to stab his sword right through her chest and use it to rip her in half. Right now, though, this wasn't quite a social call. Koudo didn't understand what was going on, and didn't have enough chakra in him to rush to the front lines like an imbecile and try to be a big hero while causing massive tons of collateral damage, so he needed her insight into the situation. It seemed, however, that most of the time he came to her to ask for information she pretended like she was stupid and didn't know anything herself. Koudo wasn't up for that game of cat and mouse this time.

"Open up! I know you know what's going on!" He yelled as he banged on her crystal door with all of his draconic strength, the frustration and anger of being pulled from one calamity into another fueling every bang with more power.

"... No, can't say that I do," responded the familiar voice, seemingly completely uncaring for the pounding of her door and the catastrophe occurring in her backyard somehow bypassing her doorstep. The sound of pages flipping could be heard flipping within.

Apparently, it was just as Koudo said; someone inside of there was playing absolutely stupid. Stage set; let the chase begin.

"Sorry to disturb you then." Was all Koudo said. He seriously didn't have to time to play with someone so immature and self-absorbed. He'd put up with her because she was the second friend he'd made, but he just couldn't bring himself to deal with her anymore. He stopped his banging, and turned around, leaning slightly to the right as a red beam of energy whizzed past and obliterated half of the Crystal Ridge and the Ice Sanctuary, before walking off and vanishing.

The only things he left were the crystalline teardrop she'd given him as a present, fashioned into a necklace he wore around his neck ever since she'd given it to him, and the, cool the touch, icy blue cloth he'd turned into the digitless gloves he always wore on his hands. If she seriously didn't care enough about her own life to help him find a way to save it, then she was better off dead as a stranger.

Simple as that. He wouldn't beg. He wasn't her pet dog.

The sound of a page turning.
She wasn't in there just flipping through a good book in these times of crisis, after all. She knew exactly what was going on, and how couldn't she when Khrona himself gave her so much power before his inevitable leave? She knew much more than she let on, much more than most of the other Tensei due to her position. Alas, because of this, all she could do was continue to sit upon her icy crystal throne at the base of the tree, studying this Crystal Grimoire over and over and over again...

Even so, the violent banging on her door had come to a cease rather quickly; an unexpected development from Koudo here. He really must have been pissed if he didn't even care to argue with her.

... Sorry, Koudo... I've gotta play the part of the Ice Queen for a bit... Even though it means giving you the cold shoulder...

Before he left, he took her emotions from her... Looped her into all of his shit... Pulled her out of the dimension of Escellsia just because technically, he was her father. She didn't care if she was created by him; she wanted to stop this madness.

"... When I get my life back..." she said to no one in particular, concentrating hard on the spells, incantations, information, guides and other things about her role, her powers and all sorts of other informative things that just popped up over time, "... Then we'll talk." She'd been flipping pages since she'd been appointed this position; ever since she moved to the Crystal Ridge and became the Crystal Guardian, all she did was continue to flip those pages. She wanted this shit memorized; completely flash-frozen in her mind exactly as it was. This book kept opening up new information, and she had to keep reading. She felt stuck, frozen in place, and she knew exactly why...

"... Fucking Khrona... Wait until I get my gang back... Wait until this shit blows over..."

And as she continued to mumble and grumble to herself, preparing for the right time, she would still be flipping through those pages.
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Lucicrystal the Shinsangel :: Shinkishinji; Keeper of the 7 Shinsangels

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Insangel 61: Returning To The Tree

the General, that guy no one liked that much, the one who faced Insanity and had the ball to tall back to him and put down Vescrutia would come to the heart and soul (literally) of the Insanity. the General came hovering across the surface and towards the tree using his Verniers to make great leaps and bounds. His speed was 180km to be exact. the General raced towards the tree to find out if Khrona was Insanity, after all Khrona was INSANE so it was only obvious this thing might be related to him, or be him. Right now they were on, what one could say was even terms.

But before the General made it all the way to the Tree, he decided to come to the Ice Sanctuary. Who he would meet there he would never know.

*Flip... Flip... Flip...*

How many times had she flipped these same pages? How many times had she read over these same words? Even since before this mess began, she only continued to read over everything until she knew every single thing within this book, locked within her memory. It held not only her heritage and secrets to her powers, but also many things she never knew beyond her power now that it would soon evolve into. It held knowledge on the tree she protected, as well. It was the guidebook to success, this Crystal Grimoire. But if she had to read this book one more time (which she knew she was), then she was going to drive herself even more batshit insane than she already was in her isolated fortress of cold.

"When I make my move... It's going to be absolutely fucking perfect. I don't want to have to ever have to look up something in this book, cuz I'm not gonna have any time. I'm just gonna... Go all out."

She flipped the page again, carefully studying all there was to know. If she knew the book well, then she'd be able to write her own 'things' within and inscribe them in what she did, considering she'd know everything about the book, even how to continue it on past the pages. That was how much she wanted to know it; to be able to continue on past what the book could teach, and create even more. True knowledge.

But, to her utter displeasure, she felt the almost negligible presence of yet another person waltzing on up to the Ice Sanctuary, trying to get to the tree doing all sorts of crazy shit above her roof. Ugh... Things were probably gonna be like this for a while. She already knew about those assholes messing with it up at the top, trying to keep it powered or something like that... Shit, this entire ordeal was getting on her nerves.

"Fucking Christ, who the hell is it THIS time...?"

She felt like ignoring it would be the proper thing to do... Just keep flipping pages. Pretend it isn't even there.

As the General moved about, his HUD would detect the presence of someone below the Ice. Thus without further delay the General would call forth his Tachyon Accelerator Beta and would Quantize into the cavern in which Priere would be located. Near Priere a small glint of light would occur, and following this a shower of Tachyons would blast outwards creating a temporal portal in which the General would arrive. After arriving the General would fold his wings onto his back and look towards where his signal told him there was someone.

"Sorry for the intrusion. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the General... no, I am William, William Sywyk, but please call me Bill" the General would say

That cavern served as Priere's easily noticeable palace that rested at the base of the tree... above the surface. As soon as she saw a glimmer of light appear in her goddamn house, that was just the last straw. She couldn't do it anymore. The guy appeared all up in her crib, introduced himself like it was all cool, and acted like that didn't just happen. She inhaled deeply, slamming her book shut for the first time in quite a long time, letting the wave of power fluctuate through the room and let all things know of her fucking pissed offness.

"... Hey, uh, Dick or whatever the hell your name is, sorry that you thought I GAVE a fuck, but allow me to show you how much I really don't."

She snapped her fingers, shifting her house AROUND and AWAY from him, until its movement left the General totally outside in the cold.

"Come back in here again and see what the fuck happens to you."

After the general was quickly turned away, he would move in the directions of the Dusk City instead. That was that, he came to get an upgrade for something and left with nothing. I guess it was his fault, and it was his fault for not saying... or rather no knocking.

"Ha, yeah, DAMN that" Priere said to nothing in particular, yet somehow eerily correspondent to the thoughts and feelings of the General as he left. She felt his presence take off toward somewhere, but it didn't make any sense why he even came and fucking disturbed her presence in the first goddamn place. In short, she could relate this to one person only...

"... Fucking Khrona, I bet...."

Everything was Khrona's fault. She bet that somehow, some way, this guy was at her doorstep because of some fucked up thing Khrona did. Ugh!!!! She couldn't even stand the fucking thought of it anymore!!!

"You know what...? FUCK KHRONA AND ALL HIS SHIT!!! That's why I never really stayed in his damn Village anyway. I made my own rebel gang and said 'FUCK YOU, KHRONA!!'"

That was the birth of Absolute Zero... The members of which, she hadn't seen in quite a while. She'd been cooped up in this house for so long reading that book... But she was finally ready. Or rather, she was finally fed up to what she could deal with and was going to have to go cool all that shit going on outside right down. She'd be DAMNED if another motherfucker walked up to her door and bothered her. She wasn't the type to make friends with anyone real easily; she was a cold and solitary person, like ice, and a harsh temperament like a blizzard... But she spat fire when she talked, that was for sure.

"Shit... In fact, where is that little shit going, anyway...? I'll follow him and give him a piece of my fucking mind about whatever the hell he just bothered me for..."

Tenacious, too. Like the cold. Her door burst open and she immediately trailed this man wherever the fuck he was going...
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Insangel 62: Quarantined Conquest; Isolation Absoluted!!

One of the physical manifestations of the Insanity indeed made its way now to Dusk City, in order to combat those who sought to mishandle its 'body' against its will. Its presence within only spread its dark contagion outward to the rest of the Dusk; the longer is sat, the more powerful its influence became.

With burning red eyes circled around the isolated reality that was the Veritas as a whole, the Insanity knew that being a separate reality would not be enough to hold back the others, as they proved that they could pass through between the worlds with ease. To fortify these barriers, he would cast all who walked into the Veritas into a pool of condemning Insanity of which they would be unable to escape; and endless web of insanity woven by a maddened spider with all the intention to ensnare all in its mind of terror and torment.
Starting with Dusk City.

Each of the eyes looked to each other, the red-tinted skies conjuring yet another solidified being of Insanity to run amok in the streets. They stared at it and it stared back, at the highest tower known within the Dusk, mirroring the world up above with its presence. The Clock Tower of Nephthys.

"Ah... Once the madness spreads, it will not be long before their feeble minds and souls collapse under the weight of true Insanity I shall show them! One by one, the lands shall be thrown into an abysmal pit of Insanity of which one will never escape..."

Raising his hand up to the sky, each of the eyes now focused on the center point between his palms, glowing with more of the concentrated energy that plagued the air entirely.

And he called out, "Absolute Zero; Pandemonium: Web of Insanity!!" and a slender thread shot out of the concentrated ball of Insanity and into the nearest set eyes' pupils. The eyes all turned to make contact with one another, thus connecting the threads together in a fashion akin to a spider's web being formed on one portion of Dusk City. It would not be long now before the City was completely isolated. Eventually, the same fate would befall the rest of the Veritas, as long as those eyes continued to connect. The Insanity sought to play no games with either of the worlds; Vescrutia or Veritas. They would both be destroyed by its hand.

A small glint of light could be seen streaking across the sky coming from the Jet Set area of the Dusk. This Streak of Light was Tactical Arms coming to report Sigma's task and mission to Insanity. He flew through the skies and waited until it was safe to 'see' Insanity.

Next, a thread shot from the concentrated mass and into the set of eyes further away on the other side. Into each of their pupils would these razor thin beams stride, and just the same as the first would they look to each other in mad confusion and pierce each others gaze with another thin red beam, thus completing the connection of another piece of the vile web. Already, one entire side of the Dusk City was overthrown by Insanity, and it would not take much longer for the other half to fall to the same fate. No, not long at all now, with no opposition...

One brave but foolish soul hovered close to the Insanity as it continued its conquest, almost quite ready to smite him on sight, until in his twisted mind he remembered it was one he concocted a sort of 'deal' with earlier on, when he informed him to bring the legion of robots to the city.

"What? I have... Henchmen!?"

Somehow, this seemed to make him most flabbergasted. It was common for a villain or main antagonist to have henchmen for whatever reason. The Insanity was not even certain how this really happened, it just kinda... Did. Perhaps that is how it went for other villains, as well. You're doing your own thing and then someone decides to tag along.

"Nevermind. What is it you seek from me, one whose life has been spared by my grace?! AND WHERE IS MY ROBOT ARMY TO CONSUME THIS FILTHY CITY OF TECHNOLOGY!? Once this land is locked, there will be no entry nor exit!! BRING THE MACHINES TO DEVOUR THIS CITY LIKE LOCUSTS!!!"

Once the city was locked, the next target would definitely be the Mega Generator. With that out of power, the Insanity could drive its energy and make for an infinite power supply for the maddened machines soon to scour the city and drench even the very innards of this land in its might, as well. Then, there would be no means of purge; none in the slightest.

Thanks to his distracting Rattata fake, the Sigma machine was able to get away from Koudo's men safely. Thanks to this, the trigger mechanism was now safely away from that harm. Tactical Arm's would take in the message from Insanity....

"I've brought you're army, without you're aid, I could have never gone this far, this quick" Tactical Arms would speak.

His Army, little did Insanity know was already here...

A massive rumbling all over the Jet Set area would begin to occur. Buildings would begin to shake, the earth would quake and the coming armadas signal was now set....

In the Jet Set area, each of the 300 buildings Sigma had tagged would suddenly emit a radiant light, this light would lance towards the sky and suddenly dissipate. When the light faded from the veiw of anyone whom had seen it those very 300 buildings would be gone and in their place would be 300 Silentus Class Armoured Carriers, each carrying 500 battle ready machine that each possessed the same abilities and powers as Tactical Arms. With that, small beams of light would appear all around the Jet Set area, this was each ship beaming their army down to the surface. Immediately, the entire army would begin, their first task, was to eliminate all that moves, breathed and lived, all that was not machine... Their secondary goal was to find any evidence on Gorgon.

Silentus Class Armoured Carriers

"Let the entire Dusk, all the people who knew Gorgon pay." Tactical Arms would say

"Ah... So you are not a blithering malfunctioning fool... Good. Then I shall show you what shall be the source of power to these machines..."

As one hand continued to spread these webs across the sky through each of the gazing eyes, the other pointed toward the deactive Mega Generator off in the distance, no power to fuel it thanks to the lack of Myst from the falling Tree of Life. As such, a different source of infinite energy would perpetuate this core now, with only a single strike of crimson lightning streaking through the skies and blasting it with energy unbound. The Generator glowed the same crimson as the lightning that struck it, roaring now with the maddened intensity of the Insanity's energy fueling it, screaming for release from its stationary prison. The energy magnetized mechanical, electronic and magnetic objects and beings from all about the city, taking in a few hundred of the smaller machines and one or two of the large ships as well as some lingering buildings in order to take on its new form. Overloaded with electricity, the polarized construct rose from the ground, teeming with voltaic forces one would have never seen before.

"Behold, the energetic source of this city and these machines... The Mega Generator."

It rose over Dusk City like a mechanical angel establishing dominion over its domain; scanning the city for the new 'life' of its mechanical children (yet, it was merely a babe in and of itself.) It hovered gently, radiating Insanity as a source of energy, sending currents of this energy into all of the objects about.

"Go forth, my lovely child, and rule this city as a part of you... As I seal it for you..."

Such a horrid sight indeed. The lands had been forced into a crimson darkness plagued by the very force his one true love permeated from merely existing. It seems that even in his absence Khrona just left a mess for others to deal with...

or die should they ignore it

And ignore it he could no loner. For even once upon a time when they lands merely existed as the Dusk in of itself Allen had sworn fealty to it all. Just because the lands themselves now laid dived did not mean his duties were now halved. If anything they were multiplied. Gifted ow with the cursed power of being a soulless puppet he would make sure his sacrifice was with merit and thus from the center of this web of insanity one being who was virtually immune to such forces manifested but with him hundreds of Botanic creations emerged. The incredibly hard and dense Tree like bloody appendage rushed forth slicing and dicing the metallic creations to ribbons clearing a path in the center of this mayhem. From the Blood began to emerge a lone yet gruesome sight. A Single doll who's button eyes bleed like tear streams that fell to the ground melting through the metallic and slowly saturating the ground with it's majesty, yet his stitched mouth though loose enough to speak, in fact did not utter a single word as he walked through the increasing metallic carnage. His face nonchalant as usual...


Though he had come originally because he felt the unbridled rage of the Insanity and foolishly thought it was Khrona believing that he had returned to them to make amends for what he had done. But that like many of the dreams Momo once carried within his soul...

They belonged to his Mistress now.

So now he fought, he fought to protect the things he gave his eternal soul to uphold for like dominoes when one fell so did the rest and he simply refused to allow this or that to happen. He had not seen TA nor had he felt his hand in this all that he knew was the rising threat the insanity held to his home,

And he was having none of it...

And now another would show their face in the presence of Tactical Arms and Insanity. Some of the ships and robots that the new being Insanity called forth would be replaced later, there wasn't enough matter that could be transported to make up for another large teleportation to occur. In fact their was just enough matter to bring the Factorial Warship here, and that was going to happen, and now. Regardless of what Allen wanted, TA would start calling forth the Factorial Warship. In the sky, above the other ships and across from where the being Insanity called forth was a swirling vortex of green and purple would spark and swirl filling the sky in a bath of those two colours. Seconds later a white image of the Factorial Warship would be seen followed by the manifestation of the ship itself. It was monstrous, measuring 400 meters long and packing a gun nearly that same length. The barrel of this gun was easily bigger than most skyscrapers.

When the ship was fully in the city, the swirling vortex would all but disappear, After the Factorial Warship made itself present, Tactical Arms would be seen vanishing. This is when he would appear in the bridge of this very ship. The bridge itself was elegant and very human... Sitting in the captains the entire bridge would seem to come ti life. Wires, tubes, pieces of metal would all race towards Tactical Arms and attach themselves to his head, fusing with his very body for the time.

After Tactical Arms had been fused, the entire ship would become his body... and with that, the ship would seem to speak.

"I'll glass this city, until you show yourself GORGON!" Tactical Arms would yell out using the ship to amplify his voice through the entirety of the Veritas.

After a second or two the massive gun on the ship would bend towards the frail city below and a single shot would lance downwards towards the surface. The beam would hit the surface and instantly evaporate any structures, robots, people, plants below. The beam would cut across the surface and through the heart of the Jet Set area eating through the ground leaving only a glass-like surface behind it. the Ground around where the beam would skim across the land would be glowing with heat and radiating.

After the City had taken the first shot of the Factorial Ship's Glassing Cannon, the Genaral would arrive in the area. Insanity was here, as was something else, it was familiar to the General but at the same time alien, in fact there were two of em.

"Seems a Friend is here?" the General would say looking up towards the sky.

He would then detect that Priere was following him, this place was about to turn into an even bigger party.

Tailing that little shit wasn't that difficult, and he led her straight to a place she hadn't been in quite a long time. She heard (through the grapevine, of course) that Koudo had become the Kage of the 'new and improved' Dusk Village, but after what she saw just getting here AND the spectacle she beheld once she stood upon the horizon of the cityscape... It looked like he was doing a pretty fucked up job.

"What... The... FUCK!?"

Somehow, she knew Koudo leading anyone wasn't gonna be the best thing; she knew him too well and knew that leadership wasn't his thing. Not because he COULDN'T do it, but just because it wasn't HIS type of thing to do. And now...

"Shit, that lazy bastard probably let all hell break loose in this goddamn place... And I bet I know JUST who the fuck is to blame..."

Ooooh, she was heated. Which wasn't saying much, since she was quite the hothead for an ice-elemental. That was a pretty rare thing, in fact. Quite the contrast, to say the least. But that was beside the point. Both of those two fuck ups were in a WORLD of trouble... And that damn General guy, too. In fact, EVERYTHING in this goddamn CITY was about to be in a shit ton of mess, cuz Priere was just pissed at it all.


It was time for the Crystal Queen to take her title of 'Leader of Absolute Zero' back... And reassemble her crew from scratch. Cuz this shit right here... This is ridiculous.

At first whim Allen would not have allowed the destruction to go on as Take had planned for it. He had his ways of protecting against these beams . But as it stood the presence of a Tensei had come as well as the soul of another. Knowing the Tensei were bound to tgis land just as greatly as he he could leave this battle to her and the kage she named. It seemed only fitting that they shoulder the burden..he had another affair to attend. To circumvent damage to him from the beams he clasped himself in a bloody botanic fortress that ssheikded him from the blast as well as provided the cover needed for his retreat. He left it in the Guardians capable hand.

It had never left.

A glob of silvery blue energy slunk its way to the middle of the destruction and fighting, seemingly unnoticed by spreading itself tiny across the ground so that it couldn't be detected. At the command of Koudo, it spread out so far and wide that it completely covered the lands of the district surrounding the Clock Tower in a thin mesh of itself. Then, it began to radiate with silvery blue light as a large symbol appeared on the ground beneath every things feet. It was a small filled in circle, surrounded by another larger circle, and then an even larger circle with a stick protruding from the top and three protruding from the bottom.

"Shut up. I got it." Koudo's voice said beside Priere as he appeared, knelt to the ground with his index and middle fingers of his hands forming a cross as his eyes shifted back and forth, from the left and the right, while his brain calculated the number of robots and warships. He took into account the largest ship, and the largest robot, but he knew what he was about to do would most likely not effect them, as well as all the organics in the area.

"Tamura Style, Machine Infestation, Massive Override, Sealing Technique... 10." He whispered to himself before slamming his hands to the ground, initiating the massive sealing technique. Not many knew, but Koudo was a technopath of the highest order. He was talking to, and making friends, with all machinery from his mother's womb and so now, 20 years later, his raw talent was a great and useful skill. His brain was like a supercomputer, so computing how many robots and warships was child's play and with his Sage Active(the long hair and pigmentation on his face, this was enhanced to an even larger level. All of these foot soldiers and their warships would fall to the influence of the man of machines and his volatile chakra, have their rudimentary coding reworked, and be sealed under Koudo's command until he released them. And truthfully, all the people that knew Koudo knew that he always showed up on the battlefield where his influence mattered the most at a time where it mattered the most.

The Tamura Clan symbol began to glow and radiate brighter now, as small images of it spread all across the ground sporadically. This was the threatening, the reckoning was immediately after. The Hive Mind would come to pass if the army wasn't call off and transported elsewhere. And Koudo, with a fleet of warships and robots, was a death wish.

And so, the battle had begun. That was perfect time to seal in whomever was going to be, and let the Insanity's will be done down at the bottom of the tree. The final pieces of the thread wove themselves all around the remaining portion of the Dusk, creating a barrier of Insanity so very thick that one could not pass through without their very minds collapsing upon themselves from the unimaginable force of sheer madness. There was no getting in nor out; there was no certainty in anything. This was all now a land that belonged to The Insanity.

The Mega Generator rose as the tyrant over this land, as the Insanity itself dissolved into it, leaving its will to be done now by the overlord of the machines and perpetual generator of its power. This land would fill with more and more mind-crippling Insanity within the containment chamber thanks to the combined efforts of the Web of Insanity known as Pandemonium and the Mega Generator that infinitely generated such power. It would maintain the barrier and continue to fill.

Destruction of great cataclysm already ensued by hand of Tactical Arms and the robot legion, but not yet by the Mega Generator itself. There served a few brave souls who thought to go against such mechanical oppression, one of which was the now trapped Kage of the Dusk; forced to either protect this land or let it be destroyed under his watchful eye.

But he fought.

A blob-like entity, which seemed to very covertly coat the surface of the streets within the city, took the reigns of all such that was the army of machines running rampant in chaos and ruination, save for the Mega Generator itself. While his influence would most indeed pass over and take control of many of the machines, as the numbers of how many he meant to control grew, he would find it exceedingly more difficult for even a man of his mind, control and chakra pool to circumvent on his own. Within each of them rested not the normal workings of a typical machine, but the malfunctioning motherboards of a machine gone haywire, driven by Insanity. Their functionality was beyond rational thoughts and codes, even to be that their coding made no sense at all. It was then clear that they were not moving solely of their own will, but by the dominant force of the Insanity itself, which now rested in their Hive Mind 'Core' that hovered above them. The increasing generation of sheer Insanity could overload even his exceptional caliber of control and prowess with the machines.

Still, a little less than half would indeed fall to his control (TA, post accordingly), which was nothing short of superb in terms of sheer power and number. The accumulation of Insanity and overcoming its influence in such a large scale was nothing to brush over, and it certainly proved his teknopathetic (sorry, JSRF moment, haha) prowess to no end. Not anyone could say that they snatched up half of an army under the Insanity's influence. Yet, as an adaptive machine would, the newborn machine upped the generation of energy into its mechanical subjects to rebuke their takeover by the hands of the Tamura. With a pulsation of Insanity from its hovering mothership, the other machines below would all be instructed to madly attack the ones under Koudo's influence, and destroy them with their steadily increasing Insanity (which, TA, I expect you to carry out) to prevent the spread of the infestation without consuming far more and more chakra to do so.

In the sky, connected to his hive mind of robots and the very ship he made his new body. Tactical Arms would notice that Allen left and a new one came. This was the Kage of the Dusk, the KAGE, the very KAGE that simply let his people run about killing those they wanted.



In mere second half of his robotic army would suddenly fall under the control of Koudo, the other half being spared and stopped by Insanity. Tactical Arms had Insanity to thank for that.

With that, it begun.

From each larger Salamis Class, thousands of insect like fighters would race from them, each of these would all draw forth beam weapons and began thier fly-like attack on the opposing carriers and what other mobile suits happened to come from them. Each ship that remained under Tactical Arms' control would aim thier primary beam cannons towards an opposing one and begin firing those. Secondary cannons would then open up firing upon any machines that might get near the ships themselves. It was war, full on war. Insanity Raged from madness and Tactical Arms raged from Insanity brought about by this villages Insane way of doing things.

In the air, the mother ship would suddenly echo, red sparks of Insanity would flow across it as it did so. First the rear of the ship would split into two. Each split piece would fold down forming two large legs. The legs would then themselves fold downwards to form the complete legs, The massive Cannon and Carrier attached to the front of the ship would break off and move forwards forming a massive Shield and Rifle as well as two arms. The entire units face would suddenly glow red and flesh-like tendrils would form a mouth of sorts. A single echoing roar would sweep across the their enclosed space.

"GORGON AND HIS VILLAGE WILL BURNNNN" Tactical Arms Omega would shout out.

With that the rifle that was the size of the John Hancock Centre would be pointed straight towards the centre of the battle and with a single shot as soon as the shot came 100 meters out of the cannon, it would suddenly split into thousands of smaller shots. Each shot would suddenly lock onto each enemy machine and pursue it. Each shot aimed towards each ship would suddenly grow in size with enough power to completely blast through each ships hull.

After that, a single machine resembling Tactical Arms would construct itself several feet from Koudo.

"And shit just got real." the General would say watching the war occurring before his eyes.

the General then looked back at Priere and then at Koudo and the Tactical Arms that appeared before him.

"Yup, this is beyond what I can do" the General would say opening his Tacyhon Accelerator Beta.

After opening it the General would attempt to flee to another dimension, but that only lead him straight back to this one. He would attempt a temporal wake, but that also resulted in him coming back here. So, without much choice the General would have to watch and wait this out.

The reworking of coding was a friendly red herring, not a formality and something that didn't actually need to be focused on as heavily as it was, but luckily... it was. Koudo was a technopath of the highest caliber, as stated, with chakra that took control of all machines that it washed over, but the enemy wasn't expected to know all of this about him. He didn't have to rework the coding to get them to follow his will because he could just control them with his chakra regardless of their initial programming (malfunctioning or otherwise) and it was never stated that the reworking was directly linked to Koudo seizing control just that it happened. He did the recoding of a few, in the group, in an attempt to confuse and disorient the enemy and it worked. They all opened fire on one another and began destroying each other with little to no means of figuring out which ones were under Koudo's 'control', for half were, and which ones were being driven by TA and the Insanity. Koudo hadn't disconnect them from their initial hive mind, it was never stated that he had, and there was absolutely no evidence expressing, immediately, which ones Koudo could bend. They all appeared and acted the same, following the same orders given by the Insanity and TA, for Koudo gave them no direction and allowed them self-destruction which was the basis of all Insanity.

It was only intensified, the mindless cluster fuck of self-destruction, when the mothership did its fancy transformation and went ahead and attacked the warships smaller than itself, with a voice screaming about someone long gone. It would obliterate them without a hitch and without exception because they all were the same and the only way to get rid of Koudo's influence, which was expressly evident, was to destroy every last one. The robot army and the fleet would be wiped out in a matter of seconds by the opposition's hastiness to stop Koudo's massive infestation, when his true infection was of the smallest most intricately planned annoyance. When his moves were overly flashy, there was always a twist to it. It was funny really.

He rose to his feet as the robots met there ends, and the spread of his clan symbol faded into the ground. He wasn't as tired as one would think because, while in Sage Mode, he could absorb natural energy and use it to strengthen his techniques. He liked to use it to supplement the cost of techniques to keep his stamina and energy reserves stable. On top of that, absorbing ambient energy from his surroundings was something he could do as well, both outside and inside Sage Mode, though he wasn't doing so right now.

"We got a bitch, a crybaby, and a pussy. What's the plan, doll face?" Koudo asked as he took a couple steps to the side and placed himself closer to one of his most trusted of partners. They were on pretty bad terms right now, he hadn't forgotten storming out of her place in a huff only hours before nor the overwhelming feeling to clock her a good one for her passiveness, but he could always put it aside for later when there was a larger problem at hand other than their social awkwardness and sexual tension. He took a slightly bent knee stance, with his hands low and to his sides, for quick action and surveyed his surroundings carefully while he conversed, noticing the manifestation of another bot close by.

Good, he had it, just like he said. She could always rely on him to get things done in the nick of time, even if it was annoying as hell. All the crazy robots did crazy robot things and were no longer of any threat to anyone but themselves. That was a pretty good start.

"Fuck you," she snapped back almost immediately, eyes still intently staring at the battle before their eyes, "... We're gonna shoot down that big one, is the plan. We're fucking screwed if the Insanity gets too thick around here, and that thing's just pouring it all out everywhere." Koudo, the General and Priere were the only coherent beings that existed in this isolated space, and that meant definitely that they were the only hope of survival. If the Insanity continued to be generated and contained her, it'd eventually get too heavy for all of them. She already deduced that they were on the clock.

Even as she tried to come up with a solution in her head, she could hear the whiny-ass cries of that rude guy that just appeared in her house, saying that he couldn't (or possibly wouldn't) do anything about all of this.

"Tch... Fucking pussy..."

Of course, just a passing thought; this was really the time for Priere and Koudo to shine, just like old times. Sucks that Perura wasn't here... Priere really missed her, too.

"Find its source of power," she said abruptly once she came to her conclusion, "You're the machine whiz around here, so if you find where it makes its power, I can freeze it and stop it from making any more energy." Naturally, she'd have his back for anything that came at him, though she surely wasn't going to say it to that asshole's face. Besides; he should just now it by now.

"Well? What are you waiting for!? Ain't like nothing's gonna get in your way!!"

That was her way of saying it to him... That she wouldn't let a single thing through. She was already well prepared for what was to come.

The army's self-destruction continued under issue of the Mega Generator, which took in the Insanity of their nonsensical conflict and used it to power itself, which also generated more incentive for them to continue on as they did. The madness intensified all the more quickly, and the Mega Generator had to do nothing but serve as the catalyst. Machines that fell apart would rise back up, assorting themselves in a fashion only remotely reminiscent of their original forms; some had arms in place of where legs should be, or makeshift body parts that did not truly shape anything but an awkward appendage, and many were remade with the same pieces of different machines. They were all turning out to be a hideous mess, thriving in this spark of Insanity brought on in their group.

The Mega Generator itself simply hovered, watching over the warring machines that destroyed everything not as a unit with the same goal in mind to accomplish, but as collateral to the never ending destruction they caused themselves and all those around them. Packed with more and more insanity each time they rose from the ground, anything that hadn't already succumbed to the will of the Mega Generator would be made very apparent; Koudo, Priere and the General. Of course, the one most connected to the machines would be the one who would fall first, letting the Insanity that already lay dormant in his veins bubble up again as it had done before. He would join the source of the Mega Generator's power that rested in the perpetual flow that existed between it and them, feeding from them to infinitely sustain itself. If he fell to this Insanity, he would become one more to add to the collection... And next would be Koudo and Priere.

The battle continues to rage on, from it monstrosities would be formed, one of these monstrosities would begin consuming the smaller ones, eating them, tearing them limb from limb, it grew, in size and in sentience until it was it's own being. It was a being made from parts of the other robots, parts of debris, and fueled by pure insanity. It was organic in ways and machine in others and it's sole purpose for existence was to protect the mega generator. Tesla would move towards the Generator.

Tactical Arms Omega, after it had fired the spread beam would aim the cannon towards Koudo and the others. Instead of a beam, the cannon would fire squid-like machines, they were like the Tesla in that they were organic, and machine, cybernetic in ways. These squid-like machines would pour out of the Factorial Warship's gun like a cloud of locust swarming someone, like sentinels from the matrix aiming to obliterate humanity. Numbers, this was Numbers, this was a delay, a delay that would help the Mega Generator achieve it's ultimatum.

the General had heard enough to know whom and what the source of the giant machines power was.It was Tactical Arms, and Insanity itself.

"I might be a techno whiz, but I don't need to use any knowledge of technology to know that it's Tactical Arms. He's the sword that once belonged to William Suwhenzetie, the carefree warrior whom the Dusk Village so carelessly let their people murder. And it's energy comes from the Insanity, cleanser of Vescrutia someone I came to agreements with" the General would say taking note of all that was going down.

After a second or two he would look at the other two and speak some more.

"I don't fight for it, nor with it, I'm neutral and my only goal is to do what's best for this world, and if that means cleansing it of the people whose souls hold it back, then so be it." the General would say spreading his wings and Quantizing into the air well away from those two and that carnage below.

"This world needs to be woken from it's greedy lust, and this is the wakeup call it needed." the General would say.

They weren't in the clear as much as Koudo would have hoped, witnessing the creations of another reconstruct themselves into monstrosities of their former selves and continue to mount their assault against one another. In true, it sickened him to his stomach how anyone could allow their works of art to continue on past their primary functions when they weren't anywhere near optimal condition and could never been restored to such. He gritted his teeth a tad.

"I can do that from here. Perceiving energy has never been a problem for me, all I have to do is read the flow." He told Priere, letting her know that moving wasn't a problem that needed to deal with. Within his Sage Form, Koudo's natural chakra sensing abilities had been enhanced as well. Normally he could even perceived the once in-perceivable, to human eyes, flow of natural energy, so imagine that at perhaps 10 times the power.

He rose his left hand and held up his index and middle fingers before his face, staring past them, while his azure blue eyes gleam with a bright shine. "It doesn't matter... it doesn't matter." Koudo grumbled underneath his breath as he heard the words of the man that was trapped into the bubble with them. What he was saying, those shitty words, they were starting to agitate him... which wasn't a good thing. The whole premise of what he was saying was askew and though he said he didn't work with the big crybaby, he was heavily biased towards its plight. A plight that, in and of itself, was disastrous to the previous owner of the sword's reputation.

Koudo continued his energy sensing, but couldn't allow these words in his mouth to go unspoken. He was never good at holding his tongue anyway. "A warrior, someone that kills, must be prepared to be killed. This sword's owner wasn't blind to this true, or immune to its influence. None of us are. Whether William got what he deserved or not, it isn't up for discussion anymore. His sword, instead of living on and passing along his master's carefree message and lifestyle while allowing the justice system to work its magic, turned to a side that was against what his master would have wished for and so he will meet the same fate without exception as a criminal. You, Mr. Neutral, sound incredible biased, and indecisive in nature, and therefore aren't credible. So it doesn't matter..."

Koudo's eyes flashed twice, identifying the source of power that the Mega Generator fed from. It seemed the ensuing chaos and neverending cycle of robotic destruction was what mainly fueled it, at the moment. "This is a black and white choice for you right now. If you're not with us, then you're with them and you'll be killed too. I'm already going down as the worst Kage in history," Koudo took a pause and whispered to Priere for a second, "Priere, it seems the destruction that I caused, when that abomination just manifested, that's the main power source. Their recurring cycle of violence is fueling it with the insanity it bestows upon them plus some."

Then continued just as the swarm of squid like cyborgs were fired at him and his partner. "So I plan on surviving this and wiping out any opposition on this front, all war criminals period. The Ice Fairy already gave me the okay. Her Crystal Dragon is itching to go on a rampage." All he needed was for Priere to let him know if she would require his assistance in stopping the endless fighting, since he was sure she had already been on top of the swarm of squids mentioned earlier, before he could really cut loose and test his Sage Mode in real battle. Koudo had already decided, after all this shit that happened on his very first day, that being a Kage wasn't a life he wanted to live, not right now anyway, and much preferred the freedom he had before hand.

Already on the ball, her hand moved in a blur of frost, pinpoint targeting every squid that came their way with an old favorite, the Zero Beam shot straight from her fingertip(s), adjusting for speed, accuracy and numbers (of course between 1-5 at a time per volley) in accordance to the ugly fucks that came her way. She made it look effortless, which at this point, firing off these beams of concentrated freezing energy was for her. Hell, her arm cuff wasn't even off yet.

She barely needed concentration for simple target practice like this, so she could afford to listen in on Koudo's speech to the asshole with all the gizmos. This really wasn't her type of fight; machines and all that jazz. Signis would have liked this... Sigh. She needed to get that angel back inside of her, or else she'd never feel complete. Same went for Blue. Normally, those guys would be helping Priere out in the back of her head, waiting on the ready to switch in if necessary. She felt so cold, so alone these days; no Koudo, no Perura, no Maina, no Naina, no Absolute Zero Gang, no Signis, no Blue... She'd given everyone the cold shoulder, and it was returned to her. There was no warmth inside of her for a very long time. To be one so accustomed and in love with those types of temperatures outwardly, inside of her was just the opposite. Some sort of burning flame that made her the hothead she was, despite all the ice. She was outwardly cold to others, but inside, she longed for warmth that her icy demeanor could not request from others, making her oh, so cold without anyone. But all of that went away when she heard Koudo speak. In fact, she smirked, still not missing a beat with her shots.

