The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension

Where All Is Made Truth...
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 Shinsei Khrona; Overlord Tensei

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Overlord Tensei
Tensei, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
Overlord Tensei

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PostSubject: Shinsei Khrona; Overlord Tensei   Shinsei Khrona; Overlord Tensei EmptyThu Nov 29, 2018 6:56 pm

Restriction 333; The Trini-T's: Formed when Khrona becomes a Perfect Being and shares his perfection with two people he loves and trusts the absolute mosts; His wife, Khrina (Titania) and his daughter, Trinity. With this, they all becomes 'Perfect Beings' by sharing Khrona's power, and then the three of them share all things between each other, yet still maintain a sort of individuality between themselves. They all share the same amounts of Insanity that he has, and utilizes it in perfect harmony with each other, as a familial unit to take down whatever is in their way with absolutely perfect harmonic Resonance. This mask binds their individual trinity of Mind, Body and Soul all as one, making the three entities form into one thing, and share all their power between them. It is the perfect familial hybrid, kept strong by their infinite love for each other and the Eternal Bond they share that nothing can break.

*Note: To maintain a combined form, there must be harmonious and unencumbered True Love shared between all Three of them to combine their Bodies, Minds and Souls as a single functioning entity. If they go out of sync, they will fall out of order and disperse.

Hyper Redemption: The power to infinitely become better and amplify each others powers through the shared Eternal Bond and connectedness, allowing for whatever power necessary to be mustered up between the three to be utilized between them as their combined harmonized bodies, minds and souls see fit. Three is better than one. Wherever they even LOOK is where said power may be used or manifest, so anything within their vision in any way is subject to their powers. That is to say, if they make any mistake once, they instantaneously become better as not to make that same mistake again, covering their bases as soon as they make them within each other's flaws and faults being overcome by the other's strengths to work together. Also, from innate knowledge of what to do and what not to do, they are able to be Correct and Perfect, as well.



Khrona (Tensei)

Khrina (Titania)

Khrinity (Trinity)

Perfect Trini-T: The Legendary OctoGod, Tinasanti; The Three Peaces

When Khrona finishes the mastery of the Seventh Restriction and becomes a perfect being, he moves on to the Eighth, which is combining between Titania (Khrina) and Trinity to share his perfection with them, and they all become one perfect being that shares three separate individualities. This form is known as 'Tinasanti' the Octogod. Tinasanti; a name meaning 'Three Peaces.' It is the same phonetically forward and backward; TI-NA-SAN-TI. Formerly a complete fusion of Misery, Despair and Khrona to make up the Black Dragon, now this Eighth Restriction is made with the TRUE successors of this power, Khrona, Khrina (Titania) and Trinity. They, together, with their shared and completely balanced power achieve one of his strongest known forms; the Black Arachnopus, even greater in power than the Black Dragon. It harmonizes all three of their wavelengths, Body, Mind and Soul into the form of their bodies, using everything that they are and merging into one being that all three synchronously control. They draw power from the Infinity that is the 8 and the halos on their heads, to make up the 'Three Infinities' of Understanding, Power and Energy. The three completed Halos (which are symbols of their complete individual perfection) merge together to make a Triple Halo that is the Three Infinities (Triple Infinity Sign). Its imperfect form was first brought about by matching and doubling ZK's own power after being obliterated almost to the very last scrap of DNA by the Spirit of Thunder, and then matching and then surpassing its power even further. This was the beast that was hidden under the sands of the Eternal Desert long ago, first formed by the three Grims to form the Grand Grim, the original Black Beast/Dragon. Now, their will has been placed within Khrona, Khrina and Trinity, but to be used in the ways of justice rather than evil. With all their powers working in tandem, they can literally do whatever they wanna do and have to do to get the job done, even if they do not know what they are doing.

They become three great deities in this form that can split themselves up at will; Tensei (Khrona) Titanita (Khrina) and Trinity. Drawing power from the Eight Arms of Chaos, known as Tabrith (Tabris) as well as Willweaving and Realization, they take all such power and spin it into themselves infinitely. They serve as the 'Three Eyes' and Tabrith serves as the 'Eight Arms' that make up the completed being that is. They pick 2 arms that they each govern, whilst they all control the two primary arms of Balance and Chaos.

Eighth Restriction -- Overlord Tensei, known formally as Tensei that hail from the Veritas, and the father of all of the 'Tensei' Family, travels across the universes of all kinds exploring the far reaches of space in his 8th Restriction Form whilst his home world, the Veritas, is taken care of and maintained by his lesser Restriction forms. He likes to make friends and allies and do cool things with his phenomenal cosmic power.        

Space-Time Reality Rondo; Overlord Tensei's Battle Theme

Veritas Brigade; The Seven Spirits Theme
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Shinsei Khrona; Overlord Tensei
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