The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension

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 Souzenryoku of Earth :: Crystal Earth

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The Tensei
Souzenryoku of Earth; Red Flame of Eternity :: Crystal Earth of the Crystal Shards
Souzenryoku of Earth; Red Flame of Eternity :: Crystal Earth of the Crystal Shards
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PostSubject: Souzenryoku of Earth :: Crystal Earth   Souzenryoku of Earth :: Crystal Earth EmptySun Feb 15, 2015 10:34 am

Souzenryoku of Earth (Strength/Bliss)

Techniques that fall under the jurisdiction of the element of Earth, which thereby become the 'Souzenryoku of Earth,' governed by 'Primalpha' and incurred and intensified by both Steadfast Strength and Fortitude of Bliss in all their forms.

Planetary Force
The ability to create and control the forces of the Earth such as Plants, Animals, Solid Structures, Metals, Matter, Minerals, Earth and Seismic Waves.

Titan's Knuckle (The Titanic)
An punch that can blow apart any solid or physical structure that comes in its path by disassembling material makeup, erasing weight and mass and ensuring the physical links that bind it together are released and cannot return to oneness. Also known as 'The Titanic'. It is his signature move.

Ancient Oversight (Eyes of the Beholder)
The power to stare into all physical, Solid constructs and see their composition/make up, history/genealogy , energy, proportions, ratios and power through eyes that see into their Roots.

Material Massacre (Geobliteration/Massacre)
The power to alter any Physical or Solid material to the will of the user, even to the point of complete dissemblance and destruction, and leave such a construct without the power to reform to any physical shape again. Sometimes known as just 'Massacre' for short or 'Geobliteration'.

Black Atlas (Weight of Worlds)
Calls down or generates meteors, asteroids or even full scale planets to crash into a target. They can be of any size or shape, and do not have to be astronomical in mass.

Mass Maneuverability
Can alter the mass and weight of whatever solid or material structure it comes in contact with, thereby either fortifying strength by adding mass and weight or minimizing it by decreasing mass and weight.

World's Wrath
Causes the forces of the Earth to rise up against the intended target, even to the point of altering the shape of the planet itself in order to obliterate a single enemy.

Death Valley
Parts the very earth and brings target into a dark pit as wide and as deep as the user sees fit, even to the point of splitting an entire planet in two and crushing them with both halves before sealing it back together as though it never happened.

Generates a powerful equalizing seismic wave throughout any physical solid structure that will neutralize any and all other vibrations as long as they are touching the solid structure that the user is touching. If they are not touching the same solid structure, they will not be harmed. It has the power to completely crush, blow apart or liquefy whatever it touches. Once liquefied, the Shinsanity of Earth no longer has jurisdiction over its power, unless it becomes a solid structure again.

Depthsroot (Death By TREES!!!)
Calls forth the very Veins and Nerves of a planet, known as the 'Roots,' which are governed by both Trees and Plants alike. These can be used to completely ensnare, crush and siphon out all the nutrients of a target as seen fit by the user. This can also be used as an imprisonment technique to keep powerful people trapped in a tree made of roots that will do nothing but completely drain power to the point of weakening the user to levels of incapacitation (if they are unable to die by running out of energy). All energy taken from the roots is delegated by the Shinsanity of Earth to either be converted into different energy, drained into it, or transferred to a different place that the roots are connected to. This is named after the underground lost village, Depthsroot.
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Souzenryoku of Earth :: Crystal Earth
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