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 The Sealing Eye

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Vita L'sia
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PostSubject: The Sealing Eye   Fri Nov 07, 2014 8:17 am

Fifth Restriction; Seal: Restriction of Reality

E.S.P.; Sealing Eye

This is the part of her Legendary Gift that is Locked due to the part of the Sealing Eye that is confined to the Fifth Restriction. It is only able to be unlocked to its fullest potential once she reaches the 5th Restriction, where it gets all of the extra hidden abilities that greatly enhance the basics as well as special E.S.P. abilities that can only be obtained through her Souzenryoku.


A special dojutsu that summons innate energy located within Zita's eyes, concentrated from her keyhole pupils. It draws the to seal anything with the same proficiency and potential as her Magic. The Sealing Eye is much more potent than her Lock techniques, the only one on par with it being the Master Lock (for obvious reasons.) This Sealing Eye is a powerful mix of magic, pure sealing energy and power straight from her soul, thus making it a force to be reckoned with.

Sealing Eye: Seals away any and all things Zita wishes if one looks her directly in one of her eyes whilst active. This ranges from chakra, magic, mentality etc. even to the point of one's own life.
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The Sealing Eye
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