The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension

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 Ninth Restriction; Parasite Queen

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Ninth Restriction; Parasite Queen Empty
PostSubject: Ninth Restriction; Parasite Queen   Ninth Restriction; Parasite Queen EmptySun Jun 10, 2018 3:16 am

Ninth Restriction; Parasite: Restriction of Information



Seeing as most witches have their own 'familiars,' which are beings made normally from magic or the witch's own soul, usually taking the form of one of their animal theme. (For example, Arachne has millions upon millions of spiders. Medusa has snakes. Eruka has Otama Jackson.)

Zita has two Mantras, her first Mantra is "Parasitic parasiticus, loki localus." and her second magical mantra is "Chain, Lock, Seal, Reveal." Though Zita has grown out of using mantras, when she utters hers, her power skyrockets fathoms past her normal power. When she utters the first, her Parasites are able to take the form of any type of Parasitic being there is, as long as Zita knows what said parasitic being is, as well as match its power. When she utters the second, it allows her chains to match the power of what it is that they are fighting against so that they may restrict its power when they lock it. Also, when used on any other object, it reveals the 'keyhole' on anything and everything, allowing Zita to open or lock away whatever she wishes that has a keyhole. When locked, numerous things may occur, but the main thing is that some part of the object will not be accessible to others, or its power will be stolen by Zita. This also gives her parasites the power to lock away whatever they touch in the Master Lock realm.

Zita's familiars are her metallic, non-magnetic, temperature resistant, flying parasites. They devour just about anything, from chakra to magic to flesh to bone, just about anything (Just like those flying bugs from The Day The Earth Stood Still. Yeah.) They also have a few functions... Such as being able to spread Zita's wavelength, acting as spies for Zita, acting as offensive/defensive beings for Zita, leeches onto people's energy sources and insides, detonators (for when they are inside of said person, or whenever she just wants them to explode), or beings that can physically alter someone's though process. The Parasites can leech off of just about anything, as well, and she can make them purely out of her wavelength/magic or purely solid. Depending on how she makes them depends on what they do and how they act. Also, Zita's metallic flying parasites have the ability to devour magic and chakra at will, so if an attack comes at them and does not kill them, they can most likely devour and absorb it to restore energy to Zita directly.

Alternate Zita's Locusts basically have the same power as the Parasites of Zita, however, their only difference is that instead of feeding on only energies, the Locusts feed on everything; matter, force, energy... Solid, Liquid, Gas... Light, Dark... Physical, Metaphysical, Spiritual... You name it, the locusts can and will eat it.
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Ninth Restriction; Parasite Queen
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