The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension

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 Souzenryoku of Wind :: Crystal Cloud (Air/Force)

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Aeris Tiamat
Souzenryoku of Wind; Green Flame of Eternity :: Crystal Force of the Crystal Wings
Souzenryoku of Wind; Green Flame of Eternity :: Crystal Force of the Crystal Wings
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Souzenryoku of Wind :: Crystal Cloud (Air/Force) Empty
PostSubject: Souzenryoku of Wind :: Crystal Cloud (Air/Force)   Souzenryoku of Wind :: Crystal Cloud (Air/Force) EmptySun Feb 15, 2015 9:41 am

Shinsanity of Wind (Wisdom/Fun)

Techniques that fall under the jurisdiction of the element of Wind, which thereby become the 'Souzenryoku of Wind,' governed by 'Taomin' and incurred and intensified by both Swift Wisdom and Cunning Fun in all their forms.

Crystal Cloud (Air/Wind)
Creates sparkling air that shines like crystal; crystal in gaseous form. It can condense into the form of clouds.

Sky Force
The power to manipulate Wind, Force, Pressure, Atmosphere and Sound as she sees fit.

Night in Gale
Generates a tornado of various sizes and intensities made of black wind that rises from the ground and up into the air, or vice versa. Can be used to crush, suffocate, isolate, hide or blow away the target. What is caught within the black tornado cannot see what is beyond the wind walls, for they become too dark. The wind sparkles with crystalline light, as if lit by stars, making it look like the night sky circling viciously around the target. This is her signature technique and why it is called the 'Night in Gale.'

Whispering Wind
With this, she is able to send out swift streams of condensed wind that are capable of producing, projecting, masking or distorting sound, air and other vibrational forces such as those. Though it can be used offensively and can be contorted into numerous different forms, though often used as a snake or a whip, it is predominantly used in order to surprise or distract others and grab their attention very quickly to catch them off guard. It can absorb sound waves and distribute them in numerous different ways, or even suffocate them. (Lesser Dragon)

Distortion Wave
The power to create, control or dispel distortions in wavelengths around himself or in other things around him. These distortions can be powerful enough to cause severe disorientation or even destabilization, or conversely, condensed into different shapes and forms so that they can block out other things like a barrier. They can disperse to cover a wide range or condense to protect a certain area.(Confusion Chaff)

This technique creates a spherical vacuum or conical vortex of wind that sucks the very breath from one's lips, as though God has stripped one of their 'Breath of Life.' It leaves one completely breathless and no air in the vicinity of the vacuum or vortex.

Wind Saber
Creates blades of pure concentrated wind as sharp as an edge and that parts the air as it slices. Can even cut through sound vibrations for increased speed.

Fang of Tiamat
An arrow that is made of pure concentrated wind as sharp as a dragon's fang. They have no wind resistance and use the air around them to increase in speed and penetration power, and sometimes even size. This means the further away she is from a target, the more powerful and destructive the blow. She can even condense so much wind pressure that upon impact, instead of just skewering the target, the arrows explode with powerful wind bursts as well.

Generates vacuums at will that can condense into solid structures, such as walls, barriers and shields that can either draw someone into them or force someone away from them. They are completely invisible, save for the slight distortions they generate from the condensation of wind. She can also fashion them into clones of herself, or other solid wind-constructs made from intense vacuous forces.
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Souzenryoku of Wind :: Crystal Cloud (Air/Force)
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