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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
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 Chomao; Black Ashli

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Chomao; Black Ashli  Empty
PostSubject: Chomao; Black Ashli    Chomao; Black Ashli  EmptyThu Feb 12, 2015 3:36 pm

Black Ashli the Baby Archdeath
Chomao; Black Ashli  E64dafac-cc18-40d8-ae6d-646292f489c4_zps9bde5d28

The soul of her past life trapped in the form of a Chomao, which harbors information from the Lost World as well as everything about her past life. It rests upon the hole upon her chest, which harbors the power of Arachne and her Reverse Rejection, and seals off her power of knowledge from the Past as well as her Devourism power with a skull shaped seal within her Black Eye. It limits how much she is able to take into her Reverse Rejection. It is the connecting link between her Past and her Present, and filters her powers from there and the Lost World in doses until she is fully assimilated with it. She can fully merge with it and become 'Black Ashli' herself, wherein which she will take on the form of a Phantom.

It takes on the form of a shadowy figure that is reminiscent of her past life as Chroma, yet with a white mask upon her face,  like her father when he is the Phantom. With it, she can access any sort of information from the Past as much and in as great a number as she wishes, as long as access is granted. It takes the form, when inactive, as a skull-shaped pendant with spider legs coming from the sides, as well as a third eye socket at the top of it. The face is black and white, harboring a white eye on the black side and the black eye on the white face, mirroring the image of the mask itself. It also seemed to have cat ears.

Ability; Archdeath
It has the power to kill Death and all forms of Death, as well as to inflict Death normally. This can be used to destroy the Death of others, making being immortal, or to take their Life away and cause them to die. This is because it has the combined power of the 'Life and Death' abilities that Tabitha had in her past life combined into it, which becomes known as 'Archdeath,' the power to kill Death.
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Chomao; Black Ashli  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chomao; Black Ashli    Chomao; Black Ashli  EmptyTue Mar 10, 2015 8:55 pm

Archdeath; Sword Style
Chomao; Black Ashli  Konachan_com20-208556820original20red_eyes20tagme20weapon20wednesday

Harmonizes the Wavelengths of Life and Death Into The Form Of a Variable Blade.

Destructive Blade of Doom: Sends her powerful wavelength through her sword, causing her cuts to slice directly at the foe's wavelength/chakra network to drain chakra/soul energy/magic/etc from them with every cut. The slashes she makes also cause massive explosions with the same ability.

Dark Impact: Chroma creates giant swords of her Death Wavelength and Soul Energy that will crash down on the foe with an explosive result, thus draining them of their power until it is depleted.

Black Wave: Chroma's sword becomes coated in her Soul Wavelength or Soul Energy, and she will slash, releasing a giant wave of her energy that will decimate whatever is in its way, killing off or depleting energy of whatever is in its way.
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PostSubject: Re: Chomao; Black Ashli    Chomao; Black Ashli  EmptyTue Mar 10, 2015 8:58 pm

Archdeath; Razor Style

Chomao; Black Ashli  563202

Harmonizes Life and Death Waves to create Neutralizing and Negating Cuts, Like Razor Blades, With High Speed And Precision For Dissection and Decoding.

Death Slash: For one slice, Chroma combines all of her energies enabling her to send a wave of energy that can cut through anything in front of it as well as drain power from it so that it can get larger and stronger.

Guillotine Slasher: 1) A large blade of her Soul Wavelength will slice down on the foe from above, trying to cleave them in two or 2) Coats her wavelength around her razor that will give it the ability to cleave through anything put in her way.

Grim Slasher: Expands her wavelength around her body, allowing it to slice through attacks as if it were a razor, splitting them in two in a second. If they enter the vicinity of her wavelength, it is eligible to be cut in two instantly, making it hard to get close to her.
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PostSubject: Re: Chomao; Black Ashli    Chomao; Black Ashli  EmptyTue Mar 10, 2015 9:00 pm

Archdeath; Scythe Style

Chomao; Black Ashli  10287341_m

Utilizes the Power of Life and Death Waves To Erase And Reset The Waves Of Whatever Touches The Blade Completely, Like Rewriting Music.

Dark Scythe: Sending her wavelength through her scythe, she can cause it to literally slash at only the foe's soul and chakra source, causing her to drain their power and embed a little of her own into them if she can. It does no physical harm to the body, as the scythe blade can pass through physical things to hit the soul at will.

Blade Tsunami: Releases numerous scythe blades from herself or from the ground that will arc over the field like a tsunami, crashing down to obliterate everything in their way.

Death Slice: Concentrates a large amount of Death Soul Wavlength into the scythe blade giving it the ability to literally slash at the soul, soul wavelength, chakra, etc. of the foe, being able to disconnect them with every slash. This makes using Soul Abilities, chakra distribution and the sort utterly useless.
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PostSubject: Re: Chomao; Black Ashli    Chomao; Black Ashli  EmptyTue Mar 10, 2015 9:05 pm

Archdeath; Bazooka Style

Chomao; Black Ashli  Original

Condenses High Concentrations of Life And Death Waves Into A Single Point And Fires It As Explosive Waves That Will Spread And Wipe Out Death With Life and Life With Death.

Black Rain: Shoots missiles into the air endlessly and they rain down like... well.. rain embedded with her Death Soul Wavelength.

Black Cannon: A large hole opens up on Chroma's chest or back, or even her mouth and she will fire HUGE missiles, grenades, bombs, etc. (explosives in general) from them, or release a multitude of explosives simultaneously.

Fate Missile: Releases missiles or other explosives charged with Life and Death wavelengths. They are special for their ability to absorb energies and attacks that aren't physical to make themselves larger, faster and more powerful in their explosions as well as negate forces. They may only be hit with physical attacks, however, it might not be a good idea...
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PostSubject: Re: Chomao; Black Ashli    Chomao; Black Ashli  Empty

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Chomao; Black Ashli
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