"Heh. Since when did you get so good at talking? You weren't one to give a rat's ass about anything a chump like him had to say!!"

But the guy's random information was a bit useful to the situation; that 'sword' or whatever was probably a key component to the attack of the Insanity, and that Willy guy seemed to know quite a bit. She'd have to give him the squeeze for the info when she was done taking out the little minions. Top priority was getting the Insanity in check, after all.

"Whatever," she whispered back, still smirking, "You say War gives it power? Fine. I'll chill those things down there out a bit, then..."

She didn't know how the Insanity was going to react to the cold, but hell, if the fighting stopped, then so did part of the generation process, right? With her other hand, she aimed at the cluster of feuding machines, gathering a larger amount of freezing energy into not her finger, but her palm this time. She nodded her head to Koudo, signaling for his attention.

"You remember way back when we had our first fight as Special Jounin? Remember that one thing I did to you with the water on the floor? Get ready to do it again."

She only hoped he remembered that far back, hell, she was surprised that she did, in fact. She used one of her water techniques to create a mist whilst secretly coating the part of the ground he stood on in a thin, damn near invisible layer of water before freezing it over when he tried to move, and reading his movements through his footsteps atop the water. She wanted to emulate that same scenario, only this time with his blob of chakra underneath all of the machines. Her hopes were high and their time was short; she fired off an Absolute Zero Beam from her palm straight down in the dead center of the calamity to freeze the ground and all the warring machines on the ground, with assistance from Koudo as necessary to perhaps reach out to those in the air. Together, their powers could probably overwhelm already thickened Insanity (as where probably either of them alone would fail due to the sheer amount) and create a dual freezing-infestation that could block the Insanity from drawing anymore energy. If all went well, Koudo could get that scrap metal to be of use and take it over whilst the Insanity's influence was frozen, to ensure that it all belonged to him.

Of course, the same would be true for the new abomination... The big one named 'Tesla,' if it were taken by this technique (if it even worked in the first place), getting rid of the infantry quick, fast and in a hurry. Somehow, she didn't expect it to go down without a fight, but it was... With high hope that it would. So far, their targets were the General, Tesla, Tactical Arms Omega and the Mega Generator. Fuck...

"Shut up." Koudo said with a smirk of his very own, one he hadn't taken up in years. Ya know, that cocky, smug, 'higher than thou because I really am' smirk he used to sport back in his genin days? Yeah... that smirk, before he rubbed his hands together, knelt, and placed them to the ground in order to reactivate the chakra he had flowing through the foundation of this district.

It took him a little while to remember what she was referring to, a little while being perhaps a couple seconds at most. He vaguely remembered them having a battle where she encapsulated him in a dome of ice, after turning the floor to ice to restrict his movements, and he figured that that was what she was referring too. They had had many battles, thus why they were rivals, and Koudo couldn't fully recollect each one. There were key points and moves in each that he chose to remember, but the bulk details of them were always amiss and floating else where in his mind.

Rolling with the dome idea, when Priere spread her freezing energies on top of his own, taking the ground units with her, Koudo used his chakra control to curve the coating of chakra he had along the ground upwards towards the sky and then the two ends of the curve towards one another to encapsule the ground and air units in their dome of frozen infestation. If the dome was able to connect up top, then Koudo's energy would, hopefully, slice through the Insanity's connection to all the machines inside of the dome and stop the power feeding to both parties quickly and Priere's freezing energies would, hopefully, stop the reconnection long enough for Koudo to establish a more stable one with them of his own accord, the process being that much easier since they were marinating inside a dome of his chakra already.

It was unclear, however, if 'Tesla' had the cognitive aptitude necessary to realize what was going on and enough speed to avoid the fate that befell his brethren. If not then he too would fall to the teamwork of the Ice Fairy and her Diamond Dragon and become a tool for them against the offense that plagued them.

It was almost inevitable for the fate of the warring machines to come to a complete halt, urged to a standstill by the dual combination of energetic substances. The intermingling of energies was to perfection; using the power of the cold to freeze the machines and the Insanity's influence whilst simultaneously using the power of the infestation to take control over the multitudes whose Insanity had become frozen in time. Though it reigned heavy in the atmosphere, dying it red, the crystallized area emanated a cool, translucent silverish blue, the color of both crystal and the chakras of Koudo Tamura. The soothing frosty air trapped the land in perfect stasis, freezing the record account of what took place there, and leaving not even Insanity to thrive. As a result, the energy that was allowed to flow freely to the Mega Generator did nothing of the sort, and this caused a vicious stir in its Insanity driven nature.

Hungry and thirsty for its fill, the emanations of pure crimson it pulsated thickened over the land once more, infecting even the inner workings of the Clock Tower of Nephthys with its madness. The clock struck the number twelve; the stroke of midnight, just before an eerie wave burst from its center and out across Dusk City. After that moment, the hands of the clock's face ticked in reverse, minutes moving backward and taking the frozen works of art with them. Pure Insanity burned away at the crystal capsule, melting away in real time what would happen in reverse now. Time progressed both forward and backward all at once; forward to induce an new conclusion, Insanity melting away the ice slowly, yet backward to undo what had already been done. This allowed for the effects of the Insanity to flow both forward and backward, reversing time whilst still moving forward and burning away the ice and also gradually removing Koudo's influence from the machines. To react in such a way clearly showed its disdain for their efforts.

Tesla, whether initially effected or not, served as a beacon for such quantum spacio-temporal flux, and about its presence would there flow an ever fluctuating bubble of space-time to protect it from the same fate as the others. The Mega Generator; it learned. This bubble released from the waves of the clock's center strike warped the surrounding personal areas of the remainder of its army, consisting of Tactical Arms Omega, Tesla and itself. Though the General's mind remained ensnared by the grip of the Insanity, he served merely as a pawn to its efforts, and would go about unprotected by the time bubbles.

The floating mechanical angel remained unscathed, merely waiting for its legion to thaw from their prison frozen in time. Once they were risen, the spread of Insanity could occur once more. For the moment, it was nearly halted now only lingering in the air rather than increasing steadily in density. The spread was, put simply, nearly at a standstill along with the army, under energy conservation methods issued by the Mega Generator to preserve what it had for the time being (in case of combat). The slowness of the consumption of the air was portrayed by the slowness it attempted to induce on its foes, which would allow the contagion to 'appear' as if it were moving at the same speed despite its rather drastic decline in movement. The spread of this effect traveled along the dominion of the Insanity's presence, warping space and time the most where its presence pulsated thickest. As the air grew ever more congested (even if very slowly), time and space grew ever more unstable. Koudo, Priere and the General would suffer these eerie fluctuations however long they remained in contact with the Insanity's forces, and once it grew more heavy, it would soon begin to affect more and more about them, beginning first with their Slowed speed.

As Preire's wave of Freeze swept across the field, it would overcome the machines warring about in the field with ease, it would be Tesla and Tactical Arms Omega that would make it through the Freeze with the least to little harm. Tesla did so by use of EMP's and Tactical Arms Omega used his massive Factorial Warship body to take the cold instead of himself. The Spatial Time flux from the Generator also helped protect TAO and the Tesla from a deadly fate as well. Thanks to the Generator and his Factorial Warship body TAO was free to continue the assault. Tactical Arms Omega would once again begin spewing out squid-bots. The squid-bots would all head straight towards Koudo and Priere like before, their goal was absolute, it was never ending, these squid bots would flow like waves from TAO until either TOA was destroyed or Koudo and Priere made it out alive. All along the TAO ports would open up, from these ports more and more squid-bots would begin to flow, their numbers so great the sky began to darken.






Tactical Arms would hum from deep inside the TAO. More and more, his mind became week and infected by the Insanity, the humanity he so longed for and was given by Atra, the General and William was slowly withering away. Koudo was right, this isn't what William would have wanted.


When the Freeze swept over Tesla, it's internal shielding system would kick in. These shield were similar to the General's Jammers, it was thanks to the General fighting and linking to Tactical Arms so long ago that Tactical Arms was able to replicate some of the General's shields to give to minions. Tesla was one of em, it used Gamma Waves to create EMP-like shield that would burn away at the ice and freezing before it even struck it. The EMP would flow outwards keeping the air around it free of the ice until the Generator's time sweep would flow around and free it of that worry. Tesla would go back to being a guardian for the Mega Generator, a guardian that guards...

Priere and Koudo's combo struck rather effectively, freezing up that huge sum of warring machines all around. They were frozen solid, and that gave Koudo leeway to take them over whilst the Mega Generator had no influx of Insanity flowing toward them. They were smooth sailing.

"Hahahaha! Of course that would work! I thought of it, after all!"

But as expected, Tesla and TAO weren't too much affected by the whole thing and they were free to move about. The annoying squids poured out of the warship, whilst the Tesla thing radiated high powered EMP waves to keep itself stabilized from the freezing energy. Pshaw. Maybe Koudo could handle that part. If Signis were here, she could... Not only that, but Priere could feel the Insanity trying to burn away at the dome of ice, messing with the flow of its time. Her excitement quickly became severe irritation.

"Mother fuck... These squids are getting on my nerves!!!"

An abnormal distortion in the atmosphere made her feel pretty uncomfortable, like she was moving gradually more slowly... But she felt like she was moving at the same speed. She looked up and saw things beginning to move faster around her, but only ever so slightly. She continued casting off her onslaught of Absolute Zero Beams at them as fast as she could, but she could definitely feel the Insanity becoming so very extremely dense now.

"Any bright ideas? The Insanity's still getting thicker... I think it's messing with us somehow, cuz I feel slower on the shot and these things look like they're moving faster..."

Her only thought was to maybe try to freeze it over again, but at this rate, it would consume a large chunk of her magic to freeze such dense atmospheric Insanity, meaning she'd have to concentrate rather than just flick her wrist, like she could do with her beams. Why did everything have to be so GODDAMN annoying?

It seemed like Priere was panicked, or upset, but Koudo could not see why. He perceived that her beams were moving slower, but he remained, unaffected by the time bending. His Infestation aura resisted outside forces and influences. Time usually wasn't something that was bending to someone else will when he fought, but the power to mold the malleable force wasn't immune to this effect. It helped that he was connected to the natural energies of the planet, feeding his strengths and augmenting his energies, and that just by being able to see what was happening, he knew what was happening. That didn't mean he could immediately act on it. In fact, he couldn't keep it up for long, his power was burning away quickly with no end to this battle in sight.

"Calm down, and breathe, that clock tower is controlled by the Insanity and slowing your perception of time. There are dumb ass building all around this place that can do that. Anyway, I don't have any ideas. I'm at a loss, and my power is waning... fast. I won't be able to supplement you in battle, nor do anything else besides keep myself safe in a couple minutes. I've been in and out of battle all day today."

It was unfortunate, but Priere couldn't rely on him to figure out a solution nor to use be up to snuff for much longer. It was bad enough he had to deal with her fucking family all the damn time. Koudo seriously didn't have any idea about what move to make, nor what shot to call. This just wasn't a puzzle he could solve, nor a problem he could see the ending too.

Truly, it was almost like... he was beginning... to lose hope...


It had been called, the moment where the two in opposition fell to the absolute despair the Insanity would bring before consuming their beings by its seemingly infinite manifestation. Now, more quickly, the Insanity's influence burned away at the ice surrounding its misfit army down below and thickened the air even more. Priere and Koudo would be literally breathing the Insanity by now, and from Koudo's sudden feeling of hopelessness would this Insanity become able to more easily rob him of his rational thought, causing him to fall into the clutches of the Mega Generator as well.

Time and space did nothing but become far more unstable at the control of the Mega Generator's Insanity, to the point where one might think the distortion would cause a collapse in space and time itself. Tesla was granted through extended exposure a portion of the power to manipulate these influences for only itself, granting it further protection against whatever the other two had at their disposal. Tactical Arms Omega would find that the squids being produced would collapse upon themselves, only to appear from spatio-temporal rifts nearby the two over yonder to give them an easier time getting to them rather than simply being shot down by the ice beams. Time grew more slow for them, and Insanity slowly, but surely, grew more thick.

It was only a matter of time before the Squid-like bots began to adapt to the ice that Priere was blasting at them, eventually, they would all pour out now dawning superheated gel across their carapaces. Thanks to the portal shifting the time-space flux brought them, these squids would have no trouble at all reaching their targets. Those two, unless something was done, were done. The entire factorial warship would emit a noise that echoed through the area as nothing more than the insane laugh of Tactical Arms. The Tactical Arms Omega would begin to rumble forwards, each step it took across the land would cause the earth below it to cave inwards and crack, with each step the ground shook and with each step vibrations would be sent outwards to knock up anything that happened to be on the ground. 265,000 tons of Factorial Warship was now slowly marching towards Koudo and Preire.
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"Caught, trapped, cornered, unable to defend." the General would say as he floated upwards from the position he was already in.

the General watched, cowering behind his various defense as Koudo and Priere were being put into a pin and were getting closer to defeat inch by inch. As the seconds passed, the General would wait, he would wait for these great well know Kage class and Kage fighters to do something. But after seeing them slow down and become trapped the General knew, no he always knew this.

"Not so great now are we..." the General would say to himself as he watched the entire area become clouded black by the machines that poured out from the Factorial Warship.

For the time, and for some reason, Tactical Arms' only targets had been Koudo and Priere, Dusk member people whom would have known Gorgon.

"Protego illi quis non potest protego sibi met." the General would say as the Funnels on his back pixelated into data and formed themselves around Koudo and Priere.

When the Funnels formed around Koudo and Priere they would form the General's various Shields, Fields and Barriers. At the same time they did this, the very shields used to keep Koudo and Priere safe would also force them to be stuck inside. The same robots the General was trying to defend them against would be slamming on the defending shields, fields and barriers trying to smash through them and slowly, they were succeeding. Obviously the General was going to have to use his TR011 Shield

"That was Old Earth Latin for: To protect those, who can not protect themselves." the General would say as he himself would quantize and appear between the slew of squid bots and the two fighters.

When the General appeared from Quantization his TR011 Shield would immediately be slammed with the massive continuous force of the Squid Bots. Each squid bot would smash into the TR011 shield and be sent flying off in pieces in either direction. With each squid bot, the shields power would increase, and it would increase with each continuous strike. the General, and whom ever could read him would sense that the shields power was increasing dramatically. the same TR011 Shield would then activate around Koudo and Priere, and would add to the containment field they were already in.

Everything was going to shit now. She felt herself being affected more by the Insanity than Koudo, and of course for obvious reasons, this made the most sense. As it thickened, a dense glowing scarlet fogged up her vision, blurring the figures of everything around her as the Insanity layered within her perception. Things that were closer were still able to be seen with more clarity, but as things were farther away, they blended more into the red haze all around her eyes. It was tiresome to see things moving in such a distorted manner, so very swiftly. It made her feel helpless to the situation at hand, not being able to react fast enough as time passed on. She looked at Koudo, who was telling her now that he was almost down for the count, and that sure as hell didn't make her happy. And not only that, before she could even get her words out, those damn squids were coming out superheated specifically to combat the coldness of her AZB's. It didn't help that the Mega Generator was burning away at her ice, which she couldn't maintain if she was moving so slowly. That aggravated her farther. And to top it all off, this damn coward came in with his fancy shit all pixelating and hovering about like annoying flies in Priere's face, placing a barrier over her area like he had to protect them. The nerve of that guy. That certainly sent her over the edge.

"WHAT did you say to me?"

Uh oh...

She inhaled deeply, drawing in all concentration of just how pissed she truly was at this situation and everyone in it, focusing that to her core. Every last one of them were just fucking nuisances now. A great crimson gleamed from her chest, manifesting a heat as intense as the flames of hell. Her crystal dress, once translucent and shimmering in the light, grew dark as charcoal, yet still maintained a crystallized and icy form. The blackness coursed through every inch within the crystal leaving nothing clear anymore. Slender streams of red pulsated from the core and out through the blackness of her dress, and even her shimmering crystalline hair would blacken. The only thing that remained untouched by the darkness was her pale, ghastly white skin. And suddenly, the cold she exuded normally rose drastically in temperature...

Could it be that the Insangel finally unlocked the hidden potential of her own Insanity? Was this what it was like for her to slip? She seemed... Eerily calm, focused, almost like a suppressed intent to kill everything in her line of sight, only to be reaffirmed by the maddening pulsations of heat from her body. Cold was nowhere to be found anymore, for it all concentrated and drew itself toward her body in order to keep the 'heat' of this girl 'cool.' Keeping her cool in the midst of heat, perhaps so she wouldn't have a complete meltdown. Regardless of reason, she stood within the many barriers of the General with a vicious concentrated intent to destroy him. This was her Insanity; the Insanity of Solidarity.

If you want something done right...
She raised a hand laced in black gloves, driving it with the utmost aggression into the atmosphere, now capable of using 'portals' by means of Insanity, letting a pool of ruby red shatter before her hand... Blood pouring from the ripped seams of time and space. She drew from the cesspool of Insanity contained in this chamber a signature weapon of hers waiting in storage for quite a long while to be used again... the enchanted Chainsaw Sword, of which a proper name would be granted for it later.
... Do it yourself...

She whipped the gargantuan weapon belligerently from its confines and toward the ground, where the impact kicked up a bit of debris upon the crash, scarring the land in the process. She stabbed her other hand into the atmosphere beside her, penetrating the vile 'skin' of lingering Insanity and driving it straight into its heart, pulling also from storage a parasol of ice from within. It opened gracefully as she rest it upon her shoulder, allowing the blackness to pour into even it, as well. Koudo should have recognized the 5 point star embedded at the top; it was his doing, after all. Without even looking at him, she addressed him with a cold, yet burning fury,

"Get up."

And said nothing more. With a flick of the switch, the Chainsaw Sword powered on with a rip and a roar, tearing to utter shreds the ground below... Grinding it to dust. It was hard to tell from the unchanging expression on her face, but the laser-like red eyes bore Priere's Insanity, and drew in the effects of the lingering Insanity within the chamber directly into her body. She became a sponge for this material, and when she cleaved and hacked her way out of this barrier, she was going to show those machines what real Insanity was.

Effortlessly, she raised her great weapon over her head and bore down on the many barriers that made up this chamber the General created, shattering layer after layer to pieces in blinding slashes of the motorized blade. Her parasol rested elegantly over her shoulder as the vicious pulverization ensued, and her face did not alter from the intense, concentrated glare focused at her target. Each barrier would have the force of its generation absorbed into the spinning bladed chain of the weapon, making it more powerful as every slash weakened the defenses. Of course, the weakest barriers would be torn through most instantly, and those that were denser may have taken two or more slashes to hack through. By the time the Chainsaw Sword absorbed the forces of impact from every barrier, it should have had enough contained energy to penetrate the final barrier, the TR011 Shield. It was clearly more powerful than the other bunch, but there were no worries. She drew in the force of the impacts between not only her sword and the shields, but the squids, as well, giving it an extra oomph. She was a madman, almost like a serial killer with a silent murderous intent that could not be quenched. The whirring blades would grind against the shield, gradually cutting through its prisonous barricade... All the while, the sharp, red eyes of Priere stayed (unblinking) at the General, the first to suffer the bloodbath when she got out.

Never put a Tensei in a box, they say...

You give folks an inch, and they really tried to take a mile.

The key words were 'almost' and 'beginning' meaning the process of being hopeless hadn't actually begun. In fact, Koudo had too much pride and willpower to let some mass of energy and pansy robot break his spirits. There were a bunch of people, many powerful ones that knew and respected him, that wouldn't let him live it down even if he passed on:They would probably resurrect him just to poke fun or scold him face to face. Even more than that, Insanity's influence had never infected Koudo's being before hand, and it wouldn't start now. He wouldn't let someone else's state of mind alter his perception of the world. He wasn't that weak.

He figured Priere, of all people would have figured out something to do, she always claimed to be smarter and stronger than him, so it was about time that she began pulling her weight. Unlike her, who grew in power simply by being related to someone and reading a book while sitting on her ass all the time, Koudo had to work for his own. He had unlimited potential, a hailed genius and abomination of a union that shouldn't have happened, but he needed to tap into the power.

Koudo was borderline comatose though from all the chakra he'd exerted from today. How could he access a power when he was powering down? It seemed unlikely...

But after the powering down was always... the reboot.

Priere's sudden eruption of power, resonated with her 'best friend' causing him to place a hand to where his heart was. Her pulsations and fluctuations immediately affected the looming beast within him, rousing the behemoth from it's 20 year long slumber, but not much. It only piqued its curiosity as it felt the weakening of its jailer's solid will and subconscious suppression and the strengthening of its own ability to break free.

You don't want to get out, I can't contain you anymore.

Koudo thought, speaking to the beast, but there was only silence within his head besides the millions of calculations rattling around his noggin at any point in time. It had nothing to say, but it knew what needed to be done. The most basic instinct is survival and cornered, caged, animals are always the most vicious.

Lend my your claws...

Their chat was over then, just as Priere uttered her command. And like the pet she wanted him to be, a whipping stream of chakra began to build around Koudo's cut off body, its glow unmistakable if they'd seen his chakra in its most basic form. His azure eyes gleamed with a silver tinge, and his right hand's finger nails elongated and sharpened before the stream funneled into his back causing him to puff out his chest. It rose him to his feet and he stood hunched over, like a marionette, before he twitched awake.

There were no thoughts, no witty comments nor pointless banter. The unmistakable glow of his chakra radiated brightly from his body, though his power had been waning before, and it was unbelievable more silver than blue around his right hand and that hand only. His second wind had come, unlike Priere's sudden power up, but at what cost?

Low snarls escaped his throat, the only audible sounds, but he rushed forward in a blur with his right hand, and his eyes, fixated before him, on the gargantuan robo outside, as he slammed into the General's last shielding, the troll shield, with his right claws. Priere's chainsaw hadn't sliced through yet, but Koudo's sudden smashing with his right claw would help. With his chakra so concentrated at his hand he could literally sink his claws, his being, into anything and rip it asunder as long as he felt strongly in wanting to do it. Basically he was inserting his influence into something to disrupt its natural functioning. It was clear he did, so clear that he ripped through and shattered it alongside Priere's chainsaw.

While Priere was being fueled by her insanity, Koudo was being controlled by his most basic draconic instincts, nothing more, and what they were telling him to do was simple. One word only, in fact.


The tinted red air continued to grow thicker as time progressed, seeming at a faster rate the more the legion unthawed. From the looks of it, the Insanity began to take its effect on the adversaries of this hellacious city of mechanical death, leaving them susceptible to the whim and will of the Mega Generator's wrath. As the machines below finally fully defrosted, the gleaming core of the Mega Generator went into overdrive, simply spewing out Insanity in surpluses. Concentrated bolts of it sparked from all over its body with a malignant stride across the sky, striking down many of the highly advanced mechanical structures still forming the city itself. The buildings afflicted rose from their rooted placement in the ground, serving as even more minions of the Mega Generator's control. Some, due to shape and complexity, served as weapons, whilst others as their own beings.

Still, the battle between the minor machines waged on with no signs of stopping; breaking each other down only to be forced to build themselves back up again. It was a means of infinite energy... As long as there was Insanity ensuing, the Mega Generator had an infinite supply of energy to overwhelm and destroy its adversaries.

However, it did not go unnoticed that one of the two that opposed its maddening force stood as a single defiant spark in the fires of lunacy... And indeed as a sponge to soak up the vile madness that remained pungent in the atmosphere. The Mega Generator was quite capable of making necessary calculations and analyses to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity, and the numbers had come up short to what was supposed to be output by its army and itself. She was the cause. Even if minor, there was an error, and that error needed to be corrected.

The crimson orb gleamed again, slender, needle-shaped buildings rising up beside the mechanical angel. They hovered nearby as javelins bathed in red, ready to skewer the opposition and the hill they stood on. It seemed that Tactical Arms Omega already sought to remedy this situation, however it was always best to have some support fire from the back. An all out assault would be waged upon Priere and Koudo now, and perhaps even the General as well, since he seemed to try to protect them.

Gargantuan crimson bolts flashed through the sky, the searing hot needle-like buildings casting off one after another, three in total. One was easily large enough to obliterate the tiny creatures and the land they stood on, but firing two more was just an extra precaution. All the while, many of the other buildings given their own will slowly trodded toward Priere and Koudo's location... Literally the entire city was against them now, in its entirety. There was nowhere to go and nowhere to hide, for all they did, they would be within the city's madness and under watchful eye of the Mega Generator.

Only within the flash of the bolts of insanity would she be seen. Or at least, her silhouette. There was a brief pause in everything that was happening, almost as if some oddity had been plucked from one space and inserted, overlapping, into another. And that oddity would be Aliyah's presence, first, and the person second.

Whether anyone that actually knew her would recognize her would not be important, as her focus had immediately been wrapped up in dealing with the bolts aimed to annihilate her comrades completely. An expansive aura of auroran colors exploded around Aliyah, moving with pure intent. It would cover Koudo, and even the the general, emitting the Goddess Bond over them. It would only temporarily disrupt the power of Insanity that was effecting them. It made no attempt to reach Priere as even with very little time to view her surroundings, Aliyah could feel Priere drawing her power from the insanity now. However, the area around them that was being infected by insanity would begin to fluctuate heavily under Aliyah's innocent essence, the power combating the insanity with the same sheer immunity that Aliyah had, inside of the automatons as well.

Now, with the bolts of insanity, a silvery aura would merge with the auroran aura around Aliyah alone, having already been near halted by the effects of the innocent essence, and cause the flowing essence of Aliyah's soul to bend the bolts entire nature. She would flow them, controlling even the amount of insanity within the three attacks, into a swirling ball that would slowly be engulfed in both the auroran and silver essences, shrinking until fading into nothing; a complete calm.

The silver aura would fade while the auroran aura remained, even as Aliyah took in the sight of an enraged Priere and Draconic Koudo. Aliyah, no longer in the 13 year old body many had known her for, placed her hand upon her new weapon, the shadowless blade, and slowly moved towards the ground. She was a being of infinite time and spaces now, and the infinite and inconceivable colors of the aurora, within her eyes as well, was testament to that.

"I leave for a few centuries and the worlds gone to hell. Figures."

the General would quickly find that his very shield meant to keep things out would quickly be phased away by the Squid Bots. Each Squidbot that struck it would send out variable wavelengths that Tactical Arms had learned from the General while he was connected with him a while back. This allowed the Squid Bots to simply phase through, teleport through, negate, the shield the General so heavily relied on. Because of this, Koudo and Priere would find themselves instead of striking the General's shields, striking thousands of squid bots, and thanks to their adaptive abilities, they would soon be evolving to counter the Chainsaw's forces and Koudos' Dragonic forces.

But that's when a new force came to be, something got in, despite not being able to. This force of the Goddess blasted through the area of Koudo, Priere and the General to try and protect them. And that it would do, with success, but only until the bots could adapt to it. With that, Aliyah would find that her attempts to negate the Insanity's influence was being pushed back. Aliyah was now trying to counteract the beams, she would find this hard as well. Random bots would teleport in to help counteract the Innocence.

"I'm doing this, letting myself become this monster, because I want to avenge William. He will come again" Tactical Arms would say using each of the bots to projects his voice everywhere.

In an instant, the combined effects of Koudo, Tactical Arms, Preire, and Aliyah were more than enough to break the General's combined shielding. Thus due to the sudden dispelling of energy to fuel the shields the General would to keep cool for tiny bit. Thus he had to sit back, inside someone else s barrier. the General's didn't like this at all. 3 People now, two were bad enough but 3.... His plan had failed... Or had it. After a second or two like he usually did, the General would Quantize, he was gone for now, just for now. But before leaving so soon, anyone who had the eyes to see it would see the General's Iris' were doing that thing other's did when they activated their Sharingan, Rinnegan, Byakugan, Sage Modes... ect.... the General's Iris's now had lines of glowing, data streaming through them. This was something that he was saving until the Jounin Rank, but, since now was a time he needed it, he was gonna use it. A feint glow of really small particles of time/space would be left where the General used to be.

So close... So very close. Every slash, every whir, one step closer to breaking through this fucking dumbassity. The more she tore through the more she just wanted to kill William Sywyk with all that she was. The Squidbots held no candle to Priere now, who fully embraced the power of Insanity with her whole heart, something that these squids could not undermine the rule of. When Priere broke free from her bindings, she could only look to the general with genuine, pure bloodlust and murderous intent all hidden by an icy cool demeanor. Wasting no time, she held her hand up straight to his face and harnessed her hatred; drawing forth the workings of Insanity all about. Unlike the other idiot Tensei that had lost their minds, she was the only one who read up on everything about her family and heritage, and all that they could and should be able to do, including her own powers. Not only was she the appointed Judgemaster, but the Guardian of the Tree. Herald to its power. She was the law and order, and a one-man army with her Insanity of Solidarity. In an instant all of the Insanity in her area would accumulate into her eyes gleaming with the scornful stare that the Insanity itself donned, leaving the calm serenity of a chill blue hue lingering in the atmosphere, flash-frozen without even having to use her magic. Not a single trace of the Insanity's heat tinted the land with that vivid rouge and what was left were crystallized floes glistening in the light, gently falling as if almost frozen in time. In fact, not too much heat remained, for all of it concentrated itself into her smoldering eyes. Such was an effect of the Insanity of Solidarity; Being self-centered, conceited, spoiled and selfish. Not bad in exchange for being a literal one-man-army, though.

Silence, full and proper grazed the frigid, stagnant air, for all the screaming madness that once plagued the air was now within the gaze of the hellacious black crystal girl... Right at the forehead of the General, ready to burn a hole straight through it. Her quiet fury and murderous intent wailed passionately from the searing light, burning the torturous screams of his own infernal death deep into his eardrums, his sight and his mind.

"Out of my way..."

Her murmured words precluded the General's complete and utter eradication from her sight, merciless and instantaneous, with no intention of leaving a speck of what he is or once was.

That is, that is what would have happened if her eye weren't caught by another, one that she was obligated to deal with. She calmly diverted her attention to the other threat, sharp eyes glaring intensely, wavering with the distortion of heat yet unnaturally still. The cuting eyes loosed the accumulated energy of Insanity within her glowing pupils fly free in the form of a beam of utter hatred and scorn...

"Absolute Zero; Eternal Damnation..."

She too was capable of using the Insanity's seemingly favored technique?! There must have been more to this than meets the eye; were all Tensei capable of this if they succumbed to their Insanity, or was there just something special about the ones that were capable of using Absolute Zero? Regardless of what it was, she was going to take down everyone and everything in her way; friend or foe. Such is Solidarity. These eye beams immediately pinpointed the newly arrived Aliyah Rozalyn, who apparently thought it was a good idea to attempt to rid the realm of Insanity whilst it was being used by an ill-tempered Tensei. Her arrival marked two comings; one of the probation of her soul, and the other the rapture of her Soulmate. She indeed was on The List, whether she knew it or not. Her soul was on the line here.

And at that point, all the glowing red Insanity zeroed in specifically on Aliyah's location, making her the red-dot target for the passionate fury of all of Priere's and the Insanity's utter hatred. Her very soul was either going to be burnt to a crisp, or placed on probation. Judgemaster did say she was coming to collect soon enough... And there was no way for her to escape this blast, for it would transcend space and time to target she and only she. She was going to be erased on the spot.

"Syck em, boy."

Of course, he knew who he was; the Valkenhayn R. Helsing to this Rachel Alucard of a mistress. To whom did she direct this malevolent force awakened from draconic slumber? Why, to the Tactical Arms Omega and the General, of course. The Mega Generator was serving as quite the infinite power source right now. TAO and the General were there to be ripped to shreds by Priere and Koudo. Who the fuck did those two really believe they were dealing with here? Koudo may have doubted how smart Priere actually was (and sometimes, she even doubted herself, too), but when her plans always came together... Boy did they come. But damn, these people just had to be wiped off the face of the planet. Priere, however, was going to deal with Aliyah at the gates of Judgement...

There was no adaptation to ripping space asunder and banishing everything he slice through with this claw to oblivion...and if there was then there wouldn't be for long. Though driven by instinct, facts that had already been established previously were still on his mind. He knew what needed to be handle to survive and everything else that threatened him... was collateral. Simple

Standing a couple yards before the 'Guardian of the Tree' Koudo gripped his right forearm with his left hand and pulled down as the rest of his body arched backwards so that his head was tilted towards the sky and... he let a deafening roar escape his lips, akin to the likes of an angered dragon. The waves of sound, and chakra, it emitted where visible to all as it spread out from him. This happened just as the buildings began to encroach and the squid bots began to overstay their welcome.

Koudo could already manipulate space, to an extent, quite adept at create rifts within it, and that ability, to manipulate space, directly boosted his capability to manipulate time, an ability he inherited from his father's side of the family though, admittedly, he had only used it once before. The wave would not touch, nor harm, Priere, a friend, but anything and almost everything else was at the mercy of time. There was no slowing it for him, no speeding it up, Koudo didn't have the cognitive capacity, right now, to attempt feats like that. Everything would just be aged to dust and this roar, make no mistake, was exceptionally powerful. It would not destroy the entirety of the city, but surely this city block up to the very front of the Clock Tower, all the robots within it and hovering above it, and TAO would be affected.

And Koudo couldn't consciously see it happen. He was knocked out as his body ran itself on autopilot, led by the whims of the beast within. Heated breath escaped the corners of his mouth, and energy began to build within the palm of his clawed hand. If this Roar of Time hadn't cleared the field, then this next move would do wonders against TAO. It was an eyesore to the dragon.

The falling Crystal Fruit streaked silently through the sky bathed in light, like a star in the night air, shining from up above. It gleamed with all the colors of the spectrum, harboring a Spectral Wavelength that could only belong to the Crystal Godsoul, Kamitamashi. It was a wavelength that harbored all wavelengths, all spectrums of light, vibration and utter waves to ripple across the wavering constellations in the undulating 'waters' one could say.

There was a great gleam in the sky, falling from the Enigmas with many lights trapped within and streaking down to the city ravaged by time that Aliyah walked straight into. A development quite as long as she had been gone; perhaps she was back in the future she was once cast from. However, when the gleam struck the land, at the same instant as the city was bathed in a white light accompanied by a gleaming roar, it would emerge both erased, but captured in time. Like a picture.

The heinous atrocities that plagued the Dusk, when hit by the dream-like ripples of the falling Crystal Fruit would come to a screeching halt, as the entire Dusk and everyone caught within it would be fall to the Roar of Time.

That city was condemned... And the bells tolled for it and those within. It would become a city fossilized by time; frozen by crystal. A city at the end of its days, it would serve as the eternal memory frozen over... The Crystal Goddess and the Crystal Dragon made quite the team. Their combined efforts utterly erased and purified the once corrupt city.

The only thing that survived this Absolute Zero Gang barrage was the fires that burned just as hot as the atmosphere was cold. Nothing else would survive their combination. It was a perfect set up, perfect execution and perfect ending.

Still, this comet that passed, altering reality and dreams as it drifted over the moon and the stars seeped through the new Crystal City and down into a place created not too long ago... Even though it seemed like millennia had passed. All in an instant, no doubt. This was a gift from the Shinseigami... which would put an end to all this madness.

But Aliyah was only able to protect herself as the concentration of Insanity smoldered around her. Equivalent to the strength of her Goddess Bond, the glare of Eternal Damnation came from a Crystal Goddess of the same caliber. How reminiscent the two were of one another, in retrospect, this scornful glare could see. The Goddess Bond served as a protection against the enveloping Insanity to only herself, but to imprison her within the crimson container harboring the intent of Pandemonium; the Web of Insanity which cocooned around her, forming a nice, crimson chrysalis. Tangled in the spider's web, she was not dead as she should have been, but her soul was trapped within the gaze of Priere, the Judgemaster, and her fate and business was with her. The General and Tactical Arms, they would be no more... fodder... And the price of being erased from existence...

'Absolute Zero; Perennial Eclipse'

It was the Perpetual Darkness that the Shinseigami once placed upon the land, stripping the light of where it touched and casting it into the Zero World. Plagued with eternal darkness would be those two lost souls, destined to finally fade from existence and into the void that was the Zero World. A collector of Lost Souls. Only taking the heat of ALL the Insanity in the area saved Aliyah. But still, she had a certain Judgemaster to report to... or fight against.

A pitch black portal manifested itself overhead the General and Tactical Arms, born of nothingness and with no presence nor existence. Time took its toll on the two beings, and finally, their time had come. A black hand formed from this substance of nothingness, vile and ridden with a pitch black blood. The hand of the Eclipse of the Dusk would erase them, and as guided by its laws, Momo the Bloody would serve the Zero World in taking hold of those two vessels and trapping them in this world of nonexistence... Destined to wander in the pitch black, unable to see the light of anything anymore. The Zero World was not unlike... a Cloud of Darkness.

Everything suddenly came to a grinding halt as Koudo pretty well finished things off. Tactical Arms would be left watching as the Factorial Warship crumbled around before him. He was left to float there, helpless and there was no Insanity left to help, hell, even William's Bane of Blowing Souls had left long ago.

"All I desired was to end Gorgon, and I ended myself" Tactical Arms would say to himself awaiting his coming death.

His heart gifted to him by Atra would beat, he felt it's speed accelerating as he realized he had lost. Fear, a machine was now feeling pure and utter fear...

