The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension

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 Second Restriction; Mita

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Second Restriction; Mita Empty
PostSubject: Second Restriction; Mita   Second Restriction; Mita EmptySun Jun 10, 2018 4:08 am

Second Restriction; Heart: Restriction of the Soul

World Compressor Zita
Not so much a form change as a costume and fighting style change focused on using her gravity hammer, the World Compressor. Though the ability itself has been rarely used since Zita invented it long ago, utilizing this style (and outfit change) allows her to use it more readily and more easily. Not only this, but the World Compressor itself gains a few new abilities to accompany Zita's new change. She seems to have a more destructive attitude whilst using this form and she seems to speak spanish... randomly.

The power of the form includes just one of the many things; the ability to resonate gravitational fields with wavelengths to utilize sound to power up the World Compressor and Zita to restore her chakra and power, as well as a powerful wave of sealing gravitational magic that pulls people and objects into it so that it may seal them away and crush them, to name a few.

Soul Abilities
Like most witches, her Soul Abilities are generally more magic induced than wavelength induced, though her wavelength is just as formidable as her magic.

Soul Perception

Soul Perception: The ability to see, assess and analyze one's soul. By focusing on an individual soul, a skilled Soul Perception practitioner can actually "read" a soul and make accurate judgments about the person's characteristics, personality and wavelength. This can be used to hear or see one's soul.

Soul Magic

Soul Protect: The ability to hide one's soul from all abilities that involve the sensing of Souls. Only available to witches or those who use magic.

Soul Lock: An ability only available to Zita. Locking onto a soul with her Soul Perception and combining it with her Sealing Wavelength or Sealing Eye magic allows her to seal away the Soul Abilities of others. Through this, Soul Resonance, Soul Wavelength and Soul Energy as well as other abilities involving the soul (Maybe even summoning spirits or... well... Hell... Anything involving the soul) becomes sealed and unable to be used until Zita takes off the seal. It is also a very useful ability that can seal off magic from being used by other Witches, as well.

Soul Barrier: Using the same powerful magic of her Soul Protect, Zita can transfer said ability over to the soul of another, causing their wavelengths to be compressed and as such, locked in a Soul Protect barrier and sealing it with the Sealing Wavelength. This causes the use of Wavelength and the Soul in general to become useless, as well as Magic of other witches.

Soul Menace

Soul Crush: A magical form of the Soul Menace. Whilst sending her wavelength into someone else, Zita also becomes able to send magic through them, as well, reinforcing her own wavelength and being able to literally crush the souls of those she hits with this with magical reinforcement to her own wavelength.

Soul Reap: An ability taught to Zita by Khrona. Uses own wavelength and forms it into claws that will grasp the foe's soul and rip it out of them. This ability can be transmuted through a weapon to have the slightest touch of said weapon have the ability to rip the soul out.

Soul Sealing: A powerful Soul Menace technique that allows Zita to seal up the power of souls, wavelengths, chakra, magic, etc. by touching as well as sealing the movement of a foe just by a simple touch thanks to her wavelength.

Magical Transformation

Soul Disperse: Disperses own soul into oblivion if a body is dying and finds a new one. It may take the shape of something else until a body is found. The user keeps not only their own powers, but gains the powers of the body they take as well.

Transform: Using magic, Zita is able to transform into either a massive, flying, metallic Parasite, or a minuscule, flying, metallic Parasite. Hell, any type of Parasite, for that matter. Normally, she will change into the latter so that she can spy on things and such, but rarely ever does that. Zita can also transform OTHERS into something of her choice and seal them that way with the Sealing Wavelength.

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Second Restriction; Mita
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