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 Contract; Royal Servant

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Grimro, the Pumpkeeper :: Obsidian Darkchrysm; Dark Alice of the Kurogami

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PostSubject: Contract; Royal Servant   Wed Jul 11, 2018 3:09 pm


There was an ominous wind in the air. Zita, the Head Witch, was roaming the land in search of any girl to fight. She smiled, having a lot of confidence in her own power... She was looking for a fight... She held a piece of paper in her hand, which she seemed to be holding on tightly to... Something was up in this Witch's head.

"Come on, girls... I need to have a little talk with you..."

She anxiously awaited any lady to come to her.
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Grimro, the Pumpkeeper :: Obsidian Darkchrysm; Dark Alice of the Kurogami

Posts : 575
Virgo Female Reputation : 0
Join date : 2014-11-02
Age : 1013
Location : Deadman's Den; Forbidden Hotel -- L'Sia Estate
Job/hobbies : Goddess Of The Zero World; Head Witch - Hostess

PostSubject: Re: Contract; Royal Servant   Wed Jul 11, 2018 3:13 pm

n fact, it was right behind him past a small clearing of trees.
He smiled and picked a few flowers wondering if anyone would come all the way to this place for a battle.-

Floating along the planet in search of women, Zita held a piece of paper in her hands. What it was, no one knew, but Zita did, in fact have a plan up her very short and revealing miniminiminiskirt.

She came across a girl that seemed to be very young... Then again, a lot of people were young compared to Zita.

"Hello there, girl~! How are you today~?"

-Shuichi turned around not really hearing anything and then fell over at the sound at the woman speaking.-
"Ummmmmmmmm are you Shinta-san's friend or something?
-He said with a giggle at her fashion choice that he found rather bad, not really noticing being called a girl.-

Zita cocked her head to the side "Eh? Shinta? The hell...?" And that's when Zita noticed that the very androgynous person she was talking to was actually a male. Oh sh*t.

"... Ooooh... Yeaaah... You're a guy.. So yeah, you're pretty worthless to me. So, if you'll excuse me, can you like... Lead me to some girls or get the hell outta my way? Thaaanks~!"

Zita's keyhole pupils started to glow a bit...

-Shuichi points to her, "Your probably the only girl around here. And if your looking for a mate your far too badly dressed anyways," He said with a small wiggle and shrug-

Shuichi: Besides, you're on my property lady-pants.

-He gave a cute little wink.-

Zita squinted her eyes, her keyhole pupils now glowing brightly.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY? Hmph. You just haven't seen a lady before. Don't give me that cutesy crap. I'll crush your heart..."

Zita created a ball of gravity magic in her hands, flinging it at Shuichi, right in the direction of his heart. She literally meant she would crush it into nothingness with the force of gravity.

Shuichi: "I've seen many women, none with quite that size of boobs though. I wonder how long it would take a chakra scalpel to through all that excess fat."

-Shu dropped to the floor like a statue. His evasion was one of the best in the Chaos despite not being all that battle worn. Shinta taught him how to flee .

After that he popped up on his hands and began walking on them.-

Shuichi: "Teehee that was pretty cool what was it called?"

-He suddenly dissipated and was now hanging upside down in the tree with a sketch pad drawing Zita with such a childish look of glee.-

Zita's eye twitched slightly, for this kid was pissing her off.

"It's called Gravity... WANNA SEE HOW IT WORKS?!"

Zita snapped her fingers, making 100 immense balls of gravity the size of meteors hover around the sky in random places. Naturally, they were all locked for Shuichi. This was her Graviton Wrath, in which these immense, powerful balls of intense gravity would crash relentlessly into the target until they were so severely crushed by the gravity, that they were no more.

And so, she let them loose to smash into Shuichi~!


Shuichi: 'Hmm are you sure you get out enough? You shouldn't ruin others' property.'

-Shuichi began to give a small pouty look and continued drawing. He drew a dome over their location and then, like some sort of genjutsu, the meteors hit off the dome and bounced away. He kept drawing and the gravity balls turned into balloons. In fact the entire area began to-become carnival themed.-

Shuichi: "I always wanted to go to the circus but there's never any nearby. Will you take me there boob lady?'

Zita smirked, not even annoyed that her attacks were parried so easily...

"I'll take you to the carnival.. If you promise to sign your name on my paper.. I'll let you do aaaanything you want~. And my NAME is Zita.."

Though Zita was rather... Um... What's the word...? PISSED, she still was on a mission. Naturally, if he didn't accept the terms... Just beat him up and leave. That would be revenge for calling her badly dressed. She didn't need a man... Shit, she had a kid..

Shuichi: "Umm Okay.. Shinta-san is never around to take me anywhere anymore he's always sooo busy and I'm left all on my lonesome.'

-Shuichi fell from the tree and faded away standing behind her now with his sketch pad drawing new things into the background.-

Shuichi: "I already have a pen."

-He gave a small giggle.-

Zita let Shuichi see the paper then, allowing him to have a chance to sign it.

"Without your signature, I am not liable to take you anywhere, and as such, I'd have to violently assault you."

Shuichi: "You wouldn't wanna do that anyways. I have a lot of people looking out for me."

-His tone was suddenly much more serious despite his girly voice. It was clear that he was just acting like a goof before.-

Shuichi: "I know what this is and who you are too, Zita."

-Shuichi Shut his sketch book and tossed it aside. The carnival theme suddenly vanished as though it was never there to begin with.-

Shuichi: "But.. I have to start looking out for myself. Because I'm not just a fragile trophy to be kept around."

-He began to mumble the last part to himself with a small pout. He signed it the next second His hand writing was very neat clearly he had alot of time to practice .-

Zita smiled devilishly as her eyes glimmered, her keyhole pupils now glowing more intensely than before.

"Thank you for your participation, sir~! What you have just signed in a contract made by Judgemaster Khrona. And as such, by the law of the contract, you are forced to not only become a witch, but also are under my supervision from now on. Any parties listed on the contract cannot break it once it has been signed. Any former connections are overridden by the Judgemaster's rule."

Zita scoffed "I can't believe I had to say that... Bleh."

She signaled Shuichi to follow her with her finger.

Shuichi: "I know the rules."

-Shuichi said following behind her. He wiped his eyes a small bit and walked up to her. He didn't know where they were going but he was bored anyways.-

-=Under a tree near by but not noticeable the shadow of it would grow blacker until the tree turned black. From the black tree would then appear a dark black eye that would watch as Shuichi left with Zita. This eye would belong to Alaude who was keeping and eye on Shuichi from a distance. Knowing that Zita was the Head Witch and over hearing they where going to train the eye would simply close and disappear causing the tree would return to normal=-

After a long walk back to the Dusk Village, and even further past there, to the Witch Province, Zita and Shuichi would arrive at Zita's Castle. Joy. This is where Shuichi would have to decide what type of magic he would use and stuff like that... Though it was really unorthodox for a guy to be a witch, Zita REEEAAAALLY didn't care at this point.
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Contract; Royal Servant
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