A hand that wrought all it touch into nothing. A hand that dripped a black ooze that equated all thing to Zero, to nothing. The hand of Momo reached from the depths of the bottomless void that was the zero. Swift and precise in his grabbing he held onto the very existence of these two poor unfortunate souls. By the beck and call of the Zero world he acted. A soothing whisper caressed their soon to be nothing beings.

Come along little birdies...come to the nest of Zero...

Plunged into the depths of nothing they were, devoured by the gaping black maw of nothingness...

Koudo let another boisterous roar shake the foundations of Dusk City, this one not imbued with time altering pwnage but with simple feral might.

Then the sounds a sweet, almost angelic voice, filled his ears. A soothing gust of pink wind blew over the stagnant city, with the properties to calm hostility, ease stress and fear and, most importantly, lull the raging dragon back to its slumber.

The wind wrapped itself around Koudo's body, smothering him with the sweet melody, and, like clockwork, he breathed easier. The horns began to recede, as did his tail, and the energy building in his hand dispersed along with the claws on the hand in a burst of bluish silver particles. The wind began to morph into the form of a woman, busty, with white hair and pink eyes: She held Koudo's, now, passed out frame within her arms and buried him in her bosom. "Ssshhh... it's okay. The battle is over." She whispered to comfort, her voice being carried straight to his heart and soul, easing them with an unwavering feeling of relaxation.

She said nothing, and didn't even acknowledge, the other parties here, for Koudo was the only one that she cared about right now. She'd senses his struggle, but was forced to stay away by his command, a decision that she regretted in retrospect. It didn't matter now, however, because she had him and would see to him.

Naina offered seven words, and seven words only to the ears of anyone that could hear the blowing of the winds. "He won't be helping for a while." Then she, cupping his exhausted face in her hand, dispersed and was gone with him as well.

... Through all the events that did occur, there was a very high price to pay for one individual. She who harbored the power of the Judgemaster, granted by the one former to her, none other than her father Judgemaster Khrona. Though it existed now as its own sentient being, it still remained as part of him, as did the girl. Her transgressions, however, did not go unnoticed, for even she could not escape the laws...

So you'll pay the price...

The Judgemaster was here to place the final verdict on both of their souls. Where Aliyah was simply on probation and would perhaps suffer with the soul binding power of a Yellow Card... Priere had already crossed deep into the Red Zone. Perhaps she knew that when she did what she did, but nevertheless, she was going to be taken.

In the stead of the one in atonement... You shall now take her place.
No matter what purpose you chose to take on the Insanity...
It now stands that you are the one at the gates of Judgment.
And Judgment is swift.

Priere knew what she had to do. She would no longer be allowed to stay here until she atoned for her crimes. Instead, the patient Zita would be released from her confinement and back on this plane of existence.

Absolute Law; Banishment.

This was his decree, that Priere suffered Banishment from this world, excluded and isolated just the same as Zita had been. With a wave of his hand, a Red Card tattooed its image upon her very soul, an ever present symbol of her sins. And to Aliyah, with his other hand, a Yellow Card imprinted itself upon her and the soul of her partner, binding their power thoroughly. Two birds were killed with one stone, yet at the price of Priere's ability to 'be' here. Banished, she'd simply fade away and into a world of complete isolation to do her time and justly atone... and suffer her punishment.

A shimmering stream of energy connected both Zita and Priere, unbinding Zita from her sentence and exchanging their places instantaneously. As Priere was Banished, Zita was freed and would be allowed to do as she pleased in the Veritas once again. Priere, on the other hand, would be forced to atone for calling upon the Insanity... A crime that the Judgemaster was never fond of seeing. Though it was 'okay' for others to do so as long as they were not within the presence of the Judgemaster, Priere was the Judgemaster, and thus had to follow the rules strictly to the T. A Judgemaster breaking the law was deplorable. This was her punishment.

Such is my law, and my law is absolute.
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Insangel 63: A Blue Memory

After some time of simply holding his prisoner in suspension would the Judgemaster enter an alternate realm, now ready to place the one in stasis within her holding cell that was this world in its entirety. A portal opened, dropping Priere within.

"This is where you shall serve your punishment.
That is all."

As it was said so was done, the Judgemaster immediately took his leave once Priere was within, securing her inside by closing off the portal, completing his departure and her imprisonment.

Accepting her punishment of willingly taking on an Insanity, she was dropped into a world that seemed exceedingly familiar to her... Once she was adjusted to the gravity of this world, she immediately began to defy it by hovering just a little bit above the ground, as she was prone to do.

"Sigh... Why me? You try to do something good and it turns out that you take the fall for someone else's safety... Ugh."

She couldn't even believe that she was actually here right now. She not only was banished from returning to the Veritas for whatever obscure amount of time that the Judgemaster felt like, but she also had an overwhelming feeling of Deja Vu being here... Yet, she couldn't put her finger on just why that was...

"... Where... the hell am I...?"

-----Major Timeskip----

She wandered around the Blue World for what might have been days, weeks or even months on end without feeling at all tired nor hungry. It was simply an experience for her, floating all throughout the blue world that seemed really cold and dreary. She explored many of the places that existed here, but everyone of this world was desolate... There was no life her. Or, none that she'd seen so far.

"... Strange. This all seems so familiar... But I feel like I'm missing something important that would help me remember... Have I... Been here before?"

It seemed like she'd explored every inch of this misty place and still came up with not a soul to ask anything of. It made her question whether she was ever going to escape... And just where the Judgemaster Imprisoned her. And for just how long.

"... Siiiigh... How the hell do I keep getting in these fucked up situations...?"

Seems like all the men in her life that she deals with get her fucked all the way up. Her father. Koudo. The General. Just to name a few.

"... I'm pretty sure I've looked up and down every inch of this world. What am i supposed to be doing here, and for how long!?!? I know someone can hear me!!! Tensei can hear and see everything!!! Hey!! Give me a sign or something!!"
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After her six months of wandering around aimlessly, her asking for a sign was granted immediately by a force that seemed to be linked to her in a way she no longer remembered. The voice spoke out to her, softly, gently, almost like a whisper...

"... This way..."

And drew her in a direction where the mist suddenly began to congregate in the multitudes in an open field beyond her location.
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'What the...?' she thought, turning swiftly where she heard the voice calling her from, "... Who... What?" She was a little thrown off by this sudden cry after six months of pure silence... Maybe calling for the Tensei actually did work in times of need. She didn't know why, but doing it somehow...

"... Ugh. Fucking... I hate my dad. Fuck him." Even so... She felt something strangely familiar about the voice she heard. Almost like she'd heard it before, but couldn't quite put her finger on who or where. It resonated deeply within her for some reason...


... She wouldn't pass this up for the world. This had to be some sort of fucked up life-lesson scenario that her father put her in to show her some sort of growth... Thing. She took that chance and followed the voice, cursing and loving the fact that she was a Tensei and related to Khrona. "Wait... Wait what did he say before I was taken here?! Back at the Crystal Tree, he said something to me..." Something about that voice triggered her memory about that entire scenario, which she seemed to have long since forgotten about after so much going on... and such a long period of stasis. For Six Months Straight. Prison was terrible, and she wasn't going back here. Terrible when you're father's a cosmic overgod warden...

"... But that didn't seem like him at all when he..."

... Perhaps there was more to this than she knew. Just because she mastered her Grimoire up and down didn't mean that she was done just yet. That just meant she was better at whooping ass on the fly and taking down cannon fodder by the bucketloads. But... After seeing what the Insanity was capable of... And then knowing about powerful beings like the Judgemaster himself... Her Father in general... She was remarkably weak compared to them. When she was Judgemaster, she felt that remarkable strength, but she was in no way in control over it... It was just there. But when she looked at the Judgemaster, she could definitely feel a level of complete composure and absolute authority in everything he said and did. It made her feel helpless, and lord knows she hated that. She was the type to take command of every situation, and helplessness just did not suit her.

"Alright then, it's decided," she noted as she continued to follow the voice, "When I get strong enough... I'm gonna go kick my father's ASS!!!" Renegade band of rogue ragamuffins taking everything by storm and living by their own law. Just the way she liked it. Judgemaster or not, she hated being told what to do and any rules that were holding her back. But giving orders was always right up her alley. 'Tch. I'm more like that guy than I thought...' How infuriating.

"... Here."

The voice finally dictated her arrival, wherein Priere would faintly see the visage of a deep blue almost feudal-shogunate style appearing before her.

Just as soon as this dark image became clear, the mist became too thick to see and a great darkness overshadowed the girl's eyes.

The next instant, when she was able to see, she would be standing before what looked to be a pitch black silhouette with gleaming sapphire eyes. Everything except for the sapphire gems resting in her sockets was bathed in nothing but black, barely giving the girl a definite form to be seen in the already dim, blue environment she found herself in. It looked to be some sort of royal room of sorts.

"... Do you... Remember me?"

Not one for explanation, nor of many words. Always straight to the point when she spoke, naturally. She was the type to always find her mark.

The deeper Priere became lost in her thought about the situation, blindly following this voice, the heavier the mist became. She did not notice this as she was drawn to the castle, as she seemed far too deep in contemplation to realize the rather shady and fluid transition of forest to castle with little to no time in between. She paid none of that any mind... But could hear the voice more clearly the deeper she went.

"This... Is weird..." she finally said, gazing up at the black figure and deep into her beautiful blue eyes. "I feel like I know you from somewhere... But from where, I just can't quite put my finger on just yet..."

It was pretty hazy... Like something was missing... Gazing deeper into the eyes of the Blue Eyed shadow, she suddenly remembered something important; the things that were said to her at the Crystal Tree.

"... And you. You're the Guardian because of how very important you and your power of Absolution is. Absolute Value. In short... You're going to have to keep things in order through destruction, with a burning fist and a cold heart. Which means... You need to get that in order."

'I knew it... This is some sort of journey for me to find out why I'm the Guardian and learn how to fill my role... Ugh, you make these things too simple sometimes, dad... I'm not a DUMBASS like the rest of these chumps.'

Though, even as she came to such a conclusion that swiftly (being the ever avid thinker and tactician that she was), she couldn't help but think that there was something more to it than that. Her memory was still a bit hazy. But something about this girl standing before her... Sparked it... Somehow...

"... I... Who... Who are you...?"

"... Don't tell me you don't remember..."

The eyes flashed teal for a moment, eye contact between she and Priere establishing some sort of mental link that the two of them shared between each other.

"Look deeper. Into my eyes and your mind.
Then, Remember."

Rather vague and simple instructions, but that was all someone like Priere needed, she knew. That's because Blue was the one that existed in her Mind and Spirit as well, at a time. The girl seemed to have forgotten that Blue was actually...

Straining her brow, Priere squinted a bit, the flash of teal triggering some sort of memory in her head; the words of her father from before!

And do not let that cold heart cloud who you are... but bring out the true you. Remember that..."

'That's right... My... My cold heart... But last I checked..."

She touched her chest. Felt like something was missing, actually. Yes, that incompleteness... That missing piece of herself... It was returning to her. Her memory that for one, it was gone, and two, how it felt to have them. The Thirteen Restrictions must have wiped her memory to a certain degree, making her forget this feeling due to her powers being restrained. But looking into this girl's eyes triggered the memories instantly... That could only mean...

"... Huh. So you're one of them, eh? And all this time, you must have known. Spill it, Blue. I know it's you."

Priere crossed her arms and gazed at her trusted companion with a cold gaze harboring a certain burning vigor that only came from this girl's ambitious righteous fury.

"How long have you been keeping this from me? Does Signis know? I want everything this time. No more leaving me in the dark about things."

They certainly didn't have any time to be wasting sitting around lollygagging...

'Huh. Weird... I never had any weird feelings when I thought like this before...'

Little did she know, it was that Tensei heritage starting to kick in. Like the other two, she was just like her father, whether she liked it or not.

'... Whatever this feeling is... It's irritating...'

"You figured out a lot..."

She muttered, her eyes flashing once more before her shadowy form dissolved and reappeared before her in nearly the same instant,

"... But not everything."

At that moment, Blue's body would completely deconstruct into a cloud of black mist, that which would linger around her body hazily as it seeped into and concentrated itself into her chest cavities. The two gleaming gems that remained would flash and embed themselves into her own, casting a haze streaming from her eyes. Her attire would find itself now to be a soon completely blackened, as well as her hair.

"Signis is the Key... She is our Light... Remember...?"

Now, Priere would no longer be who she once was; an empty husk of crystal searching for its purpose. Once she accepted her Tensei heritage, her memories would begin to flow back to her like a raging flood... She would remember everything about what was going on, and even know some things that she didn't originally. She was back on the right track.

"It seems like your punishment has been served and you have learned your lesson. We are the Judgemaster together. This also means that there is a more rational side of you holding you to your principles and morals. I am your Weapon..."

Blue, being a Demon Princess and high class assassin, had quite the unique souls that was able to take the form of any weapon it wished. However, it seemed to be a mere empty black void of what it was supposed to be; like it was an empty space missing a piece that still retained the shape of what was supposed to be there. Deep, Sapphire sparkles littered the blackened ice crystallizing around the girl's body, as though dim stars in the night sky twinkled in the darkness, as though the black ice were glistening. The black crystal took the shape of numerous different weapons, transitioning through what were mere possibilities of this power she were equipped with.

'... Do you remember what was going on last time you were here? Do you even know where you are, truly...?'

As Blue spoke, the atmosphere would suddenly begin to shift to a deep, glowing red, as though the sun were rising and morning were on the way.

'... It is coming...' she warned, the Black Ice growing tense and condensed around her, shaping to the will of how she wished to be clothed and guarded at the time. '... We're free to leave, if you wish. Your punishment has been served. We can exit your world at any time.'

As her memory, once frozen in crystal, was now brought to some sort of light by the gleaming blue eyes of her Demon or 'Devourist' counterpart, Priere would remember everything that was going on before in this world. Back then, they were here, in this world... The entire team. And the worst of it all...

"... We were going to war with the Reds." The Reds. That couldn't mean...!?

"Our... Insanity is..."

As she started to put two and two together about the Tensei and the Insanity, she swiftly turned, her body being now in sync with this eerie black ice that seemed to be her skin now, gazing now over the horizon at the gleaming red sun that was rising in the distance. "Don't tell me... SIGNIS is the RED QUEEN!?" It was the only explanation to this... Her skin was cold, but it felt natural and comforting to her. She actually despised warmth, despite the burning fire that was her ambitious spirit. That prized fighting spirit... the will of fire that was within every Tensei... "... I fucking hate that man. That red glow can only mean one thing..."

She sighed heavily, touching her chest where a blazing flame started to well up again, "... The Insanity is awake. And if it's awake here, that means..."

Recapturing Signis was going to have to be of top priority. Now that Priere knew EXACTLY where she was, she could confirm that this was just her inner sanctum... Her own 'Trinity Plane...' "Damn that fucking Khrona... I guess he wasn't lying about me being his daughter, even in another dimension... But..." She knew it was wrong to take it on, even if she was doing it for the greater good. "Even if it was for the Dusk..."

'For... For him...'

"For the safety of everyone and everything... I took on this Insanity to make sure they didn't get destroyed. Even so, that doesn't mean that I am exempt from punishment, and I will take it for the team!! My punishment for my sacrifice that I WILLINGLY accepted from the MOMENT I touched it! I knew what would happen if I did that and now I'm just coming to terms with it. You hear me? I LEARNED MY LESSON."

She knew it was active again from the Family Bond. Every Tensei should have known, really. But apparently, this was just something that had to happen... It couldn't be stopped. Though she and Koudo prevented a lot from occurring on that day, all they did was give them more time... Six Months more, to be exact. "Half a year... Though, maybe my time has been different... I did get locked up inside of my soul all this time. Thanks DAD. >>; " She scoffed.
She paused, looking at the Black Ice that was her flesh now, "... A Devourist, huh...? You've been trying to eat my mind and soul this whole time... You were the demon trying to consume me at birth. Signis stopped you... But in turn, sealed the both of you within me. Hahaha. That means, out of all the Tensei children... I was the first one born already complete." She smirked, knowing that meant she had a great deal of leverage now. "Blue... You were holding on to a lot of information... As expected of an ace demon assassin... Always been tight-lipped and straight to the point.Now that we know everything about the Tensei, it means we're one step closer to kicking Dad's ass." That was always good. She was REALLY anticipating getting back to that fucking tree and just casting all types of Judgment on her father. Seriously. [i]"But if I remember correctly, Signis is a High Seraph, isn't she?" Priere licked her lips, suddenly overcome with a craving for the light like she had never known before... It was beginning. Her maturation into her lineage.

"It happens the same way... For every fucking Tensei... Doesn't it...!?!?!"

Her mind was beginning to process things at such a high speed, her rate of calculations and analysis of the situation were off the charts. She was already a master tactician and had her own army. She had all the information. The trick to being a Tensei was... Putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. By Yourself.

"And my Sisters are in the Tenth Restriction with me!?!? WAITING TO UNLEASH THEIR POWERS!? Blue, we don't have any time to waste. Let's pick up Signis and trash this place!!"

It was a good thing she read up on everything about herself and the Tensei lore before from the Crystal Grimoire. Now she knew everything she needed to. With all the information, she could easily figure this shit out. She had that book memorized.

"Alright, so, if I remember correctly, the Tenth Restriction was the one of the Grand Masters... Uh... The Four Fragments of the Allmaster. The Four Masters hold the winds in their place... North, South, East, West. One is the Ultimate Weapon and creator of all other weapons..." she looked down at the Black Ice, shifting through a series of weapons, "... My Weapon... MY weapon...!? Wait, but that means that... BLUE. YOU'RE A PIECE OF WEAPONMASTER!?!?"

Priere was appointed as Judgemaster, and therefore, in and of herself, was the Lawmaker. "It says that the Judgemaster wields the Ultimate Weapon, whilst the Willmaster wields the Ultimate Creation... Judgemaster goes with Weaponmaster and Willmaster goes with Gamemaster!!!"

Her mind was linked to Tabrith now. It was true; her Punishment was over, and her reunion with Blue was evidence of that. "... Even though I see now that everything that you did was for the best... Father... I still don't fucking like it. So when I get back... I'm going to give you YOUR punishment. As Judgemaster, that's MY Judgement, and YOU are not an exception to the rules. I don't care HOW powerful you are." She couldn't wait to imprison her father. She couldn't wait.

"Speaking of which... Huh. That means I've got a toy, too. Trinity's got Willmaster and shit... Ugh. Then Tabi's got Gamemaster... GRRR..."

She tapped her foot impatiently, crossing her arms, not wanting to believe that her father ACTUALLY planned this out THAT intricately. She... She was actually a little bit...

"UGH. FUCKING DAD!! I HATE YOU, YOU HEAR ME!?!? I KNOW YOU CAN!! I FUCKING..." tears began to roll down her cheek, Black Water pouring into the Black Ice and being taken back into her body. Her skin is made of Ice and her blood is made of Water. She never loses a drop of moisture. "I fucking... *sniff* I!!! *sniff sniff*" She gazed at the red sun, already hyped as fuck to even be witnessing what she was about to see, "I FUCKING LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!"

He gave his three daughters presents. Sure, she wasn't big on the fact that TECHNICALLY he was helping her, but she did appreciate the thought.


She triumphantly pointed to her chest, then up to the blue night sky, which would cause the ambitious flare to well up brightly in her heart, then suddenly burst forth as a great volcano in the background that would wrap the rest of the sky in red now. They were exiting Blue's side of Priere's Soul and entering now... Signis' Side. She did consume part of the souls of a Volcano God along with the other members of Absolute Zero.

"I'M THE JUDGEMASTER!!! AND DAMMIT, MY JUDGEMENT WILL BE RIGHTEOUS AND ABSOLUTE!!!" Willingly diving straight into the Insanity that poisoned this side of her Heart (not unlike her reckless father used to do in times of youth,) she would face the oncoming red light with a cold and sharp gaze, not looking away nor wincing at the heat. She was so cool, not even a Red Giant like Signis could melt her form. She was fully in control of her Insanity and always had been.

"Even for myself."

"You have done well, my child," a voice spoke out to her from the abyss in complete and utter neutrality. Out of the Void would a great figure of stature and authority with the same semblance as Khrona, save for the massive growth of his hair standing on end from the magnitude of the radiance of his sheer controlled presence. He did not don his helmet this time for some reason, seeming to want to look at his dear daughter directly.

"You have not only learned your lessons and atoned for your sins, but have understood and accepted your punishment. Out of all of my children, you, by far, are of the purest heart. That is why you are... My heart. The Crystal Heart is your partner. Remember this for the future. You will need it."

He stood there, gazing at the darkness that overcame his daughter, yet her masterful control over it and how it did not get affected by the Insanity's presence whatsoever. It was true; she was born perfect, even in her imperfections. She was living proof that the Tensei lineage was purified. Khrona's work had been a success.

"Come, my dear, sweet, precious gem..." He pointed his cold, bony finger over the horizon growing in red intensity, coating the once lightless world of Blue in the red hot burning passion of Red, "... Let's Judge our Souls Together as One." His voice was cold, decisive and lacked any emotion at all... As cold and dead as 'Death' itself. Perhaps... This is what he was, being The End and all. Yet, he touched his daughter's hand and smiled, letting his feelings of love pour through his cold and unfeeling exterior to let her know that he loved her, too, just as much as all the rest. His form began to change from looking like Khrona to taking the shape of what she wished for him to be and no longer what he wished himself to be; he relinquished control of the Judgemaster to his middle child, Priere.

"I believe you are finally ready. Welcome to the family, my little crystal heart."

With that, a swirling vortex of cold from the Northern Winds, an Aurora Borealis of sorts would encapsulate his body, borne of his own strength in assimilation with that of his Daughter's will. This being would be known as...

'Father Time; Jack Frost, the End'

The Black Ice would branch off from the both of their crystalline bodies and take the shape of a crystal skeleton. Garbed in the darkness of the Black Ice, he would become the Living Shadow of Priere and the extension of Father Time that she had at the ready. 'Frosty the Snowman.' His body was cold as ice and his head was the shape of a skull. The black jacket he donned was nothing short of similar to the one that was worn by Khrona in times of old...

"Whenever you need me, know that I will always be with you. We will be together always, father and child. As it is with all three of my Original Children."

He looked up now to the growing red light, prepared to do battle now and cast righteous judgment on the battlefield in slaying his enemies, "Ready to take down a legion of Fallen Angels in the name of Righteous Demons? Fallen Angels do not have the ability to Judge correctly, as their eyes are blinded by light and they deem things Evil that are not so, especially in Demons. Even Demons have the chance to see the Light, but a Fallen Angel would know nothing of the sort. Demons and Angels are one and the same, they just have not come back together, separated by the dividing line of Duality." He patted her on her head, showing a break in his rather stern and decisive persona for just a moment to show his daughter a bit of tender love, "I'm sure you've seen for yourself not all Demons are Evil, and not all Angels are Good. With this and all you have learned, you will make a fine Judgemaster. So, I leave this battle to you... Admiral of the North Wind."

The North Wind... Aurora Borealis. For so long, he wanted to grant this gift to his daughter with the rebellious soul. It was like the middle child to be so rebellious in their neglect due to the issues with the eldest (Tabitha) and the youngest (Trinity). But now, knowing the truth, hopefully it would ease her soul.

"I cannot wait for my Judgment from you, either. Ahahaha. But for now, I must collect the Weaponmaster. When you settle the Insanity with Signis, the Weaponmaster will be purified of its Insanity as well and become my weapon. At that time, the true form of Blue will be revealed to you completely..."

With that much, the Judgemaster had to depart. This was best left up to the General. "I await your orders, Admiral." He placed his helmet back on and warped off, back into the fray of battle, since the battle seemed to have resumed again in the Veritas after being calmed for so long. Weaponmaster was Absolutely First on the list.

Seeping into the crystalline skeleton that was created by the interlocking powers of both Priere and the Judgemaster, the 'Cold of Priere's Heart' that was Blue would infest the skull, then spread outward and cloak the body in a black garb, leaving only the frosty crystal skull visible in the Black Ice that formed its body. This was the new and improved 'Blue,' otherwise known as 'Jack Frost.' Though it looked like a male, it was still for certain that this was a construct only, and the true essence was Priere herself; or, the side of her that was Blue. The construct was all of Khrona's power as Judgemaster given Priere's will to be moved to her liking.

"... We're here for you, Priere. Within and without, we stand by you. Father and Child." As the Judgemaster took his leave, Priere and Blue would now be left to handle Signis. "Let's not let her destroy us because she thinks we're some filthy demon. We are not like the other demons..." The same blue eyes would gleam inside of the crystal skull, showing that both Priere and Jack were synced up completely through Blue. "... He really loves you. Despite all that you two have been through. But after this, I'm sure you're aware of that. Finally." Blue giggled lightly to herself... Something she rarely ever did. Only moments later would she return to being the cold-hearted assassin that she was, and her body would flare with a Nebulous Chill...

"When we take Signis back, then you will know the truth behind us... In full. So let's try to make this quick.

The Volcanic Eruption from the part of the Volcano God's spirit rising in Priere's heart bathed the remainder of Blue's World in the Red of the Insanity that was lingering within her heart. The castle once hidden by Mist would now be revealed by the bright red sun in the sky, all of the mist having evaporated to reveal its form. Unlike the Blue Castle, the Red Castle seemed more European in style, and may have been a hint to the DUAL Euro-Asian heritage that was the Tensei heritage.

This side, the Red Side of her soul was slowly being corrupted by the light, which happened to be a common Tensei trait if they did not learn to balance themselves and control themselves completely. Insanity was indiscriminate; it could touch the lightest light and the darkest dark, Angels and Demons alike. It was neither 'Good' nor 'Evil,' it merely was a presence that had to be taken control of, or else it would control you. In this case, the High Seraph, Signis, who was one of the highest ranking angels and the Angel of Bloodshed, seemed to have fallen from grace after taking in the Insanity of Hatred on Priere's behalf. Now, as the Red Queen contained inside of the Red Giant rose up over the land, burning down everything in her presence mercilessly simply by passing, the Red Sun would gaze down at the Blue Moon and the Lucicrystal with utter disgust and contempt.


Priere gazed up sternly at the blazing red beast that stood before her, which no longer looked like the Signis she once knew. No... That Angel was beautiful and garbed in white. Her Red Eyes were not the sign of evil, but of burning passion and righteous fury. This before her... She could see no Righteousness in her any longer. Only bloodthirsty rage.

"Is... Is that what we look like... when..." Perhaps the only crack in her steadfast glare, gazing at what she saw as a part of herself that looked this... Terrible gave her a sense of... pure disgust deep down within her. "Am... Am I seeing what I look like to myself through my own eyes... And..." She touched her chest, which was now no longer burning with the flames of ambition, but once again the fires of disgust and malice, "... Casting Judgement based on appearances alone!?!?" That tore it right there. Though her body was of crystal, she never thought herself to be hollow and shallow, not like this bitch was. She didn't even assess the situation!! How vile!! "Who do YOU think YOU'RE calling DISGUSTING OR A DEMON for THAT matter. Look at you!! I don't even know who you are anymore, Signis!!! DO YOU?!" She could feel the heat in her heart rising... And yet... Somehow, not seeping through her form. It was cooled and suppressed before it came out as words of Hatred and came out as words of only Truth and Clarity. Blue, the Demon, was acting as a filtering system for her, taking in the Flames and not letting them get expelled back at the Insanity she stared at before her.

"Do you even know who I am?! Do you even know what you're doing right now?! ARE YOU COHERENT IN ANY WAY, SIGNIS?!"

Looking upon the beast without fear nor flinch, Priere crossed her arms and disarmed herself from combat, showing her that she was not here to fight her at all. Actually, Priere was pretty much here to scold Signis about having fallen from grace.

"You don't even look like an Angel anymore. You used to be so beautiful, I used to be a little jealous, honestly. But now that you look like that, I don't really want anything to do with you anymore, Signis. I was all ready to kick your ass but... I can barely stand to be around you. I... I think your Evil is making me sick just by association..." She clenched her chest, winced a bit, then cringed in her stomach, "... Ugh. Yeah. I can't be around you while you're so filthy right now. You... You're gonna have to get out. You're fucking up with your evil and I don't want it to like... Be ANYWHERE inside of me." And just like that, Priere turned her back and hovered off. "Blue, s'il vous plait? I'm out this jam." With that, Priere would exit her mind, as she always did whenever she would look inside of herself to talk to Signis or Blue in the past. Things were back to normal with her and the issues within herself would be resolved INSIDE of herself, like any True Tensei should be able to do. She could go off and do more productive things. That was her Judgement for this ordeal. She would, from her mind, appear somewhere else back in the Veritas.

"With Pleasure," she followed up quickly, cracking her knuckles, which would resound with the subtle noise of ice cracking when it touches water. "Signis... We will settle our age old battle here. We've been rivals since the birth of the child..." Granted, Blue was on the darker side of the spectrum back then, trying to assassinate Priere upon her birth... But this time, she was here to protect her from being destroyed. "... But you've turned into a real bitch since we've been apart." She could see what Priere was talking about; her glow was no longer holy and divine, like it was so long ago. That jealousy that Priere felt for Signis' beauty... That wasn't just her own. In fact, it might have even originated from Blue herself. Her body was all black and without color; no shine, no light, no luster whatsoever... Not like that high and mighty Signis that always looked down on her.

"You've looked down on me and all other demons from your High Seraph position for far too long... You may have been in the right back then, but now, you cannot even tell what is right from wrong and you're destroying things senselessly. Your lust for bloodshed has overcome your once pure soul."

Blue gazed at the wasteland, devoid of all life and scorching red with fires of hatred and destruction... And she was brought to sadness.

"... Our battle even spans to our rivalry as Nebulon and Luminon. Even in our brothers, Tigen and Pumpkinhead. Until we settle our dispute within ourselves, they cannot come back together either. We are part of them, remember...?"

Blue indeed was holding on to a lot of vital information about her place in the Tensei family, as well as Signis'. A whole hazy dark history that Priere had absolutely no recollection of. She was made to settle it between them once and for all. She was created as a place for them to settle things forever. She is their battlefield.

"Lumiel. Do you remember your once just cause? To purify this universe of darkness? I remember... You fought me endlessly through the reaches of space just to stop me from destroying the light of the stars..." Somehow, she remembered these events fondly... Being reconnected to the Tensei allowed her access to all of her history... Nebulon's memories flowed through her, as that is who she was an extension of, and even more greatly, to Pumpkinhead, he who spawned Nebulon. "I bet you cannot even remember your original name. Do you...? The hatred will consume you entirely if you do not stop... Please listen, before you cannot come back."

The fires of being too close to the light were showing in her radiant aura destroying everything without any remorse... She didn't even care that she was destroying everything around her without cause nor purpose, and probably saw no fault in it, being blinded by her own magnificence. She probably thought she could do no wrong, being deemed such a High ranking angel... Which lead to her downfall, without her even knowing that it happened. Such a tragic fate of a Fallen Angel... Some do not even realize that they have done so. "I do not want this. Priere does not want this. We must settle our rivalry here and now."

With that, she would raise her arms up and cause a wave of utter frosty night to press upon the raging red of the blazing side of the field, an obscure mist shrouding one side of the field, almost as though it were the cool steam of both environments clashing at the center. Blue's obscure world of ambiguity and darkness, where no light could shine... and Red's world of desolation, destruction and death in her self-absorbed righteousness and magnitude. She was coming to the end of her life, and was ready to explode.

'This is why I was created... To kill you when your time was up. Goddess of All Stars...'

She would be their death. Their Nebula.

Signis sneered at Blue, her eyes blazing with flames of condemnation and fury, crying out after Blue had given her speech, "If all demons weren't lying conniving cretins, I might have actually believed that. You are of the Darkness and because of that, you are Evil. That is why you must die... Dirty Demon." She licked her lips, feeling the strength of the suppressed rage rising up around her as Priere endured a most frustrating engagement on the outside world. All that was being suppressed was just more power for Signis, and it was all thanks to Blue.

"Your partner seems to be having some trouble. This is proof that you will not prevail!! She feeds MY strength and MY grandeur because she knows who is the one that is RIGHTEOUS!!"

Signis raised her hand up, as though pressing it upon Blue, burning the deep blue away under the red of the light of her radiant star energy.

"NO DARKNESS MAY REMAIN IN MY PRESENCE!! You say you know who I am, yet you forget this important factor!?! I am the light of ALL THE STARS ABOUT THE COSMOS. ERASING THE DARKNESS IS MY MISSION!!" She cackled haughtily, calling forth an army of blazing red soldiers from the skies; a rain of fire. Like falling stars, she would summon the Fallen Angels from the abyssal crimson cloud hovering over the desolate land and cast them into the shadows, where they would crash into the dark world of Blue and spread their bright red light all throughout the accursed darkness. "SLAY ALL THAT USE THE GUISE OF THE NIGHT AS COVER FOR THEIR EVIL!! LET THEM KNOW THAT WE HAVE NO MERCY FOR THEIR LIKE!! THE TIME HAS COME TO PURGE THIS WORLD OF EVIL, AND WE WILL START WITH THEIR QUEEN!" Signis would glare at Blue, looking down on her STILL from on high and smiling wide, expanding her red glow to further burn away at Blue's darkness. "You'll be erased by my presence soon enough and your world will exist no longer... You have nowhere to hide any longer. What evils you commit in the shadows will now be seen by my all-seeing light that reaches every inch of the dark of space..." It was almost too good to be true... How Signis lived waiting for this climactic battle. Where she and her legion of Angels would slay the evil Demons once and for all.
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Insangel 64: Home Sweet Home?

The Broken Home Orphanage; a shelter for the youth of Valparaiso and the secret training facility for crafting them into future killers, thieves and worst. A terrible place that corrupts and breeds terrible people if they don't have the strength of will to remain true to any convictions and resolves they came to the building holding in their hearts. Seriously, it was a really bad place…

And not the place where anyone should be looking, of course! We want the building like four old and rundown buildings over. A quaint little hole in the wall shop, without a sign to tell anyone what it was, but a sign that told people that it was perpetually closed. The interior wasn’t much to look at either, being just as rough round the edges as the exterior. A two story building, the first story was the most important with a desk positioned in front of the front door, but pushed all the way back to the back wall with a door that led to a backroom on the left and a potted plant on the right pushed against the wall on that side. Between the edge of the desk and the plant was what looked like a weapon wall that had a bunch of different types of weapons on display for everyone that walked in to see. On the left side of the back wall, besides the door, was a shoddy bar with a couple bar stools. Behind it, on the wall, was a bunch of rare monster hides hung up, probably as trophies... or warnings.

The desk was an antique, made with beautifully aged cherry wood, same as the chair behind it. On top of it was an antique rotary phone to the left side, a few empty bottles on either side, a couple books and a picture of a woman on the right, an open box of pizza as well as a pair of booted feet crossed over each other. In the chair sat a man, shirtless, with silvery white hair, crystal blue eyes, and a tanned complexion with his fingers locked behind his head as he balanced himself on the hind legs of the chair and stared up at the ceiling.

This was Koudo.

Sitting here, in the office of his mercenary, monster hunter, sword for hire type business thingy, he wasn’t really sure what to call it. It hadn’t been that long since he was finally able to acquire a building just barely good enough for him to use. He wasn’t even sure about how much time had passed between now and when he’d first left the Dusk behind. It, everything, felt like a distant memory, but he was sure that it hadn’t yet been a year. A couple days, a few weeks, several months, he couldn’t pinpoint it really. One thing was for sure though, in whatever the time span was he’d pretty much lost one of his reasons worth living.

He glanced over at the picture frame to his right, housing a picture of his lost lover, and only shook his head and moved his hand to place the picture face down. It wasn’t like Mana was dead or anything, she was an immortal goddess now after all, but they’d just decided it was time to split up and go their separate ways. It’s been one of the saddest experiences of his life, and time blurred together since then, making Koudo eventually lose his way. Now, when he looked back on it, he could do so a bit favorable. He didn’t get sad and just figured that it was one of those types of things that just happen. They couldn’t live in that perfect fairytale like honeymoon phase forever, and he was glad they could end it with a smile instead of arguments and risky behavior behind each other’s backs. It was a shame she couldn’t stay to be with him when he finally went to meet his mother, but he figured it was for the best if he just… let go and let her live her life.

Anyway, enough of that boring sappy crap, Koudo's gaze moved from the downed picture to the pizza next to his boots and he tilted his head to the side. How long has this pizza been here? He didn’t remember ordering it, not recently anyway, and he could have been sitting here, spaced out, for days. Still, his stomach growled at the smell of it and, without giving it a second thought, he took a slice and just went ahead and bit into it. It tasted fresh enough, so he shrugged off any suspicions he had. This pizza was seriously some good stuff.

While he sat there, partaking in this particularly scrumptious pizza of unknown time and origin, Koudo just let his mind wander. He’d been prone to do that, from time to time. It wasn’t an enjoyable pastime for him, he didn’t LIKE being inactive, but it did, in fact, past the time. The down time he acquired between jobs was unbearably boring, now anyway, and he’d drive himself absolutely bonkers if he didn’t fill the time with doing something he could, technically, call ‘productive.’ Was it good for him to do, almost every waking second of every single day between jobs? Yeah, probably not, but all the good surfs spots, both water and magic based, he’d found had all but dried up. Recreating them was within his power, but it wouldn’t be natural.

