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 The Sealing Eye

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PostSubject: The Sealing Eye   Fri Nov 07, 2014 8:17 am

Fifth Restriction; Seal: Restriction of Reality

E.S.P.; Sealing Eye

This is the part of her Legendary Gift that is Locked due to the part of the Sealing Eye that is confined to the Fifth Restriction. It is only able to be unlocked to its fullest potential once she reaches the 5th Restriction, where it gets all of the extra hidden abilities that greatly enhance the basics as well as special E.S.P. abilities that can only be obtained through her Souzenryoku.


A special dojutsu that summons innate energy located within Zita's eyes, concentrated from her keyhole pupils. It draws the to seal anything with the same proficiency and potential as her Magic. The Sealing Eye is much more potent than her Lock techniques, the only one on par with it being the Master Lock (for obvious reasons.) This Sealing Eye is a powerful mix of magic, pure sealing energy and power straight from her soul, thus making it a force to be reckoned with.

Sealing Eye: Seals away any and all things Zita wishes if one looks her directly in one of her eyes whilst active. This ranges from chakra, magic, mentality etc. even to the point of one's own life.

Sealing Beam: A thin, swift beam that seals away the foe's power. Whichever Zita chooses if you get hit with it.

Sealing Cannon: A giant blast from her eyes that explodes in the form of a keyhole. The explosion also creates a powerful suction that pulls things in and turns into a singularity, locking anything within as a singularity with no power.

Sealing Bomb: Concentrates her Sealing Eye abilities so that she can release a huge dome of Sealing energy from around her to seal all abilities of who or whatever is within the vicinity of this dome. It is quick and disappears once someone comes into it, however it will stay up until someone comes into it. If Zita were to be attacked while in the dome by any attack, that attack would be nullified upon contact and then sealed from being used, making the dome disappear.

Target Seal: Gives Zita almost 100% accuracy and aim when she attacks, or at least on a stationary object. She can also see at a super accelerated speed, almost as fast as Hyper Perception, though a little bit less. Her attacks also become more precise and concentrated, making their power go up. It also gives her attacks the ability of homing in on an opponent and locking onto them. It's quite the useful ability.

Sealing Merge: Merges her Sealing Eye magic with any one of her other abilities, thus making them double deadly.

Seal Transmission: Allows Zita to make her Sealing Eye magic shoot through any part of her body at any time, even coat her own body in it, however disallows her to use any other abilities if it covers her entire body. She may also shoot it out of her body in concentrated beams or blasts., or even explosions.

Sealing Sight: Shoots a beam from her keyhole pupil that goes in the direction that she looks. Whatever is in its way becomes either sealed of all power instantly, or confined within another dimension in the Sealing Room.

Sealing Abyss: Seals the abilities of whatever she touches by focusing power from her Sealing Eye. This can seal multiple techniques at one time as well as seal body parts and/or the mind or even chakra/magic itself. Quite useful. In another sense, it can create a void of pure sealing magic. Once something enters, it is sealed in there, and then erased due to its existence being sealed. Almost as potent as the Master Lock realm, for in the same sense, it has an altered reality/law and only works to the will of Zita, however it is much more limited. It only has Sealed and Not Sealed.

Alternate Realm
Sealing Frame: Creates a giant energy eye with a keyhole in its center around the foe and whatever the foe tries to do to break out or destroy it will instantly have the power matched and shot back at the foe with double the force, and if it misses the first time, it will continue to reflect about the eye until it collides with something. It can match any power, and once it is locked, it is sealed off from reality and this dimension.

Sealing Prison: Creates a giant dome that seals itself off from reality, from other dimensions, from EVERYTHING. Once within it, the dome also seals away the powers of everyone in it instantaneously (except Zita) once it has closed.
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The Sealing Eye
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