The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension

Where All Is Made Truth...
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 O.S. Tsuki; Omnia Tensei (Khrina)

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O.S. Tsuki; Omnia Tensei (Khrina) Empty
PostSubject: O.S. Tsuki; Omnia Tensei (Khrina)   O.S. Tsuki; Omnia Tensei (Khrina) EmptyFri May 13, 2022 1:45 am

Omnia is a mysterious female entity that appeared one day to Khrona when he was in Deep Thought, looking exactly like him, only as a female. She apparently had always existed there, but he never noticed nor made a distinction between the two of them until he recognized her -- but she always recognized the difference between herself and him, especially because she was not at the forefront, like Khrona was. During various brief interactions, he learned more about her and himself through her, expanding both his mind and his powers, and also revealing to him the Thirteen Restrictions that he still utilizes to this day.

However, this would not be the last of Omnia, for even as she only existed in his head, eventually, she found her way into existing physically through him, as well.

Through an epic throwback battle with one whom is referred to as 'Brother X', the Ruler of the Twilight Village, his words reached Khrona's insanity in a way that no other words have reached him before... Khrona needed to learn to control his insanity. He wasn't sure how, but once those words resonated through Khrona's soul and mind, something began to sprout. Because the Khrona we know and love is locked in his own ways forever, he wouldn't be able to control his insanity on his own... Instead, his mind had to create another part of him... A new Khrona. A Khrona that was the total inverse of the original, yet at the same time, exactly the same... Because of him, this gave birth to... Khrina.

Khrina, as it can be seen, is a girl. This is only possible through Khrona's DNA. He literally switches his mind to that of a girl, and thus his entire body, DNA and all, adapt as well, forcing him to become a girl once Khrona becomes Khrina. Khrona can change to Khrina if he truly concentrates, and vice versa. Khrina has all of the powers and abilities of Khrona, since they are the same person... However some specific ones are different. The psychic power stays the same, but some aspects of techniques and Soul abilities change, as well as personality, demeanor, and mannerisms. Also, naturally, Khrina cannot change into the different forms of Khrona... She has her own forms.

Anyway. Khrina has a similar personality to our beloved Khrona, though instead of being as lackadaisical as Khrona is and joking about everything, she's rather strict and mean. Her sadism knows no bounds. Her insanity is so concentrated that she comes off as malicious and destructive a majority of the time. Even the Fear part of her soul has changed (but the insanity stays the same.) Instead of Fear, her soul is that of Insanity and Equanimity, thus making her very calm and composed, even if she is destructive... This is something Khrona could never obtain. She never overreacts, like Khrona does.
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O.S. Tsuki; Omnia Tensei (Khrina)
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