He snapped his fingers, a silvery blue spark of chakra dancing across the tips of his thumb and middle finger afterwards, turning on the jukebox across the room with the control he had over machines while using his chakra. It was an old machine, looked like it’d been busted for years, with all the red paint covering it peeling off to reveal rust on its metal parts and the glass being shattered, before Koudo salvaged and refurbished it. Now, it looked as good as new, since Koudo was good at rejuvenating old electronics, with a nice clean blue paint job and shiny chrome and silver metals replacing what was there before. The glass was brand-new as well, freshly constructed as a favor from Maina’s and Naina’s mother Kunishige, and housed a slightly new batch of CDs; new in the sense that most weren’t the ones inside the machine when Koudo found it. Ever since he fixed the thing up, and, subsequently, replaced his old record player, it’d become one of his best friends during the funk he was in. It was almost like it knew exactly what he wanted to hear.

A familiar rhythm of guitar riffs and drumbeats quickly filled the room and got Koudo’s head bobbing and his foot kicking. I wonder where those soul partners ran off to with my sister. They’d been really distant with him recently, for what reason he hadn’t the foggiest, but he had a hunch and he hoped he was wrong about it. The last thing he needed was alienation. He knew they only had his best interest in heart, but it hurt more when he was alone rather than when he had folks around to take his mind off things. Of course, now, he was over it, but the near constant alone time was starting to take its toll. They better not be teaching her any bad habits, though I probably do that more so than them. He chuckled a little at the thought, picking up another slice of pizza and taking a bite as he felt the need to start singing along with the words. With no one here, he didn’t feel ashamed to do just that. Not that he would if there was someone here. This was his place of business after all.

"The sun against face, the dragons we have chased. Blood. Things I tried so hard to explain, won't you give me my cocaine.~" Truthfully speaking, Koudo didn't even remember where he'd first heard this song, probably when he was out partying with Ace during his first year of being a rogue, but it'd definitely stuck with him. The infectious guitar riffs, dynamic drums and catchy lyrics really resonated and gave off a pretty nice vibe. In fact, the respective energies of his body, and the ones he could act on outside it, all began to move along with him. To the normal human eye, though, it only looked like a sort of laser light show that Koudo was coordinating with the nodding of his head and the tapping of his foot.

As he nodded and sang along, the bell attached to the front door chimed as it did when someone was walking in. Koudo's eyes were closed, but he wasn't completely oblivious to it. His senses had gotten sharper than they were six months ago and he'd gotten more skilled at his sensory threads technique as well. While it wasn't impossible to sneak up on him, it was highly improbable. The smell of the perfume, the sound of the light and dainty footsteps, as well as the familiar energy signature, Koudo could deduce that this particular visitor was, "Scarlet the Blonde Bombshell Nurse." and as he opened one of his eyes with a satisfied smirk on his face there she stood, one in the same, right before his desk.

She was a tall glass of water, Amazonian could be a useful description, standing around his height, in heels, and a few inches shy without them. Her, almost platinum, blonde hair reached down to her shoulder and was light, curled and bouncy. Koudo tried his best not to undress her from her tight pink nurse outfit with his eyes, and, by the look in her green eyes hidden behind a pair of pink glasses, she could tell he was failing at the endeavor. "I came to see how you were holding up, but you don't look that bad." She crossed the room, towards where the bar and jukebox were, and took a seat on one of the bar stools. Crossing her legs, she rested her elbow on the bar and her cheek in the hand attached to it.

Koudo held his hands out to the side and shrugged his shoulders before locking his fingers back behind his head and tilting back in the chair. "Yeah, well, you accept it and move on." He replied.

"I heard you've been moving on a lot." She retorted with a roll of her eyes. She'd been keeping in touch with Naina ever since the woman had brought Koudo to her cottage all battered and bruised after what happened in the Veritas six months ago. She couldn't say that they'd become best friends or anything, there was still that awkwardness of both of them having dated the man in question at some point in their lives, but they were definitely gal pals, and gossip buddies, on the fast track to becoming best friends.

Koudo, of course, suspected she had heard about that from Naina, but he didn't really care. While he could drive himself crazy with thinking the same thing about all the same thoughts in his head, Koudo was much more of a fun loving guy than people thought. Being super serious all the fucking time could kill you early. "It's been three months, and define 'alot'." He replied nonchalantly, turning his head to meet a sharp gaze before it was locked away behind professional curled eyelashes and closed painted eyelids.

"Don't play with me, you know what I mean." She said, reaching over the bar top to grab a glass and whatever bottle of whiskey, brandy, or sake Koudo had stocked. The bottle she grabbed was a beautiful bottle of 18 year old The Glenlivet. A personal favorite of hers.

"Do I?" Koudo asked, as he moved his legs to kick against the edge of his desk and knock his chair falling backwards. He flipped off of it though, tapping the back as he did to keep the chair upright, and landed sitting on the bartop right beside Scarlet. He freed his favorite bottle of single malt scotch from her hands afterwards before she even had the chance to pour. She was a light drinker, a heavy handed pourer and a terribly violent drunk.

Giving him that sharp gaze again, she rose her hand and closed her eyes. "Betty, Kohaku, Natalia..." With every name she said, she counted them on her fingers, peaking one eye open to give him that patented 'need I go on?' look.

"Hey, hey, no need for that now." He quickly submitted, passing her the bottle, but not after he had a little bit of it for himself. "It was all in fun, I get a lot of time off."

"Yeah, I know, but don't bury yourself." She poured her drink, filling the glass about an eighth of the way before sitting the bottle down next to Koudo.

He picked the bottle up, and reached behind the bar to grab a glass for himself, as well as conjure a couple of ice cubes for Scarlet, who nodded in thanks to him. "Of course. When have I ever been known to get in over my head?" He joked while pouring himself a glass, neat of course, before closing the bottle of The Glenlivet and putting it back in its proper place, beside a 25 year old of the same and an 18 year old bottle of Macallan.

"I'm not even gonna grace you with a response to that." She clinked her glass against his and they shared a drink.

"All the fucking time, if I remember correctly," spoke a voice from the unknown. In a thick, black mist that suddenly congregated from the water molecules in the atmosphere (despite how dry and barren it was, in this environment) was a familiar figure, dressed in pure, sleek black ice. Her eye was as blue as the tundra and her hair, as black as night. Her face was stale, cold and sharp and her arms were crossed over her chest where the black ice carefully and rather gently cupped her supple, perky breasts. The attire held a level of eroticism, but mystery behind the slightly translucent but still rather hazy Black Ice. It didn't look like there were any clothes on under it, but it was hard to say for certain just by looking at it head on.

As icy as her presence was her voice, which she spoke out with again, "This is what you do in your spare time? If I had the capacity to care, I might have just been pissed." She smirked coldly, a frosty 'Heh' escaping before her face returned to being cold and intense.

Koudo would be lying through his perfectly white teeth if he said that there weren't at least some thoughts of trying to seal the deal with Scarlet after they drank their share of booze. It'd been a long time since they'd been intimate, hell it was even before he really became a prominent member of the Veritas, back when it was only the Dusk. Unfortunately, by the unnatural chill he felt in the air, it seemed like tonight just wouldn't be the night.

"Ugh, you always manage to show up at the wrong time." By this point, Scarlet was already pretty hammered after her first cup, the comment about her being a light drinker was no joke at all, so Koudo just snapped his fingers and whisked her back to her home with a portal for some much needed rest. He, on the other hand, took the rest of what was in his cup to the head and reached across the bar to grab something else.

"What do you suppose I do instead, save the world? Tried that, it got you locked up and me knocked out of commission for a few weeks." he retorted sharply, finding some cheap looking bottle of Sake and pouring some in his cup. With the chilly aura being given off by his unwelcomed guest, emanating from her voice as well, he could enjoy this Sake like a nice chilled wine. It was the perfect opposite of how he liked his Sake when he was trying to get drunk. Though with his regenerative abilities, getting drunk was next to impossible.

Swinging around now to finally get an eyeful of the AWOL ice fairy, he rose the glass to her and took a sip as he slipped down onto one of the bar stools and leaned back against the bartop. Seeing her, she looked fairly different from the way he remembered, but all the black didn't really work with her skin tone in his eyes. Not that he cared about the way she looked anyway. "What's with the get up, possessed by Blue or somethin'?" He said, half joking. The chick had been missing for like six months, he wouldn't be surprised if she finally found a way to locate those missing pieces of herself.

She smirked again after watching old blondie get the drop so soon after her arrival. It made her a little happy, but also even more pissed. "I see how disposable your little side hoes are. Guess I should have guessed, knowing you. I'd ALMOST feel special about the action if I didn't know I was one of them. " Part of her wanted to be pissed, as told by her quivering eye and shuddering lip, but the Black Ice suppressed the rising tension in her essence. "Kiss my ass, Koudo. You just don't care at all, do you? Probably don't even know why I'm here." He was certainly mocking her, and she wasn't happy about that. A blue stream of frosty blue wafted from her single eye uncovered by her draping jet black hair, the air temperature swiftly dropping further than it had done upon her arrival.

"Yeah, I got locked up. So what? Didn't we do something good? Didn't we save the city? Each other..." She paused, narrowing her eye at him, "... The innocent people in the Dusk?"

Koudo rolled his eyes and took another sip of the Sake in his cup. Sure Priere, or Luci, or whatever name she was going by nowadays, was right with the side hoe comment, but Scarlet wasn't one of those. She was a valued friend, and the only doctor that he trusted with his body, that just happened to like indulging in the pleasure of the flesh after a good drink. It was normal, it was natural. Koudo had only slept with her once or twice, this would have been the third time he tried but eventually got shut down because Scarlet wasn't into him and would have been cognitive enough to shoot his advances down. If it was one of the other chicks, then he wouldn't have bothered sending them home with a portal and just let them relish in the tense air until they realized it'd be better to just slip out the front door before things got ugly. And by the look of things, it could go that way.

"Yeah, yeah we did all that, and more. We're the big time heroes that saved the city by destroying half of it and encasing the other half in everlasting crystal." He answered, sarcasm positively oozing from his voice as he finished his drink and slammed the glass down on the bartop, careful not to use all his physical strength and break the damn thing. "The citizens had long since abandoned the city before that, out of fear. We saved a plot of land and suffered for it."

There was a hint of bitterness in his voice, sure, but Koudo already knew, taking the job, that the people weren't gonna believe in him anyway. He'd abandoned them once before in their time of need, so why would he pull through this time? It was clear from the get go that he wasn't the type of guy to take the job anyway when he generally hated authoritative figures.

"So you're right, I don't care about being some big shot hero that only brings more problems after 'defeating' one big bad. I'd much rather directly help the people that can't fend for themselves. Did you just come here to lecture me?"

"It's better than losing everything," she remarked sharply, gritting her teeth a bit afterward. Even her movements seemed stale and without emotion, but it was clear that she was feeling something, even if what it was wasn't as openly obvious. "Besides that. I didn't come there for any..." her eye twitched a bit at she clenched her teeth at the emphasis of the next word, "... PERSONAL reasons, but..." She hovered over to him, passing a glance over his shirtless top and how very fit he looked. It wasn't like she hadn't noticed. She just didn't care right now. "... That's what I'm here for, too. I wanted to get the gang back together and take over the Veritas. And as much as I can barely stand to look at your face right now, I'm not gonna deny how useful your skills are." She remembered him talking about being some sort of merc for hire, or something. Their gang before was a rogue syndicate and technically functioned the same way.

"You in or out? Part of me thinks I shouldn't even be here right now..." she winced slightly, thinking about all of the hurt he put her through during their last few encounters recently... First with those assholes that showed up at her door, then with his whole emotional fit, then with Khrona and the Dusk... Things had been rocky between the two of them. She hadn't even seen the other members of the old gang. "... This is all business. Otherwise, I'd be done with you for good." The last bit had a bit of a sharp chill to it, which would be felt by the sudden rapid frosting of the desk in the room and the crystallization of icicles around the ceiling.

Koudo breathed heavily out his nose, the sigh was clearly visible with all the cold air permeating his humble little hole in the wall shop. If there had been any thought in his mind about returning to the Veritas, it was immediately squashed by all the logic that his brain could muster to make that seem like an obviously bad choice. Now, whenever the Veritas was mentioned in conversation, he tried his not to just spit and gag at the thought of it. Sure his shop was technically in Valparaiso, which was a part of the Veritas, but Koudo could transport the building where ever he wanted to. He had the capability.

Turning his head away from her, he took another sip of his drink. "Why bother?" He seriously wanted to know. He was far from considering joining back up with Absolute Zero, he was too old for stuff like that now and so were the other founding members. King and Perura had tried to do the same a while back before they disappeared, ask him to come back and be apart of Mors, but he refused them flat out. He was giving Priere, or Luci, or whatever her name was the chance to convince him to raise his sword and fight under the Veritas' banner again.

Turning to look at her now, he nodded his head towards the bar stool right beside him. "Aaa I don't wanna hear any of that bull shit either. Our relationship has always been give, give, give, take, take, take. You'd just be barking back up my tree when this plan, eventually, fell through because you got bored. So stow the attitude and convince me why I should stop living the life and submit to being miserable for a shit load of crybabies, freeloaders, and good for nothings."

She lowered her head slowly, closing her eyes and clenching her fists wrapped in Black Ice tightly, "... You just think you're hot shit, don't you, huh?" He was really starting to agitate her. "At least I keep coming back. But clearly none of what we went through meant anything to you..." To think, back then she was so foolish. She didn't even like people already, and the one time she decided to take someone into consideration... "... You don't trust me, either, huh? Fine. Whatever. What-the-fuck-ever, Koudo."

She had to stop herself from letting a tear shed, despite her face being completely stolid, "... I bet you already have a replacement for me, don't you? Someone else? That's why you've been acting like this all this time...?" For some reason, the faint smell of perfume came to her mind... That time on the motorcycle, she remembered smelling it on his collar as they were riding to the Crystal Tree. "... Talk, Koudo. If nothing else, I want some answers from you. Don't think I won't make you." The icicles on the ceiling would expand swiftly, jutting down to the ground and piercing through the floor behind him in one swift motion, blocking off his immediate path. "What did it all mean to you?"

"A replacement? Like anyone could replace you." Koudo could have laughed at the notion if it didn't seem like this was slowly drifting into mushy heart to heart territory. Actually... it chuckled at the notion a little bit before taking the final sip of his drink and looking up at the ceiling and then down to the floor to see just how serious she was about getting her answers. Could he circumvent this, of course he could. It would be child's play. Did he feel the need to? Nope, not one bit.

"Well that's a loaded question, define 'someone else', define 'it'. You're being too vague for me to give you the answers you want with us doing the same song and dance of you skewering me, me not feeling the pain, and then us going our separate ways because you have daddy issues, I have trust issues, and we both can't admit that at one point, or another, we felt like we were in love."

A frigid scoff escaped before the even colder reply, "Don't play dumb with me, Koudo. You're ALMOST as smart as I am. I know you know what I'm talking about." She looked at him with her eye unblinking, the deep sapphire orb shimmering slightly like frozen water under the moonlight, "After everything we've done together... And everything I've done for you... None of it meant anything to the big, bad mercenary, huh?"

"... 'Felt like'...?" she made sure to emphasize under her breath before furrowing her brow further, He thought it was all a game. She could see it on his face; he thought this was a joke. She raised her hand up, thin needles of ice suddenly beginning to gradually extend from the icicles to press into Koudo's back, "... What did those feelings mean to you? What did I mean to you? Were you just using me all this time to accomplish your own goals?"

"Of course not." Koudo said without any context at all. He rolled his neck around, and reached for the bottle of his drink of choice and poured some for himself. He didn't know if Priere drank, so he didn't offer her any. Besides, she seemed pretty emotional right now, despite the way she looked. Adding alcohol to her mix would only lead to more problems.

He sat the bottle down after topping himself off, and picked the glass up of the bartop. It was ice cold to the touch, but Koudo could handle it. "I wasn't using you to accomplish my own goals, I couldn't have been since I haven't accomplished anything yet." He paused to take a sip, "You were my friend, my best friend, and everything we've done together has impacted me, somethings in good ways and others in bad ways. Sure I might have loved you at some point, wanted to be more than friends, but there was someone else I felt that stronger for. Then you lost your way by being sucked into Khrona's mess."

"Save it," she said abruptly after he finished talking, One single tear, pitch black, yet glistening like crystal, rolled down her cheek, "I told you, I was here on business. You declined." As the black tear hit the ground, an Ice Seal appeared on the ground, shattering into one of her Ice Portals before her, and from it would come one of her custom made machines, "So you're on my list now." Rising from the portal would be none other than her first ever made robot girl, created by Koudo using the speculations for Cleff's Biofemme blueprints...

Frio, the Frozen Mist.

"If you're not with me, you're in my way. This is your warning not to cross me again. This ass whooping we're about to give you."

She understood why Koudo felt the way he did about Khrona... Hell, she felt the same way, in fact, if not very similar. That was why she wanted to take over the Veritas. "You act like I liked doing it. I know he's got his things that he does that are fucked up, but... I saw what good it did. I'm not saying it was right, and when I see him after I take over this place... I'm gonna give him his just desserts. But he's still my father." Despite how she didn't say it, she knew she loved him. The same way she loved Koudo. That was why she couldn't let him get away from this one.

"And I thought we could take this place over together. Run it Absolute Zero style. I thought... We would do a lot together... What happened to that? What happened... To us...?" She lowered her head again, letting the ice needles touching Koudo's back chill his blood and freeze his body around his entire upper torso, effectively holding him in place, "Frio. Show him what we think of his decision." Without a word, the mechanical woman raised her LN2 Rifle up toward Koudo's head and fired a concentrated bullet of pure condensed Liquid Nitrogen directly at his face.

Koudo gulped the last of the Sake in his mouth down, letting it roll down his throat as he felt a bit of a chill. Nothing major. He knew she was gonna escalate and make a case out of this, no matter what he said, and, honestly, Koudo just wasn't in the mood for a fight. He hadn't been for a very long time.

He breathed in deeply before blowing, hard, a laser firing out of his mouth and colliding with, then eventually overtaking, the concentrated blast of Liquid Nitrogen and shooting right into the barrel of the rifle to cause it to explode. Koudo was the mastermind that crafted the piece of machinery, so he knew all the ways to destroy. "Nobody asked you to come here. Nobody asked you to make me an offer you knew I would decline without a proper reason for me to consider it. And Nobody asked you to disrespect me in my own home."

Almost as if he was unaffected by the chill she tried to induce in his body, because he was using his chakra to keep his blood running warm by accelerating the movement of molecules and creating heat, the icy gloss that had begun to try and overtake his bare chest simply melted off him as he rose from his bar stool. He turned to her, disregarding her robo pet, but not ignoring it. "You came out of your way to step in mine, you got emotional, and now you're threatening me?" Every time he said the word 'you' he emphasized it with a point of his index finger at her, before he pointed at himself when came to the word 'me'.

"Are you seriously going to throw a tantrum because I told you a truth that you didn't want to hear?" Just like her, he was starting to get aggravated and he tried to keep stuff like that in check now. He wasn't completely one with his dragon half yet and it always reacted to his aggression.

Of course, she wasn't expecting something like that to take him out. But at least now he could see that she was serious about this entire altercation and about her feelings. "You're just clueless, aren't you? This isn't about that. I already know what I'm gonna do to you about that." The Black Ice on her body spread about her arms, shortening the Black Ice that formed her dress, revealing more of her thighs and lower torso whilst coating her arms in a thicker layer, "This is personal, Koudo. I have a vendetta against you, now. You're my target." She snapped her fingers, Frio dropping the LN2 Rifle back into the Tundra from whence it came to be repaired later. Once he finished pointing fingers, Frio already had the mind to slice it off after the last time. The great Nitro Sword came down like an icy breeze, taking his hand clean off if he hadn't spread out from in front of Priere.

"Everything I did for you... All those times..." and, she remembered the most recent; taking in the Insanity to save the remainder of the city on his behalf. Imprisonment for six months. For him. "I bet you didn't even notice, huh? Too busy fucking around with some other broad, huh? Some older chick with BETTER TITS, HUH?" Her single showing eye gleamed a bright blue as a glimmering stream of glowing blue shot from the center and straight at Koudo's chest. It seemed to be fathoms colder than the already thoroughly frosted room and would probably freeze whatever it touched on contact.

Koudo rose his hand, just as the robot's sword was about to strike decisively. He designed her operating systems too, and knew all her reaction times and the time it took her to act on a self given command. He stopped her at the handle of her blade, the safest place to touch, and pulled the thing in front of Priere's ice beam to take the hit in his place, making sure to remove his hand lest it be froze along with the rudimentary creation of his youth.

"We're not, and never were an item Priere. Is that what you're upset about?" Koudo made no move to attack her, and everything he did was just a counter. he wasn't reacting to Priere though, but acting on the assumptions of what she would do in any given situation. Since they'd been on the battlefield together so many times before, he had a decent read on her. A decent read was all he needed.

"And technically she was younger, with a bigger ass, but she left me three months ago if that means anything." Of course, he had to always have some kind of snappy comeback, or this wouldn't be fun for him.

Frozen on the spot, Frio would do nothing but fall straight into a conveniently placed Ice Portal, clearly serving no usefulness against the man with the mastery over machines. Part of her knew that it would be futile, but she honestly was expecting him not to fight back.

"... Yeah, I see. So it meant nothing because we didn't say anything, huh...?" He didn't even care enough to act on his feelings... or to consider hers in the process. "... Guess I didn't mean much to you in the first place... Right?" She slung her arm off to the side, letting the Black Ice whip outward and slash through the entire left side of the building on the floor they were on, part of the building's foundation beginning to crumble. As the Black Ice extended, its covering left from her form and allowed her bare body beneath to be seen in full. She didn't seem to care about hiding her naked form, nor of the debris. None seemed to touch her skin that seemed to glow even in the dust. "Younger, huh? You were already cutting it pretty close with me..." she hovered closer to him, rubbing her legs together gently, shifting them together in a slightly restless fashion "... Guess I don't look good enough for you, huh? If it's not my tits, it's my ass. So here, have a look, Koudo... Am I pretty...? Am I attractive...?" Her breasts weren't too large, but they were large enough for a sufficient bulge, but small enough not to sag and remain perky and plump. Her curves were not robust, but sleek and slender. Perky, fit and with a sufficient bulge around her hips, just like her chest. "I want you to tell me why. Why did you not want me? I know there's something..."

Though the building should have been falling, it seemed that the frost in the air was slowing the rate in which the building fell apart; almost like time were moving slower in the cold atmosphere.

Koudo could see that the structural integrity of his home, his place of business, was in jeopardy as long as Priere was being controlled by her emotions. She'd always been hot blooded, but had never went this ballistic, over relationship things no less. "It wasn't that I didn't you, but I was infatuated with someone else. You were my friend and I wanted it to stay that way." Koudo answered her, truthfully and honestly. As he'd said, before she went crazy, there had been a lingering attraction that he'd picked up on, but after a while he came to love Priere more as a sister than a potential love interest the closer he got to Mana. Eventually, being with Priere that way had completely slipped his mind.

"You're like a sister to me." Koudo lightly stomped the ground, connecting himself to the natural energy flow of the planet through Sage Mode and strengthening the integrity of the building. If it came crumbling down, then he wouldn't hear the end of it when his partners got home.

She didn't know whether to be in awe, shock, or tears at that moment. It felt like she wanted to feel all of them, but just couldn't, for some reason. The Black Ice must have been an emotional suppressant. Even so, she seemed to be acting viciously. Perhaps because she thought of him as a target now. A target that she wanted with all her heart to kill.

"Fuck you," she said rather absolutely before Koudo touched the ground. Once he did, he'd find the ground chilled to the brim with Priere's ice magic. The stomp only bound Koudo to her natural freezing temperature and the ice that had been traveling through the floor ever since it stabbed into the ground. After willingly binding himself to her magic, he would find his chakra system rather swiftly coming to a halt, as though he would be moving more slowly through time. It was different from before when his chakra was fighting against it; because it was willingly bound to him now, it would seep into him like a flood and freeze over just as swiftly. (Slow)

"Looks like you got sloppy. Must have been that bitch making you soft, huh?" She'd almost be joking if she weren't joking about it, as told by her expressionless stare. "You at least could have respected me enough to let me know. You really didn't think about my feelings at all. I wonder if that holds fast with every one of those whores?" She hovered closer to him, almost as though she were going to fly straight into him, "Don't let me find out who they are. And don't think you're ever going to escape me... Koudo."

Koudo hadn't even realized he'd connected himself to her magic when he stomped the ground, natural energy flowed all over the place, through the ground, through the air, everywhere and he didn't need to stomp the ground to connect to it, it was just helpful. Perhaps he had been getting a bit lax, soft from not being in action for that long, but Priere had always been crafty when it came to getting what she wanted.

Being affected by the Slow, Koudo didn't say anything because the words would just come out of his mouth unbelievably slowly and stupidly. He'd rather take this uncool unfortunate accident in silence while Priere said her piece. Koudo did think about her feelings and that was why he kept silent about it. Priere had never made a move either so he felt it was just a passing attraction that didn't need to be address, but he guessed he was wrong. Tensei women, well any women from the Tensei/Rituke/L'sia bloodline, were harder to read than others. Mana was probably the easiest since she was so innocent at heart and he'd spent so much time with her at his side.

With Koudo practically motionless and them being in a lawless land where she was not bound to the laws she had as the Judgemaster, it was well within her power to kill him and get away scott-free. Take on the Insanity again. Hell, anything she really wanted to do... And so...

She reached him, taking her hand now free of the Black Ice and firmly gripped his genitals, her touch freezing his pants, the only article of clothing on him, in place. "Hmmm... I've got you by the balls... In more ways than one here..." She pressed herself closer whilst simultaneously brushing her hand gently up his torso, tracing his many 'curves' on his form. "*Mmmmnnnn*, you look so good, to... I could easily do whatever I want to you... And no one could say anything about it, either." If she wanted to, she could just force him down and just have her take her virginity right then and there... That'd be a sweet story to tell Khrona.

"My Judgemaster powers are negated in this area only," she muttered sensually once making her way up to his ear, a little assistance from her hovering, of course. All the while, her hands did not leave his form, sliding securely around his neck as she pressed her chest upon his. She looked him straight in the eyes, the sparkling sapphire eye looking all the more like a burning Blue Star trapped in her eye socket as she stared; the mystical blue flames trailing from it seemed almost frosty, for some reason, and lightly tinted the practically completely frozen room a gentle teal that refracted beautifully from all of the crystalline structures littered about now... "So anything goes here. Hmhmhm..." she giggled to herself, a little pleasured at the thought of that, in fact.

She rose up higher, her hands rolling up his neck and to the back of his head, where now, he's have to stare at her bare, almost glowing lower torso whilst being trapped in stasis. "Just the thought of it gives me chills, Koudo... *shudders sensually, moans gently* ..." she looked down upon him now, turning his head up to make sure he made direct eye contact when she spoke to him next, "... You, too, right?" she questioned him in an almost mocking fashion, littered with a hint of contempt. With an icy chuckle and a final brush of her legs up his chest, she let them slip right around his neck and proceed to tightly wrap lower torso around his face. She pat his head a little bit, somehow finding it in herself to smile a little bit about all of this, "... If I wanted to... I could have my way with you right now... I could rape you... I could kill you... Maybe rape you again... Hack your body up with my chainsaw sword... And sell your body parts to the shady Denizens of Valparaiso... *Mmmmmnnnn~~!* The thought of it just gets me so..." she clenched his head tightly for a moment, a single drop of liquid falling from his face and to the ground before him, where an Ice Seal would appear under the both of them.

"... Kidnap you. Hold you prisoner for a while. Torture you. Rape you again... And again... And again... And call you filthy things while you're frozen to a wall somewhere in the Tundra. A fitting punishment... And the best part is, you can't do anything about it. You just have to sit there and watch, unable to do a thing... *Mmnn...*" She moaned a little at the thought, swirling her finger around in his hair, "... But... No. I don't know what I'm gonna do with you just yet." Unhooking her legs from his neck, she hovered down, saying as the seal on the Ice Portal shattered, "But I'll keep in touch. When I'm in need of your services, I'll let you know." She giggled and smiled, the intensity of her stair reaching an almost unnaturally serene, eerily cold calm, which was apparent in her tone of voice as she muttered, "... You'll like how I compensate you for your efforts... Hmhmhmhm..." Her eye narrowed, once again becoming intense as her face returned to its expressionless dead, penetrating glare. Before she left, she made sure to kiss him again, just so he would remember this moment... And the time they kissed before. If that weren't a clear indicator of feelings, she didn't know what was.

She gave him the 'I remember that shit' death glare, her eye quivering at the thought; a clear indicator of the suppressed anger... As was clear from her not having blown up in a fit of emotion at him after all this time, as she was prone to do. Her final sentiments; a swift and authoritative slap. Loud, cold and crisp, the sound reverberated about the glittering blue glowing ice, causing some of the weaker shards to shudder a bit from the force. After that, she slowly made her way down into the portal, thrusting her hand upon him once more to perused his body one last time on the way out. When she got down to his pants, she dug her nail into the ice and cut through it, stripping him of his pants the moment she entered the portal. With that, everything returned to normal; the ice dispersed, the building returned to normal and the temperature stabilized immediately, as though all such frostiness simply exited with the presence of Priere. From that point on, the building would continue to fall at its normal pace, no longer suspended in slowed time by the mystical icy climate. This was just a personal stop on her way to the real goal; Serulenia.

Even through it all, while he couldn't say anything that wouldn't sound ridiculous while spell locked as Priere molested his body, Koudo's eyes remained defiant and slowly filled with the same amount of contempt that was held in Priere's voice. All the while, as she marveled in her 'power' over him, Koudo was just scouring his brain for a way to break free of her spell and show her just how much she'd never be able to boss him around. Unfortunately, he didn't see a way to do so since she'd froze his chakra network, the main hub for all his powers. She'd only gotten lucky that he slipped, but it would never happen again...

Then the slap, the biting sting remained even after she left and it was hard enough to turn Koudo's face to the side and obscure his eyes with her silvery white hair that had fallen straight from its previously spiky look. "So that's it then, huh..." He positively began to shake, with anger, excitement, sadness, who could really say. I wasn't even sure himself. Then he roared, shaking the rest of the building's foundation enough to force it to crumble down around him.

"And that's all it took to get you on my side as well... fine." He tossed his head back and looked at the sky hanging over head. Koudo wasn't worried about the building, he was connected to it and could reconstruct it whenever. Slowly, he opened his eyes, once he felt sufficiently free, and his bare naked frame slowly began to glow with the glittery silver of his scales. "We'll kill that bitch."

He wiped his lips of the lingering feeling of hers, even going so far as the charge electricity to his hand to make sure every trace was gone, before he spit off to the side and plopped down on the ground. It seemed, no matter what, a quiet, simple life just wasn't in the fucking cards.

_Time Skip__

Hours passed, maybe. Koudo wasn't sure, but whatever was in the sky when he first sat down was gone and its opposite counterpart(s) was in the sky now. He hadn't moved from where he was, hadn't made the motion to repair the building, just hadn't done anything because he hadn't felt like doing anything. His day had gone from bad, to decent, to the worse ever in very little time at all and it'd just murdered his whole vibe, which was why the scales of his draconic heritage were showing in pride.

The sound of footsteps played at his ears, familiar scents danced at his nose, and recognized energy signatures teased his sensory threads. As the footsteps got closer, they shifted and became more rapid like the people they belonged to were running. "Koudo! What the hell happened to the house this time!" Maina yelled, as her and her sister reared the corner. She was about ready to fly off the handle until she saw Koudo just... sitting there, in the nude. She stifled her tongue at the sight and the cautionary hand of her cool headed sister.

He rolled his neck around, tilting his head back and using a hand to move his hair out from in front of his eyes to look at them. "Heh. Sorry, had an unwelcomed guest." He gave them a smile, but both the girls could see that it was fake and there was much more to this than just an unwelcomed guest.

"Who." Naina replied. She knew Scarlet was going to visit, and half expected to see the woman still there when her and her sister returned from dropping Yui at their mother's shrine, but Koudo wouldn't have referred to Scarlet like that. She was a dear friend.

Koudo slowly rose to his feet, displaying himself in full disclosure to the two young ladies. "An old 'friend'. I'll give ya a free guess." As he finished his sentence, the scales began to recede back into his skin and clothing, including his boots, grafted itself to his body starting from his heels and moving up his legs and stopping just at his waist for a complete a pair of pants. "Here's a hint, we haven't seen them since the Insanity incident in the Dusk."

"Priere?" Maina said, but her answered sounded more like a question than an actual statement. She, personally, hadn't been present during the incident, because she had been off training, but she had heard all about it from Naina and Koudo. She didn't have a bunch of specifics though, and just knew that Priere showed up, after being gone from months before hand, and then vanished off the face of the planet after that. Anytime she asked for anymore details, Koudo nor Naina would say anything.

"And she destroyed the house?" Naina knew the answer was right without having to wait for Koudo's reply. Her soul perception being the strongest out of the three of them, she could sense all the lingering magic and wavelength around. No matter how faint it was. It was clear that there was some sort of disagreement, probably an altercation as well.

Koudo placed his hands on his hips and shook his head, "Well, she had a part in it, but I did most of it afterwards." He looked up and rose his hand to snap his fingers. The sound of it activating remains of the building with his charka and causing it to begin reverting back to its condition before the altercation. Koudo stepped over the foundation of a wall, to move out of the buildings' way, and stood with his partners.

"I thought she disappeared six months ago." Maina chimed in, looking from her sister to Koudo and then to the building.

"She did, but she suddenly appeared when me and Scarlet were having and drink and that's where things got messy. I'm gonna tell you this now, Naina, you're not going to like what you hear."

"Just Naina?"

"Talk." Naina interrupted before Koudo could respond to her sister. If he was giving the warning that she wasn't going to like what she heard then he knew it was gonna stir her emotions. She expected her sister would intuitively pick up on it once he started talking.

"And that's why I'm going to kill her." Koudo ended with after explaining what had happened and the precariousness of the situation now. By this time, the building was practically done with repairing itself, but none of them stepped inside just yet. It would slow down the process significantly.

"Wait, Koudo, are you sure this wasn't just some kind of misunderstanding or something. I mean, me and Naina think of her as a sister you know." Maina started, in an attempt to diffuse the situation before Koudo could escalate it to the point of murdering a friend. There had to have been something going on with Priere or something. "Maybe something happened during that six months away. You said it yourself, she got caught up in Khrona's mess, right Naina." She looked at her sister, but was shocked at what she saw.

The woman was shaking violently, the pink dye of her hair seemingly melting out as it washed back to its original white color. Most would expect that the gentle Naina was reacting to Koudo's declaration of Murder, but Maina knew better than that. The violent way that her sister was shaking, and the way her hair washed back to its original white color could only really mean one thing and she dreaded the thought of that. When the twins were younger girls, Naina had always been the more violent one, but the constant influence of her calming wavelength had suppressed her violent tendencies.Maina fought to keep bullies and other people away from her sister because if they ever set her off then it was a one way express ticket to a dirt nap. It had been firmly established that Naina was more powerful, but Maina was more active in the usage of her power.

Koudo knew what it meant too, and it was what he wanted. In fact, he warned her about how upset it would make her because he knew she'd react stronger if he gave her fair warning beforehand. Every time him and the girls used Soul Resonance he got quick glimpses at the inner rooms of their souls, and Naina had always looked funny to him. Not only was the inner coloration a bit off, but it was much darker than her outward appearance and personality would suggest. if anyone ever cared to notice, he carried her around with him a lot more than he did her sister so that he could come to understand her better. He'd been banking on this awakening her true nature, even if temporarily. "So that woke you up then, Naina."

"Koudo, I need to make sure of one thing." The woman said as she inhaled deeply and exhaled to calm her shaking. She rose her head, whatever hint of blue that was in her eyes was gone now and replaced with a deep, rich purple. She could see the pink of her hair dripping to the ground.

"Hey, hey lets all just calm down yeah. I'm sure there had to have been something that happened to her. We can solve this without the need for-"

"Shut up Maina." Naina yelled, taking another deep breath before moving her eyes away from the pink dye on the ground and looking at Koudo. " I need to make sure of one thing."

"What it is, my favorite sword?" Koudo reached an arm out to the side and snapped his fingers, his long blue coat appearing out of thin air and fluttering down to his outreached hand. He tossed it over his shoulder and stuffed a hand in his pocket.

"You're not just talking right? You didn't make me this angry just to bull shit me, did you?"

"I'm completely serious. I'm not gonna rob you of this kill, but it'll be a long campaign. She'll know that her days are numbered and probably try to off me before I can her." It seemed like the most likely possibly. Any thought of her being affected by something Khrona had done to her was completely out of his mind. He knew Priere and both her and that the person that had come into his home, threw a tantrum, and threatened him were one in the same.

"That's all I wanted to hear."

"You'll have to keep yourself calm though, Yui still needs you and no doubt Perura will come back into the fold once my name is dropped."

