The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension

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 Absolution; Absolute Divinity

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PostSubject: Absolution; Absolute Divinity   Absolution; Absolute Divinity EmptyFri Feb 27, 2015 5:48 pm

Quick Note: Celestial Energy is FAR more powerful than normal light, and embedded with a hell of a lot more holiness. It is extremely destructive and able to rip through even places where no light EXISTS. Basically, it is the sort of light where no darkness nor any shadows can touch, overpower or stop.

Celestial Energy: Divine energy that usually glows bright white in a similar fashion to light. It is totally immune to shadows and darkness and can usually overpower it if it is weaker than the Celestial Energy. It can purify anything that is corrupt or impure, cannot be corrupted itself, and grows in power from holy things or from light and pure shit. It tends to absorb weaker energies than itself and purifies them into pure energy, thus making them into Celestial Energy as well.

Celestial Abilities:

Celestial Arrow- An arrow of celestial energy that can be increased in size, speed and number.

Holy Beam- Focuses celestial light into a force with a giant pointed tip. It does not reach far, so it is mostly used to push people or attacks away with great power.

Celestial Fist- Luminon's metallic arm becomes extremely large and filled/reinforced with celestial and star energy. The fist makes explosions on contact.

Celestial Kick- Same as Celestial Fist, only with feet.

Celestial Barrier- A superstrong barrier that refracts anything nonphysical so that it bends and not hits Luminon, but turns around and shoots back at the enemy. It works for everything nonphysical, however it has literally no affect on physical attacks.

Celestial Discharge- Shoots out nonstop pulsating waves of celestial energy from his body constantly, but he cannot move while doing this.

Celestial Storm- A giant cloud of celestial energy circles in the air and at its center, giant celestial blasts shoot out.

Heaven Blast- Sends out a giant stream of light with celestial energy arrows flowing through it.

Luminosity- Luminon secretes a slow, gradually growing superintense, superbright celestial light dome from himself that disintegrates/breaks down/purifies and converts whatever it touches slowly. Fire, light, lightning and anything that uses light or heat add to its power, and is completely immune to darkness and dark energy... and shadows. Luminon can stop it whenever he feels like it and add star energy to it if he wants. It grows smaller every time it is attacked, but nothing can go THROUGH it.

Holy Burst: Starts off as an instant shield that blocks oncoming attacks, then absorbs their power by converting them into Celestial energy, then finally lets out a large and swift explosion.

Heavenly Cove: Creates a large concave vortex that sucks in a big attack and shoots them back infused with star energy, celestial energy and light energy as well as x2 power so that Luminon can control the blast to his will.

Heavenly Grip: Luminon's hand turns into a large, claw-like cuff that will trap whatever he grabs with it by either the amount of their impurities or with the default force, which is that of an imploding star. The more impurities you have, the harder it is to get out. You are not trapped by the pressure being put on you, but rather the force of the suction of it, therefore, even if the cuff is bigger than you are, it is just as hard to escape.

Judgment Hands: Releases millions of celestial/light energy arms with giant claws from his body, which will act as hands that can reach epic proportions for Luminon. They have enough power to rip the souls from people's bodies on contact.

Heaven Impact: Surrounds self in star and celestial energy, then crashes down at super speed, making giant explosions on impact.

Holy Cannon: In outer space, focuses a MASSIVE amount of Star and Celestial energy into one point, making it look like another star has appeared in the sky, and without warning, it will shoot a beam that will cover the entire area and disintegrate anything in its way.

Heavenly Shield: (Celestial Mode) The ring on Luminon's back acts as an omnipotent reflector and will reflect any and all attacks back at the user, so long as they touch the ring.

Rapture: (Celestial Mode) Ring behind Luminon grows to an unspeakably astronomical size and shoots an explosive celestial energy beam that has enough power to rip straight into (or even through) the core of the planet.

Holy Hand: (Celestial Mode) One hand grows to large proportions surrounded in intense celestial energy and crushes any and all oncoming attacks from afar. Luminon cannot counter, dodge or attack with this hand, and it only works one time before he must charge it again.

Excalibur Rising: A ray of celestial and light energy shoots out and creates many tiny explosions. The explosions are in the shape of a sword, and can be manipulated into one huge explosion by merging all of the tiny explosions.

Excalibur Downfall: Purges the whole field of everything with a downpour of celestial and light energy. It blinds, then randomly smashes things.

Excalibur: (After using Excalibur Rising and Downfall) Luminon creates a giant seal on the ground of celestial and light energy that is in the shape of a sword. The first part is a giant and destructive explosion blast in the shape of a sword. Next, the energy from the explosion forms into a sword that Luminon can wield, which explodes with grand explosions when it makes contact. It allows Luminon to also teleport at will.


Planetary Abilities: Takes the power of planets and uses them for attack. Not much to say other than it may involve the natural power of a planet, the force of a crashing planet, or anything of the like. It basically its own form of power.

Planetary Destroyer- Creates a large mass of... matter half of the size of the planet he is on and smashes it down to the ground, resulting in a catastrophic explosion of unheard of proportions. Requires a lot of energy to form in the sky, but once it has started forming, it does not stop, for it will just absorb everything that comes to it for power.

Planetary Fist: Luminon's fists grow to epic proportions and he becomes able to punch with the power of a crashing planet. It is effective for moving planets when he has to.

Planet Destruction Cannon: A massive amount of energy made of pure space will consume space around it, becoming larger and larger and gaining more force. If it is at full power, it can blast through a planet with ease.

Planetary Alignment: Forcefully aligns all of the planets nearest to the one he is on as well as the nearest star and moons, then from each of their cores, releases a large beam of energy on one point that Luminon wishes. The alignment of the planets will also increase Luminon's abilities by x1,000 of what they are at the moment, and also will decrease the opponent's power by x1,000. Also, the more power Luminon attains, the more power the foe loses. The alignment takes a shitload of time to prepare, but it seems to be quite worth it. 2) All Nearby planets will align themselves in a fashion that creates a gigantic being made of nothing but planets.

Planet's Grasp: Using the nature of the planet's area, whether it be plains, earth, grass or even gravity to pull and hold down the foe with great power.

Planetary Explosion: An explosion of matter, space, star energy, celestial energy and light that is the size and power of a planet.

Planetary Implosion: An implosion that can suck in a full planet with ease, destroying everything.

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Absolution; Absolute Divinity
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