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 Tymon's Dangerous Sex Drive (WARNING)

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Magnus the Archsage Witch Doctor :: Nightstorm Badass; Crystal Oversoul of the Delta
Magnus the Archsage Witch Doctor :: Nightstorm Badass; Crystal Oversoul of the Delta

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PostSubject: Tymon's Dangerous Sex Drive (WARNING)   Thu Jul 27, 2017 11:27 pm

... This is what I keep hidden from people about my own personal sex drive when I'm actually fired up. I don't like it because I feel like if I get too intense, I might end up severely harming or killing people, but I also like it because it makes sex hotter. There's a balance of my own restraint and the passion or fury when I'm invested in it. If I get too rough, it proves to be dangerous because I don't like to hold back nor to stop, which can be problematic. I usually keep myself restrained because of this and don't actually let it out or reveal it at all. I've only shown glimpses of it because I'm afraid of hurting people and then I get self-conscious and somewhat sad... It's because it's actually who I am as a person and I've been this way since I was younger. I like lots of really messed up things that stimulate me sexually, and I know it's both terrifying and sometimes threatening, but all of it is geared toward my own sexual stimulation and potential and attraction and ventilation and tension and frustration.

I. "I've Been Keeping What -Attracts- And -Damns- Them -Private- And -Secret- Because It Has To Do With My -Privates- And -Personal- Relationships, All Of Which -Cannot- Be Understood To The Same Depth By One Who Simply Is Not In It." - Mindfuck (Mindrape)

II. "I've Been Doing That Because I -Like- People And Have My Own Feelings, But It Ends Up As Me -Accidentally- Preying On Them And Stimulating Them To Do The Same To Me, And I Have To Understand Not Only That It's Learned But It's Also Done Out Of Affection Or Love."

III. "Because I Am The One That Does This -And- I Can Tell, -I- Am The One That Checks, No Matter How Bad It Is, And The First One That Attempts To Neutralize Or Nullify It If At All Possible."

IV. "-Failure- Of -Inspection- Means -Death-" Is what I've been -TRYING- to tell you for a -REASON-. >>;

Pitch Black; Deep Thought Of The Great Spirit
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Tymon's Dangerous Sex Drive (WARNING)
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