"You're not thinking about offing her too are you?" Maina asked. She was still a little shaky on killing Priere, they had all been best friends after all, but she couldn't bring herself to understand Priere motives either. She supposed she could understand how she felt used and the feelings of unrequited love, but Koudo had only told her what she needed to hear.

"What Perura? Of course not. She's still a friend, through and through. I admit I haven't been the best to her either, and this will definitely make her hate me, but Priere's no good."

"In any case, I will remain composed, I can't promise calm. Everything will be close to the same, my hair will just remain white."

"And you'll have a permanent scowl." Maina quipped.

"If it comes down to it, I'll just remain in weapon form."

Koudo scratched behind his head for a time, before turning to face the building that had finished repairing itself. "Whatever the case, we gotta get moving." He clapped his hands before slamming them to the ground, a large rune spreading across the ground underneath the building, as well as his and his partners' feet. "I don't know when Priere will make her campaign for the Veritas, no doubt she'll enlist me, whether I want to or not, but I'd rather not be in this place if I feel ballsy enough to refuse."

"You don't think you can beat her with the power you have now?"

"Unfortunately, no. Tensei are crafty ass cockroaches, the only one I really have about equal footing with is Chita, and I always thought Priere was more gifted. If her incarceration did change her, then she's only gotten stronger and will exploit the weakness she found in her visit."

"Oh you mean the fact that you can't do shit if your chakra system is frozen?" Maina asked, folding her arms and playing with a few strands of her hair. If her sister had gone back to her natural color, then she supposed she would as well. She'd gotten tired of the black hair anyway.

"Mmhmm, I usually could break out of anyone elses, but Priere and Perura have always been anomalies. I gotta be prepared for it." As he said this, the rune spread open from the middle outward and began pulling everything within it downwards into itself. Koudo wasn't really sure where he would position the shop now, but Valparaiso, no matter how at home he'd felt here, wasn't as safe as he thought anymore.
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Insangel 65: Shin Kohakutsukiyomi; Atonement And Rebirth

(11:42) After the great battle between the Reds and the Blues, Triere exited her Trinity Plane in a place she'd never been before, but knew to be extremely familiar. "... Ugh. Damn, Signis. That was a lot for no reason, you know." Now she was merged back with her Higher Self and was... Well... A High Seraph now. "Magna Signis, eh...? And... Jack Frost..." These were the two gifts given to her by her father... the Crystal Ifrit and the Crystal Shiva. Her Grandma and Grandpa.

"... Thanks, Dad." (11:44) For some reason, she could smile at all of this. Now, Triere could start her journey and not be bound to whatever the hell her fucking father always wanted her to come and do for him. Signis and Blue were back with her, and the transition between realms went off without a hitch. Her Soul, Magna Signis, was rooted to the Magnus Ignis and the Dawn was basically her playground. She was the Crystal Goddess that protected the Tree after all.

"We're gonna have to make this place a little more inhabitable, though... I'm gonna have to calm down these intense flames..."

She stretched, letting her six Crystal Wings spread out, fluctuating between fire and ice fluidly every so often. "I guess this means we've gotta go... Do something, or something." She shrugged. "Mayyybe I should go visit Mom... Hopefully she can help a sistah out."

Signis and Blue would be with her now forever, as the three of them were eternally connected at birth. She would have to overcome this Magnus Ignis ordeal another time. "At least you're not burning everything in sight anymore, Signis. We'll get you cooled down soon enough." But first thing's first...

"Blue. Watch over her for me. I have things to do... But I'll be back later when I've got this all figured out."

Signis was her Soul and Blue was her Weapon. They would have to work together, and they always did... It was good that they knew how and why they were connected now, thanks to the work of her father. "... Yeah. Thanks." She said wholeheartedly... Saying 'Thanks' was already not her style... So saying it twice to her FATHER was not something she EVER thought conceivable... But, low and behold, here it is, happening.

"... Miracles do happen," she joked, snickering under her breath before crossing her arms, "Getting me to say shit twice. Hmph!" Looks like she caught some of the haughtiness, too... (11:52)

(11:55) "So I see that you now see with the full extent of the Eyes of Clarity," a disembodied voice spoke from the Magna Signis, forming from the bright red as a streaking silhouette of condensed color taking physical shape and form, "... Not bad, Lucicrystal. Rather... 'Luci.'" He jested, knowing that his daughter would understand the humor in all of it despite probably being pissed about it. She was just like him before he knew of his purpose... And even though he knew hers, she still had to live up to it... And something about that was settling to him.

"... So. The Moon of Punishment and Atonement has risen... It is the Magna Signis, this Amber colored soul of yours. Hmhmhm." This was how Pumpkinhead, Pumki and Corona were connected to each other; it was all through Triere. Pumki was the missing piece of Pumpkinhead, but that missing piece known as 'Pumki' had taken the alias of 'Signis.' When Pumpkinhead and Pumki became one again, then they would become... Magna Signis, the Shin Kohakutsukiyomi. "... This is the Crown we've received. We made it. All of us. Together." (11:59)

The frosty manifestation that was the young girl's trusted shadowy companion, Blue, appeared before her robed in black and donning a crystallized blue skeletal mask upon her face, just the same as she'd been before their battle with Signis. She looked at the large, Amber glowing marble that hovered over the land and produced these beautiful, resilient flames across the land, no longer reddened by her Insanity.

"... Yes," she responded to Triere softly, but decisively, and she stood guard in front of the giant glowing sphere. It shone brightly like the sun, but seemed warm to the touch. She crossed her arms, mimicking a bodyguard, ensuring that no one were to come through whilst in the process of completion. Even if the Insanity was gone from the Veritas, every Tensei had their own battle to fight with their own Insanities... Just because the Veritas was purified didn't mean that any of the Tensei that didn't undergo their Thirteen Restrictions could not at any time spark their own again within themselves.

She said and did nothing more.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I know. It's a good thing."

Triere rubbed the back of her head, a little embarrassed about how Signis was acting beforehand. To think that she was her Soul for so long and that sort of deep Insanity was inside of her... It was just a wee bit unsettling to her how out of control she really could be.

"... But we're all back to normal. Blue'll keep Signis under control. But what about the trial of the Fourth Moon? Without an Insanity, doesn't that mean there's no purpose in this?"

Tensei crossed his arms, closing his eyes and meditating deeply on this. "No. There is still risk of Insanity. Our job no longer is to overcome it... But to prevent its emergence until all Tensei have reached the Thirteenth Mark." Tensei, being the congregation of all of the Tensei souls; the living testament of all that they are, knew that he, himself could Keep the Insanity at bay, for he was nothing but its purified form; Shinsanity. However, the newborn Tensei that had yet to obtain control over themselves and overcome their own trials... Well...

"... That is where I need your help, my daughter. I am merely the Pumping's Head. The Pumpking, himself, has yet to reemerge... Nor the Shinseigami." Though technically he was these things, he was not so until he was complete. "... Pumki and I have merged together, resulting in Magnus Signis. Yet... Tigen and I..." He lowered his head, narrowing his eyes, "... We still must come together in order to fill the Shinseigami and bring he and the Shinmegami here. When they return..." he trailed off, turning away from her, "... Nevermind that. First thing's first is to find the rest of me... That is my dear brother, Tigen."

... Though, it wasn't much of a problem getting him out. What was the real issue was how long it was going to take.

"I will proceed to Eternalism Hill release all of the Tensei souls from myself out into the Veritas. Having passed the Test of Time, they will be more mature than they once were in our time on Vescrutia. Hopefully, by that time... So will Tigen."

"Yeaaaah..." she said, a little half-heartedly, "... But what do I have to do specifically? What's the purpose of this entire moon, anyway, huh? Technically, it should be completed, shouldn't it?"

He shook his head, encircled with a rainbow ring and flames of the same likeness, "No. That was only the Rise of the Moon. In order to make our way to the Fifth Moon, we will need the Shinseigami. In fact..." Last he checked, he was trying to come through into the Veritas from Peace as they spoke.

"... He will arrive here in the Seventh Restriction, where I will disperse as the Shinsanities of the Sixth Restriction. Then, when I release the Shinsanity, I will be confined to the Fourth Restriction, where I will have the 'Card System' in order to access my energies. Whilst he tends to the Shinsanities and Eternalism Hill, I will go out and try to spread as much energy as I can around the Veritas in order to help it recover its strength... Like regenerating the ecosystem."

Last he checked, Trinity, the Shinigami, was also part of the Card System as well, as per prior setup of the Shinseigami. Perhaps, the 'Card System' could be the link between the three spirits of the Veritas...? Maybe even... All of his daughters...

"... Hey. Before you go." He flashed his hand, a deck of cards appearing in a puff of rainbow flames, which he'd present to Triere, the Middle Child, "... This will keep us connected. You, Me, your Mother and your Sisters. Throughout the entire Veritas..." These were the cards she could use as Judgemaster in order to execute the law of the Judgemaster... Ergo, 'Law Cards.'

"Use them wisely, Triere. I will be heading down to the Dusk soon in order to give Tabi her deck, too. Trinity couldn't be the only one, you know."

About ready to get this whole shindig started, she was called back by her father... Or rather, her Father's spirit, since her actual father wasn't here just yet... And took hold of the cards. She stared at him blankly. Even though she was happy about receiving the cards and the connection to them, her question still hadn't been answered.

"Yeah... Thanks, pops, but... What am I supposed to DO? Like, do I have to do ANYTHING, or can I... Just... Ya know...?"

She was really itching to get this shit started. He could probably tell, too, even though she was hiding it well... Her wings were flaring up a little bit, and she couldn't help but smile just a smidge.

As she suspected, he could see her eagerness in the entire ordeal and, though she did have her part to play, he would leave her to go enjoy the freedom of the Veritas, as he knew she wished to do.

"That is all for now, my daughter. Don't worry. When your time comes, all will be in order, as it always is. You know how I function... Rather, Tensei in general. It always comes together. Trust me," He smiled, lowering his hand, "I've gotten us this far, right? Rather... WE've gotten us this far, eh?" He chuckled, crossing his arms again.

"This place is more for you three than anything. I had most of my fun on Vescrutia. If anyone wishes to engage with me, they know how to find me. I'm sure that won't ever happen, though. So you three girls can do as you wish with this world, then. And I will be with you three... In spirit."

Once he finds Tigen and merges with him, he will be able to call the Shinseigami and disperse from the Twelfth Restriction into the Sixth, Fourth and Second, which were all the components of the Spirit. The Tensei Spirit would fill the ENTIRE Veritas and the Crystal Tree would have enough power to produce Life once again. Then that would subsequently awaken the Eighth Restriction; Tinasanti

"Thanks to the move, we won't have to worry about Weaponmaster anymore, either. In fact... I believe that Weaponmaster should be assigned to Mors, in order to allow 'Instruments' to be born into this world, again..." Then Tear would have the School under control... "... Tabi, Trinity and Tsuki are already dealing with the Willmaster and Gamemaster... And you and I have Judgemaster under control... So, that covers the Tenth Restriction, as well... And, combined with Tigen's power... We will be able to remain at the Twelfth whilst still maintaining power enough to support the Sixth, Fourth and Eighth..."

From the way he looked over it, all of the Even Restrictions, which have to deal with the Spirit, would be accounted for... And the Veritas would live again.

"Hmmm... Yes, the Fifth Moon will be a most grand one, indeed... However... I will be needing to talk to Grimnyzmal, as well..."

She sighed heavily, rolling her eyes as he continued to talk, "Dad. You're rambling. Just go and get it done. Come on, you know the Family's waiting. I'm gonna go head to Crysteria and set up shop there." It seemed like a pretty sweet deal, actually. She was gonna get all cozy, then go explore the Veritas. Since they didn't need to protect it from any evil or anything anymore, she could go out and like... Maybe go shopping or adventuring or something cool. Being bored was one of the things she hated the most.

"...Oh, but uh. Thanks again for everything..." she muttered, eyes darting off to the side, slightly embarrassed. She clenched her fists, tensing up a bit, "... And... Uh..." Tensei were never good at this sort of thing... Sometimes, they just didn't know how to approach people. Not even each other. "... I love ya." She floated over and hugged him quick and tight, then just as swiftly released him and stared off to the side with a frumpy expression on her face, scowling a bit, seemingly out of the same embarrassment. "Hmph!" she finalized before flying off without another word. Though she wasn't keen on showing it, her heart was fluttering and, once she knew she was out of sight...

... she smiled. Big and wide.

"These cards are gonna be fucking AWESOME!"

He smiled warmly, knowing how impatient his daughter was. He couldn't help but laugh, but he understood it completely. "Alright, alright... Let's get this show on the road!" It was then that he was given the random hug from his daughter, whom he'd always thought wasn't the type to show such affection... Especially not to him. Perhaps, after seeing all that he'd done, she was having a change of heart... But couldn't bear to say that she was wrong about everything that went on, then.

"... Heh. I love you, too, Triere. Just as much as I love your sisters and your mother." He couldn't wait until he merged back with the Shinseigami so he could be with Tsuki again... And, naturally, Trinity and Tabi as well as Triere. The entire family would be back together and be able to leave in the Veritas in Peace.

"Mmm... This place really does make Dreams into Reality..." Thanks to the Dream Goddess and the Reality God... Naturally. They were made for each other from the very beginning. "See ya, kiddo." It was time for them to go their separate ways. Blue was stationed at Magnus Signis, protecting the Fourth Moon. Triere was on her way, now able to engage in her life as she saw fit without being constrained to her family ties... and Tensei, himself...

"... *Sigh*. Okay. Let's make this move to the Clock Tower. Eternalism Hill... It's time to return to oneness..." And with that, he flickered off toward Crysteria, where the Temporal Tower resided... (7:57)
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Insangel 66: Land of the Red Sun; Amber Moon's Move

Without much warning, nor time to respond before Tifaret was shot off in some arbitrary direction as a speeding wavelength, she would appear at the Land of the Red Sun, which harbored the Amber Moon as its core power source. She stared at it and at the sun, finding something familiar about the two of them; almost like they were two different power sources as cores despite being a 'Sun' and a 'Moon' respectively.

"... That's weird,"she muttered, feeling the deep connection shared between the two separated spirits of the Pumpkinhead. The younger one, the moon, seemed to resonate with the Crystal Heart that she harbored within her, almost like they were two of the same components. She felt, inexplicably, drawn to it. "... I feel like... I feel like I know... I know what these two things are..." Despite being a Tensei and retaining her memories, she was left in the dark about anything that was outside of herself, meaning that she was not allowed to partake in the shared knowledge of the Family Bond yet. Due to this, she only had feelings about the Red Sun and Amber Moon, but did not know anything definite. That was why this was so damn difficult for her; everyone else was cheating. Knowing everything and not telling her straight out and shit. (7:07)

"It feels like... We belong together... Like... Missing parts of the same whole...?" She couldn't believe it. In her entire life, she hadn't ever been able to understand this sort of feeling. She thought it was a sexual attraction, but it felt like something different. She couldn't help but to be lost in thought about things that she was feeling inside but not quite understanding just yet. "... Man... When I look at this thing... I see a sexy redhead... Hahaha..." One with relatively nice tits... That didn't take any shit... A badass, like she was... "*hhhssssssshhh...*" she would begin to drool at the thought of her... before slurping it back up between her teeth like it hadn't happened. "Damn, why can't I find me a sexy bitch like that?"

When the time was right for her to awaken, Magna Signis, who retained her memory as Pumki, Corona (Megaera) and Signis, would groggily rub her eyes, as though she'd been sleeping for a long time. She could feel around her body a soothing chill, like the loving embrace of a very cold being keeping her heat from spilling over and destroying everything around her. She had awaken to see a beautiful land that was no longer barren by the blazing Red Sun, nor cast into the Blue Shadow. "... Blue...?" she muttered to herself, her consciousness slowly returning to her. "... Oh... What happened...?" Before she could even be gratified with an answer, a great hand attached to her and connected her immediately to the source of everything she was left in the dark about; Triere, her Insangel... Rather, a Shinsangel, now. Signis' awakening as Magna Signis was a testament to that.

"... Well now... Seems as though the Red Queen has been served, then..." she smiled happily, finding a sudden peace in being near Blue now, rather than being bitter rivals with her. Their age old battle had come to an end and they rested in peace with 'Priere.' Now, all that was left for them to do was to return home. "Hmmm... But who is this one...?" She inspected closely. The image of a beautiful young matron of about the same height and form as Tifa, though wrapped in flame and with a bulbous pumpkin head would gaze at her, inspecting the cavity where the Crystal Heart was being carried. "... Oh... There, I see now. Here to return the Heart to its proper place, then, and complete this Moon?" (7:47)

"What?" she said, as though being pulled out of a deep daydream about pumpkins and sexy red headed girls, "... Uh... Yeah, yeah definitely all of that. If you know how to get that done, I'm... I'm for it." She seemed mesmerized by this fire, and looking into it and seeing the shape of the same pumpkin head that had been dancing about her memory for quite a while was fascinating to her. For some reason, pumpkins seemed to be a recurring thing any and everywhere that she could find any relation to these two great bulbous red blots. In fact, with this one, she felt her stellar powers start to flare up a bit, and her hair become a blazing amber, similarly to the color of the burning Moon itself. "... Huh... He was right, then..." she said under her breath, not wanting to believe the words of that shady white haired guy. But, lo' and behold, he was right, and she could feel the missing piece of her that was this stellar power she had no control over previously rising up in tandem with the appearance of this girl. (8:08)

"Looks like it's about that time, then...?"

For some reason, fond memories of her father, Valerio Lombardi, came to her mind... The sensation filled her as the power of the stars escalated, almost like this was what the missing piece of her was that she'd been looking for... For so long, it was him. It was his birthday, after all.

"Ah... Happy Birthday, Pops," she said under her breath, proud to be wearing his name as an alias, even if she was a Tensei through and through now; L'sia and Lombardi only in spirit. (8:13) It was good that she would be able to receive his will in this way, and hopefully he would receive hers when she finally accepted control over this power and let it fill her completely, as the Light of the Crystal Heart had already done. She could feel his power coursing through her, and it radiated with the power of Magna Signis' projection. "Mmm... It feels warm, actually... Filled with love..." Who would have thought that, even from whatever planet he dipped off to, they were still connected? It brought a sense of serenity and peace to Tifa that she hadn't ever known as just 'Chita.' This was the Love that she had been looking for all this time from her Mother who knew nothing of it, herself. It was the L'sia curse, after all; rather, the Devourist curse.

... Even now, wherever she was, Tifa hoped that her 'mother,' who was now probably nothing more than her sister, was able to feel and understand this Love as well, considering that they were connected through the Crystal Heart, as Tifa made CERTAIN to do before her reincarnation as a full Tensei. (8:18)

At that moment, from her slumber, just as deep as what was undergone by Signis, Blue would awaken in her true form; a form that was, after being reunited with Signis in harmony, given Color and Light, shimmering with the light of the stars trapped in crystalline gems. They, the Lucicrystals, which drew from the power of the Queen of All Stars, Magna Signis, would be filled with the light of all of the elements and the celestial power of the heavens. Blue, who had the light shining on her now, would be revealed as 'Matrem Crysta,' a beautiful mistress that had merely undergone the alias of 'Blue' in order to keep tabs on everything going on from the shadows. She, being royalty, wasn't supposed to do this, but it was for the sake of the Shizukana Ao, her realm cast in the Blue Shadow, as well as for Triere, who was the overseer.

After the grand and epic battle with Signis once she became corrupted by the Insanity and used the power of the Red Sun to destroy her entire land, she threatened to do the same to the land trapped in the Blue Shadow. However, with the instruction of Triere herself, Blue was able to overcome Signis and keep her nice and cool until the time came for the both of them to awaken with their powers in harmony and no longer in opposition. With that, balance would also be found within Triere herself; her Fire and her Ice to counteract and yet work with each other. 'Blue,' who was classified as a 'Phantom' in her previous form, could actually bear to reveal herself in the light... And, like a glittering goddess adorned with gleaming gems, she was beautiful.

"... Signis...? You're awake...?" After feeling and seeing the awakening of Signis down below through a fiery manifestation that appeared before Tifa, Blue knew that it was time for her to act as well. She rose up slowly from the top of the Amber Moon and floated gently toward the ground, not touching it, but only hovering ever so slightly above just as she were about to touch down, not unlike the Shinsangel from which she hailed. "... That means that... the Dragon is here..." She, too, peered at the girl, Tifaret, and gazed at L'sia, the Crystal Heart. "... The Heart that was corrupted by the original Skull Girl... Zita... And which used her power over Skulls to run rampant on its own... It seems as though it's power has finally been tamed by a L'sia..."

Because of Chita, she did not walk down the same path as her mother and become the new 'Skull Girl,' harboring Skull Magic like her mother, who abused the Crystal Heart, did. Instead of becoming Black, the darkness melted away and revealed its true colors; just the same as Blue. Made of crystal, one was able to see what 'Crystalheart's' true nature was only after breaking through the thick layer of darkness and revealing the Light inside; that which was supposed to harbor the Light of All Stars. "This is... What we were supposed to return to..." She reached her hand out to touch Magna Signis, whose fiery silhouette matched what looked to be a mixture of Tifa and Blue together. "... You. Touch us. You're the final piece of our Trinity..." This was what she knew for a fact. After the three of them touched, then the 'Mistral' would be complete. She didn't know her place, but Blue could see in the Crystal Heart that she was the one; that is why she bore it. The Keeper of Light... of Love.

The Crystal Heart felt the vibrations of the Queen of Stars pulsating from beyond the unknowing Tifa's chest, which started to bring the Light of Love that was the Crystal Blood to a boil. It became hot, seething with the power of the stars; the cosmos spiraling into a single point of activation. At that moment, from her chest, the great, long neck of the Dragon extended outward and up high into the sky, peering down at the giant Amber Moon blazing before it.

"... The Core..." she muttered, gazing down at Magna Signis, closing her eyes, "Mmm... It feels warm... I missed this feeling..." Yet, down below, there was something else; the Crystal Body. Both of these two Chrysms; Solchrysm and Lunechrysm, were two fragments of the Crystal Heart. "The warmth of the Blood... and the Flesh to contain it..." As she was, L'sia was nothing more than concentrated light itself. Though she could retain her form outside of the confines of the Crystal Heart's chambers in light form, she could not physically take on any shape beyond it without the Blood and the Body; that which were the Red Dragon, Carnage and the Blue Dragon, Frostbite. "... It's time to come home then, children..." She would extend her long, bronchial neck down from on high and meet the eye of both Magna Signis and Matrem Crysta, connecting the power of the Crystal Heart to them. At that point, they would be drawn into the Crystal Dragon and, in resonance, become one with her. At the same time would the Amber Moon be consumed by the great Dragon, letting its power fill the Crystal Heart.

"Ah... The boy inside of the Zero World... He has been waiting..." the Dragon murmured to herself, having watched Pumpkinhead struggle in painful misery. (5:52) Even now, he waited patiently and quietly in the background for his time to come. And that time was now. "That child has waited long enough..." Even though he was noble enough to allow others to go before him, it was decided unanimously by Serulenia and L'sia, on behalf of all the other Shinsanities, that he be brought back first. After ingesting the two pieces that would extend the Crystal Heart, L'sia closed her eyes, the Crystal Heart stripping itself from the Void Girl's cavity, "... And so has this one..." She knew that the two of them were the Lost Children that were confined to the Zero World's curse because there was no love for either of them before; yet now, through the workings of the Crystal Heart, that would come to pass. And so, with Magna Signis and Matrem Crysta bound as the same being, L'sia would take the power of Tifa, the bearer, and combine all of their powers... Whilst, simultaneously, putting the Fourth Moon in place where it was supposed to be.

ifa, mesmerized by the pumpkins dancing before her in the flame, and the thought of that super cute redhead that looked pretty delicious to her, could barely hear the words of neither Magna Signis nor Matrem Crysta, for her visions of the Pumpkin were just too powerful to ignore. In her daze, however, the Crystal Heart seemed to act on its own, sprouting from her chest as a magnificent dragon made of pure light. "Woah... Crystalheart...?" She did not know its true name nor nature, since she was merely the carrier of it. She hadn't seen what happened that made this Dragon come out, but apparently, something went on with the Crystal Heart elsewhere that made it so powerful suddenly. She continued to watch in awe, unsure of what to do about it all, herself. Yet, somehow, it seemed like trusting in the Heart got things taken care of itself. She saw, as it consumed the giant Amber Moon and both the fiery apparition and the crystalline woman simultaneously, the vision of that redhead coming into fruition... And, at the same time, that Pumpkin power surging through herself.

"Gh..." she clenched her chest, trying to stop the light from pouring out, but instead, it seemed to start taking its own form outside of her chest. It didn't hurt, it just felt really weird... Like overwhelming power that she could barely control pouring out and running over. "Wha... When did you get so strong, Crystalheart...?" She wasn't sure what was going on, but she felt inside of herself a change occurring... Something powerful. Like all of the light that was within the heart was pouring into her whilst, at the same time, the Heart itself was giving itself its own form. She felt it; like a powerful Wavelength, and it would cause her hair to gain a shimmering silvery sheen; a luster that looked like pure light given shape and form. It completely encompassed her, allowing the Will of Tensei to fill her body as well as the energy of L'sia to merge with it and her Lombardi blood, immediately activating her celestial power and amplifying it to lengths she was not aware that she could reach. This power would spill into the manifestation pouring from the Crystal Heart, where her power would be shared and linked to what was being formed...

"... Woah... Is this what Tear set me up for...?"

With all of the energy pouring from the Crystal Heart; rather, the Crystal Heart itself taking a new shape and form, the image of the young one that was the combination of the three women before would emerge from the light, her skin glittering brightly in the light of the Red Sun, floes of snow sparkling around her before they spontaneously melted. Brought from her patient waiting from the Hotspot in the Sun, she would stand before Tifa as a shimmering Shinsangel; the first of her kind, as she was the first of the Insangels previously. Her entire form lit up light a shining goddess of crystal, and once she was complete, her blazing red eyes opened up to peer at the one who kept her inside. With Signis and Blue, who were now Magna Signis and Matrem Crysta, returned to her vessel, as well as the missing component that was Tifa, Triere would return to this world as the great Crystal Heart itself; the Heart of the Veritas. No longer would it be that dragon, nor the L'sia themselves at all. It was now only Tensei, and that Tensei's name was Triere, the Judgemaster.

"Ah... Back in the mainland... Home, sweet home..." she said nonchalantly, like none of that spectacular shit that just occurred happened at all in order to bring her back in her completed form. In fact, she pretty much brushed it off as it was nothing, leaving Tifa to stand there and do... Whatever she was gonna do. "Huh? Oh, yeah, Koudo's looking for you," she'd mention before minding her business and going about her business. "Okay, Perura... Your turn!" Where the Amber Moon's heat once radiated outward, after being contained inside of Triere, it would be cooled and leave only a gentle snow falling all around where the air became cooled exceptionally fast, even under the light of the Red Sun. (6:39) This snowfall in the light made a glorious rainbow appear through the sky, for it was supposed to be impossible for snow to fall in the Land of Great Fire. She, herself, was an anomaly, and creating many more spontaneously, as a signal to the forthcoming of a new day... A new Dawn.

"Let's start the New Year off right... Hmph. Of course it would be ME. I'm ME, after all." She flipped her hair, letting everything sift from the falling snow behind her, like opening a bottle of champagne and letting it sift all over the Dawn. The snow would eventually spread outward over the entire continent, and soon, would sift into the rest of the Veritas. All three of Khrona's daughters were finally where they belonged, keeping the land stable. She would be the end of the old Veritas and the beginning of the New Veritas; Triere Tensei.

"Absolute Final Wonderland."
And, on the mark of the rising Red Sun that would hit the glitter freeze, like confetti, the world would come together as the Tensei saw fit.

"It is done."
"Happy New Year, Veritas! Buahahaha!" <3

After the appearance of the Crystal Goddess, she who was the Judgemaster and the Heart of the Veritas, a portal would open and draw in Tifa, a hand reaching down and snatching her up before the portal closed off behind her. There, she would be taken to Hifen, the Hotspot in the Sun, where the Guardians of the Fourth Moon were to watch over the worlds from within their vacation home in the sun. There, the remainder of the awakening process would occur.

From the Crystal Heart born anew, the new vessel was born in place of the old; the Second Shinsangel, hatching from incubation. Like an eggshell, the Crystal Heart broke apart and released the second child. That which would be Pumpkinhead's vessel from now on. And, with the old Crystal Heart destroyed by the sacrifice giving herself up to the Light, the Crystal Heart took on a new shape, and in place of L'sia what would now be known as...

Pumpkinheart; the Crystal Heart.

"Everyone Hail."

From the Pumpkinheart that formed from the Old Energy of the Crystal Heart after merging with the New energy of the Crystal Goddess was Magna Signis, who would soon take on physical form. Where her shape was originally just a burning flame, as all Lanterns were, with the new addition to the Crystal Heart, something better could be born; something of flesh. Magna Signis' hands shaped from the Light that took form all around the silhouette of light and crystallized before radiating a magnificent light that gave her entire form color and warmth. She smiled warmly, opening her eyes as the Pumpkinheart rested in her hands. The glow of the Amber Moon cooled around her and left her soft, fleshy form; the new High Seraph, Magna Signis.

"Hmhmhm... Happy Birthday, Nii-chan..."

She was happy to be reunited with her family where she belonged and to have a place in the family the same as her elder brother, Pumpkinhead. They two would find their place in this world and each become the guardians of the Fourth Restriction. All that was left was to take the Pumpkinheart to Magnus Ignis... And then the both of them would be connected to it.

"I've successfully captured Pumpkinheart, Triere... What shall I do with it? Shall we return it to Magnus so Nii-chan may take his form?"

"I will take it," Blue quickly interjected, lifting the Crystal Heart from Signis' hands in a glittering diamond dust gust of minuscule crystal gems of variable color. Pouring from it would be mystical crystals made up of tiny fragments of the Pumpkinheart, which would be quickly regenerated just as fast as the shards were broken apart. As they came together, they would form Matrem Crysta, whose light resonated and reflected Magna Signis' in an inverse, but completely balanced and equal manner. Her hair did not have the same lustrous burning glow as Signis, so it was cool and silver rather than warm and amber. Yet, her body seemed to harbor certain warmth that tinted her flesh in a balanced mixture of this color, making her physical form despite the entire area around her being ice cold. The dazzling gleam of the lights littered around her borne of the shimmer of the miniature gemstone Chrysms that she held power over resembled starlight winking and blinking in the night sky, the Red Sun coming to a deep cool.

A robe of twilight, almost like the night sky, or perhaps deep space would form from the darkness and wrap around her body, coating her in the same black shadow that once masked her form before as Blue. Yet, her face remained visible and filled with light, and the Chrysms continued to hover around her body.

"It would be best if I took it to him..."

Blue began a certain type of Resonance with the Pumpkinheart in order to amplify its power within her and begin to magnify the power of the Chrysms that were swirling around her, bestowing them with greater power from the elemental energies of the Crystal Heart. "Besides. This form is incomplete until the new Vessel is made for it from the remnants of the old Pumpkinhead. It is building from the energy, but is still weak." She could see from the cool blue flame that it was, so to speak, still extremely weak... Much to much to be powering anything. "Even if we bind its power to Magnus, he is not the one that is meant to bear it. He is supposed to be contained by it, the same way you are..." Matrem Crysta herself had to create the one that was supposed to be made of the Crystal Heart; Triere's new brother, the Second Shinsangel. Ultimately, she, being the Judgemaster, had the final decree, even over both Signis and Blue, given that they were only fragments of Triere. "What do you think is best, Triere?"

The bickering of Signis and Blue, even if it was meant to be helpful, did nothing but bring Triere's head into a tizzy. She maintained her peace, however, closing her eyes and furrowing her brow so that she could concentrate. She ruffled her hair a bit, trying to figure out the best course of action, and before too long, she knew exactly what needed to be done.

"Signis, you meet up with Magnus; Blue, you stay here," she said, crossing her arms, "Someone needs to watch over the Pumpkinheart and the other needs to transfer its energy. So since Signis needs to be reunited with Magnus anyway, I need you here, Blue, to keep it all under control in case sparks start flying." Interaction between two powerful cores, even if one was the Sun and the other was the Moon, meant that there was a possibility of the energies getting too unstable due to each of their magnanimous power over the stars, nature and elements. "Pumpkinheart is container of the Red Sun and Amber Moon, the primary power sources of the Veritas... But without all of its components from which to draw energy from, it won't have enough energy to power its part of the Veritas." She knew that it had to be protected and kept safe until it was time for it to be restored. "It must stay here. But since you two and Magnus are connected to it, if you two interact, then you will share in his power and he will share in the Pumpkinheart's anyway, which will restore its power faster. Once you meet with Magnus, Signis, the Fourth Moon should be complete." (4:44)

Once the Fourth Moon fell into place, then everyone could relax a little bit and enjoy everything being completely worked out. Hopefully.

It seemed that, even in their cooperative state, some old habits of theirs would die a little hard, for Signis and Blue were on edge; not about fighting each other, but about trying to help one another. Even so, Triere, as usual, came up with the best and most logical solution that settled everything immediately.

"That does make the most sense... Well then, I won't waste any time." She had the most important part to play, being the one who is the Fourth Moon and all. "Until you need me again, Triere," she remarked, dispersing into pure light and spreading across the Dawn. She would, after catching the wave of Magnus Ignis' energy spreading around the Veritas, trace it all the way back to him in order to waste no time in tracking him down and going straight to where he was. Though her energy lingered about the air, her physical form was no more, and would appear where Magnus resided.
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Insangel 67: Vacationing~! (Limited Time Deal!!!)

There was a burst, sending a ripple through time and space that would alert anyone, and everyone, with the ability to sense such things by sending a tingly sensation up all of their spines. From the burst came a flood of powerful chakra, or Life Energy as it was called here, as a body manifested to contain it all. It was the form of a man, standing about 6'3" and built muscularly but not bulky.

"Whoa, shit, remind me to get better coordinates, sheesh." He shook his head, his luxurious mane of snowy white hair appearing on his head and flowing down to just about his neck and styled messily and spiky. Next were his eyes, the same sapphire shade of blue as always, and then his clothes, which were fairly casual for someone traveling through the dimensional barrier. A leather jacket with a fur lined hood with a white t-shirt underneath, some black cargo pants and combat boots, and a few flashy rings and a necklace with a lightning bolt shaped pendant.

He scratched the back of his noggin, looking at himself to make sure that everything had appeared in all the right places (even looking in his pants to make sure everything was kosher there too!) before he nodded. "Alright, guess I'll call someone then. Hope it's Chita or Priere." And he pulsed his chakra, letting it fan out from Hifen and towards all of the territories of the Veritas for people familiar with him to know and feel.

Koudo had come to visit! Perhaps he would settle old scores? Maybe he would bed women that he'd just missed his chance too? Whatever the case, surely this wouldn't be a boring experience for anyone involved!

After settling things with the transportation of the Vertias and Rise of the Fourth Moon with her father, Triere would appear in a place where she felt the energy of that bastard just so happen to appear in this realm, seemingly having been nowhere to be found for quite a long time. Biding her time in her personal Trinity Plane, she'd been studying how to use the power of the Judgemaster and the Card System in order to assist with her 'Law Cards' that were to be given to all the Judges, or, the 'Royal NiGHTs' when that time came. She would have to see her head general, Serulenia, soon.

All of this that had been done in humble contemplation could be put off for a little while whilst she visited this... 'old friend' and 'fated rival,' so to speak. He was many more things to her, but she'd rather not look to such things at the current moment.

"... Finally decided to show up, eh?" she said smugly through an Ice Seal that was keeping her on the other side of the Trinity Plane; the Tundra. They were transparent, and the dimensions themselves would not be connected until the seal itself was shattered and the Ice Portal was released. "... Not like I expected to see the likes of you again." There was a hint of sharpness in her tone, but the piercing red eyes, furrowed brow and smirk on her face was to let him know that it was with all such intent to cut. Naturally, she hadn't forgotten about the events on Vescrutia, even if all of that was long in the past and basically ancient history.

With her arms crossed in a frumpy, yet completely absolute manner, she chuckled to herself, looking around on the other side of the dimension, "... The fuck are you even here, anyway? I thought you'd be having a blast fucking around with those bastards in the Lost World." the realm of ancient history.

Koudo would have been surprised if she hadn't been the first one to show up, after all, they were probably the most connected than anyone else Koudo might have wanted to see. He didn't say anything, standing with his hands on his hips and his head held high, as he looked around at the area that he had appeared within. Shortly after, he just went ahead and reached his hands towards the Ice Seal that had appeared, shattering it and forcing a portal open by manifesting his own right inside of it, so that he could pull Priere. "Get the fuck out here, you." Whether she wanted to or not, Koudo wouldn't take her 'No' for an answer.

"You little bastard!!!" she'd say, falling backward just out of his reach as another Ice Seal appeared behind her and shattered, appearing behind him, "Thinking you can just do whatever you want, as usual! Hmph!" She'd thrust herself backward with a powerful flap of her Crystal Wings, which would send her hurdling into his back in order to push him into the Tundra, "Don't get fresh with me, Koudo!!! You are nowhere NEAR off the hook." Even if she wasn't afflicted by the Insanity, it didn't mean she still wasn't the same Priere-- rather, 'Triere' that she was before... To a certain degree, that is.

