The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension

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 Skelette's Weapons Of The Damned

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Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream
Grim, the PumpKin :: Dividing Enigma; Dark Legend of the Dream

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Skelette's Weapons Of The Damned Empty
PostSubject: Skelette's Weapons Of The Damned   Skelette's Weapons Of The Damned EmptyMon Nov 23, 2020 5:15 pm

Skelette has 2 weapons and 2 weapons only... An extremely large scythe made out of necromantic and shini energies, and a blade of dark magic. The Scythe, called Reaperblade, has the ability to strip people of their souls upon contact with the blade, usually via a slash and cut to the skin, however this ability can be turned on and off for battles. It can change its size to damn near any proportion and the blade can extend quite a bit as well. It, being made out of partially Shini Energy, making it indestructible and able to cut through just about any substance. The Reaperblade may also devour souls from a distance by sucking them into it with a loud and piercing screech, but this is after it has been exposed by the blade beforehand, which is only done by making a wound in the chest/torso area..

The Dark Blade, which is Skelette's sword, has several dark magics imbued within it, even within the engraved text on the blade. It can create magical infernos that are not fire, but instead dark magic in the shape of fire, yet it still burns. Also, it has the ability to seal chakra and energy for periods of time. It can also become intangible so that it can cut through a person without hurting their physical structure, but severely cut their chakra, soul and energy, and possibly even brain waves. It is known to shoot large beams of dark magic as well, and create shockwave blasts that rip through the air around it.

Soul Eater: A special attack of The Reaperblade which makes the blade grow to epic proportions, as well as Skelette and either slash the entire area with his blade and reap the souls of every living thing, or the blade turns into a mouth and devours the opponent whole.

Dark/Doom Annihilation: Dark Annihilation first slashes at the opponent's chakra, energy and nerves and once contact is made, they are immobilized in all ways until the attack is done. Skelette slashes mercilessly and continuously until all chakra, will and energy are drained into the blade and depleted from the foe. Doom Annihilation, the physical version, slashes at the opponent and immobilizes them, then continues to slash and hack up the body for however long Skelette wants, usually more than 1,000 times, slowly floating up to the sky while still slashing the foe upward with it, and thing finally, it charges dark magic energy into the body of the immobilized foe, and comes down with a powerful slash that explodes the dark magic, then has the dark magic come back in and stab at the foe.
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Skelette's Weapons Of The Damned
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