The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension

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 Honorary Homage Accessories

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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Tifaret C. Lombardi

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PostSubject: Honorary Homage Accessories   Honorary Homage Accessories EmptyMon Mar 02, 2015 8:57 am

Though she has lost her Mario Magic, she has still retained these creatures that she generated long ago as well as their special abilities that each one of them have. Each of them may change into their different forms/species/variants of themselves as well and are kept as little keepsakes (and as homage) that have been crafted into accessories she wears. Their names and special abilities are as follows;

Albatoss - Able to generate Bob-ombs as well as split self into Albatoss clones to carpet bomb the area in nothing but powerful Bob-omb explosions. This is called "Albatoss Rain." She has an Albatoss ring on her right hand.

Boo - Able to combat non-physical and spiritual things as well as increase own size and indulge in several energies to make self stronger. Basically, normal powers of a Boo or typical ghost. It is able to ingest souls without killing a foe. It may also summon more Boos. This is called "Boo!" She has a tongue piercing in the shape of a Boo.

Shy Guy - Able to rapidly and exponentially multiply at any given time as well as change self into any of the Shy Guy variants in the process. This is called "Shy Guy Army." A Shy Guy arm band resides on her right arm.

Chain Chomp - Able to attach to Chita's arms and be used as a fist-like weapon, while still retaining all Chain Chomp-like abilities. While like this, it still can extend to allow Chita to use it like a mace or wrecking ball. It can change sizes and seems to have a mouth that leads to another world. This is called "Chain Chomp Crush." Chain Chimp resides as a necklace, dog tag or choker around her neck with a chain chomp jewel on it.

Bullet Bill - Can fly around at high speeds powered by a rocket, moving faster than any normal bullet and still have precision. It can change sizes as well and also summon more Bullet Bills of any kind and change into the Bullet Bill Gun. When Chita equips the Bullet Bill Gun, she is able to use the ability "Bullet Bill Assault," allowing her to rapidly fire off infinite rounds of Bullet Bills of any kind. Bullet Bill resides as a bullet shaped belly piercing on her naval.

Piranha Plant - Ability to grow and spew numerous types of fire from its mouth, as well as the immunity to fire itself. They can consume anything without harm and can rapidly reproduce, ergo being able to create more Piranha Plants of any size at any time. This is called the "Piranha Garden." The Piranha Plant resides as a plant-shaped bracelet with a piranha plant jewel embroidered on it on her left wrist.

Bob-Omb - Able to become any kind of explosive (like flash bombs, tear gas, sleeping gas, etc.) while still retaining normal form and also multiply, even after detonation. When equipped by Chita, she is able to fire off a nonstop assault of Bob-ombs. This is called the "Bob-omb Barrage." Bob-Omb resides as a bomb-shaped earrings.

Lakitu - Can allow Chita to use the flying cloud as well as set up invisible and untraceable cameras around the area that allow Chita to see everything the camera sees. Lakitu can also control clouds and drop lightning, rain, snow, wind or one of the other monsters from the cloud. The bigger the cloud gets, the more powerful and larger the dropped item gets. This ability is called "Lakitu!" Lakitu resides as a Cloud shaped Ankle Bracelet on her left leg.
(More to be unlocked~!)

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Honorary Homage Accessories
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