"Why you little." Koudo kept reaching for her as she scooted herself backwards, and away from his reach. He was full on prepared to climb inside the damn portal and take the little bitch in his arms for a little bit of pay back. That was, of course, until she craftily bumped him into the portal by coming out on the other side of him. Swiftly, he jumped before falling, and altered his gravity so that he just drifted through one portal, out the other one, and snatched shorter female up in his arms. He didn't waste any time with groping her ass.

"Oh shut up with that, after what you did to me. I deserve this." He was here for fun, after all, and he didn't have that much time. Besides, he was sure that there were others that felt his powerful pulse of chakra, and his burst through the dimensional barrier, and were surely on their way. One, for sure, was gonna be happy to see both Priere and Koudo here at the same time. "A, could you make it snow a little bit?"

Having not closed the portal that she bumped him through, as she probably should have to trap his ass in the 'doghouse' that was her little ice box, he weaseled his way out of getting fucked up yet again, and right into snatching her up into his arms. She blushed a bit at her ass being grabbed, since she wasn't particularly opposed, but at the same time, she definitely was pretty pissed about him and everything he'd put her through. Even still.

Her face became almost as red and fiery as her eyes, which hadn't become any less sharp, even in her flustered embarrassment. She always kept her head about her, as he knew, even when she was going off. "You want some ice, you dog? I'll give it to ya..." Touching her, as he probably should have known, was the worst mistake, considering that her body was, even though it was made of flesh, also made of crystal ice. She would freeze his physical particles in place, leaving him stuck where he was, as she would sift out of his grasp in a fluid transition from a physical form to a misty haze. "... Acting like none of that even happened!! Fuck you." She turned away from him, closing the portals and giving him the cold shoulder. She turned her nose up in the other direction and clenched her hands tightly, an icy froth starting to swirl around her from the molecules in the air suddenly chilling to the point of freezing, even in this type of head.

"And don't think I don't know about you and my cousin... Well, Sister, now." She shot a blazing glare at him from the corner of her eye, a signature sanguine gleam that should have reminded him of someone he definitely shouldn't have forgotten, "Don't forget about my heritage!! Or who the fuck I am!" Fucking with the Tensei, all of the ones that knew of the Family Bond knew things that the others weren't aware of just yet... And it just so happened that both of them knew everything... Even if it only really got to Triere. "Is it because she has BIGGER TITS THAN ME?!" She turned around sharply, the hoarfrost swirling around her and gaining momentum finally firing off at him as a flurry of a thousand Ice Needles, aimed at all his vitals... Especially the heart.

"Even in heat, such as this, you should know..." Said a feminine voice that could have slipped out the throat of an angel. A flurry of snow, a small contained vortex between the spatting rivals, appeared and a hand covered in fair colored skin thrust out and halted Priere's ice needles right before they could pierce through the veil. "Where there is ice, there is also..." The flurry died down, the ice needles melted to water, and a woman full visage appeared for them all. Clad in a flowing white gown, with white fur around neck line, and with hair of white as well and eyes of a piercing icy blue, she smiled at them both. A genuine smile, something they had never seen, before lowering her hand.

"Snow..." Perura, the Snow Queen, finished happily. She... had emerged.

Even with his physical particles frozen, Koudo had been training for this day. She couldn't have thought that he was wasting his time doing nothing on Vescrutia while she was gone. He could still use his chakra, and it was nothing to hyper activate his molecules. They began moving faster, causing his body to seemingly vibrate, generating heat and defrosting themselves so he could move out of the way of her attack, or allow it to pass right through him.

There was no need though as the being he'd asked her to make it snow for appeared in between them like his guardian angel. Surely her emergence would distract Priere, and he used that time to slip right from behind Perura, with the speed he was known for, and slip right behind Priere just to take her in his arms again and do unspeakable things to her chesticles with his hands. "You got it all wrong baby, me and Chita have something more special than a just a physical attraction. Same thing with me and you." Playfully, of course, he give her cheek a peck before disappearing from behind her and back to Peruras side before she could really do anything to retaliate against him.

"Besides." He locked his fingers behind his head. "I've never had sex with Chita, though God, and Khrona, know that I want too." He licked his lips at the thought of it, laughing sleezily at it all. "The things I would do to that supple, perfectly toned, sexy body of hers. Shame we couldn't destroy a couple villages together, and let lust flourish, after me and Mana fell through."

"P-Perura?!" Her lips stuttered as though effected by the chill, but these two ice cold sisters were more than accustomed to such chilly environs, and it was clear that only the shock shook her lips and not the glitter freeze that was shared between the Ice Queen and the Snow Queen. "What are you doing here--" As pleased (and surprised) as she was to see her most favored member of the old gang (for obvious reasons), her least favorite member (for even further obvious reasons) would slip his sneaky self behind her in a flash whilst she was distracted, fondling her up like he owned the place.

"Oh? She knows, huh?" she'd say, looking up to him with burning eyes set to kill, not worried about him fondling her... "... Well, I DO TOO!!!" As usual, Perura would sink into the background after being the icy wall between the two for but a moment before the heat melted by the ever perceptive eyes of the ice-cold mistress. She'd flash freeze the immediate area encompassing both she and he by extracting all of the heat in the area and drawing it into herself, leaving a huge crystal around the two of them in the shape of what an implosion would look like if completely frozen and filled with ice where the heat that was drawn in that swiftly should have been. Triere, it seemed, was able to move through this solidified crystal as though it were not physically there, even though it was very clear, from Koudo's standpoint, that it was all solid crystal ice. Her body, blurred by the translucence of the flash-frozen area, would begin to refract upon each of the icy edges like a kaleidoscope of ice mirrors.

"I bet this will teach you when I burn your tongue off..." She'd catch him right in the middle of him finishing his sentence, mouth hanging wide open and stopping this oh-so-fast cat right in his tracks. "ETERNAL DAMNATION!!!" With the heat she drew from around the immediate area, she would release, within the frozen implosion, a thin, but hot beam of her searing anger from her eyes that would, in but a flash of red, refract from every single icy edge until that searing beam's heat filled the entirety of the frozen implosion and shattered, melted and destroyed the ice in a moderately magnificent explosion. She would be standing before him, eyes still ablaze with the remnants of her anger, glaring at him just outside of his touch, "That should wipe that goofy grin off your face and shut your filthy mouth. Tch."

She turned her head swiftly in the other direction, looking to Perura as though none of that had just occurred, feeling more than relieved after completely emptying her hatred (in that single moment) to be focused on blowing Koudo to smithereens, "So, Perura! It's so great to see you!! It's been too long! What... How are... I thought you were stuck on Vescrutia, too!!" Even though she definitely could have just been unknowingly scooped up in the move, as Triere was sure that some people who wished to come along were, it was still widely unknown who actually made it and came to the Veritas once it made the split and who was left behind. It was a matter of choice, not a matter of force, so those that wished to stay would have simply passed through the crystal once the Tree uprooted and ascended off the planet before it was closed off by the Void (like Goku's Nimbus). She was also a little more bold about speaking, it seemed, as with the maturation of her form, it seemed there were many other things that were sprouting in her, as well. "Now we can actually have a conversation without you being so silent. Hmhm~." Not that Triere wasn't aware of how to communicate with Perura before, even when she didn't speak. They just had a connection like that; that's why they were like sisters.

Koudo half expected all of these things to occur, he just liked getting a rise out of Priere more than anything else, and it was fun to torment her. Still, as she did her thing, he made sure to protect himself by covering his body in his chakra. Long story short, at the end of it all, if his body was destroyed or not, Koudo would reconstitute as if nothing happened and sneak his arms back around Priere's waist and rest his chin on her shoulder as she began talking to Perura.

"Geez and here you were upset the last time we saw each other because I hadn't been giving you enough affection. You're so tsundere." He teased, before looking at Perura as well without moving from where he was. "Yeah, Perura, you kinda vanished after I turned down yours and King's offer to work at DWMA. Why didn'y you guys just mention the new Shinigami, that cute little monster. I would have come running." He added to Priere's statement. He hadn't seen Perura much at all after that. Just as she was Priere's favorite member of the old gang, so was she his. Partially because she didn't get so damn mad about nothing like a certain someone.

Thinking about it, he wondered when Chita would show her face. He couldn't tease her like he could Priere, but maybe she'd be more open and honest about his advances. Koudo just wanted to have fun before he had to go back. Made him wonder about Friday too... Man, he really liked trying to fuck Priere's sisters, cousins, mothers and aunts huh?

Perura rose her hand, allowing a few flakes of the neverending snow that followed her to touch fall in her hand. She turned her head and looked at her too friends, finding them humorous enough to smile and even chuckle a little bit before placing a hand to her stomach. "I... was with child. And I go where the snow falls." The second thing she said was probably a bit vague, but Perura couldn't particularly explain it herself. She assumed it had something to do with her growth in power, but she wasn't sure. In any case, her and King had conceived children, twins, who were full grown women now since Perura and King were timeless beings now.

She sneered at Koudo without looking at him, gritting her teeth tightly as he wrapped around her, "You're lucky..." she whispered frostily, letting her chilly hand slide up to touch his face, "... That you've been forgiven for your crimes..." She gave him a quick slap to his face, a sting of which should have been felt thoroughly with the gelid climate that surrounded she and Perura, then turned her head up to his neck and bit into it gently, "... Or else I'd fuck you up again..." she whispered, letting her icy lips leave a cold kiss on his nape. Like a vampiress, the heat from his body would be sucked out again with the parting of her lips from his skin, leaving a chill surging up and down his spine before she returned her attention to Perura.

"With child? Man, the gang musta been split up for a long time..." Triere hadn't really noticed since she spent most of that time flipping through pages of the Tensei Lore in order to memorize every last bit of it, as well as her powers. She hadn't fully understood everything, but she definitely had it all in her head. She was a smart lass, despite her sometimes 'tsundere' ways, as Koudo noted... So, as long as the information was in her head, she could break it down as she perused the Veritas. The way her father had written it down was, as most, if not ALL his movements, cryptic at the very least. All of the information was there, but it was just in a fucked up order to keep people from uncovering it. Damn him. "And if you go wherever the snow falls, I'll just leave a blizzard in my path and know you're somewhere nearby." She shrugged her shoulders, figuring things down to that sort of point rather than what, perhaps, the true intent of her words may have been.

"The way things are looking, we might actually be able to get the gang going again..." Triere definitely wasn't opposed, since she wasn't for all this 'orderly' bullshit, despite how she followed it to the T. She was so in order that she was like an anarchic antarctic, so to speak; cold and in order, as is her role as the Judgemaster, but still doing whatever the fuck she wanted to do, and always being fair and completely true to the rules... Even when setting new ones or altering old ones. "I wouldn't mind being around YOU all the time, Perura..." Her snide remark was CLEARLY a stab at Koudo, even if not directed at him.

"Oh right, that Snow Queen thing isn't just a title, its the real deal. You and King are timeless now." Koudo commented as he began moving his fingers to tickle Priere's sides. Koudo had figured it out when they had come to visit him while he was training in a pocket of heavy gravity that altered space and time to the point where he could train for what felt like years but no time would pass on the outside. It would have crushed most, aged others to the end of their lives, but Perura and King walked through like it was absolutely nothing at all. He supposed Perura uniting with her other half and bathing in the lingering magic of the late Arachne had grown her power past limits Koudo hadn't even forseen.

"Oh is that so? Guess I'll go and give my affections to any one of your sisters, cousins, or aunts cuz I know their all itching for a piece of me." He could make sharp remarks right back, but he was semi-joking. He had assumed, after her eye beams of super death, that Priere had forgiven him and they'd both seemed to have accepted the type of relationship that they shared. This time, Koudo just didn't seem opposed to being more 'hands on' with Priere since he wasn't in any actually relationships now. That and he was still going through his draconic puberty, so wanting to spread his seed and assert dominance.

He slipped himself from behind Priere and stepped up besides the two women with his arms folded and nodding his head. "Congrats to you and King, what'd you two have?"

Perura rose her hand, gathering snow flakes as she did so and generating a massive amount of her own to the point that it spilled from her hands like a small avalanche. She compacted the snow into the perfect snowball before expanding it and condensing it to the point that it became a crystal ball. Within it the visage of two women appeared, one with scarlet colored hair and the other with icy blue hair, and they looked exactly the same. "Rosalia and Anemone, my twin daughters." Behind the two women, a man appeared clad in armor that blazed with green and blue flames and had a cape made of the same. "King, my husband, the heat to my cold." Perura looked visible happy seeing them within this crystal ball and they could appear any and everywhere that she wanted them too. King was always with her, and his heat made her stronger, but she allowed her daughters to live as they pleased and where ever they pleased.

Thinking about it now, Perura's eyes began to water a little bit before she began to weep silently with joy. "We can, and always are, with you two forever. Eternally friends." She was happy that she could finally see them both, together, just like old times. They had been the only ones to accept her when she wasn't complete and hard to deal with, she genuinely loved Perura like the sister she always wanted and Koudo as the brother she never had. "I love you Priere, Koudo."

As she was tickled by Koudo, she remained ice cold, not even cracking a smile at him in his attempt to get a rise out of here. She looked at him for a moment or two then returned her attention to Perura, of whom seemed to be more of interest at this point than Koudo's punk ass. "Awww..." she cooed, smiling warmly at Perura, feeling the same thing within herself; something she could always tell with her was how she was feeling, and it seemed that even in her being able to speak more openly, that hadn't changed.

With that, she stretched out her arms and embraced Perura, letting their icy chills fill each other with a warmth that only the two of them would be able to understand; the embrace of the ice that felt so natural to them, like heat to the sun. "Yeah, I love you too, Perura..." Even when Koudo's bitch ass left her in the clutch, Perura was always there, somewhere right nearby, or simply within at least speaking terms of Triere. "I hope this means that you'll stay with us now. Things are happening in the Veritas and, well, since my dad's not really running it, but just kinda keeping it up... It's a free land." Without the chains of Vescrutia's planetary rule binding it, nor of Khrona's Insanity rampaging through it anymore, it was basically just land to be tamed by whomever wished to roam through it.

She let Perura go and placed her hands on her hips, sighing deeply, as though refreshed by the entire scenario, "... I wouldn't mind going on an adventure, ya know? I've been cooped up in that Ice Sanctuary all this time..." she rolled her eyes. She knew it was necessary for her to do what she needed to do and live up to the position as Judgemaster, but even so, she wasn't particularly fond of all that studying she was basically FORCED to do. Downside of being HIS daughter... After all. But at least he and she both knew that with her holding things down, there would be no unfair Judgment. She was the fairest of them all, despite her temperament, at times.

"You got any plans or anything? I haven't really been doing much nor had to do much..." All she had to do was make rules and enforce them, really, and make sure that they were being kept. Otherwise... She was basically free to do whatever at any given time.

Koudo might not have had the unspoken bond that Perura and Priere shared, but he could understand her feelings all the same. There was never a moment where Perura hadn't been there when he needed her, or anyone: She was the heart and soul, the linchpin, of their gang. Without her, they would have never survived as long as they had, and Koudo and Priere might have killed one another a long time ago. Thinking on it, he felt bad that he hadn't been there for her just the same amount when she so selflessly gave herself to them to prove her friendship.

He joined in one their hug session, wrapping his arms around both of the women and resting his head against Perura's, making sure not to ruffle her perfectly groomed mane of snow white hair, but only did so for a short time before removing his arms and folding them across his chest. As he did that, he activated his sensory threads and let the millions of tiny threads of chakra, invisible to the eyes of his female companions, fan out at incalculable speeds to reach across the entirety of the Veritas as a whole. Where ever the threads were, so was he, essentially, and he could sense any and everyone. He was looking for someone in particular though.

"Unfortunately, ladies, my being here will be short lived. I can't stay because I have things I need to finish up back on Vescrutia with my family. I did get a pretty sweet power while you've been gone though." The mention of it brought a happy smirk to his face. The Nova Force made Koudo a cosmic level threat, and he was getting the hang of accessing it without almost killing himself in the process. "However, I should be around for a quick adventure, after I see the other person I need to see."

Perura felt her friends warmth as they embraced her after she got, uncharacteristically, emotional. She hadn't meant to, in fact it just happened out of nowhere. Perura had only just begun being able to express emotions and she still couldn't control them. When she felt something new, or just a power emotion in general, she practical faltered to it. Seeing Koudo and Priere overwhelmed her with a sense of nostalgia, bittersweet sorrow, and joy. It was a surprise that she wasn't crying harder than she already was now.

She relished in the their hug for a while, until they pulled away, and smoothed out her white gown before clasping her hands together in front of her. "I shall follow where ever you lead. King manages the castle, and I am free as snowflakes in the wind." It hurt a bit that Koudo wouldn't be allowed to remain with them, but she understood why without him explaining his situation. From what she could see with her Soul Perception, there was already another in this realm that shared his soul and his entire essence; Tama. Koudo, unfortunately, didn't belong here, but perhaps when he left Priere and Perura could find his reincarnation.

As Koudo extended his chakra or whatever about the Veritas, it would only reach the borders of Hifen, which was a hotspot located in THE LOST WORLD'S Sun. A tiny piece of the Veritas still remained in order to watch that place in the isolation it created for itself, where any of those that existed within the Veritas were able to enter at any given time as long as they did so through the Dimension Gate. Koudo's waves wouldn't get out of the Hotspot. It was marked where Chita and Alex Star made their mark on the sun and left their energies there in some sort of horrible sick twisted one-sided-rival love that seemed to be a scorching love note from that pink haired bastard for the redhead he loved long before Koudo had eyes for her. When Triere felt this, she realized then that this world was, even in its connection to the Veritas and owned as the Veritas' property, still existed in the isolated space that was within Vescrutia's entire atmosphere. It was like they could sit there and watch them be consumed.

"Yeah, you won't get anywhere that way," she muttered, shaking her head, as though he thought that just because she wasn't paying attention that it meant that it changed anything about her lineage, "You need to get inside of the gate to get anyone else. I'm just me, so I found you immediately." She had tabs on him, of course, which was why she also appeared inside of the Trinity Plane first, of which Koudo opened up from the other side, thereby letting her in and forging the pathway for her. She could now enter freely, but he still couldn't get in without talking to Tinasanti.

"You want me to ask Tina to open the gate, or something...? Don't be bringing any of that Vescrutia bullshit into the Veritas. If you're dirty, you can definitely stay here and rot on that condemned planet." She glared at him and a sanguine gleam shot from her eyes, first toward him, then at the planet that she could watch over for all time now. Even though she already felt like she KNEW who he was looking for, she still grit her teeth and pretended like she didn't. Looks like he already started getting on her bad side after his brief return.

However, like a light switching from 'red' to 'green,' she flipped her head toward Perura, "Sweet~! Maybe we can get new members to join along, too. We can go back to the HQ and figure out how to turn this lifeless land badass." It would be advantageous if she were able to get a Beastkin and a Fae... But she'd have to put her tactical mind to the side for the moment as she basked in the beautiful warmth all around. It was cool enough to support any type of life; a spot on the sun that resembled a large pupil of sorts, barely visible from down on the planet's surface. "This is a nice vacation spot, though. They picked a really nice place for this..." She admired how beautiful this place was as she awaited Koudo's answer. As Judgemaster, she couldn't allow anything to slide with anyone about anything EVER. He was gonna hafta go through the proper protocols in order to contact someone in the mainland, ESPECIALLY since Vescrutia was a completely isolated realm. If anything was brought from that place, it would be killed instantaneously once it was found out. That place is far too dirty to allow any of that into this world. Nor of the other ones. In fact, the entire realm would be closed off if any filth was found in it, and every connected realm that was infected would be dropped off without question. That might need to be done to another place soon... Considering that it was very swiftly becoming dead weight...

"I think we have our Huff Kingdom..." she muttered under her breath, snickering. Who she was talking to was unknown, but it was probably to Tina, considering that she was, along with her three sisters, what made up Tina itself now. "I'm sure Tabi will have fun..." she giggled, smiling cutely at the thought. "Yeah... Yeah, have fun, Tabitha. You definitely deserve it..." how she loved her dear sisters.

"Fine, fine, do the thing or whatever." Koudo said as his sensory threads receded back into his body, his chakra reuniting with itself inside his body. As much as he despised protocol, and rules, Koudo understood that they were important in upholding a utopia-like world. Personally, it was one of the reasons why he didn't feel like he would be able to thrive here, and why he hadn't found a way to exist in both places at the same time.

He wondered what came of the him that existed here already, and she was who he'd been looking for. If he could help, Koudo wished to avoid ever meeting her since he was sure the Tamura chakra in her would drive her to seek answers that she wasn't ready for. It would be simpler for him to avoid her if he knew where she was.

Perura nodded her head in agreement with Priere's wishes, because they aligned exactly with what she was thinking. "I have someone in mind." She leaned in and whispered in the ear of her soul sister, and she put a finger to her lips to signal Priere to remain quiet from asking. They would speak about it, but outside the presence of the third part of their Triforce.

She returned to her neutral position and looked towards Koudo. It was a real shame that they would loss the third part of their trinity, but the person she had in mind could, theoretically, replace him without much trouble. She was sure that the thought had crossed Priere's mind as well.

Triere turned her nose up, huffing haughtily as an Ice Seal appeared beside her, where a translucent gateway would open to the face of the entity that was the Veritas itself. Part of it mirrored her own. "Tina..." she muttered, letting Tina issue the connections as they needed to occur.

Triere nodded her head slowly, having known about the person in question due to her extensive knowledge on the realm itself. She did not know everyone that was there, but she definitely knew a select few; especially those that interacted with Tabitha already. All three of them were connected as a single entity, after all... Which was Tina, herself. The Veritas. None could get in without consent from all three sisters after having been given word by their parents on either side of the gateway. It was a very intricate and complex system in order to ensure that Insanity kept its place outside of their presence, and Vescrutia was like a nuclear wasteland for it, unfortunately. If there were a security breach, one of them would feel it and intercept in the best way possible based on their skills; either as separate units or all together as the entire realm itself; one single unit, that counted as their weapon... the Xanadu. She could see the spot where the Darkness was starting to consume the entire planet in blackness... The Darkness that existed in its place...

"... That's terrible..." she mentioned at the thought of it, turning to Koudo and knowing that he had to go back to it. "Well, you're allowed to at least come here now. Anytime you get ready. This can be your vacation spot... Call somebody and we'll meet up." It was really just as simple as that. Unlike anyone else, he had exclusive rights and movements to that isolated space. He couldn't come DIRECTLY into the Veritas, but perhaps, if he could find a way to channel his energy (considering he was a sage, after all,) then he could find a way for parts of him to come in here and there, like his spirit, or perhaps the emblem that her father gave to him. She was sure that it was the Topaz, since last she checked, no one else got the Lightning Guardian. No one had ever even been to his shrine, in all honesty.

"But that aside, did you want to go anytime soon, Perura, or did you want to hang out here in the Hotspot for a little while and watch the planet fall into darkness from afar?"

As the young mistress called for Tinasanti, the portal that appeared between them allowed her to see what was going on in the Hotspot. The same sort of portal marked with the Tensei seal spread in the dimensional rip before his eyes, separating the mainland from the outskirts. "What do you wish of me?" she asked, images of her hands swaying in the wavelengths whilst her actual arms remained affixed in perfect harmonious tranquility, awaiting their time to move in the cosmos.

"Roger that." Koudo responded nonchalantly. He figured that if he ever made a second, or even third, trip back here then he would connect with Priere, or Perura, somehow and announce it before jumping dimensions. There was definitely a way for him to do so, a simple snowstorm would bring Perura swiftly, but he would need to find the time to research how to.

Slowly, Koudo wrapped his arms around Priere's neck, loosely, clinging to her. He could tell that she was worried about him without saying so, or he assumed that she was without any basis for the assumption. "I'll be fine, Priere. I might even be their salvation." He leaned down and whispered in her ear, hoping to quiet the worries that he assumed she was having. Then he looked to Perura, glad that she was choosing to stay with Priere on the Veritas. Currently, on Vescrutia, no one was doing anything to fight the horsemen. Leaders had disappeared, everyone became passive, and it seemed like the entire world had accepted their fate. Koudo would remain as the defier of fate that he was known as. A reputation he, Maina and Naina, Priere and Perura had all built together.

Perura hadn't any plans she could think of, nor any places that she immediately wanted to visit. She wasn't sure why, but everything seemed within her reach at all times so she could go anywhere whenever she wanted; as long as there was snow, which she could create herself. Gently, she touched a hand to her face and thought for a brief moment on, perhaps, if there was someone that she wanted to see. If there was then where ever they were was where she wanted to go. Unfortunately, there was no one on her mind at this time besides King, who was always there, Rosalia and Anemone, who both reside in different worlds doing the will of their Father and Mother, respectively.

"I can't say that there is a place in which I wish to go, but watching a world fall to darkness is a no-no. Priere where do you wish to go."

"Right where we need to be; Where I left my soul," she muttered to herself mostly, waiting to be reunited with Signis after so long... Blue was watching her the entire time and keeping her safe and cool, but now it was, apparently, time yet again to make these moves. "Yes, Tina. Please escort Perura and I to the Amber Moon, and assist Koudo with connecting to whomever he wishes to see for whatever reason..." She rolled her eyes, then turned to Perura... And, Koudo, too, actually, since he probably didn't know, either, "... It's 'Triere' now, by the way. I earned my mark. (7:17)" They probably wouldn't understand what any of that 'Tensei' logic was, but it didn't make any difference save for what her name was now. And now they knew. When Tina made the connection, she would exit.

However, before she left, she had to do one last thing... She hovered over to Koudo, giving him a kiss on his cheek, "I love you, too, Koudo. That's why, whenever you want to see me... Come to this place, and I will meet you here..." She knew what this was about, and she wanted to at least thank him in some way by letting him see whom he truly wished to see here. "At least I got to see you one more time... Like this, I mean." Next time they saw each other, she'd be looking at him through a different set of Tensei eyes... It was a shame that they didn't work out, though, honestly. But, they would always have Hifen. And he'd probably find someone better for him than she was, anyway. For her, this was closure. Now they could end on a good note and visit anytime. "See ya, Koudo. It's been real." She gave him the 'Peace Out' sign cutely with her fingers, grabbing Perura's hand so that when the transfer occurred, they would simply be prepared to go together.

Once given her instructions, Tina would immediately collect both Triere and Perura from the Hotspot in the Sun and, at the same time, once feeling some direction from Tear, extend her hand to the Fourth Moon, where Triere and Perura wished to be connected to.

Simultaneously, she would look to Koudo from the other side of the translucent seal and inquire, "Who do you wish to see?"

So that was the end, and Koudo was fine with it as he placed a hand to his cheek and set the two women off with a salute. They had never come together and made up a gang hand shake or anything, so he figured a salute was just as good. "Right, you two let me know if you need your Triforce of Courage. I'll come runnin'!" He grinned for a little while, until they were both gone, before he calmed down.

With that out the way, Koudo felt a nice amount of weight lift from his shoulder. It'd been weighing on him what had happened to Triere and Perura both, as well as what had transpired between him and Triere before the Veritas had split away from Vescrutia. Now with this amount of closure, he could move without worrying. Past that, Koudo probably would never find a woman better than Mana or Triere and he decided to stop looking. All his relationship since Mana had been purely sexual in nature and it was a more comfortable lifestyle for the Vagabond.

He turned to Tina, who was waiting patiently for his answer on where he wanted to go. He didn't have anyone in immediate thought, besides Chita, so he shrugged his shoulders. "Surprise me cutie. I'm on vacation, light as a feather, and down for anything." He regretted not bringing the girls along with him now; they'd be sad they couldn't say their goodbyes to their soul sisters. Maybe next time he'd bring them, and Yui too.

"As you wish," she responded clearly, pulling the strings on the grand Crystal Nexus and pulling from the end of the thread one that was tied closely to Koudo; she whom he previously knew as 'Chita.' A portal opened up and dropped her from where she was previously, as if exchanging places with Triere on the spot. "Here is Tifaret C.Lombardi." After completing the connection, Tina would immediately close the portal until her services were needed again. With that, Tifa and Koudo were left to do as they saw fit within the isolated realm. (6:59)

Without having any time to even comprehend what all had just occurred before her eyes, and even within herself, Tifa was taken elsewhere, yet again, as though she were just flung in another direction by Tear. Though, this time, it didn't seem to be Tear's doing at all. No, there was a difference in the way the energy flowed. She wasn't sure who that redhead was, nor why there were pumpkins involved, but something about it just... clicked inside of her. Like she knew some things that previously were being kept from her.

"... I see..." she muttered to herself, similarly to how Tear spoke to her before, no longer lost and confused. She felt the warmth of this place and remembered when she and Alex Star made this together... Like a scorching love note from that bastard and his red hair. "... If only he were a chick. I would have definitely boned him." She shrugged her shoulders. He was also far too immature for her taste, anyway... Not to say that, back then, she wasn't the same way. In fact, from the way Tear spoke to her... She was the same way to him. That would actually grind her gears a bit, to think that she would compare herself to... 'Alex Star' in the eyes of another. She shuddered.

"... Damn that kid." Shaking her head, she finally noticed Koudo standing relatively close by. Tifa hopped up, nonchalantly, like nothing had even happened, on one of the bar stools that were before the Hawaiian looking shack in the midst of the resort, just before one would reach the sand of the beach. "Yo, Koudo! What are you doing here?"

Koudo sighed. In the heat of Hifen, it seemed a bad idea to keep this leather jacket on, and so he decided to take it off and casually toss it over his shoulder. Pit stains on his white t-shirt were the least of his worries, though, he just hated being hot. Maybe it had something to do with the elemental affinity his chakra usually took. He wasn't particularly sure. Everything about him seemed to always funnel back to his chakra.

"Burning the fuck up, currently, and thinking about killing somebody for a drink of whiskey." He answered honestly as he began to wave himself. He hadn't noticed the temperature earlier since the two mistresses of Cool, Triere and Perura, had minimized it and, essentially, made the perfect tepid environment in which he was the most comfortable. Now, he felt like he needed to lose his t-shirt too in order to return to that equilibrium.

He stopped fanning himself, turning his head towards were Chita had taken her seat, and stroking his chin that was beginning to grow stubble. "So, got any?" He asked with that playfully roguish grin he'd cultivated a reputation, and, according to one of his partners, a "cult following", for having. He assumed it was just the jealousy talking.

"Dude," she scoffed at him in a kiddish manner through a lackadaisical grin, "This is my personal Private Resort. Of course I've got some drinks in the back." She planted her hand firmly upon the surface of the table and used it as leverage to hop over and to the back, where the bartender usually stood. She ducked down for a moment, rustling of glass heard clattering underneath, before she whipped out a loaded bottle waiting to be cracked open. "Want the whole bottle, or you need a glass or something?" It would be pretty nice to chill at her resort on a day like today and just relax... Especially after all of the crap she just went through without much rhyme nor reason. Some of it she was still barely understanding, but it would come to her in time. Maybe a decent little chat or something. "It's been a while. Last time we talked, we had that badass fight before you went back to deal with cuzzo." She, just in case, whipped out another bottle, having it prepared just in case.

Koudo genuinely smiled at the sound of that, and those bottles clanking towards, not to mention the sweet view he got of her butt as she jumped over the bar top. "I plain to be here for a while, so we can start with a couple glasses." Koudo replied as he walked up to the bartop, tossed his coat on a stool and sat on another one, "Hope you are a light weight."

Koudo genuinely enjoyed quality whiskey, and it was the only thing that his body would allow him to get drunk on. With his near-constant rapid cell regeneration, most alcohols never had an affect on him so he could drink most things for forever and it'd just be like drinking water. Whiskey, since it was his favorite, he assumed he mentally allowed to influence him so he could actually enjoy it.

Scratching his head, Koudo folded his arms on the bar top and lowered it with a sigh. "Yeeeah, we didn't last very long after that." Koudo confessed with another sigh. Chita was one of his closest friends, possibly even closer than Triere herself, and he found himself confiding in her more than he did any other. He hoped she didn't mind, but his falsely perceived, and nearly, self-absorbed and amoral personality didn't allow him to think that she did.

"She dumped me."

At the request for glasses, Tifa lowered her hand behind the bar and pulled up two; not too great in volume, but enough where he could sip his drink for a while without needing another pour. Playing 'bartender' in the back, she listened to his troubles with the non-Tensei side of the family and found herself a little shocked to hear that they didn't last. "What?" she exclaimed mid-pour, nearly spilling some of the liquid gold on the counter top, "How did THAT happen?" It didn't sound like Mana to simply go dumping people... But, there was a lot going on in the family and just on Vescrutia in general when the Veritas was still connected to it. Not only that, she hadn't talked to the Rituke side of the family in quite some time, regardless, and hadn't seen how the kids had been developing. It was kinda nice to be able to look at the planet from up on its sun, even if some of the areas were looking kinda... Not so hot. No pun intended.

"You must have fucked it up somehow," she joked, pouring herself a glass and sliding his cup over to him after dropping a few ice cubes in it, "Didn't you~?" Though she didn't ask directly, it was definitely her way of inquiring about the situation further, in so many words. They were close enough where such directness wasn't necessary, since the meaning was understood due to how well they knew each other. It was actually pretty nice to have friendly ties with someone so that some things could be left unsaid, even if to others, they would probably need it. She placed the bottle back on the table, which would already be half gone from filling both their cups. She raised her cup up to him, as though signaling to toast, wanting to also recognize this time of relaxation that they two of them could share in peace without worry of some fucked up terrible shit happening all over the place.

Koudo sighed even louder, if that was even possible with him letting out his draconic roar of anguish, as he held his hand out to catch his sliding glass with looking up. "Yeah, I fucked up." He answered truthfully, knowing exactly what had driven Mana away and how he could have prevented it. No matter how much he knew how to do it, he just couldn't willingly deviate from what he was trained, practically from birth, to do: Kill.

Koudo rose his head, and his glass, and tapped it against hers before taking a couple sips and sitting the cup back down on the bar top. He let the liquor sitting in his mouth for a little while before savoring it as he swallowed it down. After that, he spoke up. "I knew she was close to leaving anyway, had been talking a lot about wanting to experience new things and find out about what her ascension to Goddess allowed her to do and what it meant. Unfortunately, I couldn't help her as much as I wanted too, since I needed to work to provide for my sister and my 'pack.'"

He stopped talking and took another sip from his glass, but let this one go down much faster than he had the first one. He'd gotten accustom to the taste of it now. "We got into an argument about why I killed for money instead of doing something else, she didn't like the answer, she wanted to experience more of the world than stay with a murderer and she left me." He finished up and looked towards Chita to see how she was reacting to the story. He'd heavily generalized it, and didn't mention how he'd really fallen afterwards, but he figured she would get the gist and understand the entirety. She was one of the smarter people he'd met on the Lost World, street and book.

With a clink of their glasses, she took a swig of her own, listening to his story through the sips of her cup. The story sounded a bit interesting, but something about the 'ascension to Goddess' reminded her about what the whole Tensei struggle was all about. Must have been more of their mother's heritage in there rather than their father's, considering that his lineage was exceedingly more magically inclined.

"So, let me get this straight," she said rather bluntly, leaning over the table in a bit of disbelief, "You're telling me that she left you because she was becoming a Goddess? That sounds a little pompous, if you ask me. If you love each other, those things shouldn't matter." She looked down at her glass, swirling it in her hand, sighing deeply whilst looking down forlornly at her reflection in the shimmering liquid. She saw her face and found it pathetic, actually... What did she know about Love when she could barely fathom it, herself? Must have been the Crystal Heart talking, or something... Couldn't have been her.

After her brief pause to reflect on how much of a hypocrite she sounded like, she caught herself before she went to far on a different train of thought, "... Sounds to me like she was the one that was wrong..." Her voice was a lot less forceful than before, almost like she was wayward in her speech and in her thoughts, "... But hey, if that's not the type of life she wanted, she shouldn't have gotten with you in the first place. Just not meant to be, I say." She said that with much more confidence than before, gulping down a large portion of her drink after coming to such a conclusion. With an exasperated sigh of relief, and also with a bit of disdain for the actual taste of the drink, she would exhale sharply and set her glass on the table.

"... At least you had somebody." In all her years, Tifa, not even as Chita, had ever actually been with anyone. She wanted to, so very badly, but even people that she'd formed bonds with that seemed to have a deeper connection with her turned out to not be 'the one' for her. She knew that she had a thing for chicks, and knew herself to be a lesbian, but at the same time, there were times where she also felt for guys, like Alex Star and even Koudo. She wasn't sure what to make of it... And after going through puberty basically all on her own, there were many things that she still didn't quite understand. No father. Nigh unbearable mother. She had to discover all of her secrets about herself on her own. "... Man, I'd kill to have someone right now... Or, ever, really..." She didn't want to be like her mother and rope people in with seduction, even if it ran thick in her blood. That wasn't the type of life she wanted, even if she was gifted with the body to do so. No matter how much she liked sex and all that came with it... Something in her prevented her from acting on it. Perhaps, that Sealing Wavelength...

