The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension

Where All Is Made Truth...
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 Seventh Restriction; Xita

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Seventh Restriction; Xita Empty
PostSubject: Seventh Restriction; Xita   Seventh Restriction; Xita EmptySun Jun 10, 2018 3:31 am

Seventh Restriction: Death; Restriction of Insanity

(Shini Bones)

Shini Bones/Energy. This stuff is made from Skelette and therefore requires no energy to actually summon up or use, unlike the Graveyard Havoc which requires Magic.

Paw Glove: A large cat paw with claws slams at the foe.

Pointy Bone: Shini Bones jut out of Skelette or the ground and impale the foe.

Goblin Claw: Many small claws manifest around the foe and slash at them furiously.

Wolf's Fang: 1) Skelette's hood opens up a great distances and clamps down on the foe, trapping them inside of Skelette's alternate realm inside of himself. 2) Shini Bones jut up from the ground under the foe in the form of a wolf's head and devours them.

Slimy Membrane: Shini Energy gushes from Skelette and wraps around the foe in a slimy, nucleus like fashion, stopping the foe of all movements and making them all sticky...

Crab Claw: A large claw shoots out of Skelette at extreme speeds and slices the foe, clamping them as well. It rarely misses when the foe is closer, since it moves at supersonic speed.

Scorpion Tail: A tail that looks like a scorpion's comes from Skelette surging with poison and paralyzing currents. You don't have to touch the tip for the poison and paralysis to take its effects.

Odd Mandible: Skelette opens his robe and sucks in everything into the alternate realm inside of himself for a few moments.

Bear Claw: A large claw swipes down from the sky, tearing up the ground and rending through everything quite ruthlessly with one fell swipe.

Viper Bite: Snaps at the foe, shooting a supersonic speed snake out of his own body, upon touching it, poison and acid will disintegrate the foe.

Bull Horn: 2 extremely large horns protrude from Skelette's hood and he begins to ram through literally everything in a straight line until he is either stopped or until he stops himself to turn.

Spiky Shell: Skelette shrouds his entire body in a turtle shell of spikes that shoot out like juts as well as the shell protecting from all known attacks.

Tentacle: A large tentacle whips out from Skelette, or possibly even more, all surging with paralyzing currents.

Poison Needle: Skelette shoots out a seemingly endless barrage of poisonous needles that cut through the wind, unaffected by resistance from outside forces.

Rose Whip: Skelette makes vines and whatnot with poisonous and latching thorns shoot out and whip at the foe violently.

Mystic Horn: A large horn shoots from Skelette's robe and absorbs all attacks that have been used previously in the battle (and in that battle ONLY).

Tiger Fang: Summons a huge Tiger that will leap at the foe and gnaw at them ferociously, exploding with its energy.

Lionheart: Skelette becomes immune to physical attacks for a while, however is unable to attack, himself.

Golem Punch: A large fist as big as a house shoots out of Skelette and punches the foe with incredible force.

Mystic Attack: Skelette secretes a mist that allows him to attack from anywhere that the mist is instantly, meaning without warning and from literally ANYWHERE.

Organic Power: Shini Energy allows Skelette to make explosions of the earth.

Poor Orphan: Skelette creates a copy of the foe as a child, however with no powers or abilities. Whoever is to touch the copy will instantly have all of their powers sucked out of them, this includes chakra and natural abilities until the battle is over.

Mad Parasite: 1) Skelette makes a parasitic faces cord os energy lash at the foe and if it hits, it will drain life, chakra, energy, etc. 2) Skelette shoots out a swarm of parasites that do...the same thing.

Dark Aura: Skelette's aura absorbs all attacks of all kinds and makes Skelette's power grow stronger until it is done with. Skelette cannot attack or move while this is in use, but it works for just about any energy attack.

Chimera DNA: Skelette touches 3 things and merges those 3 things together to make a super creature of some sort, and it can be ANY 3 things and automatically when they are merged, they become under Skelettes control and are under no exceptions able to be changed unless they are destroyed first.

Pegasus Hoof: A godly hoof of energy stomps down on the ground, covering about 100 foot radius and causing an earthquake and an eruption of shini energy everywhere like a volcano.

Demon Cry: Skelette releases an eerie sound that will distort the space and time only around him, and whoever gets close is under his own space and own time, which does not work by the same laws as normal space and time. This is within a 5 foot radius of Skelette.

Titan Fist: A large fist of Shini Energy shoots out of Skelette and hits with the force as strong as a planet crashing.

Dragon Anger: Heat, as well as fire of all kinds do not work on Skelette.

Demon Fang: The ground becomes the face of a demon and tries to engulf the foe. The face does not disappear after failing once, however.

Death Wing: Skelette sprouts 100 foot wings from his back. Touching these wings will rob you of life, and the wings create decayed wind, this wind able to rob you of life and all of the gases in your body at once.

Asura Arm: Skelette becomes able to create an infinite amount of Golem Fists from his body from anywhere.

Furious Scale: A weight scale appears under Skelette, allowing him to change the weight of whatever he touches to whatever he wants so long as he is on the scale.

Devil Matrix: Space and Time shatter, allowing only the Realm of Skelette to thrive for the time being, and whatever happens there is controlled by Skelette.

Insanity Eye: 3 vertically slanted eyes appear, instantly stopping space and time of whoever is to look into them (this lasts for 2 posts, 1 from the foe, one from Skelette after using it. After that, it wears off.). They may appear anywhere at any time when Skelette says it, to be wary. They also have a different effect, however, if space and time are not frozen. It will shatter the minds of whoever looks into them and send them into insanity, stripping them of their powers.

Bestial Mark: Skelette creates a mark on whatever he touches that makes it disintegrate.

Immortal Body: Skelette becomes unaffected by any and all attacks for a short period of time, in which he cannot move or attack, but his life gets saved for that one post! Haha. It can only be used once per page.

Phoenix Feather: A feather drops and ignites the entire field in Dark Magic fire that will burn up everything eternally.

Satan's Motor: Skelette is able to move at speeds faster than the speed of light, as well as instantaneously ignite things.

Babylon Crown: A crown that will increase all of Skelette's abilities' speed, power, force, etc. by 10fold.

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Seventh Restriction; Xita
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