The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension

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 The Divine Protector's Daughter

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Hikarigami, Crystal Heart of the Crystal Aurora :: Crystal Angel of Crysteria
Hikarigami, Crystal Heart of the Crystal Aurora :: Crystal Angel of Crysteria

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PostSubject: The Divine Protector's Daughter   The Divine Protector's Daughter EmptyTue Nov 16, 2021 2:59 am

Alyxandra Magenta.

It all begins in castle Alexandria in a time immeasurable in a realm far separate from Lost World knowledge. This land, the land of Summons and Guardians, is where Magenta was born. Long before her birth, Alexandros, the Divine Protector, comprised a city named in his image for all who wanted his protection to live in, where he could humbly and soundly keep them safe from all harm, with he, the noble castle, standing tall in the middle. This prosperous city of Alexandria remained calm and peaceful under the protection of their deity, not a single malicious entity getting any farther than the gate before being exterminated by the Divine Protector. Though this calm was sweet, it eventually had to be disturbed. A great war broke out between the Summons and the humans, for the wife of a Summon who was a human was allowed into the Aethereal World and the gate was left open for other corrupt humans to enter. The Summons went through a terrible battle to push the humans back, and were successful. However, in the crossfire, many innocents were injured or killed. One of them happened to have fallen outside of the city of Alexandria... Her name was Alena. The first thought of all of the people of Alexandria was to terminate her on the spot for being a human, however their God Alexandros had something else in mind. He had seen how she had fallen -- trying to protect someone dear to her, and was now on the edge of her life. Such noble protection was deemed the highest nobility in Alexandros' eyes, and he welcomed her into the city to see him specifically. The dying woman was blessed with another chance at life by Alexandros the great, and also another wish of hers; to bear a child, which she was deemed unable to do in the human world. That child was named Alyxandra Magenta.

After countless years of aging, Magenta studied her father's wills and his Manna, becoming proficient in protection, healing and holy or light Manna. This made her one of the most sought out beings in all of the Aethereal world, as her ability to protect and heal were useful to many of the casualties still scarred by war. A complete joy to both her mother and father, Magenta knew that there was something more she had to protect, however. The humans that came so long ago... They were the ones that needed protection. Protection from themselves. After telling her father and mother of her new goal in life, they happily allowed her to exit the Esper World and go into the other world... Where she exited to the Lost World. Now her mission is to protect this world from all harm that may come its way and make it a place of peace and fortitude, just like her homeland. Ever since coming here, however, she has felt the protection of her Father over her, somehow... Some way.

Magenta, being the daughter of a mechanical light deity and a human harbors traits from the both of them so that she may assume the form that she has currently. Her body is as hard as metal, yet as soft as flesh, allowing her to take insane amounts of physical damage without being harmed too severely. On her back, she has tiny angelic wings which may expand to grand sizes to initiate flight and protection of herself and others. They are translucent and seem to be similar to glass, yet nowhere near as fragile. They are used to magnify light particles she projects through them. Her body is able to change into light or into mechanical objects to her will.

"As long as there is Light Within Me, there is Hope For The World. I Will Protect It. That is My Philosophy and My Truth."

Tempora Tensei is a Hikarigami (Light Goddess) of the Veritas, specifically being the Time Goddess after inheriting the title of the head 'Hikarigami' from her mother and father, Teleine and Teus, who are the other two Hikarigami. She is the one who maintains all things temporal in the Veritas. Before acquiring the 'Gear Of Time', which powers all temporal events in the Veritas, and also serves as part of her essence, she was known simply as Magenta, and still goes by that name often. Though she had a physical form and an Appearance, Tempora tends to remain surrounded in a veil of light known as 'Vilon', and to remain ambiguously among the folds of time until a time of her choosing to reveal her actual form underneath her veil of 'Timelight'.

I Know I Can... ~~ (Battle Theme)
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The Divine Protector's Daughter
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