"But whatever. I... I guess I'll either find someone or be alone forever. I've been alone all this time, so it's no big deal." She shrugged it off, not even paying attention to the fact that she'd, even still, found a way for her thoughts to divert from the subject and off on a tangent. "Don't mind me," she had to say, clearing up the blatant impoliteness she knew was there from her tangent, "I just get lost in my own head sometimes." It wasn't that she didn't hear nor that she was paying attention, it was just that the conversation sparked things in her head that she just hadn't been thinking of before. "... No, but go on. What's up with your 'pack' and your sister? I haven't heard much about either of them, if at all." Last time they met up, they were having an epic battle, so they didn't get to talk too much on things outside of general 'catching up,' as they usually always did for the short time that they ever came back into contact. Whilst they had this time to relax and enjoy her family's resort, she felt that she might as well have a more deep conversation with him until it was time for either of them to be on their way. Making the most of this time, since it probably wouldn't happen again for a while, if ever. She took another sip as she waited for his response.

Koudo let his fingers dance on the glass, tapping it lightly, as he turned his head away from Chita and stared down into the liquid of the glass. He could see the solemn look on his face reflecting back up at him and he really didn't like it. After he left the Veritas, for the second time, to strike out on his own, he'd gotten a lot more carefree, so seeing this serious look really killed his vibe. He thought about taking another drink, but waited and just swirled the liquor around in his cup.

As he figured, Chita got the gist of the situation from how general he kept the explanation, there was something that she'd gotten a skewed perspective on. Mana hadn't left because she was becoming a goddess, that wasn't the issue and she was already in goddess form when they were together. She left because, much like Koudo, she had an adventurer's spirit and wanted to experience new things. Their argument about why he continued to murder to survive was the catalyst for her to know it was time to leave.

He couldn't blame her either, or say that how things ended up was wrong on her part. When it came to relationships, especially with romantic ones, Koudo was always one to get what he wanted and leave things before anyone could really get too attached. With Mana, she was his first long term relationship and it felt natural that, after a while, they would eventually split up. Nothing even last, especially first loves, and he wished her the best with no regrets, even though he was wounded deeply about it. He'd always been light on Mana, while he could be hard and dark towards everyone else, and that didn't change. He'd still love her for the rest of his life and he knew, or wished deep down, that she felt the same way.

So when Chita finally got to her ending phrase, Koudo nodded and drunk to it. There was nothing else to say beside that it wasn't meant to be, and he'd accepted that with relative passivity. Even as it was happening, he didn't try to stop her because he didn't want to seem demanding, overbearing, or even abusive. He didn't want to stunt her growth as a person, or goddess, either. He couldn't protect her forever, and she needed to experience more hardships than she was used too so she could grow into the type of adult that she wanted to be.

"Chita..." He whispered after swallowing his drink, and looked towards her as she began sinking into her feelings. He supposed it was selfish of him to discuss his relationship problems with her, when he didn't know much about how relationships were going for her. In fact, he didn't know if she had ever even dated anyone. He just figured that she had slightly muted level of promiscuity, when compared to her mother, but was still active.

He wanted to reach over and, perhaps give her a hug. He itched to catch her in her feelings and take advantage of it by pushing up on her. He'd always been attracted to Chita, more than in a purely sexual sense, but he didn't do either thing. They were really good friends right now, and he track record for keeping his female 'friends' after they'd been together, in that way, wasn't too good. Scarlet had been the only one who understood him, and his complexities, deep enough to know not to hold it against him. There were some abandonment issues he hadn't worked through.

He lightened his gaze, turning his head to look towards the back of the bar as he stilled his fingers on his glass. She said not to mind it, so he stayed quiet on it. He got like that too. "Ah them? Everyone's doing fine. For a while, Yui had to get used to Mana not being in the house anymore since she'd really taken a shine to her, but Naina was able to explained why she was gone in a way Yui could understand much better than I ever could. She's getting so big now too, and so smart, so cute. Soon, she'll start wanting to learn how to use chakra and I know she's Water Affinity like me." He could gush about his doted on little sister all day if he wanted, but he choose to leave it there.

"The girls are doing great, didn't approve of how I handled myself for a while after the break-up, and all my animals are just fine too." Them, he could speak less about. Not because he didn't care for them, but the girls were largely independent except for when they were all tackling a really hard job together. His menagerie was never that interesting a conversation unless the person he was talking to was really into exotic wildlife. Chita, for as interesting a character she was, didn't seem the type.

He rose his glass and finished the rest of the drink with a satisfied sigh afterwards as he used on of his fingers to bend the ice back into water and drink that as well. Water pushed the liquor through his system faster, so that he could get drunk sooner rather than later. He turned to Chita and offered the glass she that she could pour more into it, if she was still playing bartender, and as he did that he asked, "What about you? I've seen, and made amends with Triere, so tell me what you've been up to." With his sensitive nose, he could smell the scent of a dragon on her and it was slightly irritating.
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As Koudo spoke on the many things that occurred in his life, especially with he and Mana, she could tell that the hardships had really gotten to him and, despite the front he put up of being okay, there was some depth to the wound of their split. 'Looks like the both of us have our deep, personal scars...' she thought, already able to read it all over his face. She almost regretted asking him, but knew that he would be okay, even so. They had a lot in common, even from the way that they handled their hurt and their liquor. Perhaps that is what made the two of them such good, close friends; the fact that they could relate on a level most others would just not understand or piss them off about. That was good to know.

The soft whisper of her name alerted her to his understanding, but much to her embarrassment, considering that she wasn't really the type to enjoy feeling any sort of pity for. She winced at the thought, still thinking it a sign of weakness. She wasn't as bad as she was before about it, but being alone for so long will do that to you... Make you prideful of your strength to the point where sympathy seems like weakness rather than kindness. As much as she knew it was kindness in her head, something about her own personal confidence made her realize that it was she that thought so little of herself... That she was weak. She couldn't help but see the smug face of that haughty white-haired bastard smiling smugly at her, like she was just a stupid ruffian or something. The nerve. She clenched her glass tightly, once again getting carried off into her thoughts about her own shortcomings and the way she felt about herself and others...

Even with the thoughts running through her head, she was able to focus on Koudo and his story about his family and close loved ones. Though admittedly, she was a little envious of he having someone to talk to and be around, it was at least nice to know that there were people keeping him happy and that he had something to fight for. He had a lot, honestly... A lot more than Tifa did...

"I'm glad to hear that everyone you care about is doing pretty well, even on the Lost World," she finally said once Koudo completed his explanation, unscrewing the top from the bottle and taking it to the tip of the glass, "... Having those things probably helps with hardship. Having someone to come home to that's happy to see you..." she poured, to the point where it was almost full, then, simply because her own glass was low, poured some more for her self, "... People to give you a boost when you're down and that will smile at you and comfort you when you don't feel like it, yourself..." It almost seemed like she was speaking from experience; or lack thereof. There was a little bit of liquor left in the bottle; naturally, just enough for a swig... And of course, she'd take it right to the head and finish it off before placing the bottle away. She was, already, starting to feel the effects. Perhaps that was why she was loosening up in terms of talking... That, and because of who she was talking to, no doubt.

She felt something in her chest, though, the more she thought and spoke on these matters... Something unstable rising up. At first, it felt like heartburn, but as it grew, the pain seemed to be something new to her... And it made her almost want to cry. She didn't, naturally, but the feeling weighed heavy on her chest. Perhaps it was just the Crystal Heart acting up; couldn't have been her. She may not have been bearing the actual heart itself, but a fragment Chrysm still remained, from which a new one could grow and produce energy the same way as the Original. She didn't dwell on it, though, and instead, to try to keep it suppressed, she downed a few large gulps of her drink and sighed heavily in relief again. The disdainful taste really took her mind off of the distasteful feeling.

"Me?" she questioned, almost shocked to hear him ask about her, "Uh... Well..." She fumbled over her words partially because she was getting a little inebriated, even if only slightly, and partially because... she wasn't entirely sure, herself. All she could really tell him was, "Ya know... Tensei stuff," and leave it at that... But there were more parts that she actually did understand which she'd probably expound on.

"I don't really get all of it," she started, averting her gaze, "... But it all seems to somehow work out for the best in the end. Despite what it looks like when it starts or how it goes in the middle." There were always twists and turns; sometimes unnecessarily so, but they always found a way to get to the end. "I'm a Tensei now, by the way... Tifaret, is my name. It happened actually not too long after we went our separate ways... I... I was asked by Unc to stop this Black Dragon... And then it turns out that the Dragon itself was actually one of the Tensei Guardian Spirits or something, and was... something called the Crystal Heart." Her memories of the events were a little hazy, considering she was basically thrown from one instant to the next, but everything, in retrospect, actually came together quite nicely in her head, "... It went into the Void that was inside of me and started to fill it up, and suddenly, I got this awesome power that seemed extremely familiar to me... Almost like it was already within me..." Something that her L'sia heritage interacted with rather well, for whatever reason that was. "Anyway, long story short, I get this Crystal Heart, which is some ancient Tensei dragon of crystal, and it helped me grow. In fact, before I came here, Triere appeared before me and I underwent some sort of weird transformation... And I feel this new power surging through me..."

Being new to the 'Tensei' side of the family, considering her original Devourist lineage of 'L'sia,' she wasn't too privy on the Thirteen Restrictions nor the fact that she'd ascended from the First to the Second, nor did she know how or why it happened. To her, it just looked like a whole bunch of random spectacular shit happening all at once with no real rhyme or reason at all. Maybe it was just a lot to take in.

"I'm not really sure of my role in this family... Or why I got chosen to be part of it... But I definitely don't feel like I am... Nor that I'm doing my best, in comparison to everyone else..." She'd seen all the amazing things all the other Tensei could do and also did like it was just nothing at all; like they did this all the time for a living. From that man Thanytoz that she met and led her to understanding her power over the Zero World to her cousin... or... Sister, Triere, that showed her the light of the Crystal Heart, they all did all types of amazing things and she was just... Well. The one who carried the Heart for a little while. She shook her head, almost ashamed, "... Why am I even telling you this? I'm sure it doesn't matter. No one likes the Tensei at all." She lowered her head, realizing as she spoke that she was also one of them now... and it simply made things all the worse. "... Yeah... Nobody..."

She couldn't figure out why she was so dismal about everything, but somehow, it just kept coming from her in that way. She didn't want to be 'that guy,' nor did she want to be seen as the 'sorry sap' that kept going on and on about all this terrible stuff. The two of them were here to relax and enjoy each other's company, and even if the conversation was getting a little deep, she wanted to make sure that she wasn't depressing Koudo. Even if she had literally no one to talk to about these problems, it didn't mean that he wanted to hear them, especially with so many of his own. She didn't care this much before; about anyone nor anything, actually. She used to be very selfish. 'Maybe... That's just this whole Tensei thing. The Crystal Heart talking. I shouldn't be feeling this way... I shouldn't...' And yet, she didn't know how to stop. The only thing she could do not was say, "Sorry," and continue to turn away, taking another huge gulp of her drink before slamming it down on the table.

He nodded along with what she was saying as she filled his glass, understanding her words quite well. He knew how lucky he was to have gotten Maina and Naina as his soul partners. How lucky he'd been when he saved Yui from her destroyed village and gave his life another purpose besides killing for money, infamy, and glory. He'd never cared about those things anyway, they came with the territory and the skill, and he didn't really care about much of anything before meeting Maina and Naina, and later Yui.

Happily, he retracted his hand as she finished filling his glass, turned his head to look back behind the bar and listened as she began to tell him about what had happened to her since the last time they'd see each other. "Ya know... Tensei stuff," Koudo smiled a little bit, and laughed at how awkwardly the answer seemed to escape her lips. It reminded him of how he would answer question about how his quest to find his mother was going. "Heh. I know how that goes." Which he did. Not only did he have experience in dealing with family stuff that he couldn't explain to others, but he had experience dealing with Tensei stuff that he couldn't explain to others. Triere had been one of his best friends after all.

He quieted himself as she went further to begin her story and he listened as carefully as he could to it, without any negative emotions about it. The Tensei was a complicated family and where, at first, he'd had a massive amount of disdain for them, due to his negative opinion of Khrona in particular, it was a different story now. Both Chita and Priere seemed to be heavily involved in its affairs and he couldn't let his opinion of one person dictate how he felt about all of them, especially since he'd felt attracted to a lot of them, and befriended a lot of them as well.

He remained quiet for the majority of her explanation, reacting only to the key points most times; like why she smiled like a dragon and the fact that she was a part of the family as well. It seemed to be a trend for all the people that Koudo had chosen to be friends with; that they were now a Tensei instead of whatever they were before. He didn't judge though, because it wasn't any of his business and Chita didn't seem that upset about that fact. In fact, Koudo could hear she was uneasy about something else entirely. The intuition to know that came from his experience in dealing with people.

It was true that the majority of the people back on Vescrutia viewed the Tensei family as nothing more than a nuisance, probably believing them to be a hindrance to Vescrutia's growth. They had been the ones to loose the Insanity on the world and couldn't even contain when it seemed to be their job to do so, letting it get so out of hand that it began claiming whole regions of the planet as its on. A lot of people were glad the cursed family was gone so that they could deal with more pressing matters, like the Horsemen. Only problem was, no one was doing anything about them either and they hadn't made any moves.

Koudo took a sip of his drink, swallowing it down just as quickly as he was sipping it, and turned himself to face Chita, who was turning away from him and looking down at her glass. He took a breath, taking in her vulnerability in all its rare glory for a brief moment before he whispered, "Chita..." softly as he leaned in and moved a hand to raise her chin and place a kiss to her lips. It would appear that he was attempt to take advantage of her vulnerability to push up on her, but that wasn't his intention at all. He just felt like, he wasn't sure really. Like he needed to do it now, or he'd miss his chance to comfort her and make her his at the same time. Friends or not, the attraction was still there and Koudo wasn't an indecisive man.

She may have thought that no one liked the Tensei, and that Koudo didn't care about her and her story, but he liked and cared about her, possibly more than he did for Triere who was thriving in her new environment, and that was enough for him.

Tifa remained lost in her deep thought as the awkward silence set in between them. She expected Koudo to maybe pick up the conversation from there, or at least divert it elsewhere... She wasn't feeling like she could do it with the alcohol starting to kick in.

To her surprise, however, with the unprecedented movement of her chin to face him, found herself locking lips with her best and closest friend, in the heat of their drunken emotional depth. At first, this came to her as a shock, anger rising within her, which could be seen from how red her face became as she began to blush in embarrassment... but, perhaps, in her inebriation, she felt something... soothing in that connection. Something that sparked her soul. So, wherein she would have normally found herself beating the crap out of him (or anyone) who tried such a thing with her, she, instead, indulged in it for a short while... the kiss of a man. Her first kiss, at that.

She took the back of his head with her hand and pulled him closer, deepening the kiss whilst also taking control of the situation, driving her tongue into his mouth passionately for a moment or two whilst gazing him dead in his eyes; her own harboring a piercing, vigorous intensity that was only matched by the voracity of her own movements... Like two dragons wrestling for control. She didn't intend for it to be that way, not in the slightest, but somehow, that determination came over her when she was exposed to his strength.

Before too long, however, she pulled herself away, knowing that this connection was purely through the souls and not anything she was fond of physically. She was a lesbian and knew it to be true, but something about the Crystal Heart that beat within her made her want to (rather aggressively) show Koudo love that she knew he had for her. She could feel it now with the connection of their bodies; something she couldn't tell before before they touched. She could pick up on his wavelength more clearly now, and with that, she felt the powerful strength within his heart and soul resonating with hers.

She smirked at him, face still red, eyes still just as intense as before, and downed the rest of her drink, slamming the glass on the table. Her smirk grew wider, into a crooked, clearly drunken grin, before a slight chuckle, "... Heh..." escaped her lips. Without saying a word, she clenched her fist and slung it at Koudo's head with all the intent to knock his block off and send him for a loop with the strength of a dragon and the speed of a viper. She knew he'd be able to take it if it connected, no doubt, but it was just to give him his comeuppance for stealing a kiss from her without her permission. She had all such intent to send him flying.

"You thought it was sweet? Is that how it tasted...?" she lapped up some stray booze streaming down the corner of her mouth, almost sensually so before she hiccuped a little bit, "... I hope you came prepared to pay for it..." Seems like, perhaps, she wasn't the best drunk. There seemed to be complete coherence in her gaze, but it was also clear that she was still somewhat intoxicated, from her mannerisms. She swiped a bottle from under the counter again and hopped over from the bartender's side and back onto the seat, taking another few swigs straight to the head. Looks like she was getting a little rowdy... and from the look on her face, she definitely was enjoying indulging in it. Something about that draconian heritage shared between them must have accidentally triggered something... Something that she hadn't ever experienced due to lack of real sexual contact, despite how sexual she was naturally. "Don't be startin' whatcha can't finish... bitch."

Koudo expected her to fight it, honestly. He knew it was a dumb idea to go for a kiss, even if he felt like it was the right thing to do. He knew she's probably hate it. He knew she would probably hate him for forcing it upon her. He knew that she probably wouldn't ever want to associate with him again, and he'd lose another woman in his life that he actually felt romantic feelings for. He knew these things and yet...

She didn't offer any resistance to him. He felt her deepen the kiss, pull him closer and try to wrest control of the situation from him. She stared into his eyes, a draconic gleam shining in hers that caused his to react. His pupils dilated for a while, before contracting to a more reptilian shape, as the beast within reacted to her... advances. Even if Koudo wanted to turn over control of the kiss to her, which he did not, the dragon didn't and wouldn't allow it. He matched her intensity, resisting the urge to get up out of his seat to impose his figure and size in within her gaze.

When it was over, he felt a bit short of breath, but not for being tired. They'd shared a kiss of intimacy that he'd never experienced, even with Triere and Mana both, and he had to recover. It took him a few seconds, an insignificant amount of time to a normal person, but he knew Chita would notice and capitalize. Even if they weren't locked in the throes of battle, punching one another senseless, this was still a battlefield and she was really good on those.

Reflexively, he rose his right hand to stop her fist and reached over his elbow with his left hand to grab his drink so he could finish it as well. He didn't answer her taunting, just let go of her hand and placed his glass back down on the table. Even if he tried to ignore her taunting, there was no denying that he had enjoyed the kiss and it was probably one of the sweetest tasting spit swaps he'd ever experienced, and he had loved kissing Mana. There was burning desire in him that he hadn't felt in a long time, and he knew the only way to quench it.

He narrowed his gaze, as he stared into her eyes, reaching over and taking her hand that held the fresh bottle in his own and standing to his feet. "Oh, I can finish just fine. You told me to find you if things didn't work out with your cousin." The young drakeling said, feeling the affects of his alcohol, but the attraction he had to Chita much more strongly. He stepped closer, suddenly wrapping his other arm around her before she could escape or try to pull away. "I want you, Chita." He declared with a bit of authority, and bass, in his voice before forcing another kiss upon her lips.

Maybe it was the initial attraction he'd had talking, maybe it was the booze impairing his judgment, or maybe it was the male dragon in him reacting to the female in her. Either way, Koudo had never felt such a burning intensity within him, except for when he was around Chita, and he was going to act on it.

She didn't expect him to just take the hit; not with all his natural skill and strength, as well as the reflexive nature of all the fruits of his ninja training. Nah, even with her own strength and speed, it was probable that he would be able to see, or even feel it coming. But it didn't stop her one bit, as usual. She found it mildly enticing to see that he actually heeded her words; naturally, with the reward being what it was, as was the intent back then. Even if they both were finding themselves, there was still something that the two of them somehow couldn't ever get around... And that was a fight whenever they met up. And a damn good one, at that.

"Heh, you say you want me," she started as he grabbed her hand, her own pupils narrowing into the form of keyhole shaped slits, "... But do you think you can take me?" She clenched her fist and, at the time he thought he was going to kiss her, a great hand palmed the entire back of his head, pulling it back and keeping his lips from touching hers just before they were about to meet; not even an inch away. She licked the perimeter of his lips with her own before, after a power struggle of keeping his head in place, jerking her own hand back with great force and simultaneously snatching his head away from her with the giant gauntlet that had its grip tightly secured upon the back of his head. It would fling him back into the sand, off the rather nicely finished hardwood floor that was the deck of the resort bar. He would find that his arm and hand would pass straight through her with no hesitation, as though she were a ghost of sorts, before Tifa herself took another shot of the bottle to the head, the gauntlet fading once the slight distance had been made between them.

"Want some...?" she'd say as she walked slowly toward him and onto the sand, an aura of crystal forming around her in a shape reminiscent of a dragon of light before tracing the rim of the bottle with her tongue. Koudo should have known by his own heritage that dragons only respected power, and right now, it seemed like his own had been acknowledged by hers.

He'd be lying now if he didn't expect the struggle this time. Chita was a Conqueroress, just as much as he was a Conqueror. He'd caught her off guard before, and she had been feeling the same things he had, but this time was different. She wouldn't allow him to impose himself upon her, but he wouldn't give up with trying. It was like the Immovable Object and Unstoppable Force, but, unfortunately, one of them would have to yield.

He growled at her, as she teased his lips, before he was pulled away and flung into the the dusty dunes of the resort, where he landed more comfortably than she would have liked with a backwards combat roll. Once his tumble was completed, he laid in the sand, resting on his right forearm, and looking towards her as she approached. There wasn't anything overly sexual in the way that she walked, but it definitely got his heart racing and his blood flowing, and the way her tongue danced along the rim of the bottle of whiskey had definitely gotten a rise.

"I'm not opposed to taking it, if you refuse to share." He cut his eyes low, letting the silvery blue color of his aura manifest around him as it always did when he was high emotion, or high energy. He rose his left hand towards the Dragoness, and beckoned her closer with his index finger. It was unclear if she wanted a fight, or not, but he would give it to her if she wasn't convinced. Then... he'd give it to her until she was thoroughly convinced...

"Then come and get it, you pussy!!" she exclaimed with a forceful stomp of her foot, sand bursting up around her into the air. Despite how little she used it, if Koudo remembered, she was quite the manipulator of the Earth, and Sand just so happened to be her specialty more than solid, hard ground. Sand compacted around the entirety of the bottle, to the point where it even formed a top upon the bottle in the shape of the end of a baseball bat, and around the body of the bottle, the sand took the shape of the rest of the bat, before she kicked off and started toward him with weapon in hand. The unstable footing of the sand didn't seem to effect her balance at all, and she moved as though she were walking on normal ground.

"Better show me a good time," she cried, stopping before him with her bat-handling hands cocked back, "Or you're gonna get cracked!!" With that, she swung the bat at him with great force, again with the intent to knock him out of the park. She was a heavy hitter, naturally, and he was gonna feel it, even with his own draconic strength. Somehow, the stimulation of engaging in combat seemed to be arousing, and the look on her face as she licked her lips was the clear indicator. She shared the eyes of the predator; the huntress, and would do nothing less than everything in her power to take down her prey... Savagely, if need be. The alcohol coursing through her seemed to be a contribution to her wild behavior, though, honestly, it wasn't that much different from when she normally got fired up whilst sober...

If there was any clearer an indication of a scuffle about to go down, then it would have been a simple slap to the face. Koudo didn't move from where he was laid, casual, as she made her exclamation and stomped the ground, instead opting to take a look around the environment he would have to prove his mettle within while keeping an ever watching eye on Chita. She could manipulate the Sand, she made that perfectly clear, so it appeared he was at a disadvantage, but he could see that there was a body of water close by; the pool. That was all he really needed.

As her swing came in, Koudo, rolled backwards and stood up on his hands before springing up into the air in just enough time to avoid her bat. The wind behind her swing enough to cause his hair to whip around his head. He moved his fingers, manipulating a bit of that wind so that he would carry him to the right, towards the pool. "Another Punishment Game, then, Chita?" Even in the throe of a battle about to heat up, fairly quickly, Koudo still had the time to reminisce on the last time that they traded blows. While technically he'd outmaneuvered her then, he'd given the victory to her. Her usage of a giant bat really reminded him of it, but the shoe was on the other foot this time.

He flipped over, and upright, in the air, with the wind still guiding him through it, and started to shadow box towards hers. "But I wonder just what it is you want me to do to you when I win!" With each swing of his fist, and thrust of his arm, bullet sized droplets of the water from the pool began flying towards her, air resistance absent, aiming more to rid her of those, surely to be heavy, clothes.

"Damn straight!" she scoffed, watching him casually evade her more than belligerent swing of the bat, "That's my gimmick; haven't you noticed, chump?" She stumbled a bit, having thrown herself just a bit off balance with as much power she put into the swing; her intoxication helping to distort her natural equilibrium a bit. Swirling around in the sand before stumbling to maintain her footing again, she'd make contact with Koudo's position when he touched down, finding him close to the big ass pool that was part of the Resort's natural charm, "... Shit... I forgot about that..." Not that it mattered, but that also gave him a bit of an edge the same was the Sand gave her hers.

When the bullets began to fly with the thrust of his fists, she was, at first, caught off guard by the initial flurry, and found part of her deep black jacket grazed by the watery bullets. There was no major damage to her clothing (nor nothing truly exposing), but it did give her some warning of how fast and powerful the water bullets were, despite their size. "Holy shit..." she muttered, taking off again to avoid being hit directly. She batted a few of them away with the sand bat, then ran down the sandy trail, each of her stomps forcing clods of sand to rise up before her to be used as her own form of ammunition. As quickly as they rose was as quickly as she'd swing her bat, knocking the sand balls toward Koudo from across the field and knocking his bullets out as they came toward her, canceling the two out.

She would, even so, hit a few more toward him beyond just to combat the bullets, to show him that they were a threat and not just a means of defense. If any water bullets managed to get past the sand balls, she would knock them away with the sand bat. The shots would form fists after reaching a certain point, reminiscent of Chita's own. The resort was, naturally, cyclical, being a 'sunspot' and all. The sand formed the outer layer, whilst the pool was more toward the center, where the lodge and the bar were. She would be able to run along the edge of the resort as long as need be, in a circle, around the bar and pool.

Koudo let a smirk cross his face as he landed on the ground right before the pool, the only thing of his element in this entire place, and watched her scramble away from his water bullets with no apparent cover in sight. He didn't stop his 'shadow boxing', and continued to fire off water bullets even though she cancelled a lot of them out with her sand balls and by blocking with her bat, saturating it with water. He was sure of a way to beat her now, but he wanted to wait for the perfect opportunity. One thing was for sure, she's want him to refill her pool when he was finished.

"Oh, why don't you try it the other way once in a while, huh?" Koudo wasn't nearly as drunk as she was, but he could feel the buzz and it was actually helping him in avoiding her sand balls that didn't collide with his water bullets. The aura around him, which was meant to heal his body from any damage, was working to rid his body of the alcohol as well.

"You'll have too." He almost ordered, slamming his feet down firmly on the ground and raising his hands in the air, causing the bulk of the water in the pool to rise up into the air. From there, he brought his hands back down and spread them out to his sides, causing the tidal wave of water to fall and their spread out around the circular resort. In theory, Koudo planned for all the water in the pool to be used to saturate all the sand that was in Chita's arsenal to make it harder for her to control, if she could even do it at all. If she couldn't, then this phase of the battle would be over.

After effectively combating the watery bullets and knocking them out of the park with her sand bat, she would then see that he'd gotten tired of playing ball with her. When he stopped, so did she, in order to pop the top off of the bat and take another good, long drink of the whiskey. She was completely intoxicated by that time, having taken in so much in such a short time. "Other way...?" she said with a slight slur, seeing all the water in her pool rise up at the raise of his hands, "... Ain't no otha way, boy... Can'tcha tell?" She poured the rest of the whiskey on the ground, into the sand, for the 'homies,' "... It runz in tha family!!"

When the waves came crashing down, she threw herself straight toward the water with her hands outstretched. Gauntlets formed in front of her, large enough to, once they cut through the water, part them with the wave of her hand to keep her and her immediate spot from getting soaked whilst also giving her a clear shot toward Koudo. They would dissipate as she soared toward him and she swung her bat at him yet again once she got closer. From the force of her fling, even if her bat didn't connect, the impact of her flying toward him would be enough to knock him into the empty pool. She was clearly a lot more reckless than she was normally...

Koudo only shook his head at her drunken behavior, and slurred speech. It was clear that earlier, neither of them were talking about the whiskey since she'd just poured out the rest of it into the sand. He cringed a little at the sight, it was a waste of some perfectly good whiskey.

He didn't have time to think about things of that nature though, clearly since Chita burst forward towards him before he could bring his hands together to slam the water in on her. "Then it sounds like you've never truly experienced it then." He stood his ground, happily, snapping his fingers and switching the aura around him from a silvery blue color to an orange one. He planned to take her bat, but not get sent flying.

He stepped forward, raising a hand to meet her bat as he made his approach. The orange aura, was his energy draining aura and it had immediately began pulling on the kinetic energy she was producing, like a parasite, and when it touched his hand to the bat, it took that energy as well, but not without causing his legs to buckle slightly. "A Euphoria you can only experience while being dominated." He regained himself and approached again, faster this time, pushing his hand against her bat to repulse it with the same strength she'd swung it with. He'd learned a lot of new tricks.

"Tch," she scoffed in tandem with the bat's abrupt stop. She wasn't thinking about that damned aura of his that she remembered had the same effect on her the last time they fought. When she saw it the memories flooded back, though, even in her slightly drunken stupor. Somehow, despite this, her eyes still remained coherent, even if the rest of her seemed noticeably askew. Once she saw his legs buckle out of the corner of her still rather sharp eyes, but not looking down to let him know of the perception, he'd feel something like a cold snake wrap around his ankle the very moment before he repulsed it, whilst he was in the midst of regaining himself. Once her bat was rebuked by his hand, she was sent spinning from the sheer force and her own balance thrown off; so fast, in fact, that her chain-tail that she seldom revealed would have enough strength to snatch the tall, heavy man right off his feet.

At that moment, the sand bat, being weakened not only by the water, but broken by the powerful force, would break away and leave only the almost completely empty bottle of whiskey in her hand, and the spinning drunkard would be hurled into the empty pool before her, lacking the intent to catch herself before she fell... and dragging Koudo along with her. Naturally, from such close proximity, they two would topple down together, Chita hitting the ground first, since she fell to it first.

"Well, whoze gunna teach meh, eh...?" she'd say, lying down and shaking the bottle for the last few drops, "... Surezhell ain't gunna be a scrub like you... Heh heh." she smirked smugly at him, before sneering at her empty bottle. "Damn... Needza refill..." Though she probably shouldn't have been drinking anymore, shit, she was having a nice time here and didn't intend to stop until she passed out, got bored, or was forced into submission... the latter of which she had no intention of allowing happen.

He certainly hadn't expected it, and he had forgotten she even had a tail in the first place. Or, maybe, he didn't know from the start. All he did know was that his arrogant repulse of her bat had sent her flying and, as a result, he was pulled right off his feet to travel with her towards the empty pool a la her sneaky tail whip. He moved his body only slight, still quite limber and acrobatic even with his increased muscle mass, and height, as a late, so that he wouldn't be slammed to the ground hard.

Instead, as Chita hit the bottom of the pool, our hero would land, none other than, right on top of his conquest in progress. His right hand slammed to the ground right beside her head, his knees, planted firmly in the ground to either side of her legs, preventing him from just flat out laying on top of her, and his face, just inches away from her, close enough to steal her lips again if he so chose. He didn't and, instead, opted to stare right into her keyhole shaped slitted pupils with his sapphire blue orbs, and smirked.

"A scrub? I've beaten you every time we've clashed fists. I'm your better." He said plainly, and in a matter-of-factly tone as he moved his hands, his left to seize her wrists and hold them to the ground above her head, and his right to slowly begin fondling her body by cupping one of her breast roughly. This wasn't usually how he initiated, but he just knew that deep down this was the way to handle her. To him, this was over, he'd won, as he knew he would, and know that he remembered about her tail then she couldn't surprise him with it. "And you're a keyhole, right? So it's only right to be the key."

At that moment, after being pinned to the ground, the girl would find the blood of the L'sia flowing through her veins; the Light that was once trapped in the infinite darkness of the Void within her would, suddenly, after being pinned to the ground, break free and release from its bindings the great Dragon that was the progenitor to the entire strain of Tensei that were the L'sia; rather, the Devourists, those born of Lilith, the great Dragon. Lilith's offspring, L'sia, were the Tensei without Light, and when the time came for the awakening of the Crystal Dragon, the old Crystal Heart would break and release its energy throughout each of the Devourists, pouring its infinite Love and Light into their emptied vessels; Tifa, or 'Chita' being one of them. With this, the new Crystal Heart, 'Pumpkinheart,' would overcome them and bring them great power. Where once they used Insanity to power their Magic, they would now use Shinsanity to create their completed magic; their Manna.

Within the girl, she would feel pulses of the Pumpkinheart's great love for the family, as though he had awakened from a great deal of slumber. His essence that had been trapped within Vescrutia would, at that point, be drawn directly into her, and into her Void, to be further filled to the very brim. Her power would thereby be maximized, and the power of the Pumpking would now reside within them, as well. Light shone from her bosom, where Koudo insisted on touching her, and eventually consume her entire form. The Crystal Aura that had faintly formed a dragon around her before would now take the shape of a large Pumpkin headed figure, her aura stretching to about thirteen feet; the size of Pumpkinhead himself. The aura was like that of a rainbow, the same as the Pumpking's flame; in fact, one and the same. Though Tigen stood at only 9 feet, the elder brother, Pumpkinhead, was a clear 13. With that, her tail would be wrapped in a light that was like that of a dragon, but the skull-shaped Pumpkin head served as a crown of sorts high above her own head. It gazed at Koudo for but a moment, before being drawn back into her form and matching her size and shape, granting her the true power of the L'sia, as well as the Tensei. Her love was not for Koudo; but for the thrill of the battle... Such is the Dragon's ecstasy. The heart of the Dragon and its power.

With this, he would find that the power struggle would become far more real in the dragon world. Domination made them stronger, and only lust for greater power in order to overcome their adversaries before them, as though they were nothing but bloodthirsty predators. Her animal instincts would surge and, the true battle of the two pubescent dragons could begin.

Chita, straddled by her relatively overpowering companion, who was much larger and had the advantage due to solely their position alone, would, in her drunkenness, start to be taken advantage of. She didn't seem to mind at all, save for the fact that he'd thought he'd won. No, she didn't care about how he touched her; she rather enjoyed it, actually, and wanted him to touch her more. It made her wanna fuck his brains out. And his words only made it worse...

"Escuse me...?" she stuttered in playful agitation, the light suddenly bursting from her chest, as mentioned in the post above, "... Last I checked... We ain't nevah really bumped fistz..." Her body became tense, to the point where her muscles tightened, rather visibly, at the ecstasy of the energy flowing all around her, and the force of fighting back against Koudo's weight pressing on her arms. Her tensed body shuddered from the sheer strain of her own euphoria, as he definitely told her that she would feel, but quite possibly not to the point that he knew. He'd be able to feel the tension in her muscles and her shuddering body as she rose up, slowly, but surely, at least, to the point where her arms were no longer pinned up over her head, glaring him dead in his eyes the entire while. Her smile grew wide and crooked, and she licked her teeth, like she wanted to tear him apart. As he probably should have remembered; she wasn't the type to allow a loss. She'd always been that way.

"... In fact..." she mentioned, clenching her fists tightly, the great skull-shaped Pumpkin head glaring at Koudo in tandem with her, "... Lazt I checkt... We had more stalemates than victoriez... on either side..." With the power of the Crystal Heart now pumping, the hot-blooded girl had really gotten into the heat of battle now, and it was coursing through her veins, as was now clearly able to be seen and felt by Koudo, in the tenseness of her muscles, of which he could clearly feel, since he was touching her. With a powerful jerk, she broke free of his grasp and forced him from atop her body. Even if he used his Kinetic Energy absorption, the output that constantly poured from her was enough to keep her in motion beyond being completely absorbed all at once, meaning she would have at least some frames of movement. A higher output rate than absorption rate, even if only slightly.

He probably wouldn't go too far, and might even still be on top of her slightly, but she would no longer be pinned and bound down, and that was all she needed. She slammed the empty bottle upon the ground, causing the ground to shoot up and hurl her into the sky, using her manipulation of the earth to concentrate the seismic waves to the point where it would only effect her area. The bottle did not break, as it seemed her manipulation over earth, more specifically, Sand and Crystal, gave her free reign to even have control over the durability of glass. She did not fly too high into the sky, but definitely enough to clear the pool. "Need a drink?!" she mocked, holding out her hand and a bottle suddenly flying right into her palm. Seems like she had some 'extra hands' at the bartender's table, firing off round after round of 'shots' for her to take into the fray. Now, each bottle served as a lethal weapon, more deadly than the sand bat, and now loaded with more ammunition than her wet sand could have ever given her.

She lobbed the empty bottle at Koudo from above, her arm like a cannon, and guzzled down the other in her hand, before another fully bottle came her way to replace the first that she shot at him; and another wrapped in her tail... And in fact, another, to be grabbed by the great bulging arms of light that sprouted from her shoulders like wings; the massive forearms and claws signature to the freed scarecrow. Whilst not stopping to take a breath, she fired bottle after bottle down at him, the force of the impact able to easily make craters in the pool; the bottles themselves not breaking once making impact. Seems like she was a natural 'Drunken Fist Style' fighter... Of sorts. Non-traditionally, but certainly, effectively.

