The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension

Where All Is Made Truth...
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 Penguins; You Didn't See Anything...

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Tifaret Tensei
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Tifaret Tensei

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Penguins; You Didn't See Anything... Empty
PostSubject: Penguins; You Didn't See Anything...   Penguins; You Didn't See Anything... EmptyMon Mar 02, 2015 8:55 am

Chita's Familiar is that of a gigantic penguin with two gigantic popsicle swords as weapons. This gigantic penguin is so soft that nothing can harm it, for it just absorbs all physical blows and deflects all non-physical blows. Despite its fluffiness, it is incredibly heavy and strong with its two popsicle swords, and Chita loves him dearly. He can also shoot beams that freeze stuff out of its eyes... Normally turning them into popsicles. These frozen objects hit by the magical beam never thaw, however, and become trapped in permanent, Nevermelt Ice.. Finally, he likes to eat things and trap them inside of his body forever.

Chita's other Familiars are Prinnies, which she can not only generate, but control at her own will.

Penguin Magic
The magic of Chita/Rita's familiars, which are penguins, giving her the power to control, generate and use the power of Penguins at any given time. Gnerally the power involves something ice or water-like, or just the generation of penguins as servants in general. They specially have the power to summon up Prinnies at their will and make then at their own will, as well, plus have the ability to transform into them. It is rather unorthodox, but useful.

PRINNY SQUAAAD~!: Summons up HELLA Prinnies for no real reason to do her bidding~!

Penguin form!: Transforms into a penguin, gaining numerous penguin-like abilities, such as immunity to water and ice/cold, freezing touch and the ability to slide on the belly on any surface, even the air (but that's just the tip of the iceberg.)

Prinny Form!: Transforms into a prinny, gaining all of the powers of... a Prinny.

Popsicle Swords: Summons up two giant popsicles that are black and purple. These are extremely sharp, cannot be melted and freeze as well as cut whatever they touch. They are very strong and very powerful, and shoot out freezing beams of energy and constantly decrease the temperature in the area.

Prinny Raid: Makes prinnies rain down from the sky like bombs or shoot through the skies at a target like missiles, making massive explosions where they are impacted.

Freezing Slash: Using the icy portion of Penguin Magic, she coats her arms in freezing magic and slashes through the air, freezing whatever she may on contact. She may also launch slicing and freezing projectile waves, as well.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Penguins; You Didn't See Anything...
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