The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension

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 The Flood; Manual Overwrite

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Mizugami, Crystal Shell of the Crystal Rain :: Crystal Kappa of the Nautilus Serulenia

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The Flood; Manual Overwrite Empty
PostSubject: The Flood; Manual Overwrite   The Flood; Manual Overwrite EmptyWed Nov 30, 2016 4:48 pm

At the height of the mountain in the Oasis of Paradise, Tethys, who was casually called 'Serulenia,' would be basking in the pools within the mountain's volcano-like opening, filled with water in the stead of lava. She was a languorous deity, as she always had been, relishing in her peace and her perfection, when she noticed very tiny specks of dust permeating her normally completely clean atmosphere. This was a grave irritation to her and a virility that could not go unchecked nor unpunished, for her irritation stirred the waters of the planet and of the universe that, perhaps, were not quite understood the full measure of.

"... What is that disgusting feeling...?" She muttered, scrunching up her face as though she'd tasted something foul and repugnant. "... Is that filth? Lord... I wonder how it was allowed to get in." The waters could never be tainted, and that also meant the waves of the air that perhaps were not quite understood yet as 'water' that was not to be contaminated. "Whatever it is, I'm sure a simple purge will cleanse it and anything that happened to create it. I suppose that if you want to remove a filth, the clean one is best to do it." She sighed, displeased that she had to move from her place, since she expected all the Veritas to be kept sanctified. "Must be letting lesser beings run around here these days..." As much as she hated to sound contemptuous, unfortunately, those without proper manners nor etiquette simply did not know nor understand why it was important to not poison the atmosphere with filth. She threw her head back and sighed heavily, as if it were a chore to have to clean it up.

Serulenia began to think deeply, even with the tiny fragments of filth irritating her highly sensitive sensory. She could see and feel each of the specks of dust that were like large boulders in an even larger ocean, noticing every time the waves crashed against one. It felt stifling and utterly repulsive. Yet, even still, her thoughts could not help but drift beyond, like the water passing over and around the obstructions, as it does. The fact that she noticed was her only irritation, but it did not stop her from knowing what had to be done. She had to remove it absolutely, and the only way to do so was with a powerful purge. "It has to be that accursed City..." she finally said, knowing that was the only place in the Veritas beyond those isolated Moons that could even accumulate specks of filth, and from the frequency of the specks of dust in speculation in the wavelengths, it seemed that the distance extended all the way out to the City, itself. She groaned, wondering why the heathens still hadn't learned, even after all these years. To she, herself, it felt like she'd been dealing with them poisoning the air for longer than time could recount. "... I trapped them in Suspended Animation once, and they seemed not to have learned anything at all." Even under new management, it seemed like systematically, they were just made to deal with waste and if they didn't get it right, it got into the air like fecal matter that they didn't understand was fecal matter that no one except the ignorants cared to breathe like oxygen. "... I only wonder what makes them love to breathe it so much. I can't stand those toxins defiling me, like they do the defiled ones."

Her thoughts preceded her. As much as she, to this day, enjoyed her peace, calm, cleanliness and serenity, she did indeed have a job to do that involved cleansing the filth from the water supply, that it would not poison the masses, even if the water of the air was poisoned, and they breathed it in as thought it were their very life essence, and not the poison that detracted from it. "... I may have to go give them a piece of my mind about what is defiling and why. The ignorant ones cannot be left to the ignorance, or else they will not know that it is defiling them nor ones like me." Thus, she bid her head to rise, and soon enough, however slowly, her body from the pools of her languor and up to the surface. She rose only up to the waist, and her legs could not be seen. Her hair poured over her shoulders and down her back lucidly like a waterfall, and into the water like a steady stream. She gazed into the pools with her shimmering deep blue eyes, staring deeply into the reflection that was not her own, but of the entire world. There, she would see where every speck of filth was in only the vibrations of the ripples of water alone, and the tiny particles of dust would rise up and be suspended where they were, fixed in place so that she could actually see exactly what it was she needed to deal with.

"There..." She could see the weaknesses by observing what was being blocked. "Now, Let Us Stir..." Tethys, Goddess of the Water, began to trouble the waters.

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The Flood; Manual Overwrite
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