Fully ready to assault her, with the clearly rapey vibe that was going on, since she seemed to be well and willing to allow him to continue, Koudo didn't really pay any mind to her words or the glowing lights. The seizing and shuddering of her body was enough to tell him to continue. He figured the glowing lights and shit were just a weird Tensei/L'sia thing, which he'd learned to ignore a long time ago dealing with Triere and... Khrona, and most of their stalemates, to him at least, were a direct result of him holding back against her like he did everyone.

Then the resistance came, in the form of her forcing herself up to meet him at eye level, which came as a surprise. He supposed he should have known it wasn't going to be this easy, it never was with women of this family. Then he was repulsed away, blissfully aware that she'd let loose an amount of energy that he, actually, couldn't absorb. If his absorption was met with an amount that he could not contain, then he could not absorb any of it. Then had just never been a point where he was met with such an amount as this.

It excited him, and it showed with the wide grin that spread across his face, as he recovered, from the repulse, with a tumble backwards and a flip to his feet. This happened around the time that she'd thrown the first bottle, which he avoided with the flip. He got into a stance for more evasive maneuver as they would be needed. "No, I'm good. Seems like you've had too much though. I was looking for a kickback, not a full on party." He danced around, with his fancy footwork, to avoid the bottles being thrown with enough power to create craters in the bottom of the pool. He didn't really care though, she was free to destroy her own property as much as she liked, and he'd prefer not to take one of those directly.

That light earlier is really causing a problem with the mojo we had going, shit, and I don't really have much time left to be here either. He thought, feeling the tug of the multiverse trying to put him back where he belonged, for the time being. It wasn't strong enough, now, for it to be a real problem or hindrance, but if he wanted to bed Chita, like he'd just been fairly close to doing, then he'd have to flex a few of his muscles and subdue her. He invoked his Infestation Aura, again, allowing the silvery blue chakra to stream from his hands and eyes in an electric like fashion. More concentrated that the general use aura, Koudo was ready to bring the razzle dazzle, once she gave him an opening.

Drunk now on the heat of battle, booze and this dragon power that seemed to come from nowhere, Chita was feeling more lively than ever; she was definitely looking to party. "Awww, can't keep up witmeh, big boy?" Her tongue slid through her teeth out at him as he hop-stepped his way out of harms way with his fancy footwork, as he'd been known to do from her full on brutal assaults. She never was good at aiming, but damn if she couldn't bring the heat. All she needed was a good, clean hit... In fact, it brought back memories of Alex Star, as well. The way those two always got out of her life-threatening blows kinda irritated her in the past, but this time, it just made her want it more...

"Whassamatter, twinkletoes?" she'd say in a blatantly antagonizing manner, licking up the booze from the corners of her mouth again, wiping her mouth and then puckering up to blow him a taunting kiss, "Can't handle the party scene...?" She hopped back down once she had her arsenal prepared, landing with a great resounding thud, yet leaving no crater in the ground, for some reason, "I'ma Party Girl, ya know...!!" With her 'Gaia's Boot,' the seismic waves of her crash were diffused throughout the ground and concentrated only to the bottles that she'd lodged into the bottom of her pool. She clearly didn't care about the destruction, considering she'd never been the type to do that, in her life. Usually, she'd be the one to destroy everything with her bare hands before she really looked back to see that she had, until it was all over. She wasn't like her cousin (well, sister), who was far more prissy, snooty and focused on minor details. Something like this would have probably seriously angered her, especially with what he did with the water. She was a neat freak. They may have shared the same tendencies, but that was a key and major difference between the two hot-headed, yet still chilled out Tensei sisters.

Like Lightning, her tail would strike at the bottle nearest to her, and so would her lips at his evasion , in a belligerently jesting tone, "Have some MORE!!" The bottle spiraled toward where he was about to move next rather than where he'd been before, so that this time it would hit him, as sharp and precise as a Razor Gale. Whilst the others were in the air, she'd follow behind him and, after downing the last one, hurl that one behind him, before snatching the others out of the air and hurling them in front of him and behind him, to cover where he was going to move as well as where he'd already been, just in case he thought to switch up and change directions on her. She'd snatch the last one out for herself, however, but didn't open it to take a drink; just continued to encroach on his position within the confines of the pool. "I thoughtya wanted my pusi, boss... You ain't actin' like it!!!" She licked her lips again and winked at him, her eyes blazing with intensity. She liked the sparkling lightning in his eyes... Maybe he was getting fired up, too. She sure hoped so. Might get her a little 'wet,' the more intense it got...

Koudo let a laugh escape his lips, as Chita pressured him, attempting to put him in a bind. This was clearly a battle for dominance that she had major problems with losing, but Koudo only ever allowed one woman to take charge and it turned out miserably. He wouldn't let that happen to him again... ever.

As she jumped down from her tower in the sky, Koudo had, more or less, gotten into a groove of evasion. While he could be fairly light on his feet, nimble if you will, he was skilled at using subtlety to his advantage as well. It was what being a bender of water was all about, actually. He wasn't moving that far from where he originally was, just gracefully dodging the bottles as they came. Of course, that was before he activated his aura.

"Careful sweet heart. Don't presume to think i can only absorb." While the orange was the absorption, the silver blue was the control. With a few waves of his hands, he altered the course of the bottles, altering the kinetic energy to potential in each of them individually, so that they would float around him in a ring orbit as they got close to nailing him, as he knew she would have enjoyed seeing.

Then, they began to orbit him rapidly before, with a holding out of his hand towards her, he altered the potential back to kinetic and fired them off right back at her, except for one, with a boost. By manipulating the wind, he cut down on air resistance, and by adding his chakra to the bottles he increased their overall destructive potential. He enjoyed using and abusing the Assimilation Release cuz most didn't know how to overcome it, but the Infestation had much more potential for greatness than its counterpart.

The one bottle he saved for himself, he took in his hand and popped the top off before taking a nice sip with a satisfied sigh afterwards. There really was nothing like the 'Water of Life.' "If you'd stop fighting it, I'd give that kitty the beating of a life time, anytime you begged for it." He quipped, slyly.

"Puh." Continuing straight toward him, dodging some of the bottles that came at her, whilst taking the brunt of the hit of others that came toward her, crashing and bathing her in alcohol, she'd just as skillfully dodge the last one and pluck it right out of the sky beside her as she tackled him straight to the ground, since he in no way made an effort to dodge her headstrong assault. Now she lay atop him, tensing her body, every part of it apparent in her entire shuddering form, slamming her hand down beside his hand with great authoritative force, like she'd just pinned down her own prey. She glared at him, growing wet from having her on conquest right before her, and slowly grinding upon his pelvis with her own, as though it came naturally to her to mark her kill. "Bet I'd breakya'in two," she'd say, slamming her own bottle to the ground with a decisive thud, pressing her large, voluptuous chest close to his and letting their abs grind just as sensually as their junk, "... And giv'ya twice tha'beatin', at that..." Dripping wet, stained with alcohol and with all intent to finish the job, she licked her lips drenched with whiskey and moan a bit, enjoying the thrill, the taste, the excitement... the battle. "... 'sides... Couldja call takin' advantage of a drunk girl a real conquest...?" Looks as though the electric charge was getting to her, but the tables had turned, it seemed, on Koudo... Both in his favor, and out of his favor, at the same time.

Koudo knew she was coming and welcomed the tackle in kind, making sure to move his hand upwards so that his bottle of whiskey wasn't shattered as they tumbled to the destroyed ground. They were in the moment, feeling the heat, and Koudo hadn't felt this thrilled in a long while. He took care of his family, worked the jobs that he thought could bring him excitement, fucked the beautiful women he thought he wanted, and life on Vescrutia still seemed so... unfulfilling. He thought back to his conversation with the Kage of the Neo-Nightmare, Atra, and realized that what the man had thought about him was probably true. What he thought was the life he wanted... was boring.

Koudo drunk some of his whiskey, sitting the bottle on the ground after doing so, and placed his hands, still sparking and charged with his infestation chakra, to Chita's grinding hips. What she would feel was jolt of energy, like electricity, course through her and a connecting of their senses, something she wouldn't be new to since it'd happened once before the last time they met. What he felt was almost instant arousal, though he was already highly aroused, and an understanding of her battle lust and the feelings it brought out in her.

"I can call anything a conquest, as long as its fulfilling. You're a worthy prize, drunk or not." The engorged organ in his pants, which she was grinding against, hinted towards this feeling, and she'd understand what he was thinking with their minds and feelings, due to his infestation, and their souls, due to their mutual respect and understanding of one another, melded together. He had needed this. More than that, he needed this more than he originally thought he'd needed this.

Slowly sliding his hands down her hips, which were dripping wet with whiskey, he firmly gripped her ass and laid his head back to look up at the sky. "I just wish I could have made you mine, that I could have met you first..." It sounded as if he was willingly conceding to defeat at her hands. Something he'd never done with anyone before, not even her sister, and his closest friend, Triere, when they had their love/hate relationship going.

The electric sensation between both their bodies; his rod picking up on the charges and her lips conducting in tandem proved that both of them were more than compatible physically... and more than capable, as well. She could feel how well equipped he was, and it made her want a taste of it, with both her lips, really... A certain type of lust that made her quiver as his hands gripped her ass tightly, forcing them together even more closely than before. The dragon blood in her was hot and ready, the air so charged it seemed like it could be seen all around them in their intermingling auras... And his words didn't help, striking her in her heart. But, perhaps it was to his own demise.

"... No..." she muttered, closing her eyes, sighing heavily and rising from atop him, "... I'm not right for you." She opened her eyes, this time, they were no longer slit keyholes, but glowing with a crystal gleam signature to the Tensei. She'd seen into his heart with her eyes through his words, and felt his intentions with their resonance, her own heart exposed for what it was in the heat of battle. She would give him an intimate kiss atop his forehead, a symbol of a special sort of love for him before she slipped right out of his hands, her body passing through his touch like a ghost. She didn't want to hurt him, and that was enough for her to stop where she was as she stood to her feet, the dragon's aura slowly beginning to fade. "... What you feel for me... Is not what I feel for you." She turned away from him, wincing as coherency seemed to find its way back to her once slurred speech and reckless behavior. She hadn't changed much since their last meeting, even if she thought that she did. She was still just as brazen, and just as thick-headed and headstrong when caught up in her feelings; and her feelings were not those of love for Koudo himself. Yet, as she turned away from him, she knew that because of this, she could feel that love for him, even if it wasn't the way that he wished for it to be.

"... You may think I'm the one that you wants, but I can't say the same in return." She felt a little disgusted with herself, honestly, for succumbing to those feelings. Her love was for the intensity of the battle, but she knew that once it was over, she wouldn't feel the same, as she was realizing now as she calmed down and sobered up. In her heart, she couldn't allow herself to go through with it... The Crystal Heart kept her from tarnishing both it and someone else's with Lust. "... Don't disrespect what you had with Mana. I only wish I could find that for myself..." She needed to find out what Koudo's heart already knew so well... She was still ignorant of romantic love, despite knowing the concept of true love from the Crystal Heart's efforts. It felt different, honestly, inside of her chest... It wasn't the same as it was before, but it was better than before; something greater, something purer, that cleansed her of that terrible sinful nature that belonged to that Dragon inside of her. It was different now; as though it weren't a dragon anymore... Even if it still retained its shape, it was something new now... Something that knew pain and love, and pain in love, and wouldn't allow it to continue any further in the hearts of anyone else; especially not to be caused by those who would bear this new Crystal Heart.

"... I'm sorry," she said softly, clenching her fists and closing her eyes, "... For leading you on. If I did. I was just in my feelings... And not those of love, no doubt." She began to tremble, like she was holding back some sort of terrible storm inside of herself; there was a lot going on inside, and it seemed she was being reprimanded by her own feelings and the backlash of them. The crystal aura appeared around her, that of a Great Pumpkin, with angelic wings and a dragon's tail, and they would wrap around her, covering her with the loving embrace of a tamed beast. The thought of almost hurting someone so near and dear to her was more unbearable than actually doing it and at least having the pleasure of the conquest. She couldn't believe that the Dragon heritage inside of her was something like that... She stepped away from him, not wanting to look at him. "... Sorry." It wasn't like her to feel remorse for anything she did, nor to feel for someone else, actually; not to this degree, nor for something that hadn't even been done. It was new... It was good... and it hurt. Things that all mixed together and stirred within that made a feeling she'd never before understood... A new level to the love she once knew to be true and full. She wasn't one to apologize to anyone, and to do it twice in one sitting AND in such close proximity was a miracle. She must have really meant it...

"Huh." He lifted his head from its laid back position and looked at her, shocked. This was unexpected, unwanted, he was looking forward to what was suppose to happen next: What he assumed was going to happen next. He realized that his chakra was still covering his hands, that he could, more or less, feel what Chita was feeling, and understand it as well, and he immediately turned the aura off before she could see any deeper into what he had been pretty much hiding since Mana left him. It was too late by then.

He wanted to tear up, a bit, maybe ask her to reconsider and just give into the physical attraction, essentially give him pity sex, but he could tell that it would be no good now, and that it was for the best. He shut his eyes, sitting up, and scoffed with a smirk to hide the sting of rejection he was feeling deep inside. If he couldn't have Mana, and Triere had moved on, he at least hoped that Chita would have been game, but it seemed that that ship hadn't even set sail. In fact, that ship hadn't even been built or touched the water.

"Rejected by you too huh? I guess I'm just striking out with everyone now." He stood and dusted himself off before holding his hand out, calling his jacket right to it so he could toss the thing on his shoulder and picking up the bottle of whiskey from the ground. "It's fine Chita, you don't have to apologize, I should be the one apologizing. I didn't think we had anything more than a physical compatibility anyway. I was just looking for the wrong kind of love from you, you're my good friend and I was willing to jeopardize that hoping you'd grow to love me if we indulged ourselves. I was wrong and ruined it." He sighed as he stood back up from getting the bottle of the ground and pulled a cube from the pocket of his jacket.

"Mother Box, send me home before the multiverse does it for you." He commanded of the small cube, causing it come alive with flashing lights of multiple colors. It was a device that, ironically, his father had made for him and left stashed with a bunch of his old junk. The thing didn't work when he found it, but after a few tweaks it allowed him to strengthen his portal creation so he could traverse dimensions, specifically so he could visit this one. A portal open that connected back to the point where Koudo had left from. "I don't belong here." And that was it, he glanced briefly at Chita over his shoulder, but shook his head and walked through the portal to allow it to close up with a snap behind him.

Deep down, he knew that this was the right thing to do, even if he hated it. Him and Chita would have never worked, but it would have been a really fun ride. He hoped the incarnation of him that existed in the Veritas now didn't turn out to be quite as a big a fuck up as him. He never thought he'd relate so much to Wei...

"I'm glad you understand, Koudo..." she'd say a bit soft-heartedly, rubbing her arm a bit. Before he left, she turned to him with a gentle smile and cotton eyes, before suddenly disappearing and appearing before him, giving him a hug, "... You're a good friend." She gave him a kiss on his cheek as a symbol of that sort of affection; that one that would never die as long as the two of them existed before letting him go so he could return to the Lost World. "... Till next time, bucko."

She rubbed the back of her neck, looking at all the damage that they (mostly she) had caused to her little resort, chuckling to herself, "Heh heh heh... Guess I went a little overboard...?" She gave a crooked, sorry smile as she glanced over the area, "Well... Better start cleaning this joint up and then report back to Tear... Vacation's over." She shrugged and got to work.
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Insangel 68: He Lives; Thirteen Nights of Tensei...

Dawn of the Fifth Day.

Tabritha's education had been going swimmingly, thus far. She was learning and executing everything wonderfully, and he wished to see her grow better and stronger. However, the time had come for the next phase of getting things in order for the Rise of the Fifth Moon, and that had to deal with... His Dearly Beloved.

"... Alright, Tabi," he said, after she continued her training through the Night with the Ultimitia Energia and the Cosmic Wreck, "... It is about time for mommy dearest and your younger sister to come have their time on the moon. They, too, are of the Fifth, and with that, they have a hand in the Rise of the Fifth Moon." He knew that she'd be sad that her play time was over for the moment, but in all honesty, it was only just beginning for her and the rest of the family. "Our part, for the moment, is done, and so we need to let them do as they may. I must also teach your sister, and so must your mother. I will be contacting them today." (9:59) When the Fifth Moon would rise, all of them would receive their Eyes; Shinrona, Shinnia, Shinity, Tabritha and Triere, and they would all have the same sight together through the Eyes of God. That is what would help guide the Five of them to the Voice, and eventually, the Hands, which would in turn, unlock the 6th Restriction, at the Fall of the Fifth Moon. When each of them acquired their 'Shin,' they would unlock their True Power of Absolution, as well as acquire their title as 'Death Gods.' Such was the purpose of the 5th Moon... the 'Gift Of Death.' The White Rain...

"Aw maaaaaaan..." Tabitha said, puffing out her cheeks. She definitely wanted to mess with stuff a little more. She could always practice in the background regardless, and she definitely would, but she wanted to have some more quality Daddy-Daughter time, since she didn't get to have as much, even though she was the eldest of the three... (3:33) But she knew it was important for everyone to play their part in these scenarios, and that she shouldn't hog the spotlight. She had all eternity to be with her father, and the rest of her family, so she would get over it. "... Well... Alright then... Besides, I miss Triere and mommy, anyway, so... Let's bring them here with us~!!" She clapped her hands together manically, getting excited, as her eyes rippled with joy.

He smiled at her lovingly, happy that she was being mature about this. He knew his daughters to be a bit immature at times, but always to come through whenever it was actually very important. She'd gotten a lot of self-control over the years, and he was certainly happy to see her exercising that and her mind as logically and rationally as she could. She was his dearest heart. So much like him, it was scary.

"That's Daddy's girl," he'd say, giving her another kiss on her cheek. "Alright, then. Let me open up the gate and talk to your mother..." At that moment, he would stab his fingernail into the atmosphere, creating a single tear in reality, space and time bending around it. Eventually, that single point would expand outward to become a large portal that was a large pool absent of this realm's space and time, which revealed the parallel universe right alongside, or overlapping... Or underlapping... It didn't matter, the connection was established and he could see onto the other side, where Shinnia was.

"Love? As I'm sure you already know...
It is time. (3:41)"

Having already anticipated and knowing of the time, she would already be prepared, gazing at Shinrona from the other side as if looking through a mirror at the base of the clock tower. "Wakarimashita," she said rather monotonously, stepping through the portal and closing it behind her. "Now. Triere... Come here." As usual, she was already prepared to get down to business, without any sort of hesitation. There was no time to waste, and though Shinrona and Tabitha enjoyed playing around in these sorts of times, she did not like to play until work was actually completely done. She was a strong believer of the 'Work First, Play Later,' which is what got them into their disputes every so often. However, she'd learned to accept their ways, since their work WAS their play, most times, and they certainly ALWAYS got the job done in an orderly and timely manner. So there was nothing really different except how they went about it. (3:45)

Only moments later, as if she, too, had already been waiting for this moment, would a large Ice Seal appear on the other side of her mother, like a mirror, "Yeah, yeah, I already know, MOM. Yeesh..." It shattered before her, and she'd stare at her mother as though a mirror to her, as well, before hovering through her Ice Portal, "You'd think you'd already know that I already know! Mou!" She puffed out her cheeks and huffed, looking to all of them with a hint of natural frustration. "Don't forget who I am, and who's child I am! Yeesh!!" She rolled her eyes, figuring that if they knew that they knew, they'd know that she knew... And would also know about where her attitude about it all came from, too. She was just like her mother... With just a dash of her father. Well, more than a dash, more like a third, but. Both of them were pretty much extra similar in the first place, so. It didn't really matter. All three-- four of them basically acted somewhat similarly, save for their own personal personality perks that made them who they were and not someone else. She had a fine understanding and mastery over these sorts of things, and was kinda insulted that they kept treating her like she didn't. She IS a Tensei after all... And her Father's child, as well as her Mother's... Through and Through.

"Ugh! It's not even NIGHT yet..."

"Hehehehe!!" he giggled to himself, excited to see the other two; his dearly beloved and his little angel. "Well now, since you two are here... I will explain to you what will be done on the 5th Night! This one is VERY special, because, well..." He paused, for dramatic effect, "This is the night where you all acquire your own FIFTH RESTRICTIONS!! HEHEHEHE!!!"

As it currently stood, Shinnia and Shinrona were the only two who had the 5th Forms actually set, and even then, Shinnia didn't have her own TRULY. She was just kinda piggybacking off of Shinrona. She, too, would acquire her own branch of the 'Fifth' and stop using Shinrona's. "This is why I even created the 13 Restrictions in the first place; to ensure that everyone have a design to use for their own development. And quite honestly, the best place to start is right in the middle, in the 5th, where one acquires their Absolution. From there, you can work your way down and up, as well as have absolute control over how things functioned on a non-linear scale, which would thereby allow you to weave yourselves to the spot where they achieved your 5th form on the lower levels."

This is what one could call a 'higher self' guiding a 'lower self' to their 'True Form,' which was in the 5th. Then, from the True Form, they could forge their Growth into their Perfect forms, which was in the 7th, and so on and so forth until they reached their PERFECT True Form in the 13th, which was the True Form that was worked out of all of its kinks (7th) and harmonized where it should have and needed to be (8th), unlocked of its True Potential (11th) and matched to its Full Potential (12th). This is why this had to be done in the method that it was.

"Tabritha isn't a 'Shin' until she not only acquires the 5th Restriction, but also assumed the Tensei Form of the Fifth, where it would be OFFICIAL. Triere is on the 11th, but she also needs lower restrictions, of which she did not have, in order to be complete. She is the child from the Future; the one that is not yet born, but soon will be." (4:13) Tabritha was the daughter of the past, that died, Trinity was of the Present, which already was, and Triere was from the Future. She was born perfect; born complete, so to speak, which is why she is the FIRST Shinsangel. Daddy's little angel.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. Come on then, DAD. Break the Time Seal already so we can get this show on the road. I don't have all day." She rolled her eyes. Even though she technically did. She was just a little impatient... Like her father. "We already have the plan in order. So just... Do it already, will ya?" She would create an Ice Seal in front of her, opening a parallel timeline to where her 'past self,' in this case, 'Triere from the 5th' or 'Shiniere' would be on the other side. "I already have it made. So. You know. Whenever you're READY..." Not like he actually had to tell her much, since she was the one that came from the FUTURE and everything. She may not have had a past, but she damn sure knew what had to be done to get to the future... At least, to a limited degree. But she was a know-it-all. Happened to run in the family.

"My, aren't we HASTY, my dear..." he said with a haughty chuckle, "Must want your FUTURE to be ALTERED somehow in the PAST that is OUR PRESENT, hmmm~?" She thought she was so smart, forgetting that if things didn't go absolutely perfectly, she could come out ugly, or something. And he knew how to make it happen. "... Ah, but you're correct, my sweet. Just like your mother~!" He did adore her little attitude. It reminded him of his dearly beloved when she had her emotions back... Which would be soon, once her turn came around to unlock her Restricted form, in which Shinrona and Shinnia would do together... As they did everything.

"Well now, I SUPPOSE it is ABOUT THAT TIME... To Open The Gate and let in the Triere that is supposed to be in this timeline, yes?" He would unleash the Crystal Threads from his fingertips, which would easily weave through the Ice Seal and ensnare the Triere on the other side, pulling her through and effectively weaving her into this time and space, as is where she was SUPPOSED to be in history, and this was EXACTLY HOW she was SUPPOSED to come into being, in fact. And from there...

"Absolute Final Wonderland!!"

He would sew her existence into place, perfectly in time and harmonized with the tempo, so as no to skip a beat and have her... Well... NOT come to BE. (Which was very still quite possible until she actually WAS, she should be reminded.) "Hmhmhmhm... Daddy's Little Angel... Shiniere!"

As if waiting her entire existence to be brought into existence from wherever the hell sort of non-existence she had been for however long it had been, Shiniere sat upon a crystal chair, with a shining crystal teacup in her hand, awaiting those threads to bind her to this fixed reality with the Absolute Final Wonderland from the other side of non-existence. The Ice Seal would dissipate, since, if it were broken, it would have poured non-existence out into this existence and caused a spacio-temporal collapse that was probably irreversible and have destroyed Space and Time. Fortunately, her Father knew exactly what he was doing and did it all at the exact perfect time.

"... Are you quite finished?" she muttered gently, yet haughtily, a leg crossed over the other whilst she sipped her tea.

He burst into laughter, finding his dear, sweet daughter to be quite the riot, "Hahahaha! Well, I don't know, dearest, maybe I should be asking YOU that question?" He turned immediately to Triere, of the 11th, and smiled big and wide at her, "Are you QUITE finished? Is this how it was supposed to Be for you to Be in the Future?"

She smirked at him and his smug, yet haughty, yet mannerable, yet pompous, yet polite words of which she knew EXACTLY how to match, considering she not only was his daughter, but his wife's daughter and retorted, "Yes. QUITE." She would hover over to her father and give him a kiss on his cheek, "I know that forcing things into existence that shouldn't or didn't is your forte, DAD. That's how you got ALL your children, isn't it~?" She smiled at him lovingly, knowing that he knew she was only kidding. Even though it was partially true, it was still only out of good fun... And this is how this family had their fun; saying mean, yet witty, yet hilarious, yet universally layered things to each other. Anyone else would have probably had all sorts of butthurt, but that's cuz they were on a DIFFERENT 'class' than the Tensei. "Ooooohohohohohho~!" she would laugh haughtily, before creating and Ice Seal, shattering it and hovering back to the party in the future, "... Love you Daddy~! Mom~! Tabi~! Kisseeeees~!" She threw up the deuces and was out, leaving the rest to her past/present self, Shiniere.
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Insangel 69: Chapter 11; Father Time

With the Events of the 8th coming together in perfect harmony all the way up to the Singularity which was the Family coming back together (the middle point within the loop of the 'Infinity' sign), the Energy that was taken down from Above would immediately be transferred Below to the 7th Restriction, which were the Astral forms of each individual, after complete alignment with the very Stars and the Universe itself. This is where Tyranophant, who had been waiting quite impatiently for his Wife to bring their Crystal Child to him, was still waiting, at the Clock Tower where it was agreed upon many, many Moons ago.

Ty stood there at the Gate, tapping his foot, looking at his imaginary watch (since he honestly didn't need one, since he was always On Time at All Times), waiting for everyone and everything else to catch up. It had been long and boring as hell, and all types of other shit had to happen just for Absolute Perfection to come into play, but dammit all if it wasn't almost about that time right now.

"Man, hoes sure know how to keep people waiting..." He was almost about ready to close the book on they asses real hot fast, end it all with a bullshit ending that was just 'Destroy Everything With Utter Chaos.' But he figured he'd have faith and wait for the Love he'd distributed to everyone and everything to finally come back to him.

"Man, if it's not here soon, I really will close this book... And that will be THE END. FOREVER. FOR GOOD. Fuck you MEAN, though." Don't think he wouldn't do it.

"Think I'm playing? M'kay. We Will See. Mmmhm."
Aaaany Minute Now...

And just as he was about to have the thought to end all life as we know it, in an epic mad dash to the finish line, right before Time was Called would be Temari the Inari and on her back, the Gift of the Godsend; the Crystal Crown passed down from the 13th to the 12th to the 11th to the 10th to the 9th to the 8th and now, through the Update, was left as an Egg in place of the Godsend herself, who used her awesome Alfortuna to alter space and make everything come together perfectly right at the exact time it needed to, all the way at the very end. Temari, the Inari, would come to a halt right before Tyranophant and shift into her true form, which was that of a beautiful maiden, all Thirteen of her bony spinal cord tails flickering wildly.

"Time!!!" she called, gazing up at Tyranophant, panting heavily, harboring in her hand the Egg that would Birth their Child; the Crystal Crown. "How was that?!"

"2:13" he said with a smirk upon his face, plucking the Crystal Crown out of her hand, "Damn, I thought you'd NEVER get here. You DO know that the goddamn Second Hand is just RIGHT around the corner, right? Shouldn't have taken yo ass 50 Billion Years to go down the block. Fuck is wrong with you!?!" He would place HIS crown on top of HIS head, and then go off on a whole 'Father Time' ass tirade about how she ALMOST fucked up.

"Did you see that shit? That was ALMOST NOT THE TIME. You ALMOST missed it, and then, I would have been pissed." He glared at her for a moment or two, then suddenly broke out into laughter. "Naaah, I'm just fuckin' witcha~! I already know that it all had to happen this way and it all had to occur right on time, not a moment sooner nor later. I was just getting bored, and you know I like to fuck around a little bit. I mean, it's always harmless, because, you know. I seem to be the only one who can MAKE SURE that my FUCKING AROUND is HARMLESS and not DESTRUCTIVE to ALL EXISTENCE and shit..." He rolled his eyes, then gave her 'The Stare.'

"By the way, fuck you. Pissing me off... SWEAR. Can't a guy just catch a break or something? I need a vacation..."

"Aaaaand here we go..." she would roll her eyes, standing there and having her ear bitten off by her slightly anal asshole of a lover. "Oh, just snatch the crown right out of my hand, why don'tcha?" She said with a scoff, as he continued on his tantrum. "Blah Blah Blah, why are you so worried about what ALMOST DIDN'T and not about WHAT ACTUALLY IS!? I mean, I'm HERE, RIGHT!? Everything just had to go as planned, in a certain order, in a certain way at a certain time... And I know you know that!! So I don't even know why you're talking..."

When he suddenly got the stick out of his ass and revealed he was just fucking around, she kinda smiled a bit, but also kinda was pissed that he even did it, but not really certain how she should feel about it all. Then again, she was just happy that all of it was over... And she could definitely understand, at least, why he was feeling that way. Besides, he just liked to fuck around in that fashion, and she kinda liked it, since she knew he wasn't being serious about it.

"Love you, too, babe."
(2:25 2/25)

"Shut up, baby, I know it!" He smiled and gave her a quick smooth to the cheek, then took the Crown off of his head, "Yeah... Been waiting FOREVER to say THAT! Heh heh heeeeeh~!" He would then allow the Crown to drift off away from him and start to hatch, whilst nuzzling his lovey all cute and stuff and muttering sweetly in her ear,

"Who's the Baddest of the Bad...?"
He licked her lobe a bit...
"The MADDEST of the MAD!?"
... Before moving into a nibble...
"The Killer of Kings..."
He traced the outline of her ear with his tongue, before whispering the last words,
"... And Destroyer of Worlds..?"

She was about to get her dimensions REK'T after All the Kids were Out of the Pool for the Adult Swim...


The Crystal Crown that would sprout the Crystal Child of the future, Triere, from her Cryogenic Chrysalis would take her complete and utter shape as the Lucicrystal; the First and Last Shinsangel.

"You're going to make me sick." She flipped her beautiful sparkling hair of crystal blue and turned away from them, hovering off to go do whatever the fuck she wanted to now, since she basically knew she could and that everything she ever did ever would just be perfect, like herself. "Go to some other dimension and do that, or whatever. Man. Can't you like, honeymoon on a different plane of existence, or something? Yeesh." She rolled her eyes.

Temari quivered a bit, but kept all her thoughts and feelings about the situation at hand completely suppressed, only saying to him, "You right," but leaned away from him and pointed over to their daughter, who was about to go off with the Crown, "But uh... I think we still have ONE last thing to wrap up real quick, don't we...?" Temari furrowed her brow at Triere's little attitude, already ready to snap off... But would leave that to her Father.

"And where do you think you're going, young lady...?"

He smirked, turning his head with a brow raised up in disbelief at this little girl right here and her smart ass mouth, "You SO right right now." He'd give her a congratulatory slap on the ass before fully relinquishing himself of her and going off to deal with his daughter, who THOUGHT that she was on some bullshit from the very moment she got out the womb. She must not have any clue who her Father is.

"Yo, wait, what's all this?! Just gave birth to you and we don't get ANY type of appreciation for all the bullshit we had to go through to bring YO little Crystal ass into existence?! You must be out of your goddamn mind."

He would appear before her with his arms crossed and eyes blazing with intensity, glaring down at her with all the authority he KNEW he had, especially since she was his DAUGHTER, after all.

"I don't get a 'I love you, DaDa' or some sort of cute, loving shit to show how much you appreciate everything I just did to wrap this ENTIRE SCENARIO up not with ME getting my Wife, but Me getting YOU as the END RESULT of 50 Billion Years+ of fucking up? Nah. Nah, son. Ain't having that."

He would take the Crystal Crown from atop her head and put it back on top of his head, "You can have this back when you learn how to respect other people and your existence, as well as everything else around you. Now, Daddy loves you, but uh, just because you're gonna inherit the Crown does NOT MEAN that you ALREADY HAVE. Just like WE had to do it, YOU have to EARN this mofo. You got me, Triere?!" He would look her square in the eyes with the utmost authority and sternness, but said nothing more in order to respectfully allow for her response after he completely finished speaking.

Triere stared up at her Father when he glared down at him, matching his own stare of authority with one of her own. She wasn't gonna back down from this situation at all, and in fact, was going to call him out on everything he said that was incorrect.


Unfortunately for her, everything he said was perfectly sound, comprehensible, understood and flawlessly correct, so she had nothing to say but,

"... *Sigh* You Right.
I'm sorry.
I Love you guys, but Let Me Have Some Fun!!
How can I inherit the Crown then, Dad?"

"Thank you, Daughter," he would say, now calmed and with a smile on his face. "I love you, too. Now, what you must do to inherit the crown is... Gather the power of all 7 Shinsanities by inheriting your Mother's place as the 'Crystal Oversoul of the Dawn.' That is to say... You gotta switch shifts, my girl. You're on Shinsanity and Shinsangel duty."

He would point to the Dawn, which definitely needed some sort of guidance and fixing in all sorts of manners, "Clean Up This Mess. I want every Shinsangel to have a Shinsanity and every Shinsanity to have a Keeper, and every Keeper to have an Alice. When All Seven Shinsangels have been Aligned from All Seven Shinsanities having their Seven Keepers and Seven Alices, then you, too, may harbor the Crown of the 7th. Until then..." He smirked, giving her the 'Thumbs Down' and causing all of her energy to drop like a hat, being immediately locked up and kept from her use.

"Start Over From Level 1."

He gave her a sinister smirk, knowing that the only way for her to get all of her powers back was to actually go through the trials of the Seven Shinsanities, just as all had done before her.

"You can get some friends or whatever to help you out if you like, but uh. Just know that if you do not do it right, just like EVERYBODY ELSE, you WILL repeat the 6th OVER and OVER and OVER again and not return to the 7th UNTIL YOU GET IT RIGHT!"

He gave her a kiss on her forehead and a pat on the head, smiling at her, knowing that she was pissed, but also knowing she knew that it was for her own good.

"That'll learn ya~!" He soot up and walked over to Temari, "With Love, Darling~!" and raised his hand for a high five.

"Have Fun, Cleaning Up Your Room, Daughter~!

Having heard and fully endorsed all of his words from the sidelines, finding no flaw in them (as, she definitely would have objected without question if there were), Temari would raise her hand up and slap his hand for a solid, complete and perfect High Five of the century, which sent out energy that literally changed the world with their Union.

"Think What You've Done and Don't Do It Again."

She stood there with her mouth agape after what she had just heard. "Man, this some old bullshit," she said abruptly, turning around sharply, "So, what you're saying to me is... You want me to clean YOUR mess while you two sit back and swoon and croon and go on a honeymoon!?!?! Nuh uh, that don't sound on the up and up, if you ask me!!!"

However... After some thorough calculations, remembering that she was also from the Future and technically hadn't gone through the trials that the Physical world would have to, she was actually reevaluating this entire scenario.

"Hmmm..." She pondered, stroking her chin. "Fortunately for you, after a critical assessment, I have realized that if I do this NOW, then when all that other shit happens in the future, I won't have to do this again, because, well. It'll already be done. And, of course, I will be born Perfect. No matter WHAT Timeline I'm in." She would smirk, turning her nose up to the both of them triumphantly, already knowing that, no matter how long it took, because she existed right now at this time and all other events in time had occurred the way they did to get her to Truly Exist right here and now, everything else henceforth would only come into bringing this single entity into existence Perfectly. And if she had to go whip some damn Shinsangels and Shinsanities and Keepers and Alices in order throughout the Veritas to get all her powers back to her, then so fucking be it.

"Aight. Bet." She was like the spitting, perfect image of the both of them combined... Their sweet little Crystal Child. "When I come back, you'd better have that Crystal Crown ready for me, Dad. I will be the next Crystal Goddess of Life! And when I play, you know I play to win~!" She would let them have their fun and alone time now... In fact, they deserved it. And plus, this was going to be the perfect time for her to actually get everything in order, which she absolutely loved to do.

"Alright, World...
Prepare to Meet your Maker!!!"

She would stand in a triumphant pose looking over all the Veritas from the Crystal Clock Tower all epic-like before going to form her battle strategy in her house, the Ice Sanctuary...

And that, Everyone, is the Story of how 'The Story' Began, Ended and Began again, and would keep the ball rolling and moving in the Correct and Perfect direction Forever and Ever. All 13 Restrictions from the 0th to the 13th had been achieved by the Dearly Beloved couple, and now they were Free to roam the World literally able to do whatever they wanted to. This was their own Perfect Happy Ending, and the Beginning of the stories of ALL of their Children.

The Seven Shinsangels.
The End.
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